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The Golden Era Sep 3, 1897

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Array The Golden EriT
Ii the most widely circulated tnd
best advertising medium In East
Kootenay. '.Tbt* is the paper that
ti rend by the miners, thn kanohers,.
the railroaders and lumkewnen.
Subscription, 98.00 per Annum
In Adv-anee .      ...
; Interested in Mining?
The following will be ef me lo you;
Brownlee*. Handbook ol
British Columbia Mining Law, AV.
Pocket Man of Kootenay, B.C., N.W.T.,
and Dominion of Canada 14 in I r, Hon.
Pocket Map Yukon, prepared from Ogilvie
Survey., with enlarged map of
141tc       Klondyke and Bon-inzn I'reek, ���_.���-
THOMSON BROS, Bookstore, llalgary.
VOL VII. NO. ii.
$2 Per Yeah
General + merchant.
a HAS Just Received a Sample Shipment of the
New Patent Ventilated Shoe.
This invention is bound to revolutionise
the shoe trade of the world, and should
be tested by every one that appreciates
Comfort ior the FEET.
Class Selection
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goods now in
The. Clearing Sale of   .
Summer Dry Goods
Is nearly over, but there are still a few
Bargains to be obtained.
Miners Supplies a Specialty
. . Agent For
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Go's
+  +
The confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
The Reliance Loan I Savings Co., of Ontario.
+  + ������ ������.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
The Liberal Association
The Provincial Election, to be fought
on . arty Line.
A meeting of the committee ot ths
Liberal Association was held at the
Queen's Hotel on Saturday night,
when there was a good attendance,
Mr. J. C. Greene in the chair. It was
stated that Mr. Bostock, H.P., would
be In Oolden In a fortnight or so,
and it was arranged that a complimentary supper should be tendered
him by the Liberal party on the occasion of his visit and a social arranged, so as to give those who wished
to see him on matters of publio interest
an opportunity of doing so. Messrs.
Henderson, Hamilton, and Haggen
were appointed a committee to carry
out the airangements. It waa decided
to invite the co-operation of representatives ot the Liberal party from
Donald, Beaver, Palliser, Field, Windermere, and other portions of the
district in making the function a
An interesting discussion took place
on the best means ot working the
coming provincial elections, and the
following resolution was adopted on
the motion of tbe Hon. F. W. Aylmer:
"That it ia the opinion ot this committee that the next provincial elections
should be run on strictly party lines."
The matter of the proposed Provincial Liberal Convention was then
discussed, and it was r**i~lv_t to
support sneh convention, and to urge
that it should be held at Kamloops as
the most convenient point. A general
meeting of the members of tne association will he held to elect delegates to
represent the association at the convention.
Columbia Valley
A Comparl.on Between Two Roatee*.
Meetings to ke Held at Donald
and Uolden
The engine*, appointed by the
Dominion Government to find the best
Mute to tne Tukon expresses the
opinion that the best road available
Ior wagon traffic can be got from
Edmonton through th* Yaliowbead
Pass to the Fraasr River, along tbat,
and thsn across to the Liard River,
whioh would then be followed to the
head waters of the Tukon. A rood
along the Moberley trail from Oolden
to Donald and up Canoe River would
strike the proposed road on the Fraser
Biver at a point no further from
Oolden than Fort Steele. Taking
Calgary as a common point ws find
that th* route from there to Tote Jteono
Cache, where the Yellowhead Pass
road would come ont, is a total distance of 600 miles, being nearly 800
miles by rail from Calgary to Edmonton and 300 miles by road from Edmonton to Tete Jeune Cache. Th*
distance from Calgary to Donald Is
IM miles, and from Donald to Tete
Jeune Cache Is about 160 miles, so
tbat for traffic from ths east the rout*
from Donald would be ISO mile*
shorter thsn the route via Edmonton,
while for traffic weet io the coast the
distance would be 800 miles shorter
thao by the Edmonton route. The
road np the Columbia to Tew Jeune
Cache can be made a Srst-class wagon
rood all the way without crossing a
mountain range. In view of the importance ot thi* question, meetings
will be held as follow, to urge tbe
Dominion and Provincial Oovernmentt
to undertake the work: Oolden, at tbe
Queen's Hotel Sample Room, at 8 p.m.
tomorrow (Saturday), and at the
Forresters' Hall, Donald, on Monday
at 8 p.m
1,(00 raemraamre  aa-   SOO   Rortee
on- Tl��l.. Arrive
Th* following letter has been received from E. Vaehon, brother of
Meotrs. Vaehon of Golden. The writer
left -Motiford, B.C., for th* Tukon
���n th* 8th ot August, and took hursts
in his outfit:���
'���Whit* Pas*, Alaska,
Augnat .1st, 1897.
I am going today with th* molt of
my outfit about nine miles up tbe pass,
which ts a very bod one and strewn
all along with nun, horses, and all
kinds of provision* and mining tools.
Sneh a slight wis never before seen. In
many esse* th* trail get* so blockaded
with horses thst they go over preoi*
pices to their death. There la tour of
our party, ��� namely Miller, Robinson,
Maoki* and I. Th* paw 1* about 84
miles long to Lake Bennett. From
there we can go In boat* ro Klondyke
or Dawson City. Lake Bennett is ths
head of on* of th* tributaries of the
Tukon. Although onr party 1* not
on* of th* first on th* pais still we
ex-wot to git over th* pa** In time to
run down to Dawson before close of
navigation. Thn* steamers arrived
hew-fttttrday with about 1,100 pass-
sngers and 800 horses and mule*.
Many will get stuok on tb* rout* and
will hav* to winter on the way. Distance from Dawson City about TOO
Rioh ore has been bronght into
Selkirk, Van., from Hole River.
Immense gold finds are reported in
the vicinity of Lake Weaver, near
Lake Superior.
A 12 foot lead of pyrrhotlte has been
struck at Plngston Creek, 12 miles
from Arrowhead.
Mr. Henderson has driven the tunnel 40 feet in the extension of tbe
Flying Dutchman.
C. A. Anderson has recorded at
Oolden the Joker claim, on the middle
fork of the Spillimachene.
Messrs. Forrest and Vy* ore putting
in a trail to their olaims on the Blue-
water with a view to proceeding with
development work.
Mr. Orant-Oovan rtates that the
Waverlay mine should ship 1,000 tons
of ore, worth 8100,000, ere the close
ot the present year.
The output of the Le Roi is now 2n0
tons a day. and may In all probability
be Increased to 400 tons during the
next five or six months.
J, Dolmage bas received instructions
from Ur. Hammersley to have the
assessment work done on the claims
which he has purchased or located for
the London and Vancouver Co.
Mr. Keyaer has purchased an interest
with Mr. Townsend in the Maple
Leaf and Picton Fractional claims of
the International group, and left on
Monday to do development work on
J. Noble has transferred his interest
In, the Maple Leaf and Picton
olaims in the International Basin to
B. J. Townsend, who in turn has
transferred a half Interest in each to
Mr. Keyser.
M. Dainard hss sold the Good Look,
on Carbonate Mountain, to H. Abbott,
ot Vancouver, and C. A. Warren has
sold to the same buyer the adjoining
claim, tbe Tenderfoot, the consideration
in either case being 860.
H. MoLaughlan intends doing considerable development work ihis season
at the Silver Cup st Ottertail. the
bond on this claim having fallen
through. Assays (rom this claim
fare 8->i gold, 22 oss. silver, and 16'/,
Reports are circulated as to rich
discoveries of gold on Peace River, a
man named Johnson having bronght
into Vanoouver 818,000 of gold from
there. Thi* amount 1* stated to have
been cleared up by three men In three
A. St. G. Hammersley and J. 8. W.
Pugh have transferred to the London
and Vancouver Finance and Development Co. the following claims: Shamrock and Billy Crews, on Logan Creek,
and Champion and Steamboat Butte,
on Butt* Mountain.
At a time when silver is st a discount the northern portion of East
Kootenay Is fortunate in possessing
ore* whioh also carry heavily in gold
and copper, so tbat the value and
demand for mining properties In thi*
district is likely to increase rather
than diminish.
At Bald Mountain J. Kenny has
discovered a ledge of quarts which I*
distinctly gold-bearing, and which he
believes to be the mother lode of that
part of the country. He has staked a
claim on it, and intends putting in
development work to see what it
appear* to bs worth.
Msssrs. Price and Evan* hav* been
up Canoe River tor some time waiting
for th* water to go down so that they
can prospect the river. They have
gone 100 miles up the river, but are at
present oampsd at ths junction with
th* Columbia. On* of the party came
into Golden last week for supplies.
J. Kenny has now got the tunnel
whieh be has in band for the Bald
Monntain Co. In a distance of 160 feet,
and expects to striks the ledge sny day.
Within th* last fir* fsst he struok a
quart* leader eight inohes through,
and on crushing and panning som* of
th* rock from Ibis Mr. Kenny Informs
os lhat he obtained a fair showing or
Th* dump tn silver has shut down
several loading American mine*, and
ho* resulted in look of investment in
th* Slocan and Weet Kootenay generally. Copper on the other hand Is
looking up, J. Lewis A Son, of
Liverpool, England, inform n* tbat
copper ros* to ��49 sterling on Aug.
Uth. A further rise In copper is
A meeting of directors of the Alberta
and Kootenay Development Company
wa* held at Goldtn on Saturday night,
when thai* were present Messrs. W.
0. Well* (president), G. Erioksen, T.
MeNaught, Dr*. Brett and Lindsay.
M. Dainard, th* company's prospector,
also attended. Th* condition of work
on th* properties held by the company
was fully considered, th* president
urging that th* proper policy of th*
company was to oonoentrat* their
���Sorts on development instead of
spreading out thtir work too much.
Good report* were rsoeived of th*
Cariboo Marsh claim held by th*
company at Moyl*. It wa* Molded
thai Messrs. Brloksen and Dainard
should visit th* company's olaims in
Copper Creek and decide on tht work
to be done tber*.
A party of Callfornlan miners has
left for the Yukon via Edmonton and
Edmonton people are sending a
prospecting expedition to bead of Pelly
River by way of Liard.
C. G. A. Drolet has secured a permit to operate on 60 miles of the
Saskatchewan River for gold and plat-
J. C. Jollffe has transferred the
Lake View add A. H. Stracey tbe
Omega, both on Badger Creek,
to A. C. Mitchell-Ini.es.
A party that has arrived at Tacoma
by steamer from St. Michael's reports
that the richness of the Klondyke Is
exaggerated, and that the men coming
ont will not average more than 810,000
of gold each.
At Donald yesterday C. Balnea
showed us some Une specimens of ore
from his Bluewater olaims. These
appear to carry gold, silver, copper,
and antimony. Gold Is distinctly seeu
with tbe naked eve in one of the
Mr. Gird, of Toronto, arrived in
Golden on Wednesday. He informs
us that owim- to tbe fall In silver the
company will do nothing more than
assessment work to their claims thia
season, as their investments have
bsen mostly in silver propositions.
Mr. W. G. Mitchell-Innes strongly
urges a trail from Bear Creek station
to Prairie Mountrln. A good trail can f
be got, and the distance is only 16
miles as compared with the present
round by Carbonate and up tbe north
fork of the Spillimachene, a total dis.
tance of over 60 miles.
S. Barber, one of tbe directors of
the Golden and Fort Steele Develop,
ment Co., has shown us a magnificent
specimen of bornite tbat he took a tew
days ago from the claim at Bugaboo
which the company have bonded from
T. Mercier. The ore is amongst some
of the best that wa have seen In tbe
district, and confirms Mr. Mercler's
opinion that th* olaim i* a most
promising on*.
Some Kicking In Barno.t
In discussing genersl matters the
otlier night tbe Liberal Committee
severely condemned the Kicking Horse
bridge affair. It waa statea that the
bridge was already broken-hacked,
while the contract had been mo��t
loosely carried out, The new Gold
Commissioner slso appeared to be in a
peculiar position in the matter, ns he.
knew nothing about the arrangements
for building it and oould find no contract papers. His responsibility In
connection witb the bridge began with
paying for it and having the pleasure
of maintaining it afterwards. Complaint was also made that the C. P. R.
had already caused much public inconvenience by using the bridge at a
sidetrack and backing their trains on
it, thereby blocking traffic. In fact it
was considered doubtful whether,
although public money hsd gone to
build the bridge, the public had any
right-of-way over it at all on account
of the loose way in which the work
had been arranged and carried out.
Serious strike In building trades of
Bnda Pesth.
Boat capsized at Skagway and four
miners drowned.
So Hot That It Cease. Trouble.
At the Police Court on Tuesday
morning D. M. Colder and B. Wade
Harrjaon' were oharged by H. J. Star-
forth with Mealing a pot of soop. It
appeared that the affair wo* tb* result
of * practical joke, so the prosecutor
did not appear. Tb* case against ths
former was dismissed, but as Harrison
was not present in answer to the
summon. His Worship or.lered that a
warrant bs issued for his arrest. On
his appearing th* charge relating to
tht soop business was dismissed, snd
Harrison was then charged witb fail*
ing to answer to th* order of tbe
court. As he seemed dated and unable
to answer the question* uked by His
Worship, ths Hon. F. W. Alymer
took np the case on his behalf, anl
suggested to the court that the case
would be met by the accused tendering
an apology to the court. This having
been done th* accused wa* released
from custody.
BY Letter
*   e   ���
THE first thing wise people think of
when ordering gnals hy mail is
the capacity lor hnsiness of those
they write to. The repulsion ne
enjoy for promptness makes our Mail
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To Advertiser, and 0-bsorlbers.
The GOLDEN ERA '.a nublished every
Friday evening. It it the best advertising
medium in the East Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates i 12.00 per annual IM
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietors will not be responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid to the Managing
Director, or his authorised agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates.' Display ads., 81.50
ooluuin inch; Leg 1 ads., 10 cents per L__
for first insertion, 6 cents for each ndditionnl
insertion; Heading notices, 12 cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should be ad-
dre.-si-l to the Muiuu-iu-r Director, and all
literury communication-!, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, hut to secure publication
auch letters must he brief. In the wise ot
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, hut for tlie private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
The Boldea Era Coapaif Limited Llibllit|.
Orrion, Golden, B. C.
vZItt Wolben t&vtx
(Edited by E. A. Haoobn.)
Ws Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the moun
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TraM-rtel Artlnt.
One ot the most mischievous pro.
visions ot the present mining law is
that which allows holders of claims
to pay an amount Into the publio
treasury In lieu ot development work.
What the oountry wants is the development ot Its resources, but here is a
case in whioh the Government agree
to let actual development work go,
provided the person liable to do it
salves his oonsoienoe and helps the
publio treasury by the payment of a
sum thst should otherwise go into
actual work and the employment of
labor. Such a provision is really a
fraud against the best Interests of the
mining industry. We hope that steps
will be taken to amend the law in this
respect, for as it at present stands it
gives the rioh speculator an advantage
over the prospector who has to depend
on his own labor to do his development
work, whereas the other actually buys
an escape from what should be his
duty. Suoh discrimination should not
be tolerated a day, abd the sooner all
mining investors, whether rich or
poor, are placed on an equal tooting
the better. The fact that the moneyed
investor has to do his work just the
same as the other is a protection to
the struggling miner tbat he will be
able to find employment to carry him
along, and thus ensure to hlm better
chances of success, while at tht tame
time promoting iho development ot the
mineral resources of the country.
The statements received by ut of
late from several mining men thow
the necessity that exists for tho opening of the Moberley trail referred to in
a recent issue. This is the trail whioh
gives access not only to the country
abutting on the Columbia Elver north
of Donald but also to the Klnbasket
Lake and Canoe River country. The
most convenient means of access to
this country is by going in from
Donald and Beaver, as the distance is
muoh shorter than from the Revelstoke side. There is this further
advantage that the river is navigable
a great part ol the distance, and
supplies can conveniently be taken
that way as the boats go with the
current, and there is consequently
none of the wearying work of battling
np stream with loaded boats. The
main difficulties are at the portages.
With a good trail, however, many
people would prefer to go Iuto that
oountry without boats. The Moberley
trail has always had a good reputation
as a means ot access, but it hss been
allowed to fall into disrepair. What
is urgently wanted is tha. this trail
should be cleared aud the bridges put
in repair, when there would be access
provided to the northern extremity ot
the valley of the Columbia River, and
in addition tbe Canoe River oountry
would be made comparatively easy ol
access. Tbat oountry will absorb an
immense number ol prospectors in tbe
near future, and that with great
chances of success. We ask Mr.
Griffith, at Government Agent, to
represent this matter urgently to the
powers that be.
At a time when the best means of
reaching tbe Yukon from the inland
districts is being con-idered we may
well point out that Donald Is really
the best and nearest point from whioh
tb oonstruot a road from the main line
of the C. P. R. to Klondyke. The
opinion of Dr. Dawson, who hss a
thorough knowledge of the country, is
well known, when he expressed the
view tbat the proper route for a railway to open up the interior waa along
the Columbia Valley and Canoe River.
By this route it is stated that a line
can be carried for 800 miles without
erosslng a mountain range, and that
then It reaches t far-stretching prairie
country into tha mountain region
whioh it tht source of the supply of
the richer that now make tht Klondykt
world-renowned at a gold field. The
distance by this route appears from
the map to bt only about a thousand
miles,.and wt believe there Is no other
point in Canada from whioh the gold
boom region can bt reached so easily
as from the C. P. R. line in the Columbia Valley. Ths route that wt
have suggested should be taken into
consideration in tht fixing of any plan
of railway communication.
Everything Strictly First Class
.rrotrrn thi xootmiay boum.
Wt art In a position to Matt that
tht 0. P. R. will add smelting to
their transportation business. They
would prefer to set tmtlttng taken up
by others, but If that; it not done they
will build the smslttrt thtmselves.
Tbt company hava an excellent adviser on the subject in Mr. Susmann,
who was' for some years connected
with the smelting Industry and understands it thoroughly.
Heteraa Believed In a Day
Dr. Agnew't Ointment will curs this dit-
Kting tkin disease without fell. It will
i eon Barber's Itch, Tetter, Salt Rheum,
snd sll skin eruptions. In from thnt to tli
nights it wHl core Blind, Bleeding, and
Itching Piles. One tpplkatlrm brings com-
fort to the most IrrlUUng cam. US cents.
Soidbye.A.Warrsn7 Ifl
The tyranny ot the mine owners of
Pittsburg In relation to tbe strikers
ts a shocking story ot the power of
capital in the United States, and is an
Index to the serious trouble tbat may
shortly bt looked tor in the neighbouring country aa the result of the worship of the plutocracy. When the
wives and daughters muster to defend
tbe bread winners we may bt sure
that the time is not far distant when,
if the present conditions continue, the
workers will rise in civil war for their
rights. If labor cannot obtain (air
treatment by lawful means there is
little doubt but that the breaking
point will soon be reached when the
workers of America will repeat the
story of history and attempt to hoist
their flag of viotory through fields of
blood. The causes that led to tho fall
of the Roman Empire are being repeated today in the United States to a
degree hitherto unparalleled In history,
and it is little wonder that thoughtful
men view with alarm tha evidences ol
the present and the prospective effect
on tht future.
The Land Office at Kamloops wants
a shaking up. That it tht office from
which tbe Dominion landt In tbit
district are dealt with. For vagueness of information supplied, shuffling
of tht questions asked in correspondence, and general iinsstisfactorlness,
we nave never teen anything to beat
tht Kamloops Land Office. Wt don't
know the .gentleman who presides
over that branch ol tht publio service,
but we think Sir Wilfred Laurier
thould find him a position in whioh ht
could do tuoh work at write speeches
tor tht throne -whioh generally lay a
lot and moan nothing. What tbt
public want in a land office lean officer
who can and will tell them what tbty
ask to know without tht necessity of
a year's correspondence to find it out.
Good . for Vice-President Shtugh-
neaayl At Rossland ht sold: -I will
say to you wt are going to ttt that
Rooiland ortt art smelted in British
Columbia." He added that the Crow't
Nett line woald bt completed to
Robson by Septembtr lit, 1898, and
that ookt would bt laid down at
Robson at 16 or 16.80 ptr ton.
Bthring Sea commission reopened at
A. L. Sifton, of Calgary, will bt
appointed judge of the Supreme Court.
Heart Hop*
Halted in an Instant After the Vie of Dr.
'  raw's Cure for the Hstrt-A Potent
uld Hera-dy, and no Case Too AeiM
Reliefaad Certain Cure.
"For fifteen years 1 wit a great,
from beart disease. All this while I
the hands of ons of our beet phyilciiru,	
whom the only encooragsment11 could obtain
was that 1 wss liable to drop off at (ay
moment. I had many timet read,of curat
made, by Dr. Agnew't Cue for the Heart
Wuii-ducedtotryabotdaof thia oure, sad
to my surprise the very first doss gars im
' "  "~*   * Mteneouraged and par-
Irtt bottle wss tsksa Ths
Before the first l
dropsy, which had tjjtajjr troubled me. bed
disappeared, and when I had completed my
teir__l bottle 1 fohet weU it I bad ever Mt*'
Mrs, John A. Jams, Wisrtsn.
Sold by l). A. Warren. 1ST
Am lBtereitl-g Interview
The Rev. Dr. Robertson, Superintendent ot Presbyterian Missions,
conduoted communion services In the
Presbyterian churoh in Golden on
Sunday week,, when a large congregation met tor worship. A number
of new members were enrolled, some
from Scotland, some from Manitoba,
and from eastern Canada. The affairs
of the congregation are in a healthy
state, and under Mr. Haroourt's ministry there is steady progress. A
representative of the Era called on Dr.
Robertson at the residence of Mr,
Lake, and he gave him the Incidents
in this sketch.
Dr. Robertson was accompanied by
Mrs. and Mlas Robertson, and the
party viiited the 81ocan and West
Kootenay oountry, and went to the
coast���visiting Nanaimo, Wellington,
Vanoouver, Viotoria, Ao. Tht coast
oities are in a depressed oonditlon.
Owing to the opening up of coal mines
on the American side, und the importation ot coal from Australia, there is
not the demand for B. C. coal in San
Franoisoo that there used to be, and
hence that industry languishes. The
employment of Japanese miners is said
also to operate against the Canadian
miners. The depression has sent off a
large number of men to the Klondike,
sixty young men having gone from
the Presbyterian congregation in
Wellington and twenty-eight from
Union. Viotoria is beginning to get
some ol the Klondike trade and hopes
to get more. 11100,000 worth of sop-
plies are laid to have been bought
there recently.
There ii a great deal of good work
being done in the interior of B. C.
Prospectors are out everywhere, and
they are encouraged by tbeir "finds
To a Canadian, however, tt Is disappointing to find how muoh this mining
industry is in the bands ot Americans.
Tbe United States furnishes the bulk
of the prospectors, miners, capitalists,
traders, 4c; at some points seven-
eighths ot tbe good mines were said to
be owned by them. Canadians oan
furnish money to corner wheat and
pork, but can spate none to extract
minerals from their own mines, and
there is great danger that this large
wealth will go to enrich a foreign
country. At tbe present time then is
a ran opportunity for men of capacity
to guide publio opinion in Canada as to
the best way of utilising the wealth of
the country for its tnriohmtnt. The
towns in the Interior an growing
fast. Greenwood, Anaconda, Grand
Forks, Trail, Sandon, Slocan City, and
Now Denver all sprang Into existence
since the Doctor visited tbe distriot
two yean ago, and Nelson, Bossland,
Kailo, Ao. hava grown vory muoh
A gnat deal is being done to facilitate transportation, and hen too the
Americans seem to take the lead. The
C. P. R., however, Is exerting itself In
a commendable way. It has excellent
steamers on the Arrow and Slogan
Lakes, and the railways to Arrow
Head and from Nakusp to Sandon, and
that under construction from Slocan
City to Slocan Crossing, will make It
easy to reach all important: points in
the interior esst of tbe Columbia.
Then is great need, however, of tht
railway from the Crow't Nett Pott to
Nelson and a road from Rossland to
tha coast. A lint connecting the
interior with the tout would enable
Vancouver, Westminster, and Viotoria
to compete for the trade in tht Kootenay oountry, and that trade would
lift these cities put of the mud as it
hat done Spokane and other townt in
tht sonth. Unless our wealth it made
available to build up our own oities
and enrieh our own" people we might
at well not have it.
Wt asked some questions about
mission work, and wen informed that
it was tha policy of the Church to
follow up her people whatever their
business or wherever their location.
Slept have been taken to tend a mil*
���lonary thia intnmn to tha Klondyke.
and If he oannot get through he it to
remain at Skagway and. go through
tht first chance in spring. With
opening of navigation In 1898 others
will follow. At present there an
about 68 ministers and missionaries of
the Presbyterian Churoh in B. O. in
active service, not counting those
laboring among Indiani and Chinese,
and ths number will ht considerably
increased in spring. Churches have
been built at Grand Forki, Rossland,
Trail, Nelson. New Denvtr, Kailo,
Slocan City, and at two polnti qp tht
Columbia Valley from Golden, and
preparation! an going on to build at
Fort Steele, Nakuip, Greenwood, Midway, Falrvitw, Sandon, Ae. Towards
tht payment of salaries of raiitlonarlet
tbe Church hss made a grant for tht
tynod of B. C. of 17,000 for tht our-
rent year, and an equal amOnnt It
given tor tht tynod ol Manitoba and
tht North Wut Ttrrltorltf. For
Indian and Chinut work an additional
turn of from 895,000 lo 180,000 li
voted annually..
Tht following figures will show tht
growth ol tbt Prttbyttrian Churoh in
tht distriot between Lake Superior and
sines tht union of tht Churohee in
1876. In 1876 tht preaching itatlont
numbered 86, now 879; member! 496,
now over 91,000; contribution! of the
publio for church work 96,760, now
1961.978. The meant tor theexteniion
of work art provided by eattern Canada
tnd by tht charchei of tht mother,
land. Dr. Robertson visited Britain
lut yesr In tho Interests of home
mlMioni, and tioki appreolatingly of
thn Interest toktn by tht
sburohes In Christian work In Canada
Then ll
every  man   a
love  of  life
strong enough
���to  mike   Mm
tremble and
kneel before
death when he
thoroughly recognise. Itt ap-
?roach.     The
rouble with
men it that
they do not ree-
ognise  death
unlets it comes
In some violent
or rapid form.
kill, men men
tbtn ware, famines,  plagues
and accidents,
but ita approach
il Insidious, tnd men do not realise that
they ire la Ito dutch.   While consumption
i. a germ disease, the bacilli will not invade sound and healthy lungs.  The lunge
must first be in a diseased condition.
Pint a man feels a little out of sorts.
Probably he It overworked snd has given
too little lime to eating, sleeping aud rest-
Ing. Hit appetite fall. off. Hit dlge-ticm
gets out of order snd his blood doet not
receive the proper mount of llfe-nHvlnar
nutriment. The liver beeomet torpid and
tbe blood ia filled with impuritiet. These
in pumped into every organ of the body,
building up unhealthy, half-dead tissues.
The most harm is done at the weakest spot,
and most frequently thtt spot is in thi
lungs. A slight cold leads to inflammation, the bacilli Invade the lungs and we
have a case of consumption.
Ninety-eight per cent of all cases of
consumption are cured by Dr. Pierce's
~ "    Tli  -*--��� --
..Notice of Removal..
Fm just going across the river,
Only a few yard* away,
To pnmises mon convenient,
When I Intend to May.
I mutt thank the people of Golden
For their patronage in the old store,
And assure them that In the future
I shall try and merit it more.
My samples for fall and winter
Are all of the newest class;
And are sure to give satisfaction
Because  sold  at  low prices for
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
Inspect my patterns and compan
prices before placing your
orders elsewhere.
Cleaning, Repairing and
Altering Done.
Oolden 1
It Is the great
 .. ...edical Discovery.
blood-maker and flesh-builder. It restores
the lost appetite, make, the digestion perfect, invigoratea the liver, purifies the
blood, build- new tnd healthy flesh and
est druggist will recommend a substitute.
Mrs. Vl���il. Dunham, of Slstereeille. Tyler Co.,
tt. v... writesr " I hsd a pain In my side all the
time, had but little appetite and nrrew very thin.
The 'Ooldea Medici Ma-rovery' promptly
cured the pain, restored my appetite and le-
creased my weight"
Business Cards.
Sign Writer,   Painter
Paper Hanger, j
Orders promptly attended to.
and  of the valuable  help given  to
advance it.
The trip to tbe south was enjoyed
by all members ot the party, the
scenery affording delight at every
town. The sail down the Arrow
Lakes', up the Kootenay, and down the
Slocan were particularly enjoyable,
and scarcely less so wss tht wild ride
from Kailo to Sandon and from Sandon to Rosebery. Wen tourists only
to know a little of the scenery ot the
West Kootenay and Slocan districts
Dr. Robertson is sure that larger
numbers would tnm their laces southward at Revelstoke.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post oard addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt, attention.        99to
Precept,  and  Warning. For Those
Who Would Dye Well.
Let thy faith be fixed in the wonderful transforming powers of Diamond
Dyes; the results they give will cheer
thine heart.
Never allow any interested or wily
dealer to recommend for thy nse some
inferior or imitation make of dye. If
thou wilt hearken to his words he will
rejoice at thy simplicity of character,
and will delight himself over thy
wrath and bitter disappointment.
If thou wouldit avoid handling
poisonous ingredients uso only tht
Diamond Dyes for thy home dyeing
work; thty are tht only harmless and
pure dyet.
When timet are hard and money
scarce thine heart often oraves for new
and stylish colors and garments. By
the use of the inagio Diamond Dvee
thy wishes oan bt fully realised, because Diamond Dyes recreate old
dnsses and make them to look like
If thou wouldst havo a smiling face,
a happy heart, and an easy mind, do
thy coloring at all seasons of the year
with tbt Diamond Dyes; they never
cause worry or grief to those who
make utt of them. 139
WantednSfirt.*?*---*!1, -v-0*
tiris, Her Reign and Diamond Jubilee." overflowing with latest and
richest picture.. Contains the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic Hie
toryof her remarkable reign, snd full ao-
count of the Diamond Jubilee. Only 11.60.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonansa
for agents. Commission 50 per cent. Credit
_iven. Freight paid, outfit free. Duty
paid. Write quick for outfit and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago. MteSS
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
im to nan.
Oa-M. Meet, at Onee.
Cum general or special debility, wakefulness, ipern-atorrh-i, emissions, impotency,
paresis, etc. Cornell functional disorders,
caused by errort or esceami, quickly restoring Lott Minhood in old or young, giving
Vigor and Strength when former weakness
prevailed. Convenient package, simple,
effectual ind legltimite.    _
' are. la Quick and Thorough.
Don't be deceived by Imitations; Insist on
Citon'a Vltalinrs. Sent eealed if your drug-
giat don not hive It. Price tl per pkge., 6
for to, with written guarantee of complete
cure, information, references, etc.. free and
���uufidential. Bend us statement of etna end
IB ott for i week's trill treatment One only
eent to each pe-eon   '_ _.       Dute
Oaton Mad. Oe., Boaton, Mail. ,
man* tne* mm.
MO MMMTf tr,,. SAMj'^MWjtOO^Pjt;
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of' Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
Undertakers and
.   .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   -   ���   Alta.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - -  Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co, Building, Golden. B. C.
Will bs in, Golden on Monday of each
week. 36tc
Watoh, Clock and j
Jewelery Repairing
In all Its lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings and
Jewelery oarried  In  stock, alto
Spectacles and Eyt Glasses.
Mail Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of  business,
Opposite the Post Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���   Golden, B. C.
Mining. Heal Kittle and
Financial Agent .  ��� ��� ���
Purchasers Obtained for Prospecta and De-
W-oped Claims.
 ' ����lde_, B. C.
For Sale
Group of two claims. Accessible positieih.
High assays in gold, silver, and copper.
Group of four claims. Ore csrrles copper
and gold.   Good position.
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quart*
In Inst mineral diatrict of Eatt Kootenay.
Assays up to 1700 in gold,  t v �����-.
Placer lease.
Group of tm gold claims. One of tht but
propositions 0n the mirket, and can bo
cheaply developed. Assays gave about MOO
per ion.
Group of teveu clnims in quarts country.
Oood average assays.
Group of four full tlsed claims. Copper
ore carrying gold.
Farm of luOacret near Golden; 80 lent la.
cultivation; mil watered. Outbuildings .en
���itt'of hay shed, poultry yards, rootbouie.
milk home and stables.
Golden town lot..
Patent! for i Railway Coupler and a Bona
Clamp. _v.
To Let
Stable. In Golden.
tot particulars of above apply to
E. A. Haoobn,
Golden Eri Office.
���-"--"''"'' THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3,  1897.
w'   /���
Aaet-er Forward Mep Taken by the
Mr Hills (Mawhla Ire* W.rk. Co., 14,
From. Ist Vincouvir World.
The mining resources of thit province art being rapidly developed. New
claims, an being located every day,
and for 'heir development good and
cheap machinery is required. The
progressive management of the British
Columbia Iron Wotkt Co., Ltd., of
thit city, have realised the necessity
of expanding their business so at to
meat the increased demand certain to
arise for new and improved mining
machinery, and for that purpose have
added a mluing department to their
already extensive plant, and placed
the same under the management of
Mr. J. 0. Norboin, nn experienced
mechanical engineer, who for many
yean hit b tn engaged in tht manufacture of all classes of mining machinery in San Francisco. Mr. Norboin It
a thoroughly educated, theoretical,
aud practical engineer, and hat for tbt
latt 19 yean devoted hit ipeclil
attention to tht requirement! of the
mlnti. Ht has travailed through all
the mining dittrioti of tht United
Stites of America, and alto tbott of
the Republic of Mexico. Thit year he
hit glvtn hit attention to thit province, tnd tht bright outlook for tht
futun in tht mining ragiont throughout tht oottt, ai well it those In
Kootenay and other interior dittrioti,
hit convinced him of the foot that
there it no oountry looking mon
promising it tht present day. Mr.
Norbom hat been consulting mtohant-
cal engineer for severe! yean for tome
of tht largest mining oompaniet in
California, and will continue the tame
business here. He has designed and
erected tomt of the finest plant! in
that state, and it thoroughly potted on
reduction planet, both tor gold and
tlit-tr ortt, air compressing machinery,
hydraulio machinery, hoitting and
pumping plants, to. Ha it also the
inventor and patentee of one of tho
latest improved ore concentrators. He
hot designed tnd manufactured water
wheels of a highly effective type. Ht
it alto well up In steam engineering
and power plants generally, haying
designed the 1,000 horse power triple
expansion engine tor the Sen Francisco
A San Mateo Electrical railway in San
Franciieo. On bit two trips to Britiah
Columbia lent spring Mr. Norboin
placed mining machinery and made
contract! to the extent of tomt 160,000,
including tht plant of tht Tin Horn
mint at Fairviaw, ail of whieh come
from San Francisco. With their present'plant, and tht making bf a few
alteration! and additions, the British
Columbia Iron Worki Company can
manufacture all of thil class cf machinery. Thit will mean that a great
deal of money that now goes to a
foreign country and elsewhere will be
kept in thit province. Tho miner will
not only get ti good an article and for
lesi money, but will not labor under
the disadvantage ot having to send so
far for repairs and supplies. It will
itimulite tht manufacturing indnatry
of Vancouver, and give employment to
mmy more - meohtnici. Progressive
people like the managen ot the Brit ith
Columbia Iron Works Company art
what our province ihould be proud of.
Witb everv one desIri ng to tee our city
continue io itt prosperity, tht World
withti Ihem tvery tuecttt In thtir
endeavor to develop the latest resource*
of our young, but rich and promiting
country. 140
Hamilton Untu
Are Turned to ��3ong, ml Pains are Elfect-
tally Dispelled Tiy .he Greatest of all
Pain Cures-South Amsriein Rheumatic
Mr. I. McFarlane, SM Weuiugtartreet N-,
Hamilton, itytt" Wit very bad wilh rheumatism for many weeks. Cured with two bottles
of South American Rheumatic Cure."  Mrs.
Phillips, tr...comer Hunt*   ind   Giilh
street.. Hamilton, .ays. ������South American
BhawatHe Cure ia the quickest relief for
rheumatism I aver tried." Mn. Parkin, Bin-
brook, iiyai "I had icktleati badly I could
aot put my feet to tbe floor; pa_u were
intense.  Great relief from one bottle,  i
hollies completely cured." Mr. J. S. Bate.,
Urendford write.: "South American Rheumatic Cure -the bnt remedy in tbe world
for acute rheumitisin.  Hire tried it tnd
Sold by C. A. Warren. 10
e e
The National Matte Smelter.
A practical, aheap and limpli method
of matting sulphide ore, iucb at nickel,
copper, gold, tnd illver ont. In localities when lead ont tnd fuel an
���oeroe and alinott unattainable our
pyritic water jacketed Mute Smelter
hu been recognised with highly titli-
faotory result., tnd hit bttn thoroughly tttted on vtrlout pyritio,
sulphide, and trtenlde one. in capacity
ot two to 80 tout ptr day. It it tht
limpltf t method of gold and illvtr on
matting aud concentrating that it
known today.
It require, no extraordinary skill,
no lend ont, no Hurting material, and
no fuel for tbt smelter after it it
tttrttd. Theiiilphur in tht on it
its natural fuel only, tnd Itt eoat hit
no comparison with any other prootti
of concentrating. "
We an prepared to furnish tny tins or
capacity plant eoni-ilite to substantial
mining people,'- set It up and furnish
our man to run it for thtra on itty
payments. Prices and -.ptoifloatiOni,
with references md testimonials, on
Msnuihetartn of Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold. SSrer, ind Uid 0m.
Stept Being Taken To Work Them
Mr. Jaffray, president of the Toronto
Globe Newspaper Co., director of the
Imperial Bank, and one of the leading
���htrtholdon In tht Crow's Nest Gosl
Fields Co., Mr. Fernle, ot Fort Steele,
the dltcoverer of the fields, and Mr.
W. Blnkemore, mining engineer Of the
firm of W. Blakemore, Sons, A Co,
of Cardiff, England, left by tht
Duchess on Monday for the Crow's
Nest, The party will make a thorough
examination of the company's property,
ai.d Mi'. Jaffrav wiil report to the
board of directors on his return. The
company has been reorganised, with
Hon. Col. Baker as president, but the
board of directors is not yet completed.
Mr. Blakemon represents both the
company and the C. P. R.. and has
had large experience in ooal mining.
He will spend a month ih the examin
atton of tht ooal fleldt and In drafting
a scheme for working the property.
Mr. Jaffray informs us thst tht
company intend getting to work tt
once, tnd to htvt the minet opened
out and tramways laid ready for
operating them as soon at the Crow't
Nett railway ii ready to haul the ooal.
Tht company expect to find a good
market In Spokane and neighboring
American territory, as well as in
British Colombia.
A   Remarkable   Care   of  Chronic
"In 1869, when I served my country
as a private in Company A, 167 Penn
tylvania Volunteers, I contracted
ohronic diarrhoea. It has given me a
great deal of trouble ever since. I have
tried a doxen different medicines, and
several prominent doctors, without,
any permanent relief. Not long ago a
friend sent me a tarn pie bottle of
Chamberlain's Colio. Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy, and after that I
bought and took a 60 cent bottle, and
now I can say that 1 am entirely
cured. I cannot bt thankful enough
to you for thia great remedy, and
recommend it 'o all suffering veterans.
If in doubt write me. Yours gratefully, Henry Steinberger, AllentoWn,
Pa. ���Sold by all druggists; Lj-ngloy
A Co., wholesale agents, Viotoria and
Vancouver. 107s7
Mils Fisher, of Brantford, sues E.
Harris, of Edmonton, for $10,000
damages for breach of promise.
By a new X rayt discovery the
photograph of a person oan be developed so as to exhibit the internal
organs of tht body.
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will
be received at the Golden Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
The Golden Era Company,
Limited -lability.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigi of all kinds for
Hln at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kindt a specialty,
+ X + X +
Hamilton & Skelton.
The McMurdo House,
carbonate lani.ino,
���ait kootenay,
Chas. Cartwrioht, Proprietor.
Good accommodation for Minert.
Beit Brandt of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
���aypllea IWr
Assayers _,_
Chemists -:
Muffitt, Crucibles, Scorinert, Furnaces,
Chemicals. Chemical Apparatus, Balances,
Baker - Adunton's C. KAcids.
We ire Importers, Manufacturers
and Jobber..
Work, at
Pa.blo Cola.
17IO OhamiM.lt.
Denver, Celt.
In -Mlottve TonHe-nt. OartetHHUii
tight. -*M-r��i>c*MMi*f
tt��e.u nefolly gHllag rt��-i se eta yen
0��e agent, la erne tar. elite.* ait.it.
rue-tut Oatnlegae baa aa atpUmSlia
he ilnee.li, S_*. ten eat Ahr.*. leleUe.
���l��0Mt0-ITITVI'U r.e��ele>-��->
��� mated, am earn tteetmaaa. m natal el
H*Mi 8nIm psracwm ��� hw
um MiaieiNiee. hontbim. tu
Bitter Disappointments
And Family Grief That Can Be
Paine'.    Celery   Compound    Bring.
Health, day, and Happlne...
Tou an willing to confess, poor
sufferer, thit you have been bitterly
disappointed with past efforts, and
that in your estimation your future
seems dark and gloomy.
You and your friends alone are to
blame if disease is ti-jhtening its chain
around you, making you a sure captive tor the dark and dreaded grave.
Why keep a wife or husband In
feverish anxiety, daily banding over
you with tearful eyes and almost
broken heart? Why cause your children's voices to be hushed, and their
childish sports and guinea to be disregarded and cast aside? They certainly
cannot enjoy life when they see a
father or mother in the agonies of
suffering and deep in mental despair.
You can change the scene by chang
ing and bettering your physical condition. In other words, you can be
cured and made well again by the use
nf Paine's Celery Compound.
Your efforts, up to the present, to
throw off the encircling and deadly
bonds of disease have been vnin and
futile. Your doctor's well-meaning
work has not been productive of cheering results, and you are wasting
money on medicines that can never
meet your case.
Being assured of new health and
life by the use of Paine's Celery Compound, you are sinning againtt heaven
and false to your family and friends if
you refuse to make trial of the great
agency that has saved thousands in
the past.
Paine's Celery Compound Is tbe
grandest disease banisher that medical
science ever devised, and has the en-
donation, of our best doctors, lawyers,
public men, merchants, and others.
Its curing powers are wonderful,
prompt, and sure, and it keeps every
man and woman permanently cured. 138
T R. G. Gordon, hereby give notice that, 60
'  days after date, I intend to apply tu the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Works for
Eruiission to purchase i'JO acres of land In
at Kootenay Diatrict, and described aa
follower���Commencing at a post placed at
the south-west corner of Lot 211G. Is thence
west 10 ohuintt thence north80chains; thence
east 40 chains; thence south HO chiiina to
place of commencement.
Dated August 17th, 18117. l-SoSM
r   William MoKensie, hereby give notice
'   that UO days after date 1 intend to apply
to the thief Commissioner of Lauds ane
Works lor permission to purchase <-0 acres
of land situated m Eatt Kootenay District,
describe-1i~ follows-���Commencing at a post
placed at the northeast comer of Lot **0 U. 1;
thence west lOehains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 10 chains; Iheuce south 80 chains
to place of commencement.
Dated July Mb, 1897. oc!2
T   J. R. Dnlton hereby give notice tbat DO
1   dnys after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chiet Commissioner of I���nils ami Works for
permission lo purchase HB) acres of land
sitm.ted in East Kootenay District, described
ns follows:���I'omniencing at a post placed on
the oust Isjundiiry of Lot SU U. I, at the angle
where said boundary jags east: thence north
80 chains to Milieu's -._. corner; thence eatt
10 chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 40 chains to puce or' commencement.
Dited August 2nd, 1807. oc27
VOTICE is hereby given that 80 days after
date 1, the undersigned, intend to apply
In the Commissioner of Lands anil Worki for
leave to purchase 100 acres of land, described
at follows:- lleginning lit n post miu-ked "A.
G. Fergusou's southeast corner,'' situated
about the 'miction ot the North und West
Branches of tbe St. Mary's River, in Eaat
Kootenay, Fort 8t iele Diatrict: thence west
40 chains; thence north 40 chains; thence
east 40 chains; thence south 40 chains to the
place of begin���iug.
Eaat Kootonay, Fort Steele District,
June 41st, WM.
VOTICE Is hereby given that 60 days after
date 1, the undersigned, intend to apply
lo the Commissioner of Lands aud Works for
leave to purchase 100 acres of laud, described
as follows:��� lleginning at a post, marked "H.
Abbott- south-west corner," shunted about
tliu Junction of the North and West Hranches
of the .t. Mary's River, In But Kooteniy,
Fort Steele District; thence east 40 chains;
thence north 40 chains; thence west 40
chains: thence south 40 chains to the place of
Eatt Kootenay, tort Stoole Dis rh-t,
June 21st, 1897. 868e24
VOTICE I. hereby given that DO day. after
date 1, the undersigned, intend to apply
to the L'omuiiaaioiier of Lands and Works for
leave lo purchase 160 acres of land, described
aa follows!- Beginning at a post mark'-d "J.
G. Abbott's north-east corner," situated
about Ibe ii-ncllou of tbe Nor h and West
llruiurhe. of tbe 8t. Mary'. River, in Esst
K'-ott-nsy, Fort Steele District: thnnce west
40 elutinat thence south 40 chaiiia; thence
out 40ch__ti thenee north 40 chains to the
piece of beginning.
.1. 0. AT1HOTT
East K"Otenay, Fort Steele District,
June-Hat, 1*7. M8_H
VOTICE ia hereby given thnt DO days after
date 1, the undersigned, intend to apply
to the Commissioner of Lands and Work, for
leave to purchase 160 acres of land, described
as followsi���Beginning al a post marked " W.
Ai Morrison's north-west corner,'' situated
about the Junction of tbe vorlh nml West
Hranches of Ihe St. Mary's Kiver, in East
Kootenay, Fort Steele District: thence east
40 chains; thence south 40 chains; thenee
west 40 chiiins; thence north 40 chuina to the
place of beginning,
Eaat Kootenay, Fort Steele District,
June 21st, 18117.
BMtB. MUM* nn* HarmcM
pcfffiirml fMMytl-f.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D, L. Bettschen,
Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.
A Full Stock of Patent Meliclnes md
Druggists Suudrids Kept.
Wholeaale nnd Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.      86to
Windermere Hotel,
Hast Brands of
Liquors Kept,.
��� ��� ���
Saddle Horses, Single and Double Rigs
On Hire at Shortest Notice.      44tc
The shape for slender feet and tnyi un
dress.    Straight sided American
type, with high, stiff, moderately
full, box toe. A man-of-fashion shoe.
Seal Brown, Carmine or Wine Color.
S to ii.     Widths A. to E.     Goodyear Welt
$$���**! $iS��i 15 5��.   Stamped on sole.
Black, Tan,
Half sizes
"The Slater Shoe.'
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
���    and    t
Golden Hospital Society,
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
signed or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Pacific Hy.
Direct Rail Route lo
Montreal and Toronto
And alt Eastern points.
Lake route to the east���Soilings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday to Windsor
Athabasca...Every Thursday to Owen Sound
Manitoba Every Sunday to Owen Sound
Connecting trains from Golden ot 16.20 every
Monday, Thursday and Sahunlay.
Daily and direct service to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
And all points in the Far Famed Kootenay
and Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
From Vanoouver
Empress of India 2nd August
Empress of Japan 23rd August
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
From Vanconver
Miowera 8th August
Aorangi a-ird August
Apply for particulars to
Agent. Uolden.
Or write to    ROBT. KERR,
Traffic Manager,
61to Winnipeg.
--L J_--^l*---U_-JU-_J__���___*���U���UL3���J���U���UU���G J���-Gdil.���IflJU
| Upper (-olun}bia NaVigatioq & TraniWay to.,B,
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head Office, To-ronto.
Paid Up Capital - $1,963,600
Reserve   -   -   -    $1,156,800
H. S. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt. Vice Pres.(St.Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Ryan, T. Sutherland Stayner,
E. Rogers.
D. R. Wilkie, Oeneral Manager.
North West and British Columbia,
Brandon    Portage la Vancouver
Calgary Prairie Winnipeg
Edmonton Prince Albert Revelatoke
Esssx       Niagara Falls St Thomas
Fergus     Port Colborne Toronto
Gilt        Rit Portage Welland
Ingersoll Sault Ste. Marie Woodstock
St. Catharines
Agonta in Great Britiin-ljoyd's Dink,
Ltd., 72 Lombard St., London, with whom
money may be deposited for transfer by letter
or cable to iny or above branches.
Agents in the United Stales- New York,
Bank of Montreal. Bank of America! Chicago, First National Bank; St. Pa,.l, Second
National Bank.
Savingi Bank Department - Deposits of tl
and upwards received ind interest nlkm-ed.
Debentures ��� Provincial. Municipal nnd
other debentures purchased.
Draft! aad Utters of Credit-Available at
SI   points In Canada, United Kingdom,
nited Slates, Europe. India, Ihlna, Jnpau,
Australia, New Zetland, etc.
87.1 Hunger Calgary Branch.
. Caton's Tansy Pills.
iiSAfld. ��� ��������*;
imitations. Get CATON'S and save regrets. At druggist., or sent sealed, tl. Our
booklet 4 cents. 69tc
Oaton Spte. Co.. Botton, Mail.
Iqterqational Traqsportatioq Gon}pai]y.
Connecting with C. P. Ii. at Gulden, B. C, and
Great Northern Ridlwny at Jennings, Montana.
|48 Hours to Fort Steele!
Steamers leave Golden Monday nnd Friday evenings nn arrival
of East bound train. Connections at Canal Flat with Stage lor
Fort Steele and Wardnor.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Address all express care ol U. C. Co'y., Gulden.
F. P. Armstrong*,
.-_������-.���_--- t
^-HjcitfisAi-. BICYCLES.
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, Ifyou SEE It
���antl W.atM It UmmuM Twrltw*.
Mf ledit.ai.ntt tt Ww.en.
|^y^-��-^JJ^^l^^-^L4���^^j^^^,^y^^>^lLJy_y^J-. ^.ejj.^.14, s<*.u*.i ��ii��
Keating - - ���
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is made
to please the rider. Because it l uns wonderfully easy with its long chain, and with
the bearings so made that the balls revolvo
without even common friction.
The Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
ft Keating Wheel Co., ft
Write ind mention "ERA."
Lodging House
opposite the Steele Souses fobt *^i?b-
Prices to Suit Everybody.  ''���.-
Enquiries as* made for ranches for
lilt tt Windermere.
Mr.   Stracey  intends   leaving
England tn about a fortnight,
Arrangements are being made to
light Revelstoke by electricity.
Sample copies of the Goldbm Era
will be mailed free upon application.
E. Love bas sold several lots of his
pro'ierty in Golden for building purposes.
Sir Donald A. Smith's peerage is
gasetted at Baron Stadacona and
Mount Royal.
The Upper Columbia Navigation Co,
propose to run I ttage between Golden
and Stetle during tht winter months
Sn plentiful is the supply of fish in
the Fraser River that scores of tons
have been thrown away for lack ol
Meaort. Thomson Bros., stationers,
of Calgary, publish in our columns a
list of mining msps, Ac., whioh tbey
have for sale.
Sheriff Redgrave attended and
carried out the arrangements for the
execution of the murderer Woods at
Nelt nn last week.
At the Churoh of England, Oolden,
on Sunday, thero will be service at
11 a.m., followed by Holy Communion
tnd evening tervieo at 7.30 p.m.
The weather already begins to show
tigm of tpproaohing winter. On
Wednesday morning the mountains
-wire heavily covered with snow.
Rev. 0. E. Smith will conduct
services in connection with the Methodist church on Sunday next as follows:
Donald at 11 a.m.; Oolden at 7.30p.m.
An emeute took place at the Kootenay House thit week between
two well-known oitizens, one of whom
was considerably branded in tbe affray.
We have received from the Thomson
Stationery Co., of Vancouver, a well-
compiled map of the Tukon gold fields,
and which tbey are selling at 26 cents
��� oopy.
The Calgaty Herald, with its usual
enterprise, bas trranged to issue a 16
page special edition with maps and
particulars ot the Edmonton route to
The many friends of Mr. Morris,
manager of the Imperial Bank of
Calgary will regret to learn of the
death bt his wife, which took place on
Saturday morning.
Bithop Dart, of New Westminster,
will bt in Montreal on Sept. 10th, and
expect! to be in Oolden on Sunday.
Sept. 17th, when arrangements will be
made to conduct service here.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy alwan affords
prompt relief.���For site by til drug-
gists; Langley 4Co., wholesale agenta,
Viotoria aud Vanoouver. 107i7
The legal firm of McCarthy * Banga
ot Calgary has been dissolved. Mr.
McCarthy will continue to do business
at his old stand, and Mr. Bangs will
bt In ntw offices in the Barber block,
At tht Police Court, Golden, on
Tuesday, before X A. Griffith, S. M.,
aid W. G. Neilson. J. P., Nicola
Lemett was committed as a lunatic,
���nd sent to Dnnald for medical examination.
Merchant! dealing with countries
coming under the reciprocal tariff
should lend the special form supplied
by the Department for this purposs to
their foreign shippers to have the
declaration filled up and tigned is per
instructions on the form.
The ftrmers ire pushing on harvesting, ��nd the cropi tie everywhere
good. J. Gibton, R. Wild, and R.
Love have cut magnificent cropi of
wheat and oati, and J. W. Conner
got ia tha last of his orops latt week,
the yield bslng excellent all through.
. On Monday morning before C. A.
Warren, Esq., J.P., Edward Watson,
��� lamt mm who nised Ctia in Golden
on Friday, was sentenced und.r the
Vagrancy Act to a month's impriton-
ment with hard labor at Donald.
John Connors, for drunkenness, was
fined It tnd oosts.
Tht Liberal issociationi of tht
province intend to held t convention
at Ntw Westminster during Fstr week
to tike itlpi to orgtnise for the
coming provinoitl etmpiign. It ii
proposed thtt each Dominion electoral
itttrlot in tht province ibtl' send 15
delegate! to the convention.
Ih. SwMtnam, Chitf Inspector ot
tht Pastil Department, and Mr.
Fletcher, Inspector for tt. C, trrived
in Goldtn on Saturday and latt for
Fort Steele by Tuwday't ttage, The
object of their vitit is to inquire thoroughly into tbe Fort Steele pottal
���erviot, concerning wbioh then hit
been to much complaint, tnd to report
to the Postmaster-General, Mr, Mulock,
with ��� vltw to hiving the iirvice
improved to meet tht publio demand.
It il tlwtyt grttifying to receive
testimonials for Chamberlain*! Colic,
Cholera, tnd Diarrhoea Remedy, and
when the endorsement it from ���
phyilolan it It tiptoitlly to. "There
it no more ittltfaotory or effective
remedy thtn Chimberliln'i Colio,
Choltn, and Ditrrhott Rtmtdy,"
���writes Dr. R. E. Robtjr, phytlotontnd
phirmiciit, of Olney, Mo., tnd tl ht
hat uttd tht remedy In hit own family
Md told it In hit drog wort for ii_
yetrt ht tbould ctrtalnlf kntw.-For
���alt by til druWiiti; Lang-ay * Co.,
wholttalt agtnti, VlotorU ami van-
F. Baker of Donald offers for sale a
cedar skiff tnd a lot of Brahma poultry.
Tht outlook ot the ranchers appear!
good. The Calgary Herald antes thtt
seven buyers from Montina are operating in northern Alberta.
F. Baker, who has been C.P. R.
storekeeper at Donald, is about to
remove to Revelstoke, tbe provisional
stores at Donald having been cloted,
The ihops at Donald are being
repaired. There is a great rush of
work there at present, and aucther
machinist has been added to the staff,
J. Henderson has received an order
to build two scows for the Upper Columbia Navigation Co., these being
required to handle the increasing
freight traffic
Mr. Humphries, who hills from the
esat, succeeds Mr. Footer is clerk and
accountant of the C. P. R. shops at
Donald. Mr. Foster has been transferred to Vancouver.
H. K. Walton left Fort Steele today
to start an assay office In Golden. He
will arrive by the Duchess on Wed*
nesday night, and will use the smelter
assuy office Ior the present,
A cass entered by W. C. Wells.,
through his agent, F. Fields, against
some Chinamen for alleged theit of
logs, was called at court this morning,
but did not proceed, a settlement having been arrived at.
Dr. Roberts, who was recently in
Golden and bonded the Flying Dutchman, and who had been operating at
Fort Steele, was arrested at Vancouver
for Issuing fraudulent checks on the
Fidelity Bank of Spokane.
At the public meeting held at the
Methodist church on Tuesday night a
hearty vote of thanks was accorded to
Tub Golds** Era for the services
which this paper had rendered. The
vote was acknowledged by the editor
of the Era.
H. G. Parson has just received two
carloads of whiskey and other liquors,
one car being loaded with Canadian
brands and the other consisting of
supplies of the best imported brands.
The firm are also landing large supplies of dry goods.
Messrs. Macfarlane A Co., of Van
couver, are suppliers of assay and
mining appliances. The firm hes a
high reputation in mining circles, and
can be thoroughly depended on in the
fulfilment of orders for any of the
numerous requirements of the mining
At the meeting of the committee of
tbe Liberal Association on Saturday
night the Hon. F. W. Aylmer said
that In his recent vitit to tht East hi
found no man had mada a ' better
impression in the,ntw Dominion Parliament than the member for Tale-
Cariboo, Mr, Bostock.
On iccount of a gtle blowing it
Windermere on Tuesday night the
Duchesi did not cross the lske till
Wednesday morning on tht wty up.
On tht wty down a mlihip occurred
to tht rudder, ctuilng further delay,
to thtt sht did not get back to Golden
till lut night, a day latt.
At tht meeting of the Golden Liberal
Committee the mtil services into Esst
Kootenay were severely condemned,
and It wat pointed out that the committee'! suggestions on the mttter had
been entirely ignored and an arrangement made which had proved most
unsatisfactory and given rise to justl
liable complaint.
At the Police Court on Tuesday the
Hon. F. W. Aylmer raised a curious
point. The question was one of time,
and Mr. Aylmer held that the time
ordinarily used in Golden was an hour
ahead of the correct and lawful time,
which was the time at the meridian.
Fortunately the magistrate was not
asked to decide this point in the
matter at issue, or he would probably
have found It a knotty ont.
Mr. Bostock. M P., will leave Vic
toria on Monday, Sept. 6th, and will
reach Golden on the ISth or 13th,
���topping off at Donald If possible on
thi way. Tha banquet to him will be
held at Golden on Monday, Sept. 13th,
tnd he will leave by stage on Tuesday
morning following for Steele. Mr. Bostock will go by stage in order to sei
the working of the new mall contract
for bitnaelf. He will be glad to meet
snv ot his constituents who wish to
ses him at different points slong tht
road at whioh the stageatopt en route.
Whin thty put a man in gaol ha
cannot follow hit natural inclinations.
Hi otnnot eat what ht wantt to;
ha It limited to a very frugal diet. Is
it not equally true of a dyspeptic? For
all of the real enjoyment he gets out of
lifs he might ti will ht in gaol. Ha
cannot eat what ha like!, nor enough.
He luffen muoh, gtti little sympathy.
At firat, perhtpt t little hea vines, in
the stomach, a little sourness, windy
belehtngl tnd heartburn, headaches
and biliouiness. tnd t tool Lite in tht
mouth in tht morning. Chronio con-
���tipation it almoit inevitable, nnd
meant that the body ii holding
poisonous, impure matter that tbould
bt gotten rid of. Tht poison Is being
reabsorbed into the blood tnd thi
wholt body. Impurity In tht blood
may lead to almost any dtnast. Con-
���tlpitlon ii tht tttrt of it til. Dr.
Pierce't Pleasant Pelleti ourt oonttl-
nation���ourt it to it tttyt cured. No
othtr remedy In the world will do thtt.
Mr. King will hold service tt the
Presbyterian church, Donald, on Sunday tvtnlng next tt 7.30 p.m.
Rev. Mr. Haroourt will hold service
at tht Presbyterian ohurch, Goldan,
on Sunday, at 11 t.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Mn. Spragge will leave Donald in a
fortnight to take up her residence at
Revelstoke, where Mr. Spragge is
having a handsome residence erected.
Miss Spragge goes next week to
Toronto to complete her eduottlon.
The C. P. R. have dosed the hospital at Donald, and instructions have
been issued that cases of accident
occurring west of the summit of the
Selkirks are to be sent to the hospital
at Revelstoke, and canes occurring
between the summits of the Selkirk
and Kooky ranges are to go to Golden
hospital. The Ladles Guild, which
did so muoh to improve the hospital
at Donald, met yesterday to wind up
the affairs of the guild so far at ths
hosplttl wu concerned.
On Tuesday night a publio meeting
wai held at the Metbodlit ohurch,
Golden, for the purpose of forming a
branch of the Upper Canada Bible
Society. There was a large attendance.
The Rev. J. Haroourt wu voted to
the chair, and G. H. Rehder wai
appointed secretary.
The Chairman addressed tht meeting on the objects of tbe society, He
pointed out thtt there wu not a copy
of the Bible to be bought in any of the
stores in tht town, and it wat the
duty of tbt Christian people of the
community to take steps to remedy
that. He urged tbe establishment of
a society that would uphold Christianity In their midst.
The Rev. G. E, Smith reviewed the
progress of the British and Foreign
Bible Society. The merchants of
Golden were not so much to blame for
the fact that the Bible was not tp lie
had in any of the stores as were the
Christian people of the district. He
hoped now to see this state of things
remedied, and a local society formed
which' could arrange to have a repository appointed in their midst.
Messrs. C. H. Parson and J. McMillan also spoke in favor uf the
organisation of a local society.
It wu then resolved to establish
suoh society, and the following officers
ujere appointed: President, Rev. J.
Haroourt; vice-president, C. H.
Parson; treasurer, J. McMillan; secretary, G. H. Rehder; committee, J.
Woodley and W. Miller as representing
the Methodist ohurch; J. W. Sutherland and J. Henderson as representing
the Presbyterian ohurch, and two
representatives of the Church of England to be appointed.
It was decided tbat the next meeting
be held in the Presbyterian church.
During the evening  a  number of
hymns were sung Miss Woodley .presiding at tbe organ.
News in Brief
Send 81 centt In ont cent itampt to
World*! Diipensiry Midietl Aitool-
ttlon, Buffalo, N.T., ud notlvt Dr.
Pltros'i 1008 page Common Run
M-dioal Adviiib, llluttrtttd.  186
Prisoner nimed Ju. Finn escaped
from Winnipeg gaol.
Pott office In Longford, Ireland, hat
been destroyed by dyntmite.
Sir Donald Smith arrived at New
Tork from London lut week.
Sir Wilfred Laurier returned from
hli jubilee tour by S.S. Labrador.
Tank steamer Atllla, from Philadelphia, was burned off coast ot Denmark
Woods, hanged at Nelson for murder, now proved to have murdered his
own tatber.
Ameer told his people to hold them'
selves ready for war, and Indian outlook iiriout.
Manitoba will hava five to seven
million more bushels of whett this
yttr thin lut. .
Niw Tork tailoring ttrike ended,
���triken hiving gained 9b per cent
advance in wages.
Afridis captured British forts In
Knyber Pus, and large expedition
tint tgtinit thtm.
Owing to prevalince of smallpox in
Montreal, house to house vaccination
hu been trrtnged.
Salisbury's proposal for joint guar-
ttt of Grecian indemnity to Turkey
hu fallet through.
Between 600 tnd 660 ooal mines are
closed down In Virginia u the result
of the miners' strike.
Canadian uw tnd shingle mills tnd
charcoal factories being shut down u
result of Dlngley bill.
Saloon keeper at Sitka irrested for
tilling liquor to Indiana, whioh ciuNd
death of five, tnd othere dying.
Tht price of bread wu increased tt
Montreal two oeutt for tbt Urge loaf
oa account of tha advance in flour.
Cltuso of United Sttttt ttriff Im*
pom txtra duty ot ten per oent on
foreign goodi coming through Canada.
Pittiburg mint owntn Undid
foreigner! to work in minei, whin 600
women ttttoked thtm tnd foreigners
Ooeldn't Write Bis Rami
Nerves Shattered- Business Gone���Hope
Gone-A Physics! Wreck - Restored
Completely by South American Nervine.
"Two yean ago I was completely prostrated with nervous debility.  I wu an completely wrecked thit I had to quit but'-mi.
I tried bett physicians and numerous treat-
menu and proprietary remedies with no
relief.   Re-flng tatUmoniils of woodarfnl
core, effected by South American Nervine I
decided to gin It I trial. Defore I bid liken
hdf i bottle Ireeeived great benefit  I hire
hiin several bottles, ud M justifsT fn
 that It it a wonderful -nsdlolns.   Be-
ut It my nerves wire k btdly
I that	
iH." I. Irrettjlir-lck
Lively Proceeding.at the Polio. Court
Mr. Griffith, S.M., had rather a
hard time of it on Tuesday, when he
wu called on to hear a complicated
case about t stove. J. McKensie,
employed by G, B. McDermot, wu
oharged on the Information ot C. A,
Warren, ai tgent for H. Vowell, with
hiving removed a stove from t house
the pro erty of Mr. Vowell. G. B.
McDermot appeared for the accused,
and contended that the information
disclosed no offence. He also asked
that the information be no* amended.
The informant gave evidence that,
as agsnt (or the owner, be had looked
up the house so as to protect the
things that were in it. as they had
been handed over to him in payment
ot rent whioh was dus. The occupant,
Mrs. Norsky, gave bim the goods in
tbe pretence of two witnesses. The
accused entered tbe house tod took
away the itove.
Accused's venlon ot the affair wat
that ht went to the house to remove
the stove by Instructions of his employer, to whom the itove belonged
He hid gone earlier in the dty to
nmovt the itove, tnd had left it tt
the request ot Mn. Norsky thtt ths
might cook tht dinner on it. He did
not break into the houte, u ht found
the back door open, though he uw a
padlock ou tba front door.
On the Informtnt proceeding to
question the scouted, Mr. McDermont
objected that Mr Warren should have
brought tbe witnesses neceuiry to
prove his case, tnd thtt ht oould not
use ths accused for tbat purpose.
His Worship upheld that contention.
W. G. Neilson, J.P., here took the
bench, and after consultation with
His Worship the cue was adjourned
till 3 p.m.
On the court resuming the Hon. F,
W. Aylmer appeared tor Mr. Warren,
and Mr. Blake tor Mr. McKemie. The
information wai then amended at the
instance of the prosecution to a ohtrge
against tbe accused ot breaking and
Mr. Blake objected to the Information on the ground tbat a charge of
that kind could not be laid excepting
where there was evidence of intent to
commit a felony, and there could have
been no suoh intent in this case.
Mr. Aylmer then applied for tn
adjournment for six days to enable
the prosecutor to obtain legal advice.
Mr. Blake objected, as the informant
had had a week, and ahonld htvt
been prepared to go on with hit case.
Mr. Aylmer replied that his client
had made a fair offer of an amicable
settlement, and that it had been rejected. Besides, it wss the duty of
the Crown, and not of Mr. Warren, to
prosecute in a case of tbis kind.
Mr. Blake replied that the ease wu
properly one for civil action, and there
wu nothing oriminal about It.
Mr. McDermot said that Mr. Warren
had now laid a criminal charge against
Mr. McKensie, and if he failed to
prove it steps would soon be taken
against him,
Mr. Aylmer objected to threat! of
that kind being made in eourt.
Mr. Biake said Mr. Warren wu ���
magistrate, and he must go even
further, u by hit oath ol offioe be wu
bound to. prosecute in all cases of
felony. Mr. McKensie acted under
instructions from Mr. McDermot. tnd
if ht wu guilty ot ftlony Mr. Warren
ihould tlto lay tn information against
Mr. McDermot for aiding and abetting
the offence with which Mr. McKensie
wu obtrged.
Hli Wonhlp ttid ht wtnttd time to
look up tbe mttter himself, tnd ht
would grtnt tn adjournment till
Friday morning, acoiiied to bt bound
over in hit own recognisance of 1100.
On the eourt returning thit morning
Mr. Spragge appeared for complainant
tnd Mr. Bltki for accused.
Mr. McDermot gavt evidence thtt
the stove belonged to him tnd wu
lent to Mn. Nonky.
Mr. Blike, for accused, urged thtt
the use should bs dismissed, -u thtn
wu no crimintl Intent, hit ellsnt
merely ctrrying out instructions whioh
his employer hid a right to givo ii
thi stove wss his property tnd tht
building wu open.
Mr. Spragge contended thtt iccuted
hid no right to go Into ��� building, no
mttter what It wu, in tbt possession
of mother tnd nmovt goods therefrom,
tnd Hit Wonhlp mult convict.
Hit Wonhlp, giving judgment, ttid
tht question of ownership of tht ttovi
did not tnttr into tht quel tion. Acoused had clearly no right to enter the
building, whioh wu In Mr. Wtmn't
possession, tnd nmovt tht itove At
tht ut wu done, howtver, in good
filth, under inttructioni from bit
employer, ht would mtnly convict tht
accused tnd release him on hit own
noogniiinot to come up for sentenoe
whin ctlled upon. He alto ordered
thit tht Move bt returned to the
Routt to Klondykt vlt Edmonton
tnd Athabasca It attracting mention.
Min oruthtd to detth In Canmon
mine by oar of ooal breaking awty on
a ���
One douree of. Pali mat   taVerlag
������der kmei Ueatrel
Thi remedy known is South American
Kidney Oure never fail, to give relief in aix
hours la sll derangements of the_ kidneyt or
nation or ulceration of tbs kidneys, morilgto,
action, hemorrhage, tad catarrh of tbs
*t,lnll_niMtl<moftb!bliddir,*c. It
What J. Barr Thlnke of Thtm.
J. Birr, tht well-known prospector,
who came In from the upper watera of
tha Bluberry lut wsek, thinks thtt
tbe mineral prospects of thtt country
an good, but says tht difficulty it
getting through on account of the
scrub in tht lower parti, though tht
upper reaches ire open tnd tret from
timber. He wu accompanied bv G.
H. Crosby, and thty hid to do tbout
tlOO worth of trail work to get
through. Their camp It a> ptesent
21 miles In from thn brldgt over the
Bluberry on the C. P. R. Mr. Birr
informi ui that an excellent rotd otn
be got in from the Moberley ttttion,
ind tht origintl lint turvtyt were run
in thtt direction and tht old rotd
can-tout there.
Two minertl balls crow tht Bluberry. one 89 miles in from the railway
brldgt tnd tht other tbout ten mllee
furthir on. It it on tht lint ol these
thtt Mr. Birr it loctted, having
ttaktd thrse cltlrai-the Boboaygon
Independent, Big Elk, and Surprise.
The aesay obtained on in average
simple of the rook went 12.64 in gold,
6'/. copper, tnd t ftirly good ratio in
illver. The ltadi on whioh Mr. Birr
hu Hiked in immense ore bodies.
One it 40 fttt in width tnd tht other
is 30 feet, ind they He between Willi
of slate tnd lime. The rook It t
quirts, mineralised throughout. Tht
development work now being dont hu
as its object tht outtlng of tht lead
100 feet in so u to prove the property. Thit work Is being done on the
upper lead. Mr. Birr believes he hu
t good thing on, tnd intends to
thoroughly tett tht vtlue ot hit discovery, io whteb we wish him success.
August jBft.down-J. F. Sice, to Winder*
merei B. Midge, A. Connelly, J. B. Dixon,
to Ooldenj Mn. Freeman, Shorty*! to Johnston's! Mn. Lake, Windermere to Oolden; J.
Henderson, Carbonate to Oolden.
August 30th. up-J. 0. McCltllin, J.
McDonald. J.Jll-:btdl W- Blakemore. W.
Fernle. R. Jeffrey. to Steele: A. H. Stracey,
J. C. inliffe, to Mud Like; L. Hoodie, i.
Keyter, to Carbonate; W. Sterling, to Windermere; J. Laman and wife, to J/Macka/s.
September Itt, down���J. McNamara, T.
Jickaon, Steele to Golden: W.   "
Windermere to Golden: H. Gram
to Goldtn.
A Shell Bant
And Ht Thought the Bulling in hb Held
Wu Ciuaed by Il.-Dr. Agnew't Citorr-
hal Powder Undeceive! Hlm ind Cum
i Cue of Chronic Cttirrh of Thirty
Years Standing.
"I have had chronic catarrh ever tince the
war.    The disease affected  my hearing
greatly.  Tbere wu a disagreeable ringing
in my ears, whioh 1 had attributed to the
fact of a shell bunting near me while in sn
engagement.  I used three bottle, of Dr.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder, tnd my catarrh
hu entirely left me. Tbe noises in my head
have also ceased.   It is a neat medicine���ao
easy and pleasant lo apply.  I bave no hesitation In recommending it u a quick and
certain cure for catarrh in ita most acute
form." J. O. Taylor, 210 N. Clinton Ave.,
Trenton, N J.
Sold by C. A. Warren. 137
War threatened between Peru tnd
Boat Passengers.   ;
The following it a lilt of thepti*
songers of tbt Stumer Duohtu: -
August 87th. up���G. C. Davis, Mn. J.v
MeBride, to Steele: J. Mercier, G. S. Mc
Cuter, to SrdUimachene; B. J. To-ratend.
D. Thomu,, WTWillict. A..Fonnti_i. T.
Wilker, M. IMntrd, T. H. Dobson, to Cir-
, Shorty's
Another Remarkable Reoovery
From Catarrh
Japaaeae Catarrh Cut
A  Raver   Palling   Remedy .. Cared
wheu Catarrh IpeelallMi Palled.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Euington, formerly of Vineouvtr,
writes: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cured mt of catarrh whioh had troubWd
mt for 26 yean, during whioh time I
had ipent hundred! of dollar! with
tpeoitflttt in Toronto ind Stn Fran*
oisoo, but obtttntd no permanent
relief until uiing Japanese Catarrh
Cun about eight yetrt tgo. Since
thtt time I htvt bun completely
cured, tnd my catarrh hit not
troubled me In the lent. It It truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japanese Catarrh Cure cures Cold
In the Head In 80 minutes, and there
It not t cut of Catarrh whioh oannot
bt oured tf Japanese Catarrh Cure it
peniitently used. Sold by all druggists; 60 cents. Milled on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths A Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vanoouver, B. C.
S.mp'e frit, tnoloae thnt oent stimp. ���
For Sale
Ontario Cedsr Skiff, length IS feet, NO.
Alto lot Brahma poultry.
I Biker, Donald.
kidneys. hi_���omition oTlbt
tadhmnt lo arias, sad onerou'tcWlng!*'!*!
is worth i.t-houMad Sum lti��stfor pns-
titio t-r-oubUr.b-.tbo old, such is salaras-
aunt, Infrmiittton, tnd ulceration of Ow
proniti gland.
People of Golden
and Donald,
Roll Up!
Road from
Columbia Valley
To the Yukon!
Meeting! to urge tht Prorlncltl tnd
Dominion Government! to open a
route from the Columbia Valley to.
the Tukon will bt held tt follows:
At   Queen's Hotel   Sample  Rooms,
Goldsn,  on
Saturday, Sept. dth, at 8 p.m.
At Forestsr's Htlt, Donald, on Monday, Sept. 6th, at 8 p.m.
E. Ai Haoobn.
_ . _  _ Practical
Price List on Application. 144te
Stable to Rent
Opposite thi Queen's Hotel. Inquire it
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask tor proprietor.
Hotel to Let in
Golden, B.C.
THE QUE-X'S.-Come snd tee It Everything nn-to-dste. Two Urge sample rooms.
Inquire tor terraa from J. C. Greene, proprietor. lOt-tf
To Rap-he Owners at
I have been requested to secure for tn intending settler ��� ranche it Windermere, tad
will bt gild if ownen of ranches for tile iu
thit district will tend me particulars at
Real fettle Agent! Golden.
Reliable Assays
* a. .
rata in advanci.
Silver  1 60
Gold and Silver... 2 00
Copper  1 60
Letd  1 60
Lead md Silver... 2 00
Oret tilted by Cyanide Proem.
12Tto   -     Other Feet on Application
A Rigby Waterproof Bicycle Suit
... Shorey's Make
Mide of til wool tweed. Coat with four safety pockets. Pints with
two tldt uid hip and watch pocketa, mide either to buckle at the knee
or button with ctitft; all double stitched mum, can be bought retail
for $4.7*. Worth 9M0 made to older. For tile by ill fintclm
dealen in Canada,
jM*Wt in Minufacturere and Direct Impor-
ttrt, and earry a Large Stock of Btlinces,
Furnscee, Fin City Goodt, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glut*
win, Plitlnum Goodt,
Acids, Ghtmtoali, tnd all
other Aitayen' and Mln*
tn' requirements.
Bolt Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
-.__.- sea; Becker's Son's Balm-
on; Brnnton A Psane'i Pocktt MlntTrtniit, ate.
VaBcravor, B. C
P.O. Box IW. TeUgrtpble Addresti  "ASSAY," Vancouver, B.C.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
InUnoJacturers ol rJith, Doors, Mouldtagt, Tumid lad Sawn -abaters,
rfewal Poeti, Bud Biflt tad Brack*. AH siam at glut la ttock.
Tbe-j~hlM-_dBlac_imi-Shopin|i��epmdtodoaU hind of repair
it Mot it pott-blt. itmanet Pipt IHtfag tad Brut goodt oa hand.
Wifwnptlr, Poht, thlf-, Axkt,Spol_ti-dFtUoM. Hickory tnd
**~ HOUSTON*   CO.


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