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The Golden Era Jun 29, 1900

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Array a       ;��������
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
1.00U HERE EACH WEEK I'OK s��*fv*3
A .upply of Building "time for Sale.
���at., prepared.   Prompt attention given to
un   may   1>e  neon  at nnd  Prices or
Lots und Turintt obtained from
C. W. FIELD, Ag-ent, Golden.
> iO*^***-,
VOI* IX NO. 48
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1900
$2 Per Year
We have just passed
into stoek a complete range of Tinware of
the best make, including everything yon n-^ed
and nothing you do not need. These are a
few, itf the many useful articles now awaiting
inspectiGn:��� -
Camp, Tea,, Glue and Preserving KETTTLES.
Bread, JJllk, Kneading and Dish PANS,
Oil and Sprinkling Cans.   Milk, Water, Strainer
and Slop PAILS.
Clothes Boilers, Egg Poachers, Coffee Pots(
Pudding Dishes, Boston Strainers,
"Lanterns, Flour Sifters, Scoops, Graters, Juice Extractora
Lemon Squeezers, Ice Cream Moulds, Broilers, Tonsters.
Pure Food
Cookabl-a, Wholesom Beans���Lima White and Pink.
LIPTON'S Best Ham and Bacon.
Choicest California Evaporated Fruits. High
Grade Domestic and Imported Oann-sd Fruits and
Vegetables. -   -
Creamery Butter in 1-pound prints and 2-ponnd
tins.      Dairy Butter in 1-pound rolls.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexa-qder Block.
Now is the Time
lor Spring Medioine to put you In shape for the heat ot the coming
Summer. Any of these unwell known and relladle-South
American Stontiok and Liver Oure, B. B. B., Paine's Celery
Colupotlud; Clarke's, Hood's,Ayer's and Channing;1. Sursaparillas.
AGAIN, IN TONICS you oan Ret Quinine Wine; Beef, Iron and
Wine; Fi-llo*-.'. Srr.sp; Campbell's Elixir; Malt Extract; and
Peptonized Wjne o! Cod Liver Oil,
IN PILLS-Dold'a, Doan'i Chaw's. William'., Coobev'., Ayssr'ss,
Parinel.se'., Beeoham'., Holloway'e, Seigel'a, Carter'., Bnrdook'a
Agnew'a, Hood', and Wills'.
and Nerve Medioine.; Plasters, Ointment., Liniments and Ding
Patents gederally.
If You want a Good Fit in
oall at Warren's.
The Finest Range of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper GoMmJjia
i ���*
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, RC.
Direct Routo to Peterborough, Athalmer, Windermere tnd
Surrounding Mining Diltriot
(Jpntlgners will ba eharxtd with ill way freight Utwsen Oolden
. altd Wluslsrmera, at which point a Company's agent will be
tj stationed
Allfralfthtaudoliargesongoods to Wlnderm.r. and points "be-
yond will hats to be paid to th* Company's agnt at Winder-
men oilers delivery at goods.     >^*mn^m^t^^^^-^-^-^-^
C   H.  PARSON   Manw-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid Up **.4.(8,B03
Beat - ���       1,7-90,000
II. S. Howlnr.sl,       -       rs-CHlils-nt.
���Tl H. Merrltt,        -        Vlre-i'raa.
Wm. llosnaisy,     T. Sutlicrlnslsl Htaynor
ltobert JntTrsty, Kltus llo-ter.-,
Win. liendrso.
D. lt. Wlt-Kltc, Generi.1 Manages-.
��. Hav, Inspector.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. usid R C.
nmnsion, Cl-jury, Ktlnioiiton,
Golden,       Nelson,        Portage In Prmrio,
l'rlnce Allmrt,     Hevelstoke,     Ktrathcona.
Viuti-ouVor,        Winiiipojr,
Essox, Fe.tf.w, Unit, Hamilton,   Insrors*!!,
Listowel, Ninffnra Fsslls,  Port Cotbourne
RatPurlune, SuultSto. Miuie, .      St.
Cntbarlnos, St. Tiioiaa., Toronto, Welkssid,
Wooil*itui-k, snid Montreal, f*)uo.
Agent.*. In Ureal Britain:
Lloyd's llank. Ltd., 7*2 Lomlmrd St, London
with whom money limy be liepoHited for
transfer by lettor or table to any of the
'   above, briuiflies.
Agenta Iii United StntMi
NEW YOllK-linuk of Montreal; Uimk ol
CHInAUO-First National Dank.
ST. PAUL-Keeoml Knliunal llank.
SAN FRANWSCO-Wclls, Fargo fc Co.s
Agents In South Afrlen.
lutorost sillowwl on stopoi.it-..
Pro. iticlal, Munk'i|.Hl nsi.1 other debentures
Avnilublo at all point, in Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Hgr., Golden Branch.
���!������������--���     I I |�� ...SI Sggg
HOUSE nod LOT for Sale near tlio Court
House, (folden. Apply to Mrs. Stephens, at
the Smelter. jl8-lm
All persons who hnvo any bills, rlmrgee or
claims upon Mr. W. C* Wells for or in res*
peet--of'"lfa. Into eteUlws-ln. the distrivtof
North East Kootenay will kindly send in
suoh bills, charge, or claims to the undersigned within ons mouth from tlie llth dayot
June, 1000,
Dated at Ooldon this llth dayof June, A.
d. woa
Election Agent for W. C. Wella.
British Columbia.
Gold II CO
Silver  1 00
Lead  1 JO
Copyer 8 00
Guld and Silver 2 00
Lead nud Silver..... 1 8 00
Gold and Coppor  8 00
Silverond Oopper    2 to
Gold Silver end Lead  ��00
Gold Silver ami Copper 8 GO
Gold Silver Lead and Copper... :. 4 00
Iron 400
'fin  HOO
Zinc 9 00
Nickel   500
Bismuth 1)00
Antimony 0 00
Cosnplete analyat. oflronoroa 0 CO
All ores for aasay are carefntly sampled
and a portion kept in the office, ao that the
owner may get. sample shonld he at any
time dosiro tu have a check aaaay made.
Itoduced price, for five samnlea .nd over
when brought in together and for the ume
Prapecta examined and reported upon.
The great rat ner nt discoveries that have been made in tho Upper
Country have attracted attention from all parts of ihe world and
to-day there ti no more familiarly known suction than that which
claims PETERBOROUGH, B. C, ns ita Centro, Direct uom-
lmiuioatloti per steamers with Golden and the on'side world and
thiokly settled in all directions. PETERBOROUGH id tho key
to the wonderful Tohy and Horso Thief properties now bsliifl;
extensively developed, as it situated directly between those two
Creeks.    Forfurther particulars, apply to
G. A. STARK, Agent,
 Peterborough, B.C.
British Columbia will shortly have
to perform the task of swearing in Sir
Henri Joly deLotbinicre sbLieutenant-
Governor of the Province. Sir Henri
needs no comment at to Ins ability, as
he at one time filled, the same responsible position ta tbe Province of -Quebec, having beon appointed by the late
Sir John A. Maedonald. He is therefore a man of wide cxporince in his
present appointment-) and no doubt he
will satisfy the people of this Province
in the performance of liis duties.
The 8. C membera in the Dominion
House are sparing no effort In the
cause of labor in the Chinese exclusion
measures. They hnvo tak*n up the
cudgels for the working man. May
they stay with their conviction tn this
connection, and may it yet he found
necessary to drive what Mongolians
we have back ie wfcence they came.
Of course there are those who claim
that It is un-('hrit��tfon, hut fn the
words of Mr.Muxwotl: "'Tlie Creator
forbade the children of Ieruel to mix
with tho tainted."
Discussing Gold win Smith's letter to
the New York Sun. the Hamilton
Spectator snys: *��� There are, say, five
millions of people in Canada, and thoy
are'divided'on th, Boer question in
about this way: Anti-Boer, 4t99!),9Dil;
pro-Boer, G. Smith."
The Chinese have broken out in earnest and the great Powers have got
their backs up, while the Dowager
Empress threatens to exterminate all
foreigners.'   Let her go!
Eighty-five years ago last Monday
the Joe Martin of France tried to bull
the lead market at Waterloo and wns
given a quiet life for his enterprise,���
New Denver Ledge.
Amerioan apples are peeled, sliced
and dried and then sent to France,
where they are converted Into cider,
says an exchange. With tho addition
of carbonic acid gas and a certain
flavoring the cider becomes champagne,
muoh oE which Is unsuspectingly
drunk as the genuine article.
La Presse, Conservative, says Hor.
J. I. Tarte wilt be deposed from tbe
Laurier Cabinet, his position as Minister of Public Works to be filled by
Hon. M. E. Beruier, the new Minister
of Inland Revenue, who will be succeeded by Hon; Charles Fitzpatriek,
Sol'cttor-General, Hon. L. P. Brodeur,
Deputy Speaker, succeeding Fitxpat-
rtck. The sooner Tarte is got rid of
the better for all concerned.
PREFER IT   TO Af.-i   *>IH!P
Nm r.HCM-'En
I have heen informed that the custom of sending to ths eastern departmental stores for diss, goods has do*
orsased greatly at the preaent time.
This Is sttributed to twooanses���first,
tho faot tbat women havs learned thej
ean bny dress goods muoh cheaper at
boms, and seoond, a desire on their
part to keep the money at home. Ths
former is wisdom and the latter is
patriotism that should bear fruit Id Its
own good time.���P.G. in Nelson Economist.
Can aa muoh bs said of the peopl* of
Oolden? Thenars at least a dosen
���neb eases we know of in our midst
and It ahould not he. "Why these
people persist in .ending their money
east tl a mystery to us, when ths same
psopla an tbs one. to kick the hardest
against th* importation of oheap labor.
Th* quality of goods hero Is a. good ss
is on tb* matket and the prices will bo
teund to compare favorably with thoae
slsswhsn. Let justice be dons. No
man in ths Eaat pays suoh wages as
at* paid In the West, and therefor* it
ia not to tbe interest of any community
to Nnd thair earnings oat ol town for
snch truth as is gentnlly sslt bask 1*
nturn for onr money,
A. LanglaAds and J. Moore, who
have been doing development work on
James Noble's property on Fifteen-
Mile creek, have struck a very rich
vain of ore and report it as being in
unlimited quantity.
Several very valuable properties have
been located on the Bugaboo during
thx past ten days. Tiie Bugaboo ti
rapidly coming to the front.
E. A. Haggen left for the Certainty
Company's property on Canyon creek
on Wednesday moruiug.
G. S. McCarter is in town and visited Borne mineral claims to the south
itccompanied by Mossra. O. D. Hoar
and W. G. Birttev of Revelstoke and
Mr. Kennedy of New York,
The value of tho Transvaal mining
machinery is not far from $47,OC!0,OCO,
S 10.000,000 worth oE which is on lhe
A fire is sweeping the workings of
tho great Calumet and Hecla copper
mine in Michigan.
*m*ee t **.
Polico Court.
Sam Taylor, a gEntlemun of leipnre,
was to day SL'titencod to thirty days at
hard labor for stealing articles from a
trunk iu tbo custody of tho Kootenav
A !*t ranger was fined two dollars and
costs or one week in just for being
drunk and disorderly,
R, Gable was arrested yesterday at
Enaver on a charge of gudticrion. Tiie
case came up for hoitrtng this morning
out was remanded until Tuesday next
at 10 a.m. Thos. O'Brien ha* been
retained for the prosecution.
Scries of Baseball Matches.
John Bull vs. Oom Paul, on South
African grounds.
First match opened near Ladysmith
with Frenchy at tho bat and be scored
heavily, running up the score in magnificent style. Baseman Koch mado
a hums run for his side.
The next mutch, was also at Ladysmith, White to bat. The Boers threw
some nasty balls, but White batted
tbem hard, although he was held down
to the home plate. The Paulites in
their turn failed to score. With Jack
Tar in the pitcher's box, ho sent in
soma nasty enrves which at times
completely fooled old Whiskers. Jt
was a long game, but after an up-hill
fight White finally scored tlie winning
John Bull next put Buller to handle
the team, but after a couple of hard
games at the Tugela grounds in which
the Paulites butted Bulla- all over
the Held, John realized that both
Buller and Baseman Methuen wero not
In the Paulites class and reorganized
hti team with Bobs as pitcher and
Kitchener as catcher. This battery
completely fooled tho men with the
whiskers, complaint being made that
tbis battery did not play tha game as
Paul wanted, the result behi-; that old
Whickers- men were badly handicapped.
In the game at Paardeberg grounds
old Cronje waa hit all over the field,
and the way that Baseman Canuck
scored was a caution. They soon got
onto old Cronje's curves and home
runs were made as they pleased. When
Cronje went to bat he was brought in
on a hot drop by Pitcher Bobs, having
(ailed to score, The next matches were
simply a walk-over for John's new
battery,, and they soon played tho
Paulites down to the Pretoria grounds
without having been stopped.
John's juniors played a long game
at Mafeking with Powell in tbe pitch'
er's box, and the way he fooled the
boys with the whiskers was a treat,
while his method of stealing bases was
greatly admired. It is safo to say
Potyell's team wpn the junior penant.
Game oloned by the Paulites being
completely whitewashed.
The Football Team tor Field.
The football team to represent the
Golden club at Field on Monday will
probably leave somtime on Sunday for
the scene cf action. The team is a
strollg one and will undoubtedly give
a good account of itself nc mutter who
runs up against it, The boyn have
heen doing somo hard work on the
practico ground, although laboring
under a disadvantage owing to the ex-
iremely bad state ofthe field, which
is very lumpy in places and is mostly
under water, causing a shift from bad
to worse, where the ditches on either
aide of tho field givo hut very little
room for good playing. At. any raw
every player will work to win at the
tournament, tvhother the odds happen
to bo against him or not.
So far as known tbo team will Hue
up nt, follows: ���
Back���Wils-jn and Smith.
Half-back���Alexander, T. King and
Forward���Bookhout, Sinclair, Fullis
(centre), Flynn and Lafleur,
Spare men���Inches, Grady, Stalker,
Robertson and Peareo.
Tbe above team is of course subject
to a slight change.
Canadians Strictly In It.
Tho Canadian Mounted Rifles aro
showing the wily Boer what kind of
stuff they are made of. Tiie Rifles are
scattered along the railways in the
northern section of the Orange River
Colony, where Gen. DoWet is causing
uo little trouble, and where nn outpost
of rhe pride of Canada was stationed.
Thoy were attacked by usuporiornum-
ber of the enemy, and th* brave riders
of the plains (for they wero from tho
Northwest) were compelled to tako to
iheir horsos, sufforing severely. Three
troopers were killed and two troopers
and Lieut. Ingl's wounded, whilo two
others wero made prisoners. Tlie Boors
pursued the party to within rifle-shot
of their catap, when Trooper Waldy of
Calgary, not earing to be shot or cop
turod without making a good fight for
it, boldly jumped from his horso and
killed two Boers, while a third was
shot from enmp. Their friends dared
not attempt to remove tin bodies, so
the Canadians buried ihem.
for acceptable idess.
State if patented.
       Uettimore, Md.
Subscription price of tbo Patknt Rscoed {1.00
per annum.  Kamplus iVea.
Tho  Friend of tho Canadian
Lord Roberts has on moro than one
occasion expressed his admiration for
iho Canadian boya who are taking
such an active part in tho South
African war. Iu all the covriKpou-
tlence from tbo front it is ntio p!oasin^
to note tho esteem iu which the boys
bold their friend "Bobs." Lord
.ttiberts hns the Cam-.diun boys with
him all tho time. This is a great
compliment lo Canada. Thero aro
thousands of Canadians who havo
riieudsor relatives in tho Canadian
contingent and who would bo glad to
have a portrait of the groat yeueral
ondor whom they aro fighting and
lighting successfully. Tho Family
Herald and Weekly Star has published
a reallv handsome colored portrait of
Lord Roberts and we hare completed
arrangements with them by which nil
our readers and residt-nts of this vicinity can securo a copy. It is a true
picture of the famous general. It is
l?x22 incites, an exact reproduction of
a painting by on of the best European
We will send Tin-: Golden Eka and
tho Family Herald and Weekly Star
from now until the end of the year,
including tho portrait olLord Roberts,
for tho smnll sum of SI.25, and if nny
person feels that it is not worth the
money the same will he refunded.
To any of our subscribers whose
an ears have beeu paid we offer tho
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
thn picture for GO cents. Tho above
offers are open for a limited timo only.
Bodega   Restaurant.
Koas at any hours.
Fish and Gams in season*
Broad. CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionary
Awaya in Stock*
Fresh Oysters.
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with tiie largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining- District and
making their
Headquarters for all -pi
branches  of Mining-
and Prospecting*  .   .
Lowest Estimates given to Mining- Men
coming into tlie country to
... Develop Properties.
Having Our   Own Freight
Boats We Defy
u. 8. consulate am) foreign
concessions destroyed.
Kang Yn Yel, the Reformer, States
Russia 1b at tho llottom of
the Troubles.
Washington, June 23 ���Acting Secretary of tbe Navy Hackett received a
cable message thi* afternoon from Admiral Kempflf, dated Che ��00, Jnne 31.
saying that Tien Tain is being bombarded, and that much of the American
couBolate, as well aa mnch of the
foreign concessions,, are being destroyed. A relief party is en route to Tien
Tain, inclndiog ISO American marines!
nuder Major Weller.
Loudon, June 2*1. ��� The United
States gauboat Monocacy was two
miles up the Pei-Ho river wheu the international fleet began tbe bombardment of tlie Tako forts. According to
the Shanghai correspondent of the
Daily Express, ahe was shut through
the bows. Tbe correspondent says that
Chinese riflemen on both banks of the
river attacked hi r. bnt unsuccessfully.
The toon tineas of autheatio news
with reference to the situation continues. Admiral K"inpff's dispatob to
the United States navy department, an-
nou eiug tbat Tien Xaiu ii being bombarded, was prominently used by the
Loudou 1 aper.-. aud commented upon
as indicating a change lor the worse.
The British admiralty does not believe
tbe report of the death of Admiral Seymour, commander of the international
relief column; and setni-oftloial aaanr-
auces are given that there seems to be
not the slightest evidence to bank up
suoh a report. Jt is pointed ont that
Admiral Seymonr had sufficient supplies to euat-le him to get to Pekin or
to get back.
The Singapore correspondent of the
Daily Express, telegiaphiug yeBterday.
says: "KankWuYei, the reformer,
asserts that Russian agents precipitated,
if tbey did not entirely organic, the
preseut disturbances for purely Russian purposes." A dispatoh to the
Dally Telegraph from Shanghai suys
tbat tbe missionaries from Tsang Ohou
have safely arrived at Wei Hai Wei.
The stoppage of trade has thrown 10,
OOO coolies out of work at Shanghai.
All tbe English ladies at Tien Tsiu left
there Saturday by traiu for Taku.
Shanghai wires that tbey had some exciting experiences and would not have
gotten through except for the assistance
of the Chinese troops.
Shanghai, June 32.��� The Britiab torpedo boat destroyer Whiting, at tbe
Che Foi, reports that nothing has been
heard from Admiral Seymour's force
for six days.
The Frenoh consul wires that tbe
British mission at Tsau Chow has been
looted and tbe uissionaiies co .veyed to
an unknown place by a Ohhrse general.
Pw.ssl.kop Occupied and 300 lloer. Sur-
.eit.lvr���Tn*i��.vi a.1 Uepubllc In.
Flmtiiclul Stl-Bt*..
Ixmiion, Jnne 88.���lien. Boilers' ad*
vanes into Transvaal ia still unchecked.
Paurde Kop was oceopied aud HOO
burghers .nrrendered. Boers continue
to announce snecesses oa.t of Prelobria.
bat the republics are iu sore straits for
money. It ia believed Boiler will oot
communication!! between Preeident
Stem and Oen. De Wet
Paarde Kop, June 82.���Tbe British
column arrived here yesterday The
presence ot the army has iudocad the
burghers to lay down their arms. The
bridge and culverts, bnt the S-isidspruit
bridge is little damaged.
Volksrust, June 82.���Gen. Buller
bas arrived at Sand Spruit station and
camped tno miles further 00 the western side of the railway. Many Boen
met Gen. Buller on tbe road and surrendered their arm. nnd horses.
Diapatohe. from Lorenzo Marque,
reiterated tbe statements that Secretary
of State Beiti sailed for Europe reoently on a Dutch warship.
Slrnck by Trolley Cars.
Chicago, June 88.���A trolley car
rnuniug at high speed lonigbt struck a
farmer's wagon 1 arrylng 14 persons at
Asblaud and Wabash avenne.. Seven
of tbe occupants of tbe wagon were injured, two fatally. The injured are:
Frank Deering, injured internally,
may die; Franoi. Maasaoh, injured internally; may die; Mary Gralaaob,
Tellie Uruoaky, Lena Zendralck and
Michael Pisybia. Witnesses ssserted
that tbe collision wu unavoidable.
Connt JHuravielT thai.
St. P.-tersb-irg, Jnne 28.��� The Hussion minuter ot foreign affairs, Count
Muravieff, died suddenly this -arming.
Count Muravieff had just finished
his morning onp of coffee and b.d ordered bi. lunch when hefellinanapop-
letic fit and expired.
Frank HadskU I'rowi.ed.
Winnipeg, Jnne 81���About 8 o'olook
last evening Frank Hadakia. son of Mr.
O. II Hadssis, s'ilv tax oolleitor, was
drowned in the Red river, abont a mile
above Norwood biidge.
CUiue Dealing With Grit In Out of Con*
tUtlun CuualUui-ubly Chuitged.
Ottawa, Jnuo .2.��� The bill respecting tbe grain trade in tho inspection
diatnetsot Muuitoba was up in tbe
seua e. Ou the clause regarding the
keeping of the latest market quotations
at Winnipeg, Senator Periey urged that
that information would be of no use in
Winnipeg, tbey wanted it all over tho
country. The bill he said, had been
passed in the interests of Winnipeg
grain men.
On motion to go iuto supply, Mr.
Richardson moved tlut clause 16 of the
contra* t between Her Majesty aud tho
Canadian Pacific railway company ratified by the parliament of Cauada on the
ISth of February, 1S8J, provides aa
'The Canadian Paoiflo railway bad
all stations sud station grounds, woik-
shops, buildings, yards and other property, rolling stook and appurtenances
required and use for the construction
and working thereof and tbe capital
stock ot the company shall be forever
free form taxation by the Dominion or
by any province hereinafter established
or by any municipal corporation therein, aud the lands ot the company in the
Northwest Territories until thsy ate
ei'ber sold or oocupijrf, shall also be
free Irom snoh taxation for 30 yean af*
ler tbe grant thereof from the crown.
"That in answer to an interpellation
in parliament on the 13th day of February, 1900, ub to tbe date of the termination of said period of exemption
from taxation, it was stated on behalf
of the government thut this is a matter
of legal opinion, which, if disputed;
oan only Le Eettled by judicial decision
"That the progress in the Moth west
ia enormously handicapped by lhe exemption ttom taxution of so vast a
quantity of laud as has been set apart
for the company and would be seriously paralysed should the tax exemption
be indefinitely o.ntiuned.
"That it appears from the debates
whioh ooourred when tho said contract
was before parliament and from the
wording of tbe aot itself, that the exemption was intended to oover a period
of not more than 30 years from the date
of the passing of said act, aod that it
was eo understood by the railway com-
piny, wbicb, on the conclusion ot the
bargain, raised f.'S.Ou 0,000 ou the security of the said laud grant.
"That for the foregoing reasons, iu
the opinion of this house, the lands
covered by tbe C.P.R. company will
become sobjeot to taxation ou Feb. 16,
1901,a and tbat all snob lands should
be patented ii tbe s.iid railway company on thai date, so tbat tbey may become subject to taxation as soon as the
exemption contemplated by parliament
at the passiug of the act has expired."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier suggested a reference of the question to the courts by
municipalities, but said he o.ulii not
accept the wording of tbe r Bolutiou as
presented. *
Sir Ofaar.'es Tupper held thtt the proposal was absolutely impracticable.
Mr. Oliver seconded and supported
the resolution. Mr. Rutherford sympathized with the resolution but he
would change that part whioh said that
ilio cxciupHons ceased In February on
a certain dut*, he would vote for it,
but to do bo in its present shape would
be self s unification.
Mr. Puttee said it wa�� the doty of
parliament to ftand by the rights of the
The house divided ou the resolution,
wbioh was lost. Only tix voted for it.
They were Graham, Pettet, Oliver,
Puttee, Rogers and Richardson. Six
for uud 99 against.
Mr. Bernler Seiectsd.
Ottawa, June 88���It haa been decided lhat Mr. Bernler, M.P., of St.
Uyaointhe, will repl ice Sir Henry J. ly
as miuister of tbe inland revenue department. Official announcement of
the changes 1. expected tomorrow,
when Lord Minto .igss. tie ordsr dismissing Lient.-Gov. Molnner, Mr. Ber*
nlers' appointment will be generally
Take pat.ein of tie umbrella, my
con. Tbe umbrella i. a n-eful ar.i le
bnt it neve- spread*, it.elf.
Toronto. Jnne ����.���John Hallaa
died tonight. He had' beeu in poor
health for some time Mr. Hal'am was
the largest leather merchant In Toronto. He took a keen interest in publio
affair., was freqently a member of tbe
o innoil. and in .pile of bia poor health
na for Ihe mayoralty laat Jannarr.
Toronto, Jnne 88.���A .pedal  cable
dispatch uy Canada ba. been .swarded
fint priae for 111 oiaplay of timber it
tbo eipjaition.
Meaara. Well--, HcBrlie ml Prentice Are
Added to tbe II. C. Cabinet.
"Viotoria, Jnne 38.���Tbe new British
Columbia cabinet bus been completed.
Messrs. Wells, Prentice and McBrlde
were today added to ibose already
sworn in as members, and were sworn
in late tbia afternoon. Well, will be
minister of mines; McBride, commissioner of lands an I works, and Prentice, provincial eeoretary and minister
of eduoation.
The political sensation of yesterday
was tbat the governor bas declined to
sign the writs for the elections in Sontb
Viotoria and in Victoiia Oity, wbich
mnst take place before tbe minister of
finance and the attorney.general can
take their seats in the legislature. Only
two weeks in erveue between the present time and tbe opening of the house,
and it is therefore evident that no time
il to be lost if tbe two ministers referred lo ara to bave seats in tbe legislature at the opering His honor,
however, it is understood, abiolu ely
declinea to sign the writs. In this
courtse be has a nnmber of defenders
among those conversant with procedure,
it b.ing asserted that while be may
oondnot tbe mere routine work of hi.
office, it would be indiscreet for bim to
authorize a bye eieotion, in view of
bis dismissal by the Ottawa authorities.
Montreal, Jnne 88.���The Orand
Trunk railway haa decided to pnt on a
nnmber of additional fast trains. The
first will be known as the "International Lisnied," from Portland to
Ohioago, Toronto, aud Montreal.
Can Wrecked by Dynamite.
St. Louis, Mo., June 80.���Dynamite
was more freely used yesterday than on
any day .inoe tbe strike waa inaugurated. Iu addition to the wrecking of tbe
car on tbe Page avenne division, fonr
otber car. were wrecked last nigbt in
various parts of tbe oity. No one was
seriously injured, however.
A car on tba Baden division bad its
trooka shattered and tbe floor ripped
np and torn ont.	
Otiawa, Jnno 80.���Unlea, a uniform
wage of f 3 a day and a working day of
nine honn are oencsded tbo linemen
working for the Canadian Pacific Telegraph Co., tbe Oreat North Western
Telegraph Co., tbe Canadian Atlantlo
Ca, of tbe Ottawa Eleotrio Lighting
Co.. tbe Ottawa Eleotrio Hallway company, and tbe Bell Telephone Co. will
go on strike. Abont 300 men stopped
work today.	
Stratford, Jnne 80.���A. 9. Harrison,
found gnilty on Saturday of having
counterfeit coins and dies for making
them, in hi. pos.es.ion, waa sentenced
this morning to two yean and six
months la Kingston penitentiary.
Tbe Missionaries Were Carried Away
by the Chinese ('enernl and
Received' Protection.
London, June 31.���The uews from
Shanghai today is regarded in official
circles as dl'tiuct.y oheerinj. After
the grim reports curreut early this
morning tbe dispatch of tho Associated
Press announcing tho arrival ot the relief expedition commanded by Admiral
Seymour at Pekiu.and tbe safety of the
legations, wnioh later wa. confirmed by
a dispatch irom Shanghai, published in
a second edition of tbe London Times,
announcing that Seymour's force arrived at the Ohinese capital June 17,
presages, it is hoped, a general brightening of tbe situation. No details
have yet been received of tbe cu.aalties
or of the conditions of affairs at Pekin,
but well intormel peopl-) express tbe
opinion that the summoning of Li
Hung Chang to the capitul foreshadows
the e.irly.8ubmi9tio*i of the dowager
empress to the diolates of the powers.
Loudon, June 31.���Shanghai reports
originating from Chinese sources aud
orodited by the ltcttl iorei.n officials,
state that the legation, at Pekin were
tafe on Suuday, June 17, Admiral Seymour with a relieving column i. alio
reported to have reaohed Pekin.
Washington, Jnne 31.���Mr. Wn, the
Obinese minister here, boils wilh gen
esal satisfaoton tbe report tbat come,
from Canton that i-i Hung Chang haa
been ordered io Pekin. He thinks lt
augurs well fur the future, and that hi.
presence wil exert a beneficial eff-ot in
the treatment < f the Boxer situation,
Mr. Wn lays stress on the fact tbnt Li
Hang Cnauo is an honored and trusted
seivant of the Esnprets Dowsger, and a
man belonying to tbe progressive ele
ment in his country lt was for bis
vnloable work iu years past in dealing
witb organizations like the Boxers that
Li received somo of Ihe honors conferred upon bim. Nothing official lias
been received by the minister from
his government, whioh is maintaining
complete silence in tbe preseut situation, nor has Mr. Wu made an attempt
to commnnicate with tbe authorities n
St. Petersburg, June 81���Vice Admiral Alexejeff from Port Arthur, reporting the capture of the Takn fort.,
say. the bombarding fl.et was commanded by tbe Russian oaptain. Do*
browolskl, as senior officer present.
Tbe Russian losses were two lieutenants killed,one severely and oue slightly wonuded. The gunboat Oilj.sk was
serion.l; don uged by a shell below tbe
waterline, aud most be docked for rep-sirs. Tbe gunboat Korejes was made
to leak in six places, and had her oabin
destroyed. Beside. Ibe above Admiral
Aleiejeff says tbe Frenoh warship Lion,
tbe British Algeriue and tbe German
gunboat litis participated in the on-
gag meut.
New York, Jnne 81.���Tbe Ohinese
oonsnl at H svann, aooording to tbe Havana correspondent of the World, says
the Empress Dowsger of China is responsible for tbe present trouble. He
predicts that a new government will be
se: np nuder tho Lades ship of Li Hnug
Obang and hints tbat be himself is nuder order, to await telegraphic notification of these chaoges. He saya that
everything will be arranged to the satisfaction of Ihe powers.
San i'mncisco, Jnne 31.���Mra. A.
P. Lowrie, a Presbyterian missionary
wbo has been stationed at Pao Ting Fn
for the last six years, arrived here on
the Doric She reports that on the
night of May 10 many native children
were murdered by the Boxers while
fleeing from Fao Ting Fn toward Tieu
Tsiu. This was abont ten miles from
Mrs. Lowriea' station, which was not
Lient. Bl.ncliard Die. of Wounda-Os.pt.
A. C. McDonald Dasig.iou.ly Wonuded.
Ottawa, Jnne 31.���The following
cablegrams bave been leceived by Lord
Minto from Sir Alfred Milner:
Oape Town, Jnne 18.���I regret io report Ibat Lient. H. ii. Blanc-hard of tbe
3nd Mounted Infantry,waa wounded at
Koodevaal June.     (Signed) Milner.
Oape Town, June 30.���I reg et to report; the following oaso-ilties: Capt.
A. 0. MaoDonnell,8ud Monnted Rifles,
dingerously wounded in tbe abdomen;
Pte. W. Frost, 8nd Mounted Rifles,
dangerously wonnded,since deed; Corp.
H. H. Bains, 2nd Monnted Rifles,
slightly wounded; Pte, F. Greenal,
2nd Mounted Rifles, slightly wounded
near Pretoria Jane 13. Lieut. Blauoh-
ard died of hi. wound, on June 15 Pie.
O. W. Leonard, of tbe Canadian regiment wonnJed at Zand river May 10,
died of bia wound.. Pte. J. MoElki*
ney missing, 39 Canadian regiment of
infantry.    (Signed) Milner.
Lient. H. G. rl.ns.hurd was formerly explain iu the B 0 Garrison Artillery stationed at Violoria, B.0. He
went to South Afrl a ns lieutenant in
A oompany, and screw ded to the com
mand on tbe death of Capt. Arnold.
Montreal, Jnne II.-Mr. L. A.
Hasnllt n, land cosiimi-slooer of Ihe
Canadian Pacific Railway oompany,
bas returned from Cuba. "My trip has
altogether teen givess over to prospecting the Oubau timber aud mineral
fields and has not been in oonneotlon
witb anv railwssy enterprise whatsoever," said Mr. Hamilton when spoken to regarding hia protraoied .lay In
Caba. This di.pall. tbe story onrrent
a mo >th ago that Mr. Hamilton was In
tbe province of Santiago associated
with a fiigiutic railroad venture fathered by Sir Willlssn Van Home.
J��*. Kin , Mr. Noilii i*u��l Hou. and three
Men Dion-uid li. Luke SletMpedlsk
Coilar Ha.l. Quo . June 31 A boating cutisstiophe occurred here yesterday
afts r..o ju. resulting in tbs drowning of
a fishing parti consisting ot James
King, tho well known lumuer merchant
of Quebec, ex-M.P.P. for Megantio;
Mrs. flolin, wife of Mr. R. Nolin, manager of Messts. King Bros, saw mill,
bere; her son aad three men named
Jos. St. Pierre, Alfr.d Del Ghamplaia
and Jos. Foamier, all single, and aged
abont 80.
Rat Portage, June 21.���George Mode-
land, foreman of the Miner printing
office, was drowned abont 8 o'olook yesterdsy evening in a small bay on the
northern limits of the town. He waa
iu bathing witb a number of yonng
men and attempted to swim to a small
steamer auobored a short distauu*. from
tbe shore. He bad covered over half
the disiauoe wben he apparently became tired an.l turned toward the shore,
when he shnwed signs of distress and
sauk iu about nine feet of water.
Calgary, N.W.T., June 31.���Alex.
Turnbull, rancher, of Gleiohen, wu
drowned in the Bow yesterday alter*
noou, near New Ferry. S.urch WM
mads fo- the body, wbioh was fonnd
last night Deceased was widely known
sud esteemed.
Letbbrislge. June 81 ���A Frenchman
u imed Rlondin was stabbed seven times
by a Fiulauder at one of the camps on
the Irrigation oan.l. The patient is
uow at tbe Gait hospital. Most of tbe
wounds are in lhe ohest, bnt none
ar* considered dangerous.
Desler*, June 31.���Ch.rest's oonfec*
tloney and bakery, St. Joseph's street,
was completely gutted by In this
morning, with adjoining buildings no*
copied by Mrs. P. Hsmel and I. O.
Aubcrt advocates, and Arthur Rlufret,
grocer. Lon 110,000, partially Insured.
The Hoe.. Attack . Train In Whleh th.
General Wm Bleeping.
London, Jnne 21.���Tbe war office bas
reoeivl-d the following dispatch from
Lord Uobeits:
Pretoria, June 80.���Thit afternoon It
is reported that Geu. Honter bad occupied Kmgendoyp (west of Johannesburg), without* opposition and lhat
Gen. Methuenon June 19 routed a
Boer force, whioh was opposing hi. en*
try into Helibton in the Orange River
Baden-Powell left this city today on
bis return to Rustenbnrg The oountry
is quieting dowu in that direction This
satisfactory state of affairs will be materially assisted by the capture between
here and Rnsienburg, Juue 19, of two
guns by Hutton's Mounted Infantry,
from a body of tbe enemy nnder Commandant Duplessia
The railway and telegraph common!,
cation witb Cape Town is now completely restored
All is quiet bere and at Johannesburg
Tbe shops are open aud the market is
daily becoming more crowded and bust*
According to a Cape Town dispatch
of this date Gen Kitchener himself had
a nai row escape fiom capture in the
engagement at Leuw Spruit on Jnne 14,
Hs was sleeipug in the repair Inin
wben the latter was attacked and many
of the engineers captured.
Kiloheuor'a sleeping oar waa at
K-.pje's station wben the Boers under
Mineral De Wet suddenly opened a rifle
fire at 8 a m. Kitchener managed to
reaoh his horse and galloped to Rheno*
ster, two miles distant. Tbe Boers
numbered 900 man with tbree gnus.
They bnrned the onlvert, wh ch bad
jutt been rebuilt,and derailed the train.
The Niagara Synod.
Hamilton, June 31.���At the opening
meeting of the synod of the dioo.se of
Niagaia today, Bishop Duinouliu presided. His lor .ship's annual address
nsnda reference to the situation in
China, which Is endangering tbe psaoe
of tbe old world, and to the almoat sue-
cessfol issue of the South African war,
Tbe bishop suggested tbe commemoration of the 86th anniversary of the
synod by making a determined effort to
place tbe general purpose fund, on a
safe and permanent basis. It wu with
plea-re he reoonled tbe increase in gen*
eral chrucli finances cf over 16,000
ahead of lut year. 1 wss with regnt
he noticed however, that tbe clergy
fond wu reduced dnring tbe year Hia
lordship referred to the difference between tbe nnmber of baptised and the
nnmber of communicants, and said that
he thought it was caused by tbe evil ol
Sunday bicycle riding.
Cause of Preaent Troubles la China,
Toronto, Jone 81.���Rev. Dr. Sutherland, general secretary of tbe Methodist Missionary sooieiy, haa a curious
theory regarding Ihe present uprising
in China. In certain yean tbe Chinese
calendar I. altered. According to an
old established mper-tittiou the appear-
ance of two-eight moon Is aoooinpanied
by a ahange of dynuty, and tbia doubt-
lets is a factor in tbe present tronble.
In every five yean tbis doubling of the
month is ssid to oocur twice. These
ngnlar periods are, howevor. either two*
four-moons, or twoaix-moons. After
the riots in IMS, said Dr. Sutherland,
the governor of Siecbuen wu degraded,
and a more oapable man anooeeded bim.
The new governor la still at tbe bead of
affairs in Sseobeum, and is said to be
quite able to maintain peaoe nnder or
dinary circumstances
Gov. Mclnnes Dismissed.
Ottawa, June 81.���Lient Governor
Melunes, of British Columbia, hu refused to resign and be wu notified by
tbe Dominion government today thai
be wu dismissed.
Sir Henri Joly, minisler of Inland
revenue, will be appointed lo lake bis
Klondiken Return.
Viotoria, B.O., Jane 10.���Tbe steam,
er Danube arrived last rvenlug with a
large number of Klondiken and f ISO,
000 in gold dust She reports the water
in the Yokon very low and navigation
stopped by tbe steamer Clifford Sifton,
which is on one of tba many sandbars.
Tbe Jobn Irving Navigation company
aold the tiamway acrou the Takn portage and two river stesniers to Ihe White
Pass railway oompany for $186,000.
Jamaica Excited.
Kingston, Ja., Jane 30.���Tha com.
mnnily hu been excited by tbe receipt
of news tbat the secretary of state for
the colonies, Mr. Joseph Ohsmbsrliin,
hu ordered a military couscrlptlon at
Ht. Kill, and Nevis by which every
male between 17 and 40 Is liable to
oompolsory servioe. The local preaa
denounces tht slap.
Victoiia. B.0, June 10.-914,100
htli been forwarded to Collector Milne
by tbe department of manna and Jl.li-
arlM in settlement of tha remaining
unsettled claima arising ont of tba
Bthring Sea salaam.
20th Century Fair
23rd to 28th July, 1900.
largely incrauMl Prise last.
Four full days Racing.
Finest Platform Attractions
ever aeen In th. W��t,
Onnd Pyro Military Dnma
Battle of Paardeberg
Surrender of General Cronje.
How m Go Between Made
Two MtUhN lutMd
Prize Lists and Programme* free on ap*
F. W. HKUHACH, Oonorol H anagsr.
Wlanlpsg, Manitoba.
A Mean AuiuNvment.
"I love to make visits in tbe uio����
"Do yon"
"Yes; all tbe otber women are buej
cleaning honse, and It ia ao fanny to
see them try to act glad to aee tne."���
Detroit Free Press.
Th* Ualversal Lon fin*.
"It Is said that Jobn D. Rockefeller'
income Is $25 a minute."
"Wonld   that those minutes  wan
Wuiuun'i Way.
After petlto Hattie Wuraraer had
nestled dowu in the easiest chair she
asked her chura Kate whether she regarded a girl bound by her promise to
"I suppose it is aocording to the point
of view. If it transpires that the
yonng man is utterly unworthy, I
presume it is right to drop him. If
convinced that he would not prove
compatible, it might be justifiable to
let him down as lightly as possible.
But I'm not up on the law and
rather inclined to think that moral
obligations are not considered particularly binding in this connection. Have
you a special case to present?"
"In strict confidence, yes. I promised
to marry Jack Dasher. I'm not certain that 1 ever loved him, but that
pernickety Miss Dubly was after him
and I just wanted to show her that
there are others. Of course she had
the nerve to fling her head right at him,
but I did what Jack called a fine piece
of interference and she was left."
"X infer from your slang that you
gratified your pique by cutting Miss
Dubly out and that you uro now ar-
ranging to throw Jack over."
"Precisely, mydear."
"It is heartless and unprincipled.
She is a noble girl and he is one of our
manliest young men."
"Oh, vdry well, if you are going to
take the matter so.ser ously. But how
many young men have you jilted,
Miss KateV"
"None except at the summer resorts,
where It is sanctioned aud expected.
"No evasions, now. How many
such scalps do you boast?"
"Tenor a (teuton. But that .is entirely a different matter. * You havo
cruelly wronsed two of our own set. I
will tell you plainly that I will make
my best effort to console Jack after you
have done what you can to wreck his
happiness.   Poor fellow!"
"Oh, that's the wny tho wind sets.
Well, I'll toll you just as plainly that
I've changed my mind. You needn't
worry your little head about consoling
my fiancee. Jack is a dear old boy
and we are engaged. I defy him to
annul the contract and will make life
unendurable to anyone that tries to
cc-r.v*1 between us."
Tbe Hit of principals of the Boston
Lyrlo Opera Oo, whioh cornea ts the
Winnipeg Theatre for the week of tbe
Industrial Fair ine lodes Russo, tbe
great tenor, who reoeivee one hundred
dollars a performance, Josephine titan-
ton, Nellie Andrews, llaode Leekley,
Henry Hal lam, George Kunkel, Jobn
Henderson. Frank Mail in. and othen
wbioh would be a difficult matter to
duplicate in the operatlo world. They
are eaob separately and individually
artists and singers of the very highest
order of merit
Director Boston Lyrla Opera Oo.
Tbe repertoire of the Boston I^rlo
Open oompany includes forty-six
rai. Tbe largest nnmber lo tbe
musical llbnry of any siml ar organis<
"m. These operas are not only in
Ibe Ijrlo llbnry bot ue performed repeatedly. Of course then an aome
that are mon popular than others, and
tbey natunlly receive the moat frequent
production, but in time they nil oome
in for a hearing, Rosso snglog only In
UM grand opens like Trovatore, Faust,
Blgoletta, OavaUerU Hustioaua, Lucia
DiLammermor, and productions of
this classical order.  *
Tbe ahorui of tbe Lyrics, must not
bt forgotten. Tbey stand apart aa tbo
very bnt ensemble of volooe io tba
The girls are baudnnia and wear
their many costumes with becoming
taste. By the way, lo speaking of on*
tames, tbo Lyrles oarry soventytwo
thousand dollars' worth of then moat
Important factor*, and superb prcduo-
I had paced the close cut sward at
least a dosen times. Tbe snn was already turning his fiery eye toward the
West It was not my lady's way to be
unpunctual, and, seeing the nature of
her business, I had not looked for delay.
Each time I passed the lilac bush 1
paused, fancying I heard the scrunch of
her tiny shoes ever the loose gravel path
that led down from tbe house. And
again and again was I disappointed. The
hour grew near.
I fumbled In my bosom for her letter,
to make a certainty of the matter. I
muttered over the words to myself; but I
bad no' need to hesitate upon them, for
my lady's fingers conld grasp tbe pen
with a lucidity of expression and a comfortable style that In tbe broad noontide
was as good as, nay, better than, any
clerk's.   It ran:
Your rtqunt Is s itrinf* eet, fetr friend, but
I will do tnywelt thi pleinirt of talking with jrou
���t tha Sign of Saint Lilac. Tbo plica ia well
choaen, I think, and tha hour propltloui. Beau-
clare will ba favorably impreaaed with my poor
looka, haft io doubt, daaplta tha cold light of 4
o'clock. What made you ehooaa tuch an hour���
���avt that you art a manf Still, It ia like your
kind heart to ba acheming tor my batter fortune,
and I will marry your good Beauclarc, provided
he will have mt and I Ilka tha trim of hia beard.
1 kin tbt page���here. Deliver tbt meaaage faithfully or tipect no mercy from your little friend,
I had told ber 4 o'clock so that I might
enjoy a full hour's speech with ber myself and make quite clear tbe nature of
tbe thing���tbat Beauclerc, my friend, was
an honest and an amiable man and actuated by no unworthy motive in thus leaving me, master of his choice In regard to
a wife. I bad felt diffidence in the business at first, but when I bethought me of
poor little Audrey���so lonely and so comfortless up at tbe big house���my heart
bad swelled with a monstrous pity, and I
bad undertaken tbe commission at a
Beauclerc bad reasoned with me thus���
tbat I (being a poorer man and consequently more honest than be) should
know better of a fitting helpmate for his
declining years. "One must have a woman about the house, friend John," he
bad concluded, "at tbe last. 'Tis 111 going out of the world leaving behind no
one tb fight over your fortune or carry on
the name, and 1 will be a docile old
beast In'harness dn you but find me a
gentle and patient lady. Nay, marring*
Is all a lottery: I wuuld bave you choose
for me, so that I can have the small consolation of not blaming myself overmuch
should the venture prove a fitilnre. Dip
your band In Dame Fortune's lucky bag
and draw a prise, friend John, for me."
So I had mentally decided upon Audrey,
though I could bave wished to hare
been "dipping" for myself. But I wanted to make life brighter���not worse���for
my lady and so banished the thought as
best I could. But the pricking was tbere
I glanced at tbe sundial. It was nigh
on to G. Beauclerc might come at any
moment. It was certainly nim*t prorbk-
Ing. I dug my heels veugefully Into the
turf and bad ventured "just like a woman I" betwixt my set teeth when of a
sudden I beard a quick, impatient step,
god my tryst was at an end. "How
I stopped. It waa not Audrey after
all, but a stranger. I bowed stiffly und
began an apology.
"Sir," said the fair unknown, cutting
me rery short, "do I address a friend of
George Beauclerc?"
"Madame," replied I, with my best
bow, "It is my good fortune to name that
gentleman op tbe list of my acquaintances."
"Perhaps | should! have ssld the
friend,'" continued sho, with a heightening color. I noticed her looks more narrowly new that we stood side by side in
the shade of the lilac. She was older
thau my lady, and there was a line
'twiit her white brows that told of a
history, yet sbe was of a trim build and
very- beautiful still. Meanwhile sbe
eyed me with diffidence. "1 scarce know
how to make my errand clear to you,
sir," she went on presently, "bnt you
have, If rumor lies not, a delicate commission of yonr friend Beauclerc npon
your bands?"
I bowed again.
"We were formerly acquainted," she
said and paused. "But, like most friendships, ours had an end. Sir, corniot you
guess what I am at so mnch trouble to
make clear? Has George nerer even
mentioned to yon so little as my name?"
"Madnme," said I, "If so be yon are the
lady through whom my friend Beauclerc
so nearly lost bis life, I will be candid
with yon. In stating the nature of the
commission with wbich I have the honor
of being Intrusted, my friend expressed
one condition���that the lady who wonld
consent to bis proposals should not be of
the same name as���yourself."
"But If it were all a mistake?" she
cried. "If I could prove that It was a
mistake? Sir, credit me with a little
truth. Tbat letter arranging the assignation wbich so nearly terminated bis
life wns never penned by me. It was
long after I bad foolishly steeled my
heart against Dim and had utterly lost hia
Mtppm that tbp truth reached me-that
fleorge Beauejerp, so fet from being th-s.
diiaplcoble msn I h>d deemed him, was
really smarting nnder the sense of a
deadly affront, apparently offered him by |
me. But you men will more readily be*
Here a woman faithless than misdoubt
that fine thing honor!" t
Her words came all tn a rush; ber
voice wns so piteous that I could not hut
feci for and believe ber. "The proof,
madame?" I asked weakly,
"Is here!" Sht flourished a paper before me, addressed to Beauclerc. "The
true writer of that abominable letter
avows himself at lastl Yes, It was a
gross forgery, sir! See for yourself!"
She flung It to me Imperiously and triumphant.
I read the letter, and my beart sank
for Audrey. Here tn truth waa the woman that should mate with Beauclerc,
tt so hap he wert willing, and this I was
fain to think be would be now that��tht
truth was clear. I handed back the paper with a sigh, yet my heart was ligVjf
than I would have Imagined.
"Madame," said I at last, "yonr case
Is now my own. Yonder comes Beauclerc. Go you to meet him. Tbere is
my brief. Tell bim from me I dare swear
tbat you will do bis business more thoroughly than I." I gave her my card, with
a bow. Across the back I had scribbled
while I spoke, "The bearer, dear friend.
Is my choice." In a moment I and Saint
Lilac were once more alone.
But I trembled when I thought ot
Audrey. What wonld she say? Had I
not deliberately brought her on a fool's
errand? I stood mightily perplexed, my
ebln In my hand, half hoping that my
lady would not come, after all, now that
she was so late. Perchance I might get
to her home. I could explain then with
a better grace, although my knees knocked together at tbe prowpect of the Interview. "Zounds," I half muttered, "what
a pother I am In, to be snn!"
" TIs a bad sign you should talk with
yourself," suddenly came a voice from
behind the lilac. "Either you must be so
conceited as to deem no other worthy of
your speech or else your wits must be
woo) gathering."
It was Audrey. I knew her dear tones
at the first word. Strangely enough, now
that I was embarked on what bid fair to
be a perilous time, my spirits revived.
"You offer me a meager choice," I said,
rallying. "I will tell you why you find
me here so out of conceit with tbe
"You may spare yourself the trouble,
friend John," said she, coming Into view.
"I have been under tbe shelter of our
patron's wing"���sht bowed to the Mao���
"all through your strange Interview."
"Then you bave heard ?"I gasped.
"Every word," replied my lady, nodding ber little bead. I bad not dared to
raise my eyes, but I conld tell from thu
tone of ber voice tbat her golden cutis
were shaking at me. "You are a PSUgbty
man," she said severely.
I stealthily raised my glance, first taking In her little shoes, then slowly up
that dainty form till I reached her soft
blue eyes.
''Yon have made a great fool of me,"
she went op.
"My dear," said I, gaining a little
courage, "listen bow much greater fool
you have made of me. I love you with
all my heart and soul! Not till I was so
near .to losing you altogether did I know
bow dear you were. My scheming on
your behalf I fancied to be only for the
sske of friendship. Bnt I love you���I
loved yon always. I knew you' were not
happy, end Beauclerc is an popest fellow
and rich, while I���I am too poor���too
humble. You would bnt hove been exchanging one misery fop another. 1 base
made a rasb venture, and I hare lost
I looked away as I spoke. I gould not
meet that gentle reproach In her eye*. "I
thought 1 should bore been happy," I
stumbled on, "In teeing you happy, ami
that the next best thing to bavins yon-
myself would be to find you an interest
In life and q home"    -
Somehow I found her gt my side���her
hand on my arm. "You can still find me
a home, friend John," she murmured,
and her voice was the sweetest music la
this world- "But to make me happy���
ab, then you must share that home too."
I looked np amazed. "I would not hare
married your Beauclerc," sbe went on
rapidly���"no, not for all the riches In tbt
world! But t did Want to tense yon,
friend Jobn. Listen. }*ove Is a master-
pot a servant We must dance to his
pipe, no matter how gllurlng the gilded
palace may seem, no matter how brilliant tbe diadems that ambition may offer, Tbe honest hearth end tbe one I
love���these are God's gifts that I will
not barter for all man's money���no, pot if
It were heaped right np to tbe skiesl
Kiss me, John!"
I did be#biddlng, the happiest creature on poor old earth, while Saint Lilac
waved bis bands In perfumed blessing
over our heads and s|gbefj witb nn <u
sbepr contentment
Ohlck���Say, ma, got my clothes ready?
I want to come out���New York Journal. '
Startling Facts of a
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Mr, B. Nicholson, Manor House, Winnipeg, Man., states:
"For several months I had been troubled with -eczema
on my Mrs, and (or weeks I doctored with a prominent
Winnipeg physician, but to no avail. I was induced by a
fellow sufferer tn try Dr. Chase's Ointment, and am happy
to say that the first application gave instant relief. Before
using all of the first box I was completely cured and have
had no return of this troublesome disease."   ***
Itching skin diseases of any kind are promptly and
effectively cured by Dr. Chase's Ointment, the standard
pf the world. Few remedies are so heartily endorsed by
hosts of grateful cured ones. Sixty cents a box at all
dealers, or Edmanson. Bates & Co., Toronto. -ft
Q-or.r>E3sr IBr-a.*
���esse   Fanny   Thi ova   Heard   by   a
Wide Awake Man.
"A funny thing about this liuslnesB."
snld a man who runs tbe elevator lu a
big offlce building, 'Mb the way people
will sometimes call out whatever Imp-
pins to be on their minds Instead of tbe
number of tbe floor at which they want
to stop. Just a few moments ago a
very good looking lady got in (lie car,
i # when we were about half way up
she called out suddenly:
"'Two back teeth!'
" 'What!' said I, a little startled.
"*I mean five,' she answered, turning
red. Theu she saw that mnde it worm?
than ever, and she turned red some
'"I mean please stop nt tho fifth
floor,' she managed to say very low
wheu we were nearly to the top. You
���see, she wns on her wny lo the dentist's
maybe to have two back teeth snatch
ed out, and I suppose she couldn't
think of anything else.
"The otber day a fat,-fussy old man
rushed In with a bundle of papers la
his band. When we got near the fourth
floor, he blurted out:
"'He'su rascal!'
" 'Very likely,' said 1 aud kept on going up.
" 'HI, there!' he yelled. 'Why don't
you stop where I told you?*
" 'How did I know which floor you
meant?' wild 1. 'What you remarked
fits the tenants on several floors.'
"It turued out thai he wnnted to see
his lawyer. 1 dou't kuow whether be
waa thinking nhout lilm or somebody
be was lu litigation with."���New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Row It Was.
Briggs���I hope you have not been
worrying about Ibat five I owe you?
Griggs-Not a Idt, old man. If I had,
1 never would have let you have It-
Detroit Free Tress.
Dear Bin���I oaunot speak too ttroiuly
ot the excellence of MINARD'S LINI
VENT. It la THE remedy tu my house-
bold for burus,   sprains,   etc., aud we
would not be without It.
It Is truly a wonderful mediolue.
Publisher Arnprlor Obronicle.
Re-sent ment,
"Clementine is   awfully  matter of
"She 1st'
A "Yes; sheqnit speaking tome because she dreamed I hi id a wliols lot of
mean   things  about   her. " ��� Chicago
Years of Agony
Man, Nlglll. Ids. 8nir.r.r fossil! Mot Ll.
In Hell, ntiil III. I. g Wit. Fr.quciitly
Sffolli-is so Twice Ila N*>lisrttl 81a..
From llie Journal. 8t. Cstharinoa.
llr. Jobu 1. Ben-no, lUilounrj engineer at Uie Ridley College 81. Catharines, ii known by most of the residents
nl tbe oil/. For yean Hr. Benson
sobered aonte agony from scia'ica, and
notwitbst.Ldlng nninsrons forms of
treatment, fonnd Utile or uo relief, nntil be began tbe use of Pr. Williams'
Psuk Pills. These pills speedily re-
stored his health as tbey bave done
that pf tbonsands cf others who bav*
gifeu tbem a fair trial. To tbe report.
er who interriewed him, Mr. Benson
���aid i "I certainly owe a debt ot grati.
tffdeto Br. William,' Pink Pilla fo?
tbey have released'me from ��� form of
., torture that bad afflicted me almost
W oQutiunontly (or twenty years. Tbe
pain began flrst in my buck, then sbif.
tpd ti my hip, and thensie down my
leg. It beoame so were that it seemed
ss though the very marrow in my lones
WM being scalded, aqd at times I
���jonld iparoely repress crying .load
Irom tbe agony I endnied. I tried all
sorts nf liniments and lotion., hnt got
DO iel|ef. I dootored with eereroj
pb-f.ipi.ua, even going to Bnltalo for
tr.atinent by > speoiali.1 there, bnt In
no oase did I ever rewire more than
temporary relief.. It may be easily
imaiiued that the pain I endured told
upon me in other ways and I beoame
almost a physical wreck. At times my
right leg would swell to neatly twins
il, normal ei.e. Then the pain and
swelling wunld shift to my left leg,
and ll e agony was someibiog awful. I
support tbat during tbe period I was
afflicted I hare hundreds of times laid
on my bank an tbe floor with my fool
ind leg elevated on �� ebair In order ra
obtain alight Mas from the pnln I endured, Tbe muscle, and sinews In my
legs looked M though they had twisted
Md tied In knots. The trouble wenl
on In this w��y until Dually nothing
but opiates would deaden the pnln. A
few yesrsagolread of i out in a
similar oan through the uu of Dr.
WtlllMM' Pink Pllli and decided to 117
tbem. for some time after I began
tbeir use I oould not we tbit tbey
were helping me, but 1 deoided thst
I would giro tbem * fair trial. By th*
time 1 hid used a half down boies,
then wu ��� decided improvement in my
osse, ind I continued tbe use of the
pills until I bid taken twelve boxee,
when I felt my oure wu complete. Sev-
enl yeirs hive since p.ssed ind I hire
hid no return of the tronble, so tbit I
feel life in nying that tbe oun hit
been permanent.
I may ilso add tbit my wife bu used
tba pills foi indigestion, headeobes and
diiiiness, ud hu found great beneflt
from them. Word, oaunot eipreu tha
.greet beneflt Dr. Williime' Pink Pllli
have bra to me, ind I nope slmilir
iuSi Mrs will prollt by my ezperienoai,"
Dr. WlllUme' Pink Pllli oun by
going to the root of tbe diseeie. Tbey
renew-M bnild np tbe blood, ind
���trengthen lb* nerve* thu driving
dlMu. (na tbl VMM. If your dulir
sflsM* not keep thut, they will be unt
pMtMld it 10 -Nate �� bu, or six boxes
fcr ��I.I0, by asldMring the Dr. Wil.
Hum' Medioine Oa,  BnokvIlM, Out.
It 1. Hellevesl Tbit If the LfgltlOM
it Pekin Were Captured Ihey
Hire lieen Massacred.
Lcudon, Jane 80.���The admiralty
office bas leceirel tbe following mes*
sage from tbe officer commanding the
British first clan cruiser Eudv-mon:
"Liu Kun Too, June 10.���Tbe Tekn
forU opened fire ut one in the morning
of June 17 ou the ships of tbe allied
sqnadions. After six hours' engagement tbe forls were s leuced and 00.
copied by tbe allied forces. Additional men for storming tbe forts were sent
asliore from Ibe ships the previous afternoon.
"The British ships up tbe rlrer engaged wen tbe Algerine (gunbost),
Fame (torpedo boat destrojer), and
Wbitting torpedo boat distroyer). The
two latter captured four Chinese torpedo boat destroyers. Tbe casualties
of the Alg, rine wen slight. Thne of
tbe storming psrty and others an unknown.
." A Ohinese seoond class cruiser, fly*
ing an admiral's flag, is detained outside Taku by the allied adiui.ali.
"No information of Commander-in-
chief Seymour's return to Tien Tsiu
bss been reoelved by ihe rear admiral
up to i In the afternoon of Jnne 17. I
am sailing forthwith for Takn."
New York June 80.���A di.patoh to
the Tribune from London says: The
Bipreas oorrespendent say. it ii (elt
oerialn that tbe real explanation of the
failu.e of Admiral tieymonr'e expedition wu divided counsel among hia
motley force, cly the American troops
honestly co-operating with the British
A former English resident of Pekin
saye: "If the legation, bave been taken every one bss been massaored. Hur
der would be the objeot and motive of
the attack. Nobody would be spared
if the embassies were oaplured. The
embassy enclosures woold be commanded fnm tbe great wall near by, and
woold be incapable of defence against
the Ohinese mobs. The Ohe Foo consul's report is not conclusive, but the
situation is most alaiming."
London, June 80.���Judging from
the German offlolal dispatohes tbe
American ships took no part in tbe
bombardment of tbe Taku forts..
R.T..1 fcll.ll Kliam|.m.Dt. Hlth.rto Not
-     Ohruolcl. d���Boars Musing to
M..I Rsindls.
London, June 80.���The ouualtiea
made publio by Ihe war offlce, including I long list of misting, show British
lo-ses in engagements hitherto not ra
portid. In an attack on a reoonatruo-
lion train it Loenw Spruit, June 14,
three were killed, live wounded and 00
captured. Loenw Spruit la 40 mites
north of Kronstad. Thia wu tha day
of tbe Sand Biver attaok, 80 milea distant. Another list shows nine wounded ind 11 missing in in aotion at
Vredefort on Juue 7, no previous mention of wblob hss been made.
The Daily Hall point, oul tbat lt is
quite possible tbe wires hive again been
cut in Lord Roberta' rear, u no di.patoh later tban Jnne 10 hu been n
oeived. The Boers_ an gathering in
foroe in front of Oen. Bundle, neu
Fick.burg. Hi. foroe. stretch 40 miles.
As some putt of the line ire weakly
held, tbe British feu the Boen may
break through. Tbe Boe:. there ire
commanded by Devililera and Her-
masin. llr. Steyn Is at Bethlehem, the
temporary ospitil of tha Free State.
Tbe Bloemfontein correspondent of
the Daily If ail, June 10, says that Lord
Roberts is getting huts for 80,000 men
and k arranging transport for a part of
bis army, ilsboogb his pious are not
10 take effect immediately.
Volksruit, Trinmil, Jnne 80.���The
town guard ot Wakkeratroom have surrendered to the British.
Canadians in Chins.
Torono, June 80.���There in several
Canadian misaionsrles in Pekin who
will than the fate of the other Obiist*
iani In tbit city doubtless. Two ol
them ara Miss Gowns and Miss Bother*
ford, both of Toronto, npnieuting tbe
miasioniry alllanoe. Robert Jeffrey,
nn ot Mr. Robert Jeffrey, of Toronto,
is also in China repreoentiug the tam-s
organiatioin. bul at Wn Ohu, wbioh is
not n (longerons a oentre, while several
other O-tnadlans who represent the alllanoe an further inland.
The Ohina inland mission bas 48
Oanidlan reoresentatives In China;
few of them, however, ire In wbat are
believed'to be the infected distriot..
Tbe English acd American missions
preJominite In the disturbed  diltriot
London, June 80.���The following
dispatoh baa b en received fnm tbe
Vioeroy of India, LoidOureonof Krlee-
ton s "The week's famine nport ebow
a state of general expectancy, pending
tbe advance of tbe monsoon, which hu
not yet ippeared Heivy lain hu fallen in Burgbir."
Bloomlagton on Firo.
Bloomlngtou, UU, June 80.���A Are
thit wu dlsoovered it 18,80 this morning swept tha tmslosm section of the
oity and entailed ��� Iou tbit Is est!-
railed it onr ou million. Word wu
rent to Pioria aud Springfield to nnd
engines. As every iffort to check the
progress of Ibe flames pnved futile,
the blowing up ot tba buildings with
dynamite Wl. resorted to, after the fin
bsd been raging ihree houn aud 1 half
a Strang esst wind pre-riiled, which
made the work of tho firemen exceed*
iunly difficult
Portage ������ Prairie, June 80.���Fin
bioke out in 1 small -sireboose in tba
rear of the Laflerty bleak it 1.80 tbl.
afternoon md In 1 (ew minutes tbe
building wu burned to the ground
London. June 80.���Ool. Wllcooks re.
ports to tin colonial offloe tbat dipt
Wilson, of th* Royal Irish FuUssn.
and .even nitlvee, wen killed aid ten
wounded iu Oapt Hali'e attempt to n-
lleve Ool, Outer at Gold Ooast
If Ul. Ki*Hlcl,KSI,in 1. Not  l-orlhouiulng
11. ��ll. 111. Ill,mi..td.
Ottawa. Jane 20.��� At a meeting of
the cabinet yostetduy morning tbe position of the lieutenant-governor of Brit-
i-h Columbia wa. up for consideration.
Lieutenant Governor Mclnnts haa had
(our governments in tno years. Two
of tbem wire .-ismi.sed, one witb a
majority at ite back aud tbe other refused to permit the legislature to meet
to see whose It stood. A solid vote of
the legislature was recorded against tbe
selection of Joseph Martin as premier,
yet Governor Mclnues refused to obey
tbl. aud oalliid npon bim to form au
administration aod afterwards dissolved
tbe legislature to perm t Mr. Martin
appealing to tbe provinoe. The result
was tbat Mr. Martin met wltn an overwhelming defeat and now 83 of those
who were ele. ted out of a house ot 88
members have passed a resolution asking for the dismissal of tbe lieutenant,
governor. What ia peouliar about this
is that three ministers whom Molnnes
has jnst sworn iu and whose bounded
duty ought to have been in thst case
wben they did accept offlce to bare defended tbeir governor, bave instead
signed a resolution demanding his removal. These ministers are Dnnsrauir,
Eberts md Tomer. Tbe result wu
that at yesterdays' cabinet meeting lt
wu decided to ask Molnnes to resign.
If be does not then he will be dismissed
from offloe.
It is understood that Sir Henri Joly
will be the next governor of British
Victoria,B.C.,Jure 80 ���Lieutenant-
Governor Melunes his been asked to
resign by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and hu
refused, on the ground that no Conservative caucus is competent to advise the
federal authorities. It is thought bere
tbat be will now be dismissed, and Sir
Henri Joly, of Quebec, appointed in hia
stead, Senator Templeton being taken
into the cabinet in Sir Henri's plaoe.
. Vanoouver, B. O., June 20 ���The convention of members of tbe legislature
who in opposed tu the late Martin administration closed tbia afternoon.
Practically be] ond passing a resolution
condemning Lieutenant-Governor Melunes and another for Increasing restrictions on Ohinese and Japanese im.
migration, little wu accomplished by
tbe two day's sessions. It was deoided
to support the new Dunsmuir government during tbe next session in pusiug
estimates and any necessary legislation
of a non-partisan character. Then there
is to be a reconstruction of tbe cabinet
so u to meet the views of all parts of
the province, the present p'eisounel not
being considered favorably by many of
the members.	
Reported  by Alloway &  Champion,
Stock Brokeis, Wiuuipeg.
Banks. Miens.  Bayers
��!ss'.l.'ss. XD      .60 SEO
"-.���son's        ISO 181
Murciianl.'  XD        55
SJuimnerot* YD       5U
HlMcll.ns*ona. HI	
IV.rE.gl. jj 14,1
Commercial Cable '.'..'.      'it.
Moiim-ul Tel  ,88
��� lllcli. * on; m,,  I10
{bllbxlry         H *8|
Montreal Ga.        181 IM?
loro.lto It'y  nol uo
Jj. N.W. 1-and....',:  87          y,
Ull. P.C.R'y. Monlrt.1  .11          (14
Uess. I'm, It'y. London  til
Honey, tune  8-/
Money, os. call "��� fi|      ",','
Ottawa, June 80.���Iu the houn yesterday, Ssr Wilfrid Laurier, in reply to
Sir Charles Tupper, said that be would
make an annonuoement iu a few days
lu regard to wbat the government
would do respecting the Indian famine
Sir Charles Tupper, on going into
supply, brought up the question of representation for the Ynkou in tbe Dominion parliament. He read a resolution of the people of Yukon, asking for
represeentation iu the commons bv two
memben. He thought that tbe govern
ment shonld arrange atoi.eefor tbis re.
presentation on the censos taken by the
mounted police. . Irs conclusion, he
moved tbat thia home is ot opinion
that immediate prevision shoold be
made for reprtaentation in ihe Yukon
Territory in the parliament of Oanadj.
Premier Laurier .aid that bef ere the
lit of July the govirnnient intended
bringing into force an act passed lut
Ksaon giving representation to the people of the Yukon in tbe Yukon oonucil.
Tbis bill made proniou for the elected member, to sit io the council.
Whenever tbe oensu wu taken next
year, probably in January, bul not later
than April, arrangements would bo
made for representation in the commons.
After Mr. Foster had spoken on the
Yukon representation, Mr, Puttee, of
Winnipeg, followed, putting forward
tbe olaims of tbat oity for m-.ro representation.
The house divided on tbe amendment,
wbich wu lost by 40 for or 78 against
I majority of 20 for tbe government.
���tut Cimp ll Canods.
Wuhington. June 80. ���Immigration
Inspector W. D. Mono yesttrdsy notified the commissioner of immigration
tbit he bad interviewed tbe superintendent of construction of McKensie,
Mann k Oo., oonraoton 'for holding
tbe Manitoba ond Southeutern railway
in Oanada and tbe Minnesota and Manitoba railway in the United States relative to the employment of Canadian laborer, in the United States. At present
operation! are In progress between
Sprague station and the Minnesota
border line. About 100 laborer, in employed, 70 per wnt being nported u
employee, fnm United State, ind the
balance from Oanada. The anperln-
tendent hu been Instructed thit hi
oould work hi. entire gang ou tbii side
uf Ike line u 'ong is tbeir oimp remains in Oanada but u soon u It ia
necessary to remove the oamp to tho
United Statu he will be obliged to dis-
oharge hi. Canadian laborer, and employ only American..
Pbiladeplbia. .a. Jnne 18,���Three
men wen killed ind 14 penou injured
today by .n explosion of gunpowder
ud dynimite used in Ihe manufacture
it fireworks. Thi houss was complete.
ly wrecked ud serenl other dwellings
in thi block wen damaged mon or leu
aeriouly. None of the injured will die.
Hitui, June 18 ���Gen. Alejudrey
Rodriguu, Nitioniiiat, wu ywterday
eleoted mayor of Hitui, polling 1,878
Ottawa, Juue 18.���In the houu ru*
terday Sir Oharlee Topper Intimated
he intended moving that provision
should be made for a psrtlilly elective
Yukon counoil and that tbe district be
repreunted in parliament. Premier
Laurier nld Dominion representation
oould not be given until after tbe oen-
su of next year. Sir Obarlea slid hi
would elminate that part of hii motion. Sir Wilfrid give notioe of Oal*
new renlotlswa md I number of bills
pused third reading. Tho Manitobs
school qusation wu nvived In tbe senate.
Do Not
Pay Cash-��
A very large saving can be made.   We can
furnish tbe exact amount for any payment.
Write for particulars ud price.
Quoted   by Alloway A  Champion,
869 Main street, Winnipeg.
lielch'in&rlts. tti.Sa 1-4
Austrian Gulden BU 8-4
Holland Guilders SS
Franca 18 1-8
Jtu'Hian Itoul-lea , DOM
Finnish Harkkaa.. 18
Whent���Manitoba Mo. 1 hard, Foit
Willmm, 74c.
Hour���Og ivies Hungarian patent,
$i per Baik of OK Its; Stiong Baken',
$1.85; lake of the W-.ot.ii Fire Rosea
brand, ta, puttut, $1 83.
Millfeed���Bran, $.1; shorts, $18,
Ground Feed���Oat ohop, $24 p r ton j
barley obop $19, and mixed teed of
barley and oata $32; oilcake, $27.
Oorn���Oarlots of No 8 oorn on traok
are wo tb 4(JJ$c.
Flaxseed���No bosiness doing.
Oats���No. 3 white, 83o per bnshfll;
No. 3 mixed, 81 to 82o.
Barley���Oarlots 84 to 88o off cars
Hay���Fresh baled, $6.00 to $6.00!
loose bay on the street, $4 00 to $6.00
Butter���Dreamery���16 !,c per ponnd.
Dairy���Choice, 13 to 14o; for seoond
grades, 10 to 12o per ponnd, commission basis.
Eggs���18o phr doaen net.
Vegetables���Potatoes 46 to BOo per
bnihel; turnips, 40o; carrots, $1.00 to
$1.20; parsnips, l^o per lb.; onions,
43 per pound; radish, 26 to 80o; California cabbage, fio per pound; lettuce,
25o per do/.en buuohes; parsley, 80o;
Rreen onions, 26o | er do,en; asparagus,
SOo per doxen; rhubarb, 2o per ponnd j
fipiia.b, fio per ponnd; encumbers, $1
per dozen.
Poultry���Best Smith's Falls turkeys
wholesale at 18c per ponnd; dnoks sell
at llo; geesa, 0 ; chickens, 13o. Deal-
en pay Oo per p nnd for wild geete;
live chickens are worth 76c per pair,
Pressed Meats���Beef, 7 to 7 lie per
ponnd j real, 8 to 9o; fre.h killed
mutton, 10 to llo; frczeu mutton, 8 to
0c; hog* 6 8 8 to 7 1 4o, spring lambs,
$4 to $5 eaoh.
Hides���Na 1 inspected hides, *.%o\
No. 3, 5#o; No. 8, 4^o; branded
hides grade No. 3, aud bulls Na 8;
kip, 7o; calf, 8 to 0c; deakin skins,
35 to 8So eaob; sheepskius, 40 to 50o
eaoh; horsehides, 60 to 7 fio each.
Wool���Manitoba. %% to 0o per ponnd
delivered at Winnipeg.
Seneca root��� 24c to 28o per ponnd.
Ottawa, Jnne 16.���At tbe speoial
committees' sitting to amend the Patent Aot today, Mr. Gibson prea nted
the oase of tbe Hamilton Qaa Light
oompany and ether ooropanies agaiust
tho Toronto Aoer Light oompany. 1 he
companies hold that the Auer Oa,
oontury to law. bare refused to sell
them the Aner light so that the gas
oompaniw oould supply their customers. It waa also pointed ont that tbe
regular prloe charged for the light in
Oanada waa $8.60 per light, whtreas in
tbo United States it was sold for 86a
Calcutta Jnne 16.���Rain fell con
tinuooily in the Darjeel-ng district for
threo daya, oeaaing at fonr o'olook tbis
morning, -Several small landslides oo
ourred, and a number of water pipes
wen broken. Aa the railway re?et-
ment-i are nnflnsihed trains have ceased
rnnning. ���
Niagara Fall*, Jnne 16.���Henry
Selppel, a blacksmith, employed ou the
Oantlleaver bride, reconstruction work,
fell from tbe stroctnie.
Plniavi Work Por Spar* Mlantea.
(Ji'IhtmI Lewti M. IVcl;, o distinguished veteran of the civil war, n bibliophile,
if nut n bookworm, wns thi> li>n*1iiiif worker on the volunteer committee which prepared the famous index of munnziue and
other short urtliles for the Brooklyn
library, then under the mantiiti'inent of
the Ute Dr. Noyen. This work waa no
extension of Poole's famous index to
periodical literature. Not long after tha
task was completed the general met at
a reception a young woman who bad
Just been elected librarian of a social
"I am thinking." she said, "of getting
up a nice, complete catalogue of all the
leading magaslue art Idea for my library,
I hare considerable leisure time and like
bard work. How long do you think It
would take me?"
'it dependa upon the amount of your
leisure. Tbe hat one took 100 to-*-* fire
years each."
Tho Btahop'a Whist Game*
I dined one evening at a hotel and sat
next to an Episcopal bishop from England. The bishop, if 1 may he allowed to
use such a disrespectful expression, was
chortling. He waa doing It softly and unobtrusively, but he was undeniably tickled.
���The night before he had found himself
alone In a Pullman with a prominent
rancher and a Japanese student from an
American university. They had read all
tbeir papers, talked themselves hoarse,
and the rancher suggested a game of
whist To get a fourth they enlisted the
services of the colored porter on the car.
"Tbe porter played a remarkably fine
rubber," said his lordship gleefully. "The
Jap bad oidy played twice before, but he
picked It up in the most wonderful manner; but 1 wonder what they would think
of such a Quartet orer la Englandl"-
Princess Arllort hns sailed Tor homo,
Mr, Jobu liitii.-iiji, or Toronto, u dead.
The I'ntisti coiiniiinii cabinet lias beua
The Nationalist convention at Dublin
liao closed.
Yetterday ivnw the hoticbt day ot the
year In Winnipeg,
Hon. Air. Silton was publicly outer
taiued at Glasgow.
The Russian minister of foreign af
falrk, Count  Muravieff,  Is  dead,
Canada's timber exhibit ut the Paris
Exposition hits boon awarded first prise.
Trunk HudskH, 17 yoars of a-zu, was
drowned lu the ll-ud river at Winnipeg.
A Woman iu tit. l.ouU wu* fiercely
I'.Kfeuultcrt for patronizing transit com
patiy'a curs.
Mr. Uernler, M. P. tor tjt. llyucinlhe,
will sui'iiecd Sir Henri Joly iu tlm Do
minion cabinet,
one hundred French Canadians have
Ml Montreal to tulce part in a relig
Jou�� i-eMiniiiuu in tit. lloniface.
Carberry race* Mere keenly contested.
The winners were Louisa K, College Ujoy,
Spun iM'.   PrluechS   ami   Puritan   <i,
y.el-i: ley nud ltoowvclt weie nominated uuunimously for president und vice-
president at thu lEepuhiicua couvontion,
Kuinnsuit garrison Is still besltgcd.
Rev. Dr. Johnson, of London, Out., ts
Uraudon defeated Rapid City in a
lacrosse match.
The Niagara synod vas opened by
Bishop Duinouliii
Three mtn wen kllleii by a bolur explosion nt Eden, X. Y.
Seveii piir-ons \nre [r]iir��d In a Chi
cugu lioiley cur acclde: t.
Uttcui shower*, at ltrrudon havo dono
much feooo  to   the crops.
Tiooptr McMillan hd* returned from
the   SsoulJs   African   Udiup.-jlgn.
AUx. Turnbull, rnucur of Giricuen,
was drowned in the It w rJv��\
Fiank "iVabey, wanted tor murder, has
l'Ui<  luplured  cn   tin-  Onttimu.
Duron l.uth, foiiaerlj Biltlsh high com
mUtlonei ic tioudi Africa, in dend.
I'.lihLuij sct.'.ifil m'cci il plu> c in tlio
1'ttiif liit��.'nnt!.nial Cliess ioiirnanient.
Lieut.Gov. Mclnnc Iiuh heen 'litjinisscd
and bli--Henri  .*uly wilt  succjid  him.
One life was io��t and ge/ernl persons
injured it. an ho Iti li - nt South Ucnd,
Finals of the PurU chess tournament
weie played.
Mm, Gladstone was burled yesterday
In -Westminster Abbey.
Thu Irish National convention opened
yesterday  at   Dublin.
A prohibition association has beeu or.
gunlied tor Springfield.
Portage la I ruirie firemen prevented
a   serious conflagration.
Chat W. Miiiiuiiick died yesterday of
Injuries received  lu Ogilvie'*  mill.
American jockcya made a clear sweep
at the Galwk-k, Eng,, race meeting.
The Cuiindlau uiissionarleu lu China ure
not   located   In   the  duugerous   centres.
Lineuieu working fur Ottawa icUumj-'ti
nud telephone companies threaten to
Hnrlney district Oraugemeu will <-ome
to Winnipeg tor the twelfth of July cole-
bra tion.
Joseph chamberlnlu hao ordered military conscription of eligible males at
St. Kittif and Nevis.
Troops at Kingston, Jamaica, have
been ordered to be In readiness lo proceed to Western Africa to fight the
The Italian ministry has resigned,
Winnipeg sewer laborers are un strike.
There was n heavy hail fctoriu at
Sour is  jesterday.
Governor U'hently committed suicide
at Que bee Citadel.
Draxli has concluded a bommeralal
treaty with. Frauce.
Thurbdny, Aug. Id, will be Winnipeg's
annual civic holiday.
Last week the Le ltol wan the only
Rowland niluu  to ship ore.
ifunfbon, the Stratford counterfeiter,
wn" fcentenced to Kingston penitentiary,
Frank Itnfterty fell dead nt Moutreal
on Saturday while tvliueshlng a luciobie
Government forces were defeated in
Panama, ;{5 officers and -lut) eoldiers
being killed.
Mrs Gladstone's death has culled forth
eipres-Mont of sympathy throughout
Great Did tain.
The fnsi National U:ip:lnt eouveuiion
wit! be held in Winnipeg from July 5
to July 13.        	
Klnley Mac won the suburban race ut
Nen York,
Lasker won first place in tho Purls
chess   tournament,
The Winnipeg C. C. won, tho first
league match in the city series.
Six persons were killed in u railway
way collision at Slough, England.
A Winnipeg young woman miide her
first balloon ascension on Saturday.
The Italian parliament In opened Gul*
Ic was elected president of the chamber,
Avlla liouraisa, wife-murderer, has
beeu sentenced tu ho hanged August 1*4.
A native rising has occurred in Gambia
colony and British commissioners Killed.
Rev. Truneis Coleman, aa aged Methodist minister, of Hamilton, Ont., is
A political discussion took place In
Toronti, Methodist conference, Dickens'
books were condemned.
Llllie GJnw, of Chicago, won the six
days' bicycle rave at the Winnipeg auditorium.   Lliette  was second.
Two grain elevators at Killamey were
destroyed by fire on Saturday morning.
The town was in frrcat dunger of de-
Mr. Tnrte Is returning from Paris.
A Winnipeg four will take pnrt la tbe
Nelson regatta.
Press excursionists from Minnesota visited tbe Winnipeg echolB.
Teu people were killed in a New York
fire and many others injured.
The Darglcrlng district. In India, was
visited by a three dnys' rainfall.
The Jickllngs block and McGlnnes stable at Ciirmnn were destroyed by fire.
Northern Pacific crop reports ebow
slightly Improved conditions along the
The patent of the Auer Light Co. mny
be cancelled because of the high tariff
A delegation of druggists protested
against tne part of the Liquor Act affecting them.
To Ih. 11.I1.H- Aot  Submitted   td  th.
Common. K-sllWM-r Coininlltfl..
Ottawa, Jans 16 ���Tne oommoni *
railway coaiimttee this morning strain
took np ibe go-rernment bill io amend
tbe Railway Aot. Mr. Blair submitted
the following r. an amendment form
ot the clas u dealing with the loots.iou
of stations.
Tbe location ot eaoh station to be
ereoted on any nilway constructed
under any act of tbe parliament of Canada passed sobseqneot io the 1st Jnne,
1897, shall be sabjeot to the approval
of the privy council before the oompany
prooeeds to ereot snoh station, and tbe
company shall from t.me to time ereot
and maintain tbe station so located,
witb snob facilities aa may be direoted,
nnless and exoept in so far as tbe railway committees of tlw privy oonnoil
may o herwue order.
London,Jane 10.���Th.Daily Express
says 40,009 Asbantls are snrronnding
Knmauie, and 6,000 are facing the relief foroes. Ths leadtrr. of ths rebellion inclnda Aihantuah, quota ol Uw
B.19 ball. FootbnlI, Tennis, Golph, Cricket,
Fishing Ttickle, Ammunition, and all other
lines including light hardware, we cairy in
Stock, and our prices are very low.
We also do gun repairing good and cheap.
We will take io exchange for gooda any
fnoduce you may have, cordwood, etc.. e'c.
Vrite us, givii g full description of what you
A lily grew In I garden far
From lha dust -i the city street.
It Iiu.I nu I'li-iim tliul tlie universe
Held aught leu jiuro und sweet
Than lu tit-gin !*-!���>, su clmstc was lt,
Bu perfect ita retreat.
When nlglit cams down, the Illy looked
In tlie liii't' uf the slurs and smiled;
Then wenl to sleep���to tlu- -deep of death-**-*
Ah llie suul ol u little tlilld
Goes back to I lie clasp of Hie father soul
Untouched und uudetlled.
A lily bloomed on the highway close
Tu Hie trend of Hie sweeping throng;
It bore Hie |f��W uf ;i hundred eye*
Where Imrued the Hume uf wtoiik,
And one tflRio lit' who lure ita heart
With a ruthless hund ond strong.
It caught no Rlimpse of a garden fair,
It knew no other mime
For a world thut used and brulned it ao
Than a world ol sin and ilmme,
And hopelcn, crushed, lis spirit passed
Aa Hie evening aliadows cume.
And who can ny but the sheltered one
A sullied flower hud heen
Had its home heen out on the highway clotf
To the path of shame und sin,
And the other forever angel white
llud it hlossometi sufe within?
-Rllaiholh (iiillup Perkins in lloston Transcript.
Hoi lu way V Oorn'Cure destroys all kinds
of curns und warts, rout and br.inch. Who
then wuuld endure them with such a cheap
and effectual remedy within reach.
Olallber'a Strong Point.
"Say, If you litid Known Ulubbor as
well as I do, you wouldn't bave told
liiin to 'take enre of himself when you
bade liim goodby."
"Why not"/"
"Because he cares for nobody on
tiiiili but himself."���Chicago Tribune.
Much distress and eickncB* Id children Is
caused by worms. Mother Graves' Worm
Extcrmiuutor gives relief by it-moving the
cause.   Give It u trial and be convinced.
"Tbe pnpers sny there is an exceedingly dangerous $20 counterfeit bill In
circulation," observed tbe financial editor.
"Pnngoi'ouB?" snld the real estnte
editor. "Ob, 1 sec���microbes!"���Chicago Tribune.
When the action of the kidneys become!
Impaired, impurities in the blood ore al-
nk.it sure to follow, and general derangement of tbe system ensues. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills will regulate tbe kldneya,
so tbat they will maintain healthy aotion
and prevent the complications wbioh certainly oome when there Is derangement
of these delicate organs. As a restorative
these Pills are in tbe flrst rank.
Everywhere wero men with newspa-
IUM'8. devouring with feverish cager-
nt'RS  the   foul detuils of  the  horrible
"Morbid curiosity!" we finally sneered, with Indignation.
"No; we nre disqualifying ourselves
to sit as jurors," Ibey protested nnd
sighed wearily.���Detroit Journal.
intrusion of urlo acid Into the blood ves
dels Isu fruitful cjusuuf rheumatic pains
This ir.egularity Is owing to a deranged
and uoheulthy condition of the liver
Anyone subject to this painful affeotiot
will And a remedy iu Parmelee's Vege
table Pills. Their action upon the kid
neyi Is pronounced and most benellolal,
and by restr,i-Iug healthy uctlon tbey oor
ieet impurities In the blood.
Unfathomable I* Woman.
With  much  intensity  the  woman repeated these lines:
"The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,
And all that beauty, all that wealth, e'er give
Await alike the incvitahle hour!
The pallia of glory lead but to the gravel"
Then, with tears in her eyes, she turned to tier entourage and said:
"Do you know, I would rather be tbe
author of thnt verse tban to get up an
absolutely new filling for the sandwiches
I shall serve at my <> o'clock tomorrow!"
This seetued incredible, and yet she
spoke as from the heart.���Detroit Journal. 	
ALWAYS   ON   HAND.-Mr,   Ttioinsi
H, Porter, Lower Ireland, P. Q, writes :
"Sly son, IH months old had croup so had
that nothing gave him lelief until a
neifhhor brought ire foiko ot DK.
gave hf m. and in tdx hours be was outed.
It Is the best iredlclne I ever mud and 1
would not be without a bottle of lt in my
Snltnble Motto.
"A friend of mine has nn 'owl room'
lilted up in bis home. Owls of all shapes
���mil sixes pain ted on Ihe walls, you
know, [tig owls and little owls, wise
owls anil Idiotic owls, owls till you cnn'l
rest. Now he wants a suitable motto
to go with bis pets. Cau you suggest
"I know of n Scotch motto thnt might
"What is It?"
"'Hoot, mon!"' ��� Cleveland Plain
Severe colds are easily uuitd by the net
of uicklu's Anii-Cousumpiho syrup, a
medicine of extraordinary jieu^trating
tnd healing properties. It ia auknow-
.edged by tno-se who havo used itus being
the best medicine sold for coughs, colds,
and all affections of the throat and chest.
Its ogrt'Hhb'oiioj.s to the taste makes It ���
favorite with Indies and children.
In Ills Great Aet.
"You examined the upots, you say,"
said tbe attorney fur the defense, "aud
fouud tbem to be blood, did you f
"Yes," replied the expert who bad
been secured at great pains and expense to testify In tbe ense.
"Will you please tell the Juryjiow
you know It was bloodV"
"It wns thicker limn wnter."���Chicago Tribune.
$100  REWARD,   $100.
The readers of' his paper will be pleased to
learn that tbere is at least oue dreaded discaftt
that science has lieen nblc to cure In all ite
stig's, and that It Cntarrh. Hall's Catanh
Core Is iho only positive cure known to the
medical f aterrity. Catarrh lieing a constitution*) disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Bull's Catarrh Cum is taken internally.
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the dbKOH, aud giving the -patient
strength by building up the constitution and
amisiing nut are In doing Ita work. Ihe proprietors have so much faith in Its curative
p.iwers that they offer One Hundred I ollars for
any cose that tt fails to oure. Bend for list of
Address,   F.J. CHENEY & CO.,-Toledo, O.
Hold by Druggists, 7,'o.
Hall's WmilyTllls are tbe best.
One   of the   Awful   Results   of  Science's Recent Advance*.
"I notice in the car there," said tbe
old man to the conductor on tbe platform���"I notice a passenger witb an
emblem of mournlu on his bat."
"Yes, I see," was tbe reply.
"Do you know wbo be Is mournlu for
���father, mother, wife or child?"
"No, sir."
"Haven't asked him no questions nor
extended a word of sympathy?"
"Of course not."
"And you don't appear to care a red
cent wbat has bappeued him. He may
have lost alt he loved on earth at one
fell stroke, and yet your heart Isn't
"I'm not in the touching business!"
exclaimed the conductor as he rang for
a stop. "I'm conducting this car for
about $12 per week and getting a blow
up on every trip, uud It's all I can do to
sympathize with myself."
"Hut was It that way when they used
to use bosses on tbe cars?" asked tbe
old mnn.
"Mebbe not."
"No; I dou't think (t was. Hoss car
couductoi-H used to be touched and
sympathize, but electricity has hard-
cued everybody up, nnd the fountains
of pity nud sorrow have been closed.
I feel the change lu myself, and I'm
snyln that I'll drop off ut tbe next
corner and get a glass of beer, and the
mourn In man Inside enn coutlnue to
mourn and be hanged to bim!"
 M. Quad.
Hotel Balmoral, KKi-Wf*-^
Wonld Hnve Her Own War.
"I want some nddt't'ss cards printed,"1
sbe snld to the stationer In a businesslike wny.
"Certainly, ma'am."
"I want tbem to rend 'Mrs. and Mr.
J. Brown.'"
"liut. ma'am"���
"There are no buts about It, sir! I
run the bouse, and I run Brown, and 1
either come tirst on tbe cards or I don't
want any!"
Ask for Minard's and tate no other.
The Beat of NelKl'bora,
"You say tbey are exeullent neighbors V"
"Well, that's somewhat Indefinite.
Do you mean that Ihey never borrow
or Hint they or willing lo iendV'-Cbi
cago I'ost.	
un iuabd's luheit u Ui inn.
gpeclnl Plendlngr,
Judge��� Prisoner ut the bar, slnnd up.
Prisoner (thickly)���Excuse me, your
honor, but I've been standing up nt so
mntiy burs that 1 am quite unable to
'.'ouiply with your request���Detroit
Vree Press.	
hud's unnn u m n nmeiui.
In Her Line.
The Bearded I-mly-I don't see how
she could marry lilm. Why, he drinks
terribly nud Is subject to delirium tremens.
The Circassian (Ilrl-lt would tnke
mure tbun Hint to scare ber. Isn't aim
nu experleuced snake charmer?���Philadelphia Bulletin.
Tlio  Slioi'p'"*  I'lirmlox.
"These prospi'i'lly prices uuike living
���Hvfnlly high."
"Not fur me, I've found out tlmt
when thlugH were cheap I bought n lot
of sniff I didn't really need."���Chicago
IWaVAIlAi   FACTORY. Montreal
Brass Band
1 nt rumenta, Uriirna, Uniforms, Ete.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
60 1 lustrations inall��l Tree. Write w for any
thing lu Music ur Mush al Inatrumsnts.
Wh-dtyBoyco fcCo..^^'"^
We keep a large stock
always on hand of Typi,
I'kistehh' Machinery;
we eua tit out Daily or
Weekly Papers or Job
Outfits on few hours' notice, Wu also supply
Bbaoy-Points, 8tkkko-1*latks, und Papib
and Card Stock.
17S Owen Strict, Winnipeg.
Farm Lands
Foi Silt In AU Putt of th*
Province.  Writ* for Lists.
Manufactured br THOS. LEE, Winnipeg,
Ko midsummer holidays.  Now Is the time tt
ynpaiw for a situation to the busy season.
Full pwiieidars on application.
N. R-We assisted over loo of oar students le
positions daring the past Ave month*.
Catholic Prayer SS.MiJSrKiJ:
���tars, Religious Pictures. Statuary, and Chore*
Ornaments. Educational works. Mail orders r��
eslvs prompt attention. D,II,8lJll8IlCO.1l01tral
Bos a Red Eagle hanging over the doorway.
During fair w ok wo will sell a solid gold
Hunting Engraved Ladies Watch, Wulthum
movement, Pendant Set, guaranteed for ono
year for $ 12.50.
1 Cap Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
and Bed-room Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.     -
1 Car Common Furniture
Mattresses.  Fillows,   &c.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for the
bnilding and mining Trado
1 Car Choice Groceries
Ganned  Goods,   &c.
5,000 Eolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
Screen Doors and       -do'ws
to keep out mosquitoes.
:t Genuine  Maple  Syrup
from Quebec.
Golden,   B.C.
K.iir|ptor|     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Solo Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere.  Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
I/itcs $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The 13. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.C.
Wn are Manufacturers and direct Itnportera, and carry > lar,ro alork of Balance..
Furnioe.. Fire Clay Oood., Hs;lentlllc and Practical Book., Olnaawan, PUtinnm Good.,
Arid. Chesnloala, and all oilier Aaaayera and Miner.' roquirementa.
rtUUBlVMi* *.,-..UT!U    .'���.    Uwnn    S !*,,*,SkSa    l,n���....,.*.      ll-..
Balancac, Etc,
SOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Bailora-sai Becker's Sou
Catalogue and full particular, on application.
Mr. C. H. Parson is hereby nnthor-
ised to receive payment of accounts
owing in connection with the business
of Tub Golden Era Printing Office,
and hia receipt shall be a suilicieut
The Golden Era Co. Ltd. Ly.,
per E. A. HAGGEN,
Managing Director.
Who is in 14? Ask Stalker; Scott
don't know.
Thos O'Boien returned from Victoria
o:i Wednesday morning.
The Manitoba Legislature will le
prorogued to morrow ���- Saiimlay morning.
Nurse Fognrty is spending a holiday
in Golden, the guest of Mis. H. U.
F. A. Multiollaml. editor of the Outcrop, Canterbury, paid Golden a visit
this weolt.
Colin C. and Mrs. McKay of Windermere are visiiing friends lu Golden
for a ftw day?.
The local Board of Trade will hold n
meeting in I lie secretary1;** otlico u**.t
Monday at 4 p.m.
Wm. McNeish Is erecting a commodious stuhle directly northwest of his
private residenoo.
The boys aro hard at work practising for tho football tournament at
Field on Dominion Day.
Mrs, C. Hi Parson returned from the
Coast last Saturday morning, accompanied by her two children.
Hon. W. C. Wells, Chief Corumis-
aioucr of Lands and Works, made a
flying trip to tho uppor country this
The clapper for the fire belt was
placed in position on Monday, and the
bell can now be handled without overexertion,
Hon. W. C. Wells, M.P.P., arrived
from the Const on Sunday Inst und
and proceeded to his home at Palliser.
A, Harrison has heen discharged aa
pursor on the steamer Duchess. Tbe
company hns also done away with the
agency At Windermere. .
E. J, Scovil of Peterborough paid
our office a pleasant call this week.
He reports stirring times about to tuko
placo shortly in the upper country.
It is reported (hat the C. P. It. are
abo it to make final arrangements for
the erection of a new station here and
that work will bo commenced at an
early date.
Tbe Free Mnsons of Golden marched
to the English church on Snndny I����t,
where Rev. H. B. Turner delivered a
very appropriate sermon bearing on
the a.icient order.
A party of capitalists interested in
properties on the Bugaboo and other
creeks chartered the steamer Duchr-ss
to take them up the Columbia river to
Horso creek this wmk.
His Lorship Chief Justice McColl
was *worn in at Vancouver Inst Satur
day at Vancouver as administrator cf
the Province pending the arrival of Sir
Henri Joly do Lotbiniere.
Mrs. James A. Stoddart, wife of the
proprietor of the Windermere Hotel,
Windermer, came down from there on
the steamer Duchess last Tuesday and
leaves to-day ou a visit to her home
across the border.
Admiral Seymour and his brave
little band of British and American
seamen have been relieved, but the
legationers at the Chinese capital are
not with hi id. They are supposed to
be under the doubtful care of a Chinese
We have received an invitation to
attend the Dominion Dny celebration
at Nelson, which takes place Monday
and Tuesday next, and which promises
to eclipse anything in the Kooteuay.
The programme contains numerous attractions, besides sports of all Muds.
The Dominion House has brought
down supplementary estimates and in
the items for British Columbia 42,000
are se: aside for improvement on the
Columbia river between Goldon and
Windermere, and 39,000 towards the
construction of a telegraph line from
theC. P. R. station to Windermere.
The Columbia River rose so high on
Sunday night last that the lumber mill
found it noc(S3ary to close down titr-
porarily. The water drove the men
out of their sle*ping quarters, whilo
the dining hnll was flooded with over
a foot of water. Some of the men are
now quartered in the curling rink,
where, a dining room and sleeping
quarters bave been prepared fer thein.
The Insurance companies doing business in New Denver evidently want
the earth, judging from the way that
they bate recently raised the rates.
Tbey have never lost a dollar in the
town, and the public should cancel
their policies, hotter he burned out
and trust to a relief fund thau allow
���ny pot-bellied corporxtion to play the
cinch. To hell with such ii.aiitmioii*.
They are better there 'han attempting
to suck lho monetary blood out of
small mining camps. ���New Denver
When the Czar of Russia goes on a
trip he carries his cows wfth hiin. He
will not buy any milk along the road
for fear of getting a microbe bomb in
the lacteal fluid. The cow. oar it attached to the train. Here In the
Lucerne I bave a cow so deeply attached to the office water barrel that
nothing except death or a by-law will
break the bond of affection. The lawn
has tears on its face every time the
oow kisses the barrel with her big
juicy lips.���New Denver Ledge.
The friends and supporters of Hon,
W. C. Wells, M.P.P., are very busy
preparing a grand complimentary dinner to that honorable gentleman to
take place at the Kootenay House,
Golden, on Thursday next, July 5ih.
The committee are leaving no stone
unturned to make it an unqualified
success, and it need hardly be eaid ft
frand  representative gathering  will
o justice to Mr. Wells by favorii g
the committee with their presence on
that occasion. Tickets may be had
from the secretary, S. G. Robbins.
Another batch of prisoners captured
by tbe famous B.P. have arrived at
the Island Prison. Thoy are nearly all
foreigners. *    j
Hon. W. 0. Wellf returned on Wednesday evening from a trip to Peterborough, where be opened the now
Field is to celebrate Dominion  Dny
with an excellent programme, and it is
understood a large contingent from
Golden will be present.
James Henderson lias completed tbe
plan of a neat cottage for J. E. Grif-
nth,"which will be erected im mediately
east of the Catholic church. Work
will be commenced at once.
Dr. Jameson, tbe famous cavalry
pfilcer who is blamed for the present
Buer war, has been elected a member
of the Cape Parliament without opposition In the Kimberley district,
Tho steamer Duchess milled into ber
landing at the foot of the hill on the
wagonrotid on Monday last for convenience, the water being too high at lhe
wharf to permit passage of pedestrians.
Tbe public school was to-day closed
for the summer holidays. The pupil*
entertained parents aud friends with a
grand concert this afternoon, some of
thein youngsters showing remarkable
Hurry A. Harrison, whoso candidature for city recorder of Sault Ste,
Marie, Mich., wns reported in our columns in a recent issue, was elected,
wo are plenaod to do able to announce,
by the handsome majority of 187.
A passenger train on Southern Rail
way ran into a washout last week and
was wrecked. The wreck caught
fire nnd the entire train, with tbe
exception of tbe sleeper, was destroyed,
while every -person on the train except
the occupants of the Pullman car perished, including the crew;
Iu our report of the Trebelli concert
last week we inadvertently omitted to
mention Eugene Bernstein, piano soloist, wh*o, we must say, is without a
doubt a masterhand at tho piato
and is certainly the best pianist that
ever favored Golden. AU his numbers,
especially "Rondo Elegant" and "Nocturne," elicited hearty applause.
Mrs. Egerton, an English lady who
did nursing in Dawson City, carried
out an original idea in London, which
greatly gratified the C. P. R, people,
Mrs. Egerton has been much struck
by tbe scenery along the line of the
C. P. R., vs well us witb the service
the company rendered across tho continent, and she determined to let the
folk in England know something abuut
both. For thia purpose she availed
herself ot a fimcy ball at Covent
Garden Io appear Iti a cos tamo which
took first prizo for originality, and
whiob illustrated Canadian scenery
and the C. P. R. in a highly striking
manner. The lady's hat was trimmed
in a manner to show the C P.R. trains
in motion; her capo set forth Lake
Ontario, Lake Superior and the Rocky
Mountains, while the front of her
drees showed a train running at full
speed through the wonderful ravines
in the Northwest In the lady's hand
was a banner n-bich contained the
conts of arras of tho several provinces
constituting the Dominion. The tout
ensemble, as the London press remarked at the time, was wonderfully striking and imprepfUTO and gave at a
glance an idea of a country of which
Londoners, previous to the jubilee,
knew little. Mrs. Egerton, as Mr.
Baker, tbe C. F. R. agent in London,
pointed out, did all thin off " her own
bat," and solely with the patriotic
view of making Canada known. The
lady is coining out again, probably
this summer, when sho will make an
extended tour of the coiyitry. Photographs of Mrs. Egerton in-her unique
costume are nt the general offices of
the C. P. R.-Montreal Witness.
We   Sell
The Gerhakd-Heintzman���
The Finest CiiiuUUaii Piano.
The Morris-
A Beauty at a Lesi Price.
The Uxbridge���
SploiitlidToQO. Fine Appearance,
Vory Modorato Prlca,	
We Bell
The latest Edison I'hono-
graph for      $12.50
Edison Records at 50cls.
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
etc., etc.
Sheet Music of all kinds and
all Musical .Supplies,
The Alberta Music Co.
Orchestra br Dance, or Concerto.
50 VUH' .
OcmoNt     j
tor McurluirMtmt
As Oood to You u a Daily and
You get It at the Prloe
of a Weekly.
It furnishes more at the price than
any other newspaper published in
America. Its news service covers all
the globe and is equalled hy that of
few dailies. Its reports from tbe Boer
war have not heen excelled in thoroughness and proptness, and with the
Presidential campaign uow in progress
it wilt be invaluable. Its political
news is absolutely impartial. This
fact makes-it of especial value to you
at this time.
If yuu want to watch every move of
the gre.it political campaign take the
Thrico-u-Week World. If you want
to keep your eye on the Trusts-aud
they need watching���take the Thrice-
a-Week World. If you want to know
ft'! foreign developments, take the
ThriceaWeek World.
Tub Golden Eka and the Thrice-a-
Week World will be supplied to now
subscribers for one year $2,65. Now
is tho tliiii<e to subscribe!
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
Daily Tourist Oars to
Wednesday & Sunday
-��� .       ���*.        ������
Widays to
Passing Golden as follow: ���
Imperial Limited1555
E. J. COYM9,    V. K. WM.I.S,
A,��.P.A��� Agent,
Vancouver, balden.
FRUIT and      ITR I*"1 "PC
MAGNOLIAS. BULBS, new orop of
For Spring planting.     Largest  and
inostt   casnplete   stock  -in    Western
Canada.   Call and make your selections or send for catalogue.     Address
at Kuisery Grounds or Grcenhosiap.
Ml   UCIIDV   ���*ln09 W.atsnln.ter
. sj. nCnm, Uoad, Vancouver
a, F. a a. ii.
Mountain Lodge, Ko. 11. A. F. A
A. M. Regular (.'oaauiunk-atiols,
Fot-oud Monday in sn-ssry month.
Sojourning brethren cordially in*
CH. PARSON, Secretary.
I,   O.   0.   F.
Rockv Mountain I-odge No. 114 raoota in
Oddtellowa Hall, (Jolilen, overy Wednesday
at 81......   Sojourning brethron welcome.
W, 1,. HOUlWON, N.G.
J T. WOOD Secretary.
Exporters and Im-jwUrs.
900 to 200 First Ave. Ko.
Shipments Selleltad.
Writo for CIi-sm!***
.      ARTlSTIC-%.
{flaqiAh..y.PI��u."-%.   m
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���my tAw and town In tha United Sun.
irtDurdnlardoM net ktcp dim m*4
lilt* MIW. MthStreet.NtvYerli
it*i Martwt St.',' gee Wram*i*c*.
Brightest Magutat   P***4Uhe4
Contalna Beautiful Colored Plate*.
Illuavatea Lateat Patterns, Faah*
,   lona, Finer Work.
wort.    Wrlia far ttnniMd-MlHr panic-
st. It m�� W. S4��k tl.. Htm V��k
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We have recently added to onr Tailoring
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents* Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment,
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Colnmbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and ther
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveri-as recently made in'
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the*
fact that transportation is now assured at an early data
by a railway running the length ot the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Grnnbrook, -snsure gr-sat
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay:
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tlio
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to fnv-astors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices-and terms obtained on*
application to . ��� .
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree-*
t for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,
Public Notice in hereby given that at the
expiration of 80 days frem this date the
Prince Mining and Development Company,
Limited Liability, will change Its office from
or prlncipaljplflce of business from Oolden,
B. <-.:., ts Itovelntoko, U. C.
Dated April 20th, 1000.
ft36m25 Solicitor for the Company;
Root. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed Physician & Surgeon
Hull Bros. & Co.
WholeMl. A Bsrt.ll
Cattle, Sheep ami Honse Dealer...
Jas Beadt, D.L.S., & P.L.S,
Mining Engineer,
H. Am'a. Iisat. M.E.
Af(ent for obtaining Crown Qranta, doing
annual aaaoaamont work, etc.   AsldresM:
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
llarrl.t.!*., fofloltor., a*.
Bevolatoko, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C.
Kooma, Alexander Block, Uolden B, 0.
Twenty Pages; Weekly; IUmtrttt-1
IwimwNmn TO Musino Mm.
i mn m-uw m tiai. rama.
���swu msn asw.
;820M��iiKiT8T*-  SswFHfi'OOjCM---
Si p��ienuU���,       _. .
Patent" wat upon moot,   fatci
through ee admtlMd Ior sale at oar
Patents takn out through as rm
ueUet, without charge, in Tim Patbmt
ee Illustrated and widely circulated
How lo ObUln a
f-rtraU mcswm
viotm t. mm* * eo. *
l.w.Sullsli.1,        wa.HinoTON, e. *.
Coffins and
Funeral Robe, of all kind..
Ordtn promptly attended to..
W. Lm Houston,
Golden, B.C.*
The H. B. A. VOGEL,
Comaicrelal C'alle��e��
Box 84V.   VanroQver,   II.  C.
Tho-niigh .InMroetion In bu.ineais-
mcthod., Bookkeeping, (we um no*
text-book., bat do notual bualnesa),
Shorthand ��u<l Typewriting. We prepare for examinations.
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam   -
Pure Norwegian
God-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff*
M      PUT UP BT
W; Fie:
\\\   The Dm
The Druggist.
P. A. Desormeau,
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���oath IM* ���lokla* Bone Blr.r,
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publlo,CoaMyari*er, eto
0**e tt Upsptr iMuMa Navigation and
Tra����ay Oaapwy'a Building,
���SoUCB, B. C.


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