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The Golden Era May 6, 1898

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Array U tha moat widely circulated andl I
h*at advertising medium in East <
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f Golden, ii. C.
VOL. VII.   NO. 4tt
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eatened In Spain
. j
the .
of a
there is great rejoic-
oduy.     Never  since
thee-tat   Civil War
ut ivy ago   hav*   the
y been no profoundly
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I                           '  ap-to-a-ste clothing dealer*.
UtllllllllllltlllllllHIDtllllll Ili.fii.^.j1
ir news as they   were
thi. .receipt of the  intelli-
genceot tuo first battle of the present
campaign betwien the United States
and Spain. This battle hae heeu
fought snd victory lies with Commodore Dewery, So grand has liern that
victory that it has lawn enough to set
1 he people of Washington In a frenzy
of enthusiastic rejoicing.
Mad rid-The following Is the lext
of an official despatch from the Governor-General of the Phillippiiici to the
Spanish Minister of War asto an engagement which took place off Manila
on Saturday night lietiveeii the Spanish
mid American forces. 'The roar of the
batteries at the entrance to the port announced the arrival of the eneiny'-
squudron, which was forcing a pass-
a|;e under the obscurity of ths night.
At day-break the enotnyV ships took
up their positions, opening fire against
Fort Cavite and the Spanish Arsenal.
Our fleet engaged the enruiv in a faril
lia.iit combat, protected hy the Cavite
aud Mani.la foris. They obliged tar,
enemy wilh heavy loss to mauoeuvrt
repeatedly. By Vine o'cioc': the United States fleet had suffered 10 severely
that it took refuge behind the foreign
merchant shipping 011 ihe easl side ol
the Bay.
" Our. fleet, considering the super
iorty of llie 01101.'.v, naturally suffered
a severe loss. The Maria Christina.
the tingsliip of the Spanish squadron.
is ou fire, and another ship, believed 10
h* ihe Don .loul Austria, waa blown
up. There was considerable' loss of
life. Captain Cod-raso, eoininauijiin.
the Maria Christina, is union;- the
killed. Cannot now give further de
tails. The spirit of tne navy snr!
volunteers is excellent."
On board flagship New York The
details of the so called bombardment of
Cabanas last evening ate as foiljws: -
The flagship New Vork inn him
quietly outside the harbor of Cabana.,
about two miles off the shore. Shi
was accompanied by tbe torpedo, boat,.
Porter and Ericsson, which had re
turned 10 their usual atntions off Morn
Castle. The hand was playing i't-
nsttal dinner music, when from the hili
tolh* eastward ol Cabanas harbor
name the sound of volley firing. 'Hi.
firing was plainly a small attack s>
1 here wus no smoke visible on th.
beach. It is estimated that a troop ol
cavalry had dismounted, and waa dying I* have some firing. The officer:-
of the flagship atood on the drck try
ing   to   ascertain   definitely  the lo
tion of the enemy. Tho nsval
officer* were more amused than excite.!
at thi* novel method of attacking hi.
armed cruiser.
Madrid - Let* official telegrams ��a>
���hat Admiral Moutizo hua transferred
his flag from the cruiser Kiena Marin
Christina, which was totally destroy
si, to th* cruller I.lade Cubs, which
ia now th* flagship of th* Spanish
squadron in the Phillippiue*. ���
The Heine Maria Chriitina waa completely destroyed. The Spanish crni
acr Caitilla wss iiIko burn*d, and several other of the Spanish ships had to
retire from the combat owing 10 Ilie
serious damage which they, sustained
from the American squadron. Soun
it th* Spanish warship* wttru sunk to
i'oid their falling into the enemy',
lauds. Spanish Cabinet .Minister*
p>nk of Spain's "serious but houurahl'
Lib.on - If elialtle despatch** receiveii
here state that tiie Stwiiiah fleet wa-
-.innpletely defeated by the A mar lent
squadron under Admiral Dower, iuihr
tavaj engagement off Caviia.
London -No confirmation from an;
ouic.es has hern received here of ill-
lesputchea to Madrid as to tlio light
ng at the Phillippiuea, neither Rem
r's Telegraph Company, uorllieTlmc"
nor Unilv Mail (hitherto the only di
rect information from Manila) having
received any word on iho subject.
Madrid-Admiral Beruejo, Minister
of Marine, on joining the Cabinet
Council tlii, evening, informed his col
leagues that the Spanish forces hml
gained a victory in the Phlllippines.
He asserted that he found difficulty in
restraining his joyful emotions. Tho
official despatch does not meii'ioii the
destruction ol any United Slates vessels, although it says the United
States squadron finally east anchor in
the Bay behind the foreign merchant
This seems to indicate that, though
th* American fleet have not lost any
ships so far as is known, it has been
so disabled that it has been unable to
continue the bombardment of Manila,
as was part of the original programme
Washington���No details have been
received here yet regarding the extent
of tbo damage to the United Stales
fleet during Sunday's battle at Manila,
but all Spanish advices admit that the
Spanish fleet has been badly defeated
There is great rejoicing in Washington
over the victory so signally scored by
Admiral Dewery.
London -All theEngli.h newspapers
comment on the victory which the
United States fleet bss achieved over
th* Spaniards. They lay the result is
the discovery that another element ha
been introduced into tbe Eastern
Capt. Csdarso, of the Spanish flag,
ship Reins Maria Theresa, who was
killed in 'he engagement between the
Spanish and American fleets at Manila,
belonged to a Spanish family.
London���Full details of the naval
battle at Manila have Iteen received bv
the British Colonial Office. The engagement lasted two hours, und re
suited in the annihilation of the Spanish fleet. After the battle the United
States fleet withdrew, and one Ameri
can vessel, whose name is 110I stated.
was disabled.
It is reported that the Manila author
ities have refused to surrender and
that the American fleet is again bombarding the town. The cables hare
been cut so thai for the present Manila
is shut off from the outside world.
Hong Kong-The result of the bombardment of Manila is full of promise
foi-the success uf the American arms
against Spain in the East. The iu
habitants are fleeing from Manila into
the interior
The operators of the cable station-
in the midst of the forts fled to sate
their lives,
Key West���It is considered possible
that Ihe United States fleet will attack
Havana today.
London. May 3rd���Commodore D-w-
ery, according to a special despatch
Iron. Madrid, gave Captain General
Augasti, who is in charge of the
Spanish forces, twenty four hours notice, t* com ply with his ultimatum by
which he demanded lhat all warlike
stores and the entire stock of coal in
charge of tha Government official*
should be handed over to the United
States fleet. Tho ultimatum asserted
1 hut no money levy should he mado.
A despatch save it ia believed in
Madrid that the Spanish Government
has already cabled to Captain-General
Augasti authority to comply with the
demands of Admiral Dewery as
other course appear* to be open lo thu
Spanish forces there. Grave events
may follow the public knowledge ol
this compliance.
The- Madrid correspondent of the
Times, describing the engagement at
Manila, lay* the American warships
Olympia, Boston, Raleigh, Concord,
Panel and Monocacy entered Ihe Bay
undor cover of the darkness by ihe
smaller and safer Bocachicil channel.
The forts on Corlcgidor Island gave
the alarm by firing on the invader.,
but seems to have inflicted no serious
damage. The United States Squadron
moved up the Buy and at thrda o'clock
in Ihe morning appeared before
Cavite. Here, lying uiuier the shelter
of the forts, was the Spanish squad,
ron. Admiral Mon'izoa few days before weut outside to look fur ih"
enemy's ships but learning they acre 11
vastly superior force, returned placing
hi* ships under the protection of the-
forts, This was his only chance ol
meeting the enemy or equal terms. Ii
did not suffice however. Soon the
American Meet opened tire. The Span
iards replied rigorously, and the com
bat continued hotly without Interrupt
tion for four solid hours, during �� hleh
the Spanish ship Don Anion.0 du Ullon
was sunk. Th>- Spanish ships Castillo,
Mindanao, and Scion were set on fire
by the American ships, and the Spanish flagship Keina Maria Christina,
and tli* Don Juan de Austria were
seriously damaged. One or two small
Spanish crsft were scuttled by their
crews to escape capture by the Ameri
cans. No Spanish war-ships surrendered, and the majority perished with
their offiicra and men.
Th* Spanish commander., were killed
while resisting to the last moment.
The Spanish loss is estimated at four
hundred kille: besides many natives.
The American squadron was attacked
furiously hy the Spanish squadron,
:ind also by the batteries on Fort Cavils, which caused great di'inagc to
the American ships.
Hong Kong There is uo news here
of the dis**ter to the Spanish squadron
beyond a private telegram from Captain Concha to his family, who. are attending the convent schools here. It
states lhat ehots were heard in the di
rect ion of Costigndor Island, and it
was assumed from this ..hat the American fleet was recoiinoiiriiig the
entrance, and trying the southern side
of the Island, which ia six milea wide,
surrounded by rocky slioitls, although
not believed to I* datigerou*.
There ia no news either of the Span
ish squadron,   but   according   to   the
latest advice, it could 1101 lake the uf
fenaive in any case. The cable to Man
ila is now interrupted.
London ��� A S|iecial despatch from
Madrid save martial law hss la-eu
proclaimed in tnai city. The customary proclamation was posted at midnight. The proeliimttiii.il v\��-di.e 10
the attitude of certain political parties.
Since iho receipt of ihe i.ee.s irjui Man.
ila of the disaster 10 the Spanish arms
the whole garrison is ready in barracks. Military patrols appear in the
principal squares at midnight. The
Cabinet Council, after a [ate session,
decided to proclaim a state id siege im
mediately. Ministers deny the exist
ence of a cabinet crisis.
Washington It is a curious fact
that 1 lie nation most intercste-l of ul!
the great powers in ihe eoinbitt thai
'00k place nt Manila yastt-r.lny alioulii
lie ihe last to know tliu result. Up 1.
ibe close of offiee hours today, abso
lutely the only information the Gov
.'fitment had received of ihe victory oi
Conimodoic Dewery ci.iiie to-be. Go.
eminent through lite medium of pre*.
despatches. If the reports are true I hut
Admiral Dewery hits begun the bombardment and blockade ot ihe City of
Manila, it is unlikely he can spare a
vessel from his own Heel to convey
tho news to Hung Kong, and he wo d
not be permitted to cable a despatch
from Manila, seeing that lha Spaniards
have control of the cubic there.
Washington- Brazil Will no' renew
iher-'uiplocity treaty wilh th United
Sate, 'ill U ted Stales Government have decided to resin possession
of the Phillipine Islands. The United
States naval ���'itliiii'i'ies ar,. preparing
'o rosist the propos-l attacks of the
Spanish squadron on Iho Atlantic
Coast cities.
Hong Kong The Manila cable wa*
cut on Mondav by the Spaniards to
prevent any possibility of Admiral
Dewery being able to make use of it for
tho purpose of his despatches or receiving instruction* from Washington.'
St. Johns-The telegraph operators
at Cape Race a.td Tifpossey, 011 the
south coast of Newfoundland, repoit
having heard the htv vy firing of guns
in thn offing last night. The Mriiisr
lasted fifteen minutes and conveyed
��� he impression that two ships were engaged in a sea-fight. The telegraph
wires have since been interrupted and
no further news has since loten obtain'.
able. The firing is described to have
been heavy enough 10 shake the houses
in tho vicinity. All possible steps
have been taken to obtain, if possible,
confirmation of ihese reports.
Hong Kong- -No news of nnv de
scriptioii regarding the lui'tle at Manila has been received here, with theex-
ccption of the information cabled from
London. The insurgent lenders are
hoping to administer the affairs of 1 he
Phillipine Islands provisionally under
United States protection, but there are
endless dissensions among the iusur
Washington��� The day passed without a single word from the United
States fleet in the Phillipitfiis. ami in
view of ths long continued intei-iup
tion of cable communication the of
licials arc bag.lining 10 resign ihem-
selves to the belief that tliev in, si
await their ofhVial news till a United
Stniea boat arrives at Hong Kong.
New York The Wall Street news
agency scuds out the follmyinu : -A
Hong Kong  messauo   says : '��� Manila J-
Washington The Fishery Protection
oruisma&ro tiring fitted with machine
guns, so us 10 Ih- prepared for any emergency in the event nf Spanish warships appearing off the coast cities as
has been threatened by Spain.
The British Consul at Santiago de
Cuba ie in prison for killing a Spaniard during the recent demonstrations
against the British Consulate, because
of its affording protection under Ibe
Union Jack 10 American ell issue. A
British warship has gone from Jamaica to demand that the Consul shall he
handed over to the British authorities
and sNo to protect British and American iiiterest* there.
Hong Kong-The cable tu Manila ia
still interrupted, aud no official despatches have yet been received from Admiral Dewey as 10 tbe result of tbe
naval engagement with the Spaniards
or as to the state of
ilia ile-tt, or asto the result of his
subsequent bombardment of Manila,
though there is every reason to believs
that the reports of the commercial
press as to his having reduced Ihe
Phillipine Islands lo submission, and
having hoisted the Stars und Stripe,
in lieu of th* Spanish lleg, sppsar to
he relialle.
London. May 5th - A de-patch ..to
thu D.,ilv Mail from Key West asrerts
positive knowledge that Admiral
Sampson's fleet is steaming at full
speed to Porto Rico to destroy or oc-
iiilpy the coaling station as a naval
base it operations for the American
fleet, bt'foio the Spanish squadron arrives there. Capt. Sampson's fleet, will
then put to sea and endeavor to engage
he Spanisti float, which is supposed to
be ou its way there from Caps Terdo.
There is piobably not a word of truth
in this niessa; e as th. course slated to
have been taken by Capt. Sampson
.vould have necessitated raising the
siege of HnvflVU*"��� k most unlikely result. This statement may be taken ae
:i fair sump'.' of the unreliable, messages wliii-h come through thecuidi as the
result of military censorship, the press
being 1 hits evidently used to publish
misleading news for some strategic
What is probsbh, i�� that Admiral
Sampson has sent threo or four ships
of his squadron which he could spare
from ihe siege of Havana 10 require
ilia submission of tiie Spanish authorities at Poitoftieo, ��t|ien th* 8t-re
and Snipes will Ik. raised on that
Island as they are on the Phillipine*.
Failing the submission of the Spaniards the American Hent will at once
bombard the Spanish fortiUi-stioiiN and
seia*-the main stations on the Island.
Spt.in will thus lot effectually-driv*��
from '.l.t West jti'lj* Islands and her
pos-essi'.t.s 1 hero will come under the
protect!'ui of the Slats and Stripes.
Lonriou. May 5 Tlm Madrid.corre*
apondeni of the Morning Post ��� -taiee
the Spanish Goeer'inie t ia aware that
it cannot rely upon the army. It is
au open s-cr.t that a society has been
formed within its ranks to put an end
to the hiiiniliatio'iis which Spain hns
enftere.1 in the hands of incompetent
Milliliters, Judging by what one
hears, very terrible things.may shortly happen in Spain.
I Hudson's Bay Co. I
1* Incorporate..! I8T0. *>
*  The    "flout
Ouilitti'iv.    I"   Weatorn
rp*T.i*��i��te *��
has  fallen.    The   Stars   and   Stripes
wave over the Phillipine*,"
London-It is reported lu'ie that
Spain has hail enough of the war a d
is noiv realv to s-te for peace. Tbe
Spanish fleot is said to btt returning
home to Cadis and ull reports us to the
intention of bombarding American
coast cities are h.iltove-1 to be false.
Having lost one fleet, Spain does not.
want 10 risk her only remaining pro
lection hy sea. the main thwt. iu an-
other engagement with an American
*qi|S(lroil. Serious riots have ulrea.iv
occurred iu several Spanish cities, snd
the cm.re country ia in a state ef unrest.
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-tubacriptioa Kan*. ; tW.UU p*i annua. IN
Alterations ana changes of standing ad.er-
tiseu.t'iits it.usi u, in ite iftae tot l.icr thtn
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WI Ue ill reiiseaable care will be taken, th*
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All account* lo be pain u. the Managing
Djiector.or his authorized agent, from whom
the company's ret eipt will 1-3 oblaiiual.
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All business communie-utioQB should he addressed to the Managing birector, and all
literary eoimiiunicatioiu,, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to tbe
(orrespondence is invited on matters ef
public interest, but to secure publication
surh letters must ho brief. In tie case ut
an.iiiyii.itiis letters tbe ni.me and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publit-a-
tion, but fur the private information ot Ihe
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than .'- eduerdiiy will
have to stand over lid the following issue.
fhe tioldEB Era Canpani Lliclted Llibitit|.
Offiok, Oolden, B. U,
write (ijolbc.t <&va
(Edited by E. A. Haoobs.)
FRIDAY,    MAY    6,   1898.
Is going tu be our Banner Year.   We
are wide open for business, and
Staking new customers every day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
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The British Columbia Review,
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(Supernatural facts of the I'ible no longer in
. marvellous bonk since th* publication ef
llible.   Heve..l*d religion demonstrated
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utwirwhomar* K*v. Dr. Thomas, Judge
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fca-ttsy-aanattea Ca, Ugltad,
Speeches of   the   Opposition
The following are brief report* of
the speeches made ut the Opposition
meeting and which we had to hold
over from lust issue through pressure
of war news: ���
W. C. Wells and Hon. P. W. Aylmer
add'e-sed the meeting. Mr. Wells
said theat endunce there that night
was an exceedingly ere italde one, und
was a further evidence of the want of
confidence in the present Government.
In I ho present sessiun their expenditures exceeded the estimates, and it
was time affairs wero in other hands.
The manner in which ibey had disposed of our public lands was not for.
the good ot the country. They had
shown an inclination to do away with
our Ian s in a wanton milliner until
we have nothing further to give them.
The C PR. deal began in 1881), when
the present representative's attention
was called to it, as he did not credit
him wiih the discovery of It. Their
first act was to allow this grant that
it should build the B. C. Southern.
They hawked about this charter for a
number of years until now wc have
these lands lu the hands f another
company. These coal land* were valuable enough to build all tbe railway*
we would want for twinty five years.
Hu did not blame the C.P.R. forgetting
hold of the lauds, much to the loss of
B. C. If our Member could be charged
with being connected with that railway it damned the whole Government.
Why should the Provincial Govern
ment iuterfere with the Dominion Government in the Yukon Bill V Ii was a
Dominion matter. The Senate had
thrown out the hill, and the Dominion
Goven ment would bring in un doubt,
another bill; hut the Provincial Government seemed to think it was their
duty to give away all the lands in the
country. They should give the committee enlarged powers wilh regard
to the best means of forming a comu it-
tee to nominate a convention, axd at
an eirly .late. He was not a candidate
at the coming election until he received
the nomination in a proper manner.
He was not at all ambitious for it, Ue
made this suggestion in the interests
of the party. The platform of the
Li lier si couventio i at New Westminster was then read by Mr. Wells, wilh
comments on euuh plank. Re said
that everybody accepted that platform.
He did not see thai he could take exception to any part of it unl. as it be
that effecting timber limits.
Hon. Mr. Ayliner congratulated Mr.
Wells on his speech as he had done remarkably well. His name had been
mentioned in connection with the present election. He was not ambitious.
Me had been asked to stand. He had
loMi a consistent opponent tn .he present Government for about lfi years,
Ue was in perfect sympathy with the
platform adopted by the New West
minster contention. He would give
promise of unqualified opposition to
thepresent Goven.inent as he believed it
to be the most corrupt Government on
eanh. In reference lo Mr. Wells's
ststemrnt that an extra tax should b*
imposed upon Ihe Chinese, he stated
that the present Government had sum*
years ago attempted legislation ot that
kind and that they had collected a certain amount under the Act; and they
discovered that a discriminating set
against the Chinese was not lawful.
and that it would cost them 12 lo refund every dollar, they collected, or
eometbing like 15,000 to rafund 12,500.
8. Urquhart had the miefortnn* to
(lip and i.re.ilt a until bon* in bis foot
but is now progressing nicely.
Supt; Disoheney has beau here in
epeoting the mis jury, e o., nf the new
bridge, McGee's bridge crew, who
have bus., doing the pile driving, have
moved to Surprise creek.
TheC. P. R. pay car has made i's
laat ofHtiial sail to Don.il.l, as from
this out all employees will be paid by
cheque at the office.
Our popular hotel-keeper*, Thoa.
Forrest and Win. Caldwell, have made
arrangements with the Telegraph C->
to have �� war bulletin which will la-
posted upon their respective houses a-
they may eorai out. This I* much ap
predated by all those taking au inter
est iu this nffa r, a* the war I* ths all
absorbing topic just now.
The members and committee of that
very popular society, the 1.0.0 F.
should congratulate themselves: upon
the immense success.d their .-at home",
which was held iu the hall ou Thurs
day week. The rooms both ui.siairs
and downstairs wereora-i'ded a*, those
not wishi g to dance cuuld remain up
stairs, where tables for check, rs. curds,
etc., bad been placed, and the organ
from the Presbyterian church having
been obtained singing and music uer.
indulged in. Downstairs about fifty
couples responded lo the call of flour
mas'er Urquhart for the grand march.
The committee, consist ng of Messrs
McLeod, Stirrett, Trimble, Johnao .
Clarev. Palmer, and Bonus, workei
lilt. Trojan, to make everyone at home
and see that everyono was being entertained. Great praise should also b-
given to Mrs. McLeod und Mrs Uuu,u
hart, as these ladies seemed to 1st coo
tinually on the run from start lofiuish.
the duties of the refreshment program
apparently lain.' upon their shoulder*
alone, which, in connection with their
other duties. ga>e them no time io
themselves at nil. Upstairs Mr. Mai
Oito gave some -pleudid renderings oi
the old songs " After the Bill". " Man
in the Moon", and "In ihe Gloaming",
transposed and rendered in his own in
iniitalile manner, which must be care
fully listened to to be appreciated
Messrs. .VlcPherson and Wjodhous.
kept up the musical pari of the programme downstairs in their usual good
S'yle, and much to the satisfaction ol
the dancers. Messrs, Humphries and
S. Smith ass sted iu the extras. The
assembly broke uo about four in th"
morning everybody having thorough
ly enjoyed themselves and speaking
liighiv of the hospitality and success
ofthe'l.O.O.F's "at home".
for the unit vota.
And Emaciated, South American Nervine
is* Rich, Deep Health Fountain
and Haver Fulls.
Mervon* *.haustion, bod digestion, impoverished blend sretbedlseasea imprinted
on many * brow. American Nervine has *
marvellous power as a nerve toui.\ a blood
build*r and stimulator. Tones the syatetn,
clears, regulates and dispels depression and
restore., the gaol s irits *.*eutul to good
health. George Webster of Forest write, i
"For ye.ra I suffer d nineh from sleeplessness, nervousness, twitching in use lei and
Palpitation. All remedies failed but America
Nervine. The first bottle greatly b.d.ed,
and five bottles cored me.   1 feel I owe my
The athletic
woman ia the woman of the day.
hTbe past twenty
A years has see*
/wonderful pro-
I cress in this re-
/ spec*. That this
�� tendency wl.ll re-
suit in a more robust womanhood,
better able to bear
the burdens and
duties and pleas-
urea of life, there
can be no question. But this
result will be accomplished by
the building up
of those women
already in reasonably robust
health, and the
killing off of their
weaker sisters.
Athletics will
matte a naturally strong woman stronger
and healthier; they will make a naturally
wvak, sickly woman weaker and more
sickly, and If indulged in to excess, may
result fatally.
A woman who suffers from weakness and
dittcasc of the eiliente and important or-
it-it, distinctly feminine, cannot hope to
".cover her general health through athletics, so long as she remains locally weak.
A '.vniiiart si'.tii't'it'.g in this way is unfitted
to bear the strain of athletics just as much
it" she Is t%iHte-d to bear the duties and
birdeua of wifehood snd motherhood.
There is a sure, safe, speedy and perma-
ti..".il cure for all disorders of this description. It is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Preacrip-
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rented in wifehood and maternity, making
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wn ii in to indulge in. and be benefited by,
sthlctics. All good medicine stores sell It.
" Your v.-iltnbl* ' Favorite Prescription' cured
m- of feniile w-akucsH nn.t a catarrhal du*
cliiraefrjin the lining ttieinhraneof the special
Jnrts." write-, Mr,. T. H. Parker, of Brooklyn,
ackson Co., Mich. " I am now perfectly welL"
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation. Constipation is the cause of many
di-cases. Cure the cause and you cure the
ai-case. One "Prllit" is a gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic. Druggist*
���ell them, aud u.tLiuj is "just ss good."
lit* to it,'
St. Paul's Church
The adjourned meeting of theEnstet
Vestry meeting of St. Paul's chinch
Gol'en. was held on Monday the25th,
under the presidency of Rev. H. H.
Turner, to receive a proposition froie
Mrs, C. �� Wells respecting the colleo
tion of subscriptions tow..ids (ilnir��ll
current expen-es. The chairman reported that Miss Lang hnd kindly consented to act as collector. The meet
ing. iu expressing the thanks of th*
Vestry to Miss Lung, wished to angle*! tha adoption of the envelope sys
tem, a* likely, among other advantsg
*��, to entail much leas labor on bei
than the plan of monthly visit* to
���ach subscriber.'
Mr, Plow-right, th*' new churchwarden, repor ed that ho had ob'alued
giiarruntee* from memlwrs ol the congregation amounting to the handsome
snm.of |2> 4. This sum together with
Hon. F. W. Aylmer'* offnt of ISO, and
the grant of t\'ia promised by Ihe
Society of Promoting Clhristiau Know,
ledge, of London, England, leave* I*s*
than $100 to bs still collected to liquidate the debt on the church. The
mewing r*��eiv*d that us effort M*par
��d to r*i*t thi* bal.no* aa soon aa possible so a* to free ths church front all
debt and thu* secure it* apeedy consecration.
The meeting also desired to place on
record its pleasure at the presence
among thein on.the previ.ius day, ef
hie Lordship the Bishop of New Westminster, and its high appreciation of
the very able address which he delivered at the evening aarvic*.
Camps on Many a Threshold-But South
An erivaiM idney Lure 3 irils Away
lliseaae in a Trice.
Mra. J. Halhiu.li, of Berlin, Ont., writes:
I was a great su erer for 18 months from
kidney disease. 'Iho pains were so severe
as tn cause fainting spells, und 1 cmild not be
left alone- was resttex and alee less al nigh'
- no remedy or doctor seemed able to give
me uny hel,>. I wajagdvised lo try South
American u idney Wre. Afrer a tew ilo**a 1
w���s greatly benefitted, and two bottles to-k
every truce of kiuuey trouble from me "
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Greens in Demand.
The Rush for Diamond Dye
Greens Is Marvellous.
Green* in all shade* have come Ie
stay for a considerable lime. Thi*
fact ia fully established bv aiaiemeui*
in the most reliable fashion journals
ml the present marvellous rush fo.
the Diamond Dye Fust Greens confirms
the belief that greens will be in favor
fur mouths to come.
Economical   women   and girls m������-..
uoie dyi over their so led.  ilingv   am
faded dress*, thai they have laid i.si.l
ut a cos- of from ten to teveutv   cents
The Diam nd Dye Faai Greens fen
wool, s Ik or cotton give magnified I
results in lovely, rich and full colors
equalling thu rotors produced by t lie
lest professional Iyer* in Europe
Owing io thefact thnt hero niepon
and deceptive pack*, e dyes on th
market, aold hy some dealers vein
prize large profits above ihe gran'
pin post) ol giving their customers
satisfaction and value, ladies ar'
warned tu beware of all imitation un
soap grease d\e�� that only cause dis
satisfaction and dcstrmtioii of gools
Ask for Diamond Dies and lake in
others; every package is wirrmted.
Send   to   Wells k R -.hiiUoti '.It,
Montreal, P. Q.. for bonk of direct,.,!.-
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able medicine, and only require*
touching th* tongu* with it
.&��� For further particular* address
Dr. JHcTaggitrt,
London, Ont.
Stratford, Out., Jan. 15th, 1898.
Dr. McTaggart,
Dear S.r: - Since taking your To
l,*eco Cure .Tune 7th, 1897. I have nc'
alter four weeks, hud the least de.ii,
for ihe need, in fact I hate the sine).
if ii in any form, although a slave for
a great nuinlssr of years I am free.
My general health haa improved am
I weigh fourioen pounds mon thai,
ever I did. My nerves are fully repair
ed that were run down and depressed
hv the use of tobacco.
I can cheerfully now tell you that J
know all who have taken the cure her.
are safe and you will soon hear fron.
hem by their le-iimotiieit.
Do uo* lie afraid io use my name as
reference fur I can heartily recommend
the cure tu all who have acquired th
filthv habit in un; of its forms aa a
Yours Sincerely.
Vet. S ir^eon
Stratford. Oct. 8th, 1897
This is to certify that I have takci
Dr.   McT.iggar-'s   celebrate i   Tobacc'
ore. and nt'ur being a slave to tnbiic
o for fill, years, it has made a tho
. igh Jjurit of me in two week*.
It has entirely "taken away the la*'
. ml ties re for tobacco, and I cheer
fully I'ccei.inn.iid it to any one the
i* a slave tu the u*e of th* poisonot'
Rasncctfully yours,
Price $2.00. 884tt
On hoard flagship New York, off
Havana The bombardment of Mat it-
zas is now a matter nf history Tin
flagship has now returned ti her station off El Morro Castle. As has ul
ready been briefly stated the hornbar'
ment accomplished the iiiir|Osu for
which it was intended in full wlthiuc
any loss of life on the Ameticun side.
I is believed the Spaniards must have
sustained some loss of life in addition
to having their nearly completed earthworks and ft.riifii atirttis thrown up by
the explosion ol -hells. The capful*
oft he City of Mntaiizns was not coneliii
plated, the object of the bombardment
being merely to atop ihe erection of the
Cape Verde Th* "punish squadron
was sailing in a southward direction
at H:*,0 a. tn. on Friday morning. No
doubi the course taken wits intended to
blind thoai on shore as to the true di
rection whii'li the powerful Spanish
fleet intends to take. Its destination
is then fore unknown at present, an i
orders will be given nt sea,
London ��� A despatch from St. Vincent says that the four Spanish it-ruff
��� rs and three torped" boars which siiil
ed from there are now presumed to lo-
bound for Cuba. In that case there
cannot fail to be eoine news nf thein iu
about a week, and it is most llkelv
that if Cuba is their destination the
result will be a bloody and desperate
navel battle in Cuhan waters between
the fleets of the United Status and
Paris-It ia announced that extraordinary naval ami military activity is beinn
displayed throughout France. All the
ships recen ly mobilised are kept in
fighting trim, and the reserves ere expected to lot called out. At the pre-
edit moment Ihis has an ominous appearance, and look* a* if Frame is
preparing tn help Spain, in whose
welfare the French nation are intimately interested in many ways. If France
attempts to interfere It is almost cer
tain to result in other pox era Mug
dragged Into the frav and there ia no
knowing how far such ramifications
may oxtend. One thing i* dear. Britain cannot li* idly by if any of th*
European powers attack American
interests on behalf of Spain.
Gflld en
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lbo.orU.iw ongvoumar havo hod it, ours
I KiW MKilllli) TllEATMliST will!
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matilv iiowora return.    No ternron
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Provincial Land Surveyor.
->ub-Ageiit Doiitlnion (iov*rani*nt*
��� Bout Utiminion Toansite, (iol.lon.       I
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M Office, Aluender llleclt, Gelde*,
Banister, Solicitor <fe
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Ofilee at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Buildinu, Oolden. B. C.
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1TCKETS may b* had Irom th* under*
si��ned or any mainbtr of th*
committee. '
PRICE-Ten Dollar* per year or Six
Dollars per hall year,        '���;
NO EXTRAS except pri'vat* ward*.
������% h; nmvrz:
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The Imperial Lite
jf Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCKS s51.000.000.
1260,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for  SecnrUjr
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Prwident-Hen. Sir Oliver Mewati "
Vioe rreiilout- Joseph W. Flavell*  Esq.
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Mo Couitnlsal*a Cb.ra*-!.
������-��l�� Ftrat Av. Jt*rlb
(War News Continued.)
Madrid-The Spanish Gov.rnm.nt
official* hav* just announced that frotn
..today cipher or code messages will not
b* allow*! to or from  th* Phillippiue
. It Itannounce! that th* captain* of
th*at*amihi|.*oftho Coihp.ni Trans
port will undertake to carrv th* Span
t*h mail to Cab*. They declare they
ar* contain thay can fore* th* blockaijr
iaitituted by th* United Htate* fleet*.
Spaniih resident* iu Mexico hare
eablad th* Government to tend th* ae
eeuarie* ef lit* to th* Cubane.
New York���A e.ecial measait* from
' Washington save the Board of S'rat-
*K>- recommended at a late hour on
Thursday *v*ning that a* soon a* it
become* apparent that th* Spanish
fleet do** not intend to ernsa tha. Atlantic, the Canary Inlands in the At
Untie, and oaaof th* Balearic Island*
, In th* Mediterranean Sea, probably
Minorca, mutt b* iwiud by ths United
States aa a baals of supplies If the
Spanish fleet doe* not come te the
United 8tat*�� th* Board of Strategy
will d*cid* that to and the war the
United Slates ships must attack Spain
at horn*. If th* American fleet had to
���ai* direct across th* Atlantic ihe hest
���Mps are certain to reach th* other
aid* of the Atlantie  considerably   the
- worn for th* voyage, whereas by
���eisin!* th* Canary Iilunda, they can
be made a but* ot operation*, against
��� Spain.
Loudon -Th* Times today  devotes
- considerable space to combating the
���tatement that public opinion here ia
veering  toward*  Spain.    It says :���
'  ,'Our sympathies on th* in*in question
are with the United Statee, but individual opinion and the sympathies of the
majority  ar* undoubtedly  Ant! Am-
' ericau,"
Qutenstown -Th* Campania has
arrived from New York. She did not
tight th* Pari*.
London Tli* bombardment of
Matanzas by .th* American fleet Is re
fardel here a* praliininarjr to ihe land
Ing of United State* troop* In Cuba.
Md the making of Matanzas tho base
of operations for the United States.
New York. April 30th -The steamer
Pari* ha* eluded the Spanish cruiser*,
but ha* evidently gone out of her
aourse to do so, her trip from South
ampton having taken exactly a week.
She ha* ar ived safely off the const
having been.sighted off Fir* bland ai
.2:47 o'clock thi* morning.
Washington-Friday was a day of
alarming rumors, running all th* way
from the report of the blowing up of
a big monitor to the detection and
���umiuary punishment of traitor*. Fortunately all of them turned out upon
enquiry to be without foundation
Actual events of importance ar* very
few in number. The news of the day
st moat importance waa th* departure
front C*|M> Verde of ihe Spanish fleet,
t u a stay of which at St. Vincent has lawn
a source of anxiety to th* official* here,
because it seemed to Indicate that thu
sympathy of Portugal for Spain might
|t*d. h*r to wink at 'violation of tha
neutrality law* in favor of Spain.
i-Lata io th* afternoon a cablegram
earn* to the Stat* Department from
Cane Verde,, bearing no signature,
announcing that four Spanish battleship*, three torpedo boat*, and lorn* ol
alt* transports had ataned north for
Cuba and that lb* northern fltet hnd
ir*'lurried shortly after, bavin, been in
collision. Because there waa no signature tp the mease** the officials did not
know what importance to attach to it
a* the.* ar* not limee to accept what
appaar* to be information without cloae
Admiral Dewey's squadron is now!
���n th* way to the Philippines to do bat*
tie with the Spanish fltet. One officer pointed out today that even it
Admiral Dewey succeeded iu defeating
tht Spanish fleet, the Spanish official
controlling th* e*bl* connecting the
Islands with tbe rest of the world, in
all probability may suppress tha news
ar alter the facta into a Spanish victory. Presuming that the Admiral is
bound directly for Manila, calculation*
road* at th* Ifavy Department (how
he would arrive about 2 o'clock on
Saturday morning, Manila time, which
I* abuut 12 hours earlier than our
Hong Kong-Tbe report ia denied
that th* Spanish fleet had left Manila
to meat th* United Stale* *quadron.
On th* contrary it is .asserted the
Spanish warship* will remain iu Manila Bay. It I* reported from Manila
that the United Slate* warship* hav*
bean sighted off Bnllano, at the Phil-
lippln**,. whert th* last revolution
broke out, but ths weather has been too
stormy to ���nabl* Admiral Dewery to
communicate with tha rebel*. Tht in*
turgtnl ohiaf Ag��uldo, who cam* to
Bong Kong from Singapore, aay* he
absconded with half a million dollar*
> aaid by th* 8p*nl*h lcadtr*.
. All MaoiJa telejraras - ar* censored
and mail correspondence with Bong
Kong suspended.
Msdrid General Weyler, in the
Cortsa, warmly advocated an agar*.-
el** polity tow��rd* Spain InaMad ol
'tb* attitud* of idlsusss now being
London-Lerd Wohely It r*port*d
to hart taid that - ih* United 8tat��s
will hate ��� walk-avar ia tht war with
: *sNv��na-Th* flpaatifa anty lata
���natbiw 60,000.    ������;
'��� Btrtl n - Gtrmnny I hr**t*n* to oppttt
th* United State* Mookad* of Havana,
*s Oarman cor*ra*r*ial inlerut* will
���ug.r mora thaa any oth*r.
The Alphons* XII *u*c**d*d la trad-
{mg Asiarltaa eraiew* aaa* iMdtd sal*-
|y at f nit to Bit*.
A cable from Manila *t*te* that a
Spanish gunboat has capturad an Am
ericau vessel there.
Th* S, atiiali stumer Telesfora evad
ed a United 8tates cruiser after an exciting chase by netting within neutral
waters of Jamaica.
A telegram in the eastern papers,
orhich has been omitted from the special despatches to the Era, itale* the
Spaniah gunboat Liqorra aud the
American torpedo boat destroyer met
off Cayo Piedoa. The American destroyer opened tire and ths gun boat
accepted the challenge. Eleven cannon
shots were fired by t ha Liqaera, and
apparently they did considerable dam
age to the Aiaei lean torpedo beat destroyer, for *h*retreated, lining badlj
at ah* moved oft.
Key West, 10 a. tn., today-Active
firing was heard last night from t he
American fleet oS Havana. Incoming
boat* say the firing was by the flagship New York, which opened fire on
Cuban, a small port ten mile* west of
Marie). The tnruedo boats Porter and
Eriesson were wonting cloae to the
coast when a small battery 0|i*ti��d fire
on them with rapid tire gun*. The
torpedo boat* quickly withdrew, and
notified the flagship, whioh wu* entiling alowlv in a westerly direction. The
New York promptly returned the lire,
.ending In about 12 ahots from six ami
eight inch guns. The butter i* ashore
made no reapons*. The firing waa bv
no means in the nature of a boinbar I-
London -A special despatch fraiu
Madrid say* it is announced an official
despatch has lieen receive. 1 fr.ua Hi-
vana stating thst the S.auiab gunboat
Ligeria has again ciisaged with a United State* torpedo boat oS Cardinals.
The despatch adds, -Th* United
Slatee boat flred aerenty shots. AH
went wide except one, which carried
away the bnck-itay of th* gunboat
The fir* ol the LUeria was so well
sustained that the United Stat** boat
was forced to retire,"
Toulon, France-It I* announced
that th* American yacht Namouiui,
whan on th* way to Marseilles, was
driven into St. Tropes by a Spanish
St. Vineent���The transports and
torpedo boats which returned yesterday after colliding at sea sailed again
at 8.45 thi* morning.
The McMurdo House,
cakbosate landing),
���ait kootuat,
Ciiai Caxtwkioht, Proprietor.
Wood accommodation for Minn*.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddl* or Pack Horse, for Sal* or Hire
A*ma obbp tit pais.
Siaauacin-.hsamr.tlc Mire���South   Amur
e-Ut Rheumatic Cure was Ihe
Saving strung Arm.
W. F. Bsggs, Vancouver, It. C, say. t
'Tiv* years ago I wu afflicted with a very
aeut* nrriu of rheumatism, e wing great
puiii ia ay and*, and feel 1 tried everything I could read er hear of, and eossulietl
many physicians, end a Toronto specialist,
without receiving any benefit. J wu. in lured
to try South American KMuouti* (jure.
The Bret Ho-* gar* in* relief - Ihe Orel bottle
gtatitly hetasd -and two ImuIs* brought
acorn let* cure."
Sold by C. A. Warm. 40
t otice.
Two months from date hereof I intend an-
i lying to the Chief l'oiuiiiia��ioiier of Lamia
unci Uorke far permission tu puehiiae 202
acrss of land descrilted as follows i C'ein-
umlciugat a w. corner ostofiot 11)031 hence
east 2o chain , thiiuce north Iiu chains thence
west 2u eih.jus, th*nc* north 2<> .h .ins,
tlieuce weatiij chains, thence soiubeaterly,
along han't f I .'oluiubi.i hirer to intti..! posts
1,11,1 lieing iu tiie vicinity of Ualeuu Post
By hia agent
Uauwn, East Ee*t<n��y, B.C., April SS, 16.8.
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   relieve*   the pains and aches the
minute applied    It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
(Jhillblains, etc.,
-"ore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can be u*ed internally a* well as externally.    Hundreds testify to its
Magical relief    No home should
be without it.
Sold by all dealer*    25 cts. Dltc
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
t     A FORTUNE.
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particul..rs,
The Munson Typewriter
Manufacturers, 240-214 W.
-hiiairo, III.
I.ek* Street,
FAVORITE Mineral I laiiii, situuleintbe
Golden Mining Divi-iou of North Kant Kootenay, lot'iite.1  iu  liilerniitioin.1  llnsin,
Mitltlle Fork of Hi illlinii.heiie liver.
Take notice thnt I, Manuel D.im.rd, Free
Miners e ertiticnie No Kofb'o, intend, sixty
f'sys from the dat,' h re.it', to apply to the
(.old ' omiuissiuner fur u Certificate of Improvement., for the pur os* of obtaining a
Crown Ur.tnt of Ihe ubove claim.
And further t..ke uoiiretlialndverse claims
must be t-eiit to the Hold Commissioner, and
actions commenced before the iuusuco ef
such C'eriirin.to of l.nproveiuenls.
Dated thu third day of March, A.D. 1898.
UUOiuyt     i. M. DAISARD.
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate In the
Oolden Mining Division of North East Ivoot-
euuy, located hi International Kiisin, un
Middle fork of Hpilliinnclioen Kiver.
Take notice that 1, John vVnlhice Conner,
Free Miners Certilicate No. 80,111)0, Intend,
slsty days from the date hereof, to ap, ly to
the Uokf Commissioner tor a Ceriirlcnie uf
Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining
a .'-own Grant of ihe above claim.
And further take notice tlut adverse claims
must be sen to thn Gold Commissioner, awl
aetions commenced before th* isauaac* of
suck CertiHcatee uf Improv��ni*iit*.
Datad this *Dtkd��y of March. A. O. IMH
in ths event of a
atroke of good fortune you can win
600,000 Makks.
TThe payment of the
i prizes ia guaranteed
I byleovernuieut. let
IdrawingJu.Ni.. 83rd.
YOU are Invited tn Participate In the
cliiiiice. ttf eviiiiil.ta
in the Grand Drawinga of Prize* (tuar-
teed by the State of Hamburg in which
11 m lllons 849,325 marks
surely huve to be won
In the course of these advantageous
druwiurfs, which contain according io the
iron ei'tus only 118,PJX) ticket*, the till,
lowing prizea will be fort ht'Oiniiirr,viz: The
Highest prize wilt beevent. aOO,uUO marks
Premium of .VO (XX) marka
1 Prize   of aOO.nOO marks
1 Prize
of .00,00; umrkt
of 1o,0V iiiarki'
! Prizes
1 I'riz*
of 70,000 mark*
1 Prize
of (iii.OIXI marks
1 Prize
ef 00,000 marks
1 Prize
of 55,' 00 marks
I Prizee
of 50,0X1 marka
I Prize
of 40,000 marks
1 Prize
of u0, 00 marks
S Prizea
of -fl.OOO mark.,
Hi Prism
of 10,000 marks
Sri I'rizes
ef   0.000 murks
10(1 Prizea
of   11,000 marks
% 6 Prizes
of   -\00I1 marks
812 Prizes
nt    1,000 marks
1618 Prizes
ut'      4 (1 marks
i Prizes
of      ��00 marks
140 Prizes
of      1100 mark.
-Slftl Prizes
ef      165 murks
Ml Prizes  of 184, l~M,".0u~niarks
W Piizea   of 78, 45, HI murks
in all 59,180 prizes which mutt be surely
won in i drawings wi.hiu the si uce ot u
lew months.
The highest t rize nf 1st drawing amount, to Mk. 50,000, increi.se at lid draw-
iou to Mk 55A-I0, iu ikl Mk. tKl.COO. iu 4ih
Mk. 85.000, iu 5th Mk 70,0 0, in liih Mk.
76,000, lu 7ih Mk. kOO.000, awl together
with the I'rtiiiiuin ef Mk. b(X),0W iu ihe
moat furiuuate caae to Mk. 00,000.
'1 he oftiti,,l cuat tor panic! alien in the
first twe drawings .mourns to
Dollar 4.1.0 for a full ticket,
Dollar 2.2S for hall a ticket,
Dollar 1.18 for oiieqniirterof a ticket.
Halt resp. quarter tickets will entitle to
one halt reap one quarter of the ..mouut,
won bv the respective number, named ou
tbe ticket.
'IhoHtuke. for participation in the f.J
lowing drawings, as well as the exact
'.rize-tablo, are indicated in .he official
. ros actus, which 1 send on demand gratis in adviun e Tht, pros ectua is also
sent gratis with every urt.er. After the
drawing 1 sh..ll forward to every tieket-
holder the olnciul list ef the vtiuuiug
The payment in. fominiiii; ol Ibe annuls m
to those concerned will have my a- ecial
anil prom it utieution, und with the must
absolute secrecy.
W-* remittance of money t*jin be made
by American i unk-nolea, by rewisiercil
letter or by Pusi-uUice Orders, small
amounts can also be sent by postage-
���*-*��� On account of the approiu'hinii
drawing of the prize... plc.se uddiess tho
order, immediately iu all confidence direct to
Samuel   llerksehtrir,  aeiir.,
at HAMBUUO, Germany.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Bigs of till kinds for
Hjre at Reasonable Rate*.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton.
% -?--*--�� ij......�� _ K
Th* ngulsr mtetlag* ef th* sssectatioa
..'Ulaaaifi aa the ��r.t Tassatnr ia
snath at th* Mumbla-Hou**, (Md*n.
. AttposstUeiafenaatiea wBl h* farnlshsd
by tht s*Mclati*a apt* ��p, llcsUoa I*
t. A. Haoaiw, IM.. Ot-lata.
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all other* Irrespective
of price.  Catalogue tells you
why.  Write for one.
Wholeaale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       2Gtc
Paeif ie Hy
Write for pamphlet de
scriptive of the routes to the
Yukon Country, Sailing-
Dates, Rates, etc.
Mailing* fur April nnil  Wuj-.
Upper Columbia NaVigatioi] & Tram-
Way Co, 1% and
Iijtematioqal Transportation Co'y.
Connecting wilh C- ?. H. ��t Oolden B. C. agj
Great Murthern fcailway at Jennings, Uont.n*.
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Ftesn-.ers leave   Golden Tuesday and
Fritls.v mornings at 4 ..  in.    Cenitect
��t   Windermere  wilh Stage for Fort
8'eele and Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Cou.ii'ii.ir.  will  be charged  with all
way freight between Golden snd  Win-
. dermere at which  point a Company'*
agent will lie stationed.
All fieight   and charge* on goods to
Wiiitleru.eie and  points    beyond  will
have to be paid to the Company's sgent
at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Baggage allowance on Strainer l.'b lis.
per adult; allowance on Stage 25 11*.
per adult. If deair.d extra baggsge can
be forwarded by express isam at eapress
ratea (10 cents per pound).
Addreis sll express care ef U. C. Co', Oold**.
C. H. Parson,
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Pnfttle and ronveyaveer.
Allntiig, Ileal Estute und
Klnunclnl Agent  .   .   .  .
Purchaaers Obtained for 1 'respeets and Developed tluiuis.
....  tioldi-n, B. V.
For Sale
Group of two t-hiiin. of gotd-l-enrhig quurtv.
in l.*ut mineral district of t.at Kooteuj.y
Aasaya up to $700 in gold. 111,17
Placer lease. 15
(���roup of two gold chums- Oue of the beat
proposition., nn tbe n.i.rket. unil cull be
clieuply developed. Aatays gave .bout laXI
per ton. II
Ialereat in gold property in exchange for
rlevclepiient work. a
Group ef IU claims, developed. No better
property iu firitit-h Lolunibitt, 1-
llr.iup of thiee .-htima iu qu,-.rtz country
Uootl averuge ussuys. IU
Claim in one of best locution, in Selkirk..
Cheaply worked. Aaaay. $110 in gold, sil-.cr
aud cupper. II
Choice gold property. frecmiUing.
Aaaaya up to 5'elO.   Uovclnpnient work      IU
Two claiina in go.>it location. Qu;,rtz currying gold aud e-opper. 20
Claim ailjuinini; known gold property.   21
Three claims near t olunibiu liiver. Big
ledge, gold and cupper. 7
Two claims, 1'ft.le.ic.e sssiiys iu gold and
16 per cent eopjier. ilL',:';t
Three rtilun, deteloried, asaeys W* in
gold, best location ia celkirka. 1(6
Weikiag free gold i rope-rty nearSsaFma-
ti.t'tt t'-ii-.h-te niliing aud tblorin.tion
ll-nt.   I'ricitKv.ooti. ��l
I' re-e fiolo proj ��i Iy on Selkirk rang*.    U
I'eilu eli.iui en I-eniou creek with Iwe
thuds nnd one third ialereat. ha adjacent
pro, ei lien. tS*
Two tbirda interest io claim on Vi'est Flo-
can like. *a��
Llaim, free geld, in liridg* Eiier District.
Crown grant, fre. geld daisa, it KesaUnd.
Freemilling geld cli.hn, near K.lson.   71*
I laim in Idaho. Fr*e gel!. "Sa
Hydraulic property on bkeana river. Aver*
atosSliH.a vart. 71-S
Co) per property ruining No pr r too ftt
2! e laitna at llarriaon l.ab*. Uold ud rote
P��r, -.��.
Three rlahna ef 10 acres each en Forty
Mile t reek, ce-.r i-.loatiike. Extensive de-
leliipn.ent. tthafte. tunnel, shaeka, black-
smith'*ahepaud tools, hash aver.gea tM
per square tout. i
Two i liner rlahna on c.lebrat*d Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will xeali.e $00 p*rni��a
lertlay.   Title leifecL -tt.Si
Placer clahti on Miller Crrek. Priaiitiv*
work last seiisou cleared til A*, par atsast.r
u; enscs (1
( hiiiu on El Dorado Creek, on* of th. banner pro-erties ot the 1-hndikc Dirl from
Ko i sliafi averaged S5.1' i er pan. ft ell in-
proven.  Title cli-jr    Price, teO.',000.       1*9
I lai.n on lloosier Creuk licldedv-Sloo per
d,,y to ibe men. io
Claim ou Miller creek, running from 'c, I*
le-iiu to the pan.
Two claims on ��1 Dorado etatk.     MaCtt
Claim* on Ilrua.ton*crc*k. *4*
Ssvsnrhtimson -I Dor.tl.creek.
I laiins en lonuusa, Bunkar, All Gttlil, Ad-
llei.r, lioitliier,  Mar hy. Dcailwotd.
aiua,   , 	
Uelil quartr. chiiin, assay, owl, Hi { Meadow, ��i,l. hur, Gawvia   and Cormick
Uolii quarts  claim, developed, good lead,  creeks; ..Isoou llclvay.., Nugget aud Lilli*
assays to ��B. IBS tl Doruilo g.le he*.
Full particulars  regarding any nf th*
Tartar ...  .
....April 2H
....April .9
 May   i
 May   &
 May   7
 May 13
Jndleiati* .dvertiting is tie key-
Men* of laaaeis. Alvertis* la th*
Oolom Em.
NiagChow May 19
P.kshan  May 14
���Cottage City (ail* for Wrangal, Jun-
tau and Sitka oaJjr.
AU Agents can ticket
through at rates which will
include meals and berth on
Apply lo th* ne��r*st Canadian fa.
���ila Bailway Agent, or addraaa
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Maa.
C. E. WELtB,
tt* Ticket Ag��ut, QolaUu
Two quartz claiina in convenient positi. n,
pan gold. HO
Group of 4 claims, on at-*-; ing Iii in Celd
and 30 per cent eop| er. 14
Five claims, coppor and gul I, value Ml a
ton. Ill
Three quarts claims, no cash, working pro
position, ie*
Three clai.tts in proved country. i*.
Ono-thi.d iiuasiessibleitite'Cfitindevelo. ed
groui. of etlaiitis near l,olden. oH
Silver lead mine. One of the Lrgcst in the
world. (10,000 tons el ore blocked oui ready
to ship. Location conveneilt to r.-ilw-y
Price, JtiOO.OOO. 40
Group ef three claim, in Movie district
Free milling guld averaging SSI lert'ou.
Considerable develo- ment. 41
Group of two claiina at Moyie. ~*ree milling gold.   Big | reposition 42
Claim at Moyin. Cop|ier and gold. Devul
o; ed.   Uoed prospect. 4.1
Groupot i',.iu... liocutillilig gold qu..r'.
'Jrou; of th ee e-'ai s, gold, silver, Hi
all I bsiuiutir. -!'.
(Ir-upof 4   lis, ve y proit.i in,". pr-<
aiecti. 4��
ruu    ; i -1. i  .-. , ui  q..art*. -..
Gruupoflwo cl,.iius, gul. quartz, w. i tl.
0,eloping. n
i.tou  ot5 eliii  s, goll. pilver alii  le..
.ear .'.���!��� .i*i.y.
elite of hydraulic rite.'bed
Cl,,tiu, carrying bisiuuth, gnleoft and co
per.  .ssaye' u   io J Do :
t-old-co: per claim, with big ledge, ass ye
IB*. U
Throe claima. which have ah'pned c.uisi.'cr
able ere- paleuu i*ud grey en,.per. oli
(.'roup of three free geld claims at Fair
view. 6ra
Qroupef fear freo gold claiina at Fairvi.'w
Two claims in apleitdi 1 location Free geld
quartz. ills
Crown grant fre* gold claim iu wo. king
camp. iUb
Free got I developed claim ready te work.
Assays Si-.. ����
Freemilling gold clt.i.n ia Wuhlagloa
Stat*. Ready to ahi;i. (tl*
Claim on .. ilil Herae, Nclsea. Fr*��gold.
*asaying STtviu. A snap. sua
abovo i foperties tin niilieu e.u ap, licaliou by
Treasury stock iu ths Victoria Teudt
Uold Mining Ceiupany. This stock �� of-
t'ered at the pur value ot 2J eauia. Five of
the mines on Texadi. laiantl hate been working lor the past 10 mon be and this company
itnisiiiers it owns the best propuei ion e* th*
island- Pi'ospectua may lie seen and full par*
ticiJars obi. tnt'tl on application at my oitic*.
HO, 001 shares of i ru..sbry stock in ou. ef
the beat properties at Fairvtew at U0 Mute
per sli re
1,(11X1 shares in (ni-il.oo teine. Camp Mc-
hiunny, a steady dividend payer.
Shares iu I e 1,'oi, lieco, hloeau Star, Rambler- ariliiin. I ast Chance, Lithe- All good
dividend p. yora.
Ititr.Oud h..ies ia Klondike Kl Derxde
10o,n' >< i share* in Ur* best mining latest-
meut m Cnaila.
2.-..00. thi.rct in Ci-naolidated Caribae,
?arm of K0 acres, ft imlermere dlatrirt.
Laud f. need and under cultivation. Bov-*
sad stable.   Rare bargain. I
Farm of 190 acres, one of the best and meet
highly improved to begot iaEutKeoteaay.l
Farm ut 320 acrea at ft hidermere. US acre,
under cultivation Hoax ud atabl*. tone-
inz, irrigation   I heap. ft
Farm of 400 acres *t Wiaderaitr*. 100
teres under cultivation. House, stabler,
granary, root: ouses, fencing end irrigation.
Stock and implements. ;
Fiirm ot -urn acres & acres i.nder rultiva.
Hon. All fenced. Stocked with cattle tied
bursa... terms may lie arranged. 'IHis U
one i.'tbe best taruta ia th* ft Uu.MS.ero
Farms of 160 acres near Gulden: Impreved. I
Golden town leu.
House with lour Iota in town of Golds*
for sale.
I'sltul* far > Railway Coupler sad s Rep*
Two tows, If* on Crow's Ne.t rosd.    I IO
WAXTF.O-T*borrow for client*, tl-fM
and M00 and $.'.i it) un lieehold so. i.ruy.
For particulars of a bov* apply t*
K. A. HA..<.-r.\,
Ualdaa Irs Ofb*.
Lodging Houses
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
.*pjv'x.*f��t ��yf.\ *-+.iwW-,A.Wj,-jWjviW;i.��*��,;.����� ;>..' THE GOLDEN IfiftA, FKIDAY, HAY H, irj&ts.
!     m mm
w*�� only with' the acuteat of raftrlng
that I managed to hobble to the barn
each day to do my chores. I app*al*d-.
to medical men for help hut they falltl -
to bring auy relief. At last I decided f��
try iir. William'* Pink Pill* and wilh
i heir use came a oomplete and letting
our*. I had not used quit* thn* baa**
whan I began to feel deeidedly belter. I
continued using them until twain'
boxes hnd. been consumed, wh*n my
complete recovery warranted m* ta
diacoutinulng their uae. I bar* never
felt Issuer than sine* that time. My
health seems to hav* imt rov*d in *v.ry
way. During the past summer I worked .ery hard but felt no' had effect*.
Th* gratitude I feel to Dr. William'*
Pink Pill* nona but tho** who have
suffered a* I hav* and own cured, can
An analysis show* that Dr Williams' Pink Pills contain in a condensed form all the element* necessary
to give new life and riohnea* to th*
blood and restore e tattered nerve*.
Tney ur* an unfailing specific for *u*h
diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial
paralysis, St. Vitus' dance. *ci*ti**,
uauralgia, rhcumitiim, nervous hud-
ache, the after effect* of la grippe, pal*
pitation ol tho heart, nervou* prostration, all disuses depending upon vitiated humors in the blood, *u��h a*
scrofula, chronic eryeipela*. ��t��. Th*y
ai�� also a apecific for iroubl** peculiar
females, anch a* suppression*, irregularities end all forms ol weakness.
They build up the blood and restore
the glow 61 health lo pale and sallow
cheeks. In men they effect a radical
cur* in all oaaee arising from mental
worry, overwork, or excesses of whatever nature. Sold by all dealers or
sent' oat paid at 60e .a hoa or six
boxes for f9.60 br addressing th* Ur.
William*' Madicin* Co., Broekvill*,
Ont. 406
Stable to Rent \
Opposit* th* Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Quenu's Hotel for terms. Ask lor proprietor.
AProminent SchoolTeactier' s Experience1
Paine's Celery Compound Does
a Marvellous Work for Him.
Neuralgia is Banished, and a Shattered Nervous System Made
Strong and Vigorous
All who have made use of Paino's  Paine's Celery Compound is th* only  ing. ha. in these  years   of   affliction
Celery Compound lmveex|*rienced its
wondrous ��treiigflienlii.it effects upon
the nervous system. This disease-cur-
ing medicine ail* directly anil promptly on the blood, Inking away every
trace of poison from the ulogued and
vitinted life stream. Thus, when the
blood is pure and Mowing freshly and
freely, and the nerves braced slid in
good condition, neuralgia and all kindred diseases take their flight .never to
This is the month to brinish nervousness, ho't.luche, insomnia, kidney and
liver troubles This is the time when
the neuralgic and rheumatic should get
rid,.of their misery and puma, so that
they may fit themselves for work and
njoyment during the summer season.
medicine that can effectually rid the
system ol all unhealthy conditions; it
is beyond all question the surest and
beat medicine ihut ailing people can
uve. Mr. Leverett. A. Bel,ea. llainstead,
N. B., writes as follows :
Wells & Hioiiauu.sos Co.,
Gentlemen : In the winter of 1884
I was taken with a severe attack of
neuralgia iu the head and shoulders,
since then it heenmo seatod, audi gave
up the idea of ever lieing cured. Have
taken medicine prescribed hy different
physicians, but all to no avail.
Sums three months ago I was induced to try a bottle of Paine's Celery
Compound. Before I had taken half of
it I began to feel belter. Sleep, which
in mv early days appeared so refresh-
been made up of frightful dreams; but
not so now, as the medicine began to
have a telling effect ou my nerves.
I have, taken three bo'tles of this
glo-ious medicine, and today I can say
that it is the first time in eleven years
that I have felt none of those piercitnc
puins to which I had once been a vie
ti iii. Let rue say to any person who
may read this testimonial, in the pro
vince or elsewhere, that if you discredit this statement, just write me and I
will be only too glad to inform you of
what has cured me of neuralgia and
shutters.i nrrvous system.
Yours respectfully,
Leverett A. Eelyea,
400 Hempstead, N.
J. Lake has joined the stuff of G. B.
McDermoi's store.
The Harry Lindley Company will
pay Golden a visit next month.
The Oddfellows will attend Church
' Parade on Sunday night at St. Paul's
P. White left Golden on Wednesday
lor the Ouemiiia gold fields. He ��ill
go by way of Ashcroft.
Mr Griffith S. M. intends inatituing
a monthly sitting of the court at
R. A. Kimpton, of Windermere, is
mentioned as a candidate in the Opposition interests at the coming Provincial elections.
Miss Hanna. sister of Mr. Hanna of
Golden, is one ol the nur-es selected to
represent the Victoria Order at the
Klondike.  .
J. Brady* M K.. will enter claim for
damages against Messrs,   Fuliner and
.   Kerfoot in connection with the recent
stage accident.
T. B. Armstrong of Moyie, and It.
W. Blackmorr. Engineer foi -the Crow's
Nest Coal Co. nt Fertile, have been ap
pointed Justices of the Peace.
Another shooting affair hat. occurred
on the Crow's Nest, road, at Ku*ko
nook, when two Italian laborers were
shot by Grinder, a construction boss.
At   the Opposition meeting on Sat-
turday nluht   Messrs.   J.   C. Greene.
Harvey   and   Gibson   were appoiute.l
'Golden   delegates to   the   Opposition
Convention to be held ou May 9th.
,       Mr.   Banga arrived in   Oolden on
Monday bringing with him Mr. Hum*.
. wh   ha* been appointed   manner   of
iir. Foster's Gordon Ranch at Windermere.    Mr. Hume has   had   extensive
ranching experience in the east.
At 8t. Paul's ohurch, Oolden, the
services on Sunday will lie as follows:
Morning Prsyrr and Celebration of
Holy Communion at 11 a. in. Evening Prayer and sermon at 7:30 p. m.
Choir practice at 8 p. ra. on Saturday
May 7tb.
TheRey. Mr. Wright, who will
have charge of the Presbyterian congregations at Golden and Field, arrived from Toronto on Sa'urduy. and con.
ducted services at Golden on Sunday-
Mr. Wriirht is . fully accredited Minister of the church, and will probably
b* ordained here,
The Hvak opened navigation on
Tuesdsy by going a* far as Winder
mere, w'th 82 passengers on hoard, and
returned to Golden on Tuesday. Capt.
* Baeen took liar up without touching
once, notwithstsnding the low state of
the water. Owing to the logs in the
river see did not make a tiip today In
accordance with lha timetable, but
will ssil again on Tuesday, and from
that data tht regular trips will begin.
Tha doctor may be a good old man.
hot even io, medical examination* and
th* "local-application" treatment are
abhorrent to every modest woman.
They ��r* embarrassing often useless.
Tkay should not be submitted to until
*v*rything else has been tried. In
nine cases ont of ten, there is no reason lor them. In nine cases out ol fen,
th* doctor in genaral practice isn't
eompatent to treat female diseases.
They make a branch of medicine hy
themselves. They are 'distinct from
other ailment*. They can be properly
andarstoad and treated only by one
who hs* hud year�� of actual   practice
" and experience in thi* particular tin*.
Thi* ia-lra*.al Dr. R..V. Pierce, chief
eontolting phvsican ol the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, at  Buff-
<��� aWWJWTOr. Pierce's- Favorite Pre-
aarlption, a renrtify for all derange*
Hint* of th* reproductive organs ol
woaMB,haa been jn actual use lor, mors
than thirty year*. It cure* tvey form
nf "*���*��*��� weaknei* ��� 40*
Mr. Scott, ol the Columbia House,
yea'.erdiy received intimation by cable
of the sudden death of bis father, Capt.
Scott, of Edinburgh, Scotland.
Mr. Griffith went to Windermere on
Tuesday, iti-eu-ling to make an inspection of the trails hut had to return as
there is still too much snow.
Mr. Griffith, Government Agent,
ha. had some protective work put in
on Hospital Creek to prevent furthei
the encroachment of that stream on A.
Campbell's Ranch.
On Wednesday G. B McDermot
landed two Carloads of furniture, a
considerable portion of which was under order to W- McNeish, of the Columbia House, for furnishing the new
pen ion of the building.
On Sunday morning No. 1 had a
narrow escape. She went over* burning bridge at Clanwilliam, the driver
having failed to notice that the bridge
was on lire till it was too late to pull
up his engine.
H. G. Parson has determined to go
out of his lines of stock in hoots and
shoes, bats and caps, clothing, hard'
ware' crockery and glassware. He is
therefore offering his larue stocks in
these departments at great sacrifices
for cash. The stock is new, and as it
will   he offered at sweeping reductions
this affeir Is au opportunity   to  secure Salmon Beds.
Mrs. A. Iiiveen, residing at 720
Henry St., Alton, III., suffered wilh
sciatic rheumatism for over eight mon
ths. She doctored for it nearly the
whole of this time, using various
remedies recommended by friends, and
waa treated by the physicians, but received no relief. She then used one
and a half bottles of Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, which effected a complete
cure. This is published at her request
as she wants others similarly afflicted
to know what cured her. For aula by
all druggist.*. Langley ft Co., wholesale agents. Victoria and Vancouver
Mr. Roy, Dominion Government
Engineer, arrived iu Golden on Saturday for the purpose of itiakiiiir a cart'
ful examination of the Kickinghorse
river, with a view lo reuoriiiig to the
Dominion Cover union-, on the propns
ul to dredge the channel so as to avoi.l
a repetition of last winter's trouble
Mr Roy had ttlso intended going up
the river to.ascertain what dredging
operations were required, but hail to
return to the Coast before be could accomplish his purpose. The foreman
of the dredac. Mr. McDonald went up
Ihe river by the Hyak to ascertain
the most uecessarv works ami ilie
dredge will be taken up ihe river to he-
gin  the   season's   operations   at   the
burutiiiis. Preiaraiory to this sale
grand display of ihe styles of boots
and shoe* in stock has been made in
the window ol the firm'* establishment.
Two years ego R. J. Wsrren, a
driii-gist at Pleasant Bronk. N. Y.,
bought a small sppply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. He sums up
th* result as follows: "At the timu
the goods were unknown in this section ; today Chamlierlaiii's Cough
Remedy- is a household word." It is
the name in hundreds cf communities.
Where ever the good qualities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy become known
the people will have nothing else.
For sale by all druggists. Langley k
Co., wholesale .agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. 87!)
The following were the passengers
bv the Hyak on Sitnrday : Up trip.
C Elliott. Fori Steele; T. Young. Fort
Steele: W. Alexander, Fort Steel.-; J.
C. Johnson, Fort Steele; Geo. Rehder,
Mrs. Rehder, Mr. Griffith, C. McKay,
Mrs. McKay, W. Parsons. Windermere; Hon. F. W. Avlmer, W. Clements, Spilliinacheen; A. F. Hume, R.
Cairns. A. Kinnidy. T. Hume, A.
Ritchie, J. A. Bangs, Gordon's Landing; A. McDonald to Windermere and
return. Down trip: Windermere, .1.
E. Griffith; Columbia Valley, Hon. F.
W. Aylmer.
American, are the most Inventive
people on earl h. To them have been
issued nearly 1100,000 patents, or more
then one-third of all the patents issued
In the world. No discovery of modern
years ha* been ol greater benefit to
mankind thin Chamberlain's Colio.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or has
do more to reliere pain anil suffering.
J. W. Vaughn, of Oakton, Ky., says:
"I have used Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera ami Diarrhoea Remedy in my
family for several years, and And it to
be the beat medicine I *v*r used for
cramps in the stomach and bowels
For sale by all druggists, Langley ft
Co., wholesale agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. . 879
The annual meeting of the Golden
Gun Club waa held at tha Columbia
House yesterday, the president, C. A.
Warren in the chair. It was decided
to remove the building to th* hew
gronnd; to hold tha first shoot on Sat
nrday. and to get another trap. The
Club wish to get.se large a gathering
a* possible so as to arrange for going
to (hoot at Reralitok*. Th* officers
and committee were re-elecfed for the
ensuing ytar and the usual vote* of
thaaka accorded them.
The Diclteas looks well after her
overhaul. She hue been tliotonuhly
paintetl and renovated, the alterations
comprising a new set of ruddes, new
stem wheel, renewul of all caulking,
steam guage in engine room, new
speaking tubes, elevator, enlarged
steam-pipe en .toiler, and elevation uf
the exhaust' pipes and the titling of
window* with mosquito netting. The g. .,, .���,
engines have also been renovated and 0ii, V,,.., ,
placed on iron beds, which will elf- cl
greater steadiness in working
alierui ions have been carried out hy
R. L. Brown, the compani's engineer, ���
and hy Mr. Blarney, the compline's
shipwright. The work .lone tet.er.is
great credit on I hose who hud charge
uf it. Not to be out done. Mr. Blarney
has painted a picture of ihe Duchesa
which will be displayed in the suloon.
The Late J. F. Pugrh.
We regret to have to announce  tha
deat h of J. F. Pugh,  the well-known
tailor and clothier  of  Golden.     Mr.
Pugh took to his bed a week ago, and
Dr. Taylor pronounced him to be suf
ferlng from a  complication   of   heart
disease and mountain fever    Notwithstanding all that medical skill could do
and the best of nursing at the hands
of a loving wife. Mr. Pugh sank rapid
ly niid breathed his last at a quarter
to nine yesterday morning.     The di,
ceased waa a native of Liverpool, England, and for twenty year* before com
iug to Canada   he   had   conducted   a
large tailoring and clothing establish
ment in that city, employing au aver
age staff of 40   lauds.     Three  year*
ago he left  Liverpool   under  engage
ment to the Hudson's Bay Companj
to take the management of the cutting
and tailoring department of th* Com
pany'a Winnipeg house.     From there
be was removed to a   similar position
in the Calgary branch of i he Com pan, '���
business.   After a stay of eleven mon
ths iu that city ho came to the couolu
siou that there was a first-class open
ing   lor   a   tailoring    business    iii
Golden,     and     he     removed      tu
ihis   town and sturted bus!uess litre
in February ol last year.     His   bust
uess showed a steady increaae and he
became a great favorile-with  hie cue
turners, aud ill fact with all who came
in contact,  with htm.     By   hi*   first
wife Mr. Puith   left  a   sou,   (now  in
Winnipeg) und two daughter*, one of
whom recently married W. H. Soiner
ville of the C.P R. Telegraph office a-
VViiii-.ieg, t nd tne other is iu Liverpool.     By hi* present widow deceased
leaves a daiialner ami baby son.     Da.
censed was 41 years ol age at the time
of his death.     Much sympathy is felt
for the widow and children in  their
iiereaveiiient, aud the esteem in which
the family is universally   held   during
their stay in Golden has been ovitleuueu
by ihe public generally.     The funeral
will lake place ou Sunday i ext ut ii p.
ra. when we hope to see a large attend
auce of mourner*.   The local members
of the Muaonic   fraternity,   of   whom
deceased was one, havetindertaken the
funeral arrangements.    The   Rev. H
B. Turn*.'* untiriiigjissi.tance and ut
lentiori to the deceased during his. ill
uess is one ol the most tielf-sacrinciuu
instances of practical Christianity that
we have seen   We tender to the widow
and fatherless our heurt-felt ayin,ath.v
iu their snd bereavement   and  iu  this
we voice tne soutiiueiit ol th* whole
tloldon fablte Sellout.
Report iron April.:-5th Jur.Class
1st, Gertie Fields; 2nd, Ralph Kenny
4ih Class lit, Mali* Anderson; 2nd
-Minnie Woodley; ilrd, Ernest Suther
laud. 3rd Stir. Class-1st, Ila Book
bout; 2nd, Willie Houston ; 3rd, Ell-
May Love; 3rd Jnr. Class- 1st, Louie
Woodley; 2nd, Lila Love; 3rd, Bert
Haiina. 2nd Class ���1st, Emma Le
veque; 2nd, Adelaide Leveqne;
3rd, Atldie Aniovo. II. Primer 1-t. Kova Nicholson ; 2ml, Pure.
Like; 3rd. Lawrence Dalcust. Pro
moied from Jnr. Fifth io Sur. Fifth.
Walter Houston. From I. Primer lo
II. Pr.mer, Thomas Conner.
Average attendance 40.
Wedding: at Donald.
A most interesting ceremony was
performed at the resilience ol Mr. and
Mrs. D.E. Hobbs. t he occasion being th*
marriage of W. Wellington L/nes to
Miss Esther McDonald by Ihe Rev. Mr.
Burton. The bride, who was giv*n
away by Mr. D. E. Hobbs, wa* handsomely attired in a Stuart travelling
costume ot brown French Dress Broad
cloth, tastefully trimmed with colored
passementeries and a striped silk vest;
and carried a boquet of Easter Lilies,
white Carnations, and white Roses.
The wedding-march was well rendered
by Miss Fay Hobbs. Mr. Fred. Ames
acted aa best man and Miss Ethel
Hobbs as bridesmaid After the ceremony was completed the usual toasts
uud congratulations.were offered and
the guests sat down to a licht refreshment suitable for an occasion of this
kind. There was a large display of
presents, some of the mor* noticeable
i-eiug a silver tea service and general
table equipment of silverware, and a
diamond ring by Mr. and Mrs. Lynes,
a handsome parlor lamp, a lot of table
linen by Mr. Fred. Ames, usetof doilies
>,y Miss Ethel Holms a handsome
china tea-tut by Mrs Greatrex, a live
o'clock tea-cloth, centre piece and sofa
cushion by tbe Sisters of Gall Academy, and many other presents too
numerous to mention. Th* hrida and
croom left on the d layed Pacific express for the Coast amidst shower* ol
rice and congratulations.
The agent at Sieamon* Junction reports that the C. P. R. station and
buildings ware totally destroyed hy fire
on Wednesday night.
At a public meeting at the school-
house ou Wednesday craning, Mr. Barron iu the chair, il was resolved lo
form a literary, musical, nntl debating
Society. Messrs Bonus and Hooley
were appointed a Committee to arrange
for weekly meetings being held.
The Foot Bill Club his linen reorganised and tht-boys *'* turning out
in good shape at th* practice games.
Donald was quite busy last Welnos
day, a heavy sect on of No. I lieing delayed her* on account ol a slide having
come down close to the Glacier.
Th* ahop hoys organized a surprise
party at Mr* A. Bruulrettis Titer.,
was a good attendance, singing, cards,
and games w.re indulged In. and a very
enjoyable time was' snent, - the party
breaking up about half past one
Geo. T. Vonston, nigh I operator nt
the station, has removed his family
into the housa lately occupied by Fred.
Barker,.    . , .
An Italian got killed tu the slid* a'
the Glncicr which delayed No. 2 on
Wedaosdav. Ii seems the man got excited ana not Inking heed to the shout-
ing, .when another slide cine down
' he wus cauitht ami burled'in It some
600 feet down the mouuluiii aid*! -     .
Donul.l   School.
Report ro* April:-6ih Class-
lat, Edwanl Forrest; 2nd,  Christ in.
V. Mitchell.    4th Class-1st, Florence
Williamson; 2nd. Ellen  Dunne.    4th
Catherine   Atkinson ;
2nd.   Eihel   Hobbs.   3rd  Chut*-ill;
n*.     Cl ffonl Carson;   2nd,   Eva   Manuel.
1    2nd Class - 1st. Norma Muouab ; 2nd,
George Atkinson.
Average attendance 48.
Wo had a visit  from  the Archdea
con uf Sydney. Australia, and a pane
of ladies lust week, and a gentle.nan
from New Z--��lutd.   They  wished tu
compare our system ol education  wit h
their own.   Their train was delayed a
day here and they took advantage of
that to visit our school,    One ol the
ladies took shots at soma ol the classes
with a kodak.
I Hnd it very difficult to give suffir.
ieut time and attention to the advanced
classes when there are so many Primer
pupil* io teach.
Yours truly,
T. .J. Barron
II yon want a business, adverti*-
and get it; If you have a business, ade
vertise and keep it. Put your ad. in th*
Golden Era,
Th*    meet    pronounced   symptoms   .ol
heart dlseaee .re palpitation or fluttering
ot tbe beart, shortness of breath, weak or
Irregular pulse, smothering spells at night.
Kins la region of beart. Tne brsln ma?
congested, censing headaches, dlssl-
- --��������� in short, whenever the
.... _ J�� or pa'nltt'ea It la
ind If lite la valucil treatment
must be taken. 1-r. Aenew's Cure for tbe
Heart Is the oolv renvd. yet dlswred
irhleh will ilwr. t!v. relief In SO ruinates, snd care abtolnt.ly.���-W..
Sold by'.;. A. Warren..
Seas or vertigo,
eart  flatters,  tehee or
at      ��
dlsessed, and
be takei
For Sale
Set of Platform, Weighing Scales.
Weigh up to 12C0 lbs. For full par*
ticuiers apply to
K.  A.   Haggen, '
Suffering Vanquished
Had Snffere I from Aoatu Rb.a.nittl.n.
nud tiunei-al De'btllty*heare*tly Alii.
Ito da tbo Llgnte.t Work. .
From The Acadie.i, Wolfville, N. 8.
On* of the most prosperous and intelligent fanners of the village of
Greenwich, N. 8., is Mr. Edward Manning, Anyone intimate with Mr.
Manning know, him as u uiiiti of strong
integrity and veracity, so that every
...oiifiilence can be placed in ihe it.f-.r-
tnation '.which he gave a reporter ol
the Acudien, for publication the other
t.iy.    During   it   very   pleasant inter.
iew be cave the following statements
of his severe suffering ami recovery
"Two years ago Just September," said
Mr. Manning, "I was taken wijh ail
tout* aitite.a of rheumatism. I' bad
i.- U-rii feeling will   ftif   aoiue   time
I'ttvioiis to that   date,   having   bran
..nlile.l with sleeplessness und gonttr-
.1   debility. ' My coiistii.iiti'ou deemed
..iipieieiy i-iiu iluwu. Be'giiiniiic: iu th.
iiiill ol in, linck the pain sitoii passed
...to my l|ip, wheru it remained without iiiteiju.ssi.tii. ami I became a ter-
r.blu suServr. All wiuter.loug J was
.cicely aula to do auy   work   aud   it
Assaying Institute...
Hc-a.tquartcia, llalgury. Alberta.
Ph. D., B. C. M E., Etc., Manager.
Special' Hours* in (i.r.isiy.
Assavt, Sampling, Analytical Work, ud
(.oiieenlraien U-es. All parcels ot ere ���*��
curefuby sauipleel, one pen ion lested, oa*
portion labelled nud kepi, for sis aioatke te
a reiurcuce, audit desired the third portion
will Lo returned to owner, as * check oa
ItSSaV U,,>1>0.:
CASH V.Till SAM1U.XS, whichehtraM le
left wilh the undersigned, trial ��eem
leruia way L. ubiaiuwl on applic.tioa.
oTifcrt Uold.*,B.e.
"To cover the footf"
"Not for a moment," says l-.tiny
Foot "Well I guess not," shivers
Cold Feet   "To sell," chuckles
Peeler under Us breath.   TO FIT
FEnT" Slater Shoe bluntlyputsia"
"NuwTonTiit me." cries Corny
Toe. "Just my sue," sings old
Bunion Joint "Who'd a thought
it," whined Bunch-o-toes.   Are yon hit,���shoe wearer.
Feet litter* are the genuine, Goodyear welted, stamped
on the eole 13.50, f4. jo and Is-jo per pair.
"The Slater Shoe."
11. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
���UMTS Kit* oa HAND
cynic, but acme oue
has said that In title
Sfe there an ne
healthy women. .The
���ie dm many warn���, stroag an*
noble physically, at
ther are mentally
and morally: but It
la true nevertheless,
thst * large percentage of-t*�� ~-
am of the country
f��� "��� 	
G. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kickinghorse Bridge,
Order d nork punctually ..leaded te.   UStt .
  .   ��� i        ,'
Fall ���apply ��f "^���������F
Drugs. I'hemlrsls, Palest Msdlcist*,
Toilet A rticlts aud Etatloasry hav* arrived.
Golden Pharmacy..
And you ar. most hesrlily iavitad I*
call .an intpset .ur stock.
Prescriptions and private Recipes carefully prepared wilh i'ur* Drugs.
e. w. field!
Uolden, B.C.,
Chemist, Druggist ft *.UUon��r
liter from nervousness .Ddgeusr.il debility. They drag
* weary eilate*e*i.ano> eaeb day Is
ISx of pain and snfJeHog. This vrns
._. ess* with xiltt AnnftTPattfesoo. ot
Stirhrlltf S. D. flbe snffered' terribly
from Indigestion snd nfri'ortsnea*?-' ��o* .%,
Inflnsnced by.*eomc one..��ora*bow. t* try
South American Nervine. Of renrae, It wns
Ilk" hoplnj sr-ltut h"P�����another patent
medicine. Rut she bad taken ot.lv ene Pot-tie
when her ayatem beeim to tako on the, _
health .of .earliest years, end aftci ��,lss ,
ihre* bottles she wa. enronleitly enrve.
No wander she la atreni In ber conviction
thst there Is no ramady Ilk* tout* Amsrl-
e>* Nervine.���SS.    ^
,SeldbyC.A. Warr��n  j
Vcir vahnlkV Rarnsdy la ill
aiuxtfon* oi th*
Largs lbttft*, 25c.
DAtrls * L\WJUt��CB C��VUsassw
mfidtmrOnktrilt.Wd     .
*��*.<����� II IF


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