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The Golden Era Oct 8, 1897

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 The Golden Era
Is the most wUely circulated nnd
httt advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This it the paper tnat
, is read by the miners, the ranchers,
tne railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, 92.00 per Annum
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and (dominion nt ( aii-ui*. (I in 1), 2fio.
Pocket Map Yukon, prepared from ogilvie
Survey-, with enbirgod map ut'
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The confederation life Association, Toronto.
.;������:+   +   ,
The R-lian.a Loan & Savings Co.. of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
The Southern Country
How the Luminaries Came and
A Scene From Real Life at Steele���
Progr... ut Moyie ��� At girton���
Qeneral Some
[From Our Own Correspondent.!
Fort Stbri.e, September 25.���The
principal event in the history ol Fori
Steele thia week was the visit ot Hewitt Bostock, M. P. He arrived on
Monday afternoon and that night a
banquet was tendered him at the Central Hotel by the Board ol Trade of
this town. This (east, the first of its
kind given here, is memorable alike
for its social and culinary success and
for tho heartv eo-operatlon of both
political parties in paying their re-
peel to their worthy representative.
The dividing lines of last June twelve
months, and all political differences,
were swept aside for once, and all
joined hands to do honor to their
At the head of the banquet table sat
R. L. T, Galbraith Esq; to his right
Mr. Bostock,and to bis left F. P. Nor
bury, President of the Liberal Association of Fort Steele, while the rice
chair was becomingly filled by J. A
Harvey. Chairman of the Board. The
customary toasts and responses, interspersed with songs from 0. A. Mcintosh, the sweet singer ot Fort Steele,
and others, succeeded the destruction
of the viands, and the singing of "Go.l
save the Queen" by everybody
brought tbe happy event to a olose.
nit. bostock's nomas and sayinos
The following day Mr, Bostock, in
company with Indian Agent Gal
braith, visited the Dominion Government Industrial School for Indian
children at Mission, ami in the evening addressed a large gathering of the
citizeni of Fort Steele and adjoining
districts in the Coventry Opera House
here. Mr. Bostock wns listened to
with much attention, and repeatedly
applauded throughout his address, and
loudly cheered at the end.
Having visited the Invicta Hydraulio mine on Wild Horse, he took bis
departure to Cranbrook ami Moyie,
thence to Wardner aud on tu Kr.llis
pel, Mont., where be would tako the
train for West Kootonay en route to
his own home.
Ths eveut which in the minds of
some wss even to transcend that of
Mr. Bostock's visit was the anxiously
looked for coming of certain railway
luminaries, to wit Colllngwood Scbri-
eber, Deputy Minister of Rnilwajs
and Canals, and M. J. Haney, Great
Mogul of the C. N. R. construction.
When they would appear was even beyond the astute reckoning of the Prospector, lor these terrestrial bodi. s are
considered somewhat erratic in their
movements, and it ia sal I there is a
Joshua that at any moment may com
mand them to stand still. However
couriers were daily arriving from the
east who reported having seen or
heard of their gradual approach. The
rate of their movements was noted,
tbe distance to be travelled compared,
aud the time of arrival at Fuit Steele
dettnitly calculated to be "Dinner,
Thursday September 23, 1897." Too in-
indefinite! Too indefinite! '���When
do theae railway comets dine?"
"Whenever tbey are hungry" replies
one. ''At 1 o'clock p.m.'' says another. "No sensible man would take
dinner at such an hour, but in the
cool of the evening shades. The atmosphere is sufficient to Inflate the
stomach." remarks a third. Tis 11.30
a.m. the atmosphere seems to grow
hot, large drops of sweat are observed
on Venosta's brow. Crowds gather on
the sbady side of the street and in
breathless silence await, as though it
were the coming of doom. With ana-
loos look they ask "Whence will they
come���by way of Wardner or descend
they from the clouds?" A sentinel is
posted on Nigger's back, a mile without the town. One dare-devil climbs
tbe slender dag pole that tops the Coventry Opera House. Hark, the shout!
���They come, they comet" as the well
known tramp of Nigger's feet are
beard upon the bridge, Far down the
Wardner trail, in a pillar of cloud
ol dust, Is seen their chariot our. Then
there was hurrying to and fro. Galbraith donned his stoutest coat of
mail; Venosta wiped away the perspiration, tightened up his belt aud
took another reef lo the bottoms of his
pant.; Harvey called together the
members of the Board of Trade tn the
quiet seclusion of the Prospector's
sanctum; Dr. Watt ordererd the ambulance to be tn readiness and the oper
ating table removed to the Prospector's
book yard; a host of would be tie contractors took up their positions in
door ways snd other points of vantage
along the supposed line of march;
Rosa was in the aet ol making inspection Irom a legal standpoint, and seeing that everything waa in statutory
array, when whirr-r-r, whip stiaj,
bang.the chariot ascended the hill and
drew up tn front of Carlin A Durlok's
Store; accompanying Mr. Schrieber
was Deputy Minister ol Justice New-
combe, while It. J. Haney was at*
' I by Assistant Supt. ot Cons-
struotiou P.O. Nash, and Asalataut.
Chief Engineer McLeod and two
beautiful young satellites in the persons of hie own two daughters.   Here
the party was joined by Chief Engineer Lumsden. Taking the sidewalks
in the middle of the street, for which
Fort;. Steele is noted, the constellation
moved in the direction of the Central
Hotel. Everybody looked. Who
would be the "first to beard the lion?"
All in a tried the towering form of the
vigilant Venosta was seen to stride
into the middle of tbe street frantically waving a flag of truce. He accosted Mr. Haney, who slightly dropped behind, when the following short
but significant dialogue and dumb charade took place that so often gives the
pusher ot the quill a "tip":--
Venosta-"Aw! Mr. H.ney I perceive!"
Haney���(A sido-lon. glance in silence.) |
Venosta���"I nm Mr. Venosta, mining, financial and real estate broker,
sole agon: for the townsite of Fort
Steele, with ollices in Toronto, Mo i-
treal, St. Paul, New York, London
an I Kallispel. ami have the honor tn
bo the ser-nttiry to the Fort Steele
Board of Trade."
Haney���"Ob, yes,I remember name.
I have received some letters from you
ro the Crow's Nest Railroad "
Ven.���**The Board ot Trade through
me, their humble servant, requests an
interview this alt. moon in the sanctum sanctorum of the Prospector
Hun, ���"Have noiimefor interviews
today! Am going right out to Moyie."
Ven. (in blank surprise) - "Awl
Surely not, Mr. Haney! I really
thought you would remain a week
with us at least."
, Han. "A week, a week! My dear
Mr, Venosta, no sane man would stop
a week in Fori Steele!"
Ven. (recovering from the thrust
and alone in the street) - "Humph, an
ignorant (ellow, you know!"
When the bird last saw Venosta he
was going in the direction of Dr.
Watt's office, presumably for an examination of his cranium. But the
duntor uuy. Venosta is s'l right.
In a somewhat similar manner to
the above did Mr. Hunev dispose of
several interceptions.
But Mr. Schrieber was not so fortunate, lie got a pretty tight squeeze.
Ue had been invited into the Prospector's office where be was confronted by
the majesty ot the Board of Trade
and menaced by the Editor's newly
sharpened pencil. Here Mr. Galbraith,
a skilled and wiry diplomat, wrestled
him With the spirit and tenacity of a
Sir Nigel lioring. Mr. Schrieber agreed
to convey to the Hon.) Mr. Blair tbe
additional claims that had now been
pressed upon him for a main line into
Fort Steele, and to gather whatever
data he could during this his official
inspection ot the road, and comforted
them with the assurance that Fort
Continued on page 4.
The Pilot Bay smelter will treat ore
at $2.75 per ton.
Last week silver rose to 55 cents
and again receded to 5;i cents.
We are informed that good ore is being got on Oid's Creek neat Donald.
Lead is strong in St. Louis at 4.32)
ceut Copper haa risen in England
to $247.62.
T. Hebsen has gone to start work on
his claim at Ottrrtail and intends to
slick to it all wiuur.
The Bald Mountain Co. have shiped
their ore to the Victoria Metallurgical
Works for a mill test.
The Chanue Mining Company have
now got the extension of the old shaft
on Fifteen Mile Creek down a distance
of 65 feet.
Mr. Lindsay went to Ottertail on
Tuesday to start development work on
behalf of the new owners on the Sunday claim.
The property on Copper Creek in
which Major Clohecy is interested is
looking up well. The contractor has
driven 29 feet.
The Robinson Companv. Johannesburg, pays dividends of ��2,073,050
per annum from ore lhat yields 19
dwts per ton of gold.
0. Willis, Manager of she Channel
Mining Co., informs us that he ha.
good accounts from his foreman of tbe
r. suits of his work on Fifteen Mile
The development work that is being
done by A. J Hopkins on tbe claim
whioh he recently looated on Toby
Creek has exhibited a pay streak of
seven inches on the quarts lead.
Mr. Keyser has purchased Mr.Towns,
end's teresis in the Piotcu claim In the
International Basin, and will push on
development work, being well pleased
with tho work that has so (ar been
���The Mansefield mine, which is the
greatest coppet inine of Germany, declares its average return to be 3,2 per
cent copper and .17 k. silver. The
amount ol ore treated last year wss
642,738 tons.
M. Dainard, who came in from Copper Creak on Sunday, reports that the
tunnel on the Alberta and Kootenay
Co's. olaim ia in 46 feet. He had an
open cut made on the Doctor olaim for
a distance ol 15 teat, aud Irom 4 to 5
feet deep, and this cut sbo-n-ed up a
body ol 3 feet of ore, well mineralised
B. Morijeau is reported to have
made another good stirke on Horsethief I'reek.
It is reported that the Le Hoi mine
is beiiu sold to ua English syndicate
for (3,500,000,
The News Advertiser reports a rich
strike on Willow River, Cariboo,
where the dirt ran 164 to the pan.
Capt. Armstrong and Mr. Carlin intend resuming work on the Ruth
olaim at the head of Vermont Creek.
The Mining and Engineering Journal states that lead was quiet during
the past week but the present depression must prove temporary.
G Richardson is doing work on the
property he has at the head of McMurdo Creek. The lead Is six feet wide
and mineralized throughout with
Mr. Knowlton, of Montreal,
arrived in Golden on Wednseday,
and went out yesterday to
Logan Creek with Mr. Lindsay -a
see some property in which he is interested.
Mr. Norbury informs us that there
is a good deal of improvement in the
mineral prospects of Fort Steele district, the development work that has
been having been considerably improved the prospects.
We are glad to learn that the stamp
mill recently sent to Perry Creek by
Mr. Hammond is doing good work,
and the ore that has recently been put
through has given very good returns
in freemilling gold.
Silver is going to be all right. The
latest news from London is that the
English Government propose to reopen
the Indian mint, and raise the legal
tender of silver in England from two
to twenty-five pounds.
Vice-President Shaughnessy says
the capitalists connected with tbe C.
P. R., will erect a large smelter on the
Columbia River and another in the
Slocan dtsrict and connect by aerial
trams built from all shipping stations.
The Mining and Scientific press
says "Lead's lowest price was thirteen months ago, when the average
exchange New York price was 52.73.
There are several good reasons for the
belief now so confidently expressed by
many that it-will go to 14.00.
Work has been stopped for tbe winter on the claims bonded liy '.. Mercier to the Golden and Fort Steele Development Cn. Mr, Mercier informs ns
that he has enough ore on the dumo
to fill 20C-0 sacks. He and Mrs. Mercier
intend taking a holeday trip to the
The B. C. Mining Journal aays:
"Men who have spent somo time on
the different streams of the Omenica,
Peace and Findley Rivers and Cassiar
districts are all of the same opinion
that the crowds of miners will gradually drift from the Yukon down to
these districts, Oood pay has been
found on nearly all these streams, and
the climate is sneh that men can
work with ease, compared with the
"It Fell From the Nest."
The above Is the lifle of the premium picture given to subscribers of
the Family Herald and Weekly Star
this year. The publishers are offering
150 in prizes to anyone who can do-
scribe the picture from the title. Here
is a chance for our readers. The picture "It Fell from the Nest." the
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
The Golden Era one year each, all
for 12.75.
Donald News
[From Our Own Correspondent.!
Mrs. R. A. Kimpton is moving "up
country",   She will stay  at   Windermere during the winter.
The building of the addition to tbe-
school is progressing favorably, but it
will be near the end of the month before it it will be ready.
Last week Mr. Barron attended the
teachers' convention held at Vernon,
when he read a paper on arithmetic
in mixed schools, and rendered great
assistance in the entertainment part of
the proceedings,
On Wednesday evening a jolly party
assembled at the house of Mrs. Dunne,
where they tripped the light fantastic
until���well next morning.
The work of taking out ore in tlie
tunnel of the Bald Mountain ."ill l>e
continued all winter. The miners
state that they have now worked into-
30 feet of solid ore without any appearance of being through it.
Rev. Mr. King announces service in
the Presbyterian church on Sunday,
the 10th inst., at 7.30 p.m. His subject will be "The persecutions of the
early Church."
Dr. A. Mnnro, C. P. R. Surgeon at
Kamloops, passed through from Winnipeg on Wednesday.
With reference to the reports that-
the Great Northern propose to build a
railway up the Columbia valley to the
Yukon, the President Mr. Hill, informs us that "this company has no
present intention of extending to the
district referred to in your letter.
BY Letter
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The Best of This Month.
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E.-'imauss FuaNUHiiu.     ISA THE GOLDEN ERA FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8,  1897.
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editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
The Golden Era Compani Limited LUblllty.
Office, Golden, B. C.
oThi* V&olom t&va
(Edited by E. A. Haoobn.)
Ufa Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the moun
tains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
trhose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before
the premises.
The country ought to force on the
Turner Government the necessity of
providing a redistribution ol seats before next election. We believe they
will do nothing unless their hands are
forced, knowing that a policy of masterly inactivity is the one means by
which they can retain the reins of
power for tbeir own corrupt purposes. The population of the mainland has enormously increased since the
last election and if redistribution takes
place on a fair basis it means that the
balance of power will be removed from
tbe island to the mainland, and it is
time it was. West Kootenay particularly is entitled to increased representation and it would seem as if East
Kootenay should also have another
member. We suggest that the best
way ol forcing the Government's
hands in tbe matter would be by holding public meetings in the various
centres and passing resolutions demanding that redistribution should be
one of the first measures to be brought
before the next session of Parliament.
age into the ears of passers-by we
think it is time the police and the
Gold Commissioner took some steps to
protect the publio from such scandals.
We never could see the necessity of
granting a license to this house.
There were enough bars to supply the
requirements ot the publio, and if
more accommodation was wanted it
was in the direction of board and
lodging. We hope the Gold Commissioner will do his duty in regard to a
matter that has been a common subject of complaint for weeks past.
The time has oome when the town
Golden might well be incorporated,
and have its own government, and
expenditure of its own revenue. The
question of lighting tbe town must
soon come up for consideration snd we
would rather see electric lighting in
the hands of the corporation that any
private individuals or company. Then
there are the questions of beautifying
and improving the town, which under
the Provincial administration are
neglected. This and other work of
value could be taken up If the town
were incorporated and had its own administrative body. Another thing
that incorporation would do is to
cause the people of Golden to take a
greater interest in publio affairs which
at tbe present time are utterly neglected.
We have something for you
for the next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Roots
and Shoes at Cost for
the next 30 days.
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J. Lamontagne,
Tonsorinl Artist.
Everything: Strictly First Class
���toots. Mhoea and Harness
Bepalri*- promptly.
Livery and feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs ot all kinds fer
Hire al Reasonable Rates,
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
Hamilton & Skelton,
OOLDEN, B. C 181to
The McMurdo House,
Oood accommodation for Miners.
Beet Brands of Liquors Kept,
-laddie or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
An institution lhat tbe Mines
Department of British Columbia ought
to take into consideration is the establishment ol Schools of Mines. British
Columbia must depend mainly for the
present ou the development of her
vast mineral resorcea, and the proper
way to get the most benefit from these
is by affording miners and prospectors,
and the young men growing up
throughout the country, the greatest
facilities for acquiring the best knowledge as to mining. In connection
with schools ot mines tbe exper.s employed should visit the different centres during the winter months and
open laboratories and give lectures.
This would prove a means lor tbe men
who have each winter to seek the
refuge ot tbe towns to employ their
time profitably and help themselves in
their prospecting work aa well as iu
developing the resources of the country
in the best possible way.
We recently stated that the Government of V, C. had so squandered the
publio franchises that we should next
find somebody wanting a charter over
the nir. We notice from the Gazette
that a company has been organised to
be called the "Kootenay Air Co." This
company has not yet applied for a
charier to bottle up the air and retail
It at 10 cents a puff, but we quite believe that it the company wanted suoh
a franchise the Turner Government
would willingly help It out on tbe
chance of a commission on the sales.
Complaints have been made to us
for some time about the rows whieh
take place in the vicinity of the Rus-
sol House. We dont see the elightsst
necessity for any hotel being conduct,
oil in Goldeu in anything but an
orderly manner, but when it oomes to
the neighborhood, being annoyed by
orgies and the shouting of foul l.ngu
A Broken Down Lumberman
Not a Financial, but Worse, a Physical
Wreck-Put Doctors' Skill, but Cured
by South American Nervine
Prostrated by nervous debility Mr, E. Er
rett, lumber merchant and mill owner of
Merrick villa. Out, Was forced to withdraw
from the activities of hush-ess. Heanyai "I
tried everything in the wuy of doctors'skill
and proprietary medicines, but nothini
helped ine. I was influenced to use Soul]
American Nerviuo, and I can truthfully My
that I had not taken half a bottle before I
found beneficial otTocla. Aa a result of several
bottles I Hurl myself today sir-nig and heal-
thy, and ready t'or any amount ol business,
where betbro my nervous system waa ao undermined that 1 could scarcely aign my own
name with a pen or pencil. I aay, feelroaj*
and knowingly, get u bottle of this wonderfu
Mold by it,'. A. Warren. IDS
Findlay Creole��� It. Pro.peet. a. a
Plaeer Field���The Sun Lake and
Jupiter Groups
Mr. Brady, M. E���   of tbe  firm  of
Brady * Moynihan, Mining Engineers
of Rossland. recently spent some time
at Canal Flat tn the course of which
he made a olose inspection of Findlay
Creek as a placer field.   For the first
seven or eight  miles above its junction with the Kootenay River, Findlay Creek passes through a succession
of deep rooky canyons, with occasional
high gravel banks, benches or bars at
a higher level than tbe present stream.
Tbe rook oansists of  slate or schists
cut by dykes of diorite and occasional
bands of limestone, more or less seamed witb quart-s.    Many quartz lodes
oross tbe creek,  some running' with
the strike of the country rook, with
other lodes that are larger aud stronger, cutting across these.   These leads
are more  or  less   iuinre-rnated   with
iron pryites, copper and other sulphurets, such as usually accompany gold
in quarts.    Galena is  also frequently
present.   For the next .five miles up
stream the creek goes through deep
deposits of gravel, forming   benches
and terraces on either side from 20 to
2U0 leet above tbe bed of  the present
stream,   and extending back from a
few hundred leet to  half a  mile or
mon.   These immense gravel deposits
seem to have been formed by a large
anoiei.t river coming in from the north
and flowing out through the canyon
at the south branch of the Findlay
Creek,   and  they bave since been out
through  by  the more modern stream
now forming the Findlay Creek and
its tributaries.   The present bed of the
main branoh of Findlay Creek is from
10 to 15 feet below the surface of the
gravel deposit, except perhaps at the
mouth of   the creek.    The preseut
channel of the ancient river appears to
have been on the south branch,  where
it would appear to have been deeper
than the present channel of Findlay
White Tail Creek, the modern representative of the great river that once
came in from the north, has dwindled
down to a stream of 60 miners' inches,
having its source in a shallow lake or
pond about a mile and a half above
the canon.
The bed rook of the great gravel deposit ie chiefly soft talcose, ohloritio
and argillaceous slates, graduating
into harder schists on the side hills
and into granite rock on the summits.
The slates carry Innumerable seams,
veins, lodes aud irregular masses of
quarts, with sulphurets of iron, copper, lead, Ac The dykes are composed
of a greenish, fine-grained diorltio
rock, alar seamed with metalliferous
quarts occurring iu place, forming the
falls and rapids of Findlay Creek, and
in some eases the rim rock of the old
The ween consists of sand, olay,
gravel and boulders, wilh a falas hot
torn ol ferruginous gravel cement In
many places and at varying heights
above Findlay Creek. Good prospects
ol fine and coarse gold are found in
this cement, and the ground below tt
has never been properly tested. Fair
prospects with the pan oan be got
along tbe creek. The river bed, lower
benches and bars have been worked at
different times with more or leas profit
���by white men first some 25 years
ago, and by Chinamen dnrlng the last
10 years. The latter made from 72c
to 11.60 a day per man with rockers
and short sluices.
Above this the stream flows through
alt. mate stretches of gravel benches,
flats or bars and rook canons for the
next three or four miles. Many of
these henohes prospect well and can be
easily and cheaply worked by the hydraulio method. The formation is a
schistose diorite, harder than below,
and showing less quartz. There is
plenty of water and the boulders are
not too large. A ditch five miles long
has been constructed and will carry
about 600 miners inches of water. The
available head at tbe lower end le 200
feet. There Is another ditch about
two and a half miles long whioh oould
be utilized and work oould be oarried
on for six months of the year.
This group of olaims Is distant two
miles from the present wagon road
and is on a hill on the west side of tbe
Columbia Lake. The country rock is
slate, with dykes ot greenstone striking northeast and southwest, and dip*
ping northwest. .The lode Is 26 to a
hundred feet in' width, and is a gold
bearing quartz, well mineralised
with iron and copper pyr-
ities, and a little galena tn places.
Several open cuts have been made
across the lode in the quartz, and a
shaft bas been sunk to a depth of 80
feet, The average assay of the surface
cross cuts was $2.50 in gold and 94.66
in silver. The following are assays
obtained by W. Pellew Harvey:
Bottom of shalt 10.65     ((j.orj
Surface cross cut    0.76   Trace
do     do         1.00       1.50
do     do         1.85
Open cut across shaft    1.65      4.72
do do          186      4.00
do do          1.05      4.00
do do         1.H0   Trace
Galena  98.26      H-n
A test made by Messrs Cowell _ Wallinger,
of Steele, ran W.50 to 112.40,
Tbe Sun lode at its most prominent
out crop is probably 70 or 80 feet wide,
An open cross cot bas been run some
40 feet in quarts oarying iron and copper sulphurets. Cowell A Wallln-
gar's assay of this lead gave a return
of gold 88.18, and silver 88.13. It is
estimated that 200 tons a day of tbis
ore could be got ont and that it would
average 15 to 16 in gold per ton. The
method of treating the ore would be by
milling and concentrating by vanners
aud then reducing the concentrates by
cyanide or the leaching process.
This group consists of five adjoining
mineral-claims: Jupiter, Mars, Juno,
Millsiteand North Jupiter, covering
an area of 160 acres, The group is located west of the Columbia Lake and
there is a good wagon road right on to
the property from the concentrator
landing, the distance being two miles
aud a half. The country rock consists of various slates with occasional
belts of diorite and limestone. The
strike of tlie country rock is northeast and southwest with dip to the
northwest. The lodes occur in a
prominent ledge, 260 to 600 lost above
the surrounding oountry, running
north and south, outting the seams
both in strike and dip at considerable
angle. Two and sometimes three
paralled outcrops of quaita occur
mineralized with iron pyrites and
grey copper, and from 20 to 200
feat wide all along this ridgs. On the
Jupiter lead there are two prominent
parallel out orops, with quartsttes nnd
altered schists between them. The
west lead is very large, and shows
upon the surface on the North Jupiter,
Jupiter and Juno, and has been prospected by an open inolined out 150 feet
long east and west, showing oie all
the way, This cut is 26 feet across
the lead in depth and bas not reached
the footwall. It is all in quartz showing galena, copper pyrites, grey copper, and carrying from tl to 85 in
gold, and from one to M ounces in
silver per ton, The outorop on the
east lead Is also very large and is exposed on the North Jupiter and Mars
olaims. The work done consists ot
several open outs, all showing ore
tbat will assay. It is estimated that
this ore oan be treated for 12.60 to 18
per ton.
When   Lady
Marie    Wortley
Montague vlaltea
ithe household of
the  Sultan, she
wrote  home to
England that the
ladies  of   the
harem were
smothered with
laughter to discover thst her
.ladyship wore
'an  Inner vest
of   steel   and
tight,  Impenetrable and stifling-, in other
words, a corset.
The ladies
of the  harem
would no doubt
have been
equally Mtontahed, though perhap. not
df.poMd to laughter, badIhey known that
the women of wertem nations, through falae
ideas of delicacy, .uffer In silence untold
agony, snd .ometime. death, throat- neglect if their health In a -m-wry way.
Wot.en.w-o ��u_*r ta thia way shrink Boa
the embarrassing examination, and local
treatment Insisted upon by the majority of
physician..  If they only knew it there Is
no neceaaity for these ordeala.    An eml-
neat and aki..ful physician long since die.
covered a remedy that women mayneerta
the privacy of their own homea.   It ia Dr.
Pierce'a Favorite Prescription.   It acta directly on the feminine org.ui.rn, flvtag It
arrenstb, vigor and elaatlclty.   It stops dl
debilitating drains.   It's the-rrestoiitof all
nerve tonics and tnvla-rator. for women.
Thousands of women who were week, sickly, petulant and desr-oiide-t invalids ere
to-day happy and healthy aa the result of
the use of this wonderful medicine.   Good
druggists do not advise substitutes for this
incomparable remedy.
������I have UKd Dr. Plerce'e Pavorlte Preicrlp-
lion and 'Golden Medical Discovery* In raj
ftmlly." write. Mr.. G. A. Coo-rer, ofAUe-gMW
Spring*, MOBt-*am*^to..To.,''aiid t^TJjmjj
them to be the be* medicine, that I ever wed."
Send ji one-cent stamps, to cover cost of
mailing and customs only, to the World's
Dl.peu.ary Medical Association, Buffalo,
N. Y��� for a paper-covered copy of Dr.
Pierce's Common Sense Medical Aovlser;
-Cloth binding jo stamps, A whole Medical libiary In one uoo-page volume.
..Notice of Removal..
I'm just going aoross the river,
Only a few yards away,
To premises more convenient,
Where I intend to etay.
I must thank the people of Oolden
For their patronage' in the old store,
And assure them that In the future
I shall try and merit it more.
My samples for fall and winter
Are all of the newest class,
And are sure to give satisfaction
Because  sold  at  low prices for
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
Inspect my patterns and compare
prices before placing your
orders elsewhere.
Cleaning, Repairing and
Altering Done.
Business Cards.
To Ranche Owner, at
Winder -'ere
I have been requested to secure for an Intending settler a ranche at Winderrnere, and
will be glad If owners of ranches for sale in
that district will send me particulars of
sumo. E. A. Haoobn,
142tc Real Estate Agent, Golden.
.   Ito Vet et Hia Logs
Doctor. Could not Help Him, But Tm Bottle, of South American Kidney Cure Removed the Disease - Tho Story of a
Wingham Farmer
Kidney diaeaae oan be cured. Mr. John
Snell, a retired farmer of Wingham.Out,
saysi "For two years I suffered untold misery, and at times could not walk, and any
standing position gave Intense pain, the reault of kidney disease, Local physicians
could not help me, and I wns continually
growing worse, whieh. alarmed family and
friends. Seeing South American Kidney
Cure advertised, I grasped at It as a dying
man will grasp at anything. Result-before
half a bottle had been taken 1 was totally-relieved of pain, and two bottles entirely cured
me." To cure kidney diaeaae s liquid medicine must be taken, ond one that la a solvent,
and. can thus dissolve the sand like partlclea
intheblood. .-..  ;,....   T
Sold by C.A.Warren. 18
Sign  Writer,  Painter and
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.      S2te
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29to
An Honest Offer!
'Builder arid Contractor,
-   -  -   -  Golden, R 0.
A supply of Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to ordera. 28te
To all those suffering from
Nervous Exhaustion or any Private
Diseases, who have tried different doc-
tort or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE in plain sealed envelope upon application to
lfffiUn Box 60, Detroit Mich.
Croup Quickly Cured
Mountain Glen, Ark.-Our ohildren  were suffering with croup when
we received s bottle of Chamberlain's
Croup Remedy.  It afforded almost Instant relief.-F. A. Thornton.  Tbis
celebrated  remedy is  lor  sale by all
druggists.   Langley A Co., wholesale
agente, Victoria and Vanoouver. 187n8
Ogilvie,   Dominion Surveyor, rays
there were 8,000 people at Dawson
City when be left witb food for only
Woman killed and eeven persons
seriously wounded by explosion of
boiler of horseless cariage at Hazel-
wood, Pa.
Oould Rot Tara la Bod
Terrible Suffering, of an-lor. Lady From
Rbeumatiam-Fifteen Years a Sufferer,
but Cured by Two Botriea of South
American Rheumatic Cure
No pan can describe the intensity of suffer
ing thst may corns from an attack of rheumatism. "For flfteen years," aays Mrs. John
Beaumont, of Bora, Ont, "Ihave bsen mora
or less troubled with rheumatlam, which took
the form Of pallia In my back, often ooaflning
me to my bed, and renderlugmepartef the
time wholly unflt fur my duties. At times I
suffered ao Intensely thst I could not turn In
my bed, snd the disease was fast reaching a
point where both myself and ray husband bad
become thoroughly discouraged of recovery.
A friend recommended South American
Rheumatic Cure, snd after the tint bottle I
waa able to sit up, and before four bottle-
were taken I was able to go about aa usual,
and have been In excellent health."     '
Sold by 0. A. Warren. 181
Dr. Ward's
Celebrated Kidney Remedy
Relieve, pain in the back, kidney., liver,
bladder and every partr of the urinary pus-
sages. It corrects inability lo hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, or bad effects following tbe uso of liquor, wino or beer, and
overcome, tbat unpleasant necessity of bemf
compelled to get up often during the nigh\
to urinate. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Dr. Ward'a Remedy is soon realized.
If you need a medicine you should have the
best.  Price, 81.
17-0*21 8E0 Dearborn St, Chicago.
Watoh, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing:
In all its lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings and
Jewelery carried  In  stock, also
Spectacles and Eve Glasses.
Mail Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of 'business,
Opposite the Poet Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���   Oolden, B. C
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Oood Meet, at One*.
Cure, general or special debility, wakefulness, spermatorrhea-, emissions, linpotency,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional diaordere,
caused by errors ur excesses, quickly reator-
iug Lost Manhood in old or young, giving
Vigor and Strength whoro former wenkness
provailed. Convenient package, simple,
effectual and le.ltiniiite.
lure I. quick and Thorough.
Don't be diwuivisl liy imitations-, insist on
Cuton's Vitalisers. Sent sealed if your drug-
girt does not have il. Price II per pkgo., II
for It, with written guarantee of complete
cure. Information, reference., elf., free and
ciuHdontinl. Send ua statement of cam and
m els for ii week's trial trsatmout One only
aent to each person DOle
Catou Had. Co., Baatea, Mass.
StMMgtk, Vitality, a-MhM*
DR. WARD'S 'K&i..
Are sold under s positive guarantee to cure
or refund tbe money, and we aland by our
guarantee.  Cures all Nkrvous IIiskases,
in old or young, NlfiHTi.v Euimionh and
wasting diseases, snd all effects of self abuse
or excess-. Slops dangerous drains. A
genuine NKRVU ToNIO. Shows immediate
improvement. Tbe grandest remedy of modern times. Price II, or six botes (a full treatment) for In, by mail, in plain package, on
receipt ot price.
Ward Medicine Co.,
850 Dearborn 8c, Chicago.
la EasltMlv. Tmrltnij*. Oar Safes sell
���Ight. CU* orCo.au.
4-t.nt. aetnally gettlag rloki aeeaayoa
Oae agent, ta na. day, elearat *!*.**.
ttoott and Catalogue free oa aa*ttoattea
Undertakers and-
.  .   Embalms..,
Calgary,   ���    ���    AIM.
Barrister, [Solicitor &
-  - - Notary Public.
at Upiier Columbia Navigation
io. Building, Oolden. B. C.
Will Bis io Oolden on Monday of each
\ gUalng, Heal Estate aad
ri.tjjaolsll Agent ....
Purcl-MrsOtrtsitaa��</arJPmp*cU aad De-
i . 8MMWB. B. C.
ForSale \
Group of two claims. Aeeeesihls pssrWS).
High ..savs in gold, silver, sadesnsr.    M
Group of four claims. On somes copper
snd gold.  Oood position. II
Group of two claima of goM-beaitotqiiarts
in bsst mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to 1700 tn gold. 11,17
Group of two gold claims. Ons of the beat
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about ISOO
per Ion. 11
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work. I
Group of 10 claims, developed. No bettor
property in Britiah Columbia. IS
Well developed claim. Moat promising
discovery in the Selkirks. Assays up to 118. 8
Group of seven claims in quarts country.
Good average assays. Is
Group of four full .lied claims. Copper
ore carrying gold. S
Coppsr pronorty. Extensive develop���' nt
work. Easy of access. Assays up to 10 per
cent copper. 4
Three claims of 80 acres each on forty
Mile Creek, nei.r Klondike Extensive development Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black-
smith'* shop and tools. Wash averages Sooner square foot. 6
('Iniiii near railway. Gold, silver and copper, 8
One of beat copper properllos iu Esat Kootensy. Smeller teat 31 per cont copper, beside, gold. g
Claim In one of l-ost locations In Selkirk..
Cheaply worked. Assays HIS In gold, silver
and copper. 9
Choice gold property, partly freemilllng.
Assays up to SMO.   Develnpnieul work     18
Extension of copper claim.   Cheap.       II
Two claims in good location. Qutrts carrying (-..Id and cornier. j��
Claim adjoining known gold properly.   II
Two claims, gold Slid copper. J8,_l
For Sales-Treasury stock in the Victoria-
Tesada Gold Mining Co. ThU stock Is offered st lhe par.value ot so cents. Five of
the mines on Texada Island have been working for the past 10 months and this company
considers It owns the beat proposition on the
Mand. Prospectus may be seen and full particular, obtained on application at my office.
Farm of 160 acres near Golden; 80 acres in
cultivation! well watered. Outbuildings con
aiat of hay shed, poultry yards, rwtbouae,
milk hotiae and stables.
Farm of UO acre., one of the beat and most
highly improved to be got in East Kootonay.
Golden town lota.
Patent, for a Railway Coupler sad a Bops
To Let
Stablo in Golden.
For particulars of above apply to
E. A. Haoobn.
Oolden Era Office.
Dr. Ward's
������flu- Complexion Tablets
beautify the skin and complexion. A positive
tand guaranteed remedy for Pimple.,
mack-toad., Freckles. Tan, Mole.. Rednsas
sad Roughness of the face and hands. Sallow
Compleifon. Ec-efta, Prickly Hsat aad all
otbsr impsrfoctiona of the skin. Price W
<r��a��v Ward Hedlelae Co.. DWDsarbsn
81, Chicago. lTlartl ���
Mews in Brier
C. P. R. boiler maker killed at Gait.
Wheat receding and gone down tp 70
Negroes hanged a white man at
J. O. Palre's estate valued at $12,-
Laurier had great reception at
United states proposes to purchase
Destructive fire at Manila, Philli-
plne Islands.
Col. . H. D. Davies elected Lord
Mayor of London.
Daughter ot J. Clark, ot Fleming,
killed by runaway team.
Mail clerk named Booth killed near
Ottawa by falling between oars.
Highwaymen held up stage at
TJklah, Cal. and ehot passenger.
O. Strom and J. Bnelleth drowned
on Kootenay Lake while boating.
Henry George will be Democratic
nominee for New York mayoralty.
H. G. Prichar-J shot at New Tork
by W. J. Christina in fit of temper.
Well-to-do farmer named Treeman
hanged himself at Cannington, Ont.
Woman at New York killed herself
and four children by turning  on gas,
Epidemic ol typhoid at Maidstone,
England, where 2000 eases reported.
Greek Government defeated in assembly over terms of peace with
Frank Fadetltn killed his son and
another man, and shot his wife at
Great scare in tbe south over outbreak of yellow fever and tbe towns
are depopulated.
Williard A Co., of New York assigned with liabilities ol ot (1,000,000
and assets 160.000.
Reported tnat United States Intends
breaking treaty with Canada by placing gunboat on great lakes.
The Careless
And Indifferent
Suffer Intense Agonies This Month
To Such Mortals Paine's Celery
Compound Guarantees
a  New  Life
1st Prize
2ml Prise
3rd Prize
2 Prizes of
b Prizes of
10 Prizes of
25.00 each
10.00 each
5.00 each
Do You Intend Making Your
Rooms Look Brighter
and Cleaner?
Thousands of women all over Canada will this season clean house and
make rooms look brighter and more
It should be remembered that Kelso-
mine can be beautifully tinted with
Ihe Diamond Dyes at a very trifling
expense. One packago of Diamond
Dyes tints 10 to 16 pounds handsome
shades for walls. The favorite colors
are yellow" orange, cardinal, slate,
crimson, bisraark, violet, green, light
blue, and pink.
To make good Kalsomine, dissolve
one fourth pound of good glue to each
ten pound of whiting. Mix witb
sufficient water to give the right consistency. To tint it, dissolve a --ack-
age of dye in a quart .ol awater, and
add aa much aa is necessary to give
the color desired.
When you buy dyes for tinting, be
sure you ask your dealer lor tbe Diamond Dyes, neing any of the shades
mentioned above. 189
a ���
Ths National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and simple method
of matting sulphide ore, sue1 ... ,���*oi,
cj-jpe., go.., and'silver ores. In localities where lead ores and fuel are
scarce and almost unattainable our
pyritic water-jacketed Matte Smelter
has been recognised with highly satisfactory results, aud bas been thoroughly tested on various pyritio,
sulphide, and arsenide ores, in capacity
of two to 80 tons per day It is the
simplest method of gold aud silver ore
matting and concentrating that is
known today.
It requires no extraordinary skill,
no lead ores, no fluxing material, and
no fuel for the smelter after it is
started. The sulphur in the ore is
ita natural fuel only, and its cost has
no comparison with any other process
ol concentrating.
We are prepared to (urnish any slxe or
���oapaolty plant complete to aubstantlal
mining people, set it up and furnish
our men to run it for them on easy
payments. Prices and specifications,
with references and testimonials, on
Manufacturers of Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Oold, Silver, snd Lead tires.
IT. LOUIS,  MO. 120tO
Caton's Tansy Pills.
A triad, true and ufe III Ifl fOI |fl|l[|
Always reliable. Avoid HU" m "'"'
���imitations.    Oet   CATON'S and save regrets.   At druggists, or sent sealed, $1. Our
booklet 4 co-la. OOtc
Oatoa (pee. Co., Boston, Mass.
hptmmmaak t*h. Sen Md Al*.-* -
a crust avtniTvtu time aa <
The Great Medicine a Suva -ure for
Rheumatlam and Sciatica
Thousands of people die annually of
rheumatism, yet every case conld have
been oured if Paine'e Celery Compound
had been used in time.
Too many men and women show a
marked indifference when, in some
form, the dread diseass commences its
agonizing work. Some foolishly im-
magine that bright, warm and dry
weather will banish the intruder, and
they determine to trust themselves to
time and circumstances. Others
place their hope in warmer clothing
and the frequent use of llnaments,
while others experiment with electricity and baths.
As the days pass the careless and
indifferent find themselves deeper in
the mire of suffering, and they experience all the countless twinges
and agonies ot the disease.
They have chills, pain in the
hae., quickened pulse, constipation, loss of appetite, coated tongue,
and tbe joints swell���usually the
knees, elbows and wrists.
Now la the time of extreme danger,
Now the sufferers realize that they are
paying the penalty of their earless*
ness. Many will be helpless and use-
leas; we shall see tbem with stiffened
muscles and joints, and limbs twisted
and drawn up.
Some will ask the question, "Is
there truly a cure for euch helpless
rheumatics?" We say unhesitatingly
there is. The agent that cures effectively and scientifically Is Paine's
Celery Compound. It has cured
thousands in the past���men and women of the highest standing tn every
comunlty���and these have given tbe
strongest testimony of. the encouragement of others. Besides removing the
oause of rhuematism, Paine's Celery
Compound is the only medioine in the
world that guarantees a permanent
Will you, sufferer, continue in sgony
and danger of death when such a
mighty remedy as Paine's Celery Compound Is offered to you?
Let us assure you, poor rheumatic
sufferer, that the use of one bottle of
Paine's Celery Compound will quiokly
To the Twenty peopl* who solve this Puzzle, if there are so many correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH,
With Tour
If more than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (in addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of which the net factory price is $10. If preferred, the winner can
choose a genuine Gold-cased Watch of the same value.
The shape for slender feet and styiish
dress.     Straight  sided  American
type, with high, stiff, moderately
full, box toe. A man-of-fashion shoe.
Laced���Buttoned���Congress���Oxford.   Black,
.   Seal Brown, Carmine or Wine Color.    Half
S5 to ii.     Widths A. to E.     Goodyear
>3.e,o, 14.50, $5.50.   Stamped on sole.
"The Slater Shoe
F - ��� TH ��� UL
A word here   I The ,ualitie8
of our
which are
. to be the
     I foremost
A word which I III the English
bore menus      anil American
they-willInst ; Markets,
a life-time.    1
Our Proud
-nsitinn    .
in the Watch
1. Send your answer on an "International Post Card," which can he
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance tee or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will thereby win one of our "Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches which we
sell in England for $10 each, and
which could be sold retail in America
for $15 to $28 each.
8. Every winner of tbe Watch is required to purchase one of onr bplenimii
value inexpensive Solid Silver Albeit
Chains to wear with the Watch, as
per our unprecedented offer which we
will send. These Chains are Hall-
marked on every link by the English
Government. If the same Watch is
required with Gold filled case instead
of Solid Silver, a chain to match may,
if desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watch and Chain you
will   receive onr mammoth Catalonia.
quoting Wholesale Factory Prices for
Jewellery, Plate, etc.   The First Prize
will be given to the one who solves the
Rebus, receives the Watch and Chain,
Paine's Celery Compound will quickly iuud   orders altogether the largest am-
dispel any doubts that you may have. oant ��- goods from the catalogue; the
"" -L_.la_.nnd    Prize  to  the  winner  who
H. 6. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
I Upper Golun]bia NaVigatioq & TrarqWay Co.,
As this wonderful offer is only made to advertise our far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive the Watch and Chain, and
if these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will be equally divided among
them, giving $2.*> each. All amounts
in this advertisement are taken at the
exchange of $5 to ��1,
5. A form will be sent tree to yoo
which must be filled up and forwarded
to reach us by December 25th of all
goods ordered on account of these
6. The names and addresses of the
cash prize winners will be printed in
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Doc. 31st next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same day
7. Write your name and address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistaken.
8. Orders for these Prizes may be
sent in separately from time to time
and you will lw credited with the total
of all when yon solid in the report
form as above.
9. When sending Orders please remember that the letter postage to England is 5 cents per hall ounce, and if
insufficient postage is used the letter is
liable to go astray.
LIMIT fill,
Iqterqational Traqsportatioq Conjpaqy.
Connecting with C, P. It. at Golden, II. C, and
Great Northern Railway at donning*, Montana,
148 Hours to Fort Steele
dispel any doubts that you may nave. *���v->vu        ,.     wiDner  who
..reffect will be so encouraging tbat -^0-,d,./j^J0,JXt*���������', "���_
you  will  be  forced to contiuue with orders the second largest amount, anu
the life giving medioine  till you  are
sound, well and happy. 188
Steamers leave Golden Monday and Friday evenings on arrival
of East bound train. Connections at Canal Flat witb Stage tor
Fort Steele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Address alt express care of U. C. (Vy., Goldon,
F. P. Armstrong*,
-a���~������*-��� <li tia-Mif
Cmaclated���wMrr-sloomj. Mo oa. can
adeqnately dnerlbe th. abjKt ���Uny ef
th. .u-ersr from Dyapspala and Induction, loath American N.rrlB. I. lb.
grottst dlMOV.rr la ntdlcal sclinc.
tor tk. oar* ot all chronic stomach
troubl... It aota directly throafh th.
aerrn-th. Kit ot all oilasst. Thoo.-
aada te.tlf* ot earn mad.. Belief from
the first doM.
"I wa. a am.t .offerer from
.tomach sod n.rv. troubles. Tried a
More of remfill?.. Ko relief. H.lt a
bottle of South American Nervine
worked wonder.. Six bottles made a
new man ot me' "���W. II. Sherman,
llorrlsburs, Ont
Don'- e.p.rim.nt with new and
douttful meuielnea-Take the tried
and tested. il
��� Subscribe for the Era
Send your answer at onco!   You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Incorporated according to Act of Parliament-Capital CIII.OOO ($101,000).     LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
Cable Address!  "CLOCKLIKE, LONDON."  tlusiness Kstnblislied 18r��.
"IHUr Ituluf iif Initg
Wholes-tie and Befall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN.  B. C.       2fito
lulHIUIWlUMWHina��� ���._,..  MrUli	
to purchase WID acres of land situated ia East
Kootenay District and described as follow*:
Commencing at a post placed at tbe south*
west corner of lot in, O. I, theuce west 10
chains, Ihence north M chains, Ihenco east 40
chains, thence south HO chains to place of
L. T. MauIjHou.
Dated August tElrd, IWi. I6I11I6
T H. O. Gordon, hereby give notice lhat, 00
��� days after date, I Intend to apply to tbe
Chief Coninilaaioner ot Lands and Works for
permission 10 purchase KO acres of land in
East Kootenay District, and described as
followai���Commencing at a pott placed at
the south-west corner of Lot'AG. 1; theuce
west 40 chains; thence northenclialusi Ihenco
eatt 40 chains! thence south Ml chains to
place ol commencement.
. It. G- GORDON.
Dated August 17th, 1897. laioai
ttappllra for
Assayers md
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crucibles, ScorihVrs, Furnaces,
Chemicals, Clminical Apparatus, llalances,
tinker ��� Adamsou's C, r. Acids.
We are Importers, Manufacturers
and .lobburs.
"' "" Work, at
Purblo Col...
Chemist & Druggist
Haa now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D.  L.  Bettschen.
Prescriptions Catol-lyl'iepMod.
A Full Stork of Pan nl Mo'lctnes nisi
Druggists Suadrios Kept
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M9 la.actai.ati to WoHitit.
4jIU H��veiiti'��iit- St
Denver, Colo
a.t^'"snkdp_iMlmt ca*.
���nUTOIi,'MlMbh--l-. Sn.b)r-_ll,__��f,
attmmaalaam.nM. A|��u-uud.
T William McKensie, hereby give notice
' that 60 day. after date I lutend to apply
lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Worki for permlaaion to purchase IHO acres
of land situated in East Kootenay District,
described at loilowai-Cominencing at a pott
placed st the north-east corner of Lot 30 0.1 j
thence west 40ctuiti_; thence northouchainst
thence eatt 40 chains! thence south 80 chains
to place of commencement.
william Mckenzie.
Dated July 90th, 1897. ooli
{(EATING - ��� ���
nm  HI   PUreu-w  rnmt  ���v.*m  wi   iseisu
_-_��� In last Kootenay District, described
s( followti���Commencing at a pott placed ou
the eaat boundary of Lot U 0.1, at Nie angle
whore ssid boundary lus eaati Ihence north
80 chains to Hasan's 8.E. corner; thence esst
40 ebaiu! thence south 80 chains; thence
west 40 chains to place of commencement,
j. n. dalton.
Dated August Snd, 1807. oc/7
Pacific Ry
Choice of Wlx Houles to
-flontre-tl, T.ir^nto. Kew Verk
And sll Eastern points,
ljako Steamers leave Port William for
Owen Houudt
Albnrta  Evory Tnesilay
AlluibuH-u  E.ery'I'liurmlay
Mnnitolui Every Siraday
Connecting trains leave Winnipeg nt li.411
every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Montreal to Liverpool every Wednesday and
New York to Liverpool do do do
Empress of India lo Yokohama and Hong
iKong October li
Empress of Japan do do November 8
Miowera lo Australia aud New Zealand
'October 18
Aorangi     do       do      do November 16
If you are looking tor a place to spend the
Jijji ��! tki H111II11 liliilt
are reached at easy as oilier points and llie
espense is les. than at other res iris.
For information and fidl particulars apply
to your home agent or add re*.
Traffic Manager, Wiuuipeg, Man.
Head Oilee. To-onto.
Paid Up Capital - Jl,9(i��,0i'iO
llesorve   -   -   -    Sl.l6tf,8U0
mu ki: rims.
H. 8. Howland, President.
T.R.Merrltt. Vice Pres.(St Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jalray,
Hugh Ryan, T. Sutherland Slayner,
E. Rogers.
D, R. Wilkie, General Manager.
North Weet and British Columbia.
Brandon     Portage la        Vanoouver
Calgary Prairie   Winnipeg
Edmonton Prince Albert    Revelstoke
Essex       Niagara falls     St Thomas
Fergus     Port Colborue    Toronto
Gait        Rat Portage       Welland
Ingersoll Sault Ste. Marie  Woodstock
8t. Catharines
Agents iu Groat llrll.iu-Lloyd's Bank,
Ltd., 1. Ijornbunl St., London, witb whom
money may be deposited for transfer by letter
or cable to any of above branches.
Agents in tbe United Slates- Xfw York.
Bauk of Montreal. Bank of Americas Chicago, First National Dank; Ht Paul, Second
National Hank.
Havings Bank Department - Deposits of II
and upwards received and iulereat allowed.
Deb-Hi urea ��� Provliulal. Municipal uud
other dcbenluies purr-hated.
Drafts and Utters of Credit-Available nl
all imIiiis In Canada, Untied Kingdom,
I I'nltod Stale., Europe. Iislla, China, Japan,
Auttralla, Ntw Zealsnd, etc.
UTst Manager Calgary liniuli.
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is made
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the' bearings so made that the balls revolve
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The Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
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ir Keating Wheel Co., it
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Lodging House
teele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
O. LEVETT, Prop. A
Neil Dow,, the famous prohibitonist,
is deud.
Sugar may now be produced from
C. H. Parson is gar-retted a notary
public tor Oolden.
Sample co|iics ot the Gulden Eba
will be mailed tree upon application.
Bet has risen a third and is expect
ed to rise 60 per ct. at San Francisco.
Grenier has been found guilty ot
libelling Tarte, and was admitted ta
T. Alton has now removed Into his
pew blacksmith's she p, which is 23x
30 feet.
The Columbia Lumber Company
propose to establish a new camp three
miles aouih of Golden.
A trail has "-eon completed by C.
Cullen to the Wait-a-bit falls, about
eight miles from Donald.
Tbe Provincial survey party under
chariseof E. A. Cleveland is now encamped on Wild Horse Creek.
On Monday Mr. Trneman took a
photo ol tbe school children and their
teacher nnd two of tlie trustees.
St. "Dainard proposes building a
commodious livery stable on the south
side of the Kickinghorse bridge.
There have heen nine patients at the
Golden Hofipit.l up till a tew days ago
when the number was reduce Ito seven
Mr. Townseud returned to Toronto
by Saturday's train and does not expect to be in Golden again for some
Sir Willian Van Home is on his
Annual trip over the C. P. R. lines
and will arrive in Golden about the
(*ud of next week.
The Golden sohool needs enlarge
ment. and we Bug-rest to the School
Trustees that they should bring the
mutter under the notice of the Minister
tor Education.
Persons desirou* of joining in the
formation of a court ot' the Independent Order of Foresters for Golden
are requested to leave their names at
The Eua office.
P. U. White, section foreman, of
Oolden, went to the East on Friday's
train and will remain two or three
���weeks in New Brunswick. We wish
him joy on his well earned holiday.
A prospector who has come ont
Irom Quesnelle Bays he travelled a
hundred miles along Canoe River.
"Whut has the Revelstoke Herald to
���ay about the "Goluisn Era air Hue?"
Tbe other day Constable Cox arrested a man named J. Klinek on a
charge ol being drunk and disorderly.
He was brought before C. A. Warren,
Esq.,J. P.,and was fined 13 and costs.
The Donald school is being doubled
in size, the contract having been let co
Mr. Hancock, The size of the new
building is 20x8(1 feet making tho
total size of the schoolroom 40x36
Another railway wreck is reported
from the west. A train broks in the
middle near Notch Hill and rushed
down an incline causing the damage
that delayed No. 2 eight hours on
It is reported that the main business
of W. McKenzie and T. Holt, of To-
. ronto. in the west, is the securing of
the contract from tbe C. P. R. fot tbe
building of the proposed railway into
T. H. Dunne.ot the Donald machine
works, has a contract for painting
Biaxial (reentry for the Harry Lindley
Company. Mr. Dunne is an artist in
this line and has tbe work already
under way. ���Revelstoke Herald.
A writer in the B. C. Mining News
aays of tlie E Imotiton Route to the
Yukon: "A fearful drawback to tbat
route is that for hundreds of miles
feed is scarce and the water ie so
alkaline that it ia not til to use."
The Toronto Telegram says ths
worst act of tha Laurier Government
was the indorsation ot Ihe British
Columbia Southern Railway Company's sale ol lis charter to the C.P.R.
Oil Baker and bis friends pulling out
186,000 on the deal, besides 200,000
acres of the people's coal lands.
Ou Monday last* the boiler of
engine No. .164 exploded and
brakeman Elson was killed.
The sccident hsppened about IS miles
north ot North Bend. Tbe engine waa
hauling an east-bound freight train.
The deceased was thrown from tbe en-
gins over the embankment, sustaining
Injuries to which he afterwards succumbed. The engineer and brakeman
were badly scslded.
At the meeting ot the officers of the
Goldon Bible Society lest night, the
report of a stock of bibles being re*
ceived was presented. A letter was read
from thu corresponding secretary ol
the Upper Canada Bible Society making enquiries re colportage work in
East Kootenay A sub-coinmiiee was
unpointed to drop a reply on the subject. The first annual meeting of this
branch will be held on tbe first ThurB
day in January.
Those who believe chronic diarrhoea
to be incurable should read what Mr.
P. E. Orisham, of Gears Mills, La.,
bas to say on the subject, vis.t "I
have been a sufferer from cbronie diarrhoea ever since the war and bave
tried all kinds ol msdioines lor tt. At
lost I found a remedy that effected a
euro and that wae Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy." This medicine oan always
be depended upon Ior colic, cholera
morbus, dyssntary and diarrhoea. Itis
pleasant to take and never tails to elect
��� eat*. For sale by all Druggists.
Langley A Co., wholesale agents, Vie
.torla and Vaoouyer. 1W��8
P. Cope, ex-mayor of Vancouver,
was drowned at Skagway.
M. Carlin has opened a new camp
for the Upper Columbia Company at
Mobei'ly. ....
A report of the meeting of the Golden
Curling Club is unavoidably held un-
till next issue,
Mr. Griffith started on Tuesday over
tbo Moderly Trail as far as Kiubasket
Lake. It was Mr, Griffith's intention
to go on to Wood River.
Mr. Norbury, of Fort Steele, arrived
in Golden on Monday and proceeded to
the Coast to represent the Fort Steele
Liberal Association at the convention
that is to be held at New Westminister.
Mr. Blake, who has been in Golden
tor the past three months us agent for
the London and Vancouver syndicate
in connection with the Burns negota-
ilons, returned yesterday to the Coast.
H. G, Parson has just opened out a
magnificent stock of English and
Scotch tweeds, and ladies dress goods,
which he has imported direct He has
also another large shipment on the
The Golden lumber mill, which has
b en shut down for a week for waut
of logs, resumed operations yesterday. Owing to the low water it has
been a very difficult, matter to get logs
The tough element are invading
Sandon, one of the prominent citzens
being held up by a footpad on the
Payne road. Frank Golden, while
riding homo (rom the mine, was commanded to stop, but with commendable pluck he rode tbe man down, and,
putting spurs to his horse, eecaped,
but not until six shots had been fired
at him. Mr. Golden had over (3,000
on hie person.
Miss Mary Herchmer, a belle of
Regina, and a daughter of Commissioner H-'-rchmcr, ot the North West
Mounted Police, was wedded at the
Regina Barracks Church last week to
.Mr. R. C. Randall, of Fort Steele, B.
C. On leaving the chnrch the member" of tbe force and n crowd of people loudly cheered the happy couple;
the four dashing greys were unhitched
from the carrage and tbe redcoats
drageed Mr. and Mrs. Randall to the
home ol Commissioner Herchmer.   -
The Revelstoke Herald snya: ��� "If
recent utterances of tho Colonist, are to
be taken seriously the Goverutnent
does not feel itself in sny way bound to
bring down a redistribution bill this
coming session, which is equivalent to
saying that the next Provincial election will be run with the present constituencies. It is quite nossible. Tbe
present distribution ot teats suits the
Government very well. The task of
rearranging them without adding tu
the numbers would be both delicate
and dangerous.
The newly organized western
branoh of the Bible Society has leoived
a stock of bibles and testaments which
sre now on sale at Mr. Warren's store.
Some fine teachers' family bibles are in
tbe stock which it is believed will be
received with favor by many, especially when the low price and good
quality of tho books are considered.
Prices range from 3c. to 13.60, and
can be hnd in English, French, German, Sweedish and Chinese, and
books in any other language can be
furnished on short notice when orders
are left with Mr. Warren.
Carelessness in girlhood causes tbe
greatest suffering and unhappiness in
after life. Little irregularties and
weaknesses iu girls should he looked
after promptly and treatment given at
once. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
promotes regularity of ail feminine
functions, makes strsngth and builds
up a sturdy he .Ith with which to meet.
the trials to come, The Favorite Preemption is not a universal panacea.
It is good tor but one thiug. It is directed solely at one set of organs.
Thrilling Rescue.
A Young- Life Saved in a remarkable Manner.
Continued from page 1.
t-lorenee St.irillviuit. of Grln-lstont.
Island, Bave i From an Untimely
Douth���Her Purents Suw Ber llan-
Serou.   Predicament.,  but    Were
[eli.lt,.. to aid Hur*-How .he wu.
Among the Thousand Islands is one
called Grindstone. It ia seven miles
long and three wide, The inhabitants
of this island are a well informed
class of people who devote their energies to farming and quarrying for a liv-
lihood. In the home of one these
islanders resides Florence J. Stnrdi-
vant, the four year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Sturdivant.
In February. 1896, she was taken
with scarlet fever, and after the usual
run of fever she was left with a weak
back and gradually began to lose
strength, uutil finally despite the
beat efforts of physicians her life bung
in the balance. It was at thia crisis
that all seemed darkest, and an angol
of health appeared on the scene and released little Florence from pain and
suffering and restored her to strength
and health. This remarkable occurence is best told in the words of her
father.    .
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a 1008 page medical work,
profusely illustrated, will be sent free
on receipt of31 one-cent stamps to cover postage only. Address, World's
Dispensary Medical Association,
Buffalo N, Y. 186
The Golden Liberal Association met
at the Queen's Hotel on Monday night
to select a delegate to represent the
Association at the Liberal Convention
to ne held at New Westminister. J.
C. Greene, the president, wat appointed. M. Dainard was also proposed
but decline!, owing to the fact that his
business engagements would not per*
mit ot him attending the convention,
A vote of welcome was accorded to
Mr. Norbury, Piesident of the Fort
Steele Association and he was requested to convey to them on his return the desire of the Golden Association to cooperate with tbem in any
action that might be taken in the interests ol the party in East Kootsnay.
A lew weeks ago the editor was
taken witb a very severe oold thst
eansed him to be in a most miserable
condition. It was undoubtedly a bad
case of la grippe and recognising H as
dangerous he took immediate steps to
to bring about a speedy oure. From
the advertisement of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and the many good
recommendations included therein, we
concluded to make a first trial of tbe
medicine. To say that it was sstis-
fsctory in its results, is putting it
very mildly, indeed. It acted like
magic and the result, wss a speedy per
manent cure. We bave no hesitancy
in recommending this excellent Cough
Remedy to anyone afflicted with a
cough or cold in any form. The Ban*
nor ot Liberty, Libertytown, Maryland. For sale by all druggists.
Langley A Co., wholesale agents, Viotoria and Vancouver, 187n8
Mr. Sturdivant said: "Florence
was taken sick with scarlet, fever and
we immediately called in a physician.
He prescribed for her and we followed
bis directions closely, giving our
little patient the best ot care. After
two weeks the fever subsided, but
Florence was left with a very weak
back severe pains were constantly in
the back and stomach. We did all
that possibly could be done to relieve
our little sufferer, but to no avail.
Tbe difficulty seemed to baffle the
efforts of the physician.
"Finally at the end ot four months
of treatment, we found our patient
completely prostrated. At this time we
called another physician, who agreed
with the diagnosis of our own doctor,
and said that the trouble resulted
from the scarlet fever. He prescribed
a course of treatment and we followed
it faithfully for three mouths, but instead of improving Florence failed,
'Mrs. Sturdivant and myself were
completely discouraged, A brother ot
my wife, who was visiting nr, advised
us to use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People, and I purchased a box of
the pills nnd began to give them to
Florence. This was in October 1896.
After using the pills for a short time
we could see an improvement. Her
strength began to return and she
would sit up in bed. Her appetite
wns restored and she ate heartilly.
We also noticed a gradual brightness
in her eyes.
"Weeagerlypnrchased a further supply ot the pills and watched with de-
light the change for the better that was
wrought daily. From sitting up in
bed at times during the day and at
times standing on her feet, Florence
finally became strong enough to walk
a little. She gained in flesh and
strength rapidly aud the pains gradually left ber. In a month's time ahe
had recovered her health and strength.
"We cannot praise too highly the
value of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I
am positive that without their use, our
child would have been today in the
same sad condition of her early sickness -a confirmed invalid-if Indeed
she had had the strength to withstand
so long the ills ot her affliction.
(Signed) William H. Stubdivant.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this sixth day of April 1896.
H. W. Mouse, Notary Public.
Terrible flies have heen experienced
on the prairie near Winnipeg, and
a man and a family of twe women and
live children were burned to death at
r-eausejour. Betides these lives being
loat horses, cattle, sheep and crops
were burned in all directions, The
town of Bagot was wiped out and the
wheat elevator destroyed and fell
across the railway track,
Steele would at least receive a branch
line of railway. A silenoe that was
painful followed. The streets became
deserted save by the canine horde that
makes the daylight terrible and the
night most hideous with tbeir howls.
The Board of Trade turn-id their faces
to the nortli and stood in the attitude
of prayer; the Editor thrust his pencil
into the paste pot and swore by bis
calico shirt "If I'm poor I'm a gentle-
man still." A blue vapor was observed to issue from the transom over the
door of the sanctum sanctorum, and
the printers devil waa cautioned not to
light matches in the room. Thus ended Fort Steele's first introduction to
those mysterious bodies that are deem,
ed to hold the destiny of oities in the
hollow of their bands.
A few minutes afterwards that
planetary system was observed again
to be in motion and heading in the
direction of Cranbrook or some other
place where the railway is a surety.
Last week your correspondent was
at Moyie and his visit reminded him
of what he had read long time ago ot
the building of Solomon's Temple-
not the sound of a hammer was heard.
Tbe inhabitants, for the most part
dwellers in tents, hud a very muoh
Macawber-like look about them���
waiting for aometbidg to turn up, or
as I take it, waiting for somebody
else to turn up. They had nothing to
do and seemed too tired to do it.
Several log houses were in the course
of construction but operations were
suspended waiting for lumber, so one
man snid. We thought if they were
to constitute themselves into a sort of
chain gang and exercise a little every
day in cleaning away the brush and
rubbish from their doors and breaking
up the stones upon the street they
might do much to redeem their town
from that condition of idleness that
impresses a stranger with a lack of
Mr. Campbell, the original owner
of the townsite, is building an addition
to bis hotel
Mr. Scott has erected the walls of
a two storey log building, a store and
dwelling house combined.
Jos. Niederotadt has built a fine leg
residence and is now preparing to
erect a brewery 24x30 feet. He goes to
Spokane to order .supplies and have
them brought in by way of Bonner's
The McMann Brothers, late of San
Francisco, have a large two storey
hotel and store 30x62 ft.with an extension 14x18 feet. This hotel contains
12 bed rooms finished and furnished
in first class style. They will carry a
large general stock of merchandise,
and expect to do a good trade when
construction commences along the
The St. Eugene mine about a mile
and a half back of the town, is working six men running a 600 foot tunnel
to out the lead about 250 feet below
the ont, cropi A few davs ago the ore
chute was struck, showing a wonderful deposit of silver-lead ore. Tbe
Moyie and Lake Shore mines lower
down the mountain but on the same
lead have u few men at work, and the
showings nre also good,
Muir Bros, are putting in a saw
mill at Moyie, the machinery  having
arrived at the lake  from Brantford,
Ont. via Golden yesterday.
a point at the north of the lake, haying was still In "progress, Sohagel's
mill was busy cutting lumber for the
people of Moyie and the East Kootenay Land and Mercantile Company,
who are erecting a large hotel and
store on the proposed townsite. The
company consists of H. Abott, J. M.
Lefevre, E. P. Davis and J. A. Fulton,
of Vancouver, M. G. Bonyan and E. A.
Morrissey, of Si (ton, and others.
crow's nbbt boad.
Contracts for work on the C. N. R.
will be let along Moyie Lake within
six weeks, so says M. J. Haney. Contractors are at work, at Crow's Nest
Lake already. The tote road Is com
-iteted to Elk River and supplies will
be brought in by the pass this winter.
The second payment was made on
the Dibble group of 17,666 by R. L T.
Galbraith, acting for Hon. G. E. Foster, to Wallinger, Dibble and Dale on
the 15th inst.
Wm. Blackmore, M. E. (or the
Crow's Nest Coal Company, returned
thie week from an examination of the
company's property and reports the
coal the best he has seen tn the west.
A force of men Is at work opening
it np. A railroad five miles long
will be built this winter to connect
with tbe C. N. Railway at the mouth
of Coal Creek,
An old time dance under the management of H. W, Barnes, was held in
the Coventry Opera House last night.
It was one of those successes which
always characterize Mr. Barnes'
undertakings. He seems to follow the
soriptural Injunction "whatever your
hands finds to do do it with all your
Cranbrook townsite is soon to be
placed upon the market. Leach'*)
mill at that place is starting up with
a full force of men and business is expected to bum generally.
Hyde Baker starts on Monday to
meet the Colonel at Windermere, and
expects to be here with him on Thursday next. The redoubtable Colonel's
advent has long been looked forward
to as an auspicious event, and doubt,
less the fondly cherished hopes of
many will be realized.
The red coats of several Mounted
Police have been conspicious about the
streets today. They had formed the
tail of the Schriober-Haney constellation.
Another Remarkable Recovery
. From Catarrh
Japanese Catarrh Oue
wheu Catarrh -Specialist. Failed.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Pott
Esslngton, formerly of Vanoouver,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Care
cured me of catarrh whioh had troubled
me for 25 years, during whioh time I
had spent hundreds of dollars With
specialists in Toronto and San Francisco, but obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Since
that time I have been completely
cured, and my catarrh has not
troubled me In the least. It ts truly a
wonderful remedy: the first application
Japanese Catarrh Core cures Oold
in tbe Head in 80 minutes, and there
le not a case of Catarrh which cannot
be cured if Japanese Catarrh Core tl
persistently used. Sold by all drag*
gists; 60 cents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths A Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
Sample tree, enelose three eent stamp.
Attempted .nlelde
A man named Frank Egan, alias.
W. C. McKenzie, attempted to commie
suiolde at the Golden Hospital on.
Wednesday by cutting his throat. Ha-
has been in ill health and had been engaged in prospecting (or eome months,
at Ottertail. He also worked tor
Messrs Reilly A Co., who speak very
highly of him. He oomes from Brighton, Ont, on Tuesday night Dr.
Taylor noticed that he was a! little nn*
hinged and at 10 o'olock the following
morning he attempted to do away
with himself. Cutting through tbe
smaller veins and Into the musoles of
his throat. On the matter being re*
ported the Doctor had the wonnd sewn
up. The instrument used was a jsok
knife, Egan subsequently attempted
to tear the wound open and a watoh
had to be obtained for him. He also-
wanted tbe doctor tp give bim strychnine as he wanied to die,
Death From .nffouutlon
Almost a Fatality but for Dr. Agnew's Cure
for the Heart���Strange Story of a Northwest Lady
A death to be dreaded Is that from suffocation, ami yet this is one of the usual phases
of heart disease. Mrs. J. L. Hillior, of White-
wool, N. \V. ... came as near this dangerous
point as need be. Sho says: "I was much
affected with heart failure, in fact I could not
sleep or lie down for fear of suffocation. I
trial ull the doctors in this section of the
country, but tbey failed to give me relief. A
local drngglst recommended Dr. Agnew's
Cure for the Heart. 1 tried it, and with the
result tbat 1 immediately secured ease that I
did not know before, and alter taking further
doses of the medicine the trouble altogether
left me. It is not too much to say that It
saved my life."
Sold by C. A. Warren.    18
I.OST-A Black Stallion, two yeara old.
Weut towards Windermere. Finder rewarded on returning to .
171*021                           P. LUND, Goldeu.
_  _  _  Practical
Price List on Application. 144to
Suppose. Harder at Ome-tea
There is a strange similarity In tbe
crimes which cost Butler, the
Australian fiend, his life, and thnt
which consigned Wm. A. Gordon to
the Provincial jail in Viotoria pending
investigation, whlob may put a rope
about his neck. Gordon, it is believed,
induced Isaac Jones, a well to do
Nanaimo collier, to accompany him on
a prospecting trip to the Upper Skeena.
Hey went into the Omiueca placer
grounds in May. In July Gordon
returned to Hazelton without Jones,
in posession, even to bis oiothing and
pack horse, telling the story of his
partner who bad gone out by Quesnelle. On suspicion he was arrested
and 1400 fonnd sewn in the lining of
hie coat, was identified as Jones'
money, Then he said his companion
had been drowned in Omineoa River.
Search is now progressing (or Jones'
body. It (ound Gordon's (ate will
apparently be sealed,
Sad Foreboding, of Autumn Weather
Thousands Who Dread an Attack of Catarrh
aa Winter's Cold Approaches-Yet Catarrh can be Banished Under the Magic
Touch of Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
This Ib not a dogmatic statement, strong at
It may seem.  Leading members of Parliament, the most prominent clergymen of the
Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist
and Roman Catholic churches, have borne
testimony to the effectiveness of this medicine.  Mr. John MacEdwards, the popular
purser of the Canadian Pacitic steamer "Ar*
thabasos," is one who was cured of intense
suffering trom catarrhal troubles by the use
of this medicine.  Good Samaritanlike, he
has ever since recommended it. lo any who
mil 'or.   Head of)' an attack of catarrh by
Piles Cured In S to 8 Rights
Dr. Agnew's Ointment will cure all esses
of itching piles in from three to six nights.
One application brings comfort. For blind
and bleeding piles it fa peerless, Also cures
Tetter, Salt Rheum, -enema, Barber's Itch
and all eruptions of the skin.  36 cents.   _
Sold by C. A. Warren. 185
���I ���
Owing to the rapid increase of bolt-
nets, J. F. Pugh, tailor and clothier,
has secured the services of E. Kave-
ney, an expert eoat maker from the
well known tailoring firm of Kennedy
A Douglas, of Toronto, He has also,
had to obtain the services of a
The administration of justice in
East Kootenav badly wante improve*.
ing.. Regular sittings of the Connty
Court should be established at Steele,
Golden and Donald, and It seems tone
that the time haa come when a County
Court judge should be appointed tor
East Kootenay.
having Ihis medicine at your hand
Sold by C. A. Warren.
stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask ior proprietor.
Heart Spasms
No onaa In tho human anatomy today
whim disease, ran be men naiuy dsuot.
wl man those of th. hnrt-aad mtdloal
nl.oov.rv hi. mid. them amraabU M
pro-Mrtmtmnl. It rouh.v. palpitation
or nuturlng..bonnes of breub, w��ekor
lrrtgnlur pulM, .welling ot tea or ankl-a,
pala la th. let*. .Id., lalntlas .p.11.. dies*-
r.l uurl.nor. any ot then Indict, heat
ditoaH, No m.tior or how long steading
llr. Asu'w'aCt-r. forth.Hurt n-Ultuie���
It', a luart timine-actt qalokly-asts
������ 1 wu givoa np to die br physicians
arrd frlond*. Ou. dost ol Ur. ignsw j
Cure for ih. Kuan gavo mtaanaaa
���li bottle. "��"-��! mr osw .M, l-i-Jlf*
���cnrt'.t.ndls-.'' Mra. J.U HKL-KR.
\Vliit.wood,K.W.T. W
Ou_-mn��.a. relief I* SO mtntrtm.
William Bennison,
Mining Broker,
Seattle. Washington.
Mines exchanged, bought, sold or bonded.
Correspondence solicited.
London reference���W. L. Cooper, Solicitor,
Ko. 6 Queen Ann Street, E. C,
American referencet-Seiu* National Bank
and Everett National Bank. UD
The Eagle Foundry
No. 84 King St., Montreal.
Mill and Mining Machinery,
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings and Forgings,
���  *   ��   '���'���������
Manufacturer of
Elevators, 8hlngle Mills, Etc.,
Blake's Challenge Stone Brealn-r,
Heine Safety Steam Boilers,     170d81
Independent Order of Foresterg
Sick and funeral benefit..
Moat popular system of life insurance.
Membership increased by 6,000 for but
Persona desirous ot joining in forming a
Court at Oolden are requested to have their
mime* with K. A, Haggen, office of the
Golden Era.
100 J. E. -NNAe-B, Organiser.
Rigby Rain-Proofed
* n
Freize Ulsters
In Olive MU, Brown.
Fawn, Claret and Oxford
Gray; 51 to 64 inches long,
with 6 inch collar,.5 pockets
and throat tab, with "wont-
come off" buttone can be
bough* retail in every Town
and Village tor
KTai*VA       NERVE BEANS are a n
aVrtV    discovery that cure the wo
CtvrtV discovery that cure the wont
RAO.it s ease* ofnervout debility. Lott
lieiUlH. vigor and Falling Mannood:
restores the weakness of body or mind eansed
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. This remedy absolutely curst tbe moat
obstinate cases when all other treatments have
failed even to relieve. SoHbydruggistsatll
per package or six for 16, or sent Try mail on
iwrelpt of price by adiiet-sing THE JAMES
MEDICINE CO., Toronto Ont. Write for
pamphlet. ' 178(81
Reliable Assays
maub ar
���I *���
Gold WHO
Silver  1 W
Gold and Silver... SOO
Copper  1 B0
Lead  IM
Lead and Silver... SOO
Ores tested by Cyanide Process.
127to        Other Fees on Application.
fm-yfe are Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock o( Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Olsy Goods, 'Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods, '
Aoids, Cbemiokls, and all '
.other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents tor Morgan '
Crucible Company', Batter-
- ���_- sea; Becker's Son's Balan
ces; Brnnlon A Pearse'e Pocket Mine Transit, et*.
Vaneenrer, B. C .
P.O.Box 866. Ttlegrsphtc Addrstti "ASSAY," Vtnootrier, B.O; '.       Mt*


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