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The Golden Era May 10, 1901

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Full Text

 jAilfiS HSKOfifiSON,
Builder & Contractor,
A .apply of Building Lime for Dole.
Plu. prepared.  Prompt attention glycate
OSes) In Upper Coliusbis Navigation aal
Tram -ay Company'. Handing,
Uolden, B. C..
/OL Xt.;,NO. J9
GOLDEN, BBrrraH Columbia, FRIDAY, MAY 10. 1901
$2 Per Year.
By the little we tell of it week by week. Not one in
fifty of the happenings here gets a wor*d in our advertisements; they change too quickly even for printing
presses, and maybe we don't talk about the thinpfs you
wish most to hear of.
We've told you below ot special valiws in curtains
and hinted at the unusual prices of other lines, but at
best they are suggestions only, taken at random." We
can do much better face to face.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, new style pattern,
bound all round, per pair ';.'.* 50
New design English Lace Curtains, 3J yards
long and full 50 inches Wide. $1.75 worth
of curtain value, per pair   1.00
Heavy effect Lace Curtains, 3J yds. by 60 in. i.2��
;    Swiss net effect Lace Curtains, with light RCf-oll
borders and small floral patterns, per pair. 1.50
Real Swiss Curtains, with ruffles on two sides,
;���--JJ6 grade���per pair...,.,..        .���*.......... 5.00
Tapestry Curtains in any desired color, 3i yds.
by60inches         3.00
ChenileCurtains in six coldrs.............;,.... 2.50
Double width washable Cre'onne.....	
Fast color Art Sateens ':	
Floral Pattern American Cretonne.;,'.'	
BoyarCloth Caps-plain navy er tweed	
Men'. Felt Bat*���black, grey or -brow..	
Boya' Bloui* suits. ........ ,^ .....
Girls' Tarns���Middy style  	
Loom bamastk Tablst litirtn.,,,-. -.	
sSerge Dims Goody 4�� inihes wide..,...,.,.
Fait dye pure cash mere hose for women . .*,
Fait black cotton boat, < pair..............
. .25
-Don't forget to l-$9k��Ve$ theBafgaiiiTables.
Genial Merchant - - Alexander Blo,ck.
��� SaiiiaJiiiV '     .  i J '.'!*.'
jnst "ifciaf in
A du-load of
GEO. GALE & Co's.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses AvA
     nt,  ������*���
General Merchant,  ���������" **���**" -,
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK ��*��%:,*.:
Season of 1901 .Opens April 2nd. ���'
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening-
Refjurning arrive at Golden Wednesday. a-fternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 1a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
Low rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information Apply to
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized. 98.500,000
Capfta.-puldlJi. g��,SOU,0<UO
Beat 1,7��-S,00<��
H. 8. Howiaud, PrnMsnt.
T. H. Merrill,        ���       Vioe-Pra.
Wai. Ramsay,     T. Sutherland Stayaor
Robert Jeffray, Ella. Rogers,
Wm. lleudrle.
IIbai. Oki'icki  TonoNTQ
0. K. Wilkie, Oeneral Mauler,
S. Hat, Inspector.
MANITOBA. N. W. T. and It. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Kdnwnlon,
Uolden,      N.laon,        Portage la Prairie,
Prince Albert,     Kevelstukc,     Strathce-ia.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Essex, Fergus, tialt, Hamilton, lugeru.ll,
Llstoml, Niagara Fall., Port Collsourn.
Rat Pontics, rtsult Ste. Marie, St.
Catbarit.es. Bt. Thorns., Torouto, Wsdlaod,
Wosvsstock, slid Mostreal, 'tne.
Agents in sKfe-at Britain:
iDstyd'a Bank, Ltd.,KI-onibm-d St., London
.with whom money may be depositesl lor
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
above branehea.
Agents. Iu CnitedBtateN:
SEW YORK-Bank of Montreal, BakkW
CHlllAOO-Firat National Bank.,
ST.PAUL-Second National Hankie.
SAN FRANCISCO-Wella, Farfo sic Ce.s
Agont* |a Sooth Africa.
Interest allowed on derjosits,
Pro.ln.isl, Municipal and otl.erdebenti.rsM
Available'at all points In t-'ariiulit, United
Kingdom, Uaitwl Ulstes.
J. S. Gibb, Mg-r., Golden Branch.
Harvey, McCarter a Plnkliam-,
Barrl.tVra, a.'t��U.r.. Ae.
Eevalshike, B.C.
Kort Steele, B.C.
R-sem. AlsKsrr-Uir BlockiGdtaen B. C.
The Only I.li'on.csl KotH at
aptlIIn.aol.one or UaIuuu....
Choice Wines, Liquors ** Cigars.
Free Pasture.
���Sood .Stabling;
Having completed arrange-
ments  for the purchase of
the Spillimachene House, the
undersigned solicits a share
of the public patronage	
Wm. J. BARrtV,
Propr etor.
Hiill Bros. & Co.
Wholeal. <t Retail
Otitis, Sheep aad Horse Dealers.
Jas. Beady, D.L8., & P.L.8.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E:
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
anntitl sssou-nent work, etc.   Address:
.  .  .  Tailor.
.   Golden, B.C,
Heath ��U. Klcktaar Bbrae Rivar,
Tne Staff
Bans*. Cakes, l*a��trj-,
.-...Wedding Cs-jkea....
Bread on Sale at 0. B. McDermot'*.
Joseph Phaneti����SKB'
President MoKinley deities the report
that he will not receive Oom Paul
Kruger. He say* h* ean reoeiv* Mr.
Kruger without nomproslng the Gov-
The complete rot s.rn* ol th* census
of  the   Comntoisweeltb of Australia
Cn    DiDCflU ��liow *"* incr**|***'" Wtat ion in a
. II. rAndUM, secretary, <l*��ade of cij Sjo.ooo.
From a Special Correspondent.
Victoria, B.C., May (.-Smith Curtis
sprung a trap on hi* erstwhile friend
aad leader In the House to-day and
Joteph wa* neatly caught, but the anr-
prieing part of it waa that Cnrtie had
���o little tnpport, only three members
voting with him on a resolution declaring (or Governmont construction of tha
Coaat-Kootenay railway. Whil* Curtis' more in forcing Msrtin to rote
againit a resolution ih lin* with hi*
platform of a year ago may be of ute
to him in future campaigns, should he
ever be pitted against Hlirtin, to-day
it had the effect ot driving wavering
Government supporters lack into the
rank* and making an effectual fight
against tho subsidy bill impossible,
and the latter measure will likely pass
by the same vote a* the the one which
defeated Curtis' resolution, 31 to 4.
with Curtis, Hawthornthwaite, E. C.
Smith and Gilraour againit it.
Friday waa evidently considered the
day for spring house-cleaning in parliament and the order paper waa nearly
cleaned off. Morning, afternoon and
night sittings were held nnd onlv SI
bills were left on the order papar. Most
of these will pass without further dis-
ctftfeion or be abandoned.
The Medical amendment bill was
given a biz months' hoist.
Martin's Champerty bill is practically defeated*.
The Fisheries iegulation bill, which
seeks to place the fisheries of the province under provincial control, was loft
iu the committee stage and may be
reached to-inoriow.
Helmckei.'s bill prohibiting Chinese
and Japanese froin registering ss voters, eveu when naturaliJied, pnsse.1 its
lirst reading. It may lis allowed to
The battle on the loan bill com
menced early to-day, when Oliver'
offered a resolution declaring tha* a
contract for"tits construction of the
Coast-Kootc.iay road should be offered
Xe House for'ratification at tbis session, instead ot calling sn extra session
ior that purpose, possibly mouths
hence, wheu a contract might bo agree,
upon. This resolution was ruled out
of order, as seeking to control Govern-
isi-iiit policy, as^iii making this ruling
s he Speaker foreshadowed tbe late of
lieluickeu's famous, resolution which
i.as hung bre so loug, should it ever bo
called up.
Bill alter bill cn the order papci* was
called up to-day until the loan bill was
reached, when Curtis opened the ball
for the Opposition, or rather what is
left of the Opposition. It took him
nearly two lloura to reiterate all that
he has said so many times before on
this question, and then he sprung bis
amsiudmettt calling for Government
construction in the form of a resolution. This was defeated, as told above,
but committed many doubtful members
to the support of the bill. Nothing
new waa offered during a rather warm
discussion, when Helmcken moved the
adjournment of the debate, td be resumed at to-nigbl's sitting.
The Government has offered several
amendments to tl.e bill which has satis-
tied their bolting supporters, in which
provision hae been made for the ratification ot conn-nets by tbe legislature
instead of by the Executive council,
and in a few minor points making the
meaaura more workable, and th* bill
wiil uow pats all but unanimously.
The bill is hot receiving this almost
unanimous aupport because it is considered perfect, but becauseit is thought
to be immeasurably tbe beat that oun
be done under the circumstance*, and
especially aince it transpires that the
opponents ot tbe bill, and those who
led in the out cry against it weie engaged in one of the mnst gigantic
charter raongering deal* ever attempted
In Canada, one which would have made
several men rieh, and oue or two millionaire*.
The game wa* this :
Hill wanted to secure a fuotn'oid in
thie province. Thi* ho could nol de
on the merits of any proportion' he
could make, a* his methods and liis
rate* will not bear'inveatigatloo. The
holder* ol the V, V. k E. charter h.iu
a franchise to sell to the highest bidder.
Tha C. P. R. did not car* to bliy as
tbey oould build at any time under a
charter of tbeir own. Hill wouldn't
nay the prioe, but the oity of Victoria,
province of British Columbia and the
Dominion of Canada would if the game
via* played without an error. A eare-
lul campaign wa* planned, a campaign
whiSb if sUccesful would enrich the
promoter* and would enable tbe Groat
Northern railway "company to milk
Southern Britieh Columbia as dry as
it ha* *oiu�� parts of Washington.
Idaho and Mnutana. Tiie promoter,
cared not for tbe latter phase ot the
question, they weie out for the "atul "
Taking their oue from the results of
the election- oi 18JO, theantl-C. P. R
and ansin.Oiiopoly cry would prove
popular and wculd wiii oat. So the-.
took l| up. Agent* were engaged,
public ajjHMaers, sps.lbinuers, to uss an
Au.e. Ispir* aatsjiii'on, were hired, newa*
papers wer* lidught. established or
subsidized ane) tliecsmpaijn wes opined, a catn{.Hi|(t> whsoh was* to arouse a
popular demand (or a competitive line
from, the Coast to Kootenay which
would not compete, by first creating a
feeling of hatred in the minds of the
people againat.'the C. P. R. j When
they thought this demand had become
Wrong enough .and that no Government could withstand it, the promoters
moved on the capitol with a demand
for a bonus for their line, no matter
what term* might be received from a
Canadian company. Their plan was
blocked right here and their campsign
brought to isaugh.t by the hard headed
business man, the premier, and the
promoters failed in their endeavor to
secure the $4.72&,00O in oity provincial and Dominion subsidies, ot which
tb*y were to resieive half when the
franohise was transferred to Jim Hill.
Tho situation now stands this way:
Hill wants lo build but will uot pay a
long prioe for a charter, the C. P. R
will not purchase, and the promotera
still have their charters.
j *m Va* s -*
Firs X,o..e..
Ottawa:, Msy ft.���Ottawa was visited by ariotlier serious fire yesterday
moruing. It started about 12:'id and
got pretty well Under control at 1:30
a.m. It took place In "Lower Town."
About a dozen houses on Clarence
���tr*et, west of Barrett's lane, were
burned to the ground. The fire extended right through the block to
Murray street. It was confined to
that area. The fire started in a blacksmith shop on Clarence street, Loss,
Lethbridge, Mayfl.��� The Lethbridge
foundry wss burned early yesterday
morning. It will be a total loss and
thore is no insurance. The burned
premises was one of the infant industries and was doing a good business.
APRIL r*p6sjit.
fe Divisi<i!t.
^eni'sSr I'iftll���1, Visiter  Houston J
S, Lanra Kenny ;��� 8. Helen Shaw.
Junior Fifth���Volet Pughe, Muriel
Miller, Emily Kenny.
Fourth ��� Melville Mcintosh,   Lila
Love, Loretto Uennessy.
Senior Third���John  Parson, Stanley Moodie, Lena Mcintosh.
Aitendsuoe iS.
T. J. Barkox, Principal.
II. Division.
Junior Second��� Julius Johnson, T.
Conner, Harold Tom.
Senior Second* Lawrenc* Dahlqueat,
Harry Moore, Budd Griffith.
Junl&r Third���Fanny Conner, Kktie
Kenuy, featie Pughe.
Intermediate Third��� Addie Antoya,
Edith Whisin.;, Bertie Robbins.
Attendants 24.
Clara li. MoiiTaouifsty.
III. Division.
I. Resder���George Woodland, Cbas.
Dahlquest. Robbie Miller.
II. Primer.���Gladstone Woodland,
Flortnoe Morgan, Irene Deacou.
Sr. I. Primef-P*arl Milligan, Tony
Desormeau, Nafinie Nicholson.
Jr. I.  Primer���Olive Milligan, Jas
Henderson, Winnie Deacon.
Tablet���Jennie Capelle, Willie Gove,
Eyelins Lowe.
Attendance 35.05
Ella K. Prikqle.
Mra W J Barry and child, S,,iiliraa-
chene; W H Dorman, Vancouver: F F
Macnaghten, Windermere; C R Dixon,
Calgary; F F Poole, Omaha; Mil Van
Valsenberg, Toronto; U H Robinson,
Jas Carson, , Calgary; P Campbell,
Beaver; Bert Yates, Golden; J Martin,'
Montrssl; HBMuckleston, Rereistoss.;
R J Hutching*, Calgary; Hou Chief
Jus'.lce McColl, New Westminster; (5
A Siewaft Potts, Victoria, D. Gavin,
Vancouver; Vt S Rnnsn Revilstok*;
J A Kirk. Peterboro; F Kilpatrick. F
Newman, Revelstoke. ���Columbia.
Queen'*���R Engbloom. Minneapolis;
Alex. L.imb, Palliser, D Jeukius,
Windermere; Jas Fitzpatrick, 0 D
Wilson, Neil Wilson, Blaeberry; i D
Fra��*r, Windermere; J Brady, Golden;
sj La Flaur, Goldeu; Archie Lamb.
Calgary; J C Green Athalmer; Thos F
Pirie, Galena, D Granger, Windermere; F Nickelson, Canyon Creek, B
McPl.ee, Golden; Ed Watkins and son,
Brisco; John Miller, Whitswater; J
Colmergou, Canterbury.
Kootenay -C Troyer assd wife Miss
L Troyer, Oxbuw, J La.veon, Field;
Jno Spafford, R Allan, Palliser; A
Ged lea, VV A Parkin, Field; C Ross,
Revelstoke; A Wellansler, Beaverfoot;
���Ho R'ir.y. W Johnsttsn, Carbonate; V
Anderson, Field; H 8 Hyile, B.l-tsn.ie;
E A (i.obs. Regiua; A Lauio, Suuth
Afris'.*; R Turnbull, Mountain Creek;*
J Moore, Besver; J Wooley, IMgs-iry.
Melbourne, May 9 ��� Tht'..tEiee' of
Cornwall   opened    parliament  today.
Thu ccvemui.-   wa. brilliant.
Groat Britain's I'r.mler Dylnr.
London, May 9 Lord Salisbury,
premier of Great Brliain, is dying ut
Beaulien, France, whore li. lis*d goo-
tor the benefit of his healt!-..
Hon. A- J* Buitour, Conservative
leader in the house of oouimpjis is st
present in consultation will. King EsJ-
w*rd privately, in regnnl it is thought
to the premiership. *flio Dukii of Dovon-
shire may be premier II he declines,
Hon. Mr. Balfour will, lie chosen.
There is no chance (ti-y.n. Jossrjsh
Ottawa, May 9.���Mr. John Charlsoc
occupiel the entire hour devoted tc
private bills, with a speech fn'opposition to the Maui'oba contract.. Th*
alieu labor act was then talteu up.
The premier intimated that outside d
the supplementaries aad perhaps railway subsidies, the Government had it*
more business to briug down.
Vancouver, May 9.���The railwdy loot
bill passed by 33 to 3 in the British
Columbia Legislature yesterday. Th*
opposition is demoralised. The seasfor.
will be concluded today.
-Fastloe Klna'. s*a.cs-..o' .
Ottawa, May 9.���Although the va*
cancy caused by tlse death of Justice
King, of rhe Supreme Court, is not
likely to be tilled for some time, th* ���
appointment, when made, will no
doubt go to tne Mariiime province*.
Hon, Mr. Emmerapn will likely figura
in one or otber of the moves wiiTc*
will be made itt connection with the
vacancy. If Mr. Ennnerson doe* not
get tl.e position himself it ie-jun
probable Ttrnt *fr Lonls Davies will,
and in that case Mr. Esnmerson would
become Minister of Marliis and Fisheries. Thoso who talk of the Co'jicitor-
Seneral becoming Minister of Justice
are not familiar with the political
situation, since tbis would mean the
retirement of Mr. Bernier from the
Cabinet, or the creating ot an extra
portfolio for Quebec, neither of wbioh
things are likely to happen. Thet* ire
���riiat'ters which see tiii llkeljr to eofn*
sip until alter the Session fidvei-.
Kltehaastr Review, tbe  Cos*. Ooleny
London, May 7.���Lord Kitchener's
first long review ot the South African
operations denting chiefly with tbe invasion of Cspe Colony and dated March
i", wus published in the Gaiette today.,
He says it has HeCi. hi* constant endeavor since taking over the command
to improve ffisa fortification -forks along
the lines t*f cb'inmuniention, thus reducing tbe guards, also evacuating the
garrisons remote from the railroad,
fhers-by obviating convoy and esi-*ort��*
He commandeered upward, of 2o,00C*
hoHcj ju C'aj,e Colony since December.
Lofil Kitchener favorably mention*
200. officers, noncommissioned officer*
am** men.
Lnrd Kitchener report* today the
japtore of another hundred Hoeri, oat
twel.e-pounder, one maxim and i ijtif?-
tisj* ot ammunition.
Ssf Alfred Milner, the British cora-
Tniselos.cr, addressed a niuli meeting
today, said there was abaolutaly aa
r-asl'n for lho anxiety felt in (-DE.*
qiiar'brs lest any change he introduced
in South Africa tbat -sonld in any way
weaken the Imperial polity. Such a
tbiisige wss impossible. Great Britain
hisd mat's up her mind and wojld carry
but the policy she bad laid down.
The D.iily Chronicle says that It
learn* thst tl.e health of Mrs. Botha,
wifeof Coinmnndant Botha, has com- .
pletely broken down owing to worry,
and constant journey* between ber
husband and Lord K itch' ner and tit at
ehe is about to sail f: on. 9elagoa Baj
to visit Mr. Ki-ugef and to appeal to
him to persuade' I;.- Eberifti. siirrei.dar.
The Chnrla-ts'ii mine at .lohanne*-
burg has heeil stse'swd again.
The mails', baggage and passtnifers,
have bueu itafely lauded [rum the!
wrecked Steamer Tanialloo Caetln,' It
is' loafed the .te.imcs- will hennme s*
total lo��s. as s lie is hard and fast on
tbsi rooks snd is humping and leaking.
������' -���  .
, The Siiiiwater prison commii.tee hast',
d'disled tn nssrnla Jim Yonnger and.
Cole, the celebrated Jame* gang ra.m-
...     .! i ASW THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C. MAY 10, 111 1
��Ite ��fltien (Bra.
Zo. V. CHAMnEHfi, - Editor and Publisher
Subscriptions 8-00 per yenr it. advance*
Advertising rated m.ult, kuowu on request.
FRIDAY, May 10. 1901.
There are some unscrupulous newspaper correspondents in this country
who, in order to advance certain interest*, are willing to lie and put a
false aspect on sffuirs it. connection
with  Ihe mining industries of B. C.
The Ciilgi.iv Herald recently |sub-
li.hod an ariicl. on the mining outlook
of B. C. thai ws. rank misrepresentation from start tn finish. Tl.e correspondent took advantage of a temporary thutdown bythe St. Eugene
Mining Co. of Moyio, to spread tlie
report that there was a gonorul collapse
of mining business in this province.
The St. Eugene Mining Co. have not
closed their mine for lack of business
but iu order to make some repairs to
the plant and after these are made
operations will continue as usual.
The ohjsict of these false reports aro to
try aud influence the Government at
Ottawa to grant' a bonus to the silver-
lead of the Slocan district. We think,
however, thut this end can be gained
without falsehood. If the silver-lead
industry really needs help from tbe
Government the bust way to accomplish the desired result is to tell the
truth and produce plain facts.
Another object which the circulators
of these false reports have in iiihul is
to iiidu.0 the Government of the province to take off the two per cent royally on refined oro. Notwithstanding
all that is being said against this tax
we still hold to the opinion that the
mining industry of B. C. is paying no
more, comparatively speaking, than
any oilier class in the community,
and we strongly ujibold the Government in levying this tax. Tho only
complaint we have ..gainst the Government iu this connection is that it
does uot go far enough. Natural resources should be taxed for the bened*.
of the people and we think tl.e Government might collect a larger share
of tuxes from speculators iu land. If
railway companies who get large grants
from tl.e Goverument were made to
pay a heavy tax on the land they hold
they would nut ue so keen to get it
aud it would be laden up by tax paying settlers. Here is a legitimate open
ing lor tbe Guvermne.it to raise additional taxes for suhool purposes, etc.,
without having to resort totho unpopular method of raising funds by
levying a |ioll tax.
Appellute Court for Kelaoii,
Viotoria, May 1.���Ou the report
stage of the supreme court bill, Houston moved that Nelson be substituted
for Vancouver ae the place for holding
sittings of the appellate court, and
was supported by Curtis und Green.
Tallow, Martin and McPhillips opposed.
Houston claimed that 41 per cent of
the cases that went to tbe court of
appeal originated in Kootenay, and
tbat if the court waa to be decentralized sittings should bo held where the
cases originated, and not in two places
so close together as Victoria and Vancouver.
Hawthornwaite, secindod by Oliver,
will .novo tomorrow that instead of
four sittings a year, tl.e appellate court
shall sit live times, and that one of
the sittings shall be at Nelson. Thi*
may carry. Tlie debate wus adjourned
on motion of McBride,
What The V. V. As E.Wnnts.
Victoria, May 1. -Tbere are no new
developments iu the railway situation.
The statements that come from Ottawa
na to what roads will be subsidised by
the Dominion, are taken as part of the
Hill plan campaign to coerce tlie Duns-
u.tiir Government in!,, voting a subsidy to the V V. &E.
The V. V. & E. crowd are fighting
for three points.
First���That no proposal from the
Cauailiun Pacific shall be considered
tor the Coast-to Kootenay railway subsidy.
Second -That the four per cent of
the gross earnings clause shall be
changed so that uuder no condition
shall the province get more than two
per cent on the amount of tbe subsidy
given, and tbat the interests shall be
only a second, and not a first charge,
on the revenue of the railways subsidized.
Third���That all agreements made
between the lieutenant-governor-in-
council and the ruilway companies
must be ratified by the legislature.
There was a little breeze in tbe legi*
lature recently over u suggestion that
tl.e E. ft N. laud might be donlared
subject to taxation. There is a good
deal of popular misconception in regard
to theso lauds. We suppose that a
good many people are under the impression that Mr. Dunsmuir or bis
father worked a scheme through the
house by which a large area of land
was exempted from taxation. Tbis is
quite opposed to tlie facts. The E. & N.
land grant was not promoted by either
Mr, Dunsmuir or any one on his behalf.
It was made il. pursuance uf un agree
ment between this province aud tl.e
Dominion, to which tiie railway com
pany wss not a party: To attempt to
vary the terms of the E. ft N. land
grunt here would be to alter, not a
contract made with the company, but
one between British Columbia and the
Dominion of Canada. The distinction
between such a jiusition anil that of a
contract between the provincial government, and a railway company is so
very broad that we can hardly think
Mr. Martin unaware of i>, and for this
reason we lie-ituto to give bim credit
(ur that extremely high conception of
principle which he snys influenced hi...
to resist nrussi.re brought upon him to
ux tl.e E. & N. land grant.���Colonist.
Tl.e latest report in connection with
, railway .nutters, is that Mr. Jss. J.
Hill, the IIrent Northern magnate,will
shortly U-i-.ums- a Director of tbe Canadian Pacific Railway Company, and
clos-s. relations be established between
the twu rusils, Tlie Canadian Pacific
Rsilwa.v is receiving a large share
af tl.e Great Nun hern's seabuard buai-
Tlte Colonist, evidently,, has not
ui.icb faith i�� the reliability of th*
census enumerators appuiuted .by the
Uovtsraiiis.nl lo correctly report tl.e
population ul Victoria, and suggest*
IIiu advisability of . 1.0 City Cuuuuil
m.ikiiij' a count.
The Ht. Eugene.
Iu view of the prominence given in
the press uf thu Dominion to the reported suspension uf the work on the
StEjgene mine in South East Kootenay the following from the Cranbrook
Herald of May 2nd will be read witb
As was expected. The St. Eugene
Mining company is steadily emj loyiug
more men, until iu a short time a full
force will bo employed, und tbe mine
be in full blast. For a short time
there was a shut down, only 40
or 50 men being employed, but iu a
few days the mill was opened up and
run iu the daytime. Last monday it
was decided to run the single shift in
the daytime and work the samo mou
half a night shift three nights a week.
The ore from the mill is being obtained
from the large dump below the Lake
Shore No. 1 tunnel. Tbua, although
Moyie may be comparatively quiet for
some time, in a few weeks .', is ex pec
ted that everything will be in full
swing and Moyie resume her place as
one uf the liveliest town* on tbe Crow's
Nest Pass railway
T* Oompeto With the O P B
'��� We expect to connect with Canadian line at boundary, and have connection with Rjpublic and Kettle River
districts in operation this fall.
"(Sgd.)      James J Hill."
The Spokane Spokesman Review
prints the foregoing despatch from the
president ot the Greut Northern Railway.
The message contains two important
pieces of information.
Ip tbe first place, it mean* that the
Groat Northern Railway, and through
it the Grand Trunk Railway, will
have a direct abort route to Vancouver
and freo access to tbe Canadian ooast
trade. Mr. Hill wiil utilise the
Spokane Falls ft Northern Railway
(already built) to the boundary, and
build thence to connect with the
eastern terminus of the projected
V., V. ft E. at Midway, B.C. The
latter road has a bonus from the B. C.
Government, and Mr. Hill, together
with Mackenzie ft Mann, control the
charter. The realizing of these plans
involvee active competition with tbe
C. P. R��� both for through and intermediate traffic.
Iu tlie second place, the message
means that Republic camp, iu which
a vast amount of Canadiau money is
iir/estesl, is this S'asou lo have a railway whioh will curry the ores of tl.e
oamp to (be Cauadiau smelters iti th*
Boundary country. Th* miues of th*
camp sard languishing for tho wuut of
access to the smellers.
Ottawa, May 6.-The death of Sen
ator Ross, ol Quebec, leaves two vacan
cies in the Senate, the other one being
caused by the death of Senator Almon,
of Halifax. The Conservative majority
after these vacanoiea have been filled,
will be reduced to nine, and three or
these are found frequently supporting
the Government.
If the Liberals would attend they
have now a sufficient number to out
vote their opponent*, because there ate
a number of Conservatives, who, on
account of failing health cannot attend.
Voting in the Senate ahow* that when
the Liberals reached 35 they would
virtually control the Upper Chamber,
Provlno*. of Alberta.
An Ottawa despatoh says it ia
understood that, as soon a* tbe figures
of the population in the preseut census
are available, the Government will
begin work on a bill for next session,
creating a new province, to be called
Alberta, and lying east of British
Columbia. What is now the Territory
of Assiuiboia will probably be incorporated with Manitoba.
JOE PUINTIXG our Specialty.
Chicago cigar makers Have united.
A $30,000 fire has occured at Daw
The St. Regis Indians are again
threatening trouble.
The Legislature of the Territories
opened at Regina on May 2.
Dominion official* are in Natal try
ing to improve trade relations.
All the big Atlantic steamship lines
will go into the Pierpont Morgan pool.
It is said there is friction between
Lord Salisbury and Lord Lansdowne.
The Powers have called upon China
to pay an indemnity of $273,000,000.
The Duke and Duchess ot Fife opened the Glasgow Exhibition on May 2,
It is expected that the Dominion
House of Commons will prorogue on or
about May 24.
Hon. Dr. J. J. Ross, senator and
ox-premier of Quebec, died on Thursday ef last week.
The Imperial Government intend td
make Halifax one of the greatest naval
stations iu the world.
The latest fad aiuung Eastern newspapers is tho printing of photographs
transmitted by telegraph.
The Premier is also pictured by the
Sun as not iu so good health ns recent
announcements have led the public to
Mr. Chas. White of Brantford, Ont..
died on April 30th as tbe result of
poisoning. Hi* wife, Josephine White,
has been arrested.
The busineu men of Nelson have
decided to keep Thuraday afternoon as
a half-holiday. Tbe rule went into
effect last week.
Tbere is talk of ctoting the mines in
Derbyshire, England, as a result of
tho Government'* proposal to put extra
duty ou coal.
J. C. Brown, M.P.P., of New Westminster, it is understood, is to be the
successor to Hon. J. H Turner, who
goes to London.
It is generally believed the Atikokan
iron range, near Fort, William, ha*
-been sold to the U. S. steel corporation
for $400,000. The buyer* will spend
a million dollar* at the lake port.
The Manitoba Railway Bill it now
before tbe Federal House. John Charlton characterized it as a "moat stupendous piece of tolly" and suggested that
it be referred baok to the Manitoba
The native* of tb* northern Province* of China arc in inch desperate
strait* through failure of orop* for two
seasons that they have taken to canni-
balism, after having devoured every
blade of graas in the distriot.
The V., V. ft E Railway has offered
the Government te build 30 miles at
this end and 30 milea at the other end
of tho Coast-Kootenay road thia summer, exclusive of Dominion subsidy, if
the Local Government will give $4000
per mile. '
s�� it**. (Asm mmm, for t*o*na*p*t*au.
fui.ik.n ���r asir acwetico Journal'   Two,., tl a
\tiui\iW-Fi*   L l^'-"if'-''"1i-"'*T
' Sraacts ODce., Ot t Bt*. WaihSJWtvD, D. C.
Poets have been
fond of likening
woman to a flower.
Ker fairness 1*
flowerlike. Her
sweetness suggests
the flower fragrance.
Her very fragility
finds its type again
in the frail flower, which languishes when
neglected, and la so eoHily destroyed. It
Is a pretty simile and almost as perfect aa
All women love flowers, aud every woman
who grows them knows tbat their health
depends on dally eare. Not alone are
water and sunshine necessary to tbe health
of the plant. Their leaves and roots must
be guarded from th. parasites which soon
destroy tbe flower's beauty and undermine
its life.
I f a woman would-eare for herself sa sh.
docs for her plants she would preaerw her
beauty and retain ber strength far beyond
the period wben the average woman, looks
old and feel, older than sbe looks,
Of woman's preservation nf her beauty
lies in tbe intelligent care of tbe womanly
health. So close ia tl.e relation between
the health of the delicate womanly oigans
and the health of the whole body, that
whenever the feminine tactions are deranged or disturbed the consequences sre
felt by every nerve tn the body. Severe
headache, backache, pain ih Ih. tide, ud
bearing-down pain, are Dome with by ao
many thousands of wotnea thst one who is
in sound health is a rare exception. Most
women would give anything to stasw how
to he cured. The way is very plain. Follow the palb nude by more than a half a
million women who hav. been perfectly
cured of womanly ills and weakness.
"I believe I owe my Mf. to .Dr. Merce'. "Savor-
Ite Prescription and ' rleaaa.it Pellets,'" aaya
Mn. Maria O. H.yiel. writing frosts Brookland,
ll. C ss*la yeara ago, nfter the birth ol one ol
asv children, I was left In a weak, run-siowu con-
stl'loa. ��|y hsMlth aeemed utterly gone. I asif.
It-red frost ner.ouaf.eu, female weakness, and
rheumatism, and I Buffered everything osse could
suffer frosn thetsecosssplalnta. ufe wns a burden.
1 doctored with three different physicians .ud
gist iso relief. I tried sseverat patent meslidne.,
all wilh the aarae result. I began to get worae,
and to asid to the complication. I aulfered terribly from constipation. I chanced to ace oue ol
your advertisements assd concluded to try the
above remedies. I commenced to take Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription and 'Pleasasst
Pellets' asid began to Improve right away, assd
continued improving and fulnssi*. la strength. I
cannot expreaa the relief, tt waa au great. Seven
mouth, later my little daughter was born without much trouble. 1 feel thut I wotstd never
have been able to endure* my confinement had
it not been for the help 1 received from Dr.
Pierce', medicines. My baby was a line, healthy
child, and the only one I have ever been able to
nurse. She is now two. yeara old aud I have
never had to take any snedscine siuce. ao I feel
that your medicine lias made a lasting cure
with sne. I owe ao much in tha net, it would be
itnpoaaible for me to express by -svord or pea
how thankful I ara to God aud Iir. Pierce.*
Than the elfect of Dr. Pierce'. I'avorlt*
Prcscrlptioa. It nuke, weak women strong,
sick women well. It regulates the periods,
stops disagreeable drains, heals Inflammation and ulceration, and cures female weakness, It prepares the wife for motherhood,
gives her vigor snd physical strength, so
that the birth hour is practically painless.
It Is the best of tonics because it contains
no alcohol, neither opium, cocaine, nor any
other narcotic. Por working women in the
home, store or schoolroom it Is an invaluable medicine. It qniet. the nerves, increases the appetite, and causes restful
and refreshing sleep. Nursing mothers
will find no tonic so beneficial to mother
and child as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip-
ti<"1'   WHAT SHALL tDO?
That question is often on awoman's lips,
for of her it is expected thst she shall ne
ready to de something In sny emergency
in the home. When thst question refers
to health, alckneaa or disease, the snswer
will be found in Dr. Pierce's Common
Sense Medical Adviser. This great work
contains 1008 laige pages, and is sent tree
on receipt of .tamp, to pay expense of
customs and nailing only. Send jt one-cent
stamps for tke book bound In paper or go
stamps for the volume in cloth binding.
Address Dr. It. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. T.
Between the ages of fifteen and forty-live,
the time wben womanhood begins nnd mother
hood end., it is estimated that the aggregate
term of woman's suffering Is ten year.. Ten
year, out of thirty I  One-third of the beat
fwrt of a woman's life sacrificed! Think of
he enormous loss of time I But time is not
sll that is lost. Those years of suffering steal
the bloom front the cheeks, the brightness
from tbe eyes, tbe fairness Irom tbe form.
They write their record in meny s crease-
and wrinkle, What a boon then to woman is
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It pro*
motes perfect regularity, dries up debilitating drains, heals ulceration, cures female
weakness, and eitabli.bet.the delicate womanly organs in vigorous and permanent
health, no other medicineeande for woman
wbat is doue by Dr. PiereeVFavorita Prescription.
London, May 8.���Tbe population ol
London, including the oity ol London
and twenty-eight metropolitan boroughs, the whole forming wbat ia
termed the adminis'rative oounty of
London, is now 4,536,03d. Tbi* I* an
increase ol 808,717 since the laat cen-
���u* In 1891.
Ottawa, May 2.-Hon. gr. Fielding
ba* given notice of a resolution to expend a aum not exoeeding $75,000, in
an> one year, for defreying the cost of
establishing a branoh of tha Royal
Mint in Canada.
A VETERAN'S STORY.-Oeorge Lewis,
Shams-skin, Pa��� writes: 'I am 80year.of.ge.
I have been troubled with Catarrh for SO
year., and in my time have used a great
many Catarrh cure., b..t never hsd any reliel
until I used Dr. Agnew's Catarrh Powdsar.
line box cured ne completely.'  *0 cent.,
Soldby R. W. Patu.ore.-S5
London, May 1.���The Sun today in
a double leaded item describe* Lord
Salisbury a. perturbed by certain revelations which the fiuuucial adviser of
Lotd Kitchener lias unearthed.
Townsite Of Golden.
11 .  . .   *
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north;
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fuct that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure th&
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE bow offered forms,
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further riso
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree,
ment for .sale signed by Townsite Trustera.
Plans may be Betn and prices and terms obtained on
application to
H. B. Alexander, Trustee. Sandon,
H. G. Parson. Merchant.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Oold, Silver-Lead and Copper Minea wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at onoe for Eastern investors.
Parties having mining property for aale a*e requested'to send samples of their
ere to the Exchange for exhibition..
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claim* iu
British Columbia.
Prospector* and mining men nre requested to make tlie Exchange* rheir headquarter* when in Nelson.
All (ample* ahould be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communication* t��
m,   .      ���   ���. ASTDBKW F. KOsHEXBKBfiKR
Telephone No. MM. P.O. Box ZD0. NELSON, B.C.
laportant Testimony Regarding Dr.
Clarke's Little Bed PIU..
To the Editor of the Goldm Era,
Dear Sir.���I deem it a dory 1 owe to
my fellow sufferers to add my testimony in favor of Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Little Bed Pilla. I was a victim
et rhuematism, and fnr many year*
was unable to move about. My atom-
ach waa alway* out of order, and nothing tbat I took gave me streisjrth or
power. After trying every known rem
edy, I noticed the advertisement of the
above pill*, aad concluded to* give
them a trial. Six boxe* made me almott a well man. My stomach assira-
ulatea food, and I bave hardly a pain
or an aohe. I only bene that my experience may be thb experience of others. Matthew B. Johnston, Lookport,
Wm. Snowden, tbe well known proprietor of the Snowden House, P*ter-
borough, aa.v a: I consider Dr. Clarke'*
Little Bed Pill* a niarvsl to m*dloin(.
They have no ecual.
Dr. Clarke'* Llttl* Bed PHI* ara a
positive and oartain our* for la grippe,
rheumatism, asthma.paralyaia, oatarrh
coxema, cough*, baekaohe, indigwtion,
ill Momaoh and liver trouble*, female
oomplainta even when the disease, bar*
been atanding (or many yean, the mo��t
stubborn caw* will yield. Prloe 50
cent* ptr box. For sale by local druggists. Dr. Clarke'e Sure Core {or
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cure
for Eczema, same prlos. HO will be
paid for any oae* thty will not permanently cure.
Missionaries  express   tbe  opinion
that a* toon a* troops ar* withdrawn
(rem China there will' be another
���langhter of foreigners.
One application gives relief. Dr Agnew's
Ointment is boon forltcbbig Piles, or Blind,
BIee.li.sir Piles. It mile-sea quickly end permanently, in akin eruption, it alluvia without a riv.il. Thousands of testimonials IT you
want evidence. 35 ceuts. Sold by, B.TK,
** There is a stampede to take up coal
land* in the Siiuilkstneen district and
Nicola Lake.   Thi* rush ia caused by
��hq prospect of a raU'w lu tha near
A Wousrerrur Invention.
Tbey oure dandruff, hair falling,
head-ache, etc, yet costs the *ame aa
an ordinary comb���Dr. Whites Electric
Comb. Tbe only patented Comb in
the-world. People, every where it ba*
been Introduced are wild with delight.
You simply camp your hair each day
and the oomb doe* ths rest. This
wonderful comb is simply unbreakable
and it made so that it it absolutely
impossible* to break or cut the hair.
Sold on a written guarantee to .give
tatiafaction in every respect. Send
stamp* (or on*. Ladies' eiae 60c.
Gents' tiie 35o. Live men and women
wanted! everywhere to. introduce thit
article. Sells on light. Agents are
wild with success. (See Want column
of thia paper.) Addru* D. N. Bote,
Gen. Mgr. Decatur, III.
Tbe Ferule Free Prase saysthat 8.J..
Eraanuels, agent for the Iflrw York:
Life -Bbst-uranoe company, returned to
town oo Wednesday ol laat *a**k,a(wr
a hurried trip to Sao Francisco, where-
he had been called la rrapona* to a
telegmm to the effect that hi* ion waa
dying from th* effeote of an operation
be wat undergoing tor appeftdloltll lu
that elty. The unexpected happened
and the* youg man is Improving after
having been given up by three dootore.
The operation wa* one of the most
difflonlt ones that physician* ever perform and it ie only one oat* in a thou-
eand when the patient recovers. Tba
abdomen waa opened and part o( tba
inteetinsM, which had mortified,; were
out out and the,' code joined together
again by .pliolng ihem. -'The physl-
dcian* aay the trouble wat cauasd by
bloycling. Tbey aay tbe cramped position assumed by blcyolc rider* 1* tb*
cause of A very large percentage of ap*
pendicles, , ' '' '
���oil Hun* Pineapple Tablet, iiirpduced a
new ere in the irs-jim��utofalo.s��<.H trouble..
It has proved that on* may est hi. Ml of aay-
tbltuicnrt everything he raltaaiea. and nae
tablet taken after, lb" meal wiU -U.tbe
���u-mMlTlnde-ag IU work. Mlu a **��'����..
Sold, by K. W. P*t��ofe,-s-M ii
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, Mat 10, Jit!
The Byit.m In.tltut.-d .Thro. Tear.
AC* Prove. Succ.fal.
The Provincial Government, always
anxious to give the residents and settler* in ont of tbe way places some ot
the advantages enjoyed by urbauitea,
baa been to great pain* and conilderable expense toexteud tbe travelling
library system founded some three
years ago, and there are now 24 lib
rariea of 100 volumea each now in circulation, from tbe West Coast of the
Island to the ISO-Mite House Cariboo
The system waa deaicned to place
within the reach of the reaidents of
(arming district* and mountain min
ing camps a tmall but choice library
at no expense to tbe reader, and it has
proved most successful. It it expected
that a further appropriation will be
made* by the legislature Ihis session
(or the purpose of increasing the number of and variety ot booka Intended
(or circulation.
So far but very few of the farming
communities and mining towns ef the
interior have taken advantage of tbe
opportunity offered by the Government
for securing* free publio library, and
it it the purpose of this article to call
thi* faot to theatteution of our'reuders
and to point out that the reaidents of
Golden should at once set about procuring one of these libraries, convinced at we are that il would prove of
great value to the community and a
source of pleasure and profit to our
E. O. S* Sohoulfisld. provincial Librarian, Victoria, has oharge of the
libraries, and to whom all communications on the subject should be ad
dressed. Twenty-live male residents
of any community may, after eleoting
,a truetee who will be held responsible
(or the books to the amount of $50,
make application for a oase of books.
These case* contain 100 volumes by
standard authors, and comprise works
on social and natural ecienoe, literutuie
hlitory,' biography and fiotion. Works
on technical subjects of interest to the
locality are also included.
Within two or three week* after the
application is made to tho Government
the case will be received'by the local
librarian, who Ib cho-wti by thi appll-
���cants. The case will Iss allowed to re*
inuin in theoi e locisliH' for six mouths,
when directions will he giveu for its
shipment to sown otlier |soisit, anil
another caso will be reueived in its
There is absolutely no charge for
the use of the books, ami the C. P. H
aver desirous of promoting the material
welfare and pleasure of the people living in the remoter parts of tho province
and realizing that transportation char-
1 ge�� in some cases might prevent their
taking advantage of this opportunity
to (eouie a public library, curries the
caa* of book* to aod from all poluta
on it* rail and steamboat lines free,
and It affording the Government every
(aoility al itt disposal in their efforts
towards making the system a success,
2 *m.*t'*** ��� 	
It Gav. HIM tlu Cluuse* to Avoid Uu
Iiu, Who Hod UusatsKl Him.
"The uiasi thrilling luowent I ever
had," remarked a man. In the lobby of a
hotel tbo other evening, "was during tbe
great western boom of 1888. Through my
agent. Seymour Green, I bad invested
about 180,000 In ranches near San Diego.
The return, on the- Investment were sent
sue regularly, and I supposed I bad tbe
nucleus of a fortune wbon something cams
up tbat made me suspicious.
"Iliad placed entlro oonfldeneo In Green
and decided to go out and see If I bad
mad* a mistake In so doing. He took me
to visit tbe ranches, snd I found to my
surprise tbat tbere weren't half a dozen
cattle on either ot tbem.
" -They're all back In tne brutb,' ln.lst-
ed Orcon pompoualy, 'but tbey ara ell tn
lino condition, nnd you have the two best
ranches In southern California.'
"However, I soon saw thst my 180,000
was invested In a scoundrel. I knew that
if I showed tbs lean algn ot suspecting
him ae would skip over tke border into
Mexico, and that would be the last of my
money. So I pretended to believe bim
and let bim take me to tbe station, supposedly to go back borne. Ho seemed particularly anxious to bave mo get out of
town and never left me tor a moment until we reached tbe depot I waited until,
bo was out of sight and then took a carriage to the hotel.
"The next morning we made nrrango-
roente for bis arrest In the afternoon, and
about 1 o'olook I deoided to tako a little
���troll. Tbere was only one man In town
that I knew must not see me, and tbat
was Green. Tbe obaaoea were small, as I
waa two wiles from bis bouse, and I took
"I didn't meet a pedestrian, but al the
sound of wheels looked up, and tbere was
Green driving right toward mel There
seemed no way of escape, and for tbe moment I was paralysed. Suddenly I noticed
that there was a large telegraph polo just
ahead of -me, and I saw that by retarding
my speed and gouging it according to his
I could move In suoh relation to the pole
tbat lt would obstruct bis lino of vision
end bide me. I never walked so carefully
In uy lifo, but It saved mo 880*000, for
two hours after wo arrested him and be
refunded the money. "���Detroit Freo Press.
���COMPANIES ACT, 1897."
I HEKEBV CERTIFY that "Tbe Golden
* and East Kootenay Trading Company,
Limited," bos this day been incorporated
under the "Companies' Act. 1897.'' at a
Limited Company, with a capital of seventy-
live thousand dollar., divided into seventy-
live thousand shares ot one dollar each.
Given under my baud and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, thi.
29th da; of April, due thousand tune hundred
and one.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The fbllosviog are the objects for which the
Company bas been incorporated :
(a) To buy, soil, manufacture, exchange
and deal iu groceries, provisions, produce,
consumable articles, dry goods, clothing,
boots, shoe., hardware, miners' supplies,
stationery, drugs, fruit, confectionery, wines,
liquors, cigars and other articles of oterchsn*
disc, as general merchant, aud otherwise 1st
wholesale and retsil) and as commission
merchants, or any other business which mty
be conveniently carried on iu respect of any
     which tbe Company f.
the objects for
in Urii
formed, at Goldeu, and auch place or places
'" itt.li Columbia ss the Company msy
rs.8pes.ial attention given to baggage of
Commercial men. Delivered to and from
station freeof charge.
RATES, fi per day. Sppecisl rates tor
regular boarder.. ���
Canadian Pacific Railway
Columbia River Lumber C��*
Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Cedar Sills, etc.,
 pjr Dimension a Specialty:.
-*f Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +>*
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.
Head Office, Golder|- -B.C.,
Tea T-.ee.and   Homelee. People la
. -luek.on ville
Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday,
May Srd, waa subjected to a terrible
���xperienoe by fire, which started about
noon. One hundred and forty-eight
block! were swept by lhe flames, and
to far aa known on Saturday seven
persons had loat their lives.
A report hat been circulated that
about SO people who were on the docks
were forced into the water and were
drowned. Thie ba* not been oon
Ik* Only Oa. of Use Caibler'. Pneaathm.
Sh*. Was Gvnlooked by the Verger,
In the course ef a lecture delivered recently on chemical test* used In discovering by tbe Ink the age of documents and
wbetbor there bare been interpolations
Professor C. A. Doremus told of e curious
discovery In tbo oase of a raised chock
uiade by his father, who Is an expert in
chemistry and in documents. Tbe Interests
Involved In tbis case wero very large, and
It wae not practicable lhat ths original
check should us tampered with or chemically treated. For purposes of testimony
sn enlarged photograph of tbe check was
taken by Dr. Doronius, wbo wss colled as
an expert. In tbe coso. The lirst trial resulted in no decision, and on the second
trial what purported to be the original
check was produced. It wos handed to tbe
cashier of tbe bank for Identification. He
examined It and said:
"Tbis Is not tbe original check."
"How do you know that?" demanded
tbe amazed lawyer. '
"Becauso In the bonding of Iho original
cbeok 1 picked a bolo in the center of each
of tho Vs' witb a pin," wss tbs reply.
"Tbis chock bos not theso holes."
In all otber respects tbe clicok seemed to
be Identical Tbo court called for Pr.
Doremus' idiotograph to he produced. It
plainly snowed tbe pin boles. Upon tbis
tbe lawyer for tbe defenso threw up hie
cose, and the guilty substltutor of tho false
check fled tbe country.���Now York Sun.
A Ohlnsae feast.
It may have been tbo privilege of some
ot you to bave Indulged tn all manner of
gorgoous feasts, to buve supped witb potentates, to bave eaten of tbe rarest dainties procurable, but I venture to state
tbat few bave partaken of viands tbe like
of wblob were laid before tbo prosant
writer at Peking.
Tbe dinner lusted for three hours. There
was no stillness In tbe feast, lt being quite
oourtoous, after you bad taken tbo birds'
nest soups and tbo shark fins, to toy with
chopsticks, offectan appetite and smoko In
direct, profuse British fashion while tbe
attendant, stood ever you waving peacock
You began witb cake, witb apricot kernels and watermelon seeds washed In salt
for a relish; tben came a group ot courses
���ham garnished with bamboo sprouts,
smoked duok aad cucumbers, plokled
chicken, shrimp, with leek., .plced sen*
Mge with celery, Ash with fir tree oonos
and .west pickle. After tbl. came peaches
In honey, pomegranates, water chestnut*,
fresh thorn apples and honey gold cake.
In my list of Ihe 70 courses I notice tbet
we were proffered birds' nest soup, rosst
duck, .hark Una, mushrooms with pigeon
eggs, baked white pigeons, lotus seeds,
ham la honey, a fat duok, perch, swoet-
think proper i
(b) To purcbjwe, lease, locate, or otherwise
acquire sny mineral claims, mineral land.,
mines und any real estate in British Columbia i to mine, work operate, and otherwise
deal witb any such claims, mines or mineral
lands in the ordinary way of mining operations and mining business; to nil, dispose
of, and deal in any ore, metal and mineral
substances resulting from or obtained in tbe
process of such mining, working, operating
or otkerwitse dealing with such mines, chums
or mineral lands:
(c) To purchase, take on lease or In exchange, or otherwise dispose of or deal wltn
any lands and buildings within tho Province
of Brituh Columbia, and to erect buildings
thereon, ss the Company may deem neces
sary or expedient:
(a) To borrow money and secure payment
thereof by mortgage of real or personal
property, or in any such manner as the com
pany may as o fit: .','*''���
(e) To draw, make, accept, indorse, discount, execute sad issue pronmaory notes,
bills of exchange, bills of lading, and other
negotiable ami transferable instruments i.
(f) To borrow or loan money upon bills of
exchange, promissory notes, or other negotiable or transferable instruments, bills of
lading, wa.shouae receipts, and agreements
or securities mentioned or provided tor in
tbe "Bank Act." or other obligations or
aecuriiies of tbe Company, and to mortgage
or pledge any or all ot the Company's assets,
income or uncalled capital for the uurpoae
of securing any such loan or advance.
Igj Toaeiland dispose of or otherwwedeal
Direct Route
to oil points
East and West..
with the assets, busbies., property, rights,
franchise and privileges ofthe Company, and
to take or acquire shares, debentures, stuck
 *-...*.Il1*. ..a' >���!�� r.*.    *r\   .....ulnsumnla with
Passengers booked to
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
For descriptive Pamphlets and all information apply to. nearest looal
A.G.P.A., Agent,
Vancouver. Golden, B.C
*. .**,.* .* ..*.*,*..���*. .....���..������. . --    .
or securities ol or in or to amalgamate witb,
purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, iu
whole or ui part, as partners or otherwise,
the proiserty or business ol any person, company, partuershipor business having objects
altogether or in part similar to those of tbe
Company t ...       .,
(b) To do. any or all ef the above things as
principals, agent., trustees or otherwise, snd
oy and through agents, trustees or otherwise,
and either aiouo or iu conjunction will,
otbeis: ,   ,   '���
(i) To do all suib tilings as are incidental
or conducive lo tbe attainment ot tbe above
objocts.  m"
CATARRH--"tne universal American Plague, meet*
its match in
No remedy of moctern times has worked such marvel*
lous cures, No remedy of modern times lias received so
great an array of Unsolicited testimony No treatment
can show so grand a volume of irrefutable evidence of"
merit. People everywhere have been quick to recognise*
its worth and place on record an unassailable verdict..
Goldon Is tho distributing point for the rich
Missing Divisions of Oolden and Winilei-
niere. Trains, mails, stage and boats ...rive
and stepsrt as follows i
C.P.R. frsisn East, 10.20, Dally.
"  West, 16KXI,    "
Stagesfrom Windermere, 16.-00, Friday.
HS.TDuchea. from Windermere, llitOO Wed*
useday aud Sunday.
C.P.R. gs-ing West, 10ft Daily.
"���      "     East, lsj-OI),    "
Stag, to Wiudersssore, 81OO, Sundays.
SS. Duchess to Windermere, 4-00, Tuosdsys
and Fridays.
Moils arrive aud depart from Goldeu Poat
Office a. below:
Arritve-From East 10:25 daily.
"    West 3:10  "
"    South 6-00  "
Depart-For West 10.00 ".
"   But   8-00 "
"   South MX- Saturdays; 18:30
Registered mall must be in 10 minute, before mails close.
Pacific standard time.
Bicycles !
Bicycles !
THE HON. DAVID MILLS, Minister of Justice for Canada, over his own signature, endorses it���to his added:
testimony of many of Canada's publio men who have
proved it.
Relieves Cold in the Head in 10 mines. Cures Catarrh
in all its stages and cures like magic. 50 cents. Sold by
IR W. Patmore. 2
Special Attentioa
Sewing Machines.
Kicking Horse Bridge.
bean curd I���Strand Magasluo.
��� meats, tbe .toniocb. of fat fish, pear. In
The path ol the flames wae thlrteei  honey, whale Unovis, wle. o�� pigeon feet,
.,   .       ,.       , j i���._���_n.. i���  lotus seed roup,sliced deg bulbs,-salted
blocks wltie and nearly two miles in .-..-Imps, prune Juice end almonds with
length. Practically all old Jsoksotv
ville wu destroyed, nothing having
been left bnt a le* suburbs and River-
aide, the most fashionable part of tbe
oity. It Is believed tbe fire is the
largest on record in proportion to the
, else of tbe town.
It Is estimated that 10,000 people
are homeless. Subecriptione are ponr
ing In from all point, north end west.
McKinley Caanet Receive Own Paul
'  London, May 6.-The Geneva cor-
. respondent of the Daily Mail assorts	
tbat Preeident McKinley has informed' *rt 1 ^Mjp^^rt^^^-s-r^
Mr. Kruger tbat he oannot receive bim
eitbei officially dr unofficially should
He Was.**.. Mm Waeteg Setting Oat.
Aa old ledy traveling ea the underground r.llway In London and Hading
' tbat tbe train wee approaching a station,
1 addressed hereelf to a man sitting In the
farther corner of tbe compartment, ber
only fellow passengw, and said.
"Would you tell me, dr, wbat- Is tb*
reply.      '
"Then would you mlssd, -dr, when we
arrive, opening tbe door end helping me
"With plsja-ure,*' wae tke oordUle-eent
"Tou tee," tbe old lady went on to explain, "I am well on in years end afflicted,
be vlelt tbe United States.
Cameron, the convict, who wa* sen-
teuced to six year*' iinprieonment for
burning tbe Columbia Hotel at Columbia, B.C., escaped from' the chain
gang and enjoyed liberty for two day..
He 'wil' reoaptured while crowing a
bridge to gain the ullway trash lead-
ing to th. States.
end when tbe porter esse me getting out
be .bout* 'Look alive, ma'am,' and give*
me a push from behind���end I've been
round tbe circle twice alre*dyl*'-Pe*r-
wn'e Weekly.
Applicant (to matrimonial agent)���
Can't yon ebow me tbe phbtograph of tbat
lady with 1100,000 wbo went* to get mar-
Agmt���On, now, wHb snob a dowry a*
thai you caa Imagine bow (be look, without a phoUj��--aph.���FHs.M��do Blatter.
Prekldcnt McKinley 1* in Texas.
King Edward may buy Patti'a Welsh
Mrs. H. S. Blake, of Toronto*, died
in London, Eng.
Col. Dennison and hi* scout* were
captured by tbe Boer*.
Jam** E. Sptague, a pioneer merchant ot Beglna, died of blood poisoning.
The "Mad Mullah" i* preparing to
raid Berbera a* soon as the British
A dootor is being prosecuted at Car*
berry for practicing medicine withont
a license.
Cameron and Heap'* warehouse and
valuable itock, at Rat Portage, were
oonsumed by tlte.
A shortage ot 180,000 I* reparted in
the fund* of tbe oity treasurer ol Colorado Springs, Col.
The British Government has deoided
to adopt the New Brunswick sohool
system ia Transvaal, ,
A oolouial conference on militia
matter* i* being brought before tbe
attention of the war office.
Alexronder McDonald, the king of
the Klondike, haa bad tbe honor of
having bestowed upon bim the order
of St. Gregory tbe Oreat by the Pope
In aokowledgmeat of  his  numtrous
gifts to th* Roman Catholic oburch in
Dawson,   says an exohange.     The
friend*  ol  the  big  generous   Nov*
Scotian are ooogratuluting bim on his
Well-deserved honor.,
can Bheuisiatis'. Cure atrikas tbe root of Ihe
ailment and strikes it quick. R. W. Wright,
10 Daniel sireet, Brockville, Out,, for twelve
years a great sutfsurer from Rheumatism
couldn't w-s.b bius��slf, lised hluuelf or dress
bill-self. 'After using .hi bott-e. was able, to
go to work, and aay.; 'I think pain bu left
me forever.' Sold by Ii, W. I'atuioru.-SO-
ACOWRT OP AS8IZJ, Nisi Prius, Oyer
an*Terminer and general Gaol Delivery will be holden in Ihe Court Home at
Uolden, sim Tuesday, the 14th day of May,
By Command.  *.	
3. pTprentice,
Provincial Secretary
t*. '������ mm*
Eleventh Year of Pubticatioa,.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
A, V* A A. M*.
Mountain, Lodge, No. 11. A. V. k
A. M. Kepnilar Communication,
second Monday in overy month.
Sotourning brothreu cordially halt. W. PATMORE, W. M.
CH.PARSON   Secretary.
Rooky Mountain Lodjre so. M meets in.
Oddfellows Hall, Golden, every Wednesday
at 8 ...in.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
C. PEAHCE N.G. 3 T. WOOD See.,
Examine our list and see if there is anything' you require
tn Job Printing.   WE PRINT r
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and 8rd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
S'inslay School at 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
tbe services.
C. r. Yates, Vioar.
' Service every'Sunday at 7:80 p.m.
��� Sunday School aud Bible Class at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir praotice every Thursday even*
at 7.
.   Rbv. V, M. Purdy, Pastor.
Servisw* every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m.,
Suuday'Sohuol ��t 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting oa Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Geo. J.IXXKY, Pastor.
shipping. T*ye��
Eider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ride and exhibit a sample 1901 model bicycle of ou?
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO ��50 A WEEK besides having w
wheel to ride for yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
'00 & '99 Models, Best Make, - - $7 to $12,
600 Second-Hand Wheels, taken In trade
by our Chicago ator.a, many ss good sa new   -   -   -    (JS tO $$'
Weshlisany bicycle ON APPROVAL to anyone WrTHOUIfA C'istf*
DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE 111 rt il/O Pl-DO Trial    Y��u lake absolutely.
and allow lUUiy!) rlCC   Uid!.   NO RKW in order..
ing from us, as you do not need to pay a cent if the bicycle doe-, uot suit yuu-
n*l nnt hllll * wneel u,ui' *von ""'"' -��'-*i,teii 'u cue FAST OAT PRICES
UU IIUI UUY .nd FREE TRIAL OEf ER. this liberal oirc bus astir
boen equalled and it is a guarauteoof the quality of our wbeils.
-   WE WANr a reliable ps-rsou in each town to,sliscrikute o*ialofen64 for 0*
iii exchange for a bicycle.   Write tusiuy for free catalogue aud Our special o8.tr
,     -v* *
(Successor to S. Iludon.)
Hai-ness and Sad*.llos made to order and repaired.
Pack Saddles and Paak cjtvapa made and repaired.
Trunks and Valises repaired.
Leather Straps of all kinds made to order and repaired.
Boots and Shoes repaired.
Ail W-trk Jane Neatly Cheaply nnd Promptly
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
South Side of Kicking Horse Bridge.
Alexander ^
S  SS-J9
sMs^i^VSJ.W/i'J Vs./S>/��/��!/�� 'j.S/'Vsll'stV'iS ��5
'iTown and District.?*
*i *   * *
R. W. Patmore has a new ad in the
parser ibis week.   Rossi it.
R*?v. Mr. llorsl, of Field, preached
in the Presbyterian church bere last
Sinday in the absence ol Rey. Mr.
0. R. IV Kinney, II. A., of Golden,
wae recommended as a probationer for
the ��.i nisi ry,  al tho financial district
meeting livid at Kamloops last week.
In a lesser receivesl from Rev. W. G.
Wright, formerly stationed at Golden,
be asks io be remembered  to all his
friends in .his siistrict.    Mr. Wright's
a Idrsss is Newcastle, Durham, Co. Ont.
Mr. McMillan ot the Ilig Store left
on Tii-'sday for \Visisieriunre.    He will
visit alt itis- towns  in that  siistrict iu
Use interests ot tbo  linn, returning on
R. Kenny ha�� gone tor a short visi t
to she Sinclair Hot Sprint:*. Hulph'.
health has not been of lhe best lately
and he hopes to benefit by a tteatment
at th. 8|irings.
Tiesttent'io'i of the authorities is
cslli'l to the c.onilltioii of tho cribwork
on the touth pier of the lower bridgo
ai'ris. the Kicking Horse. Prompt
s'ssi'jtiori may save a large expense
Rnv. Mr. Kinney of Golden occupied
tl.e pulpit ot the Pressbyts.ri.tn church,
JLtiiilsiopli, on Snndsiy morning last.
and the Methodist, pulpit in tho even
iiu. Mr. Kinney will lie in Kamloops
next Sunday also.
The eni:*K<sineiit hss been made public of Miss E. McDonald, who hud
u'lsr-te ot ll,e P-.erboro public school
. list wis.ter, to R. R. llri.ee Mii.iup
Ei.-tii.s-er of that-town. The Ers joins
in c,>nirratulntioiiH.
BiiltfB Pore.nasi McGrei/or of the C.
P R. hae rswsiived orders to go to
Imsicboil to ptit in cribs to pro.net
th* iine in rase of high water. Why
i�� it shat nothing ot the sort it tains;
duns* tor the protection ot the town ?
Mr. J. H.wlernon went to Donald ir
superintend the work of taking dowts
the manse there recently purchased by
Mr. RoShin*. Wben the building hss
l.s'B.1 Srec'esl hero Mr. Robbins will
hnve one ot the. best residences in the
ts.wn as the tnaii��u" is (.radically a
i.s"v building ami i.i in splendid condition.
The msnv friends ot Rsiv, J. C.
Hnrdmssn ot Calgary will tse pleased ;o
li-Hrn lhat the degree of I). D. hss been
sioisfs-srrwl on him br Knox College,
T'srniuo. Rnv Mr. HrMiuan has been
iinsp-srini; ni nisiis.lt iu Ibe interests ot
she Preshs'terisn Church and well d<-
�����".'���! this recuguiiitm of his labors.
Mr. P. M. Barret who bn* been in
tliu emulny of tin1 Lumber Company
lor the. |s����t y.ar. anil who Is well-
known as an expert harnoss maker, has
bought out Mr. Hudon, and is soliciting
the leather repair trade ot Golden. Mr.
Barrett is a young man wilh lots of
push and will uo doubt make a success
of his new venture.
A re-orgiiiisation of the hot.*!, in
t wn took plac. last .week, Mr. Win.
McNeish who has built up the Columbia H'liw t j its |sre-nii' hiuh *ia.idnril
ha. sold it to J. G. Ullcvk, who in
lifn has dispoised of the Kooieussy
House to Messrs. Whiting k Roger*.
Geo. Siisolnir, who has been with Mr.
Ui|ock for some lime p.ist. as bartender
hst* arranged to continue the Russell
U-iuao, Tbe Eka hopes that tbree
c'ssaisgee will p. oHi ��J1 concerned.
An sccislent oiavnei on Sn.i'lay even*
inn whioh iniirl.t naVn been very serious
Thst horse P. J. McAlpin'e. aceo.npMii.-tl
by a-friend, wa*drivingitutnblud whil,.
coining down the hill south ot Vachoi.'a
���louKh,,��nd falling on the shall* broke
then auo overturned the buggv throw
lug both oocsipam* out. Tliey wer-
driggsasl (or a. cousidanable diaian .;
un ler tlwovstrturus-d rig bul toi tu..atel,
���.ca-wU vtitl. a (esv ssuratcliu*. T���e
hur�� rs-ceivKl several un.-.y cuts and
ine bsigtfy ,vas a complete wreck.
Mrs. H. G. Parson and family left
on Monday for a visit to the coaat.
Mrs. R. Allan and daughter of Palliser came in on Wednesdry'i train for
a visit to the Goldeu stores.
Mr. Hutchings, the well known
leather manufacturer of Calgary, was
in town on Wednesday in the interests
of hiB firm, the Oreat West Saddlery
Chief Justice McColl arrived on
Wednesday's No 2, having got through
with the work on bis circuit a few
days sooner than be anticipated. He
will open the Assizes here on Tuesday.
Tht Purser ot the Duchess informs
us that ever 40 pass -utters will le
brought dowu on Sunday's trip, this
larger passenger list .wine due to the
number having to attend the sittiug of
the Court next week.
Dr. Taylor was called to Palliser on
Wednesday to attend Geo. Wells who
had a severe attack of inflammation of
the throat. We are glud to loam that
Mr. Wells is considerably better.
Bedding-out plants now ready for
the flower antl vegetable gardes ut
Henry's Nurseries and Greenhouses
Vancouver, B. C. jl
Mr. A. Lamb, wbo enlisted in Strath-
coriiVs Horse has   returned to town
looking none the worse for his experiences.    He came through tho campaign
without    a   scratch   though he had
numerous close calls.    His  troop wns
scouting ahead of the main column one
day and were surprised by having a
Ijdlite shell dropped among them by
she British troops iu the rear who mistook them for Boers.   It the shell had
not been detective none of the troop
would have escaped, a. it wn., one man
wits temporarily  put out of action by
the explosion.   Archie Was within a
tew feet ot the shell when it burst am)
says l.e was sickened by tl.e tunes of
the lyddite.   On returning to the main
column at night the   Strathcouas had
an interview with the battery but the
language used is not suited for publication.   Mr. Lamb sjiont sometime at
his home near Orangeville and while
there was presented with a handsome
gjld watch witb chain.   The watch ie
suitably engraved and will be treasured
by the owner.
The Era has received a copv of tbo
Silent Echo a bi-monthly paper published at th* Institute of the Deaf aod
Dumb of Winnipeg. In it is the following note which ia ot special interest to
residents ot   the province:   Through
the liberality ol the Governments ol
British Colmnhia and the North West
Territories a free education is granted
to nil deaf children from lhat province
and  the   Territories.   Arrangement*
have been made whereby these children
tre received upon the same terina as
those living in Manitoba, whioh in*
eludes, i. e., free tutition, board, lodging  and    medical  attendance.    The
Prinuipal will be glad to anewrr all
[eusiuirisu for information as to method*
of  obtaining admission,  etc.   Those
living in British Columbia should apply   to  Alexander Robinson,    Esq.,
Superintendent of Public Instruction,
Victoria, and those in the Territories to
Hon.   P. W. C.  Haultsin, Regina, Ni
' 'Where Can I Get a Good Cigar?
Is full of Business���in fact, we Lave a little mere
than we can handle just now. Customers, Low*
ever, wait patiently their turn to purchast tke
Bargains now offering.
Hark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town
You Can Get 1, 2, or 3
**,     ���   u *��     \a>zr\ r\r\r\   forty thousand dol-
For a Quarter, andThe Best 111 TWn foi fa Money.| $40,000.   LARS WORTH OF GOODS
Drugs, Stationery. Confectionery and Sundries.
the stock of
Hats and Caps.
Gents' Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
jUp-to-DatePantings, at
J. 0 TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection will pay you.
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods iii the
next 60 Days. We are now in the *Mhg line and ie
not intend to let anyone undersell lis.
Prices Right.
Palliser Pabulum.
-     Fe.tbalt.
A Club has been formed among the
Juniors  sf  Golden   which has beeu
named the  Victorias.    Arrangements
have been made tor a game with Revel-
aioke on May Beth.   As ibt.boys have
to provide themselves with unitursus
a..d pay their owu travelling expenses
lo Revelttoke it haa tseen deoided to
ask the public to assis' ,utid Bert Hasina,
Lous Oould and Harry Pughe, area
committee to soliet subscriptions.   It
is to ue hoped that erery eucourage-
inunt saHi be given to ilie boys.
,    Tiie team will prohnhly be composed
i ol she lollowin-: players :
Gaol   R Kcssi.y,
R.uk��   R. Ustniiis, 0 S.aiTer.
Hall Hsnks-A. Mssrgsn,  A. Wood-
end. E. 8s.ths>rlisnd.
i"urward*-R 'Hanna, W. Pugls*.
M Ms'InisMh, I.. Oould (Capt), H
l'rom Our Owu Correspondent.
Ps.llis.-r. May 8.���How cold and
backward the spring is���not a wild
flower nor a leaf to be seen, not even a
sprig of epriug poetry, whioh usually
abounds at thia time ot the year in tbe
verdant newspaper. The robin* came
two weeks ago but sing they will not.
Tbeir throats must be sore from the
piercing blast. "He tempera the wind
to the shorn lamb," might well be ap
plied to our homeless feathered friends*.
Alex. McLachlan, a mill foreman,
has gone to Oolden hospital stricken
wilh the grip.
It the writer of " The Chinese Commission," in the last issue ot tbe E��A,
had referred to the gambling and opium
vices practised by ihe Orientals he
would have thrown a bone at it whioh
would have borne considerable picking.
A Jap onoe told your correspondent
that "bossy man" would employ only
those who gambled with him and he
was a crackajack at holding (our
aces. Sines, the adveut of tbe Oriental,
opium hus made many while slave*,
rich and poor, to it* seductive charm*.
The C.P R. bring* them to B. 0. (br
abour half what it costs to go baok,
which is good enough proof thst ths
company does not want to be rid ot
A number of engagements havs
formed the topic ol considerable social
gossip. Tbe marriage crop promise*
the largest yield (pr soma yeare In Pal-
liter. Names will be given as development work progresses. ,
Joseph Edmonds went to Oolden
hospital, Saturday last; in a critical
condition. Poor Jos has. had no less
then six surgioul operations, in one ol
Which he had a rib taken away by Dr.
Taylor Ossification of abdominal
ligaments i* said to be the trouble.
Log-driving in the, Kipklng Horae 1*
delayed through fear* ot extreme high
water when the warm weather arrives.
Dr. Taylor made professional call* on
With ths consent of. the mill manager, it is proposed to establish a
[.library for the beusjftt of Hie employees
Contribution* of reading matter thankfully aeknowls-dged. ��� H . .
A musical treat was alven the other*
evening in the Hotel d�� Bunk In whioh
it was surprising th* aihount of talent
it brought out. ' J minis. To.ou made
his debut in the song, "He Fell in the
Action." Geo. Deane gave "Let He
OS Ht Buffalo," and Jack McMullen
sang "Love in a Tunnel," very acceptably. Stump spesohes and instrumental music helped to swell a very
long programme. Next* week a dance
will be given in the Ram Pasture by
some swell gents, to which all are
cordially invited
Rev. Boyd, of Field, was at Palliser
laat week.
Quite a (ew persons here are taking
tbe pitch or tar cure tor lung trouble.
It has been highly recommended by
one of the old Dukes ol Buocls-ugh.
This remedy ia eimple and consists iu
taking toothpicks of various sixes, but
preferably   2x18x24, (all bl sap, in
both hands and laying them in piles
(or ten hour* eaoh day and as many
week* a* the patient can (tend it. The
smell ol the pitch Is very healing and
appetising and it is remarkable how
qulcklv a hobo will take on muscle
and flesh,  when hi gets his skin lull
of the A 1 grub for whioh Palliser Is
famous.   Men are coming here every
day via the cattle coach, box oar and
blind baggage route* lor the treatment
The man Wright who arrived her*
on a tte pa** tome week* ago bs* been
| located  by tbs Pinkerton   Detective
agency of Chicago.   Htis wanted In
connection witb a bank explosion and
.ths subsequent mysterious disappear*
[ance of tl.e prettiest  Spanish girl ia
the town of Chehualtepeo, Mexico, in
the early '90s.   While In Mexico he
wss so  satnated with  vodkha  tnd
other strong booze tbat a rattlesnake
bite whioh be received did not fie on
him, bn the contrary the tnnke died a
slow death in "two. day* afterwards.
Wright was vice-president add treasurer of a oottsollsiated total abstinence
association in Tombstons. Arir*. both*
fell (rom grace with the (und*.   Est it
known to the police ae an ail round
i crook and heavy s! usher.   His ugele..
and chequered  career seem, now to
about olose In the "pen'' 11 not on the
Tbe Palliser mill is shippings* high
as 4 and 5 ears lu ft day. nearly ��H of
which it finish*! lnmber. Tbt mHl It
a veritable hive ol Industry. There le
th. bute suAth. beee.ftr* teenfliltlui
about In 'the most fantastic shape*
witb thiir load* of "hon*y"  (lumbtr.)
Look at these SNAPS   .   *   *   ,
2,000   TINS Best Obndensed Milk, only 5c. per tifi.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tohlatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 It*.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser ot
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Teas a beautifal
present free.   We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices'.
We have positively the finest and best seiected'steuk
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest*
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .'���'������
Taken in exchange for G-eods.   CASH i�� the onlf
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
Q. B. fllcDEHWOTt
Oolden, i3.Gi
Worms in Children
Some children are alraeat comtteutly. trouble, with worm.
��� '   ���- *-* *-*-*,   .--- A- 1.-.. tii**. .l-ra-M -.hai ��� _
Bome cnuaren are aisaaa.. go,*.,m.���j m-jww. ......  **..**..
annoying to Ihe mother., whe do not know always what
little one..  We wbh to call your attention to Otty. Wsjnn .row
They are very effective in ridding the/hltdrsn of woTbis.  lata
know of no caw where they have failed te MbJg sstiifactpry result..
Stop a Cough
the first day. Pneumonia is liable tp set in if you let it ran. Bepidee
Mughlug dUturb. you and everybody else*. The aoeasr It Is brown up
tbe better ibr your health and co-nfcri.
35-50 Cough Cure
will break up almoat any cold or crag,
dren as well u irrown folk..  It hu
tamer, than  v ���- *"-"
also sell the.	
. we do not happen
in as well as Brown lolks. it na. neu nsim .***. ***** ��� ���
ten than any other couith remedy. Price Ibe. Large else 60c. We
) Mil the reliabl-i "Patent Cough Remedl*.* when celled for, Anytbla*-
do net happen to have In stock at tbe time we will gladly get for -feu
Let ns fill yonr Doctor's PTMerlptioni.
in ol* night.  If. good for PWt
JOB PBINTDIG our Spselftlir-
A despatch (rom Calgary to tht
Winnipeg Free Press s��y��l Mr, Petsr
McCarthy, K.O., is said to bt dying.
He is dangeroualy ill with ��li enlarged
brain. Dr. McKidd, who i* in attend-
ance, called In Dr. Brett, of Banff, In
consultation, but he was unable to do
P, MoCarthy, K.C., who has been
strlously unwell tor the past week, 1*
ittadlly improving, and hi. friend, are
looking (or bim to be around shortly.
The paragraph which appeared In tht
lateat issue' of the Free Press with
regard to his condition it absolutely
without foundation.-Calgary Herald.
' ���: '������eh- ���
London, May 7-It It stftttd on ex-
otlltnt autherity that gnat friction
.xlsis btttNiiii Lort Roberts and Jobn
Broderlok, aeoreury of ttatt (or war,
to such an extent that .Lord Robert',
reign at commander-ln-cblet, may ter
minate vtrjr suddenly.
WANT-BD-rtadlta and gentlemen te
Introduce the "hotittt*' ttlltr ��u earth; /
Dr. Whltt't tltotrio Comb, Htstntsd ,
1899.   Agents art   coining   money!
Cures all   (oral ol scalp  ailment?,   i
headaches, etc., yet cost, the tMsf-ft
an ordinary comb. Send Wo In *WW
(or ttm.pl*.   D. K. Ross, Gen. MSS','
Deelitili-. III.      ��� ,. pV.T. j
C. P. R. stock toothed lift on the
Ntw fork and Montreal stock gg-*
obangee.    It Is believed tbat *T(r�� SOU
hat lott hit grip on tht N. P. and it
now buying C, P. U. sham.   Sir W.-
0. Van Horn* hat madt a statement.
-*���--������- ������aval and sdverlbefer oMesMb-
etMild snancial .taadiag.   g3-.
cash.  No c
IAN* 8T0OT.-George
�����-�������*������ ten   ttma mm*m_m*
sad ���ipense.Ldl parable In
*****  ��v -jsaveatlag t**li*tjrem. ,Ojrt ,nr
Ski^ **"*'m^
*""- ���"���


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