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Array A.
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A aupply of Building Lime for Hale.
.tsuss prepared.  Prompt attention givon to
LsJOK HEBE E.vt \: \\.:::,i i-tu::.s >,*���.
un   may   bu  .***'ii  nt nnsl Pi-Jus*, of
Lots and lurtssa obtsilnosi*  from
C. W. FIELD, Agent, GoMsfi.
?OL. IX  NO. 51
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1900
$2 Peb Year
Do You Wear
If you do, and want the best, try the
.-:   " Strathcona,"   :-:
exactly as supplied to Strathcona's Horse, made of heavy
"Khaki" Duck that will shed water; doubled in front
from waistband to midway between knee and foot; donble
seat; overlapped seams, double sewn with LINEN thread,
seam intersections and pocket-corners sewn to make ripping* an absolute impossibility; best metal buttons,pnt on
to stay on; four large outside poekets, with buttoned flaps.
The greatest amount of Pant Goodness ever embodied in
a single garment���a brilliant triumph of Canadian manufacture.
All Sizes in Brownie Overalls for Boys and
Girls,   50c,   65c.   &   75c.
Price, within easy reach,
Strathcona Overalls, same material
as above,      - -
A   complete   new   stoek   of   Shelf  and   Heavy
Jessop's   Best   Steel.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexancler Block.
Now is the Tim
ftsi*S.si-iiigMeilioiii.tt tp-pitt yon in sliit|.f> for the heat of Hie coming
Sun-Ass*.. Any of tins-"! tsi-e well known nntl re'i-nlls* * South
A ntrlsiftn S'oinsc'c nn,\ fjivm- (litre, II. 11. B��� Paino'-i Celoj-y
C .ntiioitiid; Ulni-Wrs, HolkVh, Ayi-r's tstt-1 ChitnniiiK'.Sitt-rinpai-illas.
A ""-MM, IN TONICS you sum (set Quinine Wine; Beef, Iron ami
Win**; Fellow**' Sv-i-np; Cutsi|ilieU'-i Elixir; -Mult Ejttmct; nntl
���f.-rrfosi-teJ Wino of Coi Liver Oil.
IN PILLS-D..1W8, Donn'a'CIihwi'si. "William'., Coobet-'a, Ays-r's,
F.u--nel.w'��. Biseohara'., Hollosvaj*'., SelRel'is, Cartor'., Burdock's
Aitiiew'e, Hood's* and Wills'.
JDST AS TABM AN ASSORTMEI-JT in Kidney. Llvoi-j Heart
nml Nerve Merlieines; Planter., Ointments, Liniments uud Djisg
Patents gederully.
R.  W.
If You want a Good Fit in
call at Warren's.
The Finest Range of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Conirecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Houtd to Peterborough, Athalmer, Windermere and
Surrounding Mining District.
Cosigners will t�� charged with all w��y freight between Oolden
��nd Windermere, ��t which point a Company's agent will ba
All Irslght to* obarges on goods to Windermere and points beyond will haf�� to be paid to tho Company's agent at Wittder-
mer. batata dflWwi ol goods,
Q   H.  PARSON   Ma���^
Impariat Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized,
t'aiiii-Ri i'H.il Up
1 70*1M)UO
D tractors.
II. fi. Uowlmirt,       -       President.
T. If. M.initt,        *- Vice Prrs.
Wm. Rjimnay,    T. Sutherland Stayuor
Robert .luilViij*. Elias Hogord.
Win. I'l'inliic
IlBAD On HT:   T0U0NTf>.
I>. H* Wii.kii:, Gonoritl Mauagor.
K. Hav, inspector.
MANITOin, N. W. T. unci R, C.
Hraiidon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Oolttoil,       Nnlsoii, Portage In Prairie,
Prlnce Allxsrt,     Kevolstoko,     .Strathcuna.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Essex, Fin-gnu, (iult. Hamilton, Ingcr^ll,
i.islDv.-nl, Niagara Fulls, Port Coltioiirne
Hat Portage, SAtilt Sin. Marie. St.
CathiiriiHW. St". Tlunnas, Toronto, Wolliiuil,
Woodstock, and Muntnal, '.j>no.
Agentftin (Wr-cat HrHiiln:
Lloyd's tannic, Lid, 7*2 Lombard St., London
with whom money iimy hedepoHiied tor
transfer hy Ivitor'ur cable tu nny of tho
above, branches.
��� Agent* in United Staten:
NEW YOIUt-tinnk of Montrail, lhiuk ot
OHIOAGO-Plrflt Nntipnol Hunk.
ST. PAUL-Sowmd National Ilimk.
HAN FKANCIBUO-Wclls, Fargo & Co.s
Agents in South AtVictl.
Intereat allowed on deposits,
Provincial, Municipal and uthcr debentures
Availifblo At all point* in Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
HOUSE nnd LOT,for Sale new the Court
House, Uolden. Apply to Mrs, Stephens, at
the smelter. jHMni
The great mineral discoveries that have Iwen made in tLe Upper
Country have attracted attention from all parts of the world nud
to-day therein no more familiarly known sec) ion than that which
claims PETERBOROUGH, B.C, as its Centre. Direct communication per steamers wilh Goldon and ihe outside world and
thickly settled in aW directions. PETERBOROUGH is the key
to the wonderful Toby and Horso Thief properties now being
extensively developed, as it situated directly between these two
Creeks.   For further particulars, apply to
G. A. STAEK, Agent,
 Peterborough, B.C.
All porsqiw who have any bills, charges or
claims ilium Mr. W. C. Wells for or in res-
poet of tha Into election in tlio district of
North East Kcptoiifly will kindly send in
auch lulls, ('Ii.u-gEs or claims to Iba midor-
slgnfed within one month from the llth dayot
June, 1900,.
Dated at 6'olilen.thUi-lihdnyof Jiino, A.
D. 11O0. "
TWOS. O'ltl.'IEN,
Election Agent for \V. C. Wells.
British Columbia.
On hearing of the rich gold-silver-
copper strike on Bugaboo Creek, a
large party of prospectors immediately
left Golden for that district about the
bef-jinning of the week to locate .he
uew strike. A stick containing about
a hundred pounds of the surface crop*
pings was brought down on the
steamer Duchess last Wednesday, and
the sample la a beautiful one. There
are two loads���one five feet in width,
carrying ore throughout and assaying
high iu copper, silver and gold, while
the lead cropi out for nearly 3,000
feet. Tlie second lead Is reported, aa
being twenty feet iu width, showing
nine feet of surface ore. The samples
from the latter show it to be a yellow
oopper ore, with a white quartz matrix,
heavily stained with red oxide of iron,
The sinking of tho shaft on the
property of the Golden Placer and
Quartz Mining Company, on .Canyon
Creek, is progressing very satisfactorily, The company's manager, L. H.
Estell,-who was in town the middle of
the w-sek, reports tho shaft  as  down
judgment is mighty poor. In our
estimation the prohibition law in the
Prairie Province will  last   about   as
long as the proverbial snowball In .
���Banff Gazette.
Hon. Alex. Vidal, a satellite from
Sarnia, who holds down a seat in the
Senate Chamber, went on record the
other day as being opposed to restricting Chinese immigration, because it
was neither Christian nor British. If
Senator Vidal and other venerable
idiots in the Ottawa Senate were half
ns Christian or British us tbey would
have the world believe, they would
probably savvy that tlie principal
objection to Chinese is that they are
uot and never will be Christian or
British. Senator Vidal is a fossilized
fool, and ho should be sbot over the
dump of oblivion Into the hlshrpressure
hell that is prepared for religious linies
who choke on  a Canadian mosquito
For some time back tt his beiug
known io his most intimate friends
and support!is tliat it was not the
intention of Hewitt Bostock, M.P. for
about seventy feet, the laet eight feot ibut 8WlllIow a leprosy-laden Chinese
of which is in a very looso, gravelly >caravan.- Sandon Paystrenk.
of which is in a very looso, gravelly ; caravan.- Si
wash, whero a marked tticrsase in the
flow of water took place, necessitating
the consrant working of the steam
pump, whioh is of ample capacity to
knap the shaft dry. Colors of gold are
distributed all through this loose
material, but from the open nature of
the mound the heavier particles would
naturally gravitate to bedrock- Mr,
Ksteli is of the opinion that lie 1 rock
will-be reached in another ten feet,
when the work of drifting across the
channel along bed rock will begin.
C. Baines, J. Lap pin and S.  Yi
are taking out a carload of ore on thoir
Quartz Creek claim, near Beaver, for a
smelter test.
A. W. Upton. J. Lainontagne, W.J.
McDonald and B. Ranch left town on
Wednesday on a prospecting trip up
the Bugaboo,
Notice lo Creditors.
In tlio matter of the Ertate of Chnrlra Wellington Bubar, late of Uolden, British
Columbia, deceased.
suant to an oider'ofHia Honor ,T. A. Forin,
dated tho 16th day of July, 1000, Letters ot
Administration of all and singular tlw I'er-
soiial Estate and ElToiLs of tbo said Chailoe
Wellington Bubar, deceased, wore granted
to Bophonist) Bubar, of Golden, B.C., widow.
Creditors imd others hating claims against
tlio-said Estate are requested on ov before tho
20th day of August, 1000, to send by peat,
prepaid, or deliver lo tlie undersigned ;.t
Golden aforo*.aid, tbr.'ii christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions, lite full
particulars of tboii claims, the statement ol'
their accounts and the nature of the securities, if auy, held by thorn,
And furtlior take notice that after such hut
mentioned date the said Adininistratrbc will
proceed to distribute Iho assota of the do-
ceased amongst ihe parties entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of which
she shall then have notice, and thnt tho said
Administratrix will not be liable for tho sniil
assets, or any part thereof, to any person or
porsons ol whose claims notice shall not. have
been received by her al iho timo of such dis-!'
Dated at Goldon, B.(\. (Lis 20th day of I,
July, A.D., 1000.
Solicitor for tiio Admhiistrn
rn a
Cherries; lied,
Currants; Pears ;
Apples; etc., etc.
White and "Clack
Plums ;   Prui
Tho  Friend  of tho Canadian
Lord Roberts has on more than one
occnslon expressed his admiration for
lho Canadian boys who are taking
such an aoti've part in the .South
African war. In nil tho correspondence from lhe front it ti ulso pleasing
to note the esteem iu which the hoys
hold their friend ''Bobs." Lord
Roberts bas the Canadian boys with
hiin all the time. This is a '^reat
compliment to Canada. There are
thousands of Canadians who have
ft lends or relatives in ihe Canadian
contingent and who would be glad t'o
have a portrait of the great general
under whom tbey aro fighting nud
lighting successfully. The Family
Herald and Weekly Star has published
a reallv huud30Dio colored portrait ot
Lord Roberts and we hnvo completed
arrangements wilh them by which all
our readers and residents of this vicinity can ecourn n oopy, It. is a true
picture of the famous general. It i.-i
L7x22 inches, an exact reproduction of
a painting by on ot the best European
Wo will send Tub Qolubn Eua and
thu Family Herald and Weekly Star
from now until the end of the year,
including tho portrait ol Lon1. Roberts,
for the snih.il sum of $1.25, and if any
person feels that it is not worth tho
money the same will be refunded.
To any of our subscribers whoso
arrears have beeu paid wo offer the
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
the picture for 60 cents. Tho above!
offers are open for a limited time only.
We are prepared to pick, pack and
deliver on board train at Harrison
Station. Send in your order at once
for your supply for the season, and
yonr orders will be at! ended to promptly at market price.    Address
Box 70. fUUJ.nVACK. B.C.
*****''*-��� *-*--'��� .* -.- * '*- -.  '������
jier tiTiuum.  Samples free,
Ifulil and Silver..
Load and hi Ivor,.
51 fit)
1 so
1 CO
* 2 00
. 2 00
Eastern Canada suffers in a decreased
demand for the product of its Industries
that must follow the displacement of
British Columbia's white labor on land
or water. British Columbia, with a
white population of 200,000, would be
a better customer to Eastern Canada
(jnld and Copjsor   2 50
Silver and Copper    a fit)
Oold Silvor ami Lead 3 00  ..      ��..,.��,     ,.       .,        ,   .    .
Gold .Silver and Coppor  .1 B01 ��ian British Columbia with an Asiatic
Gold Silver Lead and Copper 4 00 population of 2,000,000.    Canada is
Iron 400
Tin-.-. HOO
Zinc H00
Nickel 500
Bismuth  3 00
Antimony...., Jl 00
Complete analysis of Irouoroa,.  0 CO
All ores for assay nro carefully sampled
and a portion kept in tho office, ao that tlie
uwnor may get a sampln should ho at any
time desire to have a ulieck uasliy made.
Reduced prices for live samplaa and OAer
when brought in together and fur tlio same
Prospects examined and reported upon.
:-'... THOSf WHO -use
ready enough to make sacrifices for
the Umpire, but theBinpire should not
ask Canada to abandon her west coast
to the civilization of China or Japan,
British Columbia is being asked to
open the door to Asiatic labor for tho
sake of so-called Imperial interests,
The question of maintaining Britieh
Colnmbia as the homo of Anglo-Saxon
labor is au Imperial interest worth
considering, and the Empire hns no
right to expect Canada tc drive out
hor own sons for the benefit of the
JapB.���Toronto Telegram.
for acceptable tdms.
p  State if calectccl.
.*,,,.,     i-    . , , . wvi'iw��-j?c.irM      Baltimore,Md.
iale-Canboo district, not   to prpsnnt aubccriiiiion prcs of the i-w^vr hlh-md 1)1.9*
himself at tho forthcoming contest for
that, the hirsts; riding iu tho Dominion. Ilis reasons for this course aro
entirely of a private nature. The
ollicial intimation of his intention wa*
made kuown to the Liberals of Rossland a few days ago, That Mr.
Bostock has looked afier the Interests
of the riding during the last four years
is known to evory one, nnd his strongest opponents will not be slow in
admitting this, He purposes devoting
his time to his private business, which
is so extensive as to demand his
undivided attention.���Vane. World.
iEeas at any hours.
Fish and G-arae in season*
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Aways in 8toc&
t Icon
This is a funny world and full
contradictions. Canada's sons are
helping to lick Kruger in South Africa,
one of the reasons of the trouble being
that the latter refused the ballot to
foreigners, while in Manitoba Hugh
John Macdonald is busy passing in
aot to prevent foreigners from having
tbe franchise. In China the Boxers
are trying to wipe ont the foreigners,
including our missionaries, while at
Ottawa a bill has been introduced to
increase the tax on all Chinese who
attempt to take np their residence
among the people who pretend to want.
to Christianize them. Man is a very
peculiar animal���Brockville Recorder.
. No donbt Hugh John Macdonald
may mean well enough, but if he
thinks he oan give Manitoba prohibition and still allow liquor to be manufactured In the Province, and the drug
[stores to traffic is the Mid liquor, his for Victoria.
Interviewed by the Revelstoke
Board of Trade and Others.
Reyelatoka Harnld: Hon. "W. C.
Wells, M.P.P*, the new Commissioner
ot Lauds and Works, came up from
the south on Saturday. While here
he was busily engaged with Government officials and others all the evening, among whom President Brown
and the Board of Trade had their turn.
In the interview which followed and
at wbich Thos, Taylor, M.P.P., H. A.
Brown, W, M. Brown, I. T. Brewster,
J. M. Scott, C. P, Lindmnrk, It, Gordon und tho members of tbe local
pres-i were present, the case of tho
proposed wa-^onroad into tho Big Bond
district wat the subject cf discussion
nnd Hie arguments for the road were
presented bv the various members
present from different points of view
aod a copy of the memorandum, which
��F i-t to be attached to the petition was
handed to the Minister, It seemed to
be the general feeling that if we could
got 825,000 this next session to build
ibe road us far as Carnes Creek, it
would be a reasonably satiafactory
answer to our request. Mr Taylor
said that he thought the Ministers
whom he had recently seen in Victoria
were favorable to that proposition.
After hearing with great courtesy and
attention the wbole discussion Mr.
Wells said that for his part he was in
favor of a vigorous policy of development of the resources of the country
by road and trail building. His idea
was that a sum of two million dollars
should be borrowod to form a fund for
this purpose, and if bis proposal to
that effect was accepted by his col*
leagues and the House he thought that
Revelstoke might confidently expect
to see the Big Bond road built, As It
was now train time, after being tendered a hearty vote of thanks for the
patient and kindly hearing wbich he
had accorded the deputation, Hon.Mr.
Wells left on the Imperial Limited
PetePboPodcth, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with tlie largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in tho Windermere Mining District and
ma kins' their
Headquarters for all
branches of Mining
and Prospect ins'  ���   ���
Lowest Estimates given to Mining- Men
coming into tho country to
... Develop Properties.
Having Our  Own Freight
Boats We* Defy
Squadron of Greys and Two Companies of the Lincoln* Captured���
Tbe Casualties Heavy*
London. July It).���Loid Roberts reports to the war oftlce under date of
Pretoria, July 12, as follows:
"Tbe enemy, having failed in their
attack upon our right rear, as mentioned in my telegram uf July 9, made a
uetermined attack upon our right flank
yesterday, and I regret to say sncoeeded
lapturing Nitrui's Nek, whioh was
garrisoned hy a Bquadron of the Scot's
Greys, with two guns of the Roynl artillery, and two companies of tbe Lin*
oolushire regiment. Tbe enemy attacked in superior numbers ut duwu,
aud seizing a hill commanding the
Nek, brought heavy gnu lire to bear
upon the small garrison,
A list of the casualties hns not been
received, bnt I fear they are heavy,
"Simultaneously, an attack was
inado on our outposts near Dnrdepoort,
north of the town,in which the Seventh
Dragoons wero engaged. The regiment
was handled with considerable skill by
Lieut. Ool. Low, und kept the enemy
in check until they retired on their sup-
ports, and would probably have suffered
hnt flight loss had not onr troops mis*
taken some Poors in the bushes tor onr
own men.
'Gen. Smith-Dorrien had a successful engagement with the enemy yesterday near Krugersdorp and inflicted
heavy low on them.
"Geu. Buller reports tbe Boers, who
were destroying his line of railway
near Faardekraal, wero driven off yesterday nfter a short aotion. "Gen.
Hart reports from Heidelberg tbat the
surrendering of Boer arms and ammunition continues in that distriot.
Loudon, July 13.���Lord Roberts' despatch, reporting still another unfortunate ocnrrenoe, throws a serions light
upon the state of affairs in South
Instead of the surrender of all the
remaining Boers being imminent, as
recent telegrams bad hinted, it seems
tbey bave been making an attempt to
surround or capture Pretoria, It is
evident tbat Gen. Botha bas a considerable force, seeing that be is able to
press Lord Roberts' line at half a dozen
points around Pretoria, from the
Springs lo the oity, northward to Mid-
dleburg, and Dnrdepoort, and thenee
southward to Nitral's Nek, and Krugersdorp.
Lord Roberts omits to give the name
of thu commander concerned, giving
rise to the belief that worse remains to
be told. News has reached London that
Lord Roberts has been suffering from a
serions bowel complaint, and tbat Lady
Roberts was hurriedly summoned from
The war otlice announces that Gen.
Buller reports that 069 prisoners, released by the Boers, have arrived at
Said   to lie  Under the Direction of Europeans��� No News From Pekin.
Loudon, July 18. ��� A terrible
veil of silence enshrouds Pekin
and there is nobody but believes tbe
worst has happened. It is taken for
granted tbat all the powers bave exhausted every means to get direct news
from their legations and tbe faot that
their efforts have been in vain, leaves
but one interpretation.
Tbe day's news is again restricted to
the usual crop of untrustworthy Shanghai rumors, the most serious of which,
reported by the correspondent of the
Express, to the effect that Europeans
are directing the Chinese military operations.
Statements are in circulation in
Shanghai accusing tho Russians of indiscriminate slaughter of friendly
Chinese non-combatants, withont regard to age or sex It is asserted that
tbe Buddhists priests throughout the
empire are propagating Prinoe Tnan's
anti-foreign gospel
News ia circulating through the
Yang Tse volley that Gen. Ma has inflicted a crushing defeat upon the allies
at Tien Tsin, and that th? foreign army
bas beon cnt to pieces east of Pekin.
The a;tnal impotence for tbe moment
of tbe allied forces naturally gives oolor
to these stories, with tbe worst results.
Tbe Canton correspondent of tbe
Daily Telegraph, writing Jnly 11,
says: "Li Hung Obang has deoided
to remain here, and the Americau gunboat which was waiting to oouvey him
en route to Pekin will sail tomorrow."
Hamburg, July IS.���The Boers En-
halle announce that the Hamburg-
American line has leased four und the
North German Lloyd line six steamers
to tbe marine minister for transportation of 12,000 troops and ammunition
to China.
Hong Kong.Jnly 13.���Quiet prevails
along tbe West river, Missionaries are
arriving at Wo Obow from all parts.
When some of the missionaries left
Te King the Ohimse were openly (lis
owning placing a price upon tho heads
of tbe Christians
Winnipeg, July 13���A new swindling
game is reported from Minnesota.. A
well dressed stranger calls on a farmer
and after being shown the farm expresses a desire to boy it, and offers a
good price, and if he strikes a bargain
pays down a snm, say %*00 by way of
illustration. Nothing farther is beard
from tbis man, but two weeks later a
man and woman stop at the farm bouse
for dinner. Tbe woman takes'a fancy
to the plaoe, aud thinks she must bave
it. They then offor the farmer $1,000
more than the flrst man offers, aud the
farmer decides tbat if he can st-core a
release from bis bargain he will let
them bave it. He then hunts np
stranger No. landoffeis to return his
$800, and in addition to pay bim $500
to be relieved from tbe bargain. Tbis
is satisfactory to the buyer, and be receives tbe money, Tbe second buyer
then makes a payment of $100, and
that is tbe last seen of tbem. Tbe
former Is out just $400 in oasb.
Colbonme. July 13.���Tbe eleotrio
light station here was struck by lightning today and bnrned. The loss li
Celebrations   ut   V urlo us   I'uluti   In   th*
Duin 111 loll,
Wlnutpert, July 13.���The celebration
of the aiOtn auuiverBtiry of the buttle
of the Boyuo whioh was hold in Winnipeg ytste: day by the Orangemen of
Muuitoba was entirely successful from
every point of view and far surpassed
tbe expectations ot tbe local members
of the older by whom it waa organised
and who had made arrangements and
provision ou a large scale for the entertainment of their visiting brethren
from outside points in the province together with tbe Rat Portage lodge. It
is estimated that over 6,000 visitors
were iu the city yesterday, including
the Orangemen who participated in tbe
uelebrntion aud their friends wbo had
cone in to witness it.
Heniuiiugford, Que., Jnly 18.���
Montreal Orangemen celebrated the
Twelfth of July here yesterday in com-
puny witb local lodges. Tlie day was
line and thn celebration one ofthe most
successful over held in  Hemmlngford.
Fort   William,     Jnly    18. ��� 'ihe
"Twelfth" bere waa celebrated   by
large picnic under  the auspices of the
Orango order to Stanley and Kakabeka
Hamilton, July 18.��� Local Orange
lodges iu oompany with their brethren
from Brantford and Brant oonnty, and
from Haldiinaud and otber places north
and south of here, celebrated at Dun-
dnrn park.
Ottawa, July 18.^For the first time
iu the history of tbe oity the Union
Jack floated from the flag staff ot the
oily hull today.
Toronto, July 18.���Reports from all
over the provinoe show the Twelfth of
July was celebrated by Ihe nsnal
amount of fervor. Procesions and
games were the order of the day everywhere.       	
Rome, July 18.���The chamber of
deputies today approved of the commercial treaty between the United States
and Italy.
St. Johns, Nfld., Jnly 18.���The
colonial cruiser Fiona, which went
ashore during a dense fog near Oodroy,
bas been floated. She sustained little
Vancouver, July 18.���J. L. Anderson, the president of the Master Mariners' association, was arrested today,
charged witb intimidating Japanese in
the fishermen's strike. Mr. Anderson
wns ordering tbe fishermen to desist
from work under threats of violence.
Trehcrnf, July 18.���Fireman A. M.
Baxter, of Montreal, while getting on
his enigue, No. 4d, on a work train at
Treheme, wbich at the time was baok
iug np missed bis hold and fell between the station platform and tbe oar.
Both legs were cat off. He waa sent
to Wiuuipeg hospital by  speoial train.
London, July 18.���As Bisley yesterday the shooting waa for the Prinoe of
Wales' prizes, the flrst being ��100 and
a badge. Musketry Instructor Walling-
ford and Corporal Cole tie, with a score
of On points. The Canadian prize winners are Hergt. MoVittle, with a score
of 92 points, won a prizo of ��10 Sergt.
Morris, 91, ��8; Private Tink, 86, ��3.
Loudon, July 18.���The report of tbe
British consul in Onba for 1890 says
tbat "while the first year of Amerioan
rule disappointed Americans as well as
Oobuus,imd tuiled to realize expeota
tions in tbo way of a great- revival of
trade and needed pnblio works, it is
only common justice to the United
States officials to Bay that no responsibility rests upon them.
St. Johns, Nfld., July 13.���The
leader of the Belle Island strikers was
arrested at midnight by polioe behind
fixed bayonets, and conveyed to St,
Johns by armed gourds. Parties of
strikers hnve been arriving all day
from tho adjoining shores witb tbe intention of preventing the resumption of
work. The officials of the mining
companies said tbey had 200 men ready
to go to work today.
Montreal, July 13.���There is tronble
in tho Order of Railway Telegraphers
und H. E. Perham of St. Lonis, tbe secretary of the order, has issned a oir.
oulir to tbe subordinate divisions, en-
joining tbem to bave a speoial oall issned for a meeting of the Grand Trnnk
division of the order. Feerbam
obarges against Grand Chief Pewell,
whoso persistent efforts to take ont
money from the mutual beneflt depart-
incut and pnt into the general funds
of the order have caused much tronble,
Montreal, Joly 18.���Tbere was to have
been another meeting of shareholders
of the Western Loan and Trust oompany today, bot owing to the lack of a
qnornm the meeting was adjourned.
Canadian Commons*
Ottawa July 18.���When   the house
met in the morning, the  votes for tbe
railways' resolutions were at onoe taken up.
Mr. Blair attempted to refute the
oontentlon that the government is paying a doable subsidy to tbe Canadian
The senate agreed to Hon. A. G.
Blair's railway amendment, giving the
railway committee power to locate stations, but held over the clause giving
power to sequestrate railways. The
work is so far proceeded that prorogation muy be looked for early next weak
Foreigners   Suffered   Severely Front
Lack of Heavy Guns and Cavalry-
No I'ekin News for IS Days.
London, Jnly 12���A dispatch from
Tien Tsiu says: "Geu.. Mahaa defeated the allied troops and re-occupied tbe
Chinese eastern arsenal ufter inflioting
great loss upon its defenders."
"The engagement lasted six hours,
and waa foogbt with great determination ou bath sides. The Chinese were
eventually to utilise tbe eheutlve guns
of tho fort abutting on the city walls
near the Tantais Yumeu, the allied troops
suffering sevoiely from luck of heavy
guns aud cavalry. Tbe Japanese commander sent an urgent appeal to hurry
reinforcements as tbe allies were in imminent danger of a general defeat."
Loudon, Jnly 13.���The Ohinese situation again bears a most ominons aspect. Eighteen days ago Sir Knbert
Hare dispatched his last message, declaring thut the hi t nation was desperate,
and since then no word has come from
the Europeans in Pekin.
According to the Daily Mail's Shanghai oorreipon .ent, Li Hung Chang has
received an imperial.lecroeordering bis
immediate departure for Pekin, presumably to break the newsot the Pekin
tragedy to the European role, and, iu
bis usual role of negotiator with
Europe in difficult matters, to endeavor
to act as mediator and to avert the
veugeauoe of the powers. To add to tbe
grimness of this suggestion, all advices
from Tien Tsin tend to confirm the reports of the perilous oondition of the
allied forces*! aud the optimist Ohinese
rumors Unless reinforcements speedily
reach Tien T>in another disaster may
be expected.
The Daily Mail's lien Tsin correspondent, telegraphing Jnly 6, says:
"Tbe situation ti about ae bad as it oan
well be. I only trust that we shall not
soon want relieving ourselves. A forward movement is impossible. From
thirty thousand to forty thousand
troops are wanted, and there a:e only
about 10,00) h.re. The foreign troops
are working well together, bnt it is inconvenient that thero is no supreme
commander. In some quarters the feeling is let ob rescue Pekin and tben clear
ont in favor of Russia.
Shanghai, July 18,���It is reported
that a Chinese merchant here has received a letter from Pekin dated Jnuo
30, saying the legations weio demolished aud tbe foreigners killed. It is announced from a good source tbat 80,000
Russians are marching on Pekin from
the north.
London, Joly 18,���Lord Corson, of
Kedlestoue, viceroy of India, cabled to
tho secretary of state for India, Lord
George Hamilton, that rain has fallen
in the northwestern provinces and in
parti* of ceutral India.
Montreal, Jnly 18.���At the end of
the five flrst working days of tbia
month'the customs collections of the
port of Montreal had reached a total of
$243,802. During tbe corresponding
period of laet year the total reoeipts
were $140,877, the increase this year
being over $00,000. Tbis large increase is principally dne to the exware-
houHing of British goods in bond dnring
the month of June to await the oom iug
into operation of tbe increased preferential tariff now extended to all British
good* aud those of certain British possessions.
Entire   Or.n ge   Free   Statu   Government
Hiirrender* to llie Uritlsh.
Pretoria, July 12.��� The British sue-
sb at Bethlehem has considerably improved the prospects for peace, it is
said. Tbe wbole of the government of
President Steyn, of the Orauge Free
State, has surrendered,except President
Steyn himself. These Free State officials wbo are British prisoners, bave
beeu allowed to communicate with
President Steyn for the purpose of attempting to prove to him the useless-
ness of a continuance of the struggle
whiob can only produce bloodshed witb
out any counter balauciug advantages.
Tbe collapse of the forces of Gen. De
Wet it expected daily.
The need of more civil administrators is urgent, and tbe necessity for
their appointment is becoming daily
mere apparent. Intelligent administrators, with a knowledge of the people,
oould nndonbtedly greatly aid iu the
future settlement of the difficulties,
inasmuch se a frank feeling iu favor of
submission is prevalent among the
Oape Town, July 12��� It 1b understood that at the olose of tbe war
Bloemfontein will be the headqnaterrs
of the commander in-chief, the seat of
the South African court of appeals and
the federal capital of Sonth Afrioa.
Ottawa, Jnly 12.��� ThePoatoffloe aot,
reducing tbe postage on newspaper,
mailed from the office of publication,
waa read a third time, Mr. Darin',
amendment being defeated. Tbe government majority wa. 48. Ibe
langnage sued by the colleotor of customs at St. John's, (*jue., to a Mr. Pot-
Tin will be inquired into Good progress waa made in snpply. The senate
refused lo restore the douse in tbe
judge', bill providing for tbree new
judges in Quebec. Tbis body also
struok out u olauae in the bill dealing
witb tbe oriminul cede favorable to labor rganiaatious, wbioh practically kill.
tbe bill. DelajH in the senate will necessitate prorogation being postponed
until Wedneadisy of not week.
New York, July 13.���Eager to obtain wotk in order to support bi. bride
of tbree weeks, Jobu Devitt yesterday
obtained uu appointment a. a speoial
policeman, anil while proudly .bowing
bis youug wife his new revolver Ihe
weapon was discharged, aay.a Meriden,
Ooun., speoial. and the bullet entered
ber skull back of tbe right ear. The
youug woman fell to tbo floor uus-ouse*
ious. Tbe dootor. say the wonnd will
prove mortal. The husband is craaed
witb grief.
Vancouver, Jnly 19.���The trouble
between 4,000 Japanese and 8,000
white, and Indians over the union
price for fish continues. The white
striker, patrolled tbe Fraser and threw
all flah ovorboar 1 from tbe Japanese
boats and nnder threats of beiug .hoi
compelled the Japaesuo to pull np their
nets. Today a large posse of speoial
polioe were sworn lu to patrol the river
and prevent the whites intimidating
tbe Japanese. Gasmen refuse to give
more than 20 cents for fish, whioh the
Japanese aro willing to accept, while
the whites slesuaud <*5 cent.
Ban 1'ranoisco, Oal, July U.���New.
that martial law had been proclaimed
at Nome Olty by General Randal, ll
oharge of the United States troops, In
tbat sltatrlat, wa. brought here last
night by tbe steamer Bt. Paul, 18 days
from St. Miobael's. The necessity for
martial law arose ont of the jumping
of mining olaims and other aota of lawlessness.
Simla, ally ID.���The ratnfal la Increasing In Oontral K-sjpotann and the
eastern Puuja, but elsewhere than If
still an entire lack ol rain,
1'h i- Latest Telegrams Collected iu��l Pre-
leilted In a I'oudeiiBed Form,
Erigdeu, July 12.���The three-year-
old daughter of J. E. Collins, was
drowned in a cistern.
Hong Kong, July 18.���The Sa. Empress of Japun nrrived here from Vancouver at 6 p.m. today.
Birmingham, Ala., Jnly 12.���The
entire plant of tbe BirminghamOement
Oo., at Ensley was destroyed by fire
lut night. Loss $100,000. Tbe bnildings wero insured.
Ottawa, Jnly 13.���Tbe body of a
well dressed man was fonnd on tbe O.
P.B, traok about a mile from Hnll station this morning Both legs had been
severed by a passing train.
Waunt, Ills., July 12.���Eighteen
bnildings, comprising over half of tbe
business part of this town, were destroyed by fire yesterday, cansing a loss
of $112,000 with iosuranoe of $48,000.
Kingston, Out., July 12.���Rev.Prof.
Mowat, brother of Sir Oliver Mowat,
underwent a very delicate operation
yesterday at the hospital. He 1b resting easily, but owing to his advanoed
age, his condition is donbtful.
Moutreal, Jnly 12���A general meeting of the shareholders of the Western
Loan ant Trust company was held
here yesterday afternoon to -consider
tbe position of the eompanys' affairs,
which are understood to be in bad
Ohiongo, Jnly IS.���The announcement has been made to the employ*
of tbe Ohicago Union Traction company
on tbe north Bide lines by President
John M. Roach, that beignning Aug. 1,
an average inareas.i in the pay rolls of
the oompany will amount to $100,000
a year. Two thousand men are affected by the order.
Montreal, Jnly 19.���The Canadian
Paciflo railway, which has been In communication witb officials of the British
admiralty with regard to tbe oarrying
of forces aoross tbe continent for ser*
vice in China, has sent a reply to the
effect tbat it will be prepared to handle
all tbe men whom Great Britain cares
to send along.
St John's. Nfld., Joly 13.���The
Belle Isle strikers suooeeded today in
preventing a sobooner from unloading
coal or any other work being done at
the mines. The managers of the mines
have appealed to tbe supreme court and
tbe government for protection, The
available polioe force of the colony will
proceed to tbe scene at daylight to protect the workings and the gangs.
Seattle, Wn., Jnly 12.���The steamer
Olty of Seattle has returned from
Alaska with $900,000 in gold from the
Klondike. Of the total amount of
dust $800,000 was shipped oot by
the Canadian Bank of Commerce and
tbe Bank of British North America, of
Dawson, to the Seattle assay oiHce.
Besides this there was $100,000 of individual gold. Dawson passengers say
the Kloudike ckau-up is progressing
Paris, July 12.���Geueral Gallioni,
governor aud commander in-chief ot
the Frenoh forces in Madagascar, has
cabled the government asking that
more men nnd munitions of war be
sent immediately. The government
-sends tomorrow by the steamer Guada-
loiver 800 tons of war material to Oji-
boultl for fear of trouble from England
in Madagascar and the Frenoh possessions in Afrioa, when tbeTrausvaal war
is finished.
Ottawa, Jnly 18.���Colonel Vidal
leaves for Quebeo to day to make preparations for tbe invalided soldiers who
are to arrive on the steamship Parisian
on Saturday or Sunday. Comfort will
be provided for the men regardless of
cost. Weaker t men will be brought
ashore iu specially prepared conveyances. Tbey will be sent to their respective homes at the government's expense. Before leaving they will be
paid tbe difference between the im'
perial and colonial pay-
Social Career Ended.
New York, July 12.���A London
oable to the Journal and Advertiser
says William Waldrof Aster's sudden
departure for Germany at the height of
the season, the cancelling of all his engagements bere and the recall of the
Invitations whioh he had issned for
bonse parties on next Sunday and on
Sunday week at Clleveden, are universally regarded as signalling the olose of
his social career iu London.
It Is openly declared here that the
Prince of Wales, who Is the supreme
arbiter of English society, bu ont him,
In consequence of his insulting treatment of Oapt. Sir Archlballd Milne lut
London, Jnly 12.���Members of the
United Society o( Christian Endeavor
from tbe United States and every other
quarter of the globe, are Arriving here
in great numbers to attend tbe world's
Christian Endeavor convention, which
opens Jnly 14, and closes Joly 18.
Wagons full of tigbtseeie ue touring
London today. Several bondreds took
np quarters at the encampment, in preparation for tbe convention It is expected that nearly 8,000 delegates will
attend the convention, aud many of
those are to sleep in touts aud improvised hots, which are now springing up
lu the grounds.
Sport Goes On.
London, Jnly 10.���Truly Great Britain is the laud of sport. British
soldiers are fighting a barbarous enemy
in the Far Eut In au endeavor to save
tbe Uvea of some of tbeir fellow countrymen and maintain their country's
prestige; British soldiers are engaged
in a similar task in Ashantl, wben
British officers, women and children
are in danger of being massacred by
revolted savages, and a quarter of %
million Britishers are still grappling
with tho stupendous militiary and civil
difficulties that must be overcome before South Afrioa ii paolflod. Yet at
home.ruoing, cricket, running, rowing,
polo, tennis and athletic contests of all
descriptioni bold practically undiminished sway orer pnblio interest.
Loudou, July 10.���The absence of
balls and parties hu driven society to
other forms of amusement, the lut diversion being boating parties on tbe
Serpentine In Hyde park. For the flrst
time in yean the Princess of Wales
accompanied the Prlnoe of Wales to
Newmarket and It wu % bitter disappointment to tee Diamond Jubilee, the
Prluoe'i entry, and thll year's winner
of tho Derby, beaten hy Hetty*
PltlDAY, JULY 18,
The U, S. tnnuno r-elief steamer, Quito
has reached Bombay.
The lender af tbs Belle Isle miners'
strike has been arrested.
Roland lacrtm-e team defeated tU.��
Winnipeg Intermediates.
A. .U Baxter, a O. P. It. fireman, lost
t oth leg* ut Trelierne, Man,, through nu
The lung distance telephone between
Fortune la Prairie aud Winnipeg will
be tn operation Monday.
For Ihn first time in the history of
the 12U. ot July the Union Juck floated
over the city ball, Ottawa.
Out 5,uOO rlttltorB participated ia the
Orange celebration at Winnipeg, which
included tlie laying of the corner alone
of tlw new Orange hall.
Chicago 'it heat advanced 2 cents.
Rev. proi. Mow.I, of Kindlon, Ont,,
li s'TloiiNly HI.
The Uritlsh hnttleHhlp Conqueror went
n*liore on  tbe Shambles Ram-..
The coloulal cruiser Fiona la ashore
on tlir Newfoundland coast.
The Euri of MUito, governor general
will reach Wiuuipeg Saturday.
A gold brii'k WOllh ���?!:(;,.uuu was
brouKlil  d.iwn  from  Lhe Curl-oo  mines.
Seven veahels will he required to take
tbe Riitinl, ColuiuMu wiliiioii pack to
tbe  European  markets.
Full) ISO Louleu have heen recovered
trom burned steamers or fi-om the river
near tht terrible New York dock fire,
Tii.* i/wnV gar<\cn parly at Rucking
bain I'ulaco, whivli waa attended by
II<**- MajeMij in ptrxan, wna a urliliaut
Thu  Western   Loan  and  Trust     co
pany  shareholders  In  Montreal  faced
large  lout  In  a   report  prevented     by
auditors, due to bad management,
Organizer Chas. Whale, of I..O. F. for
Ontario, is dead.
NnreUse La Frcniern, an ex l'aplneau
rebel, died at Moutiiul.
iinuidon defeated ...uiu is *t lacrosse.
Hi'-* goal* to threo.
.be mortality lu India In-m chilera
and famine u h'.lii uppuiiliitf
Robert FItzsimtnous lias been matched
to  IlRhi   liiihliii  and  Sharkey.
Ihe trouble among the fishermen oq
tne Flatter river hns. come to a bead.
Many Interesting mnit'.\ A'ncan relics
inve been rtcolvcu ut tlie Winnipeg lt.
O. D. barracks.
Former Father cout lee, who has em
biucei! tho 1'rs.sL.-. toriaii (aith, was mar
ne.! nt Worcester, Mass.
AL Montreal boileruiakors are on
strike, about Sou men being affected.
Arbitration begum to day,
i\ M. Row ser made u successful at
tempt to go ihrnrgh the whirlpool
rapids at Niagara rullb lu a patent
Oi tnt excitement prevails over won
dertm ore finds at Indian river, excel
ling miner*, say, tbe rlchneis of Julian
1'ritlsb papermabtib, wbo Lave been
listtintr Ounada,, have returi-ed home
much impressed with the Dominion's
pule resources,
J Nelson, of Chicago, broke 11 world's
bicycle records.
Col. Stout, uouubnnClus ihe Canadian
artillery, has re&i&i;t:d,
Hugl Sherwood, it O, I'. It. brakeman,
was billed by tbo tar. at -jourls.
A dully mall service will be establish
ed between Portage lu 1'iairio and Min
Lord Minto leaves Ottawa about the
20tl. ou his western trip, goiug us tar
at Dawson City.
The .Jliitlsb force ou route to Kuums
sle easily captured Douipoool, but lulled
In their attack ou Kokofu.
The prospects fur the Rlsli>y mooting
arc not the brightest; Canada in tho
onl.\   oolony  well  represented.
The Canadian Pacific ralhvu-y has au
Bounced greatly reduced rates to the
Winnipeg exhibition.
Tbe O. P. R. engineering whops In Mou
treal wore* closed and Oth) men havo
beeu thrown oul of employment.
Two deaths frum smallpox occurred
In Montreal.
Them were l'i deaths from heat le
Chicago last Friday.
Last week 11 Americans were killed
In Philippine lighting'.
H. UIU, of Toronto, won the all round
utbletle championship in Now York.
doilermukers ure on strike in Mou
treal. orer 200 leaving work Saturday,
Allan Lockhart wai stiuck by tbo
Imperial Limited ia Wiuuipeg aud Horl
oiiblj  injured.       *
The police were censured by the grand
Jury for cunning much of the St. Louis
strike troubles.
Chris, Smith in Winnipeg, received two
{earft and 20 lashes us a sentence for
ndecent assault. , -
One hundred members of the Canadian
Held force withdrawn Irom iukou, huve
reached Vaucouver.
The funeral of Mrs. Laferule, of Oak
Lake, was stopped, the authorities sub
peeling death wa* caused by yoiaoulug.
Several large Fall River wo'lieu fac-
toiie* have clo-n-d.
Fighting Is going on outside Panama,
Tbo rebels have captured two cities.
Franklin McLcuy, a Canadian actor of
prominence lu England, died in London,
The Roer delegates to United States
were welcomed by sympathisers at
Havre, France.
Rtcent demonstration* in France suggest a closer union between tbe United
Slate?  and that country.
For the 12 mouths ending June 80,
Cl lei Inspector Home inspected 120,258,-
710 bushels of Manitoba wheal.
Ho well, the American, wan defeated at
Henley tor the Diamond Suu'i*, wid lu
an upset was nearly drowueJ.
DeU-cLives uro guarding Kingston peol<
Untl.iry owing* tu a rumored attempt
to i dense Wetland canal dyuumltors,
The Rrltish government was defeated
In the House of Lords, a motion to ��
slder the claims of Irish landlords being
The annual Oxford-Oaoibrldge cricket
mutch has commenced. Two record* in
Individual scoring and total for one lu*
nlngs, were made.
iir Doulas, Liberal, was elected, In
tbo bye ��li ctton held In tbe *-* iad dt*
flslou nt 'Jueen's, Prince Edwtid Islnnd,
Tbe purchase of the Dank of British
Columbia by tbe Canadian Rank ot Com-
mere- Ik the lorgent financial doal in
tbo history ol Camilla. ,
Consular Agent irisbcc, of ltal Por
tage, reported tbe recent inJiau truu
bled to thu wrong quurtcrs and was
i-o'.uehttd  to mnke an explanation.
Mi.rlial law hiu. recti p'otV.ioieJ
Ofip? Nome, tlm Municipal n; ilmritles
not UJng able to maintain order. Ty
phcld aad smallpox Is prevalent lu tbe
earny ���
Bondsmen Relieved.
Ottawa, Jnly 11.���Ur. Siftfy/iM
liven instrnotions tbat the aot respiting the relief of bondsmen for seed
grains advanced In the Northwest Ter*
ritorles shonld  be mode effective at
��. Under this order all persons
wbo signed bonds as security for settlers
receiving seed grain advanoes under
tbe late Conservative government aro
now* relieved from all responsibility,
nud only those who actually reoelved
grain shall now be held liable for pay*
By a. XanTllls Fewn.
"You are going away on some serious
business," said my wife as I entered
hurriedly. "And I am to put your things
ready io the portmanteau at once."
"Yes, and your own too."
"Oh," she cried joyously as she sprang
to nty arma, "I'm to go too? But what
Is tbe caa?, dear?" she asked.
"Soo uud re 1 who has been defrauding
quiet country clergymen and maiden ladles; getting them to Invest In a bogus
bank and ruining them. He has had a
loug iunlnga, aud I am put on to bowl
him out."
"Aud you will," said my wife proudly.
She bustled away, and I had my think
.before we started with a fair amount of
luggage, and wheu I tipped the guard of
the uight mall lie smiled, nodded confidentially and whispered as he locked
the door of the compartment:
"Not many passengers tonight, sir.
You.und your good lady can have tbe
compartment to yourselves,"
I hnd wired on to Wenton, so that
there was some one up at the hotel when
we reached the Bleepy little town at 4
In thu morning. Here we had a rest,
rose again at 10, breakfasted, and at
midday we were well In tlie middle of
the lake district, for my Instructions were
that the scheming geiitlemun I was to
entrap was strougly suspected of having
gone tbere.
"Looking for the needle in the proverbial Ulo of hay, Olty," I said, "but
cbunce helps ono sometimes, and if we
don't cntch bim"���
"Oh, look at that lovely lake, dear,"
she cried, pointing out ot tbe coffee room
window at the glancing water and the
steep blue fells beyond, "You will have
to work, of course. But Isn't It ulcer to
work lu a beautiful place liko this?"
"Better and better, Mrs. Honeymoon,"
1 whispered. "Excellent Ob, this Is
perfect," I said, for she looked confused
and blushed.   "Talk about acting!"
"I am not acting, dear. It's quite
natural, and do, pray, go on with your
lunch; that dark geutleman and bis wife
are watching us."
"How do you know It Is his wife?" 1
said, without turning my head, for 1 had
noted the occupants of tbe room at each
table aa we entered.
"Because she is not dark, as hc Is,
and sho bos on quite a thick uow wedding ring."
"Good girl," I said. "You are growing wonderfully observant."
"Oh, nonsense! But are we going to
stay at hotels all the time we arc down
"Most likely," I said, and I weut on
With my lunch and my thinkings 'In-
whilo, for tltere wus uo one iu the hotel, as far na I could eee, at nil answering the description or the mun I wanted,
and there was no one who could by any
possibility be made up or disguised.
We bad a row on the bike that afternoon, had 5 o'clock ten nt unnther hotel,
returned to our own dinner, uud In the
evening I only just looked In nt the billiard room Wfore having one cigar in the
smoking room, where our dark neighbor
was taking au after dinner nap.
We spent the nest day thew, for I felt
that 1 could uo no more thnn dawdle
about the district, trusting greatly to
chance. Aud it would have been very
pleasant If wc had hnd nothing to do
and no anxious thoughts. But ot these
I had plenty.
Then we took our Bents by the coach
and Imd a couple of dnys nt High Water and two more ut (llassinere, besides
indulging tn excursions. Still no luck.
Several people we luul met nt our first
hotel were doing precisely the same ub
we were, so thnt we mnde acqiimintunees
after the British Ice Imd thawed a little,
the elder tourists 1 rent iug us benevolently, tbe younger being disposed to smile,
for Oily wns thoroughly enjoying her
trip, and her manners were���well, no
matter. Let It sutllcc that tbey were
perfectly nnturn), and people were particularly nice to her.
Bnt every one was not nice, and It was
my wife who opened my eyes to tbe fact.
It was nt Whurfmere, where 1 bnd
some thought of being on the right scent
at last, au invalid staying in - the hotel
who put me on the qui vivo at once, for
he was so like my mnn would be If be
had closely shaved and hnd his hair
cropped very short. He was In the coffee room at dinner, and I was feeling so
comfortably convinced that I was "getting wanner" tbnt 1 had ordered a pint
of champagne to clear my head when
some one arrived Lite, and my wife bent
over her plate as the new arrivals were
shown to a table -at tbe otber end of ths
"Those nasty people again, dear," she
snld. "I did hope we had left them behind for good."
"Tbat nigger?" 1 said coolly. "Yes, I
was right I thought be was following
ns about."
"You noticed It, dear?"
"Yes; dark moth fluttering about tbe
candle, and his wife doesn't like It"
"Ohl   You see everything, denr."
"Wish I could," I replied. "But I believe���don't make any sign���my man's In
the room."
"Oh!" she whispered.
"Yes, I'm sure of It"
"And shall you take him tonight?"
"No; I'll leave it till morning. Have
you any Ice, .waiter?" 1 said aloud, and
soon after I was sipping my wine softly
and feeling very much at case, but only
to be dampened when my man rose from
table and left the room.
"What's the matter, dear?" said my
wife, wbo could always read my Impas
sive -countenance���ns I thought ft
"No go." I snld. "I'm all wrong. That
ts not my man." "
I wns so distrusted that we left the
Whnrfmere hotel next day and were
driven to Kite's Head, but still no luck,
and 1 felt so hopeless that the next day
we went to our rery -comfortable quarters at Lake's Head, by tbe falls. Here
visitors were more plentiful, and my
hopes rose again, fell again and by the
second evening were stationary. Just
before dinner, as I expected,'our West
Indian friend and bis lady arrived, and
my wife looked daggers.
"Ob, that man!" sbe said.   "He Is following us about shamefully.   What shall
we do?"
"Nothing," I said.   "Ut him follow."
"But his wife seems to hate me, dear,
aud it makes it so unpleasant"
"Let tbe Idiot hate her husband. It
would be more sensible."
That evening, for the flrst time, our
dark friend offered me a cigar In the
smoking room,
"Oue of my own," he said; "from my
estate In Cuba."
"Indeed!" I said.   And I smoked and
prnlsed tt.
"You find It too strong?" he said.
"Oh, not   I think It exquisite."
Ho smiled, showed his teeth and lay
back In his chair, to begin trimming bis
nails, chatting to me the while about bis
estate and the beauty of Havana till
bedtime, trying hard to ingratiate himself and saying bow charmed he was tn
meet us again.
When I went to bed that night, it
seemed to mc that I had smoked a cigar
which did me good, and the next mom*
ing at breakfast I noted tbat my new
friend came down, accordiug to his cus1
torn, about ten minutes later than bU
wife.   I had observed it before.
After breakfast I lit a cigarette, strolled out of tbe hotel and Into the chemist's shop In the blgb street, where I refilled my cigar and cigarette cases and
made another purchase or two.
That night after dinner I went up to
our bedroom while my wife was in the
drawing room and then Investigated tbe
luggage of two people in their bedrooms
before descending, unseen by tbe chambermaids, to have another of my new
friend's cigars, laughing to myself the
while to find how eager he was to be
friendly with cigars and brandies and
Tbat ntght when we retired Oily begged me to go nway from the hotel next
day, and 1 promised her I would If matters turned out as I hoped.
I hardly slept a wink for thinking of
my task, though 1 believe I looked as
usual when we went down to breakfast.
But my wife did not, for her eyes looked
red, and she complained of a headache.
"You will go somewhere else today,
dear?" she said.
"Walt and see," I replied shortly.
We went down, my dark friend's companion beiug already tu her place, nnd
she bowed stlttly us we took our scats.
Tben I noticed thnt my wife hardly
touched her breakfast, while I hastily
swallowed a cup of tea and n bit nf dry
toast, till I saw our geutlemnn friend enter and bow to us before taking his place
opposite his Indy, who looked at him
sharply and leaned forward aud snld
something to him which mude him half
rise. But he sunk down again aud bent
over bis plate.
My heart began to bent heavily and
then very slowly nnd regularly.
"Oily,"' 1 said iu the most matter of
fact way, "my man's iu the room now."
"So you suld before," she replied pettishly.
"Yes; but this time I'm right. Now,
look here. I'm going to take him wben
be rises from breakfast. You will see
that his wife does uot go up to her
"Yes, and It she resists call the waiters to your help."
All fell out as I expected. Our dark
friend was seized with uose bleeding directly after, clapped his handkerchief to
bis face and rose, his wife following.
But ee they reached the door 1 followed
and proffered my help.
"Oh, tt Is nothing," he said hastily.
"This wretched climate."
"Don't apologize, James Simpson," I
He started violently, and his hand
went toward his pocket, but I pluued
him tn on instant
"No foolery!" I cried.   "I am armed."
Aud I thrust bim back Into a chair just
as I felt hands on my shoulders for a
moment ere tbey were snatched nway.
"What does this mean?"
"A warrant for your arrest.    You're
my prisoner, uad the game's up."
"Help!" he cried.   "Tbis man Is mod!"
"No; you are," I said as 1 clapped ou
the handcuffs,  "mad   to trust  to that
stain.   Tbe acid I put In -four wash huml
Jug last night has pretty well takeu It all
off.    Look bere, sir; a dark gentleman
such as you assumed to be always bas
bluish nails to show  bis black  blood.
Yours fall in tbat particular."
He gave up like a lamb, but bis Indy
was furious, aod I fouud afterward that
It was her bands lhat had been upon my
shoulders, aod my wife was holding a
tiny revolver she bad snatched away.
Tbat afternoon wo were well oo our
way hack to town, with a couple of local
constables to guard agaiust my prisoner's escape, and next day my chief said
the work bad been well done.���Bu&alo
This Isn't a True Storj,
Playwright���You'd better say a few
kind words to the star before the performance.   She seems dispirited.
Manager���In what wny?
"Well, she says there aro moments
when even she doubts thot she Is tlie
greatest actress In the world."���Brooklyn Life. .
Gives Rlie to Painful and Fatal Compllcationt-The Liver and
Kidneys Responsible for the Presence of This Poison.
Mon klsMaj ramedttt only sUmslsto
Ibe kidno.i, to onniMl effort, ud ao
belp tliem tenspor��r|]-r lo temore the
exoess of urlo .eld. Dr. ObiM's Kid-
ussy Lifer PUIs strengtben both Iho
liver rod kidneys. By Iheir invigorating eft-rat on the liver Ihey enable 11 lo
do lis dnty perfectly, and ao noon
Ihe oanse of nrlo aold i at Ihe same lima
Ihey tone tbe kldneya and enliven Ihem
in their taak of removing this poison
from the body.
No treatment was ever so saooessfnl
as Dr. Ohase's Kidney-Liver Pills in
correcting derangements of the kid-
isejs and liver, ud ao avoiding tha
deposit of nrio aold.wliioh sanaea^hen*
maliam or atone in the kldneya ud
bladder. Dr. Obase -was tbe ��retvto
oonceive ot a combined treatment noting at once on both tha great Altering
system, of the body, ud the snooeas of
hia prescription, Dr. Ohase's Kidney-
Liver PUIs, hu been phenomenal.
One pill a dote, at oents a bin, at all
dealers, or Edinanwa, Bates * Ob,
Tbe moat dreadful remit of indigestion is the overworking of the liver by
crowding on to it Ihe mass of undigested food. Falling to do Ila work nnder
Iheae conditions, there, la left in the
system more nrlo acid poison thu the
kidneys can possibly remove.
Ihe outcome of this state oi affairs
ia Ihe formation of nrlo aold atones In
the kidnava and bladder, s most excruciating end even dreadfully fatal
An early and marked indication of
tha preaenoe of nrlo aold in the blood Is
a deposit similar to briok dust in tbe
win*. This ia aooompanied usually by
pain <sr irregularity in urinating and
vteakneH or aching la the small of the
The oauae of nrio uid ia a deranged
liver, whioh fails to oonvert undigested food Into urea. Permanent core can
only ba effeoted by a treatment snoh
u Dr. Ohaae.' Kidney-Liver Pill.,
which aot dlreotly oa both tb* liver
ud kidneys. u
Tbe demand for saddle horses has not
been so brisk for years a. It bas this
.J'lhn Kinney in going to train the Penn
Valley stud campaigning string at the
Belmont tracks, riilindeiphia, tbis spring.
A Bister to Nico, 2:0814, was recently
���C-oaled on J. Malcolm Forbes' farm, and
those who huve t\eov\ ber nay she,is a
good oue In every way.
The trotter Fits Royal, ggttfc is being
worked at n pace over the Jewettvillu
covered track and shown great speed. lie
ivus formerly lu the Hamlin stable.
Green Morris of New York, who has
made numerous entries iu English races,
says he will take a small stable over nest
fall, provided his stable ruces up to expectations.
The pacer Ethel A, whose record of
2:10'/l was mnde when she was a 8-year*
old ho vera I seasons ngo, ti to he out tins
Benson wilh the bobbles added lo her
Hatty Bell, 2:25*^, by Brown Wilkes,
has a (illy of much prourisc at the Phm-
nix stock farm, sired by William Penn,
1:01% Tho young things at the farm
are now being jogged into form.
The Brtthib undersecretary of war
Informed the bonne of commons recently
that tlie standard price paid hy the government ror cavalry horses ranged from
�����!-"> to ��~ii>, and In muuy cases as bigb
OH ��ii,"i has been pilfd.
W. C. Whitney, nfter spending three
days Kinking over his thoroughbreds at
La Hollo I'aiiu, Lexington, Ky��� recently
relumed to New York. Ill* horses are
Mn splendid condition, but be -says lie will
bring them netiror koniu during the summer.
Allies lost Heavily���Presence of New
Guns and a Torrential Rain Alone
Averted a Terrible Disaster*
Beddook,  Jnne 11, 1897.
0. 0. RIOHARDS & CO.
is my remedy for NEURALGIA. It
relieves at onoe.
a. s. Mcdonald.
fltaek Halo.
Tho first case of black rain which
comes under review occurred nt Qra-
humstowu aud the .surrounding (lis
trlct In August, 1888, nnd It extended
over nn area of no less than 300 square
miles, snys Clin tabors' Jouriinl. Slnoe
then there hnve happened Severn)
showers of a similar description, but
less pronounced In thoir sable diameter. Other showers of black ruin have
beon recorded In Ireland, one of which
was folt over an nrea of -100 square
No one seems to have microscopically
examined tho wnter wbich fell at Gra-
hnuiHlown. but it wns notod thnt tho
liquid gradually cleared when placed
In a *iltable vessel, and a black precipitate fell from It. In the latter casus
referred to the deposit has been carefully examined and was fouud to consist of microscopic organisms, which
averaged about tho twelve thousand
five hundredth part of nn Inch lu
length, nnd which were Identified with
the same fungoid organisms that are
responsible for blight In the plants
whleh thoy Infest nnd subsequently
for smut, mildew nud rust In wheat
and barley.
The writer sums up bis remarks
thus: "Humidity Is known to contribute largely to the copious production
of fungi, nnd during protracted drought
the regions affected thereby will remain oo m pn I'll lively bare of fungi, but
during tho seasons of frequent rainfalls the production nf a fungoid vego-
tntlou Is largely Increased."
Mr. Wm, Wilson, nf Hum in, Tells Hi.w lie
Regained Health Alter nn Illness
of Over Twii Years.
M*. "William "Wilson, who is well
known to the citizen, ol Barilla, Ont,
writes: "It affords me muoh plea,ore
to be able to asjd my testimony to tbe
great benoflt that I have derived from
yonr famous Dr. H illiams' Pink Fills.
It la now a little more than two years
since I booamo uillscted with anaemia.
Daring that time I hare received almost continuous treatment from medioal men of the highest nsnk in their
profession, yet apparently deriving no
benefit. Indeed I continued to grow
wor-e nntil I became nimble to walk.
I oame to tho couolaslon tbat I wa, deriving no benefit from the treatment
and deoided to give it np. It then waa
the qnestion, what shall I try ? Having
read tbe testimony of so many who bad
Buffered In a similar manner and wbo
had received great beneflt from yonr
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, I deoided to
give them a fair trial.
It is now abont three months since I
commenced to take yonr pilla and today
I teel almost completely restored. Two
weeks after I began to take tbe pilla I
felt a decided improvement, Three
months ago when I began tot.keyonr
pills my flesh looked like wax, and my
faoe, feel and legs were badly swollen.
These conditions have all disappeared
and today my oolor ia natural aid my
blood vessels fnll of good  rioh blood.
II will afford me pleasure to recommend Dr. William.' Pink Pills to any
one suffering from anaemia or kindred
ailments."  '
Dr. William.' Pink Pills are praised
amongst tbe highest In Ihe land, aa a
strengthening and tonio medioine,
whether for men, women or children.
They aro not like other medioine., not
oan tbey be Imitated, as lt sometimes
dishonestly pretended by dealers who
offer substitutes. See tbat the package
bears the fnll name, Dr. Williams'
Fink P��Js for Pale People, and in case
of doubt send direct to Dr. Williams'
Medioine Oo., Brockville, Ont., who
will supply thejsifls post paid at SOo.
per bos or $2. ft/ for six boxes. Theaa
pills oure all disorders whioh arise
from improveri.hod blood.suoh as muscular weakness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, pains io the baok, nervous heartache, early deoay, all forma
of female weakness, hysteria, paralysis,
locomotor ataxia, rheumatism and
London, Jnly 11,���-No authentic
news from Pekin, is still Ihe burden of
the dispatches from the Far Bast and
although the disposition is to believe
tl.e optlmistio reports trom Ohinese
Bonrces, no r al confidence is possible
until the legsstions, if they are still In
existence, are permitted to communicate with tbeir governments.
Aocoiding to a speoial Ohe Foo dispatch the fighting around Tien Tsin
ou the 8rd and 4th instants was the
severest yet experienced. The British
losses alono wore SO killed or wounded.
The Ohinese had 75,000 men attacking
simultaneously from the west, north
and east aud made excellent praotice
with over 100 guns. The defenders
numbered 14,000 witb soant supplies,
and it waa only the presence of the
newly arrived Japanese and Russian
guns that-prevented a disaster. One
Kuislan oompany of infantry numbering 190 men had 1 IS killed and wonnded The German contingent also
suffered heavily. By the evening of
the 4th the situation waa very critical.
The allies narrowly escaped total defeat.
Providentially, when things mere at
their worst, a torrential rainfall com*
pelted the Obineae to retire. On July 6,
Ihe min having abated, the Ohinese renewed the attack, opening fire on Tien
Tsin with two batteries of four-Inch
guns, but tbe allies, aided by two of H.
M. S. Terrlble's 4.7 inob guns, succeeded in silencing the Ohinese artillery alter eight honr.' of fighting.
Tien Tain, July 5.���Tbe Ohinese
shelled tbe foreign settlements all day
long Jnly 8. Upwards of 150 shells
fell into the concession and many
house, were partially wrecked. Vice-
Admiral Alexieff has anlved here and
is expeoted to assume supreme command. The allied forces now number
about 10,000 men, including 800 Japanese wbo arrived yesterday. Airange-
ments are being made to send all the
women and ohildren to Japan by way
of Taku and Ohe Foo.
Shanghai, Jnly 10.���Tbe ohief difficulty of the allied foroes at Tien Tsiu
Is the absence of an adequate water
supply. The oondition of tbe river is
pestilential. The panic among tho
Ohinese in the southern provinces is
completely stopping trade and mest of
the native cotton mills are closed.
Washington, July 11 ���The following dispatoh was received here last
night from China: "Ohe Foo, secretary of ftate: Shan Tung governor
wires he has reports tbat on Jnly 4 all
legations in Possiu were safe exoept the
German,   (Signed)   Fowler, consul."
New York, July 11,���The international committee of the Y.M.O.A. today reoelved tbe following cablegram:
"Shanghai, July 10, Have reoelved the
following telegram from Oonsul, Ohe
Foo:   All Tien Tsin Americans safe,"
Toronto, July 11.���Kev. Dr. Warden
has received the following cablegram
from Dr. HoOlure, Ohe Foo: "Malcolm., Menzie., MoOlures, Wallace arrived at Ohe Foo, rest coming; danger
great; still hope"
Sp.nl.1, and Colsstn Conspirator, Plan to
A���aMlnatfl Pr.aisl.ut McKinley.
. New York, Jnly 11. ���A plot to assassinate President McKinley has been
frustrated. It waa concocted by a group
of Spanish Ouban conspirators, whose
headquarters are in New York. Ono of
the plotters weakened and sent a warn
ing letter to a member of the Repnbli
oan National committee. That letter
was placed in the hands of the eecre.
tary, Charles Dick, who referred it to
B. b, Odell, the chairman of the New
York Slate committee, for investigation. Mr. Ode'll engaged a detective,
wbo speedily verified certain important
allegatlous made in the warning letter.
Thereupon Mr Odell reported to Mr.
Dlok.w ho laid all the facts before Sen*
ator Mark Hanna.
Odell's report caused great alarm
among the president', friends and ad
visors. Odell made It plain that he
regarded the plot as a matter of the utmost seriousness, and urged that ex*
treme precautions be taken to keen the
president ont of harm's reach. Odell
admitted that he and certain membera
ot the National oommlttee discovered
the plot to assassinate the president
Dominion House.
Ottawa, July 11.���Mr. Foster moved
a long resolution in the house reflecting on the Liberal administration ot
affairs during the past four years and
also spoke for some time upon it. Mr.
Fielding replied. A division was taken, the goverument have a majority of
42. The bill reducing tbe poatage on
newspapers was read a second time.
Mr. Davin'a six months hoist amendment being defessted, The senate struck
ont the olauaa glvm*. Quebeo three new
Judges when the bill was before them.
A few additional supplementary were
brought down,
Do Not
Pay Cash^>
If you have payment, lea, than J80 to
snake at anv Dominion Lands Offlce Hnd us
the amount, less 20 per cent., and we win
make the Jsay-meDt aud return the Land
Office receipt to you. Write for prices for
large payments.
Reported  by Alloway &  Champion,
Stook Brokois, Wiuuipeg.
Hanks. Seller,.   Buyer*
Montreal  .00 SSO
Holson'a  10s 183
Couiittcroo.  15, IS J
Commercial Cablo XD 17"        lo,
Montreal Tel XD JOB ISO,
niett. & Out. Nav  116 10
(Jity Pus,. K'y  it,        :47
Halifax lt*y   XD 90 si
Montreal Oas  181 ml
Toronto K'y XD        93 01
Dtslitsh Prnforr'-d  1> 10
Cat,. Pao, B'y. Montreal  W tig
Cass. 1'ae. K'y. London  Wl
Money,time  ,,-	
Money, on rail....  IJ
t'onniow MONEY.
Quoted   by Alloway A  Champion,
8811 Main street, Winnipeg.
Ketch-mark. MS,**, 14
Auatrlan Guidon w 8*4
Holland Oultiler, *n
Prima., la 7-8
Ku��Blan Uonlls*. 60 8-4
Finnish Markkaa u
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard, Fori
William, 811,-c.
-Clour���Ogilvle's Hungarian patent,
13.00 per suck of 08 lbs; Glenora,
���3.05; Luke of the Weeds Five Rosea
brand, ia.50; patent, tt 83.
Mlllfeed���Bran, |18 60; and shorts,
(IS. 50.
Ground Feed���Oat ohop, 1*10 pr ton;
barley ohop, til; mixed barley and
oats, 12(1; corn obop, 21.50; oilcake,
Oatmeal���$1.00 per saok of 80 lbs.
Granulated and -tandnrd, $2,50.
Oats���Fur gcol quality, 80 to 40o.
Barley���Nominal, at 40 to 42o.
Corn���51o per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled, $0.50 to $7.00!
loose hay on Ihe street, $6 to $7.
Butter���Creamery���10 to 10Ho per
pound at tbe factories. Dairy���Choice
fresh made, 14c; second grades, 8 to
la*; per pound.
Cheese���9 to 9J-��o per ponnd.
Eggs���18c per dozen.
Vegetables���Potatoes, 75o deliveied
here; imjorted onions, 8o per pound;
rhubarb, lH�� per pound; radishes,' &0o
per dozen; California oabbage. 8o por
ponnd; lettuce, 20c per doaen; parsley,
20o; green unions, 20o per dozen;
asparagus, 40o per d-zen; spinach, 6o
per ponnd; oncumbers, 7Co per dozen,
Lressed Meats���Beef, 0 to 7c per
pound; veal, 7 to 8c; fro-h killed
mutton, Uo; lamb, 12o; hogs, 0% lo
Poultry ��� Live chiokens, 65o per
pair; fresh killed fowl, 19)��o per
pound; frozen turkeys, 18c per ponnd;
;ive turkeys, Oo per ponnd.
Hides���No, 1 inspected hides, 6o;
No. 2, 6o; No. 8, 4o; shearing
sheepskins, 10 to 18c each; cnlfekinB, 7
toOo; deukins, i6 to 85 eaob; horse-
hides, 76c to $1.26 euoh.
Wool���Unwashed fleece, 8. to 8J��o
per ponnd. wasboc, I2fi��
Seneca root���Good clean, dry root is
worth 25o i er pound, delivered here,
dark inferior grades loss.
Ottawa, Jnly II.���Wheu the bouse
mel yesterday morning Mr. Richardson
naked whether the government wonld
remove Ihe $2 duty per Ion on bay, to
enable farmer, in Manitoba to procure
hay from the exten.lve low* lying lands
immediately south ot the international
boundary, in view of tbe long continued drought in that provinoe. The
finance minister was glad the latest
news from the west showed a deoided
Improvement in the crops. However,
It was not the Intention of the government to remove the duty on hay, or to
make any other tariff ohanges ibis session.
Ottawa, July 11.���8. Morley Wio-
kett, lecturer In political telenoe, Toronto university, will be editor of the
government Labor Gaaetse,
Colonel Stone, commanding tbe Canadian artillery, has resigned, being unable to obtain a satisfactory definition
of his position.
Information waa received here today
that Hon. J. I. Tarte and his family
leave fn Canada today.
Unhappy India.
New York, July 10.���Louis Klopsoh,
who went to India to prepare the way
for the arrival of the British steamship
Quito, chartered by tbe United States
government to oarry 200,000 bushels of
grain to Bombay, hns returned on the
Hamburg- American steamship Pennsylvania.   Dr. Klopsch left India Jnne 2.
"Hunger nud disease are dcing
droadfnl exeoutlon u*"ong the-poor,"
said he. He added tbat there was
plenty of grain in India, bnt it was
sold at high prices. Famine sufferers
increased at tho rate of 25,000 a dny.
As soon as the rainy season should set
in the plague would find every oondition favorable for its uuohecked development, Dr. Klopsch feared.
Died From Eating Toadstools.
Little Rock, Ark., July 10.��� An entire family ot nine persons died yesterday near Calico Rook, Marion coonty,
from eating poisonous toadstools, mis-
timing them for mushrooms. The
family nte a liBarty dinnor, which included the supposed mushrooms. All
wero takeu violently ill and none recovered.
Foxboro, Jnly 12.���The Methodist
church was struok by lightning yesterday and badly damaged.
Omemoe, July 12.���Thomas Model-
wain, aged 11, wnsslruok by ligbtuiug
and instantly killed yesterday.
London, July 13.���Herbert Philips,
aged 18, was struok by lightning and
instantaneously killed this afterno.sn.
The lad had been swimming in the
Thame, and when the storm came on
sought shelter under a tree. His 6-year
old brother was with him, bnt was nu
Toronto, July 11.���Charles O. Whale,
organiser of the High Court for Central
Ontario, of the Independent Foresters,
died at Grace htapital at an early honr
thia morning, from tbe effeots of par-
alyaia.   He waa aged 48 years
Simla, July 11,���Cholera haaappear.
ed in a severe epidemlo form at Koput,
95 miles s-rath of Peshawur. Two
hundred and seven eases and 77 deaths
ooourred among the Sepoys, and camp
followers between July 8 and Jnly 9,
Tbe prospects for the monsoon are
slightly more favorable.
Montreal, Jnly 11.���Count De Laa-
treo, charged witb swindling the Bank
of Nova Scotia, by tbe prcecutation ol
alleged frauulent bonds, war arraigned
In the polioe court today and eleoted to
be tried by Jury. The oase waa postponed nntil September.
London, July 11.���Tbe Daily Mail'a
Aora correspondent telegraphing Jnly
10 says: "Sir Frederick Mitohell
Hodgson, governor of the Gold Coaat
Colony and his wife arrived at Oape
Coast Oattle today. The remainder of
Ihe party I. expected tomorrow."
The Wonderful 1'fctuiu Machine Will Ue
Sucii lit the liriiml Tlieiitre During
Exhibition Week.
Tbe Biograph ii certainly one of the
marvels of the age. and it must be aeen
to be appreciated. Visitor! to the exhibition will do well to take in thia
wonderful entertainment. Just imagine
thirty thousand pictures shewn at every
performance, with all the Ufe and mo*
tion just aa the aoenea actually appeared
at the time. The Biograph has had two
staffs at work in South Afrioa, and
some of the best and moat interesting
moving pictures will be shewn, direct
from the seat of war. "Firing the big
guns at Oolenso," "Tbe surrender at
Paardeberg," "The relief of Lady-
smith," "the Heroes of the War,"
"Tommy Atkins in all hia glory," will
be seen at eaoh exhibition. Some of
the funniest pictures that bave ever
been put on canvas will also be shewn.
All the pictures are absolutely genuine.
The Biograph is the only perfect moving picture machine and none bnt the
best films of any event of importance
are shewn. "Ottawa after the big
fire" is one of the latest additions to
the Biograph's complement of films.
The Grand Theatre is just off Main
street on McDermot street, opposite the
post otlice, handy to all street oars.
Two or three performances will be given daily In order to accommodate tbe
Immense crowds that always attend
these exhibitions. Oo early in the
week, for you will want to go a second
time sure. Mr. Owen Smiley. Oan
nda's leading elocutionist, will act as
lecturer and entertainer. He is a host
in bimBelf.	
Am   Incident   Sknwlnar   the   Uscleis-
new of Certain Slmiir Ter mi.
If hy the nee ot n bit of slang you
cuu express in one word whnt tt would
otherwise require ten words of plnln
English to sny, why, then, wiy I, hy nil
menus use tlie slang, for It saves time,
nnd. with the exception of the favored
few whose whole purpose in living Is to
kill time, wc nre nil bent ou saving all
the time we enn. The only slang I ob*
jeel to Is the slung thnt rcpluces one
word hy another precisely ns long nnd
not n whit easier to sny. My objections hnve nlrendy heen made privately
to a woman who went shopping with
me that hot day we had during the
week. I forget whleh duy it was. She
Is tu'w to the town, so I had to show
her nhout tlie shops. I wore my feet
to tlie hone that day. She dragged me
from the ribhon counter to the bargain
counter, from tho nrt needlework department hack ngnln to the place
where they sell pins and dreds bnild
ami iron wnxers nnd patent curl papers. When I thought thnt one mere
mortal could endure no more, she said
to me:
"Now. Just one thing more. I must
hnve a plain lid."
1 led the wny to tho house furnishing
department, nnd 1 personally explained
ber desire to the salesman.
"This Indy wants to sec some plnln
lids," I explained. The Indy was some
distance behind tne, but sho arrived beside me Jnst na the salesman said
"Lids, madam.   What kind, plense?"
Tlie Indy turned as red as the poppy
"Well, of all the gumps," she said to
me with the brutal frankness of an old
nnd tried friend. "You cortnlnly nre
dense. 1 don't wnnt hnrdwnre. I want
a hnt."
Now, by the shade of everything
Bhndowy, whnt conceivable sense is
there In cnlllng a hot a lid? However,
I revenged myself. I persuaded her to
buy a hnt that adds ten years to her
age nnd n whole con to her complexion.
-Washington Post.
The Idol's Eye, Wang, and the Fencing
Master, by the lloston Lyrics.
The coming engagement of the Boston Lyrlos in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Theatre for Exhibition week will
be a notable event. It will be the appearance of a great company of artists
in three royalty operas tbat will appeal
to every taste.
The Idols eye is one of the most expensive compositions in the musical
market. It Is, however,well worth the
price paid, as it has a strong attractive
commercial value.
The party of Abel Oonn played hy
John Henderson ia this comedian's
greatest work. Mr. Knnkel playi
"hoot mon hoot;'' Miss Stanton,
Damayanti, Miss Bertha Davis, Mara-
quita; Miss Sara Oarr, the high priestess. And Henry Hallam, Ned Winner.
The opera la filled with grand
ohorns-is and snpurb marches by the
daughters of the soldiers in Natly Hussar nni forms.	
A Story of Amos Cammiifi,
One summer a number of years ago
Amos Cununlngs passed two weeks
on a pilot bont nnd took Ernest .lar-
iold, the author of "Mickey Finn
Idylls," with him for company. One
day a great storm arose, and the pilot
boat was tossed about on the waves
like a chip. Every minute a wave
would dash over the deck aud threaten
to carry everything away nnd swamp
the boat Qummlngs aud Jarrold were
in thu littlo cabin, the former lying
In a bunk Intently reading a book ou
the French revolution. Jarrold poked
bis head out to look at the storm,
when a mountain of sea water fell
with a boom on tho deck and filled his
eyes with spray. Tbe boat gave a
fearful lurch and careened uutll It
seemed that sbe must turn completely
"This is awful, Amos," said Jarrold.
"I'm going to put ou a life preserver,
for I don't think the boat can stuud
It many minutes longer."
"Oh, keep quiet, and let me read,
Mickey," said Cummlugs, never lifting
his eyes from tbe pnge. "The men
ou this boat draw a regular salary to
keep her afloat."��� Saturday Evening
Well, Tliut'M tansy.
Dyspeptic���Doctor, do you think that
automobile rldlug In tho country would
do uie any good?'
Doctor���If you get ono thnt will run
about five miles out nud tben break
down.���Chicago Record.
Photographer���Uow shall I finish
your photographs, madam?
Madam-Well, retouch half of them
to look ten years younger than I am.
1 want those to send out of town*,���Chicago Record.
20th Century Fair
23rd to 28th July, 1000.
Largely increased Prize List
Four full days Racing.
Finest Platform Attractions
ever teen In tke West,
Orand Pyro Military Drama
Battle of Paardeberg
Surrender of General Oronje.
Prize Lists and Programmes free on application.
V. W. HKU11ACII, General Hui|V,
Winnlptf, Manitoba
*     It we lit down it wt of iun
-.���     And count tho tliin^i tbat we hate done
J,        And; coumiinc, hud
One kK denying act, one word
\ i   That oaiod tho ln-art ot bim who h-tar-d.
One glance most Kind
j.    Tliat (ell like sutwhiiie where It went,
'*   Then wa may count the day well apent.
/,'   But It through alt the livelong day
We've ease* no heart liy yea or nay,
jj       If through it alt
."    We've nothing done that we can trace
That brought the BUtmhlne to a (ace,
Ko ud insist smull
That helped soma soul and nothing coil,
Then count that day ai worse than loat,
The Richest Author-W. w. Astor.
Tlie most cheerful author���Samuel
The noisiest author���Howells.
The tallest author���Longfellow.
The most flowery author���Hawthorne.
Tlie most amusing author���Thomas
Tho happiest author���Gay.
The most fiery nut hor���Burns.
Tho most talkative author���Chatter-
The most distressed author���Aiken-
side.���Chicago Times-Herald.
It may be only a trifling oold, but neglect it and lt will fasten Its fangs in your
lungs, and you will soon be carried to an
untimely grave. Iu this oountry we nave
sndden changes and must expect to hays
roughs and colds. We oaunot avoid tbem
hue we can effect a euro by using Blckle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup, the medioine
tbat has never been known to fall In curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and all
affections of the throat, lungs and chest.
Another Ideal Shattered.
Jones���Don't you love to think of
tho dear little old trundle bed you slept
la when a boy?
Brown���No. My two elder brothers
slept In a big bed, and they were always falling out on me.���Indianapolis
"My daughter Is In love with an Impossible young man, and I'm taking her
to Europe to cure her," said Mrs, Ster-
"Trying tho absent treatment, eh?"
replied Mrs. W liber force���Detroit Free
MONEY SAVED and pain relieved by
tbe leading household remedy, DR
quantity of whioh usually suffices to onre
a oough, heal a sore, out, bruise or sprain,
relieve lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia,
excoriated nipples, or Inflamed breast.
How l.oi.c W'irit Lum.
June in wus the two hundred ond
forty-eighth dny ol thu war.
It will he Interesting to compare
the duration, so far, of tho present
struggle with that of some of the
great warn of the nineteenth century
'lho Spanish-American war will bo
remembered, among other reasons,
for its extreme brevity* tor begun on
April 21, 1898, it was over and done
with on July 2(1 in tho same year���
tt short, sharp three-months' struggle.
The Xulu war lasted eight months,
from Jan. 11 to Kept. H, 1879.
Tho Chlho-JnpanoBO war occupied
only nine months���from July 25,
1894, to April 17, 1893.
Franco and Germany were 10
montliB in settling -their dispute In
1870-71. ���
The Itusso-Turklsh struggle lasted
nearly 11 months���from April 24,
1877, to March ii, 1878;
Tho Crimean war lingered for two
years from March 27, 1854, until
March .'U, 1850,
Tho American civil war lias the un-
eviahlo distinction of having been by
far tho longest of thu latter half of
the century. It began on April IH,
lKtil, and peace was not restored until May 2<l, 1805.
In thu presont campaign iu South
Africa tJre.u Britain will most likely
break no records either way.
Mrliistosri'iKir* Dill" triiiv.
There ia no country in Europe,
with thu exception uf the little Uov-
ernniontB of Monaco und San Marino,
which spends less for military purposes than Switzerland, Tliu annual cost of its army is only about
��500,000, ami yet, iu case of necessity, it can put Into thu Held with 111
two days lOO.UUO trained soldiers
and retain ut the Hume lime another
100,00(1 as reserves in    addition     to
Its militia, numbering 270,0110 men.
In Switzerland young men ure
trained to liucome good nile shots,
nud thero is nut it hnmlut in the
country without a volunteer association formed for this purpose. Military service is also compulsory frotn
the 22nd to the 82nd year, 45 days'
service being required during the first
year and 10 during every subsequent
year. The soldiers keep their weapons and uniforms nt their own
hmnee nnd nre held responsible for
thom by the Government, which inspects them carefully onco a yonr.
���100  REWARD,   $100.
The readers of 1 hia paper will ba pleased to
learn tbat there is at least one dreaded disease
thatsclenoe haa been able to oure In all Ita
stiffen, and that li Catarrh, Hall's Oatarrh
Oare is tbe only poalllvo cure known to the
medioal fiateralty. Catarrh being a conrtltu-
ttonal disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure In taken internally,
acting directly npon the blood and mnooos surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of tne disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the connotation and
assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so mnch faith In Ita curative
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any oase that lt falls to ours. Bend for list of
Address,   P. J.CHBNEY ACO.,Toledo,0.
The presldenttnl oflice mny he easy to
fill, but nobody will deny Unit It is
rather hard to get.���Rochester Democrat.
The candidate frequently fixes his
fences, but Invariably it Is the voter who
does the rail splitting.���Atlanta Constitution.
People should be careful about throwing stones promiscuously. They might
hit a vice presidential candidate.���Chicago Record,
The voters of the United StnteB are
growing lucrcasjugly independent nt municipal elections. The disease isn't one
that should be cured.���Hartford Post.
There are many persons of healthy uppe-
t.te and poor dig< sthm who-nfter �� hearty
meal, aro subject to mucii suffering. The
food of which they have partaken lies like
lend In their etomaohs. ilundachu. depression, a Huothering fetllng follow.
Une bo itflli-it'd is unfit for lnislnn��s or
work of any kind, hi this cundltlou
Parmeleu's vegetable Pills will bring relief. Tliey will a-sist the ussiinilattun ot
the aliment, nn.l use! acorn-ding to direction will restore healthy ulgedtfun.
An EspruNPilun of Regret.
"Did you found the town that they
named ufter you?" wus asked of the
western man who had been bragging
of the honor.
"Well, uo," be slowly replied. "No;
I wasn't the lirst settler."
"Presented It with public parks, per-
"Oh, no; there were pnrks enminh. I
dldu't have to du anything nt all. The
vigilance committee hung my brother-
in-law for horse stenllng and then ui rued around nml named the towu ufter
me to expresB their sympathy In my
hour of bereavement!"
ON APPETITE.���To have thu stmiauh
well Is to have the nervous system well.
Very delicate are tho digestive urguns.
In some so sensitive are they that atmospheric changes alTeot thom. When tbey
oeouinu disarranged uo butter regulator is
procurable than Parmelee's vegetabl'e
Pills Tliey will uwlflt thu dlgention bo
that the hearty uater will suffer no iuuon-
venlunce and will derive all tho bandits
of liis food.
That Settled It.
Passenger {to old salt)���Cau you toll
me, my good man, the name of that
tine bird hovering about?
Old Suit���That's 11 hnlbatross, sir.
Passenger���Dear Die! Quite a rnra
avis, Is It uot?
Old Salt���Dtiunoi sir. I've always
heard It culled n hnlhntross.
Passenger���Yes, yes, my good fellow,
but I cnll thnt a ram avis just ns I call
vou n genus homo.
Old Salt (Imllgimntly)-Oh, then I
nills thnt n Imllmtross just the same ns
I calls vou n liar.���Tlt-BIts.
Mantrenl,  Free Bui. Am.
, P. tl.W up. B. P. |i.ou es.
At Chalfont, St Ullos, England,
stands a remarkable monument, erected by Sir Hugh Palliser to bis
friend, Captain Cook, the celebrated
navigator. One of the most singular
visits to this monument occurred
In 1SC5 when Queen Emma oX the
Sndwlch Islands went in company
with Bishop YVNhei force. People In
the district still recall, with amusement, how the village band, wishing to
greet her majesty with un appropriate
tune nod uot knowing the Sandwich
Islands national anthem, tootled forth
"Tbe King of the Cannibal Islands.1
Martial law hae roeo ptof.V.ltUQd at
Cap. Nome, tlu dinolclpal ui thorltles
not u-jng able to iu.iiiit.-ihi order. Ty
camps .	
I UaCAilA,   FACTORY.Montreal
H and so would many a young
H lady, rather thun tuku a buth
H without thu "All trt"
f!     it leaves lho Mn wonderfully s<>ft E
H snd ire h. and Its taint fragrance li ex* B
J-J   treinely pluiulllg, ^
H lie hii re of Imitations,
H *s-
LADIfS    **'
II tlSS.IV.LID ro. KHTM-'e
ft. hist, laon in m iiniimiiK*
s,ot .atsitNc cash pac.suc cas.iai n
Highest Cash Price paid for Butter and
Eggrt.   All mail orders for fruit promptly
attended.   Satisfaction guarante-ed.
Money to Loan
Apply to
Brass Band
Instruments, Drums, Uu I forms, Ktc
Lowest prices ever quoted. Kim; catalogue
60* illustrations mailed fn e. Write a* tor uuy-
thins; In Musie or MumIiuI lmttrinneiiU.
Wh-d.7 Boyc. k Oo., ^gi\%,A
lllllt'l UHM! CUB Outfll Coil.     Catholic Prayer &8&23S?
Heroic Itf-mnl)*.
"Do you hnvo nny trouble keeping
your servant*/"
"Nope. I'm married to liw,'*���Oblea
Minard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
NnlhlnK  Left,
The Old Party���Well, my little mon,
what do you want to be when you nre
old enough to work'/
The Seven-year-old���Oh, all de good
Jobs Ih gone. 1 ain't got no more ambitions since "Iteddy" Smith went to
Smith Africa. - Philadelphia North
Minard's Liniment Cga Colli, Etc.
One TIiltiK Follows Another.
"Well, doctor, I suppose you are not
so busy now that the grip period is
"Oil, yes; there's ihe enrly golf sea-
pou, you kuow."���Chicago Record.
Minard's Liniment Cares Diphtheria.
As She Thinks.
*'I see tbnt a woman doctor up In
Chicago snys timt only one woman lit
1,000 is tit to bring up children."
"TII bet she's ono of the ones."���
Cleveland Plain Denier.
There never waa, and never will be, a universal panacea, in ono remedy, for all ill,- to
fthlch flesh is heir���the very nature of many
curatives being such that were the gcrmx ol
other and differently seated diseases rooted
la the system of the pntlent���what would
relieve one ill In turn would aggravate the
other. We have, however, in Quinino Wine,
when obtainable in a sound, unHdliberated
shite, a remedy for many and grievous ills.
By its gradual and judicious use the frailest
systems are led Into convalescence und
strength by the influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restorativos. It relievis
the drooping spirits of thorm with whom a
chronic state of morbid despondency und
luck of Interest in life is a dlseaw. aud, by
tranquil!sing the nerves, disjioses to sound
and refreshing slerji���impart.-* vigor to the
action of the blood, which, bot ng stimulated,
course* throughout the veins, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby* making activity a necessary result,
strengthening tho frume.und giving life to
the digestive organs, which naturally demand Increased substance!���result, improved
appetite. Northrop &, Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to the public thoir superior Quinine Wine at tbe usual rate, and, gauged by
the opinion of scientists, this wine approaches nearest perfection of any lu the
market.   All druggist* sell It.
Munn fact ureU by THOS. LEE, Winnipeg.
alftrs- Religious Pictures. Statuary, and Churoh
Ornnnents, Kducmional Works. Mftllordenr-r
bsIts prompt attention, f}, ft J, SlAUerA CC. .MOBtTMl
I    EVERYTHING...        !
Wo keep a largo Stock always on
hand of
We can flt out Dally or Weekly
Papers or Job Outfits on a
few hours notico.
Wo also supply READY-PRINTS,
W. N. U. 281.
1 Car Upholstered
Tho Latest Styles in Parlor,
and Bed-room Suites.
Ann Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
fCO * (X^tSQ4^t?,*4i��*f4XiClv(SQ
1 Car Common Furniture
Mattresses.   Pillows,   &c.
Car Shelf Hardware.
Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for tho
building aud milling Trade
1 Car Choice Groceries
Gannett  Goods,   &c.
5,000 Bolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
t--*. ftrytt-t-t,
Screen Doors and       dows
to keep osst mosquitoes.
Maple  Syrup
from QueU-i:.
!vffiQ-v<S��F' ���rc.'-TT'-'TTT'tr-v yTVi
*.. j*��rfaA**Mi ���-������'*na********* .''nalfs���TSafcJ
G. B. ffieDER]WOT,
Golden,   B.C.
Kirqptori     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going1 northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving' and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windel-mere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
THE . ..
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Freo.
Hot and' Cold Baths.
F,atos $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.   C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B.C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -      B.C.
Wo nro Miinnf.ictuvern nnd direct Ininorters, and carry a larKO arock of Hnlances,
rurnaciiH Firo Liny (ioo.ln, ScteaHtlc aud frncticnl DooUh, Glassware, I'mtiuuni Goods,
ASTijh^iit-uU, -out nil otlier Awaym-a nnd Miners' roqitireinenta.
HOl-E AUKNW ibr Morgan Crucible Company, Bat'
.Bidancec.Etc. Catalogue nud full particulars on application
llat-iorsea: Becker's Sons
Mr. O. H. Parson is hereby nnthor-
ised to receivo paymeut of accounts
owing in connection with the business
of Tub Golden Era Printing Office,
and his receipt shall be a auflicient
disc barge.
Tbo Golden Era Co. Ltd. Ly.,
iter E. A. HAGGEN,
, > Managing Director.
Twenty carloads of cattle for the
Klondike went west on Sunday lust.
George Manuel hns dwiidad to move
bis business interests from Donald io
A trainlond of Chinamen passed
through Golden yesterday, bound for
Hav anna,
- J. H, Semplo hnd the little finger of
11 e rigbt hand amputated by Dr. T. F.
O'Hagan thia week.
At & meeting of the school trustees
on Tuesday it was decidid to ask tlie
Government for another addition to
the sohiol house at onco.
The steamers Duchess, Hvak and
Selkirk havo ail suoceHbfnlly pnened the
Government Annual inspection, which
took place yesterday morning.
Word has been ifcoived in town to
the effect that all tbe Chinamen who
reaideded at Field wero run out of the
place this A*eek.
The Navigation Co. will issue single
Tare tickets for (he round trip to the
Wiudermero xports and races, which
come off on the 3rd aud 4th Aug, It
is understood a number of Goldenites
will take in the celebration,
Word bas been received of tho death
of Geo. Drake, an old citiaen of Golden
ai-,d at one titv.c engineer on the steamer
Duchess, which took place ut, St
Michael's, Alaska, of typhoid fever.
Deceased was a member of the local
lodge of tho Independent Foresteii*.
Nice little boys are always the subject of friendly interest, but no one
ever knows what kind of au answer to
expect of tbem wheu questioned. '-You
are a nice little hoy," said a kimll.y
old gent to a bright youngster of live;
"have you any brothers?" "No, blr:
I am rather abort on brothers* but 1
have sisters to bum."
Revelstoke Herald: Among the requirements of the Big Bend district is
a ferry across the Columbia at Smith
Creek. This Terry, which could easily
be constructed and operated at tbis
point, wo- Id save five miles of difficult roud at that end of the trip. The
proposition wa** brought under the
notice of Hon, W. 0. Wells while he
was here on Saturday and he promised
to take it into consideration,
Revelstoke Herald: P. Stacy brought
a curiosity into the office in Saturday
In the shape of a chicken with Tour
feet. The two extra feet, which are
quite perfect, come out where tho tail
fiiathcts ought to grow. The chicken
was hatched July l&th and lived iii
hours, whoa the mother trumped on it
by accident and killed It, C. H. McDonald has got tho body in alcohol
and it can be seen ut the Cuiiada Uook
& Drag Store.
Thia a western story: "Seven years
ago a farmer hung his vent in thu ham
yard ; a calf chewed the pocket in tho
garment, iu which wus a gold watch,
Oue day the auimul. a Btaid old co-v.
was butchered for beef, and ' bo watcli
was fouud in such a position between
tho lungs of the cow thnt the
process of respiration-tiie closing in
and filling of the lungs - kept tViosttm
winder wound Jp, Ami the natch hud
lost but four mi.trues in seven years "
Skeptics are shown the waloh iu evil
ence of the tiutlt of the Htor.ij How
can they get over thut ? -Hamilton
The Midsummer Fair issue of The
NorMVeat Farmer just received ia a
very creditable and attractive numler
of 100 pages, with a specially ei-uraved
cover, lithographed iu six colors, the
work of the Stovel Co., Winnipeg. It
contains many well-written articles,
profusely illustrated, of great value to
all engaged in developing the various
resources of Manitoba and the Territories. Tbo publishers are to be congratulated on their enterprise in
producing this special number, which
Is by far tho finest work, both in
conception and execution, yet issued
from tho press io Western Canada, for
it is all home production, the printing,
engraving and lithographing departments each contributing to bring about
this result.
The most interesting event to Canadians io the present war between
Briton and Boer was the battle of
Paardeberg, the seen.) of Cronje surrender, for it wus there the Canadian
contingent received its first baptism of
blood. The bravery of our ho.vs at
tbat time wns thu principal cause of
the surrender of ihe wily lem-rnl.
His army could net withstand the
leckless charges and magnificent lighting of the men frotn Canada. This
famous battle, in nil its realism, will
be produced at the Winnipeg ex hi hit ion*
One thousand men iu the righting
uniforms of tho British and tho Boers
will participate in this imprtrssive
drama. The sconce wilt he faithfully
reproduced In every detail aud will be
a truly awe-insp'riug spectacle.
A man who was too economical to
take this paper sent his little hoy to
borrow the copy taken by his neighbor.
In his haste the boy ran over a $4
stand of bees, and in ten minutes ho
looked like a warty summer squash.
His cries reached his father, who ran
to his assistance, and. failing to notice
a barb wire fence, ran into that, break'
ing it down, cutting a handful of flesh
from his anatomy and ruining a $7
T��=ir of pants. The old cow took nd-
T intage uf the gap in tbe fence and got
Into the cornfield aud kilted herself
eating green corn. Hearing the racket,
the wife ran, upset a four-gallon churn
full of lich cream into a basket of
kittens, drowning the wbole flock, In
her hurry she dropped a $40 set of
false teeth. The baby, left alone,
crawled through the spilled cream Into
the parlor, ruining a brand new $30
oarpet. During the excitement the
eldest daughter ran away with tbe
hired man, tbe dog broke up eleven
setting hens, and the calves got oat
��id chewed tbe tails off four fine shirts.
J. Kenroso, of Peterborough, came
down on Wednesday on business.
A number of the members of the
local lodge of Oddfellows spent a very
enjoyable evening last Wednesday with
their highly esteemed treasurer, Bro.
C. A. Warren, when splendid supper
was provided, which wns extended to
the small houts of the morning.
W. S. Hunter aud wife left for the
East on Wednesday morning.
F, W. Jones, secret ary-treasurer of
the Columbia River Lumber Company.
arrived home on Monday from Toronto
and Ottawa.
Georgo Smart left on Sunday for
Edmonton, taking with him the fur
catch of the Price-Evans party,
Mrs. .1. Fj'flfl and Bon, who were
visiting Mrs. C. W. Buhar, left ou
Monday lust for their home in Qu'Ap-
polio, N.W.T.
Mrs. C. W. Buhar and family left
yesterday afternoon for Kock Creek, in
the Boundary district, where they will
in future reside. The good wishes of
the entire community go with thom.
Bellairs Will Commit Suicide.
"Bellairs is starving!" This startling headline to an article appeared in
last Saturdays issue of the Spokane
Chronicle   and   was   the   subject   of
liscussion among many of Bellairs'
old acquaintances in this city. Since
be left Rossland nearly a year ago
K. C. B. has tasted muoh of tho
bitterness of life in the City or the
Falls. His long stay in the Medical
Lake Insane Asylum, from which he
was recently discharged as cored, and
into whioh haven of unsound miud
many think he should never have been
committed, has been telling on him
greatly. Since his release he hus been
endeavoring to raise funds for tho purpose of publishing  a book   entitled:
'The Most Infamous Fraud Ever Perpetrated hy the Brain of Man, the
Lunacy Asylums of America," the
proceeds to be used in instituting
agaiust the State a damage suit to the
tune of ��5,000,000. But the ono-time
prince of the London stoek brokers,
editor of tho London Bulletin and
honorary member of the Johannesburg
Stock Exchange has failed to raise
the pittance necessary to carry out his
project. ��� Kenneth ffariugtou Bellairs
is in want. He is doing nothing to
earn a livelihood in Spokane. The
little belongings of value which he
had at one time, he fell out of the
window, resulting in his being declared of unsmind mind and sent to
the insane asylum, have been nil sold
at a sacri6ce. and judging from the
following note which he left at the
Chronicle office he is in bad straits: ���
Please print. Having had all my
cash stolen fnm me and my poods, by
the officials of this state ov otders, and
having sold all I could find at five per
i.ent. of cost to me, I am now living
(literally) on dry bread, and my next
course is said."
Is this, then, to be tho end of the
one time brilliimt financier and journalist, that made London start le thirty
yours ago with his manipulations of
rho stock marker., and in a pamphlet
that cost the writer thousands of
pounds to produce, proving that the
Iii bie contained many disciepaucies? ���
Rossland Miner.
As Good to You as a Dally and |
You get it at the Price
of a Weekly.
It furnishes more at tho price than
any other newspaper published In
America. Its news service covers all
the globe and is equalled hy that of
few dailies, Its reports Trom the Boer
war havo not been excelled lu thoroughness and proptness, and with the
Preaifle'nttflt campaign now in progress
It will tie invnluahle. Its political
news is absolutely impartial. This
fact makes ii of especial value to you
at this time,
If you want to watch every move of
thegreiit political campaign take the
Thrice-a-Week World. It you went
to keep your eye on the Trusts ?and
they need watching���take the Thrice-
a-Week AVorld. If you wuut io know
all foreign dnvelopments, take the
Thrice a-Week World.
Tub Goi.uisn Efc'A and theThrice*.a-
Week World will l>o supplied to new
subsctibars for one year $2,65. Now
is the timhu to subscribe!
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
by tho Stoatnrrs
"na Manitoba.
Sailing from Fort "Wi'lisiin
uml Sunday.
For full particulsirs It'pp.*"" to tlsss nearest C* P. II. Agent,  or to
C. E.
of the
Str. Duchess,
MAGNOLIAS. BULBS, new crop of
For  Spriis-r pltuitiiitr.     Largs-st   nnd
most   sioinp'tjtts   .stock    in    iVestern
CsslsasIft.    Cull and timlso your spU'ss-
tions or send for catt'ilo-usel     Address,
at Nussery Grounds ot' Greenhouse.
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We have recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots' For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
,1. 1'.  *  A.   Jt.
Mountain I.e. ler, }.'��. It; A. ft   &
'.A.  M.   Ke-tuls.-r UsiiniMstsivntlots,
aoeotss] Mommy in tsVssVy numsh
Sujous'tois-.rt Isi'ot'ivtns i-orsllislly 1st-
J. C.PIT"'*, v.*. ji.
i;. tl,.j'Aliiit.iN, tiorrotisry,
S,   11.    ,'.    f.
Isrifkv Miiuuitiiii 1 otitis   -n. !-l meets in
Oslsljolloiva U.,11, (lulil.il, every V wlues-lay
at 8 p.m.   S,-j -uiu;. luTtlnun *velyuaie.
.1 T. WOOD Sem.tarv.
The Str. Duchess will leave
for "Wiiulennere on
THURSDAY,    AUGUST    3,    1900,
AT   8   P.M.
Where Two Daj-B will bo
spent al the Annual Sports
to be hutil thore on
AUG. 3 &
Exporters and Imjter&ire.
:    200 to SOS First Avo. No.
i Shipments Solicited.
Writo for Circular-.
Single Fare
A BAZAR.    1
Fop Sale
Wagons, Sleigns,
Aperajoes, Pack
Saddles, Harness,
and Camp Outfits.
Apply to
TTheiepaitftna ara Iold In ne
, .-.-ycitvftnd town In the Unlitil St�����.. -
I il your dfilei duel not keep them' snn) S
I direct lo m.    One cent sismpt received, f
J Address your nearest paint,
j 1811, 146W. 14th stro.t,N��w York |
-    _ JStnANOSI omCB, I
.    s8�� Filth Ave., Chlcssto, ..si
S sofli Market St., San Fruclac :
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
tho head of navigation on the Colnmbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching conn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fiict that transportation is now assured at an early datoi
by a railway running tho length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensu i*e great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenav.
Negotiations are also proc-seding, which will ensure tlio
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to ���
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees. **���
H. B. Alexander, Trnstee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,
Public Xotit'-e le Iioreby ffiven that at the
exjiivatiim uf }*) At.yn from tlii.s ilato the
I'rim-o Mtiiitiframl 1'uveloptmuit Oompniiy,
Ltmiuul Liability-, will t-Imrif>e ir* office from
or prim-ipitl^iluee of fiimltiesa from Goldeu,
U.*\,U UivuMofcd. ll.(i.
Vittotl Ajira-Jflili, v.m.
GEO. **. MeCARTEn,
n3('iiiiSii Hulk'itor fir tlio Cwnpmiy,.
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed Physician & Surgeon
Hull Bros. & Go.
Whofewlo A R.tsiil
Cattlts, Shossp isssil Horns, Deiiless.
Jas. Bradt, D.L.8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'il, Isist. ME.
Agent for olitiiiuin-r Crown Gr��nla,dnlttg
uiisiiuil .aasusamuiit work, etss.   AslslrtsH,:
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Bnrrlatera, Sotlrltora, Ae.
UEO. 8. JloCAKTEH,        ,T. A. HAHVEY,
ltovolHtolsss, B.C. Fort Sts-s'lo, B.0.
BsKsina, Aloxasiilor Block, Uotston B. O.
.'THIRTY-SEVENTH VEAB.   ��� ���  ���
���Twenty PaeesiWeeklyilllustnitea.
j      iHPicpewtiABu to M-Hinn Mm.
iosaiww sum.
1220 Market St.. 8an F��aiwi"*<!0, Cal.
Coffins and
Film-nil Uolii-8 of sill kinds.
Orslssr. ppomjitly iitteuilnl to.
W.  L.
(?olden,  B.C.
The II. It. A. VOGEL
Commercial <'ol!cs;e,
Bex  347.  VnncoBver*. U.  C-.
Thoron-jli instruction in bsisinesR
method., Bookkeeping, (wo uso no*
test-booliBi but do iictual busincas).
Shorthnnd nssa Typowriiing. Wopro-
pore for examinations.
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Pure Norwegian
Cod-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
The Druggist.
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.    .
South Sido nicking none
Brightest  Magazine
Contains Beautiful Colored plaiei.
Illustrates Latest Patterns, Fash.
ions, Fancy Work.
Asenis wanted for this mnanHnt fa every
locality. H-enuti-r-.il iiremit**m�� for a Hills
work. Wrile lor terms and oilier panic
Plan. Siihr-icriutioii only QOfl. per year,
including �� FKEKl-atumT*^
138 to 146 W. 14th St., New Vork
our feeretun
promptly make our optoloo fit. ooaccrahsg
(ba patentability ol mot. " Bow to Obui�� ���
Patent" aent upon reqise-4. ttteott tteufi
throngh u. .dsrertiaed for Mle at our ezpuue.
Pateuu uken out throuih ua ncefsr. ,peosat
in T|M Pin��T tiiKetLB,
an illssatrated aud. widely circulate JosuJb.*,
consulted by Manufacturer, .nd Inve-ton.
Bend for Mtnpl.copyFR'U. AddiMa,
VICTOR -I. IVAN* * 00.
bn. ��uii*H.i,        WAWmsnow. 0. a
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor.
Notary Publlo.Conveyancer, eto
sDffle. hi Upper Colmnbl. N.viintion ud
Ttammy Company'. Building,
QeMea, B. C.


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