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The Golden Era Jul 2, 1897

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Array <i
llie Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated nnd
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This Is the paper that
io read by the miners, the ranchers,
the ralldroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, 92.00 per Annum
In Advance	
Mining Broker, Heal Estate
and Financial -gout ....
Pureliusera Obtained for Prqspci-ts ami De,
veioped Chduia.
....  Golden, B.C.
VOL. VI. NO. 48.
$2 Per Year
General 0 ]V_ei*ehant,
Great Clearing Sale
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Summer Dry Goods
This is a Genuine Sale and no reasonable
offer will be refused. Goods must go and
unusual Bargains will be given.
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Underwear, Embroideries.
Laces, Feathers, Flowers,
Hosiery and Gloves.
Plain and Fancy Muslins,
Blouse Silks and
Dress Goods.
Best English Prints, 10c per yard, worth 16c,
In Ladies' Shoes we surpass in Price and Quality.
���bodies' Black and Tan Oxfords selling for $1.00 per pair,
Usual price, *1.50.
Gents Furnishings - - - -
Underwear and Top Shirts,
Collars and Ties,
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes.
The Indian Affray nt Tobacco
A Verdict of MmnUnffhter Rendered.
Hmbei-iement Ome���Uonaplraey
Cute  Postponed
Miners Supplies a Specialty
_o_6o_o_p_93.--��--��- P-*-*?-'3-0-��-
. . Agent ,For . .
Phosnix of London and other-Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
The confederation life Association, Toronto.
��� +  +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario,
+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
The sittings of the Supreme Court
opened at Donald on Monday, June
28th, before His Honor Judge McCall.
The following constituted the Orand
Jury: J. C. Pitts (foreman), J. C.
Greene, W. R. Ruttan, P. Baker. E.
Plowright, J. E. Griffith, C. flainnes,
P*. S. Hamilton, T. McRae, T. Forrest,
C. H. Parson, W. Miller, Wm Mo-
Neish. There were three cases set
down for hearing: against Wah Pong,
a Chinaman arrested for embezzlement
of $75 at Fort Steele, against W. C.
Collier and Margaret Karrigan jointly
for conspiracy and severally for forgery at the same place; against an Indian named Etanamo for murder at
Tobacco Plains. True bills were returned In all cases.
At the conclusion ot their duties the
Orand Jury returned the following
''May it please Your Lordship,
In pretienting this, the last indictment handed to us, we wish to express
the groat pleasure we have in seeing
you occupy the high position you now
do, and heartily welcome you on your
first visit to Donald as Her Majesty's
We would ulso submit to you ns
such the fact that nowhere in llritish
Columbia was the Sexagesimal Jubilee
honored with more enthusiasm than
in this distriot. H^^^
To this district we would particularly
draw your attention in view of the recent finds of high-gr.de mineral fore-
shadowing we hope a busy and lucra
tive future,
We have inspected all the Government buildings and find that they as
well as tho policies have been kept in
a manner reflecting tbe greatest credit
on all concerned.
We would, however, call yonr attention to the great neglect we have
experienced in regard to school accommodation. We have an attendance
of over forty children in a school with
air space for twenty-six. There are
over oeventy children of school age in
the town."
Hlo Honor thanked the jury for
their kind remarks regarding himself.
He cordially agreed with them on the
prospects of mining in thia district���
ia foot it was one of the first things
ho naked them about on his arrival in
tho town, and it really did seem to
him as if the people here were on the
eve of a very great prosperity in this
respect. With reference to the other
matters he would submit them to the
proper authorities, and thanked them
for the prompt way in whioh they had
discharged their duties.
The first case called was the charge
against the Chlaaman, Wah Pong, for
embezilement ol V5, the property of
Wah Song. Acoused pleaded nor.
guilty. The following jury were ein-
pannelled: S. Adler, P. Lund, P. Robertson (foreman), A. Noxou, E, Nye,
T. Brundrett, J. Atkinson, T. Forrest,
8. Bolton, F. Jookoon, F. Colder, 8.
Mr. Hammersley appeared for tho
Crown and Mr. Spragge for tho defence. Thos. Lee woo Interpreter far
tho Crown. Several Chinamen gave
evidence, from which it appeared that
Copt. Armstrong paid a Chinese cook
on hlo steamer a eheque for 1100.
This Chinaman owed acoused $25 and.
handed him the cheque, telling him
to take the 126 for himself and pay
the other 175 to Wong Gou, to whom
he owed that amount. Accused, kept
the $75, alleging that it wao for rent
Wong Goa owed him, though he had
never made any account for rent.
The jury returned a verdict of
'guilty,." with a recommendation to
mercy, and accused wns sentenced to
three months imprisonment with hard
The caw! against W. C. Collier and
Margaret Kerrigan was then proceeded
with, Mr. Hammersley prosecuting
and Mr. Spragge for the defence.
The following jury were empan*
nulled: Del Roberge (foreman). O.
Jarmlngham. 3, Lee, A. Brundrett,
A. O. Daniels. M. Mann, W. Houston,
J. Nash, J. Nelson, J. McGuiness, F.
Jaynes, J. Lanzo.
From this case it appeared that, tho
accused hud caused an Information to
be laid against George Arnold for nl.
leged theft, and used as pait of their
proof a letter written by Arnold and
which had been altered to constitute
an admission of the offence. On lhe
case coming up before R. T. L. Galbraith, J. P.. at Fort Steele, that gentleman dismissed the charge and directed a prosecution against the acoused. Constable Barnes gr.ve evidence as to having searched tlie house
occupied by Mrs. Kerriguu unil Hulling
the letter that had been altered. R.
L. T. Galbruith stated the fuels of the
case coming before him and his direction that proceedings be taken against
the accused. George Arnold gave evidence that he had taken a copy, which
he produced, of the original letter at
tbe time of writing, showing that alterations bud been made in the letter
In the possession of the accuse 1 as
compared with the copy. For tbo defence the accused denied the alteration
of the letter, and a teu-your old daughter of the female accused stated she
had seen aim read the letter at the
time it was received und tliut it was
the same us now.
His Honor summed up against the
accused, hut the jury returned a verdict of '-not guilty."
On the court resuming on Tuesday
morning, Mr. lliiinmcrsly asked to
withdraw the charges of forgery
against Collier aud Mrs. Kerrigan
from tbe jury and to have them adjourned till next Assizes.
This was done and His Honor directed the accused to be taken to Fort
Steele in custody and there released on
bail each on bonds of $1500.
William Etanamo wao next arraigned for the murder of an Indian
at Tobacco Plains. The following
jury were empannelled: S. Robbins
(foreman), C Petersen, R. Hughes, T.
Forrest, T. Brundrettt, P. Lund, J
Atkinson, A. Noxon, F. Colder, A.
Vye, P. Robertson, F. Jackson.
Mr. Hammersley prosecuted. Accused pleaded guilty to shooting a
man, bat His Honor rejected the plea,
and aa accused was not represented by
counsel Hia Honor asked Mr. Galbraith, as Indian Agent for Eust Koo.
tenay, to watch the case on his behalf.
The written testimony at the preliminary hearing was admitted by an
Indian who has since been drowned,
and also that of M. Phillips, wbo is
dangerously ill and was unable to at-
tend. Three Indians gave evidence,
from which it appeared that the Indian who wao ohot had got drunk and
went with a rifle to the residence of
tho old man, whom he threatened to
shoot and to take away his squaw.
Accused warned niiii, but tho other
persisted iu his annoyance, and accused picked up his rifle and shot him.
After the luncheon adjournment Mr.
Hammersley, for the Crown, proposed
to substitute a charge of manslaughter
for that of murder. His Honor accepted this snd directed the jury to
find accordingly.
Mr. Galbraith said that lxifore His
Honor passed sentence he would like
to say that he had known the accused
for 27 yeara, and duringihut time had
never known him to be charged with
anv offence against the law. Accused
was an old man in delicate health and
had acted under great provocation. He
asked His Lordship to temper justice
with mercy.
His Honor sentenced the accused to
12 months imprisonment.
A very affecting scene took place In
the court room between the old man
and his squaw. .   '
W.rkabopa ta Be  Removed
to Golden
Oolden   to lie the Divisional Point
Tills Will Precipitate nn In*
crouiK. lu Our Population
General Manager Whyte, of the C. P
It., passed through Oolden on Sunday
evening on a tour ot inspection of the
Western uud Kootenay sections. Mr.
Whyte was accompanied by Messrs,
Hamilton (Laud Commissioner) and
Cross (General Muster Mechanic).
While iu Golden Mr. Whyte saw H.
Estell regarding the building which
has been in dispute between him and
tho C. P. &., and it is understood that
the matter has been amicably arranged
by the company agreeing to purchase
the building.
T.ie editor of the Golden Era took
the opportunity of Mr. Whyte's presence here to interview him in regard
to the roporis in circulation as to
changes about to be made at Golden
and at Donald. That gentleman informed ua that it has been lound to be
necessary for the better working of the
Rocky Mountain section between Golden and Laggan to make Golden the
divisional point, and to establish
workshops here, Consequently the
workshops will have to be removed
from Donald, part going to Revelstoke
and the remainder to Oolden. The
workshops to lie established at Oolden
will lie fully equipped to deal with the
mountain trallic and will be supplied
with a plant for repairing and fitting
the Mogul and Consolidated engines.
Cur repairing shops will also be built.
Golden is also the most convenient
point for making up trains and exten
sive tracks will be laid down for this
The site for the workshops is not yet
definitely decided on, os it depends on
the arrangements that can be made re
garding land, but they will either lie
located between the present station and
the smelter or down by the Government building..
It is not yet decided whether Mr.
Hobbs, the able foreman of the Donald
shops, will be removed to Golden or
Revelstoke, but we hope to seo him
become a citizen of Oolden.
On Tuesday week Capt. Bacon, the
popular Captain of the Duchess, gave
as a treat. The night was beautifully
fine, and as the Duchess steamed into
port ablaze with colored lights, the effect was something grand. Windermere hss the reputation of being one of
the most picturesque of lakes, and the
gallant Captain entertained ns with a
display of fireworks that showed magnificently over the placid waters of
the lake. Tims it was that Her Ma-
jestr's Jubilee wss celebrated at Windermere and those who witnessed the
displsy will not soon forget Capt.
Bacon's loyalty in thus celebrating
thc event nnd his kindness in giving
us the opportunity of witnessing it.
Sew Turn of affairs -Uol-ltin to Be tho
'    Ciller Point of Traflio to th.
Fort Hte.1. Country
Capt, Armstrong, after full experience of both routes Into the Steele
c iiiniry, informs us that the route up
the Columbia from Golden is undoubtedly the best route, and having arrived
at this conclusion arrangements are
being made bv the Navigation Company to push traffic by wuy of Goldeu.
In order to do this a fust passenger
service is to be arranged between Golden and Fort Steele, the bout leaving
Golden on Mondays ou the arrival of
the east bound passenger train. Covered couches will be put on at the other
end of navigation and the passengers will be landed in Steele on
Wednesday afternoons. Passengers
leaving Steele on Tuesday mornings
will be landed in Golden Wednesday
afternoon. This will make u passenger route equally as expeditious us
that from Jenniugs und fur superior
to the routes by Kalispel and Bonner's
Cupt. Armstrong expects the company's steamers tu make four trips a
week up the river from G. Iili-u and has
brought down the Hyak to run alternate trips with the Duchess.
The Pert will be taken to the Upper
Columbia Lake to do the running
With such an Improved steamship
service and with the new singe line
Iieing put on between Golden nnd
Steele by Fulmer and Kerfoot, Capt.
Armstrong considers that 90 per cent,
of the passenger I raffle should come
into Steele via. Golden, while Hie
freight rates are much lower by the C.
P. R. and up the Coluinliia than by
the Great Northern and up the Kootenay river. Cupt. Armstrong considers
from enquiries he has had for rates
that shippers recognise this and thut
by far the bulk of the freight traffic
will come via, Oolden in future.
Fort atoele New*
From the Proepector wc leurn that
the C. V R. surveyors of the Crow's
Nest railway have reached Rock
Col, Baker and eon have bonded for
$60,000 six claims ou tbe south fork
of St. Mary's.
Lardo Jsck rt ports a rich discovery
of copper on Elk river.
Tellurium has been found near Moyie
Active work is begun at the Dibble
The Inviota Company is working 22
men night and day.
The North Star hss euough ore out
to keep the steamers running several
The Sullivan group is getting out
plenty of good ore. *
H. G. Parson has opened a branch
house ot Fort Steele.
The Anglo Canadian Mining Exchange has sold to E. McKenzie, of
Toronto, the following claims- Csna-
lian, Quebec, Ontario, Empire,���vel,i u,
Eleanor, Lillian, Slur of tho Euat,
Stadacona, Celtic Ernile, Hluehei.nl,
Champion, Columbia nnd Black  Bear.
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Hats & Caps Straw Hats
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Furnishings Shoes
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Prospectors and Miners Supplies Always in Stock.
. .0. A. WARREN..
- - ���-    ���
������'  ������ THE GOLDEN ERA, M.DAY, JULY 2, 189-7.
- golden -
In Every
# Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
'#' Groceries.
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business,
To Advertiser, ana subscribers.
The GOLDEN ERA Is oubUshed every
Friday evening. It. is the beat advertising
medium in the Ki,st Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates i $2.00 per annum IN
���Iterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in the office not later than
noon on Wednesdsy to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietors will not be responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
AU accounts to be paid te the Managing
Director, or his authorized agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rotes: Display ads., $1.60 per
column inchi Leg 1 oils., 10 cents per line
for first insertion, 0 rents for each additional
insertion! Reading notices, Iii cents per line
eosh issue.
All business communications should be addressed to tbe Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence Is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the cote of
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but for tbe private information of the
editor and ss a guarantee of good faith.
Office, Oolden, B. C.
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. Wo employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before
tbe premises.
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. . pont - ���
Hiss Tbis Opportunity!
Kite OJolftctt ffito
(Edited by E. A. Haoobm.)
FRIDAY,   JULY  8,   1897.
What the Liberals of British Columbia want io a sound, progressive
policy with whieh to go into the coming election campaign. Very little hoo
yet been done to formulate that policy
and we suggest to the party the following programme: Cessation of granto
to chsrtermongers; government ownership ol railways; abolition of property
and poll taxes; income tax with tho
first $1850 exempt and tha tax graduated in proportion to tho amount of
income over that exemption; land tax
witb exemptions for all improvements
and for the unimproved value of improved land np to $21100 In addition,
tha tax to bo graduated on tho
amount of unimproved value over the
exemption; creation of a public truotee
by which the gdvernment shall receive
private fundo for Investment and guarantee Integrity of administration to in
vectors and the estates of deceased per-
eons; government life insurance; increase of probate duties; vigorous policy
of trail and road eonotruotion; supply of water for mining purposes; protective measures against claim jumping; righto to mineral claims subject
to use and occupation; establishment
of schools of mines during tho winter
months in the different oentreo; govern
ment ownership of tbo telegraph and
telephone systems; advances of money
by tho government tp tho farmers ot 4
por cent, for improvement of tholr
formo and for tho building of cheese,
batter and bacon factories In agricultural diotricte; substitution of deferred
payment and lease In perpetuity for
cash land sales; abolition of mortgage
tas; placing of tha sexes on an equal
footing aa regards tba iranchlee and
equality of opportunity In tho govern
ment services: appointment of a Royal
Commission to inquire into and publish reports o( evldenoe regarding tbo
principal charters In existence in tho
Now, aa to tho reasons for tbo above
policy. We contend that government
ohould reeerve for tho public interest
tho righto hitherto confirmed to
chartormongoro. Tho prteont system
of taxation la unjust in. ita operation
in that it io baaed on personal posses
olono ond property necessary for human existence aad on improvements
and machinery whieh employ labor,
while tha land ���peculator and mon*
opoliato got tho benefit of go-*ernuMt*t
works aad inci-eaot   *,  poftiafftm
without giving anything adequate in
return. The poll tax io a barbarity In
any civilized country. By an income
tax, booed on tha principle we suggest,
the average esrnlngo necesssry (or tho
proper maintenance and bringing up
of a family would bo aboolutely exempt, while the taxation wonld bo
levied on the jurpluo incomes in proportion to the ability to pay. For lactones a man with an income of $2000
would pay oaly 2) por cent, on the
amount over tho exemption, or $18.75.
A man with an income of $4000 would
pay 5 per cent, on tho ourplus, or
$137.50, an amount whioh ho io oo
much better able to pay than tho man
with a smaller Income, Thio lo tbo
only way of getting at tho monopoly,
whioh practically ownoathird of Vancouver Island, and holds it exempt
from taxation under charter. Then,
In regard to the land tax the oome
principle applies. The email farmer la
tho backbone of any country and ohould
bo encouraged aa much ao possible. On
the principle wo advocate tho small
agricultural farmers would havo very
littlo taxes, while tho larger farmers
wonld pay in proportion to their greater
ability, aud tho land speculator and
township syndicoter would have to got
rid of hlo land to people who would
use and occupy It or bo frozen out by
taxation. These syndicates are no
use anyhow. Then there is the
smelter dodge. Thio haa been played
at Oolden and Revelstoke to grab the
townsiteo. Ao soon aa the smelters
wore built and 'he oyndleate got tho
town lands that wu ao end of tho
smelter. The only effectual way to
got even for tbis trick to obtain the
publio domain is by the graduated
land tax. As to the appointment of a
public truot office, it woald prevent a
repetition of ouch branches of truot os
that of tlie Planta administration snd
it would anconrage legitimate investment of capital in the Province. Life
insurant) is such a vitally irnjor*
toot thing that wo conolder ito integrity ohould be placed beyond question.
It is to the public interest to encourage thrift of thio kind, and the government conld do the business on
lower premiums, while giving the boot
security possible for the fulfillment of
the insurance contracts, the security
of the State. Mining laws moat, bo an
important feature in a country ao dependent aa Britiah Columbia is on ito
mineral wealth, and we conolder that
a new and vigorous polio-* ohould ho
inaugurated. Thio policy should
brace the provision of water for tbb
minora at a price per inob to cover interest and oinking fund on tho cost of
the work. Such a plan io especially vol
uable in placer ground, aa It enables
the poor miner to work hlo ground to
advantage aa woll aa the rich oyndleate. Claim-jumping should also bo
stopped effectually. At the oome timo
no oyndleate or minor ohould bo permitted to lack up ground indefinitely,
and the boot plan to atop that dog-in-
the-manger polioy io to make noo and
occupation the only title to a mineral
claim, abolishing tbe crown grant
m. Schools of mines, conducted
during the winter months, woald be
well attended and woald be a meant ol
enabling minors to pursue tbeir oeeu
potion mora intelligently and with
greater success. Probate duties are
now recognised by economists ao
amongst the moot legitimate sources
ol revenue, and theee abonld aloo be
levied on the graduated system. Such
a plan wonld break np tho wealth and
power ol ouoh a monopoly aa the Duns-
muir concern, which io a menace to
tha good government ol the oountry,
and haa oo long oxerclood ita Influence
over the government at Victoria to the
injury ol the Province and of tho publio intetooto. Mo natter what may bo
tbewoaath of the mlneo of Britiah
Columbia, history chows that all couo*
countries whose mineral has been exploited by foreign capital have been
rulneil thereby. Tho only exceptions
are where governments have taken the
precautions to develop simultaneously
the agricultural and industrial resources of the country. The government of Britiah Columbia dose not
seem to have yet learned this almple
fact in history sad statesmanship
Not only ie tho mineral wealth of thia
Province being exploited by foreign
capital, but the government have given
away tho publio resources to those
who aoked for thorn. Thno lo Brltieh
Columbia helplessly drifting on to
ruin unless oome clear-sighted and
honest pilota oeize tho holm and guide
the ship of otate olear of the rooks that
strew the way. Now tho safest ebon
nolo lie through the development of
tho agricultural and indaotrial re*
sources of the oountry, and thio oan
only be achieved by tho abolition of
the iniquitous mortgage tax, releasing
the farmers and manufacturers from
their present oppressive burdens and
supplying them with oheap capital,
cheap land and cheap transportation.
Loot, but not loaat, is the equalization
of the franchise. This is a matter of
almple justice. The influence of woman alwayo turns tho scale for good
and women have just ao much interest
in tbe good government of the country
oo men have���aye and even more! Aa
the home ia the birthplace of the nation, oo ia it its source of strength.
Bright and happy homes do more than
all else to develop love of country and
tbat bravery of spirit that bido do-
fiance to every alarm. Tbe home-
keepers are the nation makers and tbey
are ao muoh entitled to havo their
voices heard in the selection of tbe
rulero ao are those of tho ono sex
hitherto so privileged.
the addition to tho population will
mean an Increase of the Oolden school
roll to about 100. The cliangee about
to bo mado moan that Golden will become one of the moot important points
on the C. P. B, line.
Japan hoo mado a protest against
the annexation of the Haw-iian Islands by the United States, and the
position it regarded at Washington oo
seriouo. Japan hoo long had an eye
on theee islands, and hoo been making
a diplomatic move to annex them her-
oelf. Any dealings with these iolando
mnot bo of great importance to Britiah
commerce oo thoy aro on the highway
between Vancouver and the Auotrolion
colonies. Tbo Britiah government
could havo established a protectorate
over tbo Hawaiian and South Sea Iolando oome years ago without encountering any opposition. Bat thoae in
power when the auggoetioa waa mado
woald not aot Britiah interests must
now suffer oo a result.
The Informal ion which we publish
in another column about the C. P. R.
removing from Donald proves that the
Hon. Col. Baker was behind the scenes
when he made the statement to that
effect aome time ago and intimated
that the Aovernment buildings wonld
also have to bo removed to Oolden ao
a coneequence. Ao time wont on, and
little change waa made, people began
to regard it aa an idle rumor, but we
now learn that the changes about to
bo made have boon in contemplation
for the put two yeara. In justice to
tho people of Oolden we mnot oay that
thoy have studiously avoided any attempt to injure Donald, and when it
wu proposed some time ago to agitate
for the removal of the Government
buildings to Oolden u a mere central
and convenient point for the southern
portion of the district, the bnoineu
mon reftted to join in the agitation,
oaying they would not bo parties to
anything whioh wonld work injury to
the neighboring town. While the people of Goldon are glad to seo the importance of their town thuo advanced,
thoy sympathise with their neighbors
at Donald who will bo sufferers by the
Ws loan that the exooeeoive flood-
ing of the flats behind the Golden Lumber Company's mill ia mainly duo to a
gravel bar which hoo accumulated on
the Columbia river at th* old steamboat landing. We auggeot to Mr.
Boy, Dominion Government Engineer,
that ho ohould arrange to have tho
dredge oent down the river to dredge
ont that bar, which bu had the effect
of backing up the waters of the river.
Tailoring!      ^
At Golden, B. C.
Suits to Measure From
$15 up
H��w la It Draef
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4th���By saving heavy travelling
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In patronising mo you rapport the
the claims of labor. Ipsylbs
hlgheetrateof wages
and expect the
j. f/pugh,
Soientifio Cutter and Practical
Tailor, Goldon, B. 0.       8to
Referring to the coast line the Ottawa Citizen soya: "Thio traffio in
charters ond wrangling over subsidy
benefits is becoming a condition of affaire that threatens to burst into open
scandal at any moment, and whon it
does daylight will undoubtedly be lot
into a nest of jobbery of whioh the
public hu u yet aeon bat the fringe,
Mr. Whyte, General Manager of the
C. P. R., hu a high opinion of tbo future of Golden. Ho thinks that with
the rich valley we have, flanked by
mountains full of mineral wealth, and
���with tho good climate, Golden mnot
lieoome one of the moot important com*
nierclol and distributing points along
the C. P. K. line.
Formers taking up homestead lando
and wishing to complete their title*
an put to much Inconvenience through
tbe Dominion Government Agent re-
aiding at Kamloops. He ought to
visit the voriout oentreo of tbe district
oocaalonolly to meet the formers and
gtve ample notice of hie vioito.
Hers is a fact that ohowo tho importance of Golden u a commercial
point. The business tarn-over hero
last year wu halt a million dollar".
Roads In this part of the country
want mora attention from the government. Sawn timber io cheap enough
at tho mills aad tho bridges would be
muoh better it built ol aawn material
than of logo u now. Then again, the
tut ie overlooked that the oun io ��
oplondld roadman, and, II the roads
through tbo foroot were felled three
chaino in width, ao that theoua'orayo
could reach them, thoy conld be kept
In good condition at much leu coot
than now.
We have to congratulate Goldon on
the news convoyed in thio itsus regarding the 0. P. R. changoo, by
which Goldtn boeomoo tbe divisional
point of the C. P. R. between the
western and Poolflo divisions and aloo
tho alto of th* workshops for ths mountain sections, Thio meant an immediate addition to tbo population of
Guidon of about 800, including the C,
P. R, employed and their families,
while the additional pay roll of tbt
town will thua be incnaood by about
110,000 to 119,000 a month. Tho public school will bave to bt enlarged and
equipped iu A first-clou manner, u
Of one Thing Mr. W.H. Bennett, Ibe Conservative Standard Bearer ta East Sim.
coo, Is Sure-He Suffered from Ostarhsl
Trouble and Found Speedy ond Fised
Relief in Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
In the coming by-election it will not be
settled until the votes sre counted, whether
Mr. W. H. Bonne*.*, who hss represented the
eonotHnoney with ability for years, will
again be the -tuccessf- candidate. One thing
Hr. Bennett is perfectly certain of, whatever
turn the election msy take: Whon attending
to hb duties In Ottawa two sessions ago he
was taken down with catarrhal trouble In the
bead.   He used Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Pew-
der and over his own signature soys thst It
worked like o charm, ond quickly removed
the trouble and mode him-tied for his parliamentary duties.
So-l>yC. A Warren. tt
Business Cards.
Sign  Writer, Painter and
Paper Hanger,
Ordero promptly attended to.
Present address, Rnssell House.    88to
Notary Public, Oolden, B. C
A poet cord addressed to me
at the poet office, Goldon, will
receive prompt attention.       89to
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -  - Golden, RO.
A oupply of Building Lime ���
For Solo.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to ordero. 28to
D.I-.S. A P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion A
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W.
T. Correspondence Solicited.
R. J. Jbpson, _*._,_., P.L.S. of B.C.
and Out. Calgary. Alba.
Undertaker, and
���  . En.baln.tn*
Calgary    ���    ���     Alka
Barrister, Solicitor &
,a. - - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden, B. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday ot each
week. 36tc
Stood out In Great Beads apon Hia Face-A
Victim of Hurt Disease Snatched From
tbo Grave by the Prompt Use of Dr. Agnew's Cure far the Heart���Belief lo oil
Cases in 80 Minutes.
Dr. Agnew's Cure for tbe Heart positively
gives relief within W minutes after the first
dose is token. James J. Whitney, of WU-
lianuport, Pa., saysi   "Cold sweat would
stand out in gnat beads upon my face, ond
I indeed thought that my ond hod come. Bnt
relief was fonnd In Dr. Agnew's Cure for the
Heart   After using it for a short tune I now
feel that tl�� trouble U -together rano-ed."
Ito effkett on aMgieoL
8o-byO.AWorrea. tt)
mood Jobilte." om_Vnrlnjr with latest ��nd
rlcbttt pictures. Contain* the endorsed bi*
ographyof Her Majesty, with euthM-jicHls.
toryofher mnarkable reign, and full oe*
eoantoftheDUmond JobUs*. , Onlv lit*.
Big book, -rranendouo demand. Bonauso
for agents. Co__lasloa �� per cent Credit
_,���   ._., __ .gt otrrrrr ran. Duty
_ Jco-_?j_ra, .apt
Dearborn 8t>
WATCH  . . .
Clock and Jewelry repairing dene in
the beat style of the tr.de with tho
least possible delay, "sll and express orders receive prompt attention
Iit.lM.it ul Jeweller - CiMm. I.C.
(Opposite the Colombia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Bmelliag -
Assaying Works
Assays, Tests snd Smelting of Oreo
with tbo greatest expedition ond scientific accuracy
Call or write for further information
Amy Offices ond Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, B. 0.
Estobliahed 18(0.
For several years with VivUn ft Bona,
Swansea, ond local rapresentalivo far theu.
For 6 years manager fir tbe osuysrs te
tbe Bio Tfnto Co., London.
Canadian representative of tbo Csssol Gold
Extracting Co., Lid, Ulasgow (Cyanide
N.B.���All work personally superintended.
Only competent men employed. No pupils
received. Tie
���yt.r. -,/ tr*-
.ttf'-tfS'/*'! THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JtJLY 2.  1897.
Mr. H. 0. Parson's Store
i i
Thit establishment hu the reputation of being one of the beat appointed
stores in the Inland districts of B. C,
embracing u it doc* the complete
etock and business, of the general mer*
chant. The atore occupies the whole
of the ground floor ot the Alexander
block, together with the adjacent
buildings erected for warehouses. The
main store io 76 feet by 84 foot, and
here are piled stocks ot dry goods,
groceries, boots and shoes, hardware,
lampwaro, drugs and millinery
of all descriptions. From tho
centre of thio department i
ptaoaa-o leado to tho Commercial De.
. putmoat and offices, whieh are located
oa tht north aide of the building,
Further along a second passage leado
to the portion of tb* premises behind
the office*, and where wa find large
otocks of boots, ready made clothing,
hate and caps, glauware and crockery, lampa and potent medicines.
On the opposite aide of the main
atore it a ware room containing supplies of paints, oils, harness, granite
ware and rteerve stock. Thio portion
of the eotobliihment aloo includes the
bonded warehouses of H. M. Customs
aad Inland Revenue with an on
tranos from the main otreet. A
-railway tiding hu been laid to the
roar of tha warehouses oo that cars
may bt unloaded into tbem direct from
the railway lino, thus reducing the
coot of handling to a minimum, and
enabling the firm to give the best value
to itt customers.
The oollar io the fall oiu of the
main atore aad it filled with canned
goods and liquors of all kinds. The
Liquor Deportment is under the management of Mr. A. J. Hopkino, and
comprioeo a full range of Imported and
domestic liquor*, wines, ales, boor and
cigars. Mr. Parson lo agent for Eut
Kootonay for the celebrated Highland
Cre-m Scotch Whisky; the Distillers
Company Limited (the largest distillers in the world); B. L. Drowry'o
celebrated Fine Ales, Lager and Aerated Waters, Md for tha Calgary
Brewing and Malting Company.
Neat to the Customs and general
warehous* ie a chad for empty cases,
and adjoining that agaia ia the oold
storage, whieh io kept ot a low temperature by ������ilea of ice, aad where we
find oupplioe of bacon, homo, eggs
and batter in prime coaditioa. Next
to tbit again it a warehouse at present occupied by a now and select stock
of furniture.
At the rear of tho main building are
wofohoaaoo for flour, feed and stoves,
bUekamith'o cool, coal oil, ore sacks,
Iron and otael. Theee atone are connected with the railway lint by a tide
Mr. Parson it alto agent for the
Chatham Wagon Manufacturing Co.,
���ad hu already an excellent stock of
their vehieleo on hand including wag.
ono, and W, Gray's carriages, while a
tupplyof tl-gai will aloo bo kept
when required for tbo winter season,
One of the warehousea hu beta con-
el dtrably enlarged to afford storage
room for carriage stock.
Mr. Paraon'o stock io all lines it
very complete and ht it now able to
furnish minora' and prospectors' sup-
plioo io a thoroughly satisfactory man-
nor. At giving oome idea of the im-
rasoo* amount of business now put
through the ttoro we may mention
that carloads of supplies come in from
Weak to week, the firm doing a large
wholesale business witb Ihe oouthern
Por ooortnlenee of freight wagons a
large weigh bridge, capable of registering 19,000 Ibe, hu boon erected in
front of tbt ttoiw.
Mr. Parson holdt tht following
ogencioo in additioa to those already
mentioned; Brantford Bloyclo Co.,
Phanlx Auuranoe Co., of London,
England, and other Ineuranoe compan
Im; Confedtratloa Life Association;
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance
Ci. and tht Btlitnot Loan and Say.
She Could Not Eat
The Statement of a Lady Who
Was a Dyspeptic
Afflicted With Pains In tha Stoma.-,
Nausea and Vomiting ���Constipation, Headaches and Other Distress-
lot Symptoms Fallowed
From Le Sorelols, Sore!, Que.,
Dyopepoia and kindred disorders of
the digestive organs are becoming alarmingly prevalent among the people
of all classes, and It is safe to say that
there are few Hlo afflicting makind productive of more real misery than Indigestion. It 1* sold that happiness
and a good digestion go hand in band,
and the statement contains more truth
than has beta generally admitted, It
may bo oafely said therefore, that the
medioine tbat will cure dyspepsia lo a
blessing to mankind, a promotor of human happiness, whose good work cannot bo too widely known. Such is the
opinion of Mrs. Paul Luooier of Sorel,
Que., and it la because of this that sho
gave the following statement to a representative of Le Sorelols: "Fnr some
time past," she aaid, "I had been suffering from a malady tbat at first I
could not define, but which proved to
be a severe attack of dyspepsia. After
each meal I felt a sensation of over
fullness, even when I had eaten most
oparingly. This feeling wao accompanied by severe paint in the region of
the otomach, and frequently by nausea
and sometimes vomiting. Constipation followed, whioh added to my mis-
ery. In the interval I suffered from
fever and slight headaches, and became generally indisposed. At times
the pain in the stomach was less severe. My appetite wu leaving me, I
had no tuto for anything and at this
stage my son, Alfred, assistant manager of "Le Soreloio," urged me to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, at the same
time urging mo to road an article in
that paper which related to the cure of
a person similarly afflicted. I was
skeptical and did uot believe the pills
would help me, nut a few days later I
re-read the article and decided that I
would try this medicine and I have
much reason to be glad that I did so.
I took a couple of Dr. Williams' Piak
Pills after each meal and little by little
perceived that my digestion was becoming more easy. I continued the
use of the pills for a little more than a
month, and havo pleasure in stating
that my cure is complete. At my ago
(66 years) one greatly appreciates being able to enjoy one's meals, and I
bleu the day I began to uu Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I heartily recommend them to other sufferers.
Dr. Willamo' Pink Pills cure Indigestion, rheumatism, neuralgia, locomotor ataxia, St. Vitus' dance, nor-
vouo headache and prostration, diseases of tho blood, ouoh u scrofula,
chronic oryoipolu, and restore polo
and sallow complexions to the glow of
health. They are a specific for all tho
trouble* peculiar to the female sex, and
in men cure all cases arising from
worry, or exceooes. Sold by all chem*
iota and by Dr. Williams' Medioine
Co., Brookville, Ont.. ot 50c per box
or oix boxes for $2.60. There ore Imitation pills colored pink against whioh
the publio ore warned. The genuine
pills are put up in boxes, the wrapper
around which bears the fall trade
mark, "Dr. Williame' Pink Pillo for
Palo People."  Tako nothing else.   68
���** ���
How to Avoid Wasting* Time
and Honey
A word at tblo time to the ladies of
Canada may bo the mesne of putting
them on their guard, oo that timo and
money may not be waoted.
There aro certain dealoro and itoro*
keepers whom life-object lo the making of large profits on every article
they toll.
Theu dealers are now endeavoring
to cell adulterated and imitation pack*
*   .  *  *
e   *   *   ���
thttgtnclufor tht Mown A Risoh
and Nowoombe pianos, and for several
maku of cowing machine*.
Th* Dry Goodt department launder
tho management of 8. A. Parsons, G.
Rehder hu oharge of llie Groceries
department, C. A. Brown of the Hardware department, and A. MoDtrmott
io tht aooountont. G. Donaldson hu
charge of tho delivery and It almost
tht bulttt member of tho ttafl.
Tkt-fan it one of tho moot enter-
prlitng in tht Kootenay couutry and
���'wt triad Mr. H. G. Paraon th* tuccou
ho dtttrvM ia hit undertaking,
NEW Additions have been made to our plant
and appliances.
Our prices are right.
We shall endeavor to please ynu,
We have the best ef workmanship.
Support local industry.
Give us a trial.
- : we print : -
Send us your orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability.
Managing Director.
Address: Golden, R C.
Wholetale nntl Kerail
Cattle. Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.       96to
Windermere Hotel,
Ilest Uramln of
Liquors Kept,.,
��� ��� ���
Saddle Horses, Single and Double Rigs
On Hire at Shortest Notice.      44tc
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
signed or any member of the
PRICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wurds.
Acting Secretary.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer
Tlie best Beer in Canada is made by the
Calgary  Brewing   & Halting
Co.,  Lt'd.
Manufacturers of Beer, Ale anil Sotln Water
Insist on getting Oulgary Ileor every time
They all have it.
The Company's agent for East Kootenuy i
H. G. Parson,
Golden, B.C.
Pore Drugs
Bond to      :      :      :      t
New Denver.
latt Co., of-Toronto.  Ht .loo Wj, ~^-ly~ forth, umo-rirlce.. the hen*
^       ' eot dealer ooko  for  the reliable and
never-falling Diamond Dyes.
Few ladle* have the inclination to
spend time or money to experiment
with worthies* and poisonous ingredients put up to outwardly imitate tho
marvellous Diamond Dyes. If you
want good work you must use the best
dyes. Toon of thorough testing proclaim tht fut that Diamond Dyes are
tbt ttrongmt, brightest and moot coon-
omloal; thoy are the only dyeo in tht
world that art specially warranted.
Each packet, whan dlreotiont ore followed, trill give satisfactory and at*
tonlsblng ntulta, 59
Pacific Hy���
Direct Roll Route to
Montreal and Toronto
And all Eastern points.
Lake route to the east���Bailings from
Fort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday- Windsor
Athabasca...Every Thursday lo Owen Sound
Manitoba Every Sunday to Owen Sound
Connecting trains from Golden at 16.80 every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Doily ond direct service to
Kaslo- Nelson. Sandon
And oil points in tho For Famed Kootenay
and Silvery Slocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of China Uth July
Empress of India Snd August
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Warrimoo 8th July
Miewera 8th August
Apply for particulars to
Ageat. tteldea.
Or write to    ROBT. KERR,
Traffic Manager,
Site Winnipeg.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, une of their
illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The   Nellson   Furniture  Co,
Calgary, Alberta.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the varioue locations on the
back of each form 1
The Golden Era Oompany
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publishers,
Oolden, B, C.
Finter te.. I   E_H
INTHIWOHIO ���     ���������
Twm put up by tht Indian Tm
growm m a Mmple nf the beat qu-litL*-. of Indian
I tue. Tlwnruro they u��e the gre.ii-.itt car* In the
MlactlM of tha Tea and Iti Mind, that it why they
put It up thamatlvM and sell it only In tha original
Mdugw* thereby aecuring iti purity and excellence.
Put up In K lb., i Ib. and j lb. paclugee, and never
���old In bulk.
If your grocer does eot keep it, tell him to writ* le
Tt end IS Front Street Beat Toronto.
THIRTV-8IVENTH YEAR.  ��� ��� ���
Twenty Pares Weekly; Illustratel
IjjWWtjjtAtll vo Miniho Men,
nans sown mu.
miM iad scnirnno PBESS,
220 Market St., San Francisco, Cal
"The Province" Series of
Mining Maps
Of British Columbia
-s*h Sheet Three i#s-
Slocan District contains Four Colored  Maps, Mining-
Code,  Mining Laws, Etc.
Province Publishing Co.,
��� Limited Liability ���
All Newsdealers Price, $1.00.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.  All sises of glass in stock.
Tlio Machine and Blacksmith Shop nre prepared to do oil kind of repnir
as soon as possible.  AII sizes of Pine Fitting and Brass goods on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
Maple Plank.
s. <._��- s_��_4__s ��*;Qp.e��*.ag.8acQt.p.B.ca oa a a> ��*____ a a a ant
Upper Colunjliia NaVigatioq&TraniWay Co.,
���    o   ���    aad    ���   t    *
Iqterqational Traqsportatio-1 Corqpaqy.
TIME    TABLE.     1897.
GoLDKN-Foar Steele route���Until opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Uolden every Tuesday, 2, p. in., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Oolden Friday
After Ist May, Steamers will leave Golden 4, a. m��� Tuesdays and Fridays, .-onnecting with Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons,
Jjoiivb Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive at Oolden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
���Fort Steele and Jenniagt Urate.
Navigation cinocted to open 10th April.  After 1st May boats will leave
daily (except Sunday).
Oolden 1st March.
F. P. Armstrong,
> (t �� e_e t* �� �� �� ojs ��_e? BBt-tei-'t- t-nmii a Bttsatin-n �� aa o v
Most all Clothes
Have their good points, but one i
spoils the whole���
Shorejr'e clothing has been demonstrated to i
be perfect in fit, up-to-date In design, with _
everything, from tbe match if tlie buttons to J
tho colour of the lining in penect keeping, m
Ao on evidence of the workmanship a signed Jj
guarantee is given with every garment tliut it 3
will not shrink, and that ynur money will ue 3
refunded if the workmanship gives out   If _
you accept any inferior make of clothing after 9
this you will nave only yourself to blame.    .7 2
10 VEARt-
by tho���aml*.  t_t. Sun as. Alva���1 tsllabl.
REfUSE SUBSTITUTES,   tnm all 4n��-~
et mailed, tn* tnm slmnll'M, oa nctipl -
���l.��). Snledpuikalanlmai
tatjt-w tab--a he nam-
ml baa tm am, arm, aa*
������1 la Two MlDuiM, ud
^f������all* MM dituof*. hy
���PIUATON.'p-B*_tIr_-_l��M. ����ll-/-al,ltal**,
on -crip'olpric MX   AglU.1l���M*.
it bos**, SS.M.  natulan tm. Tha
Um .-Mlclo. C��� Heeami. Caa.
���h .���. (ItanliHIisi _-,j
, Aether u IntiiitloiiU
Com-miM-*ln_ itrlotlr
Mcwa tnt-man* __>_
Kits-rra 'tint tie*. Addrm
Wl Imlaii, N.w Vork. Til!'*. GOLDEN J'.RA,  FRIDAY, JULY 2;  1897.
T. Henly ami \V. Clemens have
���rone to lii-ai- Cii-cl; on a proiipoctiiiu,
Bomi-luiy Creek prospectors ask
8H0.0UO to #100,000 (or undeveloped
Eight cars of oopper from ;lie Hal!
ii incs have j-ono by tho C. P. ll. to
The Cariboo Hydraulio Co. has
cleaned up lor 4,10*3 ounce.* (-old.
valued at $71,414. .
The lead has been struck in thc
Cro��n Point anil is eight feet thick,
allowing excellent ore.
A. Macaulay went o it on Tuesday
to the Blucwator to Oo tlm trull work
to the claims bonded liy Mr, Hammond.
The following new claims were recorded in Donald Division: Mtirthu
Ellen, by Jumo* Broiim, on Stony
Creek] Gold Hock, by Bou Lawson, 3$
miles east of Roger's Puss
The bonds on the Blnewater claim
Litile Brother, between H. C. Hammond and J. W. Connor, and on the
Mowgli, between H. Moodie anil H, C,
Hammond, have been recorded at
Donald A. McKinnon and J. Bates
came in on Tuesday frem their prospecting tour. They show some good
ore and made two locations, one in
McMurdo district and the other on
Bear creek.
The Bald Mountain Mining as Development Co. intend to go on with
the development of their pi-opcities at
Bald Mountain. A drilling machine
has been purchased and work will be
begun as soon as the trail has been
cleaned out.
The suggestion has been made to us
that an Inspector of Mines should be
appointed whose duty would be to go
over the mining camps from time to
time, check locations and see that the
law is complied with regarding assessment work.
A. StG. Hammersley, of Vancouver,
arrived in Goldeu Tuesday in connection with tho Bobby Burns deal. As
he and Mr. Blake, as representing the
purchasers, are not satisfied with the
title, any further progress with the
dual is postponed till the arrival of Mr.
Townsend from the International.
P. W. Pemberton, of Helena, Mont,,
has arranged to purchase or bond the
Silver Cup, on Porcupine creek, Ottertail district, for S12,0U0. This claim
was recently located by S. Wilson and
lias given high assays. If the assays
on samples now taken out are as good
as those already reported the transaction will be a straight-out purchase,
the cash to be paid ly July 20th.
Otherwise a bond will be taken to allow of lurther development work.
An important strike has been made
ou Quartz creek near Beaver, judging
by the speeimen brought into Golden
on Monday by W. G, Neilson. The
ore is heavily mineralized with copper,
and from its appearance it should carry
a fair proportion of gold. Three locations have been made on the the lead,
the Daisy, Iron Horso and Alice, by
Messrs. Neilson, Lap-inn and Denman
respectively. Mr. Denman has also
located a claim called tho Donald on
another lead at Quartz Creek.
There was a piece of sharp, practice
in the Duncan watershed the other
day. M. Dainard told a prospector
that he knew of a ledge over tliero.and
the prospector went to look for it.
Having found it he sunk a hole on it
and determined to stake it. Meantime
lie saw a camp in the valley, and
dropping his tools by the hole he had
Bunk, he went down to see tho occupants, who turned out to Una party of
prospectors from West Kootenay who
had already been over the ledge and
had left it without making any location. He told them of the work he
had done and that he intended to stake
it. Meantime he wont up the mountain to take In the country, and in his
absence* the West Kootenay outfit
jumped his claim, putting their discovery post light in the hole their informant had sunk. His astonishment
at realising the position on his return
may be better imagined than described, and his position was made all
the more unpleasant by the unmerciful chaffing he got from his mates'on
the McMurdo side. Joking aside the
trick was a shabby piece of business
unworthy of any calling themselves
A largo body.<tf high grade ore has
been struck in tho War Eagle.
The I.e Hoi has declared another
dividend of $25,000, making $425,000
paid in dividends to date.
T. Forrest and B. W. Patmore, of
Donald, are sending out a party of
prospectors lo the Blumvater.
W. J. R. Cowell hos sold the Hidden treasure, recently purchased from
W, McNeish and T. Jones, to H
Croft, of Victoria, for $5000. Mr.
Cowell has also sold to the same gen
tleinan a quarter interest in tho Giaut.
On Sunday C. Buines and H. Coo-wr
brought iu soma magnificent samples
ol grey copper ore from a ledge found
ou the left side of the Blnewater,about
opposite tho claims located by H. li,
Moodie and J. Connor. The samples
showed free gold aud created some excitement iu Donald.
Last week two experts representing
Vancouver firms went out to the Blue-
water ri irer to examine and report on
its prosp*cts as a placer ground. They
express themselves as highly pleased
with the indications obtained from tbe
black sand found in the river, and
which is believed to be as highly gold-
bearing as thu sand found in the Saskatchewan river, on the opposite side
of the Rooky Mountains. It is probable that placer leases will be applied
for on this liver and will be worked
thie season.
The following locations have been
recorded at Golden during the past
week: June 25th, Wild Goat, on tributary of Beaverfoot, by Jos. Martin;
Kaotahau, by K. McKenzie, on branch
of Beaverfoot. June 26, Iron Stain,
by James White, on Cariboo Basin.
June 29th, Champion, by A. St. G.
Hammersley; Sallie More, by C. A.
Hamilton; Steamboat Butte, by J. S.
W. Pugh, these three being on Steamboat Butte mountain, June 30th, Silver Bell, by S. J, Crowe, on Logan
Creek; Copper King.by J. R. Webster,
at head of McMurdo Creek; Grand
View, by S. J. Crowe, on east side ol
McMurdo creek.
The C. P. R. shops at Canmore are
to be removed to Calgary.
Mr. Bostock, M. P., was to have
left Ottawa yesterday on hia return
F. C. Lang has been granted a copy*
right for a prospectors' map of British
S. Barber, who has been on a holiday trip to the coast, returned to Golden yesterday.
J. Gibson has a splendid crop ol
garden stuff ou his farm at Golden
this season, but the gophers have done
a lot of mischief to his crop of cauliflowers.
Business men at Donald inform us
that with the splendid promise of the
mineral resources In the vicinity of
the towu they consider their prospects
are exceedingly good despite the action
of the C. P. R. in removing the workshops.
Capt. Armstrong has had a lot of
trouble wilh his boats on the Kootenay river. The Boiler Inspector on
the American side hung up the
North Star, refusing to permit her to
run till some repairs are effected to the
boiler. Tho Gwendoline had her cylinder head blown off and is also laid np.
We need hardly remind our readers
that Friday next, July 9th, is the day
fixed for the Golden sports. With
good weather these sports ought to bs
a great success. Good prises are being given and the conimitte ore sparing no effort to moke the day'o programme attractive to the public. Admission to the grounds is free and
there should be a large attendance. In
the evening thero will be a grand
moonlight excursion up the river by
the Duchess.
Mr. Kerfoot, of the firm of Fulmer
A Kerfoot, arrived in Golden on Sun.
day night with eighteen horses for
starting the carrying of the mail between Golden and Fort Steele, Owing
to the washout he bad to drive the
horses from Cochrane to Banff through
the mountains and had a rough time
of it. At Banff he was able to roil tho
horseo to Golden. The horses brought
through are a fine lot of coacbers, well
bred -md in good condition. Mr. Kerfoot started on Tuesday with a four-
horse team from Golden to Fort Steele.
Ho will make Fort Steele hlo headquarters.
The cornerstone of the Jubilee Hos*
pital'at Fort Steele was laid on Tuesday week.
The Golden Lumber Company's new
railway engine has arrived nnd is a
fine piece of mechanism.
After the conclusion'of the sittings
of the Supreme Court at Donald, Judge
McCall paid Golden a visit.
Dr. Procter, of Donald, was called
to Kamloop- last week to assist iu an
Important surgical operation.
On Wednesday an employee of the
Palliser Mills had one of his fingers
taken off and came to Golden to have
the hand dressed by Dr. Taylor.
At a meeting of householders convened for Saturday night to elect a
Sohool Trustee for Golden, J. Henderson was appointed in place of J. W.
Connor, whose term had expired.
The following are the scores made at
the shoot ot the Golden Gun Club on
Wednesday, out a possible 16: C. A.
Warren 13, Dr. Taylor 11, ��� McKen
zle 9, G. B. McDermot 7, J. Bates 7.
Mr. Galbraith, the well-known
pioneer ol Fort Steele, was in Golden
a few days this week He has great
faith in the permanence of Fort Steele
as a mining centre and says tho present boom is quite justified.
Several of the C. P. R. officers have
expressed to us their pleasure at removing to Golden and we are informed
that some whose homes are now at
Medicine Hat and Field are so pleased
with the change that they also propose to remove their homes hither.
Capt. Armstrong informs us that
the new steamer, the North Star, has
made her first trip from Jennings,
when she brought up 100 tons of
cargo and 60 passengers. She took
back on the return trip 150 tons of
ore. She made the sploudiil run of 18
knots an hour.
The News-Advertiser of Vancouver
says: The Goi.niiN Era, which is
now under the management of Mr. E.
A. Haggen, has been enlarged to a
four page six column paper, Typographically the paper has been greatly
improved while it also contains much
more reading matter than formerly.
Capt. Armstrong confirms the report that the prospectors crowding
into the northern part of East Kootenuy are now pushing north. He expects to see Golden quite us busy a
point aa Fort Steele ere long as he
considers we have quite us goad mineral resources at tbis end of the district.
Another important addition is to be
made to the business premises of Golden, G. B. McDermot having arranged to erect a new warehouse. The
ground floor space will be 24x60 feet
and the building will he two storeys
in height. The contract has been let
to Mr. Henderson. The site of the
new building is between Mr. McDei*
mot's present store and the Columbia
Donald and Beaver are now amongst
the most promising mining centres of
the northern portion of East Kootenay. The Bluewater, Blackwater and
Blaeberry, on all of which good finds
are reported, lie into Donald, while
the extensive finds up the Beaver Valley, Quartz and Porcupine creeks will
benefit Donald largely, but are also
likely to push Beaver to the front ae a
mining town.
Frank P. Hogan, of Spokane, and
Wait Wade, of Fort Steele, have given
formal notice of an application for
the incorporation ol the Sullivan
group, North Star and Fort Steele
Tramway Company, an organisation
which contemplates building and operating tramways, telephone .nd telegraph lines from the month of St.
Mary's river to the mouth of Mark
creek, and from the mouth of Mark
creek to Sullivan Hill.
D. Colder has now opened hlo drug
store in the premises opposite the Kootenay House. Mr. Colder is a fully
qualified chemist, being a member of
the Pharmaceutical Society. He has
an excellent atook of drugs, patent
medicines and all kinds of druggist's
sundries. Mr Colder hoo had hlo shop
nicely fitted up with counter and shelving, the work having been carried
out by J.   Henderson,
J. C. Pitts and J. O. Nealon bave
been elected School Trustees for Donald.
H. G. Parson has just received a
shipment of carpets, oil cloths and
China matting.
Rev. G. E. Smith will hold Divine
Service in the Methodist Church on
Sunday evening at 7.30 p,m.
The Dominion Parliament prorogued
on Wednesdav. The Crow's Nest Railway Bill was finally passed.
Rev. J. R. Harcourt will conduct
Presbyterian services ot Goldon on
Sunday at 11 a. m., and Field at
S p. m.
S. Adler went west on Tuesday to
meet his daughter, Mrs. Madigan,
who, with her daughter, intend spending the holidays in Golden.
At a meeting of tha Golden Sports
Committee yesterday a letter was road
from Mr. Kerr of the C. P, R. stating
contestants would be carried to the
sports at reduced rates,
On Wednesday night troops of
townsfolk went out to the Jubilee
Park to witness s bicycle race between
J. Adler and A. J. Hopkins. C. Warren anted as starter, Adler was the
Friday next, the occasion of the
Golden sports, will be a holiday at
the Era office and the paper will be
published on Thursday evening. Advertisements should be in by noon of
that day.
On the first occasion ol transferring
the passengers after the washout tbe
C. P. R. crossed 600 passengers with
their baggage over narrow temporary
bridges and the broken way between
the trains, and it is to the credit of
C. P. R. that all this was done without a mishap of any sort.
Mr. Hangs, the well known solicitor
of Calgary, had a narrow escape from
drowning on Tuesday. He came down
the Columbia river in a boat from Carbonate and when nearing Golden took
hold of an overhanging branch to pull
ashoro. The swift current caught the
boat, ind swept it froiauuder hiin. Mr.
Bangs v. as thrown into tbe river, but
managed to get ushovi with some difficulty.
Boat Passengers
The following is a list of the passengers of the Steamer Duchess:
June 25th, up���Golden to Steele,
P Wottelet, Wat Dainard, Ah Sing, D
L Bettschen; Golden to Windermere,
Mrs Lake: Golden to Shorty's, C E
Hamilton, J Talmoge; Windermere io
Golden, R Galbraith; Adela to Golden,
Constable Barnes and 11 witnesses on
murder trial from Tobacco Plains;
Adela to Golden, F Alston; Shorty's
to Golden, C E Hamilton J Talmage.
June 29, up���Golden to Steele, T
Ewart, Alex Fraser, T Lee; Golden to
Shorty's, G Mitchell; Golden to Adela,
A Wright; Golden to Spillimachene,
W Hall, J Rae, Alex Hall, H Rae.
July 1, down���Steele to Golden, J
H Bennett, Jno Linebam, H Randall,
J S Freeze, A W Vowel.
Wanted-^HSWttd it
mond Jubilee." Overflowing with latest and
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only ll.GO.
Big book. Tremendous demand, Bonanza
for agents.   Commission 50 per cent. Credit
Dearborn St., Chicago.
Subscribe to tbe Golden Era and
help to advance the interests of the
district, Send 12 for a year's subscription!
News In Brief
Col. Prior is seriously ill In London.
Two prisoners havo broken out of
Nelson jail.
Laurier dined with Prince and Princess of Wales.
Donald Sohool
The Donald publio school closed on
June 21st, bat the. half-yearly examination waa held on Friday, 25th. Io
tho morning the pupils were examined
in the schoolroom in reading, writing,
spelling and arithmetic. In the afternoon the examination was held In tbe
Town Hall, 'he schoolhouse being too
small, and partook rather of the nature of an entertainment. The fro-
gramme consisted of recitations,
choruses, drills in geography, history
and anatomy, addresses, and concluded with a tableau. The recitations
were well rendered by the puptlo and
the choruses were very good. The
teacher, Mr. Barron, has for severs
months been training in vocal music a
few of (he more musical pupils and
they are learning to read music very
Dr. Procter questioned the classes in
hiotory and Rev. King in geography.
The pupils answered very well,
The boys in the anatomy class went
through the operation of resuscitating
a drowned person, which was very interesting. Dr. Procter asked a number of questions in anatomy.
Addresses were giveu by Rev. King
and Dr. Procter. The prizes and
honor rolls were then distributed by
Mr. Spragge, who also made a brief
address. The prizes were the gifts of
Dr. Proctor and Mr. Haggen, of the
Era. That for literature was won by
Miss Christine Mitchell, that for proficiency in Fourth Class work by Miss
Eva Hamilton and that lor deportment
by Miss Maggie Williamson. Miss C.
Mitchell received the honor roll for deportment; Joseph Shaw, that for proficiency; and Alvin .rquhstt, that for
The entertainment closed with a
very pretty tableau, entitled "Canada."
Twelve pupils took part, standing in
the form of a crescent. In the centre
were represented England, Scotland,
Ireland and Canada, On each side of
these were ranged the provinces of
Canada, while at one end was represented the navy and at tha other the
militia. Miss Maggie Williamson
represented Britannia; Miss Christine
Mitchell, Caledonia; Miss Deborah
Forrest, Hibernia; and Miss Evelyn
Hamilton, Canada, They wore very
pretty costumes'and held the flags of
tbeir respective nations und gave appropriate recitations. Each of those
representing the provinces held a
maple wand bearing the initials of tha
The tableau wao loudly encored and
the curtain rose a second time. The
examination concluded with "God
Save tho Queen."
Special thanks are due to Mrs,
Spragge, Dr. Procter and Rev. King
for their assistance in making the afternoon a success, and to Thos. Forrest for the use of the ball. A large
number of parents and others were
Judicious advertising Is the keystone of success. Advertise In the
Golden Era.
TheO-Iy Avenue of -aeapal.Thraucb.
Pa-Inn's Celery Compound
True words of encouragement, hops
and cheer are generally welcomed by
suffering humanity���at leaot that part
of it with cruohed spirits and despondent hearts.
To those who are morty ro from rheumatism and neuralgia we have a few
words of honsst advice, which, if followed, will certainly lead to that coveted goal���perfect health���that many
are ao earnestly praying to reach.
Up to the present you have failed to
banish your rheumatism. The medicines you are uting have not removed
the floating acid poison from your
joints and muscles, You are as bad
today���perhaps worse ��� than when
you commenced to doctor, and aome of
you are pronounced incurable.
Cheer up, sod soulsl There is hope,
yes, more than hope; there is a new
life far you and freedom from all pain
and agony if you give that heavensent remedy, Paine'e Celery Compound,
a fair and honest trial. It haa completely cured the worst forms of rheumatism In the past, and ita great and
precious virtues will do the same good
work for you today.
To those Who suffer from that merciless tormentor, neuralgia, we say,
with all candor, use Paine's Celery
Compound, and your future will soon
be happy and bright. This disease
always indicates a low or depressed
vitality, and is the most agonizing
and exhausting that can afflict the
nervoua system. The ablest physicians
now freely prescribe Paine's Celery
Compound for neuralgia, and affirm
that no other medicine can so completely eradicate the cause of this terrible disease.
' Oiie.bottle of the great health-giving
medicine will produce cheering results
and will prove that our advice Is goldeu. May heaven give you sufficient
faith to make u trial. 69
ilT IS WORTH . . .
To know if Tub Golden Era is ogood
advertising medium. To Teat thio onto introduce our goods in this vicinity
we will give away absolutely l_RB a
Sterling ttilver Pickle Fork, lj~eautifuny
Cut out this ml. and send with 16c for
packing and postage and we will send
fork prepaid, together with our big bar-
gala list KRBB. Wo have borgoiju in
everything and sell at wWes^ direct
to consumer.   AGENTS WANTED.
Wonewo-c Bargain Honae,
Wonewoe, Wis.
Board and lodging In private family. Apply "A. B." care Uolden Era office.
Skin Eruption. Oared for 35 Cants���
Belter In ��� Way.
Eczema, tatter, salt rheum, barber's Itch-
all Itching and burning skin diseases vanish
whore Dr' Agnew's Ointment is used. It relieves in a day snd cures quickly. No case
of piles which an application will not comfort
in a few minutes. If you have used high-
priced ointments without benefit, try Dr.
Agnew's Ointment at STi cents and be cured.
Sold by O. A. Warren. ��0
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in tho premises
lately ocoupied by D. L. Bettsohsn.
Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.
A Full Stock of Patent Medicine, and
Druggists Sundries Kept
An intelligent lad for the Golden Era office.   Permanent situation if suitable.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms. ,
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
���! Columbia House
Home Comforts.       . .
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West.    .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Hlm. lv.el.eish, - Pvop.


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