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The Golden Era Feb 7, 1902

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��� \\
VOL. XI NO *$\
GOLDEN, British Columbia. FRIDAY, February 7.1902
$2 Per Year.
H.H. Howland, Preeident.
T. B. llBRRirr, Vice-President,
D. Bt Wilbib, General Manager.
et*tt,    *
Interest Allowed on
Depoaits of $1.00 and
Upwards at Current Bates.
J. S. GIBB, Manager.
JA8. BBA-Y. D.L8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'a. Inst. ME.
��� Surveys mails for Assessment Work and
Grown Grants.
-and Ibr sale on Lake Wlmlermstre aad
flndlav Creek East Kootenav.
SAIiE �����&-�������
GT0CK-TAKIN6 disclosed many odd
lots and broken lines in every department in the store. During this month you
can pick up these oddments at prices which
in many cases do not represent even cost of
raw material.
.  .  .  tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���sMath ilds Kicking floras Biver,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale ft Retail
battle. Sheep and Horse Dealers.
,!���*���,.   OOLDEN  B.C.
Thomas O'Brien,
'���'��� Barrister, Solioitor,
Aotary Publio.'*oiiveyanoer,etc
OnC.-aia I'pj-fir Columbia Navigation, and
Tram ray t*o.n|s.-usy'a flaild'cg,
ii*ie**\. a..'.
Hair-fey, McCarter _* Pinkham.
-ar'rlatars, lolltltsrs, A*.
_.___ J.A.HARVEY
B.C. Pert Steele. H.C
a: m. Pinkham,
Psriruson B. 0.
House,,. J
****GOU>l_N, B.C.
One of the Lirgett and Beit Managed Hottls In British Columbia.
���s**-tpeeial attention fiveu to taggse* of
���ttsnsaireUl mtn.   Delivered to and frot.
��� ofchoree.
~ par day,    Special "las tot
AMI m ****** eei-rtpie-tora, th*
******* At worri*_i-H*v��i you
Iwt thM* ********* thi-UBh
Tm-��M Unr, soon-tipatlon,
i er N��rvoiMnr*Mt
"___*���" 4m V-0-1*
.. j M lak* th**-  Aet Ilk* a
__^  Vstsr grips.   PtaMaat laxative
_r**a, Ws*a(ajT--ieras. aaj. _*acoo-
�����r^s-. *#. pi��m.
0**igir* JMnt gtvrt  Uttw.
'""MS mj>***r*>**- P��r��
�� ��M ftr th* Httrl
'<*Uem wicl ourad hor.
froo** Httrl
l confinedto
Dr. Aasnr'i
" card twit*
F. M. Barrett ���T
Manufactures and carries in stick Lumber Htrnesf-,
Parm Harness, Double Carriage Harneii)- Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Rising Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Swent Pads,
Horse.Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoos of all kinds
male to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right. Mail orders of all hinds receive prompt,
[taken i rt.i li m from our stock would give a fair idea of
the beauty and value of the goods we offer. Let your eye
ran ouer this 1st of
a d miii*T a rote of tho prices . When you .see the goods
you'll know u \,_ wo claim to have the test value in town.
TOM & Co.
Upper Columbia
Navigation i. Tramway Co.
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, Kf'Sf,,.
\rr ing division.       9      9       9
3bb prlrttrKst Ihe Eua office.
For ratw on Ore ind other information apply to
C. \\i.  P<Sll*SO.Il,    SECRETARY
(BeroreJ. E. Griffith, S.M.)
On Tueiday afternoon Henry Burden* wa* brought before Majciatrate
Griffith charged with Mtaultlng Eli
O'Brien with a knife, Dec. 25th, at
Beeohea' cimp. Tht priioner wat
ably defended by Lawyer BloomSed, of
Vancouver, who happened to be in
town, knd generoutly took up tbl case
on the!prisoner's behalf.
The testimony given ky O'Brien doos
nol materially differ from a statement
already published In these columns
giving* his side of the etory, which ws*
to the effect that he received hit injur
iee while enacting .lie role bf peace-
roaker'betwceu two otlier men. Wo
therefore give duly the testimony ol
Dr. Taylor as to O'Brien's condition
and that of Geo. Woods, waller, who
saw tlje fight at the camp.
GeoJWoods, waiter-I heard O'Brien,
who wla* standing in the centre of the
floor, fay that if there was anyone in
tbe oamp wauling to fight him he waa
ready. About 6 o'olock I rang the
bell for eu|.|,er. Burdette oame in aod
eat down at hit place and shortl,
afterward! I heard a noiae. I turned
to see what it -as and saw the cook
put hll hand on Burdette's shouller
aud I walked up to sse what the trouble
wae, I saw two apples fly pail Bur
delta knd the cook and another hit the
table. I looked and saw O'Brien iii the
position as 11 he had thrown the apples
but will not swear that he did eo, but
there was no one else on the other side
of he table. I followed Burdette and
O'Brien did tha same. O'Brien said,
���'What did vou throw the apple in my
face for,* and atked Burdette if he
wanted to .scrap, but Burdette said
othlag. O'Brien asked Burdette to
look bim in ibe face snd then struck
bim in the back oi tlte neck uud also
on tb, forehead Burdette turned hi-
baok .to O'Brien to go out when hr
waa knocked down between. the two
tables. O'Brien tell ou hiin and turned
and kicked him twice in ihefaCe. Hur
detlo tried to raise himself u;i and the
gentle "peacemaker* jumped uu hisrili**:
The oook pulled him off. I helped
Bursletie up and sold hiin to clear out
He went-round to ond citable arid laid
If O'Brien came near hiin he woulsl
���mash him. 1 did not iee a knife in
Burdeilsi't hand. He shook hi* htt at
O'Brien and told him to corns* on he
wat ready for him now. I tried to
���have him back s* O'Brie i went to
ward* him I Mopped away and aaw
them meet. I law O'Brien *ei*e Bur-
dene bythe throat. Burdette struck
at him but I did nut iee * knife. I
heard the took tay he had a knife. I
looked over my shoulder arid taw the
cook In tb* act of striking with a
stove-wood itlok. I went to the door
to get a club and a man named Erick
aou on,* in. I saw the cook tlmw
and bit Burdens with a dick of woof,
Dr. Taylor'* evidence wat to the
effect that O'Brien wa* brought to tbe
hospital Christmaa day in a comatose
condition result Ing from lots of blood ;
had 10 knif* wound* on bim ; left the
hotpital for list time that day ; there
were two wounde in chest tnd op, in
back that panel rated muscles; none
were very serious until after blood
poisoning set in. lie hail attended lhe
prisoner also; be had a wound on his
head, but hie case was not as danger
ous as O'Brien's.
Mr. Bloomfleld asked she magl-trato
to try tho oase summarily. He pleaded guilty on behalf ol prisoner, and
alter oalling ou the snarl! to i.ro. ���.< i hss
good character ol the prisoi er and the
indifferent ono of the prbseouior; the
magistrate senienoed Burdette to two
month*' itnpr (somen*, wiih hard
labor in Oolden jail.
(Before Ur. Moodie, J.l'.l
O.i Tuesday afternuou, Mr H B
Moody heard the ease of D*. is v Ml-
ligan, which wat on* ot common
assault. Oeo. S MoCarter. of Be* el
stoke, acted for the del* nee Tl.e
defendant, Milligan. was Una I SIO ami
coat, the latter being tH.i'sU
Vanoouver I* shortly to have a in w
Industry in the shape of au establishment where iardinet will be canned.
It will be located on false Creek.
It !��� now reported that Lord Salis
bury contemplate* Miring from the
preinierihip of ihe Imi trial Parliament
at the conclui'on of the Boer war.
Th, ohances are that th, electori will
bring about hit retirement before then.
Halifas, Feb. 4-Thn Berne south-
westltrly gale which swept over Nova
Scotia Sunday wae tho most destructive to shipping fur many month*.
Report* of wrecks are coming in from
ail parte of Ihe coast. The etorm was
particularly felt in the Bay of Fundy
and along the south shore. No less
thsn .5 vesaela, including one steamer
and one brigantine met disaster. Half
at least of them are total wrecks' and
and the loss will be large. At Lunenburg sixteen vessels were wrecked and
tbe damage and property loss Is esti
mated at. 120,1)00. The crew of the Dn.
minion coal steamer Mire, from Boston for Louisburg, whioh wai wrecked
thii morning at Chelaouge Point, near
Yarmouth, N.S.,' had a thrilling ex
perience iu getting ashore. Life boats
were useless In the fierce snd raging
surf on the rocky coast, Finally a
life-line was run ashore and the crew
carried aahore in a basket,
London, Feb. 4 ���The large and fash
ionable congregation whicli attended a
memorial service officially described as
"Requiem for the repote of t tie soul of
our sovereign, the late Queen Victoria,*
at St. Matthews'* church, ihis morning, was greatly scandalized by the
conduct of a number of anti-ritualists,
who, immediately after the service
was couoluded, stood up in the church
and declared tbat "the service was a
blasphemous insult to Queen Victoria's
memory.* "Thi* is uot Ood's house,"
laid one objector, "this is a joss
Tho British Ooveritment has replied
to the Dutch n-lti that It the Boers ii
tho Held want to m*��otiate for peace
they can do su in South Africa. Nd
foreign power will be allowed io intervene
Mill Porteoul, of Gait, Oot., arrived
at H-Jlfax fi oui Natal, South Afrioa,
ihi* w,*k. She says that renegade
Englishmen, mote disposed to made
money than be patriotic, are reipon
sihle for tbe Boer supply of ammOni-
it Has Saved Thousands
From the Grave.
The Oreat Disease Banliher Is
Now Recommended by Able
Physicians and Its Virtues
Extolled by Prominent
Sickly children, weary women, ami
tired, broken-down men find in Paine's
Celery Compound health, sirongthand
happiness. I'or all the disease* wbich
areresslly Ihe result of weakened nerves,
such ai dyspepsia, headache, sleepless
nets, rheumatism and kidney and liver
troublo*, Paine's Celery Coin|souud is
tlse onlv mncsly that absolutely euros,
It bas done more good lor humanity
than an. tithe, medical discovery of
the pssst fifty years, anil well deserves
the ileal ty and grateful praiae ol the
ilioiisnud- whom il ln�� siMtdnd from
the jau a of death.
Roi* John S. Miclmud, ili-hup uf
Burlington, Vt. or. ot the most pro
ml nent priests ul ihn Roman Ca'liolic
Church in America Wi'iies km foil, wh :
������I have been a-ked why I recommend
Pttlne's U l.*r. ' out, omid, nnd I i-s.iv
iu pl.t uii rs-o.u-d fm mi iu> rents,* s
fur thlieiidoi-i.ei.it.sit, hoping ihu mv
re-isons may inspire thus.* render- ivlio
lived health and -ireug-h Willi f.sllli us
try Paiuu's Celery Compound is.h provt
to themselves its worth.
���At the Fanny Allan Hospital, as:
institution in whioh I hiii deeply inter
.tied. Paine's Celery Conn omul Isn-
he,-n u-ed successful!*,. The S.sters of
Merov as Mount St. .Mtsr.'a Ac.ideuii
on Manffi.-lil ii"-.. reh Upon Psllltlre
C^ies-v ('o'.ips.iiii.l na a tonic issui
Ktri-nc'hisu r In mv own lion-idiol-i
otic of tha il(itns-S'!C*- has taken Paini's
P.i'nt**a Celery l.'oi��|>oiiiid for liver
s,oulsle of lonir is:>in linu and says, ' Ii
has done mon* good than anv other
medicine.' Several luh.-t- bsivoaiioken
to ma In praiae ol thi! r medy, and I
believe It has the confidence ol mv
aaiooiutei. Even did I not know from
personal observation ol the worth o'
Paine's Celery Compound. I should
feel tike praising it for the simple res
son that tt it prepared hy the Weils ft
Richardson Co., ti linn whosemeui-scrs
I have known Tor nearly a quarter of >.
century, and tu whom I have period
The Marquia ot Dufferin is growing*
The whole of western Michigan hii
beeu swept by a terrlho billiard, th*
want In years.
Lord Kitchener reports that during
the week ending Feb. 1st, .9 Boers
were killed, 6 wounded. 143 captured
and 48 surrendered.
A Toronto despatoh dated Feb. 4iti
���ayt: Hon. David Mills hss decided te
accept the position on the Supreme
Court Bench made vacant by tbe dealH
of Judge Gwynie.
The Council of the Ontario College
of Pharmacy, on Tuesday last, discussed the request from British Columbi*
lhat the diplomas of that province bi
recogniied in Ontario. It ia likely
that the request will be gf-anted.
It is staid that the Ross Government
of Ontario will submit lhe Manitohs-
Pruhihition Act to ths electors, simplv
saying: "Here is an Act which bs.'
lieen favofafcly passed on by ibe Privy
Council It is for you to say whethe*
it will be placed on tlie statute books'
or not," It is said that the Government will insist upon it least a three
fifths vole in favor.
Calgary Bonspiel.
The Calgftfy Bonspiel opened or*
Tuesday. The ice was in uood condition. Anthracite, Fish Creek, Jlnt
leod and Golden hnd ieains present
The Golden rinks were made up as follows !
Weill, Alensii.aer. Tom. Tjlloclt, skip
Whiting. U.iinsird. El wood, ilpaffori*..
The nro'-jraiiiiiie c6'si��!_ts of eevetf
different evei-'a, including Grand Cha'
leugo Cup presented by Hiram Walks-'
k Sons. Walkcrville. Out., the McNeil1
Trophy, Brewery Trophy, Burns Tf-
plsy, Visitors' Trophy; CoriSolat1>..r
C h, Points,
In the first gartio -pnfford defeats*-".
Ullock 9 lo 8, and Ullock won from
McNeill of Calgafy by 14 to 3 in *U*
ends in the McNeill competition.
Waiorbitr.', Com.., was) visited be
the arc fiend tin Feb 3rd The business |ioriiim suffered loss to the ex-.euf
ot 14,000 000.
Vancouver, Fell. .'t-J-V. Milne, on*
of the original promoter! ol the V'., V.
st E*. has ontere.1 action in Victoria
aud tl.e case will likely bo heard uoxt
work, agaiust D. J. .Macdonnell, ol
Vaueoaver, lor* ibe sum of 112,601'.
Uaedooell waa ��o'l:iior for Milne tuff
bis associate, anl during Milne'* ak*
lance in England obtained An option
from Milne'-s attorney, Hs.ll, on hit
Interests aa well a. that o*"'(li�� otuef
promoter!. Tho |.lai.itiff ��lnita�� thai
Mtcdonell mas3a use of his knowledge
as solicitor ol the company lo socuie
the options after hc fouud out that the
sledl waagoing through. Milne la now
claiming frum Macdonell i he sum mentioned, which', it is alleged, is the difference between the nmnUut paid Milne'
for hi* tharei and the umount realist*!
frum it by Macdonell. Jos Martin _!
Milne's, counsel.
Nicioria, Feb. 3-Write havo beef!
iseued fos a suit taken hy C. A. E. Neil
oi this city whs U a l.sr himself and
lhe king against I he New Westiginiter
Coal Company a d Nelson Electriti
Tr.in.way Ooihyauy. Neil claims forfeitures and penalties under lho Dominion R lilwny Act for infractions oil
the part ol the Companies. The sunt
total sued for being $94,000.
Dr. Clink..'-Little Red Pills are it
positive uud certain cure tor la grippe; '
rhiieniauain, nsshina.paralysis, calarrtt
s'zi'.na, cough*., backache. Indigostion,'
sll stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when the diseases Issivt*
h en standing fur mnny years, the most
-nui lorn cases will yield. Price 51?
cents |sef box.    For sssils by C. W Field:
Tlui Canadian Chemical Company;
Pet.-rl.oro.sgh. Out,, will forfeit $10 for
any case that these pills do not help.
Dr. Clarke't Sure Cure fort'-atarrah
and Dr. Rlurke's Sure Cure for Ecznlie.
su me trice.   Ten ^Klliiis will bo paid
fur any case tliey -K-ill -sit ^^l-Mi-utcHtlyy*
*irrh THE ERA,GOLDEN,RC, February 7, tilt,
(She (Sali-mi ��va.
Pl'lll.lillLls F.V8RY FRIDAY.
Story of Father Pat.
Ei>. V. CiitUinm.s, - MUor and Publisher
Subscriptions $*i.00 por year iu .-idvanco.
A.lvertiaiuu rates made knowd on reqao.il
FRIDAY. Feuuu.mi-/ 7, lXi.
We nro clad to no'o the interest
awakened among the citizens .on tht
smelter qdestlo i. Deep down in every
heart there is n hitler feeling of resent*
ment st the iuj isiice on llie one hand
��nd tin. sui| eiiflous nerve of the s.y.idi-
calo peupluon iho oilier. Thnt ihey
-should reap where they hnd not sown
aiul giuher f.-uit thai iliey never plaut*
ed ia something a.? manifestly, opposed
to the itrnel-ul idea of t.hectt'i'titil tit ness
of ihiu-ts thai it is lis*le -won ler thnt
a strong fei.linjj of indignation |jrevui!es
ihp whole comiiiniiity. However, one
thing is cei'inin, thu S.r.cher Syudiciie
Cares little nbout jusiice or any .ease
of oliligalioti.tljoy may be under .o-
\. itrds doing something for the ininiiu
interests of the dis't.lct and thereby
help to develop the town. It is dollars
ihey aro alter. They want to nee she
town grow na well as anyone, bit the
growth must ho tho result of other
people's industry, uot theirs Tliey
will gladly stand bv end take nilvati
uigo of values created by the jieojilo,
but to help it nlong with their own
uiouey is not pnrt o[ their game
Uss compelled tu do sr*.
It is apparent tlmt it the citizens
want to do -something practical to
icttlo this question e. strong, vigoious
appeal must It made to thll Dominion.
Government, As Hon. Mr. Aylmer
snid iu his communication of Inst
week "the Hoard cf Trade auggestf.
itself as u body eminently qnal lied to
take this master in hand." A grant
rcsponsibiliiy rest! upon the Board iu
this conuesiio.i. The citizsiisurolooking to it to take this mnlier up mid
put the case clenrly before .he Government and mniutaiu it until they get
ihey right kind of satisfaction, Wilms! the confidence which iho people
have iu the Board of Trade is ndi mis
placed. Several members of il have
dunu some big Inlking or this subject.
Let us give theso ftlluwi a clniuce lo
show thuir public spii-Iiedness b.v bringing in n projer resolution ut its next
minting, The man who will Hike this
mutter up will bum the hearty support
of the whole population,
London, Jan. 31.���Thd War Secretary, Mr. Brodrick,   in  introducing .
8ii|ip!einetnry  Army Estimate of i'5,
000,000 in ilia House today, said  lhat
Ihis brought tha total cost of tha war
for Ihe present year up to ��fil,070,0C0.
. On Jan. 1st there were still 337,000
-   British troops in South  Africa.   The
expenses ot the  war had now  bteii
reduced lo about ��4.500,000 per mon'li
���      Mr. Broilrick's presentation ol the
Estimate, furnished Sir John Blundiill
Maple, Conservative,   with  an opportunity to refer to yesterday's report if
the Committee,   appointed  to inquire
into the  purchase of  horso! for the
Briiish Army.    II.- asserted   thut  his
original  isintemsjiiis   were true.     Sir
.lulin submitted letter!  lo show  that
certain otlicera were mixed  up in the
hursti swindles   at    B uiu Pestli   ami
<   Viet.uu, and asserted that lhe evidence
hefosa the committee  rereisiVd a groi.
Mr. Hotihousil, i. iiii.mlier of tlm In-
qtllfy Committee d.'ended ihe oUii-era,
hut declared ilnil the investigation!
i reveals I glaring shortcomings in ihe
" Remount Dtpartii.-i.it. On one con*
ir.se; for horses, mnountlag lo ��111,.
0C0, the |irolit amounted to ��44,000,
A.tumi.sg that a titnisr percentage ot
jsrofit was made on the ��18,000,000
sjeui in remoulds, the War Office had
ihcetuued on the contractors a profit.
loiiilling ��M.0V0,O0O. Tlse Remount
Disptsittneiit was clearly insfficie.it, and
the oicer al Ihe Iss-nd of it ought lo bo
Mr. > Laboiichere, Radical, declared
that somebody onght to bo hanged in
i-osin*ciini. with tho remounts, and
tiioved Ine reduction of iho vole,
Mr, Drotiri'k defi-nd.d Muj -General
Win. R. '1'rs-r.mui,,Inspector-General ol
tl.e Remount Deparisucti', from tl.e
charges of nuy dishonorable conduct,
hut, afier Isciiig considerably pressed
hy lhe Liberal rile of tht House,
eventually undertook to mako a lull
Investigation* of lho cases of ail ijie
olfioers sioi.ceriied.
Mr. Lilsoisolserc'r   motion   wat rejected by si vote of
(Victoria Colouist.)
When llie chill hand of winter to a
certain extant relaxes in tbe mountains,
i hs season ot snow anil mud slides
commences. Those who have travelled up ansl down the C. P. R. from
Donald to Kamloops during lho early
spring fully realize the ('.anger, wiih
its inherent spice of adventure, that
those omployed ou a mountain railway
rather enjoy than fear. And it is of
thia time of the year, in lho spring of
1887, I will tell a story, ouly ouo of
many, showing the fearlessness and
manhood ot him whom thousand! in
the provineo were proud to call friend
���"Father Pat,"
The spring of the Jubilee year was
masked by more than un ordinary
number of slow slides, and everyone,
on tlio eastern slopes of the Rockies
patticulatly, had more than enough to
du. Offices, roundhouses and freight
sheds weie emptied, and all hands were
more than tired of shovjlliug snow.
Thore had been a big slide just west oi
Bear creek which, after some 18 hours
oi hard work, was oily half remov-id,
when, without a uiiouie's notice, down
ruined another along the sains avalanche clear.il elope of the mountain
side, partly filling thu cutting. A
large gang of Italians were working at
the west end, and a ruu wus'inado for
a.,feiy. But three men wero too late,
When their fellow-workmen rammed
nolhiug was seen but another immense
mound of snow, yei nil knew that
somewhere underneath it were three
human lives slowly ilicki-riiig away to
bo quenched with the Inst spasm of
suffocation. Many wont to work and
the snow flew as it rarely flies eveu
undor the pressure of "clearing the
road," ll look au hour to liberate the
three, but a spark of life still remained
Tl.e Italians, unaccustomed to the
effects of physical exhaustion, gavo
their fellows up for lost, and gathered
round them will, many exjiiessious of
sorrow, A few of the mure religious
took their irosarie',' aud kneeling beside the track, commenced telling their
beads and' praying for the departed
souls of iheir countrymen.
But Father Tat was near, as always
at tho scene of trouble. He ha-1 been
detained by the slide, cojjiii, from the
ws-at, and knuw that the Only- chance
to save the three was to get ihem to
hoapital al Donald. The slide intervened, he did not know for what distance us ihu fresh snow might have
piled up ti.e eastern end also, but he
did know that over Abut slide was an'
engine uud that- ui.ee ou il a half hour's
tun would carry liioj*. "daKocs" to
uiedital assistance.
He believed in lha gospel of actiqu.
Getting ono hoisted on his shoulders he
started acro.��s the slide. It was ouly
some 300 yards, but ivory yard was in
danger. Another alida might couie
down at any time, perhaps of mud,
when his chance ior life would bo very
silini, if not an imjiosnbility. But'
with hii athleiio frame and a life in
danger, Father Pat wai capable of
almost anything. It took him half an
hour to get the lirst one over, when we
at the other end recognized his form
and went out to meet him. Ilia bur-
was soon relieved and many volunteer
ed lo no hack s**th him, but hu refused
any ussistauce with'a cheery ''Thai's
all right, boys, I'll pack 'em over, lure
Three limes l.e iVonl across that
slid.sloiid.il with hia living burden,
and Must .timet the yard engino went
Pnitli, prttleno, and eix bottles
af South American Nervlna
"mado ovor" Mr, Wright-and
all his trouble, star-tod In a
disordered (tomach.
" At a general builder op of the -.v-l-m I
believenothing .\n espial Sou'.!. -\isicr;tj.i Nti*.
vine. At on: timo I setmei in hs .*:ilicl��l wills
almost all the ill*, that 0v.lt U heir lo���induction,
nervousness, gastric and nss.il catarrh, knot
liver and kidney disorders. This gseat remedy
was recommended io me. t took sis bottles ia
all, and what was apparently a hopeloH case
was quickly and pemsanentljr cured. I felt myself improving Iron, the lirat few dotal.*��� Nobis
-sA'ilght, sOraagtvillt, Ont 1,
Sold by C. W. Fitld.
to D.nald with a half-dead, eshaueted
Italian, coming back twice to find another waiting. Father Pat went on
with tha Inst one, tired out but happy,
and almost everyouo in the how dismantled railrond town wont out lo
meet the engine at the hospital. Nothing much was said, but when a subscription cume round for ohurob funds
tbe boys all dived pretty deep for it.
Father Pat ha. gone, Donald hue
censed to exist. His church even has
been torn down and re-erected at Goldsn, but none of us who knew him then
will ever*br-get iba whole suuled, companionable mnu who truly followed
the Chrisiliko example of "going about
doing dood"
Many more tale* might be told or
oor friond now in lhe great beyoud,
and I trust thai tome competent hard
will raise in rhe realm ot liieruimu an
enduring monument to him whose life
was devoted to true religion, without
petty .lidtiilpiiblis of creed.
[In connection wiih the.above we
reproduce llie following detpuu.li front
Rosslttiul, taken from one uf our exchangee; "Rossland friends huve subscribed a substantial sum towards
erecting a memorial of some description to the memory of thu late Rev.
Henry Imiu, siideiy known throughout tl.e Kootenny as '-'l*alher Pat.1'
To Keep Pace With the Times.
To make you ao-   JV/MDAOI   P    Oil   I   O w't'10ut l��ss ��f t"ne*
qualnted with our   |y I iTl/Av/L-C.   I    11_ L.O we make this proposition.
The Largest Ever Made to the Canadian Public.
An Automobile, Worth $2,000, Will be Given fe%i?"i,--,*'ifc'
On June 1st, 1902,
The Manufacturers Send Full
Range oi* Designs to Any
Nrs. Morton F. Paling, Winnipeg.
Man., writes as follows: "The three
mat and rug |,Biiei n* oMered from you
aro received. They are lovely and far
ahead of other designs I have seen*
shall show them to my friends. "Many
i hanks for your iirousjii, atiention to
my order. I use your celelirnted Diamond Dyos and found thein the best"
Ladies who havo not yet received
sheets of new designs of lhe Diamond
Dye Mat and Rug I'atterua, will do
well tu send a postal card wiih address
to 1'he Wi-lls k Richards-oil-. Co
Limited, SOU Mountain St., Montreal
AH designs mailed free te any part of
Canada and Newfoundland, ,
Hoppioinciitisry Estimates wontidnp:in>
by ii vuie of IM *0 61-
Foul breath and dlogustlng
cllaohargos, duo to Oatarrh,
mako thoutancl, o-r people
object**, of aversion���Dr. Ag��
notsVa Oatarrhtl Powder-Ro*
. Hon. Gnorgs Jamil, of Scranton, Pa., Says:
" I Isavo bat., n martyr u Caiatrh lor Isvinsy
jjisj, ston<t,*,at hanking and dropping Ih the
l-.r-.iat an-1 pain in i.-.t he*,}, very -efpifssivt
b-iiaih, 1 Isi-.-t 1st. Atf'ten*'. Calarrl.nl I'uss-iiir.
'la* .'rut application g.ivj ni'itini rrlii-f. /\|n*r
u-ing a h*. h.ttlos I...�� ctiwl,*!. jo cents, 7.
10,'ito Aar.dthsj8)|ilbi, c w F.cM
Iiuurf In tlie Impe'ial Life
Re.narknbl*. Ileeulfa l'*rons Or, Clni-fco'.
Wo.ld.rmt Lltlln Ited fills.
To lho Editor of the Ksa:
Sir; ��� I was troubled with rheutimiis!
fcr about eight ys*are, ami trivd a great
tiuuiber of-different kinsts of medicines
wiihoiu getting relief.   Last spring I
hccairte worse and I could hardly walk,
It was then Ibst I tried Dr. Clarke's
Wonderful Little Rod Pills,  and  two
boxes cured  ine completely.   I  have
had no rheumatism ainco taking this.
I am 82 years of ago, and oun walk
now   quite   smartly,   thanka to thi
remedy wonder.���Mrt Paul McDonald,
Eden Lake, Picton Co, N.S.
We have yet to know of a single cat
where these wonderful pills have ns.t
been almost entirely tuccessful Iu ef-
feeling a cure.-CANADA CHE.MI
CAL CO., Peieiborouab, Out.
They cured mo uf rheumatism after I
bad-been given up.���Audrew Closkey,
Victoria, B.C.*
Ex-All, Bailey, 3l. Johns, writes
I cannot speak too highly of Dr.
Clarke's Wonderful Little Red Pills.
They worked a miracle in my case and
cuied me after mnny years ofsufferiug
I do hot think their equal Is to be
Nothink like Dr. Clarke's Little Red
Pills (or the cure of heart trouble,
weakness and blood diseases, Have
used them everywhere wilh success.���
Dr. E. F. Manu, Into of H. M. Puree.,
South Africa,
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills permanently cured me of headache, I
auSered for years, and only look two
bsxee. 'That ia year ago. I have not
had a lympioin since.-JamesR.Jackson, Snult Ste. Marie, Ont.
I do not believe ihrre is a medicine
to oomrjare with Dr. Clarke's Little
Red Pillt. Tl.ey oured mo of indigsjs
tion and catarrh of the stomach after
nine years' suffering. ~H. S. Macdonald, O T.R. ahope, Montreal.
Dr. Clarke'a Little Red Pillt area
positive and certain.cure for la grippe,
rhuemasism, asthma, paralysis, catarrh
.enema, coughs, backache, Indigestion,
sll stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when the diseases have
been standing lor many yean, tha most
stubborn cases will yield. Price 60
sMnts per box.   Forjsnle b.v C. W Field.
The Canadian Chessilcol Company,
Peterborough. Out., will forfeit SIO for
ativ case thai the** pills do not help.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure forCatarrah
and Dr. Clai-lte'ss Sure Cui-I. for Eczema,
same price.   Ten  dollars will he paid I
for any case thoy will not permanently
euro '.������''
To tho Person who will Come the Nearest to the Exact dumber of
Cupons We Will Receive.
Judges of the strongest reliability will be selected, and the results published,
bo that everyone will have a fair chance, and will know this to be
A BONA FIDE OFFER..       *--
Th.? ordinary methods of lhaking our Miracle Pills known to the publio
are too slow���takes too much time.   That is tho reason we make this offer.
fllipacle Pills
area guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troubles, Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad
Breath, Indigestion, Pimples, Dyspepsia and Heart Disease.
The world is full of people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of life, h burden co themselves ahd others. They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep, mental depression and .all because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. One Miracle Pill
after each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and your
general health will take care of itself. Money Refunded if tou are not
satisfied. '
"PornornKeir ^ cost8 nothing to guesi and you may win the Automobile,*
ABIlIBIllUtfl -which iB listed at $2,000 by the manufacturers, The Search-
Motor Co., of "Philadelphia. Alt you have to do is to fill out the coupon below
and to send sam��5"to us with a wrapper pf our MIRACLE) PILL BOXES. Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WRAPPER.
MIRACLE PILLS are sold by every good druggist and up-to-date merchants,
at the standard price of 50 cents a box, or $2.50 for six boxes. If yon cannot obtain the same from your druggist or general store send direct to us. We
will mall them to you, postage prepaid, on receipt of price by registered letter
or money order. ���. .
Every Wrapper ami Conpsn you soud glvei yon a bolter chance ��f TrTlanlos the AntSMDbllft
Messrs. R. C&te & Cie, Bie, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This entitles me to the propertj of the Automobile that I
will get free if you have received Coupons, and 1
am the .nearest guesser.   I Send enclosed a wrapper of vour
'*   * NAME *..*.,   :
address....; .;
COUNTY    .*,..;..'.    ...
Ottawa, Jan. 31 It will he settled
in tho course ul two or three days
whether lion..David Mills will-resign
frotu the cabinet immediately to accept
the vacant Supreme Court judgeship or
whether ibis step will be deterred uniil
after tho session. If the latter course
ie adopted there is Sanger of delay and
inconvenience to lawyers aad litigants.
The chances are, therefore, that Mr.
Mills has sat in Parliament tor tbelaat
time.- The premier ia worried over the
filling of Mr. Mills' plaoe both as Minister ol Justice and leader of the Senate. For the vacmt portfolio several
names are mentioned, Including Mestrt
Slfton, Blair, Mulock, and Hoo. C.
Fittjsatrick. solicitor-genera). Tbe
chances are altogether in favor ol Mr.
Blair, at with regret it ;it intimated
lhat the Minitter of Railways it to
broken iu health aa to necessitate hie
taking oharge of a less extoting office.
He will be succeeded In the railway
department by Mr. Sutherland, while
tht marine and fisheries portfolio goes
either to Sonator Templeman or Mr.
Aulay Morrison.
As regards the Senate leadership,
Mr. Blair might be induced to.go there,
but hit own personal wlah it to remain
In the Commone.
The customs revenue for January
shows an increase of over 1100,000,
ttstni $2,4811,000, ae compared with
42,061.000 fur the lame period Ittt
year. For i ihe steven monthi tht return! ars 118,858,000, compared witb
��16,0��,000 last year.
! CliS--9-1
|| Sash & Door
|| Factory...
Engine Mad Boiler B��*Htlrln,t ��� SfecUHy,   *
Canadian Pacific
Railway AKDsoojmfB.
Doetera  dldnt  *>**
ataunw ions; to  live-but Dr.
Agnew'a Oure flor the Heart
fellsKl them and eurad her.
tit-flAeea rears Mr* John A. James, tf Wist.
��"��., Oet.. wot a grttt tu-ftnr rrom Heart
Distese, rorda��silallmesh.w��!cosiSnedlo
bed. aad it ansl at though even breath mltbt
* *"*���?*., �����_!*���*��--����� ��-Jd .hat r**ailKt
rf^HKff Wf����'-OTan,aie��aatr
rbil, ajd beHeviai thtt" whis. there's lilt
i?"*T-V*0-?* Jj-* """""l mn* -*>��� Atosttr't
Curate tht Heart   Three bottles cwssd btr.
Tbit rtmtdy rslltvtt In thirty miraitM.    t|
8old hy C, W. Field.
tt* nn mm*,
ihere. hope,
Job printing- lit lho sjRA ottiith-
Trains pan Ooldtn
Touritt Car 8orvlct to
Sandayi, Wednetdaya and Fridays.
Sundays and Wednetdaya.
Direct steamer servioe front     ,���
Passenger ttokets to all points at
lowest ratei.
Full information and Illuttrated Para-
phleti tarnished on application.
Agent,  AO.P.A.,
., Golden. B.C.. Vanoouver.
Sign Writer
fitesfinle Artist "
Honse Decorator.
Lttn Ordtrt at OelaafelaEiuti Seldta. 1.8
Bocky Mountain Lodge no. M meets In
Oddiellows Hull, Uolden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.  Solonrning brethren welcome.
*.%.yume,.��% V   . T. KINO See.
But Saved Through a Latter/
From an Old Aoqualntanoe.
To the Editor of lbs Era :
Sir,���I feel lira duty to let the pnblio
know through your paptr what-a sloss
call I had ahd bosr.I etctpssi I was
engaged aa a brakeman on ths C.P.R.,
and ooht*aoted rheumttlem, which
toon beeaine ohrorrte. -1 btoatu un*
fitted for work, sad finally was antble
to walk, In whioh: condition I was
when a letter from a friend la Winni*
P��g told me ^1D-- Clarke'i Woriderfsl
little Red Pills, -;AS_ b*W tbtt b*A
cured several of hit tco.uaIbtaast.ai. I
resolved to try thero and jt wae only
after taking six bo*aleril|at'l tJegen lo
improve.' I lin UOW, I'ai pniassd to
lay, alirelt al ivtr^ini 'aib Wek'.al
my oldXMonpation. *-'������ *.���'���:
I believe I woold. have died had It  -
not heen tor thit" marvellout medlclnt.
-A,.JT,Wo<f,,C*e,%,^iay^:'.- .
PBATT NO. HUS, meets in their
every sevtlniliThnrsdav in the month.   '
lair *fi*wh*rl'WslslMBis._*N_ .*"��� *___.-..*.
WiM. Sec.
t. H..*Si|iilsi,-.-l*sj-IUank, Ont., ssys I
I have ltad aiotoach trouble for. over
tw*^'ii��rti;jan*B**irisiiti .��d-tc<jy*M*<aisjs>i4isis*;'''
Pills did. his more osjod thsn anything
Ihkvetrlstd.    ���
Peier D-'Mcfa'slyeri. Rlverdale, P.E.
I., writ*.!: I ha<e u.-.d your pillt for
stomach I rouble arid* found them a
wonder . Tour Catarrh Cure it alia'a
perfect ����rs,    .
���      *t*M S *.*-**...-\-o*iYin,  t*,-zarr-.x&**i--*-S-
ESTABi'SHEO   1877. IWCtfaTOBAfio   I33B.
,". .'iii'mzto capi 'At. ��� v- i 00,000..
OEfil.fcSS   AK15   EXPC-KfERS
. Ftr Downright Sotlelacgeit,
Shipment aftev Shipment,
Ship Your Coeds fo Vs.
full   Prices    end   tissue-
-n&H '   V".;-   l*.,
Sc.-|��*i*-"- "-..''���.������'.*-
. :    I
dlato Payment Evory Timo.
Been Established 24 Yearn.
Write tor Prices. Mako Trial
Shipment.   Convince Yourself.
MoMilun Fur and Wool Oo.
200*212 FIRST AVE. N.
Are you
for a
Eerie ?
Stage an
O'u tho main line of the C.P P.
,:'*:wTii..oat .doa*nect*Io*n witli- the
\tinmr, fo'uinbia.
The centre for the   ..-ms,
and OttEliTilL MINES.
He-adquftT       for the ; uml erirtg ��� peristions
ui use Interior.
liOts may be had at ���s-..uj
.,-' j'��� ���       '   ���    *
reasonable rates in the
Dominion Government Townsite.
tbe Boom.
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. 0., February 7 ISH.
tM*-*. the Ortat Oh.mlat, la Authority
For the Statement.
Liebig, tbe greatest chemist of tbe century, wrltoe i "Science bas dcnionstrntsxt
tho tact tbat man, tbe being wbidi jtor-
lorms tbo great wonders, Is fonnosl of condensed air aud solidified and liquid passu,
that he lives upon condensed as well os
uncondoned uir and that by means of the
samo mysterious agont ho moves or causes
to hu moved the heaviest weights with the
velocity of tho wind.   But tho strongost
part of the matter is that thousands of
millions ot theso tabornacjos of condensed
air are going on two legs, destroying otber
forms of condensed air wblob they may
need to build up their owu wasted tissues
or for shelter or clothing, or, on account
af their egotism and fancied powor, destroying each other In pitched battled, using implements whiob are hut other forms
of cundunsud air, tha uiatorinl of which \
thoy themselves uro formed or composed, i
Chemistry supplies tho clearest pruof tbat, j
so fur as concerns this, the. ultimate and j
most uiluuto Composition and ntructuro,
some of which nro so infinitesimal as tu lie I
beyond .Che comprehension of our senses, {
man is, to all appouranccs at least, com-1
posed of materials identical with those :
wbioh isomposo tbt. structural being of tha *
os. or tho dag or even ths lowest animal tn
tho scale of creation."
Solomon sooms to havo entertained the
same idcoj ecu Ecclosiastcs III, 19, "Foi
that whlub hcfalleth the sons of men bo-
falloth tho beasts; as thoouo dloth, sodleth
the other; yea, thoy have all ono hroath;
ro that a man bath no pro eminence aboie
��� *&--.�� *s_ !)!ttsi,,*r�� lllo-atel*.
Ue Uid Nat tee Thom.
A story Is told of a certain politician
whose education was somewhat defective,
and who In particular was not a "born
spoiler." lie beuaiuu prominent, und his
correspondence therefore took on n certain
Ouo day a particular friend canso to him
and said, "Look bore, William, you must
I'..-'*, a (secretory write your lot-tors and
uovor undertake t-o writo any yoursolf."
"Why!" asked tho publio man.
"Bccatsiia people nre laughing at youx
letters, and they will do you hnrni."
"Why do they laugh at them?" in astonishment.
"Because you mako so many mistakes
In spoiling."
"iiistakes in spelling?" esclalmcd tho
great man. "Nonsense! I rend my letters
all over after 1 write then., and 1 never
llnu a misspelled word.'1
He bad nob yot learned thot, although
toacortaln extent a mau may safely ho
"a law onto himself," ho one cau Lon
dictionary unto himself.���Voutb'a Companion.
Boots and Bottl...
When Sir Tatton iwl I-aily Bytes wert
In New York, soma years ngu, they amid
.ot a hotel* It was .Sir Tatton's oust-u.n tc
put his shoos out.sl.ks his demr on going to
his ruajn tor ths nlgbt. These shot's wore
enormous uud had solos thut seemed tu bo
about II inches In thickness. So famous
did they hecoiiio that guests at tho hotel
used to take their frlonds up stairs "to
sec Sir Tatton's boots." Sometime? a dozen persons could bo seen in tho corridaj-
inspecting the shoo*. Lady Sykcs wat
fanninnuii ber side for her foiuli.r*;s fs.r
chanipcpno all breakfast.���San Fraaclscs
Ila.! Evidence.
Colonel Hawkins���Undo Moso, I hear
jrsiii and yourwllo hiid a littlo dlspule
aituln Just night. Which caiuo out ahead
Ibis time?   '
Utsfile Moso (dubiously fouling �� lump
oti the Isock of bis headj���1'i.o powerful
glad to w.y dut I kin. out ahead, boss, but
sho mighty r.igh overtook me. Yes, aan,
sho did far a too', mi I'ze got do necessary
evidence on my pueson to prove It.���Hsr-
pur's llasar.
His Men man*- m peer Rhoianwtlo's
wall until ha dsaoa ao Mr. Eadce did,
fives Couth. Amertnan nhoumatlo
Ouro * "sTsaltttful trial "-It never fs-Ilft
Fred �� Bade*. **, Sully Street, Toronto,
lays: "I think South American Rlieum.-.lii
Curo is the greatest Cod-send that sufferers Irons
rheumatism have over had put within their rssacli.
I suffered so in my wrists and ankles that in two
fears I was only able lo do three months work,
took hospital treatment for nine months -villi*
out relief, but a faithful trial of South America"
Rheumatic Cure permanently cured me." Relit
SI ouo*. *.
Sold bv 0' W. Field.
��">. ��how oT Gallantry -Rebuked by Oeu-
sslue Com-t-i.j.
The oer wis crowded. It happened that
only men were standing, witb the eiccp*
tlon of a colored woman, in tho middle of
tbo cur. But ot a corner a woman dressed
In the top of the inodo got on. She stood
nest tho door, aod plainly here was a
chance for some inaseullco person to bo
gallant;. An old beau, wbo was sauted
near tbe center, was obviously fascinated
by tbo appearance uf this beauteous femalo
aud bobbed his bead to catch her eye.
Finally succeeding be arose, beckoned to
her and murmured:
"Won't you take my teat, madamf"
The colored woman, standing directly
In front of him, hoard this und, turning,
thanked him gratefully oa she mnde a
movement toward tbt vacant space. With
Indignation wrinkling* hia tinted raise and
spoiling for a moment the gracious uir
whioh be had assumed, he pushed her
hack, with both bands at her olbows, as
bo exclaimed!
"Oh, no; not for you, mo'aml"
His adjustment of expression was rapid
as he turned onoe more to ber of tho baud-
tome faco and fashionable clothes and
mado way. Theu, with a amllii at his
neighbors which plainly said, "Didn't 1
manage that well?" he leaned comforubl/-
on his stick.
The favored one bad not noticed tho lit*
tie play which had been onactod for hei
beneflt, but a young girl who sat lu the
next seat was an observer and caw thr
warm red deeply flush under tho black
skin of tho othor woman and the tears
come In the dark eyes. Sbe saw tho mouth
quivering, and hor own eyes snapped.
With a ghince at "his complacency," tin*
mlstukably expressive of her scorn and indignation, she qulokly rose, touchod tho
woman on tho arm and gently snld:
"Take my seat. I'm getting out at tbe
Then, Hashing n look at tho man, under
which his expression of self congratulation
rapidly changed to something near to
eheepifchnesH, she passed out uf tho car, end
more than ono man thero would have bet
that sbs had tint Intended to get oil ut
that corner.���New York Sun.
Asthma Cure pfee.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in sill cases.
Write Vonr K-u-ii*. mid AiMrcafl Flmlnfy.
"*)     There is nothing like Asth-
( malene.   it brings"instant relief, even in the Worst oateS-
It cures when all else fails.
The R*v. 0. F. Wi��i.t.s. ot Villa Rid-.*-.
Ill,, say a: --Ymir trial hoi lie of AsihtiiQ*
lonf received in pood condition. I s'.i.nuot.
tell yon how thankful I fell lor iho jiood
derived from it. 1 was, a .liivc chained
wilh putrid sore tliruai .uidA'hma for 10
years. I despaired if ever leing uiied.
I saw your ailyerligeweot 'or ihe cure of
this drjiidful and tormenting diseaK.
Asthma, nml lli'mght vou had ovorspultlin
,voui-s,-|i-es, b-.s resolved io cis-e it r, trial..
Tu my asioiii-hmii it tho irial nc.es] 11 id a.
charm.    Send ine a full sized hustle."
Rubin of Coiig. Buai Israel,
-,...,..���-.,-,;.���      - N��W York. Jan. 3, 1901.
I cttrnv'**����-���';i-nknniaft.-i       Disss. Tapt Bros'. MeuioIhe Co.,
? Geulluinen': jour Asthmalene ih an-ex-
��� ccllent remedy for Asthma nnd Hav Fu.er
-' and its composition alleviates ull troubles
lis -success lis astonishing und 'wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains rO
opium   morphine, ehlorolorm oretlis-r.    Yours vrr*y truly,
Winnipeg. Jan. 3V���Mr. J. Tcimhs.
ol Carman, has been selected by the
Conservative Convention pf Lisjrnr,
assembled hers today, nt the Conserva*
tive standiird bearer in tho pending
election lu Isisgar,
Fourteen memberi of the second C.
M R's., Including Lieut, Woodsid.',
were left behind at Halifax.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly to sll ioveia of
Song-cud Music a vast volume ol New,
Choice Copyright Compositions by
the most popular authors.
to Pap of Plana piosle
Dalf Vftctlt lialf iHtrumentnl
ai ODEjpiefa RTcss fsr Plans
jam tllooC-UotftS Cents.
It VT-u probably First Followed by the
Eisoayan. or Noraofflans.
As to who among northern nations nicy
Justly claim tho honor of flrst Uariug lo
attack the mighty whale there Is some lit*
tio doubt. Dut the balance of probability
Inclines to tho Blscayuns or Norwegians.
We have a reasonably definite account In
('resins of bay whaling having beon car*
rted on from the North cope along the
shores of tho Whito sea In lho ninth con
t iry. liBugcbob, a Danish writer, asserts
103ltlvely thut tho Norwegians were tho
j Ipilcers of whale hunting ou the coasts of
their own euuutry nhout the year 870.
Uut there are many references to whale
fishing In the chronicles of that period.
Tho "Translation et les llirac.es tlo gt.
Vnast" tolls of a donation by William the
Conqueror of a titho of whales oaught nt
Dives to the Convent of tho Holy Trinity
ut Caen. A hull uf Pope Eugene III gives
a tithe cf the tiiiioues of wholes caught at
JMi-rrl tu the church nt (Joutaucos. Theso.
two will probably suilico as n sunrpio ol
the refereuces to the cotucea In those early
tiiccs. Historians, however, are agreed
thut tbo Uesijuca and iiiscaynns first ve'n
tared far tu 'sea Iron, their own shores and
so bm-nnni tbo originators of the whale
.fishery proper. *
About IS?Sa conibliiod flce,tof LIscayaD
and Iceland vessMs, ii-uiuherlug ��11 or lit.
sail, coiiiiiieiievd'Wlalhig upon the coasts
of Newfoundland, Iiehmd and southern
liswuliinil. In It l'i tbe English nppenr to
bave awakened to tho prospect of profit
from tha ivhato llifcery, for wo read that
several ships wen. tilted out In that year
at Bristol far a whaling voyage tc Cope
-Breton. One of thorn, the Uraeo of Jb'riis-
tel, found bttweeu stsi and 8110 blndos e>
lanilna. uf wbuli'l-oui* nn the shares ol Nt.
George's buy, whs*ru twu large' lllsuaya'u
ships had been wreciciHl three years beforo.
This soenis tss have been the first instance
of the importation of whalebone Iuto Kug-
laud.���Louden SjKfutstoi',
Where All Kisis��tl Their Escorts.
The diversions of Now Yorkers of the
last century wero very muoh milder than
aro those of the preseut day. "In wiuter
a s:tsntury, ago," Mrs. Ilurtou I-I��ri-lso:i
writes in Tbo Ladies' Home Journal,
"when not assembled fer skating upon the
C'jllecb, tho favorite amusement of Ilaus
and Ki.trl.iu seou.a to base been a sleighing frnllo In Jau Derlckson's lour horse
sledge to Hcrlein, whore they had n dance
and a supper at tho hostelry of JMyulicor
Ilorsuni. Ton couples ('packed clone, as it
sultotb young men nml maidens to ride,'
said the old chronicler) was tbo sleigh load,
and after a repast of bread and hot ehoeu*
lato, colio]tiding Bome hours sjient in capering to the fiddlers' straius, tho jsiu-ty i-o
turned to town. Speeding by inounllght
over hard frozen roads, past manor house
and cottago wrapped In deep repose, the
oblef adventure of tho return was apt to
be a stop on tbo Kissing brldgo (at Second
avenue and Fiftieth street, serosa tbe rivulet flowing from 'Tea Water spring), at
wbioh point custom allowed tho cavalier
to demand of tho lady ho escorted tlie privilege of a special salutation. Unless tbis
toll were yielded the cortege oame to a
bait, or else it turned In another direction."
which   continue with  Asthma,
Xasy Bookketpluf.
A Chicago womnn, according to Tbe
Pott of that city, bad served acceptably an
treasurer of tbe club for a little over a
year, and that waB an exceptional record.
"Don't you have difficulty In balancing
your books!" they asked,
"Ob, dear, no," she replied. "Why, It's
tbt easiest thing In the world. I lust add
up what I have roceived nndiubtruot from
that wbat I, bave paid out, to shew what
Is due tbe olub, and then I make my bus-
band give me a chock for tbo amount.
Tbere'a roally nothing hard abont keeping
tracks when you know how."
Lon Will nnd tha Way.
Will Qotthore���Miss Howe, yon know
the language of flowers. Do you find any
hidden meaning In tbit tlmple little clover
Annie Howe���A clover loaf! let mc
tte. One, he loves me; two, be lovet mt
opt; three, he lovet mel Oh, Will, thit ll
so tuddenl���Peorton'a Weekly.
Of tbe Hao stamps whioh have been Is*
sued the vajuet have ranged from 1 cent
tofi.OOD. Flvt dollars Is tho highest value
among pottage ttampt, but nowepajwr
ttampt reach the bomlrM dollar mark,
���bli* a nvnut ttamn -.ty wiastsetst ta *
'     AvoNtSl'Hisos, N.Y., Feb, 1, 1901*
IIB. Tapt Bkos. Medio.ixb Co :
Otiritloine.., ���I write I liis testimonial from a sense of duly, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife hns
heen afflicted with spasmodic Asthma (sir llie past 12 years. Haviiiirexliniitt-
eil iny own skill as well na insiiiv ptliera" I chanced to see s msr feii.ii upon vour
windows on liiOth street, New York, I n't oin-o obtained a bottle of Asthmalene,
My wife commenced taking it nliout ill- 1st of Kovouiber. I very soon notice.*!
aiailicalimproveme.it. After usiiig one bottle her Aaihma has disappeared
and she is entirely freo from all symptoms. I feci lhat I ean cotiaisteuilr
recommoiid tlio medicine to all who tun aBliclo.1 witli ihis distressing disease.
tours respectively, 0. D. PHELPS, W.D.
Dr. Tapt Buot*. Memoim-i Co.:
Gentlemen,- I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I hare tried
numerous remedies, but they have nil faiiod I inn across your adyurtiseilietV*.
and Binned with a trial bottle. 1 found relief at onoe. I have since purchased
your full-size boitlp, nud I am ever grateful, I havo a family of four children
and for six years I was unable to work. I am now In. tlie hest of health anS
am doitig business every day. This testimony you can make sssch use of a*
vou see bt.   Homo address, S35 Rivington Street. S. RAPUAEjj.
67 East lL'9th st, New York City.
Do not uVlttv.    Writo at once, addressing DH. TAFT BROS' MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St, New York City. * JW*fiOLD BY ALL PRtTGGISW.
Advertising- j
Eleven tii Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the 'Continent*
|7 Satisfaction
Examine onr list and see if there is anything* you rocinht.
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT ?���
*   ' LEGAL FORM*.
emeu la us
Anyone ssendlns a aketols and de-sscrlptlon snar
���ilolslyoacortaln, free, -rbether an Invention la
r-rolMtslr patentjiblB. Cosnsnuuicatlon. atrlotly
tonndetiii.l. oiaealsw.nejTorMsour.nfip.wnu
tat Ansorloa.   Wo bave a Washington ontsse.
Patents takon tliroush Miuin A Oo. rs-oelv.
-   '*! notico la (lie
���    MUNN - (50.,    '
461-Brondsvlw, So* ��.'�������*.
im j ij.
.  Assurance v.i..
'*'��� Of Canada::::
.C-ani:.'.!S.iliM.-i-ilsed iM.COO.OflO Ct
Css>|)it,��I Paid Up      15.0,1 CO t.
Goveviiiiienl Deposit;...     SSO.WIO (<>
Asbshis 'aJlHO lo wi-y .*?!(.:<' s*' I.i��1si!isies
FirKt pud Piiramannt :   '   ���',;-i - liiselSe-
curity lo Policy Ho.-dsrs "
,   E)i��:i1.*<   *S4:,'��*��*t      -      -      *l*\��**%.
��� ���-.
litirfi; ftOLDEK NORTrt-EAST KOOTENAY, B.C, FRIDAY JtoHJAat 7 1902
On S turds, y Il.e Calgary curlers left
for home carrying with thein one
trophy, the Bryan k Lee, together
with the best wishes of a large number
of Goliienltes who assembled on the
platform and gave them a hearty and
well deserved send-off The final results ol il.e dilfeieut competitions are
as follows *
Walker   *.
Henderson 1 ���,..      I Ullock-)
Ullock       lUll0ck !
JS"*   }3.-^M8l),--dJ8p,t
Parson    '
Sp fjord v
���^      ) Ullock    i���M}
Parson      ) !
Honslersossl-,    .   ,��� fUll'ok
Tom [Hencle",|WalkrJ
���    . } Header'
Henderson )
}Parson    ,-,__*   j
Tom       I
The sornpeiition for the Lumber
Company's cup has not heen completed,
o ie game remaining to be played bs*-
t ecn Ullock and Tom, Owing to
lac'i of time thiss game has been post
ponesl until after the return of lhe
Oolden rinks from Calgary
NOTES. *fl	
One el the sights ol the Bonspiel
wis the fearsome coat worn hy one of
the visitors. As its owner remarked,
'���It could speak for itseil." By the
way, when the gentleman nloresai
attempted to put it on before the iranie
os Friday afternoon, ho fouud It had
been lied up in a manner lamiliar to
small boys who go in swimming an
he was forced to gO on the ice and
throw his first rocks in his shir*
J. H. Kerr and T. Skinner missed
the train Thursday, but Skinner vain*
up next day. J. C. Tom look Ken's
place on Spaflord'a rink.
The final game for the Bryan k L>e
trophy was a close one, being char
a;terir.ed throughout by sp!l>ndid curl
ing. At iti conclusion '.hn-e hearty
cheers were given lor Calgary Isv tho-o
present, the defeated skip, Ullock
leading in the dcii.ona-rntinn.
Alexander, who played third on
Tom's rink, was asked several tiines
what brand ol "ueck oil" he us d i
keep his rocal organs in co dis ion. Ii
afforded great amusement to hear his,
gentle whispers to his sweepers whtn
l'.'in wns tnnkiug one ol his caiinv;
Henderson played a splendid game,
and ihojigh he failed to gain a prize,
his drasvs and guards were well worth
Major Walker had had luck in his
games, losing well planned ends by an
unforsee.ble fluke  on many ooaeious.
On Friday evening, after the games
nt the rink had been finished, an oyster
supper ...id smoker has tendered the
visitors, nnd about 30 sat down iu thr
dining room of the Columbia House,
Hon. F. W. Aylmer being the toast*
mailer Afier tha inner man had been
satisfied, cigars were lighted ansl lor
1*0 hours there was aeontlnuoua flow
of wit and humor. Sung were eung
by Mr. E. Plowright. J. G. Ullook, J.
E, Griffith and others, and Mosare. G,
Wells. J. Gunn, end 3. Lamontagne
gave eeveral spirited selections on
mandolins snd guitar, whioh added
much to the pleasure ol the evening,
In response to the toasts there were
mury good speeches made and ths ��lsl
tore expressed great sur|,riso st tbe
indifference shown by clubs nearer
Golden thnn Calgary in not being
represented at the Golden Bonspiel, ss
their experience was 'hat it waa the
most enjoyable outing they had to lout
f.jnvard to.  v
The evening's entertainment was
Suitably close 1 hy the following prayer
givou by Chaplain MoLeod:
''(jit-oil snd gracious Providence
blost sll the Macdoualds and Mao*
donald'e vvesos for s thousand years.
Jang syne; bs graciously pleased io
send rivers of whiskies-the (loom of
whiskies-aud mountain, of 'tatles.
bread and chsess as big us tbe hill-of
Stratbmnre; snd likrwie*. furthermore, asm. us floods of water thai
there may bs grass, plenty for msn an.)
beaht, and moreover, likewise, send
us toua of tcbneoo, snoesl.au us nuiner
ous as the assa on tits, lund ishore, and
swords and pistols lokill all ihs Camp,
ts and Macphersons   tamin
Sa upson into Dougall'a arm and mak'
him bring forth kail and corn, and
long kail and corn prodigious. Bless
the wee roo and mak' him a big boar
by tbe Manimas next. Bless all the
bairns-Duncan and Roy and Flora
and Rory -rud glory's yours forever
more.    Amen I   Lang 3, ne I*
The carnival, on Saturday evening,
was a deoided suos-ess, the costumes
being above the average. Another
noticeable feature was that none ol
them were hired, hus all h id been
thought out and made up for the oca-.
aion. The judges, Dr. Taylor nud Mr
Gibb, had no easy task The prise,
winners were:
Lady's    Beauty ofthe Wild WeBt
Miss M. Anderson.
Go;.is���Cannibal Chief-John Anderson.
Comic ���Nigger Minstrel���G. Rush.
Child'8 Grandma -Vera Pa'nioie.
The list of those in cost ume, aa fai
as names were obtainable, is:
Miss M. Anderson- Beauty  of is
Wll.1 West.
Miss Lang���Oriental Danelng Girl.
Mra Whiting-Highland Lassie.
Miss Holt-Tryolese Peasant.
Mrs Alexander���Su and Girl.
Mrs Ulbck-Sister of Mercy.
Mies Montgomery-Widow.
Laura K. nny���Negro Belle.
Lulu Connor���-Queen of Night.
Jennie Pughe���Summer.
Vera Putniore���-Granny.
Edith Whiting - Bo Peep     ,
Mary Connor���Gipes Queeu.
., Fanny Connor-Summer.
Katie Pughe-Fisli Wife.
Violet Pughe-Milkmaid
Owenn Starforth    Snow.
Emma Kenny   Ir.-li.ml.
Katy Kenny-Fh.wei Gul
Hatiie Rutherforl -Carrie  Nmiou.
Ada Antoya-Tramp.
Jno Anderson -Cannibal Chief
Geo. Ro-h��� Ni-tger Minstrels.
P   Stalker  ansl. W B Robertson -
R Landells-Sir Walter Raleiuli
F Snooks-Fatman.
E Sutherland-Royal Crown Soap.
W Houston -Court Jester.
S Moodie-Jolly Jack Tar.
Bud Griffith -Jockey.
Vio Woodland-Peek a boo.
Walter, Moss and Arthur Morgan ���
Assy Old Thing.
The music   (?)  sva- supplied    y a
Chinese bank of three pieces and  we
are willing to hack thein against any
three perloriuers in  'In*  world as the
noisiest and most discordant combine,
tion thai can be produced.   Theinstru
meulsaroasiiii.il  copper kettledrum
a large gong and a pair of braes cymbals, about 20 inches in diameter. Tlie
performers sail in regardless ot consequences or lime and the result may be
FOR  $12.00,1
I****! Hi
' ^ SALE
| Bargains.Jf, Departments
15- Jewelled
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. case.
All lines of-
Golden, B.C.
* va/n/i.'Wn- mwe-'Ai-'* -vs/s/a/siy* Vie
^Town and District.
tV% si*-*/*/*.-. *j*/*/*ii/t. t/Vi/Vtiii -i
Chinese New Tsar commences today.
J. C. Greene went dowu lo the ooast
on Wednesday,
F. M. Barrett reii-tned Wednesday
from a visit lo Calgary,
Mrs, W, Alexander and Mrs. J. C.
Tom formed pnrt of the Golden con-
singeut who went to Calgary this
Copper hat advanced from 11 cenla
to lilj corns within the past (ew days,
and !��� is expected to* reach 15 or 16
cents before very lone;.
Donald McLean,, of If oneejaw Flour
Mills is in Vanoouver for tho purpose
of establishing an agency there. He
will also extend his business to the
Yukon,        J
Mrs W. P Evans and Mrs. J. Lake
drove dowu Iro.n the ripper country
this week, reluming home on Wodues
day. While in town they were the
guests ol Mrs, Rut hei ford.
Mies Montgomery, on Tuesday, received the sad intelligence of the death
other father. Miss Montgomery has
the sympathy ol a wido circled (riende
Id her bereavement,       *
H. G. Parson le about finished with
the work of stock--axing. As usual
a large number of remnants ars dis-
olosed snd may be bought at clearing-
out figures.   See advertisement.
A letter reoently received at Vleteriss,
B.C., from a member of the South
Afriean Constabulary, dated ai Kru-
gersdorp. Dec. 8, says: No. 17 troop
from the Intorlor.of British Columbia
has been diabanded end that Capt. C
C. Bennett, formerly' of Vaocouver,
has been relieved ot his command*
tk* men are being divided among
j various trbaps In ths division.   It  is
The next Issue of the B. C. Gazelle
will com ain ihe notice of incorporation of the Inland Smeller Co., with
registered office at Kamloops, The
capiial stock of the company is registered at 17,600,000. - The present np-
pi.-Hiinces sees., to indicate that a
smelter will be ereeted in the vicinity
ot Kamloops at an early date. A start
is expected lo be made on the building
about May 1st.���Inland Sentinel.
Geo. Holder, who used to keep a
bui.1 at Canmore, met with misfortune
a few days ago. He had loaded his
goods on a ear and was taking them to
Kamloops, where he intended starting
up. While the oar was side-traoliei) in
the mountains fire broke out and re*
i duced everything to ashes. Tne loss
was considerable and there'was no insurance on the goods. - Calgary
Arrangements are being perfected by
the C. P. R. for the construction of a
line of railway connecting Spence's
Bridge, on the main line, and Md way,
the present terminus of. lhe Columbia
k Western, Plans were recently filed
showing the route of this nw railway.
After leaving Spencea' Bridge it wiil
take a southerly direction, passing
through Nicola and Aapeu Grove to
Princeton, the chief town in theSimil
ka.neeu mining division. Therailwny
will then take an easterly course in
wards Pentieton, at the loot of Okan
agun lake lake, aud from there will
climb the divide separating, the Okau
ugan river from the weat forkof Kelt <-
river. It will follow the valley of the
west lurk to Rock creek and thence to
Special price on
Jam in pails,
EDWARD VI1��� by the Grace of Ood, of Ihe
Ussitesl Ringiloni of Great Britain and
Ireland and of she British Dominions
beyond the Sena, King, Defender of the
Faith, etc., ete.
To Our faithful lhe Members elected to setrvi
in the Legislative Assembly ,.t Our Pro
vlneo nl Uritlsh I'oluiisbia.atOurChyof
Victoria,���UltnPri nu.
D. M. Em-.it re. j
\ttoruey-Ueneral I
U/HERAB   We   are
\\    slesi ous  and re
.,:    r solved, as sssonaa
may he, to meat Our People ef Our l'rovinee
ot* British Columbia, and io have their advice
in Our Legislature t
NOW KNOW YE,.that for divers causes
and considerations, and taking into eon
sideratisMi the ease anl eonvetiiei.ee of Oar
loving sublets, Wn have thought Hi, by nud
with the advice 01 Our Ex.-entive Council, to
hereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, and each of you, that on Thursday,
���*--' ' nf February, one thonsanii
usui. -���>..*,.���,... two, ynu meet Ua Jn Our
snid Legialature nr Parliament of Ourjaid
bells, Gran     ,__^________^__^__^__^____^__^___^_____
thein-for ever more! Blees tho *m-^^ Mportcd that No. Ki Troop, also
stirk and mak' b\m a Hg ooo by ne�� j of Britiih Columbia mon from the
Martinis-,  amj   pu*  th* ttHttt.** ot.-ooei
Is nent to bo disbanded.
Churoh Servloes.
Sorvioea every Sunday at Ila m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and Srd Sundaya of the month;
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days st 8 a.m., or
as may be announced Irom the chancel
Sunday Sohool %t. 2:110 p.m.
All are cordially Invites' to attend
the services.     C. t. Taiis, Vicar,
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at 8
p.m. sharp.
Choir prseties every Thursday even*
at 7. .   -
Rsv. J. E. Hooo, Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8   pro. ,
Sunday Sohool it 9:80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday al8 p.m;
Rbv. R.B. Laidley, Pastor.
Province, at Onr City of Victoria, FOR THE
act and I'uiiclude upon those things tvbich.il-.
Onr Legislature ot the Province of llritish
Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Province may, by the favor of God, be
I.N Tkstimosy Whkkkof, We have
caused these. Ossr Letters to be made
Patent and tho Great Seal of Our said
l'rjviiiee to be hereunto affixed t .
Witsbss, tho Honourable Sir Hknri
C. M. <)., Lieutennnt-Goveriior af Our
said Province sif llritish Columbia, at
Our Government House,inOurOityoff
< Viotoria, in Our said Province, this Mil'
day ol January, in tne year of Our
Lord one thouiand hino hundred aud
two, aiid in the lirat year of Our Keign.
By Command.
Acting Provincial Secretary.'
Cooking Figs, 61bs. 25ets
*, V_\*ieaiitM**a-**ic*t*.*ii-S-t-S-it-U*-oe-iV
Golden &
East,: kootenay
Trading C.liwii,
Wiewwatlsm smnel ���atattam tu* thiw
wall namod.
sTssuth Amarlcan Rhaumatia Ours
rallevoe In 6 hours suie) euros
In I to S daya.
South Anwricaa Rbeurootic Cure Is the ops*
door to a ptrfaol core���it gon directly to the
seat of the trouble���drivel out of the ivstein the
uric add���Uw effete matter���the polions which
fasten themselves ift the joint, and msuscln���*
retard circulation���Induce Inflammation an.1 the
Intense asiAf-ntsc thai follows such derangement.
Relief from dwhrsi dose���marvellous tuns havs
twaa a-ads In Irosn one to Hires day*.        ft
?eltHur 0. W. Fisld.
NOTICE ia hereby given, in nrcorda-ire
with the Slaiuica, that Provincial Revenue Tu, and all Assessed Taxes and
Income Tai, assessed and le.ied under lho
Assessment Art and amendments, are now
due and payable for lhe year 1803.  All taxes
collectable for ths) Unlden-Assessment Hi.
trict ire dre and payable at. my office, situate at the Court House. Uoideii.  This notice.
In terms of law, is equivalent tu a pansoiial
demarsd by we upon all" persons liable for
Dated at Golden, seventh January, 19011.
Assessor snd Collector,
Uolden Assessment District.
Golden, B.C., Post ..(Bee;
?Wj*t-B|ftrt ABaommodation ier
Replete in Everything1.
Rolng on tbe only direct route to tbe mines on Toby, Horae Thief and No, i
Creeks, it. is llie headquarters of all mining men,
Good Stable Accommudattc
Save Your Snowiboe Taftrs,
The moat popular brand of Chewing
Tohaeoolu Canada to-day la "I'stj
pceitf.** Every plug of - P**r Bf.ll"
bears a "Snowshoe" fag. Consumers
should save these tags, as .valuable
presents are given for thein, Tags are
good up to Jan. 1; 1903. Write for
new illustrated premium"catalogue.
The Empire Tobacco Co. Ltd., Winni-
pegbranoh,  Winnipeg, Man.
Columbia River. Lumber Qo
fir and Spruce lumber
Insure in the Imperial tirf*
^nufacturm? of Cedar Sills, etc.,
-f- '',���,,--,:-;,. . Fifr Dimension a Specialty,
-4 Mills at Golden, Beaver ardKuaJt. -K
uitgett Capteity In th�� Kounttlnt.    Utmt Ca|b.
HEAD ��MICK, - - SOL-OBI. 1. <X
* ���' _    ������_.���..


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