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The Golden Era Sep 29, 1894

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VOL. IV.   NO. 8
$2 Per Year
CftaMes R. Cttaftren's.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup*: lied on
Golden, nn lho main lino of tlie t'niiiidiiin
I'acilic li'ailtv.'ty. nt its connection witb the
Hteuiiibnut navigation of the Columbia river ;
tbo ininitral iintl commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia* headquarters of lb - Guillen Smelting works, tho Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., ami lumber industry; the
outlet for (lie widely known and far
filmed iigriiniltiu'iil nud it-i-iizinc hind of the
Columbia A Knot-may Valleys; uiiriviillod
for scenery of nil kinds; llie distributing
puiut for tbe richest mineral country on tho
Whole**.le nnd
It etui I Druggist
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors arid Cigars.
Wm. JVfeJNleish, ~ Prop.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   AVritc us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Champion Suorer." Should Miss
Johnson and Mr. Smlly ever return
to Golden they will be sure of a hearty
In Boots and Shoes at tho Big* Store.
For next week will give you
Boots & Shoes
���: AT:���
Your Own Prices.
See our Bargain Tables!
Boots at Cost. Boots at Half Price and
Boots at Less than Half Price.
Men's Heavy Shoes,old price $2.00 now $1.00
Ladies' house slippers from 3 5cents per pair.
Boys' Shoes at Half Price.
Girls' Shoes at Half Price.
Come Early and get Your Boots �� Shoes for
Future Wear before the Sizes are Broken.
CARLIN and LAKE,   .���'   GOLDEN, B.C
it              it              it
a             ii             ti
a             it             a
Men's Fine Shoes
ti        a        a
it                et                 ii
Ladies' "        "
i<     ii        ti
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from the undersigned or any member of tlie
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
For tbe best, bread, cakes and pies,
go to the Bon Ton Bakery.
Mr. Jack Wallinger left last Saturday for England, where lie will spend
the winter,
A new butcher shop has been opened
up in McCully's old stand, Messrs.
White & Shields, proprietors.
Mr. and Mrs. Erickson of Field, nnd
Mr. and Mrs. George Manuel of Donald, were visitors this week.
Fresh oysters jnst arrived at the
Muple Leaf Restaurant.
Mrs. Milner of Calgary spent n
couple of days here this week supplying the Indies with fall millinery uud
fancy goods.
The members of the Gun Club have
been out practicing again this week.
The Inst report shows a slight improvement.
Shirts and underwear made to order
at Mrs. Reeder's; Bon Ton Bakery.
Tbe dance on Thursday evening
passed off pleasantly. Until further
notice the dance will be a weeklj
affair���Thursday evenings in the Hall
at 9 o'clock.
Mr. 8. Edwards, inspector of
telegraph line, Winnipeg, and Mr. J.
Grieison, line repairer of Calgary,
were iii town this week inspecting the
wires in this division.
"Light," a Vancouver publication,
has changed its name and will henceforth be known as "The Maiulander."
It will devote special attention to the
needs aud interests of the mainland oi
British Columbia.
A petition to Col. tbe Hon. James
Baker, asking for the appointment of a
constable and jailer for Golden is being
circulated this week. Owing to the
rapid increase in the population during
the past few months the citizens have
come to the conclusion that one constable is not enough for the town. At
a public meeting of the citizens beta
on the ilOth April last, to lay before
our hon. member, Col. Baker, the
wants of the district, the above was
one of the " wants" pointed out to the
Col. He told us that it wus too late
to do anything this year as the appropriations for constables and jailers had
already been made, but promised to
give his attention to the matter at the
next session. As it is rumored that
an early session of the Legislature
will be held in November, tbe petition
will act as a gentle reminder to the
Col, of his promise.
Wanthd.���Active, Honest, Gentleman or Lady to travel, representing established, reliable house. Salary
$65 monthly and traveling expenses,
' with increase, if suited. Encloce references and self addressed stamped
317 Omaha Building, Chicago.
J. C. Plummer, Plasterer,
is prepared to do all kinds of
Plain & Ornamental Plastering,
at shortest notice. Terms reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
References furnished if desired.  Address t
J. C. I'LUMMER, Golden, B.C.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned, and rn orsiil "Tender fur ('out
Office, Victoria, B.C., will bo received at tins
offico until Friday, llltlt October, I8K4, for the
several wi.rks required in the erection ut a
1'ost Office nt Victoria, B.C.
i'liins ulid spei'iliciiti.iiw cun bo seen at the
llupj.rtiiiuiit nf Public Works, Otti.wa, uud at
the office of K. C Humble, Est-., Resident
Engineer, Victoria. II.C.uiiil lenders will
not lie considered imli-ss matte on the form
supplied and signed by tho actual signature
of teutlc- urs.
An accepted bunk rlioqne, parable to tlio
order ot' tbo Aliuistor of Public ll orks, equal
to 5 per cent of aniutiitl of tender, must accompany e u-b louder. This cheque will lie forfeited it the party decliiiu the contract, or
tail to I'tiiiiplota tbe work contracted lur, ami
will Ih> returned in i-iisti of noii-iu'coptuiure of
The Department doos not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order,
E. F. ROY,
Department of Public Work, I
Ottawa, 6th, Sept.. WU.    ,
Uolilt-n Hospital Society.
From 9:'!0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii       7     ii   ������  g   ..
Sunday from  10 a.m. to  12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p in.
From 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday ami Saturday.
By Ouui-it.
A raffle for a shot gun took place iu
tlie Columbia House on Tuesday night.
Chas. Nelson wus the lucky winner,
but sold the gun to Manuel Dainard
for $10. Manuel is to be congratulated
on his bargain.
Oysters in every style, at all hours
of the day or night at the Maple Leaf
Restaurant, F. Fields, proprietor.
Tho Winnipeg Saturday Night of
September 22nd contains a description
of onr flourishing town along with
a picture of dipt. Armstrong, the
pioneer navigator of tlie Upper Coluin
bin, aud u scene at Murphy & Pogue's
logging camp. It also contains a
description of tbe Columbia Valley,
Banff National Park, Anthracite, and
the various towns on the line between
here and Revelstoke, the supply point
for West Kootonay.
The Johnson-Smily concert last
Saturday night was largely attended.
Miss E. Pauline Johnson as an elocutionist is hard to beat, she wus specially admired in "Ojisdah, (he White
Star of the Mohawks," and " Wolverine." Mr. Owen A, Sinily ns a clever
character nnd musical entertainer is
unsurpassed. He put the audience in
tits   of  laughter,   receiving  repeated
The Old Old Story.
Logansport,   Ind., Sept.   25.���Any
night  during the  past   week as the
moon rose through the tops of the tall
trees about the historic spot known as
Battle Ground, the spectacle of an aged,
bearded figure spading at the turf beneath the pines might have been seen.
The ghastly workman was digging at
his own grave.     For many years Al-
lanson DeWitt has lived in this secluded place, unloving and unloved, spending his leisure with his pen und books.
He was a victim of unrequited love. In
1828 he waa one of the beaux of New
Vork.    A relative of the Stuyvesants,
he was admired in the city's  highest
social circles. But he became infatuated
with   the  betrothed of  another, and
finding his love hopeless, he sought
the west, and  ever since has led tho
life of a recluse and a hermit.    For 40
years he has inhabited the lonely cabin
on the banks of tlie Tippecanoe.   Now,
in his 87th year, with whitened beard
that reaches to his waist, and piercing
iiyes, half hidden beneath heavy brows
Iio   has  become  au adherent of  Col.
Ingersoll, and  firmly   proclaimed the
justification of self-destruction.     Not
only has he completed the digging of
his own grave, but lie has ordered his
monument and composed his epitaph.
It   reads as follows, his   directions lo
tiie scultptor being that no capital letter be used other than that iu "God":
A bachelor lies beneath this aod,
Who disobeyed the luws of God ;
Advice to others, thus I give���
Don't live a bach., as I did live.
When completed tho stone is to be
set at the head of  the newly   made
grave      What the next chapter may
be is better imagined.
encores.     His   best   selections
"Music  in Threu  Flats," uud
Presbyterian Service.
Service will bu held to-morrow
morning in the school house at 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. R.
Wife���And did Mr. Gay really say
I was positively dove-like? Husband
���Something of that sort. lie said
you were pigeon-toed, I believe.���Boston Transcript.
Shop Girl-Really, madame, that
white feather in your hat makes you
look ten years younger.     Old Maid ���
were Is that so?    Then give me another.
Thu, Exchange. Suite (!3-'l>Bit QSx-u
Tlio Q-Jl-Jii.l Elt\ is published uvory
Saturday iiioruiii.- in li.uu lo catch tbe trust
anl west mail trains, uls.i tlm mail for tbe
upptir country, iVlii-lor-iioi'ii, i-'m-i "-toolo etc
It is tliu i.iily ,i<li'ttri-i.-<iii,j* 1111.11,1111 ia tin' Kent
Kuoteuay ilisti'it'.t.
S ibscripti'iti Ratns : $2.1111 |ier aiiiuiin in
Advorl.isRiiinnl-i uiid
the tillitrtr nut l.ilttt' ill.ill
to insure iii.siti-ti.iii.
'���Ii.'iii'-i.s mast be in
I'I ,1,111, .mi  riiursil.-iy
A'lv.M'tistt neiit
uatioi' *.'
,ilo�� iii'i.li! kii.itvn on uppli-
All I'tt-tli lo be pail lo llie  Hunuffur, from
wlni it tlio Oil iipuiiy'.s receipt -vill lie.iiitaiiiittl.
fiie Ufa Era Publishing Compan),
SATURDAY, SEPT. 211, 181)4.
Sotno unusually good opportunities
for small-holding agriculturalists hit,
wo believe, to lie found on IhiiiI situate
about two mill's beyond Golden on the
Fort Steele road, In ibis, as in other
parts of the dry region of East Kocte-
nuy, the farmers'opportunities are at
present all too limited, iu consequence
of the absence of an irrigation system ;
but the Iniiii iu question bus iu the
height of summer a moist, block soil.
This is caused by nn abundance of
small springs, from which a sufficient
water supply should be readily obtainable. As prices at Golden and Douiil-1
and other railway towns iu tbe neighborhood,'are good, and as the market
is understocked, a holder of leu acres
of the laud in question should be able
' to make a very fair living indeed.
Potatoes, rhubarb, cabbages, cauliflowers, onions, pens, aud vegetables
in general, can lie grown iu abundance;
and though certain delicate fruits cannot be raised on this ground, strawberries, raspberries and certain kinds
of apples - crabs especially - may bu
cultivated with much success. The
laud can, it is understood, be obtained
from thu Dominion authorities on
reasonable terms, und it is somewhat
strange thut mure of it has not been
takitn up iu small acreages. A probable reason is found in the fuel, thut
lho people in tbe district are, iu general, so closely absorbed iu gold mining
endeavors, as to miss the local opportunities for making n very fair living
by the petite culture. The prices of
farm produce at Donald and Goluen
average Hourly double those of the
cities of the lower Fraser: hence the
special local opportunities fur the smiill
cultivator. Tho area in question is
not very large, but sufficient fo afford
subsists lieu to a fair number ol thrifty
cultivators. The bind is sheltered by
foothills, aiid being only covered with
a light growth of Cottonwood, is very
much easier to clear and work tbiiii
almost any in lhe Fraser valley.
Golden and Donald together afford
fair local markets for farm product! iu
catering for a population of some 1200
to l.'lJO souls.��� Muiuliilidei'.
Mr. William Caldwell, one of the
pioneer men of the Lake of Ibe Woods
district nnd late stipei-iutuiidout ol the
Sultana iniiii', is in the city. His mission is to purchase miicHiunry for a
now enterprise, which he is undertaking ii connection with Mr. W.ll.
Motley, the eminent English mining
engineer, who passed through Winnipeg a few days ago cn route tu Chicago,
when ho will purchase portions ul tho
plant that cannot 1st secured in Canada. These gentlemen intend lo open
up a new mine in W'liiudisli Bay, as
lhe representatives of n strong and
wealthy British syndicate. This syndicate have been working tlie Rajah
mine but the property did not turn out
entirely satisfactory nml wus abandoned.     Through  the representations
of Mr. Motley, however, wbo wns
convinced that it was the locution of
thut particular mine and not the resources of tbe country that was at
fault, the syndicate decided not. to
withdraw from the district, and gave
Mr, Motley instructions to follow his
own judgment. Believing, from what,
he bail seen that there was enormous
mineral wealth in the district, tba'
gentleman, under the guidance of Mr.
Caldwell, undertook u prospecting trip,
whicli lusted three months, and resulted in tlie location of the property
ou Wliitelisli Buy already referred to.
The outcome of their enterprise will be
watched with much interest both at
home uinl abroad. Mr. Motley intends
to itiiikit a success cf tb.) mi lie so far
as skill ami money can do it, and
thereby ho|ics to attract the attention
of Canadian and foreign capitalists to
the promising field for the miner nnd
Mr. Motley was  strengthened in bis
belief iii the wealth of the region of the
Sultana mine, whicli has  lieen worked
for two   years   by  Mr. John F. Caldwell, nnd  who  up to  tbe present bus
taken   between   870,000   anil  ��75,000
worth   of  gold out  of   the property.
The Sultana lias been   visited   during
the past year by many American and
European  experts, who have admitted
that it is almost an unknown thin-; in
mining history  for a man to make the
development of a mine pay such handsome   returns us   havo   rewarded Mr.
Caldwell's   efforts.      Usually  it costs
from   850,000   to   $100,0C0 in nearly
every  mining   region to get a mine in
shape before nny returns can lie looked
for.    The Sultana  now employs about
forty men. and isequippedas thoroughly as an old mine after years of development, having   a stamp   mill, com-
pivssure  drills,   shaft  house, hoists,
tramways, electric light, etc.     It is a
matter of   great wonder to all experts
that Mr. Caldwell, sringle handed nnd
in the face of great obstacles, has been
able to persevere in his enterprise, nnd
they   si in ply   marvel at   the   results.
Tho only explanation of it is (he richness of the country  and bis linn belief
iu the ultimate outcome.     The whole
Dominion is  under obligations to Mr.
Caldwell, for what he has accomplished single bunded  he has proven in the
bice ot   all prejudice* that one of   the
richest resources of Canada lies in the
Lake of the Woods district.��� Winni-
peu Free Press.
of iutercedinr; with the authorities
concerned in favor of a fair settlement
of this longstanding Donald grievance,
is well known to East Kootenay men-
The mutter concerns the Canadian
Pacific to whom Mr. Mara, M.P., pays
homage due. ��� Mninlandor.
A man came into town last week
with a ton and a half of wool. He
teamed it from Miunedosa, and wns on
bis way to Winnipeg, 177 miles, where
hu wits sent by Sewell. a Miunedosa
butcher, to sell the wool and hrhg
back with him some plate glass.
Sewell ex|iected to save about 850 in
freight by the transaction. - Gladstone
We may expect, next session, unless
the matter be previously settled satisfactorily, to lii-iii- the Donald townsite
ownership question vigorously discussed in the Dominion house, by Mr.
Laurier und other members of the
Liberal parly, to whom the aggrieved
owners, despairing of obtaining any
help in the matter from Mr. Mara, M.
P., as their local representative, bare
submitted their i.nse. The fact will
scarcely be credited, but faut it is,
that from eighty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars' worth of private
property in Donald has been held for
many long years without n title, and
therefore its unsaleable realty, though
ihe hotels, shops and other buildings
in question were erected on the faith
of Dominion townsite plans und promises of -lulu ou fair tortus, made about
nine years ago. Thu area iu doubt is
now claimed hy the Canadian Pacific
railway, as included iu ils Dominion
grant, iintl as tin- ruse is now sub
judice, comment on this particular
issue is iindesiriible. The Dominion
authorities cannot, however, excuse
themselves from woll merited censure
in tho mutter fur having suffered inany
uompiiiiitively poor men lo erect
valuable property on the faith of n
land-Kraut representation left unfulfilled lor nearly a ih untie, and thus
causing costly litigation. Tho reason
why Mr. Mara seems to have done
nothing worth mentioning and certainly nothing effective iu the matter
I jit lie Bcssio's papa
Is au advertising man
Who talks his business everywhere,
Ei cry where he can.
Little Bessie heard him,
Heai-tl him talking ads,
An.l became a loyal convert
To lhat theory ol her dad's.
And like her good papa,
Believed lhat everything desired,
Could be had by advertising
When properly inspired.
One day t here name a halie
To fill the bouse witb joy,
A great big bouncing baby,
A ten-pound baby boy.
And when Bessie saw her brother,
j\s she tip-toed on the mat
And saw the babe, she said, " Mamma,
Did you advertise for that?"
��� ���A*-. CII-THK. of 18,
St. West, Toronto.
hia Oth asnual visit
 Oth asnual visit to British
Columbia DafleawrKetptjirti
ee of ST ri
d with �����������. Fat,
H'Der rmltl.a ������comniaod-Ml
by Phy.tcl.u. -nenrmere.
���trill visit personally.
��KR*t OS. ���.��:..0��M-lr*anUio*j.l.
on. * Tues.. Oct. SS tad SO.
RI VMHTOKR. ���.���*.. VMorla
BuUi. Wedneeday, Osi. Slat.
A p|il lr.it Inn for Certificate of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Arthur P. Cummins, Administrator of the Estate of
the hue Archibald McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 474|t!i, intend, sixty
days from the dale hereof, to apply lo
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notion, thnt. adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th dny of August, 1894.
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of tho Estate of the
late Archibald McMurdo.
Thero wns buy upon hit*. lumhead,
Thero vtrh glory in his name:
He had led tlio country'*cohorts
Through the crimson field of fame,   -
Yet from Ills breast at midnight,
When the throng had euaaod to cheer,
He took a faded blossom
Andk'.-ued it with a tear.
A little faded violet,
A bloom of withered hue}
But more than fame
Or loud acclaim
Ho prized lt�� faded blue.
Wo have all a hidden story
Of a day mure bright and dear;
We may hide it with onr laughter.
It will haunt us with a tear.
And we vu all some little keepsake
Where no eye can ever mark.
And, like the great commander,
Wekliult in the dark.
A Utile raded violet,
Perchance a loop of gold,
A gift nf love
We prlae above
All lhat the earth ran hold.
There was weeping and walling and
gnashing of teeth in the St. Clair household.
Caroline, the yonngest daughter, had
decided to carve her own tort.-ines, as
those of the family were getting in a
most entanirled condition, aud "unbeknownst" to her worthy relatives had
sought and secured a situation as typewriter in one nf the big, wicked Chicago s well known business houses.
"It's a disgrace to the family 1" Brother jliiib declared, and he donned bis
overco;.t and repaired to the clubhouse
around the corner. Mamma wept loudly ; -.ana fumed faintly.
"John Vandergast!' moaned mamma.
"He will never look at yon again I A
daughter of mine a typewriter Is
Caroline's short upper lip cnrled
slurhtly more than already curled by
nature, although an apprehensive loon
did come into h r great hazel eyes.
"If you think, uiy dearest mother,
that I am going to starve hero in this
remote quarter of the woods, even in
the most genteel style, just for one look
from Mr. \ auiierguot, you are vastly
"There are other employments for a
woman���such a public" positioul And
typewriters ure always so���ao tailed
���'In the newspapers," added Caroline.
"Bnt no one will ever talk ahont met"
she finished, witi. stern bravery.
Before it was time for Caroline to
leave for the distant city, her father
bad altogether ceased hisfuminit and
wns considering the advantages iif his
daughter's assistance. Of late years tbe
struggle had been a hard one fnr. bim.
His wife inul always been a Bounty woman und extravagant; indulged tons
and fashionable -laughters, wiumu marriages hud cost hiin a small lortnne, had
so reduced the estate made iu his prime
that now, iu his old age, bankruptcy
constantly stared him in the face.
"1 regret, daughter," he said us the
train whistled and they were ont on the
station platform," thut you are going so
far from home. Bnt I know how you
would feel to begin labor here, aud I
fully apprieciato your efforts in assisting me. The burden is growing heavier
every year," and he sighed.
"Somebody hns to do something," re*
tnrnt'd th') daughter sententionsly.
"And I know yon are fully capable
nf taking care of yourself. God bleas
you. my girl."
And the careworn father was prouder
nf his typewriter girl than of his wealth
i*st and most beautiful daughter.
Bnt once on the car, and steaming
Chicago-ward, Caroline wns not unite
so brave, and despite her tall, dignified
self, one or two tears rolled down her
aristocratic nose ami defied the superior
attle cnrl of her short upper lip.
What if John Vandergast���they had
been such friends before he left for
Europe, and although Caroline had not
given her promise, for she was not sure
nf herself, she had consented to speak to
him again upon the subject when he
wonld return.
Now she was sure of herself���but
John I
"It is one more test," she said sternly
to benelf as she brushed away the impertinent tears, "and a good one too. I
am so glad I defied mamma and took
tbe business course at college."
In the excitement of her new life Caroline forget her little thoughts that
might have been culled sentiment. She
pissed the ordeal of critical examination
by the other typewriters in the office
with supremo ii-diileriieoo and so impressed her employers witb her dignity
���hat they were half afrairt of her.
As ��� typewriter she w.is invaluable���
rapid, correct, distinct, her every sheet
perfection itself, but there was no social
miiTi-ouriM) or pleasant conversation.
"That tnrl," declared tbe junior part-
air, "tot aly o ins mo. She's too pret*
:y to be Bum a prude."
' 'Ye���es," drawled the senior, and that
afternoon the gentleman asked her how
the spent her evenings.
"SirT" enquired Curollne.
"Yon���exonse me. but yon are young
and not homely, and yon will pardon an
old man if be takes an interest in your
welfare in this great city."
"Ah yetl" Caroline drew a long, expressive breutn. aud a close observer
wonld have said her nostrils dilated
something like those of a high strong
horse. "Sunday evening I attend services at St. James; Monday evening I
devote to literature, Emerson, Carlyle,
and Renan, being my favorite authors;
Tuesday eveningl attend the innsicales.
and Wednesday evening I attend prayers. Thursday I again devote to reading; Friday eveningl generally attend
the opera or concert, and Saturday eyen-
ing I give to preparations for the Sub*
"Kith."   .
���men she turned to ber Remington,
and the old gentleman groaned in aa
Caroline was flushed and wrathful.
"The old sinner I" she was fnming to.
herself ss she took his dictation in shorthand.   "As though he thought I could
uot understand I"
Caroline was past twenty and could,
ered capable of taking care of herself,
yet she felt as injured and insulted as
though the white-haired man had ogled
her as he did the youngest and most
Hinpiint girl in the house.
But Caroline did not wish to lose her
position, for it was au unusually paying
oie, aud it began to be an eiiort to-her
to repel the insinuation of the senior
partuer without olleudind him. Bhe
soon detested him most heartily.
One morning the junior partner camo
In very much flurried.
"Vandergast is in town," he said.
And despite herself Caroline reddened
uud then grew pale
"Hey! You don't say I Well, that's
dencedly inconvenient just now."
"He will be lookiug iuto accounts and
we are not prepared lor that at present,"
said the youth significantly.
"No," mused tue other, aid ���!i��"i f-ier
held a lengthy conversation, during
which Caroline was on the qui vive to
catch every word.
But they spoke guardedly, for all that
her outward appearance was one of such
indifference. Evidently it was of
enough importance to not trust her
" Yes, "said the senior at last, "that
will lie the best plan. We will secure
the bonds at the bank to put a good face
on things, and then he will not be likely
to look deeper nntil after the crisis. It
would ruin us lor him to withdraw his
share now. "
All this was G-eek to Caroline until
she remembered several communications she had taken which were in regard to speculations, and then it was
clear to her. The junior partner went
at once to the bank, and the old gentleman seemed somewhat worried.
Caroline made no sign, but made a
resolution, and when three o'clock, hour
for quitting work, came, she said calmly:
"I believe I must severmy connection
witb this office to-day. I wish to return ho ue '.'
"Ah���ahem I Do I understand you
mean to quit us at once."
"Yes. I wish to return hpme tomorrow morning," she returned iinper-
"This is rather sudden. Indeed, I do
not see how I can let you go nt once."
"Bnt you must, sir!" said Caroline
with decision.
So he made ont her check andbado
hern suave good-bye, and a few minutes biter found her in .the hotel waiting for John Vandergast.
Whether it was her John or some
other Vitndergaat, she had determined to warn hiin and theu go homo
fnr a vacation until sue secure, l anOlin-r
position. And when she looked on the
notel register she know it was Her John.
Why, Caroline," lie said, when he
came in. his face lighting up. "This ia
a most unexpected honor. 1 wns hurrying bnsiness matters so as to get homo
to-morrow to see yon."
He shook here baud warmly and looked up to see if he might venture any
further greeting.
No one would be apt to take evens
lover's liberty with Caroline.
"Yon have made my suy a long, em
and a tedious one to me by denying me
tue privilege of writing to you, he laid
in reproach.
"Yes, I know, John," she rejoined
hastily, for she was afraid her blushes
might eucourage an embrace, "bnt you
kuow I am a typewriter uow, or was uu
hour ago."
And she looked at him defiantly. Ho
"I understood in one of my letters
from home that yon had accepted some
position here in the city, but 1 could not
learn where or what it was. I am sure
you are the same if not more to rae for
that. Typewriters are a fine set of girls."
An unmistakable satisfaction came
into Caroliii-j's face.
"I am���so glad yon did not think less
ot me than you did," she said, nnder her
breath. Then she -recollected her- errand.
She told him what she knew, and he
listened with a grave face.
"I am glad yon told me. It is providential you were employed there. So
they are speculating, and from wbutyou
tell me my thousands wonld have been
higher than tbe mno-i by day after tomorrow. I will withdraw them for you.
my queen, this very day."
Then as there waa not ��� minnte to
lose, Caroline bade bim good-bye and
hurried to her boarding house. The
next morning ' she was home-ward
bound, John Vandergast's promised'
Several months Inter there was a qniet
wedding in the St. Clair homestead, and
the typewriter daughter was the highest honored the worldly mother had.
A Frttty Frenchwoman's Forbaaraaee
With Her RiMiaae.
Dying marquis���" Come here, Lnnlse,
my dear wife. Come here, Auguste,
noble young man. Yon love each other,
do yon nntl Ah. yon need nol answer;
I know It. I know what noble restraint
you have exercised in not getting married till I die. 1 know too of yonr virtuous determination to exchange kisses
only three times ��� day after meals during my illness. Ah, what man has ever
before been blessed by so virtuous m
wife t  And what wife has ever been loved by a more noDle. honornole yonng
man t It is shamefnl of me to linger on
here and delay yonr happiness."
Augusts��� " Mot so, marquis. Do not
,htirry yonrselt I beg you.''
Louise���"Oh, my dear husband, do
not bother yourself. We kuow you
cannot help it."
Marquis���"Noble yonng manl Most
faithful wifel Now I can die happy,
siuce I feel assured that you do not
blame me for hanging on all these
weeks. I feared your patience wonld
be worn out."
Auguste���"Well, it has been pretty
tough; but we made up onr miuds to
bear it. and we did bear it���didu't we,
Louise-1" ���
Louise���"Yes, Anenste. We prayed
for strength and strength was given us."
Marquis���"I have but one more request to make of yon. I am ashuuied to
make it, but 1 know you will not laugh
nt the whim of a dying man. I want
to ask yon to promise me not to get
married till after the funeral."
Louise���"Oh heavens! must we promise this!"
Auguste���"Hum 1 rather looks at if
he were taking advantage of our good
Louise (a look of mbllme self-sacrifice
on her face)���No, Auguste; deny not
hit last request. Let it he so. We
promise not to marry till after the funeral"
Marquis���"Bless youl Idie.in peace."
A 'ransillaii Amphibian.
An ingenious kind of craft is now being adopted in the Cauadian lumbering
regions. It is known as a steam warping tug, and propels itself on land us
well as on water, and it is useful in operations curried on anionic small lakes
connected by streams of uncerb-tiii navigation. They are built in "scow" shape,
with steel-shod runners for moving
overland, are 31 feet long, IU foot beam,
decked all over the bottom and the bow
leing covered with steel plates. An engine of 22-horse power furnishes the re-
iriiisito power. In the wuter. it moves
"six miles nn hour, forward or backward,
as required, propelled by paddles; on
land, ft ia propelled by means nf a cable
drum, on which is coiled five-eighths of
a mile of stei-1 wire cable. One end of
this cable is fastened with pulleys to a
tree or other suitable object in front,
the boat moving as the wire is coiled
Smith Australia makes every year half a
mil ion -"..Huns of wine, and exports copper and silier.
Tbe Falkland Manila export every year
$250 000 worth of wool and $100,000 worth
ol fr ten mutton.
The let.diitg .-I'-tirta nf Greece are currants, metal ores, tobacco, wine, olivt oil,
figs uud' spoiiites.
British liuiitltirns gives the world an immense quantity of mahogany���over 5,000,
OUO cubic feel in 1890.
MtiriKii'ii send, out almonds, dates, gums,
olive oil, pea-, ciiimry seed, beeswax, slippers ami ���.-oat skii'K. -
' For a bee sting, make s paste of earth
and water. Cover the stung place with it,
bind it on, snd it will soon give relief.
When a felon fiist begins to appear ont
off the end ot a lemon, put tbe finger in It
and keep it there at long as it can be
For t sore throat, try a frequent -,-iirgle
of salt aud water. If n little ia swallowed
it will alley the irritation, cleanse the
throat and do no harm.
For stains on the hands nothing is better
than salt moistened with lemon juice. Bub
tbe spots well with tbe mixture, then wash
off lu clean water.
It is said that a croud remedy for
strengthening and clearim- the voice Is to
bent tbe while of nn egg with the juice of
a lemon ami sweeten it well witb sugar and
use as ueetled.
Toonre round shoulders, sleep perfectly
horizontal���that is without any bolster or
pillow. The habit can easily be acquired
of fleeping thus, and tbe round shoulders
Will soon be straightened.
For a cough, boil an onnoe ot whole
flaxseed in t pint of water, strain snd add
a little honey, the juice of two lemons and
tu ounce of ruck candy. Stir together aud
boil a few minutes.    Drink hot.
���g��taim,e�� Wavbe*
White spoil U'on tarnished furniture
will disappear if a hot plate be held onr
Yon oan tnke out spots from wash
goods by rubbing them with the yolk of
egge before washing.
| The hnir may lie kept from falling out
after illness by a frequent application of
' sage ten to the scalp.
j When the fingernails are dry and break
���mil.*', vaseline rubbed on after the bunds
tre washed will do a world of good.
Wbeu thin fl unci undergarments irritate the skin of the bnby in hot weather
plate between ttteiii aud ibe skin a layer of
toft llKeu or muslin.
I A strip of oilcloth placed at each aide of
a bed will cure any case of soiniiiiiubulisiu.
It it said that the cold surface uf the oilcloth will invariably awaken the sleeper,
I Rubber gloves are a great saving of
time tnd UUir over the hands, as they
keep them free Irom any grease and dirt
likely to be absorbed wheu doing housework.
"Gen." Booth, commander in chief of
the Salvation Army, says, and asya it emphatically, that he never modi tha newspapers.
Rev. Jam. s B irrett. t Baptist clergyman,
who waa ar rented (or drunkenness ou lbs
lireett tt Columbus, O,, fe-da his diet-race
mi keenly thai li�� l.aa goiie lu bed and proposes lo at .y tliere till he dies.
Rabbi J..seuli Kransktipf, who was recently prett-iited by hia Philadelphia friends
i with' a check foi one thousand dollars,
expressed ins high appreeiati.nl of their
kindness but promptly declined to take tht
Rev. Dr. Dale, the eminent Nonconformist clergyman of Birmingham, England,
who ia pre. uring t work ou j uruniisui and
literature, liegan writing for the press
When he was twelve years ot age.
Sophroiiins, the patriarch of Alexandria,
now ninety-live years of age ami who has
been a bialu.p lor fifty-live rears, is said to
be the eenior t.islmp of Christendom. Next
to him come Arehliishop Keurlek, of St,
Louis, who wut coiis'ciaieil liliy*thret
./���art ago, tnd Pope Leo XIII., who wti
consecrated fifty-one years ago.
Fat���First Lady���I cannot help looking
eagerly for a obange in the prevailing
stylet. Second Lady���Havt yon tried
A Museum Episode,���Manager���What's
the mw in the diiiing-ruomt Waiter���The
Two Headed Wonder hat got all tangled
���p eating inacan ni.
After Ihe Ball.���The Chaperon (pleas.
aotly)���Well, what nre a deliutsiite't sensations?   The Debutante���That'i jnst whsl
I want yon to tell me, for I suppose every
one will a-k me.
Deceit.���Jackson���You keep a private
���ash   account,   duu't youl   Currie���Yea.
II it the only meant by whioh I can eon*
ttal from my wife the aiuunnt of my expenditures."
Tht Egyptian cotton crop is healthy and
forward everywhere.
Louisville, Ky., hns the Isrgest tobacco
warehouse iu tne world. It cau store 7,000
During the list ten years the value of assessed lliitriot of Coluinliia property wit
more than double, being now $191,417,-
There sre 15,000 salaried employes on
the .lets of New York city, and the total
expenditures of the city government were
$89,000,000 for the year.
The world's chief supply of platinum
comet from Ihe mines in the Ural nintiu-
tniiis. The mines are being worked to
their fullest capacity with orders fur two
years ahead.
The greatest handle factory, where handles of axes, hammers ami nil sorts of tools
tre made of lhe best hickory, and tire shipped by Ihu mill...in lo nil pnrls of the
world, ia locate I nl Louisville, Ky.
Auntie���A penny for yonr thoughts.
Little Nephew���I was thinking that, if I
kept quiet nnd pretended to lie 'thinking,
yon'd wonder what I was thinking annul,
tml asr jnst what vou did. Giuiiue the
penny I
Powdered ohtrcoal, If laid thick on a
born, otntet the immediate abatement of
tot pain. A supersets! burn etu thut be
healed in about au hour.
When stnng hy a lies always remove the
Iting, which is left in the wound, tnd ovtr
it squeeze the juice of a red onion or apply
a little hartshorn.
I Natnral flowers sre being used again tn
���v "decorate   ball   toilets,  although gas and
heat art so trying to tbem that tht hardiest
torn should lie selected.
A atrip of oilcloth placed tt each tide of
a bed will eure suy case of siiuiii'iuiliulisni.
It It laid that the cold surface -of the oilcloth will iuvtriubly awtken tbe sleeper,
Slot wss formerly t herd; henoe tlie
Stultnrda snd Stoddnrds.
Fret and Freeman were once tht natnes
of manumitted slaves.
Fear, Petrmsii, Ferrier tnd Perrymtn
once kept pear orciisi do.
Belham represents the fuller tnd more
euphonious Belleliuraine.
Block, Blocker ami Bloekmtn ire the
tuna of men wbo fashioned hats.
Bark, Barker tnd BtUlty show the importance   of  taubtrk   iu   early   English
A platnnlc friendship may be possible���
between women, or between men.
Originality's Ihe s-oeiidnmty of tha In-
dlvidutl over Ibe preconcerted ideal of the
What tht world gains In evenness of
onltnrt tnd smoothness of tout it it tpt to
lose in individuality and force.
It it well that kind seeks kind snd finds
beauty and enjoyment iu it���well that the
lowest cannot appreciate the refinement of
the highett, else there would lie many un-
mited oresliires on the earth.���Judge,
There it ��� fall In the tldt of twelve to
fifteen feet tt Ortnd Msnon.
At both Lnbeo tnd Esstport tht tldt
boisti a better red rd, which It twenty
Tht tldt at St. John varlet all the way
from twenty-four to thirty feet.
Seventy feel ia what the tide hat registered nt Mouolon, ou tht bind of tut
The difference Mwe-n high and low-
water mark i n the L'olieqiiid river is twelve
miles, tbe rivt r being twelve inilea longer
tl high than at low water.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,c.
G. 8. McCAltTEB.
Ijongheed   A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bunk of Montreal.
0'AI.flAllV, . N.W.T.
Members Assocn.'D.L.S. A P.L.8  I'nr ll r-
8UHVEYOKS,  Civil Engineers, Prati-jlits-
men,V��hmtors,etc   Calgary-ind New West-
minster.   Correspondence solicited.,
RJJjsPHSON, D.L.S.,1'.L.S. of B.C. ftOut.
 New Westminster B.C.
MoCarthy   A   Harvey.
Barrister, Advocates, Nohiries, &c. ' Solid*
";he iiiipeiittj Hank of Camilla.
liolim.,tbil'��riiii,i,ont Loan ft Havings Co.
te Yorkshire  ���HU & SecurltlestorpoHition
1 Iio ..hissey.fl'trri-, I o. (Ltdj.etc/etc.
unices - Stephen Avenue, Calgury.
'. jMcCahtii.v, Q.C.
  HoRAoia Harvey, b.a. l.l.b.
Assou. .Mem. Inst. C.E.
WlJ/IXiJ   ExraxEF-R;
Cochrane, Aliia.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
'('raihiute of Laval nnd McGill.)
Head Office, Qubhei: ; Branch Offices
Siierhrooke, ft 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
MEM. AH. 1X8. W.E.
MI\I.\���� EX4.IXHHR.
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
Pint's tor all iiiet'illurgiciil plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C
Assay Offices * Chemical I.tilioriitory
(Establishctl iu ll.C. in 1889.)
Vafceinver,"*     -      j,.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GBAVELEY, Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire
GOLDEIV.      ���      IM'.
WiiolcNnle nnd Retail
3 U TC H E RS.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.  ���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
Tli I. Iill IIA PI I    ORIIERS   PltOMI'Tl.Y
PIMPI FQ -> *<-'i" i"-<il ffKHlisJon -receipt
1 I III I Ltd. of ii li stiilitp.ii rei'i'ipn'iir ii
simple VEGETABLE BALM that will remove 1'iin. Freckles, I'hnplea, lilotclies'
lllnehlietiils, etc., louving the skin soft,
clear mid lieantlfid. Address A. D. STEM
PEL, 00 Ann SI., Now York.
"It li worth the price to tverr person
who even reads a newspaper."���Dtrllnglon
Blue Penoil Rules.
-A- Q-. XrStVXXTB.
A Pocket Primer for the est ot Reporters,
Correspondents and Cow Choppers.
Short, simple tnd practical rales for
maiinif and edltlDR newspaper copy,
tnd of equal value to til who with to
write correct English.
Bent on reeelnt of price   Pi Ice. M rent!
per pony.   ALLAN TUBMAN, Publisher,
III Nassau Street. New York.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver A Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strietlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for milling men nml
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, aud Cigars.
S|iecinl attention given to orders from u*. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
My stock is tho largest and most complete in the
An immense stock of W. W. Greener's, J. C. Clabrough
& Bros., W. H. Tisdall's, and W. Richard's shot guns,
All calibers of Winchester and Marl in rifles.
Every description of cartridge, both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
i in ported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality the   best.
WHOLESALE & KETA1L. solicited.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
X��   I'l-o-ti-.-rt of PciMH-.-Will
Fiji-lit to the find.
London. Sept. 20. - jV ilespntch to
thf�� Coiiti-nl News from Shanghai, dated Sunday iiftri'iio.,n, says 'be missing
Chinese "transports hnve arrived safely
at Tai Kline in the Gulf of Peuhlli.
Prince Chin-;, the President of the
Tsung Li Yuiueii (1 bo Chinese Depitrt-
ineut of Foreign Affairs), lias been refused permission by the Emperor to
proceed to Corea. Prince China is 11
member of the Peace Party and the
strongest advocate in tliu body of
which he is President of the policy of
conceding the demands of the Japanese.
The Dowager Empress of China has
donated another tlitre million tuels
from her bntlnliiy (und for war expenses.
A representative of the United Pi-ess
has obtained uu interview with Capt.
Malum, of the cruiser Chicago, on the
recent battle between the Chinese unit
Japanese fleets. .Captain Malum said :
"The great .thinu with a fleet of war
vessels with' a lot of iitrniispoi'ts in
charge is to prevent, surprise or em-
biirriisinent. In this case there was a
surprise, and this fact to my mind
supplies a prominent lesson. It is
necessary iu attempting to convey
transports that the conveying fleet
should be decisively superior lo that
of tho enemy, but the Chinese wns
much embarrassed by tbe presence of
their transports. I um inclined tu
think that the Chinese Admiral formed
i 11 fleet so close in shore because be
was obliged to do so. If be had gone
out to meet the Japanese fleet, which
wus the proper course, be would have
uncovered tho mouth ol the river
into whicli lho transports had gone,
consequently he drew up close in
shore bv which movement he wns
tactically embarrassed in manoeuvring
If bis fleet bad been much larger than
the Jupanese,bo might havo advanced,
at the same time leaving a sufficient
number of vessels to bond oil a rush
which the Japanese might hnve made.
The whole nlTair illustrates the extreme difficulty attending an attacking
movement across the water unless you
havo control of tliu water absolutely.
Whether the Chinese succeeded in their
object i* does not appear, but tlie question is whether it was worth such a
risk for the sake of landing troops.
It certainly was bad management to
fight so close in shore, lor two ol tho
Chinese vessels bail not room to turn
and so went ashore, Tbnt is one reason why the Japanese did not try to
puss through the Chinese line, for they
1 would have got into shallow water
and became entangled, It wus a big
engagement for modern vessels, but I
see nothing yet to lend me to suppose
-that the engagement will point to the
reconstruction or remodelling of war
vessels. The details so fur are very
meagre. I do not know anything
about the manner of attack, but doubtless before long the Japanese will give
full information.    I do not even know
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children. These
goods are made hi Vests, Drawers,
frights and Combinations, and are
kept by every first-class dry goods
slating that  in nn  interview to-day a
member  ol   the Chinese  Legation in
Berlin   declared   that   China cannot,
dare not, and  will  not give up Corea,
though the war  should last   30 years.
Viscount Aoki, the Japanese Minister, with whom the  "Times"  correspondent   also   had   an   interview,   is
'-The Japanese
It is useless to
talk about a cessation of hostilities."
London, Sept'. -4.-The Centi-ul
News hue in formation that Captain
Galsworthy, the commander of the
Chinese transport Kow Shing, lus
stated under oath that the charter of
the Kow Siting lo lite Chinese Government contained a clause, to be kept
secret, that in the event of n hostile
move against the ship by the Japanese
the Kow Shiny should be regarded us
Chinese property.
The correspondent of the Telegraph
at St, Petersburg telegraphs a denial
of the report that thu Russians have
eutered Corea.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 24. ���It is reported that a Chiiii se mob has attacked
and plundered one of the Siberian
railway stations iu the Province of
Ussuri and killed eight Russians who
essayed to defend the station.  '
London, Sept. 25.-'lhe "Graphic"
in nn article ou the war in the far
east suys that iu view of the activity
of the Russians at Vladivostock and
elsewhere the eastern fleet under the
command of Admiral Freeman tie ought
to be reinforced.
what was the formation of tbo Chinese
tleet in resisting the attack. j\ll that
is clear is tliut the Japanese were on
the offensive and the Chinese-on the
defensive. I only wish I had mere
timo to write what I have to say.
What interests tne most is to know
the manner in which the buttle wns
fought. Upon this point we have got 111"0}***- Bs saying:
nothing. Put tbe groat lesson' is in \ cannot go backwar.is.
the risk of attempting to carry- a groat
force Hcrosit water. As a general rule
such nil attempt is unsafe, nevertheless
the mere existence of a hostile fleet
docs not constitute such a deterrent
upon the resolute man who sees that
the object of his attempt is sufficient
to justifi the risk betook. To a naval
itiiin the most interesting thing will be
���0 know iu what order the Japanese
fleet -ipiu-oacbed the Chinese, whether
it wns concentrated upon part of the
Chinese line or spread out over the
whole line. I have no time to say
more, us I have too nuioH ship work
to carefully study the matter."
London, Sept. i!4.���A despatch to
the "Standard" from Berlin says thnt
advices have been received there from
Seoul ns follows: The news of the
great victory of tbe Japanese over the
Chinese at Ping Yang was received at
Corea's capital with every manifestation of joy. The Japanese flag was
carried through the streets to the
King's palace. The King nt once
telegraphed his congratulations to
General Count Yamagata, and also
sent an expression of his homage to
the Mikado, designating tho Jupniicso
as the liberators of Corea. The Mikado replied, addressing the King as his
friend and ally, expressing hope that
Corea would prosper now that she had
shaken off the Chinese yoke. It is
stated in these advices that the Japanese army, which is to march to Pekin
will lie accompanied by a naval squadron to the mouth of the Pei-Ho river,
in the Province of Pe-Chi-Li. The
army and tRe fleet will be in constant
touch with a view of having the fleet
assist in provisioning the army.
London, Sapt. 23.-The Times will
publish a despatch to-morrow morning
from Shanghai saying that the hulls
nnd batteries of the Chinese warships
Ting Yuen and Chen Yuen which were
engaged in the Ynlu light, nre uninjured. The Chinese operations at Ynlu
were directed by Major Van Hanneken,
who with eight volunteer officers
served splendidly and greatly inspired
the Chinese by their example. Messrs
Albrecht mid linffmnnn.slso engineers,
alone escaped injury. The wounded
are all doing well and will soon be
able to resume duty. The disaster to
the Chinese at Ping Yang was chiefly
due to tbo lack of co-operation between
the commanding officers, which is a
common fault in the Chinese army.
It is reported that a Russian fleet hns
assembled at Vladivostock prepared for
immediate nction. The transports of
the volunteer fleet as they arrive, are
being detained at Vladivostock.
The " Times " to-morrow morning
will  publish a despatch   from Berlin
HaVigation f-A
& TramWav'W�� *
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Heals 50c.
Freight T^ettes.
TO Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.60; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B. "            ii and 4             '���            ������                 '���
"    C. "            5 and 6              "            ���'                 ''
ii    jx it            7 and 8             "            ������                 "
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels Iieing limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
babies in chlna.
What we know least about in this
country is the Chinese baby.
Here are a few facts about him :���
Nearly ull Chinese babies are blondes.
All grown up Chinamen and Chinese
women are decided brunettes. It is a
freak for which nobody cun account.
The average Chinese baby has a
transparent nose and white skin,
large eyes, varying from gray and
light hazel to brown, and soft, silky
hair thnt is usually auburn in color.
In North China babies are often horn
with blue or green eyes and light red
During the infancy of her child, the
Chinese mother is supreme' in the
household. If John clatters about the
house too much and disturbs the baby,
woe to his pigtail if his wife can get
her hands on it.   Exchange.
Japanese Goods &
Toilet Articles
Maine nnd Finn In Bmran.
Vegetable* of allklndsi.
:M.   B.   LANG.Z1
BOOT8 & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding!)
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Bails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath f


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