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The Golden Era Oct 18, 1901

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 7..,,04*mr.i.m-n*mtn--m'i '��� '  -���aararmin'������"���.-'"""   ���vr������my"iff' ""  ^ .""��� "4* 
JPtPi^         -^/���!W^ -'-V; ....   ...
.���-*��L.- XI NO. 44
" :ii->
GOLHEN, Bewtsh Columbia, FRIDAYV October 18.1901
S2 1jeb Yeab.
is here and so .are Blanket
values in plenty.  . /.. . ���%��� _[
Blankets,' black only, 3 and 3f
*P��Mo6l �������?*
to 9
w Cojt^d^t^rft*11-3'1 wlth pure whlte'
battingandcpvei-ed witl)
Art Muslin,
CKittti, or Comforter
Blankets,   grey  ahd
white,  both (roediliin
and Jpge sizas.   White Flannelette sheeting* by
.theyaiii���72 inches wide.
-' *
���'fi'ur qualities.
|gll*|$��S��H*3 i*dlS��EETS ce^y
to use.
tA BIG smPMikK
.0-a.r,$,il ("foods havejiisfcarrived and weare
now showing the vev'y latest Sterns in
....     ���.('->��� it* ei.
*      ��� ���--^u^WEEOS ������   ���       '*'
,pi fiAii \ ���������,.-. *ii'(.'d%i>o**3**$; PANTINGS.
..jC'--'.�����:'-i-t; . -it' .*.;*;���" ��� 'I..;. ...
J. C. TOM��& Oo. G01^-
Upper Columbia
Imperial Bank of Canada
Oxfiaati <p*m tm tej-meaeo
jSrV    ���*. SutberlL SteySwr
Wm. Mlndrle.
Hi.\DO**riuRt ToabM-ra*
D.aWliaiE,0*i��-al,M��aa��.r.  .
X. Hatj Iaihaeter,
Brnheheet "
lNITOBA, M. W. T. and B. C.
"   ��,*y"-',-''r. "*   ^-sp"0,--.
Kelson,    : - rnrtsge ht Prairie
Albtrt,      Hevelstoke,      Mesthern,
Vancouver Winnipeg,
Kttei, Fergui, Gilt, HstinhV    '
Liatowel,   Niagara   FiUi,.
CI some, B��
Culharlne.. ...    	
Woodttock aud Montn-Hl, 'ine.
Agents la IwrsBat Britain:
Ueyslt Bank Limited, 71 Lombard St., London, with whom monies may be deposited
for trauafar by litter or cable te auy tit
th* above brafichet. - *        v
Agent* ia United Htatea:
NEWYOKK-Usnk of Montreal, Buna Cl
.*���"* America.
OHll*AUU~Fir.t National Hank,
ST. FAUL-Becoud National llank.
SAO FKANCISL'O-Wella, Fargo sit Co.'s
llank. .
Ageat* la SeatM Africa.
th* standard bank of south
africa i limited.)
savings banbTdepartment   '
Interest allowesl on deposits.
Pro.inclal, Munk'ipal and otber delsentnrea
ertui. Gill, HnnillWi,  Ingertsilt.
Mmgtra   F��llt.   Wtiwi,  Vail
, Bat Portage, Sault Ste. Marie, St.
ism, St. Thoma-s, Torontoi Wellaud,
available, at all points iu Cui.li.la, United
Kingdom and Unite.) States.
J. S,: 61bb, Mirr., Golden Branoh.
Thomas O'Brien,
'';'_"'.   Barrister, -Solicitor.'
"iotary PublicConveyancer, ete
OBee in Upjser Colu ssbia Navigation and
Tram ray Compauy's Building,
'���luMen. W. <}.
i-trvey, McCarter & Pinkiiam,
lls.rrl.tera, Sjllsltors, Ae.
--*���*'<.,'."���        . -  r:i,i. -    ���      -'--:-'���-.*'    '
ateO.li. McCARTEIt, 3. Ai HAItVl.Y
Revelstoke, B.J. Fort Steele, It.t*.
A. -sl. l'INKIIAM,
Booms Alex*., ler Block  Oolden II. <*.
Jas. Brady, D.!L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining: Engineer,
M. Am'.., lust. M,E.
Survey, mad* for Asaoesntont Work and
Crown Grants. _
Land fur tale on Luka Windermere ami
Fi.idl.iy Creek, Ea-st Koo:en.iv.
***  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
goatta aide B'eklng Horse River,
Hull Bros. & Co;
 Wholesale ft Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
St3ash��f$ DUCHESS ami HYAk
Season of t901 Opens April 2nd
n. H. XadW.
���^^QOLDlfiNi B.0.
OaAot *��� Largett ��nd Beit Man-
'' *<**aV4(et*t* tn BrlHth Columbi*.
attention given to baggage of
Peltrertd to; and from
er stay.-    Special ratee tar
iii",--. PBOPBIBTOB.
' Only Qulek and -ponitorto^le Route to Min-
jnjijsai^jopi      mm
-Jni��% fejsrtrough
,X5i��twbnry and ^pemw
nive at Golden Wednesday a-ftVe/^QQp.
,'rMay 4 *ni. fori-Mfmgl^p|Mr-
ttnts, i��^*��% ajrrfjnjt Oold|t%tft^asy
GSM. PARSON, ssoratai-y,
- !-]    Sig*Write*   .....
Meeale A-rtlat
1 4. a-uw����ae*ritior.  ;.
IsavaOrim atItW��WT��stt*t, Otlstn.t. C.
-Ore, Linin1
Beriiu, 6|}t..W?-Aoos)rding 19 report*
reaelvad tW* freui Holla, the raptor*
pf Mlt.Sioa* demaust tbat ih* ranaom
ahajl b*d��p��l)t*d at S��B|��koff, Bul-
girt*. A Bulgarian cattle drover, *��b'o
wm an eye-wltn***! to the kidnapping
h*ab��tH arrtntsid on in.ploion of com-
fjlhs|ty. ia the outrage at the Initano.
at lha United State* cental.
!Xi y-. ������*���������    	
Sh*rif*Rs*dgrave I* apandiug a abort
vtcatioo with hll ion lu Vernon
W*nt Aahor.a*.a��t Island In tta.Ouir
In a ���>**.. log.
Vanoouvtr, J).ft. Oct. 18.-TheC
P. R. *t*amer Hating baa followed in
the illlatad track of her sister ship
and lit* a wtec|' on Jervi* Island,
Strait of Georgia Fortunately, the
olrouniitanoei attendant on the disaster
are lis* dirattron*. than thoee connected with thi fousidtrintr of iht blander,
but the action Is irerious enough, *��� it
I* btlieved that thejfiue vessel ii badly
wreeked. By gooiluck her 175 pai-
tengtrs art ttft. ..
Den** fog* hate'blanketed the gulf
and touud during, the latt few nighti,
And to thit wai dee tbe running ashore
et* tha Hating, ^hb evidently lost her
bearingi compietiily and at 3 o'olock
on Saturday aftveooou crashed into
the rocky il.ore lf.lt small boy ou the
welt coast of J��rvii Island, which.
In iti turn, llel'bA the west Coast of
Texada Island, Ift: the extreme south
eud, with Sabonlna Paaaage and Bill
Entrant*, betwee��t',*nd about twenty
miles utile clru* flies duanorth of
Nanaimo. |  "
News uflhe wtem reached here this
afternoon by a Kttityll tug at 8 o'olock.
Her captain, goings north with a tow
of lumber, was huittd from the shore
of Bower, Island* sajjhich lie* at the en
trance to Howe Ssjjind about twenty
mils** up the coaat from here. He
picked ihem* upalid they told Iheir
sensational stury Ind ofthe arduous
efforts they had made tu Carry the
uew*. AH H*.turd��y night, theso four,
1 wo passengers' arid two of the crew,
had rowed through the thick fog to
what they had intended should be tlie
nearest place of assistance, but, unable
to si e more iban**a few yards before
them and .itterly incapable ol taking
their bearings,' tliey had wandered
thirty live milcafo'the eastward, whore
tliey atruck Bowjeu Island instead ol
luaking Naiiaimo or Union. This was
the only news of'the wreck available
here. VreAjii'lB nut''Kguaiui'P beiug in
���Viler ignorance of it tonight. ' The
Wi|la|.a leaves Viotoria ,to carry lhe
..usoeugei* tu the cajiiial and the Maude
eaten hue immediately lor the scene.
The Hating is a steel twin screw
.-chooi.er, and had sailed under the
names of Wingohow, (Arthur and
Cuss,) double decked, lighted with
electricity. The official tonnage was:
Tonnage, gross, 1,891; net, 705; classed
Al at Lloyds. She was built in 1888
by Hawthorne, Leslie k Co., Ltd., ul
Newcastle. Her length was 250.50
feet; breadth 84.2; depth 18 and filled
with triple expansion engines of -287
-indicated horse power and 160 pounds
treasure. She was, bought by Hie
oompany at Hong Kong for $135,000
and .arrived her* on May 12, 1901,
making her first northern trip on June
16, Her speed maximum was 15knots.
The men who brought the news will
not talk except to the Lloyd's agent
and the company** officials.
Loudon, Oct. 12.- Lord Kitchener
report* to the wai office, Pretoria,
under today's date ihatOeneral French'*
column'* hav* captured Commandant
Scheeper. Lord Kitchener does not
���fate whether Scheepere commando,
which hai bean 10 lotive iu Oape Colony, wai captured or not. Th* British
have been In purtuii for a couple ol
week!. Scheeper himself wai so ill
that be hid to travel In a buggy.
Paris, Oat. 13.���La Fraaoaii pub
litlies a despatch from Sousa, Tunis,
announcing ibet e Turkish officer wis
recently arretted there on a oharge of
swindling, and that tn Investigation
disclosed th* faot thit he had received
instruction* from the Ottoman Minis
ter of War to organic* a rising ofthe
Arabs io South Algeria, in the event
ol the rupture of diplomatic relation*
bet wean France and Turkey, resulting
In a declaration of war. It was eoii-
clueiyely proven that hi* presence ther*
w���� due til the** instruction!. Ao
cording, te the eeme advieie, th* In
orlmlnatssdetioM, ia only one of several
who were entrutted with the aim* affair*
St. Paul, Oct.* 14.���It ia announced
that J. J. Hill's mission to New York,
where he arrived to-night, ia for the
purpose uf orglnillliig thettnited Suites
railway company. Tha iitirpoaa ol
the organisation, to quote an iittomey,
is the adsjuirii.g of railroad shares and
railroad property, steamship lines, and
for the operation ofthe saint wil bin
Unitcl State! and on the iuland lakes
and on the high seas; to. maintain
ships ahd factories, for lhe building of
railroad equipment nnd steamships
end to carry ou the business ol coal
mining, etc.
Th* company wilt vastly Increase
i-s ocean fleet aud ultimately form a
transcontinental line as well ai a formidable line of freight cartier! across
tlie Atlantic This may have been
planned when J. P. Morgan bought a
lino-of freighters thii summer. It
certainly is in line with the public
utteroncesofMr. Hill a year ago, wbtn
ho raid he Would And a way to ship
freight from jflurope afil-fls* the United
States to the Orient irtucli ehenper than
il could be carried in vessels and a
great deal quicker. Again It is 8aid -o
have boon part of this great plan when
Mr. Hill secured tlioaaaiils of acres of
coal and iron nronerty nhosit the earn 1
time and ehieml into a |i*rtnershi|i
arrangeii:(>nt with CduiitUiiii capitalist*
who control ti.e Canadian Northern
road now nearly completed between
Pnrt Arthur and Winnipeg, aud wind,
company was then negotiating frtr ths-
purchase ol lhe Northern Pacific's Unci
in Manitoba an.l whicli tliey iiiicb nc
Victoria-. B. (,'., Oct. 14, Henry
Gill, of the Royal Eisgineer., il .1 pi In
oi.er in lhe Provincial Jail, cllarg..,,
with ihe mnrder of Gunner Cli.iiti.il:
of the Royal Artillery. Gill, who is
hut 20 years old, horrowed a rifle 01.
some pretense, and going to the canteen
fired a shot Which struck Cliniiiuk uu
der the ohl.i, killing hiin ins'antly.
Gill said lie intended tne shot for another man in lhe cabin. The jury
whioh sat oh the case, brought in a
verdict of Wilful murder, The evidence
brought out lho fact that the bullet
was intended for Gunner Mahoney.
Ceoil Rhedea is said to be suffering
severely from heart disease.
Commandant Lotter and two yonng
Boer farniei-* hare bean exeoutsxl.
London. Out. 15. ���"It is announced
from Bucharest,*' says a despatch to
die Daily Mail from Vienna, "lhat
Herr Rosenthal, the representative of
a German firm, has been kidnapped by
Bulgarian brigands at Silisttia. The
Roumanian Government hus ordered
troops to pursue tho brigands.
It is rumored lhat lhe Macedonian
Committee has decided lo capture everj)
foreigner within reach, in order to attract European attention to the bad
state of public securiiy in  Macedonia.
Peenllar Disease Among Horses.
Viotoria. Oct., 13. -A peculiar dis
ease has been discovered among the
horses of the Cariboo district, Their
feet swell and then bunt. So far no
remedy hai been discovered. Veterinary iiirgeons hav* been tent to the
diltriot by thi Provincial Governmeut.
It ii reported Irom Viotoria that
Speaker Booth, who oame out of tie
Jubilee Hospital ou Monday, on landing at the Wharf at Salt Sprlnc Island,
was taken very ill indeed, and nearly
fell into Ihe water. A doctoi was
summoned at once. Hi* condition is
said to be serions.
On being interviewed regarding the
reilgnation of the Governor-General
thi Hon. 3.1. Tarte is reported to have
said :-"Why should he resign Y He
ts, laid Mr. T,ne, "the eoul ot honor
and loyalty to hii ministers and I am
���nre that every one of them regrets tb'
way hi* nam* i* being dragged inn
th* press. It is a abaine 10 attack Ih'
governor general, who hns ne mean.
ot answering bis aeouHets."
i Constantinople, Oot. 13.���Thus ft r
tbere have been no fresh develoflment.
In the case-of Helen M. Stone, the ab
ducted Amerioan missionary. 8|sen
err Eddy, secretary of the U. 3 b'g
ation tn Constantinople, hat received a
notifloatlon from Wa.bis gton that tht
fundi for the ransom havt been for
Two Trusss.  Crush   Into  linek Other
Willi-! Going 30 Hll.s an Hour���
Poor Trainman Killed.
North Bay, Out, 14 -A terrible accident occurred on Saturday night about
2 o'clock, two miles east of Mackey'a
station, when an eastbound cattle
train aud a westbound freight train
crashed into each other. They were
ruuning at the rate of 30 miles an
hour, aud completely demolished both
engines, piling up tlie cars into matchwood, and killing two firemen and two
brakemen. The bodies of these unfortunate victims could not be found
for some time after the wreck occurred,
���s ihey were buried in 1 lie debris.
One of the euglueeis was injured but
the other escaped unhurt. Tbe cuttle
killed were the property of Gordon k
Ironsides, of-Winnipeg.
London, Oct. 15. ���A rumor was'
started on the Stock Exchange this
morning thnt General Botha, the Boer
Commander in chief, hud been captured
but a despatch from Lord Kitchener,
dated from Pietoria yesterday evening, contains nothiiig more itujortant
ihan tbe weekly summary of captures.
a reiteration of the statements that
General Kitchener's columns nre moving against a considerable forte of
Boers near the Natal frontier, with
which General Botha is supj-osed to
be, and the announcement thai Commandant Scheeper's commando in Cape
Colony has been broken up.
Yeeterdny the Times had a despatch
frotn Dundee, Natal, stating that
heavy rains had temporarily interfered
wilh communion.ion between the columns in,the field. As was feared, the
Boer force, iu trying to make good its
escape, had uitlted into small groups,
And Commandant General Botlia and
the main body of Burghers, accompanied by three ('omniundants. bad
reached Pougola forest, near Luiiebui .���,
Word comes froin'Victqiia tiirju jno-
patationi are beiug made at the De*
partinent of Finance, looking to nti
early visit to England bv Hon J. ll,
Prentice, the minister in charge of ill.a
department of the public service
Report is enrrent that his mission
is to arrange for the floatation of n
five million dollar railway loan, and it
Is the determination of tl.e Government not to summon the Legislaisiye
for the desjsatch of business until ab ut
1 he 10th of Ajiril.-- or about two month's
lator than the usual date for the opening of tlie seasiou.
Kingston, Ont. Oct. 15.���One of the
most interesting points con netted with
theroval visit tu Kingston, was the
cull mnde ou princijiul Grain. This
was not on the programme. Dr. Grant
was lying ill in lhe hospital and bad
expected to watch from tho windbw
the *irooeodiugs connected with the
laying of the corner atone of thetiew
college. He is the only initn who l.its
been honored with a ro.t al visit duriug
Hie royal tour, While iu lhe sink
room, the Duke invested Dr. Grant
with the order of G. C. M G. wilh
which he waa lately decorated.
Thnre���'lsi* as-int nnii"nl mswis-j-r. of
���he Gulden (..riding  Club lias hois, it.'
theColuitiisiii.il'.si-s-011 Tlnu-stlii- s-.-i"
ing, Mr 0, A. Wai*'"'.. alsiliig Biuliall:-
man in the nlisuuoe of PjTSisiettt *0i'-if
fith.    The fulls win*;  were fleeted  as
skip, for she ens,'ing  seas-m: '*,).��� G."'
Cls'Ck. J Hisdeiaon,  H. G.  Paiaou,
C   A.   Werrn.  J.  LuMootnmie, '> >'
Dsin.ird.   J.   S    Gil'b, J.  Piiskhiiin.
Ti.ei's. ..'ill  likelv  be siIoiiiIsh usiu.l
num'e   curling this winter,   hesweeu
30 01 40 having Sigsjlfl'l iheir intention
of playiug.    Mr  W  G. Mischell Ihism
Ki-8 dosinled a pair of curling stones 1 ���>
bs- played for bv members of tho cltsh
who have not played previous to this
season,   which should  have the effect
of attracting a  large number of no*
member*.    As   the   me.i.lserssisip   list
must be sent'to Winnipeg  for regis-
tuition tills month,  auy intending les
join lhe   Cl.sb ahould   baud in   their
names 10   the ��ejietary,  Mr.  H. G,
...  .  -.>*. .. ��� ���.
Mr. A.   C.   Hamilton   i-eturns.il urf
Then-slay ft-.-ui tl.e c*j..oi.
0 THE ERA, GOLLBN, R C, October 18  till,
-S. lalmux and Insllnn Curios.
C W. Mai here brought back with
bim from Peri river and point* on tha
Mnckenxie and Athabasca a number ot
Esquimaux and Indian curiosities,
��s well as photographic view*, the
views are now in proces-t of development. Mr. Mather's reputation as a
photo artist is a sufficient assurance
that ihey will do justice io the subject. They will he the only viewa
taken in th* north country hy a |.ro
tes. ioual photographer using the lat*��t
and most comideis appliances.
The curios, the actual work of the
native*, bring ihem actually nearer
than lhe .photos. They ahow their
manner of life and ae well ihe different
manners and habile of mi nil of different
tribe*. The Kai|iiiin*ux were met only
at MePheraun on Peel river an.l are
the most, iiileresiing, not because ihey
are tha moat dislaut aud tlie least
known, bul because tliey are the most
independent of civilised influences and
show by far the greatest ingenuity
and industry in tlie manufacture of
their tools, utensil* and weapons. In
appearance they remnble the Japanese
much more than they do the Indians
and thtir skill tnd induitry would III-
dicaie-*uch a relationship rather thau
with the Indiana. The Esquimaux
and Indian* hare no intercourse what
erer. They look upon each other as
of different and hostile race At tlie
lime of Mr. Mather's, visit to Fort Mc
Pherson both Eaqoimaux from the
Arctic coast and Louchieux from the'
Yukon were camping there. Trouble
had arisen and lor a lime there was
every prospect ofsosiou* disturbance.
But it did not occur as the stay of both
paities was short.
Mr. Mathers was ptrticulaily struck
by the expertnets ot the Esquimaux
in navigating their kyaks or skiu
boats. These boats are about fifteen
feet lung of whale akin drawn tightly
over a frame work, and covering the
top as well as the sides and bottom. A
hole in the centre of the deck lhe size
ot the man's body allows him to kneel
iu the boat. It is navigated by a long
double bladed puddle. Mr. Mathers has
a small model of a kyak, about two
feet long, an exact reproduction in
ininiaure of those in use. The bottom
Is much sharper than that ol a birch
bark canoe and would therefore be ao
much more cranky. But the Eaqui
maux manage I hem with perfect safety
���list lhe utmos  dext-rity.
The E-squimiiux areoxjseit workers
not only iti iron but in steel, and indeed manufacture their nwn weapons
���nd tools by working over steel articles
of civilised manufacture. They prefer
Ihe knives and tools they make themselves to those suld by the traders, Mr
Mathers has a large two edged knife
Somewhat over a toot in length made
by the Esquimaux from a large black
smith rasp, The aha|ie of the knife is
as perfect aud th* tiuish a* elegant a*
could be turned out uf the best work*
in Sheffield, except that on one aid* of
llie upper and heavier part ot the
bind* some of ihe roughness of the rasp
si ill remain*. What means are used
by the Esquimaux tc produce auch ra*
suits Mr. Mai hers does not know. But
he has the kuite uud it appear* for it,
eeli. The handle is wrapped wilh white
whale skiu. The kuife ia uaed for culling tuow with whicli to contlruct
their winter houses or Igloo*.
He has two other knives evidently
ordinary kuivre worked over.   They
are used for shaving and shaping wood.
Titer are about three inohe* In length
wiih a straight edge sloping slightly
backward, and ate fastened Into long
crooked handles,    One ol lhe handle*
is the pari ol a rib of ��� whale, and th*
uther* prong of a dear'* horn,   Tin
iiwthud ot using it by grasping tht
handle iu ibe right hand juat above
tlie blad* with th* edge facing toward*
tlw left. Tne knife it therefore worked
bv pushing from the operator,  iuitead
of dra viu.( tu hiin at is the ons* in th*
draw kuife or spoke ibave whiob ar*
-uaed for like work by civilize! peoples.
The long crouked handle of the Esqui
maqx kuil* give* tupport to tbe hand
by letting on ihearin above the elbow.
.   A* giiublat witb e oontrivanoe *t<
tactual tu hasten work I* worthy of a
p.teut.   Th* gimbiet Itself is * mull
four sided awl, about two Inchet In
length.   Tne handle el the awl laa
auiu'lle. whioh work* bet warn a piece
uf wood held io the mouth of th* ops***
ator anil lb* ariicl* to be bored.   The
inuaaiarjt.atotiun ie giveu the gimeiet
by a buw atriiia.   The bow ia of born
a tittle hue than a foot iu ltngih. The
tiring la a jpieoi of loft laaiber.   A
turn of ll* bu�� |ar|ag I* taken, around
th*sidiiilU st-f lb* jfi-uWtit wheu it ia
ida-al iii poailiou iiui by moving lhe
-bow backward aud filrwarde a very
rajsisi inoiiou*' ia itlveuf "** that  th*
gimblet bores very quickly.
An Esquimaux bow is an interesting
teat ur* of the collection. It I* about
four feel in length. It is ihtped io
that about six inobes *l each end is
parallel wiih theatring. only the middle
portion bending outward. Thi* lorm
ia given By the wocd being nioked iu
the back at th* two point* where the
backward baud commences. Th* uiuk
it tilled by a separate piece ut wood
aud the bow i* held iu *httje and el
asticity secured by a brace ol plaited
sinew whioh is carried along th* back
uf lhe bow from end to ond, One of
the arrow* i* tipped with bone md
another with tteel. It li hard to till
whioh io admire most. The bona tip
i* finely worked ami ha* two barbs on
on* tide. The steel tip is barbed on
both tides and the workmanship il
equal to the beat that oun be dons in
civilians Ion.
A three pronged S|war la a peculiar
waajion ol tha collection. It is used
lo kill the animal* whioh are not too
large to be handle I I y one man. The
prong* are ot steel, aal aomewhat
barbed. They are not in line like the
trident wnich Neptune is pictured aa! inonton Bulletin,
holding, but ure disposed in ��� circle.
The ahaft of the epear ia about eight,
feet long, of wood, light and straight
The spear is thrown with the aid of a
throwing atick about eighteen inches
in length, made ot light wood wilh a
bone fixture to catch tlie end of tl.e
The Esquimaux harpoon is another
peculiar weapon of which Mr. Mathers
bas a sample. The handle ia of wood
somewhat shorter than that of the
���pear. The Heel barb ii net iu a short
piece ot bone which fits in tl.e end of
the spear handle. A soft line of whale
���kin it attached to the handle, to whioh
also is attached an inflated bladder.
The other end of the line is attached
to the bone shank of the barb. The
line is so -wound around the handle,
and tl.e loose section aa to hold the
barb in place until the spear is thrown
and the barb finds lodgement under the
���kin of tlie victim. By thia action the
line becoinea Unwound releasing tlie
barb Irom the handle. As the animal
divte the resistance of the bladder
oauses the Hue to unwind altogether
ao that the harpoon, handle aud bladder are at one eud ot the lin* and the
animal with the barb in his flesh at
the other. The tendency of the bind'
der is lu' rise, Thi* keeps th* line
taut, *hd when lha animal rises to
ward the surface the bladder appear*
before ha doe*.. The Esquimaux who
are on the watch, in their kyak*, ar*
thU* given time to reach tha spot before the animal himself appear! io thst
they may attack him with their lances
or loug bladed spears whioh are used
for killing not for throwing.
There are a number of fish books of
Esquimaux mak*. Then are all made
ol one pattern but of different sizes.
The shank of the hook ia of bona and
of the shape of a fiah. The Una is at
taohed through a bole In the tall and
the spike, ot Iron, whioh acts a* a barb
is put through ths head. Usually thi*
i* a wire nail, sharpened and the point
turned up toward* th* bone thank,
The bait is fixed on tba iron poiut, and
if the fiih (wallows th* hook escape 1.
impossible. Mr. Mither* haa * fishing
line of whalebone wilb five small hook*
attached juat a* it we* used by tb*
Esquimaux. Th* Una is sufficiently
pliable for th* purpoa* and 1* wrapped
on a bobbin about eighteen inches lo
A molt peculiar article of persons 1
adornment -1* a pair ot button* like
piece* of Hon* or bone which tr* worn
inserted in slits through th* lower Up.
The article* *r* much lha ship* of a
collar button th* round knob (bowing
through the lip like ambroyo tusks.
They srt slipped iu and out of plao*
without difficulty. Mr. Mathers hss
two pair bl the**. "
He alio has a pair of car ornament!
Which ��re a combination of (hell* and
bead* wonderful to look npon and tear-
to wear.
An Esquimaux drum of parchment
drawn tightly over* hoop having an
Ivory handle ia another corio��ny. Al
though similar to tb* Indian drum it
la thallowtr and differ* In that it i*
held by the handle and I* (truck with
a itick on tk* hoop on tb* revert* aide
inilaad ol being held in one hand
without a htndii and being iiruokon
th* outtidt of the parchment ** j, thr
Indl*n drum.
Th* Esquimaux do net coufln* thtlr
Industry to, object* of utility, The*,
earva imitation* of rarlou* animal* fa
ivory, vary itu*U, but eerily recognisable, Mr. Mai hers bae a number of
A p*ir of Esquimaux boot* and a
pair of gloves are alio intemilng, The
���kin is arranged in broad atrip** altar-
n*t�� whil* and dun ju eulur giving
quite * handsome, appearance. The
tanning, outiing and stitching are all
very well don*.
From tb* Louchieox Iudian* Mr.
Mather* wa* enable io procure any
cunoi of Interest, they apparently de-
tending upon the trader* tor tbeir
iii'C***ari** aud orukitent*. But from
the:Dog Rio and Slav* Indian* of th*
Mnekriiil* *' Fort Norman, Simpiou
snd Providence he waa aid* to procure
a lew ajKcinieni of Inttrnt. On* ol
thai* li a small bee hive *h*ped basket
woven ot cord or thread ' made from
tree root*. The texture I* very dote,
but not cloae snough to hold waler. A
birch bark baikel, a birch bark canoe,
a fi e bag and itnp�� hantbomily marked in beads. Several belts of bud-
work and porcupine quill work and a
part of a sack of moos* pemmlcan.
Not the lead interesting of Mr.
Mather's ourio* hi from nature'* workshop. It i* a small cubs of pure rotk
���alt from a mountain of that*ub*tance
existing near Fort Norman. It I* almost   as   transparent as glaas.-Ed-
H. tdsnlt.th.t H. A��Tls.dS.rr*ntf.r
���f Ladysmlth.
London, Oot. 11.���Tht norm railed
by General Bul ler't t peach ynterdiy
before the King'* Rifles on the South
Alrioan situation continue* to grow..
In hi* remark*, General Buller complained ot general criticism on lha pail
of th* newspaper* regarding tne fighting in South Afrioa, especially those
reflecting upon himself. He admitted
hehad advised Gun. Sir Geo. Whit*
that it would possibly be necessary to
Surrender Ladysmith and said ha would
truer tha publio to judge of tha juat I
liability ol the attack*. The speech I*
the topic of the hour, and lhe atorm
continue* to grow, The apeech i* the
on* topio ot discussion and there is
general anticipation tbat disciplinary
meaeurea will follow unleas Central
Buller himself takes thi advice ol auoh
a Cousarval* supporter ol th* Government ** the Standard, and reaigu*.
The tune uf t he press is generally one
surprised ainaxeinoist at hi* indiscretion. Tbe peopl* of England beve
generally vtuck to him throughout and
his wife's social influence ha* been
powerful and has eveu reached the
It had Leen decided that he would
be elevated to the pierage on th* next
honor list, but it is doubtful now.after
yesterday'* coufission that ho advised
the surrender of Liidyimith���"A
humiliation compared with whicli," a*
the Standard says, "ail other rcvarws
of the war would hav* beeu trivial"���
lhat either lhe Klug or th* people will
continue to favor him.
A man talk! about owning hi* business. But ** a matter of fact hi* buai'
nan own* bim. Hi* Whole lift I*
regulated by the demand* of th* business. The time at wbich he rises, kif
breakfast hour, the time given te ~tlf|f.
are all determined by burin*** obli
nation*. He ruihe* through lunch be-
oauM he "can't spare th* tlm* from
business" to eat leisurely. Hii won't
take a rest because be ii needed at the
(tore or office. He I* in tact an ebio
lute liar* to bualnea*. The reaulie
wbioh follow thie slavery are teen on
every hand. Men dyapetlc, Irritable
uervoui, with drawn face*, and hoi
low eye*, alt at th* desk er lit tabled
th* counter, nntil thry eollapa* in a At
'of ilcknett, er ar* ttkto away by htat.
(ailura. Too** who agonal ���scape tbe
suction* of burin*** **t>l tiad* (rlend
In Dr. Plerc*'* Ooldtq- ft**/*.*) Diicov
ery. It ttrtjtigshiaii tb* eiomaeh, In.
ore**** the *s5tion of the blood-making
glano*. inoieellng the vitality aad phy
ileal vlgije,- Ii makat nun itrong and
prevent* thoee burin*** break dowu*
which to often, terminate ao fatally.
Vancouver, B. O.Oot. ll,-It app**r*
tbat Mr. Joseph Martin wa* not sae-
oeaitul at tba Liberal masting' led!
nlgbt. He wee hlneelt a nomine* for
honorable prwltteni, bat Mr. Robert
Krily, an opponent pi bla view*, wu
eleoi*d,;For the ���rNaldanoy, Mr. H. R.
Oilmeur waa theMirilall* homfa**.
bnt Mr. R. 6, Mopbmoo, ia antl,
witilaoted. -Itw visyt-pratldenti, hoist.'
aver, are ail aIa*ti��liW-l|i ent|rsj��L,
log tbtmleteke efaMtilog-fcvaii
mea, thai badly tAgtUpg tbe yetf,
Who* the Ma-rtlarlM nominated' a
Mralgbt tlokat.' Mr.T, 8. Baxter, tba
ll*aMtuaa>-'-ia a^MUt'liallk. ** Mr. Martiu
promlsaa io nasi* a hot tight tor control at. the meeting un the ith, whin
ittlimtlug <*v*lopmeutt txe anticipat-
sal iu legaal lo tbe parly llnoi question,
IN THE M011C Uill.
'���'��� *���  Or-'.
a tr**i*i*n ��� t ���**)/%***% a
Music Deal-airs,
Calanry, A1U.
Discovery or an Alois*** Certain
Car* for Rh.umatl.in a*4
Kludrad DImsum.
Amongit the greateet dhwoverie* of
the age tor the rdlief of human *uff*r<
ing, p*rh��p* none tab* *o high a place
as Dr.'Glarks'e Little Red Pills. The
formula from which the** pllli are
made wai the mult of many year* of
���tudy and experiment. It I* with th*
gr*ata*t conhdsnee, therefore, that, the
proprietor* place lha** pill* on the
market, and *o aattifled *ro tbey tbat
they will prove a blearing to .uttering
humanity, tbat they tnuke the follow
iug offer:
To any one who ia a .ubject of rhtn
matlim (no matter bow long Handing)
or any blood di*e��*e, ** ���num*rat*d
below, and will give Dr. Clarke** Won
derful Llttl* Red Pill* * fair hnd lin
partial trial and do not find a perfeot
oure, we will refund the money paid
lor th* pill*. If no auMiantlal improvement ii observed w* will In ��ddl-
tion, pay IIO iu cult on satisfactory
evideuce being *upplied ue- to thi*
We have y*t to know, of a ajngl*
case where these wonderful pill* have
not been almost entirely successful in
effecting a oure. CANADA CHEMI
CAL CO, Peterborough, Onl.
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pill* ara a
positive *nd certain oure for 1* grippe,
rhuematiim, aiihma i aralysis, catarrh
ecxema, coughs, backaohe, Indigestion,
ill itomaoh and liver trouble!, femile
oomislaintieven when thediieaaea hav*
been Handing lor many year*, th* moot
stubborn oase* will yield. Prloe 60
cent* per box. For aale by local drug'
gilt*. Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cur* for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clark*'* Snr* Cur*
for Eoxema, lama price. 110 will be
paid for any caw they will net per
manently oure.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for,0��t��rr��h
and Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cure for Ecaema,
same price. Ten dollar* will be paid
for my cane they will not-permanently
A Ntw York d**patoh aayii-The
impmilon grow* thtt Canada will
make a try for America'* cup.
- OS      ���   .
Sewing t* * barinet* it in exacting and
exhautting occupation. Long houn, fin*
work, poor light, unhealthy otiuotpher*
���these tre ouly tome or th* tiling*
which fret the nerves and hurt the general health. Often titer* le e dlsNsMtd
condition of th* womanly ntiiilaa
which cauaea b*ek��s**j* or be*it-m ami
th* working of tke tewing mtchktt
Thoutindt of '
women wbo work
htm -ffrltttn grete-
fal lttttrt to Dr.
a Tjsvorite nrctcrip.
tlen" hit cared
thetr womanly ills
-tad ���atabltahed
their  g*n*r*l
health, "rewrite
Prescription"   **-
talilieh**  regular.
Hy, trim an- .,
Imfty tnd otten-
lansmswtion ahd*
alteration, and
acta' It makei
wnk women
itrong and aict.
wemen well*
BI<*kws*at*ns-sr*!r--tt*4 UsMMltSr.
Matee by Wtbttfim, aad aa svetd the
Pierce'* Cotojauo'Stat*
Advl-arVln^^vSi liSS.
'    of Ji oaa-ciut stanrpt to pay
of cuatomi end niafling *ab,
Vt. 8. V. Were*, 8<jllilo|N, V,
Columbia River L.UMiEM Qo.
. Rr and Spruce lumber,
ALL HMDS OF......    _. ���       , ____&
*������p��� Fir Dimension a Specialty,
h Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kttalt
Largest Capteity In the Mountains.
���r.AD orvicE. - -.
-...'. .,.'<},. *,*,..**
Eleventh Jegr of Ppbli-cation.
Circulates Throughout the District
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine onr list and see if there isanytninf yoa require
in Job Printing;  Wfi rtWNT*:
'    ENVKseWt
m.A. V -
'      T*A    '
'���tteiW, ....
; r,
l-I.*.'**. ���THE ERA, GOLDEN, ft,' *% Octobeb   18, fill,
To tho** who heard Judge Irving'*
chirg* to the jury In Ihsf LsasicUlie eaee
latt week Um following (rom the To*
���onto OJob* will be uf iunreat:
Expirt eeldtjue* has ofuu been .h.r-
aot*r|aal by thi eeuttt io ttrmt cal-
oulatsjd to dltoourtm ii, but aivir,
forbear, mere forcibly thau by Judge
MtcMahon the other day., wben be iold
tht jury atltondpn, after tb*y had
ll��Muedtolb*oplulou* of near)*;-two
eoor* of Mutri* Ib tlle trial bf 0. Uf-
ten far tbt raurd*r ot hi* f*lh��r,.tliat
(belravidanoe w��aof "nooontequtao*"
and that tl.ey might rilmln.t* it ��lto-
gethtr from thtlr ooniidiratio,. ol thi
-"fi***, Brltlah law ia proverbially tw
dssr uf tb* right* ol a man on "trial for
- b|t liberty or hi* iff*, and *o long at
he keep* within the rule* of evid no*
ha will be allowed to be the jndga *��� to
tb* quantity af evidence he ehoulsl of-
fer, but th* weight io bf attache 1 to
th* evidence whea given i�� another
It I* noegnlxtd a* tl.e privilege, and
ptrhapt the duty, of the advocate to
divert th* ttttntlon of the jury from
iusjs>aveni*��t facta by auoh miam ai
he rays> b* tbl*. to command, and no
popular diutedit attaoha* to htm (or
bi* saJom ia tkt* direction, rather the
oppocite. But th* giving ol opinion
evidstne* lu court* of juntos Is not
generally looked upon a* part of tha
burin*** ol a physician or aurssen. It
may ooeaalonally become his duty to
giv* auch evidence, and if be I* wiled
in aa au impartial witness bis erisl.no*
will be reoelved with rwpect.
Put under the existing date of thing*
ii eomai to b* know* that tbt* or thai
pbyeician or lurgeon who may Isappen
to bare a knowledge et and a tait* for
mstdlcal juritprude.-c* 1* open to en
ga-nment a* an expert wltn***. He I*
aoaordlngly employed to euitt th*
count*! lu the jtrtaaratioo ol hi* cite.
or dafenot, sometimte aita betide him
at the trial, prompt* bim in th* oro**-
ezamiaatiou ot the medical wltn*****
on th* other rid*, aad than uktt th*
wltn*** iiau.1 himtaif, tnd often tbo wt
by hi* autwer* and. demeanor that In-
stead ot bring ait impartial aud un*.
Usual witnet*. b* .* to all intents and
purpose* an advocate of the aids by
which h��-it being pajd,   .-  '.���
The ��ulljeot haaaeen. muoh dl*cn***d
ill ibe Uuitad State*, both cinong the
lawyer* ��u.| doctor*, and various rein
seslltM propoied. Perhap. th* only *'���
feutual rauiedy will be an aineiisliiieni
ot lb* law of .vi Jesse, wdmling expert
���visl*iisju*llog*tber iucrinii *l oa.*.,,
���io.pt wbtn called I* by ihe court aud
paid out u( public funila.
JLsthma Cure Free.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Oure in all Cases.
Vttif* Ynr Mmm aid Addreae Flalaly.
-PliaiHtfll I     There is nothing liko Asth-
ItllMliSP malene.   It brings instant re
lief, even in the worst cases.
It cures when all else fails.
Tbe BervO. P., VIkua. ot Vill* Ridge,
III.,, lay*: "Tout trial boi fi* ol Aaihma-
lene teorivN in good Condition, I cannot
t*!l you how thankful I fall for tha good
derived froo) ir.,., I -was* a tlave chained
with putrlsf'iov* tbroit and Athma tor 10
ysMri. I dftapairod it stvvr Ulugcuied
I saw your'adVerllatnient for the cute of
tbi* dreadful end tormenting dl*t*ie,
Aithma, tud thought you had ovcrapoken
yourswlvei, bat resolvtd io givt It a trial.
To my tttonlthineut the trial toied Ilk* .
charm.   Send in* a full liied butti*."
hev. **\k.;m***m wbohsler.
Rabbi ot Cong. Buai Iirael,
'Naw Yonr, Jan. 8, 1901.
Dm, Tart Bnos'. Mbdicmb Co.,
Gentlemen: lour Aathmalenei* In'ex*
cellent remedy (or Asthma and Hay Fe.er
and it* comporition alleviate* all trouble!
whioh combine with Aaihma,   In eucceaa i* astonishing and wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analysed, wa can state that A.thmalene contain* no
opium, morpjiiue, chloroform or ether.   Yours very truly,
Avon Sfatxas, N.Y., Feb. 1,1901.
Dr. Tam Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen.-1 write thi* testimonial froin-a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effect* of Athmalene, for the ours ot Asthma. My-wife ha*
heen affljeted with apitmodio Asthma for ths paet 18 years. paving exhaust
ed my own .kill at well at manv other** I chanced to see your sign upon vour
wlndow*'on 1110th slrett, K*w York, I at once obtained a bottle of A.thmalene,
My wife commenced taking It about the let oi Novomber. I very loon noticed
a railioal improvement. After nai ng ou* bottle her Aithma baa'disappeared
and the it entirely free from all symptom*. I feel tbat I can consistently
recommend lb* medicine to-all Who are afflicted with 'hi*, dissrs-ssing disease.
Your* re.peciively, 0. D, PHELPS, M.D.
Dr. Taft Broc. Medicine Co:
Oentlemen,���I wa* troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerom remedies, bnt they have all failesl I ran acroat your ailvurti��einent
and itarted with a trial hotile. I found reliel at onoe. I have since pi.rehasesi
your lull-site bottle, audi am ever grateful. I have a family of four ohildrei,
and tor *ix year* I w*a unable to work. 1 am now in the heat of health and
am doink bu.ineas every day. This testimony you can make such use of a*
you see ht.   Hume address, 235 Rivington S'reet. S. RAPHAEL'.
6" En��t 1-J9th at, New York City
Ought, it would teem, to give exemption
from Ihe diietiet which prey upon the
retidentt of thichly populated citle*.
Rut there ia no exemption from tlitease,
���nu ** ku counter, *�� is ',',,* citr, vr*.
may see the cheeks grow hollow and the
eye! grow dull while the frame waste.
away with tbat terrible disease, con-
Weak lungt ire made itrong by .the
ute of Dr. Pierce't Oolden Medical Discovery. It curei obtlintte and stubborn
cough*, bronchitis, bleeding of the lungs
tnd other symptom* which, if neglected
or unskillfully treated, terminate fatally
In consumption. The action of Golden
Medical Discovery in tlie curing of wasting disease, is entirely philosophic.
Emaciation, sail consequent lot* of
weight, are among the moot striking
symptoms of what are known as wasting diseases. The body ia not lieing adequately nourished, and the cause of thit
fin hofdelaV.   Write et nhoe. addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDIClNr*
CO, ,9 E����t 1-Wth St, New York City.   ywSOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS
' London, Out. Id!-With -reference to
th* aunouuoanuji't that Turkiih aad
Bulgarian troops are inrroandlug tbe
���bdeetor* ol 111** Stone,*  tbe Globe
**y* it oouslder* that unit** tha movt-
meat i* *u��n*nd*d autil lhe I* eafe out
of the hands of the brigandi, it will
intallibiy end in a .repetition, of the
tiagady la Orvaceduring tbe year 1870,.
when Lord Muucatltr was reltatedin
oidar to negotiate (or a ransom Af
��86,000.   Thia, a* new, an attempt
Wae made to sarrouad tba brigandi,
with tba result that tour gentlemen
o( the aarttwm murtUred.
Lord aad Lady MuMaitir and a
party ol Engllth traveller* were Mind
by Onak bris-jMfeApril 11, 1870, at
Oropoe, gmf.m&Atp.  Lord Man-
Mater and tkatbAa***: th* petty were
sent to treat !W,iM^,000 damanded
������ araniom, Wltafa (na pardon for
tb* brigand*.  Tha latter wire iur-
rouade^k-f Woe*/, aad, la retreating,
.-_..** -a****.* u..*i*Ay Uoyii
*m��^* )^^nnnnn^*\gnyg.^
'. wm
Jlad and
knd oon-
.-l&OgWimt. On
*u*t tbt brigands
*...'-���������:*'-   '
Dtd yim uk th* old man (or bis
Mi\*l*,}'' .-���'-���'
-""  Wi.riOlT.iMi.il..*'.   ,<*v.i*-i*H .��
P m r*ola( td -i-allaaUl.harblglaeita
M the btnefit ef bli (all adverllring.
 j|i!Wt.jwJ-.. 'v-flj'-i-ssi
k*lp.i*iVrMUUia��> it
Twi.li>** r*r l,leen��e to Cat Tlmbar eu
Uomlnln*. I*unsls In tlie . rovlneo
of British (lolnuibln.
Hertli.No. -Sit," la Ise
' Nanaimo, B. C Oot. 11.���It Is an'i
aipated that work will begin in I In
nine at Cumberland, where the ex
plosion sjecurred last *|.Ving. Flooding
i. expected to cess* tomorrow, and
|r paratlons mad* for miner* Mafiinn
in th* U|.|str lavris unaVected by fir.
or floodthir.   The flooded portion, in
SEALER  TENDERS  asldressasl to
"   wsslersignwl slid marked on the envelai -e
"Tenilir for Tiiuber llertli No. 218," lob*
0|-ene.l on the llth November next, will Is*
received at Ihlt Denartnsent until mon oa elude all level* up to No. 8,
Monday, th* llth of November next, for u|
lieeoee to o��t timbtr on Berth No Hi8,co...-
|srising th* North Kltt qutrttr of Section II;
the North Weetqotrttr of twlion Hi tha
teutk half of section 14; tbe Kail half of tbe
North half ef Ih* South West quarter of Me
llon 15, In Towusbip ii. Utng* Iff. We.1 of
the 8th Meridian, lu tbt .bore i'nv.uoi,
coulaining an area of I j03 square miles, more
er less.
Tb* regulation! under wbieh ��liveiu* will
bo iMiu-di aisw priuttd form of tandar and
envelot*. mty.be obtained at Ihia tep��rt-
'���-- -'���itSb* office of lb* trown Tiiuber
iw We.titiln.ter.
tr mutt be teoompanied by tn
...._, cheque ou * chartered bank in
favor of tbe Deputy of the Minister of the
Interior,for the amount tf the bonus whicli
tb* applicant t pieparedtoptyfor* Iksetue.
No tenoer by telegrapl. will be entertained.
Department uf tbe Interior,.
Ottawa, Bepleuiber it, 1001.
'Ti..i.i ' 2.
Mld'dltboro; C��p* Colony, Oot. 11.-
Stnteao* ofdMth hu ban paeaal npon
Commandant Loiter, tb* Cap* Colony
rebel, who** commando, composed al-
moot entirely of rebel*, waa captured
by Major Seobsll south of Peterboro:
early laat nouth.   Lord Kitcbeutr baa ��hey have essurad the unartast Btlitry
Doublt the men are employed now at
Alexandra mine, two abilt* have been
put on instead of one a* formerly. This
afford* work for many miner* thrown
oul uf work by Ih* Extension disaster
The trial ot Roger, and Deaplain for
marooning Jap* during th* fishermen'*
strike on th* Frtser w*�� concluded
lut Fridays After deliberating tor
four hour* the jury brought In * ver-
dlot of "not guilty." The judge charg-
ged strongly against ths priientn.
John P. Qaboook of California will
take up hi* dol let a* flih oommlitioner
in Brltlah sOolumbia about the middle
ot tb* month, end will give particular
a'tration to th* Frarar rivar aalmon,
how! It dan be eolllfated, rither by
haiohirlea or otbar maana, and will
bnld* look after the general fitherle*
ol the provinoe, of which he will make
a eloM (tndp.   Th* mlnl*lry oonrider
oonlimed the Mnttno*.
! i*Xlveof Lotter'* tomradei hav* been
Matsraced to Impilaoatasnt for ill*. One
a yoatb,' haabaMNeaiMMd to tw*nty
MrokM wltfav AWTJo bs followed by
Imprlioamtaiuatlit(-eolCM el the war.
WMM4 a TaM.
The Tramp-Yie'm; I've triad to
ean the drink h*bit. ' -  '
Mre- Oood���You have?
The Tram���Yea" on *C m trjf lag the
faith ear* not*-, atf T4 like to g*t a
olekri to *m It I eould keep withont
^fflft�� * ������������ ;-*h
WwMMi^Woeless Pearl
havt not kid
Hcmh Aiutrloia Rldavjf Cat
' ffcax?,r^^-'^n?r,i
.pSlFrWiranien t*t**%itit.did."
Itrtlitvttlnilxlwun. 14
Sold by C. W. Field.
���xpert In the WMt
Ottawa, Oct. lit ��� Ths Trad** md
Laser Counoil tonight pawed a reiol-
otion txpr-niing regret that Hon. A.
0. Bllir, a mlnltitr of tht Crown, had
taken the initiative In employing
China** labor In Ottawa. Sev*rtl da-
l*��aui Mvarely eritlclMd Mr. Bt*ir,
one loggwting that' ths MongbUin
obmmiselon ba InvlMd to Ottawa to
InvMligate. ,
-.,..- -  - ��� ,- a'
���BMIaWMhssilrsM t*wa *r*
lack of nourilEraeiil is not lack of food
but lick of ability ill the stomach and
tbe other organ* of digestion aud nutii-
tion to prepare the food for the assimilation and nutrition of the body. Dr.
Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery cures
diseases of tlle stomach and the organ*
of digestion ind nutrition, and ao en-
ablet the body to be nourished back to
ttrength' in the only way by which
ttrengtli can come; that ia, by food perfectly digested ansl assimilated.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
la a temperance medicine. It contains
ne tl ohol, neither opium, cocaine ot
any other narcotic.
Accept 110 substitute foraDlacovery."
There it nothing "just it good "for you,
though mtny things may pay the dealer
a larger profit. 4.
"The ftrat day of thin year." write*** Mtn. Kntc
Hehey, of ;ifi fit. Paul Avenue, Milwaukee, Win.
n t caught a henvv colli, wlilclt witled on tiiy
luurn nnd broui-ht on a hcmorrlinge. Prom
thaftlttic on until the first of April 1 bled from
my lung*" five different time*. I waa *o weak
end undone I -cunld only do the liglitrnt work.
The doctor told me I waa goinu; into coiisunip-
tlon, My breatli was abort ami at limes I could
hardlyeet my breath at ��1I. Thin U the ntatc 1
wai.In when-f began to take Doctor Pterce'i
Golden Medical biicoverv. Alter the lirst
bqttU; I wa*mnch letter, and I -could walk two
or three bloekn without trouble. My breath wtu
n& to abort uml 1 wuh much improved, Alter
taking four bottlet I could work nil day, and I
never felt better lu my life I think vonr medicine the bent in the world and I recommend it to
all who ure troubled a* I was."
"I wax tick for about three months, hnd
chills, fcveri nud coiiir':.! n great deal," write"
Mr. W. t. lirowii, of McDearmnn, Jacks-son Co..
Tenn. ��JItwt of my uclifhhors aud friends
t'Kriiffht t had cun mini ptiuii. l was ri-duced in
flesh, and was very wcnk-owlv weighed no
potiuds; my phyttician thought there was little
hope for my reciwcry,
���*lfy wife Went to the store to get some antl*
fthriit, quinine, etc.. for me nud a frieutl of mine
(Mr. W. W. Melienrmnni, who had been taking
l)r. Pierce'a Golden Medical Dlscoverv recom-
mcuded this metticlne for tne, Kiuallv I decided
to use it, after my physician told me that tt
would be good for me. I sent and got oue
bottle and before nil was taken I weighed 149
pounds����� gain of 39 pounds, I nm still takinjr
tbe Golden Medical Discovery, have taken
nearly two bottles, and now we L-h 161 pounds,
wltiali ii more than I ever weighed. I am still
gaining strength and taking the - Discovery,' I
wiith to say that thU Is a recent recovery, that
only two mouths ago I ouly weighed about no
pounds, ���"
"I can and will mnke affidavit to thia mil
statement any time. If you wish to use this as
��� testimonial do ao. ami I will answer aU letters
from inquiring teiTtren.-'
Dr. Pierce'a Comaion Sense Medical
Advieer, -containing 1008 pa-gets, And over
700 illustrations, is sent free on receipt
of stamps to defray expense of customs
and mailing only. Send 31 one-cent
stamps for uie book In paper covers, or
50 cents for the book in cloth binding.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
For flrst-class
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kinds of
Farm Produce
Apply to
Bowden. - - ��� Alta,
Worth 11.00, ���peclally madt to
m.el tbt climatic conottlont of
Wttt.rn Canada, will bt atnt
tre. to .very yearly subscriber
of tbt
Season 1901*1903
Cut out tbli sdv.rtlaam.nt
and forward to Pre. Pi-mi .with
on. dollar and rto.lv* Weekly
Frtt Pnt* tor one year tosesUi-
tr with a bandtsme thermom-
ttct and barometer,
Ottawa. Oct. 11,-Tomorrow'* Manitoba G.Mtte will oontain tha ��iate-
m*nt of the D0.nl.1in finince* toll,*
end of th* firat quarter ol the currei.t
flictl year. Th* rtvenut for tht tl.r.e
monthe had betn |IS,M8,519, and the
Miendltur* 18.088,185. Thi* *how* a
nominal turplu* on ordinary account
of 4ft,M5,SV4. Then I* alto tn entity on eapilal account of- 18,845,778,
whicli it $1,298,787 jjreater than for
th* correapondlna; period t year ago
For th* month of September alone both
revenue and expenditure *how slight
inane*** uver latt year. Th* revenue
tor laat momh it $4.781,456, at agalr.it
$1,541,078 for September, 19C0. The.
eipendlture 1* $2,730,456, as against
$2,677,909. Th* capital exjsenslilure*,
whioh wa* $1,279,485 in 1900, deorea-
red to $858,1162 (or tha month jutt
t\******t-m,M��trail nitattti*ta
laat,1 TM 11* **��plaattr�� an otban-
- Cut* Conltlpilloo,' Sick aad K*rvou��
HradacbsH, XHubMH, laulindt, Heartburn,
Dvtfep.1., Lott of AppMil* and all trouble,
���liilof from llvet dliocdar. 40 pillt 10 cl*.;
too pillt *j eta. i]
Sold by 0. W. FlelJ.
In tnlnarl pbyiloUn, when Mbaaluu*
hu aH-art beta tloag tb. Una tt" tlruig
tonle* ��a blttt*''- (��r -Aomatk troabUa,
enr totMsrlbti vraat bt oaUi t-*ly tabUt
tun, Pr.VealUal Kattpjl* hbltt*
And hi i. only sne of tlioumndi of lhe mediad
Efeuissi whuare "geiiingom of the rm" snd
lag. tin. voniman-Kiisa visi'v of Ihii'sjrt, find
;<Md ot siron* dosss. ar. ptucrilsing sftsr Horn-
sell tr mblsst ami Ihe ills th it ara akiss, thi. pleas-
ant and ..uver failing tra.tn.sm. Evsny day ssct-i
the walls uf pr,Judo�� ctussslillnsr, .nd nature
getting lhe iwounitlun shss met lis���for nalutc a
cun. trt .ureal.   Sixty tablets, 35 sjci.is.-    id
Sold by 0. W, Field.
In making cbolct of a premium fee)
UMlr weekly tot teaoon 1901-02 th*
Fn* Bnk, Winnipeg, have tecured
���osmethtng sjutte out of Hit ordinary.
' Consld-tratlon of th. value to tht
farmen of Western Canada of an accural* thermometer and a reliable
barometer led <to negotiations wtth th*
langtit makers of observatory Instruments and appliances In America,
and aa a result of thoae negotlaMont
there hM been obtained a large number of accurate and reliable combined
thermonnneters and barometers, which
have been tested carefully, after being
made especially to suit the extremes
of climate met with in this country.
Tbe barometer It guaranteed to Indicate atmospheric changes correctly
and the lihei-rnotneter to register temperature! dowsn <o 50 degrees below
These handsome Instruments, Indispensable In every home In Wpsiturn
Oanada, will be sent tree to any psr*
��n forwarding $1.00 tor I'm ���,,.o-.:>
Tre* r.ess.
to vgAriO'
ooaraioHTa Ae.
Anyone aendin* . aketch snd sMserlplloa msr
WiloklJ' saesatuin, tnt, whrtbsr u tn��.ntlon la
ptobsMj p-OsnteM.. Cosnmsnls-sllnss. nrtdlr
ssoost-tssstUL OlasM ****���* forsseufSng p.,.Dta
U. amarw.   W. b��. s Waablisttos on-*..
FaUst. tAtn tbrossb Munn * Ce. rw.IT.
Wl atoMdwav. M.w Tswk.
A despatch frotn London ity*: "We
understand," says the Daily Chronicle,
that owing to friction with the min
Ittry, th* Earl of Minto it not likely
to oouiplet* hi* term*** Governor Oeneral of Canada. II he rtsigns thetp
poiutinent will be offered lo Baron de
Canadiaq Pacific
Railway Am,
Effeetivo Cctober  13tn, 1901.
Tains pa-ss Gcls'en
EAST HOUND,   -   .    15;|0
WESTBOUND,    .   .    10:20
Pitssesigers hooked lo nil Easts ni Caii-
adiuii und united Sums point?,
Berths reserved on Atlantic steamer!*
for passengers to the Old Country.
Direct sflamer sen see from
Austria Mil
Full informal ion aiul II uattated Pair.
plilets furnistie.l on njiplicution.
Gofsl>u, B.C,
A O.P.A ,
Y;ui stouter.'
Dr. Agnew*e Oatarrhal Powder
Ourea all Oroada. It rallevoa
In 10 mlnutu.
Htr* are a few mmet of clergymen ol
different creeds who tre firm believers in Dr.
Agntw't Catarrhal Powder to "live up lo
the preaching" In all it claims: Bishop
Swwtmtn, R*v. Dr. Ungtry (Eplacopillanji
Rtv. Dr. Wlthrow ��nd Rev. Dr. Chtmbert
(Mtthodltt), sud Dr. Newman, all of Toronto, Caatda. Copies of their jersonal
Itlltri for the asking.   50 cents. 17
Sold by C. W. Field.   .
Hon. Mr. Tarte ht* reduced lhe rate
on presi msM.ngM over llie Government lin* lo the Yukon toon, dollar
I er hundred worst*. The s-shle rase
over Ihe G0vwume.1t Iiu* it forty cents-
per ws-srd.
Save Your Snowshce Tag's.
J The most iiopulnr brand of Chetvius
Tobacco in Canada to-day is "���I'ay
ttilL" Every pfugrol " l'*y Boll"
b'tiia "Snowslioe" T*��. Cuitaninria
ahould tav* these tags, as lalnalile
presassi*, iir�� given for tlieni. When
you buy "Pay Boll" Chewing To
bacco, ttk your dealer for our new
illuslriited premium catalogue.        n$
Chilich Services,
if. Paul**   01111111:11 oj< .-'.-aland.
Services every Sunday ut ita in, amf
7:80 p.m, Celel.rntioii of Holy Comuiun-
lon lit nnd 3rd Siindaj s of the month:
after Morning Prayer, ami un Greater'
Feitivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., of*
as may be announced from the chancel.
Sunday School at 2:1)0 p.m.
All are cordially invited 16 attend1
th* services.
C. F. Yatks, Vie**.'
pitEsiivrEitiAx ciiuacn.
Servicl every Siinslav at 7:80 p.m.
SnA'itay School ami Bibfc Class at 8-
p.m. sharp.
Clioir pi-actict tvtry Tlitirsdsy oven-
at 7.
Rbv. V. M. Puifuv. BA��� Pastor.
KRrHOUllil' CUUttUH,
Spv'vif*'s's evorv S'liidu. st't 111< ni nul
7l!l. ,. ft;
SllUdsS.V �����:    ,1   .1  i   -*' '   ..:
II..*.*,. ii   U. LaIULIJI      -���".���.:
Moussft.iii I.sH'ite,.Nss. P. A. V.  It
A.  >l. Jugular 1 1,1 unit ttiont
sbt'gnd Mulitny in Iv.iy month.
Huiuuriiiug Ijiciireu cordially in-'
C H PARSON   Beirtt.rr.
Ir O. 0.  t>.
ttrt'ky Mountain I.nslge he. Hi melt, iaf
OtTdielluwa Hall, fiolslen, every Wedntsd**/
at8 n.m.   Sojiiiirning brelntvn wtlrnmt.
��.|M. rEAKCE, N.O. T. KIKU, Htr,*
IN fHE MATTfelt of sn rp' ltttion foi1
*��� duplicates of t��P I .nilicat.s. ,11 Titie iff-
Lota Is. and III. lilns'-k 4,-Ti.wu t.f ii.,1 eu.
ISO'l'ICE IS 1IEKF.11Y, OIVF.N ila. it is
nl'y intentiou IsViassseat ilieexpinitii'i of ono
...ont). from tlte first, j>iil>lit'atiuii Iser ol two'
Dupliciitois of iht CertiHsntpa ol* Tiiletntb*
al'ovo ssiosltioiicil lots in ths- tisms* nf V illi.,...'
McNeish, which Certiii.'aies are .1. ted lha;
fith day of October, 1MH, and 11 mberev
ISi'JSA and 1W09A retpecthely.
H. V. MauI.f.i .
Dislris'f ll.Kis:rsr.
l..ind Kagiatry Offit*, jSelsiu.i, II.C, S'.rJI
ny ot dsypteinbar, IWIv nl
Assufance Cu.
Of Canada::::
Capital Subscribed tl.C00.0C0 Otf
Capital1 Paid tp      4.rs0.l,00 10
Government Disjiosii      2i>0.U0 10
Ataiet* 1180 to every f'lOOef Lissollit itr
First and Paramount:   '.' AUolus. Sa-
curlsy 10 Policy Holder* "
DIatrlet Agent   ���   ���   l-ieli'ea.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnish** Maatlity to aU loetri of'
Song uct Metlc a vut vokmaol Mew,
Choisn Copyright ComgMlUon* by
14 mtt it nm punt
e.ir vsct, gsuf inir.sM.ui
��� 1 wnegnenen e nvif me ��� -wnju
0*6* a Mealh for *i Oata.
a avlag *t |f .00 ss-ssthly.
Io eo* yur rea |*t amly SN Ptfa ef
--   - 2S2 CsMDtsltt* PssM*
for thi Piano.
It yea *mmat-,*.*-*****iA--Amtf
PT/B Pita* -4 Oss��an Msirm, a* vnm ma*
yet * ten tt tk* Hagutss tie*.
j. w. rime, ***��***,,
itgHth a u��u*t at*., rmi.*.i*hi��, r* GOLDEN,NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY, B.C, FRIDAY.   Octobeb 18. KOl
WANT ANY ?     |
\Vi- have a lartre stock of sec- 1
''     ond hand Engines. Boilers, j
and Sawmill Outtits and will be I
glad to send description uf stnine.
We make a spuciuls y of Isiiild* I
ing cars of any si.., or type lo )
suit requirement*.
We carry a Urue stork of Belling, Valve*, Finings Pipe, Polished Shafting. Ii.js-ot.irs, etc.,
for imniediais- shi|ssnent.
We     iiiauufaotui't    Thawing I
Poii.ia.   Wheels and Axis., and
everyihing    for    thu   northern ,
Wc islsn ciirrv a large Minsk of
S'.*s*l Pisses of nil slits.*, and from j
No Uli guaga to  i * inch thick.
Boiler T,.b s. all sizis S:oiim 1
Pins, tip tss 10 liieh.M,
Your coininiinlsssiIon l.y muil |
will n�� promptly astended 10.
Works, Ltd.!
fincessos-s to
As-sssM.rot.e -Is Morrison,
Maobiniati, Iron Founders,
Blusk��mith>. Hoi.eraak.rs.
VAXt'OCVRR, - ���  ��. o.
Kiss-.-WnOisi.ssiv- On" Tbsisltilnv. tlio 17th
in��t.. in tho Presbyterian rhurch, Oolilon,
by .lie Kev. Mr. McLean, Thus. King; ot
tiio post office Huff, to Minnie, liflli
slniigliUT of tho lute (loo. Woodley.
A verv qniet wedding tuott place in
the l'ss.'sis. letiH.it uhurul. on Thursday
evening, Mr. Thomas King and itii.s
Minnie Woudlev Iseinir unites, for life
l.y the Huv. Mr. Molis-it... Tlio youiiu
co.ij.le hail kept their jni-.ii!ion* a
8-rlet secret, and uoi.e wes-a |srese.��t
ext'sjgt the neces-mry witiiesses. Mr.
it. Stalker and Miss Keuney. Thn
best wishes of the Eua follow tin-
newly wedded pair.
F. M. Barrett
i}:. *faf$/&fortl4<.'--'>rmf$ifel'i*i ���i/^tW--'/l*VA''^
"Town and District.^
I. ���A,,$.r*>v.%V'V-.'*.''&mM*<Q'*^'^'ifV!.-<
Hon. W. C. Wells is expected from
the coast in a few days.
Mrs. Walla and Miss Wells, who
hive been tpsindlng a faw wes-ks vi*it-
inn friends nt Fernieaud Cal/ary, havo
The following was clipped from the
Winnipeg Free Pies. : " F. ,1 Laseelles, ex-M P P , of Oolden. B.C., hns
been sent to an asylum."
R. J. Robinson, mnnnper for flnll
Bros., has --gone up country lo buy
cft'tle. He will bo away about ten
Many of onr rondos* ��ill hu plesssc.l
to learn that ilie Stutt-t New York
Theatre Co are on their wny west
a*sain. They plajed isi Brandon on
thn 1 iii It. Doubtless Ihey will give
Golden a call.
Little Ruth Armstrong, while plny-
iniron Wednesday, h-sd the uiisforlline
to have a heavy gate fill on her.
IsvswkiiiK her leg. Dr. Taylor r��jduo*d
th.fraoinie ami -.lie is ns.w doing as
w-.'ll at can be expocted.
There are indict ions lhat the Golden-
Wimljermere i.laiiraph Hue will soon
bss ready for hsisincss. as Mr. Y. F.
Dunn, lase night 0|is*rstor of the C. P.
It., has been appointed lo take charge
of ihe tip couinry ticker.
A ntimlier of men. who have la-en
alNil'lnu the riglit-of wav on tho new
cut*olT.at Otlertiiil. were in .own this
week. Thev wero offered work wish
pick nnd shovel, hut being .timber men
pivferrod lo secure more congenial
In hor,
Mr Pellnw Hurt-ay', who ia going to
the Old ('oun'r. to look after the bus!
ness of hia Hrm there, wa-t p'eseiitsi!
hy lhe Vancouter Buanl of Trade with
a handsome gold watch and chain as
a memento of hit connection with llnu
l,onia W. Oould will leave November 1st., for Vernon, whero lie ha*
sesvsred a good position iu thn com
' |.,i..i.g room of ih* Vernon News,
���**L<si ie" v. ill lie much mimed in junior
.'li'efin circle*, and carries with hiin
th'jWai Wishes of the community.
Sheriff Redgr tve lis. been bewailing
ths) fact that for the ptsi few  months
noise of. hit prisoners hnve been able to
waik.   thia cans* of complaint   hat
bs-sin removi-d. a* on Tsse.day: H R,
Mqndi*. J.P., lent Mnok Jo* to jail for
Inlay days, and thereby hangs a tale.
On Tuesday   morning,  ��.  Mr. Smith
wa' sweeping out  Mr.  La Montatttie's
tonsorial parlor, Mack appe:.,rs*d at the
d,j���r. ami endeavored lo wipe out some
funded   gVli-viiiice. by   *   fiisllade of
roj'.kn.. flinlsh.   taken 'unawares,   re*
lented ihl�� tre*tin��nt. aii't t!".mnts-d
to 'alio"" Mii"*< awai with tho broom.
Thi* reahLed  lij -. Msifk   profm-lne: a
|sr p. nhis"! aind" making "'*fton��  and
�����*,dir*��*W*d��<��siiiUi��.ra|IOiia with It,
b��� Hilf. (T ,ilrKilfi��li*!t��a��l ,lw * Ita a IrernaHm
Mr V F. rit\^^*hoi*oilti\n,*tt.
(..i^n^ft^^^^r'Tiiatlal and
**\..,o f* nr-nta ^**1;i**l".��*; 'Hi.,
We puhiish the foi owing letter com
|.leie with i Ik* single exception of reference mad. lo lhe batile w Inch the contingent aiittnged iu on July 11. It hav
Ing already been publish in th* letter
written lo Mr. Morgan :
Vereeniging. 8.A., Aug. SKI, '01
Mk. W. W. Roukks:
Dear Sir ami Friend,-1 again lake
pleasure iu writing a few linos to lei
you know that ail is well. I teceived
a co|.y of the Goideu EltA ihe oilier
day, which was much n|��|ireuiiited, n-
rci.di.ig mailer is rutinr source a
times. 1 saw by it that you uot mv
Inst letter nil O.K. We have hnd several engagements pli.ee I wrote last all,.
some casualties, but, all hough I say i'
in.self, we luuile a very crodital.lt-
ivcord, I iiiohii Trdpp 17. The worst
cutting uj. we got waa on July 11.1.
* * * Hsrry Sjsroule'a gri.
in litis enuagenient cost him his life.
He was ordered lo give up his arms
bin histoid he oovered the Boer wilh
his gun and was instantly killed liy a
litillt-t shot from behind. The hullo
went tlii'oulrh his head. It seems ver.
snd lo see .tour comrades shot down
Ihs.ide you, especially when a person is
well acquainted wilh thein. On lhe
I2ili we laid thein away. Five funerals in one day seemed quite n lot to
sne, but, all things considered, we cum.
off 1 in ky.
Ynu will see that wa have moved
since I wrote last. Wu are now near
she border of the Orange River Colony
and quite close to Vaal liver. There
ara j.lenty of Boers around, hut We
have, oi,ly had one smell skirmish since
coining here. _The New Zenlanders
have come out and brought some anil
lery to try nnd nud slislolgs. them as
hey have a sri'sini>linld about five miles
from us. On iheir wny in from town
they espied two Boers making for a
house, so they threw a ��hell into i',
ami all lhat could Ise found of Messrs,
Boers wa* one fool and a I.ok of hai'..
We have built two fori*, since we
arrivs-fl. We christened one Fort Colnmbia and tha other Fori Vancouter.
in honor of the province wo represent*
We ure about In miles {rem VsTaeuii.t;,
that I* the nearest railway nation,
We are liesiile a creek known as Reid
Sprint. There is uo bnsineis going on
of*nyaMan..i hem, exceit soldering,
and there 1* |denty of that. Hedley
Dart had a hard time ol it for a long
time He had the fever and wa* In
Hi* hnpii.l for litre, months'; but has
fully recovered and returned to,duty.
A. Collin, has also recovered but I*
still weak. Heoxpsct. to he ou duty
in a few days. Collins mel his brother
out here. He did not know ba was
hern hut ran across hiin accidentally.
lie (il.e brnther) is on one of the armoured train*.
The win'iT is ahoiii over and spring
is commit on and also the wet season.
1 am informed by those who hav*
lived here for some years,that it geu
.'.ally p.ins for abosst three months
almost iiict'ianmly, so I guess we will
gel seine good ducking. But wl* are
pretty well prepared for it a. svur
trenches are onered wi' Is corrugated
iron, which makes a very good roof.
We deep in I he trenches every night
I am on guard twine a week and on
Cossack post once, which siousiitnies
ihe principal work we have. I like
joh lor it is exciting and it I* quite
common io have some sniping when
nut on Cossack |sost, loir that is abont
two miles from lhe main fort, and
.sometimes we hate io run tor it, but I
have a good horse and can throw dnst
in most of their eye*, Don't suppose
from this that we ran from equal
number**, but ou Cossack jsost ws art
alone. I cat. o.vsily stand off three o:
four if I see ths in coining, hit when
then nro mor. thnn lhat I can't sraml
their work, Inr tliey hav* * disagree
able habit of makij.g you ink* off your
oluthes aud .ending )uu home clad it,
ih. one.! ilia, nature provides. Of
course tho wont her is not very cold so
it f. not so bad ss it might ha.
I think 1 will clause as it is near
noon ami 1 na.e to tackle some liard
sack.    Be*., rospccij. lv.il ihu boy.-, eiu,
.... Wm, Maube,
No. 17 Troop.  A Div.sio.s,  sS. A. C���
Kriigfjisj.oi'|i. Transvaal, 8.A.
The .-Shamrocks uf .Montreal, defeated
sheY. M '���.'. \. I;ser-s-s���� teaso of Van-
msn ver, with (fvi.t.imight games.
Munufaetm-es ftnti Carries in stock Lumber Humes*-,
Farm Harness. Double Carriage Harness, Single Itaggy
Harness. Stock Saddles, Ladles' Sido Saddlto Haltei-s, Riding Bridies, Riding Whlpi, Buggy Whips, t'attle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pa*,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. IJoots and Shoes of all kindss
made to order.   Leather good's of ail kindH ropnired.   *
Prices right. Mail orders of alt kinds i-ccpive prompt
mm cash,
We will give the above reward to any perton who will correctly trranjj* the I
11 the namet of three Oanadi��n cities. Ute tech latter bald
, tabove letten to spell tl
onoe.' Tryit. W* will positively giv* th* money away, and you ttayUth*
I 'fortunate psjrton. Should there ba DH>r* than 1 ret ol eorrett ituwan, thai
money will be divided equally. Ibr Instance thonld 6 penoa* tend in ooneett)
answers, each will receive MO i ihould 10 persons **nd ijj ooneet answiia.J
l 'euh will receive $20 ; twenty perton*, flOeach.   We do thi* to introf
i lour firm and goods we handle ai quickly a* pottible. BEND NO MOB,
WITH YOUR ANSWER.. Thii !��� a FREE contett. A port card will i
I -niwe who h.r. col r����iTrt-mnbl--l'torn other conU.tt.-lrf thi. oat.
Lumbermen's and Miners' Clothing.
.00 Too Much.
\k/F have $15,000.00 too much
"" Stock whioh we we going
io turn into Cf*h. In the . . .  .
Vte are marking right down to
G03t, and nunny lines under
obst in order to make a quick
We will have the goods marked down
and ready for your inspection
,<,**���&iyfiYivt^,*-*�����. ,-rcs,,vt*-.,n\Mix,yL^y4it**rt-lm
i -���*)
if tosf\
/ kj i%jn i
/ ftMA^MeWll
/ g ij i|ioj %._m4m 1
1   net '""���' "���"'It-I"   -nn\\ m
W        jl
""���t, Jt
ii -'QI
<      ii m ��
hj M
Look for the stamp "Carss Mackinaw" on
every garment    Not genuine without stamp.
Tenders for License to Oat Timber on
Dominion Lands In the 1 rovlne*
of British Colnmblu.
SKAI.KI) TENDERS addresses! to the
imslorsieuosl mid iiiiirkedoiitheenveliit-e
"Tender for rinilmr llerth No. 277," In ise
o|��ned on the llth November, 11*01, will he
received nt this Department until noon on
Moisli'v, the llth of November next, fer a
license to cut timber on Herlh No 277, com-
priaiiiir those rsiriions lyinjr South of Ihe
I'oliiuibie river, of the following lauds, vis.:
The South Enst qusrtar tnd .Sort!. Wast
quarter nf soctlon 8, the South West quarter
of section 17. ami IhelNorili VI esl quarter and
South East quarter of .Sstvlkm IH, TowntMp
i\ llsnire HO; also the North lialf of the
North Esstqsiaiterof Soctlon 181 the South
Knst q.utrter and North Iwlf of the South
West quarter of Section Mi snd the North
Ksst quarter of section Id. Townsl. p �����,
lluiijra 21, all West of the Mh Meridian-, lu
the above province, contsiulnjr an area of
nlsiutl.2s.Miuitreii.iles., n
The reirulstloiia nniler which alicens* will
lw issued; alao |.riutesl torn.. of tender and
eiivol,'|ie, mny Ise obtained al this Deitnrt-
itie.it or ��t 111* oflice of the Crown Timber
Aiteut at New Westminster.        ',.."."
Each tohsler smist be nccoinrjanlod by Ml
accepted cheque on a charlereil bsiib ...
favor ofthe Deputy of the Miuitter of the
Interior, for tlie amount >,f In* bonus which
the ap'ilii-ant is pseparedto jiay fora hceiuse.
Nu tender bytelM��phwiflb**ntei*laiiii-J.
rmU*. 0. KEVE8,    ...
Dttnariinent of tlie Interler, _.'.���,
Ottawa, September 87, IWI.
Hurdiera and StsMk Breeders.
It will Intereat the farmen aud stock
breeders of Oanada to know mat Mr.
J. B. Spencer, who haa been (or seven
year* aaaooiats editor ot th* ,f araier'a
Advocate," ha* been ttouted by tii*
Family Herald and Weekly Star, at
Montreal, and will in future bt idei.il-
di.1 with tills. Att.'iouUuiiil uwUmutbl     flMt H sk ftTstat ail
unit j*i-a.t.pallet.   Mr. SpsnoDr  is-.if'-' ��� :f~*1;* *��� ^r?"
'Ismognizod sothority in aU branch** ft..' ��y^?��Ei.*J�� .i-t^itlS*
-f,,rm work, and the Family H>m>{<f*in4 ^iJlJi^*^l*?Sba?^-'2!SS
Weekly Star will more th so ever, �� -irk. for it by bujisg isikr��.
consWered  the fawaei-'e* 1 msssi.   The -alis^arets-j^w.our'
Famsly Herald l��|gtt f^f^^'1^^
on thi* -uiqiilaiil-i*.!* th Ir alrs-ady i3.i^;��-��ta*��tuii*oiy-*t|JT
able stslf, snd Mr.Vmanie*r nlso In his cureaforn..   v��ifjjlv��lt��*-
sjoiihssmlnn wtt-K'tha Irtdlns* issiier of d-"0B-   *5en"-'''
the BORtlneill. i Sold by 0, W. Pllid.,
Assignment Notice.
PURSUANT to the" Creditor's Trutt Deed
"��� Art. 1001, notice is hereby aiven tbat
llichn,*d W. Pstmore, of Goldsn, Brltlth Col
innlsia, Merchant, hns by deed dated the 10t4i
dny of October, 1UJI, assigned all his ptr-
soiiiil estate, credits aud effects, which msy
be sells* 1 and sold wider elocution, and all
his rail estate to Thon-ss O'Brien, of Uolden
sforessld.btrrister at law, in trust for the
general benelit of bis -creditor.. The Mid
deed wss executed by the mid sasiirnor snd
lhe said trustee, on the 10th day of October,
1001. All persons, firms and corporation,
hiving* claimi against tht said Wcbard W.
Patmore ar* required to forward lathe under-
signed full parliculirt of thtlr claims, duly
verlHal, and th* nahtr. of uvsirltlsH (If	
held DT thsMU, o
November, 1001
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
. *-&
their claimi
 swuritits (!
.eld DT thsm, on or before lb* loth
"nveniber. 1001
And notice it hereby given thai ��ft*r Ih*
lay ef
IMhdayofN.vewiw.iMI, 111* tmatee will
proceed to distribatt tht suet, of tb* etlale
tinsHig th* ptrllet entitled thtrtlo, biAimr
regard only to th. claims of which the slid
trust*! thall then hav* bad. notice, aid that
th* said trust** will not b* r**p��Btibl* for the
asset! thereof, or tny part thereof, so dlsv
tiilmtai to my person or ptrsoni, firm or
corisotatbttu, of whose debt or claim b* shall
not have Imd notice.
. A meeting of the creditor, will be bald tt
the oflice oftht undersigned at Ooldsn, B.C.,
on the 28th day of October, 1901, at the boor
of 10 o'clock in th* foreiiosm; ��.�� decide at lo
the beat manner uf dl.wo.lng pf Iheattate.
A further meeting of W creditor* will be
held It ih* same puce on lhe Illst November,
it 10 o'clock t.m., lo consider the trnitert
statwueul wid report.
Dated at Ooldtn, B.C., tbit 10th dty of
It i* now *aid tbat Oecil Bhodsa I*
the one who brought about the dii-
greceof Class. Dollar.
Send Your Money 0# Townf
But for*
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At rssasonable prices, call on
the   '
W. t*u.pyt H����v*rf, F.CA, Myl.11,11;
Oani. U.a*.A.trr, AJa.S.M.,XIH.M
-,S..i*fHtiir OaikAK, AiE.B.M.F.t3,*     :
Fraelaelal A***r*-***
Beporfaoh -ailaea
urgliilatld Milling 3
\ v�� ���;'      -<-^r' '*
^) ViBtwla-iO^UY:
{     (aiippipjf .fftgi may tie ltad tree at the ffcA Ottee.


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