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The Golden Era Sep 22, 1894

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Array .-^'.'- ,;-i,r
fA*    SEP.:   t   Jot,/*     ^
<U*   SEP.;  -  ]8H   iJi
VOL. IV.   XO 7
$i Per Year
SElililflG OUT
Charles A.  C0a wen's.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc/
Prices quoted and samples supftied on
application, '
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, ut its connection with the
ateainbout navigation of the Columbia river ;
the mineral nnii commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Cohuiibiiit headquarters of thj tiold-
on Smelting works, the Upjier Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry: lho
outlet for the widely known nnil far
famed agricultural and griming bind of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled I
for scenery nf nil kinds; the distributing
point fnr the richest mineral country on the
J.   G.   TBM^LETON,
WhAles-ile and
Retail DrntcUt
OllllEIlS    PltOMPTI.V     AtTEMUKI)    TO.
ColtllKS!'ONEKN'-E Soi.lClTl.ll.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Yitm. jjVIefleish, ~ Prop.
In Boots and Shoes at the Big* Store.
For next week will.give you
Boots A Shoes
-: AT:-
Yonr Own Prices.
See our Bargain Tables:
Boots at Cost, Boots at Half Price and
Boots at Less than Half Price.
Men's Heavy Shoes,old price $2.00 now .11.00
Men's Fine Shoes
Ladies' "
Ladies' house slippers from 35centsperpair.
Boys' Shoes at Half Price.
Girls' Shoes at Half Price.
Come Early and get Your Boots & Shoes for
Future Wear before the Sizes are Broken.
Wantbo.- Active, Honest, Gentleman or Lady to travel, representing established, reliable house. Salary
|65 monthly and traveling expenses,
with increase, if suited. Enclose references and self addressed stamped
317 Omaha Building, Chicago.
J. C. Plummer, Plasterer,
is prepared to de nil kinds of
Plain ft Ornamental Plastering,
at shortest notice. Terms reuannablo.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
References furnished if desired.  Address i
J. C. PLUMMEU, Golden, B.C.
Hjiecial  attention given
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Coy Calgary, or .-;
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
committee. i
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
SEALED TENDERS adilmaml to the tut
dertignetl. nnd Hi'uracil "Tender fur Post
Oliiee, Victoria, ll.C. will lie received at this
office until Friday, 111th October, 1WU, lor the
several wurka required in the erection ol u
Post Office at Victoria, B.O.
Plana ami specifleatio-M i-iiu lie noon at tlie
Department of I'ublii' Works, Ottawa, mid at
the office of K. (.' Humble, Eai|��� Resident
Eiiginoor, Victor'*. l>.U.,iiinl tenilera will
not l�� con-tittered unless mailo on the form
supplied and signed by the ni'tunl signature
of teiiilcrer*.
Au accepted bunk choline, payable ����� 'bo
order of the Minister of Public M urka, equal
to & per cent nf amount uf tender, must accompany each tender. This choline wiil lie for-
lei.otl if tho party decline the contract, ur
fail to complete tlie work centrai-ted fur, uud
will lie returned iu case of iiiiii-ui-i-eptiuii-e of
tender. ,
The Dcimrtmeut ilues not bind itself to accept lhe luwest ur any tender.
Uy urder,
Department ef Public Work, I
Ottawa, Uth, Sept.. WW.    i
Uoltlun Hoapltul Society.
From !):'I0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii      7     it   ii  j-   u
Sunday from  10 a.m. to  12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to H p.m.
viMin.NO nouns.
From 2:<J0 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday und Saturday.
llr Ouueii.
Mr. F. Burns returned from a trip
to Calgary Saturday last.
Mr. Mike Carlin is spending a few
days in our midst this week.
The Bon Ton Bakerv is the place to
go for fresh bread, cakes, etc.
Dr. McDonald of Calgary was a
visitor for a few hours on Sunday.
Mrs. Sheriff Redgrave and daughter
of Donald, were visitors this week.
Fresh oysters just arrived ut the
Maple Leal Restaurant.
Mr. S. S. Fowler returned on Monday's delayed train, from New Denver.
Mr. Jack Wallinger took a trip to
the coast, this week previous to his departure for England.
Hon. Wilfrid Laurier passed thro'
on his return trip from the coast on
Wednesday's express.
You can get twelve'loaves of bread
for SI at the Bon Ton Bakery.
Mr. F. J. Claxton of Calgary, who
spent several months here this summer was a visitor on Monday.
Oysters in everv style, at all hours
of the day or night at the Maple Leaf
Restaurant, F. Fields, proprietor.
Among the arrivals from the Upper
Country this week were Mrs. J.- C.
Durick, Mrs. Ross and Miss Heywood.
Mr. H. S. Cayley has returned from
Regiua, where he was attending a sitting of the Northwest Legislative
On Thursday afternoon Carlin &
Lake's horse bolted with the delivery
wagon, causing considerable damage
to the harness and rig.
We must commend Mr. J. C. Greene
on his thoughtfulness in having a
railing put up on each side of the walk
leading to' the Queen's Hotel. ' Mr.
Greene is looking after the safety of
the public.
Thursday night's dance was an exceptionally good one, about twenty
couples being present. There will lie
another dance next Thursday night at
the usual hour and place. Everybody
Constable Moody went to Calgary on
Tuesday after a man McKenzie, who
wns accused of stealing IliO from one
McArthur, two or three dnys ago. Mr.
Moodie returned on Thursday with the
prisoner, who, at the preliminary examination which was held that afternoon, confessed everything. He was
sent down to Donald to await trial.
Our fruit store is a thing of the
past. Mr. A. F. McCuily having been
offeiel a station on the C.P.R. decided
to accept and on Tuesday night he
packed up his goods and left for the
west the next morning. Mr. McCuily
was, pieviousto his ooming to Golden,
an operator on the C.P.R. He takes
with him the best wishes of the residents of Golden.
We would call the attention of the
authorities to the condition of the
tramway bridge. A few boards have
been laid down for the convenience,
we presume, of pedestrians. Several
of these boards are loose and it is
really dangerous to cross the bridge on
a dark night. The whole thing will
hnve to be covered in before winter or
some one will be sure to step between
the timbers und break a leg or something else.
The Gun Club held a practice on
Wednesday afternoon, and the scoring
was ridioulously poor. It was even
wome than the scores whicli some
of the boys made at the picnic on Saturday. What makes them worse is
the fact that those who made poor
scores on Saturday were greenhorns,
while the poor shooting on Wednesday
was done by the "cracks."������ viie'bnly
man who made anything like a score
was Mr. E. Plowright, who made 10
out of a possible 14. We do not wish
to be too hard on the "cracks" so
therefore refrain from publishing the
score, but we would udvise them to
see that it does not occur again.
'1 he private cur " I jlauthe " is at the
C.P.R. depot. The party who are
travelling iu it are Mr. Longley, of
New York, vice-president, of the Adams
Express company ; Mrs. Longley, Dr.
T. H. and Mrs. Burchard and attendants. They leave this evening on a
trip to Banff, Vancouver and the Pacific coast, returning home by San Fran-
ciso. Mr. Longley is in searcli of renewed health.���Calgary Tribune.
The above party passed thru' Golden
in theii private cur on Thursday.
The concert to-night will be one of
the best Goldeuites ever had the opportunity of attending. The selections
ou the programme are entirely original,
the artists reciting their own compositions. The following is the programme:
I'AKT l.
Recital.." Cjisdah, the White Star of
 the Huroiis."
Miss Johnson (iu Indian costume.)
Dramatic Sketch. '-Behind the Screen."
(Introducing ventriloquism.)
Mr. Sinily.
Recital "The Cattle Thief."
Miss Johnson (in Indian costume )
Musical Sketch. "Music in Three Flats"
Mr. Sinily.
Recital.. "The Cry of an Indian Wife."
Miss Johnson (iu Indian costume.)
PART 11.
Tragic Recital.. "The Death Watch of
.Mr. Sinily.
Recital " Beyond the Blue."
Miss Johnson.
Character Sketch "The Corsican's
Mr. Sinily.
Recital " Stepping Stones."
Miss Johnson.
Ventriloquist Sketch.. "The Slnmber-
.. ous Citizen and the Midsummer Fly."
Mr. Sinily.
Remember, the entertainment is in
aid of the Hospital, the admission is
only 60 cents, reserved seats 75 cents,
only a lew reserved seats are left for
sale and mav bo secured by calling at
the post oliiee. The concert commences nt 9 o'clock sharp, in tlie Alexander
A gold presentation emhlem, between
the C.P.R. depot and Lang's store.
The finder will be rewarded by return-
ini' same tu the owner, Mr. G. B. McDermot.
Presbyter Inn Her v Ire.
Service  will    be  held   to-morrow
morning in the school   house at 10
o'clock,   conducted    by   Rev. W. R.
Ross. ffl/tte
j-.l*"H"it JiVIX
T.iu   U.Iu.Jjj. I'
Saturday tiuii-iii.i.j 1,111
an I vvo-it nitiil ti-ultis, .tl
urt.t ti uo i.iii'y, tVt.i lor uoro
.<i catch tbe east
lut  until fur  tlio
fVii'i -*l��oll) etc
il. is tliu iidy iuWei'iisiug
lllUlllillll 1.1 tilt: ir,l'.it
14. Tbnt nil election  dnys bu declur-
,   ,   . ed legal holidays.
li.slioil ovury rt. *
i     15. 'That provincial  aid  granted to
j railways and other proHt earning undertakings, shall curry with it, as a
1 general rule, corresponding valuable
j interest in such undertakings.
Pi. That ibe   employment of   alien
Minimi in  In bur on provincial   public works shall
"I be   practically   prohibited,   and   that
I every reasonable legislative ende-vor
be made to further restri-it the impor-
1 talion oi coolie contract labor.
'    17. That no guarantee of interest or
1 principal on the  bonds  of  the British
I Pacific railway lie given until approved
All cash to lie [mil tii tlio'��� Manager; from   |,y a majority of tho votes of  theeluc-
whom tbo(joiiipuuy's receipt will boobtainod1.
S ll|-l'l'i[lti'l.l    tiilt.es:    -IjI.'Kl   |H
.Vl.'i-Ttisti titinls  aii'l itliilligns iniist lie in
tha tiiHttit mil biter th.ui I- .1.111, mi  I'lun-sduy
t't insiii'o insttrtiiiii.
A Ivi'i'tisu neut rates iniiile knoivu nu appli-
eatioi- *u . . r.
The Golden Era Publishing Companf.
A convontion of tho opposition members of the legislative assembly and
others of the party was held in Vancouver on the 10th. .'Messrs. Graham,
of Enst Yule ; Hume, of South Kootenay ; KeyBSiiy, of New Westminster;,
and Kitchen, of Chilliwhnck of the
opposition .members were absent.
On a ballot lieiiig taken, Mr. C. A.
S'liiliu, of West Yale, was chosen
leader. A platform of 17 articles wus
drawn up and adopted. Iu the evening
a public meeting was held, when Mr.
A. Williams, of Vai.couvor. presided,
and Messrs. Seinlin, Sword, Kitbl,
Prentice, Forster, Schou, and Cotton
The following is the platform adopted :-
.1. That the distribution of parliamentary representation ibroiiguut the
province be established uud maintained
011 a uniformly equitable basis, giving
11 larger proportion of representation
tu the more thinly settled districts, 110
distinction being made between Island
und Mainland. ,!,-.���.
2. That the secrecy of tho ballot
shall lie absolutely Secured in every
instance and no menus be afforded - by
numbering of ibe ballot or otherwise
uf ascertaining how uuy vole has been
.'). Thul the financial ami general
policy uf provincial governments shut!
bu closely scrutinised.
4. The ordinary expenditure ol the
province shall lie so regubiletl as to
avoid annual deficits.
.'1. Thut all provincial or ordinary
expenditures shall be made solely under tbe sanction ol the legislative
li. That any infringement.uf the
constitutional rights of the people by
I In' ex -ci.il ive council shnll bo jealously
guarded j*,tpiinst.
.1. Thul candidates for elect ion tu
1 In- legislative assembly lur not required
in Furnish other qualifications titan
rli.it they ate bona fide electors.
5. That the laud laws shall prevent
Luul monopoly, mnl encourage a numerous settlement ol bona fide cultivating owners.
!l. That tbe agricultural and industrial resources of the province shall lie
developed by thu making of trunk
roads and I rails and the building of
hridt-.es, and hy other works necessary
fur such development.
10. That the mining laws bo reformed su as to develop the mineral
resources of the province und give on-
ciiiiragi'iiiiiii to prospectors.
11. Thai no royalty lie levied on lhe
timber coining til preemption claims
of buna file cultivating settlers.
12. That periodical o|teu meetings of
electors be culled and addressed by
members of the legislature and other
speakers conversant with the political
affairs of the day.
III. That during sessions of tho legislature full information shnll he furnished by this association to local
committees as to the progress of
measures and all other mutters interesting to electors.
tors of the province,
, Nuk-iap nnd Sloeiin.
Dan McGillivruy, returned from 11
trip over the finished portion of the
Nakusp & Slocan railway in company
with Engineer Gamble. He says that
50 tons ol ore art: lining shipped daily
oyer the road from the Alpha mine.
It is sent (rom the mine to Silvertou,
on the lake, and from there to Rosebery
station, where it is loaded on the train.
The output, it is expected, will be
doubled inside of a couple of weeks.
I is fully expi-cti-d that the rails will
be laid into Three Forks by Oct. 1st.
At that point there ure 1,000 tons
awaiting shipment. Thu output of
"ttiu Slocan mines this season is expect*
eijl to be about 15,000 tens. A better
feeling is now taking place and claims
are to be worked vigorously in view of
the excellent transportation facilities.
��� Vancouver World.
Ilia Epitaph.
Ill his younger days Sir Richard F.
Burton belonged .- to a regiment of
which 'thdrtieleiiel Was one Henry Cor-
sellis, and neither his color nor his
leinper was in his favor. Burton bad
been miikini! doggerel rhymes on men's
names at mess, and knowing something of the commanding officer's touchiness, passed him over,
whereupon he took offence; nml, seeing
well that be wus in for a row, liiirton
saitl :'
"Very well,"colonel, I will write
your epitaph," whicli   wus as follows :
Here lieth 'he bo ly of Colonel Corsellis;
The rest of the fellow,! fancy.iu hell is.
���'After which," concludes Burton,
" wu went at it hammer and tongs."
Application fnr ('ertlflciite ot   llll-
l\Tt;liNATItlN.\l/MISi:il.W, CLAIM.
Take notice that I, Arthur P. Cummins, Administrator of the Estate of
iho lute Archibald McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 474'III, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply lo
the (riiild Commissioner lor a certiiii-ute
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
Ami fun her take notice, that, adverse
claims must bu sunt to the Gobi Commissioner nud action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this lUtb day of August, 1WI4
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of the Estate of the
lulu Archibald McMurdo,
rrompl. anawar and an hot-art opinion, write lo
MINNA: CO., wbo ha., bad nearly ��f IT fears'
... FaleMe and now to ob.
-���- - ��� ofr
formation concern!!-)- rati
tain tbem aent free. Alio a
M-al and tcliitiiloo tmntt tent
-awola1"notlceln��lbe Sk-fte-ISc anirrlra.. and
tbna are brought widely before I        	
met to tbe Inventor, Thla
���"    '    nHflli -
m A Co. receive
���Huerlraa, and
��� the publlowlth.
j���. .. mj mi. imniHi*, .ma splendid paper,
Inued weekly, stoutly llinrtnted.bubr to the
laraeil circulation of any aoientinc won la Oe
""I1*, M a rear. Sample copies aent free.
bnoMa, witb plana, enablingbuilders toabow tbe
ter oonUlna .
rear. Stntle
She stands liy the wayalile singing.
Anil pointing with jeweled baud,      1
She lulls of glories walling
Afar In a radiant land.
Al the sound of her voice, the plodder
Gties tin with courage renewed,
(iettius ��ives ear tu her chanting
And ts with new talent endued.
The multitude hears her In passing,
Nn matter hnw great is tho throng.
Anil each tells himself that site only
Is singing fur him. Iter sweet sung,
Thnt lu', iif them all. has lieen chosen
To win her at laat to hia breast,
That -Himetinio, ur where, he will conquer
If lie fullowa the Siren's behest.
Fnr her sake men forget heaven,
1 hey heed nut the passing ul yean.
They trample tho hearts of women,
Tiiey strotf at the orphan's tears,
Thny live fur the one thl'iif only���
To make fur tliemaelves a name���
And In hold letters ascribe It
High up uu ihe Temple uf Fame,
O ! fools, who toll and who struggle,
II! fiMils. who enter the strife, ,
Who are lured by the sung nf a siren
To squander the treasures nf life.
The prize for all your enduring
la lhatof the meanest slave. ,
When at last you would elasp her triumphant
Vou stumble Into a grave.
BABY&R tiger?
The steamship Colon of the Pacific mail
line was only twenty-four hoursout f rem
the Isthmus, but already four convivial
spirits had formed a friendship, and
were seated iu the smoking ruoui talking
of the business and pleasure that marked
thi ir years of life in different countries
of South America, for all hud come from
points below the equator.
It was 11 o'clock. A quiet little poker
game hail passed time for a while, bnt
the cards had laid untouched on the
table for nn hour. The night was lovely, hardly a ripple could bu seen on the
moon -frosted water, and the Colon
(urged ahead as if crossing n 'Kind,
throwing aside a phosphorecont spray
and kicking np a swirl of fire with her
propeller as she kuuouud off tuuiteeu
knots nn hour.
It was the perfect night that hail induced the four occupants of the smoker
to leave their cards and sit beside tbe
large door, where they could look over
the vessel's rail and at the same time
converse together.
John Devine, a civil engineer who had
been working along the line of the
Oroya railroad in Peru, had lieen telling
abont the marvellous construction of
this roadway, and had identically remarked that during all the time he
speut in South America he had uot seen
a wild animal except one small tiger,
and that far in the interior. As he
mentioned this, one of the party was
noticed to draw back and siiuuucr as if
" vVhat is it, Captain? Let's have the
story," said an American consul, who
was going home on leave, "I'll warrant
there's something rather interesting if
yon wonld tell it."  .
"Yes, let's hear iti" chimed ia the
other two.
Capt. Paul lit-hted a second long, black
cheroot and replied: "Well, it's a curious yum, and I sometimes wonder
whether I really pnsied through ft all ��� r
not, but when it seems only a dream to
me all I have to do is to look into my
trunk. There is something there thnt
is a vivid reminder of the night
I will tell you about, that so nothing I will show yon iu the morning.
"I .* course, gentlemen, you know that
Mrs. Paul accompanies me, bnt 1 don't
suppose that vou have noticed my 8 year-
old son who is cored for Ity a Peruvian
"1 have." remarked the consul, "and
a sturdy looking fellow he is."
"When the lad was a ten-months old
baby," continued tbe captain, "I was
ordered to G uttyaquil, Ecuador. As you
prohtibly know. I have been representing
marine underwriters in South America,
having been sent there to prevent agents
for damaged ships making too expensive
repairs nt our expense. 1 had been sent
by my employers to superintend work
on a steamer which hnd sunk in tho
Guayaquil river ut that point.
"It meant four months' stay at that
hot little town sixty miles from the
sea count,, and to I at onou runted a
little furnished house two miles from
the city and installed my wife, baby
and servants there., I bought a good
horse and rode back and forth everv
morning and eveni tig. It wis hot and the
mosquitoes wore plenty, to say nothing
about fleas, bnt onr little place-was so
light and open that It caught any breeze
that might be going, and life was nut
half bad thorn. The hones hail only six
rooms, and all were on the ground floor,
but they were sufficient. I frequently
told Mrs. Paul tli.il it was damrerous lo
leave any of the doors ajar at night, for
although burglars are not to be leured
iu Ecuador, yet once in a while animals
came ont of the jungle, and they hud
been si-en near the city. Bnt as time
iiaxsetl nnd nights became wuriuer wo
loth inew cureless.
"One day I hail lieen detained in town,
and it was nearly midnight when I
mounted my horse to return, for thero
had lieen a survey held that day on the
steamer, which by this time had lieen
raised, nnd I waited to hear the report.
Tho night was a perfect one, much
like this. I had iiioouli-rht to cheer
my way nntil near home, hut the
last rays came over the hill as I
rode past the house, and they just showed ins that the f rout door was half open.
'I must have these doors closed at night,'
thought I as I role into thu stable, and
taking off Tom's saddle I threw him
some hay aud walked book to the cottage.
" You are all aware how carefully a
man walks when he enters a house
where a year-old baby is. ��� inaeea, it is
.self-preservation in many cases. And
in this instance I did what many a
father haa* done before me, 1 took oil nny
shoes ou the doorstep. Hy room wns
the first one off the hall and I entered it
on tiptoe and stole alongside of thu bed.
There was a peculiar little wheezing
noise coming from one side of the bed.
It was pitch dark in the room, but I
knew that baby was there. At first I
thought I would go into my wife's room
in tlie front pi the house, hut oai sUnv-
ly undressed I argued that her placing
the baby in my bed proved that she had
had a pretty bad evening, so I decided
to crawl in beside the youngster and no*
disturb thu mother. I undressed noiselessly and, donning my nightgown, lay
down on the opposite site of the bed
from the baby. As the night was warm
I did not pull even a sheet over me.
Buster still kept up a loud breathing,
but it didn't disturb me, though as I
fell asleep I remember thinking that he
soeiiieii inure suufHy than usual.
��� ������*������
" 'Cngh I' A weight hod fallen across
my chest. I didn't muke this exclain*
ution aloud. I had been In training as
a paturfuiuilias too long for tb.it.   liulf-
swake. I realized that Buster had thrown
himself across n,y lody. I (lowly
pilled one arm ont. then molt hold of
him gently to lift him off without wnlt-
inn him. 'Strange how long and hairy
Bu tor's head Is,' I thought.
"Did you ever read 'Alice m Wonderland?"
"Well, I had mnch the same sensations as are described In thnt book, fnr.
as I slowly passed my hand along my
baby's hiinil, it seemed as if it wi *
drawn out for yards. At last ireacb.il
the end.   'What teeth he has,' thought
"Just then tbe teeth curled themselves np.
"Whether It wns thnt motion nr what.
I never shall know, bnt in an instant I
was wMe awake as I ever was, and in
another moment I reulizod that tliu baity
was uot in bed with me. bnt that the
heavy object that lay across my chuni,
was the hind paw of a large animal.
I hud sei'.'U enough to lit- pT'crt.ly
still. How could I have mistaken that
hoarse breathing for the baby's iioiisli
little snore! Jnst because 1 said ui myself thnt it was the baby.
"I can't describe my feelings as I lay
there. . First I grow cold nud uiy s'tin
seemed to shrivel np in horror*. My
nerves contracted so thnt It was positive
ly painful. Then cume a ruuclion ami
luu purspirntion poured all over mv
body. It was still pitch dark, und lo
uud to my horror I had forgotten the
'lay of thu laud' My head didn't worii
jtt't rigiit���I couldn't locate the door.
Try as 1 might, it was impossiule fur
me to remember which sido ol ihe room
my lied faced. Of course tho only thing
to no was to Ho still until there \vu..
t'uongh light to see the dour, and in the
meantime to pray that the obj' ut la'i i in
mc might not be rant-ed by any noise in
the bouse. I hod no idea what tint" it
was. 1 hnd nn ideas nt all, except that
some enormous beast occupied part oi*
my bed. and that a heavy, enrly paw.
with claws ou the end, lay over u.j
"I believe I was going crssy when I
heard baby sob a little. Yet, he was in
my wife's room. How happy I felt as .
heard that noise, for I didn't know bnt
tho animal had made a meal of lltisti r
before it lay down. Then I feared tin t
the bnby wonld cause the brute Is-slde
mu to awuke, but at that muuieut his
lumber's soothing voice quieted bim.
.Those words of Mrs. Paul's never suuu.-
ed so sweet, never so musical.
"Uut all was again still except the
breathing of tint lwant. All this lim- I
had lain in one imsition, nut even duriinr
to move my hand that rested on the f r
of the paw. It was growing coll. liu
early morning chill filled the air. nmi
there I lay, uncovered, and lu a claumiy
sweat. There wus i:o more n. Le. Ui
course. I have no idea how long I r -
uiuiiieil. I counted ono tiiousuud breailis
taken by the animal; then, strauuu tc
say, I felt sleepy���exhaustion was doing
for me. That must nut be. I eoilecle,.
my faculties aguiu aud ouoe luure w-is
in abjuvi terror.
��� ��� ��� ��� e        e
"A faint glow appeared at the side of
the room. It was the glint nf dawn
that lightened the space at the window.
'Only a few seconds more,' I said to myself. Slowly thu objects in the room
began to stand out, and finally I could
outline the door which woso, '*nsite tlm
foot of the bed. It was stunning hail
open. I waited a few minutes lunger
nntil mure light came in, then, seining
tbu paw. 1 ti.row it from me. and with
one hound was out of lied. Another
carried me iuto the hall, and with a
bang I pulled the door shnt. and as I
did so I heard a savage growl aba a
"Mrs, Paul can do better jnstioe to
the rest nf tue story, but at she ia not
here I wnl tell it as sho bat oituu .j-
"She wu awakened by the meet terrific yells, interspersed by tbe growls of
an animal, and the whole honse was
jarred at if cannon balls were being
bnrled agniuat tbe wulia. Ruin ig
into the nail, the found me holding
onto my disir knob with both nanus,
and jniiipiug np aud down. I but!
on onlv my abort nightshirt, and she said
my legs moved up and down like --iutons
in and ont of a cylinder. Ail tins ii.no
I wns veiling at the lop of my lungs, nnd
by this lime llustur had jninud iu the
churns. Mrs. Paul thought me craiy,
bnt fortnuateiy I had enough of uiy wilt
left to tell her to call the men, and in a
few miuutet tht gardener and the stnblu
I  . V
boy came in.
I . "I sent for a rope and in a few- moments we had the door fastened. Thero
waa a rifle in my wife's room, fortunately, and ordering the gardener to get a
ladder, I sent Mrs. Paul with Buster tu
the stable, for I was tearful that the
brute would breakthrough the par.ition.
Then without stopping to put ou any
clothes, which, by the war, I ronld not
have done, as they were all in my room,
I hurried around the side of thu honso
and climbed up the ladder to my open
window, which was ubout six feet from
the ground, and was more .of a port hole
than anything else. I must have lieen a
peculiar spectacle standing there in my
bobtailed nightshirt with my repeating*
rifle to my shoulder.
"I soon caught sight of the brute's eyes
and fired. There was a yell and a crash.
The animal bad jumped for me. Completely unstrung by the terrible hours I
had passed, I fell from the ladder, ami.
knocking the gardener off his feet wu both
rolled 011 the ground. He was certain
that the animal bad him, and his cries
caused Mrs. Paul to run from the stable,
she believing that we were both being
killed. In my fall I sprained my ankle,
and when 11 tried to get up 1 fuiuied
from the pain.
"A half hour later I found myself lying in my wife's bed and a doctor standing beside me. After I had fainted Mm.
Panl, who���by the way is a very clover
shot���had replaced the ladder and seining my rifle, despatched the animal,
which was nearly dead by that time, for
my bullet had entered its brnin."
There was a hush aa the captain finished his story and everybody felt a littio
"i-reepy" at he turned in that night
���        ���������������
Thefonr men stood beside the captain's steamer trunk the next morning.
Mrs. and Panl took out a heavy skin
thut had been carefully preserved and
laid it on the deck.
"Poorold Jumbo!" she exclaimed.
" Capt Panl had to pay poo tor killing
neighbor Uarcia's flue Newfoundland
uog aud so w.e have kept the sain."
The men filed out.
" Ahem!' coughed the consnl to Capt.
Panl. "What will you have! Hun,
A Mew Sperlen of Live Stnek.
A cricket farm it conducted by Mrs.
Colin Campbell iu Houlieater, N. i. Cnio
sols the inserts to the superstitions, who
buliuvu 111 luca. that tue criuuitl unigs.
Call not that man wretched who, whatever Ills he soften, has a child to love.���
Falsrhnodi not only disagree with truths,
bnt nannlly qnarrel among theuiaelvea.���
Daniel Webster.
The demoralization ranted by "great
expectations" it a mailer of eoanmou rar
nurk.��� Herbert Spencer.
A gem-runs friendship no told medlnm
knows; hnrua with 1 ne love, with one ru-
sentmeiit glows.���Pope,
Yon osnnot have fnllillrd every duty anient yim hare f ulHlltd that of being elMwr-
fol and pleasant.���C. Bnxtoii.
Fain" ia no nun leal of merit, bnt only a
probability uf anob; it ia an accident, not a
property of man.���Carlyle.
Char annimer hna forth walk'd nnto the
florer award, and the haa talk'd full
tuutbiugly lo every urtled flinb.���Keats.
A brave man knows no malice, bnt forgets, ia peace, ihu injuries ot war. and
gives hit direst to*, a frW.d't embrace.���
Tn judge tinman eham-ter rii'lilly a man
may tometiinm have very small experience, provided he bat a very large beurt,���
Prescribe no positive laws to thy will,
fur thou maytst bt toned tomorrow to
drink tht saint water Ihoa deepiw-et today.���Fuller.
Let ma Iba emphasis of hospitality lit In
bed aud board, but let truth, luve, honor
and eonritay flow in all Iky dmdc��� Eiu-
Gold alloyed with twenty per cent, of
-damnum take, mi a brilliant ruby tint
Than are over tixty langnsaes and
dialect* tpoktn by tat tubj oit ot the
A tnln whioh runt at tht rate of eighty-
five miles requires a mile in whioh lo atop,
' whtu going at f ull apeed.
In a square inch of tht human scalp the
hairs number aUint 1,000, and the whole
number uu au adult attain it about 180,-
Drnnktiintss it very ran in Rio Janeiro,
the cause being thai the |s��tpl�� driuk oof-
fee lo tbe almost entire exo.usiiu of aleo-
bolio beveiagta.
Taking the earth at tbe centre of lbs
���nivens and the polar star at Ihe limit of
our viaiuu. the visible universe rinliracrs
an aerial spao" wltu a diameter of 4��!O,UO0,-
000.000 111,lea and a circumference uf 1,.
8iW, .411.1100,000 miles.
The ut.il iniiii' er of deaths In tht United
BUtet in WW) was about 1100,000; the number of iters lie 1 reunited that year, 60S.
At crematories have Wen lu existence In
Ibe Uuiled Stalee eiin-e 1H81, these alalia-
lira indicate that the m-iveintnl favoring
tht burning uf tht deud It not uiekiug
much progress.
Fancy pencils for the watch ohaln OM
on old fashion nvived.
Linen lawns with blue nr red dots aND*
dtr beautifully ami wear wall.
Serve ieed tea In lung, thin glasses with
a thin alice of lemon floating on top.
Tht modem .tuiykiiig set hat a chased
1 1
silver receptacle to hoia cacuoua, a-n,-..
root, tie.
boating serges come In ivory white,
bine aud ecru, und an quite tht thing fur
summer wear.
Sound fire opals let with diamonds form
a beautiful aearf pin. Turquoise shares
the opal's favor.
. Bloiitiea siiitii.d not try to wear the new
butter color; us mm-for the rich-colored,
clear, oive skinned brunette.
New white iiioroi-i'o purses and card
giimm have llit .i,on.era of uoui or silver
gilt, uut orriitneiiteil nut Highly burnished.
These are very elegant and qui t.
A new thin.: i�� a tuutlibrusii mmuted In
ebony or polished ivory. Ti.e mush cau
bedeiasheil ami place I, if required, in tbe
bed iwed handle,���N. Y. Commercial Ad-
Paper spindles for yarn spinning an
now used as a substitute for those of
Steel barr-l��, made from sheets ranging
in tltickiiess from mi" sixteenth to a quarter of an inch, are coining into use.
A cat shaped like a bathtub, in which
the puss"iiger. either sit or ret- ine aa if in
a lieu, ia ni use In B-rllii. It hna three
Wheels and is | repelled ity a naphtha iiiotoi.
A ha V carriage ties! n d espeeU'l-r for
the nse of those who rive iti -flats, looks
jnst like any i ther 0 iby t-arringe when it
Is in use, iait it i-iin he fold d together sn
that mi" -ler-nn can It tidily carry it np
and down stairs.
li is said tnat window panes nf pnrnna
gloss nre b. ing made in Paris. The mill*
lite holes in tiie glass are list tine to permit
ot a draught and yet targe enough localise
a pleasant aud healthy Vi nidation in a
A spoon!��s8 mustard -tot is a recent Invention. By pressing n piston rod ill an
air-tight receptacle the requisite uiionnt
of mustard ia forced thro.igh a suitable
s|iniii. The air being excluded, the mustard is always fresh.
Mre. Hntnphrey Ward baa made eighty
thousand dollars fioin "David Grieve,"
eighty ihoiiiitid do.lars from "Mnrnelln,"
and forty thuiisaini dollars from "liolitrt
Mrs. Harriet Beeeher Stowe, through lbs
consideration of the publishers, tttll receives ruvalty oil the sales of "Uncle
Tom's L'aiiiu, though the copyright expired some linn* ai*o.
Few Istoks were more ftiiiilhir to tbe
students of the la t gemr tion tliaii Dale's
Tbuoydides. It ippeured in Bohn'a Library. The translator bus just died at
Bulelgh Stilterton, ill Ilia eighty-second
year. He was Rev. Henry Dale II. A., who
graduated first-class at Uxfor.i ill 1834.
Mrs. Ward, iu her latest book, "Mar*
cello," makes Beitey soy of tlie heroine:
"I wouldn't m ike yon fashionable for the
world. No, that kind of thing wouldn't
suit you. Bui disti gniahed yon shall be
if I sit up all night to think it out"
���guolmoo ffiavt-o.
Hon. J, A. LouoiiEED, Q,C.
G, s. McCaiiter.
Loncheed  A  McCarter,
Bkiristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bunk of Montreal.
Cai.oahy, - N.W.T.
In the E .st Indi. s there ore spiders to
large that th y feeti on small birds
Neither chemists nor imtiiraliat hove ret
been able to solve the queatiuu why a .obiter Hints m1 when boiled.
By rxpuaiii-..' lhe ehrysnlia of Vanessa at-
alonta to o low temperature, it showed
great increase in tne area of the scarlet
hands on the wings, and a great iiicreara
in tha area of the while uud bluish uiurk-
The silk of tbe great spider of Madagascar la Hue, strong anil eiiuiiiu. Ii is lied
by the iiutiv.s to fasten dowers to sini-
aliatles. A single firiuale spiiler hns lieen
known to spiu two miles uf :t iu tweuiy-
isjvbii days.
Mr." MTdliaefi has recently stn.lid tht
relations between liiiiuy mites (Ouuiusiiie)
aud leriain ante in wi.iaw i.eais I isy are
boomers. A strange ci-se is ittatot a
specie, of Bnella, which lives habitually ill
a a. uler's web in harm.mi. us relutiuns
With the otherwise li rorious boat.
Here are the n.iiuea and aget of fonr
notable New York men: K .swell F. Flower, 59 years; David B. Hill, .11; -toward
Murphy, fid, ami Gmver Oleveio-d, VI.
M a. Philip Sheridan is said to be -ilmrat
the only widow ot a great war chief wuo
has absolutely declined purse-, funds, aud
any silua t. a un.mill- af er Ids de th.
Depew caliled Rise ery utter tiie Premier's v ct ry witli Lulus at D.-rb.i: "Nuw
Yoiik. .'mm 7.���Lord Ko-eliery. Leli.tiiii:
'L'ongi till it una Heaveu alone is left,
CnauNcr   . Diraw.'
Via ttrlped awniug-cloth for the laundry
Wear a colored silk blonse with your
Eton suit nf white duck. The newest
tui!"r huts hove narrow brim*.
For young ladies' gowns nf wash material tiulhing ia prettier than tht round
waists mid shirred or lucked yoki-t, o, tiling in the back,
���Moke the pillow shams to mutch tht
dotted imisliti curta.ns in yonr room. Tht
rover for the bed can be made of the tame
material. Colored ailesia is used for lining.
At twilight bint appears much lighter
than il is, red ninih darker and ye low
slightly d irker. Colon on modified in
tone by the proximity uf other different
colors. '   '
Water yonr flowen freely and stir the
toil every day or t. that they will bare a
chance to push np fume-. A little attention will bring about very tatiaiootory results.
A bow knot it the latest thing in hair
dreaalng. It la sat high ou the tup of tht
head aud stuck through with a tortolet
tiiell dagger. The (rout hair is pu rted and
brought rather low down on the fundi' ad.
It is o favorite foil just now tn cover a
book wiin a wrap uf briM-aded ink, sometime* paddin ' it with a liver ol a. turn
wadding uiideriieoth. Two ribbons on
attached lo oppositesl.lea by which ti tit
it together, and o d .in y gift ia formed
whioh it inexpensive hot rich  iu appear*
K In hit own town of Hartford, Mark
. Twain Is said to be mote noted for hit
ibnwd bargains and his picturesque profanity than anything tits.
Hubert Louis Stevenson's estate in Samoa includes four hundred acre* of foreat
laud mid ll ailutiti d at au elevalot ranging from aix hundred lo fllleeu hundred
One-third of the earth it controlled by
the Anglo-Saxon race.
The longest clock pendulum ever made
il '.hat of Eiffel tower���877 feet.
For every widower who marries a widow
there are eleven who marry inaideii-t.
The otter of E .at India is trained to
drive fish into nets, and thus sets as an
aid to fishermen,
|     It W'is twenty-nine days from the casting
of Ihe Lick objective glaas before it had
cooled sufficiently for safe re-wvob
I   ' It is said that the oldest Inhabited house
In the United Status is that of Killui-u van
Rensselaer, opposite Albany.   It waa bnilt
iu 164*!.
|     One of the ways of telling whether the
temperature is rising ia to watch a girl's
front hoir.    When it begins tu low its curl
and gruw straight it ia a euro sign uf a
change uf temperature.
Memliers Assocn. D.L.S. A P.L.S. for It C.
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughts-
men, Valuators, etc- Calgary and NewYVest-
nimster. Correspondence solicited..
R.J.JKI-IISON, D.L.S.,i'.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
i j-. ,,, ,.. ���    Camiabv, Alba.
A. 0. WheeIjEK, D.L.S. & p.L.S. of il C
NltlWWltiSTMlNSTliB  ll.C.
Don't be at atiiiou  to gel on  st to
get up.
The baby Ii tbe hubbnb If not tbe bab
of the home.
The business of getting for ttlf It the
business of forgetting otliers.
No one baa a ight hi wield a whip who
has nut fait both ends of it,
The surest way to get under mens fttt
Is tu try to crawl uver their heads.
Don't refnw to do good in fractions,
when yon caul work iu whole numbers.
The egotist is a fellow who measure!
t.��eniy-live thousand and one miles ill circumference, for ue ia uf jusl a little mora
importance (hull Ibe rut uf thu world.-���
Yuuug Men's Era.
One tree recently cut down in Tulan
couuiy, Cal., wus 33 feet lu diameter at
the baa.'.
There la a tree in Nevada to luminous
from exuding pii'Splmr set ut matter that
one can r. ad by its light.
The apple Ins a larger portion of phosphorus Hum any other (mil, aud it tuen-
fore an i-xuell. nt brain food.
In Di'.'ii, r'rmii-e, mere is a poplar trie
wlti'h fl'tiir-ant-il in the year 122. lie
height ia 1-J icei and it* uiruuiufereiice 43
Tr es from which common wood it taken
in Toiiqniu are mined, instead ot being
token iroin thu living lores*. They an
fuuud buried under n sandy null.
Queen Viitot ia Inn sixty pionot at Osborne, Windsor und Utiokiiighain palace.
Many of them an hired.
Princess Victoria uf Wales, according to
her lather, cau concoct a more tempting
Welsn r.irebit than auy other woman iu
Rote Coghbiii, the acttess, has applied
for a por-iii lur a safe lu which she s > disposes d. namiie thai if a burglar attemptt
lu break into It, lie will blow himself up.
The iiecoraiioua for tlie new and unique
room wh.cll Alra. Ltuigiy has added lu i.e?
lions*', in widen lu display her valuable
collection uf funs, Were designed by Oscar
The things thai go without saying most
bars escaped feminine attention.���Pock.
We pnt our business i to a pigeon hole
and dud r ��� tin t prucra-tinatiuu is the thief
of lime.���Gallesliin News.
"I he r Milker lost bis job. Wonder if
be'satrnck- niti'bigstiii'c." "Er���yea; oil
of Ida friends olid two thirds of Lit acquaintance-. ''���Unf/ato Courier.
"Boy. wn.it is a t'eiiiiiaii n��" "A point
nflsiulexietiilili'j*him the water." ''Uood!
What's a sir lit?" "Ace, king, qneau jack
aud ten-pot."���St. Louis Pual,
it you nre at all inquisitive and ran to
foul np these ainonnta yon will Iiml that
the wealth uf tlie aix rtche.t notious uf the
wurld ggregoie S.��7.O3.i.000,O00. Quite
a ooinfurtohle emu, tn.it't ion ihlnk?
Good and Quickly seldom meet,
I    Love livti in  toitaget it well at in
Life ii half iptnt before wt know what
it la.
He (hit hit lost his oredil Is dead to tba
Little sticks kindlt tht Art, bu gnat
ones put it out.
Many kiss the hindt they wish to set out
lUt-Cnr-thy   &   Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c. 'solicitors tor !���
The Imperial Bank of Canada.
Hie ('amide I'eriiMiuehi Loan ft 8avingsCo.
1 hni Yorkshire l.owi A Securities! ori-orutiun
The Miissey-Harns I o. (Ltd;, etc., etc,
Ollices- Stephen Avenue, Calgury.
'. MuCAiirnv, Q.C.
Hoiiaob Habvev, B.A. L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
M-fflXIJ   EXttlNEER,
Couiiiiane, Alba.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Grailunte of Laval and McGill.)
HIWIX-U    l\��.l\FKH.
Head Office, Qubiibo;  Branch  Offices
SiiEituitooKE, & li! Place d'Anues
Hill. MontkeaIj.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
MlXIXtw EXtilXHrlR.
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans tor all iiietiillurgic.il plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    liolden, B.C.
Assay Offices * tllieiiilcnl Laboratory,
<    (Establiskotl in B.C. iii 188V.)
Vimraaver,      .      t.V.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Ma;-jaoer.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses tor Hire.
%Vliale*ml��- nnd Kctnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Em banners,
('itlfl-nry Albn
TLtitOIlAPH    OltllKKH    1'llolll'll.Y
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Ji rjt t,j j-q I will until (i'itKK)ou receipt
liflfr LCm. of a 2 stamp, ll receipofura
tilliple VEGETABLE BALM that will re*
.novo lim. Freckles. riui|iles, lllatrhes
llluckhvmls. etc., leavinir the skin soft
clear and ueantil'id. Address A. D. STEM
PEL, 00 Aim St., Now York.
"It Is worth the price to every person
who even reads a nswtpap. r.*"��� Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Packet Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oorreapondents and l*npy Choppers.
Short, simple sad practical rules for
making anil edltlna ntwapap--r enpj-,
and of equal value to til who with to
write correct Easlleh.
Bent nn reoclDt of price P' Ice. 10 rents
p. r enny. ALLAN VoRMAN, Publlshcc
117 .Nauuu Street. New Vork.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H.B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for miuiii--. men anil
miners. Convenient to Station and Sieuiiibout
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Ci-turs.
Special attention given to orders from it,, the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
My stock is the largest and most complete in the
An immense stock of W. W. Greener's, J. C. Clabrough
& Bros, W. H. Tisdall's, and W. Richard's shot g-uns. .
All calibers of Winchester and Marl in rifles.
Every description of cartridge, both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality the  best.
WHOLESALfi  &  HETAIL. solicited.
VV. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
HlghMt Hooen-Worid-s Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
torn Ammonia, Alumor tny other adulterant
About iashions in dresses, 1 nt everyone
agrees that tho bust foundation fur any costume is the
JUack tights, which allow tho fijrnre to be
shewn to perfection nnd do a wny with overstockings, bloomers, nml iinin-c'-ss-H-y skirts.
All Indies in Montreal wore tliein lust fall
and winter, and during tlie coining season
nothing else will be considered, they were
p|f such a "juccess.
���   Send for our il'ustrati-d catalogue, free by
post, if your own denier hns not got them.
The Pirn Ic n (i-rnml Snt-ci-Mis.
The (-Inn (Club Shoot.
The hospital  committee takinsr ad-
"crack " shots ainuse.1 themselves by
crackin-r at ducks, etc., as we proceeded up the river. Duncinc; was then
started, the opening dance hein-; "Ole
Dun Tucker," Mr. J. C. Greene lepro*
sentiiiK Ole Dan ; qundrilles, waltzes,
etc., followed in'abundance, llttriiiu
an interval iu thi'dance,theenthiiHiasts
of   the Gun  Club mot up n match and
v-tors-re of the most generous offer of after obtaining permission from Capt.
the Upper Columbia Co., the said Co.' Armstrong, the trap was placed at the
having grunted them tbe use of one of
their steamers for a dny, made arrange-
bow of tbe ���������', the shooters standing
| at the other end.     This  was rather a
unique way of having a shooting
ments for a picnic to the " Little Mill." lnBt(.-, and eTmtea ,10t a little excite-
Owing to the gloomy appearuueeof the ,.iellt.    lt certainly is the hist time we
sky, in the early   morning, many re-
ever   heard of   a shooting   match on
mnineil nt home who would otherwise \mATI\   ���   steamer   while   iu   motion,
have gone had  they  known  now the' -gvel.yl *,*ng  Wcnt off  (guns  included)
day would turn out.   Notwithstanding' satisfHctorily.     The  following  were
this, however, quite a  number of pic-; -.ne gcores .  ,
nickers   boarded  a   Hat   car,   which
'��� Betsy " had placed opposite the depot,
about 10 o'clock.    The car wasa model
, Taylor
,    .     ,. .  . ..    , , Dainard
of   cleanliness, being   gaily decorated ���
, .    , , Bacon
with mud, etc., and the crowd was so
large that they could not all find seats
on the benches which had been placed
on board for the accommodation of the
passengers, two-thirds ol them had to
bang on the best wny they could.
Notwithstanding these serious draw-
hacks the ride to the wharf was thoroughly enjoyed by nil.    When all were
Capt. Fursons
During tbe match the lunch bell
rung and those not othetwise engaged
made tracks for the '��� dining room"
and did   justice to the   necessaries of
ready to start and "Conductor" Coles "ifewI,ich were ���,laced Wore them,
had shouted -'All aboard," Engineer j After hlnch dancing was resumed and
Patrick gnvealin.il signal that we -WP* *"�����* t,u we tewUei onr destination
were off nnd amid the waving of hand-1 ~ "T1,e Lit,le Mil1'" T1,e Picnickers
kerchiefs aud loud cheering from thosj! '���������"������ clambered on shore and started
we   left   behind   a  start   was   made ,out ol>  ��* ,a,,r ��' investigation of the
for fbe Landing. " Ole Betsy " kept
'��� a-piishin' and a-shoviii'anda-shovin'
and n-piisliiii' " till we iinully reached
the point of embarkation. Hero wc
were met by the genial Capt. Armstrong and his right hand mini, Mr.
V. H. Bacon, and soon got aboard the
steamer Gwendoline. Jnst as we were
about   to start  a telephone  message
old saw mill and surrounding country.
The Gun Club then proceeded to hnve
the "shoot," as advertited, "at the
Little Mill," and it is not exaggerating
in the least to say, (not wishing to
hurt anyone's feelings,) that it would
be a difficult mutter for some of them
even to hit the mill. Two mutches
were fired  between   teams chosen by
came that a "Iai-Ke" party had been I C��pt- I'ursons and Bert Low, Capt j
left who intended going. Of course -Parson's team winning in each case. I
" Betsy " was immediately dispatched |Th*" following were the scores
with a "flat car Icr the said party. On Parsons
"Betsy's" return it was found that Dainard
the party consisted of  no less a per*I Russell
sonage than Mr. J. C. Greene; rather
u large party certainly, but not sufficiently large to justify the delay caused
through his neglect to appear at the
scene of action on time. While waiting at the wharf some of the would-be
sportsmen amused themselves by tiring
at objects iu the river and consequently
a number of ���'bulls" were made. The
thoughtnlness of some of the fair sex
(at least we suppose it was the fair sex
as we do not think the opposite sex
would be guilty of any such action) in
supplying, gratis, boquets for the picnickers, deserves special mention, some
of which were completely "out of
sight," at least the individuals who
supported them were. We cast off
Irom the wharf at 11 o'clock and
steamed slowly np the river past the
boom. Some of the "younger heads"
were particularly anxious to display
their skill with the poles in keeping
the steamer off the bank. One young
man in attempting to shove a log out
of the way, lost his pole and nearly
lost his balance, much to the amusement of the spectators. The pole was
recovered after strenuous efforts on the
said young man's part.     A few of the
D. Uue
SliCONU    Jl.Vfl'll.
J. Rae
D. Rae
J. Rae
At 4 o'clock the Captain signalled
for nil to get on board, but as usual we
experienced another delay, it wouldn't
have been a picmo unless we had to
wait for somebody. Two of the boys
had gone out shooting, but failed to
bag anything, (except probably their
trousers). About half past four a
start for home was made and everything went smooth all the way. Dancing was kept up all the way home.
It would not do to forget to mention
the " belle of the picnic," as far as the
dance was concerned. We ure certain
the ladies will  agree  with us in onr
choice of "Miss Campbell" for the
honor. It would be useless for us to
attempt to give a description of her
dress and her manner was so bewitch
ing us to captivate the hearts of half
the j onng fellows on hoard. We
reached the "Golden shore" shortly
after six o'clock, when "Betty "uud
the flat car were again nulled into
requisition to convey the picnickers to
town, where they soon dispersed to
their various places of abode, one ami
all loud in their praises of the success
of the picnic.
Hoapltul Arkiiowlu-l-rnient*.
The Hospital Board acknowledge
with thanks the receipt of:
Potatoes and cut flowers from Mr.
A. Mitchell.
Flannel and shirts from Mr. Cniinan.
Flannel for dressing gown from Mrs.
Maple Syrup from Mr. Warren.
Our " intelligent" compositor made
a grievous mistake iu the hospital acknowledgements last week. Mr. Con-
Ditcher's donation was not, as stated,
"Gent's Whiskers." but a gallon of
whiskey. We beg Mr. C.'s pardon
and ho|ie the public will excuse the
V-coinii." as it happened just "after
the ball."
MA UK It'll*.
Foiisvthe-Doei.es. -At Fort Steele on
Sept. ilrd, hy the Rev. Walter R.
Rosn, Donald, Mr. William For-
sythe to Miss Gertrude Ami
Pontine Johnsons Brother.
Columbia, Pa., Sipt. 14.-Harry B.
Juhsou, superintendent ot tlie agencies
of ihe Anglo-American Savings and
Loan association, of New York, who
hns been here since April, was found
dead on the street last night. Death
resulted from heart failure, superinduced, it is said, by excessive smoking
of cigarettes. Mr. Johnson was 35
years ot age and a n��tiveof Brantford,
Ont., where his mother and sister
Brantford, Sjpt. 14.-H. Beverly
Johnson was the eldest sou of the lute
Cnief G. H. M. Johnson, vory well
known here, where his family reside.
He was a graduate of Hellmiith college
Loudon, and afterwards for some years
lived in Hamilton, leaving there for
Montreal, where he occupied a position
in the New York Life, and finally became their organizing agent. He was
the eldest brother of Miss E. Pauline
Johnson. Death was due to heart
disease, and tho remains will be forwarded here for interment.
Japanese Goods ft
Toilet Articles
TEMPI-ETON'S Pharmacy, Calgary.
< H/H-. CMITim. of IS*
5t. West, toioiito. wuUj
1.0th annual visit to Brtl-
ColumlJ-e Daaes-J��Hv|i(a..
be OHDOOtbold with.... 'at
"we! ��7 tsutu ooaPtU*
inc. for our. ofClub lot soS.
���I'D.! ruiltm Beeenmet-ua
iv Physicians eyetrmen.
Will visit tereonellr,
Hon. At rues.. Oct. SS aud 80.
it ��� v i-' htok rr, ��� jr.. i jfto-i.
UuUi., iVudooailtiVj Out. Slat.
Upper Columbia iaS:ayC��-
Steamers -will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about Sc. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I^ates.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1 GO; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B, 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Clnss 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B.              "            11 and 4             "
"    C.              "            ft and R              "            " "
"    D. '��� 7 and 8 ������ ������ "
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation -will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.   B.   LANG,
BOOTS* SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bpsin and Bath


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