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The Golden Era Feb 18, 1898

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Array I)
The Golden Era
Ii th* moat widely circulated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is rtad by th* miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance	
Map of Golden
Mining Division
By F. V. Lang ...
On  receipt of $1 copies of this minsble
map will be mailed by
Tho Goldea Era Comnanj- I.'td. I.by.,
Golden. H. C.
VOL. VII. NO. 29.
S.'   'si: Ykak
General $ merchant,
6 aftoa909Vooooo o
Is the next thing
On my programme.
In order to
Reduce Present Stock
and to make
Boom for Spring Goods
Specially Low Prices
will be given
on many articles.
Particularly on
Glassware and
and DRUGS.
These goods must be cleared
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+   +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+   +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario
+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company
A Hocfflsb Paymaster��� Progress of
the Railway Work���Worklac on
(From our own Correspondent.)
The days are lengthening out and
consequently work on right of way
and grade of th. Crow's Nest Pass
Railway Is progressing more so than it
did before the holidays. The different
contractors are sanguine of making a
success of their work and of coming out
ahead; in other words, of making some
money. There is nothing heard here
ol the hardships which tbe man are
report*! to hare undergone east of the
Kootenay Riter last summer and fall.
Men seem satisfied to work all along
the whole line and very little dissatisfaction is expressed. One, and the
only one, instance of ''trying to work
a hardship on your fellow man" came
under my notice, and I feel that I
should report it to you. Th. paymaster, with assistant teamster, and a
Mounted Policeman, with a rifle as
long as a fence rail, passed through
here on Saturday last. At the foot of
Moyie Lake they wore stopped by a
man named Harris, who is living in a
cabin there and engaged in hunting
and trapping. Harris worked in November on the wagon road and the
paymaster had his money for him.
Harris wished to receive it as he was
completely out of funds. One would
naturally suppose he was paid there as
th. Policeman with a big rifle was
protection enough "to guard the treasure box." No. The paymaster told
him that h. would stop at Murdock'a
camp over night and would be leaving
there early next morning���and then
drove on. Harris started to walk after
him and reached Murdock'a camp, 19
miles away, at 9.10 p.m., only to find
that the paymaster had driven ou four
miles further to a place known as the
Logging camp, where he arrived at
10.30, received his few dollars and
started back home. H. travelled 46
miles. What reason had tbe paymaster to compel him to do so?
Cowan * Co., Supt. Thos. O'Neill,
at tunnel north end of Moyie Lake, are
making good progress. They hare
heading started iu south end, and at
north end are facing up tbe rock in
good shape, making everything safe
before starting the heading. MoBeath
& Peters come next and have eight
outs opened up, all working on their
four miles of rock work. Dave Mc-
Beath, of McBeath ft Peters, is the
man who constructed the 80 miles of
wagon road last fall from Kootenay
Lake to Moyie Lake, over which all
th* supplies are being hauled this winter, He had some trouble, and did
considerable persuasion to induce a
party of 50 Montreal Frenchmen to
work on the road on Sundays. The
first Sunday morning came and Dave
shouted "turn out boys." The French
men said it was Sunday and they
would be breaking the commandments
if they worked on Sunday, Dave is a
Presbyterian, and in his young days
observed the Sabbath. But this was
years ago���away down in New Brunswick. He scratched th. bald part of
his head and studied a while. The
Frenchmen thought they should not
work as it was Suuday. The wagon
road had to be built. Finally Dave
���aid, "Do you think you will be damned if you work on Sunday?"
"Sure," one Frenchman said, "the
devil will get us for sure."
'Ok no, boys," Dave said, "there is
DO danger from that quarter; there'
may be a hell and th. devil in Montreal but not here. There is no hell
this side of the Rocky Mountains. The
devil never yet cam. down the Kick-
inghorse River." The whole party
went to work, and whether or not
th.y heard the chimes of Notre Dame
la their slumbers that night no mention was ever made of th. fact.
Murdoch Bros. com. next to Mc-
Beath �� Peters. Th.y hav. good
camps built, and hav. begun grading.
Next com*. Murphy ft Co, Their
work is well under way and they seem
ta Im making sou. money.
McLellan ft Co. are next, also
Then come Porter Bros., Neil Keith,
McMaster, J. 0. McLean ft Co.,
O'Leary Bros., and Welch ft Jiicbctta.
Tbe Landing is a busy place. Upwards of 100 teams come each day
loaded down with supplies. Tho contractors, W. H. Armstrong ft Co., are
filling up warehouses at different
points so that when roads are bad in
th. spring they will have their supplies near at hand to do work with.
Petei Bros, hare the contract to haul
all this freight, and are performing
their part welt,
A semi-weekly stage is run hy Mr.
M. O. Bunyau, which leaves the Landing and Fort Steele twice a week. It
is well patronized. It is now the
cheapest and quickest way to reach the
Fort Steele country, viz., by way ot
Nelson and Kootenay Lake, and stags
from lake.
Moyie City, on Moyie Lake, is experiencing a boom. Three hotels and
two general stores are in course of
erection. McMahon Bros, aro building
an hotel 80 x (10 with two stories; (jr.
Campbell one 28 x 78 with two stories.
Capt. Sanborn's steamer will be
ready for the opening of navigation.
Muir's sawmill is running night and
day, sawing by day and planing by
On Moyie Lake tho ice is 14 inches
thick, snow in the timber is about one
foot deep, and at Goat River summit
it is threa fnet deep.
Considerable freight and a number
of people are coming into this country
from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, a station
on the Great Northern Kailway.
Permanently Cured.
Attacked With l.��Grippe Which Left
Hint Weak and Worn out���Kidney
Trouble Addod It. C.iupllewtlon.
and tbe Sufferer was Discouraged.
From the Journal, Sumnieraide, P. 1.1.
One of the best known men around
Bedique and vicinity is Mr. Alfred
Siihurnia, who has recently removed
to North Carleton. Mr. Schurman was
born in Bedique about 70 years ago.
Some 25 years ago he was sworn in as
Justice of the Peace, and about 21
years ago he was appointed clerk of the
County Court, in both of whioh offices
he has given every satisfaction. Mr
Schurman was also a farmer on a large
scale aid like most men engaged in
that occupation led a busy life, being
compelled to attend strictly to business,
but less than a year ago lie retired
from farming and now lives in a cosy
cottage io North Carleton. Before his
retirement, work such an only a man
engaged in that occupation knows anything about, claimed his attention.
His increasing years made the burden
heavier aud tbe spring work of 189,'J
wore him completely out. This is
what he tells about it, and how he was
cured. "In the springof 18911 the constant toil and diudgery connected
with the work of farming wore mc out
completely, aud the break down was
the more complete because the results
were coupled with the bad effects left
by an attack of la grippe. One of the
results of la grippe was a nasty cough,
another was the complete loss of appetite. My spirits were greatly depressed
and I felt that I had lived out my
days, I always felt cold, and consequently the stove and I were great
friends, but the cold affected more especially my feet and caused me great
annoyance. Added to this complication was a serious kidney trouble
which threatened to prove thn worst
enemy of all. I was unable to do any
work, had no ambition and less
strength, aud was not a bit the hotter
of all tbe doctor's medicine Ihadtakon.
It was my wife who advised me at
last to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I
bought six boxes and began taking
them. My hope revived because a
change for the better was so in taking
place, and before they were done 1 was
cured. The six boxes brought back ray
appetite, strength and ambition, in
Short, all that I had lost in the way of
strength and health. The next spring
however my health again gave way
aud I immediately brgan using the
Pink Pills again and I am happy to
say that they effected that time a permanent cure and today I am well and
hearty al if I were only 40. I strongly j
recommend Dr. Williams Pink Pills
to all who are suffering as I was.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to the root of the disease. Tbey
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from tbe system. Avoid imitations bv insisting that every box you
purchase is enclosed in a wrapping
bearing the full trade mark, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.
U. C. Co. Competition.
The following games have been
played in the Upper Columbia Com-
pany'r competition, and Parson has a
standing of one loss and four wins,
and ther. are chances of lies with Rae,
Warren or Henderson:
In January Parson lost to Houston
by 14 to 1(1,
Friday night, Feb. llthl���McNeish
lost to Rae by 10 to 11, and Parsoo
trimmed Warren by 14 to 4.
Saturday 13th���-Parson won from
Kae by 14 to 13.
Monday 14th���Henderson downed
McNeish by 11 to G, and Rae trotmccd
Houston by 18 to 8.
Tuesday loth���Parson scored McNeish by 10 to 8, and Warron won
from Houston by 14 to 8.
Weduesday llith��� McNeish bowed to
Warren at 10 to 9, and Parson won
from Henderson in a hard fight by
15 to IS.
Tho remaining games arc expected
to be for the red stuff and they will be
played ns soon as possible.
The following is the standing of tho
raspeotive rinks in this competition:
Won. Lost. To play
Warr.ii,     ,.312
McNeish.    ..041
Rao    ...       2       1       2
Henderson, ,113'
Paraon,      .,410
Houston.    ..123
ProientMion   to  Ur.   Proctor���Orcuntl
Afrit.r ut thu OdilfollotVM Hull.
Donald was en fete on Saturday
night, rhe occasion being tho presentation of an address und gold watch,
chain, and locket, to Dr. Procter,
on the occasion of hjn leaving thu di��-
trict to enter into partnership with
Dr. Furrer, of Kamloops. During his
residence in Donald as C. I\ It. surgeon Dr. Procter has deservedly earned
the high esteem of all who know him.
Especially wa. he valued both as a
medical roan and as a friend by the
people of Donald, with whom ho h;is
been so intimately associated during
tho paet 15 months As a medical
practitioner he has been most -riuccppsfi.il
and what is perhaps more, his prompt
attendance, combined with tho utmost
care and attention, were shown in all
cases wherever he might ho called, It
is no exaggeration to say that ho hud
endeared himself to the pec pie of
Donald, and wherever ho goes Dr.
Procter's sterling qualities must make
him not only a popular pracitionor
but one who will be held in universal
esteem for his worth as a man and as
a citizen. Much regret was expressed
in Donald when it became known that
the doctor was to leave, hut the people
of the town were determined to make
the best of it and to show in no un-
mistakeable manner tho esteem in
which he had been held by them. The
ladies took up the work, and as usual
when ladies take a thing of ihis kind
in hand it was well done. The Ladies Committee consisted of the following: Mesdames, Newman, Hobbs.
Mitchell, Urquhart, Forrest, Angus,
McLean, Dunne and .Miss Jordan. The
Oddfellows Hall was secured, and the
ladies had it beautifully set out for the
occasion. Tho stage was furnished as
a drawing room, and the fire place
scene transported one to the old land
where the yule log and the brick fireside take the place of the Canadian
stave. The Committee of gentlemen
who got up tho address and presentation consisted of the following: Messrs Newman, McMillan, McConnell,
McGlnness, Humphrys, McLeod, King,
Baron and Stirrett. The little affair
wm kept entirely secret and not n soul
knew anything about it excepting those
associated with the arrangmeets. The
first intimation the doctor had of the
pleasing farewell in store for him was
ft polite in^jtatipn which he received
on the Friday to attend ai_ the Oddfellows' Hall on the following evening.
There was such an air of mystery
about tho matter that tho doctor
sought out his friend and counsellor,
Mr. McGinnes.s, and asked him what
was ou at the hall, to which that
wary politician aud deploutatist replied that it was "just a Lario hop."
The doctor said he did not know that
dauce, but was assured by Mr. MoGin*
ness that it was very simple nnd he
would soon pick it up and be able to
do his part allrlgbt, Rumor dos-s not
say whether the doctor looked up the
latest edition of the "Ballroom Guide"
to ascertain the steps in (hi*? new and
mysterious dance, but he determined
to face the music and when he turned
up at the Hall on the Saturday night
he was greeted with throe hearty
cheers, called for by Mr. W. G. Neilson, J. P. The hall was crowded and
f everybody in Donald was not there,
even to the babies, there must have
been very few left to look after the home.-.
Tables laden with all sorts of good
things, provided by the ladies, were
spread about the hall, nnd near those
the children crowded in expectancy,
The school children, in whom Dr.
Procter took a great interest, were
present in full force and.helped with
the programme, singing the doctors
favorite chorus, "Tho Land of the
Maple." Mr- King presided and he
was supported on the platform by tho
following, together with the guest of
the evening: Sheriff Redgrave, Rpv. |
Mr. Turner, Messrs. G. E. Smith.
Burns, Haggen and Newman.
While expressing regret nt the occasion which called them together, th*
chairman congratulated them on the
eicellent gathering- Ho said he voiced
the sentiment of the community when
lie expressed regret at Dr. Procter hav-'
ing to leuve them (cheers).
The following musical programme j
was then gono through: Instrumental;
duet, Messrs. Humphreys (piano) and
Karon (violin); piano solo, Mr. Hum.]
plireys;   duet,     "Larboard    Watch,'' I
Messrs. McMillan & Karon; solo,
"Tho Stow-a-Way," Mrs. Frasor;
violin nolo, Mr. Baron; chorus
by school        children, "Our
Mountain Hoiusj" solo, "The Sweetest Song of All," Mrs. Fritter;
violin solo hy Mr. Barou; chorus,
"The Land of the Maple," by the
school child run; duet, "la tlm Star-
j light." by Messrs. Baron and McMillan! Chinese song, by Dr. Thorn.
The   chairman   then   read  a letter
from   Mr. Ducheancy,   Superintendent
Pacific   Division,  acknowledging   tho
invitation   to   be  present, and adding
j "you may assure your committee tint
; 1 contemplate with pleasure a tangible
1 proof of the esteem in  which   he   (l)r,
! Procter) has been held by all."
Messrs. McMillan and Newman then
] stepped to the from and called on tho
I doctor, to whom the former gentleman
read an-l presented tho following illuminated address, handsomely framed;
|"A. P. Procter. Esq., M. D., 0. M:
j Dhar .Sir, ���We, the citizens of
Donald and employees of the Selkirk
section of the Canadian Pacific Kailway. beg yon to accept the accompanying tekori of the high esteem iu which
you are held by us and our families.
Wo wish it to testify tn our appreciation of tho efficient, faithful and self-
denying manner in which you have
performed the duties devolving upon
you us medical officer of this section.
"We wish moreover thus to signify
our appreciation of the kindness you
have shown us apart from your work,
and of the interest you have taken in
all public affairs. You bnva moved
yourself to he not only einVJeiit and
faithful in your professional duties,
but also to be a thorough geufle:' an
and trot friend to all. Wo feol, indeed,
the value of the example ytni havn
set in uprightness and unselfisl ..-v.-,
"While wo regret that yoi, r.re r bout
to sever your connection with r-. we
wish you all prosperity and happum?*-
iu your new sphere of labor and where
ever you may he.
"In the behalf of the citizens and
employees, "W. NEWMAN,
"Jno. McMillan ''
The address was tho work of Mr.
King, who executed it very cleverly,
lha border showing a railway track
and telegraph line-, with a chain, the
links of which represented every station on the Selkirk division.
Mr. Newman then presented the doctor with a handsome gold watch,
chain and locket, iho watch bearing
i!i�� Joii:i>,-\ monogtnm and rho following inscription: "1898, Presented to
A. P. Procter by the citizens of Donald
and C.P.R. employees, Selkirk section."
In acknowledging the presentation
Dr. Procter said ho hardly know how
to thank them for their kindness to
him that night, and their kindness to
him since hft came in their midst, lo
months ago. That had made his work
pleasant among them. Onu thing
about his profession was the opportunity of doing good and he i href ore
thought it the (incut of the professions.
He quoted O'iver Wendell Holmes on
the professions. If they had felt his
work should have been done hotter he
would like ihem to believe he felt it
more keenly than they. As to' tho
children he was sorry to leave them.
The population depended ou what the
children were, and ho had endeavored
to get them to take an interest in thoir
work. A consolation to him was thnt
he was not going very far away. In
leaving them in the hands of Dr. Cross
he was leaving them in the hands of
one who would serve them well and I e
asked them to extend to his successor some of kindness they had shown
him (cheers).
Mr. Burns, Inspector of schools, and
au old friend of Dr. Procter, made a
humorous speech, stating the Dr. had
once taught school at Alberiji, and us
the teacher of a village school required
to be an exceptional man, one of patience and tact.nodoubt that was why he
made such a successful doctor (cheers).
Shoi iff Redgrave also spoke of the
doctor's kindness and attention.
The ladles then handed round refreshments, nnd this over Mr. Haggen
proposed a hearty thanks to the ladies,
those who had assisted iu the pro*
gramme and to the ohaiiiuan. These
were carried hy ncclamation, after
which the audience fang the National
Anthem. This was Ldlmved hy "For
he's a j.Ily good fellow." and with
three heuVty cheer.', for the d��.otor and
many wishes of "God speed" the large
gathering dispersed,
Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Fancy Goods.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly SBo.OO and expenses. Post-
Won steady. Reference. Enclose self-adders-
sed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. SMaptf
\ THE GULDEN  ERA,  FRIDAY,   FEBRUARY   13,   1898.
�� �� $ $
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
Warehouses  are  fairlv  crammed
with    NEW    GOODS    from
floors to ceilings.
Trade has been so good with
us this last summer that wo felt
justified iu buying heavily for
our Pall, Xmas and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
oast and west is discharging
freight for onr stores.
Fresh mild-cured Hams and
Bacon, Creamery and Dairy Butter, Fresh Eggs.Creara Cheese,
Factory Choose and Holland
Cheese, Finnan Raddles and
Cranberries received this week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now ou tho road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,   which  we are selling at
lnc per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,    Overshoes, Shoe Packs and Moccasins,
Gloves   and   Mitts   iu   great
Remember we are the agents
for   Health   Brand    Underwear.
Don't fto around shivering iu
your shoes when yon can buy
a suit of  Health   Underwear
and be as warm as toast.
To tldvortlsora ami subxevliters.    I
Hie OOLDEN ERA ,s imblished evep
Friday ovening. It is the heal advertising
medium in thu bvst Kootenay district,
Subscription Kates i   $2.00 pel annum is
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in the office not later than
nutjn on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will bo received up till
neon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken,tho
proprietors "ill not be responsible tor any
omission or error In any advertisement.
All accounts tu be paid to the Managing
Director, ur his authorised agent,from whom
the company's receipt will lie obtained,
Advertising ratest Display ads., ��1.50 per
columnnicht Leg lads., to cents per fine
for firsi insertion, 0 cents for each additional
insertion; Heading notices, 12 tents per line
each Issue,
All business communications should Iks addressed to iho Managing Director, and all
literary communications, tellers for publication or uows llama should ho addressed to the
Correspondence is invited ou matters of
public interest, hut to secure publication
such letters must be brief, In U.e case ol
anonymous letters the name und address ut'
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but fur iho private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
have tu stand over till .the following issue.
The Golden tra Ccmpa-n-f Limited Willi),
Office* Golden, R. 0.
We arc now
Cases of
unpacking' Ten
.* oo as
imported direct from Germany
and England. SANTA GLAUS
has never been so gnoit to us
as this year. Vou can uvulio
tho little ones happy this
Xmas at a very small cost by
purchasing from us,
In Ready-Made Clothing we
"Beat tho Band," Our Doll
Heavy Wool Pants arc as *ood
as aro usually sold for $2.00,
Careful buyers arc showing
their good judgment by purchasing nt oui* stores. We
are crowded every week day
and have no reason to complain about dull times.
Come and see us,
be   pleasod   to   help
Xmas a merry one.
We will
make   your
Geo. B. McDermot,
lileneral Merchant.
Livery and Feed Stables
��� St
Good Saddle Horses and
Riga of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
: of nil kinds n specially.
+ X + x +
The McMurdo House,
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best, Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
NT.KYK BEANS are a new
Ucovory rh.it cure tlio worst
AsPS of nervous deliiliiv. Lost
Vigor and Falling Munhoodi
restores Ihe weakness of bodyor mind caused
by overwork or the errors or oxcessos of
youth. This remedy absolutely cures the most
obstinate cases when nil oilier i reatmonts have
faiiod even to relieve. Sold bydruggUti ni SI
par package or six for 15, or sent by mail on
receipt of price by addressing THEJAMES
MEDICINE CO., Toronto Ont. Wrilo for
pamphlet. 17BB1
An Honest Offer 1
To all those suffering from
NoitVOUS ExiiAL'STiON or any PllIVATl
DlSEASIi, who have tried different doctors or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent, FREE In plain sealed envelope upon application to
180,131 Boi 00, Detroit, Mich.
" ti.e mntlomen or ladios to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly 805,(10 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Encoso selWdrcs-
and stamped envelope. The ����raimonCwn-
jwny, Dept. Y Chicago. SXWipW
Sthe fflcUbcu (gra
(Edited   by E. A.  IlAOOEN.)
Gilded reports, coast newspaper
booming, transportation company lies,
have so painted the Yukon as a laud
of oold that scores of thousands ot
people are preparole; to flock in there -
some never to come back, most to wish
they had never gone. We recently
published a report by a reliable man,
Mr. McGillivray, of New York, showing that tbo Yukon is not what it is
represented to be. The Mining a'ndEngineering Journal publishes a report
endorsing Mr. MeGillivray's. For tlie
benefit of our readers who are Yukon
struck we re-nublibh the most important features of this report:���
'There are many disappointed,heart
sick men working on the dumps here,
Winding on a windlass, exposed to the
rigors of the climate, and with the
thermometer standing at from 35 degrees to dO degrees below zero���and
tlicro is worse to come ���who had been
advised not to attempt the trip. And
yet they are here, and whilo they tell
yon tiieir troubles and figure out liow
s mill, after all, is the remuneration at
Sl.oO per hour,���and the average,
wages hove are 81.25, while many are
working for their 'grub' for six or
seven hours a day. they urge the writer to advise others to stay away. It
is feared here that there will be anothe.'
rush���many are perhaps already on
the way. Nothing but disappointment and loss await those who coine.
The mining district known as the
Klondike region comprises only two
oreeks that are known to bo rich ���
Bonanza and its tributary, Eldorado.
Everv claim on the creek-bed. us well
us all tbo bench claims, have been lo.-
catod. Not all the claims even on
these two creeks are known to be rich
enough to pay the expenses of mining
thein at the present rate ot wages
which are, after all, only sufficient lo
rich. Some of those ou Eldorado will
yield perhaps ��500,000 each, whilo
others adjoining them will not pay for
the working. The same is true of
Bonanza. There are many other creeks
hereabout, every one of which, lying
within a radius of 50 miles, has been
staked from mouth tosoiirce.nndininany
cases to a point beyond the summit of
slope from which they run. There is,
therefore, absolutely no chance for
prospecting or locating in thisdistrict.
It will he necessary for anyone coining
lo this country io prospect in other
districts, and with very little chame
of success, for there are hundreds of
men who have spent anywhere from
three to 15 years in the Yukon districts prospecting for the gold which
is said to be there, and who aro still
looking with longing eyes for the fortune for which they have hoped so
long. When men who wero within 50
miles of Dawson when this strike was
made are still without the means to
buy food for tho winter, how can a
man 5,000 miles from hero hope to
pick up a rich claim in tho Klondike
region?   Thero aro many such here,   I
caunot, knowing as much as I   do   of
the  country,   use    language   strong
enough or convincing enough   to   advise those who are thinking of coming
to tins desolate country to give np the
notion      No matter how discouraging
may bo the outlook at   home,   I   can
assure the. reader thnt there me   more
avenues through   wdiich   to   make   a
living, and perhaps a comfortable fortune at home than are presented by the
seeming   rich   Klondike.     There .ore
hundreds of men hero today who mortgaged their littlo homes and loft   wife
d childeru poorly   provided   for   in
order to raise tho neocssary money   to
make the trip to a land which promises
so much..     They spent every cent   of
that money,   which   represented   the
labor and savings of years,   in gettin
over the Sknguny and Dyea trails, and
bore up under hardships of which they
would not have   thought   themselves
capable, in the hope   of   getting possession nt the last of a rich   claim   ill
this region, where they had heard that
men become rich   in   a   day.     Today
i hey regret their madness  and   curse
the day when they gave   up   all���and
received  nothing   in   return.     Many
have not even reached the New Eldorado.    Money played out and they wore
compelled to winter on the pass, while
others were frozen up in the river and
will either have to haul   their   outfits
down ou Bleds or to  live  in   idleness
and eat tho food which, on an average,
cost thein more than SI per   pound  to
get over the pass.   I have talked with
many old miners here, some of  whim
Canada's Now Minister of Justice,
Sir Oliver Mownt's Successor in tho I.aurior
Cabinet, Hon. David Mills, wilh Fitly
Members of Parliament, Praise tho Virtues of Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
No one suffers the inconveniences of
Catarrh mnro than the pub lie speaker, Hon.
David Mills, Tho coming Minister of Justice, savs over his own signature, that Dr.
Agnow's Catarrhal Powder gavo aim immediate relief. People everywhere use it,
John Mclnnis, Washa Bridge, N.S., says:
"Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder did wonders
for ino." It relievos in 10 minutes snd permanently curcB catarrh, cold iu the head,
sore throat and tonsilitis.
gold by 0. A. Warren. 820
havo spent longand weary years in the
country hoping at soma time to stumble on to a fortune, but witli very few
exceptions, indeed all, have lound it
impossible to make mote than a grub
stako. These men all tell mo that it is
not less than criminal to advise men
to come here. It may bo asked why
these men remain. That is one of
those questions which are hnrd to answer. They cannot tell you themselves. In many cases they have
failed even to make a grub stake, and
*.hc trading companies have been compelled, in order to prevent starvation,
to give thorn an outfit, allowing them
to pay for it the next season if luck
favors them. And so it happens that
they are compelled to remain over another year to pay the bill. Fiually
they fall into the rut with their companions, and they live on and on, hoping to strike it rich some day. And
when the coveted fortune arrives, as it
does in the case of perhaps one in one
hundred, he finds himself unable to
enjoy it,"
The abovo is a very different tale
from the varnished lies 80 generally in
circulation, and the emigrant to the
Yukon will 8nd that the above statements comprise about the truth.
tion in the new centres of population.
The Government also promises aid to
the dairy industry, and it might well
have gone further and offered to provide cheap capital to aid the farmers
developing' the agricultural resources of the Province. The speech
concludes by calling on Divine Providence to aid the Legislature in their
efforts but we imagine that Divine
Providence iriuai be so thoroughly disgusted with a partnership with the
Turner-Poolay crowd that He will
rather leave them t'o continue their
alliance with his Satanic majesty until
tho Government ot the Province can be
placed in 'he hands of men who will
have sdme conscience and respect for
those inviolabe principles which may
more truly be said to be the work ot
Providence than of the evil powen
that at prcseut run the Government of
this Province.
There is no message which brings more
gladness to a true woman's heart than
the sweet assurance that a little one is
coining to bless hor life and call her
in all
her loving preparations for the expected little guest, a motlier is
liable to forget that her own
health and physical condition \s
the most important provision
v/liich can possibly be made for
the baby's happiness.
If the prospective mother
is wc.il:, neryous and anxious, this condition is bound
to react on the babj-'a
constitution.     No
daintiness   of wardrobe will compensate
-���.*���; \Afor the  loss  of the
;, JiS?jy natural, healthy vigor
, r '^M^J which   a   mother
���Mm       should bestow upon
v   Wgf       her baby.
/iii I !i As early as possible
Htfi during gestation, the ex-
���M'jS psctant mother should re-
f/1H inforce her bodily power
% with the sustaining.health-
,, bringing influence of Dr.
Pierce's "Favorite Prescription'.
It gives natural, healthy vigor and elastic endurance to the organs specially concerned in motherhood. It makes the
coming of baby perfectly safe and almost
painless, It gives nerve-strength to the
mother and vital hardihood to the child.
It i'j the only medicine devised by au
educated ph'ysidan specially to overcome
all weaknesses mid diseases of the feminine organs. Its sale is greater than the
combined sales of all other medicines for
women. This fact shows the unbounded
confidence which women place in Dr.
i'icrce. He has been for nearly thirty
years chief consulting physician of the
Invalids' Hotel aud Surgical Institute, of
Huffalbi N. Y. During this time he has
achieved a world-wide reputation for hid
successful treatment of the most obstinate* ailments peculiar to women.
" I have taken three bottles of ' Favorite
Prescription ' " writes Mrs. Laura B. Cham*
berhtln, of Estes|'Fike Co., Mo. "Twobe*
fore confinement, and one afler. I feel that
the medicine was all that saved my life. I
was not able io do any work, could only sit
up part of fnc day when I began to take it.
I had only taken a few doses when I began
to improve. I have a ten pound boy Got
through in a few minutes, and with but
very little suffering. Baby is seven weeks
old and I feel stouter and better than I have
In four years. I heartily recommend Dr.
1'iercc's Favorite Prescription to all women
in such cases."
"I can cheerfully reeommend your valuable "medicine, the 'Pavorfte Prescription'
to suffering female*1?," writes Mrs. Val
Lofever, of 306 S. Dlvlsioh Street, Mount
Vernon, Ohio. "About four years ago my
health began to fail, 1 went to the best
doc(ot In the city, aud he said I had ulcere*
lion of the uterus. He gave me local treatment for aevAll months. I Kot better, but
not well, ami as noon as I slopped taking
bin medicine I cot worse, and was not able
to do anything. 1 felt miserable. Had
such bearing down and shooting pains. My
back ached so bad I could hardly sit up or
lie down. So I wrote to you, and began
taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
In a week's lime I began to improve and I
kept on with this trejiimcnt. People commenced to make remark:, about how much
better I looked. I told everybody what I
was taking, I had gained twelve pounds
by the time I had taken the second bottle
Of 'Favorite Prescription.' I took five
hollies and then I felt as well a9 I ever did
111 my life, Quite a number of my friends
are taking your medicine. I told a lady
about a month ago about the ' Favorite Prescription.1 She took one bottle and she
said She never had any medicine to do her
bo much good iu life, She wrote to her
fiister and told her to p.et some and take it,
"I cannot say enough, to praise your med-
Iclne. Mv husband and I both thank you
for what it has done for me, us we had paid
put about $.60.00 for medicine and local
treatment, and S.j.oo worth 0/ your medicine la's cured me."
The newly-wedded wife, above all other
women, needs n good medical book. Dr.
Pierce';*. Common Sense Medical Adviser
fills this want. It contains over 1000
pages and 300 illustrations. Several
chanters are devoted to the physiology
of the organs distinctly feminine.   Send
II one-cent stamps, to cover cost of customs and mailing only, to the World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
N. Y., for a free copy, paper-covered. If
Cloth binding ts wanted send 50 stamps.
From the Catholic Record.
Tailoring I
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
By Motto is
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Victoria was en fete at the opening
of the Provincial Legislature last
weak, the principal feature of the occasion being the opening of the neu
Parliament Buildings. The buildings
are there now and the mischief cnntiot
be undone, but wo do say that it
a grossly scandalous piece, of public
administration that nearly a million
of money should hare been spent on
fine public buildings in a Province that
is in the infancy ot its development,
and where every dollar ot the public
revenue is required for the construction of roads, trails, and bridges for
opening up the country. The Governor's speech refers to the expansion
of the revenue and to the benefits that
will accrue to the Province from the
Yukon gold discoveries. In this connection a measure is promised to assist
in providing an all-Canadian route to
the Yukon. Measures are also promised
to improve transportation facilities for
the development of the mineral resources of the Province. The construction
of tho.Crow's Nest Railway is next referred to and the Legislature is congratulated on the result of tho efforts
made by it for the construction of ihis
road. Of course it would have beou
out of place in this sbeeah to tell us
also of the efforts made by members of
the legislature to feather their own
nests in connection with this road, but
the electors pretty well understand all
about that without any further explanations from a gubernatorial source.
The speech then assures us that negotiations are in progress for the construction of the Vancouver and Eastern
Railway, which is in reality a short
line from Kootenay to the coast. This
is of course a necessary and imporaut
work which we should imagine the
whole Province would like to see carried out if reasonable arrangements
ca,i b�� made.    We
London, Ont., March 20, 1897.
We can speak from personal knowledge of the good work done in this
city by the Dyke Cure for Intemp r-
ance, and the consulting physician,
Dr. A. McTaggart, guarantees ihnt the
remedy will do all thnt is claimed for
it. In proof of this, he is willing
that we become tlie custodians of each
fee paid, until the end of the treatment,
when, in the event, of i's failure to
cure, we are authorized to return the
same to the party who sent it.
Many cases in this city have been
cured since August last, and only such
famili��s can truly appreciate the great
happiness, .they now enjoy.
Thos. Coffey.
Publisher Catholic Record
Business Cards.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office. Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
Brant ford, April 2,
Dr. A. McTaggart, London: -
Deaii SiK-Wehmemuch pleasure in
giving onr testimony to the wonderful
effect of the Dyke Cure for one of our
citizens, who was a victim to the drink
habit. ., He., had;,been addicted con-
stnntlv'for 18 y ars. nnd now he can
say trulv he lias not the least desirp
for drink. Will gladly give any information to those desiring it.
(Signed)       Wat. Williman
City Missionary.
Mrs. R. P. Brophey
President W.C.T.U.
London. Ont., April fi, 1897
At tho request of Dr. McTaggart,
the Secretary of the London W.C.T.U.
aud myself visited a number of his
patients who had previously been ad
dieted to the too free U6e of intoxicants, but who. through the taking of
the Dyke cure, wore changed from
drinking into non-drinking men and
women, they freely admitting that
even tho'tastn of strong drink has heon
removed. Judging from our observations, we think that any alcoholic victim or sufferer would do well to givo
the above cure a trial.
J. K. Wright,
E. 8. Cosfohd.
919 mr 17 Secretary.
The cost of keep of prisoners at Donald gaol for last year was $100.94.
Without a Peer���Work. Miracles,
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart is without
a peer. This great remedy relieves instantly
the most aggravated and distressing forms
of heart disease. It is the surest and quickest acting formula for heart trouble known to
medical science, aud thousands of times has
the hand of the grim destroyer been stayed
 ��� i���;. .,,��� by its use.   If there 1b Palpitation, Shortness
congratulate the ! 0f breathi P���in jn tl)e Lo|t Sido, Smothering
Government on their promise of a red!.;-  Sons.itiins, don't delay or you may be count-
.,.'..���       .   , -   .   ed in the long list of those whu have gone __��� . ���
tnbution bill  and   hope  some  eff.rt 0ve'to the great majority, because thoVst HEAD
will bo made to give the people a mens-, ""W*?ia '��6 w0-rld M*? r"18 not PromP1^ j
nra which will secure just repreaenta-     Soid by C, A. Warren. 32U     219
Ruilder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders, 28to
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  - -  Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. U. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday of each
week. 36to
Goiden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open tor the
admission of patients,
TICKETS may be had. from the under-
signed or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private warda.
Acting Secretary.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
of   Policy   Holders.
President���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat
Vice-President-Joseph W. Flavelle
Managing Direr, or���F. O. Col.
A. Haqoen,
Agent, Golden, B, O.
We Charge No Commission.
Fall Prices, Correct Selection.
Hides, Pelts.Wool
:-      Tallow,   Ginseng;,  Seneca.
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prioes.
We Buy Right Out.
Bopei and Tags Furnish.* Free.
Immediate Itemlttanco..
Jas. McMillan & Co.
No Commission Cliargou.
200-213 First Avo North
\'i l<Ji30%: j��8?ExpanD.i,ng
New Catalogue on Application.
Savage Eepeating Arms Co.,
Uttica, New York.
THE GULDEN  ERA,  FfilDAY.   FEBRUARY   is.  1895.
The Inland Sentinal says: "Our attention has been called to the unsatisfactory manner iu which freight from
points east of Donald for points on
the Pacific Division is being handled
nowadays. It seems that since the traffic management of the Pacific division
passed more or less under the control of
the Winnipeg offiice things have not
been running very smoothly at this
end. The internal business arrange-
of the Canadian Pacfic Railway Company are, of course, no concern of the
publio's unless these arrangments work
out to their disadvantage as appears to
be the case in this instance If we
understand the situation right the
Pacific division is being "starved,"
possibly to make a better showing, for
the Western division, but however
that may be the result is unsatisfactory to the public. In the interests of
business men, to whom prompt delivery
of freight means very much, we hope
the Canadian Pacific Hallway officials
will endeavor to improve matters in
this connection."
Three   Favorite,   ol   the   Diamond
The Diamond Dye Blacks are scientific successes that are eveywhere
appreciated by the ladies.
Diamond Dye fast Black for Wool
stands ahead of all other wool dyes
for fulness, richness and a depth
of color. All wool goods when they
have become rusty and soiled can be
restored to a deep jet black, equal to
the best French blacks, aud fitted for
long yfars of wear.
Diamond Dye Fast Black for Cotton
and Mixed Goods is the only black in
the world for dyeing cotton aud all
mixed fabrics. It gives a permanent
and never fading color.
Diamond Dye Fast Black for Silk and
feathers is a triumph of the chemical
art, and has surprised the world All
silk goods and feathers that are faded,
spotted and soiled can be dyed a lovely
jet black with this special dye, making
old things look equal to new goods.
The Diamond Blacks are the best in
the world. Aik for them and refuse all
imitations and poor makes, 322
News in Brief.
The London Daily Hail correspondent had his feet and hands badly
frosen at the Yukon.
American Federation of Labor will
enter into the gr.'at movement for an
eight hour work day.
The Dominion Government will ask
a vote to extend their telegraph system
through Quesnelle to Dawson City via
Telegraph Creek,
Norton Olds, aged 45, got his right
hand caught in a bed-planer at Brock.
villa and before he was released tho
knives had chopped his arm off in
pieces to within four inches of his
Terrific explosion occurred at Newport mine, Ironwood, Mich., killing
three and injuring five otners, who
are expected to recover. Some two or
three hundred pounds of dynamite
went up.
K&K   K&K   K&K   K&
I The Leading Specialists of America [
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cured.
I Thoasandi of youni and irnddlo-urodl
1 men are troubled with this ducaio��� many |
1 QDOonioioaily. They may have a smart-1
I Ing seasation, email, twisting stream, f
1 sharp outtinc pains at times, slight die- f
I charge, difficulty in commencing, weak I
I organs, emissions, and all the symPtonu I
of nervous debility���they have BTIIIC-1
I TUKE. Don'tlotdoctorsexporimenton I
'    totting, stretching, or tearing I
I hBDceremovestlieptrkfuropormanMitly. I
I It can never return. No, pain, no Buffer-1
I log. no detention from business by onr I
I method. ThesoxnalorgAnsarostrenRtN I
| euert. The nerves are invigorated, and I
I the bliss of manhood returns. f
Fit Thousands of young and middle-aged 13
[M men are having their eoxual vigor and p**
I vitality continually sapped by thia die-1
I ease. They are frequently unconscious I
I oftheeaaieofthoseBymptonis. General I
Weaknees, Unnatural Discharges, Fail-1
_J ing Manhood, Nervonsner*, Poor Mem- L
r*\ ory. Irritability, rvt timet Hmarting Sen- Pi
U sation, Sunken Eyes, with dark circlet, \X\
II Weak Hack, General Depression, Look W!%
��of   Ambition.   VptIcocoIp,   Hhninken KJ
"*" Part*, eto. GLEET and STRICTURE p3
may be the cause.  Don't consult family
doctor* as tbey havo no experience In I
these  epocial   direaws���don't   allow I
Qitaelt8 to experiment on yon. Consult I
HpBclallsts.whehavemndealUestudyof I
DlseofeBofMenandWomen. Our NEW L.
METHOD  TltEATMKNT will post- Lk
r ����� tirely oure you. One thousand dollars |'I
KM for a case we accept for treatment and |U
���^ canuotcuro. Termimoderateforacure. Vr*
[cures guaranteed!
.   W. treat snd euro:  EMISSIONS,
A Woman
to Women.
She has Reason to Believe that Paine's Celery
Compound is the Best
Medicine in the World.
Mrs. Allen has rid Herself of Nervousness
and Neuralgia.
,. fand BLADDER DIsmsss.
I mum. to call, wrlto far
J   BLANK   lor   HOME
1 Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St.
K&K .K'&K   KAK   K&
She says:
"After Using Seven Bottles of
the Compound I am Well
and Strong."
Paine's    Oelary    Compound     (lire.
Health and Oood Looks to Hick
Women  of Every Ace.
Wells & Richardson Co.,
Dear Sirs:���It gives me much pleasure to testify to the faot that Paine's
Celery ComDound has caused a remark-
able change in my condition. For 10
years I have suffered from nervousness and neuralgia, and have used
medicines of all kinds without finding
Your Paine's Celery Compound was
recommended to me, and   after   using
seven bottles I find   my self   well and
strong,   and  can   rest and sleep with
ease and comfort. I bolieve it to be the
best medicine in the world, and  I  always recommend it with pleasure.
Yours truly,
Mrs. A. Allen,
321 Ramsay, Ont.
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, free of charge.
Tho Awful Sting!
The Unbearable Itching Irritations
caused by troublesome Skin Diseases���Eczema, Sunlil Head, Salt Itheinn, Tetter, are
aljayod by one application of Or. Agnew's
Ointment. Mind and Bleeding Piles cured
in Iroin one to six nights. It's n nmgical reliever and ii power to' cure quickly nnd etfoc-
tively. Hero's a sentence from a recent
testimony: "1 thought my flesh was on tire,
but Dr, Agnew's Ointment cooled, helped
and healed me." 85 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warren. 320
The Provincial subsidy paid to the
Oolden Hospital last year was 52,000.
The Provincial Government paid a
subsidy of $800 last year for medical
aid at Fort Steele, of which $(100 was
paid to Dr. McLean and $200 to Dr.
American line steamer St, Louis
from Southampton, reports loss at sea
of Holland-American steamer Veen-
dam, from Rotterdam for New York.
The passengers and crew of the Veen-
dam were saved by tho St. Louis.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment,
Mr. James Gaston, merchant, ���tVllkcsbnrrp,
Po.. wrlten :���For nine years I luivn been
dlfflgnrcd wlili tetter on hands ami fnce.
But at lust 1 have found a euro In Dr.
Agnew's Ointment, My skin i�� now
���smooth and soft nitd free from everr blent*
lib.   Tito first application gnro relief.���30.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
tivo ifontlomon or ladies to travel for
responsible, established bourse in British Columbia. Monthly 865.Q0 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Kncbso selfaddres-
sr(1 stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 20,ap23
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, O. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub-Agont Dominion Government.
Agent Dominion Townsite, Golden.
Special attention to Mineriil Claims.
304 Office, Alexander Hlock, Golden.
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist.
(Established 1870) LQADVILLG), COLORADO
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices!���Gold, silver and
loan, $1: any two of tho nbovo, 7fic; anyone
of the aoovo, fiflcj copper Analysis, $1: plidi-
ii'im, nickel or tin. $&.   Write for full price
list and mailing oavelopos.
���  50c.
These watches are solid 14-carat
gold, and our usifal list price for
them here in England is ��5 ($25)
each, but to introduce our enormous
Catalogue, we will send you this
wa*oh free if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us 50 cents
International Money Order, for
which we will send you a solid silver brooch, worth $t, and our offer.
After you roceive the beautiful
watch, wo shall expoctyou to show
it to your friends, and call their attention to this advertisement. The
watch is sent freo by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement and our offer, and is war*
ranted for five years.    Address: ���
Watchmakers' Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores, Ltd.,
181  Oxford St., London, Enfflantl.
Money returned if not more than
15 Princess Street, Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent me free of
charge. I have tosted it for nine
months and it never varies one
half-a*minute from one week's end
to another."���E. Wilks.
"To giro away a Gold Watch
worth 25 dols. is certainly a splendid advertisement, hut as tho
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford it/'-EmroitX.
Be sure and address your letter, 184 ,
��� Oxford Street, London, England. ��
���*> ���
������*>����������� �������������
THE East Kootenay Railway Company will
apply to the Parliament of Canada at its
next session for an Act to declare 1 lie Company's undertaking to be for the general advantage of Canada, to authorize it to issue
bonds to the extent of thirty thousand dollars
per mile of its railway and to empower it to
convey or lease the Company's railway.
Vancouver. 15 Dec, Jf>i)7.
A. SlG. Hamkurlkv,
Solicitors for Applicants.
Gkmmill & May,
Ottawa Agents. SttftS
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It  relieves   tho paiua ..ml aches the
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can be used internally os well as externally.    Hundreds testify to its
Magical relief.   No home should
bo without it.
Sold by all dealers.    25 ets. Site
Hon. F. W. Aylraor        President
Wl O. Mitt'hofMnnes Vice      do
W, (1. Neilson, J. P do      do
E. Johnson  do       do
E. A- Haggen Socrotary*TreasUrer
The regular meetings of the Association
will lie held on the first Tuesday In oVory
month nt the Columbia House, Golden,
All possible information will ho furnished
by the Association upon application to
E. A. H.var.EX, Sec, Goldon,
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Pnals will
bo received at the Goldon Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
The Goldon Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Wholesale :in<l Kctuil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Golden Era,
Published Every
Friday Evening1.
Subscription, ��2 per Annum,
Payable in Advance.
. Paper.
The Business Man,
The Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner,
The Rancher,
The Lumberman.
Rubber Feet...
Corny, clammy, cold and painy.   'Doctnr
says that rubbers did it! Slushy weather       ����j''ft {
coming,���must wear something. What to "n^
do? New shoe mile of Kldduck, tan Willow calf, or black n
Alumina coif.   Wet-proof,���sno',v*proof(���stylish,���light, g
���easy,���warm,���with Goodyear Welt.
Ask lor tbe
Slater Slipless Shoe.
II. G. Parson, Solo Local Agent.      24*2
Medicine Hut
London, Ont.
Canal Flat
Fort Steele
New Denver
One of the most vigorously conducted and widely circulated papers
published in British Columbia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates on application to tho proprietors.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B. C.
^ffl^We nro Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and curry a Large Stock of Balance*!,
Furnaces.    Fire   Clay   Goods,   Scientific   and
f^^g-���^ Practical     Books,    Glas.s-
W~~WT~m ware.    Platinum    Goods,
jMuriahi^'*' Acids,   Chemicals,  and nil
rfjfejCAH /i-. other Assayers' aud Min-
J^WX *"-��L^U^)j ers' requirement***'.
W^^^^V^'- ^0,e *^^ents ���*in' Morgan
ttw-fihtlT&r:'--1' Crucible Company, Baittr-
*WE��V sea. Becker's Son's Balances; Bfrunton &Pearss'sPocket MineTruii-sli, etc.
Vancouver, it. C.
P. 0. Dox 355. Tolegrophlo Addressi   "ASSAY," '
^.r,vrQrv-;>iff'rr''''��v'���'''.''"''"' -I"" "V .',<"������.���-, .':T''"<''r""��"'V"''"
��������� !���������:'''���'''���;"���.;\0i
E   <?>���
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
"The Province" Map of
.LJjLJIi    Jt&.JLj\Jxi U jL JlLJCli
Absolutely Free
To Now Subscribers to "The Province."
Pacific Ry
I'Tho Province" claims that it has the Iiirijest circulation wst of Win-
uip(% and that claim has never heou queationo.l 01 challenaed. I- i�� now
detdrfhined if money and energy can do it, tn inr-rea****- its cj-cnlalion uuiil it
can prove thai it has THE LARGEST CIHCULATIO.N IN CANADA. To
atlain this object tho directors have arranged with Tho Province Publishing
Company, Limited Liability, for the supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies vimiin Map of the Klondyke
To every N!'W juiscrihcr who sends SI.00 to ''Thn Province," Victoria or
Vancouver, Canada's onlv high class weekly, "The Province," will send for
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This offer will be withdrawn as soon a* the special edition of one hundred
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this way '*Tho Province" hopes to nuke good tho doticit. Send SLUG to "The
Province" by rnturn mail and get a copy of this beautiful accurate map and
'���The Province" for a year.
The PROVINCE PUS. Co., Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
"Klondyke" |Golden
Write  for  pamphlet de-        A5fD
scriptiveof the routes to the T?QZ% Steele
Yukon   Country,    bailing
Dates, Rates, etc.
Advertise Your District
To do 80, solid your orders for us
to print your memoranda witli a
locnlity map of East Kootomiy
Mid the various locutions on the
back of ouch form !
The Goldon Era Company
Limited Liability
Gonoral Printers and Publisher?,
Oolden, B, G.
Nntllngi   r-v   {''olivnas-y.
Islander Feb. l'i
Quean Feb. Ill
Thistle   Feb. 17
Victorian Feb. 17
Danube Fell. 22
Cottage City Feb. 24
Victorian Feb. 27
Quean Feb. 28
| It' Vou are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Host ?
Royal Mail
Staae Lines
All Agents can ticket
through, which will include
meals and berth's.
Apply to the nearest  Canadian   P,
cilio Uaihvay Agent, or addre.8
S.'ajtc EjQnve* (.olden
Every T0ESDAT morning nt 7 30
o'clock   hnd arrives at Fori Sieele
8tnst��s Leave* Fart Steele
Every  SATURDAY  morninu  and
arrives at Oolden every MONDAY
First CItm�� tfqtiipineiit
and   every  attention   given  to the
comfort    of    passengers.      Good
stopping bouses ovory 25 miles
on the route.
Express matter
of all  kinds haudlod with promptness ami care.
Traffic Manager,
W,'nnll,ee,XIan.|pUjm8r g KeifOOf,  PfODS.
C. E. WELLS, '
Ticket Awut, Golden   i       Head Office, Golden.   l*5
The MUXSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all oilier writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typowriler
Mfltiiifaotarora, JW2-I4 W, Lake Street,
Chii'tiffo. IU. .M7 THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18,  1898.
'  The education   bill  for F.ast Koot-
���a&y (or last year wns Si (�����...
��� Cigars given aoray at Starforth &.
The cost of police administration In
East Kooteaar for last year' was
Service will lie held at the Presbyterian Church, Gulden, on Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
S. Adler, the former landlord of the
cf the Kootenay House, left for the
coast <mi Saturday.
J. W. Cnancr offers to Tent on shares
a good vegetable garden adjaecut to
the town of Golden.
The expenditure on the Donald
ecliool tor the year was S7J2, and tbe
Golden scho.il cwt the same   tunoilnt.
��� Choice variety of Clgan and
Cigarettes just opened at Starforth &
The Oovernment will be asked by the
Nelson Board of Trade to establish a
mail Bervioe between Nelson und Fort
The Slocan City News says: "Four
ond a half dollars a day is being ottered to miners in the Slooan, ns they are
all pulling out for Klondike."
O. E. Smith will hold service in
connection with tho Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. in,  and Golden 7.30 p.m.
Another car of dogs and horses from
Kegine,, belonging to tho North West
Mounted Police, passed through on
Saturday bound for the Klondike gold
Dan Mann, who is to build the connecting link of railway from Telegraph
creek, bus paid over to Hogg a cool
S50.000 for his Stickiue Railway
Mr- C. H. Parson, Customs Officer
for Golden, lias removed the Customs
office from H. (}. Parson's store to the
Upper Columbia Navigation Company's building.
In his annual report tho Inspector
Goneral of schools remarks concerning
Gslden school. '-The attendance at
this school has increased very considerably during the present school
St. Peter's Church. Golden, Sunday
February 20tln Morning service, 11
a m.; evening service 7.1,0 p.in Choir
practice at S p.m. on Saturday. Ash
Wednesday, Fob. 23rd, evening service
at 7.30 p. in,
$200 was expended hy the Provincial Government last year for fire protection at Donald, A similar vote was
for Golden, but owing to tbo negligence of the Town Coinmitteo not a
dollar of this grant seems to have been
Mr. Burns, Inspector of the schools
in tbo Kootenay district, visited the
Goldon school on Thursday, Field on
Friday, and Donald on Monday- Concerning tho Golden school he reported
having found it in a very satisfactary
condition under Mr. Kates.
W. B. Hull, of Calgary, was in
Golden fromSaturday tillWedncsday reorganizing the firm's butchery business
here. On Tuesday Mr. McSweenov arrived from Calgary, and will In future
manage the Goiden branch of the business. Mr. Mitchencr, who has been in
charge since the late G. Waodley's
retirement, leaves for Banff shortly to
take charge of the firm's branoh business there.
A few months age, Mr. Byron Every,
of Woodstock, Mish., was badly afflicted with rheumatism. His right leg was
swollen the full length, causing him
great suffering. He was advised to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The first
bottle of it helped him considerable
and the second bottle offocted a cure.
For Bale hy all druggists. Langley &
Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. 311in4
Capt. Armstreng left Victoria for
Wrangel on the 7th by tho steamer
Thistle. Ho was accompanied by the
men who left Golden with him. Mr.
Barber was detained at Victoria waiting for some of tho machinery for the
Teslin steamboat. Ho expected to leavo
for Wrangel on tin 11th with tbo balance of tho machinery. Steps will then
Tje taken to get the machinery up the
Stickiue Elver on the ice.
The Provincial revenue far F.ast
Kootenay for last year was (37.1)01,
and of West Kootenay $810,109, The
revenue ol East Kootenay was derived
as follows: $1,218 land sales, $401
land revenue, $702 tiinbor leases, $('>,-
.823 millers licenses, $6,590 mining record fees, &c, $3,387 from licenses,
$289 fines, $5 probate fees, $40 law
stamps, $34 registry fees, $70 marriage licenses, $o,7Gf) revenue tax, $ii,-
739 real property tax, $882 personal
property tax, $3,619 wild land tax.
$28 income tax, $362 mineral tax, aud
142 miscellaneous.
Mr, Ward L. Smith, ot Frederick-
otown, Mo., was troubled with chronic
diarrhoea tor over 30 years. Ho had
become fully satisfied that it was only
A question of a short tiino until he
would have to give up. He had been
treated by the best physicians in Europe and America but got no permanent
relief. One day he picked up a newspaper and chanced to read an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Ho got a
bottle of it, tho firs'; dose helpod him
and its continued use cured him. For
sale by all druggists. Langley &, Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Van-
^Oliver. 311m4
* This yearTcVap e( nuts just arrived ot the Golden Fruit Stir*.
The hotel license fee at Roasland
will be $300 a year, and the saloon fes
will bo 3700 a year.
The Kootenay Guide for the month,
published by Messrs Young & Luxton,
of Calgary, is to hand.'
The annual meeting of shareholders
of the Upper Columbia Navigation
Company will beheld at the company's
office, Golden, ou Monday, March 7th.
$1(1,000 was torflPhded by the Provincial Government last year on roads
and trails in East Kootenay, and $15,-
000 on i ho Toby Creek trail to West
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Soinervill'a Pepsin Gnml Star-
forth & liligh, agents.
W. McNeish has received a letter,
dated Skagway, from S. Johnson, formerly of Golden, stuting that town is
crowded with men waiting to go to
the goldfields. There is no work there
for anyone.
A meeting of the cititene of Golden
is convened by the Town Board at the
Queen's Hotel, for Monday evening
next, to take steps to urge on theGovern-
ment the improvement of the Kicking-
liorse River. There should be a good
P.G. Nash, who has been assistant
superintendent of construction under
Mr. Haney on the Crows Nest Pass
Railway, lias retired from his position
succeeded hy Mr. Theo. Knowlton, a
nephew of Mr. Haney. Mr. Nash goes
into the lumbering business.
Before leaving Donald Dr. Procter
completed the skin grafting operation
on the child Daniels, who was badly
burned recently. In all 52 pieces,
taken from different citizens of Donald,
were grafted ou. Only one graft failed,
and that through tbo child moving it.
A report was in circulation yesterday that the City of Seattle had been
wrecked with 800 Yukoners on board.
The story was a canard and had pro-
ably orginated in the fact that the
Clara Nevada was burned in Lynn
canal with 40 Yukoners on board who
are all believed to have lost their lives.
Tho annual meeting ot the Golden
j Bible Society wns held in the   Prcsby-
1 terian church last night. The officers
j elected are: Rov. H. B. Tumor, presi-
! dont, Rev. G. E. Smith vice-president,
I James Henderson, treasurer, and John
McMillan secretary The executive
committee are, Mrs. Woodley sr., Mrs.
Lake, Mrs Harrison, Messrs C. H.
Parson, C. A. Warren anil W. C. Miller. Contributions received to date are
$2(1.35. Donation voted to'the U. C.
Bible Society $20. 45 copies sold,
I have given Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy a fair test and consider it oue
of the very best remedies for croup
that 1 have ever found. One dose has
always been sufficient, although I use
it freely. Any cold iny children contract yields very readily to this medicine. I can conscientiously recommend it for croup and colds in children.
- Geo. E. WOLCE, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Fornandiua, Fla. Sold by
all druggists. Langley and Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver, 311m4
A Vancouver telegram says: "There
is a mad Mann in Vancouver. The
prospective contractor of the Canadian
Yukon railway cannot get his men
through to Wrangel. "I cannot get
steamers," he said, "to carry my men
and supplies to Wrangel. If the steamship companies will place themselves
at my disposal I will give thein anything they ask. They don't know
their business. I go to prepare a way
for thoso very prospectors, who when
they get to Wrangel might find a
sleigh road built for them, Mann is
chaffing like a lion in bondage. He
wants to get 5,000 men to Wrangel,
and although live steamers are leaviug
here a week thero is not room in them
for half a dozon men that has not been
engaged for in advance."
The Eamloops Sentinel says: "Dissatisfaction exists throughout tho
Pacific Division by reason of the control now exercised over this part of the
line by the Western division. In all
recent appointments men have been
sent out from Winnipeg, Port Arthur
or Fort William to fill vacancies,
which could have been filled quite efficiently by men who for years, past
have been working on the Pacific division. Men whoso services have entitled thorn to promotion have in this
way been passed over in favor of new
I men from the east. All the prizes, so
to say, of  this   divisions,   are   going
I to men from eastern divisions, on the
face of it a very unfair condition of
things, though possibly there may be
some reasonable explanation for the
course pursued."
The ladies of Golden gave a ball at
the Oddfellows Hull last evening and
it was a pronounced success. There
were 25 to 30 couples present, and in
the absence of music arranged for from
Donald (owing to the lateness of No, 2)
Mrs. Mercier kindly came to the rescue
and presided at the piano. Extras
wero played by Mrs. O. Parson,
Messrs E. Plowright and G. Mitohell,
The ladies provided refreshments in a
handsomely liberal stylo. The Hon.
F. W. Ayltner, on behalf of Ihe gentlemen tendered thanks to the ladies
for the successful ball tendered them,
and he also thanked Mr. Grierson for
his kindness in undertaking to donate
tho music. Great credit is due to
Misses McDonald and Brownrigg who
took the affair in hand and carried it
through in such a splendidly efficient
An Aurora Letter.
A Correspondent Approves Rev.
F. Elliott, of Richmond Hill.
Dodd's Kidney Hill, a Heaven...nt
,, Medicine���Their W.rk In Aurora-
Cure Kvery Case of Bright'. DL-
eaae. Diabete.. Heart Disease, Lumbago, Lame Baek and all Other
kidney Disease..
Aurora, Feb. 14.���Dear Sir���The
article published a few days ago, relating to tho recovery of Rev. E. Elliott,
of Richmond Hill, has been discussed
at length in this town. It states facts
similar to those of many cases hero, all
of which are well known to our citi-
It is refreshing to find Such a prominent and respected clergyman as
Rev. Mr. Elliott taking so pronounced
a step as ho has done, in publicly re-
oommending Dodd's Kidnoy Pills. His
experience with this wonderful medicine is exactly BlnUarto that of Aurora
people. There is no medicine to be procured that can approach Dodd's Kid
ney Pills, which never fail to cure.
Bright's Disease and Diabetes, so
long said to be incurable, are cured by
Dodd's Kidney Pills, as easily as a
puff of wind blows out a candle flame.
They havo been used in this town by
scores of people who were given up to
die, by their doctors, and who surprised and delighted their friends by
thoir rapid and thorough recovery,
after having used these Heaven sent
There is no medicine on earth that
can compare with Dodd's Kidney P:lls
for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Lame
Back, Heart Disease, Paralysis, Gout,
Gravel, Stone in Bladder, Urinary
Troubles, Blood Impurities, Femnle
Weakness and all other Kidney Diseases. The Pills are simplyinfalllble in
these ailments.
It is the duty of every man to lighten the sufferings of his fellows as
much as possible, and for that reason,
I write this to proclaim to all victims
of Blight's Disease, Diabetes, and any
of the other Kidney Diseases I have
named, that Dodd's Kidney Pills will
cure them as certainly as night follows
day, if they are given a chance.
All sufferers can get Dodd's Kidney
Pills at any drug store. They cost
only 50 cents a box, six boxes $2.50, on
receipt of which price they will bo sent
by The Dodd's Medicine Co., Limited,
Yours, etc,
318 Humanity.
The question of right to timber on a
mineral claim is thus put by the Minister of Mines in reply to a correspondent: "You ask what right vou have
to the timber on your mineral claim. I
state that you have the right to the
whole of the timber on your mineral
claim provided you aro working it as
such and that if any sawmill company
is taking the timber from your land
you have a perfect right to stop them
and should apply to the nearest magistrate to do so. (Sgd.) James Baker,
Miuister of Mines."
A Ureat Opportunity 1
We give away, absolutely free of
cost for a limited time only, The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,
by R. V. Pierce, M. D., Chief Consulting Physicau to the Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute, a book of 1008
large pages, profusely illustrated,
bound in strong paper covers to anyone
sending 31 cents in one-cent stamps,
to cover cost of mailing only. Over
080,000 copies of this complete family
Doctor Book already sold in cloth
binding at regular price of $1.50.
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
The Spokane Miner and Electrician
it now published weekly instead ol
monthly, aud is a very creditable publication.
We have tu thank Mr. Bottock M.
P. for a copv of the Dominion Government regulations regarding placer
mining and dredging in the Yukon.
William A. Carlyle, Provicial Mineralogist, will be paid a salary of $850
per month' by the British American
Company. Mr, Carlyle was offered
$25,000 a year by a Yukon   company.
J. Henderson returned to Golden on
Saturday, to visit the work on the
claims in which he is interested on the
Burns Basin. He has been driven out
of his mine at Y'mir, where tbe mouth
of the tunnel has been blocked by snow
slides and he and his men had narrow
escapes, Mr. Henderson having a rib
broken in the mishap.
Messrs Lewis & Sons, ol Liverpool,
report on copper: With a decrease in
English and French Stocks of 1.209
tons, and in the visible of 2,210 tons;
and the conclusion of the strike and
look-out, lasting 30 weeks, in the Engineering Trade, values have improved
18s. 9d. per ton during the past month
from ��48 5s. to ��49 3s. 8d. for cash
Good Merchantable Copper.
A telegram from Tacoma states that
on December 15 last bench claims
were discovered on Six Hill, above
Eldorado in the Klondike. A stampede followed and many claims were
taken up. Not far away, and 200 feet
higher up the Eldorado Creek still another bench has been staked out. It is
said ono claim owner there opened a
rich pocket not over 10 feet square
from which he has taken $8,000.
Referring to Mr. Carlyle's proposed
amondment of the Mineral Act, the
Nelson Tribune says: "While there is
support for this measure in the Slocan, yet the general opinion is strong'
ly averse to having the present law
governing the point in question altered. As is well known, there are
certain sections at the heads of various creeks that aro seldom free of 6now
for a period longer than six weeks or
two months, and it would keep a man
hustling to get a claim staked and
work commenced within the proposed
time, let alone finishing it, were he fortunate in finding a ledge the first dsy
he was out and the snow were to keep
off. Were a claim staked in November or December, it would not permit
of sufficient time for the assessment to
be done ere it would lapse. While the
working of the present act insy be
cumbersome to a certain extent, it permits of more freedom to the prospector
than the proposed change would allow.
Better leave well enough alone."
"The host life of Her Majesty I have seen,"
writes Lord Lome about "Queen Victoria."
Agents make five dollars daily.
Bradley-Garretson Company, Limited,
813 Toronto.
A few good men for canvassing on yearly
313 Toronto.
"Glimpses of the Unseen." Fascinating
book. Sweeps the entire field of borderland
subjects. Everybody orders. Marvellous
illustrations.    Prospectus 81.
313 (Limited) TORONTO.
"Klondike Oold Fields," a lurge, cheap,
valuable book, selling like a whirlwind.
Beautiful prospectus twenty live cent..
Books on time.
313 (Limited) TORONTO.
At the Police Court on Wednesday,
before Mr. Griffith, S. M., J. C. Greene
was charged on the information of M
W. Blake with selling liquor on Sun
day. Complainant gave evidence of
the sale at 20 minutes to 2 on Sunday
morning. He had a dispute with Mr.
Greene over an account which annoyed
him. J. Gibson stated he was present
but did not know the time. Defendant
called the barman, S. Mitchell, who
denied the saleas his instructions were
to close at 12 o'clock. The clock in
the bar was not reliable. His Worship
pointed out the proper hour was 11,
but defendant contended that he should
not go by the C. P. H. tiino but the
coast time. Hon F. W. Aylmer ad
dressed tho court on behnlf of defendant, and His Worship reserved his de
oision pending taking the opinion of
tho Attorney-General on the point
raised as to the time.
BRHAPS lie was a
cynic, but some one
has Hid tint In this
age there are do
healthy women. The
ege has many women, strong and
noble physically, as
they sr. mentally
nan morally; but ft
Is true nevertheless,
that a large percentage of The women of th. country
suffer from nervous-
ness and ccikthI de-
blllty. They itrng
out a weary existence, and each day Is
��� day of pain and suffering. This was
the esse with Miss Annie Patterson, of
Backfills, N. II. She suffered terribly
from Indigestion and nervousness. She was
Influenced by some one, somehow, to try
South American Nervine. Of coarse, It was
like hoping against hone-anotlier patent
medicine. Bat she hnd taken onlr one bottle
when her system began to take on the
health of earliest years, and after using
three bottles she was completely etired.
No wonder she Is strong In her conviction
that there I. so remedy Ilk. Booth America Nervine.���28.
Sold by C. A. Warre*
Agent. Wanted
"Woman: Maiden, Wife anil Mother." A
book which every woman will buy is almost
ready. Special preface by Lady Aberdeen.
Introduction hy Miss Francis E. Willard.
An encyclopaedia on the woman question.
Portraits of a hundred noted women, and
numerous other illustrations. A snap for
either men or women canvassers, Prospectus
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Qncon's Hotel.   Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask lor proprietor,
e    ���    ���   ���
���  ���   e   ���
tive gentlemen or Indies to travel for
responsible, established houso in British Columbia. Monthly SOTi.OO and oxponses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelnpo. Tne Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. 204ap23
A man may talk of disdaining
physical strength and prowess until
Doomsday, but the fact
, remains that he cannot
I look at a picture of an
V old-time knight, niagnifi-
ij, cent in his physical pro-
Sonions, dauntless in
is  physical courage,
.and    armed,    ready
3 and eager for a contest
M to the death with any
t\comer, without a thrill
of  admiration.
Mental superior,
ity   is   desirable
and   admirable,
but is the "game
��� worth  the can-
Idle," when it is
won  at the  expense of physical  health and
strength ?
The unhealthy
.man may gain the
pity and even the admiration of men and
women, but it is a question whether such a
man ever thoroughly gains their respect.
The man whose arteries bound with the
rich, red blood of health carries with him a
force and an intensity that command respect, even though he be slightly inferior
mentally to the weak, nervous man. While
no medicine in the world will add an inch
to a man's statere, there is one famous
medicine that will fill the veins and arteries with tbe rich, red, bounding blood of
perfect health. It is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It is the great blood-
maker and blood-purifier. When the blood
is pure and rich and red aud plenty, and
filled with the life-giving elements that
nourish every tissue of the body, it is impossible for a man to suffer from ill-health
of any description. When every little
blood-vessel in the lungs quivers with the
rush of healthy blood, it is impossible to
have unhealthy lungs. When the walls of
the stomach are nourished with healthy
blood, dyspepsia and Indigestion are impossibilities. When the liver Is supplied
with healthy blood it is bound to be active.
The skin that is nourished with healthy
blood will be clear and fresh and glow with
health.   " Discovery " is sold by druggists.
Mr. Ixaac V.. I1(>,,,ih. of Spring V.lley, Rockland Co.. N. v., ,viit*!i: " I'rir three years I suffered from Hint terrible disease, consumption, I
hnd wasted away to a skeleton, To-d.y I tip
the Knlcs at 1X7. and am well snd strong. The
' Golden Medical Discovery' cured me."
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
Jtecord.    Published in London.
Subscription, $2.50 per annum.   Subscriptions and advertisements received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootenay,
G. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kickinghorso Bridge,
Ordered work punctually attended to.   315st
Public Meeting.
A meeting of the residents of Golden is
hereby convened at the Quoen'i Hotel, for
Monday, Feb. 81st, at 8 p.m., to urge upon
the Government thenecessityof action being
taken for the protection of the Kickinghotse
Eiver. ���
C. E. Hamilton,
335        Secretary to Golden Town Board.
For Rent.
Ten (10) acres of a vegetable garden to
rent on shares. Toam, seed and tools furnished.   For further particulars apply to
J. W. Conner,
3z3ml7 Golden, B. C.
< m ��� ��� ���
NEW Additions have been made to onr plant
and appliances.
Our prices are right.
We shall endeavor to please you.
We have the best of workmanship.
Support local industry.
Give us a trial.
...WE  PRINT...
The annual meeting: ol the shareholders of
the Upper Columbia Navigation and Train
way Company, Ltd., will be held at tbo Company's office in Golden, II. 1.:., on Monday,
[he seventh day of March, A.I). 1897, at
two o'clock in the afternoon, for the election
of Directors, and for the ordering of the at'
fairs of the Compauy generally.
By order of tho Hoard,
Golden, B. C, Feb. 15th, 18!��.
Send us your orders.
That Is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability-.
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, B. C.
... the rolumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modorn Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
'Win. McNeish, Prop.
THE  ���   �����������������>��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigws.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
f-Iot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
916it l'roprl��tor��*
Russell House ...
Golden, B. C.
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Bate*,  ��1.00  Per  Day.
Board and Lodging, tu Per Week.
First Clan Bar,
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers of Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop ore prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon ss possible,   i II sizes of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
Maple Plank.


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