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The Golden Era May 12, 1894

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���>rvr *>-^^v����v
���**   MAY 12 1894   i+lj    /S\
VOL. III.   NO 41.
��2 Per Yeah
C. A.
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
AGENT Full Till*
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for  all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and "tjeriodic-x's.
Golcler|, P3.C.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has  been newly built and   newly
Heated   throughout  with   hot
table is first class.     Tlie bar
air. Tlie
is   stocked
Hospital Ill-port for April.
At a meeting of the Hoard of Direo-
(Incorporated 11!70.)
��� WINES,
Prices quoted and samples sup, lied on
lii.ltlea, on the iitaiu line of the C'tltiAili'in I
I'licitit*. Kidhvuy. at its cumieetloii  with the  . ,.,    ,,  .,     ,.      ...       ,,     .
steuiiiboat navigation of the Columbia river 11tol,s of 'be Golden Hospital on Monday
thejiibi-iriilitnircoiiimorcliileoiitrepfaistern evening last the following report was
British Columbia; lioailqiiurters ot 111 J Uoltl- , .       , ,.    , .
en Siiieltiug works, the Upper Columbia i presented hy the medical superinten-
Nayigation Co., anil lumber Industry | tho dent. Dul.ing tll0 month ot A|,ri*
outlet   tor   the   wnlely   Known    anil    tar n '
famed agricultural mid grazing land of the tliere were 9 indoor and 1(1 outdoor
" lainliia & Kootouny Vitlloyst   imriviilled i
(       ,	
for sconery of ;.ll kinds: tfit- distributing
point fur the richest mineral country on the
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JWelfJeish, - Prop.
Cariin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Just Received
i -tbf kw v* \J ��� ��� w   UH i
Co'y, Calpy, cr
NOTIC'j is hereby given that David
Oppeiiheiiner ami R. 11. Alexander
have filed with mean nppllcntion for u
Crown Grant to their mineral location
situated o i Copper Creek, in the District of Eist Kootenay, known us the
Juiinita el (iin. Adverse ii|i|ilioiints, if
any, are required .to semi iu their objections to me within UU days fi'uiii
this date.
Donald, ��th December, 1893.
Govt. j\geut, East Kootenay, ll.C.
One carload of Furniture and one
carload of the Massey-Harris Co.'s
well known agricultural implements, comprising* Mowers,
Hay Rakes, Ploughs and Harrows
also Waggons, Spring- Carts and
We still have some Dry Goods
and Groceries on hand, though we
are getting' low in several lines of
the former.
Coxey Say*.
Money should be neatly printed,
Coxey says,
'���-Lots of it on paper tinted,
Coxey says.
Men should Rather it in fleeces,
Fill it up with sundry greases,
Toting it in big valises,
Coxey says.
Plutocrats uim all too plenty,
Coxev says-,
Every city square bun twenty,
Coxey says.
But some day these cash dictators
Will be running elevators
Down the hot volcanic craters,
Coxey says.
��� [Columbus Dispatch.
/"*-,*-:'.    v-"**-*-
\. '-.-.'if-,':������������'���'it*-.* j
A sluing of the County Court for
East Kootenay will lie held at the
Cuurt Hjum.'. Donald, lit 10 o'clock
a.m. on Tueslay lliu li'illi May, 1894.
S. RfloaiiAVD,
.���i��..t*.i-)r -f
BE.UtED TEND31?.1", iitl-lrosuoil  lo
Postmaster flonpml, "ill lie received ui Ufa-
nil until 11 .oil. oil -.'lit .Ul'V, IM'I, for I In' *_���(>,!-
voyuitco nf I't'i' .'litjt sty's ,'.l.._ils, i,u ��� proposed con I'.'ict for fuiu' yciit's, Ibitrtuon ti ueii
iier ivook eat'li witv, Itt'twecii ilif III iXAI.H
I'i 1ST ul'I'-H K mid tlio CANADIAN I'A
I'li'-IC RAILWAY STATION, I'ruin the 1st
July uitxt. The coiivoyntKe to l,e nuule at
the option of the contractor.
I'nntcil notices continuing further iiiforitia*
tion as to I'tiat.i .on of prop, scl contract
m.'.y tie se tn and I luiili foi-iiis of I ftitlt'i- iiiiiy
lieoiimIiiuIi.ttlio it.-t t "lice uf I'uiii.liluud
(.1 .111., u-.CO.
Post Office Inspector.
Post Ollico Inspet'ittr's iliiii-e,
In ton... i.t .. ...iii ,ii I'il. 18D1.
F. P. Norbury came iu from Donald
on Wei.nesilay.
Mr. G. E. Manuel of Donald was in
town this week,
Mr. J. C. Greene's sample room is
Healing completion.
Messrs. A. P. and H. L. Cummins
were visitors this week.
Mr. A. I). McKiiiiion left on Wednesday for Fort Steele.
Mr. Chas. Cai'twright of Carbonate,
was a visitor this week.
Mr. R. Fotliet-iiighain returned from
a visit to the const on Wednesday.
A spceial with President Van Home
and pi-i-tv passed through oil Tuesday
Messrs. Hull JBri s. & Co. received
their first cur loud of cm lie on Saturday from Calgary.
Mr. A. B. Thorn, photograper. of
Winnipeg, bus been in town all week
attending to the wauls of his patrons.
The Calgary File Brigade Sports are
iixetl for the 24th of .May. Tue posters
are out and the programme is a good
Mr. R. F. Wilson is busily engaged
lining up Mr. C. A. Warren's old sioro
house. When completed Mr. J. I*.
Cluxton will open up a fruit and candy
Mrs. Doiiohtte's boarding house is
now well under way, when finished it
will present a very imposing appearance. Mr. Williams of Caiiniore has
the contract.
Air. A. I). McKinnon conducted the
Presbyterian services last Sunday
morning, owing to the absence of the
Rev. Mr. Ross at a meeting of the
Synod in Calgary.
The sidewalk between tbe Alexander
Block and the Columbia House will
soon be complete. Lumber is already
mi the ground to make connections
between M. B. Lang's store and lhe
Post Oilice.
The plasterers have completed their
work in the Columbia House, making
it one of the best finished houses iu
town and well worthy of a visit. Mr.
Wynne and his assistant returned tu
Calgary on Tuesday.
The dance last Thursday evening
was very well attended, notwithstanding the disagreeable weather, ami
everybody luul a good time. A noticeable feature ol these dances now is
how very Lshloiiublo some uf the
Goldeuites ure becoming, they arrive
ball an hour ami an hour alter the advertised time. We are glatl to SHJ
that 0111' energetic door nianagei' is not
uf this class and Opened the dance
sharp ou time.
patients treated, with a total of 1112
hospital days. Of theso 7 were discharged cured. Tho following cases
ware treated! ���Pneumonia, Fracture
of leg, Chronic ulcer, Bullet wound,
Fracture of Clavicle, Tousilitis, Acute
Catarrhal Conjunctivitis, Maternity.
it Picnic on tlie (-iiccu's Illrtliduy.
The Golden Union Sunday School
intend holding a picnic on the 24th of
this month. All the children in town
will bo cordially invited, also the
parents mid friends of the scholars,
Full particulars will be given next
Golden Hospital Society,
From i):30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
������       7     it    ti   s   ..
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12 in., uud
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visinxti nouns.
From  2:110 p.m.  lo 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Bv OuiiEii.
fluy ii Wig.
Under tlie beading '��� What nbout
bald heads?" the Winnipeg Free Press
reprints a suggestion by the Knin-
luops Inland Sentinel, that postage
stamps rubbed on the hair will preveut
the gum from sticking.
We beg to oiler the above simple
remedy. - Next I
William at a Fire.
Potsdam May 7.- Catoiv, a village
near this city, suffered severely by lire
to day, and for a time was threatened
with complete destruction. Emperor
William who was at the new palace
was notified and promptly rode to the
burning village, after having alarmed
the Spnnduu garrison and summoning
the Berlin tire ilepartinent to send a
number of engines to Cutow. By the
timo hu reached the village many
houses were already consumed and ihu
Humes were spreading rapidly.
Before the arrival of the firemen
Emperor William actively assisted the
villagers in fighting the flames, Tbo
emperor busied himself iu currying
buckets of wator, wielded the axe in
cutting down dangerous beams and
was foremost in organizing succor lor
tbe people rendered homeless by the
conflagration. In spite uf the efforts
of the firemen and troops six largo
frame houses were destroyed.
PritHliytei'ln'i ('liucell*
Service will   be  held  in  the school
house to-uiuiTu'w nitii'iiiii; at 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. R. Ross.
lloliat lit'l-i to llie lliiapll.ll.
Books and periodicals from .Mrs. S
S. Fowler, also from Col. Baker, A
goose from W. Clemens.
rilllllillilll News.
Montreal, May 8,���Messrs. John P.
Rose it Co., of this city, have been
ii'viirdod ii contract liy tlie Dominion
Oovornmont for the supply uf ballot
boxes, the same to be ready within HO
dn.l s.
Iii format Ion regarding the will of
the late Mr. Peier Red path, of (he
Manor House, Chlsclhurst, Engluud,
Is to thu effout ibat the deceased gentleman bequeaths his entile property
ulisotiltelj to Mis. Ivt'tlpitili. and eon-
s iuues Iier the sole executrix.
Gen. Herbert has given offence to the
Mont real volunteers by expressing a
compliment to the Poutiliciiil Zouvaos.
Pbe  chess   game    to-day   between
tluHili of I'.iikIuiiiI,
Sunday, May loth.-Celebration of
the Holy Communion al 10 a.m., ful-' 'I
lowed by tho usual morning service at j Steiuit-* and Lasker resulted in a vie-
11 o'clock. Evening soi'vico at 7;o0 tory for Steiuit/., Lasker resigning ou
o'ebek. jthclilh luiiiid. iKIti* (J5t3lbi"it ffivrt
The GOIiDEX E'U is paltlisliotl every
Saturday morning in time tu i-ak-li the east
and wost mail trains, also the mail for the
upper country, Win loraiere, Kurt Steele etc
It. is tho only advertising aiediiuu ia tint Eei.t
Kootenay district,
Sibscription Rates: SiflO per annum I.N
jVlvertiseinehts and changes must lie in
the office hot later tliiiu 1- a.m, on Thursday
11 Insure insertion.
A Ivortise.unul rates made known on uppli-
c.'itiui' *o
All cash to ho pai 1 to the Manager, from
wlu a tlio Co ii.ia.iy's receipt will bo obtained.
T!i" Ufa Era Publishing hup),
SATURDAY, MAY 12 181)'
ii,hum.in  noiM.s.
Robert Williamson has been coin-
inittotl for trial at Hamilton for cutting
and wounding bis wife.
Twelve Kingston merchants have
been fined $20 each and costs for s '11-
ing liquor iu less quantity than three
half pints.
The city of Montreal has had judgment rendered against it forSllCO and
costs on account of injuries by a man
named Crouiii by failing on a slippery
St. Gabriel's Total Abstinence So*
e'ety bus been compelled to pav one of
its members, Jos. Plielan, $25 damages
for statements reflecting injuriously
upon Pheluii, entered in ihe minutes of
the society, in accordance with tlie
instructions of the spiritual director.
The gan,,- of burglars who have
operatel so successfully in Fariihiini,
Georgeville and Sweetburg, paid
Waterloo, Que., an oiHciul visit They
first stoli some tools from George
Moyiian's blacksmith shops, effected
au entrance into tho Central Vermont
station oftice about midnight, and
blew open the outer door of the safe.
The force of the explosion shattered
every window in the building, und
was heard by tho Central Vermont
night watchman, who iinmejiately
hastened to the depot. The burglars
decamped on bis approach, taking with
them only $1 whicli wis in tho till.
Had they had time enough to fur,e
the inner door of the safe, ihey would
have secured $100 in cash.
A Woodstock, Out., man put up a
new awning. It was completed and
hauled up at (i:.'l0 p.m. When it was
let down next morning ut 0:'M it wns
found that a nest had been built oil il
nud a egg laid.
Dr. Grant Pinky, a native of Kingston, O.it., is dead at Butte City,
Great Britain imported 8,151 tons of
hay from Canada during March.
Robert A. Campbell of Douglas,
was nominated by tbe reformers of
Snitli Renfrew ns their candidate in
the Ontario Legislature. Dr. Howling
tho piosetit, member, stated ut the
meeting that be intended, under instruct o is from tho leaders of tho
Government, not to lie a oitndi late for
re-election. A motion to instruct tho
secretary to write to Sir Oliver Mowat
to ask if he iiiteudeil to ignore tho convention waa received with applause
and carried.
A Montreal despatch savs that n
nuuilier of steamers on their way to
that port are coming out lu lal'ust
having l-ecii unable to get cargoes. It
is felt anion; shipping men thnt more
vessels are coming there this season
than there cm be business for.
The electric nnd horso street mil-
ways of Winnipeg have amalgamated
and np goes the price of fares.
Dr. Groves, of Fergus, has boon selected ns tho McCirthyite candidate
for Centre Wellington, Out.
Riv. Wentworth D. H.ighson, an
old and prominent   Methodist cler-t-y-
man, died at Delaware, near London,
I Out., on A.iril 21st. He was born in
New Brunswick in 1818.
I Dr. Ryerson, M.P.P., Toronto, is
i out red hot for the taxation of
' churches.
Peter Rlcard, one of Owen Sound's
oldest res.dents, died on April 24th of
heart failure.
[ A Halifax despatch savs that petitions have been filed against the return
of Joyce, Liberal, us member of the
j Legislature for Richmond ; McCornutck
Conservative, as member for Great
Bietuu, and PotBier, Conservative us
member for Yarmouth. This makes
! live petitions against Liberals ami nine
against Conservatives,
President Van Home, iu an interview at Winnipeg, stated that the
reduction ul bauds in llieC.P.R. shops
at that place was only temporary.
Lieut.-Governor Behultss, of Manitoba, has had the degree of L.L.D.
conferred on him by Queen's University, Kingston.
There are 1,100 carpenters and joiners on strike in Montreal tit present ;
���l.'iO returned to work, their demands,
having been acceded to.
A somewhat peculiar case was tried
at the Waterloo Assizes recently It
was au action brought by it girl named
Dresh, aged 111, now employed iu Berlin by the W.G. & R.Co., but formerly
a servant in the employ of u Mr.
Eggiir, widower nud hotelkeeper iu
Walkertou. Miss Dresh was the only
female emplo.ted iu the bouse. She
deposed that defendant did not provide
proper fuel with which to light the
lire; but when he lit a lite he was in
lhe habit of using coul oil to assist,
uud that plaintiff, following his example wi'h defendant's knowledge, ou
one occasion met with a serious mishap whereby her arms nnd hands wei'e
terr.bly burned. After some months
she brought action fur damages
t hrough her next friend, Mrs. M. Eby,
ol Berlin. After hearing the evidence
the j try awarded the girl $''00 damages, although it is ultogetrer likely
that the case will be appealed.
The Brant ford Courier says that an
amusing case came up More the Presbyterian Synod at Hamilton lust week,
when James Munroe, of London, who
was suspunde I by the London Presbytery some 15 years ago, asked to be
reinstated. It appears that the suspension look place because he disturbed
the congregation at sundry times by
"involuntary vocal sounds," and it is
understood that said sounds consisted
of a series of well developed snores.
The circumstance involves the important consideration that Mr. Munroe
perhaps wus unable to rest we'l ut
night, and that tne voice of his minister noted ns the very six-thing syrup
which his constitution stood nun li in
need of. There arc lots of clergymen
who have that effect ami it is a wonder that some enterprising individual
has not long ago bottled up their discourses in phonographs and sold them
as sure sleep producers.
Tho Pennsylvania coal miners'
strike is seriously affecting factories in
Ontario, and it is feared that many
will have to close down if the strike
continues much longer.
Highest Honors���World'* Pair.
A pure Gripe Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
Horn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The smallest bird in the world is tbe
gold crested wren.
la .Australia many horseshoes are now
made of cowhide instead ol iron.
Australia is the only country in tin
world iu which no native pipes nave been
Jinx Kjinfm-in. a Berllnese jeweler, has
iinit'e ;t perii'i't ivory uli.iriiit with movable
��ln-els, the whole weighing lint two grains.
Giilttt p-ruiia was first introduced into
Euro e from Mnligii in lcSS. The minimi
iiiiisiiinpiioa uuw amounts to 4,0UU,UUil
1 omuls.
Immense nn Is His value of the gold taken
from tne Ctilil'orniti mines since the discovert' of lhe precious metal there, it could
till he cniiliiined ia ti room 40 Ivet long, 20
feet wid,- uid 15 feet high,
A glass facility nt Liverpool hns "g'nss
y iiriial I oxes for all its machinery, a glass
tlitiir. glnsH shint-lfS on the roof, imtl a
situike stuck, 105 f, ot high, built wholly of
g ass brinks, each A foot square."
The conquest of Egypt by the Snrncens
il, prlved Europe nf papyruii,   ...id caused
tl.tt   iles'riiclion  of  imiiiinerable   ancient
works, the writing of which was scratched
ut  Unit the piuclMieiit might   bu  used
Jltiny Chinese temples are provided with
n hell at the entrance and when tlie worshiper eaters lie gives the rope a pull nnd
ling, th" > ell in order that the dtity may
ite nt ni Ih tl ot Ida coming and be ou huud
to att lid to his business.
Oyster cultivation is a very important
Industry tu ni.iiiy units of the continent.
.',1 Aruiiuiioti, nn the French const, there Is
il hu-. e stilt water lulu: open to the sea ut
nich tide and this hits become the centre
tor iciiiin..' mid fattening the oysters,
An African belief i-t thnt angels s*wnd
���tu ir time pulling off the bills of uio.-.-
Polite wns formerly only polished. Cnd-
'fiiitli speks of "jiolite bodies like looking gins es."
Madden my* thnt In the British West
���tulles two centuries "go pins, slices of
or, ml. pinches of si.nIT, drnins of whisky,
���nap, U'K'iiniiiits, eg..* i-nd other common
articles were nil ii el as money.
ll hns been fun d by the Bri'ish ord-
n.titce department that workmen in the
iv,irks nt Wixilv icti are turning out as
ititicii w-'i:. in a week ut 48 hours lis tiiey
liana lo do in ouo of 54. The quality of
llie worii i=, ;u.d to be better tbun ever belt i e.
llnr'ug the recent strike In Glasgow one
of the workmen, being asked by a gentleman if Ihey hud snack for mure pny, re-
I,etl: ���'(lull, uu, sor; it was just this
v.ti: Some wan snid the wnlkhi' ticWate
wasn't j-iiruin' his money, and he heard It,
nnd so I tilercd us Ui strike!"
(iiilliiutty to women is nothing lint the
iipt-ntntice of extreme devotion In all their
'������nit s nnd miseries, n deli.dit in tneir sat-
slue inn. mill n coiifideiiue in yourself as
being able to contribute towards iu The
-li-'iil"! iuil.tiiiii.ee with reunrl lo them,
or distrust of yourself, ia equally Intnl.
Krupp, tiie German camion inunufno-
���iiiit, empl ys 111, 0(H) men, who, with their
families, imiiil-ei-lki.uilU. and constitute the
tlilii of tiie population of Essen, while*!*),*
.-Hi others nre located at various brunch
links. Tlie total number of families bene-
litted bv tbe enterprise is estmiulud at 2o,-
('mil is dearer in Smith Africa than any
���������Iier purl of thu world; it ia cheapest iu
linen renr the people nf Paris eat an arer-
-.��������� of 2..000 horse., DUO donkea  and 40
,1111 es.
It is snid thnt people est 80 per cent,
"���tire lir.'iut when the weather Is cold than
nl.ua it is mill.
In Jin .nil n iiinii enn live like a gentle-
mail lur about 8i!."i0 a year. This sum will
tiny ti.e rent uf a house, the salaries uf
iwn sen aula and supply plenty of food.
A: uut une third of the weight of an
sgi: is solid nutriment, which is more than
etui It., s-iid of meat, there Iieing no bones
ur inoUgh pieces thut have to be thrown
I'ro tilde eggs are much sought after hy
'hu unlives of Miiibi'.'iiw-ur, their flavor
,��� iih'Iv resembling n mixture of rancid nil
nud musk. In the Pacific nml West Indian
slum's lizurds' eggs are euteu iu a vuriety
of stiles.
Kitchen knives should be denned as
sin.a ns they arc used, and n gtsid scouring
t, up sitiiu'id l.e kept iii thu sink for this
i nrpuse. Never put the bundle uf any
kinfe. ii only of I'liiiiiiiuii wtusl. into diaii
w-i le lo let Mink, uud ihi nut dry it on the
.nek of the a.uve, as the bent will loosen
ihu bundle.
Stylish women iu Mexico never wear
The star sapphire shows in IU depths a
��� bile slur with Ari) rays.
'lhe Prussian nrmv contains live women
who are reuimeiitiil chiefs,
limit be ciiiict'iieJ, and above all don't
'.,, k�� yourself Ihu hero ol your uwn
,li tries.
Uii an averace 27.000 widowers remarry
-��� m-tti.iat li>,5U0 widows iu the courmi oi a
hy lar the greatest number of the new*
��� st funs are ill the French atyle, and those
iliat i ke onr fancy most are of Louis
.'VI. periu.1.
If women could ever learn that It is
"Hilt* possible to combine affability with
uigniiy in ciiiiiinoiipl.ice, dully intereiiiirsu
with their iilaiw-crealnre*. this would be*
.ut brighter und uiuru lyrecublu world.
A perfectly tunned female font is now a
r r.i i.vls. Tlie world appears to hnve
ailu .ted the Chinese idea that tho sm Her
Ine foot the prettier it is, uud the result is
l ,nt perfectly moulded feet nre crumped
inni ..bust a until not u Hue of beuu.y U
Unresponsive.���Jink���"Whydon't yon
en I on Miss Swellery uuy inure!"' Fred���
"hue won't respond,"
An Kn.ginn���Ho��� "Hove yon." Sho���
"Well, what nre yon going to do about it?
Vou've got no money. "
Their Knowledge.���Mr. Keerer���"I've
(tiuwn that fellow lime out of mind," Mr.
.ji-luler���"i\u U.I.U.VH him money  out of
A Bad Habit.��� Kittle��� "I henrd today
���on married your husband to reform bim."
iiii'ih���"I did," Kittle��� "Why, I didn't
(now he hnd nny bud habits. Surah���,
"lie luul one; he was a buchelor."
II- Hnd Ills Reasons.���Higglns���"Mv
tiling! ter is the best ptiimsc iu town.*'
Wiggins���'Does alio practice uinehV'
lllggllis���"8tX or eight hours a diiy."
Vi i gins-- "Thank you. I wns ubuut to
��� em that lu.i'.su next lo yours." '
a. r,. i-iurr, ot Hnt-tfitrd, cnmplefeil
fifty-five years of jonriialistic life receinly-
lio is lhe ul,est newspaper mull, by actual
years of service, in New England, and a
still n daily iicunpiini of Ine responsible
editor's uesk in the ofliuo uf the liuriluiil
Mrs. Peter McPhersnii, of Mnneie. Ind.,
nttoiuleil a party nt which theie were thil-
teen guests. Some one. superstitions y
inclined, reiuiirkeii tbnt before-funny weeiis
stiuie one of uie iimiilier wounl die. Airs.
McFhei'sun ut once fell ill uud tiled January 3.
He who forgets his own friends meanly
tn follow those of a higher degree is ttsuuu.
Tue oevtl knew not whnt he did when lto
made man politic; lit, dossed himself cy 1..
Do not accustom yonrself lo consider
debt only us uu inconvenience; you will
hud it n calamity.���Johnson.
No irne nml permanent fume can be
founded except ill labors for the happiness
uu   Kot'il ot mankind.���Uhurles Sunnier,
If yonr eye is on the Eiernal your intellect will grow, and yum opinions uud
actions have a tienuty which no learning
ur comb lied advantages uf other men eua
lu troubled water yon can scarce see your
(ace, or see it very Utile till the water le
quiet aud stand still; so, hi troubled tunes
yon call see line truth; wneu limes ure
quiei nud settled, then truth appears.���
Emperor Tiberius made an edict against
the in rri.ige ol men over lid uud Wuiuun
tiver in), bin so uiiuiiuuus were the objections of w.tiows uud widowerstuut the iuw
wus iuoii repenleu.
Fur a cergyiiiiin ur registrar in Eiigliind
tu celebrate a uitirri ge iu u private house,
except by private license from tue Arcu-
bisiiop ui iuiiteruury, is a felony, and puu-
inituuio by severe peiia.iies.
Tue Scoitis.i iiiuri'iiige law la so loose
that It u luny living with John Siniln is
an tressed in l.,e presence uf Suiilh tts.,jrs.
auiiili, liud ii���sA'era tu the l.mile, tue
ui.iii'is l.uve diviU��l that she is legally his
wife.    ^
"I v/lsh I conM go to the soashoro,"
sniil Nelly Oreon, foftly.
She sat like a little shadow in tho
moving gleams of tho Miuleini vines
which Marian had twined bnck anil
lorth over the tenetnoiit house window.
To the seashore!" said Aunt Penelope,
-trimly. "Marian, them vests ain't
pressed yet, and they're to lie called for
iit noon, yon know.'
'���Put tho seashore!" went on Nell, ns
if she hud not heard the crabbed old woman's word. "The great, cool waves,
full of grer-i and violet light; the wet,
crinkly sands: the sweet wind anil the
ninges of white foam! Oil, Marian, I
'mow 1 should be better if I could go to
the sea."
Nelly Orcen hnd been tho "owerof all
tho family-the bennty. tbo youngest,
the pet. lint when Nelly fell sick nnd
was obliged to give up school ��� when
���ho rontitmi-d to dro-ip, day by day���
Marina hud listened wistfully lo Iier sis
'er'a liiti'ous worda She looked ut Aunt
'���Aunt rim,-* snid she, "t'lioreli that
money I have lieen saving for a bntU/il-
liolemachine:It, would jnsttuko us all
to the seashore for a week.''
"And what's to U'come uf tho buttonhole iiiacbinet" said Aunt Per..
"We mast do without it,"said Marian.
"No dear, nol" said Nelly, looking mi
with a faint smile. "I ii.n not yet sol-
lish enough to ullow such n saci ilico as
Marian kissed her sister and said nothing. But the next evening when sho
came in from delivering her latest batch
of work at tho vest factory, she lu id up
three slips of paper.
"Tickets ior Long Bronchi" said die.
"(let ready, Nell and Aunt Penelope!
We nre to go on Thursday for n week I"
"Quodness gracious ine!" ejaculated
Aunt Pen. "And me without a dress-
cap and not a yard of ruffling dono-upt"
"Yon can make up the dress cap tonight,-* said Marian, "and as for ihe
inffling. Wo must do without it,  for
"Jnt about the button hole machine, "
mid Nell, drawing her sister's face down
i lose to hers. "Oh, Marian���Marian,
what have yon done!"
"Darling," whispered Marian. "I
would make buttonholes by hand, all
my life, fo seo uo color come hd��s in
And Miuinn f It 'hit sTi�� t;s inileo'l
rewarded when Nelly's cheeks reddenel
anil soine'.hin." like th** oil lii'ht en:<o>
budl fo her eyes as the Long Branch
boat R'��nmcil past the Narrows nnd the
nit breeze fluttered her vail und lifted
the little fiinjea of golden hair from her
Presently n tall, h-mdsomi yca-mr
nan. wUu sat on the other sale uf Uio
boat, rose and approached the party.
"1 beg your puriiuti," said lie. courteously to iiariau, "bnt 1 Bee that tiie
voiu'ig lady is un invalid. ~i -'onld she
iiot prefer a seat on the shady side't
Mine is (inite at hor disposal."
"Thai '. you," said Marian, gratefully.
"It would be pleiisanter."
And the:, began c pleasant Utile travelling iicqnalutiiiico. .
"Which hotel nre yon fort" he asked,
when at length the train came to it
standstill in the depot.
"Oh, no hotel," snitl frank Nelly,
"Wo have engaged beard at a private
house. A boy will meet us, We are
verv much obliged lor all your kindness,
������ iV'huf n fool you are, Nelly Green I"
Yon could easily have pretended yon
were going to one of the swell hotels,
"Bnt it wouldn't have been trne,"
" *Trne!" echoed Miss Cynthia. IVo
no patience with you! You'll never bbo
him again! Ami hm witb (lia.aoiul
studs in his linen and n real Pauaui.'t
hat! Who knows whut would have
tiilll(i of it'!''
"please to pivo me the cheapen!; bur'i-
ing-stilt yon have," said Nelly! the next,
morning, when the three girli went
down to take their sea-baths.
"There yuu go again!" grumbled Mi is
Cyr..hia. "Must yon advertise the fact
of yonr poverty ull through Long
She stopped here, stnrtlc.1 by Nelly's
little cry of pleased surprise. For there,
looking out uf the window where tho
bathing suits were piled l.pforhire. waa
the tall stranger in the diamond stuus,
uud the Panama hat.
"Oh," cried Nell, instinctively, "how
find I am io see yon! Bnt who would
huvo expected to meet y.iu here?"
���'Renting ont butiiing-suits nt fifty
and twenty-five cents an himr." said tbo
young man, with a mischievous sparkle
|n his dark eyes. Which shall 1 have
the pleasure of selecting ior you,
uin'aiul" to Miss Cyntniii Culpepper.
'ihat young lady drew herself up.
"The nicest you have," suid she.
"Muriun.'Vne added, afterward. Ytm
really ought to teach that silly little sister of yours some of the ways of tlio
world! tike's n:n...iig us much of that
young man iw if he was a gentleman.
And Miss Culpepper gave the dark-
eyed oiientier the cut direct, when clio
met hiin sti'it-ling on the beach;'when
hut li hours were over, uud lire suunec
breeze came freshest.
"Are yon silting euongh fo wall: np tut
fur as yonder stranded sloop'!" said he to
..ell.      "1 think yuu would o
sight.   And, with lily arm���
"1 should like it io much," said Nelly.
But MisbUyuthiacuiilil not cut.lire this.
���'Young man," said she. loftly, "t
don't think your employer would like
"My employer!" '
"The gentleman that owns the bathing-suits."
"But I havo nothing to do with tho
lathing suits nor their owner," said the
stranger wilh an amused look.
"Indeed!" said Miss Culpepper with
scorn. "Then may 1 ask wuut you wero
uoing tliere this morning*!"
"Oh, certainly!" uuswered the stranger. "I found, when I got down to the
bathing-ground-;, that I hud left the key
of my room iu the dour; lo 1 just stepped iu for u moment while the man mu
up to the hotel to get it for me."
On their homeward way, Nell whispered to Marian, with gleaming eyes
uud cheeks ah rosy:
" Dear Marian, is it wrong to be engaged to hiiu after only s> week's acquaintance*!"
"WrungK   No, dear,"  Marian  answered ; - Tor I think he loves you dearly."
��� ��������#��
"Who do yon think ho is���" demanded
Cynthia Culpepper, bouncing into tho
room where the ttine sat ut their vest-
waking���"Mr. Newton, I meant"
"He is Mr. Newton,"said Nelly.
"He is the now partner in our firm!"
gasped Cynthia. "I suw him looking
over thu cashier's books this morning.
enjoy tno
Trapper Tom lived alone in a "dugout" iu the Black Hills.
Tom had u hard time of It, for someone, or something, was forever stealing
his things. Tint he lost his hat, then a
bout, tiieu n piece of bacon; this waa
fnlloiycil by the disappearance of his
washing basin, and there was a robbery
from his traps.
It was perplexing In the extreme, for
if lie went away even lor a collide of
days, aud left his door open, which, k*y
the way, he could not ovoid, having uo
means of securing it on the outside,
soiuctliing was sure to vauish.
Tom was not a capitalist, bnt In snm-
mer he earned a living by digging cellars
for new settlers, aud iu winter uy trapping.  Neither wus Tom's house a work oi art; he liud literally ting it on tne top
of f. kuoll, and roofed it with sods, so
that from tho outside it hn'l very much
the appearance of a large mole hill. Tho
kuoli wliicii Tom had selected for his
home wns bounded on one side by the
lake, and on the other side by a popular
grove which abounded in rabbits.
In the winter Trapper Tom, as ho was
funiiiutrly culed, trusted almost entirely
to this grove to supply him with food.
He always kopt scleral gin trapu in the
rabbit runs uiiioug the red willows,
which grow in profusion around tho
omskirts ut tiie heavier umber.
Gnu evening nt sunset Tom nr-���"red
bis traps, him as usual went directly lo
bed, for he cuiihl not nli'o.-d to burn
liiuou oi)., lie had been sleeping for
Several hours when be was siuitumly
ii wakened by a succession of loud cries
li'oiii luu direction of the poplar grovo.
i-iiiioviiig taut he must have caught ll
; ,.i iii one of bis rabbit traps, Tom
sural.'- out. ul' bed, pad oil Ills pains,
ioatt'iiiid burns, seined his Spado, which
wus llie best Weapon, bo pusu.-iSed, uud
Biui'iwi lor uu grovo.
Tho iiiium was iihiuing brightly and tho
light was gootl, for the wnite poplars
wero not, very tall, but even .f this hud
not l-ei'ii lhe case Tom trouM lu.veox-
l'i.'1'ienceil very little difficulty in locating
tho cries uu account of thu pors'sU-iiuy
���'.-.!; which tho animal kept them uu.
liefom It.; had a Iv need fifty yards
t'li-uugh the deep snow he found himself
hifjitiUo vit.i a shaggy-coaled titii-
At tho tr-f'-'-r's firpr-yirh tho tit'or-
'���1 at* cifMiure turned toward linn,
bristling with rusfi-, ind rev.-aVtiij-jnito
1 uiiiiy itie iroid uaiitis ot brown wuu
nil-it fi1 ur ��� i-.ntl rleckpd thu Rides of
tie wary and troutilesome wolverine,
'me un...nil wus (������ nght by one of its
liiiiti l'eiDin asttiul'ir.p, Wuich in tutu
was secured ny a chain to a small hit*-,
jn uu way ildei'tiute to hold so au;,.) an
i.iiiiiiai. i'uiiuuacoly, however, the
chain wa-: 1'a.iU.iC'i to the u.i iiilu uf ihe
(������, anu t is, owing to tie number of
small t ee.", male llie escape of t~o v.'o.-
>ui'iuu iii-iiusi. iaipussiblc.
Had Xnipj er Tutu been armed with a
gnu iiieie willliil II.H'O been lillie liieric.
or iititj till'; t a.V i.i win.ting tao battle,
but ii-i his only weapon was a spade, he
realfe'd iii.ii iho cuiiiiict would not by any
ii,eii:is be one si-lad. Nevertheli'sr, Tien
v.i's :.,i ctiwurii, inul he begun circling
ronml the nuiiiuil, watching for nit op-
j T: iii.ii v lo (''.use wllll it. As li? walk
i<ii round uud round he noticed that the
wolvei me also kept turning, who con.
c,tided to kre-i it np till the animal had
1 iVl! let; (,ua cn tin into a itlttit
As Tom kept circling arid tbo riinal
l-.-;it turning the eh iin kept gelling
(lUiitir, uniii theniiiiuiii'slegWiisilr.iwti
closti to the big, 'i his wus the desired
cppoiiiiiiry. and Tom rnslie.i iu und
tii-alf. his eiiolive a violent blow with the
lilndcui thu sou iu.
lu iitteiipu igtu.vo'il nsoconti attack,
however, the wounded nniinul sprang
jiacl; ii'id pulled tint steep siniugof too
trail im violently agui.i?t the log that the
in ����� flow open nnd set it free.
jiictt-ud of mnuiug away tho half
���dunned midniiidil"iietl trolvi line glared
for one moi.it ut ut i sassailant, aim tuen
sprang open iiior.t'ie'' at his throat.
Tom leaped behind a friendly po-ilar
"Inst iu time to a nid the attack, and as
iiio animal passed he dealt it a second
lilow, this tune on the back, lint in doing
r i he lost his balance and stumbled fur
ward into tiie deep snow.
Beljore he could regain hit feet ihn
. rniuinl was npnii him, and be found
hi.itself engaged in a huuii-to liuml
Strngglo with the savaire creature. It
i listed lib; heavily -coated arm in its teeth
i.ud commenced striking ar, him with its
iin-c'ilar hind legs, wuich. Iieiug uriiied
with heavy claws, wonhl have inlticted
I i ribie wounds had they been able to
get in ilHr worSt.
With ids free band Trapper Tom gripped tue Hiiiuiill by lhe turiuit aud coal-
- i'esse.1 his windpipe till it released his
lirni'i then he tinust it over upon its
back into the loosened snow, and with
1-oih hands tried to strangle It. In this
he in'fht have lieen successful hud not
tiio Rtnnrtrling tiniitial. ;nst ut tho
f-iiiii-ciiie iiitiiueut. struck him sttuurily
iu the c'lost.
'The liiuw sttiTgerntl To*n nnd osnso-1
lilm to relax his hold! while the animal
I lining itself once more tree sprang to
j.a feet and prepared to renew tue attack.
Tlie voting m���i prabbod tlio spado,
rhiith liy beside hiin, ond quickly
seruml lfil to his feet. Then, lur one
moment man and beast stood confronting each other, silent, wucehful and de.
Bnt tho wolverine WM nearly disabled; its bind limbs appeared to lie half
���uralyiied. inul it was s"ini evident to
'tout that so far li.' had had Hindi the
host of the debt. Without waiting for
attack, therefore, he lifted his spade and
I,topped forward to deliver tlm blow of
men y. Jii' t us fie spade ft 11. however,
Ihe animal threw itself forward, und
instead uf receiving the blow upon tbe
head leceived it ntioii its back.
Before Trapper i'i un could recover his
balance the wolverine seized his leg and
Ilia next instant he i. It tiie agony of its
I harp fangs tearing his flesh.
Again t.e lilt.'d bis spade, clutched it
witii both hands and brought it down
with a digging '.notion upon the back of
the animal s bead. It was the finishing
stroke, nnd Tom had tho satisfaction of
dragging his prize after him as he limped back to his dugout.
Next day Tom nailed the pelt to his
door ns u trophy; and it was the finest
wolverine licit ever taken in that district.   '''���"���-
Metnl Report.
We ore indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations *.���
New Yoiik. Apl. 27, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors of
the imposition of a 5 p.c. duty on
nil Indian imports, including silver, but excepting of gold and
cotton, the silver market is again
demoralized. New York, (11 cents
London 28Jd.
Copper. Manufacturers aro still complaining about lack of orders to
e able them to work full time, and
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature,   G.M.B's. ��40 lot. Od.
Lead is sharing the fate of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��0 (Is Ud., and
English, ��9 10s. Od.
guaittte* ffiav&c.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
-Loagltceil  A  MeCartei*,
iWristors, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc, Etc.
Solicitors for Bunk of Montreal.
.II'.PII��(��jV and WHEELER
Members Assocu.'D.Ij.S. A P.L.S. for B.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc- Calgury nnd Now Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
K.J.Jlil'tiKON, D.L.S.,1\L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
,  . ,��� ���,       CAUiAitv, Alba.
A. 0. "A HEELER, D.L.S. A P.L.S. of B.C.
New Westminster b.c.
"���IcCiirtlij*   A    Hnrve.y,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor :���
The Imperial Bunk of Canada.
Tho Caiuubi Permanent Loan A Savings Co,
Tho Yorkshire Loan & SociirltlosCorporntlon
1 lip MiiBsoy-IInrris Co. (Ltd), etc., etc.
Offices���Stephen Avemio, Calgary.
P. McCarthy-, Q.C.
Horace Harvey, B.A., L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Ixst. C.E.
Cochrane, Ai.ha.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
Miningi Smelting
00. (Limited)
Application   for   fcitllleut ��� of Improvements,
Take notice that I, H. G. Lew, Free
Miner's certificate No. "1509*1, intend,
(10 days from date hereof, to apply to
tbo Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sont to the Mining Re-
corder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate cf improvements.
Dated this seventeenth day of March,
H. G. Low.
(Graduate of Laval nud McGill.)
Mmx��  i;x.,ixkkr.
Head Oliiee, Quebec ; Branch  Offices
SuBitimooKE, & 17 Place d'Arines
Hill. Montreal.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
accordance with the Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act nre
due for the year 1894. All of the above
named Tuxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kootenay, are payable at my office,
Court House, Donald, Assessed Taxes
are collectible at the following rates,
viz :
If paid on or before June 30th, 1S04: ���
Provincial Revenue, $.1,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cent on nssessed value of
"Wild Land.
One-third of ono per cent on Personal
One-hnlf of one per cent on income.
If pnid after Juno 30th, 1894: ���
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on assessed value of Wild Land.
One-half o' one per cent on P.-rsonnl
Three-fourths of ono per cent on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, Fob. 6th, 1894.
Analytical Chemist ft Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to '���'
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
1802     ASSAYER TO TIIE        802
British Columbia Government
of all specimens sent from the Provinr-t to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manaoer.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
��OL1>EjV, IM*.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tho
admission nf patients,
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any inombor of tho
PRICE-Ten Dollars per yoar or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
. Secretary.
Wholes-alt* and Ketnll
3 U TC H E R S..
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
t'lil-rnrj* ���     Alba.
If yon want your house Painted. Papered
or I'als.iiiiiuctl, ur any kind ot a hi-.ii I'liintcd
write to J. II. MIIjIjWAKD. CAI.OAKV, the
l.e.'iiliti'- I'liint Simp in the  ivest, fur pun!
Work und priced that nre right.
P1PJIPI CQ I������-'!'mail(PRBEi)onrecoipt
I IVI I LCO. Ufa 2 stamp, u receipt, i'i.r a
simple VEGETABLE BALM that will remove Tan. Freckled. I'lmplcx, lllttttlitH.
lllackliiiiilN. etc.. leaving the skin soft,
clear and bountiful. Address A. I). STEXI-
I'Elj, 00 Aim St., Now York.
" It Is worth the pi-tc* to svtu-*-' person
who even reads ��� newipap-tr."���Darllngum.
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
OorrMpondents and Oopy Choppers.
Short, simple ��nd practical rules (or
making ana edition newspaper copy,
ana of equal value to all who wish to
write correct English.
Bent oa receipt of price.  Price, 10 cents
per oopy.   ALLAN TIIRMAN, PuMlshej
117 Nmmu Street, Mtw York,
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining tuen und
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer iu Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
S|iecial attention given to orders from ur the
Columbia River,
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Depa,rtmer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
Watches        ^WHfc^   Jewellery
E3ox 7, Donald, B.C. FIELD   NOTE**.
Field," B.C., May 3rd.
Thursday's delayed No. 2, which
arrived iu the small hours of Friday
last, met with a serious disaster some
distance down the line. Four curs
were thrown off the track and Engineer
Walker seriously injured.
Col. Baker, Minister of Education,
spent a couple of days in town and
promised lucal reform in one or two
little matters connected with his department.
Archdeacon .McKay held a Church
of England service on Sunday evening
last delivering a very able discourse
from Daniel ;'i and 1.
Our new pilot, Mr. Fasker, has
taken hold of matters iu good shape.
The inauguration of a Sabbath school
was his lirst oiliciul endeavor and no
doubt us the innovation becomes
known a larger attendance and ultimate success will reward bis efforts.
Anothen detachment of marines travelled west a few days ago under the
able eye of Dining Car Inspector Blake.
The range anil carving hoard were
presided over by Chefs George Oilles-
pie and Stewart McDonald iu the usual
satisfactory manner.
On- population is increasing. Dr.
Taylor arrived suddenly from Golden
on Wednesday. Mr. Unwin is tiie
lucky man uud the town is hardly
large enough for the smile that takes
full possession. (If course its a boy,
and a whopper ut that. Both mother
and son lire doing very nicely.
Our local  rhymster is  on time with
the  usual   weekly, the   sentiment   of
which will  no doubt  I e a surprise to
many beside myself, - here it is :���
I have a mush
He's my ideal
And he works on the C.P.R.
"When he's away
I lonely fed
While he's running o'er n railway car
For the last few days
He's been togged up line,
But said he, don't look forlorn,
I'm as true us steel
But along the Hue
We expect President Van Home.
with the dismal fact that what is our
loss is someone else's gain.
Mr. Van Home and party arrived
fi'otnihe east cn Tuesday, druwn by
tile tejuvciiuted 3111. Jack h. n '.led
the throttle uud honored the occasion
witb bis latest expn s ion, ''Now my
little beauty," to whicli she responded
iu the renowned old time style. Messrs
Driukwatur, Whyte, Cross, Niblock,
Cardell, etc., were en evidence with
the s, ecial.
Mr. H. A. Perley was a passenger
on the east, bound train Weill.esday.
Chef Walton of the C.P.R. hotel
left ou Thursday for Calgury, \\ hero
he goes to open up the new C.P.R.
Dining Hull, His place is fUledj'by
Stewart, MtDur.Id who has just returned from a vacation iu the old
country and who gave great satisfaction in the caiiie berth all last summer.
Field. B.C., May ICth.
Where's the "Field Notes" this
week ? wus everybody's enquiry on
Saturday last and when they discovered that our spina) was mainly���very
mainly���occupied with thuse few
'-modest repuests" of Mr. Harry C ���
well, they decided to call round for the
cigars later on.
A sad occurenco happened here Sunday morning. Whilst No. 1 was ut
the station, it young man, 0. AV. Confine a passenger for New Whatcom,
suddenly expired through au affect ion
of the heart. Tlie event spread a
sacred gloom all around, whicli is but
fe.'bly expreesed iu the following lines:
Gently, slrwly and softly,
In silence moves the train,
A spirit has just upward soured
Above all earthly pain.
Don't speak ithoxe u whisper,
He's seen his lust dark night
Tts Sunday morn   he's gone to be
Iu everlasting light.
"Grandpa" Bircham has gone and
his likes we may never sie again.
There has never been anyone in this
town whose departure bus been so
generally regretted. He left lor London, England, on Sunday the Uth
after being the recipient ol numerous
momenta.'!*, many of which were very
artistic and costly. Everyone who
really knew him realized that such us he
doth only cross ones path but once iu
a lifetime. Twas my privilege to
view scores of souvenirs, many bearing inscriptions, from friends across
the Atlantic aud judging from their
intrinsic value alone I felt impre-sed
that his very presence enthrall's
everyone with his sterling worth.
We uro   trying to  console  ourselves
Education Office,
Victoria, May unl, 1894.
f'OTICE is hereby given that the uu-
��� iiinil exa in illation of cau,li,lutes
for qualification to teach iu tlie Public
Schools of tlie Province will beheld
as follows, commencing on Weduesduy,
duly 4th, at 9 a.m. : -
Victoria..Iu South Park Sjhool BId'g.
Vancouver.. In H.gli School Building.
Kamloops. .In Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward a
notice, thirty days befme the examination, stating tlie clits-t and grade oi
cti'iilicite for whicli he will be a can
tliUate, thu optional subjects sclcctc...
ami at which of the above nuiuun
pities be will attend.
Every notice of intention to bean
applicant must be accompanied witli
satisfactory testimonial ot moral character.
Candidates ure notified thut nil nl
the atiove requirements 111.18'. lie fulfilled
before their applications can be tiled.
All candidates for First Class, Grade
A, Cerulicates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to take tlie
s ibjects prcsoribed for July 14th and
llitll il St.nits, ami to undergo required
oral examinations!
S. I). POPE,
Superintendent of Edtioation.
Leglsl.itlvu   Electorate,   A   Election*
Act, IStlt.
East Kootenai- District.
.jOTICE is her"hy given that iu uc-
����� coiiliiiice -ait 1 Section 1! of the
above Act, I snail hold a Court of
Revision at: ���
Fort Steele, May 2'lth at 11 o'clock a.m.
Windermero, ������ !IOth        "        "
Beu vermouth, June 4'h    "        "
Field on ���   litli    "        "
liolden "    Kill     "
Donald " 11th     "
for the purpose of hearing the claims
of any persons who allege that their
names have lieen lmpro|ierIy struck off
nr omitted from the List ot Voters for
East Kootuuiiy.
prompt gnawer ind en honest opinion, write to
MI N N it CO., who have bed nearly nf ty jeers"
experience In the patent bnttinefls. Ciiin-nuntca-
tlona strictly cnnfltlential. A Handbook of Information eoncemlnz Patents and bow to obtain tbem sent f roe. Also a caulogue ot meet-as-.
leal and scientist- bnoka sent free.
Patents taken ttiron-rti Mnnn ft Co. reedve
special notice In tbe Scientific American, and
tons are bron-rtit widely before tbe public with.
out omt to the inventor. This splendid paper,
taned weekly, elegantly Illustrated, haa by fur tbo
lamest circulation of any aelenttnc work In tlio
world. 93 a year. Sample copies sent free.
Building Edition, nontlily, fine a year. Blnsto
eqplea, ���".", cents. Every number contains beautiful plates. In colon, and nhouvnu-hs of new
booses, with plans, enabling builders to snow tho
latest aniens nnd secure contracts. Address
Kinm ft CO, SLW "fault, 301 BuojUiw.it.
Silos C. Herring, the safe man, begun
.'.taking iu Albany at, IT iua homespun
Oscar Wilde is reported to have grown
', cry big aud fat and untidy as to appeur-
William B. ni.rnltlnwer snys that he
I -.vt-s liis sncceSH ill lite to Ids habit, of tttk*
lag advantage uf every opportunity tliut
Sued, the faster, Is insane and Ib now in
nu asylum near Paris. His delusion bus
taken the form of 11 belief that he is Cteoar
uud Napoleon in one.
Joseph Pulitzer has purchased the Cunningham estate 011 liny Sboro harbor,
.Mount Desert, containing seven acres, uud
will build a handsome cuttago on it.
Mr. Nugent: Iligginsls tbe richest bachelor iu New Vork, He is said to be worth
jyil.OOO.OOO, and Ward McAllister says be is
probably the most luxurious unmarried
man in America.
Alvlnzii Haywood, the retired San Fran-
t'i.-co millionaire, was in youth a farmer's
"bound boy" in northern New Vork and
received, at 31, fltX) aud a "freedom suit"
us bis start in life.
The sole survivor of General Fremont's
famous exploring battalion is General W.
V. Swusey, wbo was a boy clerk at Sutter's
Fort in 18415, and was the youngest officer
on Qunei'ttl Fremont's stall,
M. Vuillod, the "cannon man," who
gained celebrity in Paris and elsewhere by
catching cannon balls as they were disclaimed ut bim from a large gun, is one of
tlie deputies elected to the new chamber.
Iliiniid (le Foe's great-great-grandson had
lieen discovered on the roll of the (.helms-
ford union iu Essex as an uutdoor pauper.
Hu is 70 years old, bus fits, is partly paralysed and lias au income of .(j cents weekly.
Ex-Comptroller A. Uarton Hepburn, one
of the ablest financiers of the country, wus
II barefooted country boy in the Adirou-
iliicks, who gained a little education by
privation liud hardship, uud began life as a
Cuptidn Francis Martin of Detroit Is tlie
oltlcst. commissioned officer in the United
States revenue murine service. Ho is in
Ids ninety-fourth year, nnd us there is no
retired list iu the service is still ou the active list.
Dr. Frederick Andrns of Mitchell, S. D.,
claims lo be the first authorized practitioner of medicine not only in Dubuque,
lu., but also in the immense region west of
tbe Mississippi river to llie Pacific and
north of the Missouri river.
Judge Robert S. HclUin of Alabama, who
served In the Forty-fourth and Forty fifth
congresses, bousts that bis expenses during
the IS months of his two terms were not
over flKI 11 month, and that, he returned to
bis home with tu.ouo out of his two years'
The richest man In the island of St.
Christopher Is Joaquin Furarn, who went
there a ban'.ootcd Portuguese boy of IB
and began working for a shilling a day.
Now he is al years old nnd owns $1,000,0jO
worth of real estate 0111 he island. It is said
that he cun 1 .itbe-r read nor write.
Lord Kothschlld sets an example to less
fortunate financiers in business regularity.
lie most frequently travels to town by the
train, leaving 'f ring at S:43 in the morning,
isalKustoii ut l':u5 uud thus reaches bis
tlesk comfortably by 10. He is therefore
breakfasting quite us early as the majority
uf his clerks.
When Princess Anne, afterward queen of
England, was married, sho wore a heoii-
' tress s yurdti high und 3 yards in circumference.
* The Princess of Wales appears at the
operu dres-i'd in black, veiled witb jet nud
embroidered cbitTou, The other royal ladies wear either black or white.
The queen of Holland celebrated ber fourteenth birthday recently, and by ber spe-
-ilul request the festivities ran largely to
school treats, iu which she took au uciive
Queen Victoria has grown so lame thnt
she nits given up her habit of always standing alter dinner iu tbe gallery at Windsor
uud sits iu uu armchair. Those who are
near her or may bu speaking to her sit
down also.
Tbe latest report about tbe German emperor is to thu i��fect that i*.e proposes to be
crowned iu Uerliu next year, in thut event
there will be 11 splendid ceremony, ul
which ull lhe crowned heads of the father
luiitl uud oilier royalties will bv present.
Scuiiilerbi'i-g, king of Albania, who lived
In the llfteuuth century, was reputed llie
strongest man of his time. He wasa man
ot greut stature, uud the power of Ids arm
was siicli litui he tin mi'In iiuiiiiug of cutting two 111111 iu Laivm with one single
blow of his swortl.
In the Henry mountains in southern
Utah is a mound covered with giant crystals. Perfect |iiisuis ol silcuito 6 feet lung
nre found there.
Mount Kliiseo, which rises precipitously
700 feet out uf "ilooselicad lake, Maine, is
wholly composed uf horiistoite and Is the
largest muss uf that uiiueral in thu kuowu
One of the most singular products of
Hawaii is a vitreous lava known as 'Tele's
hair." It is a silky, liliiinenUius substance,
olive green, soil, but very britle. It is produced by tbe wind catching the fiery spray
thrown up Irom tlio ureat crater of lviluuca.
The name of Gay bead, applied to a famous promontory of the .Muusuehusettscoast,
meuiis exuclly what it seems to mean and
is peculiarly appropriate. The headbiiui,
as seen from llie sea, is gay with many
colors running in strata, the result of
chemical qualities iu the earth of the cliff.
Upper Columbia ^S^Co.
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Bates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I-^eites.
To Canal Flat A. $ 1.75; B. 1 GO; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
��    B.               "             11 and 4               ������             " '���
������    C. " o and II " " "
"    D. " 7 and 8 " " "
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of/mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates.     Freight ���'will be delivered as far
outh as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to $2 per lb.
1 per cent will le charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
-ggLM-   B.   LANG,^Z
Mining & General Supplies
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
I will manufacture Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.


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