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The Golden Era Jun 23, 1894

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Array /J
fi.(Lu,  JUN26 1894   *��
ftcrom*. ��-3y
VOL. [II.   NO
$2 Per Yeah
llE.M.UIl    IX
li l3 U
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.   t
At.', I'NT   Fin: TUB
California Giant Powder Company,
of which ft full stool; is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken  for all Canadian, American, British oi
Foreig-n Newspapers and Perioclioals*
Golden   B C
W WJ i���1/9
( Incorporated l>i"0.)
Elf.  Eto.
Prices quoted and Bamplo's sit|i| lied on
. llii-iiitul Concert.
This concert on Monday evening
next promises to be a -.rand success,
Tlio Sim Fax Concert Company nre
well uud fitvorulily known from Allan-
tic to I'acilic. As tho concert, is in aid
of the hospital wo have no doubt the
turn out will bo large. Tito fallowing
is tliu program me :
I'AllT  l.
Piano Solo -��� Pitritnni."
Miss Florence "VI. Ward.
Character Son;''.. "Waltzing; us she was
Mr. Sim Tax.    [Waltzed."
Solo ������ Should lie Upbraid."
We do not hold ourselves responsible for tlio
opinions expressed by uur correspondents.
t�� n
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
LTeated throughout with hot air. Tlie
table is first class. Tlio bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
toi,....|vl0|^.eish?. - .Pvop*
Special  attention given  to
MAIL OIIdIrS.   Write 111
Irlr't-rv^n    Hi 15*1 ���? fi p 'f*  BfiW
���lliJtiiSo'O     h-i',k.*,*5\, -i  ti'Mi
l'V  C^T* nj-
s AI. Trengloss Stevenson
Before Coliiinbus Lauded."
Mr. Sim Fax,
Violin Solo "La Dorniere Rose,"
Air. C. Franklin Ward.
Yodel Song  "Silver-Moon."
Mr. S.in Fax.
Duet " Dream of Ale."
Miss Stovonsouand Air. Ward,
Trio "A.K.C."
Miss Stevenson, Messrs Ward & Fax
Piano Solo "Poet and Peasant."
Miss Florence Al. Ward.
Song '��� Over the Billows."
Mr C. Franklin Wnrd.
Song "Soc Me Dance the Polka."
Air. Sim Fux.
Solo --The Fairies,"
Miss S'pt-P'tsnn.
Violin Solo.. "Lust Bosh uf Summer."
Mr. C   Friiliklin Ward.
Duet '-Muster nnd Pupil."
Aliss Stevenson nud Mr. Fax.
The  entertainment   will    wind   up
with a'dance, which should he another
attraction,    Come eai'lj and moid the
���(', ���������if-*-*
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
NOTICE is liori'liy given thnt David
Oppeiiheiiuer nnd It. If. Alexander
have iilvil with me uu application for a
Crown Grunt to their mineral location iRoss Street, Winnipeg,
situated on Copper Creek, in the Dis-1 Fresh vegetables from W. (
triot of East ICootPnny, known us the
Ju.-iititii clniin. Adverse appliciints, if
any, are required 'to semi in their objections to mo within (10 days fro.n
this dnte.
Dunitld, Gth Doreiuli.il-, 18M,
Govt. Agent, Eust Kootonay, B.C.
���*;assei toia txiiac!-
f*        ���  ��-,,-      r-*t,
The ll.C. Governmenl uinl I lie lutltuim
East Ko'otenay, June 7, '"4.
Editor Goi.UI.N EllA i
Wishing to draw the attention of
your readers to the policy, or lack ol
policy p.irsuedby the B.C. Government
towards tlie Indians, I will carry vou
back some sixty odd years ago.      Tlie
old  Kootenay  war chief informed me
that they   discovered a smoke at Salmon river while bunting on tlie east
side of the Columbia thinking some of
the Blachfeet, their old foe, had peuo-
liated into their country they galliered
what men they  could spread  into a
circle and worked up to the smoke they
found a brush  lodge  with a loan man
and two women.    He states they were
very poor, neither horses nor blankets,
the only clothing the ladies wore was
a musk rat skin.     I neglected to enquire   whether   the musk rat  iu that
misty   past was  any  Luger than at
present,, if not, what a very small portion   of   their person  was   protected.
Well. Mr. Editor, they concluded to
let the ninn nnd  his two women live,
and he heaved a sigh as he said so, for
now that man's offspring are wealthy
iu horses and cuttle,plenty of blankets,
well fed, well  clothed, while we, the
Kootiiuays, are   poor.       Such is   the
old   chief's   version     of    the   start
of the present tribe of Shuswap Indians.     Tlie foregoing will give your
readers a  good   idea   that  the  policy
pursed by the founder of this tribe was
a wise one, with  n powerful  tribe for
neighbors, and  iu  those days not too-
friendly,  they   have left their strong
neighbours far behind in the race for
civilization.     Never in all those yoarS;
have they had any trouble with the
ICootennys.   It remained for the white
man to plant the barb, and that man,
according to the Indian's story, was n
B.C. official.     Chas.   Timbasket. tho
present head of the tribe, last Slimmer
arranged witli  Air. Warren of Golden
for a wagon.     He was on the way
down with some cattle for that purpose and hnd proceeded ns far as Mc-
Rl-ilera I'loni Wn.li Out City.       IKay's ranch, where he corralled the
AVe  have had n busy  week up here stock foe the night, when  a  band of
j-W']< now ldl---'Miit'nl..
The Golden Hospital Society beg to
acknowledge with  thanks the receipt
of the following articles :
Two boxes of plants from Mr, Oily,
McWilliam Street Greenhouse, Winnipeg.
Asparagus roots from Air. Keith,
Rhubarb roots  from Air. Jones, 4-4
son. Beaver.
Papers anil Periodicals from the Hon
Col. Jus. Baker.
Sa^k of potatoes from .Mr. John AIc-
Kny, Columbia Valley.
H.UlltY Co.NNAcnmt,
inn, f ���...    ,    *,-"   ' P  l-in-n'-'ii
J f i '������-., -UU.  5.. lu.   !*.'. Qf-.t.'Vlf.
(Tlie M-'vArthur i-'tirresl Cyanide I'recos
nttlo to hsccru.il
fllt.'i'P   ..'��� B ill
louts nil |
11 1'IIMt I
Is up tu ��!H'l!i-
* t'Mi'i.ffiiiii .-.ml por
Ivor  iwovoioil li;
i'...li ut' -.lu? i_ yi.ui.,1! Process i.t tlio
Testing Works oi above Co.
For further [inrtii'iilurs npi ly to:
IV.   H'elleiv  Kni-vc"}-, a\ O. S.,
''opresotiinlivu '; Supoi'ititondetii for ll.C
.....-* I
ft IT) ���,'"" ';-���! .'I -1
IUi.ll LiiH'i
[not l>
lK"l)!tATl:ii. |
and have now got I he town into shape.
| .Mayor Campbell, (popularly known ns
: Lne Chung, | bus his store ill good trim
and has  opened a  bote! in  connection
! with it.    He expects to have his laundry in full swing shortly and us his is
a retail  business the   boys cun  have
their old under garments patched and
retailed on the- premises.
Tbo exhibition drawers and boots
will be given to anyone who will give
Information thnt will lead io the conviction of Town Clerk Alai-Swayed for
stealing the Mayor's Cough Alediciue.
Alderman AVbitc is bavin's a summer residence erected, with  just room
Kootenays swept down turned the
stock out of the corral, bound the old
man and bis people on horses, nud in
thnt man net' carried them back to the
reserve. On arriving tliere they were
stopped, both thumbs tied together the
line stretched over a beam until tlio
poor wretches' toes just touched the
ground, then applied the lash while
tlie blood flowed from their quivering
flesh, The old man was idigunnt at
such treatment. He applied to the
agent if be had ordei.ed the flogging,
the uncut said "No." Ho then spoke
to the priest, asked  the same question
A general blinking business tratisnctud,
11,'piisiis r.'.'i'i'.vil iiiitl Interest nllowod.
Collections on all points promptly at*
tended to,
(.old dusl purchased nnd uncounted for
at highest liiiirliet: rules.
and reoeived the same answer, Being
enough for two. Conundrum--Who j determined to Iiml out, be applied to
is to be bis partner. *'10  KooUcnuys,   who committed   the
Chief Magistrate Dan MoDonnld bus
ordered   all the members of  Coxey's
army to leave the camp, and fined iwo.
cooks for drinking bug juice uu duty, j
May I. 181.4.
Mr. and Mrs.   W.   P. Harvey leave     Air.   Owen   has rettirnod  from the
[or Vancouver to-day, Const.
A now town bus sprung up recently
a mile und n bulf oust of Golden, li is
composed chiefly of boarding curs and
camping outfits.      Wo notice from our
Don't lot-get the Sim l-'nx Concert in
aid of tbo hospital on Monday evening
Mr.  Walter Hainan! is in town this
outrage, by what authority they acted,
thev told  him Mr. ('oldie the recorder
ut. Windermere had instructed tbem to
do so.    This staggered the Indian, ho
did uut  think  it  possible,, and  laid a.
charge against tlie Indians with two
well   known   Justices of   the  Peace,
As the first year ot lhe Golden Hos- j Messrs. McKay and Johnston.     They
pital  Society will close on July 1st,: pnoceeded to enrry out the law ns laid
and the   directors   wish  to  close the down   in   the  B.C.   Statutes for the
subscription lists to thnt date, parties'nuidunee  of  magistrates,,  when   tho
I'l-i'sli-i te I'i an Hor vice*
Service   will     bu   hold   to-morrow
morning in  the  Alex lor  Hiill nt 101 wlio have subscribed but negleuted' to,. Government without a particle of on
o'clock, cttiultit'ii
1   In tbo liev. W. R.
correspondents  notes that Iwo ex-resi- j week.
dents of Golden, who. tiro in  business     The mill  started  running ut-uiu on
tliere, have received civic honors. j Monday.
The coneel'I of I bo.season ou Monday
.it-lit.   Admission u.ilv ,jU cent?.
I pay up, will confer a favor hy liaiul- quiry, requests these gentlemen lo send
i ing the amount of their subscription ' j��� their resignations,    Had the matter
I to tbo treasurer, prior io that date.      I stopped here all might be settled, but it
Ha UUY CuNXAi'itiiii, [ has not, tliis  winter another outiiigu,.
Secretary.    I (Continued on Page li) it..!-; i.Ool*-<i-it Crn
The UJu Jii.it EUA i.i p..i,i.-,liitil uvory
Saturday la.yruu.; 1,1 u uu to catch lliu east
anl wait mail trains, also lim ttniil fur the
upper cui.iii'/, ,l'i i i.ti' in . i-'.ii .-tjtttlo etc
It. is tlm .inly jj.ui'ii.si.i,.; inni una in ,liui^ent
Koiiieuiiy iiisuii't.
S i itei-ipn.j I'lites : S-1.IJ0 per .-iiiiiuiu IN
A Ivorti-w irMts ait'l uluuiges must he in
tlm oiHoe nit l.iini' th.ui li ,i,,u, ..a Thursday
IV iusill'it lll.sitl'lli.,1.
Alrtii-iisit ii'iut r.itt-jt iniiilo kii.uvu on nppli-
catitu- *u
All i'.'h'i to Im tini 1 i'i thu Manager, from
..'liu ii the in .i [i.uiy'.s receipt will bu obtained,
ik G-ilden tia Publishing Company.
SVTURD.YY, JUNE 23, 1H.'4.
In New Zealand cats are used to destroy
Fifty disheartened gambler* annually
commit suicide at Monte Carlo,
Germany's pruportiuu of suicide* I��
larger thiin that of any other European
An engine made entirely of papier-
mache has been added to the fire department uf Merlin.
Montana has decided lhat the blossom of
the prickly pear shall be considered the
state Hiitver.
Two third, of the cotton consumed by
the world diirinii the past sixty seven years
came from the United States,
A nen-gtill has been domesticated by
Frank Bunnell, of Sheboygan, Mich. It
ha. just hutched a brood of cliiokens.
An ��1.aire Itiitntiiotive running between
Paris and Havre attained a speed of
seventy Are mi.es an honr. It drew thirteen cars.
The smallest people in the world are
native, of the Andaman islands. Their
average height is four feel, and their weight
about seventy pounds.
For over fixty years R����. William Mays,
of Perryvillti, Ky., has heen preaching the
gospel, anil haa never accepted a dollar
lor hi. services.
Smne misehievon* person in Znnesville,
0., pi ced a dummy on the trolley track,
and the iniiliirinuu, thinking he had run
over a human being, fainted.
Henry M. Hoffman, of Reading, Pa.,
died suddenly of heart disease in the west.
When his wife saw the body, upon his
arrival borne, sue fell dead beside the
Bnncher's "Figures de Miillere" brought
$5,400 nt the Piohon sale.
"Boccaccio," first edition of 1471,
brought $11,-100 nt the Roxburghe sale.
The Caxt.ni "Boccaccio," printed ia
14T6. brought $4,000 at tbe Techeuer sale
in 1880.
The works of Rabelais, printed by
Unlet, brought $3,800 at the Techeuer sal*
in 1887.
Tlie Valdsrfer "Boccaccio," printed at
Venice in 1471, brought at the Blaiifonl
sale $10.40(1.
"Entree de Henri II, a Paris et de Charles
IX." brought $4,000 at the Destailleur aale
iu 1801.
' 'Monument d n Costnme," by Frendeberg
and Morean, brought $4,800 at the Bebagas
sale hi 18811.
"L'Office de la Tonasalnt" brought
$3,0110 nt the IjiC-arelle sale. BaronPichou
paid $11 fur it in 1847.
Ovid's "Metamorphose*," illustrated by
Morean, I'mii-her ami Ei-eu, brought
$2,000 at lhe Marquis sale ill 1890.
The work, of Orlgeiie, Imtind with the
arms uf Ih-nrv II. ami Diane tie P.iiiiers,
iin.u -lit S-l l!00 nlltlMl M.u.ler snle in   lSili
"I.* Aui.tiireix Trans-." by Jean Bnni'lief,
jrint i. it i.Iliitii. Quasi en niitl iw.-ioil
lur i, nt ihe Smith rlaltil wie iu i8S*!.
T e I'niilir nf M.-nu Ml 14,17. I/uiis
XVIII. i aid $-.'.4l��0 for ii*" jr ..I it, wh ill
he -.iiiftetiteu I. the ntii.tiit.il library ����
Par1*. 1,111 r Irli's price Sot the m-cuml edition uf 14.-i0 is s-J.J.IK'i'.
The Dnti-hco'uiii.. hare 24.000,000 inhabitant*.
Portngal haa 2,800,000 people ia her
Ibe German colonies hare a population
of 1)85,000.
Oreai Britain s-oolotja** bane 88,090 mile*
at railways.
The collude* of France have 82,000,004-
All Roman colonia*wanenndar perpetnal
Duirtiul law.
Abv-sinia i* under Italian protection,
-established in 1889.
The French colonial poli*y wa* conceived by R.chelien.
The beginnings nf Ihe occupation of Ben*
gsl were made in 1053.
The only export nf the German colony
of Tiigiiliind is p Im oil
Of the population of India, 52,000,000
are engaged ui agriculture.
France dues an annual business with her
���colonies of ��35,000,000.
The most important product of British
Honduras i�� mahogany.
I...S ]
VlOTOltlA, hy the Grace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the
Faith, <tc, ifct;., Ac.
To all to M-honi those presents shall
come, - Greetinu,
Tiii-onoiiR Davib, 1 MIHEREAS it,
Attorney .General, I ������ is advisable to establish the following polling
places, in ihe seieral and respecti-re
Electoral Districts hereinafter  named.
NOW KNOW YE, thnt by virtue
of the authority contained in the
"Election Regulation Act," the Lieutenant-Governor iu Council declares
that thu following polling places shall
be. and they are hereby, established
for the several Electoral Districts, the
names of which are set opposite such
polling places respectively, tliut is to
Electoral District Couiox- Cotnox
Wharf; Union; School-house, Deniiinn
Island; School-house, Hornby Island;
V.ildcs Island; Cortes Island; Alert
Electoral Distr'ct Cowichiui-Alberni
-Cobble Hill; AlacPhersoii's; Government Office, Duncan; Cheinniuus;
So! tool-house, Sdmenos; Frnser's, Cow-
u-.han Lake; Court House. Alberni;
Cupt. Spring's store, Uclulet; Magne-
son's store, Clayuqiiot.
Electoral District Esquimalt - School
house, Esqiiimnli; School hoiise,Miiir's,
Sooke; Hotel, Parsons' Bridge; School
house, Metohosiu; E. Gordon's residence, Otter Pt.j J. Griersou's residence, San Juan.
Electoral District North Nanaimo -
Court House. Wellington; School-house
Nanoose; School-house, Englishman's
Hi ver.
Electoral District South Nanaimo -
Suhool-housp, Gnhriola South; School-
house, Nanaimo River Bridge; School-
house, ii-Acre Lots.
Electoral District Nanaimo City ���
Court House, Nanaimo City.
Electoral D:strict North Victoria-
Court House, Vesuvius Buy, Salt
Spriiiu Island; School-house, Burgoyne
Hay; School-house, Mayne Island; Hull.
Pender Island; Wain's Hotel, North
Electoral District South Victoria���
Airiicult'ial Hall. South Saauicb;
School-house, Royal O.tk; Tolmie
School. Moleskin Rind; School-house,
Cedar Hill; Agricultural Hall, Cndboro
Bay Road.
Electoral District Victoria City���
PMlhurniunic Hull, Fort Street,
Electoral District Cariboo Williams
Lake; Soda (.'reek; Mclimes' House,
Alexandria; Qnesuelleinoiith; Lightning Creek; Government Office, Forks
Quesnelli; Mouth of Keithley Creek;
Court House, Richfield; Riskie Creek;
Suoivsboe Creek; Harper Claim. Horsefly Claim, Horsefly River.
Electoral District Cassiur Court
House. McDame Creek; Court House,
Dense Creek; Port Essington; Metla-
kiibtbi; Fort Simpson; Naas Harbour;
Inverness Cannery, Skeena River;
Masset, Queen Charlotte Island; Skide-
gate, Queen Charlotte Island.
Electoral District East Kootenay���
H niter's Pass; Beaver; Donald; Golden;
Palliser; Field; Windermere; Wasa;
Fort Stejlc; St. Eugene's Mission.
Elector. 1 District North Riding,
Kootenay West -Government Office,
Re e'stoke; Government Office, Na*
kusp; r'efilb**vtii*t; Lttrdenii; Glacier;
Trail Creel; Rolison; Fire Valley;
Trout Creek, between Up|ierand Lower
Arrow Lake; Sanderson'* Hut Springs,
Upper Arrow Luke; Hull's Liinding;
T.ont Luke; Camp Creek. Downie
Creek, French Creek (Big Bend).
Electoral District, Smith Riding,
Kootenay West Court House. Nelson;
School-house. Knsln; New Denver;
Ainswuilh; Customs House, Kooieuay
Electoral District East Riding
Lillooet Court House. Clinton; School
home, Bonnpnrtp; Philip Oorindor's
huiis'*. Big Bar; Joseph L. Place's
house, Dog Creek; John Wright's
house. 127-Mile  Post;   ZL.-iunn   Otto
Bowes' house,  Alkali  Luke;  William
Abel's house, 111-Mile Post.
Electoral District West Riding
Lillooet-Court House, Lillooet; Win.
Lee's house. Pavilion; Dugiihl McDonald's house, Watson Bar Creek;
Alex. McEweu's house, Empire Valley.
Electoral District New Westminster
City- Court House.
Electoral District Vancouver City���
20li Cm-rail Street.
Electoral District Westminster, Riding of Chilliivack-School-house, Mt.
Lehman; John McLnre's house, Mnts-
qui; Town Hull. Upper Somas; Mo-
Gillivray School-house, Lower Sumus;
School-house, Chenm; Town Hall,
Electoral District Westminster, Riding of Delta Scliool.-lioiiso, Clover
Vallev; School-house, Elgin; School-
house, Port Kells; Brownsville Hotel,
Brownsville; Town Hull, Ladncr's
Landing; Lochiel School-house, 2J-
Mile Belt; Town Hull, Fort Lnngley;
Hall, Murray's Corners, School-house,
Shon reed's; School-hou��o, Hull's
Electoral District Westminster, Riding of Dowdiiey Scott's Hull, Port
Moody; Kelly's store. CoquitlHm; Isnne
Building. Port Htiuimoiid; Hall, Port.
Hunoy; School-lionse, Whnrnock;
School-house, Silverdulc; School-house,
Mission City; School-house, Burton
Prairie; School-house, Hatnic Prairie;
School-house, North Xicotneii, Mainland; School-bouse, Nicomen, Island;
dipt. Menton's store, Harrison River;
Frank West's House, near Agussiz.
Electoral District Westminster, Riding of Richmond- Opera House.Steves-
tou; Town Hail, Lulu Island; Cedar
Cottage Nursery, South Vancouver;
Tramway Company's Power House,
Burnaby; Librniy, Moodyville; Gibson's store, Howe Sound; E. B.
Alntlili's House, Sijuiiinitih.
Electoral District East Riding, Yule
���Columbia Mining Co.'s Oilice, En-
derby; S. Appleby's house, Alain; J.
Gordon's house. Deep Creek, Town
Hall, Armstrong; Post Office, Okanngan; Court House, Vernon; Nesbitt's
house, White Valley; A. MeDomU's
house, Blue Springs; i-equiuie's Hall,
Kelowun; SuhooUiou*��u, Benvoulin;
D. Jones' house, Trout Creek; Wade's
store, Peuticton; Stntthyre Mining
Co.'s office, Fnirview; l". Daly's house,
Keremeos; Goveruuieiit Office, Osoyoos;
Hugh Cameron's house, Camp Mc-
Kiuiiey; R. D. Kerr's house, Boundary
Creek; School-house, Kettle River.
Electoral District North Riding,
Yale-Court House, Kamloops; Al,
Sullivan's house, North Thompson
River; Duck's. South Thompson
River; Post Office, Sbumwap Prairie;
Tnp-ieu's Siding; Salmon Arm; Sica-
mous; Grand Prairie; Fullnrtou's store,
Stump Luke; Quilcheua, Nicola Lake.
Electoral District West Riding.
Yule-Agassiii; Popcuiu; St. Elmo;
Ho|ie; Yale; North Bend; Reefer's;
Lytton; Silence's Britdue; Aslicroft;
Snvoiiii; Coutlie's, Lower Nicoln; Otter
Valley; Government Office, Granite
Cnck; Princeton.
In Testimony Wiieiibok, We have
caused these Our Letters to he
made Patent, and the Gnat Seal
of British Columbia to be hereunto affixed: Witness, the Honourable El-UAH Dbwdnby, Lieutenant Governor of Our said Province
of British Columbia, in Our City
of Victoria, in Onr said Province,
thi* ninth day of June, in the
year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-four,
nnd in the fifty-seventh yenr of
Onr Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Victoria, hy the Grace of God. of the
United Kingdom of Gie.it Britain
mid Ireland, Queen Defcndor of
the Faith, Ac, &c, &e.
To Onr faithful the Metnliers elected to
sere in tho Legislative 'Assembly
of Our Province of British Col-
uiiibin.  and  to nil whom it mny
COIICU'll,     GlIl-iBTJAl'l-
Tiieoiiore Davie, 1 TaTHEREAS,
Aitorney-General. J ��� AVe have
thought fit, by und with the advice
and consent of Our Executive Couucil
of Our Province of British Columbia,
to dissolve the present Legislative Assembly of Our said Province, which
stands prorogued until summoned lor
dispatch of business.
NOW   KNOW   YE,   that  We do,
for this end, publish   this  Our  Royal
Proclamation, and do hei-eb,*   dissolve
the Legislative Assembly accordingly,
and the Members thereof are discharged
from further attendance on same.
In Tbstimonv Wiieueoi", We have
caused   these Our  Letters   to  be
made Patent, and the Great S al
of British Columbia to be hereunto
affined.   Witness, the Honourable
EiioAlt   Di'WDNi'iY,    Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of
British Columbia.' in Our City of
Victoria,   in   Our suid Province,
this   second   day of June, iu the
year   of   Our   Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-four, and
in the fifty-seventh  year   of   Our
By Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
[-,.��.] E. DEWDNEY.
VlUTOHIA, by the Grace ot God of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland. QliBBN, Dufeuder
of the Faith, &c, ate, &c.
To all to whom these Presents shall
Tiieodoue   Davie, 1  WHEREAS,
Attorney-General,    f    "     We   are
desirous and resolved, as soon ns may
be, to meet Our people of Our Province
of British Columbia, and to have their
advice in Our Legislature, We do make
known Our Royal Will und Pleasure
to call a new Legislative Assembly  of
Our said Province; and do further de-
clnre thnt, by the advice of   Our   Executive Council  of  British   Columbia,
We   have   this   day given orders for
issuing Our   Writs   in due form for
calling a new Legislative Assembly for
Our said Province, which Writs are to
bear date of the second day   of   June,
instant, and to be returnable on or  before   the   thirty-first   day  of August
I.N Tb8T1MO.1V Wiikiieof, AVe have
caused   these   Our Letters to be
made Patent, and the Public Seal
of the said Province to be hereunto
affixed: Witness, the Honourable
Eiiiiab   Dbwunby,   Lieutenant-
Governor of Our wml Province of
British Columbia, in Our City of
Victoria,  in Our said Province,
this second day of June, in the
year   of   Our Lord one thousand
eight   hundred  and   ninety-four,
and in the fifty-seventh year of
Our Seign.
By Command.
Registrar ol the Supreme Court.
[f..s.]        E. DEWDNEY.
Victoria', by the Grace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, Queen, Defender of
the Faith, &c , o**c, etc.
To all to whom these presents shall
come. -Gubetino.
Theodore Davie, \ UIHEREAS
Attorney-General, j ��f Writs
for the Election of Members of the
Legislative Assembly for the various
Electoral Districts in the Province
have issued;
And whereas it is expedient that the
places for the nomination of Candidates in the said Electoral Districts
should bo nppoiiitel;
And whereas, by the "Election
Regulation Act," the Lieutenant-Governor in Council is empowered, /rom
time to time, to appoint by Proclamation the place for the nomination of
Candidates in each Electoral  District;
NOW KNOW YE, that, in pursu���t
ance of the powers contained in the
said jVct, and of all other powers and
authorities in thnt behalf enabling,
the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
appoints and declares, hnd it is hereby
appointed and declared, that tho following places shnll be the places for
the iioniinaiiuii ot Candidates for Election to the Legislative Assembly in
the respective Electoral Districts, the
names of whicli nre set opposite such
pluces, that is to say : ���
iilsTitiur. nomination.
Coniox  Government Office, Coiuox.
Cotvlchfln-Alberni.Agricultural Hull, Duncan
Ksipiiuii.il  SeliiKit liim.si', Ksiniiiiiiilt.
Niiuniiiiu. North��� Court house, Wellington.
Nnii'iimo, souih ... School house, 5Hero lots.
Niiiuiiiuo i. ity     Court House, Niiniiinio.
Victoria, North.Court house,Vosiivhts HiiySl'I
Victoria, South.. School house. Itoyitl link.
Victoria City .. Philharmonic lliill, Fort St.
Cariboo , C otu-t 1 louse, I'iriifielil.
Cimslar Motlahkatln.
Kooteiiny, Ei.st��� ... Court House, Donald.
Kootenay, West, North Killing	
   Govt. Olllio, Kovclstoko.
Kootenay, west, South hiding	
 Court House, Nelson.
Lillooet, East Hiding.. .Court liouso, L'llnton
I.Minuet, west Hlling. .Court House, Lillooet
New Westminster City   .. 	
    . i onrt I lou-o, Now Westminster.
Vancouver City i ity Hall, Vancouver
Westminster t
l.itliiigiif t li|lli-vhaek,To-vnhiill,i:liilli.vhiii'k
billing uf Delta     Kruiviisviliellulol.
liiiliug uf Doivdney Oddfellows' Hall,
    Mission City.
Riding of Richmond.. Library, Moodyville.
Yule, East Killing court House, Vernon.
Yale, wost hiding Government Olhce, Yale,
Yaie, North Killing   Court I louse, Kamloops.
In Testimony Whereof, We have
caused these Our Letters to be
made Patent und the Great Seal of
the said Province to bo hereunto
affixed: Witness, the Honorable
Edoav Dwedney, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of
British Columbia, iu Our City of
Victoria, in Our said Province,
this seventh day of June, iu the
yenr of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-four,
and in the fifty-seventh year of
Our Reign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary,
7th June, lb!4,
LJIS HONOUR the Lieuteuuiit-Gov-
>��� ernor bus been pliiased to uppoint
the following persons to be Returning
Officers for the Electoral Districts or
Ridings of Electoral Districts placed
opposite their res-iective iiiiiiic-s.iuiuicly:
Walter B. Anderson. Comox.
Harry O. Wellburn, Cowichan-AI-
William J. Rant. Esquimau.
George Thomson, Nanniino North.
Jehu H. Hawthorn waite, Nanaimo
William K. jLeighton. Nanaimo
Thomas William Mowat, Victoria
'Thornton Fell, Victoria South.
James E.  McMillun, Victoria City.
John Bowron, Cariboo,
Robt. J. Woods, Cassiar.
Stepheu Redgrave, Kootenay East.
Joseph D. Graham, Kootenay West,
North Riding.
William J. Goepel, Kootenay AYest,
South Riding.
Frederick Soues, Lillooet, Eust Riding.
Casper Phair, Lillooet, West R'ding.
William B. Townscud, New Westminster City.
Charles Coldwell, Vancouver City.
Horatio Webb, Westminster, Chilli-
whack Riding.
Henry T. Thrift, Westminster, Delta
David C. Webber, Wcstminstor,
Dewdncv Riding.
Frederick Schofield, Westminster,
Richmond Riding.
Leonard  Nonis, Ynle, Eust Riding.
William Dodd, Yale, West Riding.
George C. Tunstall, Yale, North
C?J "HI.'.L FC" C3 C/-YS.
The finest, complete-It and latest line of Kleo-'
Irlcal aim'i.n-.uualn tho world. Thov hava never
fa.ieiltocu.u. Y.'ecreto \ sitivuof it I hat wo
will back our belief and send you any 1'lic rical
Arplluiico now in the market and *'oii cm try il
for Three MiintliM. Largest list of trail m r.i Is
on earth. Send for book r.nd Journal Fr-o.
XV. 'r. C-i'-r & ���"'<., V."nc!so*', o-*t. NOTICE.
Metal Itoport.
We arc indebted to the  Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York  for
"NOTICE is hereby -,'iveu that on
"Monday the 25th day of June, ltt.M, 1j the following quotations :
will offer for mile by public auction,
.that certain parcel of surveyed Inn,I
iknosvu as Lot 4S 1, Group 1, Kootenay
District, situated near Sinclair creek,
East Kootenay, B.C., containing ill!)
acres. The said land will be put up nt
an upset price of One Dollar per acre,
.mil in addition costs of survey.
Terms cash, ill) days.
Above sale will Im liolden at the
'Government Office, Windermere, at 11
.of tbo clock ii.in. uu the date above
Asst. Commr, Lands i'i Wurki
In the Supreme Court of llritish r'ukiuliiii;
in the nit'.'lor of Areliihnld WcMmilo tlnnensed
anil iu the mutter of tint Official Administrators Act, Mulct! tit" Fifteenth day of May, A.
D. ISiili ii]i.jii rending.the affidavits of Arthur
Patrick Cummins mid Herbert George Low
It is ordereil that Ariliui' Patrick Cummin*1,
Official Ailtniiii.-tratiir lor the County Court
District of ICooieuay, shall be Atlu ii-istrntor
of till and siiitrul.-ii- the -roods, chattels nml
credits of Ari'luliiiM McMurtlo rlncentod.iinil
that this oriler liu pulilishotl iu lliu (toljiiBN
Era iioivs|i,'iper fur the period uf sixty Mays.
(Signed)   W'M. WAKD Si'JNKS,
Local Judge of Siiproiiu! Court.
Tiio creditors ot' Archibald AfcAIllfdo, late
���of Guillen, in Ilia District nf K'nntenny, miner,
deceased, aro re piireil ivlthin sii-fy ilays
from tlii.s date, to sou 1 me particulars of their
claims. A'ftor tlie expiration nl' the snid sixty
days I shall proceed with thoillstiibiititni iif
tiie snid estnto.
Dateil at liiuiMM, iu tlio Districtof Kootouny, Ibis -iiirtl .May, 18!) i.
Official AMniiii'ntriitiir.
l    V  VmJ     I.      J   ^-J   IhJJ .
In tlio County Court of Kootonny boldcti at
���tiie East Crossing of tint Cohuubiii Kiver; in
tbo nm'tei- of tits goo Is of Rol.ort Tltoytibnry
iileconsnd, and iu the miittsi-of the UtHch.l
Administrators Act, dntod the Piftcautli May
. tit'May, ISill:   upun reading tlie atiiilavit ut
George Qol-lio
It is ordered thet Arthur Patrick ClttntniUs,
Oilifiiil Ailiitinisii'iitur fur the ( iniuty Loiirt
District nt' IContotiiiv, shall l.o Ailmiiiistratoi-
. of all ,-iii'l singular tho goods, chattels ami
. credits nf Robert Tlinrnhury ile-teiisoil, i ml
that this order bo published in Uio Gobi ibn
.En. iiiiv.spapei' fur the period of sixty days,
(Sighed)   Wm. WAED SPINKS,
Tho creditors of If liert Tlnriilmry, Into of
' Win dor mere, in tlie District ot Kootonay,
farmer, tie 'uiiscil,. re required, ivithiu sixty
, Mays front litis tb.te; tn sond me piii-tii-ulni's of
'their claims. Upon tliooxpiriitiqu of tlio snid
i sixty tinvs I sit'II proceed with tlm distribution of tho snid estate.
Dated at Donald, in tiie District of Kooto
, nay, this tori May, 18114.
Official Administrator.
New York, Juno S, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors of
the imposition of a ii p.c. duty on
all Indian imports, including silver, but excepting of gold ami
cotton, the silver market is again
demoralized. New York, (14 cents
London 29Jd.
Copper. Manufacturers arc still complaining about lack uf orders to
enable tbem to work full time, ami
the prospects for a change for the
hotter in tills direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature.    G.M.B's. i'.'i!) 10-. Od.
Lead is shilling the fate of nil other
metals, the week showing another
decline.   Spanish, ��9 (is od., and
English, ��9 10s. Od.
Application   for   Certificate   of  Iin-
Take notice that I, H. G. Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. ''.j."-9.i, intend,
(i0 days from date 'hereof, to apply I..
tlie Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for tlie purpose of
obtaining a crown grunt of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to tbo Alining Recorder and action commenced lieforc
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventeenth day jf March,
II. G. Low.
�����xxaitxc8# ��iiv&o.
J, A
G. S. McCAltTEli;
tmgliee.l  A
Solicitors, Notaries
itors for Bank nf Montre-il.
.SMI'IJfSO'-i;   anil WIS HUM It,
Alembers Assocn,'D.L,S. A I'.L.S. fur ISC.
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc- Calgary and New Westminster, Correspondence solicited
R.J.JEI'lISON, D,|',8,jl'.L.S. uf B.C. KOnt.
A. O. WllEEI.EH, D.I,..--, k I'.L.S. uf ll.C.
New Westminster li.c.
iningi Smelting
McCarthy   &   EDarvc.v.
liiirristei-.s, Advociites, Nuturies, Ac,   Solicf-
tiirs tort���
'llie Iniperiiil lliuik of ('.'uiiitla.
The Canada I'eruiaiiinit IjOiiu A SnvhigsCoi
'1 he Yorkshire l.uan i-; iSccuritiesCorporiitlou
'i'lie Miijsey Harris Co. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Ollices   Siephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCarthy, Q,C.
IIoraoe llAiivnv, U.A. L.L.1).|
Assoc. AIij.m. Inst, C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
COt (Limited)
��*"*-�����.   <JA^ 5>5*->
One of the most perfectly fitted up
Laboratories and Assay Offices in British Columbia, with chemicals, furnace
etc., at Fort Steele. No better opening for a reliable assayer.
ALSO i-'OB n.\LE
near Fort Steele, nu Amalgamator with
rotatory pan, tbe latest and best pattern, new nud beautiful machine for
gold quartz, weight 14.G001bs. In sections can lie moved anywhere, capacity
���2 tons per day. Apply to :
Fort Steele, B.C.
**   lnivo been cf-
noietl by ntv
TruBseii with
Notice to Taxpayers.
As"jSS5m:r.t Act and Provincial
Rir/cnue fax.
pprfprt crtso to wofiror, thnn by all oltior
(li-Vlri'Mr.iluMn-ril. 1'huy if-tiiliiliii-ncHt
lluj.turo utitlur tn-vcruiu utrnlii- A Bye-
tcm of tit tuu: ban hoi n iiorfcutiul tlio A
luul 9S yoarn. Tilly iiuutil to i>i -v.-mn-il A
examination ���*%��� mull.  87 -.������i'mi.H  IA
���������iiHitaiirTin'.     ^^'TlTia'fii
, in u,���.ai \\, in ^t-wnil^ie**
" It Is worth tbo prlca to every person
wbo even reads a newspaper."���llirllugton
accordance with tlio Statutes, thai
Provincial Revenue Tax and nil Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act nre
duo for the year 1894. All of the above
named Taxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kooteiiny, nre payable at my office,
Court House. Donald, Assessed Taxes
are collectible at the following rates,
viz :
If paid on or before Juno ."iOtb, 1894: ���
Provincial Revenue, 3:1,00 per capita,
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cont on assessed value of
AVild Land.
One-third of ono per cent on Personal
One-half of one per cent on income.
If paid after Juno ilOth, 18C4*���
Two-thirds of one per cent on Ileal
Two and one-half per cent on nssoss-
ed value of Wild Land.
Ono-half of one per cent on Personal
i Property.
I    Throe fourths   of   one per cent ou
.Assessor uud Collector.
Donald, Feb 0th, 181)4.
(Graduate of Laval nml McGilf.)
IIoiiil Office, Queiiei! ;  Branch  Ollices
SiiEituiioOKE, & 17 Place d'Arines
Hill. Montreal.
Sarnie! S. Fowler, EJ.f
mi^rx-hr frj.Yc;ix!-,-KK.
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans fur ad inetiitlui'girnl plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Assay Ollices .V Chemical l.iilioratory.
(Established In ll.C. iu 188!).)
Viineonvei',      -      1..C.
Mr. Harvey will bo bin*; from England and
. re'itly for -vurWun Juno 1st.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest nt Current rates.
YV. E GRAVEIiEY. AIanaoeb.
i, Silver ft Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
,--.>'i,':!-,: fl. .ljll��...:....--l&-l;i1-:;.i|^ n^
t House,,
H. Connasher, fraprietor.
Newly refitted a.ml famished. Strictly FIRS'3'
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Goininercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience"
af guests. Headquarters for mining men nnd
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Handing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail' dealer in AVincs, Liquors, and Cigars,
Special attention given to orders from Ujj the
Columbia River.
Livory & Feed Stables, HARRY      CONNACHER,.
Saddle Kflraes for Hire. I GOLDEN, -        B.C.
('CI-IIKX.       -       JtU'.
buTchTrs.   I COMMERCIAL :-:���   PRINTING
Caff l a
SJieep antl
IIors.o Dealers.
] J. SMARV& CO. {.
.     Undertalcers and '
! .   ���   .   Em-jali-rens,
jtlln.    L
Blue Pencil Rules.
j��l. a. nbtvinb.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, staple and practical rales (or
making and editing newspaper copy,
������-* ' --'������ '- -" who--'""   '
Gq]J3H [!33j3;!a3 Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now opon for tbo
admission nf patients.
TICKETS may be bad from the undersigned or any nieiiibor of the
���y-mi'irn���-ini- mil une OI KOTOnera,      imTr'TT'      'P���.   Hilli.-ii    um.    I'lUi.   ni' SI.
Correspondents  and  Copy choppers.   . Pltll L    ion JJOIlnrs  )ier year oi tux
""���-   ������' ' -" lie-" --' - ---   ' -   " '   "
*w*iuSiro?rUeact Sa.^""55"'*116'65    NO EXTRAS except private wards
Dollars per half year.
Sent on receipt ot price. Price. 10 cent*
p��r eopy. ALLAN TORMAN, jPubllshet
117 Nassau Btrottt, New York.
Ti'.l.i.llltAl'II   ottlilSltS   ruiijii't-i.v
.\ I' I'll.N'l.l'.ll    Til.
Job    DGpeirtn3.c*r|t
_:o:��� OF ���:o:���
It'ynii want yunr hoilso l'liliitetl, I'npered
nr {'iilsiitiiineil, ni' .'iu i' Real ut usign I'nhltcd
wrltetoJ. II. Mll.l.W.Mili. itAt.ii.Mtv.tl.u
Lending Paint Shop iu the Lest, for good
iiiiili ..nil pricos thai ure right.
ill���"������������-.) rp IivillniiiiliriiKiDonri'i'i'ipt
|r llfll *LIL<>). of It *!s|i|iup, ll rei'oipcl'ur a
siniple VEGETjMILE HAI.M lhat will remove 'I'"", -freckle*, I'liiiples. Ulotclieti
lllncklieiiila, etc.. leaving tho skin soft,.
clear and beautiful. Address A. I). STEM-
PEL, 60 Ann St., New Vork. *
Down With Hteh Prices For
Electric. Belts.
91.55, $2.0',, s-vj.70 j former (trices $5, $7,
i,''i('. Quaity reiiuiiiis tho same���Iii different stylos* dry buttery aim ncitl belts
���tiiiltl or strong current. Las than null'
the price ol' any ot!iei company niiiiinoro
home testimonials than ull tho nut together. Full list IVi't. Mention tins
j pajior, W. T. BAEFi �� 0U..vVii dsur, Out.
Box 7, Donald, BC Awarded
Highest Honors���World'* Fair.
A pure Grape Cream ot Tartar Powder.   Fret
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
Coldun  versus Donald.
Sittirday wns 11 field tiny in t'"* nn-
nnls of football Iii the Kootonay Valley.
About 2 p.m. the C.P.R. station iias
invaded hy llie pick of Golden wind
���Mid muscle, iieooTiipnTHcd iy 11 retlnno
of s|iotts bended liy the genial Fred
Healey. After the tisiinl fuss the pnr-
*t.y wees  got,  altourd  safely.      Donald
little too small," worked like a Trojan,
but the splendid [lay uf tho Donald
bull bank division held tbem iu check.
The crowd were greatly interested nml
enthusiasm intense when Culquliotin
w lb a line shot opened tlie score for
Donald. Tiny kept right nt it tbe
whole lenm playing a splendid game,
while the Golden boys seemed to lose
heart. Hotham and Lewis added two
more goals for Donald, this delighteu
the crowd and tlie yellow bovs inailj a
desperate effort toget a goal, the whole
back division changing forward and a
good run up by Taylor inul Rue ended
111 11 shot from llcSivayod going wide,
eliciting Tom Coughliu's favorite remark, "they're hot un's." Tlie game
was rapidly drawing to a eloso and the
home lentil kept up a tegular rush on
Golden goal resulting in a shot from
Woodhoiiso slipping through Kiev's
bunds Cheers for referee and teams
brought n |iiii-d game to a close iu
favor of Donald by 4 goals to U.
Now lho Donald  bovs 1:111110 forward
anil invited  the  Golilenitcs to supper.
Hoth  tenuis nnd their admirer's proceeded up to George Sutherland's hotel,
where a splendid repast of cold meats,
ham, tongue, veal, fowl, etc., vegetables
and   "hoqnets"   wero   served in profusion, liquid refreshments in abund-
mice were put out by Messrs Sutherland
Ijiinrenee ntiil Patmore, while Coughlin
attended to the cigars,     After disposing of  supper tho   boys proceeded to
j bold a concert. Referee Petizer (with-
: out the lint) wns iu tlie chair and filled
jthe position  with  dignity-"He's nil
riirhr,"-  bis   songs   were   lirst.  clnss.
KOT1CI-: .
The adjourned animal -iiei��titi��- ol* tbe
shareholders of tbo Golden. Lumber Co.
Ll'd. Ly., will lie held in the Company's office, Golden, B.C, on Monday
the Hth prox, nt the hour of two,
o'clock in tbo afternoon fur the election of Directors for the current year.
Dated nt Golden, B.C., loth dune,
Upper Columbia
& TramWay
Tc the Electors oi; Easi
j sang anil
���trail reached in  due time and the boys 1 right,"-  his   songs
lauded   wearing a sort of   " Seo the I Messrs, Woodhouse. Coighlin, Lnfleiir,
Conquering Hero Conies'," air, bit ivo |^"I^L^i.^*9!!"^'...!!?""^.-^'!
nre sorry to say the conquering didn't
.come off.     The match was scheduled
(fur 7 o'clock  nnd the Goidenites proceeded to  "(ill up"   ihe intervening
time in a manner suited to their various inclinations,     Some of the lllooils
of the party nin'e a tour of the public
buildings, and judging by their appearance tho job was an arduous and exhausting one. After dinner quite a
number of people began wending their
way to the sporting grounds. The
ladies with their white and colored
dresses werj dotted all over the Held,
and it is no doubt owing to their
presence that Dm..Id went nt it tooth
nnd nail and gave Golden such a heavy
beating. The game was culled and the
teams lined up 13 the whistle of Conductor Penzer. This gentleman by
his fairness and good humor soon
made himself a favorite with both
pluyers and spectators. Ho i* a jolly
fellow, and is considerably over 2ft. (i
in height. His little straw hat came
in for considerable attention uud was
portioned out to the players at nijtht
ns a relic of the grout battle. The following were the teams :
Keir Goal.,
rm"e   !-Hacks-!
01 Iters
tlie choruses were, joined in
heartily. Mr. Sutherland's " March of
the Cameron Men" took well. Mr.
MncS'.vayed, in the absence of Capt.
Taylor, thanked the Donald boys for
the pleasant time tlie Golden lads bad
bad uud nssnrred them that when they
cm me to Golden that the lesson in hos-
pitnlity would not be forgotten. .As
ibe hour wns getting late the party
bad to break up. Many of the boys,
however, continued the celebration till
earlv morning, and tliere is no doubt,
but this spread cemented the friendship
between the two towns and we hope to
see a lot morn times like it.
Grntlh.MEN, I haven-ruin the honor to offer myself as your representative In the Legislative Assembly. It
's needless fer mo ((/express my views,
us we have lieen so long nnqnninted
witli each other thnt they nre familiar
to yon. My duties as Provincial Sec-1
retiii'i- necessitates my presence in tlie '
Fraser River valley to minister to tlie
wants of the people who have been so
surely tiiTiicted bv Ihe recent inundations, ami I must therefore throw myself on your genrrusity to excuse my
absence from my district until those
duties are fulfilled.
Steamers will teavo
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per aalle.   Eccls 5Cc.
Frei-ght I\Je\tes.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; 15.1 GO; C. 1.40; P. 1.20.
To Fort Steelo j*v. 3.00; 15. 2.50; (J. 2.00; I). 11)0.
A. to
include Class I nnd 2 of Canadian* Freight Clussifkatn-Mi
11 nud 4
" 5 andK " "
Taylor  )
J. Kne     i i
N.-Siniih [ Half Hacks ]
Fraser ) (
McSwayed ) Fight
McTavish  (wing.
.Ine Lnfleiir..
H'. Hamilton
no xi, An.
...    I'ntniiiro
... Laurence
... Colqi'houu |
.... Cumulus
Centre  Woedho'ise
I   I oft   I   Until ,111
1). Hut ! wing. |  Lewis
Donald won lhe toss nnd elected to
piny with thesitn in their favor, which
gave them a decided ad vantage. Golden took up the running and pressed
Donald, but their buck division were
playing a solid game, and the way
Patmore cleared his goal front was a
treat to witness. Bye after bye rewarded the efforts of the Golden forward*, while at the other end the
Donald boys wero getting down to tlie
passing game and giving the Golden
defence a lot of trouble, tbe play was
of a give aud take description. D. Rae
and Hamilton on the Golden left wing
were right in the thick of it, they luul
a hard man to buck against in Laurence, but they got their occasionally.
'���Scottie" in goal repulsed some line
hard shots from Colquhoun nml Wood-
house, and the Doctor was breaking up
the combination between Lewis and
Hotham in line style, Mchwayed,
Gulden's latest acqui-ltioii made somn
nice runs on the right and had a good
try for goal. Tom Coughlin was
pleased to get a chance to show what he
could do and culled out thai McSwayed I..
wns "a hot un, 100 in the shade," (it,
is the favorite expression iu Gulden
now), Half time wns called with the
game standing clear. Tlie --Due"
changed his team here. Currie partnering McTavish and McSwayed going to
full back, this was a eood change
The Donald boys were on the bull and
meant business, their forwards fairly
waltzed around the Golden half backs,
and only the most strenuous exertions
of Taylor, Fraser and McSwayed kept
them from scoring. Want of training
was telling on the visitors, while their
opponents' practised play kept tho ball
in Golden territory. Short spurts
were occasionally made by Hamilton,
J. Rae and Currie, and Joe,   " while a
Tin* 11.0.Government and the Indians
(Continued from page 1.)
this time on the old man's daughter
and ber companion who were left
to fcetl the stock while the family
were ..way Two of the young bucks
thinking the opportunity a good ore
to overpower a pair of unprotected
mu ills, tried to gain admittance into
the house. They found thedoor locked
from the inside; to save their own
hides they changed the boots they hail
on for moccasins, brought a band of
Kootonnys down, showed the trnckt
in the snow and. succeeded in making
them believe white men had been there
for immoral purposes, when the lash
wns again brought into play, notwithstanding the protesting of the fond old
father who wns compelled to witness
this shameful proceeding. This wns a
stab the old man could not stand. He
wished me to write to Ottawa and tell
the Department if it was not at once
stopped he saw no other why but to
camp behind their (tuns, and it looks
ns if the B.C. officials lire waiting
with folded hands until blood is shed
befoie they move. A full enquiry
should lie made in regard to this matter. The Kootenay's understand tbe
nature of an onOi for at present the
people put the blame on the Magistrate
at Windermere, Mr. Goldie. Il be
gave no such order for the Kootonnys
to flog the Shuswiips, it is only fair
that be should lie cleared of the foul
charge; if be did give such au order he
went far beyond h's limits nnd tics rves
tnste of the ��unio prescription. Now,
Editor. I nppenl through your
paper to every man und woman in East
Kooteiiny who have tbo least drop of
the milk of human kindness in their
system, to press this mutter home at
once. The Provincial Secretary is now
looking around for another four year's
lease of power and at no time can justice bo obtained like the present. Let
the people wipe such a stain as this is
from our fair Province and let, justice
be granted to a people  who have in
Th��-* Want "Vain***.
Frank S. Taggart & Co.. 89 King
Street West, Toronto, Ontnrio, desire
tbe names and addresses of a few people in every town who are interested
iu works of nrt, nnd to secure them
they offer to semi free, "Cupid Guides
the Boat," a superbly executed water
color picture, size 10 x 111 inches, suitable tor framing, nnd sixteen other
pictures ubout same size, in colors, to
any one sending tbem at oncetbe
names nnd addresses of ten persons
(admirers of fine pictures) together
with five three-cent stamps to cover
expense of 1111111111:.', etc. Tlio regular
price of these pictures is SI.CO, but
they can all be secured free by any
person forwarding the names and
stumps promptly.
Note. ���The editor of this paper bus
already received copies of above pictures and considers them really "Gems
of Art."
Gallon Hospital Society.
From Ih'JO a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
.1       1     11    11  8   11
Sunday  from  10 a.m. to 12 in., nnd
from 7 p. 111. to 8 p.m.
visiriNO nouns.
From  2:110 p.m.  to 8 p.m
except Mondity and Saturday.
Bv Order.
r*j->Q I To introduce our beautiful 1G
Mud ! page Family Journal we will
send it il months for only 10 cents, and
also send you absolutely FREE all of
the following genuine articles : ���
Fine I8k Rolled-Gold Ring. Beautiful Breast Pin, Collar Button, Pen and
P'ticil, Handkerchief nnd line Key
Ring and Tablet. This great package
of goods sen" free lis above, or we forfeit 5100.    A genuine offer.    Address:
C. It. VICTOR & CO., P.O. Box IDM,
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of lu-ixecl goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight wiil be delivered ns far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels- being limited to S2 per lb-
1 per ecu*, will be charged on excess value liientiouei'.oii Bill of Lading.
T. B. II. C0CHHANE, President;        F. P. A3MSfR0NG, Manag-er.
jisiIM.   B.   LANG,:
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Eine Groceries a Specialty.
f^lll****yail|��l 'ttmtXmVkJmJim^Uei
91 ar^tL^imtTrt ����������*���*-���>
H. B. LANG, Golden, B.C.
sixty years risen from n naked savage
tribe to wbnt mny in a few years t;mo
be useful citizens. .
mCAVtAI 0,1 MUt MAKKS nf
ipt answer and un Honest opinion, write to
...,- NN ��fc OOm who have had nearly fifty year*1
experience in tlie patent bust new. Cnmraiinlca*-
tl.ins strictly cnnfldentlol. A lIuuiHim-k of Iu*
formation concerning Patent*- and bow to obtain them sent five. Also n catalogue of mechanical and sclent Wo bonk* Ment free.
Patents taken thronr-ili Munn k Co, receive
special notice in the HrleittiHi* Atiietienii, and
thus are brought, widely before the public Witli-
out cont to the Inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, hiw by far the
largest circulation of any scientific work lu tUa
* 93 oyear. Sample coring Edition.monthly,t2.ma..*���-���.., aiUH,v
, ini cents.   Kvcry number contains beau.
houses, with plans, tmalilliii* tuii tilura fo hIi.iw Uio
latest deal-ms nml seoure ctmtriirta.  Aflttrc.i*
UIUNN a> UO, NSW Yuan, aiil lliioAjj.vA-r.
Manufactures of ��ash, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing- the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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