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The Golden Era Aug 18, 1894

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 X\T -Uvvc^
VJL. IV.   NO b.
$J Per Year
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
jMill.NI-  KOIt TUB
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Goklen, pu tlio main Hue of tlie Caiuulimi
'Pacific Knilway. at its cuimection  witli tlio
Htoiuuboat navigation of the Coluinliia river;
. tho minon.l and eoiinnorciiil centre of E.tstern
! British Columbia; head qua r tors ot't-lu Gold-
j en Smelting works, the Upper  Coluinliia
Navigation Co,, and lumber industry j tho
outlet'for   tlie   widely   known    and    far
tamed agricultural and grazing land  of the
Columbia &  Kootenav Valleys:   unrivalled
fur scenery  of all kinds ;   tlio distributing
point for tbo richest mineral country oil tliu  Raid   is
Subscriptions taken for  ail Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Qolcler|, B.C.
Hii3 been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is lirst class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
(Incorporated J (170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices ipiotcd and samples sup-lied on
Special  attention given   to
JIAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Wm. JWclSleish, - Prop.
This is tiie Last Day
of our great stock taking* discount
sale. Don't lose the last chance to
buy what Dry Goods, Clothing*,
Boots and Shoes you require, at
20 per cent discount off regular
prices, for Spot Cash at time of
We do not give any discount
off Groceries, but those who tiring
the Cash will And our prices as
low as the lowest.
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
Ike Ross wert west on Thursday's
'So, 1.
W. J. Oould, the photographer, who
was here last February, nrrii-pd from
the west Tuesday night. He hns
pitched his tent opposite Lang's store
and is now prepared to attond to the
wants of his patrons.
A sitting of the County Court of
East Kootenay was held in Donald on
Monday last. Louis Poisson was
sentenced to 18 months' Imprisonment
for stealing furs from Lang's stoic
house. In the confederate money case
the culprit was discharged having already been imprisoned four months.
Co'y, Calgary, cr
[NOT   INtroni'OltATI'll.]
ttOLlrEX,        ���        ll.C.
jV general hanking business transacted.
Deposits received and interest allowed.
Collections on all points promptly attended to.
Gold dust purchased and accounted for
at highest market rates.
May 1, 1894. Manager.
Soidan Hospital Socieiy.
THE HOSPITAL is now opon for Hie
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRASexcept private wards.
UtiLlt-il Hospital Society.
From 0.-1)0 a.m. to tl a.m.
"       2   p.m. "   -1 p.m.
"       7     "    "   8    ������
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  I'I in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p in,
From  2:.'I0 p.m.  lo 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday,
Bv Okiikii.
Prealiyturlnn Service.
Service will ho held to-morrow
morning in the school house nt 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. It.
The OoLDKN Eua $-.' per year.
The Russell House is resplendent in a
coat of green paint,
Work has been commenced on the
new R. C. Church.
Norman Smith left on Saturday for
a visit to the coast cities.
The Bon Ton Bakery leads in fresh
Mr. S. S. Fowler returned on Tuesday from his western trip.
Airs Erickson of Field is visiting
Golden this week, the guest of Mrs.
C. E. Wells.
Mrs. Clias. Tom, of Calgary, iz here
on a visit to Iier mother Mrs. G,
W. R. Hull of Hull Bros. & Co.
Calgary, wits a visitor this week. He
proceeded west on Thursday.
In future morning service will be
hehl on the second Sunday of each
month in St. Paul's Church.
Mrs. Lewis, formerly with C, C.
Cothran, lias opened a laundry one
door eust of MeCulloy's fruit store.
The reward which was offered for
the lost gold soarf pin was generously
turned over by tlie finder to tlio hospital.
Manuel Dainard hns received the
contract for the building of the road
to the cemetery and is now busily engaged on the work.
Mr. J. A. Campbell went eust on a
two week's leave of absence on Tuesday
lust. He will visit Calgary, Edmonton and the neighboring towns.
Mr. F. C. Lang returned on Wednesday from the east. Notwithstanding
the numerous attractions in tbe large
cities of the east be thinks tliere is no
place like Goldon.
The school re-opened on Monday
witli Miss Preston of Victoria in
charge. The scholars have been getting into harness this week and are
set-ling down for another term's hard
Hairy Watson, who lias been assisting Mr. McCulley iu the fruit stbre,
left ou Tuesday for Calgary. Harry
will be much missed here especially by
the fail' sex with whom he was a general favorite.
We regret to state that Mr. Harry
Contiiuiher bus baen strickon down this
week with typhoid fever. He ,vas
taken to the hospital on Tuesday,
where be is doing favorably. We hope
to see bim around again soon.
Mr. and Mrs. E II. Fishliiiru of
Chicago, arrived on Saturday's No. 1
on a visit lo their iluui'liter Mrs. S. S.
Fowler. Mr. Fislibiirn will return
cast iu a few days and Mrs. Fisbburn
will continue Iter journey westward,
On Sunday afternoon while driving
out the wagon road Mr. Fred Wells'
team run away thrpiving bim out of
the rig resulting iu a broken wrist for
Another runaway took place on
Wednesday evening also on the wagon
loud. Mr. Bob Connacher and bis
sister, Mrs. II. D. Hume, were the
victims. The horse was startled by
the report of n gun and broke loose
from the harness, compelling tho occupants of the rig to walk home.
We have been visited tins week bv
Mr, S, R. lleid reprefientin-j; the Toronto and Winnipeg Saturday Night,
It is tlie intention of the Saturday
Night Co. to publish a special edition
illustrating British Columbia, for
distribution at the Toronto Industrial
Exhibition to be held next month. Mr.
it-re with the intention of
writing up the country, and abetter
mini could uot have been chosen, his
suavity uf milliner combined with his
push nnd energy and large experience
in this particular lino of work will
ensure him success in bis undertaking.
It will be to the interest of those who
can assist Mr. It.-id iu his work to do
so, as we are all interested in the advancement of the province, and this
miinuer of advertising will bring before
the eastern capitalist iu a clear and
concise way the mineral and agricultural resources of the Province.
IIt'��wiling Aii'lili'iits.
On Friday morning of last week the
town was startled with the news that
the wife and five year old child of Mr.
Jackson bad been drowned in the
Columbia river It seems that the
child wus playing on the bank of the
river when be tell iu, and the mother
in her efforts to rescue tbe child also
fell iu. i\s it happened there wns no
one near at the time except the seven
year obi son of Mr. Jackson, who ran
to the saw mill where his father is
employed ami told him what had happened. Before the scene of Hie accident could be reached however the two
unfortunates had been added to the list
of victims of the Columbia. The body
of the child was soon found but notwithstanding that every possible effort
has heen made to recover tbe body of
Mrs. Jackson, nothing has so far been
seen of it. Tlie body of the child was
interred in tbe cemeterv on Saturday
evening. Messrs. H. Watson, J, McNeill, I). Mi-Rie, and A. Samuels, acting ns tuill bearers and Rev. Archdeacon McKay otlitri,iting at the grave.
Much sympathy is expressed for Mr.
Jackson who has only been in our
midst a very short time, Through the
effort-, ot Mr. H. L. Cummins a purse
of SitiU was raised for the benefit of
the two motherless children, one of
whom is only two years of age.
On Tuesday afternoon word was
brought iu from Horse Creek of another drowning accident, the victim in
this case Iieing John M. Palethorpe.
He was crossing a slough on horse
buck when he accidentally fell off and
wns drowned. The body was recovered
the next day and interred in the Golden
cemetery on Thursday afternoon. The
deceased was a Free Mason and only
Clime here lust December, from Inger-
soil, Out. He leaves a wife and three
Don't 31 Inn This Chance.
Mr. Wr. J. Gould the photograper
has again appeared iu our midst.
Those desirous of obtaining a good
picture should call on him without
delay. Mr. Gould guarantees first
class work. His stay in town will
necessarily bo short as he has made
appointments for various towns further east. Children are specially re-
quested to come iu the morning.
Clll-U-l-a' .tl������������tillST.
A meeting of curlers nud those interested iu the buildjng of a rink, nro
requested to meet iu the Kootenay
Houso ou Monday evening next at il
By order of the Committee.
II um pi tal Acknow leil Riiient*.
Vegetables from Mr. Vachon.
Dough nuts and sowing cotton from
Mrs. Reeder.
Chickens and  crockery   from  Mr.
Russell. .
Peas and   potatoes   from Mr. John
Berries from Mr. Campbell.
Papers fioni Mrs. Moodie.
"   from Mr. Plowright. vZne (fl-<l"-H--t Oiva
Thi (1 i'i HIS'l'V!\ is published every
Saturday iiioraiii' i.i ti un to catch the e.-ist
and ivoit mail trains, ai-nj lhe until tor tlie
upper C'll.itr.,-, tVl.l uu* iiul'o, I'-'u'l .steelo etc
It 1.1 tlie i.iily advertising uioiliiiiii iu IfidirjCat
Kootenay district.
S |lnct'l|ltion liiinis: ���W.'jO |ur luiiiuiii IN
AtlvortisO'iietits aii'l eluuigos must he iu
tlie often nut I,uur tli..a 1*1 ...in, un Tlmr-ntny
tu iiisiii-o iiisoi'titiu,
V Ivortiso in-lit t-.it.es iiiuile kuoirii on appli-1
catiui- *u
All c.'isli tu lie pail tu Hit! .Manager, frtiin !
vtrliu.n tho Oo.iiiianv'.s receipt will he ubtaiiietl.
The Golden Eia Publishing Compani/.       I
silver market has been slight so far,
although ou the Stock Excbance tho
silver |iriceis expected to rise eventual-
ily on the streugtii of China and Japan's demand for ships and war
material   f-jpm   Europe   and America.
i Probably exchange   will also rise, as a
I loan might be raised iu Loudon and
the proceeds be used in buying and
sending out  silver.      It   has  been re-
1 marked in the last few davs, that
China has bought considerable silver
for delivery at the end of the year.
Till:   E.YSTl'jll.N   SITUATION.
Loudon, Aug.- 11.-The British
dailies continue to publish vehement
denunciations of Japan. Every repulse of the Japanese in Coi-ea is
welcomed editorially as would bo a
triumph of British arms, and every
Japanese success evokes a storm of
disapproval ami upi-eitls to interim-
tion..I law. The opinions of the press
are not reflected by the British public.
Tiie average Englishman is either unpin tisuii, or hopes that Japan will
humble China iu the present war.
Among diplomats and others who
speak with authority ou Oriental
affairs, however, there is a feeling of
hostility nud apprehension toward
Japan. Willi few excplions the men
who have lived long at eastern courts,
or travelled much in Asiatic countries,
while imbued with no love for China,
express the belief that Japan's success
in the present struggle would be bound
to lend to trouble betw eu England
atul Russia and the Governments
views are similar. Iu official circles,
the impression is thut the expulsion of
the Chinese fro.u Corea would be fol-
loiveI speedily by the appearance of a
Russian tleet in Coreiiu waters and
perhaps of Russian soldiers ou Coram
soil. Russia would not allow Japan
to make herself at home in the peninsula. She has regarded herself too
long us the natural heir lo Corea. At
present she is anxious to see the statu
quo maintained, and would be greatly
displeased with any attempt of China
or Japan to take possession of tInland.
Despite the groat cost of the defences
at V'liidivostock, and the skillfulness
of the engineers engaged in the work
that port is not a satisfactory naval
station. The climate is harsh and
wearing and the roadstead is blocked
with ice during the cold season. Russia knows that only a little I ml her
south on the Coreuu coast, there aro
several harbors exactly suited for her
purpose Port L.i/.arcff. on Brighton's
Bay is ouo of them. Russia has had
her eyes ou it for years. Few Russian
officers doubt that Port Luziin-ff would
bo a strong base of naval operation*- iu
the Pacific. It would ho of immense
service to Russia iu n war with England, who, with such n position in the
hands of the enemy, wjuld Iio obliged
cither to send a huge part of her navy
lo Asiatic waters, or to leave India,
Australia and the Straits Settlements
open to Russia's naval attack.
In this situation lies the reason of
England's present anxiety and enmity
to the Japanese cause. She is must
eager to prevent Japan from giving
Russia au excuse for interference. She
realized that Russia might justify
such interference unite plausible inasmuch us nobody nt Sc. Petersburg luul
the remotest influence by fomenting
tho war. The bitterest iinti-Jiipiinese
writers in Loudon, havo been declaring all the week that Japan is already
scheming to play Russia and England
against, each other.
The  influence of  the war on the
1-OI'Ul.AH   intoVEHHS.
A bud workman quarrels with his
I     A bird  is known  by its note inn. a
(-iiaii by his talk.
I    A  blithe heart  niukeih u blooming
A broken friendship may lie soldered,
but will never be sound.
A close mouth catcbetb no flies.
A colt you may break, but an old
horse never.
I    A creaking door hangs long ou its
i    A deceitful --ence is more dangerous
1 thit.li open war.
A deluge ol words and a drop ol
A fair promise makes n fool merry.
Bachelor's wives and maids children
are well taught.
Be always as merry ns you can, for
no one delights iu a sorrowful man.
Better late thrive than not do well.
Bet tie suffer a great deal than do a
little one.
Better the foot slip than the tongue.
Beware of the geese when lho fox
Bribes will enter  without knocking.
Great designs need great considerations.
Great birth is a very poor dish at
Great braggers, little doers.
Half-wit teu folks speak much nnd
suy little.
Hasty climbers have sudden falls.
Have a care of u silent dog uud a
still water.
He bears misery best, that hides it
He giveth twice.Ihat gives ill a trice.
He is so full ol himself that he is
quite empty.
Honor and ease arc soldoin bed-fellows.
Hours of pleasure are short.
I um not tho first and shall not be
the lust.
I can't lie your friend nud your flnt-
ercr too.
I love you well, hut touch not my
Idle brains are tho devil's workhouses.
Idleness is the key of beggary.
If the hraiti plant not corn, it plants
Ii the eye do not admire, the heart
will not desire.
If you run after two horses yon will
catch neither.
It is n poor heart that never rejoices.
Necessity dispenses with decorum.
Never ask pardon before you are
Never fall out with your bread and
Next to love, quietness.
No fool like an old fool.
No mini is worse (or knowing tho
worst of himself.    .
No man's religion survives his
No receiver, no thief.
Nothing io be got without pains,
but poverty.
Outs mav full when reeds brave tbe
Of evil grain no good seed cau come.
Of little meddling comes great ease.
0 ie barking dog sets the whole
street a-lmrkiiig.
Oltl reckonings breed  new disputes.
One eye-witness is bolter than ten
Of saving, coinctb having.
It is easy to find excuses for everything, except somebody else's fuuli.
..,��  LILY.
j* "lv paltl to ti threatening c'nttd,
i' nieli tn hte'nt'st uai'li arrayed Mm:
"Von liavii taken my loifl tlio suit aivnv,
Ami 1 liiitnv iiui .vnt.'i't!) uu nit m luitl Mm."
"-it It folded Its leaven tint! tremblod sore,
As iJih littiirsof flai'kiie.M passed It,
l'tll ul itiiii'ti, like it liit'il in lit'iultv Hhnnn,
1 or -villi in'iii'i.i um u.ii* inni iii'entiud it.
Then It fell ashamed fit Ha fretful thought
Ami tnhi in lhe iltl.-t li'itlllfl liiileil,
.  'i'lliu iiiuni "I wi'i'iiiitK Iiml jitwelH brought,
Al liieu tin- I't'lite iif tin' day denied it.
"The most plrfnresqne spot I have
ever aeon iu my life," suid Nell Towers.
"A tipiare stoiie house, all overgrown
with wnniiliiue that bus turned crimson
with the first autumn frosts, and standing ail iiitiue in the leafy wilderness.
And a beautiful woman, dressed in
white, with the face of a young girl and
the silver hair of uu aged crone. Sitting
uu tin- step, with her lap full of ferns
and musses and autumn leaves. Al. 11
think. Rupert, she must he crazy, for
she looked at me in the oddest way,
without answering, when 1 spo.ie to
"I dure say, my dear, it's some old
woman out nutting," said Mr. Towers,
.is he pared one of the great crimson-
chceked |ienches Hint were piled initbns-
>et nn tlm table and flunked by u glass
pitcher uf cream.
"I shall go. then, nn.. n'rel-oh the place
foinorrnw. if I have time," said Mrs.
lowers, enthusiastically. "I never re-
retted anyi lung so uitieh in my life as
thnt 1 hadn't uiy portfolio with me this
Tile landlord, who had jnst brought in
���i big lug ��� f lnoss-frmged wood for the
open tire, looked st the landlady, who
was brushing crumbs oil* the liivender-
ceiitefl tnlile-i-loth. The laudluuy looked buck nl her husband.
"ii's i uriiara." said bo.
"Ol course it's Barbara," nodded Bhe.
"And who. may I venture to ask, is
Tlnr i?" questioned Mr. Towers "Superb peaches these, -uy dear."
"Well, sir. everybody hereabouts
'���nnws Barbara," answered iiiiue hoBt.
one's heen crazy this ten years."
"i thought so." suid Mrs. Towers.
Poor tiling! And why do they let her
wander iliumt at large'"
,��Wh. inn inn. she wouldn't harm a fly,"
Interposed Mrs. Wedderourn: "and she
curt breathe tree inside of four wills,
can t Bnriiura, They did put In r into
the asylum once, but slut pined herself
io death there. She wouldn't ha' lived
six months, the doctor said, if they
ui-..n't look her out again."
"Then she has not always been in*
������uh, bless j*onr heart, ma'am, no.
Ten years ago she was the brightest,
puniest giri in ull the country. She
used to come here summers, when tho
utilise was fnll uf boarders, nnd help
around.   Every ono liked Barbara."
"But what wns It that destroyed the
poor thing's mental taluucer" urged
Airs, towels.
The landlady drew her chair np to the
"I'll make bold to sit down, ma'am,
nnd tell yniutl about it." said she. "It
made a gts-nWeal of talk hereabonts at
���''�� time, uud it always will us long as
liarliur.i wanders around the old *iowil
m-magazine iu that queer dre-is. with tho
liuwers and autumn leaves uud wild
utrries in her hair. "
"It isa powder inng-mine. then?"
"Oh. yes, mu'am. There was a great
iiiuiitiiiK-iiiriiig company here once, bnt
ir w.-.s riiiiieti iu tlie panic of 18111, and
there's not lieen au ounce of powder in
the place for fifty years. It's a picturesque old ruin, as you yonrseif observed,
und artists line to sketch it. There
used to le pie .if-parties there, nia'aiii,
la-fore���bnt I Oeclure, I'm getting ahead
of my story."
All), leaning her plump, mm fort-able
alrmivs on tbe table, Airs. Woilderuurii
went on.
"ien yeurs age, we hnd the most successful summer season that ever we
knew: un iu the Ciitskills the houses
Wt.-rt- crowded���ami some of the young
���rent lenien tourists actually camped out
in tint Iniiii o' nights. And Barbara
was here helping me���the Rose of Cuts-
kills, one of my young gentlemen
guests called her, ami somehow it grow
into u hy-word. And, if coaxing anil
fluttering could turn a girl's head. Bar-
burn's was iu u fair way to be turned.
Not that I license her of tliriiiig or
carrying on���timt wasn't Barbara's ivuv
���she just went qniniiy about her business and never said nothing to nobody.
But I could see that she liked Mr. Warden ; and Sir. Warden was jnst the one
of the whole trilie and gem-ration of'em
that I could wish she hadn't liked. You
see, ina'iiui. there's a difference in pen-
Kle, nml for all he made such u fuss over
er, 1 could see he was as cold usu stone
and ns hard as adamant.
"Tilings went along smoothly, however, until Miss Arkwright came up
from New York���Miss Arkwright. with
her trailing silk dresses uud diamond
rings ami hair built up in curls and
pull's anil frizzes. Some folks like that
style; I  don't.   But Miss, Arkwright
wns very nch and very fashionable, anil
the minute I saw her and Mr. Warden
together, I knew that poor Burburu's
reign wus over.
" 'The idea of "-nking such a commotion over a mere servnnt!' says Mi��s
Arkwright. 'To bo sure she's pretty,
but so is a chinn doll!'
" 'I beg your pardon. Miss Arkwright.'
snys I, 'lint Barbara is not a servant.
>Stie's a lii'iglilior'sdiiiighter.'siivR 1, 'ami
she kindly tines me the favor lo nelp ine
a little at busy tines, been' I've no
daughter of my own.'
"Anil Miss Arkwright puts up her
l'til.1 eye-glass and stares at me as if I
w.ts nu escaped wild animal.
'"Really!' suys she. 'How very gratifying to know I'
������jVikI oir sue saunters, with hor head
stuck up iu the uir line a queen's.
"ihe very next weeit she asked Barbara lo go up to the stone tower with
her. Barbara didn't want to go, but
Miss Arkwright had a domineering wny
with her, and the girl could hardly refuse.
" 'There's a picnic going up there tomorrow,' says Barbara.
" 'I know it,' nays Miss Arkwright,
"but I don't want to see the place in a
crowd. And you've nothing e.sc to Uo,
burbiirn Dale.
",So Barbara went, nil in a new whito
dross with blue ribbons, for I think she
naif hoped to see Mr. Warden up tliere,
iieing i s ho -pent a deal of time sketching around the stone tower. He was uu
arti-1 by profession, was Mr. Warden.
"Bnt he wasn't there on this pnrtit-u-
In- afternoon. And once Miss Ark-
wiightgot Barbara up there like a
iii'iuse iu trap, she commenced her wicket, laiiiiia, te.l ug her how unuiiiideiily
die wat; how bold it was to accept Air.
\,mucus compliments; bow little ho
meant uy em, und all that sort of thing,
until the pour girl was fairly slung to
the quick.
"She was -titt-'n-r on the doorstep of
the tower, Barbara wns. and Iw iss Arkwright was inside, leaning against tiio
narrow easement, so the sun shouldn't
touch her roseleuf complexion, when
Barbar.. started up.
" 'Uow dare you talk bo to mo?' says
she. 'What right have you to insult
me? When you know Tore;/ Warden
loves me 1'
" 'He loves me!' snid Miss Arkwright.
stripping n wild ruse of its lo ives and
flinging thorn down on the grass below.
'And���listen. Dnv'-iri Dnlo���lv* returns
to New York tonight, to ask my father
for my hand in marriage. And I Aln-yi
of ml i.is friends inn going to tlie train
to see him oil'. Now. Barbara, yon know
all. 1 have neither pity nor coiiipiusion
for yon. Yonr own boldness nnd folly
have brought this upou you. and you uo-
Bene to suffer I'
" "You are going to the train to foo
him godspeed;' said Barbara, slowly.
'No. Miss Arlrwriglit. yon urn not. Tbo
lust fare Foicy iVurdeil Wijjil see in ti.o
C.itskills sb ill lxt that of the girl he hia
trifled with iiiiil deceived.'
"And Bui-burn elo..od tiio lingo oak
door and shot, the o-.'.tside bolt across its
rusted fastenings with a strength that
was almost superhuman.
" 'Girl,' shrieked the hefrefs, 'how
dare you serve me i-neh u trick ns this?
Open the door nt once!'
" 'Not until I have bidden Percy Warden- ndieii,' snid Barbara, with a mocking laugh. Ami away she sped down
the heights, h-edlt-ss of Miss Arkwrigiit's
cries and entreaties.
" You may wonder, ma'am, how I
know all this. B irbnra hei-selt tobl me
���told me after the mists clouded her
pour Drain forever���and she told it in
such a wny that I could fairly hear und
see everything for myself.
"But both girls hud lingered longer
np on the mountain side tuaii tiiey ii.nl
any idea of. Before Barbara could reach
tie little depot���the cars were a new
thing then in our p-irt of the country���
tiie train was moving off, and Percy
Warden's face nt ono of tho windows
wns all she could see. In her blind
haste, Barbara's foot caught in the steel
rnil. the iron row-catcher filing her on
one side and she fell with her 1'oriie.itl
against the edge of the freight platform.
All the depot hands supposed "sue was
killed: but she w isn't.
"They carried iier buck to the hotel���
carrieii ber insensible ami bleeding from
the temples. An 1 that night one of
those tempests of rain and storm set in
that we sometimes nave in Mid-August
���a tempest that lasted three days. No
one cuilid stir out. and nil liiut time Bur-
bam lay ut liuut-i's dour, unconscious
and silent.
"But in tlie thunder and lightning
and ill iring ruin of the third night sense
uud reason came back to poor Barbara,
and she started up among her pillows.
"���Where in Miss Arkwright?' said
" 'Slio's not nt tho hotel, dear," snys I.
soothingly. 'And Wedtierbiirii thinks
bIio must have made up her mind ut the
last minute to go down to New York
with Mr. Wardeii.' .
" 'I know whore sho is.' said Barbara,
with u shudder. 'She is up at tho Powder House.'
"We thought she was dreaming, until
she told ns all.
" 'Three days nnd three nights I' sh��
wailed ont. 'Oh, go some oue, and see
alter her !"
"And in all the storm my hnsbnnd
and two men cliiubud the steep mountain-sides with lanterns and approached
the Powder  House.   And of  all eerie
Iilaies. my  husband says  the Powder
louse, in a thunderstorm ut midnight,
is the eeriest I
"Well, ma'am, they opened the door,
and there lay Miss Arkwright on the
floor, dead, her teel li nearly meeting in
| herownnrm nnd her face distorted by? ,
| some horrible  Bpasm.    Whether she
' died in a convulsion or starved to death
1 no one knew  uud no one  ever  will
1    "And all the time my husband and
the men were gone Barbara were telling
I me the story.
!     " 'Was I very wrong, Mrs. Wodiler*
bnrn?' says she.   'I only meant to keep
her tliere nnlil I could see and speak to
Percy.   And, oh, if you could heur how
she taunted me!'
" 'Lie still, iny dear,'says I; 'lie still
and i'o l't talk, or you'll bring on the
fever again.'
"But jnst then there was a noise and
bnstle at the tloor, and, worse luck, it
was  wide open.   Barbara  started  up.
ami the lantern-light shone full on Miss
. Arkwright s ileaa fuce as they carried
her by.
I "And from thnt moment to this Barbara Dale has beeu insane, ma'am. She
| wanders round and round this Powder
; House, looking for some one, ami her
I wanderings will never lie over until sho
is (I/Jiid.    It's a sail story, liiu'uiu, ami
| every one is sorry for poor Barbara.    As
for Mr. Warden, 1 have never seen him
I since, and I never want to.   And now,
ma'am, I think the moon's high enough
I for you to get a good view of the little
brook in tbe ruins."
I    And Mrs. Wedilerhnrn bnstled ont,
' wilh a suspicions moisture in her eyes.
| A Inul Hal-It.
I    It was about three o'clook in the after-
I roon of New Year's Day,   when the
wanderer knocked nt the kitchen door,
I and the cook opened it.
"Can I get something to eat?" he said
| pleadingly.
"Uf course yon enn," responded the
conk in great good humor. "Como in;
we're keeping open house to-day. and
yon can get a feast fit for a king, ami
wine to wash it down with."
He raised his hands depree-itingly.
"Thank you," he suid, bnt I'd prefer
the old layout of second hand victuals
I'm used t >. I cun live on that, and if
I acquire tho champagne mid pie habit
in my present cirenm stances I'll be a
starved man before the year's out," and
the wondering cook humored his whim.
| Slk'irfe i.u .Hull.
j     Tommy   (who   olways   "wontg   to
know")���"Suy. aiiiitie, what's tne law
of Biippiy and demand mean 1"
I    Auiilie (u spinster)���"Now go to sleep.
Tommy.   What  on  earth puw such,
| things into yonr head?"
lummy��� "Well, I heard papa tell Mr.
Gay thut you wore �� victim of the law
of supply and  demand, and Mr. Gay
I said he guessed yon must hive been on
the 'short side.'   What does tuut menu,
auutie ?"
A Clilraso Pret'edeflt.
"What makes you think she will
nuirry you?"
" bhu bus married tho other men."
British Ci'Inmhiii is the largest of the
Pl-iivfiim-a nud embraces ail una ot 882,000
square miles.
Prlne* Kilwnrd Island �� the smallest���
2,000 square miles.
The sm-illeHt of the seven Is tbe most
densely pnpnlstiil, having a little over 54
jieuple t�� the aipiure mile, while the lurg*
e I is the inu-it sp.rsely peopled, with a
little over three square miles to each person.
There is cnal ill fo'ir ant of Ihe seven
Provinces. Nova Sctttia Iieing the greatest
producer with an output nf ai>ont two and
a quarter iiiil.iwi Inns per milium.
British Colombia ia tbe greatest gold
producer, the pri-tinee of ber mines for
thirty years having been valued ut forty-
six and a balf million dullnrs.
Nova Soitiia hns the must rnlnabld fisheries, her annual catch averaging about
���even million dollars iu value.
Quebec takes the lead in the supply of
limber, her output of saw logs amounting
to 5.000,000.000 feet board measure, and
of square timber to turee aud a quarter
inilllon entile feet.
Ontario ia the banner nliee-ie Province.
Ilia production running np to about eight
million dollars a year.
Combined, Ihe whole (even have resources iittequaby by those of any other
country in the world.
For where we love Is home,  home that
our feel may leave but not our hearts.���
i Jean In-jelow.
1*> tbe duty which lies nearest to you.
Every duty wbicli is bidden to wait   re-
(turns with aeren freah duties al its back.
':    It is an old proverb that he who alms st
the snn, lo be alire will not reach it,   but
I his arrow will Ily higher than if he aimed
at nn object on a level with  himself.���
! Hawea.
Every vice nnd folly has a train of secret
andnicetsary punishm-tut. If we tire lazy,
we must expect lo be puor;if intemperate,
to be dine aed; if luxurious, lo die prematurely.���Vurle.
It is the must mi-men'ons qn��atinn a wo*
mail is erer called upon lo decide���whether
the faulla of the matt ��h�� loses are beyond
remetly.niiil will drag ber down, or win ther
sbe la -tump-icm to Im his earthly redeemer nnd lift liiui to her own level.- O. W.
There nre people who understand one
another nl once. When one soul meets another It ia sot by pirns word, nor liy ball-
���ug sign, nor by ui.iateriuusgrip that Ihey
recognize. The anbtleal freeuia-ioiiry in
the world ia this freemasonry of the spirit.
���Edward Eggleattin. .
"Somehow," said a atroller, "no lit""
thing imprepaes ine more with a sense ot
oar growing Injury than the sight of
steamer chairs fur childreii displayed lu
the stores In which such gooda are sold.
The boys, like older people, learn wine-
tlrlnil by experience. Jinny of them nowadays when they play bad ill tbe str- et use
n tennis or twine other light hall, thereby
saving many wiudowa and avoiding nine.,
"Il is not n lull to are plenstir" ontrinu"�����
driwu by spike leullis," Saiiln citizen,"' ut
,1 saw tin. ntiier dny fur tiie��lirst lime it
] le sure v. hjile: it wm a Irak, drawn by
Ihriie line hows driven tibr'ii't. It waa u
strikingly hiiiidsoiiii- turnout."
Solll" if the e.ilitnell if the N'e-r Yuri*
O'lb Company wear in stormy weather
wati-rpnitif high bat. ninile of paper, iin-
j'uii'd from Puris. Tiny nn- hlm-.. mid n:
llie aiitte stvie ih au nriliiiiiryailit htii. but
v.ri in iii-u il.'liter. A silk itnl will �� run-
la*r outer weigns wid a Otit live p-itilids* a
pap' r mil ai-ie't fine -miuui.
A 11 wily with a rwiml of Iweiny-flie
eiioka in two and a luilf vain fttul* totn
fori id mo -sjiiiiiiiiite uf a ���J'irv..u,r -f  s-r
V-11M lli'i> llilt'e lil'illtllrt -H to   on     ' ^lird'si
as n nitig stay fur a I'isik. .* n*-.-*" -lei
lu u-siuiiiils nre |.-e .inject to i.baiige.
pet ii ps, because Ibelr wurx ia more a^ree
jtinotig the Highlseera on the Brimklvi
lirltlge fine c.iit tiliiiust always llu.i L',.i;.u
lue.. Ihey niuie ,r to :����� ;'������''<- lllleri'ste.,
in tue nt-fJ-'-mile -1 eonati *��������-n of It.
bridge, jit-ia-ng .tilt lu eat-fi -tiler t. e
ot.bles, lliptms.a, struts, nmi e en of ii>
other p-iris, niiii ais-inbigly ilis'-tiwiitig ine
Whole witn great utie lion.���N. V. dun.
There <��� n Hebrew tradition that Eve
sun ivi d Adiiiu, ami wus, therefore, tue
lirst wdow.
The list uf sovereign* record tbe nam-a
o ihri" hundred ami twent, six wltloi* ���
who either reigm-d lu their own names oi
aa reg-iits.
The mother uf liracei remntnol a widow
thut sit" inigi.t dim uer m.oie time io Un
edtic .liuii in inr wns.
ills. Ajihra IJeliu wu a widow when
ahu wrote lhe drauiaa and poetry white
excite luu tiiagllal ol evvl'y pleaoi.l-u...
lend' r.
Empress D 'wager Ati-insta wna, in early
life, a  iiiiisiitiaii of luarjit'd anillt',  mi
euiii|HMfiil many mureht's lor too Fru-eiiiu
nr ii.,.
il. aili'-eii waa a widow when ahe list tl e
great re.oil nui.-h Henri)'elided ttieiioiili
p Wer In England.    Sue i-oliliiilt eilmi.vliii.*
slier li.e ii, la- of her ..mil.
Ex Kiti: ri's- Kiigeiti*-, ol Kraiiue, Uvea lit
retirement itt Kiikland, with uvea i in.'
Vlaia In liweoiili ei.t. She mid Vli'liuiii
am warm 'S'laoiial lnei.d-.
Aiidri'iii tieli". tin* widow of HH'ti'i,
waa tu.l, iiiiitiiie and 11..e i-ywl. Alii I.,
eup ure ol i'i'.I ane Wn* linn r .edloP. rrlnm,
auriiving him to ink'* a turd uiiati.iiid.
The wrl'er of J "bn Waiinmaker'a driver
llaeiueiita haa salary of gli),UtW s y. ur
for lhat work.
In liter tare a man can do nothing until
h" ho killed ids rami-, auid l.'arly.*. liuw
was il w.tn hiiuseh?
1 rend into a story a ill liter t�� that the
author did Mil pi .eu tliere ia not ill un
fuiiiiiioii prii'tfediiig mid may be Viiy un*
The iiatioiial library has a copy nf the
first priiitvil eiiitiun ��i P.aoi'a wort.a. j.
vrnapiiliilaiieil lu Lai la, nl Venice. Hill,
Tell- of lllll'l-ailds of IsiVi and *��ln* will
linn- il tit lastly ailem-e uf It. II. Hnili-u*
I'm, wo haa been wiitiin- lively sun n-
for i.uia ami laa-uea aiinoat iitilt a ecu*
A newspaper pura-rupli anya that E-uer-
sou on an ini "im lrl*i itiiminitteil Milton's
"Lyiridas" lo tu lll'iry. Call anyone til
what, it stiytiiing, waa remarkable iu Eui-
eraou'a nidoii)irf
Application   for    Certlflcate of Improvements.
Take notice thnt I, A. L. Hogg, Free
Miner's certificate No. 2*1317, intend,
CO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the .Mining He
corder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this first day of Juno, 1894.
A. L. Homi.
$xx*i%xc&a ffim-fco.
Hon. j, a. louiuieeii, Q,C.
o. 8. McCarter.
fjongheed  A IVrCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal.
Members Asnocn.iD.L.8, A 1M..S. tor B.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Clilgiiryimil New Westminster. Correspondence suliciteil..
R.J.JEPII80N, D.L.S.,1*,L.S. of ll.C. &0nt.
A. O. WiiebIjER, D.L.8. 14 F.L.S. of ll.C.
Iii the Supremo Court of British Cnlumbln;
in the nintler nf Archibald McMiirdo fleceusoil
and in the matter of tint Ofliciul Administrators Act, dated the Fifteenth dny of May. A.
D. I8S1I: upon rending thenltiihivits of Arthur
I'ntrick Ciuiiiiiins and 1 lerltcrt George Low
It is ordered thnt Arthur I'ntrick Cummins,
OtHi-i.-d Adiuinistrutor lur the County Court
District of Kooteiiny, shall lie Administrator
of all and singular the goods, chattels uud
credits of Areiiibiilil McMurdo ileecused uud
that this order be ptililisheil ill the (liil.liE.N
Era newspaper for the iieriod of sixty days.
(Sig-noil)   WM. WARD SPINKS,
Local Jiulije of Supreme Court.
The ereditors of Archibald McMurdo, bile
of Gulden, in the District of Kontcnny, miner,
deceased, nro requiroil within sixty days
from this date, to semi ine particulars of their
claims. After tlie expiration of the said sixty
days I shall proceed ivi I h tho distribution of
the sniil estate.
Dated lit Donald, in the District of Kootenay, this KM Mny, IMM.
Ofliciul Administrator.
IfleC/artli.v   A   llnivoy.
Ilnrristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor:���
The Im-ieri.'tl Ihink of Cimaibi,
The Ciiiiuilii I'oriiiiuieut l.oitn A Savings Co.
Tlm Yorkshire l.oiui & HeciiritiesCorporation
The Mnssey llui'i'is I ti. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Oflices���Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
I*. McCahtiiv, y.C.
Horace Harvev, Ii.A. L.L.n.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
M-jfixft Ex��ixi:rn.
Cochrane, A|jIiaV-Pt. Steele, B.C.
Don't look a gift gnu In the muzzle.
Tbe cannon ia the vulture's favorite
Rhyming dictionaries sra not edited by
The wild oat crop is ground at Die
deril'a mill.
The blackmailer poses ss drum-major In
Virtue's parn.ie.
Almost as many orators as rsw recruiia
shisit iihi high,
The mail who acknowledges* favor generally p��yn I'i" other ilelila.
If I could oily wrbe guild prose 1 wonld
not envy W, Shakes e-.n*.
The katydid Uln-trutua that s pruiy
nsiue doea not always have a awi>el  voles.
Many bul bus lies* Hitman tip* r anil
from miming too many trains on s ��i gle
The most, timid curate la brave enough
to seek the bubble reput ittoii. even iu the
csunou'a mouth.��� Chicago KeraliL
ii third B"t of teeth l�� now enml"g
through lhe gums of Wesley Fr-**, of P.iw-
ling. Pa.    Be is loriy yeura old.
The young nf several .pi eh* of eerpeitla
retreut douil ibe turont u! lhe uioiiur
when iin-sacd by siidileu danger.
Abuiii lhe thiiilieat tiling iu the world ia
tlie llllll uf a soap bubble, of which il
Would Like fifty million to measure an
(liraduate of Laval and Mcllill.)
jiimm;   h.\��;im,i:k.
Head Office, QtlBliEc ; Branch Offices
SlIERllltooKB, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
In the County Court of Kootenay liolden al
���Iio East Crossing of the Columbia liivonhi
the matter of the goods of Robert Thornlniry
tleconsofl. nud iu the mutter of the othci.il
Atbiiinistrators Act, ibitetl the Fifteenth day
of Mny, IWH: upon reading the artiilavit til
George (ioltlie
It is urilered iltet Arthur Patrick Cummins.
Ofliciul Ailitiiuistrator for llie County Court
District of Kooteiiuv, sh.ill he Administrator
of all nnd singular the guilds, chattels nud
credits of Robert Tlinrnbury dei-easoil, iiml
that thin order la-published in llie (Int.in,
EllA ueirs|ui|air for the poriml tif sixty days.
(Signeil)   Wm. WARD SPIXKS,
The credltorn of Robert Thornlniry. late of
Windermere, in tho District of Kootonay,
farmer, deceased, arc required, within sixty
days from this date, to send me particiiliii's of
tlieir claims. ('inni the expiration of the suit!
sixty days I shall proceed with the distribution of the said estate.
Dated at Donald, in the District of Route-
���lay, this-Mid May, 1894.
Official: Administrator.
.'ore COSES
ave lieen af-
azamrnation i��> niill. sVpatailta
IM Kin* StW.TmaH,
perfect eaaa to wearer, than by all other
j..... Mr���* ""- *-'-'	
_ he         ^    	
fast 90 yeari. fully aqiiaf tqiiaraoaal
  ��� -mil. STjn '
teiirrsraMblaiil TheyiataUlarseat
luptura under aavanat atralu. A aya-
tam ofntUnshaabMU parltotad uu
mcAVt ai o, i mit mmiw
I OBTAIN A PATENT��   r��r a
uwar and an bomM opinion, writ* to
; CO.. wbo bat; bad oaarti Bftr jeara-
anwitnoalntbe patent bnalnati. CommonlM.
Uona tartollr ennSiMntlal. A HanSbaak ot lo.
���tormatlon concemliw l'ntettta and bow to oh.
tain them aent free. Alio a oatalogue ot SMduvn.
leal and mlentllto hoo��a ient free. .  ,
Patents taken tbroiifh Munn t Co. noel-ra
apeclal notloeln the Hclcniinc American, and
tbu an bnmcht widely before the pobllowlth.
oat mat to tbe Inventor. Thle splendid paper,
iMued weekly, elennntly lllnatrated, bu by far tho
larseit olroulatlon of any scientist; work In las
world, $3 a year.  Sample cupfes aent free.
Bwdtaf Edition, monthly, pit a yaar. Slnfle
eoplea, s|3 otnta. Hrery ntunber coutalna beautiful plates, In oolors, and photjwnpbs ot new
hornet*, witb plana, eiuiblliw liullden to abow lbs
lateit aeehntti ttntl auoure txintraciit, Addretu
WINN A CO. i-ijiw Yoitii, -lilt 1100.UIWAY.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
-U1.YI.-Vfe K\<-!I.\FMt.
Properties repor'ed-'hnnn.    Kstiuiiitis and
plans tor nil metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
w. pellew mm,
Assay Olllpna A Chemical  Laboratory
(Established in ll.C. in 18811.)
Vitnconvcr, 1..C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. (.'RAVELEY. Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
(tlllMlilX, R.C.
CO, (Limited)
For full particulars apply to
WlioleMalc nutl ICctuil
Cattle, Sheep ��ind
Horse Dealers.
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof sure for convenience
of guests, Headquarters for mining men anil
miners. Convenient to Station anil Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer anil wholesale nnd
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, nnd Cigars.
Speeinl attention given to orders from u,. tlie
Columbia River,
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Undertakers and
.   ���  .   Embalmers,
I'lilajm-.v ���     A Ilia.
AT riiN lll'-ll    TO.
It'vou wiint yuur house Painted. I'iiimtivI
or ('alsoninietl, or nny kind ot asign I'niiiled
write to.l. II. MIIjI.iVAKII. 1,'ai.iiarv, the
Lcailiiig I'aiiit sltii|t iu (lie iiust, tor gtssl
Work and prices that are right.
DIM PI C*C '"'dlKdiilO-'REEIonrci'eipl
I iflflr LtO. of a -.'stiuiip.ii rei'i-ipe for a
simple VEOETAIII.E HALM Hint will re.
move Tun, t'reekk-s. IMiupIca, lllotehes,
lllnrkheufls. ete��� leaving the skin sol't,
clear and beiuitiliil. Address A. V. STEM-
PEL, IK) Aim St., Now York.
My stock is the largest and most complete in the
An immense stock of W. W. ftrcencrs, J. C. Clabrong-h
& Bros, W. H. Tisdall's, and W. Richard's shot o-ims,
All calibers of Winchester and Marlin titles.
Every description of cartridge, both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality the  best.
WHOLfiSALi*: & KiiTAiL. solicited.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1.55, $2.65, #3.70 j former prices $5, $7,
|1(X    Qualty remains the same���IB different styleB* dry battery and acid belts !
���iniiii or strong current. Less than hall' I
the price of any other company und moro !
home testimonials than all the rest to-1
aether.    Full list free.   Mention tins
paper. W. T. BAER k CO. Wil dsor, Out. '
W. ALEXANDER has removed to C?l-
g*ary, and ivill fce pleased to execute all
orders sent to him thero. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
ttom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
August Dth.
Lois of rain for several clays past, if
wo were fanners I suppose we should
Iio shaking hands with ourselves, but
"seuiii'iis we ain't " we. otherwise view
the elements with visions,,! told la
I lietiiiiiitit: tl lumbago un chills. Poztio
Tbe C P.It. olli rial photographer in
e, r No. 'iT, oiiino in front the eust
l-'iiday morning anil took some views
from tiie scene of tlie lute wreak. He
also took uu inti rior view of i lie C.P.
il. Dining Hull Mount Stephen House,
Brakemiiii Thompson came in from
the Hat. Friday morning, We should
1,ko I to have seen bis partner Kemp
accompany bim, but. he is getting on
as well as can be expected.
Our popular agent, Mr. P, E. Caiman, accompanied Ity bis wife and
daughter, ieft on Saturday evening fur
a vacation. Montreal is, I believe, tlie
destination, but it is understood they
will visit several Ontario towns dlll'il g
the six weeks they will lie away. Mr.
A. McMillan is tlie agent aid Mr. J.
Austin night operator during their
Tlio Pullman "Iolnnthe" was attached to Sunday's No 1, having ou
board Lord aud Lady liiiudolph
Churchill inul suite. Unfortunately
my beard showed u little on the surface thro' my neglect ou Saturday
evening, heuct an interview with his
Lordship was out of tlie question,
Mr. Win. Jarvis McCormick of New
Whatcom who has been visiting his
wife and daughter bore for several
days, left ou Monday evening lasl [or
Mr. anl .Mrs. Wye.koff (our postmaster ami wife) left on No. 2 Monday
for a visit to the east.
Mr. Atkinson, C.P.R. mechanical
superintendent, Montreal, arrived here
ou Tuesday to officially inspect the
scene and wreckage of the lute catiis-
Mrs. AV. J. McCormick paid a flying
visit to Banff Wednesday evening and
returned home Thursday morning,
Mrs. Wlientley and daughter returned from the East Ihursday morning
after performing their sorrowful errand.
Tho wholn community extends their
sincere sympathy in their sad bereave-
tjuite it little excitement ..ml some
remarks were caused by the appearance
of South Sen Islanders on No. 2 oi
Friday lust. Whilst hero the dusky
females (whom the Free Press describes
ns IU lovely girlsj made not the least
effort to liiflu their symmetrical beauty
aud with compunction as a dead language and au exhibition of attisiic
and exquisite simplicity that would bo
a fortune and n half to u modern summer girl, they unbtusliingly allowed
open mouthed civilization to gaze at
that portion of their anatomy where,
it is understood white ladies usually
encircle  their   thirty-two   inch hose.
Since hor return to town, our local
bard has been going round with a ten
dollar smile. True, she lino never
been seen with anything higher than a
three dollar fifty Illumination on before
but, knowing I Iio so-, ns I do and pur-
tieiilnrlv this Individual representutive
I basil ll ti'il cniisidortible In elucidate
the mystery, knowing well thnl 18 iin*
(allium anything feminine would surely bo courting -not the other kind of
courting I minin seeking un ncuonipll
il full.
Willi iiiiii'tyr-liko putleiicc I curbed
in my pent, up curiosity, iill dually,
almost upon tlie eve of combustion <lu
prostration. I was suddenly let into
the secret, as follows :
Some people thought mo silly, fast,
And neither young or tinnier,
lint my success has brought at last
Tiie envy ol my gender.
Hurrah,  'lis done I   I've changed my
From henceforth yonr fair rhymer
Will try to win immortal funic
By signing thus��� G-JIMA.
August, l'itb.
Mr. John Stocks of Ciiiniiore, Conductor Gove of Medicine Hut uud
Brakeiuiiii Thompson of bear hunting
fame were among the arrivals ou
Friday's train from tliu eust.
Mr. Inglis, the C.P.R. tailor of
Montreal, came in on No. 1 ou Friday
last and proceeded west on a business
Mr. R. II. 'IViieniiin. photographer
of Vancouver, came in from tlie west
on Friday evening after un absence of
several months. He has been rushing
business during his sojourn and will
likely proceed east on Thursday evening.
Mr. W. J. McCormick of New
Whatcom, Cal., who has been spending a few days nt Banff returned here
on Saturday morning accompanied by
Mrs. Geo. A. Stewart of the National
Mr. H. A. Perley of tho Alberta;
Calgary, wns a passenger on No. 1
Saturday, bound for tbe Glacier House.
Col. O'Harii came in from tl.e eust
on Sunday and registered at Mount
Stephen lionize, returning to Laggan
by No. 2 ou Tuesday.
A memorial service was held in the
school room on Sunday evening, when
our esteemed parson, Mr. Faskeu, endeavored, thro' the results of the late
calamity, to point our thoughts from
things temporal to things spiritual,
There was a fair ..ttendance and his
remarks were most impressive.
Tlie Countess of Glasgow accompanied by an aid de camp iu the private car EariiscliITu, came iu by No. 1
Tuesday and proceeded west by the
same train.
B.shop South of Sydney, N.S.W.
was a passenger on the west bound
train on Tuesday. He sails from Vancouver iu the ss Arawa.
Mr. Msoitenzie, of Mackenzie, Powis
& Co. Winnipeg, ran up to Golden ou
No. 1 Tuesday. Ho returned by the
evening train and will stop olTut Banff
for a day and then proceed cast lo
Mr. W. R. Hull of Calgary .md Mr.
M. Carlin of Golden were jumpers on
lhe west bound train on Wednesday.
Mi.-s Evelyn Frank, wbo, for the
past year bus boon school mistress
hero, returned from Vancouver on
Sunday evening after nn absence of
two months. With much pleasure I
am libit! to statu that she successfully
passed the higher exam illation ut the
terminal city and returns to our city
fully armed with a legal diplomu of
certified ability. Home day, perhaps,
she will honor our column with an in-
cidf-ut or two that will, at the least,
create a desire for further contributions
How soon?
One day last week I was much surprised to overbear our usually sedato
Charles indict au outrageous joke
upon our otherwise unruffled atmos
pliore, which proves that married life
(in ids case) has not exterminated tho
jocular propensity.
"I'.vus iu tit" s'ore (iiiii* only one)
and lie bad just succeeded in securing
a pit roll user for a pair of boots.
"Two forty?" ipieeried the customer.
"Yes, sir." replied the urbane
('buries, "two dollars und forty cunts
"All right, it's a ho.-'replied tho
piii'i'liuser, adding, "anything in the
net ?'      '
" Yes. Sill," broke In Charles, with
nil the accent on the courteous appnla-
tiuii. "thorn's two (li)t'els umi n pair
of soles, inul nil the lot for two forty."
Just then a cheese walked round the
Hour, two cases of surdities fell of Ibe
shell' and live e.iiusof liiilish Columbia
salmon burst, their lids uud enquired
WHAT'S thai-'-'
As n general rule our v ternn conductor is unusually polito to the Indies
but the uliinux was reached a few
mornings ago when witli inuuvalse
boiitc us an unknown quality and
countenance ns radiant us youthful
gladiator, he, pour enooiiriiger les
mil res escorted a lady a la mole iu
loee parentis. Smile? why tliu word
is not yet coined thai would do justice
lo Hob's facitil exterior, which was
only explained by vision n psslerlori,
Wishing to be enlightened us to the
lady's identity, I buttonholed him the
next diy, but all I could extract wus
"consanguinity," bill if the truth was
known I'm afraid it was another fellow's 1'ljltltivP,
Hu, ha, ������ 'tis not nil gold thut glitters" anil our local burn's luxuriant
tresses liavu unconsciously lent themselves to uoiilirui the wisdom of the
sage. That she is no chicken is expressing the mutter us gallantly as the
exigencies of the ens* demand and if
further proof were necessary it is
easily disceiliable iu tlie logical argument whicli our fairrlij mer calls forth
to coinbiit the regrets o! "her dear
little innocent." To infer for a inonienl
that siie is an exception to tbo rule
would indeed be a libel on the sex, as
auione who really keeps themselves
"up to date" in everyday journalism
must surely bo aware that to "stand
in" with the competition of the present decade such simple artifices are
causa sine qua tion.. However,not to be
too hard on our felicitous friend we
will still continue to refer to her as our
fair rhymer" notwithstanding tlie
revelation thut shu has proved ll little
false mid not quite so "light us she is
Dune Nature gave me dark brown hair
Which I have tinted auburn,
My hub now says I laid a snare,
By putting such vile daub on.
But since my dear shaves every day,
The difference I can't gather,
And if he stops my golden dye,
I'll hide his strop and lather,
- G-MI5l,l.
Upper Columbia f^vGo.
Steamers will leave
The Effects of the lute John M. I'nle-
tliorpe. Hot-ao Ci-uelc.
1 team horses, 2 cows. 2 calves, ,')
pigs, 1 set new double harness. I
wagon, 1 set burrows. 1 plough, hens
und chickens, 1 chest tools. 2 cross
cut saws, 1 cook stove nearly new,
household furniture, 1 gnu. a number
of yards rag carpet, nearly new.
AVill be sold on tbo premises, within
two weeks.
Every Tuesday-at 7 a.m.
Pasjionger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freiglit I^eites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1 60; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steelo A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rite A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B. "             it and 4              "             "                  "
"    C. "             5 and <'              "             "                  "
"    I). "            land 8             "            ������                 '���
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., ot* mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation ax 111 permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express pnrcels^being limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be ohargott ou excess value mentioned on Bill it Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.  b. lang;
Mining SGwal Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Ere.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
The adjourned Spring assies will Iio
held at tlio Court House. Donald, ou
Monday the seventeenth day of September, 1891, at 10 o'clock a.m.
By order,
S. Rbuuuavh,
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.      ���**���
Have on Hand a lot of Wash Begin and Bath


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