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The Golden Era Feb 25, 1898

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 The Oolden Era
Is th* most widely circulated and
hast advertising medium iu East
Kootenay. This it the paper that
is read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance	
Map of (ioldeo
Mining Division
By V. C. I.sng...
On  recoipt of 91 copies of this v.ImI.1*
map nill be lunik-1 by
The Golden Era Company L'ld. I.bv..
Golden, II. I.
VOL VII. NO. 30.
$2 Per Yeah
General $ merchant,
Mining Emigration
From the States
Is the next thing
On my programme.
Bound for British Columbia and the Yukon.
They Have it in the
Golden Era Air
They Want to Know About the
Resources of the Country.
The <arcate��t Mineral Route
���a Earth.
In order to
Reduce Present Stock
and to make
Room (or Spring Goods
Specially Low Prices
will be given
on many articles.
Particularly on
Glassware and
and DRUGS.
These goods must be cleared
. . Agent For . .
PIhbmx of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+   +
The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
+ +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co.. of Ontario.
+ +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company
First OUu Wegon Bond for S50 Mtlei,
With Open Country���Plenty of
Feed and Game-The Poor
Man'*   Rente,
We are advised from the neighbouring States that there will be an unprecedented influx of prospectors this season from the statesof Montana, Idaho,
and Washington. The sold discoveries
in the Yukon hare pointed to British
Columbia and the Yukon as the Eldorado which thesj prospectors will seek.
Nothing can can change their course
in their search for the yellow metal.
What they want to know is where it
is best to go and how to get there.
They have written to us asking us to
tell them all about the merits of the
Oolden Era Air Line from the
United States Boundary north. We
have gone to some trouble to compile
the following information, which is
absolutely authentic as far as we
can get it so. A large number of
extra copies of the EltA have been for
warded to the cities of Missoula, Hoi
ena. Butte, Spokane, Garfield, aud
Walla Walla for distribution amongst
the gold seekers. This will doubtless
lead to a great influx of prospectors
into the country north and south of
Oolden next season. Thero is pleuty
of room. There are hundreds of miles
of unexplored territory, all giving
evidence of being rich in mineral
wealth, onlv awaiting discovery by
the dauntless prospector.
350   MILKS
just as well and as cheaply as at Spo
kane, as showu by tlm following extract from the reply we received from
the gentleman in question. Ue says*
"It made them feel bad when I let them
see prices as low as Spokane, and
freight and duty off, while if they were
outfitted here it would cost 30 per cent
duty and freight 350 miles. It was a
hard blow."
An important feature to the prospector is that he can defend on getting
fresh food on his travels, and that he
shall be ensured abundauce of fodder
for his horses. The Columbia Valley
route possesses these advantages to the
fullest extent. Fish abound in the
lakes, streams and rivers Geese and
ducks are plentiful. Deer and othei
first c'ass food animals are to be had
from time to time. For horses thei
is abundance of feed, and that of the
most nutritious character, from April
till November, while if the prospector
wishes to camp out fur the winter he
can easily provide good winter
quarters for himself and his animals
almost anywhere on tho route. In
October great crops of hay may b(? cut
anywhere in the great valley west of
the Rocky Mountains, and thus when
the winter breaks up the prospector, if
he does not wish to lose time by
returning to civilisation, may
continue on his expedition without
having to coma out for the winter.
day, and tho capitalists who are rushing to West Koutenav and neglecting
this portion of the country will one
day regret their mistake. As an instance the only developed mine, the
Bennfson Group, has over $4,000,000
worth of ore in sight already, and
goodness knows how much more exists in a block that is nothing less
than a mass of rich mineral veius.
The whole of this country has excel- ,
lent access by water up the Columbia j
River and is within a few miles of the
railway line at Golden.   The country,
Development work has been suspended on the Sunday claim till the snow
Thirty-four miners licenses were
issued at Golden from January 1st to
February iCtb.
T,   A.   Knowlton,   of Foster, P. Q.,
and W   It. Lindsay, of  London, Ont.,
will arri inve Golden about the middle
I of April to push uu operations   on   the
. i .. i    mining   properties   in   which they are
too. is much more opeu and acce��stl>l���i  intereated
than   West   Kootenay
superior   advantages
and offers fi
^^^^ pros [lectors.
Canyon Creek, [or instance, is within
five miles of Gulden and passes through
country on which gold   prospects were
M. Dainard returned on Saturday
from a visit to tho Bonnison Group to
measure up the tunneling contract.
He had a terrihle trip in heavy   snow*
located years ago that gave $16 to $301 storms.   The contractors have driven
to the ton.    These locations have been ! the low level tunm 1 in 166 feet G Inches
The advantages of the Columbia
Valley route between the United States
boundary and the Yukon then are t hese.
There is a first class wagon road to
���tart with which runs a length of 350
miles from the American boundary to
Oolden, which town is situated at the
head of navigation on the Columbia
River, and the Canadian Pacific
Railway. This road therefore
really covers a quarter of the
distance between the American
boundary and the Yukon. Sucha highway is an immense advantage to start
with. It passes through a rich mineral country all the way, much of
which is still unexplored. Prospecting has been very active around Fort
Steele during the past two seasons, so
that we don't think there is much left
in that neighbourhood but what has
been discovered. The fact, however,
that, according to the estimate of Mr.
J. T, Galbraith, J. P., of Fort Steele,
who ought to know, $35,000,000 of
placer gold was taken out of Wild
Horse Creek alone,affords indisputable
evidence of the prospective wealth of
that country. That was a richer find
than has ever been struck on the
Yukon, and the disadvantages and
difficulties of access to the Wild Horse
were greater in those days than they
now are for exploring the whole area
of country between Golden and the
In addition to the advantages of
such an excellent road tostart on the first
360 miles of his journey and lying
through a rich mineral country all the
way, the miner and prospector has
also this primary advantage, that he
can get his supplies as he comes along
at reasonable prices. The towns of
Wardner, Fort Steals. Windermere,
Oolden, Donald and Field, with the
stopping places at Wasa, Canal Flat,
McKay's Ranch, Shorty's, Spillimaoh-
ene, Hog Ranch and Carbonate, place
him within easy reach of civilization
over all the distance of this 310 miles.
Plenty of horses are to be had at rea%|
sonable rates on this side of the line,
and purchasing here will save the
duty* At Oolden, before entering into
the northern country, the prospector
can get a complete outfit, and thus
SA7S freight or packing and duty. A
gsntleman who Is organising an expedition from 8pokane for the Yukon
by way of Columbia Valley recently
wrote ns, asking for Information as to
prices, and how far the expedition
could be outfitted in Golden. We obtained the information showing that
prospectors can be outfitted at Oolden
We now come to consider the resources of this great Columbia Valley
and its extensions to the noith as far
as these resources have been proved hy
prospecting and development. Coming
up the Kootenay River from the American boundary we have on the right
the Rocky Mountains. While further
north these mountains largely consist
of limestone, which is unfavorable for
mineral deposits, it is different between
Canal Flat and the American boundary. There the flank ranges consist
largely of porphyrias which give the
rich n.imjral deposits of Colorado, and
were douhtiess the source of the great
deposit of gold which was discovered
in Wild Horse Crook. The other
creeks (lowing from the same range
bear more or less indications of gold.
Bull River, Tracey Creek and WaSft
Creek all curry placer gold more or
less, and soma rich quartz deposits
have been found and are likely to be
operated shortly. On thn left side
is the Selkirk range, which is really
tbe "Mother lode" of the rich mineral
deposits of British Columbia. Ou both
its eastern and western slopes this
range literally teems with mineral
wealth so far as it has been prospected, and its extent is so vast that it
will take years, with thousands of
prospectors continuously at work, to
thoroughly explore it. This range
runs in unbroken length from the Ai
erican boundary to the Big Bend of
the Columbia, a distance of 450 to 500
miles. Near Fort Steele it carries tho
celebrated North Star and St. Eugene
mines, with many others which are
coming into prominence. The streams
flowing from this range are also gold
bearing. Rich strikes have been made
on Nigger and Weaver Creeks, and we
notice that Perry Creek is now to be
worked for its placer gold. St.
Mary's iB also reported to
be gold bearing. Then we
come to a regular line of streams arer-
aging about 30 miles in long'.h, which
are either gold bearing themselves, or
pass through rich mineral country
which has been prospected to some
extent. These streams are ns follows: Skookum-Chuck, Dutch, Find-
lay, Toby, Horse Thief, No. 2, Bugaboo, Spillimachene, Canyon, Quarts,
po'cupinc, Beaver and Bear Creeks,
with their numerous tributaries.
After tho last season tho rush of
prospectors to Fort Steele, thinking
that part of the country had been
pretty well prospected, made for Skoo-
itura-Chuok, Dutch and Tohy Creeks,
where many promising leads wero discovered and numerous locations were
made. The discoveries consisted mainly of the most valuable class of ores,
gold and copper, with occasional leads
of galena. There is evory evidence that
Windermere will be a great gold and
copper camp, and there is a great field
of unexplored country here open for
the prospector. Find lay Creek has excellent placer prospects but few locations have ye* been made on this
creek, though it is a moral certainty
that it Hows through mineral country
whioh will give every prospect of making gold finds. Horse Thief country
is comparatively unexplored and the
copper prospects so far found in that
vicinity beat anything that has been
discovered in East Kootenay. Similar
indications have been found on No, 2
Creek, where the leads are strong.
Bugaboo carries large quarts leads,
which are sure to hold considerable
gold, and at the head of this creek
some very large galena veins have
been developed. The Spill imachene
drains an immense area of country,
nnd there are no bettor prospects any-
wheie than in this district, which,
though not a virgin one for the prospector, has stilt an immense amount
of territory unexplored. On the Burns,
Cariboo, International and Benmson
Basins the prospects are such as are
not excelled in British Columbia to*
allowed to lapse aud remain open to
tho first prospectors who choose to
re-locate them. Within such convenient distance of the railway, locations
here ought to bo specially valuable
wilh the returns which these are reported to have given.
Then on the Rocky Mountain side
we have tho mineral districts of Otter-
tail nud Field, where prospects second
to nono have boen found. This district, we believe, is yet destined to
turn out some of the richest mines to
he found anywhere. While the ore ar
Field is low grade and zincy t s
an enormous body of it. The Ottertail
prospects on the other hand show high
grade ore and the mother lead of
the numerous excellent prospects here
waits to bring fortune to the lucky discoverer that is to be.
North of the C. P. R. line good gold
and copper prospects have been found
in the Rocky Mountains. Further on,
in tho vicinity of Donald, big promising Ifjads havo been located, including
on the Bluewater one of the richest
prospects yet discovered in East Kootenay ore assaying $Ij00 to the ton.
Very little prospecting has been done
in this locality. Right through this
country, whose resources we have reviewed, the prospector is within
easy reach of first class roads and
trails at every point of his journey.
Now we come to a country which is
already famous in the history of the
goldmining of the sixties. Wo refer to I
the Big Bend of the Columbia, which'
produced as rich placers as the best of
the Yukon, and has been very little;
worked since that time. Many eyes;
havo been turned to this region with a
view to prospecting it but it has
hitherto boen somewhat difficult of
access.    It is, however,   being   again ���
nd the crosscu: o.i feet 10 inches.
The Gold Commissioner has received
word from tho Minister of Mines that
claims cannot be lumped together in
advertising notices of application for
certificate of improvement, but each
claim must be advertised separately
both in iho Gazette and one local
Kaslo held a big mflSS meeting on
Saturday night und strongly condemned \V. A. CarlyloN prososed changes to
the mineral act, with respect to the location, life and assessment work of a
claim. The verdict was that the prospector should not have his privileges
According to popular report Mr. Cnr-
lyle may he succeeded by Mr. M. A.
Buoke, of Kaslo, a mining engineer of
extended experience and a well grounded
reputation for honesty, but the Province says Mr. Bucko will not get the
position without having to fight for It,
as the claims of several others are being pressed by their friends.
Mining in the Golden district of
East Kootenay ha-* received distinct
encouragement by the sale of three
claims on the Bugaboo, owned by Dr.
Langis. of Vancouver,for $83,000< Seen
by a "News'Advertiser" representative
Dr. Langis said a deposit had been
paid and tlit remainder of the money
was to he handed over in iuslnl itents
between now and July 1st, 1899. Tho
purchaser is an English syndicate,
rhe claims ore near Golden and Dr.
Langis hits done considerable develop-
ment work on thein. A Mind lias been
sunk <>0 feet and thero are three tunnel-, aggregating 70 feet in length.
At the close of the C. P. R. directors meeting   Vice-President   Shaugh-
Hcinzefor the transfer of his railway
and smelting interests in the Kootenay
district to the C. P R.. had been completed. The C. P. R.. ho said, was not
going into the smelting business tu
make money out of it. The company
realized that in order to make mining
of lower grades abounding in theKoot-
enay district profitable, it would he necessary to give miners much cheaper
mens of getting out ore. It wo; Id
therefore provide facilities for the miners at what they cost. If the C. P. R.
carry out this policy they will render
a gioat service tc the mining interests.
News in Brief.
prospected, and tho fact that the Pro- j nessy announced that the deal with
vincial Government intend re-ope; ing
the Moberley Trail from Donald to
Canoe River will make this section
just as easily accessible as any which
we have traversed. The trail is passable now when the snow goes witli tho
trouble of chopping fallen timber on
the trail but it will be cleared out aud
put iu proper order first thing in the
Another course, however, is to get
boats built at Golden and float with
the current right to Canoe River nt
the apex of the Big Bend a distince of
80 miles. There is a mine at Kin-
basket Ltlte, about half wav, which is
being developed by the Golden and
Fort StealeCompany.affording i nother
evidence that t! s country through
which we have passed is a vast mineral belt, awaiting the resoarches of
the prospector to reveal its hidden
treasures. The trip by boat from Golden to theBig Bend is a comparatively
easy one. as the traveller has the current with him, and will only havo
three short portages over the whole
distance. By having his supplies sent
by mil to Beaver he can save thB
worst of these portages altogether and I
would have no difficulty in getting the
emp'y boat ever tho rapids.
Canoe River takos tho prospector
from the Columbia River at the Big
Bend into the heart of the Cariboo
country, so celebrated in the gold mining history of British Columbia, Sir
William Dawson, the eminent geologist and mining authority, says  thero
Indian killed nt Savonas in drunken
States of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois are practically snow bound.
Young lady burst blood vessel while
skating at Toronto, and died suddenly.
The French
are invading
A man hns
, ,iy that thoir forces
ritish    territory   in
bean murdered
Crow's Nest Road by Fred
keeper of a whisky dive.
The dwelling of James Arthurs, of
Rama   township,   near   Orillia,   was
burned.    Mrs. Arthurs and  two  sons
wero burned to death.    Agnes,  an   18
is not a stream that does not carry its  year   old   daughter,   was  frightfully
sands   of   yellow  gold, and while the burned aud iu not expect* d to live.
western slopes have been well prospec
ted hardly a gold hunter hat ever gone
on an expedition along the eastern slopes, which are almost certain   to   contain   some   of the  fabu-
Contitm��Nl an page 4
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rettiOiuibio, established house in British Col-
unil'i.i. Monthly 865.00 ami expenses, Posi��
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To Advert Iters and  Subscriber*-..
The  GOl-DEN KUA  .a nubllBlwd every
the best udvortiiing
oic-nay district,
*?*,G0 jrer annum in
tion wild stories and misleading statements of its wealth and of the facilities
in getting there. We might go further
through the dreary list; but these instances are enough to show that the
profit from the Klondike will go to
those who are interested in getting
people there, without regard to what
may become of them afterwards."
OUR   Stores,   Cellars   and
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Meantime the transportation companies
Friday evening.   It is the best advertising (continue to boom the region bycircula-
medium in the Bast Kootenay district,
Subscription Mates
Alterations ami changes of standing advertisements must he in n." office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, bul
casual advertisements will le received up till
noon on Friday,
White all reasonable care will he taken, the
proprietor!* wifi not bo responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement
All accounts to he paid tu the Managing
Director,or his authorized agent,from whom
the company's receipt will he obtained.
Advertising rales: Display ads,, 81.50 per
column inch; Leg lads., 10 cents per line
for first insertion, 6 cents for each additional
insertion; Keading notices, 12 cents per line
each issuo,
All business communications should he addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should he addressed to the
Correspondence is invited ou matters of
public in forest, hut to secure publication
such letters must ho brief, In tho cose of
anonymous letters the name and address of
the writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but tor the private information of the
ed h'n und as a guarantee of good faith, Auv
letter received later than Wednesday will
llUVO to stand over till the following issue.
Ihe iialikii [fa
Oi fice, Golden, b. o.
CVhtf OSolbnt (&va
(Edited   hy E. A. HA<K>BN.)
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Geo. B. McDermot,
General Merchant*
We havo just been studying the
financial statement of the Province as
presented by Premier Turner. This
Sta* eaten t shaws the Province to be in
a serious position financially. Its
liabilities exceed its assets by $4,284,-
014. The treasurer balances up his account, to make a decent showing by
putting in the deficit on the credit side
as the value of tho Province of British Columbia. That, however, is a
very doubtful asset, as the Turner-
Pooley crowd have long since put
up over the Province the label "To be
given away to tho highest and most
notorious jobbers." The result is that
we have the Canal Plat and B. C.
Southern swindles in East Kootenay,
and tbo C. P. R., Oorbin, Unitize
Dunsmttlr and Ca��star grants till by
the lime a few more similar grants
have b;*en given there will be nothing
of theProviucelolt.Unilert.il is give-away
policy the action of the Treasurer in
putting in gifts for his friends as assets of the Province is a gross mis
representation and his friend Pooloy as
president of the council anil believer in
the power of the criminal libel law
ought to lay an information for criminal
libel against his chief for so detracting
the credit of the Province. The state
ment of receipts and expenditure also
make a very bad showing. Wf��
continually being told about the prosperity of tho Province, yet we find
that t he expenditure exceeded the receipts for the year by ��186,000. How
long do the electors of the Province expect that this state o[ affairs is going
to last?   As it is the   annual   charges
The Turner-Pooley crowd have succeeded in their despicable trick of
stifling criticism of their conduct
pending the coining elections by their
criminal libel proceedings against
Senator Tempi em an, of the Times, nnd
Messrs Bostock. Nichol, and Coltart
of the Province. On Mr. Kennedy,
member of New Westminster, proceeding to criticise tho action of the
Turner-Pooley ring iu tho Provincial
Parliament tho other day. Speaker
Hipgins        ruled        that thero
should be no discussion regarding premiers and promoters. Thus is the
press and Parliament gagged by political trickery and chicanery such as is
worthy of the most notorious days of
tho Star Chamber in England. Are
the people of British Columbia going
to submit to be gagged, and their freedom restricted by a corrupt crowd of
From the Catholic Record.
It appears that wo owe the Town
Committee an apology regarding the
expenditure of the vote for fire protection purposes, and wo willingly make
it. It will be remenibercd that, fire
wardens wero elected to look after
this particular vote, and tiie secretary
to the Town Committee has shown us
correspondence to the effect that when
tho committee applied to tho Government Agent to undertake the expenditure of tho grant that officer refused
with tho result that fire wardens
wero elected specially to attend to the
matter. Ir appears to us that these
lire wardens are tinder grave censure fir
their neglect to take advantage of this
vote, which will now lapse. This is
not the way to look after the public
affairs of Oolden.
Dunth'n Htincli Pinioned.
Kidney Deaths Grow* Fewer as tho World
Awakes to Ihe Glad Fact That South
American Kidney euro Never Pails.
Tho unsuspected presence, the insidious
character, and tho alarming suddenness of
collapse and death from kidney diseases of so
many men ami women in apparently good
health has baffled tho most eminent puysf*
are ! clans Oi tho day, aud not until South American Kidney Cure was introduced to suffering
humanity could it ho truthfully said that
medical science had conquered this dreadful
devourer of the hum ,n raco, A thousand
tostimonials tell ot its efficiency as a never-
tailing specific
Sold hy C. A. Warren. 380
Tho Province referring to the   B. C.
Legislature says:    "For the first time
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��i.00. THE MNSi'in I' COMPANY,
in connection with these loans already j |��� tho history of Canada a premier has
include the whole of tho subsides and been called to order by Mr. Speaker for
grants received from tho Provincial tbe use of unparliamentary language,
Government, amounting to a quarter and the President of the Council has
of a million, with the whole of tho
wild land tax added on, amounting to
another ��40,000. It is high time the
electors knew tho truth about the public
finances and took slops to havo them
placed In the hands of men capable of j '^-'--
managing them. As things are the
Province is rapidly drifting into the
scandalous condition of (Quebec and
Newfoundland, and we dont know that
there could be a more discreditble prospect in view.
attempted to end a debate by threats
of personal violence! Truly things
have come to a fine pass in this province and the country has reason to be
proud of the men it has selected to hold
tho reins of power."
As following up tho warnings we
have given legardlng the Yukon, wo
republish iho following from thn Engineering and Mining Journal, which
is one of the most reliable papers published: ''The chances for fortune in
the Klondike are fewer and the risks
fargeater than in California ,Colorado,
Montana and many other States, or
than in British Columbia, Australia
or some other foreign countries. Our
advices from London are the "Klondike" is dead there, as to finding capital. It is to be hoped that those who
a few months ago were so infatuated,
with tho idea of going thero will reconsider their plans and go where   the
Post-Mlstrrss In Tolls.
Indigestion and Dyspepsia had Made hor
Prunner���Two Years of Distress Turned,
to a -loy Song Because South American
Nervine Cured her Sufferings.
Maria Edge, I'ust-Mistres-i of Edge Hill,
says: "For nearly two years I suffered
agonies from acute indigestion and djjepep
Every woman wears
a crown who ir, the
mother of a healthy
baby. The mother of
a puny, sickly, peevish baby bears a
cross. It rests with
every woman to decide for herself which
kind of a mother she
will be.
The woman who
takes the right
care of herself
during the months
preceding maternity may rest
content in the assurance thai her
baby will be a
strong, healthy,
happy one. The
woman who suffers from disorders of the distinctly feminine
organism dining this critical period, and
fails to resort to the right remedy, is pretty
Hurc to have a puny, peevish, sickly baby,
born into the world with the seeds of weakness and disease already implanted in its
Utile body. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the best of oil medicines for
prospective* mothers. It imparts health,
strength, vigor, aud elasticity to the delicate ana important organs that bear the
brunt of motherhood. It prepares a woman for the time of trial aud danger. It
strengthens und invigorates, and insure*" the
perfect well-being aud absolute health of
both mother and child. It does away with
the squeamishness of the interesting period. It makes sure au ample supply of
nourishment for the little new-comer. It
transforms weak, sickly, nervous and despondent invalids into healthy, happy
wives and mothers. Thousands of homes
to which bnbteS once came to stay but for a
brief day and then die, now bless this wonderful medicine for the gift of happy,
healthful babies.
The dealer who tries to persuade you to
take some other medicine, than that you
rtsk for insults your Intelligence.
The be.il doctors iti Kausns City told me that
* In *
    i could oat practically nothing without
Its producing the severest Dain. The dot-tors iiaiess'l^iittotiie hoBpital and had an opera-
could do so little tor me I ub-Jut gave up hope j t,cm performed * could not live," writes Miss
of recovery. I was induced as a last resort jjroul.ic Galloway, ol wilder, jotinwm Co.]
to civo South American Nervine a trial Two' Knns. "I had uleeraKou nud weakness, tuid
bottles wonderfully helped me. Three bottles *Jac!i month J would get down n bed and smTer
ptS��gs3^��jl tor sis months I jgjr*^^^XZ?M'X��t
have enjoyed perfect health. ��*,.-��� For constipation-lK. Pierce's Pellets.
S.Iu by C. A. Warren.                    .w
W. F. Orr, ex-Mayor of Calgary is
H. Woodley returned to Golden on
Mr. M. H White-Fraser of Wardner
has been appointed a Justice of tho
A man named Dennis Connors was
shot at Armstrong's Landing, on Kootenay Lake, by a man named Sullivan*
In connection with the Stikine Hail-
way Thos Holt will havo charge of the
supply department with headquarters
at Vancouver.
A correspondent writes concerning
the Golden Era Air Line: "You
have taken up the only true and practicable all overland route and I hope
you will maintain it against all others.
Mr. M. G. Bunyan having withdrawn from the position nf manager of
the Crow's Nest Land and Develop,
ment Co., Linii'ed, Mr. Henry I. Turner will in future represent the Company nnd issue all orders  for supplies.
The Prospector reports that a fatal
accident occurred on tho Crow's Neat
lino of construction last, week, A
workman wns engaged in thawing out
dynamite, which exploded, instantly
killing the man who was   handling it.
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain fears trouble with the French in West Africa,
and has read in the British Commons
telegrams from officers stating that
French troops have taken possession of
British territory there despite the protests of these officers,
It is reported that the ice is beginning to break up in the Stickinu River.
A few days ago, tho ico was solid to
within eight miles of the mouth; now
the river is open for several more miles,
and it is statod that two little steamers
are running up tho stream.
A man named Carson and a Swede
became involved in a drunken row at
Bull Head Prairie last week. Carson
struck the Swede a violent blow on tho
side ol the head, fracturing his skull
and knocking him unconscious, in
which condition he remained until the
following day, when ho died.
The Berlin newspapers report growing dissatisfaction among tho Euro.
pean shareholders of tho Canadian
Pacific Railroad, because of the hitter's
aggressive policy in rate matters
against the Canadian and American
lines and its attempted in-roads. Tho
public fears a general boycott of tho
Canadian Pacific.
Afew months age, Mr. Byron Every,
of Woodstock, Mish., wns badly afflicted with rheumatism. His right leg was
swollen the full length, causing him
great suffering. He was advised to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The first
bottle of it helped him considerable
and the second bottle effected a cure.
For sale by all druggists. Langley &
Co., Wholesulo Agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. 311m4
The Prospector says: The pies? of
East Kootenay should keep hammering away at, the Provincial Government in demanding for this district
duo representation in tbo Provincial
Legislature. East Kootenay is entitled
to two scats in the local house, and
until it gets them its interests will not
receive due consideration.
I have given Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy a fair test and consider it one
of ihe very best remedies for croup
that I have ever found. One dose has
always been sufficient, although I use
it freely. Any cold my children contract yields very readily to this medicine. I can conscientiously recommend it for croup nnd colds in children.
-Ceo. E. Wolfe, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Fernanttinn, Flo. Sold by
all druggists. Langley and Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver. Sllni'l
The Freo Lance says' "Two or threo
years ago when Hewitt Bostock
started bis 'Province* venture
in Victoria aud announced
his intention of finding out if
it was necessary to be corrupt to bo a
successful politician, his advent was
treated with contempt and ridicule by
a huge number of British Columbians
whose private snap he threatened to
ventilate, aud they called him the
'Green Young Englishman with more
money than brains.' How different
now! Wi'h all respectable papers oFtho
province and a thoroughly organised
Liberal party at his back, and the
'Province'a grand success���tho provincial government on the rnn--nnd
he tho most popular M. P. in the
west, Mr. Bostock can well snap his
fingers at those who claim that 'Green
Young Englishmen' never amounted
to much out here."
London, Ont., March 20, 1897.
We can speak from personal knowledge of tht good work done in this
city by tho Dyke Cure for Intemperance, and the consulting physician,
Dr.A. McTaggart, guarantees that the
remedy will do all that is claimed for
it. In proof of this, he is willing
that wo become the custodians of each
fee paid, until the end of the treatment,
when, in the event of its failure to
cure, wo are authorized to return the
same to the party who sent it,
Many cases in this city have been
cured since August last, and only such
families can truly appreciate the great
happiness they now enjoy.
Tiios. Coffey,
Publisher Catholic Record.
Brantford, April 2, 1897.
Dr. A. McTaggart, London: ���
Deah Sin-We have much pleasure in
giving our testimony to the wonderful
effect of the Dyke Cure for one of our
citizens, who wns a victim to the drink
habit. He hnd been addicted constantly for 16 y.ars, nnd now ho can
say truly ha Iiub not tho lenst desire
for drink. Will gladly givo any information to those desiring it.
(Signed)        Wm. Wili.imax
City Missionary.
President W.C.T.U.
J. F. PDfiH,
Removed to
New Stole
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My Motto U
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
London. Ont., April G, 1897
At tho request of Dr. MoTaggart,
the Secretary of the London W.C.T.U.
and myself visited a number of his
patients who had previously been addicted to the too freo use. of intoxicants, but. who. through the taking of
the Dyke cure, were changed from
drinking into uon-drinking men and
women, they freely admitting that
even the taste of strong drink has been
removed. Judging from our observations, we think thnt any alcoholic victim or sufferer would do well to givo
tlie above cure a trial.
J. K.  Wkioht,
E. S. CosFOitp.
919 mr 17 Secretary.
Engineer Lon Hollinger wns liter
ally boiled to death in a head-end col
lision of double header freights at
Hubbard on the North western railway.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29tc
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. O.
A supply of  Building   Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.    Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub'Agent Dominion Government.
AgOrit Dominion Towns! to, Oolden.
Special attention tn Mineral Claims.'
801 Office, Alexander Block, Ooldou.
Surprised tho Gaoler.
His Wife's Rheumatism had Baffled tho Doctors for years-Half a Bottle of South
American Rheumatic Cure Relieved and
Four Bottles Cured Her.
Mr. L. A. VahLuvan Governor County
(iaol, Napflnoe, Ont., writes: ''My wife was
a great mitVerci* from rheumatism, She wns
treated hy host me-lirjil mon, and used many
remedies, hut relief waa only tomporarv-.
Road ing of the cures made hy'South American Rheumatic Cure wo procured a hottlo
and tried it. Half tho hottlo brought great
relief and four bottles cnmnleMy cured her.
Its effects are truly wonderful."
Sold hy 0. A. Warren. 330
James Robinson, who left here a
couple of weeks ago for
Seattle, with the intention of
uoing to Skagway, surprised his
frionds on Tuesday night by returning
to the city. He reports that largo
numbers are returning on every steamer from the north, discouraged with
the outlook of getting through this
winter.���Kelson Miner.
The News-Advertiser says: "It is no
secret that .the Provincial Secictnry
has abandoned any hope of again representing E.ist Kootenay in the
Legislature. Not even the potent influence, the glorified halo, which
ordinarily surrounded a Cabinet minister, will ftvuil tho gallant Colonel
when next tho hardy voters of East
Kootenay can declaru thoir views.
Cranbroofc; the British Columbia
Southern Railway charter; the Crow's
Nest Pass coal donl, arc so many spectres, muto. yet strongly significant of
official position gone forever, of anticipations of political power never destined to be realised again."
Mr. Ward L. Smith, of Frederick-
stown, Mo., was troubled with chronic
diarrhoea for over 30 years. He hnd
become fully satisfied that it was only
a question of a short time until he
would have to givo up. He had been
treated by the best physicians in Europe and America but got no permanent
relief. One day he picked up a newspaper nnd chanced to read an advertisement of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea limned v. Ho got n
buttle of it, the first dose helped him
ond its continued use cured him. For
sale by all druggists. Langley & Co.,
Wholesale Agents, Victoria nnd Vancouver. 311 iii-l
Barrister, Solicitor &
-   -   -   Notary Public.
Office at  Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will bo in Golden on  Monday of each
weok. 36tc
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1370) LBADVILLIs, COLORADO
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices:���Gold, silver and
load. 111 any two of the above, 75c: anyone
of the above, GOe; copper analysis, 81: platinum, nickel or tin, 9o. Write for full price
list und mailing envelopes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
1250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for   Seourity
of   Policy   Holders.
Prosklent���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vice-Prosiilont���Joseph \V. Flnvolle
Managing Director���F. G. Cox.
E. A. Hac.okn,
Agent, Golden, B. C.
We Charge No Commission.      We Buy Right Out.
Hope, sad Tags Furnished Tree.
Fall Prices.  Correct Selection.
linmodluto Itonitttunevs.
,:������������:    itit.i    I' "r'i' ���
Hides, Peit^Wool
Tallow,   Ginseng, t Seneca.
��� ���������'��������
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prioes.
Jets. McMillan 6? ^Ml{ ^.:���T^li^g,
No Conimlsilon Char Rett.'
News In Brief.
��� .sag way and Dyea are reported to
be in possession of a lawless mob.
'ranoes Elizabeth Willard, leader of
tho Woman's Christian Temperance
Union, died a. New York at the age
of r.8.
A tract of ice on the coast of the
���ulf  of  Finland   broke  adrift in
iwstoriu and carried to sea with it
2 10 fishermen and several horses.
Seventy-four bodies have been revered from the collierywhich   was
' stroyed by an explosion of firedamp
:   Boselium,   Prussia.   30 men still
:  ' ombed.
A fierce duel  was fought  between
Prince   Philip   of  Saxe-Cobourg und
>tha.   husband   of    the    Princess
juise Mari, of Belgium, and Lieuten-
' it Mittachich, at Vienna.
Train leaving Johnnesburg, Cal.,
dlided with mixed train on the Santa
e Pacific road, Instantly killing John
'avis, engineer on the oastbound train,
id John Coons, ihe engineer on the
- estbound.
C. M. Foley, for 13 yenrs one of tho
tost prominent lawyers in Paris,
'int., was arrested on a charge of
. and and misappropriation of moneys.
1 oley's defalcations are sot down at
' -nsiderably over $40,000.
in Ontario Lady Cetnpel. a Merchant
to pay for Damage..
A lady writing from an Ontario
town says: ''A month ago I visited
one of our town stores and asked for
three packages of Diamond Dyo Navy
Blue for dyeing all wool goods. The
merchant informed me that ho was out
of Navy Blue in the Diamond Dyes,
and talked me into buying a dye of
another make, at the same ��� imo guaranteeing them to do as good work as
I could get from the Diamond, A
lady friend was with me at the time
aud heard the whole conversation. I
took tho strange dyes home, used
them according to directions, nnd
was aadly disappointed with ihe results. The color was anything but
a Nary; in truth, my materials were
spoiled. I at once took the goods to
the merchant and told him his dyos
were frauds. He offered to give ine
more of the same dyes or tny money
bick. I refused both offers, and after
I had threatened law proceedings he
thought it best to pay for the materials spoiled. This merchant will never
again have the chance to sell me any
more dyes. I shall go where I can get
the Diamond Dyes at any time they
are wanted. I have had my Inst lesson with poor dyes."
George Alexander, formerly of Golden, lias gone to New York and will
possibly go to London in connection
with his mining business.
The things that people see are inside
of thein and not outside. No two people see the same thing exactly alike.
One woman may look out ut a beautiful landcape and sec all the beauty and
restfulness and granduess that there is
in it. Another one will look out at
the tame scene and see nothing. The
man who is perfectly well and vigorous enjoys life to the full. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery makes people well. There isn't anything inir-
acuious about it���it is the most natural thing in the world. It simplv puts
the digestive organs, the stomach, the
liver, the bowels, in perfect order and
thereby makes the blood pure and rich.
All diseases live and thrive on impure
blood. Keep a stream of puro, rich,
red blood flowing into a diseased spot,
and the disease will not stay, A man
lives on rich, pure blood, and disease
on it.
Dr. Pierce's Goldon Medical Discovery, makes pure, rich blood. Sand 31
cents in one-cent stamps to World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., and recivo Dr. Pierce's
1008 page "Common Sense Medical
Adviser," profusely illustrated.      331
Tho rate dispute between the trnns-
continenal rail-voy lines has resulted
in an open declaration of war on the
part of the C. P. R. Rates from points
east to the coast have been cut in two
for second class tickets.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment,
Air. .James-Gaston, merchant,Wllkesbnrre,
Pa., writes :���For nine y.ttrs I bavfl been
disfigured with tetter on liinuls nnd fnec.
Hut nt last I have found a -cure In Dr.
Agnew's /Hutment. My skin Is now
snoot* ana Soft nnd free from every blemish.. Tlieftttit application gave relief.���30.
Bold by C.A.Warren,
. tive gentlemen or ladios to travel for
responsible, established houso in British Columbia. Monthly *).">.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose aelf-addres-
s��d stamped envelope. Tne Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. au4ap23
Lives of Misery and
Uarvellous Case in Manitoba.
Paine's Celery Compound Proves a
Wondrous Blessing.
Miss Parr Says:
"After the First Dnse I Felt
New Hope and New Life
Xervou* 1'rontratlon, Mental
llcprcsslon.iuiil Kxerurlatin S  SnH>riii|{*> are
Paine*. Celery Compound the Great
Lifo Builder and Vltnllzer.
Wells & Richardson Co.,
Dear Slits:���For several years I
have had weak nerves, and was gradually running down, and last March I
was prostrated with nervous debility.
My sufferings wore excruciating in the
extreme; I really thought thero never
was another who suffered quite as
much with mental depression and
weak nerves. This lasted about three
months, and I wns taking doctors'
medicine continually, but was getting
worse instead of better.
Ono day, while feeling quite discouraged and wondering if I was evir
to get out of my dreadful state, a dear
friend said to me, "I wish you would
try Paine's Celery Compound." As I
had intended to try it I acted upon her
advice and started using it the very
same day, anj from the first dose I
felt new iiope and new life coming. I
continued using it, and am still taking it once and a while, always asking God's blessing on each bottle. I
am very much improved, and cannot
say too much in favor of this medicine,
and would recommend it to all suffering from nervous prostration and mental depression
Yours faithfully,
L. E. Parr,
Crystal City, Man.
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding tho mineral sections of
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information hy
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Era, freo of charge.
For Rent.
Ten (10) acres of a vogetablo garden to
rent on shares. Team, seed and tools furnished.   For further particulars apply to
J. W. Conner,
3i>;iml7 Golden, B. C.
i��V 1*6 K ��rK   K -Sim K &
I The Leading Specialists of America
250,000 CURED.
J Nolbins can bo more domoraliziiig to
I youiiK or mi'lillc-osed men than the fyron-
1 enco of these "nightly loues." Thoy
I jmirluco weukue?'', iii!rvoufincF3, a feeling
I of disgust andawtiolo train ot'Eymptomt;.
I They unfit a roiw for busmosn, married
I lifu nnd social liaptmio-���. No matter
1 whethnr caused by evil habits in youth,
I natural wcakueea or sexual 6X0OM68, our
j tfeff Muthud Treatment will positively
jj oure you.
I 'Reader, you need help. Karl/ abuse or g
] Inter cxceMtj* may hnvo wofikcnod you. f
I Exposure may havo tiisimsnd ynu. You I
I aro not snfo till cured. Our New Method I
I will euro y<m. Vou run no rick. f
250,000 CURED
Yonnfr Wan���You aro pain, feeble) I
I And haggard; nervous, irritable nnd ox- r
I citable. You bocomo forgetful, morono,
land despondent; blotehoa end pimples, I
I sunken vyvn, wrinkled f&oo, stoopinu I
I form and downcast cnuutcnRn^e reveal I
I thebliehtof youroxistenco. f
I No matter how perlous your cbbo may I
I b��, or how long you way hnvo had it, our l
I euro it. 'iho "woriny voIm" voti-m to!
I tEfllr normal condition and Iienco tlit.B
! gonial grffanfl rcooh'6 iironor nourirrh-I
ment. Tho orsnns become vitalized, allg
I unnatural drains or loesflB ccasn andF
j manly powers roturn. No temporaryB
i hniieht, hot a jmrm'ineiit euro ensured. |
i:o a;i'i;, ko imy.  no opi:ra-I
j Va treat and cure SU'lULIfci.i
InCT (linens���. OONSUL'rATlUNl
I MODERATE. If unable lo sell, Write j
| for n OlII'STrON DliANK. ferUOMllI
K&K   K&K.K&K  K&
���   50c.
50c.   ���
These watches are solid 14-carat
gold, und our usual list price for
them here hi England is ��i* ($25)
each, but to introduce) our enormous
Catalogue, we will send you this
wa��ch free if you take advantage of
our marvellous offer. If you want
one, write to us without delay.
With your letter send us 60 cents
International Money Order, for
which wo will send you a solid silver brooch, worth SI, und our olTer.
After you receive the beautiful
watch, wo shall expect you to show
it to your friends, and call their attention to this advertisement. The
watcli is sent freo by registered post
on your complying with our advertisement and our offer, and is warranted for fivo years.    Address: ���
Watchmakers* Alliance &
Ernest Goode's Stores, Ltd.,
184  Oxford Nt.. London, Hiitfltind.
Money roturnud if not more than
satis tied.
15 Princess Street, Birmingham,
"I thank you very much for the
beautiful watch you sent mo freo of
charge. I have tested it for nine
months and it never varies one
half-a-minuto from one week's end
to another."���E. WlMCS.
"To giro away a Gold Watcli
worth 25 dols. is certainly a Splendid advertisement, but as the
Watchmaker's Alliance is the largest firm of Watchmakers in England, they can afford it.''-Editor X.
Be sure and address your letter, 184   ,
* Oxford Street, Loudon, England.      ��
��� ���
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
The McMurdo House,
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept,
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
THE East Kootenay Railway Company will
apply to the Parliament or Canada lit its
next session for an Act to dcehire the Coin*
pany's undertaking to be for the general ad-
vantage of Canada, to authorize it to fastis
bonds to the extent of thirty thousand dollars
peimile of its railway and to empower it to
convoy or lease the Company's railway.
Vancouver, 16 Dae, 18!)7.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Gkmmill & May,
Ottawa Agents. SQSfSS
Tho animal meeting ot the shareholders of
tho Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, Ltd;, will ho held at tho Company'? othr.e in Golden, Bi (J., on Monday,
tbe seventh day of March, A.IX 18!I7. at
two o'clock in the afternoon, for the election
of Directors, and for the ordering of the affairs of tho Company generally.
By order of the Board,
C. Hi Parson,
Golden, B. C, Fob. 15th, 1898. 82Gin4
Hon. F- W, Ayliner.. President
W. (J. Mitchell-limes Vice      do
W. O. Neilson, J. P    do       do
E. Johnson   do       <^o
E. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meetings of the association
will bo held on the first Tuesday in every
month at tho Columbia Mouse, Golden.
All possible information will be furnished
by tho association upon application to
E. A. HAGOBN, Sec, Golden.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will
bo received at tho Goldon Era Ollico and
executed with promptitude.
Tho Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your memoranda with n
locality map of East Kootenay
and tho various locations on the
back of each form !
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Pr In tors and Publishers,
Golden, B. Q,
Wholesale ami Itctail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       26to
*-*:'--tiiirii-f**Hiii'iMi>[ii-''liii*ra ���Mil mill nV I.ii iHriiht
Golden Era,
Published Every
Friday Evening;.
Subscription, $2 per Annum,
Payable in Advance.
How much of your Shoe
is leather,--workmanship--and
liowniiiiholit is profit? The Shoe
you should buy and the Shoe most
dealers sell, differ as these proportions differ. Your next pair will
have more leather value, and less
profit for the dealer, if you see that it's Goodyear
Welted, S3.50, 84.50, 8550 stamped on the sole.
0,���       <��Thc siater Shoe."
��� -Mm
G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.
. Paper.
The liiisiiioss  Man.
The Politician.
The Railroader,
The Miner.
J jK8*We are Manufacturers and Direct Importers, and carry a l.ar^a Stock of Balances,
Clay Goods, Scientific anil
Practical Books, Glash-
ware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemiculs, and all
oilier Assayers' nud Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Becker's Son's Balau*
16*8 Pocket Mine Trim-sit, etc.
'    W    :
11 lAfl WTTrHSCA ,y\
VfiKlV     LHCLtUSftfJ 1
& READY A-iNEHLtD"-^-"
ces; Brunton & Pear
Vanconver, B. V.
P. O. Box 855. Telegraphic Address:   "ASSAY," Vancouver, it. (.'.
m'mmlmii Jill t^Jittt hl��t ijiittntffciiiliiitriii^iiiiill^ .Mulh* lIWi  ill��MJ��rJ
The Rancher,
ATKW   I.\
Mi t ford
Medicine Hat
Toronto   ���
London, Ont.
Canal Flat
Fort Steele
New Denver
opposite the Steele House, fortmebij*.
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
-������Vj'i a c ������}->-
One of tho most vigorously conducted and widely circulated papers
published in British Colombia.
A Tip-Top Medium for Advertisers.
Rates on application to tho proprietors.
The Golden Era Co.,
Limited Liability,
Golden,   -  B. C.
'The Province" Map of
Absolutely Free
To New Subscribers to "The Province."
'The Province" claims that it has the largest circulation west of Winnipeg, and that claim has never been questioned or challenged. It is now
determined if money and energy can do it. to increase its circulation until it
can provo that it'lias THE LARGEST CIRCULATION IN CANADA. To
attnin this object the directors have arranged with The Province Publishing
Company, Limited Liability, for the supply of
One Hundred Thousand Copies pjufjjj, Map of the Klondyke
To every NRW Busoriber who sends $1.00 to   "The   Province,"   Victc
Vancouver, Canada's onlv high class weekly,   ''The Province," will   st
nun   i-fl'-i*.   f i.Atv.    thn   . i .. ' ..   fkrt    rnlir/iriiifinn    I .?   PAAAi.iari   fr,   ..,��,��     11 rl .1 .-/It c      in      I
Pacific Hy
Write for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon Country, Sailing"
Dates, Rates, etc.
oria   or
     -   ..   .send   for
one year from the date the subscription is received to any address in Canada
or the United States (United Kingdom 51.00 oxtrn), together with one copy of
the above map. The map has never been sold for less than Fifty Cents or
"The Province" for less than a Dollar. By taking advantage of this unprecedented offer, which is only possible in the case of New Subcnbers who
enclose their money ^vith their order, they get the two for the price of one.
This offer will be withdrawn as soon as the special edition of one hundred
thousand codpies is exhausted. It is the most generous offer ever made by
any newspaper in any part cf the world to obtain new subscribers. Every
subscription booked under this arrangement means a direct loss to the publishers, but a largo circulation means more advertising at better rales, and in
this way "The Province" hopes to make good the deficit. Send 81,00 to "The
Province" by return mail and Ret a copy of this beautiful accurate map nud
"The Province" for a year.
Tho PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,      Victoria and Vancouver.
i If You arc Wantina1 a
Hailing*   for   February  and
Danube Feb. 22
Cottage City Feb. 2-1
Victorian Feb. 27
Quoon Feb. 2S
Islander Mur,   1
Thistli! M:ir.    II
Danube Mar.   8
Islander  Mar.  15
All   Agents   can   ticket
through, which will include
meals and berths.
Apply to tho nearest Canadian  Pa*
cific. Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Mnn.
Cite Ticket Agent, Goldon
The Great Pain Reliever:
Superior to All Others.
It   relieves   tho pains  and  aches the
minute applied.    It Cures: ���
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns.
Ohillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc,
Can bo used internally as well aa externally. Hundreds testify to its ;
Magical relief. No home should .
be without it,        ;    .     .
Sold by all dealers.   25 ct>. 91tc
Why Not Buv the Best?
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over' all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
The Munson Typewriter
Manufacturers. '2W.244 W, Ijikp Street.
,   ChicVgn, 111, &17 w
THii (jKJLDEM  ERA,  FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY 25,   1898.
* Cigars given awav at Starforth &
C. W Buhar intends removing his
family to Golden.
S. Barber expects to return to Golden abou. March 1st.
S. VJmphrey gives notice of two ponies straying on his property.
E. A. Haggen advertises for a gold
prospect for a New York client.
* This year's crop of nuts just arrived at the Golden Fruit Store.
Service will lie held at the Presbyterian Church, Golden, on Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
II. MllUican came in from Steele this
week wilh 20 men lor the Siickine
railway works.
D. R. Young, of Slooan City, will
start a paper at Movie City, to be
called the Moyie City Pioneer.
* Choico variety of Cigars and
Cigarettes just oponed at Starforth &
G. K. Smith will hold service in
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11a.m.  and Golden 7.30 p.m.
The new o-erating room at the Golden Hospital is now fitted up complete.
It is provided with one of the hest
operating tables made and will add
much to the etlieicncv of this hospi<al
under its able physician,   Dr.   Taylor.
W. C. Wells, proprietor if the Palliser sawmill, is pushing on operations
in his lumbering camps this season,
having got out about 4 OOO.f'OO feet of
logs. The Palliser mills will start as
soon as the snow flies, about
the beginning of April.
On Monday evening J. H. Arnold,
C. P. R. fireman, was struck hy a tender at Palliser, and so bruised that ho
was unnhle to walk. Ho wns taken in
Dr. Taylor's charge to the Golden Hospital and had so far recovered that he
was able to leavo yesterday.
* Aro you troubled with indigestion?
Chow Somervlll's Pepsin Gum! Star-
forth 4 Bligh, agents,
On Tuesday night a tiro broke out in
the Pullman Hotel. Canmore. which
destroyed that building, Mrs. Birney's
hoardinghouse. Alexander's jewelry
store and dwelling house, Holmes' and
Carnie's houses. Clara Christenscn,
the 10-year-old daughter of the proprietor of the Pullman Hotel, was burned
to death.
The Golden Town Committee called
a meeting for Monday night to urge on
the government that steps be taken to
dyke the river. So little interest was
taken in ths matter that only Messrs
Hamilton. Mercier, Noble and Dulnard
attended and the meeting was adjourned till af'er the Miners' Assocation on
Tuesday night,
War wns threatened between Britain
and Franco owing to French troops
invading British territory in West
Africa, but the French ambassador1
has assured the British Government
that the French have no intention of
encroaching on British privileges in
West Africa. The trouble therefor*
appears to bo at an end.
The applicants for the railway charter from Golden to tbe American
honndarv. and from Golden north to
Yukon by the Columbia, Canoe. Fra.
ser. Parsnip, and Liard Rivers (otherwise known ns tho Golden Eha Air
L'ne") aro Messrs Leopold Hirsch, of
Warnford Court, London, England, A.
J. Douglas, of Comlongan Castle,
Ruthwell, Scotland, and A. C. Mite
hell-Innes, of London.
Owing to the statement circulate!
by a North Weft Mounted Police otfi.
cer it was feared that Capt. Armstrong's party had been unable to get
beyond Wrangel. but this story appears to be untrue, as C. H. Parson
on Tuesday got a telegram from S.
Barber stating ho would leave for
Wrang"l that dav, and C. E. Perry,
of the C. P. R , who has just returned
from there, reports that iho ice on the
river is again in good condition for
traveling, and upwards of 100 men are;
daily going up,the trail from Telegraph
to Teslin Lake being reported in magnificent condition, und presenting
nsiiher difficulties nor dangers. Capt.
Armstrong is therefor* pretty certain to
get through allright with his outfit
and steamboat machinery.
This has been a busy season st Hanoi's eatnp, about three miles from Golden. Since taking over the Golden
Lumber Company's business tho Columbia River Lumber Company havo
increased their staff nt this camp,
where 95 hands have bean employed.
The Golden Lumber Company built a
new camp here this season. The sawmill ��t the camp has been very busy
cutting ties and lumber, 1,200 to 1,500
ties a day being turned out. These
art sleighed down and put on the cars
at Golden, being urgently in demand
for ths Crow's Nest Koad. The mill
lias also turnsd out 200,000 feet of
lumber this season. The magnitude
of tho work ot the camp is evident
from the fact that 120 horseB are employed in connection with it. J.
Hanne succeeded T. Welton in charge
of tbie camp. Messrs. Harrison and
Moore sre in charge of the roM and
nngina respectively. C. W. Bnbar,
who was for a considerable time foreman of this oamp, now baa the general
unpervision of the whole of tbe company's camps,
Continued from pag-a 1.
Rev. VK. A. Dunnett, a Man Whose Good Work
is Widely Known.
He Relates Events in His Career of General Interest���For
Years He Suffered from Heart Trouble, and Frequently
from Collapse - On One Occasion Five Doctors Were
in Attendance���He is Now Freed from His Old Enemy,
aud Enjoys the Blessing of Good Health.
Parson Gets th. Upper Columbia-*
Houston Captured the Iton.plel
Trophy���The Calgary Consolation.
Bev. W. A. Dunnett,
From the Smith's Falls Kecord:���
Throughout Canada, from the west
em houndary of Ontario to the Atlnn
tic Ocean, there is no name more widely
known in temperance and evangelistic
work than that oi   the   Rev.   W.   A. i
Dunnett.    Mr. Dunnett has   been   the
Grand Vice-Councillor of   Ontario and
Quebec in the Royal Templars, and so
popular   is  he among the members of
ths order that in Montreal there   is   a
Royal Templars council named "Dunnett Council" in his honor.    For more
than 10 years Mr. Dunnett his been go
ing from place to place   pursuing   his
good work, sometimes  assisting   resident ministers, sometimes conduoted a
series of gospel  temperance   meetings
independently,   but   always   laboring
for 'he good of his fellows.     While in
Smith's Falls a few months ago in connection with his work he dropped into
the Record office for a little visit with
the editor.    Daring  his   conversation
tho Record venture 1  to  remark   that
his duties entailed an enormous amount
of hard work.   To this Mr. Dunnett assented, hut added that in   his   present
physical condiiion he wns equal to any
amount of hard work.   Bui it was not
always so, he said, and then he   gave
the writer the following little personal
history, with permission to   make   it
public.   He said that for the past   13
years he   had   been   greatly troubled
with a pain in tho region of bis heart,
from which he wns unable to get   any
relief.     At times it was a dull, heavy
pain,   at   others   sharp  and   severe.
Oftentimes it rendered  him   unfit   fur
his   engagmeuts,   and   at all times it
mads it difficult to move.   His trouble
was always visible to   the  public and
frequently when conducting service he
would give out and doctors had   to be
called in to attend him.  This occurred
to him in the   Yonge  street   church,
Toronto; tho Baptist church,   Woodstock, N. B.;  the Mtthodist   church,
Carletou  Place, Ont. On another occasion while preaching to an audience of
2,500 poople in   the   Franklin   Street
Congregational church, at Manchester,
N. H., five doctors had arrived and
were in atlendance l*fore he regained
I consciousness. In all these cities and
| towns the newspnpers freely mentioned
his affliction at the time. Mr. Dunnett said he hnd consulted many physicians, though ho said, to be entirely
fair, he had never boen any great
length of time under treatment by any
one doctor because of his itinerant
mode ��f life. In the early part of the
summer of 1893, while in Brockville
assisting the pastor of the Wall street
Methodist church in evangelistic services, he was speaking of his trouble
to r. friend who urged him to try Dr.
Williams Pink P'lls, and next day presented him with a dozen boxes. '*I
took the pills" said Mr. Dnnnet, "and
I declare to you I am a well mnn today, I used to worry a great deal over
the pain about my heart, but that is
nil done now, and I feel like a new
man." All this tho reverend gentle-1
man told in a simple conversational
way. und when it was suggei.ted that
be let it be known, he rather demurred,
because, as he put it. "I am almost
afraid to say I am cured, and yet there
is no man enjoying better health today
than I do."
At that time, at Mr. Dnnnett's request, his statement was only published locally, but now writing under
the date of Jan. 21st, from Fitohhurg,
Mass., where he has been conduutinga
very successful series of evangelistic
meetings, he says: -"I had held hack
from writing in regard to my health,
not because I had forgotten, but because it seemed too good to he true
that the old time pain had gone. I
cannot say whether it will ever return,
but I can certainly say it has not troubled me for mon'lis, and I am in better health thnn I have been for years.
I havo gained in flesh, hence in weight-
I would prefer not to say anything
about my appetite; like the poor, it is
for ever with mo. Yes; I attribute my
good health to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, nnd you have my consent to use
I the fact." 332
bus wealth of the old Cariboo.
Canoe River is navigable for about 200
miles. The prospector will therefore
have no difficulty in getting his supplies right into the heart of the country. Numerous tributaries flow into
Canoe River which will be well worth
prospecting. We have now taken the
prospector over GOO miles of his course,
or half way to Yukon if he wants to
go on in that direction.
A distance of 10 miles through a
valley takes him from Canoe to the
Frasor River, one of the most celebrated gold bearingstreamsof history.
We are now, however, into a country
that is comparatively little known,
giving the prospector a clear field for
his energies and hopes. At Tele Jaime
Cache, the point where the Fraser
River is reached, is the junction of all
the roads that go north -from ICtiin-
loops. Uevelstoke, Golden and Donald
ami Edmonton. A correspondent who
knows the country rightlv describes
this as the "only true and practicable
all overland route. You have the
virgin country, and the mineral is
there, and I say so, for I was over
it. I never was in a country with such
advantages. It will be found that the
richest mines ever discovered on the
continent will be developed on this
route. This is the road for a railway,
through agricultural and mineral
country. Cattle and horses can go
over it, and you have a first class
wagon road right into this country
from Washington, Montana and Idaho. I advise uo one to go unless they
take two years provisions and outfit.
I feel satisfied I could be at Dawson
by June 10th or 20th from Spokane,
and if boats and other means of portage were available, in much less time.
I know what I am talking about for I
havo travelled this road both going
and returning, and went right to the
headwaters of the Yukon."
Near   Teto   Jaime  Cache   are   hot
springs, conl fields and mica deposits.
From Tote Jaune Cache a distance   of
I ill! miles by boat or It-nil would bring
tho prospector to the Big Bend of the
Fraser   River,   where  it turns south.
A short portage of 10 miles will   take
the prospector into Parsnip River, nr,
more   properly, the  headwaters of the
Peace River, a locality where nil  eyes
are now turning on account of its well
known     gold   resources.      130 miles
through   first   class navigable water,
and   the Oinenion,   which bids fair to
rival Cariboo and Cassiar in its  gold
yield, is reached.    We have seen nuggets which would make $50 gold pieces
taken from hero, showing that it must
he   a veritable gold matrix,   The Nation, Otneiiioa, Osilincn,  Manson   and
Mesilinca Rivers, all well   known gold
sluices,   unite  here within a few miles
of each other and the gold hunter has
hero   a  paradise to rival tbe Yukon.
300 miles  of   comparatively unknown
country can be traversed   by the Find-
lay and Black Rivers, and  tbe   latter
joins   the   Liard.    130 miles of travel
along this river brings the  prospector
to   the   Pelly River   one of the main
tributaries of tbe Yukon.    Along nil
these rivers there are numerous  tributaries to prospect.   There is abundance
of game.    Horses can be kept through
the   -vinter   by putting up liny on the
numerous plots of meadow land passed
on   tbe   way.    There   are  also large
areas   of ranching country,   True, in
these   northern   latitudes the winters
aro severe, but it is a noted  fact  that
they are less severe than on the eastern
slopes of the Rockies and  North West
Territories.    We  have much detail information   that would have proved of
interest, hut ns we  have   devoted   all
the   space   at our disposal on this occasion wo are unable to publish it.
Where, we ask in conclusion, can
the prospector find knottier 1,200 miles
of countty with such advantages and
prospects, waiting only for the pioneer
gold hunter to reveal its wealth to
him? There is not, we venture to say,
another country like it on the face of
the earth, and the great northern
highway of the future must be from
the Columbia Valley to the Yukon
���    *   .   a
In the Upper Columbia Company's
competition on Friday nignt Rae defeated Henderson 14 to 11, on Saturday
night Henderson spoiled Warren's
chances by 10 to 9, and on Monday
night Warren plucked Rae by 14 to 10.
The result is that Parson's rink will
get t he free trip.
The following is the standing of the
respective rinks in this competition
Office. ..
Won. Lost. To play
Parson, ..41 '0
Warren, ..320
Rae . . . 3 2 0
Henderson, .320
Houston. ..131
McNeish, ..041
On Tuesday evening in the Columbia
River Lumber Company's bonspiel trophy competition Houston defeated
Brock's Orphans by 16 to 15 in a 15
end game, thu. capturing the handsome cup.
On Wednesday night McNeish defeated Parson in the Calgary Consolation series hy 18 to 8. On Thursday
night, in the same competition, Neilson's Colts won the four handsome
briar pipes, with cases, by a score of
18 to 4 in favor of McNeish. he getting
the stand lamp and the privilege of
smoking four boxes of cigars (in their
mind) which are 167 miles away.
NEW Additions have boen made to onr plant
and appliances.
Our prices are right.
We shall endeavor to pleas, you.
We havo the best of workmanship.
Support local industry.
Give us a trial.
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.   Inquire St
Queen's Hotel for terms.   Ask tor proprietor
I'lit-i the premises of the undersigned, two
Himill  bey ponies,  uo   brmi'ls  to  tie  peen.
Owner,   fiy proving ownership nnd paying
oxrenses c��u take them.
m Sam Umpiirby.
...WE  PRINT..,
tive gentlemen or Indies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly &iy.00 anil expenses. Position steady. Reference. Kncloso self addressed stamped envelope Tno Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. JOlapKI
G. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Klcklnghorst) Bridge,
Ordered work punctually attended to.   Ulfist
Send us your orders.
That is what we are here for.
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability.
Managing Director,
Address: Golden, B. C.
... the Tolumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None,
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men,
���^Wm. McNeish, Prop.
���    a    ���     ���
r>      ���
Judicious advertising is the keystone of success. Advertise in the
Golden Eka.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
5 Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
V7 I Baggage transferred free.
I Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Kootenay House,
The new wharf at Tampico, Mexico
was destroyed by fire. The total loss
is 12,000,000 fully insuered.
Mr. WMte, Comptroller North West
Mounted Police, has received dispatch
saying Major Walsh has reached Dawson City.
Two passenger trains collided in a
blinding mow storm near Roekford,
III., killing two trainmen end Injuring
about 25 passengers.
A board of inquiry is investigating
the cause of the marine disaster at
Havana, by which the U. S, warship
Maine was blown up.
Subscribe for the EnA  ���**
Golden Murk.ts.
Beef (live)	
Beef (dressed)	
Pork (live)	
Pork (dressed)
Hay (baled)	
Hay (loose)	
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
. .11.00 to 11.05
.. 0.60 to 0.68
.. 0.25 to
,. 8.00 to
.. 4.50 to
.. 4 CO to
., 6.00 to
.. 6.00 to
.. 0.25 to
.. 0.25 to
..17.00 to 20.00
..14.00 to 14 00
..  0.76 to   0.00
0 30
BHFIAP8 he was a
ovale, but .oaie on.
bus ssld that In tblt
age there srt n.
benltby women. The
ag. aa. many women, strong an.
uotile physically, ss
they are mentally
ana morally: bnt tt
Is true nevertheless,
thst a large percentage of tbe women of tb. country
suffer from nervosa.
Kiss and general de>
llty. They drag
ont a weary .xlatenee, and each day Is
a dav of pnln and sufftrlog. This wn
the esse with Miss Annie Patterson, of
Ssckrllle, N. B. She suffered terribly
from Indigestion and nervousness. She was
Infloenred by some one, somehow, to try
South American Nervine. Of course. It was
like hoping against hope���another patent
medicine. Hot she bed taken only oa. bottle
when ber system begsn to take oa th.
health of earliest years, and afttr sitae
three bottles sb. was completely earn.
No wonder she Is strong In ber conviction
that there I. no remedy Ilk. Sooth A marten Nervine.���28.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Jlot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
lien I'reprleter..	
Russell House ...
Golden, B. C.
Skelton & Healy, Proprietors.
To purchase for n New York client a free
gold prospect worth $10,000 to, M5.000.
Apply        E. A. HAQ8EN,
Headquarters for Miners,
Prospectors and Lumbermen.
Bate*, 91.00 Per Day.
Board and Lodging, 15 Par Week.
First Clan Bar
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers of Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Bahuttre,
Newel Poets, Hand Ralls and Brackets.  All sises of glass in sleek.
The Machine and Blacksmith 8hop are prepared to do all kind of repair
as aeon as possible.   J11 sizes of Pipe Fitting and Braas goods en band.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory sad
MaplePlank HOUSTON    &     CO,


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