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The Golden Era Mar 10, 1899

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Array The Golden Era
Il the most widely circulated and
bett advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
il nad by the miners, the runchers,
"tht railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance   ..'..   .  .  .  .
VOL. VIII.   NO. 32
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY,    MARCH 10, 1893
The Golden Era,
Has been appointed the Gazelle
for North East Kootenay for
Dominion and Ptovincinl Government notices snd advertisements.   Published by
The Golden Eka Co., Ltd., Ly.,
Goldrk, B.C
$2 Per Year
Special Reductions in Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Heavy Winter Clothing.
Previous .to Stock Taking.
H.   G.   PARSON,
pot* a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
J. G. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
Great Cash Bargain Sale
will commence on Feb. 1st, 1899.
*- ft ��*
Clothing, Hats & Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Gents Furnishings,
Special Values In
Gloves, Mitts, and Footwear
�����.--  AT	
Although Mr. "Wells, M.P.P., was
in the House only a week before tbe
close of tin; session he had the con
gratulatious of his fellow members on
tbe oxcellent services which he rendered to hie constituents within that
short time, and the success of .his per
Sisteilt efforts in obtaining the grant
on the snpplomentnty estimates for the
bridge at "Windermere was a surprise
to the other inetubors, who. witli good
reason, complimented North East
Kootenay ou having such a live and
active member. Mr. Wolls had to
contend with difficulties iu this matter
which were mado for him boforo he
got there by those who ought to have
had mote discretion. Owing to the
surrounding circumstances wo cannot
well publish the details of this matter
but to those who are acquainted with
it the success of Mr. Wells's efforts
will bo the more appreciated. Mr.
Wells intends returning to Victoria
shortly to go fully into the requirements of North East Kootenay with
tbe members of the cabinet and to ensure the interests of the district being
actively pressed forward.
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
In dealing with the town lots at
Field wo hops the Minister of the Interior will take steps to see that the
people who have built on lots there
will be fully protected in their interests. It has been stated that the lots
will be put up to auction, but we submit thnt would be a most unjust pro-
posal, as it would enable tbe C.P.R. or
any other monopoly to buy np these
lots and give them full control of the
townsite���the very thing which it is
sought to avoid. The people who have
taken up lots and built should have
tbe first right to them, und a reasonable valuation should be placed on the
lots, with a small deposit, and tho
balance payable on easy terms. This
policy would ensure to the residents
there the right which they are entitled
to, and moreover it would enable tbe
C.P.R. employees to get free homes and
not be bound body nud soul to the
Company employing them. We have
asked Mr. Rostock to support this view
of the case with the Minister of the
interior aud he will doubtless do so.
Revelstoke is ut lust sn incorporated
city aud the municipal election is Used
for March 112nd. We congratulate the
sister town ou thus coming to the
front among the towns uf the Province,
Visitors are coming into the district
in search of agricultural and grazing
lands in the rich valley of the Columbia. That is a good sign, and oue
betakening tbe oouiliig prosperity of
tne district.
H.P P.,
The following is a correct statement
favored us by W. C. Wells, M.P.P.,
showing the 1'oms upon which a new
loan of 5*1,800,000 is based, aud whioh
the Finance Minister now finds it
necessary to raiso:
JUNE, 1899.
Delia-it (actual) June 30th, IM..
"    (estimated!    "      *W) .
ltailway subsidies due this year
tiupplementary estimates fur
current your	
Discounts, commissions, and ox*
ponscs of floating loan.esti-
niHted ou the basis of tbut
in I88J	
lluhaiice fur contingencies and
interest unprovided for ....
$  617,753.76
Total  S*',800,000.00
By this it wiil be seen ns Mr. Wells
says that the entire loan must be at.
tribute*) to the mismanagement of the
Turner administration, und that Mr.
Cotton, us it will he seen, is not oven
making any provision for the deficiency according to his estimate covering
Ihe fiscal year ending 80th June 1900,
say $215,000.00. This ho hopes to
wipe out hy increased revenue, uud as
compared with previous deficits is a
very satisfactory showing. To do
this without (increasing tne proposed
loan is what Mr. Cotton coansiders imperative in preserving the financial
credit of the Province. The deficit for
the ensuing fiscal year, as Mr. Wells
puts ��� it, n-presents considerably less
than our annual interest account alone
and which now foots up in round
figures over $242,000.00, so that were
it not for the gross recklessness of
previous administrations, wo would
now bo in the hnppy condition of not
only making ends meet but enjoying u
surplus os well. The Finance Minister has been compelled to curtail in
every possible direction, so as to bring
the expenditure for the next year within a point obviating au inci eased loan
aud tho public in their demands should
not be so exacting ns to defeat Mr,
CAton iu his luuluble object.
Were wo able, Mr. Wells suys, lo
spend this huge interest appropriation
iu development work, a very different
state of things would present Itself, it
will, of course, be said iu defence of
the late government, that we havo our
public   works   to represent this large
amount to be annually provided for ut ,--,-.      ... ,      ���     ,   ���   ,
fixed charges against  our revenue but ' S&v*"*'* P"! "" -"V.ior tlielr-ho**���
A Kew Uolal yield.
We have endeavored for tho past 18
months to impress on tho people of
Golden the importance of the northern
country, the necessity of getting good
communication with it, and the desirability of cultivating its trade end resources. Tete Jaune Cache is the
common point for that country, and
Tete Jaune Cache is distant 480 miles
from Edmonton, 240 miles from Kamloops, and only 100 miles from Golden.
Tbe rotttos from Edmonton and Kamloops present also great difficulties,
while, with the expenditure of $2000
on the trail from Donald, a first-class
means of communication can bo got
between Golden and the Cache. Another feature of this route is that
Water communication can be obtained
to within 40 miles of the Cache liy the
Columbia and Cunoo rivers. Gold is
found in all the rivers and streams in
that country. At loast this is what
Mr. Evans, who has been prospecting
there for the last two or three years,
in company with Mr. Price, tells us.
Nothing however of any note was
found till last fall, when, iu pros, act-
ing Swift Current, which runs into
the Fraser near Tete Jaune Cache,
such good rim prospects were found
that the party returned to Golden,
outfitted and went back. There have been
four parties of prospeciaars in there this seo-
sou���Messrs. Price and Evans, Holliday and
party, Frank Fulton, the woll known trapper
anil his partner, and a party from Edmonton,
l'ria-o a��d F.van�� locaied ou Swift Current,
ami Holliday aud party located on tho samo
stream u bit Inghor up, while Frank Fulton
located on a stream Tviiieb joins the Fraser
60 miles further north, and is tlio fifth tributary from Tote Jauuo Caeho. Each party
built a cabin, and started sinking shafts to
bed rock. A month ago Evans left camp to
como out on suowsliajos. The trip took him
oror a fortnight, two days of which wore
spent in a stop-off to effect repairs to snow-
shoes, eta. lie carried his supplies with liiui
and cached somo on the way for the return
trip. Ue reached Uoaver a fortnight ago, and
waauto.t tol-anuuld and Golden, lie brought
out let.ers with lijin aud also particulars tor
recording ten claims, Mr. Griffith, UaJJ
Commissioner, got Ilio particulars of thesa
claims anal soot, them on for record to Barker-
���aillo, the district iu which lh*-y wero locatod
being in the Cariboo Mining Division,
Evans is naturally reticent as to the exact
position of all'alls but it is generally believed
tliat something good lias been struck. Ho
says a fine wiutor lias '
The people of Field want some arrangements unaile for the uppoiutuieut
of a Justice of the Peace and a con*
stable there with a view to putting a
stop to a recurrence of thu ru.vs thero
of luto.
Hot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
S16at Proprietors.
To Hotel Keepers and Others :
From this date forward this Company
will refuse to accept any orders, on account
of wages due to camp men.
By Order.
M.   CARLIN,   General  Manager.
Dated at Golden, B.C., January I3th, 1809.
Samples    Now    Ready
THE   .  .  .
W. A. Murray & Co. Ltd.,
Largest Dry Goods House in the Dominion of Canada, now ready with-Spring Samples of New Dress Goods,
Silks, Wash Fabrics and other Dry Goods needs.     A com-
filete range will be sent to any address.    Write for Cata-
ogua   Address Mail Order Department.
The W. A. Murray & Co., Toronto, Ontario.
Thero is great jubilation at Windermere over the grunt for the bridge at
tbe Salmon Beds, and the unanimous
opinion of the people of Windermere
now is that Mr. Wells, M.P P., who
sscured tbe grant, is ������allright."
The Winnipeg Free Press points out
that the C.P.it. is no longer able to
run the Dominion ns it was under tbe
Conservative ndtniuistrutio i, and instances how the other day the C.P.R.
hud to climb down by withdrawing
its monopoly lur.tf to the Standard Oil
Company ou the demand of tho Railway Committee.
We have to congratulate Mr. W. C.
Wells, M.P.P., on the excellent start
he has made in watching tbe interests
of his constituents, though he was so
late in reaching Victoria. Theesii
mates and legislative reforms show
that the listriot whioh bo represents
has had its interests as 11 whole us
carefully nnd fully attended to ns it
was possible under the necessary policy of retrenchment and re arrangement
of th* public finances of  the Province.
Tbe Government should put in hand
at once the uoiistruotlun of the bridge
over the Columbia at tht Salmon Beils
so that it may be available for traflic
as soon as the rush sets in. Besides,
timber can now be put on the ground
niore easily and cheaply than later on.
An offer has already been made to
build the bridge for the sum of $8000
$500 less than the amount voted.
Wecominend this matter to the urgent
attention of Mr, Wells, M.P.P.
That Throbbing   neadache.
Would quickly leavo you, if you
used Sr. King's New Lifo Pills. Thousands qf sufferers have proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches. They make pure blood
���nd strong nerves and build up your
health. Easy to take. Try them.
Only 26 cents. Money back if not cured
Sold by all Druggists.
it will bo seen that Mr. Cotton is as a
fact providing appropriation for public
works aino-.iutiug to $385,093.00,while
the aternge annual appropriation taking the past live years is ouly some
$(i0,000 moro. Mr. Wells argues tliat
it is therefore safe to assume that under the policy of the present administration for tbo next few years Mr.
Cotton will not only put the finances
of the province in a very much improved condition but will materially
meet the demands which must lie made
for development work���eesoiiiially iu
mining roads as well as other publiu
improvements so indispensable to our
progress and that we have ouly to
exercise some degree of patience us tho
penalty of so inniiy yours unbusinesslike management of our finances iu
extending to Mr. Cotton the encouragement he has so well earned while endeavoring to put the affairs of the
Province upon a sounder basis. It is
to bu hoped, as suggested hy Mr. Wells,
lhat the new loan will be largely, if
not wholly taken up without going to
London, thus getting the fullest possible benefit from it by avoiding the
usual shrinkage in the way of com
missions and other charges.
without requiring any bay to ba:
There is considerably less si
been experienced, ami
W. C. Wells, M.P.P.. returned from
his legislative duties on Friday last,
and will shortly make a tour of the
electorate wilh a view to meeting his
constituents and making himself thoroughly ncqusinlod with their requiro-
uieuts. We supported Mr. Wells because wo believed ho would make a
lirst-class member. The whole electorate will soon come round toour way of
thinking in this regard, for Mr. Wells
is determined to givo overy portion of
bis constituency the same attentive
consideration that he has given to the
interests of Wiudermere.
Robbed tho brave.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is narrated by him as follows :
"I was in a most dreadful condition.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes
sunken, tongue coated, pain continually in my back and sides, no appetite
���gradually growing weaker day by
day. Three physicians had given me
up. Fortunately a friend advised trying 'Electric Bitters;' and to my great
joy and surprise, the lirst bottle made
a decided improvement, I continued
their use for three weeks, and am now
a well man. I know they saved my
life and robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try
them. Only 60 cts, a bottle, every bottle guaranteed, at any Ding Store,    6
fa al to tlioni
.      snow at Tete
Jaune Cache llian thero is at Uolaloii. Evans
found good travelling ar-n snow sh-.es ou the
way out except for threo days of iho nip between Canoe liivor anal KinbasUot Lake.
Evans loft tiailalon ou Wednesday to return,
taking a gentleman from Edmonton with
hint. From what wo wore able to gaithor the
grouud is not yet so thoroughly tosteal as to
bo alalo to.-.ay definitely whether a rich strike
has been made. Evans says that Diving to
the gi-ouinl freezing the 'prospectors have
been unable to get their .shafts to beal-roek
He thinks, however, from a message obtained
from Frank Fulton, that lie has mado a pretty
good strike.
Evans was much disappointed to learn of
the alien law just passoal as it has debarred
several of tlio prospectors from recording tho
claims tlaey haul staked. Among others so
affected are Fulton, llollialay, and Oavons.aud
perhaps others. Claims havo been staked
tor some (iolalen and Donald people, among
others, J. C, Tilts, J. G. Ullock, and J.Noble.
The district being so much more convenient to (iulalon than any other point we wouial
suggest to Jlr. Wells, M.P.P., that steps he
taken to have the boundaries of North East
Kootenay extended to cover it. Tliat records
should nave tu come to Golden and than lie
sent on to llarkervills for registration is too
absurd for anything.
The Revelstoke Herald admits the
advantages ol Gulden aud district uu a
rival for tho trade of the Big Bond and
Cunoo river country. Our contemporary remarks : " The fate of this place
is so Intimately bound up with tbe
development of the Big Bend nnd
Canoe rivor countries that we cannot
afford any carelessness in connection
with it. No matter how groat the
natural advantages of our geographical position it would unquestionably
interfere considerably wilh tho establishment of this point as tbe business
centro for North Kootenay if Htcamcrs
began to run to Big Bend from Beaver
before we got our line started from
Rovelstoke. And that thero aro certain advantages about the route from
Beaver is undeniable."
On a visit to Donald recently we
noticed great changes. The big C.P.R.
boarding house hnd been removed, as
had also the ice-house, and almost
every train saw somo former resident
leaving tho town or shipping furniture
and belougiugs. The refreshment
rooms over which the Misses Cleary
formerly presided were closed, the
ladies having removed to Revelstoke.
Hull Bros, butcher's shop was boarded
up. The attendance ut the school had
fullen from about 00 to 30, aud Mr.
Barron, the head master, who has
done such excellent work for education,
is under orders to leave, the school to
be carried on meantime under his efficient assistant, Miss Millard. Two
well-known residents, Messrs. Urquhart and Woodhouse were arranging
leave at tho time of our visit and they
were to be followed by others.
Mr. Patmore has beon on a visit to
West Kootenay to look out a new location, and he leaves again next week
for the purpose of paying a visit to tbe
Boundary country nnd looking out a
now home. The Donald gaol, with one
prisoner, is nt present under charge cf
Mr. Slirrett, but. no gaoler has been
appointed in place of Sheriff Redgrave,
and tho gaol will be located at Golden
as soon as the transfer arrangements
are completed.
The once active office of the station
agent is now loft alone to Mr. McMillan, the agent. The two operators
formerly there have been removed to
Rogers Pass and the agent has to do
all the office telegraphy as well as bis
ordinary work, which hus. been very
heavy, owing to the rapid removal of
the Company's and the employees'
effects, necessitating the billing and
despatch of several cars each day. T.
Forrest has pulled down bis gas plant
and sent it to his new hotel at Cranbrook, and he will remove there as
soon as possible. W. Caldwell, proprietor of the Nolles House, however,
says he in'ends to remain,
Mr, D'Arcy.tbc C.P.R. claims agent,
paid the town a visit last week witb a
view to investigate the claims for
compensation that have been put in
against the Company by resilient, who
have suffered loss by their buildings
and businesses being rendered valueless in consequence of tiie removal of
the shops and divisional point. Mr.
D'Any has the reputation of being an
able and fair adjuster and the people
expect reasonable consideration at his
hands, Mr. D'Arcy returned to Winnipeg on Sunday ��� and will report to
Mr. Whyte. Mr. D'Arcy's view is
that the people of Donnld have no legal
claim and that compensation awarded
will be purely voluntary on tho part of
the Company. We hope, however, to
see the residents of Donald treated by
ths Company as liberally  as possible.
A Tliousnild T-sugnett
Could not oxpress the rapture of
Annie E. Springer, of Hi.',7) Howard St..
Philadelphia, Pu., when she found
that Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption had completely cured
her of a hacking cough that for many
years bad made life a burden. All
other retnodes and doctors could give
her no help, but sho says of this Royal
Cure���"It soon removed the pain in
my chest and I can now sleep soundly
something I can scarcely romember
doing before. I feel like sounding its
praises throughout the Universe." So
will every ono who tries Dr. King's
New Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat, Chest or Lungs. Price 60 cts
and $1.00 at any Drug Store; every
bottle guaranteed.
The New Koud* Act.
The Dovelopment Toll Roads Act,
passed during the last sorsiou is. us
we understand, intended to provide
transportation facilities in tho Atliu
district, but it is suggested that under
this act additional provision could be
made for development roads that aro
now absolutely necessary in other districts. It is simply n matter of levying toll, nnd whicli might be done byway of an assessment on the output of
mines. Wo hope our representative,
from whom this suggeetion comes,
will do what he can to still further
tho interests of tho constituency in
this direction.
When iho hill came before the House,
Mr. Wells, tvhiln expressing his satisfaction at its introduction, strongly
urged upon tbo Government the necessity of going further in meeting tbe
demands of initio holders by the construction of roads. The loll system ho
contended hadsomcdistustelui features
and that, a system of assessment would
he mete acceptable, loading as it would
to more practicable results, He urged
upon the Government the necessity of
bringing down some general schenio
which could be Hindu available for this
purpose���conionding that it would
never do to continue piece-mealing
appropriations as they did not afford
tlio relief demanded.
The Victoria Times we observe refers
to Mr. Wells's remarks in his first
speech as a valuable contribution to
the debate.
WO.-* BIS C'nsu.
Doctors Snid Ho Must Die, But He Rallied
1'uder 8outh Amorican Kidney Curo, and
Diabetes Was Absolutely Cured.
A prominent legal light in a Canadian
W estern town troaled and dieted I'or years
for what the doctors diagnosed an incurable
case of diabetes. He became so bad that he -
had to quit ids practice, other complications
setting in, and bis sufferings were most in*
tuuso. Alauusl as a last resort ho tried South
American Kidney Cure, and, to his own surprise, immediately began to improve, This
is over a year ago. lis continued taking this
greatest of kidney specifics, and to-day be is
a well man.
Sold by C. A. Warren. To Advertisers and Subscribers.
y   Etl-
The OOLDEN ERA is published o
alaav evoolug,   lt ib ihe iia-.-i advcrtisloi
In 111,.' Kast K-aaata-niy ali.ll'ict.
Subscription Rates : "U.00 per annum is Aia*
Alterations and euang.?? of standing odya-r*
tlsa-ineut? must be la Ine ottice not laia-r llinn
noon on Wednesday taa Insure Insertion, bn
cvasii.il adverUsemants will tafi reea-tvou up -ill
noon an Frid-iy. .....      .a
Whilo all reasntable care will bo taken, tgo
proprietors will not l:c responsible lor any
omission aar ear. t In any ailvi-alisa-iiicut.
All accounts to lie paid laa the Manngirg
Dlra-ctor. or laU authorized raj-nt. from aaliaian
theoompany-8rcce.pt *v*lll up obtained.
Advertising ratts: Display ads., .t.5i )*��r
rolunui Incla; Leg.il aiaR.l-i cents nor 1110 lor
first Insertion, 6 ceutsfor a-aa-ta andnlonnl Inser-
tlrai; Reading n-aticra. 19 cents per lam- a-aic-la
bano. ... ,,  ,       ,
All linsliaess c.immiiiilent lulls sli-aulai laa' fial-
dressed to the Managing Director, anal nil llter-
ary, communioatloiiSt letters for publication aar
na'ws tta'ins slaoaalal laa- iialilra-ja-eal taa ttae Editor.
Corra'S'ioiaala'aaa-a- is Invited on matters "I piiMIc
lut.-rcsl.liaat to sa-a-m-a- publication Such   attars
iiui.t lie brief.  In tho oaso pf anonym 'n*< letters
the U.IIH' und atldrtss aaf Ilia' iirlti-i- must ho a-ll-
a-losa-d. not for publidfttlon, but taar the private
Information of ilia- editor aanal ns a guarantee ol
gaiod faith.   Any letter received Inter tlinii w a-el-
aaesdav will have to slnlial over till the [ollowhlg
The Golden Era Co, Limited Liability,
(.'old nt Atlin.
Victoria, March 2.���The steamer
Tees has just arrived. Ou her were
two badly frozen miners, W. W, Crime
and J. Wishwort, of Victoria, well
knowu here and reliable, who tell of
eight men having been frozen to death
in it cold snap of 58 to till below zero ut
Atlin. A number wero also badly
frozen. Tbey cannot give names. An
Indian and two Freiiclmion arrived
there after a year ou tho trail. Tbey
went iu by the Edmonton ronla;.
Suit Against Bun & Co.
Montreal,March 2.���The bar of Montreal bus taken action against R. U.
Dun & Co. for encroaching on the privileges of the profession. This morning
Mr. Matthews, tho local manager of the
company, appeared iu answer to a summons issued by the police magistrate at
the instance of L. H. Archanibanlt nnd
J. 0. Walsh, secretary of the bar. The
uctiou is Ilio outcome of a complaint
uude lo the bar that tbo firm in
question were sending out letters to
debtors for whioh they were charging.
All Increase In IVngos.
Pittsburg, March 2.��� Au advance of
fifty cenls tl tou wns made today in
steel billets and Bessemer pig iron.
This will be followed by au increase ol
S per cent, iu tho wages of la"i,000
skilled workmen.
Villi Fly the Same Flag.
Montreal, Feb. 28.���-Two steamship
companies -will run steamers flying the
Beaver Line flag to Montreal next summer. Tbe Mclvers, of Liverpool, who
won the Gallia nud Touario, claim the
right to fly the flag, and now the Elder,
Dempster Co., who some time ago
brought out tho old Canada Shipping
company, including the lake boats, declare tbeir intention of doing business
under the name of tho Bearer line.
Both compauies will be in the pas*
i.onger business.
Scurvy in Dawson.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 28.���Advices
from Dawsou say that several meu are
dying of scurvy in Ihe suburbs of thnt
city. Recently John McPhnil was
fonnd almost dead iu a tent ou Victoria
Gulch. His food was gone und he wns
waiting for death, unable to do anything to help himself. His partner
had been taking care of him, but was
stricken with scurvy nnd hastened to
Dawson for medical aid.
Berne, Feb. 28.���Six men were killed
last night by a dynamite explosion at
Iho Eiger Tunnel works.
Tbo heading over a column of court
I roceedings in Ihe Louisiana Press was
"C.umnou Fleas Conrt."
Said to he Prevailing to an Alarming
Extent Among Dairy Herds.
The Provincial Board of Health have
issued the following circular:
That tuberculosis prevails to an
alarming extent amongst the dairyherds
supplying tho city of Winnipeg with
milk is indicated by the tuberculin
test as applied lately by tbe Dominion
Veterinary Surgeon. Fifty per cent,
of those tested up to dnto reaoting.
The correctness of the test has beeu
proveu iu several cases by slaughtering, post mortem, and bacteriological
The samo diseased conditions may
exist amongst dairy herds supplying
milk to other centres of population iu
the Province.
Investigations iu Great Britain, German}*, tbe United States, etc., prove
tliat tho disease specially prevails
amongst such dairy cuttle, and only lo
n slight extent amongst the ordinary
cattle of farmers.
Tuberculous cattle do not yield tuberculous milk iu nil stages of tbe disease.
Few do so in the early stages nnless
tho ndtler be the special seat of the infection. Nearly all do so iu tho lutter
stages when the disease has become
generalized. Iu all cases tbo milk is
milk from nn iiuhealtby.a diseased animal, and if not directly capable of conveying the disease, to soy the least, it
is extremely obnoxious to thiuk of
drinking it.
Tlio meat from such tuberculous animals cnten raw, or iu a partly cooked
condition, is far more dangerous than
milk. Many of these tubercular cattle
appear to the eye to be iu prime condition, und when shown to be tuberculous by tho tuberculin test nre generally disposed of by being seut to the
slaughter-house to furnish a portion
of our meat supply. Upon this point
au excellent object lesson is, at this
time, nt band. Tho Donkhobors nre
vi-gitnrinns; tbey do not cat meat.
Theso people, yonug and old, exhibit a
remarkable freedom from tuberculoma
scars,   tuberculous   glands   about Hit
S7\VII/  comroMFTloM aid
f/tmTtr       "H Ll'NC DISEASES,
Ll*f V/   .    MMTTIMIi of UI.OOD,
T r' r   in <:oi��b. loss
e**"^C        *'       OF APPETITE,
DIBIMTY. tne benrnts or tkls tullde
are bom manifest.
By tha aid of Th. D. & L. Emulsion, I bcava*
gotten rid of a hacking cough which had troubled
me for over a year, and have gained considerably In weight,
T. H. WINGHAM, C.E., MonlrtaL
Mc. and $1 per Bottle
neck, etc. No similar number of meal*
eating people can be collected, without
special selection, to compare with them
in this particular.
Jews nro uoted for their freedom
from tuberculosis. The Rnbbi cnrefnlly
inspects tho carcasses of every animal
slaughtered for food, and every carcass
showing nny indication of tuberculosis
or other disease is sold to tho Gentiles.
Thorough cooking destroys uli disease
producing germs in meat, yet it remains meat {from n diseased animal.
Pnstonriziug milk, which simply
means heating lhe milk to n temper*
nture of from 155 deg. to 160 deg. nnd
keeping it at tbat for at least twenty
minutes, destroys nil known disease
producing germs in it, bnt effects nc
other purification; it still remains milk
from au unhealthy animal. Tbe pas
toui-iziug process does not change lha
taste to any extent, but it does prevent
the crenm from sepnrntiiig and niisinp
to tho top.
In this matter tlio Provincial Board
of Health is simply an advisory body;
it is not the executive body.
All control over food, all executive
power is vested in the direct representatives of the people, viz.: the Municipal
"She Carries Her.Heart
on Her Sleeve"
j What a boon to many a man or woman if thii were literally so���How manyiplrlti an broke*
1 because thit particular organ ii shackled by disease���and yet how many times hat Dr.
Agnew's Cure for the Heart brushed against the grim reaper and robbed him of his victim.
Diseases of the heart are by far the most treacherous of ailments which alilirt humanity���ruthless
to old and young alike���not insidious but violent, for when the heart fails the whole system
suffers violence. Discussing causes here will not
console the suffering one. The one great yearn of
the heart-sickened patient is how to get relief and ��
cure. Dr. Agnew*! Care for tbt Beart stands preeminently to-day ns the star of hope to sufferers from
heart trouble, and so far past the experimental period
that thousands to-day proclaim,in no uncertain sound,
the belief that were it not for this great remedy they
world have long ago passed into the great beyond.
Most eminent doctors, whom heart cases have baffled, havo
tested Dr. Agnew's claims, and to-day they prescribe it in
their practice as the quickest and safest heart remedy knowa
to medical science. What are the symptoms ? Palpitation, fluttering, shortness of breath, weak and irregular pulse, swelling of
feet and ankles, pain in the left side, chilly sensations, faintiag
spells, uneasiness in sleeping, dropsical tendency and as many
more indications that the heart is deranged. Dr. Agnew's
Core for the Heart is a heart specific; and no case too acute
to find relief from it inside of thirty minutes���a powerful cure,
Mus. Jno. Fitzpatricx, of Gananoque, Ont., after hiving been treated
by eminent physicians for heart disease of five years' standing, was discharged from tho hospital aa a hopeless Incurable. She suffered from
acute pain and palpitation, her feet and ankles swollen, and there was
every tendency to tho dropsical form of heart disease, but the lady procured Dr. Aeiiew'a Cure for the Heart as she declared, as a last nope.
One dose relieved her of a very acute spasm in less than thirty minutest
and three bottles cured her���not a symptom of the trouble remaining
Cohouctor William G. Lucas, of the N. ft W.R.R., and living at
Hagarstown.Md^ suffered for years with acute valvular form of heart
disease���cost him many a "lay off" from his dally duties on the road,
  and he spent a small fortune In remedica and treating with heart
-specialists In promise of a cure, and all ended In disappointment, until a good friend, who had been
jenefited, recommended Dr. Acnew's Cure for the Heart He tried It, and found it gave him relief and
comfort almost Immediately, lie continued its use until afew bottles were taken, and to-day he's well and
strong, and says," Tell alt heart sufferers that I can highly recommend this great remedy."
OR. AONBW'S OINTMENT cures eczema, salt rheum, tetter, scald head and all Itching skin diseases t
cures piles In threo to five nights.  33 cents.
DR. AONBW'S CATARRHAL POWDER relieves cold In tho head or hay fever In ten minutes-wilt
cure most stubborn and long standing catarrh cases quickly and permanently.
DR. AONBW'S LIVER PILLS sure constipation, biliousness, sick headache, torpid liver-clear the
���Un. -40-deses* soccnts, -3
SOLD   BY   O.   -A..   WABBEN-
When a young woman sits down and
ponders over her future life, there is one
all-important subject which she should not
forget. In a day dream she may build
eastles in the air with a happy home, laughing children and a loving husband in the
fore-ground. At that moment she miy be
fncins death. Matrimony and motherhood
hold out no happiness to the young woman
who cm Iters from weakness and disease of
the distinctly feminine organism. The woman who suffers in this way will be it weak,
nervous, sickly, petulant wife, an -incapable
mother and an unamiable hostess. Not
knowing -the truth, her acquaintances will
not understand thnt she is deserving ttf
pity rather than reproach..
Any woman may be strong and healthy
in a womanly way if she will use the fight
remedy. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is the best of all medicines for weak and
ailing women. It nets directly on the delicate and important organs that make wifehood and motherhood possible. It makes
them strong, healthy and vigorous. It
banishes the dangers that surround maternity. It insures a healthy baby and an
ample supply of nourishment. Thousands
of women who were weak, sickly, nervous
invalids, are now healthy, robust wives and
competent mothers of healthy children, as
the result of the use of this medicine.
Mrs. John M. Conklfn, of Patterson, Putnam
Co., N. Y.. (Box 104), writes: "I am enjoying
ber feci health and have been since I took trie last
bottle of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. I
had falling of the internal organs, or feinnle
weakness, and flowing caused by miscarriage,
mid was very weak when I commenced taking
your medicine."
The unfailing, never ��� griping cure (ot
constipation���Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pelleta,
Councils, and the Municipal Officials.
The citizens of Winnipeg, and othei
places in the Province, where the con
ilitions may he the same, should co npe
lie councils to take active measnr-is tt
���eenre pure milk and pure meat.
Tn the meantime, thoroughly ���o1
your meat; do not give your children
raw milk from cows uuleflB such cows
are proven to be free from disease.
Condensed milk is milk thoroughly
pasteurized in the process of condensation.
Hanks in tho Yukon.
Toronto, Maroh 2.���The Cunadian
Bank of Commerce, having now established two branches of their bank to accommodate the miners of the Yukon,
are locating a third branch at Atlin
City. Skagway and Dawson City are
the locations of their other branches, so
that with a new one at Atlin City they
will have au important part of their
system in the mining country and will
be a strong factor in the development of
the mining industry.       	
rvwfc    ur
A ${*_*
r-"*JjfisM ^chpi^sibiinbImcub
I aMEJsS      ROL15 miceii.00
^���"^ HS8UiENC[C0n
A New Departure.
Dr. Marsehaml, tho celebrated
French phj-siciaii, has at last opened
his magnificently equipped laboratory
in Windsor, Out. There is a large
staff of chemists and physicians at his
command, aud the men and women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Marschaml has a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and women,
and yon have but to write the doctor
to bo convinced that your answer, when
received, is from a man who is entitled to the high position he holds in
the medical fraternity.
Why Buffor in silence when yon can
secure the advice of this eminent physician free of charge.
All correspondence is striotly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents nre
mailed in plain envelopes.
You are not asked to pay any exorbitant price for medicines, iu fact it
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 60 cents to one dollar before he or she becomes a firm friend
and admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of lady physicians
ii-sist Dr. Marschaud in his treatment
of females cases, Always inclose three-
cent stamp when yon writo aud address
Tho Dr. Marschaud Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when you writo the doctor.
Suicides With Binder Twine.
Kingston. March 2.���Word comes
from North Augusta, east of this olty,
of an attempt at suicide hy Thos.
Thorne, an old man 75 years of age.
Thome, who lived with his wife and
son on a farm, had but one limb.
Financial and family troubles worried
him and he went to the bar and made a
rope of binder twine. Climbing on a
threshing machine, he tied one end of
tbe rope around the overhead beams,
making it fast at the other end to his
neek and jumping from the machine,
tho rope broke and he fell to Ibe
sjronud, tho fall rendering him unconscious, in which condition he was fonnd
some hours later by a neighbor, who
had been sent by Thome's wife to look
for the old mnn. Thome, although
given every care, died from his injuries.
A $400,000 WRIT
An Injunction is Also Asked���Explanation by Mr. Byron E. Walker
of the Bank of Commerce.
Hamilton, March 2.��� On behalf of
the Canada Life policy holders a writ
has beeu issued in the name of Wm.
Lees, of the legal firm of Scott, Lees &
Hobsou, against Senator Cox, claiming
$400,000 from him, alleged to have
been received illegally in his capacity
us agent of the company while also a
director. Tho company is joined as a
defendant, to meet tbe legal requirements, and the plaintiffs also ask for
an injunction.
Toronto, March 2.���Senator Cox is at
present in New York nnd is net expected back until the beginning of next
week. Nothing has beeu heard of the
issuing of tho writ nt the office of the
Canada Life, on King street west, and
uo explanation of its meaning was
forthcoming, further than nt tho time
Senator Cox was appointed to the directorate, Messrs. Heudrio and Stuart
opposed tho election nnd raised tbe
question as to whether he conld sit ns a
director and be remunerated as au
Byron E. Walker, general manager
of the Bank of Commerce, nnd a director of the (Janada Life, spoke ou the
matter ns follows: "Mr, Scott is, if 1
am well informed, interested in the
Canada Life to tbo extent of ono share,
transferred to him just before the annual meeting, and ie, I believe, not a
policy bolder. Even if there were
anything in their contention, Ibe amount of money sued for is preposterous,
and the writ undoubtedly represents tbe
personal animus of certain persons in
Hamilton, and not the genuine inter
esls of the policy holders. Senator Cox
bas only been a director for five or six
years, and before entering the hoard
the qneslion of his right to be both
manager of the eastern district and a
director was doubtless duly considered."
On Their Way to Ottawa.
Vancouver, March 2.���Tbo delegation appointed Saturday to proceed tc
Ottawa to protest against the lease ol
Oeadman's island to Chicago capitalists
for a mill site, left today. It was composed of Messrs. H. Seuk'or, Aid. McQueen, F. Bnscombe, and J. O. Mo-
Lagan. H. Cowan, president of tbe
trades and labor unions, left yesterday
and will joiu the rest at Winnipeg.
Mr. Lnd|*ate, when seen this morning,
stated that he was going right ahead
with his plans for the mill. When he
was nsssnrod that the government
would lake no action affecting tho lease
j-iven him, ho would break ground on
the island and lose no timo in having
ihe mill erected. In Ihe meantime the
company at the back of the scheme if
being incorporated.
I'rcaks His Knee Cap.
Rossland, B.C., March 2.��� As W.
A. Carlyle, superintendent uf the British American corporation's properly,
wns leavh g the skating rink last night,
he slipped jnst outside the dcor nud
fractured his left kuee cap. Dr. Ms*
Keuzii! was i roinptly summoned and in
the meantime T. M. Bemis, oue of the
fellow-cnrkrs, had spliutercd and
bandaged the knee. When Dr. McKenzie arrived he at onoe bad him removed
to bis home and dressed the knee temporarily, and will, with another surgeon, make u new attempt to reduce
the fractnre. He believes thnt Mr.
Carlyle will recover the full use of thi
limb, bnt that it will be several weeks
before he is able to attend to his full
dnties. Mr. Carlyle was for some
years provincial merolor i *t.
The Wrecked Labrador.
Tobermory, Scotland, Maroh 2.���-In
vestigation into tbe wreck of the British steamer Labrador, from St. John,
N. B., ou February 18, by way of Halifax on February 20, for Liverpool,
shows tbat she ran ashi re abont four
miles from Skerryvere ou Wednesday
Captain Ert-kine, her commander,
has sent the following dispatch to the
agents of the steamer at Liverpool:
"The Labrador ran on Ihe Mackenzie
rock in a thick fog at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, four miles from Skerry*
vore. The ship was caught amidships,
the seas breaking over her. Holds
Nob. 1, 2 and 8 were booh full of water.
The passengers nnd crews were saved
in the boats. One boat load was landed
at Skerryvore lighthouse. The German
steamer Vicking picked np tbo remainder. No stenuier is obtainable to
return for the passengers. If the ship
is not broken np I will endeavor to
save the mails when a steamer is obtained."
The better half of the family never
knows quite as muoh about how the
other half lives as she wonld like to
��� LII��(.
Very valeaHat Remedy is all
affection* oi th*
Large Bottles, 25c.
DAVIS 4LAWEENCE CO., Llmlud     ,
Vnifl. of POTy D����l��' Pa-ln-Kill*       ���*���*
Pays for His Trifling.
Kansas City, Feb. 24.���Dr. Howard
S. Lowry, a prominent dentist, who
was being sued for $26,000 damages
tor breach of promise by Miss Martha
Smith, formerly of Leavenworth, Kansas, today iu the circuit court confessed
judgment for the full sum. The trial
has beeu iu progress ten days aud has
proven most sensational. Lowry's attorney explained that he confessed
judgment to prevent tho introduction
of further evidence which, he said,
wonld involve innocent parties. A
verdict was accordingly returned for
this full nmouut. Miss Smith had
formerly been an assistant in Lowry's
office and later acted us travelling sales*
woman for him.
A $1,000,000 fire visited the Brooklyn navy-yards.
^WE   PRINT$$$
Send us vour ord-Tf.
That it what we are here for.
Tin Men Era Company,
Limited IjUmmtt.
Address:   GOLDEN,  B. C.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Bigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Kates
Teaming of all kin-Is a specialty.
OOLtiEN,   I. c.
.   .   HOTEL.
TAYNTON   &  GORDON,  Prop..
Good   aoRommoalntlon   foi    -iro-aiicctaar-a   and
Freighters.  Flnt-c-lui menlH.
���Wholesale and Retail���
Cattle, Shtap and Horso Dealers.
(Established 187��) Leadvim.k, Colorado.
Samples by mall or exnreiB receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Awny   Trices:���Oold, silver and
lead, *l; nny two of the above. 7fic; nny one of
the above,otic; cornier analysis, fl; platinum,
nickel or tin, |f>.   A rite for fall price list and
mailing envelope*.
persons In this stato to manoKe oar
business mlheirown and near-by counties. It
is mainly office work conducted, at home. Salary straight ((MO a year and expenses���definite,
bonaflde, no more, no 1cm salary. Monthly (75.
Reference. Encloed self-add-essed stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
persons In this state to mauago our
business in their own and near-by counties. Jt
is mainly office work conducted at home. Salary straight 1000 a year and expenses���-definite,
lKHiafldc.nomnre.no less salary. Monthly $75,
Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope, Herbert E, Hess, l'rest., Dept. M.
Canadian . . *
Pacific By.
If yon intend spending the
WinW in a
Milder  Climate
Write or call for particular,
of rat��s, routes, eto , to
Reduced  Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
Apply to the nearest Canadian  Paoifie
Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Haa.
Ticket Agont, Oolden.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
D��.d�� attested. Parties represented in
Police eourt, Small "Debts court and
County court. Account, oolleeted and
dioputcd claims adjusted.
Working aid Dividend Paying Mines
in various paite of British Culumbia.
Gold Quarl-s, Copper, Gold, and Silver-
Lend l-risp<cta and Developed Properties
on Bond.
Beports and^' iafcrmalion furnUhod
regarding mil.ing properties.
Stocks in British Columbia mines
bought and sold.
Haggeu's Aasay Office is now fitted up.
Assays made promptly and oarelnlly.
Ba'os on application.
Cable Address :   KANAGAN, Golden,
Codes in use: Moremg & Neal, and
Bedford McN. ill.
1. Yonr best local newspaper
2. The thrice-a-vreok
tt. Finely Illustrated monthly magazine
Brighten  yonr home, for winter.   Thenc
three, fonuhiK a complete lllarary. for one
year fan-
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A nnpply of Bnllillng Lime for sale.
Plain prepared.  Prompt attention
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Rubber Stamps.
Order, for Rulalaer Stamp, and Benin will be
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The Golden Era Company,
I.lmluil Liability,
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'n Iiiut. M. E.
Agent for obtaining Ciwn Grants, doing
annual nMc-aaineiit work, etc.
Address:   OOLDEN,   B. C.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold  Baths,
Bates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Winea, Liquors and Cigars.
Navigafion & Tramway Company, Ll,
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P.  R.  at   Golden,  B. C,  and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
______��� {L
Lily, duchess of Marlborough, has ao-
oop tod the nffico of president of tho now
Cat olub established by Lady Marcus iter-
Mrs. Deacon, who now lives under ths
name of Mrs. Baldwin, is in .Paris, and she
wns given a theater party thoro recently
by Count do la Houssaye.
Mrs, Caroline L.Mnoyof New York,
wl.ohnfi bequeathed $200,000 to tbo Teach-
ers' college, was the same woman who sii
years ago gavo to it the Miiey School oi
Manual Arts.
Mile. Lueio Faure, the only daughter ol
President Faure, whoBO engagement to M.
Georges Oiilris is announced, understaudE'
Latin, Greek and English and has written
a book of travels.
Miss Douglas Quarrler of Louisville,
who has won renown hy refusing to be
Hjsscd by HobSon, is n gifted violinist, oi
commanding presence and a very charming girl altogether.
Mrs. Tan .liuk Kim, late of Singapore,
Is burled In a $20,000 uoflln. It was decorated with silk, gold and precious stones
Itpd was thn most costly coffhi ever oon-
���structed in the Htraits Settlements.
It may safely bo said that the youngest
law student in the University uf New
York Is Mrs. Franceska Haidce. who Is 17
years old, bub has graduated from a col-
lego at Berlin, been married a year and
taken a trip around tho world.
Mine. Xordlca's husband went up in a
balloon and was novel* seen or heard of
again. By tho law of Franco tlio wife
could not touch her husband's property
for ft period of seven years, and that time
did Mme. Xordica havo to wait boforo Bhe
came Into her fortune.
Mrs. George Weldon, who has buried herself in tho seclusion of a French convent
for tho past ten years after numerous exploits ns a publio redrcsser of private
wrongs, is again up In arms in behalf of
Dreyfus and proposes to bring revelations
of Spiritualism to his aid.
Elena Sam;, the Spanish contralto, who
sang for many years at tho Paris Grand
Opera, died recently at Nice at tho age of
48 years, lier retirement from tho stage
was said at the time to havo been duo to
tho attachment that the late King Alfonso
XII of Spain showed for her.
Mrs. Laugtry recently sold to tho emperor of Germany a number of blooded
horses whioh she hnd bred and trained herself. Sho also sold a mare to tho French
government for $12,000, so that it would
seem that the ex-aotrcss is doing distinctly bettor as a breeder of hordes than un the
Gotnmny is fighting American wheels,
The Germans are riding for a ''spill."���
Philadelphia North American.
Owing to a few internal disarrangements, Franco is not at the present time
making other nations presents of "Liberty
Enlightening the World" statues.���Wash
lngton Post.
The empress dowager of China is out
with nn ediot commanding reforms.   If
- - tall i-njii .r-U nri�� tpno, olio of tho firflt VeforiHfi
the Chinese need is the suppression of the
dowager empress,���Troy Record.
Tho cznr of late has been quietly building a railroad that will give him a fresh
grip on Afghanistan. Theso littlo preliminaries to universal peace are not neglected at St. Petersburg.���St. Louis Globe-
Now thoy claim to havo discovered tho
grave of Romulus in Rome. But as Romulus saved tho bother and expense of n funeral by being transmogrified into a god
tho discovery looks somewhat diaphanous,
���Boston Herald.
Prince Victor Napoleon lias issued a
manifesto telling what great feats ho proposes to accomplish. One of the striking
differences between tho present Bunapartcs
und tho founder of tho first empire is tiie
fact that the original Napoleon did things
und published his manifestoes afterward.
���Philadelphia Bulletin.
Milk fed to poultry is ono of tho best
egg producers.
Every worm mess fed to the fowls
should bo salted.
Provide plenty of fresh warm water
twice dully in winter.
Wash the roosts and tho bottom of tho
nests with llinowater,
When the weather is oold, tho eggs
ehould bo gathered up frequently, ur they
cannot bo depended upon to hutch.
As tho ducks will begin to lay soon, enre
must bo taken in feeding them. Too much
grain is bad. They must hnvo somo bulky
Ono reason why corn is a bod feed for
fowls is that tho grains being large and
fed shelled tho fowls cot So fast that they
eat too much for their own good.
Too much stimulating food causes egg
overproduction. Tho result from such
treatment will bo poor hatching, weak
chickens and inferior fowls. A good variety of sound, nourishing food Is muoh
better,���St. Louis Republic.
AA for Minard's Liniment and lake no otter
The Platform Woman.
"The platform woman never has been
a credit to. bnt ever a blot upon, American womanhood. I make this emphatic
statement from n personal knowledge
of the homes whicli theso women leave
behind when thoy go to their meetings, " writes Edward Bole in Tho Ladies' Home Journal.
"I have seen the rooms of thoir
homes left in wild disorder; I have seen
their servants sitting in idleness with
work on every hand to do; I hare seen
tbe children neglected and left to their
own devices; I have heard husbands
���peak in derision of the motives of their
wives. No woman in a happy American
home can ever afford to listen to these
parasites of her sex.
"Fortunately, the platform woman's
influence is steadily on the wano. She
was never a power. She wns never even
picturesque. Her worst injury was
wrought upon certain weak women who
for tho time she deluded Bnt even
with them she was soon regarded witb
wonder rather than with interest; with
'Suspicion rather than with confidence.
The disappearance of the platform woman li a case of a blot being blotted
A very bad attack of the Grippe one
year ago last winter left my system in a
very weak state and my nervous system
completely unstrung. After getting over
the dangerous stage of the disease I
naturally expected to gain strength, but,
unfortunately, did not do so. On the
contrary, my blood became weaker. I
daily lost strength and vitality, and my
nervous system became so weak that it
was a constant source of suffering both
day and night I lost appetite, the sight
of food nauseated me, the weak state of
my system caused shortness of breath
and unnatural action of the heart, such
as fluttering and violent palpitation, and
my face was like chalk. I was in this
condition and constantly getting weaker
when I began taking Dr. Ward's Blood
and Nervo Pills. I had read the books
they distributed and their advertisements
in the papers, and thought, "Well, I
have taken so much medicine without
benefit it is useless to spend any more
money. However, I finally made up my
mind. It is a forlorn hope; I can but try.
If I am not benefited I will not be hurt.
So I bought one box and received great
benefit therefrom, so continued their use,
and to-day am a well man in consequence;
my blood is strong, my face has the ruddy
hue of health, my appetite has returned,
I sleep well, I have not the slightest indications of nervousness or heart trouble,
and from a sick, weak, nervous man Dr.
Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills havo
transformed me in six weeks to full health
and strength." I am yours very truly,
Night Clerk Grand Central Hotel,
Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills are
sold at 50c. per box, 5 boxes for $2.00 at
druggists, or mailed on receipt of price
by THE DOCTOR WARD CO., Limited,
���71 Victoria Street, Toronto. Book of
information free*
Tho son-in-law is often tho child of sorrow.
Tho linger of destiny Is undoubtedly on
tho hand of fate.
Tho man who forgets a favor seldom
forgives an Injury.
It's a wise pedagogue that pours whale
oil on the troubled waters.
A closo student of human imturo nover
lends money to his friends.
There is no earthly lovo so true and In-
(urponsly-i as mother's love.
The way of tho transgressor Is ofttimes
the shortest route to Canada.
one wishes to be suooessful in any under
taking in whioh he may engage. It is.
therefore, extremely gratifying to the
proprietors of PurmaleePs Vogetable Pills
to know that their efforts to compound a
medlolno which would prove a blessing
to mankind have been successful Iwyond
their expectations, Tho endoraitlon of
these Pills by the publio Is a guarantee
that a pill has been produced which will
fulfil everything claimed for it.
\����t One un Dynnmltc.
Yeast���-Fogg's new book will make-
somo stir in the world.
Cri 111 tsonbeak-���What is it?  A cook-
book?���YonkeiH Statesman.
An Int'iimlirnnce Lifted.
Casey���Bhnre, Biddy, nn phwat
Would yez do if Oi wero to die?
Mrs. Casey���Oi'd sthart 11 bank nv
voni\t,���New York Jonrr.nl.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal paimcea, in one remedy, for all
IIU to which flet-h is heir���the very natuie
of many curatives being such that were
the germs of other nnd diiferently seated
diseases rooted in tbe system of the patient���what would relieve one III In turn
would -aggravate the other. We have,
however, In Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound unanulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. By its
grat-Uiul and judicious use the frail.se sys
terns are led Into convalescence and
strength by the inlluence which Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whein a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest In life Is a dis*
ease, and, by tra no utilising the nerves, disposes to sound and refreshing sleep���Imparts vigor to the notion of the blood,
which, being (stimulated, courses throuh-
out the veins, strengthening the healthy
animal functions of the system, thereby
making ucthity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to the digestive organs, wbtoh naturally
demand increased mbalance���result, im-
?roved appetite. Northrop & Lyman, of
oronto, have given to tbe public tbeir
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
ind, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
'his wine approaches nearest perfection
>f any In the market. All druggists sell it.
Can not be Cured ? We can send you
the addresses of a Kreat ninny whoso cases
were Ktven up as hipele��s, but who are now
load in their praises of our painless heme
treatment, as thoy have been positively and
permntfontly cured without knife or blister.
Send 'I cents for liuok mid mention tills paper.
mi Slierlioiiriio   -    TOltOXTO,
ceep Minard's Liniment ia llie House.
HaalT   I'.uailll. (laaaaa,
It I, a prottjr sight to too �� p,��nut
plantation whan tbs rlnai are In bli��.
���on], The blossoms on a bright follow,
���nil tbe vlima aro a ilvl-J groun. As soon
aa tbe blossom form a One branch appear* on tbe vino ani shoots down Into
tho grounil. lhe poos, at the not. are
called on the plantation, form on tbe
sbnot benonth the ground, like potatoes,
When tbo crop Is uutherod in October
tbe (Ine It plowed CD and the nuts hang
to the roots. Vinos and all aro piled In
cocks In the Held, and In 20 days tbe
nuts are ready to be Milled off, placed in
bags and taken to tbe faitorlos. Thero
tbey nre cleaansrd ot dirt, assorted, polished In reviving ai.v.-Mnila-rs and put Into
bans ready for ths matket.
Ilyunal .All Hope.
"-lust Ut down In Hint chair," hi Id the
ocnllet to tho -.at-lcnt, whoso reputation
wis well-known to liiui. "I will tost
your eyes." Then ho held a printed
eohoduio of hie prices with a ".No trust"
line at the bottom In front of his 0-703,
and asked: "Cau you rend thai?"
' I am afraid," repl'ad tbe patient,
reaching for his hat, "tbat my onss Is
beyond the reach of human skill."���
Chicago Post.
Are U.u.lly the Result of Imperfect Work-
lag of the Kidneys���These Can Only b.
Restored to Their Normal Condition by a
Pair U.e of Or. William.' Pink Pill..
Ur. Albert Mintie, of Woodstock,
Ont., now engaged in the insurance
business, is well known in that olty
and surrounding country. Some three
years ago Mr. Mintie was living at
South River, Parry Sound District, and
while there was attacked with severe
pains in the back. At first he paid b it
little attention to them, thinking that
the trouble would pass away, but as it
did not he consulted n local physician,
nnd was told that his kidneys were
affected. Medicine was prescribed, bnt
beyond a trifling alleviation of the pain
it had no effect. In addition to the
pain in tho back Mr. Mintie was
tronbled with headaches aud a feeling
of lassitude-. He was forced to qnit
work, and while in this condition,weak
nud despondent, ho deoided to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. He purchased a
half dozen boxes and was not disappointed with the result. Before they
were all used Mr. Mintie was feeling
almost as well ns ever he had done.
Tbe pain in the back had almost disappeared, the hendnches were gone, and
be felt greatly improved in strength.
Two moro boxes completed the onre.
aud he returned to work hale aud
hearty ns ever. Mr. Mintie asserts that
his return to health is dne entirely to
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and he still
occasionally uses a box if he feels iu
any way "out of sorts."
The kidneys, like other organs of the
body, are dependent upon rich, red
blood and strong nerves for healthy
iction, and it is because Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills Bnpply theso conditions that
ahey enre kidney troubles, as well as
other ills which have their origin in
watery blood, or a shattered nervons
system. Sold by all dealers or sent
postpaid at SOc a box or six boxes for
12.60 by addressing the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Oo., Brookville, Ont. If you
ralne yonr health do not take a substitute.
With Mr. Choato In London, Mr. Porter
In Paris and Mr. llepcw in Washington,
tho field in New York seems tn offer nn
rivaled opportunities for young men struggling to get a foothold ns accomplished
diners out.���Chicago Record.
America's three great after dinner speak,
ers aro now pretty near tho head of the
table. Ohaunoey M. Depew Is selected for
United States .senator, Joseph II. ("hoatc
will he embassador to Great Britain, and
Horace Porter la embassador to France.'
troy Times,
iSxperts say the electrlety in a lightning
Bash is not very great, but the voltage is
Sir Hubert Ball, the eminent astronomer,
thinks the earth may be blown to atoms by
tho water of tho ocean getting down
through a crock Into the central lire.
A Viennese meteorologist has proved by
experiments that rainbows are conditioned
by the size of the raindrops and thnt, white
we ordinarily see only two rainbows side
by sido, thero are as many as 20.
The great demand for �� pleasant, safe
and reliable autldote for all affections of
the throat and lungs Is fully met with In
Biekla-'s Antl Consumptive Syrup. It is
a purely Vegetable Compound, and acts
promptly and magically in subduing all
coughs, colds, bronchitis, Inflammation
of the lungs, eto. It is so palatable that
a child will not refuse it, and is put at a
rirlre that will not oxolude the poor from
ts benefits.
Shnrpen nil kinds of fish snuco with
lemon juice.
All broiled meats should lie served as
���oon as they are cooked.
Kgging and lireadlng should bo dono .5
Minutes and flouring immediately before
Rcmomber tho crust of bread Is more
digestible than the soft part and that
coarso grained broads oro better than
Imooth flour ones.
Cure of
Salt Rheum.
The permanent cure after permanent cure that is being published
week by week has placed Burdock
Blood Bitters far above all otlier
remedies in the estimation of the
sick and suffering-.
Even the severest and most chronic diseases that other remedies
fail to relieve yield to the blood
purifying, Mood enriching properties of B.B.B.
Salt Rheum or Eczema���that
most stubborn of skin diseases,
which causes such torture and is so
difficult to cure with ordinary remedies���cannot withstand B.B.B.'s
healing, soothing power.
The case of Mrs. Jas. Sanderson,
Emerson, Man., shows how effective B.B.B. is in curing Salt Rheum
at its worst, and curing it to stay
This is what she wrote:
" Burdock Blood Billers cured me of a
bad attack of Salt Rheum three years ago.
It was so severe that my finger nails came
off I can truly say that I know of no
more valuable medicine In Ihe world than
B.B.B. It oured ma completely and
permanently, as I have never bad a touch
of Salt Rheum since."
Minard's Liniment is M Sy PMian.
Wcmen Need
Not Suffer
Prom those t-errible side
uches, lack aches, head-
aches and tho thousand and
one other ills which mako
life full of misery.
Most of these troubles nre
due to impure, imperfectly
filtered blood���tho Kidneys
are not acting right und in
consequence the system is
being poisoned with impurities.
are daily proving themselves woman's
greatest friond and benefactor.
Here is an instance:
Mrs. Harry Fleming, St. Mary's, N.B.,
says: "The use of Douu's Kidnoy Pills
restored me to complete health. The
first symptoms I noticed in my ease were
severe pains in the small of my back
and around the loins, together with
general weakness and loss of appetite.
I gradually become worse, until,
hearing of Dunn's Kidney Pills, I got a
box from our druggist.
I nm pleased to testify to their effectiveness iu correcting Ihe troubles from
which I suffered.
In nn emergency the average person
does tho very worst thing.
Half tho knowledge poople acquire by
experience they never use.
Anybody ean get credit unless it Is the
man who Is actually hungry.
Iu rani old fashioned families the onion
is venerated next to the Bible.
Some people's virtues aro harder to get
ulong with "than other people's vices.
A man who never makes a kick sliould
not get the worst of It, but ho always dues.
Some people refuse to work today bo-
touso they expect to draw a prize in a lottery tomorrow.
Liniment asked for at my store and the
only one we keep for sale.
All the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, O. B.
Ulral. of Slil'nMcance.
"Per.ce is represented by a dove, isn't
it V" asked the man who was looking
over somo allegorical pictures.
"Well," answered the official who
had been to a diplomatic banquet,
"doves used to figure iu that connection. But quail on toast nppears to be
more popular."
���Much time and attention were expended
In tbe experimenting with tho Ingredients flat enter Into the composition of
Parmalee's Vegetable Pills before they
were brought to the state In whioh they
were first offered to the publio. Whatever
other pills may be, Parmalee's Vegetable
I'llls are tho result of muoh expert study.
and all persons Buffering from dyspepsia
or disordered liver and kidneys may confidently accept them as being what tlinv
are represented to be.
A Libel.
Constituent���You'll pardon mo for
repeating it, bnt they say yon are in-
dented to your private secretary for
yor.i- speeches that appear in The Congressional Record.
Congressman���It is an outrageous lie.
I don't owe the fellow a cent. Ask him
if you don't believe me.���Boston Transcript.
SIX OILS.-Tbe most conclusive testl
niony, ra-ne.itoaly laid before the public
in tho columns of the daily press, proves
���an absolutely pure combination of six
of tbe finest remedial oils lu exlstei.ee-
remedies rheumatic pain, eradicates afTee
tions of the throat and lungs, and cures
piles, wounds, sores, lameness, tumors,
burns, and injuries of horses and cattle.
The winners of tbe sewing machines In
the Royal Crown Soap Co. 's competition
for the woek ending Kebruarr 39th, areas
follows * Winnipeg, Mrs. John T. Shaw,
8W Henry Ave.; Manitoba, J. P. O.
Allaire, St. Bonlfnoe; North West Territories, Mrs. James Wilson, Calgary. The
Koyal Crown Soap Co. will continue this
competition, giving away three machines
eaoh Monday until further notice.
Minard's liniment tne inmnerman's Friend.
the great SEEDSMAN ofthe NORTHWEST,
for your SEEPS for isytl, as ho keeps tile
LARGEST Slock of Garden, Field and
Flower Seed, in this country to select from |
also Seed Drills Md Cultivators. Yam can h.v.
our large Illustrated eatal- gua FREE by sending yoor nune and address To J. M. I'KltKINS,
111 Market St., Winnipeg.
*W. *R.   A-LXiAlST,
.   General Insurance Agent,
FIR "^Companies Represents!! t
Quebec Fire Assurance Oo.
Royal Insurance Co,
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
AU classes of Insurances transacted and lawwi
promptly and satlsfactorilv settled.
Next door to P. O.
Household Safes, small else, ��� ��� 9191.00
Household Safes, large else,    > ���    80.00
Just the thing tor a Christmas present. Bott
useful and ornamental.
Merchants' Satee, all sites and prices ; oi
easy terms or cash. Come and see them oi
write for quotations. Special prices durlni
November and December.
He knows,
His patron knows,
and everybody   knows
that this can contains
the  purest,   best,  and
most   delicious   Coffee
that expert- buyers can
procure.   It's
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
Yon can upset this man, but yoo can't npset
the FACT that
Is the heat Baking Powder to use. Because It
WHITE STAR is everywhere tn this country
in touch, tone and An
lata they have no equal.
Correspondent! wanted in every town to tot
it agent j.
W, N. U.      210
We beg to cnll the attention of our readers to
tlio advertisement of Dr. Ward's Mood and
Nervo Pills in this paper. The firm have also
placed nn the market Dr. Ward's Liver FiJIn,
which have already proved to he a most cxi el-
lent family medicine as a eure for constinu'ton,
dyspepsia, biliousness, etc. They arc sold it Ke
\ ]ier vial, or .1 for si, or mailed on receipt of 1 rice
oy the Dr. Ward Co., Limited. Toronto. Out.
|     When Buying, why not get the best?
Out of the many  testimonials  received   we
print the last two which have come in,
Stralhowen P. 0. Mnn., L'5tli Feb. im.
I wish to certify that I am thoroughly &ati��-
fl-r'il with tho "Mikado cream separator. I purchased It last Summer after a trial of two other
much landed ma chines, and 1 found the
Mikado the easiest to operate, the easiest to
clean, and liy far the -simplest, anil cleanest
As lotiurriMlii.v. 1 am sailsfted that it will
last im long us any one can expect a mnehlne to
; wilh the other machines the operator would
toon wear out.   My little boy of six ean easily run
tlio Mikado, a strong nt letiatninn would be required
for ��juc of its rivals. HENRY NKWMARCH.
Any child can run the Mikado, and it has been run
twice n day since I have bad it. -H. X.
Woodlands. Man., Feb. '89.
In answer to your inquiry as to how I like tho
Mikado aeimrator, I -wouldeny if they are all like the
one I got they are just the thing.
We tried lw pounds of milk by the gravity process.
nn received."! It.s. of hutter.tfien I weighed 100lbs. oi
milk, and put it through the Mikado hand separator,
und received 4,% lt>s. of butter, a gain of l'-i lt>s. of but-
**��� ir.
They are very easily cleaned, nnd make less noise
than Ilio Alexandria.
147 Bauimtyno St.        Winnipeg.
_ _ _____
1 Binder Tie
-** ****** *********************
Full strength: over 75 lbs. breaking strain. Full length: 600 feet
to tho pound. Full weight: 80 lbs.
to each bale. No clogging in the
"iiinder���compactly wound; made
entirely of pure Manila Hemp
without adulterant of any kind,
absolutely the best ever offered
the Canadian farmer.
with any one nf tho following valuable and useful
MwmumimwMi     PREMIUMS:    **-mmmhmmmm>**��5
_      ....
14-Knrnt GOLD-PLATED WATCH, stum winding and stem-sotting, guaranteed reliable time-keeper���lady's or gentleman's size���maker's guarantee
with each watch,
SOLID GOLD KING set with genuine Garnet and
Opal gems���stamped and warranted���with maker's
Trade Mark anal guarantee.
MUSICAL CLOCK, glass sides, in Nickel Silver and
Oilt���a handsome ornament and accurate time-piece.
A never ond Ing pleasure in the home.
UnW IT IC nhUC ���   'n"' National Farmers Co.
flUn II loUunC.  gollsdirect to prActlcnl bona
fide Farmers; employs nn middle men or agents, dnes
business only fnr cash, niakco no losses���every dollar
docs its  full  duty.   Wo  have a lot of NATIONAL
Binder Twino nn hand���so much that the bank rate
of interest until after harvest, on tho money locked up,
will amount to many thousand dollars.   We want to save
that interest and givo it to the farmer in return for cash.
That is where the premium comes in.
******************* ******** ���****��������*������> *************!
This Company reserve, the rliflitto refund yonr money If the price of
Hemp advance, hy reason of tho I'Jiiilpplne wnr or other caaaaos.   Manila
Hemp comes from the I'hlllnplne Isl-inda.  Oltuicu AT ONCE and make
certain of your sea.on'n supply liol'ore Hemp advance..
y to us only by t-ostnl Note, I'ost OITlce Order, Express Order
{���ttor.   Write yonr name plainly, Rlre your pout offloe a.d-
h.   .*. .11. .'..v.   al��,I���.I   ... R.1.I..I.    .....   .. ..   ... . .  ....   ... ... U	
Remit money to us on
or Refflaatcraa.l "     '
dress and also tho railway nl.itlon to whicli wc oro to shin the Tn-lna*. You
pay freight on tho Twine from WINNIPEG, wo sond yon the premium
prenald by mall or express from Toronto. * ���� s"-> ��
Observe abovo directions carefully .o wo cannot make any mistake In
forwarding- your.Roods, Say whether you wont a Gentleman1, ora Lady's
watch, a Musical Clock or a Hlii},--!. the latter, sond a pleoe of stria* or
paper slzo required,
;����m T ��t �� �� �� t ���>-�������������������� ********* **:
^O-Addrcss all letters and make all remittances payable to
CTEnqnlrers nro referred to ony Mercantile Asreney
���nd to tho Editor of this paper a. to our responsibility.
tea. il
Q $ $ ��
We give our cash customers
Absolutely Free
tbeir choice of lhe following handsome
-.resent 8:
M)    MEDALLIONS    with
brass chaiua worth ....
50    MEDALLIONS    with
brass mouii's wonh	
with picture worth	
bound in urcou and gold..
Elm and Gilt faianies Gin.
in width worth	
all Oilt frames li inches iu
width   worth	
LOCAL AND GENERAL. breeding brood, that these little   "Pel-
  lets" wijl not enre.   They curo pernian-
��-,-.-. -i ���,. i *,��� ��� .��..���i      ����� .i*. on. s  ently. Send 31 cents iu ono csnl stamp's
Pope Leo has entered upon tho 90th   ,aWoi:ld*s m mm AMOoi*.
ear of h,s UBV' ! tion. Buffalo, N, Y., and   nceire   Dr.
A company lias boen formed at Revel- Pierce'a 1008 page, '-Common Sense
sioke iu build a rink similar tu that at. Medical Adviser." profusely illus-
Goldon. trated.
E. A. Haggen bus been appointed | H. E. Foster has purchased F. Mor-
ageii** for iho Imperial Five Insurance ' ris's ranch in the Columbia Valley and
Lo. for Nurih E.a��t Kooieuay. j has taken up a preemption,   ihus   in*
Lieut.-Goyernor Forget is so serious-1 owing tha area of tii
Gordon Ranch
to 2,i)00 acres. Tho steamer Selkirk
owiie,! by Mr. Fosier, is being shipped
from tbe Thomson River at Kamloops,
where she has been running, and will
bo put on the Columbia River in connection with the Gordou Ranch. If
passenger and freight traffic on the
river sliould prove sufficiently large
the Sa-lkirk may also be added to the
Columbia River trading lleet.
I have been afflicted with rheumatism for fourteen years and nothing
teemed to givo any relief. I wns able
to buaronnd all the time, bul constantly suffering. I hnd tried everything I
uoulal hear of and tit last wns tolal to
and Mr. Kilpatrluk bnaJgu | ,..y Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which I
are making an liispootiou of | ji"ji ���.��������� w,.s jn-m,,"*jataly relieved and
ly   ill   that   his   lite   is despaired of.
There is no hope for his recovery.
Rudyard Kipling's condiiiuu has
improved greatly. lie is recovering
Tho Wellington mine at Nanaimo
has caved iu near where tho last cave-
in took place. Four men wero eu-
Eight men .vere frozen to doalh iu
the cold simp of OS uud til) below zero
ai Ailin. A uumbur were also badly
Mr. Gamble, Chief Engineer of   the
0. P. H.
bridges on the mountain scctiou, j ;u tt short lime cured.   I am happy to
Tho Forester* Court   will   meet  on ; **S lhat it has not   since  returned
Thursday evening, when it Is requested ; Josh. E.lgar, Gertnantown,  Cal.   For
tliai there should be a full  attendance | salo by ail druggists, Henderson Bros.
of members.
PICTURES, White and
Oold frames 4 inches iu
-width -worth	
TYPES,   Elm   and   Oilt
frames li inches in width
Save tho chocks given with your cash
purchases and when you have enough
to   secure oue of   our   gifts present
tbom at the counter.
Checks amounting to tb will secure a
Medallion and so on according to the
value of the present.
just arrived:
Carload of Choice Grocer.es aid Confectionery.
Carload of Furniture.
Carload of Hardware.
Carload of Crockery and Glassware.
Carload of Ogilvie's Patent Hungarian
More New Stoves-Selling Fast.
Fresh Hams, Bacon and Xrniis Fowl.
Skates and Skating Boots on band.
The popular foreman, Hugh McLaughlin, has been engaged by \V. 0,
Wells to talte a barge of his hush work,
river driving un*i boom repairs.
St. Paul's Ciiuroh, Golalen. There
will bo uo servious uoxi Sunday, March
12th. Evening survice every Wednesday during Lent at ti p. in.
'.Mr. Mcluues, the well-known butcher    -   , ���������.,,
of South Kootenay, is about io start a  ��?**��> "' -*e���- issued from the top
large butcher's shop   at    Windermere, i of t!-8 mountain, and a slight rumbling
and lias put up ice this winter for  ilio
The Columbia Rater Lumber   Cum-'
Wholesale Agents Victoria and
con ver,
The Province states that at Lac La
Hache much damage has been done by
t lie overflowing of several gold creeks
and the inhabitants are fleeing terror-
stricken to high ground. The other
day snow wai" noticed disappearing on
nn unexplored mountain at the foot ol
the valley, as if ii had been licked up
by   a   Chinook.     At   the  same time
Geo. B. McDermot,
tieneval Ulercliant.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will bo inane to the Parliament of Unatla. at
the next session thereof, far fin Act to incoi-
Derate -The Lmironliau   Assurance I om-
eany," for the purpose of carrying on Ilio
inlnoss of firo and marinei assurance,mil
having its chief oilico iu the City ot Montreal,
iu theTroviaee of Quebec-
Montreal December SOth 18(18.
Solicitors for Applicants.
"CANAL" Mineral Claim, situate in the
Windermere Mining Division of East
Kootenay District. -
Where located i-One to one anil a half miles
north of the Kootenay Bridge atCaual
Take notice tliat I, William Roderick Ross,
of Fort Steele, B.C., Free Miner's I ertihiale
No. 1G673A. duly authorised agent for Daniel
Smith. Free Miner's Certificate No. WHO,
James H. Woods, Free Minor's Certificate
No. 7072,and Edward  Cass, free Miner's
Certificate No.  17344A, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to Iho Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Cmivn (.rant
of the above claim.      ,..,., ,
And further take notice that action, unilor
���action H7. must be commenced bolore the
issuance of such CerUficate of Improvements.
Dated this twentieth day of Fobruary, 1809.
F.M.C. 16678A.
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate in the
Golden Mining Division of North last
Kootenay District.
Where located i-Near head of the Middle
Fork of Spilliiiiachoue lliver.
Take notice that I, .lolsn Wallace Cornier.
Free Miner's Certlfiaate No. 7080 A, intend,
���taty days from the date hereof, tn apijlj* to
Se Mining Recorder for a certificate of im-
provemonta, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced biloro the
issuance of surti certificate of improvements
Dated this 27th day of February, 1800.
opened up by the DIAMOND CORE DRILL,
on easy terms by contract,
or part payment received
in shares if deeired. Apply to
Hl-aln* Agent, -Uolden, B.C.' or any ef the rest et
pany'a null at Golden wus ruu this
week for tbe purpose of helping out I lie
Beaver mill with lumber required
William Tierney died at his home in
Vancouver last week. Mr. Tierney
had visited this section two.easoiiB
ago having charge of development
work on Fifteen Mile Creek aud Ice
River for the Channe Mining Co.
A gang of 19 mon has taking out
under contract two million feci of logs
at Blaeberry for tho Columbia River
Lumber Co. this winter. A shost has
been built (or hall a mile and the logs
will lie shot into ilia Columbia River
for floating to the Beaver boom.
The coming season will be a boom
season for Golalen and district, in fact
for the whole district of North East
Kootenay. Mr. Haggen is receiving
nctive enquires almost daily for copper
propositions & large nmoaiiilsof capital
are evidently available for operations
where such are likely to bo warranted.
Mr. W. C. Wells has received within the pnst few days two carloails oi
machinery, manufactured by the Win.
Hamilton Manufacturing Co of Peterboro. This new plant is being placed
in his mill at Palliser and will materially increase theouiput for the coming
season, necessitated by the increased
demand for lumber.
Mr. McCready, the able timber inspector for the C. P. R, has had his
duties so increased that he prar/iually
lives on bonril the the train. He has
now to tako the work of timber inspec.
tion for the Company from Prince
Albert to Salmon Arm, nnd has alao
had ti e Crows Nest Road added to bis
At the meeting of the Presbytery at
Revelstoke it was decided that the
Kamloops Presbytery comprise the
statiens along the C.P.R. from Field
to North Bend and north to Barker*
ville. Rev. Mr. Munroe has been appointed to Golden station in place of
Rev. Mr. Wright who leaves at the
end ol this month. Rev. Mr Munroe
will arrive here the lirst week in April.
Rev E. Edwards, pastor of the
English Baptist Church at Minersville
Pa., when suffering with rheumatism,
was advised to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. Hosays: "A feivappllolitioiis
of this liniment proved of great service
tome. It subdued lhe inflammation
ami relieved the pain. Should nny
sufferer profit by giving Vain Balm a
trial it will please ine." For sale by
all druggists Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Windermero gives overy promise of
being one of tbe boom districts of British Columbia during the coming summer. Windermere is all the talk about
Sieele, and Moyie. and over a conHidor-
able portion of West Kootenay, arid
we are satintied that the opening of
navigation will see a big influx, The
Navigation Company have determined
to put un two bouts, the Duchess and
Hyak, if the traffic warrants it.os it is
expected it will.
A card on the outside of office door
says: "Gone to lunch. Be back In ten
rainuteB." And, the man will be there
on time. Thnt ia. for some days, weeks
or even months, be will. Then he will
be at borne occasionally for a day.
He'll tell you he had a headache���a
turn of cholera morbus, or maybe he'll
���ay he had a lump in his stomach and
felt too miserable to move. The lump
was probably two or three ten-minute
lunches condensed
The man who "bolts" his lunches
will find Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet!
the beet friend he ever met.
There is no case of billiousnesi, con
s-ipation, iudigestlon,   "heart-burn,"
1 sound was heard. With the rapid
j melting of the snow.a humlred streams
ran down into lhe valley causing
j Moffat, Horsefly   nnd  "III" creeks to
Is 8 parol to Many a Home, Because Dr.
Agnew's Cure I'or tho Heart Never Fails
to Cure Heart Dweaso���Reliof iu DO
Tho pall of death has ho.croal over many a
diseased beart, looking for the last nicker of
the caiiille, aim Dr. Agnew's tine for the
Heart has slopped between the patient and
tlio grim hand, and nurseal tho sutlercr back
to perfect and permanent health. Thos. l'ot-
lio, of Ayliner, (Jno . hail heart disease for
tive years, was unable to work. The doctors
gavo him up to die many a thse. Dr. Agnew's Cure for tho Heart gave him reliei in
thirty minutes, and four bottles cured him,
Sold by C A. Warren.
Defendant Aoqulttod.
At the Magistrate's Court, Golden,
on Monday, before Mr. Griffith, S.M.,
J. L. Mackay was charged with nsing
a horse the properly of F. J. Deacon.
As the defendant had failed to appear to the summons ill tho first instance His Worship demanded au
explanation of this contempt of Court
aud defendant said as he was busy,
and had nothing io do wilh the offence
charged against him, he thought il
would be sufficient if he soot some one
to appear for him.
His Worship said he didn't know
whether ho was doing right, but he
would accept the explanation iu this
Askoi as to what he had to say with
reference lo the charge against him,
defendant said he had not used the
horse in question. As it had formerly
run on the range it fed with his other
���took and he had forbidden his meu to
uso tbo horse, and the fact that L.
Moodie was fi.uud riding it was in
defiance of his instructions,
His Worship said there bad been too
much of this sort of thing going on up
the valley aud he was going to put a
stop to it if possible. As defendant
did not appear to have been guilty of
the offence charged against himself
from the evidence he would simply
order defendant to pay the costs of the
Court and hoped the case would be a
warning to people not to interfere with
other people's .stock in future.
The complainant, F. J. Deacon,
asked to bo allowed to put tome questions to the defendant but His Worship snid the case was now closed and
lhat could not be done. He bad given
tbe complainant an opportunity of
tendering further evidence and he had
not availed himself of the opportunity.
the  night-snare couver.
Mr. Grlfllib, Returning Officer for North
East Kootenay, has received notice of petition ngsiust tho election of W. 0. Wolls, as
member for Noith East Kootonay, anil asking lhat T. Forrest, of Douald, bo declared
electud. R. W. I'ntiuoro, strange tossy, is
the petitioner, alter ids denial to us that he
hud anything to do with it.
Chninbei luln's Cough lleuicdy.
This remedy is intended espeoially
for coughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough and influenza. It has become
famous for its cures of these diseases,
over a large part of the civilized world.
The most flattering testimonals have
been received, giving accounts of its
good works; of the aggravating and
persistent coughs it haa cured ; of sey,
ere colds that have yielded promptly to
its soothing effects, and of the dangerous attacks of croup it has cured, often
saving the life of the child. The ex
tensive use of it for whooping cough
has shown that it robs that disease of
all dangerous consequoncos. For sale
by all druggists Henderson Bros,
-wholesale  ARents  Viotoria and Van-
Copper Creek is a tributary of the
.Middle Fork of the Spillimachene. The
trail leading lo it leaves the middle
fork at a point about 16 miles from
Carbonate. The distance up the Creek
to the point where the mineral locations
are laid out is about ten miles. A few
years back Copper Creok was highly
thought of and a Company represented
by Rnnd Bros., and Mr. Oppenheimer,
did considerable development work
there.   The first properties are the
claims, which are situated in a glacial
basin on the mountain elope on*, the
right bank of Copper Creek. There is
an immense showing ol quertz on this
property, great le ids cutting and cross-
cutting the formation, while there are
numerous exposures of ore from sine
to gold quartz There arc two promising leads of galena. Two short tunnels have been run on these exposures,
but since the properties have been in
the han���������h of the Klotenny Consolidated Company, Major Clohecy has put
some business system into tbe development and the work has been done
on a quartz ledge showing strongly in
iron. The galena has a crys
talliue formation, peculiar tu the galena found on the Excelsior claim ou
Crystal Creek and on the Syenite Bluff
claim on Vermont Creek. The lead on
which development is now being done
is two feet in thickness with a strike
of lo degrees east of north, and a dip
of 65 degieos to the north. At the
time of our visit the tunnel was in 35
feet. The property is stated to have
given high assays in gold. About a
mile further on, and on the same slope
is the
This is a property which was operated
by Messrs. Oppenheimer. A tunnel
hns been driven about 15 feet on a lead
which is from three to three and a
hall feet in width. This lend yielded
mainly zino blende for some distance,
and then changed to galena, The lead
has a strike of 56 degrees I o the west
of north and a dip of 62 to the north.
A tunnel was then begun to cross-cut
the 'sad but utter driving somo 60 feot
the work waa abandoned and the property Crown granted, iu which stale
it now lies.
Opposite the Juanita ia the
tbe property of the Alberta k Koote.
nay Development Company. It con*
sists of three claims, Mabel, Doctor
and Lawyer. The lead on which the
locations are made is a strong well-
defined body of quartz, about 14 feet in
width. The location is an excellent
one for a mine���easy to work and surrounded by abundance of, wood and
water. Some high-grade galena ore is
exposed in an open cut, but the main
development -nork consists df a tunnel, which has been driven for 90 feet.
It was apparently intended tliat this
tunnel ahould follow the wall of the
lead, but instead of doing this soma
mistake has beeu made, and it will be
necessary to crosscut to reach ths
lead in order to test it at that distance
The lead has a strike of 20 degreea
west of north. This property will
probably carry its value in gold, as
the rock* seems strongly impregnated
with nrsenical pyrites (mispickle). We
are informed that the assays run $5 to
(8 in gold and if that is maintained
the property should he a valuable ono
as it possesses every facility for cheap
mining. Tho vein carrying the galena
is apparently a stringer of this main
load and has a strike of 5S west of
north, with a dip of 76 to the north.
The galena from thia cross-lead ran
$86 in silver. Another lead of similar
dimensions to the large lead already
mentioned also traverses the property,
forming a parallel system, but it has
not yet been developed to any extent.
Higher up the mountain, on what is
supposed to bo the same vein system,
is the
soi-niKUM cross onour,
which has been operated by Messrs.
Rand Bros. A large amount of development work has been done by way of
tunnelling. The ore is a galena, averaging about 100 in value. Tuis property is now being sold to Euglish
capitalists, who, it is hoped, will do
something towards developing it
and assisting to prove Ihe wealth of
what has every appearance of being a
good mineral country.
Mining Record says: - "Last year. too.
much public interest was Sronsed b.t
the fine showings of properties iu the
Windermere district. A'll these, as
well as many prospects in North East
Kootenay. were visited by Mr, Robertson, and his statements and opinions
regarding them will be of great public
value as relating to sections of the
country of which very little is definitely known."
Mining Recorder Kirkup, of Boss-
land evidently anticipates that the
office of Gold Commissioner is to be
done away with if we may judge ot
the following remarks of his in the
Rossland Miner: ���"As to the gold
commissioneisliip, the only information I have, is that ouly one commissioner is proaiided (or and he is to be
stationed at Atlin. A minister and
deputy minister of mines is provided
[or, and I presume that the work now
done by the gold commissioners will be
done by the department in Victoria. I
do not care to express an opinion as to
whether or not this will lie moro convenient to the people, though I have
heard expressions of opinion that it will
not prove to be more convenient."
Export-art and Importers.
100 to 208 First Aw. No.
���hlpmenU Solicited.
Write for Clroulo*
James Lewis k Sons, of Liverpool,
report: "Standard Copper has been
sold op to ��75 10s. per ton during the
past fortnight���an advance of 50 per
cent above the average price cl lust
year. This advance in mainly due to
the large consumptive demand for
this metal in the United States and to
the small stock held in Europe.
The effect of this great enhancement
of the cost of this metal is already
visible in contracted Consumption and
stimulated Production. Consumers
will only buy for their immediate
wants, believing that the present high
level of prices cannot be' long maintained. Several rolling miles in South
Wales have ceased to work or will
shortly do so, and some of the wire
drawing mills in Germany are running
on half-time. What the increased pro
duction of the world will be under the
stimulates ot present prices Is at pre
sent difficult to say; hur.
from what we have been able to
gather from different sources it now
promises to be fully 75,000 tons over
tbat of last year. Many of the leading
mining companies are therefore opposed to the present inflation of values, ns
later on they anticipate a still greater
reaction���to he followed by a
lengthy period of low prices and in
creasing stocks."
Tis But the After-
Effects of Grippe and
tile Common Diseases
That -Make Peopts
Look So Weak and
Palne'sCelery Compound
The Great Disaase Banisher and
True Health Builder.
The Report of his   Cure
Stirs the Revelstoke Herald:���"Jaok
Henderson pass id through town yesterday from Rossland on his way to
Golden to get samples from his properties to send to intending investors of
copper properties in northeast Kootonay. Mr. Henderson predicts a great
year for that part of East Kootenay
this year. 60 per cent copper with a
trace ol gold is an average assay of
many of their promising copper properties."
The Hall Mines Limited are prepared to purchase galena and copper
ores for treatment at their smelter at
Nelson and have appointed E. A. Hag
gen to act as their agent and ore-buyer
in this part of the Provinoe. Transportation can be arranged for galena
and copper ores of sufficiently high
grade, and Mr Haggen will be glad to
hear of ore available for shipment.
Of the ooming report by Mr. Robertson, the Provincial Mineralogist,  ths
The writer a few days ago enjoyed a
half hour walk with a well-known
physican on one of Montreal's crowded
business streets.
Meeting with a great many pale and
sallow-faced mon aud woman-young
and middle aged- the writer asked his
physician friend the qneslion : "Doctor, we are passimi scores of sick looking people; does this fact piove that
we are deteriorating as a people iu
hoalth and geueral physical develop
The physioian's answer was very much
as follows: Large numbers of sickly
looking and half well people have passed us to-day, which, I am sure has
prompted your question. You must remember that grippo has been epidemic
during the winter, and has left thousands In a sad condition of health; then
there are other common oauses of sickness that have been operating, such as
insomnia, headachea.digestive disturbances, blood troubles, rheumatism, and
kidney and liver ailments. All these
have contributed to sickness and deuths
this year, and thote we have passed
are but a few of the victims, The
same conditions exist in all countries
and I would not earn to state positively
that as a people we are deteriorating in
true manhood and womanhood, Burly
attention to, and sensible care and
treatment of, present weakness will
bring all back to good health,"
The (lass ot sick people to whom the
city physical! referred stand in urgent
need of Paine's Celery Compound, if
I hey would quickly regain nerve force
and power, weight In flesh, fresh blood
and sound bodily health. There is
nothing known-to physicians of the
moat extensive practice equal to Paine's
Celery Compound for building up the
weakened body. When the great compound Is used, all weaknesses soon be
come things of the past, and solid
health, refreshing sleep, natural appetite and vivacity of disposition make
life a pleasure.
By Dodd's Kidney Pills When Bvery
Other tried ltemody hnd Failed���
His    Case    was   Exceptionally
Severe bnt ((ul.kly "fielded
to Dollars Kidney Pills.
Windsor March 6 -Mr. F, H. Cole,
whoso case was reported in the Canadian newspapers, last week, was met
by a friend oo the itrcet a couple of
evenings ago.
"Hello! Is this true that I have bsen
reading about you being cured of Rheumatism, by Dodd's Kidney Pills ?" asked his friend.
"Why certainly it's true. Otherwise I should never have permitted it
to be published," answered Mr. Cole.
"And did Dodd's Kidney Pills
really curo.you or was it your doctor's
"I was taking no doctor's medicine.
I wasn't using anything except Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Therefore it could be
nothing else but Dodd's Kidney Pills
lhat cured me."
"Was it a mild ease of Rheumatism?"        a
"Not by any means! It was, on the
contrary, an exceptionally sovero one.
I suffered more than I oan describe. I
tried several ot the remedes that were
recommended as doing 'sure tocure' me.
But thought one or two of them gave
ine a little temporary relief, none,went
any where near curing me."
"When k "friend urged me to try
Dodd'e Kidney Pills , I demurred. I
believed they were no better than the
oiher ruinedes I bad used. However,
I bought a box, and began to ns*
"I soon began to f��el eaisen Xly
sleep came back; Ihe terrible pains
vanished, and four boxes of Dodd's
Kiduey Pills made my cure complete
aud thorough. I cannot speak too
highly of them, and I shall recommend
every sufferer from Rheumatism to use
lliem, kuowiug Ibey will positively
Hundred.or People Killed.
Toulon, March fi.-The naval powder magazine at Laguabran in Southern France exploded this morning.
Nearly all the soldiers on duty at tbe
magazine were killed. Two hundred
surrounding buildings were razed.
Sixty people were killed. Forty
corpses have been recovered. Hundreds of people have been injured.
The cause of this dreadful disaster
was the explosion of 22,000 pounds of
powder. It looked like a volcanic
eruption at the time of  the explosion.
A Frightful Blunder.     |
Will often cause a horrible Burn,
Soald,Cut or Bruise. Buoklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill
the pain and promptly heal it. Cures
Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcors, Boils,
Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions
Beat Pile cure on earth. Only 25ots.
a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by all
Druggists. I
Rheumatism Mode Lire a Bnrden-Beulh
America Rheumatic Cure Lifted lt���A
Permanent Cure.
The life of John E. Smith, of Amass Wood
Hospital. St. Thomas, was ono long round of
misery, lie wns so afflicted with rlieiunatiain.
He tried ail maimer of cures without much
benelit. After having taken half a bottle oj
South American Khoumatic I'ure lie found
great relief, and four bottle* cured bun permanently.
Sold by C.A.Warren
Heavy Flnee Inflicted.
At tht Magistrate's Court on Saturday afternoon, S. Darrlok was charged
with having created a disturbnnoe on
a tiain at Field, and with having
assaulted C. Carey, a C.P.R. officer.
Mr. Duscheuay prosecuted.
Accused was represented by E. A.
Haggen and pleaded guilty, expressing
regret for the occurrence. Messrs.
Killeen and Reddiok, under whom th*
accused had worked, gave him a very
high oharacter, and in view of this
His Worship fined accused $15 on the
first oharge and 125 on the Beooni
oharge, with costs of court, and in
default U days aod two months imprisonment respectively. The nntt
were paid.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,


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