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The Golden Era Nov 1, 1901

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Array r^m*^
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''"��� ' *    I ' ���
VOI* XI NO. 41
GOLDEN, Beitish Columbia, FftlDAY, November 1.1901
$2 Per Yeah.
Wbich Cannot be Surpassed
Cotton Towels, two sizes
-per dozen      50cts.
Bleached   Honey-comb Towels,   thirty-four
inches long  per dozen
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital (Paid v��j eej*oa,eeo
���eet 1-0(10,000
T.B.M*rritt, ���   ���*. .   .VicePrei.
Wa.Birn-ay,    T. Sutberiand gUyrar
Behai Jaffray, Eliai Boffin,
Wm. Htndrit.
Head ornosi Toaon-ro.
D. B. WlbKlK, General Minigtr.
t. Hav, Inspector.
.    MANITOBA. N. W. T. ind B. 0.
Brandon, Calgary,  Edmonton, Fergraon,
Golden,      Kelson,        Portage la Prairl*
Prince Albert,      Revelatoke,      Kostbtrn,
Strathcona,       Vancouver        Wlunlpeg.
Pare Linen Towels, hemmed or fringed ends,
six styles* .......... per
Fine Linen -Huckabock Towels, hemmed or
fringed, forty-two inches long, per dozen
Pare Linen Turkish Towels 30x60..... .each
Eighteen-inch Crash Towelling- ��� ��� ��� ���	
���Genuine Russian Crash Towelling, 18 inches
Turkish Towelling, full width������	
* 1,00
5 cts.
10 cts.
15 cts.
At present we are quoting very easy prices
on Mackintosh and Rubber Goats.
Trade where GASH
Essex, Fergus, Gait, Hamilton, Ingerioll,
Iiistowal, Nligara Falls, Ottmvt, Port
Colborne, Bat Portage, Sault Ste. Marie, St.
Catharines, St. Thomas, Toronto, Welland,
Woodstock and Montreal, 'Jue.
Ajtenita tn l.reat Britain:   .
LloyiltBank Limited, 72 Lombard St., London, with whom monies may bt deposited
for transfer by letter or cable to lay of
the above branches.
Ageataln United Mtntesi
NEW YORK-Bauk of Montreal, Bank cl
OMOAUO-Hrat National Bank.
ST. PAUL-^atWiulNaUonal llank.     ���_,
SAN FKANCI8C0-W*lls, Fargo A Co.*
���Agent* In Seutli Africa.
Interest allowed on deposits.
DEBENTURE!*. ���_,
Provincial, Municipal and other debentures
available It ail points in Canada, United
I    Kingdom and United Stales*
J. S. Olbb, Her., Oolden Branoh
Hon. W. C. Wells
The Recent Survey Will Help
: the Government to Make a
Closer Bargain-Government
Has a Safe Majority. *
Are you going to the
Football Club's Ball
? .?   ?   ?   ?   ?
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PubllcConveyancer, ete
Officsln Upj-er Columbia Navigation and'
Tramvay Conii.auy's BaUding,
Uolden, B. V.
Harvey, MoCartor & Pinkham,
llarrlst.rs, ��o!ICItofa, (to.
-l-OllO'-il.lloCUIVKIt,--' -     J.ArHAHV*V4'
1 T. Revelstoke, B.C.    :      Fort Steel*, U.C
Rooms Alexander Block dolslen B. <I.
-A-fine .Line
..     Full Dross Shirts,
White lies,
White Gloves
-and all other necessaries at
J. 0. TOM & Cos.
Upper Columbia
Staamers DUCHESS and MAk
A. n. Halla.
Season of 1901 Opena April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Min*
inir Towns bf Windermere Mining
*Ui,t��Oolden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Feterborongh
; Athalmer, Canterbury and vnn*n��ai����^evening
Returning arrive at Oolden WedneBday aftetnoon.
"Leave Golden "Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate jowjfil returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
in)**/ rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For -farther information apply to
C. H. PARSON) seoretary,
Ja��. Brady, D.L.S., & P.L;S.
Mining Engineer,
H. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Surveys raasle for Assessment Work and
Crown Grants.
Land for sale on Lake Windermere aud
Findlay Creek, East Koo'-enay.
���P. A
.   .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���oath BMe Kicking Horse Biver.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale k Retail
Oittl*, Sheep end Horse DOaltri.
^"GOLDEN, B.0.
> On* of lb* Largest and Best Managed Holeli in Britiih Columbia.
tM.8ps-K'lal attention given to bsggsg. of
Commercial men. Delivered to and from
station free of charge.
BATES, KI per day. Special rates tor
regular boarders.
, Tbe Hon. W. C Weill, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, ar-
lived in Oolden on Tuesday last, and
vith hii usual courtesy contented to te
jiterviewed by a representative of tbe
Referring to the feasibility ol the
Hope Mountain survey, the Ch iof Com-
rnis.loner slated that the Oovernment
Wai in a very muoh better position
Owing to thia survey having been
made, and It oould easily be observed
that, in submitting any proposal* for
the comtriiotion ofthe Coast Kootenay
i'o��d, a deoided advantage would ensue
In being able lo determine the route of
the railway. The difficulty which has
previoutly existed in regard to the
actual construction ol thii road���making it contingent upon the feasibility
of a pass���will praotioaliy be tettled,
as th* Government can determine as to
I Tha Hon E. Dewdney, under whole
brganiiation the work ha* been performed, ha* nturned with hi* itaB to
Viotoria, and is now engaged in extending the notes of the survey so as
to mak* a complete report.
, Apart Irom tbe route of which an
jinitrumental aorvey has been made,
other exiloratory work haa been car*
Tied on, all of which will serve tbe
purpose of completely carrying out the
object which the Government had in
view. If th* nport fa favorable, it is
Jiiot unlikely that proposals msy, iu
fthe near future, be aiked for the con-
���traction of thll road, which, of
stouiie, tan now be dealt wilh upon an
���ul��ilis*iit biuineis basis aa compared
wilh what it could have beei in the
absence of an instrumental survey.
Replying to a question as to the
itrength ofthe Government, Mr. Wells
listed that tha premier had the assurance of * sufficient number of his old
supporter* to give the Government a
good working majority, and in this
connection tho Ooverninent ia not giving itself any uneasiness. Of course
the defeat ol a cabinet minister gives
rite, a* it usually does," lo considerable
mrinlie, and an opportunity of which
the Opposition li only too willing to
make th* moat of. It is lafu to say.
however, lhat the oppomnti of the
Governmeut ar* already weakening in
whatever hop* they bad tbat the Pre
mier would hare difficulty In control
ling tlle -Legislature.
Queitionod at to the date the Honse
would meet, Mr. Wells replied thtt it
would certainly not meet earlier than
ii did lut year, which' wai ths latter
part of February.
Speaking; ot bit trip eaat, he laid it
wi* hll intention to make It a* brief
*��� pouible, as several important mat
un respecting publio worki ivill re-
quill hi* attention iu Viotoria.. After
a atay of a few days in his old home in
etttern Ontario, he will nturn to Britiih Columbi*.
Tbe Law Enaeta Itt Utmost Penalty
from th. Mnrsleror of MoKlnley.
Auburn, N. Y., Oot. 29,-At 7:12:31
o'olook thii morning Leon F. Czolgot:
murderer of Preiident McKinley, paid
the extreme penalty enaoted by the
law for hii crime. He wai shocked
to death by 1700 volts of electricity.
He went to the chair in exactly the
same manner as have the majority of
the other murderers in this state;
showing no particular sign of fear, but
in fact doing what few of them have
done, talking lo the witnesses while he
was being strapped in the chair.
"I killed the president becauso he
was an enemy oi the good working
people. I am not sorry for my crime."
Those were his last words as the
guards hurried him into the chair.
Words he supplemented a moment
later, mumbling tluouglit the half adjusted face straps: 'I am awfully
sorry I oould not see my father." '
Czolgosi retired last night at 10
o'clock and slept so soundly that when
Warden M��ad went to the cell shortly
before five o'clock this morning tbe
gusrd inside bad to shake Czolgosi to
awaken him.
Czolgosi's breakfast consisted of
coffee, toast, eggt and bacon, and he
ate with a good deal of relish. While
he was par'.aking of this tho witnesses
wore gathering in the office of Warden
Mead and at 7.06 o'clock the procession passed to the death chamber, going
through the long south corridor.
A Trial Shipment Hade From'
the Ioe Creek District���A
Wag-on Road to be Surveyed
Sigta Writer
fteralc Artlat
Haue Dsscerater.
Lmv. Csrdttiei OoUaskia fcttts, (Mltt.l.C
**��� tha Que*** Hotel. OoWen,-Hll hs> sold
by Uw proprietor on November 80ih, IDOI.
*.0. UBERNE.
Oolden, B.C., Oetober 21,1801.
;��� NOTICE -Dentist will be at Columbia House Monday, Tuudiy and Wed-
andiy out.
New buildings and improvements at
Kamloops thi* year rapreaant an outlay of over $1W,OCO.
Seattle, With., Oot. 28.���The official recorda at the gold commissioner's
office at Dawson, where expurt certificates for all gold going from tbo conn
try must be obtained, show that the
gold shipments from Dawson for September amounted to $3,000,000. This
brings the total for the last four months
to $21, 640,000.
.    W. E  H. MASSEY DEAD.
Toronto, Oct.'29.-Mr. W. E. H.
liassoy, head oi the well known agricultural   implement firm  oi  Mnsscy-
Huris k Co , is dead.
Victoria, Oct. 29���Miss S. B. Dunsmuir, eldest daughter of Premier Duns
muir, was united iu ..inmate to day
to Captain G. M. Audaine, of tho Iu
dian service corps.
Census of Yale and Cariboo.
Tba details ot tbe cemui for Yale
and Cariboo diltriot for 1901 ii ai follows: Cariboo, no returni; Eaat
Lillooet, 789; West Lillooet, 970; East
Kootenay, North Riding, 1,938; Eatt
Kootenay, sSoath Riding. 0,962; Weat
Kootenay, Revelitoke Siding, 8,003,
Wett Kootenty, Nelton Rilslug, 7,102;
West Kootenay, Rossland Riding, 14,-
603; Weat Kootenay, Slocan Riding,
6,821; Ean Yale, 4,930; North Yale,
8,837; Wttt Yale, 2,945; Total, 51,-
Winnipeg, Oot. 29,���Tbe unprecedented ruah ol laud buyer* into ea*iern
Auioibola and lha wideipread adter-
tl��ainent of ihia years' magnificent
Orop, ha* deoided lb* Canadian Pacific
railway oompany to rite lb* prioe ol
their lei.d tl au acre.
An Amerioan lyudioat* offered to
purer,*** 100,000 a few day* ago.
Alia McLean, of Kamloops, general
merchant, hat assigned io John T'
London, Oct. 31 -(4 a. ra.)���The
Britiih squadron escorting ihu royal
yacht Ophir, beating the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York, wns
sighted at 1 p.m. to tiny six miles off
the Lizard. A wireless message had
previously reported the Ophir 50 miles
from the Sollly Island*.
Chicago, 111., Oct. 30-At 5:15 a fire
Itarted in Peterson k Co's picture frnme
faotory at Union atreet and Auitin
.venue, tnd fanned by a itrong wind,
gutted the factory in half an hour,
Tbe building wai a four story brick
structure. Owing to 'find lhe flames
got beyond control and spread to the
small packing establishment of Fin'
burg ft Stoph, and a long row of reti-
delicti adjoining, 75 families losing
their homes,
President Roosevelt reached bis 41th
birthday Oct. 27.
An heiress has been born to the
Duchy of Manchester.
Glasgow manufacturers are greatlv
pleated over the shipments oi Canadian
pig iron received.
A mysterious Indian potentate has
aroused the curiosity of Loudou. He
has sailed for Montreal.
Mrs. Fred Gtbhart won the divorce
suit in lho South Dakota courts, Sep
aratiou was granted, but Freddie lias
to pay ihe costs.
Prof. H. H. Powers, of Cornell university, stated thut he belieicd iu l~.il-
ling weak iniuded j eraons.
Lorn Miluer, in au addles* at Pieier-
lnariizburg, ia not aanguiua Over ilie
early aispearanoe of lha wiile dove oi
peace io South Afrioa.
An eight year old boy wat inuriWi'dJ
in Moutreal by Tobiu Hanson, a Dane.
Thero wai no motive for the crime be
youd Ihe loat tor blood;
A trial shipment of one ton of black
mica has boen made from the mica
beds on Ice river, east of Golden, which
have been worked this summer hy
Messrs. Duinard and Hoar, the consignee being Robt. Ingram, of Manchester, England. If this shipment
gives satisfactory returns it will mean
a great deal for Gulden, as Ic* river is
only a few miles from the mouth of
Beaverfoot river, and is reached by
leaving the lailway at Leanclioil and
following up the west bauk of the
Beaverfoot until Ice river is reached,
the mineral belt lying Shout {our mile*
up the latter stream.
The mineral on Ice river is not only
mica but a high grade of *inc ore is
found, while assays from a vein of
gold copper ore gives a value as high
as $50 in gold per ton,
Major Walker ia also interested iu
���ome claims on Moose liver, which i*
further up the Beaverfoot and has a
gang of mon at work on t hem at present.
Advantage was taken of Ihe presence
in town of Hon. W. 0. Wells, on Tuesday, to hold a special mealing of the
Board of Trade, at which he wai preaent, and the need of a wagon road to
this promising district was laid before
him. Mr. Wells at once arranged to
have. Jas. Brady, P.L S., make a survey of the proposed road and report
thereon as soon us practicable. A vote
of thanks was passed bv the Board of
Trade to the Chief Commissioner for
his prompt action in the matter.
This new district opening up at our
very doors will Le of immense benefit
to Golden, and we will watch with
interest the development ot these
Mr. Brady left on Thursday's No. !i
for the Beaverfoot to make the survey
for the'proposed waj-on roud. He was
accompanied by Mossi-s. M. D.iiuard,
W. DnluarU and 0. D Hoar.
Hero's an instanci of freight oliariria
due to "eur geographical position." *.��
Mr. Allan Cuneros:, lass- C. P R.
General freight Age:it. f'tit it. Tlit
Inland Sentitit't desired to pu cliusts
some new machinery in Montreal, nnd
in submitting specifications request,-:!
au estimate on the freiirlit charges tu
Kamloops, Iu due courso tins Montreal
firm wroto us hs tollovvs: "Wu bug Id
say thut tbo C. P. It. have quoted s,s
a charge of S'l 70 per 100 lbs. Thu
machine on skid weighs about 1 -CO
lbs, and lhat is the Weight jou would
need to figure on. -Wu insist sny till,
rato is ritihor expensive, us lho C. I'll.
tukss tin-liar fruighi from here to'
Sydney, Australia, at $1 60 por ICO
lbs." We have figured out lliul it
would be cheajier torusio hate this
machinery ahipiiedthroii'-fi to Sydney,
Australia, and rushippeil lu KalllloOl s.
Presumably the C. P R. oharge so.u.-
thiug (or lhe nans continental haul,
say 60 conn |.er 100 lbs , so that we
���hould get iht in nob inert' uui to
Sydney aud back aguiu io Vuucouver
for $2.50 per 100 lbs., and the local
rate front Vancouver to K*iuiuu|,* being ?1.C9 per 100 lbs , il.uiu would lie-'
a Baying to us of 11 ueitis per ItOlbs.,
by this rOJiidttbout lotne. wl.iul. would
probublv compensate us (or the luss of
time, It is funny, When you comb to' .
think of it, that a inrrchuui iu Sydney,
Australia, can gel freight hauled fiuiu
Montreal ai t'2 ��0 per 100 lbs., cheaper
tban a merchant in Kamloops. There'*
uUttieiliiug about Usui loug haul theory
that uo ...au outside a railroad freight
otfioe uau ui.Ueilta.id.- Kamloops -Iu-'
laud S*s.ltiuel.
Lt-udville, Col., Oct.27.���Malley auti
Chausbei'laiu, a Lead ville rook team,
won first money. $750, and I he world'*"
indoor uhauipioueliip sa a reault ol a
thru days' ountest which ended Iito
last night. Thev drilled 40.1-H iixlies*'
iu 15 minutes. The aecoud money go***
to Roll and MuNioholt, of British Columbia.
���luiore in the-Impeiial Liter
.........v^,.  *... ���/OL. XI NO, 4l
GOLDEN, Brh-kh Col*o*mbia< FRIDAY, November 1,1901
$2 Per Year.
Whioh Cannot be Surpassed
���Cotton Towels, two sizes ��� ������-. ��� ���*��� per dozen 50cts.
Bleached   Honey-comb Towels,  thirty-four
inches loo*;   -per dozen $1,00
Pare Linen Towels, hemmed or fringed ends,
sis styles per dozen 1.25
Fine Linen Huckabock Towels, hemmed or
fringed, forty-two inches long, per dozen 1.75
Pure Linen Turkish Towels 30x60.... .each 75cts>
Eighteen-inch Crash Towelling- ��� ��� ���  5 Cts.
���Genuine Hussian Crash Towelling, 18 inches lOctS.
Turkish Towelling, full width'--  15 Cts.
Imperial Bank Qf Canada
���Capital (Paid Vpi ��MOO.fJOO
Seat        ���    _j_     1-H50.000
II. 8. Howltnd, Pr-aldent.
T.aM*rrltt,       ���      .Vlce-Prei.
Wm. B*mi*y,    T, Sutherland Btayner
BrfartJilrriy, Ellas Mogul,
Wm. Hiadrtt.
Head Ofi-iuei ToaoitTO.
���***��� B. WlLEll, Oeneral Mantgtr.
B. Hay, Inspector.
���    MANITOBA. N. W. T. ind B. 0.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton, Ferguson,
Golden,      Nelson,       Portage la 1'rairw
Print* Albert,      Revelatoke,      Ko.th.rn,
Btrithconi,       Vanconver        Winnipeg.
Essex, Fergisj, Gait, Hamilton, Ingersoll,
Liilowll, Nltffara Falls, Ottawa, l'ort
Colborne, Bit Portage, 8as.lt Ste. Marie, St.
Catharines, St. Thomas, Toronto, Wellaud,
Woodstock and Montreal, 'ine.
Agenta in lireat Britain:
Uoy.li Bank Limited, 72 -Lombard St., Lon-
don, with whom monies inly be deposited
for transfer by letter or cable to any of
the above branches.
Agenta la United Statest
MBWYORK-Bauk ef Montreal, Bank of
America. MHaHBH
CHIC AOsO-Jflrst N*Uond Bank.
Hon. W. C. Wells
The Recent Survey Will Help
I the Government to Hake a
1 Closer Bargain-Government
Has a Safe Majority.'
SAN FKANCISCO-W*lls, Fargo ft
At present we are quoting very easy prices
on MsOckintosli and Rubber Coats.
EG. Pit
Are you going to the
Football Club's Ball
? .?   ?   ?   ?   ?
Bank.' ^_______________________________________**_____.
Agenta in South Africa.
Interest allowed on deposits.
Provincial, Municipal and other debentures
available  It all -points in Cauada, United
I    Kingdom and Unilesl Stales.
J. S. Gibb. Her., Golden Branoh.
Thomas O'Brien.
Barrister, Solleltor.
Notary Public, Conveyancer, ete
Officsln Upjier Columbia Navigation and
Tram vay Comjuuy's BofMir.g,
Uolden. H.C.
Harvey, HeCattor ft Pinkham,
llarrlat***, Solicitor., ke.
.Revelst-oke, B.C.,
Rooms Alexander Mock Ooltlen II. O
A Fine Line
Full Droas Shirts,
Wblte Ties,
White Gloves
-and all other necessaries at
J. C. TOM &Cos.
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAk
v Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
n. n. Halla.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Min-
ton Tt>wns of Windermere Mining
Lrja-m Gulden Tuesday 4 ami* arriving at Peterborough
lifialmer, CanterhaWiinS *mn*ni^fiuto|vening
Reto-ml*ag arrive at Oolden Wednesday Afltetnobn.
Iauv*. G-Mdi^ |*V^y *��***** tor Peterborough and inter-
in;(|^ returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
io-WflfM on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further infoniaatlon apply to
���'y* Bv PARSON, secretary,
Jas. Bbady, D.L.S., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Surveys made for Assessment Work and
Crown Grants.   .
bond for aale on take Windermere aud
Findlay Creek, East Koo'.enav*
?.Ji. BEMHifflp,
i   .  .Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
a.ath 814* Kloklna Horse Biver,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale & Retail
Otttlt, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
)] House....
**��*GOLDEN, B.C.
On* of tha Largest and Heat Managed Hotel* In Britiih Columbi*.
M.8poclal attention given tebijrcatr. of
Commercial men. Delivered to nd from
itation free of charge.
BATES, tt per day. Special -rates for
regular boarder..
Tht Hon. W. C Welle, Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works, ar-
$ved In Oolden on Tuesday last, and
vith hia usual courtesy contented to te
Interviewed by a repreientative of the
I Referring to the feasibility of the
Hope Mountain lurvey, the Chief Com-
misiioner Hated that the Government
Wai in a very muoh better position
Owing to tbia survey having been
���aide, and it could easily be observed
that, in lubmitting any proposals tor
the conitriiotion of the Coast Kootenay
road, a decided advantage would ensue
(n being able lo determine the route of
the railway. The difficulty which has
previoutly existed fn regard to the
actual construction of thii road���making it contingent upon the feasibility
of a pass���will practically be let tied,
ai the Government ean determine as to
.hi". M
Th* Hon E. Dewdney, under whole
brganiiation tke work hai been per*
formed, hai returned witb his naff to
Vieloria, and is now engaged in ex
lending the notea of the survey so as
to make a complete report.
Apart Irom the route of which an
Instrumental *urvey ba* been  made,
other exj-loratory work has been cur*
ried on, all of which  will serve tbe
purpose of completely carry iug out the
object which the Government had in
.view.   If the report is favorable, it it
'not unlikely that proposals may, iu
;sthe near future, be atked for the con-
Eatruction  of  this   road,   which,  of
jfcoqrie, tan now be dealt with upon an
^A.-��ARV*y |>ot��lligtnt btt*ine*a balie as compared.
with what it could have bee i in th*
absence of an instrumental survey.
Replying to a question ai to the
strength of the Government, Mr. Wells
���lattd that th* premier had the assurance of a sufficient number of hit old
supporters to give the Government a
good working majority, and In thnt
connection tho Government is not giving itself any uneasiness. Of coarse
the defeat tit a cabinet minister gives
rite, ai it usually does, to conilderable
���iirmlie, and an opportunity of which
the Oppotltion ii only too willing to
make the moit of. It is lafe to say.
however, that the opponent! of the
Governmeut *rs already weakening In
whatever hop* they bad that the Pre
mier would hare difficulty in control
ling tile 'Legislature.
Queitionod as to the date the House
would meet, Mr. Willi replied that it
would certainly not meet earliei than
it did list year, which' wai the latter
part of February.
Speaking of hi* trip east, lie laid it
wn hii intention to make it a* brief
a* pouible, *i levertl important mat
ten respecting publio works will requite hll attention iu Victoria.. After
a atay of a few days in bla old home in
eaittrn Ontario, he will return to Brltlth Columbi*.
Fart Steel., U.C.
Tb* Law Enact. It. Utnio.t Penalty
front th* Murderer of McKinley.
Auburn, N.T., Oct. 29,-At 7:13:
o'olook thii morning Leon F. Czolgosa
murderer of President McKinley, paid
the extreme penalty enacted by the
law for hii crime. He wai shocked
to death by 1700 volts of electricity.
He went to the chair in exactly the
tame manner as have tbe majority of
the other murderers in this state;
showing no particular sign ol fear, but
in faot doing what few of them have
done, talking to tbe wituesaes while he
was being strapped in the chair.
"I killed the president becauso h.
was an enemy of the good working
people.   I am not torry for my crime."
Those were his last words aa the
guarda hurried him into the ohair.
Wordi he supplemented a moment
later, mumbling through! the half adjusted face straps: '���! am awfully
sorry I could not see my father." '
Czolgotc retired last night at 10
o'clock and slept so soundly that when
Warden M��ad went to tbe cell shortly
before five o'clock this morning the
guard inside bad to shake Cz-olgos* to
awaken bim.
Czolgosi's breakfast consisted of
coffee, toast, eggs and bacon, and he
ate with a good deal of relish. While
he was par'.aking of this tbo witnesses
were gathering in the office of Warden
Mead nnd at 7.06 o'clock the procession passed to the death chamber, going
through tbe long south corridor,
Seattle, Wash., Oot. 28.���The offi-
oial records at the gold commissioner's
office at Dawson, where export certificates for all gold going from lhe country must be obtained, show thist the
gold shipments from Dawson for September amounted to f3.000.000. This
brings the total for thelast four months
to $21. <*40,0C0.
A Trial Shipment Made From
the Ioe Creek Distriot���A
Wagon Road to be Surveyed
Toronto, Got."29,-ltr.W. E. H,
Massay, bead oi the well  known agricultural   implement firm  of
H trris k Co , is dead.
Slta Writer
Mettle Artlat
Haaae Decarator.
Lttvt Orstuiat OtlsjuttMaaian, e*U*a.l,t'
���**- th* Que**-* Motel, Golden, will he sold
by the proprietor ott November SOth, 11*01.
J. 0. URflZNE.
Oolden, B.C., Oetobtr Jl, ISM.  '   v
NOTICE-Bautlat will la at Coloig-
UaHoaai Monday, Tuiidiy and Wed-
m*4*f aaai.
New balldlagi and iaprovementi at
Kainloop* thia year represent an outlay ot over 11W,OCO.
Viotoria, Oct. 29���Miss S. B. Dunsmuir, eldest daughter of Premier Dunsmuir, was united in marriage to-day
to Captain G. M. Audaine, of tho Indian sot vice corps.
A trial shipment of one ton of black
mica has boen made from the mica
beds on Ice river, eaat of Golden, which
have been worked this summer by
Messrs. Dainard and Hoar, the consignee being Robt. Ingram, of Manchester, England. If this shipment
gives satisfactory returns it will mean
a great deal for Golden, as Ise river is
only a few miles from tlie mouth of
Beaverfoot river, and is reached by
leaving the lailway at Leanchoil and
following up the west bank of the
Beaverfoot until Ice river is reached,
the mineral belt lying about four mile*
up the latter stream.
The mineral on Ice river is not only
mica but a high grade of line ore is
found, while assays from a .vein of
gold copper ore gives a value as high
at toO in gold per ton.
Major Walker it also interested iu
tome claims on Moose liver, which il
further up the Beaverfoot and has *
gang of mon at work on them at present.
Advantage was taken of the presence
in town of Hon. W. 0. Wells, on Tuesday, to hold a special metiing ot the
Board of Trade, at which he wai present, and the need of a wagon road to
this promising district was laid before
him. Mr. Wells at once arranged to
havfcjas. Brady, P.L S., make a survey of the proposed road aud report
thereon as soon at practicable. A vote
of thanks was passed bv lhe Board ol
Trade to the Chief Commissioner for
his prompt action in the matter.
Tbis new district opening up at our
very doors will Le of immense benefit
to Golden, aud we will walch with
interest the development of these
Mr. Brudy left on Thursday's No. if
for the Beaverfoot to mnke lhe survey
fov the'proposed wnjion roud. Hc wus
accompanied by Messrs. ,\l.. D-iiuurd,
W. Dniuard aud 0. D. Hour.
Census of Yale and Cariboo.
The details of the centus for Yale
and Cariboo dlt-rict for 1901 i* ti follows: Cariboo, no returni; East
Lillooet, 789; West Lillooet, 970; East
Kootenay, North Biding, 1,938; Eaat
Kootenay, 8o��th Riding. 6,962; Weat
Kootanty, Revelatoke Biding, 8,003,
Wait -Kootenay, Neiton Riding, 7,102;
West Kootenay, Rossland Biding, 14,-
603; West Kootenay, Slocan Riding,
6,821; EntiYale, 4,980; North Yale,
3,837; Wait Yale, 2,946; Total, 61,-
Winnipeg, Oot. 29. -Tha unprecedented rath ol laud buyer* into eutern
A.iiolboli and the ��ide*pre*d adver-
tlMtn.Bt of ihia year*' . magntfioe.it
Orop, hu deoided th* Canadian Paoiflo
rnilway ooinpauy to riaa th* prioe of
.fastir lai.d tl au aora.
Au American ayndioai. oBtred to
nurehate 100,000 a few daya ago.
���lax MoLsmu, of Kamloops, general
merchant, hai aswigotd to John T'
London, Oct. 31-(4 a, ra.j-The
British squadron escorting the royal
yacht Ophir, bearing the Duke and
Duchess of Cornwall and York, was
lighted at 1 p.m. to day six miles off
the Lizard. A wireless message had
previously reported tbe Ophir 50 miles
from the Scllly islands.
Chicago, III., Oot. 30-At 6:15 a fire
Itarted in Peterson k Co's picture frame
factory at Union street and Austin
avenue, and fanned by a itrong wind,
gutted tl.e factory lu halt an hour.
Tbe building wai a four-ttory brick
ttruciura. Owing lo wind tbe Dames
got beyond control and spread to the
amall packing establishment of Fin-
burg k Stoph, and a long row of residence* adjoining, 76 famillei losing
their homes.
President Roosevelt reaohed bit 41th
birthday Oct. 27.
An heiress hai beert born to the
Duchy of Manchester.
Glasgow manufacturers are greatly
pleated over the shipments of Canadian
pig iron received.
A mysterious Indian potentate ha.
arouaed the curiosity tf Loudou. He
baa sailed for Montreal.
Mrs. Fred Gebbart Won the divorce
lull in tho South Dakota court... Sep
aration was granted, but Freddie has
to pay the costs.
Prof. H. H. Powen, of Cornell university, elated lhat he belietcd in Ul
ling weak minded , eraom.
Lorn Milner, inau address at Pieier-
lnariixbuw, ia not aanguiua Over ihe
early appearance of the wiite dove of
peace in South Afrioa.
An eight year old boy Wai murdered,
in Montreal by Tubiu Hauaou, a D-tuu.
There wai no motive fcr'the crime be
youd lha lust tor blood;
freight Bates extuaordin
Here's an instance of freight ohurjres
due to "eur iteo^rapliicul position." i,**
Mr. Allan Citultn-oit, hue C. PR,
General freight Agent, put it. Tin.
Inland Sentinel dosired to pu cliusts
some new machinery iu Monttonl. uud
in submitting specification, reqiiesu-:
au estimate on the freight clisrges :u
Kamloops. In due course tins Montreal
firm wrote us as lollovvs: "Wu bug to
say that tbo C. P. R. huve q.oied i,s
u charge o! til 70 per 100 lbs. Tho
machine on skid Weigh! about 1,1X0
lbs, and that is the weight .sou uoultl
need to figure on. Wu must suy this
rate is rutlior expensive, as tho C. P.U,
takes similar fruit*hi from hire io
Sydney, Australia, at tl i>0 per 100
Iba." We have figured out tli.,t It
would be cheaper for us to hate this
machinery elii|i|,cil thrum-n to Sydney,
Auatralla, and reshipped iu Kmuloois.
Presumably ihe C. P R. oharg* sonu-
tbiug for the trans continental haul,'
aay 60 cent* |.cr 100 lbs , so ili.u we
ihould get 'lit uiaohiiier,' out to
Sydney aud back again io Vancouver
for $2.50 per 100 lbs., .ml the loutil
ratefrs.su Vancouver to Kiuulooi-a being 31.C9 per 100 lbs , there would li*'
u saving to ut of 11 cents per 11,0 lbs.,
by tills ro-tiidnbout louse, which wuuld
probably compensate us for the loss of
lime. It is funny, When you cuius, to'
think of it, that a nst-rchstut iu Sydney,
Australia, can get freight hauled fiuitt
Montreal at ti '20 per 100 iba., cheaper
thau a merchant iu KnuJuops. ThereV
sbu.etl.iug about lhat Iou* haul theory
that uo uuu outside u r��ilro..d freight'
office oun uudei'sttMid.- Kamluojis -Iu-'
land Sjsstissei.
Lfusiviile, Col.. Oct. U7.���Malleji' auti
CluinUsi'luiii, a Lesdviile rook team,
wou lis at money. t ioO, ss ml i lie worlsi'si'
iii-loor ohaiupiotiahip sa a result tsf a
throe days' uontaat whiob ended h��r��
last uight. Thev drilled 40*1-8 iixilW*
iu 15 iniuutes. Til* aoooud money goslt*
tu Roll and MoNiohola, uf British (3*1-
iumie in the-Impuial Lifer THE ERA, GOLI EN, B. C, Kovia-MH 1  Ull,
tttxe OSolbm tgva.
Pl'Bl.I811Bts BVERV rKII>AY.
Eu. V. OttsURBHS, - Fditortn.IP.tblisl.ei
Babacriptiona aiOl per y*sr In n*lv.nc*.
Advertising rales unssl. known on request
FRIDAY. Novrmukr 1, lllui.
Wo think something niiglii ba .lone
by th* yonng p*o|ile of onr town tu
wards providing sosna kind of enter
tainmeiit for il.e winter sncuingi tha'
would siusubssie il.eqsialilie.of plsnaiure
and profit. In nearly every well
organised essmnvtiiily there is some
kin I uf orgaiiia.tion devoted to aatis-
fying the social iuiliuola ul tb*people,
anil ii i Ins nwisiauis of Golden are nol
cut in * dinVrent monhi to any we
have yet met ihe same necessity will
exist here. The evuuiiigs ate long; the
strati, ar. dark aud uniuviiiug ; there
ara no oonceri hall* or operas, lo the
residents are left to their own devices
to work out their social salvation ..nd
provide iheir own amusement. Stsg
nation ahould be avoided; people fully
of life aud energy must be proureasive;
all local talent capable ol being used
should he developed and drawn out. Il
will do the ui ver a. much good as lhe
recipient aud pave the way for greater
achievements. Communities much
���mailer thau Golden base tbeir literary
aud debating societies, inook parlia
mentr, bands, t.mpersnce organixa
tiona, and youug people's church so
eiel es. Why should Gulden be deiii
tiii* of all these things? There is
plenty of talent in town and we feel
lure if some our social leaders
would lake the matter np the result,
would surprise as well as gratify -.hots:
A. other mutter we might refer tu
while ou thii riibj.ssi ia the Govern
mem', offer uf a free library. Thi-.
cm be hud for Ih. ..skiug. We reiter
ate uur former uffor to conduct all oor
reapoudeuce if twenty poople will baud
in their names to he attache! to a petition reques'iiis, the Government to send
the buuks.   Let us have a library.
Edinburgh. Osit. 25��� Rt. Hon. Jos.
Chamberlain, tlie colonial secretary,.
addressed upward! of 8,000 persons-in
Waverlev Market, Edinburgh, tonight,
and announced thai the Goverument
iulauded to frame new rule* for the
Huuse ot Commons so a* to limit Irish,
"We propose," he laid, "lo bring
fo.ward rules whioh will give io the
majority uf lb. Commons - lealer control over its own buiiues* and greater
c ,nirol over those who insult and outrage it. We sl.ss.ll endeavor to protect
the ' mother of parliaments' Irom those
whe would destroy her usefulness and
Bot thia wa. not th�� only thing th*
Government int.mled io do. Mr. Chamberlain dnlarM "The present repre-
sensation of Ireland ia," he said, "an
abna*. and a scandal. No alteration
cm ha made exce|it in immediate nnti-
cii'isiiou ol a general dissolution, and
we are noi rontemplating that. Bul
when we get. nearer to the time, we
shall ask ynu whe.her you tUnk Irish I
representation ia ao preolou* to you, la'
ko vul-i-iblo to lhe national liileseata,!
tlmt .  ia dtairublu to continue il on a'
Mill* which give* the Irish a reprttan-' one -.������ ��� hRl, ine])��� ,������-,_ ,. am
tai iou *iiuiu>uu.ly exceeding th* pro- .oneoailon ol th* brain, tome ihoek to
purlin*-* (oiisMliuUiiou of Scotland j her ���.���������, iyitiBi �������� bruiVi about
and England" .h(, ^_a*   q,.-, w��� e-ptoiotxt when
The colonial aecrMary went on to taktB ,*,��. ot th, barrel. Tho dooton
point out lhat oo a bail* ol population ,*, -.tM���a,nc* ,-por. hor latt night sil.l
Ir.laui hul shirty iniinber* too many th-.t .h, wai ;<m,tw|llrt hy.terlcal.
in ihe Hou*u ol Common., and on the Hw waiMm ;, -*ot lt ��n Mrlouii -*nd
basis ol h��r contribution* tor Imperial -.,., ptohMs wiU ���_, out <*,,���. wl-bln
|.sir|so.ea, at considered at tha tl.n* of' -*, ((w j,yti
the union, aha had from for. v to fifty
The stiprrlor s.a.vlng powers ul the
H.ilsis*i.>a ara uotv becoming manifeal,
and lur Use werk esi.li.ig Ool. lei.,
th-iv sikiiiI lirat un the list in ihu nut
ler pruui teal. burning tlis. Jerse.tab.v
leu ceu.n and the liuerna.)a by iorly
sotuu uetiis, UuAvvor, Maty Maishuli
ui lha Guernaeva. still retain* her leasi
aa bas. uu.v is. ll.u Usui, bul i.s.1' cuu.
pa.siwss, Cassiopeia, nhuhs. l*ou fur
., *uud deal uf ber lime bur cloBvai
l'i,ill, li..�� Ist'o.i uff h.r feed and drupt
llnrly-iix coin.-, behind ber fur lhe
-ue*. Au uuuauul isjcji'd baa been
mu.lo during ihe week by lhe Pulled
JiirMsy Oi.i. Sh. 1... been unable lo
MiO'.uI'ly digosi ber feed, presuuiably
the eusil.tgsj, and hu* been lick and
io. Irish. At cue milking Bbe gave 8
pounds milk, 2,50 ptr com lat; the
follow iug milking, 5 pounds, 6 40 per
cent tut; ibu tbiid milking, l.G pounds,
l'j.20 per cut fnt. Tiiis is by Car the
highest butler fat lest yel m.ile by
any uf lhe cows The standing ot lhe
herds for the tvs..k is us follows:
Huiitelun, 7.3''; Juisc- a, 7 4 i; Guern
.ey., 7.C0; A,.r��hlre��i 0.84; Rod Pulled
'.!)���!��� Short honn, b*i; Brown Swiss,
5.81, French Canadian, 5 41; Polled
Jeise- s. 6.24; Dutch Belted, 4 07
Fur the week cnliiig October 8.h,
some uoti.ble changes have taken place.
The Holatein herd made a gain over
laat week as they are kee; ing up tbeir
Uow of milk exece ingly well, but the
Jersey a also mnde a decided apurt and
ued the blacks and whites for first
pluce. The Ayrshire! ara back again
to'third place, with the Guernseys
fourth Next come* the French Can
itdiuna and the Shorthorns which ere
' oih doing good work and may yet
succeed in passing the Guernsey! be-
lure the close of the test. In such a
ease, all five ot tha Canadian herd*
would be ahead of the five American
herds. The Guernseys obtained such
a long lend In iht tarly part ol the
test tbat they will dotibtlen be able to
win first prixe in the hatter profit test,
but as o,.e oow is now quite out ot the
race they would probably be overtaken
by some of ihs-o'her breeds if the tesi
weie continued for a lew week* longer.
The Brown Swiis now, Hope of Minnesota, hnt been very slek during the
we. k and it was feared she would not
���-���ecover, but she is now much better,
bier case is tlio firat in the history ol
���she Dairy that it hai been necessary
fo retort to medicine, which gee* to
show that t'he cows have been both
carefully ansl skillfully ted ansl hitiisi
led. For this week Beauty cf Norval
uf the Holatein herd Ib Ih* beat c*w
bea ing Warahall by five cents. Below
��� the net profit of each herd for th.
svoek ending October 8t h: .lersry*,
7.51; Hilstelnt. 7.68; Ayrshire*, 6 97;
Guernsey s, 6.66; Frenoh Canadian*
6.38; Shorthorns, 6 95; Brown Swift,
5 85; Ked Polled, 6.1.8, Polled Jeney,
4 93; Dutch Belted. Hb.
Niagara N. Y., Oot. 24.-Mrs Annie
Edson Taylor, fifty years old, went
over Niagara Fall* on ihe Canadian
aide I hi* afternoon, and survived, a
feat never before accomplished, and,
indee.l, never attempted except In the
deliberate commission ol luioid*. Not
only did ahe attrvlre, bnt (he neaped
wiho.it a broken bona, her only apparent injuries being a lealp wound
in.inl.ari too many. "I ray thai thi*
oonsiitnts. *n abuse," he continued,
".nd Ihere I. no reason why it should
Sit. Johns,Nffl., Oct. 25,-TheDuk*
and iba Duchess ot Cornwall and York
he n*r|s��tn*te.l." Another pottion of *t*rt*tk Ior England at daylight, thii
lit. speech was largely devotal lo lha' morning on board tha Royal yacht
Inah quss*tion. He ubs-a-ryed: "if Ophir, with the Britiih cruiser* Nlobe
tlis-ae geiiileuiei. who now openly ahout' and Diadem forming tha eacoir. Tbe
fur ib* Masi-di Mid pra> lur he Boert flagship, the fint class cruller Cre*
if tlwy bad a Parliament ol iheir own,' cent, accompanied the Ophir outside
il alt ih*.tring�� uf Irish goverument th* sport and Bred a fnrswrll ihIiiii '
bad been in their band*, If they had Th* Duchasi, who has n-covered from
had lb. power, i. it not oerwiu ik��l |ye*terday'�� faintneas, attended tbe
ti,*y would bava r��tu*��A to pay their' state dinner last night. Prior io tha
cu.tribuiiou to th. war, and tbat thty dUirsar, lha Duk*conferred on Bobert
Canad.t BhetnlA Pr.rr.r Further A:
We i.r-' lorry ibat thia oo'intr.v Is -su
ssjsHt' o'lo f s the condition of affair, in
South Africa. While wa conildeii ly
believ.s the war cannot l*��t inivn iou
iter, we are eqnallv oonvinoe.l thai
Cauada might render aigual atr.tue tu
ilie Empire by lhe despatch uf mioili*.
contingent lo the scene of th* 'war
Aiia'raliit and N��w Zealand are as ill
actively enaaaesl iu th*' Built, aa are
alsu ihe volume is ufCupu Culuny und
Natal. Cansvla seems lo he ibeuiily
colony that got siok of the job snd
struck lur bom*. Tlio piuiinu. ouluu>
has uoi shown up to ad tillage in ihi*
luuiter. Tbe Imperial aulburillv*
would have gladly neeeptcsl the a>r
viae* ot ano'her Cuiindiim ttntimgrm
hid we olsiied h whir good gi.,0-'.
Some correspondence between the War
Offico and the Mil,tin Depaitment at
On una did lake place in reference to
our sending another contingent. Our
Governmeut told the home authortiic*
that Canada oould raise oue, if it were
ns-csaaary, but it never voluntarily
I i\,[I rod io tend it. Our offer, ii mob
it might lie culled, lacked siueeiiiy,
mid little wonder thai the War Office
lei llie mailer drop when tbey rccog
nixed our Indifference in tlie matter.
But it is not too lata yet to place ourselves right. Ttoopa are mil needed
iu South Africa, especially to take the
place ol the colonial* whose time hat
expired. Canada can furnish a oon<
tingent ot tbe very klud that are wan
ted to clean up theiiraggling ends of
the campaign. Mobility is the fint
requisite in troops destined for th*
South African war, and, It the Gov
eminent wero to make the call, Can
ada coull very soon equip a corps ol
mounted men whioh, aa far us mobility
goes, could nol be iurpans.il bj any
other foroe within tbe Empire. There
wonld be no .rouble to secure lho men
or the horses. The cabling of an offer
lo raise a contingent ot mounted men
would beosseot the molt popular moves
the Governmeut could make at the
present time. The equiptinaiit ot the
contingent would not cost the country
a dollar because the War Office has
undertaken to meat all the ex|-emoi.
The men would receive good pay. tnd
th* farmen of Canada would find a
���ale tor a thousand or mora lionet at
good figures, Bnt above theae purely
mercenary comileraiion-. standi our
duty to the Einj.ire. We have lailed
to assume our (ull ressjiotisibillty io
fur. I' is to be hojiel iho Government
will take immediate steps to remote
the stigma that rests ti|ion Canada
through her indifference to tlie serious
ness ol the situation in South Africa,
Canada ought to be found fighting
shoulder to iboulder with the other
colonies at tiie wind up, at well a* at
tbe commencement.���Toronto World.
Loidon. Ool. 27.-Reynold* Weekly
Newspaper i* th* firat Britiih paper to
aittrt that King Edward il lufftring
from eanoer of tha throat. In today'*
Uiu* it declare! th it line* HI* Maje*
ty'* acceaaion three operations hav*
beeen performed for. th* removal ot
papilloma on tho left vocal cord and
that ona waa removed from, the right
vocal cord lut weak.
���Aulitanoe waa haatily summoned,'
���ay* tbe journal, "a* Hi* Majeaty was
breathing with difficulty and ,*n Immediate operation w*�� performed Bat
It wai regarded at only a temporary
reliel the Injured epitbelum now having
become a canoeron. growth tnd serious
development! are expected.
*% ��.-��,��'*, AViit*4!*-*-*.* *
ami si klndtuf
-��������������� '��������%*���***-***����/
London. Oct. 24-An error committed hy torn* ol tha provincial nolle*
hs* led to a nrem.tore notice ol the
(tot that th* War Office con'trnplatet
the possible ccniinuency af having lo
call out every volui)ti-er In thacouutry.
The War Offlc* ha* diatrlbnttd to th*
polio* officer! throughout th* kingdom
bill* ordwlng all lattrviit*, militia,
yeoman and volunteer* lo nport ihtm
telvet without delay to haadauartera,
with tha view ol active (rrviee. *The*a
bill* are accompanied by Ititera order
Ing that tha notion ba ktpt in a aal*
plana nntil teltgrtpbi* ordtn to pott
tbem ap art r*eiiv*d. Th* pol(*��of
Lanaaitar overlookad th* letter *nd
pooted tha bill* canting widnpraad
Musfc Dealers,
Calarffy, Alta.
Ottawa. Oot. 25.-Th* Governer
General hai received a cablegram from
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain to tha 161
lowing effect: "It li Hii Majeity'a
with tbat the uaual birthday dinner in
the colonlei be given In 1901 and 1902
on Nov. 9."
Hll Excellency will obeerve the
King'i wiih io tar ai Canada ii con
' lt ii evident from tbe Colonial See
reiary'a cablegram that thi King de
���ires to have the annlveriary ot lib
birthday observed, although early ii.
ibe year it was Hated ih prest. del
r.atehe* (rom London that th* King
prefer.ed to have the observance take
place on the birthday of hii decwied
mother, May 24th. The Secretary of
State (or Canada ha* already Intimated
that Nov. 9 will be- a publio holiday,
snd possibly a proclamation will ba
inued shortly, making a formal an<
nouneement of i h* fuel. . '
A  Discovery  of an  Almoat Certain
. * Car* for ttlioaiuntlsin ond
Kindred Diseases.
Amongst the greatest d'.icoveries ot
tbe age tor lb* reliel ol human *uffer<
lug, perhapi none take so high a plac*
aa Dr. Clarke's Liule Bed PUU., The
formula Irom which these pill* are
mad* ws* the result ol many yean ol
study and experiment-. It ia witb ibi
greateit cophdence, therefor*,, that tbe
proprietor* place these pill* on the
market, and so latiifted aro they that
they will prove a burning to lufferlng
humanity, that tbey make tha fellow*
lug offers
To any one who Is * subject of rh*a-
matliro (no matter how long Handing)
or any blood disease, ai enumerated
below, and will give Dr, Clarke'i Won*
derful Llttl* Bed PIU* a fair and Im
partial tiial and do not find a perfeot
cure, we will refund the money paid
for th* pills. II no tubittntial im
provement i* observed wa will in addl<
tion, pay 110 la caah on aatiafaetory
evidinoe bting supplied u* to tbi*
W* bave y*t to know ol a single
cstt where thete wonderful pill* hav*
not bwn almoit tntiralj, iucc**��ful in
effiotlng a ear*. CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Peterborough, Ont.
Dr. Clark.'* Littl* Bad Pllli ara a
positive and cartatn aura (or la giippa,
rhuemiiltm, tttbma.ptrilyiii, oatarrh
eciima, oooghi, baeliacht, IndlgMtlon,
���11 stoiuaeh and liver tronblai, femil*
comjilalnta (van when th*dl*ta**�� bava
bttn atandlng Ibr m*'ny y*ara, th* moat
stubborn oue* will yield. Pric* 50
cent* par box. For ul* by loaal drag-
gliti. Dr. Clark*'* Ban Car* lor
Caurrb, and Dr. CUrka'i Sara Can
for Eoxem*, iami prlo*. tlO will bt
paid lag any eaiarhiy Will not par-
mantbtly cure.
Dr. Clarke'i Sure Cura (or Catarrah
and Dr. Clarke'i 8ure Core (or Ecaema,
���am*prlo*. Tan dollar* will,**paid
ior any cstae thty will not ptruaaantly
Columbia River Lumber Co-
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
MANUFACTURERS 0F.��flfJar SlltS.  BtC,
ALL KINDS OP    ���    _. . *       . * ,
~������.��� Fir Dimension a Specialty,
if Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
ilRAD OrVICE. - --'"..",    ��OU��EK, li. C.
gg   ���     ���    ��� ��� ���
m. .        **^-^mm***mm-m.^mm.     ..   .  ,
m Saab & Door Machine
II Factory... Shop...      g
m Eaglae aaa Bailer B��v��lrlag a SfccUNy. p|
Eleventh Tear of Publication;.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list .and see if there is anything you require
iu Job PH*otliig.   WE HUNT:
. *PA*illENll
woui<l bave plawsl us iu a petition of
Bond, tha premier of N*wtourdl*lrd,
tha honor of kiiigbthood, snaking him
- Tis. laUuuus of ib* parliaiutntary a Knight Cotnmsndar of tha Order ol
o,.po*iii,uu with the- Inah party, Mr Si, Michael anil St. Otorge Sir Bob
Cbamberlaia aauil be o*��*..iders��i "ss��u- art Bon.l ti the oplv colonial pramlvr
io cuts
tugni ******* in
. gwou. to tb* entpln."
St W.lfriJ Laurivr vv.s p1re**uts*d
with a- tsNiiitiful. suiul-isox, tti.Jlsssl
with di'<ii.ois|��, bi thaDukoanJ Duel.
an oi C<ru.,ul) auJTioik. i
who l.a. b-��� ao houorrd during lha
Mojal tour.
ia *n**m*ta***m*u mm
m.-xat-r, um nai ar* -aniiitig ��ri' 0f"'��"v"i'
���Hfern. Ugrmtat bmm *em*m Am*\\mXMtM
laat IV* htrl M -apply li , ltv-UhT*c*jlihi.
Out.  26.-Mr.
I thi wttd nt gty gohte fut
f��s^^|1,ti��0^N.irroU,H.��sI����W,elou'  W;"*?!^^
iMsavapkiuo*,M li^^oj -nptlcsw, ystUwrtkiii, Bold Iir C. W. Fiild,
Colin a>u^l*a|ia,'**��  Att sM.y-nsvtt grjiis!, ��ul '
V���'"���: th* aft* tJKtaa art * -xhIIIw plesnm' In via'*,
.. -.         H
St. Tiiowa*
Masalougall, K. C, dro|sped daad lo-|l��pills. lownni lodplU^sscwiu.
.ttliiht athil laildenci oo Wolllngton St. Sold by C. W. Field,
Tha aoaouuts ot ,thst Pan-Amlricaii
*^f ^UilPS *how ��� tbdelt ot 14000,000.1
Pblladelpbli;  Oot.   Sd.--NlMtain
ptnoni w*ra klllud and "*op*rty aal-
at-lal 1100,000 d**troyad at tbt rtault
s-ilafti��i whlehoo��a*��*d today In th*
loa   atf th* ally.  Th*
"sot known didnlttly, but
Tlotimt wtr* l��aatfiat
"" FolUa aW'|rirci*t(
*5Jflaa> lenlglii tM-rtag lata tharalaa la
" loaroh ot bodha iapt>aa*l ta'hl*|jltai
***-prlld towatb tWdaWi*,aaatalN��**
that other* haaliM tii* kwiaa tmi
���aar karaloat tluirtlval Ia# tf*
���jl^ "ji'i^l1* '' Am, m t,   '
mJk*%   wl*\W**���m^emnw
JofeprimloK ni thi EftA
I ag, ��utt*rlng, palpitaika, acaaiatsvl)**,- s-haWa'
h*, Mms-insm, mtl-aaas. Try *Mlgm
ltn��r*a*i--.tt*rvirUls. . af
Bold by Q. W, Plaid.
Iniota la th* Im-nritl Lita. ''���^iVt\f,fit
IJ?,*-'.;" ������:*^.���.*��,*.*!^q.*.
'   '*."'" ��    > '������'.'
THE EttA, GHDlJbM, fi. 0, ^Novembbb 1, ftf.
nasal n.i*a.ssl����aMslass-aisa*ai
Asthma Cure ..-ppee;
Athmr.lene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Wilt* Yaar Kaiao ftnd Aildieaa Plainly.
FO* Till
. There is nothing like Asth
malene. It brings instant relief, even in the worst oases.
It cures when all else fails.
The Rsjv. C. F. Wilis, of Villa Ridge,
III.. *ay*: "Your trial bottl* of Atshnsa-
lent received In good condition, I cannot
tell you how thankful I tell for th* good
derived from il. I wai a .lav* chained
with pu.rid tore threat and Athma for 10
year*. I despaired of ever being cmed
I *aw your atlvertltetuent for the cure ol
this dnadful and tormenting dlataie,
Ailhina, ind thought yon had ovonpoken
yourselves, but resolved to giv* tt * trial.
To my aatonishment tha trial aeted like a
charm.   Send me a lull slied buttle."
Rabbi ol Cong. Bnal Israel,
Nnw York, Jan. 8, 1901.
Drs. Taft Bnos'. Meuicisb Co.,
Gentlemen : Your AstbmnlenlU an excellent remedy (or Asthma and Hay Fever
- - - i -  and It* composition allevUU* all trouble*
'/hioii. combine with Asthma.   It* *ucceaa is astoplihlng and woiiderlul.
fltar Itsiving it earefully{��n��lyi*d, w*o��n state that Astlinialeue contains no
Vlu.a, luorphlue, ohlorolorin or ether.   Youn very truly, 	
Avon Sprinos, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Tarr Bros. Mrdioikb Co.:
Gentlemen,-I write tbis testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
ie wonderful effect* of Athmalene, for the oure of Asthma.    My wife has
���n affl'otod with ipasinodio Aithma tor the paat 12 yean.   Having exhaust*
'1 m v own skill a* well aa manv others'-; I chanead to sea your sign upon vour
fnidows on 130th itreef, New Vork, I at once obtained a bottle of Aath malene.
iy wife commenced tuking it about the lit of Novomber.   I very loon noticed
"radical improvement.   After using one bottle her Asthma bnl diaap|s*ared
id aft. it entirely free from all eymptom*.   I feel lhat I can conaiatoinly
lomraeiid the medicine to all who are afflicted with  thia distressing disesse.
Youn retpeotively, 0. D. PHELPS, M.D.
a. TArr Bros. Meiihisb Co.: .     ����� '
0*ntl��men.-I wa* troubled wHh Aithma for 22 year*. I have Hied
1umiro.il remediei, but thty hav* all filled I ran acrou your advertisement
\d itstrtal with a trial bottl*. 1 found reliel at once. I haveilnoa purchaeeil
tfphr full-sin trottlp. nud I am *ver grateful. I have a family of tour children
.foil for six year* I wa* unable to work. I am now in tl.e best of health and
i in doing business every day. Thia testimony yoa ean make snoh use of as
>u sea hr.   Home address,' 235 Rlvlngton Street. 8. RAPHAEL,
67 Eaat 129th at, New York City
il) noi slelav.   Write lit onco' addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDIOINE
79 East,' 180th 8t,,_New Yo*k City,   -W-80LD BY ALL DRUGGISTS,
Edlnbnrgh, Oot 2U.-Jo**ph Cham- THE FORCES IN SOUM AFRICA.
ii-lain In an addi-ess lint night, laid
fat ths Imperial Government would
[ami new  riles  for  parliament to
it Irish obstruction.   Th*y   would
eut down lb* Irish representation
.tbl next re distribution aot.
Speaking of tha South African war,
���aid: "I think ilia tim* hu coiae
il earning wheu measure* ot greater
j/serity msy be nfoaaaary." He adults*** that tba Government had nude
inl��|*ke a* to the length ot th* war."
Jhare ar* iom* women who Mem to
'.perennially youthful.. Th* grown
[tighten an companion! aa will ai
lldrtn, and the oolor in tha mother'I
uk*, tb* brlghtnaii In h*r tyet, tha
undtmt ofhtr form, all ipeak of
Jundlng h**lth. What it ber leoret ?
ie li at tha middle ag* ol Ufa whin
'tniny women an worn, waited and
led, and yat time hu only ripened
r oharmt.   Tha woret ol thll ma-
inly health and beauty may ba told
thatbrWr phraat, Dr. Pl*reV* Favor-
i Praaerlptlon.   Tb* g*n*ral health
womuiIi io Intimately nlatad to
i loital health of tbe-delliata woman
orgaoa, that whir* tbey an drmud
a whole body most lunar. "Farorlta
atterlpllai' drlaa tha   dabllltatlng
Eiltii,,: htali uloaration aad Inlam-
on, sjore* braal* waakntaa and Im-
���atirto'-tlia dalloata femali orgtnsV  *-*-,*-----------.
"orilirlgor and vitality.   Woman�� _Amm,���L****?i*?J!^J2.
Mr. St. John Brodrick recently broke
���ilenoe to give a itatement in a latter
to Sir Howard Vincent ai to what hai
been don* of late in South Alrica. His
statement may* be summarised as foi
lows: ���
Great Britain ha* 200,000 man wiih
460 gun* in South Airion, an-1 100,*
000 men under training at home.
Sh* I* leading 314,000 person* and
248,000 bows and mulel, and a re*
lerve ol four monthi' food lupply il
bting maintained.   .
Then are 00 mobile columns wilh
ploked commander* at work.
Tan thouiand retnountt in being
unt oat monthly.
Lord Kitohener lias only' ono* atked
lor troop*. H* wantal 9,000; the
Government tent him 01,000 la tb*
flnt ilx monthi ol 1901.
Wona-'iMlolii*,   _
London,Oot, M.-TbtwwotHcaba*
ordered >he Immediate nleai* of the
���Vt* memben of tb* thlrt-J:Vtotorlin
fantingmt, who w*ra **nl**c*d to
laath brawn* tfw :ymmmtAzm**
Ulladi-'whlt* llvirrf dun'* bj Ganaral
Biaton.  .....      	
-"nat dill. *-m-*nm****M\\m
If* yonr v-*r*i*g to tdmlnlttt* Iba
try c^et diierae.of thi tMmti- indOn
alfied organs of dl^oa -*-;"���
R^MsSBt5��tougb"tha stomach dlsrtatea
Meerd��ly remote ftom that Organ, but
whlelibav* their origin in ajUsraue-l
cundlllon of the itomtcb and digetUv*
ud nutritive system. Hence, enret of
����t, langa,-KTwtaj^J**
organs an s*oa*tantly (ffsreted bjr the
uTofPT. Werca'i ****** Medical Dla-
^i****a*iy*t-ta **b*ituteu
la tubal tut** br the dealer. Tmr'i
JSofthadth ta lb* "ttteo-tery ���'��J*-
I sun I be liiitiitail lin
*Vh.a Ik. WUl lb. Will, sal Whs. Sh.
Waa't Ibat Battle* It ���Th. Impstle.l
Warn* aad Oth.r Msasltton���A *���****-
Hal lut Broil.--..
Tbe chicken that It born on or before tbe
lit day of Maroh I* worth dozens bora In
lliv or June, when all tnt hem want to
lit The trouble lt to find the ben who I*
Inclined to incubation In tb* month of
r.brnary. Generally .peaking, ahe must
bt a March ehlcken horttlf. Tbenfore It
bav* liaroh chloken* yon mutt flnt h*v*
Mirth oblcktna. It Is like the gnat *co-
nomlo pr6poslttont To make money yoa
must hav* money to make lt with. However, It It not nsmiwary to Inherit Maroh
pullets. Tbqr can be aeqnlred at retaon-
able ratos, and every practical hen keeper
���wide from those wholesale gentlemen
who candtvotetll their tlm. and alien*
lion to tbl mpnnmenttl task of making
Incubators incubate, and who u*oon*t-
quently Independent of the natural nie.nl
ol Incubation���will toll you that th. early
born pulltt, who It under a tort of natural
compulsion to lay early hortolf, it, even
when of no breed tt nil, of wore vein*
thtn the btgb bred fowl who decline! to
lay any egg* nntil tbo balmy sprlngtliu*
has come and -eggt can be bought for 11
The eeeontrioltlet ot the titling hen an
beyond all tooount No power on earth or
beaven can prevent certain bene from titling hair their llvet. Tbey will alt nn. good
eggt, on bid eggs, on chins eggs, on
stone*, oa ttlekt, on nothings!all. Turned
out of one plaoe, they will sit tn any other. By actual experiment a eutaln Plymouth Bock (of whose breed one of the
many noble qualities ts bloodiness) persisted In sitting for tlx weekt running,
though the wtt given no eggt at all and
wa* treated with the greatest contumely,
being moved from pillar to post and afflicted with eharp cornered cobblestones and
dally driven away with violence from her
pathetlo attempt to convert these Igno-
rulnous rocks Into the noblooneeof Plymouth. At tbo end of tbe ilx weekt ihe
did give np further sitting, but she ip-
peared to entertain no grudge on account
of her treatment and would on occasion
oomo and eat ont of the bands ot her 1st*
tormentors, II wa* In the autumn wben
th* mado tbli qulxotlo attempt, snd sht
hid already tn thia aaine year brought off
two Una brood* of chickens���ono In early
March and the otber In June.
Otber hons will never alt ot all. Th*
whito Ulnorooa���those bens with great
ooinbe, which look exactly like roosters
and an called "Catalan!" by Uso Spanish
���will lay perhaps mora eggs Ino year
tban any other aort of ben, but they will
not lay tbem In cold weather, and lt la unlikely that any on* of them wot ever
known to hatch n brood of ehlcken* The
Mlnorou will, Indeed, sometimes begin lo
sit, but tbey teem to be nnder tbe luiprot-
slon tbat three daya ought to bo, In all
consolenco, a long enough time In which
to hatch ont on egg, and at the expiration
of abont that time they will abandon the
attempt with * great flutter and iiiuoh tie*
nnnelatory oratory. If thty aro fastened
down on tho nest with * board placed
above their backs, they will stand up as
high as they can under the board and let
the cold air addl* their eggt. It It doubtful If ever any bunion being, male or female, Wicked or pious, Christian or pagan,
���ver got through without profanity in attempt to mako * Minora* bon tit. There
ire otber brocdt of munition, which aro
not merely too numerous but also too con-
timptlbl* to mention. Tht Plymnuth
Book will not liy so many eggs In a year
as tho Minorca, but tho will lay what tb*
doet by when you want tbem, and the
will perpetuate hor kind.
fitrange Io toy, another kind of hen that
makes a good mother It tbe game hen.
She teems to bo engaged In an attempt to
provo that a certain amount uf niuozo-
nlnnlsin li not Inconsistent with a proper
regard for tbt dotles of motherhood. A
very peaceful gentlemen, not unconnected
with tbo work of tbe Humane society,
moved Into the country tbree or fonr ynn
ago. Having oceatlon to purchiw two or
thrso totting, of eggt, bo bought one of a
good working woman, who lived on the
outskirts of the town, md who happened
to bava malo relative!of tportlng proclivities, though tho gentleman did nat know
that, and would hardly have cared If be
bad known. Tbo tportlng proclivities of
those person* could hardly affect tbe htm'
tggt raited on tho place. The letting of
tggt turned ont beautifully, and In du*
tim* ���omo oxqultlto llttl* rod oblok.ni
w*ra running abont with tho old gray hen
who bid bttn their loiter mother. Tht
ehlekoni wen to pretty that thoy wore admired above all other* on th* plaoe. They
graw epaoe, and befora .long their owner
dlacoTored tbtt thoy won ongagod In war-
Ian mott of tht time elthor with ono aa-
othor or with other llttl* ohlokena He-
doubtable lighters tbey wen, too, and
white any on* of thom would easily whip
any chicken of any other brood, when tbey
fought with ono another It eteined to be a
fight to tho death. Tho petaeablo gentlt*
mu deprecated these osinu.it* very muoh,
but he wu powerlosi to prevent thein
What eould make Iboni tight sol
By and by* village tradesman who bap
pened to bo it tho pls��o one day notloed
the ehlokens, looked ot tho gentleman who
owned tbem, winked broadly and remark
id, "Bilsln garnet, thf" "Hulalngwhatt"
���skid tbe humane gontlotnan. "Why,
game fowls," returned tho other. "Gains*
fowltf What oan yon be talking about!"
**td the gentleman, getting * little not-
tied. "Why, 1 never thought of inch *
thing I" "Wtll, thera't gn.ni chlokont,
lull lb* tame," wid the tradetinan. A
lift,, dawned on th* human, gentleintn s
mind. Thoprocllvltlotol the men of tne
hwmbold trom whioh b* had porches, si
partiality for gam* towli, ind by lnno
oontly baying a baker'sdsuenof egg*from
lb* womanof tk* asm*, and putting thein'
nndtr a hu ht had ooconiolootiy tiu
barktd la lb* burins*) Of keeping ���gMfn-i
eoekr. HttsCTim-eil theohtott-ntoatoon i��
thoy wv*. big enough to hr.ill *tid fotind
���ban moM tx��t|ltot eaUng. but It Is
sknMnl If b* will ���ver bssshl* to g*t op *
raptttaMumtMl lawn *��� *tjeevenlvrof
- JMra gu ataiist ru *!**.
mu who llkt* to mak. nrqnalnMMt.
whito traveling, "yon thonld tallow wy
aniarpla I ttrl.t w Uj*rn auui..hl-.g new
"St," wtttiauiirtrc? theonlM rouni
sat*. ''Thtt may do In yonr lin. a, ba*.*
fmniuTiEs of tie Patm Stnu
0*��ap Moll Pad::tiM On.ssl ih.c:.id Faatws
I* Car Prosperity .nd Pr.Ll.ta.
" Common ia tit* commonplace." The
mod valuable of civil benefits ia mtch a
cominonplace malter, that we scarcely
give it a titoni.lit. It wonld take a winter on a whaler nijipcd in an ice Htr. to
make ua truly apjireciahle of the worth
>f the postal service. What a wonder
Ini thing it is I Woi-.drrful in itt organisation, with it* vast machinery for the
colUctlon and dLliibution of letten, ita
railway mail cars, its route ri lers, lhe
unfailing onler and precision of its
methods. Wonderful it it too In its re*
mil*.   It kniti together families widely
Mparated. It carries across the ser
��ome tender lover's message or perhap-
. a little flower picked from tlle daisies
grave of an English churchyard. Ever}
hour of every day the mail bag is p*ic,;eii
with words whicli waken love und laugh
'.er, and words whicli deepen the furrow
.lu the cheek and dim the failing sight
a ith bitter tears,
But with all this there is going on
through the mail cert-ice a tfisscniina*
tion of human knotvlesi-jj-e. a reaching
out of human belp which is one of the
crowning blessings of our century. The
correspondetice schools led by Chautauqua, are sending to eveiy village and
'jainkt the broader knowledge which is
to eagerly aaved by mauy wlio are shut
In to the homely duties of a humble
life. Without the mail system this pint.
Of education would lie impracticable.
Every mail, too, carries irojn the great
Centers, the advice of jrreat physicians,
which It would be impossible' for the
distant public to obtain were it uot for
lhe mails. Few people realize how
many thousand people depend on the
mail service for mclical treatment. Nol
long ago when some postal affairs wen
being discussed in connection with the
erection of the new postoffice liuiltlin/:
in Buffalo, N. Y��� some light waa thrown
on this snlij-'ct by the statement that
the mail by Dr. R V. I'ierce amounted
daily to something over 1,500 pfeces.
Of course this is not a common case, be*
cause Iir. Pierce's relation as chief consulting physician to Buffalo's famous
institution/The Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, niakca his advice and
that of his staff of nearly a score of
���killed and experienced specialists much
sought alter, especially by women, tn
tiie treatment and cure of whose special
diseases Dr. Fierce has devoted over
liirty yeara of almost constant labor.
But thouj.li this example is out of thst
ordinary, it may serve as an evidence ol
the amazing benefits reaped by the public from the mail service. It puts every
outlying hamlet in touch with the most
advanced medical specialism of the day
It gives at a cost a:' a two-cent stamp,
the skill an.l experience that it has lakei:
yeara to acquire. Literally at the cost
of a two-cent stamp, since Dr. Fierce
invites sick women to consult him by
letter without charge. And thia would
teem to be one of the most remarkable
services rendered by llie jjostal system,
perhaps tlie supreme service bf all. For
while it is a splendid thing to be able to
shop in New Vork while living in Kan-
las, and a grand thing to be able to
command the- learning of great professors while working in tlie Michigan
woods, it is a still grander thing that by
means of this cheaply supplied^ service,
men like Dr. Pierce, 'who have the disposition to be helpful, are enabled to
place their skill and knowledge at the
disposal of those who are being dragged
down by disease, will-out the possibility
of help from those about them. When
one contemplates the vast and far reaching benefits of the mail service, so briefly
touched upon in this article, it makes
the familiar gray uniform ofthe postmu
the most glorious of all uniforms, for it b
worn by the soldiers of the army of peace.
It tnaltct one fe-.l like taking his na*. of
to the on-rushing mail train, and cks-cr
tag the work and wisdom of Uml. *.-**
A deapatcb (rom London tayi thai
the hubbub over General Buller'i ro
lircment uill oontlnuoi, but then are
no fresh luoidonta. The Influence of
the preet lu Ihlt matter have been less
Important tbsn generally supposeil.
The King without doubt intervened in
the mailer and imparted an initiatory
impulse to the War Office. The head
quurteri of military decorum and the
dignity,of the Crown required that re
straint ihould be placed upou talking
Gens-rals, carrying despatchea In iheir
pockets, and challenging critic* to produce the correct text ol them.
���horn ���? Ita pang-a *y ���oaatta
AmartoM Bnaumatlo Oura-
N raltavsia In alx hour* and
ouraa In on* te thrae days.
Mrs. Geo. Smith, of 61 Charron St., Point St.
sCharIM, suffered tenlbly from Rheumasiaia in
htr joint*. Tbt pain wat killing. Doctors'
medicines ttmporarlly deadened lhe pain, but
���tacted no neruianrnt relief. She began tuking
South American Rheumatic Cur. and when the
had used four bottle, wa. rfawlulely cured,    at
Sold by C W. Field.
Save Your Suowshoe lags.
The moat popular brand of Chen-ins
Tobacco in Canasta to-day is ������l*ay
K-all." Ev*ry plug of "���.-ay Boll"
Ware a "Siiowihoss" Tag, Cuoanms-rs
ahould save |li��a�� tags, at valnable
nse*eni�� ar* given for them. When
you buy "PaylUH" Chewing To
bacoo, ask your dealer for onr new
illustrated premium e.ilsrogiie.
For ilrst-class
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kinds of
Farm Produce
Apply to
Bowden. ��� ��� - Alta.
Canadiaq Pacific
!:s_,'.,-v.-.1-!-. :.,
lilt,..;- i/,!.u.';'*.   ..1
Livi,   Luii.
A r.e'iiak.o
f J*fi1tfl**JpH4l*iT   -���
r,\d R'rf0TP'tp*,
V.'i��"th  Sl-.l'ss,  ��.',?"'-:;y in.iue Its
V'rrf.- \t
.   wnt
v*i.n:... t-i-j
�� tiki* icc-i"i;oa
Cl   pwt     tills    nJvCitJf��5m��-nt
HV.l1  *���;��� ���**'V.i  .:* P-YiK- W.ii wl'.h
Oi'tt ilu.nr_.and rtceiv-s Wee;:'y
I .--i-s- ������'.���j.-�� .or L-'ut yi.ai' ij.-...ii-
n-r  .s'...i it h - n.-1-i'i..i- ...j.....���..i-
l'i Mr.l::n.T tl.olre of a premium for
��� h'.'r w-:W('y for cer.son UIOi-L'J -tho
Fn>o*s rvee?, Yt'Inntpeff. ha\o sccun.J
toimt*Mvg rulte out of the ordlncri'.
Con^ItK-ratton ot the valu? to the
fanrcrs -nf Western CFnadft of au accurate ther moor1? ter ntU a reliable
iai'>n.-.-;er '.':i*l ��.o negotiation nith the
iciest n-.Eke-:s of observatory In-
alrun-.e-nts cni applta-nees In America,
imi r.< a i-wu'.t ->t thofe negcMatlor.a
Mere hr.s 1> er\ obtalriej a luvge number nf r.ctur:!t<? an.l rel.ab'!-3 comWn'*1
mil ba.ui.vsiera, which
1 r&ie!"'i!;y. arti?r Velrng
��� '.n Ktlt -be extremes
e: i\��tli In "his country.
". Ir, : I*- it 1 od to ���!n-
i);e*ip cliH-ipe? ?nrfoct*y
n.1 Hio !i;:*."i* ���-t.icli ������ to rf-i-ister tem-
jrat'.UT-ii  doSi:M <.o Zi)  &a*.i is  bcow
t clir
1 . pier.**
-..*,      ������:���'
Effective October  13tn, 1901s-
Traim pan Oolden
EAST BOUND,   -   -   15:10
WESTBOUND,   -   .   10:20
Passengers booked to all Eaittrn Canadian and United Stutci poiuti.
Benin reserved 011 Atlantic steamers
for passengers to tke Old Country.
Direct ateamer service from
Full information and Illustrated Pamphlets furnished on application.
Agent, A G.P.A.,
Oolden, B.C. Vancouver,-
Church Servloes.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p. m. Celebrat iou of Holy Communion 1st uud 3rd Suudajs of the month
after Morning Prayer, and ou Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
S'inday School at 2:1)0 n.ni.
All are cordially iuvitvi' 10 attend*
the services.
C. F. t At es, Vicar.
Service every Snndav at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School aud Bible Clasa at S*
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday .venal 7.
Rev. V. M. Puiidy, B.A., Paator.
Ser vies every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3,*, p-m.
Suiidiiy School at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tueaday at8 p.m.
Rev, R.U. Laii.ley,  Paator.
A. If. A  A.  M.
Mountain l-oilg., Ko. II. A. V. k
A. M. Regular Cuuinssu.l.-sl.on,-
teennd Motisiny in every iiinnth.
Hssluuruing btethren cordially invited,
0 H PARSON   Socrtturv.
1,   O.   O.   V.
Roi'ky Moiintiiin l,sv!ge No, "*4 meet, in*
Olldtelluws Hnll, liolilen, e.ury Weilnesilsy
at H n.ni.   Sojourning brethren welcoiue.
ooavaiaHTa Ao
Anron. tsnatn* a sksrtch snd dsMerlptls-n nssy
qnloklr asssirtalsi, fi-ee, wbetber an ln..sitlou ia
protNtblrpst.lit.ble. Cossimusslctlnna stlictlr
eoDfld.ntf.1. Oldssat asenoj for ascurlnK patent.
In Amerlcs.   We hav. . Wuhington om..,.
PUsnU taken tbrossjib Mum * Co. rsoalr.
beanUIullT llla.tn.tesl, lat-i.it olmilatlon el
an, Mentlno ipuru.1, wswklr. tenn. SIJII s .Mr.
IUO all moiilba. Spssilsntin ooplqa and UAXD
BWK oa PATIHTS sant frw. AddraM
SSI Ur..4s*av. N.w Y.rk.
Ili.ul.iiln nnd Slfioit   In C.nr.rane.
With th. Dominion Cibln.t.
Ottawa, Oot. 28.-Thi Northtvett
delegate!, Premier H.iultuin i.iul Ar
thur Slfton, met thd prim.- minister
minister ol the interior, and otlier
members of the federal eii'oolive ibis
afternoon, in Lauriei's office to ,li8cu��s
the Territories' proposition for rccog
nition as a province. This Is done ii
pursuance o[ Mr. Siftcu's Utter of l.in
spring lo Mr. Hnultni... The yarlpni
phases of the question tvere'goiic Intu
the mott important being the fiiiauci.i
considerations involved in the chung
tbat be requested. The Noi.lhwesi a>
a province, would be entitle*! to mot,,
assistance from the (ederul juiso an-
would gain what it. does not 1 osie*--'
today, power to borrow money. Thr
delegate! have w'.th thein [cts as'
figirPtwhich thu;. ti.iuli Tuily iviirrsnt
the ree.sisMt and they lake up the ne
g'.ti.itloi.s with goosl b'.pe uf s.ucws.
Prince Albert wants the Go. eminent to curve out two new pro- iucn.
which would make it the lion her 1,
capital, bjt this proposal only wusktn,.-
the territorial Go.ui'isiuent'H tippli
cation ��nd will give the Oitatvn all
thorltiei an excuse for slieUiuu tht
whol* tnal ter, If It dnei not see in tv-ty
nicer to fall in villi tl.e rennet, j hi.
uow. 'I'll-..', will he uo aiiiiou.'ce.neiii
ot the result uf thv i-uuf.rei.oa till the
���ubject lists Ueu ibrusbuJ oul 111 all it.
IN THE MATTER of an aptditatinn ior"
slisnlii'iiti's of two Cei'tilifHtes ssf Title to
Lots 1ft and 10. Rlmk 4. Town of llnldrn.
MJT1CE IS HEliEliy GIVEN Illst it il
my ipti'iitiou to issue at the explratiaii of nn*
month from llie first piihlirntioii hereof two
Duplieute* bf tl.e Certjn.'atea of Title to lit*"
..' ove nit'tuiiii ml iota In th'' isitisio of Willi, m
Ms'Neisli, wl.ieh (lertiHt'stes nro iljitsil the'
Dili day nf Os-lober, IS1M, nml umiiLired
ISKNA nnd 1801)9,1 respectively.
H. F. MAS'l.FOn.
IJsstiii't Re-tiairur.
IjiitsI Registry OHioe, Nelssuii, II I,'., SHrsf'
ay jf Snpti.ii.lser, 1901. 1,8
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
Capital Subscribed gi.COU.lOO OP'
Capital Paid ttp       4H0.I flu 00
Government lb-posit      L'siU 1)00 til)
\sasossf ISO to every tlliflt.f Llisbllltlfs
First and Paramount:   ��� Ai.*n!ii.it> Se
ctitliy to l*oli��v Hni'lsrs "
k. v.��"ha.mii��;h��,
niatrlrt .icnt    -   -   (.'o't'cil.
Sold by All Newsdealer;
Furnish** Monthly to* all lovi-n -I
Song and Music a vast volume of New,
Chose* Copyright Compositions ���.y
lb* moat popular authori.
Si Pages ot nm Rusic
Ball Vk��I, Hslf ls.lxsss.uul   ���
ci eompiets Pieces fsr nstFto
Once * Mouth ior *i ****.
Yeaily Sobscriptior,, J2.C0.
II tc���(rht In asvy sw. Ic irtorc at
on.-h.tl alt, tre** coa t*:*-,
a uvlng of $1.00 montl-ly.
*n on* year you get tsusrlT 800 P.i-e- I
Music, comprising 252 Complete fa***
'ot Ih* Piano.
II vtsu **ill ami us tn. Nam. uid Address of
JS1VH Pluio Md Org.a P!.y��n, wc will acn*-
rsj a co*>y uf II.S Mijsazi,..- Fr...
I. W. PEPPER, p.iii.h.r,
llghta a locu.ttl.., Ihll.delHl... Ti GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY, B.C., FRIDAY,   lLt*tv**\gnA 1.1801
\\J*- have a large stock ol sec-
' > ond hand Engines. Boilers,
and Sawmill Outfits and will be
gl..d lo send description of same.
We mak* a special* y ot building cars of any size or type to
suit req'iireinents.
AVn carry a lnrge Mock ot Belt-
ini!, Vslv-ea, Fittings Pipe, Polished Shafting. Injector*, etc,
lor linnisi'llilie shipinent.
We inaniititcture Thawing
Toiins. Wheels and Axles and
everything Ior the northern
We also carry a large slock of
Sseel Pimos ol all siicR, and from
No. 20 gungn to 7-8 inch thick.
Boiler T.sbes. all lines Steam
Pine up to 10 inches.
Your communication by mail
will he promptly attended lo.
Works, Ltd.
fcucecs.ora to
Armstrong A Morrison,
Maohiniata.-Iron Teondera,
Ilukintlthi, BoiitnaakerB.
VAUiCUPVEB, ���  *  l��. �����
SmitiiI'IIOIIK���At the Dominion Hotel, Vic
'    tori... Il.l-*., ou the 21th Oelober. IIOI. by
the Hs'V Alex. Kriiaor. Alec P. Smith t,
Flurance, seeuuil daughter of Mr. and
Mra. E, it* l'nghe, of Uuldon, 11.0.
(Si ���OJrt.Jty%/\Q'-.%%l*/Q'~ v/V/*/'-'*Si-4!-/&
| Town and District.!
tU, Wi.*��/*. %/i^iVWi -i/t/Wtf- -a
The Uos|jintl will hold iheir ani.ual
Ball on the evening oi Nov. 22ud.
KOTICE-Dentist will be at Colusx-
nin House Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next.
The service announced lor Suuday
itSteiiiooii in the Methodist ohurob lias
leen pustponed by the Orangeiueu.
. We regret lo slate that Sheriff R-.*.-
graye is uut well aud is uuder the doc-
lur'a caro.
Tlie I.ujieri-il Bauk oi Canada has
opened a br..ucli ut Ferguson, B. C
This bilnk bus now 33 branches III all.
Mr. L\ A. Wort-ait sold a flue light
single rig, ol lhe same kind as his delivery li;, loan u|.parcountry customer this week,
T.sutaday'* No. 1 was delayed at
Golden lur au hour while repairs wete
lung inisdsi t*. lhe couplings ol one ol
1-liu uyuslliul.
The hospital ia taxed lo its full cap-
aiisty ui | reaeui, i��sd the alieration*
vil.icb are being uiu.iu iu lhe healing
i.,.p. ruiua will crowd tliiugl even
v. oi se.
Mr. Kituiaa.i, of the firm ot McKenzie
d, lL.ni.say, piiiitteis ul Ujvelstoke, aril veil in low ii lust Saturday to carry
o,.i their couiiaul to jaiui ibe new
t.upcriul Bauk.
Dr. Bi.lt ��a* iu towp on Saturday
assisting Dr. Tay lur in s��is 0| era. JJ.. 041
an lialiuu from Doi.uM, whu wus suffering f.uiu ls.beivul.tr jtiiioiiiii*. The
operation wus <eo .uccosatul.
Sam Uigl. .eceivtd a severe fall on
l'titluy last itt Beaver, Iructuriug hia
arm uud dialouuiiug his shoulder.
Owing lu there being 110 uecoiuiuodit-
liun in lhe liusnilul, he waa obliged 10
take uji l.ia nuai'la'r* ul the Quceu's.
Ur. Wl.'siss w.t* 1ak.11 Irom Weduei-
da.v'sNo. I 10 ll.a hospital here,
waa alao a gei.ile.unu irom Moutreal
who bad beeu Liken ill on lhe trip
through the mountains. Dr. Willi*
waa on hi* way liom Baud lo Qalyoon
Spriu*;* Sanitarium.
' Thursday night vu.sILtllow'en, aud
was celebrated by the small boy (and
sum-t of" hi* biggtr broihera) in lhe
u.sus-1 harinles* way. Ns. damage was
slvne of any account, the boys eontiii
- ing ilisintaUmo removing u gai.br
two and otlier ��m.l. innocent prank*.
Th. annual Thanksgiving service*
aud Ilart-aai Fswlval ot St. P*ol'��
churoh will ba held ou Sunday next
the lli'd ot November, at 11 a.m. and
. 30 p.m. Tb* ohurch will be appro-
piiaitly dpoked witb .the produot of
loriiai and field, and mueic ipeoially
saUulstd for tb* sxeasion rendered!
A. we some toward* the Cbriitm**
-holiday*, lardM' apace in tbe magazine*
i. giveu to fictiirti. Tb* C>amopolit��o
l^oludM a "agio ��iury ol ti.e Molcati
luoth.il. by Thoiu*��A. Janivor, a very
oi*v*v *uoi��iy aior; by CM��u Walla,
on* of tb* old I'wuob roiuaucM by
Uicbard X* a��ill*nM,'���'**[ juuiually
luiv.t-.iiui, Iudlau wrra'.lva'by H- Ti
ifaorga, aad a wrird *t��r�� by ��. %
If ihe Oolden Board of Trade 1* not
a S'ar Chamber affair we would like to
receive some notice wh<*n meet*
i ir* aro to bs held in on'or thnt we
may do our own reporting. We do
not cue to have to accept reporta
t'trou^h private individuala.
Saturday. Nov. 9th, ia the King'.
birthday and aa such ia oue ol
the itatutory holiday*. Al yet w*
have heard nothing a* to the intention
of our merchant* in regarl to observing it, and to avoid confusion it would
be wisn that mine undemanding be
arrived at between our local buiineta
The Aolden Football Club are winding np a very successful seaaon with a
ball, wbicl. will be held on Friday
evening, Nov. St li. Ae Saturday, the
9th, is tbe first public celebration of
the King's birthday the ball will give
Ooldeuites a chance to honor that
event. The music will be supplied by
the Golden string orchestra. Tickets
are placed al the very reasonable figure
of (1.00, and a large atiendance ia
looked for,
A 'o*. ter was bi ought into the Eli A
ofHct this week which in a most convincing manner showed the negligence
ot the mail clerks ou the run from Calgary west. It was polled by one of
Calgar.v'a prominent butitiess firms on
Oct. 25m , addressed verv legib.lly to
Golden B. C. That same dale it was
received at the Cochrane office and by
them rej.osted on lhe2Gili. Il got to
Banff Oul. 27th and from there was
aent 10 Oolden rcacbii g here on the
28th. This itinerary oi its travellings
is gathered from tho offisie ttampi on
the envelope itself, and-shows that the
clerks have nol been looking niter th*
local mail in a crsditable manner.
S, Baker, in company with a man
named Lewie, have started ou a long
walk. These men have unbounded
faith iu their leg muscles as they in
tend to loot it lo Oolden, B.C., where
they will work in thelumbtrcamps tor
ih* winter. Uuker is a most ud .enti.
ous young man. He commenced bis
career as ajijiientice on a big sailing
ship on which he visiied several re
ino'e jiortioiis of the globe He went
10 South Alrica as nn attache ol the
ambulance corps and while assisting
the wounded under lire was shot hiin
sell in sot01 al places. Hewearialong
scar on his li-jlit forearm, where a
mauler did some plowing, ns a ine
meiito of the Boers. Ho vvusin uli '.ed
home- Irom South Alrica. ��� Calgary
A young man came lo Oolden ou
Montltsy from Kamlbojis and o|,eued up
n Hue of dry goods iu the sample room
ot tl.e Qteen's hotel. Business was
nol very brisk and in the wait* U
1 ween customers he had recourse to
tbe flowing bowl, lu fact he paid eo
much attention lo the wet good* that
ho lost interest iu dry goods, und 011
Tuesday evening wasgust touching Ih.
high plstcei: While there wa* uo on*
lo find fault with ihis course ot notion,
still ii wu* highly improper, and next
day he begau to see also that It was
lather hard on hit funds. To cover
up hit deSeit lie made another ioolilh
play and claimed that be had bteu
���robbed ol 1100 worth ot goodt. When
called on to give a list ol his losses to
tl.e sheriff he weakened considerably
and departed weitward on Tburiday a
���adder if not wiser boy.
A familiar Hgtii-o will be missed oil
the kltoeti and lro.11 the field ol sport
by the departure ot "Louie" Oould tO'
day for Vernon. Louie hai the heart
ol a troo spoi'titnni, and entered with
-sea! in overy gam* In whleh it* could
take 11 part. The boj* ar* lorry to
lose bim (or h. wai good company, and
wu ire torry ts ptrt wish bim tor hi
i* a good compositor. As lit eovtred
himself with glory on the football field
so he covered himtelf witb Ink when
Ushiisd tho roll and wai In every re
sped a ij'piswl "devil." A* might bo
expected, the boyi could not let Louie
go without giving him a ipread. Ho
waa entertained by his friends at th*
home of Mr. and Mr*. Woodland,
-in Wedneidny evening latt, where
in ^appropriate adsheai wat pre
.ented. aloud wiih a shaving sat-a
very appropriate gill, for Louie'i
mctaiticlie ii working overtime In
order to "get there" on schedule time.
Louie leit on Friday'* No. 1 and tukti
with lilm tha beat wlst.e* of a large
circle of (rleiidt who will alwaya be
leased fo bear-of bi* luoeel* In life.   .
F. M. Barrett
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Pcirm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brashes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads?,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes Of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of 9II kinds ropaired.
Prices right. Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt,
We will giva the above reward to any otrson who will Wrrectljr j-naa*** tb*
, ataveletteritoipelitheiiamsMotthiwOuirdiancltiei. Ute*a��hlett*rbtit
once. Tryit. We will positlvelygive the money away, and yon may be the
I' fortunate perton. Should there be more than I nt of oorract antwirt, thai
1 money will be divided equal!-
' Mtwera, each will receive Y
1 eaoh will receive |20; .twenty .
1 our firm ��nd goods we handle uqulekly   .   	
I WITH YOUR ANSWER.  Thii li a FREE contort.  A port card **** ***.
II -    TbMewholu'naM.-as-ssrtvedt-njIl-J^im
I >***^sjv-jjv*��>.KMI*IRI SUPPLY CO-, ORIUIA. 0��VN��D*U*a>-ajV-ajV*a> I
Piemitr 8.1 Wilfrid -Unrltr hai
airuok iba kayiioia a* to tlio choiacltr*
isilu ol ibe Duku and Duob*��l rt.it
most iui. rsuaud the peopl* of Cauada..
Ci.ay wire .*-*iiuplicity, pailence aad
loh priming ai the Era i&c*.
Lumbarman's and Miners' Clothing.
. S-H
Look for the stamp ".Carss Mackinitt*w " on
every garment   Notgenuinewithont trtamp.
Ooldon Weddlng.-The marrUge of
a Oolden couple, who came to Victoria,
to etait their married Ilia, wai eolemn-
itted at tba Dominion Hotel yesterday
by Hev. Alex, Fraier. The h��ppy
coupl* were A. F. Smith and Ml** Flo
Pughe, both of Oolden, B.C. --Colohiit,
Oot 26.
Tha above paragraph I* ot Intanit
10 Ootdenltei, both the contracting
pariles being will knowu bete. >M"-
Smith wai tor a tim* in oharge of lbs
Era, and left for thi ooalt tbi* mm-
mar. ,TheE,BA*i good wilh** logow
the newly married stony!*,.
When one want* a picture ot th*
King and Quean to Irama ��nd hang
ap In hi* bouat, be i* going to have
ilia beat portrait! obtainable, and.
wben be know* ibat the belt li tq ba
bad at cheap, and lume ca��ei cheafser,
than an loferlor ****���; hi woald laat
that he bad beUer have ho portrait at
all thar. ta peranadid (nW taking tba
Inieriar*'arlleU, lirirlaad .of tha��^f*t,
whleh li really lha only ona worth
Tbli li the position ol affalri ra*
gardlng tho portrait* .al King Edward
and Queen A,lexandr��, prnented tbii
���eaion to r*sj>4*ri ol th* J-iMatly Hlrald
and Weekly Star. Ko one who mm
thsm will doubt lor a mlnui* thai*
���nparlorlty, Tiv*�� ��ra vit4����bl*.s>sj**4**
faithful In avary detail, and our ad via*
to our reader*.* to gat lha Family
Herald's pioiura of lb* King and
Qj*en. Tb* Faiaily Harald alio Ju-
aludea a third ptotura, tk* ren-iwuad
DuifaiM a* IJrtWiUHs*, a p*rl*ut jsjair,
and aaaWw^'ttoaMia
for \\*r&et; il��r*ld and **��*>��
Star, alrl ***** im. ****** *-**%**
fauwu* Oalaabsitouah picture.
Family HeraM will varuiuly dol a
A South Afrioa mimorial tablet tr a*
nnveiled in Ottawa.
Burglar! secured $100,000 by rob
blng a uie la Bene, Ohio.
The C. P. B. will ereot car repair
��hopi at Portage la Prairie.
Th* London (Ont.) Tobacco Co'*
factory wu destroyed by fire,
Mill Hogan, a nnras, of Boiilind,
wai found dead in Spokane.
Hon. Mr. Pelletier will load tha Caa*
starvatlvM In Qutbcc province,
. Thin ii conilderable iinallpox In
Manitoba, bnt all ot a mild lyp*.
Andrew Iirulson murder*d loarof
nil nlativei at Betohwood, WU.
Bumo'n ara rlfa tbat Sir Mlehial
Hlcki Beach ii thinking about reiign
The jury raurntd a verdict ol "Not
Gnilty" in tha WbKa poisoning cut at
It h nndultood that all colonial
spramier* w'll b* invited to atttnd th*
coronation ceremonlei next Juno, th*
Idea being to make tha oenmonlei aa
imprewlva aa poulbit, and at tha itmt
tlmt rtprwentitlv* of awry portion of
th* urrltory under British nil*. A
formal Invitation lo Sir Wilfrid hai
jut been noiitad.
im induMd by hHsTfiMil<M|
ta* amv
N-itsiiT **^ ������*-���-
b-{Sti.     _
*f nulftjt. sjtIm daiaaStSL*'
Wli by C. W. l-IUd.
$15,000.00 Too Ml
\AIE have $15,000.00 too much
* * Stock which wo nre going
to turn Into Cash in the . . . .
We at* marking right -down to
COST, and many lilies under
cost in order to make a quick
*    . ��� *
We will have the goods marked down
and ready for your inspection
Golden ��&
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
us in
r��iww*niirv'9y,      ***.** u. -.*n*n, a.b.s.m, a.i.m.m
���a ttS ttti g.->i--up quma*\, Aie.eiu.r.a.e,
Bryant * GUmtn, j^t��*aw*uMi a***,****
lhe Kancouvir Assay Ofli�� 10�� Testing Works
tgtABU8HW) WO.
Beporti on Wjp; |||>fj^ '*
- '^QiMW-rS,""���>���*:'W^*-y*-- ������**mmmmmm.*m
Victoria OfflOt: 4 ^itttiH (Opaoalt* Drlard Hotel.) VlMCOUWv. ^*>
Shipping taga inay be t^ad free at tht j&U Offlo-v


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