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The Golden Era Jun 30, 1899

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Array J
The Oolden Bra,'
Ha. been appointed tht Cfeatti
tor "North East Kooteoty for
Dominion tnd Provincial Oot-
ernment notices tnd advertisements.   Publiibed by
Taa Got/onx Era C, loo., L*.,
���old*-*****,, B.O.
<M rmum
the Golden Era
Il the most widely circulaetd ana
best advertising medium in Esse
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is nad by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders tnd lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 pet Annum
In Advance  ......
VOL. Fill NO. 48.
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE SO,    1899.
$2 Per Year
H. G. Parson,
Bas a
Quality High.   Prices Low.
Of All Kinds.
Map   of   The   l^outc,
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Go.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Oolden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at whioh point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to tbe Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds. Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
fiot and Bold Baths.
Ullock Se Berry,
���MM Frefiietere,
fat/ft /Troy qoloef/
pL\ct\ cL^injs
-J5 Vtf/ff Ct/rOfO&A/r C/{����Ar*.
ciiTAMea about tee mits moat ooMAie.
at oo      ,tt      ..      oo     ooteti*.
*,. **      at-.o     ..      oo    ArAM.boas.
������        -MO        #0        M     COMOHTOML
m nut*. r*a.o auv.
The Opposition people are (all of vi
tuperation over some disturbance at
thi Macintosh banquet in Ronelaiid
whirs the Hon. Jos. Martin was Insul*
ed (or saying tbat if he hid been sn
Ameriosn at the opening of the war of
Independence he would hare shouldered
irmi igaiuat England. It appears
tbat some of the sham swills of ltoss*
land seised upon this as an opportunity
lo insult Mr. Martin, end he naturally
resented the insult. Mr. Martin only
espresssd a sentiment similar to that
of Britain's most eminent statesman,
the Earl of  Chatham, when he said:
If I were lu American as I lit an
Buglishman I would never lay down
my arms, never, never, never!" Iu
taking ibe course of proteet which they
did, the hoboes of Uossland, who
wen the prime cause of tbe disturbance,
only showed thelt gross ignorancs of
viiwi held ind justified by saen ths
letchet of whoss iboes they were unworthy to anion, nnd whin the Attor-
my-ginersl reminded them that tbe
horney-hendod miners were the backbone of thi country, and the men
whoee friendship be esteemed most, he
���truck an attitude which will be reechoed itt the hwrti of tbe people.
Lord Strathcona le no narrow-minded cltiien ot the Dominion of Canada.
Al * practical expression of hll appreciation if thi splendid services render-
id to thi Dominion by Sir Wilfred
"Courier, Lord Strathcona has mil a
cheque for 410.000 as his subscription
toward! tbe testimonial fund of tlOO,-
900 with which the Liberal party pro-
poee to present Sir Wilfred.
Thi C.P.R, deserve great credit for
thf exoellent manner in which they
ban utibllshsd thi Imperial Limited.
Sharp on time ai a rule, prompt In
dwpatch, .nd.fflcient In iti service the
Imperial Limited il probably a world-
beater, considering the length of road
it hll to traverse.
The worker! of Rutland liavi announced thels intention of giving a
grind reception and banquet to the
Hon. Jos. Martin, evidently by way
ot showing the relative values placed
on -the Attorney-General end those
who insulted him it the Molntosb
banquet. The ill they brew it Rosalind wai too strong on thit oocaaion,
Thi Lanrlir Oovernmint hi! bin
notable for om thing, ud thit hu
bun in laudable desire to Improve the
condition of thi settlers, ud to lessen
tht dlftonltlM nsdw whioh. thsy libor.
Another boon which has been o inferred
ia the right of settlers to the full aud
free use of the timber on tbeir holdings.
Colorado haa ad-ipt-d an 8-honr day
similar to that wh ch is causing so
muoh trouble In British Columbia.
The eight-hour day for miners is a
recognised institution in Britain and
the Australian colonies, and there is
no trouble there over it because it is
considered aod found by experience to
be the best system ot labor in a mine.
First Sitting In Golden.
The first sitting of the County Court
in Golden was held at tho Columbia
Hall on 21st inst., Judge Forin presiding. Tbere wus a budget of oases and
a large attendants of the publie, to
whom the first sitting supplied ample
entertainment, by its many comical
features, the Judge being in the best of
humor and proving himself a good
rival of Mark Twain by hia ready wit.
The following casus were heard: ���
Stewart k Co. vs. McDermot, remitted
from Supreme Court at Vutioonver,
claim 1147. 0. S. MuCarlor for defendant, who, disputsd tbe quality oi
the goods and the avraiinsmout, and
Hll Houor gave judgment for plaintiffs
for the amount claimed and costs, lens
150, amount of Scttrfoi-th k Biigh's
MiiD-irmot vs. Atclioion, cliiim of
$254,114. O. 8. McCarter for plaintiff,
J. If. Saott for defendant. Judgment
for plaintiff tor claim and costs, less
$60 credits previously omitted.
Love ye. Wild, claim for tii balance
of account. . Mr. 8*tott for plaintiff fur
whom judgment was given with costs.
H. O. Parson vs. Greene, olalm of
1864.62 for gas machine supplied. G.
ti. McCarter for plaintiff, J. M. Scott
fer defendant, who contended the machine was not up to representation.
Judgment for plaintiff less 620 md
A. Oraiuger Vs. Cartwright and H.
O. Parson, praying for an order for
Cartwright to return olaim, which
plaintiff had Instructed him to stake,
and $1000 damages against II. G. Par-
ion for sale of claim to third parties.
Same vs. H. G. Parson and London
k Vancouver Finance and Development
Company. G. S. McCarter for de-
fendanta In both cases. The first oaso
was dlsmlissd with costs against
plaintiff ud in tbe swood case au
adjournment was granted wilh withdrawal of lotion against ths Company.
Several judgment summons mm
win alti heard,
What They Thick of tha
Another party from Tete Jauno
Cache arrived in Golden ou Friday
last and will again outfit in Golden
and return at an early date. The
party consists of 0. B. McLaughlin,
F. A. Jackson, and P. R. Neal, and
they were accompanied by T. Pluukott
who went in last fall from Donald.
These pioneers went in from Edmonton last fall. Jackson accompanied
tbo Dominion Geologist, Mr. McEvoy,
on bis tour ef exploration in tbe Yel-
lowhead Puss and it was wbat he saw
on that expedition that determined
him to return to the Cache last fall.
He is the writer of tha fainon, letter
whieh lias caused ths Btampede from
Edmonton, and ho says he wrote that
lotter in perfect good faith, believing
every word lie wrote from what he
was told by ths men in the camp
The party were 12 days on the trip
out from Tote JiiuncCnclie, but lost some
time on tho way. The fact that Edmonton people come out tu Golden le
otuHi. aud iniko tins their liead-quar-
t.l-s shows what wo have along contended for, tliat Golden affords the key
to the uorthoro country and provides
the best lnnd or water route to be got.
Tiie party brought out nine pack-
horse;* and two mules with thnn but
ha 1 very bad luck at Donald, where
two mules uud three of their horses
wsre killed on the railway track by a
passing tralo and fresh horses will
have to bo bought before tho return
journey ean be begun. The party
found tbo trail from the Cache to
Golden in excellent condition with the
exception ol thirty miles at Kinbatket
Lake, where ths ground is soft and
marshy, and some corduroy work is
urgently wauted to put the trail in
good shape. The trail also requires
clearing of fallen timber, and some of
the bridges are In a dangerous state.
The party mot Archdeacon McKay
at Starvation Camp, where he was ou
Ills way along the Fraser with a view
to prospeoting Baptiste river.
At Wood river they met the parties
from Golden and W. Dainard and F.
Holliday had succeeded In finding an
exoellent ilti for a bridge over Wood
river, end wen about to Hart to pnt it
in il thie left.
Frank Fulton wm well ud wm*
assisting the parties from here to pack
in their supplies.
The party consider tbe Tote Jaune
Cache country an excellent country to
prospect in and they found the prospects favorable. Tbey consider, bow-
ever, that the true gold value of the
placer ground cannot be ascertained
till they can strike bed-rock, but they
are so satisfied with the rim-ruck prospects that they have decided to return
as soon aa possible and believe tbey
have every reason to hope to find seme-
thing good,
Archdeacon McKay expressed to
them the opinion that the better gold
would bo found along the Fraser north
of Tete Jaune Cache than at Swift
Current, and this opinion is generally
shared by the most experienced placer
miners now on the ground.
This party confirms the repoits of
free-milling gold quartz to be found in
the district and they brought in some
good samples which were seut forward
for assay.
The following is the school report
for month of Juue :
Fifth Class ���1 Laura Kenny, 2
Walter Houston.
Fourrh Class-1 Willie Houston, 2
Ernest Sutherland.
Senior Third -1 Lottie Woodley, 2
Salute Johnson.
Junior Third ���1 Tom Stephens, 2
Roy Hanna.
Second Class ���1 Allan Hanna, 2
Katie Pughs.
First Class-1 Bsrtie Miller, 2 Harold Tom.
II. Primer���1 Maggie Mcintosh, 2
Louisa Marsan.
I Primer���1 Louisa Antoya, 2 Vivian Nattr.ss.
Tablet Class-1 Ethel Pughe, 2
Ethel Stephens.
Honor Roll for tbe voar��� Deportment. Jack Parsons; Punctuality and
Regularity, Katie Kenny ; Proficiency,
Walter Houston.
The school dosed on Friday till
August 14th.
Working Sight and Day
The busiest and mightiest I'ttle thing
that, was ever made is Dr. King'e New
Life Pills. Every -pill is a sugar-coat.
ed globule of health, that changes
weakness into strength, liitlessnes*
into energy, brain-fag into meetal
power. They're wonderful In bnilding
np the health. Only 25o. per box. Sold
by ill Druggiiti. $
Oo Wednesday morning an inttorest-
iug event wm oelebrafed at the resit
donee of Mrs. Lang when the IUt. H.
B. Turner performed the marriage ceremony, uniting in wedlock the Hon. r\
W. Aylmer and Miss Lang. The wedding wan a strictly private affair and
the friehd'fi of the bride and bridegroout
were taken completely by surprise
-vhen lhe news spread. Both Mr.
Aylmei' and his bride are widely knowft
aud popular throughout the district
and their many friends will unite with
us in wishing them a long and happy
wedded life. Tlio Hon. F. W. and
Mrs. Aylmer left for Banff on their
honeymoon trip, immediately after
the ceremony.
On Thursday, Juno 22nd, the re"-
maining few of the inhabitants of
Donald witnessed the union of twd
youqg people at St. Peter's Church-,
Mr. Lyman Warner and Mies Louisa
May Sinclair Evans, The proverbial
sunshine blessed the happy bride, as
she drove to thd church accompanied
by her brother-in-law, Mr, Penzer,
who jaye her away. The bride was
tastefully attired ih a grey travelling
dress, aud was attended by her brides1
maid, Miss Dunne, aud her youthful
neice aud nephew Miss Alice and Master Seymour Panzer, dressed in white*,
and carrying beautiful baskets of
flowers. As the entered at the west
door, probably the last bride to walk
up the aisle of St. Peter's Church*,
while it remains at Donald, the hymn,
''The voice that breathed o'er Eden,'
was sung by the assembled -"on^r'j-ga-
tion. At the chancel Btep. wharo thd
bridegroom, attended by his best man-,
Mr. Bison, awaited her, tho beau:
tiful marriage service of tbe Church of
England was said, and the hew untried
life was begun. At the conclusion of
the service the pair, now united, retraced their steps, to the strains of
Mendelssohn's Wedding March, io thtf
west door, wber'o their carriage was
waiting to take them to the residence'
ol Mr. Panzer, where lukich whs partaken of. Mrs. Penzer held a reception in the afternoon, Jfiving an oppor-
tntiity to tbe ladies of Donald to offer
their congratulations to the happy
pair, who loft on the evening train for
the coast.
Brave Hou Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kid-*
ney troubles as V/r-ll as women, and all
feel tho Results in loss of appetite)
poisons in the blood, backache, nervousness, headache and tired listless*
run-down feeling. Gat there's no need
to feel like that. Listen to J. W. Gardner, Idaville, Ind. Ho says: "Electric Bitters are just the thing for a
mun when he is all run down* and
don't care whether ho lives or dies. It
did more to give me new strength and
good appetite than anything I could
take. I can now eat anything and
have a nGw lease on life " Only 50
cents, at any Drug Store. Every bottk
guaranteed. 8
(From our Own Correspondent.)
Lots are ooming into demand at
Athalmer. Mr. Hunter, from West
Kootenay, who was on a visit to tho
district last week with n view to picking up a good locution selected Athalmer, und paid $100 for a lot, double
the price at which the lot was acquired
from thu owners of thoTowDsito, two
months age.
Hon. P. W, Aylmer has let the contract for clearing ths main street from
the bridge site to the bench and has
also urranged to clear a street to the
south so as to give n view of Winder-
more Lake. These itnprovoraents show
the confidence of tho owners in the
future of their townsite.
A petition has been forwarded to the
Government by residents and prospectors in and about Athalmer, asking
that an otlicer be appointed at Athalmer to receive papers and documents
for tho Mining Record oifice and also
with power to issue minors licenses,
The petirion was signed by over 60
persons, iooluding several residents of
F. Dargis hu added a commodious
bar-room to Athalmer Hou.su.
The sawmill building is now well in
hand and a roof has boon built to protect the machinery. Tho boom ti also
full of logs, and the mill is running
full time.
Beats tha Klondike*
Mr. A. C. Thomas, of Marysville,
Tex., has found a more valuable discovery than has yet been made In tho
Klondike. For years he suffered untold ngony from consumption, accompanied by hemorrhages, and was absolutely cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption. Coughs and
Colds. Ho declares that gold is of lil tie
value in comparison with this marvelous cure; would have it, even if it cost
ft hundred dollars a bottle. Asthma,
Bronchitis and all threat and lung
affections are positively cured by Dr.
King's New Discovery for Cora-sump-
tion. Sold at any Drug Store. lingular size 50 conts and tl.CO. Guar-
anteed to cure or price refunded,        9 To Advertisers and Subscribers.
______<______<_it______���,MMMlfinn | il" "| ..Ws��������
Filipinos uttacked the L". 8, fortes
from the rear; 5 Americans were kill-
-     - ��l and 20 wouuded.
The GOLDEN KRA in ^MWtfiH^SLiE*     Alex. WolMwaltl *s gold train from El
&��U'Zyhod.wT'* ' 7  spsi^nsss"* ��' *�� wu"!8'
Submrli-tlim Kalis :   ,1*110 l��-i* annam IS 11*-
Whilo all reasji-sU. car. ��1U be lakcu, lb.
pni|iri.t��> will uot I.i- rcSBcnslblB lor any
dUWllon or on-or lu miy nJv.-rlis-'iiieiil.
all account, to Le imid lo tb**, Man.*!.1!!
Dlrecter.orM. nuthorlnil ts*"' "f ""'""
the ctmnianv's receipt will lie ..I'tai-icu.
Advertl-Shs rates: Dis|liv sos-.tW MJ
column lui-lii Legal lids...' HSftJf ' '��.,or
first Insertion. II cents fur curl, nililiiumal Insertion! Kestlii.g noilces. li spits uer line Won
inte. Lnnd unit ra'n-ral I Crown'I.ranl )
nol lee-i same as Government Os*_t.s _U-��'*   ,
AU biuln.-M cominunlralioui should �� aa*
ilrns.il to thr Uancg.rir Iilni-lor.aiiil a Hillary railiraillili-allrau.le.l.l-. for I'"1'"'""'}"" '"
news lti-ins .lioulil Ih' iKl.lr.-w.-il to III" Editor.
Corrnmnideiicc i�� im-tird "ii iiiain-i*. <f -niMio
iiitnat. but to secure ind .lli-albui �����'*�� letter.
iiiii.i he lirlcf. In lb.' case "' .iii'.'iiyniom letter.
Ibe name und nildn-.a ol Ilia writer mint be en*
elo.ed.mil tor iiublloullmi, bm .'-r the private
inloriiiatloii ot Ibe alitor awl ��l suaranlee ol
��.K,.l faith. All) teller r��-elv.llbll'TI|)���� �� ��d*
UMday will lis.'- lo .laud ..ver III! Ibe fullowlllg
Tie Golden Era Co. Limited Liability.
i'l'ltlity, .Puih' '���''>���
L'lliiitu    at
i-ltow fever
lined   (or
Utlj'lil    City     ih'fi'atnl    Ml
V. 8. troops uro ilylim ��'
nt Santiago.
Oarberry inrl club lipid "
roct'  iticrlliiK.
A   WlimlKK Olilimilinn   **o
t-i'iiiiiu- nplunb
A lanp-crowd wi'lconied Itmlyanl Kt;-
llng ut Liverpool.
lii'iijuinln Parrott, -i llninilt.ni. Out.
will lu* Iwngt-d to.rlu)'*.
The Wiiiiiijuv cricket eluli doToatod tlio
Portage la I'ralrio playora.
Several attrmjitri wero mucte tn burn
the  town ����t   KiugsviUe, Out,
The prltion at itviincs i* IioIiik strength*
ptiod for the safety ��>f Dreyfus.
Tlio Kim Ufa lias boen Imilly ileleatod by
natives friendly tn tbo iiiitbdi.
The U. s. tninpH in tlio LMilllpphies
oapttirod a  Filipino brass band*
An (Tddltlonal lioliilay train "ill lie run
ii'iwceu Itat Poclagt ami N'lnalEeg.
Courts ��f revision on the Winnipeg
voters' IImIm have, been announced.
The Toronto Argonauts liavo arrived
ut Hen ley und aro taking praeUofl aulas.
Senator Waldock.lt nsfleaii fam com-
pleletl hlH (urination odi Frenoh cabinet.
I'romliT firi'i'invjiv wait Interviewed
Chicago mi tin- Alaskan iiuundary <iuca*
Tin- firs! Imperial Limited trains ur-
rived at Voutoitver and Montreal oi
.\l. caslmir* Porter will give actuation-
ul evidence favorable to Ureytus at tho
coming trlul.
A. V. i'ultoe has boon nominated liy
thn lutior men :is a puiulldnte ut the
Winnipeg !>yo*cloctlon.
The Filipino women have notified den.
Otis that they will uiiitiniie tbo tight
when nil tiie men nre Mlled.
lt linn beon decided to prtwont r-lr Wilfrid Lam-iei- with ?25.00U; tho balance of
the testimonial v. Ill bo In vested.
Tlio city council ol Wtnnlretf will lia*
an (irfiiini canvas o(   tho city made lo
securu accommodation for (alt visitors.
1ms reaclieu I>a wton
A htuteinent of th? prOftiut Mninoiu
tltuation was made by tlvi German
minister of foreign affairs.
A circular announcing uew u.'lleuil
positions has been Issued from th*? C.
P. It.  freight department.
Protestors Luggar anil Fletcher gave
n description ol their visit to southern
Manitoba to the locust haunts.
The Dominion govern went bus appointed three comtntftiiuiiors to no to
Knglann ou tho Pacific cuble pio-
Yellow fever Iihh broken
.iunr 'it.
fn   Sun*
Itndyaril Kipling has arrived In lho
old country.
The Australians dolejilod Oxford tiii!
rerslty at crlelcot.
Chinumen lu Wlnnlpeff WOI'O cbnrgetl
wiih lulling opium.
aen. Miles win take command of the
U. S. I'liilippliie forces.
Several more towns in  Wisconsin have
���Hit-Bred IronT-a   ton-mrtn.
The St. Heats Indium* elected iwelve
eldets Without (listurhnnce.
The Dank of Montreal M'Citrc.1 the
tU,000,000 city of   Montreal loan.
Emperor William's ynclit rue-.1 from
Dover io Heligoland im*- fltilshed.
The Khalifa has crossed the While Nile
boltrtv Khartoum with 110,1100 men.
The contract r.��r the \*nuoonvec drill
hull. 1,1 vast 970,000, hns lurn signed.
O001I rfptirtH continue i*> ,',��no in from
the Onilclaii coloiiles t.i ihe government
Uritlsh men ol war huve left for Day
Maud*. Mid., t��> Inquire into French
Drivers nf Clilcagn mall ivagotis were
arrested charged ivltli nleiiMn�� thousands of   letter*.
A cyclone struck the  -Hi end of  .St.
George's Island, Lake \Vlnnli>e��. nud
damaged buildings.
A contract has boen awarded for u
fast KteuiiiKhip service hoiween Canada
uud the West Indies.
M. llourgeniH has declined the lank ������(
forming a French cuhim-l, aud M. Hel-
enete will now try his hand.
The Dfniiiiii'iii government will iulro.
diiee leglxtailon this -hphkIoi) providing
for uniform ninnim; ruleN on nil rail-
The Uritlsh government will spend
$110,000,000 for defences nt homo and
uhrond. For Halifax f200,000 l�� up-
The U. S. Philippine commission Tins
proved a failure, ami the trmijis ure mire
to he driven back lo Manila during the
,wet  season.
WrriiifMlit.Y, June 111,
Tho emperor of Austria Is serious.
ly, ill.
The Scott Act wns repealed iu Drome,
<i ne hoc.
Maher kWicked Morrison out In the
first round.
The Liberals of Woodlands organized
an association.
A boll storm Injured crops in lhe Mac
donnld, Man., dlutrk-t.
Mr. Wilkes, a wealthy man of the Gall,
Ont., district, Is  dead.
.street car employees in Ariton, Ohio,
havo gone oiit on etrlke.
A builders' strike is on in Scranton,
Pa;, and 2,000 men are Idle,
The Northern Pacific rond race in
Winnipeg wns run in   the rain.
i)r. Summers, n noted yellow fever export, committed Hiilcide In   SI.  l.onfH.
The I'ort 1'leken. Fin.. mngaililB blew
11.", killing one man ami iiijni-hii; hiiir.
Tho Presbyterian assembly committee
reported fuvoruldy oh the *Jl)lh century
Dawson City la unid to ht- (llled with
idle men looking for work nl smnll
The Australian colonies voted on foil-
erutlon yosterdnj; New Soiilh Wales fuv-
ored 11.
Tlm petition   ngnlnsi ,1. u,    Darber,
Liberal memher  for    Hall   Im!
Mr. D. Ti. Mnnu states the Ounadu
Northern   rnilway   will   bo extended    t��
General Whoaion'i-t wh.de command hn-
Iwen sent against I'oros des Marluus, li
the riilllpplncs.
Thn Jury disagreed In the case of Louis
Dollcuu, of Hull, chanted with murder,
lug bis step.daughter.
Three iiUnern were killed uud one hadly
Injured at tbe Dlnck Sturgeon mine necl.
dent, near lint 1'ortage.
Wlnnlneg clllieint hold n tmb)|b meeting to look over the urconinuidullon of
visitors during fair week.
The old historic St. John's l��ys' college Is being torn down t.i mnke way
for tho cemetery  enlargement.
Love bus a long way to go to reach
the heart of the modern up ��� to - dute
young man. When he looks for u
wife, he expects n good deal. Probably
he expects more than he deserves.
He wants
good looks,
Igood sense,
good nature,
good health.
They usually j(o together. An
observing man
learns that a
-sTwotnan who is phys-
L iudly weak und nerv-
fo* ous uud incupalde, is
likely to lie ill-natured too. The sweetest temper is ruined
by continual sickness,
A woman whose nerves are constantly
rucked and dragged by dchilitutiirg drains
ami inflammation, cannot ho a genial com.
puuiou or happy wife; and she is totally
unfitted to be a "mother.
These troubles prevail almost universally among women largely liecnuse of
carelessness anil neglect. There is no
need of them, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a positive specific for the weaknesses and diseases of the feminine organism. It cures them radically and
completely. It heals, strengthens and
purines. It is the only scientific remedy
devised for this special purpose by an
educated, skilled physician. It is the only
medicine thut makes motherhood easy
und absolutely sale.
Its sale, through dealers in medicines
exceeds the combined side of all other
medicines for women. It nets directly
and only on the child-bearing organism.
It allays inflammation, soothes piiiu,
heals ulceration ami gives the tortured
nerves a rest. Il does nway with the
discomforts of the expectant period and
makes baby's coming easy aim comparatively painless. Thousands of women
have testified to its wonderful virtues.
All good druggists sell it and honest
dealers will not offer inferior substitute
for the sake of a little extra profit. Dr.
Pierce has been for thirty years chief
consulting physician of tiie famous Iu-
valids' Hotel und Surgical Institute, ut
Buffalo, X. Y. His reputation as u
skill ���'! specialist in woman's -ailments ij
Miss Uturetta McNees, of Rrtio |p, O.
Box 723), Washoe Co., New, writes, "1
have discontinued taking the 'Prescilp-
tion' and will not take nny more (at present). Last month I had uo pain at all nud
worked every day without any inconvenience whatever. It was the first time I
never had pain during that period. I cannot say too much for your medicines espe-
cially the ' Favorite Prescription' and
'Pleasant Pellets.' I know of a lady who
took one buttle of your 'Favorite Prescription ' and she says she was not sick like she
wan   -rr-ttlt   kur   lli-at    tvil.y   _    ThlS   WJU    I'ff
second baby.   She thinks it a grand niedlT
cine.   So do I."
" 1 had suffered untold misery for a number of years, with ovarian trouble, an ex-
bausting drain, constipation, painful periods and other annoying troubles," writes
Mrs. Annie James, of No, 37 Seventh St.,
Memphis. Shelby Co., Term. "Thank God,
my health has been fully restored aud I can
gladly say I am a well woman to-day. I
used six or seven bottles uf ymir ' Favorite
Prescription,' and alsu used the lotion
which you advised in the ' Common Sense
Medical Adviser.'"
"For years I had boen failing in health
and kept getting worse and more nervous
all the lime," writes Mrs. Annie Dtllan, of
East Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. "I
doctored with two different doctors nnd
tbey told me thut my system was run down
and my nerves were weak. I had ulcers of
the uterus which were so painful at times
that I was afraid that tbey must b- cancers.
Indeed I felt discouraged with the treatment, and did not get any better until my
nurse advised me to write to yuu aud I
did so,
" In May I commenced taking your
'Golden Medical Discovery* and 'Favorite
Prescription' aud followed your advice as
closely as I could. 1 took twelve bottles in
all. six of each. Thanks tu God and the
right kind of medicine I feci myself cured
and a well woman. I have no bad feeling
whatever nnd can do tlu- work for n family
of eight, und feel better than I have for
Dr. Pierce has had a life-time of experience in this particular field. His inoo-
page illustrated book, "The People'^
Common Sense Medieal Adviser " contains several chapters devoted to wo
man's special physiology. A paper-bouuii
copy will l>e sent free oil receipt of 31
one-cent stamps to pay the cost of customs uud mailing only. World's Dispell
sary Medical Association, Buffalo, }(, V
Vor a doth-ljuiiiid copy send jo slumps.
Lost Ills Balance nnd Fell Backward
Striking His Neck on a Heavy
Iron Holler.
Wiuuipeg Jnne 2U.���A bad accident
occurred iu the O.P.H. inachiue shops
yesterday morning at tl.iiu which will
probably prove fatul. \V Hill u machinist who bus been in the employ of
the C.P.R. for ft number of years und
-who now resides nt 817 Flora uvenr.c,
had u nasty fall from a ladder whilst
lix'ng u pulley; ho was about teu IVot
from the ground reaching up when lie
lost his balance uud fell backwards to
thu ground ids neck striking nn a
heavy iron roller. Those who saw tho
accideut immediately ran 10 his aid
supposing that he hnd been killed, bnt
upon Inking him into the reudiug room
or the library it was fonnd tbat hu still
breathed'. Dr. li. J. filiuivlmrd wns
sunt for nnd ho ordered him 10 lie con
voyed fo his homo at once. With the
help of * 'unstable M.*Kiunon of the O.
P.R. and two other cinployeee?, ho wns
placed uu a mattress and removed to
his home in a wagon.
Upon examination Dr. Blauohnrd
discovered that tho blow hud affected
lhe vital chord and had caused com
plt'tc. paralysis in his left arm and leg
uud lo was Bourcely able to iniike use
of the other members of iris body. Al
u late hour last night he wus in a very
precuvioiiH condition and but little hope
cau be held out for his recovery uud if
he gets better hc will in nil prolnibiliiy
be it cripple for tho rest of his life.
Mr. Hill better Iwrwu ns "Bimpy"
Hill is a middle uged mun and bus a
wife und several children, und ti most
popular with those who know him.
Grand   A cm y   .Hen   Snlule   tin*   Vlelorla
Ntiitu�� nt  Montreal.
Montreal, June 23.��� The Vermoul
department of the Grand Army of the
Republic, which is holding uu encampment here, marched down town this
morning, headed by its bauds to witness tbo Ht. Jean Bnplislo procession,
Ah the veterans passed Ihe statue of
Queen Victoria, on Victoria Square,
tbey did not hiilute tbe stutnte us is
customary on nil regimental parade or-
casions. Tho crowd manifested its displeasure at this iu a prouonuced manners, wl erenpon tne Graud urmy men
marched arjuud again und this time
did tbe needful amid the vigorous up-
plause of tbe crowd.
The St. Jean Btiptisto parade toduy
was the lurgest ever held in this city,
laikng two hours to puss a given point.
Notre Dump church wus crow perl at 11
subsequent Hcrvicic. nml a number ot
Hue allegorical curs were 111 the pro
Startling Evidence.
.. fjpudou. June 33.��� The Vleunacor-
respondent of the Daily Telegraph says:
The Austrian war oflice hus learned
that thu evidence of M. Ousimir Porter
upon the Dreyfus tiiul will be -startling, ft will be shown tbut he holds
the key to (he affair whicli hitherto has
been withheld in order to prevent u
serious conflict between France uud
M. Ousimir Pericr will depose that, a
German official, of high social and military rank, coufideuially gave the
French government information which
led to tbo arrest of Dreyfus, bnt stipulated for silence as to the informant'i*
uume. Now, M. Ousimir Perier will
declare all.
Halifax Jnuo 28.���The British flagship CrcM't'iit arrived this morning
from Bermuda.
A violent wind nnd hall storm vls-
Itc.l .Stockton, Man.
-T*ib N. P. Ry. has decided not to re
build the .Manitoba hotel.
Severn! important Quebec Judicial
appointments are on the tapis.
An Inmne Indian nt Lac Bent was
1 hot dond hy a member of his tribe,
Tho grading on the Southeastern
railway will reach Wnrroad by July
The Winnipeg grain exchange en-
uorxed thu amendments to vhe urn in
Inspection not.
Murderous Striker*.
Kvnnsville, Ind., Juue 22.���The local miners' strike assumed a serious
aspect here this morning. Tho operators uf Iho Snnnysidc mine had imported thirty negro miners from Kentucky and were delivering them ut tho
mine at 1.I1U a.m., wliou unknown parties concealed iu buehes near tho mines
opened firo on tlio negroes. It was
very dark aud a stampede followed.
Some non-union mon responded with
revolvers and many shots wero fired.
Six of tho men were badly wonuded.
Jns. Moore, a stockholder iu tho mine,
wad shot in the buck aud will likely
die. Henry Smith nud John Phillips
both colored, uro probably tatally
wounded. Kil. Geigtr, a merchant.
Glume Smith, Colored, each badly
wounded. A riot# call wus sent to
police headquarter* and n response
given. Tho attacking party uli disappeared. Tho negroes aro huddled iu
a building, and another assault is expected.
Wellsboro, Pu., June 23.���A big
strike of coal miners is ou at Arnold,
this conuty. Trouble bus be-11 brewing for Home time and today 800 miners quit work demanding IS cents ;i
Released From Prison.
Paris, Jnne 28.���Oonite de Dion and
Oomte D'Aubiguy, wbo wore sentenced
Juue 10 to two weeks' imprisonment
and to pay 100 francs fine after having
been con viced of complicity in the disturbance at Antonll, wero released
from prison this morning. A tew of
their relatives and triends awaited
them at tbe prison door. Tho two men
apparently have not suffered fram confinement. Thoy went to the automobile club, where a luucbeon was given
by the members iu honor to their release. Oomte de Dion afterward visited
tho automobile exhibition which was
warmly greeted.
\vunm^ tVH nt^o��ie-lMEieD
I KSr^L-iiN tof ma iM-UO INIYARO 1
rtAM42si!>      R0115 price'ioo     I
^ mmmm^iit
Luke Winnipeg Hrceze.
West Selkirk, Jnno 22.���Tho steamer
Ludy of Ihe Lake, arrived this afternoon nnd reports lhat about 8.80 p.m.,
on iho IfHh inst., tbo north end of
Gt'orgo's Island was struck by a cyclone
from tbe southwest, blowing off lho
rook, the sides and Ihe ond form SU*
unison's large ice houses, demoHsbin^
thu buildings on thn dock. Tbe wind
also curried threo cattle into lho lake
Tho damage ti estimnted nt t.nOO. No
lives wero lost. The storui pawed
within ten feet of dwelling houses.
Indian Chief* Klected.
OoruiVull, Ont, Jnuo 22.���Twelve
Indian chiefs wero elected at St, Regis
yesterday for a period of threu years.
Anticipations uf a disturbance wrre
not rcalizf d, but when tbo rod men
learned that tho election was for threo
years only, aud not for life, iu accord
mice with lhe tribal custom, and that
the government hud carried lho point
for whioh it has been contending, tbey
wero Badly disappointed and crestfallen.
Berlin, Jnne 83.���The relchstag today passed tbe third reading of a bill
providing for tbe prolongation of the
Auglo-Gormnu commercial . treaty.
Baron Heylza Herrusbeim, National
Liberal, previously withdrew the
amendment of which he hnd given
notice, June 17, "thut tho most favored
nation treatment shall apply only to
those parts of the British Empire whioh
grant to tbe subjects and products of
Germany tbo same advantages ns are
gruuted to the subjects and products of
most favored untiouH."
Montreal, Juuo a**.-��� Mv. J. I. Tarte
sailed for England this morning on the
Elder ��� Dempster strainer Montfort
With Lord Stratbcona and S'unford
Miming he will represent Ouiir-du nt
tbe cable conference.
The Amri'iiKtii Uvntiiiiil for l'rutcotlon to
I'rival i-   l'rn|if ilv   ut   Nea  Will
It* Opposed  liy Britain.
The Hague, June 'iii.���the American
demuud for protection of privuto property at sea hus nut yet been presented
to tbe peace conference. Mr. Andrew
D. White, head of tho American demand for protection of private property
at sea bas uoc yet beeu presented to
tho peace conference. Mr. Andrew D,
White, hoad of tbe American delegation, ou Tuesday requested tho president of tho conference M. De Staal, to
submit the question to the conference
at tho same time suggesting thut the
proper way to bring the matter up for
discussion would bo to assembly a plenary conference, submit the question
aud hnvo it referred to tt commission
for examination. M. Do Staal has uot
yet arrived ut a decision, a tho American proposal has not been translated
into French. It is tho general opinion
thut the delegates of tho great powers
aro absolutely opposed to r.ii-ing this
question, arguing tho incompetence of
tlm conference lo do so nnder the terms
of Count Mnravieft's circular, M. De
���ritual having declared at Iho opening ot
the coufer>iuc<>, wilh the approval of
the delegates, thut under U0 circumstances would tho conference discuss any
question not contained in (he circular.
Several delegates declare thero in
little chanco of tlm question being discussed, but if it is tliSDOSFed America
will bo upposod with the utmostoucrgy
by Great Britain and tho   great power.
A number of delegate nro suffering
from a mild form cf malaria earned by
ihe emauatiouR of tlio cituul which ro-
coivelho sewage. Mr. Hollis, wife of
Frederick Hollis, secretary of the
American delegation, has been obliged
to go to Dusseldorf fur change of air.
two girls drowned
Churlotlctown, P.E. I., Jnne 28.���
Summei'idde was Ute scene of n tragedy
which involved tho loss of five lives.
The victims were five littlo girls, lhe
eldest was II years of age, und the
youngest (I years who were drowned
within sight of their homes. Theru
were six in the party which bud gone
clam digging; (he names of tho littlo
ones being Bell and May Fruzior,
Laura Aggie aud Jaulo Gallant and
Duisy Perry. These girls bad wandered along tbe sand burs about (be shore
for several hours nnd before they
noticed it tho tide cumo iu nnd surrounded them, They immediately
started to wade asiioro but only oue
Afgie Gallant, succeeded in rcuching a
placo of safety. Before help conld
reach the spot nil the other.! bad per-
islmil. Threo bodies havo boon recovered. 	
Hamilton, Juuo 58.���D. A. Slierk, a
carriage salesman, died suddenly from
an injury received iu an apparently
trifling accident. Ho tripped descending (lie stairs iu bis bouse und fell four
steps A blood vessel burst in his
Cardinal, Out, June38.���Fred Mn-
thews, uged -10, u steam driller employed on the canal here was killed
this meriting by being struck ou the
bead by falling timb��r.
Pf  COSHl JIl'Tlim and
,    m-ITTIM. or DIOOD,
^-    < OIUII. IOM
^m^   or Apprirts.
DkulllTV, III. tirnrllK ��f WU ���rll.l*
nro moat mnoiri-it.
By tho aid of The D. Ah. Emulsion. I have
gotten 1id of a hacking cough which had troubled
mc for over a year, and have gained considerably In weight.
T. II. WINGIIAM, C.E., Montreal.
80c. and $1 per Bottl.
tVas Cleaning a Revolver When the
Weapon Exploded, the Bullet
Piercing His Breast.
Wiuuipeg, June 83.���Wm. Heuld, of
Toronto, who came to Wiuuipeg a short
time ago from Toronto, lies cold iu
death ut Thompson's undertaking
rooms. Early lust evening he was iu
his usual gonial mood and spoke to his
acquaintance) of his intended depuituro
for Ibe Crow's Neat Pass rnilway,
whore he expected to securo a contract
on tbat roud between Kootenay Land
ing aud Nelson. He wont to his room
ut the Quoeu's about 7 o'clock and half
au hour afterwards a bell boy smelled
sinoko in tho vicinity of his room nnd
gave the alarm. An investigation was
made by the night porter nud on entering Mr. Henld's room he was horrified
ou discovering Mr. Heuld lying on his
bod breuthlug heavily. A dootor was
summoned mmedialely and ou exam
inntion a bullet wound was fonnd in
Mr. Henld's body just above the heart.
Mr. Heald was perfectly conscious aud
said (Imt ho had accidentally shot himself while cleaning one of his revolvers.
He talked with those wbo called on
him und explained how Ihe accident
hud occurred. He intended to leave
toduy for Kootenay Landing and preparatory to starting ont thought it
wonld bo advisable to clean up a couple
nf revolvers which he had iu his truuk.
He put ou un apron, cove-rod the
weapons with u bnmisliing compost
tion, and wns iu tho act of polishing
ono of them, when it discharged, aud
the bullet entered bis body just above
the heart, and lodged iu the back from
where it was easily extracted. Mr.
Heuld lingered -.mtil about 11 o'clock
when ho expired. Ho was conscious
until tho last and spoke freely of the
unfortunate occurrence. He realized
that his wouud wns serious, hut did
uot expect tbat it would prove fatal so
won. AU tbo eircu in stances connected
with the sad affair bear oat his explan
'ition. The weapons were fonnd 11 be
roiifd with tbe burnishing composition
Very valuable Remedy in all
affections of the
Aaige Bottles, 25c
Prop's, of Perry Davis'Paln-KlUw
Tho Klinlil'ii Dili-nicil.
Oiiii-o. .luim au.���It Is iiiiiiomineil
Hint Ilits Klinlil'ii has beeu defeated
with heavy loss, liy natives frieudly to
tlio British. It is added that lie hurt
fled to the woods with ti few followers
mid his caiituro is imminent.
HriiKsi'1.1, June 22.���Advices received
here from the Congo flute thnt tin
Khalifa bus rccrnited 110,000 men nntl
orossptl the White Nile, below Khnr*
tonm, capturing tho Island of Ahin, iu
thot. river.
London, .Time Slt.���Tho Dully Mull
snj-s this niornhiK Hint lho Imperial
government has priiolicnlly decided
upon ii giMiltinl re-eiiforceiut'iiti of (he
British Iroops iu Spulh Africa up lo ii
total increase of -10,000 men.
be Btill wore tbe nprou aud all the
cleaning apparatus was lylug on a table
beside hiin. In addition to the above
circumstances, supporting the probability of accident is tho fact that yes
tei-doy Mr. Heald paid his bill nt the
hotel and stated that he wotim leave
for the west today, and wonld uot like.
ly bo hero again uutil Chris.uias. Dnr
ing bis stav hero he became a geueral
favorite among Ibe guests nt the
Queen's, und also among the many cif
i/eus whom ho met, nud tho news of
his tragic death w*ts a great shock to
all wbo knew him. Mr. Heald leaves
a wifo and two dangbters lu Toronto
His body has beeu removed lo Thompson's undertaking rooms, peudlng instructions from Toronto regarding their
Colombo, Ceylon, June 2!1.��� The
United Stales cruiser Olympic, which
arrived here at 0 this morning, snlnted
the port at and the forts replied. Ad*
miral Dewey lauded at 11 o'clock uud
proceeded by special traiu to Dandy.
Hn will remain at Ceylon about o
week. Tbe ndmirul says be had a good
voyage from Singapore nun his health
is fair. His reception here was uot
marked by uuy official ceremonies.
Bucharest, Koumnuia, June ii.���-Iu
a conflict yesterday between peasants
nnd police arising ont of election riots
nt Blatinn, on the Alcona river, aboul
100 miles west of t'lls city, tile troops
were culled ont uud fired npni the
mob, several persons being killed und
many others wonuded.
You'd Never L..
I H your heart never stopped healing. Vou would nerer be lick if your heart
was always nblo to carry rich, healthy blood in sufficient quantily to every organ
anil tissue of your body, '    **��"*���
Is unable to supply the necessary amount of rich, healthy blood, every part of vour
body begins to show signs of weakness and diHaw. ".*   '^*
tt. *. t-\ DR-*OI"IW�� HURT OUR!
Hlrensihaisi the heart and purifies the blood. It positively gives relief in" thirty
minutes and enacts a speedy, permanent cure. It cures nervousneB, sleepliw.
ness, neuralgia, headache, despondency, female diseases, aad all oilier ailment,
thai spring from diseases of the heart and blood. If you suffer from palniutloo.
i weak or (rropilar pulse, shortness of breath, fainting spells or sUtiWiuxnal
IS!!' -?*"" v'B��r '" my P���1 ��r ���ta b""1*''!����� *otM secure Dr. AoniWS
JiKAKi come. ,
I 5?!,""'"11?'?*', J""**.,"* DJi- AoKEW-sq-NTMEKTllwIthoutapSxincur.of.kS
I disease... Rebel _n a day. �� Cts.  Un Da. AoWiW's Plixs.     -
Sli-at*t.c Harbor, at BefM-re In lit, De-
! fended by Heavy Gnu..
London, Jnne 29.���"When tbe house
of onmmons went into committee today
ou tbe military works loan bill, the
parliamentary secretary ot the war
office, Mr. Geo. Wyudbam, moved a
resolution, authorizing the lntroductiou
of a bill providing a loau of 120,000,
000, repayable in yearly intitllnientBs.
for defence works, barracks and rifle
ranges at home aud abroad. He explained fiat this was merely a continuation of the polioy laid down by the
military works loau act of 1897, and
pointed out that all British seaborne
commerce converged at a point between
Cupti Clear and Usliaut, necessitating
stratogetic harbors of refuge, all of
which must be defended by heavy guus.
Iu this muuuer and ou other works, he
explniuod, it was proposed to spend
t5,000,000 and on barracks tho snin of
*l.*l,830,000 was to be speut, of which
sum 3,1175,000 would be expended on
the present harrnoks. Tbe balcnce
wonld be devoted to tho expenses ot the
new Hitiiutions and Wei Hal Wei would
absorb filiiO.OOO.
Toronto, June 2d.���Tho liquidators
of tho Farmers' Loau company have
uow ou hand the sum of 186,000 to dis*
triubte nmoug tho bondholders aud de*
po-itni-fl of the company aud will declare u iiividend shortly. All holders
of twenty per cent stuck today accepted iu Ihe officii of the master iu ordinary the agreement, that tbey should
pay (Iii cents of the 80 per cent due.
TRIM If IO Kino or PAH on
Condensed News by Wire.
Scraulon. Miss . Jnne 22 ���Daniel
Hntrlok, tho negro who assaulted Miss
Bessie Ireland near hero on Monday,
wns lynched this moraiug.
Belleville, Juno 22.���Robert Hioh-
nrdsou, formerly for niniiy y-inrs looul
manager of the Bank of Montreal, died
Ibis morning, aged 71.
Loudon, June 22.���Dr. Ohiiuncy M.
Depew wus hurriedly -summoned to
Brussels, whore his sou was taken ill
Elmira, Out., Juue 22.���Tho wife of
Chas. Zeits, of tbe Stanley Piano Co..
of Toronto, committed suicide by banging while ou a visit to friends at Vlor*
oditle.   insanity is given us the cunsc.
Uswego, N.Y.. June 22.���Tbo Kugle
Hotel In Ibis city was destroyed by fire
this morning. Mrs. Rachel King, au
old.lady whose homo is in Newiiaven,
this county, was suffocated, aud others
were seriously injnrcd.
London, Juue 22.���The iuteruatinual
congress called for the pnrposo of taking steps to suppress the so-called
"White slave traffic,"otherwise tho international truffle iu girls, opened here
toe ay uudcr tbe presidency of the Duke
of Westmiuster.
Kingsville, Ont., Juno 22 ��� Two
barns and a portion of the wurer*ioiii
und contents of Richard Gregory's fur-
niture establishment wore limned Inst
night, together witb a valuable carriage horse. Tbe loss Is estimated at
$.1,000 aud Is fully insured.
Oconto, Wis., Juue 22.���A tornado
swept this vicinity last night doing
groat damage. Conillnrdvillo, Pi-iisini-
kee nnd Brooksida suffered much from
buildiugs being blown down or unroof*
ed. A fierce wind storm struck the
villngo of Pcinoiuo doing considerable
Queenston, Jnne 22.��� White Star
liner Teutonio, Capt. Oatnerou, from
New ifork, Jnno 14. which arrived
here at 8.65 a. ui. today, experienced
strong gales ond heavy head seas dnr-
ing her passage. The health of Hud-
yard Kipling, who was among tho passengers, improved during the voyage.
Mr. Kipling spoke highly of the kindness he reeeived in America. The
Tectonic proceeded to Liverpool.
Fire Bugs at Work.
Kingsville, Ont., Juno 23.���Incen-
dUrles last night attempted to destroy
the entire bnsiuess portion of lie town,
fires being started iu the rear of two
buildings situated right in lhe oeutre
of tlle district. Tho Aril department
sucoeeded iu getting the flames nnder
ooutrol befire much dnmnge hart been
done. Last night's was the Ihird In
ceudiary fire hero withiu four weeks.
Atlantic ami Fait
Will be inftugurated on
18th: jirnsTB
���Whnli'iulc and Ilt-Ull���
Cattle, Shesp and Hone Dealers.
JAMES I1RA1JV, D.L.H. & P. L. S.
..Mining Engineer..
tf. Am'ii lint. H. K.
Address t   OOLDEN,   II. C.
Rubber Stamps.
Orden for Rutitor Stami* nnd Benin will bo
received at t* c Holden Era Ottee and executed
with ]irvmi>tfladn.
The Gulden Km Gompan.
The Quiokeit Time Between
Express Service via Crows
Nest Route to the
Golden, B. C, to Toronto in 71 hours
Golden, B. C, to Montreal in 76 "
Golden, B. C, to New York In 89 "
Golden, B. 0., to Coast in 92 "
Golden. B.C., to Nelson in 14 ���'
Golden, B. 0., to Calgary in 17   "
Golden to the East via
Lake Route in 90 hours.
Improved Service on All local lines.
Excursion Tickets to all points.
Steamers leave Fort William:
Manitoba, every Tuesday;
Alberta, every Friday;
Athabasca, every Sunday;
Monday,   Thursday   and   Saturday
at 21.60 o'clock.
Very Cheap Bate to
via Rail and Ocean,
Rail and River.
No hardships via C.P.R. route. Through
tickets nnd obeap rates.
For Information and full partl.nil.rs apply to
nearest again, or addim*
Traffic Manager,'
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Deed, attested. Parties represented ia
I'olico court, Small Debts court and
County court. Accounts collected and
disputed claims adjusted.
Working and Dividend Faying Mines
iu various part, of British Columbia.
Gold Quarts, Copper, Oold, and Silver-
Lead i'n spects and Developed Properties
on Bond.   -
HejKirts and Information furnished
regarding milling properties.
Stocks iu British Columbia mines
bought snd sold.
Haggen's Assay Office is now fitted np.
Assays made promptly and carefully.
Bates on application.
Cable Address i   KANAOAN, Oolden.
Cudesiuuso: Moieiug & Nsal, and
Bedford McNeill.
Livery and Feed Stables
flood Saddle Horses and
Bigs of all kinds for
Hire at Seasonable Bates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
A supply of Bnlhllni Lisa, for sals.
Plans prepared.  Prompt attention
given to ord.il. '
Oood   accommodation   foi    prom**otOfl  .nd
Freighters.  Flnt-rlssa meal.
HAND mills,
Send ns vonr orders.
That ia what we are hers for.
Tbe U#i Era Company,'
I.IMITKIl    LlAmi.lTV.
Adpkkw- i   OOLDEN, II. C.
Headquarters for Commercial Men,   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold  Baths.
Bates $3.00 ?�� Say.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Olgari. :
Ghoia*D*B3sr Eba.
If jtqh live out lu ihe anburliw,
Taa will always know \Tlitni uprli.g
Bm aasuiued control of weuilicr
By tbs way the bulltroR-i ainsj.
There in tomethlng wiordly mournful
In th* muiiic from the bog,
The low drumming and shrill whittling
Of the versatile joung frog.
If the nightingale's wan spirit
Haunts the bullfrog, as they aay.
There's no wander that the ftoggie
Pipes s sorrow laden lay.
But lo any one that's hoinesluk,
Or Ih feeliug rather glum,
He will wish the whole swamp chores
Had at once been striuken dmnb!
There are frogs that ore quite hartnlesi,
Snch as railroad frogs and (hose
ffhoM hind legs we see In-fore us..
Fried and crispy, minus tons,    '      ���   ,
But yon often hour, or think ho,
And it mnkes'-your cold blood creep,
When the legs are nerved, still twituhiuf,
A most lamentable "peepl"
Wlieu you're coming from tho olubroom
Or the danati quite late at night,
Those umplilbioiiH young croaker*
In a Jolly lake delight
And aloug lhe lonely stretches,
lire you ruuoh the well known gate,
They will tnnku yon see ganut epeotert-
Or will try at any rate.
There's the cricket's chirp of autumn
Aud Ihu locuM's nn um hide.
There's Ihe "whuolng" cf ihe owlet
In the foitwt'* t-olitude,
There's lhe hum of ihu mosquito
And the wlilHtlti of (lie quail,
Bnt suburbanites hear oftoiiest
The grteii bullfrog's wufnl wall.
-Boston Qlobft,
Proof of It.
"So yon think tbere really is eouie-
thing iu heredity, after nil t"
"I do Yohiik Mnndsley, who ti try-
)��}*! to ijet tip u mirth pule expedition,
ti the son of a woinun who lined to be
an inveterate limine Imuter, not hecunoe
the conld Imve need u home if she had
fotiud one, bnt for the mere love of the
thing."��� Chk'UKti News
fllnird'l Liiiment Cures DlptherU.
4 Few Spark* Prom a Wlreleaa Tel-
eitraphtc Outfit.
We talk abont the flights of fancy,
ont* fancy doesn't fly��� it hops.
Freedom of thnnght doesn't Injure
he world hair ��s qiu-jIi as freedom of
Strawberries may be too few to the
mart, bnt tliey are strawlierrieH jnst
tbe samo.
People who nre too tired to be agree*
able onght to he too tired lo he disagree-
The woman wlio wears No. 4'a h1-
ways likes to tell thut when Bhe was
May queen sh* worn No. 2*a.
We don't relish advice becanse tbe
people who offer it always have so
many more faults than we have.
The people who applaud brevity are
often tho'..e wbo want a chance to say a
good deal themselves.
The average man thinks the meanest
tblug be can say of a woman is that he
is glad he Isn't married to her.
Spring fever Is the small boy's feeling that he doesn't cure whether he
gets home in time for dinner or not.
When a bridegroom has rice thrown
after bim, he wishes he conld return it
In the form of a big, moist padding.
Some women are like the ostrich.
Tbey think a gay bil will divert the
publio mind from ��� frayed t\t\tt bind*
Tbe average woman bas an idea that
she onght to be afraid to marry a man
who admires Napoleon Bonaparte.���
Chicago Record.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
Look Pleasant, Anntlet
"What does It rain for, anntief
"Why. (o make things look pretty
and nice, stupid l"
"Is lhat why yon came out without
yonr gamp, aniilie?"���.Indy
Jtlnardn I Ulmenl Cnre* (target In Cowl
Prlnee In tba Clreu* King.
The carver of Prlnoe Ghika. a soton of
an old Roumanian family, Is a aoinewha|
remarkable one. The Prlnoe ad an eerlv
pge showed a marked tendency to Bohe*-
fnUn tMtes. Before attaining his major*
Ity be emancipated himself from parental
Influsnoea and married a circus artiste,
He was disowned by his father, bnt on.
subsequently Inheriting the family estates
he speedily ran through his money. Ha
then took lessens from his wife and
obtained aa engagement In the olrouf',
Be has now bettered himself by obtefe-
tnfl the post of maaagsr.
411 Roads ten* ta the Dressmaker.
Mr. Hornblll���Do you know, darling, \
could pick yon out of a crowd of women
just by your starlet
Mrs. Hornblll���I don't wonder, and tne
with this same old dress for the hist fwo
reoral ,	
89ft Hall InnnuiMf
Tb* Manitoba Farmers' Mutual ftafl
Ipsuranoe Oompany, with its bead of-
ftoe at Winnipeg, Manitoba, U a|i organisation erery farmer should 1|)TM-
ttgate, aa every farmer needs safe and
reliable protection to hia crops from
tbe destrnctiTe hall storms. Thia oompany li Incorporated nnder the lawa of
tha Prorlnoe of Manitoba by some of
the leading farmers and business men
of the Prorinoe. The Company issues
to its members a five-year policy with
promotion of $800 ou a quarter section.
B-rery policy holder is a Member ef the
Company and eligible to tbe election of
offloe at the anaoal meeting, for
further information apply to R. A.
Taylor, 501 Mclutyra Block, WlnnipH.
What  Uuppened   When   U*  Got  a  Pew
Oust  Sells  Thrown   Into   His
Uttiily System.
When paw come Home last nlte He
says to maw:
"Well I been up aglnit lt."
Miw Hhe turned pell and aays:
"Hen ilofflt, you Don't lueun to Hny
you've went and Hpoilt that new eeven-
teen-doler soot of close."
Paw looked like Johnny Pickens Did
When the Teacher ast Him How inenny
Is Nine Times 811. But party soon He
"What do you Meanf"
"Have you Been up aglnat some
paint)1" maw est.
Then paw Laft and rays:
"New. I mean I Been Up aglnit the
Cure fer Old age. I Got a Few Goat Sells
threw into my ayatnm."
"Well," says Maw, "If you could git
to talk In' plane IngllHh lusted of that
Slang what Hwiim to Be tbe Dtplomntlo
Language In the* puirles whore you nmu-
clute .mebby a Person could uudergtund
what you mean wunst In n While. What
Goat Sells nre you Talkln' about, aud
How on erth Dm They throw them Into
your Systutn!*"
"Why Don't you read the Pa persy" Paw
ait, says The Chicago Tl men-Herald. "If
Ton Done that Sometime.* lusted of
Spend In' so much time Kimlin' Out What
the Naher-4 ure Doln' mebby a Keller
wouldeut Haft -to Give you a Diagram
evory Ttmu He Ked uiinythlng about
What was goln' on. They nre Some
Duo tern Here what Have rii��uvered How
a PerHon Don't never need ta Git Into
His second Childhood. They Git a Goat
and make Him Give up what Sells He
nan Spall* Jlst as well as not, and Then
they take and Squirt Them Into a Man's
Arm, and the First Thing you no His
net* Begins to Git Limber and He Kk-ki
up HU Heels and little Brown Him*
Begins to Sprout out on tho Bald Spot
up on tbe Buck ef His Hnd, and ptirty
soon He's .a Boy agin. Jim Thurston
Down tu the olllee knows one of thu Hooters, so He told me If 1 would Go with
Him we'd Git a Few Sells pumped Into
us and See How it Would work. It's
Grait stuff. They ain't no mistake about
Then Paw Grabbed maw and Begin
Waltzln* around the room To show Her
How young He felt, and Shu Broke
away and when she Was all out of
Broth and says:
"I Don't no whether Thein Sells Can
Turn a Man Bock Into a Buy or not. Bul
they ain't no mistake ttiat thoy can make
a Good Deal of a Gote out of Him."
Paw he loft, and then Ho walked
under the Chandelleer and Says:
"Do you see this Here Gus Braoketf
It's three Inches abuv my lied. But I'll
Bet lean klok It."
So He Hauled Back and let Go, and
the rug slips on the Hard floor and 1
ain't Sure Whether Paw turned one or
Two Summer nets Before He come Down.
Mebby It might of Been three, But winy
war Hu Ut on tho Back of HU nerk, und
Dldent Seem to take no interest in Knny-
thing fer a Long time.
Maw Shu wan Bath In' Him With witch
hazel and Cam fer and Vtnnegeranda lot
of otlier things nearly all nlte, and Jlst
Before I wont to Bed I thot I'd Cheer
Him Dp a little. So 1 stuck my Had In
the Dour and said:
"When I git up agin," paw nny* to
maw, "I'm ugolu to Take that Bov aud
Whall the Llvvar out of Him but' what
I'll make Him Lurn to respect HU fuw-
I never ��en anyhuddy That was as
toucny as paw. Georgia.
Popular PraUtoJWhu Was PromlnfBt 'B
the Illy Itiuk  laborers' Strike.
Bishop .Tames K. Qulgley, the  Roman
Catholic prelate of Buffalo who  has lieen
using all bin power as a churchman and
a oltlsen to bring the big strike of the
dock laborer* to a happy Issue, U singularly popular In Buffalo with all classes
of men, regardless of wealth ur creed.
HU strength U accentuated because he Is
a burn Buffaloulan and was personally
known to rich and poor alike while he
Wus still a humble priest. Bishop Qttlg-
ley Is only 44 years old, and hu has
worn the" purple stook hut for three
years. In the parish of the cathedral ho
was born and has spent most of his life.
HU early brilliance attracted the attention of Archbishop Hyan (then bishop),
through whose influence he was oenb In
1878 to the University of Innsbruck. In
Austria, und later to tho college uf the
propaganda In Home. At the time of hU
ordluution to the priesthood hu wns
given the degree of doctor of divinity.
Soin after his return to America hu was
m.t le tho pastor of the Buffalo Cathedral,
and In 181)11 he wai elevated to the epl^
copaoy. ik
-Die ttitliHlis In l.iiiMi'tn.
The people are largely Neapolitans, a
word which has-been cAiViiptikl bythe
low English In the neighborhood first
Into Napplotons nnd finally Into Apnle*
tons, The men are mostly employed oa
organ grinders nnd vendors���In summer
of hokey pokey and In winter of roasted
potatoes or chestnuts. Others hire themselves out as artists' models, while same
are modelers of stucco Images, which are
subsequently hawked. But the nest earnings are mode hy tbo knife grinders, who
perambulate with a wheel. Those are
looked up to as a rather superior class,
and are, as a matter of foot, generally
skilled workmen at their trade. In the
organ-grinding line, In particular, the
women accompany the men, and are kept
In suoh subordination by their lords and
masturs that the new woman bas not yet
made her appearance among them.���Good
In Doubt.
"What Is that bit of furniture lo
which yon cling so closely!" asked the
ton list.
"I don't know exactly," answered
the Samoan. "I'll have to wait till this
trouble Is over to be enre whether It it
a scepter or a piece of kindling wood.'
-Washington Star.
177 Kherbourne It.      -     Toronto.
Positive   Cure  for   Aktlmta   Disco v��i -ed.
It litis Iouk bcin recognised liy medical
scientist* throughout tin- world that nature
has supplied all creation with some remedy, in
tho vegetable ur Mineral kingdom wherewith
all forms of ailments cm be cured, bat lt was
no: until the discovery by Stanley uf the wonderful Kola plant bIouk the Congo River in
At'rk'.i that asthma wm formanently curable.
In fact, it was not until the Investigations
made by Dr. Clarke foiiio yeurs Inter that this
dim-UK ' was found fumble; he found that by
combining the extract ofK'ilaNut with other
vegetal lu extracts lliui Die compound obtained
would permanently curem-tthmn. Clarke's Kola
iMii.tiiinul was tlieii irleit iti over I'M cases in
d fferent hoipltulH, with the marvelous result
il.at uvortM per cent were permaneii'ly cured
In um than 10 days' treatment. Clarku'a Kola
(.impound is t:uw tecignlzi'il to be ihu only
|.iTiii:nifiit cute Tor this ureudnd dli-vise. Hull
by uli drrKjflHlR. Free sain|l- bolt I ��� rent lo
any i errimi. Mention this paper, aililrens Tiie
ftriflttlhs& Maepliirsnn tlu.. li'l Chinch Strtet,
Toronto, or Vancouver, H. C, sole Canadian
Tbe Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition
has many ends nnd purposes and not
the least of these is to make a great
provincial holiday for all sorts and
conditions of people. Whatever may
hare been the case in old times, or
what may now be tho case in other oil-
mates, certain it is that sloth and laziness Is not one of the prevailing vices
of Anglo-Saxon civilization in the centre of the N'.rtJi American continent.
In this country the danger seems all
the other way, and that men and women will go at their work so energetically and stiok to it sn persistently aa
not to give themselves n chance to live.
This is particularly iruo of the summer
and fall which for tin farmers of Manitoba aud tbe west is u busy nnd rushing time. Betweou the time however
of pnttiug in tho last seed and taking
off tbe flrst thing ready lo harvest
there is a breathing spell nf two or
three weeks duration, and fortunately,
so far as Manitoba is concerned, this Is
at the time when there is usually Ideal
weather for holding a great outdoor
exhibition like the Winnipeg Fair. In
other provinces there may be sufficient
breathing spell nfter harvest, bnt lu
Manitoba, tho harvest and threshing
whioh follows hard upon it fill in all
the time till the season of wet days and
cold nights. The time has been selected then because it is the right time,
and the suooess which bas attended the
Winnipeg Fair, shows that it is tbe
season when the people of Manitoba
want and will take a little relaxation.
The people of Manitoba then, with no
ghosts of unfinished or neglected work
to worry them, oome down to spend a
day. throe days, a week at tho fair,
and to thoroughly enjoy themselves.
It Is a provincial gathering of the
clans, everybody meets everybody else,
aud whether they bo interested in
stock-raising, fine arts, poultry, pigs,
ladies' work, horse fleRh or business,
they oan get more in this week than
any other six weeks in the year. The
big fair, like a great college, offers
optional courses to all its stndents, nnd
anyone who objects to or who has no
interest in any one department can find
plenty to occupy his attention in the
r. o. drawer i��et.
J. 3D. 0'33*Ri*E3sr
 -kmrn ihiiiru m.,'"winaipc*ki   ~~
Private wire couuection witli all niarlnta
Grain bought aud carried ou margin
Correapondenca solicited
Wheat priced huve shown cousidtr-
nble improvement daring the past
week. The coniiitions surrounding the
market have uot changed except that
the news from Russia aud Roumanla is
much worse than heretofore and all of
the crops of these countries will show a
very considerable reduction at com.
pored with last year. The winter
wheat crop of the United States Is now
being harvested and the yield is turning out about as expected. The governments figure siwlioite a total crop of
winter and spring wheat of about 180,
000,000 bus. less than that ot last year
and as this estimate is based upon very
promising spring wheat conditions, it
is, of course, liable to be out down
considerably should anything occur to
Injure the prospect. Prices do not look
high in view of the moderate crop promise and any change should be In the
direction of better values. The following review of the foreign crop situation, issued today at Washington, is as
oomplete and reliable as any that oan
be obtained I The worlds crop is estimated by some authoritiesat 3,-S04,000-
000 bus. as against 9,748,000,000 bus.
in 1808, a reduction of 944,000,000
bus. Other estimates place the rhort*
age at 859,000,000 bus. The Russian
crop cannot be a good one aud may not
exceed that of 1897 which was only
965,000,000 bus. Germany has had
imprved weather of late. Australia
promises an average wheat crap with
rye and oats short. The Hungarian
proipe-it Is for 140,000,000 bus., com*
pared with 194,000,000 bus. In 1808.
Severe drought has prevailed in
Roumama and tbe wheat crop does not
promise over thirty perent of an average. Reports from Bulgaria are not
good, Italy sends favorable report!,
Spain, are improved, although the
crop will not be as large as last y��n.
The French area is about the same as
in 1808, but the condition is S per
cent lower, prominiug aorop90,000,000
bns. less than last year. The India
crop Is considerably smaller than in
1808. The outlook in Australia is very
Winnipeg, June 15, 1890.
A ilel-giitli>ii of tl|e Toronto board
ol tniile Interviewed tli-i Dominion
govcrnim-ut. nuking for railway sub-
sl-lias from Toronto to Sudbury nni
from North Day to James Bay.
Alloway & Champion
LUtod Stocka bought, aold, aa* o-artrM
Writs us If you wish to exchange any kind of
money, to bey Uoveramsnt or u. n. W70a.
LandA. or to tend money anywhert.
Mixed   reellnKa.
'How did yon feel when they read
yonr letters in court?" asked tbe friend
whose intimacy wus great enough to
warrant impudence.
"Well," said the young man who
bad jnst emerged from a breach of
promise suit, "I was divided between
chagrin at the asinluity o.1 tbe ideas
and admiration for the literary style"
���Indianapolis Journal
Expert Opinion.
Student���These college authorities
are idiotic. They want to know whether they sbonld drop Latin and Greek
from the course.
Student���And they consult the professors for advice 1 Why don't they consult tbe students?���Le Monde Illustre.
Defeat* Hay Be Warm.
"What! Yon have taken to practicing fencing?"
"Yes; yon see, I've been appointed
to take part in the discussion at the
universal disarmament conference at
The Hugne, nnd���well, it is impossible
to tell, of course, just what may happen. "���Chicago Record.
St. Martin, Que., May 10, 1B95.
O. O. Richards & O.
Gentlemen,���Last November my
ohild stuck a uml In his knee causing
inflammation so severe that I was advised to take him to Montreal and have
the limb amputated to save his life.
A neighbor advised us to try MINARD'S LINIMENT, which we did,
and within three days my ohild was
alright, aud I feel so grateful that I
send yon this testimonial, that ray experience may be of benefit to others.
Louis Gagnier.
Iu the Home of tke Nm*.
"Things are beginning to look brighter, Molly," said the poet. "This spring
lyric will bring breakfast, this sn miner
pastoral will certainly secure dinner,
while thia quatrain will supply us with
"And have yon nothing for lunch,
dear?" asked bis wife.
"Well, be comforted. TheseoJd shoes
of yours will certainly command a cabbage, when the truckman comes, and
we'll fenfit on cold slaw, if I can jnst
swap your last summer's hat to the
grocery boy for a loaf of bread to force
When the aotion uf the kidneys becomes
Impaired, Impurities In the blood are almost bum to follow, and general derangement of tbe BYHt-pni ensues. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pllla will regulntethe kidneys,
so tbat tbey will ninlotalu healthy action
and prevent the complication! which certainly oome when t-oere ia derangement
of these delicate organs. Ah a restorative
these Pills are in tbe first rank.
A l.ltlle Too Prevloua,
Chairman (ut concert)���Ladles and
gentlemen, Miss Discordant will now
sing "Only Once More."
Sarcastic Critic���Thank heaven for
that I
Chairman (coming forward again)���
Ladles and gentlemen, instead of singing "Only Once More," Mine Dlacotd-
ant will sing "Forever and Ever."
Collapse of S. C��� Answers.
Abiolntelr Safe.
"I wonder bow Sindbad the Sailor
came to tell snch outlandish and im
probable yarns," said the man with
the practical mind.
"I suppose," said tbe mnn who was
rending the newspaper, "that he wanted to make sure ho was on safe giound.
where there would ho no rLk of saying
anything undiplomatic. "���Washington
There are fo many cough medicines In
the market tbat it Is sometimes difficult
to tell whiob to buy: but If we had a
cough, a cold or any affliction of the
throat or lungs, we would try Blokle's
Antl'Coniumntlve Syrup. Thote wbo
have nred lt think It Is far ahead of all
other preparations recommended for such
complaints. The little folks 1-ke it ss It
as pleasant as syrup.
Wax HxiiK-nl over Attain.
O. W. Steveua, who traveled extensive
ly in India, tells the following Interestinti
story: A Pnthnn waa being hiin^ul, when
the rope broko. The warder bade him go
up on tu the scaffold again, but lie object
ed. "No," ho said, "1 was semtencod to
be hauged, uud hanged I've been."
"Not so, friend," argued Ihu warder.
'you were sentenced in be hanged until
you were dead, and you're not dead."
It was a new view to the Pathun, and
hu turned to the superintendent. "Id thut
right, unhid?"
"Yes* thnt's right."
"Very well. I didn't understand," and
ho went composedly up tho stops nnd was
hanged again likea man.���Pittsburg Dis
Tha last
Ramady far
tprlng Weather
Walk nan.
The Blood is the vury essence of life.
As it courses through the system it carries
with It, If pure and rich, nutrition lo every
cell In Ilio body. If impure, It spreads
disease. If thin and watery, It falls to
nourish, hence we have weakness, deblU
Ity and decay,
It In the wonderful power B.B.B. has
in purifying Impure blood, making thin,
watery blood rich and red, lhat is at the
bottom of its marvellous success In curing
Those who are pale, thin, weak,
troubled with blotches, pimples or eruptions of any kind should take B.B.B.
It makes the pale cheek rosy, the akin
clear and smooth, and infuses new energy
into weak, worn, run down, shattered
Skin "I beg ta state I have used
Clair. Burdock Blood Bittern for impure blood, pimples on the face,
Ac, ana derived great benefit from It.
Mv skin is now verv clear and free from
nil eruptions. I only used four bottles of
thu B.B.B, andean strongly recommend
it to any person suffering from impurities
in tbe blood or eruptions of the skin."
Mas. G. B. Helmobr,
Spruce's Bridge, B.C.
Every 4'I have taken B.B.B. every
Spring, spring now for some years, to
purify my blood and keep my
svstem in good order, and can honestly
say that I do not know of Us equal
anywhere."    Mas. Acorn Bashes,
Lunenburg, N.S.
Refreshing Sleep
Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills
Miss Margaret Brown, 627 Colborna
St., London, Ont., says :���"My mother
has been afflicted with nervousness and
general debility for a long time. She
suffered a great deal with insomnia, and
found it almost impossible to sleep.
" I went to W. T. Strong's drug Btore
aud got a box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills, whieh she took, and derived
so much benefit from them that I bought
another box for her. They have done her
a wonderful lot of good, making her
nervous system muoh stronger, giving her
restful steep, aud removing many other
symptoms which previously distressed
" I can truly say tbat these pills are a
great remedy for any one suffering from
weak nerves, general debility, sleeplessness or heart trouble."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are
Mc. a box or 3 for.$l.'J5, at all druggists.
Oeorala Spring Item.
"Folks never knows w'en dey 's well
off," said the old colored citizen. "1
was walkin in de bresh wid Br'er Williams yestiddy en what you rsckon
come ter psssY"
"A rattlesnake springed his rattle
right at ns, en Br'er Williams wnz so
confuse he didn't know which wuy ter
jump���so he jumped sqnur' iu de river,
into de mouth er a ten foot alligator!1'
"En what did yon dof"
"I jumped In de river, too, bnt de
alligator didn't bother me, kaze he had
all lie conld do ter swaller Br'er Williams. Wid bim hit wnz 'fust come,
.fiint starved!' "���Atlanta Constitution
and Dandelion are known to exert n powerful Influence on the liver and kidneys,
restoring them to healthful aotion, inducing a regular flow of the secretion* and
imparting to the organs oomplete power
to perform their funotlons These valuable Ingredients enter Into the composition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, and
serve to render them the agreeable and
salutary medioine they are. There are few
pills so effective as they In their action.
The LiiiileHHiinl  Feature.
"I don't mind digging up your flower
beds. Harriet."
"Well, what is it you are making
snch a fuss about V"
"I don't like yonr standing uronnd
bossinir me. "���Chicago Record*
Friendly Anslntnuee.
"Can I help you to anything?" asked Boarder Na 0.
"Yes," replied the newcomer nt the
oot of the table "You might give me
a cine to this hash."���Philadelphia
North American
What He Really Owed.
"Doctor,"   said   tlm   anUatlil   potlonl-,
seizing the physician's hand, "I shall
never forget that tu you I uwu my Ufa "
"You exaggerate," returned thu doctor
mildly. "Vou owe mo only for 15 visits
Tim* in tin* [Julnt. which i hope you will
not fall tu remember."	
A Oreat Hlieumatle Ketuedy.
Mr. H. E. West, Water St., Vancouver,
writes: "I bad lieen suffering fromavery
painful attack of rheumatism In my
right shoulder, and could not attempt to
raise ray arm, so great waa the pain.
Griffiths Meutbol Liniment was applied,
and In less than four hours the pain entirely left It, and I could use my arm
freely.   It is truly a wonderful remedy."
Conditionally  In  Favor of It.
"Yon entirely misjudge me," snid
tbe street railway manager "I am nut
opposed to innniciptil ownership."
"You're not?" tliey exclaimed.
"Certainly not. Indeed 1 may say I
am heartily in favor of it conditionally. "
"What do yon menu by conditionally?"
"Why, I am in favor of It if tbe
municipality will buy me out at uiy
own figures."���Chicago Post.
Pleasant as syrup; nothing equals It as
a worm medicine; the name is Mother
Graves' Worm Kxtermlnator. The greatest worm destroyer of the age.
Pol oon Bottle Ornament a.
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, In
New York city, there Is a great collection
of ancient Jewelry, much of it in gold
richly adorned with precious stones. Jew*
elera in the metropolis frequently visit tho
museum for tho purpose of obtaining suggestions. This collection nt tho Metropolitan museum Is In fact tho finest assemblage of antique objects of personal ornaments In existence. Some of them date as
far hack as ttt>0 B. C. Those of them
which are mado of silver have been \.ri\a-
tlcalty destroyed by oxidation, Inn thu
gold ones being cleaned are as bright and
now looking as tbey were U,50() or ll.ouo
year* ago. Thu jewelry from Cyprus is
the work of ancient Phoenicians and
One thing very noticeable Is thn frequency uf tiny gold bottles attached to
objects of jewelry derived from those nn*
olent times. All evidence points to the
oonoluslon thnt they were employed to
bold poison, for In ihnso days life was by
nu means scenro, and at any tiino an
emergency might urlso wbero a man *r
woman would be glad to und existence
promptly tu escape lifelong imprisonment
or Indescribable torture by thu liorriblo
means used by thu undents.
Woea of Hllllonalrea.
An Kngllsh millionaire bas just boon
adjudged Incnpnhloof looking alter his
proporty. Ho Imagines himself the Prlnco
of Wulos.
Somo years ngo a rich merchant tauk
tho Idea that hc was penniless. His sons,
to stop his worrying, assured him they
had rescued his business and was to continue It. They offered him a clerkship at
a small salary In his own oflice. Ho took
A and kopt at work nearly CO years
Whon he died, he left nearly 116,000,000.
Two English millionaires were noted
for their parsimony. Que picked up nnd
smoked cigar ends. The other, after tine
receptions In his house, would go around
���carefully collecting candle ends to be used
again. Neither of these men was insane
Both wero shrewd In business.
Another millionaire Imagined for ocon-
sldemblo time that he waa a squirrel, and
would cut nothing but nuts.
Another was too parsimonious even to
buy himself a warm overcoat. Somo of
his friends made him a present of one,
and he promptly sold It ntscoondlinndnnd
pocketed tbo money.���St LouIb Post-DIs-
Kuril Uiineit Cons Colls, i
E. Cartly Parker
I am offei-lug- -ouie attractive mon.v milking- .luck. Jn.t now.   It will pay you tu
k����� lb touch with p..    COPES;   Itodford M__*:->lir., Cto*-_ft'.. Mowing �� Seal..
I Must have the
genuine, Tbe
imitations look
very nice> but they
hurt my ddicattSKlN.
n AubitTwixt*���� Coy.          C
1 EDDY'S....
FIRST in 1851.   -X-   FOREMOST in 1899 f
for the Least Money.
It's no Trick
Tu make BIsculU, Kuffles etc., ulva and
light and wliolenouie when y��>o ute
Ik 1, ou.iirpai.etl
Wo keep n lawe utonk
IA iilwiivo on hiitid of
***5il MATKKIAI. ANI��
UlCIII.NKItV.   Cftll lit
FOUNDRY oo��� limited
IVout Daily ��r Weekly
���-   Papers or Job Outfits
on few hoars' notice.
u ii (I   pa rr.it  iimi
CARD STOCK also supplied on short notice,
Northwestern Branch :
"The cashier informed me," enirt the
president, "that he was strongly tempted to aklp with the funds, Imt thnt he
locked himself tip with them mid prayed
over them nil night und overcame the
"I know It," auid the chief director
"I had n detective nt his door, one nt
each window and one cn the roof���nt
the chimney line���while he was praying- "
"Where do nctrefiwu get nil their
pretty little tricka of high bred man
"They imitate the society girls In the
"And where do society girls get all
their fascinating little WflysV"
"Why. they imitate tho nctrenspa on
tho stuge."
The Phd-iiix was thu iiumeof tho first
fire company in England, nud it was
established in 1(183 At that time In the
towns sqnirte or syringes were nsed for
extinguishing fires, and their length did
not exceed two or three feet, with pipes
of leather.
FOR NINK YEARS.���Mr. Samuel
Bryan, Tliedtdiil, writes: "for nine yean
I iiifferiHl with ulcerated sokm on myleg:
I exponded over (Hi.) to physlelnns, and
tried erery prepanttlon I heard of or taw
reoonimended for nuoh din-use, but oould
get no relief. I at lust wai renommended
to give Dr. Thomas' Kehetri-a Oil u trial,
whioh hits resulted, after using eight iKit-
tlss (using It Internally and externally),
In a oomplete cure. 1 kclh've It la the
best medioine lu the world, nnd I write
this to let others know what It hns done
for me.''
Wouldn't Incriminate   lllmneir.
"Why didn't he get out of the wny ?"
Indignantly demanded the scorcher who
bad been arrested for running down n
"Did yon ring your bell?" nsked the
"Snre," answered the scorcher.
"Beforeor after yon struck me?" inquired the victim meekly.
"I decline to an wer," said tbe Bcorch-
er, who had not read about methods on
the witness stand without learning a
thing or two.���Chicago Post.
Give Hnlloway'i Cory Curo a trial. It
removed ten corns from oue pair of feet
without any pain. What lt haa done once
It will do again.
Tk* Word.
"Do yon mean to tell me," snid the tin-
fortunate litigant, "that the whole property lu dispute has been wasted In oosts)1"
"I said It had beon absorbed, my friend,
not wasted," replied the lawyer who got
Ih* most of It      ;
is the kind that housekeepers who want only the
best always buy. Packed
in pound and two-pound
tin cans; it comes into
the home with all its natural flrnma and strength.
Protected by our Seal,
the consumer knows that
its purity and strength
have been untampered
with. Your grocer sells
this kind, but be sure our
seal and name is on the
can you buy.
In touch,tone and finish they have no equal.
Correspondents wanted in every town lo act
is agent*.
REIU BROS.. S57 King St., Wett,
IBM!, STELE 4 BRISTOL  cird. T.��.
lmpo.lt.. of Grocer!..     '������ * * ���'��� ����!r'**e''.
Willi IS. Hamilton, Out.   I.. 8. i II. *iploo��
(.iii-rlUK**.. n itfiiiii.t lliii row., wlnaiulQ.,
Ao.   CIK*US1WTT PLOW CO., Winnipeg.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are tha finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnipeg
Ii-sun-a Its ini'iiibiT. nmln.l li*sa or ditm��g.
from hull, mill givi*- promo! tidjuatiiu-iit and
pajra all lonse. In full.   A.l.lns.
1*. A. TAYLOR, Mnnnftar,
hrtUu. then ul
yo. will t�� dellfht.4
with rewlt.. II ut
MUafledmoaer refuid*
H. Mai.f.ct��re*��T
pon-ow, Stewart il
Sllne, Built.., Cu.
lillTOIA DENT, III rrlicel. St._Wlllli.-rr
Tho sleamer Keenora will leave Rat Portage
every Moiidav, Wednesday and Saturday at 9
p. ni. for Fort FrauccH, Miim O-ntre, and all
points on 1-tniny River and Ilalny Lake. For
rates, cti1.. ni'|tly to any Canadian Pacific Uy.
BRcn'- or to���
* GEO. A. GRAHAM, Manager,
Rat Portage, Ont.
LKST YOU roitUKTi-Write for Price*
on Crcnni Separators, tiasollne Engines, Tread
Powers, and everything used in the Cheese
Factory, Creamery nr Dairy. If ygt have leu
oown.one of our Ilnnd Separators WILL SAVE
its cost tlm first year.
W. 3T. U.    226 THE (JOLDEN BRA, FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1819.
Women always strongly object to be tickled, but
when tickled the proper way they like it.
Mpn are never so grateful as wh
palates with some choice edible.
you tickle their
McDERMOT has gone into the Tickling business.
Husbands if you want to tickle your wives bring them
home a
ONLY   $3.00
or a 3 lb. caddy of MeDermot's "Golden Tips'*
Ceylon Tea, our own direct importation only $ 1.00
per caddy, as good or better than Ram Lai's.
Wives if you care to tickle your husbands get some
from McDERMOT'S and make your meals appetising.
CROSSE & BLACKWELL'S Jams, Jellies, -Marmalades, Pickles and Sauces, Condiments, Vinegars, Table
Salt, Potted Meats, Anchovies, MARSHALL'S Herring,
Mackerel, Scotch Herrings, Labrapor Herrings, Digby
Chickens, Bombay Ducks, Olives,Mango-melon, Mango
Chutney, China Soy, Sayer's Relish, Blue-label Catsup,
Snider Catsup, Patterson's Sauce, Oneida community,
Table delicacies���Strawberries, Pineapples, Peaches,
Try a package of our Flaked Rice.
New Buckwheat Flour Pancakes with pnre home
made Maple Syrup is good truck for breakfast.
Pirie's Butter, Government Creamery Butter in one
pound bloeks, pure and as yellow as virgin gold, and
as hard as blocks of ice can make it.
Fresh Eggs 20cts. per dozen.
Sugar Pickled, Rolled, Spiced Bacon only 12c. per lb
The finest family sugar cured bacon and hams ever
sold in Golden.
G. B. McDermot
Tickler to Her Majesty, or any one else who
has the coin.
LAKE  &   CO.,
have opened as
ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Glass accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Kirqptori     &c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
McMillan Fur *& Wool Co.
Hlgh��(t Price*} Paid
No Cemmlstlon Charged':
Immodloty Batumi.
�� 3000 .(IT. A ....
Shipments Bolt-oHod..-.... Writ* far Circular.
Tb. Conservative p.rty nre adopting
obstruction tactics at Ottawa.
Tba new C.P.R. hotel at Winnipeg
will coil (800,000.
At tha meeting held at Golden on
Saturday for election of a school true-
tee, W. L. Houston waa ro-elected.
Tlio Britieh Government are preparing tor war in the Transvaal, having
arranged to increase their for.es tbere
to 40.000 men.
Complaint* mn made to us aliput the
state ol the C.P.R. crossings. T. Rob-
sen had a valuable cow killed ou the
tine on Monday.
Thanks to the services of Mr. Bostock, M.P., ihe C.P R. has at length
been compelled to trecogni-ie Moyie ns a
station of stoppage and call.
Rev. H. B. T.inner has gone to the
Coa.t for a rsa", and change for a few
weeks snd during his absence no services will be held at Si Paul's Church.
The Pert has been repaired and fitted
up and under charier for use at the
Athslmei- sawmill -in ".hauling logs
aoros. the lake.
A. L. Sifton has defeated Dr. Dretl
by six vote* In Hie Haiill election aud
there are a lot of protested votes for
consideration by the Conns.
8. Barber, forinerlr of Golden, Is nr*
ranging with tbe farmers of Cliilli*
waok to put a steamer on the l-'raser
The chairman of the C. E. convention about to be bald at Montreal forwards us a circular pointing out tbat
this is the first convention of Christian
Endeavoi-ers held iu the Dominion.
R. W. Patmore, postmaster, of Donald, will remove to Golden noxt month
and will open a stationery and tobacco
business in the building belonging to
11. G. Parson across the bridge
A petition hss been forwarded to the
Government asking that Messrs ilull
Bros, be prevented from using the old
cemetery as a lita for a slaughtsr-
Arrangements have been defiotely
made hy which Mr. Wells M. P. P
will put In haud the different trail and
road works, and also the erection ot
the bridge over the Columbia River at
W. C. Wells's Palliser mills are getting a high reputation for ths lumber
they turn out, as evidenced by the fact
that Mr. Wells has received an order
from England for a supply of dressed
Another shocking accident has
occurred in the War Eagle, tour men
named Lee, Griffin. Sturgoso, and
Green bavins been killed by a missed
sbot. Another man, named Coulson,
sustained serious injuries but will live.
Tho Prospector says the 0 P.R. are
about to arrange to build from Fort
Steele junction to Windermere, and
ti.*.�� i*.a F-nulisli Comoany will locate
on the eastern aldo of the Kootenay -
Columbia valley.
Much sympathy Is felc for Mr and
Mrs. Malcolm Mclunes, of Fun Oitmle,
over tha sudden death of their son,
who was killed last week by being
thrown from his horse by the animal
stumbling in a gopher hole.
Mrs. Ross, wife of ths Hon. J H.
Ross, of the cabinet of the "North Wo t
Territories, went to Sinclair by the
Duchess on Friday oo a visit to hsr
father and mother, Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
McKay, of Sinclair. Mrs McKay
came to Goldeu to meet Mrs. Ross,
Next issue ot the Eua will contain a
write up of the agricultural, ranching
and mining resource of Windermere
district���iu faot it will bo a special
Windermere number, which ws hope
will meet with tbe appreciation of our
friends there.
Ou Sat in-day Mr. Griffith 8. M, committed P* Sebastian to prison for contempt of court, as be had refused to tell
where his dog wns, a complaint having
been made tbat It had bitten Bessie
Broweter. Peter thought better of it
after a few hours confinement sud told.
Tha dog was destroysd.
Tha Mill Football Club have got
down to business, with credit to themselves and their officers. Thsy have
had a ground laid out, ploughed,, harrowed aud rolled, nnd judging from the
way tbey are going at it they ahould
elean up everything iu Britieh Columbia.
The Selkirk Is about ready for her
maiden rnu on the Columbia River. A
fins holler, built in Dstroit, hss been
put In, a cabin ia being fitted up on the
upper deck for Mr. Foster's privets
use, and a wheel-house has yet te be
built. Tha Selkirk makes a pretty
yacht, and one of whicli her gonial
owner and skipper may well be proud.
The International Transportation
Company's atearaer Gweadelioe was
wreoked a few days ago by runnlngon
a rook In ths Kootsosy River nesr
Bonner's Ferry. This company has
lieen most unfortunate with its boats.
At the time of ths disaster ths Gwendoline waa on the way to Kootonay
Lake where it' was intended ska should
join lbs trading fleet!
Rev. J. P. Weitman, wbo has boen
appointed pastor of the Methodist
Church at Golden, arrlvad on Thursday and wss welcomed hy lueinbers af
tbe congregation. The Rev. gentlemau
somas to Golden with a high reputation as a preacher and hs will conduot
services at the Methodist Churoh at
Golden on Sunday next at 11 a. m. and
7,80 p. in. Sunday school services will
beheld at 2 p. m.
Bad management keeps mora people
(n poor circumstances than any other
ens cause. To bs successful one must
look ahead and plan ahead ao that
'whan a favorable opportunity presents
Itself he is ready to take advantage of
It. A little forethought will also save
muoh expense and valuable time. A
prudent and careful man will keep a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy in tha honse,
tbs shlfilsss fellow will wait until ne
oesslty compels it and then ruin his
best horse going for a doe-or and bars
a big dootor bill to pay, "beeldes; one
pays oat �� oents, tbs other Is out a
hundred dollars and than wondsrs why
Hll neighbor Is getting richsr whlls ht
If getting poorer. For sals by all
druggists. Henderson Bros., wholesale agents, ViotorU tnd Vtnoouwr.
Mr. P. Ketoham ot Pike City, Cal,
says: "During my brother's late sickness from sciatic rheumatism, Chamberlain's Pain Balm waa the only
remedy that gave him any relief."
Many others have testified to tbe
prompt relief from pain which the liniment affords. For sale by all druggists.
Henderson Bros., wholesale agents,
Victoria and Vanoouver.
Mr. Robbins. the o.iergetic secretary
of the Golden Hospital recently visited
Beaver to endeavor to come to an ar
rangement with tbe employes of tin
mill there to n-naiv their contributions
to theGolden Hnspitnl. Mr. Robbies',
trip was very satisfactory, as ho sue
coeded in arranging with about UO ol
the men to again come in and reoeivt
i tie benefits granted by this excellent
institution to the lumber camps.
1 was seriously afflicted wiih n
cough for sevenil years, anil last fall
bad a more severe cough than ever
before. I have used many remedies
without receiving much relief, and
being rerommetideil to try a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a
frieud, wbo, knowing mn to be a poor
widow, gave it to ine, I tried it, end
with the most gratifying results. The
first bottle relieved me very much and
the second bottle has absolutely cured
ine. I have not hnd ss good health
for 20 years. Respectfully, Mrs. Mary
A. Beard, Claroinore.Ark. Sold by all
druggists. H.uderaon Bros., wholesale agenis, Victoriannd Vancouver.
Last Monday the Slith Inst. Mesdames Stephens and Pughe gave a
party at the Smelter Cottage to c.le*
brate tbe birthdays of Mrs. Pughe and
little Ethel Stephens. Eighteen children sat down to a substantial tea in a
tent on ths lawn, nftowards scrambling for nuts and candies, and engaging in different games. In the
evening about fifteen couple, as
tumbled at Mrs. Pughe'e and tripped
the light fantastic to the harmonious
strain, of the violin and guitar so well
played by Messrs. Forin and Lamontaigne. .Mr.Conway well executed the
part of "caller off." Dancing was'
kspt up till the "wee sme hours,"
when all joined hand, and eang "Auld
Lang Syne," and "God Save the
Queen." All expreaaed themselves
well pleased with the evening', enjoy
ment. Friend, came from Field and
Rear Creek.
Cupid breaks his bow at the sight of
a face full of pimples. Hollow cheeks,
sunken eyes, and a sallow complexion
ill defy hie beet Intentions. Beauty
is more than skin deep. The skin is
merely the suifaceon which is written
in plain characters the condition of tho
body. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery Is good for ths complexion
because it makes the whole body
healthy ��� because ft clears and purifies
the blood, makes tbe digestion etrong
and clears out impurities of all kinds.
By Inorsssing ths ability to assimilate
nutritions food, and by the infusion ot
its own ingredients it enriches ths
blood and so makes solid,healthy flesh.
It cures dlstases of tbe lungs, liver,
Stomach, bowels, .kin anil .ac-alp, .Imply lecauso alt these diseases spring
from ths samo cause���a disordered
digestion and consequent imp ire blood.
Mr. Brown's Opinion of
Paine's Celery Compound
It Restored Him to
New Health When
All Other Medicines
It Is everywhere admitted that the
people who testify to the health-giving
nnd restoring virtues of Paine's Celery
Compound are men and women who
are respected and well known ia tbe
-owns nnd cities where they reside.
Tbe high standing of Paine's Celery
Compound with the most prominent
medical men, nnd its world wide popularity, Is due to the fact tbat the great
medicine accomplishes just what it
promises. It saves lifs after all other
medicines fail; it cures when doctors
pronounce the patient incurable.
Mr. John H. Brown, Truro, U.S.,
writes as follows:
"I am truly thankful tor ths good
results I have obtained from the nss of
your Paine's Celery Compound. For a
long time I havt been a sufferer from
general debility and indigestion and
have made ue, of many medloinss, but
none have given me tht grand results,
ss far as Improved health is concerned,
ss has yonr wonderful Paine'a Celery
Coinponnd. It hae done wonders for
me, and though 1 am 76 years old I
have been able to do light work for the
past six months, and havt net lost t
day. I give your medicine all the credit for my restotation."
Head of navigation on Columbia RWtr.
Tht mott central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extraot from Report of "Minister of Mines for 1898: "A waggon road
conld bt built from tbt 'Salmon Bode' ATHALMER-it a rsasoiablt cost,
and will be to built tt toon at it ia justified by tht mining development."
Dry olimate, oharming scenery, perfect boating on lake tnd river, and
good fishing and shooting In Immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build upon; cold, clear water th*
year round for household purposes, tod eplendid water power close to town.
Large and complttt taw-mill (10 M. dally capacity) on tbt ground latum
cheap lumber,
Termt easy, particularly to to Invtttort wishing to build.
C. D. Liang, Agent.
pot* a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
North East  Kootonay   to be
W. F. Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist, visited Golden last week to
arrange to have North East Kootsnty
represented in the mineral exhibit of
the Dominion of Canada at the forthcoming Paris exhibition. Mr. Robertson proposes that Recorder Lang
should be appointed to go round tht district and collect the specimens, and he
considers this will ensure a first claas
representation of the district aS there
is no mnn ih ths Province whoexhl
bits greater Interest and teste in getting together a mineral collection, as
evidenced by the Ine display at tht
Goldsn office.
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailof.
~    Opposite The Columbia House.     589te
i Metallurgist,
The St. Eugooe has closed down as
a protest against the eight-hour law.
The Gaoderhara-Blackstook syndicate have secured uu option ou iho St.
Eugene miiio.
Messrs. West and Washburn have
bonded the White Elephant to Star-
bird, Collett and Robinson for $50,000.
Many prospectors uro now coming
iuto Windermere district over the
trail from* Argenta.
II. R. Moodie brought into town this
week some nice samples of copper ore
from a claim which be has located at
Field close lo tho railway truck.
��� W, G. Mi'.chall-Iunea, Manager of
tbe Golden British Columbia, Limited,
expects to resume development on the
Pretty Girl, st Horse Thief Creek,
within tbe next week.
A. F. Muoanley has been doing
essess.tnent work on his claim in the
Balrath group on tbe Bugaboo. Ht
txpresses great faith ia the future of
this property.
The Pro��p.cior reports that develop-
ment is being pushed ahead at.Perry
Creek under the direciion of Messrs.
Thais and Parker.
A. Allan, tht tnergctlo secretary of
the Bald Mountain Development Company, wat a visiter to Goldsn last
week on his way to Ihe Couipsny'e
mine with T, Merolor. Mr. Allan
will make arrangements on this trip
to put in hand tbt romalnder of tbo
Company's development for the current
A. F. Macauley hat driven the tunnel on >he Hidden Treasure at Spilll-
mocliens in a distance of 40 feet fur-
ther and rtporta tbt property looking
will. U. Croft, tht well-known mining engineer will vi.it tht property
shortly to decide on further opsrattons
with a viow to making this flue copper
prospect a shipper.
A. Allan, ot Calgary, Secretary ot
the Biild Mountain Mining A Development Company, visited tho Company'e
property laet week to arrange with Mr.
Herder for pushing on further development work. It it proposed to tx-
ttnd tht tnnnsl tt ont other leade, Mr.
Mercier informt ut that the property
looks wsll at tht place where he opened out the main lead, tht ore body tt
thit point presenting a thickness of
four feet.
Bed Hot from The <��im.
Wat tht ball that hit G. B. Stead-
man of Newark, Mioh., In tht Civil
Wtr. It otused horrible "Ulcers thit
no treatment bolptd for 20 years. Then
Buoklen's Arnica Salve cured him.
Cures Cult, Brule.. Horns, Bollt,
Felons, Cornt, Skin Eruptiont. Bait
Pllt cure on tartb. 86 eta, a box. Curt
guaranteed,   Sold by all Druggittt, 8
Remember the Strawberry
Festival at Hospital Grounds
To-morrow, from 4 to 10 p.m.
An Operation Evaded
Mr. R. A, Size, or Ingforsoll.
Ont., Tolls How It Was Done.
Symptoms ef Appeuilfctl.���Th. Way
Thoy Were Rollov.d-.Tbe Sufferer
Now Well and Working Every Day.
From the Chronicle, Ingersoll, Ont.
In February, 1898, Mr. B. A. Site
waa taken very ill, aad wat confined
to hie home tor teveral weeks We
heard tbat he waa to go to the hospital
ti* ha....,   <*-*b-**ttini*_  t*i*,.rnrn**>>l.    hoi
the.operation novo.- took place, and aa
he bas started to work again and in
apparently good health, we investigated the case and found that he has
been using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pule People. Mr. Site is a highly rt
speuied citizen of Ingersoll, having
rasldeJ here lur over thirty years, and
has been a faithful employee at Messrs,
Partlo k Sin's flouring mills for over
ninoteen years. When asked by a
Chronical reporter whether ke would
give an Interview tor publication,
telling tha nature of hit disease and
his oure, he readily consented. Mr.
Site gave tho details of his Illness and
cm-ess follows: ���
In Fsbruary I caught a heavy cold
which seemed to settle in my left side.
Tht dootor thought It waa neuralgia of
tht nerves. It remained there for soms
titnt and then moved to my right sldt,
in the rtgion of tht tppendlx. We applied everything, tnd had fly-blisters
on for it hours. They never tvtn
caused a blister and did tht ptin no
good, Tbt doctors oaina to tbe conclusion tbat ths appendix wat diseased
and wonld haft to bt removed. Tbt
pain wat very great at times, and than
waa such a stiff nsss in my unklss, alto
In my hand, and pain all over my body.
Tbt day and daw mi let for tn operation, and I w��e reconciled to It. About
a week before I was to go to the bos-
pltal my wife wat reading the Chronicle. Sbe nad an account of a man
wlie had been cured by tht un of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. The symptoms
of tbt dlssass wart to much like mint
that tht become Interetted tnd wanted
me to give the pillt a trltl. I bad
littli faith In tht pilli but tl my wift
itemed to bt tnxiout tbtt I should ttkt
th.in, I contented. Thtdayfortheoper-
atlon bad now arrlvad, and I told tbt
dooton tbtt I did njt think I would go
to tht hospittl for a whlli it I wit
titling bttur. I continued tht pills,
ind was greatly surprised and pleased
with tht result. I oontlnusd to Improve, aud havt long lines glvtn up til
Idea of an operation. Whin I.tarted to
uie tht pillt, I wat untble to walk,and
suffered lomethlog awful with tht
pain In my lids. It wu jutt Ivt wstkt
from tbt Hint that I started tht on of
thi pillt, until I was able to walk again
and I had bttn doctoring thnt months
btfon that, tnd I htvt bttn working
���vtr sines. Altogether I hav. taken
tixteen boxes tf tht pillt,' tnd thty
havt dont mt mon good thin all tht
doctort'midiclnt I iTtr took in my
lift. I havt now tvtry confidence In
Dr. Wllliami'Pink Pillt tnd think
that thty sr. tht but mtdlelnt In tht
world today. Certainly hid It not
bttn for tbim, I would htvt hid to go
through tht ordtal of in operation
tnd ptrktps would not have been living
now. I hope tbat by making thli publio
lt will bt of benefit to othlri, u it wai
through one of than artloln that I flnt
Itemed of tht unequalled qualltlee of
thi pillt.
Tht publio il ctutltntd igalnit
namerout pink -ttlond taltttiosi of
thin famous pills. Tbt gtnalnt trt
told only In boitt, tht fnt-t-pMi wound
whioh haul tbt word! "Dr. Wllllimi'
PinkPllltforPalaPtltltoph." Vtent
d-stlsr doit not hat* thai thty will bt
tut p-sttphld tt M ttntt a box, or tig
botet far |S.t0, hy addressing the Dr.
WHUgmt' Jltditlat Co., BiKhrUlt,
Gold  II tO
Silver  1 to
Lead  IM
Copptr...  900
Gold aod Silver  9 00
Lead and Silver  9 00
T. D. Packard,
Gold, SUvsr or Lead I1.M
o37aad'sijnr!'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. t.3
Gold or Silver and Copper.... tW
Gold, Silver and Leed "... . I.0*
Gold, Silver, Lead and Coppsr IM
Prompt Attention to Samples ly mail.
Cask most accompany tbs Sample,
Pulp kept fcr three mouths.
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.O.
GoldandCopper -.  9 to
Silver and Copper  9 60
Gold, Silver ind Lead  S 00
Oold, Silver and Copptr  8 50
Gold, SUvtr, Lead and Copptr. 1 00
Iron  4 00
Tin  ��00
Zino     t 00
Antyt, Sampljng, Analytical  Work
��*��*l Cauiwnlrulad Or...
All parcels of ore are carefully sample 1,
one portion testsd, one labelled and
kept, and tha third, if required, rt-
turned to owner aa a check on tht
assay made,
Term:  Cash With Rumples.
Athalueh-J. J. LAKE.
Ordert left with tbovt agents will rt-
oelvo prompt attention.
Columbia Valley
First-class Farm lands
987 torn at Windermere, Irontage tt
lakt, good agricultural land; trail
watered.   Extentivt range.
Hit acrea, prni.lt tnd meadow, wsll
wstsred. Gtod bty ltnd. Bunch
grin range,   Apply tt
E. A. Haggen, Golden.
In Col-ambit Valley far
Term of Two Tears,
160 ten raoch, well ttoeked with cat-
tlt, ihtep, bortei, tnd poultry.
Land In high ttate of cultivation,
10 aorta tn Timothy, 16 to SO under
orop. Property it wall finotd tnd divided into convenient field., til will
���upplltd with wtttr. Tht firm iffordt
excellent chances for dtirying, thtrt
being eeveral good milch cows tnd
thtrt lt t tuitablt milk bouts. Abundant! of small frulti in full bearing.
For partlonlart apply tl ofiot of.
E. A. Haggen, Golden
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist Se Druggist,
ten er parebaesrs of Oio-.nl.i--i. frem whom
which thtlr neordi or egr-MMatscooc-M
f. OABTiacorros,
OblsfCoaunissloMr of Lends* Works.
���^lltttWBBam   mn
To Whom It May Concern
Tbs public --nh^rwB^Mttofar-
nlskuTlsbor. supplies or material of any
description wnataaever to or on account of
tU Kiiouiiay CoMolldated Mlnln^pany
der besrlngtl��sia��ti^��%<��>le���ned_
In an other cam paymtat wU hi contested
In thi law courts.
II . I      ���*���* ���
opened up by tki DIAMOND COBB DRILL,
on tasy termi by, oontrtol,
or part payment receive*
in shirts it deelred. Ap-
ply 14
B.  A. HAGUE*.
���lnlag Agotai, DiUh. B.O.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent tor E. A, HAOOEN,
Assayer ft Metallurfiit.
Ornoa at Lakuidi Harm,
Windermere, - R.O.
White dr Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notarlef,
Revelstoke, B.C.
WID attind all CouttyCesrt. it Oolin.B.0
For Sale!
One Gramaphone & 52
Indestructible Records
Manufactured by tbt National Gramaphone Oo, of Ntw York, TJ.S.A. Fin*
records of bind muiio played by Bos.
tt't Ftmoui Band, Comlo Bonn
Comlo Beoltitlon, Initrumanttl tnd
Total Stltotlont, tto., tit.
Original vtlut 170, will aoatpt aay
rtatonabli offer.   Apply tt
Chas. B. Seddon,
Beavermouth,   B. 0.
A-runa-LAXO.���At Otldtn onltth
Jant, ltN-brBM^WK'nMW,
OUefOewnissioteroi Laid. & Works.


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