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The Golden Era Feb 13, 1897

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H    VOL. VI. ISO. 28.
92 Pee Year
Attention P
For the next 30 days I will
sell for cash, before taking
yj>     stock.   Be sure and get bar-     -VV
gains, as room must be made
for new goods. Very Low
at-        u-eg
.     (INCORPORATED 1670.)
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
Oolden, on the main Hue of the Canadian
PiiciHe Railway, st its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river; >
the mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia s headquarters of tli j Golden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
famed agricultural and utimtig land of the
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on tbe
When you come io Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
- e
Si?      CLA88
18.00 PER DAY.
S.     ADLER,     Proprietor.
THE   .  ������������
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms,
i Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cig-rs.
Kates #.'.00 Per Day.
J.   C.   GREENE,  -    Prop.
IS! Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.
Pe-t Cuisine in the West   .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Lignva.
Wholesale and Retail Drug-gist
between Winnipeg and
the  Coast.
.Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary,  Alberta.
dim. JWefleish, ~ Prop.
Watch. Clock % Jewelry
in tbe best style of the traile with the
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker nnd  Jeweller.
���Holden. B.V.
Opposite the Columbia House.
Tiis Neilson Furniture Cc
Will mail, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated   Catalogues   mid   Price
Lima to  sny person sending them
tbeir address.
The   Nellson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
East. West, North. South.
at p.
Yon need net go either direction togetl-Vrft-et-Flttinc.
V.'ell-'flatle, and Durable
Ye pe-iplo nf Golden, snil Donald ton,
Your Tailor luu come, his name ia Frank
I I'un-li t
He ran cut anil Ht with the Inst in the limil,
Aud makes up a garment with hia awn h.iiid
In EiiL'liind he mil fnr limit-en of f.-tine.
Sin-it im Hub-ion'sof Lonilon, wliu is-urs a
I Itreat liilliui;
And lu Oiniula too, juat let inn sny
He wsa cutler for the -Treat Hudson's Uny,
Rep-driii*-1. olesnlnir, nnd uttering too,
Will bo thoroughly done by this sauie Frank
.   .,    U'lWlil
Both Ijsdiea' ami UenUeinon's i-lollies let me
I "title,
Will be workmanlike done, ami quite up lo
Now let me solicit yonr work, old ami new,
Anil put to the teal, yoiirtailor.r'nuik Hughs
HIs charges you'll find Mill bo nil right
And the work when completed,  " Jnst nut
lof sight."
'-Patronise Rome Industry I"
Store opposite post office,
Golden, B. C.
Mr. Thos. McNaught and Mr. Bui-
man from Thunder Hill are in the city.
Mrs. Sam Brewer of Fairmont
Springs is a guest at the Columbia
Mr Colin C. Mackay of Windermere
has been in town during the past few
days with Mrs. Macktty.
Harry Estell arrived in town early
this week having completed Assessment
work on some claims on Jubilee
Service in St. Paul's Church as usual
next Sundav evening, the offertory
will be in aid of tliu Indian Famine
Lardesn Jack McDonald, a pioneer
prospector from West Kootenuy is iu
town. - He will look up properties in
the district for a Vancouver syndicate.
Mr. J. F Pngh, late cutter for the
Hudson's Bh.v Company, Culgarv.
iirrived in town this week and will
open out a tailoring establishment
here at once.
Mr. H. W. C. Meyer, Q.C., of Cal-
gary, died at Banff, Sanitarium last
week of heart, failure. The remains
were taken to his old home in Ontario
for interment.
Mr. T. W. Lines, manager of tbe
Brackmiin-Kerr Milling Co. of Edmonton and Vancouver was here this week
on a business trip and procured several
large orders for spring delivery.
Mr. F. J Deane, editor of the Kamloops Inland Sentinel paid our town a
visit on Saturday last. He thinks
Kamloops will soon develop into one
of the best mining camps in the
Mr. Neil F. Mackay, formerly of
Oolden, has formed a law partnership
with Mr. McAnn, Q. C, of Kaslo.
Mr. Maekay's many friends in Oolden
and elsewhere will wish him every
The Kickapoo Medicine company
completed a series of concerts in the
Alexander Hall on Tuesday evening
and the proceedings wound up with a
ball iu which the youth aud beauty of
the town participated.
It s reported that one of our enterprising merchants, Mr. Geo. B. McDermot, will at an early date open a
branch store at Fort Steele under the
management of Mr. K. Kellock, late of
the Hudson's Bay Stores, Calgary.
Several games have been played in
the 13 point competition this week,
the results of whicli bave caused not a
few surprises. The competition is
being narrowed down and lhe finals
will probably be  played this evening.
The Oolden Lumber Co. are still
rushing in the ties to the C.P.R. at
the rate of I SOU a day. It is expected
that tbey will tbis year furnish the
C.P.lt. with not less than 260,000
ties besides immense quantities of lumber and bridge timber.
Messrs. Kimpton A Pitts of Donald
are advertising a reinuvul mile and are
clearing out their whole stock of general merchandise. Mr. Pitts will
shortly remove to the Slocan country
where he has acquired considerable
mining propertv of u promising ebar*
The alleged stage robber A.M. Leitch
has been removod from Donald to the
New -Westminster jail where he will
remain until the spring sittings of the
Supreme Court. He has retained Mr.
G. S. McCarter ef Oolden to look after
his interests and is making preparations to put up a strong fight against
the circumstantial case set up by the
Extensive improvements are being
made to tbe Kc-pteuay House which is
under tbe management of Mr. Sam
Adler. The hotel men expect their
houses to be taxed to their utmost
capacity as soon as the spring rush
begins and in this they will not be
disappointed as everything points
towards a vear of solid development in
tbe Eust Kootenay district.
Supt. White, Ass't Supt. Niblock
and Master Mechanic Crass of the C.
P. K,, passed through west uu Tuesday
in a private oat ou their way to Bevel-
stoke. It is reported that their visit
has something to do with the contemplated removal to Revelstoke of the C.
P. B. shops. If such a move is made
we should not be surprised to bear of
Goldeu being makes divisional point���
ard then���"Just Hatch our smoke."
Mr. H. O. Parson of the Big Store
this week received direct from the distillery in Scotland a lawn consignment
of the linest Scotch whiskies known
io the trade. Messrs. Win. T.-acher &
Sous of Glasgow are the makers of it,
the brands being known as ������Gondo-
ier" and ������Highland Cream." The
drinking editor of the Era can vouch
for the fact that both brands possess
soothing qualities not usually peases*
ed by other brands of "fortifier."
Two or three rinks frum the Calgary
Curling Club are expected tn be in
Golden next week to play a friendly
game and -'swap" experiences with the
Golden men regarding the recent bonspiel. Every preparation is being
made to give the Calgary men as good
a time as the somewhat limited possibilities of tbe place will permit. The
visitors will combine business with
pleasure many of them being interested
in the mineral resources of tbis district.
A meeting of the Golden Cemetery
Trust was held on Monday evening,
Feb. 1st. Tbe attendance was small
and only routine business was transacted. The cash account showed thut
since the formation uf the,association
|7 bad been received from tbe sale of
graves and 911.03' from a collection
made in St. Paul's Church and tbat
$10 had been paid for the Dominion
Lands survey The former Trustee,
were re elected, they are J. F. Armstrong for the Church of England congregation ; J. C. Greene, Roman
Catholic; J Lake, Presbyterian; M.
Dainard, Methodiit; and C. A. Warren for tbe subscribers generally.
Already there nre rumors of a provincial election nt tin euriy date and
mention is made of several names of
men who will |iOs��ibl,v be candidates.
It would i.ot be sui {.rising if before
many mouths the Weetuis would be
called ii|.un tu irliuu..- a representative
and we ivoull tuke this t.uiely oipor-
1 tunlty - f i-uiiitiii-- out to the people of
| this district the advisability of at
once miikiii. appliiuMiuu lo Mr. J. F.
Armstrong, the, collector of votes for
this disiirui,' tu bine their names
placed upon ihi- voter** list, Every
male British s.iljeci wliu i- 21 years
of age sii<i liu-. nrsi wi In ihe Pro.inee
for a year and in the nisi riot of East
; Kootenuy . for il mouths is entitled to
register as a .ott-r.
THE GOLDeTera Job Department, Neat, artistic work. Wltr On-ilbrti I'm
The HOLDEN I.I.A .* nnlilish-td every
Saturday morning in timu to catch the east
and west mail trains, ali.ii the mail for the
upper country, .Viuileriuure, Fort .Steele etc
it is the only advertising meiliiiin iu the Beat
K interlay liistrict.
There  Is  talk
radical  changes
in some quarters oi
being  made by tbe
Subscription llama t 9-t.00|ier annum  is
Advertisements ami cliniiges must he in
t'le olKco uut Inter tiiim 111 tt ill, on Thursday
ti insure Insertion.
All wish tu be paid tu the Sliiniigi-r, from
w'ioiu the Company's receipt will he ubt-iined.
Advertisement rates made known on appli-
ciitior _
lie Ufa Era Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, FEB. 13, 1697.
Tho proprietors of The Goi.iibk Eba
nre pleased to bo able to announce this
week that arrangements are being completed whereby considerable improvement will be made to the paper. The
constantly increasing importance of
Golden as a mining and commercial
centre of tbe rich' mineral and agricul
tural district of East Kootenay has led
tho proprietors to take this step in
order to keep the standard of the paper
up to tlie requirements of the district.
They trust also that within a short
time they will be able to increase the
size ot the paper aud add other new
features that will enable them to, make
the resources of the district more
widely known throughout tbe Eastern
and western parts of Canada, the
necessary result of all which will be to
interest capitalists in the development
of the rich country which surrounds
Iu this endeavor to bring the *istrict
moro prominently before the outside
world we ask the hearty co-operation
of the business men and residents of
East Kootenay and tbe adjoining territory. This co operation can be most
substantial ly shewn by extending increased patronage and support to this
paper and for this support Tmb Era
will at all times endeavor to shew its
appreciation by giving fair and impartial reports of all matters of local and
and general interest and by doing all
in its power te point out the possibilities of the district to the investing
Particular attention will also tie
devoted to the job printing department
and hereafter there will be no good
reason for the peop'e of this district
sending their money away to outside
points for job printing work. New
type aud stock are being prou.red and
Tub Eka will be able to turn uut neat
and up to date work, at living prices.
The management trust that the public
will extend that generous support that
is needed to muke a newspaper what it
should be -a credit to the locality.
The subscription price is hut $2.00
per annum - a' sum within the reach of
all and a sum which every resident of
the district should be willing tn contribute towards the work ef opening
up une of the richest parts of this
exceelingly rich province.
Legislature at the present session, in
the mining laws of tbis province. It
is to be hoped that, if any changes are
to be made, some' new and cheaper
schedule of fees to be paid to the Government will be introduced. Some of
the present charges for registration
and copies of instruments are simply
outrageous and should be reduced.
Some provision shou d also be made
for giving better security and more
accurate knowledge as to tbe state of
titles to intending purchasers of mineral claims. If the Mineral Aot were
amended in these respects and in a few
other matters of detail tbe mining
laws oould well be said to be about as
near perfect as it is possible to make
* * *
Golden has now reached that stage
in her history where some organized
effort should be made to briug before
the Governine.it and ethers the urgent
needs of the distritt. In many other
towns of less size aud importance than
Goldeu they have their Boards of
Trade who, when there arises any
matter of importance affecting the
bitbiuiiHS iuterests of the place, speak
as it representative body and tbeir expressions of opiniou upon any matter
command tbat degree of attention
which could not be directed to a matter
by the individual effort of the members
of such a body.
a * *
The bus ness men of Golden, including those holding interests iu mineral
properties, could well afford te get
together occasionally and discuss matters which affect their interests aud
the interests of the locality. Such au
organization would possibly be tbe
means too of burying that nasty feeling of rivalry and jealousy which
seems to lo in the air iu this vicinity
and instead of trying to "down" one
another in every conceivable way tbe
business and mining men would learn
that the success ol their neighbors in
a new country like tbis means increased prosperity for ail (hose around
In a recent editorial the Siilem, Oregon, Independent says: "Time nnd
again have we seeu Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy tried and never with-
OJt the most satisfactory results.
Whenever wo tee n person afflicted
with hoarseness, with a cough or cold
we invariably advise them to get
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; and
when they do, they never regret it.
It always does ihe work, und does it
well." For sale by Druggists Langly
A Co., Wholesale Agents Viotoria nnd
* ���"" ���
If mining or any other business is
going to make successful headway iu
East Kootenay this "doginthemanger" business must be stopped and
each must lend his assistance toward
the development of the country even if
in the first instance his neighbor or
business rival should get the first
benefit out of it either by chance or
superior business ability or tact. Thi*
Era trusts thnt the business men here
will take the hint and at once organize
a board of trade and mining bureau
There is plenty to do and the sooner it
is done the sooner will the distriot sie
the benefits to be derive I from suoh or
Sanitation. We want a bank, improved mail service to the south,roads,
registry office for lands, a local registry
of the Supreme Court and a thousand
aud one other things thut we will get
only, wheu we ask for tbem.
*   *   *
The robbery of the Furt Steele mail
carried by stage between Golden and
Fort Steele during tbe latter part of
last mouth has pet-baps had tbe effect
of calling tbe attention nf the post
office authorities to the state uf affairs
existing iu East Kootenay at the present time, ll hus been said that ������ Out
of Evil, Good Shall Come" and we
sincerely trust that out of tbe unfortunate occurrence above referred to
will come a decided improvement in
the mail service between Goldeu and
I'ort Steele. Tbe people ot East Kootenuy have of late been agitating for the
re establishment of a weekly service
bet ween these points, and the Fort
8:��*.�� people have also been making repeated demands to have Fort Steele
made a money order office, bnt a deaf
ear has been turned to all their appeals
in thut direction.
The amount of mail matter (bat I*
transmitted to Fort Steele is a sufficient
excuse for the people's demand for a
weekly service and the fact that many
large money transactions are carried
on by the Fort Steele people with out*
side points Is a sufficient justification
for their demand, that a money order
office be established there in order that
the public may have some security
that their money will be safely received and transmitted.
The refusal of the government to
make Fort Steele a money order office
affords the strongest possible evidence
that the postal authorities feared the
occurrence of just suoh an event as has
happened, yet after refusing that reasonable request they omit to take even
ordinary precautions for the safe transmission of the mnils. At none of the
stopping places has there been provided
by the authorities any secure place
where the mail bags may be deposited
at night, but such it their confidence
in the honesty of the people���forsooth ���
that the mail is permitted to remain
outside tied down with a canvas and
a rope through both of whioh a person
bent on robbery can cut his way in
half a minute.
There is negligence somewhere, but
the poor devils who have to do business must assume all risks, as the
registration of a letter affords no guarantee on the part of the postal authorities as to its safe delivery.
We trust the Ottawa authorities will
now embrace the opportunity to look
thoroughly into this mail service of
East Kootenay and give the district
what it needs in the way of a weekly
service and adopt some means of securing the mails against a repetition of
what has recently occurred.
. .'ft Makes
Sick Peoplo
Well and Cfcrong.
Has Cured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.       '
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
There was introduced into the Missouri Legislature two weeks ago a bill
whose object is to mitigate the evil of
overcrowding in street cars. The bill
starts out with a long^m-enmble to the
effect that a passenger who tenders the
legsl fare is entitled to a seat. This is
no doubt a good law. A passenger
riding two miles in a street car is just
as much entitled to a seat for that distance at is a transcontinental passenger on an ordinary railway. The bill
in question proceeds ou the principle
that the street car company, in not
providing a seat for the passenger,
does not fulfil its part of the contract
with the public It is therefore proposed that the passenger who has to
stand will only pay for such service as
is given him. The bill provides that
street oar companies must furnish
their conductors with commutation
tickets, aud when a person Mils to get
a seat in a car he or she must be carried for half fare, and the conductor
must give in return for the regular
fare a ticket good for another ride,
provided it is also in a crowded car.
These tickets are not to be good for
seats, bnt a passenger can havo a seat
by giving up two cf them. The companies are not to be compelled to fur
nish these tickets except when their
cart are crowded, and if they can provide seals for their passengers tliere is
no rebate, A man who gets up and
givea his seat to someone else is not
entitled to the half-fare rate, but the
person to whom he offers the seat is
compelled to take it, or, at least, to
lose the i-ebute if the stands up while
there it a vacant teat iu the oar.
The Anglo Canadian Mining Co.
have been doing extensive development
work on their claims on Jubilee mountain and iu the Ottertail district.
The Toronto syndicate who pur*
chased the International last fall for
$10,000 cash from the MoMurdo estate
will begin operations iu the early
from any parties having mineral .
olaims to dispone of either for cash or i
an agreement as to development.
A Broken Down Lumberman.
Hot a Financial,  Bnt Worse, a Fbysieal
Wrsek-Fast Soetori' Skill. Bat, Cnitd
by Boat. Americas nervine,
Prostrated by nervous debility Mr. E. Er-
rott, lumber men-hunt and mill owner of Mer-
rickville, Ont., was forced to withdraw from
the   activities    of   business.    He   stlysi
o ,    .     ._ . ����� .      _ " 1 tried everything in* tbe way of doctors'
Several   development companies are .kill and proprieiary medicines, but nothing
boing  organized   for  the  purpose of he'-*"-"' me.  1 wns influenced to use. South
,, ,    ,     ,    . ,,       .    American Nervine, anil 1 can truthfully say
acquiring   and   developing   claims in that I hud not.taken half a dozen bottles be
East   Kootenay   during  th.  -^^EMM
summer. i healthy, aud ready for tiny amount ot busi-
., ,,    ��� . _, ,      .. ness, where before my nen ons system was so
Messrs.   Moodie  and Dainard have undermined thut I cuuld scarcely sign my '
nnneliirlpil    arranuemflltla   with a Van.   own name wilh a |K<U or pencil.     I  Si.y, feel-
concluded arrangements witn a Van- *���-���-and kgn.. jugl.-', git a U.ulo of this
couver syndicate for the development wonderful medicine " Sold by V. A. Warren,
of i the  Sunday  mineral  claim
Sunday mineral claim near
Ottertail. We hope they will strike it
The exposure in nil sorts and conditions of weather that u 1 in airman  is
On reference to the last Issue of  the ���UeA "-"J" ,0 e,"lure '"', "ie, '*****",
r, j-, j-,      ....    i i .i  ��� ���. ""Wn produces ae-ere colds  which,  if'
B.C. Gazette it is observed that it con- ,)ot pr^,,.|>tiv jygjjfl,  ,-������),  iM C0II.
tains notice of  application  for incor*, Kestion  or   pheiimonia.    Mr.   J."  O.
poi-itiou   by   sixteen  new companies, i Davenport,   ex iiuiuager of the  Fort j
The last issue is a large  oue aud cun- ^tagg Redwood Co., an immense insti-
tution at Fort Bragg. Cnl.. says they
sell large quantities of Chamberlain's ,-
store )i
talus 100 large pages.
Mr.   J.   W. Weart representing the Cough Remedy ut the Cbuipauy'i
Gold Range Exploratiou Co. of   Vancouver passed through Golden on Mon-
and that he has himself used this ren.-
edy for a severe cold and obtained im*
,_ mediate relief. This medicine prevents "
day  last  on Jue  way to Toronto to Hny .eD(-e-cy of ��� coW t0WBr*_ pneu.
" *~ " monia and insures a pront,.t recovery.
For sale by Druggists Langly A Co.,,
Host tome B.C. propertiet. Hit company are interest, ng themselves in
East Kootenay.
The Bald Mountain Mining and Development Company are already at
work on a group ef claims situate on
Bald Mountain uear Donald and have
run a tunnel iu 100 feet with satisfactory results. The company is composed of Calgsry men wbo are shewing their faith iu East Kootenay iu a
substantial manner.
Wholesale Agents Viotoria und Van*
Hreml Rlota In Madrid.
Madrid, Feb. 3. Serious strikes and*'
bread riots bave occurred here. There ,
bave lieen manifestation*, before the jj
town hall, windows have been broken
Thn municipal authorities have resign- j
ed owing to their inability to ittppress
The bond held by Vancouver parties ,he disturbtnees. and martial law Ims
on  the  claims "Giant" and ������Hidden
Dorters Oould a��t Help Hia, Bnt Twe Bottles
tt Btatt Araoriean Kldatj* Cart Beaev
sd tht Dli.aM-Ih. Itory ef a
Wist ham Farm.-.
Kidney disease can be cured. Mr. John
Snnll. a retired flintier nf Wlnghnm, Ont..
says t " For two years I suffered untold
misery, and at times cuuld not milk, and any
a ���---._-_!..._   _____ -___, _...-_       --L|f,    ma
.   virions over  75,000  of   their  first   block of
could not help ine.
growing worse, w
fi lends,    feeing
Treasure" owned by Win. McNeish
and Thomas Jones of Golden has been
taken up and the first pav incut hus
been mode thereunder. Thus some
mure good properties pass into the
bauds of the capitalists who are gutting fund of East Kootenay properties.
The Alberta nud Kootenay Development Company have recently been
formed  and  have already disposed of
been proclaimed.
I Terrible Bnfftrlaf ef aa Ultra lady from
Khnaatltm-riftssn furs a la-ertr,
BU Ou:-'. uy Two Botclsi e. Math
Amor's tn Kteamatio Cure.
No pen can tliwerila. the Intensity of suffering that mMyvoiiii-irum Ml r.itiu-K of rlioii-
;,���--   .-- ..totally re* fci.L A
lievetl of nam, and two kittles entirely cured   ���  ,,       ,,
ine." To cure kidney disease a liquid medi- Golden, Dr.
cine must be taken, and one that is a salvent,
and ran thus dissolve the sand-like particles
in the blood.   Hold by C. A. Warren.
matisiii.   " For fifteen years," snys Mrs. ,luo,
Beaumont nf Hum, I 'lit., " I have hiron more
nr less trtmliM with rheumatism, which took
the form of pt.ius iu my luck, otten coufining
uio tu my bod, mid reiiilering me part nf the
At times I
not turn in
my bed, and tlm disease was last reaching a
point where both myself and my husband mul
become thoroughly discouraged ot recovery.
A friend recommended    South American
v    i   i i���...,.  /vi........  Rheumatic Cure, wid after the Hrst bottle I
N. J, Lindta},_algnry, WM8 ���,,!���,08itu))   ���,���, ^^ four botrt<>s
stamlfn-r position gave intense puin! tho
suhof KlHney disease.     Local physic! ,������ , _ ,���...,.....��� ...���
;  -g, eouth American  Kidney office is at Golden. The directors are, my bod. untl thn disease was ti.st
Cure advertised, I gnisne I at it us a dying w 	
nian willsriispat anything.    Kesult-befure "'
bait a bottle hud been taken I was totally re* \,
Wells of
of  Banff,
Palliser, Dr. Brett,
G.   S. MuCarter of,
and G. Erioktou ot Field.     The com-, were taken 1 was ..bio to go i.liout as usual.
, .,  . , _ ���   and have been in excellent health since,
pany is now ready to receive proposals J -joU by C. A. Warrou.' A
Life Prolonged and Hs Usefulness Greatly Extended.
Wii-..(-Male and It eta 11
^it-inve. ertufc..
Tho Rnthle.s HomloI'Natu-n Permits
Only tlie survlYnl of (lieStrongest
lllit Medical  Science  eccurcs  tlie
t-mivivi-l of the Weakest.
From .he Cornwall Standard.
The science and art of medicine holds
a unique place in the esteem of the entire civilized world, because by a.judicious application of progressive
science relative to the art of healing
innumerable triumphs nre won in the
struggle for health. The profession of
medicine we may safely sny, is no
sinecure, its triumphs and successes
are rehearsed daily by the million.
Those who ure iu the vanguard of this
movement are our gi-eatesi benefactors.
Their discoveries are a boon to humanity ; thev have, gi veu relief to thousands who would have dragged out a
miserable and more or less brief existence Dr. Williams by means of his
Pink Pills bus earned and enjoys the
gratitude of untold numbers who were
on the verge of isolation or death, because their case defied the skill of the
ordinary medical practioner. The
ruthless hand of nature permits only
the survival of the strongest, but the
tender ministrations of medical science
as exemplified iu Dr. William's Pink
Pills, secure the survival of the weakest, which is in harmony with the
divine injunction, * We then that
are strong ought to bear the iiiliriuii-
ies of the weak aud uut please ourselves."
These   famous   pills   have    given
strength to tia- apparently  hopelessly
weak, uud  vitalized and invigorated
fragile ami 'debilitated constitutions,
enthroned health and strength,  thus
increasing every value uud uiichanciiig
every joy.   Iu   substantiation ol the
reputed merits of Dr.   William*' Pink
Pills testl lite following testimonial ul
one of (rHeiignrry's responsiblecitntons.
���Samuel Neil, of the village nf  Lancaster, is uue ui lliu best known  men  ot
the country.       "For three stio-ossive
winters," says Mr. Neil,   " I sutured
from severe attacks of lu grippe.   Ow*
ing to tbe exhausting effects uf these
attacks I wns unable to attend to my
holiness half the time. . The last attack I had was in -December, WM.   It
wus the most prolonged and um suo*
sei|iient effect the most trying. All the
winter of lsyii I was muter mcdica'
oure and being somen hat advanced  in
life I presented u .ei.i iiuil ttppenrunce
My weakness wns so pronounced thai
I liecsuie n victim of weak tutus,  und
even with the assistance of a cane I
wss liable to full.     Attempts to walk
were risky, and often to be regretted.
I was uonoled with a .li-jziness iu the
head tbat rendered locomotion difficult
and iiiii'lens-tiit,     Besides this gei.etal
weakness I had pains iu iiiy'shoiildei's
' something like  nnn-iilur rliettmatisui
in fluctuations nnd severity,     Aftet it
'   five mouths Livciiiiiuut I uas not any
better, in fact the doctor gi.e n.e ��ery
little encouragement.    He sard I hrut
palpitation of ibe heart  and   it  intisi
ron ils course.     The trinii rs I t'elt so
weak that my hope if recovery  ��i,.-
abont nil.    Ahum   he Hist, oi   Siiij   I
detenuiued lo ir.i Dr.  WiU'oins' P(.nk
Piils.   The result was  me  diusittiess
led me, tiny by da* in,, pains ...ii..-!i
Oil illlll illl|.-eil-e| liiiililj,   .-ml   I   i 'nun
lb feel in i si it   itgnln,     Tue iiii|M\.e-
llioilt c.r tuircir  lilitil  I   >u..-   Hi.if   lo
foilotv in.   bit- . .-s  ivitii   ittie.-fc-..-..-r*.,'.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Contlncted in all its branches by
(M.N. Eng. Inst. M. & M. E.i
Samples tested up to 200 lbs.   Certificates
direct to clients,
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
CEO. S. Met: 4 I.TER.
Notakv Public, Conveyancer, Etc.,
Office ���
Alexander Block, - Oolded, 0. C.
Representing i
The Alberta & Kootenuy Development Co.
Thc East Kootenay Mining and Develop--
ment Co., Etc., Etc.
Mineral Claims bought, sold, and developed.
Ekpert Watch Repairing.
R.  J.   .FIjI-IISO**,
D.L.8. & P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., CALOARY,
N.W.T.  Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JBPHHON, D.L.S..P.L.8. of B.C. -Out.
CaLOultv, Alba.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Cafjtary Alba
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Having- been appointed by
the C.P.R. to inspect all
watches carried by their employees, ray duties will take
me to Golden every week
after Jan. 1st, 1897, when I
will be pleased to do any
work required by the people
of Golden.
Canmore,      : - :     Alberta.
the g'
to Dr.
IK ml,
I run it,
icral sij-i
��   '-t.!',,]
V. .ii.:  -
\V :! ��� uis
' P
Pacific By.
Direct Route to all Eastern
Honti-oal -uid Toronto without
chaiigs of cars.
Direct connection .steamers at
Baggage checked to European
Special 'trip
Around   the  World,
R.M.S. "A0RAN6I"intended to
leave London March 17th,
1897, via Tenerlffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, Fiji. Hawaii,
and Vancouver; Tickets
good for 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route to
To China and Japan Via the
famous Empress Steamer.
To Australia and New Zealand
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for particulars to
TnirHc Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
V. E. WF-..1.&
Aguiit.f.. Men.
Northern Division of East Kootenav District.
NOTICE is hereby given in accordance
with tbe Statutes that Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes levied under the As-
scMiiiieiit Actare now due for the year iSI7.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Koote-
nay District are payable at my office, the
Court House, Goldeu'
Assessed taxes are collectable at the following rates, vis*:-
If paid on or before June 80th 1**97:
Three-Hit lis of one per ceut on Real Property.
Two sud one-half per ceut ou assessed value
of wild hind.
One-half of oue per cent on personal property.
-On so much of the incomes of uny person as
exceeds one thousand .lnllurs the following
rates namely: Upon such excess of income
when the .-tun i.i not moro than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent: when such excess Is
over ten thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand tlnllurs one anil oiie-f-u.-.rter
of one per cent; when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, one uud oue half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1K97
Four-fifths of one per cent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-fourths nf one per cont ou Personal
property. ' '
On so much of lhe incomes nf any person as
exceeds oue thousand dollars the following
rates namely:���Upon such excess wheu the
same is not more than ten thousand dollars,
oue and one-quarter of one per cent; when
such excess is over ten thousand dollars and
not more than twenty thousand dollars, one
and tine-halt of one per cent; when such excess is over twenty thousand dolbus one ami
three-quarters of one per cent.
Provincial I.cvein.e Tux $3.00 per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January ind, 1897.
-___________jt^t____ji:_L___i; j.__________.___.--
f fl  I'
til1 K
IVStS     t'r
1*tuo I
It llllll
1 n
111     Til ",i    i i
Pink Pill-i eve
ir:-- rlio /.iii ,f
j fn ���' I'i ''i .i
IW- ���: j-.i-.-i
ll-li 111"1.!
Ill*- ,.T .::��' f.-1'lUphs of
I a, ;...!(���:>.     Titfc  Uf-.V-lrrf
��cM only i:i I'P.ifs, li-.-i-.
��� ��   n..r.*i..   "Dr.   Wi;.;
Light Double Set Collar Harness,
Silver .Mounted,llnuil Made.Strictly
l-'lrst (.'lass, only iu use four dnjt;
(heap lor (ij.1i.   Applyto
C. H. Cruse,
IN��iimM Station
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
British Columbia at its next session tor an
Act to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing, equipping, maintaining
and operating a railway from a point at or
near Fort Steelo in u northwesterly direction
to a point at or near Oolden, with powers to
construct, equip, niiiiuti.in and operate
branch lines from any point or points along
the main or branch lines uid also to construct, equip, maintain and operate tele,
graph uud telephone lines and all necessary
works iu connection with the said railway:
with powers of m-miring lands, privileges,
boiuii-os or other aids from any Uovern.ueiit,
niuiiii'ipul corporation or other persons or
bodies .-ttul to matte traffic uud other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other Companies : t.utl for .ill other usual, necessary or
incidental rights, powers and privileges iu
that behalf. ' v
Dated this llth day of January, A,!)., ���<*'**���
j III tit holii-itor for Applicants.
A lleeoniinend Vi-um Lob Angeli a.
632 Castelar St., Los Angeles, Cal
After huving suffered for a long tine
from some rheumatism without oh-
laiuiu.- r-lief, 1 used Chamlierlaill's
Psin Ei-liii fiul was utmost immediately relieve I. I highly ���-ecouinie.id this
niMhe he t medicine known. D. 11.
Hum Hi on. For Sale by Drug-iNts
Langly & Co., Wholesale Agciits Vio
toria uud Vanoouver.
The advertisement which even the
.ullest can understand has u chance o'
onvincing all readers.
of the Paid .Mountain Mining nud IM*
v��|. ipiiient I oui iiiiu v will I* hold iu Ciuldcu,
B. ('..mi
Tueniin-i, Feb. 10th, ISM*,
! at the office of 0. X. Met arter, Esq. If yon
cannot attend personally please iirr..ligO tu
be reproscuteil by proxy.
Sec. Trustees.
CAM.AHY, JAS. &l, I8W,
Toronto, On
_,            J Seed Houm.'      _.
The great end and aim of all
intelligent general advertis- $<?,
ing* is.   to  cove:-  ALL  tlie
ground in a certain district
To do this, place youradver-
tisnient in the columns of
it is the  best  advertising
medium in East Kootenay.
w j Published every Saturday at Golden, B. C.
-aKar-.ar.aF.air~-trr.-r.-r lE.-xra
The Advantages are:
Saving-of time and money in
many different ways. Covering' the entire  district  at
V1-. little expense. Reaching the
'' class of people which gives
tne very best returns of all
to the careful advertiser.
n i
t ,
r. I
P r
r.? ���
i t
J oh    D e p a r 1111 e i^| t
?-frar.i~'~s,-::.--,' ���>r.iri"ii~
J*...;f ^:!":.-'i'."ir'ri''arar~iB��ri*.j-j.a
1 a
-:o:���OF    :o-
-rar.ar*-ararj-e ara��-arara*----'a~ ���-���
*   , __rV.,'V _fc_-..Jt"_   -ik-lt- ���,. _ ..(   ix
����� ca
-. i.ji
GuIdBti Sasn t Door f ac ory i Mashi.ie Sfion.
Jli.uinVctnroM o! Snsh, Dom-s, Mnnli.lu
Nc-it'l I'lists, llr.ud I'alls .-iiitl I rackets
Tiio Slucliiiio mul !ll���
To Whom it May C.xuKiist
vokoil nil (h.i.cch . f flttiiri-oy -.'iie,i by]
me at any tin.o 10 .li.n-cs 1'. Mackay, an 11
that the f-ll'i J.him-s I'. An., kay is uo longer :
iu any way authorized tu act tm in y behalf.
i.h Sbopari I' >',... nt l.ltl i ,,rl  1 in    rif
lot soon ss pusmlili*.   All sines nt' 1'ipc '-'ifi i_ mul II
W.gui ruji.ir   I'oie., Sllafts, /��� xles, S|��'ii)s ..u 1 i-
Maple I l.i.ik.
iin hi ii.nl.
lll.ikory aul
HOUSTON  &  CO. Awarded
Highest Honors���World'* Fair,
A purs Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Revelstoke hopes to have its smelter
in operation shortly. Au English company has purchased the assets of the
old smelter company.
The directors of the Oolden Gate
Mining Company, of the Lake of the
Woods distriot has declared a dividend
of 60 per cent on the paid up stock.
This is the first of the more recently
organised companies to pay.a dividend
and,its success will doubtless encourage mining iu the Lake of the Woods.
Capitalisation of the company iss$i)00,-
000, but of tbis only about $200,000
worth of stock has been sold. The
profit was not made in actual milling,
but in the development and sale of u
A recent issue of the Engineering
and Mining Journal gives the names
of 30 raining companies that have paid
dividends aggregating about one hundred million., of dollars, uud points out
that there are many other dividend
companies iu North America who decline to give out any information as to
the amount named in dividends. It is
quite evident therefore that mining is
a paying business. We believe the
day is not far,distant when British
Columbia mines will be paying divid
ends that will surprise the world.
Messrs Geo. and H. B. Alexander
whc have large interests iu Golden and
Calgary are evidently taking an active
interest in the development of the Slocan country. Their compaii}, known
as thn Kootenay Ore Company of Kaslo, have put iu an extensive plant for
Sampling purposes aud some .days ago
paid out tbe sum of (14,000 iu one
cheque for ore. The Messrs Alexander
are euttrprising men and everyone will
wish them uubouuded success in their
Slocan venture.
The latest report from the west is to
the effect tbat tie new smelter to
handle Trail Creek ore may lie erected
at or within six miles of Spokane, instead of at Northport. The reason for
the alleged alteration of plans is that
the men behind the scheme belong
chiefly to Spokane, and wish to advance that town's interests, and another objection to Northport is said to
be that the United States Government
sampling works are to be built at the
Utter place. It is understood also
that the promoters consider that Spokane, being a railway centre, favorable
rates for the transportation of ore may
be more easily obtained if the reduction works era erected there.
The statement is made that the company will vurohuse for ul-out 1(1,000
the machinery and plant of the o.d
smelter concern, which, in the past,
has sunk 1*10,000 iu ti unsuccessful
venture down the river uwiu S.j-jSai.o
���**. ___
Colorado newspapers that publish
full reports of legislative doings are
preparing to enlarge. There are three
women members ol the State Legis
The Loud bill isn't troubling the
average country publisher to any extent. It's the unpaid subscription bill
that's wrinkling his face and whitening his hair.
An experienced publisher never worries because a man is aisatisfled with
that has appeared in the paper. He
knows that the * n-agraph which offends one person will in all likelihood
please twenty.
One of the men from the lumber
camps was up before .Messrs Warren
and Armstrong last week charged
with insulting a married woman a
resident of tbe town. The man pleaded drunkenness an an excuse bnt that
kind of exmse has worn out. The
justices determined to teach the offender a lesson and sent hiin down for 30
days without the option of a fine.
This is not the first occurrence of the
kind fn Golden nnd the Justices nre
to be commended for adequately punishing him for his offence against
order nnd decency and it is to be hoped
thst the lesson thus tnnght him will
serve as an object lesson to others who
may think they can do thst sort ol
thing with impunity.
Mr. W. R. Lindsay, representing a
large syndicate of London, Ont,, capitalists, came in from Toby Creok Friday morning.
He has secured options on five claims
on Toby Creek, among which is the
famons "Mineral King." This group
of claims is said hy mining meu to
comprise some of the best property -in
East Kootenay and the Lindsny syndicate will in the spring expend $15,-
000 in development work. Mr. Lind-
iay aays that East Kootenay is fast
coming to the front, and that many
Eastern capitalists nre making enquiries with a view to acquiring properties
in this district.
Lawyer Osts a Fad Na s fer Malting Largs
-ills bat de set Seem te be "in it"
With ths Undertakers.
St. John, N. B��� Feb. 4.-The preliminary proceedings in a peculiar legal
case are being conducted here, the issue
at stake being a bill for undertaker's
services at the funeral - of the Right
Hon. Sir John Thompson, Premier of
Canada. The original bill was for
$12,094, and was presented to the Federal Government by Gordon A Keith,
of Halifax, soon after tbe funeral in
December, 181)4. The Government refused to pay the full amount on the
ground that thecharges wereexcessive
and remitted $7,21111 to the firm. Messrs
Gordon A Keith demanded the full
amount of the bill and later brought
suit against Her Majesty the Queen iu
the Exchequer Court of Canada.
The ca^e will be brought to trial
after a commission whicli is now securing evidence hns reported. The
commission is visiting many of the
leading cities for the purpose of having
the bill submitted to undertakers for
their estimate on the cost of articles
furnished at the funeral, and value of
services rendered.
The commission is now in this city
and, according to the undertakers who
have examined the'bill, itis about 50
per ceut iu excess of what it should be.
tf. G. PARSO]*-,
$   $
What do Fort Steele People Think at
The following is an extract from the
evidence of Postmaster Clnrk of Fort
Steele, taken on tho preliminary examination of the prisoner A. M. Leitch
charged with robbery of the mails.
���'Do not consider I am violating any
ule when I allow outsiders to assist
in sorting the mail, but no person
handles the letters'and registered matter with the exception of myself and
Mrs. C'��rk."
Evidently the rules of the department as laid down to Mr. Clark are of
��� free and easy " kind.
A csruival is advertized for Tuesday
next, the proceeds to lie devoted lo the
Indian Relief Fund.
Mr. D. Dean has left for Winnipeg
to pass his final examination for fireman.     We hope he will be successful.
Miss McMaster, who has filled the
arduous position of school teacher for
the past year, departed for the East
this week, leaving many friends in
Canmore whose best wishes follow her.
Mr. D W. Jamiesoii was the lucky
winner of the bedroom suite rallied st
Field .last week. The hoys are wondering what he\ will do .-.ith it as the
cthoose wont -.ccoinmodate it, without
some addition io its length,
'I    The Ban I h ckey teem c une down
. | lust S.i I in day   w.u  iiu i,j     -niliutir
_____ , t ��� bent the Canm ire boi-s.ai d thoy .' d
to the time of �� to 0.     It in only far
A touch of humor In a paragraph is   t0   .*,,, (Janmore boys to mention that
as enlivening as a dash of brandy in a tbey   were  seriously  handicapped by
glass of  soda.   An   Alabama  editor I ���'"����� absence of ih-lr cover point���Cal-
fired two bullets into un unwelcome I !-""���"���*   whose   place wns taken nt th
A Nut to Crack.
At the lute annual dinner of the Bos-
ton Press Club, F. H. Clubman, city
editor of the Record, submitted the
following happy combination of conundrum and answer : '-What is the
difference between us aud our esteemed
contemporaries? "We know news
when we see it, and thev seize news
when they know it." The newspaper
man who fails to appreciate this good-
natured thrust, hud better lay aside his
paste brush and give bis scissors a
New Goods are beginning to
arrive! Now being opened
A Pleasure to Behold
A PUBLIC MEETING of the Liberal
electors ot the district will be held on
t-taturday Evening. Feb S7th.
at 8 o'clock in tbo Queen's Hotel,,for the pur-'
pose of electing a committee to look after the
interestii of the Liberal party in the approaching Provincial campaign.
(t't'd Ly.)
���Alexander Bleak, Upstairi,
���"-iOI.DF.N, H.C.
Mines Loused, Ponded, I-ought, Developed
laid Opera ed.
Correspondence from Owners of Mining I'l-ojiortioH and I'sriies t-eeking
Mining Investments solicited.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE H08PITA1L is now open for tbe
admission nf patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dolltirji per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Seoretnrv.
A charming assortment
of Laces, Insertions, Edgings
Muslins, Etc., Etc.
Also a shipment of Trunks
Valises, Whips, Etc.       i
of the
best of
Do you want a piano P   If
so you will find that
MOTHER ORiBTI TiU��Y mUiUjd | , ^
^E^siiBb^^n^-^iTiie PiiGBMx oi London and eta lr.si.rar.ee Co s
i tas aba-valla., aa nott* �����
$1.00. ."-lidtail-aa-rUsa-Ta
4   +   +
caller, and in mentioning the occurrence referred to his vi tim as a double-
leaded article. When the latter learned what the editor had called him he
was so tickled that he wrote from the
hospital, enclosing a year's subscription Ib advance.
last minute by Alexander, a green
plover whose forte seems to lie grace-
fall.! falling down wheu he should be
on his feu. Bob Campbell a lleiiff
player had a severe fall just befcre
time wad called which made it necessary for him to leave the ice. No
bones were biokeu though lie was
| badly bruised.
HAIR^ft?S"SThe Confederation Life Association, Tcronto.
oai-Krtpi of fries. |L00i Aa��aa meman. j.    ��l.    j.
Mervous debility. 79 The Equitable Savings, Loan & Building Associa-
&Ki3&r        tion, Toronto.


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