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The Golden Era Feb 3, 1899

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- Ui -> / JLr*\
The Golden Era
Is the most widely ������ironlatod-and
best advertising medium in East
' "Kooten-fy. Ihis is-.tlie paper Jhat
ra reitd!l|y the mi)i.e*ia, the runcjfers,
tke railroaders and. lnmbermqn.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance   ......
f The Golden Era,
�� Hca been appoint.d U.c Grid!!
I for North   East   Kcoldiiy  for
X Dcminion   ei.d Pia.vii<-iol Gov-
^ eminent nciiecs nd nuiiite
�� uitais.    Published by
| The Goi.li*-.-*! Eua Co., Ltd., Lv.,
<�� Golden, B.C
VOL. Vill;   NO. 27
$2 Per Year
'Ll' !-!������, .J  aL.aa-a.i
Special Reductions in Dry Goods, Boots and
SUoe.s and Heavy Winter Clothing*.
Previous to Stock Taking*.
H.  a ; PARSON,
mmggaiji^giimmmMm^ -i mgqmma.fjmg,   a8SaMfe��BWMMM���WW
pdra pine Suit
���-���and a Perfect pit
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.      b:>M
v^ili commence on Feb. 1st, 1809.
Now thnt the C.P.R. have decided
delinitely and iiually to do away with
Donald as n divisional point it becomes
a serious q-.t.stiou ns to what will be
done for those who suffer by the action
of the Company and through no fault
of the sufferers, That a townsite like
Donald. deliberately formed under
given arrangements and conditions,
should thus ha obliterated, will cause
distrust in the public mind fill to
whether soma, oilier existing townsite
of the C.P.R. may nait ho ilea It with
ia the samo way. Consequently paao-
pie will be wary in investing in town-
sites, the existence of which depends
on the will of the Company. "Wo
suggest to the Company that In their
own interest, and In tha interests of
the public, ilie.a- should deal witli those
residents of Douald who auffur hy
their station as liberally as possible.
Thin is at, least a moral duty, if not a
legal ou.. uud tho Company will he
judged a good deul in the public mind
by the course they take in regard to
the people ot Donald, We believe this
is tho first case of the kind in the history of the lme.and wo can understand
that the Company 'aro anxious to give
the matter faill and fair consideration
before coming to a decision, but that
decision should not lie delayed, because
it is now (hit the people who nre
affected want whatever consideration-
is to be given them.
The Semlin Government don't look
much like losing ground. 'The division
on the Laud Registration Atnendraoni
Bill was practically a party one. and
the Government had a majority of 7.
Wo congratulate the Semlin Government on a measure lhat th.y have introduced in the interests of labor, and
that is a bill to provide for the proper
Inspection of steam boilers. Quite a
number of raou have lost their lives in
this Province from the explosion of
imperfect, boilers.
"Clothing; Hats & Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Gents Furnishings, g
Special Values In
Gloves, Mitts, and Footwes?
��  -a.   ai*      j\T      -   ��   -
The Nelson Tribune says: "The
Ssuiliu government is what this province has long needed. First, it is attending strictly, to business ; second, it
is ii lining the feelings of the class that
imagine' ibey are. rulers by divide
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Alining* Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
A gentleman who has dono much for
promoting ilie- literary tastes of the
of B.C. is Mi'. II. Ba Gosnsll,
rovincial Librarian. Mr, Gosnell is again actively lit the splendid
work to winch lie has devoted his life,
and as representative of the University
Association of Now York und Chicago
he has undertaken to organise roadiug
centres in tbe Province, Expensive
text books ate unnecessary, and ajl
that is required it' a halMiunr's read*  ing
ing per day iu the course of study
which it is desired to pursue by those
who wish io impi'dvb themselves, Mr,
Gosnell will bo glad to furnish information to nil who muy wish to communicate with liimon the subject.
Jfot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
818s: 1'r.prietori.
To Hotel Keepers and Others :
From this date forward this Company
will refuse to accept any orders, on account
of wages due to camp men.
By Order.
M.  CARLIN,  General Manager.
Dated at Golden, B.C., January I3th, 1899.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be tnsde tn the Legislative Assembly of
ute Province of liritish Columbia at its next
session for an Act to amend the Kootenay nnd
North West Hallway Company's Act ISiB; bv
confirming and consolidating in the Koetn-
taay and Nprth West Railway Company all
the franchises, rights and poavers arrantoal hv
ths East Kootenay Kailway Act, 1807, to the
East Kootenay Railway Company and granted by tbe South East Kootenay Railway
Aot 189910 tbe South East Kootenay Railway
Company and purchased or otherwise acquired by the said Kootenay and North West
Railway Company and to extend the time or
times limited iu the .said Acts, or any of
them, for the commencement and completion
of the works or any part thereof authorised
hythe said Acts or nny of them and extending the time of giving any security or the
doing of any acts for a period of three years
and for extended powers and tor all such
other powers, as may bts necessary to fully
and conij-letely "enrrv o0 and spnrnls tie
works aforesaid or any of them.
Dated this Sth day of December, 1898.
fSllftl Solicitors for the opplicants.
The British Columbia Southern Railway
wiil apply tn the Parliament of Canada, at its
noxt session, tor an Act authorising the Company to proceed to construct its eastern section as described in tho Act, tSO-lil Victoria,
Chapter 86 until the 1st of January 1904; and
to authorize the Company to construct, or
acquire, and to operate, a railway betweon a
Point on its line of railway in the neighborhood of Port Steele, anda point at or ne'lif
Goldon on the Cansdion Pacific Railway, by
a route having the same general direction as
the valleys of the Columbia and Kootenay
Rivers, and alsd branch lines therefrom, not
exceeding in any one cose thirty miles in
By order of the Board
Montreal. 80th Ndvrmb.r, I8NL ti'l
Referring to the retirement through
disqualification cf thai members of tho
B. 0. Legislature tin Free Press says:
"Titer* is no Act on the sttittno book
at Ottawa so - strict or so jealously
guarded as tho Independence of Parliament Act, and it has been made mere
llringeut since it fans passod. Untie:-
it Mr. Corby lost his seat for West
Hasting., because ono of his clerks
ield to tho government some material
for th'* manufacture of methylated
spirits. It is easy to see that if these
tl-illing cases were hot in breach of the
Act there would be .nothing to prevent
lafge dealings, What is true ef the
Ottawa Act would be just as true of
thu British Columbia Act."
The Victoria Times says: " It 6eeiU3
very improbable that Northeast Ko.te-
nsy will waste its votes upon an opposition supporter; we do not beiievo it
will, but if it should the government
will suffer no Inconvenience. Thero is
ndt, us a Manitoba paper surmises,
any chunco of "Mr. Turner ditching
tbe government with a minority iu the
house owing to tho various resignations." The govoruuieiu are stronger
to-day than they have been at auy
time since the cabinet was formed; indications are very plain that they will
continue to gain strength steadily. A
government with a purpose���the protection of British Columbia's interests
uud tbe management of the province
on sure, well-tried lines."
Two works that are of urgent importance tire tlio construction of a
bridge, over the Columbia River at
Salmon Beds, nnd the opening of a
wagon road from that point over the
Selkirk dividb to Argents. Thin would
bring North Eastr Kootenay and West
Kootenay into direct communication
with such other, and would do much
to develop the resources cn this side of
the range, Ie has been said that the
summit of the Selkirks is toe high and
precipitous to take a practicable roud
over it, but on the other hand many
experienced mountaineers who have
como over this rdnte say it can be done
perfectly well. These works should
have the important, consideration of
the Government artd should be ns liberally provided  for as funds will allow.
Keeper of a Snow-Shed Doad.
���Whole Family W.jpod Out.
Tuesday was a calamitous day nt
Rogers Pass, and .recorded tbo most
tragic events that have"happened ih
the history of railroading in that section of tha Rocky Mountains within
tho Dominion of Canada. > In the
morning snow-shed No. 19 wai swept
by a snow-slide into the canyon of the
Illeeillowitet. the track torn up for
some distance, und the mnn in charge
killod and his body carried goodness
knows where. It is probable that his
remains will not be found till the
wiirmth of spring melts tho mountain
Later in the day. however, a terrible
tragedy was enacted nt Rogers Pass
station. Pew.railroad men have been
better known or more highly iisteemed
by their fellows and by tho public
than "Billy" Cator, station agent and
operator at the Pass. Cator has been
stationed there lot-some years and was
a married man with two children, the
favorites of the workmen about tbo
station. Mr. nnd Mrs. Cator conducted a bom-ding heusu for tlio convenience of the railroad employes. In
their employ wero a Chinaman, anda'
young woman named Aunie Bergor,
lister of .Mrs. Fred Anderson. The
weather had been stormy nml windy,
hut in the worst of storms it was b'u-
liovod that the site of the station was
free from snow-slides, and no danger
lias baa.u known therein iho blstery of
labs railway extending uoav ovei* some
U years. Tiie mountain en the south
sirle of the truck' is steep and bare,
while that to lhn north lies at a low
gradual slope, and is the las: place
from whioh a snowslide might be expected, -f.fc nt about half-past throe
in the afternoon a torn bio avalanche,
evidently started far back ou the
mountains as the result of the stormy
weather, Swept noiselessly down the
slope opposite the station. Mr, Cater
in the station agent's office talk-
wiih  an Italian, who  was one of
apparently been engaged in cookinc
or some either work about the stove,
for h.r remains were foutid by the
pieces of the stove and the body and
clothing were badly burned.
Tho bo-lies of Cator and tbe Chinese
servant havo still lo lie recovered.
Tha mother of MissBsrger arrived at
Oolden yesterday from Illecillewaet.
The remains of Mrs. Cator ami   the
two children willbe taken for Interment
to Bowmanville. Ont. where tlio
outs of the late Mrs. Cator reside.
Much sympathy is felt at Donald for
Mr. and Mrs. Corsan, whoso sou was
tho telegraph operator nt the Pass, nud
was amongst the killed.
The reiuuius of Itigley will be sent to
Kamloops for Interment.
Misi Merger's leg was broken in
three places but sho ia doing well.
Hon.   J. p, Hume bns had ti
owing   to some breach of  the
On Wednesday, as n rotary plough
was engaged in clearing a slide b'syontl
Rogers Pass, another slide came down,
and one of the men employed in working the rotary was killed. We have
not been aids to ascertain his name.
Oa Wednesday night nn-ither terrible accident occurred near Medicine
Hut. Two freight trains came into
collision on a bridge, and tho driver
and fireman of oue of them were kilietd.
Kciwirkreble 2Se��e��c.
Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfielai, III,
makes tbo statement, that she caught
cold, whioh settled on hor lungs; sin
was treated for a month by her family
physician, but grew worso. He told
ho. she was a hopeless victim of consumption and that no medicine could
cure her, Her ilrugKist suggested Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption; sho bought a bottl-j and to her
aleliajht found herself benefitted from
first dose. She continued its use nnd
after lukiiig six bottles, found herself
sound aud well; now does her own
housework, and is as well as sho ever
was. Sold by all Druggists, largo
bottles 60 cents and {1.00. 0
Ari-..nf.'ema,nts   Bolog   "Mmle   l,y  tuo
Odl-lorc for Three Days Sport.
those  slightly  injured.    The Ital
drew Mr. Outer's attention to the elidii
and h�� rushed out to got his two children, who wero plaviug in front of the
station.     Ho   ���'.���us   never svon a;-tiin.
The slide   came   l-usliing   ou ovei* the
round-houbo   containing    an    engine,
which it demolished, und iben struck
the  railway  station, smashing it up
uad  sweeping  it along like so much
tinder.     Mr, Cator, his wife and two
children, nnd the Chinese servant wero
killed.     Corsan, the night,   operator,
was asleep in the station building at
the   time, and ivas also killeal.     Another man named Rlgley, who waa in
charge of tho coal, was killed. Ho was
a brother of Mrs, Simmons, wife of tho
well-known   engine   driver.     All the
bodies were  soon   recovered excepting
those of Mr.and Mrs.Catorand Chinese
servant.     The liouse-mai.1, Miss Burger, had   a   moat   wonderful   escape.
She was in  her bedroom lit tho time
and all that shei-etnemberil is that sbe
'noticed   the  atmosphere becomo dark
and  then  she found herself lying on
the surface of the snow, with the roof
of tbe station across her feet.    One of
her  logs  was   broken and   the other
briiieeal.     A   special   engine was despatched to Golden for Dr. Taylor, aud
he at onco went to the scene anal spent
tlm   night   attending   lo the injured,
Ho returned to tlolala-n  next morning,
bringing Miss Bji-ger wich him fan- at*
io.idaua.-a) at the Oolden Hospital.   Ho.
sides the Italian, who was in the6t
tion   with   Cator  at the time of  tho
fatality,   thoro   wore   two  Chinaman
injured. Theireftap* Is extraordinary.
They  wete in a. bourding cat- between
tliu   station   uud   tbe elide, when the
slide picked up the cur, bore it across
the  track  and   the station sit., and
piled it upon the face of the mountain,
tliu  Chinamen   being'  comparatively
littlo   hurt.     The   truck was thrown
out   of posin'011.     Tbo   bodies found
were very little injured, death having
resulted from shook aud suffocation.
Messrs. Marpole aud Duschesnay
wdre at Donald taking over the division, as that wns the day fixed for the
cliange. They at ooce hurried to the
sa-ene of the disaster, and did all. that
tliey cduld to reliove the injured and
ra-pover tho bodies of those billed.
Railway and telegraphic cominuni-
tion were blocked as a result, the
eijstern passengers only getting ns far
t Donnld up till Wednesday night.
Thursday telegraphic comnritinica-
n was restored nnd the through
railway service resumed.
Thp body of Mrs. Cntor was found
Wednesday,   the poor wothan h? tl
Something definite has at last been
ducialed in regard to ibe fancy dres8
oarnivol whioh hns beeu tbe'talk of
the town for the past few weeks, the
Call-ling Club having undertaken the
management of it in connection witli
their annual bonspiel.     This decision
waa nrrived at on Tuesday evening
when the curlers mot to make arrange
mints for the bonspiel. The bonspiel
will he* held on Fob. Kith, 14th and
lath. On Monday evening. 18th Inst.
a ball will ho givou, anil on Tuesday
evening tho carnival will take place.
Ranks a!-o expected from Edmonton.
Iiinislnil, Calgary, Fish Creek. Banff,
Field, Douald aud Revelstoke to take
part in the bonspiel. It is unnecessary
to make auy remarks about the ball us
the public know from past experience
that anything undertaken hy the
curlers iu this line hns always been a
brilliant success. Tho fancy dress
carnival, however, is something new,
heing the first affair of the kind era-
undertaken in Oolden. Iu order to
make it as attractive as possible tho
curlers are endeavoring to make nr-
racgeidents for the Calgary Band to he
present on this occasion, This will
eririiil considerable expense and the
public shoulal assist by every moans iu
their power in making it wbat il
ought to to���a success. Prizes will be
givsn for the best costumes. Skaters
in costume will be admitted free of
charge, the general public and Skaters
not in costumd wiil bo taxed the
modest sura of 26 cents. Tho ice will
bb reserved for those in costnmo up to
a (.-ei-tniu hour when the judges shall
havi decided who are etuiili-d to tho
prixes, after which any who wish ma;*
sftute. Tho details have been Jof: in
tbe hands of the olli.iers of Ihe curling
club and it is needless to say thoy will
be oarefally attended to. Further por*
tic.ulars will ba given iu our next issuo.
Word was received just before going
to proas that tho Calgary Hand will be
hero for the hall and cnrviual.
Parliamentary Privileges Act, but will
seek re election.
Under the Bills of Sain Amondmenl
Act chattel mortgages for North Kast
Kootenay will in future be registered
at Rnvelatcake.
The Kootenay and Northwest Rail-
way bill, to provide for the construction of a railway from iho American
boundary lo the Yukon, via Golden,
has passed the first reading. The bill
provides for the amalgamation witli
the Kootenay antl Northwest Company
ot the parties Interested In tho Kast
Kooicnny Kailway Bill, which passed
the llouso lust session. Messrs, Hindi
and A. C. Mitchell-Innes, of London,
England, nre two of tho principal promoters of the Company.
Mr. Robertson has asked for a returtt
of dismissed officials.
The Opposition meeting nt Victoria
turned nil ouosided in favor of the
Government. From the character ot
the applause and l'rorn the fact that
every mention of the iiames of th<i
government candidates was received
with chcors it was quite obvious that
the uudienca was about equally divided. Interruptions were frequent and
at last one spedlter, Mr. Eberts, lost
his temper as the !-?sults of too per-
tinentenquires. M.-.Hall spokebrieHy
and Air. Turner, to tlig horror of the
hide-bound, was received with a pretty-
literal 1st of hissing. Mr. Eberts wai
wound up for a long speech but thi
auiliencn began to fade away and ,.hd
finished with the house half onipty. the
government supporters aro jubilant
over the fizzle.
Mr. Keilie M, P. P has broogbt in it
hill to prevent workmen's wages being
assigned except for the full amount
which they represent.
Mr. Parwell is opposing Hon J. F,
Hume for Nelson bye-election,
A return has boen ordered in thi>
House of all correspondence between
Messrs Mackenzie and Munn and the
Turner Government regurdi'ij railwa*
The nominations for the bye-electiort
for North East Kootenay close with
Mr. Griffith, Returning Officer, utDon-
alion Monday, audtheek-etiou, ifanj*;
will bo heiil a fortnight a'rom tbat dale.
.'Jr. W. (J. Weils will be nominated no
a supporter of tbo Government. Ad
yet there is no opposition candidate
definitely in tho field; though effort."
are still baiug- made to bring out
The report of Chief Justice McColl
on the payments for ihe Parliament
Buildings is a serious reflection on the1
Turner Government. The report read^
as follows : "The total amount pain
under thenrchitc-ci's certificates exceed**
the amount payable according to the'
terms of the contract by tho suni of
$3,928.23, irrespective of tbe siithD
forming the subj<jct of this inquiry:
The architect certified for the amount
so overpaid uniier special instruction^
of Mr. Martin as Chief Commi-fsibnet-
of Land; and Works, with full khow-
letlge on the part of both that thd
money thus overpaid had not been!
earned and in tho belief that no portioli
of it could be earned under the toil-
Stoj-y of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot.'or year?
by the chains of disease is tho worst
form of slavery. George D. Williams;
of Manchester, Mich, tollshdiv such d
slave wns made free. He says: "My
wife has been so holplos.: for live yeai-*?
that she could not turn over iu bod
alone. After using two I.'bttles of Electric Hitters, sho is wonderfully improved and able to do her own work." This
supreme remedy for feinule diseased
qhickly cures nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, hendaeha-, hackachd
fainting and dizzy spells. This mira-
cle-tvoikin-*: ni.'-dicino is it goilseijd td
weak, Sickly, run down people. Every
bottle guaranteed, Only 50 centdi.
Sold by nil Druggists. C
OpOoflitlou Mumb.r. Again Elt-otott.
The following nro tho returns of lhe poll
at "aia-toria yesterday! Turner la'ifl*), iap--
l'lnllips Mill. Hull 1450. Gregory 4:117,
Stewart 1216, mtcrsod 1256.
Dr. Agnew's Curo for tho Hoart-Ono Dose
Helped 111 SO Minnies���Two Uottles Cured.
Mrs. .M, K. C-dhyor, 29 Puc-ilic Ave., Toronto, av.-as troubled witli heart disease for
years, could imt stand on a chair without
growing dizzy; going up stairs, or being
suddenly startled brought on palpitation,
siittocution and intoiise. pains under the
shoulder blades. She tried many remealies���
was treated by heart specialists without permanent relief. She procured nnd used Ur.
A gnew's Curo for tho Heart. She got rollef
witblnSO minutes after tlio lirst dose, and
before sho had tala.n two bottles everysymp-
toni of heart trouble had loft her:
Sold by G A-tottM,
Donnld to Lattsrnn   -lalaia-J td i,aoll!,'i
Ari-ahgements were madei by whicli tHd
section ot* line from Donald to Laggan was1
taken over last night from the Western and
added to the Pacific Division. Iho truhi
crews now run through from Field to Revelstoke, aad the limb ti-auu Fluid west lias b-*ea
alioi-ed to - Pacific time, an hour later thaS
��� of tho pppularltjt.
est kind of a prod.
What's Most Called For Must Bo Tile Beat
Homed y.
A drugffisl.'s tostiinonv
otIi remedy Is the swoncest Kinnof aproor
that it. will do what it promises. Paul I.ivin-
irood, druggist, of Allontowb, Hi,; says*!
"Dr. Agnew's remealies li.-iao sold away beyond my expectations. You can our-fa* me
lor Niyiug thai Dr. Ague.-, .a Catarrhal Powder is tbe host seller liar catarrh I have in thb
store. Many of my customers praise *it
highly." It is a great romedv and haft
continental reputation.
Stldhy C. A. WKteM To Advertisers and Subscribers.
TheGOLPKX ERA is puhlUh-eil every Friday eVenli'ff- U w the heal ndvi riMi g medium
In ihe Kast tCootenay cli-*tn��-t.
Subscription Rates; $i.oupcr annum i.\ ad-
Alterations ami changes of (Standing ndv.r-
ttwmenta o\o*t te in the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to insuro insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up lill
noon on Friday. t ,��� t ' '   ,        .   i
Whilo all reannabte care will betaken, the
proprietor* will nor be n-aijonsiblo ior any
omuBlon or err-ur In any lulvertisemenr.
All aetuunis ro be paid to tbf Managing
Director, or hi* autlmrixwl ogint, from wnom
ihe company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: DtepUy ads,, H-A9 wc
column inch; Legal ods.,10 cent? per lino for
first insertion, 6 cunts for each afldluonaunsor-
tion; Reading notices, 19 cents per line each
Issue. . ,, ,      ,
All hiisitie?s communications should he au-
dressedtothe Mauagmg Director, and nil Uler-
nry, communications-, latere ror publication or
news items should ii<- uddrested to the Editor.
Correspondence Is Invited on matters ol publio
Interest, but to secure publication such letters
inurt be brief. In the cnw nl iiunnymmit 1 ���*. t--v*
the name and address of tho writer must �������� enclosed, not for habitation, but for the private
information of the edlti r nnd as a guarantee c>r
good fatth. Any letter tea lived aterthan Wednesday will have to stand over ttll the following
Tie Goldeu Era Co. Limited Liability.
OFFICE,  OOLDEN,   11. 0.
.New Pipe Iron Combination.
New York, .Inn. 21.���A story bus
been printed to tin- i-IVi-i-t Hint n combination of lending inaiiul'ui-turi-rs of
pine iron had just been farmed with
Franklin.I). Locki-. of Buffalo, ns tlio
principal organizer. It wus said that
the new combination woulal be authorized to issue 180,000,000 worth of
stock Mr. Loi-ko said lust night that
the reports wero not bused on facts.
There has lieeu some talk ot the eastern
oompnnies getting together," ho
added, "in the hopo of securing something like a more amicable traih- understanding. This bilk has not yet brought
nbont the desired effect."
Earthquake in -luinnlrn.
Kingston, Jamaica, Jan. 27.���A severe earthquake shock which wus fell
throughout the islnnd on Saturday
morning, was followed by another on
Tuesday night,tho direction being from
enst to west. No damage has beon reported. The Northern West Indies are
telegraphically off. Tbe reason is unknown, bnt in all probability it. is due
to an earthquake. The tnwu of Porus,
tho inland terminus of the central line
of the Jamaica railroad, has been almost destroyed by tire, involving heavy
losses. There wero uo fatalities, however. The fire raged unopposed, owing
to the want of water.
Klners Frozen to Death.
Viotoria, B, O., Jan. *.'7 ��� Tbe Cottage City arrived this morning with
tlm news that three miners were frozen
to death while crossing the Valtlio glacier, iho victims bi-iug Harry Cohen,
formerly ,1 New York jeweller; C.
Smith, of Chicago, nud a Hungarian
wliose name is unknown
Tiiey also bring nows of big Amis of
gold and platinum in the black sand of
tlio Hooralinqua.
Five hundred men nro stampeding
from Tallin aud Tooya corntry to At-
li*.*. Twenty per cent of them are
Americans, who are ignorant of tbe exclusion act.
simui.au coincidences.
A lliiaalaiiuai anil Wife  Meet l.iaatli at tin-
Name Hjiot anil Aliiaai.t Hit, Slum- Hour.
New York, Jan. 37.���At No. s:ia"i
Madison street, on Long Island, this
morning, lay tho bodies of Einil Renter, a wealthy wholesale flour merchant of Union avenue, and his wife. Iu
apparent good health they speut tho
i evening yesterday at the theatre. Af-
' terwaril they weut to a restaurant for
supper und then started for home. As
they were walking past 8'lii Madison
street Mrs. Renter gave a ery and fell
unconscious to the sidewalk. The hour
was late and the streets were deserted
so that Mr. Renter nronsed the or-cu-
pants of tlio house. Tin- stricka-n woman was taken inside and two physicians were summoned. Heart failure
they thought hart caused death.
Dazed by his sudden grief, tbo husband left the house und walked to the
home of a friend not far away. Half
nn hour later he started back with the
idea of watching by his wife's body
through the remainder of tin- night
A few feet from where Mrs. Renter
had fallen ho suddenly threw up his
hands ami went heavily to tho sidewalk. A passer-by who liiul seen him,
earned him into 880. Ho wus placed
beside the body of his wife and the
physicians were again sent for. He
was dead, and they gave it as thoir
opinion that lie had died of apoplexy
brought ou by shock. Coroner Burger
will hold an autopsy iu both cases.
The Canadian Remedy for all
Large Bottles, 25 cents.
I'rnp-3. Perry Davit,' Paila Killer.
New York Maaialrcal
10000 asamaaBa^aafatmnsaM*,
l'I*MNSri.A-Oim..\TAi,   COMPANY
.Vnotliur Lino it, l'ly n.tweon Vnnoouvor
nml tin. Orient.
Toronto, Jan. 37,���Thero is a rumOK
hero to the effect that tho Canadian Pu-
cific Railway is to have opposition on
the Put-ilio const, that another line of
steamers is to bo placed on tlio route be-
twei-ti Vancouver, China and Japan and
Australia. The Peninsula and Oriental
Steamship company,a very strong English line, is named ns the company to
oompetu with the Canadian Pacific
railway fair Pacific business. That
company, it. is said, will place boats or,
the route within u year. Thoy have already steamers running to China, Japan
and Australia, but not from Pacillc
coast points. Officials of the Canadian
Paoiflo who live iu Toronto have heard
nothing of any sneb intention. It is
pointed out. that tlio Canadian Pacific,
Great Northern aud Nortneru Pacific,
threo great trnns-coulincntal lines.have
all steamship lines running in connection witli their terminals, und they
wonld, therefore, be Tory unlikely to
put any business in Tlio way of a competing company.
A New Departure.
Dr. Mnrsebniid, tho celebrated
French physicinn, has at. last opened
his magnificently equipped laboratory
in Windsor, Out. Thero is a large
staff of chemists unil physicians nt his
command, und Hie men anil women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Miirschitud has n world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of tncii and women,
and you have but to write tbo doctor
to be convinced that yonr answer, when
received, is from n uittu wbo is entitled In tho high position ho holds iu
tho medical fraternity.
Why siiffrr iii silence when yon can
secure the advice of litis eminent physician freo of charge.
All correspondence is strictly confidential and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents nre
mailed in plain envelopes.
Yon are not asked to pay any exor*
bitnut price for medicines, iu fact il
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 50 cents to ono dollnr before ho or she becomes a firm friend
nnd admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of lady physicians
assist Dr. Marschaud in bis treatment
of females cases. Always incloso three-
cent stamp when yon writo und address
The Dr. Mnrschand Chemical Co., Detroit, Midi., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when you writo the doctor.
It's lucky to   huvo   your affairs at
sixes und sevens���they make thirteens.
Skin diseases from the merest pimples to the most obstinate eczema,
salt rheum, running sores, are quickly, pleasantly and permanently
cured by Dr. Agnew's Ointment���35 cents.
Who does not envy a baby its soft velvety panion until past middle life, and Dr.
skin ? How many suffer from distra-ssina,' Agnew's Ointment has cured speedily .and
skin diseases���Do you suffer ? Have you permanently. It is a boon to mothers
tetter���salt rheum���-scald head���ring worm because it is a boon to babyland���scald
���eczema���ulcers���blotches on the skin��� head and its irritations, which are accom-
chronic erysipelas���liver spots and what paniments to lhe teething pcriod.are quickly
not else of theso distasteful and aggravating driven off and restlessness passes away���
disorders which disfigure and       ^^at^^S^t^.      and where torture reigned with
ease, no matter of how lont; ^^^HB^^ in all forms and at all stages-
standing, has baffled its curative qualities, one application will relieve the Itching,
In cases of chronic eczema it has proved irritating sensations in an instant���and
its great worth, and cases arc on record long standing cases disappear after from
where this dread affection has been the three to five nights'treatment���the pain and
birthright of its patient and constant com-   soreness quit you and tho tumors vanish.
A hdyllvIniTln 11 northern County toivia la-rltci tlaiat The baby of another laaly living on Paelfij Ave. In
fcriieveiiteenycariislieavaalroiibla'ilavilla.-alirlieaini.    Toronto, was terribly afflicted wilh scald-head and
She look doctors' treatments anal utacd many lotions   eci-ema���sho tried washes prescribed lay hur pnyu.
without anypermanenlrellcf. Reading of tho cures clan,andsoap5.idviTtiscdfoi:iiuchpurjoscs,butlho
made by Dr. Agnew's Ointment, she decldeal to tiy disease reiualnral-I)r. Agnms'S Ointment aval her
11. The lirst application allayed tho Irritation nnd Raaoal frla-n.l i half n bos cured the baby and cured
Ihe continued using il-tho disease rapidly dis- hersclfoflroiibla-somopllcswhlchhadbeenthobajl.
appeared and now for two yean there Ins been no of her lifo since baaby s birth.
Sign of. return Oilt.
DR. AdNBW'S CURB FOR THE HEART-Curci. palpitation, fluttering, ahorlneu ol breath and
all hurt disorders���relief In 30 minute-..
OR. AONBW'S CATARRHAL POWDER-Ilas cured cases of catarrh of so yean' MMidtog-relievM
cold In the head In 10 minutes, a
OR. AdNBW'S UVBR PILLS-Stop sick headache-cure constipation, bWoiittm-mdUvMlroubloi
,1 little doles���40la. boa���-ocenls. "*4
Japanese and Chinese laborers BARKED.
Roads Aided by the Local Government
"tlust   Not    Seek   Assistance
From the Dominion.
Vancouver. Jan. 27.���The railway
committee of the provincial legislature
is inserting several conditions precedent
in all railroad charter bills. One ot
these stipulations provides that neither
Chinese or Japaneso cheup labor shall
bo employed either on construction
work on auy chartered railroad, or
subsequent working of the lines. In
defanlt,applieation may be mndo to the
supremo court by the attorney-general
for forfeiture of tho company's statutory privileges, Second condition provides that any railroad company chartered by the province, shall within six
months after passing of the act deposit
the value or |0,000 with tho finance
minister us security for tho expenditure
by 11 date fixed iu tlio net, of nt least
(10,000 in surveys or on construction
work. Failing tins tleposit, the charter
rights nre to become void, and if survey or construction expenditure lie not
dnly made, the iJo.OUO deposit of cash
or cash values, shall stand forfeited to
tho province. Lastly, it is provided
that, no proviucinlly chartered railroad
shall, after obtaining valuable privileges from British Columbia, ask subsidies and other rights from tho Dominion. If this be done, then whilst Dominion charter advantages will, of
course, be retnined, provincial privileges previously conferred nre to be
null and void.
Western Railway Talk.
Ottawa, Jan. 21.��� Applications will
bo made to parliament by the Manitoba
and Sontliwestem Rnilway company to
amalgamate with the Canadian North
ern Railway company and confirm the
bond issue of tbo company.
The Saskatchewan Railway and Mining company will apply for power to
commence construction of branch linos
prior to the construction of the main
line by another rnilway as may be
proved by the governor iu council; also
power to extend this line from Hunt-
bolt, eastward to nny point ou tho Canadian PacilicGreat North West Central
or Lako Manitoba Railway and Canal
companies rnilways.nnd westward from
B.ttleford to the Rooky mountains.
Applications will be made to parliament by tho Red Deer Valley Railway
und Coal company for an extension of
Fraud at the Mint.
Readiug, Pa., Jan. 27.���Herman
Kretz, former superintendent of the
United States mint in Philadelphia.hus
been called on to explain the finding of
a bag filled with nails, screws and
pieces of lead iu the silver vaults at the
mint ut Philadelphia, the bag was of
the precise weight of lOii silver dollars,
the uinount of silver coin which the
weighers tit the mint supposed it to
outtiin. Thn fact that it contained
sawdust led to its close examination,
and the discovery that tho original contents had been removed.
Many of lhe North American Inalian.
were magnificent specimens of physical
manhood. This was due, largely, to their
active out-door life. Nevertheless, they
bail the wisdom tn know thnt an active life
in the open air alone, would not keep a
man healthy. They had their medicinemen, who gathered herbs from field and
forest anal brewed decoctions 10 aHsist the
natural processes of the various vital
Modem civilized men do not ns a usual
thing recognize the same necessity until it
is too late. They ignore medicine until
they are within the grasp of some serious
or nital disease. The time for a man tb lie-
gin taking medicine is when he begins to
reel out of sort*'. If n man is thoroughly
well anal healthy lit- does not feel that way.
If ha- alaaes feel'that way be may lw pretty
sure that lu- is half sick. When lie is half
sicl; it docs not take long before he is
".wholcsick," Dr. Pierce's I'.nlden Medical Discovery is the best medicine for a
man when he* Is sick or getting sick. It
puts him all right all round. It puts his
stomach tight taa begin with, nml that is tiie
most Important point. It puts his liver
right, and that is the second most Import*
ant point, Il purifies his blood nnd fills It
with the life-giving elements of the food
he eats, ant] that is the third important
point. It drives out nil disease germs and
impurities of every discriptiou. It makes
the appetite keen and hearty. It is the
greatest l.loaHl-uinker and flesh-builder. It
cures oS per cent, of nit cases of consumption, weak lungs, spitting of blood, obstinate coughs and kindred ailments. Thousands who were given up to die have testified to their recovery under this marvelous
medicine. An honest dealer will not urge
a substitute for the sake of a little extra
profit.    He gives you what you ask for.
* M.4I.IM Chut In lls.ll.
Simple, S.r. and Quick Cur. for
3B and BO oent Bottle*
The D. & L.
Il the best and most palatable preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, agrceing.with ihe most delicate
Il prescribed by ths leading physicians of
Ii ��� marvellous flesh producer and will give
you aa appetite. 60c. ft $1 per Bottle.
Be sure you get I   DAVIS & LAWRENCE
the genuine    [        CO., Limited, Montreal
ifomia ftm For Sale.
$1300���200 acres; $300-���20 acres;
$2500���84 acres; $800���40 acres; $000
���1200 acres; $2600���80 acres; $2000
���20 acres; $1500���100 acres; $1000���
20 acres; $1200���10 acres; $1200���80
acres; $600���50 acres; $18,800���400
acres; $250���700 a-res; $800���80
acres; $12,000���000 acres; $2170���21?
acres; $720���24 acres. They aro in
California. 150 miles south of the
Oregon line, iu a valley live miles /ride
ut eust end and tapering to a point 15
miles west through which a largo creek
flows; on thu trunk lino railroad connecting Sun Francisco aud Portland.
Tho market is good. Farm products
always bring tho highest price. Best
natural ronds in tho world���never
muddy. Near many gold mines. Elevation, 500 feet; yearly rainfall 36
inches; plenty of wood; water is pure,
soft and cold; uo alkali; no chills, uo
lung trouble, no rheumatism; seldom
any snow ever fnlls. Crops never fail.
Coldest weather 24 degrees above zero
���no cold winters; no sunstrokes; no
muddy streets; no cyclones, no hurri*
ennes or floods* No better climate can
be found. Tho products arc flowers of
every kind, figs, peaches, pears, prunes,
plums, cherries, almonds, walnuts,
raisins, grapes of all, varieties; wheat,
barley, rye, oats, hogs, sheep, chickens, etc. Tho best of society; schools
are first class. Congregational, U. B.
and Baptist Churches. The people are
white, wide awake, generous���highest
type of American citizenship. There
is no government or railroad land
there; no farms for rent.
We have an agent in tho town to
show theso places free of charge who
will also furiush abstract with each
salo showing clear title. For circulars
containing maps and full information
nddress E. A. HAGGEN,
Notary Public & Real Estate Agent,
Golden, B. O.
renaiiiis in this state to mailing.; ami-
business in (heir ownnnd ncsrby counties. It
is mainly aanta-a- wan k a-oliallK-tetl at liolna-. Sal-
airv straight 1900 u year and expenses���definite,
loiiuiltlai, no more, uaa Tes-i sulsry. "aIoii,hla-.7."a.
Reference, Encloed sell-add essed slumped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Seasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
GOLDEN, ���!. O.
1.  Your best local newspaper
8.   Tho thrlce-a-weck
8. Finely illustrated monthly magazine
Ilrlithten your homes for winter. Theso
tlira-aa, fiariiiiiia,- a <*tmiplcte library, for one
year fair
Ail.lr.-ss:   THE MANAGER,
Oolden Eta Co. Ld. Ly..
Uolden, B.C.
A Riot quelled by Flogging.
London, Jan. 27.���The Standard
publishes tho following dispatch from
Moscow: Thero hare been serious strike
riots in the cotton mills in tho St.
Petersburg district. Tho police, while
attempting to raid tho workman's barracks in order to arrest a strike ringleader, wero attacked by the workmen,
one policemen being killed. The Kos-
sacks were then summoned and tbey
literally stormed the barracks, lighting
their way from floor to floor, assailed
with 1 ricks and other missies aud boiling wuter. The workmen were eventually forced into the garrets, where tbe
Kossacks severely flogged them witb
whips aud arrested 200. It is said
that thn Kossacks flogged mon, women
aud children indiscriminately.
���.guarantee that that
Flitters will relieve
pain qjikkcr dun any
other. Put up only In
yud rolls. That Utter
allows you to cot tht
Plaster any site.
Every family
ahould have one
ready tor an emergency.
uwith Homuu
|ia-r��iin�� III this slate to uianrge our
'itl.lnes. in Mielr oavn nnd near-by counties, li
In liiralnly aaffia-aa waark conducted nt home. Sal-
ryra-r glia ll.anycar uud expense*���da-finite,
lanhatialu.no moro, no loss salary. Monthly 176.
Rpfcraanee. Enelose .i-lfa.IUri-.sod stamped
civailone, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
Subscribe to the Golden Eb k and help
to advance the interests 1 ( tht district.
Send $2 for a year's subscription!
^WE   PRINT-���"���$
Send ns your orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Managing Director.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholesale nuil Retail���
Cattle, Shesp and Horse Dealers.
Rubber Stamps.
Ortlcntfor Ruhlwr Stumpnnml Seals will b��
receive-flat t e Goldon Era office unit executed
with promptitude.
The Oolden Ern Company,
Limited Liability.
JAMES BRADY, D.L.S. & P. h. S.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'n Inst. M. E.
Ag>nt for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment work, etc.
Address:   GOLDEN.   B.C.
{Established 1R7H) Leadvim.k, Colorado.
Samples by mall or cxnreiw recclvo
prompt attention.
Specimen ABsay  Prices:���Oold. stiver nnd
lead, f>\; any two of the above, 7fic; any one of
tbe above, J��c, copper analysis, #i; platinum,
nickel or tin, &   a rite for full price list nnd
mailing cnvulope*
A supply of Bulldin? Lime for snK
PUns prepared.   Prompt attention   '
given to orders.
Tie Imperial Life Assurance Co,
1253,'tO Deposited Willi Dominion Government for security of Policy Holders.
E. A. Haocek.
Ae-nt. Golden. B.C.
Canadian . .
Pacific Ry.
If yoa intend spending the
'      wintr in a
Milder  Climate
Write or call tor particular.
if rates, routes, etc , to
Reduced  Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
Apply to ths nearest Canadian  Pacific Railway Agent, or address
110BT. KEBR,
Traffic Manager,
"Winnipeg, Man.
Ticket Agent, Oolden.
Notary Public, Mining, Real
"Bstate & Commission Agt.
Deads prepared and attested. Parti*,
represented in 1 olice court, Sm.tl Dobtx
court and County court. Aroount. collected aud disputed claims adjusted.
Town Lot* and Farm Linds t *r sale.
Working ai d Wvidetad Paying Mines in
various parts ol British Culumbia.
Go'd Quart*!, Copper, Gold, and Si'ver-
LeHi) Pn sptct and DeveU ped Properties
on Bund.
Reports and  informati-m   futni-hed.
Stocks in British Columbia mine,
bought and sold.
C-.ble Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Cades in use: Moieing & Nml, and
Bddlord McN. ill.
.   .   HOTEL.
Oood   tieaaoinmoalittlota    fot    jai QH|>eetors   snd
Freighters.   Flrst-clns* meals.
Headquarters for GimiTiercia! Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold Baths.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Navigation & Tramway Company, 1,
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P.  R. at   Golden,  B. C,  and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
Reliable Assays at Moderate Prices,
Thrm-pli nn nrrnrc'Tiifliit wilh Miner and Miner ami, WO |M ctiablsd to offer all. who will
pny (ASH IN ADV ANt K for n yonr* nulHU-rlptlmi tn THE UOLDKN* KKA, clubbed with MlKIW
and M iNKiuLfl, Five Coupons entitling iho lubwrlbcr to
Five Assays for Oold and Silver, Copper, Iron, or Lead.
Tin .ur umiivh will lie made et Ihe Minkh and Mixer ai* ABsay office. Scranton, Pa., and are
ffiinrniitiTil ns reliable nud accurate ns It Ul��Mtblo to havo ma-lo anywhere. Prompt return*
will lie iniide In nil ennes.
Itegulnr Hulworlptlon lo Minkh and Minkkai.h tt.00 '
KogulnrHulm-rl|iti<m toTllK(Jui.l'KX KRA        :'."'-TutalII00
Clitblihg Ralo, Ineludi-g Atovc-NtnuHi Aisnya sr.M,
If you wliili to see Minim anu Minkkalm u-foru taking up thi* offer, aend for a free sample
copy to Bcmnton, Ptu  Mention this imper.
Manufacturers   ot    and   Dealers   in all  Kinds
of  Lumber Etc.
CONTRACTORS    TO    THE    C.   P.   R.
Golden and Beaver, B.  C. !* H
A\ Cam... Fienai Oasts a. Snapshot of tho
Sp-ul.h Pretend.,  and Telle Bow
He Look, and Acts.
Don Carlos Is a familiar figure among
th. eampos, eallas and canals of Venice,
says CJuries King Wood, a Philadelphia
oamerlst, In The Press of that citr.
E.ery afternoon about 4 o'clock, be
the day fair or foul, his commanding
form, accomiianled by his yonng itl.o,
. f-e Princess ot Iloban, may bn seen
crossing the Piazza or threading tbo
buiy Mercerln. he walking with great
manly strldOB and she pitter-patter witb
tiny steps, clinging to his arm as if trying
to "keep np."
The PrinooKp is sweet to look upon,
but oftentimes with a shade of sadness
in her expression. Sbe rarely ralsos hor
eyes from Ihe around as sbe walks holding contldtmtly antl proudly to her husband's strong arm with nn air at oiut
sby ond charmingly feminine.
Do.i GarloR look-, "evory lunhuklng,"
handsome, dark, taK and brond*snouloer*
ed. Familiar gossip lu Venice whispers
���torlos gallnut nf tho Irresistible Don and
maids of low aloj-reu, but If those "ales
have foundation In rcrity thoy must
surely antedate the reign of this lovely
soeond wile.
At Ihe Fenlee (the groat Venetian
theatre opened only upon spoclul occasions), the night after Christinas the
"Bohome of I'tiooinl" was sung for tho
first tlmo In Venice, and all society wos
Don Carlos anil his wife often during
the evening fiat band In hand In the
most affectionate manner, evidently
entirely oblivious V> other eyes.
Ibe Pretender has beeu mugnanimous
In sparing poor .Spain u revolution and
civil strife at this, for him, must opportune hour, with tbo United States besetting ho.' from without, the riots within.
It I. confidently statod by Cnrlists that
their lea lor is both prepared nnd able at
any moment to plaoe himself upon the
throne of his fathers.
A bnlldog accompanies tbo Don in bis
dally walks. Iho boast usually contrives
to stray Into tbe shops or lose iiiroself
among tho crowds In tho Mercerla, and
then Lis royal master and mistress must
wait, or search until he Is found, the
Don whistling, -fiercely just us yon or I
Il Is the custom for a gondola to meet
them at Ibe l'lazelta or at the ("Harden*
otto Reals after the promonade. Thou
with the bnlldog mounted on the i.rova,
our Interesting trionds are towed swiftly
away by twj gondoliers In blue and yellow.
Don Carlos lives In a flue old palace on
the Grand Canal, between tbe votive
Cboroh of Santa Maria delta Salute and
l'Aoadeiula, with great pall far the gondolas bearing the fleur-de-lis of the Bourbons.
Tbe coat*of-arms of the family graces
the entrance hall, where one may now
and then see flitting by the blue and
yellow of the servants ot Ihe home.
A certain state- Is keot and the royal
adherents address tbeir master as "Yonr
"Majesty" with as much fervor as If In
reality he wero thoir reigning sovereign,
"for their quality they are said to be very
Impoverished and entertain bnt little.
Bnt whom may a thronelus monarch
weloome to his nouso? Mo royal heads,
azoept perhaps an Empress Eugenie, an
Orleanltt pretender or suoh In like plight
with themselves, and commoners, of
course, are quite without tbe pale.
' Ex-Secretary Carlisle's favorite ooloi
Is gray, and ho rarely wears a suit oi
���ny other shade.
, Senator Forakor is a lover of modern
art and is said to have one uf the best
amateur collections in the middle west.
Ten natives of Ohio will be in the
next senate: Forakcr, ilunnn, Baker,
Carter, Allen, Kyle, Elkina, Fairbanks,
Turpio and Allison.
Cornelius Vanderbiltrecelvcsan average of 800 letters n day. Most of them
are answered by Ills secretary, but about
CO he mnst himeelf attend to.
i M. Paul Cnnibon, tho new French
embassador to England, was in hit
youth devoted to theatricals. He win
highly suocessM in private performances.
Ur. Philip Slieriiloiij a nepbow ot
the general and a member of tho Montreal bar, is reported to have a fortune
in the Klondike, where he wont last
William Waldorf Attar has donated
135,000 toward tbofuud being ruined nt
tbe inslauco of Uoucral Lord Kitoheuer
to found the Gordon Memorial college
at Khartum.
Before joining his command in tbe
Spanish War Geueral "Joe" Wheeler
had hia nauio stricken off the congressional pay roll, nud his salary was turned Into tho surplus.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Colds, Etc.
A Qualified Indoractnent.
"Did yon tbbcr byuh 'bout a wiferr
rasor?" Inquired Miss Miami Brown It,
an effort to mako conversation.
"Yoi," answered Mr. Urustus Pink-
ley. "I s'poso it does well enough tn
shave wif. Bnt it wouldn't be no good
���t a pabty."���-Washington Star.
Tlm. Enough Then.
"Don't yon think, John, that yon
onght to teaoh that boy tbat ho oau't
have everything ho wants?" she asked.
"Not now," he replied. "He'll leant
that quick enough alter ho is married."
���Chicago Poet.
Perfect Trust.
"Mrs. Tnmkins simply adores her
"It (be raving over him all the time?"
"Ho, but she lets him piok out ber
Christmas present. "���Chicago Record,
An Explorer Indeed.
Mnggsy���Talk about yer Stanleys an
Nnnseus: Why, Cblmniy Dollin over
dere hat been twice ter Brooklyn au
wunit to Jersey City.���New York Jour-
Fire at Wilkesliurrc.
Wilkesbiure, Pu., Juu. 24.���Ono of
the most destructive fires iu the history
of the city, broke out in the Osterhout
bnildiug, a largo four story brick structure, aud before tho flames were under
control the great bnilding was in ruins.
The total loss is placed at $333,000.
The first floor of the building was
occupied by stores. Tho second and
third by offices, and the fourth by the
janitor and other lodgers. The firemen
had great difficulty in rescuing some of
those who were asleep in tbe building.
Many were brought down the ladders
in their night clothes.
Antartlc Expedition.
Berlin, Jan.24.��� The minister of the
interior, Count Posadowski-Wemler,
during the course of the debate on the
home office estimates in the relchstag
today, said Prince Hohenlohe, the imperial chancellor, was prepared to support the proposed Antarctic expedition.
He expressed the belief that Germany,
the United States and Great Britain
should act conjointly in the matter.
Arrested for Forgery.
Walkerton, Jan.84.���Robert W.King,
alios White, a Paisley hotel keeper, is
wanted for passing forged drafts on the
First National Bank of Bock Rapids,
Iowa. Yesterday he was committed for
extradition. Prisoner's counsel has
gone to Toronto to take the necessary
steps to appeal.
A Texas Snowstorm.
Dallas, Txeas, Jan. 24.���A fierce
snow storm prevails all over northern
Texas. Tbe storm started about noon
last night, and there are indications
that the snow was turning into heavy
sleet. The railroad trains are late and
the telegraph service delayed.
Consternation  Anions; the Shareholders
In Montreal.
Montreal, Jan. 24.���-The Snn Life Assurance Co. of Canada, with headquarters in this city, has foreclosed upon
the property of tho Cornwall street railway, and as a consequence there is
somo consternation among Montreal
shareholders, who happen still to he
loaded with this stock. An important
judgment was handed down at Cornwall on Saturday by Chief Justice Ar-
inonr, in the matter of the action of
the foreclosure brought by J. T. Kirk-
putrick, and D. B. McLennan, Q.C., of
Cornwall, trustees for tho bondholders,
the Sun Life Assurance Co. against the
Cornwall Electric Street Railway Co.,
Ltd. The company has been in financial difficulties for some time, and were
forced to sue for the whole amount of
the bonds, $100,000, and overdue interest. The result is a judgment for the
bondholders, Chief Justice Armour at
the same time giving an order for the
nsnal decree of foreclosure, with costs.
The total claim of the Sun Life company against the property amounts to
$90,000 and interest, the par value of
the bonds being $100,000. These bonds
consist of first mortgage five per cents,
and were to run for the space of twenty
years. The whole issue was taken by
the Sun Life company. According to
the statement tho company issued in
September, 1808, the total assets
amounted to $284,056.10. The capital
stook of the company, issned and taken
up, amounted to $117,000, out of an
authorized capital of $150,000. A
large amount of this is held in Montreal
and a good portion of it is said to be in
the brokers' offices. Tho officers of the
Snn Life company state that the judgment of tho court will cut out all the
shareholders and unsecured creditors,
and that thoy will have no claim whatever upon the company. This means
that the stock will not be worth more
than the value of the paper upon which
it is engraved.
Earthquakes In Greece.
Athens, Jan. 24.���The earthquakes
which began on Sunday iu the province
of Peloponesns, still continue, but are
much lighter. Tho latest reports from
tho earthquake distriot show tbat the
town of Nisi in tho department of Mes-
sinia, seven miles west of Kalamatay,
has been greatly damaged. In the prov-
incoof Kyparissitt five villages have
been comp'etely destroyed.
Dr. David Marcll Dead.
Montreal, Jan. 24.���David Marcil,
legislative councillor for the division of
Mille Isles, in tho countries of Terrebonne, (lied last evening at St. Eus-
tache. He was 115 years of age aud
was a councillor for ten years. For
many years lie wus president, of the Col-
lego of Physicians aud Surgeons in the
province ot Quebec.
On the Kecks.
New York, Jan. 24.���The Bteamer
Pilgrim, one of tlio "queens" of tho
Fall River fleet, which left this city this
evening, ran ou the rooks off Port
Morris during a fog. At midnight sho
wns still there. Sho was loaded to her
fill capacity with freight and carried a
large passenger list.
Officials Retired.
Toronto, Jan. 24.���By retiring some
officials in the public works department
and cutting down the salaries of some
others, who are advanced in years, and
will have their duties lightened, a saving of $8,800 in the department of the
Ontario publio works will be effected.
Newfoundland question.
London, Jan. 24.���Iu well informed
quarters, a representative of the Associated Press was informed today that u
peaceful solution of tho Newfoundland
question between Franco nnd Great
Britain is oxpeoted very shortly. Il
means compensation to tho French fishermen and the surrender of thoir rights
nnder the treaty of Utrecht.
It is rumored in Paris this evening
that the government intends to propose
to Great Britain to snbmit tbe Newfoundland dispute to arbitration.
It may be only a trifling cold, bnt
neglect i^and it will fasten its fangs iu
your luugs.and you will soou be carried
to au untimely grave. Iu this country
wu havo sudden changes aud must expect to have coughs and colds. We
cannot avoid them, but we can effect a
cure by nsing Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, the medicine that has never
been konwn to fail in curing coughs,
colds, Bronchitis and nil affections of
the throat, lungs and chest.
Familtnr IHxi.rvei.lon.
The DlaaTeroqOv.
Though Bummer's gone, tbra horse chews oa;
Ee must laa* boused P.iacl fed.
Ho hasn't a thing lo alo till a-prlntf
r.ur just eet off lais head,
Bat tlio a-jeie. while tlle roods ore vile
And paths are robed i-a white.
Just stain.;]- on .-a slielf snd carta for Itself
Anal neve, eats :a Inltii.
-L. A. VV. Bulletin.
Dear   Sirs,���I    cannot    speak  too
strongly  of   tho  excellence of  MINARD'S LINIMENT.    It is THE remedy in my household for burus, sprains,
eta, and wo would not be without it.
It is trnly a wonderful mediciue.
Publisher Arnprior Chronicle
An En-ay Promise.
In hor hoart love and duty -strove for
mastery, uud duly '.von.
"No man shall wed me,"she exclaimed, with sulfusod oyes and quivering lips, "who d'jcs bait promiso .no
tbut if Uo is ever president of tho United .States hu will use his influence to
havo battleship*! ohristuuod with water!"
Such was tiie ardor of his passion
thiit Algernon hesitated not a moment.
"1 promise!" lie cried! and fell upou
his knees.���Detroit Jouruai.
A Fine I'hmatluK.
There nro some classes of people, says
The Oornbill Magazine, who seem to
thiult that When they speak to a person
they must use certain peculiar phrase:*,
Wholly strange to them under ordinary
circumstances, ns, for iustanco, the fa*
mons reply of the laborer to tbe minis-
tor's words of praise concerning a fino
fat pig which he saw in his sty, grunting
with satisfaction and repletion, "Ob,
sir, if only wo was all as Ut to dio as
uiy old sow be!"
And Won.
"Didn't tho bride got a fine lot of
"Yes, indeed. Sho played ber cards
well."���Providence Journal.
What Inference?
"Mrs. Barbies is gettiug up a club
for tho study of thoosopuy."
"You don't tell me! Is sho intellectual, then?"
"Didn't I just tell yon she was tak
ing up theosophy. "���Indianapolis Journal. 	
Partial Paralysis Accompanied bv Fainting
Fir. Follow*- -Doctors Fail to Bring
R��lia*f-Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills Restore Health.
Brookholm, a suburb of Owen Sound,
is fairly vibrating with interest in tht
wonderful cures effected iu that place
by tho use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
A newspaper man of Toronto, spending
some time in tho vicinity, was directed
to a house on a hill overlooking Owen
Sound's beautiful bay, aud was told
that thero he would learn something
about a euro effected bj Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Tiie hill was climbed and
it is to Mr. 3. F. Goodt'ellow, the
genial owner and occupant of that
pleasant home, that he is indebted for
tlio following facts:���"My wife owes
her Rued measure of health today to Dr.
Williams' PiuU Pills." said Mr. Goodie-How- "On tho 12th Of July, lS()<"i,
Mrs Goodfellow went on an excursion
to Oollingwood by bout and i-aine homo
with a severu cold, which developed
into a partial or slight, attack of paralysis in tlio left side and limb. In addition, at times she would be seized
witli a dizziness which often resnlteil
in sudden and severe falls. The paralysis made her unable to lift auy
weight with iter left. hand. She called
iu medical uid nud for somo months
followed thu advice uud look tlio medicines prescribed. But it was ouly
money wasted as sho did not get any
better. As Mrs. Goodfellow lias three
children and her husband to care for it.
wns it deep trouble to the family for lier
to be so afflicted. For eight mouths
these dizzy spells aud the paralysis continued. Then some friend asked her to
try ll box of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
To please tho friend she consented to
purchase a few boxes. Wben these had
been taken she felt decidedly letter.
The fainting spells came less frequent,
her strength returned to her side and
arm aud she was deilghtcd with tho
result. After taking about six boxes,
and feeling quitn well again, she discontinued tlio use of the pills for a time,
hut later felt some of the old symptoms
returning. She again procured a supply
and recommenced their use, and was
overjoyed to find thnt theso valuable
little pellets again gavo relief. She
continued taking them milil she felt
that she must certainly ho over tiie
effects of the troublo when she again
ceased to take the pills. That is over it
year and a half ago, nnd only once or
twice since has she had auy slight
symptoms of tho old trouble, and then
a few doses of tho pills would give full
relief. Mrs.Goodfellow is decidedly of
the opinion that she owes her present
health to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
is most enthusiastic in her recommendation of them to her friends and acquaintances.
To Jaw.
" I have been for years more aw less
subject to eruptions on my slain. The left
side of my face frotn the top of my ear to
half way down my jaw was in a very
bad state���being almost raw, making
shaving very painful. I was advised to
try Burdock Blood Bitters. One bottle
perfectly cured me. I can honestly recommend B.B.B. to all who suffer from
any skin disease." G. WHITE,-Carie-
vale, N.W.T.
B.B.B. cures Salt Rheum, Eczema,
Tetter, Shingles, Boils, Pimples,
Sores, Ulcers, and all forms
of Skin Diseases and
Eruptions, from the
smallest pimple to
the worst scrofulous
The Saaainl  Whirl.
Trotler���What bus become of Struck-
llo? When X left, he was iniikinn desperate efforts to gee into tbe lirst society.
Homer���By tlio time be got in the
people who then computed tho bert social} hnd bnrsted tap, so ho is now as
budly off as ho was before.���New York
Tho winners of the Sewing machines
in the Royal Crown soap competition
nre as follows! Winnipeg, M. J. Mc-
Gillivnty. STO Ellis Ave.; Manitoba,
Miss Minuio Wilson,Portage in Prairie:
Northwest Territories, Mrs. D. Patta-r-
son, Maple Creok. Tlio Royal Crown
Soap Oo. will continue this competition, giving away tltreu machines each
week until further notice.
A noulHlnbont Way.
"Yon with In sua me, Mr. Spooner?"
"Yes, sir. I hnvo a question to usk���
a question upon tbe nugwor to which,
to a great extent, tho future happiness
of my life depends. Will you���will
you Im my father-in-law:"���Pick Ma
Wobegto call tlio ntl ontloii of our readers n
tin? advertisement aa!' Dr. Wnril's Illi.od jam*
Nerve Pills In this |iti]ini Tho linn hnvo nl-
placo'l aan Hie market Dr. Ward's Liver Pills
which havo nlrcody proved to laa- a must excel
lent family medicine ns a euro for constipation
dyspepsia,biliousness, i-u-. They are saaltt nt i'.*ia
"er vial, or 8 for 1, or mntlo'l on receipt of prlci
by the Ur. Word Co., Limited, Toronto, Out.
A Hlirlll-f  ltata'Itli;t*iil  ( a.tiix-llin-lll.
At a meeting of tbe town council of
a North Lincolnshire town a question
arose as to tbo advisability of consecrating a new portion of the cemetery. A
member snggosted that "it would bo
best to consecrate it, us be had hud his
back yard done with it and 'it wore
woll.' " -English Exchange.
explanatory Details.
"The first night of our engagement,."
remarked Mr, Storniiugtoii Barnes,
tragedian, "wo tnijued people away."
"That was gratifying," replied tht
"1 can't say thnt it was. You seo, the
local papers got tho advertisement.*
mixed, ami the impression went abroad
tbat our thoater was giving the minstrel show. "���Comic Outs,
Ill-fitting boots nnd shoes cause corns.
j Hol'owny's Corn Cure is tlio urticlo to
I nse. Get a bottle at once and cure your
! corns-
Trinidad is perhaps tho principal
breeding place for sea birds in the south
Atlantic. Tho deposit of gunno is con-
sequontly great Tlieru nro traces of
abundant extinct vegetation.
A Clear, Healthy Skin ���-Eruptions
of tho skin and the blotches which
blemish beauty aro the result of impure
blood caused by unhealthy action of the
Liver and Kidneys. In correoting this
unhealthy action nnd restoring the
organs to their normal condition, Pur-
incleo's Vegetable Pills will at the
same time clenuso tho Mood, and the
blotches nud eruptions will disappear
without leaving any trace.
Tho Dear Thine*.
Mrs. Lynx���Loss of sieep, ycu know,
menus Joss of beauty.
Mrs, -Myux���You've nov
ar1  ia-..--   ������
Airs, .Myux���You've never been much
of u sleeper, X believe?-��� Youkers States*
A Dunnville Jeweller's Wife
t Mrs, D. E. Lasalle, Canal Street, Dunn-
villi*, Ont., whoso husband keeps a
jewellery store, aud is one of the best
known and most progressive citizens of
Dunnville, Ont., gives the following; description of Iter recent experience in the
use of Milburn's Heart and nerve Pills.
" I took Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills for weak nerves, dizziness, palpitation of the heart, smothering- spells at
night and sleeplessness. Before I used
them I could not eet restful sleep, and
my nerves were often so unstrung that I
would start in alarm at the least noise,
and easily worried.
" Last February I commenced taking
this valuable medicine, and it proved the
right remedy for my weak and shattered
nervous system. Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills restored my nerves to a
strong and healthy condition, gave regular and normal action of the heart.
"I sleep well now, and am belter in
every way, and I recommend them
heartily to all who suffer as I did."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills, 50c.
n box. or 3 for $[.25, at all druggists.
T, Mhuurn & Co., Toronto, Ont.
Laxa-Llver Pills curo Constipation. Sick
H>aJ;i'-be, Biliousness. Dyspepsia. Every
P'tl guaranteed perfect, and to work with"
out a u ripe or pain. Pries Mc, all druggists.
AinatdsUnimentCuresUargctinCowB filluard's Liniment Cares Distemper,
A Good Thing Indeed.
"Dven in geography tho beneficent
plans of inttnro appear," remarked Mr.
fo in dexter.
"Do thoy?" asked Mr. Per It a si e.
"Well, consider for yourself the ro-
KuJt if the Canaries were near Cat inland."���Detroit Free Pross.
Be there a Will, Wisdom Points the
Way.���Tlio sick man pines for relief.
bnt ho dislikes Bending for the doctor.
which means bottles oF drags never con-
gamed. Ho has not the resolution U
load liis stotnaoh with compound*
which smell villainously nud tastr
worse. But if ho have the will to deal
himself with his ailment, wisdom will
direct his attention to Parmelee's Vfg
otablo Pills, which, as a spoolflo for iu
digestion aud disorders of the digestive
organs, have no equal.
A Warm Time,
Visitor (in state prison)���What
brought you bore, my friend?
Convict���I got up a house warmin
"Why, that is not a crime!"
"But, you see, 1 happened to burn un
part of the family ut Ibe samo time."���
How York World.	
What;  h   Well-Known   ftftMllnil   Jnnrnal
Say* Alton* the King of I>l*enne.
'"This ^essentially an��jto <f selenHflo procuress, orienoo and invention go hnml in
"hsnd. Thanks to a di-ii.iutttijtfed encmls
"con-sump-: ion la ribbed of Its terrormdepriveii
"of Its defitruotiveneHa, mid this titsi'H >u��dls
"ensw oan first lw >��� lleved nml then cured.
''But to accomplish aouretliat is final ami
"effective there must lie constantjwrsfs'enoy
"th treatment and right livim.*. The Hi-iffon*'*
"iiuwt take tho t-Mit medli-ul relief, rightly 1 a-
"ministered. Bv tho labor, skill and reseat-on
"ot an eminent ohomist. T. A. ������'iicnin, don-
"sumption ran be both relieved and cured."���
MfiUcul Tribune.
Tlu-ee free sample bottlei of lhe Siocum Cure
wiU bo sent to any sufferer from consumption,
lung or throat trouble or general -debility, if
name, addreBS and express office aro seat to
lhe T. A. Hloouni t'o., Mudiml, I7U Kimr siree'*
went, Toronto, 0��t. Thie i* a pemitne offer,
aad If the rt-adfr is���o ��� knows a friend who is
-a Kufforer, send at once for the free samples
and mention this papei
Still Another Triumph���Mr. Thomas
S. Bullen, Sunderland, writes: "For
fourteeu years I was afflicted with
Piles; and frequently I was unable to
walk or sit. but four years ugo I was
cured by using Dr. Thomas' Eeleetric
Oil. I have also been subject toQninsy
for over forty years but EolootHo Oil
cured it, and it wns a perinunent cure
in both cases, as neither the Piles nor
Quinsy have tronbled me since."
Wasted energy must be made up
or the body will weaken and
perhaps perish.
For a long time prior to taking Dr.
Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills my nerve
system was greatly deranged and 1 was
terribly nervous, ho much so that in my
business (Linesman of thi' Kingston
Electric Light Co.,) my extreme nervousness naturally made the following of my
business extremely hazardous. Before
taking Or. Ward's Blood ami Nerve Pills
my kidneys had been affected for some
iime. I had constant soreness and .-iiitT-
nese across my loins and Ihe small of my
back, My appetite was variablo and
very poor. I also suffered greally with
constant headaches, I am glad to be
able to inform you lliat Dr. Ward's Pills
completely etired mo of all the above
ailments and made me a well man. I
have found no medicine like Dr. Ward's
Blood and Nerve Tills, although I have
tried many different kinds, 'i'liey acted
quickly and effectually on my nerve
system, making my nerves strong and
removing all indications of nervousness.
These valuable pills also removed all
kidney and back trouble and restored to
me a healthy vigorous appetite. I have
had no headache since nvo months ago
and feel justified in saying that they are
a wonderful remedy. They not only
removed nervousness, but gave me
healthy kidneys, removed all soreness
and stlrfness from my back and loins,
cured me of headache and gave me a
good appetite, consequently I am highly
pleased, 1 know of no medicine that
equals Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve
Pills for nervousness, chronic headache,
sore kidneys and back and loss of appetite. Yours truly, John McCutcheon, 522
Princess St., Kingston, Ont.
All good druggists sell them. If they
won't, we will supply you by mail on
receipt ot price, 50c. per box, or 5 boxes
for Sj.oo. The Doctor Ward Co.,
Limited, Toronto, Ont.
������WW ��������������������������������������������������
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��� i. Because of its
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fcl^-fcij", aZlaZLAt*.
The Dm-Gibson Co.
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(Jem-nil Insurance Agent,
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Shu Insurance Office
Uuion Assurance Society
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Sa*\t alaaatr lo   I1. O.
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Science gave as Dodd's Kidney Pills-
llodd's Kidney PHI. give us Security from Death-'Mi'.Ohus. Dean'.
Cane prove, this Claim.
London, Jan. 30.���At this season,
when everybody one meets is complain
ing of "the Grip," "Backache," or
some other similar complaint, it comes
as a relief to know that there are somo
diseases from which people can free
themselves at very slight expeuse, and
scarcely any trouble.
When we find that these diseases
"have for centuries been looked upon as
incurable, and have carried hundreds
of thousands to untimely graves, we
have reason to be thankful to science
nnd its votaries, who have given us
the means to free ourselves from this
horrible nightmare of Dea-.li.
As everyone knows, Kidney Diseases
havo, until loss than ten years ago,
beeu looked upon as utterly incurable.
Hundreds of thousand! have died of
them. Until lately there was no medicine known to roan that would either
relieve or cure them.
To-day, thanks to tbe wonderful
medicine known throughout the civilized world aa Dodd's Kidney Pills,
Kidney Diseases are no more danger-
���us than a common cold.
Proof of this fact has been given by
thousands of startling cures, by Dodd's
Kidney Pills, of cases that the best
physicians had "given up."
Tlio latest evidence in this city
comes from Iir, Charles Dean, an employee at the City Hotel.
Mr. Dean suffered for three years
witb terrible paius in bis back. He
could get no relief from any of the
many medicines he used.
One day a friend advised him to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills. He did so. As
a result he is now as strong and well
as he ever was. Dodd's Kidney Pills,
he says, are worth their weight in
gold. Ho they are to victims of Kidney Disease.
Capt. Armstrong has take up a timber limit ut Lake Lintleman.
C. A. Warren notfies a great cash
bargain sale which will run for .0
No. 1 was 10 hours late on Sunday
owing to the engine breaking down
near Kauanuskis.
Tbe Oddfellows Hall has been thoroughly renovated. The work was entrusted to Jas. Henderson, who has
mado xcellauiieut job of it.
Constable Cox, formerly of Golden,
hus been i-emovoal to Niagara, a town
in tlio Boundary conntry where be is
doing official duty.
E. II. Small, formerly landlord of
the Canal Fiat Hotel, is applying for a
liceuso for the Cosmopolitan Hotel ut
Mr. Griffith Government Agent, has
posted notices that iu future Pacific
time will lae obn-rved at the Government offices at Goldon.
The ainual meeting aif .ban-holders
of the liuld Mountain Milling and
Development Co. will be held at the
Company's oliieo, Goldeu. ou Feb,
A representative of the Ronald Engine Works will visit Goiden to test
the new lire engine and it wiil not be
used or taken over till this has been
dono. Steps will theu be taken to form
a lira brigade.
Tho many friends of Major Clohecy
ill he glad to learn that his health
has now thoroughly improved. The
popular Major will be in Goldeu in tbe
e-arly spring, to resume development
work on the Bennison mine,
The Prospector says of the Sullivan
mine that "according lo tho present
stage of development tbo ledge .'shows
a body of ore 100x500 feet, aud for all
that is known at the present time,iuay
run the full widtk of tho claim, 1500
J. b MacKay reports having experienced a splendid winter for atock. He
has now b'UO hcaal grazing ou the
lauds recently secured hy the company
which he represents. Last week he
bought H. G. Parson's cattle from the
Hog Ranch.
A telegram has been sent out from
Moutreai, stating that Mr. Oburoe,
Chief Assistant to Mr. Shaughueay,
has been uppoiutcd geueral Superintendent of the Western Division, wilh
head quarters at Winnipeg, but Mr.
Wnytu .ays hu kuows nothing about
A pretty cold snap has been oxperi-
euceU tins wee*. Uu Tuesday night
the thermometer full to tit "bolow za.ro,
aud en Wednesday night the tempera-
lure recorded was oo heaow zero, it
within three digress of the-must intense cold experienced this winter iu
Tho Penny Magazine, New York,
iv lit a; n is tho lowest-priced magazine m
America (ii) cents a year), ami which
is owned hy Hon. Chaunoey M. Deperr,
the eminent Aiueriuan orator, wants a
representative iu the vicinity. Application, should bo addiess.d tu tha sub*
ecliptic* Department, the Penny
Magazine, Temple Court, New York
Frank Sherwood was down town ta-
day, the lirst time Muce lie had hie
tussio with uhplera morbus, i-le says
he drove Uuitf miles alter ho was
taken, arid never canie eo near' -lying
in his life, Alter this when hs guu.
out iu the country he will lake a bottle
uf Ciiauiuorlaiu'e. Colic, Chuleui and
Diarrhoea Itemed/ with them.���Missouri Valley (Iowa) Titus. For sale by
all druggists, Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents, Victoria and   Vancouver.
Iu consequence ot a letter received
from Mr. \V. 0. Well, aa lo tho estimates of work required in ;*e district
the Committee ol the Miner. Association held a meeting ut the Columbia
House ou Monday to re-consnler the
estimates seut in to the Government.
After very careful consideration the
committee decided that they must
stand by tiie estimates ami works
thoy had recommended us tho grauta
were ubsolully necessary for the development of the district, aud a itpiy has
been seut to Mr. Wolls accordingly.
On Wealiaosday the now arrangements of tho C. P. R., consequent ou
the removal of the divisional point
from Duualal to Field, were to have
como iuto force and ih. train crows
were to begin on mac day to run right
tn rough Iron! Kevelstoko to Field.
The nine was also to have been
changed between Golden aud Field lo
Pacific time, instead of Western division time a. iormerly. The change
in time will in future be maale at Field.
All theso arrangements have, bowevoi,
been knocked on thu head far the present by the sad affair ut Rogers Pa.s.
In a recent letter from Washington,
D. ('., to an old friend, Major 6. A.
Studer, for twenty years United States
Consul at Singapore, says: "While at
Des Moines I became acquainted with
a liniment known as Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, which I found excellent
against rheumatism as well as against
soreness of the throat, and chest (giving me much caiser breathing). I bad
a touch of pneumonia early this week,
and two applications freely applied to
tbe throat and cheat relieved me of it
at once. I would not be without it for
anything." For sale by all druggists.
HeuderBon Pros, wholesale Agents
Victoria and Vancouver.
The therinomcrtcr was down to 3-1
below z*aro at Golden this morning.
The services at St. Peter's Church,
Donald, on Sunday .next, Feb. 6th will
be as follows: At 11. a. m. Maltins
anal Celebration of Holy Communion
at. 7. 3o p. in. Evensong and sormou.
There wiil be uo service at Goldon next
Sunday. ,
A tea meeting and social will b*i
held iu lhe Alexander Hall under the
Auspices of the ladies nf tbe Methodist
church. The Rev. J. S. 'I hompson of
Revelstoke is expecteal and will deliver
an address also short addresses from
local clergymen.
The new towneite of Athelmersuems
to be coming rapidly into favor. Situated as it is lit the crossing to Horse*
theif aud Toby Creeks it commands a
good position. The Hon. F. W. Aylmer who recently acquiraal this town
site, has already arranged with the
promote! s of a hotel aud a store, aud
a blacksmith's shop, to provido tham
wilh building sites and he leaves next
week to survey tbe lots. Building will
commence almost immediately, go that
by the time navigation opens this now
Townsite nt tbo Salmon Beds sliould be
quite a bony place.
Health and strength carry us through
dangers aud make us safe in the pre-
seace of peril, A perfectly strong man
with rich, pure blood, has nothing to
fear from germs. He may breathe in
the bacilli of consumption wilh impunity. If there is a weak spot
where the germs may find an entrance
to the tissues, thou tlm trouble begins.
Disease verms propagate with lightning rapidity. Once in the blood,
the only way to get rid of them is to
kill them. This is what Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery is for. It
purifies the blood. That means that it.
kills the germs, but that is only part
of what it docs. It assists digestion by
stimulating the secretion of digestive
fluids, so promoting assimilation and
nutrition; purifies and enriches the
blood and so .supplies the tissues witb
the food thoy need. It Imil.ls up strong
healthy flesh and puts the whole body
into a disease-resisting state.
Stind 31 one-cent stamps to cover
cost of mailing only, and got his grout
book, The People's Common -BOtiwi
Medical Adviser, absolutely free. Ad-
dross, World's Dispensary Medical
Association, No. GG3 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Warning and Advice
To All Those Going
How to Meet and Vanquish   Kidney
Paine's Calery Compound the
Suffarar's Only Salvation.
Too many men anal women forget tbe
fact that tlio kidneys ar,�� most important organs of the body, Thoy aro
wonderfully a-.onstructed machines that
filter all poisons and impurities from
thu blood. When, through disease,
they are unable to ala> their regular
work, poison and death aro curried to
all parts of the system; When the
kidneys are disordered, the unfortunate victim is quickly aud surely
brought to a knowledge of tbe dangers
lhat develop Bright's disi-ase and Diabetes, The back aches; tlwrs is indigestion, dropsy, juilainina-;iou of the
bladder and a constant ceil to urinate.
There is generally abundant sediment
in the water; sometimes it is pale in
color, freqeutly it is slimy anal streaked
with blood.
Any of the symptoiSS noted above
should create alarm, and warn the
victim that he or she should at onco
mako uso of Paine's Cel-n-a- Compound
the only medicine that can put to flight
all symptoms of a dreaded and deadly
disease, The action of Paine's Celery
Compound is prompt and felling in the
most aggravated forma of kidney disease; it searches out evory weak spot,
and its Iioaling virtues oring strength
and regular action io every organ.
What Paine's Celery Compound huB
don. for others iu the jest it will do
for you now. Do not hesitate or procrastinate poor sufferer; lay bold of
Paine's Celery Coineound at onco, and
health will be your reward. It cures
euroly and permanenlly.
Grant Alteration.,
Great alterations are being effected
at the Beaver Sawmills, the property
of the Columbia River Lumber Company, whose headquarters are at
Golden. The mill has hitherto linen
run by water power from Quartz creek,
but it is now proposed io iialopt steam
power as being more reliable and giving a longer milling season. The mill
is under the management of Mr. G.
Higginson, who has dow been in
charge of it for 'seven years, and is one
of the best sawmill men in the west.
A now addition has been made to the
mill, giving a space of 85 feet by 14ft.
This includes a boiler house ib feet, by
33 feet, and an engine room 20 feet by
48 feet. The extension is solidly built
on piles over tlio water-way of the
Columbia rivor, 170 piles having been
drivnn to support the floor, aud bound
by 400 yards of rock. The motive
power will bo supplied bv a 350 horse
power engine uud a 50 horse power
eugine, making 400 horso power in all.
The new plant will includo steam feed,
nigger aud log roller. Fitted with
this new plant the mill will be capable
of turning out 80,000 to 90,000 feet of
sawn lumber per day. A machine
shop has also been added to the plant,
and is supplied with two large lathe.,
oue 22 feet and the other swinging 45
inches. A 12 horse power vertical
steam engine has been put in to drivu
the repairing plant. The boom is also
to be extended to afford ample storage
room for logs. During tho coming
soason the Beaver mill will take a
leading place among the lumber wills
of British Columbia.
Special Fast Diamond Dyes for
Cotton That Will Not Wash
Out in Soapsuds.
It is absolutely impossible to get a
fast, and satisfactary color on cotton
from the samo dyes as ar. usod for
wooleu goods, anal for that reason Diamond Dyes have n a- ecinlly prepared
line of fast colors for cotton that will
give perfect satisfaction. If you want
to color cotton and mixed goods be
sure to get the fast Diamond Uvea for
cotton, as they will givo colors that
will not fade even by washing in
strong soapsuds or exposure to sun*
lighl. If any dealer trios to sell you
the same dye '.o color cotton as h.
would for coloring wool, do not accept
it, as auch dyes nre unreliable, and iu
the majority of cases will ruin the
material on which -hey are us-id.
Th.re aro some lifty different kinds
of Diamond Dyes, bo that you can got
any color that you wish. By tising
them in different strengths any desired
sliaa.e can be made, and all the fashionable colors ure readily gotten with
these dyes.
To get a faat. rich, full black, use
one of the Diamond Dye Past Blacks,
There aro three different kinds, for
wool, for cotton and mixed goods, and
for silk aud feathers. They color a
rich, full black that cannot be distinguished from new goods.
Diamond Dyes are prepared specially
for borne us., with very simplf- directions, so tbat it is but littlo trouble or
work to use them. A direction hook
will ho sent free to any address. Wolls
it Richardson Co., Montroal, Quo.
."attoi-ney-lienoral  Martin  will Look
Alter the Interests ol* Railway
- Employee1.,
(Inland Scn-.mel )
Our readers wil) remember the con-
-.loversy iu these columns iu connection wilh the failure ef ex-Attorney
Gen.ial Eberts to tako proceedings
against tbe Canadian Pacilic Railway.
at. tiie time of the Donald and Illecille*
waet fatalities, when upon the finding
of two coroner's juries, (huso fatalities
wero attributable ro th. negligence of
that company. The Colonist asserted
that it waa not tho duly ot* the Attor-
ncy-Gutieral io take action in these
matters. Wu have bairn making further enquiries in conii.ction with cases
of this kind and we have ust.ercained
upon the authority of tho .Minister of
Railways that it was tha duty of the
Attorney-General to have prosaicuted
I the Canadian Pacific Railway io these
cases. We have also ascertains! that
it is I he intention of the present Attorney General to take immediate action
upon any such verdicts as tho-fta, return*
ai'l by the juries in the Donald as-1 Ilio*
cilluwaot lnaiuests. There Yiati be uo
bettor saftg.urd for railway enip'oyee*
whose lives aud limbs may lie Sudan*
gei-eai by reason of the negligence of
their employers, than the assurance
that the Government will hold any and
overy railroad corporation, within
their jurisdiction, responsible for ncoi*
I dents due to their negligonee anal will
; proceed against thorn in the same way
| as is tho custom in Great Britain. The
policy of the late Government wns to
ignore the simi of omission aud commission of big companies and monopolists ; uniler the new regime tbe-poticy
to be followed is oue of evon-haualod
justice to all, and the big corporation
will Und that it can no more evade the
law than the humblest nitizeil of ths
Standing of the pupils for Ihe month
Fifth Class Ssnior.���I Walter Houston, 2 Laura Kenny, 3 Gladys Houston.
Fifth Class Junior- 1 Minnie Wood-
ley, 2 Chas. Bubar. 3 Mary Conner,
Fourth Class--1 I.ia Bookh.ut, 2
Maggie Archer, 3 Arthur .lay ins.
Third Class Senior���1 Bert Hanna,
2 Lila Love, 3 Violet Pughe,
Third Class Junior���1 Blanche Love,
2 Adaie Anloya, 3 Mabel Archer.
Second Class 1 Roy Hanna, 2 Hat-
tie Rutherford, 3 Fannie Conner.
First Class���1 Allan Hanna, 2 Lawrence Dalqnist, 3 Katie Kenny.
Second Primer���1 John Soles, 2
Arnold Huiiua, 3 Charlie Dalquiat.
First Primer���1 Louisa Antoya, 2
Garnet Avery, il Arthur Kenny.
Take the Help that South American Nervine
Offers and be Well, Strong and Happy.
Miss Lucinda Butcher, of Teeswater, Ont.,
had a very severe attack of malarial fever.
It left her very weak, languid, aud threatened with nervous prostration, South American Nervine was roconuuendod to her and
she tried it. After taking a few doses she
felt great benefit. She continued taking it
untilsix bottless wero used, when, to uso her
own words, "I was completely restored to
health. I can recommend it as a great
Sold by C, A, Warren     J
CUnitib.rluln'N Cough RumodyAlways
I-rorcs RJautunl.
There are no butter moiicinoa on the
market than Chamberlain's. We have
need the Cough Retnuily when all
others failed, and in everv instance it
proved effectual. Almost daily wshealths Virtues of ChauilieiIain's remedies
extolled by those who huve used them.
This is not an empty puff, paid fur at
so much a I in'., hut is voluntarily
given in good faith, iu the hope that
suffering humanity may try these remedies aud, like the writer be benefited
���From the Glinvillo (W. Va.) Pathfinder. For salo by all druggists,'
Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents
Victoria aud Vunconver.
On Thursday night a large firo was seen
in the vicinity of Moberly and the conclusion
was at once arrived that the Moberly sawmill
was on fire. The surmise proved correct.
The mill was the property of the Columbia
River Lumber Co. The plant consisted of
two portable engines, and a large saw bench
and was used to cut ties aud lumber to meet
winter requirements not iu stock. The lire
originated in the engine room from somo unknown cause. The plant was uninsured, so
that the Company was a luser to the value
thereof. Mr. Bubar went out tills morning
to ascertain the state of things. The mishap
will throw a number of men out of work as
the hands employed at tho mill camp were at
once discharged..
Illaiiinrk'e lvt*a "Terra
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and treunendoua energy aro not found where Stomach
Liver. Kidneys and Bowls nre out of
order. If you wan't these qualities
and tho success they bring, nee Dr.-
King's Now Life Pills. Thoy develop
every power of brain nnd body. Only
25 cents at any Drug Store.        2
In desperation tho ex-attorney-gen-
eral snatched at ths leaser charge in
the indictment and said: "He asked
leave to come down." To which Hon.
Mr. Martin promptly retorte4: "Thai
is not true "
Mr, Eberts at this point becamn
aware that he was talkilie*-on a subject about which Iks wat,' not well
'Well it's a matter of credibility between Mr. Soties and yourself, theq,"
ventured ths ex-attorney-genera). But
Hon. Mr. Martin put lhe finishing
touch by declaring: "No, it's nol;
Mr. Snues nover said sot"
Realucod to the last staf* of desperation tht ex-attorney-a-enei'ia'l proceed.il
to quote bis authority fo? the statements he had made. And what was
tbat authority? Will it be l-eli.ved?���
a letter which he alleged appeared in
the Victoria Colonist! Mr. Bherts has
helped to do one thing at least; lie and.
Col. "Baker have made- it utterly Impossible for any intelligent person to*
take the opposition seriously.���'Pimes*.
Death of Rev. P. A. Ford.
On Friday last tlio liev. P. A. Ford, tho
popular Anglican clergyman, of Revelstoke,
was ou a visit to Mrs. Harding, of ileaaaar.
He stnrtod by No. 1 lo return tu Revelstoke,
and at Albert Caayun ke got out to see the
station agent. Tho train started baaforo Iir
got on uoiir.l ami in scrambling on to tho
piilhiian he fell lietween tlle car and the rail.-,
lhe wheels crushing .ne of his legs. Hewas
taken to Revelstoke and tho limb amputated,
but the Rov. gentleman died from tlio shock.
The sad event cast a gloom over tho community.
Volcanic f-.-rfifetlona*'
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
cures them, also Old Running and
Fover Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains.
Beat Pile Cure dn earth. Driven out
Pains nnd Aches. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed.Sold by all Druggists.
Colonel Baker wits talking about
wbat ho called the introduction of
"lhe spoils system," add said many
useful officials bud been dismissed to
make way for the pets of tho party iu
power. He could name a score or two
of thein,
'-Name one," cried Hon. Mr. Martin.
"Ah, woll-eh, er, you see, aw,"
stammered the gallant leader of the
alleged opposition, thoroughly taken
aback, ''Oh, I can name ldts of them;
any number."
"Name one," again came the retort,
"In desperation the colonel, who
looked both unhappy and uncomfortable, pointed dramatically towards the
place where the provincial librnrv ia,
and somewhat shakily said : "There
waa Mr. Gosuoll.a m.st uiloful official;
he waa ruthlessly turned out and���"
"And who was put iu bis place?"
interrupted the attorney-general.
The colonel was absolutely stumped.
He coughed, stammered, tried to say
something, but it was lost iu the
laughter, cheers and applause from
house and galleries. When that had
aubsided the colonel cried: '-Oh,
you'll And I'm perfectly accurate iu
what I say, I can give you many
"Name one" again came the fatal
retort; and the house again laughed
derisively at Colonel Jamis Baker, M,
P.P.   He seemed glad to sit down.
In tbe houso on Friday afternoon
Mr. Eberts made the extraordinary
statement, considering the evidence
upon which he was talking, that the
bill to enable Mr. Prentiee to take his
seat was "a political trick, a monstrous proposition, and thit the trial
would have come off on January 4th
if an important witness-, Mr. Soues, a
civil servant, had not been prevented
from attending by an order from the
attorney-general." Any man making
a statement ol tbat kind, one would
imagine would have the common sense
to find if it was somewhere near ths
truth. To those assertions Hon.
Joseph Martin said:
"That statement is absolutely untrue."
To this Mr. Eberts replied:
"It is possibly incorrect in word,
but not in fact."
"It is untrue in word and (Mt," rejoined the attorheygeneral.
Tho annus! general meeting of tlaasK.r**
holders of tho Bald Mountain' .Mining and
[levolopnieut Co,, I.hnitod Liability will bo .
held iu the Comtaany's Office, Golden. B.C..
ou Tuesday, Feb. 14th, li'llfl, at the hoof ot
oueo'a-luek p.m., fur the purpose of hearinff
tbo auuual report, election of Directors' for
the ensuing year aud anvoti nr business ton
uiay come before the sharel'i-Mora.
Calgary, Alia,Januaryatth', 1S��.
NOTICE is hereby given tMt application
will be made to the Parliaiuciit of Canada, at
tlio next session thoroof, tor an Act to incorporate 'The Laurent bin Assurance Company, "for tko piirpaiso of ..frying on ills'
fausluess of Iir. and marine- assurance; and
having its chief office in the City uf Montreal*-
in the Province of Quebec-
Montreal December 20th lfe��.
Solicitors ior Applicants,
Public notice is hereby given tu the Hectors uf the North Riding of the Electoral
Distrietof Eust Kootenay tlftit in ebedlenes
to Her Majesty's Writ to ��o directed, and
"icuring date tlio Twentieth ilAv of January,
iu the year ail* Our Lord one thaiusand eight
hundred and ninety.nino, I require the pre*.
encu of the said electors at tbo Court.Ilousf-t
Dnnald, on the Sixth day uf February. )89>,
at 1- o'clock uaion, for tho j iirpcuo of electing
oao person to represent them in the Legislature of this Province.
Th. mode of nauni-inlion shall be as follows:
Th. t-audidates .-ahull be uninitiated ill writing,
tbu writing shall bo subsa-ribeil by. two
registered voters uf the district as pro-
1 user and seconder, and by three other
registered voters of the said district a*
assenting to the nomination, and sbs'll bs
delivered to the Returning Officer at any
time botavceu the alatoottlio Proclamation and one p.m. ot thed-ry ol nomination, aud iu the event ut' a pod beiug
neccs.-ary, such poll a* ill he lie A ou tha-
Twentieth 'lay of Kobrnary, 11*1', ai
Rogers Pass
Dont Id
Golal. n
Columbia Valley
Canal Flat
from 8 o'clock in the forenoon until 4'
o'clock in the nitornoon.
Of which every person is hereby requeetetl
to take notleo and govern himself accordingly.
Given under nly hand at Gul Ion tholioih
day uf January, ouo thousand eight hundred
anil uieuty-nins.
i. E. GRIFFITH, "���
Returning bffcn.
Notice is hereby given, ia uccordauae with
thn Statutes, that Provincial R.vsnae Tax
and all tuxa-s levied uualor the Asawssmsnt
Act are now duo for tbo yoar 18VK  All of tb*
sbuvo named  taxes i-ellectable within the
Northern Division of last Kootenisy District
are payable ai ny office, tbe Court Honss,
Goluen.   AsRcsealta-aaasateiollecUblsatU*
following rates: vim.:���
If naalon ar before Jane .sntb.lWI):
Tbree-Kflfis uf ono   per cent on real
Two and one-half per eeut eh assessed
value uf wild land. ,
One.half nf one per rent on* pairs-null
On souuii-li of ths income ���!' any psrsaM
ss eiceaxls on. thousand dollar, the following rate., namely.upon sites exesss.
t.f Income, when the sum ill not mors
than tea thousand dolkirs.one per esntr
when such excess is over ten thousand
dollars und not mere tban tivemy th.S-
s.-aiid dollars, ono und one-quarter of
one par cent; when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, oue and one-
half of ohfe per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st ef July, 18891
Four-Hftlis of ons per cent, on   real
Three per cent en ths osmssm valns of
wild land. ,
Three-fourths of one per cent on personal
On so much of the income ef any person
as exceeds on* thousand dollars, tbs!
following rates, namely, npon sock
excess, when th* same is not more thk&
ten thousand dollars, one snd one-quarter of one per cent; when snoh sicsss
is over ten thousand dollars and net
more than twenty thousand dollars, on*
and one-half of une per cent; when such
excess is over twenty thousand dollars,-
one and three-quarters ol on* per cent.
Provincial R.vonue Tax, 18.00 per capita.
Assessor aad Collectoi',*
Goldw, January 19th, 1899.
.-���-��.      ""---


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