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The Golden Era Dec 10, 1897

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Tlio Goldeu Er* I
It thaaMM widely ciroalatsd aad
bad admtitlng medium in Eaat
Xtotuiy. Thi* U th* paper tbat
th* railroad*** and lumbtrmen. '
Subserlptlea, M.00 per Annum
ta Advance
per Annum a
..... w
; Want �� Tyjirewriterf
' Urap m a pott ami ami we'll �������)������� .
> Ut_iVM-htde��flb'-f t_��*ee.t lilth a*
i e__.��i_-a__rks��lJar.*l--r
The Empire.
Titib-   WriUag-AU-ahly   Hmaaaat
Cash Prl... t��*l Tl". I-*'**., (tt.
TBO-SO.I _BOS.Boi-k.to*., Calgary.
VOL. VIL NO. 19.
92 Pee Yeae
General + merchant,
Our Stock (or the
Coming Winter is Now
Complete io all Lines!
#v__, .._-.
Tnr Coats, Eur Caps, Fur
Gloves and Mitts, Sleigh
Kobes, Rugs and Blankets, Felt Shoes, Overshoes and Lumbermen's
Rubbers, German Socks,
other Socks and Warm
.Wool Underclothes.
Please see what We can
do for You before trying Elsewhere.
. . Agent For . .
Phonix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
The Confederation life Association. Toronto.
+ +
The Reliance Loan ft Savings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Th.au.n4 l'.opl. an Frusta* la
Their . T.ats ������ TragM.? ���***..
Dawson Citt, Oot. 15.���Bulletin
Famine and starvation before tb* and
ol winter will stare in th* face fullv
3,000 people on th* Yukon river between Ilunook Creek, Alaska, and
Stewart Bivtr, Northwest Territory.
Thtn art ovtr a thousand ptopl* in
Dawson City without previsions. An
���quel number including women and
children, ire living; in ttnts.ind today
a htavy mow it .ailing. People art
arriving at tbt rata oi 76 a day, many
ol whom htvt list thin ball tnough
rations to latt through tbt winter.
Btant, flow,  riot,   bacon md othtr
Srovliions are (tiling Irom 91.25 to
1.60 a pound. Jack Dilton, ol
Juneau, and on* or two othir stock
mtn arrived lately with a few hundred
head ol llvt itock and ttmporarily
relieved tht ���!tuition.
No powir on earth cm prevent ���
famine. Th* people ap-rreciate it to tht
fullest extent. Caches are being rob*
bid nightly. Ont man wisdsiecied in
th* ut and thot through tht Itg,
which mty provt fatal. He it not a
natural thief, but was drlvon to det-
ptration by hunger. A dosen men
have bsen irreited for burgliriiing
Tht Oold Commiitlonir could not
get tnough food to teed hit offlce font,
and wat compelled to send several
clerks and auiitanti down to Fort
Token, whtn 1000 ton* of grub 1*
ttortd. Th* winttr hit eommenctd,
and on tht Alatkt ild* of th* Tukon
Bivtr an folly 3,600 people, and thtn
it lm than 1,200 Ion* of grab to teed
them. Besides, too, th* Dominion
Polio* an sending forces of men down
tbt rlvtr to Ciralt City md Fort Yukon
to nlltv* th* local situation. In
Circle city a week or two igo two
steamers, P. B. Wear* md Bella, wen
stopped by thirty men armed with
wlnc.tstsrs aad nlltved of 80 tan* of
Thtn la ���* eonettllng tht trn*
���lata* al th* actual condition of ..aim
Befer* siring thousand* of mm ud
���cotss of womm aud children will be
tnltrlng Irom lb* pangs ol hunger
aad probably scurvy. In thi name ol
tho** dspsodent upon the hardy
Americans and Ctnidlins ,who have
come to the Klondike to find fortunes
that thoee at horn* may bt comforted,
In tb* mme of tbe people ot the gnat
Tukon valley, I appeal for aid.
Provisions will be needed la February and March to pnvrat gnat tuSir-
ing. Th* commercial eo-npanitt in
doing what thty oan to nliivt tht
���iluation by equalising tht division of
tht food (apply. Hundreds ot mm *n
in camp wilh a sick of flour, 40 Ibt
of baton, 25 poundi of bnat and flvt
pounds of coffee to litt nntil aw
Jao*. No mm ua pwform bird work
on such meagre food, aad in thtiprlng
thty will probably bt suffering from
Tbt ptopl* ol th* United State* and
Canada ought to tend a nlief expedition
hud*d by hearty Alaska frontiminin
like Jack Dslton, witb food for tbt
dittllutu, to a* to rueh her* hy
February. Th. situation 1* not and
cannot bs overdrawn or cuggtnttd.
Th* Canadian aatborltilt hav* timed
bulletin* urging th* ptopl* to go to
Fort Tukon for provisions.
It it a ltd prophecy to make, aad I
fully realist tht alarm it may cause
whtn I vratnn to my thit hy tht
flrtt of Iliy hundreds of ntw gran*
will 111 tb* littl* o*m*ttry bick of
Diwson City.
Cauee? Starvation and lick of
proper food. Hundreds of valuable
claims which oould not bt bought a
month ago for any prio* an now being
traded for provisions, and men with
tor am rant of property or money an
���acri-cing nearly all of thtir worldly
pisissilons for grub.
William J. Jonii.
Rawter Damp aasTsiat.i Tw* Mla.rs.
BohIjAMD, Dm. 8.���II. J. Mtrry,
a krothtr-in-law of W. Jlaokinsis, th*
Toronto 8tn*t Biilway migaatt, wm
ufooattd h*n with powdsr damp
jnMtrday. Marry had find a round
���I holt*. Shortly altar ht ud hit
eompuiM, Oto. Cattmaoh, ntaraid
totboeoeuot tht nomt raalaaioa,
whtn thty wart overcame by gu,
Mtrry fatltng onr hit oompanioa't
body. Not nnlil three-quarters ot an
hoar wan tha proatrattd form* dli-
oovered.   Mtrry omtd not bt rtvivtd.
(nol ������tit eatt.
Smd at tha aim** and iddreutt of
thnt or man parformtn oa th* piano
or orgaa tagathw with Mn cmt* la
tilvtr ar paatag* aad wa will mail yoa
tm pitoi* fall *h��*t motto, eoatlitlag
ol popular aoaga, wait***, marches,
at*., arraagad for tha piano and orgaa.
PopoijAB Muaio Poa. Co.,
M ladianipolii, lad.
" tin gtathmu. at ladUt I* Irani ttt
lhAtd ham* li British C*
M-00and.ipe-MH. Peii*
~���ie*. _ncl��eie|-addr!S'
The Ilefflialei Com-
Ntw Tork, Dee. --Silver, 60,;
Copper,   strong, $10.78; Lead, quiet,
J. McGregor, M. P. P., hat bitn
ippointed Minister of Mines lor the
A large number an leaving Africi
tor Britiah Columbia and tht Tukon
gold fields.
Th* North Star Co. an proitcuttng
work on tht Midnight claim ind get
ring out 3000 torn of on at thi Stir tor
A. Taylor, of Three Forki, has
transferred a quarter Interest in tbe
Dominion claim at Ottertail to A.
Hanson, of Field.
On December 6th the following locations were recorded at Oolden: Ferruginous by L. H. Estell, Ni-tht Hawk
by J. Dodd, and Sunlight by J. Dolmage, all on Twin Butte,
Th* B. C. Mining Critic says: "It
It now stated that the many amelter
propritiors aud proprieiary companies
of thi Western State! and Canada are
attempting to form a solid combine
to limit competition strictly anl raits
Th* Perth Syndicate Limited, with
htid office in England, hnl been formed
to operate in minet in the diitriot.
The company hat I capital of ��10,000
sterling. The head office of the
company in thit province it lituited
at Wild Horse Creek, East Kootenay,
and James W. B. Young, mining
engineer, ind manager ot the Invicti
minu, is th* attorney for tbe company.
When Father de Smet, the original
missionary to tb* Indians, came ovir
th* Whiteinan's pais bt discovered a
ledge et copper and marked a tne near
tht spot. He died it St. Eugene Million and lift i record ol Ibe diteovirv.
Fitbtr Coccoli lint thie lo Hon. Col.
Baker, whose house wai burned and
the record lott. Several prosptctort
hav* mdnvortd to re-locate Father de
Smet'a discovery but filled, though
oni maa claimi to hava found tht tree
that wu mtrktd nttr tht illeged
T. H. White, manager In Eatt
Kootenay for tbt Hammond syndicate,
nmarktd, to the International:
Prospects an not minet, tnd will
not li* until money it expended in tht
wty of development. And tbit is
where the owner of* promising prospect makes a tad mistakt. He asks
a price u a rule that would It a mint
far better than a prospect, and thows
no inclination to take any portion of
the rilk with tht purchaser. When
tht owner ot a prospect ceuei to tik
tbt mm who puts up tht money for
th* development to take all th* risk,
and (how* tbat be bss some confidence
in bi* property by assuming his share
ot th* risk, mining will advance muoh
mon rapidly In tbli section, to the
advantage of everyone concerned."
Mr. Whin, M. B., of Fort Stttlt,
hlti the mil whtn he tayi, according
te th* Wardner International: "Another unfortunate condition il th*
mining regulations of thi* province
that permit a man to stake nntold
numbers of claims md hold them for
a year ' without work. Tako tor
instanct tht Perry Creek dittrict.
Everything ii naked oat then, and it
will bt a yetr before the claims an
io validated by failun lo dosisetsment
work. Thit will pnvent men going
io thtn next tenon who would lie
nady to Hike ��� claim that gave
promise and investigate itt merit! by
legitimate work. The law should be
changed in tbis respeut. It would he
far berter It a pros|��otor was compelled to do a certain amount of work
before be could record a claim. Tbli
would ruck* each olaim a legitimate
Ths Mining and Scientific Press say*:
Considerable I* being claimed at
present for tb* bromine process of
extraction, In contrast or competition
with th* oyanid* aad ehlorinatloa
process, and recent txptrimenti in
Colorado go far towards establishing
tb* correctness of those claim! to fir
u high percentage of extraction il
concerned. But, *o far, th* inenaied
���xpenss of tb* proosss militates against
IM as*. That calcined gold on treited
with bromide and caustio toda will
givt np a vary high percentage of itt
amy vain* la aa undoubted fact, bat
tht pntmt high prio* of bromid* bar*
aay olaim to toonomy la tht process,
aad tt ii th* mott economic method
whtn tulted to th* on tbat ia la
ipteial demand. Mr. Catttll, tbe
manager, savs th* proosss "la a majority ot c**n I* bound to supers*!*
all others," whioh under tht clrcura-
���lances, to a moat sanguine vtow."
Th* commltte* ot th* ibovt mit at
tht office ot the OoIjDM B*a Company
on Wedoeediy. Pnientt-Tho Prett
dtnt. Hoo. r. W. Aylmer (in tht
abatr); W. MoN*l��h, M. Dainard and
E. A. Haggen.
Tb* question of byliwt wu ordered
to Mind ovtr. tht Monttry to writ*
meantime to Kemloop* foi bylaw* la
n** tbtn.
The  stent try   was   Initructed   to
writ* to th* Oovernment Agent urging
thit tbe road into thi crossing at Carbonate should bt pnt into a proper
���tatt of npair befon tbt witir rites in
tbt tpring.
Tht pmidmt orgtd tht motility of
incrtuing tht membership tnd of providing fundi to establish i raiding
room for numbers and tor holding the
meetings of tht Aisociation.
Messrs. Dainard and Haggtn wen
appointed to canva.i thi town for
mon members.
It wu decided to bold the next meeting it tht Columbia House on Wednesday, December 22nd, when the following business will come up for consideration: Establishment of reeding
room, adoption ot bylaws, filling vacancy ou permanent committee caused
by Hon. F. W. Aylmer being appointed
president; extention of time for assessment on account of snow; ssnding ons
to Omaha and Paris exhibitions; report on distriot hy Oovernment Mineralogist, Mr. Carlyle; re-location uf
claims; concession to ttat miners of
isms privileges ot railway travel is
in extended to commercial traveller*;
datti of general meetings.
The abovt programme ought to afford lomt topici for a good livtly
(From Oar Own Cermpondent.)
Swamsba, B. K., December 2.-
The road is complete from Kootensy
Lake esst to this point. Freight is
now moving this way. Co itractoi*
with their supplies ire daily arriving
from Nelion ind othtr prints in West
Kootenty to do the heavy rock work
along Moyio Lake. W. H. Cranston,
C. E., Is here. In hie division is the
heavy rock work, a distance of 12
miles. He will make his heudquartin
at Swansea. Ju. Olendenning. lupt.
ot construction from tbit point to
tumrnit if Ou't Riv.r, is also bin.
He upsets several tnin loidt of camp
supplies, steel, powder, ete, to nub
htn in ��� tow day*. Som* it tbt eon-
tncton wbo in arriving an: David
MeBtath, J. J. Cameron, Alexander
MeCltnaan, Mr. Brewster ind Ju.
Connor!.   All in after rock work.
We htvt fairly good sleighing.
Right-of-way it being cleared vory
fast. Everything i. buttle and labor
Is grutly in demind.
Copt. Sinbura hu commenced tht
construction of bit steam boat ud
will have a neat crafcior next tenon'!
Swaniei ii not on tht market yet.
Still numerout enquiries in being
made n lott. ind Mvtral could he told.
Mirket gardener! in nuking mdy
for next season to bs prepared tn cater
to tb* trade in their line. Tht construction of wagon road from tbit
point to Palmer's Btr, Boulder, Nigger, md Beaver Creeks, will be asked
for of th* Government early next iei-
Chare.   Againtt   -uadl.rd    of tb.
Ua.Mll Bum.
At tht police court on Monday,
before Mr. Griffith. S. M, George
Mtad was charged with intuiting a
Swede, named Victor Gotsens. The
complainant appeared in court badly
disfigured, with bis face cut, right
eye bruised and blackened and liii
upper lip cut and swolltn. His story
was that hs was working for tht C.
P. B. As he wat too late for bis tea
a*, the boarding car he went to the
Queen's Hotel, where he had previously been, hsd a drink and got a check
cashed hy Mr. Greene. Accused
grabbed at his pocket-book with the
money and wanted him to pay for
drinks for all hands. He then weut
to the dining car. hut as he conld not
get tea there he returned totheQueeii'l
Hoiel lor ten, and it was tbere that
acouted assaulted him,
For the defence W. Wood, M.
Blake, L. H. Estell, E. Bawlf
and J. Allen were called. W.
Wood itattd complainant came to thr
dining car, pulled off hia coit and
���aid he wit going to lick somebody.
Wilnen wtnt to tbe Queen's Hotel
where he uw Meed tnd complainant
pitying. Tht litter got ingry and
���truck at Mead, wbo then hit bim
back. Greene and the bartender
separated them. Allan said he saw
complainant aim a blow but did not
see him strike the accused, who hit
him three times iu nturn. The other
witnesses did not seem to have wen
th* affair and knew* very little littl*
about it.
Acoused said he did not dispute
hitting the complainant. He was hit
first and merely acted in self defence.
His Worehip ssid the evidence wa*
in favor of the accused, but he had no
right lo meddle with complainant and
attempt to take his pocket hook.
Accu.ed denied that he hsd dons so.
His Worship said it wat- evidtnt hs
hid been meddling with the complainant and it wu not lafi to do io witb
these fonigntrt. Accused did not
appear to bear a very good nputatien
u he had lieen befon the court ou a
previous occasion.
Acoused: It does not matter about
my character.
Hit Worship: Excuse me, but I
im speaking. If this man had nol
gom back, at appeara from tht
evidence, I ihould uot have givtn you
the option of a Sue at all, but you hav*
no right to resort to this sort of thing.
Accused: Can't a man defend himself in this country?
His Worship: Not in the way you
seem to hava acted.
Accused: Then if i person hits nie
again I must run lo  tht Courthouse.
Hil Worship: Certainly I think if
you had let this man alone he would
have loft you alone, You itarted thi
affair. I uy you htvt no right to
interfere with thru people. Ton in
fined $10 tnd costs
Bound for the
But before I can go, must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.	
.. O. A. WARREN ..
BHJWW���     I I       II
The Kootenay Valleys GO.
B. V. Branch OfleMi   Kelamg smd tu Btoela.
T. G. PROCTER, - General Manager.
ROSS ft HERMACHER, Fort Steels Agents*
-Carttom-itam ���al.elteg.
Farm Lands in proximity to the Crow's Nest Pass R. R,
in East Kootenay, within easy reach of the best market
on earth for Stock and Fabm Produce; being the natural supply point for tbe mines of East and W est Root*
enay. You oan purchase any amount you wish, from
twenty acres upwards. Stock Ranches up to 6,000 acres.
Five years time aad easy payments to bona Ada. settlers,
Prims Binye From W.W te MB 00 fur Am-**.
Townsite properties are now being laid off.  Keep your
eyes on Elk lliver Crossing and Crow's !w Landing, THE UOLDEX  ERA,' FRIDAY,  DECEMBER", IU,  1887.
- golden -
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
Wanhouse* sn fairly crammed
with   NEW   GOODS   from
door* to ceilings.
Trade has been so good with
us this last summer that wo felt
justified in buying heavily for
our Fait, Xmas and Winter
Trade. Every train from both
uat and west is discharging
freight for our stores.
Fresh mild-cured Hams and
Bacon. Creamery and Diiiry But.
ter.Fresh Egge.Cream Cheese,
Factory Cheese and Holland
Cheese, Finnan Haddies and
I'ran berries received this week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now on ihe road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,  which we are selling at
loc per lb.
Footwear,   Rubbers,   Overshoes, Shoe Pocks and Moccasins,
Gloves  and  Mitts   in  great
Remember we are the agents
for  Health    Brand    Underwear.
Don't uo around shivering in
your shoes when you can buy
a suit of Health   Underwear
and be as warm as toast.
We are now unpacking Ten
Cases of
Xmas  Goods
imported direct from Germany
and England. SANTA CLAUS
has never heen so good to us
as this year. You can make
the little ones happy this
Xmas at a very smnll cost by
purchasing from un.
In Ready-Made Clothing we
������Beat the Band." Our Dollar
Heavy Wool Pants are as good
as are usually sold for 12.00.
Careful buyers are showing
thfir good judgment by purchasing nt our stores. We
are crowded every week day
and have no reason to complain about dull times.
Come and seo ua   We will
be  pleased  to  help  make yrjur
Xmu a merry one.
Geo. B. McDermot,
Oeneral Merchant.
To Advertl.ers anil nuuscrlhers.
The (iOLIMSN R1JA .:< nublisb.nl .-very
Friday evening. It is tliu I'ost advertising
medium in tiie Knst Kootenay district
.iutiscri-itioti Katun: r$-uu per iiiuiiuo IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in tiro office no! Inter than
uoou on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
vMsuiil advertisements will be received up till
noun uu Friday,
Whilo all ronsonable care will tie tnken, thn
proprietors will not bo responsible for any
omission or error iu any advertisement..
All accounts to lie paiil hi the Muiuiging
Director, or bis authorised agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Hiapliiv rule., tl.jO per
column inch: Lug 1 ads., 10 cents tier lino
fnr first insertion, 11 cents for each additional
insi-rtioii: Heading notices, I'i cents per line
each issue,
.Ml business communications should be Addressed to tbe Managing Director, and all
litonn y communications.letters for publication or news items should bo addressed to the
Correspondence is invited ou mailers of
public interest, but te secure publication
such totters must lie brief, in the case ot
anonymous letters tbe name and address of
lho wriler must lie enclosed, not for publication, but for the private information of tlie
editor and umi guarantee of good I'ailb. An-
letter received later than Wednesday wil
havo to stand over till the following issue.
Tbe Golden Era Canpanf Limited Liability.
Office, Ooi.iien*, B. C.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigi of ill kinds for
Hin at Reasonable Bates.
Turning of all kinds a specialty.
Hamilton & Skelton,
The McMurdo House,
Good ucommodstion for Miners.
Best Brando of Liquors Kept.
Saddlt or Peek Horses tor Sale ar Hire
Thomas Lee
Hia Opened a
In Gibson's building, opposite tbo Postofllce.
Cabbage and Celery for sale.
Mills terved at nil hours.   Tobscco,
Cigars and Refreshments,   .list
rVnievn NERVE BEANS are a new
-*�� -~* tap ���iWov��ry that cure tbe worst
Ro ail a    costs of nervous debility. Lost
neans. *������-���_������ p^nna* s-u_oodi
restores Ibe weakness of body or mind caused
hy overwork or the errors or excesses of
vwith. Thit romedyabtolntelyeuros thernoet
���obtllnate uses when iH other treatjnqnta have
���tilled iveo to relieve. Holdbydruggittiatll
per package or lis tor IS, or seatIff moil og
&elm(it-mitt by-Mieulng THE JA.MI--S
MED'CIVE CO., Toronto Cist. Wriu* tot
pamphlet, nam
Catons Tansy Pills.
tamP&n&��*   ��   "���
Imitation..   Get  UAT-S'S ibd taw ro-
Catoa *tat. Co., Rotten, Ma...
Besides, the court fees are so framed
as to meet the expenses cf tho administration of the Court and it would be
grossly unfair that in addition to the
Court tees litigents should be put to
the extra ex- onse of going to Revelstoke. Tbe people of East Kootenay
ought to kick against the proposed
change as unfair to the district,
Eatt Kootenay is a large and growing
district and it is just as much entitled
to fair consideration as any other part
of British Columbia.
OTltc tOolbEM ffirit
(Edited by E. A. HAOOEN.)
FRIDAY,  DECEMBER  10, 1897.
The question of re-distribution is
one of the most important that should
come up at the next session of the
Legislature. The Turner Government
will ehirk it if they can, as they know
that it is only by trickary and chicanery that they can hope to hold oliiee
any longer than the next elections.
The people are full up of a regime of
corruption which has tended to damn
the credit of the Province at home and
abroad and every elector who has the
welfare of che Province at heart has
made up his mind to do what he can
to hurl from office a Government that
has need its position for the benefit of
the members thereof and their friends.
The way in which the public lands
and franchises have been bartered away
has been nothing short of criminal.
We talk about political corruption in
the States, It seems to us that liefore
wecattatonet at our neighbors we
want to remove the motes that have
blackened the purity of government
in our own Provence, A change, and
a radical change, is wanted, that the
robbery of the nation mav be ended
and tome effort made to stem the -mischief that has been so unblushingly
pel petrated by men who seem to love
public offlce mainly for the sake of the
spoils thereof. The surest way
to bring tbout the desired
change il by a re-distribution
of seats, by which tbe new additions
to the population shall have fair
recognition and a just voice in the
election of the new Parliament. The
best wsy to ensure this is for the
electors in various centres to hold
public meetinge and demand of their
member his support for a re-distribution on a population basis, with an
added quota for country districts, as
the fairest basis on which to seek
amended representation.
The action of Judge Forin in Ordering that the sittings of the County
Court must be removed from Donsld
to Revelstoke it a matter for condemnation. East Kootensy is now viry
badly served in court matters, as there
is no titling of the County Court nt
Fort Steele, and the only way of getting cues heard in the district hss
been by means of tbo sittings at Donald or taking them to the Supreme
Court on the Coast. It is no answer
te say that ths cases are so few that
the Crown is put to disproportionate
expense. No matter how tew tlie
cases an, it just means this, that if
the Judge does not go to the expense
ot coining to Donald, litigants have
to be put to the expense of going to
Revelstoke. We consider that those
who unfortunately may have to go to
law are just as deterring of consideration as is tho Judge, and then is no
reason why the expense should be
taken off the shoulders of the Oovernment and saddled on the litiga-its,
whose court expenses are usually heavy
enough without being put to this
additional    trouble   and    hardship.
One of Thousands.
Big Orders and Words et Praise Prove the
Worth of Dr. Agnew's Ointment.
"Kindly fill enclosed order at once. Dr.
Agnew's Ointment lias given the greatest of
satisfaction hire. It it one of Ihe best tellers
we ever handled and It magical in the cure
of tkin diseases and piles. Yours truly,
Eureka Drug Co., Mauch 1 hunk, Pa." Or-
dirt like thit accompanied by Just tucb words
of praise are tlie commonest occurrence at
headquarters^ for this great romedy���proves
the people's fsJlh in it and provet its power
to relieve and cure piles and all itching and
torturing akin troubles.
Sold by C, A. Warren. Wl
Some people in Oolden have tuch
a fancy for the Asiatic that they think
he ought not only to do the cooking
and laundry work, but to run the
newspapers, hotels, stores, and do the
watchmaking and lawyering, and in
fact own the town. Such a policy is
as degrading as petitioning in favor of
a gambling house. Asiatic labor is
one of the curses of civilisation nil
over the world. It brings down the
wages of the white men, demoralizes
the standard of living, and has such a
bad effect on the nations where it has
been tolerated thst the Australian
Governments have voted it out after
exhaustive enquiry, No man there
dare advocate the cause of tho Asiatic
as against the white man. That
cause is so well understood that the
man who takes it up is regarded as
an enemy of his race and rightly so.
The fact that Japanese labor was
employed on a mine ot. the Bugaboo
this season to the exclusion of white
labor was a public scandal and a
repetition ought to lie stopped by
legislation. What is to become of our
white laborers if the exainplo of the
Dunsmuirs in setting the law at
defiance, by employing Chinese labor
in coal mines, is lo be extended to our
mineral claims! We say voto it down!
Wesaytothe people of Golden, not
only stick to your town but stick to
the people of your own race! We
want no cheap-John Chinese watch
makers, hotelkekpers or storekeepers
in Golden, and ne hope the people of
this town will set a good example
to tho people of other towns in British
Columbia by refusing patronage und
encouragement to businesses carried on
by Asiatics, whose main effect must
be to take the bread out of the mouths
of deserving people of our own race.
We are glad to be in a position to
say that the proposed railway from
Golden to the Yukon on the north
and from Golden to the International
boundary on the south appears lo be
in good hands. The company's solicitors in reply to our enquiry as to the
prospects of the railway being carried
out, provided a charter is granted
write us: "Wo are enabled to go so
far as to state that it is English capital
and the undertaking is receiving the
consideration of people of undoubted
means and tliere is no reason why the
railway should not become an accomplished fact."
The officers of the Dominion Treasury don't appear to have the remotest
idea ss to their duties in regard to
the circulation. From all parts of
British Columbia comes the cry that
there is a scarcity of small change -
bills and silver���for tbe carrying on
ol business transactions. American
silver is largely used to help to make
up but the difficulty still exists.
The matter was recently brought
under the notice ot Manager Clouston,
of the Bank of Montreal, and he stoically replied that there was half a million in small change in the Treasury at
Montreal or some other out-of-the-way
place. That ii no answer. The money
is wanted In the west, and it is the
duty of the Treasury to meet that
want by turning out the money that
is said to be locked up in the vaults at
Montreal and get it into circulation In
the west, where thero is so much
demand for it. The merest school-boy,
let alone Manager Clouston and the
Dominion Treasurer, ought to know
that money locked up in vaults is of
no service to the public, and might as
well beat the bottom of the deep bine
sea. We guarantee tbat Manager
Clouston does not pay the ten per cent
dividends out ot his great banking
institution by keeping its money locked
up in the bank's vaults at Montreal.
Not he! He gets all he can into circulation, and why lie should seek to injure
the country by a policy tho reverse of
his own is one of those mysteries of
banking that suggests that banks and
railways should be run by the state.
Then the public interests would
receive fair consideration, instead of
being sacrificed as they now are to
made dividends for giant corporations.
The people of Oolden ought to stick
to their town. It is unfair to
the business' people that patronage
should be given to carpet-baggers who
open for retail purposes for a 'day or
two and then clear out. The prosperity of our business men is the prosperity of th*> town. We hone therefore
that the residents ot Golden will take
what we Bay to heart and patronise
the business people wbo reside in their
midst, and give ptripatelio shopmen
the go-by. Don't place an order outside your town thit cm be filled in ill
Catarrh's Harvest
Will be Bountiful if the Simple Cold in tin
Head it Neglected Now���Dr. Agnew't
Catarrhal Powder is Nature's Keliever.
This it tho soeding time for that dread malady-catarrh. A simple cold in the head,
induced by sudden change in the weather,
may mean to you years of torment if neglected. , Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder will relieve a old in the head iu 10 minutes. It will
allay all inflammation liko magic and prevent
the seating of disgusting catarrh. If you aro
so unfortunate at to have contracted it, no
matter how many years have passed, llmre j*
a certain cure in this tested remedy.
Sold by C. A. Warren. Ml
* ���
Company formed it Spokane to .fur-
niih power for Roialand, Trail, and
other towm of Kootenay.
Veteran named Carr jumped into
bath of boillnu water at Levonworth
and scalded himself to death.
During the debate in the French
Chamber of Deputies ontheigricutural
crisis* Premier Meliue declared the
cause of the crisis wis the progressive
fill in tbe list 20 years in the price of
all agricultural nrodncts, combined
wilh the depreciation in the price of
How to Prevent Pneumonia.
At this time of the year a cold it
very easily contracted, and If let to
run it! oourie without the aid of some
reliable cough medioine ii liable to
remit in thtt dread disease,pneumonia.
We know of no better remedy
to cure a cough or cold than
Chamberlain's Congh Remedy,
We have used it quite extensively and
it hai always given entire satisfaction.���Oolagah, Ind. Ter. Chief.
This is the only remedy that 1*
known to be a certain preventive of
pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it for colds snd la
grippe we hive never yet learned of a
���ingle case having resulted in pneumonia. Persons who hav* weak
lungs or hav* reason to fur an
attaok of pneumonia should keep the
remedy at hand. For sale bv all
druggists. Langley and Co., Wholesale Agents, Victoria nnd Vancouver.
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My JHott* is
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Heart keepttas ar* Convinced la 30
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart gives relief In DO minutes in most acute eases of heart
disease. One dote it oil that is needed to
convince the most sceptical. Thousands of
lives have boea saved through itt timely uso.
It it one of lhe wondert of modern medical
Held by C. A. Warren. Ml
J, Woodman appointed chief engineer of western division of C. P. R. in
pltce of late D A. Stewart,
It Is s painful
sight to see an
otherwise robust
man limping
along on a crutch
or cane, a sufferer
from rheumatism.
Rheumatism is a
disease that will
never attack a
man who keeps
his blood pure
and rich. There
is just one way to
do this. That is,
to keep tbe digestion and assimilation petfect and
the liver and
bowels active.
All cases of
rhcumAtlsm  are
Sromptly cured
y Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery. It
creates a keen,
hearty appetite,
corrects ail disorders of the digestion, and all weakness
of the stomach. It nukes the assimilation
perfect, the liver active, the blood pure and
rich with the life-giving elements of the
food, the nerves strong and steady, and it
drives all impurities and abnormal acids
from the blood. It allays inflammation and
dispels pain. It is tbe great blood-maker
ud flesh-builder.    It does not mske cor-
fiulent people more corpulent. Unlike cod
iver oil, it does not build flabby flesh, but
tears down the unhealthy, ball-dead tit.
tuet that constitute corpulency, carries
them away and escre.es tbem, replacing
tbem with tbe firm tissues of health.
Thousands have testified to its merit*.
Sold at all medicine stores,
"I hive been afflicted with -heamstitm tnd
kidney trouble." writes Mr. C. B. White, of
Grove, Geauga Co., Ohio.   "I seller-, untold
Biln. I wss afraid I would low iny mind. At
met wss almost entirely helpless. There had
oot been a night fur three years thtt I could rest
in any position. I tried Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Iliscoverv. I used lhl**!* bottle, of It
and am well of both diseases."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con-
ttipation. Conatipttion it tbe cause of
many diseases. Cure tbe cause and you
cure the disetse. One "Pellet" is a
gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic. Druggists sell tbem and there's
nothing else "just at good."
WANTED-TRUSTWORTHY AND Active gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established hou>e in British Columbia. Monthly WHO and expenses. Position tteady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stomped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. _Map-��l
East Kootenay District���North,
era Division.
VOTH"E Is hereby given that ail placer
mining claims which are legally held in
the Northern Division of East Kootenuy are
laid over from tho dale of this uotice until lat
June next.
J. E. Griffith,
Oold Commissioner. -
Donald, Hth November, 1897. 248-31
Court of Revision.
No.thern Division
East Kootenay.
A Court of Revision nnd Appeal under the
"Assessment Act, its**," and amendments,
will lie held at the l.'ourt House, at Golden, nn
Muudiiy. tbo third day of January, lnm. and
ut Donald on Tuesday, the tourth day of Jan-
nary, 1H98, at cloven o'clock in tho torenoon.
J. E. Uiiirrini,
Judge of lhe Court of Revision
and Animal.
Golden, 7th December, 1897. 247dll
Cure For Drunkenness
It is an established fact that the Dyko Cure
removes all crave for alcoholic stimulants iu
a few d.-ys, and in four weeks restores tlie
patient to bis normal cmiditioii. It it a simple vogetahle tonic. No hypodermic injections. Cnn be taken privately at a home
treatment, with no bod aftor-etl'ocit or no
loss of time from business. Eor further particulars address Dr. McTaggart, London,
Ont., or enquire of Editor of Uolden Era,
Golden, B. C. i*Md31
Sign  Writer,  Painter and
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended lo.      22te
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Oolden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
Builder and Contractor,
....  Golden, RC.
A supply of  Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given io orders. 28te
Undertakers and
.   .   Embalmers,
Calgary.   -    -    Alta.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Holden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on  Monday of each
week. S6tc
Monafaetnrer of
Steam Enginei ind Boilers, "S-t.
Mill and Mining Machinery, "���������.
Saw, Shingle and Bark Mills, its'..
Elevators, Hoists, Winchet and "***">
Donkey Engines, **_^
Shafting and Gearing, "���"as
Castings and Forging!, tn.
At The
Eagle Foundry,
William Bennison,
Mining Droker,
Seattle. Waaklnctan.
Minet exchanged, bought, sold or bonded.
Correspondence toliciied.
London reference-W. I.. Cooper, Solicitor,
No. 5 Queen Ann Street. E. C.
American reforencet-Seatlle National Bank
and Everett National Hank. IU
Watch, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing
In all itt lines dont on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Ringt and
Jewelery carried  in  ttock, alto
Spectacles and Eye Glutei.
Mall Orden Solicited.
Call at my new place of  Dullness,
Opposite the Post Offloe.
Watchmaker,   *   ���   *   Golden, B. C.
lull Prittt. Correct Selection.
-opts tad Tags Famli-td tm.
_=^| Market Information and Prices Gladly Furnished |^g.
Hides, Pelts, Wool
Tallow,  Ginseng,  Seneca.
Writt for Circular giving Latest Market Prlcet.
Immediate Remittances
Jas. McMillan & Co.   ino
Ho Voniuilttlon Charged.
300*113 Vint Ave North
aisrNEArouM. nmr.
SAVAGE RIFLE     for sayaqe game,
."o }'. ae FXPAr*
Caliber .Sto,
Hammerlegi.. Smokelesg. Six-Shddter.
Xew Catalogue on Application.
Savage Repeating Arms Co.,
^B Uttica, New York. THE UOLDEN  ERA.  FRIDAY,  DEC Eil UEI! 10,  I8D1
News In Brief.
Inturgenti dtteated Governi.
" Heivy   mow  ttorm in Iowa tnd
trafflo stopped.
Allison sentenced to death for murder of Mn. Orr.
Hammond ���entenced to death for
mnrdei of wife.
C. P. R. braketmm run over at
Rennit tnd killed.
Mn. Giuthler killed by Grand Trunk
train it Montreal.
Three insurance men committed
inioidt at Ntw York.
Martin Thorn to be electrocuted for
murder of Guildemuppe.
A, L. Cameron elected mayor of
Calgary by acclammation.
Terrible railway accident at War-
taw. Eltvtn ptrtoni killed,22 injured.
Albert Gurney killed it Kemniy by
building, which wai being removed,
ptiting ovtr him.
The Divine Ideal.
Sound Health an Essential in Reaching
the Great Goal.
Itt nse leant Vigorous Manhood and Womanhood with
Clear and Aotlve Brain.
The Great O.mpoan. Keeps the Body
In Perfect Condition.
The illustrious Gbr-uin philosopher
Kant savs: "There is within every
mind a divine Ideal, the type after
which he wal created, thegermi of I
perfect person."
It it irnt thit the neirer men ind
women approach the divine ideal the
mora earthly ' happiness will they
-enjoy. In order to inarch steadily
onward to tbe great goal set beforeali,
men aud women must be physically
sound. Purity of heart and grand
elevation of mind will never accomplish the great victory if the body be
sick and diseased.
Those who atpire to true manhood
���nd womanhood are the men sad
women who take the precaution to
banish the very first symptoms of
disease. Tbat tired feeling you experience from day to day; that nervous
headache you dread'so much; that
"cant sleep" condition that makes yon
weak and wretched; the pains in side
and book indicating kidney disease;
the sharp twinges of rbeumatiem and
neuralgia that make lite a misery;
that constipated habit that it sending
poison into vour life blood���all these
varied symptoms lead to disease and
death nnlest thty ire banished.
Paint's Celery Compound putt tht
outof-gear phytical machinery in perfect working condition, and gives thit
greatest of all gifts���good health,
.bis marvelous medicine is a food that
perfectly nourishes the nerves, tissues
and blood; It brings strength and vigor
to tbe limbs, gives the rosy blush of
health tn the pallid face, and brings
clearness and energy to the brain.
Paints Celery Compound, as a
medioine for the ordinary ills of every
day lift, it it far removed from
the common pillt, nervines,
bitttn and itrtapirlllai ai
tht ditmond it from ordimry
window glut. Tbe people priite tt,
���11 honeet druggiiti speak in its favor
���nd tht tbleit dooton prescribe it.
If you in only half enjoying lite try
what Paine's Cilery Compound will
do tor yon.  239
Charter fo; einal applied for from
Lake Superior to Rocky Mountain!
via Satkatchewan.
Are You Going' to Dye.
Successful Dying Can Only be done
by Diamond Dyet,
Thousands dye this month. The
vast majority make the work profitable and pleasant, while others are
confronted with disappointment, despair and ruin.
The happy and successful dyers are
those who always use tbe Diamond
Dyes that produce the brightest, fastest and most lasting colors. The discontented and unhappy ones are the
few that use the common and crude
package and soap grease dyes, giving
muddy and blotchy colors.
If you desire to make your costumes,
dresses, capes, jaokets, blouses, etc.,
look like new garments, buy some
fashionable dark color of the Diamond
Dyes, and you will bs astonished with
the results. Now is the time to look
oat tbe men's and boys' light colored
and faded clothing and make them
ready for another season's wear. Fast
Diamond Black, Seal Brown, Indigo
or Navy Blue wiil give magnificent
shades on all garmsnts. Insist upon
your dealer giving you the-Diamond
Dyes every time yoii buy; then, and
only then, is success assured. 250
Tht National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and simple method
���I matting sulphide ore, euch it nickel,
copper, gold, and eilver orei. In local-
ititt whin lead oret tnd full ire
���caret and almost   unattainable our
Kyritie water-jacketed Matte Smeller
���l bitn raoogniied with highly litis-
fiotory multi, tnd hit bitn thoroughly tttttd on varlout pyritio,
sulphide, and intnideorei, Incapacity
ot two to 80 torn per day It ii the
limplest mtthod of gold aud silver ore
matting and concentrating thtt it
known today.
It require! no extriordinary skill,
ao liud ont, no fluxing material, and
no fuel for tht smelter after it is
atarttd. Tht tulphur tn the on it
itt natural futl only, and itt coat bat
no comparison with any otbir process
ot concentrating.
Wt art prepared to furnish any tiie or
capacity plant complete to substantial
mining people, ttt it up tnd furnish
onr mm to run it tor. them on easy
payments. Prices and -.peoifioatloni,
with rstsreuoes and tiitimonialt, on
Mtnufacturert cf Furnacei for Nickel, Copper, Oold, Silver, ind Uld Oret.
IT.  LOUIS.   MO. I20t0
tive gentlemen er ladles te travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly Jiio.OO mnl espentes. Position steady lloforeuce. 'Enclose self uiMret-
���ed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. SOInp.,1
Heart Spasms
Ko orsan In tbe human anatomy to-day
whoso diseases ran be more readily detect.
��d than that, ol the heart���and medical
discover* hu made than .-enable to
pra-m matin'it. ltrouh.v.p���.iutlon
or nultenoi. shortness of br���lib, weak or
Irregular i uis*, twell.ni of leet er ankles,
pain In i he left side, fainting iptlU, drops.-
cal tenuenc-r. any of that Indiuw hnrt
disease. Ke mttter or how long standing
llr. Asn.w's Cure fer tha Hearc ��Ul cure���
It'l a heart ti.ec.llc��� octi qulokly-aett
tartly���out lately
" I wat given tip to die br pkrilelant
and friends. On. dor. of Tir. Agnewt
Cure lor ibt Heart nave me ease..ad
ala bottles cured my ease of uftsm
rears'sUnilin-." Mi. J.L. H-Uj-R,
W-ilMwood, N.W.T. *0
OuanuitsM relief In to mlnutaa.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
Land Notice.
(JO Daya after dale I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to nnrcha.se 1180 acres
of land in East Kootenay District commencing at a post placed on the east boundary of
lot HB O.I, whore said lot logs east, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 50 chains, thonce
south 8) chains, ihence nest 40 chains to
place of commencement.
J. W. Rouinsox.
Dated Nov. 18th, 1897. 3%jaSl
$500^ IN GOLD!
1st Prise
2nd Prize
3rd Prise
2 Prises of    ...
25.00 each
b Prizes of
10.00 each
10 Prizes of   ...
5.00 each
To the Twenty peopli who solve this Puzzle, if there are so many correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH,
With Your
If more than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (in addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of whioh the net factory price is f 10. If preferred, the winner can
chooso a genuine Gold-cased Watch of the same value.
F - - TH - tJL
F - R - M - ST
A word bore
"True to tlie
Our Proud
in tbe Watch
A word which
here moans
they wiil last
a lifetime.
The qualities
of our
which are
to bs ihe
in the English
and Americun
As this wonderful offer is only made to advertise our far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.
He won't use it, becausf its "shine" lasts
too long, and seems too simple.
'Pays hiin'better to use a
wax pore-filler, and polish
up a previous polish.
Paid by the week,
instead of by the pair,
he'd shine the actual
leather, hard and
smooth surfaced, with
Swier Shoe Poush
H. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
���ra-We are Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire CIny Goods, Scientific and
Practical Bool;"., Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' uud Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Becker's Son's Balances; Brunlon A Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Timber Notice.
THIRTY Days after dnt" 1 intend to apply
to the Chiel Commissioner of Lands anil
Works for a Special Licen-e to cut and carry
away timber from the following describotl
lands in East Kootenay, viz.:���Congnoncing
at tbe N. E. corner of Lot 86, Cl. 1, theuce
north 30 chnins, thence oust OOchnins, thonce
south 40 chains, thence east SO chains, tlionce
south Iii chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, t hence
north ICO chains, thence west 40 chains to
place oi commencement, containing 1,000
acres more or leu.
Wm. McKenzie.
Cranbrook, Oct S-id, 1897. 214ja5
VOTICE Is hereby given that application
will lie made to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia at its
nut session for an Act to incorporate a
company and empower it to construct, equip,
operate aad maintain a standard or narrow
8iiage railway from some poiut at or near
olden In East Kootenay District, thence in
a southerly direction un tbe valley of the
Columbia Hirer on either the oast or west
tide of the said Columbia River to or near to
the Canal Fbit at the foot of tho Upper Columbia Lake by the most feasible route, thence
in a southerly direction down the valley of
the Kootenay River on either the east or west
side of the sniil Kootenay River hythe matt
foiulble route to a point on tlie Tobacco
Plaint at or near where tho International
Boundary Line intersects Ihe said Kootenav
River; with the further power to construct,
equip, operate and maintain a standard or
narrow giioge railway from some point at or
near Goldon ia East Kootenay District nr
from seme point at or near Oolden on tho
line of railway aforesaid to be built southerly
from Oolden, theme in a northerly diroctinii
by the meat feasible roulo through the valleyt of the Columbia, Canoe, Fraser and Par-
snip Rivers, en either tho eatt or west sides
thereof, passing near Fort Meljeod nn McLeod Like, thence continuing along tho valley of the Parsnip River in a northerly direction to tin -6lli parallel nf latitude, thence
northerly crossing the Mjth. 57th. unth and
Oath degrees of latitude by tha most feasible
routo to the valley of Ihe Liard River within
the 59th and HOthdogroesof latitude and west
of lhe ISMth degreej-fjongrtiide, and thence
-by the most natiiiie routo either npor down
the valley of the Liard River to tbo northerly
boundary of the Province; ar westerly by the
most feasible route to a point at or near
Teilm Lake at the northerly boundary
of the Province: with power lo construe! branch lines, and also power to build
and operate branch lln-s from time to time to
[roupt of mine, from any point on the main
Ine. or any of lit branches, with the power
In operating tho railway and Its branches to
tnm iteam, electricity or other motive power,
with power lo build telegraph and telephono
linos for the purposes of thc Company and
for transmission of messages for the public
and commercial purposo..: with power to
build all necestary bridges, roailwavs,
wharves ami docks, and own and operato ferries, ind with rawer to equip and maintain
steam and other vessels and operate the tan-
In connection with Ibe railway and ils
branches on any navigable water along or
near to tht lino of railway and itt hranchet:
and with rawer to acquire water rights and
to generate eloctricity lor operating the railway and any of it. branches, and for the tup-
ply of light, heat and other rawer, and with
power to ozproprlate hinda ist the purposes
of the Campaiiy: and to acquire lands, bon-
utes, privileges or other aids from any government, municipal corporation or persons or
bodies corporate, and to levy and collect tolls
from til persons using ind on all freight
paiilng over any ef inch reads, ferries, and
wharves, and carried on tlie vessels built,
used or operated hv the Compan-; and with
power lo leaae, mske traffic or other arrangements Willi railway, steamboat or other companies and tor all other usual and necessary
or incidental rights, powers and privileges lu
nny way conducive to the attainment of the
aforesaid objects.
Dated this 19 h day of November, 1897.
237jaI4 Solicitors for tin Applicants.
1. Send your answer on an "International Post Card," which can be
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance fee or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will thereby win one of our ''Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches which we
sell in England for $10 each, and
which could be sold retail in America
for $15 to $28 each.
3. Every winner of the Watch is required to purchase one ot our splendid
Value inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chains to wear with the Watch, as
per our unprecedented offer which we
will send. These Chnins sre Hallmarked on evory link by the English
Government. If the same Watch is
required with Gold tilled case instead
of Solid Silver, a chain to match may,
if desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watch and Chain you
will receive our mammoth Cntnlo-iue
quoting Wholesale Factory Prices for
Jewellery, Piute, etc. The First Prize
will be given to theone who solves the
Rebus, receives the Watch and Chain,
and orders altogether the largest amount of goods from tlie catalogue; the
Second Prize to the winner who
orders the second largest amount, and
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive the Watch and Chain, nnd
if these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will be equally divided among
them, giving $25 each. All amounts
in this advertisement are takeu at the I
exchange of $5 to ��1.
5  A form will be sent tree  to  yon j
which must be filled up and forwarded
to  reach   us by December 2iith of all
goods ordered   on   account - of   these
(i. The names and addresses of the |
cash prize winners will tie primed iu ,
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Stan* |
dnrd, of London, on Dec. 'list next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald, llrafis for the Prizes will be j
posted same day.
7. Write your name and address in j
full every time you write to us to;
avoid mistakes.
H. Orders for these   Prizes   may be
sent   in   separately from time to time
and you will be credited with tlie total
of all when you send   iu   the  report I
form as above.
9, When sending Orders please re-
member ibnt the letlerposinue to Eng-
[and   is 5 cenis per hall ounce, ami it'
instiilicieut postage is used the le'ter is j
liable to go astray.
Vancouver, B. C.
P. O. Box SU. Telegraphic jWdross:   "ASSAY," Vancouver, B.C.
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
- - KLONDYKE - ���
-'The Province" Map of the Canadian Yukon
Send your answer at onco!   You are sure to win a Prize j
if correct, while, even if not correct it j    ln vlvfL <-oanr��.
Size 2S-4S
costs you nothing*.
Shows Mining Regulations, Mining Information. Homes, etc., etc   One of the
Ijcnding Features ot the Map being tlie Prominence wilh which the
Compiled and prepared from tlm following authorities:- ClgHt-ie's reports and nit
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
��� ..,���,.       .j,   I. ,��,..,-,. ,.,-jinv,,      , ,,���..��� I Daws.��'s reports and surveys, Do|iartiueiitof the Interior lof iw U.si map of Alastal
Incorporated according to Act of Parliament -Capital ����),0(U (r*4.*0,0T0).     LIMITED, 11'ostmw.ter Uoneral'a lof the U.8.| otlicir.l jiosiiil map of routes, United Slates Goodotl.
184 Oxford Street, London.
Ca.de Address!  "CLOCKLIKE, LONDON."   llusinoss Established l*��*,. 162-nrla
Wholesale and UeUII
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN, B. C.      Sfite
Supplies for
Chemist & Druggist
'     Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D.  L.  Bettacheri.
Prescriptions _--*M-___.*--**_-:.
A Full Stock of Patent Mo'.'dues and
Druggists Sundries Kept,
Price in neat, folder. Paper, fiOoj Mounted on Cloth, Tiie; Mounted
on Cloth and in Waterproof Cover, 81.00.
Order quickly, tbo First Edition is entirely sold out.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lt.y.,     Victoria and Vancouver.
Assayers ...
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crucibles, ScorihVrs, Furnaces,
Chemicals, Chemical Apparatus, balances,
linker A Adamson's C. P. Acids.
We are Importers, Manufacturer!
and Jobbers.
410 8ev.nt.enth St. Work, at
U��nv��r, Colo. Pa.blo Colo.
An Honest Offer?
To all thote suffering from
Nunvous Exhaustion or any Pbivat.
Disease, who have tried different doctors or remedies without success, a
compaot and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE In plain sealed envelope npon application to
ItrKUSI Box 00, Detroit. Mich.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
(loo. Effects nt One..
Cures general or special dehilitv, wakefulness, spormatorrhn-a, omissions, impotency,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors or excesses, quickly restoring Lost Manhood in old or young, giving
Vigor and Strength where former weakness
prevailed. C.nvenient package, timple,
effectual and lesitiinate.
��� nro I. Quick and Thorough.
Don't be deceived by imitations; insist on
Caton's Vitalise*!. Sent sealed if your drug-
gilt does not have it. Price 11 per pkgu., 0
for 15, with wrltton guarantee of complete
cure. Information, references, otc, free and
confidential. Bond us statement urease and
2*. eta foi a weck't trial treatment. Ouo only
aent lo each person HMc
t'aton Med. Co., D.ston. Mass.
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1870) L_ADVItl.fr, COLORADO
. Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices:���Hold, silver and
lead, SI: any two of the above, wc: any one
of tho above, .Or; copper analysis, 81; pli.ti-
u'lin, nickel or Iin, So, Write for full price
litt and mailing envelopes.
Is a credit to tlie publisher.���Toronto Monetary Times.
Contains ihe latest information.��� Winnipeg Tribune,
Pronounced by persons who havo been theie. very accurate, reliable and vain-
able.   Wo congratulate "Tbe Province."���Victoria Times.
It is an excellent production.��� Miner, Nelson.
Those familiar with the country suy it is thc most reliable and correct map
yet issued.���Kooleuaian Kaslo.
"The Province" inapt are of unod size, clear and accurale.- Toronio World.
"The Province" maps are very siylish, busines -like and handy.���Columbian,
Without doubt the linest yet issued,���Brandon Times.
Fort Steele
... Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage Iieaves t:olden
Every TUESDAY morning at 7.110
o'clock and arrives at Fori Steele
Hinge ���.tinven Fort Steele
Every  S.VTURDAY morning  and
arrives at Oolden every MONDAY
afternoon. ���
First Clan Equipment
and  every attention  given to the
comfort   of    passenger*.     Oood
���topping houses every 36 miles
on the route.
Kepi-ess Hatter
of all klndi bandied with promptness ind care.
Fulmer I Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office, Golden.  �����
Pacific Ry
������The Klondyke"
Whether tho route tn Klondyke Im via St.
Michaels and tlie Yukjn nr via Dyea or
Skagway and the Chilcnt. Chilroot or White
Passes, or via the Stickeen Kiver mute,
which is the most likely, ur via Kdmonton,
Ashcroft nnd the different routes, the Canadian i'acilic Railway will be tho best if not
tlio only route to travel by.
Full iiit'arinaii.ii will shortly Ini ill tlie
hands of all agents of the Canadian I'acilic
Hnilway Company, the company now making
enquiries to ascertain before advising tlin
public which will be the best route to go In
hy. From information in its possession a too
earlv start does uut necessarily mean lirst
arrival at the Klondyke, Ample time will be allowed for all necessary arrangements.
If You arc Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
If von arc going east or lo tho old country
this full, write lor a list of the rates to be iu
If you are looking tor i place te spond the
Japan hi* Ibe Imiln Islands
are reached as easy as other poiuta and tbo
expense is less than at ntber resorts.
For information and full particulars apply
to your nearest agent or address
Traffic Manager,
Site Winnipeg, Mnn.
The MUXSON posbessos
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address fur particulars,
The Hunson Typewriter
Manufacturers. "Willi W. Lake Street.
Chicago, III. in m
A post offlce hit been opened at
* CIgari givtn away at Starforth A
Tbt Oolden school closet on Dec.
17th for Christmas holidays.
C. R. Carlyon. Solicitor, of Revelstoke, died at Victoria tbis week.
* Tbis year's crop of nuts just ir*
rlred at the Oolden Fruit Store.
We acknowledge receipt of the Free
Lnirce. a newsy littlo sheet published
at Wetaskiwin.
Mr. Griffith, Oold Commissioner,and
Hon. F. VV. Aylmer, leave on Monday
(or Windermere.
Rev H. fi. Turner will hold sirvlet
at St. P nil's churoh, Oolden, on Sunday evening at 7.80.
* Choice variety of CIgari and
Cigarette! just opened at Starforth A
Service will be held at the Presbyterian Church, Oolden, on Sunday, at
11 a, m. and 7. 30 p. ru,
The Victoria Times his Issued a
moit commendable special edition
rtluting to the Yukon gold fields.
Fort Steele citisens bivt asked the
Oovernment to hive a bridge constructed over Wild Horse Creek at a
point nearer the town.
0. E. Smith will hold service In
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next at followi: Donald
11 a. m. and Oolden 7.80 p.m,
A. Hansen, landlord of the Monarch
Hotel. Field has returned home from
BsnS where ho hnd been laid up for
some weeki with typhoid fever,
This week a writen examination
is ceing held nt the publio school.
At the trlsl examinations next wttk
visiion will be welcomed any time
during tehool houn,
Mr. Griffith, Oold Commisiioner,
li busily engaged in getting out his
estimates for  the coming union of
Sarliament for works required in the
forth Eait Kooteniy diitrict.
Mrs. H. Woodley ind Mill Wright,
who his been staying in Oolden for
tomt months, ltft on Mondty for
Belleville, Ont., where Mrs. Woodley
will remain about three months before
Tht "Golden Esa Air Lint*1 li
being recognised everywhere it thi
coming great Klondikt route. The
Trout Lake Topic and Revelstoke
Herald had further reference! latt
wttk to tht "Era Routt."
Wt have received from W. H. Kinnisten, ot Calgary, hil calender for
1898. It It* ont of tkt prtttiest wt
hivi seta and ought to bt a pliiiiug
Chriitmsi bos to Mr. Kfsnlitin'i
auraeroui customers.
Tbs International says: Eng:nerr
Cranston hai mu.ed hia camp from
Elk River iu Moyie Lako. Mr. Cran
tion ha* accompliihed tome greet
work in the Elk River diitrict, where
he madi luoh aa important changt in
tht route.
Mr. 8trtety hat decided to go into
tbe transportation business in the
Yukon. He left Golden on Wednes-
for Vancouver where ht will hava a
steamboat built to trade between St.
Michaeli and Dawson City or other
points on the Yukon River.
We have to thank tbe proprietor!
of tht Inland Sentinel for a copy of
the map issued by them showing tkt
inland routes to tht Yukon ti proposed from Kamloops. One of tbe
rontes shown is pirt of '���The Golden
Eiia tir line," or tht rouit whiuh wt
liave been advocating vis Tete Jauue
Cache aud Pannip River.
After hearing tomt friendt continually praising Chimberlain't Colic,
Choltri ind Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtii
Fleck, of Anaheim, California, purchase a bottle of it for bit own nit
and it now as enthusiastic ovtr Its
wonderful work at my ont oan In
For tilt b.v ill druggists. Langlty
A Co., Whoieult Agentt, Victoria
and Vancouver. 243j 8
Mr. Maxwell, an airhi'snt frets
Montreal, will go ovtr tht hottlt of
tht C.P.R. company aiong the must Glacier, North Bend and Field,
witb a view to making plans for the
egtsa-den of these retorts to accoinmo-
datetkeiscreaiiiigtouriitiraffic. Every
comfort iwguired by Ihe traveller will
bt looked after and special arrange-
menu midt for all visitors to enjoy
I' iptm
Tks prosMtin of ths Nsw Yeir
dance st Field ate dtttrmirtd to
talk* It s iMOMsfsl ifliir. Thsy are
tecurlng from Calgary s first clan
orchestra, ind tht large dining room
���f tht C. P. It. hotel st Field hu Utn
sstartd tor tbt oecation The tupper
wlU alio bt provided In excellent style.
Our uilrtad fHindi st Fiild deurvt
crtJIt for tbs war la which thty sis
jorginlslog thit social gathering, sad
(t ought to bt will patron ind.
Don't bs psrtusdtd into buying
Italminti without repuitlion or merit
���Chimbtrliin'i Psln Balm costs ao
mm and he merits bavi lain provto
ky s tnt of many years. -Sob 1st*
ten is thi fallowing/rom V O. Big.
ky. Hsss���s, Csl., sis eonstantly
kslsg nesivsd: TkskMt retntdy for
pais I kin tvsr snd Is Cksabsrialn't
Psln Balm, ��*d I ssy so sfttr using It
ia my family for ssvsrsl ynrs." It
cunt rhsa*sittsm, Isms bsek, tpnlni
sad iwtl'isgs. for ills by all drag-
gi*tt. Ijsngtty A Co., Wholntle
jlgents, Victoria and Vancouver. 153Jn��
Bithop Dirt, of l-raw-WcM-rfniittr,
will thorily ntnrn to England. .
��� Ism your orders at tht Goldtn
Bakery for yonr Xmas Cakes and
Plum Pudding!.   ..
The Dominion Expreis ,.Cp'mSany
have reduced their rates bilSvnn
Winnipeg sad western point*;!! far t��
Victoria. i-."~
At Macleod 140 a ton is now being
asked for hay, three centt ptr pound
for oats, and the supply of both i'i
extremely limited.
In a blixxard at Black foot; Mont,,
the engine and mow plough attached
to the great Northern were demolished
and engineers and firemen killed.
The Dominion Government announce that the Mounted Police art
taking large supplies of food to Dawson io that no ilirm need be felt.
Tbe mtyor of Spokane and nvtril
proinintnt oitisent have bun arrested
in connection with tomt Government
moneys loit In tht defunot Cltlitn't
National Bank of tbat city
An American Company, heeded by
Ltdue, owner of Dawton City, hit
bnn formed to transport food to
Dawson by means of mow locomo-
tivei via the Stiokeen route.
* An yon troubled with Indigestion?
Chiw Somervlll'i P.ptin Garni 8tir
forth A Bligh, sgtnts.
Mr. Griffith, Judge of the Atwtsmtnt
Court, notifies thst a Court of Revii
icn nnder ths Asnttmtnt Aot will be
held at Golden oa Monday, January
Hrd prox, and st Donsld oa Tueiday,
January 4th.
At tht police court on Tuesday morning liefore Mr. Griffith, B. M-, Wm,
Brown, for Healing olothn from tht
clothes lint at tht Colombia Houn,
was sentenced to a month's bard labor
at Donald gaol.
The Wardner International sayi:
"Tht Golden Era, of October 29.hat
an editorial on tht financial quntion
that tbould be reid by everv resident
of British Columbia, and it would alio
make profitable raiding In tht Stain."
Tha Prospector reports thst M. J.
Hinev hu resigned si manager of
construction on ths Crow's Nest road'
because he has bnn called to account
by tht Dominion Govrrnment* for the
ihtmtful way in wbieh tht mis were
being treated,
Ber. Archdeacon Penlreath has
gont to KimlooDS, whtn he will tiki
np his rnidtnet. Tbt Archdncon
wiil hive ehirge of the diitrict tut of
tht Okanigtn to tht Crow'i Nnt Pus
���nd from tht boundary to tht C. P. R.
lint, in tbt lateral tf tbs Church of
Wt acknowledge receipt from
Mnm Ju. McMillan* Co., ths eel-
lebrated for dnlm of Minneapolis, of
thtir circular for No vim ber tearing on
the price of fun Ae., and the pt-oiptct
'if tht fur market. Copin of thit
valuable publication may bt inn it
the Era office.
Thi Proiptetor npor's thst Mnsrs.
Armirrong tnd Gltndtnning hart
received th- contract for tht wholt of
tht grading and rock cutting on tht
Crow'i Nnt Railway from tht knd of
Moylt like to the north of Goit River,
on Kootenay Lake, Tbli it a pretty
big contract, about 70 milts -but tht
firm an pretty big eontricton. Thty
will probably bsvt from 1,000 to 1,600
mm employed.
The C.P.R. hive limed s circular
to their employees making it necessary
for trainmen and tnginnrt to tike
sufficient rest it divisional points.
Thty must not ilirt out from tht
divisional point to which thsy belong
unlet thty sn perfectly fresh sad fit
to make ths round without rest, it
necetnry: but In no cue muit thty
leave iny diviiiontl point unleu pre-
pind for st lent IS hours nrvice.
It it high timt thit ittp wu ttkm is
yltw of thi recent accidenti.
Tht London Standard says:
"Surgeon Mijor Edwird John Burton, who bu jutt died it Hove, wu
present it thi defence of McCarthy'!
Island from aa attuk by a font of
nitivei, ind milted to work thi gnat
la action, for whioh strvics bs was
mentioned in detpitr.hu. Ht wu In
medical cbirgt of s wing of ths 25th
Regiment during tht nbtlllon ia Cty-
lon la 1848, sad urved la lbs Crimean
Campaign, btlng present at the siege
and fall of Sabastopol, motiving medil
and clasp and tbt Turkish medals."
Dr. Burton wu tas oldest brothtr of
Mn. Lang tad nnelt of O. B. McDir-
mot, of Goldtn.
A mirror eonld aot lit if it wintod
to. Thi nlass hu nothing to gtin by
flattery. If thi rom of hiilth tnd
pliimpn.it of beauty sn having yonr
fact, your mirror will till yoa to.
Hstlth it tkt gnstsst bssatlfisr la tks
world. Whsa s woman asm tbt Indication! of ill-health ia tha tact, tbt
may with almost sbsoluts certainty
1 jok for tht eauu la oat or both of two
condition! -conttipatlon, inddirangt-
miat of tht orgtnt dittinetly feminins.
Dr. Piern'i Fsvorite Preoriptioa will
cun permanently and positlvaly say
io*callid "ftraili complaint." Dr.
Piirct'i Pleasant Ptllttt will eun ton*
ttlpation. Thin it no roaton la ths
world whys woman skould set bs
pwfntfy ktslthy. 8bt wUI gain In
hnlth, itnngth sad fink. Hollows
sod angin will give pises to fallssss
sad graes. Bss will or thst noblest
and most bnutifultf all enatlos-s
,   i i
31 salts ia sao-otat itsmpi tt
If ��� If anse ������ Earth aa Fsmai
-Tin IHarae Kara Widely
No mmt on earth, perhaps, ii to
wtll known, mon peculiarly eon-
���trueted or mon widely imitited
than the word DODD. It poisei-
iei a peculiarity tbat makn it
stind ont promlneiitiy and
fastens it in thi memory. It con-
tiim four litters, but only two letters
of the alphabet. Evtryon* knowt that
the first kidnty remedy ever patented
or told wu named DODD'S. Tbeir
discovery itirtled tbt medical profession the world ovtr,and revolutionized
the tnatment of kidney diuasu.    ,
No imitator hat ovtr luoceeded In
constructing a game potter-sing thi
peculiarity of DODD, though ihey
nearly all adopt nimn at timilir ai
possible in thi lound and construction
of thji. Thtir foolishness pnvents
tbem milling that attempt to imitate
inoreeu tkt fami of Dodd'i Kidnty
Why it tbt namt "Dodd'i Kidney
Pilli" imitited? At will uk why in
diamond! and gold imitated. Because
diamonds an tht moit preeioui gemi,
gold tht moit preeioui metal. Dodd'i
Kidnty Pills in imitated because they
an tht molt valuable midicint the
world hu Ivor known.
No midicint wu ever ntmed kidney
pillt till yean of medicil research
govt Dodd'i Kidnty Pills to the world.
No medicine ever cured Bright'! dii-
tan except Dodd'i Kidney Pills. No
othtr medicine hu cured as miny
cun of Rheumatism, Diabetei, Heart
Disease, Lumbago, Dropsy, Female
weakness, tnd other kidney diseases
u Dodd'i Kidney Pills have. It is
univernlly known that thty have
aovtr failed to enn then diseases,
hence thty in io widely and sham-
lenly imitited. 241to
T.rrlblo Damag. Dana���Traill Made
Wsrdner International.���The heavy
enow itirm of last week, followed by
tht tteady fall of rain, raistd sid
hivoc ilong the lino of tht Crow'i
Nnt isilroid, in thi Elk River vnller,
bttwnn Wirdnir ind Coal Creek
Tht tote road, which follows the line
of construction, was inundated in
many places, and both road and pack
tnil wen rendered impassible on ths
mrruntsin ildn by heavy alidn of
osrtb snd rock that had become
loosened by the soaking of the snow
snd rain. Bridges were swept away,
ferries lost and in some instances
when feed was stored on low ground
it wss sll lott by the high water,
Elk Rlvtr, within 24 hours, became s
wild, raging mountain torrent, and as
it swept down itt tortuous cour.se,
through canyons and over low lands,
everything wu carried away by its
irnaistible force. The camps located between Elk River
and the summit fared the worn,
and for several days horses
wen placed on short rations and men
wen not able to secure whit they
needed. Contrictor Cass hid itveril
teimi en route to Macleod for powder
���nd clothing. The men succeeded in
getting back to camp with their hor-
���es. leaving their wagons behind, after
experiencing hardships thit would
compare favorably with the terron ot
tht Chilcoot past.
A traveller over the Crow'i Nnt tote
rosd thnt describes it: 'The tote
roidover whieh we drove is ini frightful condition, the worst I ever siw,
turning being practically impoiiible,
to th'at nntill heivy frost comes ind
hardens up tht ground, I can't sn how
tnpplin can be got in. I uw a Mara
of tix horses trying to poll a load of
1.600 pounds through ont mud hole,
and they couldn't budge it. One of
tha horns wu down In tht mire, ind
turned about done lor. The condition!
all through teemed just about it bid ti
thty conld be." This account! for ths
foot thit supplies will havt to go in
by Goldtn instead of over the toteroid
���I originally proposed.
WorWi DitfSaury Mtdlcil Anosli*
ilea, Bs-slo. N. Y., sad retsivs Dr.
flerot's 1008 page "0001-100 Sean
Medical Advlter," profusely illuttrated
x 242
News la Brief.
Milt Mordns killed by tnln at St.
Mrt.Hearn banged hereelf to bed pott
it Toronto.
Tin mm killed by eotl mint explosion in Bavaria.
Train run between Chicago and New
Yo.-k in 19 houn 27 minuMi.
Eng'nnr, conduotor and brakeman
wen killed by suffocation in tunnel at
Man and woman named Roehm tr*
reited at Michigan for poisoning
Mn, Johnion, wife of cantaker at
Hamilton Park, wai trampled by dnr
ind icriouily injured.
Boy mmod Phillips killed by breach
of gun blowing ou' while shooting
iparrowi at St. Thoraat,
Runaway engine on Great Northern
nn into piueuger tnin. Driver md
firemen wen badly injured.
Tims msn pretending tbey were
detective! belt s womin at Chicago
ind robbed hsr of ber diamonds.
Postmaster General Mulock says
poittl revenue quarter million mora
lhan for correiponding four month! of
lut yeir.
Emperor of Chtna declare! he will
forfeit crown rather than give in to
German demands for compensation for
murdtr of miasionaries.
Terrible storms recurring in Eng.
lend. Man frozen to death. Channel
shipping suspended. Large number
of wrecks. Ten life boat men drowuer*.
Dr. Agnew's Ointmeiit,
Mr. latent Ottton, ._e-ehint,Wllktibi*n,
ta., writn 1���Fir slu mn I tin boss
Ati.w-1   Ointment.    H>   skin Is   now
sr&MftiS-, ss mnavat
" tin t����tiiin�� er Udin te travel for
ttttblltbid beiue in British Col-
G. Woodley, ir., wu brought home
thii week from Banff, where he hi d a
bad turn. He ii now. however, some,
whit better.
Arrangements about tbt Go'des
Hoipital ball will not be definitely
made till it is known whether there it
a certainty of suitable music bring
The Newt Advertiser iiysr
"Among thi arrivals In town ii Capt.
F. P. Armstrong, who hu come fron.
Goldeo, with the intention of proceeding to Tnlin Lake. He ii well
known to everyone who hu viiited
Eut Kooteniy u one of the but
navigators of tht Colombia Rivt-r,
in connection with the steamer lias-
running from Jennings. Capt. Armstrong, who hss lome iiiociitra wiih
him in the snterprln, now intei "
building a steamer on Tnlin Lake to
run to Dawson City in eonnectiea
with the trail from Telegraph Creek to
Teslin Lake. He ii accompanied by
Mra. Armstrong."
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It  relieve!  the niint -nd sekn ths
minute ipplitd.   It Cnrn:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burnt,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Csn bt uied internally ss Well si externally.   Hundredi tntify to Iti
Magical relief.   No boms should
be without tt.
Sold by ill deilert.   25ctt. 91tc
B. A. UAtatiKJ!
.Notary Pabll. and C.nv.ranmr,
Mining. H.nl E.toto aad
Financial Agent ....
Purchasers Obtaiirw.1 for Prospects and Developed Claimt.
.... Ooldea, B. O.
Group of tiro claims of gold-bearing quart*
in best mineral district ef Eatt Xootenay.
Amy! up to S700 in gold. 10,17
Pkcer lease. 16
Group of tno gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and can he
cheaply developed. Assays gave about SHOO
per ton. II
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work, 8
Group of 10 claims, de.eloped. No bitter
property In British Columbia. 12
Well developed claim. Mmt promising
discovery in lhe Selkirki. Assays up to tig. I
Group of seven claimt in quarts country.
Good average assays. 18
Group of four full sited claimt. Copper
ore carrying gold. S
One of best copper propertlet in Esst Kootenay. Smelter tett 84 per cent copper, be-
tideigold. 8
Claim in one of best locations in Selkirki.
Cheaply worked. Assays 1115 in gold, silver
ind copper. 9
Choice gold property, partly freemilling.
Assays up lo tin   Development work      Is
Two claims in good location. Quarts carrying gold ind copper. 88
Claim adjoining known gold properly.   SI
Four claimt iu Yukon near Dawton City,
grand running up to 176 per pan. ft
Three claimt near Columbia Hirer. Big
ledge, gold[and copper. 7
Three claimt, developed, assays US in
gold, best location tn Selkirki. 26
Gold quarts claims, assays CIS. 87
Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead.
assays !o*a8. 88
Two quarts claimt in convenient position
pin gold. 90
Five claimt, copper and gold, value ISO a
ton. '       .,      HI
Three quirt! claimt, no oath, working pro*
potition. . 89
Three claims In proved country. 88
One-third unassesslble interest In developed
group of claims near Goldon. 88
Silver lead mine. One of the largest in the
world. 60,000 tontot ore blocked out ready
to thip. Location convenient to railway.
Prin,W.im  ���    ��
Group of three clilmt In Moyie district.
Fin milling, gold averaging Wl per Ian.
Considerable development.
Group ttt two claimt at Mbyte.
.    Tne mlll-
    Hlg proposition. 41
lata at Movie. Copper and geld. Devtl-
.p*.  -^-^^ ���
Thnt clsimi of JO urn neb eofctty
MlteCmk, near Klondike.  Exttmtive da*
vtlopment.    StufU. tunnil, thickt. hi
imllh'stliopind tools.  Wuh inrigw IM
���^"SS^tUtot 00 eslehrattd Hunt.;
Cn*. ftiiwia. rutin ����� vet ml.
_.   Sluicing ....
pirdiy.'. Thh pti*et.
���ptietrtltlin on .MlUer
Trtnur-f sink In ths_Wetoxl*--r��sds
Cold Mining Comptny. Thit ttoe-1 h at-
fendstlhepsr vital cj��.etna. Fin ft
tbeminnonltaade Windhare buswerk-
log for tbe put 10 months sad thtt cospuy
emtldi-t It own ths hit preg^^Tll
tis-irt obtata- im^iiplleitlooat. mr o��ee,
Stable to Rent
j-'W^ -J1? 9M*0,< M?~)' tAVtha it
Huna. HeMl for ttnu. Atk tor prepristor.
The British Columbia Bewlew,
MialagJonrn-liad Commercial
-ecord.   Published In London.
. Snbtcriptles, W.60 ptr annum.   Subtcris-
tloas and sdvertbemenlt received by
_. A. HAGGEN. Golden,
Agent for Eatt Kooteniy.
For Sale
UToniT-tothyHiy.   10 T_u Oaten Hay.
80 Tont Marsh Hay.
Dry Fire Wood tupplied In lengths to tuit
itavn md furnicet at required.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   ft.00O,0OO.
$250,000 Depotlted with Domlnioa
Government   for Security
of  Polioy Holders.
Pretid.nt-Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
VIci-Prtsidiiit-JoMph VV. FIiveHe, Itq.
Managing Diraeror-F. G. Cox.
E. A. Haoosm,
til Agent, Golden, B. 0.
Judged by Appearances.
You cannot afford to
���lop clothing.
It is a weakness of human nature to judge by
Even a dog will bark
at a tramp while a well
dressed man will pass by
It pays to wear
First.  You feel yonrself to be a better man.
Secondly.   Yon look a better man.
Thirdly.   Your fellow-man respects yon.
'Fourthly.    It is Ready-to-wear.and yon oaa
choose, try on, and suit yonrself from stock, without
the uncertainty of an ordered garment
And lastly, you vill find a little Guarantee Card
in the pocket, which means " Satisfaction Guaranteed
or Money Refunded."
Doss tba combliMtloa et Rsaseu appeal to year
a-rs��mnssrT t J
...THErolumbia House,
A Strictly Pint Clui Hotsl In Evtry Retptct.
Equipped with ill Modtra Coanalsaess.
Bnt Brandi of Liqoon sad Clgsrs.
Tht Ttblt It Second to None.
Headquarter! for Mining snd Coinmireiil Msa.
'Golden, B. O.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
THE    a . a    a-   a   a   a    ���   *
Headquarter, for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigw_.
Rates $-'.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay Iw,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Hen.
J_ot and Gold Baths.
S. ADLER, Prog*
Golden Sash I Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Vi-itdf-nt*, Hiad BtOt tad Bneki-. AU tint ef glut Is sink.
TtoMnklMtadRttkiiiiHkSkipinpnpMtdttdtill klad tf rs*sb>
MtHewpottible. JOrintefHpinttiiigiadBrMigndieakial.
WigurspsirlNM, akslh,Asl-s, Spoknad NhM. Bhktry tad
"""^ HOU9TON &  OO.


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