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The Golden Era Nov 18, 1898

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 Golden Era
It tbat moat widely ajireelaUd aad
bait a-lvertiting medium In Eaet
Kootenay. This is the paper that
il rtad by ths miners, tht ranchers,
the relh-oade-fs and lumbermen.
Iibterlptloo, |8.00 p��F Annum
In Adran-M	
The Golden Era,
Has been appointed the Oasett*
for North East Kooteeay for
Dominion and Provincial Government notices and advertise-
mentt.   Published by
The Goi.df.--i Eka Co., Ltd., Ly.,
Goldeu, B.C.
��� {
TOL. *fita.  NO. lfr
'!'.:'  i
 -. '���   *������ i
$2 Per Ykar
At t h|.: Big Store :
Belling out Clothing, Boots and Shoes.
Snaps in He-ivy Wool Under wear.
Sox,( Mitts and Gloves.
Heavy Knitted Jaokcts 75c., worth 1.25.
-(, a.,.,..... <(,,,-.,.
Men's Winter C��pa'25e. worth 7%
,cau;'*n&:*Bf^��;' ���"'���������
H-,QtP����tson, Golden, B.C
Inspection Invited.    '
J. C. TQM, Merchant Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House. 5;$tc
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jlot and Cold Baths,
Ullock & Barry,
lit it .. Proprietor..
THE   .  .
���   ���   ���   ���   ���
Headquarters foi* Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
.'   Choice Wines, Liqiibrs and (Jigfrs.
Bates |2.00 Per Day. __::::o��::���
0. Ae WARREN, * *
��� ��General Merchant.
���**',.V \ii\ "-.*/���'>,',���/ . a^,-',;'i "  ���-j-i���"".
3tgrars. ' "��� ���������   "B. Law^nce Spectacles.
Ageii^ Giant Poirder^'yi
Jlgent 'tar Lancashire Insurance Co'y
���������''.:{&���*%'���'. of"England..-*.'-.
Su&flptions Taken for all Papers &
The director, of the Oolden Fire En
giue Company have ordered from t|ie
Ronald i onipany a .(earn tire engine
eapable ol* throwing 500 ��� allone a
minute, with a thousand feet of fir.it-
class hose. The engine will cost the
town clone on WOOD. It will arrive
here iu about u month and will be publicly tented iu Golden before being
laken over by the Company. A lire
bell has alio bten ordi-red.
The camel lea beast of great strength
and endurance. Nothing ouris it until the proverbial "last straw" is added
to its burden. The human digestive
system is very much like a camel. Ii
ia really astonishing how much abuse
it will stand. Sometimes, however
something-worse than usual will be
eaten, anil will go through the stomach
into the bowels, and there it will stick
��� that's constipation. Nine-tenths of
all human sickness is due to constipation. Some of the siaiplest symptoms
are coated.-'-..tongue.' and foul breath,
dizziness, heartburn, flatulence, sallow ness,'(Heiress after eating, headaches and lassitude. A little thing
will cause constipation, and a Utile
thing will relive it. Dr. Pierce's Plea
sent Pellets are a certain cure for constipation. They are tiny, sugar-coated
granules, mild and natural in their action. There is nothing injurious about
them.    Sold by druggists.
Address with .'11 cents in one-cent
stamps, to.covcr co-it of mailing only,
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo. N. "if., and get a free cop)
of the ��� 'People's Common Sense Medical
Californian Farms
For Sale.
$12C0- 200 acres; 8300-20 acres;
���$2500-04 acri-s; $800-40acres;   *iia
- I-JOO acres; - HbOO - SO acres; JiuOCi
- JfO acres; I1600-H0 acres; $1000-
20 acres; ��120Q-I0 acres; $1200 - BO
acrea; gilOO-nO acr.?*; Sl;I,��i)0 -1 IL
acree; $2aO-7aiO acre-.;. *H00- SO acies
$12,000-900 acres; $2170 - 217 acres;
{720- 24 acres. Thoy are iu California.
150 inili-s south of the Oregon line, iu
a valley five miles wide at east end and
tapering to a point 15 miles west
through which a large creek flows; on
the trunk line railroad connecting San
Francisco aud. Portland. The market
is good. Farm products always bring
ibe highest price. Best natural roads
in the world���never muddy. Near
many gold mines. Elevation. 600 feet;
yearly rainfall 35 ii dies; plenty of
wood; water is pure, soft aud cold; no
alkali; no chills, no lung trouble, no
rheumatism; seldom any snow ever
falls. Crops never fail. Coldest
weather 24 degrees above zero-no
ecld winters no sunstrokes; no muddy
streets; no cyclones, no hurricanes or floods. No better climate
can be found. The products are flowers
of every kind, figs, peaches, pears,
prunes, plums, cherries, almonds, walnuts, raisins, grapes of all varieties;
wheat, barley, rye, outs, hogs, sheep,
chickens, etc. The best of socieiy;
schools are first Class. Congregational
U. B. and Baptist Churches. The peo
pie are white, wide awake, generous-
highest type of American citizenship.
Thereis no government or railroad land
there; no farms for rent.
We have an agent in the town to
show these places free of charge who
will also furnish abstract with each
sale showing clear title, Forchculars
containing maps and full information
Notarr Public k Ileal Estate Agent.
56ft Golden, B.C.
i Hudson's Bay Co. \
i luro.piira.ta-a! 1670. '",
The    iMt    Up-To-Dnte  ,-?
 ._ ! i
Outfitter*   in  We-itern  '��
Canada.     .     .     ,     .      ��
Intending1  Prospectors should |
write us for ono of our new f
Folders, which; ;containa an 5
excellent Msp and an estimate |
< * of the probable cost of a coin- ��
plete outfit for the Gold Fields "P
^*-aai.a&ai^i-a*a}.(il,a.-),��   (a), "ft i-a, i.-^..;/?, ���."-'
The annual meeting of the above
association was held at tlio Columbia
House on Tuesday evening. "In the
absehee of the President, Mr. W. 0.
Mitchell Innes, Vice Preel lent, occupied the chair.
The following report -Mt. presented
for the year emling Nov. ltith, 1H98:
The North East Kootonay Miner's
Association has now been in existence
for a yoair, and though no meetings
have been held since April last, owing
to the abse-u-e of members during the
summer months, the Association has
reason to congratulate itself on the
work done last winter. It is hoped
that a similarly active interest will be
taken in the work of the Association
during the coming winter, and that
good results may ensue.
One of the most important result! of
theAssociation's representations to the
Government has been the visit to the
district of the Provincial Mineralogist,
Mr. Robertson, Aa that gentleman
expressed himself well pleased with
the prospects cf /nany of the properties which he inspected it is hoped
that the effect of the publication of his
report will be to draw the attention of
investors actively to the development
of the mineral resources of Nuar.k-East
Kootenay,, Mr. Robertson's report will therefore be awaited with
One of the most important duties
devolving ou the Association during
the coming year will be the due repfe
seutaiiou lo the Government of the ro*
inurements of the district iu regard to
roads and trails.
Your Committee beg to express the
hope that members will arrange to
contribute papers nt tbe various meetings to be held during the coining
winter, with a view to improving the
acquaintance of members with the
mineral resources of all parts of tin-
iistrk-t so fur aa these have been ills*
covered and developed.. Urgent means
should be taken lo disseminate information regarding these resources, so
that North East Kootenay should not
lie left, behind in the race of progress
which j>o*it Committee believe to La as
fully j-1-.tifin.l in North East -Kootenay
as iu any other portion of British
I- appears to he proposed to make
extensive alterations in the existing
mining laws, and while these change,
are under the consideration of the
Legislature it will be necessary for the
Association to exercise the utmost
vigilance towards conserving as far as
possible the heat iuteres* oi miners and
The project of establishing a reading
room in connection with, the Associa
tion is now in such shape that it can
be immediately given effect to. Mr
MoNeish has the room in readiness for
furnishing, and it now remains for the
Association to give the necessary instructions to the incoming committee
as to what publications a hall be or
dered for the purpose. Mr, McNei-h
will provide with the room a showcase for mineral specimens, and the
co-operation of members is requested
in securing for exhibition in the Association's room specimens characteristic
of the ore deposits of ihe district.
. In accordance wilh the by-laws the
Association is required to elect officers
and committee for the ensuing ye��r.
The balance sheet showed a credit of
$34.12 in hand.
The report and balance sheet were
adopted as read.
The following offi*:crs were elected
for the ensuing year:
President-Hon. P. W. Aylmer.
Vice Presidents -Golden Mining Di
vision, W. 0. Mitchell-Innes; Windermere Mining Division, J. L. Mackay;
Donald Mining Division, W. G. Neilaon.
Secretary-Treasurer-E. A. Haggen.
Committee-Messrs. M. Dainard, H.
G. Low. W. McNeish, C. Cartwrigh:
and H. G. Parson.
.Some discussion took place on the
question of roads, and on tha motion
of H. 0. Low, seconded by M. Dainard
it was resolved that tho Committee en
quire in the matter of roads and trails
und report for the consideration of a
special general meeting of members to
be held on Friday week.
It was decided to apply to the Minister of Mines for 50 copies of the report on tbe district cf the Provincial
An arrangement was made to take
the Association's room at the Columbia
House from Dec. Ut, nnd it. was decided lo ask the Beard of Trade to join in
using it and contributing to the eost.
The Secretary was instructed to ask
Ihe Miniates of Mines to send the Association a copy of. the proposed
amendments to the mining law aa
soon as reedy.
II. G. Low gave notice of motion to
amend the by-law re quorum.
It was decided to write to E Johnston, J.P., of Windermere, and ask
him to convene a meeting there for the
purpose of recommending the necessary road works in the district; ��nd-to
ask him to inquire whether this Asso
ciation can be of any assistance to the
mining interests of Windermere, and
if ao to advise the Association when
their co operation will be readily
An Epileptic Sufferer.
A Fenlon Farmer Tells of His
Remarkable Cure.
At Regular Interval, he waa i-ibjt-aa-t
to Fit., ami Hoi-tor. Tola, him the
Trouble wa. Incarable���Now Free
from the Malady.
from ths Warder, Lindsay, Ont.
Mr. Robert MoGee, of tho 9th concession of Fenlon, Victoria county,
says in speaking of his cure from this
terrible inuladay: ���'*I am 3ft yours of
age and live on the old homestead
where I wus born and have lived always since, and where my own little
family were bom. This part of Fenlon
is knowii as Mi-Gee's Settlement, there
are so many of that name living in the
vicinity. Never in my life did I know
what a day's sickness was until March,
IHtift, when without any known cause
and without any warning I was
striken down with an epileptic fi*. It
came on iu the night, causing great
consternation in the household, as my
wife, who never saw anything of the
kind before, thought It was my end; as
for myself I neither felt nor k.iewanything that was going on about me.
After coining out of the convulsion,
which they tell me usually lasted from
fifteen to thirty minutes, I would fall
into a heavy sleep from which I would
awake wilh a dull, heavy feeling, and
all the muscles of my body would be
sore. Thia would pass away and in
a day or two after the attack I would
be able to attend to my farm work,
but strange to aay every four months
after aa regular as a clock I would be
seized with a fit, which always came on
in the night. Various doctors and spec
ialists were consulted and I took several different medicines, bnt without
effecting a cure. Several doctors said
the di.ease was incurable, I read of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills in the newspapers aud was advised by friends who
liad experienced cures from other seem
iugly incurable ailments, to try them.
In November 1898 I commenced and
kept ou. inking them regularly fur a
year. The dreaded period passed und
passed again and aguiu without a repetition of my trouble, and I felt that
I was at last released from this terrible
malady, I am now in the best of
health, and I attribute my cure to Dr
Will ams' Pink Pills. In coversation
with Mrs McO.e .he said that her
husband's trouble was tho cause of
most seriously affecting hernervts and
general health, as she was always living in dread, and could never epjoy a
night's rest. The slightest noise would
startle her, and if it had not been for
the kindness of a neighbor who always
came and stayed at I Im bouse over
night, she believes she would have
broken down altogether. She also is
thankful for the great change thai has
been wrought, and is only to glad to let
othurs with similar afflictions know
that there ia a remedy for this terrible
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to the root of the disease. They
renew and build up tha blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. Avoid imitations by insisting that every box
vou purchase isenctoied in a wrapper
bearing the full trade mark, Dr SVill-
iains' Pink Pills for Palo People, If
your de. let- does not keep t hem I hey
will be sent post paid at 50 cents a box
or six boxes for $2.50 by iiddi'e.sitig the
Dr. Williams' Medcino Co. liiockville
From New  Zuuland.
Reefton, New Zealand. Nov. 23, 1896.
I am very pleased to state that since
1 to jk the agency of Chamberlain's
medicines the sale lias been very large
more especially of the Cough Remedy.
In two years I have sold more of this
particular roniedy than of all other
makes for the previous five years. As
to its efficacy, I have b-aen informed by
scorns of persons of I lie good rosultsi hey
have teceived from it,and know itsvalue
from the use of it in my household. It
is so pleasant to tske that we have to
place the botilo beyond the reach of
the children.
E. J. Scantlebury.
For sa'e by all druggist, L-ingly k
Co. \VJioleaale Agents Viotoria and
ehrniiic i-uso of Dyspepsia or Indigestion
will stu-uuiiib to the all healing power of Dr.
Von Stan's Pineapple Tnliloi.. What this
wonderful medical discovery has done for
the thousands of proclaimed hopeless, help-
loss HtoinHv.li invalids it can do for you. One
Tablet will relievo- and persistence will cure-
36 cents.
Sold by C A, Warren.
persons in this state to manage our business
lu their owu nnal itesrhv counties. It Is
mainly oftiice work coiuliu-tod at home. Salary straight i'.HXi a year and expense.���definite, laoualido, no more, no loss saury. Mouth*
ly$i5. Kelereuce. Enclose .elf-addressed
stamped envelope, Herbert 12. lias., l'rest.,
Dept. M. Chicago.
Toronto, November. 16-The Ornnd
Trunk train which left Montreal at ft
o'clock Monday night met .with a
terrible fate through the misplacement of a switch, and crashed into
the esst bound freight train at Murray's Hill at an early hour yesterday
morning. A terrible lose of life resulted. All the dead were at once
taken from the second class coach
which was simply shivered to pieces
by colliding with the baggaage car
which immediately proceeded it. Tbe
following ie lhe complete lilt of
Charles Goodchild driver, S��a;ou
Village, Toronto, William Lunnes,
driver and butcher, Toronto. John
Casev, engineer, Belleville, John McDonald, fireman, Belleville. William
Brady, engineer, Belleville. M Tie C.
Kern, Russian Immigrant. George
Halbrich, Russian immigrant. Three
unidentified Russians, man, woman
and child. Unknown man, lower
limbs only found. Eleven others more
or less seriously wounded.
A terrible accident took place on
Thursday night on the Canadian Pacific, a milo east of Shtaswap. Two
men lost their livee und one was seriously injured. The dead are: E.Retd.
brakeman; James Little, engineer; and
John George, fireman, was badly scalded. A freight train in charge of Conductor Powers and Engineer Little
was following the Pacific-express train,
consisting of 20 cars with an engine.
While crossing the level prairie between Lake and S[inswap the boiler of
the engine exploded. Sogreat was the
force that the engine was turned completely arouni'. The top uf the cab
wae blown up ou a telegraph pole and
two cars wrecked. The brakeman .was
killed instantly. The engineer was so
badly injured that he died next mora.
Guai Johnston and party have beat,
ed four claims at Blaeberry on a ledte
7 feet wide showing galena and copper.
The following further claims have
been located at Golden: Nov. 3rd,
Lucky Jack on Irvine Butte, by J.
Poucher; Nov. 5th, Copper Chief, by
H. G. Parson on Irvine Butte; Lock-
invar, by D. McDougal on Middle
Fork of Spillimachene, adjoining Maud
Mining Record: We are glad to
learn, ou the authority of the Minister
of Mines, that some effort is to be made
by the Government to put a atop to
the practice of promiscuous claim
staking, and that this and other
abuses will probably be dealt with by
a Commission of representative mining
men to be appointed for the purpose of
suggesting necessary amendments to
the present Mineral Act.
The International mine, on the middle fork of the Spillimachene, is included in the list of properties on
which a new London flotation has
secured nn option. The Company is
the B.C. Smelting and Transport Co.
with a capital of $1,500,000. This Is
the Company we recently referred to
as including in its scheme the building ol a trumwav up ihe middle fork
of the Spillimachene with a view to
serving all the properties thero, including tho lleniiison mine. Whether it
will come io anything of a definite
and progressive character is at present
T. F. Wilson, of Banff, has sold the
Quick Rest claim on lee River to W.
L. Matthews of Banff; L. B. Eelelle
and John Dodd have disposed el the
Sunlight, Night-hawk and Ferriguous
claims on Irviue Butte to J, Devlin;
W. G. Mitchell-Innes has disposed of a
half interest in tbe Millie Claim at
Spruce Mountain to D. McDougal snd-
the other half of the same claim has
been transferred by W. G. Mitchell-
Innes to the New Golden British Columbia Limited, to which Company D. i
McDougal hu also transferred a half
iuterest in the Copper Ridge claim, on
Spruce Mountain.
The World says: . "The announcement from Rossland that tbe Le Roi
can now mine $6 ore at a profit meant i
more lo the camp then at first'glance
appears. It ii not long sluoe RoasMn'd
ore had to run at least $20 to the lop
to be commercially valuable. This wat
because the mining, freight and treatment charges were so heavy that op*
had to run nearly that high fo leave a ���
murgin for the owner, The recent Reduction in shipping and neduetliiji
charges hat brought $15 s ton,emel��-
ing, ore* within what is classed...
profit-yielding bree."
���---������ ' V; i ���,
Read the GOLDEN ERA,.
To Advertisers and Subscriber..
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
are coining to hand every day.
We are showing bargains never
heard of before in Oolden in the
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks���
tturting at 25c per yard���Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslim, Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods.
4,000 rolls New Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs.
Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
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in fact
Bargains in Every Department.
Plenty of freih new laid Eggs at
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it going to be our Banner Year.   We
are wide open for business, and
making new customers every day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
(woneral merchant.
Wholesale and Hetall
i-f ...Butchers
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C      86to
Livery and Feed Stables
Goad Saddle Horses tod
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rites.
-   Teaming ol all kindt t specialty.
+ X + X +
1C. Hamilton.
OOLDEN, B.C. lSlte
The UOLDEN ERA is oubliehed every
Friday evening. It is the best advertising
medium in the East Kootenay district.
Subscription Rate. :   $2.00 per annum III
Alterations and changes of standing advertisement, must be iu the office oot Inter than
noon ou Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietors will not be responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid to the Managing
Director.or hi. authorized agent,from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ad��., $1.00 per
column inch; Leg; lad.., 10 cents lier.line
for first insertion, li cent, for each additional
insertion; Reading notices, 12 cent, per liue
each issue. ......
All business communications should lie addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literarv communications, letter, for publication or news items should be addressed lo tho
Editor , .
I orrespoiiilence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such lottor. must he brief. In the case ol
anonymous lotters the name and address of
tile writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tho privato information ol the
editor anal ns a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
have to stand over till lhe following issue.
The Goldea Eta Companf Limited Llabililf.
Office, Ooi.iies, B. C.
Ko Bight to Ugllne-M.
The woman who ia lovely in face
form and temper will always have
friendt but one who would be attractive
must keep her health. If she is weak
tickly and all run down she will be
nervous and irritable. If she has oon-
stipation or kidney trouble, her impure
blood will cause pimples, blotches, skin
eruptions and a wretched complexion.
Electric Bitters is the best medicine in
the world to regulate stomach, liver
and kidneys and to pnrify the blood.
It gives strong nerves, bright eyes,
smooth, velvety skin, rich complexion,
It will make a good looking, charming
: woman (of a run down Invalid. Only
5) cents at any Drug Store. i
Kite OJolben Viva
On the occasion of Mr. Bostock, M.
P., addressing the eleotorsof Lillooett,
A. W. Smith, M.P.P., oalled the attention of our member to the extreme low
rate of pay allowed by the dominion
authorities to its poet matters, and
the necessity of some different treatment to suit the living rate in this
The Semlin Government have gained
another victory, Mr. Higgins having
been declared by the Supreme Court as
the elected candidate for Esquimault,
Mr. Bullen, the Turner candidate who
was declared elected on the impreper
rejection by the Returning Officer of
ballots in favor of Mr. Higgins, hat
been unseated by'the Court, thus add
ing a supporter to the Semlin Govern
ment and taking away one from the
Turnerites. There is now no doubt
but that the Semlin Government are
in the majority aud the. action of the
Lieut.-Governor in dismissing the
Turner Government, and of thi Sein
tin Government in aceep ing office, are
now fully vindicated.
SWANSEA Mineral Claim, sltnato in the
Windermere Mining Division of North East
Kootenay District
���Where loeattdt-On Windermere Moun-
tela about three mile* north of tbe village ol
Tiki notice that We, 8 Brewer. W B Abel,
jowoh Ltkt and Geo 8 McCarter, Free
Miters Certl��cates Not 80001,96151, MM*,
ajWIA, respectively, Intend, sixty days from
Home Dressmaking
How the whole Family can Dress Well at
Small Cost.
No Need of Looking Shabby
Even Though Times Are
Hard-Easy to Make Old
Gowns and Suits Look Like
New When One Knows  How.
It is astonishing how much can be
made from seemingly useless garments
by the woman that knows how. The
old faded gown that is out of style oan
be readily dyed with Diamond dyes to
a fashionable color nntl then made over
to that it will look quite as well as
new. Suits for boys can be made from
old ones discarded by the father, and
a bath in tht wonder-wording Diamond
Dyes will make them look like new.
Dresses and cloaks for the little girla
can bo made with but little trouble
and scarcely any expense from cast off
garments of the older folks, and when
the color is changed with Diamond
Dyes the made-overt will look as
though they were fresh from the dressmaker.
Diamond Dyes tre made especially
for home use, and th�� plain directions
on eaoh package make it possible for
even the most inexperieuoed to have
poor luck with these dyes. They color anything, from ribbons, feathers
and scarfs to heavy coats, jacket! and
gownt, aud make colon that are fast
to . tun- and washing-colon tven
handsomer than tbote mode by tbe
professional dyer.
Anglo-Auierlean   Alliance.
London, November 12.���The London Standard commenting on the political situation tavt: "Even if we had
to rand alone we thould uot flinch
from the sturdiest assertion nf our
just claim on China, against any tingle antagonist or combination of antagonists, but with the United States
on our Bide we feel assured our forbearance would not be tried nor our
determination put to a final test.
the fctelereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
"-''Anlfuritor'tekt noUct that action, under
iatefka IT. must he eommencod before the
Cmuc. oi-.uch oertilicau* of iiui-r.--.ena.au
"SS Si. Wi day el October, ft*
Under the above heading the "News-
Advertiser remarks: "A notice which
appears in the 'Gazette' is an indication of Ihe careful and business-liko
manner in which the Government is
managing the affairs of lhe Provia-ce.
It is a request that persons in different parts of the country should forward to tho Lands and Works Department information us to any publiu
works which it may be desirable to
hat e carried out. It is not of course
supposed that all the recommendations which may be sent in in retpouse
to this invitation can be acted on.
Ba t by this meant the Government's
at e ition will be called to the needs of
the diffa rent localities; it will have tho
of po-tunity of investigating the recommend itions; ascertaining what are the
most urgent or important works to be
done and their probable cost and theu
it wil! lie able to judge how far the
available revenue will permit of the
proposed expenditures.
It ia not, of course, intended to ignore the representations of lhe members for the various districts in inviting these suggestions from others.
But in few cases can a member examine completely all the needs of a dis
trict, large as they are in this'Pro-
vlnce, or be ablo to give such accurate
details as a resident in the locality.
The Government will also by this
method have the opportunity of comparing the member's recommendations
with those of hit constituents, tod
ascertaining what those works are on
the importance of which both agree.
The late Government pursue-.) a very
different course. Practically it left
everything till tho session commenced
and the members were in Victoria.
Then caucuset were held to dii-ciiss
what works should be carried out aud
in some instances the session had continued for two months before any geueral decision hud been reached. Such
a plan necessarily prolonged tho session and made the expenditures on
public works depend on wire-pulling
and tbe influence of a member rather
than on the necessities of the various
districts The present action of tho
Government may teem only an uniin
portent detail but it it just 'hese little
details and uttention to them which
nuke the difference between bed and
extravagant government nnd progressive and prudent administration. The
Government seems to be one conducted
on common sense business methods."
persons in thu state to manage onr muinw.
in their own ind nearby counties. It is mainly office work conducted at heme. Salary
straight MOO a year and expenses- definiio,
honttide, no mere te less salary.. Monthly ��iS.
References. Endow self-tddre-wed stamped
envelope, HtrttrtE. Hew, Pratt, Dapt. :.M,
Unutterable Agony
Endured by Mrs. Ellen Fox, of
St. Matthias St., Toronto.
Hteoe In th. Bladder mado Life Mlter-
able���A Surgical Operation at the
Ounairall tlo.plta��lF*illa>U te Relieve
Her-Dodd'a    Kidney     Pill.
Cured Her.
Toronto, Nov. 14-Mrt. Ellen Pox.
of No. 8 St. Matthias St., this city, it
a lady, well known, and highly esteemed by a large and constantly increasing acquaintanceship. Fora long
time the wat a victim of ill. health,
which prevented her from perfoiming
her social and domestic duties, greatly
to the regret of her many friends.
Now, however she Is enjoying the
most robust health, and the story how
she escaped the clutches of tbe disease
that held her a victim ie unusually interesting, affording, as it does, one
other instance of how a famous reine-
dy-Dodd't Kidney Pills -btnltbet
suffering, wipes out disease, and brings
health, strength, and happiness to
every home wherein it it used.
Mrs. Fox writes of her oats thnt:
"I endured agoniee that neither tongue
nor pen can describe, and that ricked
my body night and day. My trouble
wat Stone in tht Bladder,
"I wat, for a time, under treatment,
at the Toronto General Hospital ������ but
no relief wat afforded mt, much lest a
cure. I underwent a painful surgical
operation, but till my disease .continued to grow wone and worse.
"My tufferingi wire simply awful,
and at timet were onough to turn tbe
brain, I had almost sbaiidoned all
hopeof ever getting better, when I was
pertuaded to try Dodd's Kidney Pills,
I got relief from tho very first, and a
continued uteof tbit Heaven-tent medicine c ired me absolutely and perfectly.
I cm never be thankful enough for my
release, which was due wholly aud
solely lo Dodd't Kidney Pills."
Dodd's Kiddey Pills have curod
thoutandi of cases of Stone in the Bladder, and of Gravel, They have never
failed to cure. They are the only poti-
tive and unfailing euro for these diseases. Price 50 cents a box, at all
druggists or, by mail, on receipt of
price, by .The Dodd't Medlciue Co. Llm
ited, Toronto.
Very valuable Remedy la til
���iltctioos oaf tht
Large Bottles, 25c
DAVIS A ttAWKBNCB CO., limited
Vttof't. of Perry D."*U' Pt-la-lUUer     J
Hon. F. W. Aylmer President
\V. U. Mitchell-Innes V Ice     do
W. O. Neilson, .1. P    do      do
E. Johnson  do       do
E. A. Haggeu Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of the assoclati-in
will be held on tho first Tnesdny in every
mouth at the Columbia House, Uolden.
All possiblo information will ho furnished
by tho association upon application to
E. A. Haoobn, .Sec, Golden.
jg-  OHM
yj'<*^-' :r&mm\
DEBILITY. Ike ts.a.11. ef (hi. ankle
awe B.o.1 aunllant.
By lhe eld of Th. il. t L. EmuldM, I ham
ne for onr > yew, ud Erne (duel eeoatuer*
ably In weight.
T. II. WINGHAM, C.B., Memlteal.
���0c aad tl per BoMla
-*��h-m��-. Windermere.
Taynton at Gordon Props.
�� ���
Good accomodation for prospector-) and
Freighters.   First-class meals.
Ptr Kates : Moukiiate,
Assaying Institute...
Ilendqamrteri, Calgary, Alberta*
Ph. D..B.C.M E.,Eto., Manager,
."apodal Course in Germany.
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Concentrated Ores.    All parcels of ore are
carefully sampled, one portion tested, one
portion labelled and kept for sin months a.
a retcrenco, ami if desired the third portion
will be returned to owner, as. a* check on.
assay made.
CASK WITH SAMPLES, which should be
tleft with tbe undersigned, from whom
erms may be obtained on application.
Resilient Agent,
S78st Golden, B.C.
' THM Mlg.Klll.IR Will ROT Rl. I
* litVg.
TMltTT-roiTl T1A1,
24 Paget i Weekly i UIiatHated.
8MB KB S A Mats 0OPT.
MINING"*scientific PRESS
Men of force of character, who con fbntlak
bone and rig for three months. Straight
salary te right parries.
T. H. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
W ANTED:-Fsnuer.'.on. or other industrious person, of fair education, to whom
��*0.u0a month would be an inducement
1 could also engage a few ladles at their
own home.,
T. H. LINSCOTT, Toronto.
���     AGKNTt*.
"We pay straight weekly salaries ef from
tlO to Wu, according to ability, for canvassers
on "Life and work of Mr. Gladstone." The
demand for this wonderful book is keeping all
hands working early and late. . Tbe only
Canadian and British work published. Endorsed by the Royal Family and lauding
public men.  A big. cheap book.
Bradley -Garretson Co., Limited,
Those handling "War with Spain" ore
making money. A good .hare of the profit
1. your. 11 you take hold. Seven hundred
pages, two hundred illustration, and sells
cheap- We givo big commission; pay freight
sell on time, and supply outtlt free.
LlMtiKD, Toronto.
"Family Herald
Weekly Star,"
���: a*sd: ���
Golden   Era,
per year, payable in
This subscription entitles
subscribers to a fuse copy of
The "Star's" premium picture
the famous buttle scene
in colors, 17x30.
This is the best clubbing in-
clucement ottered in Canada.
Sond orders and remittance
carried ovtr from 1897 must he tier!
Deed now. New High Orade, all
ttylts, best equipment, guaranteed.
$9.75 to  $17.00
Ustd wheels, lata models, ill makes
$3.00 to   $12.00
We tbip on approval without a cent
payment. Write for bargain Hit and
art- ottal��gue ol twill '98 models.
Bicycle fret to advertlw them. Rider
agents wanted. Learn how to earn a
Bicycle apd make money.      ���'
J. S. Mead Cycle Agent,
67ieS30 ChlMf��,Ilir
Business Cauls.
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -  -  Gtolden, ft G. *
A tupply of Building Lima
For Bolt.
Plant prepared.   Prompt attention given to ordert. I8U
..Mining Engineer.*.
M. Am'n Imt. IC. E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Orantt,
doing annual ttttimtnt work, ttc.
Addrett:     -UoHe-n, B. C.
Clarence Horsey,   -.;���
Allayer and Chemist, ���
(Established 1879) Lbadvillk, Colorado
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prleesi-HoM. silver sua
load, II; any two of the above, 7sci lay eat
of the above, 60c; copper analysis, ilpMaW
mini, nickel or tin, tb. Write fir foil price
list and mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL It, now open lor tht
.donation of patients. ���""���.'"""'.
TICKETS may be had from tht under-   .
sinned  or   any member  of the
comriiittee. ���       ' '-.
PRICE-Ten Dolkrt per year or SI*''
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wardt.
Acting Secretary.
Golden    Era
B. C. Mining Record
"Will beseiit to any address oa
receipt of 18.00 wliicji covert
a j ears subscription to both  ��� ���"' *t*
GoMtn. .,-���
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada;
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Depotited with Dominion' 'I '���(".
Government   for  Security
,      of  Policy Holdert.
Pre��ident-lIon. Sir Oliver Mowet, .
VicePre-lilent-Joseph W.Flavelle  Esq."'
Managing Ulretttor-F. O. Cos. , '
E. A. Haoock,
'.'.;.     Agent. Oolden, B. 0.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive homo
treatment for alcoholism. No hypo-
dtrmic injections; no publicity, nolo I
of time from business tad a certainty
of cure.   Consultation and corretpon-
FOn  DRINK, i.ohdon, o��i ��.'���
fercnoes at to Dr. UcTsggirt't prole*.
sional integrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Meredith, Chief Juttlct; Hon. 9.
W.Rote, Minister of Edncttion; 6.
W.Ytrktr, banker; H. B, Strathy.
manager Trtdtrt' Bank.
Particular! oan be obttined on Tthf
nnco to tha Editor of Tun 0*u>i��
EBA, ���  ��� '. -' :���������>-'���..���.
Rubber S$aqfps
Orders tor Bobber Stai��pe and Stole wil
be received at tbe CoSta KM Met tad
ojccuttdvaitb promptitude. ^*
1"" Sabi^iW *W*-'W��-.'jd^0ii*r4^^
help to advance tht Iottreett. o* tSl
dlttrlot. Send Wlot ���.^rjjtrt ���&���.
ecripilonl   -��� '       .,���'
- -T ���- -*���--*���-������
nwlxiok'-ThalHiWlrtUaali-awii,"^, _
In. ��� thoMiai rawiM CfiiW"! JS!,!!?*
FT-.-,!., -roir teak,   tjMA*,   '
���-^'trlM ML
i,.fW>,"����$a.--H       mT
-tBrtnoci, enal (m.^H       **B
aft   CO..       mfmT*   �����
TIllIHa Re 8atI>tVtloa, Xe far.
 a ... OB. aw taauSIr aSSln
COUtlSU Pi.no or Org .ti for noth.
la,,,   rail niaUmUlon vfllk 	
ft?J^.|Wtf<7*|!^^*,^^->.*>.-^ THE OOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1898.
Used ..to Hide Disease.
Women Who Use Them Run Terrible Risks.
Paine's Celery Compound Quickly Removes the
troubles and Diseases That Women
Now Try to Hide.
It Gives New Health and Good Looks.
He Foole-d The Burgeons.
AU doctors told Renick Hamilton,
of Wast Jefferson, 0., after suffering
18 mo'ntht from Rectal Fittnla, he
would die unless a costly operation
wat performed; but he cured himself
with five boxes Bucklen't Arnict Salve
the surest Pile curt on earth, and the
beit Salve In the World. 25 ceuts a
box.   Sold by all druggist!.   4
Kate Fitld, a prominent and honored American ltdy end a writer of note,
declare.- that ajter'a most complete investigation th'l 8iidt that ��12,000,000
worth of poisonous cosmetici are eold
-.nnuslly in the United States. It it
difficult t) give with any degree of
accuracy the amount of money tpent
yearly in Canada for cosmetics, but
the figure* must be large.
It is well understood that the people
Who purohotecosmetics ute thein with
a riew of deceiving those with Whom
they come ia contact.
Cosmetics cover a mulitude of. tins
and evilt. They tre employed to cover up facial blotches, .eruptions and
tkin troubles, that aiWa'ys result from
impure blood.. They are also used as a
covering'for wrinkles and crow's feet
brought on By fast living, late hours
and imperfect digestiou. Thousands
of .women from 4av to -day cover up
and disguise traces of disease and
earlv decay, intttad of wisely and
bol.lly attacking the cause,
An oil and well-konwn druggist as
ttrtt that the introduction and popular use.of Paine's   Celery  Compound
hat of late years greatly lessened the
sale of all cosmetics, Wise and prn
dent women well know that Paine's
Celery Compound, when used, goes
directly to the root of disease, quickly
removing alt poisons and impurities
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svstein full tone and vigor, and giving
that regular and perfect digestion that
maintains health aud pbytlotl
By the use of nature's remedy all
facial blotches, pimples and wrinkles
are soon banished, the flesh is clean,
the skin soft and clear and the eyes
spark's with brl.-htness. Thit it the
true work of Paine's Celery Compound
as thousanda have declared who, have,
tested the great medicne,
To users of cosmetics we say, cast
aside at once the health destroying
agents that you are now using and
try what the wonderful Paine's Celery
Compound can do for you. Cosmetics
mean continued deception and increased misery; the uee of Paine's Celery
Compound guarantees a speeedy banishment of your troubles, a return of
new and fresh health and good  looks.
(The Province).
So much has been eiid of late regarding Hewitt Bostock, MP., and his
lull lencet on the public life of British
Columbia that ic may well prompt an
eiquiry as to the maaner of min he
ii and what that infl icnce has reallv
b-atai. A number of newspapers from
t lie Colonist uK -or down-aro par pom*
ally utfying at Mr. Bostock, and if we
arii 'o believe their allegations he is a
inaii with horns and a cloven honf, a
terrible sort ot persun, indeed, whose
sole purpose and delight in life ia lo
e t lit trouble and injure the innocent.
The Nelson Eoouotnist appears to have
a ttaii.linjf .-iaial-rel with him because
he baa Hot the oratorical giftt. of Sir
Wilfrid Lsurier and the Kamloops
Standard it perpetually abuainghim ta
tht alleged instigator of political plots
of an abhorrent character. As a matter of fact these a'.tackt art prompted
by eavy and jealously and it is impossible to substantiate them by facts
Hewitt Bostock, MP., is a young
Englishman, thirty-turn yeari of age.
Tut dominant keynote of his character
it his linoerity. He it qiiitt ind uess-
turning, a keen jud^e of men aud a
cartful and coutistent student of
meaiuret. He it tht possessor of
considerable wealth, of wealth so great
that it removal kirn entirely from the
ordinary arena of tolf-interest aud
leave! him free to exerciet hit independence . tod public spirit as it may
attm bett for him to do. To his credit
bt it laid that he haa never exercised
that influence unfairly or ungenerously. Tha representative uf aeonstitu-
enoy covering thousands ot miles of
territory, ke hot made himself a slave
to lit Wanti, and at grant personal
sxpenss, and "at gre.it - personal incon*
���taiiuct ke hat exerted himself
to become familiar with the require*
nitnre of hit constituent! and to do til
in bit power to relieve thein.
How rainy meu ire there���not in
British Columbia but in all Canada-
of whom thit can be houastly said?
He haa sought ind seeks nothing for
himself. Relieved by the accident of
circuinttanoet from any necessity for
exerting himself to provide for hit
own ntede, ht bat let bira.elf it work
to provide for tht needs of his follows.
With purest and moat generous handi
bt hit tttablishtd buiinnsei, hat
aided thote whom ht hat thought deterring and by a liberal expenditure of
time and money hat helped along the
development of tha province. Hit in-
terettt are everywhere, but he hat
nevtr sought in any way to ute them
unfairly o** to promote hit own for-
tuoea with them at tht txptnte ol
Where.   ���' -
* lu tht world pf politic! it is said
lhat "everything.goes," but ''tveiy-
thing" does not "go" with Mr, Bos-
took. Being human he it liable like
tht rett of us to make mistakes, but it
oan bt laid In all cindeur that such
mistake, as he mty make are errors of
tht head aud never of  the heart.    If
ever a man honestly tried to do his
aluty and to leave the world brighter
and better for his having lived in it,
Hewitt Bostock is that man. If love
for one's fellows is the. highest form
of character then Mr.'Bostock is the
truest type of man, for he has lefi
nothing undone to help thosi who
through whatever combination of circumstances have been unable to help
thein eel ves.
That this kindly, courteous, generous gentleman, whose lifo has been
one long study of self-sncrifi :e and
heroic devotion to principles aud the
betterment of his fellows, should be
singled out for the malicious attacks,
inspired hy envy and j alouay, of such
rags as the Victoria Colonist and the
Kamloops Standard, ie deplorable in
the extreme. More men of the stamp
of Hewitt Bostock are needed in the
public life ot Canada, because he is
disinterested and sincere and because
his main detirt la io do the good.there
is to be doue.
Hie Life Wm Saved.
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hannibal, Mo., lately had a wonder-
fill aieliverence from a frightful death.
In telling it he says; "I was taken
with Tyhoid Fever, lhat ran intoPueu
monin. My lungs became hardened I
waa to weak I couldn't tit up in bed.
Nothing helped ine. I expected to soon
die of Consumption, when I heard of
Dr. King's New Discovery. Oue bottle
gave gre it relief. I continued to use
it. and now am well aud strong, I can't
say too much i.i its praise." This marvellous medicine is the surest quickest
cure in the world for all Throat and
Lung Trouble. 60 cents and (1.00, at
any Drug Store: every bottle guaranteed. 2
The Appetite of * Gent.   ,
It envied'by all 'pottr dyspeptic
whoM'Sunuaoh tnd Livtr art out of
���ordtn All such should know that
Dr. King's New Life Pills, tho wonder-
tut Sw.naeli and Liver Remedy, gives
a splendid appetite, sound digestion
and a regular bodily. habit that in-
-Hires perfect health and groat energy;
Only 96 Matt at any Drug Store..     4
Cattle Trains Wrecked,
A stock train wat derailed four
miles west or Savift Current on Friday
morning. The accident occurred
through the breaking of an axle on the
tender of the engine, There were no
casualties of any kind.
Another ttock train ran off the
track on Saturday morning at South-
etk. alto the Jesuit ol an axle breaking
under a stock car. No ont wat hurt
but aome 15 or 20 bead of cattle were
killed tud injured.
Here's Confession of Intense Heart Suffering and Weakness That make Life One
Long Dreadful Nightmare-Mr. Agnew's
Care for the Hurt was Ihe Saving Agent.
Mr. Thomas Cooke, 260 Johnston St., King,
ston, write, this of himself and how Dr. Ag*
newl Cure for tho Heart helped him; "I
have used in all .is bottles of thi. groat heart
remody and it has completely cured me ol
heart woaknesa, from which 1 suffered severely for years. Prior to using it the .lightest exertion or eseltement would produce
severe palpitation end nervous depression,
Today lain as strong as over, and without
one symptom of Heart disease."
Sold by O. A. Warren.
Miners! The way for you to succeed
li to make known the resource! of
your camps. The way to do that it to
send hews of your finds to the Goi*dbx
Eka. Subscribe yourself to tho Eua
and send it to your friends. The Eka
will tell thein all about it better than
you aan.
A Great Fight On.
In spite of the fact that the C.P.R.
now haa virtually a corner on the
freight and passenger traffic ot the
Kootenays, it it not prohibit that the
great Canadian corporation will always be so fortunate. The Montreal
Star is in a position to stale tbat the
officials of the Canadian Pacific Kailway will soon have ont of the biggest
fights of their existence on their hands,
and it it undtrstood that at this early
date steps are being taken to get things
in shape for the battle which il toon
to begin with the Americau railroad
interests, headed hy the Oreat Northern railway, over an entrance into
Hritith Columbia, to compete with the
Canadian Pacific Railway, The
American roads profess to know that
tht C P.It. authorities fear the outcome
of the light on account of the vaat
amount of capital which is said to be
behind the move on the part of the
Great Northern. At Ottawa it will be
the Corbiu fight of last session over
again, only ou a much larger scale.
Sciatic Rheumatism a Double Compound
In the Ilealm of Pnin Torture, but South
American Khoumatic Curo Drives it (hit-
and Never Misses.
A few weeks ago whilo ou a business trip
to North llay I was seized with a severe attack of sciatic rheiuiiAli-.m. llo-iring nf tho
wonderful cures effected hy South American
Rheumatic Cure I procured a bottle, and Inside of three days all lhe pain had loll me,
and when 1 had tnkon one bottle 1 was completely cured. I think it tho greatest of
remedies, and shall he pleased to coinnuuii-
onto wi.h miy person wishing more particulars o: my csst-.-EDW, PHILPOTT, Cm*
nington, Out,
Sold by C. A. Warren
aOolaea Markets.
Beef (live)	
Beef (dressed)
Pork (live)	
Pork (dressed)...
Hay (bale.!)	
Hay (loose)	
 tl.CO to 11.05
  0.60 to   O.GK
   0.26 to
   4 50 to
. ....  H.oOto
   n.f.0 to
   8.00 to
 10.00 to 10.00
  0.25 to  0.115
  0.25 to  0.50
 17.00 to 20.00
 14.00 to 14.00
  0.75 to  0.90
0 30
Dr. Agnew's Ointment gave tbe quickos
relief and surest curo. These aro gem. of
truth picked from tostiinony whicli is given
every day to this greatest of healers, ft has
never been matched in curative qualities in
auy aud evory kind of skin disease -eczema,
tetter, skin eruptions, blind, hlcealing, itch-
hingor ulcerating pilaw, scalds, burns, oJil
ores etc,, etc.���and it's 36 conts a bos.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
persons in this state to manage our business
in their own aud uearbv counties. It is
mainly offiico work conducted at home. Salary straight WOO a year and expenses���definite, boualide, no more, no loss salary. Monthly tib. Reference. Enclose self-addressod
stamped envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Preat,,
Dept, M, Chicago.
... WE-PRINT...
Send ut your orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Liuitkd Liability.
Mantling- Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
Pacific Hy
If you intend spending the
winter in a
Write or call for particulars of rates,
routes, etc., to
Hawaiian Islands,
Bermuda, and
West India Islands,
Or the
Old Country.
e ���
Reduced Rate
Excursion tickets.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway
& Iqterqational Transportation Coy.
Connecting; with C.P.R. at Golden, RC, and Great
Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Apply to the nearest Canadian  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traflic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
llto Ticket Agent, Goldm
In the event of a
[stroke of goodfortuuo
you can wiu
I ,100.000 Marks.
Tho payment of.
the prises is    '
guaranteed by
1st drawing
Dvauinbvr 31st
You arc invited to participate in lhe
Clma.ca-H of Winning In the grand
drawing, o! prlace.guaranti.oii by
tha. btato of Hamburg In which
II Millions 349,825 Harks
surely have to be won.
III the course ol thesea'.vimtageoiu
drawings, which contain according to the
prospectus only UH.iXMtiekots.tho follow
ing piir.es will be forthcoming, vis-:
The highest prize will ho event.
500.000 Mar
Premium of i'OU.UOO Marks
I Prise ol ���-���OO.IiUO Harks
1 Prize ot 1UO.O0O Murks
i Prizes of 7o,0��0 Marks
1 Prize of "0,00a! Marks
I Prise of rw.llOO Marks
1 Prize of 1*0,1*0 Marks
1 Prize of iili.OUO M*.rks
X IMv-sof 0,1,0 0 Mat ks
1 Prize ot 40.0IO .Murks
1 Prize of 30.1X0 Marks
t I'rizes of 90,1X0 Marks
Sti Prizes of 10,000 Marks
5ti I'rizes of bfiOO Marks
100 Prizes of 11,1X0 Marks
a��l Prizes of ifXU Marks
HI-! Prizes of 1,(00 Marks
1518 Prizes of ��*> Marks
40 Prizes of IXX) Marks
140 Prizes of SUM Marks
"IM2 I'rizes of lot Marks
Wi Prizes ol" i:W,104,100 Mark.
'mi Prizes of ill, 46, tl Marks
in all .W,I80 ilnzcs whicli most he surel}
won iu 7 lrawiugs within the space of t>
few months.
The highest prizo of 1st drawing
itmountsto Mk. 60.000, increase in Shu:
drawing to Mk. 55,000, In 3rd Mk. 60,000,
iu 4th Mk. 65,1*00. iu 5th Mk. 70,000, in 6th
Mk. 75.O0O,iii 7th Mk. 200,000, ami to-
-ether with the Premium nf Mk. *-00,lXX
n the most fortunalo case to Mk. 500,(00
Tho official cost for participation in tho
Hrst two drawing, amounts to
Dollar 4.50 for a full tiek.t
Dollar 119 for half a tieket,
DeLar 1.13 for one quarter of a tieket.
Half resp. quarter tickets will entitle to
one half resp. ouo quarter of the amount
won qy tho respective number, named on
tho ticket.
Tho stakes for participation in the foi
lowing drawings,!., well as the exact
jirize-tiihlo. aro indicated iu the Official
I'rospectus, which 1 send on demand gratis in advance. The prospectus I. alio
sent gratis with overy order. After the
drawing 1 shall forward lo every ticker
liohler the offia��� inl list of the winning numbers.
to those couceruod will have my Special
snd Prompt attention, and with the Most
Absolute Secrecy,
-M. Keiiiittancii ol money can be tnadi
lav Amorican  lliaiik-notes hy registered
letter or by Post-Office Orders.   Small
amount, cmi also be sont by postage)!
a. (In account of Ihe approaching
ilrawiug of the prizes, please address the
ru-der. Immediately mall conn-dance direct to
at HAMBURG, Germany.
KT  aa.M.r-, 12,19,S!G
Tenders For Stocks.
Tonders addreswd to the undersign*! will
be received up till noon of Monday, Nuvem-
bea 91st, for purchase ef lhe Tailoring and
Ready-Made stocks in the assigned estate of
,1. C. Tom ol Golden. fickedult* and terms
will bo supplied by the undersigned on appll
cation personally or by Utter.
Golden, B.C.
Raad the GOLDEN EBA.
e.ei e.�� fi o. o o p .o..��. o o ��_ e
C. II. Parson,
���"�� i ranrc mmnr ��tt�� ������imn nrnvrn n nr-mwrnnnnrr
. Shorey'S Ready-to-Wear I
Rigby Waterproofed ��
Freize Ulsters
Made from pure wool, 31 01. to the yard
Friese.    Five pockets.���Deep flap*.���Six ��
inch collar, with throat tab.���Double stlcb- J
ed e*!(jes���Raised seams. Length 54 inches. J
Nine colors.    Black, Blur, Mid Brown, *
Drab, Claret, Heather, Oaford, Blue rail- "
lure and Olire mixture.
Waterpropf, Windproof,
Frostproof, Comfortable.
Sold by all repoubl. dealers *-"��& dC   *J B '
Nov. Scotia to British Colombia foieVvJe/O a
Shorey's Guarantee Card in the pocket, '
of course.   Insist on teeing it, it is a good ���
square guarantee. J
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.
"Munson    No.   2."
The best writing machine.    The only INTERCHANGEABLE 6TIEL
TYPE WHEEL    Elegantly Illustrated Catalogue Free.   Address:
KDGAll A. HILL, Manufacturer, H4-.1U Wendell (k., Chicago.
Reliable Assays at Moderate Prices.
Through an arrangement with Minis aid Muehai.s, w* are enabled ts
offer all, who will pry CASH IN ADVANCE for a year's subscription to TBI
GOLDEN ERA, clubbed with Moots aid Mimksals, Five CouponseitUllaf
ths subscriber to
Five Assays for Gold -and Silver, Copper*
, Iron, or Lead.
These assays will Is made at the Mixes and Miiibals Assay OSes,
Scranton. Pa., and are guaranteed as reliable and accurate ss it'll possible to
have made anywhere.   Prompt returns will be made in all cases.     ,*',    '-'*'
Regular Subscription to MlMM k Mikekals 12.00 *"   *'
Regular Subsoription to Tub Golden Era      S.00- ToUlHt*.' '**���'
Clubbing Rate, Including AboTS-Msusd Assays 12.40....
If you wish to see Mines and Minerals before taking ��i| this offer, send
for a free sample copy te Scranton, Pa., mention this paper.
THS GOLDEN ERA COMPANY, GOLDEN, B-C.  .  IM .-WMV -��       ���*.}$
W. G. Mitchell-Innes, manager of
the New Golden British Columbia
l.imita-d, will return to England for
the winter, and left Oolden to-day.
Capt. Htcon and Messrs. Keyser and
Joliffe left Golden en Sunday en route
to England and W. ii. Mitchell-Innes
went to-day. We wish them a pleasant voyage and safe return.
The services at St. Paul's Church,
Oolden, on Sunday next, Nov. 20th.
will be as follows: 11 a.m. Morning
Prayer, Litany aad Sermon; 7:30 p.m.
Evening Prayer aud Sermon.
Ths Lillooet Prospoctor says that Mr
Bostock, M.P., looks carefully after the
wants of the district which ho represents snd it occupies his whole atten
tion looking after the interests of Yale-
W. O. M-Innes has shut down the
Pretty Girl camp for the winter,, the
quantity of snow on tbo mountains
preventing operations going on during
the winter mouths as originally intended.
It is not every day -you can secure
works of art free. No drawing nor
raffling. Handsome pictures, medallions, etc., presented without extra
obarge to customers paying cash for
goods at McDeriuot's. '''''''���
Mr. J. H. Wilson, accountant,^ the.
Imperial Bank, Calgary, hus been
moved to Edmonton where he will re
plaee Mr, J. Murray Lay who has
been appointed manager ol the Imperial'
Bank branch at 'Nelson.
F. P. Norbury. leaves Fort S.teelejor
England in the couaeof a few weeks,
going visfthe Crow's Nest road. His
many fiends will join .with us in
wishing "-him a pleasant trip, at the
same time expressing regiet that the
district should lose so excellent a
ii til-en. .a
While crossing from the sample
room to the Kootenay House on Tuesday eveuiiig, Mr. Dorau, of Skelton
Bros, afc Co., Montreal, slipped, and
falling on his haud unfortunately
broke his right thumb at the first
joint. TJuder , Dr. Taylor's care be is
doing wtilll. .        ...-  ,   ..
At the Police Court, Golden, on
Saturday, before Mr. Griffith, SIM-,
J. Brook* was charged *iiK* the theft
of a cash-box containing a silver and
gold wstfch, two nuggets, silk efi'a'wl,
and other trinkets, the property of
Rose Hall. Accused pleaded not
guilty and as there was no evidence
against bim he was discharged..
At tlwaEalics. Court on Wednesday,
before Mr. Griffith, S.M., Mack Joe
was oharged with threatening .to
assault F.'. Maokay, manager for Hull
Bros., with an axe. The dispute arose
ovet a right-of-way. Accused was
fined (10 and bound over in his own,
recognisance of $100 to keep the peace
for twelve months.
A meeting of the Hospital Committee
was held on Saturday, whan W. G.
Mitchell-Innes was appoints! Presi
dent for the ensuing year. A report
was read from a Montreal architect aa
to the building of au isolated ward at
the Hospital for infectious cases and it
waa decided to let the aoheme nmain
over till the spring, when action will
be taken In the matter.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer has been in-
structed-to make a full report to the
Dominion Government on the Kicking
Horse river, evidently with a view to
taking steps for the protection of lhe
rivet as represented to- the Hon. Mr.
Tarte by the Golden Board of Trade.
Mr. Aylmer has begun, taking levels
and doing the survey work require! to
compile tiie necessary report.
A "saw-off" has been arranged'between the Government and the Turner,
party whereby the election petitions op
each side have been withdrawn With
the exception of two -She petition
agaiust the return of Mr. Neilson for
North East Kootenay is included in
ths saw-off, so that this petition will
not now be proceeded with, antl will
be withdrawn with  uthers at'the Su
Men who'work
..** on, In, or'by the
JS* water, or are exposed to the cold
or damp are prone
to suffer from that
most painful dis*
ease, rheumatism.
-_   This is a disease
,*���**-" of the blood and
a can only be permanently cured
by going back to
first   principles
and   driving  out
ail   impurities,
and filling the arteries with a new,
rich, red, healthy
"*** This is the rea
son why Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery Is an unfailing cure for that disease.
It is the greatest of all blood medicines.
It create, a keen and. hearty ajppt-titc. It
cures all', disorders -of the digcttlon" and
makes the assimilation of the life-giving
elements of the food perfect. It invigorates (he liver and .tone, the nerves. It is
the frfetiteiat lit all khaiwii lilaaoal milters and
blaaaaal ��� purifiers It builds firm, healthy
flesh, but cloea* nail malice corpuleut people
mora* corpulent. Inlikc end liver oil, i*.
doe-a not make flnbhy flesh, hut tears down
the" linhcaltliy tissues that constitute corpulency, curries olT nnd excretes them, ar.rt
replaces them Willi the solid, muscular tie*
sues nf hc.iKh. It drives all impurities,
disease Renos and acids from the blood
In Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser many sufferers from rheumatism,
whose cases were considered hopeless, tell
the *tnry of their recovrry under this won*
del fail medicine. Their names, addresses,
snd phnlaaa-niphs are given by their own
request, and anyone who wishes to do so
may write them. Good- rtrnnristB sell the
"Golden Medical Discovery."
When a dealer, urges some, substitute
He's 'thllftsi"- bPW?'larger*i*ofit he'll
make���not of your welfare.
" 1 suffereal from rlia-nm.*.sni In mv left shoulder and -elbow,!' writes Rev.-WHson Williams, of
"jTj-ioHy^nation-;Morgan Co.. Ala. "Dr. Pierce's
a",olila-ia Medical Illscov.-ry completely cured me
at a cost of only four dollars." ���',
. Fair a rree,ij*a.p.r.covered copy of Doctor
I Piew-eTr,.Cointiion Sense Medical Adviser
'sendftl one-cent stamps, to, cover customs
end mailing onlv. Clnth-botiwH 50 stamps,
Addrea-a, Dr. R. V. Pierce, niiffalb, N. Y. A
medical library in one ioc-8-page volume.
Messrs. Tupper, Peters and Potts,-
solicitors, of Victoria, have given
notice of application at the coming
session of the Legislature for a railway
from Cranbrook to Golden. It is understood that this charter is being
applied for by the C.P.R. in addition
to ths charter whieh has been already
granted, for a line over the same route,
and which is supposed to be in connection with tho sehsino of the Great
A tmra Riga at Croup.
Hoarseness in a child tbat is subject to croup is a surs indicatiou of the
approach of the disease. If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is given as soon
as tbs sbild becomes hoarse, or even
afssr tbs oroupy cough haa appeared,
it will prevent the attack. Many
mothers who have croupy children always keep thia remedy at band and
find that it saves thein much trouble
and worry, tc can always be depsnd-
ed upon and is pleasant to take. For
sals by all druggists, Langly and Co.
"Wholesale Agents Viotoria and Van-
In this .UI* to manage our business
peraaM In thu aule to managta our 1
hlbsir own snd nearby counties. It
lyedke work ooitdacted at home.
-1-1* W�� s yssr and expenses-i
LBomorenolesasalary. MoatklyRi
_���. "toctoMlMdMssed^staini-eil
avnlopa-, HerbertE. Hess. PNst., Dept. M,
The New; Denver Ledge remarks:-
"In our last'ismio appeared an item
stating that Fleisbmnnn, a Jew-peddler, had been arrested in Sa'ridon. The
name should have been ���Felatinan.' Mr,
Jacob I'Fleishmann, who i��ft regarded
everywhere in this Provincias a good
citisxn and a square business man 1; as
been much aunoyed by this item and
it-affords us much pleasure to say that
he was not the man. Old Umerk ,ssy
thM Jake|s Oiwof thfaquariist inen.in
,ti)e.,cquni"*y.",.,lv. j'     -*;���[
Lord and
OttaVa.    ���
Lady   Miuto   arrived   it
Margaret Davis died at. Jordan, aged
UO years.
The negroes are creating a reign of
terror at Paua, Hi.
John Shanley was murdered at St.
Paul yesterday.
The municipal safe at Altoun, Man.,
was blown open and 82500 stolen.
Armed mobs of whites are terrorizing
the negro population in N. Carolina.
The trial of Ponton '.he alleged bank
burglar will be renewed on Monday.
William Murray-*of Beavortori, Ont.,
was inurderod. A boy of 14 is
La Patrie says the Dominion bye
elections will be held before
Dreyfus writes that bs is ill and dying and asks his country to rehabilitate his memory.
Great Northern flyer beld np by robbers but efforts to open safe failed and
men-eince af reeteSr*"'	
The Republicans claim a majority of
IS candidates elected overall opposition
in the House of Representatives.
"" Major-Wal-th. says lie is going to
throw-his wboli energy into building
a railway frorJf^British Columbia to
the Yukon.    ,  '   ���    '*���
.The banquet to Premier Hardy at
Toronto was an immense suci-es-i. The
Hon: Messrs, Mij-ls, Peterson, Sifton
and Mulock wete-prescnt.
preme Court  it Victoria on  Tu*,i)ey     ii-i:"' ���-*�����&��� ���* -V* ���*. <*,*.     ,   ,*     -
J,ext ���    " .p ���.."The Hoa.i Jojeph Chamberlain  in a
politicnl-speech delivered at   Manches.
tei- denoumithd the unfriendliness   displayed by France to Great Britan,,
A RqBsian .teUgram aays.t(iat2'i
people broke through thai ice at Vet*
ictusting ..JM.d . ,-itu? . .whole wero
London, England, is greatly excited
at the rumors current that thore is a
probability of resumption of hostilities
between Spain and the United States
ut Aran I a ;*
Ths Wellington coal mine's owned by
the Dunsmuirs are on fire and an explosion of gas has occurred in the New
Vancouver Goal Co.'s inins at Nanaimo, but no-one killed.
At'Glasgow, .Kentucky, :R. Brown
shot and killed his father Louis McClelland,his mother and sister Bertha,
and dangerously woundsd bis brother.
Tho tragedy is supposed to bs ths result of a family quarrel
The Best -Plaster.
A plena of flannel damped with
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bound
on to the fleeted parts is superior to
any plaster. When troubled with a
pain In ths chest or side, or a lame
bsok, give it a trial. You are certain
to be more than pleased with tbs prompt
relief whioh it affords. Pain Balm is
also a certain oure for rheumatism.
For sale by all druggists Langly aft, Go.
Wholesal* Asjsnts Victoria and Vancouver.
News of a murder comes from Cascade City, it seems that in a rough
and tumble, free for all fight a man
named Lamb seriously injured a fellow
workman named Hezelburg who died
in the hospital in Cascade City and
Lamb  has been arrested.
While camping at Hell Gate canyon
Liard river, a band of armed Indians
surrounded a party and threatening
with death carried off ball their outfit
and ene third of food supplies. Iu fact
three whites had been murdered near
the same spot a tew months before by
Indians for the animal snares they were
carrying in thoir outfits.
Miners! The way for you to succeed
is to make known the resources of
your cainps. The way to do that is to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Eka. Subscribe yourself to the Era
ami send it to your friends. The Era
will tell them all about it better than
vou oan.
Mrs. Lake
boas to announce to the ladies
of Uolden that she has begun
business as MILLINER in
the premises lately occupied
by J. McMillan, opposite (I.
li. McDeriuot's store. Selected stock of the newest styles
Choice lot of Ladies Under
' clothing.   Children's clothing
TAKE i-OTICE that GO days lifter publi
cation of this notice 1 intend to make application to the Commissioner of Lands &
Works at Victoria, ]t,C, 10 purchase tho
following piece of lund situated In the Mining
Division of Windermere, North East Kootenay, B.C.:
Cpmnioucing at a post marked ll. It.
Brut-e's North East Cohior, situated about ,1
miles up from Iho mouth ot the Littlo North
For|t ot Toby Creek on the North side of tbe
said creek, thence Koutk 40 chains, thence
West 40 chains', theiice North 40 chains
thence East 411 chains to point ol' couiuicni e-
inonl, containing 11*9 acres. --
Dated at tho Little-\prth Fork of Toby
Crook this 18th day aif-.October ,-MW.     -. ���'
If. K. BRUCE-,* a \: >:'���
599Jal7 locator.
CriS!2 *l*HEBtstAiw-*&u.Mhcr
M?10     ��� pusrERM*DE
���yrr- CA.CHfLASTBIINEfllljEltD
��� MIB4UpiI(!0n
ry^**fmsoa\      ttomwAL
in ��&**d*x
Advertise in
���tHE  ERA.
1. Tour best   local
The Golden Era;
2. The thrice-a-week
New York World;
3. Finely illustrated
monthly magazine
The Cosmopolitan.
Brighten your homes for
winter These three,-forming a completes library for
one year for,..;]      .."���;.
Address ::
Tho Manager
Golden Era Co. Ld. Ly.,
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
ot price.   Catalogue tells you
why.  Write lor on*.
Me BROADWAY. Pactery.
Daily Mail
& Empire
Golden Era
Both papers will be sent to
any address for one year on
receipt of -.
��� '   ^3.50.
The cheapest and best
newspaper offer ever made.
Send address and remittance
"She Carries Her.Heart
on Her Sleeve"
Whidakoeafcsi-wraa^sr'.eeiaaallthlswsrelHsrallyH WswswailfWsmWt
keeauts this ssrUeslsr sr|U la shaeklsd by a-Ussass���aas jel hsts -mm Nam has if.
A|ss��'s Cars hr the Heart krssli.-l ajsiiut Ike |riei res��K.sa4 rs*M hk al Ms ***.
Diseases of the heart are by (ar the most trsachenas ottSlmntt MMlsMtl
to old aad young alike���net insidious but violent, for when ths heart tills thswMss-*W���a
wffers violence.   Dlseaseli�� Saiaes tars -affl not
conawlethe>u(Mafi3e��, Tba ease treat yeua e��
the haaaart--dckeae4 patM Is hew te gat taller aad k
cure.  Bt.AiMa'saMiNr'lMlssnrtaadipn.
eminently to-day as tlw star of hop. 10 saAnnlraai
heart trouble, and so tu past the eaparlnaatal p��M..
the belief that wen it MM this (real wksuly they
world have long ago passed Into tbe great bryood.
Most eminent doctors, whom heart cases havt hafled, ps-^.,
tested Dr. Agnew's claims, aad to-day they -juscift. H' ta.. "
their prscticea. tht quickest aad saft-M haiart nnwly knows ���
to medical tcleiKe.  What are the symptoms?  Palpltatiea.ftrt.
tering, ihonaeu of breath, weak and Irregular poise, swalUag if..
feet aad anklet, pain ia Ihe lift side, chilly seraatlqas, (alaiing
spoils, uncaiincu In -deeping, dropilcal tendency sad u maay
more indication, tbat the bean Is deranged.    Br. IgMfs
Curt for ths Heart is a beart .peciSc; and so esse too awte
to find relief from it liuiile of thirty nUnotis--apow��*il cere.
M.al��e,FiT.WTSies;ofCMiaaa-aanw.OM-,afterks-akishwe Umtf*.
by .oilnint phvsldu. (or hcut dlawau* ol in jeaaan'jUauattoi, am. iHs-
eflarscd(rgmlll.l����I-ltailau a kopatlaH. IrumaaaW.   ��!�����K** *MS
.caii.p.ln .ndpslpli��iliin,h��laKt-uid uUm tweOm tad tbm WM ���
.vaaT tendtmr to tho diqpslMj torn ofbeut dlseu., Wrl aalHitij f-
curcdDr.A.new'.C0M fct th.H..rtu adndaaaaaaW^'tSalMNta.
On. th-wwlievwlkiir ol. ajsryscatt .piwitla.-jiiitaa tMW> ���'	
ttdlla-a��l)c��UMaa��uc-dl>er---i��t..yB-f��oma��fl|-aelir "	
���petiiltiti In prajmlM of a con. .aad
jenefited, Keommcnda-d Dr. Aj-now*. Curo.
comfort .Imott 1-nmedt.t.l-*.   H. eontlnurd
Wuxuh C. LocAK-f tht N. * WJLLaM Me
Md, mtmi for jtm wlik SMS wonki ��i* Jf b
bio Buv.-U-.of-fcoc. bt. aotjmmm ik. ia
ud h. (pent a auulf focton. la |m��UM 1	
.   ..     . . .    .,���  tuilllista
H.|auMown,. - -,
dluue-coll bin
comfort almost ln**iied..t��lv.   Me eontlnurd It. us. until .few. bottlats w.r. taken. vva.to-*Jaf .S.S W.B
slrong,.nduys,"TeUrillie.rt.ii(l.Krilli.tI-aal��HbI-f namuMSd (h|��irMHtSMdj.-* ^     -
DR. AdNBW'S OINTMENT eil��.ec��i-*t^rk.-i��,t��taw,-^tailMd -Jlllt��i>* IUa
cure. pile. In lbr.a to five nisbt-a. jscmu.
DS. AdNEW't CATARRHAL >OWDBR-^lawaHeoMIntk.bwdttl*��yfciitr>as��.ialsel|., ��&.
cure most stubborn ud laing.la-DdlagcL..hcM��qulcklr-wl.|*en-uii!---ip7. .a .v;
DR. AONKWS LIVER PILL* Can cainstlpallon, lajlto.-aam, aalckba-sdMlSfc MnW Wl  <****��
skin, tjodoam. -to-won. '*'���'. '.',.'      .', ''*': * *Ty''
SOLO  BY  C  A.   WARREN.     '- *      ;^i..-   rtu   -:���
Notary Public; Mining, Real: -Estate.JM^^.
Commission X|Bn&'--\*^*;:''':'|
���GOLDEN;  B.,G^
Dteeds prepared and attested';
Phi ' -     - *-
'������'���������'���* i'.i*.
������1 :>'.:. >���;*'
���ties represented ii P^Jitie court, Small Debts-cwiRt'a-ai" .'-,���:
County court. ������ �� - ������ ;   *-��� i-"'-;^W^r:;^ ^.f,M
Accounts collected and, disputed claims adjusted..       '���'
Town Lots and Farm Lands for sale.   .    >.   -:.-   -v'- y1;'''
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in various parts of"+ *
British Columbia. ;j... .:     *'    ,.'..
Gold (jnartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-Lead Prosikcte an4'- *'
Developed Properties on liond. '-��,
Ores   Purchased.
;* �����.'
Reports and Information Furnished. *-��*-*j-4<
Stocks in British Columbia Mines Bought and Sold.      ;, *
Cable Address:   KANAGAN^ Golden. ���   .v.-.,..
Codes in use:   Moreing & Neal, and Bedford .McNeill. ���":,   ,'**
,. , a'    ,'���*,ii , ���     ������        , ,-.,ffe-J.J'-';
... the polumbia House,
Golden, B.C.
i�� -.ii
.��� ���?������/,&,*...'���:���
A Strictly First Class Hotol in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for'Mining and Commercial Men.
Wm. McNeish, Prop*.
First Class Tailoring.;    I:
I have just opened a first-class Tailoring ;
Establishment and Repair Bhpp at tho? ���Cfcttk '*.
end of the Kicking Horse bridge .
Sign of the Scissors;;
I am here to stay, and if first-class wojkman-
ship, perfect fit,.,and reasonable price is of
interest to you, we solicit your patrpnag-a
Satisfactiori Gu^t.ra.ii.teedr
1    .   .   1*
UT-r-. - ���e^*^.'


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