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The Golden Era Nov 4, 1893

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Array tj (j/l cCCk
VOL. IN.   NO  14.
$! Per Year
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
free on receipt of price
8"   Vvntn   I'vv  Itox.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  end  Shoos,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian,  American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
Our people aro  commencing to get    CG2IMDNICATIOKS.
out their skates and to look mound for
the lust und strongest boot ou which ;
I to fasten them We do not hold ourselves responsible for the
pillinll.s expl'es.led liy 0111'  ciin'('r,piilnl���lttH.
Mrs. (I. Woodley returned last week
from Calgary, accompanied by her
daughter, Mrs. !���'. Xuttress, who will
spend a few weeks here.
Severe l:ost hns  set in. accompanied
(Incorporated I'iTC.)
piotcd and samples sup] lied on
Now ready for business, hn.-i been newly built
an;l novly furnislieJ. Tlio tabic is first class. Tlie bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, nnd Cigars.
W. McNoish  -   rror*ri3tor.
Carlin & Lake.
General Merchants, Alexander Block.
Gam Boots,
1 by our coi-rc
I ll.' (SI.-1 if ll  Itlinil.
Editor QoiiUBN Kn \ i
A parngrph iu your Issue of the *JHt li
Inst, directs attention to the apparently   Irregular  milliner   iu which   the
I by beautifully dear hard weather, Wolg"e'g|- road, now under construction
| must now look forward to a spoil of | |nt0 t|,e MoMurdo district. Is Inoatotl.
this nnd then real snowy winter we I -j-*,*, ,.oa(i |��� supposod to receive tho aid
suppose. |0f   the public   funds and   is therefore
Mr, .1. C, Greeno hns made several'being built in the intire.-i ol thedis-
llnprovements at his hotel, The old trlcl in general and its locution should
billiard room is now the bar and the | not he in the hands of one who lnnj be
bar us formerly known,is to he used as ; Interested in selecting a starting point
nn oliiee. : for the road  on the Columbia river ut
The Messrs  Hardy  have been visit- a point  where it will least benefit tho
ing Golden this week, they will short- district generally,    li  the government
ly leave for England, taking   i..   en j has sanctioned the  present location of
oute, Chicago.     Rather too late for the road, (which is doubtful,; it has
the show. given its sanction io an act which, 'to
..     u ���     ��� >  ,'    say the least) is very irregular.
Mrs. Brownrigg is  a   guesl   at  the     ��� .
,.       ���    ., . i       i t> i       v. ,       Exception is taken  to the starting
Queen s Hotel, and Hub.     Messrs. .1. ' ���
,  ,,    ��� .,,      ,    t   i    1  point of the road, ns now located.  I his
and  It. Brownrigg will no in Ireland ' ,      .     .
i  ,    ,, , r ,,       ... point |S sai
.shortly una from  there intend paying'"
; South Africa a visit.
The Golden Saw Mill Co. havo been |
very busy lately. The Betsy, thut'
piece of inecbiinicul marvel, is more i
useful than wns id liisi supposed
would have been. A couple of laden
flat cars are easily ha ml led hy lier i
Messrs.   W.   Clement, N.  Morrison,
P. Field  anil F. (1  Healy, went upon
Saturday last to Crystal Lake, i-eiii'Ustrlct have a right to enquire, way
Field, ou a shooting aud fl-illing ex- L-,ou*,i a new route be selected for this
cursioii. They returned on Monday | djstr*ct, much longer than the old, and
night, having had u good time but not I whioh wj-- m|l)|M u simi|;u- uutlity of
much sport. t|,e  public  money  to that already ex-
Rev. 11. Irwin rode up from Donald ponded ut Carbonate, befire it can in
on Tuesday hist and held servioes at any way benefit usV If ihe public aid
St, Raul's on Wednesday morning, is not given ilns road no one bus :i
j It is Mr. Irwin's intention to give as right to take exception to its location,
much time as possible to Golden during hut If it has such aid then everyone
j his visit to this diocese which will ter- j interested in McMurdo district has n
[ minute in iihout a fortnight. i right to expect that the interests of tlio
Mrs. Brady, the Misses Brady and j district will he looked to in the location
Cam Brndy came down from 'thunder of the road. The locution should at
Hill on Sunday last nnd proceeded on I least receive tho sanction of the gov-
Tuesday to Victoria. Mr. T. 11. il. eminent agent end it is not believed
Cochrane  accompanied   them.      Tins that the government will give its slip-
Golllen, nil the Ull.ill Hue   of   llie   Cnilfldiitll I ., -,,     i r        I-       I        1   ,        .    , I   l-n u ,-l   !'    i-nnln Irion I he (Hie
.��     ���<���    i.   -I ��� ��� ,..      ,       ueiil  eliiil II    Will    ll'lH'C    fid  I'.IIDlallll Oil    I ul L  10 ll t. 11.11 ��_���     .i    111.111-   Hum  im   Ull,
Pacific lf.ul-vay. nt lis connection  witli tlio ����-'��'���=��"��������  �������  "-'"'   lul 1"*I"N"-" '
steiuiihoiit navigation of tho Lohiiiihlii river: I the 93nd* Inst,  per  "Teutonic" from to which its
iiei,,'.ip���'irti.rs ���|-iii.(i���i,|.|New York. given.
I'he church  offertories on All Saints      Ev<-"' o1-' ,imt!1' is
y and ou Sunday will be devoted to , difficulty in getting to Carbonate before
whioh  has done so much I '���"* l"overnment  made appropriations
Special  attention given
Address HUDSON'S U.
Co'y, Calgary,
Is :i wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
said to be about ten miles fur-
Ither removed from Golden than Car-
' Inmate nnd of  course on the same sido
f ihe river.    Public works have heen
instructed at Carbonate for the convenience of   the  public  iiiid  a similar
j out la vol the public funds will be required to make ������ Wells' Lauding"  (as
the present starting  point of  the road
is called) of  any   henelit  to the publio
Those   interested   ill the   MoMurdo
the miiiei'.'il Mid eoniiiierclnl centre of Eastern i ...
Ilriti-.li Columbia; headquarters of the, Gold- new lork.
en Smelting works, the  I'ppei-  L'ohiailiia I
Navigation Co., i.ud haulier industry; the j
outlet for  the  widely   known   mul   fur j
famed agrici.ltmv.l mid griisiiug I.nal of the    ,
Columbia k Kooteiii,y V.-.llcv.i;  nurivalleil I that society
id  lu
bean so freely
is familiar with the
I'm-scenery of nil kinds j the ilistrlhiitiug
point I'm' tiie I'ichitst iiilnoi'iij country ou the
for church   matters  throughout the f��** ���*��� Mi*> i""i ,0"a  l0 couno,it ���'
world, viz., the Society for the fropo-1 with the  wagon   r..ad ..��� the ���,,,,���-:,
gation of Christian Knowledge.     Woi*
of Golden are much  indebted  t0 this will be met In getting to
grand institution nnd should show our I"*." '��'1<*** the government will also
Vy0 ' side of the river.     A similar difficult}
���Veils' Land-
Mr. F. M. Wells is again in town.
Bar silver iias sold for (ill cents per
o/. this week.
Mr. A. C. Sntton returned from Calgary ou Wednesday.
General Supt. Abbott's private car
passed East ou Thursday.
Mr. (1.   Riiniliohl  returned from the  rails a   litllo  up the line from
appreciation  in accordance  with our
Mr. Frank Owen has heen paying
Allthrnoito a visit on business this
week, Banff was also visited by him.
Mr. Owen returned ou Wednesday,
of   witnessing tlio spreading of  thu
Upper Country on Wednesday.
Mr. und Mrs. Hustle and family
hue returned so town for the winter.
Mr. Houston has been liusily engaged this week laying the furnace ut the
Unusually large numbers of freight
trniii8 have been passing thruugh
IgiveltS  aid  to that route as freely us
' it has been given at  Curbonnte.      Hut
l one route and  one expenditure  should
lie sufficient and a change not allowed
unless sanctioned by proper authority.
.Much   more  could  be   said in this
,    , mutter   but   enough for   the present,
aving gone through the pleasure
., ,,__-.   .-.JAt some  future tune, if  necessary, we
will say more  and he always ready lo
uphold our contention : that Carbonate
should he the starting point of a sleigh
road irom the Columbia into the Mc��
Murdo district.    We have, at least, no
bonded Interests at that place mid our
I contention  is that  the public interest
Church of KiiKliii.il. I     j  [pll-,|i(. workg  already coiisiructi'd
(loi.lii:*,.    Services   will   be   held in   muki,   ,������,,���������������   ,*,,
St, Paul's on Sunday  morning next at stlll.t the road.
Yours, etc.
and the consequent run off. of the locomotive. No further damage wits incurred, than the wasting of a few
proper point to
10 a.m. hy the Rev. H. Irwin, and in
the evening at 7:110 hy Mr, .1. F. Arm-
Mr.   Roblli'fUl has  come hack from  strong.
Call and See the New Goods we are
Opening out Daily.
Calgary nnd is now again assisting at
the depot here.
Messrs. Dan Kimpton from Windermere und Dave Dickie Irom Carlioiiiite,
wero iu town this Webk,
There lms been no school this week,
owing to Miss Lucas being confined to
the house witli a very severe cold.
BEAVBIt.���All being well the Rev.
H. Irwin will hold service at thin
ph.ee on Sunday next at 2 p in. at
Neilson's store.
Donald. ���At St. Peter's in tlie evening at 7:510 by the Rev. H. Irwin.
Services wero held in Golden on All
Saints Day at 10 a.in. by Mr. Irwin,
Golden, Oct. 81st, 1M��:S
llmisr to Itellt.
A very convenient live-roomed house
to lent, at, $10 per month. Situated
on the Golden Smelter Townsite and
within a short distance of Carlin it
Lake's store.    Apply to;
Tub Goi.ubn Eiia Pin, Co, Kite (S-Jl&c.i ��va
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
.Saturday nioriilng in time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the mull fur tlie
upper country, Wiudonnere, Fort Steele etc
II is the only advertising luottiuiu iu the Kent
Kootenay (list(lei.
Advertisements and changes must he in
the office not later than \2 11.111, uu Thursday
In insure insertion,
Advertisement rates made known on appll-
catior "u
All cash le he pail to the Mniiaper, from
v.lui.n the Company's receipt will bo obtained,
The Uki hi Publishing hws;.
Interest! lg Synopsis of tlie I'..'pint oil
There is much of value to prospectors, miners and all interested iu the
development of Canada's resources iu
the annual report of the division of
Mineral Statistics and Minus, which
has recently been issued. It deals with
tho surveys nnd investigations made
in 1891 by the lield force of. the Geological Department, and embraces territory from British Columbia to Nova
Scotia, giving a comprehensive survey
of mining operations and projects in
these lands, accompanied by tables,
which show a growing prosperity all
round. The principal coal measures iu
Canada aro at tlie two extremes of the
country east and West, the great middle stretch, and particularly Ontario
depending upon Pennsylvania for its
supply. The British Columbia coal
meets a ready mat-kit. on tlie coast,
little or none of it being sent across
the mountains, and similar conditions
exist on the Atlantic seaboard, where
the Nova Scotia mines supply the demand. The coal is bituminous or soft
coal, tho only hard coal yet mined in
Canada being iu the foothills of the
Rockies. In USUI Nova Scotia exported coal to tbo value of ��2,9.'i8,(i!).j.
duly about 8 per cenl. of the coal product of Nova Scotia is shipped abroad,
Newfoundland being the largest buyer,
���he United Statesco...ug next. British
Columbia finds a home market for one-
lil'th of her output, the remainder going
to California, Masks, Japan, China,
and the Hawaiian Islands. There is
keen competition in the coal trade of
the Pacific, and it may  bo long before
Rocky Mountain regions and the
Northwest are found and will prove
most entertaining. Dr. Selwyn made
a thorough examination of the district,
being astonished at tho extent.of. the
deposits. There can be little doubt
thai within it.very few years.-these,
lands will be worked, aud the product
sent forward to market. They are in
somewhat oul of the way. places, but
their value will make them accessible
by providing the means of reaching
In  tho   precious metals  the  report
, shows a falling off. in the volue of the
production for all Canada, but no no-
: count is taken of the new gold fields in
this province, which are not included
iu the scope of the report. This is
only a brief sketch of what tho report
contains, but il will give an idea of
Canada's grout wealth in minerals and
the means which arc being taken to
profit by them. The report is issued
iu neat form from the Government
printing oliiee at Ottawa nnd can be
bad for 25 cents. It is a valuable
work and will repay perusal.��� World,
A Hit of Truth.
There aro some people iu this town
who complain of the smallness of the
Star and of the manner in. whioh the
local news is condensed. Wo admit
the paper is small, but it is no smaller
than the souls of some of those kickers,
who are always on the lookout to get
something for nothing. While some
of our citizens are doing their best to
build up the town and support the
paper iu its effort to make its advati
tages known, these kickers are of no
mote use to the community than the
Chinese who infest the town���they
never contribute a cent to anything
unless it oilers the chance of an Immediate profit to themselves. 'When
one of those kickers is reproached by
some public-spirited citizen for not
helping the paper, ard thereby the
town, he has his excuse ready ���he
fancies he can hide his nieaness by
railing against the paper, the editor,
and even the poor "devil." If these
grumblers want to see a larger and
better paper, why do they not give the
present one a chance to live and grow'/
There is no labouring man .11 the town
wo.tking for such a pitiful remuneration as the editor of this paper, ami he
would have thrown up thu whole
thing long iigo, aud would do it now,
if be could get iu the few hundred dollars owing to him. How can a man
put his heart iu the work ol booming a
town that denies him a livelihoodV
To those who have been so fond of
the British   Columbian  product will Istabbing the editor in the back   we
would say the paper is too large for
the town ! Has anything ever yet
succeeded iu Revelstoke? Can anything succeed where thorn is such a
dense growth of selfishness, prejudice
aud mil row-miudedliess ?
-marks of   the editor of   the  prevent this illicit traffic.
command the market, but there can be
little doubt that when tlio immense
deposits of this region come to be fully
worked they will provide 11 cheep
article difficult to compete with. While
the coast will be well supplied, the
deposits in the Saskatchewan country
may lie looked to to furnish the supplies for the prairie country, and with
cheapened transportation Ontario may
yet share in this volume of cheap fuel
The report goes fully into the subject,
and furnishes figures to sustain the
proposition advanced.
The report duals witli the production 1 ,,, a l|om, m,leg of lho ,0��� ���
of asbestos,  supper, graphite, gypsum,     ���������,,,. eollM1.nctioil work wi*l be com-
:'' "���  '������������"������������������:���  '���<""��� '���'<���������������- "���<������''i���-.,,|,,.e   l0  ,he lake level this  winier.
';"-'!''  ' ���*���.���*-���*  '���������������'���������' otl-e-   ������-���olU,ct!*JTheworkis   0 well in hand now that
of less importance.      fho chapter ou ���iwe is ���0 ,,���.,,,,. ttny nMl] f,��� lim.,.y-
...eial is ihe most interesting in the .���- I ,.!(e adi)y ,��� -rHok*ftyinB ������ .,,, llg.oneu
port.     During the year Canada pre   ,��� -*,,.,,,,,,hod pursued in tres-.le build-
Home nurd. lion-icI  HI Inora- Bolibeil of
Their Dust by u VVlilto-
('ii-iped lliind.
Fort Steele, Oct. 17. ���One of the
most determined and daring robberies
over attempted wns planned and carried out on tho evening of the 10th of
this month, at Wolf Creek, eighteen
miles from Fort Steele. .Tames Rogers,
who has been freighting for,Messrs
Galbraith and others, agreed to take
through six Chinese who wero leaving
the country, who had been very sue-1
cessful mining and who carried with
them a largo sum of money iu gold
dust taken out of Wild Horse Creek,
As is Rogers' custom, he left Fort
Steele and camped nt Wolf Creek, near
the residence of Messrs. Haiiney &
Humphreys. After fixing up camp
for the night, all retired, About 12
o'clock at night Rogers was moused iu
his tent, hy a masked man telling him
and those with him to pet up and get
out of tlie tent to the camp fire. He,
with a man named Teddy Cain did co,
whilst two other masked men had
found tho Chinamen and were robbing
thoni of their money. Three of. the
Chinese who were sleeping in the
wagons escaped by taking to the brush
and hiding. One poor unfortunate
Chinaman who refused to submit was
badly beaten about the face and head,
and presented a sad appearance when
he reached Fort Steele, where he was
promptly attended by Dr. McLean.
The robbers, alter completing their
work, rode olf iu the direction of Tobacco Plains. They got in ull about
��2,500 in gold dust and bills. Thoy
were well mounted ou horses and had
a riHi) and six-shooters with them.
As soon as the robbers bad left, Cain
started for the house of Mr. Hannny,
who promptly came and rendered what
assistance he could to the iiiilorttinate
Chinaman. It was nearly throe o'clock
in tlie afternoon when the news reached Fort Steele. Mr. Cummins, S.M..
dispatched special constables all over
the country to hunt up the robbers,
hut up to the time of writing no truce
of them had been found. Six constables arc near Tobacco Plain hunting
them with the ho'ic of success.
The men are described lis two being
tall, with white masks and long black
coats, and the third man was much
smaller. Tho robbery was well plitn-
uod and carefully carried out. Several
around Fort Steele are suspected as
being confederates of those who did
the actual robbing. Since the opening
of the new route via Jennings, Port
Steele has been the rendezvous ol
opium smugglers from the American
side, aud the United States would do
well to send a trustworthy special officer to Tobacco Plains to intercept and
It had apparently not dawned on tho
newly fledged mayor that from now on
that city must care for her own criminals and at her own expense. The
vagrant was promptly treated to another hike excursion,   and  the town
1 , '
I council are busy considering ways und
On the Commissioner's last trip to
Kaslo, a delegation, consisting of the
mayor, council aud some of the leading
citizens, waited on him npd requested
that 0 "liuer Graham he allowed tore
main wilh them. The matter was-
made optional with the officer and 1)6
declined the honor.
The delegation was surprised and
not   n little crestfallen  to learn th.it
The mining of this valuable metal is
chiefly carried on in Russia, and the
following information is given by Mr.
Geo. F. JCnuz in the report of the mineral industries in the United States at
the eleventh census. The two deposits in the Ural mountains are Gora-
Blngodat or Isa region, in the basin of
the river Isa, and the Nisjne Tagilsk
or Deinidiff district, ou the Martin
river. The former is under government control, while the latter is worked by private enterprise. Iu the latter
Held tliere were three large washing
plants and a fourth is being erected.
Beside these, the peasants have many
small workings, for which  they pay
tliey   would   he expected  to  pay  the 1 two-thirds of the produce us a royalty.
wages of any officer of the peace stationed with them. By tho time the
ratepayers of Kaslo get through with
a police system, the jail maintenance,
a tiro department, lighting, water, and
tho genera) officials necessary to carry
on the business of the new municipality, tho emptiness of tlio honor will
probably dawn upon them,
In the meantime the officials are
almost daily running against little
snags which make them pause and
muse: "There are more things iu
heaven and earth Horatio, than are
dreampt of iu your philosophy."���Nelson Miner.
Clow's Nest  I"u!��  Itoute.
The C.P.R. corps of surveyors now
engiigeil on the Crow's Nest Pass line
aro making the most of the remainder
of the season, which is growing short.
The deposits are placers composed of
serpentine boulders, mixed with chrome
iron ore, tho platinum-bearing' sand
forming a layer of six inches to leu
inches in thickness on tlie bed-rock, at
a depth of thirty to forty feet. Tho
sand is mined by driving levels from a
shaft, and only worked in the winter,)
when tho washing plants have to
stand idle, as the water is all frozen.
For washing the material, it is hauled
iu cartloads of about 1,500 pounds and
emptied into a revolving screen. The
small stuff is stirred up in water by
two women and the heavier materials
settle in riffies in the troughs. Botn
the tailings and the heavy sand aro
i-pwashed. In two shifts, ot twelve
hours -each shift, however, including,
four hour's rest���about G4J tons of
sand are washed, yielding 2.1 pounds
of   platinum  in each machine.     The
One party is making levels and the ! average daily yield of the whole of this
other is running the line dowu the {district is about nine pounds, worth
Moyea. Unless some change is made
iu the programme, the road will go
down the Moyea und cross on the divide detween that stream and tho bead
of Goat river, nnd thence down the
Kootenay on the south side of the Goat
river. The railroad company has surveyed a new townsite-.on tho divide
between tho Moyea and Gout rivers.
Iloiiiiilury Crook.
Win. Runiet's new cottage is nearly  avB< besi(les   sixte3n   workmen   at
..bout  ��21  per ounce, and  the yeuily
production is about UliO pounds.
No details of the cost of mining are
available but tho cost of labor for
washing in the three plants for the 180
days during which the work could bo
done is nbotit ��7.000. Wages are not
extravagantly high, as a driver gels
1.11 rubles 11 day for himself, horse and
curt, and he has to haul sixty loads
daily.     For each machine, forty driv-
kopeks each  and  four women ut
kopeks each, ure employed.
Line :
Kootenay Star are applicable iu more
quarter than one. ���En.]
Noil) Ing Completion.
The rails on the Nelson and Fort
Sheppard railroad will be into town in
three weeks. The track la vers are witlt-
L'ATBIt- Poor old Rogers, on his *-e.
turn trip yesterday, foil off bis freight
Mr. Overton bus gone to the springs
at the Arrow Lakes for a few weeks. ��� , .,
llooruo anil May I.t'c..
Mr. A. McDufl has started a black- j-,. w_ H Boor|ie wceivofi yesterday
smith and wood-working shop at -|,0 following telegram from Chicago:
Boundary City. j .,cio,rl mea-((- nml aiplomti iiwardeil.bith
The sawmill is running steadily and as photographs and as instructive eth-
produciiig a large amount of first-class j nologic.il study.'- Calgary stijl keeps tp
ceiling and flooring. the record.     This is the fourth award
Messrs. Overton and McDonald have i to come this  way.     Next!   Calgary
sold   the Kettle River stfige line to Herald.
Messrs. Warren and Sanders.
Thos. McDonald has erected 11 house
on the 320 acres adjoining Boundary
City on tho north, and purposes lo
erect 11 livery and sale stable this
The lease-holders of the Skylark
have 11 fine body of ore in tbo bottom
of tlie shaft and are shipping regularly.
They have also leased the Dickmun
claim which had been bonded from Mr.
During 1 bo year Canada pr
diicivl more nickel than New Caledonia,
Norway, United States mid Sweden
combined, mid now the Canadian deposits rank as the riches' id thi world
nud are destined lo play an important
part in manufactures in this count*-,.
and the Mates Au interesting "-ortion
of tho report is that in which Mr.
Tyrrell expresses the opinion that the
Huroninn formation on the east side of
Lake   Winnipeg:   may contain  nickel,
������nd suggests investigation of  '.iesub-
. . Spectator-"Why, the center-holder
ject by exper'.s. lis singingwhilerunuing." Stockholder
Turning lo lho  chapters on petro-i ���"Yes, that's a trick of his."    Spec-
lenm, Dr. Selwyn's observations on the totor���" What's he singing ?'*   Stock-
"atl.beji.rlug,  rocks and earths of   the| holder���"After tlio ball."���Judge.
ing. 'The timbers arc not brought on
'I "ground until'.he rails arc laid up
lo tho edge of the stretch to bo covered
I. tho trestle. This saves much team-
ing, and compensates for tho delay
which the method occasions.
Engineer Tuber who is in town this
week is assured that it is Corbiii's intention to operate the road this winter.
Nelson Miner.
wagon, and the wheel  going over him Wll|ter8 of  the  8pokane and Gwilt
he was killed instantly. '
Mr. Cummins, S.M., is here, and is
leaving no stone unturned to trace the
robbers; and tho residents, Messrs.
Philllpps, Hannny, Galbraith mid
others, are lending every assistance
they can. Up 10 the time of writing
no news had lnvn received from Tobacco Plains as to the success uf the
.'pecial officers sent there. Mr. M.
Phillipps left to-day for Tobacco Plains,
nnd will give all the aid lie can, ns be
knows that section of country well
SI luck 11 81111R.
The old-fashioned saying. '-Like a
young bear, with its troubles all before
it," would fit the town of Kuslo quite
nicely just uow. Commissioner Fitz-
stublx* a short time ago placed the cells
and kitchen of the Kaslo jail at the
disposal of the new city. Judge of his
astonishment when he returned from a
trip, and found a 90 days " vug" from
Kaslo under the tender care of Paddy-
Northern, and purpose shipping from
this as well.���Okaungan .Mining lie-
Uow t'aiiiulii Out lis Maine.
The origin of the word ''Canada'*
is curious enough. The Spaniards
visjtrd lho country previous to the
Freiuli. and made particular search for
gold : nil silver, and finding none, they
often said among themselves, "Aca
Nadu " (there is nothing hero, The
Indians- who watched closely' learned this sentence and ii - meaning.
The French arrived, and the Indians
who wanted more of their company,
and supposed they also were Spaniards
come 011 the same errand, were anxious
to inform them in the Spanish sentence, "AcnNada."
The Fiencli, who know as little of
Spanish as the Indians, supposed this
Water Ul ven Out.
London. Oct. 20.���Owing to the
drought for several weeks iu Hartlepool district, the wafer companies
have given notice that the supply foe
manufacturing nui-poscs would be stopped to-day. Several factories in tho
district have been running on short
time for weeks past iu consequence of
the scarcity of water. There are a
number of others who will soon shut
down entirely. Thousands of people
will be rendered idle unless the drought
breaks. Tin. city of Dablin is similarly threatened with a water 111011111?.
The great Guinness Brewing company
temporarily stopped opera 1 loos, au 1
I other browing and distilling companies
will follow suit. Tiie Jameson distillery, independent of the rain fall, is
having a good supply of water obtain*
ed from artesian wells.
Well   Done. I'llllllllll.
Chicago, Oct, 2.': Yesterday
another world-beater lor Ontario
lust award of merit on live stock made
by the jurors was made in the Ontario
fat sheep competition. John Rutherford, of Boseville, Waterloo county,
who obtained this distinction with a
herd of 42 sheep, won $>J2, three-
quarters of it in prize money and a
$100 silver cup.     Ontario   horses  in
incessantly recurring sound was the ^.^  ,)reeds  nnd   lboron(.,lll4,,as
name of the country, and gave it tho
name of Canada, which it has borne
ever since.
won $2,375 and a gold medal. On-,
tario poultry won $2,500 nnd ��1,050 of
the poultry wns sold for .South America. CAKII'.OO   liOl.l)    JUNES.
T. II. and II. E. Flynn, owners of
the Discovery and Alabama hydraulic
mines, situated ou Mosquito creek,
near Burkorville, arrived down on
Wednesday night und ure stopping at
the Angel hotel. The Messrs. Flynu
were iu Victoria 19 aiid Iii years ago,
and scarcely know the place, so great
a change has been made, Mr. T. II.
I''l,'. im w:.s a former resident of Victoria, h iving come here from llie Ottawa valley. He went to Caribou to try
his forttiuo in the gold mines in 1874,
n nl three years later was joined by Ilia
brother. They acquired the Discovery
claim on Mosquito Creek, which was
cue ol die richest mines in the early
history of Burkorville, The gold from
tills ut-eek is of the finest quality and
i,chest color, and many lovelv specimens are obtained, some of which are
of such delicate liligreo work that they
seem to have been fashioned by a culi-
li.llg worker in metals. The Messrs.
I'lynii afterwards' purchased the adjoining (Alabama) claim iu company
with the late Joseph Mason, M.P.P.,
mid the two were worked by them by
the hydraulic process. They have
paid fcOud dividends ever since they
were opened up and ihe property is
improving as pi ogress is made into the
hillside. Ii has recently been demonstrated that the gravel to a height of
seventy feet carries pay gold. In running a tunnel in the hill for storage
purposes at this height a miner on
ground adjoining the Flynn property
found gold, aud on this being drifted
i :'o, pay from 2' to 20 ounces per sol
of timbers has been secured. It can
easily be seen how excellent a return
could be hud if water were used against
the bank. Little attention has been
paid to these bench and hillside grounds
but it void I seem they offer excellent
fields for prospecting.
The hydraulic mines of thelinrker-
ville divislo i have paid well dur.iig
the past season, and there is good
prospect that the gold output will be
greatly increased in the near future,
Tho engineer sent out by the English
-jyulic io Iihs reported favorably on
lie Vv'h. i, r scheme to open up the
lower (.in. of Williams creek and work
llie ground ou the hydraulic hoisting
process. Slough crock gives every
promise of proving a paying proposi-
i oi, Tnir'y thousand pounds of inn-
(,liner;,'now await shipment nt Ash-
croft to this mine to onahiu rapid
i.evelopiiieut. Un Nulsou creek this
season a Chinese company, who purchased a doubtful prospect from a
white co.upiiiy, broke into a hill climi-
channol and washed up 500 ounces.
The mints on the Quesliolle Forks ulso
give great promise, and during the
winter the now owners of the South
Fork and China claims will send iu
machinery and piping to extensively
work that ground. The general outlook for Cariboo mining is very bright,
to the Messrs. Flynn say, and with
the cheap and rapid transportation
facilities and cheaper supplies that the
construction of the British Pacific will
bring, Cariboo w ill rapidly advance
again :o hor old position as n gold producing district, Tliere is no doubt in
their minds Hint llie district possesses
as much and more gold iu its gravel
than has ever been taken out, mid
capitalists are beginning io recognize
i his .ind lo invest money in the development ol prop ising ground.
The Messrs, Flynn will lomaiu in
Victoria several days, uud iu the
iiieiiiitiine aro meeting old friends. -
Metal Report.
We tiro indebted to tho Engineering
and MininR Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
Nbw Yokk. Oct. 20, 18911.
Silver. The London market bus been
strong and advanced, based on
active demand from India, and
short, supplies. China has also
been an active buyer [or future
shipments, Prices ruling iu |
New York 74c. per oz., London
34Jd. per oz.
Copper, The market has been very
flat, indeed n few parcels have
been sold nt!)"?. Exports havo
been unprecedented. G. M. B.
��'42 to ,142 7s. (id. nor ton,
Loud. This market has Improved on
diminished production. Prices
ruling being from 0.721,0 ���*'��� 77.Jc.
per Ih. English ill Ills. ild.
Spanish i'9 lis. ;ll. per ton.
^txaineaa ffiitv>��.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, c;,c.
('. S.McCAKTEIt.
Lnng-lit'i-i!   A   UlcCarter,
il.irristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Cai.uahv, - N.W.T,
uailway co.
Is hereby given, tin.t in pursuance of Urn
Act, a Map nr Pliiu ll'.* this liny lice.i liie . in
ihe Department of l.imils mid Works setting
forth Ihe lauds to ho t,.kon liy the s.dil Ki.il-
ivi.y for light of way purposes between St���-
tiou.illlS to station Ian, on the east silo ul
the Elk Hiver tu the cuiilloOiice of Michel
Creek, thence up the lu-'t ,-i.,e nf the vnl ey of
���Michel Creek to the crossing nf same, i.iul
thciiL'e along its right bank, all iu the Ills-
rict of Ki.st Kooteiiny, ll.C, a uist.-.iicc of *:()
Menihers Assoeii.lD.L.S. & P.I..S. for ll.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' I lulgar.y anil New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
HuM-Ml-IIDON, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. nf ll.C. &0nt,
CAI.dAltV, Albll.
A. O. Wlii:i:i,i:it, D.L.S. A I'.L.S. uf ll.C,
NEW W'ES'l'.MINSTKIl   ll.C.
*YIcCnrtli,v   A    Ilnr-vf**-.
I'.'irristors, Advocates, Nutnrlos, &C.   Soliel-
tnrs tor I���
The linperi.il Hank of Ciinmhi.
The f'-iH-.il.-. ri'i'inaiii'iit 1,01111 & Savings Co.
'ihe Yorkshire 1.01(11 iV. Securities! urpnritiiuii
The .ll.'is.-ey Ihn'ris ( o, ( Lull, elc., etc,
Olliccs- Stephen Avcn.e, Li.jgnry.
P. MuOAiiniv, Q.C.
llOIIAOB IlAllVEY, D.A., I..I..II.
Assoa. Mk.m. I.vst. C.E.
CoaiuiANB, Al.llA.- Ft'. SlEEI.E, B.C.
CO, (Iiraited)
I SignedI
October 'ilh, IKM.
ing Director,
A.n'illciit-lf ll fur LIciMiHf to Cut Tltlll-er
N<H'lCK is horoliy tfiven ii.it ;n t\ny�� niter
(Into 1 intend ajiiiiyiiitf t�� tlm ll-m. tlio (jliio:
CoiiituisHiuiioi' ut lhiiTIh nmi \\i*i*k.s mra li-
eoiwc tn cut ..ml crtvry iiuv.vtiiii or frwii tiV
ii*1Liwfijfjr tiv.tt ot' liiiid : C'umli.Giu.iiijj; fit .1
���*t..k�� jl.tiitoi mi tlio North Mid K.-isi .silonf
tlio North t'orh ut Michel Livok ..hunt In
clii.iiis Mow tlio caiiuii, tht'ix'o iliio Ei.at 20
cliiiiiis, tllOUi'O tiiio S>���ih   iU L'llitiiirt, thoiu'O
ihiu Wert UO chains, thence ihi'e North Ti-
i'liiiiii.s,rlioi)C( (lm-K.,H; I^OclWtUistn tho plan*
of lio^iiiniii^ eoittniniiij/ by iiiliiieionireiuent
Toronto, Out., ISth.Sopt WW.
(tir.idiiiito nf Laval and McGill.)
]ui-vi.\<;  j'lxn^ixB'inii.
Head Oliiee, Qubwei: :  Branch  Offices
SlIloitllltoiiKlo, & 17 Place d'Arines
Analytical Chemist Ot Assayor,
Golden, British Columbia.
1803     ASSAYEIt TO I'M]        Nl)2
British Columbia Government
of all s*)o:i,noai seat from tho Previa") to
Gold, SilYer fi Lead Ores,
' :������'��� ,-    |
For full particulars apply to
Application fir License to Out Tliulier
NOTICE is In-"cliy given that IK) days after
dale I into,id npp.yiiig In the Hon. the ( hicl
L'oiiiiiiissi.iuer of l,.-unls .mil IVurtcs tor a license to cut am! carry niv..y tl.ulior fro.a the
tolioivhig liact nt l.ui.l: i o.oiiicnci.ig i.i a
s,..ke pl.ui'.i'd ou the Xoi'th mid i.asi side ni
the Xorih fiirli uf Alichel I reel: about id
chains below the ctinoii, thence due ivst 20
chains, thence ili.e Anrth ill (-li���ins, iheuce
duo Ileal 141 chains, thence duo Soatu ill
clii.his, iheuce duo Glint r��l chains tn the
place of iiiighmiugi'uiit..iuiiig hy labiieiistiro-
nioiit UBOiicres.
I'ollevlllo, Out., 18th, Sept. IS!*.).
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. 11. GRAVELEY. Manaoek.
Livery St, Feed Stables,
Saddle IIor3ej for Hiro.
�������- H. Conncciier, Prcprieter.
%Vhoii>-4nlca2i��l Ifctnll
Cattle, Sacep axicJ
Horse Dealers.
GOlMU, b. c.
All person^Indebted lo J. C. Gi-eenc,
Queens Hotel, Golden, are requea'Pil to
settle their noconilts within THIRTY
DATS from this date. After which all
unsettled accounts will be placed in the
collector's hands.     Please avoid costs.
Golden, S j.t. 28th, 18911.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalners,
<'iil-j:-.i-.y     -     -      A Hut.
ATl'EM'I'.i'     I'll-
Newly refilled and furnished. Strictly FIRST
('LASS in every respect. Rumple Rooms for
Ciiiiiiuercial iiion. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient, to Station ami Steamboat
Lauding. ' Direct Importer and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, and Cigais,
Special attention given lo order:, from it,, the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
f Manilas no pawnshop.
Down With Kffh Prices For
Electric Belts.
81 ..���).'), $2.0.'), 13.70- loruier pricts $',, $7,
010. Quulty remains the same���Hi different stylet; dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than naif
the price of any other company and more
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wit dsor, Onfc
r.,   __^ TRAD! MARK8,
,ffls      ^ C0PVRI0HT8,   etoJ
For Infnnnadnn and free Handbook write va
MUM.\ * Co.. wi miuj\u*vAr. .srw Yoiik.
OMest bureau for .ocurlnii patents in At-jerlca.
1 very patent taken out bT us Is brouoli*. beio��*o
tbo pulillo by anoiloe mveii (res at clia.se in tbo
$dtnt\i\( ^wtitm
Urawtdnmlatlon of any sclentlflp paper in the
world. Splendidly Illustrated. No Imelllcom.
nan should be wiilmui it. "yseily. 93.011 a
venri ��l.*ll��lt mnnllis. Address JlC.VN * CO.,
I'liuu-miiiis. aul ilroadwa*:. Now VtrU Dili.
e��io;;b:i:3: paikt whop.
II' you iviiiit yiiiir lionno Pi.iiited. Papered
nr I'ldsniuiueii. nr any kind nl a sign Painted I
writetn.l. II. MILLWAUD. (MIjU-auv, tlm
bonding Paint Shop hi the vest, lor good
ivnrk and prices that are right.
Job    Department
_:o:��� OF ���:o:���
rllllri..CO. of II Sstamp,II recci|.i!l'nra
simple VEGETAULB IIAI.M Ih.t trill re-1
lliove Tun. I'-recklcs. I'lmples. Illotclli's. j
llliicklicads, cli,. leaving lite skin soft,
clear mid beautiful. Address A. I). 8TJSM-1
PEL, IK) Ann St., New York.
"It Is worth Ihe pr'n" to overv reraon
who evsn reatla a Hewa-wip, r."���Darlingion
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tlie use ol Reporters,
GorreapondeniB and Cops' Choppers.
Hhort, simple and practical rules for
making aoil edition newspaper copy,
and of equal value In all who wish lo
write cornet English.
8ent on receipt of urlre. Pi Ice. 10 rents
per cony. ALLAN TOKMAN, I'ubllshet
117 Nassau Street. New York.
L Mkh ���li--)..���ti as 1. ii i   -.-��� -'-*i-sif'M-*fllft-j-n<i,(ta''rf,iiif aa.i lisl. e  -r--ni ^i"^ '
(jf E3
iJ  \��iV     nT.Tii* n*iir\T~lrs
��,   '*-"���'
~ 3
Bex 7, Donald, B. C,        r
[5 Watches,  Clocks  and JcWellsry. f
Staiionsrs, Co3ks3l!ers,
KF.l-F.AI-    rAMSKI).
On the lltlth ult. tho purchasing
clause of the Sherman Act as regards
silve", wns passed in the United States
Senate, by a vote of 43 us against 32.
Great relief has been felt ou all sides
and we in B.C. must congratulate ourselves that at lust some definite decision has been arrived at. A silver
country such as ours is, has much to
expect from the settlement of n question,
which while in abeyance, tended to
destroy confidence in '-white metal."
It is probable that silver will have a
downward ttndenoy for some time to
come, but ou account of Ibis low price,
many mines will suspend operations,
i specially low grade ore producers. This
closing of producers of vast quantities
of silver, will surely increase the price
through shortness of supply nnd in
this advance is onr hope, bnsed on the
knowledge that wish such high grade
ore at our disposal, the immediate low
water quotations will not altogether
cancel production. Once establish a
fair basis for margin between demand,
profits, and supply, we may expect a
great interest to be taken in onr mineral resources and in the development of
our numerous and wonderful silver
mines. It should be considered nnd
favorably ; that the average lead contents of B.C. ores, is considerably over
that of any other country, excepting
perhaps those of Mexico, the lead alone
will more than pay mining and interest, then there is a balance towards
transportation. This latter important
matter, in cur country, is being looked
into by many great railway and steamboat companies, so that in future with
a soundly liused market for silver, fair
market for lead and a considerable reduction in the cost of shipment to
smelting centres, the outlook is encouraging, nnd worthy ol attention
from the owners of llie many millions
uf money locked up in London and other
great financial strongholds.
have the nerve shocking fortune to The boarders of the Selkirk and For-
entm-their names on our paid up list.'rest Houses were busily engaged in
Do not rush us friends, there is no securing their eit'ectn, but in the rush
Silver Repeal  Act contemplated in tlie  many things  were forgotten nnd some
of the boys are losers to the extent of
two or three suits of   clothes.     The
I Goi.iiIon EltA office, but very much delay will make us dream that silver has
appreciated to such au extent as to preclude our numerous readers from acquiring siitheient to ante up.
Tho Donald Flro.
Wo are sorry to have to record two
serious fires at Donald. Sympathy is
shown to the losers and in this we
join, may they shortly re-o->en and
find a great many of their old custom
ers ready to liestow patronage on them
iuthoir new and possibly more commodious quarters.
Good Shelving.
John Henderson ciilue in from his
gold mine on Tuesday and reports
everything looking more than ordinarily woll there. We are glad to hear
this as Henderson is a hard worker
aud deserves success.
Tlio Trnl a
Are now running on their new and
winter time. Commencing with Sunday the change took place. On Monday No. 2 wns on time (i>:"> p.m.) and
No. 1 was cancelled. Ou Tuesday
both trains were within a few minutes
of scheduled order. This change
brings No. 1 here at ]1:2U a.m. inii
No. 2 at :')::") p.m. Goldeuites must congratulate themselves on day trains.
irinfiel'l I'll k
Has been sold by the Messrs. Brownrigg to a Mr. Bulman of Carlisle, Eng.
Winfield Park is no doubt an exceedingly pretty place as well as one oi
much value for tanning purposes. We
hope that the vendors were well paid
and that the new tenants and proprietors will also reap the benefit,in. turally
offered. More good farmers are wanted up the Columbia Valley, there is
any amount of good ground awaiting
their efforts.
Coul Oil.
Canadian cbal oil costs the consumer
forty cents a gallon in Manitoba. The
cost in Petrolin ranges from nine to
twelve cents. Add to this six cents
and a quarter for freight and the cost
in Manitoba is brought tip to eighteen
or nineteen cenis. From these figures
it appears that in the west the middleman makes a big profit.-Toronto
We pay in Golden S2.50 for a four
gallon can. How about this for middlemen's profits ?
Puaaouirer List.
Up river. -Messrs. F. Wells and
four men, Skertchley, Miss Haywood.
Down liver.���Messrs. C. .1. Brownrigg, R. Brownrigg, Buluiau, Rogers,
Devireudt, Low, Johnston. Mrs. Brady.
Misses Brady, C. Brady, Mrs. Brownrigg, Miss Mason, G. Hastie uud
Thunder Hill Mining Co.
We hear that there is to be an extraordinary general meeting of the stock
holders iu the Thunder Hill Mining
Co. a* Victoria on the 2'��rd inst. ut K
p.m. Business: To dispose of the
company's property nnd other inleiest-
ing matters. We hope the company
will he able to make a great deal out of
the properties and that at no distant
date, it may lie the pleasure of a great
manyol us, to see the Thunder HM j kitchen in �����"������<�� "������'' ����������� proximity of
Mining; Co. reorganised ami working
successfully.     The success of such a
company would mean much gain to
At 8:30 o'clock Tuesday morning fire
wns discovered in the cellar ol the
Selkirk House hy Sim Palmer who at
once set to work to rouse the inmates
of the hotel. For a few minutes desperate efforts were made to confine tho
flames to the cellar and stamp out the
fire there, but the effort proved futile
and soon those so engaged were obliged to retire. Meantime the alarm had
been given by T. Coughlin who was ou
the switching engine and the town reechoed the shrill shriek of the locomotive whistle as tho fire signal was
When the townspeople began to
arrive on the  scene  they   fovnd the
East Kootenay, the failure proportion-
ably onr loss.
Mr. Sydney Aspland in now secretary
of this company.
Babsrrlptlone Wisntwl.
A great many of onr readers may be
pleased and interested to know that on
, August Hth last they were in onr debt
$2 for one year's  subscription.     Our
the   Forrest   House   aroused
anxious fears for its safely.
Directly between the Selkirk and the
Forrest House stood an old building
used as a storehouse and to this attention was at once turned, but all efforts
to pull it to pieces wilh a rope proved
useless and it was taken down piecemeal in the face o! the tremendous
On the other side stood Pntmore'a
store and dwelling which it was useless to attempt to save, so willing
hands carried the contents ol store and
inteiest   will  wuimeuce,   when    we, house to places ol safely.
usual plan of salvage was adopted,
viz., throwing glasses, etc., out of
windows and carrying down blankets
and mattresses.
The efforts to save the Forrest House
proved successful in the end aud in a
short time the under story of the
doomed building gave way allowing
the upper story and roof to settle
down, this nt once made a change in
the scene and all breathed more freely
at the sight. But now a new dungee
threatened, cindeis were flying thick
and fast, and the freight sheds were
Iieing deluged with a fiery hail. The
hose from the shops wns sent for and
attached to the locomotive in the yard
and soon showed that it wns no menu
protection and bystanders nnd those
more actively engaged wondered why
it had not been brought into use before.
By daybreak the tire had wholly sub-
sided leaving heaps of red hot coals
where the two white buildings had
Mr. Patmore at once arranged to
move in to the old drug store, one door
west of the Woodbine Hotel, aud his
effects were moved at once. Much
symvathy is felt for him at the total
destruction of his home, but Dick will
not be squashed.
We learn lhat the insurance wns as
follows:���Miss Steene on Selkirk House
and furniture, $ii,C00. Patmore on
stock, $500; household effects, none.
There were very few accidents incident to a large fire, the only one at all
serious being to Mr. Coughlin, who
cut his hand severely with glass. The
cut will lay him up for a time.
The efforts put forth to save the
Forrest House were watched with
great interest, ns on its fate depended
that of the whole business portion of
the town.
One gentleman was observed rushing
out ot the building with one shoe, au
alarm clock and a photograph of Geo.
Sutherland, which, with iho clothes
he had on, were what he saved.
At the manse and surrounding
houses the cinders fell fust and furious
and had the ground not been wet by
onr rainy weather we would have to
chronicle much greater damage.
The post office hns been re-arrarged
in the old drug store, one door west of
the Woodbine Hotel.
R. W. Patmore wishes to thank ail
the friends who assisted in the removal of his stock and household effects on
Tuesday morning.
Miss 0. Steene came iu from Revelstoke on Monday afternoon -only to
see her property go up iu smoke.
Mrs. Ross has a houseful of guests
at the manse. Misses M. Purvis, M.
Steveson, and M. Mat-giegor being
with her at present.
Mr. Robert Barker spent a flying
visit here this week, the fair sex
monopolizing most of his time and
Mr. Walter Ross has returned from
the coast where he has spent a short
The Messrs. Brownrigg spent a few
hours iu Donald before leaving lor the
Mr. J. Bulman ot Winfield Park was
here ou Monday.
No. lit was four hours late on Thursday owing to the woik on Stoney
Creek bridge preventing the crostiug
ot trains before night. No. 1 was
detained at Donald tor (', hours.
On Thursday, J. Brnwley, who wns
engaged on the Stoney Creek bridge,
was killed by a fall of 80 feot. The
remains were sent east to Kingston,
for interment.
Opper Columbia g:,Co.
Tramway from C.P.E. Golden to Columbia'Biver.
Strs. DUCHESS & HYAKon Columbia River
Tramway between Mud Lake and Upper Columbia Lake.
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay River.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Line from Upper Columbia Lake to Fort Steele.
Bah.t--.i-y  12-00
Friday  IHiOO
" ��:00
Thursday 20-00
Wednesday     Oslo
nrr. tiuldon, n.Hyi.k, I've,
(i.'dcnn "   arr,
Windermero  "     "
I've. Adela "     "
nrr.    " Tramway leave
I've. Ciinnl Fhit, "   "
nrr. "    Stngc I've.
I've. Wnsn "
Fort Steele    "
* 2 0
Tuesday     7-00
5 00
Wednesdnv   18:00
,i no
Thursday    IIKX)
Friday    7:00
II 00
Saturday    7*00
1*2 00
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Classl&2  $:l.C0
B       "    3,4,5, &G  12.25
C       "    7, 8. !), &10  $1.50
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele���4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.   B.   LANG,:
Mining & General Supplies.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Preabyterlnn Ulinreh.
Rev. W. R. Ross will hold service
in the school house to-morrow morn
ing at 10 o'clock.
jw,..au..nn[, .
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Die-ors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings,


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