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The Golden Era Feb 14, 1902

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GOLDEN, British Uol*mbia, FRIDAY, February 14,1902
$2 Per Yeah.
Head office t Toronto.
H. 8. Howland, President.
"T. R. Mbmitt, Vice-President,
D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.
RE.ST,      -
Interest Allowed on
Deposits pf 91.00 and
Upwards at Current Rates.
J. S. GIBB, Manager.
Jas. Brady, D.LS., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,   '
li. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Surveys wade for Assessment Work and
Crown Grants. v-   .  .   ���
Land Ibr sale on Lake Wimlermere and
Flndltv Creek East Eootenav.
SflliE ��
jft   9
STOCK-TAKING disclosed many odd
lots and broken lines in every department in the store. During- this month you
can pick up these oddments at prices which
in many oases do not represent even cost of
raw material.
Sail Bros. & Co.
Wholesale k Retail
'Cattle, Sboep and Horse Dealers.
The Force Faction Dominant In
the Councils of the League���
Ooverninent Prepared for the
Sternest Measures.
F. M. Barrett
Thomas O'Brien,
��. Barrister, Solleltor,
Notary PubllcConvey ancer, eto
Offieeta Upper .Columbia Navigation and
Tramviiy Coiuisany'a Building-,
Uolden. It. V-
Utrvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
' lltirrlater*. 9s***foKo*>e.' *��*'
Revelstolie. H-0.'
t-ort 8teolc, B.C
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness. Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Rid
ing Bridles, Riding Whjps, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads.
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds lvpairal
Prices right. Mail orders of all hinds receive prompt
Furtr'uaou  II. O.
| House.V..
^��^��30LDEN, B.C.
Oae of the Largest and Beat Man-
aged Hotels iri British.Columbia,
s*j_8norinl attention (riven to baggage of
���Uommerclnl own, Delivered tc snd front
station fres-fof char go.
RATE8, t* per day. .Special rates foi
-regular boarders.
;; VStst        . ____________________
���jW-fes*er ieiegatw'wlll visf*', Preei
deal Ro6*si?��tt Iti' ffle ciusa'-of peace.
A fV l-HM only, tout ��
 ������� UtrWiWhtly all man-
. JMKT Of ^n dlMMM to*
_AAiss Srv9*, of DeWsare Am, Chatham,
Ot,., te.a-srukmlrn sua in the mu, and what
stomas! Dr. Amtw's Oleiaant caa ��_��sly be
���i HX'~mlr*~~eitt>taa*m**g*viltb
On' tke rtfebmiBsadi-Wi M Ota' leading
.tat 1 triad a box of tbii remaikable oint-
_. i, aad after appl-ilttt fsw four or live night..
�� eesaelitalr eurarf me of tUe troablsaome all-
���aam. aad I heartHy lecnamend It to all like
���epmn." Jjcta 7*
etMAyC, [it.TiiU.
Count Tolstoi hu suffered a gave
���-*���**��**~-**i (*��� end i����7ot aroff.
XfmED tt1iqPEkE88n
***H*b* P��WUt�� -#��*.���* going ta'
es. Us cose as
MdhfC. W.fWA
hsd been sjnder
-.-Jrft'torn |hto|
km-life��H.  Aoiaibe
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TOM & Co.
. Upper Columbia
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, j^'j*
Foi- rates on Ore and other information apply to
C. H. Patfson-,
London, Feb. 8���A despatch from
the Pall Mall Gazette fruin Dublin declares that the firmly rooted belief in
influential ciroles is that nothing short
of a revolution ia meant bv ths ITulted
Irish League and that the advocates of
constitutional methods are slowly bnt
surely giving way to the strong physical force section.
According to the correspondent.
Lord Salisbury's speech of Wednesday
laet before the Union Constitutional
Ciub leads people to hope that the
Government haa at last learned the
lesson that Home Rule cannot be killed
with kindness, and that it has become
aware of the terrible havoc worked by
the League throughout Ireland.
The correspondent adds : "Irishmen
who have just returned from the United States aver that no support will be
giysn to the disloyal cause unless the
discussions and scenes in parliament
giie place to something more active in
Ireland itself. The American end of
tho campaign is being run by men wbo
are all of the same stamp as Finerty,
wbo recommends dynamite and rifles
Young Ireland ia being taught to be
Here in the coining storm, and to
openly speak thereof with enthusiasm,
the policy of kindness has convinced
the peasantry that the reign of the
British is almost at au end, aud in
truth the British statute book is
already suspeuslesl, and the court of the
League is supremo."
... By Ford cable:���Salisbury's significant reference to Irotaud has been
emphasizes! qy tlie election in County
Do-vn, where the land purchaso candidate, supported by L. W. Russell, is
elected in lhe place of a unionist. Irish
discontent, instead of being assuaged
by the policy of siuotlieriug it with
kindliness and optimism has iocreused
and tlie loyalists of Ulster are now
divided amongst themselves, and the
Nationals'6, as the prime-minister bas
confessed, do nut like England any
better than they did before and hare
never been more embittered against her
during any period of military ojsera
tlons. Tlse Nationalists in tiie Coin
mans who opposed Russel, when i
waa for iheir interest to do so, were
exultant yesterday and disposed to
regard the vjctoi-y of tba land purchase
party -as their own work, and Mr.
Wrndham was sharper than usual in
hie replv, apparently forecasting
trouble in the near future. The essential conversion of O'Brien's United
Irish - League iuto a most powerful
political organism ion with unity and
direction imparted to the Ns.noi.nl,st
patty under Redmond's leaslership and
: lie divisions cteated, kinong loyalists
sender affairs serious.
Senator Templeman a Minister
Without Portfolio.
Ottawa, Feb. 7-At today's cabinet
meeting an order-ir.-council was passed
appointing Hon. David Mills, Minister
of Justice, to ths bench of the Supreme
Court of Canada, in place of the Into
Justice Gwynne.   Hon. R   W.  Scott,
Secretary of State,   will  now lead the
Senate and will be assisted by Senator
Tcaiphman. who will enter the Government for lhe present wi*hout portfolio,    Hon, -Charles   Fitipatrick  be
came   Minister  of   Justice.   He was
first elected to tha Commons in  1896.
but had a seat In the legislators of
Quebec from 1890 to 189(1.   H. G. Cur
roll, M.P. for Kamonraska,  takes tbe
place of Mr. Fitxpatrick aa Solicitor
General,    lie is one of the best speakers in ths House of Commons.   The
two vacancies in the Senate for Ontario have been filled  by the appoint
ment of Mr. Jaa.   MsMulleo,  os M.F.,
and Mr. Wm. Gibson, ex-M P.
There are now' 38 pronounced Liberals in the Senate, and 43 Couserva
tives. If thoae who generally vote
with the Goveratnent are taken into
eonaideration the Government would
havo a majority in the Senate. Then
there are some Conservative Senators
who will not be able to attend on account of declining yeare. All the
elections, with the exception of Lisgar,
are over, and all the vacanoies in the
sSenate have been filled, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier and hia colleagues are now
ready to meet parliament iu strength.
IIOW Brltlah llrnahlngly DafoaUd til*
Johanneal.urg, Feb 8 At 11 o'clock
last Thursday night Col. Kekewich,
having ascertained lhe whereabouts of
Commandant Albe te' laager, at Gruis-
fontein, sent men to capture it. The
British foroe arrived at daybreak and
immediately stampeded the horses of
tbe Boer* with pompoms and a well-
directed rifle fire. Tho Boers wer*
completely surprised and, after a short
reply to the British attaok, praotically
th* total commando fell Into the hands
ol tb* attacking force, who oapturesl
181 prisoners, including Commandant
Landrott and Poigletor and Conic
Duflesele. 8e**en Boer* ws-rekilled and
tweve wounded, nearly all belonging to
the Krugornilorp* commando, the whole
ol which 1* new praotically accouutod
for. . The Soottieh Horan took t he main
part in the affair, acting with great
gallantry. Tbe British loss was ten
offloers and men wounded.
Marconi states that b* will eut cable
rate* in half by hie wireless aystem.
Insure in the Imperial Life
London, Feb. 6.���Lord Salisbury unveiled a life sized marble statue of the
late Queen Victoria, at the J.snior
Continental Clublast night. Ala dinner after tl.e unveiling, the premier
referred to the recent Dutch nolo. He
said be waa unable to imagine the
object el tho Dutch Governmont, for
whoso friendly feeling hc bad the
greatest admiration, but lie conld not
seo tlio precise object they hoped to
gain by their ourious step. It waa
clear that the Dutch had no authorisation from our enemies (the Boers) on
the continent, silica from the moment
this action on the part of the Netherlands Government was announced,
these enemies vied with each other in
declaring the Dutch notion to be umle
There is no longer any question of
sentiment, continued the premier, we
have entered upon a matter of busi
ness which we must push through.
What we are now seeking is security.
Any peace which recognises fully the
rights ol tho sovereign, and gives us
security for tlie empire, we ehquld
accept, not only with willingness, hut
with delight, Tbo ouly thing that can
compensate for lhe loss of blood and
treasure is that for the future ihere
shall beseem ily in that part of lhe
Empire, upon whicli the ambition of
-dr. Kruger lies produced this abundance of sorrow and desolation.
Lord Salisbury eaid he had no misgivings for the future, and thnt he believed tha war had made tbe country
more confident in its extt-.-r.nl policy,
more convinced that its opinions woulsl
receive duo consideration from the community of nations. But when the
present strain had passed away, continued the epeaker, thero would still
remain duties wbich eould not le
shirked. The existence of hostile feeing in Ireland was a signal that the
efforts, upon whioh depended in no
slight degree the glory and continu-
anco of the Empire, must not be relaxed. The maintenance ol our position in Ireland is the most vital object
the empire has, and it oan only he attained by strenuous exertion*. Ue
asked if the Irish people loved the
Governmant better than they did formerly, and replied himself that they
did not. He said Ihe feelings of hostility which had heen expressed wore
more uncompromising than auy expres
sione which had ever issued from the
lips of Parnell or O'Connell. An Irish
Govsrotne.it with power to aeeninulate
arms and ammunition would consli-
taje a more serious threat than had
i be Boers. ���
Ceell Biiodai' Cassspaav F>ri a H111I.B
Premium for the Privilege of
Supplying   Heat.
London, Feb.  8   The apparent incompetence and, it is claimed, poasible
dishonesty wnieli  permeate the  Purchasing departments of   the   British
Army, as revealed tbis week in parliament, have caused a j ublic agitation
that augurs badly for the  War Office.
Judging from recent and promised disclosures scarcely any of the supplios
lor the   army   iu South  Africa were
secured on business principles.   Speculating contractors are now  kuown  to
have made hundreds of thousands of
pounds  by  reselling contracts.'*   Tbe
Opposition vainly  endeavored, to get
details regarding the new contract for
the supply of meat announced by the
Qovernment in   tho House   of   Commons, with tbi* view of ascertaining if
a saving over tlie former methode will
really  be  elected.    The Governmeut
successfully avoided answeiing, but it
is understood that thecontract in question was first resold at ��10,000 premium and tben  at   ��40.000.     Tben
Ceoil Rhodes and tho DeBeers   group
handed over ��200,000, aud thus finally
secared the privilege of supplying the
troops in   South  Africa   wuh   fresh
tatat.    These figures are iiki'i.v   ro Ise
shortly   published    here,    assd   wheu
known will doubtless  n.lsi   fuel  to the
fire ol publio indignation winch threatens to centre around the  Secretary for
for War, Mr. Brodrick, es.v.ieinusb a��
it did around Lord Luuadowne,   wheu
tbe latter waa sponsor  fur the eatly
blj.idera of tl.e war.
London. Feb, 8- a despatch to a
news agency from Brussels say a : It is
understood here that the Ilo.'i dsii-gati-s
have decided *o suhini io (he condition* laid down in Lord L nsdowtu.1*
communication to the Dutch Govern-
snont, and are preparing a communication to the British Government, asking
permission io visit South Africa aud
letting forth the object of the proposed
visit. It is expected that the requset
will reach England next week."
A despatch from Victoria, dated llth
st., says: The purser and 40 jitr-
sotis. including the passengers and
crew of the Alaska Commercial Company's steamer Bertha, arrived bare
this afternoon oa the steamer Cottage
City, having left the Bertha on Kwa-
ku.ne Point, lo miles north of Herald
Point, Fiizhugh Sound. It is) believed
tbat the steamer will bo a total wreck,
but the cargo .nny bo saved.
Victoria. Feb. 11���After an absence
of two weeks' cruising off the wese
coaat II M.S. Egaria arrived back at
Eaquiiiii.lt today. The ship had an
exiting time for on Saturday last, in
Clayoquot Bonn>1, she. t ruck a rock and
was hi Id fast from 10:30 a.m. untl
midnight when she floated uninjured.
OH Encluciet. n sheaf from roynl mnia
must, mark-id with a broad arrow, wns
picked up. Part of the igging and
spar was attached and is undoubtedly
from the Condor.
Belfast, Feb. 11-The bulletin innel
this afternoon from Clandeboye re
garding the health of Lord Dufiarin,
lormer Governor-General of Canada,
and Viceroy cf India, shows ho has
been continually growing weaker since
ihe morning and that the end is near.
The friends of the distinguished statesman diplomat are gathering at Claude*
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p.eeente are given for then, Toga are
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new illustrated premium catalogue.
The Empire Tobacco Co , Ltd., Winni-
pi'gbrniich,  Wiuuipeg, Mau.
Speaker Booth ie (erioualy ill.   It is.
said hi* resignation ns   Speaker has I the llth end
Ibesjiiiinnt in.
On  Wednesday  evening  Oibb and
Warreu hail another ol their neck<i.ni-
nook finishes, the seme being 11-11 at
Worr-ea scored two im
tlie laslonU. ^-tn-nwm
TBE ERA,GOLDEN, RC, February 14, Mil,
(She Ctolbeu t&va.
En. V. ClIA-UKHS, - Eslitor snd Publisher
.Subscriptions $2.00 |ser yetir in advance.
A-lvortisiug rates mailo known ou request
FRIDAY. FumtUAiir 14, ISO...
Tho Liboml Convention In Vancon*
ver, lust tvoek has takon two very important stops tbs decision lo adopt
Party lines and the adoption ol a stable
platform-which will do much to clear
liis- political air iii this province, and
which, wn trust, will prove to bo the
commencement of a now and batter era
in lliiti-h Columbia politics At all
events wo mny remark in passing thnt
no state of affairs can lie worse than
Must which has prevailed for some time
past, when personal ambitions have
boon allowed to stand before -ho interests ol the country at large.
With regard to the selection of a
li'Kilcr we can only Bay that if Mr.
Merlin will ouly curry uut his pledge,
iss given in his speech accepting lhe
l"ndcrship, nn extract ol which we
publish in our report of the conversion,
there is yet a chance for a useful life
before him, and he will no doubt re*
naive strong support Irom the Liberals
of lha province.
We regret that some of the delegates
from Vancouver Island saw fit to with
draw frosn the convention because they
found it impossible to mould it to their
views, and we think that when the
matter Is considered by the Associu
tions whose delegates withdraw thnt
i hey will see I hnt the lime ia juissed
fur the policy of the province'.o lie i*r��-
pitted by a coterie in Victoria, and tlmt
Ihey will fall in line with ihe movement which has been inaugurated.
Jos. Martin Chosea Laalsr--
Old Constitution and Ex.
ecutive Buried in tba Same
The Literal Convention opened iu
Vancouver on Thursday, Feb. fiih
Thn opening stones wero stormy
enough, and threatened to spoil tbe
whole show. The uproar was caused
over lha Credentials committee appointed by theexecutive. Theconvcu
tion appointed its own credential com
mtt tea and tho chairman, Sunator
Tomplemnit. and a majority of the delegates from Victoria, left the hull.
Mr. G. R. Maxwell, M.P., waa appoint
<-**   gi chairman ahd th* convention quiet
*.- s*t down.
Thhf district was represented by J.
.   C. Greene, 0; E. Mam*,,-. P. .1. C. Nee-
.; i.itt.. ..'
���..'���'��� Vanoouver, B.C., F*b".-7*-"I can
. <.nly add to my former remarks���
namely, that I wa* a Liberal and in
itsj.-ori with Premier Liurier and hi.
Ooverninent; tlmt 1 was also elected
as a Liberal to represent Vancouver iu
the Provincial Legislature, and tliel
l'i.9 Coiiacrvalito* who vote! fer ine
v���u>d for me ee a Liberal. Therefore
i,u ihe Local Ijtgialaiure I am not
li.iiinil to do ...lyililng lhat I do
.io>'heliu*e io be in il.e interests ol the
l.iljiTal Parly. I uuu s��y further that
1 preivr Premier Dunsmuir and the
.resent member* of the Oovorninenl
ra.li.sr than a Government composed ol
Hurry Uel.uckeo, Dick McBride and
.McPhillips, even if Ibis aggregation
use leavened by Mr. Bodwell. I cau-
not speak positively regarding two
ss.ninlsers ol the Opposition, but I kuow
l-stiiivi'ly that tive members of the Op-
fiositiou are in accord, and what ia
doue wc will do together, and the firat
thing we will do list-lore wo will allow
..tiler legisUtioii, is to pre.* for a fair
redistribution till.'
These remark* of J-s* Martin, were
culled forth fbia afternoon hy a motion
that tlio conwiitlon of Liberal* now iu
. s-t��iou rsFqueat tlie Liberal ratmber* ol
t he Leglflatur* to pre** tor rodiitrihu-
'   tion bill*
- Th* con rent Ion wa*����lled to order
this morning hy OR. Maxwell, M.P.
it wg* noticed tliat isversl ot th* bolt-
:j,r�� h..d returned. Tho** who left for
slteir homo*, however. sar*r*��eron fftmt
Victoria City, three from S*uth Vic
-..ri��, Ivto from North. Vioforia, one
.���um RomIuuiI, two from Southeast
'iiKitni*y, and on* **eh from "B*��t
Lillooet, Cariboo and North Yal*.
,olal 18,
The first buslne* wa* the question of
party lines. J a*. McQueen moved tbat
Federal parly lines bs adopted in provincial politics.
J. F. Bledso seconded tbe motion",
and many spoke on lh*i subject. The
motion carried unanimously.
Thia doe* not- apply until tb* next
general election.
The committee chosen to arrange tbo
manner in which the executive should
be chosen, decided that Viotoria nnd
the Island should have tour,  Burrard
and   Westminster    four,   and  Yal*
Cariboo ilx, which   waa  according to
vole polled latt general- election.   The
president,    secretary   and   treasurer
���hould alao be members ol the committee.
The following officer* were eleoted :
W. Sloan, Nanaimo, treasurer.
Stuart Henderson. Yale Cariboo, first
vice president,
R. Hall, M.P.P., Victoria, second
J, C. Brown, Westminster, third
vice president.
S. S. Taylor,  Yale Cariboo, fourth
vice preside.!t.
The remainder of the executive are:
John Jardine, Victoria.
A. Urquhart, Comox.
J. F. Bledsoe, Alberni.
W, J. McMillan, Vaoeouver.
Jobn Oliver, M.P.P., Delta.
J. J. Stables, M P.P., Atllu.
H. J Muiler, Vernon.
Dr. Sinclair. Rossland.
J. C Greene, Oolslen.
A. Docks.ta.lier, Sandon.
AM  Mcfjeen moved that as the eld
executive was defunct, their constitution wa.-, also dead, and that  both be
buried in the samo grave.   Tbe resolution was carried. *
A pew co-,*,-uut ion which practically
took all powers formerly vested in Ihe
executive awav from thein,' was put to
lhe meeting and passed.. It wa* virtually lhat the executive keep in touch
wilh the district organizations, that
five constitute a quorum, and lhat
two thirds of litem would have to
agree ou calling a contention, and il
��� hey weie alow about it, ten district
associations, four of which mutt be in
different Dominion constituencies,
could call a conuentiou. A committee
was appointed to draft a platform anil
The '. welve planka in the platform
adopted by th* Liberal convention tonight aro as follows:
1 -Immediate redistribution of teal*
in tlie province according to population, with a smaller unit of
population for outsido districts.
2���Government ownership ot public
service* and utilities.
3-Aid to railway* (hould be cash
not land. Provincial right* to be
fully tafeguarded in granting such
4-Innnedint* ,con��truction ot the
Coast Kootenay railway ; Cariboo
railway ; extension ot th* Island
railwaj; construct ion of a railway
. from Alberni to a point on tb*
eaat coait of th* Island, and a
railway in I he northern part *f
tha provinoe from th* ceait to the
eastern boundary, and a railway
from Vernon to Midway by tbe
wnt fork of the Kettle river.
6 - Enforcement of th* Aet compelling
scaling of log* by Government
II-That legislation be enacted enabl
< ing land under tb* dyking system
-* to bs available for cultivation a*
soon a* postible.
7���That iho Government shall keep in
touch with the mining industry,
preventing combines aa lnueh as
Some Imagine that because
the haad-iLoho* or th* h-nd
eti-kM that tha haacJ er hand
Is tha Mat of tha trouble.
Ninety-nine times In a hundrod
you oould trace tham tta un-
mletelt-ble symptoma that
the kldneya are In revolt.
Souih American Kidney Core cleans tb* sys*
tem of all Imparities In nature', way���eradicate,
all Ibe diuurbini symptom.���quiets the head anl
stssadisM the band���il pirn the kidney, to riehta
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They're loothlnf to thy.wmoch���th'jr'ro restful to His. di(��lin orjai..���ihey rolor. loat
power ami vigor���ihey act a. u c.ntlc Ionic���thsy
Iik.��m lha flaw of sjutrss. Juice, and ngulatt
the tosvcl.���let you aat nssMtany'tilnii your fstney
wou|d like ansl prcvrnl aay dMrcit alter doloi
so���mnke good blood-Israla and brawn. At
dragguti tell then.,   sjo. for to tablets,    It
told by 0. W. Field.
possible, and, If nec***��ry, build]9
smelter*, and that the mining laws
be not radically changed without
proper notice.
8-That necessary   Map*  (honld be
taken to discourage Oriental immigration and employment.
9-That an earneat effort he mado to
prevent    etrikes   and    lookout*.
Compnliory   arbitration   is   approved of,
10���Th* final system of the province
stand* in need ol- revision.   No
ndlition should bs mad* to debt,
except tor publio work* properly
charged to capital,
11���Retaining- the resource* of the province for the people, and putting
an end to speculation In as me.
13- Construction and maintenance ot
road* throughout th* provinc* to
aid miner* and farmers.
A resolution wa* passed supporting
G. R. Maxwell, M.P.,  for the Domin
iou Cabinet position.   By a vou ol OS
to 25, takeu iu secret ballot, it was de*1
cided to choose a leader forth* Liberal
party in Britieh Columbia. - The convention bound themselves to approve
of the leader chosen.
Mr, Joa. Manin waa eleoted leader
(or tho Liberal* of Britiab Columbia ou
the first ballot, which stood :
Joa. Martin, 47.
W. W. B. Molnnes, 17.
J. C. Brown, 8.
Aid. McQuaen, 4.   .
J. Oliver, 8 "
R.Hall, 3.
R, Henderion, 2.
R. Kelly, 1.
Spoilt ballots, 1
Wlientl.aress.lt was read out delegates ros* in their seat* and cheered
continuously, waving their hat* and
���ingiug, ."For He'* a Jolly Oood Fellow."
On motion of W. W. B. Molnnes and
J, C Brown, tlie result was made
unanimous, everyone rising to their
feet witli alacrity on a standing vote.
Speeches followed from Messrs Martin,
Brown, Melunes, Maxwell and many
others. Mr. Marin said he had had
offers of several position* from lhe Do
minion Government, which would
hav,* greatly benefitted him financially
il he had accepted, but now lhat he
had le.'O chosen leader of tbe Liberal
party he would accept gladly, and was
prosid ol the honor couferred on hiin.
"To succeed, it is absolutc'y. necessary to receive the hearty uud enthusiastic support oi Liberals, nnd I am
sure I will get it. At any rate I will
so cenduct myself that those who support tne will never have cause.,to he
sorry for it, Having bsen chosen by
the Liberals. I will be prep-ired to act
as premier, but it tha people decide
otherwise, I am equally prepared lo
stand in the House and Unlit as leader
ot the Opposition. My own principles
are not greatly concerned. That point
hae already bean settled and ia com-
priied within th* lour corner* of tbe
platform. I am absolutely bound by
tbem. Not only will I advocate them
in a campaign, bot If elected woold we
tbat they wer* fully and completely
carried ont."
Th* delegate* decided to hold tbe
nest convention at Revelstoke.
*m. m, *m ,'
Ronarkabl* Reanlta From Dr. Clark*'*
ITonst.rfal Llttl* Be* 1*111*.
To lb* Editor of th* Era :
Sir,-I wa* troubled wilh rheumatism
for about eight y��ars, ami tried a great
number of different kind* of medicines
without getting relief. Lait iprlng I
became worn and I oould hardly walk.
It wa* then that I tried Dr. Clarke'a
Wonderful Little Red Pill*, and two
box** cured ni* completely. I have
had no rheumatism sinos taking this.
I am 82 yeare ot ago, and can walk
now quite atnartly, thank* to thi*
remedy wondcr.--Mr*. Paul McDonald.
Ed*n Lake, Picton Co., N.S.
We have yet ts know of a eingle oa*
when the** wondtrfnl pill* hav* not
been almost entirely successful In effecting a onre.-CANADA CHEMICAL CO., Peterborough, Ont.
Tbey ourad me of rheumatism after I
had been given up.���Andrew Cloak*/,
Victoria, B.C.
Ex-Aid. Bailey, St. John*, w*lte��:
I ennnot spook too highly of Dr.
Clarke's Wonderful Little Red Pills.
They worked a miracle in my case and
cured ms after many year* of suffering.
I do not think their equal is too*
Nothlok llkt Dr. Clarke'i LIttU Bid
Pllli for the,cure of heart ironblst,
weakness and blood disesses. Hav*
need thtm everywhere with *us*c***.���
Dr. E. F. Mann, lata or H. M. Fore*-,
South Afr'oa,
to Keep Pace With the Times.
To make you acquainted with our MIRACLE PILLS without loss of
timo we make this proposition.���tho torg-etk ever made to tEeCanadian public.
This is it:
This Automobile,
Worth $2,000,
Will te Given
On June 1, 1902, to
the the person who
comes nearest to the
exact number of Cu-
pons we will Receive.
Manufactured by
the Searchlight Motor Co.      ~ .-.....-���
Judges of the strongest reliability will be .selected, and the results published,
so that everyone will have a fair chance, and will know this to be A BONA
The ordinary methods of making our Miracle Pills known to the public
are too slow���takes too much time.   That is the reason- we make this offer.
/Yv i ^_#-_ __ 1 _��. tT\ 11 i _�� &r- a guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troubles,
llilrclGIG  Jrl I IS Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Indi-
���  .    i gestion, Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the:
stomach, bloated bowels and Heart Disease. -
The world is full of peopio dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of Ufa ��� burden to ^hemselves and others,   They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep, mental depression, and all because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food.   One Miracle Pill'
after each meal will pptTOur stomach into good working ordeiy and ybur
geheralbealth will-take care oritselt^ioiiiiy B-jbi)KUEi> if tou^s-RE-wor
it costs nothing to guess, and you may win the Automobile,
which is listed at $2,000 by the manufacturers, The Search-
Motor Co, of Philadelphia. All you have to do is to fill out jhe coupon below
and to send same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL BOXES. Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WRAPPER.
MIRACLE-PILLS are sold by every good druggist and up-to-date merchants,*
at the Btandard price of SO cents a box, or $_!.50 for six boxes. If you can:.,
not obtain the same from your druggist or general store send direct to us. We?
will mall them to you, postag? prepaid, on receipt of price by registered letter
or money order. ..-���-���'���.
Every Wrapper anil Coupon yon send give* you ft better chance of Winning the
Messrs. R. Dote & Oie,
Bie, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:'
This entitles me to the property ofthe Automobile that I will get free if
yon have received   Coupons, and I am the nearest guesser. .1
send enclosed a wrapper of your,
NAME  .'   :,
a ��
Or. Clarke'*'Listie Red Pill* per
inaiiently cured me of headache. I.
Buffered for year*, and only took two:
boxe*. That is year ago. I have nat j
had a ��yin-itotn nincc- JuniesIt.J-icli;.-;
���on, Sault St*. Marl*, Ont. >������*
I do not believe there I* a medicine
to compare with Dr. Clark*'* Littlo
lloil Pills;. Tliey oured ine of indijres-
tion ami catarrh of the stomach after
nine year*' suffarin-r. --H. 8- Micdon-
alsl', 0 T.R. shop*, Montraal.
Dr, Clarke'* Littl* Red Pill* ana
positive and certain enr* lor la grippt,
rhutmaiiam, aithma, paralyil*, oatarrh
ecxema, cough*, backache, indigestion,
all itomaoh and liver trouble*, fstmal*
complaint* ��v*n whan th��di**M** bar*
beenitandinE for many j*ar*, thtmret
itnbborn cat** will yield. Prlo* SO
e-mta ptr box.   For ial* by C. W.PUld.
Tb* Canadian Chemical Company,
Pttorborongh, Out., will forfeit #10 for
any ease that these pill* do not help.
Dr. Clarke'* Sure Our* for Cattrrah
and Dr. Clark*'*8ur* Cor* fo* Ecxema,
**m* priest. T*n dollar* will be paid
for any caa* they will n*t permanently
Churoh Services.
* Servloes every Sunday at 11 a m. and
7:��0p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion let and Srd Sunday* of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Fottival* and Holy Day* at 8 a.m., or
a* may be announced from the chancel.
8-inday School tt 2:80 p.m.
All are oordially invlteH to attend
the service*.     C. F, Tai ���*, Vioar.
PEISIirTBIlIJl-* ommcR,'
Hertlce every1 Sttftitey at 1:80 pm.t ;
Sonday Sohool and Bible Clau at S
p.m. *harp. '
Choir practice evory ThurMay avatx*
rt 1 -
Ber. 3. E. Hooo, P��*tor.
Strvli*** **my Sonday ��t 11 a.m. and
":8>". p-m. '
Sunday Sohool at 8:80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tu*��4��y at8p.ro.
Rav, R.B. L-idu-t, Paator.
Sash & Door
Engine a��- Boiler Bepftlrlng ��� apstelelty.
Canadian Pacific
Railway amb hoom���r
Th* Bo*r h*adqii*rt*n m��y b*
mond to 0*n��va.
Train* pa** Ooldtn
Tonriat Car Service to
Sunday*. WrdntsTday* and Friday*.
Bund*-** aad Wednesdayi.
Direct ateamer service from
pMienger tieket* to all point* at
Ft|l) information and lUnitrat*d Pmb*
pbleta furnl��hed on applfAatlon.
0. E. WBtlJJ, E, J. COftA,
Sign Writer
Seeale Artist
Bee.ee Deeentw.
leave Orders at OtUmMa-OtM.teMoa.M
Haa bewt m-n-r d pms. I .
wall umhi >* em*ijm Uf. Jje���� *_*.
ti*v**mb*itmf ���
tTMSjnmt tot afn* month, wltk.
a-lthful trtafor South Amerlcaa
Golden, B.C.
At*" tnllllon dollar dr* lost* wt*
���oatalud at Patterton, N.J,
Judge Litter, formerly ot Sarnla,
Oat,, it dead.
Eapsror William hu ttarttd a
���trong orand* againit faith ourtr*.
I saflMA sadn ��rwrini.**l __
nan 1 wu oaky Hit to oo thie*
I t<)d^_^^i*--��� *" -lr-
smi relief,        _-_^__-__-__,
nmatle Oue ptnaaatntljr cured me,'
Iteoet, 4*
Sold kv 0 W Firtsi.
Lord Sholio, eon -uf she Marqui* of
Queenebury, hai bought a aaioon In
Spokane. *
A {(Ma^M Tribute to ***�� e*Ur-
���i'img'mSini Mieti.'Aet-mwrm
i*i*t��***h*l t*m*m.   -
uyr Rsw. Jt-*** Mortek, of ll-*#ir|,-Fk.
" Qr. Aj-uw-i Ot--*\M-*-eueumt*4
m*ofcdiirhofflv*yean' Maadlag. Ilk
cerMiolymati-nk'lHeiWt' l-itrttap-
sjlscatlaatbMM��t*d im iatv*-Jaatn.    It
���*ld by 0. W. Ftol*.,
���Xi. ���
��� .
���   '^BlW li
i'HE ERA, GOLDEN, B. G. February 14 IK.
C��T*BllOHSD   1877.
iNCORssiORATCO   1888.
For Downright Satisfnctlon,
Shipment alter Shipment,
Ship Your Good* to Us.
Fall   trie.**   and  Imme
diate Payment Every Tlm*.
Been Established 24 Years.
Write Ibr Prices. Uak* Trial
Shipment.   Convince Yourself.
McMillan Fur and Wool Go.
200*212 FINST AVI. N.
Are you
for a
Home ?
On the main line of the C.P.K..
Stage and Steamboat Connection with the
Upper Columbia.
Tho centre for the-��_^
. tumm***--*---*-*-*
Headquarters for the Lumbering Operations
ini the Interior.
Lots 0ky be had at very
reasonable rates in the
Dominion Government Townsite.
the Boom.
Om Caa Km. Tall When They Will
Lode* Ia til. Boily.
Within the post two years Dr. Samuel
H. Garvin, th* jail physician, has beau
keeping the bullets extracted from tb*
bodies of prisoners whose wounds wert
dressed before the men wore placed behind
the bars, says the Louisville Courier-Journal. Ihe collection rapidly Increased, but
reoently Dr. Garvin found a number ot
tha bullets missing from the little tin box
In wbich he keeps tbem and has never
been able to trace tbem. Strolling Into his
offlce In the jail, a reporter found tbe doctor closely examining the bullets whioh
were scattered about the table.
"It Is something remarkable," b* said,
glcklng up one of ths small slugs that wat
attered and twisted out of shape, "how
the' human body will deflect a bullet,
Nnw, this ont recalls the tlms when a
negro was sent here wbo was shot In tbe
left shoulder. I probed for soms tlmt
wltbont being able to locate tbe ball and
wat about to give tbe search up ss hopeless wben I found It lodged securely under the man's tongue. He nover felt 11
there and was greatly surprised wben I
eut tt out. Ths operation nover interfered
with hi* speech afterward.
"Now, tbia one reminds me of another
peculiar esse," continued the doctor, picking up a piece of metal that wes curved on
one side and flat on the otber. "A man
named King was brought bare recently,
who wes sbot In the lower part of tlie left
Jaw, I probed for tbs ball and succeeded
in finding half of the bullet above the tar,
under tbe scalp. I was never abls to find
the otber half."
Ibe ball looked a* If It bad been eut
with a sharp knife, so smooth ws* ths
inrfsoe. So many person* submit them*
wive* to ths doctor's knife and thin, steel
probe that b* remember* but few of tbs
names of the persons upon whom he hss
operates! He cited an Instance where a
man wa* shot between the tote and th*
ball was taken out at the ankle.
One bullet had been flattened from ths
broad end almost dewn to the middle. It
bad turned In Ite flight It had struck *
negro squarely on the forehead, but suob
was the resistance of the thick frontal
bone that, instead of penetrating Into the
bead, ita course wss abruptly stopped, and
the ball waa out Irom the akin. Sad II
been a white man, Dr. Oarvln tald, the
bullet would bava pierced tbe forehead
���nd entered tbe brain.
Lying abont the table were abont DO ol
the little pieces of load, bent and flattened
Into every ooocelvablo aba|.o. caused by
striking or graslng tlio bone Koch has
Its hirtsiry, but a shooting bus la un ordinary occurrence, end tbe jail physician sel-
Uom bisttiora about tbe history cr tbo details of Uso cats.
Inspeuliinguf probing for bullet's and
peculiar iimltfiinta In regard to sbaotniji
���crapes* Dr Oarvln iwnllod tbeday in I;i5��
wben tJEiiiwal Lovs.ll II. ftootseau sn-..*
shot by llr titmiililoi-d In tho courtlsoiihs*
yard, the prosociunu being �� political dispute. Oeneral Huu*>��*-.-.u was carried Into
an office on Court place, ss tirru It was
found tliot lie hod Urn phot I.i tlio center
of the al.slosi.en. Wi -,en iho |o��c i it .if tht
woucd was dlsoovisiwl, tlse pn', inj Iiu-
ioediate!) gate up liojio of L>* . -.,.> [*.iu��-
seau's recovery. On uaiu.���..*..:..n, -.- .w-
���ver, they lound thutllie bul. Iiaii'.sti-uiilt
the llriisa'nllsa, th* deimo. lilii-ous tifiiie.
about an loch, wide, that extends around
tho abdoiuo... This aaved tbe gen-inl'l
life. Til's ball circled around aod lodged
���oinewlscro nesr the spinal column and
was never removed,
s*m* o( tb* Amaalna Storle. Ia Whleh
Joha SteUoes Fleered.
It was Stetson who on landing from tbe
steamer after a stormy voyage oxolalmcd,
"Thank Ood, I am once more on riot
hlra Bllllngton on her return from
America brought home many Stetson
stories. One of tbe best had reference to
the sudden necessity of enlarging tbe programme of a variety entertainment. HU
manager bad, as he believed, successlully
flllrd the bill.' Stetson arrlvod on the
scono In the midst of tbe opening numbers, "What Is oh now!" he asked.
"Well, It's Just a pretty, scntlmontol duel
by tbe brothers So-and-so." "Sentimental, eh!" said Stetson. "That's good."
It waa one of those duets that have supplied George Orossmtth and other enter*
talnora with some of their best burlesques
of part singing. The tenor asks a vocal
quostion, tbe baritone replies���a kind ol
litany, with variations. In this oase tbo
tenor was a feeblu looking youth of 00,
with one of those voices that may be music or an esoape of gas.
Stetson stood at the wing and contemplated the duetlsts���youthful tenor of 50,
aged baritone with tbe manners of SO and
such a ivlgl
"Where aro the friends of myyoutbl"
began the tenor In pathetic tones that
hardly reached the orchestra.
"Where are the loved ones gono." re-
aponded the baritone la a gloomy gurgle.
"Farther back," said Stetson from tb*
wing. "They'll hear you better lower
down the stage." Having thus got them
well out of tbe way of ths curtain, "Ring
down, "ho said to the prompter at bis elbow, and the drop fell. "On with the
next number In tbo programme," he said,
"and send those two gentlemen to my
room, How long are you engaged fori1"
be cakod them. "Two weeks, Mr. Stet-
con," they answered with deferential humility. "How much!" "Fifteen dollar*
a week."
' "Very well, my poor fellows. Ther*'*
your money," hs said. "I won't detain
you. Go and find tb* friends ot your
youth." Wben you toll this story, III*
necessary that yon should sing the lines to
their right tune and with eharaoterlstlo
imitation of two played out voices, and
bosr In mind bow cynically courteous
Stetson would bo In commending the faded duetlsts to go straightway In qnost of
I thou friends of their youth.���Nowcsstle
Asthma Cure free.
Athmalene Brings Instant Kelicf and Permanent Cure in ail Cases.
Write Yonr Xnmo itml Address* Plaint-*.    .
There is nothing like Asth -
malene. It brings instant relief, even in the" worst cases.
Tt cures when all else fails.
The Kev. C. P. WEU.fi. ol Villa Kills*,
III., saya: "Your trial bottle of Asiliina-
lano received in Rood condition, I cannot
loll you bow thankful I fell (or the aood
derived froth it. I waa a slave chained
with pnlrisl sore throat and Atlinin for 10
years. I despaired of ever being- ernes].
I saw your advertisement for the cure of
tbis dr.sndful and tormenting di.ip.is.o-
Astliinn. and thought you had ovei-spoken
yourselves, but resolved lo givo it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.   S.*nd me a full sized buttle.''
llubbi of Cong. Iinai Israel,
New York, Jan. 3, 1901.
Db.i. TAjrr Bro.*.'. Medioine Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an excellent remedy for Asthma nnd Hay Feier
and its composition alleviates all troubles
which combine with Asthma. Its success Jis astonishing and wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Aetbmalene contains no
���plum  morphine, chloroform or ether.   Yours very truly,
rev. dr. morris wechsler.
Ono Cool Xlaad.
"Going clear up!"
"Yea! sixteenth floor," '
The man wbo bad asked tbo question
opened a small vails* hs carried by iuiis.nl
of * strap slung over one shoulder and
took out a book.
"There's no need of letting any time go
tonuate," be said, "I've got a work here
I'd like to show you. This Is no humbug.
It's no cheap fake got up to fool tbe people.   It'*"���
'���I haven't any time to look at lt."
"You have all the time there la Tbli
I* a lightning calculator, my friend, got
npon a new plan. Shows you bow tc
tompsfte tho Interest on any sum from *
���ont to $1,000,000, how to change dollars
to ponnd* or pound* to dollars, gives slm*
pi. rules far multiplication by any number of figures, shortons overy operattoa la
���rlthmetlc, will pay far Itself the flrst
time yon nee It, and all"���
The wire cables, which were supposed to
be securely faattMd.to the elevator, broke
���r gar* way at tbl* moment, and tbs ole-
retor fell from the twelfth story.
It shot down l|k** meteor. By some
unhesu-d of eodd.nt Ibe elevator abaft la
ttlt particular building bad been con*
(trueted with aa air ousbloa al tbe bottom, and tbl* broke th* falL No llr**
were lott, bot the passengers were badly
ahaktn np and wer* liyatsrloal witb fright
���all bat ode, HI* voice roat abort tbs
din tn brisk businesslike tones:
"And alii ask for the book la half ���
dollar. Can't I Hll you aoopyl"���Chioogo
Bow Ik* Did Her Duty.
Tbe big liner oame up tbe bey, steamed
ap tbe river and was aoon tied et Its wbarf.
The customs offloers were on band. Ume.
Champignon Aloute, thn celebrated French
traveler, w*a aboard. They bad been apprised of ber coming. She wa* loaded
witb dutlabl* articles thsy had been told.
8b* niuat not escape. Down the gang-
Blank oamt alma Champignon, witb e
Frenoh poodle and a smile of similar nationality. Th* offloers one*nd nil crowded
around ber.
" liar* you anytblngdutlable, roadanie?"
"Tee, messieurs. I havs 10 bottles ol
Bordeaux whisky, DO bottles of ohampagno,
180 pairs of kid gloves, M watcbos, SO
chatelaines, (7 ting*, 1 bracelets, 9 pairs ol
wirings, 1 string of pearls, 841 diamonds,
It studs, IR pair* ot euff buttons, til boxes
eColgace"��� '
"All right, madams. **. gentlemen
k*v*all fainted."
"I thonght they would. Com*, let tu
��a"���New York Journal.
the Dn** latt Oas*.
Tb* dr*w toll ea**, originally Intended
for the wt* Implied In Its name, became
hmg ago ��� regulsr traveling bag, and It
I* now ���xtenslvsly used w auch. It la
made not only In various lengths end
breadths, but In various depths, thus
adapting ll to the needs of tha traveler.
And It ba* in larg* measure supplanted
Ih* old *tj|* valise.
Dreas suit cam* may now b* won that
*Noov��redwlth*lMin*rlab*la Tbswia-
slls-ale at ptrhsps a* *tb*r nark* of Intel
wold Ui* promotrea ol lb* drew tnlt taw
to full rank w an artlcl* of equipment tor
ttav*!.������*w tori -tm
A Bolcaas Chapel Been* Whan tb* Toreador Hacala Ia Prayer.
"Kow," wid my friend, "wo will go to
the chapel."   "The chapel!"   "V.liy, yes,
the next room It a small chnpel whero every toreador goes before the tight lo pray
and ask Ood nnd bla patron saint tbat his
life be spared and tbat ho lie gUtm the
courage and strength to tske thnt-of tbe
bull."   We entered the eii.nl] l-1i.--.bI, at
| ono end of whlcb was an nltur cus^red
1 with llowors and l.ghtod cniiuka, In tbe
j middle n cruclflx, end behind a painting
i of the Virgin Mary.   One uf the toi-endora
1 Came In and, kneeling at the ul.ur, Itpgoa
] to jiray.   What a eontrueil   'thin man,
| covered with silk and guld, kin,lin j in
* front of the Christ, asking ior ine pn.tcc*
I tion of tbe kind and aweet loser of humanity and asking (In order to kill) tha
protection of bin. to whom ail lives are
dear and precious.
- "You soe the msn there kneeling and
preying?" aaid my friend. "Well, ho Is
Manuel Garcia, geiicruily called 'Ktpar-
tero,'the greatest living toreador, lie Is
lhe first cspado of jHpnln end Is es lehrnted
for his great courage. When be sticka 1,1s
swerd In the hull's nock, ho nover jumps
aside, w other toreadors do���no, he wants
to stop the bull thereto kill him on the
s-pot As It Is nearly Impossible, he has
often beon scrloutily woundod by dying
bulla HC bas sausd ovor 100,000 pesutna
He will retire from tho rioga rich man In
another year."
Tba man bad finished praying. He left
tbechapel, finikin*; hands with his friends,
sod 1 could not help thinking, "A rich
���can In one year���yes, provided'-��� But I
did not dare tini-.b my tlioi,;ht cveu to
myself, and, raising my ryes to the cruel-
fix, I murmured Involuntarily, "Ood,
spar* bim I"���A. B. de Gum-Ill*.
sHv.lt* th* Thin*.
"June*, bring mo aome clean linen."
"Ale*, llr, you havononel   Tb* lann-
dryman refuaos to hand over until ke I*
givon tb* money for that Iwt batch."
"Well, wby don't yo* give bim Ihe
Isn't a fartklag lo tk* nouw,
Avos|Si*itlxBs, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1001.
Dn. Vatt Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen,���I write tbis testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the cure of Asthma.     My wife  bus
been afflicted with spasmodic Asthma for the |>ust 12 years.    Having exhausted nay own skill as well as many others; I chanced to seo your sign upon vour
windows on 180th street, Now York, I at once obtained a bottle of Asthmalene.
j My wife commenced taking it about the 1st of Novomber.   I very soon noticed
! a radical Improvement.   After using one bottlu her Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all sym|itoms,    I feel  that I can consistently
recommend the medicine to all who aro afflicted with  this distressing disease.
Yours respectively, 0. D. PHELPS, M.I).
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen.-I was troubled with Asthma for 22 .veers. I have tried
numerous remedies, but thoy have all failol I ran across your advertisement,
and staried witb a trial bottle. I found reliel at onco. I have since purchased
yonr full-size bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have a family of four children
and for six years I was unable to work. I am now in the best of health nmf
am doing business every day. Thia testimony you can make such use of ��*
you see ht.   Home address, 235 Rivington Street. S.RAPHAEL,
C7 Kast 129th st, New York City.
"Wen. Willi  Am I brake!"
"Yw, elr, *b*olutsly."
."Dear mel   I auppuwlhad better get
np and iee abont It.   Bring me my tnlt,
"Gone. sir. . Everything pawned except
tha old frayed frock coat you were going
to givo the houeekoepcr."
"Oreat boavenil I'll stay In bod all day
Unci Get ine louiethlng to cat, anyhow."
"There's nothing In tbo hous*, sir, and
th* restaurant keeper return to let ut
have anything more without coin."
"By .lovel Nothing to wear bnt dirty
linen and o frayed frock coat, nothing to
eat and no money I Good gracious! lean
never look my Irlonds In the face again I"
"Why, certainly you can, llr, and cut ���
greater dash tban over before," urged tbe
faithful Jamoi. "Tell 'em you are a Bohemian and are doing this In obedlenoe to
tbe artlstlo Instinct. "���Strand Hagaalne.
In life sincerity Is tba sura touchstone
ot obaracter. Tbe good and valuable man
Is he who strives to realize day by day his
own slnoera conceptions of true manhood.
Thousand* are struggling to exhibit
what nm* on* else admires to reach th*
popular standard, to b* or appoar to bo
rtapectablo and honorable, bul few stake
It their elm to live thoroughly up to their
own Individual oonvlotlont of whil I*
right and good.
Carlyle well says: "At ell tarns a man
Who will do faithfully nerds to believe
flrmly. If he have to uk et every turn
tbe world's Suffrage, If he wnnot dispense
with the world's suffrage ind mako hit
own suffrage nrvo, he I* ��� poor oveeorv*
ant, and tbe work oommltted to bim will
bt mlsdone."���Now York Ledge*,
PMUTIr Odd Hunts*.-.
"Me yon lupentttiou* about tb* nam-
"That'lwbill I Mtd to earn III a
wwk, ud now I got only 110."���Detroit
VrwPrsw. _
Do not dolsy.    Writo at. once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDICINE
CO.. 79 East 130th St, New York City.    **��-SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Advertising I
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
in Job Printing.
Examine our list and see if there is anything-you --equii-e
��� Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
Capital Subscribed..'.... |l,CO0,000 00
Capital Taid Up      -160,000 00
Government Deposit....     550,000 00
Asttett 8180 to every tlOOof Liabilities
First and Paramount:   ���* Absolut* Security to Polioy Holder*."
District istgeat   -   ���   Golden.
go ve��R8*
AnrsnesMndln* aak*tdi assd d-.crti.tltm sisar
���'-    *���V frea, BheUsBr ��s liiV.i-.lim M
* le. OosswisinlcatlOM atrsmr
- a*��*s��;toaMvr.n��p*Mnta
. ......     ... Jiv* a WaalslnstMi ottt*.
Fateau taken <lir��si��li Msuin * Oo. rsm-l--
 nsnratsyj, laimat sMnalatla
Journal, ww-klr, torm-tajm Attatt
ifhss.    Sp��*lns��l ooplntsusd ������ID
-MHtltallT lRanratsyJ, Issrrnt etf-Jatlsn srf
HtOasa ssonfh^ h^*c-so,hi 0,-pl
JNOK 0* FAT��STS .SK.Ur.0.   AH
Mt Broadway. S.w VsKtu GOLDEN; NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY* EC, FRIDAY* Fbbsuabx U 1802
* *l'U*m/*itb'P..i/9l*,'*/* ;-,lg/9/gip/��. .J,-*.
| Town and District.!
Mr Goo. Manuel, sr., who haa Iipoii
in poor health this wint* r, bus been
ta>ta,i to iha tioipitnl for treatment.
The census returns of the towns anil
cities ol British Columbia hnve bean
puhlishod nud Golueu'a iiojuilation ia
placo I at 703
Mrs. John Pratt s!i|,|-cd os-the doorstep at her house ou Turaday alter-
noon and brok- ilio sii.all l.oue lu her
le���*, just above t,.e ankle.
Mr. F. Oalli-iay left on Thursday
lor Field wliei-e ho inieuda io erect a
. hotel, the lumber being on the way
now. Mr. .1 Henderson haa she contract and leaves today to commence
A change ha-* been m.idi) in the
working of the Veterinary Ilejiarttueut
of tbe Dominion. Cr. McEiu-.hem not
bein.: able to make Ottawa his headquarters, owing to other engagements,
has been succeeded by Dr. Rutherford,
who has been in the employ of lho Department as inspector of minimis es-
ported from Great Britain to Canada,
lu recognition of Dr. McEacheru's ler-
vices in the jiast he has beon appointed
Honorary Veterinary advisor to the
Dominion Department oi Agriculture.
Tlie death of Rev. H. Irwin, whose
life waa spent among his friends in the
Kootenay mining camps uud who was
belter kuown na "Futher Pat," bis
called forth expressions of sorrow from
all parts ci the province. A move
ment has heen set on foot in Rowland
to raiao a fund to be expended in some
euitabla memorial in recognition *f his
aplendid life and character while a
resident of Uritiali Columbia, and the
subscription! arc limited to one dollar.
* A subscription paper haa been sent tu
tl.e Era office and we wil! be pleased
to receive and forward any contributions from this neighborhood or they
may be sent direct to Mr. J. S. C.
Fraser, manager Bank of Moutreal,
"We are informed on good authority
that the C.P.R. intends lo commence
work thia year on the reduction of the
grade ol the big hill east of Field.
This grade, as everyone who has been
over it knows, is the heaviest on tlie
aystem and is an enormous bill of cost
to the company. To overcome it the
road will cross the Kicking Horse
river at Field, nud after tunnelling
through a spur of Mt. Field will follow
the weat bunk of the north fork to the
famous Yo-ho valley, uud then return
on iho opposite side, making the die-
trance between Field und Ilector about
30 miles, instead of nine as at present.
The grade will be reduced so that one
engine can haul n full train, thus doing away with the pushers at Field.
Other works contemplated ia tbe reduc
tion ol the Palliser grade by followinir
the river above Palliser and the doing
away wilh the curve a*, the mod tunnel near Pallisar either by making
an open cut or by oleuuing out the old
tunnel and lining it properly.
On Tuesday morning the police re*
wived instructions hy wire from Calgary 10 arrest a passenger on No, 1 on
its arrival here.. When the train pul-
lad in Officer Lang immediately shotted his man, whose name is Tecidale,
and lock hiin in charga, wherenpon be
nctusetl a fellow ��� passenger named
Black of being lhe man warned. This
led to complication* aa Black preceded
t.-t give the police ihe dip by going through Ihe Queen'* hotel and
s viking down th* Kicking Horse.
A couple of houn afterward* he was
. overtaken about four mile* from town,
heading west. Various rumors a* tb
what Ibe men were warned fnr were
flyi.sg around town, lhe one mott
restdij/tt believed being that they htd
stolen I'i.QOO from a Calgary bank, and
iwo or three persons took aa afternoon
oft and went down Ihe track in tl.e
direction taken by Black-not with
uny Idea of finding tbe wed-but lo
enjoy  the  beautiful scenery,   When
* Chief Engllih arrlvad on Wednwday's
train the amount alleged to have boen
stolen had changed to ���dOO--taken
from Hull Bros, shop InCalgnry. But
lho fact* were that an attempt had
been mi.de to opet. Hull's saf��, in Cal
gary, with ti cleaver, which naturally
failed, ind th* midnight prowler* then
betook themselves to ��� small aaloon
gnd rilled th* *a*h register, securing
something in th* neighborhood oi $C0
-When the pair w*r* Marched about
$16 in ca*h nnd two ticket* to tbe
eoatt w*r* found on tbem. Mr. Lang
rcturns-sd with Chief English lo Calgary on Wedneaday'* No. 2 to give
evidence lit connection with the caw.
Boili |wiWiW.��r�� b��fd looking, eaat*
i^iJt*i'*i-^i*Mit!e'j^t**.'>i**i crooks,
"While Golden curler* have no representatives at the Winnipeg Bonspiel
ihia year, still thoy will watch witb
interest the progress ol the rink from
Calgary ..kipped bv "Cully" McNeill,
and the one from Nelson skipped by
our old townsman "Jack" Rae,
While the Gplden rinks were in Cal*
gary the grsen eurlera' lil-point oom-
petition wa* played et tor the curling
stonea presented by W. G Mitchell-
Innea. The final game was between
Geo. Sinclair and A. Langlands, and
ws* won by the latter.
Henderson's rink has been playing
through the Brewery Competition this
week, and met their first defeat on
Wednesday at the hands of H. G. Par
���on. The game wae very even until
tbe llth end Parson scoied a -i-end,
which lead was too much for Bender
eon to oveieome in one end.
Sunday'* delayed train brought home
the Golden curlers who had epent the
week at the Calgary Bonspiel.   They
brought with 'hem two trophies, tlte
McNeill und the Visitors, both of which
ware  won   liy  Parslow'a rink.     The
members of the other rink  had  to be
content with third places iu the Visi
tor*' competition   and  brought home
four Tain O'Shanters as a souvenir oi
the Bonspiel.   The whole party report
a most enjoyable lime,  no effort being
spared to make their visit one to be
remembered with pleasure.   The even
of the. week,  from a soci.il   joins, of
view, was the ball in the opera  house
on Thuraday evening, wbich was very
largely attended, and was one cl the
most successful   balls   ever given  iu
Calgary.   The ice was in good shape,
and though the weather was a bit cold
and   blustery,  the   Calgariaua    were
pleased with it, so the visitors could
make   no   objecsions.     The  trophies!
brought homo are well worth contesting for.   The Visitors' being a mag*
n met nt bronze shield on an oak placque.
It is a new trophy, |.rceenieil by  Mr.
N. Jackson, of the Royal Hotel.   Tbe
McNeill, which makes its brst visit to
Golden, ie a smoker's set, the tobacco
jar being a curling stone sitting on the
tee,   the ash receiver and match boa
.-landing on   either   side,  the   whole
mouuted on an ebony base.   With the
Visitors' trophy were given tour gold
watches and with the   McNeill four
FOR  $12.00.1
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. case.
Bargains *f, Departments
All lines of-
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
Sacrameut of the Lord's supper will
be administered in Methodist church
next Sunday morning. Several new
member* will be received at thii aer-
vioe. The Quarterly Official Board
will meet at the parsonage, on Wednesday evening next nt 8 o'cloek sharp.
11 Special price on     ���>.
I Jain in pails,    -    65cts
I Cooking .Figs, 61bs. 25cts
Tha Toronto Telegram ot Friday,
Jan. 31st says:
"A quiet and pretty wedding took
place on Thursday evening at 391 Giv-
ens street, the reaidence of J. W. Williams (brotbor-in law ol the groom),
when Miss Annie Gordon, daughter ol
Ur. Peter Gordon, ol Ailsu Craig, was
united in marriage to R. J. Robinson,
of Golden, B.C , eldest bou of the late
Francis Robinson, of Violet Hill.
"The ceremony waa performed hy
Rev. Alex Dawson, of Indian Road,
an old ai.d esteemed friend of t l.e Gordon family, be and Ihe bride'* father
having been boys together in Scotland,
nearly 50 years ngo. Tho bride and
groom are both well-known in theoity,
Mis* Gordon having been matron ot
the Children's Aid Society for about
six years, Mr, Robinson having been
in business in the west end until a fow
year* ago.
"There were a large number ot beautiful and ' cosily presents, especially
those presented to the bride by the
officers and membera ol the Children'*
Aid Society and her associates in the
work, showing the high esteem whioh
they had tor Miss Gordon
"Th* happy couple left by the G;
T. R. for Ail*-t Craig, the home ot thr
bride'a parent*, when-they will remain
for a few days before leaving (or theii
home in Golden, B C."
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson arrived in
Golden ou Wednesday and will lake un
their residence In the cottage formerly
occupied by J. S. Gibb.
Tho   Great Medioal Prescription cf Prof. Phelps, M.D., is
the only Medicine that
Truly Banishes Disease and Sickness.
EDWARD VII., bythe Grace of God, of the
Uaited Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland and of th* British Dominiuna
beyond the Sea., King, Defender of tbe
Faith, etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Members eleoted to serve
in tbe Legislative Assembly of Our Province ol Hritiah Colombia, at Oar City ef
Attorney-Genera). J yY
may be, to meet Our People of Our Province
of Hritiah Columbia, and to have their advlee
in Our Legislature t
NOW KNOW YE, that for divcra causes
and eotuideralicna, and taking into consideration tbe eaae and convenience of Our
loving aubls'cta, Wa bave thought ii, by and
with tbe advice of Onr Exerutivo Council, to
._     We ' are
stest ous and ra
solved, aaaoonaa
Shortly after the greaseit ot modern
pb.viicir.na, Profeaeor Phelps,'' M.D.,
gave te the science of medicine lhe
most wonderful remedy of the present
day���Paine'* Celery Compound���a host
of imitatora sprung up. As ihe gnat
public demand for Paine's Celery Compound increase* in overy section ol
Canada, imitators Isecoms holder, and
aa a consequence, the public in many
|,.iu*i-ter�� are suffering from then* vil*
deceptions. Today, no other medioine
ie io largely imitated as Paiua'aCelery
Compound, this is du* lo its immense
Notwithstanding the introduction 61
imitations of Paiua'a Celery Compound
in Canada, tha ealee uf-the great die;
ease baniaher increase from week tb
week and tar exceed the combine I output of all other medicines. People
insist Upon having tbo one remedy that
make* them urong, repair* thsir ahat
tered ".strength, and thai frere them
from disease. Only * tiuly great and
effective remedy oould continue **
Paine'a Celery Compound haa done, to
hold its unrivalled place In the estima-
j tion.of able phyeiciaua, discerning pro*
'fes*.ureal men .and tht best peopl* of
If you value lite and health, dot not
hesitate to rafuso the "Some; hing just
as good," and vil* imitation* when
dealer* present them to you. Be* that
you get the kind with the name
PAINE'S on wrapper and liottle.
hereby convoke, and by theso presents eu-
Jnin you.and each ofyou, thst on Thursday,
the twentieth day of February, one thousand
nine hundred snn two, ynu meet Ua in Our
saisl Legislature nr Parliament of Our said
Administrator's Notice.
In the County Court of Yale,
Holden at Kamloops, B.C.
In tbe Mattar of Adam Tar-ball, !>���-
NOTICE ia hereby given that by an order
made in thi. Honourable Court, dated
lhe llth slay of February. 1002, tho tuiiler-
slgned was appointed Administrator of the
nelson*! o��t ,te anst olfecta of Adam Turn-
bull, deceased, lato of Kualt,  B.C.    All
persons having claims agalnat the eatate ol
tin abovo deceo. ed are requested to send tho
same, duly vqriHed, to Ihe un.loraigis.ed be*
lore tho loth day cf March, IDt/SI.  And all
I-er��on�� indebted lo the Mid estate are requested to pay the amount of such indebted*
ia* to tbo uu.lerslg.ied forthwith.
Dated th* 11th cay of Fsrbruary, HM,
Official Aslmi.ibslrator,
Cuilty CourtJHtiriet-of Yale
Klllllltsr,!*!.. II-C.
Carefully Avoid Substitutes and
At th* prennt time the Diamond
Dy** an the only package dye* abso
luidy guaranteed by tbe manufacturer*. Th* great popularity ol th* Diamond Dyee haa brought forth many
Imitations and vil* deceptions in the
���hap* of hom* package dye*. The**
imitations, cheaply produced, ar* aold
by aome dealer* for the sake of the
ettra profit they bring, and many are
urged to buy ihem. If yon wouli
avoid trouble and dieeiter, rsfus* theee
adulterated dye* when tbey ar* offered
io you, and insist upon fitting the
Diamond Dyee.
The manufacturers of Diamond Dyee
will ba pleased toisnd pott fr**to any
addrei* their Diamond Dy*' Mat and
Rug design*. If you ar* a. lover of
pretiy room ornarasnts, writ* to the
Wells A Rlohardaon Co., Limited, SOO
Mountain.sireet, Montreal, Que.
Province, at Our Cityof Victori*. FOR TIIE
aet and conclude ..no., those things which in
Our Legislature ot the Province of British
Columbia, by the Common Council of .Our
aahl Province may, by. tho favor of God, be
Is TwrittOKY Whereof, We have
caused theso Our Letters to be made
Patent and tho Great Seal of Our said
Province to be hereunto HWied i
Witness, the Honourable Sir Hbnbi
C. M.O.. Lieutenant-Governor of Onr
wid Province of British Columbia, at
Our Government House, in Our City of
Victoria, in Our said Province, this 9th
day oi January, iu tne year of Our
.Lord one thouund nine hundred and
two-, and In the Urst year of Oar Reign.
By Command.
Acting Provincial Secretary,
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading C
NOTICE is hereby glvet, in accordance
with the Statutes, thst Provincial Revenue Tu, and all Assessed Tixei and
Income Tm, ausased and levied under the
Assessment Act and amendments, ar* now
due tnd payable for lha year 190B. All tan*
collectable for tbe Golden Assessment Dli*
trict are dre and payable at my office, situate at tbe Court House. Uolden. This notice,
in term* of law, is equivalent to a personal
demand by me upon all person* liable fcr
taxes. HT
Dated at Golden, aeventh January, 1908.
F. 0. LANG,
s      Assessor snd Collector,
Golden Assessment District,
Golden, B.C., Pool Office.
I,  O.  0.  F.
Rocky Mountain Ledg* No, 34 meete'ln
Oddfellows Hall, Golden, every Wednesday,
StSp.m      "' ���--��������������� ss-*--*
brethren" welcome,
T. KING Bee.
overy second
iug Brothers
17011, meet* in their.hai
nrsday in tbe month. Yiilt
A. V. A A. n.
k A.M,
Ingbroeth.en earidalj
ith.  s9ol��r*.
RS, W.M.
' Secretary.
rtrat-Claaa _M*a_*4atlti fer
��� -��������� ,.,������ I- -��� imi i.i    a   I. ���   ,,***.**y*i.   II.II.I..BI.   ,..Hi II
Replete in Everything.
Bting on tb* only direct rout* tb the ado** tm Toby, Hon* Thief aud Nc. I
Crteki, it ii tb* headquarters of alt niulng men.
Good stable Accommodation.
Finest Brands
of Liquors
and Cigars.
CoLUMB4A River Lumber Q6
. Fir and Spruce Lumber.
MANUFACTURERS Of ^ $|jfg    flC,
ALL KINDS OF....   ���   ._.    ....      *     .  .
������-���-Fir Dimensions Specialty.
*���+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. ���*
Twins Cart.
Largest Capacity la tht Moontilni.
���DAB OFFICII. -    .--.,'��� ', '��� .** t
��OLI>MI, li.O.


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