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The Golden Era Aug 24, 1900

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��� : -)\( '-
.���<���>>' i
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Building Lime for Hale,
���auti prepared.   Prompt attention given to
Prom i"t a
VOL. X   NO. 4
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, AUG. 24, 1000
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publio.Conveyanoor, etc
Offlce in Upper Colsisub
Trans .*sty Couipun
lion i.iul
B. V.
S2 Per Year
Do You Wear���ar
If you do, ami want the best, try tho
.-:   " Strathcona,"   :-:
exactly ns supplied to Strathcona's Horse, made of heavy
"Khaki*' Duck that will shed water; doubled in front
from waistband to midway between knee and foot; donb'.c
so-.it; overlapped seam3, double sewn with LINEN thread,
seam intersections and pocket-corners sewn to make ripping an absolute impossibility; best metal buttons,put on
to stay on; four large outside pockets, with buttoned flaps.
Tho greatest amount of Pant Goodness ever embodied in
a single garment -a brilliant triumph of Canadian manufacture.
Price, within easy roach,
Strathcona Overalls, same material
as above,      - - - ���
imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 500,000
-raiiltnl Pal I It ����.4.��SH.*��l��:t
Beat ��� -        I VtNMMMI
II. B. Hi
T. II. Morrill.
Witt. lliiits*i,iy,
luilii-rt JsitVrny,
'I'. Sullii'i inml Sliiynnr
Kli.-ss Hunt's--,
All Sizes in Brownie Overalls for Hoys and
Girls,   50c,   65c,   &   75c.
A   complete   new   stock   of   Shelf  and   Heavy
Jossop's   llcst   Steel.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexander Block.
Ill:Ms lii'in-i::  TintsisT-i.
1). 1!. Wii.kih, Oenorisl MnssssKor.
E. Hav, tnaileutor.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. oii.l II. <*.'.
llriniiliisi, Cfil-|ii|-y, Ksllsioiltqn,
Onlili'ii,       Nol-i.ii.      ' l*isi'l,i||ij its I'niii-iii,
1'rissco Allies-,,     I'mulistriko,     Sil-Jltllualisi.
Vuneouver,       Wisitilpog,
Esssex, "-Virus, (lull, Itmiiiltmi, Inireiw-'t,
l.isii.ivsil. ri'j-,f*-nr,'i l-'nlis. I'orl Culliumn
Hnt 1'isrtiiiro, Sditlt stss. Mnrle, 8..
Csitlijiriiie.. St. Tlsi'in.-is. Toronto, Wellisnsl,
WomSat-ii-k, .-nisi Mi.iitis.i.1, V.i.o.
Agent* In l.rs-lltl Itiltiiiit:
I.loyslV Hsisik, l.til, 7-j Lninbnrsl SI. Ijonslnn
ivisii ivliiiin money tiniy lie ilsipojsltsssl I'm-
tniiut'or hy.letler or i-nblo to iiisyot' tlio
sibuve brj.isi-liuis.
Agents, hi  !I ill lei! SIlitiK:
NEW YOKK-llniik of Montreal, Illllik ol
OIIICAUO-Klrat Nislirailil Hsisilc.
ST, l*AU|i��� Soi-Ollll Nlllinillll Hunk.
SAN I-'I.'ANCISCO-Wulla, Fill-go & Cu.s
Agent*, in Smith Africa.
Intoi-cist ullimi'i! on tletK-nits.
I'ro.iiiL-ijil, Misuii'iriil jiuil otlior debenture,
Avisilsiblo nt nil piilsita ill s'aiunlii, L'uitisI
Kingdom, 1'iiits.il status.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
Bodega   Restaurant,
Moas at any hours.
Fish and Game In season,
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionory
Aways In St03k.
Fresh iysters.
The k>Gut mineral discoveries that hnvo honn made iu thr Upper
.Country have attracted attention from .ill parts ot tlie world and
to-tlaj then! is no morn familiarly known semlon than Hi at whiob
claim? PETEBBOROUGH- B.'C, as [13 Ceulro. Direct communication per steamers wkh Goldmi nml llie outside world nnd
thickly settled hi "II directions, PETERBOHOUGH ti the key
to the wijndm'ful Toby and Horse Thief pre forties now being
extensively developed, ns it situated dtrectlj between those two
Creeks.    For further particulars- apply lu
G. A. STARK, Agent,
 Peterborough, B.C.
Four Feet of Hip;h Grade Ore
Has Boen Exposed.
Last week uu Important strike wns
made on tbo Fox group, un Fifteen
Mils Creok, which property ti nudes
j bond tu ibe Orvllle Mining Company,
represented by 0. 1). Hoar, A tunnel,
which was driven at a depth '.f BOO
below the upper cropping, resulted in
such  successful  development   of t be
vein that oil erossoutthig a body of | wall of tbe vein and ibis will nocessl-
four feet of high grade copper has bpeii tate tbe itstallatlon vt power pain-pa
exposed, and tbo property now looks and hoist, or a low level tunnel driven
so exceedingly well tbat there Is little 1 to develop ihe vein at greater depth
doubt th'oooinpany will take up thoir and to dtaln tbe overlying ground,
bond on this property, thus making Tbe nature of future operations on tbia
and hti able and lucid explanations of
tho many questions nrMng over the
various items appropriated, has fully
demonstrated the Premier's wisdom in
calling him to offlce."
Tlio Conservative politic-inns are
tnuklnga great fight in Quebec against
Chamberlain, the war and British
Imperialism. ��� Albertnn,
"William Waldorf Astor went to
Austria to get away from English
society, and that -same liight there
was a severo frost,   accompanied  by
Tbe Count do Caste)'
If You want a Good Fit in
call at Warren's.
Tha Finest Range of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
Cherries; Red,
Currants; Pears;
Apples; etc., e'c.
Whito Htid  Cl.iok
Plums;   Prunes,
10 is said to
Ititiou-a to ��ot tlm fashion in
attire. This proposition to
the Prince of Wales Is nothing
less than cold blooded.
The Manitoba school question has
been revived by the Qudbeo Conservatives, A few maiidomeuts from the
bishops would make it feel like old
limes. - Albertan,
We nre prepared to pick, pnrck and
deliver on board train at Harrison
Station. Sand in your order at once
for vour supply for tlm season, and
your orders wiil bent'ended to promptly at market pike.    Address
Box 70. ('HII.I.1WACK, B.C.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Uolden, B.C.
Direct Route to Peterborough, Athalmer, Windermere and
Surrounding Mining District.
Cotiai-tssos-s will list clisn-tfed with nil wny fi-i-iulit hut ween Oolilssn
anil Wiiilm-mci'is, ut which point a CompHny'. .gent will be
statioito'l . * .
All Ireisjlst ami cliisi-ufs on good, ta Windermere and paints beyond will Usivo to lie paid to the Comp.my'a agent at Winder-
mei-e betoro delivery ol goods.
C    H.   PARSON    Manager.
It ftimiehei more at the price than
any other newspaper published In
Aiitiilon. I's naw8 service oover. all
the globe and Ib equalled by that o(
lew dailies. Its report. Irom the Boer
war have not been swelled In thoroughness and proptne����, and with th.
Presidential oastipalgn now inprogross
it will be Invaluable. Ita political
news i�� absolutely iragartlal. This
laot makes it o! espeolal value to yon
at this time.
II yon want to watch every move of
the great political campaign take the
Tbrlce-u-Week World. If you want
to keep your eye on the Trusts-and
they need waUhing-take the Thrice-
a-Week World. If you want to know
all foreign developments, take the
Thrice-a-Week World.
Tub Qoi.iibn Eua and the Thrlce-a-
Week World will be supplied to new
subscribers for one year $2.65. Now
Is the tlmbe to subscribe!
W. J. Gould,
Golden, U. C.
Poi-trssits, Cabinet Hutulx, ti Sprcis*hy
Views of B. C. llesidssncea.
Fiist Class Work Oussrusstecd.
Photos Finished Is 3 to 8 Days.
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
Limited "
by tho Steamers
mna Manitoba.
Sailing from Fort William
���na Sunday.
 -flW .
For full particulars apply to tba nearest 0. P. R. Agent, or to
w. stfpt,     c. e, Mcpherson,
A.G.P.A., G.P.A.,
Winnipeg, Winnipeg
It Is somewhat Borprlalhg that the
Goldon Board of Tiade- who appear
to havo the Itest interests ot the community at hearer-have not considered
the advisability of having Gulden incorporated.    During tiie past jear tlie
Board  have   beon   agitating   for   nn
appropriation   from   tbo  Government
that will exceed three or four hundred
dollars for the improvement  of  our j anow, In many pnrta of the Empire.
streets, and yet, we pay many thousands   of   dollars into the Provincial
Treasury without receiving any bsnaftt
therefrom.    The Era is of the opinion
tli.it tlioHoat-il nf Tr*islt\ or i.hu citizens
of Golden, should at once take Such
Steps us wiil  ensure for nn the same
status and prestige tbat many cities in
this   Province   have   whioh   do  not
possess one quarti r or tho advantages
with  which   we uro favored; nor aro
thoy as important. It. is quite possible,
! if a movement io incorporate was
i made, opposition from a few might ho
'met wilh; allll, wo predict that even
thit! small minority would in a  short
time be convened, wheu the advantages uf having some standing were
made   Known    to   them.    Golden
bound to he ii city of importance and
ibt- sooner we have a corporate exist-
once the better. There is no reason
why tbo taxes which wo annually
pour iuto tho Vioasury at Victoria
should uot go to famishing for us
electric light and other such conveniences. Calgary owns its waterworks
and supplies its citizens with water at
a much lower rate than tbo company
did who formerly controlled tiie system. Golden sliould not be caught
napping by allowing any company or
corporation to step in and tako hold of
the valuable water power which is to
bt had ut onr very doors.   It is about
tainty Gold and Mining Company,
returned on Monday from tho coir.-
raiiy's Porphyry and Iron Hill mine,
on Canyon Creek, bringing with him
samples of ore from a new strike whicli
was made there lust week at a point
800 feet from lho mouth of No, 2 Incline tunnel The oro is the linest yot
obtained on tho property and occurs
whore tliu vein assumes n vortical dip
afier panning through the- broken
country. Tho strike was accompanied
by a groal Inrush of water from one
tho second property which is developing successfully on Fifteen .Mile Creok.
The ore runs over a huudieJ dollars,
Work is Being Pushed Rapidly |
and will be continued
all Winter.
Work on tho Certainty mine, ou
Plftenn Mile Creek, is now progressing
rapidly. Tlio No. 1 tunnel has been
timbered for over 200 feot and the
driving of the extension of tbis tunnel
will bo resumed in about u fortnight,
the work going on night and day in
eight-hour shifts. Timber is heing got
up to the tunnel so as to enable
tunneling and limbering to proceed
into winter. Tiio new thousand feet
level tunnel at this mine will be begun
iu tlit course of thu next tw-b weeks, a
snowshod built through the slide >o
connect this tunnel with tho camp,
and so Kecuvo tbe safety uf the
emyloyes from Bliowslidos during the
winter, and a tramway laid from the
timber shed to lho month of tbo tunnel
so that tunneling and timbering can
be carried on here uninterruptedly
during noxt winter and till ibe trail is
accessible t.i traflic in July of next
property will bo determined by thn
directors of the company, who wil!
visit and inspect tbeir properties nr
Canyon and Fifteen AlileCreeks within
the noxt fortnight.
Placer Property Work will 1)0
Resumed Shortly.
A representative of Lhe Thu Era last
week visited tho placer woi kings of
tho Golden Placer and Quartz Mining
Mining Company on Canyon Creek,
where work was suspended recently
owing to the inability uf lIio pipes to
keep the ho;torn of the shaft dry whilo
digging. The shaft is down 70 lb 7ft
feet, the walls of which aro cribbed
with t> inch by 8 Inch timbers. At
a depth of about Uu t.o. a peculiarly
hollow febaped boulder was takeu out
yielding from thirty to forty colors.
It. is confidently expected by tho management that from 12 lo 15 feet moro
will sio bedrock, when ihe next moro
will Lo io drift right under the creel:
bed. New machinery i.i expected daily
and work will he resumed as boon us
it arrives
It sometimes happens that a man's
conscience is jnat as yooJ us new, because he never uses it.
By the recent aldition to Its mileage
tlmC. P. U. has (itsaed the 10,010
in No limit, ami Mauds out preeminently as the greatest owner of
mileage iu America. The C. P. R.
lines, including trackage rights of 1'4
miles, now stands ni 8,18-1 mile-*, io
which are to be added the subsidiary
lines it owns iu the United Slates, the
Dulutb, Lako Shoro and Atlantic, 589
miles including trackage lights of 17
miles, and the Minneapolis, St. Paul
& Sault Ste. Marie, 1.245 miles, making a total of 10,018 miles. The next
longest road in America is lhaChicugo
& Northwestern with B.600 miles.
A meeting of  lhe Liberals of tho
district  will  be   held   in   Golden   on
Monday, 27th August, 1900, to discuss
a cull from Revelstoke ro attending a
| Liberal convention tu be held there on
On the Porphvry and Iron Hill September oth next*
President Liberal Association.
E. A, Haggen,.engineer forthoCer-l    Golden, August 16, 1900.
Mine at Canyon Croek.
It is reported that one of Bolivar's
fastidious, newly-married ladies kneads
bread wiih her gloves on, Tbo incident may be somewhat peculiar, but
there are others. The editor of Ibis
paper needs bread w'th his shoes on;
needs it with his pants on, and
time wo realized tbe importance of our Unless the delinquent leaders of this
position, and also the necessity of
recognizing that tbe sooner we take
advantage of the Act which enables us
to become incorporated the better for
all concerned. We shall then have the
prestige we tm much need; aud ngaiti,
our roads, sidewalks and local laws
will receive that attention which to lay
Is Anything but satisfactory. It Is to
be hoped the Board of Trado will (ake
this mutter up; aud should itdoso The
Em predicts tliat before unuibei
session of tho House is over Gjldou
will have a corporate existence, be
tho owner of its electric lighting system, ns well us the prospective owner
of its waterworks. To have such advantages wiil not, we firmly believe,
cost any poison iu our midst one
dollar more for taxes than ia now
being contributed to Victoria.
The Province pays the following
high compliment to the representative
of North East Kootenay: ���
1 On all sides words of praise are
heard over Mr. Tumor's success ou his
twelfth budget, and even higher compliments are heaped upon Hou- Mr.
Wells for the able manner with which
he has negotiated the most difficult
task of the appropriations for public
works. In spite of the shortness of
his tenure of this most important portfolio his grasp of the innumerable-
���matters, arising iu that department,
old rag of freedom pay up before long,
be will need bread without a darned
thing on,
Abdul H-intid, Sub an of Turkey,
sides with China iu the preseut warm
discussion. It la easy to understand
just how tbo stories of the Pekin
massacros touch thu heart of the
(leapOt whoso Armenian subjects wcio
butchered in wholesale quantities,
Business in tho West
ATI) S bUi���
PeteFborouqh, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with tho largest
anil most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining' District ivmI
making their
"It takes the glorious West to do
business," said lhe man with the
alligator grip, as be hoarded the train
at a neighboring iowii. '��� Wo of (be
east arc not iu it a little bit."
"Anything to relate?" queried one
of tbo passengers as ho woke up.
"Jus: a few words. I traveled from
New York to Chicago with a etaving
looking girl. At Uulfalo I was gone
on her. At Detroit wo were engaged,
As wo reached Chicago she had set the
date. I returned home, wrote 320 love
love letters, and came out hero to get
"And what?"
" She decided that she would marry
another. She estimated tbo value oi
my timo at. $500, (ho worth of my
letters at $300 and my broken heart
at $200, aud drew me a cheque for
$1,000, and hero It is. Gave hero a
receipt In full to dato, kissed her
goodbye, and 'bore you aro and hens
am I, There's but ono way to do
business, and the West knows all
about it. Yes, chequo for a thousand
aud how many of you gentlemen will
smoke a.Henry Glay at my expense?" ,
Headquarters for all P-l
brandies of Mining' ^V
and Prospecting: .  .  kJ
Lowest Estimates given to Mining- Men
coming into the country te
... Develop Properties.
Having Our   Own Freight
Boats We Defy
The Enemy Very Madly Demoralized-
Sir Ituht. Hart Leaves With   ���
a Chinese Escort.
Ohefoo, Ang. 17.���Tin foreign min-
iiters, women, children and aU other
foreigners in Pekin are atifo and with
the allied aim;. Information to that
effect has been received here. It comes
throngh Chinese sources and is oonsid*
oiecl absolutely trustworthy. Ku trance
to Pekiu wus obtained ou Tuesday and
the besieged foreiguers r.ncued.
Simla, Aug. 17.��� The otHcer corn-
manning the lines of communication
telegraphs as follows from Lienknnt,
nuder dute of Aug. 14: "Gaselee has
fought the third action Miccesafnlly
and is probully now iu Pekin. Onr
casualties weru slight The euemy is
Loudon. Ang. 17.���A cable message
to Vienna from Huug Kong announces
the euptnre of IVkin. bot the government, like other European powers, is
still without couflrumlion of this report.
Hong Kong, Ang. 17.���It is reported
lu Oautou that the customs department
has received a wire saying Sir Robert
Hart, accompanied ay his stuff, left
Pekin nnder u Ohiuesn escort, and that
a emitter will bo sent to meet him on
bis reauhiug thu coast. A ciblegruni
from Li Huug Chang of Angust Iii,and
received by Wu tho samo day says:
"The allied forces ate approaching
Tung Chow. I have meinorulized the
Imperial government to depnte an envoy to negotiate au armistice with the
several commanders on the spot. I will
shortly proceed to Pekin. Being folly
aware of the euibarassing position of
their majesties, tbe Empress Dowagt r
and Emperor.
Shanghai, Ang. 17.���The China Gazette openly impeaches Consul   Good*
now of complicity with the Chinese.
Toronto, Ang. 17.���An important
oable was received at the China inland
mission yeBterduy from Shanghai, an*
nonucing the murder of ono missionary,
and the death of two others, also the
death of thr. e children of a Toronto
man, The murdered missionary was
Miss Huston Tlm other two missionaries and thiee children died from injuries received while fleeing from tbe
province of Shun Si. Mr. Saunders,
father of tbe three dead children, went
ont from Toionto some years ago with
his wife and family. He was at one
time assistant secretary of the Toronto
Yonng Meu's Christian association.
Miss Huston came to Canada from Mobile, Ala., was sent ont to China in
Report* ,1 Tlis-t Tlii-y Hnvo Succeeded In
���l.iliiiiiK   llttndH.
Loudon, Aug. 17.���According to n
dirpatcls to the Express. Irom Lorenzo
"Marquis, dated yesterday, it i. reported tbero that De Wet ha. .acoeeded in
joining hand, with commandant De-
lisrey. Steyn, according to a dispatch
to the Daily Mail from Lorenzo Mar*
qnez, also dated yssterday, ts reported
to have died while endeavoring to
reaoh Kroger, as result of severe
wound.. A correspondent recently released from captivity at Nooit--edac-.it,
assert, positively that Kruger wishes
for peaee, bnt that the fighting commandant, insist upon fontinuliiR war
and would prevent hi. flight by force if
uecesssary. The burghers, according to
the somo authority, share this view.
The Trau.vaaler. have ninety guns in
Maohadodorp witb abundant nrovision..
Oape Town, Aug. 17.���Qen. Buller,
who has beeu marching north on tbe
Delagoa Bay with the object of taking
the Boers in the rear, ha. joined bands
with Qen. French.
Krugertdoip, Ang. 17.���De Wet has
crossed the Krugersdorp and Potchef*
atroom railway and ia making to the
north, in order to join Delars-y, wbo is
holding Rastenburg. Lord Kitchener
and other British generals aie pursuing
him and pressing bim hard. His lorce
I. reported to he beyond Venlendorp.
New Orleans, Aug. 17.���The steamer Monarch with 1,160 horses lor the
British army in South Africa, cleared lor Oape Town.
Montreal, Aug. 17.���The Thomson
lino steamship Devon., direct from
South Africa,arrived in port this morning. Tbo Devona has had a dne voyage
to the Oape aud bauk, and her cargo of
BOO horses were lauded there In suoh
flue shapo that the British government
oompllmentid tho vessel's commander.
Thi. I. the completion of the Devona'l
third voyage to tbe Gape within tht
-past few months. Tbe Unt trip waa
from Italy to South Afrioa with mules,
and tbe seoond was Irom New Orleans
with a cargo of hone, and mule., tin
consigned to the Biltlsh army. On th*
Oth of .tune, the Devoua oosnpleted bt>
cargo ot 800 horse, al tbl. port ud
���ailed for Oape Town.
London, Aug. 17.���Viscount Wolie-
ley, Held marabal and commander-in-
chief of tbe Britiab army, delivered,
according to the Daily Mail, tbe mott
.oathiug condemnation ever beard it
Alder.bot after witnessing yesterday',
manoeuvre.. He deolared tbat toe
80,000 men wbo participated were
utterly unlit to send abroad, badly led
and badly taught. Many di.tlngui.bed
officer, listened to these remarks,among
tbem Geu. Montgomery Moore, former*
ly in coram ind in Oanada, but now
commanding at Alderihot.
Fresno, 0*1., Aug. IT.���A deadlook
between the wlnemaker. tnd tb* win*
grower, baa ended lit tbe breaking np
of the growers' combine. Onpe. are
now selling for $18 and #14 * ton instead of 118 and ��80, the prloei fixed
br the aiiooiation
London, Aug. 17. ��� lb* Britiab
steamer Clan McArthur, of tbe Olen,
wblob .ailed from Calcutta Jnly IS,
via Port Said, Ang. 2, for London, nu
been quarantined In tb* Thame, owing
to * deatb from bubonic plain* bating
occurred on board tb* veeeel.
V oilil'it  News  lu Coittleiis il   rnriij;r:i|>li-4.
Loudou, Aug. 17 ���The Telegraph
company states the czar will visit the
P..iis exposition in September.
Quebec Aug. 17. ��� Capt. Wm.
Wood, o( Bar&e MasEo. was fatally
crushed by a freight train at Point St
Milwaukee, Aug. 17.��� The International Typographical union yesterday
voted to meet next year at Birmingham, Ala.
Shanghai, Ang. 17.���The China Oase te opeuly impeaches the United
States eoiiBul* Mr, Jobn Qoodnow of
complicity with the Chinese.
Treherue, Ang. 17.���The Northern
elevator caught on fire tbis morning at
nt out 1 o'clock and was bnrned to the
ground. The nuuse is unknown. There
wns about 2,500 bushels of wheat in it.
London, Ang, 17.���Canada's sneoess
at the Paris exposition contiunes. It
i-i again shown by au award that has
jnst been mado in secondary education
iu which Canada hus beeu awarded the
grand prize.
Pueblo, Ool., Ang. 17.��� A fire
whioh started hore yesterday was gotten under control at a late hour. Tho
blazo started throe times by incendiaries, probably for tho purpose of plundering. The tool loss is about $1(10,-
Madrid, Aug, 17.���Marquis Agnilar
Cam no, minister of fo.eign utfairs, and
Bellamy Storer, Amerioan minister to
Spurn, will hold a conference tomorrow
regaiding the two oouvent'ons resulting from the treaty of peuco between
the two oonnlries.
Victoria, Aug. 17. ���The Eveuing
Times says i ditorially that the money
for Messrs, Mackenzie aud Mann's railway from the grent lakes to the Paoiflo,
with a branoh line to Dawson, hus been
subscribed in Loudon. The Paciflo
terminus will be on the northern ooast
of British Colnmbia,
Chicago, Ang 17.���Six lives were
lost early yesterday by Are as the result
of an explosion of natural gas in a two
story frame bnilding on U4th street.
The dead are: Mildred Levi, an artist
uuknown woman from Boston, visiting
tbe L vi familj; Sarah, colored cook,
and tbree Levi children.
Calgary, Ang 17���A quarrel took
place yesterday on Atlantic avenue opposite the O.P.R. station, between a
negro horse trainer named Oeorge Robinson and Brakeman Burns, when Robinson drew a knife and slashed Barn's
throat making a very serious, though
not a fatal wonnd. Robinson wns taken
into custody.
Watertowo, N.Y , Ang. 17.���A
speoial to the Standard from Alexandria Bay says: A uaptlm launch owned
by G W. Lance, of Wutertown, with
Loura, Alice, Emeline Lance, An��on
Lanee and Alice Davis, of Wutertown.
and Mr. Zimmer, of Montana, on
board, caught iir.) last night All
jnmped overboard and were rescued by
London, Ang. 17.���A youth about 20
years old was arrested at Leipzlo yesterday, according to a dispatoh from
Berlin, wbo admits having conspired
to kill King Albert of Saxony. He
says he was appoiuted hy lot to perform the deed, but that bis courage
failed bim. His identity has not yet
been established, bnt a dagger and a
loaded revolver were fonnd on bis per*
Steven's Point, Wis., Ang. 17.���
Martin, the sixteen year old son of
John Huntziuger, was knocked off the
ride of a moving Wisconsin Central
freight car by a switch stand. One leg
was ont off, bot tbe boy managed to
hold on In some way for 150 feet farther, when tbe other leg was out off.
No one witnessed tbe accident, The
boy dragged himself to the shade nn
der a box oar on the next traok, where
be was found five minutes later, examining his wonnded limbs.
DuboiB, Pa., Aug 17.���The entire
works above ground of tbe Berwlnd colliery, wbioh belonged to tbe Berwlnd-
White Ooal Mining Co., were destroyed
by fire late last night. Sixty men in
the mine were saved by the prompt aotion of Fire Boss Jobn Harrison, and a
number of volunteers, wbo entered tbe
workings by tbe air shaft, at the risk
of tbeir lives, and warned the miners.
Good work by the Are department saved
many surrounding dwellings from destruction. The loss will approach |200,-
Grand Forks, Ang. 17.���Tbe positively lavish hospitality extended by
tbo people of Grand Forks in the persons of Mayor Dinnie, the olty auditor
and tbe counoil, was the wonder of the
military nnd civil visitors. All pnblio
offloers, civil and military, from Winnipeg, Grafton and Grand Forks, to
the number of abont three dozen, were
euteitained to a tastefully arranged
luncheon and dinner at tbe Hotel Da-
ootab, nnd were assiduously waited on,
tbeir every want beiug anticipated and
satisfied Instantly by wi!hug bands
The drills at the park hy Winnipeg's
���ver popular regiment was performed
nnder Oaptain Billmau to everybody's
satisfaction and the battalion's marching on tba street and la tbe field was
the subject of universal favorable comment.       	
Chatham, Ang. 16.���Peter Campbell
has a remarkable yield from a small
farm at Point Pelee, south if tbe mainland on Lake Erie. Two years ago the
land was first broken by Campbell,who
has worked it sloco alone, employing
no help. Six hundred bushels of tbe
finest wheat has been gathered, besides
seveutf en tons of hay, from eighteen
acres. He will have forty bushels of
barley; and twenty seven acres of corn
will yield bim over two thousand bushels, while be expiots between 500 and
000 bushels of potatoes. Tbe soil ii
black lojm, with a cl.iy sub oil.
Manila, Ang. 15.��� Reports from tbe
Visayas islands show that there has
been increased ao'vity among the insurgents tbere dnring the last six
weeks, The Amerioan losses in tbe island of Panay last month were greater
than In any month slnoe Januarv last,
General Molloa, in Leyte, and Gen,
Lneban, in Samar, are harassing tbe
garrisons, shooting into the towns dar
ing the nlgbt and umbnsbing small
parties, firing and then ret/eating npon
tho larger bodies. The rebels possess
an ample supply of ammunition, and
art organized to a considerable degree.
ftki-ng's American Adviser Resigns���
Tlio V. S. Monitor Monterey
Dispatched to ronton.
London, Aug. ill.��� The Ohinese
minister in Loudon has informed tbe
British foreign s 111��� that tbo foreign
legations at Pekin were safe on Monday.
London, Aug. 1(1.���-The only one
wlii-.li tako, tbe aslnsuco upon Pekin
further thau Ho 81 Wu comes from
Paris. The London inrrning paper,
oontain nothing to confirm the Frenoh
report that the allies are witlsin 10
mile, of IVsin, although a Ohinese dispatch priutod saying they were within
27 miles if tho goal on Saturday
Ooullnniug the report of the arrival
lho international forco at Ho Si "Wu,
the Daily Mail oorrespoudeut asls's:
"Tho Ohinnesc offered little opposition.
Tbo arrival of the allies frustrated
a determined attempt to divert the
courBo ol tho river. Tbe boat i. incuse, but the health of the troop, i.
Montreal, Ang. 10.���The health and
police authorities are trying to find ont
lhe origin of nn auti-viicninatlon circular whioh hns been largely distributed lu the east end of the oily. On the
circular Ib an illustration of a woman
with two ohildren in iior arms Hying
from a man with a knife In hi. baud,
which presumably is iulensled to instill
into tbe mind, of the ignorant the horror, of vaccinallou. The matter ou the
oironlar, which is is the Frenoh language, urges tbo people against vaoolna-
tion. It slatos tbnt a paper will shortly
be Issued iu the iuterosts of the antl-
vaccination sentiment in tho eity.
Since July 1 the vaccinators bave vuo-
oinalcd 22 U50 in this oity.
I'riii.iiiii Say. is Majisrlty nr the n,�� r, Ar.
IliHffis.ls',! Wills l-rei.lil.il! Kiisa-er.
Oape Town, Aug. 111.��� Oommanslant
Prlmloo, wbo suricuslered to Geueral
Hunter on July 80, ha. arrived here.
He says he Is heartily tired of the war
and welcomed the prospeot of peaoe.
The commandant adds that a majority
of the Boers are disgusted with President Kruger."
Mr. James O. Stowe, the United
States consul geueru), has returned
here. Only ton Boen weru iu the rarty
whioh attacked 111. train The remainder of the commando was composed of
foreigner.. Mr. t'towe says the ma
jority of the Boers desire a cessation of
Toronto, Aug. 16.��� A special cable
Bays the correspondent of the London
Daily Telegraph desoiiboa a visit to tbe
Boer headquarters, where he ahook
hands with Gonerals Botha and VII-
Joen. He adds that tbe main position
of the Boers is ut Bohaaberg, north of
Belfast, whero tbere are probably B.000
men with a nnmbs-r of cannon, Tbere
are about 800 men in Belfast, mainly
mounted police-ami Irishmen with several guns. Tliey all declare tbey will
make thing, lively when De Wet join,
Their avows d intentiou Is to make a
stand near Belfast,ngalu at Maobadorp,
and eventually to tesist for a considerable t me lu the Lydeubnrg bills. Tbe
oorrespoudeut dcolaros, however, If
they are defeated both at Belfast and
Mnohadorp many will abandon the
Ho desoribes tlie Boers as demoralized
and bitter, and says they are burning
and looting by the wholesale. Half
the ammunition used by tbem I. soft-'
noted Thi. fact wa. poined ont to
Qeneral Viljoen, who made no reply.
II. f. Legislature.
Viotoria, Ang. 10.���In tbe railway
committee of the legislature yesterday
morning the application of tbe Lake
Bennett Hallway oompany for a charter to bnild an opposition road to the
White Pas. railway, from Dyea to Ben-
nott, wm defeated, altbongh tbe vote
proved to be a tie, the application wa.
lost on the casting vote of Obairman
Poole. The aHisault was not uneipeot
ed after tbe statemeut of polioy in ro*
gard to this matter made a few day.
ago by the government. Tbe greatest
wonder l. tbat the projeot, In the face
of thia statement, was so well supported.
Estimates bronght down in tbe boon
yesterday for tho onrrent lineal year
showed au estimated expenditure of
12,220.8SH.111. and an estimated rev.
enueof |1,767,889.45.
Montreal, Aug. 10.���A nnmber of
Roumanlaus and othor destitute Hebrew immigrants landel hero, are
causing grave aaiiety. It 1. uow estimated that tbere are SOO fusuilioa,
live or sli members of eaob are practically penniless*] nud dependent ou what
they oan pick np, or on aid from the
De Hiraob institute, and other Hebrew
charitable Institutions. A movemint
is on foot lo endeavor to secure assist*
anoe from the government to enable
tho Immigrant, to go oj land and
make a livelihood.
Sylvassia, Oa., Aug. 15.���Wbat u
likely to remit in u race war in a lo*
cality near here, ooourred Saturday
night wben R. F. Harrington and Milton Menus, driving home, met two
negroes named Alexander, In a buggy.
Tbe wheel, of the vehicles collided. A
quarrel ensued and the negroe. sbot
Harrington and Noans dead.
Tbe new. quickly spread and Oapt
Jesse L. Wade organised a posse to oap*
turo tbe murderers. As the posie ap-
proaohed the bonse of the Alexanders ���
number of shots in rapid succession
were and Into it. Oapt. Wade fell
mortally wounded. The posse withdrew and went for SheriS Thompson,
The sheriff with a reinforced posse
.tasted in pursuit. In the section
where the tragedy ooourred, the black
population considerably outnumbers
the white, and it is said Ihe oolored
neighbors of tbe Alexanders wtll assist
tbem in resisting the sheiiff.
Honesty is a polioy on whiob anyone
oan ufford to pay tbe premium.
An old bachelor iay. that a woman's
tongne Is aada ol very looss ltath.r.
Antl   Mauy   Injured ��� Bulls   KnglncB and
JJugfft,--*i Csr, DessiolUllBil.
Grand Rapids, Miob.,Aug. 16.���The
worst record lu the history of the
Qrand Rapids and Indiana railroads
occurred about 6 a. ns. today at Pier-
son, 29 miles north of Grand Rapids.
Tbe uortblaud express, wbioh left
the city at 4 05, collided head on with
passenger tiain So. ��, doe here at 6 a.
m. Nine live, were list, and many
passengers were injured, Borne severely. Both engines and the baggage oars
were completely demolished.
Wben tbe trains met day was just
dawning and tbe fog was so tblok that
the engiueer coald not see more than
IOQ yards ahead. Tbe trains were to
have pus-sod at Sand Lake, two miles
south of Plerson, at 4.58 No. 2 was
ovidontly late and was trying lo make
the siding. Tbe Northland express.
had the right of way and wa. scurrying
along at nearly fnll speesl. Either Ibe
engineers blundered in their orders, or
were not ablo to see tbe signal, on account of the fog.
A telephone message from Plerson
says that the engineers and firemen of
both trains were killed aa well as five
otlier person. T'se express, train was
mado np largely cf Pullman oars, It
was the finest train on the road. They
ourrle-t a Orasiii Rapid, coach, a day
eout-h, aovernl deeper, from Oinolnnati
and the south and a buffet breakfast
oar and the baggage oar.
The killed as far as known are: W.
H. Fish, engineer on tbe southbound
train * Gustavo Grootveldt, engineer on
tbe northbound train; M. Letts, conductor of No. 6, and Lcvan, baggage-
master on No. 5. The firemen of both
engines are supposed to be dead. Sis
bodies have been takon from the wreok,
and it ia believed that the bodies of
several others are still burled in tbe
masB of broken iron and wood. Eight
persons, thought to be fatally injured,
were taken to the hotel at Plersou.
Men are at work endeavoring to reach
the dead and Injured, wbo aro still lm]
prisoned. Several physicians accompanied the wrecking train to the scene.
Mow the Frussch Tospedo Bunt Destroyer
Wh, Wracked.
Toulon, France, Aug. 16.���Officers
of tbe Frenoh flretolass battleship
Brennns, flagship of ViceAdmlral
Fouruler, wblob sunk the torpedo boat
d> stroyer Framee Saturday nlgbt, dnring the manonvres cf tbe French fleet,
off Oape St. Vincent, arrived bere yesterday.
Tbey give a new version ot the olr-
onmtance in which the destroyer wa.
lost. Aooording to their ncoonnt tbe
Framee approaobed the Brennuss at a
speed of 16 knot, to receive an order
for tbe cruiser Foudre. Seeing the
had gone too near the oaptain of the
Framee told the helmsmen to steer
to the left, bnt his order was misunderstood. The Framee was not out io
twalo, bnt was thrown on her side.
Oapt, Maudnit De Plesslx olnng to tbs
capsized vessel and refused witb great
energy the help of the quartermaster
of the Brennu. who oamo ,o fat. nsaiat-
ance in a boat. He criod out: "Courage, my men. Try to save yourselves,
adieu." The Framee sank tn three
minutes. Tbe night was dear and the
sea oalm. 	
Cornwall, Ont, Aug. 16.���Alex.
OonBtans, 18 yeaia of age, died of
smallpox at tbe hospital last nlgbt.
This young man, wbo is a native ot
Cornwall, was employed a. deok band
on the tng Obleftaln, aud was laid off
siok last week His case was diagnosed
as smallpox.
Tbe antborlties at Quebec were
wired and tbe steamer placed in quarantine. The Inmates of Oonstans'
dwelling were removed after muoh
difficulty to Ibe pest bouse, wbich Is
situated one mile from town. In view
ot prompt notion by tbe anthorites lt
Is thonght tbe disease will not spread
In this loosHly,	
Honolulu, Ang 7, via San Francisco,
Aug, 16.��� The United Slates tng Ire*
quois returned on the tth from ber
speoial survey trip to the Midway islands to Investigate tbe practicability
of locating one of the stations of tbe
proposed Philllppine cable on the Midway islands. Lieutenant Charles Pond
will report in favor of Ibe station being looated at Sind Island.
The Republicans opened tbe flrst
Amerioan political campaign in Hawaii on tbe uight of Ang. 4 with a ratification meeting, which was addressed by tbe returning delegates to tbe
Philadelphia convention.
Owlngaville, Kv., Aug. 14.���After
coming to blows with Levi Goodpistor
over a discussion of a tight he bad had
a month ago with another man, Edgar
Connor sbot nnd killed Goodpaator.
With his laat breath Goodpaator said:
"Edgar, yon bave killed me; lay me
down and let me die. Tell all the boys
good-bye." Hearing these words, Oon
nor shot and killed hlmielf. Goodpss
tor and Conner were roommates and
bad been the best of friends.
Yokohama, Ang. 16.���Severe floods
have occurred. It is reported tbat SOO
persons have been droivuod. Railway
traffic la Interrupted.
Quebec, Aug. 16,���Tbe Montmoren*
oy Cotton Mills company bas givsn
notice to Its employees tbnt no union
bonds will be employed. At * conse-
quenoemostof ths members of tbs
union, wbo were chiefly younger employees, have resigned from tbe society
Ottawa, Ang. 16.���Hon. Clifford
Slfton yesterday dealt with three appeals from deoltlons ot Ibe Yukon gold
commissioner In Tyler vs. Thompson
regarding olaim 66a, above Dlsscovery
on Sulphur creek. Tho appeal wu
Tbe need of a liquor lloense low,
(the old one having been disallowed) Is
well illustrated In the case of a shift
In one of Premier Dunsmuir's ooal pits.
Ont of forty-eight oen, forty-six oould
not go to work this morning and the
discarded Ohinese hsd to be called Into
take their plaos. The day's ootpul fell
from 11,000 lo 800 tons, sll owing to
Wben a man laa Utile  mellow ho
Imagines he is ripe for anything.
X       Condensed for Buoy Headers       ��
Slgnor Crlspi 1b urglLg un Increase io
the Italian nary.
Former Senator lugalls, a noted U. 8.
politician, is dead.
Six lives were lust by an explosion of
natural gas lu a Chicago house.
Tbe Northern elevator at Treherne was
destroyed by fire this morning.
An investlKution wtll be made Into-cold
storage  fruit  shipments to  Britain.
A Reglna councillor wus committed for
trial charged with ussuultlng an -editor.
Canada Iuih won the grand prise for
secondary  education at  l'aris exposition.
A colliery at Dubois, Va., caught lire,
and UO meu were saved by heroic efforts.
The Soo canal tratllc Is blocked by the
sinking of lha burge Mclda lu Ut, Mary's
river channel.
Gon. Huutelgcff, second In command
of the Russian army, died from a mysterious plu prick.
A blase in a launch in Alexandria Hay
caused six persons to Jump overboard to
save their lives.
Fifty persons wore Injured and 40 ar-
rexta made during the race riot lo Now
Vork Wednesday night.
A destructive hailstorm visited tbt
north and south districts of Klllarney.
A large number of Uallclau Infants
wero christened ut Kdtiu,  Alia,
Steven Culms, formerly of Renfrew,
Unt.. was drowned iu Rainy river.
Cmmt du (lolembert, deputy eominls-
slouer uf Chinese customs, was Interviewed In  Winnipeg,
A baud ot horse thieves nro said to bo
operating  iu  Southern  Manitoba.
The body of an Infant was found Hunting in the Red river mar  Wlunlpeg.
Seven people weru killed and many
Injured lo a wreck ou the llruud Rapids
& Indluna road.
Alex. Constans died of smallpox at
Cornwall,  Unt.
Tho Lake Dennett railway waa refused
a charter by the li. C, House.
A big Arc destroyed many  buildings    In
Columbia, B, C.
The Rrandoo Liberal convention baa
lieen postpoued to Sept. 5.
It Is denied the auctioneers at recent
school laud* sales lu Manitoba received
over |200 for their work nt any single
General rains aro falling In India.
During July 0,707 Immigrants reached
Jno. W, Dickie, a prominent citizen of
Hamilton, Ont,, Is dead,
Tbo detained Roumanians at Montreal
Vive been allowed to land.
The funeral of the lute Baron Ruasell
was  held at Broniptou  oratory.
Kurds fired on Sir Nicholas O'Connor*!
party while travelling In Turkey.
There wore 42,700 awards made by
the   Jury of  the  I'arls  Exposition.
O. P. Huntington, president, uf the
Southern Pacific railway, Is dead,
Charlotte Sea ton, a patient In Victoria hospital, London, Oat., banged
Tho liner Deutschlund crossed the
Atlantic la S days, 11 hours; a flew
F. S, Whlttaker, a Toronto forger,
wait eeuteueed lo five year* In tbo penitentiary.
Alout 20 holler makers and black,
smiths In tho C. 1'. It. shops, Vancouver,
went out, making 00 now on strike In
thut fclty. I
According to the assessment commit
slouer tbe total assessable properly lu
Winnipeg amounts to uver *2-VH)U,OOU.
exemptions total up *fft,0r>7.0M0. The
population Is placed at 42,fiH4.
Threo dynamiters were arrested In St.
Prof, Keeler, an eminent astronomer,
died al FrUco,
One of the largest elevators In Buffalo was burned.
The Colombian rebels wero ileft-oted
near Carthagonla.
A Sourls Juwellry store was burglar-
lied; -the SUkpuCt was arrested.
Frank Smith wns sentenced In Winnipeg to three years In tho penitentiary
A Southern Pacific pnsnenger train
was wrecked tu Louisiana, bul only one
boy wus killed,
Geo. Parkhurst, an electric jnr, conductor, Winnipeg, received serious In*
Juries in a full.
Reports trom many harvest fields Indicate the wheat yields arc turning out
better  than anticipated,
Tho ten year old son of Mr, Cunti,
Sboul Lake, lost his life by Injuries received  Irom frightened horses.
Iu the accident to the trula conveying
mourners from King Humbert's funeral
10 persons were killed nnd 00 Injured,
A 910,000 firo visited Hensoll, Ont.
A serious fire visited Glens Falls, N.Y.
Satisfactory rains have fallen In
Mao persons wero struck by lightning
near New fork.
The work of laying tho now German
cable has started.
Kumassle Fort hai been reinforced by
a column of 700 men.
Lord and Lady Mount Stephen have
started on a tour around tbe world.
A large pilgrimage of clergy and nobility ��ill leave England for Rome in October, i
Tbe largo turn ol R. F. Roddick, near
Rouuthwalte, was struck by lightning
am' destroyed, t
lillsbnry nnd Marocty have tied for
tirst place at the Masters chess tour*
nnmcut, Munich. >
II. II. F.errell, a former employee of
tho Adniiits Express Co., has confessed to
murdering a messenger.
Tho Kansas corn crop Is poor.
W, Young, of Hamilton, was killed by
the heat,
Mr, Uoldwln Smith met with an accident In Toronto,
Three more cases of smallpox nro re*
ported In Montreal, i
Baron Russell, the lord chief Justice
of England, ts dead,
Tho St, Louis striking car employee!
bave Incorporated a company of their
A train on the Central railway. N,  B.,
(lunged over a trestle Into u  gully 80
ret deep.
The   wharf  at  Mo  Gros   Hols      near
Montreal,   collapsed,  seudlug  an   excursion party Into the wnter.
The late king of Italy wns privately
burled at midnight. The now king gave
e patriotic Inaugural address after taking the oatb,
A prohibition meeting was held ll
Qma*. church, Winnipeg.
}oth political partial In Britain art
preparing for the elections,
A enso ot leprosy bos alarmed residents In aioucobtwr county, N. D.
Mr. F. T. GrlfHn, Winnipeg, will lw
tbo new 0. P. R, land commiiMoner.
Several per-wns wero killed und forty
Injured In a Southern Pacific wreck In
Her Macjesty Queen Victoria has aent
btr regret-, nt the untlimly tnd of Ll.ut.
Borden,   ���
A traiu returning from the Italian
king's ceremoiilos collided with another
killing six persons.
Medals and diplomas were presented
to successful graduate* of the Winnipeg
general hospital.
The M, R. A, matches closed Saturday
at KUdonnn In a drenching ruin. Tht
both won Strathcona cup.
Tbe torpedo boat Frame was sunk
during French fleot manoeuvres, only
14 ol tho crew being saved.
The Japanese minister ol railways and
{ho chief    commissioner nf Australian
Ines, wert Wlunlpeg rleltors.
A Lehigh Valley passenger train struck
nn  omnibus filled  with poople,  killing
11 and fatally Injuring others.
Early'! stable, Winnipeg, with contents, nod an old wooden building on
Bannatrut avsuu!, wert dutrojr��d by
��� Soldier on Picket la Frightened to Death.
���*>f^f|Mf>itlflt|Mfl f|��lf
Now and then you hart read of a soldier being drummed out of the army for
cowardice, and you felt nothing but contempt for him. It is human nature to
despise a coward. No dog will own a
master who shows the white feather.
Cowardice In a citizen Is bad enough, but
when displayed by one wbo la paid, drilled aad equipped to fight our buttles and
-who has been passed upon as a brave
man you caa find no excuse for him. You
condemn him offhand and remember only
to avoid him. You go too fast Soldiers
have been disgraced who would have
made proud records if circumstance! had
been a little different. For every coward weeded out a thousand have been left
in the ranks.
Did you ever go to war expecting to
be killed? Of course not. Tbere would
be dead and wounded, but you would not
be among them. No one had cause to
wonder whether you were a brave man or
t coward until your first battle. Then
there were hubbub and confusion, and It
your nerve gave way you had plenty of
company, nnd tt was not commented oo.
You were afraid, mortally afraid. Don't
deny It, for no one but a bluffer will believe you. Shot nnd sholl and bullet and
roar of battle, with men Hinging up their
hands and screaming In agony, benumbed
you. It wns a horrible nightmare, and
you deserved neither praise nor censure.
You carried yourself better on the second
occasion, but don't say that on the third
you felt no trepidation. That would be
false and find no believers. Uow many
of us took In all the big battles, from Mc-
Clcllan'i first to Grant's lust, aud yet did
we sweep forward under Custer ut Sailor's creek without fear of death? There
were pale checks and chattering teeth
and choking hearts ai wa weut, and there
was a cause for It.
But It a soldier went through his first
battle with credit his courage was not
put beyond question. There was u harder trial in store for him. It wan the picket post at uight, with the enemy's posts
only half a mile away, and a day of battle was not to be compared to a turn of
two hours In the darkness under the
trees. Hero Is post No. 7 la the fnr edge
of a piece of forest. A quarter of a mile
In rear of It la a bivouac of the reserves.
In trout ts an old cotton field. On the
far edge of the field is a farm house, and
beyond that the enemy mny be fouud.
The view by day 1b peaceful and picas
ant, and tt Is bard tu imagine thnt wnr is
upon the land. When there Is uo sharp
shouting, the day pickets arc rather bored
Tbey smoke, cut their names on the
smooth beeches and write letters to wives
and sweethearts In pencil. They feel ul
moBt as safe as If at home on village
street or farm. But when night cutnen
all is changed. There nro bushwhackers
prowling about by night; there ate scouts
seeking information; there arc spleu try
lag to penetrate the camps. Under covet
of darkness the enemy mny advance lu
force to new positions. (Jaunt am) suv
age dogs, driven from home by battle,
skulk in tbe thickets nml nre dcHperate
rith hunger, and at the lonely cry of the
midnight owl the bumirdi-j roust-tiig in the
dead trees wake up nud utter such
strange sounds thnt the picket's heart
leaps Into his throat.
There was something like pity in the
corporal's heart as he relieved post No. 7
at 10 o'clock nt night and whispered in
structlons to the smooth fuced liny who
was to enter lato buttle with the uight.
A boy he was, dud yet be had come out
of bis first battle with a good word from
all nnd had stood fire on tho skirmish
line and with the wagon train. It was
bis first picket post nl night In face of
the enemy. lie had given the -matter no
thought. Ho was cool and collected as
be took tho post, and he Inugbed as the
corporal warned him against getting over
excited and raising a false alarm. In
tbree minutes the f nol steps of the relief
could no longer ho heard, and the picket
tat down at the foot of his tree to wait
and watch aud commune, There was
home to think of���father, mother, brother and listers. While his thoughts were
busy be could also watch and listen. Il
was not against orders to smoke his pipe.
Kor ten minutes tbe boy's thoughts
were so pleasant that ht almost forgot
where ho was. Then hc was suddenly
���roused by a gust of wind which moaned
through tho branches above bis bend
and rubbed two limits together to mnke
an uncanny creaking. It was nothing to alarm, and yet It itt bli heart to
-beating at a furious rate and brought him
to hll feet to look about him as If expecting a blow. Loneliness, darkness, a gust
of wind���tbat wai the beginning of It.
Before 80 minutes had passed the boy
was trembling In every limb. He knew
be was seared, tie feared for fall courage, and ret be could not belp It. He
sank down and had a fight witb himself.
He argued tbat thert wai oo danger;
tbat It wai only the darkness; that tt was
foolish to get rattled over nothing, Ue
might bave fought hii feari back, but
tbe night had only begun to toy with him.
Somt animal���dog, foi or rabbit���wai
moving about In tbe forest to his right.
Thore was ��� pit, pat, pat, oo tbt dry
leaves, with oow and tben tbt breaking
of a stick. Tbt boy felt i chill from head
to beel ai tbe loundi reached bli ear.
Ht magnified tbem Into tht tread of a
man. His wide open ores transformed
every treo and bush into the form of a
human enemy stealing upon him. Ituo
away trom the post? No! Only half a
dozen bucIi cases wore ever known, and
the men wero babbling lunatics or dumb
idiots wben they came back to the reserve. Standing with his back to tht
tree, his musket ready and his eyes
searching tbe darkness, the boy waited.
If the danger would only cornel If the
ikdlking bushwhacker would rise up aad
strike at him aod break the spell and
give him the smallest show to fight for
bis life! But there wai darkness, and
tbe wind moaned like a wounded man,
and the forest seemed alive with uncanny noises. The boy threw his musket
away from him and sank down and wept
like a child. He knew that he wept, aod
he cursed himself. He realised that bis
nerve wai gone, and ht called himself a
cur and a coward. But hc could not
choke bacli hii sobs or bring the strength
back to his limbs. He fought ���God
knows how hard he fought���but thert
came a new fright over tbe knowledge
that he could not conquer. When an owl
in a thorn tree down lo the field sent
forth his dismal hoot, the picket groveled
with his face In tht dead leaves and
prayed God to havt mercy on him.
The clouds were racing overhead as the
boy sobbed aod prayed aod cursed. By
and by they broke up to let the moou
cast ber light at Intervals. From a cluster of bushes on the far side of the old
field a man began creeping and halting.
While the moon was bidden be crept.
When she Bent down btr light, ht crouched and waited, In a quarter of au hour
hc had crossed the field. With Intlnltt
precaution he climbed tht fence, aud he
made no more noise than a field mouse
ns bo crept under the trees aud mound
the bushes. The picket should be hereabout. To that creeping, skulking man,
whose homo hnd been In tbe path of war,
thero came no thought of falrnesi. War
mount kill. To kill an enemy In any sort
of manner was not murder. Ue wai
there to kill In revenge for tbe home
which wai lu ashes. Hc was crafty and
cunning. He advanced Inch by Inch and
took no risks. Under that spreading tree
must be the lone picket, and the bushwhacker was finally within ten feet of tt
The moon bad long heen under a cloud,
but as the man turned a bush aud wai
about to rise to bis feet to peer about him
the cioud drifted away, and down through
the tree tops, focused on that one spot,
came a burst of moonlight The skulker
dared not move. He cursed and waited
and made ready to dash forward If challenged. Thus for two long minutes, and
then the boy, stretched at full length on
the ground, raised bis head. His face wai
white and pinched and old. His own
mother would bare passed him by as a
stranger. He looked directly out upon
the patch of moonlight, uud hti eyes
grew large, and a new terror crept iuto
bis soul ai hc saw his midnight visitor.
He did not call out or spring up to run
away, nor did his bands reach out for
the musket nmong the leaves. Fur 80
seconds he gazed at the figure in tbe
moonlight, and then his head snul; down
until his face was burled in the Boft,
black soil. A shudder passed over hiin,
and he was still. The buHliwhnckcr crept
forward again suspiciously and ready for
sudden attack, and by and by he mndo
out the figure ou the ground. Asleep?
No, A picket sometimes stood in Kin
feet nnd napped, but never a one si retched himself out an the ground to sleep.
"Ho couldn't have got a bullet," mused
the bushwhacker, "because there has
been no -shouting, lie looked me squuic
In the face, but what ii be lying (hero
The prowler drew back, fearing'a trjrlw
Presently he renched out for u sthk aud
burled It at the recumbent figure. Thero
was no movement.   Then bo tailed out:
"You there���dt you surrender?"
There was no answer. The prowler
called again and again and then crept
forward. Holding his gun ready lu fire,
he advanced with cautious steps until bo
stood over the soldier. Ctiibmlty'liad got
the better of bis desire to kill. With tlio
ui lizzie of his gun lie poked tho bluecout
in the hotly to aniline him if he slept.
There was no movement lu reply. Tho
Olio who bad come with murder In hll
heart knelt over the body ami turned It
on Its back. Then he placed bis band on
tho heart nnd found It stilled forever,
The body wns warm, but It was the body
of a dead man. A sudden chill and a feeling of panic came to tbo bushwhacker,
and with a wild look,he dashed away Id
the direction bo had come,
-"Yes, dead," said tbo corporal as bo
came with the relief again nnd opened
Oil lantern thnt It might shine on tho
(ace of the stiffened picket. ^Ue hasn't
been shot or stabbed or clubbed. It wai
the night horrors which gripped him by
the throat and choked him to death."���
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
1 kind of llks in argument.   It cues up your
As sierclie, It Menu to me, ths bnt thai you kin
But then Is one dtbatfr thst I'm anxious to
When he comci round fur talkln, J sm otlierwlH
employed |
Whenever he starts In an lifts his roles up to re*
I simply hold my peace an say, "Well, maybe you
are right"
I ain't so very nervous, an I'm never very proud,
But 1 slwsys quit i person when be gits to talkta
Too might give yourself brain fever with your
tlilnkin so profound,
Btt your thoughts'!) oil bs wasted when the
���houter comes around,
'Cause he'll bawl out sometbin at you which Is
fur from spropoe
Ao clinch tbo ergumat by yellln  opt  "Haw,
haw)   Ho. hoi"
Tou kin pack up your Ideas aa start In lur a it-
fur ovary timo hs boBen be declares he's got you
Aa hs gits the whole attention el tbs Idle pwln
Than ain't no uss ot buckla 'gta tbo man that's
-WssUBfton Star.
Are the People Who Testify Below to the Benefits
Derived Prom the Use of the Famous Remedies
of Dr. A. W. Chase.
Both Ihs Bsolps Book ami ths great
Family Kemedloa of Dr. Ohaae attest
bis earnestness and sincere desire to
beneflt his fellow-beings. His jnst
reward Is fonnd In Ihe grateful appreciation of bla grand work by penons
who have been benefited. Here are
three earnest letters.
Mr. W. K. Sh.ppsrsl, travelling ex-
enrslon agent, Sntton West, Vork
Oonnty, Ont., writes:���"I mnst send a
word of commendation for Dr. Chase's
Ointment. I waa badly nsed np with
piles, and in misery most of the time,
when I bssrd of Dr. Chases' Ointment
The flrst application had snoh good
results that I oontlnued nnug it nniil
thoronghly cored."
Mrs. Don, JISO James street north,
Hamilton, Ont., says:���'I have been a
martyr to sick headaobe. Tbongh I
tried nnmerona remedies, none seemed
to bring relief. At times I fonnd my.
self on the verge of despair; nothing
melmyosse. I reoently procured a
box ot Dt. Obsess' Kldnay-UTsr Fills,
snd am thankful to say that at last I
havs fonnd the right medioine. Atones
I obtained relief. Dr. Ohase's Kidney.
Liver Pills bave worked wonders for
me and I shall always recommend
Mrs Margaret Iron, Tower Hill, tt.
B��� writes:���"Dr. Chases' Nerve Food
has dons me a world of good. I waa
so weak Ibat I wold not walk twios the
length of the honse. Mr bands trembled ao that I conld not carry a pint of
water. I waa too nervons to sleep, and
nnabls to do work of any kind.
"Slnoe using Dr.Ohase,' Nerve Food
I have been completely reelorcd. I can
walk a mile withont any lnoonveaMnA.
Thongh 70 years old and quite fleshy, I
do my own house work, and considerable sewing, knitting and reading besides. Dr. Chases' Nerve Food haa
proved of Ineitlmable veins to me."
Imitators of Dr. Chase's Remedies
do not dare to reprodnoe hia portrait
and signature, wbich are fonnd oa
���rery box ot bla genuine remedies. Al
all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Oo.,
��� SI
Golden Era.
A  Little  Storr  With  a  Very  Leant
"You understand, of course," pur*
sut-sl tbe lawyer, "what is meant by u
'pi-eponsli. tW of evIslence'C "
"Yes, Blr," replied the man whom he
wan exnmlnlng with reference to bis
qualifications as a juror,
s     "Let me have your Idea of It, If you
"1 understand It. 1 tell you."
"Well, what Is It?"
"Why, anybody can understand
"Still, 1 would like to bave your
dellultlon of It."
"I kuow what lt Is, all right.   When
.  1 tell you I kuow what n thing Ih, I
know It    That's all there Is about
"Well, what was the question I asked you?"
"You ought to know what that was.
If you've forgot your own questions,
don't try to gat mo to remember them
for you."
"I don't want to honr any moro of
thut klud of talk," lutei-pons-d tbe court.
"Answer the qilc.tlous addressed to
you by the counsel."
"Judge, I did. He nsked me If I
knew what It was, and 1 snld I did."
"Aro you sure you untli-rstnnd wbat
Is meant by tho term 'preponderance
of evidence?'"
"Of course I am, Judge."
"Well, let us lis-nr your Idea of It."
"It's evidence that's boen prevlou.lv
I wm cared of Acute Bronchitis hy
Bay of Islands.
I wu oured of Facial Neuralgia br
Springhill, N.S.
I wai cared of Obronin Rheumatlim
Albert 0o��� N.B.
All Thnt It Needed.
"A little artistic verisimilitude would
belp this Htmy Kouiewliat, 1 think," suggested thu critic. "Of course the unexpected -Hiniit'tiiiit's ailtls forco to ti dramatic situation, but (hnt lilcii enn be overworked."
"To whut do you refer?" asked tbe
"Why, In I lie tirst part of the book you
describe the villain us linlillieiuleil, and
In llie hist chapter yon uiiuecot-wnrlly
start lo tbe reader by liny tug lilm wildly
tear his hair.   Aside from Unit"���
Hut Uie nut bur waited to beur nn mure.
As be vanished tt'iili Ids manuscript be
wax heard lo ��tiy Hornet liln�� about "these
people with small souls and trivial nn-
tint's whit would liiud genius to tbe lumbering cart wheel of commou souse,"-
Tho great demand for a pleasant, safe and
reliable antidote for all affections of Die
throat and lungs Is fully met with in Bicklo'i
Anti-Consumptive Syiup. It ia a purely
Veyotublu Compound, and nets promptly
and magically In subduing all cougl
bronchitis, nflummution of tho lungs, etc,
i, colds,
It Is so puiutublo that a child will not refuse
tt, and Is rut at a price that will not exclude
the [Hint from Its bt neflts.
How It Happened.
"How did Mr. Holdover get the rcpu-
1 tntlon of being such a deep,  Intellectual person?"
"Well," answered Fanner Corntossct,
"we nil listened to his speeches, nn we
jedged'by bis actions thnt he under
stood every word he wns snyln. Wo
concluded from thnt thnt he must be
. a most extraordinary smart man,
we didn't have no more words about It,
but sent him right along to congress."
of tbe skin and (lie blotches which blemish
beauty ere thu result of impure blood caused
by unhealthy action of the Liver and Kidneys, In correcting this unhealthy action
and restoring the organs to their normal
condition, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will
, nt tlie huiuu tun; cleanse the blood, and tho
��� blolulm.. and crup ions will disappear without leaving uny truce.
Kim j- Wlietl Properly Done.
"ftt'iintnr," nsked (he beginner in poll-
tics, "hnve you ever had nny trouble In
carrying a conventionV"
"No," answered Senntor IintHimin;
"Hint Ih. mil when I have done n little of
tin- necessary work of picking It up umi
���b'm- nni'liiim It beforehand."*
FOR NINE YEAHS.-Mr. Samuel Bryan,
TIkm ford-writes: "Fur nine years I suffered
wiih uleeiiited sores on my leg j I expended
over $100 to pliyslotans, and  tried every
{irep .ration I heard of or saw recommended
or fetich disease, but could get no relief. I at
lust was recommended to givo Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Ull a trial, which bus resulted,
after using tight bottles (using it internally
and externally), In a complete cure. I believe It Is thu bent medicine In the world, nnd
1 write this to lot others know what It has
dono fur me,"
Pftisla* of (ko OM Mali.
The old maid of the past���sour, scandal loving, sharp of temper and of features���Is now almost an unknown
quantity. Tho unmarried woman of
today wbo hai passed ber twenties Is
cheery, active, busy and useful. (Jen-
orally ahe la In business or has some
special art, profession or accomplishment to wblcb sho devotes herself.
Anyway abe la not Idle. She finds
many tblnga to employ ber bands and
brnlns, She haa little time for gossip
and less Inclination. Culture and occupation hnvo broadened ber nature
and given hor charity and wisdom.���
Un. Mary Q. Bryan In Macon Tele*
ArlUtte RoTerao,
Mrs. Nlbboi���What alii that painting,
Mm. FnddV It looks io queer, and I
can't qulto make It out.
Mrs. Fudd-Oh, thut's Niagara falls,
I've hung It upside down. That ever-last*
Ing running wniflr made mo ao tired.���
Detroit Freo Press. 	
Statu or Ohio,City op Toledo,)..
Lucas county, [���*
Frank J.CHMKY.iii'iltiuontli that hell ths
Sol -r partner of the ttrni of F. J. Ohinkt A
), dolrg bmd��ets In the Cltv of Toledo,
Cuunty and state iifures'ilil, end tbat said Arm
will pny the turn of ONI-! HUNDRED DOL*
LAKH for osoh and everv oase of -Oatarrh thnt
cannot bo curo.i by tliu ureal Hall'sCATAMUI
tuna. '       FRANK J. OHKNEY.
sworn to before mo antl subscribed In my
pre-wuoe, this (Jill day of Dueember, A. D��� IM.
���f ~~\ A.W.ai.EAHON,
[****} A'otary PuNfft.
Hall's Catarrh Onre ts Uk n Internally and
sets dlreotly on the blood and mutual aurfsoes
Druggist*, 7to.
'snllfem. it* Ik. "Mt.
Chinese Opposition Weak-Enemy Fled
In a Fsnlc-l'rlees High In Jingl-
snkl���Canadian Sllssionarles.
Lon.lon, Aug. 10.���Confirming the
report o( the univul ol the International lucres at Ho SI Wu, the Daily Mail
ocirre.poudeut says: "The Chinese
offered Utile opposition. The arrival
of tho allies frustrated a determined
attempt lo divert the course of the
river. The heat is intense, hnt the
health of the troops ia good.
A Port Arthur special announces that
the women aud oh.ldren have been
ollloialiy notified to leave that plaoe.
"The allied troops." says the Petersburg correspondent of the Times, "having on Aug. 0 ocoupied llo SI Wu.have
uow moved on towards Mn Ohang,
withont meeting any great oppoeition.
The artillery is being moved satlafao-
torily In spite of the had roads, whioh
the Japanese are engaged lu repairing.
The Chinese are now concentrated at
Hung Hoh Sleu, where fighting may
be expected,"
New York, Aug, IB.���Robert E.
Sler, oue of the seoretsries ol the Prci-
hyicrian minions, yesterday reoelved
several letters from missionaries ia
China and Japan. The following ts an
extraot from the communication writ*
ten hy Rev. J. A. Fish, dated Nagaski,
Japan, July 98:
"Word of our Canadian Presbyterian
friends Is to the effeot that In escaping
lo Yanl Tsin from Honan, they were
stripped of everything by robbery.
Thero must be many lives in danger in
far western China, persons so distant
that lt would take one or two months
for the news to como lu. The strain
on accommodation oaused by the Influx
of refugees, is patting np the prioe of
board to fabnloas figures. At the
Nagaslka hotel board is reported at $91
per day. No word oome. from Pekin
and Fao Ting Fn. We hear of whole-
sale slaughter of Christians In Chi Li
Colonel Uoare'a Column Safe���Panning
De Wet-Hs-tussied KsnptlM.
London, Aug. 16.���The Pretoria correspondent of the Daily News wiring
yesterday announces the safety of Ool.
Hoares' columu and the convoy reported to have been captured by the Boers
at Elands river.
London, Ang. IB.���Lord Roberts reports to the war office nnder date of
Pretoria, Ang. 18 as follows:
"Kitohessor reports from School plates
eight miles west of Venteradorp, that
De Wet blew np three of bis own
wagons. Six British prisoners who ess-aped from De Wet's oamp, state tbat
Mr. Steyn was being confines! in the
oamp nnder surveillance, that De Wet
was forced to abandon his ammunition
and thirty horses, and they confirm the
report that Methuen captured one of
De Wet's gnns, and shelled tbe main
oonvoy effectively. Ian Hamilton tele*
graphed tbat he hopos to be at Blasuw-
bank today with bis main body.
Mahon's monnted troops are poshing on
to the-Westward."
London, Ang. 16.���Referring to Ihe
lack of an offlolal farewell to the returning Canadians, the Dally Mall
soys: "They left withont a note of
musto to cheer them on their way and
withont a voice to bid them Godspeed,
and to testify to the gratitude of tbe
Old Oountry. Tbey were bundled
through the metropolis In vans, for all
the world as If they were so many returned empties. The war offloe is to
blamo. Is red tape eterual. Oan
nothing be done to wither up and de-
stray forever tbis bane of onr empire.
Wheeling, W.Va.,Aug. 16.���Webster
Davis, speaking here tonight said
"There exists a seoret understanding
between Great Britain and the United
States wbich prevented the Boer envoys
Irom accomplishing auythlng during
their recent visit Sir Julian Paonce-
tote, sitting in an adjoining room when
the Boer envoy, were reoelved by Score*
tary Hay, heard every word that was
London, Ang, 16.���One hundred
Canadians, who had been invalided
from Sonth Africa,.nd had been lecup*
crating at Shornuliffe, arrived in London this morning and took train for
Liverpool, whence they will sail for
They were greeted all long the route
with ovation.. Tbonsanda of London's
residents turned ont to welcome them
npon their arrival, and gave them a
tremendous send-off aa tbey raarobed
through the olty. The detachment be*
longed to a Canadian regiment of
Stratbeona's Horse.
London,, Ang. 16.���The British
foreign office has received a dispatch
from Sir Nicholas O'Connor, the British ambassador at Con stanllnople, an-
noons-lug lhat the Uritlsh vlae-cousnl
at Tan, while travelling near Elk, waa
find on by Kurds and his dragoman
Toronto, Aug. 18.���Morris Goldstein,
a seoond hand ololhes dealer on Queen
sireet west, was fonnd dead by Dr. Elliot when called In yesterday to attend
bim, and on examination he found he
had apparently died of poisoning. A
past mortem examination held proved
Ihe anaplolona well founded, oartsollo
aold being found In the slomsch. An
inqnest was ordered and a couple of
women who lived in the honse with
Goldstein are held as material wit-
Washington, Aug. 18.���The warde-
partment received today the following
dispatoh, containing cheering news
from Gen. MaoArlbnr at Manila:
"Manila, P. I., Aug. 18.���Adjutant-
General, Washington: Ool. Grasss,
Angnsl 18, In tbe vicinity of Tayng,
surrendered bis command to Ool.
Freeman, of the 84th U. 8. infantry,
consisting ot one major, six osptalns,
six lieutenants, IU men, 101 rifles and
40 bolos.    (Blgned) MaoArthur.
The rloh man has troubles of whioh
the poor man knows nothing.
Youth may ha Impetuous, bat 11
usually possess*! ths merit-at stsoerity.
InsportHIit   News   Condenses!  into   Brief
Ottawa, Aug. 13.���Wm. Connolly,
of Winnipeg, has been appointed a preventive officer at Winnipeg,
Borate ga, N. Y., Aug. 16���The latest
report received here fsom Ras-qaette
Lake Is tbat Mr. Huntington's death
was due to heart disease.
lioudon, Aug. 16.���The unsatisfactory
nature of expert medioal testimony was
brongbt home fo-c-ioly to the crown in
the Slfton investigation  this morning.
Berlin," Ang. IB.���Tbe latest euis|
of the Zukunft has been confiscated by
the police for an article entitled "The
Battle with the Dragoon," containing
lea, mnjeste
Utioa, Aug. 16.��� A porty of 60 Rus
sisn immigrants ranging in age from
infancy to 60 years passed throngh here
yesterday for Winnipeg. None of them
oould speak a word of English,
Utioa, N. Y��� Aug. 16.���Colli. P.
Hutlngton, president of the Southern
Paciflo railroad, died at Pine Knot
Camp,, near Durant-Ou-Raoquette lake
In the Adirondack., at 18 o'clock San*
day night.
Kenla. Ohio. Ang. IB,���A Jamestown early today, A. O. Bingamon
killed hi. wife anil hi. son lu law,
James Bradley, and then oommlttted
suiolde. The tragedy wos the result of
family tronble.
Toronto, Ang. IB.���There Is some
reason to fear that tho sireet railway
men will strike osvlng tu a refusal of
the management np to the preseut time
to grant an increase of wages from 16
9*8 cents io 80 oents por hour,
Hamilton, Aug. 16. ��� Jobn W.
Blokle, ono of the oldest business men
In the olty, died yesterday after a long
Illness, aged 77. Ho was for nearly
half awntury In the drug business
with his father, ond latterly in the
brokers' business. He was born in
Devonshire, England.
New York, Ang. 16.���Tbe largest
consignment of gold bullion ever exported from this olty in a single day
will be shipped by tbe steamers Teutonic and St. Paul tonionow. The
shipments will he as follows: Boring.
MagounA Oo., $7,669,000: Heldel-
booh lokelheimer & Co., $600,000;
total, $8,189,000.
Viotoria, Aug. 10.���The estimates
were hronght down yesterday hy Minister of Finanoe Turner. Tnev contemplate the expenditure of two and a
quarter millions or half a million more
than last year. Among the receipts Is
an item of nearly a thousand to be raised by royalties, imposed by tbe premier
upon his gigantlo business.
Stockton, Ang. 16.���Between 4 and 6
o'olook yesterday afternoon this dlalrlot
was visited hy a fierce storm of wind,
rain and hail. Tho hail, mnoh of
wbioh was tn lnoh In diameter, and
which covered the ground to a depth of
more than an inch, shattered many
windows and practically wiped ont tbe
balance of the crop, lu its path
London, Ang. 16.���A baud of Inter,
national coiners have been discovered
at Jarak In Slavonia, oooordiug to the
Vienna correspondent of the Times
Six members bave been arrested, in-
olodiug an Englishman aud a Prussian.
Paper and silver currenoy of the United
States, Italy and Germany was dis>
oovered In tbeir possession.
Constantinople, Ang. 16.���Admiral
Ahmed Pasha, who waa sent to the United States by the Sultan to oonsider
the advisability of purchasing n warship trom a shipbuilding Arm, has returned to Constantinople aud advises
tbat the oontraot be made with a Philadelphia frm for one cruiser.* The admiral say the American type of warship is i-uperlor to all others.
Vanoouver, Aug. 16.���The boiler-
makers and blacksmiths of the C.P.R.
shops quit work today In sympathy
with thee machinists in thoir strike.
There are now no men at work in tbe
locomotive department. The boiler-
makers and blacksmiths at Revelstoke
and Trail also went ont yesterday.
Threo locomotives are now In the shops
rendered useless unless repaired.
London, Ang. 6.���A dispatch from
the vltxroy of India says: "The favorable conditions continue. Rain is falling generally throughout the country.
The total nnmber supported in all tbe
famine stricken provinces is still large,
owing to tbe backwardness of the orop.,
tbe reitrioled demands for labor in Ihe
fields and high prioes. About 6,149,.
000 persons ore receiving relief.
London, Ont., Ang. 16.���Charlotte
Beaton, 91 years of age, of Oil Springs,
oommltted suicide at Viotoria hospital
yesterday afternoon. She had heen a
patient in the institution since Jnly 98,
and was awaiting a transfer to tho asy*
lnm for the Insane, nervous tronble
having caused her to lose her reason.
The unfortunate womnn committed the
rash aot about 9 o'clock, during tha
temporary absence of the nurse.
Plymouth, Aug, 18.���The Hamburg-
American line steamer Dentsohland,
Captain Albers.whioh sailed from New
York, Aug. 8th, for Hamburg, arrived
here at 8.80 this morning, making a
now reoord for tho eastward passage
and tbe fastest Hue ever attained by
any ocean steamer. She made her run
In five days, 11 hour and 4B mlnnles.
Her highest day', mn was BB9 knots
and the average S|oed was 98.88 knots.
Ostawa, Ang. 14.���The Dominion
government oontraolor. for the mllltla
clothing are now at work on order, reoelved from the imperial goversiment
for China. The mllltla department is
also In communication wish the Im
perial authorities In regard to an additional order for boots and clothing aa
well us to the making of portable
houaess. These supplies will be shipped
at Vanoouver.
San FrnnclaoD, Oul., Ang. 14.���Mrs.
Nettie R. Craven has again suffered defeat in her Ultlc for the millions of
the lato Senator James G. Fair. A
decision rendered by Jndge Troult
holds that she is not the widow nl Fair,
and is not entitled lo any allowance
from his estnte. Judge 'troult declared
the pencil deeds aud tbe alleged will,
conveying to Mrs. Craven much cf the
late aonnlor's estate, to bo forgeries.
Wiln the exoepiion of trouble, the
more Ibe average man hns Ihe more he
Don't be ashamed to wear yonr old
clothes until you aro able to lay for
new ones.
t BROKERS. . . .
i ***
m Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
',. carried  on margin.    Listed
A mining Blocks carried
Reported   by Alloway &  Champion,
863 Main street, Winnipeg.
Hanks. Sellers.   Buyers.
kloiilsenl  :*��� sasa
sJoiiimerclnl Cable,.
Montreal Tel	
llleli.it Onl. Nav...
City 1-ubs. R'y	
Halifax M'y
Montreal if.,	
Toronto K'y	
Dululh l'ri>serr**d .,,
Cn. Pae. R'y. Montreal...
Can. 1-ae. K'y. London	
Money .Iniii'	
Money, ou sail	
Quoted   by Alloway k  Champion,
863 Main street, Winnipeg.
Ketch-mark... fo.il .-,
Austrian Gulden Ws ll*.
Holland Oulliler, SS
Krauoa Is 7-8
Ku-slan Roul.lt. 60S,
riuniah Markka. 18
hard, Fort
Whoat���Manitoba Mo.
William, 8uc%.
flour���Og.iviu'a Hungarian patent,
$3.20 |.or sisik of 98 lb.; Glenora,
$2.0.s; Like of the W.osls Five Roses
lirui.sl, ��2, i<) i patent. $9 06.
Millfeed���Bran, $11 60; and shorts,
Ground Feed���Oat chop, $98.10 ton;
barley ohop, $31.60; mixed barley and
oats, $36.60: corn ohop, $33 * oilcake,
Oatmeal���$1.80 per saok of 80 lbs.
Granulated and standard. $8.60.
Oata���For gcod quality, 40 to 41o.
Barley���Nominal, at 46o.
Corn���60o per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled, $6.76 to $0.00;
loose hay on Ihe street, $6 to |0.
Butter���Creamery���17 to 17^0 per
pound at tbe factories. Dairy���Choice
fresh made, 14o; second grades, 8 to
13*s pes pound.
Cheese���9 to 9)��o per ponnd.
Eggs���19^0 per do.en.
Vegetables���New potatoes, 66 to 80o
per bushel; importer onions, 8o per
pound; rhubarb, SOo per doz. buuohes;
lettuoe, 1610 80o per doaen: parsley,
40o; green onions, 80o per dozen; spin-
a-.-h, 6o per pound; new tarrots and
beets, 110c per dozen; new turnips, 30o
per dozen; new home gsown cabbage,
30 to 40o per dozen: ripe tomatoes, $1
per oase; home grown celory, 8uo per
dozen; encumbers, 80 to 40o per d* zen.
Lresscd Manta���Reef, H to ei^o per
ponnd; veal, 7to 9o; mutton, 10Ho;
lamb, 13o; hogs, 0% to 7*^0,
Poultry ��� Live s hickons, OOo per
pair; spring chickens, 14c |,er pound;
fowl, dressed, 12c per ponnd; turkeys,
dressed, 18c per pound; ,ive weight,
9o per ponnd.
Hides���Na 1 inspected hides, O^o;
No. 8, BJ-fo; No. 8, 4"^o; shearling
sheepskius, 10 to 16oeach; calfskins,
8o; deakins, 36 to 86 each; horsehides,
76o to$1.8o eaoh.
Wool���Unwashed floeoe, 8 to 8),o
per ponnd, washed, 12*ao
Seneca root���Good clean, dry root is
worth 29a | er pound, delivered here,
dark inferior crudes less.
We're kind of on tho anxious gpui J nut now in nut
Wo'ro toon lo be [iufTi.il up with |irlde or sadly
taken down j
There's  nnme ot  ua  Itepuhlk'iiiig,  uud  suine  ure
And cnt li crowd wants Um mail tn win when 'lection comea, Imt ttiat'a
Not what we're thliiki.ii moxt about; the thins
we'd like to kiuiw
la whut the tttjtfcra guttieri'd hy the lensua men'11
Fur we've dune a lot ot buuitlii, und we'll all he
pretty ilck
Unless our town la bigger thun tho town atTotia
the crick,
We've had our argumonta about tho Itriton and
the liner,
Wo'vo   win��-,��� led,   and  we've  jimmied,   but   they
trouble ua no more;
We've split up on expansion and di-K-uased  the
And we've Imd a lot of tf Ita about the question
of canteens,
We nearly hud a riot over AkuIiiuIiIo, ton,
And u  lot  of ua have  worried ua  lo whut  tbe
Iruala'll do,
���ut the <|iieatlon now before ua���and wo want It
spiitid quick-
la whether we've been galnin on the town ucrnaa
the crick.
We've   dlacuancd   the   labor   troubles,   with   the
itrlkin and the flghU,
And  we've  taken aldea about  them,  and  we'va
Jawed witb all our tnluhla;
We've been worried over Clilna and the missionaries there,
And we've talked about tbe kurdens thut the poor
folks huve to bear,
Hut at iircieut there's a question thut la greuler
than tbem ull.
And It uin't the unc ol wlnnln at the 'lection in
the full.
I'or we've done o lut nt lioaallu, and we'll all h*
Mighty Kit k
II this town don't show u|i bigger than the town
serosa the crlek.
Lake OhirUi, U., Aor. 14.��� The
Southern Paoiflo oompany ���offered a
oomplete wreck of paneoger train Nx
9 lut evening. The train -wai going
at fnll tpeed over the trestle over the
La Oasine Bayoo, when the tender-
jumped the traok and broke looie from
tbe engine. The engine went on and
the ooaobei wen thrown in every direotion. Only one Pa 11 man car remained on tbe traok. Tbe oars were
nearly all thrown into tbe mud and
water of the La Oasine Bay. The trestle wai completely demolished. The
railroad men on the train declare that
it waa the moat oomplete a mash up
they erer law. On board the train
were abont 180 people, and the faot
tbat only one, a boy, waa killed, ii beyond explanation.
London, Ang. 14.���The Prinoe and
Prinoen of Walei, the Dnke aud
Dnoheai of York and Prinoeu Viotoria
of Walei today riitted Mre. Ogden
Ooelet'a iteam yaobt Nabma at Oowee.
An* Ilotv m DrlRht Young Mnn Took
Advantave ol Ita Wordlnir.
A store in One Hundred and Twenty-
tilth street with ii luudablo desire to satisfy customers bad the following sin:i
painted and huug in several conspicuous
places: "Money refunded, or yon ean exchange for anything iu tho store."
The regular customers uodded approvingly wheu they saw tiii**-, as the rule of
the bouse bad beeu previously thut uo
goods could be exebuuged.
The first day the signs were up several
sums of money were refunded, When tbe
store opened the next morning tlte signs
were gone, aud a literary man wns engaged to write one less ambiguous. Tbere
was a reason fur tbis. Lato in the ufter-
noun of the Any llie signs were used a
young man from down town bought a
pair of DO cent suspenders in the store
nud a few minutes ui'terwnrd approached
n floorwalker aud said that tbey were unsatisfactory.
"Very well," said the floorwalker affably. "Do you wish your money back?"
"No," replied the purchaser, "I believe
I'll exchange."
"Just as you please," said the smiling
floorwalker. "Will you hnvo another pair
of suspenders V
"I think not; I'll Jn��t look around nud
let you kuow wben I find sotnetliiiic that
suits me."
In less than half nu hour the down
town young man called lhe floorwalker
to a counter aud Btlltli "Thai's what 1
want; those, with the silver backs." And
be pointed to an expensive toilet sol
which comprised military hairbrushes,
silver mug anil shaving brush, rnsurs,
mini ion re set, HOflpbox und a flue lentlicr
case to keep them In,
"Hut you're Joking," suld the floorwalker. "They nro worth 20 pairs of suspenders,"
"I can't help that," replied the other.
"I'm taking you at ymir word. There's
yonr sign, 'Money refunded, or you can
exebnnge for anything in the store.' It's
optional with me, and 1 wish to exchnngc
for 'anything In the store.' This is tho
'anything' that Bulls me."
They wrangled for awhile, and the
proprietor was called, He read the sign
several times, and then said, "You ute a
very bright young mun. It's on us this
time." Turning to tho floorwalker he
said, "Make the exchange as be desires
and haul down those signs before be has
time to buy anything else,"
Merchants cannot be too careful In tbe
use of this wonderful nnd complex language of ours.
Men Who Own Benutlfnl Genu Only
to Admire Them In Private.
"Because some men display uo jewelry
on their persons It docs not signify that
tbey do not enre for such things," said a
leading New York jeweler to a writer a
day or two ngo. "Indeed, there are plenty of men who nre ns passionately fond
of jewels as nny woman who ever lived,
but they seem to regard tho feeling as n
weakness which they arc half ashamed
of. Some men will own right up, but
tbey don't like to display their treasures,
because It Is not considered good taste to
wear much jewelry.
"I kuow ot bnlf a dozen business mer
and professional men wbo do not wear sn
much as a watch chain, yet they curry
about In their trousers pockets thousands
of dollars' worth of unset jewels, This Is
a littlo out af tho onllnni-y. Imt It Is a
foot nevertheless, The late Henry Ward
Beeeher, for Instance, used to carry In bis
pockets a number of beautiful diamonds
aud other precious stones, which ho would
sometimes tukc out In his band nnd gnttc
at in admiration for several minutes at a
time. Hc explained his hnbit by say ini:
that there was something so pure nud
beautiful about the gems that tbey delighted und fascinated him. Hc used to
say that it was ouo of tho traits of our
far buck barbarian origin���the Innate
fondness for bright gems.
"I know of n prominent physician up
town who, while riding about in his carriage on sick culls, entertains himself by
jingling a lot of unset diamonds, rubies
and emeralds In his hands. Hc sometimes groups tbem In tho scat opposite
und looks at them, while his face lights
up with admiration and pleasure.
"Ho ladles have this habit? Well, I
think not, I never met a womnn who
cured to hide ber jewels in her pockets.
On tho contrary, thoy always like to
hnve them set nnd displayed ns conspicuously ns possible. Tbey dou't believe
in biding the light of their gems under ���
Con'a TuHte In Manic.
I am not an agriculturist, but for ten
years I lived with un undo who kept
cows and milkmaids during tbnt period,
It wns noticed tbnt certain milkmaids
could draw more milk than others. Our
most characteristic cow was Trieste, so
uiitned on account of her snd bcnrlng,
nnd It required tho most touching of border songs to prevail upon ber to give a
decent supply of milk. The old woman
who generally milked her always wound
up with thu "Lund of the Leal" to get
tbe creamy ending of the milking process.
A new hand ouce tackled Trieste with
sea sougs and dire consequences. Another cow was colled tho Evangelist on
account of her Intense hatred for psalm
tunes nnd Snnkey's hymns. She, strange
to say, preferred rollicking tunes. Can
you account for this?���London Chronicle.
A eat milk-drinking match is announced by a Dover reader, with fifty
laps to tha smile.
A Wife Fo? Sale.
Mnch Inter thnn 181X1 there lived a publican somo miles off, whom I knew very
well; Indeed, he waa the namesake of n
lirst cousin to n carpenter In my constant
employ. He bought his wife for u stone
two gallon jar of Plymouth gin, If I wus
informed aright. She had belonged to n
stonecutter, but, as he was dissatisfied
with her, hc pnt up a written notico iu
Bcverul public pluces to this effect:
"Notice���This bere bo to hinform the
publick as how O��� C  be disposed
to sell bis wife by Auction. Her be a
diiccnt, elanely woman, nud be of age _.~-
years. The sale be to take placo In the ���
Inn, Thursday next nt 7 o'clock,"���S.
Baring Gould's "A Quiet Village."
The Power of Money.
"It seems to me, Mrs. Newrlch, tbnt
yonr younger daughter Is getting nhout
old enough to mnke ber owu debut," said
tbe social caller.
"Sho don't need to," replied the proud
mamma. "We're quite able to buy the
best there is without the girls' mnkln nny
ot tbeir own tilings."���Philadelphia Bulletin.
Iron Next to Good Govern meat.
Next to good government there Is nothing so Important to the buutness welfare
of any progressive nation ue an ample
supply of iron ami stability in Its price���
Tho Boaster.
"Mnny n mnn," said the corn fed philosopher, "after announcing that be will
fight to the last, always manages to he
last to the light."���Indianapolis Press.
He Went.
Be���Half past 111   Isn't tbat clock
She-I think not
He���Well, 1 guess my watch la like
myself.   It la Blow.
She���But It li not exactly like yon.
, She-No.   ItjoM.
An Elderly Lady Tells of Her Cure Through
tho Use of Dr. Williams* Fink Pills After
�� Bcore of Other Reraedie-i Had Filled.
DyppepEia causes more genuine distress than most diseases thut uillict
mankind. In this oountry from one
canse or another, its victimB are numbered by the hundreds of thousands,
and those uillicled always feel tired,
worn out and miserable, and are subject to fits of melancholy or ill temper
without apparent cause. It is obvious
that the human body, in order to perform its fuuotions, must he properly
nourished, aud thia oannot be done
when the food is improperly digested.
Those who Buffer from indigestion
should exercise oare asto diet, aud only
easily digested foods shonld be taken.
Bat more than this ib required���tbe
blood needs attention in order tbat tbe
stomach may be strengthened, and the
secretion of tbe gastric juices properly
carried on. There is no other medioine
offered the publio thut will aot so
prom ply and effectively as Dr. Williams1 Pink Pills. Pn of of this is
given in tbe case of Mrs F. X. Doddridge, St. Httuveor, (juo. In conversation with a reporter Mrs. Doddridge
said:���"For quite it number of years I
have been a terrible sufferer from dys-
popHlo, aocompuuiod by thu sick bend-
nohos thut almost invariably cotne with
this tronble. I Buffered ftom terrible
puiiiH iu tho stomach, bloating und
belching wind. All food seemed to
disagree with me, and as a resnlt of
the troublo, I was very muoh rou
down, and ut times I was uuiiblo to do
evon light honse work. I am snre I
tried a nooro of different medioiupB,
bot without snooeBS, and as I am sixty
years of age, had come to believe that
lt was hopeless to expeot a onre, A
friend who had need Dr. Williams' Pink
tills with good results, urged me to
try this medioine, and my hnsbaud
brought home a conple of boxes. Before they were finished I felt muoh
better, and we thon got another half
dozen boxes, and theso havo completely
restored my health, and I not ouly feel
better than I have done for years, but
actually feel younger. I very oheer-
tolly recommend Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills to similar sufferers.
If yonr dealer does not keep theso
pills, they will be sent postpaid at 50
coots a box, or six boxes for $3.60 by
addressing tbe Dr. Williams' Medioine
Oo., Brockville, Ont.
Didn't Oet IIIn Money'* Worth.
He came Into the police ofllee, his
hands clinched, bis jaws knotted and
his eyebrows swooping downward toward the bridge of his nose.
"Say!" be bawled In resonant tones.
"Well?" suld the captain,
"How much do you charge In a case
of assault nud battery?"
"Ton dollnrs."
"You enn lick tho sttilllngs out of n
man for thnt, can't you?"
"Can a fellow pay his fine in nd-
The visitor laid two fives on the desk.
"I'm going to lick n man bad, ami I
don't want any Interference of the police while I do lt," And be stalked out,
Half nn hour nfterwnn! a mnn (Mine
In. Both his eyes wero puffed and
green, his noso sagged, bis clothing
looked like Cbllus Cbllouldes' before
he acquired Nero's favor.
"Say," ho Bald gently, "do you recognize ino?'
"Cau't sny ns I do."
"I'm tho man wbo enmu In bore bnlf
nn hour ngo nnd paid a line In nd
"Obi   Well, what do you want now?"
"Would you mind giving me $t)-i>."
Minard's Liniment Cares Burns. Etc.
Iiiilirovlnw III* Time.
"So you were iu Paris?"
"Yes," answered Mr. Cumrox, "Mrs.
C. and the girls wanted to go,"
"Did you visit ail the points of Interest ?"
"I should suy so. We went to more
places in a week than we could learn to
pronounce the names of in six months,"
Teii-Mlnic lite .luiit* Iti-lde,
"Dear me, I2dgur, I wish we hnd something funny to rend tonight."
"Well, my denr, there's your graduating essny."���Indianapolis Journal,
lion- Mnnyt
If '.''> Renins  make ono scruple,  how
many will it take to mako one doubt?���
Chicago News.	
UN Vitenlliin Intliiluenef,
"Mr. ,luldis  ���otmiges bis wife to attend all ihese utiiloiml fed oral Inn eon
"Yes; sliu must he away now. lie's sit
tint; on the front nlur/u without his emit
or vest on."
lm-finie of a Slot-plnit Car.
Tbo Income or earning capacity of a
Bleeping cm- Is ooiislderuhlc. Take the
run from New York to Chicago, 1,000
miles. Every road in the United States
pays II cents a mile for the privilege of
liniiltng a sleeper and contracts to return said car In ns good shape ns it Is
received nnd to pay for nil damages.
The Journey on the limited expresses
to Chlcngo Is mnde In '21 hours; therefore the enr earns ?:10 a day for travel.
If It Is full, wblob Is generally tbe
case, receipts from berths, sections aud
staterooms amount to ?ts:��, making a
total revenue of $li.'5 a tiny. Out of
this must como the wages of tbe porter nnd conductor���tbo latter, however,
usually having charge of several cars���
tbe towels, sheets, sonp, Ice, etc., the
whole amounting to but a small sum.
Then there nre the wear nnd tear and
general depreciation, tho dally clean*
fng, the nuniiahrrcllttlng and repainting. Set these charges down nt 10 per
cent and giro the enr three trips a
week of 1,000 miles each, and wo hnvo
its earnings at over JG0.000 annually.
Somo can earn a great deal more.-
"Drendful stnte of nffntrs tn China,
Isn't it?"
"Yes, Do you think It will make tea
auy cheaper?"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Theso two desirable qualifications, pleasant to tho taste and at the same timo effectual, ure to bo found in Mother Graves1 Worm
Extermlnutor.   Children like it,
THE WAY .-Tlie tick man pines fur relief,
but ho dislikeinulling for the doctor, which
mcuns bottles of drugs never consumed. Ho
has not the resolution to load his stomach
with compounds which smell villainously
aud taste worse. But if he huve the will to
deal himself with his ailment, wisdom will
diicct his attention to Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, wbich i s a specific for iudigestion and
disorders of the digestive organs, have no
ftvhnklnff -tbe Doctor.
Doctor (wenry with tin successful efforts to cure patient)���Well, I've just
one more reinedy to try In your case,
ami If this doesn't help you nothing
Patient���Wby didn't you frankly tell
me that In the first place, doctor? If
nothing will help me, 1 could have taken that ut lho start nnd saved tbe expense   of . yonr   attentions.
When nil other corn preparations fail, try
Holloway's Cum Cure. No pain whatever,
and no inconvenience in using it,
Settled the Trap.
A certain GlaBgow lawyer wns fond
of setting traps for workmen wbo
might hnppeu to tie working In or
about his house by leaving money or
some vnlualdo article about. A workman, well aware of this fact, found
a half crown lying on the floor of one
of the rooms. He smiled as he said to
himself, "I know wbat that's for," and,
taking ti brace and n hit from bis bug,
be drilled n bote In Ibe coin, and, putting a large screw mill through It, be
fastened It securely to the floor, Tlie
lawyer bun rxt set any traps since,���
London Telegnuih. -    '.ni_
Hotel Balmoral, rsK/rt-M:
Not JiiNt Wlint lie Meant.
"Her face," he said, desiring to voice
his admiration of her frankness and hon-
osty, "Is like an open book."
"Yes," replied tier dourest friend, "she
b.es talk a good deal."
������I understand lliat Kugllsb woman's
book Is very clever,"
"Oli, yes; even the gpwnots in ll talk
Highest Cash Price paid for Butter end
Eggs. All muil orders for fruit promptly
attended.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
l-KIU'l.   Hll   Illi'lll     I'llltl���>".
Mgrn, Manitoba mi'i n. \v��� t���
\\ Innlpeg, simi.
Or to ROUT, OIOK80K, Oeiier.il Acent,
w Inntpeg, Mnn.
Bra$$ Band
Instrument!, Drums, Unlftiniis Ktc.
Lowest prices cvor quoted    Finn catalogue
50-s Illustrations msile-l treo.   Write m for uny-
thin* lu Musie or Muslin) liistrumeuts.
_,   ,��� *��--,._ *. n��   Toronto,Ont,and
Whaley Boyce s Co.,     winni.*!-:, Man.
Munafuotured bj THOS. IKK, Winnipeg,
Western Canada
ne Forum,       Business
Winnipeg, Man.     ,.,    ..
Deal (Systems    Capable Staff,
Individual instruction.
Evening pluses now organised,  A co
our college will cos) vou frotn % to M tbo tlm
nnd money you will (inve tospond in other inis-
mesa college*! for tbe Mime degreo (>r efficiency.
mi per oent of onr graduates are holding itikhI
|ii.-ili<ih*.   Write for eiiliiltsfrim.
W  A. SIPPRELL, B, A��� Principal.
Catholic Prayer K?il��K5:
aim., Rollgloua L-'sslurca. stsisssurv, sisul Qlraroll
OriiutiiniiSH, l'<lnr:itii>iml WUrks Mallnrilrr-iri'*
osslve prompt stloullois. [), **. J. aJH it IM. .KOItlial
Wo Itecp a largo Stock always on
hand of
W. can Hi am PisUr ot Weekly
l'lipc-r, or Jisli Outflta on .
fow hiiur, osilico.
We aim asipply READY I'RINTS,
1 Cat? Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
antl Bed-room Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges ami
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Bar Common Furniture
Mattresses,  Pillows,  &c.
I Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for the
building and mining Trade
1 Car Ckoice Groceries
Canned  Goods,   &c.
*}  '��� " ..S'\:SA.>J\*AiJ*\.*}-.>l.i---i*'*i j,V^j
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of Jill siaes for
Screen Doors aad        clows
to keep out mosquitoes.
Genuine  Maple  Syrup
from Quebec,
CRACKERS, l-'01l
Golden,   B.C.
Kirr|ptor|     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miner.* going north ward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald,
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
. Windermere,  Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents al Windsrmerefor CaliforniaGiantPowderCo
Subscribers and advertisers nre hereby notified thnt thin Couijniny, having
resinned poflFfflaion of Tilt, GOLDEN
EltA ns from Mny 25th, accounts in
connection with the business from
that date ars payable at the Company's
olHco or *.o A. G. Harrison.
Tho Golden Era Co. Lid. Ly.,
per E. A. HAGGEN,
Managing Director.
, ��� ��� THK . ��� ���
Headquarters for Commercial Mon.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Itaffgage Transferred Free.
Hot nnd Cold Baths*
J Atcs $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Ciffars
J.   C.  Greene, Proprietor.
"We regret to leport that Miss Gladys
Houston is seriously ill, na tlm result
ui a drenching reot-slvud daring oir
recent sho-very vvenihev.
A Japanese liihoror wn* brought in
to tlio Iios|iitnl this morning, suffering
from ii badly out head, Tt appears
that while proceeding; io woik ut the
Glacier on n handoar he became al ttn lied on seeing the passenger train
approaching uud without waiting t.v
the handcar io he stopped, look a flying leap. Wo venture I he opinion ihai
he will know better next time.
Services in St. Paul's church Hun-
day next ���11 a.m , prayer and ser
mon; 7.IK) p.m., prayer and sermon.
ttev. 0. E, S.Ms will nffictaie.
Mrs. W, 0. Wells has gone to spend
a fuw days at Victoria, accompanied
by lier son J. D Wells.
Tho New Westminster lacrosse lean:
defeated Montreal In their first game
py a score of 5 to 2.
Hon. W. C. Wells is expected homo
in three weeks when he will visit
the various parts of the constituency.
The Legislature will iu all probability
prorogue about the middle of next
The meeting of Liberals culled by
President Greene will bn hold at the
Queen's Hotel on Mutiduy evening.
Miss Marie Hudon has none to St.
Boniface to ppond a few months with
relatives there,
H. 0. Hammond and son, of Toronto,
are visiting tho upper oountry.
Miss Florence Pugh and her little
sister Es hei are spending a few du\ s at
Willet t Bookhout is nl out. aguiu
after his attack of typhoid fever, from
whicli lie bus been suffering lately.
Dr. Taylor, who luia bum visiting
Eastern Canada and New York, returned on No. 1 today. He reports
having had a very enjoyable time, but
that he is pleased to bn back in Gulden.
P. AV. Jones leaves tomorrow f"i-
Banff and will be absent till Monday,
Tho Mining Act has been amended
so that all surveys iu future will
count as assoASinent work, not to ex-
ceed, however, 8110.
j. E, and Mrs, Griffith wero in
Victoria on Tuesday last. Tliey are
expected back ahout the 3rd pruX,
Tho amount thut has heen passed
for public worln in North EiHl Kootenay is $22,500 This is u ro.luatlon of
about SH.COO ou the amount p'-iiud in
theeetiuwitts in the first iiisuiica.
A Chinaman in Moutreal said tb
otlier day ill at he was not a Christian
but a Presbyterian,
J. A. Bangs, advocate, of Calgary,
arrived hereon Monday last and wrnt
io Windernuie ou Tuesday oji tho
Thomas 0 Brien returned on Monday
last from Victoria.
The Conservatives meet in Columbia
Hall on Monday evening next at the
hour of 8 for the purpose of organizing
und electing n delegate to attend the
New West minster convention,
������Silly" in tho 300.
The London Canadian Gazette says
there aro few more popular residents
ut the 'Aoo than Billy, the Goldtn
mascot, who wns taken over to England in May last by our townsman,
Rocky Mount-tin Joe (Mr. Joseph
Liimo. tngne. of Golden). Billy is
justly regarded as ii very distinguished
animal, n fuel ol which lie is duly uud
always oogulsaut. He cau spot h
Canadian on sight, nnd if anyone from
thd Ruokien should happen to go to,
Zoo wu Humid advise him lo keep
away from H Ily V qUHrtni'S, for )\ti
delight at mooting friends from '-Hack
West" is such that he won't hear of
them leaving until tliu clearance bell
Our Celestial Citizens.
Chinese Labor Syndicate. The laborer
could uot earn it quite eo rapidly,
and there would always bo tho danger
or hii working himself to death before
bis tax wer-.! paid. Bat the present
system sho.ild be stopped without
There aro in this city some hundred
and fifty Chinamen. As citizens they
aro absolutely useless, They import
everything they need and export every
dollar they make. From a social
standpoint tbey arc equally undesirable. They are uncleanly in their
habits and depraved iu their tastes,
Every outbreak of disease can be traced
hack to a Chinaman's shur>. Their
presence lowers tho value of property
in their, neighborhood, although it
adds materially io tho variety and
pungency of its odors. Thoy use our
S uitlsy schools for tlie purpose of
iCnTiiiug our languagu and our utmos-
. here for the consumption of opium.
Iintidentivltj limy ruin our linen while
washing it. Having mado out of us
all ihey think ihey can stand, ihey
leave us for fresher Holds and newer
pastures, where tbey reappear as social
pnnisitis feeding on the money of the
community ami giving nothing iu
If Canada is to remain a while man's
(From oar own Correspondent)
Rev. W. ��>. Turner held divine service in tho church last Monday evening.
The weather is beginning to feel like
Tall already.
It is reported here thnt the C. P. R.
will put iii another siding at Beaver
before the snow flies. The new siding
will hold 50 cars.
Miss Davis, from New Wistiniuster.
opened school on August l'Hh.       ,
Admiral Briukmun, who,has spent
the summer ft Banff and Canmore, hns
returned to his duties dowu the Columbia.
It is reported that one of the milt
boys will socfti join the raTiks of the
Another prominent yonng man wns
sl,\ly sizing up MeDermot's furniture
Iveriiseiuciit in The Era.
Mr, Lougmoro lias liulishcd painting
for the tire department. t
Wo wero all pleated to hare Mr.
Met .'ready with us for a few dajs this
week. Mao looks as well und healthy
asevor he did.
The Contralto,
Who will appear in Columbia Hall,
Golden, on Thursday evtuing next.
Miss Miller is world-famed. Stanley
Adams, baritone; Robt. C, Campbell,
tenor; Miss Jean Forsyth, soprano aud
accompanisie, all of whom will assist
Miss Miller.
country, the immignition of these
undesirable people should be restricted.
If ihey sliould lake u notion to become
naturalised British subjects, there is
no'hhig to prevent thoir having a
powerful voice in the future legislation
of this country, or at least lhe western
part of jr. And John Chinaman is
quite slick enough to take advantage
of everything that will forward his
owu interests. The Government should
cry halt beforo it is too Into,
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First clasa accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining- Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B. C. Assay& Chemical Supply Co, Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.C.
*,,     i-   , ..*/,-., (md direct Importers, and entry a larjo smelt nf Balances,
WonroMAmto B(��ks;'Glitts.vare,Platinum Goods,
irnaciH, X* We tl.iy ^MH, ��"����'"' j jn���orM> re-piirentents.
hto'feSAUENrd fe lSw.ii Cnw*"'* Company, X-O.-ne*. Becker's Sons
As Others See Us.
Leaving aside all quest ions of politics
and ail theories of political economy.
It is now perfectly plain (hut we nro
within measurable distance of thu
industrial annexation nf ihe vast nnd
vnlunblo area of Canada which lies
between the Rocky Mountains uud lhe
Pacific Ocean hy the Chinese nml
Japanese, Is this hi tho genrrnl
intereM of Canada or is it not ? Let ns
face the question squarely und take
tides on it one wuy or the other. The
Bulletin b< lieves tbat such a result
wuuld im io tbe stupendous injury, of
tho country at largo, both east, and
west, helieving that* it supports u
polioy of exclusion nf Oriental imiui
grutioii such ns bus been adopted by
other British union ic*-*!, i.oiably N.ital
nid the AiiS'i-alias, wheu similar!,
.mdiuigered.- E Imonton B illotiu.
Britain's Coal Supply.
Much discussion is still going on iu
Great Britain regarding tho question
of the coal supply, and mnny now
reilizothnt in a few generations at
most this will be a matter of vital
importance to the manufacturers. It
is uot entirely a quenion of the veins
becoming exhausted, as they may
extend to a great depth, but the
exp'iise iif mining will be so increased
ns depth is reached that the British
munufactutvr -a ill be placed under a
great disadvan'uge in competing wiih
other countries where the coal is more
easy of access. The output cf coul has
doubhd since the last luqury made hy
Royal commission thirty years ngo,
nnd ax one-fifth of the production l<
exported jt is snguestud that a tax In
levied with a viow to keeping thuco.il
for homo use.
Balanced, Etc.
Catalogue and full particular on application.
The Calgary Herald, in sizing up
the Chinese question in n recent issue,
says: ���
Sir Wilfrid Laurier refuses tho request of the British Columbia Legislature to impose a tax of 8500 per head
ou Chinese immigrants for the rouson
tbnt the people of Eastern Canada oro
not prepared to go so far. With all
respect, we think Sir Wilfrid is wrong
There ore comparatively speaking very
few Chinamen in Eastern Canada,
while in British Columbia and the
Territories they are today a menace to
white labor and are crowding white
men ont of employment. Tbe present
tax Is altogether insufficient, One
hundred dollars per head is an insignificant sum to the wealthy Chinese
companies who are importing their
slaves into Canada by the hundred
and who can bo relied upon to recoup
themselves with interest from the earnings of iheir creatures. A tax of $600
would  entail  some   risk even   to  a
The Friend of the Canadian
Soldie s.
Lord Roberts hfs on more than one
occasion expressed his admiration fo
the Canadian hoys who are taking
sin-h un act i ve part iu t ho Soul h
African war, In ull tho corns |��bn-
deuce from lhe front It Is also pleading
to note the esteem 111 which the boy A
hold their fl'i md "Bubs." Lord
Koberis has th) Canadian boys with
him ull Ihe time. This is u great
com pi i ment to Cauadn, There arc
thousands of Canadians who have
fi ieuds or relatives in tbo Canadian
contingent and who would be glad to
haven portrait of the groat general
under whom they nre fighting nnd
lighting successfully. Tho Family
Herald and Weekly Star has published
n really handsome colored portrait of
Lord Roberts and we hare completed
arrangements with them by which all
our readers and residents of this vicinity can secure n copy. It is a true
picture of the famous general. It is
17x22 inches, uu exact reproduction of
a painting by on of tho best European
We will send The Golden Era and
the Family Herald and Weekly Star
from now until the end of the year,
inoluding tbe portrait ol Lord Roberts,
for the em sll Sum of $1.25, nnd if nny
person feels that it is not worth the
money the same will.be refunded.
To any of our subscribers whose
arrears have beeu paid we offer the
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
(ho picture for GO cents. The above
offers are open for a limited time ouly.
A Swap.
One evening at the D'vonshira club
a New York friend was talking to Phil
May of Punch about his youth. "You
ieem pretty well connected with tlie
wot Id. You haven't the appearance of
a man who knows what tinhappiues-.
means." "Haven't I?" responded the
artist with   his   odd   little  chuckle.
Lit mo tell you a very short and
very true story. Not half ii dozen
blocks from where we are sitting I met
a youngster oue dny wiih a big slice
of bacon between two slices of bread in
hands I wus carryiuy a hand
some walking stick, The boy looked
at my cane enviously und I looked at
the bacon hungrily. Our eyes met,
and. without speaking a word we
swapped, nnd I needed the bread and
bacon much more than ho ueedel tbe
cane."-Loudon Truth.
The Cynic.
It is always easier for nny womnn
lo jilease a mau than thu one who is
married to him.
Probably no one ever mourned fcr
the dead In u maimer satisfactory to
II his fi ieuds.
Some people have good luck they
can't boast nhout���iho good luck of
not y*. being found out.
The real clover people aro those who
rtcognizo th. inportunco of occasionally letting on ihut they nre fooled.
So many new things uie put up in
���an s every yenr lhat it is getting easier
every day for men to live comfortably
without women around.
We have noticed that lhe announcement if an engagement' always conies
from thtt bride's family ami thut the
groom's family are thu most skeptical.
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We have recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden,
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
All persons having nny 1 hums
against the partnership heretofi re existing between Messrs. Smith & Bates
.is printers and publis ers of The
i)olden Era, currying on huxinou at
Goldeu, B Cm will kindly send in to
iho undersigned a detailed stan'inent
of same ou or before tltelirddny of
September. 1000, Auy person who
muy be indebted to tho snid firm will
also l.e yood enough lo puv same lo
the undersigned ou or bufore the JJ;d
day of September, 1000.
.     NOTICE.
Having disposed of my hotel bind
nous to Mr. Frank Whi ing, all
ncconnts due tn me aro to be paid to
Mr. Thomns 0 Brhm, Solicitor, who
alone Is utthorized to receive thu same
anil give receipts therefore.
Dated  nt Golden  this 110th dny of
Julv, 11100.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate iu  tlm Goldon Mining Divlmitn of
EnKt Kootemiy liUinei, B.C., at tlio he d
of rit'tOOtt Mile Crook.
TAKE NOTICE tln.t I. James Brady,
ngent far Manuel Dainard, Freo Miner's
(iiriilli-nie No- lll'iw;., inuunl, sixty days
from thulium hereof, tanp ly to the Mining
Wet-miter for a Certificate ot Improvements
fur 'hi' purporo uf oliudniiig a Crown Uriuit
tor thn i.liiivi, rlidm.
And further ti,ke notice that ae iun, under
Bectldti H7j must no cnaiuieiii-cd liet'oru thu
Issiitmeu of suell Ccrtiflento of liuprovoinouta.
"Dated ihis 1std��y uf August, 111 0,
Agent for Manuel Dainard
For Sale
Wagons, Sleigns,
Aperajoes, Pack
Saddles, Harness,
and Camp Outfits.
Apply to
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tho Columbia Kiver, ansi tho
centre of an extensive stock -raisins**; und ranching' country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cootie in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fuct that transportation is now assured at nn early dato
by a railway running' tho length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Goldon to Cranbrook, ensure great,
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootonay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered foims
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it, to their interest to purchase before a furt.V.er rise
takes plhce.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree!
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees,
II. B. Alexander., Trustee, Sandon,
II._ G._ Parson. Merchant,
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .   .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Houtls Hide Klcklsiir Ilorao ltlvssss,
Harvey, McCarter Si Pinkham,
llsirrt.tssra, -Solicitor*. As-.
Kevul-iluk-s, II.I*.
3. A. 1IA1IVKY,
Fort Sls-sslo, H.O.
Koossis, Als-xausler lilos.lt*, (.'oltleil 11. C.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wlsssli-asslu & Botllll
Cattle, Stioop sisssl Huras* Dotilers.
Jas Hiiady, D.LS..-& P.L..S,
Mining- Engineer,
M. Alil'li. lust. ME.
Afftsnt for olstssisisiiff Cross-ss Grsssita, sluliis;
sssinisiil iisseaaisioist work, sssi-.   Aslilrs-sm:
Coffins and
Funsr.l EoIspss of sill tisssla.
Os-sler. pi-uissptly alienus-sl to.
W. Li, Houston,
Golden,  B.C.
Commercial -Toilet*?*
llox  317.   Vancouver,   IJ.   O.
Thorough instruction in bus!ticca
methods, Book keeping, {we \i��e no
text-books, but do actual (bt.si m-ss)
Shorthand and Typewriting. Wo prepare for examinations.
A   P. * A.  JI.
Mousttniss LoHuis, Nu. li. A, 1-'. &
A. M. Itssfriilhr Cssiisisiiiiiis-sitioii,
sses-osssl Moisslsiy its ovory iiiositli.
SiJitiiniiii-t* lii'otlii-ssli ioi'ilinlly iu-
3. 0. PIT IS, W. M.
U. H. PAHSON, Ksss-rotssry.
I,  0.  O.   P.
IIih-Isv Slossistsilss Losluss No. H4 isiosstss In
Oslills-llusva llssll. (Isi'iloil, sinsry \\ ssslssraslts]'
fit 8 li.tss. HojisllS'llillB brothrs-li svs-ls-ninst.
C.TB.  "	
T, WOOD, Hns*.
ffS-'fW:H**-J 'XH-.*r*R*m*r%>'
THIRTY-SEVENTH YEAR.   ��� ���  -fj
Twenty Pages; Weeklr.ninstrateil.]
' 220 Mabket 8t���   9*N Ffl��NOI8COLCAL.,
for icctptabto Ute*.
__       BtHlMTt, Md.
- JEtet the P.-rsnST B-SSS-OU **t
Vtt****-, JBsmplwftw.
Our fee returned II we fait. Auy oue ficudin-s
���ketch nnd dcicrlptlon of any invention will
promptly rewve our opinion free conct-rnlnff
the patentability of name. "How to Obtiiiu a
rateut" nent upon requeRt l'atents secured
through m advertised for sale nt our expense,
Poteiits tnken out thraujjli an receive special
votien, without chnrge, in Tub 1'atent Recouu,
nu i I lust rated and widely circulated journal,
consulted by Manufacturers and Investors.
Beud for sample rapy VIII.  Addicts,
(Pateat Attorneys,)
Evans iullding, WAOHINOTON, D. 0.
FRUIT and     rpTJ-riTjir!
MAGNOLIAS. BULBS, new crop or
For  Spring plmitinjj.     Lnrgept   nnd
most   couipleto   stook     in    rt'esteru
Ctiniidn.    ChII and make your selec*
lions or send for catalopuo.     Address
at Nursery Grounds or Greenhouse.
Ml   UCMDV  3009 Westminster
. tl. nCnni, Uoad, Vancouver
5ff YEARS' ,
Scientific Jlmerican.
_ _w BOMlbyall-newstleiilers.


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