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The Golden Era Apr 10, 1897

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BUI Heads,      Poster*,
Latter Pads,   Dodger*,
Biuinen* Card*,    Etc.,
Etc.. Etc., Etc.
Best Advertising Medium
in Esat Kootenay.
Neat, Artistia Job Printing
promptly executed.
vol. vi. no:
$2 Per Year
Qqpeval 0 JVterehant.
ooeooceccccce ee
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
' r- and ~������ ���.
Dry   Goods.
My Spring Stock in these lines will soon
k be complete.     Do not fail to inspect my
Summer Blouses.
'See e c e a a'-e etc c eo o
B. Laurance's Spectacles.
o_o.e_o e e .0 e c_e e_e e.o.o
A complete stock of
___________��� ���  .   ���'
Latest Styles in Gent's and Ladies Ties
Lai'ge Assortment Of Ladies' Shoes,     < Manufactured by J. D. Klug k Co., of Toronto.)
Large Range of Gent's Soft Hats
And nt prices that everyone can buy.   1 have still some old stock that will go at
See these Goods before you purchase.
liolden, on the main line of the Canadian
I'acilic Railway, at it* connection witb tba
���teuuibnat navigation of the Columbia river;
the mineral and commercial mitre of Eastern
llritl*. Columbia; headquarter* of tb j Golden Smelting work*, the Upper Columbia
Navigutiou Co., and lumber industry i the
outlet for the widely known and fnr
famed agricultural and graving lust of tbe
(Vthimbla ft Kootenay ViilleS.! unrivalled
fur scenery of all kind*; the diatributiug
poiut for the richest mineral country ou the
Paints,  Oils, White  Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
Just arrived a carload of good Prairie
Hay.  More coming:.
toe'fTtTo. e.e eoe a
Agent For   .   .   .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
* *    if    .i
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
. + + +N
The Reliance loan * Savings Co.. of Ontario.
Mr Jack Adler returned from Fort
Steele last Saturday.
Dr. Spencer, dentiat, Vancouver, is
at the Kootenay House tbis week.
Mr. Fred Warren, of Oahawa, Out.,
is here on a visit to his brother���our
genial post master.
Miss Emily Wright, uf Belleville,
Out., is here on a visit to her auut
Mis. H. Woodley.
Mrs. Pugb, wife or our fellow citi-
sen Mr. J. F. Pugh, and family arrived from the eust last week.
Miss Bertha Woodley returned from
Calgury laet Saturday, where she bus
been ou a visit to her sister Mra. J. C.
Mr. W. R. Hull wss a visitor here
on Saturday and Sunday last, ou bis
way east to Calgary uftor a nip
through the West Kootenay country.
liev. Mr. Macintosh, Presbyterian
minister at Canmore, has uteit the
guest of Rev. G. H. Osborne this week,
Mr. Maciiito.li ia eu route for Fort
Chequere is becoming a fashionable
game iu Golden.
A large stock of elegantly framed
pictures has arrived at The Big Store,
call early before tbe choice is gone.
Archdeacon McKay will conduct service ill St. Paul's Church to-morrow
morning st 11 o'clock and at TM p.m.
On the outward stags to Fort Steele
thie week waa Oold Commissioner
Armstrong, who goes there ou official
Augusts Ohrstrom-Rtinard and Rebecca McKensie will give one of tbeir
popular entertaiuiiieiits iu the Ales-
slider Hall ou Tuesday evening next.
A huge mud slide occurred in the
Kicking Horse canyon about four
miles eaai of Golden ou Thursday laet
After delaying the train* for several
hours a traiialer was made, No. 1 pasa*
lug through about 9 o'clock,
The public meeting wliich was called
for Tuesday evening last was postponed until Thursday evening of next.
It is hoped there will be a large attendance of the citizens on that occasion.
Betsy has made her appearance ou
the streets. She made her firat run on
the bridge last Wednesday afternoo-i
Betsy's advent is emblematic of a faat
approaching summer. Spring has forgotten to come and appears this vear
to have drop-ied oui of the seaaous.
It will be seen from our advertising
columns that Mr. John Bulmaii, Winfield Park, Thiind.rbill, is to handle
the freight between Adela, Mud Lake,
nud Fort Steele, and vice versa. Mr.
Bulman will have local agents in Oolden and Fort Steele, so that shi| per* of
goods can communicate with these nud
ascertain rates.
Rev. Mr. Michener, Methodist clergyman ut Banff, exchanged pulpits
with Rev. Mr. Osborne of our town
last Sunday evening and preached iu
the school house. There was a large
attendance including a number of lum
beinien from the camps. Mr. Michen
er discoursed from the text "Know ye
that the Lord he is God".
The Inland Sentinel is going to limit
ils liability by forming a company���
The Inland Sentinel, Limited Liability
under the Companies Act. This
coin pun v hus been gazetted and Fran
cis John Deane, Kamloops, newspaper
man.; Ian Coltart, Victoria, accountant
���uid John M. Rudd, Nnuuimo, accountant, are registered as proprietor*.
The lumber camps have now broken
up and Golden has received a considerable addition to its moving population.
Its streets however are orderly and
quiet, and the men are well behaved,
considering thul most of them have
had no relaxation fur a considerate
time. Many of tbem have uuw left
the town on visitation purposes but
will return when the Lumber company
starts its summer work.
With the dianpiearaiici! of the snow
the boya are beginning lo talk spurt.
Oolden used to bunst uf n fuuthull club
There is sistpoient maieiial in town
for the forinatioi' of a club of aome
sort, either baseball, cricket or football. We would auggest lhat a meeting be held at the Kootenay house ou
Monday evening next at 8 o'clock for
the purpose of talking the matter over.
Wake up buys, litis is tb.'lime to
The Rev; T. 8. Glassford, Presbyterian clergyman at Donald and Oolden is removing tu Trail, iu Suuthern
West Kootenay, and Archdeacon McKay, the Episcopalian clergymen at
Donald and Oolden ia moving up to
Fort  Steele.     Both  clergymen were
very popular not only with tbe mem*
Iters of their own congregatiens but
with the people in the two towns and
neighborhood. Mr. Olassford will bid
farewell to his congregation at Golden
to-morrow, when be will preach iu tbs
morning. ,���'"���'���
Fear Hnndred Tons at Seek aad Mad
-look* tbe Mallread Vear Mile*
Bait at Italian. '
A severe slide bss occurred an tbe C.
R.P. about 4 miles eaet from Golden
in the Kicking Horse Psss.    Our reporter   visited  the scene snd. found
about 400 tons of tbemonntsinoas side
deposited on the raile and mote to follow when thie ie cleared oS. The -anas
of earthly  mud  and rocky sediment
completely bloeke tbe railway so tbat
uo trains can psss through.     Passengers  are interchanged between Nos. 1
aud 2 by s temporary plank platform
laid  across  the  debria.     A gang of
workmen is engsged in clearing sway
the  avalanche, and  preparations are
bring made for tbe approaching scan*
mulaticu of  moving forest, earth snd
water.     It ie expected thst the moan*
! tniu  eide  will slide down other 1600
| tons  and  a watchman has bean sta*
I tinned far up the heights, to report by
I gun any further commotion.    Paaaen*
I gers liy No. 1 did not arrive in Oolden
j until   alter  21 o'clock, and slthongh
1 representatives  of  the hotels in town
went to tbe place not one of them was
provided with a tlask or even a cigar
I to  solace the belated tr-vellers.    Tbs
i employees of the railway company are
working with sn energy that will soon
surmount ths obstacles and remove tbs
difficulties in the wsy of through cow*
, inuuication.
The difficulties have been surmounted nnd No 1 passed through on Friday
; afternoon with 21 men of ths North
West Mounted Poliss nnder the charge
ol Inspector Scartb, bound for Yukon.
They sail on the 14th from Victoris to
Juneau in Alaska, and then go up tbs
Taku inlet snd enter Yukon by way
of the Taku Pass snd Tesslin lake.
They aspect to arrive st tbeir des.iui*
tisu shout ths middle of June.
Two next-door neighbors in oar town
quarrelled the other day and one of
them exclaimed, excitedly-"Call your*
aelfaman of sense! Why, ywi'i*
next door to sn Idiot I" {-the 03 o I ben t&va
1'iie GOLDEN RRA .* oublithed every
Saturday morning in time to cutcli the eust
��. nl west mail train*, also tbe mail lur the
11 ipor country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
i ia the ouly advertising medium in thu _eu
K jotenay district.
Subscription Kate* t JL'.OOper aniiinu IN
Advertisement* and changes must be in
tut jlfice not later than 12 a in, on Thursday
t.< insure insertion.
ill cash to be paid tu the Manager, from
torn the Company's receipt will bu obtained.
A. Ivertisemcnt rate* made known on uppli-
ontlor *.o
Ihe Ufa Eii Publisbine Company,
The Scottish nation both at. home
and abroad is up in arms agan.at the
misuse of the name England and Etii*-
liah for Britain and British. This
obnoxious practice of using the term
England and English instead of Britain and British has only come into existence in recent years. England waa
annexed to Scotlard in 1608 when tho
Scottish King succeeded to thc J2u-*lish
throne. The two nations maintained
their separate parliaments, their separate churches, tbeir separate systems
uf education, and their separate judiciaries, which were as different and
distinct from each other as it was
possible to make a difference aud distinction. The Scottish purl in ment sat
und deliberated as oue assembly but
voted in its four estates, representing,
the peerage, the church, the- county
���uid the burghs. The English parliament existed then very much like whut
the British parliament now exists. The
Scottish Church was democratic in its
constitution and republican in its form
of government���governing hy session,
presbytery, synod and general assembly, and was the church of the people.
The English Church was aristocratic
in its constitution and bureantic in its
form of government and was only the
church of a section of the people. The
Scottish system of education was universal, every parish and burgb had its
public school, aud every county.town
its grammar school. Its universities
were conducted tbe same as its public
schools snd were open to all. The
English system was exclusive and was
conducted mostly by boarding schools.
The universities were on the same lines
England has only had universal education for the last thirty years. Scotland bas had it since the days of John
Knox, more than 300 years. The laws
oi Scotland were framed on the civil
laws of Rome and ita courts modelled
after the parliament of Paris. The
English laws and courts were a creation of its own, moulded by the sue-
cesive invaders who subdued .'....conquered tbat country, ���'���iijinaiii Saxon.
Dane, Norman and Dutch all had a
hand in making np its 'rare laws and
systems. Scotland remained uncon-
quered and unconquerable and there
need be no surprise that her eons along
with tbe sous of Erin have done more
thau the sous of England in the formation of our Empire and tho advance*
ment of civilisation. Indeed the English historian Froude lias gone so fur
as to assert that if we except the
Athenian and the Jew no other nation
has made s*tich a deep mark in tbe
civilisation of the world.
Ill 1707 a treaty waa made between
the two nations, whereby the two parliaments were to be united under certain conditions. Ths conditions were
tbst the two countries were to be
known under the common name of
Great Brltsin, thst ths names of Scot*
dnnd snd England were to be dropped
when the United Kingdom wus referred
to. Tbe Roysl Arms were united so
as to form the British cost of arms���
the Scottish lion and the English unicorn appearing as supporters on the
rshisld. The flags were interwoven so
as to form ths British Ensign, tbe St.
Andrew's   Cross,' white on blue, was
intermingled   with   the   St.  George's
Cross, red on white, to form the Union
Jack.   The English parliament ceased
to   exist   aud the Scottish parliament
ceased   to   exist and   out of   the two
there emerged the British parliament.
Another addition was made to this
British   parliament in 1800, when the
Irish   parliament   was merged into it
und a closer union established between
the United Kingdom  and Ireland, and
the general  term wus then adopted of
Britain and  British, and St. Patrick's
Cross was mad.e to form part of  the
Union   Jnck,   and   Ireland's coat  of
arms  was also included in the British
coat of arms.     The act which made
this great change expressly stated that
it was for the purpose of consolidating
and strengthening the British Empire.
The sovereign who sat on the British
throne  was  known   to   the  outside
world as His or Her Britannic Majesty.     Those magic letters H.B.M. are
found all over the world to-day whenever  the  British   Hag  waves from a
British Consuls residence, and the H.
B.M. coat of arms are uffixed thereon.
There was an   honorable observance
among all classes of the treaty rights
of the three nations but in recent years
there bus been an attempt, particularly
among a certain section of the English
people to substitute the name England
and English for t,he universal ami pop- ,p|ete-eveisul of .the past pol|cy which
ular term Britain and British. Who
tber this is done unthinkingly ur not.
it ir, n practice that should lie stopped.
Wc however, regret, that the practice
nppenrs to be indulged in by people
who should know better, such ns
statesni" i. politiciaus-uud even nfiicers
who we..r H B.*-l.'s uu.iu...i. We
Canadians are proud of being considered Britons nnd belonging to the British
Empire, but we would resent, being
called English.- It is uot a term we
Canadians have any use for in our
Dominion. All over tht world, whenever Scottiah nationality exists there
are being signed petitions by the Scots
residents there to Her Most Gracious
Majesty, praying Her Majesty to issue
a proclamation for a strict observance
of these treaty rights and the using of
the proper terms Britain nntl British.
Copies of these petitions have been received iu East Kootou'ay and.are in the
hands of leal Scotsmen,- Mr. Robert
Mathers, Delgaidno House, Fort Steele
and Mr. William McNeish, Columbia
House, Golden, where it is to be hoped
every Scotsman in our district who
loves and values nationality will call
and sign this petition. Nationality is
a sentiment to be cultivated. This
seatinmeut in man . is as perfume to
the Sower It sweetens and strengthens our character for noble deetls and
noble actions. The man who stands
up for bis nationality makes a better
citizen wherever he may be. Our Empire is composed of many nationalities,
and if uniformity is attempted by the
introduction of the common name
England mid English, then, ulas, a
long farewell to the dream of a federated Empire.
*   *   .
The United States has Mr. Corliss
who hu* earned some distinction as
being tho uutlioi of the Alien Labor
Law, whereby U.tiindiuns are prevent-
frutn obtaining em ploy ment in the
States. Canada has Mr. Cowan who
is to earn some distinction us the
author of another Alien Labor Law
whereby citizens from the United
States who are working in Canada are
iuduced to bring in their wives and
families and settle permanently in our
midst snd help to build up our town''
and cities. Mr. Mahlon H. Cowan,
the author of this proposed legislation
ia the member for t|*e South Riding of
Essex,   Ontario, and  as  tlie measure
be greatest in British Columbia gold
fields and -inrticularly iu the southern
division of East and West Kootenay.
Thousands of miners ou thu Pacific
slope, leave their families in Butte,
Spokane and other cities south of the
line. The proposed law will require
them to bring their families to Canada.
The effect of this will be that these
families will require to coine in and
East Kootenay is sure to receive a big
addition to its population. The alien
labor law may mean, in not a few
cases that instead of mining camps, we
shall huve towns aud permiiaeut settlements.
��� ���
What  Our, Leglsti-tor. Aro Doing ut
I Ou Monday the 15th of March lust
thu Premier replied in answer to the
leader of the Opposition thut the Government expected tu declare its railway
policy to the House in the course of
next week. The next week cume and
went and there was no declaration ol
policy, so the louder nf the Opposition
very properly on Friday the 25th
March enquired when the policy wus
to be declined. The Premier was not
ready, its he wished when the policy
was di'claraJ that there should be
llllalllinity. Ic must be u wonderful
policy or the premier must be u v.-ry
saiiguiuo man to anticipate that the
policy will be heartily approved of by
the whole Houso.     It must be a com
MB JOHN BULMAN, Winfield Parlt,
Thunderhill, will handle freight between
Adela, Mud Lake and Fort Steele, and
return. Goods warehoused at both ends.
For rate* apply to
Prospectors and Miners having cliiiius or
interests in claim* for Bale, could not do better than communicate with
Mining. Ilroker & Financial Agent,
Oolden and Fort Steki.i*.
uis given much dis-satisfaction. There
is one thing clear now that certain
members of the House have become
alive to the dangers uf the pernicious
system of charter inougering and are
insisting in the insertion of clauses in
charters compelling the carrying
through of the undertakings under the
charter within a stated timo under
certain money penalties, ami also forfeiture of the charter.
The Government has twice found
itself in a minority, deserted by its
supporters, uu the Alien Labor Bill
and the Mor'guge Tax resolution. The
Aliens Labor Bill was introduced by
the junior member for Cariboo. It
prohibits the employment of Chinese
on any private undertaking constructed under a charter under certain penalties. The second rending was opposed
by the Government, the President' of
the Executive Council leading the objection to the second reading. When
the division was taken the Government
found it had only three supporters thc
figures being i-1 lor the second reading
and 8 against it. Tbe Opposition was
hilarious and its leader on the following duy naturally enquired what the
Government intended to do seeing it
hnd lost the coulidence of the House
The Government did nut intend to do
anything A motion wns made for the
adjournment of the House and some
plain s|ieiiking waa indulged in." The
Government had made up its mind to
swallow any self respect it hud and to
stick to office, power and salary. The
motion for adjournment was lost ns
Govern men t's following returned to
their allegiance preferring to sacrifice
all principle for the sake of party aiid
in the -vote that fo'lowed tbe figures
were nearly reversed, 21 being for tlie
Government ami 10 against. This bill
hns since passed through Committee
and has been amended to exclude Japanese and passed through the House
last Monday.
The resolution of the member for
South Naiiiiiino waa discussed on
Thursday and 20 members voted for it
and 4 against. The resolution was to
the effect that in the opinion of the
Houso a I..X upon mortgages is one
which bears unduly upon different
members of u community. Some members of the Government were no disloyal as to appear in the majority.
The junior member for Vancouver
city is on the war path against the
employment of Chinese on works constructed under charter and insists iu
there being inserted iu every charter
a clause against their emplo.-ineiit.
The three gentlemen from Vancouver
city who are promoting the chin ter for
the construction of a railway in East
Kootenay appear to have ex|iorienced
some difficulty iu obtaining their charter. The bill was before Committee
for a considerable time, nnd hua been
considerably amended. The Chi ,ese-
Japaneac clause has been inserted. The
member for Ouwdnev gavo notieo that
on ita third reading he would movo
the same be discharged and the bill re-
will have the  Governments approval,' committed so thnt a clause be inserted
TENDERS will bo received by the undersigned up to April'-.th, 1H97, for tho purchase ot'idl these parcels of land, situate in
East Koutenuy I dstrict, known ns lots thirtv
(itO-, thirty-one (81). thirty-two (')*!��� anil
thirty three ,'iiil), in lllock seventeen (17),
SulKlivision uf section twelve (111), township
twrnty-scvon 121), range twenty-two {ti),
west of the tilth pniieiii.il meridian, ill the
province of llritish Columbia, iiccoi'ding tu
n map, or plan, deposited iu the Lund Iteg-
istry Uftit-e ut Victoria, II, Cr., numbered
four hundred and sixty-nine,
The highest ur uuy tender not liecoesiir
ily accepted.
Dated March llth, 181)7.
47 Langley St., Victoria,
Solicitor for the Mortgagees,
it will proceed through the House as
if it were practically a government
The effect of the proposed legislation
applied  to Americans in C.nada will
whereby the company shall, within
three months after the passage of this
act deposit wilh the Provincial Government tlie sum of 93,000 ns security
that the company will expend not less
(Continued on page 5.)
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to
apply sixty days utter date to the Commissioner of Lauds and Works for the District
nf Ir)ust Kootouny, tor permission to purchase 820 acres ut in-surveyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lniids, described us
follows t Comment-ill'," ut a inst planted
on the east hank of the Colinulibi river
ubout 15 chains south nf Spilliiniiiclioen
steamer binding; thenee eust IS) chains,
thenee north HO cliiiius, tie nice west to the
Columbia river suy Wl i-hains and thence
following tlio Columbia river south to the
point of commencement.
Dutetl, Galonii, ll.C, 20th March, 181I7.
Toronto Mineral Claim, sitn.-ito in the Gold
en M iniiii.- Division ot East Knnteiu-v District
located Spilliiuuclieeii Minimum.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free minor's
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixty days
from the dale hereof, to apply to tlie Gol'
Commissioner fura certificate of improvements, for the purpose nf ohtiiimug.:;
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse clniins
must he sent to the -Gold (.'oiniiiissioiier
nn action ciitmnoncod before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of June, lWKi,
<*T        .   JtlllN MirliAjo,
���������::��� Ily hisngont, F. \V. Aylmer.
East, West, North, South.
Yoa need not go either direction to get Perfect-Fitting;,
Well-Hade, and Durable
Ye people of Golden, and Donald too,
Vour Tailor has come, his name is Frank
I [Pugh;
He can cut and lit with the best in the land,
And makes up u garment with his own hand
In England he cut for houses of fame.
Such us Hobson'* of London, who bears a
[ great name;
And in Canada too, just let me say
He wus cutter for the groat Hudson'* Bay,
Repairing, cleaning, and altering too,
Will be thoroughly done by this same Frank
Both Ladies' and Gentlemen's clothes let me
Will be workmanlike done, and quite up to
���-.,..;.,',      [date.
Now lot me solicit your work, old and new,
And put tu the test, your tallor.Frank I'ugh;
His charges you'll find Will be all right
And the work when completed, "Just out
[of sight."
"Patronise Home Industry!"
Store opposite post office,
Golden, B. C.
(L't'd Ly.)
Office Alexandra Block, Upstairs,
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
NoBTii_hN Division op East Kootenav Oihtiiict.
NOTICE is hereby given in necordance
with the Statutes that Provincial Revenue Tux nnd all taxes levied under the Assessment Art ani now line for the your HSU7,
All of the nlhive named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Koote
nay District aro payable at my oilice, the
Court House, Gulden.
Assessed tuxes are collectable at the following rates, vire:���        , ���
If paid on or before June 30th 11-97:
Three-tilths of ono per ceut on Heal Property.
T.vo and nne-holf per cent on assessed value
uf wild laud.
One-half of one por cent ou personal property.
(In so much of the incomes ol any person as
exceeds one thousand dollar* the follu.viiig
rates namely: - 1'pon sui-li excess of income
when the sum i.i not mora than ton thousand
dollars, ouo por rent: wheu such excess 1*
over leu thousand dollar* und not more than
twenty thousand dollars ouo and nne-ipiarter
of one per cent: when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, ono anil one half of
oue per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 181*17
Four-fifth* of ono (tor rent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value, of
wild land.
Throe-fourths of one per cent on Personal
Ou no much of the incomes of any itersnn its
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely:���Uiion such excess wheu tlie
same is not more than ten ahousuud dollars,
one and one-quarter of one per cent; when
such excess is over ton thousand dollars and
not more than twenty thousand dollar's, one
and one-half of one per cent: when such exces* is over twenty thousand dollars one and
throe quarter* of one jier cent. '
Provincial Revenue Tax S.1.011 por capita.
Assessor and Collector. ���
Oolden, January 2nd, 1897,
Mines Loused, Bonded, Bought, Developed
and Operated. ���������
Correspondence from Owner* of Mining 1'ropertios and Parties -reeking
Mining Investments solicited.
7/holesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, .Alberta.
WATCH  '.'.*..
Clock and-Jewelry repairing done in
the best style of the trade with the
least possible delay; Mail aiul express ordere'recelve*prompt attention.
Watchmaker and Jeweller - Golden. B, C.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Smelting &
Assaying Works.
Assays, Tests and Smelting of Ores
with the greatest expedition and scientific accuracy,
tailor write for further information.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or, any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Sis
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Seeretnry.
' Cbnreh Services. '..
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
school house to-morrow evening
at 7:80 o'clock.
Service will be conduoted In the
Presbyterian Chnrch by Rev. T. S.
Glassford, B.A., to-morrow morning
at  10   o'clock. IE    INFORMATION   ABOUT
Big Bend Beglon to Come For-
nrd With Quarts Prono.ltIons.
1 the BigJBend countrv, which waa
ie old days a great placer mining
m, and which now bids fair to
its own both as a hydraulic aud
artns mining district, the Kootenay
>ays:  ;.'���.'���
lie Big Bend mining district pro-
y speaking' comprises all that por-
of East add west Kootenay lying
h of the C. p. R. main line be
in the stations of Golden ou the
and Revelstoke on the west. It
liree ita name from the course of
Columbia''River, which, flowing
h from Donald for about *U|U miles
s suddenly southward apd is
led again by the C.P.R. line at
elstok* 75 miles further west,
i immense triangular area is mill'
zed throughout, biit as a settle
t or mora properly discovery, oame
i the west and south the little that
idwn bf its resources is confined to
���estern portion reached f'rblii the
i of Revelstoke which is its natur
>d only supply point: At this
i daily train connection ii to be
to the easf, we*t and south and
applies for the district caij be pb-'l
id.   Starting IromRevfelsfoke'a1
pack trail follows the'-tfliitiibin
ildstream, a distance of 62 miles.'
River is uow being opened up to
������ation and some new trails are to
Ided to   thbs'e  already  existing.
principal stopping places along
rail are ( arues Crtek, 28 miles;
l's, 39 miles; Downie Creek, 44
i; and Coldstream, Laformo's
i, 64 miles.     Above Goidstream
are at present uo camps, but
' prospect of several this year.
��� ���. .
Golden, Brltl.li Columbia.
*  Orillia  Packet  has got some-
E reliable at last about East Koot
Here is what one of its curres-
nits says about Goldeu :
l|en, population   six hundred, i-
ifst place of  any  importance the
liter strikes on the C.P.li. in Bri-
Columbia.     As the train comes
if the Rocky gorge of the Kicking
4 Pass (after following the banks
e'river of   that name forty miles]
rjet a magnificent view of   Golden
be valley of   the, Columbia river,
tockies on' the eastern and the Sel
I on the Western' side.   The valley
bout  a  mile   wide, and here tilling Horse ritrer enters tlie Coluin
The resident part of the town is
ou the peninsula bet wee i the two
s, in a pice groove of trees.   So.m
nice bouses and three good hotels
Kootenay hotel   is  quite a nice
:or,table-hostelry- $2 a day. Three
f  good  stores.   One run by Mr.
G.   Parsons, is  au   immense big
!, ���-.���ith   overy conceivable kind ul
i, doing   a   supply   mid   jobliin-.
i ivith miners ami   lumbermen for
'a'hundred miles up the Columbia
.   Horns nm in siiinuier from here
nindi-ed and sixty milei, south, up
Wt   Steele, nnd ' in winter stages
ithe trip up one week and down
ext.   About every fifteen or twen
ilea there are stopping places (or
iee, as they call them).   The fare
I* Fort Steele is (16 one way, and
he  captain   savs, "sleep and em
���elf extra."   About seventy mile-.
Golden, up the Columbia there is
rep ranch witb about one thousand
i, and several small cattle ranches
seventy-live to two hundred head
he  Crow's   Neat Pass railway is
, Golden   is   tlie nearest point oi,
B.   where   suppji-is will go in for
���estern slope dust, ruction division.
Sohien Lumber Co ure taking out
t half a million lies for the C.P.R
this   winter, nud log* lor a mill
have bens, cntrting thirty thous-
a day.     The .snow here is nearly
feet ten tfee level, where there is
��� ���
The tihare Brokers' Alphabet,
I* the artfulW Kameevt r played,
is a broker, it cuiuiing old blade |
is the cue, such u vhe-rlou* toy.
tu tlie duck used to ihiacK and decoy t
i* the evergreen clerk, free of guile,
M tlie tancy that guildM li/* smile:
is the Mill with his mouth open ��Tde,
I* the honey the broker iipi-tlied ;
a* the instant in which to finest -
its the joy thit Uluiiiiuod his breast;
is the Itey of the sliaro bos so sl/.ck,
����� lhe lock tbe key caused to rlfeg;
���a the middle inan.knowiii-r.but' 'square"
I* the poodle why purchased theshare s
is the old inan too experienced Woubt it
u tbe prosMCtor <yho knew all ajwut It i
u the qiinjtbr; wlilohlfe hold (a h)�� list,
M the reef, which didn't exist;   '
i* the ��rheme set on p��lior to neatly,
������ the te.ej-riiui, proved it completely;
M the union 'twlxt broker anilliuyer,
is the vidiniit symdciite "li yor,*r
a* the wise man, who "wont oiit tn sue,"
i* the "ex'e** lie charged for the *priHi *
u the yellow boy* spent hi the cost,
i* the -my, who .'tiked sll sud lost.
LI1.I.IAM Hbuuakii.
March W, 1*7.'J
What a Correspondent of the Winnipeg Nor'-Wester hus to any ubout
Our Iiinillet.
I promised vou n letter from time to
time, and I am sure if 1 were able to
give only a lew of the every-day incidents of life at Steele - or were I able
to describe the great North Star mine
and its workings, or give you a history 'off Wild Horse creek and an account of its millions of placer gold
yielded up-it would interest your
readers, but in this short note I am
pot able to do more than speak generally of Fort Steele, and its present and
future prospects as a great mining
camp. Atid just here let ine say that
in Steele, as elsewhere in British Columbia 'our American cousins are
strongly in evidencj. Tliu majority of
prospectors are Americana. If amine
is in the market the men who are our
keenest opponents' for its acquisition
are Americana. The easiest way of
getting in and out is by an American
route. SPhere is an American store
with American goods. Iu fact, thro'
nearly every feature of this great camp
is his mark, aud I am bound to suy if
company will be actively at work in a
few days on one of their properties,
and the result of their operations will
be watched for eagerly, Bull riter is
also rich, principally
the   Moyea, Elk   aud
have their friends. In fact, it would
appear that thc whole country around
is oue vast muss of undeveloped
The North Star mine is not a vein
or lode, it is a mass of mineral. It
seems us if the bowels of thn earth had
swollen   and   then  burst, ami ..that is
Now University for Manitoba.
The Manitoba Legislature has placed
S .0,000 in this year's estimates to provide university buildings (or its univer-
in galena, and ! sity  in Manitoba, to be situated in its
Wild Horse all  capital, Wiuiiipeg.Hiiheitothis univer
sity has been without a local bubita
tion, and is composed of tlie four colleges belonging to the Presbyterian,
Episcopalian, Roman Catholic and
Methodist denominations. It wns
simply a decree grading institution
but is now intended to make it n tench- I
ing   institution.   There   urn   liiU.OW.
the great North Star mine.  They have acres of laud ap|.rouriated foi- ihe
3,000   tons   now   ready for shipment, j versify and there ia it feeling -hilt this
and   lam   told thuf every ton will go j grant which is to ho charged  against
from 180 to 00. There can he no rea
souable doubt that development will
produce many mines us good, possibly
Yesterday I was shown a piece of
lava-like quart!*, wlijcli assayed gilOO
to the ion, and a piece of cupper which
would um 40 per cent. This latter, in
fuel both properties, are yet undeveloped. What the future i* no ouo can
tell, but I thiiik everything depends on
the construction ut once of tlie Crow's
Nest Pass railway. Then, if 10 per
cent df thu anticipations uio realized
this will be a great  center.      I mean.
this laud is a little too much to hut
row iu the depressed limes seeing that
the value of laud is. mu over too high
in that Province jus* now. All ihu
revenue derived from the land would
be required to meet tlio current expenses of the university, which would not
be less than S',000 a yeur. It ims
therefore been suggested that the Government House ��� winch has become a
kind of while elephant should he
transferred ami utilized f��r the mil*
versity buildings, and lien have the
revenue free from the luud nppi'0|il'in-
! liou for upkeep and  current  expense*.
Golden & Ft.
(Limitccl Liability)
Development Co.,
luili-rlzei Capitol Sloe. 7So,ooo Shares ol pit value of Sl.oo each. Treasurj Slock Soo.ooo Shares* _
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for the purpose of acquiring and developing properties in
East Kootenay, the richest part ol British Coluinliia.
The management of the Company is in the huud* of capable men whe are right on the spot and are therefore
able to secure ou behalf of the Company the bust properties available.
Proyisionajl Board of Directors:
President: Thomas McNaUOIIT, Esq., Pi.iaiiql.il Ajrj.it, Fort Stonlo.     Vice-President: Al.liXA.NIiliK Al.l.AN, Esq., Merchant, Calgary
and IS. II will-ill, Esq., Socrotj.ry Golden Lumber Co., -olden.
Treasurer: Al.l.X ANDi'K Moy UBii.N. Esq., -Manager Hell Telephone to., Calgary-     t-oci-etury: U���0. 8. Mel'.- Bruit, barrister, (.olden.
Tliere are nn salaried officials in this Company, The promoters shares are pooled until llie Compaiiv earns
dividends. Experieiicml prospectors bave been engaged to secure claims for the Company in the Golden nud
Furt Steele Districts.
The Company will develop and sell these properties and handle properties on behalf of prospectors and investors. Several thousand shares have already been sold. The balance of the lirst block of 50.000 Treasury Shares
has been placed ou the Canadian market aud n second block of 51,01 0 is being placed upon the market in (.'tout
Treasury Shares are selling at ,
10  Cents Per Share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full information apply to any of the
Directors or to
or to
Messrs. Ellis & Grogan,
ttioker��, Calgary.
���Secretary, (.olden.
1 un lii'i si  Hank of Montreal. Cul.ury.-
it had "��l 'ieen for his enorgy and enterprise the Fort. Steele mining camp
would be to-day a fairly unknown
quantity, instead of as it is the most
extensively written about und talked' hotel
of camp.
Prison   Hold   by   Auction.
of course, the Fort Steee district, because no one knows vhere the new
town will be. Fort Steee itself is just
now very inadequately supplied with
accommodation fir Ihe spring
������,������ rush.    Whut there ar< ue very good,
IwouMliketowriteyoiianaoco..i.t:much   better   than oiwhta Vright.to j _'dVer7FMmr.|it   rec-nilv  printed  thero
of tl|e trip In from Golden.    lean . in- .expect, but already   the* is beginning r ���,���,���,, ���,_,.  .. ,|e o|j |*-��ol�� ���.������,,, le
agine nothing more beautiful in sum- j to be a scarcity of  rootra.     One con-1 o(!ma ,��� ���,,, .���,     ,,
mer      At this season of the yeur it is stable preserves the poacs, and he says '
of course jnst a little rough. The eat-1 he Is tired of the job for there is uoth-
ing and sleeping accommodation is ing to do. The most serous drawback
however, very superior We passed, is communication with Canada. At
through two Indian i-eservations, and j present>o have with Gildeti u weekly
there is a third at Fort Steele. I mail service.   Now, just mark the dif-
Almost every day parties are arriv-1 ference .    While  we haw no regular
Ing from ��be south, either for the pur-1 postal   service  vfith   tie  south, yet
H. Shorey On. of Montreal, are Taking
Prompt measures   to enable the
Header* of Thia Paper to (ret
What   hey  a��k for,
We will send free of charge to any
lady or gentleman one of the following
useful and valuable articles:
A desk tablet in leatherette with lead
pencil, oalender and adjustable writing
block, elegantly stamped in gold.
A lent her pocket match case with
brass striker.
A 100 page alligator leather memo
riiiiduiii book, gilt edged and ruled.
A leather and celluloid cigar case,
wiih calender, very compact.
Ap elegant canvas covered pocket
wallet, bound in red leather, witb
memorandum book.
As a compensation we only ta'*, if
you are a resident of a town or village
j containing the number of inhabitants
in-niioiied below, to send the names of
merchants who deal in clothing or Dry
Goods aad from whom you have
inquired for and nre unable
to obtain Shorey's make of clothing, or
Rigby Waterproof Cloth or Clothing.
From a village or town of 5C0 to
12l.ll inhabitants send 2 names.
From a village or town of 1200 to
60C0 inhabitants send il names.
From a village or town of 6000 or
over inhabitants send 4 names.
Our renson for making this offer is
thut as a consequence of making n
superior class of clothing a demand
has been created for our goods, and it
has been claimed thRt it was sometimes
impossible for people to get our make
Irom their dealers who probably could
make more profit by selling an inferior
class of goods. We wish to investigate the matter and intend arranging
that everyone shall he able to obtain
Shorey's Guaranteed Clothing, no mat*
ier in how obscure or out-of-the-way
place they may reside.
A* we are receiving a number of
names of merchants who are already
our customers and who keep our gooda
wo wish it distinctly understood that
the conditions are. that you must inquire for and find out that our goods
ure not kept in stock by any merchant
whose name you send us.
H. SHOREY A CO., Montreal.
Wholesale Clothiers and Dealers
in Rigby Waterproof Clothing
and Cloth.
Slttln' Aildo a (Ink.
In a rural district ol Forfarshire, a
young plowman once went courting on
a Saturday niitht. In vain he racked '
his brain for some interesting topic;
he could cull up no subject ut all suitable for the occasion���not one sentence.
coi.M he utter, and for two long hours
he sat on in silent despair.
The girl herself was equally silent;
she, no doubt, remembered the teaching of the old Scotch song, " Men Mann
lie the First to Speak," and she sat
patiently regarding him with demuru
At last John suddenly exclaimed:
"Jenny, there's a feather cn yer
"I wadnn ha'e wondered if there bud
liei-n twn," replied Jenny, tl for-I've
Im-uu siltin' aside a goose a' nicbt."
��� ���
National  Beverage.
In Scot.lnnd the national beverage is
often c. '���* "Id Kirk," an epithet
which the ii,!..- ., -s flatter themselves
arises from the greater laxity of the
minor morals of the adherents of the
Church of Scotland; but the mere
likely origin of the expression is this :
An old Scottish clergymen used to
speak of claret as poor und washy stuff
lit for English Episcopalians and the
like, and of brandy as''bet and fiery
like the Methodists." Small beer wns
thin and miserable like the Baptists,
The literature of auctioneering is full! *'}<\ s,0,0-1 through thejvhole category
of cleverness and verbal otltllti'e*. but
Carlow, England, turns up with aline
of linnioi which is all the more .IT.c-.
live because it is so unconscious.    All
ticularise with em In.si.t*ui and dilute
with zeal concerning a "female prison
of 30 cells," "debtors' pi'iSon." "convict prison, containing i!4 cells,"
"house of correction," "tieatliiiill"
and " three throw pump" and "all
cells are lit ted with double wrought
iron doom, bolls and locks and Hooiod
of drinks and sects. But invarihly ho
would finish bv producing the whisky
bottle and patting i", would exclaim :
" Ah, the real Auld Kirk o' Scotland,
sir.   There's naethin' beats it."
Happy  Men.
Happy, contented men, on whose
faces no frown ever appears, are they
v hose mothors, wives nnd daughters
use the Diamond Dyes for domestic
The coloring over of eld,  faded and
pose of  investing or so as to be here twice  per   -yeekleiterspiay be left ut' wUh^ni'ni'roMlau's.'''' In"fact.'"","ii <������"��' looking"garments is so eiisy.sinl
-   -���-*���-'- ���������     Anything of the "American 8tore, "aid go out, and ���**- *-���������-  ��� :-���.   .*..*. .-���
iu town you go to the  /nierican store
une, Wash.
when spring opens out
a  prospect  at   .11 in a good locality
will   sell, and it is cash down.     The
principal demand is of course ou Perry
Creek; tiro town sites have been, located oh the creek, and there is scarcely a
1 doubt l��t that il will see a great boom
IA placer mining company has also acquired riirhts  on the creek, and will
expend WO,000 iu a plant.     The East
���jtooteiiay   Mining  ����d  Development
for letters coming from he couth. So
soon as navigation opei* ai daily service by boat to Jenning will lie put in
Thia gives direct and spedy communication out, but uot |y a Canadian
a ���  I
The Golden Eka is he best advertising medium iu East bbotenay. '
modern improvements'- would suotii o
be the only additional in i .smu'i m tin,
way of enticing description.
"Do yon love me J" she naked fondly. " Dearly." replied he. "Would
you die for uie'/" ".No, my precious
one; mine is an undying love." She
had to make the best of this.
the results so magnificent, that tho-
joy of the women ia always shared by
the men,
Happy, well-regulated homes, presided over hy wise women, are the
homes where Diamond Dyes sre prized
Rich, bright, pure and fast colors
are always obtained when Diamond
Dyes are used. When buying from
yonr dealer see that he gives yt-n the
" Diamond," they are (list uud uv.i, SIMON AND BOB.
A Notable Conversation Between the
Oeneralanil tho Unbelieving-'-','.),
The following story was once told by
|lhe late Eugene Field of a conversation
between the aged Simon Cameron and
Cod. Ingprsoll.     ft preaches a sermon
in itself which all Bob Ingersoll's ribaldry   or sophistry  cannot refute.   It
was a cheerless, rainy P'ght, and the
venerable Sjln-.ou Cameron waa sitting
��.1 a hotel coiridor, gazing out into the
fog and darkness, wlien  Col. Ingersoll
entered,    '.'What has happened General**"   be asked,     "You look as if you
"nad lost yoj-r last friend.-'   "Ah.Bob"
��aj4 ".he old man, with a, sigh,   'J have
jujst  Often a pruel, pitiful sight.     An
aged and crippled soldier was painfully
toiling up  the etreet yonder, and was
making  some   progress, when  a bjg,
double-fisted, broad shouldered fellow
kicked the crutches out from under tho
.old cripple leaving hini, it-elds and helpless,   to  pick himself   up as be best
.could."     "I wo,uld to God I bad been
there?" cried **ngers,oU angrily.     "J'4
Jiave tr,oun��ed tbe ruffian! I,have never
j_eard fif as brutal an outrage!   W"*at.
abuse  ^  old  and crippled man like
.that! Pd mehe quiclt work of the brute"
-"W-kii* # BH-J.njegt. Bob." interposed ojd
���Simon CafpfifOft, gently, "J was that
agpd and crippled  veteran, and I was
foiling  alpng  to ray grave,   And it
was you, Bob, who cam* aprpsjs iny
path, and kicked from tinder j~)e the
nrutches that supported pie in that Jast
journey."     09)-   Ingersoll   maijjs  no
answer, and tlie ojd man continued to
rjook mouyn'fuH.y o.W ip&e- .tjje njjcjilt.
fltf. Ilarkfey, t^e Wife of Captain Hurkley
Well-known Lake Captajn of Ot-*ea Sound,
Out., Tell* how I*a Gr.ipps Left Her, and
How Often Doctors P/jj-e up Hope mid Her
Family and friges Despaired of Her Re-
j^very���Tba Great ~o��itb American Nervine wa* the Beacon wln'eh Directed Her
Iuto the Gwd Health Harbr-.r.
A Farmer's Wjfe
Dootor* Utterly Failed te Help U*r and
Morphine wa* Coatinaally Beiorte. to--,
Became Bo Weak Sh* Conld Scarcely Perform Her Household Duties,
From the Beaver, Napanee,
Mr. and .Mrs. Robt. Stone have been
residents of the township of Ernestowu
about ten miles east of Napanee, for a
period of about three years, and in
that time have gained the esteem ol all
thejr neighbors. F��r six years previous to this timo they had lived in
Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and it
was during their residence there that
Mrs. Stone was attacked with an illness that made her life miserable for
years. To a reporter who recently interviewed her she told the following
Bf pry : '.'During the early part of our
residence in Colorado, my illness first
oame on. At .the outset every two or
three weeks I would be attacked wiih
a pain in my stomach. filter ou it
greatly increased iu severity, and at
times was so bad that I would scream
aloud with the puin. A doctor wus
called in, but the only benefit I ever
ipceived from his  ire tuieut wus thro'
$tx&inst>e t&civba,
GEO. N. SInC'AltTEp.
Notary Public Coi^ypyAi-CER, Etc.
Office ���
Alexander Block,        - Qoldep, B, C.
Representing i
The Alberta & Kootenay Development Co.
TlicFjiuit koptenay Mining and' Devo|op-
mont Co., Etc., Etc.
Minerid Clajnu bought, Hold, and developed.
It.   J.  JKPHSON,
D L.rS, &  P.L.S. for B.C.   DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Viiluator.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence -solicited.
R.J.Jl~pl|S,q*j. D.1j.8.,P.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
.autaitr, Alba.
" About four years ago I wa* afflicted witjb
* severe attack of Ja grippe, which left ine
almost a cuinpleie wreck. I wa* prostrated
for weeks, Idoctflred with several physicians and lined many remediet,, but none had
any ���M_ng>��ll9J->. My friends began to be
slarmad 1or my recovery. The doctor* shook
'thsir heads, and l-fdd out little hope. I w-i*
attract I by im advertisement of South American Nerviqe, and as my trouble was of a
uervpu* nature I decided to try it. Tho first
uootle helped me greatly. I persisted in its
use and this great remedy has completely
nie any
'. HOIt-AS  Mc3fAU��IIT.
Mining Broker,
Financial Agopt,
Notary Public.
built up my system, and I positively do
.that it i* the only remedy that gave nie
relief."  89M by..', A, Warren.
To make a long ��tory thor-:-send it
rt 0 the editor of a r-ewspaper.
I* the Testimony of Frank 8. Einerick of Al-
vlnston, Ont.���8ay�� South American Kidney Cure Saved hi* Life���It Relieves in Six
" For two year* I was greatly troubled
.with kidney disease, I suffered intense pain,
and frequently was unable to work, f doctored at intervals, bnt got .little or no' relief, I
began to grow wpree, and the wins were
frequent and mtanse. Ami lui tiipp I saw
South American Kidney Ci*-. ���j-Tvartisod a* a
" flaafewh$ur*. .Ipurcl
rave me""   "
speedy relief
bottle, and it gi     ......
few hour*.   1 improved stead
taking fear bottle* 1 aiu pour
consider it worth ito wiijgbt In
sundry saved giykmr  Fors
- ��� u
I relief in a
ly, and after
'   -pured.  I
, fur it ashy C, A.
ft if xtffilt bard to appreciate tbe
fgatgtfo^jht pjf.the pjan wjis gires you
Will Oa*ry ft,* *f>1*�� ���� -fer Orave.
..pant Thou��*ntl��for Health, bnt djd not Obtain This Great-ast of All Bleujng* Until
She -sed t}t�� Great South Amerk-ri- Rheumatic Cure Suffered Intensely for 12 years.
Mrs. F. Brawloy o> Tottenham, Ont., sayst
���" I suffered almost continually lor 12 years
with rheumatism, the effect* of which 1 will
carry to my grave, ana wbjje .the joints ut
my elbows and wrist* are yet nils I am entirely freed from pain in the use of South
American Rheumatic Cure. It ha* Indeed
proved a monderful cure In my caao. I have
ji taint thousand, of dollars jp doctors' bill*
and medicine* without avail. Five bottle* of
thi* wonderworker ha* cured all pain. 1 am
better in health generally than I have been
.for ten years,"  Sold by C. A Warrpn.
All men are not homeless, but same
���re home leet than others.
Douglas Jerrold wu diping at aome
place where a salad was pot on the
fable, Someone observed that it was
unusually gritty. Jerrold calls tho
waiter and says-"What's this?"
/���Salad, sir." "No," says Jerrold,
"it's a gravel walk witb a good many
the injection of morphine into my
arm, as a result of which the pnin
would gradually pass away. The
medicine which was given me, how.
ever, had not the slightest effect, and
the doctor appeared to be greatly perplexed, and thereafter continually re'
sorted to injectious of morphine whenever the attacks came on. These
attacks continued ut interv#|�� until
our return to Canada, wheu they in
creased in frequency and intenseness.
The result was that I grew very weak,
and my whole system appeared to be
giving o*}t. My complexion turned a
yellowish hup, und I hnd little or no
appetjte. Latterly I would be attacked wjtji fainting spells, preceded by
attacks of diz*siuess I became utterly
unable to stand fatigue, and could with
the greatest difficulty perform my
household duties. A doctor was called
in] who treated mefor some time without benefitting me any. Then be gave
me what I now know to be Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and after I had used
two boxes I felt somewhat better. I
than purohosed the pills myself und
continued the treatment. I found that
the pain was gradually decreasing. I
could get rest and sleep at night, which
had hitherto been almost impossible.
I continued using Dr. Williams Pink
Pills for several months, and the result
is that they have effected a complete
cure, and J am non* enjoying the best
of health. I pan assure you it is a
great relief to be free from the trouble
that made iny life miserable for so
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Pink Pill-) and take nothing else. The
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the wrapper around which bears the
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fron) all dealers or sent post paid on
receipt of 60 cents a box or 6 boxes for
12,60, by addressing tbe pr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvi'Jo, Put.
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Sometimes it takes a good while to
find oat tbe right way, but tbjere is a
jrlijht yi-ay for everything,
Conducted in nil its lir-iuckon bf
(M.N.Eug. Inst. M. &M.E.)
Samples tested up to 200 lb*.   Certillcate*
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Undertakers and
��� ..  Embalmers,
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going, but
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Illustrated  Catolo-ruor.  and    Price
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I ratal*.	
P.MDU UkM tbi i*h Kuan a Oo. iMh
Book on Fatsots ml tno.
MUNI  * CO.. __
Upper Coluiqbia NaVigatioq ^rarqWay U/|
e    ���    anil     ���    ���     .
Iqtarqational Tra_]sportatioq Conipaqy.
TIME    TABLET  1807.
Go-m-iSi-Four StkeIjB route-Untll opening of Nar teaHsn, Stage wttl
leave Golden every Tuenduy, 2, p. m., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Oolden Friday
After 1st May, Steamer* will leave Golden 4, a. m., Tuesdays and Friday*, connecting wiih Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Snnday afternoon*.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday snd Friday morning* and arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoon*.
F>i* Htoole
and Jennings Route.
Navigation expected to open lOlh April.  After 1st May boaUwin leave
daily (except Sunday).
Golden l-t March.
F. P. Armstrong,
)90 0 Hit CO �� 9 oft �� 9 9 �� 90
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Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
�� ' me.
MannlsatttrersolSa��h, Door*, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Bail* and lirachets.  All rises of glass In stock. '
1^_jj!_^_��>j Bjachsinilh Shopare prepared to do aU kind of repair     f"
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V------p^r!--'>l0'' muttt*< -~*-*1'-��. 9pokesandFeUoes. Hickory and
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HOUSTON &  CO. '!-. ���
(Continued from page 2.)
than (6,000 on actual construction of
the railway thereby authorized to be
built before the 31st December, 1899,
' \aiid in default thereof the said sum of
jfeil.OOO shall be forfeited and become
the property of the Govern ment us
liquidated and ascertained damn^es nnd
not ns a penalty, and the powers and
privilege* hereby conferred shall lapse
and beoome void on a failure to comply with the above condition. A good
clause this is.. The bill has now passed its third reading.
A select committee is to enquire into
the disposal of the B.C. Southern chart
ter. The scope of its enquirv should
be extended to enquire into the government job of shutting up the lands in
south east Kootenay for Colonel Baker
& Co. before it had authority to make
any-land grant* and also whjethor any
portion of the 184,000 promised to be
expended has been expended in prospecting over, the laujl and if so how
One of the members for Victoria city
Mr. Helmcken, has championed 'the
cause of the ladies iu presenting a no-
L tition 60 feet long with 2400 aignutures
on it-40signatures to tho foot- desiring an amendment of the .Elections
Regulation Act, so that they may have
their parliamentary rights if th'-y cannot obtain their matrimonial rites.
The Chief 'Commissioner of Lands
nnd Works has presented his return
showing the land alienated or in process of alienation and East Kootenuy
hns been considerably depleted. The
C.P.R. company bus reived already
by itself dr 'for it8'behulf,'2,b-*,G00
acres, for its main line. Oilier 200,-
UOO-acre* for the railway between Nelson and Robson in West Kootenuy.
Why should East Kootenay bo thus
depleted to benefit West Koeteiiuy?
There has also been'reserved for alien
for  tlie BC'Southeru, 720,000
Notice of a question bus been given | succeeded   to the titlo on  the death of
in the Dominion House as to whether
the C.P.R. cont-iiuiy have died liny
plans for the buildiu-*oF this line of
railway. ''Let British Columliiu construct her own railways," says tliu
Chatham, Ontar o, Bunner; "they concern us only indirectly." All right,
Let parliament vote to British Columbia annually thut portion of the revenue paid by this Provides, spent for
purposes "which concern us only indirectly," and British Coliiniliia will
build all tlie railways she needs, und
not nsk the Dominion fur- u dollar
The New York Mail ami Express
has discovered the secret of Mr. Gladstone's wonderfully vigorous review of
the Cretan situation. Ho rides h
wheel. Only a few days ago be wrote
a friend that- be had mastered tho
eccentricities of that extremely fractious machine. After an hour or two's
scorching along the Mediterranean, it
was. to hiin, an easy matter to issue it
scprcher of a manifesto. Our'contem-
porary Says : ''Other statesmen of
Europe have wheels, but they are not
always ridden, Gladstone's is on the
outside. He is 87 years young, and
still growing."
�� ���
Tlio New Oovornor-Geneiwl.
Truth, a society orfun iu London, i
edited and owned by Mr. Honry La- I
bouchere, the radical member for I
Northampton, asserts that tire Right
Honorable George Oodolphin, Duke of!
L.'eds nnd Prince of the Holy Roman jog-j it)���
Ej.-pife, is  to   bo the   next Governor
his Fittlter, in 189,-i. He was eductited
nt Eton and ut Trinity college, Cuin-
bridge, He was an assistant private
secretary to the Eurl of Kimberly, the
.-iriiirtttry of suite for the colonies from
1896 to 1888 and wr.s appointed treasurer of the Queen's household in July
lHili). He was married in 18F4 to Ludy
Kiitheriue Frances Lainbton, daughter
of the second Earl of Durham, whoso
father wns the most famous Governor
General Canada ever possessed. He
hns four daughters living. The mono
of I lui Duke of Lead's house is "pax in
hello" (peace in war). He is u Roman
Catholic in religion, Our present
premier is ulso a Roman Catholic.
There will thus be presented tho unique
spectacle, of two Roman Ctitholics
filling the highest positions in our
land and guarding and controlling the
destinies of our great Comnioiiwealth.
The Hank of liritisli Columbia.
The report, ol  the Chartered  Banks
.acres, which wss 'shut up from the
public before the Legislature authorized any land -.-rant to be made for the
construction of this railway, and no
reservation for alienation should huve
beep made uutil the line wus'.uutiinlly
constructed. More shnll be heard
about this land grant.
This Official member now adopts the
formula, of replying- to incoi'i.enient
questions "It is not advisable in the
public interest to reply to such questions at the present time." Nice method adopted hy the Government io shirk
disagreeable questions'.. ..-..'Not in tbe
interests of the public,"ariiil this is tiie
sume individual if.we mistake not who
hands private letters to public newspapers. What a nice discrimination
between his. private interests uud the
public interests. I
The House is now struggling with
the estimates and they have adopted
niirht sittings. When; it expects to
get through its business is not yet
known. A summary of the estimates,
particularly  those  referring   to East
: Kootenay will be fouud in another
Genm-nl nf the. Dominion. Lord Aberdeen's term of tfiii-i! expires next yeur.
but rVun-i are rumors thut -hu mny return to Britain this yuur, more particularly to he in time to lake part iu. the
celebrations of the longest reign of a
British sovereign. Truth its u rule i.-i
a well-informed piiper and tho news is
almost, sure to bstrite,
���of the. new 'G-iivefnor-Getlofiil is ns
follows:      He   wns born  in -18.1. and
of the Dominion of Canada made In
conformity with the Banks and Bunking Act has beon issued as a supplement to tho Dominion Gazette. The
only chartered hunk in this Province
is the Bank of British Coluinliia and
tho report shows of its authorized capital of ?9,7Uil,383 there hns been subscribed and paid J2,?19.i)U9. Tlie
amount of its rust fund isS48li,(i(i(i. Its
last, dividend wns 4 percent. Its notes
in circulation are $878.4;).*). Its deposits payable on demand are 83,277,-
oiiOj while its fixed deposits amount to
The Dominion Government
bus a linliiiict. at its credit of $-.'11,184.
while   the   Provincial
balance at its credit is $242,370. It
holds coin to iheextcut of $i'i7f>j469and
Dominion notes for $1,121.'.'(17. Its
current loans amount to $.'1,011,611.
Its assets aro placed nt $ii.8(i'l,K;la nud
its liabilities at 9ti.llb\b9b. There ure
..���    . . ,      3* chartered bunks   mieratinl*   in   the
ll,el"0��,'al'l,-vIDouiinioii.    10'in   Ontario.     14   in
Ui 'ehec.    8 iu Nova Scotia,    3 iu New
| Brunswick.      2 in Prince Edward Island and 1 in British Columbia.
into nearly every home, hotel and mining cainp
in East Kootenay is the Golden Era*. It is recognized by all as tlie best advertising medium
in the District.
This Popularity
I Plant your ^
9       home thi ni with       u
[Steele, BriggsS
"High Oracle" Seed*,
' so|d by leading dealer*.
-   Ask for them..
Safe investment
-   OATALOauea ni--
|T_e Steele, Briggs Seed Co.]
Toronto, Ont.
The Toronto Globe declares : tbe Dominion Government can prevent western coul monopoly and net rid of western railway monopoly aud the people
of British Co.iimbia may rest suti. tied
that nothing will Iw dune at Ottawa
j. to streiiKthen railway monopoly or to
[) establish coal inouopoly. Senator Mc-
Iunes of Vancouver Island hns given
notice in the Dominion Senate he will
move the disallowance of tliu B.C.
Southern extension act.
The Daily News*Advertiser's correspondent in Montreal utiles to tbul paler that a sample of coke recently
made from coul from Crow's Nest Pass
has reached the Caiiudiuii Pacific railroad offices here Experts claim that
It is fully equal, if not superior to that
made ut Couueiisville. Mr. Shaugh*
liessy, vice-president of the Canadian
Pacific railroad,.-claims that with the
Cfow'i Nest line built by tln-iaselves
the 'Canadian Pacific will oe iiblu to
supply all the furnaces in British Columbia wilh ihis coke at 95 per ton, as
against a cost of 910 ut the present
time. At Great Palls, Montana, coke
today costs Ill.tiO per tun. With
coke at ����� per ton iu British Columbia
Mr. Shuughuesi-y thinks that a great
deal of the ore in America w ill lie
brought iiito Canada and nested iu
Canadian furnace.-.
The pnawtt correspondent of tho
same paier says: --S.r Win. Van
Home was hero last Thursday iiight
uud closeted with Mr- Blair. Ii is understood that they were discussing the
Crow's Nest .Piws railway, hit ihe
Minister of Railways had nothing to
nay on tbe matter for publication."
THIRTY-SEVENTH YEAR.   ��� -*���  *J-
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Jit-dispensable to Miming Men.
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220 Market St., San Francisco, Cal
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Paeif ie ffy.
Direct Route to all Eastern point*
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamer* at
Halifax, St. John and
New York.
1 luggage checked to European destination
' Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland.
And all points in the Fur Famed Kootenuy
and Silvery Slocan,   To
China    and    Japan,
rin the  famous  Empress  Steamers from
I    Empress of India 2!>tli March
|   Empress of Japan l'Jth April
Empress of China 10th May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Aus, Line truin Vancouver
W'.rriiitoo..-. ��h April
Mioweua 8th May
Apply for particulars to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
.4 co nt. IW olden.
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A pure Crape Cream of Tarter Powder. Free
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Qeldea Oan Club M.-tin*'.
Tbe annual general meeting ot the
Oolden Oan Club was held, at the
Queen's Hotel on April 3rd, 1897. The
following officers were elected for 1897:
President, C. A. Warren; Vice-President, Dr. Taylor; Committee, Wm.
McNeieh, F. H. Bacon, Geo. B. Me-
Dermot, F. C. Lang and H. 0. Low;
Sec-Treat. E. Plowright.
Tbo secretary announced tbat the
Club bad a credit balance of ��25 from
1896 and W. McNeieh and F. C. Lang
were appointed a aa b-coinmittee to see
��bout flzing up tbe groupds and the
erection of a shed thereon. Tbe following new rales were made: No member
to bt allowed to tboot on tbe clnb
grounds until he shall have paid his
annual subscription.
No one residing within five miles of
tbe dab ground shall shoot thereon
unlets he bt a member of the club.
The shooter shall use any position
he may cboose when at the score.
Mr. McEwen, of Shorey A Co., Montreal, wat elected an honorary member
and in coarse ol ��� very humorous reply offered to present a silver medal to
tht member having tbe highest average at tht eud of tbt season and a pair
of panto to tbe second bast, provided
thty snail havo fired over 200 shots on
tht olub ground.
Capt, Armstrong wat also elected sn
honorary member.
Tbe subscription remains tht tame
its last year, vis i $2.00,
' -tegular shooting day Thursday at
? o'clock.
After a vote of thanks to tht retiring
~     i tbt meeting terminated.
parte of Kootenay, the division of East
Kootenay ia on the -eve of receiving
much greater interest, witb every probability tbat her latent, resources will
prove very valuable,"
Reference ie made to the amoun', of
work done on tbe various olaims and
a brief account is also given of the
geology of the district. Mr. Carlyle
says that the building of the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway and tbe demand
for coal and more especially coke are
attracting much attention now to the
large deposits of coal that will be made
available by tbis railway, and in order
to abow its splendid coking qualities
he reprints reports of Dr. Selwyn, late
Director of the Geological Survey of
Canada, who viaited tbe coul fields and
oil fields in the summer of 1891.
Thero are also tables showing the
Locations recorded, tbe certificates of
work issued and the mines held under
Crowu grunts. Tbe official returne
show that 504 locatious were recorded
in this district, 208 certificates of
|*ork and 34 Crown grants isst^ed, aud
are distributed at follows:���Fort Steele
mining division 845 locations, 169 certificates and 4 Crown granta, Windermere division 38 locations, 6 certificates and 2 Crown grants, Golden
mining divisiou 89 locations, 28 certificates and tbe same number ol Crowu
grams. Donald division 32 locations,
& certificates but no Crown grants.
We may return to the report again aud
give our readers other particulars
about certain properties situated iu the
Minister of Mines Annual Report.
The annual report of the Minister of
Mines for tbe year ending 31st Decern*
ber, 1896, hu uow been presented to
tht Provincial House of Parliament.
Tht report Is a most exhaustive and
voluminous one, tnd ie illustrated by
several maps, plant and sketches. Tbe
report it an account of tht mining
���operations for gold, coal, etc, in the
province of British Columbia. Twenty
pages of printed matter are devoted to
tht minerals of East Kootenay, eight
pages of wbioh art devoted to the report of Mr. W. A. Carlyle, tht Provincial Mineralogist, wbo made a trip to
tbt diitrict in tbe court* oj laet sum*
mtr. Hit report may be summarized
Aa follows:
Eatt Kootenay it reported on by Mr
Carlyle, wbo made a trip through the
district latt summer. He tayt.- "A
abort eiamination wat madt of those
parti In East Kootenay where mining
wat fating actively carried on, but with
tbt exception of mines tuoh ae the
North Star, Moyie Lake mines, and the
placer mines on Wild Hone creek,
little work other than nttetsment work
wat being don*. In tht southern part
ol Fort S-eele distriot the prospectors
were very buty during the past season
both in tbe Selkirks and Rocky Mountain ranges, and a large number of
claims wtre staked off in dote vicinity
to the North Star mine and on tht St.
Mary't river, Bull river, Ptrry Creek
and their tributaries. Tbt construction of the Crow. Nttt Pott Railway,
wbioh now seems to be an assured fact
will, certainly stimulate lar greater
activity, for there it no doubt whatever bat that thit part ol tht Province
should bt thoroughly explored at
meant ol ingress and egress improve,
na already tome valuable properties
have beta discovered and developed,
Md many locations bave been made,
whioh work will greatly enhance in
value and importance. Hitherto meant
af communication have been such that
considerable time had to be coneumed
In reaching any part, and prospectors
and mining mtn havt been attracted
to other parte more taty of access, bat
with a more extended tteamboat ter*
viet on tbe rivers, now roads and
iraili, and with keener interest aroused
If tkt projnms of mining in other
His  Popularity  aud   Uenlnllty���lto-
iii-ntlc of the founder of the
Osborne  Family.  .
The New York World in commenting
on ithe  proposed  appointment says:
"There is a something singularly
appropriate iu the appointment oa tbe
Duke of Leeds to succeed the Earl of
Aberdeen ae viceroy of Canada, for he
it married to a granddaughter of that
Earl of Durham who was perhaps the
most famous of all the British governors-general of Canada. Moreover,
tbe duke himself, besides being a man
of considerable wealth, of much geniality and spirit of repartee, brings to
tht viceroyality a flavor of liquor,
which cannot but contribute to the
good humor and jovially ot bis reign.
" Ia England he goes by the name
ot the ' Gin Duke,' being tbe senior
partner and managing director of a
firm which has probably the largest
gin business in tbe Uuited Kingdom,
and which bears a name that is known
to the consumers of spirits in every
part of tbe world, civilized and uncivilised. He derives large profits from
tbie source, and Whenever be has been
able to spare a moment from bis parliamentary duties, he hot been iu tbe
habit of ruthing off to Deptford, where
the distelieries are, to tee bow thingt
are going ou.
The youug duke ii as popular with
the liquor dealera, great aud email, as
he it the reverse witb tbe temperance
folk. Tht Duke of Leeds, whose family name is Osborne, is one of those
many of the great - Engliah nobles,
whose family acquired its first honors
in connection with trade in the oity.
For ita founder was tbat merchant'e
apprentice, who wou bis master's favor by diving into the Thames to rescue
bit daughter (row a watery grave.
The girl was an only child, and in
course of time the married the appren
tice, wbo succeeded to tbe business of
hit father-in-law, and became Lord
Mayor of London.
" The Duke ot Leeds sat for a time
in tbe house of commons as member of
of parliament for Brixton. The Queen
it vtry fond of him, and for several
yean he acted at treasurer of the
royal household.
"The duchess is a clever woman,
hat written several books, bat taken
an aotivt part in the councils of tht
Primrose league, and ia the mother of
four pretty girls. Sht hat no boy,
and for tht present tbe heir to tbe
dukedom is the duke't tailor brothtr,
who married laet year.
The duchese ii tall and stately, being, however, surpassed in stature by
her butband, wbo shares with tba
I��lke of Somerset the distinction of ex-
colling all other members of both
houiee of parliament in height."
The postponed public meeting of the eltisena
oTOplJen will be hejd indie Sample Koom
aging year.I	
P.M, BAJ5.
For the Fiscal   Tear   Kndlng   80th
June  1808.
The estimates of tbe revenue and expenditure of British Columbia for the
fiscal year ending 30th .Tone, 1898, is
now under consideration of the Provincial House of Parliament. Tbe estimated revenue is placed at $1,288,-
089.44 and the expenditure is placed at
11,566,765.10, showing a deficiency of
$278,075.65. The Government anticipates to have a cash balance on hand
at 30th June, 1897, of $286,000, but
their anticipations may not bs realized
This Government of anticipations and
expectations plac-s the expenditure in
East Kootenay for the fiscal year at
follows: Under the bead of Administration of Justice, Police and Jails in
East Kootenay an provided with $7,-
418 for salaries for gold commissioner
and government agent, constable, collector, recorder and gaoler at Donald ;
assessors, recorder and constables at
Golden and Fort Steele j recorder nnd
conatable at Windermen: stipendsry
magistrate at Tobacco Plains; and
sheriff at Donald. Under Hospitals
and Charities $2,000 are given for' the
Hospital at Golden. The prant of $800
in aid of the resident physioian at Fort
Steele has ��� been discontinued. For
education then has heen provided
$3,085 to pay the salaries of teachere
at Golden. Donald. Field and Fort
Steele and other incidential expenses.
For pnhlic works and buildings a considerable siim ia to be spent, $200 an
set aside for repairs. Fort Steele is to
be provided with a new lockup and recorder's office at the cost of $1,600;
and a public school is also to be provided for tbe same piece at the cost of
$800. On rnada, Streets, bridge! and
wharves for East Kootenay an to be
expended $16,000, and this does not include a grant of $2,260 to aid in the
construction of the new' bridge over
the Kicking Horse River at Golden.
Under the head of Miscellaneous the
fin departments at Golden and Donald
receive $200 each. There Is a rate of
$1,800 for the telephone service bnt we
do not know how much of this it to he
devoted to East Kootenay. Certainly
the whole sum would not bs of much
use for the construction of onr telephone to Fort Steele. The destruction
ot wolves, panthers nnd Coyote, ie to
take II1.C0O, but nothing is given for
the destruction of " wild cats." These
are commencing io infest the mining
districts, bnt public opinion may eradicate these mining pests; the other
fe'ine pests an not so destructive.
*'. *
The Mew Town Site.
Mr. John A. Todd, formerly of Spokane and latterly ol Roaeland, pasted
through our town this week on his
wav to Wardner, the new towp that
has been surveyed in Southern East
Kootenay. Mr. Todd, who ia a miner
ot considerable experience is to commence planning tbe townsite at once.
It is hie present intention to nmain in
the neighborhood of Fort Steele during
the most of the season. Captain Armstrong has been fortunate in securing
the services of Mr. Todd who baa remarkable aptitude for town planning,
and knows bow a town thould bt laid
It Makes
Sick People
Wel| and Strong.
Has Cured
and Given Therri
a New Lease
of Life.
School Report For March.
5th Clats Winifred Armstrong lit
4th    "
It 4i
8rd    "
It 11
2nd   "
tt     tt
Pan II
Jennie Wdlt Snd
Mary Conner 1st
Gertie Fiddt Snd
Maggie Archer let
Willie Houtton -Snd
Lottie Wooldley let
Lyla and Geo. Lov* Snd
Stanley Moodie let
Majorie Armstrong Snd
Addie Antoya let
" Macaulay Nonkl       Snd
Average attendance 80.
A schoolteacher eomewhen in East
Kootenay and not a hundred miles
from Golden pnt tha question, "What
ie tbe highest form of euiinal life?"
"Tbt giraffe," responded a bright
member of the clan, who thus wou by
a neck.
In Golden
Known  at  Starforth.  Fruit  StoYt.
Possession 1st of May,
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer tp
Offer You
a Substitute.
When yon come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
Apply ��������
S.    ADLER,    Proprietor.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms. -
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigwrs.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
J.   C.   GREENE,  -    Prop.
Us Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.
Be��t Cuisine in the West.   .
Commodious Sample Rooms.        ��� .
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Olm. WeTte-sh, - .Prep,


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