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The Golden Era Sep 8, 1899

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Array ���'���
Thomas O'Brien,
Notary PubUe-ConY���yancsr, eto
OfflMln Upper Columbia Navigation and
Tramvay Company'. Building,
OoMeo, B. C
James HendebsoN,
Builder & Contractor,
_  A supply of BoildiiiB I.iin�� Tor Bole.
rlaos prepared.   Prompt attention given to
$2 Per Ye*H
H. G. Parson,
Uy the time this paper reaches you we
will have opened up and placed on sale
J'"'" the latest ideas in
Ladies Felt Hats
including Sailors, Alpines, Walking
Hats, eto., in all staple and fancy colors
favored by Dame Fashion for Fall 'ie.
Men's Black Fedoras
.   ��� and  Knockabouts, in  all the  correct
Children's Hats & Caps
in pleasing variety, at prices sure to
suit yon.
These goo^s are made right, bought right, and will
"be sold right, giving you the most hat style, the mo it hat
value, and the most hat satisfaction the market affords.
Early inspection will be
to Your Advantage.
Upper Columbia
* International Transportation Go.
Connecting withf'C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Dlitti Routt te Athalmer & Windermere,
iBd surrounding Mining District.
-Steamers lieavo Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route;
-Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery Of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Haiti ware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gento Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
tnweea, PiHpws, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Spsctat Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. G.,
First Glass accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors apd Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Ths hearing of the charge Against
James Hughes for th�� alleged murder
of Alexander Macaulay nt Tete Jauns
Cache on June 12th last, was held at
the Courthoss at Golden on Tuesday
lust before J. E. Griffith, Esq , 8.M.
Mr.Thos. O'Brien dofended theaccused.
Prisoner pleaded not guilty, The
Court was crowded.
Dr. Taylor was the 8rst witness,
nnd stated lis left Golden for Tete
Jaune Cache on July Hist and made
post mortem on body of Macaulay on
Aug.-l7th. He described the wounds
found on the body, which whs tbou
much "doconi posed. The I juries
were   probably   caused by it gunshot.
To Mr. O'Brien.-1 found a wound
which was not caused by tho ahet. It
was an incision wound, about an loch
and a half in length orer
the nbdomen and flesh wound
would not have caused death except by
blood poisoning. The wound In the
breast-bone was sufficient (o cause
death. The wounds In the head were
nlso sufficient to cause death. Found
no bullet.
J. W. Evans stated. On Jnne 19th
while we wert working in our garden
at Stnrvaticn Camp, about 12 o'clock
In tho day, Honry Hultius and Jos.
lloatyn came there and told us about
A lick Macaulay being shot at the
mouth of Swift Current Creek. Price
und I went to Macaulay'a Camp, and
arrived at the Creok about 8 p.m. Did
not go to see Macaulay at once, Had
9'ipper with the Edmonton party.
Then weut to our winter cabin two
miles ut> canyon to got soino medicine
witli which to treat the wounded man.
Got back to Macaulay's cainp about 11
p m. Macaulay recognised me as soon
ue he saw me. Price was there and
we dressed the wound Next morning
I took away both Macaulay's and
Hughes's guns which were in Hughes's
bod, and both gnus Here empty. Went
hue!; to my camp and on returning
Cook told me Hughes wanted to see
ine. Went to Hallius'd lent to hmi
hiin. Hughes naked ine what I would.
do il I were 'lir'Jiis place/ ToTcThTin
the best thing he could do was to come
rli ni'iftiijilfn ���*?,'"J1 ������i'_",'^y-
the Court. ~7 would also afford hii
protection in case uf interference. He
said he would and that I could take
his word for it that he would cause us
uo trouble. Wanted *him to lunve his
horses there but ha wished to bring
thein out, and we brought them. At
12 o'clock next day (Juno -1st) started
out. Arrived ut Donald J .ily 8th.
H -nded prisoner over io Officer SMr-
���r,ett.: On July tfUt UU Golden with
Dr. Taylor. Arrived nt Swift Current
ou evening of Kith. Kuieel the body
ou tin'following dny nud idonliifcd it
as that of Alexander Macaulay.
To Mr. O'Brien. - Met Mae.utUy first
in March 1898., Macaulay was a qnur*
ler-kecfi and did not know much of
his temperament. I believe Price extracted the bullet, hut cannot say
whether it was before or after death.
Hid no conversation wiih Macaulay
as he could not speak. Hughes came
will) *-s to Golden voluntarily.
Charles P. Price gave evidence simi-
av to that given by tho witness Evans,
adding:-Macaulay and I wintered
together . in 1897-08. I tttlte a littlo
medicine to tho mountains with me in
'case of sickness ur emergency for my
own use. He requested that I should
go over Bii'l see what I could do for
him. ~I went to the camp and fonnd
Macaulay lying on beughs spread on
the ground iu his tepee. I knelt down
beside hiin to apeak to him whon the
prisoner came in and also knelt down.
I looked round and said 'I suppose you
are the man who aro responsible fer
this." He told me he was. I sent Mr.
Evans to our camp at Swift Current
for medioine. After his return 1 proceeded to examlno Macaulny's wounds
and found him vtry weak from loss of
blood und lack of no-irfshmont. Hu
witi in a bad state having laid aome
Witness continued:   I administered
rorphiue, On examining tbo wound
found maggots there nnd causing
Intense pain. Not being able to wohIi
thorn bnt I put a poultice of flux seed
meal ou lho wounds in tha face and
ohest. Next meriting I made a pair of
nippers out of an old pair of scissors
aud used a carbolic solution. Subsequently washed the wouuds with permanganate of potash and potash
solutions, aud poulticed at before.
Macaulay complained of the bullet
hurting him and wauted me to cut it
out, Pound tha abdomen much swollen and poulticed, also used ladauum
to remove pain. Thia reduced swelling and by next morning I could feel
the full form of tbe bullet under the
aktn. Procured a shoe-knife which I
���harponed well and disinfected. Made
���light incision immediately over bullet.
Found large Quantity of pus and re-
goulticed, after which I co.ild see the
ullet and removed it. et The tongue
was cut nearly half off by the bullet
and it was impossible to get him to j
swallow any nourishment. I reoog-
nise the bullet produoed as that which
I removed. I kept the wounds poulticed and washed tbem night and'
morning which was aU that oould be!
done. Maoanlay died on the night ot
the 24th In the presence of his wife,
Moyes, Cook, and H, Schwlosgood.
Brought, Mrs. Macaulay and party to
Golden and returned with Dr. Taylor
to hold a post mortem. We exhumed
Ute body on the 17th August and I
identified it as the body of A. Macaulay.
To Mr. O'Urien.-^Firat met Macaulay 15th Sept. 1*497, and was with hiin
much during 1898. I found hiin generous and sensitive in disposition and
we got along well together. I swear
I never made any statement at Tata
Juune Cache that tho man who shot
Macaulay hnd saved me the trouble of
doing so. I never knew or heard that
Macaulay had held up men ou the Edmonton trail and rob'jo'l them of their
supplies nnd I swear X never said ho
desorved what ho get for the way he
had treated .mon on those trails.
Mrs. Maaafclay gave evidence in tho
Croe language and this was interpreted
by Mrs. Conner. 3hc said: -My husband first met thu prisoner nt Jasper
House. Hughes had a separate outfit
and followed us to tiie Cache. We
were three weeks on the way, Hughes
being with us all the time. My husband caught two beaver on the way.
On the way the prisoner got quarreling with my husband now and then.
They were camped three weeks at
Swift Current, nnd during that time
they quarrelled about a pack saddle.
The old man then threatened to kill
my husband. I heard him do si. Ou
the day thoy were breaking camp they
quarrelled about tbe two beaver skins.
My husband brought the horses to
camp. Hughes onid, '-Where are the
beaver skins?" Macaulay said. "Did
you kill ihera?" We were packing up
then. Hughes said nothing. My husband wus saddling the Inst horse and
cinching him up. I was standing between the horse and my husband. I
saw my husband throw up bis hands
and fall down and I went to him. I
hud heard a shot and looked round ami
so.w prisoner with a gun standing at
tho door of his tent. I ran to the
prisoner aud he told me to go away,
I said, ''Jim, Jim, what did you do
that to my husband for?" My husband then sat up and motioned mo to
go to him and I weut. Prisoner then
ran to got my husband's gun aud pulled tho cover off. My husband beckoned to him to come over and prisoner
had the two guns ou his arm when he
went over. My hiinbtud offered lo
ahak'd'hands with him and prisoner
did so. and took the guns buck to his
tent. I told my husband to lie down
and helped him to when; the tepee
was. I made n bed for him theru. 1
wanted tko prisoner to help me but he
would not.      He   camo   in for a little
"Wil*. <���(.*--�� -hwu iliiy*-*-.       \V�� .ivoru itivtw
five days before (be other men came.
I think my husband lived twolvo days
wttorrtte-etioottng. ** fiv whs buried
close to tho camp. Moyes, Price.
Cook and Henry were there then.
To Mr. O'Brien. -Prisoner did not
help tne to get my tiusb.iuj to the
tepee, but put lhe blankets down. My
husband carriei a small knife. Mj
husband did not accuse me uf shooting
him. I did not tell Hughes my bun-
band charged mo with the shooting.
My hnsbaud and Hughes had a quanvl
tho day beforo the shouting. My husband did not attack Hughes with a
knife that day and I did not stop my
husband from stabbing Hughe?. I
.ouly heard one shot the day of the
"shooting. My children were al tho
topoe poles, Never heard my husband
thce.iteu to kill Hughes. My husband
never threatened to kill the prisonor,
but I heard him threaten to kill my
husband. Mv hnsbaud did not beat
me ths day beforo the shooting but
once slapped me on the face. It was
mv fault. He slapped uie again ufter
ne. was shot, bruiiuse * he conld not
speak and I could not understand him.
I never bled from the nose and mouth
as the result of the slap. I was sideways to * he old man when shot was fired
My husband would never pick up a
quarrel first. My huabnnd never beat
me except the time stutwd. My husband bought the grub for the trip for
his own use aud did not hold up men
ou b�� trail that X kaow of.
Duti Noyes gave evidence that when
ho came to Swift Current he saw Mrs,
Macaulay waving her hands to hiin to
go over, lie went over, She was
crying. Asked . her what wss the
matter. She said old Jim had shot
her husband. Went, to the camp aud
saw the old1 mau standing abuut tun
yards from tho topee. Prisoner said,
"Go hi and see the hoy, l'veshot him."
Weut in uud saw .ijscuuhty. Hu held
ont hi.-s littud to sit aw hands. I took
his hand and he tiled to cry. I told
him nut to cry. Asked bim.it he knew
ine, he replied, "Vos." X sat doft'ii
nud usked him if Lee. un id Ml mo what
Tha Company Will Put In Winter Camps.
Ifosere. Urnest F. DeYarennoB, Managing Director of the Certainty Gold
and Mining Company Limited, of Quo-
beo, T. A. Knowlton, who originally
acquired and transferred the Certainty
property to the Company, and E. A.
Haggen, the Company's mining on-
giueer, visited the Certainty initio ou
Fifteen Mile Creek lust week. No. 2
tunnel is uow iu 107 feet and is being
driven to develop thu No 4 lead, on
which tho first cross-cut was started
ou Saturday. A permanent camp has
been established bore, bunk-house,
cook-houw, and storehouse. As the
result of the trip it has been determined lo maintain a winter camp here
undsr the foroinanship of J. Nobis,
and supplies for the coming winter
are about to be put in. Development
will be pushod on during the winter,
and if the results are satisfactory
arrangements will be made In the
spring to put in electric power for
operating air compressors and Otlier
plant necessary fur the full development of the mine, TheCompnny have
secured tbe necessary water power from
a waterfall of over 300 feet- in height
right below the mine. The Company
have five claims in this property and
all show ore. If tho wiuter's operations result iu sufficient ore being
placed in sight to justify further operations a wagon road will be built from
Fifteen Mile Creek landing on the Columbia river to the mine next spring,
when the Company hope to have here
a shipping mine in addition to the Porphyry aud Iron Hill on Canyon Croek
The Certainty Company havo deoid
ed also to build a sleigh road for tho
coining winter to connect tho Cedur
Creek rond of the Goldeu Lumber Company, bejug built to give access to the
Oelar Creek limits, with the Porphyry
and Iron Hill mine ou Canyon Creek.
It is intended to ship ure from the
Porphyry and Iron Hill mine during
the coming winter, a satisfactory
arrange me nt having Wen made with
the Hall Mines Smolter nt Nelrou for
tho treatment of the oro, If the ore
body cunt in lies to develop as satisfao
torily as at present, power plant aud
air compressors   will   bo put into the
mle*   im  *L��;��i��-Wjaiie-
the construction ota plant,
suitable fur the handling uf tho lower
grade ores.
OF IHAliltliOEA.
tltiilutniuHtgivoiiupt but m-*.--! I!i ou-giit
Hack to i'orf.-ct Health 1-5 Clliunlior-
Iain's Cullc. Ohutorn iiait tltcirt-lioeu
Iti'Hil Ills EMltortol.
From the Times, UilUtille, Va.
I suffered with diarrhoea for a long
lime and thought I was past being
cured. I had speut much time nnd
money and suffered so much misery
that I had almost decided to give up
all hopes of recovery and await the
result, but noticing thoadverlisoiuent
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera nnd
Diarrhoea Remedy and also some testimonials statiug how some wonderful
cures hnd boen wrought by this reme'
dy, I deuided to try it. After lulling a
few doses I was entirely well of thut
trouble, and I wish lo say further to
my readers and fellow sufferers tliat I
am a hale and hearty man to-day and
feel as well nr, I ev?r did iu my life ���
O. 11. Moore For sale by ejl druggists,
Henderson Bro;.. wholesale agts. Victoria and Vancouver.
��� Mr. II. C. Hammond, of the firm of
Osier and lliimmtinU, of Toronto, ro-
tilrtied from Windermere district on
Wednesday, having inspected the pro
pbrttos which his linn are there operating under ll. R. Uiiico. Mr. II.-m
| mond was well plaaned with his visit
:ki Wiudertneronnd has no hesltatiou
In saying lhat East Kopttmity is all
right and is now rapidly on the way
, !,0 *'1"1"3 ,0 ,')0 front,
tho accused shot him for, but I oould j \{, R, Moodie has brought In some
not understand. Ue pointed lo the' fine specimens of coppor nro from his
sack ul fur and then to his face inc-in- new strike at Field. Wuh tho coning that was tho c.iuse of It, Ho aslud vonieuce to tho CPU. this property
me to go out and kill tho old man tor | ought to ho a valuable one if a sufii-
him.    I said ''No, the authorities will ciently largo ore body could bu fouud.
take him aud look after him."   I stay-     -,,-.,
��� - *  l    T.  D icherty
has m tde a Bt�����
Canyou Creak.
A Now Denver ditspn'tch to the Nelson Tribune states that tho Mine Owners' Association in the Blown have
decided to re-opoo their mines &'i or
before October 1st, paying t lie standard
stale 13,50 per eight hour shift,
McQnalg, RykertA Co., Montreal,
the big mining brokers there, have
negotiated one of ths biggest duals ol
reoeut date. The north Star mine of
Fort Stoelo, and five other properties in
the same camp, have beon consolidated,
and a company organized ot SI,u00,000.
Tho      following      deals havo
b-pon recorded at tho Golden office : ���
W. J. V. Moore, sale of half interest
in Black Hawk to 6. Hardio for ��100;
agreement by W. J. V. Moore to show
S, Hardie a mineralised rock on Moose
river, Beaverfoot, in consideration of
$30; sale of Porphyry and Iron Hill
claim on Canyon Creek by L. 11. Estell and F. W. Aylmer to the Certainty
Gold aad Mining Company, of Water
loo, P.Q., for $8000; sale of Eagle Cliff
claim ou Canyon Croek by H. Estell to
the Certainty Gold and Mining Company Limited for (1000; Anna on No,
2 creek, by R. A. Kimpton to N. II.
Bergstrom, of Rossland; i interest In
Orinoco on Canyon Creek by D. Robertson to W. G. Mitchell Innes; ft interest in Billy-hong on Canyon Creek,
by A. Murray to W.G.Mitchell Innes;
sale of I'airview on Canyon Creek by
P. James to P. It. Docberty.
Mr. Robonson, Provincial Mineralogist, is expected in Goldeu daily and
will visit tho properties uf tho Certainty Gold and Mining Company on Canyon creek and Fifteen Mils Creek.
Messrs. Collott and Starbird will put
a winter camp nt tho Silver Tln-eud on
Horsethief cre*k, and are building a
road from tho mine te the Columbia
A case containing % pounds of
selected samples of Tete Jaune Cache
mica hns been sent forward to Ottawa
for the Paris Exposition.
Mr. Chadbouvn, oro buyer for the
Hall Mines Smelter, was in Guidon
again yesterday and returned to Windermere hy tho Duchess today. He
has bonded a promising copper proposition in the Windermere district lor
the Hall Mines Smelter.
The Golden and Fort Steele Mining
and Development Company are having
the property in which they aro interested with T. Mercier at Bugaboo surveyed and will apply for n Crown
J. Lake nnd C. Troyer, owners of
the Black Prince claim on Boulder
Croek, have bonded tliu prop-, rty for
R. R. Bruce is arranging to put in
a winter camp at the Sitting Bull on
Horsethief creek, He is pushing development work in splendid style,
having a -shaft down 50 feet ia addition to four tunnels, which are being
driven, and will give great depth ou
tho oro body.
Mr. Von Rosenberg, of Wall Street,
New York, waa on a Visit to Golden
this week in connection with the interests of Eastern capitalists. In
company with Messrs. Knowlton and
Haggen he visited and inspected the
Golden smelter, tho purchase and operation of which his cl ent*-> have under
consideration. From Infoimaiiou ob-
fftJlam'-ri in-1 t*>iunii.*M.t*iAU-*u>..*cA.��uiM*wiut Bliitfr*|r" '���*���������*���
aCtfiemiuejOl the prospects of North Enst Kootenay, and hopes next spring to put in
throe week; with E. A. Haggen looking over the best prospects in the districts witli a view to taking up investments for his clients. Mr. Vou Rosenberg left for San Francisco and Arizona
to look after his Interostg thero before
returning to New York.
A diamond drill is to bo used in tho
exploration of the ore bodies at thu
North Star initio.
ed till he died and helped lo bffry him,
To Mr. O'flrlou.���Have kuown Macaulay for eight or ten years, I swear j
accused used the words, "Go in and
see the boy, I've shot bim." So far as
I know Macaulay had a good reputation. I never heard anything against
Mr. O'Brien Intimated that tho
accused would reserve his defence until the hearing of the oase beforo tho
Supreme Court,
Prisoner wus then committed for
trial at next sittings of the Supreme
Deep Seated Catarrh was his Cross���Dr, Ag*
pow's Catarrhal Powder Lifted his Burden.
The Rev. Jas,  L. Grimm, a well-known
American divine, writing tram Sprlnget, Pa.
says:   "Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder hss
proved a wonder lu my cose.    It did everything it claimed to do���gave me relief in a
few minutes, aud perswlouce hi its uso cured
me of a very aggravating attack ef catsuit
in the throat and head."
formerly of Montana,
:a of rich copper ore on
A Woril to MoilitTN.
Mothers of children affected with
croup or a severe cold notd not hesitate to administer Cham ber Iain's Cough
Remedy. It contains no opiate nor
narcotic in any form and may bo given
as confidently to the babe as to au
adult. The gieat success thnt has attended its use iu tho treatment of colds
and croup has won for it ihe approval
and praise it has received throughout
the United States nnd in many foreign
lands. For sale by all druggists.
Henderson Bros whole, alo agents,
Victoria und Vancouver.
Mow Locations at Goldon.
Tho following new claims havs been
recorded ai Goldon: Aug. 1ft, Copper
Cliff by M. Daldard, Kith, Gold Bug
by W. Dainard, Copper Point and
Copper Chief by C. Nicholson, all on
Canyou creek; 17th, Gopher bv J. Dol-
mage on Cariboo mountain; 21st, Iron
Horso by W. B. Abel, W. J. Boutledge
and D-Jackson on fork of Horsethief
creek; Eliza E, by C. A. Watt on Goat
creek, tributary of No. 2, Amazon by j
W. G, Mitchell-Innes, Orinocu by D.
Rubertson, Biilybong by A. Murray,
all on Cany Oil creek; 24th, Chttlloiiger
by T. R. Haddon, ou McMurdo creek:
Bllihi EasterH Townships by tho Certainly Gold and Mining Company ou
Canyon crnk, between tbo Porphyry
and Iron Hill nml Iron Duko mineral
claims; 28tb, Rocky Puint, Hobo, and
F.ast Star by G. Hiffner. and Morning
Star by T. Mercier, ou Bugaboo creek;
SBtlij Premier, by M. Duhmrd on Fif-
ieen Mile creek, Iron Merchant by J.
Eutlmati and W. J. Moore, Irrntnongev
and Ironmaster   hy Mrs. Bullman, all
l   Ice   liver| Bluclc   Hawk on Mooiie
ver, tributary of Beaverfoot.
Sept. 1st, Copper King l.y W. ni.
Pfiefer, on No. 2 creak; Giant by P.
Nelson, Silver Tip No. 2 by in. A*
Dainard, both on incLcan creek; 2nd
Copper Queer) by P. R.Docherty, Fair-
view by 11. James, Cold Coin by H.
G, Parson; 6th, mahel b.�� m. Dainard,
maple Leaf by J. G. Ullock, Summit
by C. A. Warren, City of Golden by A
W. Upton, all on Canyon creek;
Waterloo by Certainty Gold and min-
in;; Company -Limited, ou Fifteen mile
TDK ICOI roil'S DOHKSHw thourlbs
Quit him tho day his wife Commenced Using
Dr. Von Stan's I'hicapplo T.;l*i.*ts for
Stomach Ailments.
"I was attracted by ouo of of the little
'Chapter ads' tolling iib-jiit the merits nf Dr,
Von ciUn's Pinoapplo Tahlots, aud my wife,
being a grout tailleror and hating iluctoree
for yours lor stomach tumbles, wo procured
them, and it's well within ihu truth to say
lhat she uovor got anything to givo her reliei
milll sho used thein. Thoy worked like
magic. She haa not only heeu relieved ot
distress, but they have oJl'octod what sho behoves will be n permanent cure."
Editor "Light " Y��rin.iulh, N.S.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
What A.   P.   Mullholland
A. F. Mullholland, who has done so
much to promote the interests of tho
Windermere district during the past
year, was In Golden yesterday and informed os that the partitas with whom
he is associated have determined to
place their interests at Windermere on
an active bat-is.
Copper City will bave Hs name
changed to Scarborough ahd a I&U0O
hotel will be built there at once, also
sti-bles to coat $1000, and whioh will
be supplied with horsas to meet the
demand of visitors to the mines.
The Swansea mine will be operated
all winter, and a winter road will U
put In to haul ore to the river for
transportation to the smelter in the
spring. . Development will now be
started at 600 feet down the northern
slope of the mountain so as to get
depth on the properly in which the
owners have now the utmost confidence. Tbey are highly pleased with
the work being done by their engineer,
Mr. Bannatyne.
On the Deloo a winter camp, will U
put in and development work pushed
The Red Line*
The Bed Line at Windermere ha*
unfortunately got into the same position as most other good prospects. It
is tied up with complications that will
be hard to straighten aut. While Hon.
C, H. mclutosh holds the bond on the
claims of the group, mesars. Starbird
and Collett, the former bondees, hold a
fraction an the summit of the mountain
and as tbat gives them their ansa in
depth it would be impossible to operate
the ground properly without the acquisition of this fraction, which is doubtless held at a big figure. Then .again
P. Larsen, one of the owners of tho
Red Line has ns vet given no bond on
his interest in tho property and wont
do so for less than $50,000, so that tho
chances of this promisiug prospect
being oporated aro vory remote.
Placer Mining on Canyon Creok
Active placer operations ure about to
be resumed on Canyon croek within
four miles or Golden. T. Todd will
start work next week on the property
JgCUUttly. operated by Vf, G. m Itch ell*
(Tunes, He ia determined to got to bed'
rook and toee what is in tl.e creek. L.
H. Estell* will also rem m* work on
his ground at the mouth of tho Can*
von, where he has a'ready sunk a
shaft 50 feet in depth, well timbered,
nnd in good shape for proving the
value of tho ground there.
Dr. Agnew'sI Cure for lhe Heart Bends (lid
Disease Clouds and Ilriugs the Sunshine
of Health in 70 Minutes.
Tho boon of quick relief is abundantly
realized in tbo use of Dr. Agnew'a Care fof
ihe heart. In many cshcr kIicig the patient
lia-i In en cnimidnreil hy phvsicians in attoa-
daaco as heyond alt huiw of saying, thn won-
dprful remedy has a charmed lefTect, aad
thoro in uo ease recorded, no matter how
absolutely hopeless it appears.thnt this great
Heart (.ure hns, not civen relief Inside of -'��
minutes and  vmrkou  ulthnaio and vpeedy
ire when persisted iu.
Hold by'-. A, Wnrren.
Social and Athletic Club.
A very Successful meeting of thi
Social and Athletic Club was held last
evening, Arrangements bave been
made for tbo renting uf the Oddfellows
Hall by the Club. The club rooms
will be open daily frem 9a.m, to 5 p.m.
and from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., Wednesday evening excepted. Tho initiatory
fee ha.-; heeu placed ut $1, and dues at
probably &0c. per mouth. Committees
have boen appointed to look after the
various departments of tho club, a
piano has also been rented and will bo
placed in the rooms immediately, and
before long everything will be io full
swing. The ladies of the town havo
beon made honorary members and will
no doubt render valuable assistance in
many ways. The club Btarts with n
good membership and we have no doubt
tho promoters will shortly have reason
to congratulate themselvoe on the
success of their undertaking. Tho
next regular business meeting of the
club will be held ou Thursday 14th
inst. at 8 p.m.
Situate  in tho  (loldoii Mining  Division of
North East Kootenay District,   Whom
Located-Near   tlm heud of  tlm Middle*
Fork ofthe 8 pill hum* bono Iii ver.
Tako notice that we, William McNeish, of
Goldon, Freo Minors Cortltkate No. 1H0MH1,
ThonmsTi'dd of (ioMnn, Mn iiiir-tndur In tho
EslatB nf the hiloJohuO. Todd, Free Miners
Certificate No. 7108A,and Thomas MeNauuht
of tlnl l>u, Admiidstrntor n ths K*tato of the
late llarry U. Wedoley, Froo Miners Cort-
fu-nic  No &872A, intend lit) I'ayn from  the
date hereof to apply to the Milling lleeurdor
fur ti Certificate of Improvements for thu
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
above claim.
Aud further tako notice that fietinn under
section !17 must  bo commenced  before ilia
isHHinicu of such Con ilkiite of Improvements.
Dated this ."-Mill day of August 1890.
WM, McNElSll,
TlloMAS TODD, Administrator.
THOH. McNAUOHT, Administrator.
date   .
Chlof IV
Ion tft pi
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty days after
to i F. Laseelles. mlend 1o a]iply to thn
' ��� * * n'of Lauds A Works for
mso ih&follnwiug desorib?
wted throe miles irom tho
Keuwnay River ���-" lho etad shore of the Up-
i.er Columbia Laka iu Norilj ^i K.iriicnay
District, starting l��* " P"*1 \V*nfM Til*'
cello* S W. thence North following the lakn
Shore thirty chains, thenco East
hhty <��� li Sis, rlSMM M8��Mh 2����
chains thenco wont ten chums o placo of
beSifig, tho wh.lecnu.amiug th.r.yacres.
���ditnUMMte wiih n
(jen, Joitbert Sujs There Will Be No
War, bat Great Britain Will
Not (let All She Wants.
London, Sent. ,1���The situation in
South Africa Las become rather complicated. The strong feeling of the Dntoh
element in Cape Coluny evidently iu-
tieuces the secretary of state for the
colonies, Mr. Chumberluio, todo everything possible to uvt-rt a rupture and
explains the farther endeavor for a
conference at C'npo Town to arrange
for the constitution of an arbitration
conrt to deal with the question of
suzeraiuty, which, rather than the
franchise, nnw takes place in the controversy.
The Standard says. "Diplomatic
dalliance only postpones the evil day
uud prepares for m a htill severer oon
(Hot. Until we resort todcclsive measures every day ndds to the offensive
and defensive strength of the Boers aud
proportionately fosters their infatuated
belief in tbeir owu invincibility, whioh
lies ut the root of theirohduraey. Thus
we are confronted with an exceedingly
grave question.
Thu Daily News euys: "Ml'. Chamberlain's dispatches exhibit a game of
patience almost in the aspect of a
Gen. Joubert is credited with saying: "There will be uo war, but
Urea* Britain will not get all she
New York, Sept. il.���A cable to the
New York Herald from Pretoria says
that Kroger's reply to Secretary Chamberlain last night suggesting another
conference at Cape Town,  is a refusal.
The International at Fort Steele Caught
Firo nntl Wus Completely Defttroyeil.
Fort Steele, B.C. Sept. 3.���The International hotel owned by R, G. Shier
caught fire from the olDce stove this
morning at 0.10. The alarm was soon
given bnt thn fire bad made snch headway before the inefficient fire protection
system got to vrrk that the bnilding is
bnrned to the ground with a loss of
about 15000 partially covered by insurance. Tbe agent of the Imperial and
the Canada Life closed contracts with
Mr. Shier yeterday to the extent of
It was a miracle that ihe whole ot
Main street wns not gutted. Providence's hand seems to huve beeu present,
since thero was a phenomenally heavy
rain during the night which together
with the strenuous und well directed
elforts of the volouteer firemen saved
tlio adjoining buildings und those on
the opposite side of the street towards
which tbe flames poured iu maddening
IH-vh Cnjper Find.
Tucouia, Wash., Sept. U.���Bennett
City advices state thatnn immense copper bed is known to Mfetta irom wnife
Horse Itapds, on the i'likou rver, lo a,
point onthe Diiltou trail forty miles from I
the Lynn canal. It is over fifty miles
in extent, and lies iu British territory.
The first ont-croppingsof this belt were
discovered two years ago by Henry
Bra timber, a niiuing expert, representing the Rotsschijds of Loudon, wbo
have a party ot men developing claims
near the Hootchi nnd Dalton trail.
Tho richest copper ledges ure those
near White Horse rapids. Four thousand acres are staked there, one company of 23 men having 3d acres. Tbey
have filed water rights at Perennial
rapid.], at Miles Canyon, with u view
of working the mines by electricity Iu
one place there are 1/iO.OOO tons of cop
per quartz in sight, worth $i>0 a ton.
Freight Rates Reduced.
Wiuuipeg, Sept. U.���The Canadian
Pacific issued tbeir revised wheat
freight tariff which is of great interest
to farmers. Wheat rates will be reduced ou all branches of their road to
Fort William, the rates goiug into
effect Friday last. This is in keeping
with the Crow's Nest Pass contract
which required of the company a certain reduction in wheat freight rates.
The rate previo is to the granting of the
Crow's iJest Pass concessions was 17c
per 100 lbs. and was reduced to 15 l-Uo
lost year ou wheat shipped from Winnipeg to Fort William. By the cl
iu the rates the tariff is uow Hc.
lhe Northern Pacific revised wheat
freight tariff pnt into effect Friday
last. There will be reductions from
overy poitt.	
Wanted U*tr Husband at Home.
Troy, N. Y��� Sept. I.���Great excitement wsa caused last night tbe police
being notified by Koyal G. Brown, a
tailor liivng on Broadway, tbat, in returning home from work be fonnd his
wife lying on the floor, bound, hand
aud foot, he claimed that a negro had
entered the honse and assaulted her.
The police made investigation and
found tbat tbe woman conoocted the
story to get her husband to remain in
the house at night instead of walking
ont with other women
Jimln-r/ Coming.
Cape Hoytien, Kayti, Sept. 8.���On
the receipt of a telegram from Jim ines,
tbo leader of the revolution, in San
Doming, saying he had been set at liberty nud is leaving Santiago De Cuba
for Puert Plata it was announced that
Jimines will arrive almost Immediate.
ly nt Puerto Plata.
Gen. Guellitn, governor of Monte
Cristi, nlone refuses to capitulate. He
declares he Is awaiting the confirmation
of tbe news ot the success of cherevolu
tion to give up the city and commit
. Fatal Boiler Explosion.
Pittsburg, Pa.. Sept 8.���By tbe ex
plosion of a boiler in the Republio iron
works here four men were instantly
killed and several injured. Other men,
either dead or injured, an believed to
be la the wreckage.
Montreal, Sept 8.���Phillipe Girand,
the Syrian, wbo claimed to be a priest,
but wbo was repudiated by Archbishp
Boschesi, waa committed for trial on a
charge of obtaining money nnder false
pretences. It is alleged he took tbe
money from poor people lo say masses,
I-e Matfu < li units Two Frenoh Officer!
Wtili Terrible CiMne*.
Paris, Spi\ 3.���Le Martin publishes
(he detail*-*] of the investigation into the
conduct of Capt. Voulet aud Capt.
Onanoin, charged with barburous crul-
tis to natives in the French Soudan,
whioh Jed to tbe seudiug of an expedition nnder Lieut.-Col. Klobb after
them. Aceordiug to the statement in
Le Martin the two officers mentioned,
wbo were in command of a column of
troops, began their work of barbarity by
beheading a native who had declared
he did uot know a road about which ho
was being questioned. Subsequently,
it is declared, Voulet captured seventy
natives, of whom he killed tweuty ot
thu women and children, shot a soldier
for wasting ammunition, and burned a
village of ten thousand inhabitants.
Chanoiue, it is added, sbot two of
his men without trial, for not punning
a native wbo had wouuded a soldier.
He also burned a village, and having
lost six men in an engagement, rushed
a village and captured twenty of the
inhabitants, of which number ho killed
teu, placing the heads on picks.
Formosa n Camphor.
Vaucouver, Sept. 8.���News come
from Formosa that the Japanese government intends after the monopoly system
comes into force, to hold all camphor
made in the island for six mouths or
so, without making any sales, nnd then
to fix the price according to the demand
which may be fouud to exist for the
drag in foreign countrii s. The recent
abolition of ��ome 200 kilus for the
manufacture of camphor as the result
of tbe operation of the new low threw
as many hands out of employment.
isabelo Artacho, the Filipino who
was associated with Emilio Aguinaldo
in signing the treaty of Biuc-Nah-Bnto
aud who was afterwards imprisoned by
Aguinaldo at Cavite,Buocor,and latterly at Imns, has beeu airing his grievances iu Hong Kong. Artacho got into
Aguiuuldo's bluck books over the Span
ish purchase money. He was sentenced
to death by Aguinaldo bnt native generals in whoso hands he was placed,
fearing bis exccutoii wonld alienate
the sympathy nf many of the Tugalog
supporters of the insurrection, refused
to carry Aguinaldo's orders iuto effect.
Artacho three times attempted to es
cape. Twice he was captuied. On the
third attempt he was successful iu getting free mid made his way to tbe
American lines. Artacho intends to
raise an notion in supreme court of
Hong Kong to endeavor to obtain from
the Junta Patrlotica of Biac-NaBato
money to which he considers himself
For the Wheat Trade.
Winnipeg, Sept. 8.��� No that the harvest is well nnder way the question of
graiu shipment comes up and the now
familiar question, can tho railways
supply cars enough to carry out the
grain, is being discussed by grain men
uud farmeis thronghout the country.
Tbe railroad meu heard enough talk
last year of the scarcity of curs to keep
this uuestion well before their miuds,
and hnve''beeh gatbunng-np-mritH<-����--u-
Bug stock in anticipation of heavy d(>
mauds. The O.P.R. have been turning
out at their shops at Moutreal daring
tbe last few mouths about teu curs per
day, and are also having big orders
filled for them by the Baldwin Locomotive works for uew locomotives.
They will bave this season from the
east 1,500 new cars, which gives tbe
man equipment of 2.500 for the wheat
traffic, and hope to be able to meet the
emergency in a reasonable way.
Heavy Shortage In Cereals.
Vienna, Sept. 8.���The Hungarian
ministry of agriculture Iris jnst issued
the aunnal estimates of the world's
harvest. This points to considerable
deficiency. While stocks remaining
from last year are much smaller than
is generally supposed, the wheat yield
is 110,000,000 hectolitres below that ot
last year, nud about 84,000,000 short
of tbe eutire world's demand. It is
estimated that the yield of rye is 50,-
000,000 less than last year, or barely
23,000,000 less, and of cats 83,000,000
less. Tbe total deficiency in all cereals
is about 97,000,000 hectolitres.
<;< rmain and China*
Loudon, Sept. 1.���A special dispatoh
received here to-day from Shanghai re
ports tbat serious trouble has occurred
iu the Klau Chow hinterland, between
Germans aud Chinese, during which
six of tbe latter were shot. The German minister to Cbiuu, Burou Von
Keteler, has handed un ultimatum to
the Ohinese government, declaring tliat
unless there is Becunty of life and property nud order is maintained in the
hinterland, Germany will take steps
to protect her owu interests.
Toronto, Sept. 8.���Prof. Simile, who
has been lecturing on chemistry in the
Toronto university for several years
past, has resigned to take a position
with tho William Davies rompnny,
where his duties will be to superintend
the canning processes, incidentally developing the use for big products where
large profits ure expected to accrue to
the company.
���  mt
Manila, Sept. 2,��� Dispatches jnstie
ceived from Cebu announce tbe Ameri
cau troops under Col. Bayless, with two
field pieces, sallied Monday Into tbe
bills against a band of natives who recently ambushed fonr American soldiers and who have been generally
troublesome. The American force
drove them into the bills.
New York, Sept. 2.��� Tbe American
Bioyole company completed its permanent organization by the election of officers. Albert G. Spaulding was chosen
as president For the purchase of the
various plants, which include the oldest and most prominent concerns In tbe
United States, there will be Issued
$40,000,000 stook.
Bnrned to Death.
Winnipeg, Aug. 80.���A report was
received in the city today that a woman and ber two children were burned
to death in thoir home near Letelller.
Tbe house caught fire from the kitoheu
stove and tbe unfortunate inmates,
who, it is supposed, were asleep at tbe
time, were unable tomato their esoape,
Mrs. Tubrivale was tbo name of the
A Chief drain Inspector Will Have
the Supervision Over All the
Work of Uradlug.
Winnipeg, Sept. a.���The new grain
inspection act came into effect yesterday. It affects Manitoba, tbe Northwest Territories and Ontario, us for
east as Fort William, uud the inspection will apply to all for the east and
for export, and will bo made at Winnipeg. Then* will bo a chief grain in*
spector appointed who will have supervision over the work of the wbole inspection stu ff of t he western inspection
division; tbis is an entirely uew office.
All oillciuls will hereafter be paid regular salaries Instead of a fee of 40
cents per car for all grain inspected as
under the old system, when tho inspectors also had to emlpoy their owu deputy inspectors, car samplers and other
employes. In future when grain is
once inspected no mixing will be allowed aud if mixing should be doue by
the owner he can neve again obtain an
official inspection of his graiu other
tlmu for the mixture. A board of appeals is appointed which will be situated at Wiuuipeg wr.ero the orginal
inspection will be made, and auy one
dissatisfied with the grade given by
tho inspector, may at ouco appeal
either to tbe chief grain inspector or to
this board of appeal. In fact if dissatisfaction exists with the chief grain
inspector's decisions appeal may be
further made to tho survey board.
No appoitmet has yet been made to
the position of chief graiu ispector, but
the new act provides that all those
heretofore acting in the capacity of iu-
sp^ctors or deputy ispectors shall retain
their offices nud or the new arrangement. The salaries of tbo various
officals hits not yet been decided upon by
the departuieut or if so uo word of such
decision has yet been received here.
Mr. ['raiicols Itonlii, of Ht. Noi'ImtI, Palls
From HI, Wagon Willi. Asl*>.'|,.
Winnipeg, Sept 2.���A lamentable
accident occurred near St. Norbert
ThurRday night, cnu.-iug the death of
one of the most respected residents of
that parish. Mr. Fraucois fionln. Mr.
Bonin came to Winnipeg with his son
yesterday to purchase some lumber. He
bonght the load and left for home
abont six o'clock, tbe sou remaining iu
the city. Tho young man started for
St. Norbert early the following morning, ajid was horrified lo find the dead
body of bis father lying on the road
about a mile from the town of St. Norbert ou the main road. The old man
who was 04 years of age, had evidently
fallen asleep duriug the night aud slipped from his seat. The wheel of the
wagon struck the baok of his head and
caused his death. The horses attached
lo the wagon were staudiug a short dis*
i**���    f..**f*ip**   |*|f-nlt. 41**--h-hI   -wkou
fonnd.  "
Customs Collections.
Ottawa, Sept. 3.���-Returns available
yesterday show tbat the customs revenue of Canada for August reached
what is said to be the highest figure
ever collected in one month In her history, the amount is 13,631.870, whioh
is $512,073 more than for August of
last year. Last month there was shown
a decrease from July, 1898, on account
of tbe abnormal rush lo Canada then of
German und Belgian goods to catch the
26 per oeut preference, whioh existed
but for a single month. This month's
gain, however, more than balances up
Ihe deficiency.
The information in the bands of tbe
department is yet to show in what lines
these gains were made tbis month, bnt
seems to point to an increase generally
iu importations for thn fall and winter
trade, relying ou the continuance of
tbe present prosperity.
China and Italy.
Pekin, Sept. 1.���-Owing to the
spirit of opposition and evasion shown
by the tsung yamen, the Ohinese
foreign office in tbe negotiations now
progressing between Gblna and Italy,
tbe Italian squadron in Ohinese waters
will be immediately reinforced by two
torpedo boat destroyers.
Car Blown Up at Cleveland.
Cleveland, O., Sept. 1.���-A combination oar cn the Wilson avenne line wai
blown np by a powerful explosive be*
tween Scovllle ann Quinoy streets list
night at OUO. There were six passeug.
ers on board, fivo of whom snstained
broken legs.
Brussels, Sept. 2. ���The Belgian
chamber of deputies rejected a motion
to revise the constitution, the vote
standing 95 against 111 for. The motion
wns intended to pave the way for a universal suffrage bill.	
Toronto, Sept. 2���Mrs. Martin Mnl
cahej tried to start a fire yesterday
morning by using a cad of kerosene.
Ber clothing caught fire and she wis
badly burned. She died in the hospital.
Fell Off a Hand Car.
Winnipeg, Sept. 2.���Dominlco Gullo,
an Italian section band employed on
the Southeastern, was seriously inju.ed
by falling off a huudrnr a few miles
from Winnipeg. While travelling
along the rood at a fair speed, he in
some way fell off and was mn over by
the ou. He was brought into tbe olty
and token to the General hospital,
where It was fouud that his injuries
wen very serious, his baok having been
broken. His jaw bone was also frao.
tnred. His suffering was terrible. He
will undergo an operation today.
Montreal, Sept. 8.���The dead body
of a yonng mau, believed to be Fair
bairn Christie, 19 yean old, son of
John Christie, the cleotrioal inspeotor
of the Great Northwestern Telegraph
Co., was fonnd in Christie's residence,
50 Shiter street yesterday. The family
ate spending the holidays at Peaks' Is*
land, Maine, aud have uot yet returned.
This morniug a youuger sou returned
and on entering a room he fonnd the
body, wbioh was taken lo the morgue.
So far It has been Impossible to Identify
the body, because it Is bloated with
gas and out of all recognition.
[Copyright, UM, by th. Author.)
By 9 o'clock the roar of musketry had
slackened to an occasional volley which
was prolonged by a few scattering shots,
a little flurry of stars, a spark here, a
flash there, nntil silence and darkness
settled on tho valley.
Some time In the night Henry Price
came baok np the hill in the mood of a
man on whom a slight has been pnt In
his heart he envied the dead and dying
lying between the pickets in the dark
valley. Because he had come ont unscathed he knew that there was another
day of the battle before him. In hia
highly wrought condition he waa unable to rest Others slept as if nothing
hail happened. Even the patient horses
dozed iu swaying lines against the film
of smoke that overhung the charred
timbers of the honse and started in
their dreams to breathe heavily, creaking a saddle hero and rattling a headstall there.
Henry Price wss neither glad nor
sorry to see the rosy light of morning.
Perhaps even then he saw only the red
gloom of the sunken road as he stretched
his stiffened limbs and muttered: "It
was my work. I did it."
His physical strength sustained him
Wonderfully in the rongh work of the
day that followed, dnring which the
stubborn lines were forced back from
ridge to ridge until the third evening
fouud the whole army in orderly retreat. Through it all Henry had kept
his poet at the muzzle of the gun. He
showed no sign of weariness. He seemed
dazed rather than tired. After two
sleepless nights and two suoh eveutfnl
days it may reasonably be donbted if
he was capable of subdividing the time
that had passed since the dawn of his
horrible self conviction in the glare of
the burning farm buildings.
Hehad lost nothing of the presentiment that he was fighting his last battle, and when the battery made its final
stand in the afterglow of the sunset,
before leaving the field that waa already
lost, he sponged and rammed in a mechanical Way and sprang outside the
wheel like a well drilled automaton.
The honr was upon him. Every inch
of his body was numb with the expectation of a blow. His scalp and his extremities were cold. He was a doomed
man set against a wall, awaiting the
snre volley, only the file of riflemen was
not yet told off and there remained to
him the merciful relief of activity..
"When his qnick eye caught the dribble of gray figures running and dodging
through the hollowB of the next field,
multiplying among the scrubby cedars
and swarming behind tho stone wall,
he recognised his grim executioners.
He heard the cries for donble canister,
and laughed as he drove the two tin
cylinders into the black throat of the
gun. A little patter of bullets peppered
the wheels, and some puffs of dnst leaped np from the ground aa the gray men
sprang over the wait
He stood there at his post in the
white smoke as the old gnns thundered
by half battery aud swept tbe field with
alternate volleys of iron balls.   As the
tont and batted   NV.nie.it full hn.-lr tha
cannoneer, leaped on the wheels with
yells   of defiance���all  exoept  Henry
Price.    Hi. plight wa. no.  noticed a.
first in tbe wild excitement followed by
the Bweep ot galloping limbers, but in
replacing the equipments he was found
on the ground, grasping the rammer
staff in his blackened hands.
"I expected it," he gasped, and as he
released the stall he clutched at his wet
and soiled shirt front. ' 'It hurts me to
breathe. Don't touch me���-I'm done
There waa no surgeon at hand, bnt
in spite of his remonstrances he wss
lifted on to a limber chest and supported there by a comrade as the victorious
battery left the field He was resigned
to his fate. He had no desire to live. It
was the vengeance of God demanded by
that skeleton band extended from the
shallow grave by the roadside. One
memorable night had intervened between the night of bis conviction and
the night of his expiation. Was there a
mysterious fatality about the nnmber
He spoke In broken sentences, for tbt
rosd wm rongh and the heavy gun carriage, drawn by six powerful horses,
rambled relentlessly over tbe stones,
only swerving once with the column to
avoid the bine forms which suddenly
appeared in great numbers lying amai-
ingly still on the hillside.
It was dusk when the battery floundered through the ran above the wreck
of the old stone bridge, and the wonuded man on the limber was tossed like a
leaf as the heavy wheels ground over
ammunition chests and boxes of bread
which had been shaken from the wagon
trains in the hurried retreat.
The companion who had supported
Henry thus far managed to keep him
npright on the folds of the big canvas
that cushioned the limber chest, bnt the
jolting was too mnch for him. At ���
sign from thn sergeant deaf Spence, who
was huge nni good natnred, dismounted, and having placed Price In the saddle walked like a great, faithful dog at
his side.
"It's no use, Spence, lugging a dead
man along with the march," said Henry. "For God's sake, lay me in the
fence corner there and leave me to my
fate." He stretched ont his open hand as
he spoke toward the place that he coveted on a bank by the roadside.
"I'll bet ye dot" said Spence, clawing a'plece of navy plug from the bottom of his pocket "Take a big chaw,
Henry. I knowed ye wanted it"
Henry waved the proffered tobacco
away with disgust, tnd despairing of
making himself understood by the deaf
man rested hia eyes resignedly on the
long line of drivers swaying and tossing
in front, nntil tbeir bobbing heads were
lost in the dnst and gloom of the advance. He noticed languidly tho parallel battery sharing the road with his
own and the shadowy lines of infantry
marching rapidly In the fields at either
side, with a toothing, rhythmical clatter of loose equipments, their bayonets
catching an occasional glint of moonlight. H e wat swept along in the irresistible swirl of tht current, for the
sky itself seemed to lie retreating with
the defeated army. The .scurrying
clouds, flying before the light wind
wen chasing each otber in ragged, derisive battalions abovt the hurrying
columns, as If they wen racing with
the jaded men or fleeing In afftight
from the gha.tly scenes on tht great
He felt no pain 1Mb hit wound, hat
a gnat wearintta came ever him.
he saw a. dark nasi of figures In tht
telghborlng field, Intermingling like
objects in a swirling tidy, crowded to
-tne tide by the strong flowing current
Then he taw the dtrk lints of teems
streaking the slope beyond and kntw
that the shadowy men* wen planting
gunt to cover the retreat
The big deaf man was lumbering
heavily at his tide with one htnd on
the horse's bridle. The driven wen
swaying in their saddles tnd nodding
itrangely over the creaking collars. A
bowing cap came in contact with the
neck of a horse and fell off into the
road. The drowsy heat, tbe rumble of
the carriages and the tramp of many
feet had their effect on the wounded
man, who was no longer conscious of
the stifling dnst or of the rank smell of
the damp fields mingled with tho salty
odor af the galled teams. He waa not
disturbed by the occasional halts, when
the men slid dowu to tbe ground and
slept with their.hpiide on the saddles, or
hy the extra scrambling and clatter of
hoofs when a general and staff with
headquarters flags and cavalry escort
hurried by to the front.
It may be that he was dreaming of
Jim and tliat his vision had brought
him to the death scone, when he lurched
and would( huve fallen but for the strong
arm .of Spruce, which pnt him back
into the saddle aud remained with a
precautionary curve around bis back.
Tho deaf man muttered an oath at
his own drowsiness. He had been
munching hard bread at tho moment to
koep himself awake. When the column
halted, tbey wero close to a littlo stream
where tho road dipped between two
bills. The nmcll of the water reminded
Spence that ho wus thirsty, and he led
the horse up the bed or the rivulet nntil they wore out of the orowd, with
tho intention of taking a drink. Instead of doing so, he eat down on the
ground and was overcome in a twinkling by the annum of sleep ho had been
fighting so long. The horse put down
his head and drank through his gur*
gling bits and then betook himself to
cropping tho grass which grew conveniently at a level witb bis shoulder.
In good timo Henry Price, unsupported, toppled over on the sido toward
the bank, but with the instinct of a soldier who had slept in tho saddle before
ho clasped tho horse about the neck and
let himself easily to tbe ground. To
breathe out bin life undisturbed was the
one boon he bed craved from his deaf
keeper, who now muttered in his sleep
more oblivions than ever. It waa not so
painful to be shot or so dreadful to die
as he had believed, and with this grateful thought which he half shaped into a
prayer of thanksgiving Henry Price
lapsed into unconsciousness.
The drowsy columns moved on, lurching and dozing through the close August'night, trampling the dust of the
road with blistered feet and beating
parallel paths in the fields. As tho houn
passed the flying clouds thickened into
a blackness tliat obscured the moon, and
then came tho warm rain to make the
march and the steaming clothing af the
soldiers heavier than ever.
The two men by the rivulet wen not
disturbed by tbe rain, nntil the horse
(-wwm. a tag   at   tha   hrlrile, which wok.
the deaf man, who sat up and shook
himself. He remembered that bis comrade was wounded. Ho reared tbe. be
wot dead Then was no longer any
moving infantry in the fields, and on
the road only a few spectral figure,
drifting serosa a break in the clouds and
further discernible in the darkness by
twathings of white.
"Greet heads," muttered the deaf
man. "Them fellers ain't givin np like
Henry on layln ont on the damp ground
to catch cold a purpose.''
He crept over to the body nnder the
tree and groped about In a scared way
for a hand The hand waa encouragingly
J       ^ V:"**.%*>"*>..
Be would haw /alien but for tht ttronf
arm of Spence.
warm, and he nulled at the limp arm,
at the tame time calling tbe sleeper by
Henry Price groaned and opened hit
eyes on to the brow of the hill over
which they had come. Its black tlm cnt
sharply against the sky, which wat bt-
ginning to clear.
"Who in yon that disturbs me?" he
asked He wu evidently in aome donbt
t. to which world he waa resuming
eontclonsntst In.
"Wain np, Henry," replied tht dtaf
min, who wu vtguely conscious tbat
hit comrade had spoken. "I'll pnt yon
on the horse tnd we'll (etch up with
the battery by mornin."
The tonndof voices on tbe bask of
the stream arrested the slept of a tall
soldier who wu hurrying along tba
f*s be contlnae-U
What wt ara looking for It a girl
wboae thoet an not a milt too large.
When a child scratches Itt httd, Itt
mother want, to know whom It hu
been playing with of lata.
A woman la liameottly tattered
when "the girlt" uk btr to appear at
a party In a low neck gown.
When a woman can't' ting at all,
friend, txente her by laying that,
though litr volet It not ttrong, It Is
very tweet
Wbtn a woman li tatertalnlng aa
ont of town giest, tht lookt very
grateful wben some ou asks her
"company" how long sbt ll going to
stay. atn^ki
need you not . woo..', word.
Lover fond snd tela.
Whe. . "Ke" or two you'v. heard
Aa. tb. mid SI-*...
Tlilnk Nt wben her nam U ��*U���
Thi. la truth"!* nn���
Lorn, that ah. .cm will
Oln you aarw.r fslr.
BMd sat, lorn, onr muoh.
Bill naaUlat band;
loath, . msid-n's wtrt sn such
Nob. inn undetttind;
���tar y��n not for wrinkled from,
tmratul teas o! head;
ar no >i|* that's written down
Woman's tout Is raid.
Donbt you not law worth I. mmII;
Fesr you not bar chums;
Slths .nd downcut eye. ud th���
Take lier In your arras,
Claim her with a Ida- or tea.
When*, .he will not stir.
She is yours, God do hy yo.
A. you do by herl
-St. Paul'.
H-l-l-l-M 11111111111111II1
His Sense ol Duty:
tt Led Rim to N.tUct Hit
Own Mother to Attend tbe
Eieh. But Death Waylaid
Him and Took Hia frem
Hia Suite* Meld of labor.
i 111111111111111111II111
The "gnat doctor" bad been called to
the country teat ot the sick mUliousire,
tnd, arriving just as the crisis had set In,
was able to tell the family a few houn
later that he had ssved his patient's life.
Scarcely could wife and children do
enough to express their gratitude. They
praised the great doctor as If be had
been deity. Would not he accept their
hospitality fer a short time? It wonld
make them immeasurably happy and
proud. No, the treat doctor was In a
harry, for on the morrow there began In
Moscow a medical congress which he
must not miss, as the health and happiness ef a great many people in all parts
ot the world depended on the exploitation
ot certain discoveries which he was going
to announce.
So the best sleigh wet taken ont of
the shed. The blooded horses which tht
proprietor reserved for his own personal
use were none too good for him. and, covered with precious furs, a hamper with
delicacies under the test, his excellency
started out lata the night As he drove
from tbe castle yard the steward ran
after him. "A brace of pistols, worshipful sir! One never knows what may happen. The coachman also Is well armed."
The sleigh bad proceeded only a few
versts when suddenly the hones stopped,
reared aud plunged. Whip aud words
railed to make the brutes go a step farther. Then a man stepped from the shadow of a tree and. uncovering a lantern,
"Brother," he said, raising his hat,
"can you spare me a seat? 1 am bound
for the village, when a poor patteut of
mine ia in the throes ot death."
The doctor recognized the young physician whom he' had met In the castle, but
who had seemed to vanish into thin air
after the authority from the capital had
made his much heralded appearance.
"Step lu," he said, with all the condescension tt hit command, hut be could
have kicked the fellow for asking bin.
The youug doctor tested himself by the
professor's left aud the hones resumed
their furious pace. "J would deem It a
great favor, brother, if you would atop a
moment when we arrive In tbe village
and take e look tt the old woman. Maybe
you could prolong her life," he said after
awhile.   -
The great doctor did not care to hide
his annoyance. "I haven't a minute to
span," he grumbled. "Net a minute.
Don't esk me." And be drew bis hood
closer around his ears.
"Bnt you wilt past her hut' Please
In a tone more angry than before the
great doctor inquired, "What's the matter with your old wench, anyhow!"
"The old lady la suffering from consumption."
"Consumption!" rosred the gr.jt doctor with a sneer. "Aud fer such a common disease you bespeak the pretence ef
a specialist like me?"
"Vou think, then, that there Is no hope?
Is this your expert opinion, brother?" the
country physician uked.
The great doctor drew himself away
from his colleague. Looking bim full In
the face, he said in t voice trembling
with suppressed nge, "Young mau, I
think that the time tad abilities I devote
to the highest scientific tasks and problems should not be wetted by running lu
competition with a cupper sawbones
such ss yon."
"But yonr excellency Just comes from
an errand of that kind. You succeeded
the cupper st the millionaire's bed, but
of course expect to bt Well paid for lowering yourself. Every man bu his price."
"Hold yonr tongue, sir!" cried th.
greet doctor. "You en forgetting who
I am."
"A brother colleague." Insisted the
stranger. "You cta't forget that. We
are In tho stmt business, though our
methods differ. I ta employed by peer
people bectuH I never prescribe costly
medicines. Tht rich employ me, too-
wben they mutt Yon witnessed thit it
tht ctstlt. Still your lut success, like all
previous schlevements ef youn, depended
upon my good will. Fool tbat you are to
think that you ssved Michael Nlcolale*
rlteh from death. It wu Death that rejected bim for thit ont time."
With then words, ctnlestly spoken,
the stranger fixed nit Impressive eyet en
his companion, whe began te tremble.
"It*, a cold night���a mighty cold night"
continued tbe stranger; "or Is it perhtpt
fear that nukes you shake to?"
"Non>en.e," eeld the grett doctor, but
ht wohld nave given a thousand robin
for tbe privilege of throwing the stranger
out And i. ht looked him over to welch
hit chance, la a possible outlet hit cut-
paoloi) teemed to grow ud expend. He
wtt becoming nun formidable every ate-
ond: more awe iuspirlag ind men flail.
Itr too.
"Stop!" cried tbt profttsor. "Driver,
���top!" But the horses doubled their paco.
The sleigh collided with trees, overhaug-
lut branches brushed against Its cover.
"Stop, driver! Stop, If you want to retain your position!" Then wu i craik,
the ground teemed te rite. The old coachman tumbled frou the box, the nine
dragged In the enow, the tarns ran u If
tbe foreat wen aflt-i.
"Now I must pity coachman," Mid tht
country doctor. He leued forward,
enatched up the ribbon, tnd Itughtd.
'We will bave ��� merry ride; take my
word tor It" ���"
"Yes, yes!" stuttered tbe professor, end
stealthily drawing a pistol from his pocket be pointed it at his companion's back.
Tbe country physician aever quivered.
"Don't act childishly," he said without
"Monster! I recognise you now!"
"Do yon at last?" sneered tbe -.tranter.
"I should have thought a man killer like
you would kuow Death on sight aud
wouldn't be afraid of him, either. If any
ot your rivals could hire seen you trying
to fight Detth, pistol In hand, how they,
would have enjoyed iti Bnt where is
your science now; when your strategy?
Why are you so small til it once?"
A snowstorm came thundering through
the trees. In the fsr esst the flint light
ot day wis gathering. Yonder on the
mountain side lay sleeping village..
"Do you recognise the neighborhood?"
uked Death.
"I do. I was born here."'
"And who Is the poor old Isdy. nay the
miserable old wench, wbo mutt die today?"
"I don't know. I"���
"Guess then,"
"My mother."
"What did you do for your mother?
'Your door was closed against ber. That
scientific skill of which you boast wit not
for tbe woman who bore you In paint,
wbo suckled you it her weary breast."
"You Ire mistaken. I looked out for
her. I sent her money enough to live hen
among her own folk."
"Iran!" cried Death, and his voice
swelled like the thunder of heaven, "whet
do you do with your rich consumptive. In
"I send them into warm oiimsteo."
"Then why did not you send yonr
mother then?"
"Because she is incurable."
"Yet to die in the fog and frost, bereft
of sunshine and love, Is hitter���I. cruel."
"I admit that I have neglected ber.
But think of my work, my ambition, my
social station! I' am physician of the
"Yes, aud she who gave you life la a
mere peasant. Give me back thit life
���nd she shall in the spring again, tbe
golden sun and the sweet flowers. The
birds shall slug for her. She shall hare
fresh vegetables, cherries, early apples."
"No, no!" cried the great doctor, his
hair rising. "Do not kill me! I-et me
"I will uot tliy you outright. You ahull
htvt t lighting chance. Teke courage-
exploit your science, ill yonr ftmed skill
In opposing me. You tremble���your self
confidence gone already? Ah! you thought
me a miserable skeleton. Yon never suspected that I was stronger tbsn any living thing. Look it me. I am Disharmony that tears asunder loving hearts, I
throw dust to dust. I am Hutn-il���terrible, destructive���yet 1 am a peacemaker.
I am the grett Unknown, wbo doge men'.
ttepa from the moment they are born. I
see everything. I wstcb everybody, and
I forget nobody."   ...
With thit Deith threw the rein to the
wind tud leaned over the bocks of the
horses, encouraging tbem to still greater
A mm In i somber frock celt ind a
white necktie iscended with slow, deliberate step tke orator*, tribune in the hill
of tht medical congress. After clearing
his throat tnd wiping his eyeglasses ht
iddretHd tht learned body u follows:
"I am constrained to Interrupt the programme of the dty by to announcement'
that involm t distinct lots to medical
science and to suffering humanity. Our
distinguished colleague, the medleal councilor, professor snd body physician to
hit Imperial highness, Dr. ���, died lut
night daring the snowstorm In t runaway
accident when returning frou a visit to
a patient whose call he had totweml
despite the lets hour, unmindful of the
dangen thst bent the wsy of one traveling at night
"We mourn htm. We honor hia In
death. The grett physician, the loving
. son, tht devoted Mead, who died a victim to hit' sense of duty."���Trintlited
for tke New York Press. -
A gate Pr.tletl...
Dlmlelgh-I understand lhat then It
a akeleton In tbt closet at yonr boarding house,
Sllmlelgh���I don't know about that,
bnt there'll toon be ont la a hill bedroom. -Town Topics.
An Inference,
Nodd-We've been without a cook
now for a week.
Todd���How do you Hand It?
Nodd-Firafrate, bnt I Imagine my
wlfi mott ba having a bard tlmt.-
Brooklyn Life,
Almott ill the tnfferiug ihit woman
endures oan bt traced to tbe irregnlaii-
tlee of tht delicate and sensitive feminine organism, which Is Inltniitely
oonneoted with every l-ait of the iyt
tern. If the monthly flow ii not pir-
ftctly healthy It abowt Itself by paint
���nd tohtt in Um limbs nnd book, du-
trailing bearing-down ftolingt,blotches
on the faoe. neok nnd arms, headache.
and Und, despondent feeling!
A healthy woman It never Irregular
She taoapta Ibe suffering at the monthly
periodt, and la not exbiniled by tills
natural notion. Tbe symptoms mentioned above, and wbioh to many wo*
man endon, tell of iihtueted nervee
When tht nerves an weak tbt whole
tyttern luffere the strain of tba monthly
aotion, which sbonld ba easy and nnta-
ial Sat tbe nerve, right and ta* palm
and achat will diatppnr, Then -will
hi no men frregoliritln whan' lb*
wbole body it under tb* ooatrol of
healthy net vet.
Th* most suooteaful rettortttvt that
telenet bu aver dtvlaed for txbiattad
nerves is Dr Chase's Nerve Food, and
It hu proven to wonderfnlly btntlotal
to women lhat It It now oonaidand
tpeolflo for nilmentt peculiar to
Besides restoring and revitalising th*
nerve* Dr. Ohm's Men* Food naku
ntw, nd corpwclw In tht blood. With
the blood thnt pun ind rich women
scarcely notice the effeot of the month*
ly notion wblob it at otber lima* ao
Under Iblt treatment tbe form
rounds oat, pnl* oheeki become plnmp
nnd my, ind then it ntw vitality and
tltttioity In every movement
Heilth makes woman beautiful aad
attraollve.   Health can only ohm to
ran teeexwee ns bottss, eewmmee sot
Mood, mn makes woman ktalthy,
beautiful and happy. DO colli a bn,
���t all dealers, or Edmonton, Bate* *
Co, Toronto. u
aotDEN, nniTixH Columbia.
It is said that the paeer Dusty Wilkes,
��.19*4, b; Newton's Allie Wilkes, has
enon-n a halt in his work in 1:03%.
Hnael Kinney, 2:12m*. will be raced on
the California circuit by Charles Jeffries
instead of coming cast iu.Trainer Hodges'
Ima Blectrlte. the fest Texas 3-year-
oW, has grown and thickened a great
deal from last season, when she was
about as big aa a pint ot cider. .
It it reported that Flora Woodnut,
y.*26!4, in Tom Grady's string at Belmont park, Philadelphia, haa trotted
trials recently "lu the neighborhood of
' The young green trotter Moquettum,
by Moquette, .2:10, who won two races
at Dayton, 0��� recently, taking a record
ot 2:28"**4, can step any mile track In 2:20
right now.
Zauonla, 2:19)4, the Robert McGregor
Bin who has been trotting so well in
tke slow classes on the central York circuit, Is out of the peeing man Lucy B,
2:18"4 by Legacy.
|v The Hlghwood mare, Cantabile, whe
reduced her record from 2:28% to 2:154
recently at Dover, la out of Jefnuette,
2:26%, by Don Cossack, In ber day a
prominent colt trotter.
The 2-year-old filly Susie J, by Jay
Hawker, owned by W. L. Spears, the
Keutucky horseman, must be a speed
marvel. She has trotted t quarter lu
83% seconds on a half milt trick.
Cornelia Belle, the fast dangbter of
Onward, wbo took o 2-year-old pacing
record of 2:1?% In 1897, hit been converted, to the trot by N. T. Klrby of
Jacksonville, III.., and It utmed In tbe
2:"��0 class at Peoria.
A. B. Spreckels of California, owner
of Venn. II, 2:10%. the crack mare in
Keeling', stable, has lu Psycho, who ll
Sy ber sire Cupid, 2:18, and out of a sister, of ber dam, another green one sold to
be just as fast. She will-race iu California this season.���Horse Review.
Ait for llnrt'i ai Ufa it otter.
SiwaDmltea NutaHlWtt Mafc ���
StferMM kyiOetcndiedWIh.
a PAirano umt
.v-F'A"""!'^.'1 Mfcratotlliaab**
thlnldnf of tiring the Samaria Preearip-
tlon treatment on my husband for Ua
drinking habits, but I waa af mid he would
dimmer Butt I wu giving him medicine,
and the thought unnerved me. Ihesltatel
for newly a week, but one day when bt
feme home vary much intoxicated and
Ms -week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
of all fear and determined to make aa
effort to ran onr home from the ruin I
saw coming, at all .hazards. I sent for
yonr Samaria Prescription and pnlltln
obtegtoe ati directed next morning aad
watched and prayed for the result. At
-w���. ""-..twayen ior sue resnil*. At
noon I garo him more and also at supper.
He .never suspected a thing, and I thn
boldly.kept right on giving it regularly, u
I had discovered something that nt every
herve In my body tingling with hon and
aapplnw. and I could see a bright itatun
spread out before me-�� peaceful, happy
horn*.* sharei In the good Stageo/llfe"an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
tvaythlng else dear to a> woman', heart.
was vll. .tuff and he wu taking a dislike
I* It   II w��i only too true, for befon I
Jrinkl       "** '"" m>in> >>��� bad stoi**
m.medloln. uli It ���'gon"!.nd*!'hen2S'l
Msr*. H. never haa*and*I am writing
yon this letter to tell you how thankful I
am. I honestly bolleve ll will enn th*
worst oaaoa"
a uaui-,,,,0. in piam. araien envelope,
sent free, giving testimonials ��� nd full K
formation, with direction, how to take or
administer Samaria PreaorlpUon. Com-
���nndenoe considered taoredlv conflden-
ML Addnes The Samaria Bemedy Co.,
Jordan treat, Toronto, Ont "������* """
hs.no equal foraure ihooJdan
In the civil war onr soldiers find
privation md hunger. A little elory in
H. Clay Tromboll't book, "Wir Mem-
orlee of a Chaplain," tails of the apirit
la which they sometime! did it
Whllt befon Petenburg doing tlege
work In the summer of 1864, onr mtn
bad wormy bard tick served ont to
tbem. It wu ��� severe trial to the men.
Braking open Ihe bitcnitt md finding
live-worms in them, thty wonld throw
tbe pieces la tbe tranches, although th*
ordtrs w.r. to keep tb* trencbet clean.
A brlgadt oflctf of Ibe day, teeing
torn* of then scraps along onr front,
called ont aharply to onr mm:
"Throw thit bird tick ont of the
trenches." Then, ������ the man promptly
gathered it up, be added, "Don't yon
know that yon'vt no business to throw
hard tick In tht trenches?"
Ont from the Injured soldier betrt
thin ctmt tht rusonabls explanation,
"We've thrown It ont two or tbree
timer, iir, but It crawlt back."
ii.ni I
raata.tl. raaelaa rend IB a r.wwy
Yeatt-DId you ever eee* anything go
at fait ������ a snake when*it geta itarted?
Crlmtoobeak-Yes.  A dollar bill
"Making love," tald tbe bachelor, "It
aa dangerona u making facet. You
want to know Juat whom you've got
to deal with."
Hbe-tt'i Ilk* pulling teeth to get her
to talk,
He-You mean It'i lik*. taking thi
��� mt. " 	
Vlsltor-And dot* yoar town bout of
any poeta?
Native-Yes. Wt'vt got fonr ont In
tbe cemetery.
Becoo-Th.y lay Rockefeller It a literary maa.
Egbert-Yee. ' I believe be own! a
lot or tb* Standard work*
"Jndge, 1 ask you to keep Iblt wit-
new itlll."   .
"Don tbe learned counsel forget tbat
tb* witness It a woman r
' BIU-OIII wouldnVthlnk of fishing
on Snaday.
Jill���No. -But ht'll tit around and lit
abont it, all tht aim*.
Cholllt-Do yon know, 1 caa hardly
keep my held above water.
Dolllt-That'a funny. I thought anything very light wonld float"
I'atlence-Don't yon tblnk Will hu a
musical laugh?
I'atrice-Indeed, I dol 1 notice hs si
vhf ttdgfat when yon try to ling.-
mdusd-s unmr uum. im.
Alloway & Champion,
tilled Stook. boaght. Mid. aad eam-led
aa wargta.
Writ. u. ii yon wish to alcanna*, any kind of
money, to bay Government or C K. vt. Oo.
Land*), or to tend moony aoywhare.
Reported by Alloway k Champion,
8tock Broken, Winnipeg
Wllinilirg, Aug. Bl 186SL
���Bant*                         Setttri.    Bntert
Montreal  IM
Molson's  W SOS
Merohanl.'  Its 1��K
Onion  l��i ..���
Oommeroe  IU    - .49
Commercial Cable..  160 1st
Montreal Tel  HI 170
Rlob.aOnt.Mav  IU 111),
City r��a.H'y  IS*, it*****
Halltax B'y '  II! IU
Montreal Oat  sw Ita
Toronto B'y i  MM HT
DuluthP.iif.n-d  IB Url
Can. Pec. B'y, Montreal  m i,7K
Cn. l".c. H'y. London  Mi ....
Money,time...  li
Money on out  t
Quoted by Alloway k Champion,
868 Main street, Winnipeg.
n*lrhsm.rk.. t*0.*tt 1-1
Austrian Gulden IU
Holland Gullilin a
Franc. 117-1
���lui.l.n Bouhlc. DM
BnnUh Mirkhaa    'II
Krouor W
Italian Lire	
'MS    i,
Wheot-No. 1 hard, tai William,
Flonr���Ogilvin���Hungarian patent,
11.88; Glenora, 1.85; Manitoba strong
baken, |1.M. lako of the Woods---
Patent, 81.85; tlrong baken, |1.65;
tecond taken, 11.88; ZZZX, $1.08
per taok of 98 Ibe. Dlaoount of to per
sock to oath buyers.
MiUfted-Bran $11, and iborti f 18,
net prion to dealen.
Ground Feed���Beit Oat chop, 118
per too; mind barley and oata, $18.50
to $14.50; best grade*of oorn feed $19,
Inferior qualities $17.60 per ton. 011-
oake, $84 per ton.
Oata���Good feed, 40o.
Oatmeal-Oar lota of rolled about
$1.85 for 80 lb. aaoka.
Oon���Oar lota on traok hen, 4lJ��*o.
Barley���Abont 88o per buahalof 48
Wheat���Country prises���59 to 54o
for bett grade*.
Hay���Baled, $5.50 to $8.60 on traok
hen Imoee hay on the slreet, $5 to $��.
Butter ��� Creamery, 19o; dairy,
Oheeee���Faotory, Do to lOo; dairy,
Bgga���Striotly freeh, 16o.
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, choice, new
potatoes, from 40o to SOo per bushel;
rhubarb, lo per lb.; radishes, lOo par
doaan bnnobn; green onions, lS^o par
dot. bnnohti; canlifiower, 96 to 86o per
down, according to tin; tomatoes, 8o
par lb,; new peu, OOo per bushel;
bntler beans, 9o per ponnd; ononmhen,
100 to 15o per dor.; cabbage, 16 to 95o;
turnips, HJfo in bunches; oelery, 95o
per dosen bnnobn; mushrooms, lOo
par lb; broad beans, lo per lb.; iweet
oon, lOo par doaen oobs,
iSt��JSV8lS;*Ho.T5Xo; Ka~
t, 41 9. Kip, 8 to t%o; oalf, 8o; dea*
Mn skins, 98 to 8Do each; sheepskins
and lambtkint, 40 lo ��5o; hon* hide*,
SOo to 76o each.
Wool���7 to 8o for unwashed Manitoba fleet**.
Dressed Meats ���Beat, ��H to 7o;
mutton, 10 to llo; Teal, 7J, to IJfoj
pork, 8 to 8)40.
Ponlhy���Fowl, SOo par pair; spring
nhiokena. 85 to .Oo per pair; yonng
ducks, SOo per pair; turkeys, llo par
lb., Ut* weight; upland plover, SOo
per pair.
Oattle-Grase fed, off on* at Winnipeg, SKo par pound
Shnp���Ohoio* Manitoba ttook, 4>,o
per ponnd off oan.
Hogs���Selected weight!, $8.00 per
100 pounds.
Milch Oowt���Good new milkers an
worth from $80 upward* In lha olty,
flrarlag Back at Victoria.
Victoria, Ang. 99.���There is a minor
at Esquimau tbat tbis fall the admiralty will take over the graving dook from
the Dominion governmont and enlarge
it to accommodate lint olan battle
ships. Only through this enlargement
can any larger ship be stationed here,
and the oomminion of the Royal Oak,
a twin ship of toe Royal Sovereign,
for hen, which it on* of tbo events
predicted for the near future, wonld be
conditional upon the docks enlarge
Tbe body of J. H. Gilohrist, who
dluppearod a Couple of weeks ago immediately after the death of his wife,
wu fonnd in the water off Macaulay
Point. He hnd tied a bag of stones
abont hia neck lo make ran of drown
Ing. Qilohrlst it blamed for canting
bit wlft'i death by neglect to noun
medioal assistance, and the police have
been tearohing for Mm.
Windsor, Ont, Ang. 80.���Arthur
Oollltr, aged 91. wu killed in the M.
0. railway ytrds yesterday morning by
being ran over by a locomotive. He
wu employed u a oar obeoker and began work only ynterdny.
Sixteen Men Killed.
St Ktlenuo, Ang. 99.���While six-
Men men wen descending into the
Oonchard mine, a Hante Croix, today,
th* oable broke and they wen all
Berlin, Ang. 99.���The "Lokal Ansle*
ger says tba Empress Augusta Viotoria
Is again ao Inditpoeed tbit her physl
clini bar* forbidden her to aooompany
Emperor William to the antnmn
manoeuvres la South Germany.
_l-i���     .
Kingsville, Ont, Ang. 89.���James
Emery, aged 70, a pioneer of Essex
ooonty, fell dead while driving hit
oowi from the pasture lut evening.
Vienna, Ang. 99.���The Roliwhoh*
correspondent lay* a deputation of
American merchant! from Mnnila hu
gone lo Wubligton to promote a
scheme for selling the Philippines to
Gnat Britain.
Bt John, N.B., Aug. 87.-Senator
Temple, of Fndtrlotou, died Frldty
(Ttnlng at Falmontb, N.S.
A Prisoner's Release.
A Bright Youth of Bight-son Suflforod so
Badly tram Aithmo m.1 HronohltU
that ho wh Forced to Remain la aa
Air-tight Room tar Month* at a
Timo. Or. Clarke's Kola Compound
Mr. U 0. LamlenM, 0. P. B. Engineer, 6M
aitexandw Street. WUinlpeg/writ*:- 'My aon,
-rhotojurt eighteen years of nge. bu been ���
^rrlUa sufferer from -ultima and bronchitis
daring sight rears. I have spent hundred! of
dollars with doctors and many remedies, but he
beoame worse each year. Many timet be be-
ouneM weak and tne attacks w -severe, that
wo thought esch wonld be his last. Fur months
at a time he has been confined to the house In
an air-tight room, and continually treated witb
mustard plasters and poultices to keep him
from choking. About tbo first of September
we heard ot Clarke's Kola Compound, and pur
first four the ehanjte was veryilfctht, but shortly
after taking tbe fifth he jrradjially became better, and nould soon go out any day, and since
chased In all seven bottles,   while taking tht
���*���*-- utshortb
 ������ --- ��� ���._���_..��� ���oama bet
ter, and could soon go out any day, and since
completing the treatment has been completely
oureri. tiegoesout in the severest Manitoba
weather and exposes himself to Boverc tests,
and the attacks nave not returned.   It certain-
Sr hss been a blessing to him, and I feel it my
uty to highly recommend it to any person
troubled with this disease." ^
Clarke's Kola Compound lithe only permanent cure for asthma yet discovered, ana lt has
cured over NO eases fn Canada alone. Bold hy
all druggists. Sample sent to any address.
Enclose a cent stamp. Address the Orlfflrbs t.
Macphtrson Co., in Church Street, Toronto.
International Law AsHtwIatlon Convene*
at llum-lo.
Buffalo, N.Y., Sept 1.���Al the
opening session of the oonforenoe of
the International law association,
Hon. Sherman, S. Kegels, of Buffalo,
delivered au address of welcome to the
delegates. Tho opening session wu
presided over by Bon. Sir Wm. B. Kennedy, judge of the high court of justice
in En-:!aud.
'lhe lntei national arbitration committee made the following report at Us
session yesterday i
1. lhe conference accepts the report
adopted by the execnlive council July
18, 1809, of the special committee appointed at the I-tiii'loii conference iu
18011, which has, lu accordance witb
the directors of the Brussels conference
of 1803, presented a scheme for the
formation of a court of international
arbitration. Ihe conference cordially
thanks Ihe comiuittte for the euro with
wbioh it has thus completed the work
intrusted to It, direct th.-.t the toheme
bo piinted together with proceedings of
tho conference aud commends it to publio notice aa Ihe association's contribution to the fu-lhei- education of the
9. The conference expresses deep
gratiScatiou at the adoption by The
Hague peace conference of a scheme of
international arbitration which carries
out oue of the main objects of tbis association, as eipreased in reiterated resolutions, from tbe time of Us opening
conference at Brussels lu 1878. The
conference recognizes as specially valuable the following leading features of
tbe scheme, viz., First, the nomination
of a body of men of recognized competence in qnestions of international
law and enjoying pnblic esteem who
will be ready to aot u arbitrator!.
Second, the selection by the parlies to
any international dispute from among.
it the memlvrs of above named body
of arbitrator, and au   ampho  lu funo
an arbitral tribunal. Third, the creation of apermauent administrative
ouuuuil, ouuipuitHI'or'inpIiShialib representatives at the oonrt of The Hagae,
with the Netherland minisier of foreign
affairs u president Fourth, the establishment, nnder the direction of the
above named council, of a permanent
bureau, whose eervloes will be at the
disposal of all arbitral triounais.
Strlkei Bottom In the St. Lawrence,
Montreal, Sept. 9.���In leaving the
hai hor yesterday morning, the Allan
line itesmsbp went ont of the ohannel,
owing to a defect in the steering gear
and slruok slightly on the bottom. The
dtmage appeared lo be alight, and the
Parisian proceeded on her way, bnt
near Oontrecoeir, about 40 miles down
the river, it wu noticed the vessel wu
leaking. The captain therefore brought
her to anchor, and lighters were tent
down from Montreal. The passengers
remained on hoard, and tbe vessel will
proceed to Quebec for repairs. It ia en.
peoted one day will be sufficient to re*
pair the vessel. Tbe accident ia attributable to jamming cf tbe helm, and
not to the condition of tbe ohannel
which wu amply deep
Montreal Iron Famine.
Moutreal, Sept. 9,���An Iron famine
hu itrnok Montreal with a vengeance.
With one or two exception! large build*
Ingt in which structural iron ia need
Will have to be suspended until next
spring and even longer. Tbe advance
In prices for delivery next spring la all
the way from 78 to 150 per oent over
tbe prices of a year. This scarcity ia
caused by the increaieil demand nil
over the world.
(IsBolliic Knglae Explode*.
St. Pan), Sept. 9.���A new gasoline
threshing engine belonging to Albert
Kokette exploded yesterday and Albert
and Ed. Bingham, of West Superior,
were seriously injured. Kokette himself wu injnred abont the head bnt
nothing seriously. The oompany'a ex*
pert wu running the engine at too
high a rate of speed. The separator
WU alto wrecked.
Prlday, Hepl.mlier 1.
Senator  Price died  ut  Olietwe.
Frank Ives, the ''young NapoLoa" In
billiard., I. dead.
Mr.. Oold-vcll, a priituiiicnt re.ld.nt ot
Wludror, Out., i. dead.
Itely ha. Increa.eil the number ul h.r
wanhlp. in Oiilne-.c rater..
A linuib wns iilaced un the balcony ol
Chill's presidential rr.ld.nr..
Boy SteveiiMi.ii, nf fi'irltls*.. Out*., waa
polaoueil by a ki.siutf ling antl ba. .luc.
The Jap. have decided to exclude all
tait-. nl caui'ilmi- lu ruriiiii.a for six
The fironieit at ilnlntli emliloyeil by the
Oreat Lakes Tmrliitf Co. have iron, out
en atrlke.
The women ul -iiiiltunil have patltloo.
ed <lue.il Viclorlii t.i m-ert war In tbs
One man ivns fatally Injured In _
threiblnit maeblne exiilnsiun at James,
town, N. li.
Montreal und Tumult, report larg. In.
erea... In custom, receipt, for Augu.t
over a year ngti.
Dominion ll.it,n bail ill. line:; broken,
beluK run over by a hand ear on the
Southeastern rni'iray.
The Empress llou-agor nt  Clilnu
asked for .Inpim's .ill-port aguilt.t her
enemies, particularly Ifi-ltaln.
Mr. rrancnls Ib.uln, a prominent far.
mer nf St. Knr'erl, fell frtim bl. wagon
near St. NnrUi-t and wa. killed.
It I. atnletl tliu unveran-ent will pur.
eha.e the h:.t.irit-/ Plains of Abraham
aad  convert the pfup.rty Into spark,
An endowment Insurance policy held
by n bankrupt, pnyiibU' t'j himscir. Is nut
Officers of g corporation bflvt> mithori;
ty to t-dgn Its utiu.i' tn u petition without
sij-rci-.l authority from Its bmtnl ��f tii
1 cttui s.
A wife tanunt In- iftjuiivd t�� testify or
bo permitted tn testify either tor or
agaiust ber btisbninl hi bankruptcy pro-
Adjudication of bankruptcy rt-iirinr*
raid n general uHsi^miu :it for the benefit
of rretlltors unit siibjei u ibe propel ty
tli(M-etol'oli''it HP it'll e<l to the jurisdieliuii of
ilit> bankruptcy cnui-k
The federal court will usuinne (lie settlement of ihe estntt of the bankrupt
whit lias niii.il- a prior nssi-,-niiieiit und
will enjoin Ibu parlies tn I lie name frou)
further proceedings tu tbe ^tato courts.
For men's vest eiinhi charms very largo
-itaues, usually semipreeimis. are drilled
.hrnuich leiiBthwisc uml bunti on a utoitt
{old wire,
An odd and pretty Hns for a young
lady constat* of ben ut I fully marked tur-
quoUe quarts cut In marquise shape and
mounted to show no gold except the
slender baud of the ring.
Bisarrs designs are seldom seen lu earrings, yet tbere ore a few loug golden
pendants in style ao barbaric as to demand a wearer witb courage; some large
gypsy hoops, occasional fuuey knots,
jeweled halls, floral aud odd designa.���
Jewelers' Circular.
Should take with them a supply
of Dr. Fowler's Ext. of
Wild Strawberry,
Thos* who Intend
going camping thia
summer should take
with tbem Dr. Fowler'a
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
Getting; wet, catching cold, drinking water that Is not always
pure.or eating lood that
disagrees, may bring
on an attack of Colic,
Cramps and Diarrhoea.
Prompt treatment
ith Dr. Fowler's
Strawberry in auch
cases relieves the pain,
checks the diarrhoea
and prevents serious
.consequences. Don't
take chances of spoil-
ing a wbole summer's
outinp through neglect of putting a bottle
of thw great diarrhoea doctor in with your
suppUee. But aee that it's the genuine
Or. towler'a Extract of Wild Strawberry,
aa most of tba imitation* are highly dangerous,
TTI flUDB TTDD will heal iresU or old wounds In
ULuIw&Uni) man or beast,  lt has no staal
SpenUb BIbmI In Ireland,
When the Spanish armada wns wrecked off the coasts of Clare nnd Onlwny
enmities, many surrlrors of the disaster
who reached the shores were kindly eared for by the Irish people, and considerable numbers of these unfortunates remained Iu the families of their generous
henrted rescuers.
Iu Hie counties of Clare and (latway
there Is to he found ut the present duy
a people differing essentially from niir
of the distinctive races existing on Irish
soil. This people nre the descendants of
the Spanish officers, sailors nnd soldiers
who bad beep rust ashore during the
fearful storm which destroyed the Spanish fleet.
The race marks of this people are well
defined. Crossi-d as II has been with the
Milesian stock. Its Spanish features offer
a most Interesting study, for they remain
prominent. The men nre tall, muscular.
dark featured, with black eyes snd black
hair. The women bare decided Spanish
traits tn their physique. They are usually
tall, brunettes iu some cases and fair In
others, with large, expressive black eyes
aud au abundance of black hair. Their
beauty reminds one uf the women of the
Basque provinces, while among them ure
to be found the perfection of tbe female
form in all Ireland. -Quarterly Review.
MGNALS OF iMKGKu.-Have you
lo t you ��� up it ie i II i e you a toat d
tongue t H \t> you nn i nplca-ant tasie In
the mouth t Dxs v u. b-mtitche and
have you d zkId ntt U so, y-.-iir s-ti niach
It tut of oider, an i y�� u ne d n.t diclne.
Bat joud nt like meclolnn. He t at
ureters sloki egg to ined cine must suffer,
bul under tbe Iro m-t-tcs the wfae
man would i<r cure ibnf P rme'e 'a
Vese able PUN and -p ed ly ge' h mself
In health, and ttilve t> ke p so.
Burn all vegetable parings and stalks,
fish bones and such like refuse, as if put
ID the dust bin they speedily decay and
cause various ailments.
The ueatest wny to mend taffeta waists
where tbey split from constant creasing
is to put court plaster ou the back of the
break and press with a hot Iron, lt is
nearly always a successful experiment.
A heavy brush for a hard wood floor is
a great labor saver wbeu It bas, as some
of them do bave, a little reservoir of oil
at the top, which is gradually let down,
and tbe floor is oiled aud rubbed at tbe
same time.
A swinging screen door between kitchen and dining room helps keep the flies
oat and at the same time offers no impediment to tbe housekeeper who has
both bands full. Tbe extra cost of having one door swing both ways Is about 20
Kerosene oil will clean sine better than
almost anything else. Put a few drops
oo e flannel cloth and rub well. Don't
throw water io which you have washed
article* cleaned with kerosene Into galvanised iron palls. The chemical combination Is malodorous and destructive.
RO OBeeholder,
"Did you ever hold au office?" Inquired
(he new arrival at Eagle Bye;
"Waal, not exactly, stranger," replied
Amber Pete. "When we had the cyclone,
I tried to hold the postofflce, but, tb t
thing Just slipped outer my bands and
[started for the stars. 1 guess that's 'bout
the last office I tried to bold, stranger,"���
Chicago News.
Tko Bad tke tame.
New cores tet old ailments ete being
discovered every day, but people continue to die of the latter inst the same.
Cure of Ganoer.
aro Mrs. ElUabala
Gilhula, wif. of ths
po.tma.ter of Bus-
loo, Ont., was takan
III -Mill ��n obscure
stomach troubla
which bar physicians pronounced
cancer of Iho torn-
ach ud informed
her thai ber less* ef
Ills would be short.
MM. DIIHUIA. on lb* ��d.lc. ol
friends sh* commenced taking Burdock
Blood Bitters, Ths results thst followed
were little short of numllons. Her
sti-mfth and tlfor returned snd lo *. short
time she was completslr aired. Mrs.
Gilhula is to-day la the lull enjo-fment ol
sx-od health, and In nil these jeer, there has
not been the slightest return of tb* trouble.
" About four years ago I was taken slek
with stomach trouble and consulted senral
of the leading physicians here, all of whoa
pronounced the disease to be cancer of tb*
stomach, of aa Incarabla nature, and told
me thst It waa hardly to bo expected tbat
I could live long. AAerwardthatwodoctots
who were attending me gas* m* up to die.
"By th* advice of some of aty Mends.
who knew of th* virtues of Burdock Blood
Bitten, I wa* Induced to try It, and I oat
now happy to say that after nslng part al
Ihe Rnt bottle I lilt so much better ! waa
able lo get na. I am thankful to atat* that
I am completely cured of the disss** by the
use of & B. a. although It had -*-��,..
doctors for a long time.   I am *roily
vlnced that Bvdock Blood litters saved
my lib."
"I am stU la good health.    .
Burdock Blood Bllters for saving my Wh
twelve years ago, and highly r.nmain*a*��l
ll to other autwers Irom slom.ch trouble*
of any kind."        Eula���� OlUWU.    | HUU1101107 ll Mt If mOU.
The freckles a (iri net. at the Iske will
.tsy by ber longer limn tlm young man
she annexes.���St. I'uul Dispatch.
They have fotiuil a shee|i in Kentucky
thst hss five hums. Kmrythlng wems
to run to horns iu tbat state.���Chicago
The Sfai ws. on. of Ibe .factors III
restoring Dreyfus to the lilwrty of which
be wss deprived by sfulsehiM-il aud .forgery.���Kansas City Journul.
Tea culture iu South Carolina when
first proposed wus laughed ut. It is now
s demonstrated success. There sre lew
things thut cannot be grown In the south.
���Atlanta Journal.
In u Chicago pooli-uoni raid seven women were captured who gave their names
as Smith, l-'irty uiin-u of the same name
escaped, It is said. Ob, Smith, what
crimes bare been committed in thy
name!���Springfield (Ills.) News.
Miss Susuu 11. Authony tells the In-
tci-uutioiial Council of Women tbat she
has not yet given up ber faith in men.
We hope not. As Ion-,- as men.ure the
futher. of so muuy gii-l babies there
must lie sonic good in 1 hem.���Louisville
Tiie push cart uiiiii, with liquefied sir
at fi cent, a gallon, will soon become a
fixture. Thus each home may hare its
own cooler at u small expense, nml,
where power in nrt-di-d, machinery may
be opel-ntcil with ibe same product.���
.Marion Chroiiii-le.
Sir Thomas I.i|itnil says thut for bis
i-iiiit of iti-io*. be bus devised a crest buying two horny liiiuds of lubi-r, oue grasping a lea plant dower and tbe other a
coffee blossom. So far, so good. Rut
Sir Tluiiiitis ought to tniliiiige In show
one of Ibnse llortiy linuds reiu-biug for
the America's cup,���Boston Advertiser.
Mn-b dimes, and slckie,, In o.lldien
la cn s-d by worn-. Mo htr (.raves'
Wolnl Kxt-im'nntor plve. le lef liy removing tbe cuuiu Live it ti ..ial and he
iouiI.o d.
Oppose* to Ireland Thi. Time.
������n-uii. i em. u,o i-Minle nfili|a country Imve tunieil agonist livInuJ nt
"Oh, no! That's a mistaken idea.
We nre friendly with Mngliiuil. II I,
true, nnd the Auglo-Suxoll fll!itiuc<*
which we hear so much nlioiit would
undoubtedly bo n great thing for mini
kind. I hope It may lie thoroughly es
tabliHhed, Still there Is no reason to
believe that we have any less love or
sympathy for the Irish than we ever
bad. There Is a tendency, I know, tn
Jump at the conclit"���
"Dut hold on! Aren't you nil ngaliml
the Shamrock and for the Columbia?"
-Chicago Tltiies-IIenilil.
0. 0. Richards & Co.
Dear Sirs���For some years I have
bad only partial use of my arm, caused
by a sodden strain. I have nsed every
remedy without effect, until I got a
sample bottle of MINARD'S UNI
MENT. The benefit I received from it
caused me to continue its use aud now
I am bappy to say my arm is completely restored.
Qlamis Ont.       R. W. HARRISON.
A Hard Qaaaflaa.
"Tbere Is something," writes a vtar-
rlor from Manila, "which lias been
bothering me for a long time. Will
you please allow enough space in your
beart to heart talks to answer one
question) Owing to the fact that 1 live
In the Philippines I am known as a
Filipino. If I were to move to Philadelphia, would I become a I-'lliulel-
Descriptive Heading.
"I'm In trouble again," said the new
reporter. "Here's a story of a debate
at the Deaf nnd Dumb Institute. What
bead shall I put on it?"
"That's easy," suggested tbe snake
editor. "Make It 'Hand '0 baud Contest.' "
Hollo* ay s Corn Cure destroys all
kind, of torn, and wait, mot and
branoh. Wiottien won n endura iliein
with such a o.ieap and ��� ifm-tnil io.i.e..y
within reahf    .
Alternative lt> poll).....
"I love .volt!" he whispered.
Brill-si luc trembled and ii-giu-iled
him perplcxi-illy.
"Do my ears deceive me?" she asked
bersi-lf. "Or does my complexion deceive him?"
I'or it was ber misfortune to lack
confidence lo herwir.-Detrolt Journal.
Clllsen. of Brooklyn.
The Bridegroom-Hy Jove, old matt,
how little couaeiiuciice I really am!
I don't suppose there Is any more In*
significant thing ou earth than myself
al the present moment.
Ills Friend-Wnlt till you're lieen
married four or live years.-Bi-ooUI.ni
-RecommendMl by stockmen ��s
best curdor wound, snd sort.
"Those* tree climbing dogs tbat they
bave Just discovered In South America
would never do for a quiet neighborhood."
"Why notr
"Too much on th* barkl"���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
F Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice, but they
hart my delicate SHIN���
Tin AiaaavTaaaTto.*. Coy.        -\
LOW, STEELE 1 BHStOL  t*i���i. Taa.
1-p.rt.r. .f Or.e.,1..     fcgtfg-ggS,
fntt U. Hamilton,Ont.    I..S.* B. Spleea
The bigger the country the smaller its
uaine, according to Professor Water-
liimst'.���Chicago Rveniug I'orst.
The St. Louis profeaaor who suggests
the name of Usoim for this country lias
misscii his calling. He ahoulil be writing
advci'tiscmcnta for biscuit makers.- Chicago Itecord.
What chance would there be to get tbe
people of other countries to speak .if
thin L'outitry as I'aonu and or iih as
(Jsoulans within 100 years? How would
we ourselves enjoy lieing Called UsonlSQS
and hearing our country spoken ut us
Dions.���Chicago Chronicle.
V'uiniBtaknble evidence that the silly
Benson haa opened Is found in the kiii:-
geatiuu of a St. Louis college professor
that the mi me of the United States be
changed to Usona, representing tho
initial letters of the United States of
N'oith America.���Indianapolis Journul.
Tho suggestion of the nnme Usoim
for the United States of America will
probably have some supporters, as all
older ridiculous things du, Imt the muss
of Ihe people will not favor the nut ion's
entry on a coin petit ion witb manufacturers o< prepared foods and patent medicines in fumy nomenclature.���Indiau-
apulis Sentinel.	
Bickle'i Anti-Consumptive Syrup stands
at the head of the hat for all dieeasos of
the throat and lungs It acts like magic
In breaking np a oold. A oough Is soon
subdued, tightness of the chest is relieved,
even the worst onse of consumption Is relieved, while In recent oases it maybe aald
never to fall. Itlsamedlolnepreparedfrom
tbe aotive principles or virtues of several
medicinal herbs, and can be depended
upon for all pulmonary oomplalnta.
The burden of proof on an objection to
a discharge rests upon the creditor.
A j��enenil n.saignincut is nn act of
bankruptcy, Irrespective of the solvency
or Insolvency of the debtor.
A referee in bankruptcy hns no power
to determine the title of property held
adversely under a claim of right.
A partner eauiiot be discharged from
partnership debts without first making
his fellow partner a party to the pro
No transfer of property, lien or Incumbrance is avoided by adjudication iu in-
voluntary bankruptcy unless made or created subsequently to ihe pn.ssnge of the
��� A district court in bankruptcy cannot
compel by summary proceedings delivery
of property to a trustee which tim\u the
ttainefly Tor  Hum* and   m-hIiIm.
Aooidents are liable to occur at any
line. Your child or yourself muy he-
���oine scalded or burned at the most unexpected moment. That ia why (irifllths'
Menthol Liniment should be kept In
every bouse. Its Footblng effect is felt
the minute applied, and la uupuuollcd bv
any other remedy. Sold by all dru^i-its,
Vt cents.
Wearr'e Friend.
Weary Willie and his friend Frowsy.
strolling along the seashore, stop before
a sign reading: "NoticeI Bathing Is
Dangerous.   Qniclcsands."
Weary Willie���Dere, Frowsy; deru'a
true public spirit for yer. Dut mini's a
trne public educator. I don't know
who dat feller Qniclrsands is, but he's
got de right idea nv tings an ain't
afraid to say so, an if he wnz hero I'd
take off me bat to him.���Leslie'
Holdlns life Job.
"I think tbe man who works at tba
place across tha street is the most faith
ful and conscientious workman I eve
saw. He never takes a boliduy and always labors away till it's too dark to
see any longer."
"Faithful workman? Great Scottl
He's tbe proprietor of the shop I"���Chicago Tribune. 	
Thomns Sabln say?: "My eleven year old
boy had his foot barfly injured liy being
run over by a c r nil Ue a icet ruilway.
We nt once commcnc-i I I ut lug he toot,
a Ith Ur. Thomas K:'c t l- Oil, when
the di-aoloriitt.il and -welling ��aa removed ni d In nine nv- le- oi Id us ��� hi*
foot We awA-s ke p ll h ttle in the
house teady for if y emergency.' *
I nek.
"How would you define luck?" was
asked of the mnn who has made more
money than he knows what to do
"It Is the product of ft reasonable
amount of ability backed by tenacity."
-Detroit Free Press,
pill is tie mott pipulurof all forma of
medioine, and of ii.ll. he mo t popular
art Parmelee's Vge-iM Pjjli, Wausj
they do wh tt It is a >i rn-1 tiny oan do,
and are r.ot pir fo wnr.l o nny flotittoui
claims to cxcillence '1 hey nre .ompict
and pot table, they ife tasily t.iken, they
do not nauseate nor gripe, and they give
relief In the most stubborn ea os.
Where Are These Aaaes* Horaeet
Now tbe seaside season Is Approaching we'll have to make up our minds
to see a lot of funny sights by tbe aad
sea waves. But where, we aak you,
dear renders, will you see a more
comic sight than on the parade,
where tbe young fools of this stamp,
wlio'v-' never sat on a horse in thoir
lives, strut about got up In the above
horsy fashion �����Comic Cuts.
/   TTSE
with Tour name Mid udiltnai,
j Will rutwanl ililn wrteli Of Juu
������1>KM fur M-Miili-nllm^    It li I
limp*baok uud L.-/--1 iliut-j-ruul
open ftc*. It-tin * iiui nml Mt.
l-iiIJ iilulr-1. Imh-Jauiiicly m
(trn-rf.l. It Iu-k�� like A lulU
K-Itl vittcli. li mini Witb ���
7 . J*����llf���! Amerivan >l-ild
MdVFtiK-iit tli.it wi huriuiit la
"1 utlnrit-Uim. ami U
Kim.   If utter tarrful iMin-
"llll Jlill llUll litis Willi I, lu
im twi-ilj M it-prfMnlrfl, \,*y
III*  etl.lt.il  uKflit ft Hi Ud
cli��rg��n, Mil it ii yuuT*.
Terry Watch Co,. Toronto, Ont,
W. N. tJ.
LKST VOU  FOHGKT, note that we bay
Butter, Cliecsc and Froali Eggs (or ei|iort���that
Uri-iini Separators arc the heat in (lie world*
Uorrt'-pdiiiJ-mce solicited,
fob the Printer
I ol Ault A Wiborg.
III I/O Msds br tb. oel.bratad ba
Th* lsteat and bast.
Naws, Misoalian-f,
MM* ��� -aaa.   Out b-f ths "Oat-
ROLLERS "���">-"���
only plant of the
kind in Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds���new and sr
coad hand.
Uaaqullsd by ay other ia
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
Hs*d OBmi  Toronto.
PltUo Cout BnuMki UO Cordots
Street, Tueonror.
iithe kind that housekeeper! who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans, it comes into
the home with all its natural aroma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
leal and name is on the
can you toy. *��*
An Industrious man of
rear's engagement.  Addrese Department T.
Brtdlej-.OnrreUon Co, Minlte-d, Hr-ftntlonl
ehsraoter to travel and
ipolnt agents. Qttkr*
ileed   salary  fer a THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. 1899.
McDEBMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will bo given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too largo and varied to enumer
ate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. MeDermot
GOLDEN,      -       B.C.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE  &   OQ.,
Labor pay waa grandly celebrated at
The Pro?ince haa issued an excellent
.summer nnmber.
Superintendent Duohesnay and Engineer Gainbio of the C. P. R. wore* in
Golden yesterday,
L. Moodie, Purser of the Duchess,
left yesterday for the Yukon in company witli-Olialm. McKay.
A rock slide came rintvn in the
K'ckinu Horne Canon onTliui'H-hiy *nd
delayed No. 2.
A Montreal telegram statss that a
trusted employee of tho Molsou's Bank
had committed 4 foryury, which in
volves about $8,400.
Service* at St. Paul's Church next
Sunday. S��*p, 10th will bo:-II a. in.
Mattins, Litany and s^nnou.; 7.30 p.
m. Evensong aud Sorinon.
W. H. Bison the popular 0, P.   R
conductor has gone for a   six weeks'
vacation, which ho will spend iu   the
Don.d 1 J. McK iiiald, of the Dominion lIisuJ office has been
appointed a justice of tho peace f��r the
J. L. McKay, MnnoKer of the Elk
Park Ranch, Drought into -Oolden this
week for shipment to the Yukon meat
market 38 head of prime fat cattle.
Athalmer continues to go ahead. A.
Forty is about to build a cottage there
and J. Mills, enginner of the sawmill,
is also building a residence.
The Athalmer sawmill, owned by
the Elk Park Ranch Co. is busily employed, aud cannot keep pace with
orders for lumber.
Buildings are baina put in band at
the three new townsites-of the Windermere district, Coppor City, Peterborough and Athalmer,
The members of the Canadian In-
stilut of'Mining Engineers passed
through Oolden last night, on their
way to West Kootenay.
Hon. Jos. Martin was the principal
-speaker at the Lahor Day celi-breiioii
at Nanaimo aud mot with an euthusi-
atic reception.
Alderman Wood, Vancouver's "hoy
alderman." was on a visit to Oolden
thil week in company with his brother-
in-law, J- McMillan the well-knowhC.
P. R, operator of Donald.
Provision is to be made In the now
Government buildings nt Oolden fer
Improved accommodation for the min
eral exhibit which is such au attractive
feature of the present offices.
Mining Rscot-der Lang got back to
Golden on Saturday far a day or two
and again left fur SpilUmnchene ou
Tuesday morning to resume in.; ore
collecting expedition,
Tha Government will prosecute the
colliery owners of Nanaimo for employ
of Chinese underground, contrary to
the recent regulation   prohibiting  the
"   tf~	
Situate hi the Donald Mining Division of
East Kootenay District. Where located
���On south sido of KiubasketLake about
600 feet from Lake.
Situate in the Donald Mining Division of
East Kooteiwiy District. Where located
���On south sli.ire of Kinbaikot Lake, immediately cant of Kinboaket Mineral
Tako notice that I, Thomas McNAnghlof
Golden, a-' ting m -agent for the Golden & Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited, of
Golden, Free Miners Certificate No. 1J10;>8.>.
and Frank Itortltiauine of Goldon, Froo Miners Certificate No. 7Q4DA, intend sixty days
from the date hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt
of the above claims.
And further tnko notice that action under
Nee tion -17 must le  commenced  before the
issuance of such Certificate ef Improvements.
Dated thin 1 lih day of August, 1899.
Situate in the Wimlonnero Mining Division
of Kant Knntoiiay District. W here located���On Toby Creek.
Situate iu the Windermere Mining Dividon
of East Kootenay District, Whore located���On Kouldor Cresk, a tributary of
Horse-thief Croek.
Tales notice that I.;W. G. MHchell-Iiinos,
ns agent for the New Gulden Britwli Columbia Limited,of London. England (Foreign),
owners of thi above Mineral Claims, Freo
Minor's Certificate No. IMttlUH, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply io the
Mining Recorder for Certitkntevs of Inijirovu-
ineiitu, for the puriuwe of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the ah ��vo claims.
And ftirthar Uko notico lhat action, under
section 87, must be commenced before Iho
issuance of stud, certificate ot improvements.
Dated this fifth day of August, IKW.
Jas. Brady, D.LS., ft P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
U. Ara'n. Inst. M.S.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment work, etc.   Address t
_     GOLDEN, B.C.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors. Notaries,
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County-Courts at GoHen,B.C
W. WHITE, Q.C.  J. M.Scott, B.A..LL.B
Livery & Feed Stables
Rigs ot nil kinds for hire at reasonable rates.
Teaming of all kinds a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale,
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
NOTICE is hereby giton thflt two months
nflcr rin'e I intend to apply to tho t'luef Commissioner of Lands and Works, for ,-eriuis-
sion to purchase the following descrihad
land 1���Lots Numbers 2578unit '2570, being on
the Columbia Hirer in tho Distriot of East
Kootenay, and containing 8fiG.8 and 212.7
euros respectively, be ths samo more or less*
Dated nt Goldon, 3rd July, 1810.
11. E. FOIiSTEK.
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Fall  Stook of Miners'   Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kinqptor]     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Booms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
II you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milling Company guar
mitre their flour the equal ol any
brand oa the Oolden Market snd
hereby authorize all grocers to sell
lltarnntee and
yVssayer & Metallurgist,
Golden,     -      B.C.
Gold  tl 50
Silver      .... 1 60
Lend  160
Copper  2 00
Gold nnd Silver  2 00
Lead and Silver  2 00
Gold and Copper  2 60
Silver nnd Copper  2 60
Gold, Silver aud Lead  6 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 60
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper. 4 00
Iron   4 00
Tin  3 CO
Zinc  �� 00
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcels of ore are carefully sample 1,
one portico tested, one labelled and
kept, snd the third, if required, re-
turned to owner ass check on ths
assay matin.
Terms:  Cnt~.lt With Samples.
Windhr��B��b-E. J. SCOVIL.
Athalmer-J. J. LAKE.
Ordors left with above agents will re-
ceivo prompt attention.
Working ami Dividend Paying Mines In
various parts ot llritish Columbia.
Gold Quarts, Copper, Gold, snd Silver-lead
I'rospoets and Doveloped Properties on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
, Purchased.
Reports and information furnished 'regard-
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the lead of navigation on the Columbia Ui ver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in-the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
No sale of lots Is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon, .
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S Store and look over the breezy,
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest-, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
In Patmore's
yon can get Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, pW Tobaccos, etc. School Supplies of all kinds
.at right pee*-
read ths raining regulations.
Incessant rains and snow on the
blink mountains have still continued
with the result that the bad season is
throwing back milling operations, nud
the farmers are ih grave danger of losing their crops.
Owing to tii. prolonged ruins the
directors ot the Kamloops Agricultural
Association hnvo decided to postpone
the exhibition until October 11,12 slid
111. The original dates wore Sept. 20,
*21 and 22.
The great snecoss of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
In the treatment of bowel complaints
has made It standard ovsr the greater
pert of the civilised world* For sale
by all druggists. Henderson Bros*
wholesale agts. Victoria k Vancouver.
B. Sword, who wns defeated in the
Cowichnn by-election ss a Semlin
candidate, has retired from pelitcs.
He has been made inspector of fisheries
for British Columbia. Sword con
tributed as much ns any other individual to the fall of the Turner gov
The Imperial Bank opoued its Golden
branch for business oh Tuesday,, nt
tiis Alexander Block tbe staff consisting of .Messrs. Gibb, Manngor, J.
F nkli.tn, Accountant, and /. Walker,
Jun'or. The opening of a branch in
Golt.cn of oue of Canada's leading and
most substantial bankingiBstintutions
will be a great boon to tho district.
English Spavin Linimentremovisall
hard, soft or calloused Lumps nnd
Blomisltes from horses. Blood Spavin,
Curba, Splints, lling Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles. Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, eto, Save $50 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
A concert ami social, under the aus>
peels of i he Ladies Aid Society of the
preshyteri mi Church, will bo given in
the Oddfellows Hail on Thursday
evening, Sept. 21st. A good musical
and literary programme has boon
arranged for the occasion. The admission fee has li.cn placed at, 60 cents,
children half price, Furl hor particulars will be given noxt week.
The Calgary Herald remarks:
"Average cattle prices srs higher today
than at any tlms since 1884 owing to
tbt fact that nn exceptional uctive
condition of the trade came at a period
wben the available supply was rather
limited. During ths week ending
August. 24th, 1899, the average price
of good 1200 to 1600 lb steers at Obi-
ago was 16.76 while last year similar
cattle averaged 16.00 per 100 lbs.
Ibis shows an advance of 111 to |13
par bead on tbt different grades of
E. Hughes, A. "tf. Langlands, C.
Hatch and others comprising the party
who left Golden In tbt spring for Tete
Jaune Cache, returned to Oolden, Sunday. They report having experienced
A wry hard trip, and having found
very littls gold. They also consider
that with the gold prospects obtained
then is not sufficient ol the precious
metal in tht creeks of that country to
pay for working, as the creeks are full
of boulders which would render placer
milling optiatioBH very costly.
It subject to aboro guarantee and  j-.-, mining proport.es,
tbey: *��u MtuMti^nTimonTS^-:,,^ '���,..,.���,,���,.���
paid for flour upon return of any
not CQUftl to-gtiaranleo,  _    .
Sold by O. A. Warren.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wliok'nale & Kotuil
Cattle, Stioep and lloi-so Dcalori.
���J* jjj" Weed's HuijihqaUn,
*7j5    .i*t emt rnoMrt Btauay.
\me    Bold and raeommendad by all
druggist. In Caaad.. Ouly reliable medioine discover-.!, ah)
���. ��� _ , ���package, guaraattat to cue all
torus of Sexual Weakness, .11 effect, of abase
or.xcess, Mental Won,, Excessive us. of To-
toooo. Opium or Stlmulsnt.. M.lted on noelpt
ofpriw,on.pM��.��li,.ii,**��. Omoaakri,
titimeure. 7u.pU.ta fre. to .nr ���	
lbs Wood Couipaaj, WI
Wood's I'iiosphomxii is sold in Goldon
by II. W. fletnifre, I". A. Warrea, anil 0.
W. Field, Druggists.
Lakeside Hotel,
windermere, '
Taynton & Gordon. Pbops
Good accommodation for Prcpertors and
Freighters.   First class meals.
Stuck.., in Hritwli Columbia mines bought
and sold.
Cable Address:   KANAGAif, Oolden*
Coles In uso i  Morning b Koal, and Red-
ford McNeill .
Head of navigation on Columbia River.
The mos' central point in Wlndarmero Mining Division.
Extract 'fi-ora Report of Minister of Mines for 1898: " A waggon road
could bt built from the 'Salmon Bode' ATHALMER-at s reasonable cost,
and will be so built as loon as it is justified by tbo milting develepment."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect Iwatiajt on lake and rirsr, and
good fishing and shooting In immediate vicinity,
Level surface with .gravel subsoil to build upon ; cold, clear water the
year round for household purposes, and Splendid water power clout to town.
Large and complete saw mill (20 M. daily capooity) on the ground assu*rcl*
choap lumber.
*I\-rm�� ��a��y, particularly .�� ti> IllvestOrS (fishing to build.
Cook's Cotton Boot Compound
Is sBfloesriolly -ued monthly by a
-.LadlM. Sa.e,.t.eo!liel. lid fen
dni.111!fore*.'.Cam MC
Msal**nike no oiKr, aiI all If litutes, pills snd
Imitations an dangerous Mso-Va. Miner
box: Nt. *, 10 dtgna. stranser, II tor box. HO.
1 or It. mallad on reMlpt of prtae .nd two "Meat
.umpV Tht Cools iJonpaa, wiedKr. Ool.
ittponsiblo Braaysto la Oauds.
Na. 1 anil No. 2 s-jd in Golden by 0. W
Field, O. A. Wnrren, ond R. W. I'atnmre
To De Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
10 nrnn-jht Male*,
11 Pnek Bales,
18 rnynxen.
The sbove stock is in lirst class conili ion,
and is wot) broken. Pack rigging anil hsr*
ness can also lie arranged fur. Tbo stuck is
situated in Kiilnloops neighborhood, Offer,
to he made to
The Wttvcrley Mine Limited.
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial  Limited"
an unparalleled success.
The fastest and best
equipped train cross
ing- the continent.
Sttamoi s leave Fort William
Excursion Rates to
the East and
Apply for particulars to nearestCP.lt.
agent or to
WM. STITT,       0. E. MoPHERSON,
Asf't.Gtn.Past.Agt.      Gon.Pssa.Agt,
Winnipeg. Winnipeg.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      *���      B.C.
Wo aro Manufacturers and direct Importers, and i-arry a large stock of Italanrr-lr,
Turnaeos, Fire Clay (looils^,Si*b;nti(e and I'rsi-lical Hooks, Glssswsre, l'latinom GdadS,
Acids, Chemicals, and all other Assayers* and M iners' requirements. ,
SOLE AGENTS for Morgan I'nu-ible Coininny, Sa'tenesi BMlnsr'S SssV
Dalauccc, Eto, , ......���������,
Cslalogue and full nartlculsrs on a'ppiicatioh.
ir i - sn   - ,"* i        i niTiiiii
T. 1>. Piekard,
Gold, Silver or Lead
Coppor ..'.'���:	
Golil and Sllvtr	
Gobi or Sllvtr aud Copper
. 11.00'*
. 100
. 1X0
Gold, Silver and Uaii    8.0t)
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper 4XO
Prompt Attention to Samples ly mail.
Gash must accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three mouths.
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.C.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamp, and Seal, will bo
received at tbt GOI.DBN ERA OScoand
executed with promptitude.
LiaiM LisbHUr,
CD. Liang, flg^nt
por a pi^�� Salt
and a Perfect pit
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Taibf.
Opposite The Columbia House.
E. A. Haggen,
Notaf r Pabllt, >������!���*, rttaa.laland
CommlMlon Agtat, Otattnlstltatr
tf Ikt Inpraaat Ooast.
Deeds attested. Parties represented In
Police, Small Debts and County Courts.
Accounts collected and disputed cl.iiu.
adjusted.        '	
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent lor E. A. HAOOEN,
Aisayer ft MettllurgUt.
Orrton at Lakmidi Horm,,
Windermere, - B.0.
1899. PROVINCIAL 1899.
Under the Auspicos of i
The Boyal Agricultural tt industrial Society of British Columbia '���!
Will be hold at
New Westminster, B.C.,
October 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th.
$15,000        In Prizes.        $15*090.
Open to the World.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
Grand Concert earhovenlng. Spsclsl attraction at tbt NtwWeetmisittrUptrt Rsum
Mosstsr Eianrsleiit frou sll points tt fotatly reduced rates. Ftr sptolal Nslores te*
small handbill.. Mo tntranet in clitrgtd for Isblblts.
Por Prist Lists, "fatry Am, sad foil ptrtleslsrt, -Wfltotb
T. J. Trapp, Ptob.,       Arthur Malins, Seoy.,
W. H. Keary, Commttisioner.


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