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The Golden Era May 29, 1897

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 * ���  "1    ���
We make a Specialty of .
Hill Heads,
Letter Pods,
Business Cards,     Etc.,
Etc., Etc.
Host Advertising Medium
in East Kootenay.
JN'ent, Artistic Job Printing
promptly executed.
$2 Per Year
General 0 Merchant.
e c c e c c e.e z c c_e
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods.
My Spring Stock in these lines will soon
be complete. Do not fail to inspect my
range of
Summer Blouses.
j5_C_�� �� ��_c c ace 0 C _�� 9�� ��
B. Laurance's Spectacles.
G �� �� 9 �� ��  �� �� �� $9jQ O �� ��
A complete stock of
Paints, Oils, White Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
fust arrived a carload of good Prairie
Hay.  More coming.
You Can
oeooeo 5 5 fi e *> a
AjTcnt For   ...
Phoenix of London and other Fire insurance Co's
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+ + + >
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
m m
"tl tr."H
Boots & Shoes
Hats & Caps
Straw Hats
Dress Goods
Large Stock and must be Reduced.
Prospectors and Miners supplies always
in stock.
Ths C. P. B. platform is being improved.
Gaudaur won the boat race against
M. Dainard and family left un Saturday nn a visit to Banff.
A lofty flag pole has been erected at
the Provincial Government's offices.
It is reportg-i tbat Molson's Bank
intends opening a branch at Fort Steels.
During his stay in Goldeu Bishop
Durieu was thi guest of Mr. and Mrs.
M. Carlin.
Rev. Father Paytavin will next celebrate Mass at Golden on the fourth
Sunday in June.
A frost was experienced on Tuesday
night. It is reported to have been
severe at Donald.
G. B. McDermot's store looked gsy
on the Queen's birthday, surmounted
as it was by a triangle of pretty little
Capt. Uncoil informs us tliut things
are booming ut Windermere, and he
expects to see a town developing there
by another season.
\V. MoNeish, the popular landlord
of Coluinliia Houso. returned on
Sunday from a Fortnight's trip iu tint
Boiiinliii-y country.
��� It is reported that Col. Baker will
not contest East Kootenay nt the
coming election but will stand for
Alberni, Vancouver Island.
Postmaster Warren is determined
not tn lu: behind the tiinas uud hus
erected a ilig pole in front of the Post
Office from which float the colors.
' A meeting of those interested in
holding a sports gathering at Goldeu
on Dominion Day is convened at Columbia House for Monday at 8 p m.
The Columbia Navigation Co'i
Duchess Is now running regularly up
tho river, leaving Golden on Tuesdays
and Fridays and returning Thursday*
nnd 8undays. The traiHc up the rivor
is already large and rapidly increasing.
Another addition to the business
men of Golden is John A. Muir, who
notifies thut he hits started business
us puiutei', papei-haniser, and siiruwri*
tor. His present address is the Russoll
House till he can get suitable premises for a shop.
Tuesday was a lively day in Ross*
luud. Caleb Daniels shot 11 woiuan
who rejected his affoctious throe tijjnns
and then shot himself dead. On'tlie
Northport road, three miles from
Rossluiid, a inau was waylaid and
nearly killed.
Archdeacon M'Kay will preach bis
farewell sermon at St Paul's on Sunday at 11 a.m. when there will also
be a celebration of the Holy Communion.
Notice is given that persons indebted
to, or having claims on, the estate of
the late Gideon Bouchard are required
to communicate with Mr. J. F. Armstrong, Official Administrator.
Tenders are invited by the Official
Aministrntor for the purchase oi the
personal property in the estate of
Gideon Bouchard, and now on tbe premises known as the Hog Ranch.
E. Plowright. secretary to the Golden Gun Club, has received intimation
that the competition to havo taken
place on May 24th has been postponed
till July 1st, when The Kevelstoke
Gun Clnb Challenge Cup will be shot
On Sunday next the farewell service
of Rev. G. Howard Osborne, who is
removing to Kamloops, will be held in
tbe Methodist church. During tho 11
months of Mr, Osborne's stay a great
work has been n-complisliod, whiuh
wc hope will still continue 10 --row
under tha ministry of Rov. G. E.
Smith, who takes ibe place of Mr.
G. B. McDermot bus greatly improved the appearance of his store by
1 lie addition of a new front, He has
jist received a car load of groceries
i'nd large stocks of trunks and valises,
���-rockery and glassware, ladies parasols, umbrellas and straw huts. Mr.
McDermot has also opened 500 suits of
���rlothinir which he is selling at from
$3 to $15, and whicli he reports to be
"going like wildfire."
W. L. Houston has just completed
the manufacture of a full stock of
doors, shades and windows. His
workshop has also been very busy
turning out iron work lor tlie new
bridge over the Kickinglibise, Mr.
Houston has also been entrusted By
Mr. W. C. Weill, of Palliser. with
the setting up of a new engine of 100
horse power which is lining put in tu
work the Palliser saw mills.
Col. Ridpnth speaks in glowing
terms of the trip between Fort. iSteelo
and Golden, and says it is undoubtedly
one of the finest trips to Im Inul on the
American Continent. HeoxpreiiHu'i his
appreciation of the courtesy nnd nuon-
tiou given to passengers uu the Duchess
by Capt. Bacon, Purser Lynilen uinl
the crow. Tdiivists from all pruts of
the world ought to stop off at-Qolden
and do the Upper Columbia and the
lakes, where the scenery, especially nt
Wiudermere, ia said to be amongst
the linest iu tbe world.
F. P. Hogan, treasurer of the Le
Roi, inspected Recorder Lang's col.
lection of mineral specimens of East
Kootenay a few days ago, and says
they aro the finest samples of ore in)
has seen anywhere.
j During his recent trip W. M'Nrtish
visited Spokane and went over the trail
! from Knlispel to Fort Steele travelling
; a good portion of the distance. He
1 found things very lively everywhere.
! What specially attracted attention
j was the increased activity at Fort
1 Steele where he was surprised at the
I way in which the streets are being
built up, while there is great activity
in real estate.
��� .
The Coming- Sports
We hope the people of Goldeu will
sink all petty jealousies and join together for the good of their town to
make the sports celebration on Dominion Day, July 1st, a success. It is
time that an effort was made to push
Golden to the front and occupy thut
importance whicli geographically belongs to our town. It is only by the
seising of every opportunity of advancing its interests tbnt this can be
J. Adler deserves the thanks of the
community for the persistent manner
in which lie has worked up the subscription list for the sports. He lias
already got 5400 subscribed in cash,
besides several special prizes. We aro
glad to learn that outside manufacturers are contributing liberally iu
special prizes. A meeting will lie held
on Monday night to forma committee.
The following is the subscription list:
Kootenay House, $50; Columbia
House, 950; G. B. McDermot, $26; C,
A. Warren, $25; Russel House, JIIO;
H G. Parson, 825; 8, A. Parsons, 95;
A. J. Hopkins, 810; Jos. Lamontaghe,
810; M. Carlin, 810; I-'. C. Lang, 85; J.
H. Temple, 9b; F G. Healy, $10; A. C.
Hamilton, $5; F, H. Bacon, 15; S.
Barber, 810; A. W. Grierson, 85; J,
H. Turner, 815; Col. Bnker, $10; Hon.
Edgar Dewdney, |5; J. F. Pugh, $5;
Oi H. Parsons, 85; I!,. Harley, $5; J.
V. Armstrong, 810; G. S. jMcCnrter,
85; Mr. Dainard 85; Golden Eua
Company Limited, 85. Special prizes:
Kllgour, Rissin A Co., Winnipeg,
lioots value fo; L. H. Doll, Calgary,
lady's biniich value $10; W. R, Johnston A Co., Toronto, fancy vest valued
85; McGlashan A Harrison. Winni|r-eg,
silvor cigar stand 85; Calgary Brewing
ilt Malting Co., value SIS; W.ri.
Teacher Jt Sons, Glasgow, $15; Tag.
erac de Foge & Flls. France, case of
brandy 815; D. C. L Co., London,
Eng , case Old Tom, 812; J, Rips-en,
100 cigars. *li.
.������������*������"��� _______
To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The UOI.D-N KKA .�� published every
Saturday nioruiug iu time to catch the ess
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper country, Windermere,Fort Steele etc.
I- is the best advertising medium in tbe East
Kootenay district,
.Subscription Rates:
82.00 per annual IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in tiie office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
company will not be responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid to the Managing
Director, or bis authorized agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on application -io the office of the Golden Era, either
personally or by letter,
All business communications should be addressed to tbe Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to tbe
Editor. -"
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the case of
anonymous letters the name and address of
tbe writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for the private information of tbe
editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
Tbe Golden Era Compani Limited Liabilitf.
Oi-i-ic_, Golden, B. C.
river. Now-a-days one hears a good
deal about "tba construction of railways to open up ihe Cariboo and Cassiar districts. We think the provincial government could not do better
than obtain information about the
route recommended by Dr. Dawson as
an economical and efficient means of
opening to the miner and the ranoher
tbe vast extent of country lying alone
the eastern confines of the province.
���"���Tlte Wolbtn .ra
(Edited by E, A. Haggen.)
SATURDAY, MAY, 29 1897.
We are glad to see that the Liberals
are livening up at Fort Steele. A
meeting was convened the other night
to organize for the provincial elections.
It would be a great improvement to
the town of Golden if the street from
th* school house to the bridge conld be
straightened a bit. To do this it
would be necessary to purchase a
small portion of the frontage of the
lota owned by Messrs. J. C. Greene
and C. A. Warren, but the cost of
compensation is imply juatified by the
benefit to the railway frontage of the
town. Here is som* work for the
town board.
 *- T
Kidney Troubles Steal on one Insidiously���A
Slight Cold���Then Congestion���Then Inflammation���Theu the Deadly Malady
Bright's Disease���South American Kidney Curo is a Kidney Specific-It Relieves
in Six Hours and Cures���Never Fails
Mr James Mc Brine, of Jamestown,  Ont,
saysi  "I believe South American Kidney
Cure saved my life  I was so severely afflicted that my triends hod to attend me daily
to take tbe urine from me"
Mr A Williamson, Customs Officer, Kincardine, Ont, writest "I can highly recommend this specific as the greatest of boons to
suffering humanity for all affections of the
bladder and kidneys"
Sold by C. A. Warren. 17
It is high time that the provincial
government took steps to provide new
public offices at Revelstoke. Tbe present offices are a discredit to the town
and to Ibe government who own them.
Tha prospects of tbe Dominion Parliament being prorogued in June are
slim. Tbe Premier and Sir Charles
Tupper agreed to drop everything except the tariff, estimates and prohibition plebiscite, but now the Liberal
members insist on the programme of
the party being carried through in its
Th* selection of W. C. Wells, of
Palliser, as the Liberal candidate for
the coming provincial elections is very
popular, and we hear a generally expressed opinion that he is likely to
have a walk over. Mr. Wells is a
good all round man and would, we
are sure, do yeoman service as repre-
sentntive of East Kootenay.
Golden it regarded at the present
time m one of the most promising centres in East Kootenay, Situated in
the heart of a rich mining country,
and at the junction of traffic between
the Upper Columbia valley and the
railway, it cannot fail to become an
important business and residential
point. There will be Immense traffic
between Golden and Fort Steele this
Som* year* ago Dr. Dawson, who
know* thoroughly th* geography ot
Britiah Columbia, expressed tha opinion that the Columbia valley along
th* foot of the Rocky Mountains was
the natural highway for opening np
��he eastern portion of Britiah Columbia. According to thia eminent
anthority the valley extends for 700
���jijlea from the boundary to tbe Peace
There la a want of publio confidence
in tbe Government Assay Department
that ought to be remedied. We have
met aeveral miners who have expressed their regret that they could not
send their specimens and particulars
to th* Government Assay Office for
fear of these being divulged to parties
who would take steps to jump or
secure the ground. How far these
complaints are justified w* do not
know, but there is evidently cause for
complaint and the cause should be
remedied. We acquit Mr. Carlyle of
any blame, for we are sure tbat he is
a mas of the most sterling integrity
and that be could never be party to
anything ot the kind, or permit it with
hia knowledge. Tbe Government Assay Office should be a place of inviolable eecrecy, possessing the full confidence of th* miner and prospector.
Persons having claims against the Golden
Limited   Liability
luested to forward the same to the office of
Era   Company Limited  Liability are re*
j company by May Hist, 1897.
E. A. Haggen.
Managing Director.
Any person depositing any animal or
vegetable matter in the Kicking Horse River
on its banks or in the Pond between the crib-
work and the bank of tbs river will be prosecuted.
Golden, B.C., 29th April. 1897.
By order of the
Local Board of Health.
Mrs Galbraith, of Shelbnrne, Ont, was a
Great Sufferer from   Indigestion, the
Bane of so many Lives���South American
Nervine Released its Hold���It Relieves
in One Day
"I was for a long time a great sufferer from
indigestion    I experienced all tbe misery
and annoyance so common to this ailment  I
tried many remedies and spent a great deal
on doctors' bills without receiving any permanent benefit I was strongly recommended
to try South American Nervine   I procured
and used it, after using only two bottles I am
pleased to testify that I am fully restored to
health, and I have naver had the slightest indication of a return of the trouble   I reconi
mend it most heartily"
Bold by C. A Warren. 17
��� ���
Thinks Rheumatism is born nf the Lower
Regions, but Proclaims South American
Rheumatic Cure a Heaven Sent Healer
Henry Humphreys, East London, sends
his unsolicited testimony! "I was seised
with painful rheumatism in my left foot I
could not rest with it day or night, the pain
was so intense I tried many remedies, but
thoy bad no more effect-in me than water on
a duck's back. I was persuaded to try South
American Rheumatic Cun I followed the
directions closely and in a very short time
this wonderful remedy effected a complete
cure, and then has not been the slightest
hint of a return of the disease It is a sure
remedy and I delight to herald tbe goodness
all over tbe land"
SoM by C. A. Warren. 17
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to
apply sixty days after date to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for the District
of East Kootenay, for permission to pur-
chaseSSO acres otunsarvoyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lands, described as
follows: Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of the Columbia river
about IS chains south of Spillamacheen
steamer landing; thence east 90 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west tu the
Columbia river say 60 chains and thence
following the Columbia river south to the
point ot commencement.
Tinted, Galena, II,C, 30th March, 18117,
The annual general meetincr of the shareholders of the liolden Lumber Co. (Limited
Liability), will be held at the Company's
oliiee in the town of Golden on the
Seventh Day of June,  1897,
at the hour ot 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
Dated at Golden this 25th May, 1897.     23jo5
Estate of Gideon Bouchard
TENDERS will be received by the tinder-
signed until noon on the 17th day of June
next for the purchase of the interests of the
estate in all the personal property now on the
premises known as the Hog liant-b An inventory can be seen at the Mining Recorders Office at Golden
TERMS���Cash or approved security with
interest The highest tender will not necessarily be accepted
J. F. Armstrong,
eo Uolden, B C
A sitting of the County Court of Kootenay
will be held at the Court House at Donald, on
���Saturday the 5th day of June,
1897, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
By order
Donald, B.C.. May 4th 1897.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate in the Golden Mining Division ot East Kootenay District
located Spillimiicheen Mountain.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tlie Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner
sn action commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of June, 1896,
John McRab,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that
an auction sals of let in the Town site of
Flat Creek, being parts of Sections 14 and 16
in To-n-blpSe. Range 27_West of the 6th
Meridian, will be held on Thursday, the aoth
cf May. 1897. at Laurie, B. C., a new station
on the Canadian Pacific Railway, two and
one-half miles East of Iilecillewaet and about
two miles from the property to be sold.
Tbrmsi���One-fourth In cash and the balance in three equal annual Instalments, with
Interest nt 6 per cent wr annum.
For upset prices and other information apply to Agent of Dominion Lauds, Kumloops,
By order,
At Golden, B. C.
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
How ia It Don-f
1st���By buying for spot cash and
getting all the advantages
2nd���By selling for spot oaah and
avoiding all bad debts.
3rd-By doing my own outting and
saving 1100 per month.
4th���By aaving heavy travelling
and other expense*.
In patronizing me you support the
the claims of labor. I pay the
highest rate of wages
and expect the
j. f/pugh,
Scientific Cutter and Practical
Tailor, Golden, B. C.       8tc
Business Cards.
Prospectors and Miners having claims or
interests in claims for sale, could not do better than communicate with
Mining Broker & Financial Agent,
Golden and Fort Steele
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that Mr. D. M. Rae
is not connected with the management of the
Golden Era, and that I am the only person
authorized to make contracts and to collect
and receive payment of accounts due to the
proprietory company.        ,���
E. A. Haggen,
Managing Director Golden Era
Company Limited Liability.
Dated thu 17th day of May, 1897.
Department of the Interior.
pttnwa, lBib April, 1897,
In the County Court of Kootenay. Holden at Donald
Notice is hereby given that on the 6th day
of May, 1897, it was ordered by J A Forin,
Esquire, County Court Judge of Kootenay,
that James F Armstrong, Official Administrator of the County of kootenay, be administrator of all and singular the goods, chattel*
and credits of Gideon Bouchard, of Field,
railway trackman, deceased, intestate
Every person indebted to the said deceased
is required to make payment forthwith to the
Every person having in possession effects
belonging to the deceased is required forthwith to notify tbe undersigned
Every creditor or other person having any
claim or interest in the distribution of the
personal estate of tbe said deceased, is required within thirty days of this date, to
send by registered letter addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address, and the
full particulars of his claim or interest, and a
statement of his account, and the nature of
Sign  Writer, Painter  and
Paper Hanger,     ���
Orders promptly attended to.
Present address, Russell House.    22to
B. J.  JEPSOlf,
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion A
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W,
T, Correspondence Solicited.
R. J. Jepson, D.L.S., P.L.S. of B.C.
and Ont. Calgary, Alba.
Undertakers and
.    .  .  Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
telegraph orders promptly
attended to.
the estate, having regard to those claims
only of which he shall nave had notice
Dated at Donald, BC, this 28th day of
May, A D1897
J. F. Armstrong,
Official Administrator,
24je5 Golden, 11C
Tk��ftaMt,eompMMta��-UteO Ua. ot Use-
trlcalsppliuoMlath. world. The-have iwvw
(tiladtocur*. We ar*M positive ot It that w.
will __k our tellafand and you any Iltetrlcal
A-attiaoMnowbtteaurketaodTM eon try tt
tor Thr.. Months. UrfMt list of t��lr_onl_s
on earth. lend tat book and Journal Jtta.
It. I. Mmar A C*.. Wladeor, Ont.
[Steele, Briggs]
"Hlffc Orsd." Swds,
sold by landing dealers.
Ask for Ihem.
Safe investment
CATALoeueo nmm
|T1m Steel*, Brlggt SMdCo.J
Tosonto, Out.
������It Is worth the pries to everv -"���won
jntomn teaAa a a��*spap.r.H-I)arl-if ton
wi jocaa_- mttaaa w
Blue Peioil Rules.
MB JOHN r.ULMAN, Winfield Park.
Thunderhill, will handle freight between
Adela, Mud Lake and Fort Steele, and
return. Goods warehoused at both ends.
For rates apply to
WATCH  .  .  .
Clock and Jewelry repairing done in
the best style of the trade with the
least possible delay. ail and express orders receive prompt attention
john McMillan,
Watchnaker ind Jeweller - ..Men, B, C,
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
A-fent for Ihe Canadian Smelting &
Assaying Works
Assays, Tests and Smelting of Ores
wilh the greatest expedition and scientilic accuracy
Call or write for further informant..
Assay Offices and Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, B. C.
Established 1890.
For several years with Vivian & Sons,
Swansea, and local representative for them.
For 5 years manager for the assayers to
the Rio Tinto Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Cassel Gold
Extracting Co., L'td, Glasgow (Cyanide
N.B.���All work personally superintended.
Only competent men employed. No pupils
received. 7tc
For Sale
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Rope
Clamp.  For particulars apply to
IStc The Golden Era Office.
These wonderful Dyes save thotnands of
dull-*.-.* annually to happy homes in Canada.
At tbis season, old, faded and soiled dresses,,
capes, Jackets and mens' and hoys' sails cm
Is* re-dyed, and madatolook as well as new,
st a cost oi'-rn cents,
Piaruor-l ...yes are tho easiest to use ��� tbry
.-tc th: ������t-lght-'t, strongest and moat duraM,*.
Ask tot the "Diamond"; refuMallotlwts
Direction flook and samples tftobred chth
free, t'ddrtss
V-'KLi.. .*��� R;. ii.ur.DrosCo., Mtnilr-yll'. Q. Bishop B. W. Arnett
He Writes a  Latter of More Than
Usual Interest to Suffering
At Wilberfpree, Ohio, three miles
north of Xenia And near Dayton and
Springfield, is located Wilberforce
"University and Payne Theological
These two institutions of learning
have educated many ministers and
In this somewhat noted educational
centre resides Bishop Benjamin W.
Arnett, D. D., a divine who is of
especial prominence because of bis
thrilling eloquence, with which he
has ewayed many audiences.
Among the high officials of the
church, bo one is more distinguished
than he.
Before being elected bishop he was a
. leading  minister  in his church and
also a very prominent Republican. He
represented 'hia  county in  the Ohio
Legislature for several years.
Having  given  this  sketch of the
bishop, the following testimonial from
him  will be  found  very interesting
reading and fullv explaina itself.
To whom it may concern:
"In April, 1894, while on my way
home from Philadelphia I caught a
���very severe cold, which soon developed
into rheumatism. It _was. impossible
Ior me to lest by day or sleep by night.
About the first of June I was compelled to take to my bod, where I remain*
��d for some time. When I was able
to get up I conld only get about by
the uae of crutches.
"The fall came on and the rheumatism grew worse, laating all through
the winter of '94 and '95. I suffered
aa I never suffered before. I thought
tbat the spring would bring me relief,
but it did not, consequently I was
forced to cancel a number of engagements to apeak.
"One day in June, 1896, my wife
said, 'Bishop, I read ao much about
Dr. Williame' Pink Pills, suppose you
try them and see if they will not help
"I aaid, 'No, there is no use of getting them for we have tried almoat
everything that has been recommended
to us, and none of the remedies suggested seem to help my cue.'
"She said no more, but went to
Xenia, Ohio, and bought a box ol the
pills. On her return she gave me a
dose at noon, and another at night.
She was only called one time to attend
to ma during that night.
"For months previous ahe had been
���called three or four times during the
night. Tbe next day I took three
doaes of tho pills, and the second night
I was not disturbed. My wife, for the
first time in more than 10 months,
had a good night's sleep.
"I have not lost a night's sleep
.since that time on account of tbe rheumatism. I carry.a box of Dr. William's Pink Pills in my pocket wherever 1 io.
"I  obeer fully bear  testimony and
hops that others may find relief aa I
did.   I  have recommended Dr. Williams' Pink Pills to several people.
"Youts for G<yl and Man.
Benjamin W. Ahnbtt."
Dr.   Williams'   Pink  Pills cure bv
going to the root of the disease. They
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. Avoid imitations by inaisting tbat every box
you purchase is enclosed in a wrapper
bearing the full trade mark, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. 18
Pacif ie Hy.
Direct Rail Route to
Montreal and Toronto
And all Eastern points.
Lake route to the east���Sailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday
Athabasca Every Thursday
Manitoba. Every Sunday
Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
And sll points in the For Famed Kootenay
and Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
via the famous Empress Steamers from
Empress of India 31st May
Empress of Japan Hist June
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Aus, Line from Vancouver
Aorangi 8th June
Warrimoo   8th July
Apply for particulars to
Traffic Manager,
Or to     ' Winnipeg.
C. E. WKIjIjM.
Agent, ttulden.
The Neilson Furniture it
Will mail, free of charge, one of theii
illustrated Catalo.uer, end Prlci
Lists to any person sending tliein
their address.
The   Nellson   Furniture  Cc.
Calgary, Alberta.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The best Beer in Canada is mode by the
Calgary Brewing tt Malting
Co., Lt'd.
Manufacture rs of Beer, Ale and Soda Water
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every time
They all have it.
The Company's agent for East Kootenay i
H. G. Parson,
Golden, B.C.
TMIBTY-8EVENTH YEAR.   ��� ��� ��� <
Twenty Pages; WeeUyjIUustrated.!
Ton mix_m ni wm. romAD). -
', 220 Market St., 8*n Fi-Jwqiaco, Cal "
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.       S6tc
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO 'EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Pure Drugs
Send to      t      t      :      t
Or to
New Denver.
m thc World as   "-"-"Si an
rsoM thi tia plant to ths tea eua
" Moniooo " Te. Is put up by Ik. In-an Tea
-rowan as . sample of th. bnt quelitioe of lad���a
I'm-. Therefor, they um tb. greatest car* in Ihe
.-lection of th. Tea. and Its blend, that is why thay
���ut it up the-neelve. ud eell it only In tb. orifiwl
packages, thereby eecu-ing its purity and au-eUence.
Pl.t up in it lb., i lb. and J lb. pukafM. aad mwr
sold in bulk.
if your grocer doe. not keep it, ten hlm to writ, to
It and 13 Front Strwt East, Toronto.
> ekauh and dM_iptlo- may
ree. ��hei_<- u loVtollon U
l Oommunl-m-one strictly
tM-rtlt_*y tUuetntad, IsmM   *
Ml mouth*,   specimen out-lee __ __��o
on patkits sntfi-H.
3111 Broadway, Mew York.
Burnt*. under ijmt
um of fltunahas; b����n _
Let SS rev*. ft-lT M��k
, ox.i--.tIo-_N_K3_f-_
ky thMaud*. Rife. Sun aad Al��.yi nmtie
REFUSE SUBSTITUTES, tnm .11 dnf|ie-
ot a-alUi-, free from .beem-M, aa neelpt et
fl.M. Seakdp-.lcu-nSMals
ww    a    w t~k Smrlssaka.caal.naN-
H   A   I  U wd Irom the fce..ei_a,.wl
' PILATON.'peilactlyli__leefc tern eymali,���iti,
aa tetrl-x ol pric. fl.M.   At/eat* wanied.
or is it
going, but
be relied
on for correct time,'
Watch repairing is
a prime
with us.
All work
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
t'n'c (p*c acij o 'gu a-"a>"c a '9 99 9~9jT9 a y tf a 999 ts ���;sa)9'i'OO.a-��(t g
Upper Go.urql.ia NaVigatioq & Tra-qWay Lo.,
.    e    t    and    ���    .
Iijterqational Traijsportatioq Gonjpaqy.
TIME    TABLE.     1897.
OOIjDHN-FortStebIjE route���Until opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Golden every Tuesday, % p. m��� arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friility
' After 1st May, Steamers will leave Golilen 4, a. m., Tuemlays and Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday anil Friday mornings nnd arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
Fcrt Steele and Jennings Urate.
Navigation expected to open 10th April.  After 1st May boats will leave
daily (except Sunday).
Golden 1st March.
F. P. Armstrong-,
fl'A'*���_���'<�� tc ftjT ft C IT TJji <p 9 9>9
> ft) 9 �� 9 9 9 41 9 V 9 C ft C �� O ��� �� 9 9flM *
&t���toSto0t&6Q66nffibff!l SS
Job    Departmcr|t
_:o:_ OF ��� :o:���
_���_��� L Aware.:.
|     Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Walter Duinanl will prospect in the
McMurdo district this season.
John M. Burke has bonded the Dibble group in the Fort Steele country.
A. F. Macauloy loaves on a prospecting t-iur of the the McMurdo country
on Monday,
P. Walklot and party left this
morning to carry out development
work on tbe Surprise claim   Bugaboo.
Geo. E. Starke, of London, has sold
the Favorite, middle fork of Spillimn-
(.bene, to Kobt. Granger, of Cardross,
A. F. Mua'ulay informs us  that ho
heard at  Calgary   on good authority
that the black sand of the North Sas
katchewan   is   worth $25 per ton for
T. Mercier returned yesterday ',o the
S-irpiise, Bugaboo, where ho last week
opened the trail for the men to get in.
Ue reports that the snow is going
J. W. Connor and R. Moodie have
re-staked two claims on the Bluewater
which tbe former hud staked before.
The claims will be known as Little
Brother and Mowgly.
Col. Ridpath expresses a high opinion of the Fort Steele country, especially Tracy Creek, Sullivan group,
North Star. Perry Creek and Moyie.
He says the St. Eugene is the most
promising mine be hss ever seen.
E. Cass, representing the proprietary
partnership of the Canal Flat mineral
claim left on Tuesday to prosecute
development work. A tunnel 90ft. in
length wi'l be put in, besides 90ft. of
drifting. Tbe claim is a copper proposition.
Major Clohecy, of Everett, who is
one of the best and most popular mining men who have .taken an interest in
East Kootenay. left Golden this week
for the Boston inino, where he is
carrying on extensive development
Chan M'Kay who returned from the
Coast, the other day, informs' us'"tfiat
on .jthe last trip of the City of Mexico
with, passengers nnd cargo for the
Yukon mines, she had to leave behind
at Victoria 450 passengers bound for
Ji- Vv'. Robinson arid "W. McICenxie
left Golden this week on their way to
the Fort Steele country in the interests
of Eastern and Vancouver capitalists.
Their instructions sre to look out for
timber nnd farm lands, the precious
metals and coal.
The Gold Commissioner informs us
that there is a *>rent number of prospectors coming into Fort Steele und
many of them have considerable
means. The prospectors are also
working north, many going to Soook-
uinchunk and Finlny creek.
A special meeting of shareholders of
the Bald Mountain Mining and Development Company wns -held at the
office of the company,- Golden, on
Tuesday. Present, W. McNeish, G.
S. McCarter nnd G. B. McDermot.
Otlier shareholders ��� were represented
by proxy.   The business was formal.
The new show case for the mineral
specimens at the recorder's office nt
Golden is a credit to the designer, F.
C. Laug, and to the builder Jus, Henderson.- It is one of the most handsome of the kind we have seen. Mr.
Lang is deserving of tbe highest
praise for the trouble he has gone to in
fitting up the oase and arranging the
specimens, which are a splendid advertisement of the mineral resources of
the district.
Col. Ridpath, president of the cele-
briit'-d lie Roi mine, and P. P. Hogan,
treasurer, arrived in Golden from Port
Steele on Thursday week, where tbey
have been on a visit to the Sullivan
group, whioh is being developed by
tbeir compauy. They also spsnt two
weeks examining some properties at
^cibai-ce Plains. Col. Ridpath informs
ua ' that five men are at present employed on the Sullivan p. roup, and the
number is to be increased to 10. They
will sink a shaft of 100 feet and push
on other development work.
The Hon E, Dewdney went up the
river on Tuesday to visit the North
Star and to see some claims betwecp
that and ihe Southern Group in which
he is interested on behalf of English
capitalists. The hon gentleman informs
ua that Home investArs are moving
slowly at present in the direction of
taking up new mining properties. The
Lieut.Governor will return to Victoria
by the southern route visiting the
Rossland and Boundary Creek districts
on his way.
Jnst before the high water came
down Thos. Todd succeeded in getting
all the sluice boxes out of the Mitchell
Innes claim at Canyon Creek. As soon
as the>water goes down and the Mitchell Innes Bros- return from Home active operations will be commenced. The
dam for diverting tha stream has stood
splendidly, leaving a considerable-portion of the bed with 80 feet of wash
clear to work in ordinary water. Last
season 15 men were emyloyed in the
claim nnd (our pumps were kept going.
An immense pile of boulders has been
removed by derrick from the ground to
be worked, and with the improved
methods of working to be adopted it
is expected that the channel which
has been cleared of water by the tunnel will be worked out tbis season.
The Mitchell-Innes Bros deserve
success for the enterprise they have
shown in developing this claim.
< a
Meeting of Farmers
A meeting of farmers convened by
E. A. Haggen was held at the Queen's
hotel, Golden, on Wednesday avening.
Present, J. Gibson, J. W. Connor, W.
Sutherland, Alex. Campbell, P. Lund,
G. E. Manuel and R. Love. W.
Sutherland was voted to the chair and
explained the object of the meeting,
which was to ask the Dominion Government to take steps to dyke the
rivers and to have Hospital creek diverted to the original course, so as to
protect the farm lands north of
E. A. Haggen explained the action
he had taken in writing to Hewitt
Bostock, Esq., M. P., representing
their case, and read the reply he had
The matter waa fully discussed and
on motiou of A. Campbell, seconded by
P. Land, it was resolved to draft a
petition to the Hon. J. I. Tarte, Minister of Public Works, to be forwarded
to Mr. Bostock to strenghteu his
The petition was then drafted and
On the motion of J. Gibson, seconded by A. Campbell, a hearty, vote of
thanks was accorded to Mr. Bostock
with an expression of ths appreciation
ot the services he had already rendered.
A vote of thanks to J. C. Greene for
the use of the room concluded the
Memorial Service
A ' large congregation gathered in
the Methodist church on Sunday last,
when a memorial service was conducted by the pastor, wbo took for his
text the words "We must needs all
die." The Rev. G. E. Osborne proceeded to show that although to most
people life was a mystery, death was
greater mystery, coming as it did in
the case of their beloved brother Hood,
with a suddenness which they could
not understand, and then there was
its certainty, that no matter what our
life was, or what plans for the future,
they must all fall beneath its mighty
power. Still ihey hnd cause to rejoice
that while death was sure, eternal life
might be obtained by trusting in the
Lord Jesus Christ. At the close the
congregation snug "Abide with me"
with a sincerity that waa felt by everv
a a
Favorite, for Long Tear.
Ear long years Diamond Dyes have
been the favorite family dyes in the
Dominion of Canada; and although
imitation package dyes have been
plentifully offered for sale, their great
inferiority to the 'Diamond" in
strength, foatneas, beauty of color and
hillinncy was known to the great majority of women, and they were condemned and avoided by all who valued
good and bright colors. No sensible
woman oan afford to riak her goods
with poor dyes when the ''Diamond"
are admittedly the world's best.
A most important point to remember
is thst the Diamond Dyes cost no
more than|tbe crude and common dyes
sold by Borne dealers for the sake of
large profits.
Ask your deslsr for ths "Diamond";
if hs values yonr trade he will be in a
position to supply you. 16
Visit of Bishop Durieu
His Lordship Bishop Durieu, of
Nsw Westminster, nnd who arrived
by traiti from the east on Saturday,
was tendered a reception on Saturday
evening at tbe Catholio churob,
Golden. Tbere was a large attendance
of the congregation, and the church
wns beautifullv decorated for the occasion with flowers and greenery, the
work of the ladies. His Lordship was
accompanied by the Rev. Fathera Pey-
tavin, Coccola and Welch.   f*
Addresses of welcome in English
and French, beautifully mounted with
ribbons, were then read to His Lordship, who returned his thanks. The
address in English was recited by
Miss Louisa Kenny and that in French
by Miss Josephine Levesque. Both
girls accomplished the task entrusted
to them very nicely with great credit.
Tbe fallowing is the address in
"My Lord,���We feel most happy ts
express to you our gratitude for your
first pastoral visit to this far portion
of your diocese. You see us happy
around you and ready to receive your
spiritual advice and paternal blessing.
You will be pleased to know that our
little congregation has lately been in*
ores aed by a few new comers and we
hope we will soon see it as numerous
as a few years ago. Then, with the
blessing of God, we will be able to accomplish much for the honor of our
Mother Church and your diocess."
The address in French was in similar terms.
On Sunday morning Choral Episcopal Mass waa celebrated at the Catholic church by Rev. Father Peytavin,
in the presence of His Lordship,
Fathers Welch and Coccola and a
large congregation. His Lordship
subsequently held a confirmation service, after whicli he briefly addressed
the congregation.
At the evening service the Rev.
Father Coccola was the preacher, and
gave an interesting discourse.
His Lordship left on Monday for St.
Eugene Mission,  travelling by road,
and   was  accompanied by the Revs.
Fathers Coccola and Welch.
��� ���
After. 10 Long Years
Of Monbtl und Physical Sufferings and Failures with
Common Medicines
Paine's Celery Compound Completely Cures M: s. Hopper,
of Thornhill, Ontario
What a blessing it would bs to humanity if all suffering men and women
knew just what Paine's Celery Compound is able to do.
The work thnt cannot he done for
the aick in long years of experimenting
with other medicines is successfully
carried to victory by Paine's Celery
Compound in a few short weeks
The cure, of Mrs Hopper fully proves
the assertion made above. After years
of failures, misery, agony and despon-
denoy. Psine's Celery Compound mads
a "new womnn" of one who bad become a mere wreck-one who waa faat
nettling the grave.
Have faith, sufferer! A strong deliverer is ever ready to help you! From
today let your hope be centred in
Paine's Celery Compound and its
power to cure. It haa never disappointed any; it cannot fail with   yoU.
Read Mrs. Hopper's wonderful testimony:
"With very great pleasure and satisfaction I wish to add my testimony
to what has already been said in favor
of Paine's Celery Compound. Por a
very long time I suffered from general
debility and run down system. Having heard of Paine's Celery Compound
I determined to give it a trial, and I
am happy to say it has done for me
more good than I can express For 10
years I doctored with other medicines
without sny good results; but after
using Paine's Celery Compound I am
perfectly restored to health, can eat
well, digestion is good, and my Bleep
is sweet and sound. Altogether, I am
a new woman. I always recommend
Paine's Celery Compound to my
friends." In'
a a
Visitors at the Hotels
A 0 M Sprague Donald, AE Waltlon
Hamilton, J D Wells Palliser. J H
Robinson Vancouver, R R Bruce J W
Gattler Mra Evans R A Garratt Montreal, D MoKinnon Harrison, E P
Cummings C Robson Macleod, J M
Smith Victoria, J Ripstein Steele, A O
Pearson Sandon, J Pitzpatriok Hog
Ranob, C Eeeon Calgary, A Griaraon
Field, A Waklet H MBurwellR W
Cantley C C Thompson Vnncplivel-, D
Brown Laurie, E P Sanderson Seattle,
B J Tolmie Winnipeg, H E Tait Toronto, Miss E Tootake London, B C
Silver Montreal, Mrs Walker Calgary.
T E Mahaffy Battleford, H Davison
Toronto. R Redpath Pincber Creek,
T Allien Victoria, J Humer Nelson.
Hugh Kennedy J Hay Medicine
Hat. H Crombie Ottertail, M Thomas
I E Humphrey Sandon, J K Dewar
A J Wiggins Boston, W Watkins
Hereford Eng, Rev Father Welch Calgary, S Morrow Nelson, A A Richardson Vernon, C W Grain H J.Bilton E
Ash Calgary, J Gladie H Bornes Golden, R A Pounder D G Moson, Winnipeg, Rt Rev Bishop Derieu, New
Westminster, W F Dickson E Weeks
Winnipeg. F Kirby A Brown Revelstoke, A W Emory Toronto, George
Heffner Spillimachene, M Johnston
Orillia, J Dodd Beard's Creek, D Ar-
not Toronto, W Ferney Col Baker
Victoria, C McKay Vancouver, Alex
Patterson Killardey Man, J Jeffery
Spence, J Nealow Beaver, W Luckie
Canmore, A Hamilton Slocan, F Lehr-
man A Samuels Golden, Mrs Huokett
Ottawa, O E Harvey R MoPherson F
C Mellack M Horie A Almond Vanoouver, P G Gordou, Gordon Ranohe.
E Dewdney Col Baker Viotoria, Mr
and Mrs Muir Edinboro, Mr Cass
Winnipeg, J Ryan J Watt W Chad-
wick Joe Buttlin A Morrison George
Player J Cross Calgary, Mr McMillan
Rossland, J B Bullman J S Bullmaii
Edinboro, Tbos Jones Mr Lindsay
Windemere, 8 Watt J S Muir La-
combe. Geo Patsort Joe Morris Trail,
Mra i> McNeish Fort Steele, J Frith
Owles, D McLean A E Brown Calgary
a a
Boat Passengers
The following ia. a list of the pas*
senii-ers of the Steamer Duchess:
Golden to Adela May 21:   Thomas
' Martin, A. E. Jackson, B. P. Coot, R.
Milligan, J. Leaoh.*
Windemere to Golden May 22: A.
F. MacMillan, W. McNeish, Mrs, McNeish, J. Ripstein, A. V. Emery, J.
Lake, S. McK. Smith, Geo. Heffernan,
Tom Jones.
Golden to Adela May 26th: Lieut.-
Gov. Dewdney, Col, Baker, C. Hay,
J. Muir and wife, D. Arnot, E. F.
Cummings, G. Robinson, H. G. Wig-
g ns, R. Dewar, C. C. Thompson, W.
Ferrier, F. W. Frith, H. M. Burwell,
R. W. Gaulley- R. R Bruce, A. E.
Cross, G. Richardson, F. W. Morrow;
E. Humphreys, M. Thomas, to Windemere; G. Cass and party, to Canal
Adela to Golden May 27: R. Kel-
look, J. R. Redpath, D. L Bettsohen,
Thos. Allioe, J. Humer.
Sports for Dominion Day
A meeting of those interested in the
arrangement of sports at Goldsn for
Dominion Day will be held at ths
Columbia House on Mondsy, May
81st, at 8 p.m.
20 J. Adieu, Convener.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A poat card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention,        29tc
Builder and Contractor,
-   -  -   - 'Golden, R C.
Plans prepared.   Prompt at- ,
tention given to orders. 28tc
���     ���     ���
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample" Rooms.
Baggage transfer red free.,,
Hot and Cold Bath*
Choice Wines, Liquors and Ci^rs.
Rates $*..00 Per Day.
I!1! Columbia House
Home Comforts.        .
Modern Conveniences.
Be*t Cuisine in the West.    .
Commodious Sample Rooms. . ,
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brauds of Liquors and Cigars.
Witn. J/leJteish, * Prop.
This space reserved
G. b. McDermot,
General Merchant,
Golden.    ���
Enjoy your Out-of-door Sports
by wearing one of Shorty's Rigby
Waterproof Bicycle or Golf suits. They
admit the sir but keep out the rain.
The feeling, appearance or porous pro*
pertiesof ordinary tweed are not changed
by Rigby. It simply renders goods
repellent to water yet- the cost is not


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