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The Golden Era Dec 13, 1901

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December Issue Given 'Away.
VOL. XI NO. 47
GOLI)EN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, December 13,1901
Per Year.
Lord Kitchener, In a despatch from
'rels-srla dated Monday, Deoembir9,
���pom that tbe result of ths week'e
rork ii thirty one Boers killed, seven-
Mn wounded, three hundred, and fifty-
wo made prisoners, thirty-five tur-
indsvred, snd quantities of luppliet
iptured. By advancing tha linn of
lockhouses "in tbe eastern part ol tbe
Iranevaal, Lord Kitchener is now abls
>r the first time to oarry out s> stoma*
ie and oontiuuous operaiio.se in the
ielnityof Ermelo, Bethel aid Carolina-
olusjna have.cleared the southeastern
iitrictt of the Orange River colony
nd are now operating northward of
loThabanehu Una. The Boen are
tilt in force in the extresne writ of
ape colony, They are there com-
landel by Martls, who recently at-
icted Tontellbotchkop. Ths Bpsrs
ere driven off and Martiz was severely
Ottawa, Dec. 10,��� If Britisli Colum-
la dsMirts Cabinet representation, now
i the time to get it. If thi Provinoe
otl not push ths matter now, it will
l taken for granted that a repreil.ntare in the Cabinet is not eonaidsrsd
Miliary by residenti of the Pacific
one. Some weeki ago the Vanoouver
ews-Advertiier "nominattd" Senator
eraplemantorthepotition. The press
I ths province endorsed the views then
ipressed. The matter li uow being
itcuised t*y the press of eastern Can-
da, and only one name, that of Sena-
>r Templeman, is put forward fur the
olilion. Newspipsrs whioh hereto*
ire havo taken very Utile interest in
Iriilsh Columbian affairs, have edi*
.rials in furor of Cabinet represents*'
outor that provine*.
H. 8* KowbAND, President.
T. BMbruitt, Vice-President,
Tt. K. Wilkik, Oeiioval jMaiiuge*
AV-^s...' DEPiB'TSJE'fj'i :
...��� la'-fewki 'ftiluwcii -oil
Deposits of $1.00 mid
Upwards at Current Rates.
J. S. GIBB, M.-snugei'.
ia"Brady, D.L.S., & P.L.B
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'ii. Init. m ;���:.
flutveya mrle for AtsasGiJiciit Work a
rowii Grants.
Land for salts on bake Windermere am.
Ml.iv (!r
Christmas Cigars.
In boxes of 25, 50 and 100 at very
easy prices by the box. No matter
what Cigar taste you may wish to
satisfy this stock is varied enough to
do it to your complete satisfaction :
El Padre "Needles"
Lord Nelton
La Flor de Porto Rico
Flor de Santiago
La Insular-Petit Bouquets
La.Perla del Oriente-Damas
- Alhambra-Conohitas
La Perl., del Oriente-HIgh Life
El Coraeta del Orionte Imperials
Christies' Biscuits.
Opened up this week, complete new
stock of these famous goods, including all the new sorts brought out
dnring the past year:
Fig Btr
Empire Mixed
Sweet Wine
Coeoa Wafera
Windtor Wafere
Imperial Wafers
Thiek Ginger Bread
Molami Snapi
Ztphyr Creams
Ltuon Sandwich
Almond Sandwieb
Strawberry Saadwich
Orange Sandwich
Cbcoolata Sandwich
Short Bread
Dinger Nati
Crtam Sodai
Tea Bisouits
Toyland is all a-flutter.
It's a garden of juvenile delights.
Ever so many amusing novelties from
Europe at extremely low prices.
Mechanical Toyi.
Steam Engines,
Crawling Beetles
Walking Alligator!
Noah's Arki
ABC Blocks
Rubber Animals
Rubber Dolls
Kid Dolli
Wis Dolli
Magic Lanterns -
Tool Chests
Tallow Kidi
Fighting Roosten.
Mechanical Flying Birdi
Fresh Arrivals.
Datts |
Steded tt.iiini
Citron Peel
Lemon. Peel
Orange Peel
flavoring Extrtsiti "
Etc., etc., etc.
Count the newness, the freshness, the absolute reliability of all our Groceries and
you'll find, quality for quality, that Parson Groceries cost less than any others. We
have the sole agency here for Hudson's Bay Co's. celebrated Hungarian Flour.
fm Mrs
Lpfly to
.!'���    w
Rich In Mineral Wealth, and a
Sportsman's Paradise.
Thtre seems to be uo limit to the
marvellous mineral wealth thoughout
the Ice River region encircled by tbe
treasure-laden Rocky mountain! whioh
mother Nature selected it the storehouse for large deposits of preciout
mirerals. In fact the district it faal
attaining great prominence, io great
that there it an earnest effort on the
part ef Consrrvativs invtstors to gll in
on the ground floor in thie favored no*
tion which offers so many inducements
for profitable investment!, and, on account's, itt situation, a grand field for
prospecting. For yean thit portion
of the Goldtn Mining Diltriot wai unrecognized and only when the actual
results ol the ore valise were known
to bl rioh, wis anything like the
proper attention given it. Today,
when ita merits are becoming eetab-
lishld beyond auy quenion, an era of
mining activity it drawing near Wfijs.li
ie destined to main thii section take
repidltridei te the very pinnacle of
fame, A lavish hand hae been shown
by Niton iu bellowing in gifn of
gold and silver to thie district. Like
Lesdvilleditlrict, i In Ico River mineral
belli revels in great |,ossibilities with
the following promising protpectt at
very door: London, Lion, Liverpool,
Shining Beauty, BlUck Warrior, Union
Jack, Inglewood, Red Mike. Drumbar-
ton and oi hen too ntiinerout to mention, but is promising. This oamp it
bound to come to the front.
Thii valley il ono of tbl molt picturesque in British Columbia, bting
turrounded by mountain! that for
beauty ia seldom eqailled ind ncvir
surpassed. The mountains tlopt up
gently from iht river banks until the
timber line it reached, forming a chain
paakt thst extend for Wilts, broken
only by ths channel it sosie mountain
tornni which tumbles orer pretty falls
until il niches the crystal lew... of
Ibo ileavtr-foot. Taking ir. the snowcapped peaks and glaciers llie picture
Ja grand, but its beauty it not complete until the tun throwt iti golden
rayi on the dazzling whi'eneis on the
turaniiti, when the effect it sublime
Ice Eiver valley ie reached, from
Oolden lhe supply point, by travelling
20 milts eaet on the 0. P. R. to Lean
ehoil, thenee by bridle triil 11 mile,
(which bn lately betn turvt* est for si
wagon road to be tonnrueied thit
timing spring). If om it feud of
eporl end would (ish or ihoot, ht will
Rod tht liver and crooks Honing into
it abundantly Blocked with the speckled
beaatiii aud the mountain slopes surrounding tbit valley preionli tht very
best opportunities (or Iht ull of il.e
rifle. Oame of every di.ci'ijuioii
��� hound, and among iho dilferont varie
tirs may be meriiiontd mooee, goal,
deer, bear lynx, groutt, partridge eud
epruet pheitni. In fict, to iht pise
tilt] aportunln, this part o( tht dia
iriet praiann advantages (or the indulgence of hie favorite pastime. At
ths extrimi htad ot Iee river* ettndi
the famoui Mount Oodial on tht right
and Mount Huntsr on tht ltd, tnd
from thtlr lofty piaka some 13,000 Ihi
abort Oil tea obs. can lake in a pano
ramie view that (or beamy it itrongly
ipoktn ot by tilth (amo'.i. ixjsloran ts
Edwsrd Whyluper ibid others who
have pat In tbe past summer exploring
and clunbi tig iheir lofty paakt.
lot river ia a tributary of the Reaver
foot, which iu turn S.wi into ilie
Kicking Hone uear Leanchoil. The
Tbe river takes its rise in a glacial
belt In the Hooky Mountain! south ol
tin railway line. Hero a dyke of iu.
truelve grinltt ions fourteen miles in'
length rleet through the lime anl tha
locality abound* in splau lid mineral
The values of the diff.rtut iuineri.li
���o (tr discovered areas follows :
Zinc, fit per cent, and gold 17.1.0.
Copper (rom 9 to SO per esnt.
Silver from 10  to 1005 ozs. per ton.
Oold from fl to 180 per ton.
Bluck Mlsa from fine te 6x8 i noli
The vcini are mostly contact veim
and an large ahd well defined.
Owing to He iltuation tnd very
early leason it it a most inviting litld
(Or investori nud explorers.
DUUiWli Httt.il.
The B. C. Miuing Record (or December has the following, paragraph illustrated hy a oot made from i photo by
L. H. Estell:
"The accompanying iihotcgrupli
showt a pick train conveying a first
consignment o( mica (rom claims in the
Big Bend district to Golden. During
the past summer several mica occurences have been tentatively worked i.i
thie region and ulso at Ice river, east
of Golden. In ihe elbow ot the Big
Bend of tho Col um hia river, seme 2*1
claimi have been located, on veins (rom
two to three hundred feet wide, in a
miOaschist formation. At Ice river a
number of locations have also been
mnde, and a trial shipment of a ton of
mica was forwarded to England this
From tbis will be seen the benefit o!
���upplving reliable newt to the local
paper of any mining |iroperties. Our
mining exchanges look for these items
.ind by reproducing tne information
give outaide investors a ohanco to knot's.
what districts are worthy of intention'.
Andrew Carnegie has donated *��� 10',
000,000 to establish a university at
Washington lo be devoted exclusive.y
tu '���liigher""edui*'.t!eiL
The Province says that the Conservatives of Vanconver are considering the purchase of The World; If Ike
deal goes through the editoriel looms
will turely bt haunted by the ghost o.
J. C. MuLagan,
I'he customs officer nt Victoria if
holding the plana and specification of
the Point Ellico and Fraser river
bridges, prepared by Americau architects, until duty amounting to $3,000
il paid.
At a session of the Privy Council
held in Loudon on Dec, 10, Kln��
Edward definitely fixed Junf 2(1, 13U2*,
sa the date for .lin coronation. It wni
also decided that par!:cment will meet
ou January Iti.
H B. Gilniour, M.P P., of Vancouver, wsst ii. town on Monday. His
vitit wss on business, but, of course*,
he tslke.l politics ns well. Mr. Oil-
inour is of lhe opinion lhatthe coming
Liberal convention will S�� held in Vancouver. He led on .Monday's No. 1 for
Premier D.iiisuuiir had a narrow
escape the other day while impeding
one o( his mines. While down iu the
workings smoke was encountered and
Ihe party had Iks rely time to retreat
before an explosion occurred. Evan i.
they had escape injury by the ex|dos-
lon tbey would surely huve wiinfiaught
by the deadly n.i'T dump, tri'A wh'cli
there is little hope ut escape. The
mine will he thoded.
Tbe Alexandra coal mine, owned l.y
i'ress.i.r Dunsmuir, wus closed by
order of Manage!* 1'aulds owing ti! the
miners leaving thoir work to lutein!
the mass instating i.f miner, in Nitnaiuib
lastSsturdny. The ineeiing w*acalls-d
'o dissiisrs iht amalgamation ot a!'.
minors' union on Vsiicjiivui- I..and,
which movement is oppoH'sl hy iho
Dunsmuirs. The BleW l-'g was it
itormy bie, Chairman Ralph Siuiir!
having his handa full at limes to pre".
eerve order., A vote was jiassed iii
fsvor s( lhe proposed nmalgainaiioi.
and a conimiitso appointed to draf;
by-laws, etc , al .1 repoVt. at a meetinjf
to be held in lhe near future*.
A mini liy the ii.iui*! of Keeiiloy-dde
was found dead in a Calgary hotel.
lust week, tutil fs-r it time It woo
thought a murder had Iseess cosnin-liedi
sis thci'd w-'as j. sjoiitusioii on |iis scalji ���
and a hole iii his skull Tlie good
people Calgary iv-l.ro very muoh excited
over tlio affair, and when a ctiilivoy-
aiit, after working ihe usual ill, gavii
a heart redding account of lhe murder
d u description of the murderer-, the
extjitentsnt fedohnd Ibvei point. When'
he evidence of the medical inert, who
colidiicted the post mortoni, was! given
at the inquest, ft wai (bund thai
Keoiileyaide'a death was due lo a ru��v-
tui-e of ii hlbjd-vessel in the lirain| insl
the bole iii tl.e skull hud Iseen riadn
some time ligd when tlie deceusea wai
undergoing Ireutuiei't for nn itijurjr received vtblle engaged in folitiivjifi*' Lis
trade Of machinist iii \Viiini|*eg.
Read our spedial annouwsl*
ment this week ott page Si
**isr GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY, B,C., FRIDAY. December 6,1901
Before buying Rnils
elsewhere get our
quotations on 8, 1%
l(i lb. and larger
Kails in carload and
less tlum carload
Works, Ltd.
Successor* to
Armstrong A Morrison,
Ka-jblalitji, Iran Founders,
BluksmiUu, Bei.ermakere.
B. C.
^Town and District.!
&        ��� if
*.*. Vt/a/SiZ'S. %i2r*/*-biX 'iS$/2/t/-/i ���*
If its toys your looking (ur visit The
Big Store next week.
' Your nearest friend is your underwear,    Dou't pick up at random ; go
to Parson's.
Mr. Thos. O'Brien led tuday for the
Old Country. He sails per SH. Tunis-
inn (rom Halifax on Deo. 16.
Hjh. F. W. Ayliner ieoeired, on Sat
unlay, the aad news of the death of hit
father, which is noted in another col
The finest plum puddings in the
world are made in England. Crosse 4
ltlnckwell make ibeiu; Parson sells
Ihem in Oolden,
The dishes sesst lo ths Hospital bul
huve been left wish Mr. C. A Wnrren,
from whom siyonu who hnve not received iheir plutes back may secure
Mr. J. L.imont, of On veil hurst,
Out., a cousin of Mr, George Sinclair,
arrirod in town last week and has accepted a position with tho Columbia
Iti vei Lumber Co. here.
Mr. J. I'Yitiizen bus so (ar recoversd
(rom the effects of his recent st'cident
as to lie aide to net mound with the nid
uf a slick, though it will ben considerable time before he recovers the uso ol
his injured leg,
Tho new school bouse is so (ur completed a* to give an iden of its size and
general appearance. It is a neat little
building, but large onungli ..to provide
for the uresis ot the primary division
(or some lime to corns'.
Mr. Geo. Sinclair haa re*furnished
the sleeping apartments of the Russell
House, which he purchased recently,
Mr. Sinclair Iiiih made hosts ol friends
in the .short time ho hns been iu charge
of the Russell, who are pleased with
his fuccess.
On page iwo of this issuo will be
found a most interesting nccuuui of
the high compliment paid to a Canadian manufacturer. We refer to the
order placed with the Muotss-jmv Flour
Mills hy H R.H the Duchess cf York
and Cornwall.
The instruments for the Golden*
Windermere telegraph line arrived this
week, and Mr. V. F, Dunne leaves (or
Windermere on Friday lo install thein.
Now we hope the Ou-.crop will bctalitr-
lel and take advantage ot telegraphic
communication to keep ubreusi of the
The Outcrop, in iis last issue, ivsnls
the towns in tlm Windermere dis*riet
to amalgamate. We fear this it rather
a large order aa the settlements there
sro spread over a territory thai, roughly apeakingi contain, about 28 square
miles, null each oils, is considered by in
residents es il.e best possible else ob
tamable.   Push it along, Bro. Evans.
There will baa Christmas tree and
entertainment giveu to the children ot
of the Presbyterian congregation on
New Year's Eve in Ihe church, The
ladles having charge of the subscrip-
tion lilt are meeting with success In
eolls-tting funds to give the youngster!
a good I iiui. It il now up to enter
prtilng boys to keep up tbeir attendance at both I bo Methodist and Presbyterian schonls enough td qualify
thsm for both eutertaiments.
The ladies of the Methodist church
are making good progress with the
programme tor the Sunday school
entcitainment to be held in Columbia
Hall on the evening of Christmas day.
The conceit iiromises to be ont of the
best ever held and those Jtlio attend
will lie sure oT a good tirae^
The weather so (ar this winter has
not (ullilled the expectations of those
who looked (or a long and severe
winter, the month of November being
exceptionally mild. December has
started in the same manner and the
prospects of an early commencement of
curling and skating are rapidly fading
The Now York Theatre Co., ol which
Mr. J. ti. Stiilix is manager, will be iu
Golden in the near future The exce'-
lence ot the perforir anresgiven by ih'l
company, on its lust visit here should
ensure good houses. They will stage
au historical play from the pen of J.
11. Siuttz, entitled "La Bastille," ot
which the late Jas. 6. Blaine said,
"Not a fiction but a reality. Ever]
child, father and mother should see it.
In our editorial nous this week we
referred to the uniuitaUlity of the
name fint propose 1 (or the force now
recruiting in Canada (or service in
South Africa. Among our dispatches
will be found one giving the informa
tion that Dr. Borden has given notice
that tbe force will be called Canadian
Mounted Infantry, which is (sr more
appropriate, Tho Doctor it to be con
grnuilnte.1 on his choice ot name.
J, Brady, P.L.S.. aud party returned
from Ice river on Saturday last, haying coinuletd the survey of lho route ol
the proposed wagon road from Lean
choil to Ice river, a distance of a liule
over 11 miles. Thev had a most dit-
agreeable irip, the work being much
hampered by the amount of soft enow
wilh wbioh the thick second growth
was loaded, Iu spite of theso difficult*
iou, Mr, Brady made a very complete
survey and will furnish the Govern
ment wiih tufiicient data to enable
them to estimate tho coat ot the rond
very elosely.
Among the telegraphic dispatches o*
Nov. 27th was the following trom To
ranto : "James Field, of Milton, died
while undergoing an operation at the
W.stern hospital. He was under the
influence o( an anuesthttlc anil seemed
to be standing it (avornbly, but to
wards the, end he collapsed suddenly
and expired almost immediately."
The gentleman here referred lo is the
father of our popular druggist, C. W,
Field. In conversation with Mr. J,
Do'.inage, who knew the deceased
gentleman, we learn tlmt, this wss tbe
third operation Mr. Field had found it
necessary to undergo as a result of a
severe attack of typhoid fever which
he experienced this summer. The de
ceased gentleman was at tha time of his
death, gaoler o( Helton county, having
held that position for many years. He
was an old and rejected resident ol
Milton, having been engaged in the
inaiiufncturo of pumps before receiving
tha njipointmoiit of gaoler. His many-
lactory wns leased to outsidepuniee at
the tiaie ot his death and in addition
he owned other valuable properly in
Milton, He leaves a widow nnd two
children, our townsman, C. W. Field,
end a daughter who reside! at home.
Mr. Field has the sympathy of friends
in Golden In this great sorrow that haa
clouded his Chriaunas.
F..-M. Barrett
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kind3 repaired.
Prices right. Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
which satisfy all classes
ofcust'imers. -Style pleases
one, Novelty another,
Quality another and the
practical man is pleased
with the combination of
all these good points in
$15,00000 Too Much.
.ENAY, hidden al Gulden,- H.l!., between
Carlin & Wyiknir, Merchants, ot* Fielsl,
ll.C, Plaintiffs,
Napnlnmi Wells, railway employee, of
Field, B.C., Defendant.
To Napoleon Wells, tho above named defendant.
TAKE NOTICE lhat a Dofault Summons
���**��� and Plaint hss been iasiiod out it' this
Court against you in au action onlered
ag*inat you by Carlin k Wyekoff, of Field,
ll.C, Merchants, to recover the sum of ful.00
Isoing for goosls aold and delirereds bv the
uliore named plaintiffs to you thosiiid defend- ]
ant, and thst In pursuance of an order of His
Honor .ludge Forla, you are required within
thirty days frssni thn lirst publication of this
notice in the GOI.MBN Era newspaper, to
Men's   Furnishings.
Special attention is directed
to our Stock of . . ...
Men's Neckwear.
J. C. TOM ~& Co.
Lumbermen's and Miners' Clothing.
9 i*ii*:jiai**mea\
WE have $15,000.00 too much
Stock which we are going
to turn into Cash in the . .  .  .
We are marking right down to
COST, and many lines under
cost in order to make a quick
We will have the goods marked down
and ready for your inspection
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
Look for the stamp "Carss Mackinaw" on
every garment    Not genuine without stamp.
44 HT:-?*i*1..f'Y.f >,?>*'>
tlo your dispnte. if any, with tho Registrar
of this Co.irt at Ooldess, otherwise judgment
may bo entered agaiustyou.
Daicd this 6lh day of December, 1901.
Registrar of the County Court
F.NAY, holden at Golden, B.C., betweon
Carlin Jt Wyekoff, Morchauts, of Field,
I), ui, Plaintiffs,    ,
David Wsdkor, railway employee, of
Field, B.C., Defendant.
To Ds.id Walker, the above named defendant i ,..;
TAKE NOTICE thai a Defanlt Summons
**���   nnd plaint lias been issued out of this
Court against  vou in an action entered
agaiust you by Cnrlm st Wyekoff, of Field.
IWI., tforuhauls, to recover the torn of
f 17 US, hoing for goods aold and delivered by
the above named plaintiffs to* von the said defendant, and thst in pursuance of an order of
Ills Honor Judge Forin, yon are required
wilhiii thirty sluyss from the lirst jsublieation
01 Ihis notice lu the GOI.DRN ERA newsptper
to lite y��nr dispute, if auy, with the Registrar
of tills Court at Oolden, olherwise Judgment
msy be enter.nl sigainst you.
Dated tbis Oth any nf December, HUM,
Registrar of Ihe Comity.Jourt.
ENAY, holden st Uolden, B.C., between
Carlin k Wyekoff, Merchants, of Field,
B.C., Plaintiffs,
A. W. Qrltrton, railway tmployeo, ef
Field, ll.C. Defendtut.
To A. W. Grierson, the above earned Defendant*
TAKE NOTICE tbat a default summon, and
���*��� plaint bas been issned out of this Court
against you is an action entered against you
by la lin sk Wyekoff, ��f Field, B.C., Merchants, to recovtr the snm of W3.9II, being
for goods sold and delivered by the above-
named plaintiffs to you the said defendant,
aad that In pursuance of an order of HU
Honor Judge Forin, yon are required within
30 days from the rlrst oublication of tbis notice
in the Golden Eka sewtpaper to* Hie your
 * the Rer'--'-        '*
 .....     erwise
entered against yes,    __,^_^__^^_
Deled tbis Oth day of December, 1001.
Registrar of the County Court,
 v..., ,, Regis
Court at Golden, otherwise judgment mty be
\ dispensable in
\   �� Every Home
A Reliable,
! Tlxftncmetef
) ',       Mf
!   and Barometer
When ths petition -against the eieotion of Colonel Prior snd Mr. Eerie,
Victoria's members of the Dominion
Houss, w���� ceiled belors Justices Martin snd Walkem, on Monday, counsel*,
for (3ol. Prior pleadsd guilty, acknow-
ledglng ths hiring ol hocks by Colonel
Prior's friends on eieotion day. The
petition nsjaintt Mr. Earle was withdrawn and Col. Prior's election was
declared void. This disposition ol tht
case is toppotsKl to be becauto ot tn
agreement whereby Colonel Prior will
have no obsiaoles ft*, in his way by
Liberals In' hii contest for a text in ths
Provincial house.
Worth $1.00, specially, made to
m.et tr-.*- cJInuttic rcmdXton. of
We/tern Canada, will be aent
trt* t- every yearly subscriber
of the
Stason 190M903
Cut out this advertisement
and forward to Free Kress with
one dollar and receive Weekly
I';.- .'.ise for one year togeV-b-
3i- ..Lib .a handsome thtrn-otn-
*'3i- a.id barothete-gH^^^^l
lirtt-Olaat Attetmtdtttea to
Hotel g
Replete in Everything.
Being on Use only direct roots to the mines on Toby, Hone Thief and Ne. I
Creeks, It it the hetdqntrttrt ef til mining mtn.
Good Stable Aooommodatlon.
Plnest Brand*
of Liquors
and Clgan.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor. ���
Notary PuWle.Cont/eyanoer, ete
OsSeera Uppsr ColumbU Navlgalien and
Traasjany Company's "BulHIog,
sCMsica.   ' /''.        B.C.
Httrrey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
���arrlrtert, fetltllert. *t.
Revelatoke, B.O.
ftr! Steele, B.C
Roods AtoaS'er Block Golden B.
House. *b.
^GtQW$$i B*0*
 iy.    SpstW rattt lei
���jX*** \J>
icetablr Issue Given
Away.     /?
VOL  XI NO. 47
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, Decembee 13,1901
$2 Pee Yeab.
Lord Kitchener, in a despatch from
Pretoria deled Monday, December 9,
������ports that ths result oi ths week's
work is thirty ons Boers killed, seventeen wonnded, three hundred, and fifty-
two mads prisoners, thirty-five surrendered, and quantities of supplies
oaptured. By advancing the. line of
blockhouses "in the eastern part of the
Transvaal. LordKitohi-ner is now able
for the first time to carry out b> sterna*
lie and continuous operations.in the
Vicinity of Ermelo, Bethel and Carolina-
Columns have.oleaied the southeastern
districts of ths Orange Biver colony
ud are now operating northward of
thsThabsnohu line. The Boers are
���till in force in tbe exireine west of
Oape colony. They are there commando! by Marti!, who recently attacked Tontellbotchkop. The B.oers
wsrs driven offend Martiz was severely
Ottawa, Deo. 10���If British Columbia desires Cabinet representation, now
is ths time to get it. If the Provinoe'
dots not push the matter now, it will
be taken tor granted that a representative in the Cabinet is nol oonaidsrsd
necessary by residents of the Pacific
slope. Some weekt ago the Vanoouver
News-Advertiser "nominated" Senator
Teraplemnn lor the position. The press
of th* province endorsed the views then
expressed. The matter Is now being
discussed b.v the prest of esstern Canada, and only one name, that of Senator Templeman, la put forward (ur the
position. Newapapera whioh hereto-
fore have taken very liule interest in
British Columbian affairs, have editorial* in favor ot Cabinet repieseiita-
tion fnr that province.
H. S'. Howla-sII., President.
T.B. Mbbuitt, Vice-President,
Tt. R. -Wilkie, General Manager
CAPITA1,. ...   -
SAV.!'!0f.' P��FARTiV!ENI'   .
���** ��� ���~���~"---~- "-"��� -   -
. - intuf'si. .HUiweii -cr
Deposit.-! of $1.00 awd
Upwards at Current Rates
j. s. gibb, ton
Christmas Cigars.
In boxes of 25, 50 and 100 at very
���aasy prices by the box. No matter
what Cigar taste you may wish to
satisfy this stock is varied enough to
do it to your complete satisfaction :
ElPadrs '-Needles"
Lord Nelton
La Flor dn Porto Rico
Flor ds Santiago
La Insular*Petit Bouquets
La.Psrla del Oriente-Dames
* Alhambra-Conohltnt
La Perl, del Orients-High Life
El Comtta del Orionte Imperials
Christies' Biscuits.
Opened up this week, complete new
stock of these famous goods, including all the new sorts brought out
dnring the past year:
Fig Bar
Empirs Mixed
Bweet Wine
Cocoa Wafers
Windsor Wafers
Imperial Wtltn
Thiek Olnger Bread
Molatttt Sntpt
Zephyr Creams
Ltuon Sandwich
Almond Sandwich
Strawberry Sandwich
Orange Sandwich
Cbccolate Sandwich
Short Bread
Olnger Nsts
Cream Sodas
Tea Biscuits
Toyland is all a-flutter.
It's a garden of juvenile delights,
Ever so many amusing novelties from
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Mechanical Toys.
Steam Engines.
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ABC Blocks
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Kid Dolls
Wex Dolls
Magic Lantcrnt -
Tool Chests
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Fighting Eoosteri.
Mechanical Flying Birdt
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Datas ,
Stedsd R-.iti.it
Citron Peel
Lemon. Pest
Orange Peel
flavoring Extract '
Etc., ste., etc.
Count the newness, the ft-eshness, the absolute reliability of all our Groceries and
you'll find, quality for quality, that Parson Groceries cost less than any others. We
have the role agency here for Hudson's Bay Co's, celebrated Hungarian Flour.
Jas. Brady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining* Engineer,
M. Aiii'n, Inst. ME.
Surveys m.rle for AnEftacii-eut Work ar.*l
Crown Grants.
ind for sain on bake *.*.' indsrhiere an-,.
IJj.v Uiook Kitist Kootonav,
P. ��/ ftEpf Ejffi
Rich In Mineral Wealth, and a
Sportsman's Paradise.
There seems to be uo limit ts the
mtrvellout mineral wealth thonghout
the Ice River region encircled by the
treasure laden Eocky mountain! whioh
mother Nature ttlected at tht storehouse for large deposits ol precious
minerals. In fact the district it fatt
attaining great prominence, io great
that there it an tamest effort on the
part of Conservative inveatora to gel in
on the ground floor in this favored section which offers so many induceaiei.ls
for profitable investment!, and, on account'of ite situation, a grand field for
prospecting. For years thit portion
of the Ooldtn Mining Diltriot wat unrecognized and only whtn the actual
results of the ore veTies were known
to bt rich, was anything likt the
proper attention given it. Today,
when itt merits are becoming oatab
llahed beyond auy question, an era of
mining activity it drawing near wiii'tb.
it destined to males thit section tske
rtpid ttridet te the very pinnscle of
feme. A lavish hand hts been shown
by Nsturt iu bestowing ill giflt of
gold and sliver to this district. Like
Leadville district, the Ico River mineral
bells revels in great |.ossibiliiies witb
the following promising protpectt at
very door : London, Lion, Liverpool,
Shining Beauty, Black Warrior, Union
Jack, Inglewood, Red Mike. Drumber-
ton and bt here too iituneroua to mention, but as promising. This eamp is
bound to come to the front.
This valley it ono of tbe mott pic-
turnque in British Colnmbia, bting
turrounded by mountains tbtt for
beauty is seldom eqailled and never
surpassed. The mountains slope up
gently from tht river banks until the
timber line ia retched, forming a chain
peaka that extend for Milea, broken
only by the channel it aoeio mountain
lot-rent which tumblos orer pretiy falls
until il reaches tlie crystal l.e.o.n of
Ihe lieu v.r-foot. Taking ir the snowcapped peaks and glaciers the picture
Jt grand, but ita beauty is not complete nntil the tun throwt itt golden
ran on the dazzling whiseneis on the
tuinniitt, whtn the effect it subliu.t.
Ice Eiver valley ie reached, from
Golden the aupply point, by travelling
20 mil., eaet on the O. P. R. to Lean
choil, thciict by bridle trail 11 mile.
(which haa lately been surveyed for a
wagon road lo be eontiruoied thit
testing spring). If out it feud of
tporl and would (ish or thoot, ht will
find tht liver and creeks Mowing into
it abundantly stocked with theapeckled
setaiiti and the mountain elopet surrounding tbis valley preienli the very
beat opportunist (or tht uu ot the
rifle. Oame of every deioripiion
aboundl ami among thu different varie
tin may be mentioned niooee, goal,
deer, bear lynx, groutt, paiiriJ;o tud
epruet phtitnl. In tact, io tbt pise
tissl sportsman, this part o( the dis
irict pressmis advantages for the a a a -
delgtnct ot his fsvorils paatime. Al
tbe extreme head ol Ice river* atands
the fainout Mount Oodtal on the right
and Mount Hunter on the left, end
from their lofty pttki tomt 13,000 hei
above the tea ohe cm lake in a pano
ramie view that for beauty it strongly
ipoktn of by tilth famo.n exjilort.t ts
Edwtrd Whymper ttiid others who
have pet in tbe paat auminer exploring
and clunbi ng their lofty jiaaks.
Ice river ia a tributary ol the Ilea ver
foot, which iu turn ft:>ws into the
Kicking Horn mar Leanchoil. The
The river takes its rise in a glacial
belt In ths Hooky Mountains south ul
ths railway list. Htro a dyke of in.
trnalve granite sons fourteen milea in'
length rites through the lime and the
locality abounds in spltuiid mineral
Tht valuej of tbt different  raiueruli
to Itr ditcovtred areas follows :
Zinc, 6i ptr cent, and gold 17.dO.
Copper from 9 to SO ptr cent.
Silver from 10 to 1005 ots. per ton.
Oold from. 14 to ISO per lon.
Black Mioa Irom fine te 8 x 8 inch
The veins tre mostly contact veins
and srs large and well defined.
Owing to lit situation tnd vtry
early season it it a most inviting Held
(or investors and explorers.
nuiiiiNii Hirijii;
The B. C. Mining Record for December has the following purug.-uph illustrated hy a out made from i photo by
L. H. Estell:
"The sccoaijiiiiring jihutcgrnph
shows a pack train conveying a first
consignment of mioa from claims in ths
Big Bend district lo Golden. During
the past, summer several mica occurences have beeu tentatively worked in
thia region and also at Ice river, eaat
of Golden. Ir. the elbow of the Big
Bend of the Columbia river, seme 24
claims have been located, on voiuJ froui
two to three hundred feet wide, in a
niiaa-Kchist formation. At Ice river a
number of locations have also beer)
made, and a trial shipment of a ton of
mica was forwarded to England this
From tbis will be seen the benefit oT
supplying reliable newt to the local
paper ol any mining |iroperties. Our
mining exchanges look for these item.;
and by reproducing tne information
give outside investors a ohanco to knoi-
what districts are worthy of intent ioiV.
Andrew Carnegie bas donated f30,
000,000 to establish a university at
Washington lo be devoted exclusively
to '-higher* eduY'aOoii.
The Province says that the Conservatives o( Vanconver are considering the purchase of The World, tf the
deal goes through the editorial looms
will surely be haunted hy the ghost o.
J. C. McLagan,
The customs officer at Victoria it
holding the plana and specification of
the Point Ellico and Fraser rivet-
bridges, prepsred by American architects, until duty amounting to til,000
is paid.
At a session of tbe Privy Council
held in Loudon on Dec. 10, Kin,*
Edward definitely fixed -Tun* 2(1, ISO'S,
as the date for uin.coronation. It wist
also decided lhat par.;.:ment will meet
ou January Id.
H II. Gllniour, M.P P., of Vancouver, was in town ou Monday. His
visit was on business, but. of course'
he tslke.l politics as well, iir. (iii-
motir is of the opinion thai ilie coming
Liberal convention will ft held in Vancouver. He led on Monday's No. 1 foi*
Premier 1).insmuir had a narrow
escape the other day while inspecting
one of bis mines. While down in the
workings smoke wss encountered and
the party had barely lime to retreat
before an bf plosion occurred. Kvtn i.
they had escape injury by ihn explosion tbey would surely hare Hrdntaught
by the deadly afterdamp, trii wh'cl.
there it little lio|io ui esun|K). The
mine will be Hooded.
The Alexandra coal mine, uwnud by
Press.i.r iluiisini.il', wus closed by
order ot ftanagsi!' 1'aulds owing i>- the
miliars leaving thoir work to aliens!
the mast misting u( miners in .Nanaimo
last Saturday. The meeting wot cal hid
<o discus's the amalgamation of a!',
minors' union on Vancouver Is.audi
which movement is oppou'd by the
Dunsmuirs, Tht rl!|s*rtl:'g wat ii
tiosuiy bie, Chairman Ralph Siuilk'
having hit handa full at time* to pre-
terve order., A vote was |iass.*d iii
ftvor tf tht proposed ain.lgamaiioi!
and a conimiitse ajipoinied to draft
by-laws, etc , III d rs*|scrs at a meelinsji
to be li.-ld iu iht near future.
A man liy lhe iiaiii.i of Keenle.vs.iile
was foun,) dead in a Culgtiry hotel;
lust week, uiid for u time It was
thought a niiirdel' had been cosntn'ltedi
as thoro was ji cciiitusioli ou his scal|i
and a bole ill bis skull the goosi
people Calgary we're very much exulted
over tho affair, and when a clairvoyant, after working ihe usual lit. gave
a heart rending account of ibe murder
and a description of tho uitirilereV, the
excitemsnt reached (brer pol.it. When!
she evidence of the medical men, who
conducted the post morteni, wus gives,
nt the iiKjnest. ft whs found that
Keonleyside's death was due lu a rupture of a hlo-ni-vessol in the liriu'n, Ain!
the bole iii llie skull hnd been Hindis
soino time and when tlie docs-use.! was
undergoing treat nifli't for an injury received while engaged in following*: his
-trade tit* machinist ill Wi.iiii|��.g.
Read our spediul d.nnout.'-.''-"
ment this weeK oil pajje st THE BBA,GOLtaBN,aC, DbcbIMB 13,
flDhe Woli-en (Bva.
the tecs of nntold diflicultiti, discour-
Kl>. V. Chambers, - Editor and Publisher
Subacriptiona ti.00 per yeer in advance:
Advertising rales mails known on request
FRIDAY. December 13, 1901.
During.the paat season that part ol
the diltriot ol N. E. Kontinay known
at ths Windermere Mining Division
has received special attention  in the
matter ol roed corns ruot ion, practically
the whole appropriation tor N.E. Kootenay being  expended on the  wagon
roads up Toby and Horse Thief creeks.
This fact has led The Outcrop to indulge in tome rather boaatful utterances
which, though intended at high praise
for our member, Hon.  W. C.  Wells,
have had an opposite effect when read
by those unacquainted with the actual
facta.   The Cranbrook Herald, for example, took The Outcrop's article ee a
text   lor a homily on the awful de
pravity of a minister who would use
the public funds to make himself solid
in his own constituency, etc.   For the
benefit of these growlers we woald call
their attention to the fact that in spite
of the faot tbat S. E. Kootenay ia well
served by railroads, tht land grants for
which havs not all corns from within
itt boundaries, the total amounts appropriated in the pait three yean for
N. E. Kootenay are only $8,600 more
than S.E. Kootenny received. Further,
during the past year when  Mr.  Wells
has been Chief Commissioner of Ltndt
aud Worka, and aa auoh waa in a position to favor this diltriot if  he so de
eirtd, the appropriation for 8.E. Kootenay was ouly 11,910 less than that
set aside lor N. E.  Kootenay.   These
figures are not io be queationed, and
anyone can terify ihem by reference
the estimates.    We presume that lhe
Herald published  its oriole withont
making due  investigation, and trust
that it will not delay in retracting itt
mistake in imputing to Hon.   W.  C
Welle a desire to prostitute his office
for the purpose of buying his seat.
eqnssh.   His cries reached h,is tether,
An Interesting Letter trt... J.I*. Smith
of Kniuloopi,
Editor Era :
Sir,���I had oocation to visit your
enterprieing little, town nol long aince
at the instance ot Mr. C. P. Price and
hit associates for the purpose of exam
ining and otherwise assisting in the
prtparation lor maiket what may be
now termed your firat coniignmint of
mica from the Big Bend country in
which thete men, I hope, will in future
operate with tucoets. Whilt in Oolden
I wae pleated to note the rery oom
mends bie Intereat taken ky your towna
people in the inauguration of ibis ue��-
induetry, which, in time, is suit to
bring your town increased trade. ]
say in time because you must under
stain that mica mining ia atill eon
sidered in eome light ts a ntw departure from- ordinary mining, especially
in Ihis country,
It aeeme, however, through ignor
ance of the real commercial value of
that mineral, tbat there has been, at it
wart, an inborn prejudice in the mind
of Iht average man againtt misaaaa
valuable mineral asset, and it it only
within the past lew years that this
rrronloua Idea hae received a check,
and the publio generally beginning to
realise ths actual commercial value of
that class of mineral.
I have devoted len consecutive yeare
to thie line pf mining, and in effort!
to educate the public in the value ol
thie mineral, during the simmer by
actual inveitlgatiout and development
ojMrationa, and with my ptn during iht
winter monthi; with what results,
those wbo hare bees closely sasocistel
with me ire beet able to tell The
gratifying aequal it, however, tbat
mica property today in our midst is i.ot
considered the unprofitable purssit it
waa held *o be Mn yeare ago, ner, fivs
years ago.   I havs stood ihe blunt in
agement and drawbacke to accomplish
what I have accomplished in gaining a
looting in the world's market for the
British Columbia mioa, which eucceed-
In capturing the Silver Medal at the
the Parle Exhibition ot 1899. My
estimation ot the value ot a good mioa
mine can be gleaned Irom the faot that
when I euoceeded in interesting eaetsrn
sspitslists, who are'now the owners,
in ths sals, I retained a good solid
fighting intereat. and they have up to
the prtttnt retained mr services ss
My experience in mica mintng, having had to operate it on a small scsls
in ths beginning, has thown that a
mica olaim is a poor man's rnins in a
fuller sense then svsn ths placer gold
diggings. By actual computation it
will bs found to cost lsss to get to
work in a mica mine than onecotld in
a placer diggings, if sluices are to be
nsed. At compared with othtr rock
mining, atttr tht mineral hai been
mined, it is tnrnsd into a commsrsinl
commodity with lets cost tban any
othsr rock mineral, the miners them-
tevet performing tht concentrating,
smelting and refining work belors it
lesree tbe mints, thut constituting ths
poor man's mine, ss they themselves
ctn perform all the work necenary to
plan it in in pure itste on the market.
As for valua, I think most any miner
would consider thai be had good properly if he wae working a propotition
from which tht smelter returns yielded
him $1,000. Now all that mica is re
quired to be worth per pound to yield
ibat amount Is 50 centt. Sixty per
cent of dreseed mica, from the average
output of a mica mine that is worth
handling, would average $1 perpsnnd,
which would be $2,000 per ton. The
other 40 per cent would likely run Irom
$1,50 to ss high as $10 ptr pound, that
is Irom $$,000 to $80,000 per ton
When it is thoroughly realised that
the miners thsmselvet csn perform sll
ths work necetssry for the conversion
ol this mineral into a commercial coin
modify, my contention ol it being s
poor man's mine will bs mors readily
nnderttood. Again, there ara few min
ing ventures ihat oiler better wages to
operating ownen than a mioa mine, as
a caralul study ot ths figures quoted
will show.     _\\\\
But it must not be Interred from
what I have aaid that any kind of
mica would be good property. In
order for mica to be considered good
properly the inintral matt poiteu cer
tsiu qualitiea. In the latt ttn j tin I
have examined and rtiorttd on at least
twenty mica discoveries in different
parts of the prorince, not one of wbich
wae I able to give a favorable report
on. Ot course, I did not examine the
locality from which the mica I taw in
Oolden wai secured, therefore I cennot
epeak of itt occurrence, hut tbe mioa
itself I have no hesitation in pronouncing of good quality. It it not as
white, bsnet not ss trontpsnnt, at the
Tete Janne Cache mioa. whioh it the
best on tbs mtrktt to day, bat iht mice
from the Big Bend hit sll the othsr
qualitiea of the Tete JauneCaohe mioa.
tough and flexible.
I judge from the quantity brought
ont, and the time devoted in securing
ths esrgo, that then must bs a itrong
lead ol mica bearing quarts from which
Ihe lot I saw came. It mutt also be
borne in mind thst unlet! tbs mica
vein is capable of producing th* mineral
in largs quantities and of large tlsss ll
cannot bs bandlsd profitably. I waa
laiiiSad with ths qusstlty of yonr
Big Bend mlsa snd th* indications
blch point to the yielding of,largs
sixe shells,
Ths opsrstlon of those mints cannot
hslp bnt add iinportauca to yonr ..town
ss a supply cent���, aa well as provs r��-
rauusrativs lo the operators.
Joiix F. Smith. ...
Kamloopa, B.C., Dec. 4, 1901.
VS TALE.      (Trt     *Q
who ran to bis sssiitanoe, and tailing
io notice a barbed wire fence, ran into
that, breaking it down, outting handful ol  flesh rrom his anatomy, and
ruining a pair of $4 pants.   Ths old
oow took advantage of tb* gap ih I he
fence and got into th* cornfields and
killed hertelf eating green corn.   Hearing tbt racket, ths wil* ran, npsel a
four-gallon ohurn full ot rloh cream
into a basket ol kittens drowning ths
hols 1st.   In Ihs hurry tht dropped a
$10 tet of false teeth.   The baby, lift
alone, crawled through th* spilt cream
onto tbe parlor ctrpet.   Ths daughter
took advantage ol Ih* exoitement to
tlops wiih ih* hired  man; th* dog
broke i p eleven titling hen* and th*
ealvrs got out and chewed th* tail* of
four Hue shirts.
Subsoribe for the Golden Era, only
Notwithstanding a widely current
rumor that the Rev. Iri E. Hicks was
dead, l.e never was in better health,
and never did a harder and mors toe-
ceiaful year's work thsn thst just
dosing. Hs has just completed his
large and splendid Atmanao for 1902,
and with his staff ol ablo hslpsrs, has
brought his journal, Word snd Works
justly forward Into international reputation. For a quarter of a century Mr.
Hlokt has grown in reputation tnd
usefulness at ths people's astronomer,
and forecaster ol ttor.nt and tht ohar-
aoter of coming sesscnt. Never wss
his weather forecasts to tought after as
now, his timely warning of a serious
drouth this year having saved the
IS'pls from ton and suffering. Mil.
lions of bushels ol wheat wen harvested through his advice to plant cropt
that would mature early, Th* American people will certainly stand by Prol.
Hicks, whtn it coits tbem to little tnd
the benefits an ao great. Hia fine Al
manac of 200 pagea -ilio. and
his splendid family journal is only $1
a j ear including the Almanac. 8end
to Word and Works Pub. Co., 2201
Locust street, St. Louis. Mo
R.marknbl. R.aalta Front Dr. Clarke'i
Wond.rfial Llttl* Had Pillt.
To tbt Editor ol tht Era':
Sir,���I wat troubled with rheumatism
for shoot eight yean, and tried a gnat
number of different, kinds at medicine*
without getting rtlief. Laat spring I
became worss and I conld hardly walk.
It was tlien that I tried Dr. Clarks's
Wonderful Little Bed Pills, and two
boxes oured ms completely. I bar*
had no rheumatism sine* taking tbi*.
I tta 82 ytar* 61 age, and oan walk
���ow quits smartly, thank*' to this
remedy wonder.���Mrs. Paul McDonald,
Zden Lake, Plcton Co, N.S.
"We havs yet to know ot a single oat*
whtn this* wonderful pills bars not
been almott entirely tuccesiful In *(���
fecting a enn.-CANADA CHEMI
CAL CO., Peterborough, Ont.
They oured mc of rheumatism after I
had been given up.-Andnw Closksv,
Victoria, B,C.
Ex Aid. Btilsy, St. Johns, wrlttt:
cannot tpsak too highly ot Dr.
Clarke's Wonderful Littl* Bed Pillt.
They worked s miracle In my osss and
oured me after many yeare of lufferlng.
I-do not think tbeir equal I* to ba
Nothlnk ilka Dr. Clarks's Littls Red
Pilla for ths oun ol heart tronble,
weakness and blood diseases. Have
used them everywhen with success. -
Dr. E. F. Mann, late of H. M. Forest,
South Africa,
Dr. Clarke's Littls Bed Pills permanently cured me of headache. I
eufferod for yean, and only took two
boxes. That is year ago. -1 hav* not-
had a symptom since. - JamesE.Jack-
son, Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
I do not believe then is a msdiclne
to compare with Dr. Clarke's Little
Htd Pills. Thsy ound me of Indigestion and catarrh of the stomach after
nins years' suffering. - H. 8. Macdon
tld, G T.B shopt, Montreal.
Oalargy,  Alta,
Pianos Organs
��� '���**
Stringed Instruments
Anything wanted in the musical line can be obtainet
from this firm.   They sell all the leading makes
of Pianos and Organs.   Send for Catalogue.
Columbia River Lumber Qp
.' Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Haa no Rllmmar *f truth In It
whon It matuia a aubatltut*
. for Dr. Afnaw-a OtnlmonL
There tre cues on record when men and
women mo ban saffered untpsskibli tor.
lun from pilot; whin all kinds of remedie.
have bstn applied; whim lbs tarpon's
knife hat b*tn resorted loss the only hops;
 ��� . - - viitgoodoT^
A mtn wbo was too economies! to
subscribe tor his homo paper sent his
Hull boy to borrow th* copy taken by
his neighbor, In his hastt tht boy
ran over a stsnd of bet's and in ton
minutes looked liks a warty summer
Mrs. Mauvorat Smith ofton did
wbtn electricity hit tried
bill without any permanent cun; aad Dr.
Agnew's Ointment, ss the Uii retort, has
imd oMf��d hor he-art.
"I wtt ler two year* s great taStrar from
bran trouble. At tlmsn I wai cocdSiwl to best,
tt limes my pain was se intents that I sjroeld
bare welcomed death with Joy. I wai
lo Dr. Agnew's Cure for tho Heart by
Statesmanlike ��p*ok at tbt Galldhall
Banquet by tbn Prlaet of Walei.
Loudon, Dto. 6-Tbt visit of ths
Prince,and Princess of- Walei ts tht
city yeeterday evoked demotiitrationa
ot loyalty worthy of the best traditions
of ihs cspital of tht British Empire.
Il wae the fint royal visit to ths oity
since the accession of the King, and
tbs citlsens ross to ths' height of such
an unique occasion. The feature of
th* occasion was Ihs tpeech ol th*
Prinoe of Wales in the Ouildhall In
responds to th* teas! of his health.
The statesmanlike tones ot his remarks
astonished Ihs assembled guests. He
spokeln wsnn tones of the loyalty,
affection and enthusiasm whioh invariably characterised the welcome extended iotheP'inceeaund himself throughout their 4s,000 miles' tour. He referred to tho journey across Oanada,
which enabled them to see something
ot ths matchless scenery of that vast
territory, lhe richness of lis soil snd
its boundless prosperity. They saw,
too, ihs successss which orowued th*
efforts which hsvs been made to weld
Into on* community th* people of two
gnat races reeldiag than. If he wen
stksd lo ipseify anv particular Imprat
slon derived tram th* tour, he would
unhetiittingly pise* btfon all othsn
that of th* loyalty to th* Crown, and
attiohinent lo th* Old Country, I
wore'he to seek for ths oauses whisk
bad mated and tottered that spirit hs
would attribute thsm in a largs dtgret
to tb* lift and example of Queen Victoria, After expressing hi* appro!*,
iioa of tbs military services rendered
���o tb* Eiopln by tb* colonies, th*
Priaat poinl��4 out thai it Gnat Brittle
wishsd io bold bsr own against fortlgn-
*r* in lbs commerce world, sbs mutt
tak* * Ivan tagsdt lbs mltortl wealth
and vest expanse of virgin soli in th*
colonies, snd ssnd tht surplus population of her oittes to lies thsn under
httlfby condition!, liberal laws snd
free institutions.
Dr. Clarke'. Little Bail Pills ate a
positive and certain euro for la giippe,
rhuematiam,aaihma.paralysis, catarrh
eccems, cougbt, backache, indigestion
sll stomach snd liver troubles, female
complaints even wheu th* diaeasea bave
been standing lor many yssrs, ths most
stubborn oases will yield. "Price 60
cents per box.   For ttlt by C. W.Field.
Tbe Canadian Chemical Company,
Peterborough. Out., will forfeit" 110 for
any oat* that these pills do not help.
Dr. ClatJte't Sure Cun for (,'atarrah
and Dr. Clark*'* Snn Cun for Ecxema,
tame price. Tan dollars will bs paid
for sny case they will not permanently
IN THI COUNTY COUBT OF KOOTENAI*, holden st Golden, B.C., between
Ctrlln A Wyekoff, Merchant., of Field,
B.C.. Plaintiffs,
Napoleon Wells, railway employe*, of
Field, B.C., Defesdent.        *      *
Te Ntpoleon Wilis, Ihe thtn tamed defend
TAKE NOTICE that a Default Sammena
���*���   and Plaint hii ham lataed eel ef tbit
Court tgtiust yea ia an action onlered
against you by Carlin k Wyekoff, of Field.
B.C., Mtrcbtnts, to recover the turn of 161.00
being fer gooda told sad delivered by la*
above named plaintiffs lo you tbt Mid dtftnd-
snt, snd that in pursuance of sa order of Hie
Honor Judge Foris, yea are required withia
thirty days from tke Hrat publication of this
notice in the Ooliiik t*A nmtpaper, to
Ik) your diipote. if ssy, wilh ths Raarlstrir
of tbli Court at Ooldtn, ollwrsvuse JsJgniint
mty bs entered against yon.
Dated tbia (tk day of DSumber, 1J01.
Registrar of the County Courtt
INAY.bcMenttGhildsm, B.C., between
Cerlia k Wyekoff, Merekaali, of Fltld,
B. C, Plaintiffs,
snd BL,
To David Walker, lb* above sameddetead
T-iU NOT1CI thtt ��� Dstaalt Suma-oa.
���*-  sad pUiathae Mia lessjed.sol of this
Hit Honor Judge Ferln. yon on required
within, thirty dan frem tbt Slit pnblicsllon
ol this setles In theGOLDBX Km sswtniptr
te tU* yesr dltputt, If sny, with thsKsgUlrir
.....   �� ,-. a- .jfamfii jaigmmt
bet, an.
t. C. LANG,
Btglttotr of Ibe'Csylty Court.
MANUFACTURERS OF fofal $j||g(   Qfc f
ALL KINDS OF    ..    ��. *       ?���*,
 Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-+ Hills at Golden, Beaver and Kttalt. +
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cain.
���RAD OFFICK. - - GOLDEN, li. O.
Sash & Door Machine
Factory... Shop...
Eat-lae *ut atolls** tfmtitlmg A ������Mclalty.
Bryant & Gilman,
W. P��LL��w-HA��var, F.C.8., M.I.M.
CaoiL M. Bbtaht, A.R.8.M.. A.Llf.
E. Philip Oilmam, A.B.S.M.F.O.S.
Fravlaelal Aaaayera.
Tire Vancouver Assay Office & Ore Testing Wort
Reporti on Mine* snd Metsllurgiesl and Milling Proceties.
Viotoria Office: 4 View street (Opposite Drlard Hotel.) VSIlCOllVfi
Shipping tags may be had free at the Era Office.
FOR $12.00.
Nlckle movement
in 3 oz. case.
the JeWeller
-**-*-****t**m~tmmiimi''l }\!m'am t"
Golden. B.O.
**1*mun**A-*mt***1.lm*i>y tur
e***m*****-l***i Ns*rvitiaj,sTM��*l
WM1   K   wnet TmnT  XmV0f
it win a* f*
For one etas has .ulTered aa I have for over
tin ytar. hem tmvom prattratio*, aad having,
spent nearly alt ji hosMSMd In doctor Wlla wit*.
o-lasil t*��sWMM rsshef, voir can Irnagim -bat
ol. a God-wit MtMlag
prswsdltsnisglc���s*neappljealloo boa given   $*_-n��
niiaf. ThtwabT^tbar ������ Jutt a* ���jo*d.M j ~��!**.
*mt[   IWt take chances. $,    l"1*"'
^  sa.BtMlh AmeHcsa
"KTOsi's��l5hrralsan��J.wOT OucTeet; Ncsvine-kaibs-a Mire,  lot Cni fow do��t
iw ne reHef in w sninuls*   Alter using fear, gave me |nat relief.   Il took six botllcs In aU
���   ���canl*ldt^Inev-rl*UtltlterIlls-ly,- ���  �����  *-
Sold by C. W,, Field.
Sold by C. W,
lo cure me; but I IWI 1 am csired lo suy osnas,
--Mrt.s>o.Armstrsi<��sOrllllt,Onl.        ft
B.C., Plaint.
_ or BOOT-
, B.C., ketsvetfi
���sate, of rieli.
A. W. Qrl*rs*B, rsHeiky swipioyee, of
Field, B if,., DsMadant.
To A. W. tlfttrsea, thetbov* aamsnl Defeai*
tnt* ������ i'
TAKE NOTICF tlialadelsiilt sumMnss snd
,   pininl hst betn laauesl smt of this Ooun
on,is. ass autism wnreresl against y
���'Wyekoff, uf-Field.  B. (*.. Mtr*
��r lbs siiiii of l*).W, hrlag)
i.��a*tlsd d#ert.l bfm *!_��*�����
__ nb*n|ito j-Wu lbs* said deMsat,
sail thatisi puttusMce of nu order of Hit
Honor Judge F'sjjn- fr^^^^^^^^^^
Sddayv Iraigikt
di.pi..*,ir*ny, *m:^ttr\m
Ceart at OeH-niyMli��)fWe*.iii��l��	
eattred againtt ys��.
.Dated this (th diy et December, m.
la sMktag ehoum ot* Bremlum far
.Mr vreakky for tttiaon 1W1-02 tfea
Ita* Ntat, Winnipeg, hav* secaiad
tetiMtMng quits out et tk* ardlaary.
Csrtndslerallon ol tha valu* to la*
fanners ot Westaras sCanada of aa ao-
oitrato IMnnsjaarttr ' aad a istlltMt
boranotsts. M to naastlatiaM vrli* tkt
largest arsksrs et obtervstory la*
strunsnls sal appllaooet In America,
aad as a (���tutt'of tboet,rngsMlaUoa*
thert bo* been oetolned X large number of accurals and rettable osraMnosI
thtnnonmeters sad boronjetert. watob
bavt been tetted carefully, attar bektg
maa** especially to.'Svlts*Jie exlrsraitt
ot climate met with In (hit country.
Th* barometer le rutrtn,tss**d to Indies t�� stmosphwlo changes oomectly
and 'tbt .rliirmoinsnar to rerlttsr ten)-
pemruref dov-n <��� sW dtgrtt* betov.
-These handsome Instrumenta, Indls-
ptaeoU* in every home In Weetern
(Jsnads, wtll be eent free te any per-
asa"IttrwatsMag 11.00 ler lbs Weekly
IVsM Pf**)*. * r
Indispensable ia   ; s
 -Every Home
| Thermometer
mtny ��� itoinach aoffanr bat
One who set usted ikero aay.1
yuu sir reqiilred vrlthla I *They-rea dclIglMiUI aiid.pnit.ve enntsd ore
sislilicttiei. of ajle lisallct [ytng ^longWl ssrsat'I THes/'nit luisdy io carry.
befort tad after tsting er al aay Uase
Bbstytsutu, u<
Sold by O. W. Fhjld.
I alter sating er si any llase
el dmreis n lhe alfttir-'h.
Wort*. 11.00, specially .'****, -
meet Ike climatic coadlttoas alt.
Weatera Canada, will bs   seat
free m srery yearly eupecrlber
Oat out nut advtrtltesBtat .
aad '*rwM to Free.Prws with '
seas ****** m* rtait-fe weekly ,
nee -frtes jt* eao rear togm,-
Th* Oovtrnmtat, hae referred tb
olaim of Mntr* Mdbui* A Mona I
connsotlon witb lb* lubon Railw*
eontraat, ��*MMtt-ig lo s$S09,T1T wM


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