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The Golden Era Jan 12, 1895

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��� (
VOL. IV.   NO. 23
92 Per Yeah
Charles R.  Ulavven's.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JWefleish, - Prop.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
Calgary      -       -      Alberta
P.O. BOX 53.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Upper Colombia K:,C<).
During the winter a stago will be run between
Golden.EGalena, Windermere. Thunder Kill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Whole-Mle nnd
Ketall Draggl-it
OhdfjIis Piiomi'ti.v   Attended  To.
CoititEsi'oxEEN'CE Solicited.
Golden, on the imiiii line of llie Ciiiiiiilinii
Pacific If.'iilu.iy. at ii** connection with the
steamboat iiiiviL'iition of the Columbia river ;
the uiiueriil mul coiiiinorciiilceiitroofEiistern
llritish Columbia; headquarters of liu (lolil-
en Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., ami lumber iiulustry; tlie
outlet for the widely known und fnr
mined agricultural mid grazing iniiii of the
Columbia A Kootciuiy Viilley��; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company'! liability is limited to Two Dollars iier pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
The trains from the east have been
very irregular this week;
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pics, etc.
Mr. W. C. Wells of Palliser took a
run up to town on Wednesday.
The rink will be open Saturday
night for skating.  Admission 25cents.
Mrs. R. W. Pntinoro and Mrs. R.
A. Kimpton, of Donald, were visitors
this week.
Patronise tho Golden Laundry for
neat, clean and quick work, at reasonable prices, C. C. Cothrnn. Prop.
Received with thanks at the Golden
Hospital 814 from the Vice President's
combination of tho curling club.
Messrs. J. C. Durick and D. P.
Kimpton onme in from tho Upper
Country this week.
Aigood square incal at the Bon Ton
Restaurant for 25 cents Meals et all
Stops are being taken to form a
hockey club in
pucks were ordered and arrived this
week and the boys are hard at work
Hello Boys nnd Girls! You can get
a first class novel [or 25c. at the Golden Laundry, new stock on hand.
Also fresh bread.
The curlers have been enjoying themselves immensely this week. The
competitions will start on Monday
next, and aro expected to be keen and
A calico ball will be held in Donald
on Wednesday evening next in aid of
the English Church parsonage. A cordial invitation is extended to the public of Golden.   Tickets 82.50.
At a meeting of Selkirk Lodge No.
12, I.O.O.F.. at Donald lasl week, a
vote of thanks was unanimously pass
ed to all those who assisted in draping
the Alexander Hall on the occasion ol
the funeral of the late Harry Connacher.
Curlers' Bull.
The postponed curlers' ball will be
held on Friday the 25th day of January. All tlie necessary arrangements
have been made and no effort will be
spared to make this tlie bull of the
season. A cordial invitation is extended to the residents of Donald, field,
and neighboring towns. The tickets
have been placed at 92, which is within the reach of all.
School Report.
The following is tlio public school
report for the mouth of December :
Number of pupils attending during
Average daily attendance���30.
IIO.NOlt  110I.I..
5th Class���1st Winnifred Armstrong.
Snd Leslie Moodie.
4th Class���1st, Jennie Wells.
2nd Gladys Houston.
Snd Class���1st Walter Houston.
2nd Chas. Bubar.
II. Primer���1st Ella May Love.
2nd Emily Kenny.
I. Primer���1st Willie Houston
2nd George Love.
Tablet Class���1st Fannie Conner.
2nd Daniel Lewis.
Punctuality and Regularity.���Winnifred   Armstrong,   Beatrice   Bubar,
Chas.   Bubar,  John   Currie,   Gladys
Houston,   Walter    Houston,   Willie
Houston, Ralph Kenny, Laura Kenny,
Emily Kenny aud Mary Lewis.
S. Pueston, Teacher.
town.     Slicks and
Munlelpnl elections In Ontario.
Toronto, Jan. 7.���The municipal
elections to-day passeu off quietly
throughout Ontario. In some constituencies the P.P.A. conducted a
campaign on strict religious lines, but
in the great bulk this issue was not
raised, and so far as results received
indicate that tho religious issuo cut no
great figure.
In this city ihe campaign was brief
but active and very exciting, Mayor
Kennedy a candidato for a second term
was opposed by ex-Mayor Floming.tho
latter being defeated last year by a
majority of 4,500. Ho made a vigorous raid this year on the inactivity of
Mayor Kennedy, condemning him for
his failure to keep the promises made
prior to Inst year's election. So close
is the vole that at this hour (midnight)
tlie complete returns give Mayor Kennedy a majority of but 12 votes, and it
may require an official recount before a
decision is reached. At present, however, Kennedy has the lend.
At Hamilton. Mayor Stewart was
re-elected by a majority of 25l>.
Stand up said his lienor, Mr. Justice
McVittie, to the prisoner, what is tho
charge constable Bornes? painting the
town -' rod "���now said the Justice the
ratepayers cannot accept your services
without remuneration, please consider
your board paid at tlio " Hotel Barnes "
lor two weeks-noxt, said his honor,
charge violation of the " Sunday Closing Law," in his dulcet tone he warned
the offender to remember the "Fifth
Commandment," but, said tlio offender,
I must havo law. I don't keep a law
office said his worship - -please seek advice from the legal lights at Donald or
Golden. When tlie accused reached
tho sidewalk ho suggested that the
constable should go to "sheol"���this
so alarmed Barnes that he called the
culprit back before his honor to explain,
when it wns found that he had simply
suggested that our useful constable
would join the Japanese in the capital
of "Corea". with an admonition that
he should be more careful in his geographical pronunciation he got oil with
a caution.
Charlie Edwards has returned from
his visit to Donald.
Tlie steamer "Libby " made a trip to
Tobacco Plains. She had a good deal
of trouble with the floating ice.
One of our citizens is the happy
father of twins, both boys. Mother
and children doing well.
The sale of "Father Coccola'sMine"
is confirmed and the prion paid for it a
good one.
Banks & Young hnve had an offer
for their property on Wild Horse creek.
Our school is closed for the holidays.
The examination of the pupils took
place recently in the presence of tlie
trustees and parents, all expressed great
satisfaction at the progress the children had made nnd the chairman paid a
well deserving compliment to tlie teacher, Miss Bailey, for the zeal she had
taken in the discharge of her duties.
Our social danco wns a great success
and passed oil pleasantly. Tlie hall of
the "Delgardno" hotel was nicely
decorated with mottoes, festoon and
evergreens. The music was under the
direction of Professors Furquiirson and
High warden and was first class, dancing was kept up till the " wee sina'
hours" nnd before leaving all voted it
-' the dance of the season "
A sleigh load of jolly young men
have gone to spend New Year's Day
with mine host Hanson.
A select party will visit the "Grange"
shortly when n pleasant time is anticipated.
History speaks of the "Red Hand
of O'Neil" and no doubt when tho
history of Kootenay is written ��� it will
fclliiigly refer to the "red headed McLeod " who has cost the taxpayers a
nice sum to try and nrrosl hlm. He is
uow living across the line at Tobacco
Plains, iu his interviews lie speaks of
the royal wny lie was Olitcrtnincd at
tho jail in Golden.
Tlie false work of the bridge across
tbo Kootciuiy has gone probably to
Montana and everything is at a standstill. Is is most unfortunate as the
bridge is much needed.
Fort St'elc wishes the people of your
little burgh the compliments of the
season and continued success lo the
Goldon Eua.
The thermometer touched 20" below
zero ou the night of the I'l-iili of Dec,
Sac  onr
special   idler   in   another vXhi BjI*icu (Sv.t
Tlio  GOLDEN KiiA   is published ever;'
add many millions to the wealth of
British Cohiinbln.
.    . ,    , 1     But it is not only the placer mines
oatm-iutv morning in timo to catch tin- oust
, .. ,     .,     which  have produced  gold this year.
ihu mini tin- the1 ' ���        .
���    , The quartz deposits hnve furnished  a
Flirt Steele etc ' '       ,   , ,
small proportion ol the increased returns of gold shipments. This is true
principally of those mines lying in the
il.l.l WU.it lllllil t!'ilillj>, ��� 4.1:
upper country, Wlndoriiioi't
It is the only advertising modi
Kooieuay itistrit-.l.
1 in thu lrle.it
���Srihscriptiuu ItuttM:
12.(13 pur iiiiiiiiiu IN
Advsrti.soiiieut.i anil changes inii.t be in
tbo o.Tieo not Inter Until 1*1 a 111, un Thursday
to insure insertion,
Adrertisoiuont rates made known ou applies tior -.0
All cash to be paid to thu Manager, from
whom tho Company's receipt will be obtained.
The Golden- Era Publishing Company,
SATURDAY, JAN. 12, 1H!)5.
GOLD!   GOLD!!   GOLD!!!
Recent  Developments of 11 Specially
Promising Uharuotor.
The revival of the gold mining industry and the successful beginning of
the silver mining industry are amply
demonstrated by the results of the year
just ended.
' It hns been the privilege of tlie
Colonist for the past six or seven years
lo draw attentiun to the possibilities of
profit-.biy milling the placers of Carl-
boj on nu extensive scale, nnd also to
urge the prospecting of the ninny promising districts to the East uud North
of the famous gold-producing streams
iiuving their centre at Barkerville.
Dining the past yeur it has been shown
that the early minors of these creeks
only took from their depths what gold
was easily secured, for it wns not
possible to introduce machinery or pay
for labor at the then juices to work
ground ' which to-day is regarded ns
rich. Mining 011 the Quesnelle, on the
Horsefly and the prospecting on streams
in the neighborhood of Barkerville nnd
elsewhere have furnished evidence of
the grout wealth yet to be taken from
those places, and an impetus lias been
given to gold milling thut bids fair to
produce grand results. But it is not
in old Cariboo alone that tho search for
gold has recommenced. In almost
every other district in the province
there has been more or less activity in
this direction. Companies have leased
ground and river-bed along the Eraser
from the finned Hill's Bur, below Yule,
to tlie northern bend of the river and
then south again to its headwaters,
for hydraulic and dredging put poses.
A wealthy syndicate of Eastern Americans have united uud constructed a
dredging apparatus ut a cost of over
8100,000. whicli is now placed at
Lytton. and it is expected will successfully raise the gold from the river
bottom. This is 11 branch of mining
that has been seldom attempted iu this
province, and never before successfully.
The Big Bend pincers, north of
Bevelstoko, have also received attention, and several drifting efforts have
returned good profits. In East Yale
and in tlio two Kootonnys a fair amount
of gold hns been secured from these
placers. At Leech river, and out of
several streams flowing into tlie Al
borni canal, on Vancouver island,
small amounts oi gold have been taken.
The increase in placer mining, however,
has chiefly been iu Cariboo, and the
success so fur attained, the large
amount of incoming capital, and tho
preparations made for 1W1I5 win rant
the prophesy that this yenr will show
an output of gold which will certainly
reach into the seven figures again.
The need of cheaper and more rapid
communication with the gold districts
has seriously retarded their development. Goods from Ashoroft to Barkerville still cost 8120 per ton. It is promised, however, that this disability
will shortly be removed ; anl, railway
communication, bringing with it cheap
supplies nnd labor, the labor for gold
mining in Cariboo and northwards is
illimitable. lis development will furnish many thousands with work and
south-eastern part of Yale district nenr
lhe boundary line. A ten-stamp mill
nt Camp McKinney (Rock creek) has
given an average of 8300 per day in
free gold, with the returns from the
concentrates yet to come in. There are
extensive ledges nt this point, and ut
various other camps eastward to the
Coluinliia working tests of tho rock
have shown equally good results.
Trail Creek, in Southwest Kootenay,
possesses n very promising gold field,
the returns of rock treated running into the many hundreds per ton. Iu the
Big Bend, Eust Kootonay, Lillooet and
Cariboo districts aro mines of known
riches, which only await practical development to ensure profitable returns.
Tho same is true of the gold quart-* deposits iu Alberni district. It is understood that English capital is now being
interested to work quartz mines in
Cariboo nud East Kootenay, and next
year may see great progress in this
branch of gold mining.���Colonist.
A Reminder for Teachers.
The Department of Education has
sent the following circular to each
teacher of the graded and rural schools
of the province: ���
Frequent complaints have been made
to this Department in regard to pupils
not being dismissed at times named in
Article I., Clause 1 of the Rules and
In Article I., Clause 3, it is stated
that " in no ense shall a pupil be detained after school hours for a longer
period than half an hour." I am diroc-
ted to inform you that this clause is
disobeyed when the Teacher permits a
pupil to remain on the school premises
for n longer period than half nn hour
after the hour fixed for closing the
school, except in districts where there
is a gymnasium, and then children
must not be permitted to attend the
same unless a teacher remains iu charge
of them during the exercises.
It is also a violation of the Rules nnd
Regulations for the pupils of a school
or any division of a school to lie called
together for class work or study of i.ny
kind prior to the time fixed for the
opening of the school.
Complaints have also been made as
to the extent of home lessons prescribed
by some teachers. Article I., Clause 3,
of the Rules and Regulations, in which
the duties of the teacher in this respect
are clearly set forth, must be strictly
followed. The minds of pupils are on
no account to be forced bv overwork.
Yo ir careful attention is also called
to Article VI., Clause 5 of the Rules
and Regulations; und in addition to
yonr maintaining a regular supervision
iu the play ground, it is required that
boys and girls be not permitted to
occupy the same portion of tlie school
yard at any time.
It has been pointed out to the Department that in several of the schools
the subject of book-keeping has not
received that attention which its importance demands. When requested by
11 pupil or liy a parent of a pupil the
teachei must give instruction in this
Highest Honors���World'* Pair.
pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frei.
Jul Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
As eleven years is said to be tho life of
the average steel rail, the 111,000,01)11 tons
now in use in the United States mils* sooner or later make way for others. These
renewals involve an annual replacement
of not less than 1,727,273 tons.
Tho Carrara marble quarries are practically inexhaustible. The entire muss of
Mont* Sagro, 5,000 feet high, which dominates Carrara, Is solid marble. About
100,000 tons of marble are annually exported, most of which comes to America.
All the car-building companies in St.
Louis���the Laclede, the St. Louis, the
American, tbo Hrownell and the St.
Charles���have combined. There will be
f5,000,000 of bonds and ��1B,000,000 of st'ock
issued to represent the combined properties.
Mr. Samuel E. Morse, the consul general
nt i'ai'is, has sent to the state department
nn abstract of the official report on the
wheat crop in France for WU. It is estimated by the French statisticians, says
Mr. Mor-o. that tho craps of 1804 throughout the world will he .15 per cent, in excess
of the world's demands for consumption
nud seed.
Tlie celebrated Burin-restate Is approaching final liquidation. At one time the liabilities were largely over (ino.iKHI.OIIII; now
they are but 819,800,000. With the improvement iu all assets the world over, tho
bank of England will not need long time,
to close out the collateral they hold. A
lnrge surplus is expected. Iu history this
will stand ns thu greatest financial exploit ever accomplished in business.���
Banker's Monthly.
I The bicycle of the khedive of Egypt is n
gorgeous machine, almost entirely covered
with silver plating.
jV yonng French officer Intelv, on a
wager, ma.ic his way on a bicycle to the
top nf the Pic du Midi in the Pyrenees,
9,510 feet hl-jh, and then down again.
I The Bell Telephone company, ol Cincinnati, O., have mounted thirty inspectors on bicycles. Thi ity horses and
as many buggies have been displaced
Wheels propelled by petroleum are Iieing
Introduced in Purls to take the place of
the cycle. Tbey are very costly, one thntis-
[ and dollars boinj the price f jr on j.���liaril-
I ware.
Tlie highest masts of sailing vessels are
from 1110 to 180 feet high, and spreiul from
01,000 to 100,000 square feet of canvas.
In New Mexico have lieen discovered
ruins of magnificent buildings. The wall
surrounding one of them is 4 feet high,
and 1)15 long. The ruins aru of Pueblo
Indian origin.
Tlie average whale is from 50 to 05 feet
In length and 05 feet iu circumference.
The jawbones are 20 to 25 feet long, and 11
tongue has been known to yield almost a
ton of oil.
An Antarctic Iceberg has been seen that
was 2(1 miles wide, 40 miles In length and
400 feet in height; a square township or
two could break off from ihis and hardly
affect it.
There are only one or two places In Toronto and Montreal where foreign postage
stamps can lie bought to inclose in letters
sent abroad for return postage, and even
at these places a price nearly double the
lace value of tho stamp is asked.
A new Italian rifle will send a bullet
through five inches of solid oak at a distance of 4,000 feet.
Aluminum drums are proving most successful in the Prussian military bands.
Not only are they lighter than the ordinary kind, but they give out a much fuller
und richer sound.
Chiiteaudim, where the French maneuvers have just been held,has the distinction
of having received as 11 municipality the
crass of thu Iji'gion of Honor for its lierolc
defense against the Germans in 1S70.
Experiments are Iieing conducted nt the
armory in Springfield, Mass., in the use of
aluminum for the bayonet scabbards for
the new rifle*. While tho metal works
well in bending and is about lift)* per cent,
lighter than the steel scabbard, no satisfactory method has been devised for soldering the edges together.
The 132,850 craters which have lieen
discovered on the moon nre supposed to
hare been caused by a bombardment of
Sen bathing causes many diseases of
the ear. Cotton should be put in the ear
when it is the Intention to submerge the
All known chemical elements nre represented in sea water. They nre not nl-
wnys cnpablo of being detected by chemical
The theory thnt the remnins of animals
form the run* material from which petroleum is formed by nature is still held by
some prominent scientists.
The Medical News says that even sewage
water can Ik) converted Into pure drinking
water hy sand nitrations in filter basins at
the rate of two million gallons per acre per
In a month a caterpillar devours six
thousand times its own weight in food.
Darwin asserted that there is insanity
among animals just us there is umong
No worm or insect Is over found upon
the eucalyptus tree or In thn earth pclie-
Iratcd by its roots.
Solitary confinement Is calculated, doctors slate, to produce midlineholhi, suicidal
mania and loss of reason. Nine months of
absolutely solitary confinement are almost
certain to result In tho mental ruin of the'
The reason given why birds do not fall
off their perch is Itecnuse they cannot open
the foot when tho leg is bent. Look nt a
hen walking 1111 you will see it close its
toes as it raises the foot and open It as it
touches the ground.
France derived 050,000 francs last year
from tbe tax on cycles, the number of machines being 102,270.
The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
has a student, named Pelleit.
Col. Cash Surplus was proprietor of a j
Texas newspaper th.it suspended a few
dnys it'-'' 1.
Despite the suggestion contained in its
name. Vermillion is one of the banner
Woman's Christian Tcmpoi'iiuce union
towns in South Dakota.
Mr. White, of (iivenwooil county, Ivin,,
hasa daili'hlor name.I "Snow.'' This is
as bail us Mr. Butt on, of For. -.'*���������., who
has a daughter mimed "I'eui'l."
.1. e eed nil inetii luiiuiuht for early maturity. Uno farmer will titliiiua weight
of till'l piuiii'.s ou his spvin ; pi,-s nt ��...
or seven months ol!. 11.nl hui tiio tu.i
price for tho.il, an 1 no wni mtuo ciur.i'i
meat, tor there w.ll lie uu cnecii iii
growth iiO.11 i.ii-t.i tu iiiuiiiiiiy, a.... 1. ���
culilu'eaiiii'i* feeding. Another will
neglect his pigs until they uuoo'iio Uu*
turifty nud feed tliein ti,l ini l-.viiitoi'.
ami then sell liity puu.jd iigu.or i....i'i;uw
wise ueiguoiir.
Uue lur.ier sells his ste-M's nt two
vents ul. fur uin.ii money til 111 ills llelgii'
bur gels a. nll'eu years 011, io I'iei.u'd, j
III!nullum eiii-iyi-e.-u.i-esa w.nl o.,la.i..'r 1
ration, regular feeding, a I'unit'u-tii iu
bed, Miei.ei' in Mi.1i.1r, uno iou.-.c.i'.i'
tions care, nml tae fnrmer \. .i.ig.us
luis wn 11 ni ilut it pays. Wu learn
slowly, tint iviioii 1 re,no.unci' uir.v, 111
my uoynoo.i, live-slue.- was i.u^.eetud
nlinot uuivers.by, u,id every .���,>!...,-
mill.; calile and hogs uio 1 f.-u .1 ire,,iee.
nud starvation, 1 cm sou i.i... i....o n..s
been jjlvul . .piiin'..ieut, i.u I 1 lc-l en-
coui'ageu 10 piencii mo gospel oi goo
far i.iuij,-, nun i also try to pi...- ice wuiu
1 preacii.���^juo ^jj.j, ... \.ov....y v-l, -
,\ ..riu..1./... -icin-.hi...a.
Prof. Biaolrie. i'ootliind's Grand Oil
Mini. i< us ively ut Si us 11 icuuoiiluy.
In entertiiinint-1111 American at Iniic. ���
eon recently, lu his wifj's presence, in
snid. us no too.; up the curving kniso
uud thrust it into a uiici'cn: ".uy \. tie
wun'i lot 1110 cii-ve. Never mind. L-y
noiiuy, hi iio.uiy���coiiie oil', o.tl in.-.'
Vheruf The s..ieter the meat luo liuiYr1
er tuo bone, tjlutes.t.e 1 l..vo c.i.v
ed empires more easily." Ami wit.11
like chipper uiscoursu ue went uu fo.-,...
lilt till' Mill!.
"Whnt's tlio mutter. Tom? Yon
haven't been yourself lor luree dnys!"
"Weil,llie truth is.liodgers gave u. Mich
ngoul 1.inner uu 'ille.Ml.y linn J ������������
wiinont Iniiikimr, nud tuiiue tuen 1 vo
been liii'.i.i.ig \..thuut taliug."���ju.ul,-
ur s Bunar.
He���1 had n queer dream nbnnt yon
last night. Miss Louisii. lwusi-' ut lo
give yon a kiss, when sudden*)' 1 . i.eio
hi p- It'll liy a ;i. tt that gin . ��� ���' '-fiw
i:s 1 g us Ihu lihii'O. Sub���A...I was
ihere no ui.-ge or 1.0 Luutl���l'iii'-,'cs:����
1    tar.
Knssin prnposos to connect the Baltic
with the Black sea, according to recent report. The rivers Dnieper nnd Dwina are
to lie joined by n canal; surveying has lie-
gun at both ends of the route, and Cherson
is spoken of as tho harbor for the canal on
thu Black sea.
Short jackets cut square in tror.i ere
used for little girls from four to ten years
of age.
Slushing.*; In sleeves, showing n different
material underneath, are seen on many of
tin new models.
1 Iredlvlili il skin for bicycle riders is an
accomplished fact, since, ii. bus received
the sanction of fashion.
The mi' sleeves for autumn are no
smaller t in thi ire nt n- wo 1, but there Is
atciidenc todoiiwny .viii bertuas und
the extreme revcra trimming, whiuh add
bUrrh breadth to the corsage.
You will Is) quite correct, snys an authority on dri ss, if you have your new costume made with 11 velvet bodice, ami skirt
and sleeves of heavy crepon. Tlie former
III iv lie a direct contrast to thu latter if
you wish, or of the same color and tint,
although of such diverse material. Velvet bodices will undoubtedly be one of the
features of the coming season, and will lie
made without sleeves, Hie latter almost invariably matching the skirt.
China has nn academy of manner that
prescribes etiquette for the whole umpire.
In Hong Kong, according to recent, statistics, thu population averages only OUO
women to every 1,000 men.
If the United States luul as great niinpu-
lation relatively as .Iiipnii it would have a
population of 9t-0,000,000 people.
Mrs. Mnrth C. Fisher, of Washington,
I). C., having use for n baby carriage when
living in Japan with her husband iu the
the enrly nays, invented what is now
known as the jlnrikishn. Wheeled vehicles hnd not being in use, nnd the little
two-wheeled baby carriage attracted great
' Jnpnnese workmen bathe the whole body
once n day, and some of them twice.   Pub-
1 lie baths mi. provided on every street,
'ihey are fed by .-. constant current of cold
and I106 water. Tho bather plunges in, remains Immersed some ten minutes, than
\ crimes out aud receives a warm douche of
li :,h witter. _.
Germnny's proportion of suicides ts
larger than that of any other European
The number of telephonic stations in
Germany wus 1,504 in 1881, had increased
at the beginning of the present year to
An international matrimonial paper is
ubout to make its appearance in Berlin,
Germany. The new journal will be printed in three languages���German, English
and French.
Great discontent is shown in Germany
at the large number of ]ieiisioiied officers
in the nriny. Since tho present emperor
ascended the throne in 1888,4,IXKIhave been
forced to resign.
Kislel-en, the birthplace of Martin
Luther, is sinking into the moor upon
which it is built. Measures have been
taken in recent yeurs to drain the bog,
wit bout avail, and the inhabitants nre
seriously thinking of abandoning tho
The giraffe has a tongue almost eighteen
inches long.
The original home of the bison was ia
the Great Salt hike valley.
The eyeball is white beennse the blood
vessels that feed it* substance are so small
that they do not admit the red corpuscles.
The horse's eye hasa thick, glutinous
secretion, because his eye being large mul
much exposed to dust, the viscid secretion
cleanses it more effectually thrill would u>
more watery agent
A living specimen of tho Inrrest and
most deadly snnko known (Oplilophngus
ciups) has lieen nddet' to tlio zoological
gardens of London. It jvows twelve to
fourteen feet in length, und is hirsUil liko
the cobra. It occurs In India. Burma nml
the Eust Indian archipelago, living iu forests uud jungles and readily cuiubiug
According to tlio e-camlnation just mndo
by order of lite Greek patriarch, the Byzantine edifices of Co. .-rantir.opl*' have iui
urlTereti suverely by the eai''ii.iuiKi'.
As tasters the sect of Jains in India, N
far ahead of nil rivuls. i-'ust..-. oJ iron,
thirty to Corty dnys ni-t* very common, in il
once a year tney are stt.d 10 u  it'o.u
lood for seventy-live days.
Nearly every Japanese paper has 11
"prison editor." For infraction of thu
publication laws coinulioiiy uiustj go '.���
jail, and so the prison editor's chit���.' duty ,
to expiate the newspaper's ulfuo.se by languishing in a cell-
Oil a territory about the nren of Montana
Japan supports tort/ mill. 1.1 ;>"vi.' i.i
comparative comfort. Iteokouingi.urowii
area at twenty-four times tlin of .lurum.
this country ut tha.. rale wuiiui xiipp... ���
iiine hundred anu six.y million ihioo.u.
Europe hns only ubout eight per eon',
ot the Sunday school utUuiuu^u o. ...o
The Sunday school membership of Germany bus increased over eigluy per cciij.
in the last twenty years.
There are 'i.'.OUU.OOri persons, tenchem nml
scholars, enrolled in tliu Pruiestuut aumlay
suhuois o* llie world.
Tliere arc 25,01ft. Sunday schools, 81,050
teachers, ami 1,0115 scholars in the Uitleieui,
continental nations uf Europe.
In 1374 tliere were in Germany 1.21H
Protestant Sunday schools, wit.. 60,4.J
teachers und scholars, in 1800 there wero
5,000 schools and 781,700 teachers aud
The announcement was lately made ly
the paymaster general uf the supremo
court of ICm-lund ihiit the total amount of
dormant funds lying iu chancery isMJ,-
ooc noil.
'.i'ho Fast rrot lighthouse, the spot on th >
Irish coast best known  to Canadians, is
.;;i to In \:>. a dangerous condition, a.. Ihe
iron fasti dugsof the tawor i.avc becoiiw
Co' roded.
"Window gazing" isn profession lu London. A couple of stylishly dressed hlill.r.1
pause before tho window of 11 nun-chant,
remain about five minutes and audibly
praise thu goods displayed inside. Then
they puss on to anouier mure 011 Uieir long
list of patrons.
Kosn Bonheur is over seventy years of
age, uud not finding her easel sufficient tu
occupy her time and consume her energy,
she has taken up with photography us uu
additional work.
Miss Dhnnblli rat'doiij-ir Ilanajee, aged
eighteen years, of Bombay, is the first woman to go irom India to Paris for ait
study. She has succeed**)! In hhvlnt" ouo
of her pictures hung hi the Paris salon.
After ninny repnintings nnd altenitloni
Alma Tiidemii bus finished his iiuignur.i
opus, a picture of ancient Home in festival, which has nlreiidy been law ht by n
dealer iu Berlin for one hiiiiiiiiU ���,iousiiiid
marks. It is called "ei, ring," and contains more than ouo hundred figures uf
celebrants and spectators, a procession f>i
honor of the gods of flowers twill fertility n
moving along toward the temple. u
Application for Certlfloute of Im.
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.474'i7,iuteud,
liOdsys from the date hereof, to apply 10
tlie (.old Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the ubove
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Comin ssioner nnd action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dais-ahd.
FOR  $2.25
The "Golden Era"
Application   for    Certillcate  of Im-
Tike notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No. 474b'7, intend
60 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crowu grant of above
Aud further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Iie-
corder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of -"improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainaki*.
Notice of Application for Certillcate
of Improvements.
Take notice that I, Harold E. For*
ster, free miner'-, substituted certificate
No. 'I5-J49. intend, sixty duys from tlie
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of tbe above claim.
And further take notice that adverso
claims must be sent to the Mining Re-
corder, and action commenced beb re
the issuance of such ocrtilioaiu of improvements.
Harold E. Forstkr,
By his ngent F  VV. Avlbieb.
Dated this 2!)tli day of December,
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for Ihe
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under
signed or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Assay Offices * Clienilcal l.iiti.irntorj
(Established in ll.C. in IHK0.)
Vnn-T-oiivei-,      ���       Jb.-O.
*** *      " ^r1* xm teated by my
"""���-���^���"---���������������������"������������a.   Tru.Ml, with
perfect asss tow.nrer than by ail other
, Ulltlus-BtW..'r��raala-
Presbyterian Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
morning in the school bouse nt 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. R.
FOB OIK li:ill.
20 Complete Novelettes
W. hen nmnn-il with lb. publisher or th. pnputar
�����xx&\xxe&z ��avfr*.
Hon. j, a. Louoheed, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
Loncheed A McCarter.
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
CALOAJiv, - N.W.T.
D.L.S. A P.Ij.S. for B.C. DOMINION A
Drnughtsiiian, Valuator .etc., CA I.GAI.Y,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of U.C. &Ont.
CaIjUARV, Alba-
olli>rtooaetiniilinerllinr, Fru... IsrgSsnitImnil.nme
premium book, eutlttod, " Twenty Cnnnlrlo
Novelettes be 1'nnnlt.i' Anthora." Tlin.
onr Mlti'irllier-, liy uUim a'teai-tigo of the above
libiral o'for, tney n-cure, In til lltl .1 to their fXrorlte
h'line nawiiiaper, a yenr'. militcrlutlnn to one of th.
belt snil nin-t piiputir literary ami family paper, pub.
ll.heil, ami also ai attractive an<l entertaining book
containing twenty eompleto novelette, by twenty of
the moil fa'n'in. author, of America. England ana
France-ln fact, a Urge amount of the most fuclnatlog
reading matter at the most trifling cont.
Ih a lar-re and handsome lS-pago, M-coInmn I11��-
trited literary and famllr paner, pahllRhed monthly,
and confiinlnif Serial and H'lort Stnrlni by tint mont
B-pillar anthorii Hketche-., Ponmfl. ITneful Mlnrellnny,
rvnehoM. ntilfilren'R and Hnmoromi Dflrnrtmentii,
and ei-eryt'iimrtoa.-i'i'-'), entertain and Instruct eaeh
mpmher or the fltmllt* circle Amontr thn writers
wboae Btorle-i conntintly w,mnr In THN iLLnratATltD
Hon Oitrst nre Mm. K-nma P. K N. Ronthworth,
Mrs. Mary J. Holme**, Charlotte M. Rrnome. Mm. Ann
8. fitepiwns, Mrt. Miv Airno-t Flemln-f. Etta W. Pierce,
Mm. .lane O. Auntln, Eimia flfrriuon Joner*.. Mary
Kyle Dallas, Sylvaous Cobb. Jr., Kmeiwrn Bennett, A.
Conan Doyle, and man? other*. Tt li a lilsrh-clnn-- pub-
llcatloi tor the family circle, lianilnomely printed,
bemtlftiilvtila-rtratod. and while it In always Interesting and never dull, It Is pure in moral tone, not an
objectionable word or lino holnr-r allowed to enter Its
column*. You will be delighted with this chsrmlnft
paper, and eagdrly welcome Us monthly visits.
By Popnlnr Anthor-i Is a large and handsoma
book of J92larBTeilnibie--*.filumn octavo patren, nicely
printed In clear, hold, readah<e tvpe on Rood paper,
and handsomely hound In colored paper enven-. It
contains, as its title indicate-*, twenty complete noretettet
by twenty well-knowo nnd pnpulor aathors. each one
or which Is intensely lnt-��rosi ms*. It comprises a whole
season's detltthtrnl ro-tdtntf, and Is hyfarthe largest
and finest collection of complete popular novelettes
ever published in a sln-rle volume. The titles of tbo
twenty complete novelettes contained In this book are
as follows:
Vnder tho Holly Berries. Br Cbulotu m,
llie Phantom Weddlnr. By sir*. Emma D. �� it.
Th�� (.rtMv'is Wfirnliiff.   Tl-* Mm, nenr? Wrw-t
Moonshine nnd Mnriruerltea. fir "Th* Dn-
The Headsman of Antwerp.   Br lira. Ann &
Thn Story of n f.'fl��.   Br Mm. Mar Artie-, flemlnj.
OH Kiidt-Wftird Hall.   Br Mfu si. P, nnniiloo.
sllanehe of nonullou.   Br Aii-xim-vr Dumu.
A Tnle or ThraA Mona.   Hv n. HMir H-uteard.
A Drams In the Air.   Br Jut" Vf-nw.
The story of Helen,   Bv Am*-*.*, m. Don-to.
'The Captain or tho Pole-stars  Br a. Oonaa
The sjnllorTg Reeret.  flrMnt- Jin-o. Anttln.
The Intel In Heme Wood,   nr wnht�� Onlllna
The Helreos of Whltioo CroDge.   fir at T.
Cal tor.
Nnssi Farm,  n*- Ms-**- Kvi- mitis.
The nineltamlth*-* Dnnarhter. Br *������� w. Pierre.
The ftpHlptnr or IModenn.  Br MritaNs <vt-h. jr.
Thn VmIsp Dlnmonda.   �����*����������- Marr a. DeaiwD.
Ashcrolt Hall.   Br Rmms Oirrlsos j -unit.
���hit i<e send THE flOLDEN ERA for one
lur ono vo.-ir, tiiifl tlio hoo'i, '-Twenty Complete Novelettes by Popnlnr Authors." ell
nost-pnid by iiinil upon rei-eipl of only $2.25.
I'his oiler iipplien hotli to uoir -uil'scribers
und reiie.v.-ils. Evory lovor of lirielit liud
f'1-H'ii'.itiuj: literiiti.re slnnilil ti ko iidvMitii*{e
of it. S'linplo-i i'opic.��of "Tlio llliiNlriitcil
Homo (juiMt" and ot' the promium book mny
he seen lit this utfii'O.   jlddrtms nil letters r
The Golden Era Pub. Co.,
Golden, B.C.
McCarthy   A    Harvey,
Unrristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor s���
Tho Imperial Hank of Canada.
Tho Canada Permanent Loan A Savin-j-sCo.
Tho Yorkshire Loan A Securities!'erpuratiun
The MuHsey-Hurris Co. (Ltd), etc., etc.
OHicoH���Stephen Avenue, L'el-rary.
P. muGakthv, y.c.
HoiiAtno Harvey, u.a. l.Ij.u.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
(Graduate of Laval and McUill.)
Head Office, Quebec ;  Brunch  Offices
Siieuiikooke, * 17 Place d'Arnies
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
mlvimw i<j\<a\i'.i:K.
Proportles re]>orlod uiion.    Estimates and
plans for ell uiet'illurf-icil plants.
P. 0. Box 1, . -    Golden, B.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest tit Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
In tho Supreme Court of llritish Columbia,
1K1-4,11 No. 8
llotiveen Aloxandnr L. Ho-*-? and Frank
IIou-{lltOII, l'l.,iiili!fs;
Charles C. Fnrrell .-ind G. II. Johnson, Do-
To ('hnrles C. Farrell and 0. H. Johnson of
Fori Steelo, iu tho District of Kootenay,
Tako notice that on the sixth dny of Aunust
IN'.U, ii writ of summons was issued out of this
Court ii-rainst you at the suit of the almvo
named, Alexander L. lloitir and Frank
lli-n-rlitnii, of Fort Steelo, I'lee Minors:
That tho said writ was enclosed with tho
fnllawin-r sta'eiiieut of claim:
"Thn pliiiiitilt's cliiim I. for the cancellation
of lho ro'.'orils of the Demlwood and legni
Toiulnr uiiueriil ClaiiiiH, in the uAice of tho
Miiiinir I.'ccnrder ut Fort Steele in the Province nf llritish Coluiiilii.i, fur an injunction
resir..i.uiiK die ilet'uinlauts, their servants,
a-fents, or wnrktneu froin on��criii'r ii|sin tho
(���iiei'ii of the IIills and Luke Shore and .Moyea
mineral claims, and for daman-us and tho
costs of this action,"
And take notice, further, that bv an order
of His Lordship Mr. Justin' Walke 11, dated
Mil October, 180', it was ordered thut service
of the said writ be c'-'oeted by tiostiu'r the
same on tlio oliiee of the .MiniiiK* Keconler at
Fort Steele, ami on thn sail Quell of the
Hills, Moyea mul Lake Shore claims, and by
advertising a notice thereof for if1 days hi tlio
I'OI.IMON Kill ucivspaper, and lhat the lie-
feurloii's do enter un apneiirauie within iX)
davs of tlio first Insertion of such notice.
Vou aro then-torn required piirsiuiiit lo
such order In outor au iijipenrance to the said
writ 111 thoolKce of the llo-ristn-r of this
Coi'rtat l-ii'id.ops, Ilritl.li Columbia. ..ithlii
.'JO davs of tlio lirst insertion of this notice.
Dated thi.. -tilli N1.v11111l.ur, IHlU.
Of Doiiall.   iu tho District of Kpptcny,
l'l..iiiti.i's' Solicitor.
Firs i.isci-.ioii Lev. M ifjl,
Wholesale and Itetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. 0.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
IjTEEOIIAI'II   orders   promptly
attended  to.
"It li worth the price to ereir person
Jrbo cTen reads a newspaper."���Darlington
mi joohnal Mini 10
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. Gr. NHVIM-ft
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rales for
making ana editing- newspaper copy,
and of equal valne to all wbo wish lo
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price.  Ptlce, 10 rent*
per oopy.   ALLAN TORMAN, Publlshet
117 Nssskn Street, New York.
Goldon Hospital Society.
From !):il0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. *��� 4 p.m.
..       7     11   11  H   11
Sunday from   10 a-tn. to  12 in., and
from 7 p. 111. to S p in.
From  2:.'10 p.m.   to S p.m., daily,
except Monday and Snturlay.
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connrcher, Prcprietor.
Newly refitted end furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Heiiili'iitirtiTs for minin*; men mid
miners, Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, and Ci|{iirr!.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
prompt answer snd sn Bontit opinion, write lo
Si I!��N * CO., who have tad nearly aft; years'
experience In the patent Dullness. Cntnnnmlca-
tlinis strictly conflitentlsl. A Ilaniibook ot In.
fortnstlon concerniniz Patents and sow to 6b.
loin tli.m .ont free. Also a cstsloguo of mechan.
lost and ulentltto books sent free.
Patent, taken ttaroimb Munn It Co. neelTe
I specisl notlceln tbe t-tclnntl'lc lunrrnnn. snd
thus srs brought widely befnrj the public witii-
out coat to tbe inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly lllnstrated. hiu by far tho
larpeat clrculstlon of nny sclenttfle work tn tbe
world. S3 �� yesr.  Sample cnpio. sent free.
 ..... -        ...     ��������� aint]a
_ beou-
_. of new
house., with plans, enabling builders lo show the
latest rleslBiis and secure cunlrncts. Address
HUH* a CO, Kiw -rouK, 3��t BbojU-wat.
'' Monsoon" Tea is put up hy tlie Indian Tea
prou-tirs ns a sampV of Iho best qualitic i.f Indini.
1 e.*s. Thcref.irc they use the (-riMti-,1 care in lhe
..'lection of**thc Tea anil il. Mend, that is why Ihey
put it up themselve. and sell it only in the ori(riiial
{���ickairi*.. therchv securing ils purity nnd excellem-e
'nt up in Iti lb., 1 It., an J 5 lb. packnt-Ch aud never
sjl.1 in bulk.
If your grocer doe. not Irecp it. tell him lo write lo
I tt and 13 Tront S'.r^ot East, Toronto. ���*-   EXILED FROM HOME.
It Is said that in this timo 'hero ire
twenty-one ex*sovereigns residing In 'Iif-
ferent parts of Europe, none of tliein iu the
countries they mice r..lo\
Pius.IX., the lute pontiff, wns ilriven
from Rome during lhe stormy days of 1848.
lie tied in disguise In Giietn, ami retuuined
there until restored I y foreign aid.
Emperor Charles V. lived in voluntary
exile during the last years of his life. His
chief occupation iu his retirement was devising new viands to tempt I is gluttonous
A great many of the popes hnve heen
forced into exile, generally hy etneutes
among the turbulent Koimiu populace. A
few were restored, but most of them died
iu exile.
Marie de Medici, the mother of three
queens, wns driven Into exilo by the Influence mul address of Cardinal Richelieu.
She lived in great poverty, often wanting
the necessaries of life.
Jerome llonnpurto remained in exilo
from 1815 lu the revolution of 1848, when
he wns restored lo his military rank and
made governor of the Iuvalides. Ue died
ill Paris iu I860.
Whole families have sometimes been
exiled al one time. Tlie Stuart family wus
twice driven from England, nml at different times the Bourbons and the lionupururs
have been expo.led from France.
Manufactures of Sash, Eoors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing- the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
Understand yonr antagonist before yon
���newer him.���Anon.
Better to go to bed snpperless than to
get up lu debt.���Spanish l'roverb.
The wm Id would lie a place of peace if
men were ail iieaueuiakers.���Buskin.
The mure one speaks of himself the
less lie likes to bear another talked of.���
What seems lo ns the merest accident
springs from the deepest source of destiny,
Content can soothe, where'er by fortune
placed; can rear a garden iu a desert waste.
���H. K. White.
And yet I know ont nf the dark must
grow, sooner or later, whatever is fair, for
tbe heavens have willed it so.���Anon.
All men have their frailties; and whoever looks fur a friend without imperfections will never find what he seeks.���
It is far more important to me to preserve an unblemished conscience than to
compass any object however great,*���
Il wus as if the spirit of life in nature
were bnt witholding any too precipitate
revelation of it-elf, in its slow, wise, maturing work.���W. Pater.
Grasshoppers make good egg food.
As a rule spinach ie a very profitable
In butter color and flavor have no relation to each other.
The ashes of the corn cob contain a large
���mount of potash.
Oveifeeding is the most frnitf ui cause of
��� failure to lay.
It is said thnt fowls that lay white eggs
���re more prolific than those which lay
dark eggs.
An eight-frame hire for bees is now
preferred to the ten* frame hive which has
been so long ill use.
A gieat deal of wet land along the banks
of streams and ponds cau be nsed for
growing the basket willow.
A solution of silicate nf soda is snid to
be ��� perfect preservative of eggs, and does
not injure them in any way.
There is no better grain for poultry any
time of the year than wheat, except when
fattening. When ready to fatten com
���hould be used.
The habit that merchants have nf fixing
prices at $4.99, $3.48, 99 cents, etc., has
called attention ti. tlie need of a ll-cent
piece as n convenience and to save time
loft in waiting for change.
An original certificate of membership in
the Order of Cincinnati, issued to a signer
of the declaration of Independence and
signed by George Waahiiigu.u, was recently sold at Wilmington, Del., for ��33.
A plant in Sumatrn called the liafflesla
Arnold! Is said to bear tlie largest flower
iu the world. Some of the largest are
thirty-six inches ill diameter, mid the
central cup will hold six   quarts of water.
Most of the so called marble houses of
tbe Rome of Augustus were not such in
reality. The plasterer's art had then reached a high state of perfection, and gave a
���tneeo the appearance of tlie finest marble,
In New York ciiy tt takes people from
twelve to sixteen seconds to get Into and
ont of care. In London It requires thirty
In the sixteenth century no lady was
considered in foil dress unless she had a
mirror at her breast It was oral in shape,
���boat four by six luchet lu size.
As there is .some doubt in >hc minds
of some pooplo what kind of nn nlTiiir
the bull on the llith is going to be I
will inform tliein on authority that it,
is to be a cnliro fancy dress masquer-
ado. By all ncconiits the ladies are
j milking great preparations for it and a
jolly good timo is anticipated.
Mr. Chas, Iiiiines has the contract
for furnishing ice to the C.P.lt. and
at present has men employed clearing
tho snow off, preparatory to cutting
the ice.
Se'kirk Lodge, No. 12, I.O.O.F.
elected and installed the following
officers nt its Inst meeting:���John
Hurt, P.G, J. Palmer, N.G., Wm
Bonus. V.G., J Mathie, Secy., A. Den-
m-m, Irons., R Urquhnrt, W��� J Stirrett, C, J McLeod, K.S., and J Mc-
Ginnis, L.S. to N.G. Mr. J Stirrett,
G.D, intends to install officers of llev-
ilstoko Lodge, I.O.O.F.. ou Thursday
night if No. 1 is on time.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Pres-
bvtei-inn Church have decided to hold
monthly socials at the different residences, the lirst one to till e place on
the 22nd of this iuonthattlienan.se.
Admission���Adults 2a teits, children
10 cents
Tiio mechanics nnd helpers nt the
C.P.lt. shops have had their working
time reduced to 5 hours a day, equivalent to hall time.
The beautiful made its appearance
again this week. Tuesday's No. 2
���struck a light snowslide, but was not
delayed very long.
Tho malingers of the toboggan slide
have set apart Thursday afternoons
und Monday nights for ladies only.
Mr VV Ncilson, manager of Beaver
Mill was in town this we.k.
Mr JConnnclu r paid a visit to this
town on Tuesday.
Sheriff Rei'g a. e's daughter is here
0 i ii visit, from California.
Public school hns not opened yet on
iicioui t of thenb.-ence of Mr Miller the
teacher, who is indisposed. It is expected, however, to open ou Monday.
Mr B Kimpton has returned from
the Sanitarium, Banff where he went
on account of rheumatism.
The members of Selkirk Lodge No.
12, I.O.O.F., passed the following
resolution at their lust meeting on the
death of their fellow-member Hurry
Dear Friends,���Wo, tho members
01 Selkirk Lodge, No. 12, I.O.O.F,,
desire to tender you our sincere and
heartfelt sympathy nt tho great loss
you have sustained by the deuth of
your esteoni'id brother, yet, although
the hand of affliction has fallen heavily
upon you nnd it seems hard to bear.
let us remind you that tho hand ol
ProvidenoA which hits removed a loved
ouo from you, is also strong to bear
you up in your time of sorrow and wo
trust that you will look to the Great
Physician for grace tc support you
and healing halm for your wounded
hearts, and when the journey here on
earth is done, that you may bo reunited in the Grand Lodge above where
parting is no more.
(Signed)   ,1amkm Matiiib,
.1. C. PlTTH,
Committee on Resolution.
Forlnne Teller���Your iiusbnnd will be
rich, handsome and clever. Brown (to
fiancee)���Hy Jove I wonderful I How did
-.he guess il?���From Sketch.
Debut.-nie���Don't you sver gossip or talk
���candid? Woman Hater���No, I never dis*
cues women.���N.Y. Journal,
Mrs. Hale (jnst marri-d)���Maria, we will
have eels us a second course for dinner.
Maria���How much ought I to get, ma'am?
"1 think twelve yards will be sufficient."���
Amateur Poet���It was nt the time when
my fiancee jilted me thnt I discovered my
poetic vein and��� Good Friend���Yes,
ves; a misfortune never comes alone.���
Fllegeude Blnetter.
Ada���Flo was just going down for the
third lime wli'ii Dr. Watson dived off a
yini. t nud ciinglit her. Grace���And saved
In r life I Wasn't that wonderful? Ada-
Yes, for a iloft'T. ���Life.
Mrsrre-H-Dnl you tell the lady 1 wns
mil? Ward���Yes, in.'iim. Mistress���Did
stie seem to have any doiilits about il?
Ward-No, mii'alii. She i-a.d she knew
you wasn't. ��� Harlem Life.
"But wliai is this new story like?"
"Like! Never was anything like it. Thuts
the reason It's so deligi.trnlly absurd, i.ou't
you know. There Isn't a natural character or probable situation in it. Oh, yon
must rend it."���Boston Transcript.
The design of the American Sag was probably borrowed from the family aims of
Gen. Washington, which consisted of
tiiree stare iu tlie npper portion aud three
burs across tiie escutcheon.
Watches originated at Nuremberg as
early as 1477. They were n�� first called
Nuremberg eggs, widen they resembled
both in shape and size. They were often
fitted into lhe tons of walking-sticks.
The first English book on stenography,
so fur an known, was written by Dr. Timothy Bright iu 1088. Its earlier invention
in attributed to the Latin poet Eunins, to
Seneca, Cicero and several others.
Guns are said to hnve been used hy the
Chinese before the beginning of the Christian era. Tile oldest dated piece of European artillery beurs an inscription declaring that the gun wns cast in IM.
Murine insurance wns practiced in Rome
B. C. 45. It waa very getieinl in Europe
before the discovery of America, and it is
altogether probable that the ships of Columbus were insured for their fnll
Coats of arms wero first employed In
England during the reigu of Richard I.,
and became hereditary in families in the
following century. They originated from
the painted banners carried by knights
end nobles.
Skating at tho rink I o-night, weather
permitting.    Admission 25 cents.
80 Cents
Ki.ti.tc or .ll. II. laing, Decerned.
OEAIjKI) tenders at n rate on the
I-* dollar are invited for tho purchase
ol tho whole of the stock-in-trade (consisting of Groceries, Hnrdware, Dry
Goods, and stock-in-trade of a General
Merchant) belonging or appertaining
to the business lately carried on by
Margaret Boyco Lang, deceased, situate
at Golden, B. C. Tonucs will lie received by the undersigned up to tho 1st
dav of February, 18!)5. Particulars
and all other information inny be obtained upon application to the undersigned. The lowest or any tetider not
necessarily accepted.
Victoria, B. C.
Administrator of lho Estate of M. B.
Lang, deceased.
The joyous & festive season. Everybody should
make presents. We think so and intend making
all our customers a substantial Christmas present
in the shape of
A Rebate of 30c.
on each Dollar's worth of the following lines of
goods purchased
Will buy a dollar's worth of China, Crockery
and Glassware
Will buy a dollar's worth of Silk Goods,
Handkerchiefs, China Dress Silks, Silk Hand
Bags, Table and Piano Drapes, Handkerchief
Cases, Ladies Underwear, in fact anything
.  in the silk line
Will buy a dollar's worth of Toys, Picture
Books, Alphabetical Blocks, Etc.
Will buy a dollar's worth of Knives, Forks
Spoons and Plated Warn
Will buy a dollar's worth of Fancy Plush
Toilet Cases, Manicure Sets, Shaving Sets,
Ladies Purses, Hand Bags, Toilet Sets, Hair
Brushes, Perfumes, Satchets, etc.
This is a clear discount of 20 per cent.    All
goods marked in plain figures.
Dealers In Everything-.
Goldeii, B.C.


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