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The Golden Era May 22, 1897

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Array We make a Specialty of.*
t      Bill Heads,      Posters,
k  "     Letter Pads,   Dodgers,
'l Business Cards,     Etc.,
I Etc., Etc., Etc.
-est Advertising Medium
in East Kootenay.
Neat, Artistic Job Printing
I v I      promptly executed.
\        VOL. VI. NO. 43.
Per Year
General 4jt Jtlerehant.
0 ., O p_9 9 C 9_9 9 C.Ot
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods.
My Spring Stock in these lines will soon
he complete. Dp not fail to inspect my
range of
Summer Blouses.
~b e ooeeooeooooooo
8. Laurance's Spectacles.
A complete stock of
Paints, Oils, White Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
Just arrived a carload of good Prairie
Hay.  More coming.
Agent For   .   .   .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+ + +
��� t
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
You Oan
-IK ?}$%
���     t     ���      a     ���     e
Boots & Shoes
Hats & Caps
Straw Hats
Dress Goods
Large Stock and must be Reduced.
Prospectors and Miners supplies always
in stock.
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
i'acilic Railway, at its connection with tbe
steamboat navigation of-the Columbia river;
the mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia; headquarters of thj Oolden Smelting: works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
famed agricultural and grazing land of tbe
Columbia _ Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
The Oolden Lumber Company have
supplied the C. P. R. thit winter with
about 300,000 tiee,
Tbe Goldtn Httpital Committee and
Dr Taylor desire to thank Capt. Bacon
for the gift to the Hospital of a hand-
tome Canadian flatf.
The addition! to the Golden hospital
include the extension of the general
ward 60 x DO feet and the provision of
a new operating room.
Jas. I Brewster has purchased tbe
dairy business hitherto carried on by
Jas. Henderson, together with the
dairy herd, and buildings.
Dr Taylor reports 18 tut patients
and three in patients at tbt Golden
Hospital during the past week. There
ire 39 patients to far thit month.
Although a vote of 1800 bat been
made for a tcbool in Southeast Kootenay, tbe location it not ytt decided.
There are three claimant! for the vote:
Fort Steele, Cranbrook tnd the new
town of Wardner, at the crossing of
the Kootenay rivlr. '������
The Methodist church at Golden is
now completed. The building it 20 x
40 feet tnd hae nesting accommodation
for 80 people. Mr. W. McDonald was
the contractor and hat mtde au excellent job of the work. We with tht
Rev. G. H. Osborne big congregations
in hit ntW church,
A special funeral service will be conducted in the Methodist church on
Sunday evening at 7.80. Pastor, Rev.
G. Howard Osborne. All friends sre
Capt, Bacon informs us that Capt.
Armstrong has succeeded in recovering
the steamboat Gwendolier which waa
tank in tht Kootenay Rivor and he
expected to have her running again
next week.
At wt have had only half the week
to get out tbis week's Era, we bave
been obliged to omit the list of visitors
at the hotels, the steamer lis'.s, the
week's mining newt and other important matter.
The Golden Lumber Company had
tn immense pile of logs at McLaugh-
lan's camps to float down tbe river for
cutting thit season at the mill. Some
idea may be obtained of the quantity
from the fact that the log pile was
about a mile long and nearly 30 feet in
hei-jiit. Tbe company had a photo
taken by Martell Bros., showing the
logs with the men grouped about the
pile, tbt genial manager, Mr. Carlin,
being well in the foreground.
Mr. James Henderson is one of the
busiest mtn in Golden at the present
time. He haa in band the erection of
three buildings-the additions to tbe
hotpittl, a two story residence, being
built to the order of H. G. Pat-sone for
G. Rehder, and a warehouse for G.
Warren. Mr. Henderson has also in
hand plans for two new shop buildings
whioh H, B. Alexander propo-es to
erect on ths south side of the Kickiug-
borse river. Oue of these buildings
will be occupied by J. P. Pu-*h as a
tailoring establishment and residence.
Mr. Henderson bat alto obtained the
contract for building the Catholic
church at Fort Steele.
We are indebted to Gold Commissioner Armstrong for the following
particulars of provincial votes for East
Kootenay for the current year: Roada
and bridges, (15,000; fire protection in
Golden, $200; Art protection in Donald, $200; lockup in Southeast Kootenay, $1,500; school in Southeast
Kootenav, $800. The supplementary
estimates have ytt to be brought
C. A. Warren is the pioneer storekeeper of Golden, having opened here
11 years ago, since which time he baa
also filled the duties of postmaster.
Up to four years ago Mr. Durick, of
Fort Steele, was a partner in the busi-
nets. Besides keeping all kinds of
general stores Mr. Warren alto makes
a specialty of gents furnishings and
boots and shoes, Tbe setton's stocktaking was recently completed and
thit htt been followed by t bargain
Mass will be celebrated at the
Catholic church, Golden, at 10.30 a.m.
tomorrow by Bishop Durieu, of New
Westminster, Service will also be held
at 7.30 p.m. The ladies of tht church
were busy yssttrday and today handsomely decorating the church for the
occasion. Hit Lordship will be as.
sisted by Fathers Paytavin, of Kamloops; Coccola, of St. Eugene Mission,
and Father Welch, of Mancheeter,
England, who accompanied His Lordship on hit arrival today.
Notice to Farmers
I hereby convent a meeting of the
occupants of farms on the north aide
of Goldtn, to be held at the Queen's
Hotel on Wednesday, May 2tith, at K
p.m. Business: To draw up a petition to tbe Dominion Government asking that the sloughs which flood the
(arm lands shall be dyked.
E. A. Hanon?,-, oTlt*- (Qolben ffiva
The UOLDEN ERA Is published every
Si tun'ay morning iu time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also the mail for the
upper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
t is the oidy advertising medium in the Kit;.
Kootenay distriot.
Subscription Rates: $"i.00per annum ix
Advertisements and changes must be in
the office not later than 12 a tn, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
All cash to be paid tn tho Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will bo obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on appli-
patior ~o
The Gulden Eia Campan]* Luaited ii-tiliij,
SATURDAY, MAY, 22 1897.
It is understood thai Mr. Wolls, of
Palliser, will be the Liberal candidate
for East Kootenay in the provincial
elections to b��i held next year.
Some effort ought to be made to
have the smelting works at Golden put
in operation. With tho East Kootenay, Iilecillewaet and Ottertail mines
in ths vicinity there is no reason why
the smelter should not liu successfully
operated. This is a matter that mi^lrt
well receive the attention of the newly
elected town board,
Under its new management the
Golden Era will be enlarged and improved. It will probably take about
three weeks beforo tho necessary
changes can be effected us part of the
plant obtained lor these alterations has
by some mischance heen forwarded up
the river to Fort Steele. No effort will
be spared on our part to make the Eua
a success and a boon to the district,
and we hopa to have and deserve tho
support of mining men and tho public
generally in our enterprise.
A matter that should have the attention of the Dominion Government
ia the dyking of the sloughs which
flood the farm lauds ou the noi-th side
of Golden. Tho cost would not be
great and the work would be an immense boon to the farmers, one of
whom informs us that owing to floods
he has not been able to save one crop
in five. The Dominion Government
sold these lands to the farmers, and
the same Government is the authority
over the Columbia river. We recently
represented tbe matter to Mr. Bostock,
M. P,, who replied: "I will make the
enquiries you ask and endeavor to get
the Government to agree to doing tbis
work." A meeting of farmers is palled
for Wednesday evening next to draft
a petition and to support Mr. Bostock
in his efforts to have the work carried out.
The Other .tide
One side of a story mav appear all
right till tht other eidt is told, Mr.
Rat took advantagtof the lust issuk of
the EnA under hit -Soutrol to give his' aSl\,\ he had not got one, tlthougb ht
vertion. Here it mine. In January wa�� liablt.- to heavy penalties by fine
last,   on the occasion of my being in ���nd   imprisonment for not producing
ooming its purchaser.   Mr.   Bostock
subsequently intimated  that   he wat
inter   ted  in  tbe Golden Era, and
that  aa be was anxious to see it improved and made a help to tbe advancement of the district in which it was published, an arrangement might be male
about that.   He then showed  me  a
copy ol the paper and I replied that I
did not caro to be connected  with  a
district, that ran such a wretched production.    Mr. Bostock assured me   it
was not, the fault of tbe district and
spoke most highly of Golden and its
pooplo.   I saw Mr, Bostock at Rovel-
stoko the following month,  when  the
matter was again discussed and, as he
would be in Ottawa, he informed me
that Mr. Deane, of Kamloops, would
set as his agent in hit absence,   Hearing in West Kootenay high  accounts
of Golden, and from other information,
I determined to make an offer for the
Eva.   My proposal was accepted bv
Mr, Bostock and tbe agreement was
It-awn a'id exetuted,   In justice to Mr.
Bostor-lt I must ssy that every precau-
tiorj \- a taken on lus behalf to protect J
Mr, Rao's interests, and I promised to
give  bim the option of remaining in
i~'iar(~e   of   the printing office.   This
oder I ni.ile to Mr. Rae, wbo received
me witli the utmost courtesy and kindness,  aiio.ved mo the books, Arc, and
told nie that as he had been unable to
run   the   paper stitisfactcrily he had
���i/'ked Mr. Bostock to mako some other I
nrrjuif-enit'iK,   the   acceptance of  my
offer being no doubt the Msult.  It was
after the agreement with me had been
completed t'-at Mr. Rao made the offer
to   Mr.  Bostock   (as president of the
company)   which   ha refers to in his
letter.    Of course as   an   honourablo!
man  Mr. Bostock could not repudiate
the  agreement  ho had already made
with me, and Mr. Rae'scodeof honor,
which son-rat otherwise, must be borrowed from some new version of business   scripture   compiled perhaps   by
some lawyer wbo may be versed, like
Murk   Twain's   Heathen   Chinese, in
"ways that are dark and tricks that
are   vain."    An assurance was given
Mr, Rue by Mr. Bostock's agent that
his  interests would be protected.   It
wns  about  this   time that Mr. Rae
asked me if I would assume the liabilities   of  tbe company.   As that was
contrary to my agreement I told Mr.
Rae   I could not do to, but that if he
obtained an order I would pay towards
those   liabilities the moneys I had to
pny to the company till the liabilities
were liquidated.   Mr. Rae then refused
to give me possession as instructed.   I
next mp.de Mr. Bostock a purely business offer to purchase his shares in the
company.   He  refused  my offer  but
made a counter offer, which I nccepted.
The  deed  of transfer was signed by
both parties.   On the arrangement be-
in; made I asked Mr. Rae to produce
thn stock register of the company that
tbe transfer might be recorded, but he
Rae at I, dtre not do w.hat I have done
without full and proper authority.
As  to putting the lock on the door
of the company's office, I hnd -a  right
to   pat  on  as many locks as I chose,
Mr. Rae seems to   glory in  the   fitct
that  be put my books and papers outside, and when I went to tha oliiee on
Monday I found tbem  there   and   the
door locked against ine.    I endeavored
to bear with   Mr. Rao as much as possible,  though  when insult ie added to
injury it  is  apt to make one assert
one's rights to the full extent.    Since
I have been in possession of the premises as managing   director   of  the
company I have not retaliated against
Mr. Rae In his own coin,   but ha. s allowed, nnd shall allow, hi. books and
papers to remain iijjc.i"- till he wants
them   and,   furl her,   trust! -^    hat I
kpow   the common courtesy due from
one man to another, he  will   find the
door open to bim at any time when I
am  in the office, and no- only shall I
give  him all the information in my
power that he msy want, but  T   shall
give him any a-tsistanco I reasonably
can   in  the   itir-v  printing office and
paper which he i/, establishing,   That
Mr.  Rae bus not shown his manners
to be of the best is   probably not   his
fault, nmi that mtiy be one reason why
he hr.g   asked   tot-  tire  publii '��� sympathy.
Aa to the action as-airst the company which Mr, Use says he nnd Mr.
Harrison took, I wish to say thit:
Mr. Rae has ���iersis...jiitlj refused to
givo ne any infornfati ������-> or particulars
regarding these claims; ho had no
authority from directoi.i o.* shareholders io incur such cl-iiius; he attempted to havo .ho v.i'ts issued on '
liinist'lf and1 exectiUbti obtained od th.
company's property bckto -Ito shareholders cpnld be called together and
arrange to havo v.hiite-icr liabilities
wire due liquidated in. a proper manner; and be forced me to take steps to
instruct my solicitors to defend the
actions and to take but writs of injunction against him. Whatever is
lawfully due by tha company will be
paid as soon as tha statutory provisions can be complied with, and I undertook to combine my votes with Mr.
A sitting of tho County Court of Kootenay
will be held at the Court House at Donald, on
Saturday the 5th day of Jque,
1897, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon
iiy order
Donald, B.C.. May 4th 1897.
East, West, North, South.
Any person depositing any animal or
vegetable matter in the Kicking Horse River
on its bunks ur in tho fond between the trrih
work and the bank of the river will be prosecuted.
Uolden, U.C, 29th April. 1897,
By order of the
Local Board of lledth.
Von need not so either direc-
tion to get I'ev(Vet-Fitting,
Well-made, and Durable
Ye people of Goldon, and Donald too,
-tour Tailor litis couie, his name Is Frank
Ho can cut and tit with lhe best in the land,
A nil makes u p a garment with his own haad.
i -nglan.l he cut tor homes of tame.
Such tu Hobson's nf Loudon, who bears a
(great name;
ml in Canada too, just let me say
He wns cutter for the great Hudson's Bay.
Victoria, and addressint* a meeting of
the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bostock, M. P., was intro-
such register. I tubsequently showed
Mr. Rao the deed of transfer, besides a
letter from Mr. Bostock certifying to
duced to me. In course of coil versa-I tha transactions. Mr. Rae ssys tbat
tion I stated that I was so much im- I have not "produced any assignment
pressed with British Columbia that I j of the shares," and follows this up by
thought of remaining in the country, saying he does not believe I have any.
and intimated to him lhat if he kne Tho person! to whom I have shown
of a newspaper for'sale I should be j ihe assignment will know what estim*
glad   to bear of it with a view to be-1 ate to place on that statement by Mr.
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that! Mr. D. M. Rue
is not connected with the,.. :\,,-oii <>nt of the
t.oMen Era, ami that 1 am ttttotiiy person
authorized to make coutpacts and to collect
and receive payment of accounts due to the
proprietory company.
K. A. IlAtltlUN,
Managing Director Goldon Era
Company Limited Liability,
Datotl this iTlh tlay oi May, 1897.
Persons having clfliflis against lho Golden
Era Company Limited tiobiHty nro ro*
quested to t-rw.ir-l .!'���. niiii e to tne office of
tne company liy May Btst^ 1807.
E. A. Haggen.
Managing Director.
Prns|iectors and Miners having claim* nr
interests iu claims for sr.le. rut.Id not do bet
ter than communicate with
_ TII Oil* AN   Mr N AVG HT,
Mining Broker _ Financial Agoht,
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to
apply sixty days alter date to tho Commissioner of Lands and Works for the District
of East Kootenay, for permission to purchase 320 acres ot iinsurveyod, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lands, described as
follows.' Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of the Columbia river
about IS chains south of Kpillamccheen
steamer landing; thenco east 20 chains,
thonco north 80 chains, llionce west to tire
Columbia river say GO chains and thonco
following the Columbia river south io the
point of commencement.
Dated, Galena, ll.C, aOth Match. 1897.
Repairing, cleaning, and altering too,
YYi:i be thoroughly done by ihis same Frank
Both Litilies'and (lentlemen'sclothes letme,
Will Ire workmanliko done, and quite up to
Now lot mo -olicit your vork, old and new,
..in! put to tlio tent, your tailor,Frortk Pugh:
His charges you'll find will bo nil right
And Uio work when completed,  "Just out
"Patronise Home Industry!"
Store-opposite post office,
Golden, B. C.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate in tire Gold
en Mining Division ot East Kootenay District
located 8piiliniatclieen Mountain.
Take notice that I, John Mc'Iao, freo miner's
rertiticatoNo. 4111., intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to Hie tJold
Coniinissioiier fora eertiheaie of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown j*rant of tlie above claim.
And further tako notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Comn.issiunoi-
an action commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day oi June, 1KW,
Juiin McKab,
Ity his agent, F. W. Aylmer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that
an auction stile of lot in lho Town site of
Flat Creek, beint? parts of Sections II and 16
in Township 20, Range 27 Wost of tho fith
Meridian, will ue held on Thursday, lho '.f ih
of May, 1897, at Laurie, It. C, a now station
on the Canadian Pacific Railway, two and
one-half miles East of lllccillowaet and about
two miles from tho property to bo sold.
Tkkmh:���One fourth hi cash and tho balance in three equal annual instalment., with
interest at 6 per cent por aniiuin. f
For upset prices and other information apply to Agent of Dominion Lauds, Kamloops'.
By order,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, l&ih April, 1897.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is uow open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be bad from the under-
signetl or any member of the
PRICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per hall year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Dovm With Eiprh Prices For
file-trio Felt;,.
?1.55, $2.05, *3.70; iovnt, r priot s i,y:.'-7,
610. Qunlf.y remains Bin sarae���lS .-li: ���
ferent of.yles; dry battery and aaid lieiU
���mild or strong currant. Less than hrdi'
tlie price of any other company und.moro
homo testimonials than all the rest t -
gether. Full list true. Mention thu
paper. W. T. BA-3 iv CO. Wit dsor, Oe*
Scientific American
For Information and free Iland^ook-n-lte to
Jim-tN s co.. :��n bho.ibway, ronr Too..
Oldest t.nreau for .to'.Mrinn patents In America.
*���". rrory puU-nt taken out by ns Is brought before
tin. publio by a notieo given fine of cllarge In ths
ftimjm ^wtfLm
-. --.rr'est clrtml&t.lnn of any .dentate paper Intbo
-trr.l. r'titenrtldly lllostratoa. Ko lnt*lltt��~t
Duu Ehoultl be rrUbout It. Weakly. 83.00 a
ycart SI.* -Ix i-n.i.i.-.?. AmlreeS���DHN t CO,
toausnau.-. Mi i-iouiiwa,-, Sew Vork.
r.r ,M,-n ii*-'.'" :*sa
TO lie litis GAiv :>
NOTICE is hereby jjiven In pursuance of
Section 2 oi the ''Companies'Act Amendment Act 1898 " that a special meeting of
the shareholders of the Bald Mountain
Mining and Development Company Lt'd
Liability, will be held at the otliiro ot thn
Company, Alexander Block, Golden,
British Columbia, on
Tiu'm.ny. J!"?*!* I��ay ��f May.
18!��7, at 2 o'clock in tho afternoon,  for  tlmi
purpose of considering, ami, Ifueomod advisable, of passing a resolution to iii-;n,-:r<
of the whole or any portion of tlin assets "I
lhe Company.
Hated at Golden thi* 2urd day of April, 1807,
S94t Sect rotary
"It Is worth the prle. to ever? tmttoa
who .van nods a n.wspap.r.M���Dtu-ngto-i
m jocrsal nsraas to
Blue Peioil Rules.
Th.finest, corsplrtjut so--r ���nut lln. ot i~W '
tr_alapDll_ic_i!ith��M-oi..l   Tber havo eent
failed to cure.   Wo aro so po-.tivo ef It tbat wa
will back our belief and send you any -rtetrlcal
Appllancsiiov In tbn marttet trrd you can try It I
forXhr.. Montha.   Lnr-c-.t list of t.ittmoaUls
on ���ut-   Fend for boo-: mil 'oura.il Ine. >
IV. X. Baer <��� to., I,. Umiior. Ont. *
Opmspond.nU  and Copy Choppers!
 ,���...������ Mra
write correct Enillsh.
A Oopy t__������
practical rules fer
 log nowipaper copy,
and of equal valne to all who wish to
Short, simple and
���     1 aad edltit
!wr��SS5a aLet,N.V��ort*
���..Ptlee. 10 cents
MAN, Pnbllshra
Tl rr-rt ro'i-l-r Ittl Dyes save thousands of
.'.>j',',.r i annually i.-.ittppy bomcsinCanm'.i.
At (his ��eason,o!il,faded and tolleddrcsji.-s,
cap���-' iricU-r-i.-, and nrens' antl boys' suits c n
be re-ayca, an 1 'nade tolook as well as new,
nt n -*o>-er';��� n r-n'r~,
Piamofd LH-unrs the easiest touse, thoy
rirotli- 'rr.'Vf t, r.rrbnfcst and most durable.
.   .: for llie "ili-uuanm"; refuse all oJu-rs
��� .-., ���  ,*?!ifi"t and samples of colored ./���.,'��
.,.     '������
jVcute'e ll-niAi-osoN-Co.,Montreal.-. t*J. Raft's as a shareholder to give etfect to
I am not aware that the people ol
Golden set themselvts up ns a charitable aid society that' Mr. Rue should
claim their sympathy���the last appeal
of a disappointed, man. If Mr. Rae
does no more for bis new paper than
he did during the years he has been
running tha Eiu 'ho won't deserve
muoh sympathy or anything else.
There is a lot of truth in the remark
made by a mining man at the Kootenay Houso the other night:    "If the
d    paper   had   been    across  the
boundary the whole concern would
have been put in the Kicking Horse
long ago."
Mr. Hue's concluding sentence, "if
Mr. Haggen ever does got hold of this
outfit tbs question uf ������-.iateucs will resolve itself into a sorious question
witb him betore be is muoh older," is
so much like tbo boast of-the braggart
that I pi-j*?~: not to notice it further.
There ai-e othtrr issues, but theBe I
shall not U-oubln tbo readers cf the
Era with i' present.
In conclusion I bave to say to the
people of .Golden that I don't want
sympathy merely but what support
may be given ma I hope to merit as a
return for tbo services which I expect
to render to the development of Golden
in piirtictiln-r and to East Kootenay as
a whore.
In fairness to" Mv. Rae I offered to
send hiin the proof of this letter that
'"���j        his reply might appear with   it,   but
this offer he declined.
E. A. Hague.*..
Golden, May 2uth, 1897.
Pacific Hy
Direct Route to all Eastern points
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamers al
Halifax, St. John and
New York.
R'lggage cliGukGd to Europeun destination
Shortest and qui-kcut route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland.
And all points in tho Fur Famed Kootonay
and Silvery Slocan,  To
China    and    Japan,
via tho famous Empress Steamers from
Empress of India #Hh March
\ Empress of JApan  10th April
Empress of China lOtli May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via tho Can, Aits, Line from Vancouver
Warrimoo 8th April
Mioweaa 8th May
Apply for particulars to
Traffic Manager.
Or to . Winiii- eg.
Ages-it. WoJ.-bii.
Business Cards.
It.  .J    JEPKOHr,
D.L.S. & P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion &
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc., Calgary, N. W
T. Correspondence Solicited.
R. J. Jepm-.*,', D.I-.S., "P.L.S. of B.C.
and Ont, Calgary, Alba.
Undertakers and
.    .   .   Embalmet'S,
Calgary     -     ���       -_ll>a
(Month. N. Eng. Inst. II. _ M. E.)
Mining Engineer & Assayer,
Vancouver, B. C.
Advances made or- consignments of Ores
and Matte by special arrangement for European Smellors,
AS JAYS and REPORTS accepted [as
liiinl by loading financial linns.
Specialty! ( hocking Smoiter Pulps und
Bullion Assays,
REPRESENTING the fnssol gold Extracting ' o., L'td, of Glasgow,
Tho MttcArthirr-Forrest Cyanide Process
pwm     1P110Q
on fe* gq
reel Wm
Watch rs-
pairing is
a prime
with us.
Ail mi
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
(it-_'Pffi4-0C'(_ataic.s , a ��lij* o 9 a o <o 9 9 (P ft- ���
3 I O C �� O (5 O
Calgary. \\ I ilrmi Colum.Dia Navigation & 1 raqway uo., J
:      I 11 -i e'
Or to
PiN-rar Tl.<
in the World
.HAS.    MElSON.ij;    ? '   * J  ,i!!!l  * ;   '
New Denver* p   lqterqational Traqsportatioq Corqpaijy.
���'Monsoon" Teal* put up by tba Italian Tea
HI growers as a sample of the best qualities of Indian
��.*���;. /-*" I       ITeae.   Therefore they um th. greal-t care In the
IC     f ,h ���PA-JIA     iTCfvfi       ' selection of tbe Tea and Its blend, that is why they
Jk>      .jUw.jUu     tatlUU.       ,pUtltup thennelvce and sell it onlyin theonipnal
'. I jricka-fea, thereby lecurlng its purity and c-cellence.
iPutr    '   "'������      "        *    "-   --'   -���    '
up In ��lb., I lb. and j lb. packages, and never
in bulk. ���
H:-W^7ii:-"J,  TRAas -bah,
Sl-J-jJ W'-'AS
Ke   Finds  in Paine's Celery
Compound a Hew Life
R8 KEEP IT. Anvonosondhu a "ket'!, iiml description may j\\a
,       ......    ,       ������ ,_       quicklya'c'itjln, fi-ytr, wluttor mi Invention la llr"
If your grocer does not keep it. tell him lo write to      probably pate-ita'jle.   r-jriuioiriicatious Btrictly '*o
11 and 13 Front 8tr��t East, Toronto.
B. -1% i . ���. I     beintifully lllt���tratt
DttY I K/-I-1' : ' I       ntiy scientific Journal,
I     '        liCiJ Dv.    j 1    niosu raoiitiii.  s
probably patl���	
c- ritiiioritt il, Oldest oseaoy for*-*���ningpaten'.
In America,   W" 1'nvo ti Waliblngton oflle*.
Patonrs taken tlirouj-ii Munn a Co. r-riru.v,.
trprr-ii 1 riotlf o 111 tbe
bfitttifuily Illustrated, Inmost circulation of
eutlit *	
tc mc
weekly, teri���'IpO n year;
spcciinrm copi-s and li..:-i>
- stmt free. Addi-or���
MUNN  _ CO.,
3111 liroadwnr, Mew York.
Tho best Beer in Canada is mode by tlto      _-
Co.,  Lt'd
They all have it.
  , *i"!.>\ :an'taeyenni.r,ally-aiualt��iHii'aoiii.l
'll���. Con.pt.ny's ���tp-i.t ibr 1 r y K...�� in ��� .   j| || ^"��� ^'^^'sf V|.;
H. ti. Parson,
Golden, *��.���.
���v-/.- -'.i ---"i
���^^r^^^iy^-- * ** ** 'WvA'-^^t^Csli
*. > W0B.D-WID--���s^U'-!-'!!'--  i ffl    '""'��� l:-A.[)iQ^r' m
:'v-i^yP"-Ses;?/e;:iv;'-'-;:'::rrai-;'- >   |n% ��;����� B\-A��&*** ffl
In one of oiir large Canadian cities j Calgary   Brswirig   &   Malting;
there residep^one of Canada's merch- j       '           ro     TtM jr;,��
ant princes who can at  any moment
write   his   cheque   lot'   hundreds   of i Manufacture rs
thousands of dollars. Insist on getting ....*..... ���, ... -  ,~*j
,  , .. . < 'I i.i--.i* till  ln.vn it *    _   ..
Some tin.o ago this merchant prince
wns a vcnMsick man: Liver troubles.
headtiche-Vid insomnia were fast pulling down a strong physical frame.
Doctors bestowed great care and attention on their wealthy patient, but no
cure cume to cheer him; in Fact no perceptible benolit was felt after months
of treatment.
A voys-a to the south of Euro e
was theu ulilertnkeu, nnd weeks were
spent nr it-tot the most fumotis watering place-,f-bnt no change for the better wns expfl-leiicfij. Rotni-ning home.
tbe merchant (rfinoe received a visit
from the faithful pastor, who strongly
urged the nso of Paine's Celery Compound, a medicine >ba- hnd some years
before cured a member of his family.
Tbo good advice of tbe ministerial
frirnid wsb promptly taken; the groat
healing compound was ueetl, with the
result, that in five weeks the sick man
and his family were overjoyed with
proofs of recovery anil new health.
Restful sleop was restored, digestion
waa improved, and a brighter look
came into-,the eyes and face. After
four months' careful une of Paine's I
Colory Compound and proper dieting, j
every deadly and trpaohcrons symptom I
of disease Ii-bJ. vanished, and the iner- j
chant prince was it new man '
What a wondrous and happy proof
of the life saving  virtues o!  Paine's i
Celery Compound!   Surely the sttuo-1
ment  is   powerful  enough to lift all
poor and helpless- sufferers from   the!
dark pit of dcKWiir- |
This story flBK-lrue cure was related
by an   ���irt.iin.ifo %-ifiVid   of the cured j
nian, who r-.-1-.vtJJtavmii-Kion to refer to
it publicly wiih��-:t giving the name of!
Un> once dyin#Miei'flhaiit. 2 j
hnve aodii of-
fected bv nr*
TIME    TABLE-.    IS 9 7.
Goi.DliN-PonT StEki.b route- Uutil opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Golden every Tuesday, *.', p. ni., arriving in l-'ort Steele Saturday
Leaven Fort Steelo every Tuesday morning, arriving ;.t Cohl.ru Friday
After 1st May, Steamers will leave Golden 4, a. in., Tuonlays nud Fridays, connecting with Stage at Ai'.ola and arri.e at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons.
Lonve Fort- Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings nnd arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
Fr-il p-tM*!* nrd Jennings Route.
Navigation expected to open 10th April.   After '.st May boats-vill Icavo
daily (except Sunday),
���ni Golden 1st March.
F. P. Armstrong*,
Co., Lt*d. !;fffl        ���>��s��fflir*,,.u manager,    m
,���,,,., Sr-tfifl norfeotea'e to wearer, than by all other  1 e!              _ !;
sot li-c-r, Ale end Soda Water faraij ,ion..'..oiiiiiin,a Tbuy etaliloraaot      era o't fTTi e ...�� oo -)�� a ������--"> a> ����<-���� sjc *"�� ���� - " --.-.- -; -. s
rlinr lil.-rv liOBl-everv *ime rttmmw SuntiUW u, .lur aovorea. ���train-   ��sya-i -._,_ .r'uiTi -,',':, ~,i r-l'rr't'ri i T    rrrrT.r-���;���rrr- ;--__
t.mg I.I.I-...1} i .oi o\t. j   .o. f.-W':'   tojiioi-iitt'nr.-a.-rioaonpcrfoct' dtl j   J--���       ��� -.-..-_-.._-
Ha ��-~i*��i-i'a���i.��'Tii**,      _��?.-,���..
-��r_ l-.ll_ujt bLV.'..'lo>nnto_a_,.__. :I
.i*    M ||H|I  t  r**^
��� Warning.. _i__J__��___
1 Jthia come to our l-iowledge that certain persons, for the purposeof belping |
5 off thi ir uiisnleuble stock of clothing, have t tken our guarantee cards from ���";
:: thepockttsof gannentsof cur make ��'."1 have put them in the pockets -,
f oi other "nods of inferior make, thus leading tiio purchaser to be..eve he -i-
9    was getting Shorey's clothiiw and thereby damaging our reputation. |
S We therefore wish to give notice* to our custotnera arid tire public, that J
* we will prosecute, to tbe full rigdurof the low, an) ot ewhom v e cor. pi ovc S
% to have done tbis, attrl we -.vill pay a roward of $100.00 to the person J
who will give us sufficient evidence tocohvicl any dealer of this on rrcc.    S
H. 5 IOREY & CO., Alo_;real. |
iNtHSPEHSABtKTJ M'�� ',?J!/'ll I
..-:. rcLi-.'-.j ti-i- nu ���-, i'-r.,"'."'"-*)   i
nAtti"-r. .-or.-.j   �����". ��� l
C.^A'U   '"
, . i ��� }''"'"-���"��� ^A" *�����  1^^
KOTJ -Mi iC-it.8' "��������� WSi     '������ \ tMm A '*M~vr-.L      %M
, Maw*���-i st., Sa ���������' ��� ������      ��� ��� '   ; i__fc_i_.-x ���;>M'__&__-ri_.u1&'*3
5 N.B.-We ere spending > irreat deal ol money to make the merits of out ctcthins known j.
���      ta th. publio and w. Insist upon dealer, f-tvloj ptwl. what thoy as .tor. v
I. m*a*aaaAaaiaa*aea*a*aaa*aaaa**aaa****+>*t��*->''��!>��***r**r.oioi'.twitaaeaa*
. ..,-\/.-��/.u ' J* J-*-.--".*.       ������'���-'-
The mot'eirn standard Family Medi-
Gine: Cures the
common every-Jay
ills of humanity.
i   Ladies
ky ih-uwind.. S��t*, Sure .ad Alwayr. rel_bl.
RKfUSB SUbSTriUlBS. r.o-s .11 drunill��
<r nulled, Tree from oh.er.atl, n, on receipt of
11.00. Sraledpi.llCularslcenU
Supe'Soiil bsir can be l.mo*
ve.l tram th. fere, umi, and
neck in Two Minutes, wid
*- -1- ^* ^ *r.,wlh forever doslroyed by
' PILATON'p-rlecllybatmletn. Senrbyinail,l..led, ,,N
on ree-lpt of price 11.110.    .j.lltiwaated, fzJBGkr    *>
LANE ME0ICIM1CO., MONTaCAl, e... ?   ���*;'
" -**|-|
ryMts; *$& ���-,
i��_ inn. *HS, K    ,
1 '-
Ore.. Biisninte*d cued by LANIP. 3PE'
6 tins... '5 OH      'n-rlc il_r- r-t��.   Tb.
Lane rviailtcine Co , Mnnireal.tao,
t\tm\i u\m \um
tnidund.rstauds whab] urewoolisaml
appreciates es [iiisite finish buys tho
both for herself* or children,  these
goods an; made-in Vests- Drawers,
I   .-,.!'i';:-::s uud Confbinatioes,  and are
1  [J kept by every first-class dry goods
' V m 'n\mxi\i silk hills ao^PAi;y, ud.,
m -MOiirREAL. Awai-t-u
Highest Honor*���World's Fair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Death of J. A. Hood
The town and district were thrown
into gloom on Monday afternoon by
the report that Mr. John Ogilvie
Hood, brother of Mrs. Jas. Henderson,
had been tbe victim of a fatal accident.
It appears that about 4 o'clock he went
to get in his cows and was riding his
borse acrose the slough behind the
Oolden Lumber Company's mill. How
the accident happened is not definitely
known, but is supposed that the horse
stumbled into a hole and that the deceased was thrown into the water and
drowned before help could reach bim.
The body was recovered shortly afterwards and waa taken to tbe hospital,
but as no inquest wss deemed necessary by the coroner the remains were
eubseqnently taken to Mr. James Henderson's (residence. Deceased arrived'
in Golden three years ago, having
come from Forfar, Scotland, where he
leaves a mother and three sisters to
lament hit lose. Deceased was 26
yeara of age at tbe time of bit death,
and had been working with Mr. James
Henderson since hit arrival here. He
endeared himself to many by hie genuine course of life and sterling integrity.
The local lodge of Oddfellows, of
which deceased wat a deservedly popular member, arranged the funeral ob
teqnlet in a handsome manner. We
tender onr heartfelt sympathy and
that of the people of Golden to Mr.
and Mrt. Hendereon and to tbe friende
of tbe deceased in their irreparable
The funeral of the late J. 0. Hood
took place on Tuesday, 18th inst. The
general sympathy aroused by the sad
accident waa shown by the respect of
all who were present on the very
solemn occasion, when there was a
large attendance of the local Oddfellows. The service at the house was
conducted by Rev. Jamea Harcourt,
wbo ia in charge of the Presbyterian
congregation here (of which deceased
wat a member), and wat of a very
aolemn and touching character, reference being made to the euddenneta of
the calamity which bad befallen the
friendt of the deceased. At the close
of the service the Oddfellows and
friends joined in einging "Nearer My
God to Thee.'' Many friendt accompanied the procession to the grave,
where a very solemn service wat conducted by Rev. G. H. Osborne (Chaplain of the local lodge), all tbe members of the I. 0. 0. .'. rrMtine- a sprig
of evergreen into tbe grave. The tinging of "Abide Witli Me" seemed to
touch the hearta of all who were present. A sincere prayer for God's blessing to rest npon tbe friendt who were
left behind brought to a close the most
solemn service that we luve yet wit*
netted in Goldtn.
A meeting of farmert resident on the
north side of Golden is convened by
Mr. Haggen for Wednesday next, May
26th, at the Queen's hotel, to draw up
a petition to the Dominion Government
asking that tbe sloughs, which at tbe
present time cause the flooding of the
farm lands, should be dyked. It It to
be hoped there will be a good attend-
anon so that the petition may be at
complete as possible and so strengthen
the hands of Mr. Bostock, M. P., in
bis efforts to bave the work undertaken by the Dominion Government.
a a
For Years a Rheumatic Cripple��� Under the
Healing Halm of South American Rheumatic Cure Suffering Vanishes���Through
Faith hi the Testimony of Others She is
Today a well Woman 4
"My daughter, Mrs Gregory, had rheumatism so badly in her right hand and arm tbat
tbey were rendered almost helpless for over a
year Noticing the testimony of persons who
hud been cured by South American Rheumatic Cure, 1 procured a bottle .She received
almost instant relief, and when the bottle was
used the trouble had completely left her It
is a great remedy and we take pleasure in
recommending it"-Neil Morrison, bt John.NB
Hard Study in School
A Yoorn g-<jt lrl's Life fora Time Hade
Miserable-Mould not ns. her Hands
���nd F.uncl It Difficult to Walk-
Health Restored
From the Napanee Express,
Nervousness is the frequent cause of
much misery and suffering. One of
the effecti of this breaking up of the
nervet, particularly among young peo-1
pie, being chorea or St. Vitua' dance.
A corretpondeut tell- of a young lady
at Selby who was badly afflicted *Vit_
thit trouble. He lays: "I never taw
anyone tuSering so badly before from
nervous disorder. She wss violently
jerking and twitching all the time, and
oould not use ber right band at all.
Anything she would try to pick up
with it would instantly fall. When
the would attempt to walk her limbs
would twist snd turn, the ankle often
doubling down and throwing her,
Lately I beard tbat she had been cured
bat doubted the truth of the statement
and went out to see her. The statement
The loss of the Upper Columbia
Navigation Company by the wreckage
of their steamers in the Kootenay
river is said to be represented by $50,-
000. The Jennings-Eatt Kootenay
route it practically closed, but at the
company have another steamer in
course of construction���ths North Star
���it ie expected that full traffic will be
resumed in about two months time.
I The canyon where the wreckage occurred will not be again used, and to meet
the difficulty the Great Northern Railroad Company intend building a spur
road to the upper end of the canyon.
��� ���
A Special Warning tn Ladies
Having disposed of my dairying business
to Jas I Brewster, I have to thank the people
of Golden for the support they have accorded
roe in the past, and 1 request a continuance
of tho same to my successor
���j"     ���       | JA8 IIBNDBRSON
The proprietore of Diamond Dyet
are tbe only people in tbe world that
make special dyee for coloring cottons
and all m xed goode.
It is now admitted by all the best
color chemists that a dye prepared
specially for all wool goods will not
color cotton or mixed goodt success-
When Diamond Dye Pink, Purple,
Orange, Garnet, Nav,, Yellow, Blue,
Scarlet, Turkey Red, Green, Cardinal,
Brown and Black for Cotton and
Mixed Gooda are used, satitfaetion il
always guaranteed.
Beware of the dyet that pretend to
color all wool goodt and cotton with
the' same package of dye.
Ths verdict of millions on thit continent is, "Diamond Dyes are first and
best." 2
a a
The Golden Hospital Committee invite tendere for painting at the town
4 ,
Th* Grim tteapsr
Swoops down on yonng and old alike Tbe
promising buds are nipped olf almost as certainly as the fading blossom Dr Agnew's
Cure for the Heart has stayed death's hands
more times than you will count Relieves in
il.) minutes Over 40 esses of sudden deaths
from heart disease were noted in tbe dally
papers in Canada during the pott 10 days It
snenis incredible und proves the uncertainty
oflife whore there is a tendency to heart weakness Vt Agnew's Cure tar the Heart is a
uevrr tailing remedy for heart disease It
acts like magic Never fails to give relief in
seemingly hopeless attacks in DO minutes,
and to cure permanently 4
��� ���*-���
Oat Instant R.ll.f From Piles
Tbis most irritating disease relieved in 10
minutes by using Dr Agnew's Ointment, and
a euro in from three to six nights Thousands
testify of its goodness Good for Eczema,
Salt Rheum and all skin diseases If you are
without faith, one application will convince,
35 cents ��
Tenders are invited by the Golden Hospital
Committee lor the painting work at the hospital Tenders close on Thursday, May 27th,
at noon Addressed to
C H Parsons,
0 Secretary to thu Hospital   .
proved quite true, and believing that a
recital of the facts of the case would be
of advantage to aome one who might
be similarly suffering, I asked permission to make them known, which was
readily granted. The young lady is
Mitt H. M. Gonyou, a general favorite
among her acquaintances, and it it
thought that her trouble, at is not infrequently the case, wat brought on by
hard ttudy in school." Miss Gonyou
gave the following statement: "All
through the fall of 18941 had been
feeling unwell. I did not tpeak to anyone about it, for I was going'to school
and wat afraid if I taid anything
about it to my parent! they would
keep me at home. I kept getting worse
and at latt grew ao nervoua that I
could not bold my pencil. My right
tide wat affected mott, though the
trouble teemed to go through my
whole system. In January I wat to
bad that I had to ditcontinue going to
school, and I wat constantly growing
worse. I could not use my handt because I would let everything drop, and
frequently when I attempted te walk I
would fall, My brother had been ailing for a long time and was then using
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and getting
better, to I thought at they were helping him so much tbey would be a good
medloine for me. Before the first box
wat done I waa feeling much better,
and aftei using the Pink Pills for
about a month my health wat fully
restored. It is now more than a year
since I ditcontinued the use of tbe
pills and I have not had the slightest
trace of the malady since. I am satisfied Dr. William:,' Pink Pills tuved me
from a life of misery, and I would
strongly recommend them for nervout
Dr. Williams.' Pink Pills ereate new
blood, build up the nervet, nnd thut
drive disease from the system. In
hundreds of cases they have cured
after all other medioinet had failed,
thus establishing the claim that they
are a marvel among the triumphs of
modern medical science. The genuine
Pink Pillt are sold only in boxes, bearing the full trade mark, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People."
Protect yourself from imposition by
refusing any pill tbat does not bear
the registered trade mark around tbe
box, 9
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
2�� Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West.    .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars,
i       ll
CUm. JVIeJSleish, �� Prop,
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ot Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned snd Sawn Balastert,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.  AU sires of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all kind
of ropy
��s soon as possible,  i 11 sites of Pipe Fitting and Brass goads on hud.
VYagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory tad
Maple Plank.
HOUSTON t%   Cti,


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