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The Golden Era Jun 10, 1898

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Array /
The Golden Era
It tht most widely circulated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper lhat
It rsad by the miners, the ranchers,
tht railroaders and lumbermen.
fnbicriptlon, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance	
Map of Golden-
Mining Division
Jty V. C. 1.111:.*...
On receipt nf 81 copies of this valuaLI.
map will bo mailed by
Tbe Golden Era Company L'td. Lby.,
Golden, B. C.
VOL. VII.   NO. 45
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 18.18.
I?2 Per Year
General 0 merchant.
5. 9. 9-9. -���-> 3 ���**> o a a c~o o cjd
Cheap Clearing Sale
Of Furniture,
Bedroom Sets
Spring Mattrasses
Dining-room Tables
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Kitchen Tables, Common
Chairs, Lounges, Etc.
A Few  Patterns in Wall Paper   Greatly
Reduced in Price.
The    Election    Campaign.
W. C. Wells Opens Fire at Windermere.
done. This led him to look for some I vv hat influence ha might havt w|th tht
oiut.on of his ooil'luot. He hnd not i 0. P. R. to induce thein to promote the
to go . ery far. During lust session an setthmont of their lauds. He musts.y
appropriation was made tor tlio Teslin [ litis for the management of the C,P.l*.
Lake Hallway.     Messrs. McKenssle &. that when lie had any reasonable eautn
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
Tha Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
Ihe Reliance Loan & Sayings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Ra/.way Accident Insurance Company.
... the rolumbia House,
A Strie'ly Fint Class Hotel lu Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brandt of Liquors and Cigars.
Tht Table it Seoond to None.
Headquarters lor Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop
�����*��*��� vs>
Headquarters for Commercial men,
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
       Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates SJJ.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercialand Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
J-Iol; and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
SlOst lroprlotor*.
jtS'Weure Manuf aeturers anal Direct Impor
ters, aud carry
���furnaces.   Fire
a Large Stock of Balances,
Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glue*.*
ware, Platinum Goods,
Acids. Cheiniculs, snd all
other Assayera' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crupj.blo Goinpaiiv, Batter-
[sea; Becker's Son's  Balan-
es; Brunlon & Pearne's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
MACFARt^B & Co.,
Van��OnVer, fi. C. H	
V.O. R�� 9W��. Telegraphic A<Wr*M.   "ASSAY," Vaneonver.it.C.
Wt Ot Wolls, tlm Opposition candi
'lute in the coining Provincial elections,
opened tho Iiu 11 ut Windermere on Mon
day iiijjit liy addre!>siuy; the electOI'B
ii* the Presbyterian Church building.
Thero was u large and representative
attendance, S. Brewer wus voted to
the chair, and iu a humorous man net'
he opened the meeting His remark
that the Government was about to he
called to account fur its sins, when it
wuuld have to mo once aud for all,
wns greeted with hearty cheers. He
then called on the candidate to open
the ball.
Mr. Wells, on rising, was received
with prolonged elm-is. Iu a clear and
('leaning speech lie said this Candida
ture had been in a manner thrust upon him. lie had been urged to come
lorward aud hud been adopted by the
Opposition Convuitiou us their candidate, Though it had not b..en his
wish to enter this contest ho recognised that, having obtutued a cousider-
tihlo stake in the country, he had a
duty to perform, and hence his consent to become a candidate. He was
glad to sue such a large meeting, and
if thia meeting was to be any indication as to the result of this election
victory fur the Oi |ioaitiou parry waau
foregone conclusion (cheers). He referred first of uli to the fiimnce of the
Government, shoeing that they weie
already face to face with a delioit uf t*
million dollar*
The annual deficit, iu the absence of
material contributions to the development of tie country, showed that
t era wass jniething wrong somewhere.
Another point ou which he did not
agree - with the government wus their
mm hod of disposing of dm public lands.
He quoted from the Ouluu.n Era the
plunks uf the plutform of the Opposition Convention held at New Wist-
min-iter on October Uth, aud endorsed
the rt forms therein proposed. He considered that the residents of this valley
had good reason to appreciate the necessity of an ulteiaiiou in the system
uf disposing of the public lauds, H.
condemn* d t he laud grunt to tbe Upper
Columbia Navigatieu Company for a
work that was uiteily useless aud butt
Low bs-'ti abamioued. Then there wuh
thn Canal Flat lund grunt, by which
3-),ClO acres of the public lauds bad
been given awiiy in exchange lor the
construciion of a di'xh, a work thai
wus worse than useless, us it huu
threatened to drown out the settlers ot
the Valley, aud cost the Government
two or three thousand dollars to till it
up again. That was a ridiculous,
nonsensical grunt, made without un..
consideration or enquiry ou the part uf
the government us to w net lier the work I
would accomplish what was intended.:
uud without any provision whateter, j
for securing to th.* province some tqui-
valeut for the bug*, lund grant, Au
other instance was I hut of the hum
grant for the Nelson and Uubsuu
railway. The worst feature of this
affair was that, although this railway
was of no advantage to the
District whatever, being locate.!
iu West Kootenay, the
Company th,.t built ic had been per
mined t j muke up their lund grant bv
picking out Htnl.tpprupriH'iug 10 them-
-ttdves the finest latitis iu the vailey.
tn us shutting up the district from settlement. Bur what put the capon uli
was the charter for the building of the
B. C. Southern railway.
That charter was backed up by the
government, It wus a charter Unlike of which hud never been known in
this country or any ether for iis extravagant terms, giving away as it
did tq iho Hon Col, Baker and hie
friends nearly 4.000,000 acres of th
public lands ami tbore not ntces-mnlj.
tu the viciuiu of the railway (elm-is)
That charter covered the grunt of till*,-
UOU acrts ofthe finest coal lauds in the
world. Col. Baker disposed of his
railway charter for ITu'.OOO in cash
and retained tha coal lands without
having even contributed u dollar tu
the public reveuue in exchange for
such valuable oouoi ssiuns To characterise that us u deliberate "steal" was
to use a very mild term (cheers). If
these coul hinds wero held today by
the Province the revenue derived from
thftm would be such as to build everj
railway in the Province for the next
2 > years (Renewed Cheers). The C P,
B. were geitfng from the Dominion
Government a cash subsidy sufficient
to hut Id a railway independent Of tho
Und subsidy which had been given by
the Province. As Col. Baker still
held the coal lauds ihe people of the
Province had actually made a present
of that immense area of the public
lands to, the C. P, R. He remembered
seeing in the annual report of   the   C.
consideration. No doubt the C. P. R.
had already issued bonds against
these lands to the amount of several
million doll KIN and had put the mone\
so realised iu tlieit pockets.���amounting probably tn some 10 oi \2 million
dollars. No doubt Col. Baker received
some consideration on the side fur the
comparutm-lv small sum for which he
handed owr the B, C. Southern grant
to the C. P. It., and it was evident
that consideration was the booming ol
atowiisi'e at Craul.rook.
Mr. Wells then dealt with the financial position  of  the   Province.       He
pointed out the danger of a government so ii.is using   its   rhiiui es   tl at
what were known as the fixed diaries
must absorb the whole of the le.un.e,
resulting in Increased and opprer-slve
taxation.     That was the position into
which we were drifting in ttritltdi v. 1-
umbiu. and the result   was   that   tho
country already hud to burrow to pay
the annual deficit.       This borrowing
policy for such  purposes   must   have
the direct result of increasing the fixed
charges and bringing about  tno  very
state of things which they must avoid
if the finances of the country weio   to
be kept in a sound condition.     Otherwise their finances wonld soon get into a state in which tho revenue would
be so absorbed by  fixed charges that
thero would be no funds aviiila.-J-s  for
the further opening up ofthe country
as development proceeded.   What was.
wan red was a   new   policy, whereby1
borrowing   in   the  London     market
should be limited to legitimate definite
projects, which would themselves provide for the liquidation   of   tho   loan
und payment of interest over   a   long
term of years.       By adopting such a
policy they could   put  waggon  roads
into every  mining   camp   where   the
propels were   such   as   ro warrant
their being worked.       There   was   u
royalty levied by the   Government of
Ik per cent on the net product of mines.
That re veils o isl.f-uld be set aside for
the specific purpose of providing inter
est uud sinking fund on the moneys required to give the necessary uccess. In
this way they could place a numb-tv of
important mines in tho District on the
shipping list as soon as tho necessary
roads wero constructed,   thus giving
employment  to   labor,   affording   the
farmers a market at  their   doors   for
iheir produce, increasing the   business
of the District, nnd developing its  resources which are now   lying unused
for want of ihe necessary facilities. As
nearly as he hud been able to get at it.
the resources of ths North   Riding   of
East Kootenay would justify thein   in
"inn on the Government to  provide
say ��i.' 'i.OiO for the   construction   of
roads and the opening up of the District in an effective manner,   so   that
every miuo which was   in   a position
otherwise to become a shipper should
have the transportation facilitie-i  for
enabling the ore to he got out.       He
would hate that loan fund treated as u
Strictly separateue.-oiint, to be applied
to specific purposes and with a specific
revenue to liquidate it over a period of
2it or 30 years,
Mr. Wells then dealt with the $5,-
000, U00 loan authorized last session
uud pointed out that not a Hollar of
that loan wus available for the development of the District, although the
property of tbe District was just ss
much liable for it as whs the taxable
property on the Coast, which alone
would bo benelit led by it as matters
no oil. If elected ono of his first duties
would he to demand for the develop.
ment of this District a fair share of
that loan, and as they had to pay their
share of tho revenue they were entitled
to a proportionate benefit (cheers),
He would asV tbetn to pardon him
if he made an oxplanation of u personal nature,in refercucj to his candidature. Ho had accepted the nomination
of the Opposition Convention, Aming
those who hud. urged b>8 candidature
above uli others was W. G. Neilson,
whose urgent requests that he should
lit),*oine a candidate date I back some
twelve months ago, and he had
attached much imp<nance to Wr Neilson's representations and re pouted
pledges of sup; ort. It was not mote
than three weeks ago since Mr. Noil-
son had again given him assurances
of his support. He (Mr. Wells) hid
said to bitn that he could not give his
time from his business. Mr. Neilson
replied: ���' Wolls, we'll elect you without opposition." He was therefore
very much surprised when he learned
of Mr. Neilson's opposition. They
might naturally say   there  must   be
P.R.a boost of iheexceptionully favor-'something wrong that a man of Mr
able terms on whioh these lands had Neilson's character and reputation
been  obtained   for  a merely nominal    bould take the  stand   he  had   now
Mann wero the coniraciors for tho
work. There was an agreement arrived ut. He (Mr. We'll*) approved of tho
terms of tho contract in itself. It involved au expenditt.ro of fl.600.000,
but be (Mr. Wells) e;-.pressed a doubt
at the time as to vvlifther Messrs. Alc-
Kcnzio & Mann would build I lie roud
ou the tiruis then agreed upon. It now
turned out that Messrs*, McKeiizla &
Munn hud declined to accept tho terms
of the contract and had thrown it Up
What did that inerth? It meant thoy
were going to the Parliament of the
Province for an Increasad subsidy.
They had no intention nf losing such
an opportunity und at the next session
of Parliament they would again appear
and ask an increased subsidy. What
then was more natural than that they
should endeavor to have members returned at this election who would help
thein to -^ot that appropriation. The
Government no doubt had told Messrs.
McKcuzic. & Maun that if they wanted
to make sure of a more liberal appropriation being granted them they must
help get. members returned who would
back it up, The only available man
they could call upon was Ml*. Neilson.
their managing man here, and tbey
had no tloi.bt told him he must accept
nomination and go to Victoria to support a further subsidy to them. 'Ihe
electj1-s were now face to fitcjwirh the
facts, Mr, Neilson might say that he
was not going to sin port the Go* phi
ment but wns nn Independent. Was
there any reason in such n position?
ah. Netlsuu am. he had discussed the
political situation iiuely during the
past 18 months and Mr. N flson knew*
well and agreed with his views us to
the necessity for tho removal from
office of a government which hnd so
extravagantly ui-.d corruptly conducted
tho business of tho country (oheprs).
Mr. Wells concluded by assuring
the meeting of his uuruost wish to
bring ubout the remedies he had suggested and to promote the best, interests of the District. He recogniz d
the responsibility that would rest on
him in the event of his being returned
as their Kepresy initive and would take
steps to gel out of a business which
had so far ougros>ed the whole of his
iime so that he might davptetheneces
sary time md attention to promoting
then interests. He offered to answer
questions which the electors might de
sire to put and thanked t *?ein for the
patient hearing thoy had feiven hitn.-
(Loud cheers).
Mr. Carter urged thorn to put aside
party fceiingsand vote for tho best
man. Ilecx, Inland that Mr. Neilson
way unable to be present that evening
us he had other engagements.
Mr. Kimpton said Mr. Neilson had
told him be would be in tho district
eoveral days,
Mr. Wells said Mr-Neilson had been
specially a invited to be present at
that meet ing aud defend himself
against the injustice he had done him
in opposing him after having promised
his unqualified support. Ho said it
had been charged against him also
that he hud paid his employes very
low wages He was prepared to say
that he daid higher wages than any
other milling concern in the mountains
and would submit his books so that
thoy could be compared with the wages
paid by the other mills und if he could
not justify hi/3 assertion he would retire from the contest within th j next
24 hours (cheers).
K. A. Haggen thon addressed ths
In reply to Mr. Brewer's question us
to the taxation of railway lands, Mr.
Wills said that as soon as the laud became subject tu taxation under the contract it was the houiuhm duty of the
Government to levy the tax. He denounced tbo mortgage tux. He would
support tho maintenance of the rate of
wages now paid to men employed on
government works in the district
In reply to Mr. Harris, Mr. Wells
said that iu event of settlers having
to pay the cost of survey that should
be deducted from the amount to be
paid tu tho Government for the land,
ns fie contended all lands should be surveyed when oi-ened for soitlement.
With reference to tho C. I\ R. laud?
in the district be would be glad to use
for complaint, and had submitted it to
tho Board of Management he had never
fuiled to cbtain a remedy. That dioT
not alter the fact that the Company
had received concession in the district
to which they were not entitled in tbe
public interest, but it was the govern*
ment tbat gave these concessions that
wss to blame, aud that was the Turner Government, which he wus before
them that night to oppose,
Ent9itainment at Windermere
One of the most pleasant owning-)
spent at Windermero was on Saturday
night, tin; occasion being an entertainment organized in aid of the fund for
building a public ball aud organizing
a library. Mr. North way was chairman and briefly explained the object
ofthe entertainment, which opened
with a " douky " puzzle The following programme was presented :��� Glee
hy Mesdames Kimpton und Rehdur,
Miss Gibbous, and Messrs. Taynton,
and Rehder. Mrs. Put more on tho
guitar, uud Mr. Wat kins on the violin
played the accompaniment, . An encore was heartily demanded, but the
chairman said recalls could not be allowed owing to tho limited time.
Master C. Kimpton gave a clover recitation, and this  was   followed   by   a
ar ette by Mr. and Mrs. Rehder,
lira. Kimpton and Mr Taynton. Then
came, a dialogue by the schowl children
and a reading by E. A. Haggen. A
c. aracter sketch was cleverly given by
Masters 0. Brewer, Morijouu. V. Kimpton, Misses M.trijeau, and Vera Pat-
more. J. Hughes was deservedly encored for an item on the barrel organ.
The item of the evening was a Highland Fhng by Miss Vera Pat more
which drew forth tho plaudits of tbe
a.idienci), and the clever little maid hud
tu respond tu un encore. Rucitutions
followed by Masters Morijeau and A.
Vt Kimpton, A pretty chorus was
then given hy Mesdames Kimpton und
Rehder, Miss Gibbous, Messrs. Rehder
a id Taynton, accompanied on the
guitar by Mis. Pat more, and on the
violin by Mr, Warkins. Recitations
by Masters Brewer and A. V. Kimpton
brought tho entertainment to a closa.
Advantage waa taken of the interval
to huve a sale of home-made candy.
On he call of Mr. Haggen hearty votes
of thanks were accorded by acclamation to the ladies who got up the affair, nnd to the chuiiunun.
At the invitation of W. G. Neilson
tho audience went to the landing,
where they bourdod tho Duchess, and
were taken by Capt. Bacon for a trip
p and down the lake. The treat was
a most enjoyable one, and music aud
dancing were indulged in. Ou the return to the landing, hearty cheers
were accorded to Mr. Noil sen for hia
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(ICltc COolhctt (Siva
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We publish in  another column  the
address of Mr. W. C. Wells tjhisoou-
stltuonts.    Mr. Wells is tho candidato
put forward in opposition to tho  Turner-Pooley Governmont,   having  been
asked to come   forward   a  year ago.
His e tmlidatura was adopted   by   the
Liberal   Association   last   year,    and
again by   the   Opposition convention
recently held at Golden.     The address
compiled and issued by Mr. Wells is a
capital ono, covering as   it   does   tho
principal grounds of opposition to  the
Turner-Pooley   party.        Mr.   Wells
draws attention in his address to  one
most important   point,   and  that   is
that ot the  five   million   dollar   loan
authorised last session,   not   a dollar
has boen voted to East Kootenay. Yet
the people of this district are aa  much
responsible for that loan  as   are   the
peoplo at tho Coast.   Their property is
subject to the increased taxation necessary to pay tho interest,  and  sinking
funds on it just as much as  ths   property of tha couct cities of Victoria.tint)
Vancouver, which will receive almost
tho entire benefit from the loan.     Mr.
Wells contends, and rightly so, that a
gross injustice is being dons  to  this
district by such a   scheme,   vchon   it
would be far move to the true interests
ol tho Province as a wholo to havo the
interior  opens!   up than  to squander millions an a railway to tho Yu-
which is a work really belonging
to the Dominion, and one with   whioh
Hie Province should have   nothing   to
do.    Messrs.     MeKouzia      & Mann
is   not satisfied  with    the  imn.onse
loan with   which   the Turner-Pooley
Governmont has endeavored to gorge
it, hut, like Oliver, it is  "asking fer
more".     These gentlemen having u-
fused the offer of   the  Turner Pooley
party, tho money cannot now   be  expended till it is again denlt  with   by
Parliament.     Here Mr. Wells cleverly
hits the nail oq the bund hy his pledge
that he will d- his utmost   to   obtain
(or the opening up of this District a
[air share of that loan,     It is c riain
tho Opposition party is going to carry
the elections as a whole, and with that
pledge from Mr. Wells, and will)   Ihe
certainiiy of a change of government,
tho.'e is not the  slightest  doubt   but
that the present injustice to this District will be removed,   and   ihe   loan
moneys reapportioned to open up Borne
of the main   roads   in   this  District.
Tbat means that the Uppor Columbia
Valley Roud from Donald to tne Peace
River will be constructed.       This   is
without exception the most important
road in British Columbia today, afford-
ing as it does  tbo   shortest  snd best
route to the Peace Rivor snd Omeuica
districts; whilo under present arrangements hundreds  ol   people  going   in
there have had lo go by Edmonton cr
Ashcroft,  and   have   outfitted  thero,
when that trade ought, and would have
been seenred to Donald and Golden had
this route been opened up.   It is a crying  shame  that   the  Turner Pooley
Government havo only  allotted  45800
for that route this year.     That appro-
prlntion is merely a return of a fraction o[ tho revenue raised in, and paid
by, tho people of the District, and does
not include a cent of loan moneys. Tho
vole is only snifficient for a short twopenny-halfpenny trail,  and  has  been
put in hand in such a way as  lo suggest an attempt to bribe the poople of
Donald to voto for the Turner-Pooley
ring. The Government evidently holds
Donald e.'�� p at that price;   but if we
aid wo reckon they havo a higher opinion of their value and are not likely to
bo hoodwinked by any such trickery.
Not oi.ly will Mr. Wells's policy mean
the opening up of this great trunk
road, but we shall have waggon roads
from Boavor to the Bennison Mine-
tlie best Mine today in North-East
Kootenay, and which will not be
worked'ill a road is built ���to Bald
Mountain, to McMurdo Country [ up
So. 2, Horsethief, Toby and Dutch
Creeks. This will do more to develop
the resources of Uritlsh Columbia, and
to add to its wealth, than all tho Yukon railroads cvarr projected. A well-
known miningengiiiec;i' from Rossland.
who recently visited Windermere, informed us that he knoevs of a dozen
mines there that could ship ore nf a
profit if ibey could get waggon roads
up Toby and Horaethiol Creeks to enable I hat. ore tn be landed to tbo river.
Sen what thai means lo lite District
compared with the little trull expenditures now being ni.ule in tliat district
to bribo the electors. Tbo District is
entitled lo these expenditure? without
any fear or favor, and thoy would
have had lo be mado an} how. Because men nro being employed nn ihom
now is no reason why electors should
Sell their souls us dirt for a few dollars
ot government money, whicli after all
has been paid by and is the property
ol the people of tbo District. Mr.
Wells makes his pie-due. Ho is a men
who means what bo says. He has
propounded tbe I est. policy ever put
forward in the Interost of this District.
Ii is a sound, honest policy. Let us
fight for tbe man and elect jiitn as our
representative, and bis policy must
and will bring to East Kootenay that
prosperity for which tbe people have
so long and fondly hoped.
ho end ot that time racked with pain
nud weighing 4U pounds less, At this
juncture, when hope had almost fled,
I hoard of Paine's Celery Compound.
Ii seemed suited to my case, and I
sent to my druggist, Mr. J. W. Hig-
ginboilisin, of thi- place, ond asked
about it. He recommended it to me,
iiinl I took a bottle I soon began to
feel better, and after taking the second
bottle I was a cured man an threw
itway my crutches.
I keep a bottle on hand in case of
any return of the complaint. I am
now 58 years old, and I feel as spry
and healthy and free from pain as ever
I did in my life. I was horn in Norfolk, England, an.l came lo Canada
when only 3 years old, 1 wns brought
up iii the township of Cornwall, Ontario, and enme to Manitoba eight
years ago. Have always been a farmer, and am us able to do hard work
now as ever I was. ���
With a heart full of gratitude forthe
benefits derived from I he use of your
reiurdv, und a wish to influence others
w ho may suiter, I gladly and freely 111-
elite' ibis letter,
Yours gratefully.
Jambs Lkveiiinqtox'
Virden, Man.
Mr. J. W. Higgiubothani, ihe suc-
i:cs*(ul and extremely popular druggist
of Virden, vouchers for Mr. Levering-
ton's statements, as follows:
I have known Mr. Levorlngton for
two years or more, and can confirm
whai. he stays in regard to bis cure by
Pallia's Celery Compound. Ever since
bis cure he has been sounding im
praises, and be is a perfect enthusiast
on tbe subject of Paine's Celery Compound. 1 believe him to bo thoroughly
J. W. Hkioiniiotiiam,
Information Department
Br. Agnew's Ointment,
Mr. James Gaston, merchant,WUkeabarro,
Pa., writes :->Por nlno year.i I have been
illal-giircti Willi ttt:cr ..n lianaln nod fare,
lint at last 1 nitre founel a cure' In Dr.
agnew's ointment. My skin is now
8mooib nnd'sofi nntl free from over., blemish;  The drat upiillcfltlon give relief.���*30.
Sold by V. A. Worren
cure ��u vault Mint with
A Kodlclns Ch.st In Itself.
Simp!., Safo sad Quick Curs for
89 and 50 cont Bottles.
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post oard addressed to ms
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29to
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 2Bto.
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, O. E.
Provincial Lfiud Surveyor.
Hub-Agon*: Uomiiiinn (ioverument.
Afftmt Donrinimi Towni-ite, (Jnl.i.-ii.
8)*Gt*inl <Uttm-.i-.i- to Minor... I Mum.
���JO. Office.. At.jj.ui-.lQr I.lot'k, t*oUen.
Barrister, -Solicitor ��fc
-  -  -  Notary Public.
Office Rt Upper Colombia. Navigation
Co, Builtlint!, Golden. B. O.
Will ������(. iu Golden on Monday of ouch
week. 36ig
TIiopo desirous of obt^ininfy information roijiirding the mineral sections of
Kast Kooteiiay ami their resonrcea,
will he furnished snfih information by
HdilrusMiiK their inquiries tothe Editor
of tho Eha, free of charge.
iQ*^   In tin. olden tim-ps,
phvs*ici.ins accoitntea
wise,   searched   vainly   for   the
Klixlr of Lit'.-, or the Utiowlediftf
���t-yhcicby lift: rrttght be pioUjn��rcd.
We nor.* know tlir.t there i:; no such thin*
ar, an Enx\r of Lif;-.   But we have* leartn.a
ti,:i.t life may lit- pvolnnged by those who
t,i> tin* rig-lit mcafiures.
Any man or woman who will tali*-- ep.re of
health and tnlce tht nf?iU remedies for ill
health, may live to a ripe old age, When
a my.i fe*e�� out of soUh, when be gets up
In the tnorniny tired put after a restless
r.i-ilit, end g-u-a h.y.ne in tiie evening eoin-
pletely knocked out with his day'.* work,
without appetite or ambition, he in a siclc
man. If he doea not take the right remedy
be will toon he in the gra-'p or consmnp-
tion, norvou.. pror-triiion, malaria, orsotnc
oth-r-r SL'riou;* malady.
A man In thi**-. condition should at onee
:er-orl to Dr. Pi-.-rce's Golden "Medical I)i8*
covcry. It ia the best of all medicines for
hard*worl;inff men and women. It makes
the appetite keen end hearty. It gives
sound and rcfreBhiltK sleep. It tones and
strengthens the whole system. It invigorates the heart and nerves. It n.akfs digestion perfect, the liver active and the blood
pure. It cures 98 per cent, of all ca=en of
consumption. It strenfrthens weak lungs,
and cures bronchitis, sjiiUiug of blood and
obstinate coughs. It is the great blood-
makf r and ficsh-buiider. It does not make
flabby flesh like cod Hver oil, but firm,
healthy, muscular tissue. It does not make
corpulent people more corpulent. Thou-
sands have testified to its marvelous merits.
Sold by all medicine dealers.
Vou know what you want. It is not *
dealer's business to tell you.
Send to Dr. R. V. Tierce, Buffalo, N. Y.,
for a free copy of the " People's Common
Sense Medical'Adviser. For paper-coveted
enclose *?i oue-ceut stamps to cover customs
and mailing only.   Cloth-bouud 50 stamps.
To  Lot.
An office in Golden in a conveniently
situated locality.    Apply ta
42Sjf3 Golden.
. . Robert Dodds .
..oil!en, It. C.
" *f?     m
Will   stnrt   business  next
Miller's building.
wosl.   ill
A Wonderful Letter
From a Grateful Man.
Paine's Celery Compound Saved His
I3HHAPS hu was a
cynic, but some one
has said that lu tills
age there are no
li.'itlthy women. The
age has many women, strong and
nohle pbysieally, as
they are mentally
nml morally; but It
Is true never.lii-lt'ss,
that a lurpe per-
ceutng.�� of the women of the country
suffer from nei-vnmt-
ness and general debility. Tbey dras
out a weary existence, and each day U
a day of pain and suffering. This wns
the cane with Miss Aanle Patterson, of
fiaekrllle, N. B. She suffered terribly
from Indigestion and nervousness. She was
Inf.uencfij by some one, somehow, to try
South American Nervine, Of eourse, It was
like hoping agtlnst hope���another patent
medicine. Tiut she had tnUen onlv one bottle
when her system hcg-iu tn take on the
health of earliest years, ond after using
three bottles she wns comnletely cured.
No wonder i-bn Is strong In her conviction
that them Is no remedy like South American Nervine.���20.
Sold by U. A. Warren,
Golden Muehcts.
Wheat SI.CO to SI.05
Oats   O.b'Oto   0.(18
Barlev   0,2;"> to  0 30
BeufflivG)  4:')0to  4.75
Beef (dr^sed)   8 50 to   8.50
Pork (live)   o.pO to   5.60
Pork (drcBsod)   H.C0 to   8.C0
Mutton 10.00 to 10.00
Butter  0.25 to  0.iJ5
Ejrgs  0.25 to   0.50
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 20 00
Hay (loose) 14-00 to 14.00
Potatoes  0.75 to  0.110
Clarence Ilersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(KsUblUlicd 1879) LBADVII.Mil, COLQBADO
bymr.U or express receive
prompt attention.
Lsi-ay Prieost���l��i>ld, silver and
lead, $1; r.ny two of tlio above, 'ihe, any ono.
ofthe above, &&���; copper analysis, ?!���. pltjU*
num, nickel or tip, ?".. Write lor full prwsi
list and mailing envelopes.
The Great Pain Raiiever
Superior to All Others.
It  relievos   the pnins ���nd nelics Ihe
minute applied,   It Cures: ���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can be usod inierually ss well as ex-
trrnnlly.   Hundreds testify to its
Magical  relief.   No home should
bo without it.,
.Sold by all dealers.   25 cts. 91to
Physicians, Medicines and Mineral Spring Failed Him
In His Time of Need.
Judicious advertising is the keystone ol slices*. Advotllse in tho
Golden Era.
Stable to Rent
Oppoaito tlio Qoecn's Hotel.  Inquire nt
(kooii's Hotel for terms. Aak for proprietor.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAI, is now open for tbt
admission of put lent*.
TICKETS may ho had from the .under*
signed or any uioiuter of tlm
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or .Si*
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary,
Ths Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,0.00.
1200,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Seeurily
of   Poliey  Holders.
Presiilont���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Viea,Pr��.'ldsiit-*3ossph W. Flsrells  Esq.
Managing Uirecior���F. ti. Cox.
E. A. HAOOtssf,
219 Agent, Golden, B. C.
Licvt. e>
You   Ship   to Headquarters When
Fnll Pricc.i.   Covrest Selection.
A [Prominent  Drnffftlst   Vouches for
the Truth of Every Gtatetiiunt*
Immediate Ueuilttitneuai
E, A. HAWE,,,
, Resident Agent,
j7iv,)      . Goldes.B.C , know anything of the people of Don-
Wblls k Richardson Co.,
GentleHAN: -I think it my duty,
without solicitation from any one, to
write in tho intercsrs of otlier sufferers,
und givo you a restimonial in favour
of your (to mo) altnosr. miraculous
remedy, Paine's Celery Compound.
For more than a year I was suffering
from the ngornziug pnins ol sciatica,
and afier trying all tliat medical skill
could de'-isoand using many remedies
patent nnd otherwise, I concluded to
try the Hot Springs at Banff. I took
the treatment thoroughly and caro-
fully for six weeks, and came home at
Hides, Pelts,Wool
Tallow,  Ginseng,  Seneea.
You Ship   to Us.
BopM ud Tag' Israiils* Vies.
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.
&   CO.     Inc.
No Comnit.alsn l'ti.ra)��i.
800*312 Klrat Ave, Sorlh
mi nx i. a pom!-, nnra.
Send for our uewlHttfl-C&inW.itai.,
iiiujtt.rii.tt-d in color**., cun tin a ing full
dnwrlptloaa of all our 'Hanoi* .'.'id
Ortiini. RKMEMM*.R ��������> nre tno
ouly tlrm of ftitttml niRr.i:fi.iMurero
m-inni* excliAliely to thy KfiwriU
  pumlo dirt'i'i, ot liictory cfiit���iho
.SSSffiS-SK Wfflffi&Sif &��'*'
" ������'** ������"������ m.owm3mm*m. sa!��FiSs��sia.���**6i,-rt��,.. ���-���_-*_"���, s ."7l^'t*T?.'*l*, *S!WB ������. 15���?*?**?"***
..A..AiA.A.A,*..-s..A|<||A ykotm^m*
lo stilt vour clr-riunotanroib plt��o�� oniorgivniiBmm^ ttowTf ly awft rial itl yourowii lioraq
" "'- '-"-llltindvuti      "       ' '
ni warratuior twanty-five youri. Ko rontiriy tfe-Lit.
u ttiier our
11. mii-cli.!::��������� - fti-f.i-finf.ecft.
Mi-.rt.li'r'iVlfi",-in,;. hnTilt, your b=.iik,
iiiiy !Hinkltli��i-iliti'r��>rr.h1'*|V.pril or nf any
of tu*. mull limit) ot imtpo'w vli�� Imio jnir-
elm. ni MllJiimn of d,)|',iis wnnli of iaMni-
int'iitf* from tu durftin noorlv W yrnrri. Our.
Hi'-ivlook"Tlr>' Hiiiii oftiiol'fwpiu/'ronttln';
iiiHrit, tlioiiEni.i' rc-*.'(-ti-s r<-iorctu*i'H, rent fie*-.
CORNISH  & CO.,    <-iry^-  'ulAftiiiuofnil  M "i i^-^JI
���- - ���-��������rTi��.Tiy.yiy.*y.^.TlyT^^lyv,^'V,v.T,TI
'lEKM-'i: No halKfin-lIon, No I'ay.
^ViiSjS'ft.r pirtli'Mt.tJT* l��r I'Tui^fi^r'ajr^
Mlai'  *t..|��artn(-f��ltlp   JMan   by <
will'!', niiv one enn i-iuliy i.bmJii u.s
Ct-lLSislt I'luno or Organ for noth. S
liift.   Full oxi.liuiaUdii v ith Wr-ryt!
.���VrVl'#iy|-visy)yy'y,1t.)iyty|yfs>T-yT' THE GOLDEN ERA, "FBIDAY, JUNE 10, 1893.
The date of tho Provincial elections
(or British Columbia is Saturday,
July 9ib.
Frank Bubar left on Sunday for his
ranch on Kettle River, Okauagau
Geo. Rehder, manager of Col. McKay's store, Windermere, is in town
this week.
Thos. McNaught. Esq.. financial
agent and and mining broker, returned from the Old Country on Tuesday.
About 100 Italians left Toronto on
Thursday for the West, where they
havo been em-aged to work on the
Crow's Nest ltoad.
Hundreds of thousands have been
induced to try C.iaiuk'rl..iii'u Cough
Remedy, by reading what it has done
lor others, and having tested i's merits for themselves are today its warmest friends. Sold by nil druggists,
Langley k Co wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
If you want a business, advertise
and get it; if you have a husinetj-i, advertise and keep it. Put your ud. iu tl.e
Golden Era.
The improvements effected by Mr.
Griffith to the frontniie of the Govern
ment offices is having au excellent
effect how that the flowers aro coming
into bloom.
Sheriff RA.lgr.tro lias hoen uppointeil
returning officer for the Provincial
elections for tho ftor'h Riding of East
Kootenay. The position was offered
to Mr. Griffith, S. M., but he declined
The speed nf the Duchess has been
much improved hy the alterations mad.'
in her machinery before the oponing of
navigation, and passengers aro no.,
delighted with the run she now makes
to Windermere.
"For three years we have never
been without Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhcoa Remedy in the
house," says A. H. Putter, with E. C.
Atkins k Co., Indianapolis, Ind.. and
my wife would as soon think of being
without flour as a bottle of this Rein
edy in the-summn- sea-ton. We have
used it with all three of our childrci
and it has never failed to. cure not
simply stop pain, but cure absolutely.
It is all light, and anyone who tries
it will find it so." For sale by all
druggi-'ts, Langley k Co, wholesale
Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
fince the opening of the war bet wren
the United States and Spain ive havt
been at considerable expense and
trouble to issue a daily war bulletin
Owing to the unreliability uf the tele
grains lately supplied we have decided
to discontinue It.
J. D. Graham, late Gold Comraiss
i jner at Revelstoke, has been presents..
with a hitndsoma gold watch aim
chain in token of the esteem in which
he wat held as a public officer.
Mr. Isiac Horner, proprietor of thi
Burton House, Button, W. Va., am
one of tho most widely known men it
tho state was cured of rheumatism
after three years of suffering. He says:
"I have not sufficient command ol
language to convoy nnd idoa of what I
suffered, iny physicians told ine that
nothing could be done for mc ; and m.i
friends were fully convinced that nothing but death would relieve mo of
my suffering. In June, 1894, Mr
Evans, then salesman for tho Wheeling Drug Co., recommended Chamberlain's Pain Balm. At this time my
foot and. limb were swollen to more
than double their normal size end ii
seemed to me my leg would burst, bin
soon after I began using the Pain Balm
the swelling began to decrease, tin
rain to leave, and now I consider thai
���I am entirely cured. For sale hy all
druggists, Langley k Co., wholesale
Agents Victoria und Vancouver.
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance the interests of the
distriot, Soud ii lot a year's subscription!
Dr. Brett, of Banff, is a warm supporter of Mr. Wells's candidature, anil
strongly denounces Mr. Neilssn's perfidy iu asking Mr. Wells to stand, promising him his support, and the
I'.sniiug out in opposition to him, Tl e
Doctor has offered to address meetings
on Mr. Wells's behalf it required mill
will probably speak at Donald.
, It has lawn held that consumption is
hereditary, and the fact tbat one per*
son of a family had d.ed with con
sumption was considered a sura sign
that others of thnt family could not
eso*j>�� It. This is partly true and
phttiy ontrne. A man with weak
lungs is likely to transmit that weakness to his children. But there is no
' reason ill the world why tho weakness
. should be allowed to develop. Keep
the lungs full of rich, red, wholesome
Mood.< and tbe weakness will disappear. Decaying tissues will be thrown
off, and now material will be added
uatjl the lungs are well and perfectly
Strong again. This is the thing that
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
. does. ' This Is what makes it cure 93
per cent of all oases of consumption
uhore it is taken according to directions. It searches out disease germs
wherever they may bo In tho body und
forces them out of tho system. It supplies the blood with rich, life-giving
properties. It makes the appetite
good, digestion perfect, Send 31 cents
in one-cent stamps to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N.
Y.atid reoelve Dr. Pierce's 1008 pige
" Common Sense Medical Advisor,'
profusely Illustrated.
Wnnted:   Seven order writers.  Sulary
or commission to suitable persons.
*o9 Medical Building, Toronto.
Wanted: Men ard women who can
work hard talking; and writinir sU h tirs
duly lor six days a week, and will be conteut
with ton dollars weekly,   Address;
409 Toronto.
Wanted:. Teachers and other bright
ninu for vacation or permanently io solicit
for " Canada i an Encycjopiedia of the
Country," in five royal quarto i oliitnes. No
delivering; coiiiniiBK.on paid weekly.
The Uuscott Publishing Co.,
.09 Toronto.
W tint*-.!:  Young men and women, or
older ones If still young iu spirit, of undoubted character, ge>otl talkers, ambitious mid in-
ilualrlous. can tin.I em l.iv.t.eiit in a good
cause, with M0 per month and upwards (according to ability,
���10.1     REV. T. S. LINSCOTT, Toronto,
tive gentlemen or Indies to travel for
responsible, established house in itriti.-lt Col
uniliht. MonthlyttlCDOauii expensns. lJosi-
tion steady. Reference. Unclose self addressed stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Company, Dopt. Y Chicago. 20,op2.l
-1 gents: Book business Is better than
f.'r yours past; also havo better and faster
sclluij- li.,i.ks. Agents clearing frotn ,11(1 lo
M0 weekly. A few leaders nro " Queen Victoria," "Life of Mr. Uladstoiie," "My
Mother's liiblo Stories." Progressive Speak'-
or," "Klondike Uold Fields," "Women,"
" ejlimpsts of Ilio Unseen," " Ureukfast,
Dinner and Supper."   Hoe-ks on tlmo.
Ilradley Garretsou Co., Limited,
*o9 Toroiuo.
Groups of Claims iu which interest will lw
given tor tbo development of tbo properly,
t.li.iins must he such its will -taiid ex-nuiiiu
.ion.   Apply
Mining Agent,
For Sale
Set of Platform Weighing Sonles.
Weigh up.to 1200 lbs. For full particulars apply to
li.   A.   Haggen,
For Sale.
la first-class paying dairying business
Easy rerms. For price, terms, and
particulars apply to
--"-jcD Golden.
Claim's, sit into in the Coition Mining Divis
ion of North East Kootonay District, located
in Cariboo Hasin, on tho Middle r'ork of Iho
��� -pilliim.cheen River.
Take nutico that wo, Leonard B. Kevser,
i'ree Miner's Certificate No. 6910 A, and J
C. II. Jollill'o. I'reo Miner's Certificate No.
.HI5GI, int nd, sixtydays from tho date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
ceriiliatate of improvements, for the purpose
of obuiiniuga Crown grant of tho above claims
And further take notice that, action, under
section 37, must be cainmoncod before the issuance of such certificate of iinprovouients.
Dated this 7th day of June, 18', 3.
(Leonard B. Keyser,
'.I. C. H. Jolliiie.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive homo
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections; no publicity, no lo s
of lime from business ami a certain!.,
of euro.    Consultation and corrcspon-
ferences as to Dr. McTnggart's profvs
sional integrity permitted by Sir W.
R, .Meredith. Chief .Justice; Htm. G.
W. Ross, Minister of Education ; It.
W. Yurker, banker; H. S. Sirathy,
manager Traders' Bank.
Particulars can be obtained ou refer
mice to the Editor of The Golden
Very vsluable Remedy ia all
alii, ions ol the
Largs Bottles, 25c.
Prop'��.of Perry Davis' Pain-Killer
Taynton A Gordon Props,
Good accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters.   First-class meals. I
,*>> Rates : Modbr ate, 4I8s;.'
Two months from date hereof I intend applying to the Chief Loinmissioucr of Lauds
and Works for permission to pnrchaso 202
acres of land described as follows t Commencing at n. w. corner post of lot 1905 thence
east tn chain-, theuccuortlitio chains.thonco
.vest 2u cli.-ius, thence north to chains,
tlieuce west.15 chains, thence southeatorlv,
along bank , f Columbia Kivor to Initial posts
and being in tho vicinity of Ualenn Paist
By his agent
Ualena, East Kootenay, B.C., April 28, 189a
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate in the
Coition Mining- Division of North East Kootenay, located in International Basra, on
.iii.l.lle hork of Spilllnificbeen River.
Take notice that I, Jolm iVallaco Conner,
Free Minors lertllieatti No. 80,1130, intend,
sixty days from tlio di.lu liero.il, to ap, ly to
the Cold Commissioner for a Certiticito ol
improvements, for tbo purpose of obtaining
a I. roivii Criti'.i of the above cl���lin.
Ant) further lako notice I hat adverse claims
must be sen. to thn Uuld Commissioner, and
actions commenced before the issuance of
stick Certificate, of Improvements.
Dalo'l Ihis 2iltli day of March, A. D. 1898.
je" J. W. CONNER.
���Jnn. F. W. Ayliner Preaitioot
W, G. Mitcheil-Innes Vice     do
W. O. Neilson, J. P    do       do
E. .lohnsou  do       do
E. A. Haggen Socretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of tbo association
will be held on the first Tuesday in ovcrv
month at the Columbia House, Golden.
All possible information will be furnished
by the association upon application to
E. A. Hague.., Sec, Oolden,
The Canadian Remedy for all
Large Sollies, 25 cents.
Prop's. Periy Davis' Pain Killer.
New York Montreal
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddlo Horses nnd
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
131 tc
Wholennleniitl ttetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. 0.
The McMurdo House,
Ciias. Oabtwhiohti Pnoj.im.Tort,
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best'
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
iver all otlier writing machines. The most durable
ty pe w ri ter ma n u fac tu red.
Addross for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
Manufacturers, 210-214 W, Lake Street,
Chicago, III.
Pacific H$
East via tho Lake Routes.
Greatly Reduced Rates.
Steamers Lciivc ft. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
Klondikaiold Fields
Direct via C. P. R. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
S. 8. Tar ar and Alh n an.
The largest steamers onaucetl in the
Yukon tradi. Specially fitted foi
the passeng r traffic, having super
ior accomra .elation for all classes.
Nnlltn;.. fur   ,?iip.o.
Athenian June   2
Tees   '���      3
Islander  "     10
Pakshan  "     II
Tees  "      17
Islander  "     S-4
Write for pamphlet descriptive of
routee to the Yukon and ol her particulars in connection with the
Apply to the nearest Canadian  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
lite Ticket Agout, Golden
Upper Colun]bia fJaVigatioq & Tram*
Way Co., L't'd, and
Iqternatioqal Transportation Coy.
Connecting witli C. P. K. at Golden B, C, nnd
Groat Northern Railway at Jeunlnga, Montana.
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave   Golden Tuesday and
Friday mornings at 4 a. m.    Connect
at   Winderinere with -Siago for Fort
Steele nnd Wardner.
Tho only quick and comfortable route.
Coosip;nors will bo charged with all
way freight between Goldon and Win-
dertnere at which  point a Company's
agent will tu stationed.
All freight und charges on goods to
Windermere and points   beyond will
have io be paid io the* Company's agont
at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Baggage allowance on Simmer ISO lbs,
per adult; allowance on St ago 2ft lbs,
per adult. If desired extra Baggage can
be forwarded by express team at express
rates (10 centB per pound).
Ad tress all express care of U. C. Co', Oolden.
C. H. Parson,
SHS-st Manager.,
0X/ The Reason Why
Mmjhg Ready
Yes, I see it all now
Shorey's"8* ""'
Is better in style and finish than what I can get
from tny tailors.
Of course a large concern like Shorey's
can Keep a staff of experienced workmen upon
one class of work from year to year until they
become absolutely perfect, white a tailor's
hands produce a sack coat to-day, a dress coat
tomorrow and so on, consequently they cannot be expected to attain the proficiency cf
Shorey's workmen.
Shorey's Guarantee Card in the pocket of
every garment shows tliat the firm is bound lo
: perfect satisfaction in every instance.
la Tha Leading Specialists of teerioaJK
23 YEARS lli BET80IT.     "
25Li,ooQ cubed.
No thin*; can be *rr t*3 domcrftih-lng to
yout.B()4*ii:i'*'..,i.:-.'-.fit'J i-ici l..r-.: '.ho r-.-o.i-
(..13.. t.f tl.'.-:e "litftiliy .'.-���..-." Tbey
lirotltujowefiti acfa, utrra-MneiB, nfeslltig
otdiisuttaodawn iltftii-iiii (Byiflptotnc
They unlit a '-"..-i *.' >.- bvsHtvm. uiarricit *���?>
life ami n&A hijipltic-* No mutter i *fl
wht-tlicr c'w.wr by ivit hnbi'siu youth,
iiitiir.il wi��i!-ti��-,i :��r wttm' *wwm* our
Now Method '��*.���...-.'���.*���... wil �����(;-.tlively
ouro you. (rtf
BcKkter. yOMnciil bt-Ip. llarlynb i-oorM**
later cxocmoiI any hw o wt ������:������, f.l van, TrJ
HznotHi-'i liiiv i'.*>.v ��� i-iv'i'" i yti'i.    fouli*
o-fniiti-ifoiili ir'..)    y-n- ''.���   Mothou
The Eldredg
The Belvidere
290,000 CUHED
Vo'.nir >\r,i,- -\ r.'i i'j.* -f,-,'.*. fsoble
an J baini'itdi iiorveiiSi * -if* ��� i-l�� c.v.-t w-l^j
ti'.iljlfl.   ton bttwtno CoijMtfiil, rat-roi-OfBal
iuid doapordctiti HotoV ��nJ viaii-lts.!-^
fine, stoot-ltic B
utciiA :c-j raviusvl I
.������un-rtti ej-i--*,
torn ftod .i'.
Ko TOaHor boiv :* i!.m> :.'jot fjuce nmy I
he, ur iinw h '���uy-.'i .(���*-v i!n.i" If.il it, curl,
NEW MK'JIKj-J Tl.l.'n'i'.'-.'LM T-iiip
oaro it. TIw fyornij vein-" vetuni tn
thoir normal oon liiioa a::d benoe tho
saxita! (in::u.n u-.tcivo |>rt.j or r-'-iii^ii-
uiniit. Tho oivftou btjCr.-oiti --Hrnihcil, all
unnr.ti-.raj diftba or losiga ctiu'u iiPiii'T-5
manly nawors retnru.    ho tompi>rarrIrt
li<-li{.fit, tint :*. i-:!t'iii;iti lit ci.ro (.f-'arod. g4!
NO OUItli, 'S'-'i P.\Y. St) 0r-ii?lA-|v|
TtON   KKCKSHAK-/.     KO   l>i/I.Wl.|M
liUlVTBEi-; CO., IiT'D,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. C.
"The Juvenile."
Goodyear welted
ti-00 per pair.
A boy's shoe.    Built to protect crowing feet
ogainst distortion. Most foot-illsarcacquired
by wearing ill-shaped shoes in youth.. 1-aced
and Oxfords; in shapes "Foot-form" and
"Dandy"; widths. D & E. Boys'
sizes, 3 to 5'<j Youths', 13 to
itf; Little Men's, 8 to ii'/.;
Stamped on the sole*, J2.50 and
"The Sister Shoe."
^Sii-   unTii ii������siMirr tn i^sTs-s^r^BWMMiuir��s*#aMiMs-aaaws-w .-^mlmSr
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
Superior to all others Irrespective
ol price.   Catalogue tells you
why.   Write for one.
NAI. LOrSiS, IiLAHlii'It SSt> ieli.'-f?-'*
, I\'KV aliser-rt.. UO '��� S t. *.'." A ".III is t��'i
I FREE.     It'IUKS lilKi;.    CIIARaJKii1^
I M0M:r,vi !���:,   if 1.I....I.;-, t.. ,.-aii. write
j f'.r n. Ol'i WON' I-i Aia'Iv for JiOiliS
New York.
Lodging House
opposite tue Steele House,?wr ��������*-��.
Prices to Suit Everybody.
An enthusiastic Public Meeting was
Jiold in lha I.O.O.F. Hall to discuss
jotting up sports for Dominion D.ay.
Mr. Slirrett was elected chairman pro
torn am' 11. V. Patmure acting secra
Alter considerable discussion it was
finally decided that spoils should l.e
held in Donsld on Dominion Day.
Thos. Forrest was then elected Pres..
"W. H. Caldwell Trsaa.. R. W. Purine.��� Sec; and the following were duly
voted as Committeemen I Messrs.
Baines, Caldwell, Dunn, Forrest. Stir
rett, Ruttan. Pitts anil Pat more; and
the following programme was drawn
up and accepted : Gun Club shoot, foot
ball tournament, bicycle races, 100
yards dash, kicking ths football, etc..
to conclude wjtli a tug-61-war Donald
vs. all comer.*, and to wind up in the
���veiling with ft big lianre and refresh-
niODts in connection. (19a was aub
scribed right at tho meeting and the
list now is touching thai ?;1U0 line.
The committee are all working hard to
inako the affair a success, and visitors
can rest assured of having a good time
and being well looked after. Donsld
has always had the name of being n
good hostess, and I ha citizen* a ndjcuin-
mitiee intend that she shall keep it.
Gold medals to the value of SILO, will
bo given to tiie winning foul hall team,
silver medal, to the winners of the
gnu club shoot, ami gold and silver
medals to the highest individual seoies.
Gold and silver medals will ulao be
.given to the winners of th*- bicycle
rice, which is open to all amateut-i.
and a small army of wheels isexpected
/torn Golden. This medial is worth
wrestling for, as is also tho ��iher one
for second place. There will also l.e
other apcrin outside llio.-e meuii. ned
j-hould time permit.
A serious mishap happened to one
pt onr leading young men. Whilst
scorching down .Main street the leg of
his pants got caught in the chain with
the result that about ill inches of leg
j**ve way under the strain. Tho unlucky rialer immediarelv wheeled into
Ah Sam's wash house ami an Oriental
was dispatched ir. great hii-te to get
more wardrobe. This arriving in due
conrseour worthy rider continued his
way. OI course it was very nnkinil
for some of the boys to jell lire at
the Chinaman when this worthy citi-
lien was making a bee lino into the
wash-house, but tbeu some men are so
James Caldwell and Tom. Forrest,
whilst clearing out the Bald Mountain
trail,came upon tbe rifle and cartridges
belonging to the old man Jariiigati,
who was frozen to death iu a cabin on
on Bald Mountain last February. These
were about four miles out of town.
About four miles further the discarded
blankets were discovered, and about
one mile from the cabin tbo rest of his
outfit; so it is quite evident that the
popular theory, that the old man died
from ever exertion, proves correct.
Mrs. M. Hooley chaperoned a large
surprise party, consisting of some 30
odd, to Mrs. Jordan's last Tuesday
evening and a splendid time witsspeut.
Games, charade, singing, and music
were on the programme. John Lyons
causing much mirth with hi* comical
and clever acting in tho charades, the
party breaking up about i o'clock in
the morning thoroughlv contented
with themselves and awaking highly
of the hospitality extended to thein.
Politics have started in our town.
���We havo already heard of numerous
bets frem $b to ,-".0 all visionary of
course, intermingled with the usual
arguments, with an occasional scrap
to hoighton the excitement The boys
hear that there is to he an Opposition
member, but so far he has not condes
.'.ended to look us up; but we nre quite
harmless I assure you and anyone will
I am sure, shew him the way to
Bob",. Mcllroy, whilst out with W.
Brown, clearing out the trail to his
claim, had the misfortune to severely
cut his loot. Brown walked in some
nine miles and took out a horse, there
hy enabling Mcllroy to get i>t. For
tunately a freight was just pulling our.
for Golden on which they both left,
and we are glud to hear thnt under the
care of Dr. Taylor the injured man is
getting along nicely.
At St Peter's Church on Sunday
.Tone 12th services will lie as In lions:
nt 11 a. nt. Mattins and Celebration of
Holy Communion; nt 7:30 p. in. Evensong and sermon; the offertories at
lio'li services will be given to the Society for the Propagation of the gospel
in Foreign Parts.
Jack Barr Is still st Vancouver, lint
Is intituling leaving for Dawson City
by the 10th ol tho month taking the
all-water route via St, Michaels, his
ticket costing him $125, with 150 lb*,
baggage free, and seven cents a pound
on bilr.nce, limited to 2,000 pounds,
Chas. Baines has a gang working on
ths Bluewater trail and is making preparation to do development, on the
Acorn claim, which our readers will
remsmbsr is the prospect that made so
much excitement last summer.
J. Stoddan has started a blacksmith's shop ut Wiu'erniare iu charge
of J. Tn, lor.
Colin Mi Kay is bavinir considerable
improvements efft-cied to his residence
at Bigliouse, Windermere,
News ha* been received from Chalin.
Marka,-, whu went to .ho Yukon with
E, Tegurt and oilier*. The tarty took
110 head of cattle w.'h their, and ban
?oine trouble, owing to the scarcity of
of feed at the lime ihey were taken
fiom Skagway.
An showing the lateness of the sea
son this year Mr. Alchesun. of Columbia Valley, informs us that for eight
years he has not seen the snow on the
mountains as late as it is this season.
W. 6. Neilson. J. P. has shown us
a Klondike iinugst. which he obtained
from W. Perdue, The gold is light in
color anal is still to some extent encased in its quartx matrix.
In connection with the Presbyterian
Pills offered in any other from, and
notwithstanding anything the dealer
may say,nro fraudulent imitations and
should always be refused The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., will be glad to
obtain, (in confidence), the name of
any dealer offeriug for sale any imitation of their pills; as the company is
determined to protect the public against
this species of fraud.
One ofthe most prettily sitnated properties in the Windermere  district
Church,  Golden  Sabbath services will   O A. Brown's Lakeview Ranch, which
he held al Ila, m.. and 7:30 p. m.
Sabbath School 2.80 p. in., choir
practice ou Thursday at H. p, in. and
prayer   meeting on Friday at 8. p. m-
Telia the Story of His Exposure���The Fate
that Betel Him, and how hu waa Kcliovod
of hia Sufferings.
W. Lavello, ft. T. R. brake-nan. Allandale.
Out., says: "Through exposure. I contract-
that dread disease-catarrh. .My case lie-
came chronic- I wan recommended to .try
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. In ten minutes aftor the first application I had relief,
and in an almost incredibly abort time all
symptoms bad disappeared. I feel I can not
Apeak too strongly in recommending this
remedy. It is a pleasant, safe and quick
J*e'il by 0, A. WlU'rita,
i-j. .-jt-ai-ji-jiL.ji.jwji*j^:jt,Jw;-ivji.jL:jk-ii.^i.ji.rJi;ju;.ji;-ji.j'-'<'.-i
r.--Sf *3��aT,jl
consists of 350 acres of land. The
ranch is almost entirely devoted to
cattle raising Dairying was formerly
carried on to some extent hut has since
been abandoned. 100 acres aie shut up
'even season for winter feeding.
To tl"]e Electors
of  trie   North   j^idiqg-
of East Kooterjeiy.
My nomination ns an Opposition Candidate in the approach-
ing General Election for our Legis'aiure, calls on me to state to
you briefly, the course, which in my opinion, 1 should take if
elected no your Representative.
So far as I huee been uble to measure the feeling of  this
' i
r 1
' s
-**l     Constituency, it is one of disappointment iu the administration
>-'*"     of onr Provincial affairs.    In the present contest Iain glad to say,
ne are not so divided on party lines, as to debar us from taking
our choice of men throughout the Province for'the ensuing Parliamentary term, and it is to be hoped that an independent effort
will be made iu this direction. Holding the opinion, as I do, that
the record d the present Governmont, in the disposa.pf Publio
Lands, and their administration of the Provincial finances, not
having been such as to command Hiy support, it is my plain duty
for tbe .resent, ts claim vour suffrages as an Opjasitiou Candidate. This does not necessarily mean that I must place myself
in such antagonism to any admiiiistru'iou, as :o defeat what,
should be my primary object us a Representative, namely, tbe interests of my own Constituency.
Nor does ii mean that I am in full alliance with tbe Opposition puny as it has s'oad bofore tho Legislature during the past
four years. For this reason, if no otlier, I would ask at tbo
hands of my Constituents, if elected, a free indulgence of my own
J"j3    I look for at leant a  leconsiruciioti  as  the result of the General
lia     Election, and that we may have an Administration fully nicellng
Ej     the demands of our rising Province.
est The large nppropiiirion of io.oCO.COO under the recent. Public
-?S- Works Loan Amendment Act, while  Indicating a generous lutid-
po eticy in tbe disposal of public funds,   cannot meet the approval uf
fA interior Constituencies.       We are interested in something more
(���.-* than building up our terminal cities, and the exclusive welfare of
i-.l di.'iticts immediately tributary to them.    It will therefore, beuiy
and that we may have, at least, what fairly belongs to us.
193     material resources of the North Riding of East Kootenay,
Anticipating and thanking you foi your support,
I am ut your service,
first coutentioi; that substiintial justice should be given to the
Eastern portion of this Province, as compensation for tho enormous appropriation made directly I consider, iu tl.e interest of
Coast Constituencies, for which we too have to bear our al.arc of
the burthen. In this connection, 1 may any thai the terms subsidizing the Teslin Lake Railway have my approval as a legitimate business transaction, apart from other considerations, and
which are, first: wbother there is au urgent necessity io build, nt
present, the southern portion of this line, nnd secondly, whether
wo have not been too precipitate in snatching from ihe Dominion
ia    Government, a responsibility   which rightly belongs to it, iu the     ifjp
t j *ia
f-J     interest uf Eastern Provinces, more  than   to  British   Cultuqbia.     ;"."]
E;""j    We have, within ourselves, sufficiently an met lie features in our    S"*j
lij     vast mineral resources, lo fullv warrant the investment of capital     tjil
ta    and influx ol  population,  or in other words, wc hate or own     tia
'"'. 1 K7|
ta affairs, to which it might be l.ettei,  at present, tbat we givo our     ta
��'-< undivided considerutiuii.       I mean by this that, being so wholly
jsjj dependent, as we are upon the opening up anal en rgetic develop*
J--."j ment of our mint's, the further construction of roads, and iucreas-
r*j ed  facilities of interior transportation,   becomes ail imperative
km necesBitv.     To this I will urge ihe conslneration of the Goverti-
Ka ment, and trust that in justice to this, ths Extreme Eastern Con*     ?,?'
K3 stituency of the Province, further appropriation will be now made,
yy My election at your hands, I would accept  ns a murk of con-
��*** fideuce and trust, sufficient todetertiaiiie me in guarding fail hfully
ta the position in which you shall  have placed me us yoi.r Ilepro-
eu sentative.       I'd  my appreciation  of this trust, and an earnest
SB endeavour to serve your interests, I sincerely hope that i' w ill not
j:S{ be expected lhat I am to defeat, or risk the opportunity gi.en mo,
rjjsj by such a thankless allegiiince to party mcusuresastnigluthwart
���FEI.t. DEAD."
What More Everyday Heading do   yon
head ia this 1 .i| er than that V���'1 hey ���ie
Don't di.lly with heart disorders. There
. ... is but oi.ee.re "I had been for iinuiiibur
��.0 . of years sorely afflicted with heart diseaae.
KjfJ I it l.uos my life ws despaired of Doctors
S4, hud i roHCiibed, uud I had taken every known
1*^ I heart reaie.lv iiiude, J li..rt Ha..p,.sed, and
ra did not get any benelit. I rend of ihe won-
ta alcrfi.l cures wrought by Dr. Agnew's l.'ure
Ka | for ihe Heart. I'proeti ed a bottle, und iu
*r*l lest, time ulmost than it takes to tell it, the
di.tress w.a* relieved. 1 fol.owed the i.irec-
tiuua clet.ely ami totluv 1 am a well woman
uguiu, and I shall do nil in my power to
niiike kudivn to every one suffering as J alid
the woiiilerl'ul cure it worked for mo. Mrs.
V\ in. Burton, Dartuiow, Out."
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
oowder we can blow off for this purpose and expressed hia readiness to
undertake the management of the fireworks display.
As it is almost hopeless to successfully organize these sports while ihe
auctions are on the date will probably
be fixed after the polling day.
Mr. Mullholland, of Rossland, has
bonded ihe Swansea Mine at Winder-
mete, through Mr. Carter, for I50C0.
Ii is intended to ship ore immediately,
aud arrangements are being made with
Mr. Haggen, on behalf uf English ore
b'ljers, to handle the ore.
Mr. Shaw, of Vancouver, has had to
return without being able to see the
mining properties he wished owing to
Hie depth of the snow.
Last week J. Dolmage located a
claim en Spillimacheen Mountain,from
which he has brought down excellent
specimens of copper ore.
Oa Saturday J. R. McLeod created
a lilt of a sensation at Windermere by
bringing into the township specimens
of ore from properties on Skookum-
chiti'k Creek owned by Messrs. S. Brew*
et, T Craig and himself The ore is a
beautiful lira..' copper which must rim
awav up. The ulaiin from which the
specimens wero taken was the Joan.
Mann's  Man for a' That.
(Per Editor of The Golden Era:)
So Billy Neilson is out as an Independent candidate for political honors?
Sic I A man acting under the instructions of another Mann cannot be independent.
You ��� con run for membership,
Billy, but Yu ��� kon't get there. You
nre not swift enough. Besides we
want a man, not another Mann's tool.
Better givo vour attention tn the sawmill at Beaver and endeavour to make
it pay a dividend. But, perhaps, your
owners think you can earn (?) larger
divide ..Is, as muni M. P. P., in the
shape of Provincial grants or bonuses
to some of their pet schemes.
Do you remember Billy, in the summer of'94, undertaking to show a cor
tain man how to make a horse pull a
loaded boxcar? You mounted the
horse: the horse baulked, and you���
well, to say the least, felt very uncomfortable. Your feelinus then, were not
to bo compared with what they will be
after the political horse bucks and
throws you off. Better dismount Billy,
while there is yet time. Why did you
not, after promising your support to
W. C. Wells, Btand by your word, and,
at least, retain the respect of the community? You would not then, be made
io feel so small, by being greeted everywhere, with the shout "Hurrah I for
Wells,! "
Do not place too much confidence in
tho redoubtable Colonal, Billy. It may
feel very nice to bo t. e travelling companion of such an illustrious gentleman
but, " pride always'oomes before a fall."
The Colonel, too, will be watched a
little closer than in '94, and it will not
prove so easy a task to " hire " aobnts
as at that time. The Colonel's sent in
tho Victoria House must have cost
some ��� body a pile of money, at that
. Slooas.
June '93.
The Kind You Need.
The  True, Reliable and Easy
Working Diamond  Dyes.
When   the   Diamond  dye* sre u<ed
...Alining* Engineer...
M. Am'n Inst. M. I.
Agent for obtaining  Crown  Grants,
doine annual assesment work, ste.
Address:      Golden, B. C.
To  Let.
House of six rooms in Golden, furnish*
ed or unfurnished.   Apply to
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
i.ecoru.    Published in London.
Subscription, 82.50 per annum.  Subscriptions aud advertisements received by
��. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay.
Mineral Tbe way for you to success
is to make known the resourceis of
your camps. The way to do that is to
send news of your finds to theGoi.DIM
Era. Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it to your friends. The Era
will tell them all about it better than
you can.   12 a year.
Head ....
E. A. Haggen,
��� Notary Pnbllo nnd Conveyancer,
Mining, Itenl Estate alia
rin.inciul Agent  .   .   .  ��
Purchiisora OM..in'v.l for Prospects and Developed Claims.
....  Oolden, B. C.
For Sale
Group of two claims of gold-hearing quiirtz
in hist mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to S.00 iu gold. 16,17
PLcer lease. 15
Group of two gold claims.   One of the best
the work of home dyeing is a pleasure  propositions on the markot, and can bo
... ...     n  ,ti. ...r.... .   cheaply developed.   Aesuys gave about 82CO
to every woman.    Doubts ana lears re* pBrion, . n
gardin. results are neverenter'etaiiied. | ,u,0rj8t ,��� M property in em-bange for
There is a confidence in every won,an s develop i out work. 8
heart thai perfect work will crown her i Group of 13 claiina, developed. No better
efforts    It ia an established fact   that   pioperly in Hritish Columbia. li
all colors of the Diamond Dyes rome ('roup of lh.ee claims in quartz country.
out   iu fullness, holiness, and beauty.  Good average assays. 18
Vns Inner  Inner aean Diiamnnil   live,*     Clann in one of best locations in Solkirks.
for ong. long > eats Diamond L>jes cheBp|y worRed, Assays 8115 in gold, silver
have   been the favorite family dyes in  and copper. B
every civilized-country, and although i lioiee gold property, freeinilllng.
iniitutioti package d.ves are now being Assays up to 3'i40. Development work lit
offered for stl.'It\ dealers who ihii.k Two claiina in good location. Quartzcnr-
liiore of big proliis than of giving sat    ryiug gold and copiier. 20
islam ion to the public, the great in- Claim adjoining known gold property. 21
feriuritv of these   imitation   dies   iu ', **hree claims neur Columbia River.   Big
Strength,   fastness,   beaiitv and brilli-.'"^"'���K;'1?'"" '"'f**'' .     ,. J
* ,. , i   .. Two c idiiis, 0 It. ledge assays in god and
unci was soon discovered,   and   thev 118 per ceurcopper. 2.,*f
are now ..voided and condemned by all I   ,,.,���.,,,. c., ������,���; neveIored, assays 828 in
who prize good,   bright   ami   durable geld, best location in Selkirks. 20 ���,������_  ������,.,, ���������.������,    ���,���.,,���,, ������.,,���������,
colors, I    Gold quartz claim, assays 8BB, 27 Meadow, Sul| hur, Gawvin   and Cormack
Tliousands   of testimonial', are com-1    Gold quartz claim, developed, good load, oraeko; also oil.McKays, Nugget sad Little
Working freo gold property nenrSai.Fr.uv
cisro. lemilcie milling aud cMerisatiea
plant,   Price ?25o,ouo. fj)
Free gold proi ei ty on Selkirk range.. Ct
Gold claim on Lemon creek with two
thirds nud one-third interests in. adjacent
pro) ertiea. (8a
Two thirds interest in claim on West 8I��*
citii like, (8b
claim, free gold, iu Bridge River District.
Crown grant, free geld claim, at Bostlaid.
Frceinilling gold claim, near Ncdwa.  tja
Claim in Idaho. Free goll. 72a
Hydraulic propertpenSkeana river. Aver*
ages Sluo a yard. ��� 78a
Cupper property running 81o per ten, 78b
22 claims at Harrison l^aks. Gold aad topper. Im
Three claims of 20 seres each oa Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike.  Extensive development.    Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black*
smith'* shop snd tools.   Wash average* IM
per square foot. ' 8
Two placer claims en celebrated Hunter
Creek.   Sluicing will realize 850 per man
per day.   Title perfect.                       .V5,J��
Placer claim on Miller Creek.   Primitive
work last season cleared (11,000 per ansa ever
es; enses. 87
Claim on EI Dorado Creek, one of tbe banner pro; erties of the Klondike.   Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged 86.601 er pan. Well Improved.  Title cleur    Price, IWO.OOO.       88
Claim on Hoosier Creek. Yielded.(3oo per
day lo the man. 46
Claim on Miller creek, running frem He, ta
$3.91) to the pan.
Tw. claims oh El Dorado creek,     (la Mb
Cliaime on Rriuutone creek.                 (4c
Seven claims on Ll Dorado creek.
Claims on Bonanza, Hunker, All Gold, Adams,  Bear, Boulder, Murphy, Deudwood,
r.a     what I consider my  imperative duty  towards developing the     Hfl
Mr. G. Eehder, manger for Colin At) Important Judbment At Os-
MoKay's Ea-t Kootenay Supply Store goode Hall. Toronto, on May 28th. on
at Winderineie, :ias tilled up a sboav* ai.pliuaiiun of G. T Fulford k Co.,
case with specimens of minerals otthe proprietors of the Dr. Williams' Medi-
Windermere district. cine Co., a perpetual   injunction   was
'grained by  (ibtinoollor Bovd r.strnin-
W. B. Abt 1 has completed 3o miles ii,,-Theodore S.veel, druggist, uf St.
of the trail up Dutch Creek, and wei Catherines, fr0|U'selling a pink colored
are informed that he has made an ex- j ,,||| j��� imitation of Dr. Williams' Pink
cellent job of it, the trail being one of P,lis for Pale People It seems neccs-
the best in th. district. Gold Com- sarv io ��i(aiii impress upon the public
missioner Griffith left Windermere on j ,|R. fH(,, ,|m, jjr, Williams' Pink Pills
Monday to inspect it, and expected to can onlv be obtained in pnckau.es the
be a week in ihe Dntcn Creek Valley, wrapper around which hears the full,
after which he would take iu Toby and Uw-protecied   trade
ing in from all pans  of   the   countrv  assays to 518.
testifying to   the excellence and vast     Two quartz claims in convenient position,
��� pan gold, 80
Group of 4 claims, one assaying 85 in Gold
and 80 por cent copi er; 14
28 El Dorado gulches.
.superiority of the D ainoiid D.ves,
Refuse all poor, worthless and imita-
.ion dyes when tbey are offered to you.
Ask for the "Diamond," and see   that
Five chums, copper and gold, value 830 a
the na ue is 011 eaoh packet. I   Three quartz claims, no cash, working pro-
Book of directions and   card   of   4H position, 82
colors   free to any address.    Write to
Wells &   Richardson   Co.,   Montreal,
Itching, nurnliiK.Skln DIaeaaea
Three claiina in proved country. .18
t ine-i hi. d iniaiHseasihle into, est in developed
grou.t of claims near Golden. 30
silver lead mine. One of the largest in the
world. 00,000 tons ot urn blocked out ready
to shin. Location convenient to railway.
Price, *W��,000. -W
Group of three claim* in Moyie district.
Relieved in a diiy.Eczo.na, salt rheum, bar- .."""'I'-.S' "���*'% C*��'L"�� S,Ti^ VSVS.
bar.' itch, and all eruptions uf the skin I-ce mil nig g" d averaging fel per toil,
quickly releveu and b|eodby .ured.lw .Dr. ICoii.ider,.blodevelopniont. 41
Agnow'.. Ointment    li  will give instant I. Group uf two claiina nt Moyie.   *ree mill-
Agnew's  ointment     li   will  give  install,
eiiiiifairt ill eases of itehtllg, blebiillgur blind
piles, and will ciiicliitroui three to six nights.
iti'i cents.
Sold by C. A. Wan en.
Proposed Sports Gatherlnfj
  ,.-    tunrk. "Dr. Wil*
Horse -thief Creeks. ' liams'Pmk Pills   for   Pule  People," states he is ready to   supply   all   the
At the Football Club meeting on
Tuesday evening nt the Columbia
House it wu's found there was a small
balance on hand after the Calgary trip.
It was decided 10 accept the invitation to attend the Football Tournament at Donald 011 Dominion Day,
Suggestions re. the clearing up of
grounds suitable tor match games 011
the Park grounds were made and sever
al uf our good-hearted citizens express*
ed their readiness tu help the bo.\ s out
financially, and, suggested it be tukeu
in bund 10 appoint 11 Local Holiday
ami have a good day's general sporting
in bicycle races, sprinting, jumping,
foot I.all tournament und .(lit) works
display ill the evening, a feature of
the fire-works alisplay to be a sham
bombardment of Sun Juan, or a lne
other 01 the bombarded ports of the
Spaniards. One of our local merchants
ing goi!l.   Pig proposition. " 42
Claim at Moyio.   Copper and gold. Developed.   Good prospect. 48
Group of claims, froeniilliiig geld quartz.
Groun of three claims, geld, Salvor, lead
and bsinntih. it
Group of 4 claims, very promising prospects. 48
(���roup ol 4 claims, gold quarts. 49
Group of two claims, gold quartz, worth
developing. 60
Groun ot 6 claims, gold, silver and lead,
near railway. /1 61
Lease of hydraulic river bed. 62
Claim, currying bismuth, galena and copper. Assayed up to 81100, 85
Gold-copper claim, with big lodge, assayed
827. 65
Three claims, which have ahippod consider
able ore- galena and grey copper. 66
Group of three free gold claims at Fair-
view. 68a
Group ef four free gold claims at Fairview.
Two claims in splendid location. Free gold
quartz. u'Ja
Crown grant free gold claim in working
camp. tmt
Froo gold developed claim ready to work.
Assays (12. 80a
Freemilling gold claim in Washington
State. Ready to shi.J. 01a
Chum ou Wild Horse, Nelson, Free gold,
asaaylng (10.95. A snap. 02a
Full particulars regarding any of Is.
above properties furnished on application by
Treasury stock In the Victeria-Tsxada
Gold Mining Company. This stock ii offered at the par value ot 26 cents. Five of
the mines on Texnda Island have been working tor tbe past 10 mouths and this company
considers it owns the best proposition on th.
island. Prospectus may be seen and full par
ticulars obtained On application st my otacs.
80/00(1 shares of treasury stork in one ft
tho beat 'properties at Fairview at 80 Mats
per share.
1,000 shares in Cariboo mine. Camp Ms*
Kinney, a steady dividend payer.
shares in Le hoi, Keco, hloean Star, Rasa*
bler-t ariboo, Last l. bancs, Idaho. AUgcsd
livldet.d payers.
lon.OOO aharos in Klondike El Dersao
Ioo-.li >o shares In the but mining investment in Canada.
26,ooo shares in Consolidated Carlbee.
Farm of 200 acres. Windermere district.
Laud fenced and under cultivation, Heun
and stablo,   Rare bargain. I
Farm of 160 acres, one of the best ud stest
highly improved to be got in East Kwtanay.l
Farm ut 320 acres st Windermere. 86 acres
under cultivation. House and stable, f��c*
ing, irrigation.   Cheap. I
Farm of 400 acres at Winders.*-���. 100
acres under cultivation. House, atsblss,
granaty, rootl ouses, fencing snd IrrigSlioa.
Cjtoi-k and iiiipleineuts.
Farm of 400 seres. !-5 acres under nltivs.
tion. All fenced. Stocked with cattle and
horses. Terms maybe arranged. This is
one nf the best farms in th. Windsrastn
2 Farms of 160 acres near Oolden; ira Arevsa. (
Golden town lots.
House wilh four lets In lawn ofQsldw
for sale.
Patents for s Railway Coupler and * Rap*
Clamp. -.*'' .. - :
Two townsite* on Crow's Nest read.    (10
WANTED-To borrow for clients, (1,000
and 8000 nud 8600 un trochoid security. ;
For particulars of above apply ta


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