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The Golden Era Jan 4, 1901

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James Henderson,   .
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Building Ume for Rule.
.���Ms prepared.  Prompt attention given to
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrtstor, Solicitor.
Notary Publio."onveyanc&r, at*
OSes in LTji[*��r Columbia Kaslsrasloa tai
Train sljr CoQlisAl-JTB Builsiiflg,    *
IJ. C.
VOL. X  NO. ��3
GOLDEN    B.C.. FRIDAY. J4N. 4. 1D01
$2 Pee Year.
*      - i
imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid Dp s8,i-.8,��ftS
Heat - 1700,039
DI rent or a.
11.8. llossrliird,       ���       Ps��sHmt,
T. R. Morritt,        -        Vice Press.
Win. namcay.     T. Ssithas-lssnsl Ht.i-'tsor
IM-wi Atftray, Elisu liogan.
Whs. llssnslrii*.
D- li. Wll.KII--, Goaisral Uaugs-r.
B. HAT, lsu-psiBtor.
MAMTOIU, N. W. T. anslB. fl.
Bs-andon, (.-slgnty, Edmonton,
(Jsiltlcsn,      Nslaois,        I'ssrla-re la I'ntsrio,
Pi-liivo AU-ert,     I *��vs.l*jto!s(i,     sstimlscosi.-s.
Vancouver,       Wissnipejp,
"fCasw, Koririia, (lull, llansllton, InKssrss-ll,
I.Uttiw.l, Niagara Fiilla, l'ssrt Ccluoui'is-t
Kfit Port.f.0,        Sault BIO. Marie, St.
Catharine, St. Th.nnsss, Toronto, Wellisnil,
Wtsoil.'.oi Is, asstl Ms/sslrusl, Vise.
ARcnti In (.treat Brltnlis:
Lloy.l'a lianls. Ltd., 78 l-m-liu-d St., I.osistnn
sviih whom sssqney sway Is. sleposiited tor
trannfer by letter or entile to aay ol Use
above brandies.
Acer-stain VnlteilStates:
SEW YORE-Bank ef Montreal, Bank ot
CHlt'AUO-FJrst N.tion.1 Bank.
8T.PAUL-S��ond Naliosial Hank.
SAN I'llANClSCO-WolU, Far*o A Cs).��
Agcnta tn South Africa.
Intereat allowed on slettoaita.
Pr.,-inclal, Muuk-iptsl and tsther debentstrea
Available at all points in Canada, Unitt-d
Kingslons, United Ststsia.
il | J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch
i   H. G. Parson,
General Merchant-,
Aex-et*qder Block.
we live, and generally to uphold, as!
���ar as in ue lies, tha claims of the din- ���
trlct in whatever direotion thoy may
tend to -advancement.
It will bs impossible, however, to
maintain snoh a course ab is laid out
above, unless wo are assbred of the
he.irty support and co operation of cur
friends in the town and surrounding
district. Our success is their success,
and wo frankly appoiil for assistance
in our endoovors to provide a live, up-
to dale journal, such us wo think tho
distriot requires, Thi; Ku\ will not
be conducted an a money-making pro-
portion, -since w.0 are convinced that
if -we can carry out our programme
(and at tho samo time pay current ex
ponses) we shall hnvo our reward in
sharing In the increased prosperity
which all indications pc-Irit toward*
during the ensuing few years. Thero
fore, friends and neighbors, give us
your patronage; lot us hear ot your
success aud yeur grievances. Our
colnmna are open to All suggestion* of
practical utility, and we wiil ourselves
l-e susceptible to auy improvement
which will enable Tub Era io advance
the cause of Golden and its citiiens.
Give us your co operation and wo will
ondoavor to merit its continuanca,
market of the Orient. When these
things happen Brituh Columbia, witb
its ubundant conl and lumber in direct
connection with its iron, must become
the seat of a great iron Industry"
S.iys tht* 0 dden correspondent ofthe
Vancouver World) ''The incorporation   of  Golden   under   the  exist)!g
municipal regulations is nun of the
pressing needs of this promising town,
situated In the hoart of the Rockies.
BilQineSBineii have long foreseen the
desirability of iticorpoiMion, hut 'ho
lack of a channe) through which to
interest the goneral public iu tho matter lias retarded initiative stops iu this
direction. Tha coming New Year will
Afford an opportunity for -some of our
public spirited men to accentuate the
movement by appealing to the Legislature for remedial measures, Com
munities of far less importance than
Goldeu nro incorporate! and iu view of
tlio necessity of civic owned electric
li*.'ht and waterworks, the urgency of
incorporation cannot be too strongly
impressed. Let the cititene throw off
childish garments nnd put on the foil
robe of manhood by being properly
Clothing, Winter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
C. A. Warren's
Until Stock-taking In February.
I have decided to Sell only to (Jash Customers and those who Settle Monthly.
No others need apply for goods.
'���IBagBBB���Mi U BJI I. ��� *l   M ������-"TTa HI-,1. I ������L-ffHf g.���, ,,-U-IM.L--
. . . THE *. . .
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Bay-page Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
F,ates 92 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. 0. Greene, Proprietor.
Mr. Thou. O'Brien having pssrchascsl
Tna Goldeu Era Newspaper and
Printing Buslneie, ts Irom December
39(1,, 1900, ell accounts, owing to 'the
offico it that date are payable to him,
"We have to request (or Mr. O'Bsio.i
the com inuanceol the subscription and
advertising patronage hitherto extend
cd to us,
Misnaming Director.
Golden, Dee. 30th, 1900.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B.C Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd
Vancouver,      -     B.O;
W�� are Manufacturer* nnd direct Importer*, and rnrry * targe stork of TUlan>
Fnroaees; Fire Clay (loods, Scientific and Practical Hook*, (HaMware, Platinum U*
Aoidi,Cb*itiio*di, and all other Assayers and Miner** requirement!.
BOf,E AUtNTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Bat-^rieat Becker's Bom
OHtfofM-wd full partlwuMi obappftrttlon.
Thd Era enters upon the Twentieth
Century under changed conditions.
Tho paper has passed into new hand."
and the present proprietor is determined
to do all in his power to make tt a
t lithful and forceiildo exponent of the
opinions of the inhabitants of the die*
triot, Whilst no trouble will be spar**.!
n |)iov;dl��K an adequate account c
die imiortaiit happenings in the dis
ant centres of civilization so that
iiur reader** may be enabled to keep in
touch both with the old world's pulse
and the feelings and sentiments which
may from time to time animate public
opinion of this continent at larne-
ctr ill H will be our main endeavor to
supply the publio with full details of1
���all matters of local importance, since
we conceive it to be the mam duty of a
newspaper auch as The Era to cater
to tlte local wants and aspirations of
tho district wherein it circulates.
Situate, as Golden is, in a country
which Is parsing through the develop
ment stage, where the natural resources
have, practically, only been prospected
and where the future lies before us
pregnant with almost nnknown possibilities of wealth and prosperity; it
behooves every man who resides in the
district to take an intelligent intere>t,
nor. only in the doings of his ueitrh
hors,. but also In the extension of!
knowledge of the character and re
sources of his environment. Knowledge Is power, and the more we know
of tho oountry around us the better
ablo we will be to use Its products with
advantage-whether they be mineral,
ag '{cultural or otherwise. Thep.-foiv,
it will be the principal endeavor of
Tub Bra to obtain and disseminate
information concerning the latent pos
nihilities of the district, to discus-* iu
an impartial vein all proposed legisla
tiou-inuuicipal and preyinotal-wbioh
may affect the conditions under whioh
It ia admitted ou all  hands that
Hon. "W. C. Welts ti by long odds the
boBt Minister of Lands and Works that
Britieh Columbia has tver had.   We
aee the splendid results of his work in
thix district, where it is due to his
administration    lhat    Nurrth   East
Kocieiiay hai* her lirst shipping mine,
as we havo it on the authority of Mr.
Bruce himself thut be could not have
thought of shipping ore hut for the
aplend d road which was built under
the authority uf Hon. Mr. Wi-lU.    At
lu!Ve!s:o!;e Mr. Wells h*a alao waned
that important wirk  which baa been
agitated for so many years - namely,
the roud to open up the rich country
of the Big Betid. It is, however, fouud
that the road cannot be advantageously
pushed on during winter, aa it was
coating $10,000 a mile, and the work
has had to be shut duvvtt till spring,
when Mr. Wells intends to resume it
an I carry it through, thus placing tha
buck   country  within   eaay  reach of
Revelstoke.   Hon Mr. Weils has uow
i>ent Mr. Killed., Chief Road Inspector,
to Kamloops to look into some road
construction required there. The Chief
Commissioner hus  ulso in   hand tbe
most important road in the Province -
namely, that connecting Ashcroft witb
Cariboo, and he is considering a scheme
for placing th?& arterial read in drat
class shape at an expenditure of, sny,
$'J00.UU0.   Mr. Wid I a has also in hand
effective mc hemes for opet.l ig up the
Similknineen, Princeton and Keremeos
country, and also the cou
tho Fraiter Hi ver mid Chiliiwnck   His j
scheme mvludes a road over ���tie Hope ;
Mountains, thus Connecting the rich
mining country   near the   Boundary
district with tho Co<st and  tho rich
farming district of ihe Fraser Valley.
This will place the producers aud con*
Burners of British Columbia directly iu
touch witb each other instead of per*
mittjng tho producers of tho Province
to ho handicapped by the Eastern pro
ducer. as hns hitherto beeu the caRc.
Such a policy as that Inaugurated by
Hon,   Mr.   Wells will effectually open
up and  make available the rich  ro
sources of this Province,  and under
such au able and efft-ctivo administration   firiiUh   Columbia   must advance
by leaps aud bounds.
Golden would have had a now C. P
R. station last year but for the fact
that the Golden Townsite Company
offered to contribute part of the cost if
the C. P. R, would rebuild on the Site
of the prcsnt station, tt was intended
to build the new station towards tho
Courthouse, but the proposal made by
the Townsite Company ui tered the
arrangements. We hops to see tbe
new station built this spring, for it is
urgently required.
R. Randolph Bruce M. E. hai an
oxctdifgly nigh opinion of tbe future
of the Windei'inero district from a
mining point of view. Ho states that
that from Hone Thief over to Toby
Creek tlioro is a zone of about 4 ini 1cm
square, which gives every promise of
turning out a great mineral section.
It embraces the P.iradi-c, Silver Bolt,
White C��t, McDonald Group, and a
number of otber well-known properties,
A report is to hand cl ��n important
strike outheR.nh mino at Sandon,
No & tunnel broke into a fine body of
ore a day or two before Christmas and
when tho property closed down over
the holidays the eSteut of the ore hud
not beeu determined, but it is said to
bn over two feet in width. Messrs
Quo. and II B. Alexander, of the
Golden Townsite Co. are heavily interested in the Ruth.
G. C. Knowlton and H. Estell vlaite
the Certainty mine on  Fifteen mile
Creek this week.
A sharp fall iu copper ts reported in
tho English markets hy James Lewis
A Sons, of Liverpool.
The grout mining corporation, the
London &. Globe, has collapsed aud
there is an acute mining crisis in
ntry back 0fi^on^oa* '^n'B ^"pAny Is heavi'y
'interested in the Lo Roi and other
Rossland concerns and theso stocks
havo taken such a tumble us to knock
the life out of speculative mining fur a
The mines of Southeastern British
Columbia shipped ore of the value of
|i),0t 0,000 during tho year I'JuO, as
follows: ���
Slocan District     I3.000.COO
Rossland District  2,"oU,000
Boundary District    l.OuU.000
Nelson Disi riet    1,000,000
Movie  District-    l.OpP.000
Kimberley Diarist        16A,(A)0
Ainsworth District       50.000
La r dea ii District       8D.00U
Win formers Disi riet        b OOu
A public nteoting of tho citiiens of
Golden \v��s held iu the Court House
Monday IsSt for the pur.io.-o of goitw
i ���'M a few matters coucnr dug the welfare of the to\n The meeting was
fairly representative of ihe business*
men and those who Luke an imorast in
that which relates to publio weal. J. ���
S. CM bb was moved to tire chair and
C. I��. Parson was appointed seoretnry,
Tlie first mntlfir to come before tha
tm-eting was the down grant of tlie
-cemetery. It vtee found iliat a mooting
of the truster's was supposed to bo bold
Lho brat Monday in February of end,
year, wheu five trmtt-ea ware to b
appointed- one from juch of tho Tout
denominations rejire-ctitr-d in Golden,
and also a fifth irrespective of oreed
The present trustees are Messrs. J. F
Armstrong, J, C. Greene, M Dainard.
J. Lake aud C A. Wdfren. RvS lived
that all papers in obimeoiioii therewith
be handed over to the trustees with
the suggestion'hat they be placet in
'be Imperial Bank for safe keeping.
Further discussion regarding the ways
and means of improving tbft cemetery
was laid ovsr until the meeting iu
Tlio next matter to come before thn
meeting was that relative to the race
track. As Mr, Armstrong, who was
present, thought he hud the correspondence with 'lie Government among
his private correspondence, moved
'hat Messrs. Avliner, McDermot nnd
M. Dainard be appointed with pov-^r
to add to their number to receive this
correspondence as soon as Mr. Ann-
strong re'urns to Fort Steele, nnd later
if necessary to call a public meeting to
decido upon definite action iu securing
this valuable tract of laud for the town
T, e present difficulty between tbe
Oolden Fire Eugiuo Association and
iho Golden Fire Brigade next loomed
up. Mr. F. W. Jones gave nu explanation o[ how affairs stood ai present,
and assured the meeting that the lire
engine was now iu working order. H
remarks called forth some discussion
from several members of the Brigade
who were present. A meeting of the
two opposing elements ��ill bo held
Itortlv, when affairs of conciliation
pill be discussed.
The meeting then adjourned.
L-mdon, .Tnn. 1.-General Kitchener ���
tslegr -phs'from Prefrip. that .General^v*1]
Knox, who ia following up DoWct, re-" a
������oris lhat he has captured some hor*8&>
fiv" wagons of supplies nnd over 6,000
rounds uf ainta* nftfon. Fie released
and allowed ��o go to thoir fan*ns70Buer
prisoners who were fiken at Di/WctOl
lancer add fr-tib wore being forced to
tight. General French recent Iy captured 11 prisoners and n tit*,* number
of cirts and cattle.
Lo -don, Dec.SI. -Genera1 Kitr.heoer
telegraphs that ibe Boars surprised
Helvetia garrison by rushing a gun at
dawn yesterday. T'ie officer com-
mHiding at S.vanz Konjusent a patrol*
w )if h shelled t' o uns.uy and mads
them abandon the gun temporarily,
Th' Boers* b-o.vever, formed -prisoners
'around the gui and got it away. The
British hud eleven meu killed and fonr
ofllcbrs an'J 22 men wounded. Help,
which was sent from Mauhhdbdorrl,
arrlved too Into owing to hai roads.'
Lit,don, Jan. 2.���A despatch frtffe
Crafl-ffrock snys the Boen have burned
an empty goods train near B-oseinead
Junction. Tho Rosemead aUtjioritlfl
sent tiie women and children to Grade*-
too';. It is r ported tliat a commando
had Crossed the lins and is making
toward Middleburg.
a i
The rink was opened on New Tear's
Day, a large number taking advantage
uf the fine sheets of ice provHed for
the skaters.
The curlers aP3o opened their season
ou New Year's, the President vs. Vice-
President games being played that day
and t:.e day following. The scores
were: ���
Parson. G
Henderson, 10
Dnnard, 11
L'lmoi'tiigue, 11
Ullock, 13
MoNufah, 13
Warren, 10
ftobertson, 7
Thus giving the competition  to the
President, b.v 5 points.
Ou Thursday evening tho opening
game iu tlle U. C. N &, T. competition
was played between Lnmoutagne and
Uilock, which was very clo>cly con-
tented, the score at the eleventh ond
Mng Ullock 11, Lamb n tng tie 10.
Whon they came io play iu the lust tn 1
Lumontsgne wus lying thro ehou*,
well   guarded       tjtlock's   first  rock
opened up the guard uud   I,.imuu:��.:.;ne
failed to replace it, leaving a clove shot
which Ullook took, thus winning out!
by 12 to 10.
By  the oxpres-ion, "The Boys in
Blue," I icfcr to tho G. P. R, ingtne-
men as a body and tho men thnt'batidlo
the C. P.  R. locomotives   over   the
mountain division in particular.   In
the first place there Is about r.a much
variety  in  their physical and mental
mara up, as in the scenery itself.   Bu't
for  sterling,  sturdy,   honetft   fellow!.-   ?
they   have no superiors cn this wid-a   I
coutinent, _ Tin- -iricr aisoipline main-    i
'.uined by the company has the cfTeut
nf weeding out, iu the ei'ly stages, all
poor candidates for locomotive work-
Applicants must be phveionlly sound���
syecitrht   p^-ieiit,  steady  and well i"?-
ooinmendo! ludora tliey are allowed to   >
bc^in work iu the shops'; any [allftfa
is quickly   detected  and  they are Bet
ftslde.   It naturally- fcllowb that tht   :
firemen who have served  from one to
eiulit  and   nine years as firemon are
splendid speciniPiis, and the men thu'V ,
have pais ne I the Bremen'& stage, been
exainiued and promoted to the r1g"ht  ���
sido of tho ongine   the engineers' sid&  .
���ure veterans, an! by  'he time they  I
are called to lake passenger runs tlrty  I
have been thorotrghly tested in iverjr i
way  and  have the confidence of (hh \
company and many of the public. I
You   will   find   gentlemen,   altiiiosj i
without exception, on the front end of  .
till ('. P.  U. tt-Mins of any class ana  ���
especially   of tho   passenger   Ftvvlce.
The passengers, as they sleepily nod '
to the dtjwsy hum of tbe train'   ca'6 |
be perfectly satisfied tliat tho man  n
throttle will he into to hti responsibility.   The old expression,  "it i'3 the
heart, and not the coat that makes tho ���
man*', can fitly be said of tho gontfr '
manly Canadian  Prtcific enj-inemen--
The Boys in Blue. J.t.j.
"British Columbia," says H. Mortimer Lamb iii 'hnenrrent Ei'giueering
Magazine, "possesses enormous pc
tential resources in ber iron deposits
but that these resources must wai' for
commercial exploitation upon the development of those industries which
stimulate a damaud for iron. Sooner
or latei the political reasons which led
to the construction of the Uni'ed States
battleships on the Pacific coast, tor
which, as we have seen, But ish Columbia iron was partially miliz<\lt will
give place to commercial reasons connected with tbe development ofttade
on ; heP kCific necessitating the building
of a large inercatrile marine* Scoutr
or later manufacturing industries, with
tbeir constant demand tor the iron
whiob It thei** base, will be brought
Into boing,to supply theeveriucreasing
Christmas Troo At Peterboro
The most brilliant Xmas treo fn thi
annals of history of the Kjotonny ���
country was held nt Peterboro Town
Hull. Joy, jollity aud great buoyancy .
of spirit aharacterlxed tho feeling 0:^
the pooplo und H ti nn event IO bv
1A6 hiiVf Yoar. Icherishol among lha aciceahla mcttt- ��
,    _ oVtes of   a  lifelimo.   Tha   hrilllntitly
Tho oponlntt of lDul pnned oil very | ..^ tQwn hafl ^ ��� ^ 0f'
Total $9,000,000
Christmas at. Movers Pass.
Christmas Day in this little place
was very quiet, but in the evening
some fifteen or twenty gues-s assembled
at the C. P. R. boarding house, where
a-< verv enjoyable evunthg was spent.
Music and Sliigltig were indulged in,
varied with selections 011 the phono
graph by Mr. J. New itt. Dancing also
was indulged in to the time of banil
music and when thutf iledj theinnu'b
organ came in very effectively played
by Mi-ssih McKei.zi*1 and Deutio, Mis-
Williamson and Mr.T.Wiitsoii gave u.-
a glimpse of iho Highland Subottiohe
danced ' 0 perfect ion. About cloven
o'clock a liglit. repast was served when
Mr. Toinlinson excelled himself with
his great eloqnenr.a Itt capacity of chair
man. About midui^b' Hie guests wen
tied their way borne f eling >hat it hnd
iM'i*n iu every truth, good for them to
be thero and feeling that great praise
was duo to our amiable hojtess for the
good time we bad all enjuycJ.- Uevei*
stoke Herald.
quietly In Guide 1, a ('. P. R. engine
proclaiming the adveut of the New
At St. Paul's Church Rev. C. F.
Yates conducted a special midnight
st-rvico. which whs attended by a largo
congregation. The reverend gentleman
preached an eloquent sermon on tho
sdemu occasion. At tho close of the
service the Celebration of the Holy
Communion was dispensed,    E. Plow-
ght presided at the organ,
Reverend Fiitb-l* ThayUr held Mass
at the Catbohc church ou New Year's
At the Presby ter I ft tl Church ou
Sunday last Rev, Mr T.itner preached
an appropriate sermon, bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming
the new. H�� choBo as his text PsiJm
lxv,, It. "Thou orowtiest the year
witb  Thy goodness."   The congrega
of the old  miners think  of their boyhood  dr.ys   I'ack   cant.    At   *��� o'clock'
, Cuptuiu Armstrong, that vigcrou? ���
champion of Hx. Andrew, drew a longj
breath, and spoke in liis usual gcuja*''
way ot Santa Glaus, and thought he-
must beat least 1000 years old as hr1
minded hhu when a boy. The program
was without any question of doubt the
most brilliant ever known in the district. After the programme Master Jay'
Wells, in a very neat little speech to
M1S3 McDonald, telling ber how much,
the children loved hor, and hoped shd
would roturn again after. Xtm.s,
jjresenied her with r> ha ini some purse,
well lined. Miss McDonald mad* a!
cute little bow nsshe ouly kinws how.
with a neat reply. The presents were
numerous and costly. Aftor a glorhmc
repast the people ddjuurned toMeK.ee-
ver's hall where dancing was-indulgjoi!
ih to the wee small hours of moruiug
.ion worshipped in their church last
Sunday for the first time since it has
been  freed of debt.    'When Rev   Mr.
Turner came to Golden" in May last
there   was a   debt   of   flt-0   oh
church, and so cucrgeiicAlly hus the
reverend gentleman applied liiiusiii id  , ...
its liquidation that by tfcst Sunday tht)'0** -pow-ars and an armistice has fcW,-
debt had been entirely wiied out,        I proolaimsd, ���
t *\
11 imi- kaa 8occ-.-s.esi tbe-jBm��tiitc*.,j'
mma-iBcrvaiua ai edi.. I ur.rtT?
��-ro;-Tor*nrsvL->y i��� recoiii sciim^ ASKED TO RESIGN
RadlcAl Steps Takeu Agaiust He-neral
Sir Jtenrr Colville���He Refuses to Resign.
London, Doc. 29.���The war oflice
has begun the reform uf the 'army in
a sensational manner. It lias demanded tho resignation of Major-
General Sir Henry Colville, commund-
iug an infantry brigude at Gibraltar,
and recently commanding the ninth
division of the South Africa Held
forco, General Colville refuses lo
resign and he is now ou his way to
Tbe news is all tho more startling
as tin' question of Oen. Colvilto's responsibility for tin' yooinanry disaster ul Linilh-y last May wns fully
Investigated by tin- authorities whon
Gon. Colville roturnod ftom -South
Africa lust summer. After tin- inquiry Gen, Colville wus roinBtilted in
his command at Gibraltar iu September last, The attltudu of lho war of-
lii'i- iudii'uti-s thai tho now regime iu
Tall Mull Will reverse tin- decisions
of Lord. Lonsdowno and Lord \Vniacin regard to some of the recent,
commanders In South Africa.
Gen. Colville, like Gon. Mothuen,
has always been a great social per-
sonago in London and a prominent
clubman. lie has a great distinguished military career, hus been repeatedly mentioned in dispatches,
and is familiarly known as "Od-
gors." Ho is also a well known author, and on the occasion of his marriage created a Stir by going on his
honeymoon in a balloon.
Darre, Vt., Dec. 1!!).���Chief of police Patrick Brown is in a critical
condition, with small prospects for
recovery, on account of three bullet
wounds inflicted by an Italian anarchist yesterday. Tho chief hud boon
called to quell a row iu a hall In
which the anarchists wero holding u
dance. Several persons were driven
from the hull. The chief was shot
from ambush on his way buck to tho
station. Otto Dernaeclo and Luigl
Sussl have been arrested and Identified b.v tiio chief as being connected
with  the attempted  assassination.
St. Paul, Doc. 2D.���As a result of
a conference hold on Sunday between
President Mellon and Vice-President
Keudrtck, of tho Northern Pacific,
that company yostorduy sent u
lengthy communication to the committee of telegraph operators in session in St. Paul, notifying them thai
the Northern Pacific could not consistently agree to adopt In into the
book of rules submitted by the committee in behalf of the Northern Pacific branch ol the 0. R, T.. neither
could il see its way clear to treat
with the (). R, T. as an organized
body, but would cheerfully trout with
lho telegraphers as a body of Northern Pacific employees.
Paris, Hoc 2M.���The detachment of
French troops commanded by Gen.
Ballloud, wus recent ,y attacked by
Chinese regulars and Boxers ul Tha
Tcheon, south of Pao Ting Fu. The
punitive expedition took the village
after a lively combat. Many cannon
and a quantity of provisions and ammunition were secured. On account
of the hostile attitude of tho population Gen. Ballloud burned lho village and other villages in tho neighborhood, Tho Chinese loss was ono
thousand men. Gon. Ballloud'-^ forca
sustained uo loss,    Christian Chinese
families have been maltreated by
Chinese regulars.
Chicago, Dec. 20.���Mrs. Lulu f*.
Jenkins, now of Chicago, has just
beon awarded $4,000 for the lynching of hor husband In Ripley county.
Ind., throe years ago. -The money will
bo paid by the eight bondsman of
the former sheriff, Henry Bushing,
and is the result of a private settlement ol lho indemnity suit ins', lul.i I
by tho widow throe months aft.tr 'he
London, Dec. 2!).���Mr. Edmund
Morrison Wim per is, vice-president ort
the Royal Institute of Painters In
Water Colors, is dead.
London, Doc. ill)���Miss Marriott
(Mrs. Alice Edgar), the actress, is
dead, sho mado an Amorican tour
about 1857,
Chicago, Dec, '20.���Refusing to disclose the names of tho mon who attempted to slay bim. John Garvor-
slo, lios dying at bis home, with his
abdomen slashed and gon-d as though
with a blunt stiletto, und his shoulder cut In shreds. The wounded man
Is still conscious, but with his life
despaired of, refuses absolutely to betray his Italian brothers.
Colllngwood, Dec. 20.���Fire yesterday destroyed Hill's bakery and Mr-
Fadden & McQuade's stock and tinware store. The contents were damaged to the extent of $1,000. All
wero Insured.
Quebec, Dec 29.���Felix Carhray, ox-
M.P.P.. has boon elected a Fellow of
tho Royal Society of Antiquaries of
Ireland. Ho is also a Fellow of the
Royal Irish Academy.
If money    talks it
puying teller.
is    probably a
It is proposed to erect g statue In
his native Nuremberg to Peter Hon'
lcin of Hele, who is said to have invented the watch toward tho close
of the fift-eenth century. His pocket
time-pieces wore oval-shaped and so
wero known os Nuremberg eggs.
Fred, Edmunds, a C, P. It. section
foreman, was killed by an express
near Canmore.
Boston police beleive the Cudahy
kidnappers aredn the Atlantic en
route to Liverpool.
The chief of police at Bum.', Vt..
was badly wounded by a shot from
a gun fired by an anarchist.
Dreyfns, after a long silonc?, has
written a letter to the French premier, demanding an inquiry.
Two arrests have beeu made in
connection with the tragic drowning
of Patrick Kennedy at Chatham.
W. H. Smytho grand secretary of
tho Masonic order of Indiana, was
probably fatally wounded by a woman iu tin; Temple building, Indian-,
Mrs. Lulu C. Jenkins, of Chicago,
whose husband was lynched iu ItijH
ley   county,   Ind.,   hns   been   awarded
84,000   indemnity    by  the    United]
Stales courts.
The condition of Lord Bcrosford is
very grave.
Hands of Apaches are pillaging districts In Mexico.
The  Atlantic express    jumped     the
track at Bovurnbrldge, Ont.
Lord Arms! rung, invent or of t he
Armstrong gun,   is dead.
The United Slates wheat, crop of
L000 is estimated at over 522,000,-
UOU bushels.
C, P. R. trains oast on Friday und
west on Tuesday will be discontinued.
A fire destroyed five Immense sheds
with contents on East. India docks,
Turkish soldiers assaulted members
of the British embassy at ConstanU.
The czar is completely restored to
Unseasonable weather prevails in
A race war is on in Indiana at a
small place. Cement ville.
Thero is a rumor that Paderowski
lhe pianist, was killed in a duel.
The Japanese governmont dredge
sank outside Cork harbor, and i2
persons were drowned.
One thousand Chinese were killed
or wounded by tho French in an engagement.
Tho Prince of Wales and Emperor
William maj* be invited to tho America cup races.
Tlio government of Newfoundland
has decided to organize a lighting
force of 000 men.
Tbo Dominion government is issuing a new S-l note illustrative of the
canal system of Canada.
Half the business portion cf J-2fr.ii
Claire,  Mo., was destroyed  hy tire.
Thomas Hay was murdered on his
wedding night at Solway, Mino.
Tbe Dowager Lady Churchill, an
nllmato friend of tin* Queen, is dead.
Lord Curzon reports there wero
25.000 deaths in Mysore state, India,
ram bubonic plague.
Jacob Wer ten fatally shot his son
at Groat Falls, Mont. The latter
wns protecting his mother.
New Zealand bus decided to sond
additional men to South Africa to
vacancies in the ranks of tho colony's contingent.
A very serious lire visited Calgary,,
destroying three business blocks, and
contents. The lout is over $100,000
Senator Lougheed being the largest
Berlin's  population  is 2,460,676.
Aronson, the six day bicycle rider,
died in a New York hospital.
Tho three-year-old child of J, 0.
Mills, Jar vis, Ont., was burned to
The fiercest storms in years aro
damaging shipping in West Indian
Frank Luce, a trapper of the Dauphin district, was drowned in Cedar
There Is a groat mortality in St.
Petersburg, due to an epidemic of Influenza,
Tiie name of Col. Otter has beon
mentioned to command Kingston
military college.
The Frnsor river valley in British
Columbia hus beon flooded by ubroak
in the sea wall.
The   Hacr Invaders are Active
Skirmishing is Constantly
Going Ou.
A now range-lir.her has just boen
invented, which, It- Is said, Is a great.
Improvement an all range-finders now
in use. The. distance of any object.
can be obtained by a mere glance
through thu instrument, it being
shown on a little dlul the moment
the object Is focused.
The United States Senate has adjourned to January 8<
Matthew Bros, factory in Toronto
was badly damaged by firo.
German soldiers shot down ninety
Chinese soldiers and civilians.
The Omaha police have located the
house in which young Cudahy was
Five residents of Fort William hud
narrow escapes from death by asphyxiation.
Tho Queen is in good health, but
still mourns the loss of her favorite
A largo number of steamers were
wrecked and disabled ofT the English
coast in Thursday's gale
St. Petersburg, Dec. 28.���Tho holy
synod has ordered that ml ihe
churcheB in its jurisdiction tako up
collections to help build an orthodox
Russian church in New  York city,
Quebec, Doc, 2S.���It iH stated on
good authority hero that the provincial legislature will be called to meet
on Thursday, January 24.
London, Dec. 28.���Tho brother of
Andree, the missing aeronaut, says a
dispatch, despairing of his return
from the Arctic regions, has opened
bis will.
Washington, Dec. 28.���Details ore
not obtainable hero of the placing an
order by the sultan with the Cramps
for a ship, but it Is understood that
the statement to that effect from
Constantinople is correct. From tho
character and size of the ship ordered It Is believed -that tho contract
will Involve the payment by the Turkish government to the Cramps of
about $2,500,000, which should    bo
London, Dec. 28.���The following
dispatch has been received from Lord
Kitchener: "Pretoria, Dec. 20.-Knox
and Barker, Pitcher and White aro
engaged with De Wet's force, huliiuig
iv position In the neighborhood of
Louwkop. Do Wet holies lo break
through aud go south again. Tho
Boers' eastern column in Capo Colony
has been apparently headed off by
our troops ubout Reltport Spruit.
The Boers' western column is reported to have gone north in two portions, ono towards Prieska anil tne
Other through Stryduuburg. They are.
being followed up."
London, Hoc. 28.���The Evening
Standard today says it understands!
that lho squadron of Yeomanry
whicli was entrapped and captured
by the Boors, whom thoy were following from Britstown, was released after tho men hod been relieved of
their horses and oilier equipment.
Ten of the Yeomanry, the paper adds
wore wounded.
London, Dec. 28.���General Lord
Kitchener reports from Pretoria us
follows. "Yesterday liOO Doors attacked a small police forco near Bok-
burg. Tho police galluntly drovo
thom off boforo reinforcements from
Johannesburg arrived. The Boers
attacked Utrecht at 2 o'rlock this
morning and wore driven off.
"Tho eastern force of Boers in
Capo Colony was headed yesterday
and driven in the direction of Van-
"Tho  western  force  is still    being
driven  north  through  Strydenburg."-
Cape Town, Dec. 28.-A small party
of Boers    attacked    Burgorsdorp on
Dec. 21.      They  were repulsed aft'
heavy  lighting.      The Boors are   n
tive  and skirmishes  iu several places
have been reported.
Bloemfontein. Dec. 28.���There are
���enowod but unconfirmed rumors herty
that Gon. Do Wet, President Steyn
and Gen. Ilaasbroock have had a conference and decided to offer to surrender provided t ho colonial rebolsi
shall not be punii.hod and the leaders, including themselves, are not deported.
Bttrghersdorp, Cape Colony, Dec. 28
���Col. Grenfell continues in touch
with Kruitzlnger's command of ,700
men, who aro currying off the Fritish
prisoners. Kruitzinger hus abandonn
ed his maxims and carts. An attemnt
of the Oth Lancers to turn Kruitzlnger's Hank at Plaisterheuvel, Dec.
24, resulted in eight casualties
unong the Lancers, Including Lord
Frederick Blackwood, who was
Zeerust,   Deo.   28.���The Boors  captured two wagonu containing' luxuries  destined  for   the camp of
Winnipeg, Dec. 28.���This city welcomed the returned soldiers yesterday
in a manner sincerely enthusiastic.
Seldom has such a crowd boon seen
on the streets, and not since tlie return of tho boys in '85 has such enthusiasm boon evinced by the usually
undemonstrative citizens of Winnipeg.
When the men marched umuy at the
call of duty over a year ago, thoy
wero given a hearty send-off. They
carried away'with thom lho honor
of their country, and how they nobly
uphold it will ever form a bright
page iu Canadian history. Yesterday they returned with the consciousness of duty well clone, and tho welcome extended was but a slight expression of appreciation felt at thoir
good work on the blood stained battlefields of South Africa.
Khartoum, Doc. 27.���Lord Croitwr,
tho British diplomatic agent, reviewed tho Egyptian troops of the Soudan
under tho Sirdar, Major-Goneral Sir
Francis E. Wingate. He assured a
deputation for the groat Din&a tribe
which formerly suffered severely from
slave raids that the British and
Egyptian lings guaranteed them from
a recurrence of such raids and ensur-
>d rcspert for thoir ancient customs.
The chiefs departed expressing gratitude.
Sovortibridge. Dec, 28.���Tho Atlantic
express jumped tlie track at this
jdace this morning, and every car ou
the train was derailed and more or
hss damaged. Tho mail car turned
completely over and rolled into the
ditch. No serious injuries wera
colvod by any of tho passengers, ox-
ipt Parsons Paris, who sustained a
broken leg.
Fort Erie, Dec. 28.���C. R. Sharp,
aged 35, G. T. R. yardsman here,
wus killed yesterday. Ho belonged
lo Chicago.
Chicago, Doc. 27.���To shield lit)
i.iother from abuse and to save himself from a beating with a poker, Albert AlbertBon, aged 17, shot and
killed his father nt thoir home on
Wentworth avenue. Young Albert-
son was arrested.
New York, Doc. 27.���Two passenger trains on the Erie railway camo
into collision at 11:30 on Tuesday
night at the station at Franklin.
Two employees were seriously injured, and many passengers of the two
trains were injured also, but none
Toronto, Dec. 26.���W. J. Boddy
was arrested in the city today upon,
the receipt of a telegram from Brandon stating that the man was wanted thero for tho theft of 885, nnd
that an officer was on tho way frum
that town to bring him back
St. John's, Nfld., Dec. 27,���On the
last day of December tho Anglo-
French modus vlvcndt respecting tho
Newfoundland treaty expires.    Tt   Is
World's News In Cundeuicil 1'aiagraphg.
London, Dec. 28.���Jules Riviere, the
famous musical composer, is dead.
Queens town, Doc. 28.���The Japanese government dredge Sente foundered last evening off Cork harbor. 12
persons out of 17 on board -being
London, Dec. 28.���Three hundred
students have b-een arrested in SI.
Petersburg, according to a dispatch
from Tien Tsin, for propagating the
socialist doctrine.
Galveston, Dec. 28.���A* H. Pierce,
the richest cattle man in Texas, died
yesterday at Pierce statioh. He wus
many times a millionaire with widespread interests in Texas.
London, Dec. 28.���Lord Win. Geo,
Armstrong, inventor of tho Armstrong gun and a writer upon electrical ami scientific topics, died this
morning at his home at Craigside.
Sydney, N. S. W., Doc. 27.-Mr. Edmund Burton, who was tho leader of
the federal convention, hns accepted
tho Earl of Ilopetotm's offer lo form
the first cabinet of the confederation.
Uo anticipates no difficulty.
Ottawa, Dec. 28.���Tiie ministers of
lho crown have received a copy of a
resolution by tho Brit ish Columbia
Mining association at Nelson, B. C,
asking that a minister of mines bo
appointed for tho Dominion.
Sydney, N. S. W��� Dec. 27.-Mr. Ed-
Donald was drowned on Christmas
day while crossing Wushabackotl
rivor, near Beddeck. His sister Annie, seeing him in the water, rushed
to assist him, and was also drowned.
Kingston, Dec. 25.���In regard to
tho reported negotiations by tiie 0.
P. It. for the purchase of the Kingston and Pembroke railway, Folgor
Bros., who aro largely concerned in
the latter, suy there is nothing in
the report.
Montreal, Dec. 28.���Malone & Pou-
poro, who have the contract for tho
Montreal harbor improvements, have
it is understood, received the contract for tho wharf building and
dredging at Sored. The amount involved  is about ��250,000.
Sierra Leone, West Coast of Africa,
Dec. 28.���Tho president of Liberia,
Mr. W. D. Coleman, resigned Dec. 11,
owing to tho disapproval of tho legislature of his interior policy. Mr.
G. W. Gibson, the serrotnry of state,
was elected president by the legislature.
Port Townsend, Wash., !>������... 28 ���
Each tug boat arriving fniii Cape
Flattery brings fresh news of una me
disasters along the coast, und whin
full returns are in the damage liy recent gales will bo tho largest ii the
history of shipping nlong tho Pacific
Constantinople, Dec. 28.���Some
Turkish soldiers have grossly as-*
saulted und maltreated tho British
charge d'affaires, Mr. De Bunsen, and
other members of the British embassy. Sharp demands for redress
have been made to tho porte.
New York, Dec. 28.���The. trial
Cornelius Alvord, Jr., the iLfauU.ng
note toller nf tho First National
Bunk, which was sot down for yesterday in tho United States circuit
court, was postponed until the January term, which will begin Jan. 0,
to suit tlie office of Judge Thomas,
who is lo preside. lb
Bryan, Ohio, Dec. 28.���Wayne Cor-
woll, aged 45, and Charles Conati,
aged 21, left here last night for
Blakslee, where thoy wero to attend
a dance. In crossing lho Wabash
railway track near that place they
wero struck by a passenger train and
both instantly killed. Tho shock
caused the death of Mrs. Connn.
Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 28���The an-
nual banquet of lhe Jefferson club of
Lincoln, last night at tho Lincoln
hotel, brought together nearly 300,
representative men of the Democratic
and Populist parties. Wm. Jennings
Bryan made hfs first appearance at
a public gathering since tho election,
and the greeting accorded him was
never more hearty and spontaneous'
in his home city.
Fho?nix, Arizona, Doc. 28.���A message from Chihuuhua, capital of the
state of Chihuahua. Mexico, states
that tho Apaches aro on the warpath
inUhtit slato, and that the inhabitants of Granda havo organized to
meet the redskins. Tho Indians are
in tho mountains robbing isolated
ranches antl stealing cattle. It is
likely that they belong to a part of
the tribe which escaped from the
While River reservation several years
Philadelphia, Dec 28.���In pursuance of its plans to re-equip its roud
thu Philadelphia and Reading Railway company Iiun let contracts,
which in tho aggregate amount to
over $22,500,000. Two thousand
and thirty now carH havo boon ordered, a largo proportion of them of
the pressed steel class lhat havo lately como into use. Forty-five locomotives aru to bo built by the Baldwin
Locomotive works, 34 of them being
for freight traffic and ten for the passenger service.
Berlin, Dec. 25.���The flrst German
Bach music festival Is to be held in
Berlin, March 21. In connection
therewith there will be an exhibition
of manuscripts, pictures and instruments for which the Berlin town
council will lend the public rooms of
tho city hall.
Fort William, Dec. 25.���The family
of Mr. Daniel Campbell, five In number, living on May Blreet, wero all
overcome by coal gas on Sunday and
two of them are In a critical condition as the result of breathing the
deadly odor.
Winnipeg, Dec. 25,���Owing to the
recent smallpox epidemic in Ell ico
municipality no nominations for municipal officers were made for 1001;
ronBequently the retiring council will
appoint their successors.
ING   till! WHITES.
Ihey Capture a  -Saloon���Shots  Were
Exchanged and One Mnn
Was Wounded.
Jeffersonvillo, Ind., Doc. 27.���A-
race war is in progress at Cement-
ville, a small station on tho Panhandle road, five miles north of this
city, and serious trouble is expected.
Negroes are armed, and whites are
keeping within doors lo avoid them.
Tho outbreak began on Monday afternoon when Loo Ranger and John
Redmond, negroes, became intoxicated and started in to intimidate the
whiles. When their insults wore resented, other negroes joined Ranger
ami Redmond and captured Kendall's
saloon. Nearly twenty shots weru
fired, but no ono was hurt. An up-
pout by telephone was made io
Sheriff Have for help, and ho drovo
to Cleinontvillo and to some extent
quieted the negroes while there.
After his departure anothor outbreak took place and message after
message came to the local police to
send men to lho town.
Ranger was shot by Kendall, but
how badly is not known, us ho was
carried away and secreted by his
companions. Kendall's lifo was
threatened and about midnight he
managed to escape from his store
and came direct to this city, awakening Prosecutor Montgomery and
begged him to issue warrants and
havo deputy sheriffs sworn in to
serve them.
It was almost daylight whon the
community became quiet, the negroes
having everything their own way. So
far today no outbreak has takeu
place. Tho whites are intimidated
to such an extent that thoy aro taking overy precaution to prevent a collision.
But It Was Believed That
S Curse .Rested Upon It.
Scranton. Pa., Dec. 27.���The strike
of the. motormen and conductors of
the Scranton Railway company still
cut Unites. Only two of the strikars
have deserted, and these wen? r
ring one of two ears which hn t<
I any was operating on one of thi'r
lines inside of tho city. Otherwise
tho sendee was tied up clour through
from Preston lo Forest City, taking
in all the towns of tho populous
Laekawuna valley.
an ample margin for the settlement highly unlikely that the Newfound-
of any proper claim against the Tus- land legislature will consent to ro-
kish government. new tho present arrangements.
Baltimore, Dec. 25.���Tho American
Schooner Jennie wall, Capt. Lawson,
from Trinidad, Nov. IO, for Baltimore, which stranded eight miles
south of Cape Hqnry at 4 p. m. on
Sunday, Is a total loss. The captain
and two men were drowned, and Ave
men were rescued in a breech buoy,
Pueblo, Col., Doc. 27.-Maggiu Noel,
18 yours old, who lived with hor sister, Mrs. Charles Bealtie, in a lonely
spot about three miles west of the
city, was abducted Saturday afternoon, and it is feared was murdered,
On Saturday Mrs. Beattlo left Maggie in charge of a child, and upon
her return two hours later, her sister was gone.
London, Dec. 27.���That dilettante
class, lite artists, aro joining tne
ranks or organized labor. Headed by
A.ma Tadema a group of well known
artists, including Prinzp, Dickson,
SI one and Fields, are sending out
circulars to thoir brethren, urging
the formation of a professional union
on linos similar lo those of the Sh-li-
eiy of authors. They hope to <*et
7U0 members.
Great Falle, Mont., Dec, 27.-Jacob
Worton yesterday shot and fatally
wounded his son John. Werten hud
threatened his wife and treated her
badly, and the son interfered to protect his mother. Tho fnther drew a
revolver and fired a ball into tho
boy's neck. The son is paralyzed
and will die. ' Worton surrendered to
the authorities,
Colllngwood, Dec. 27.���William,
John Frame, police magistrate for
tho last eight years, died this morning. Deceased was suffering from
canct-r for many years, this being the
cause of death. Frame was born in
the city of Now York of Scotch par-
entugo in 1888 and has boen a resident of Colllngwood for HO years.
Ottawa, Dec. 27.���Lord Minto received today from President McKinley a gold watcli chain and charm
for Albert Cheney and gold life saving medals for Lloyd and Arthur
Cheney, sons of Albert Cheney, of
tho Three Islands, near Grand Manun,
N.B., who succeeded in rescuing tho
American schooner Velin, wrecked ut
Murr Ledges, on Oct. 17, 1900.
St. Joseph, Mo., Doc. 27.���Frank
Richardson, a wealthy business man
of this city and Savannah, Missouri,
was murdered at his homo in Savannah last night. A stranger followed
him from town and shot him iti the
back of tho head- Rirhardson was
tho brother of John D. Richardson.
tho general manager of the biscuit
El Paso, Texas, DOC. 27.���Mexican
troops In Honora. Mexico, wore recently attacked from ambush by a
band of Yaqui Indians, nntl four officers, and about thirty men Were
killed outright. Col. Fruncls Poin-
ado, ouo of tho most popular officers in the army, was among lho
Kumassi, Dec. 24.���The loyal chiefs
have captured -the Ashanti queen,
mother and the rebel king, Kakafu,
and hope soon to capture tho remaining rebel chiefs.
London, Dec. 24.���Dr. E. 0. Thompson has been elected without opposition to tho house of cammous fi om
the North Division of Monaghan In
succession to tho late Mr. Daniel
Berlin, Doc. 24.���Stornberg, the
millionaire banker who has been on
trial for a long time past, was found
guilty today of ttnnameablo immoralities and -was sentenced to two and
a half years' imprisonment and loss
of citizenship for' five years.
Vancouver, Dec, 24.���The tramp
steamer Royalist arrived in port on
Friday, 88 days from Japan and 10
days overdue. Several days out sho
encountered a terrible gale which
broke her steering gear, and In which
a sailor was washed overboard.
Some men at, brave In great dangers and cowaids in littlo ones.
One day In 1877 a carpenter stopped
at Panama on his way borne from
California, where be bad earned a fair
measure of success In tbe goldffelds.
In sucb places men are not dlserinil
natlng as regards the acquaintances
they make, nnd he fell In with a couple
of rough looking sailors wbo had deserted from a whaler that put Into port
for provisions.
One evening, upon learning tlmt he
wns u ml tier mid therefore fumillat
witb metals, they showed him a strong
bag filled with some hard substance,
which thoy nsked him to examine and
pronounce judgment upon.
He examined the contents, which be
found to be gold of the finest quality,
whereupon, after first Imposing nn
oath of strict secrecy, they told him
that shortly before arriving at Pnnn-
ma their ship had touched nt an Isltfnd
to take lu wntur, Thu casks were
rafted ashore uud quickly filled, tho
ship meanwhile standing off and on.
While waiting for tbe ship to stand
In these two sailors strolled along tbe
beach for nbout two tulles until they
came to a place where a ravine or
wnter course came down from a high
mountain, passed under a natural
stone arch and emptied Into the sea.
Here they noticed that the Band of tbe
bench wns llUi.il witb n number or
shining particles resembling gold and
that tbe crevices or seams of the
water course also seemed full of It
Not sure whether It was gold, they
gathered a small package und retraced
their stops to the bunt, saying nothing,
however, to their companions of the
Being assured by the carpenter thut
they had discovered genuine gold, tbo
sailors proposed that the throe of thein
should fit out a small vessel and return to the Island. The plan wnt
agreed to nt once. A vessel was pur
chased, aud sh or eight more men
wero Induced to Join the expedition.
There wore so few men nvilllnbli
thnt they hnd to take suoh as thoy
could got, and thoy got as precious e
lot of rascals as ever went unhanged
Thore wero two big negroes, two vll
biinous looking Spaniards who could
not be trusted out of sight, a bunch
backed, snaky looking follow who. It
was afterward leitryed. was an escnp
ed convict from the penaj colony In
French Uulunn and a surly, scarred
old follow who hud boon warned out ui
California by a vigilance committee.
Ho was feared by every member of
tbe crow, and even before the const
lines had sunk below tho horizon lu
bnd tot out littlo suggestions that fill
ed the carpenter with premonitions
that he wns goltis to umko sorlous
trouble. Surly and morose, ho slouch
ed about tho dock without tt word te
anybody. The other members of tin
crow were Indifferent
The vessel wtis fitted out. ostensibly
for coasting purposes, with mining
tools, provisions fur two or throe
months aud a couple of barrels of rum
A man ami woman wore taken nlunj!
as cook uud stewardess. Toward even
Ing of the second day out thoy sighted
tbo Island.
It was s lonesome, cheerless looking
spot, with a rough, Irregular beach,
nlong which the surf was tumbling In
loug curls of creamy foam, and u little
further in upon tho rocks wei*e groups
of slimy, blnck creatures which gave
voice to the desolation with their
hoarse barking. There wus a sporadic
growth of palms un the islnnd which
dwindled nway Into a scraggy growth
of underbrush upon the slopes of two
mountains whicli rose sy in metrically
from tho two extremities.
A small cove, bordered by u sandy
bench, offered a safe anchorage, and
Into this tlie vessel wns cautiously
steered, and the crew was set to work
at once at landing the stores.
That night there wns a grand carousal aboard the vessel in celebration of
the successful termination of tbe voyage, during whicli rum flowed freely
nud quarrels were frequent. Tbe car
politer and one of the sailors, however,
held aloof from these orgies, remaining
on deck, prepared to leave (he vessel
should matters come to n crisis. Matters did come to a crisis with a crash
when one or the Spaniards dragged the
poor, frightened stewardess Into tbe
cabin nml Insisted thnt she sliould sing
a Spanish song for the company.
The big ruffian with u livid scar, who
claimed to be an American, declared
thut she should slug nothing Imt "Ynu
keo Doodle." The Spaniard attempted
to force matters by drawing a knife
al. Out of the cabin and up on the
deck tbey tumbled, shooting and cutting and cursing tn a manner that wan
frightful to hear. Half of tbem would
bave been killed or wounded hnd It not
been for an accident that drew their
attention from the fighting to a danger
that threatened tbem all In common.
In tbe scuffle In the cabin a large lamp
wos overturned, nnd before any one attempted to put ont tbe flames the
whole cabin was In a blace. Without
trying to save the vessel tbey rushed
to the single boat remaining, leaving
one man dead In tbe companionway
and another severely wounded on d^pk.
Thus all the stores and tools were
burned, together with the poor wounded wretch on deck.
The next morning a party set out to
explore tbe Island and soon fouud a
simple mluded old German on tbe opposite Bide who lived all by himself���
a sort of Robinson Crusoe life-tilled a
little soil nnd kept a couple of fishing
boats. Tbat night Some of the more
desperate spirits of tbe pnrty proposed
that they should stenl one of tbe old
Gorman's bouts, soil to tbe mainland
seize n small vessel nnd bring It back
to tbe Islnnd with more provisions and
Tho carpenter and the sailor wbo had
Joined bim tbe night before tried to
dissuade tbem from putting tbe plan
Into execution, but thoy persisted and
sailed away tbe next day.
In about two weeks tbe sailboat
bove In sight, and wben she was beach-
ed an emaciated, wounded wretch
crawled out, tbe sole survivor of the
crew that bad sailed away so confidently two w-eeks before.
Before be died be told how tbe rascals had succeeded In reaching the
coast safely aud with little difficulty
had found a small vessel suited to
their purpose.
They tried to get away witb It In tbe
night, but the owner discovered them
and attempted to Interfere, with tho
result that be paid for his vigilance
with a knife slash which settled him In
a minute. But the pirates did not get 'i
far away before they were overiinuledj
taken back to port, and every om
tbem was banged, except the telle:
tbe tale, who bnd escaped, but
been mortally wounded In doing so. J
The carpenter and the sailor
pected dally nbout tlie ravine and I
beach; but, bavins nothing except tbl
knives with which to work, they ma]
little progress.   Still thoy picked
of tbe crevices a considerable umouj
of gold.
One dny tbey borrowed a hnt*|
from the old German and penol
tbe ravine which ran up the side of c
of the mountains.    Some distance ���
tbe slope they cleared tbe tmdorhru^
and found the ledge to bo composed i
soft  rotten  stone  Impregnated   wil
gold In large quantities.    In fact, tl
entire mountain seemed to bo streak^
with the precious metal. ^^^
As tbey worked, however, their lives"***"
were In constant danger, for the mountain side seemed to be alive with pnl-^
sonous reptiles, scorpions, tnrttntulns
In fact, owing to those pests, thoy \\e
fain to give up all attempts to poll
trate farther and contented Iheinselvl
with working nhtiHt  tho runt of tl
mountain.   Thoy remained on irhls i
land nearly two months before the
were taken off by  a  pausing voki-j
wblcb stopped to (111 hor water ejisks
Shortly nfter their return to the l��t|
mus tbe sailor was taken down wil
isthmus fever and <Aed.   Tho curp
ter tben took the gold and. keo
secret, Bet sail for his home, wheij
bought a bote). He Intended some'
to return to the Islnnd, but one wil
day bo fell on the Ice, receiving i
Jury that resulted In paralysis, mn
year later be nlso tiled.   But before
did so he told tu a friend wbo I
nursed bim nit the details of his strnn
adventures  In   the  southern   Pi
drew a plan of tbe island, described I
location nnd topography and gave such1
an accurate description that any enc (
familiar with the coast could have no
difficulty In verifying the statement.
Tbe carpenter's friend did nut survive bim long, but before be died he
likewise related the carpenter's story
to a captain who was familiar with tho
waters of the sunt hern Paeitic. And
now another expedition hns beeu fitted
out for the mysterious Isle of gold.
But wiseacres shook their heads, nnd
already a belief has grown among tbe
timid tbat a curse Is associated with
tbe Isle and the treasure and that
death and doom inevitably follow the
pursuit of tbe secret���Chicago Times-
The Wily Celeitlal.
"Why does a Cblonman purchase bla
| burial casket and make all th? prellmi*
| nary arrangements for bis own funcr-
i al?" asked tbe man wbo thirsts for In*
I formation,
|    "Because/1 answered the mun with
diplomatic experience,  "those people.
but tbe American anticipated lilm witb
\am*\mmi\\mtn*'  bt'8��"  ,0 ""I know better than to tru.t one,
InVSnl th��Might become gener*   ��" ��"**���.������� �����_���*���**�� m_\
���ir*f."-W����blngts.u Star.
Is Measured by the Cures He Makes���Eaet
Remedy Specific for Certain Diseases
A Remarkable Cure of Bright's Disease.
In this practical age a physician's
ability Is measured by the actual
cures he makes. Judged by this high
standard, Dr. Chase stands pre-eminent as u giant among physicians.
Tuke kidney and liver derangements,
for example. Dr. L'hase, by- moans
of his Kidney-Liver pills, has brought;
about somo of thu most surprising
cures over affected. This 1b duo to
the direct and specific action of this
great homo treatment on tho liver
and kidneys. Here is the experience
of a highly respected resident of Consecon, Ont. ;���
Mr. James Dellihunt, Consecon,
Prince Edward County, Ont., writes:
"For several years I suffered great
tortures of mind and body from
Urlght's disease of tho kidneys. Tho
pains were sometimes almost beyond
endurance -and extended from my
head and between tho shoulders down
tho whole spinal column and seemed
to concentrate across, my kidneys.
My back wus never entirely free from
pain. When I got up in Uie morning
I could not straighten myself at all,
but Would go bent nearly double
moat all day.  Uy water was scanty
and nt other times    profuse, and It
gave me great pain to urinate,
''I could do no work, and, though
I tried many kinds of kidney pills*
could get no relief. As a last resort
I was induced- by a friend to give Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills a trial. Z
folt a change after the first dose. J
used in ull about five boxes, and
thoy havo entirely cured me, I have
uo pains now and can do as good a
day's work as I ever could. It Is ti
pleasure for me to recommend Dr,
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, as thoy
have dono so much for me,')
Mr. J. J. Ward, J.P., Consecon, cer*
titles that ho Imi known Mr. Dellihunt for years us a truthful man and
respected citizen, and vouches for
truth of (he above statement.
You cannot possibly obtain a moro
beneficial treatment for the kidneyg
and liver than Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills. It/has stood the teat of
timo and has proven beyond dispute
its right to the title of "the world'a
greatest kidney medicine." One pill
a dose, 2-ii cents a box, lit all dealers, or EdmatiBon,'Dates it Co., To*
* -v
G-OL-DEisr Era.
Cowboy* Not Tree to Tradition* of
tho "Woolly West,"
Northern Montana Is bewailing the
decadence of the cov.*boy���justly, It
would seem, If there be truth In the
report that two border outlaws chused
a dozen members of the Diamond It
round up outfit fur -0 miles In terror
stricken search for refuge to tbe town
of Culbertson. Think of it! Twelve
doughty knights of the plain, blue of
lip and wild uf eye, spurring tbeir
burses to Incontinent filght over sagebrush and bunch grass aud ever and
niion turning thoir wan faces backward over shivering shoulders for a
look nt their relentless pursuers! Picture In your mind's eye the scudding
cf a down Jack rabbits cluse pressed
by a pair of ravenous tvolveal Oh, tbe
horror of iti
The report from Culbcrtsnu says the
cowboys were unarmed, excepting one
ur two guns In tlio whole outfit It Is
B hard allegation, nml public judgment
fdmitld be suspended ponding the re*
eelpt of further particulars, if it be
proved true* ah, well, we of Montana
must blush Cor the shame uf It! The
tnull-Huuu ur tho gun uro dear tu the
western heart. It has barked defiance
to law and ardor. It has been the chief
property of the cowboy cotnj'dy of
"shooting up the towu," nnd It hns furnished ragtime music for many a ton-
derfout tu dance by. lias the westward course of empire relegated the
"shooting iron" to the scrap plleV Una
It gone lhe wny of the bsowu buffalo
nud the preserved Indian'/ Will It no
lunger dangle In menace from tbe belt
of the bold vaqtHToV It wuuld seem
bu, fur the report has It thnt tbe Diamond It outfit wns unarmed.
All the world will Join In tbe northern Montana wall. The Iconoclast Time
has shattered the Idol of tbe "wild and
woolly west." Tho long locks of the
cowboy have been shorn: his goatee Is
preserved only ns a memory of the
aging face of "Buffalo Bill" Cody; bis
buckskin habiliments hnve given way
to overalls and Jumpers, and his bravery Is bound between the yellow covers
of a nickel novel.
Twelve cowboys chased by two bandits! Tbey will not believe it In tbe
east, where the popular Idea of the
cowboy is still somewhat awesome and
picturesque. Here In Montana, swallowing our pride, we will henceforth
look upon him as a herifer of cattle und
bntttder of calves���our enlf boy*
Ladies of Canada :
The hollow square, a purely British military tactic, was never broken but once. Why ? Because Tommy
Atkins from Canada and Tommy Atkins from all other British possessions stand solidly together. Tho
lesson is, that In u commercial way
also, the eolonios should stand firmly together ; and tho ladies of Canada���the purchasing power���can do
much toward accomplishing that end.
Ceylon and India produce tho finest
teas. Dy using tho teas grown in
sister colonies, ladies act patriotically. Theso tous appeal to you from
sentiment, from purity, from economy���in every way they aro superior
to Japan or Chinas. Drinkers of
(Jreon Tea should try Monsoon, Sal-
ada or Blue Ribbon packets,
The man who will not trust his
feelings Is not doing a credit business.
A young doctor's profession is usually bettor than his practice.
In the game of life many a trick is
taken with tho trump of fame.
Do nothing when angry nnd    you
will hnvo the less to undo.
I was oured of Aoute  Bronchltla fcy
Bay of Islands.        J. M. Campbell.
I was oured of  Facial Neuralgia by
Sprlnghill. N.S. Wm. Daniels.
I wu oared of Ohronio Rheumatism
Albert Oo., N.B.      George Tingley.
Wlij  He Cotililn't.
Ono of the I wins wiih In the habit of
ImtUir/iiiK tlie other, tuul the latter coin-
plained with sileli frequency thnt thoir
father finally said In him:
"Why do ynu oniiie to me? Why dou't
you dn lo hlei Just ffbat ho does to you?
If lie hits you, why, lilt buck."
Bul the next dny there was tbe same
"lie hit mo with a tuck hummer," walled the hoy.
"Well, why didn't yun hit lilin hack?"
detiuiuiled Ihe fullier-*
"I couldn't llud another hammer."���
rhhn��ip pnrt,
Ii Rheumatism ofthe back.
Tho cause Is Uric Acid
In the blood. If the kidneys did their work there
would bo no Uric Acid and
no Lumbago, Make the
kidneys do their work. The
sure* positive and only
cure for Lumbago Is
��� ���****���   -^.-fc <-fci**fcs^l*fcl*^S-!K-^.-*.^* ���*.��*���-*fc ���*-����� ��fc Ifcfcfc-������ ���
ay****i*'9'9 ***iw**t*7 9 *t SSWWfS lml9r*tWWm
Alloway & Chip
BROKERS. . . .
Stook. ud bonda bought, ssold and
ssarried on margin.   Llated
mining atooka carried
Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg
Money lent at lowest rates.
Stocks aud bonds bought and sol-1.
Ruilway aud other farm lands in
Manitoba and N. W. T. for sale,
Maps and folders teat on application.
Gait coal from Lethbridge.
Prices quoted to all railway points.
Reported   by Alloway  & Chamklon,
862 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Montreal     .
Ontario   ....
Commercial  Cable
Montreal Tel	
Rich.   &  Onl.
City Pas. Hy
Montreal (Jaa
Toronto Illy
Duluth  Prof.
-Sellers. Buyers.
.... 260     250
. ..        124
War Eagle   110
Payne      85
C   N. W. Land, pfd     51
C. P. R��� London     9291
Money���Time        0
Money���On  call          5
Quoted   by   Alloway   &   Champion,
362 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Relchmnrks  $0.32%
Austrian GnUen 89%
Holland Guilder*  80
Francs  89
Russian Roubles  50%
Wheat���No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���Lake of the Woods Five
Hoses, $2.10; Patent, $1.95; Mcdora,
$1.60; XXXX, $1.35; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian, $2.10; Glenora
Patent, $1.95; Manitoba, $1.60, and
Imperial XXXX ��1.20 per sack of
98 pouuds.
Mill Feed���Bran' $18 per ton, bagged; shorts, $15 per ton.
Ground Fwd���Oat chop, $25 per
ton; barley chop, $19; mixed barley
and oals, $23; corn chop, $20.
Oats���33 to 3&c por bushel.
Barley���84 to 36c per bushel.
Corn���13 to 44c per bushel.
Flax���$1.40 to $1.45 per burial.
Hay���Fresh buled is quoted at $7
to $7.50 per ton on track hero, uud
looso buy Is worth about the same
Oatmeal���$1.60 per sack of 80
Butter���Creamery���20c por pound.
Butter���Dairy���Strictly fresh made
15 to 16 in packages, and fresh rolls
Cheese���91-3 to lOVfcc per pound.
Eggs���18c per dozen.
Vegetables���Potatoes, farmers' loads
40c per bushel; parsley, 30c; carrots
and beets, 35c pur bushel; turnips 20c
per bushel; cabbage 30 to 60c per
dozen; celery, 20c per dozen.
Dressed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4 to 4Vic; city dressed, 5c to 6c;
stags and rough beef, 4c to *>/<$.;
veal, 5c lo 7c; mutton, 8y&c; lamb,
10c; hogs, 6 to Ot/^c.
Poultry���Dressed chickens 7 to 8c
per tb; ducks 9 to Vie; gecsu, 9c to
10c; turkeys, 11  to i,2o
Hides���6c for frozen Hides, Oat
rate, 5 lbs tare. Kips same price as
hides.' Deakln skins, 25 to 85c each.
Sheepskins, 45c for fresh killed.
Wool���8 to *\\'$* per pound for unwashed llooco and 12V2c for washed.
Tallow���Ic per pound.
Seneca Root���33 to 85c.
Horses lo their wild state live to tho
ngo of 80 normally, beiug still fairly
fresh and hearty ut that age lo the desert.
It bas been proved by instantaneous
photography that u horse at full trot
sometimes has Its four feot off tbe ground
ut unce.
The arctic whale never migrates to
the southward, at mart species of w hides
do, because or lis Inability to live in the
heated waters of the southern seas.
Like the huiilto, the klugOKhor's colors
dull nfter death. N.i nlie who has neon
only tbe stuffed bird can form auy Idea
uf tbe brilliance of iu plumage when
Uuts are fine swimmers. Tbey irtr
nearly as much ut (initio In n swollen
utrenm as they are In the placid cellar ot
a well Mocked uiiinxion. In fact, ibe
whole rodent family, luelililtug mice,
Kiplirn-lH nml 01 till i-peeii-K, learn to make
Ihoiusolis)'* at Imitie iu the water when
necessity reipihi'ii it.
The pr-nminonl Dewey arch promises
io cntitI ue to lu- soon in lhe dim distance
���if viitdsbiiitf pei-Hpcetlve;.-Huston (J lobe.
The New York dcnitind for the prompt
removal of the Dewey arch bus now
reached the Job ty|��o singe.���Uustun Her
The $1,009,000 fund for a permanent
Dewey arch iu Now York has nol been
ini Ked. and In the uionutltuo the tempore*
ry arch Is bCctunllig dilapidated und an
eyesore, hi projecting this arch the Oo*
(handles evidently hit 00 more thnn tbey
-could chew.
New York's new schools, built In the
form of an II, aro models for light and
With tbo cicepllon of tbe Vunderbilt
"rersity nt Nashville. It Is said that
while schools In the south have not
veil 930,000 In gifts In 20 years.
.-ofeuior Gegenbnur, who has done
���e for the Darwinian theory of pvolil
than any other (ionium exceptim
 I'SHor Haeckel. has resigned Ids pie
feiKoiship  of  comparative  nuatuuiy   ut
"""   ilclbei-g, wlm-e ho has taught siuoe
Ue Is Tb tears uid.
mil ver
' ro fes
A Budget of Important News Condensed
Loudon, lX'c. 20.���John Baptislo
Joseph Dormer, twelfth baron of Dormer, is dead io the 75th year of his
London, Dec. 26.���A dispatch from!
Aberdeen says that live Shetland fishing boats havo been missing since tho
storm that raged last week, and it is
feared that 27 fishermen have been
di owned.
Winnipeg, Dec. 20.���It is understood lhat Messrs. Mackenzie & Munn
cohtempluto erecting a grain elevator
at Port Arthur, with a capacity of
ono million bushels.
Minnedosa, Man., Doc. 2��.���Frank
McDonald, druggist, died suddenly
yesterday morning. The cause wus
apoplexy, lie wus a partner of Dr.
Ruche and highly popular. Ho leaves
a widow and an infant son.
London, Dec. 20.���Lord Win, Ber-
esford is ill from peril inii is. This
morning his condition is reported us
slightly improved, but the Christinas
festivities ut Ueopdanoi his Heat at
Dorking, havo been abandoned.
Winnipeg, Der. 25.���It is expected
that the western soldiers will arrive
in Winnipeg on Thursday, so that
day will bo observed as a public holiday, and tho reception arranged by
Hie citizens wilt then lake place.
Los Angeles, Dec. 20.���Johnny
Nelson, of Boston, beat Hurdle
Downing, of Sun Jose, in a live mile
motor-paced bicycle race on lho Velodrome indoor track. He made iho
distance in 8.01 2-5, boating tho
world's record.
London, Dec. 2G.-Dense fogs on lho
coast are great ly interfering w i I h
navigation and several wrecks have
occurred. Tho British steamer Brunswick grounded in tho Bristol channel,
keeled over and sank. Seven of her
crew were drowned.
South Berwick, Mox., Dec. 26.���H.
II Knight was arrested toduy at his
home al South Berwick Junction,
charged with the murder lust Muy of
Mrs. Francos Spragne, at South Berwick. Tho murder was ono of the
most horrible in the history of York
Montreal, Dec. 20.���The management of the Bank of Montreal hu;
made an application to tlv Montreal
Amateur Athletic ossocUSol for the
admission to membership of that old
established athletic association of 77
members of Iho bank's staff. This will
cost the bank about 5780.
St. Paul, Dec. 26.���On Sunday
Thomas Hay and tiara Bagley were
married at Bomidji, Minn., and went
to their home at Bolwoy. That night.
Uuy wus found on a side street with
a knife wound in his skull, aud died
a few hours later. A innu named
.lenson hns been arrested.
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 26.���Edward V. Higglns, who resides in
Cold waler Canyon has confessed that
on December 4 ho murdered his mother and William Shohun, a sheep herder, wilh un axe. A body has beon
found In a grave on the hillside,
where lliggins snys he buried his
London, Dec. 20.���The Dowager
Lady Churchill, senior lady of the
bedchamber, and an intimate friend
of tho Queen, was found dead In her
bedroom at Osborne this morning.
On retiring last night she complained of a cold, but us no alarming
symptoms manifested themselves her
indisposition was not thought to be
of a serious nature.
Calgary, Dec. 2(i.���The most disastrous fire In the history of Calgary
raged yesterday und Wrought damage
variously estimated, but it will not
be below SI 00,000. Several of the
finest business structures fell a prey
tii the devouring flames, notably the
Clarence, the Euu Claire and the new
Norman blocks.
Halifax, Doc. 25.���Tho offices and
plant of tho Chronicle were badly
damaged by fire yesterday. Loss,
about 810,000. The Chronicle Is tho
loading Liberal paper of Nova Scotia
and had recently installed new type
wiling machines and presses. The
paper is managed by Mr. W. E. Mc-
Lollan, formerly of the editorial
staff of lho Manitoba Free Press.
Toronto, Dec. 26.���A fire occurred
yesterday morning at 4 o'clock in
the butcher's shop of Robert Lithco,
ou Euclid avenue, and whon discovered the lower part of the house was
lu flames. Escape was impossible.
Lithco lowered his wife from an upper story window, and in doing so
sho fell, Injuring her splno and breaking nn arm; her condition Is doubtful. Ha then lowered his young son
safely, whilo his little girl climbed
along the ledge and escaped herself.
Thero remained a son. 22 years of
ago, J. Lithco, whom liis father hud
awakened nnd seen preparing to
leave. llo supposed him safe, but
on firemen entering tho house they
found his body. Ho hud boon overcome by the smoke and perished in
Iho flames.
Whisky Is tho key to nn unsteady
Nearly all the shops in Manila are kept
by Chinese merchants.
The 21 o'clock system is tu he Introduced throughout Spain on Jan. 1.
About 80,000,000 persons left Europe
during the century just closing to seek
to better their fortmies in other lands.
The ordinary beer glass Is regulated
hy law In Bavaria and must hold exactly
half a liter, or nearly nine-tenths of u
The payment of from $75 to $100 a day
for rooms, exclusive of inealfl. In New
York hotels Is by uo means uncommon.
There ure people living lu one who pay
$100 o day for their rooms the year
China still hns the uid fashioned system of private letter Ott trying. If a Chi-
naniuu wishes n lnjter delivered, he goes
tu lhe proprietor of a letter shop nnd pny*
two-thirds of the oust, leaving the otlier
third to be paid by the recipient of tbe
The smallest revolver ever mnde Is tht
property of Stephen M. Van Allen of Ja
melon. It Is only an Inch lung, but Is
perfeot lu every detail, and the bullei*
will penetrate a halt tuch pine hoard,
though tbey are only abuut the slxe of
tbe bead of an ordinary pla.
Pupils ne m Factor In Spreading kn-
f eel lows Dieeuiiea.
The reassert iou ot the theory of school
luflucuce as au active factor In tho
spread of infectious disease which has
lately beeu made makes it desirable to
Inquire under what circumstauees "closure" should be employed. All seems to
depend upon whether the assembly of the
children in the school In question Is the
main cause by which the disease is being
disseminated. Id a country district, for
example, with a sparsely scattered population, where childreu rarely meet except
Iu school, closiug the schools at the commencement uf an epidemic may effectually check its course, each infected center
working out Its owu salvation independently, and the one link between the different parts uf the district being for the
time broken.
Again, it may be discovered that iu
consequence of defective drains or other
Insanitary arrangements the school Is
itself actually u eau.se of disease, or at
least that Its condition furors the spread
of infection uuioug those who attend Its
classes, and in such n case the school
should certainly be closed while tbe uec-
essary repairs nud reconstructions are being carried out.
But apart from these two circumstances it must very rarely hnppeu th.it
it is justifiable (u close a school aud thus
break Into the educntlomil progress of
the scholars merely because a large number of them happen to be attacked by an
epidemic, for when nu epidemic bus obtained complete hold in a populous district the school is hut one of a dozen
ways in which Infection Ih being spread,
snd It may be far better tu keep the
school open nnd thus insure the continuance of that regularity ami orderliness of
life which attendance al school involves
than by closure to throw all the children
to play together In the streets or to huddle together in their homes.
It must always be remembered that the
part played by schools In spreading infection Is proportionately greater in the
country than in towns, since in the country it is practically in the schools alnuo
that children from different liunies coum
In contact with each other, while In
towns the schools are only one out of
many centers from which infection may
Ask for Hinart's aad Me do otlier.
Generoae Treatment.
"Charley, dear," said young Mrs. Tor-
kins, "politicians nro real unseliish people, aren't theyV"
"They don't enjoy any such reputation."
"Tben tbey are misunderstood. 1
never saw anything like the way one
side gets up and warns the other that
It Is making a mistake In its candidate
aud Its platform Instead of lotting lt
rush on to disaster and defeat. It Is
positively noble."- Washington Star.
Keep mubd'S lummt u tu Horn.
No lioud.
Mr. l-'reeboru Jack sou- Whud yob
gwine nnme 'Im. I.auroliaV
Mrs. Jackson-A ny ting yob Inlkes-
nityllng 'cept Alius. Ise noticed buys
>' that name ne villi comes to uo good.
They's tt litis iu tbe police eo't���Brook-
yn Life.
Humid to Keen In tbe Swim.
"Mrs I'Vthei'iugiiy Jibbs came to my
-eceptluti without an invitation"
"Yuu don't nieun Itr
"Yes; mIio explained tn me that she
folt sure my nmlsslun of her was an
iveVslghf-liHlmmtpolls .lotirnul. ,
A Purvenn.
"Yes, be wears good clo'eB now eg
smokes line cigars, but 1 knew him
wben he wuz glad ter share my bread
���n 'lasses "���New York World.
MDUID'S LDiiMENT LUttrmi'S mill.
She WUhed to Know,
"I'm dead on m Joe Bpitlina!" exclaimed the high school girl's brother.
"How did you become family super-
imposed upon Joseph Spitting?" nsked
the high school girl.���Pittsburg Chronicle
Wlinl n Fright She Mast Be.
Miss Withers-! believe Arthur ie
afraid to propose to me.
Belle-Uf course he Is, nail there are
thousands or othen just like lilm,-
Smart Set.
OA&D1 LH1HE1T tl Uid bT PkTIlClUL
One Rood wuy tn derive an inrouie
from literature Is to sell books.
The head should be educated to
think, the heart to feel and the body
o act.
More misery and crime result from
Idleness than from all other anises
Familiar Coane.
Miu St agger-Your proposal la bo uu
expected that I hardly kuow what to
any. You must give me time to think �����(
Mr. Spooucr-Certnlnly, Miss Stngget
that's the wny I've-er-always beeu ae
customed to do lu eases of this klud
Harlem Life.
Knurs aad Minolta.
Miss Clubb-Ycs, we had   a   meet in
but we didn't accomplish anything.
Mini Chubb���Why, you were iu session
nearly tbree limns!
Miss Clubb-J know, but It took nl!
that time to read and approve the min
utes of the last meeting.���Philadelphia
An Diperl.
"Blowhsrd Is always boasting of bis
driving abilities."
"It comes natural to him. He hns
been handling tbe ribbons behind the
counter at Ounnmokei,v for sli years
or more." 	
A Philosopher.
"Do ynu want a tiiree button or four
button cutaway contV"
"Well, I'll tell you.  My wife's a cuu
n!stent clubwoman, and If yon make this
coat a but tunics* cutaway to start with it
will Bave a good deal of future bother."-
Cleveland Plalu Dvulvr.
The Bxptrlencc of Mr. Wil Hum Smith, of
H*wkenltury. Who SultVr. d   fur M11117
Yean from Kidney Trouble.
From the Post, Huwkesbury,  Ont.
Everybody in Huwkesbury knows
Mr. William Smith. He conic here
when the town wus yet in its .
days, as one of the lumber con
staff of mechanivs. In I8S1
Smith was appointed town 1
stable, and tilled thai position 1:
very recently, As is well knov n
many of Mr. Smith's friends, he lias
suffered much from kidney trouble
for quite a number of years past, nid
at times the pain in his buck was so
-great that he mas almost physically
incapable of exertion. He doctored a
great deal, sometimes getting temporary relief, but the cause of ihe
trouble was nol removed, and soon
the pains, accompanied alternately
by chilis and fever, returned. At lust
lie como to look upon his condition
as one which nn medicine could permanently cure. Indeed his condition
might still have been one of much
suffering hud not Mrs. Smith ultimately prevailed upon Iht husband io
give lir. Williams' Pink Pills a trial.
"It seemed," said Mr. Smith to a reporter of the PoBt, "that il was a
useless experiment, und yot I wus
willing to do almost anything that
would bring relief. 1 bud nol used
the pills long before thero wus undoubted relief, more In fact than I
bad obtained from any other medicine. I continued their use uml soon
ull symptoms of iho troublo thut l.nd
made my life one of much misery for
many years was gone. 1 feel that I
an, cured, and hnve no hesitation in
saying thnt tho cure is duo r?o itr.
Williams' Pink Pills, nnd I never lose
nn opportunity of recommending tha
pills to neighbors who may lw ailing."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure b.v going lo tho rool of ibe disease. Th-iy
renew un'd build up tlio blood, and
strengthen lhe nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. If your
denier does not keep thein, they will
he sent postpaid at 50 cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.60 b.v addressing
tho Ur. Wllllnlns Medicine Co,, Drock-
vllle, Ont.
Her Chnllense.
A womnn lu Onpe Colony on trial for
some offense was iold that she might
"challenge" uny one on the jury to
whom she objected She Immediately
took advantage of the permission by
challenging a highly respectable farmer. On being asked nf tot* ward what
hor reason had been for doing so she
explained thai she hnd supposed she
was obliged to object tu some one, so
Ihe had picked out the ugliest.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in ono remedy, for all ilia
to which flesh is heir���tho very nature uf
many curatives being such that were the
germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in the system of tho patient*���
what would relieve one ill lu turn would ag*
Sravate the oth?r. We have, however, iu
luinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy fur many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems arc led into convalescence aod strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state uf morbid despondency and lack of intore -t in life is n disease.
und, by tranquilizlng tho nerves, disposes to
Bound and refreshing sleep���imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening ihe hca thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance���re.
suit, improved appetite, Northrop &, Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public their
superior Quinine W ine at the usual rate, and,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.  All druggists sell It.
Lost la Self Admiration,
It happened in nti "I/' enr. lie wn-
tall, handsome 11 ml Just ,-j little tou wel
dressed and was rending a pmnplilci
on which stood out 111 letters Inrgi
enough to be plainly legible tu thu op
poslte ruw of passenger* the title
"Correct Dress." Tliey nil noticed bim.
ftr he wns really beautiful.
There was nu doubt as to what hi
was reading. The passengers followed
It almost Hue by line and know just
whnt part uf the essay ho had reached
It began when his eyes loft the book
uml glanced dubiously at his cloth top
ped patent leathers. He shook his
bond slightly as ho saw that the upper
was of a trifle too pronounced a pat
tern. Next he took III his trousers, nnd
n bland smile of satisfaction wreathed
bis face. There was a slight frown
when he compared his waistcoat with
the haberdasher's manual, but his coat
ami hnt were evidently irreproachable.
The end of the inventory and of the
spectators' self cnntrul enmo when the
beautiful one began to admire In the
bnck of his wntch case his neckwear,
his shirt and the faultless curves of his
collar. A titter frotn the two girls lit
the corner, and the whole bonchful
exploded. The model uf pulchritude
looked up, shut his book with a snap
blushed furlflusly and left the cur iu
tbe next station.
Ss ver colds are easily OUWd by the t-r
of Blckle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, a nud.
Ionic of extraordinary (nnotrating and lading ptopcitli's, it is acknowledged by tin*,
who have used it us being the best modiolus
told for ooughs, colds, inflammation of tho
lungs, and all affections of the throat and
ch St,   lt*iigruiblclies*s In 111.-tui-t ��� inill.e-ll
a favorite with ladies and children.
An Amntriir Sutnnt Pooled,
The stories tire common enough ef
fire engines being turned out tu quench
au aurora, uml. on the otlier lin ml, ��
bas not seldom happened Unit a very
mundane coullngrathui has passed
muster fur n "celestial display."
In the memoirs pf linron Stock in ni
���n amusing anecdote is related uf one
Herr vun Undo wits-,, wbo wns given tn
making the most of easily picked up
Information. A Mend of the baron's
went to nn evening party near I'nink
fort, where lie expected to meet Herr
von Rndowltz. On his way hc saw a
bam burning, stopped his ciliTltlgc. "���*
sistod the people nml waited till tin-
flames wore uenrl.v extinguished. When
he arrived nt his Mend's house, lie
found Ilorr vou Kuduwltx, who Imd
previously Ink en the party tu the lop of
the bulldill'8 to see nn ntirura. dllnlltlU
on loiTestrlnl magnetism, electricity
ete. llmbiwltz asked Stuektnur's friend
"Ilnvc yuu seeu the beautiful aiiroiit
lie replied; ������Certainly. I was liter*
myself It will soon be over." An os
pbiiHitluii fulhiwoi) as tu the barn ot
fire ItiidnwiU was. sitelll smile let
luluutca. then he louk up his hat um1
[ quietly disappeared.- Knowledge.
Tvto    CunveritDtlonti    Orerhenrd    hy
Vour Dbnr Uid tittle Bli,
'As hu reached home and Blood before bis wife there was a louk on his
1'acu she hud never seen before, lie
seemed to bo a foot taller and u tou
heavier, and his general air was that
ut* a until who bad a million dollars In
tliu bank.
"Jo���Joel, what Is It? What has happened?" exclaimed the wife lu toues
Of four and auxlety.
"I've struck It at last," he replied as
ho swelled with importance.
"Found a gus well?"
"A gold mine?"
"Any oue died and left you a fortune*--"
"Noap. It's simthln a heap better.
I've taken fust prizo at ihe county fulr
fur the best bushel of carrots giowed
iu ull tills countyl"
"Waal, Jim, 1 heard you wus over to
Charlotte, and I thought I'd stop and
Inquire bow things went."
"Who yuu cjiIIIu Jim?"
"Why, you, of course."
"Then, sir, I'd have you know tbat
my mime Is James Jobuson Jones."
"Uut we've bill iiiiyburs and friends
fur the last 15 years, aud I've alius
called you Jltn."
"Yes, 1 know, but things are different now.   Buutbtn's happened."
"Good Kurd, but what kin it be?"
"Yuu know that red calf of mine���
tbo one you said wns a whoosber?
Waal. I entered him nt tbe county fair,
and be took the blue ribbon."
"Jim Johnson, you don't mean It!"
"It's a cold fuel."
"Then, b.v gum, if you'll run fur
president uf the United States, I'll
vole fur you all day long:"
M. Quad.
$100 REWARD. $100.
The renders of bin paper will Ua \,\ nsml io
learn that there is at It-ust i ae dreaded ill-tinse
thnt soIsnCS bus 1-ei-u ith o to cure iu -ill it-
Btagea, and that i-cutmrh. Hall'- Untarrti I'ure
Is uii* only jiis-sit.v*-*' cure known to tht- medical
frntiTitity, Cnarrli lieing it constitutional nl-
���ease, requires a eonittitutilonal iroitra nt,
Hall'fl i 'atairhCureh taken ini. in;itH . ai tine
dirui-ily U|inn tl,n Mo id and mucous surfaces of
Uir nyntrni. llicn.tiy destroying die foundation
of the dt'ease, and giving the , atlent strength
liy I uil'ling up tin- ron��iiiiiiloii nud ass sting
nature In doing hs woik. The proprietors have
mmuohfnlthuiitscuratlve powers that thoy
offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that fl
falhi'-<-iir--.   H-i-d l<ii li-i of K-ttiniuiilaie.
Ad-lrus,     P. J.LHKNEY & Uo., Toledo,0
Sold hy Diuggtsts, 7fiC.
Halls Family Pllli are tho best.
A small stlngless bee is found In
some parts of Mexico. Thoir honey
is slightly tart, und is more esteemed than the sweet honey of other
No family living in u bilious country
should be without Parmelee's Vegetable
pills. A few do.-es taken now and th.-n will
kicpthc liver active, cleanse thu pluiunch
from all bilious matter and prevent ague,
Mr. J. L. Prloe, Shoals, Martin Oo., Ind.,
wntoj: "I have tried ii box of Parineleo'e
PillBond iind them the best medicine fur
Fever and Ague 1 have ever used."
The Ittmaliini.
An Rngllshinnn in Unssln snys that
"we muy dislike Knssiu ns we will and
perhaps must, hut there Is no denying
that the men nnd women of Itussla nre
gond lookers." The men nre "tall and
well hull) "   The "women, especially
those ul (he tlppol classes, hnve tl graft
und fnsi-liuitli'ti tbnt Is nil their own'
The writer mills: "I nm tired ol bear
lug Rnglish people sny that this ts nil
-how and that II I know litem bettor I
should be greatly tllsnppoltitetl He
hind good looks nnd re lined manners i
nave funnel the depth and sincerity oi
the Scotch com I dn ed with the wit am
liuuioi of tin- Irish "
If money    talks it  is
paying teller.
We can only by illustration nnd n word or two of
description in our catalogue,
let out-of-town buyers know
about our magnificent selection of rings.
Ail the ecmsarc represented.
All lhe good styles shown.
" Ryrle " Rings appeal to
those who ad mice ring
beauty, and the large number we sell enables us to
cany a stitch that allows a
splendid choice.
Ryrle Bros.,
Vonge and Adelaide Stt.,
You feel better after
rubbing against soot, grease, paint,
etc.twhenyouhaveat hand a cake of
Thi Mister Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
Thors: is nothing: like it for removing heavy dirt fsons hands or Inc.,
and tho tar, one of its principal ingredients, hcssls any sores or cuts.
Dealers in good soap .ell it.
Wa mint Tol/rt tott Co., s��/ra��� Kontrenl.
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lungs���al
caused by a cold and cough
Weak lungs sooner or late:
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen tht
lungs, cure cold and stop tht
Mr. Johnson, Manager C. Diiniels A Cn,
KiiiK St. Store, Toronto, says: ''We mII lot-
v( Sliiltih and we recommend it, it"), I had I
ii-vert- attack of Pneumonia which hit ni.
with sore lungs and a Imi ci*ui;h. Shiloh coin.
pletely cured me.    Shiloh is ail right, wi.
Hhlloh'i Coimumptlon Oure li aold by nil
drug-gUti In Cmu-til* itnd I'liUi-il Sl��t��a nl
J*8c, SOo, ���! 00 �� b��t.\*. In Ureal BrlUIn
ut la. Sd., Sa. Sil., Hnd 4s. Hit. A printed
Euarnntee sona with every bottle. If ymgSLz.
���re not HKtU(i��nt go to your drugglet nud '
get yenr money bnck. t h
Write for Illustrated bonk on (Consumption.   Scnth*.
without cost to you.   S. 0. Weill it Ol, Toronto,
nud w
. une    four-g I
uf  nu     huh     in   i lii.-km-s.sd
hi* ntuno engraved in silver
���  lhe    latest    fud iu (Jer-    .
A woman haa just  boen appointed^'.
grave digger at Orowland Abbey, in
Lincolnshire, England. Then; ti only
nm* other woman grave digger In tho
country, ,
Mr. J. W. Wilder, J. P., Lefurgevillc, N.Y..^
writer:   "I nm subject to eevtre nt tucks of     _
Colic and Kidney Difficulty, und find Far-l'i
meleo'H Pillt! afford me great relief, while all;,,
o'her remedies huve failed.    They are the ,'
be.-t medicine I have ever used."   In fact 80'.';
(treat ia (he power of this medicine to cleanse,
aud purify, that diBcaeen of almost every *.
name and nature are driven from the body, ji
It  Is recalled of the late    Michael ������
Miillinll that his forecnsL of the Unit- *
cd  Sltilcs    census    was 7G,i!0R,000.
which wns within 06,000 of the ac-
luui couut,
THE IIOHSK-noblest of the bruteCJ
creation���when suffering Irom a out, >i
abrasion, or sore derives as muoh benefit
as its master in a like predicament, from s;
the healing, soothing action of DU. >!',
uesB, swelling of the neok, BtlffneSs of tho '��
joints, throat and lunps, are fallend by ,*���,
a lot    of skins    iu the -q
A recent scientific   test demonstrate
���d tho fact thut a conl may be drawn B
nil  inlo 5,700 feet of wire.
St. Patrick was voted into (hecal-
���nilur of saints in the English prayer
inok recently hy  the convocation o( g
I no averagi
- for atiytl
Ing lu*
1ms no earthly|
iin't   | ki I   in his
Bra$$ Band
Inttrnmenta, Drttnia, Unlforma, Ete.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine -catalogue
,*.0 Illustrations mailed free. Write a" tor any*
thing in Music or Musical Itutrumenta,
Whaley Eoyce & Oo.( *^fiffi��;flt.
(Tnd* Mark Register-Mi November 21,1890 )
Dr. Banolie agree* to lake Instruments back
at half prloe It parties n-ln* them are not ben-
salted after using for five weeks,
F. Free, Wlnniptg, says: 1 hnve uned "Oxyd-
ioor" for tiro weeks for Hr-u'-hltia and Catarrh of the Head, and 1 f��il ike a new man.
Mrs. F. L. Cook, Winning, flnya: 1 had uot*
fered untold ag'<nlcs irom Bright s DIuaae, and '
it relieved me of Pain, and li biz weeks I wu <
Mr. W. O. KUwortbv, Winnipeg, sayi: I have
raffe ed for its) years with arilrular iheumatismi
wit- in hospital for 6 weeks, and used almoat
every reim-dy, Including mesmerism galvanism, electrio (pelt, etc    1 have used Oxydonor
todays and reoelved more benefit tban from
g.says:   Ihaveoe
beneficially   with my family whenever i
 ifae '" " --*' " --
I have need li
lays am
ny thing else.
Mrs. Gngner. Winnipeg, says:
inefleially   with my family w    	
aad it has oured me of severe Indigestion and la
Sub-dealers wmited in every district. Addrees
Wm T. Olhbins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
Bend for Booklet! of grateful reports.
Muiiufttsnturril by TIKIS. LEE, Winnipeg,
I, lhe undersigned, representing Job. *
Ullnuniii, wish lo inform those hand- ,
linn 1'urs that I am in the market. I
pay full market prices ut the time I
reculve shipment, and make prompt
returns. Price lists are misleading
on a changing market. Ship iuo
your furs often, nnd keep posted    by
the returns you got from
OfHco, Om J. Y. Orlffln ft Co., 147
linnnulyne St. East.
I>. O, llox UIU. WINNIPEG, Man.
' *'t*r*w m*********
\Vo k-eop u large ntock ���
always on hand of Ttfi,
l 1'llINTKHN'MATKltIAI.ana
~ Piiintehh' Mac-iiidbuy;
wo can Ht out Daily or
Weekly Papers or Job
Outfits on few hours' notice. We also supply
Rbady-Phints, Stehko-Pi-atkh, and Papii
and Cabd Stock.
170 Owen Street, Winnipeg,
iPncwoll manufacturers of ,
BlMtjlI the MeOulloch '
Rticinit and Hockey Skates, have removed ���
from 1210 McDcrmottSt. to 18(1 Lombard St., .
opp, Mclntyre Mk., Winnipeg.
Wewmit th-services of n number of per-
pour find fiiiiiilic** to do knitting for us at
hunti-, whole or Hr-arc time. We furnish Automatic Knitting Mm-hlnes fr-ee to shareholders, supply yam free umi pay for work
us sent hi. i/isfinci- no hindrance. Tou
can easily earn g od wa.rs. Write us nt
once, l t>i>. A.. The People'** Knitting Syu-
dlciitc, Limited, Toronto, ('an,
Catholic Prayer tt.'SrS.'1?.
nlssi-a, IteliglouBPictures. Statuary, .ndCtinroh D
Ornaisicus., Hdncalional Worki. .Ili>i*der.i-B- at
wive prompt .HesiSlon. D,lI,8allllI|[C0���I*HlI(ll
= 1
W. N. U. 305.
~y^l\mTl^ VL^^^4'4* *n~,���ov*\7oZem'11 >l"lr
���  nuu  a stall  of
-^m-nm dsilKirrrBrgoltl Tor the ������enr w��*. 1,845"l'>a7���Tui-r,~"*T "���ra���r���*'"''"'"""�� ,na"����'' |I*'I<S Wfvawi   will -sccomw-tsy  ,l,S,���   ���
BnPpliC3tr,,,���,h.l���ra.7M,,,r..,|s,,,���c,,. with an ��..i,Ad **-*J*J*Zi-?.'."" '" mV-""'i Bri,iah Cul"'"W�� IP ����.    Mr. g>MMm   v^TliZr, U'"" V'U* '"' '"'
��� ��,��m<m npVimrttlB-ttiimWRTir, ami "val
It--'-, can lia ,.v ..li.p.i.l  n. :.!_*.
tlsSU**.- " ^""!Sl' B���B��t)'1?i Oil*l-v��, tot
"Viiry in ri-cotit ncuoi,*.,
t u r pni ncu  c d a
irlC bULucN  fcllA
family Herald &
Weekly Star
will ba Bant to any of our
Subscribers for ono year
2.50 <��< $2.50
to those ordering tho two paper3.
The Hernltf has for Subscribers
ihia Benson two Premium
Pioturofi that aro, wo believe,
toln8 to prove thu Rreates'
sui'Scrlption winneiti wo hav*
ever offerod	
Ehe ono Is the famous EoEf-
Christ in the Templs"
pun'l tho secouJ entitled
"Home from the War"
u ploits'us: incident of the late
South African Campaign.
EtciV.it Orders and Subscriptions to
Uoltleu Era Millet',
(.oli'cn, B.C
Bin future clinnffos lit advertisements must Le
idelivcred .-tt tlio Er�� Offico not later ttian
lWedneMl.'iy Ineachweok. Aa tho paper nnw
Ibe g'-'i out on time, it Is absolutely impos'-jibta
Iflur 11s to do thai nnd mnke cltan^os in staml-
lin^ advertlaeiuenls received later than Vv'ed-
PERSON'S having claims agAinst the Cor-
fiainty Oold and Milling Company, Limited,
lare reqnoflted lo send in the same to me
l&U-S Luj-iuenr.
j'ho Britinh Columbia Southern Railway
liipntiy will apply to the Parliament of
uriflii at Its iiOJtt Bosaiou for an Act uxtPtid*
.: the timo within which It may construct
H nit ways and authorizing it lo constniel
l-li Branches from any of its lines nut
. i-L'iliogin any one ease thirty miles hi
iglb, as aro from time to time authorised
tlte Governor in Council, uud for oihor
|P��� A. Desormeau,
.   .   .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
fiuuth   -.1.11. Kk-Msstr florae It I ver.
By, MoCarter So Pinkham,
Bai-rlatera, ssolli-ltora. Ae. ,
ilcOAHTEBj        J. A. HARVEY,
:.���.:,���. II.C. Fort Steele. U.C
AltJxnnddf Block (lo^.eis C. ('.
PtUj.ll Bros. & Co.
IVfaolcaale A Retail
Cattle, Sheep and lloraa Dealers*.
|Jas Brady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining' Ensiiicer,
M. Aiii'si. In��t. M.E.
I Agfinl ior  obtaining Crown Grantis, rioin,!
annual a..o��aiuollt svork, otc.    Adiircsa:
A. F, *  A.   M.
A      Mountain Lossjjo, No.'tl. A. V. ti
I *..'-*''W   A.  M.  iti'-riil.ir Cuniinunls-ailoi
T.nl Moti'iay iu ovo-y  moiitli
Ivjourtilng hretliren cordially in
J, 0, PITfft.W.M.
C. H. PARSON, Secretary.
I,   0.   0.   I-'.
Rocky Mountain l.M/io go, Si mei��tn itt
j prtdiollown tlt.ll, Holden, every Wodneailny
I ax B p.m.   Ro] turning brethren welcomo.
0. PEARCE, N.U. .1 T. WOOD, See.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Have tho QuiottCftt and
Host Equipped Train
Crossing tho Continent,
TO UK Is r
St. Paul,
Toronto and Montreal
Wftdnfladay ami Sunday.
For fnll pficticularft apply to nearest
0. P. B. Atfeut,
Or to
A-O.P.A, ,?,.P)'
���Vancoiivor, Winnipeg.
Po3t 0IBV.0   swings banks are now
glabltshed at Peiver and Oolden.
The branch  cf tlie Canadian Bant;
of Commerce nt   Fort Steele is to bo
A moat successful Christmas entertainment took place at th<> Winder-
mere puMIc b��:hool on Mou lay wan-
iim. G. A. St. G Stnythe presiding.
The prournmina co* B'st^d of recitations by D,ii-y Tegart, Olive Cdmeron,
\VjllIe Harrison, M. Mor*ijeau, Greta
Pitts, V Kingston, S Grainier, Rbsy
Morrijeau, D. Cameron K II ison,
Pearl Tegart, W. T.iyuton, CHrtirl-
son, Louise .Morrijeau nml I. Uvard
Morrijeau, altto three (linlognes. Mrs
H. A, Kingston and Miss Hurt weru
tho moving spirits in die tiff uir, A<
ihs dance Prof, W HarrUon'supplied
tho music, H. A. Power was M.O., ttud
refresh men ts were generously su; plii-d
by Mr. nnd Mrs. Stoddart,
Two of the men who ablucted
young Cudahy havo heen arrested.
Ignatius Donnely died at Minneapolis,
The Columbia Blver Lnmbor Company aro effecting tjrtat Improvements
ot tha Beaver mill, under the supervising foreman, Mr. McCnlluiu. A
new building, sixty feut Fqmtre, and
of most substantial limbers, witli two
floors, has he n erected for the accommodation of the planing machines,
which will dins be reinovoij from the
main building. Separate motive power
for the planers ti also being put into
the new building mid the foundations
for the boiler are now being sunk. The
Boa ver mill is now one of tho U;-t
equipped mills in the Provineo.
J. Bitllmati makes a tirst cla-*s mill
ing recorder, and we are Informed that
this Government offlce at Windermere
is conduced in an  ad in'ruble maniier.
The contract for the construction of
(he telegraph line from Golden to
Willilermere has been ler to Kelly &
Walker, of Vancouver, the contract
price being $ 1.500.
It will be good news to our Winder
nirro readers to learn that Hun, W. C
Wells, Chief Co nmisslonei of Lands
and Works, proposes to have a sum
placed on the estimates at the coming
Session for a wagon roud to be built
up Horse Thief Creek n.'xt season, su
as to open out that rich mining section.
Tbe genial countenance of Al. McDonald, better known as ''Lilt le Mac,"
was seen in town this week, in thu
interests of the Kootenay Cigar Co.,
after quite a lengthy absence, "Mac.'"
however, found that he was not for
Constable Cameron, cf Windermere
and surrounding dlatrict, passed
through here recently ou his way to
New Wostmtnstpr with .VtuiUoui't laud,
the woll known prospeclur, who has
gono insauo
The contract ( r the long bridge
across tho Thonp.s it River ,ti Kamloops has beeu lot In Hon, W. C
Wei's, Chief Commissioner I<-mils and
Works, to W. Bain, of New Westminster. The contraot price is S-U.lOU.
This is another example of 1I1- Sjdi-n
did work being done by Mr. WuIIh.
The British Colombia Legislature
will meet on or abuut Feb. 21) h.
Hon. W. 0. Wells, Chief Commis.
sioner of Lttuds and Works, parsed
through Golden ou Monday un his way
to Victoria, where he had been urgentl,
called. Mr. Wells will return in a ila,-,
or two wllli Premier Dunstnuir air
tho Hon. D M. Eberts, vyboareoti
their way east to Ottawa to urge
attention lo import.ml mutters affecting tho Province Mr. Wells intuuds
putting in a day or two in Uolden
bnfore returning tu tho count, wiih a
viow to ascertaining the wants 6f hi-
constituency, so that he may know
what provision to make ou tlie-esil-
Ou Saturday a deal was consuni
mated bv which Thos. O'Brien, the
rising young barrister nil l solicitor, uf
Goldeu, purcli ised tho GotrJtON Kit a,
tlie sale being effected through II ��wimi
J. Duncan, of Vancouver, solicitor fur
the assignee of tlm estate of Huwttl
Bostock. Wo wish Mr O'Brien sue
cess with his journalistic venture, iu
which hc intends to effect considerable
Impiovtmeut. Mr, O'Brien will tuk<-
tliifj paper iu hand personally next
week. He has appointed A. F. Smith
manager of the business.
Notico is given in our advertising
columns lhat all accounts which re
luaimtd unsettled ou Dec. USJth be paid
toT. O'Brien.
T. Hrtivey, tho section foreman at
Beaver, ts laid up nt the Gulden Hos
pithl wiih an Internal affection, Hi*,
place at Beaver is at present taken h>
J. Wilson, of Calamity Curve.
A cold snap set in this week on Mou
day morning, the thermometer regis
tering Mb degrees below zero at lhe
There is au item from the Ashcroft
Juumul that will Interest oh! residents
of Donald: "Mr S Chirk, eldest son
of Mr. Ttictnas Clark, C.P.R. station
agent at Lytton, and Miss Edwards,
of Toronto, O.it . were united in mat
rimtny at the Lyttou chapel on Wednesday, 19th inst. The nuptial knot
was tied   by   the  Rsv.   Archdeawu
The bride wiis supported hy
T' li and Ruby Chirk, am1 tlte
groom by OeorgeClark. The wedding
was a vory quiet one, none hut the
lantllv of tho groo n being present.
They loft for Settle after remaining
here for a few days, where they will
Oi Saturday afternoon tbe tiro on
gine was got out for a test run, ami
un ler Engineer Houston steam wns
going nml waier thrown within 9 min,
and 48 sich Tlie engine has bwri
thoroughly repaired nnd overhauled by
Mr Houston. Chief Fire Inspector
U 0"*-. a�� representing the Fire Engine
A---' ct-wion, stipervlshd tlie test.
J, 0 Phaneiif Ims opened a bakery
immediately north of tho Court House,
a id is prepared to snpplj the public
with nothing hut the Ico uf bread and
cakes nnd pastry of all kinds, which
will Ir delivered io any part of the
town on shortis' notice.
Thanks to the (.[forts oi the energetic
secreiury. S G. Robbins, arrangements
have boon made with the C P. li.
whereby the Oolden hospital trustees
take eh rgeofthe medical attendance
of the C.P.R. stuff operating betw��en
Laggan and Roger's Pass. In order
to effectually attend to this matter ii
is intended to procure the services of
an assistant surgeon in addition to Dr
Taylor] aud also an assistant nurse.
J. E. Griffith, jud^e of the Court of
Revision and Appeal, hold a sitting of
tho Assessment Court at Golden on
Fridav last. Tho only otijootor was
the Thunder Hill Mining Company.
Mr. Griffith reduced their valuation
from Sll.UU0to*10,000.
ded with legal assistance when neces-
Bury, ami that the Government make
appropriation of at least $5,000 per annum to earry this out."    ,.
Tn.it the Government be petitioned
that iu order to provide funds to meet
this expend!Hire, they enact that a
license to carry a gun, bs imposed on
all person* carrying guns, and tbat tlie
fee pays bie for suoh license be not less
rban $:' fir all persons; and, further,
that Seciion 12 of-he Game Act be ro-
'That the Government be petitioned
to step I he sale or purchase ot ihe hides
o.r moose, carrlboe, etk or deer."
'Tliat the G Wirnmeiitbo petitioned
to prohibit the sale of game, as defin-M
in i he schedule oTlhe Game Act, within
thn Province, except during the month
of December. That tho Government
b*1 peiiiiniied to mu\.a further provision
for the destruction of coyotes. That
the close season for deer cast, of the
Cascades, la; changed to commence ou
Fanuary Is', instead of Decern hei Kith.
It was moved by Mr. Chaldocott,
nud seconded by Mr. Httlbert, that iho
Governmeut be petitioned to enact laws
le.i.tug wiih tlshing iu Inland waters.
It was also resolved that a Provincial
Game Association bo formed, with
headquarters in Victoria,
Mrs. Harvey, of Peaver, was in
Golden ou Moml-y, visiting her husband, who is ill in the hospital.
Mrs and Mr, Row, who have been
visiting their daughter.- Mrs Morrison, of Beaver, fur some time returned to their home in Portage la
Prairie ou Christinas day.
Mr. Morris of Rogers Pass, spent
Chrisimits with friends iu Beaver.
.Jim  Scott  left fur the Old Country
i Mo .day, tu.tny friends going to thu
station to see him off mid givo him
their best wishes fur a t-ufuvoyagH.
Miss Houston went to Field on Tues
lay fi��r a few days.
J, E. Griffith-, Gold Commissioner,
travelled with Hon. W. C. Wells, M.
P.P., as fur as Cedar Creek, on Monday.
T. O'Brien left for Calgary on Sun
day to nssist Senator Loug heed in
straightening out his uffairs after the
J, E. Griffith's new home is ono of
the mutt comfortably finished uudcosy
bomes iu Golden.
J. M, J. Vesey, of Cariboo, paid a
(Ling visit to Golden uu New years
R. Randolph Bruce, M.E. intends
leaving short]) on a trip to Scotland.
riiumns Mai tin was united in mur
riage to Miss LmtieB Lai ah on the
24th inst at the OiRjuuf E. J, Soovil.
S. M. Registrar at Peterboro,
Miss Mac Donald,  the o*cr popular
school  teacher, Is spending the holi
days at Golden.   T:.e school children
re anxiously awaiting  her   return-
also several others.
It ii understood that the hustling
townsite ms linger, Mr. Kirk, will
fairly make things hum on his return
frotn Rossland, Mr. Kirk's smiling
coutrenaueo is missed, especially hy
the fair sex.
Heithen Patton, the well known contractor, is busily engaged getting tho
court house iu shape.
The surruuuding villages appeal
ver> quiet iu comparison with ihe up
to Hate town of Peterborough
B. F.llioit, MD., of Peerborough
has heen appointed a euro er for tin
0:i Mr. Kuk's return from Rossland
the saw mill will be operated night
snd day In order to keep up with th
rush for lumhrr. Several winter ramps
nre now established, getting our lugs
Tor the mill,
Thero is a rumor afloat that Mr.
Kirk will employ over a hundred men
during the winter,
A. Bugntm struck water at a 50-ft.
level iu Geo. Starke's well,
Several prominent mining men who
attended the Peterborough Xinns trrr,
state that it was, without po^ihleRx
ception, the most successful affair pf
its kind ever held iu the Kootenay
cdttntry to their knowledge,
At a meeting of sportsmen at
Victprlti Golden waa represented by
Mr Chaldecott.
It was r<-solved: ' That Ihia meeting is of opinion that the Government
he petitioned to appoint game-wardens
to enforce tlie g��me laws, and would
siitgest thai one Prn-inc'al or heid
game-warden lie appolutpd. capab.'s of
prf's-ciiting cases, aud who sh. II have
the power to appoint special wardens,
and shall be puid a good salary, and
allowed travelling expenses, rd{1 prevf-
Grand Christmas Treo.
Ou Christmas eve our Beaver-friends
gave a concert- and Christmas tree iu
Beaver Hall, which will be long remembered by the -resident!, and visitors, who wer-i heartily welcomed, and
everybody nnjojod themselves immensely. Neil McCaili.m presided and
gave a nice opening address, the following being the programme:
Duct by Misses Hazel A. aud Hlldred
C. McCallum; "Hark, the Bells
are Ringing Gay."
Recitation bv Austin Purdy.
Chorus by the school; "Chilstmas
is Coining."
Becitatiou bv Neil McCallum; "Governor General's Ctiair."
Duet  b.v  Hazel A.  and Hildred C.
McCallilin,' '-Jack Front.'1
Recitation by Oscur Purdy,
Duet hy Miss Mabel Mcl'allum and
Harry McCallum; "While there's a
Kan of ihe Old British Flag."
Reultntlou by Miai* Davis; "The
Lips that Touch Liquor,"
Duet by Misses Mary and Sadie
McCallum; "One Night in June."
Dialogue by Hazel and Harry McCallum; "Adams Express."'
Scoch ballad by D. Campbell.
Becitatiou by Mary Cayn. .
Daet hy Mfti'ol a ni H. McCallum;
March of the Caiumni Men.*'
Chorus hy the sciiool;"J ingle Bells."
Duet bv Hazel and Hildred McCallum; "Grasshopper Green."
Duel by Misses Mary und Sadie Mc-
C.illnm; "I'm Glad IMet^ou, Mary"
Mr. Row, of Portage la Piairie,
addressed the meeting. He expressed
his surprise and pleasure at seeing
such a huge turnout. Ue also said he
did not think there was a town along
the | nine that could get up such an
entertainment and hnve such an enjoy-
able timo. Mr. Morris, of Roger's
Pass, was present at tho Christmas
tree and made a hittdatory speech.
Mr. C Mart(u, of Beaver, acted as
Santa Clans nod filled tbe position
with the greatest credit and waa
assisted b> M<s8 S. McCallum and J.
A vole of thanks was tendered the
voting gentlemen of Beaver for the
active p. rt they took in the Christmas
tree and also the artistic taste tbey
showed iu decorating the hall.
A vole of thanks was ulso tendered
Mr. Purdy, who gave several eelec-
tiotiH on lilt photograph, after whbh
the assembly settled down >p refresh-
mcrts, ubii-h were served bv the
ladjeg of Beaver, wbich everybody
The programme wat concluded with
dancing. Great praise il due to the
teacher. Miss Davies, for tho training
of the children,
The lust hours of the old century
and the tint of iho new were spent by
a nice gathering Eu'the church; the
people enjoying themselves with a very
pleasant programme Neil McCallum
presided aud the following programme
was gone through: Opening by the
audience, "A Fow Moio Years Shall
RuII}" duet by Hilda arid Hazel Mc
Galium; recitation liy Oscar- Purdy;
solo hy Mr. Thornton. "My Riiich
Luu.\;" comic recitation, Sadie M-cCal-
liiiu, ������Fannie Butler and "the Owl;"
duel by Messrs. CosfoVl antfThornton;
solo liy D Campbell; recitation by
Mildred McCallum; solo by May and
Stdio McCallum; comic dialogue by
May and Sadie McCallum, "Selling
Oraimes;'1 bv tho audience, "Hark,
the Bells areRingiug."
Refiv-liinents were served and the
rest of the evening was spent in play
ing games. The party broke up by
ringing "God i�� with you till we meet
A Flattering Opinion.
(Neluou Miner.)
Mr. J* A. Kirk, ol Peterborough. B.
C, arrived in Nelson today und will
ap-nid a day or two here. Mr, Kirk
Is au enthusiastic East Kootenay mau
and sees every prospect of a bright
future fur the Windermere district.
Speaking of the country, he said to a
Miner reporter:
"The town of "Peterborough is Merit-
���d on the Ctdmnbia River in the Windermere mining division of East Kootenay in a position tbat commands the
tradu of the great mineral belt in that
part of the S-.dk irk Range tin watered
by Toby, Horse Thief and No. 2creeks,
as well as of the agricultural and
ranching country lying in the fertile
valley of the upper Columbia. The
dividing line between the well known
Trout Lake country and the Winder-
m-Mc division is the summit of lho
Si'lkhks from GO to 100 miles south of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, Its
groat altitude and the absence of uu-
derbrnsh make prospecting coinpara
lively easy, so that al'hough it has
boen prospected by hut few, the large
area described Is now, known to be
thickly seamed with metalliferous
oins that iu continuity! site and
values entitle it to rank second to no
other in Southern British Columbia.
iu ita promise of profitable results
from development,
Sieamer connection from Golden
during summer and a stage line in
winter form the present means of access with the outside. A wagon road
up Toby Creek was built last summer.
As a result of the construction of
this road lam able to give important
information illustrating the valuable
nature of the mineral deposits of the
district. Djvelupiucnt of t he Paradise
mineral claim, owned by Mr. Hammond, uf Osier & Hammond. Toronto,
aud R. Randolph Bruce, of Peterborough, began last June. Iu October
there was sufficient ore in sight to
warrant them lotting a contract uf
hauling SOO tons uf ore to thu river at
Peterborough, to be taken io the
smeller when navigation opens. This
cent taut has been enlarged to 1,1*10
tons. Briefly within eight months
from the commencement uf development on virgin soil, 1,000 tons of ore
will bo on the way to the smelter,
being transported over a first class
wagon road for 12 miles wher*. four
mouths ago there wae only a rough
mountain trail. lam assured by Mr.
Bruce that the transportation rate is
the same as for similar Slocan ore,
plus $2.60, One of tho tunnels of ibis
mine is in five feet of clear ore, and one
shift mines, aacHs and sews 60 sacks
of ore. The smeliui" return" i ���*�� ftO
ounces of silver, f>0 per cent lead.
Total value C72.nO There are. many
properties of promise too numerous to
mention iu nu iotoiview. "Amongthe
public iusii utionfiof Peterborough a'O
a hospital, school, jail aud court house.
The latter lieing a recent recognition
of its growing importance by tba
Provincial Government, while the
Church of England, Roman Catholic
and Presbyterian denominations frequently hold services, Tiio Citizens'
Association of Peterborough proposes
changing Its name to ParadUe as a
name identify iug the locality by rc.��Sun
of the prominence attaching to the
Paradise mine,"
���^?Kbf;dHlAPE^.*v'��� :
Is full of Busimss���in fact, we have a little more
than wo can handle just now.   Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the \.
Bargains now offering,
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .    .    .   .   .
Wo are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or 1-aavo town.
ON HAND.' This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 00 Days. We are now in the firing line and da
not intend to lot anyone undersell ua
Look at these SNAPS   .....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best select-ad stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only-
article to work miracles with at Our Store,
G. Be mcDEH^OT,
Oolden.      .G.
Church Services.
S.-i-vices ever,,- SuuslHy hi 11 a in. and
7:30 |i.m, Celt-brat ion of Hol>* Communion list asisl 3i-d Sisndai/. ol tlsss month
afsssr Morniiis: Prayer, aiisl on Greater
Festivals ami Holy Daya at 8 a.m.. or
at may be announced fi-oin the chancel.
S-nida.v School as 2:30 is. in.
All are cordially iuvltsid to attend
thu aorvicea.
C F. Yatb��, Vicar.
Homco every Snndav at 7:30 p.m.
Ssinday School and Iii bio Claw at S
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thuraday s-ven
at 7.
Rev. W. D. Tubkib, Pallor.
8s*rvis-*>. every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7 pm.
Sunday School as 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Must inn on Tiseaday at 8 p.m
Geo. Kidney, Pastor.
Hia Honour tho Lieutenant finvcrnor In
Coisiss-il hus been |,lesiaesl to snake Ihe tollow-
inff jilipoilstssiouta:���
llth Deceniner, 1(100.
RoBBtiT El.M'iTT, of Peterborough, Eaat
Kotstenay, Ess-uire, M.D., to be a Coroner
forsssid within the Pr.vinue of Britiab Columbia,
rweLly Pages; Weekly; Illustrated.
' lnniSP-��N8ABlE TO MlNINH MEN,
> eAM.Li capita am,.
(820 Market St.,  San Franoisco, Cal *
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We havo recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite Of GOlden.
Buincss  and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment,
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and tha*
centre of au extensive stock-raising and ranching counf
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia Rive*
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length ot the C6lumbia and
kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Ne-Juiiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
-the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to invostors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to >
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,


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