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The Golden Era Nov 5, 1897

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Array The Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated and
bait advertising medium In East
Kootenay. TU* 1* the paper that
la read by the miners, the ranchers,
tha railroaders and lumberman.
Subscript.-*-, 98.00 per Annum,
in Advance	
Wall Piiper
Just Received
.Now -"nil !��..oek.
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n roll that will compare with the papers we
lire littering i.t --Mine prices.
Lot us "end yon samples nnd price*.
THOMSON HHOS. HnnkKlore, CalRnry.
VOL VII. NO. 14.
92 Per Year
General �� merchant,
Our Stock for the
Coming Winter is Now
Complete in all Lines!
Hallowe'en at Dona.d
Assault and Robbery���A Chinaman's House Smashed In.
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enr>           ^rfr            *7
... so e oo o
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. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+ +
The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
+ +
Ths Reliance Loan & Savings Co.. of Ontario.
+ +
Canadian Railway Accident insurance Company.
A Very Lively Time
A Well Known Reildent hai his Bar
K.arly Ont Off
On Sunday night aome of the Don
aid young men set out to celebrate
Hallowe'en. They went to a Chinaman's
house, smsshed in the door, knocked
the Chinaman down stole his watch
and a ten-dollar bill. Pat Murphy
who was formerly a hotel-keeper in
Donald, and well-known there, was
walking along the railway track when
he was hit by. something and knocked
insensible. He declares he was shot.
The effect was to tear away his ear
which was nearly severed from his
head, and when he was found on the
track Dr. Proctor was called in and
dressed the wound, Murphy being
subsequently removed to the Golden
Hospital. The probability is that in
the melee that took place stones were
flying about and that it was a sharp
stone tired at Murphy's lamp that did
the mischief.
The Chinaman laid informations
against A. Clark and D. Jameson for
smashing in his house, and against A.
Clark, D. Jameson and R, Norris for
assaulting and robbing him,
On Tuesday morning A Clark and
D. Jameson were brought before Mr.
Griffith, S. M. on a charge of breaking
the windows and doors of the China-
man'a premises. Two Chinamen
swore tb the committsl of the offence
by tbe accused. On Hia Worship asking them whether they wished to
make any atatement or oall evidence,
Jameaon re-died they did not and they
were thereupon fined CIO and costs.
A. Clark, D. Jameson and R. Norris
were then charged with having assaulted the Chinaman and robbed him
of $10 His Worship remanded the
cue till Thursday, so that it might
be heard before Judge Forln, accused
being admitted to bail in $100 each.
On the case being called at the
County Court yesterday, Mr. Spragge
appeared for the accused and as he
stated lhat in the event of a commital
he would elect that the cases should
go to Ihe next assizes, the Magistrate's
Court was then constituted, and before Judge Forin and Mr. Griffith, S.
M., A.Clark, D. Jameson, and R. Norris were charged with assaulting and
robhii g the Chinaman.
The case sgainst Clark was taken
Brat. The Chinaman was examined
by Mr. Spragge and said he waa sure
it was half-past ten when the affair
occurred. Mr. Spragge then called
Mrs. Greatrix, Miss McDonald, 0.
Clark, W. Lynns and tbe accused, the
whole of the witnesses stating that
accused came home shortly after 9
o'clock and had not been out again all
In the caae against Norris, Mr.
Spragge called J. S Waddell, F. A.
Hansen and J. Plckerton. the evidence
being that he went upstairs to bed
about halfpast nine and did not again
come downstairs.
In tbe case against Jameson, T.
Forrest stated accused waa in his
hotel at the time the affair took place
and witness remarked to him that
there must bs a lot of drunks in the
street that night. T. Rawlin.employ-
ed at Forrest House, gave, however,
different evidence, stating he saw accused go upstairs to bed a little after
���(o'clock. Witness waa in the reading
loom all evening and did not see him
sgain. Would have seen him had he
bean about there.
Mr. Spragge aaid that two of these
defendanta were fined aa they did not
understand they had the right to call
evidence. He asked the case bs re*
His Worship said he had askedJaine-
son If tbev had any evidence to call
and be replied "no." He understood
Jameson spoke for the rest. The case
oould not be re-heard.
Mr. Spragge said in that ease ther
must havt it re-heard by appeal as
tbey oould not allow the stigma to
Judge Forin said he had beard
of these esses before he came tbere.
The citizena of Donald, particularly
the C. P. R. men, should combine together and endeavor to root out this
rowdyism. He had beard that a man
named Murphy had been badly maltreated and had hia ear cat. They did
not want their town to get the name
of being a place where old men were
wantonly assaulted. While the prosecution had failed In the face of the
evidence the com tmuat lorm its opinion on tbat evidence. There waa a
conflict between the evidence of Mr.
Forrest and that ol the other man
with r. ference to Jameson'a movements at the Forrest House, and a few
of theee things would not stand the
strlo'est examination. This affair
occurred between the Nelles and Forest
Houses and would be over in a few
moment's. The most startling thing
about It waa that this affair should
hava barn going on on 8u.day night
when every bar In the place was sup
posed to be closed.   He had the ,.o>.
to cancel any license in East or We
Kootenay    on   the  first inforraatio
being laid against them as to their respectability,   and   he  did   not think
Sunday observers should be disturbed
by this row iyism.   Tney had a S n
day   law and if the they did not kee|
closed he hoped  Mr.   Griffith would
notlfly him,
Mr. Griffith:    I have given  them
Judge Forin said this thing wa
done on hallowe'en night when all tin
devils were supposed to be about, and
be hoped thin affair would be a lesson
to the people of Donald, or thev would
have the name of being a tough place.
He knew they were not and he wished
to give them to understand that a continuance of this sort of thing should
not be tolerated. So far as the accused was concerned these charges were
. 4t	
The World.Li. Dell Company.
We remind our readers of the splen
did entertainment to be given at the
Alexander Hall. Golden, on Tuesday
night, by the talented ladies, Miss
World and Miss La Dell. As showing
how highly their entertainment has
been appreciated in other places we
quote the following:���
Brandon Times: ��� "No concert
that the people of this city have
had an opportunity of attending
in recent yearn was more worthy of
support than the one given by Miss
World and Miss La Dell on Thursday
evening. The ladies in their respective lines are certainly charming entertainers, and it is unfortunate that
tbey were not greeted by a large audience. It is also to be regretted that
many people who would certainly
have onjoved the fine programme
should have allowed the opportunity
to puss���they missed o treat, an enjoyable evening's entertainment. Miss
World has a remarkable voice���strong
sweet and clear. She sings songs of
tbe heroic order, grand, soul stirring
pieces, and though suffering from a
severe cold contracted several weeks
jjjigo, slid sang them as sweetly as they
possibly could have been sung and
with a clearness of expression seldom
equalled on a Brandon stage. ''Sing
On," was a beautiful number, and por*
Imps Miss World's best effort. Iu
"The Harp that Once. Thro' Tura's
Halls," there was ample scope for the
powerful voice, and the old Irish melody rang out with bewitching sweet
ness. Miss World is certainly a great
singer. Miss Marietta La Dell has
appeared here before. She is an elocutionist of great ability, with all the
juvenile simplicity of Jessie Alexander
in her well selected children's pieces,
and possessing the dramatic power of
Agnes Knox in the heavier number-.
'���The Captive,"wa8 beautifully rendered. In "Our Christmas." Miss La
Dell captivated the audience, Her
other pieces were equally well given,"
The Lethbridge News says: The entertainment given on Monday evening
by Miss Frances World and Miss Marietta La Dell, the "Concert Stars," was
undoubtedly the best thing in that line
the people of Lethbridge have had tha
pleasure of hearing for some long time.
The programme for the evening, con*
taining 11 numbers, was considerably extended by the repeated encores demanded by the audience and complied
with by the performers. Miss World
haa a very powerful voice, of good timbre, under complete command, combined with very distinct articulation, and
her rendering of the diffeieut pieces
delighted the large audience present.
Miss La Dell, elocutionist, or "interpreter of literature," is an adept in her
art, and her presentation of the
different numbers on the programme,
particularly "The Chariot Race,"
"The Stately Minuet" and "The Dead
Kitten," left littlo to be* desired. Her
posing, portraying the different
passions snd emotions, was also excellent and worthy of Iier reputation."
Tho Noble Five is closed down, and
the bank has refused to pay the checks.
The Donald Prospecting and Develop
ment Company have located the Snow
flake claim on Gid's Creek, Bluewater.
A M. Langlands has recorded the
Abergcldie claim in the Burns Basin,
and W. Wallace has recorded the Excelsior in Cariboo Basin.
Some Americans have jumped the
Coronado group. We hope the Gold
Comi-sioner will jump on them aud
stop this mean spirited action.
M. Dainard, R. G. Brett and G. S.
McCarter have transferred to the Al-
berta-Kootenuy Co. the Lawyer, Doctor and Mabel claims on Copper Creek,
The transfer is recorded at Donald
of the British Crown, Stemwiuder ami
Sovereign claims, near Beaver, from A.
C. Mitchell-Innes to W. G. Mitchell-
The Nip and Tuck Co. evidently
have some notion of selling their hydraulio property at Fort Steele as this
is one of the subjects to be considered
by the annual meeting of shareholders
on Monday next,
By the Upper Columbia Navigation
Co.'s stage on Friday week tliere arrived a package of 810,000 worth of
gold from the clean-up of the Invicta
Co. Tho gold wos consigned to the
Bank of B. C, Vancouver.
Mr. Ernest Grant-Govan, of the
Gold Fields of British Columbia, is already arranging for the issue of the
prospectus of another company, which
with the title of the Tangier Mine,
limited, and a capital ol ��1*20,000, is
to acquire the property of the tame
name situated at Albert Canyon and
adjoining the Waverley.
The Kootenay Mail says of tho Tangier mine, near Albert Canyon, and
owned by Tho Goldfiilds of British
Columbia: "A series of assays as
work was done gave an average of 2-f>
oz. gold, 14(1 ozs. silver, KU per cent
lead and 2J per cent copper. The iron
pyrites go about $33 44 per ton in
gold. This is from the solid portion
of the vein."
An  Important tlt.eovery
A Oolden Entertainment.
An entertainment was held on Friday at the Presbyterian church in aid
of the building fund and resulted in
the sum of 188.50 being realized. Mr.
Smith presided. The following programme was presented: Address by
Percy Lake, piano selection by Mrs.
Mercier, two trios by Messrs. Plow-
right, King and Harcourt. a capital
recitation by Gertie Fields, two violin
solos by T. J. Barron, of Donald,
whose excellent selections were heartily encored; reading by J. jV. Bates,
solo by R. A. King; recitation by
Katie Rutherford; a prettily rendered
solo by Martha Woodley, Mrs. Rae
accompanying; quartette by Messrs.
Plowright, King, Linden and Haroourt; aong by Percy Lake; addresses
by Messrs. R. A. King and Harcourt;
solo by J. Harcourt. During the entertainment refreshments were passed
around, the following having kindly
contributed to this part of the entertainment: Mosdames Sutherland.
Love, Harison, Dainard, Pratt, Brock.
Fields, Rutherford, Brown. Henderson, Lake, Misses Sutherland and
Holt and Dr. Taylor. The ohurch
was crowded. Mr. Harcourt thanked
the audience for their assistance.
During the evening Mrs. Morcicr
kindly presided at the piano.
Mr. J. H. Susmann, tlie C. P. R
minim; expert, has in hand the con
stinction of a smelter at Robson. No
better man than Mr. Susiniinu could be
selected for this work, and while it. is
in his hands, the mine owners may depend on the C. P, R. smelling business being conducted with tho greatest
ability, and thai their interests will
receive the most straightforward consideration.
Mr. Moldenhauer, forcmsn for the
Koott-nuy Consolidated, came in from
the Bennison Basin on Sunday, He
reports having struck n vein of galena
on the 1000 feet level of the Bennison.
This vein wus struck at a
point sivty-two fret from the
mouth of the tunnel and widened out
as the work proceeded. Messrs Blake
and Smith succeeded in gating in sup-
plies for the winter camp.
The Fort Steele Prosperrlov snys
that one of tlio finest leads yet discovered in the locality has been unearthed
on the Sullivan group. J. McDonald.
who is in charge, went down through
a somewhat heavy iron cupping and
struck a body of soft carbonates about
two feet wide on tlie Hope claim. He
made an open cut remeving the capping from tho vein for a distance of 14
feet. Tho carbonates went down about
18 inches when a streak of solid galena
two feet thick was found underlying
them. The galena was found to he of
uniform thickness along tlie 14 feet
uncovered, and of a very line steely
grain. Further on the vein widened to
ten feet.
Tho rails on the' Crow's Nest Puss
Railway are laid west to the crossing
nf Pincher Creek ut LeGrnndciir's,
about 2-' miles from Macleod. The
permanent bridge, with cement piers,
is being put in there. There is u clear
run then to the South Fork, and after
that river is crossed, thero is practi-
cally little difficulty, so fur as bridges
arc concerned. The road bed from the
end of the truck to the lake is about
ready for the rails. The rails are now
laid from the 16 mine coulee east to
LeGranduer's west, making a total of
A party at Omenirn, with the help
of a kiootchman, munuged after a
hard trip, to find the creek where the
gold crane from that was recently
(omul with llie bodies of Hathaway
mid Robertson at Omenica. They
found tools and the remains of Hath-
uwuy nud liobirrtson's work. They
prospected tlie ground nnd found prospects sufficiently rich to induce them
to stake off claims for all those interested. Samples of gold brought back
are the purest Captain Bluck has seen
u British Columbia.
After return, from notes and enquiries made from Sichiuee Indians
the conclusion was arrived at that an
easy trail ..ouid be made into the creel;;
and Grant and Goodall, both having
spent lust winter on Mnnsoii Creok, d��-
cided to spend this winter on the new
creek (which it was decided to namo
in honor of Hathaway and Robertson
who lout their lives there.) Grant es-
timates that he can make from $3 to
SS per day rocking, They procured
tools and supplies enough to do them
till next July; they cut a trail from
where Captain Black supposed it
could be made, and they have taken
horses iu from Stewart's Lake with
their supplies. They are well provided for, and Grant, being nn old timer,
hy next summer will be able to know
more about this creek.
When the news spread of the discovery, word was sent to all the prospectors in the district���who could be
reached -and an old time rush ensued,
reminding the old timers of the Cassiar
rush on a small scale. A number of
claims have been staked aud recorded
since. All came back with samplea
and seem well satisfied wilh iheir
prospects, and are going back in the
Col. Weatherly, who came from
Cuba lust spring, where he was in
command of insurgent troops, took
the first horses down Malison Creek,
erossed n rising river and penetrated
into tlie Rocky Mountains, uud savs
he has found very promising quartz
ledges and is going hack in the spring.
He had tlie usual luck of prospectors ���
running short of provisions and had
to return.
A party of Barkerville mining men
have located ground ou Miinson Creek,
adjoining the American Consolidated
ground, and intend commencing mining 0|crntioiis in the sprint. -
A number of Chinamen worked
with rockers below Discovery Creek,
on a high bench and rrlmitied thev
were making front tl to $4 per day.
A little below them another Chinaman, Ah Liiinm. uncovered i. piece of
very good ground, about ten feet above
bed rock, while with little water ho
was shovelling from half lo three
quarters of an ounce a day to tlio man.
He is now putting in a ditch.
This country can be reached Irom
Golden by wny of Columbia, Canoe,
and Fraser rivers.
Report for October���Two VI.Ho:..
Fifth class,���Gladys Houston 1st,
May A. Kenny 2nd; Fourth class,���
Gertie G. Field 1, Malic Anderson and
Mary Connor (equal) 2; Third class,���
Ida Bookhout 1, Magnie Archer 2:
Second class,"���Arthur Janes 1, Lottie
Woodley 2; II primer, Snr.,-Minnie
Woodley 1, Fannie Connor 2; II pri-
mei, jnr.,���Percy Luko 1, KatiePugho
2; I primer,-Owens Stnrfoith 1, Katie
Kenny 2. Average attendance 35.
Visits wero paid io the School hy the
Minister of Education and Inspector
of schools. ���
Can any render ot lhe Goi.DEN Eua
describe the "Family Herald and
Weekly Star" premium picture for ibis
season. It is entiiled "It Fell From
the Nest." Tho publishers of the
"Family Herald and Weekly Star"
offer $50.00 in prizes to those who can
best describe the picture from the
title. Thn Golden Era and the
"Family Herald" on,* year, and the
beautiful picture "It Fell From the
Nest" all for $2.75.
\YrANTErj_.TItl'ST\V01iTllY ANI) Active gentienn'ii or ladies to travel for
vospmsil.lt*. osijihlislicd house in llnti-.li Columbia.   Monthly trW 00 ami expenses.   I'oni-
ul.ni,, o.itt mites   In   -uMitYnn   ic. ,l���.  0"n "toady.   Kolerenco. Kniloso selfaddrm-
aboitJJS miles   in   addmon   to I he ^ atanitwd envelope.  The Dominion Com-
***.*-, eilr   Ia ill   I t.,-.m    I .at It Kv*i il rt*r\   ii.rin * I.    .    ��� . "...    *���* ... ���          ._*.*_���. ami
track laid from Lethbridgo west.
pany, Dept. Y Chicago.
Bound for the
But before I can go, must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.
- golden -
In Every
i  Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery, and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
'$*��� Groceries.
��� ��� ���
Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of thc moun
tains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
We have something tor you
for the next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes at Cost for
the next 30 days.
To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The (IOIjDEN RBA ,s published every
Friday evening. It is the best advertising
modiran ill the East Kootenay district.
.���Subscription Hates : Ri.OO per annual IN
Alterations and changes of standing advertisements must be in tlin office not later than
noou on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon ou Friday,
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietors will not be responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to be paid tu the Managing
Director, or his authorized agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising- rates: Display ads,. 11.50 per
column inch: Leg.-l ads., 10 cents per Hue
for first insertion, 0 cents for each additional
insertion; Heading notices, li! cents per line
each issue.
All business communications should be addressed to the Managing Director, nml ail
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In the cose ol
anonymous letters the namo and address of
the writer must bo enclosed, not for publication, but for the private Information of the
editor and as a guarantee ef good faith.
The GoTden Era Conipaiiv Limited Llabilitf.
Office, Golden, B, c.
two weeks, The party was driven
ashore several times and lost much of
its supplies." In the face of these facts
there seems no doubt but what the
route we have been advocating along
the Colnmbia Valley is the best tbat
has yet been suggested and the more
that is learned of It goes to strengthen
and justify the demand that it is
the best all-Canadian route that can
be adopted.
fffihe (ffiolben t&va
(Edited by E. A. Haoobn.)
��� ��� Don't ��� ���
Miss This Opportunity!
Boots. Shoe* Mid HoraeM
Repaired promptly.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinda for
Hire at Reasonable Rates,
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
Hamilton & Skelton.
The McMurdo House,
carbonate -andinh,
���ast kootbnay,
Cabtwriort, Proprietor.
Oood aeeommodation for Miners.
Best Brands ot Liquors Kept,
Saddle or Peek Horses tor Sale or Hire
Advertise Your Dwtrict
To lo so, send your orders (or us
to print yonr memoranda with a
locality nap of East Kootenay
and the various locations on the
back ol eaoh form!
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
Oeneral Printers and Publishers,
Golden, B. C.
Caton s Tansy Ms.
_Jr_&_T<** CAT01T8 and cave re*
.relsTAtdiuggle-, or tent sealed,��. Onr
eeTAiee. Co..
Meoteo. Vase.
When wo first suggested that the
best inland route to the Yukou would
be cot by way of the Columbia Valley.
Canoe River, and Tete Jaune Cache,
Parsnip, Fiodlay and Liard rivers, the
Revelstoke Herald cviden'ly thought
it was some visionary proposal and
chaftingly described it as "the Golden
Era air line." Onr contemporary has
evidently repented. The Herald has
followed onr footsteps in obtaining information regarding this route, and
has come to the conclusion that we
havo been right all along with the
exception that the Herald thinks the
"Golden Era air line" ought to start
from Revelstoke and go thence up the
Columbia River coming in at the same
point on Canoe River as the road that
we propose from Donald and Golden.
We don't grudge the Herald its discovery but congratulate it on having
the fairness to acknowledge that 'he
route that we have been advocating is
the best one. We admit that there
is a practicable route from
Revelstoke to the same point
as advocated by the Eua. We also
admit that there aro practicable routes
from Edmonton, Kamloops, Ashcroft.
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, and San
Fronoiaco. What wo say, however,
is that the route (rom Donald and
Golden has many advantages above
them all. as it lies along the great valley of the western base of the Rocky
Mountains, which valley, broken
only in two or three places by
low saddles, is a direct and natural
highway, not only to the Yukon, hut
to the rich country of the Peace River
and Omenica on its way, Wo advocate a road which the highest engineering authorities tell us is practically
level for 600 miles of its course, over
which a road or railway oan easily be
built with the least natural obstacles���
a natural highway in fact. We ask
that this road be investigated by the
Dominion Government Engineers before any other road is adopted. We
believe from all we have learned about
it that it is the best, most easily constructed, and shortost Canadian route
to the Yukon that has yet been suggested. The position of the routes
seems to be this. The Kamloops, Donald and Golden, Revelstoke and Edmonton-Yellowhead routes all have
Tete Jaune Cache as the common
point. The northern latitude of tbe
C, P. R. line in the Upper Columbia
Valley makes Donald the nearest railway point to Tete Jaune Cache, with
the best country (or access. A lot
has been said about the Edmonton
route. We don't want to injure it if
it is what it is claimed to be, bnt ths
Hamilton disaster has given it a black
eye and several have returned complaining bitterly against the oruel
misrepresentation in regard to that
route. The following telegram baa
been going the rounds o( the press
in regard to it: "Duluth, Minn., Oot.
26th.���W. A. Foote, of Duluth. who
left (or the Klondike via Edmonton,
has turned bank. A letter received
here by his son relates a story o( hardship and disappointment. Mr. Foote
pushed through to Cbippewayou ot
Lake Athabasca, north of Edmonton,
only to And that be oould not get over
on the Stewart River by that route
unless he abandoned his provisions.
Mr. Foote and party were compelled to
turn baok. Storms were encountered
on Lake Athabasca and the boat that
contained George Esh and L.C. Knickerbocker also ol Dulntb, was left (or
We congratulate tho C. F, R, on
the steps they have just taken to pie-
vent recurrence of accidents by failure
of air brakes, Testing machines will
be placed at each making up station
and the air brakes thoroughly tested
before each train goes out. With reference to the extension of the air
brake system the Toronto Star says:
"In (aot so thoroughly has the Canadian Pacific entered upon a scheme to
equip every particle of their rolling
stock, even to flat and stock cars,
with the improved Weitinghouse air
brake, that a plan is now under the
consideration of the departmental
heads and the Westinghouse Air Brake
Company of Philadelphia to establish
a Canadian branoh of their works in
some of the Canadian Pacific repair
shops���probably Toronto Junction or
Perth���and construct under royalty
all the air brakes used by the Canadian Pacific, from the Pacific to the
Eastern Seaboard." The company is
evidently determined to show that the
safety of the public will be a first
factor in its policy of administration.
They have a magistrate at Barrie,
Ont. who is a disgrace to the bench
and ought to be removed forthwith.
He sent a well known and . highly esteemed farmer, named John Belts, ot
Staynor, to gaol (or refusing to pay a
olaim made on him over a fruit-tree
swindle, and which he rightly refused
to pay. Imprisonment (or debt Is no
part of the system of any civilived
country, and the magistrate who
seeks to give effect, to suoh tyranny by
calling it contempt of court, as in this
case, is no better than a sneak-thief.
That magistrate ought to have four-
teen days on bread and water (or so
grossly abusing the power placed in
his hands.
���-The Golden Era Air Line"
The Hamilton Times remarks: "Two
years ago Ogilvie, the flour mill man,
was busy trying to make the people believe that grit rule meant rain to
the Northwest, He hae jnst returned
(rom a trip through that part o( the
country and is delighted with what
he saw. "It was truly wonderful,"
exclaimed he to an interviewer.1-everything up there seemed to be improved,
and I don't believe I ever saw general
business look so solid and prosperous
as I did on this trip." Thus one by
one the tory prophets of evil confess
that they prophesied (alsly."
There will be a groat rush from England to Klondike in tho spring. It is
estimated that 100,000 people have already decided to leave England for the
goldfields. Cook's Tourist agency have
already booked 12,000 and haveentered
into a contract with the proprietors of
the Driard Hotel, Victoria, to provide
for 2,000 people in the first week in
January on their way to the goldfields.
In view of the importance of these
goldfields and the rush of people it is
most important that the Government
of British Columbia should take steps
to have the Omenica, Cassiar and
Peace River districts opened for settlement, for the rush will undoubtedly
extend south nnd the Province ought
to lie able to take the best advantage
of it by having the opening ot her
goldfields extended. A road up the Col
umbra valley mid Canoe River to Tete
Cache and along tbe Paranip, Findlay
Black, and Liard rivers would open up
the inland gold districts of Britiah
Columbia rich, w the hoad waters ot
the Yukon. -
In the Klondike Oold Fields.
Seattle, October 28.���A Dawson
city letter says: "Tbe spectacle of men
picking np gold in baskets is strange,
but no less true. Another strike bas
been made. The camp ts on fire with
excitement. In the last 24 hours
nearly 400 bench claims have beon
staked out on a side hill in Shookeem
gulch. In halt n day, Friday, a (oot
below the surface, two men with a
rocker picked out $685 in gold. Two
nuggets valued at 147 and $25 respectively, where found, and hundreds of
others, worth from three to $20 were
taken out of the side hills. Thousands
in the last year have walked over the
ground and no one suspected its rich,
ness, Boulders were turned over and
there lying exposed to the light of day
were the nuggets scattered in the
gravel. The moss is about 12 inches
thick and beneath it two men picked
up $800 in coarse gold."
The late Henry George, whose death
has been reported us he was on the
eve of fighting tbe Tammany ring in
New York, was a man who may be
classed as ono of the keenest thinkers
of this century. His works have an
immense influence over the civilized
world, Their study created thinkers
among the working classes, and the
disciples of George today must be
numbered in many millions. The
advanced legislation of the Australian
Colonies in social scieuce is largly die
to the widespread circulation of his
works. George was a man who has
done more than most reformers to elevate tbe maaaes, and thereby to make
for purity of the government of an
nation. Though he ia dead his voice
still speaketh through his writiugs
and the work which he began will go
on till mauy uf the sentiments he espoused become rooted In the principles
governing the nations.
The World says that "Hon. Mr.
Tarte, as Minister of Publio Works
(or the Dominion, proposes next set
sion to nsk Parliament (or * large vote
(or the purpose o( extending the Gov.
ernment telegraph lines in the North
west and British Columbia. It is
quite probable that so (ar as this Province is ooncerned tho Local Govern
ment will act in conjunction with the
Federal authorities in grantiug assist
anos upon suoh conditions ss may he
jointly agreed upon.'' We have ihe
best authority for stating that ono of
the first telegraph lines to bo put in
hand will be that between Golden nnd
Fort Steele.
Henri Relief
Eight Years Hanging Between Life and
Death with Acute Heart Disease���And
in _0 Minutes After Taking First Dose of
Dr. Agnew's Cure tor the Heart Belief
Comes���What it did for Alfred Couldry,
West Sheffield, Que., it can do for any
Sufferer From the Somo Cause.
"I had been suffering from acute heart
trouble for over four years. When doctors
had tried, anil failed to give mo relief, I procured Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart. In HO
minutes alter tbe first dote I had relief, and
although mine was a ease of long standing,
eight bottles effected a permauent cure, anil
I firmly believe, after knowing what It hoi
done for me, that thero is no hopeless cote
while Ihis great cure is to be hail. I cheerfully sanction ths me of my testimony in
wbi.tover way it msy do the most good."
Sold by C.A.Warren. 218
Iii Boxeman, Mont, an attempt was
made to poison by strychnine a party
who were out camping.
Gilles A Co's bank atTeeswater,
Ont. broken by burglars, safe blown
open, and money stolen.
A company has been (ormed in St.
Paul to put three steamers on the
Athabasca and .McKenzie rivers next
season to take people into tbe Yukon
via Edmonton.
The Boats to the Yukon.
The Revelstoke Herald says: Spokane is a nice place. It is also an
ambitious one. Just at present it is
profoundly imbued with the idea that
If It oould only have railway connection with Kamloops it oould establish
ItseK as a basis of supplies (or Klondyke by the overland route. Railway
connection is easily established���on a
map. Bnt without going into the
question of the likelihood or otherwise
of Spokane becoming a basis ol
supplies either with or without railway connection with Kamloops, the
Herald would like to point out that
what is believed to be a perfectly
feasible tine of route exists (rom Revelstoke, whioh already has rail and
water connection with Spokane ud
other points In Wsshington and the
Western States generally, to Nelson
Rlvsr. The objective point o( all overland routes, whether stsrting Irom
Edmonton, Kamloops, Ashcroft or
any other inland point, This Une
would run by the Columbia and Canoe
River as (ar as Tete Jaune Cache,
passing all the way through a district
known to be rich in surface indications
of mineral wealth and opening up
near Tete Jaune Cache a most extensive deposit of mica. In the Yellow
Head Pass which runs from Tete
Jaune Cache to Jasper House in
Alberta large deposits of low grade
gold bearing quartz are also known to
exist. Tbe pack trail is stated to
pass over reef after reel of thie for two
days of the trip. Through this pass
again lies the natural outlet ol the
agricultural products of the rich and
fertile Edmonton distriot and Saskatchewan valley to its market in Kootenay. Beyond Tete Jaune Cache the
route to the Yukon would run along
the Valleys of the Fraser and Parsnip
rivers to Peace River and then acroas
to the Nelson and down tbat river
to its junction with the Liard. The
Liard and Pally rise almost in tbe
same lake, and the Pelly is navigable
almost from its source to Dawson City
This route is not recommended to Mr,
W. A. Foote, of Duluth or any other
tenderfoot to tackle next spring. It
will require a considerable amount of
opening up. But so will any other
either from Kamloops or Ashcroft
or any other point on the C. P. R.
The advantage to those that open it up
will be that for the first part of its
course as far as Tete Jaune Cache
the returns will bs immediate, as by
it what according to all accounts is
one of the richest mineral districts In
British Columbia will be developed
from tho very start off. The company
that will run a light railway through
thia part of the ronte would  find  the
venture pay even if the gold ot Klondike) had never been unearthed Irom ita
native muskeg.
Removed to
New Store
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
���y Motto to
Good Quality.
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Sign  Writer,  Painter
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended lo.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
... Practical
Price List on Application, 144te
Croup Quickly tlared
Mountain Glen, Ark.���Our children were suffering with croup when
we received a bottle of Chamberlain's
Croup Remedy. It afforded almost instant relief.-F. A. Thornton. This
celebrated remedy Is for sale by all
druggists. Langley A Co., wholesale
agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 187u8
��� ���
Five hnndred out of work by dee-
truetion bv fire of Union knitting
mills at Hudson, N. Y.
riles eared In S to 6 Rights
Dr. Agnew's Ointment will cure ell esses
of Itching Piles lu from three to six nights.
One application brings comfort. For Mind
snd bleeding piles it Is peerless. Also cures
Teller. Sal rlheum, Ectema, Barber's Itch
siid sll eruptions of ibe skin.  Hi cents.
Sold by U. A. Warren.
Now-a-days nearly
ry  woman  rides a
bicycle.    The  majority
of these who do not,
have  failed lo
compass Its difficulties because of
Many women after taking innum-
' rable  '
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established homo in British Columbia. Monthly WU0 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dent. Y Chicago. iMap-l
and trying vainly
conquor the wheel
weeks, bave finally
ven It up as a hope*
----- for this one
In nearly every la-
stance severe nervotu-
n-s* in women msy be
traced to weakness and
disesss ef tbe delicate
     .ana distinctly feminine.
No other clsas of disorders eo torture a women's nerves or break ihem down so
quickly and effectually. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is a sure, speedy snd
permanent cure for all troubles of this description. It acts directly on the sensitive
organs concerned, making them strong,
healthy, vigorous and elastic. It allays
inflammation, heals ulceration, soothes
sain and tones and builds np thc nerves.
It stops exhausting drains.  It banishes Ihe
1 important
indispositions that precede maternity and
makes baby's advent easy and almost painless.    It insures the tittle new-comer's
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps snd Seals will
be received at the Oolden Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
Tbe Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Thomas Lee
Has Opened a
In Gibson's building, opposite Ihe Fcstoflce.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -  -   -  Golden, EC.
A supply of Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given lo orders. 28to
Undertakers and
.  .   Embalmers, .
('nlgary,   -    -   Alt*.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday of each
week. 86to
William Bennison.
Mining Broker, -
Seattle. W��__l*.��to-u
Mines exchanged, bought, sold or bonded,
Correspoadence solicited.
London reference���W. L. Cooper, Solicitor.
No. t Queen Ann Street,*&..
American references���Scuttle National Bank
and Everett National Bank. IU
Watoh, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing-
In all its tines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings anil
Jewelery carried  in  stook, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mail Orders Solloited.
Call at my new place of business,
Opposite the Post Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���  Golden, B. C.
Meals served at all hours.   Tobacco,
Cigars and Refreshments.   211st
Catarrh of Long Standing Relieved
In a Few Hears.
It is not alone'he people of our own country, and prominent citlrcens like Urban
Lippe, M.P. of Juliette, Que., and other
members of Parliament, who, having used
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder, pronounce It
the moat effective remedy Ihey have ever
known, hut people everywhere are oxpreat*'
ing their gratitjeation at tbe effectiveness of
this medioine. C. G. Archer, of Brewer,
Maine, says: "I hava had catarrh for several
ysars. Water would ran from my eyes and
nose days at a time. About four months ago
I wat induced to try Dr. Agnew't Catarrhal
Powder, slid since using the wonderful rera-
*   I have not had an attack. I would not be
tit" ItrsUt.esin��minutes.
by C. A. Warren. 913
health and an ample supply ef nourishment It transforms wesk, nervous invalids into strong, healthy, ntrve-ttaady women. Thousands have testified te ita marvelous merits. An honest dealer will out
otttt a substitute.
"My wife was troubled with ftn.sk ���nk-
���tit' for several yesrs," writes James Cumil,
Bm��� of Oebeltree, lotinson Co., Hss*., (P.O.
Bos 6i). "She hid burios-down paint aad
pan lo back. Her periods were ti-mn-lar, the
world Hive r.intlD, spells, the belt doctor, dM
���Mr no nod. By the that my wife tat una
nir txtflet of lhe 'Ptvoritt Pr**criM-a' st*
wu cotn-JM-rlT cured. No store Mis. Pin
monthly pert-- in refutar, tht tf Meet tad
*__��&. -i"-H,JJrt>.m__J'_! ___gg?
nttdl���ott the wagnee about is*, pot-sea���sew
tkt wtif te it* posads."
Scad ji one-cent stomps, to cover cost el
customs and mailing only, to tht World's
Ditpenary Medical As-odatUm, Battle,
N. Y��� for a paper-covered eon of Doctor
Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser*
-Cloth binding joci-to. A whole
Unary hi eae woe-page velMe.
Independent Order or Foresters
.   i
Sick and funeral benefitt.
Meet popular system of life insurance.
Membership Increased by 0,000 for last
Persons desirous ot joining in forming a
Court at Golden are requested to leave their
names with X. A. Haggen, offlce of ths
Oolden Era.
110 J. E. Annablb, Organiser.
fltreagth, Vitality, Baa-hood.
DR. WARD'S '?."&...
Are told under a positive guarantee to cun
refund tbs money, and we stand by our
Impot.noi.Varicoobli, Low Vitality
in old or young, Nioht.v -missions and
wasting dlat-m, snd all efa-taofaelf abuts
or exetMJt. Stent dugerout drtlnt. A
genuineNnvcfoNio. Shows iramed-ie
Improvement The grandest remedy of modem limes. Price*., or tix boxes (a fall treatment) for H, by mall. In plain package, on
receipt of price,
Ward Medicine Co.,
860 Dearborn St,, Chicago.
iVA1*VA . NERVE BEANS sn s new
m <���-_ v <u    dheovery that cun the worst
Beans. ��-jrHj<?_^
nttorei the. weakness of bodyor mind canted
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. This remedy absolutely cure, the most
obstinate clues when all other troatmeuls have
foiled even to relieve. Sold by druggists atll
par package or sis forlJ, or tent Tnr mail on
rtcejnt of price by addressing THE JAMES
MEDIOINE CO., Toronto Oat. Write for
pamphlet. 17_��t
The Eagle Foundry
No. 84 King St., Montreal.
Mill and Mining Machinery,
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings and Forging*.
���   ��. ��
Manufacturer of
Elevators, Shingle Mlllt, Etc.,      *   *
Blake's Challenge Stone Breaker,
Heine Safety Steam Boilers.     170-81
Dr. Wart's
Mafloal Complexion Tablets'
itantlty the skin and compfalon. Aj
tk-heJ* Fwcl> kit. Tsn. Moles
H_ck-_Milt Fr���. ���>
J**- __9kna,i��' l^taty'a^ami,"
Ctpttulttt, Ecsema, .Prickly Heat
News in Brief
Snow at Winnipeg.
Henry George is deal.
Dr. Rose, of Toronto, is dead.
Duohess of Took died suddenly.
Flood in Mexico. Village washed
- attay.
Boy died at Chatham from attaok by
��� sow.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will visit
Chief Justice Taylor, of Manitoba,
been knighted.
Five nen killed by colliery explosion
at Scranton Pa.
A drunken railroader shot three men
���t Gorham, M. H.
Yellow fever still keeps op Its ravage* ia New Orleans.
British force* in India captured
the Sempagha Pass.
Boy named Rudd blew his sister's
bead oS with a gnn.
Trouble with Indians in Colorado
and whites killed in fight.
Train wrecked on Grand Trunk and
SO oar* smashed to pieces.
Tailor named Hatton slabbed his
eon ait Toronto with shears.
Reported that France intriguing
with Mahdi against England.
Two ohildren named Kueline burned to death in Multora, Minn.
Trouble threatened between England
and France over West Afriou.
Farmer named O'Brien murdered
lor his saeney at MeAdam, N. B.
Wolfe Leather Co's premises la
Morris, III. burned.   Loss $220,000.
By tram collision in Montreal one
tnotorman killed and another injured.
18 men killed by explosion ol giant
powder at Grand Central mine Mexico.
Two men drowned themselves by
jumping together into the river at St
Miner ebot at Wilkes-Barre in row
between occupants of rival boarding
Andree'e baloon reported to have
Toeen seen floating in tbe sea near
Six hundred Dervishes killed by
���British gunboat ia the operations
near Berber.
MoPbeeson's threshing machine
and far*, building* sear Calgary
destroyed by Ore.
Twenty-one bodies recovered   from
wreck which  occurred on New York
'Centrallost week.     *���**���' "	
The World's Favorite for Dying
Light, medium an J
heavy Goods.
Diamond Dye* do a range of work
far beyond the possibilities o( seep
grease and orude package dyes. The
common dyes on the market are deceptive in character and composition;
tbey are made to sell, not to give
guaranteed satisfsetion. The majority of the color* ol soap grease
and       erude package       dyes
are eo weak they will hardly
(tain th* hand*. Diamoad Dyes give
color to light, medium and heavy
materials that are as (est aa a roek,
and laet as long aa the goods bold together. The heavest tweeds and
cloths can be dved with Diamond
Dyes. Boa-, grease and imitation
package dyes dan not attempt sueh
work, because tha color* an not sufficiently penetrating and powerful.
If you desire success in the dying
operation, and with to lave money,
o��e Diamond Dye* (or home dying.
All up-to-date dealers sell Diamond
Dye* aud strongly recommend them.
The National Matte Smelter.
A practioal, oheap and simple method
0( matting sulphide on, such as nickel,
copper, gold, and silver ores. In local-
Itia* when lead ore* aad (uei an
���oan* and almost unattainable our
Eyrltle water*jaoketed Matte Smelter
a* been reoognised with highly satis-
(aotory results, sad bss been thoroughly tested on varioua pyritle,
sulphide, and arsenideoret, incapacity
o( two to 80 ton* per day. It la the
simplest method o( gold aud silver on
matting and concentrating that i*
known today,
It require* no extraordinary skill.
no lead ore*, no fluxing material, and
bo feel (or tbe smelter after it is
started. Th* sulphur ia th* ore is
its natural (uei only, and it* oost has
ao comparison with any other process
o( concentrating.
We an prepared to (urnish any else or
oapoelty plant complete to substantial
mining people, set It up and (urnish
our men to run it tor them on eaey
payments. Prices, and specifications,
with references and testimonials, on
application. ,.
Manufacturers of Furnaces for Nickel, Cop-,
per, Oold, Silver, and Lead Ores.
nr. Louis, mo. 120to
Our Dear Ones
Mothers,  Wives and
Thousands   of Them   Suffer.
Pain.'. Celery Cot-pound Olvet Them
Health and Freshness of Youth.
When the nervous energies an exhausted, women suffer from constipation, dyspepsia, kidney disease, liver
trouble, and prostration. They an
weak, tired, have headache, backache,
sldeaohe, and cannot sleep. It is
thsn that the wrecking of womens
delicate organism begins.
When sioknoss, disease and disaster
threaten, Paine's Celery Compound
should be used without delay. This
marvelous modern medioine will quickly impart strength to every weak organ, and restore the greatest blessing
of life���health. A few week's use of
Paine's Celery Compound will give
vigor to tbe nervous system; nutrition
digestion and every special womanly
funotioa will be natural and regular.
Rosy obeeks, sparkling eyes and tbe
freshness of youth and beauty alwaya
follow the health giving influence of
Paine's Celery Compound. 218
$500*?? IN GOLD!
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will he furnished suoh information by
addressing tbeir inquiries to the Editor
of the Eba, free of charge.
Now believed that disaster on tbe
New York Central railroad was due
to dynamite placed on the line.
Cold snap experienced in Colorado,
when twenty feet of snow fell, and a
woman and man wen froxen to death.
Cotton strike, involving 180,000 employers, is threatened at Manchester,
England, owing to refusal of higher
By boiler explosion in St. Come
presbytery, Quebec, clergyman and
two girls drivel, through floor and
seriously Injured.
Ponton Issued writ (or 850,000
damages against the Dominion Bank
(or arresting him on a chargo of.the
Napanee bank robbery,
Second battalion of Royal Irish were
withdrawn while on service in India
and rearon is stated to be discovery
of want of loyalty on pan of troops.
The labor associations of Winnipeg
Intend taking steps to bring under the
notice of the Dominion Government
the wrongs to which it is stated
workmen on tbe Crow'a Nest road an
���wee ThoiM-nds of Live*.
teat ytsrt tge Jseob Dtwlttt, ef Hay
Island, wu drafted to the verge of
destli by dreidrol bctrt disease. He was
flvtn op lo die. From vlforoiia mtohood
lie btd font lot broken de.poiidest wreck.
Ht procured Dr. Ainew't nun for Ihe
Heart, ��cd It (tltbfully, tnd to-day
wellM 218 peasds, sad lives to Miss tbe
dsjr the trait remedy wu recommended
lo Mm.   It rillevit la M mlnntet.���M.
Map of Golden
Mining Division
... By V. C. Ij_n*
On receipt of II copies of Ihis valuable
map will be mailed by
Tba Golden Era Company L'ld. Lby.,
Golden, ll.C.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL I* now open for tbe
admission of patients,
TICKETS may be bad from th* undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollar* per year or Six
Dollars per boll year.
NO EXTRAS except private ward*.
Aeting Secretary.
VOTICE Is hereby given that 80 dsys after
" date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com*
minioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase DM acres of land situated ia East
Kootenay District and described M follows!
Commencing at a post placed at the southwest comer of lot SO, G.l, thence west 40
chains, thence north DO chains, Ihence east 40
chains, thence south HO choir- to place of
L. T. MacLboo.
Uatsd Angus! JUrd. Iffli. lolnlB
Umber Notice.
TRntTT Dsys after date I intend to apply
* tn-bsChielCo-nmlsilontrof Ltndt anil
tin .gentlemen or ladies to travel for
estabriibtd hows in British Col-
WM0 and expexses. Post*
Enclose self-add rea-
t_T Dominion Com
Works far a Special License lo tut and carry
Imber from Ihe following described
. 18.0. .,_���������
test Mehains, thence
away limb
Unci In T
riroiti Ihe following dstcrlU.
it Kootenay, -dt.-.-4'ouriienelng
B. coruer or Let ������ ��� --���
1, Ihence
,..-,.- Esst
at lie N. E. ctirr
190 chains, ti
south DO chains!
south 80 chnlnj,,
north 160 chains, __��� ,-��, ��� swu_,
plan et commencement, containing l,i
sens more or lest.
..     .     ���_ ..    .. .WltMOKBNllB.
Cranbrook, Oct Mml, Wl. IMjali
���tsst 10 chain*. Ihence
��� eaat 40 chain, thenee
t watt DO chains, thence
-1 watt 40 chains to
1st Prise
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
2 Prises of
5 Prizes of
10 Prizes of
50.00.      ..
25.00 each
10.00 each
5.00 each
To the Twenty peopls who solve this Puzzle, If there are so many correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH.
With Your
If more than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (in addition
lo the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of whioh the net factory price is 110, If preferred, the winner can
choose a genuine Gold-cased Watoh of tbe same value.
F - - TH -UL
F - R - M - ST
A word here
"True to tho
Our Proud
in the Watch
A word whicli
hore means
they will last
a life-time.
Tbe qualities
of our
which are
to be the
in the English
and American
As this wonderful offer is only made to advertise our (ar (amed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.
1. Send your answer on an "International Post Card," which can be
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance fee or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will thereby win one of our "Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches wblch we
sell in England (or (10 eaoh, and
which could be sold retail ir America
(or 115 to (28 each.
8. Every winner of the Watch is required to purchase one of onr splendid
value Inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chains to wear with the Watch, ss
per our unprecedented offer which we
will send. These Chains are Hallmarked on every link by the English
Government. If the same Watch ia
required with Gold filled case instead
of Solid Silver, a ohain to match may,
if desired, be chosen.
i. With our Watch and Chain yon
will receive our mammoth Catalogue
quoting Wholesale Factory Prices for
Jewellery, Plate, etc. The First Prize
will be given to the one who solves the
Rebus, receives the Watch and Chain,
and orders altogether the largest amount of goods (rom the catalogue; lhe
Second Prize lo the winner wbo
orders the second largest amount, nnd
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive the Watoh and Chain, and
if these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will be equally divided among
them, giving (25 each. All amounts
in this advertisement are taken at the
exohange of (5 to ��1.
b. A form will be sent Iree to yon
which must be filled np and forwarded
to reach us by December 25th of all
goods ordered on account of these
6. The names and addresses of the
cash prize winners will be printed in
tbe Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Dec. .'list next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same day.
7. Writo your name and address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistakes.
8. Orders for theso Prizes may be
sent in separately from time to time
and you will be credited with the total
of all when yon send in the report
form as above.
9. When sending Orders please remember that the letter postage to England is 5 cents per half ounce, and if
iiiNiitficient postage ia used the le-ter is
liable to go astray.
?*"Wc are Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayei-s' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Hatter-
sea; Becker's Son's Balances; Brnnton & Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
P. O. Box ,15,1.
Vancouver. B. V.
Telegraphic Address:   "ASSAY," Vaiicouv
B. C. Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Corner Alexander Slrecl nnd Westminster Avenue,
Telephone 816.     P. O. Drawer 754.
Manufacturers of:--
Stamp Mills Roller Mills Oro Concentrators Ore Feeders
Rock Breakers        Smelters Hoisting and Pumping Machinery
Air Compressors        Water Wheels        Engines        Boilers       Tramways
Hydraulic Mining Machinery Mining Supplies
General Manager, Phone 449.
Supt, Mining Dept,, Phone 446.
���wc-Trets,, Phone 810.
Estimates Fubkishrd.    154
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
- - KLONDYKE - -
"The Province" Map of the Canadian Yukon
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a
if connect, while even if not correct it
costs yon nothing-.
In Five Colon.     SECOND EDITION
Slxe. ��8ft4��
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Incorporated according to Act of Parliament-Capital ����),���� 1*M.TO,000��.     LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
C.-..lcAY.ros.;   "CLOCKLIBE, LONDON."   Basilicas Established im.
Shews Mining Regulations, Mining Information, Routes, etc., etc   One of the
Leading Features of tho Map being the Prominence with whicli the
Compiled and prepared from Ihe following authorities'-   ..
Dawson's reports and surveys, Department of the Interior |of the U.S.) map of Alt
Ogilvio's re-wrta ami mar��,
��vs, Department of the Interior [of the U.S.) map of Alaska,
Postmaster Goacral's (of the U.S.] official postal map of routes, I'nin.l States (leodetic
coast surveys.
Price in neat folder, Paper, 60c; Mounted on Cloth, 75c; Mounted
on Cloth and in Waterproof Cover, f 1.00.
ICilmrl.. j Order quickly, the First Edition is entirely sold nut.
Wholesale ond Betoll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN, B. C.      26tc
Hopplle* for
Assayers ������_
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crucibles, ScoriHe-a, Furnaces,
Chemicals, Chemical Apparatus, Balances,
Baker - Adamson'. C. P. Acids.
We are Importers, Manufacturers
and Jobbers.
4|��levan.*.at_Et. Works at
Haver, Cole. Poeblo Cote.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D. L. Bettschen,
A Full Stock of Patent Mollcines and
Druggists Sundries Kept.
i T      RCVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,     Victoria and Vanoouver.
Is a credit to the publisher.���Toronto Monetary Times.
Containa the latest information���Winnipeg Tribune.
Pronounced by persons who havo been there, very accurate, reliable and valuable   We congratnlate '-The Province."���Victoria Times.
It is an excellent production.���Miner, Nelson.
Those familiar with the country say it is the most reliable and correct map
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"The Province" maps are of good size, clear and accurate.���Toronto World.
"The Province" maps are very stylish, business-like and handy.���Columbian.
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Dr. Ward's
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VOTICE It hereby given thai application
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nest session by Tho Trusts snd Guarantee
Company (Limited), a corporation incorporated In Ontario under ''Tbe Ontario Joint
Stock.Companies' Lottors Patent Act"and
under "TbeTrnst Company Ac! 1806,''on the
���Hth day of February, 1*17, for an act confirming nnd conferring upon It Ihe powers of
the said company as the samo appear n the
Loiters Patent deposited in Ontario with the
Provincial Hegistrar ami upon the anprdval
of Ihe Ijieuteiiant-Oovornor in-Counclf, and
wilh its consent thnt the said company may
be appointed by any judge, of the Supreme
or County courts of the Province of British
Columbia to execute tho otnee of executor,
administrator, trustee, receiver, assignee,
guardian of minor or committee off lunatic
without giving security! and for all further
and necessary powers at may be incidental
or conducive to the attainment of the above
objects or any of them.	
Dated i-j-ctoberotb.Ie*-.
Herbert E. a. Robrrtron,
8 Batilon Square,
Victoria, a 0.,
Solicitor for The Treats and Guarantee
IKflin Compter, Limited.
Pacific Ry
i   Choice of Six Routes to
Montreal, Toronto, Xew York
And til Eastern points.
If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy tho Best?
Lake Steamers learo Fort William for
Owen Sound:
Alberta. .Every Tuesday
Athabasca Every Thuraday
Manitoba. Every Sunday
Connecting trains leave Winnipeg at 1140
every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
If you are going east or lo the old country
this fall, write for a list of the rates tbat are
lo be In effect.
If you aro looking lor a place to spend the
kftt mi to linlin likris
are reached at easy ss other points snd tbe
expense it less than at other retorts.
For Information and fall particulars apply
lo your home agent or address
filtcTrafflc Manager, Winnipeg, Men.
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
Company.   .
Msaufac-urort, MMM W. Ltke Street,
Chicago, III. in THE. UOLDEN EKA, FRIDAY, .NOVEMBER 5,  1897.
* Devilled oysters at the Criterion
Messrs Joliffe and Koyser have gone
to the Coast for the winter.
A social club and brass band are being organised at Fort Steele
* Best of jams and jellies can be
had at the Criterion
Mr. W. Wallace thinks ot starting
a night school at Carbonate.
Sample copies ot the Goliien Eua
will be mailed free upon application.
John Sharpies has purchased the
stock in trade of Fullmer A Co. of
W. R. Hull shipped a car load cf
cattle from Calgary to Goldeu on
Now is the time to put in storm
���sshes. Messrs Houston and Co. will
be glad to supply all you want.
* Home made bread at the Criterion
13 loaves for 11.00.
The Mining and Scientific Review
has removed to new and commodious
offices at 429 Montgomery Staeet, San
The schooner George Sturgei is
about to leave Chicago with passengers and freight for Yukon by way of
Cape Home.
On Sunday next the Bishop ot New
Westminister will hold service at
Donald in the morning and at Golden
in the evening.
The residents of Fort Steele ha e
presented Mr. Clark with a eulogistic,
testimonial on the occasion of resigning
office as postmaster.
The floodwater ia now cleared out cf
the Anthracite Co's mine at Canmore,
���nd hy Nov. If) the mine will be running up to its full output.
T. S Blsckstock, the well known
Toronto lawyer, has presented the
Government witb three buffaloes, to
be placed in the National Park at
Engineer Charles Garden, who has
has been employed in location work
near the Crow's Nest Puss, hus been
appointed divisional engineer of construction, with headquarters at
The Canmore mine is turning out
10.000 tons per month and the present
force numbers 500. These men spend
from $16,000 io 20,000 per month in
home products required to feed them
and tbeir families.
��� H. G. Parson has this week received two cars of new season's canned
goods and one car of choice itrocories,
also a stock of first class winter apples, comprising Greenings, Baldwins
���nd Northern Spies.
It appears that the report lhat hns
keen commonly circulated of the death
of little Ethel Lindlev is untrue. We
are glad to hear it, though how such a
report, which wssl generaly current,
got about is a mystery.
R. Rusk brouuht the dredge Musk-
rat down the river to Golden on Friday and ahe will be dry-docked here.
Ways have been laid beh-w the land
ing and the Duchess, Hyak, and the
dredge will be laid on these clear of
the river till navigation re-opens.
Messrs Starforth A Bligh are evidently determined to bring the Criterion to the front, and ae a res'nurant it
takes a leading place in the town. The
new partner, T. S. Bligh, haa had extensive experience in Winnipeg. The
bakerv department of the business is
also receiving increased attention.
At tbe polioe court, Oolden, on Saturday morning, before Mr. Griffith, S.
* Scalloped oysters at the Criterion
Five engines are now engaged at
Field in shifting the freight over the
big hill.
Locally printed receipt books for
sale at the Golden Era office. Price,
25 cents.
Mr. McMillan, the new station agent
at Donald, has now removed his family
to that town.
Two Cranbrook Companies have
been incorporated ���The Cranbrook
Power and Light Company, and the
Cranbrook Water Co.
At the police court at Golden on
Saturday morning, Mike Cooper was
sentenced to 15 days in goal for refusing to answer a summons.
��� The colder weather this week has
caused an improved demand for winter
underclothes, dress goods and suitings,
gloves, mitts, caps, Ac, Ac. Consequently business bus been brisk at the
Big Store.
The Hon. Mr. Sifton considers that
there is no probability of the people in
Dawson City, or those on the way to
the Klondike, suffering ariy privations
during the ensuing winter from scarcity of provisions.
The World says that the Glacier
House nt Glacier is to lie enlarged,
An additional storey will be built in
spring to the annex, to be used for bed
rooms and at billiard room. Electric
light and steam heating will probably
be put in all the hotels next yenr.
��� Meals at all hours at the Criterion.   Starforth A Bligh, proprietors.
The Prospector says the Fort Steele
Board ofTrade has requested Attorney
General Ebertt to introduce a Bill at
the next tea-ion of theB.C.Legislature
extending the provisions ot the act under whioh Rossland was incorporated.
C. Cartwright established a record
in putting in supplies last week, packing 4150 lbs from Carbonate to the
Burns Basin for the winter camp
which W.C. Tiltson is putting iu on
the Lincoln and Bryan claims in
charge of J. Heiiderson.
Vice-President Shaugbnessy of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, has made
arramtements lo issue preferred stock
to the amount of ��1,000,000 at 4 per
cent in London to cover the cost of
building the Crow's Nest Pass road
through the Rocky Mountains.
The Prospector says: "Tbe great
need of the district at present is a Government survey of the lands in these
valleys suitable for settlement, and we
trust that tbe Government will see
its way to devote a sufficient sum for
that purpose in tbe estimates for the
coming year."
At the police court, Golden, Saturday morning, Mr. Griffith. S. M. said
complaints hnd been made to him
about foul language being used on the
bridge in the hearing of Indies passing.
He was determined to put down that
sort of thing and gave warning
against its re-ocurrence
On Monday evening Mr. Ruttan, of
Donald, went through to Banff to attend the funeral of his sister Mrs.
Latt, of Calgury. who died at Banff in
childbirth. Mrs. Lott was a great
favorite in Winnipeg during her former residence I here, and muoh sy m-
pathv is felt for the friends of the deceased in their bereavement.
The News Advertiser snys: "Mr.
F. J. Sothern, who has been with the
firm of Thos. Dunn and Co.. for some
months past, leaves on Monday for
Oolden to take up a position with tbe
Golden Lumber Co. Mr. Sothern has
made quite a number, of frienda in
Vancouver, and is well known in
Winnipeg, where he used to be in the
M.. F. VatrNth was fined tl and costs C. V. R. offices. His friends in the
lor assaulting a Chinaman. The Prairie Capital and in the Terminal
Magistrate remarked that no peraon City will wish him lock in the Upper
objected to men having a good time Country." Mr. Sothern takes a posi
but if they theaght tber were going tion in tbe Golden Lumber Company's
to tub the io.va they would find they ' office,
made a mistake. |    The cottage which J. Henderson has
Ob Saturday night the Mounted ������,, ,-������, completed at Golden to the
Police brought into Edmonton a lo- order 0, 0, Woodley is a handsome
year-old boy, named Belther, who was one ���-���,��� internal arrangements consist
committed for trial for the mur Ier of of a drawing room 12 x 16 feet, hall
��� companion, named Redmond, aged 6 fect g inches x 12 feet, dining loom
17, at Ladnc. The boys were present | j( feet x 14 feet, another room 18x8,
at a harvMtingliee, and got wrestling, three bed rooms, kitchen 10 feet x 14
Redmond threw Belther twice. Bel* fMtt with commodious wood room at-
ther got oo a straw sleek, and dared Uon(K*. off one of the bed rooms is a
Redmond to come up. Redmond got plolhe, pnnl< ������,- ,,,�����,������ t0
on the stack, whei, Belther drew a the u���.*,en j, , p,nlry _���,-,
knife end stabbed him In the net.. w���er l_M on iirfCt from
Redmond died 20 hours afterwards.     | the well.   The walls are  tan  feet in
The many frienda of G. Woodley, height. Underneath the house is ���
mtntgrr for Messrs. Hull Bros' busi* cellar the full slss of the bull ing.
ness In Golden, will regret to learu The main portion of the cottage Is
that while unloading somo csttle from ! plastered throughout. The coitsge la
the C P.R. yard on Saturday after- j the design of Mr Henderson who has
���won be wae seised with a paralytic succeeded in making a very tasteful ar
attack whieh rendered him speechless rangement. The front of the cottage
(or a tine.   He was removed to his is well set off by a verandah.
home sod Dr. Taylor called in. That
night aa improvement set in followed
by a slight relapse on Sunday. Since
tbto, however, Mr. Woodley hae been
In proving steadily and tre hope to see
him soon restored to his .sua] health.
Those who belie*, chronic diarrhoea
to be Incurable should read what Mr.
t. E. Orlsham, of Gears Mills, La ,
ha* to say on tli* subject, vis.: "I
- have beta ��� sufferer from chronio diarrhoea ever since the war and have
tried all kinda of medicinee for It. At
lut I tennd a remedy thst effected a
��nre and that wai Chamberlain's
Cello, Cholera sad Diarrhoea
Remedy." This medioine un always
to depended upon for colle, cholera
aor hue, dyeentary and diarrhoea. It is
pleeeut ta take and sever falls to effect
n eot*. For tale hy all Druggists.
haaattf A Co., wholesale agents, Vlo-
aerie aad Vaeeuver. 187b8
A few weeks ago the editor was
taken with a very severe oold thst
canted him to be in a most miserable
condition. It was undoubtedly a bad
case of la grippe and recognising it as
dangerous he took immediate steps to
to bring about a speedy cure. From
the sdvertisement of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedv and the many good
recommendations included therein, we
concluded to make ��� first trial of the
medioine. To uy that it wat satisfactory to itt results, is pntting it
very mildly, indeed. It acted like
magic and the result wet a speedy permanent cure. We have no he.lt.noy
in recommending this excellent Cough
Remedy to anyone afflicted with a
cough or cold In any form, - The Banner ol Liberty, Libertytown, Maryland. For sale by all druggists.
Langley * Co., wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 18T.8
* All kinds  of  pastry and
made to order at the Criterion.
The Upper Columbia Navigation Co.
closed dowu navigation for tbe season
on Friday,
Mrs. Barry and Miss Doyle have
taken over the dining room" of the
Kootenay House.
The Golden Lumber Company's
mill will probably be shut down for
the winter months.
Donald was so busy last night that
there was not a spare bed to be got in
tbe hotels of the town.
At Field on Wednesday an accident
happened to one of the engines by
which a cylinder head was blown out.
A wri'er in the Prospector says that
in the North Star Mine, forty feet be<
neath the surface imbedded in solid
galena, lie two petrified trees, forming
a cornice to one of the subterranean
The Golden Lumber Company have
arranged to open a new logging camp
at Spillimachine. It will be In charge
of 0. F. Volrath, who has now been
in the employ of the company for
some time.
The Wardner International says:
Frank Derosier, who has charge of
Arthur B, Fenwlck'a place on the
Kootenay river between Wardner and
Fort Steele, raised ahont 7000 bushels
of oats this season. The farm is one.of
tbe bes: in East Kootenay.
We congratulate our enterprising
contemporary, the Fort Steele Prospec
tor, on its enlargement to eight pones.
The Prospector is now printed on a Bab-
cock cylinder press. Under the editorial care of Mr. Baillie the Prospector
is one of the best papers in British
Columbia, and we wish our contemporary all success.
It was proposed to add a constable's
room to the Government buildings at
Golden and an estimate waa obtained by Mr. Heiiderson for the purpose,
but as it is found that the building
will require to undergo extensive additions to meet -the growing requirements of the town, nothing will
now be done till Parliament meets
when a vote will be asked for and considerable extensions thereafter put
H. G. Ross, representative of the
Imperial Life Assurance Co., of Canada, visited Golden this week and appointed Dr. Taylor medical officer for
the company. E. A. Haggen hns
been appointed agent for Golden. Sir
Oliver Mowat is president and among
the directors are Sir Mackenzie Bowell
and Senator Cox. The company is
one of the strongest life offices operating in Canada and has a quarter of a
million on deposit, with the Dominion
Harper's savs: "With not a thousandth part of its resources developed,
its fisheries only in their infancy, the
mines, forests and soil only scratched
in places, its population of 120.000
confined to the coast and one river
valley, the revenue returns rank
British Columbia as third among the
provinces of the Dominion. British
Columbia is emphatically the province
of the future, the country of destiny
and the most valuuble possession of
the British Crown on this continent."
The Americans bout of every great
institution they have got. There is a
Canadian institution, however, that
has opened the eyes of Americans and
other people all over the world. It ia a
great weekly newspaper that is a marvel ot excellence and getting better
every issue. It is to be found in the
homes of the wisest of our people in
every town and townshio in Canada.
We refer of course to the Family Herald and Weekly Siar, Montreal, which
this year has a great picture as a premium for every renewal nnd new subscriber. Readers of the Golden Eba
have an exceptional opportunity to get
tbe Family Herald and Weekly Star
clubbed with the Golden Eka for
The people of Ashcroft have resolved
in publio meeting -that being familiar
with all the circumstances in connection with the opening up of teleuruphio
communicution with the goldfields
of tbe Northwest, and Omenica, Cassiar, Peace River and other important
sections, we are of the firm conviction that the most feasible if not
indeed the onlv practicable roule is to
build such line from Quesnelle via the
old telegraph trail to Telegraph Creek,
on Ihe Stiokr'ne, and via Lake Teslin
to Dawson City, thereby taking ad
vantage of the large euma of money
expended in seeking the most
practicable route by the company
known as the Overland or Collins'
line in the early 60's."
Prof. Hardman returned east last
week from his tour of inspection of tbe
mines in East Kootenay.
Constable Cox ran in two men today for being drunk and disorderly,
One of them showed fight and attempted to assault the constable.
W. G, Neilson, of Beaver, had a
narrow escape the other day. When
getting off the train he slipped and
fell and was considerably bruised.
When No. 2 pulled into the side
track at Golden on Monday the bag
stage car got off the rails and the train
was delayed about two hours before it
could be replaced.
The dyspeptic carries a dreadful load
on his back. It seems as if he were
really made up of two men. One of
them ambitious, brainy and energetic;
the other sick, listless, peevish and
without force, The weak man weighs
the other one down. The dyspept'c
may be able to do pretty good work
one day, and the next day because of
some little indiscretion in eating, he
may be able to do nothing at all. Most
cases of dyspepsia start with constipation. Constipation is the cause of nine-
tenths of all human sickness. Some of
its symptoms are sick and bilious
headache, dizziness, sour stomach, loss
of appetite, foul breath, windy belch-
ings, heartburn, pain and distress
after eating. All these are indicative
of derangements of the liver, stomach
and bowels, and all are caused by
constipation. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets nre the quickest, easiest and most
certain cure for this condition. They
are not violent in action.
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
Japanese Catarrh Care
A   Never   Vailing   Remedy .. Cured
wheu Catarrh fTpeolallsts Failed.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Essington, formerly of Vancouver,
wriies: ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cured me of oatarrh which had troubled
me for 25 years, during whioh time I
had spent hundreds of dollars with
specialists In Toronto and San Francisco, but obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight years ago. Since
that time I bave been completely
oured, and - my oatarrh haa not
troubled mo in the least. It is truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japanese Catarrh Cure cures Cold
In the Head in 80 minutes, and there
is not a case of Catarrh which oannot
be cured if Japanese Catarrh Cure is
persistently used. Sold by all druggists; 50 cents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths A Co.,
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
Sample free, enclose three cent stamp.
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotei.  Inquire tt
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask lor proprietor.
OTANTED-TRUSTWOHTHY AMD Active gentlemen or ladies te travel for
responsible, established boure in British Columbia. Monthly 165.10 and expenses. Position steady. Heference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. V Chicago. T_Maip_3
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 187B) LsADVILLB, COLORADO
Samples by mail or express receive
k -j
n'im, njckel'or tin, toT Write'for' full price
prompt attend
of the above, G0r ��� copper analysis,
Specimen Assay!..,,
lead, |lj any two of the above, 7oc: any one
rices:���Gold, silver and
- -��� ��� **�� tor .1.11      ' ~
list and mailing envelopes.
Send 31 cenis in one-cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association. Buffalo, N. Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce's 1008 page Common Sense
Medical Adviser, illustrated.     212
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
1250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
of   Policy  Holdera.
LL do aot appreciate
tht words ot John ti.
Btxe, who stn(, "God
bless the msn who
Sral lnveoted sleep!"
Bnt appreciation Is
not waatlng to those
. S*10 -Sl-l suffered as
I Mrt. White, of Htm
Township 6nl., who
2 became to III with
lit, to quote her btre-
. .u . ... &**> * wtlH-nown rt*
of thtt lllnitrtoat tectlon ot North,
o: "11/ -.-��" *--- --- ->       - - ���
tber, Mr. Donsld
tldent of thtt lllnicipoi tectlon of Noi.���
_*mil0i "��./ sister bid not slept t night
this much longer,
aeeth. seemed Inn
IcRtt, i well-known rt*
���  -.Weill
mmlnen t' thaflolti
for over three month*. Bbeeot'ld oot htvt
' and If
It wss ooli
WBSB ���_ -_...    ,rmm,.m*i*a.    inni    ���ms-jiei
American Nervine became tbt food no--
���lelin. After tablet thi first doV of tbt
Htrvlni the slept all night, and joint.
In flesh until ptrftetlvwBI, tnd bs. now
bo tin of nervousness." This Is t wonderful medicine In the severest eases of ist*
MuuetiL nd tbt irfsl.it flesh-bollder to
ej.found tojrwbert In tht.world a,   w
Sold by C. A. Warren.
The following is from the Prospector: Col. Baker at Wardner: "Of
course there has been a great deal said
In condemnation of the policy of the
government in making land grants.
There are two sides to that question."
Quite right, Colonel. There Is the side
represented by the robbers, suoh as the
owners of the Crow's Nest Coal lands.
Then there is the side of the robbed,
that Is the people of Biitish Columbia.
President���Hon, Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-Pre-ident-Joseph W. Flnvelle,
Managing Director���F. O. Cox.
Alexander Hall,
Tuesday. Nov. 9th, '97
E, A. Haoobn,
219 Agent, Golden, B. C.
E. A. HA��<.K\
Mining, li.nl Estate and
Financial Agent  .   .   ���  .
Purchasers Obtain'*! for Prospects anil Developed Claims.
.... Holden, B. C.
For Sale
Group of two claims. Accessible position.
Hi-rli unsay* in gold, silver, and copper.    10
Group ol four claims. Ore carries copper
and gold.   Good position. 14
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
in best mineral district of Eatt Kootcna-
Assays up to 1700 in gold.
l*-*.er lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of tho best
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed, Assays gave about 1200
per Ion. 11
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work, 8
Gronpof 10 claims, de.eloped. No better
property in Rritish Columbia. Iri
Well developed claim. Moot promising
discovery in tho Selkirks. Assays up to 178, 2
Group of seven claims in quarts country.
Good average assays. 18
Uroup of four full sited claims. Copper
ore carrying gold. A
Three claims of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmith'* shop and toots. Wash averages 850
per square foot, 0
Une of best copper properiies in East Kootenay, Smelter test 24 per cent copper, besides cold. 8
Chum in one of best locations in Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays 1115 in gold, sliver
and topper. 9
Choice gold property, partly freemllling.
Assays up to $-40.   Development work      13
Two claims in good location. Quarts carrying gold and copper. 90
Claim wl Joining known gold property.   21
Two cl-dins, gold and copper. 22,21
I- ur claims in Yukon, near Dawaon City,
ground running up to 175 per pan- 5
Three claims near Columbia River.   Big
  .... jeveloped, assays UD in
geld, best location In Selkirks. 26
Gold quarts claims, assays S~. 27
Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead,
assays to (28. 28
One of best high grade ure properties in
-   district, --��� "    --
ledge, gold tnd copper.
Three claims, de. "
assays up to 1185.
Two quarts claims in convenient position
pan gold. .    , SO
Five claims, copper and gold, value ISO a
ton. St
Three quarts claims, no cash, working proposition. 8��
Three claims in proved country. 88
Treasury stock tu the Victoria-Texada
Gold Mining Company. Thit stock is offered at the par vilue ot 25 cenu. Five of
the mines on Texada Island have been working for the past 10 months and thia company
considers it owns the best propotiiion on the
island. Prospectus may be seen and full 1
'   lined 1 ������   -���     -
tieulart obtained on application at my offlce.
HO/flO |j shares of treasury stork in one of
the best properties at Fsfrview at 80 centt
per,*We*        RANCHES.
Farm of 160 acres near Golden! SO acres In
cultivation! well watered. Outbuildings con
slat of hay thed, poultry yards, root house,
milk home and stables. 1
Farm ef 280 acres. Windermere district.
Land fenced and under cultivation. House
snd liable. .Rare bargain. t
Farm of 150 acres, one of the beet and meet
highly improved to be got in Eaat Kootenay.
Golden town lott.
Patents for a Railway Coupler end a Rope
To Let
Stablei In Oolden.
For particulars of above apply lo
- . .. |Mt
Era OMte.
Rlg-by Rain-Proofed
Freize Ulsters
In Olive Mix, Brawn,
Fawn, Claret and Oxford
Gray; 51 to 54 inches long,
with 6 inch collar, & pockets
and throat tab, with "wont-
come-off" buttons oan be
bought retail in every Town
and Village for
f, A. Haoobn,
Miss Frances World
The Canadian Nightingale.
Most Wonderful Voico in Canada.���Critic.
For Volume, no voice in America
can touch Miss World's.
Miss Marietta La Dell
Of Toronto.
Interpreter of Literature.
Fir superior to snylhing of the kind ever
een in this city.���New York gun.
For imitating children Miss La Dell
has no equal in the world.
ADMISSION. - Reserved seats, 75c;
body of hall, 60c; Children, 25c.
Hall plan at Warren's store, where
seats may be reserved.     210n5
Reliable Assays
4 *>
Gold tl 50
8ilver  1 50
Gold and Silver... 2 00
Copper  1 50 .
Lead   1 60
Lead and Silver... 2 00
Ores tested by Cyanide Process.
127tc Other Fees on Application.
  I    I"       I I *M��*-���SBI
Fort Steele
. _ . Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage Len-rea tteMea
Every TUESDAY morning at 7.80
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
every THUR8DAY.
Stage Leave* Vott Steele
Every  SATURDAY morning  and
arrives at Oolden every MONDAY
Flrat Cleaa E��--nl*>*aent
and every attention given to tha
comfort  of    paasengers.     Good
stopping houses every 25- mils*
on the ronte.
BxnreM Hatter
of all kinda handled with promptness and care.
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office, Golden.  -*J
... the rolumbia House,
A Striotly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with sll Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Msn.
Golden, B. O.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Cotamodieus Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigftrs.
Rates frJ.OO Per Day. ��� ::::o::::���
Golden Sash & Door Factory ft Machine Shop.
Hamitsctareri ot Bub, Doers, Mouldings, TgrBeJ aad Sawa Balusters,
Newel Posit, Hand Ralls and Brackets. iUertmet glut In ttoek.
Tbe__ehfaMS-lBUelumllh8lMpsNr��epMHtedosU kind of repair
ukhsoupossible. iO-stsefPlpenttlllfnidBrsssgooo-Onhi-d-
Wagon repair, Pods, Shafts, Axles, Ipokstasd felloes. Hickory tad
IN*���. ���"^W   &    00#


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