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The Golden Era Dec 29, 1894

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Array '
VOL. IV.   NO. 21
93 Feb Yeah
Charles R.  C0awen's.
Wholesale and
lletnil Urngffii*t
Oiiuiiits PnnjiPTijY   Attbmded   To.
Golilcn, nn the niiiiii line of (he Cmiiuliiiii
Pacific Hiiilwiiy, ut its connection with tlio
stomnlinjit navigation of the (.'uliiiiiltiii river;
the iiiiiiorul mul eoiuiuorciiilcentreof Eastern
llritish (Joliiiiiliiu: lieuilipiiirters of (lit Uoltl-
oii 8111011111-; works, tlio Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., mul liiinlier industry) the
outlet for the widely known and fur
fumed agricultural mid gnuting hind of tho
Cohiiiiliiii A Kiioleiiiiy Valleys; iinriviilled
for scenery of nil kinds i tho distributing
point for the richest uiiueriil country ou the
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. Tlie
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
M\tm. ^lefieish, - Prop.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
Calgary      -       -      Alberta
P.O. BOX 53.
Application   for   Cert I float, of Improvement*.
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No. 47467, intend
60 day* from date hereof, to apply to
trie Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claim* must be aent to the Mini no- Recorder and action commenced before
tht iMuance of such certificate of timprovements.
Dated thi* thirtieth day of .October,
Manuel Dainard.
Application for Cortlfleate of Im-
prove nient*.
Take notlee that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner'* certificate No.47467, intend,
60 day* from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvement*, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of tbe above
And further take notice, that adverse
claim* must be sent to the Gold Commissioner andaetion commenced before
the issuance of suoh certillcate of improvements.
Ated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainard.
Kicking Horse nnd turned it into a
skating rink. He was well patronised
on Christmas Day by lovers of skating.
The public generally blessed him for
his thoughtfuliiess in providing them
with some means o; enjoyment. Had
it not been for this Christinas Dny in
Golden would have been rather tame.
Mr. James .\ikons, lriakoinun on tlie
C.P B., from Donald to Salmon Arm,
was in Kamloops on Sutiirdiiy lust,
ami after a short trip to Vancouver,
loft on Wednesday for Antigoiiish, N,
8., where he will spend two mouths
before returning with Mrs, Aikens,
who went east last summer. They
will probably live at Donald upon returning. - Sentinel.
(Incorporated 1670.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup| lied on
application.     , ��
Special attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, cr
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pics, etc.
The weather has been cxtrotnely
cold during the lust few days.
Mr. Joe Cnrlin of Field nud Mr, W.
Carlin of Fort Steele, spent Christinas
Day in town.
The curler's cleared off a piece of ice
close hy the skating rink and got up a
game Christmas afternoon hut it was
not a " liowlin' success."
A good square meal at tho Bon Ton
Restaurant for 25 cents Meals at all
We are sorry to state that Mr. Harry
Connacher is still in n very critical
condition. The latest report before
going to press he was gradually sink-
irg. Mr. Jim Counnchcr was wired
for and cume up this week.
Mr. E. Plowright returned Sunday
from his visit to the Upper Country.
During his sojourn there ho luul lhe
misfortune to break his collar bone
und is now foroed to curry his right
arm in a sling.
We are sorry to nave to record another dcuth in our midst this week.
On Sunday night the youngest child
of Mr. anil Mrs. R. Love died. The
funeral took place on Cliristmns Day
to the cemetery, Mr. J. F. Armstrong
officiating at the grave.
Several of tho boys rigged Mr. Peter
Sebastian out in a now suit of clothes
on Christinas Day. Peter wus highly
pleused with the gift aud spins a great
yarn about the lurk he had with the
boys thut dny. He thinks ho got a
little the best of the lark uud no doubt
he did.
The ball nt Field on Wednesday
night was a great success. About 25
couple were present. The committee
of management deserve credit for the
manner in which all the details had
been arranged. All present enjoyed
themselves and declared it one of the
best ever given in Field.
On Monday evening Mr. Jus. Hamilton, iu a cutler, was trying to puss u
team on the bridge when his horse took
fright and bolted leaving the cutter
behind. Jimmy hung ou to the lines
till ho reached the end ol the bridge,
when ho was forced to let the horse go.
Fortunately no serious dumago was
The curlers have been out of luck
this week. Owing to tho ice jam
the Kicking Horse changed its course
aud overflowed the flat in the vicinity
of the hospital and flooded the rink
to such nn extent that it was impossible to have any sport. It wns found
necessary to build a foot bridge from
the Hospital to the tramway, the river
making the road impassable.
Ou Monday ' lust Mr. Bob Rusk
cleared off ii   largo patch of ice on the
In regard to social news thero is not
much to chronicle this week, everybody busy with preparations for Xmns
The usual Friday evening Quadrille
Club dance came off. The C.P.R. pay
car came in Sunday night and gave all
a chance to invest in toys and presents
for their beloved ones. Tlio storekeepers were all doing a flourishing business Monday, and were kept busy till
late at night. Some convivial spirits
kept the arrival of the holiday up till
Christmas morning, saying, "Cliristmns comes but once a year." Tli is is
the season of tho year when everybody
tries to enjoy themselves and make all
otliers happy.
The principal event wns the Christ-
inns tree festival of the .Sunday school
at the Presbyterian Church. By 8
o'clock Monday evening the church
was comfortably filled, especially were
the children out iu great force. Opposite to the entrance, on the platform,
was observed an old fashioned fireplace
nml chimney, apparently made of real
brick, and on the right hand side of
the platform a large Christmas Tree
reaching up to the ceiling loaded with
toys, books, etc. '
The congregation being called to
oroer the Rev. W. R. Ross opened the
proceedings with a short address aneut
tho season and saying that tho whole
proceedings were under the management of the Sunday school staff ol
teachers and officers. Mr. Hiingerford
Supt. of the Sunday school then announced the opening which was a
chorus by the scholars entitled "Jesus
bids us shine." The next on the pro-
gramma was a recitation by Muster
Jos. Shaw, "Morality," which was
well rendered. Next ia order was a
play entitled "Santa Cluus." The
curtain being drawn, showed two oltl
women asleep at each side of the fireplace, to the shelf of whicli were hniig
three immense stockings. Now was
hoard the jingle of sleigh bells and the
stamping of hoofs. One of the old
women (Christine Mitchell) awakes,
yawns and gets up and looks out of
tho window, seems surprised and
comes buck nnd wakes thu other old
woman (Katie Ross), ihey belli look
out, then the hitter goes buck to her
chair and nods and fulls asleep again,
Thero is another clutter nsof hoofs ami
Santa Clans is heard addressing his
imaginary steeds of reindeer milling
them by name. The lirst old woman
hides behind the chimney inul S.tntii
Cluus comes apparently down the
chimney aud through the fireplace,
looks cautiously around ami seeing the
old woiuan asleep lakes the bag from
his shoulder and proceetls to till the
stockings. After the bug is empty
he looks round once more uud retires
through the chimney. Tlie first olu
woman ivakis up tho other one again
and they look with pleasure depicted
on their faces at all the presents. Miss
Ross, behind a screen, recited poetry
descriptive of the whole proceedings,
Tho next number wns a recitation,
"Nativity," by Master James Shaw.
Then cnnio the piece do resistance of
the evening, a cantata entitled "Tho
Fairy Queen und tho Brownies." jV
CHpluiii of the Brownies (Frank Cour-
sen) appears, iu recitation he tells thut
iSiiiitu Clans is short of presents mid
that the Brownies wero going to ask
the Fairy Queen to help him. He
culls to tho rest of tho Brownies who
seem to belong to ull nations, Japanese
Included, ami they sit down and chant
an invocation to the Fairy Queen.
Then you hear sweet voices nus-ver
und tho Fairy Queen (Miss Ida Hobbs)
surrounded by her court appears
dressed all in white, with spangles all
over their upparel nnd luistic wunds in
their hands. The Brownies tell their
troubles and aro.told by the Queen to ���
fetch Santa Cluus before her. A messenger is seut and Santa Claus conies
in bowing to tho Q leen. Tho Fairy
Queen graciously consents to help old
Santa Clans, and marnhulls her force
iu lino und by the waving of their mis-
tic wands transform every brick in the
chimney into n box containing presents
This being consummated they all join
in a chorus of praise to the Queen of
the Fairies and all retire singing a
stirring anthem.
Too much credit cannot bo given
Miss Ross for the trouble und time it
must have taken her to bring the
children to such a degree of perfection
iu noting nml singing, it would havo
done credit to grown up people. The
time nt Miss Ross' dispoj-i! ,.ai short
but everything passed off without a
hitch. The next recitation, "Tho
Vulo of Avoka," wus delivered by Miss
Nelly iSliuw, followed by "Just before
Christmas," by Miss Maud Ogilvie,
which created much laughter. The
next number wus a dialogue, ' Santa
Clans' Trouble and its Happy Ending."
This is somewhat similar to tho cuuta-
ta. It represents Santa Claus, who is
perplexed for tho wuut of enough presents, I lien bethinks himself of a magic,
whistle with which to call the Fairy
Queen, who answering the call helps
him out again. Ho theu proceeds to
demolish the chimney and taking
brick after brick calls out the Humes
of their respective owners. The stockings wore then emptied and the tree
stripped of its presents and the entertainment closed wiih the singing of
" Wlien He Comes " uud the pronouncing of the Benediction.
An amusing feuturo occurred during
the distribution of prescuts whon Mr.
Simon Fruzer's nnniowiis called. After
much coaxing he was persuaded lo get,
u)) und was presented with a pig's tail
with a label attached reading, "A
corner in pork," ho wus completely
dumbfounded however when one of tho
Brownies brought hiin a present consisting of a Imliy's knitted jucket and
cap. Simon being it bachelor his looks
uud embuiriismciit. cau be better imagined than described. On closer inspection it wns foiuid to be intended
for .Mr. Jus. Fruser's youngest.
Everybody enjoyed themselves and
all went home well pleased with tha
evening's entertainment, Apropos, I
must not for-ut Santa Claus who was
creditably personated by Mr. Manna.
Christmas night a few of the bachelors conceived the idea of winding up
the festivitfes with a dance and managed to hiivealtout 15couple. All hud
a good time, thus ending one of the
most enjoyable Christians celebration*
in Donald.
��� Nnlil). CC'te CtjUtcu (litra
Hss GK.-L.-JEN; EUA  it* itdy-ttlktill eii-eryi
ijlalir.uiJliiiyi-B.jinjij'c i^.t'''i-r-'e-i'''' ttnl-iii'i tibrtt tntuitj
juii4'tTO-lU'liriBlt,tr:.ijj)t-...xb-i���' '/in- nv-iilt Sur Iter
'apP'-'i' ���BMUtiri'*. -K-auilie-r-.L'i."!.'!.', lr-,'Ut Stintl* etc
ll its -jj'::',i.il:y ujli'it'irtri-iiij^*, Ui-dJiLua, uij. liiw. ilj*.A
5v.*ji;w jtmy ���iuiit.-i'rii-'iL
j    1111* War Eugje  Rrrattpi of   maines lim
Ttiu.il tc-edrs. enmiipi ii* stud, to have Wen
���nrld lor  sW-V** to r^slt-aner  punt lest..
Tlur- l-eragtrlii, ot tl*<e oi����� (hute- is. ii-tr) Seer..
��veitu,'*r'ii widitilii -r1' fteitL    Two. skuii* IjOQI
"ici; 115*11111 hin.vs* been *Biuk,. <d*j/>; Ha- feiit,
uliior wUer 5fl tees,, lolli are. Lu, time as-
jWiyits^; tnuu Mli to SUM a. toil, mosli'y
S��fn��i[��-i*i HV***: Sil'H ���**����� unrr'-i-iti is:  -*,oU.
AW-rASUC. I    Til*'  [d'n'a.'ut utuiiuev ia  first!' Slattr-iin, is
-titiiili Qe. but j-tu.'-'iit   tlier iinjis-ti   t-joiuLeilul 1
Al-j-nrtrt-wTOftttii  'mil 't-lnoasice* tMi'iwt ��* Sm' ,    . ., ,
tVumJiuv- sustittvwrie* ever unaiw- iu. ii -H'livev t-*juo.-
Irnr. A two Iii til Hi* iittei sts* in titwiV pcor-
���piei.i-.y- tMaf, Eefirenttly -n-ltl fur ft.->JU,An.<.v I
wbaLetbi isiitii eiiuuiuiMi'M, utasmiari lo puty .
fur Viilu'.t i* llLitiL'i befitt-i' nlmiiiili tu -ji-io-1-"
jfJItll-sAjDitolHsl] 0�� ft* Mu^,^'.^.       iVn,   j-^.f^-i    ivuuue),   mi\,f
IiktrJiUi "���*> iu. ��Jiidi Me, <���)'" u, vrecy iiiglin!
gr-utv. *n��rji nbw'tiXteoti of th* kml emt-
-moti liii': tJ>.'*leriuii u'dtl UiUtLL *u.'i-iu-��cil,t%tlJ.'Gi
i-Ais K-iBne uiS titer trinu'i K
It * rii.'w.irc tr.i-H^ut-riiruLi.
Ai'i'i'.T-.i-iti.i.'uit T-��j-,-t"-i t:i>i-illt-r Ib'iamu -i-scu SLtj't-tJli-
t-stim* -ju
rvt����riitil..)l.*..��.',v,-ij.'i'rn-.ttHiri.i.|.'/i *U,U'��'��"''.r��ji-i,!l
SATCKOAY, OlSa 29, 1894.
ltlM>.a.   MCK-rK.
Fifteen ���tncajwini'M are tvar-fciirt-g: tin
tli,- Lai-iJuau.
The Off bo��r.M is cm-lE-ite-I umi ki.tr D.
A.. Kcufc rtver.
Tt��- *t��'i Mf llie Eii'id Stiiits-', licitiittl.
is quoted al -SAT**-.
-sj-aenrg; nCw iS-tuir, -rivet* aciiiiiw iCKniiiig
| 1* tit'le' fl'iintl i* ill!* .'���Va. IrCi.lig, uu. wliiiuU j
i*s�� ti,i.i.uj.'.'i ul tiVil Cwti, pcuetiii 1,11.1; a
-vtrriiU'^is ','C 'nmu'tK. intul ���fti'try w|,'Vir. vx-i
wli'ttii van K-fS.hirji'jesI vital',,! Ily luy wauir'
to Btauoief'si EVivy. 1S\wi- Preslilsniti -luiI
' Kirtivrili ta*iii/i':*r> wili"! |i'i'i.',l'uliLy L.-t-L.tiiwif,'
|ti',vi"r f,'j. m lvi'ti.1 tUit'ii* s/HUUpUiiny. Ttwrr.'
1 taaiutl i* iiii '.i)W G"rt,. viitih .��v\'<-vu.ll |
I'rtHj-'r-eiiVI-i.. Tilt" ^"I'ttti 'jivKiidr'ni.tritri'v'.;:
1 * lai.tli i*  Sr-rtwitoM   Plk-iti   Vuy: rnnSt tlm
llr. HjikI)- 1ms roenr-iettd *ns-*ii��a��*jii j |)-*t)n*llj��y um IbomuM sinli*. ml nhtr K1MM14- i
wi tf��r Fiillcoii, Oiulral i-.nurp. nay river, is, Sitwacikirii*: iit,tt.'i.',*iLij.L'j.. I
A ciir luud ol   oit from sl-e' <��ci.oii- I 	
Bione-Uis Hw��i)i��K -,Bii*i-ttiiwl.      it ifti, D��5T*��r Wmit, smilvx-r Jltn ��.
t-stimatoJ to ma  l^LI eatiwa totk*     B-rmuii. S.   Wbitv, aaitaiugtr ot  llifij
to-** Stecari  Star miirtM?,. in Stturuiii 'Jisurirt, j;
Surviyons ar; itigiigi-I taiit-g terelit
fur llie leniiiiuat-s of lit'- Kt-,1 H**i.a!aim
nsilwtiy iuto liu- TV nil i-t*'t liiirui'S.
P. Gun-lie & Co. liavi; iin* tfnitratt
of lixuliujir; rit<i*,KI loios nf wc |t<nr miwilki
Irom tlsi* Id;i5i.-��, AUmn, ��inl All ii*
Jtawliitlii-g is umr insciits }*r-r-eri��i
ibronsboul llie Ijtotan, nn>l Jin- ^tia*aii-
IV of one 1-entr.Kir; sut ll'-t Forlss tH-anks
all previous ii-ir��rilr��.
Tlie AuXTitau iJovel-tji-ru'-.i r.t��srB-;,*iij'
which lias a ea-pitaJ Ktoeiii of eM-J,*J��
will derelob the profesrty recently ae-
sjiiired by it in tlie Big Brnd.
was in XtHsLia on JS-MBtlu, j- uu Hi is. wny '
iri'itm Sj-uftanrw! io tim- nuiiMi . Md lini'l ���:
Tetently nttat-ant frvitju 91 Hi'ip. to Clii'r.t-,
go rsril Milwa'ntliae. Uet rKi>< * U ia ill- r|
tl��"��l! ta DTjukfi tajVHrrj -pnu|.je- Wtiw-ij
tlwit -ilivur'tr uiiainig: jifflv-r* liiUje- m trlnminH,;{
vritb ��iilv��r at "5?. lutmarv.t'1!. >i��sVnM
|'e<Et)r-te Mlifll HOT mu tmlit ttu. titer suxu i
wbo ha* a ��illv**r ���D-iimne mm rwl'i. ''t'i*ty I
waujl gold ttttiine* aiuJi uiiSri 'I'-ti-itfjiriliiu u��>j
ivt'"��r ptv*|i��i-jj.itiorrts,. Ku-tMiius-sHi it* una |
imprjviii-i: in eitlie-i' Cliw-mr;* ������� Kill-1
'n au tw. ��� Tritwne.
A CIhrisfra.4s i^maact
Jm nrrrpinfoxftH tent ayouiiisartaflUei! tays^ojii*
liia ljjir]itby bi�� -jiile,. and. tb-r- HdcUb, at Uiy.
TTl(--\vftifluii.-j-:i, uiat- DtLviiL'S'- -ti-ty 'weae- kcep-
i'i. .   inu-rMvT 0 'i'vti'gttrilejUa the winds uiiir-
tlLLi^Uti ....AlUl..
Off Tiv t -jTim-tTrcn-inn .:rrff. 1 he- wnn��rorfntr'r,a&��T-.
Wiiaii;lot uii.iu! ijjt.-ii.v(..ns. OmL's city smme
Bfli HI'.;
A aiL t�� w. if*- i.f p tibiuiii liujtna- ot \hn- adustnuU* *w��
JI11 11J.,
A. O-UuIIjuj iiiuapliii; u.w ttk.cui*-l bLs.t'iir-.
Kfa HirmCcTrapwt Wa Kar-ji, nmlI^sywiofffi ��*
H.I.11.1U: iuiiCt.
U.KVUi'U.1. i 1:11111.   hW.ttiliti   '.I*- tllD   'HlMDillt'l-    m<
VVItNiai't.'.w.-i'i.'l >ijy:el*UuvltuurtVcn*".wiJruL (���������"
A.im  1 no- n-.u'ht-wati'h' <>< ulmitluicdH slQm>
���11/-.'l'i'-'r'.Tfi' U-liii \H lllLl" .
rTi-i!!pirre\-��rfvre'��etu-dinui*jC'il tnillli* ctomltt ��f
..-V-aIu. ���...*.���
Thi: Um ���.��-.LhKfci. nct-ie slimir**; o'er LU;tbli.*-
|j*V..l..i  Nil.,
JUijl, Ijia UbWn .-iitniiU.- 'jcuirt <rttUK)i.t. tiliii ��(.ru.Lit-i���
ItllUli'.VUU'w IJaUiUllJjUUOJito
E.'��' Sajdl .-iTtn>:; in; Uub Tornvto'tftr tfwtmlr. ukf
Xhn ^ii.in-iiiH.>e�� iVsii.L��liv'��m1 W'BX'LUii: ifuiwi/l
Wlu.'u ..  .��i.-..alAtT.*B'Uiii:v)iji;(l witb haw cliiklxua
iu iiijii.ii.'.-.-* uujrk>ii.-i witli ^ii>U�� luul-yiiljjs.
Ifti^ Bwri'rsTr*lJiiT.JiniViiiji tiliw.   JtwIfiuCf wttmll-
Vmt.ui. ;j.:i.-i,i-tuMi.(ii-r-i]'i*.'viti*!i)bU��ciuii valley tw
llLlu. ,
1'b'tU- t*i.m-j#)'iuUifl Willi-- wLu?��e-tlu;- jSuiZo.1 hes.
ynii 1.1....
Ta u,ui: wt: fciud tUiliK-ri tauu-ii fj�� tJiuMl-wUi.
*tr.��J:-rft��� ��w IrWffrTi to tiio Rtf*ni*9inwn Clio'Stwr-.
iL>AUt\ib,^t.k>LllttuJt,*)t   t.'.iliL-i^.U.  WUlCUji^   ttlU
To.t.bi: uiii:k. ��iiji!s*HLnivicfs�� siin-wt'tiijiLjiJ, ami
- litikiry���
lib liiirii -"-truck, tlui Btmiuoi tin. o Urht Uarin
yi. ii -j.iL
tijpKiireflilTv-sfriiiiSB.thsi sains SBitr-r |
Oils niuht wh��aUtevla-l&-rfUi-i-lsss-nwsi��
-"���i'i. .   .      - t        _,.    .
MetUeil.withIh-yTsleelsss. BphgtniE lisbjg'e-.
lure Iitju,. ,    , _
jVutl milt wlih.tJii) sjuselsof ix'tito-uulgood-
Iiftiiuteil.. .   ���
Hilvu y��. tetvitili iit t��Mla9i Hs.var��.csngM
tljji ��**.��*, uttrain V.
Evsritj lieait is s. ilionL towlUsb aicslis, Sjst.
As 0aire id. Uu-. hunlds. al B.tnl��h��ro.'a plain..
JToiri* D-hr.-.f-v bee Is Ily Uut
Wl,r.-nali   ,|��tsy-����t��rsi
And Mrs n> 11 t-mnrnnsl* MltBC
liiitlis-i��iss-��Ulsi sassj.
Efipr-j- nrltj-ft'itui-|]s4-t���
Buiir stilt scdar
In the ��-- . lie clmt,
Blilumrj SutLgar.
ThBH itr**-r. wll*n I1W-IUC&)
F��y is. Bl.keils.ltrM,
Pour tils uTssisurwulsnf	
On.ous basltwlHiit ouik-t-h.
Tli*ih<.^pitti��etv��ivriB����iie itlid Me itnil asHt
Tile 'jtry nt etrns : btrl. isV t nwmwfsl sltH
Is t Le lieiutt, u< tl'*- insld iVkr -.IsWkt Hsaven ia
<iijj.e'.'lii).llui *ti����ls��y*iriJBrii'*< i*o*)d.-*srl]iC
/rnrrk>l��ffs-��Wh>lj��r. )!
Ji irner. tnenVf Ins. Iimites tihe brlKfaCMt. I
t'ui'bun Uu'i.vr. vU.lti.uiic liulmtest.
Tri'i" tils. ��1T R Iii*ims. Hearts still _
LtnuLUj! uiji.'iiijii.'ttiv'tvt Htulnus-i.
lure ti��Isct'i rop aW y��ir swsUnas'
lbi'.-i' In j'mt'wr'i-ljrlstniM -iteetlnga.
,lk -nt"�� t-m
��1**1   CL-IStUUIS'  .
-slue aciosaseal
-.-j-iiitii' i:::i'.-L'.f,i.
pro-nine* to brine: bark lb* proo-pei itr
of 1SS0 10 U-ajlviile, C-ol.     Onsskilge
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Tint Kalin,|��jUr one of ibe incssi airi-i-s-
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ions of ore iiss*.** ing 210 onrot-i* ii-adl-r
for Bhipuient.
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Byron   VTIiiie   will erct-t a I*V0 luu
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class ore -.iisl tba t-woeis of tbe Ai|>ba 'i
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either at their i>rts;��n-,- as- at Silru-
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tgt'i *rlu.'y iu*rr-ltr-3tell}- ij-tet, tn it carriage.
7 lull- aititeiwliiirK: m Cutr-smi 11* SSaron, Pa.
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Mm BinilH���i�����������!! if��rtec ted thn
Goldan Hospital Socle
It is U'lTciiiiiiie; a -jnestiov ia tlie I
filoean what to do with tbe wrf-OBr*-'.*-*
found io Huiiiv rd live cluiuw. Tbe-y
are not rich oiough <o he eliii.jiije-I, nnti-
nin!r about Wl onncm, kit will lusTetoj,THE IIOSPTrAL i�� now n-sen for (he'
le mined ani mkon oil of the way.      I       adaiiaeioiii el L��u��itt,
BawhidinB of ore hx* kw�� fro. ���n���3."*V W *** '"""iih7^i
.*���..-��. -. o ��.       I       ��HW*��   or   any   lae-alW  of  tb*
tbe Noble file nml fin-i-raii.     Mano'
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d'eli Ziitu, v. lit, neuf as Ikj-blijfaiui ut ll.-lrrs,
ll value tu luu nlurulDi'trsla. li u-Jim. ol i��jui1-
The -iiriiT-r-'ri'-ri-.vt iu His Ir-nvnr -rhitmlicr
Wlt.D. i-ajly bis sits-Lfu tftm-*N ttsualiluK tliai j
thcs^iitiiuHi Pt����r.wf on tltodark fnriTRt iit
.1111.. KuuL'tleii Uiu vrlet-l. u-   Uis, ol ".styU-l
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"Audi ttmt wi-rr-Tniirj--. nir-Iit r-assstt; Heart"?
otx-ueil tl. po-rlal-i. ,
The ;trto.ltite i E Isles il f,ellrl -'- tllltrll' '
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"Stlor-i" r��r rnr Utittl tUd vuiee-.sill men .vc- sni-
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ol tint- pwalrr tiy -H-ttit to ntiixib.*'.. II -trkw macht
Jill.iir'i.-jLrrulr vt'.T*!iLtu-ir.-r;iitffl*| tilj.-is-, IhtllU the
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AIL musts, iluoolsl tw k-veli or pmrnffel
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��. so -I't.'itiii'i-itV tthtit. the rear rnKtinam
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IV im��t, 5irr'��m -tunU alwntj-s tsrstaUled
lefon*'l.:.-ir:ii's...,at*iii'Ejstsat -rc-li-ilietl otber-
wi.-e-. ��-.���.��- {attu-niiat rfnet-t lur market
c��cu.nK��l chtit tuiK Wen scublrt-tl will often
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muiLt ctku.* it wiUh*'i��*tit,tocrjv��iii|B- t-Tery*
aeMv -lays, to, fresh puitUHl in milertutavuii]
liltii- KotmilywlUtliei^id-jWi-seajti-rtlio
tliiit'jf'j, bat lutttur heulth. viiU he maila-
h iiLwiayti,is LiaMIity that they will Iw-rin
ttuplvt.-k feathiic* Jnrni oisritanthrr.-imt list
ii-uuas ��ie Iwn le��n��s tttdwtenenmit lo
siKil Iier. Tilt oaL; surer mire it tu Will tha
hen. emit the suoner it is dull*! tlie Urtter.
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They fe. r v.i.. SaV I-1 ��� i t -ikr. :h*esr.
TIiiHt, ..rem . in "Uir-tiir.jri.scsirriiWsei':-
ii. iH'tcr i. i|c Cli"; V n a; ttmif i rgathias..
Ken. -R'illi.im Burith, <���' the Salvation
Artrii-r,. inats-ot I'* je-nrs of upr-. snilE-kaa
active aoxl viKtannn. .ts, nuny mum ot ID.
The sautUi-st t'bv.nru> sue' in Hut morW Is
lhat. of St.. Helena, the ln-lop ot which has
in.li-aih iitua over llirw cltrsrjTneii.
Ws�� I.ttt-T M. Ibsith, a da-SKhtrrof Cen.
Bovchip Umi'- :r��.u apii'r.iij't.cil ct'Vj.btijtiiileT of
llir !-al.int i��a  Array in bulla, with her |
ternhj-mirtei-H. it Rc��-ir>Hv.
jt-iimi iine-rritrutif, ncmiv t*n|i��nifsirpon |
ihjf voX, -j-wt-thlitd ajon tin- stej, one lain! i
ipwn mu' ami ttdtiviitiiiii. faut cucrj one of |
-,h.��Ke. BitiKt lie st iu lost tmieift fall ad- |
titsitaite ot the otltet-r.. If eft her falhiihort
su u-i- than It��itsvn ptoDurtUiu thu urop Is
likely to tail short.
JVi^bavetl*< ����*��**���*  ��"f�� PKIGE-Ten Mar. per year or Six
1,000 tons uf at-no ��a*r tne latBrr**'        Dollar* per ball yeait.
Forks  before  ike  end U Lt.-asaiilsM-. L~. ,.rT��� ,>> .     . .
BCO EXTRAS exttpt private wards.    '
Four imia-i are hanlitie; I����iL-iu��iiit��
ere to Ten Mile irnna?, fi-ora * Uth it
wilt be taken by sJblck lo &-*&-.
alifti tot Ine aolplsss. to sluvos in their
tl'UUUllv I!) I
Tatbti tleatli^aiaiti-d *lt-����rsrwli��Bl��rjtiiujji
thtiLsw.l ....
To. Um wt-U* uf ibe *Mcrrt. wban tUrstea tho
��anit)ls-      ...........
to-the rocks and lhe nltfalia whera wanuer-
ud the ewes.
rmttreiTiwrnrnfeot" nrnnishiMl paper art.
coiniiif-in'tn. fiiti-r in l'runce..
BirniWlL" m tiflr far riilR. wJiieh fs hot Ti neat
amidre-iny, is utimle o( wmtu, woalureot-
torji, ly theaiil��f Htenttcicfs.
A piiatjv.'xttfe Jixuiie' lotSiir ITnifo firror
ivithr away h-rs-seineia, and the- anhnola-1
llhtensre-lntsi .-mm tu> ar-pcH'iviitie' it. as. lb
ud.j,a8tK.itrselt toenrry atotian U the nsck. I
I*liT��rrriittl��-tntctiMfi' by Um lilts, been in- '
Tented try M. IIitytT, at I-istrisi. A speel-
meoimf stwajK sarlilecteill to m. seven test���
uhb' Utuulreil and sorty-efRht' hears ita a
potter's fin-urnec���rend came: out with its
-"laze almost perfect.   i
There ltad keen ao nib on Thnr ing
Branch lor nearly ram tmnilw.
Ch-st. TwitcheDwas nr-Hitly t-rtneersedi
shout him encni amt *��������* hia eetteo. The.
eecntwe-thl n��t ear well ser the cotton
make' Kauli hells, aulas water weret
fcrthewniiijcitii soi ne* shops- before uinny
days. If* was ���fti-wia*'* at tliin. tttuei
rreath- Inxahkil aliMtt hia onl}* ik-ia, "liter, lie baeiUr kbuw wluula vt bis wor-
���nmwawt^ipia'ler. let then- was is
difteteuee. lbs- knew jaet then ��4 no
wny by whiiiula-i-nH-ail tuutri4 J-apiter
Piuviiu*. irrt he (ouhlr-��*��� tluusglit ha
eoolilt- wuuol bis. -bsn-drter. Kisliy.
Ki*liy. it may be-sakl, wua.uu.Uuii in<-
terite-rtiitUni, ot Sopht-ndshiii
-11 tW (-used trw-iB. du> rot sp."* ho
solfltMitsio'd. -I revkwa we'll haver to
���taiul tlie iseket swiMihaiw. Bnt. by
sui^yr���tlii��wis��llis*-s-ui*iiiiis, tiror-
keidttb���"lyiiiiiiity. ��><: lJ JuJuiiHenry
jPmljP't uawries. Kisby Twitcta-dX tnout
���iy mm-eiit he'Brget iiptaniiiHranil stu.r
ip b-ttKar- thaa must fuola. uf. Lia, heib
shiihiImt* oe, -*- ** **i
Bat. in tha- sntrrre- ef thBifpr, there-
were* smaiiry ��*'*'��-* and. pluttingsi
asaieat tii��pmeb<al thu.
the siuiti-u ii4M*-ii*wii. duwiii ut tinrv.ip-
taia'si-Mid'K; howe. whkrh the- jeriii-it
entry efjiiu-i Hem-r hul Wtouu-ti*. tUttiavi
wlien hia. aiuaul vne want after water.
-"Idc-s't know wheat well better do.
Paw'il ae-ton tee in* Bsarty lb* Oltl
FeB-srhiuaHrll as ycuv Min Henry. ��
nei-Iy eiuil sew what -uult-M. liuu. auset
a-piinst ve."
"kill tell y,i-a ���*%, HSibr. n'sprrrei.
derrstdi a-niltoline-ui. if ha in yixir pnw.
Bntiten't timi worry l'*re* uiuiuxl it.
all ester ami I've tbaieadtt np. auvlitiU'S
worth, twoi of hie. yet. If e-rertiiinic
wuerk*out weB. jour filtbi r inaiyuis-si-
lly sw/e: Ida -wttotx. bent lw'st hnnikl tu>
sW- his girl, sure as. QxA. uumiu littla
-*I alar sis listae-is yeti want firrart.
Milt Uenry." ami Nishjr. nuiier the. i
floar ef this ee��slesa*riti, aBouf-r her
surer te> kiss her without buausie bis
tflis. ntter tue uiost apjjinwwl Uanri'i--;
Branch uatnaer. "Teli uu. %ui+ >�����a
-Nuw, Niak-r. nerer yeei swmiT.. All
yon've git to 4> is tostaw rl��ht at huuist
vaStfaabtmrtMutrtit^mimx^        ���-'*�����
"Yin. KMbyt" aea-r VBBJt-. lnsfirill
���nadsaaa* tones trens tiiedii-ectieu ot tlm
captain * hnuiw.   -Where- iai'io.1**
-Kviw. Jonn Henry, yust skip."- snfrl
Fishy, sabiiiittiiiif tu. aiiiotlwT Dupcinit
Breach earresu.    "Thai�� luitw. - aue'il .
Is doMru bete stctii's L anaweir- '
-I'm, si tnisnin'. ius��.'
A i*-***-lays hater su. the news- ffew- np
���ml d-wrn Duutiiut Brandi thnt Fiuf. .
jDrylbipfer. the laatnns gutr*iiuii��nt ex-
sert, was abwat to Tiuit tliat reifinu in
���nlertntmt s��nne al Lis pei'-Bli.rtlieii-
lien hi rej-jinl to ptulaarisar rtuu hy arti-
acul sn-esaaB. The f rutcawir. tt was
sail, hail recently Wm .Jiiu-jiu-r |li*
%*���*:*>> of -H-ollwrn snd western Tuxes,
ami nuw pnipojieil t*> shew the Mks iu
���riddle Uevcirn k-n-ar ti> hsiulNinsIn
autmesntn tears with a, few '������"""'������nsi
artiat*sially spuiied.
-By rnlchty. sh-r sjnotb thwe-rritafn,
1 ikm't btdie-ve the luau. can. cuu-ilriu.' b
adt'ceot ���.prinliJe.'*
shg vsen and tottini. tb�� seas skeptical
he-Kwv. Pneently it wns awuauu-e-l
tlwit Prnf*. Dryikp-ter wnnM uutm> bis
Vrst ho-ar��� sotosfieisk���hHI.-re �� Dnrtein-r
Bratwh am..euKii va, Inapt Twucuult's
Ationt that tha* NTshy reeeivetl it
setter bv spei'ittvl mesttenater umi fejri*
lively eniveyt.il. thut aeuUMtl to uot her
in liiA v -mi lir.mer. ii'he.wntikl expluirt
aotuuiie .u ally oetly. bnt w��ut ahwiil tho
in nattiug time'. Prmtoaj-ly she hail
been ntiher iniwdr ami pteeax'viteil.
���^j5��*i*t see what's cotua- over titekW. "
���aid her father -If thnt John. Henry
was about, I aiiouLd say be was. respoua-
But, tbTirptb Sfr. P^hret ha-l net been
seen en Uuncing Bnuieh fer, as suwei
expreesed it, "It mouth* at -ds-uisLtu-s.** his
alirteuj-v waii. mu:. than rey-lurvii to tho
ra-atainV utii-il hy ait a*rjent uftbe-creat
DryiVa-vper. By the time the kiler hail ,
fina-hwl exnlafciinir snil aers.wului'r, '
Capt Twittrhell haa agtverl to give up.
his hejt barn down In the Brunch lie* tout
for ths aavpwe ot lurtlierinu the pro-
leesur's ekiaIilr'iM��IwUj>iii( tvetathios.
-iliuil tmi. tlituaich,'' stiiiahilril thai
ftrndeuteatiUin, "if the rain ibio't come,
that teller baa -jut to pay nut for thn us*
taair one aflerneen the rreurt Dry-
dsptier arrired with a neKroi it urmle, a
currf-eil wan��o tiyhtly clcaed and t)
ti^uijimtl-j-iavair of mystery ami iinpor- '.
tauce.   Ho drove ttra'aclit to the big;
barn in the' bottom ami instmi-t**d his
darky to close tit* doors,   niiortly hs
e.uiu- oat irftxl tuok a ssKe snitey uf ths .
taeavetw, with tbet afar of a <h>ioiueu who
held the clerk ef the weather rontina-
ally at hhi hock ami -nsla.   lw wj4*uiaU
cf stature, yet uf great���net to suy ter-.''
rlble���disuity.  lu fart his dipnity waa
���ooverpowerinic that Capr. Twitchell
completely nenhtcteil tn let the profetsor A
know of bis intentions regarding the
His professional ^reparations were to
he made in secretr'AWn at the big barn
tout night. AH that ho could be got to
suy wus:
r-j-By. morning look ont for signs of
rain. You had all better go to bed; bnt
if yon will hung around'that barn it
might he safer to bring your, umbrellas.
There is no knowing what may happen
Ami he vHhdrew, magnificent in his
impenetrability.,   But,  w.ieu relieved
oi the oppressiveness or' t.io |ir'iif��tis|ir'*
I pi-i-tence.  the captain's liuturnl skepti-
[ ci-uii ar-s 'i*te I itself fur aiiuirni'iit.
"I liiili believe hets-i.urge sintdhumbug," Bui 1 he.
But litter ini. when-they told him thnt
Jinlf the population of Uuneing liriinch
wns winuiiiiig,   sitting  nntl  stHitiiing
lironnd niu burn, curiosity gut tlio uetier
lui pradeni"*.
"uiil wm linn," he said, "yon keep an
leyn on Kill*/ here, nnd ill jnst run
I un wn the. v inul see what thut fool is up
|tu, iiiiynov.'."
So the captain iTisannmreil, bnt did
���rot  return.     Mrs. .Twitchell,  feelliiit'1
luewisu tue itch of un uiisutisiied de*
eire. fli-rlly grew itn-fovoriirinly re"'--",
'lleir s'lz/,!" sin* coiii;'���'*- 1, " ..''
ein ��� ��� n . '.'pin' the cu; i' **'t li
genenillv. he never stays 0 ! 1> it' i
c'lrht it'll 'c :. 1'ii't nn your hint' ef it nil
���jtinivl, Ms v, nnd'we'll je.-t s.iy i.eni.
.ueiu niiii fii.ii.-ii y'iur.puiv lijuik."
The nirl ii,'i'.'-eil and tlie two burred
inwil "'1 tli' Imtttiji. .On the iv, y >" ��iy
I'tiicp:-iin.il ttiiitiierhead Wis li* ,���
Iier worse She had lnvent-l n pr r.t
1 eilitcrre previously.    She was Hi   wen
Pto return on ciiiiuition oi.itri' M'ing m-
llietliutely to bed, buiitliy hint) -.ml red
dunes lu.onjlk the ii..i...t, ..i'.lie briri.
I'liuip.eiely i-uin.neri.il tllli.-}.*! la '���������.  tii e
I diitvrmit 1 tu witness I'.ry .ipper'f
rn ti but wiih nature if she sut up all
I niyht, .'���������/.'   ���
'iiiis s'-ii did; while,   nuennscimts of
I the vicinity uf ills Wife, 1. e , ���..i....i
i.iiic.ie i au i no i'.irJ at u lilm' il.-,. nr*
I niiiiil iin ci'niviK     Tlie ���hours ��� niissvil
.iiwly. let -.  e people l'eiinii icil.
The wi'nf st r ..iiii .'orliiiiiu u lights or
' fir h, us Iieing lun.iii'iil to his success.
Thu captni.i a ul his wile stay-M un,
i tiwever, l'i.MjiiigrlieiiinatiKiii, uuil wiiei-
J t.ug llnir icnipera uuli ile.iiy,
Whell niiir..iugnt hint inv. od over the,
[r.'isierii hills Upon lius sleepy uinl peeV-
lisli 'nn i"ic".   there  was  ."'itlter imy
laiit-n ol ruin in the iky uu.' il.e iuoiue tue
| burn.
"i sui 1 he Wns a linmbn**:," exc'iiimed
| t'le Ciipi.iiri, uu no wi-aliiiuil/ bui'o.upju
| tuU Uil'il ...lO.'S.
The criiivii jmnroil in, tn Hnd on'y the
I mnl tu nl ivugifii. lu.-i le tlie last were
I sume empty Ihix"*.' it.it liier.e ivus iiu
llji'y,iu|i|iei'ii.u'i iiiitiivise no ue^ro.
"i ihiie. e Hints jir is i.ewiitii in mule
and ivairiri.' ti.ii'.l' ujitt man triiiu.'6v��r,.
'auniit 1'iu'i.e j.'oj'���s.
lirasis invii  ctnisiri to John Hen-
y,' i.it>uniii i..o c.,ii.an, growiiijc sus.
citiiiA.it untie.,   "liei'ii, old   wtuiiiiii!'
iil'iiii.  uu.ici ig nis wile at lust.
- iiiii'ius Nisity?" j"
lint tiieni i lu.iy .ivs mn'iiiig dnnbln-
qiuciil.'ui ii--, mi*  luu Iliiii.-nt.    lliu   cup'
I ..in luiiu.ie..     A   coii|ilu   met theiu
��� ii!i:u./ ..t ..lo Uoiir.    ii IVaj oopuou'
Luri uinl Ju ill Henry, * j
��� .Vis a iiviiciiei..'-' cried the mother.
If Villi illlilV���'"
"i.^.-icii-e  ine.-  munn."  interriiptntl
Jtilin Henry,   "Sopnuiiisiiy   lau���ei  is
her iiuiiiit miv.    I'uisou lireei., lie iiiur-
rieil ns 'luu-j about three hour uiiu u
'half a.,'0."
Well,  I never!"   exclalmetl  Mrs.
Twitchell. bnt   lie was too overcome lo
|bay ii ure jjist tuen.
'Swiiiiucii oui'n rain and daughter,
i." groaned  tuo  captain,   wuiio tue
_iib,>io ue���.u^ ii.ui bujii tu 0.... ...a
Well," srmt-d John Henry, "y-va
riiiliiie tii siudy np some pluii tugei.
Isiiy, so 1 pit t'uiiiti i Brtis nun ul.,
red lllrr-er lllilli in tix u'-ili ; ul'.i.
us Driil-pl11'!-* the suheme luii-c oi-t-
tr'nl e���.-|" c,,... u..ii.' t.n.ib i.iuiiM"*,
hati evci1 .in:,,' lea,Iv, so while Jon *u��
us tltiivn tn tue 1 urn, me u id JNisuy,
enli*i|iel niiii got ni.iriiiiil.'-
"It'iitili'1!' griiiii''l"d im- ciinfiln s't-
iilig ilov.ti Hllu loute.ajf ll.jiii.l lllsDuU-iit
".'.ever rnlntl, puw," snid Nishyen-
rnnriigiugly, *-ritu renl,_ all-wu I'Di-.v*.
ilippiris o t.| i;; |i> iiin.'rii'.r. Ltt'u jro
.iti inlvitii fust. n.-iTin' niHrrieaisliuiu
"���ui'.i, inn I'm hitiigiy, tmi."
to iniiiiers were gl'iirt.'itil'y sinnntheil
cm, iiiiu uii.ii t.iu geiiiiiiiv Iu,ilappii-
iii'l liu.illy i.iTi.-o lie iiiuu.-iit ii veri.uiile
c oii'lliiiM in iiiMWi.it*. U'liicliigJJruiit'ii
InuIiiiiih wei-o iiveWlowetl, an;, nt lattt
iici'tiiliits. liu I'vuiiiii hill si riven fu
i.egiiti.itc with tuo pi'1-ti's..or liir a spell
tf drv ��e.1 Iier.
! ��r)U.ueiiei)p.��nro ti"ver sitisfiel.
t  _', aiiiiplii (iiiirs,
j There nre a foiVHltnplerilliw Htheuare
df llVOttllrK.it ,(.l  ..III IS.   WHICH    if   ,i||.
i-rveil wi.t iii'ir.y m'v.uys ui..��e stoca-
..owing 1 i'ltllttiiil ���:
1 t'';ir. wii ig.M.,| nnimnK It costi
lint little inure tn tin tins tlttiii tn stun
sitii si'i'iiits,   'inn Hervioi' nt tiiiirniiuii
i.eil in.i s cimis, ill iiiii.OiM U.ue-i, su
itt.H. llll.i ill inns; lorr,..itie* ,.ter are   sit
mI.. ncc. -wiul . that no fnr.uer cau
.furl to jist; it -Htm . Th�� larii.tr who
t*'l*tisi"itriy bv, ei.s lrnin lim ungiihreu.
i.es. will 1 upr ice his storlc citiiliniiurlc,
3.   N nr ����,i iinw ���,�����<  liuiii v',a
ejii.o tnat yuu rim feed Weil, 'iuo
.ruiei* who <>versto Ota 1.M |*astnres,
"��l��ten hiilHiid, ...i.i is nt liiu ...eirv
t tue weiitlier. fnr every drouth hriugs
is entile to n sturcuiioii tliet, nud often
nines | tie,.i iiiv.ichy. uud the  furiuer
uu lllRj-^3 ly ..'.' _,u;-j ��tu��� -uuu
FOR $2.25
"Golden Era
*ron o.\b vsun.
**0R OXB TCjIB, ttSD
20 Complete Novelettes
We Iists snrsniwl wit* Iks paMlnltsr of tlie pnptitsr
llliitilratailJltsrary snil tall/monthly, The llliia-
lr .led Httmi. On-nl. lo ftiroliili lhl. mwlli'tit
-lUMiittitloa In club Willi ear paper upon tin .piylnlly
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oftrtr lo each milwcrilwr, .Fife, n lar��,i suit lifinf|.i<ma
t'TOtnluin hook, .nutlml, "Twrnly Oimplelo
Norelelleft bv Pii-.il.ni- AhiIioim." Tims
our wUwtrllwrt, tor WkliU? elnnt it-a of lho slmra
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$u#inc&& QCav2k#��
Hon. J, A. Lougiiekp, Q,C.
G. 8,
IdOUffheed  4k
Barristers, Advocjil-es, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitor.* tor l?ank of Montreal.
Calgary, - N.W.T.
K. J. jKmtsms.
D.L.8. & P.T,.��. for B.C. DOMINION &
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N��W. T,   CorroMjHiudenco Solicitcil.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.S..P.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
and mnr.tlnfnir Hartal and Khort
pnh'luhnil mrmthly.
HfnrFrt-i hy ttte moat
poptitur nnthmiL FktAtihw. Pof.mn nwr-ftil Mlrvellnny,
Hiu^itii. Ohlidren'fi and HttntorocM Jiemrriiiflntp,
and arerytlitnt; to unn-n, mtttrtsin and ln��trnet mch
matnher of tne rH-ntlv elrota Arnnnv th�� wntnn*
whoso nforiea eonawntTj anrwir It Tub ItumttATtm
noin fJiiiwr aro Mm, Rm-n-t. P. K V. rftmtlifrorth,
Mrn. M��rv J. rFolmiw, Chsrlotta M. HiwnaJfm Ann
ft rtton'i'��nn, Mm. Miv Atmm riamln?. Etta W. Pfprre,
Mm, .laie Q. Anntin, K-nmi*. Gnrriwm Jmcu. .Vary
Kylo Pnlut* SyhrMiM OoMn Jr., K-Tt'.rwm Peniiatt, A.
Oonrtn Doylo, and many other*. It I<i a hlali-clam pnb-
lloatinn for Ihe fVnlly drcte.  Tmrfd-'fimoly prinfed,
Oonrtn Doyle,
���fer the tVnUy efrcla. hnnd<tfimoly ni
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or:���*'--'���"-'      *  - ���--  - ** - -' 8'���'-
MeCRrtlij*   A   Hnrvey,
Harristors, Advocntes, Notaries, Ae.   Solicitors tor i���
The liiipeiiul Hank of Canada.
The t'liuiiila I'eriiiniient Loan A Savings Co,
The Yorkshire Loan (i Kociiritiesl or|Hir��tion
The Massey-llurrib Co. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Ollices���Stephen .Vveiiue, Calgary.
P. MoCaktiiv, Q.C.
Ahsou. Mum. Inst. C.E.
jWISrilVG   KlVfif-VFFR,
Cociikank, Aliia.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Liraited)
A. leofred,
'llrailiiute of Laval and Mcllill.)
Head Office, Qufjiibi) ;  Brunch  Offices
Shebiiiiooke, &, 17 Pluce d'Annes
Hill. MllNTBEAL.
which Is Inten-oly lnlonj.1 iot. It ct-mprlsM a wl-olo
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erer published In a single yoliimo. Tire title*, of the
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ii*der the noJIy Berries.    By omiioit. a.
IkePbaafnmWeeeimr.  *r��.nnm-inan.
Tae eyierr** ��T-irnl.i��.   ��*��� Wm Hem WimH.
Bfaantshlae aa* Miira-arrllFs.   By "lit. nn.
rae Rontta-nnn ar Aatwertrt.   By Kra jtnn a.
The atery "To 1,1ft".   By am ����ci-to�� Pl.mlii-i
Old Rudderr.ird Halt.   Bv at. M. t: Br..Mon.
nitiaebe ar Hoaallen.   By juo-t-.*"-Dnm-a.
A Tale er Tkran Llnas.   Bv H KMn- nuntd.
..�� Iteama) la Iks Air.  Bv -"it��� vtrn..
Tae Starr ef Heloa.  Bv thrnj* a. n��"-i��.^
Tsw Caatala er tae Pale-Man By a. o���.n
���>���>. JJ��n->^-. ....'...- W-.  *.nr>fl   .n^'n
Tae Duel la Uorao Wa��4.   b' Wiiitocwtina
Tae sUlftesa of Wkllsea Craaare.   By a. B
mnaf aaj-nt.. n- *s,rr Kvt- n-a.��i __
The Blnrkamlth-o Paaehler. Bv rtl�� w. rltrra,
Theat*alptnr.nr*llfla-eaa.   By Srlvnnu. c���l,t>, Jr.
The Pi��i-m> Dlnat.aaa.   a- a-.
Asker.lt stall.  ~ '
Samuel S. Fowler, EJ.,
WfcVTrV** KrwjjVrf'fB.
Properties repor'erl iiimn.    Esthnntes and
plans for ml uiUtJliti-'-ii'iil | l.iiit.i.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Uclclen, B.C.
Bank Of (.ionireal.
Interest nt Current rules.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Geld, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
Hi��,rv A. "Po-ilr-on,
By ftanM Owrtion sTinfA
���hutue soiil THE HOLDEX E''A for one
liir one yeur. iiipI thn liool.', "Tiveiny i om-
nlelc lVovi'lettes by l'npiiliir Aiiilii)rs,"i,ll
imst-piiitl by mail upon retoipt of only <2S).
This oiler applies luith to nou- sultscriliers
anil roiuwiils. Every lover of Ini-jbt and
liisciuiiiiii'-litcriitiire should tike'ii1viinrii*>e
of it. .-'antples ropier, of "The llluslri.tetl
I Iiimn lines' "uud nl (lie nroiiiiiiin Insili may
lie seeu ul this officii.   Address all letters:
The Golden Era Pub. Co..
Golden, B.C.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses tor Hire.
l\. Connacher, Proprietor.
WiioleN-tf-' nntl Kcfnll
Cattle, Sboej.* mul
Horse Dealers.
In thn Supremo Court of British Columbia,
1891, H No.��
lletvoeii Alexiiiu'er L. Ifufr-r and Frank
Uoii-;lituu, 1'l.iiutiTs;
Cliiirle-t C. Farroll mul Q. H. Johnson, Do-
To Cliurlos C. Fnrrell mid O. H. Jnlmran of
Fort -Steelo, iu the District of Kuolcntiy,
Take notice thut on the sixth day of An ;ust
IMII, il writ of siiiiiiiions nils i-�����,,. mil 1,1 tlii.-t
Court m-iiinst you nt I lie suit of tho above
niiiiied, Alexaniler I.. Hni'trr uud Frank
lloiiK-hliin, of Fort Steelo, Fret, Minors :
That the si.itl writ was oiirljscd with tho
t'nlliiii iti(- statenioiit of rliiiin;
"The plt,iiitiii'sil���iiii is for tlicfmirrlltitiuii
uf tho rerunls of tlio lleiidwiaul mul l.niral
Teiuler mineral Claims, iu tho nlNeo of the
Miniiifv Ifeeiinlor r.t Fori Steele iu tho Prov
iucn of British Ciiltiinliiii, fer an injunction
riMiriiiiiiu-r the dittentlauls, their servillits,
n-riiits, or itorkiiii'ii from niiteriii'r uisui thu
lateen of the Hills and Luke Slim 0 mul .Mnyea
iiiiiii'r,.l claims, and fur ilanniKits anil the
costs of this iictiitn."
Ami lake notice, fiirlhor. thnt liy nn nn'er
til'llis l.trtlsliip Mr. ilnsiiii' Wiilkeni, dutnl
nthUetoher, IW', it was onlerotl llmtserikro
of lho sniil writ be oH'ccleil Ity [sistin^ I lie
same on tlie ul'ici' of the Miuinir llerortler ut
Fort Steele, and on lho sui I <{��� eon of the
Bills, Mnvea und Luke Shorn cliiiius, ami hy
advertising 11 notice thereof tor ���fiduyn in tho
(���ol.iiEN Eli.i iie��spa|ier, ami thut the do
I'l'isltintsdii enter 1111 appeiiranie ivilliiti!A��
duvs of lho first iiisertioii of such until 0.
Vou ure therofuro required pursuant to
such order lo miter un appearance to lite suid
writ 111 tho office of Umi Hogi-ttrar of this
Court at KamliK.ps, British Ciil.tndiiii. within
-todays of th�� first insertion of tliis iioticu.
Dated this IMith November, IHO*.
A. 0. M. SI-KAli'dE,
Of Dnnaltl, in lite District of Kuotciiay
I'liiintitl's' Solicitor.
First iu-tcrtioti Dec. 1st !KH.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
f'nljti-try -illia
ATrENilEI)   TO.
"It Is worth tbe price to every person
who even reads a newspsp. r."���Darlugloa
THE JOUIlI.iL birr* 10
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. C3-. NHVIWB.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oorreapondenls and Copy Cboppers.
Blriort, simple snd practical rales for
making and edltlDR newspaper eopjr,
and of equal value to all who wish to
write correct Knglisb.
Sent on receipt of price P- Ire, 10 rents
per oopy. ALLAN VliBMAN, Pabllshea
117 Nasssn Btreel. New York.
Newly refitted and ftirni-ihed. Strioilv PIB6T
CLASS iu every respect. Sum pie Rooms for
Cuuiiuirciul men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of (titests. Headquarters for miiiiu** iucn and
miners. Convenient to Station and Si earn boat
Ijiiiidiui'. Direct importer and ivholesalo and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and CifjHi'H.
Special attention given to orders from up the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Job    Department
.:o:_ OF -:<>.-
Unlltin Hospital Society.
From D.'UO n.m. to 11 a.m.
CAM t OBTAIN A PATENT f    for a
upaiienoe la the patent I
4 p.m.
.1        7      11    11   s    "
Sunday  from  111 n.m. to  li? in., nnd
from 7 p.m. to N p in.
From 2:'I0 p.m.  lo 8 p.m.. daily,
except Mondny and Satnri'sy,
Bv Obdek.
lion. au*-1lf mnndmittal.   A lleee*Veek of In.
formauon onnt-ernln-- Paleals snd kow to ob.
1 snd Kiwillflo t
 nuw Pali
- -_1 stmt free. Alsos
leal snd Kjientlfle
Pstsnts taken
.... *s*pseara* Of
ibrcoah Mn-rtn A dr.. Teerlre
tk. Meleatlle (Mel-Iras, anl
it widely before tbe patiHc witli.
inventor, This selebdld paper,
llln-1r-uad.ua. t..|Ctt���.
nr at-ientllkr won Is tba
Una F.ui!i��1nioni*iir,i*��e rear. Sine'.
eopKa, )|3 earn*. fereiT nnniber oootstas ba.it.
uwi7T6o':*'&io'ss:roi ��sxss���.
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   triei
bum Ammonia, Alum or any other ad iltefanl
Before nnother issue of The Golden
Eiia the year 1895, with all its hopes,
cares and fears, will have heen entered
upon, We take this opportunity of
thanking our customers for their
patronage during tho past yeur and
express the hope that thej will continue to patronize home industry ns
much in the future as they have done
in the past. To one and all we present
our compliments and best wishes for a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Curlers' Hull Postponed.
The curlers havo decided to postpone
their bull, which was advertised for
New Year's Eve, on account of the
low condition of Mr. Harry Connacher.
Hull Bros, ar Co.
This enterprising firm finding their
business increasing; rapidly were compelled to build n larger store neurer
the centre of the town. This store has
just been completed and Mr. Woodley,
agent for the firm, took possession on
Saturday Inst and has been busy all
week putting things in order. This
firm carry the finest stock of meats in
tbe country, fish and game always in
The school examination was held on
Triday cf Inst week. The visitors
present expressed themselves as well
pleased with the progress shown. It
was evident that the teaching had
been thorough. It wns also evident to
all that the seats are very uncomfortable and much behind the nge We
hope that at the summer examination
more of the parents will be present.
The Christmns services at St. Paul't
Church were conducted by Archdeacon
McKay. The decorations were in good
taste and suitable to the season, but
not as elaborate as on previous occasions. Notice was Riven of thn celebration of the Christmas Communion
at morning service on the Gth ol
Several changes have taken place in
Carlin A Lake's store recently. Mr.
Frank Partridge, who had charge of
tbe dry goods department, left on
Monday. Mr. Partridge was a universal favorite with nil the customers
at the Big Store. By his departure
Carlin & Lake lose an obliging nnd
painstaking clerk and one who looked
well after the intersts of bis employers
Mr. G. Fraser who drovo the delivery
wagon left on Saturday for Calgary.
Mr. Alec Sutherland bus been appointed in Mr. Fruiter's place, and Mr.
Harrison, lately from the east, is
assisting in the dry goods department.
A new cleric, Mr. R. Carley, is expected from Winnipeg shoatly.
Notleo of Application for I'crtlHcrite
of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Harold E. For*
iter, free miner'* substituted certificate
No. 35-149, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that adverse
claims vust be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Harold E. Fousteii,
By bis ngent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this 29th dny of December,
Navigation fU
The joyous & festive season. Everybody should
make presents. We think so and intend making-
all our customers a substantial Christmas present
in the shape of
A Eebate of 20c.
'���"���  on each Dollar's worth of the following lines of
goods purchased
During the winter a stage will be run between
Golden,,Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill. Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Goldon on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
���       January 8 & 22.
- February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Will buy a dollar's worth of China, Crockery
and Glassware
Will buy a dollar's worth of Silk Gooda
Handkerchiefs, China Dress Silks. Silk Hand
Bags, Table and Piano Drapes, Handkerchief
Cases, Ladies Underwear, in fact anything
in the silk line
Will Jbuy a dollar's worth of Toys, Picture
Books, Alphabetical Blocks, Etc.
Will buy a dollar's worth of Knives, Forks
Spoons and Plated Ware.
Will buy a dollar's worth of Fancy Plush
Toilet Cases, Manicure Pets, Shaving Sets,
Ladies Purses, Hand Bags, Toilet Sets, Hair
Brushes, Perfumes, Satchets, etc.
This is a clear discount of 20 per cent.   All
goods marked in plain figures.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited tq Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile,
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
M.   B.   LANQ
HOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
H. B. LANG,        Golden. B.C.
Dealers In Everything.
Golderi, B.C.
Manufactures of Sasb, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Hails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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