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The Golden Era Dec 14, 1900

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Array James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A aupply of Building Lime for Sale.
an. prepared.   Prompt attention given to
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.Conveyaneer, etc
OOico in I'ppos- Columbia Navigation r.ss-t
Tisuis-uy Cotuiiatiy'a lJullalQg, ���
B. ���.
VOL. X  NO. 20
GOLDEN    B.C., FRIDAY, TEC. li 1900
m Per Year
Aylmer Brand~The BEST
Packed in Canada.  One Car Just
Beceived Direct from the -Factory.
Highest Grade on the Market, A Carload in
tlio Warehouse.
lor Chlokon Feed, nnd NATIONAL ROLLED
OATS,   On. Car Now In Stock.
You Can Use.   A Carload ta go on with.
in.Iuding the Best Quality of Everything.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexarjder Block.
Can be fully supplied at
Where aU kinds of Xmas Toys and
Novelties are in Stock, and at very
reasonable Prices. What better
Present for your wife than one of
Our Fancy Lamps 1
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
��� . ��� THE ...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
.* Hot and Cold Haths.
Mtes $2 per day. Choice Wiriefc, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
. ��� Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors aixtl Alining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B.C. Assay&���fremicalSupply Co., Ltd.
....      (LawMACFARLANE4Co.)
Vancouver. r. -     B.ty,
- We are Manufacturer, And sllroctlmnortera, a
Furnace., Bro Clay Ossoda, Scientific and Practical
Acid,, Chemicala, ud all other Aaaayera and Miner.'
jr ���������,---.     . **.m,a    -���   *...*.*,    n...->tl.l-,   I,
.   ��to6k of Balance,,
san, Platinum Good.,
SolE"'XaEW8"'for Morgan Uruciblo" Compaisy,~��a(terae��i Becker's Bona
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital raid Up **, l58,<MKi
Best -        .-,       1,700.000
II. S. Howhind,       ���       IVosidimt.
T. R, Morritt, -        Vlce-Pres.
Wm. Haninay,     T, -Sutherland Htayuor
Hubert Jntfray, Eliaa Rogorj,
AVfn. Hoiwlri^.
nRAnOrncK:  Toronto.
P. R. WU.KIR, Goneral Mnnagor.
��. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOIU, N. W. T. and B. C.
nrnndmi, Calgary, Kilinouton,
Goldon,       Nelson,     * Portago la Pratrie,
Priueo Albert,     Kovelstoko,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Ensox, Fei'irim, Gait, Hamilton, Inporsoll,
Listmvel, Ningnrn F/ilM, Port Colliournu
Hat Portage,        Sault Ste. Mario, St.
CiitluiriLio. St. TliuiniM. Toronto, Wetland,
Wood-attic k, and Montreal..-'due, .
Agent* In threat Iti-ituim
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 12 Lombard St., London
with whom money may ti- deposited for
transfur by letter or cablo to any of tho
Above branches.
Agents In IjiiUoiI-Stnteic
NEW YORK-Bank of Montreal, Bank of
OTUUAUO-First National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Hocond National Bank.
SAN FliANCISCO-WellB, Fargo k Co.a
Agents tn South Africa.
Interest allowed on ddpesits,
Provincial, Municipal and other dcbor.luros
Available ut all points in Canada, United
Kingdom, United Stated.
J. S. Gibb* Mgr., Golden Branoh.
Prince Edward Island there is a popular majority for the Governmtnt of
747; in British Columbia present indi-
cations go to show that the majority
for rhe Government will be over 2,000;
Manitoba -id the Northwost also give
the Government a po iular in; jorlty,
Sandon Pay streak: Closest of all to
tho heart and pocket of the people of
Kootenay ie the question of lead
duties. Thero are scvcial propositions
submitted by which it is proposed >o
overcome the villainous U. S. discriminatory tariff, by which tho Canadian
producer ti r jbbed of a large part of
the price of his lead product for the
benefit of the American smelter combine. Ouo proposal is to place
prohibitive export duty on lead, which
will compel the smelting of lead oro in
Canada. Another proposal is to place
a good sti(I import tax on lead pro
ducts, which would keep foreign smelters from disposing of their product
this side of the Hue and tliereby
encourage heme industry.
Osslden is thccorainij town ol Eastern
Britisli Columbia, aud Hill lie to the
eastern .Me of the Rocky Mountains*
what Calgary Is to lho"'itat. Situntedjf 'tmlnttni"(itt that the Liberalsi should*
'hav again carried both lalo-Caribflo
and Vancouver in the face of thesLrenu
Catalogue and full particulars on application.
at the junction of traflic between tho
main line of the C. P. K and the South
ern valley of the Upper Columbia, connecting with steamboat nnd stage
communication, auJ'with the railway
that must uudouhtedly be built shortly
io connect the Crow's.. Nest and main
C. P. Jt. linos of Railway, Golden
holds a commanding position. It ts
now merely a question of the successful development of the country lying to
the south, and north, for the time will
come when tiie northern country along
the valleys of the Columbia and Canoe
a -d Fraser Givers must become active
ranching centre-', with their miner; 1
deposits creating.A great source of
wealth. Itis believed that the mica
deposits in the vicinity of Tete Jaune
Cache ure amongst the finest in the
world, There is also ao immense wealth
of timber from Donald north, whioh Is
mainly held by ths Columbia Eiver
Lum'ier Company, .and now that this
Company ia pushing its industry with
ho much energy we may expect that
era long these timber limit;! will be
employing a large amount of h.bjr
There appears to be little doubt that
the Windermere district is going to
prove a rich mineral country, though
so far it has to be admitted development has Leen disappointing. But tbe
owners of the Paradise have at last
proved that they bave a valuable property ami that once proved, there is
not a shadow of a doubt but that tbere
will be others found to equal if not
surpass tbe Paradise. What is wanted
Is a smelter iu North East Kootenay
and If some enterprising firm would
take hold of the Golden smelter and
thus give local mine-Owners a market
for ores convenient to tbeir properties
by which the heavy charges of trans*
portation could bs lost-ened, we believe
ths mining industry of North Eust
Kootenuy would make great strides.
As a town Golden would be the distributing centre .for such a great field
of industry and would beuetit much by
the progress cf the Windermere or any
other section of the distriot,The climate
of Golden fs exceptionally fine, making
it ft nice place for people to life and
Oaks their homes, and ono of the
main reasons why Golden has not gone
fthead move from a reft ids rit ial point of
view has been the difficulty fa getting
house accommodation.
The Lardeau Eagle remarks:���''Be
the present Provincial Government's
faults what they .may, ono thing is
obvious; tbe mining resources, and
other special inducements to investors
of British Columbia eve being brought
to the notico of tlte outsido world."
Wo congratulate Mr, Galllhet oi be-
jng returned ns member for Yalo-Carrl-
coo. Mr. Galliher lias a big task on his
hands to represent so Urge a constituency, but we have no doubt he will do
good work for the electors whom he
has been chosen to represent- Ic ti a
ous efforts of the Conservative party
to again pain a footing in these scats.
It is good news to learn that the
Greot Northern is pushing a line north
to connect with the Crow's Ne<t Coal-
fields. This is doubtless the nucleus of
tbe line which Jim Hill tins in view to
build up through tlie Columbia Valley,
aud follow tho Fraser and other rivers
to the Yukon country with a view to
ultimately connecting with the Russian transcontinental line and thus place
Europe and Asia in direct railway
communication. This is ono of the
greatest railway enterprises projected)
The elections now completed show a
remurkable success for the Liberal*,
who carried the.polls by a majority of
,000 votes over tbe whole Dominion.
In Ontario, out of a vote of 391,000
votes for both parties, the Conservatives had about 4,000 more vo.tes than
the Liberals j in Quebec thov Liberals
have a straight.majority of 30,2p; in
Nova Scotia the Liberal majority is
9,648; New. Brunswick, gives the
Government a majority of 8,002; in
Now that the Dominionolections arc
over, and the Dominion and Provincial
legislatures will shortly bo meeting, it
will bewell that tho Board of Trade
backed np by the people of Golden,
should take action to have lho requisite
votes placed on the estimates of each
Parliament for tho improvement of the
LKjcking-horso river befoie another
winter sets in. A good deal has already
been done in tho matter, an.l it appears
from the correspondence that has pas
sed that both governments are willing
to do their share of tin- work. The
Golden Board of Ti:ade l.as been very
much alive to tho matter tho past
and now is the im* far ibis holy to
again strike the iron while it-is hot.
Roads for Windermere.
J. E. Griffith, C. ��,, has done some
splendid work in connection with T.
H. Taylor, C. E., in tho Windormoro
district this season. Theso gentlemen
made such a good piece ol work hi la) -
iug out the Toby Croek Road that
shippers of ore will have only three
quarters of a mile of up - grade
in the wbole distance of rond
th.it has been built and thut
covers only tbree quarters of a mile in
all at different points. Thu grade over
these three quarters '.I a mile In no
case exceeds the hardly perceptible ono
of two per cent, so that an ideal road
has been built as fur as it has gone.
This road has been built during tbe
past season a distance of 11J miles
from Athalmer bridge, at acostof 114,-
000. thanks to the way. in which the
l-Hon.W. C. Wells has looked after the
Interest of that section
Messrs. Stnrblrd and Collett have
expended about I31.5C0 in development
work lb tlm Windermere district this
R. It. BtUOO has thrown a creditable
energy into tlio development of th
Windermere district and is now able to
say tlmt he can ship GOO tons of sand
catbonato nro. This is a most creditable showing in the short timo during
which MV. Brace has been operating
tho Paradise. Messrs. Bruce and
Hammond have expended about 830-
000 in tho Windermere district this
Tho Certainty Company hnve shut
duwn their operations at the Certainty
mine, as the wok h.\. been carried us
far north as is adyidnblt*-, The company's ground will txOtV bo tested to
tho south, but owing to snowslhies
this work cannot be undertaken till
next spring, when it is intended to
resume operations.
It will be good news to those Interested in the development of British
Columbia to know that ex Governor
Mackintosh Is buck with something
like eleven million dollars of English
capital in his pocket for investment in
The Consolidated Cariboo Company,
of which It. C. Hammond, of Toronto,
Is the moving spirit, is proving an
immense success. The company has
cleaned up this season ���353,2'J7 iu 138
days working. -.. *.
The capacity of the Granby smelter
at Grand Forks is to be doubled. The
p Bent (' ant is treating -00 tons of
oro daily.
The Fort Steele Prospector learns
that a number of outfits will commences woik on several properties on
Wmivrr. Perry   Creek nnd ite Uilmtni--
ies ju a few weeks.
The first shipment of the Paradise
oro was delivered by Capt. Arni.itrung
at Peterborough on Tuesday and
freighting will now be pushed on as
iwpidiy as possible,
Tho ore which is being shipped from
the Paradise is estimated to be worth
$45 a ton, making tbe nice Ittilu sum
of 827,000 us the value of the ore
whK'h Mr. Bruce proposes to ship this
Now that 0. T). Hoar hns acquired
a substantial interest in IheGoo.l Luck
property, on McLjuh Creek, on behalf
of the Orvillo Gold nnd Copper Mining
Company, itis hti Intention to push
development work on that property in
thospring, .   -.-.
he following bill- of sale have been
recorded with Mining Recorder Lnng
���so far this month: - M. Dninard to J.
A. Knaus, of Medicine Hat, Scdlear
claim, and Mary A. D-iliiard to J. A.
Knaus, Dominion claim, both on Car
bonnto Mountain ; A. McLean to 0. D.
Hoar, interest in following claims:--
it '��
now now finds lie has been fooled and
promptly advised his directors. These
irentlemen wero nm satisfied, However,
nnd snnt out out John Hays Hammond,
the woll known South African engineer,
to oxamlne ami report on the property
London, ])sc.
���Standard, which !
Information, says
-Tlm Evenifip
moial sources of
great battle be-
Hammond now confirms Mr. Rick- tween }\m British forces under General
m-d's views and the result is a terrible Knox and the Boers under DeWot ie
row in  the company   over ovur   the B��'ll8 on*
prospective loss of suoh a htrfce sum of Pretoria, Dec. J L. -D-jAVet is corner-
mon-jy. Stratton's Independence mine i ed between the Caledon and Orange
bus boon regarded ns one of the richest! rivers, on the herders of Basntoinnd.
in America, but what tl i
nature of the troublo now is
yat been made publio.
i   precise
has not
KTaotirg" Gf Parishioners Last
A meeting c!"the parishioners of Bt,
Paul's Churoh, Golden, was hold iu
the church on Tuesday evening tu cl It**
ousa certain matters In connection with
church. About thirty of the congregation were present, Rev, Mr. Yates
beiog chairman. y
Tlio chairman explained "for the
h-snelii of those who were not at the
last meeting, hold when Archdeacon
Pent rent h wus in Golden, what was
tbe purpose of tin ao meetings,
Tlio first sul.jec'. was the collection
of funds to pay ufT the debt on the bell
tower, and next to build a chancel to J
beautify t!:e church and alao to give,
more space for seating purposes.]
Funds enough havo bfen received to
cancel the debt or. tho tower itnd to
bnild the chancel, cn condition that it
bu ready fur use Christmas day.
At the previous meeting Mc3fiV3.
Gibb, Aylmer nnd Griffith wer; appointed to look Into tho matter of
building '.--'P chancel and the cost of it
A motion waa made to cittiblisli there I
three gent I m eu as a permanent Building Committee, Mr. Ay 1 mot usked tn
have his name removed, stating hi-*
reasons, Mr. Jones was thc*i appCtnt-
!od in Mr, Aylmer's place.
Tho man nets in which the monthly
As tho rfverS are in flood it is ccu'sid-
eral his capture is certain. .Sliould he
manage to recross tho Caledon, British
troops have been pent to hold all the
passes and road* io the north to prevent his escape. Military officers are
generally pleased that the attempt, cf
D-iWet to enter Capo Colony has beer.
flPhsii00Ne$'itQeintfit^B who wore
In the fight at Rhenoster Kop had al"
their officers and .10 men killed and
woun'dedv Tliey fought with dogged
courage for TT hours without moving,
Liverpool, Pec. 10, ��� Large croWufl
turned out to honor tho Royal Canadian regiment The rccoptiou was
wildly enthnsiastlo,
A special from London says***���To
what extent the Canadians had wor
the heart.? of Londoners was eviden,
from the cmicus mixture cf men,
women and girls, who, hanging upor
tlio arm*) of the soldiers, marched with
them to tho station, **
A despntch from Ottawa says the
opinion prevails in military circjee
0 are ibat tho Canadian Artillery ant.
Mounted Rifles will not return Iroiv.
South Afrioa until February orMarcli
'.'he period of service does not expin
until March and it is behaved Lor'
Kitchener ui/ljteiijp thwr until tdeu
Big: Railway Strikt
Admoro, I. T. Dec, H.  -A''strike o-
the Santa Te system has bectr:-i nctfti
Several bridges hnvo  l.een burned or
...       ,     ,,.       ���      , l"'8 -Motion. The operators predict that
subscriptions should be collected wnt*   -.j       ,   - '     "^ ,,m'
discussed, tho chairman suiting that
it was not right for two of the ladies
to iro aronnd and collect tho subscrip
tions, aud advised tho use of tlio
envelope system. Some objectjoiio
were talced but the motion was finally
carried. Mr, Plowright wns appointed envelope cleik nnd Mr. Gibb as
Mr. Mitchell Innes then asked the
chairman if ho would explain how the
chancel was tc bo built, which ho did.
Tbe chairman then asked if any of
those^prbsunt would lite nny quest ioc ft
answered or bad any ob aotlons,
Mr. McDermot said that all the
congregation seemed satlfied with what
bud been done,* and with that the
meeting wns closed.
Pearl on Fifteen mile Creek, 7 10
in Good Luck and Cinnamon and J in
Copper Cliff all on McLean Creek, the
consideration being -lb 0C0| A. McLean
to P. Nelson, Jt in Pearl nnd 7-lfJ in
Good Luck; A. McLean toM. Dainard,
J in Pearl; M* Dainard to P. Nelson,
i in Copper Cliff; M. - -Dainard to A.
McLean, Jt in Copper Cliff.
Big* Strike on Red Line.
The phenomenal estimates of probable ore in sight made last year by
Mr. Mulford, M.E , of Now York, did
more than anything else to bring the
Windermere district into notice, nnd
great was lho disappointment when
tho bond was dropped. Messrs. Star-
bird and Collott- however, stuck to it
through good and ill report, and tbey
nro now rewarded by a striko of nix
teet uf solid ore in the tunnel'which
thoy have driven on the Iron. Cap
claim of the group, It is now a mi cation of values, and ns these nre believed to be good tlio Red Line is after
all likely to deserve much of tho high
reputation in which it has been held.
A Great Industry.
ystcm will be tied up in*93!
houfs, Bovon hundred operators arc.
stiikingand it is ronrid the telegraphers
of the M'suourl Pacific will go out ir.
syiniathy'with the Sftnta Fe strftefff,
Cleveland, Ohio., TJcb. ll.��-I^s
reportoi that ihe trainmen cf thef-'anir,
Fe lines may jcin the telegrapher*:
Holiday >iatss by the U. P. R,.
In connection with il's Christmas ���*���>���:'
New Year's holidays the CaimdWn
Pacffl? P.-ailwuy Will put into effecttlra
uaunJ local holiday ra:e: of single l.iv:
for '.he round trip. Passengers nan pu:
chase tickets on the following dnns;���
December 22nd, 23rd, 2i'.h and 2-3th"(
gcod to return Jat.nary 3rd,, attain)
December 23th 30th 31st,and>Tanu:.ry
Ut, good to return rt;i January ?rd-
Haiiway Accident.
Under the guidance of F. W, Jones |
the Columbia   Kiver   Lumber   Com-
pany   aro    throwing    extraordinary j    A   fw,ghl   ,r;lin   wns -(-.2niiiod   A
energy into this seaso.-Vomeralloco. | CllInmity 0���W| totw^n Eeftver atfi
Stratton's IndepenDence Mine.
It comes as a bolt from tho blue to
learn that the great��� StrattonV Inde*
peuco mine of Colorado' was cold to an
English oompany under false pretencec
Messrs Griffith I of a serious character, and thore is now
and Taylor also- mado a survey of the troublo in* tho company. The syndi-
pFoposed road up Horsethief Creole, [cato which is involved is the Venture
They ran the line for 204/8 miles and j Syndicate,-one of tho beat English
In all that distance ore shippers will |companies operating on tho continent.
not have a yard of ��p grade, which Is Every osre, too, was tabenMn the
���an excellent piece of engineering, and j acquisition of the property, for which
ahould resuU iu the cost of trunsporta^ i several millions were paid, so able an
4lonof ore from Horwthlel Creek being expsrt -as T. A. Rickanl, ahe Stale
.wduced to a-minimum. Mr. Griffith j geologist of'Colorado,, having spent a
reckons tha oost ofthe road will not mopth iu "thev examination -of-the
exceed $1000 a milo fof this distance, I property.   With all his care Rtckavd
and we wish them the success they so
woll deserve. At Goldeu arrangements
have bean made to run the mill a'! *
winter, ns soon as there is sufficient
���snow, and logging for this purpose hns
been ir. hand fnr some time.- The i
magnificent !;t of limber whhmwi&V
cut last winter for fiontlnfj down Cedar
Creek will be brought out this winter
to the mill,
Similar energy is lieing disphyod at j
Kail It, where a small mill is to bo run
ull winter,
A tine bridge is now In course of
construction to get there logo into this
mill, tho bridge beiug 400 feet lout:
uud l'i feet in height,* .
Sweetest- Songs But Tell of Saddest Thoughts*
Dear Ladies:
What to you has been for many
months tho saddest, yet. sweetest hour
of the day? Surely that when In silence,
alone, or in sweet communion with
relatives or friends) you have let your
thoughts dwell on tho dear al-scfit ones
in Africa, Your hopes and fearo, vonr
prayers and tears have gone forth to
them. And was not that tho hour of
afternoon tea? ' j.,
Your soldiers' comrades��� tho British planters ���mako the delicious Green
teas of Ceylon and India.
shouTtl inclino yon to try
j Douald, on Moi.d.-iy hist and. pix car?
were completely wrooked,   Tho a:cl-
j dent   happened   through   the   enfiino
I running into a rock slide sn8 ba!nn
[thrown   off   the  raily.    No.   I   war
[Retained at Golden all day and wn;
sldetrnokeitlit IVi-naM <V��r the. night,
] till a temporary pteceof track could ho
, put In around  the  wreck and   slide,
I No.   1  left  Ban nld early on Tuesday
morning on Its way wo"5t hnd No, r
: got ini o Goldeu about 10 hours behind
The crew of the wrecked trr.!n fortunately escaped without injury.   -
. IS* OIIOKK ttuU tiio Gov
in possession ef dSnnite
which lo supply tho o sr
in this Province, 1 am
pnrtleiilnrsfrojn those wl,
rninont mny hi
afvriutttion wiwi
.ing iiivestnitmtf
ti    '^1 tn invil;
Japans have no such claim ony
arc, besides, of .inferior quali- ius. Mon-
sboii, Saladr- and Hlue .Uibbou braud-s
are all good. ���Colonist,''
for salo, and who may ft el <rti-^c
ward Midi particulats to ttiij utlieo forth
purpt.M(vin question
In view ot the projxu?eli early reorgsttlsiti
tion of ihe Agont Qei oral4. Dfiieo i.i Lomton-t
England, tlio desirability ft' having ou iile-j.-,
list of (arms mid otlinr propertiea for va\H
fviih toll and aei'iir.-.te details, i.i obvlousj
Properties submittal may itialu'le farms-fend
���iarni IiuhIp, iiidastrial .r coiiiuhjitj.-.I ron^
This alone j cents, timber limit.'!, wet r nowers. or oilier
ihfso tean. ! '���utprprlwsaffortli
-nr.jsesnnonung oppoituuiiiosiorUetfiti**
i ntntr'invesiinve.'itment. j)>
I'. Is not i roi^sst'il to recommend propotties
| to intending biv^WoM. lint tn aH'ord- the-fuK*
cal ncetws t-i tin* (���l.-..-'sitjt!il lists ami .-ill avuir
nbto Information on) a -trd tHoMwIih, nn-.l t,i
plaau onquirore in ccniiutlnlriithm ��i-tli tfw
u-.viM.-r-4.       .. .     '.   ;-
Tlm t'ulliwt wirllciitars nro desired net univ
ofthe prouftrues tbuawolvos, lutt of t'm.loea!-
Lfclos mi wiii'li ilii'.v an- siMiated, an.l ihe coin
nftlons (ttteethig tsMii, i'er nils pnrjc- .
prinierl Hflieflnles will, upyji iippHrnliuti I i
torv.-arded iu (ho'icdesii'mis ���;( nniki!^ .>������..-.���,
1  ftT��?Ol)WlB'fX,  '
'���leretsry Hurcau ef Tr
mi.n THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY. DEC. 1*4. 1900.   Jj
The Season Why Yon Should Buy Your Xmas Goods at*-
BECAUSE he has the latest and best assorted stock that has ever been in Golden,
This is NO DREAM but a reality: Oall and see for yourself.
In Ebony and Silver Goods I can pleaso the
In CELLULOID you can have your choice of the following*
Sinning, Dressing:, Jewel, Manicure and Writing Cases,
Photo Albums, Frames and Holders,
Glove, Handkerchief and Necktie Boxes,
Taylor's, Colgate's and Sed-ey's Perfumes,
���From $2 up to $ 10~
Specially put up for Xmas trade.
Be up to date and write your Xmas Greetings on writing paper with an engraving of GOLDlBN
in the corner-Pads 25c. and 50c.--Post cards two for 6e.
DOLLS from 9 inches to 4 feet, iron toys of all descriptions*
End of Bridge
You can't miss it
A fine assortment of Fruit, Confectionery, Candies,
Jams, Jellies.- Suital to the Christinas trade.
Christmas tabic replete with every delicacy of the
��� E ��^L*-*l-*-l-l-----------l*l-$-**-------------m
Photographs    Taken   and   sent   to  absent
-/***.>;.���-.���.-  -��" *'- ,..'.i'f. b
GOLDEN   B,C, FRIDAY, DEC 14, 1900
MeDermot . . .
���Is full of Business���in fatt, we have a little more
than we can handle just now. Customers, how-
e.ver, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now bffering'.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   ...   .   .
We are now doing Business on'tho
and intend to stick to it or leavo town.
ON HAND. This is too large a stock ifor our present
premises and we intend to sell half of tho Goods in the
next 00 Days. We are now in the firing line and do
uot intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000  TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 26c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
11 or more pounds** of Our Best Coffees or Teas a beautiful
present free.   We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
Wo have positively tho finest and best selected stock
".'of Goods in British Columbia, and dur prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Gfoo-cte.   CASH is ihe only
. 'article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. Be OleQEHiyLOTt
Oolden,      .C.
F. A. Desormeau,
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Bsfotll HI***. Kicking flora. Rlv.r.
Harvey, McCarter A Pinkham,
Ha-.rlet.ra, Setlcltora, A*.
Kes-olaloke, B.C.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Boous, Alexander Block Gold.! B. C,
Hnll Bros, te Co.
Wlsssleaalss A Retail
Cilll., siissop and Hor* Detlera.
Jas, Beadt, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
H. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Ageat for obtaining Crosvn Oranta, doing
annuel aasssMasnent work, etc.    Addraaa i
OdLDEN, B.0.
Coffins and
Funeral Holes ol all kir.da.
Order, riromptlj attended tt.
W. L. HOustofi,
Golden, B.C.
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Commercial Collsegse,
Box  347.   Vnueouvcr,  B.  C,
Thorough instruction la "biieiuH��
methods, Bioltkcepiiig, (����� un no
tut books, bnt do actual business)
Shorthand and Typewriting. We pre-
part for examinations.
a. r. <*> A. M.
Mountain Lodge, No. II. A.F. &
A. M. Regular Communication,
aecond Monday in .vary month.
Sojourning brethren cordially In*
J. c. piTrs. W. M.
CH. PARSON, Secretary.
���ketch and defcriptlou of any Invention will
prompter receive our opinion free concerning
ibe -^atestabfUt-f of Hint, "How to Obuiu a
Patent" aent upon rcqueat. Pateata aecurcd
through ua ad-rertiied for aatc at our upetut.
PuttcnU taken out throw h na receive tpeeial
netice, without charge, la Tn* Patent Record,
an illustrated and widely circulated Journal,
coneulted by Ifaiuifacturere and Inveatora,
send for aaraple copy nil, Addreae,
{Patent Atteretyt,)
Iffinlulldlav* WAtHlNOTON, b. c.
I.   O.   O.  P.
Rocky Monntnin Lodge Ko. 84 meota ia
Oddtellowa Hnll, Uolden, every WeduwUy
at 8 p.m.  -Sojourning brethren welcome.
| *-������-���       NOT CHEAPER
T^lHTY-SEVENTl-l YEAR.  ��� ��� -f
Twenty ParesWeekljjHInstnited.
i*iM -solum ni TSAt, mmta.
v*rut eorat mt.
HiHiSG ahd sciEirrmc PRESS,
220 Market St., 8��m FRANOBOOjCAt
MAGNOLIAS, BULBS, new orop ot
For Spring planting.     Largsat and
most   complete   stook    in   Westers
Oanada.   Call and make your aelee*
tlons or send for catalogue.     Address
at Nursery Grounds or Greenhouse.
Ml   UCMDV   3009 Westminster
. J. nCnni, Koad, Vancouver
MBdlng ��� iMtfeb and *a��K*lntton may
K��na)Q aar opmion tree whrnbt aa
n��ndlr S^nristnifff Htodbook oe I
it**, (flrt-iii u*-��*T fsoraaranncMi	
 - *--��� ���**������"-^���* '^iiiii
$cleitdJFfc jnrnierfaiii*
Tarmi. tt a
L{U?h ret..
The fine display of stocks in the
stores of Golden reminds one that
Christmas is again at hand. Nover before has Golden seen such a magnificent
display suited to the season, and those
In Bearish ot presents for friends and
relatives will be amply repaid by limiting their purchases to the town itself
instead of sending outside for their requirements.
tells in a largo half-page advertisement
In this Issuo of the fine stock lie hiss
impoi tod direct specially foi* the occasi
on, and a visit to his establishment at
the south end of she bridge is o.-.ceedin-*;-
ly pleasing. Mr. Psitmoro has a splendid variety of goods and theso of aal*
fornily good quality. Amongst it are
pariicularly the following: ��� Ebony
and silver di-otssiiigcasos.tnaking a vory
haudsoino combination, wedgtsvvood
ware of flno designs, silverware of doll*
sistw and clir.Mo execution, Christinas
perfLimes, albums, pioturcs, thoee on
flints being especially attractive, souvenir ash trays, leather goods, celluloid
writing caios.ono of those writing cusss
IsnvinK a pretty littlo tntssio box by
Which tho writer cau enjoy the delights
of agreeable correspondence and music
at the same time., toilot articles In
solid silver, and also io ebony uud
silver, pupcterie cases, photo frames,
celluloid collar nnd cuff boxes with
gilii plate triutiniilgs, dolls, from baby
dolls of nine Indus in length to the
grown up class reaching a height of
four feet. Christmas end New Year
cards, of unique stylo and design, To
buncos, and'oigars, fancy pipes suited
well for presentation, trinket boxes' a
good assortment of toys consisting of
soldlor sets, mechanical toys, iron fire
engines, truck carts and wagons, trains
pianos, ahd blockt. Mr. Patmore has
also Imported a lino lino of English
confectionory which ought to find good
favor. Tbe neat style of lettor and note-
heads and postcards which he has
introduced with tho view of Golden on
them are selling like wild fire.
Mr. Patmore ought to have a very
merry Christmas for he Is going to
make it so for others.
has Imported a large assortment of
"assortment of fancy China, toys, mag*
die lanterns, neckties, lamps, celluloid
goods, and candies suitable for the
Christmas trade in addition to the woll-
assorted general stock of his .tor..
W. J, Gould, tho well-known Photo
grapher, has now got his Studio bn the
bridge in flrstclass shape, end With the
special facilities now afforded he is in
a better position- to ekct-l his work
than in tbe past. His studio presents
samples of excellent work in the photographic art, and he is getting out quite
a lot of work. Tbe studio has tt suitable
extension for groups and Mr. Gould is
now able to take photos of groups up
to 20 jsersons.
This firm has a large consignment
of p'oti'ltry coming to litin'd this week,
and manager Robinson ja getting up a
stock of small goods. He has also
arranged for a supply of prime beef
and veal for Christmas. Thin is from,
stock prodce'ed in the valley, Mr.
Robinson having bought up all the
stook he could got in the valley last-
fall, as he finds tho firm's customers
hero prefer Valley grown ia preference
to that grown on the prairie.
excells all former efforts in the wsy of
a Christinas display. His specially im
ported stock consists of china and
glassware, a magnificent assortment
of lamps, clocks, out glass, crystal.
The stock of canned goods and family
groceries ss particularly good, covering
all tbe ground from beans to plum
puddittgs. Tl.e stock of confectlonery
embraces the best English and American makes. A finer assortment ot table
delicacies It would be hard to find,
the comprising asparagus tips, all kinds
of Frenoh canned vegetables, as pssas,
beans mushrooms. Old country jams
and marmalades of every description,
canned fish, Norwegian and French
sardines, canned soups, Amorican Food
Company's game patties, grouse, duck,
pheasant, partridge woodcock, all
kinds of English and American pickles,
oataup, sauces, Rusiiunoaviare,English
Stilton, Paragon, Imperial, and Roqne-
tort Cheese. Mr, McDermot has also
Imported fifteen tons ot California
evaporated fruits of all kinds, peaches
being a leading line. He has also some
tastefully got up 1 lb. packages of dates
tie- A novelty of th* season is Crosse
and Blaokwell't cranberry sauce, Mr.
MoDermot bas made arrangements for
the direct Importation of his teas and
coffees, and has just receives 176
packages of Ceylon tea, In tbis connection a coffee roaster has been added to
the plant so that customers oan have
their coffee freshly roasted and ground
at the store, 1300 worth of nice Roods,
as pictures, placques, and wedgewood
ware, are on hand as presents to customers. There is a line of romo 500
pairs of ladles' and gents' Christmas
���Uppers at from 15 ots. to 18. In the
olothing department there is a magnificent display ot ladies' fur jackets,
caps, muffs, and Christmas blouses for
ladies al prices ranging from 11. to 120.
etch. A specialty Is being made In
jewelry, Mr, JUDermot Jt doing this
season a big thing in watches, chains
and silver goods. Skaters will iluda
big choice of skates to select
from. Tho furniture department has
been replenished witb a big stock of
rocking chairs, pat-lor and bedroom
suites, and'"**; large' assortment of
general furniture.
is offering a nice display of gents'
furnishing**, consisting of the latest
novelties'in ties, silk handkerchiefs,
fancy silk braces, glove's, etc. ' - Mr,
Tom reminds our readers that he'has
always room for one more suit.
has Imported a magnificent stock of
presentation goods, consisting of perfumes and atomizers, ladies dressing
cases, morocco bound volumes of
works of tho pools, jewel casses,
manicure sets, Christmas and New
Yoar cards, confectionery and mirrors.
Mr. Field is presenting his customers
witb a neat holder,
The tables at the Big Store "are load
cd up with a fine display of Christ*
sues goons, Mr. Parson having made
a good selection. In the children's
section are to be found snagio lanterns,
engines, dolls, sleighs, trains, bloc! s,
balls, soldiers, Noah's arks, animals,
menageries, sots of dishes, carpenters'
sets, tops, drums. A specialty has
boen made.of Christmas groceries, the
stock comprising almost overy possible requirement. Tlio etock in this
department consists of currants and
raisins, evaporated fruits of nil kinds,
candied peel, Crosse k Elackwell's
English plum puddings, choice prunes
iu 51b tins, figs and dates in packets,
Huntley & Palmer's celebrated Reading
buiscuits, Ito-.vntreo's celebrated chocolate creams, Robertson's celebrated
candles in largo assortment, Craven's
renowned York fruit tablets, table
delicacies of every description, catsups,
sauces, French peas and beans. Ale
Laren's cheese, lobster put up in glass
jars, Pacific Coast crab, walnuts,
almonds and Brazil nuts, Japnncse
oranges and lemons, ladies' furs,
fur mitt's, silk flags, mufflers, and
handkerchiefs in beautiful designs. In
Christmas wipes and liquors Mr. Parson has a splendid stock both at
Golden and Revelstoke, having purchased A. Cowan's business at tbe
latter town, and which is being conducted by J. A. Fullis. wbo was
formerly connected with the Big Store
at Golden. Mr. Parson is also importing for tho festive seuson a supply
of poultry, including ducks, geese,
chicken and turkeys.
has in a nice little Christmas stock of
handkerchiefs and photo hoidors.  .
S. A. Featherston, of Kuult, has
been eu a visit to golden th: a few
II. E. Giltis, Inspector for the Canadian Birbcck Investment Company
was a visitor to Golden on Thnrsdiy,
with a view to establishing hero an
agency for his company.
In future i-lsttnfres itt advertisements must Le
delivered at the Era Oll'ci* not later tlsan
Wedssesdny in eicli -reels. As the paper suns
be got out on tiisse, it is absolutely impassible
for us to do that and make ch-iu-ro.' in atantl-
ing adqertiseitients occeived later than Wednesday.
The Golden Era Company,
Churoh Services.
ST. pawl's- church of jsjicilahd.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st nud 3rd Sundays of thu month
after Mpming Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may bo announced from thechoncel.
Ssinday School at 2:30 p.m.
All nre cordially invited lo attend
tbe services.
C. F. Yatbi, Vicsr.
fitrvlce every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School tnd Bible Class at 3
p.m. shurp.
Choir prtctict every Thursday ��vcn*
at 7.   .
Rkv. W. D. Turner, Pastor.
Services every Sunday tt 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.
Sunday School tt 3 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Choir practice on Frlbay at 7:30 p.m.
" We'll Tak' a Cup o' Kindness."
Though Women's minds, liko Winter wind.
M.hv shift and turn an'a'that,
To love of Scandal, Tea siisl fi-iensla���
They're Couatant still, for a' that I .
An' ao asva' wi' Foreign Teas,
Doon wi' Japan an' a' that I*
Ceylou Green Tea thoy lo'e the beat,
An' svlm a Crime daur va' tliat ?
For it's ihe tea. aboon tho lave,
. They dearly lo'e an'a' that���
Blue Hiblsou, an' 8tla.lt too,
An' braw Monsoon, an' a' that��� -
Because, you see, 'tsvixt you an sue,
Japan the Lino they draw at.
For syne tbe first ore British Teas,
They lo'e theus sveel nn' a that.
Though aome may prate o' ither testa
, An'flaunt Japan, an' a' lint��� .
Tbe Lassies say they'll ha'e their way
Au'drink Ceylon for a' Ibat I
Fort' that, an' a' that���
Awa'Japan, ass'a'that���
Tha boiinie tens thoy lo'e Iho best
Are Empire Grown, an' a' that I
Tho above suggestion, from a fair Canadian
correspondent, " with sspologlea to Burns,"
has been gratefully roccis-od and Immediately
adopted by  Colonist, 2.
PERSONS hivinff claims Jiffiuiut tlio Certainty Oold and .Mining Company, Limited,
aro requested to send in tbe same to me
M�� Enffiueer.
The Ikittih Columbia Boutharo Railway
Company will apply to tho Parliament of
Canada at its next Session for nil Act -tixtond-
inff tlio time within which it may construct
ita Railways and authorising it to construct
such' Bi-Aiiclitui from any of its lines nut
fi.w( oiling in any ono cane thirty miles in
leiitftb, an aro frotn Ume to'titno iiutlnrir-ol
l*y the Governor in Council, ami for other
pur loses.
lfv�� Secretary.
The B.C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd
; (Late MACFAKLANE i Co.)
Vancouver,      -      B.C.
We aio Manufacturer* ami direct ImportOr.4,' an;l carry a largo atocV of phjan^ee
Furnaces, Fire Clay (Jomla, Scientific and Practical Btioka, Glassware, Platinum Uood*,
Acids, GhetnicaJij, ami all other Assayers and Minora1 requirements,
HOLE AOsEBfTS for Morgan Cruoibl-j Cunij.-auy, '.iti'.ersoa; Becker's Soar
ttaljuicec, l"At*.
Catalogue and full parUculars ou application.
I'L.-i.lom for k License to Cut Tlqibur
on Dominion Lands In the Provlnco of Itrituii ttolumbla.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to thn
utKlundtfueil ami inarhcd on tho ouvr.'oim
" Tender for Timber llortli 255," h be ojienod
on the Tth day of January next, will ho
received at tins Department until noon ou
Monday, lho Vth January, IIWJ, for a HccusQ
to cut timber on Perth ao. 255, comprising
West 4 of tho North Went l and the South
West i of Section DC i the North West 1 of
Suction U7 nnd the West j of lho South East
\ anil the Kast I of tho South Wos* i of .Suction .'J3, Township 2.'\ UflttRO 21, Wuut of the
lith Meridian, ffnitlfUulugiUl area of '87squnro
niiii'n, more or less.
Tho regulations under which a llceneo will
he k-niosl mny be obtained at ibis Department
or at tho oflice ot the Crown Timber Agont at
New Westminster.
Each lender must be accompanied by su
accepted cheque on a chartered, bauk in
favor of the Deputy of tbo Minister of tbo
lutoilor, for thoiLiuuunt of lho bonus uhich
the applicant is prepared to pay for a license.
No tondor by telegraph will lie entertained.
Department ofthe Intonor,
Ottawa, 2-Jud Novoiuher, 11)00. 4
Tondei's for a Permit to Cut  Timber
on Dominion Lands in the Pro-
\lti99 ot British Colnmbia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to tho
undersigned and marked on the onvelope
" Tender for Timber Berth," to bo open-ad
on the Utii day of January next, will be
received'U- this I a: parti n eh t. until nenh on
Monday, the 14th of January, 1001. for a
licence to cut timber on Dei tlm Nos. 2*$, 257
and 25��, iu tho Provineo of British Columbia,
described as.follows:���
Berth **ii, comprising that portion of the
"North East quarter of Section lit. East of tho
River, tho Smith half and North WpsI quarter
of Secti*:.ii 22, the Enst half of tbe Soutli Kast
Suarter of 27, and the East half of the South
ast quarter of 28, in Township23, Range 18,
West of the oth Meridian, containing au area
of 1'So square miles.
Berth 257. comprising ths North West-
quarter of Section 2S. aud tha Sou'h X-sat
quarter and North Weft quartor of Section
S2 in Township 2.1. Range Iti, West of tan
5t li Meridiou,contniuing un area of 0* 7uaquare
Berth 25S, comprising the South half and
North West quarter of Section (J, in Town-
shit) 24, Range 18; the North Enst quarter of
Section* 1, South West miarlcr of 12, aud the
South East quartor and North West quarter
ofll,in Township 24, Range li), all West of
.the,&ih Mm-idian. containing an area of 1*75
square miles.
A separate tender to bo made for each
The regulations under whicli a license will
be issued may be obtained at this Department
or at tho oflice of the Crown Timber Agent at
New Westminster.
Each tender must bo accompaniod by au
accepted < heaue ou a chartcrt'it. bunk iu
fVveur of the Deputy ef tho Minis-tor of tho
Interior, fur tho amount of the bonus which
the applicant is*jpre;>niod to puy for a license,
No teuder by telegraph will bo entertained,
Department of tho Interior,
Ottawa. 27tli\ November 1900. ��
IN ORDER that the Government may be
iu possossiou of definite information witfc
which to Kitpply tbo-'O seeking iuvc-itiiimn.--
iu this Province, I am instructed to invite
particulars from those who have properties
foranlo, and who may frel disposed to tar-
ward such paiticnlstii to tbii oflice for Iho
purpose in question.
In vl.-w ofthe proposep early roorg.tmsa-
tion ofthe Agont General'* Oflice in London,
England, the desirability of having on bin a
list of farots and other properties for Kale,
with lull and accurate details, is obvious.
Properties submitted may include farms and
farm lands, industrial or coin mere ial concerns, timber limits, water powers, or other
enterprises affording opportunities (or logiii-
mate Invostm vestment.
It is not proposed to recommend properties
to Intending investors, but to afford tho fullest access to the chishifted lists and all available information connected therewith, ami to
plac'd enquirer.-, in communication with ffcc
owner:!. ���'-������,
Tho fullest parUenliirfl aro desired not onlv
ot tho properties themselves, but ofthe localities in which tbey are situated, and the conditions affecting ttiem. I'or this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, bo
Forwarded to thoso dosirous of making intos.
Secretary, Bureau of Provincial Information
ighest Hohors���World's Fnir,
\ pure Grape Cream of Tartar PowJs:'.   Fits
iom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for.Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining* Men. '
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
. . THE
Headquarters for Commercial  Men,    Two Comiiiotlioufc
Sample Koouis.    Baggftge Transferred Free.
Hot and Gold Baths.
f^tes fl per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.   C,  Greene, Proprietor.
Santa CLAlfS
Cmi be fully supplied at
Where all kinds of Xnia? Toys and
Novelties are in Stock, and at very
reasonable Prices. What better
Present for your wife than one of
Our Fancy Lamps?
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Aylmer Brand-The REST
Packed in Canada.  One Car Jnst
Received Direct from the Factory.
T. & P. PEXXSrLVA">"U C'OAI OIL-'Jlits
Higlieist Gi*ade on the iln.-Lot. A Carload in
tho Warehouse.
for.Chisslton Feed, ssusl   NATIONAL  ROLLED
OATS.    Ono Cur Now in Stools.
LAKE OF THE WOOns FLOl'li-The Finest
You Can Use.    A Carload lo go on with.
6s'& CAELO.-tD OF ASJOlltER Ol^s"--EniEf
intludiiiR Ih. Best Quality of Everything.
* i
H. G. Papson,
General Mercliaiit,
Aexaiicler Block.
tot atcepUbte Mees.
State If patented.
Baltimore, Md.     .
or th. Fat-hst B-Koas tjl.��
.      IS Xtffe B^s|p.|%
TuraTT-nnrin T*e��*8. ^ t\i-i*/*}
2-4 Pages i Wi-.hly i HltirtratcA
Jl PER Yii��.R, PCJSTFAn).    **
t nsn tok f-MMi'LB corr.
, MINING ^Sdentfflc PRESS'
his KisSSf -sr.. nr i EAitcB'co, tit,?,,
1 Car Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
and Bed-room Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Bar Common Furniture
Mattresses,  Pillows,  &o.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for the
building and mining Trade
1 Car Choice Groceries
Canned   Goods,   &c.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
Screen Doors and Windows
to keep out mosfi'iituea.
Genuine  Maple  Syrup
from Quebec.
Golden,     .C.
Kinr|ptor|     6z,     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going- northward via Canoe river route will
lincl it a large saving and eonvenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
*Ss;v Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere. Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
BIMN S tames
Doctors find
A Good
Ibr mankind
WANTKP :-,\ tv*. nt \m. Iiriltli tlui PJT'P'A'.Vfl will
nut Lciitlii. 'Ihey bai.ish fain antl prolong life. (InejHvci
relief,   Note lite word R'l'P'A'Nfl on the pRckJM"and
accept no eiibmiiuie. R'I'PA'N'S. io fur ���? cents, my
be had at any drug start. Ten samples ond me tliousnn-J
teatimoni.iU will be mailed to any nddreri for five ernti,
fnrwardril to the Ripinit Chemical Co., No. id Spruct
Street, New Vork,
%&&A r
Tho Bank of Commerce has opened
its munificent new buildings in Win-
J. S. Mackie has been olectofl mayor
of Calgary by one vote over 8. A.
W. Carlin, the well-known merchant
of Fort StMe, was a visitor to Golden
ou Tuesday.
A fire nt Winnipeg destroyed several
buildings on the corner of Main Street
atul Portage Avunuo.
C. A. Warren loft hy Sunday's stage
for tbe Windermere district und returned ou Thursday.
Tho Liberal! have swept New Brunswick in the Provincial Elections, 21
Liberals having been roturned against
9 Conservatives,
Galliher won tho election for Yule-
Cariboo by a majority of about 200,
and JU-owll beat Garden for Burr ard
by a majority of over Boo,
W, Wi RogerBi tho popular member
uf G. B. MeDermot's stuff, has heen
laid off work the greater part of this
week suffering from a severe cold.
II. E. Gillis, inspector of tho Birk-
beck Investment Company, was a
visitor to Golden o i Thursday. Mr.
Gillis makes his headquarters at Van-
cm ver.
Thero is likely to be great activity
next spring in tlie country between
Bugaboo and Horsethief Croek, and wo
hear of more than one Company who
intend putting   prospectors in there,
Hon. Clifford Sifton, says that the
result, of tho elections in British Columbia was a gratifying -answer to the
disgraceful campaign put up by Hon.
Clark Wallace and Sir Hibbert Tupper.
A tramp was brought before J. E.
Griffith,S M��� on Tuesday last, charged
with petty larceny from O.A.Warren's
store, and was sentenced to three
months' imprisonment,
The Fire Engino Association have
appointed J. G. Ullock chief of their
firo brigade, in which they have en*
r.i lied a iiyrabership of eighteen, the
men to be paid 75c. an hour for timo
omaged at a firo. R J. Robii.son has
been appointed secretary.
R. J. Robinson, manager for Hull
Bros,, was on a visit to Calgary tbis
week na a witness in a suit ty tbe
Imperial Bank as assignees of the
Pardons Produce Company agalnat the
firm over a disputed claim fcr produce.
When passing through Field on
Thursday, R. J. Robinson picked up a
fine buckskin pelt, taken from u deer
which some Field sport bad been
fortunate enough in getting as a
Tnero is some talk of prospective
litigation between the Fire Engine As
sociation and the Firo Brigade over
tho Firo Hall and other property, the
ownership of which is in dispute be
tween the two bodies,
Thi Education Department has
granted the request of tho Goldeu
Public School trustees for a third
teacher, but the school building will
have to l.e enlarged. The attendance
has increased immensely of Iuto and
now has reached n point of Su in actual
atten lance.
.Tho latest returns for Tale-Cariboo
give Galliher 3,'44, Foley 2,610, and
MoKane 8,550. Maxwell's majority
In Burrard has totted up enormously,
being now 600, with returns to come
in which will .still further increase it.
The Rossland Miner suggests that
Chris Foley, the defeated Labur candidate for Yalo-Dariboo, should bo appointed to the Dominion Chinese
Commission rendt-red vacant by the
resignation of Ralph Smith in order to
become a candidate for Nanaimo,
Says the Albertan: ���"R. M. Wilson,
formerly a member of tho Calgary File
Brigade, and well known as nn athlete
and all round sport, has been elected
etiier of the Goldeu Fire Department,
with J. C. Tom, also Into of Calgary,
us itsiiMant chief. Golden'* insurance
iat68 may now safely bu lowered with
these two experts cod nnd energetic
Ira laddies lo manage the department.**
Allan Cameron, C.  P. R. district
freight   agent,   has    beon   appointed
n.iiiager of  the Oregon  Rnilway  &
i vlgAtlnti Ootnpnny at Hong Kong.
.   n ill leave shortly to enter upon his
it duties.
Under instructions from Hon, W. C.
���Veils, H C. Kill-on lias been In tho
.ti-deau looking up routes for wagon
OAdfl to open up that sou< ion ef country,
ud lie has also lu hand the Big Baud
o.id which will be of such great ad-
Mintage to Revelstoke.
Gold Commissioner Griffith, who
'litniod from Wind-inure lust week,
completed the payments on the road
vork-* ther j, having paid ont over $10,
'0 this season. Truly ibe district has
* reward iu having elected hs itsrep-
Hentuilve-ft geutleman who has given
toll exeelle.it attention, loits require-
lents as Mr. Wells.
The season has been an exceptionally
,,ld one so far and thu ttuusal scene
ns been pr&feutsd of thn Kicking horse
,,d pclumhia "Rivers reopening after
he spell of c61'd weather experienced a
'���.v weeks ago. It sa fortunate'thing
for the town of Golden that the Kicking
'irse has re-opened as it has done, as
gmawise there was every prospect of
the renewal of the troublo of three
winters ago in tho event of another
cold spell.
Frank Pargis, landlord of Athalmer
House, Athalmer, ti a visitor to
J. E. Griffith, S.M , will hold n sitting of tho Assessment Court at Golden
on December 23.
Regular meeting of the Goldon Firo
Brigade on Tuesday evening nest. A
full attendance is requested.
There is an agitation on foot to have
tlio sfhoolhoitse removed across the
Kicking Horso to the south side of the
Kruger is knuckling down. He now
wants a conference wilh Lord Salisr-
bury, and it is bolievedhisrcquos' will
be grunted.
Persons having claims against the
Certainty Gold and Mining Co. are
reqiie-ted to send in the same immediately to the Company'.-i offico at Golden.
A meeting ofthe Golden Llcedsing
Commissioners will b�� held at the
Courthouse ou Saturday to hear applications for hotel licenses for thnensu-
We hear great enconlu-ns pnssod on
Hon. W. C. Wells.Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works,for the able manner in which he is administering bis
Department throughout tlio Province,
The Calgary building stone works
shipped so in-my carloads cf stone last
scaroon that the Herald snys if they
were strung on end they would mako
four mites in length.
They evidently think a lot of the
Hon. W. O. Wells in the Win fori-ere
district, and rightly so, for at the
gathering of Scotchmen ot til at the
Hotel Canterbury to colehrute St. Andrews Day the Chief Commissioner
occupied tho place of honor next to
Lord Roberts on the toast list.
When a man does you a good turn
it does no harm to show that It is appreciated.
There is so little snow south of Galena that the stage hns to run on wheels
between there and Windermere, and
even between G.ilena and Golden thnre
are many places cn the road where
there is too littlo snow to afford good
The Government are doing excellent
work iu providing the town with new
sidewalks on the south side ofthe
Kickinghorse, thoee to the Hospital
and along Fort Steele Roud being capital pities of work.
We congratulate Editor Evans
of the Outcrop, on the excellent paper
he is turning out. It ia A credit to thu
district and had done much to advance
the interests of  JNVrth Eust Kootontiy.
Traflic ia again open between Peterborough and Athalmer, Gold Commissioner Griffith having had a temporary
bridge erected over tho dangerous part
where so many mishaps occurred during tho time Toby Creek was frozen
up.   The ico jim hns now gone out.
With creditanlo enterprise R. W.
Patmore hus got out a neat le'.tor and
note head with a view of Goldeu in the
corner. These letter and note heads
are in great demand and are taking
splendidly with the Golden people, who
have thus an opportunity of conveniently placing before their frien Is the
beauties of Golden as a town, the
illustration being a very effective oue.
The illustration is from a photograph
by W. Alexander, of Golden,
J. J. Young, the popular editor of
the Calgary Herald, topped the poll of
aldermen of the city ol Calgary. Wo
congratulato Mr. Young on his success
and expect soon to sec bim representing Calgary in lhe'Legislature.
D, Kidd and 11. James, two of the
contractors who have been working
for the Certainty Company nt tho
Porphyry and Iron Hill mine, Canyon
Creek, left Golden this week, Kidd
having gono to Scotland and James to
the Coast.
Another very serious land slide has
occurred in Heligoland. Thirty houses
have been engulfed nud a considerable
portion of the island has been for three
days under water. Thus far It has
bean impossible to send roll"' and the
losses have not yet beeu determined.
Thos. O'Brien. Golden's popular lawyer, visited Rovelstoke this week on
some Court business. Mr. O'Brien bus
been appointed agent for Golden for
the Imperial Fire Insurance Company,
W. H. Skelton, the well known host
of Peterborough, is a visitor to Goldon,
having come down to consult Dr. J. N.
Taylor regarding an abscess In the
neck from wblcb he has been suffering.
The Firemen's Ball.
To the Editor ot The Goldish ERAi-t
Daar Sir,���I noticed with some surprise in the last issue of your paper a
somewhat   sharp   comment   on   the
omission of several ladies' names from
the list of those at tbe Firemen's bull,
as reported tn the Calgary Herald.     I
chink  this criticism was made rather
hastily and was by no moans in  goo
taste.    As most of ihe Golden peoph
probably kuow, I wrote the account
purely from goodwill, as I thought t
good report of tho ball woul I bonofi
Golden in the eyus of Calgariftns. B-,
tng a " mere man," I couldn't of m>
self  writo on account of the dresses.
because I didn't know the first  thinjj
about them.   A-< I was the pianist n*
the ball I c mil uot possibly go round
snd got a description of thodresse,
from   each   iulividual.   Thirdly ami
lastly, b dug an Englishman, I am noi
In the habit of speaking to ladies to
whom I havo not beeu introduced.
Jut-t bcfoio the train pulled out for
the East cn Sunday I thought a few
of tho most, striking dresses could be
described to mo hnd put in the paper,
nud therefore I went to a lady In
Gulden and asked her for a hurried
description of as many dress* ��� as she
could remember. A few Indies whom
I Inppened to know beforehand had
described their dresses to me, as they
bnd beard I was reporting, aud theso,
with the list I go: from ono of your
townspeople, made the list published
in the Herald, to which The Eua took
I may add that, from all appearances, if I had not gono to the trouble
(evidently unnecessary) of reporting
the ball in the Calgary Herald, no
report would have appeared in it at all
as nothing was Bent down from
If ever 1 have the pleasure of playing at a bull in Goldeu again, I hope
some one who knows the people will
get a list of the dresses made out, so
that the blame for unintended omissions may not rest an anyone whose
intern ious were good and wbo failed
through uo fault of His owu.
Yours truly.
Calgary, Dec. llth, 1900.
TheLight of the World
Our Savior in Art
Cost nearly 8100.COO to produce, contains nearly 100 full*page engravings
of our Saviour und His Mother by tin
world's greatest painters. Truecoplesof
the greatest' master pieces in thu Art
gulleries of Europe. Every picture is as
beautiful us a sunrise over tbe hilltops.
Contains description of thu paintings
biography of the painters, the names
and locations of the galleries in Europe
whero the originals may be seen. Also
contains a Child's Department, including a Child's Story of the Christ and
His Mother, bcnn'ifully written, to fit
oaoh picture. Thin wondorful book,
ina.chless in Its purity and beauty,
appeals to every mother's heart, and in
every Christian homo whero there are
children the book sells itself. Christian
men and women, are making money
rapidly taking Orders. A Christian
man or woman can in this community
soon make $1,000 taking orders for
Christmas presents. Mrs. Waite, our
agent in Massachusetts, has sold over
$3 000 worth of tho books in a very
short time. The book is printed on
velvet-finished paper, beautifully bo and
in Cardinal Rad and gold, and adorned
with Golden Roses and Lilies. It Is
without doubt, the most beautiful book
of this century. Write for terms quickly
and get the management of that territory. You. can work ou salary or commission, and when you prove yonr
success wo will promote you to the
posit ion of Manager and Correspondent,
at a permanent salary, to devote your
! time to nttendign to agents and the
correspondence. Wanted also ft State
Manager to have charge of office in
Leading City of the Sti.te and manage
all tbe business of the State S md for
terms Addi+ss -THE BRITISH-
Corcoran Building, Opposite
U. S. Treasury, Washington, DC.
Parliament Convened.
Ottawa, Dec 11. -At a meeting of
tho Cabinet yesterday It was decided
to summon parliament for the election
of n speaker and the despatch of business on Wednesday, Februarv 6th.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier n.eets parliament
with a straight party majority of over
60 and this includes a majority from
all the provinces except Ontario.
Love of Country,
Ladles of Canada:
Lore of country Is the strongest
characteristic of the average Britisher.
See her bosom expand with pride, as
she speaks of the old country. Hear
her dilate on th'fi pies sunt, time she had
when last there. There was nothing
she enjoyed so much as the pleasant
afternoon tea. And why? Because she
sipped the pure product (GREEN OR
BLACK) of Ceylon and India She can
buy both in Canada now. Thedelicio.m
Saladr, Blue Ribbon or Monsoon packet s
await her pleasure.- Colonist,
tQflfl YEARLY to Christian man
4>vJUU or woman to look after our
growing business fn this and adjoining counties; to act as Manager and
Correspondent; work can ba dono st
your home. Enclose self Addressed,
stamped envelope for particulars toH.
A Sherman, General Manager. Corcoran Building, opposite United
Status Treasury, Washington, DO.
|for accept*!)!* lima.
"     11
SMMs-sslpsjosi pno. nt Ibe P.tsstt Bacon SJLM
Twaaawa. t**m*nT^ ���
THlHTT-imiTH TIjl,
24 Page i Weekly i Hs-aMed.
JttmiNG-s^ntinc PRESS
JMKA��BTM.)UinAlltllO<l.tii��   '
I C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We have recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a fnll line of
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.  \
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors. i
Now is the Tims to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia A'alley
the head of navigation on tho Columbia Kiver, and'the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of* the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
Tho important mineral discoveries recently mado in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early da*-"-
by a railway running tho length of the Columbia a"'1 ,
Kootenay Valleys, from Goldon to Cranbrook, ensure gr( i  ]
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenp,
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tlie
operation of the Golden Smelter within tho next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered fori
the only land available for the extension of the buildin
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will '
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rist
takes placo.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No salo of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. 'G. Parson, Merchant, -    - ���
P. A. Desormeau,
.   .   .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
South SMo Kts-kliifr Horae Rivor,
Harvey, HeCarter & Pinkham,
Barrister., Bollcitora. &o.
ltow-latoke, B.C. Fort Stocks, B.C.
Rooms Alexander Block Ooldon B. C.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholessnle k Retail
Catties, SIioop and Horae Dealer.*
Jas. Brady, D.L.8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M, Alis'ss. Inst. M.E.
A-tssnt for obtaining Crown Grant., doing
annual aaseasmont work, etc.    Address:
<   a. r. * a. h.
Mountain Loriffe, No. II. A. F. &
A. M. Kssfiular Communication,
second Monday in overy month,
Sojourning brothron cordially iu-
C II. PARSON, Secretary.
Coffins and
l-'unerul Robes of sill\in-ls.
Orils-rs promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.C.
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Commercial Coltesje,
Bo-x  847.   Vancouver,  B. C,
fhoroogli instruction In buainail
methods, Bookkeeping, (wo un no
text-books, but do actual busissess)
Shorthand and Typewriting. We prepare for examination!.
������   , I,  O.  O.  V.
Rocky Mountain Lodge no. 84 moota In
Oddtellowa Hall, (iolslen, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren vteloojriej
J Ts WOOD, See.
THIRTY-SEVENTH VEAB.   ��� 4- ���.
; Twenty Pages; Wts^lyJlHastrateit:
! I ;r*il DOLLARS til TEAR, NIRAlD.
s .-.na.os-sta.s-at..
*, M0 Market St��� Ban FnaNoieco, C��L.
Our fee returned It we fall. Any one wnding
���ketch and description of any invention will
promptly receive our opinion fret concerning
the patentability of Mine. " Bow to Obtain a
Patent" tent upon request. Patents mcured
through ui advertised for uie at our expense.
Patents totwaout through ua receive eaceU
notice, without charge, In Tub Patbnt Rucoai
an illustrated and, widely circulated Journal,
-consulted by Mnnufacturera and Investors.
Send for sample copy FRE I.   Address,        ���..
VICTOR J. IVANS * CO.   ' *$$���
(Peteet Attorney.,) *><&*
Cvens Sulldlag. WASHINGTON, 0. C
MAGNOLIAS. BULBS, new crop of
I'm Spring planting.     Largest  and
moat   completo   stook    In   Western
Oanada.   Call and make your selections or send,tor catalogue     Address
at Nursery Grounds or Greenhouse.
Ml   HENRY   30��9 Westminster
. J. sTICnni, Uoad, Vanconver
BO YEARS" ���!


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