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The Golden Era Sep 22, 1899

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Thomas O'Brien,
Notary Pablio-Conveysiieer, ete
Office In Upper Columbia Navigation and
Tram-ray Company's Building,
Builder & Contractor,
A suiiply of Building Lima fin' Sele.
Finns prcpnrcil.   Prompt attention given te
vol. ix no. 8
$2 Ver Yeab
H. G. Parson,
iGeneral Merchandise,!
The Rough and
Ready Way |
of judging Blanket values is by comparing
weights. A seven-pound blanket is generally
supposed to be worth more than a six-pound
one. Perhaps! * Housekeepers know that
blanket worth lies in wear and warmth. This
means weight to an extent, certainly, but
quality more than all elsa Judging by
weight is only half- judging and the method
having the evil merit of a little truth is particularly dangerous. A blanket may weigh
heavy, have a soft, wooly finish and yet ne
worthless as far as durability is concerned.
Tho weight may be cotton or shoddy so covered with the wooly surface that you cannot get
at the warp���the foundation���to sco how the
blanket structure is really built. Como to seo
our Blankets and let us demonstrate their real
make up. If you want weight we can accommodate yon up to Twelve Pounds. Good
qualities are so low in price that buying the
unreliable, -just as good" kinds is a real
Bed, Camp. Horse, Saddle & Flannelette
I** ���<,���.���--.
We have themjall and the price points are
sndli that your,purse won't look as if stopped
on after paying for tlicm*'   "
ciWDns ^Mwa?'Ur������"~~"���
in price but ours were hot lieforo thendvanca
and our present selling price is in inany instances actually less thaa the prevailing factory price for the same grade.
Trade Whero Your Dollar Goes Farthest
Upper Columbia
igation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. af'Coldon, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight betweon
Golden and "Windermere at which point a Company's
-    agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will havo to be paid to the Cotoipany's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.  .PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries,.. Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gkintt FttrnlShiligs, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. 0.,
"Start CUM accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.;
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
There in .till > vacancy in tbe Cabinet of tbe Proi-inoo and there no man
hotter fitted to fill it than Mr. W. C.
Wells, member {or North East Kootenay. Wo Uelive that in offiinng him
the portfolio the Government would do
an act oreilitnbio to tho Cabinet, ami nt
the same tiniesiiourc fur tho Provlnco
an able administrator.
By another season some radical
change ehould be mado In the system
ol trail work In the district. We have
never sem lho trails in such bad and
unsatisfactory condition as they now
are. A (tang of men has been over tboiu
and no doubt considerable money has
been spent on them, bnt it would be
hard to ascertain that there has beon an
equivalent result for tha expenditure.
Bridges that were in bad and unsafe
condition at the close of last season
have boon left unrepaired aud are in
worse condition tliau over before. Bog
holes romaiu unettonded to anil the
people wli'o Irave had to run puck outrun over these trails this season have
had vory utipleasmit experiences.
Duchess Passenger List.
Sept. 15th. ���Oolden to McKay's, 0.
Campbell; Spillinincliene, T. Johnston;
Columbia Valley, W. Lo��Hn.
Windermere to Heffner's. W.Spring;
to Golden, R. W. Grogor, It. Stewart,
8. H. O'Dell, T. Keir.
Sept. Will.- Golden to Athalmer,
W. G. Mitchell Innes, J. Hendersoo,
Kennv, ?��� Gustafson, C. Anderson, J.
Anderson, A, McKenzie, W. Caldwell;
lo Windermere, Dr. L'oiilthart, J. E.
Griffith, R. R. Bruce, W. Brewer, T.
Jours, Rogers; to Galena. J. Dolmano,
F. I.oney; to Carbonate, H. McLaughlin; Athalmer to Windermere, H. Mon-
t.sainbert, 8. Hurdle, A. P. Mullliol*
Windcrmeie to Goldon. -0. Trjyer,
L. Crookett, 0. Bntler, Rogers; from
Carbonate, T. Bingham, Rev. J. K
Evans, E. A. Haggen.
Imperial Bank cf Canada
Hojid Ofhce : -Toronto.
Paia V\9 vtivitt-i   $8,0os.ooo
JfcttfUX&-_v~-~: |fftMW'tt��
If. S. llowland, Presided.
T. R, Mcnitt,Vic.errPHiil��iit (Kt.<.'nllioriiio.-<)
Wm.-Kuiiwiy, 1'oln-ft JitrtVjiy, Wm. Houchie
T. Sutherland f-itr.yner* .Eiias Kogori.
1). H. Wii.icik, GOiion.l Manager.
��. Hav, li^ p.c tor.
lira itches:
Jirandon, O.lgary, Edmonton,
Purtugo lit Priuiio, Prince Albert,
l.'evlatoko, IM*-., Nelson, 11 0*.
Vam-onvor, B.C., \\ iasuiiSg,
Uolden, li.V., $tratheumi.
Essex, Fergus, Calf, Hamilton,
Innt-raull, Lwiov.mi, Niagara Falls, Port Cot-
bourne, Rat Portago, Satdl 8te. Marie,
tit. Catherines, Hi. Thomas,
Toronto, WfllliiiiH, Woodtit'ick, nud
Muntroiil, Quo.
A-gontfl in Urcai flrUnlit:
Lloyd's Itimk. Ud., W Lombard St., London
tviili whom money mny bo deposited tor
transfer liy Wnor op cable to uny of the
ubovo branches.
A&ontH In United tttatea:
NEW YORK-Bauk of Montroal,. Bank of
Amorira. '
CHIflAUO-First National Rank.
ST. PAUL���Second National Wank.
Intercut allowed on deposits,
Provincial, Municipal mid other debentures
Available at all point* iu Canada, Unittil
Kingdom, United States.
Oolden Branoh, J. S. Gibb, Wgi\
Cit-zons Bleat Kr. Ronald*
The Goldon Fire Protection Co. held
a meeting Wednesday evening in the
Columbia House for tho purpose of
meeting Mr, Ronald and deciding as
to the purchasing of lira appliances
and the erection of 11 firo hall.
Mr. 0. fi, MeDonjjjjjt was elected
ohttirman of the meeting mid Mr. Thos
O'Brien seerotury.
Mr. Mc Dor-mot oal led the meeting to
order aud explained the purposes for
which It was called. Uo produced 11
list of subscribers showing a total of
������Jiayi), as having been promised to the
Company in tho event of it being decided to purchase tie necessary equipment. Ho further stated that in addition to ths amount which he had subscribed namely $22o, that lin would
guarantee tba erect ion of a two storey
lire ball tho upper part of which he
proposed should ba occupied by tlm
Athletic Club without charge. He
assured the meeting that so far as he
wss personally concerned lie would
leave no stone unturned in order not
only to have a comfortable firo bull
hut also nn eflitdeut brigade as he was
satisfied thero was sufficient material
in Golden to establish a fire brigade
thut would do credit to- a town mu'nv
times the size of Goldon. With modern Bro applinnces nnd an efficient brigade he felt that at no distant day the
Insurance Companies would grunt a
liberal reduction on present rates.
Mr. Ronald being called upon explained to the raeotiug the mechanism
of tho engine he proposed to dispose of
to tho Company, and produced photos
of buildings that had boen partially
destroyed by the use of a Ronald 6u-
gine similar to tho one at present in
Goldon. Ho then read-some of the
loiters received from the'Company and
iu particular dtrelt upon tho one upon
which the appli'iifces had been shipped
bore Inst January. He then made the
proposition that owiag to some members of th* Company being dis-sutislied
with the <m<;irio by reoson of the fact
that it was a slow steamer, tbat hu
had decided to meet, them and accept
*20C0 cash iu lieu of 32,800 originally
agreed to be paid. He further pointed
out that this offer was made by him
. .uutho-ui.-mttjudi^e . to..any hural rhibta-
which he Had Iti.ut1w promt sirs and
called attention to the fact tbat those
���WTTtnTitT~8UUJWrtreir -or-fafn*!!y were
liable fur lho nmoiuit of their unpaid
stool; and lhat the Company could so
hold them.
Mr.'O'-B'.iHii being called upon stated
owing to his residence in Goldeu liRjng
of micIi ahun dnvaiioii and the further
fact 1I1 at his knowledgo of what had
transpired ut. former ineofjngF; was of
a very limited nature, ho folt cpris'der*
able diflblullca in expre-Htdtig an opinion
one way or t)ic other hut anything
bat had for its objaot the advancement of (he bost imerests of Oolden
would find fn him an ardent supporter,
llo had Inapeciod tho tire upplfauottfl
forwarded by Mi*. Kouald and was of
tho opinion they compared vory favorably wiih tlioso in use in Calgary
where thoy certainly had the most
toodern appliances in use at the presont
tithe, Considering the price paid fur
tho Calgary appliances he bad no hesitation in favoring the purchase, of the
proposed appliances with ft thousand
feet of hose pipe for thu sum of $2000.
Air. Ore-mo siatod if the chairman
was satis find that (ho part ids whom lie
had in mind would subscribe the
amounts namsd by him he would be
willing to !i��si?t tho matter by subscribing S1C0 cash.
Messrs. Field, Warren, McNeish,
and Tom also sp-!ce favorably of thd
proj-ct. It Wd* I'llitlly romlved upon
motion that Mr. K maid's oiler of $2000
be accepted and tliat t\ committee he
om powered to make tho necessary co!-
Iiictious and \vli*> tiie reuttlt to Mr.
Ronald at Natiaiiuo.
The meotinf; then adjourned.
A reward of Four llnndro I Dollars will bo
EiJd t.i iiuynue giting int'orinailon that will
1r.1l to conviction of anyone lulling or Httv.1-
tng cattle and liurMM.of the follow ing brands,
belonging to the Elk Park Raueli Co. and
II. E. Furtiter.
Cattle lfrnnded:
'I  On right ribs, half right ear cut oil".
rl  On loft hip.
U  On left ribs.
8   , On Mt ribs.
19  On loft hip.
Homes Branded:
*J On right neck,
m/X On loft thoiddor.
M Ouleftsbsnlder.
7 Ou right shoulder,
qg  Ou left nhoulder.
Elk Park Ranoh Co.
H.E FofsUp.
Biuelaii, U.O., Sept. 16tht 1890.
Wanted by Monday, Ootober 2nd,
men for the construction of road be*
tween Golden and the Prophyry and
Iron Hill Mite on Canyon Croek.
Apply to. j*
Engineer to the Certainty, Gpjd and
Mining Cowpany limited,
A "ft old to MulliiM'a.
Mothers uf children affected with
croup or a sevuro uold nstd not heni-
tute 1 u administer tlhamborlain*!* Cough
llt-miedy, Ji contains no opiate nor
M-uruoijc, in any fo;Jl��.uud may be given
as couii-iomly lu the baho lis to an
adult. Tbe -grout aiteces-s that has attended its use in.tim treatmeutof colds
and croup has won for ii the approval
uud praise it has received throughout
the United States and in many foreign
lauds. - For sale by all druggists.
Henderson Bros whole, ale agents,
Victoria uud Vancouver.
ihstantlT 'killed.
Miner   In    tho    Windarmore
Country Struck by a Boulder.
Windermere, Sept. 13.���Joseph
Metis, au old Idaho miner, was instantly killed at the Silver Thread
mine, owned by the Fraser Chalmers
Syndicate, Saturday evening about six
o'olook. Metis was gathering up some
tools at the mouth of the tunnel when
a boulder came down the mountain
side striking him on'the head, death
wae instantaneous. It appears that
Metis saw the boulder coming nnd
ducked his head bat not far enough.
Ha and hia partner, Owon Jackson,
came into the Windermere camp early
laet spring and prospected on Number
Twooieek for two mouths or mors;
Jackson returned to Spokane some five
wseks ago, shortly after Melts went to
work At the Silver Thread mine.
Joe was very popular among tho boys
in general throughout tho distriot.
The Interment took place. Oft Monday
tho JUth instant at the Windermere
C. Troyer, the well-known prospector, has gone to his home in the Territories for the winter months.
Duripg the past week K A. Haggen
has been round the Vermont Creek,
North Fork of SpilUmachonc, nud McMurdo Creek districts looking up properties ou behalf of his o,i:.:oru
Mr. Iukstor M. K. has been at Donald examining the property owned by
(Ml'iinos and H. Cooper, and he is so
much pleased with it thai his syndicate
will probably take it up. lis was accompanied by Air. Jefft-ries M. ��.
C. Troyer has finished his development contract on tho Blaok Prince
claim on tlorsstkief Creek, whicli is
under hood to the Hall Mines smelter,
Tiie property shows a specially fine
grade of copper oro and is looking
well. r
Messrs. Holliday, Morrin and Long-
tin, the welt known prospectors of
Tuio Jauce Cuche, returned to Goldeu
on Tuesday, Thoy did not bring en-
courgiug uews, and were unable to
wash up ou tbeir claims on Swift
Current-as expected owing to thebigh
15, A. Hag-sen, engineer Tor the Cer-
iniuty Company, will start next week
the construction of the road to connect
the Company's mi no on Canyou Civ-ek
with the Golden railway station so as
to ship ore during the coining winter
Men are advortised for to carry out the
Tha deal for the Raj Line at Windermere is off, the Hon. C. H. Mcintosh
having thrown up his bond, owing to
the tnngUd condition into which the
property has drifted. It is however,
pafe to.say that such a (iwe prospect
will not be allowed to lie idle and
Messrs. Collott and Starbird, who bold
tho original bond, will probably do
something toward ths development of
the property,
J. Noblo. foreman of the Certainty
Mine on Fifteen Mile Creek, reports
having struck a fine body or ore In No,
li tunnel, 460 feet above No. 1 tvuuel.
He has cut through two feet of solid
copper ore aud the total width is uot
S3lJtP,0!aYJiMr_The oro struct is the first
strnighisnlpplnt; ui o-yog-rtftynopeu THI
ihe property and the ttawe will [wvery
gratifying to the shareholders of the
Certainty Company.
W. 0. Mitchell-Innes, manager for
the Now Goldon British Columbia,
Limited hits received test ructions to
do further development work ,011 the
Pretty Girt at \ymdsrmore and on tbe
Copper property which tho Company
have at Spruce Mountain. J. Hondor-
son has got together a number of ftrst-
cIsbs men and will take charge of the
work there, Mr. Mitchell-Innes having
gone to sen thi work started. At
Spruc-j Mountain II. Ot, Lowe,
(*. Iiury and A. Macaulay have gone
to build cabins and got ready foi* the
work chore, which will ba pushed on
iu charge of Mr. Lows, Verily North
Fast Kootenay is comiug to the front.
(From Our Own Corresi'ionrleu*.)
Tho Hall Minos hare bonded the
Black Pri it co claims situatod on Boulder Creek from Joseph Lake and
Troyer, the deal was put through by
F. M. Chad bourn representing the
Hall Mines people. This property adjoins tho Jupiter Star and is in the
neighborhood of thu Delos inlue.
The Holy Moses claim, recently located b.v James MoKinley and John
Norris is considered one of Iho lucky
finds uf the season. It adjoins the
Red Line No. 2, ol tho Had Lino group
on McDonald Creek.
il. A. Kimptnu is working a force
of men at the Delphine, noitU fork of
Toby Creok.
Frank Anderson a d Andy Clark
loomed a very promising claim during
the pasl Weak, situated uu Horse Thief
Joe Like is undoubtedly doing a
pi-oportionato share uf thu business of
tho district.
The Government bridge will soon be
completed. The public in general will
not sfiuii forge' the way iu which Mr.
VVmIIs, our mam ber, loc-ka.l after this
ni'ich required want.
Bu (Silicas ia hotter tha.i ever at tho
A1 Im liner Ifouse.
All the boys were glad lo hoar of
Paddy's luck in locating the Holy
Titne-s uro bttfbr now in Athalmer
than at any ti:nu throughout tho sea-
Golden, Sept. 21st, before His Honor
Judgo Forin.
Letters of naturalization were issued
to John Burman, of Windermere, and
Lorento Carlson, of Hector.
Moodie, Conner and Taylor vs.
Knowlton and Nutting. Motion for
order to discharge ibond on Little
Brother, Mowgli and Akola claims
T. O'Brien for plaintiffs, and E. A.
Haggen for defendant Knowlton. Adjourned tit! next court.
Maxwell va. Sutherland, adjourned
till next court, G, S. McCarter t'or
A. E. Collpitts vs. T. Forrest, claim
of tlfiO, judgment for plaintiff with
oosts.   T. O'Brieu'for plaintiff.
The court then adjourned.
.Remombei; Miss La Dell, at   the
Alexander Hall Mouday night,
Report of W. F. Robertson. Provincial Mineralogist.
Tbis lies to the north of tlio Middle
Fork, about three miles, at tho bead of
a crnek ol the same name, and is distant frotn Carbonate Landing some 27
miles. There are a number of locations
iu end about the basin,mostly on well-
defined quartz ledges, carrying varying
quantities uf iron sulphides, witb gold
values, but, with the exception noted
below, only slightly developed,
A Crown-granted claim near the
centre uf the .Bubble Burns Basin, at
an elevation of 7,150 foot, and owned
by Robort Foth��ringham, of Ottawa.
Tbo country rocks are slates and
schists, having a strike about N. W.
and S. E.f and dipping at a high angle.
Cutting these rocks, and having a
strike about N.W., is a series of quartz
veins from 1 to -i fe*?t wide, while a
cross-course series of smaller Veins cuts
this main seriiis nearly at right angles,
Tlio Veins are all mineralized, more or
less, with cubical iron pyrites and a
small quantity uf galena, with uccas-
sionally somo arsenical pyrites. The
mineralization is not uniform, being
greater iu certain spots, and would
appear to-be greater in the cross-course
veins than in tha main series. A con-
oentrutiun of mineral usually occurs at
tho interaction of vuius of the twu
On a knoll, near the centra of the
basin, aa open cut has bettu ruu for a
distance of from 100 10 200 feat, N.
45* W., on a veiu uf the main series,
exposing such vein, hero about 3 feet
wide, the vein matter having baeu excavated to a depth of 0 to 8 feet, In
tbia cut, two or three cross-course
veins come in from the sides. Ths
vein.*, to the depth exposed, havo been
affected by the surface influenced, and
tho irou sulphides, which evidently
existed incousidcnihioquaiiiitie.t, have
bsecijuo oxidizoJ ��.iul uart Iy raraaend.
leaving tho quartz iu a honeycombed
condition, in which it ia sometimes
possible to find visible gold. Tiie surface material from this cut has in tho
past produced some free gold, by washing, but I ara of the opiuiou that such
gold was'only superficial, and was entirely the result of tho surface oxidization of tho sulphides. In the bottom
of the cut, even at a depth of B feat,
sulphided of iron, both yellow and
white, wore beginning to appear, and
will probably continue tu ba the form
of mineralisation iu tbo veins, us
depth is attained.
Tbo veins are strong, and seem to be
regular fissures, and it ti exceedingly
possible that, us soon as tho prospectors get tired of hunting for frue gold
and turn their attention to the development of the veins, Lv 'tho sulphides
contained, such sulphides may lie
found in paying quantities.
fttamp Mill.���About the year 1891,
a Fraser & Chalmers 5-stamp mill,
with 750-lb heads, was erected iu tho
basin by the then Bubbit-Burns Company. Tbo mill is still "landing uud
in guod condition, in a substantial log
building on the hill-side, and so situated that tho wagen road, about half
a mile long, brings the ore from the
"open cut" referred to to tho level of
the feeding platform. The mill is well
equipped, with a "-Tullock automatic
feeder," plaios, etc
(To bo Contiuvcd.)
Canadian   National   Highway
Highly   Euiogisttcl    by   a
Noted   American.
Prof. James K, Patterson, who paid
a visit to the Pacific coast recently, in
writing to lhe Scottish-American after
Uti travels from Sau FiauHsoo eastward to New York. Bays'
On onr return from tho moot ing of;
the Association uf Laud Grant.Collagen
held in Sau l'runcifcco.July fit'h to 7th. j
we catne by the Canadian Pacific from I
Sumtis, the junction of the Southern j
Pacific system with the former, to
Portal, vn tho North Dakota frontier. J
Much uf the scenery on this line is i
grand beyond description. The deep
gorges and canyons through which
iiovv streams of large volume, dashing
along with Iriesistihie force, and the
lofty mountain peaks covered with
eternal snow, which emerge iuto view
ou either side as tho traiu sweeps
along, btriku the beholder witb awe
and admiration. For several hundred
miles the road���a masterpiece of engineering���threads its way along those
deep streams and lofty peaks, now on
tbe verge of a precipice a thousand
feot in depth und again almost at the
bottom of the gorge with overhanging
cliffs a thousand feet in hight alio voir.
Occasionally a inkelet ia passed* whose
placid surface seems to have b*>eu mini filed since croatiou's morn. Cascades
of varying size from tho tiny silver
thread to the mountain torrent, with
sufticiout vclume and force to generate
electric power for the needs of a great
oity, rush precipitately down the
mountain side, broken into musaos of
foam and clouds of spray. The traveler
is templed to slop at Glacier and yields
to the temptation. A noat, comfortable
hotel, owned aud managed by_th& raiL-
W��y company, provides lodging  and
ontertainmeat at moderate cost. Swis*
guides-are in readiness to conduct visitors to the great glacier and to its
summit. The distance from tho hotel
is about two miles, through woods ef
flir und among masses of rock which
seem to bo terminal and laterul moraines'
formed by the advance of the glacier
years ago. The glacier is a huge mastf
of ice formed by the superincumbent
weight ot successive snowfalls. It
extends over a area of 300 square
miles and varies in depth from a few
hundred to thousands of fast. It is
seemed and scarred by parallel ravines
and from beneath issue streams of water wbich thtfn and thero form tlu
source of a rivor of considerable size,
I know of no glacier of equal magnitude south of the Artie circle. No
traveler should pass this wander of
na' ure without stopping to take in tho
stupendous magnitude and grandeur o(
tho scone which it presents���between
Glacier and Banff���there are many
magnificent peaks and hugs mountains, masses of rock which assumo
the shape of Castellated battlements,
built by the Titling and left in ruins.
Bnnff is a pretty village surrounded by
mountains, some or which rise to tha
height of 10,000 feet above the set*
level. At a distance of one mile from
the station is a splendid hotsl build
and managed by the railway oompany*
Tho service I is good and tha charge*
moderate. Tne view from tlte pavilion
in the rear isgrand beyond description.
Banff is tho center of a groat national
park, 2J miles by 10, in which is pro-
eorvod a herd of buffalo, perhaps thtf
only living representatives of tbe millions that once roamed Over tho prairies'*
of the Dominion. In this region of
lakes and mountains and cascades ond
could spend months instead of days.
Tbe cross placed by Father de Sinet
on Sinclair Pass, in 18M, has been th*
subject of more than ono prospector'*
dream of wealth. The reverend father
after his return to France in the following year, published a book on hi*
travels iu Northwest America, a copy
of which is yet to he seen nt St. II ary'a
Mission, U East Keotenay, In the
vol.nnu he tetts of finding a lodge et
rich mineral and of placing a cross to
"����������� *������""�� .find for some fortunate prospector in some distant time, as ho pro-
phesied that some day this would M %
great mining country.
Numerous expeditions have searched
for tbo lost ledge, in tbs last few years,
but none have lieen successful enough
to ever Hnd the cross until recently.
Lust month a party of prospectors,
named Joe Lessard, Dave Smith and
Frank Mnrsjean, wont out, and after
three weeks, amid snow and rain,
found the remains of the cross, wbich
had fal-t'ii years ago to decay anion or
the rocks at Its base, The continued
fall of snow mado further prospecting
impossible and tbey returned to Windermere, and will return next year
with hopes of success,
Peace River Gold.
(Edmonton Bullothi.)
Messrs. T. P. Itobb and E. P. Spaul-
diiig.of the BrantfordMining Company.*
returned on Wednesday from Peaeo
river. They went out in February last
with a large quartz prospecting outfit.
Th(*y have met with satisfactory results and will return with larger out-'
fit next winter. They went by sleigh*
to thu head of Rocky Mountain portage on Peace river, but were held up��
there for lack of horse feed until tho
river opened. They then proceeded by
boat, reaching their destination 011
Way 2and. This was the first freighting by double teams se far west nni
waa done by contract with McDougall
& Sacord. Dr, Pons, of tho same
company, is still at Peace rivor but
will be ont soon, The operations of'
this company mark an important step
In tho development of the great north,
as it introduces the element of quarts
mining into a region which fur tho1
prcsunt at least must ho fed from tho
farms of Northern Alberta. In going'
out tlio party had no difficulty as far
as Peace rivor creseing, They reached
tha Landing In six days from Ed man-
ton, I^s.si'r Slave lako in eight daya>
more and Peace river in four days more.
The parly loft Edmonton Feb, 7th and'
reached Peace river on March 1st. Tba
trip up Peace river to tho head of
Rocky Mountain portage was very try*
ing. 'Hie distance is abo.it 250 miles.'
Tho snow was very deep, there was no
trail and no feed to bo had for horses.*
Hudson's Hope was reached on April
28th. The Kooky Mountain portage,.
14 miles, took six days, as a good
deal of cutting had to be done. Fronv
the head of the portage to tba mouth
of the Finlay took ten days by boat.*
the river being vory high- Messrs.
Robb and Spaulding are practical seining engineers of largo experience anoT
are assayers as well. They had an'
exoellent prospecting and assyayiug
outfit, They bring back a number of
excellent samples of. free-railing gold-*
bearing qttartz In which tho gold I��l
visible to the naked eye. While the
rich ore is pockety there is a large body
of low gradi ore whioh can be woik?d ���
cheaply. All the members of tha
party staked olaiins for themselves besides thuae staked for lho company.*
Mr. Robb is toi-tideut the* the com-'
pany will operate ou an extensivtscal*1
next season and a-ill put in a 10 or 20fc
stamp quartz mill. ��� While oonMenW
of the vuluo of the find Mr. Robb oava.*
it is not a poor man's couutry. kmi
capital is needed to develop tha mi fits ;*>
but the gold Is there. Momm*., 'BwbM1
aud 8pauldin��de.\Yefor Chicago Ml*
uiy now, 1 train.
President Stein's Slleiu-e Interpreted
Unfavorable  to Great Britain-
Improving Pretoria'*. Defences.
Loudon, Sept 16.��� The Pretoria correspondent of the Duly Chronicle Bays
that when Mr Conynghani Green, the
British diplomatic agent, suggested
forty-eight hours as Hie period within
which the South African Republic's
reply was expected, the Transvaal representative replied:
"If your suggestion is serious, the
reply will be ready in forty-eight
President Krnger's intimations,
according to thu Daily Chronicle's advices, are pessimistic rewarding the
situation. The Pretoria correspondent
of the Times suys. "It is very donbt-
ful whether uu unqualified acceptance
of Great Britain's demands will be
giveu." Tho Paris not respondent of tbe
Times says that "M. Delcusse, the
French forelftu minister, has directed
thu French consul iu ilio Transvaal to
eiideuv. r to pursaudu President Kruger
to accept Mr. Chauiberlaiu'e proposal."
Thu Pretoria correspondent of the Daily
Telegiuph suys: "The members of the
volksraad received Mr. Chamberlain's
dispatch defiantly today (Thursday),
individual members declaring Great
Britain mnst moderate her demands.
On tho other hand u minor is current
that Kroner favors compliance, and has
even suggested that he desires the
irrecoucitables to leave Pretoria and
consult their constituents, thereby
uvoiding their opposition This belief
is held iu Johannesburg, aud accounts
for the hopeful condition cf the market,
but the general public is   pessimistic."
The Times publishes the following
dispatch from Jonannesbnrg: "The
mystery surrounding the attitude of the
Orange Freo State continues. President Stein's silence is interpreted as
showing an intention to support the
Transvaal through thick aud thin, although his influence at present is on
tho side of ponce. Public feeling is
ruunlng very high, and uules Kroger
makes an emphatic pronouncement in
favor of conciliation the great majority
of tne Boers will inevitably vote
agaiust any concessions, beyond a seven
years' franchise."
The Cape Town correspondent of the
Daily News says: "A thousand men
are engaged in strtugthenlug the defences uf Pretoria, trenches are being
excavated and earthworks constructed."
Pretoria, Sept. 15.���Tho discussion
of the first draft of the reply to the
British note ended yesterday evening,
President Krnger having left at 4
o'clock and not having returned. It is
understood the government will draw
up the reply in its final form tomorrow,
und immediately submit it to the volksraad.
Tor. ii Ilia H*��i�� In tm.-r.Oiii- of an Int.r.
.-.iloiiliil Cl- mill liijur-.il Two M��u.
Halifax, Sept. 15.-���A strange acoid*
nut happened to a junkman's employee
named Redmond, yesterday, while he
was breaking up old iron. While removing it from an Intercolonial car at
the freight yards at the deep -water
terminal ono piece of the jnnk proved
lo be au old shell. Redmond did not
know what it was aud when struck it
exploded witb a terrific report, tearing
a big bole iu tbe oar floor and burying
itself In the ground. Redmond wai
hurled through the oar door with one
foot shattered and a great gasb in hia
chest. A man standing outside the
car lookiug ut Redmond waa slightly
injured. Redmond will recover. How
the shell come to be iu tbe oar jnnk is
a mystery. 	
Floods In HerniMj ud Austria.
Berlin, Sept. IS.���Floods are causing widespread damage iu Southern
Uermauy and Austria. The northerly
part of Zwickau is inundated.
Owing to the undermining of the
railway brldgi over the Iseu, between
Muelldorlf and Rorbacb, a train fell
into the river. . All tbe tributaries of
tbe Danube iu Austria are flooded. A
bridge over the Scbwarztiat Payerbach
collapsed and ton persons were carried
Leeward Island Hurricane.
St. Thomas, B.W.I., Sept. 10.���Advices reoelved at St. Kitta' yesterday
from the Island of Anguilla, one of the
British West India Islands in the Leo-
ward group, say that a burrioane during the night of September 8th, destroyed 200 houses and rendered 800
people homeless. There was considerable loss of property and similar dam-
-   age at St. Martin.
More Space at Ihe Paris Exhibition.
Ottawa, Sept. It.���The Canadian
government haa been granted an add!
tlonal 4,000 feet apace at the Paris ex
position. Thia will make about 47,.
000 feet In all. To obtain this .paoe lt
will be necessary for the Canadian government lo pnt np ��� bnilding clot* te
the Canadian eihibit. All tba spaoe
haa been applied for and alloted.
Ottawa, Sept. I r,. -Harry Doodley,
of Division street, 26 years of age, a
mill hand ai J. R. Booth's, while at
work yesterday was caught between
two rollers, six Indies apart, and drawn
In front of the large Ave foot olrcular
saw and mangled in suoh a manner aa
to die shortly afterwards. Dooley was
unmarried. He took the plaoe of an.
other man who waa absent and had
only started work when he met his hor*
rible death. Tbe flesh waa sawn off
the back of bla head, and part of his
shoulders and bla bips were sawn from
bla body.	
Three Women Killed.
Bakersfleld, Oal., Sept. IS.���The
northbound passenger train No. 8 on
the Southern Paoiflo railroad ran into
the rear end of the Potervllle aoooin-
modation train at Formosa, abont
twenty miles north of hen, laat night.
Mrs. Maggie Majors, of Ida Angeles;
Mrs. Rosea, her mother, and Mrs.
Larue were killed. Engineer Wright
aud Fireman Keller were atrlonaly
Injured and tbeir condition is pro-
carious. A track walk*, name not
knows, waa badly linrt aad li Mill
A Stockton   turn.er  Criifthrtl   Hoivvi'.-u a
Fee Ur und lite Holier.
Otterburn. Man., Sept. lu.���At St.
Pierre teste day at 6.110, Farmer
Leniire returning from his hay field
met his son who is twelve years of age,
and seut bim for a gun ut Mr. Desanli-
er's. The child did so, aud on leaving
Mr. Defaulter's place, it is said that
he pointed the gun at a ohild, saying,
"I will hhoot you," hot the gnu would
not go off. On reaching the main road
his father had gone home. TL* boy
then met Edward PrefonUiine, eight
years old, aud pointed the gnu, nt bim
and tried the other trigger saying the
same as before, "I will shoot yon.*'
The gnu went off, aud shot yonng Pre
fontninc a little above the heart, killing him instantly. Dr. M. GervniB
saw the child fall, ran aud picked him
np, bnt the child wns dead.
Stockton, Mau., Sept. 15.���Abont
noon yesterday a fatal accident occurred
here, the victim being Winter Brown,
a yoiith of about 111 years, and a resident of Stockton. Brown was engaged
by Hopkins & Turnbull, threshers, and
at t! a time of the accident wus standing
on the rear platform of the traction
engine firing. Hopkins , the engineer
was nt the throttle and was moving
from the last settiug on Tnrnbull'sj
farm, about two miles west of here,
with the separator in tow. Whether
there was a tongue ou the separator is
not known, but the coupling between
tbe two wus so short that the self-feeder was brought within two or three
feet of the engine.
In order to avoid another accident
tbe engine was brought to a sudden
standstill, and it is thonght that
Brown's curiosity led him .to try to ascertain the cause of tbe stop, when the
separator, whioh had not lost its
momentum, came forward, the side of
tbe feeder catching and crushing him
agaiust the boiler, causing snoh inter
nal injuries, that death wsa almost
Friday, Hep te in Iter 10.
The Dominion cabinet meets on S:it-
Tho Toronto Lacrosse club will visit
the roust.
tiun.l II is; hns been stopped iu Daw
to) au 1 Atlin.
W. li. Cuuubun, a Winnipeg police
court luwye.*, Is dead.
11. Kilter Haggard, th? novelist, Is
on a trip to Atlin mines.
The president nt the li.iuk id Nora
Svotia,  John  Doull, is nlend.
Tied. Barnes, a C; P. lt. brakeman,
it as  kilii'il at Chatham, Ont.
Kev. Armstrong Black was Induct-
ed into hi* Toronto pastorate.
The trial of the Ville Mario bank
officials In Montreal has resumed.
Tin; steamer Tartar has been allowed  to  proceed  from  Hong  Kong,
The steamer Delta, an old icean
tiner, was wricked in a Newfoundland
A C. P. tt. gravel train wan wrecked
at Iteglna und Conductor Uuiwroa injured.
A rear end collision on the Southern
Pacific caused the death of three women.
,_   Archbishop Ireland of St. Paul has
_ \ couiifiotiPtr modern won -*n--wro---����-r-��y-t^
A Winnipeg solicitor litis been
charged with-misappropriating trust
Harry Dinnlu, n Canadian Northern
brnkemiui. had his leg broken while
coupling cars.
A 12 year old boy shot am) killed
au eight year old companion at St.
Pierre, 'Man.
Mr. Cluimuer'alu has received a for*
cast of the Transvaal's reply to the
last -British note.
The mysterious rilunppeurauce of
Miss WtilbiTok from the Bed 1).*jt Indian B..i;ool Is unsolved-
A I reach ectller named Hamelle
dropped cead near Indian Head while
petting out a fire-guard.
Anguilla island, lu the Leeward
group, wae visited by a 11hit cane,
which wrecked kOO houses.
The leader oi Godfrey's bund and his
assistant had trouble during the com
cert n* Portage la Prulrte.
Winter tiVmvti, of Stockton, .Man.
was crushed lo death between a
threshing feeder ami a holler.
An alliance of tha South American
countries against the U. S. would
have tho support of several European
A veterinary -surgeon mud3 un af.
fiduvlt before tlm 'Montreal police committer thut $.100 had beun paid by
him for a position on the fore.?.
Tlte final (J, 1'. lt. crip hulhtin antes
the wheat in 'Manitoba iand the
Northwest lute nit boeij cut except in
a few localities aud saved In fine condition.       	
Nigro Lynched*
Tiftou, Ga , Sept. 15.���A negro was
arrested at Tyty yesterday morning aud
positively identified as one of tbe two
negroes who assaulted Miss Johnson,
of that place, last Tuesday. Two
hundred men, heavily armed, assembled at Tyty. People passing on
tbe train at 2 o'clock this morning saw
the negro snspeded twenty feet in tbe
afr from a telegraph pole. The search
for the otlier negro continues.
Berlin, Sep1-. 15���Advices from
Ksliip, in Russian Poland, says thirty-
two persons'bave been crushed to death
there during it panlo In a synagogue
caused by the n patting ot a lamp. The
victims were all women and children,
Many others wen iujared.
Barely Kucaped With Their Htvt.
Sau Fronoisoo, Sept. 15.���A special,
Tacoiun, Washington, says: Telegrams
were received at Shanghai that several
missionaries hove been driven out of
the city of Paonhau, 160 miles across
the border, in tbe And we provinoe,
Thibet. Over 8,000 Lamas reside
there, the majority of whom joined the
anti-foreign demonstration and drove
tbe missionaries out. The latter iuolnde
Mr. and Mrs. Shields and Mn. Mao-
Beth. For several weeks previoos to
the final riot, the missionaries were
compelled to stay indoors.
The details are not known further
than tbat the mission waa destroyed
and the missionaries barely escaped by
jonrneylng secretly at night. Near
Iohang and Ohuu King an null Catholic
uprising was caused by tbe kidnapping
of children. The children hnd been
stolen almoat by wholesale by wandering gypsies, but the natives believe
that tbey wen eaten by tbe hated
foreigners. A nnmber of native Oat-holloa have been killed. At Poncho two
natives wen eieouted for circulating
nports against foreigners.
(treat  Britain Will Give the Transvaal Plenty of Time to Answer���
SHU Preparalog for War.
Pretoria, Sept. U.���President Krnger aud the executive c:uucil reassembled yesterday evening to consider
the reply to be made to tha British
secietary of state ior the colonies, Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain. They are still
conferring by telegraph with the Orange
Fire Stale. The decision is anxiously
awaited by the orowds outside the executive building.
A communication has been received
from the imperial government stating
that, although anxious for n prompt
leply, tho imperial uu'horitles do not
desire to tie the Trausvaal authorities
down to forty-eight hoars. The reply
will po-sihly coma before the volksraad
tomorrow. The decision of the executive will undoubtedly bo ^influenced by
rhe action ot the Orange Free State.
The government is still willing to
attend the joint commission origually
Oupo Town, Sept. 14���It is asserted
iu Afrikander ciitdes here that the
Transvaal government will accept the
British note, leaving the question of
suzerainty on the basis of tbe convention of 1884.
A dispatch from Pieterinantzburg,
capital of Natal, says tbat tbe Ultland-
ers' council express great dissatisfaction with the British note, complaining that the imperial authorities
nre willing to accept inadequate concessions in order to avoid war.
Military developments nominee and
the wirk of preparing for emergencies
goes on. Upon the arrival of the next
batch of British troops the headquarters
Btaff of the royal urtille-y will be
tarnsferred tt Kimberley, whither s
battery will proceed to protect the
diamoud mines.
I. Al-reateil at llnflulo Tliroiigli i�� Loiter
Sent til Hill! Fr.im Cookslii r,, (Jue.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 14 ���A letter
dated Oo-kshire, Quo., Sept. 8, signed
by S (J. Hoggett nud addressed lo
"Tbe Rev A. J. Wheeler" weut astray
lu tbis olty a few days ago aud found
Us way opened to Ibe olHoe of tbe postmaster, who read it. It seemed lo
have been written by a trolber of
Wheeler, and oantioued Ibe latter to
move carefully lest Ihe police authorities get hold of him.
Postmusler Doir communicated with
Deputy Marshall Walts aud that officer
stationed a deputy at tho general de*
livery window iu the postoiflce to wall
rill Wheeler -appeared. Hs arrived
last uight and was promptly, arrested
and taken to Ihe olllce of Marshall
Watt. He olaimed that he had been
in Buffalo several days aud intended
to deliver * temperapw* Win**., l-alm*. .
sooTOyltnBITCTty "last night. When
asked what he had doue to oause him
lo fear tho police, he essayed uo explanation. He was held till the police
of the oities he had recently visited
were communicated with, and was re*
leased bet.aose Marshall Wutis oould
oot learn that be was wanted. Wheeler was advised to get out of town.
Kailway Fatality.
Gravenhurst, Out., Sept. 14.���-The
Northern and Northwestern way
freight from tbe uortb parted about
two miles from here last uight. Tbe
eugiue nud a few cars attached, comprising the forward purl., slowed np
when tbe hind section, being down
grade, crashed iuto Ihem. Brakesman
Wm. Tart, ot Allandale, was killed
aud fonr passeugers, who were in tbe
caboose, were shaken up, bnt escaped
uninjured. Four cars loaded with lumber and wood were wrecked.
Herman]* and Russia.
Berlin, Sept. 14.���The report tbat
the oiar is goin��* to Potsdam In the
course of a few days, as published in
the Lokal Aunlnger, is without foundation. Emperor Nicliolns will meet
Emperor William however at a comparatively early dale. It Is probable
that the czar and czariua will visit
Princess Henry of Prussisat Keil, on
tbeir way to Darmstadt.
U. S. Count Resigns.
Bremen. Sept. 14.���The Weser Zei-
tong says Mr. Louis Lunge, Jr.. U.S.
oonsnl iu Bremen, has resigned
because of his disapproval o.' what he
characterises as "the imperialistic
polioy of the McKinley adinluistra*
tion," whioh he bas attacked in his
Chicago newspaper, tbe Dleruudsolau,
a Lutheran weekly.
Disturbances In India.
Bombay Sept. 14.���News bu teen
reoelved bere from Abinedenad of *
serious dlslurhuiN In Panoh Mahals,
iu Ouurat, where several persons havs
been killed. Tbe Bhlls ud other turbulent tribes an giving considerable
troublo. The troops have been asnt to
the disturbed distriot from Baroda.
Banff Hotel, N.W.T., Sept. 14.���The
Host Bar. Archbishop of San Francisco
and bis private secretary, Falter Ryan,
leave today for St. Paul. The reverend
gentleman Is on a short holiday. He
has enjoyed his trip thoroughly, the
weather being delightful.
Paris, Sept. 14.���Hon. Benjamin E,
Tracy at Tetter-day's session of the
Anglo-Venesuelan boundary arbitration
oomoisslon, devoted the day to a discussion of the treaty of Monster, alleging that ihe Dnloh rights nnder tbat
treaty were incorrectly slated by conn
sel for Oreat Britain.
Captains and Crews Arrested.
Halifai, Sept. 14 -As nresultof th*
investigation into Ihe loin reoently of
two Nova Scotia schooners, the Jnventa
and St. Thomas, six man, oompriaing
the captains and orews of the vessels
have been plaoed under arrest oharged
with conspiracy to defraud the insurant-* companies by wrecking the vessels
and stealing the cargoes,
New ITork, Sept. 14���Tho Amerioan.
Jewish year book, just issued, estimates
the Jewish papulation of the United
States at l,��IH,800.
Tlinntilty. tapt.lnb.i- 14
A German crulsei- Ita. 1-eac.teil Delagoa
Thi' strike- ill C. P. It* 'It'Pfe iiit-ii a* O-vt-n
801111(1 .till cnnttiilK-s.
The Filipino, hnve irli'.led lo Ih�� U,
8- iilfei- ot autouutiiy.
Designer Fllo will have tall cliarg. ol
th-*- Stinmroi'!* In [iitore.
Owini? to the :��>re*. Illite.8, his un-
dlettces hnve Leon nnalenileil.
Irishmen In the Tl-nilK.aal hnve torm.
eil a   eoi-ps to hell) the Hours.
Rotliclillds have denied they had re.
celveil  word   Dreyfns  wa.  rardoned.
Tiie Orange Frou Mtate is divided- tn
its  sympathies Inr Doers and  British.
Tlle 0. P. It. hns decided In adopt mil-
(oi-m rales Ior tlie movement ot all
The U. S. consul nt lll-oiium tins resinned as n protest against the expan.lon
Mrs. Gowanluuk. who was eupturod hy
Bin Hear In the *8." rebellion, has died
at  Tiverton, Out.
The crews of two Nnvn Scolln schoon.
ei-s Inive lieon arrested on a charge ol
conspiracy  tu dch-illld.
Tin- will nl Jus, W. Brown, ot Chat,
ham, (Int., leaving J.Vl.Oilll In Knox college tins lei'.i .iislnlneil.
A mi'etlii-, of tiie rnilway cuinmltte.
nt Ottnivii will ho called tn consider
the  Methven.  Mini*, crossing.
A hrnkeninn wns killed and tour 1'iis-
songer. Injured In it ."*.'. A N. \Y. railwny wreck near llrnveiilnirsl, Onl.
The Oceanic, the Inrgest ship nfinnt.
crossed tin* ocenn trnill lincPiislown to
New York In six dnya and two Iiii.ii'..
The chiennjn delegate, carrying I lie In.
vitntlon to 8lr U'illrld i.iutriei' and
Lord Mlntn were received at ijnchec. Sir
Wilfrid hns arcepled.
The c. P. It* slciimer Tartar, used a.
u ti. s. lraiis|inii, It-tis detained nt Hong
Kong, the nntliorillca desiring u> re.
iliicc the mini) er on I nurd. The question
1. an  inleriiatioiinl one*
Report Not Vet (onfliiiied, lint 11 I. Generally Believed III N.W York.
A dispalob over grain exchange
wires yesterday at Winnipeg reads:
"It is olaimed that Rothschild hu
received u message saying that Dreyfus has beeu pardoned. It is not yet
confirmed, but it is geneally believed
in New York."
W. Beech & Oo. received a dispatch
from their Chicago correspondent at
nuou staling lhat Dreyfus had been
pardoned. Tbe Minneapolis office confirmed tbe report.
tiondon, Sept. 14.���While the papers
are full of letters from Individuals and
several of the firms announcing their
withdrawal from the Paris exposition
aud urging tbe government to do like
wise, there is no intention ou the part
of the British governmeut of taking
such a step. It seems almost unlikely
that the present agitation will result
iu auy general withdrawal of British
exhibits. Mac O'Reil (Paul Blonet),
bas written to the Daily Chronicle
saying (hat a publio expression of sympathy will go against Dreyfns, adding:
"For God's sake ute your influence to
stop it. But for the universal sympathy shown for Dreyfns, whom I,
personally believe innocent, in England and Germany, he would bave
been acquitted. It is a terrible Iblng
to say, but I say it and am not afraid
of contradict inn.'*
Loudon, Sept. 14.���Tbe London
solicitors of tbe French consulate have
resigned as a protest against the verdict of tbe Dreyfns coortmatrial.
Berlin, Sept. 14.���lhe German com-
nrta-taM* to. the Paris exposition, accompanied by tbree assistants, bas
gone to Pari, to oomplete arrangement,
for the German exhibitors Tbis is
generally interpreted as Indicating
tbat Germany hu no intention as a
nation of refraining from participating
thereiu. Many of the newspapers are
pointing out lhat the exhibition is not
connected with politics and they counsel moderation until the action of otber
nations is determined. Germany's
aotion, it is said, will be governed
largely by tbat of Great Britain, the
United States and Austria.
Chicago, Sept. 14.���Indignation over
the outcome of the Dreyfus trial has
oansed a party of 700 Obicagoans, who
were going lo the fair in u body, to
abandon tho trip. Louis Halle, who
Is treasurer of tbe party and who,
since the scheme was inaugurated a
year ago, hu been receiving weekly remittances from those who proposed going, today issued notices to lhe members to oall at his office and get their
Uniform Hystem for Trains.
Montreal, Sept. 14.���Tnt 0. P. R.
intends to adopt standard rules for tbe
movement and operations of trains, and
the superintendents, divisional superintendents, train nutters and train dispatchers are bere now disonssing tbe
���utter. Mr. MoNlcoll, the assistant
general manager, said naturally the
thing to do wu lo have a conference of
those who would be Ihe instructors of
tht men iu the working of tht ntw
rules before nny aotion would te taken
looking to tbe introduction of the system. The Grand Trunk railway hu
tor aome time put teen instructing itt
employees iu tbe working of  tbe code.
Illsappeara With 8500.
Winnipeg, Sept. 14 ���Tht Northern
Plollo railway officials in St. Paul
havt received word thai tbeir agent at
Gllby, N.D., a yonng man by tht namt
of Ptrcival, hu dtoaupad and on in.
Tettigttlon there Is a shorttgt lo hit
amounts of some (SOO. Perolval wu
formerly operator tt Belmont, Man,
tnd received hit Isle position a few
weeks ago u a promotion. Ht resided
in Ibis olty Inst Hitter,
Paris, Sept. I��.--Freth polioe raids
were mads yssterdty morning at tht
residences of prominent Royalists.
Sydoty, N.W.8., Sept. IS.���A new
ministry hu been formed ten with
Mr. W. Q. Lynoh, leader of tht opposition, u premier..
Washington, Sept. II.���At 1.15 today President MoKlnley at tht White
House pressed a ttlegraph key whioh
started the maoblnery at the Philadelphia Export exposition. There were
no inoldtnltl ceremonies.
Chatham, Sept 15.���Fred Barnes, a
O.P.R. brakemtn, whose borne is in
London, wu killed litre today.
Ontonlo, N.Y.Stp*. 15.���lutein-
genoe hu jut reaohed here tbat John
MoOllntock aud bit titter, Margaret,
residing near Wonester. in this
county, were bnrned in their houses
early thit morning.
Montreal, Sept. lO.-MaJorQIrouard,
Ibe Canadian who wumidt famous
by bit tchlovemtatt ta Igypt, Mt Friday to l-ee-siut Ml tUNN ta Loudon.
Alloway & Champion,
Listed Slocks bonabt. Mid. aad Mrrrlori
on margin.
Writ. D. It yon wlah to exchange any kind o
mc-u��y, to bay 9overaa.nl or C. N. W. Co
Lands, or to Mad money anywhere.
Reported by Alloway k Champion.
Stook Broken, Winnipeg
Bant* tKllert     **��.'/��*���
Molaon'a  ta
M-TChM-H-  1.0
Union  Ill
Commerce  IBS
W.rKagle XD SU
PayiM." XD U��
Commercial Cbl .7
KonlrralTrl  Itt
Rich.A UtlUK.v  IS         111'.
Ulty Pans. R'y  Sit
Halifax K'y '  US
Montreal uo*  W         US
Toronto R'y  Ill           S
Dalnlh Preferr-,1  IS           11
Cn.FK. R'y, Montreal  iii*-**        t*.
Oui. Pac. R'y. London  'OM     ....
Money,time  tf
Money,oncall  6
Quoted   by Alloway k Champion,
809 Main street, Winnipeg.
Kelchim.rks tt.to t*i
Aiulri.li Hidden Hll 5-1
Holland tinllilei*. 3D
fr.no. ltr-S
Roulan Rouble. flutM
rinnl.lill.rkku    'IS
Kronor SS
Italian Lire	
Wheat���No   I bud. Fort Willlan
Flour���Ogllvies���Hungarian patent
11.75; Glenora, 1.55; Manitoba stron-i
bakers, tl.86. Lake of the Woods-
Patent, 11.75; strong taken, 11.55,
second bakers, (1.85; XXXX, (1.05
per sack of 98 lbs. Discount at 50 per
sack to cull buyers.
Millfetd���Bran 111, and shorts ��18,
net price to dealers
Ground Feed���Best Oal ohop, 196
per ton; mixed barley and oata, 198.50
to 194.50; beat grades of com feed |10.
Inferior qualities |l7.60 per ton. Oilcake, |S4 per ton.
Oata���New, 89 to 88o; old, 45o.
Oatmeal���Ou lota of rolled about
11.85 for 80 lb. sacks.
Corn���Ou lott on traok here, 4l){o.
Barley���The first carlot wu sold at
38^0 on traok, Winnipeg.
Hay���Baled, 16.00 to 10.00 on traok
here   Loose hay on the street, 14 to |5.
Butter���Creamery, 18o at the factories i dairy, Uo for finest grades
Cheese���lie at pioduoing points
Eggt���Strictly fresh, 15o.
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, ohoioe, new
80o per bushel; peppers, 7 to 10c per
dot.; citron, l>��o per pound; carrots,
45o per bushel; parsnips, 90o per dot.
bunches; rhubarb, lo per lb.; radishes, lOo per doten tranches; green
onions, 10c per dot. bunches; cauliflower, l}��c per pound; tomatoes, 9}tfo
par ponnd; new peu, 9)i'o per pound;
butter beans, 9c per ponnd; cucumbers,
5o to 15o per doa.; cabbage, 16 to llo;
turnips, 95o per buthal; celery, SOo
per down bnnchet; broad beans, So
per lb.; tweet oorn, 8o per doatn oote.
pumpiins, io per pound; aquub, l>fo
ptr pound; marrow, 80 to 60o per doa.
******* Hoot���flVo pa* pemnA.
Hides���No. 1, ��|o; Na I, S^o; Na
8, 4 11. Kip, 6 to Wo; cmlf. 8a; dw*
Un skint, 96 to IDo tub; sheepskins
ud ItintaHnt, 40 to 55o; tent bidet,
50o to 75o each.
Wool���7 to 8o fer unwashed Manitoba fleeoe.
Dressed Meat.-Beef, t% to 7o;
mutton, 10 to llo; TttO, IH to 8)40;
pork, t% to o\e.
Poultry���Fowl, 50o per p-alr; spring
chiokens, ��B to 40c per pair; dnoks,
Do ptr pound; turkeys, llo per pound;
wild dnoks, 96 lo 40o per pair.
Cattle-Grass fed, off out at Winnipeg, 8 Ho ptr pound.
Shetp-Ohoioo Manitoba ttook, 4^0
6o per pound off oan.
Hogs���Selected weights, 15.00 ptr
100 pounds.
Milch Cows���Good new milkers are
worth from |80 upwards ta tha olty.
From Up for Two Yttrs.
Montreal, Sept. 18.���When tbe
steamship Enterprise steamed into port
from Manchester, her chief officer,
Oapt. Batty, related that near tbe
Straits of Belle Isle he fell in with the
schooner Era, of New Bedford, Mass.,
wbioh reported she bad been frozen np
for over two yean in Hodon's Bay, and
WU ouly fourteen days ont. The captain wu seriously ill, and medioal
attendance was required. Capt. Batly
oould not send a dootor u there wu
not one on bond tbt Enterprltt, bnt ht
supplied a quantity of medioine, and
the rohooner made for Ntw Bedford
titer her long absence. .
Veneistlu Revolution.
Ponoe, Sept 19.���Tbe steamer Philadelphia brings ntwt of tht waning
strength of tbt governmont of Vene-
antla. Tht insurgent leader hu itn
tboutad mtn. Tht oablt thd mall ire
otntored. President Andradt bu pur-
chased s Spanish gunboat of tight gnu.
At t tattlt on August 18 nttr Bar-
qolilmelo, to Insurgents oaptured two
thousud government troops.
Our I-tdy ef the Snows Is loyal te
John Bull, bul hss an awkward babll ef
doubling bis sorrows aud dividing his
Joys.-8l. Mills (lliibo-Hfinocral.
Tbe boundary line between the United
Stat,* and Canada It making to muck
trouble thai ll nay toon htvt to be
wiped tway entirely.���Pittsburg News.
Ctosdi't twn rest In Iht current con.
trovei-sy it refuted by even tt common
I tuiirre of stithoiliy u Ibe mips nf lhe
Rni-yclo|iedls Rrllnnnlet. wherein *the
boundary line claimed by Ibr United
Slules Is lit., only line given.���Seattle
(Wnah.l I'oallotelllfeunt.
Cervevt hat been acquitted by court
martial. He lints come, illln im-wesalnu
ot a closed Inrldinl.-Shui-srllle Cuinler.
Admiral Cervern ha. been acquitted of
ilen-licilnu nf duly by tbe Spiin'sb court
martini. Thai la one ml In lhe ch-ilii ef
Spain auylmw.-Bi. |-uuls Star
The acquittal of ibtl gallant ondcniirl
ly old gentleman. Admiral l.Vrfi-rn, hy
the Spanish court hitriitl Ibni tried bin
an Ihe elinritc nf nilaciniiliii-t at Sanlltg"
will please til geiieiinia nilmlnl Ainerl
rant CVrvera did bl. di-xlK-rate hc.1.
awl an man could have done mot*.���New
York WotM.
"New Possessions." |
Ifci Strove to Prtvut Wt Wut-
lig Hit Tint ul Hu-
baided Her Own Tin*
Then wu one bit window in tho anteroom, looking out upon tho itreet. nnd
cIom to It Laura Barton placed ber detk.
Thfa was tho onl; furniture In tbe apartment uto two chain and a big bookcase,
In which wai a noble array of diction*
arles and encyclopedias. Aa for decora-*
tlom, tbere was bnt one, a very largo
map of the world tbnt bung agalnit tbe
wnll opposite the books. It wai a qniet
little room, tbe last nnd Innermost of the.
Marsh St Drummond suit.
It was a rather humdrum Ufa tbat she
led. perhaps���at the office nt 8 o'clock
and borne (a boarding house) at 0; occn-
alonnlly a lecture with tbe landlady's
One rooming n mnn enmc Into the oflice. He wns a rather short man, witb a
big head nnd a good deal ot bnlr. one
utitlcwl ttilu lu a hasty glance over ber
"Ah. yes," hc said, "here It Is." and he
plained himself before the big map on
(lie wall. Uo stood there for u moment
nr two, and then Laura heard bim say:
"Oli. beg pardon; 1 didn't notice you. No
Intrusion. 1 bupuY"
8hc looked over her shoulder again.
The short mnn was bowing In ber direction. This time ihu saw tbat be wore
eyeglasses and tbat he bad a somewhat
nigged hut kindly face.
"Drummond told me to step In and
consult bis map," continued tbe abort
man. "I'm preparing a paper on our uew
possessions, and 1 wanted to get nty latitude correctly,. I hope 1 don't annoy
you ?"
"Not at all," murmured Laura.
"May XT
She looked np In surprise.
"Tbe fact Is." said tbe stranger, "what
with nty short stature aud short sight I
am rather at a loss to make ont tbe title*
of the upper sections of our new possesions over here In tbe Pacific. Would
you oblige me?"
Laura hesitated. Then tbe humorous
side of tbe affair appealed to ber, and she
arose and came forwnrd.
"It's nice to be so tall." murmured the
stranger admiringly.
"I'm no taller than yourself, I think,"
aald Laura.
"It (s alio nice to bare auch beautiful���
I ahould lay inch excellent eyes," said
the stronger.
Laura turned the beautiful eyei to the
map and somewhat coldly inquired what
be wished tn know. When be told bur,
she rend the names of the Islands to him.
He gravely put tbem down with a note or
two in a morocco book.
"If I had been taller," be somewhat
mournfully said, "there's no telling to
wbat heights I might, not have reached.
Thank you very much and good morning."
Laura went back to ber desk, and
somehow the merry rislt of the abort
man seemed to lighten tbe whole day.
She laughed wben ibe thought of It on
the way home.
It wai a little itrange, but she wasn't
really surprised when be dropped in again
tbe next morning.
"Hood dny," he said In his cheery
wny. " 'Our New Possessions' Is coming on famously. I'm still a little mixed,
however, on some of those double jointed
names." And before ibe quite knew It
sha wai again a-hllng Was. He only re*
uinlned a few minutes, however, and
then departed, with many thanks.   The
���.������i   niviiilitti  li*  .Jr<>|,t���i-��l  In  nfjAlM,  nnd
the nest, aud tbe next. If he missed a
morning, Laura somehow missed blra.
Hu was inch a cbeery fellow; io optimistic, so bright, so tovoble. Laura blushed
a little as ihe used tbii laat term. And
then a wave of pity ran over ber. It was
plain to be seen that with bis easy and
good natuied way tbli man conld never
be a aucceis In life. Here be was dawdling over a matter that might bave been
firlshed up In a day or two. How could
such an Idling fellow earn eveu a satisfactory living'/ It was a great pity tool
Ha was such a delightful character!
'Who was he? Bbe would ask oue of Ibe
clerks. No, sbe wouldn't. What waa
ibis Idler to ber?
When be dropped lo tbe next morning.
Lucira received bia greeting In a somewhat frigid manner.
"I'm afraid I anetfy you," he aald after
a moment's hesitation.
"No," said Laura quite boldly, "It Isn't
tbat. Hut don't you think yon are waiting a great deal of time on this���this
"No," laid tbt abort man, witb a amiie,
"I don't."
"And haven't you any employment of
mure importance?"
"No," inid tba abort man promptly, "I
I .a lira ilgbed. Hi waa clearly incorrigible.
"I'm sorry," ibt aald.
"I'm glad," laid tba abort man.
Laura blaxed up.
"But don't yon know that you are
wasting your opportunities?" ibe cried,
"Don't you know that without energy
you cau accomplish nothing? Don't you
care to rise In the world? Tou bare talent*. Why don't yon wake up and put
them to good usaT*'
Rhe couldn't have aald thia to bim If
be hadn't untied at her vehemeoce ao ex-
"And you would like to have me auo-
ceed?" be asked.
"Certainly X would/' Laura promptly
There waa a brief alienee. Tbe ibort
man looked thoughtful. He drew out bla
"I can't stay but a moment tide morn-
Iik," he aald. "I think I muit have
dropped In merely through force of habit."
"I hope 1 haven't"��� began Laura.
"Not at all," ha Interrupted. "Good
Laura felt a little conscience itrickett.
"But It wai for hia own good," ihe consoled herself. And then Mr. Drummond
entered the room.
"Miss Barton," he laid, "we have never nsked you to attend to any of our
court business, but occasion may aruw
when yonr service* In that connection
will be required. In order to familiarize
yourself with tba work I wish you would
visit one of the courtt-oomi this morning.
I will send Barry with you, and he will
enlighten you on lucb points aa are necessary. Tou are not to do any work, you
understand; limply to become acquainted
witli courtroom routine."
It waa n big case, young Barry Informed her on tbe way over. It Involved a
very large sum claimed aa damages, and
It wai bitterly contested. "All tha big
legal guns will be there," said the boy.
"John Stetson's going to wind up for the
Tbey were early enough and lucky
enough to secure seati inside tbe outer
railing, for tbe courtroom was loon crowded. Laura looked about her with nn Interested glance. Then ibe jmddenly
started. Her friend tbe short man wa*
coming briskly down the aisle. Wai It
the same man? Hia thick hair waa
brushed back from hll forehead, bl* eye
gleamed, he walked with r quick elastic
step. Vet It certainly wai tbe man of tbe
Laura twitched Harry'i ileere.
"Who Is that man Juat Mating himself
nt the table?" ah* whispered.
"Thnt? Why, that'i John Stetson.
Hnveu't you seen him before? That's
fuuny. He'i moved Into our block, you
know, nnd hi* offices are jnst at the otber
end of the ball on our Boor. Ain't he a
corker? I tell you," said Barry oracularly, "If old Jndge Banning li at tbe head
of the local bar John Stetson li a mighty
close second."
It was a wonderful plea tbnt John
Stetson made that morning. Clear, concise, logical, witty, sarcastic, Indignant,
passionate. Tbe little man seemed to
grow as he faced tbe jury. And what a
voice nnd what gestures!
A buss ran through the courtroom ai
he finished, and Laura hurried Barry
from the room. It waa luncheon time,
but she walked aimlessly about tb*
streets during her half hour nooning. She
bad no thought of luncheon. Then she
went back to ber desk, but she couldn't
work. She wn* nervous aod unstrung,
and she felt like crying.
Along toward tbe middle of the afternoon Barry put bin head In the door.
"Thought yon might like to know that
John Stetson won bis case," hu said.
"Jury wasn't out but 20 minutes. Jobn'll
get ten thousand out of It If he get* a
It was close to S o'clock when another
caller filled the doorway. This time It
was the man whom ibe half feared
would come.
"Ob," sbe cried, with a fiery blush, "1
am so humiliated!"
"Nonsense," he cheerily said.
"But I heard tbat splendid speech I"
"I saw you there," be laid.
"Tou law me?"
"Yes. I���In fact, I knew you would be
*'Tou knew?"
"Yes. Tou remember you said you felt
an interest In my welfare, and I waa conceited enough to ask Drummond to send
you over to tbe courtroom." Laura burled her blushing face In ber hands.
"There, there, you bave nothing to reproach yourself with. ! wasn't quite fair
and above board In (be matter. Tbe trouble seems to be that wben a man whose
nose has been kept to* the grindstone all
bli life rclnxei a little, he Is apt to overdo It. Perhaps Pm a natural Idler, after
all." -
Laura looked up.
"And 'Our New Possessions?'" ah*
shyly asked.
"Something of a pretense," said the
���tout man, with a smile. He sat down
beside ber desk. Ha waa evidently a little embarrassed,
. "Let me tell you all about tt," ha said.
"I am 30 years old and never had a play
spell. It's high time, you see, for me to
begin. A year or two more ond 1 might
forget how. Well, one dny 1 saw you.
Perhaps you don't believe In affinities, 1
do. I'm a dry old lawyer, but I've never
lost my boyhood's Ideal of womanhood. I
determined to become acquainted with
you. I generally succeed In what I undertake." He paused a moment. Laura
was looking out of the window. Ha went
on tn a lower voice: "But tbat 'Now Possessions' Idea wasn't entirely a fraud,
Tou see, It 1* well to get acquainted with
tbe possessions you covet before thy alliance Is suggested. And then, too, there
must bo an equal willingness on the part
of both partlea to the proposed alliance.
Resides thll"��� He paused abruptly.
.Miss Barton's shoulders were moving
suspiciously. She wa* laughing at hii
John Stetson aro** to hi* feet. H*
looked toward th* door. Laura'* hat and
cape caught bl* eye. He took tbem from
tbu books and came back to tbe dealt.
"Here, Laura Barton," be briskly said,
"It's hlgb time you started home," Hh*
meekly aro** aod faced bim. He pnt th*
cap* about h*r shoulders aod offered her
tbe hat Aa ibe tilled It tn both hands to
ber bead bo luddenly added: "I've changed my mind about tbat 'posieuloni' theory. 1 guns tbe old way I* tho beat. If
you bore the power, atep right up en-It
take poisesslon of wbat you want by
fore* of arm*."
Then be pot hi* arm about ber aod
klised her.-W. B. Roe* In Uleveltod
Plain Dealer,
Itching Piles for 15 Years
Operations were of no wall-(tare Effected
by one box and a half of
Mr. W. P. Thornton, Blacksmith. Calgary, N. W. T���
"For It yetrs I .uffered untold agouy from Hltid, ilehlug pile,,
and oan boueallj say I hart speut about |1,000 trying different to-
called ooree, and nave been nnder treatment with well-known ph/st-
oltui In Orlllia, Peterboro and Lekefleld. I bad IS tumors removed,
bnt obtained no potill.e enre. t ban tnfftnd more than I ou tell, *
bnt ou now tay that, thanks to Dr. Ohtse't Ointment, I om poslti-rely
onrtd aud by ont boi and a half, and I consider Iht little Ointment I
ban remaining worth Itt wtlgbt in gold."
Dr. Chase's Ointment is the only guaranteed cure for
piles, the only cure which has never been known to fail.
Sixty cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmansqn, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. r
Golden Eh-A-
ooliikn, nniTlsii COI.IHIUIA.
A Brief Dialog.. Hear* nl a Summer
Flint Little Olrl (nt fashionable summer resort)���I'm nwfnl glad to get
'qualuted with you, 'cause you're nice.
Second Little Cirl-So'm I with yon.
Flint's wbat we come for. Mamma
lays so herself.
"To get 'qualnted?"
-Yes, with nice people���people In so*
ilely, you know."
"Why, that's just wbat mamma
fonts. We're to get 'qualnted with
teople In society."
"Ain't you in society In the city?"
"No.   Yon are, aren't you?"
"No. We've been rakln and acrapln
be wbole winter to come bere and get
lunlnted with people In society, yon
"So'ro we."
"Then your folk ain't anybody at
"Neither art we."
"Uuess there ain't much use In nt
ittln 'qualnted,"
"Guest not"
e Hero Worshiper���Do you tup-
be would hare uuy chance with
In a fair, stand up tight, Witssy?-
Vork .lournnl.     ���	
for Unart'i ail late m otter.
apathbtio hwrrmx
writes:���"I hod for a long time bttn
Ing of -hying the Samaria Pnsot*ip-
reatment on my husband for hu
Ing of trying the Sunorla Kwi
reatment on my husband for hie
"���{���aJiti, bntlwaaafraidhtwonU
er that I wo. giving hlra medioine.
e thought nnnerred me. I hwluted
wlyaweek, but on* day wh.nl*.
horae -nry muoh Intoxicated ud
ek'ssalanr nearly all spent, I threw
fear and determined to make u
to snvs onrhuuit rruiu tnt runrr -
���mini, at all haiurdt. I sent for
anuria Prescription and pnt It in
fee aa directed next morning ud
id and prayed for the result At
gave him more and also at supper,
jer suspected a thing, and I ton
kept right on giving It regularly, aa
llaoovered something thai set ertiT
a my body tingling with hop. ud
sas. and f could see a bright Start
out baton nig���a peaceful, happy
l share In the good things of life, in
re, loving husband, comforts, and
Jng else dear to a woman's heart,
husband had told me tliat whisks*
s stuff and he was taking a dlsllkt
tt was only .too true, for befon I
en hiin the full oouae he had stop-
?,k "* "'fSB6'1'8'. but I kept giving
lolne UlUt wo. gone, and then senl
ther lot to haveon hand lfheshonld
as he had done f rum his promises
He never has; and I am writing
i letter to tell yon how thankful I
honestly believe it will eon tht
mphle. In plain, sealed envelope,
��, giving testimonials nnd fnll to-
on, with directions how ta take or
it��Samarla Frescriptloa Oon*
io; ooiuldemt awredly aonflden-
ddr*H The S.marla RamadyO?.
ttittfc TonmfcfoS^^' "*���
bu no*equal for air. ahouldara
Mjanuiiniror of Green way fam
The n.atl... Kala.r,
r Wlihelm'a restlessness hat
; about the retirement In dis-
I the chief magistrate of tbe
strict Wben tbt baiter visit-
i lately, a programme waa ar-
according lo which he waa to
talned at luncheon at a certain
id waa then to make a tt-l-
progrett through a uumber of
where school children and so-
f oil klnda were to be arrayed
ir tide lo greet bim. The
tslsted on getting up from the
n hour before tbe appointed
bleb upset tbt irraagemeutt.
ht found tht ttreett desertnl
ourney. Tbt magistrate bad
>r the Suit.
U Ul 1
���Is DlltaMMt
t know whether I'll tvtr get
i lo serve my oountry la an
position ar not," uid th*
in with a bright, restless eye,
test and Induitrlous," wid ilia
Ith ready niadt ��dvlc*. .
f count. Bnt It I to honest
tstrlous I am Htble to get
Ml If 1 get rich people will
ipnd tbe polls tnd point Iht
scorn it mt tt a bitted oapl-
A rtlud In Heed,
itr In tbe rural distriot wrott
'Ing nott to * frltnd of bis:
sill: I want you lo do me t
>r. BUI, old boy, If I'm tried
ra o* court, I'll bt bung ftr
)w, BUI, what I want you to
ll to shoot tht judge In tht
t ain't git out handy.  Don't
Bill, bnt Jett cripple him
that* Constitution.
t Imperlout getlurt tht ar-
mention of Ibe waiter.
balls!" ahe cries, In a lond,
xly Is deceived, Everybody
aware tbat tbt It a stranger
stpn.    ,
It not genuine culture, bul
lyjjiyi, ,
mm LuMui ma.
Whereapon the ��'Corpn>"*3��t I >�����!�� bt
Im tha Coffin.
John Tapscott of Dal laa county, Tex.,
tells the following story of he dentil of a
trotuau who was a cousin ��f hia mother,
then living in Ilfrucomb, loglmid, whicli
occurred many years ago Mr. Tajwcott
Mild: "When the lady li question wni
buried, there wns upon h>r linger a valti-
able diamond ring. Tbeacston who officiated at her funeral wis aware of thi*
fact, nud it excited bia.'upldity. He reasoned thnt he was por, the lady wa*
dead ami tbe valuable jewel could be of
oo possible usfe to be* down in the cold,
dark tomb, but conli lie possess It the
cash it would brtof would buy mnny
comforts for Ills witfand little ones. He
resolved to disinter the body mid steal
the ring,
"About the hour / in id uight following
tbe burial be stealtMy exhumed the lady,
opened ber coffin b the pale glimmer of
the waning moon, .nd, lifting the white,
dainty band, atteipted to take off the
beautiful ring. Itfitted so tight, however, that be could lot remove it, and desiring to get throigh with his grewsom*
tusk as quickly *p possible, he took out
his pocket knife, intending to amputate
tho finger which refused to give up Its
"No sooner bid be made nn Incision
than the auppoed dead woman suddenly
sat holt upright In ber coffin. Tbe startled sexton, frkhtened almost to death,
fled with the speed of n cannon ball
"You ��e, th* woman wns In a cataleptic state and iiipposed to be dead. The
moment tbe texton's knife entered the
flesh her neruus system responded with
tbe rapidity rf telegraphy, tbe circulation
started up, aid she began to breathe. The
cool nlgbt ni' re-rived ber enough for her
to get out cf the coffin and walk to ber
home, a mlb or moro away. Ringing the
doorbell,1'her husband looked down from
a second st*ry window and was startled
at seeing < ghostly, white robed figure
standing on the porch below. He was too
frightened to come down, but after repeatedly tinging tbe doorbell the door
was openej hy the servants. After the
consternaton of the moment wns over a
most bnppf reunion followed between tbe
woman and her household. The poor sexton wa* mt only not prosecuted for grave
robbing, bit the grateful woman presented bim with the coveted ring, while ber
husband jure bim a largo sum of money.
His greedy desire for the ring had been
tbe means of her rescue. She lived several years and bore several children before she died lo fact."���St. Louis Globe-
The * travel* to Make m Fort una ���������
(ore Thar Ranch Thirty.
No reader cau escape the general impression of Intense, feverish, concent rated effort on the part of Chicago's young
men. No observer can fall to notice the
mad rush for money on the pnrt of every
youth���that youth wbich is nt once maturity and childhood, which is at once inexperience and wisdom. It Is tbe ever
present, tbe never ceasing, tbe bust*
compelling condition of tbe town. Young
men of 26 leap Into business, fight furiously and unceasingly every mooieut of
the day���on tbe street, at luncheon, lo
greeting acquaintances, as In tbe office or
market Tbey force Into play every
nerve and faculty: tbey bring every attribute of tbeir being to bear in swift assembling, sudden Investing of fortune
from the gods; they run; they hurry;
tbey have no time to speak whole sentences) tbo/ know boforo yon finish tvliat
you would say and wrest your weapon
of defense by r.nswer* like revelations,
but, -Kb-ow-sli,* ****** remit,      ���        ��� ��� ��� -*���
Well, they must! They -have but ten
year*, lo which to conquer tbe world.
From 20 to 30 1* tbeir limit. If tbey are
note firmly established at the latter age,
they become useless and Join tbe great
army of incompetents wbo know more,
bnt are worth less. If they nre successful at SO, tbey will retain fortune to tb*
Ther* are exception* to this rule, but
tbey are true. Some men essay the fortress of fortune when their hair Is gray
and their hands unsteady and achieve it.
Some "come back" at 50, after fulling
repeatedly until thnt time, but tbe man
of SO without estate must calculate tha
heavy chances are against bhn. It will
be like a mlrncle If lie ever acquires.
Now, It Is a fearful thing to look from
nnder gray hairs at defeat. It Is th*
saddest thlug In tbe world. No wonder
the young men hurry. Tbey must.���Chicago Port.	
Ivy Prevents Dampness.
There Is a current opinion tbat Ivy bas
a tendency to rot tbe thing to which it
clings. Thll la true of a large number of
otber climbing plants, but not of Ivy, for
It render* tb* walla of almost every bouse
to which It clings entirely free from
damp, extracting erery particle of moisture from wood, brick or atone for ita
own sustenance. This it does by mean*
of Its tiny roots, wbich can work tbeir
way even Into tbe hardest stone. Wben
tbe wsll* are well covered witb ivy, tbe
overlapping leaves will conduct water
fulling upon them from point to point until tbe ground is reached, without allowing tbe walls to receive any moisture
whatever from tbe beating rain. If tbere
should be nn exceptional case of ivy covered walls showing signs of dampness,
that will be found to arise from their
having been erected on n wet and Improperly drained *lt*.-CievcIand I'l-alii
Dealer,     - -       v	
Chappie bad Just returned from a visit
to England.
"Now, my dear boy," said bl* friend
wbo met him on tbe pier, "keep your
mouth that. Don't ssy a word to the
custom home people."
"Pawner, nowr laid Obapple. "Aod
why, me deob fellab?"
"Because they'll make you pny duty on
that now English accent of yours,"
"Quit* sol" aald Cbnpptc.
Aud be smuggled It In,-Harper's Ba*
Waat feme Oee latter,
"I lire you very much, papa," said 5-
yesr-old Willie, as he crawled up oo his
father's knee,
"And I lov* you, too, Willie, when you
are food," replied the father.
"But, papa," continued the little fellow, not to be outdone, "J love yon just
tbe earn*, even wben j ou ain't no good."
-Chicago New*.
If* Case em Resar-it
"Brooks," asked Hirers, "do 700 know
what will enre a wartT"
"I never heard of a wart being ilek,"
aald Brook*, without looking op from bla
writlM.-^lfflaft Bftwl,   ,
Aaea-aatei Vew.
Ut. Crude (to wife at breakfast ta-
We)���Our neighbor, Mr. Lena, the Astronomer, tell* me that they have die-
oovered moro spots on the ran.
Crud*. Jr.���That's right, pop. I pnt
them then In a little scrap he and 1
had yesterday.���Richmond Times.
Coat re* a **�����*!����� Part*
"Marry mel" fat pleaded. "Say yon
will many mel"
Don't  te ao Importunate,"  ahe
arged.   "Oite toe time to think."
���'No, ne,"h* answered t "you hare
IU tonmoh talent to te oast for *
Clark.'. Kola Compound OMoiMll--
Testeil by the ltiltl-.li Colnmbl.
Governmont at the Home for hi.
cnrAbl.., Kamloops, H. C, th.
Medioal' Niip.rlntend.at Pronounced Long .landing-   Casee   Cured.
Many temporary relief asthma remettic.
have during the imst few years been placed
before the public, Tint until the introduction to
the medical profession of Clarke's Kola Compound, nothing has lieen fouud to have any
effect on preventing future attacks. The
Medical Superintendent for tho hume forin*
ourables in Kamloops, il. c, has hud, |irol.*sbly
Iho best chance in Canada to thurouglily lest
thia wonderful remedy for asthma. He reports
that on the Hire, cases of asthma whole
Clarke's Kola Compound has been tried, in not
a single Instance did it fnll to cure, and on one
particular case, a lady hnd been coin-inert to her
lied most of Hie timo for nearly a year preTioils
to taking this remedy, and less Ulan three bullies have completely cured Iter. Over one year
lias now passed, nnd there has not been tlm
slightest indication of uslhina returning.
Over foi cases have nlnmlv been cured 1.
Canada a'o e by tills remedy. Sold by nil
ilrupaisls. Free lainplc bottle scut lo any person. Mention this pl|ier. Adilri'-s. The Griffiths
A MacirtuTsuii Co.. 1:1 church street. Toronto,
or Vanconver, 11. C, sole Canadian agont..
Mni'rli-d    Conple*.    Well.    Adorned
Wilh Literary rnl.-liniu-k.
A young iiiiu-i-lcil cottplu who i-ncotitly
went liottSL-keeplug on Clylioui'ii live*
uiio Iiinl just enough money to liny tlio
necessary furniture. Thoy luul not
siillleli'iit ensh to Invest In mottoes nml
pictures. The young wire Is linmly
With a brush, but hns considerable yel
to learn In books. She mndo au effort
to supply the deficiency In mottoes for
the wall by working at odd times on
plain cardboard with water colors.
Here are some of the mottoes that now
adorn Ihe f.'lybouru avenue homo:
"A Stitch In Timo Is the Noblest
Work of Cod."
"What Is Home Without a Fool and
Ills Money?"
"People Who Live In Glass Houses
l-'lock Together."
"Birds of a Feather Gather No
"Honesty Is the Thief of Time."
"lie Who Fights and Runs Away
Gets the Worm."
"If In Union There Is Strength,Then
'TIs Folly to Be Wise."
"Procrastination Is but Skin Deep."
"The Sword Ain't In It Willi tbe
"How Sharper Than a Serpent's
Ohild It Is to Have a Thankless
"Early to Bed and Early to Rise Is
ss Bad as a Fire."
"He Tbat Goes A-borrowIng Makes
I Mnn Healthy, Wealthy and Wise."
"Great Oaks Should Keep Near
"Economy Never Did Run Smooth."
"Use the Rod and Save the Jam."���
Chicago Inter Ocean.
In Old Madrid.
The proud don and tbe hearty American met In the cafe.
"After all, we Americans"���began
the latter.
"It would sound better the other
way, senor," Interrupted tbo don.
"Why not sny, 'We Americans nre
lifter all; are after everything; art
after tho n'ltnlo, whole -v<.rldP '*     .    .
And there was a tinge of bitterness
that even tlio sweej_\vlm*t t""'1'1 *"���'
Modern Improvement..
"Were you annoyed by that resignation rumor?" Inquired the friend.
"Not lu the least." answered Oom
Paul, turning for a moment from the
telephone In the brewery. "If we nre
going to show thnt the Transvaal republic Is a first class article, with all
modern Improvements, It's time we
were having a few resignation rumors,"���Washington Star.
A Choice of Tito BTtla.
"Mamma," snid the slatternly daughter, "wo ought to have a screen door
to keep the mosquitoes out."
"My child," answered the woman at
the sewing mat-blue, "we can't keep
ont both the wolf and tbe mosquitoes."
���Chicago Trlbuue.
"I'm tired of lift, ud I hellevt .I'll
blow my brains out I"
"Jnst my Idea, only Iht report ot
Drenrms always makes mt to ner rout!"
-Hollers Welt
A Dream Dl.p.ll.t.
He saw hor standing by tbt itatbort
with a dreamy look In her eyes.
"She Is composing a poem," ht ttld-
"perbaps n sonnet on the tea,"
But suddenly she turned and sold:
"Mister, how fur does this here mill
pond go?"-Atlanta Constitution.
Hunter. Aro Always Doing Thnt.
Deer are reported plenty In Kennobee
county, nud hunters are anticipating
royal sport when clott time It off,���
Bangor Commercial.
Trials af aa Aathop,
Sbo-Whnt have you In thit Itrgt
He-A manuscript���my ntw comedy.
I'ln going to hnve It copied.
Bbo-WlMt-ngaluf-Untei*   Gesell-
l.ookloa Hit Dot.
Blgson-IIow well you're looking tbit
morning, Jlgson.
Jlgson-Vos; 1 nerer looked belter la
my life. I'm looking for a man who
owet mt ��5.���Tlt-BltB.
"Do yon takt aa outing this summer, Billy I"
"Yet; I get my Innings la August "
-Chlctgo Rtcord.
Tea. to tha toll,
UcBwttttr-He hat everything  at
kit anfsrs' tndt, that professor. ..
We|wltti|��-SVM rial tttatt .
Ur-iHtiitlH l"��r SiiKiticifHi.
"When I UIkm yon. Eitxni*. you mv
nol iifrnhl I wu gohiK to iiKk for
umiH'.v, j:iv yuu?"
"No. Ural's l>ut I'm nfralil yon'vo nl-
ready eletiuwl mt| put while I waa
astct'ii."-Chicago IU-conl.
nviiU-niir oat,
Knnni'i' .(bni's-Thoy say Llje'a out o'
Pnrnior Smith���Ghfeaso! Anyway, lie
paid uli hia milwghltfo whuu lie mi^lit
'a' Imil it K'liiMvofl Jps'swi'H'c not.���
Detroit ildiiruftl.
A Juuriifv N��'i'BMnrj.
"Chini. you admit that we would he
moro comi'ortahle at home In the hot
"Yea. hut everybody otie ti gouo.
Who will sco my now clothes?"���Chicago Itecortl.
Wouldn't Take tl.e Hint.
Mrs. Sweet���Iii'iwem. whnt Is the
prettiest thing In Jewelry you bave
seen this yew?
Mr. Sweet���I've seen nothing, my
love, ro chnruiliig an you.���JewelunV
t'nnae not] F.ltovt,
"Why ore you crying. Km Oil?"
"Becauso I'unl struck uw!"
"He's a bad boyi Why did ho strike
"Becauso I struck    hluiT���Hcltero
Rlvnl Star*.
"Dewey's praises nro oa every
"Oh, I don't know. How about the
new golf chnmplon?"���Chicago Record.
ITinnDt'ITDI? will Ileal imli m-old wmindsfn
ULuIlfiiiUnii rnnii or \ieant.  It bus no equal
Slie t'ii!l(��t]  Hiin N'-uine-N.
Suddenly a bicycle lamp was turned
oil a d:irk corner of Ihe piazza, nnd a
iiltuililng girl was discovered.
"Why do you blush?" they asked her.
"I���I think." she replied fnlterlngly,
"one of those kissing bugs is somewhere about here."
Tho young mnn sitting by her side
got up and walked nway with every Indication of imllguatlon.���Chicago Tost.
Thomas S. Ballon, Sunderland, writes:
"For fourtfon yean I wai afflicted with
Fl ea; and fmpi nt'y I was arable to
walk or sit, bat fnut years ago I was
cured by using I.).- Thomas' Kolectrio OU.
I have also been subject to Quinsy for
over forty ye: w, but; Eolcotrlo OH cired
lt, aad It was u i unmnent oure In both
cares, as nn-thet tha Piles nor Qntuty
have troubled ine since."
I*nita  Mode a Threat, So DlNorctlon
Wan the Better I'art of Valor.
It wns night, nnd the sllveru'rnys of
tho moon sifting through tbe woodbine
leaves disclosed to the view of a close
observer uu Indistinct mass thnt might
be most anythlug, possibly n young
man and a young woman lu a hammock on a plnwui. It was n beautiful*
calm, serene night, when the leaves Iu
tlm lives barely rustled. Ever ami
anon, however, there came forth frou*.
mat blurry mnsB n sound that, brotu
the stillness. It wns a peculiar, iudo
soiiUwl*M MMintii cimJii-ii' t*> thut emitted
when two sheets of stick fly paper tut
hastily torn apart. Suddenly from a
second story window above came a
large, deep voice thnt wns easily thai
of the owner of the premises.
"Vor heaven's sake, Maud, whnt are
you doing down on the piazza?" wns
the query which awoke the echoes of
the night aud startled tbat samo inert
mass-.In to immediate action.
l-'or a second all was once more still,
and then came a sweet, muffled voice
in reply, "I'm trying to catch one of
those kissing bugs, papa," tt snid.
"If the blamed thing don't know
enough to go home before tbis time of
night, It ought to be caught. Walt til)
I get n club, and I'll be dowu aud bell
you," growled the same basso pro-
fundo, and a sound of hurried move
ment floated down from above. Iu less
than half a second a well developed
bug, with straw hat In hand nnd coal
tails flying behind, was doing a fast
sprint down tbe street, ond nnothei
valuable specimen wns lost to science.
-Brockton Enterprise.
The Onlj War.
"Yes,"  remarked  Handy  Pikes,  "dat
wiiz a pretty clever piece of bizness in
dat feiliMv pacing n train wid his bike,
bat  1 did de same trick walking one
"De train want movla fast?"
"Yep; 'bout a mile a inlnnet."
"Do yer fink I'm easy?   How cud yer
pace a fust train like tint?"
"By walkin up an d<>wn on do roof of
da cars."���Chicago Nows.
Spnlai, Sttatat ud iBjuriM of tht
Hut l�� the proof i-
Un. t. Homing, Glts-jw Street,
Guelph, Out., stysi "Doan's Kidney
Pills are grand. I have not been III sine,
taking them, which wss over a year ago
last winter, and on give them my warmest
praise i for they restoredmetohealtliafter
ac years of tlllbrlng. Twenty-five years
ago.' sprained my back severely, and ever
since my kidneys have been In a very bad
atate. The doctors told mt that mV left
kidney especially was In a very bad eon.
ditlon. A terrible burningpsln was always
present, and I suffered terribly from lura.
bago and pain In tho small or my back,
together with otlier painful and distressing
symptoms, common In kidney complaints.
1 could not sleep, and auffered much from
salt rheum.
"When I first commenced Itklng Doan't
Kidney PlUt I had little or no faith In them,
but I thought I would liy themi tnd It
proved tht best experiment I over made.
I had only taken two boxes when the pain
left mjr back entirely* Three boxes more,
or five In all, made a complete cure.
"After 35 years' of suffering from kidney
disease Ita now healthy and strong again,
and will be pleased to substantiate what I
havt aald, should anyone wish to enquire.''
Laxa-LIvar PUta an tht most
perfect remedy known for the curt of Constipation, Dyspepsia BMoasnest tnd Sick
Headache. They work without a gripe
or ptlh, t^iaot ttcktnor wttkta or Itay*
any bad after elhcla.
Cramps d Colic
Always relieved promptly by
Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild
When you aro .seized with an attack of
Cramps or doubled up ivith Colic, you
want a remedy you atv sure will give you
relief aod givo it quickly, too.
Yuu don't want an untried something
that may help you. You want Dr. Fowlers
Extract of Wild Strawberry, which every
one knows will positively cure Cramps aad
��. Colic quickly.     Just
.^^y^   a adoseortwoandyou
"J have case.
But now a word of
proof to back up these
assertions, and we
have It from Mr. John
Hawkc, Cotdwater,
Out., who writesi
of Wild Strawberry is
a wonderful cure for
Diarrhoea, Cramps
and pains In tho stomach, I was a great
sufferer until I gave it a trial, but now I
have perfect comfort."
*       EXT-OF   ���
WILD   v
T ud lln-tvii.
"John tried his beMI In get in till1 rutl
way limit service/* wild the old man.
"but tbe pesky iVIlrrti whnt axed bim
iltli'Btlona ttimed him down in lesstlpie
Mian It takes to tell It. mi what I've got
to sny 'bout it Is. wluit could the gov-
'"���nineiit expect of n poor boy tliat
li.-ver went lo school no had no boob
InrnlnV"���Atlanta Cunatltill ton.
Sore   Iluck  or Side
Is nromptly relieved of all pain by us
ing Griffiths' Menthol Liniment. This
remedy Immediately penetrates to the
painful parts, relieving in a few minutes.
Menthol Liniment Is superior to plaster*
>jf any kind for lame hank, pleurisy, cold
un chest, eto.   -All druggists, -'Sots.
An Important Couslilerntlon.
"How would you like lo have a
chunk of gold weijrhliifj oltfhl pounds?"
snhl the boy who wns reading fairy
"I dumio," answered Farmer Corn-
tOHsel. "ll 'ml depend on whore h
comes from. New Vork city or the
Klondike."���\Vnshliistou Star.
Gentlemen���While driving dowu o
very Rteep hill last August my horse
Htumblul and fell, catting himself fear
fully about Ihe head and body I uscn
MINARD'S IiINIMBNT freely on him
and in u few days he was as well in-
over. J. B. A. BEAUOHEMIN.
A C'nftlvufcti Hoi-Klur.
"That burglar Is highly educated.
Did you uotice how cultivated his
speech was?" ���
"Yes, I did. lie was even so particular as to speak of bis Jimmy as 'my
able assistant .lames,' "���Tit-Bits.
There ond Here.
"In India only I woman In every 180
Is able to read."
"Well, I don't believe moro than 1
lo every 1G0 of our own women is able
to read anything besides tlio dry goods
ads."���Chicago Times-II era id.
The great demand for a pleasant, safe
and reliable antidote for all affections of
the throat and lungs is fully met with In
Blokle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It Is
a purely Vegetable Compound, and acts
promptly and magically lu subduing all
coughs, oolds, bronchitis, Inflammation
of toe lunge, eto. It Is so palatable tbat
a child will not refuse It, and is put at a
(irloe that will not exclude the poor from
ts benefits.
Gettln* to Be a Dully Huhfi.
"John," snid Airs. Scroggins, "I've
beeu watching you closely for the past
live minutes. What nre you hunting
for in that paper? You ore scanning
the Items as anxiously as .If you were
a defaulter and expected to find a re
port of your misdeeds in print."
"Nothing of the sort Is the matter
with me, Cilorlann," be replied. "I'm
just trying to Hnd out what boat-the
emperor of Uorriinnyjioarded yester
day for the purpose'of building up
.'deadly relations."���Chicago Times
ITI ni'DffIIDr~ll*!*L'tM",lien,loil hy ���tookmsaM
ULu-bnilUnD beat emu mr wounds and sores
Tha fltranvest Part of It.
"There Is one truly remarkable thing
abont the French duelist"
"I suppose you refer to the fact thai
be never hurts his adversary?"
"No; he doesn't even hit the lnno*
cent bystander. "���Chicago Times-Herald 	
Enjorlar BU Vacation,
"Your boy seems to bt enjoying excellent health now." remarked a neighbor.
"Ye* " replied Mr. Bilkins, "he hai
aot complained of an ache or pain
iliice school closed. "���Ohio State Journal. 	
A Peeatfar Affliction.
"No, Winklobat can't ride A wheel"
���'Why not?"
"High action. At every revolution of
the pedals his knees fly np and knock
hit bands from the handle bar."���Clevt-
land Plain Dealer
WOE CutUibout wid .end ll lom witli the iwm nr rotv
Hfl ui ureit i'*rr��w(>mi-�� Md KB mil thin rou Hits Vtolia
����� ��ltli Outfit by UpM luliKL (0 MiUillMUun.il.
u*tlM At*your msccm oMue. uid )r rou find It tnottrM
J_._wem'Mratit*u>d MiUrtl-r ��-iiw&rtoiy,p��ya��
���emem ***,imi agent oar ai-dil prim Htfujl
-.uiikm cmrem   Wt ti A "Mir nuUh-td.
liniuUr If (M Smdlwltii rottUl VlaUa,
Frilhlj ealond, hlitily poll-tlmd, powerful
,       ud met is tone,   Goiwhtt witli Om
m bow. Min Ml of rtrlMj ud Mfe~4MMl��
.Mm*tatr 4 MtFarkvte, Bex  W L, Toronto, Ont
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
Sirnbe I'nl SmiLf.
A sight \vna witnessed one dny at
the Zoo that Iiuh been tho talk of the
people umuagiiig the aiilmnls of the
garden ever since. Keeper Myers, who
has charge of Ihe minke cages, was
about to feed Uie reptiles, when, to his
lii.iTor, he saw one blneltsuake mens-
iiriug six feet devouring lis mute,
which was nboiit tbe same length and
slue of Itself. The reptile hnd swallowed Its fellow head first, ami only n
fool nnd a half still remained outside
lis mouth. It was lying quietly, and
about once every lit) seconds a swallowing motion would seize It, when as
much as two Inches of Its meal would
disappear. Myers opened tho cage
ami. grabbing Uie powerless Bnako by
the tail, begun tugging away to release
it. This proved io be no easy task, ns
the enmilbalisllcnlly Inclined ipougter
hnd a firm hold on its breakfast. After severnl minutes of pulling that
brought Ihe perspiration otit on the
keeper the sunke was set at liberty
(���'or a time It seemed paralyzed, bul
gradually regained it3 strength.���Clu
pluimii lOiiimlm*.
-Parmalee's VegaUble Pills ate ibe result of soli ntl/lo tt tidy ot the effects of extracts of certain roots und herbs upon the
digestive organs. Their uso has demon-
���itratal in many InetanceH that they regulate the action of the Li vt r uud the Kid-
ueja, purify the blood aud carry off all
morbid Accumulations from the pyetem.
They are easy to take, and their aotion Ig
mild and beneficial.
Some Alfii Are llnrii <:��ul��mptll>l#.
"Yon know Uiai shirt waist you nre
so proud of? Well. 1 went to tbe circus last week, and there was the clown
wearing the very .same pattern."
"Did it create an impression V"
"Yes; everybody roared."���Cleveland
I'lalii Dealer.
WIIIIiih to Par*
Madam Newrlebe��� I  want   a
class passage to Dublin.
Agent���Yes, ma'am.
Madam Newricbo���And I Insist upon
having a smooth passage, uo matter
what tho cost.���Boston Transcript.
Good NelBhliora.
Brooks���How do you tike our new
neighbors by this time?
Mrs. Brooks ���KIrst rate. Tbey
haven't refused me a" single thing yel
tliat I have wanted to borrow.���Ohio
Slate .Journal.
rxclptent of a pill In tho substance which
unfolds the Ingredients nnd inuke*! up the
pill muss. That of Parmalee's Vegetable
Pills Is so compounded as to preiervc
ihelr moisture, und they can be carried
Into any lntitude without Impairing
their strongth^ Mnny pills, In order to
keep them from ndherlog are rolled In
powders, whioh prove nauseating to the
taste. Pnrmnleu's Vegetable Pills ars bo
prtipared that they are agreeable to the
moat delicate.
.VHttlilKirlmml Cnate.
"Mas. Jorkons, 1 saw you going Into
Mrs. Brash's house today."
"Yes, but I have no acquaintance
with her nt all; 1 Just use ber telephone."���Chicago Itccord.
Tin* Sen Definition.
"Klondike luck" al the present time
seems (o mean (lie safe arrival of lha
prospector at the front gale of a sympathetic relative III the States.-SU
Louis Ulobe-Democrat.
Tho. Sahln, or Egllngton, say��! '"l
have roni'ved ten o tne fr ut iii? fett
with Hollow.-y s Corn Curo." Header,
go t! oa and do 1 kewlac.
A C'ompnrUoii.
She (musically Inclined)-What Is
your oplulon of Wagner's works?
He���Never saw Ilium, bul I don't
suppose they are In It wilh I'ulliiiau's.
���Chicago Dally News.
Tii* tt��iil -L'urn-iii'j Trouble.
Smalt bills are said to be scarce, but
those "little bills" may be counted upon io come around ns usual the first of
tbe month.���Boston Transcript.
M thrr (irn���*�����*' Worm KxMrmlnator
has no eq ��1 for ledtrojlng <orm- In
oaildre onl ai'ul s. .-�����>-t.ut you get
iht* genulu) wben punh si ig.
busdi umar ii un irnnidiu.
Cut tlili out aoJ ratuni
. _  lo   �����.   Villi nunt ol
vour nnfr-it txpnim ufllm
. mil w�� will *���A m�� wiiah
thtn hr T<m tn ��i-unln*. It M u
"������'-f-W-f,  (I'^-l'lalfl,   dutl aruut
tr. huutwrnflr rutmi-nl. tnrt\
rltb AiifMH mwh rjnnUM
ili'iu wind MH Mt movement,
lady'i or Kdit'e MM Itlia
bi>ihI linn- iilrce, njuitl In ftp*
iwerwiiv lu a, tttoo wttcn.
���nd to Jiut tha tNInt for
trftilliia purpoeei. IT, on
r*nniIeuniin��Uonroa in
coiiYliiffd thli w��tdh n
worth tti more Owa we Mk.
rw th* eiprew ���feot  M.��
M3d MJITtM Eh-UfM ��pj It II
LKST VOU FOHGKT, note that we hay
Butter, (!heete aad Prash Egga for uijiort���that
wc li'Mulif tifui'illiio EiifliifMiiml Home I'owtin.
mil Hint our "AlaxtoadrK" and "Mdlfitt*"'
Cri'sm Ni-iKiratoM Are the but In the world.
CuiK'-iuiiiiltiice loliciti'd.
W. N. U.    28H
fob the Printer
i of Anil ft Wiborg.
1111/0 M��4t by^tslsbitUd Urn
Tht lttttt tad batl.
Ntws, MisttUuij,
mm* ��� saiui   0ut tyttfOtt-
ROLLERS o^t;1^- t-
ily plant of ths
nd in Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds���new and se*
coad hand.
UMqutlled by tay other la
OtBMti ia mttttr, piper tad
All Kinds for Printers
Httd OBmi  Tomato.
Ptdflt Cottt Brtaeki (M Cordtft
gtrttt, TtaetBTtr.
imt, STEELE 1 BBISTOL   cimi. t.m
imparl.,, .f 0,�����l..     JJ* '^
WTIIIII, H.mllloD,Ont.    L.S.t B-tplM.
tIk... wuodi,  Harrow., wliidiuma,
a*.  C0CK8BPTT WOW CO., WlnDlp.,.
tfsllife ��
He knows,
His patron knows,
���nd eveiybody  knows
that this can contains
the purest,  best, and
most delicious  Coffee
that expect buyers can
procure.  It's
Chase tt Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that*��� tbe reason.
Stltd OtM Blot, S.t with K.*l q��r-
BttttaoTPMrl., Iii Pln.k tad
tttla ���*-���
t Dts, PMk.,.1.
$100.00 REWARD I
Tht ibo.i reward will b. paid I. an-r p.non wbo will prof.
will speck or streak the finest linen.
We want agent! to sell this entirely new household article
oru are iireparen to fflve either |ir<<tnlumi or cash oommlMicns
to Ladles, Bays and Girls who will work for us.
tvery household iMwds blue for laundry parlous and. once
tried they will buy again. Bach 10c package contains sufficient
blue for the requirement* of an average family for atout 4 months.
Simply tend name and address and wa will forward you a
number or packages of blue nnd our biff premium list.
Write at once and secure the agency for a new article that
���A���'&h^"v1���ifvpML'Anii?^y,!,,, ���""* *VBrrK "M* *ND
rrttftrStlllBsSOratknttt THE OOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. 1899.
McDEKMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture.
tore bas
Although fiirni-
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will bo given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too largo and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
The sitting of tho County Court at
Goldon on Thursday was a very short
one, lasting only an hour.
Scrricos iu St. Paul's Church on
Sunday nut Sapt. 24th will be:-ll
a. ra. Mattins, Litany nud sermon;
7.30 p. iu. Eveosoug and sermon.
Don't fail to hear Miss La Dell iu the
Alexander Hal!, Monday night. Plan
of hall at yield's Drug store. A dance
will be held after ths entertainment.
The second of the sorie* of sermons
on the ""Prodigal sou and his biothm"
will be preached in tha Methodist
church Sunday Sapt, 2.4th at 7.30 p. in.
Subjeot "Gutting home again." Special
G. B. McDermot
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE  &   co.,
At        ATHALMER    (Salmon Ms)
Full  Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Mr. W. C. Wells M, P. P. left by
the Duelled.-* thin morning on a visit lo
Athalmer. Windermere. Fairtnoi t and
Thunder Hill, when he will   ascerlain
far as possible the requirements of
hia constituents.
Mr. Srewart of Nnna'tno, owner of
the Sinclair Hot Springs, was a visitor
to Siuoliitr Inst- week nnd took away
several bottl.-a of the water (or atialy*
He tn ton -i�� erect h'g a lintel attlie
springs by next spring.
Tho ereat success of Chamherhtin's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Romedy
In the treatment of bowel coinpliilnts
has made it gtnmlnrd over tha greater
port of the clyilicfid world. Tor pule
by all drnggisia. Henderson Bros,
wholesale ngts. Victoria & Vancouver.
W. 0. Wi'lie M. P. P. returned from
Victoria this week. The occasiot of
his visit was in connection wiih the
settlement of Mackenzie & Mann's
claim for the Teslin Lake trail (.which
we nnderstand has been featlsfiictovtly
adjusted with tho Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Workc
Mr. Trueman, tho well-known photographer of Vanconver, is on his periodical visit to Golden and will posi-
Ively reran in Till Saturday evening
only. Mr. TYuemau'** work is so well-
koon in Golden tb'at it nee s no commendation from us, uml any who
wish lo patronise him should do
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin,
Curfas, Splints, Ring Bone, Swooney.
StiHos. Sprains, Sore uud Swollen
Throat, Coughs, eto. Save $50 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
The concert and social in lhe Alexander Hall last evening realized the
Ladies' Aider thePresb.rterinn Church-
the handsome sum of $51.50. Everyone present speut a most onjo\-ab!o
erening and the ladiei are so well
pleased with the success of thoir
efforts that they have already commenced preparations for another entertainment to take place the latter end
of next month. At the entertaiumont
last evening Rev. J. F. Evans made
his first appearance before a Goldeu
audience as an elocutionist nnd fairly
captivated his hearers.   The burden of
ITIB piu&iminmi "TBIl   llpdrt   Mtrthhtnq
lils talent is due in a great measure
the splendid success which attended
the ovoniug's enjtyment,
Situate iu the DunnM Mining Division of
East Krolenav District.  Whoro locatod
���On south sill.; of Kinbasket Lake about
tSOO feot from Lake.
Situate in the Donald Mining Division of
East Kootemiy District, where located
���On smith fdioru of Kmbaakot Lake, immediately east ot Kitibasket Mineral
Tako notico. that t, Thomas McXaught of
(tnldon, ne ting r..s agent for tlio Oohlmi & Port
Steele Development Company, [.united, of
Golden, Froo Minora l.ertificata No. IilQ*S8..,
ami Frank Itarthinumeof Uoldou, Froo Miners Certificate N*>. 7049A, intend sutv days
(ram tho date liomif to apply to the Mining
Rficnrder for tv t'ortilicate of Improvements
for tho purpose uf obtaining a Crown Ortint
of thoaljovo claims.
Aiidfui'tliCir tako notico that fiction undor
auction .'17 nitiHt l<u commenced boforo tho
uitiuitiro of tsavht oitilleutoof Improvomeuta.
Dated this lllli day of Angtwt, I8K).
Jas. Brady, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst.ME.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
aiiuuid assessment work, eta.   Address:
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend ell CountyiCourts at GoMcn,B.O
W. White, Q.C. J. M. Soorr. B.A..I..L. B
SitimtainlhoWitidorinoto Mining Division
ol'l'iistUootenny District,   Whero located���On Toby Croek.
Sitnato in the Windermere Mining Dividon
of East Kootna.iy District, Whore L-
-nite-d���On UmiliW Crook, a tributary of
Howe- thief Crook,
Take notlro thnt I,*,W. 0. MitclielMunen,
as agint for the Now Golden Hrilich Culiim-
bin Limited,i.f l.oniion. Bnglaml (Foreiuru),
owner* of tin niiuvo Mineral Claims, Free
Miner's Cerilflfcate No. DI031W, intend, sixty
day* from the ditto liernof, to apply to the
Minitiff Ket'order fcr Certificates of Improvements, for the I'ni'i'oso of obtaining a Crown
Uraut of the no'ivo claims-
And furthnr tnko nut.t;Q thnt action, under
(tectum fJ7, iiiiwt bo commenced before tbo
issuance of such certificate ot improvements.
Dated this fifih day of August, Iftfti.
Livery & Feed Stables
Rig* oi a!l kind* for hire at reasonable rates
Teaming of all kinds a Specially.
A. C. Hamilton,
Townsite of Golden.
i :��
Business and Residential Lots* For'Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is \he Time to Buy.
' Moderate Prices & Easy terms of ayment
NOTICE iH hereby Riven that two months
afier date I intend to apply to tho Chief Com*
missiuiior uf Lands and works, tor permis-
sion to purchase the following described
laud :��� Lots Nundiers2;i78and 2579, beinp on
the Columbia Kiver In the District ot Enst
Kootonay, and cmitauiintf 855.8 aud 212-7
acres rosppctivelv, Im tin i-amo more or less.
Dated at -Uolden, 8nl July, JKW.
Kirr|ptor|    &    Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience tojrocure their
siipplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
find atmont given npi bnt wn% Brought
Buck to . orfi'ot Houltb liy Oluimhcr.
Iain's Colic* Cholera and dtat-ilioen
Bonis J y.
Read Ills Editorial.
From tho Times, Hillsiille, Vn,
I suffered with diarrhoea for n long
time and thought t was pent being
cured. I had spent much time and
money and suffered bo much misery
that I had almost decided to give up
nil hopes of recovery and await tho
result*, but noticing Ihe advertiaumetit
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Reinedy and also aome ten
timouiala stating how some wonderful
cures had been wrought hy this remedy, I decided to try it; After taking a
few doses I was entirely well of that
trouble, end I wish to say further to
my renders nnd fellow sufferers thnt I
am a hale and hearty man today and
feel us well as I evsr did in my life.���
0. B. Moore, For sale byalldrugriiKts,
Henderson Bros, wholesale agts. Victoria and Vancouver.
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
Tho Calgary Milling Company guar
antee their flour the equal of any
brand on the Goldon Murket and
hereby authorize all grocers to sell
It subject to nt^vejaiMftateejUid
- they- w)U rofnna tne full ainoniit*
paid for flour upon return of nny
not prpml to guarantee.
Sold by C. A. Warron.
^ssayer & Metallurgist,
Golden,     -     B.C.
Gold     11 50
Sllvor ..:  1 50
Lend  IN
Copi-or  8 00
Oold ami Silver  2 00
Lend and Sllvor  3 00
Gold and Copper  2 50
Silver nnd Copper  2 50
Gold, Silver aud Lead  8 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 50
Gold. Silver, Lead and Copper, i 00
Iron   4 00
l'in  800
Zinc  8 00
Assays, Sampling:, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Own.
All parcel** of ore are carefully sample-!,
one portion tented, ono labelled und
kept., and the third, if required, ro*
turned to owner as a check on the
assay made.
Terms:  Cash WKh Sample*.
Athalmeu���J. J. LAKE.
Orders left with abovs agents will receive prompt attention.
WorkiiiR and Dividend Payinir Mine, in
various part, ot Britiab Columbia.
Gold Quartz. Co*-per, Gobi, and Silver-load
Pronpect. aud Developed Properties on bund
Galena and Copper Ores
Report, and information furnished regard-
JiisunlBiniiprpportioa, __
Slocks in Hritisb Columbia mines bought
and 8uld.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Goldon.
Cmlai in i si: Moreing ft Koal, and Ued-
I'ord McNeil:.
A. W..Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Colnmbm Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and tte
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Col nmbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made In
the Oolden and, Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Vallets, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
months. \
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of tbe bnilding
area. j
Present prices are favorable to investors! who will
find it to their interest to purchase before �� ftirther rise
takes place. \
Plans may be snen and prices ami terra��obtained oa
application to
No sale of lots is valid instil purchaser receives, agre*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale li retail
('attic. Sheep aud Horse Dealers.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms,    llnggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over the breezy'
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
fiianjee stock of gold-rimmcd eye glasses and spectacles-
Byes tested free.
The Confectionery
ii the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh frem the factory.
i   In Patmore's
you can get Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps,-Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, etc. School Supplies of all kinds
ftt right prices.
Situate in tbe Guidon Mining Diviuioii of
North East Kootemiy 1'i.i.rict.   WliortV
l.ora:ftl- Near the head of the Middlo
Fork ot* the Spilliiiiiu-bono Hirer.
Take niilico Hint wo, William Jfi-NiiMi, of
Golden, Free Miiiois I'oi-lilli-ato No. IIlO.'i'ltl,
Thuiilils Toilil of Gi.iilen, Ailii-i'.lalnitov in thu
Estate of tlio into John O.Tislil, Free Miners
Ct-.litii-iilo No. 7ll*2A,ni!riTlini!i.isMcXfluRht
of Guidon, Administrator in Ilio Ketiiio of tlio
lato Harry tl. Woodley, Freo Minors Corti-
liislo  No. 6W2A. Intend 1X1 day. from  the
date hei'cof to apply tn tho kilning llccordar
fi.r a I'i'rtiliv.itn uf Improvement*! for the
purpose of obtaining n Crown Grunt of tlm
above i-bijiti.
And further tuku notice that ai'ti-m under
aucliu!!.*7 must lio .���onnnotii-ed  befero the
isauitm-e of such' 'orlificutii uf linnroveiiiouta.
Dated this Willi day uf August ll-'J'J.
WM, WoNtiaif,
THuMAM II.IIJD. Adinliilatrnlor.
T1IOM. -Mi-NaIIUHT, Administrator,
Nol ico ia hereby jjiveii tli;<( .shlyilii j-h after
data I, F. Lnseellcs, intend lo iipjjly to tho
Chief Coinniisnlonar of Lands ft Works for
pern i fusion tn purchnse (ho following described Iruct of l��nd, nitiuited three miles from tho
Kootonny River on the east shore of the Up-
Eer Columbia L��lt3 in North Ea*t Kootenay
���Utrlct, Bturting At a post marked F.'Las-
celles, 8. W. thence North following the lake
shore thirty chains, thence. Kast
thirty chains, thence South thirty
chains, thonce west ten chains to place of
beginning, tho whole contnlnlug thirty acres.
Dated -Sept. 1st, 1899.
Notloe Is horeby given, that the iutorost
held by Samuel Wilson is the "Last Chance"
Mineral Claim, situated near Palliser, will be
sold by public auction to the highest bidder
In iUtr days after date of thia notice, at the
Court House,"  ' "*' '      '"
    ...Goldtn onthe WthdayofNo-
refflber at ten o'clock, for default In payment
et m*tetee.ent together with all costs nud
itaf-faaoceasionetl by such default, un
bSS at Oolden, 1Mb Sapttn-tw, li
*ma ajuk *gaaj>t phaqOudlM,
}"i     n,lerut JB������i�� Km/ay.
\ma    Sold and reeommendc*! b
druggist. In OanulR. Onl/
.bl. medicine dlacovcrsd.
.paekaqt, oaanataat to oan
^ormiof Soiu.I W.aVkneBS, all effMta of abua
or excess, Mental Worry, Excessive u��eotTt>-
���Hoo, Opium or 8ttmul.nl.. Ualled on woelpl
otprlM,onel>aokK.ll,slx,-e. OiMwOI-ptew,
mvmourt. Tampblct. trt* to any addraaa.
Um Wogd Cmnpwy, WtnUor, Oot
Wool.'.*! I'HOltrilODINlII is sold Iri Gulden
by K. SV. ratmrro, O. A. Warren, and C.
W. Field, DruiigisIB,
Lakeside Hotel,
O'oud aci-nninioiliitloii for  Prospei-tors and
Fi-oigli'.ers.   First-class meals.
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IS llrauglit "Hale*-*,
11 I'ack Mule-*,
Hi Oayanei).
Tbe above stock Is in Urat class contli'.ion,
and is woll In ukon. 1'iick rlgicniir and harness i-iin also bo arranKal for. The stiK-k Is
situated in Kamloops neighborhood. Offer,
to be mado to
The Woverlcy Jllnc Mulled.
T. 1>. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or Lead 81.M
Copper���   2.00
(loU and Silver    (.00
Gold or Silver and Copper....   8, CO
Gold, Silver and Lend    8.00
Gold, Silver, Lead and Coppor  4.00
Prompt Attention to Samples by mail.
Cash must accompany tho Sample.
Pulp kept for tbree niootha.
Front Street', Revelstoke, ��� B.C.
I. aaeceMfully used monthly by ���
ICOCOUdlt-s. Usfe.effeotual. Ladle. Mk
' roar tntittt tor Cotk't Cttlt* BoC CM!*
 Take no other, aa 1^1 MlxtuiM. pill, .ad
mltatlons are dangsrou. Prlt*.. Ho. 1,11 par
  -.ll per box. No,
Cook's Cotton Boot Compound
I or I.
-t*sr-No. t and t aold Md reeoms
reaponslblo SrnggltH In Canada.
No. 1 and No. 8 .old In Golden by C. W
Field. 0. A. Warren, and 11. W. Patmore
Head of navigation en Columbia Ut'ver.
The rao.i central point In Wlndennero Mining Dfvfsfon.
Extract from Repot", of Minister ol Mhiee for 1898: " A tnliW tefA
conld be built from the; 'Salmon Bella' ATHALMEH-��I> >naa.aahlrcoal,
and will be ao bnilt ������ soon na it ie justified fc-f rhe mining developm.nl."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating ��nrla��e and riv.r, a��4
good finhing and abootinx in immediate vicieity.
Lovel surface witli gravel eub-eofl to bnild npon f eol3, eleur w����e�� th��
yo.r i-oofiil for ho��-n>K��il parrae**, wn-l oplrnrli-l w^teP l*ewer clo��e-l�� t*M.H.
Large and complete saw-mill (HO M. daily capacity) on lhe ground I
chea?i lumber.
���l-erue enay, particularly ao co m.ceters wishing to build.
C. We Iiang, Agent.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply to., Lti
(LateMACF-ARLANE*Co,"f '
Vancoaver.;     -     B.V.
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial  Limited'
The quickest ami linest train crossing the
The only lino having through conneotiou.
Ticket, at summer excursion rales to the
east still on salo. *
Apply lor pai tlonlare to nearea. C. P.B.
ageut or to
Asa't.Gon.Puaa.Agt.      Gen.Pais.Agt,
Winnipeg, ' Winnipeg,
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Robber Stamps and Seals will be
received at Ihe Golden Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
Limited Liability,
E. A. Haggen,
Notary fubl 1., MlnUg. MMaielal and
ConimlMlon Agent. OommlHlonar
of tho Sapmiue Court. ,
Deeda atteated.   Parthertpreaented in
Police,, Small Debta and County Cour
Accounta collected and   disputed clau
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A, HiGGSN,
Asit-fW �� ������ttllMglit.
Ornoi at hAtmttv Horn.,
Windermere, - B.0.
Ilalancec, Sic.
We are Manufacturer, aad direct Importer-*- and .any a large aloef ef BaluMe.
 ay���Goods, B.-isutlfte ane> Kar*'   ' "  '    "'
-,. aialall other Assayers' and Ml��� 	
SOLE AUEST8 lur Morgan Crucible Company,
Furnaces, Firo Clay Goods, Birientifre and rt*
Acids, Clieinlcals, asilall other Asuyera'and Ml
acllral Hooks, Glasi-vare. Plaiiwun Ueede.
"iran-a" requiremnl..  .'
*'-     Uaiteneai Becker's Sena*,,
Catalogue and full particular, en apnlleation.
Pop a ]*me Suit
and a Perfect pi^
J. d. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor/1
Opposite The Columbia House.
1899. PROVINCIAL 1899:
s Under Ibe Anaplcea ef
The Boyal AgrieultuNll at Indugtrltl Ibolety of BritohCofartbtaV
New Westminster, B.<?.?:
October 3rd, 4th, 5th, ��& ��th.
$15,000        In Prizes.        $15,000/
Open to the World.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
��� Graad CmeerteMh erening. SMtaltrttnc^tt-dieNewWMMwtwOnnBeM*
For Priae Llste, fntry Foreii, lad ftdt parlienlara, write lo
T. J. Trapp, Pres.,      Arthur Mallns, Seey.,
W. H. Keary, Commissioner.


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