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The Golden Era Sep 23, 1893

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 VOL. III.   NO 8.
ijjjj Per Yeah
INSTANT    -    HEADACHE     -     WAFEI5S
ure a positive cure.for-all cases uf lieadaclie, whether
uurvoiii'S, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free ou receipt of price
8"   Cent;*   Por   IfttX.
Mr. Peter White, formerly of Golden, . ollict-s here nnd  more too. a box at the
was In town this week in charge of the I post oliiee, so  we are led  to surmise
| work train.   Pete is looking well, uud i that in tho future, when their term i f
wns much   surprised at the  changes residence in B.C. has been served, thev
which had taken place since he left.       will open their books and hearts and
listen to the plaintive cry of brothers
in distress.     Such good lawyers will
The offices in the Alexander Block
ure letting rapidly.     The hall too, is
,��� i,���  , ,,      ,      ,, , no doubt li.nl this n good central point
we hear leased,     tor such purposes as
business no  point  can be found hotter
suited  nnd  wo do not  wotidor at the j
demand for rooms there.
Eit.i   rejoices  as   there is a glimmer
ami be  able to   work  up a  connection
second to 110110 iu the mountains.
Headers, do you not tremble?     The
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Beets  end  blioes,
ll&rdware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all  Canadian,  American, British  or
FoFSicn Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, BC.
(Jii(-or|*ornti!il I-J70.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted nnd samples sil|)| lied ou
I Special  attention
Co'y, Calgary, or
Now ready for bu:;[no.-.s, has been1 inv,'ly bnilt
an 1 aew.y furnished.    The tabic is lirst c!a:;.s.    Tlie tai!
t I
is stocked with choice \Vine*, Liquors, and Cigar;*-.
W. MoNeish
|l5T��fl\T'*liT��TI QV *"������������
Having Received a Carload of
���J. G. T E Ui P L ETO ft.
Is a wholcsnl" nnd retail
druggist und din supply
fEMPLETON,    -    DiiuaaisT,
oi i: tow;*..
Mr. A. D. MclCiunon, who hns been
I engaged in mission work in the Upper
i Country this gummor, came down ou
the Hyu-k Sunday last. He left for the I
| const on Tuesday and from there he
I will  go to Chicago   and Hike  in the j
World's Uair.
Mes't's. Manuel Duiniird, Mike Ca'r-
liu, T. 11. H. Cochriire, and Mr. Barber, ni.iiiiijfDf of tiie I iiperial Bunk,
Calgary, loft Donald ou Monday last,
to inspect some timber limits on liush
Iliver. The.,- will also take a look at
tho s.lver-lcad ledge which wus dis-
covero.l in that district a short time
Mr. Foster, of Glacier House, with
his usual goo.I hearteduess, bus sub-
to scribed tJlCO towards the Golden Hospital. Tiiisgift isa liaiidsjiiiu one and
although a stranger here iu one sense, assistants,
Mr. Foster is well known. It is rarely
when charity is mentioned, that Mr.
Poster's inline docs not figure handsomely on the list,
A party of twenty-two from the
coast, consistiu ; of b: siuess men uud
others, jiasse.l through Goldon on
Thursih.y Inst en route to Calgary,
! They are oil pleasure bent, at the same
| lime un idea of the country and its
; resources will bo clearly impressed
upon them, Mr. L. .1. E Iwards, for-
! inerly of Doual.l, is in charge on
behalf of the C.P.R. Co.
through the cloud, which tho' dim im-
is that there will be a road
to   fortune.    Coercion.    Subscriptions.    Coercion.    Bad debts.
Mi1..���. r.'ii'Iin .1 l.,ike.
Iii our advertisement columns will
be noticed the iinnoucametit that Messrs
Cai'lin A Lake have opened up business
here. Iu the handsome stores of the
Alexan ler Block, ou the Smelter Town-
site, Ciii'liu A Like cuii bo found.
They now have unpacks 1 and ready
for purchasers many car loads of tin
iie>vest anil best in dry goods, hardware and groceries. The stock is
complete, well selected and prices are
dawn to living point. 'Ihe manager
Mr. H Parson, is thoroughly alive to
his business mil well backed by two
L may seam strange to
outsiders when we tell them that not
even in Calgary can there be found a
liner an I better store and stock and
this is saying a great deal. AVe
heartily wish Messrs. Carlin & Lake
every success and ample returns for
their pluck.
C1** f*iM
a pqsltioii to ofter
i: od Bargains. We have
lor &oou
Golden, on the iiii.iii line ol" the CitutidlMi
Pacific IJ-.il'viiy. i.i i> eniuiocllon wilh llie
I Nteniiilinitl liiiiigittinii ..I'iin-, "li,nil.In river :
I ihe minor..! ..nil eoiini.uiTi,.li'Oiili'eot'��.,slern
British ( uhinil'!'.: lici,ili|i.i.rlors of th i llolil-
on Snii'liiug works, tlie I pper I uliilliliin
Ni.vig.itiuii I ii., ,.ml I. n.l.ci' iinliisiry; llie
outlel   for   the   widely    ktioivu    null    far
In il agrlci.ltiiri.l ..nil -rr��:Viii*r I.Jnl of tin1
I'liliiiiilii.-i A Kooleiti.v Vi.lloysj tiuririilletl
for scenery ufi.llkb.ilsj the distributing
pi.ini liir tiie rii'hust u.iuoi'iil country on the
l-ull.e Court.
A couple nf Swedes, employed at the
saw mill, appeared before Justices of
the Pence Armstrong and Gibson, on
'I'uesdny last an.I were each lined $5
and *5- ..osts, for being druin* u.i.l d.s-
] orderly.
Presbyterian  t'linri'li.
Service will tie conducted by the
Rev. AV. It. Ross, in the- school house,
to-morrow afternoon  at  2:110 o'clock.
An  Ol.I (nn,>le.
The following is taken from the In-
gersoll Chronicle and speaks for itself.
The old couple refeire-1 to are the respected father and mother of .Messrs.
John uud Bob Conkwright, who are
so  well-known around Golden:
'-A few days ago some of the rexi-
oents of Avon gathered at the home of
nn old couple named Coukwright, who
have lived in th. t vicinity for half a
century, and sproad a sumptuous
repast, after which speeches and remi-
nisenees filled the afternoon. A photographer came on the scene and took
the oil couple's photos. It was tho
lirst time the old people hnd their
photos taken. The old gentleman is
il j years old and the obi lady US.    They
Sunday school will be held immediately i have been married over fill veins,
at the close of ihe church service.
PTnufTP tn,
���J 1 -Ji/i-O   lUi
t_.'tj.'..= ..
Box Stoves, Coal Heaters,
Tin & Iron Camp Stoves,
And Coal Oil Sto*
I Vkll
Our warehouse is a trifle crowded
just now and wo desire to
make room, so if you need
anything- in the way of a GOOD
STOVE  do  not    hesitate   to
call on
and   LAKE,
1 Merchants,
Alexander Block, Golden, I). C.
Mr. W. Weston, of Calgury, came
iu this week.
Messrs. K Murphy mil H. Gale
went oast to Cal-inry mi Friday.
Mrs. Moodie reiur:iqd from an ox-
tendud visit to Kamloops this week.
Citpt. ami Mrs. Gordon returned
home mi the Hyak nn Tuesday Inst.
Messrs.  It.  II.   I.iw and Bub Husk,
(���nine in from the I';.per  Country on
Wednesday last,
Messrs.  A.  Granger, W. Ailnnisou,
uud W. Alexander of  D-mnld  were in !
town tills week.
Messrs. W. V. Brown and F. W.
Aylmer ctune in from the IT-ipor Country on Sunday night.
Mr. James Henderson bus been receiving the congratulations of his
many friends this week.   It's a boy.
Tho crossings nt each end of the
lucking Horse Bridge have been lixol
this week, nil
II.iiigu-1 to a Tree.
Arkansas City, Kns.,Sept. 19. ���Asa
Yi'iiiiinus, who formerly lived near
Carthage, Mo., went into the Cherokee
strip  mar Blackivell, as a  "sooner."
Pn*: onice Improvement*.
The postmaster, Chas, A. Warren is
looking ahead and to the convenience
of bis friends. List week th re uiriv- .
ed a very handsome frame containing Ho was in the employ of a real estate
locked boxes This bus been lixe I und j syndicate. Hu held two claims, one rf
the oliiee bus uu appearance of business I which, he represented, belonged to his
mid splendour hitherto unknown iu brother. While parleying with a baud
Golden. The fronis of the boxes are I of settlers, lie diow a revolverand held
liuislied lu the usual way with bevelled I them off. They uske I to see his ,e,.
glass and  tin'  mystic,   ll.C. staiidili
out ill   bid I relief.      The wood
consists of  polished   tisli, llie
frame   being    complete     all.I
Nearly  ull iliu  b. avj  are lei  u
Mr. Wnrroii Is to be commended for his
enterprise. I.' Gulden Inhabitants increase so rapidly he will uo compelled
to add another wing.
minute which he refused to produce.
They accused him of being a "sooner."
He did not deny It, but defied them.
A uinveiiie.it wasiiittdoiu his direction
and he opened Ore, wounding a young
man named Simpson. This enraged
the settlers, who rushed ll, and Over-
; poweie.l him. Simpson became iusen-
I slide from loss of blood. Thinking ho
I wns dead, llie settlers bound Ycoiualis
|aiid hanged him to a tree. They iben
left the place, taking jouiig Simpson
with litem.
Tlie I. Ill ut Last.
During   the   past   lew weeks Golden
has been suhjeced to marked advances 	
, iu the way of Improvement.   The bos-
U-al has brought   iu Dr.T.,.loras��|    Ottawii.Sipt.lD.-Capt.O.W.McKay
poruinueht  resident  and as usual the one of the best known  men in the,Ot-
ueis now no danger. |awm.H   M[ow    thl,    m0 .icnl   men. I tawa lumbering d strict, died yesterday
of wagon wheels being taken off.
Mr. J. I'\ Armstrong has  lieen appointed collector of statistics for Gold-1
I en, Galena and vicinity, to the IVpar*
i ment of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.
Messrs.  Arthur C. S.ittoii and H. S.  nwruin
i'uyley. of Calgary, arrive 1  in  town |
, this week, two well-known legal lights
of   thu   N.W.T.     They   Ili'vii   Inkuii
A lvice is the UXpeiielli.0 thill is sold
out below cdsl. ���*
al.C.tw (StoUum ��va
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday luoruiiig in timo to catch the east
au I '.veil mail trains, also tin) mail for thu
uppor country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
It, Is the only advertising iiiodiain in tho Kent
Ki.cuuay district.
,S ibseriptii
a.iV.in '.:.
.n   lultOS
1.00 por iinnuni in
ling. This particular Instance is again
it case of violent crime by*a foreign
tough, an element to which are due
nearly nil the serious crimes .of the
Province. Maxim had not at lust
reports been captured, but can hardly
get away, iis a close watch is kept, o.i
nil points of departure. -Nuws-Adver-
A Ivortlso notits liud elmn;
tuoulHcu nut later th.ai I2a.ii
tn insure llisortiou.
's must lie in
on Thursday
'tisu>iient r.iti'
Ml cash In he pail tu
iill3"ll i:.i
ni' Allili'eli
Chicago, Se.pt,   li. ���Tins   w.is   the
lute set lor too opening in   ibis c.ty oi
tho iuiOi'iintioiial conference oi" Auar-
tnown on appli- chists for the  purpose m  proclaiming
io the  world  tne  great   principle o:
I, ,      . ,    .,
F;t3.u or I-am*a.
Ottawa, Sept. 15, ���Sir John Thompson was waited on by a deputation,
which iisksil the Government to subscribe towards the erection of tbo
Maissoneuve monument in Montreal.
The Frelnler promised consideration of
the request.
S. Oku, vice-presilcut of the Chamber of Couiiliercj, Tokyo, Japan, spout
The Fisheries department havo so-
cured the conviction of one O.dllette,
of Paspebiac, for forging bounty
Tho department of Justice issued today extradition papers for John H.
Clarke,-held at Osooyos, Yale district,
B.C., for robbing an express parcel
containing $20 in gold pieces forward-
el from Portland, Ore., to Golden, B.
C. Clarke escaped twice after being
yesterday lu  t.iu city, obtaining infor- Inrre3ted in  the States, the last time
relating to   the
��� mil ti   liberty
a. human rue
uu.I    lie
SATURDAY, SEPT. 2:\. mm.
I'itaVINCl.U, 'VIINI'.S.
ill.Illy   t
iwcvor, I
. fin:!. I hul    ..in;- ot   i In; tore ,:.i dele
j gate .   have In. ...   liunblu in   r, eel,   thi
���  country   in   i; ...��� it is aillioiiiici I  ihn
jthe event his   '-.'.'.i postponed fur tvv
weeks.    Tne authorities will no; intei
hi'   with  'bo   convention,  hut   it,   i
ble that ull siroot parades will bu tor   the
Iden. ! 'viii'lis'r
K.   ii.   Marvin   is  here ���
I.       He h.i.l   a long
Four imn-of-wiii' ure prnctising
mantii ivros ut Biyues Round, Yinuoti-
vor [dim I. They will afterwards coul
at Coinox.
Com-ilniiits com' eve i from the very
rural d.strict of Save river as lo the
n imbir mi tramp, iiifesciiig t'uo neigh-
borhoo I.
Tiie late Mr. G ly C. P'linney, of
S Kittle mi I a foi'iuji' ol I tiui ir oi iJ. C,
was nit, as lirst repji'tei, an rJaglisli-
m.in, b it a Nova Scotian.
Tie ll.',-. Mr. Frasir, the late P.-es-
b,'tei'la.i minister at Cjiuj.-;, is leaving
fj? California, the reason being ihe bud
state oi bis wife's health,
It is stated that tho mixed gold and
silver o.'j, lately seat to T..uo.iia foi
sampling from the Beuudury 11 iy district., sliJ.vc.l ,i.i a.'e.'.ige value of $210
per ton.
Plaints are being filled at N.iuaiuio
police curt, by scoral of the caw u.
the bir.-'ie. Highland Light. They
license the lirst officer ot cruelty.
T.ie E i le iv or S.au 1 ir I the orj-au of
ihe Christian Endeavor societies ,.i
the P.'j.inc', is likely to prove a useful source of iiitor-cjiiiiiiunic.iiiou for
these, e.urgetiu bauds oi religious
Tne o.lice of tho new Vancouver
Coal Company was broken into on
Tiiurslay o/eniii.j. Nothii.g wus
stolen bit in icii daiuiige wus done. A
lniiior named Jonos S.nitb, has been
nrrestq I nn suspicion.
Says the Mission City ''News": '-P.
.1. Marin, of Djwdney, was admitted to
bill i.i lu.i Is oi ->2,UdJ fj.' killing a
heifer which was not. his own, S. P.
Cuius!, of Pj.'t Angeles, Washington,
was admitted to bill on Sl.OcO for
killing a 111,in. Surely a COW must bo
mora valuable in British Columbia
till i a h.i.n.i.i be.n-j in the State of
New Westminster property owners
lire setting otliers a good example, by
forming a strong association to co-
opernte with the Board of Trade, in
e.Iorts to develop the resources of the
city. Tliere is ample scope for such
work, as shown by tho instance of
the recent rejection of ihe very necessary proposal to extend the faun market facilities of the town. New Westminster has a grand situation of great
resource.., ol which, however, far too
little advantage is taken.
ii  route to
talk  wuh
I S.r   C.   .i. Tapper on sealing matter's.
i .li.u'vin says tho quality ui this season's
sim.is   is better  i.i.1.1   ho  has  s.vii ur
I some \ ears.
J. II. lliitchlngs, Montreal, and C.
Cass.Is, Montreal, div.de the contract
for supplying OjUull rons of steel rails
l-iow*'>apui'M .Sued.
Hamilton, in. ���-A couple, of nioiit lis
age. a, sensation il story iro.n the New
York World, allocing that Mrs. Beaton
of .Burlington, Was concerned i.i tlie
Cicero Harrison Case's death, was reproduced iu a number oi Canadian
p.-tliers. Ttlis was followed oj oiuor
articles wh.cn rollectedou Mrs. Beaton.
They alleged she was the mysterious
Mrs. Oliver wu,o was with tne old iiiuu
when ho disappeared from the Norfolk
line steamer. Mrs. Beaton duuiel thai
I she was connected with tbo case in any
way. She retained Staunton to look
after her interests as the articles wore
untrue an I did her a great injustice.
S in instructed the lawyers to sue the
iD.vspap'i'S for libel Tne lawyers
have served notices on the foll6.viug
papirs : Toronto Globe, Mail, World,
and Empire, and about a score more
published thro ighoitt the land. Tlie
notices will be followed by- writs,
itu.iuion has not sued the Hew York
World, which lirst. published the story
Tim Now (itivoi'ii-ii'-Geuei'iil.
Fiuher Poi.it, Q ie., Sept. 1 i. -S S
-iurdi linn, which passed inward at
ll! IU o'clock ibis iifte.'UJOu, ii id Earl
Aber.ldeu lue new G jverii ir-General on
board. W.ic.i iho 8.earner was opposite the signal station bore, the signal
officer bad code signals "F.D.G.S,"
nie.iuii'g ** welcome," lioistad uud had
g ma H.'jJ. T.i.s was the first Canadian welcome receired. Ills Excellency
gi'aie.'ally acknowledging the compliment by firing a gun and rootlets from
the S irdiiiuu. Opposite Rlinouski
the stuainer disembarked mads and
then piocecded for Quebec.
Xo o Inns Dulton.
Spencer. Lid., Sept, 18. ���The four
desperadoes who held up the Lake
Snore train near Keudullville, wits
headed by none other than iho notorious Bill Gallon, of train and bank
robbery fame. They are now believed
to be hidden somewhere iu tlie hills
north of here. On account oi the
broken und wood country it is considered us much as a man's life is worth
for a detective or any man suspected
of being an officer to venture into tliut
region unless armed to the teeth mid
backed tn strong help. It is believed
that the young desperado Ellsworth
Wynlt, who  was r. well-known nieiii-
Anothor serious crime is reported -jel. 0| the Dalton gang, Is wich D.tltou.
from tno N iiiilim i district, where ut This is the old stumping ground of the
New Wellington, on Thursday, n lluu-   J).,|tou  boys  before thoy were driven
guriun, named  .Michael Maxim, throw
another  by   name  Michael   Verasco,
over a bluff,    The latter fell forty feci,
but striking       ��� .no brush, escape
with   so.���.'������.. dsos,      Maxim ilieu
si after the Reno gang lynching.
Ilt'e'lt'll of I'l'll nisi'.
London, Sept. i'i -An interesting:
breich of promise case is likely to be
lollowod bis intended victim with au , tried ut Godoricii shortly. Doig,
axo, which however the latter wrested school te'icher ol MclCillop township,
from hill) after receiving a slight | ami Miss Wilson, daughter ot a trustee
wound.      The    quarrel   was   over   a nn ���urtic<.     The wedding wns to!
money  loan.     The recent   growth of havo taken place during midsummer.
crimes of violence iu tins Province is She In I her .trousseau roady,  She asks
miking   it  very   evident, that     turn  $"',000 damfiges,    It is, s.aid ho will j
judicial examples will have, to bo iniiile. I mini:���:   the   promise of  liiarringe, but
I.C.R. W. H. Daunt, mi
ni,, will furnish ���'(UO tons.lor
the Windsor branch and l,UuU for thu
Island railway,
With reference to a despatch from
Washington stating that, the U S.
.io'.'eriime.it,  lias taken  steps to reach
hi nureoino it with the Canadian government in the matter oi the enforcement ol the regulations iu Bering Sea.
Sir C. It. Tupper s-iites that no official
communication on the snbjeot has
re tub) 1 the C ma liau Government, so
far ns he is aware. Speaking with
regard to claims for damages presented
by British Columbia sealers, where
vessels tiro seize I, he said he imagined
ir, would not be long before a way
of ascertaining the amount ol damages
is reached, and doubtless the United
States Government would not delay
paying the damages, since it had been
decide I by the can it of arbitration that
the uei ion of thotJnited Slates cruiser's
iu saining Canadian vessels was contrary to law.
Tiie Young Conservatives convent ion
opened ut Toronto last night, some 71
delegates from all parts of Ontario ailu
tho Northwest being present. Pros!
dint Richard Arnistroii;. of the To-
routo tissiciiti.nl, was voted to 'In
char.-. J i h s ud l.ress he said that i.
cl ibs wo .Id orgs':iin) they could do
nine..i iu the light for their party ; am.
no was s ire that there wns no dispnsi
tioii oi the part of ihe young men to
UJUtJiut with their leaders who were
now directing tho policy of th'i Government,
_ Tlio supremo court is determined to
give every facility lor the Manitoba
school case being neard at tho October
sitting of the court, which opens on
the o.'.l, and accordingly has pl..ced it
first on the list. It will be the first
argued, if the Government is ready
an I the now judge is appointed. This
sitting of tho court will be the most
Important ever hold, o.ving to the
largo number of interesting cases.
There is altogether i?l.>,0U0,0C0 involved. Tnore are the Ross will case
and the Pureed one, besides others.
These two alone comprise several
Ottawa, Sept. 1��, -The revenue for
the two mouths 'ending August ill,
loll.i, wns *} i.li4i',!li).j: expenditure.,*).!,-
tKi.ii-l.i; surplus .-J,U()J,U,iO. For the
corresponding period last year tlie
revenue was <S i.U.IO.olT, expenditure
SI, 14J,410. Tue net debt on August
illst shows a decrease of 61,4*11,81]
since June 110th.
The Nakusp & Slocan Rail wav Company give notice of application to the
Government for approval to lease the
i ltd to the Canadian Pacific Railway
Four more candidates have won
cn del ships iu the Royal Military
Another cotton company is seeking
incorporation, with headquarters here;
capital, SiloO.COO.
for trial
: Canada..    He was committed
by Judge Spinks.
Vlll.'igo l''.liio.li'.l .Out.
Madrid., Sip). In. ���The town of
V.lla Cauas, iu the province of Toledo,
has been   do instated   by   Hoods  and a
large, number
Heavy rains li
and iho luwi
rathe:' low gi\
A   d.suatc'n
:s  have been lost.
ii iu tne province
wiiich is situated ou
ml wus inundated,
from Villu-OnuuS this
evening says that sAiy (tend bodibs
have besn recovered. , Many more are
iielievei to be iiii,'...'.i he wreckage or to
have been washed far from thu town.
Many of the deaths were caused by the
Hooding of tho cave dwellings oni.he
outskirts of the town. These dwellings are holes day into the hillside
almost, on u level with the plain:. Thoy
nro occupied by the poorest families.
The lower caves were tilled at the lirst
rising of the. Hoods, aud the occupants
were drowned before they had time for
an effort to escape. Other caves .were
but half tilled, and the families iu them
still await rescue. Tne entrances to
many caves have bee i blocke t by the
falling earth. The authorities of". Madrid n'ml Toledo have sent companies of
sappers and miners to rescue the families imprisoned. Pumps from the city
will reach the town til-morrow. Food
has been collecte I hastily in a dozen
cities ami is being carried to the sufferers. Tho minister of the interior
left lor Villa Camis this evening.
London, Sept. 13.-Gladstone will
make his great speech, in which he
will appeal to the electors on the score
of the House cf Lords, and refer to the
future of tho Liberal party at Edinburgh, on Wednesday. Sopt. 27.
Loudon, Sept. Hi -Activity is shown
in Canadian politics by the tours of the
Canadian ministers and t he leader of
the opposition, as reported in brief
cables here. Ic has aroused interest in
some quarters. Judging from English
analogy the general elections are supposed to be at hand. Iu a leading
editorial iu the Pall Mall Gazotte a
prediction is mode thatjby next January a general election in Canada will
lie announced.
Edward Blake is the subject of an
attack from an unexpected quarter tony. The Westminster Gaxette, a
Gliidstonian journal stnrted by the
seceding smfl of Ihe Pull Mall Giis-ottt).
has n summary of the parliamentary
s-'ssion, and it stigmatizes the member
for South Longford ns a deci led failure
nnd declares that, the Canadian style
of oratory is evidently quite unsuitable
to the English House of Commons.
rij-'oi'tiitlo.i of lliinose,
Sin Francisco, Ojpt. 111. -The Com-
mitiee of the'Anti-Chinese L-iw and
Order League to-day requested the Collector of Port W.se to appoint "20 men
I13 selected .by tho Committee and
s.vcur them in as Custom H iuso ilepu-
i.es to an est un.roglste.-ed Chinese
Tlie Collector promised to give an
inswer next Tuesday afternoon.
The Chinese Government has filled
all vacancies at this port. Vice-Consul
O.vang says there is no significance to
the fact. The opinion prevails that
legul steps will Ik taken to prevent deportations. AVrits of fialieas corpus
will probably be asked for.in the cases
of arrested Chinese. It the writs are
denied 'up'ieals will lie taken to the
United Sitifes Supreme Court.
Oakland, Sept. 13.��� United, States
Marshall Long arrived here tlws morning to arrest Jim Lee, Chinaman, who
was charged by J. A, Sheehan with
being illegally in the country. Not
having a certificate under the Goary
Act. Lee submitted uud was taken
before a justice, who ordered him to be
held by the Marshal. Lee then wanted
to get his belongings and when the
Marshal went with him for them Leo
commenced to talk to six Chinese in
the same room nnd' then threw a
species of dice. This was kept up till
the Marshal got Impatient and said
Loo must ccme at oncC. Then Lee
threw once more and agreed to go.
Tho interpreter told tbo .Marshal the
throwing was to decide whether Lee
should er commit suicide Much
excitement followed the arrest of Lee
who was taken lo San Francisco this
Tlio Prissllimit 11 til-pil In F.Hlsy.
Siicremenl.o, Cal. S :pt. 11 -Au effigy
of President Grover Cleveland was
fouudjianging to a tres this morning
by a State Capitol watchman. On his
breast was pinned a Latin inscription
of which the following isu translation:
"Greeting to mv pig tailed friends
from the Orient, I am that American
Grover whom thou didst suborn. See
now how blessed is the fate of traitors "
On placard were other inscriptions as
follows: '-Public office is a public
trust but should not bu a Wall street
trust." '* Dictator Grover I. successor
to Charles I. where is our Cromwell V"
Must wo doff our hats to Imperialism ?
Nero fiddled while Rome burnel, but
Ti'over would dance at the funeral oi
American liberty. '��� God give ua men;
lo freedom weeps; wrong rules tho
laud, whilst waiting justice sleeps."
Two Soreivlgpis of tho lino.
Chicago, Sept. Hi. -John R ibcrtSv
���li mipioii Emulish 1> Mar lis*, h is arrived here from Toronto. He is to play
a match, (i.OOO points, with Frank C.
Ives, tho champion of the world, nt
14-1 rich balk line billiards next week,
at Central Music Hill, the game to be
played on ii (1x12 table res'rioted to
English rules. The two Jmnipious
met late in the afternoon iittliiln-
pcrinl Billiard Hill on Clark streai to
settle tho final preliminaries. This
wus quickly done. Henrv Rhilcs, who
litis refereed every important match at
Chicago for years, was suggested by
Charles Parker as the referee, and
Charles Matthews for marker. They
were both readily acquiesced in by
Roberts. So was the agreement that
the right to call for new balls at any
time during the game should be decided by the referee. The arrangements
about balls and the table to be used
were talked over and s|ieeclily settled.
The record of  SJCli ulle ices   for the I will give reasons for his
iortnight now ending is simply appal-,may prove sensational.
���efiisal  that
Deposits in tbo Go.'O'.'iitnent savings  thing
bank for August exceeded the withdrawals by $21,CCO.
Hon. Mr. Foster i�� seriously ill.
Another .Mutiny,
Alder.- hoi., S,-pt. lo. A mutiny occurred yesterday among some of the
prisoners o! the First Infantry brigado
confined in the., guardroom.; they
smashed the doors and overpowered
the gnu-'.ind having broken eve'ry-
ld lay hands
town. -A
men wore sent after them, The mini-,
neurs were quickly overpowered, captured und will be court-martialed.
: made a run for tl
An I'nlil.i'lv stiitotncnt.
Toronto, Sept. I'i. - Au Ottawa
special says that Deputy Minister of
Customs, Hurg-ss on being shown a
Washington despatch, stating that
Col, Stump, United States Commissioner, diil not understand the refusal
of the Dominion Government to improve the immigrant inspection agreement, inasmuch as the Deputy Minister who signed the agreement wns
acting .as Minister and subsequently
said that Sir John Thompson saw the
instrument before it was signed, said:
" It, is, most unlikely that Col. Stump
said anything of the sort. Himself an
executive officer, he must bo aware I
could not possibly bo acting ns Minis-
tor, besides it was impossible that Sir
John ThJmpsoii could hnve seen the
cm they i instrument') "before ii wns signed, be-
.���'���iiail of! cause it Whs drawn up in Montreal,
iu the presence -J Col. Stump aud
otliers by me and signed then and
there." i MX people   LV.NOHEU. the same rate from Mojavi that the
  Southern makes   from   Los   Angeles.
Columbus, Miss., Sept. 15. Paul .Races will also be cut from San Fran-
Archer, Will Archer, Polk IL11, Ed. oisco and will also apply to every point
Gnydoii and Ellen Fant ull negroes, in San Joaquin Valley. The Texas
and the hitler a woman, prisoners con- Pacific rate will also be met, by the
fined in tho jail at Carrolltou, Pickers Santa Fe as well i.s tho Southern
county, Ala., were shot to death on ' Pacific rate of $42.2') from Los Angeles
Thursday night by a mob of masked. to Chicago. Tho Smta Pe will pro-
men. Daring the present week the tect itself all along the lino,
mill and glii house of J. E. AVuod:
were burned.    The uegroos wore arrest
Down With High Prices Por
Electric Belts.
81..1,1, $2.05, $3.70; former prices $5, $7,
810. Qualty remains tho siimc���lti different styles; dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
, .. , . . , the price of any other company andmoro
nig and told that parties had a pr.soner homo testimonials than all tlio rest to-
whom they had arrested and wanted getlior. Full list free. Mention this
to turn hiih over to him. The s.iur.ll PH"-'**- W- T. BAEB & CO. Wil dsor.Onfc
from his room and unlock- j 	
door found   himself i.i thu! ..      , ���
, ,       , Metal  ISe-oi't.
liatids of u ilisg.used moo who demand' ,.,        .   , ,    ,      ,     ���
,    ,.  , .       .    ,             ,       ,, We are lnuobtel to tho Engineering
ed ol  nun  iho keys to  the cell where I , ,,.  .      T         ,   , ���      rL   ,   ,
,                                 .,     ,       ,���, . nnd Minim; Journal of New York  for
tne pursuers were c I'nfluoi.      Tins lu , ,,      '
,                 the rollo-viiiff quotations I'll IB;,!;   wis urged   upiu   tue .-;.ier.lt   by
the  glisteui^  barrels oi   a  hundred J Nraw Yobk. Sept. 8, 1893.
AViucli ,'sters.     After   the  officer was S.lver.     The LonJpn market has lieen
o.-orpj.vorod.   the   nub   quickly made strong  and  advance.!, based ou
gueinsM <&avi>*.
el itu.l couliuel in the Carrolltou jail.
The preliminary investigation was ,n '
progress, but  had not been concluded.
On   Thursday  night   tho sheriff was
called on in his room iu the jail btiil.i-
��� .loan
lu J.
their way to the grated'culls of tho
prisoners and through tho iron bars
tbo barrels of the AVinclusters wore
placed and from every muzzle came a
dozen balls. Liu second's timo lire
human beings had been cruelly butchered and their quivering bodies lay iu
blood which ran iu streams across the
fijur and dye I the walls and coiling of
the cell, Tue nub thou quietly dispersed.
Currolltowii is an inland town without railroad or telegraph and it is impossible to get any information as to
tne testimony of the negroes charged
with ursou but it is said that one
negro couliued in the jail had turned
states evidence against the others. Tue
lnob made him leave the jail aud also
tcld him it woald im best for him to
leave the stuie. Tlio negro left and
has not been seen since.    '
Thi.i is ihe soon nl lynching that
Pickens county has furnished in the
las' few weeks. Joe F'loyd. a negro,
was hung by a mob and bis body riddle I   with bullets  lor the lliurdor of u I QunMlle.itlon un,l Ro-flstratlon of Vc
active demand from India, and
short supplies. China has also
beou an active buyer for future
shipments. Prices ruling in
New York'-ljC. per oz., London
'14 Jd. por oz.
Copper. The market has I-ecu very
Hal, indeed a fow parcels have
been sol 1 al iljjc. Exports have
been unprecedented. G. M. B.
��43 Ins. to ��41 por ton.
Tiiis ninrkot bus improved on
diminished production. Prices
ruling being from 3.50 to 3.65c.
per lh. English ��10. Spanish
��9 17 (i per ton.
Hon. J, A. Louuheed, q,c.
��. S, McCAltTEII.
fiang-hecil  A HlXJarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk uf Montreal.
Cam'akv- - N.W.T.
.I'E'.I'lIi-ilD'Y anrt Wltt'ElilEK
Members Assacu. D.L.S. k I'.L.S. for ll.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers. Draughtsmen, Viduntors, etc (iilf-iiry nnd NewWest-
iiiiiisler. I :nrr(is|i.��ii(leni-(. solicited..
K.J.JluI'HNO.V, D.L.S.,|'.|,.,s. of ll.C, &Olit.
C.w.ii.inv, Alb.-i.
A. O. WlIDBLBB, D.L.S. & I'.L.S. of ll.C.
New \\'i;sr.Mi.\'.srEit B.C.
MoCa-rthy   &   Hurvoy,
ilnrrislers, Advuctcs, N'otlli'los, Se.   Sulici-
tni's tor: ������
'Iin- Imperial llmikof Pniuuln.
Tim Ciiiiinlii i'eriiiiiiient Loiin A Savings Co,
The Yorkshire I 01,11 iV Heciiriliosl orpui'-.tiuii
The Mijisoy Ib.iris i o, (Ltd(.etc., etc.
Ollices   Stephen Aveni.e, Calgary.
P. MjCAitriiY, y.C.
llllUACE llAKVEY, 1I.A��� L.L.ll.
Golden     -    -     -    B.C.
&*k'... .-I.I.A
M. E..    V. V. H.,
Reports on Mines A Mineral Properties
20.1 Ai.iiEitr Sr., Ottawa.
Assoc. Mem. Ixsr. C.E.
Miivitfo  K\^8\i:i;it.
CO-JllltAJJE,   Al.llA.-  Fi'. Si'EEI.E, B.C.
wi.,11) ,.inner.
a mvisnuu sritu iti up,
Ric'.muu'., Va.. Sept. 15. -Jesse
Mitchell, colore I, was lynched in
Amelia lust night. Ho h id beou convicted twice of rape upon u white
child 12 yours of age,,soiu�� two years
ago, but hal gotten new trials on
technicalities. The third trial was to
have taken placo tu-.i.,,.-. A mob of
twenty-fivo people broke open i he jail
after midnight, and took Mitoboll out
and swung him to a tree and quietly
rittlllAIII.V AXOI'ilElt.
Now Orleans, Lu��� Sept. 15. This
afternoon, about two miles lib ive
Southport, Judge Victor Estopinal was
killed by a negro, ami his sou August
dangerously wounded. Tue judge, accompanied by his sou and several
deputy sheriffs, went, to the cabin of a
negro named Reseliuo Julius for ihe
purpose of placing him under arrest.
AVhilo the ofii :ers wero taking him out
of his cabin Julius broke away mid
drawing a pistol fired at Judge Esio-
pinal, the ball entering tho judge's
heart. The negro run out of the cabin
and re-appearing with a gnu fired a
load of shot. Into young Estinopal's
body. Julius discharged the oilier
barrel of his gun in tho direct ion of the
crowd, but did not hit nnv of the
deputies. lie thou throw the weapon
to the ground and made his escape. A
posse was immediately organized and
started in pursuit. If capture! he
will be lynched.
Itall'.rny ""���'ai'In California.
San I'Vuncisco. Sept, I'i. In railroad
circles it was tinuonnced this afternoon '
that the Southern Pacific cut olf of ?13
from Los Angeles east, would be met
by the Santa Fe on Tuesday by a first
class rate of $.'15 from Mojavi io Miss-:
ouri river.    The Santa Fe will make
torn Act 1870.
NOTICE is hereby given Hint Ihe
Court of Revision uud Appeal held at
the Court Sense, Dounld, this 7th day
of \ugiist, at 11 o'clock 11.111.. has heen
ndjnnrtivd till Monday the 2Kth day of
August. 1 Still, at same place and hour.
S. Reiiiirave,
Collector of Votes, E.K ED.
PljjjCI ("*<* I will mtitl f -.'itFUS) on rocoipt
('II1 LC*-V. of n 2stump,ll roceipefor n
simple VEIIETAIH.E HALM that will remove T-nin, FreckloH. PIiiijiIch. Illoti'lieti.
IlluoklU'aiU. etc., leaving the skin soft,
clear ami beautiful. Address A. 1). STE M-
l'EL, 0!) Aim St., New Yurk.
" It la worth the price to every person
wb i ev-*n reada a net) spap* r."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
.a., q*. Narrows.-
A Pocliet Prlmor for the ure of Reporters,
Oorreeponuwus and Copy Chopiiers.
Short, simple and practical rules for
maai-iff ami eilltttiit ncnsrap"r enpy,
and nf rqnal valoe tn all who wish to
nrae eorresc E-milbh.  '�����������
(Griidunto ofLavnl mill Slctiili.)
Head Oilice, Quebec ;  Branch  Offices
SlIBltUlioOKB, it 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. MllNTItEAI,.
Analytical Chemist & Aaaayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1.102      A.S-.AYEIt TO l'HK        Si)2
British Co.uni'-ia Government
of all sj.jci mom tent fi-om the Proviaco to
Bank Gf ilon!rea!.
Interest at Current rates.
W. D. GRAVELEY. Maxaoeii.
Livory & Feed 5table3,
Saddle lioroos for Hire.
<.if.-c.3i- !���::;,
is. J.
CO, (Limited)
Sold, Silver
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refilled and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of .-nests. Headquarters for mining men nnd
miners. Convenient, to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in AVines. Liquors, nnd Ci-tins.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
WJiolei-mk' mill Retail
Sent nnrec-lot,of p-lrp p-irp, 10 rents
pit copy. ALLAN fliKMAN, Publish-)!;
117 jr
' copy.
I Na&siu Str-wl. Now York.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GULDliN,   3. C.
jTsmart & CO. I
Undertakers and
.   *   .   Einb.i!iners.
<'��5a��i',y     - AIImi.
AI'1-I..SIIEIl   'I'll.
WWmijM :���:    PRINTING
Job    Depcirtincqt
_:o:��� OF ���:o:���
���For Information i��n1 froo Hnndhools write to
.MINS -S CO.. otil HlinAJ'.VAY, NKft* YOIIK.
Oldest t-urciiu for securing patents in America.
(-.Tery potent taken out liy ns is brougnt ueforo
tlie publii' liy a notice given free ot cliurwo in the
f rtfrntiffc SwevM
Larcnst Qtnrnlatfon of any scientific pappr in the
world. Splcntinii*- iihistreteU. 0*o inutliiecut
mnn slionul be ffitlmut It.   Weekly, Sit.00 a
fear: *-l.J0six months,  Address MUNN it CO.,
'UBUsULu-i, J61 Jii-uadffuy, Kyw Vorb City.
Magazine At Thundar Hill
No. I, HO per cent: No. -.', JO por eont.
For llncp Work nnd Id,mini: l'p Stumps
Ti'i'i"** Ntrlffly CwmIi.
THUXllEK lllt.l. M'r, Co.. Il.t'd.)
AroiiI. Kl'.fnr Kitliel Co.
If vnu wniil yuur linitHli 1'lllntlKl. l'n|M'rril
nr 'llnlso'iiineii. nr nuv kind ntftaifrn I'liinled
ivriletu.I. II. Mil.I.WARD. C'AI.UMtV. the
l.enilimr Paint Slmn in the West, fgi'-ffood
Work nnd prices thut lire ri|��lit. ' |
Port-  Steele
will lie finiidii great f Kiviii icicc, us by if; watches nnd
other repairs sent tn W. ALEXANDER, Do^ald,
vvill receivo prompt titteatioa.
Djn't Forgot Tlie  Address;
Box 7,
m Donald, B.6.
W. Alexander,
Watchmaker, JaWellsr 6 Dpiician. LINTON BRCS,,
Stationers, Booksellers,
11. II.  PAlU'OS '��� 1 1ST
Ogilvio:Milling Co..,.  S25
T. Owen. Golden     10
P, Chileott, Winnipeg.
M. McDonald, Calvary
Judge Rouleau,    "
I.. J. Xfewburn	
W. P. Van Antwerp .
AV. ,1. I.tivson	
P. Plood 	
Amount  collected
son ot Beaver :
II. E. Forster, Glacier	
R. F. Hay, M.D.. Canmore...
AV. G. Nellson, Denver,	
John Barr, "       	
J). I). Mann, Montreal, Que,.
H, A. Pet-Icy, Calgary	
Jacob Thompson,  Beaver	
J.B. Korr, "    ....
John Hoards, "    ....
William White, "    ....
George Crosby, "    ....
AV. H.'cnldwell, Donald	
Angus McLean,        "      	
AV. H. Bison, ���'     	
G. E. Higginson, Boaver	
Edwin Barr, "     ....
John Ferris, "     	
Dan Graham "     	
Jos. Harbinson "     	
Joliu Kirkpatriek      "     	
John rurubull "      	
J. S. Vussiir '     ....
AV. J. Thompson       "     	
Victor Anderson        ���'     	
Thos. Moore "     	
El, Whitsido "     ....
Thos. Brownson        "     	
J, M. Carroll "     ....
Thos. Hewitt "     ....
William Oliver "     	
Sam Yuill "     	
Kennedy & Douglas, Toronto.
��� J. S. Fiiilay. Stoney Creek.. .
John McLcod        "        	
Pon Chong "        	
J. B. Duly *'        	
N. P. Jenuon       "       	
Win. Sargent       "       	
AVm. Thompson  "       	
Jos. Donn "        	
Harry Evans       ���'        	
Thos White       "     '	
John Million        "        	
Harry Dredge      "        	
Mike Ryan ���'        	
B.iptistS Boushie ���'        	
Abraham Shaw    "        	
Alex. McDougall "        	
Waller Haves      "        	
William Logan   "       	
Stephen Say "       	
Herb Evans "        	
W.T.James      "       	
Frank Whitsido  "       	
John Houst-.il     "       	
Chas. AVhite        '���       	
Wm. Buker "       	
Robert Savage     "        	
R. A. Niblock      "        	
James McNair     "        	
Sam MoMahon     "       	
Henry Sotterly     "        	
L. McFadyon       "       	
AV. G. Gtitterldgo "       	
AV. Anderson        ���'        	
Sam Anderson      "        	
F. Hiltingreen     "        	
Jos. Vigneaux      "        	
Geo. Thorsoii       "        	
H. Brawley, Stoney Creek....
A. Wilson "       	
A. McKelley        "       	
0. Johns "        	
F. Bowoll "       	
P. M. Bites "        	
Pat Duffey "        	
W. E. Francis     "        	
C. H. Winkish    "        	
Francis Sewull, Beaver,	
John Nelson "        	
by   W. 11. Neil
Gol le:,
It. (I. Parson's.,
(I. W. Biibar....
(1. F. It. Mm del;
W. Rutherford..
(1. Addison	
S100.C0IS. McLean	
2."i      J.  W. Wasson .
(1. P. Sivitzcr  ..
J. Robertsot	
I-'. Bnbar	
M,  Moriin	
P. 1). Jotison. . . .
R. 1). McTavish.
Y.  Hellherg	
.1. Lidgnte	
A. C. Ham i I ton ,.
A. R. Griffin....
C. Peirce	
J, Nicholson	
11. Harvey	
J. E. Haminill...
A. Pollard	
X. Kleimer	
Saw Mill.
. ... sir,
....     10
a. so
X. Hanson, Wasa.... 825
J.C.Duriek.Canal Flat 15
Herman VanHadela,. 5
J. E. Humphreys  5
J. Hannay.AVolf Creek 5
Eric Siindcn, AVasa .. 2
Henry Eller, Ft. Steele 2
(ins Loiniin, AVasa... 2
P. Person,          "     ... 2
Isaac Greliier,  '���    ... 2
I'ltO.ll  OTTAWA.
The members ot ihe International
Fish Commission, Dr. AVakenian anil
Prof, R-.ithbun, arrived here yeslerdny. I
Tho data they have collected so tar
relates to pollutions of streams,'principally by sawdust ami mill refuse.
Thev proceed next to the Great Lai:
to examine the fisheries,
Hon. Mr. Foster wus at his offico
yesterday for the lirst lime for a week.
Dr. Campbell, of Montreal, writes a
letter to the papers statin;'; that Mr.
Foster abstained from attending the
public gatherings lust wick on his
orders, ou account of very serious illness.
A special cable from Brisbane says
that the Prime Milliliter lias recommended that ��-'5,000 annual subsidy bo
granted tor a mail service to Cauudit.
His recoiunionilutiou will probably
An extra of the Canada Gazette lust,
('veiling contains formal notice of tho
swearing in of Lord Aberdeen and the
usiinl formal proclamation of the Gov-j
ernor-General on assuming oliiee. Allj
the ministers who attend the swearing i
in of the Governor-General at Quebec|Tlnirsilay
returned to Ottawa lust night.
Yesterday the Citizen (Government)
gave currency to a report from it Now
York'inper which is causing a great
deal of talk here. It is that Sir John
Thompson wns offered a peerage for
services connected with the Boring Sen
Navigation fU
a i
Tramway from C.P.R. Gollen ti Coljnibia'Eivcr.
iStrs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud lako and Upper Cdun-Ua Ir.kc.
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
���Freight V/agoa*. between Upper Columbia Lake aad Kootenay Rivor.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Sta^o Lino fro n Up*)or Columb;*, Li'te to Tort Stcole.
affair, but that lie I
ined.     Tin
Pare :
from  l   GOING
,".rr. Golden, s.Hyiik, I've.
Tuesday ���
I i'i: LOCK
Friday ...
"   ('..lcna         "   nrr.
S 2 Ml  |
1 (1
" Whiiloriiiero "     *'
n (10   Wednesday
I've. Allolll            "      "
n 00   lluu'sdi.y,
nrr.    " Ti'am'vtty lonve
" 'I liuiiilerl'ill.l'iirt.'nr.
7 m !
11':' 0
I've. Ciuii.l Flat, "   "
nrr,        "    Singe I've.
I've. Wlisil
7 00
11 00   Suturiliiy. ���
"   Furt .Steele    "
12 00
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A.   Class 1 & 2 ,   8-i.CO
I!       "     I), 1, 5, &(1   12.25
C       "    7, 8, 9, cfelO  SI.50
reason   for ibis  is said  to ho  that!
has a son   who is  n  Jesuit   ami who
would take orders, this son might hold j Express Rules, Golden to Fort Steele --tcenls per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
Amounts   previously
S     05.CC
Total     * 288.00
Additions to H. Connnoher's
W. C. AVells, Palliser ��50
P. White, Golden....      6
T.  McCardell       -'
AV. S. Crane       1
P'aCorSOU     I   %    59.C0
Till) Golden llosplt.il Sii'.>��'--l->tl<>n
This week wo are publish ing with
other items, a list ot subscript ions receive 1 through the efforts of Mr. VV.
G. Nellson, ot Beaver, from the men of
Beaver. The committee feel much indebted lo the canvasser ami tho men
for the handsome way iu which they
have coiuo forward to assist iu a
cause which is so deserving. The
Beaver list contrasts strangely with
some, iu as much ns it has shewn our
neighbours of the Upper Country what
can be done when an effort is made.
Willi but one exception, vi*., that of
Wasa and Mr. Hanson, who is always
to the fore, nothing but cold water has
been thrown on the Golden Hospital
scheme by certain individuals of AVild
Horse, who are acting the p.irt ot the
dog in the manger. In s-.u li questions
as charity and when no praotioal help
is given to other aud opposition
schemes by those ivhongitate, the people should follow their O'vn minds and
not be hopelessly misled. Windermere
too has failed to do anything for ns,
but wo are glad to know that Golden
and her friends can now render to the
sick and needy, the assistance which
is and will be the one and main feuturo
of the Hospital Association, This was
uo townsite scheme, uo personal organization and we are sorry that it
wns necessary io speak us wo have
a seat in the House of Lords in iho
event, of Sir John's death, Now the
report says ho is to be made a privy
councillor nnd after next session of
Parliament will be created one uf the
Ijrd high justices oi the court of
appeals, which would necessitate his
residing iu Britain ami resigning the
premiership of Canada. The publishing of tin-so reports, about which
nothing definite is known, goes to show
tho anxiety of the party for another
leader. There cun be no other reason
for their publication.
���' Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. und 1 p.c. "
B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. AEMSrROKG, Mans
Fire lit K:lllll(l()|)N.
Lust Sunday, lire destroyed a considerable portion of the. old town of
Kamloops. The less is estimated at
about $100,000, and only a sniull portion is covered by insurance. The following business places were destroyed:
Vair's tin shop; Prior & Go's hardware
W. H. Stephenson, jeweler; AV. A.
Simmons, contractor; AV. H. Whitta-
ker. law oliiee; W. Fortune, soda
water iniinutiict.urjr; .1. A. Mara's
bouse; Geo. Sinchilr'S fruit store; L.
(vl ii.in. boots and -.hoes ; Chong Lee.
general store; Kwong Ou Wo ": Co.
I Appttc iiii ii Inr License to Cut TI ml or
I NOTICE is hereby given that 80 days nfter
l (Into I intern! applying to llie Hon. ilin.l liiof
| ( niinuissiniier ut i.nuds ,'tuil Works li.r n li-
! I'Oiise tu cut i.nd curry iiwav tinner from the
I following tract of limit i Coinnioni'iut- ntu
stake planted mi the North mill East side of
the North fork of Michel (ruck -.bout 10
clil.lns lii.lniv the r.-uinn, tlioiice due East 20
chilli's, tlielll'C due Smith 70 rll,',ins, Illi'liiT
duo West 11(1 i-li.-iins, lln
cliiiins.lhouci duo Bi si lad
ni' begjuuiug coiitnlniiig I
, .,5viiii-res..
lining Sfisi
PIPES,   En.,   F.T(.\
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Creinbe rrie s,
O retries,
ffl. B. LANG,
Gclden, B.C.
Toronto, Oat., l8lh8opt. 1898.
AIioIInIi the l.ni'il*.
London, Sept. 19.-The London section of the National Liberal Federation
at a meeting held yesterday, unanimously adopted a resolution declining
in favor of the abolition of hereditary
legislators. The resolution wus drnwn
up o:. the same lines as the recent
manifesto issued by the National
Liberal 'Federation, declaring that
the question ot  mending or ending thu
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
A|i|,lli'iillo:i I'ni'l.lieiis;' to .'ul Timber
NOTICE is he'eliy given thut 110 ilnys lifter
date 1.intend applying to tho linn, tin: Oliiof
(.ninmi-ntioucr of Lands and Works tor a license to cut nnd carry away timber from the
iullnwing tract ut' laud : Commencing nt n
st..kc ]'l,,nleil un the North mill East .side nt'
the North fork of Michel Crook about 10
clinlns below the ciiupn. thcuco due Ei.st 20
chains, thence due North 70 clinim, ilicnco
dun West 140 chains, thence due Month  70
Jiiilns, tlience due East 120 chiiins tu the
,. .   r     i      i     i i   !���    i       -       ' place of beginning containing by iithiicn-mro-
Hotiso of   Lords should displace for a ; '|ieut (jyn-icres.
while in the   House of   Commons nil
other subjects ot reform,
i W. .1. CARROLL.
I Bcllovlllo, Out., 18th, Sept. 181)8.
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
"tJ* sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, I nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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