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The Golden Era Nov 17, 1899

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Array H
IL. ..*..-::-.
'"V"^.*     ' ��� sU    ,
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solloltor.
Notary Publio.CoiiTeyancer, eto
Ofles In Upper Columbia -Navigation and
TraaiMy Company's Building,
ittoif HERB Hani WBKk Fin x'k*"-*?.
a ill i  ."   is��� SSSS���SB
can I leave my order for tne LondoA
Sustratei  News.   Graphic,   Toronto
oue aud all Xmas Magazines aud
Vipers ?
at FieldV Drug Store, when* Coast
papers are received dally.
$2 Pee Yum
SRsHHnBBHSHfflHBSBBBBnwnBBH  Imperial Bank of Canada
H. G. Parson,
General Merchandise,!
Shirts,  Undershirts  & DraWters   fi
California Overalls*..
In any color or any size.   No goods |
in the World so well servo the pur-
||     poses for which they aro adapted
as these.
Old Miners and Prospectors need
no introduction to them.
Fresh customers will be staunch
friends after a trial.
Imported direct fron San Francisco
at the Old Prices, which is 25 per
cent lower than the manufacturers' present quotations.. .
Just opened up
A FlNF line of
.   .   Confectionery,
FttESH   Arid   tP - TO ��� DATE.
ALSO       f\(\      *t the latest Novels by the most popolsf writers ot the
U v      day:      A good ussortnieot of fliugsi Stationery and
Sundries In stook.
Groceries, Station-m-y, Tinware, Roots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Greats Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing1, Dmberellaa, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties Mali's Gloves and
MittS, Ladies JJIoVesj Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Hat:
trasses, PllloWs, Sadlles, Baby Wttygons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Qats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Glass ac aifltdodation tar Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Jfoft Ydu jtoy Friends?
Head Office- Toronto.
r��M up cm>iui
II. 8. Howiaoi, rrasidmli
T. II. Merrill, Vlce-1-nsUcnt (Stt'stherlnes)
Wm. Hamaay. KoDatt Jaffray.T.ttuthorland,
Stayner, Ellas Roger., Wm. Ileudrlo.
D. B. WII.KIE, (Jeneral Manager.
E. Hay, Impector.
llrandon, Talaisry, Eilmonton,
Portone la Prairie, Wince Albert,
Revelstoke, H.t*   Nelson, 111*.,
Vancouver, H.U., Winntneir,
Oolden; B.C., Stratbeons.
Eaaex, "Kermw, .Oalt, Hamilton,
Inger-Hll, LUtowel, itdiftani Falls, Port Col-
bourne, Hat Ports****], tjatilt Ste. Mario,
St Catberinba. St. Thomas,
Toronto, Wellnml, Woadatock, and
Montreal, V"e.
Agents Ih KreKt Britain:
Lloyd'. Bank. Ltd., 7* tjBhit-ard St., London
witb whom money iWliedepositeil for
tranafer by letter or citblo to any of the
above braucbm, .
Agent* Iri "United MtateK
NEW YORK-Bonk of Montreal, Bank of
CHICAUO-Flrst National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second KbltWlid Bank.
Intercet alloivetl on dopoalta.
Provincial, Municipal snd other debentures
Available at all points, in Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Oibb, Vgr., Oolden Branch.
i ii    i*"S**-EEsa-s*-a*a*a*-gasss*
Certainly, yotifcaWt AMof oourwy-JtitfsnotforgttOift
that Xmu will Won bv tot*. I htv* jutt opened a "Me*
���eleeUoa ef Xaas Ooodl ��M will be pMu-td to stow tfcm.
W. ALEXANOEH, Jeweller.
A reward of Four Hundred Dollar, will lie
pid to anyoue giving; iiitoriiuitii-n that will
li-uil to conviction .if anyone killing or atenl*
hii- cattle anil hori.es.of tho following bran-la,
hi-longiiig tn tbo Elk Park Ranch Co. and
11. E. Forster. .v
Cuttle l.rtnilt��h   ,
Oo right ribs, th-lfria-k-nr eat ��**
I  On loft hiin
H  On left rilnii
i    On left ribs.   .
IS   On loft hip.
Home* HNindrdr
1  On right neck.
'I   Onlnftshoiililot.
M  On left ahoiikler:
T   tin righl allWiHef.
IS   On left atlmililer.
Elk ParK Bfiiich Co.
H.E Forster.
Slnclaii, B.C., Sept. 1<Ml| 1G"��.
Notice la hereby given that I intend within
sixty days toapply trt the Chief Commissioner of ].ands Slyl Works to "-purchase the following dem-nlit-il land, situated onNumwl
Two Creek, on ��8��t tide of ColiittWi Rlvftri
Ne. 1 comer atom) Homineuenig all 8. E. cor
uer of Mr. Colnn C. Mackay'. land, thenco
running 40 chain, that, tbiini-e 40chaiiia
north, thence 40 cliaiUs weat.thence 40 Shaili.
aoirth tn point of cowlMnceoiOut, containing
lOOacres more or less.
Dated this lOtH SDnteniber, 1999.
D. A. MARTI*-*?.
Bnt to return to Oolden. which it
now the centre and bead-quarters of
the parish. The trav*elbr will Bnd a
neat little village, which awes ite ea*
latenoe to the presents! of t Israj-s saw*
mill, and (arms np and doWII the valley,
and to the fact that it It the dittribut
ins; centre of supplies for mnny mines
higher up the valley, which are atlil
in thenon producing tttge oleslstence,
but of which Oolden haa great hopes.
Amidst a population of possibly 000,
the ChWfch of England it perhaps in
minority, there being batluet Homsn
Catholics, freshytsriana, and Methodists, each with thslr own place ol
worship. We of the Church of England, have ours, a pretty little wooden
Church, which a lady resident lovet to
call the "JUlle chapel among the
raounlslnt.' Attd timely It le a lovely
soot. To us who liva In It "lhe lines
ara fallen in pleasant placet," though
the temperature does range from 40 below tero In winter to 100 lit the thade
in August. Imaginea cluster ef house,
hemmed in by beautiful jagged and
rugged radtlhtaittti thrown up In wild
contusion, the (oot-hllll clothed with
tot-sets, the higher elevations the realm
ot glaciers snd eternal enow���tbe horde
of deer and tbe black ana gristly bur.
Partridge, duck, and wild goose In the
valley, and trout in the river, combine
to make It a sportsman's paradise. But
beautiful at the Stem Is; especially In
thetprlng, it must, in tnt, dt)IUlbu ot
the writer, give place lo two other! at
least of more exquisite beauty; and one
of these is Derwentwater In tbe dear
old toiletry, With Its Hermit's Isleand
historical associations, and the other
ie Olen Sliiel in Wester Rot.: But to
write from a more ecclesiastical point
ol view, we have a neat littlo wSoden
Church* stating about seventy-live
people -Which owes Its existence to a
former relident, sided by a few other
church-people, and rhows iu its internal fittings many marka ol good taste.
One of the church wnident presides at
the harmonium. We 'have regular
Suuday rti-vlaa Svefy Sunday evening,
but interrupted on alternate Sunday
mornings bv tbe exigencies of one or
other ot the outlying nations along
the railwny, some of which, snch as
temporary camps or oolmst ot men em-
. j*k>y*-i during tha aussMsi inontl
ralmitj *ork; are vi-Mied Oi
also. Art 01-gnni.tvdaViemf-t-U .being
mode to improve Our services by training a small choir ot eight boys, Sunday
scholars; and who knows what this
will rosu't In? Since Easter, aSiir.
*col(Mla.tical have assumed a more encouraging aspect; congregations are
huiiff; liaiittnitnlcBnts more numerous,
a better Church [enling awakened. It
goes without snyingthnt theeoiigrega
tion of St. Paul's, while by no mean,
a wealthy oue. Includes persons of ed
nbatlon and refinement. It would
ratlier gu'tprise a visitor from England
to flud ill a little ttfwn. 9, WO feet abovD
fta level, fight up artitsng.lt the mountains, as many educaied and cultured
people as in an English town five or
six times its size. Let the aforesaid
traveller, In search ot health or change
ot scsns, break his journsy at Oolden;
he will find really good hotel accommodation f he Will find duHtlg lhe Hum-
���Her months opportunities of & delightful tail, iu a comfortable steamer, 100
miles up the Columbia, through ever
changing mounts in tnonery, to Windermere Lake, worthy sister of our own
Windermere! nnd last, but certainly not
least, he will flrfcU Utile Church where
be ean worship, as In hit far-away
English home ho has worshipped from
his childhood in the nervier, of the
dear old Church of   Eugland.
and children, and his great antipathy
to see any ot them abused. Bill, when
he struck town the last time with
money to burn, wai accompanied by
hit ungainly quadruped*. Be had corns
to otlebrate a high inuck-a-inuck
Bill's gsnerosity soon made him bankrupt and he struck for camp, while
Nigger remained 111 town, unconseious
of Bill's dep.Vturt.
Nigger attracted the attention ot
two well-known milling man operating
In Windermere divieion who were in
town and they considered Nigger would
be a valuable addition to tbeir camping
outfit. On the inoruing of their depar
ture Nigger left in tbeir c'dinpany with
a root around hit neck and attached to
the rear Ol the rig. The procession
only got to the outskirts of tho town
wben there wat trouble: Nigger pulled
���book, then got ahead of the machine,
and ode of the wheels amputated a few
ot hia toes W otlb of his front feet. Ho
broke loose, swan-) tba Columbia and
made (or camp, where he arrived iu a
wearied and.mutllated condition.
Mole trouble then arose. Bill, when
he stw tits condition ot hit dog, seised
a shot-gun and started for town to
Investigate. The result of his Invsstl-
gatlons is tliat he hat stoned southwards loaded witli bnoUe hnd armed
with a six-shooter lb addition td bis
got, and breathing ottt threatening, of
slaughtej against thn tons of gun.
who might shoot kangaroos and steal
tbeep, but they would not rasjihat
his dog by a  '-damned   sight."
There Is likvly to be more trouble, ss
Bill is an ugly customer when aroused
and bas a bad reputation over In Montana for being over handy with his
shooting irons.
It wat our privilege to hear the final
reltaars.il latt evening at the Columbia
Hall and wc were pleased to see how
Paddy from Limerick nldde himself a
regular nuisance to Dr. Coatct. Mm
Fidgtt and Job but proved a boon to
the doctor's son and Miss Fidget.
Here we have an Irishman proving
himself to be a blessing in di3giiisb.
We should think that ths Dramatic
Club deserve a full house to night, ss
It is the first effort, of the club to place
before the public a play which certainly
will be a genuine surprise to nil who
have the privilege of iisteniug to them
isuiiig. ���" ?** "'"���
TfinreMftfy^Tiiiiii"*. atr ntm*m
Situate lu lhe Ooiiletf mbiftfjr itfviaion of
East Kootenay District,, where located
on north fork of Sfftlflinsi-heuo River,
uear Burns Bssbr.
Take notice that I, John llenden-on, of
Oolden, as attMit lor W. C. Tillson. of Mom,
Oregon, V.rt.X., Freo miner's CertlHcatu
No. 7ldliA, iiiteia sixty days from the* fate
horeoffo spply to tho milling recorder nir a
cnrtlfli-aMtof nnprovotnitits for the nor noao
of obtaining a Crown Oram of the auovo
cliiinia*. .
And further take rn-fire* that action under
aectKlil 87 must be .voiiimeni-t-il Imfore tbe
issilMli-f of aia-l-f cer'tHiiat* of Improvements.
Dated life <M day of September,- 199B.
���TT    I     ill
Snuafe bi
knrfct.  Where
i M Oi
Noftli BiirfKr.  ���	
Lotstsd-Neaf tht Aad of tin Middle
Fofit of the Sp.lliuiachene River.        .
Tskd notice liiat we. William McNeish, of
Wen, Freo Miner. Certificate No. BIO*****),
!d * Oolden,* Adi * *	
Estate of ��fl�� Ute John 0. Todd, Fretlllne:
- irtlflcste No. 7IOA,and Thomm;.   "
Golden, Admndnrator in (lib Ea
Hsrry 0. Woodley,Free*  .....
lie No. SWMj-huaad 00 dam from the
fcEaUte*... ....
r .Miners Certi-
e hereof (6 a^Wr to Ibe Minhg HeWtder
a CettNtcate of Improveinenls for tbe
pose" of obtaining a Drawn Grant of tho
.jve chlhi.     j
And fiiriSer take mtlce that
purpose* ol
Section 37 must
Uuance ofaucfj
nnbbet SfcMpg.
Halloneen at Feirmont.
(From our own Correapondtnt.)
On Tuesday evening October Slst.
A large number of gueett Itft Windermere and surrounding pointe tot- Mr.
and Mrs Samuel Brewer's rsni.ll; "fair
tuont Springs, Music and dancing
were Indulged In far into ths sma'wee
hours. Among those present were���
TheMi<ee�� Washbufn. Hits Hicks,
Mist Gibbon,- Urn. Cameron, Mrt.
Bvan, Mrs. Bulirtan, "))r<. i'ayton, Mra
D r<i-1 ilii't*. Melth, Ta>nton.
Scovil, Gordon, Tait, Hewltson, Aloer-
son, Csmerom, West, Voting, deary,
Sprncef, Rnsttl, John, Urals., Burton,
Ellis,* Ltinbsrt, Nicholson, Hankins,
Largls, Ryan, McMillan, Bolduc,
Kimpton, Ouy, Larmour, Hamilton,
Marljeau. Mra. Brewer provided ber
giiMtt With one ol lier gorgeous re
pull    tdf     wbicil    gift l�� noted
Tto Wff^JK FRACTIONAL MIN- ^g*Z tta""."^* =
for tht evening wat furnished by
Msssrs. Cameron, Bruat, John, Burton, Yonng. Tbe affair broke up about
daylight everyone being ot tht opinion
that it waa one of tho moat successful
function! ever held In tha distriot.
LltMe to Get Into Trouble���And
All Over a tfog,
',. Wtttern Bill wtt baok In town
again' thit week, hnt booting waa not
hia errand. He war litMlt-ph ol some-
body't ttjalp,- atia all oW ootount ot a
dog. Bill has a dog which he* pttsee
highly/ being one* of the best flea catoh-
ert antl tt pate bred mongrel ot tht
ume dusky complexion aa hlaontlf,
which goes by the name ef Ifigger.
One ndteming feature ei OIU, who hat
bun out in all tha mining Mcltemehte
-tint* 'IS, bt his l-adaatttof a-ainnU
where, which on reading wit! ih sect)
the farce is l" be accompanied with
other pleasant features ���boxing, fencing and single stick exhibitions, vocal
aud intitruiiientit] music, elu. Then to
cup it all there is to be a dance, with
Cronja the Fearless.
In the deep glb*biil winch now overshadows South Africai one figure
loo.ns out prattlinsntiy oti tho canvaRj
thai of Commahdnnt Cl-onj.. Boer of
thi Boers, fanatic to the con-, imbued
with the strongest racial prejudece-t of
the nation, Cronja haa at least one
characteristic, which is acknowledged
alike by friends at well as enemies���
At Potohefi' rooni where his ho'ine
It sititsted; hs is worshipped as one
who stands quite ap'art from his fellows
and it a recognized leader of men on
account ol hit reputation acquired IA
early days. As a tactic'iah in guerilla
warfare lib is unsurpassed even by
Jonbert, and with the exception ol the
affair Ol 1)181 hit bravery hot Haver
beeu called iuto quHtidii.
(, Mrs. J. A. Good arrived   from  the
Coast on^Vesterday's train*.
Geo. "Wells was in to\Vn a c'ouple of
days this week.
Mr. Loamy, timber inspector was in
town bn lusint-t a day or so this week,
Aubrey Harri.on has ret-irned from
Beaver 14 Goldeu for the winter
H. J. Duncan, one of Vancouver's
legal lights is tho guest of Thomas
Riv. H. B. Turner returned Sunday
from the Coast, where he bad been attending the Synod cf the Illotietb ot
New Weltminsier.
Sundays arrivals in Golden. F.
Stalked of Beaver. Geo. Manuel and
IiimlH- of Donald, J. C. Pitts of Don
aid, Brk. Farr aud daughter of Van
A fine map of South Africa is to be
seen C. W. Field's window.
W. Alexander has Shown (is i8llv��f
medal for good ebbduct which he has
had made for the Calgary Industrial
school, and it is one of the neatest, and
most artistic medals ws have seen for
some time.
The Era begs to acknowledge receipt
of a copy of the Canadian Home Journal for November. It contains agreat
many good articles which should prove
profitable reading to those who desire
a good family JduH1.it.
Officer Stroud L. Redgrave, youngest son oi Sheriff Redgrave of Donnld
has been promoted to the post of Sergeant on the Victoria police force. He
joined the force in 18811.
Methodist Church Sunday Nov. 19th.
Public paeaching services 11. a. m. and
7. SO p. m Sunday school 2.30. Morning subject '-God's presence in Golden."
Evening subjeot "An.honest man and
the wheel elf friruHe." Special music.
Ail aril welcome.
Rec. Mr Turner, has just received
word that hi. son who belongs to the
Gordon Hi**lilrn<I*-ra w..s wounded at
McFarqubnr's farm on Oct. AOth. Much
symyathy is f.lt for Rev Mr. turner
iu bin iiiiie of anxiety tij'r the recovery
Trials of an Editor.
To run a paper without occasionally
publishing au item that is detrimental
19 Mine person il like running a railroad without havitig accident* or nils*
haps. To do either is a physical impossibility. No man on earth is tc so
gieat au extent constantly at ths mercy
of both friends ami onemies as the
editor ot a newspaper. Ho must get
iHuch dt the Information concerning
transpiring events Second or third
Handed, o'r not ai ail. Frequently
statements ara recleved from supposedly trustworthy sources whioh ara sub-
MtfUeu-ly found to be without foundation.
Sot one txHtrff In * (h'eniMmt Wilfully
Injurss eithef friend or toe by misrepresentation. Go to him and ask for a
correction and nine case, out ol ten,
if your case is jnst, yon will be recslv
ed politely and prjper correction will
bo made with pleasure-���Tho Fourth
(From our Own Correspondent)
Tht Masonic order held their regular
meeting law Monday tight, thoro was
a gnat rally and wt h��d did Donald
ffiendt from the West end the east. I
understood some new material being
Initial ltd hi flto mysteries of that great
Mr. J. C. Pittt ha*? lott' again on a
business trip to Windermere.
fh. C. P. R. ara preparing tor tlrb
winters supply ot coal at this point.
IsoMshon'a gang. In Mr. Newman's de
pertinent, unloading corns tour hund
red tool this tftettV
Wt htfvtall along counted on tho
Rev. Uf TarneT ar olir firm friend,
but aftw readifiB** hit letter in last
wMkVEtfA, in which he relet* to out
town at the habitation ot '-bate and
owls" we would advise film* to fatten
blrscalp fcok <M��n with an extra plu
tmtm* tte'htvUu BhnaU.
Ail restrictions as to residence of
ertij-ibyinent on ves'sels are snsi-ended
on any Forestrrs, who are British
Subjects and intend serving in tiie
Army, Navy or "Militia of Great firitan
or her colonies. The insurance of such
Foresters is placed at the lowost rate
of premium. This shows the liberality
of Foresters.
f he toad from. AiUln.er to Toby
creek -yaitpii roar! is .*)"- miles in length.
Hou. B..W. A'yjinfr l*gali this io*,i
bn the 17th of October oiiU iioih|ileib'd
it on the 31st of the same month. This
road has been built for the small sum
1580. The first toam out brought in
3000 pounds of Delphine oro to ths
Athalmer Landing.
There has been much anxiety manifested during the paat week aa to the
Safety of the British troops in SoutK
Afri'c'ri'. but assurances have lately
arrived announcing that all the posts'
were holding out well and doing mora
than was exfacted of them. Skirmish
after skirmish hat taken place but
nothing of aeriout note bat occurred.
General Cronje objects to the mines
bbjitf! laid sround Mafeking for the
talety of the handful ot troops the*re,
Baden-Powell replied fittingly, pointing out thut snch actions were not
averse to civilised wsrlare.
The Boer secretary of state threatens
li ene'cute tit British offioerji. wfii. are
held ss prisoners ll General White hula
to give np Nathan Marks, a Boer spy:
The latest from Mafeking is to the
effect that Col. Baden-Powell has rout,
ed the Boers from their stronghold ana
completely broken up tbeir ranks, itf-
tlictinfc a Bevelb doftat upon tbem.      ,
Twenty thousand tro'dpshre reported
to have arrived in Sonth Africa du'rihg
the week, and Genera] Puller has commenced oderatious (or the relief of
*""'-"'"*'" '"'' tai
TAKE NOTICE that 30 day. after date
wo intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner
if L'uuils ami "Aorksfora special license td
:lit>tM cliffy away timber tWJIn following
described landst Siimite bn HpHlift, ^i-^ett
about H miles ahiivo its junction with Toby
Creek, in the District nf E;'*t KuDtennv.
ciniimeucing at a post on the -vest aide of
Spring Creel., Ih'eiice north east 00 chaiua,'
tpeticfe bu^t TOcfiiiins, Ilii-ni e mirthVOcliains:
thence vhrX VK}, thence south 711 chains tu
place of commencement, containing l.O.O
acres more or less. .,   ,
Windermere, November 7,"99. oi .
i intend to apply .to Ibe
ret Lftaal tyiW wfi�� at Vi
wliifi timber IburS!���SUub
NOTICE in hereby girn- that  30 divA
"   ' ���  ��� ���       m
io the Chit.
after dute we intend to up
-I'omimMsiunerp". , 	
for Ibe follbwliig timber Iihir'r!���SUuated oi*
the west siile of Windermere LaltS; Eaat
Kootemiy District, t'oiiitiienchiff i<t a ]mi
planted at the S.W, t-oruer of lot Oil, thenu^
east 40chains, llieiice soutli HO chains, tlieuce
west BO cluiins, tlteure north VJQ chaumi
thence eaxt 40 chains, thence south 40 v)t**ini
to plate ot ^'jitfiiibnceHierit, Sbntalhltift W0.
Hbrea mure or lexs.
Golden, Nov. 10,18W.
Field School Report
The follow! r ia tho report of the
Field School during the month of Ofet.
Fourth Class -1 Juan Carey.
Third Class   1 Priscilla   Mutheaon.
Second Clads -1 Ella Ceilarholm.
II Primer Clato ��� 1 James Arnold; 2
Qsftar Carey; 3, Frederick Patrick; 4,
JWtnHti Inches; 5, Weaver Cedarholm.
I Primer Ctais-i 3*3&* Carey, 1,
Olive Patrick, 3, Gladys Patrick, 4,
William Arnold.
Actual attendance 8.
Kootenay Diocescj
At the New Westminster Sy\Hb*H H
was decided tbat tbe office of bishop of
Kootenay be not tilled until such time
as the endewmant fund reaches at least
$40,000, or until such time as a yearly
stipend of at least, 92,000 has been
grunted id <i uiannef aaiiafactnry to
tht bishops 6'f British Columbia, It
Is understtWd tfttt Wirtiop I>art will
femain th full charge for the present
Hud when aforesaid stipend li raiaod
that he shall havt the option of becoming bishop of Kootenay or of retaining
the too of New Wmi minster.
(From our Own CorreJpffilienf)
The gov&inment are spending a small
amount of money in inftking it (eftvpor
try waggon road to fnuhlo thw jttjple
to get from PeterboW>Voutfli' to' Athalmer. Hon. F. W. Aylerat-r bus charge
of the work.
St h. McKay, manager of Elk Park
Ranch baa a force of msn btVilrifag
cump.x for lumlw��r purposes in thViviiiin-
Uy of Atlialmer. Ite int-^iuN to f��ke
out about feu**/million feet fif first
olnaa larch end Hr. The Bhln^ln' mill
itiH tM a new feaiure lu tbe Athalmer
aa\T-mill Tho company Intend adding
fl*lnin which will enable rheffl to supply
di*y lumber.
NOTICE ia hereby given that no d'eytl
after ihite we intend to make application to'
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worltf
for .a special, kpttse to eat andcarry away
timbei- from ttife folldwlug dbsccllj&d.l^nHs:-,
yiii]Iiie*i on Hotilder Greek, in tne District ot
Eaat Kootenay, at or near the Forks of fame;
crmuneiii'ing at a stake planted about tOQ
yards eaat of the creek, thenco ItiOchaini
south, tlu'iic.e 6'4 cluiins west, thence 160
ciiwils iin'rtn; thei��o,fl?l -chains pflsj tQ pUcd
of couniencement, containing PtSOa*:rfts mor4
or less.
Windermere, Out. 20, lHMk
NOTICE is hereby givon that eti editor*
aiid peraotiH haviiig clalniB iiiijiinst the wtate
6f Edith' Jnhr.RifS of Golden; B.C., ar& rt*-
ctutrfel Iff send td George B. McCarter, tlnq t
(tajrwtfcr, At .l{e>:*%at*bvn/ PAi *^*i**Itor for
Malcolm McK-Mi/ie, AilnuiustrAlbr o? thfi
estate, full particulars of such claims oh'or
lipft.ro ttio 15th day of Novemher, 1890; and
that after iho said 15th November, lfttt). tlio
���aid Administrator wilt proceed todiatsjhutri
snid estate amongst tne norsotiS i^ti'ted
thereto, having regard btdy'H UBffi tiefiM
of whicli the said Adinitimtrator aiifdl iliorf
nSic not>e and t*ffrt l*fa SAid Admiimtratot
will not be liable tor thn proceeds of said
estate ;��r any part thereof so distributed to'
any person of whose claim the said Admiais-
trator shall not have bad notice at the tia.o ef
the distribution tbere"f.-        - -        *
Dated this ,-,!��b day of October, A.D., 19W;
nlO    '     Solicitor for snid Administrator.
NOTICE is hereby elven that an Application
will be mado to thn l^ecittlative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its pe^f
session for an Art to liicorpoYfitta-firffpiiny
with power to construct, equip, maintain aid
operate a line or linos of telephone electri-Hl
w��rk��, P'lwer hon-es, generation plant ttUr
all aucb otlier appliances aa nr* Hbcnuiuy
and pro) or for the c��ier��t-fc��*.���*��* ffc^tfir*Pr
nirllier |<o��e-* aM (.aiismitting tbe satnff
iiniii    uiid    throughout     the     Distriot
iiiiin    uiid    throughout     the
of   East     Kotitenny and    Ihe       ,
townsites in lite said dl*- tffet
tlm Connxmy from time tn tlm-A' di-
terniinos and to construct, maintain awl
operate tbe same along the skies oi, and
across or under anv higbtvay.stvMBf mHK
bridges, or Mty siich|%��* it? tfta sStd (lis-
:rijf t as t���� CMnpwy from time to time de-
ft mines, and to construct, erect and maintain such and so mnny poles aud otber work��
and devices as tlio Company dittinnnpr^-^ry
for making co-mnlatlng, rnm��rUnff, using,-
working, operating aud maintaining thn
system    Ht   communication   by telepboifii
L m\.mn'm-
P. A, Desormeau-,
<  4  a  Tailor*
Golden, RC.
*nYA ******* HWktnit H��Vae Wl- - {
or rto^rical works, iwwor hi
ftig -plant and other aaplhnces, and
to tipt-n or break np any part dr parts of ilia
sard highways or stints' nl often as tbe saitT
Company, its aglhls, officers or workmm
think nronor, find for tho purposes of the
undertaking ft pnrcttaso, s-Mifrc.'or lean^
and hold aud mt and dJaposffOf or surtondor
lands, buildings or tenements within tbe!
limitsi,t')ri*sai.l nnd to punlinse er lease tor
any lonn rf>-ears, any tafep!hme lbi�� estab-'
IT4i*d of to bo estabiisntd iti BrJMtfftCnlum-:
liiH, ����tmiectinr ee ta he M&hetfM witb tba
linos which theX''-mi>nnv may conttruct aiuf
to nurchase or Base for any term of yean tii*
rignl of any toinpany to construct and main
tarn any snch telophouo line -pnd to amalgamate with or hue its line or luits, or anv portion or porlftffl tbf reof to any -Jolnpaiiy
p<issossing af proprietor <m**?ft�� of tele-
phono confer)taii''��ffl-.ii toutt-tctiug e'ltohfi
connected with tho said Company's line of
lines and to aeqinr#htudH.boinihi's, privileged
A-otlier aidi from anv nvrsou* orlwdle^
^iVporate, Ind with til o\btv usual, uov&Diarf
or incidental rlglits, powers or privileges as
may be neeffsary of ftuUttitnl or -Mmuclt tf
to tl�� attornment ef lee above objaets er erff
otthem, ,     , j.      ,.,,,_,
Dated this WtKday -ifOctoW l*��t*
ilARViV �� McCARTEft;
41? Spht'l*��-��to*lb*AppH))tntf< TROOPS ARRIVING
Indications Thst tke Boers Ate Pr*.
paring to Shell Udj.mlU
With Heavy Qua.
London, Not. 10.���Ths British transport Roelyn Oaatle, -with Gen. Bill-raid
and the staff of the Yorkshire regiment
aboard, arrived at Oape Town. Four
other transports sailed from England
the same day, Ootober 19. 1'he Roelyn
Oastle waa immediately ordered to -proceed to Durban.
London, Nor. 10.���-The scanty and
conflicting news from the seat of war
and the fsot that General White haa
not yet said a word abont tha alleged
fighting aronnd Ladysmith are again
producing a feeling of uneasiness. It
���nay be that General While has sent
news and tbat General Buller hu
thought best to keep it to himself. Indeed, this ia tho version that is begin,
nlng to bo believed, as it is believed
that the news of heavy fighting brought
by Kaffirs in suoh circumstantial detail
cannot bo wholly groundless. It cannot
be loug. however, before u change oo
curs, General Boiler's forces will soon
arrive at Durban, and will probably be*
gin the advance to tho relief of Lady*
smith about November 15.
The Boers, if they ever entertained
the idea of a real invasion of Oape Colony, have probably now abandoned it,
and will devote tbeir whole energies to
reducing Ladysmith. They have only
abont a we, k In wbioh to do this. The
fact tbat they are rather inactive indicates that thoy ore waiting for something whioh tbey feel sure will justify
their delay. The latest Kulcoort dispatches seem to hint tbat the garrison
is about to retire further southwards.
Orders bave been received at Wol*
wich nmlDevoiiport for the mobilisation
of a siege train, whioh it is supposed,
is intended for the purpose of shelling
Pretoria. The force manning It will
approximate to the strength of eight
batteries, and will consist of 89 officers
and 1,104 non-commissioned officers
nntl men. Its aruiument will be thirty
Howitzer, fourteen 0-iuch guns, eight
S*inch guns and eight 4-inch guns, tbe
whole train weighing over 11,000 tons.
This will be the first employment of a
modernized siege train by an European army, and the progress of tho reduction of the forts by lyddite shell fire,
as preliminary to storming by infantry,
will be watched with interest and onr*
iosity by all professional soldiers.
Three large steamers bave just been
chartered at Liverpool to convey the 10, -
000 troops of the division whioh Lord
Wolseley yesterday announced will be
mobilized. The transport Arawa has
been delayed by a disarrangement of
her electrical plant. The disabled Persian will transfer her troops to the
Goth, whioh will leave Southampton
next Tuesday. A dispatch from Durban annonnoes that Prince Victor of
Sohleswig-HolBtein arrived there on
Monday, and immediatey proceeded up
The correspondent of the Daily Telegraph at Pletermarltzburg and Ladysmith says they are all safe for some
time to come. Owing to the faot
that Ladysmith lies low, and the
Boors, unluckily, have been permitted
to occupy Mount Bulwan and other surrounding big hills, attempts to open up
heliogrnphic communication has proved
a failure.
The Oape Town correspondent of the
Standard says: The ministerial papers
here are giving currency to Infamous
Boer charges of British brutality to pris-
. oners and the treacherous use of the
white flag. It ia asserted that the British bave bound prisoners to the wheels
of Maxim guns and dragged them
al ng.
From Port Elisabeth comes the intelligence tbat the easterns officials there
hare seized a bale of new flags consigned to the Free State, consisting of
Orange Free State colors with the Netherlands flag in the corner.
At Constantinople it is rumored
that Lord Cromer, British diplomatic
agent in Egypt, bas received instructions to arrange with the Egyptian cabinet for the dispatob of 5.000 Egyptian
troops to the Transvaal, but the reports
is disci edited here.
The London Times has the following
dispatch from Lorenzo Marques, dated
Nor. 6.���-Delagoa Bay is full of secret
service police, getting information regarding the movements of the imperial
service trocps. The wire between Delagoa Bay aud Pretoria waa broken dnring the hurricane. It wu not out u
wu thonght at first.
Thero is a Boer contingent of 750
men near Komatiport. 1 find women
have been leaving Durban for Pretoria
with news. Piuses are too easily
granted at Durban.
I understand that the contingent
from Oolenso is marching toward Gray-
town, and I hear on the best English
authority tbat Johannesburg hss been
stripped of guns and men, the polioe
force being composed of Russian Jews.
Smith's F. lis, Nov. 10.���Wellington
HoWlliams wu killed by  the hurst*
Ing of an emory wheel while at work
in Frost ft Wood's factory hen today.
i sat. ,
Toronto, Nov. 10.���A pathetic Incident in connection with the death of
E Varooe, who died thia morning from
bullet wounds received In a straggle
with burglars who entered his sit re a
few hours earlier, was his disinclination to Identify the. burglars. Both
had to be brought to him on stretchers.
He turned asii.e at first and would not
look, bnt on the crown attorney and
physician begging him to do ao, he
identified tb* two men. He added,
"Don't be too bard on th.m," and a
tew mmutea later died. Both burglars
will reoorer from their injuries.
St, Petersburg, Nor. 10.-The Turkish
ud French oonsnlates at Odessa hav*
bsen Informed that King Menelek, of
Abyssinia, will arrlr* in May next,
ud will pay a visit to th* eiar, whil*
on hia way to the Paris exposition of
Northampton, Hue.*. Nor. 10.���In
tbe eaperioi oonrt this afternoon, Lents
Werner, wbo wrecked the Hampshire
oonnty National bank, by embtiallof
IBM.OOO, wae ���enteooed to a term in
stett prison of cot more then twelre
Frltlity, Nov**nilifi*   IU.
hart, l'atmcelutc lias arrived In Now
lion. Mr. I'liU-i-i-on aiUlrenseil the oleu
tornte at Orcufell.
liuliltMi baa pusted a forfeit for a
fight with Jeffries.
Admiral Dewey and Mra. Haieu were
married In  Washington.    .
The gold output at Atlin thia season
tn   placed at yi.auo.uOu.   /
Ttav Prince of Wale* 53tb birthday
was celebrated lu   London.
Oceau liiiera are deluded In arrival at
Montreal owing to heavy fogs.
Twenty coses of sin all-pox have been
discovered lu   1*>m-i couuty, Out,
"Kid" McCoy knocked out Jack Mc<
Doi.o.i.nli. of   St. I'aul, In   Buffalo.
L Yarcoe, the Toronto merchaut, -shot
by burglars, has died from bis injuries.
A gang of Bon toil con titem-It em have
a scheme tu flood Canada witb spurious
E. Cook, of tbe C. I'. It., wai* icrWnm.
ly injured at limited while coupling
cars. t
Many ex-members of the mounted iiol*-
lc<i dcilre ta enlist In a South African
'A direct steamship Hue tiatwcou ('bl
cuiro und Montreal Is soon to be iiiuii-
Ten persons were seriously injured and
three fatally lu a railway wreck in
Caiiudlnu grain und brims .ire wanted
to feed the (amine *u fieri" r�� ut Kami
province, India.
Hrltisli tnpers believe tba Nuiuoiiii
ngrccmciit sets the hcuI on tliu Ainericuii
expamlbn policy.
Jt H. Uaiuliloi manager uf 'the Dotn.
iiiion hunk, Toronto, died ou tbe way
ueross  tilt)  Atlantic.
There nro probabilities of three may
��� iriilty candidates In Winnipeg ��� AUI.
MaihiTs and Martin, uud Mayor Andrews,
Iteloro 4,000 people, Interesting addresses on .'���oiiih Africa wero delivered
lu Toronto under tbe Canada club nua
Jus. MrAi'thur has lion arrested ul
Speurfish, N. i>., charged with a mur
der committed in Oregon tweiUj.four
vear�� ngo.
TlniriMlay, Novum' ei- 0.
David llluom escaped .'ro:n 'Standun
Tho license fur Admiral Pewsy's wed-
dint bin been  issued.
A small party at Irish servant icli'W
le en route to Western Canada,
George Uouin- recently shot at Calgary, is   lu u precarious condition.
W. Kenner, a resident of Mollt.i, Mnn,,
was clubbed aud robbed by two men.
Mrs. Logan, wife or II. .1. Logan, M.
V.. died suddenly at Cumberland, N. S.
Jno. W. Anderson wa�� declared "not
guilty"" by tbe Jury on the Molions Imnk
\V, V. Shaw, who walked into lho fly
wheel of the Itrandon electric wnrlti, !��
dead, ���
Kddle McDnffce lias reduced tho one-
thin' mile bicycle record to L7 2��0
The embargo on Canadian cattle shipped Into llelglum will l>e removed un
November 15th.
A gold brick, valued at $100,000, will
shortly ho sent down from the Cariboo
hydraulic mines.
The Czar and Cxarlna of Kuf^itt paid
a frleitdly visit to ti:c emperor of Oor-
maty al Totsdnm.
j. W. niako was found guilty of trim-
inal assault on a 15 ycttr old girl nt
the Winnipeg assises.
Six mer: on trial at Pittsburg were
fount) not guilty of tho death ot "Kid"
Lavclte, the prize fighter.
Veterinary inspection of all horse*
and calllt> Imported into the Territories,
lias lieet! made obligatory.
Later returns of IT. s, elections indicate that the Republicans carried the
mnJorltr, ot the states In which elec-
tloni were held ou Tuesday.
The Samoan commission tiave announced their award. The Islands go to (tor-
many and United Stales; Urltain gels
territory In Africa and two of the Solomon Islands as a  recompense.
Wednesday, Novemb r 8.
Vice-President Ilolnft Is still alive,
but sinking.
The Canadian fruit exhibit at thd Pari'
exposition will  include fl.OOO Jars.
It Is believed tbe Territorial elections
will he held nfter the next session.
Sir ("lias. Tupper addressed a meeting iu   Winnipeg on political is-sues.
Another lady doctor has been admitted tc practice In   British Columbia,
Every Indication points to n war between Japan aud Russia before spring.*
Fitly people were drowned or burned
lit the destruction of a theatre at Canton, China.
While hunting in a Mississippi stale
swamp. Hunter Johnston discovered
Kilning operators are leaving the Slocan district owing to the prevailing
Jeffries, the prise fighter, and hll
brother, have been Arrested for violating tbe Horton law.
Three civil and three criminal, eases
were considered liy 'the grand jury at the
Portage la Prairie assizes.
Tnesday, November T.
Half a million dollar-fire visited the
bni-dnoHh district of.Kansas City.
Two turn wero lerlcitisly injured In
an explosion Mi nu Ottawa carbide factory.
It Is said Lillet Justice Laooste lias
beeu asked te rr-slgu tn luHwnie Con-
horviuivo lemh-r in Quebec.
A meeting of tbe Northwestern Curling association lor tlm season's orgn-
iilzatloii, wns Ih.UI ut Mmiipdosti.
Japan's latent war spirit Is te'ng
turned In the direction of Ituss'an
aggression In northeastern Asia.
Speeches of Ir.sli members on the
South African war tiro alienating the
support of tho Liberals from home
Major Count Esterhaxy, of Dreyfns case fame, wae sentenced by default to tbree years' Imprisonment
for treaton.
Owen Sound, Nor. 10.���Robert
Shea, a brakeman, employed ou the
Marl Bede of' Georgian B57 Cement
oompany, wu crashed to death while
coupling car* yesterdsy morning.
Weihingtou, Nov.. to.���Mre. Heien
end Admiral Dewey were married at
10 o'olook tbit morning. The ceremony
took place nt St. Fanl'e obnrob, tfetber
Maokln offl leting.
Montreal, Nor. 9.���The pnrohaiee of
the Dmnimondoonnty railway-wae completed yesterday by tbe payment to J.
N. (Jreenebielde. W. Mltehell end W.
Farwell of ���1,489,000, 1 is f 186,000,
tbe amount of* the leaso, and f 8S, 000 on
aooonnt of certain titles.
Chicago, Not. 9.���Denis J. Sweeney
who baa been ishlef of the Ohlcegofire
department elnoe 1807, hae handed hie
resignation to Major Harrison, to take
effect Deo. S, tbe fiftieth anniversary of
-Joining the department
London, Nor. 9.���Mr, Jacob Bright,
a brother of tbe famous John Bright ft
Broe., Riohdale, ie dead. Be wsi*born
in 1811.
Berlin, Ont, Nor, 9.���Hngo Knell
mi ktted al Door ft Oo'e biscuit fao-
twr hy the fall of an elevator.
Tbe Corps Is Composed of 8,600 Mn,
Mounted Infantry and Artillery���
Six Transports Expected.
Loudon, Not. 8.���-To the eye* ot
military experts the darkest page of tbe
-war is now being -written. Bnt even
tbat is illuminated with bright passages, snoh as General White's victor-
ions sorties. If he oan keep the British
dag flying from Ladysmith nntil he is
releved, the campaign will turn a fresh
page, and vith the advance of Sir Red-
vers Boiler's force, the British publio
is promised more cheerful rending.
This feeling of relief, inspired by re-
cent good tidings, is nevertheless tinged
by a certain alloy of anxiety, lest Gen.
White should again make some fatal
miscalculation, involving a repetition
of the Nicholson's Nes disaster Her
Majesty does not share this anxiety,
and Is apparently saiignine of his
ability to pnll through.. It ia asserted
tliat she has written to Lady White expressing sympathy with her husband in
the trials nnd difficulties he is now experiencing, aud assuring Lady White
of her own undiminished confidence In
bis generalship. The purport of Ibis
letter ba beeu cabled to Gen. White by
the Marquis of Lmsdowne.
The most interesting news today Is a
dispatob from Estoonrt announcing tbe
departure of a Strang force of mounted
corps and artillery for a destination not
given in the advices. Another messsge
annonuces the arrival at Estoonrt and
Fietermaritzbnrg within the last few
days of relnforoements from Durban
and that 8,600 troops are assembled
ready for entering Colenso when the
opportunity arrives. The latter dispatob throws light ou the former and
the torce whioh left Estoonrt Monday
last donbtless reocenpied Oolenso and
possibly is uow advancing cnntlonaly
toward Ladysmith, General White's
sortie of Friday almost to the banks ot
the Tngela river, encouraging i:s commander lu the hope of joining hands
with bim.
Geu. Joubert, the latest advices indl*
oate, drew in his horns after Friday's
engagement and lias since withdrawn
the southern Boer contingent, leaving
only outposts on the line from Ladysmith toColen-o,
At Estoonrt and Pietermoriaburg the
defensive works have been greatly
srength'ened within the last few days
and they are now believed capable of
holding their own against auy Boer
force whicli General Jonbert wonld at
the present jnnoture risk sending. Both
are likely to be strengthened before tbe
week is ont by a further naval tone
and even by tbe first detachment of
General Buller'., army oorpi.
None of the troopships have arrived.
The one which it is predicted might
reaoh Oape Town at tbe earliest on
Monday is as yet unannounced and
even when it does arrive there, it might
have three dayB' steaming to mach Durban, Natal. As many as six transports
with i,500 troops were expected to be
in Oape Town harbor by this time ,bnt
the war ollloo last evening issued a
statement to tbe effect that the only arrivals at Oape Town were the Sumatra
from Durban with wonnded; tbe Southern Gross, from Gibraltar, with mules
and the collier Weuvoe.
The sitnatiou looks brighter at Mafeking where the Boers are apparently
disheartened at tbe unexpected resistance, alarge body of their tone having
been detaobed to the south to assist in
the Investment of Kimberley, around
wbioh the cordon is drawing tighter.
Evidently the Boers intend to make a
oonoentrated effort to capture - Kimber
ley and their aroh enemy,Oeoil Rhodes.
The teported departure of a Boer contingent from Pretoria with German artillery gunners moving southward la
taken to mean co-operation In the invasion of the northern portions of Oape
Colony, an undertaking whioh thus far,
haa not progressed very rapidly..
Erabsrfo Reamed.
Ottawa, Nov. 0.���A cable haa been
received stating that the embargo
against Canadian oattle going Into Bel
glum will be removed tram tba 16th
lut.   .
Wireless Telegraphy.
New York, Nov.* o.���Pnasengtrt on
the steamship Bt. Paul, whioh starts tor
Southampton today, win i have the advantage of hearing the latest South African war news some time before the
big liner tonohes shore. Slgnor Marconi,the Inventor of wireless felography,
leaves on the St. Paul,'taking with
bim a full set ol his instruments. He
���ays be can communicate with the English government station at Laud's End
when he gets within a hundred -miles
of that point, and, at a rough estimate
tbree hundred miles from Southampton.
Qneenstown, Nov. O.���Kllnger, th*
seaman of the British, bark Pegasus,
ftom Portland, Ore., June 18, for thia
pert, who was banded over to th*
polios on arrival of the vessel hen yet-
terday, charged with having fatally
stabbed a fellow sailor named Hntton
dnring the voyage,was today committed
for trial on the charge of mnrder.
Kokomo, Ind., Nov. 0���Tba Olover
Loaf passenger express anda freight
tnlo-ocUlded near ben today, damaging both trains and Injuring Marly
Th.  Jury  Deliberated  Nln.tr   Mtnata.
aad -Returned a Verdict "Not Guilt--."
Winnipeg Nov. ��.���After faoing bla
accusers for eight daya John W. Anderson tne ei Molson's bank clerk char-ted
with robl ing the Winnipeg branoh at
183,000 ifi October, 1808, was p-roowinoed
" not gnilty" by the twelve "good men
and true,'' empannelled for tba purpose
of judging bis oase.
It was 13.66 yesterday wben tba
jury, aftre being absent tram the court
room, filed iu aud took tbeir places in
tbe box. A deathlike silence prevailed
while the roll waa being called, and
when Mr. Wilson asked the question:
"Gentlemen ot the jury bave yon
agreed on a verdict?" a -pin dropping
on the flour conld have been heard.
"We have," answered the foreman."
"Gnilty or not gnilty?"
"Not guilty."
Then the orowd broko loose and
cheer after olieer rent the air. Anderson's brothers and Irienda who wen
near tbe box went in to eoataoies of joy
and fairly lifted the roof, lt took the
sheriff several minutes to restore order
and when ho did ao and Anderson
walked ont of tbe dock, the oheering
wss again taken np and oontinned till
he reached the street where a large
orowd had assembled to greet him. He
waa aooompain.d by his brothers and
several intimate friends. Mr. Hagel
and Mr. Mctoalte, wbo have so ably
oondnoted tbe defenoe, were alao warmly congratulated by tbeir admirers.
Kln.nol.l Btatnn.al-X.al Year'. K.lbl-
llon Will He(ln July SSad.
Winnipeg Nov. 8.���A meeting of tbe
Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition board
was held yesterday afternoon with tbe
following gentlemen present: Messrs.
Wm. Brydon F. W. Thompson L. A.
Hamilton, D. Smith, A. Strang, G. F.
Gait. G. F. Bryan, G. H. Grieg, Aid.
J. G. Harvey, I. M. Rosa and Manager
F. W. Henbach.
A detailed statement of the affaire ot
the association was pr sented by the
ohairman of finance, whioh wu ordered
to be Incorporated and printed in tbe
annual report The position ot tbe
association may be summed np shortly
aoont as follows, as on the 81st December next. Total receipts, 146,8911.86
total disbursements, 144,068.67. To
the latter must be added had accounts,
|40; unpaid aocounta, 1500.60; unforeseen liabilities and estimated expense,
to the 1st December, 1890, (1,10 total,
145,78.17, whioh would leave an estimated balance at the end of the year,
in band, of 11,689.18.
There was spent in Improving the exhibition grounds end premises, wbioh
belong to the olty of Winnipeg, tbe
sum of 18,718.54, and 11,65 was repaid
to the oity on account of debenture
loan and io tercet, making a total capital
expenditure paid frem current revenue,
of 16,868.54. The sketoh for next
year's calendar wus adopted, and will
be ready for distribution early In the
year. It ia olaimed to be withont exc: �����
tion, the mosst artistic hanger Ihe association has yet issued.
The manager recommended that th*
dates for next year's fair be the week
follow! g the Mud July, and In order
lo avoid the necessity of exhibitor* being nway from borne a second Sunday
he suggested tbat the live (took oome in
on the Friday and Saturday previous,
and that the judging commence promptly on Monday morning. This arrangement will enable livestock exhibitors
to leave for borne again at 6 o'olook
Friday of exhibition week. After a
very fnll dlsonssion thll recommendation was accepted.
Then will be a large increase asked
in tbe appropriations for premiums and
attractions for next year; In tact it is
the intention of tbe dlreolors lo make
the ooming exhibition a Twentieth Century Fair in every respect
Veterinary Inspection.
Ottawa, Nov. 0.���All bones for gen-
oral purposes and ranohes imparled into
Manitoba, the Northwweet and Britiab
Columbia are bow subject to inspeo-
itiou by veterinary surgeons appointed
by tbe department of agricnltnre. In
oase of settlers' horses and horses fa
breeding the Inspection fees are paid by
the department. The fee for one be
istli for two -dp io tea, 76e each;
eleven np to twenty. lOo each, and
twenty-one upwards, J5c. Full instructions, witb prices for tbe Inspection of sbeep, swine and oattle have
been forwarded to customs colleotore.
..     Highway Bobbery at Mellta. .
Melita, Man., Nor. 9.���A oase of assault and highway robbeiy took plaoe
in Melita but evening. Mr. W. Kenner, drayman, who was delivering ex
press matter after the arrival of tba
evening train, was inet on a baok street
by two men, who,' with tbe use of
clubs, laid their victim ont and mi
good their escape in the dark. Melita
is withont a constable, or in faot any
means ot protection. Oonseqnenty tba
villains are still at large      *
Asborolt, B.O..Nov. 9-Tbelargest
gold brlokever melted in a Canadian
mine, the Value bring sllghty in exc
Of 1100,000, will shortly be sent down.
It I, tram the. Cariboo hydnullo mint
and tbe wash-op Is said to be ahead of
all mining records established hitherto
in the Kootenay distriot.. .
Wben tbe Judftnent Is weak tbe prejudice Is strong.-O'Hara.  -
Avoid popularity; It bu amy snares
and no real benellt-Penn.
Politeness hi good nature regulated
by good sense.-8ydney Smith. .-
' An acre of performance Is worth tb*
whole world of p��mise.-HowelL
Thon wbo an greedy In praise prove
they are poor In merit���Plutarch.
He that swells In prosperity will lw
sure to shrink In adversity.���Colton.
Pride la Increased by Ignorance; thoee
assume th* moat wb* know th* l.sst-
Gay. " .'���*'���  *
Th* higher w* rise, th* more Isolated
we become; all sUvltlons are caM.-
De Boufflce*
H* travels iaf, bad not unpleasantly
who Is guarded by poverty and guided
by love.-SIr P. Sidney.
Punctuality' Is th* stem virtu* of
men of biislMM and th* grant nl cow-
t**y ot princ**.-Bnlw*r.
Tbere are no persona more solicitous
abont tb* pre**rvatlon of rank than
U��**..Wb* bar* M.MBH at *|LH|iU*>
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 bard at Fort
William, ��7��o
Flsu���Oguvi*'* Hungarian patent,
|1.M>; Glenora, 11.70; Manitoba Strang
i', 1.60; TO 11.16, Lak* ot
th*Woodsp*wnt,|1.90; strong babes*'.
"11.70- Medora, tl.iO; mi, |1.I0
p*r sack ot 08 pounds, delivered in
Mlllfe*d���Bran III. aborts 111.
Oroud Fe��u���Best OM ono* |IO
par tan; mixed barley and oaa.lil.00;
barley chop, )��; Oilcake, |>7 per ton.
Oata���Na 1 white, JBho; No. I
white, 18c, and teed grades, ��7 to >8o
on traok bar*.
Barley���88 to SOo for feed; malting,
li to 180, car lots.
Flax���At oountry point*, 11.15 per
Wheat���At oountry point., 64 to 68o
par bushel.
Hay���Baled, t* 50 on track, Winnipeg; Loose-|5 to |��.
Butter���Oreanury, il^cat tbafao-
tori**; dairy, 18o for finest grade*
Cheese 11H to llo at the factories
for Manitoba.
Eggs���Dealers paying 17c at oountry
Vegetables���Potatoes,40o per bushel;
carroie, lOo par bushel; turnip*, 1%H
to 16o par bushel; beets, 96 to >0o per
bushel; parsnips, l^o per ponnd;
oanUflown, 60 to 75o per doa; onions,
Ic to IH" P�� pound; cabbage, 110 to
111 per tou; celery, 80c per doaen
bunches; pumpkins, 76c to 11.60 pn
doasn; squash, lo par ponud; Hubbard, lHo; marrow, 60 to 75o per doa.
Seneca root���65o per ponnd.
Hides���inspected hides, So 1, Itfo;
No.9,0),o; Sot, tHo. Branded bide*
grade No. 8, and bulls Ma I. Kip,
7o; oalt, 8 to 8*0; dcakln skins, II
to 86oeaoh;' shsepsklns, fresh killed,
60c each; oountry skins and lambs, 80o
eaoh; horsehides, OOo to 76o eaoh.
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba flew*, 7
to 80 per ponnd.   None offering.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to ohoioe,
OK to *Ho; mutton, o to 9Jfo; lamb,
lOo; veal, 7 to |o; dressed bogs,0 to7o
pec ponnd butchers' price; packers',
tii tot beat weight*
Poultry���Turkeys, H^ to llo per
ponnd, dressed weight; geese, lOo per
pound; ducks, lOo per pound; spring
chickens, 10c per ponnd
Game���Teal ducks, loo; tall dnoks,
80 to 85o; mallards.80 to 40o per pair;
���mall geese and wavles, OOo; large
���ee, 76a
Tallow���8H to ��Ho per pound.
Cattle���Export steeis, off oare, Winnipeg. tH, to Wo; Octobers' grades,
8 to ��Ht.
Sbeep���Choice animals, off can, 4o
per pound.
Hogs���Ohoioe, 56 off can.
Mlloh Oows���New, |>5 tb 145.
Hones Partly broken western tram
150 to |100; well broken southern and
eastern of medium weights and slaee,
��� 195 to 1175 eaoh.
Pay In SCRIP for Dominion Lands and
8af�� 20 par Cent. Diuount.
for full Information niiply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any oflloe of lhe MM0HANT9' BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or the West.
Reported  by Alloway k Champion,
Stock Broters, Winnipeg.
adlm.   B*ym
WarE.il. .....ZD
Payne .
i e
aontraal Os.	
Toronto R'y.....	
Datath Pre/am***,	
3an. PacRy. Hontnal....
**an, Pac. R'y. Loadoa	
16 j
Honey, time..	
Honey oaeall	
Quoted  by Alloway k Champion,
189 Main street, Winnipeg.
Rriebnaarita. ,0.1s 1-4
Austrian Oaldm an **
BoUaJtd OulUler. m
Pr.no. 1' .
RaaalaajooMe. Mill
Pittsburg, Pn., Nov. ��.���The body ol
Ool. Dallas O. Irish, one of Pittsburg's
weslthieet man, wa, found in an unfn-
quented part of Coleman's Lane, not
far from bis residence in tb* eaat end
laat night. Foul play was at lint nu-
peeled, bnt physicians believe tbat
death Waa dn* to apoplexy.
Pittsburg, Nor. 9.��� John Oavaoaugh
aad live otbera, charged with the death
of "Kid" Uvelle. wbo died from in
jirlea received In a prise light witb
Oavanangb at Homestead lut April,
were today fonnd not gnilty. Tbe oosts
Wer* impoted on tb* attendant.
m      ���
N*w fork, Nor. l-Jeffriee1 mans-
ger, Wm. A, Brady, make* tba stats
msnt tbat J*ffrl-j* will nol fight again
Ibis year, and bl* nsil Ight will probably be at tbe Pari! expoaltiou. . He
bad defeated Sharkey twiot now, aad I
do nol think th* sailor ba, aty right
lo demand another meeting with Jeffries baton lb* champion m*tta anyone
alee.' H* will probably m***t. Corbett
or Filnimmona.'
Hamilton, Nor. T.���Another fatality
occurred in thia city ywterday. John
HoMysett, an employe* at Freeeman'e
fertlllaer work*, fell down Ih* elevator
shaft AM erening and reoelved injuries
fMm wbioh be died shortly afterwards
Comber, Nor. 7 ���P. Ohanvin wu
shot in th* leg by tb* aooidonlsl discharge of a rill* in lb* bawls of as m
panlon and dlsd whil* tb* leg wm being amputated.
London, Not. 8.���Tb* gold ferer has
again broke out in Wale*. Il.il now.
oonldently affirmed that'Montgomery*
*blwl*cbam)eltd*wi*'����i*to** on.
Tbe latott reporls arou frotn -Jiawroriu
mad* wbll* sinking a well oa lb* Mat*
af Lord Powl**.
*} I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I l if
* z
A Uiy. Haadten*, Obstinate Mn -
MarriNaCMfldlagablafS-n-. -
*  etttea.   Qu*ry. WkltB*>
(������*��� *t tbt dlrlf I
���I l l l l i i i i i l l I' i l l i *
think 1 may fairly claim to know
more of Monty's peculiarities than
most people, for I bave known bim all
my life.
Therefore, when he told me one afternoon that he waa going to be married,
I felt In a position to pity tbe girl from
the bottom ot my heart "Monty," by
tbe way, I* a contraction of "Monument," a name I specially Invented, as
summing up neatly both his physical
and mental aspect
He 1s tall and 'extremely handsome,
after the style ot the later and more
degenerate Greek gods, bearing on
every feature nud In every movement
the stamp of languor and of lailness.
He le Indolence personified, and. Indeed, If yon take that away, then remain* little or nothing but Obstinacy
(with a big O). This combination,
blended together by a tbtck solution ot
self complacency, produces, metaphorically speaking, a stone wall.
Iou cannot argue with bim; be will
neither be convinced himself nor at
the trouble of convincing you. Vou
cannot Interest him against Jils will,
and he seldom wishes to be Interested.
Finally you cannot even have the satisfaction of quarreling with bim, for he
will not be roused, and looks on your
supreme efforts to anger him with tlio
easy tolerance of a victorious Perseus
watching Medusa's snaky locks In-
twine tnemselve* around bis fingers
and strive to make htm relax hia hold.
At one moment of our lives be wonld
have had me believe In bis lordly way
that he was uot unwilling to link my
destiny with bis. But, strange to relate, I remained unmoved by tbe golden prospect of bis companionship, protracted Indefinitely���perhaps eternally
-and hi* tentative hints lapsed easily
Into oblivion. To return to the nfter
noon In question. Being aware of his
artistic temperament, I naturally jumped to the conclusion that bla choice
had fallen .on' "a daughter of the gods."
"Oh, no," be said In bis slow way,
"a beautiful woman Is delightful Io
look at, but not to marry. Sbe would
be Impossible to manage."
"Then Is sbe young?" I asked, though
my curiosity was somewhat damped.
"Just 17," he observed thoughtfully
and was surprised at uy exclamation,
"But, my dear tlonty, you are old
enough to be"���
"Excuse me, Mlmmle, I would rather
she were still younger. Marry a child,
and you may hope to educate ber Into
the wife you would cherish In your old
"Ob!" I gasped. "Then what I* she
"Inclined to be frivolous, but I shall
soon remedy that The poor girl la
only too glad to find a man who la not
bunting ber for her paltry live or all
hundred a year."
That 1 could readily believe, and, la
justice to Monty, I must say tbat money, aa mere money, does not In tbe
least appeal to him. Perhaps tbat la
because be baa always had enough to
be comfortable.
But be was not a good lover. He waa
even tben far more Interested In tbe
academy than In bla fiancee's charms.
There wer* three or four portrait* of
lovely women tbat he spoke of In a
way that made me glad the original*
did not come within hia sphere of acquaintance���for the girl's sake.
H. did not carry her photo In hia
pocket It took him several moments
of bard thought to remember ber address, and���"Wben you are Intimate
enough to call ner by her Christian
name," be remarked, ."please call ber
Bupliemla and not Effle."
"Why?" I asked, determined on no
account to do so.
"Because," be answered Impressively, "Effle Is too Insignificant for a married woman, and 1 bare a strong objection to pet Dames."
"When," I Inquired sternly, "wben
did you ever In the whole courso of onr
lives call me by my baptismal name?"
Monly smiled Indulgently.
"That Is different Yon are not going
to be my wife."
I confess I reveled In tbl* consoling
thought, for nothing In tha world could
ever reconcile me to the peculiar atrocity of my name, and If Ita full bldeous-
ness were to. be the hourly accompaniment of my married Uf* 1 should be
���frald of tba consequence*. It la Jemima. Now, you may say, and with
perfect truth, that "Mlmmle" la not
particularly melodious, but at leaet yon
will admit tbat nothing could be wore*
than Jemima and anything might De
"By tbe way," said Monty after n
pause, "I" believe there was a time
when I bud a fancy for you, Mlmmle,
and thought you might not mako mo a
bad wife."
"There may hav* been," I answered
calmly, "for I can distinctly remember a timo wben I decided that certainly you would make me a bad husband."
And Monty beatowed upon me one ut
those all forgiving, albeit ud, glance*
tbat are so abominably Irritating when
one Is trying one's beat to snub bim.
��� .      ...      .      .
After Monty's canal remark* I wa*
surprised to Dad Effle a alee looking
girl, though with, ot course, no pretensions to the Junoesque tbat Monty
demand* of bis Ideal woman. Shewn,
yonng, Indeed, but had aa old fashioned way with her that was Infinitely
attractive. I had guessed Intuitively
that aba bad neither father aor mother, although many people might uy
that this waa judging my cousin too
hardly. Her guardian* wen so elderly uncle and aunt, who didn't mind
what ahe did so long as ah* didn't
worry them, so I wu glad to help ber
with her trousseau and tee as much
ot ber aa possible.
1 soon discovered that Monty objected to her having ao many friends.
"Lancelot" aa ahe waa made to call
bim, thought "gadding about" showed
"empty beadedneu."
"But, my dear child," I exclaimed,
"be surely doesn't expect you to drop
your friends jnst because you ar* go*
Ing to marry him? Why, you will
want them mor* than aver. What dn
you suppose you'll do when b��'s at
work all day?"
"Tben he baan't told yon he's going
to resign tb* partnership?" uid Effle timidly.
My heart frou, and tb* fact must
hav* been clurly evident to her, for
she hastened to add, "Vol. don't think
he spoils me loo much, do you, In giving It up for my sake?"
' And the recording angel should put It
to my credit that 1 only answered i
"Effle, It ha aver spoils you let m*
��� ������      .      .      .      .      *
Yesterday I tackled him.
"What do you moan." I uked. "by
retiring from bnslneu at your age?"
"And why not?" be uid. "Isn't a
husband', place at bla wife's side J"
"Most emphatically no," I rejoined
with deadly earnestness. "A husband's
duty Is to make money for his wife to
enjoy herself with."
"My dear Mlmmle," he begged pathetically, "don't put those sorts ot
Ideas Into Euphemla's head. Von are
too frivolously minded to understand
that a woman should be a man's handmaid mentally as well u physically
and not bis plaything. I don't want a
wife who requires amusing or who
wishes to amuse me. If I want relaxation, 1 can come and see you. I want
her to be useful and domesticated,
"And," 1 Interrupted, "what do yon
think she will want to be?"
Monty actually gasped. Then be recovered himself sufficiently to answer
"She will want to be what I mat*
Poor Bfflel And tb* wedding Is to-
morrowl-Westtninster Budget
A Rotor Box,
Like children, savages In all parts ot
the world are possessed of eternal curiosity. Mr. H. Uaylsy-Webster, a well
known English traveler, give* an
amusing Instance of thia trait antong
tbe natives of New Guinea.
One day a piano arrived for his excellency- tbe governor,' and some natives were told to carry tbe Strang*
looking cau frem tbe beach to th*
house. After going a few yards one
stumbled, causing one end of tbe cnt*
to strike the ground, and, ever on tbe
alert for strange nolaea, their ears were
Immediately pressed against It, and
they listened until the "ting" of tb*
wires bad died away.
Again, after a yard or two, a similar
mishap occurred. Again many ear*
were listening to the sound so foreign
to tbem, until a native, rather more
knowing than tbo rest, with a heave ,
raised the whole cau a few Inches
from the ground and let It ga
The noise which iuned from tie Inside had by thia tlm* worked tbem up
to such a treaty tbat tbey on* and all
Mixed upon tbe cau, rolled It orer and
over, and danced with joy at tha
���trange sounds which came forth. And
It was not until tbit odd performanc*
had been reputed many timet that th*
iye of an official waa attracted by tbt
shouts nnd yells of the natives; oot
however, before much damage bad
been done and many strings broken.
A Pant lent ���aaaaswH.
She-How dare yon aay woman nan
uo aenu ot humor? 1 know a girl who
can make lovely puna all tb* day long.
He-Wnat baa tbat to do with tba
argument?���Indianapolis Journal.
Lev* and 0*neelt.
"Aren't you miserable whin w* ar* ;
uparated, Harry?"
"No; It makes m* happy to think how
mlserabls you an because I am net
witb you/'-Chlcago Record,
��� ���-..
For ia yean the suffered terribly, and doctors
could only give temporary relief���Wae completely cured by three boxes of
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Mrs. R. Stoddard, Delhi, Norfolk .Co., Ont., writes as
follows: " I was troubled with eczema -for over twelve
years, and doctoring during that time with four different
physicians, but found that they could only give temporary
relief. I saw Dr. Chase's Ointment advertised, decided
to try it, and before I had used half a box found great
relief and change. Altogether I have used three boxes,
and am now completely cured. I, have recommended it to
my neighbors, and can say it is tiie best I have ever used,
and, in my estimation, worth its weight in gold."
Truly, Dr, Chase's Ointment works wonders, ft**r if
has the greatest record of cure! in the history of medicine.   The claim that it will cure any case of Eciema,
-Salt Rheum or !��hijig-Skin Ufi^setdorsSd^'theev)-
:*-. ,dence of score! and hundreds of cured one��, \
For sale by all dealers, or Edmanikw, Bates & Co.,
Toronto. * <*v
Q-OXi3DE3ST 35JH--A.-
���teacher Haa an loterrUw With He-
Or-aw Abovt It.
It's a peacherino sprint fer de pennant,
���n dat ain't no oyster house obligatot
De 'lectrlc lights is makiu a play for
to chase de gloom wben I presents ioc
features next to Mugsey McUraw.
"Mac," tnya I, "every time 1 looks at
de score card 1 gets to rubberln ot de
future, Do we tie up fer de winter on
Easy street, or Is we down on de card fer
a cold t'ump on de tanbnrk?"  -
"Bill," says Mac, "when I went into de
bnsteball push I loins me guessin .ma-
chine to de rainmakers. Dere ain't nut-
tin so uncertaiot as a cinch," says he.
"De managerial guy dat sets aroun de
bench clslmln ev'ryt'lng In sight is
more'n likely to break de brim of bis hat
be means of his conversation, an at de
finish his neck Is ready fer a bunch of
red flannel an arnlcky," says be.
"Ain't we puttin up de fashion plate
gome of onr life?" says I.
"Over de plate, Bill!" says be. "We's
comin down de stretch wit' our sandals
off, an onr pacemakers Is puffin under
de strain," says he. "If youse has good
lamps, youse can see dat we ain't stop-
pin fer to bare our photographs took,"
says be, wit' a smile dat breaks away
from bis frontispiece an starts to steal
"Dare ain't nuttln youse can nays,
Mac, dat don't have de solemn troot
printed ail over It in pink chalk," says. I.
"It's wit' pleasurable emotion," snys I,
t'rowln out me chest like a dictionary
spicier, "dat I bears youse expects to
agitate de Baltimore atmosphere wit' an-
Biidder pennant," says I.
"Bill," says be, "it ain't no use to rub*
ber nt de future," soys be. "Youse only
sprains ymir t'lnkin machinery," says
he. "De ways of Providence Is past tltt
unVrstnndin, an some guys dat ought
to Ih* Icaruln bow to keep step wit' o
deputy sheriff has all de good flags of.
dis earth comlo to dem In trolley car
loads," says be. "Me an dc push behind
me Is nut to do a swift sneak under, de
wlir," says he, "nn wc does It or dislocate* de back page of our bloomers"
anys hc.
Beein dat dare Is smooth water on de
eta ot Moo's hopes, I gives him de step-
ladder shake nn removes me personality,
from his presence.���George V. Hobatt in
Timo. .
mm LINIMENT for sale Ererrwhere.
fiw a DmkM Holland Wai Made a
Sato Mai bya Determined Wife.
, She mftaa:���"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Presorip-
wra treatment on my husband for nu
drinking habits, hut I wm afraid he wonld
dlsoovar that I was giving him nu "
and tha thought unnerved me. I hc_.���^��
for nearly a Week, but one day when he
name home rery muoh Intoxicated and
Ms woek'i salary nearly all spent, I threw
off all tear and determined to make an
sffort to save onr home from the ruin 1
saw oomlng, at all hasards. I sent for.
vonr Samaria Prescription and put it In
blsooffee aa directed next morning and
watched and prayed for tlte result. At
noon I gavo him more and also at supp
He never suspected a thing, and I th
boldly kept right on giving it regularly,
I had discovered something that set every
taarreln ray body tingling with hope and
happiness, and I conld see a bright future
PoiltIt*   Cur* for  Asthma   Discovered.
It has long been recognised by medical
scientists throughout tho world that nature
has supplied all oreatlon with some reinedy in
the vegetable or mineral kingdom wherewith
all forms of ailments can be cured, bnt It was
no; until the discovery by Stanley ot the wonderful Kola plant slong the Congo River in
Africa that asthma was permanently curable.
In foot, It was not until the inrestlgations
made by Dr. Clarke some years later tbat this
disease was found curable; he found that by
combining the extract of Kola Hut with other
vegetable extracts that the compound obtained
would pprmuneiilly wire asthma. Clarke's Kola
Ujiri<>oiiurt wus then mod nn over iou cases iu
d fferout bo-tpltals- with the marvelous result
iiint itrerta iter cent were permanently cared
[ In le*** thnn co days' treatment. Clarke's Kola
Compound is now red gnizeri to be the only
t:i-riir*i!ienteuie for this uruudfld dlseiuw. Bobi
Ity all druggists. Free sample boltlc tent to
any lersuti. Mention this papur. Address Tiie
Qrlfflths A Haopbcrsoti i>>-, lil Church Street,
Toronto, or Vancouver. B. 0., sole Canadian
an-inis. _
homo, a share In -**--. .-*. .��...-(. *-* ...v, *u
aMunUTe, lorlng husband, comforts, and
���Terething else -dear to a woman's heart,
(or mr husband had told me that whiskey
wis-rile stuff and he waa taking a dislike
toll It WM only too true, (or before I
hMgi-ra*-*. him the fnll oourao he had stopped drinking altogether, bnt I kept giving
the medioine till li was gone, and then sent
(or another lot to ha-re on hand 1( he should
nlapse, as he had done from his promises
Mon. He never has, and lam writing
yea this letter to tell j-on how thankful I
am. I honest"**, believe tt will oure the
worst oases."
A namphlet in plain, sealed envelope,
lent bee, giving testimonials i.nd(ull Information, with directions how to take or
admlnlstsr Samaria Prescription. Oorre-
eponrtsiwe eonsldsml saom
aaL Address lhe Samaria
Jordan street, Toronto, Onl
-Parmelee's Vegetable Pills by acting
mildly bnt thoroughly on the secretions
I ��.*.-.��> Ti-ui.-*..   -pi. .*.��V*i.. ��# tv�� I o( the body are a* valuable tonio,  sttma*
pany of Dutchmen. Three-fourths of the .*,*,���, ���.���' -������,��� orgsM ���, he.lthful
| entire form h^*a^.-*.ai^^i*Ww of | *%���� .air.XriB,t*kZn,^taU^ rigor.
Only One. a Year.
A certain professor Is well known aa
a man whose scientific studies hnve
tended to exaggerate n natural disposition to mental abstraction. The professor's (rlends, who are also Ills
strong admirers, understand his peculiarity and overlook In blni what might
not be excused In a commonplace person. A lady Is very (ond of telling tills
Incident Sbe was al a reception given
at tbe professor's house. "The occasion
hid. been made delightful by the professor ud his neoompllsbed wife anil
daughters. Toward the close of tho
evening the lady, who had greatly enjoyed the affair, approached tbe host
anil asked him, with much enthusiasm:
"How often do you havo these do*
llglitful reunions, professor?"
No polite prevarication delayed the
replji '
"Thank goodness, madam, but once
��� ycarl"
. Can't saec.d.
Borne men are so deficient In tbe elements o( success Hint they would never set tl.-! world an are even l( the
world were Insured In tbeir favor.���
Detroit Journal
KNiUrS UHMEHT emna Netnlfll
A Mnrv.l.aa Wesaaa.
"Yes, sir, my wife Is really a wonder-
(ul woman."
"I'm glad to hear you soy so. In these
dsys of matrimonial misfits It Is refresh-
lag lo Bad a man who thinks well of his
"That's right, -*y, do yon know what
sbe did yesterday? The postmsu banik-il
her a postsl card (or onr hired girl, ami
she tarried It right through to the kitchen without reading itl"-Kscbange.
<   ItoOirM Mln-at. I.areb.
Overheard In a railway refreshment
room.. Passenger, -after, taking a good
bite at an alleged ssussgo mil:
"I don't see uo sansege. mlns."
"Ob, yon aln'i co-no to. It yet," wos ths
After another good mouthful passenger ventures:
���.  "I don't see It yet, miss."
"Oh, you've gone and hit over it now I"
Hot Very Coaaollasr.
Rmlth-I noticed yon didn't speak to
Brown when yon psased him thia morning.   What's Ih. trouble?
Jones���Be Insulted me yesterday���called ial.. a a old foot.
Smith���Wilt, you must remember lhat
'"you're nut ns young as you used to Im.���
**'lik-ngo News.
TJio average ilnrnlloo of yellow fever
, |, D week, but In gntir bises the'nttiii-k
War be iin-elpllote and prove speeillly' fit-
Why Franee'-i Conquest of Antwerp
la Ik nor i<d by Frouch Writers.
"Ohstlnnte nnd brave as u Dutchman"
was a familiar term In France 75 years
ago, when n handful of doggedly deter*
mined and fearless boy Hollanders gave
one moro proof of what Dutch courage
really means.
It was In September, 1880, that Belgium, which for 10 years hnd been under
the rule of u Dutch king, rose In revolt
aud demanded the aid of tbe other Euro*
pean powers In establishing her Independence and a setting up of a ltlug of
ber own. 3
As may well be Imaglded, the Dutch
took these proceedings very much to
heart, but a very excellent army wns or*
ganlned and the French government sent
Marshal Gerard and General St. Ayr,
with 73,000 picked soldiers of tbe grand
array; to see that the Dutch were turued
out of Belgium, bag and baggage.
Marshal Gerard at once called upon tbe
garrison In the citadel of Antwerp to
surrender.. -T/his was ou Nov. 29, and tin*
agiee the surprise of both French and-'
Belgians when General Chnssc, the
Dutch commander of this fortress, Invited his enemies to oome and take It,
Marshal . Gerard warned General
Chnsse that he would besiege and bombard tbe citadel. "Besiege away," was
the gallant Dutchman's reply, though he
bad only 4,600 men under him, white out*
side the walls his enemies numbered
On the ume 20th of November tbe
French opened lire on the Dutch, but If
the French made breaches In tiie wall by
day, the Dutch labored nnd repaired
them by. night, and from their lofty outlook they could iee and knock over every
gabion or .approach the French made.
With superior arms aad men the French
fairly raged.to see. themselves baffled and
checked at every turn and to hear all
Europe laughing at their situation.
Their humiliation waa complete, bow*
ever, when finally, on blowing up a lunette, they took 58 heroic Dutchmen prisoners and found tbem, instead of tough
veterans, the merest boys���so young were
40 of tbem that they hod never hnd razors, at tbeir chins, nnd their beardless
faces, wan from toll and privation, gave
tbem quite the.appearance of e band ot
sick children. '
At last, after 10 days' desperate fighting, after 20/100 shot and shell bad been
thrown Into tho citadel, General Cbasse
capitulated, and the French, very quietly
and rather shamefacedly, entered the
stronghold. Within It was literally torn
to pieces, and drawn up before their conquerors .was .this wonderful little com-
Weary  Willie  ludnlsen   In  a  Little
"nts'trtiiiipin 'bis alii'f; all'file nb folke."
remarked the hobo, wilh a sigh, us he
tut mil his jilass bottom side up. "'I-civ
ti just enough wondei'in'-tvhnfc koIii lur
happen next about" It 'ter make it et-
t-itin nn keep fiujfs.froui..gfhhi shiliv
"One,-iuin-iiin ovpi; iii de western p.ut
of de state I \yuss eraivlm imt nt a barn
where I had put up for dr bight, It
wmm't mni'iiin yet; but, seein <int 1
hadn't registered, thot tint it wuz best
ter git ont before'dot fact wuz discovered.
"Well, just as I reiicbed de <l<mi. I wuz
pi-eHeuted wid u mliiu pin. t'reebrickbats,
ti broom, two piiclifoilis an nn iron bur.
Den when 1 wux w-umleiin what wus
cfltnin next 1 wnz trun down by a '200
ponud woninn, an fer two blessed hpitH
dat she fiend sat on me uu lectured uie mi'
de sin of keepin bite hours un wastiii
ine tuibstniice In riotous liviii.
"Deu whe had ter stop ter catch ber
breath, nil 'dut gave uie a chunce ter
ask whnt it wus all about.
"Sny, yon -would have bad a lit If yon
had seen dot old ga) make n break fer
de house a-yet Iiu murder while 1 got up
mi readjusted me Ihuich.
"Well, as 1 wil?, linipln off de old gal
stuck her head out of a window an begged mo pardon, snyin dat she t'ought 1
wiik her husband.
"1 felt so kimh] over do tact that I wuxn't
ber husband dat I told her uot ter mention It."	
TO RKPKNT.-A little medlolns tn the
���tape of lha wonderful psllets which are
known u Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
administered at the proper time and with
the directions adhered to often prevent a
serious attack of sickness and save money
which wonld go to the dootor. In all irregularities ofthe digestive organs they
ete en Invaluable oorreottve and by
cleansing the blood they clear tbe skin of
Why the Janitor quit.
A Janitor In a neighboring school threw
up bis Job the other day. When asked
what was the trouble, be answered
"I'm honest, uud 1 won't stand being
slurred. If 1 Bud a pencil or handkerchief about the school when I'm sweeping. I bang It up. Every little while the
teachers or some one tbat Is too coward
ly to face me gives me a slur."
"In whnt way I" asked an officer.
"Why, a little white,ago I saw written
on the* board, 'Find -tbe common multiple.' Well, I looked from cellar to garret, and I wouldn't know tbo thing if
met It on the street. Wbat made me
quit my job? Last night In big writhi
on the blackboard It said, 'Find tbe
greatest common divisor.' Well, I snys
to myself, both them darned things are
lost uow, nnd I'll get blamed for swiping 'em, so I!ll quit."���Steuben Republic-
22 years, a few had been two years tn
the service, and a soiVy figure In their
own eyes and tbe estimation of every*
body else did the magnificent French
army cut Fond as they are of recounting their warlike deeds, French historians hove little or nothing to say re*
gardlng their conquest of Antwerp. They
realise that the glory rests all with the
warrior boys who were conquered and
who never would hnve surrendered unless
their general had found hc, could no Ion*
ger bear the. sight of the sufferings of
these young heroes.
Lot* ��ad Death.
Very closely they dwell together, high
np In the world of nature and low down!
The following well authenticated story
comes from.Northamptonshire: A spar-
rowhawk was killed when feeding ber
yonng. Four days later, wben the nest
was examined, It was fonnd that the
little male bird, working alone for tbe
family, had brought home 48 birds���vis,'
six larks, -nine swallows, one bullfinch,
seven robins, six sparrows, six hedge
sparrows, nine blue tits, three chaffinches
and one wren.
What a spirit of dutlfulness along with
ferocity ta here exhibited on the part of
the small widower hawk, who evidently
thought that the best way of respecting
the memory of bis departed consort was
to feed her children well! And in doing
this how absolutely oblivious nature had
rendered btm of the feelings of the poor
larks, swallows, bullfinches and robins,
whose offspring���or the parents themselves���bis relentless parental affection
thus annexed! Tbe direst cruelty animated by tbe tenderest lovel Tbe most
savage egotism prompted by an entire
unselfishness! Such are some of the
problems which nature furnishes, but
will not solve.���London Telegraph.
A Paa of Pa����'s.
"We were talking of the ��� mating wit
ot Pope, who was often at Mnwley,
though mnch oftener at our neighbor*!,
the Blounts" of Maple-Durham, where
there are- such flue portraits of himself
and Patty Blount. One day Sir Walter's
father was in bis company and talking of
punning. Pope said tbat was a species
of wit so trlfllngly easy that he would
answer to make one on any subject proposed offhand, when a lady In the company said, 'Well, then, Mr. Pope, make
one on keelhauling.' He Instantly rt*
piled, 'Thst, madam, Is Indeed putting a
man undtr a hardship!' Keelhauling It
drawing a man under a ship. What a
ready Invention mast tbe man have had!
Out could hardly have fouud a more
crabbed word to exercise the punster's,
faculty."���Diaries of Mrs.' Powys, 1750*
1806. ;
������a Baths rtr th* Hair,
Light hair should be washed often and
dried In the snn, A tablespoonful of
household ammonia added to each basin
of water used In washing assists materially In keeping It light Dark hair
ahould be dried in the shade, or It will
fade In streaks, but M the dark haired
girl wishes to lighten her tresses without
a bleach she enn accomplish somethiag
In that direction by adding borax io the
water, and. after drying the hair in; ths
shade, giving It a "sun bath" as often as
Jracttcablo. During tbe sun bath tba
air should be spread and shaken eat
constantly* that the rays may reach ��H
tha roots alike.
A witty.woman wasetnylug In a Canadian village one summer and met an old
woman wbo bad a blood feud on witb
another tfomau. "How ts it Miss Smith
was seen taking tea witb you yester-
day r' = tbt vlaitorosfced..
"Ob, well," Iht said triumphantly,
"aha asked mt totes tht day befoit, so
I tetaUtttd tht next day. I kntw she'd
fcakt htnitf Ut with my jtbaayeaka.'1
' \
Uaele Blll'e Ideas.
The salve of forgetfulness will most
quickly cure any Injury.
Few men feel bo cheap that they could
refuse a false tu salary.
Tbe airy conversation of some young
people often gives their elders a oneu-
matlc tire.
A man need never be idle. When he
has nothing to do, be can keep himself
busy bunting a Job.
A woman should not be deceived. Tbe
man who whispers tbe sweet nothings to
ber may snore tbe loudest when he Bleeps.
���Cleveland Leader.
Tbey oan be taken In graduated doses
and. so used that they oan be dlsoontinued
at any time without return of tbe all
meats wbioh they were used to allay.
Hade Ibe tnwyare Work.
"Judge Martin ���flrovcr," said a mun
who knew hint, '"believed in hard work.
Why. when Judge .Gruver was holding
circuit' In Wyoming, he amused alt tlte
lawyers he didn't disgust by opening his
court tit 8 o'clock In the morning nntl
running it. with only nn hour off at noon,
uutil 8 in lite evening.
"'������'Tnln'-I as long as formers have to
work.' explained Ihis wine old jurist 'and
I'll tell you what it Is, if I had my way
I'd open court at 7 every dny in the year "
"'And what would you do before ihut
time in (he nioniiiurV* fished oue of the
attorneys who wns standing by.
" i:d get up. ami 'dress nnd eat my
break fust and saw wood until the time
came for court to open,* responded tbe
judge calmly "
Another Collision 'Imminent.
"The worst thing about this accident.1
said the suburbanite, limping around ns
.best  he could uumug the ruins of the
wrecked   twin   ntid ��� picking   np   all   be
could find nf Ills scattered bundles,."Is
that 1 shall never be ulile to, make ray
wife believe I had all the things with
tiie she told me to get."���Chicago Times-
Herald.     ___^_j________
fltatlnv ft Properly.
Proud DameH.do'not BPe bow yon
could  think  of marrying into  snch
commonplace family as that.
Komautic Daughter���Ob, I'm not going,
to marry Into his family.' He's going to
marry into our family.���Stray Btprles.
Save their Mood enriohed, their
heart strengthened and their
cheeks rov by using Milburn',
Beart and Nerve Pills.
Instifflolent quantity sr poor quality ot
Iho Mood Is on. o< th. evil results that
usually follow auy derangement ot the
If th. hsari bMomes weakened In any
way It eannot pump tho blood to th. lungs
as lt should, then td b. purllled and Impregnated with tba lU.-gtrlng oxygen.
""-^^^^^^ ��� As a mult th.
blood deteriorates.
It loses Ita nourishing, Tltallslng,
-health-glring qualities. The fsoe become, pals, thia
and waxen, tbe lips
bloodless, the hand,
end (eet sold.
��� Thnt Is weak-
^^^^^^^ new, tiredness,
shortnessofbreathandpalpltatlon. When
those suffering from thin or watery blood
.tart taking Milburn's Beart and Nerve
Pills they are assured ot a our.. Evenr
dose acta on the heart Itself, earning ft
to best strong, steady and regular.
Erery dos,, too, introdu.es Into th.
blood thos. -rltal element, nsossssry te
Bake It rleh and red.
- - Booh the pale cheek takes on th. rosy
lie of health, there Is strsngth Instead ot
Weakness, energy apd setlrlty lak. th,
plaee of tiredness and lassitude.
Ulna M. Stallion, 60 Tnm.r Street,
Ottawa, Ont., sajrsi "I was greatly
troubled with *mj heart, together with
oxtronio nervousness for many years.
These.complaints brought about/great'
weakness nnd feeling of tiredness. My
blood waa of poor quality, so muoh so that I
becitmo pale ana languid. Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills cured me after all
else failed. They built np my aystem,
enrlohwl By blood, strengthened ��*
uarvA aad restored au to hwlth," ���
* ������*;.<.*
EaGZOnla ���
Couldn't sleep at night
with the torture.
Eczema, or Salt Rheum as it Is
often called, is one of the most
agonizing of skin diseases, nothing
but torture during the day and twofold torture at night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema-
relieves the itching, burning and
smarting and soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy. -
It is Burdock Blood Bitters.
Mrs, Welch, .Greenbank, Ont,
tried it and here is what she says:
"B.B.B. cured ma of Eczema three years
ego and I have had no return of it since.
I wus so bad that I could not sleep at night
with it.
1 ��� Deing told of B.B.S., I tried It, and two
!nitllesinude;i perfect.iftd permanent cure,'
I md uni'll the KM-nii'J inuwlbkci
t-tofily rulllnv st nir leet;
Hear ilic Iwii tint nip tha Imiu-y
t'luiii the cherry UoMoim r-.vt.et.
I but thut my eye* tu tre them,
OrdiaiJ. nirmlow. brook mil will)
I ttn hear tliu isttlu comiiitf
Down ihe line with tinkling bell.
Set the clomli go swiftly Mlllnr,
Summer lepliyrt trigi-ant blow,
Where the lunwt snd the river
Meet anil fade In golden glow.
There art mots Inrnttlod pebblts
Where the robin dipt hit wings
la the brook whose rippling umsie
Of my boyhood tver ilngi.
Happy boy wlioaa earelm ivhlntlo
Kchoe* through the vanished yeari|
Now h drcuuier in Iht gloamlng,
Looling through a mlat of tear*.
That Hie tight ami thin Hit ihadow,
Days like patting vision* aeem,
Till 1 whisper in lhe twilight
That the real and this the dream.
���Douahoo'a Uugatlna,
0. 0. RICHARDS ft 00.
Dear Sirs,���A few days ago I waa
taken with a revere pain and contraction of the cords of my leg, and had
to be taken home In a ng. I oonld not
sleep for the pain, and was unable to
pnt my foot to the floor, A friend
told me of yonr MINARD'S UNI
MENT, and one honr from the first application, ' I was able to walk, and
the pain entirely disappeared.
Yon can use my name as freely as
you like, as I consider It tbe best
remedy I have ever wed.
Ingersoll, Ont.
Two Ware.
"My brother was very high strung,
sold tbe self sufficient tourist with an air
as If the Infirmity of his relative was
something to be proud of.   "It Is a family
"My brother was pretty darned high
strong himself," replied Tarantula Jim
"But wc never felt like braggln much
abont it. Ho wns strung up on one
of the sails of the windmill over there-
lynched for a little sometbiu, lt dun't
matter wbat now. I am pleased to nay,
though* that suoh stringln has never
'penred to mn. in the family to any great
Holloway's Corn Cure Is tbe medicine to
remove all kinds of corns and warts, and.
only costs tbe smalt sum of twenty-five cents.
Tkonshtrnl Beaerolence,
"No," said Cholly to tbe canvasser for
the charitable society, "I don't believe in
giving money In charity. It encourages
pauperism.   Besides, I cawn't afford it.'*
"Did you ever give anything to the
poor In your life?" asked the indignant
"Did I?" exclaimed Cholly heatedly.
"Bnw .lore, sir, I save all my cigar
Mt limps for a little dark skinned boy wbo
comt'H a round with a basket once a week!
There's nearly n quart of them ever*
time, too, bow .love!''
Remedy fur Whooping Cough.
At this season Whooping Cough Is very
prevalent among some ofthe children In
most famlllej. It Is.nol advisable to stop
the coughing entirely, tint relief should
undoubtedly besought. Griff ths' Menshol
Liniment affords more prompt relief than
any other remedy. Also In oases of Croup
It affords Immediate relief. Try il AD
druggists. 85 eents.
Stopped Uste-ai mt Paula*.
"What reason hare you to think that
sbe takes more than a passing interest la
yon 7"
"Because sbe stopped."
"What do you mean by that?"
"1 mean tbat she stopped and spoke to
me.   Isn't thst more than a passing Interest r-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
MoLeod, Severn Bridge, writes: "I owe a
debt of mtltode to DR. THOMAS' EC
LEOTRIC OIL for coring me jf a seven
oold tbat troubled me nearly all last win
ter." In order to give a quietus to a
backing eongh, take a done of DR.
day, or oftener If the oongb spells render
It necessary.
���dm* Tlay spooas.
Miss Phoebe Ann West of Nantucket,
Mitsf., is the possessor of the most re-
iumkuble 12 doxen spoons In this country. They were brought to America by
Miss West's father, wbo was a sea captain, several years ago. They are East
Indian workmanship, and their minute
dimensions may be realised when It is
stated that tbe 12 doxen perfectly formed
spoons are kept In an ordinary cherry
stone. The carved cherry stone which
buhls them Is one of the most wonderful
examples of skilled handiwork In existence. It Is exquisitely carved and
mounted on a tiny silver and Ivory stand.
Oar Honorary Titles.
"Why do you use 'Hon.' In addreaa-
Ing a letter to bim?"
"He was once a delegate to a county conventlon."-Chleago Post
Inari't Liniment Cara Bum, Etc.
Th. H.l.ral SassHll...
Th. snake editor wss pnisled. 'Ibr
editor of tbe woman's psi> v>* ����� ���""
vacation, snd be hsd been plseed In
chaiiie of her department temporsril-r.
rinslly lie mndo a stsb st th. thing thnst
"Debutsnte���No, wo wonld not sd'lse
you to serve 0 o'clock tea In a mousseline
de sole. Couldn't -rou borrow s few enps
and saucsrs?"���Catholic 8t.nd.rd and
Times.          ,'
Cans. .���* Meet.
The Right Bye���I besr that th. upper
lip and the lower lip parted today.
Tbe t-eft Eyo-Yes; it waa owing to
son, words thot passed between them.���
New York World.
i ��� ���aa i   i
Tlih. Is nothing equal to Mother Ora-rss'
Worn IiterjraJnator for deatwrlng worms.
KoaitlekofTtsiktnd hu giro, se* ��tb-
(Immt D-tflulllaRt  K-sesntlr Klloltorf In a
Rant's Hunt Prist CvnpttUtoB.
Courage���Is subliino fath in heroic
action, wherein fear and selfishness
are lost in godly, consecrated soul-
purpose and effort from tho cause of
truth and righteousness. 1'ndaunted
by obstacles, serene amidst alarms,
scornful of policy, patWnt lu tribulation. Duty'B divinely inspired motive power. An essential ot true
character grentiiess.���MrB. W. . M.
Courage���The innate fearlessness
ot tho manly man (or the womanly
woman) which enables him to meet
life'B vicissitudes calmly, unflinchingly; which uplifts tbe soul, fires the
heart, nerves the arm aud sends him
forth to battle for his standard of
right���to do, to dare, if need be, to
die.���Mrs,  H. C. Sankey.
Courage is the spinal column of the
soul. It gives symmetry lo character. It enables its possessor to face
every foe in carnal and spiritual
warfare. Consistency is its right
hand. It lives through adversity;
and hope and fidelity are its com-
paiiions.���H. C. Johnson.
Courage is that quality and quantity of mind which enables a man to
stand firm to his duty���though he
stand alone. It Is that degree of intrepidity which says: "I am goinK
to discharge my duty to myself, to
my neighbfft*-, to the state, to the
church and to Ood, though the heavens fall while 1 am doing tt."���
Richard Hobbs.
Courage is thut Uod-given strength
of mind and heart which enables a
person to stand unmoved In the face
of danger, ridicule, contempt, loss of
friends, property and life; principles
which he knows to be right und jusi.
���C. II. Myers.
Courage ��� Strength measured ly
neither inches, age nor sex, that
scorns an evil action, whether moral
or physical; that dares to Uo right
despite opposition. Energy that valiantly overcomes each obstacle and
foe, and deems surrender and disgrace synonymous. Combined faith
and frankness. A moral heroism that
triumphs over every weakness.���
Clifford E. Davis.
Courage Is thut which prompts one
to lose sight of self, nil consequences
and surroundings, and move forward, it may be cither on the lleltl
of battle or to rescue helpless ones
or to stand alone for the right, or II
may be to proclaim a heavenly message to unwilling cars,���A. F, Hart.
Courage is loyal devotion nerved
for action. It is the datmtlessness
of a tiod-inspireil sense of duty. It
Is unfaltering faith calmly asserting
itself���tho virility of hope ond lhe
sublime selMorgctfulness of love uplifting the bouI to an indifference
alike to danger and tn the endurance
of Buffering.
Th* OM   Muvet Mitrt nf   H��V*nu.
In The Century there is an article
on "Life ami Society,in Old Cuba,"
made up of extracts from the diary
of Jonathan H. Jenkins, an American
miniature painter, who lived in Havana during the middle ot the century.   Mr. Jenkins says:
A mile and a half out from Huvana
Is a curious and painful sight���the
slavo-barracoons, where the newly-
orrived barbarians are confined. Here
were congregated not less than ^,-
000 negroes, ready for sale. Home
were entirely naked, others nearly
SO. Their heads wt>n�� dosn-Mhuvetl,
and their bodies so emaciated hy the
horrors of the "middle passage"
that they resembled beasts more
than men. Certainly they did not appear to be human beings as they
gazed about wildly, with anxious
countenances, as If bewildered.
I have often beeu amused nt the
preliminary instruction they are put
through after their arrival at the
bttrracoons. They are seated cross-
legged on the ground in a row or
circle, and the negro teacher passes
gravely before them all, giving the
lesson. lie moves his hands quickly
to and from his mouth, as though
putting something in il, saying
"Yammy! Yammy!" all of the negroes imitating and repenting after
him. This meant to eat. Tido-Jino
means something good, choppy-choppy to work, yarry-yarry to get sick.
The teacher then goes around with a
cup of native rum, and gives each a
sip in token of approval. This mi-
couth vncabluary, when understood,
Is enough to enable them to tabor
on the estates.
Before buying a purchaser examines them to ascertain their condition of health. If this appears satisfactory, ho gives the negro a hard
slap in the face, and if hc displays
no resentment, but looks up and
smiles, he is bought. When these
newly Imported Africans are first
taken, they are made to work but
very little for several months, until,
by observing the otlier negroes, they;
are gradually trained to labor; for
if they are discouraged by driving
them at first, they ore apt to commit suicide, in the belief that they
will thus return to Africa.
fUma mt Irlah MUrHltir��.
. I picked up two dellcl'i.is llteiury
curiosities during my stay in Ireland.
Tbe following notice was pofited iii
a pleasure boat belonging tu a
steamship company nn ihe Khor:
"The ebalrs in the cubfn nro for the
ladles. Gentlemen are requested nut
to make use of them till the ladies
are seated."
The time I was in the loimlr.v wes
Just after thu visit uf ihu liuko and
Duchess nf York. I clipped the following delicious advertisement from
a Kingstown paper "James O'Mu-
hntiy, wine and spirit merchant,
Klngslown, has still a small quantity of the whiskey which wus drunk
by the Duke of York while in Dublin."
To Keep lUby Prom  Harm.
In Ireland n strand of woman's
hair Is put in a baby's cradle.
Roumanian mothers bind red ribbons about the bale's ankles.
Esthonian mothers tie bags of
herbs to their Infants' necks.
In Wales a pair of tongs In the
cradle secures the mite of humanity
from harm.
Among the Vosges peasants, children born at the new moon aro supposed to have . their tongues well
hung, and thoso born at the laat
quarter to have keener reasoning.
He Waa Bred la Old CMeaf*.
Pusher���Gusher is not very happy
tn tali choice of adjectives.
Uiher-Why to?
rusher���MIsa Gumma fished for a
compliment by asking btm what he
thought of ber slippers.
Usher���And wbat did he say?
Pusher���He said they were Immense.
���Tit-Bita. '^	
Oalala* Time.
"Wen, I eaa't iee how she finds time
to write noveli."
Perhaps ber hair curls naturally.**^-
Detroit Journal.
Weak Lungs Made Strong and Proof Against Danger
by the New Scientific Siocum Treatment for
La Grippe, Coughs, Consumption and Diseases of the Respiratory Organs.
The cold weather hai brought its usual
crop of lu grippe, catarrh, coughs, sore
throats, etc., etc. It means death iu thousands if neglected.
For these disorders nre but forerunners of
death-dealing consumption.
"Doctor Sloeiim'e new treatment for this
terrible disco** is a lifeboat of hope for
those in despair,
It is n new scientific system of medioine,
the result of modern medical discoveries, u
positive und absolute nnnllillutur uf the
deadly consumption und grip perm.
The system consists of three remedies
which net simultaneously and supplement
each other's curative action.
The Doctor Siocum system has brought
health to thousands who were weak, sickly
pale, thin, and therefore open toconsump
tion infection, if not infected.
' It hns cured dangerous throat and lung
troubles which the tmlTerers thought were
proof ugaiu.it medicine.
It Is the cold weather antidote.
What it has done is n proof of what it will
do���for you���If you'll let it.
It is simple and effective, easy ami pleasant to take.
Modern science reduced to a nutshell.
Tho problem of disease prevention solved.
Every first-class druggist dispenses  the
I Siocum Bystemof Treatment in large original puekugeM. with full directions for use.
Science daily develops new wonders, and
the distinguished chemist, Tt A. Siocum, patiently experimenting for years, has pro.
dticed result* as beneficial to humanity us
can be obtained by any modern genius. His
assertion that lung trouble und consumption
are curable In any climate is proven by
heartfelt tetters of gratitude, filed in his Canadian, Ambricun and Kuni|>eau lulHiratnries,
in thousands, fn.ni those cured in all parts
of the world. And wishing lo demonstrate
histlbeovery of reliable cure for consump-
tlon'{pulmonary tuberculosis), and nil throat
and liiinr troubles, will send Three Freo Bottles (all different) of his new discoveries to
J nny fifllicted redder of this pai>er writing for
Simply writo to the T. A. Siocum Chemical Company, Limited. 17W King street west,
Toronto, giving postofliec and express address, and the free medicine, (the Siocum
Care) will be promptly sent.
Sufferers stiould take instant advantage of
this generous proposition, and when writing
to them say you saw this free offer in this
Persons in Canada seeing Slocum's free
offer in American papers will please send foi
samples to Toronto.
he: master
���$ls r TAI' So^.mfeWolji'
W. V, U,    246
Oood Time For Sorrow.
"Hi, fellers, como uloui< and feel
sorry fer Willlol He's tfoiu ter de dentist I''���New_Yi��kjIoitrm^
Tou need not oough all night aud disturb your friends; there Is no oooasion
for you running tbe risk of contracting
Inflammation of the lungs or consumption
while you oan get Btokle's Autl-Con-
sumptlve Syrup. This medioine enres
ooughs, colds, Inflammation of the lungs
and all throat and ehest troubles. It promotes a tree and easy expectoration,
which immediately relieves the throat
and lungt from viscid phlegm.
Memory Stimulus.
As he was about to sink for the third
time he of course recalled everything
In his past life.
Ills countenance radiated with Joy,
"Ab," he exclaimed, "since I now remember what It was my wife told me
to get down town today I bare no
further occasion to drown!"
Accordingly he swnm ashore.
Tho frivolous world saw bim, wondered a moment perhaps and thought
of him uo more.���Detroit Journal.
'    Why It WoiUn't.
"I see a New Vork paper says tbat If
Dewey wero In France hero worship
would surely make bim president."
"No, It wouldn't"
"Dtwey wouldn't let itM-Oblc*ft
VBLE      I
If you keep cows you cannot afford to bs
without ** CRXAM SEPARATOR, and If yo.
want te hava th* best, moat  moderate )���
price, aad on satlest forms, apply te
R. A. LIBTER ft 00.. LTD.,
aSS Xing St., Winnipeg,
Dtftlora Id Dairy Supplies aod Produce, Qua-
ollno KnglBM, Horse TtmmI Powers, Ete.
ste. oOcfcs-aift-T plow oo, wi..i,-*t.
LOUI. ItBU �� IIBBL  oinis����s^
I-.pon.r-* .( OrMaria     J*J ��� JJjJSS.
flW II, H��a��IH��*s,0��S.    LI,��tl,*Ma
If yon cannot attend th. t^lBBlpw 1
mm. 0.11m* Jnst now, do not waa* yotar
o-*an!nfs .t home. We oan sir. roar Innnu-
Hon. In sot     -r
home.  We oan gl-r-
. aabjMt by mall.
Will. IBS SUSS-riptlTS OstslOfM.
0. W. DOXA-Ut, ���**���*. THE GOLDEN EUA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17. 1899.
McDERMOT has Just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This .Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
���and customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enumer-
atoarticles or quote prices, bnt we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. McDermot
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO,
have opened a&_, ���
ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Kinqptori     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Don't forget "Th* -Urn-nick Boy"
Revelstoke is lo htvs a new Sella.
tion army barraoka on Front St.
An essinination {or ssasy.r's cer-
tiflostes will be hold in Viotoria on
Not. Mth.
Tlio planing mill at Beam closed
down (or the winter on Wednesday
Dr. S. D. Pope, late Siipt. of Educs-
tion bas opened a book and stationery
store iu Viotoria.
The grant ol 1300 to Golden and
Donald tni.ftions has been renewed by
tho New Westminster Synod.
Mr. W. C. Wslls M. P P. of P..III
ser has now 80 men employed in ne1
ting out logs for ths next season's out.
Wild strawberries are r'p* and nre
to be seen ou Mam street. Oeliien. II
you don't believe us, ask Frank Lang.
Major Alfred "Edward Wrotteley B,
E. an important stal officer to Bnller
was accidently drowned on his way* to
South Africa.
Thomas A. Bell, of( Winnipeg and
-well-known in the weal, Is 'dead. Mr.
Bell waa editor of the Mor Wester for
a number of yeare.
The building of ths Episcopalian
rectory has been removed from Donald
to Oolden, where it will be erect*.-!
niar the present church.
A wedding is reported to tak* pit
in town Saturday evening, so we mare
Informed yesterday, Tbe young lady
in question is aald te coins from tb*
Service in the Prssbyterian church
at 7:30 Sunday evening. Subjeot -
"The Prophet ol Fire." Mrs. J. C.
Pitts, of Donald will give a vocal solo.
Everyone invited.
Lord Aberdeen, sneaking at Scarborough,   referred  to Canada   a*    the
Brightest jewel in the British crown,
destined to take a still higher part in
the Imperial govern *nent,"end prophesied an increase in the brotherhood, not
only between Canada and Oreat Britain
but between Canada and th* United
Teams left Golden on Sunday moi n-
ing Inst with a complete sawmill outfit for Peterborough, which will be put
to work as soon ns it srrives. Charles
Pearce accompanied the ontflt as saw
yer. "We are informed the company
intend putting in a waterworks system
sometime next summer.
Ths men employed by Mr. ��W. O
Mitchell-Innes, manager for the New
Oolden British Columbia Ltd., have
mads excellent progress with the development work on the copper properties owned by the Company on Spruce
Mountain. Last week they cross-cut
the lead, showing it to be 14 ft. - in
width and carrying a fine body of ore.
The church bell at Donald has been
brought to Oolden, where it will be fixed
in a neat tower to be erected at the
west end of [-heichaiBli^JCIu bell w||i
not be fixed In lime to ring out its
merry peals On tho 22nd, but' all th*
same a " belle" will be "ringed." The
"ringing" will lie done by Mr. W. O.
Mitchell Innes. who will he joined in
Wedlock to Mies Howden. Th* ceremony will be performed by Rov II. B.
. We shall soon bs in a bad way in
case of a railway accident. For uulesa
financial relief comes ths hospital can
not keep running, and Oolden hospital
is in just the same plight, conssqnently
Vancouver ia the nearest.���Kamloops
titandarl. We beg to take exception
to the above as regards Goldsn hospital
and will have something to say, Which
will epeu th* eyes of onr contemporary
iu onr nsxt issue.
The Imperial Bank of Canada haa
keen asked to allow subscription lists
to be opened at its brunches to sss:st
in providing comforts for the Canadian
volintoers en route to South Africa.
Thoy therefore request thst any person
desirous of subscribing, to provide our
troops with necessaries and alleviating
comforts while in the Transval, do so
through them not later than the 80th
inst., on which date th* amount* received will ba fowarded to Turonlr.
It you don't advertise In a home
p.iper, Why not? How can you ever
expect to become a milllonare if you
don't advertise your business? look
around yon and compare your hnsiness
with persisent and extensive advertisers and see If you have the same patronage as your advertising neighbor.
If you already advertise, increas* th*
sixs of your sdvenisinent and you am
enre to hare an Increase In business.
Now is the time to begin advertising
your Christmas goods.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $> per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  O.  Greene, Proprietor.
eBamm*M*e****saBt*atawmmmm*3am**>  si     -=gj-ag��g;
Upper Columbia
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.  H.  PARSON, Masager.
1 Can be Procured irom ft* most
Reliable Dealers only.
Heavy-black worsted cheviot
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
low is the Time lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
���Made to order"
would be MT.���.
ClOTHIMC   is  not  mid*
thread is guaranteed.
by a  Tailor  though
to order,  but
Tin I. 0. F. rates of premiums ar*
lower than that of any other fraternal
society and are muoh leas than the
rates charged by regular Insurance
companies such as the Canada Life
and New York Lifo for all life policies.
During the months of October and
November intending* applicants may
be admitted to Court Kicking Horse
No. 8713, Oolden, upon lurnlshing a
satisfactory medical examination and
an application fee of 11.00. Now I*
the beat Ume lo join for thos* wishing
cheap insurance. *
WANTED-We will pay ��12 00a
week salary to either a man or woman
to represent the Midland Monthly
Magsxineas a subscription solicitor.
Tbe Midland Is the ssms sixe aa Mo-
Clnres or the Cosmopolitan. It is
now in ita sixth year and Is the only
Magaxlne ot this kind published la the
great Central West. A handsome
premium given to each subscriber.
Send 10 csnta for acopyof the Midland
aud premium list to the Twentieth
Livery & Feed Stables
Bigs ol all kinds fur hire st ressonsble rstes.
Teaming of sll klnda a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
Notice _
Notice Is hereby givon, that the interest
held by 8aiunel."wllBnii in tlio "Last Chun"
Mineral Claim, situated uoa- Palliser. will be
aolil by public auction to the highest bidder
luelity day. after date of llila notice, at the
Court house, Uolden on Ilio 10lh day of November at Ion o'clock, for default in payment
of easessincnt together, with all coal, owl
charge, occasioned by auch default, union.
Iheanine be paid before that dale to Robert
M. Wilaoii, Uuhlcil, V. M, C. No. BIMB4.
Dated at Uolden, 15th Son.ember, IKK).
Certificate or Improvements.
Tub Union, The Snowhmde, and No.
si mineral claims,
Situate In the Oolden mining dlvlaianof
North East Kootonay district. Where
l-wated���-Soar the head of Bugaboo
The Wektibn Cross mineral claim.
Situate In tbe Golden mining division of
Hut Kootenay district. Where bested
���At the head of Bugaboo Crnk sn the
' Tako notice that I Thomas McNaught acting as agent for (ll The Gollen and Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited,
Free miner', certiheste No. III0H88. Issued
90th June, 1091), and for Jofflph Lnmontegne,
Free miner, certilieate No. 7I96A, Issued
28th March. I8W, tbe owner, of the Union
mineral claim; (2) the said Golden and Fort
Steele Development Company Limited, and
for T. Mercier, Free miner's certilieate No.
H10I9I, issued Hnd August, I806, the
of the said 8nowallde.Ni
GOLDEN U the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tho Columbia Ui ver, and they
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with the
ftict that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running tho length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Oolden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tiie
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their Interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots Is valid until purchkser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
H10I9I, issued Hnd August, HUB, ���   	
of the uid Snowalide, No. SI arid Western
Cross mineral claims, intend 60 daya Irom
the dnto hereof to apply to the mining recorder for a certilieate of -Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a'* Crown great of
tho above claims.
And further take notico that action under
aectlon 87 must be commenced before the
lsiuuuiccofauclicertiHcateof Improvements.
Dated this 9th dsy of October, 1��I9
*   *    *
Nl. I and No. 2 slid In Golden by C. W
Field, C. A. Warren, ami H. W. fat
Jas. Bbadt, D.L8., & P.L.8.
Mining Engineer,
M. Aln'n. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grant., doing
annual assessment work, etc.   Address i
James Hendebson,
Builder -$ Contractor,
A aupply or Bnilding Lime fur Solo,
Plana prepared.  Prompt attention given te
*   onlera.
To Be Sold  ,
In Lots to Suit Buyers
1* Drtaaght Males,
11 rack Inles,
IS Caj-aEM.
The above .lock |s in first class condition,
and to wall broken, Pack rigging and harness csn alio l-o arranged for. Tbe stock b
situated in Kumloons neighborhood. OfTers
to be mode to
The Waverly niae Limited,
November 17th.
Under the auspices ofthe Social and Athletic
Club, Golden.
instrumental tbio	
Messrs. Knight, Sutherland and
Messrs. Mitohell-Innes and Evans
VOCAL SOLO.. "Eilleen Allanna"
 Mra. J. C.-Pitt*
 Messrs. Pughe and Kenny
RECITATION...... -Til* Can of
Yonng Bangs"..Mn. 3. F. Evan*
Messrs. Mltohdl-Iiins* and Evan*
.."The Alabama
..Mrs. J. C.Pitt*
Faroe���-"The Llmerlek Boy.
Paddy Mile*.
Dr. Coate*. ..
.W. Alexander
...C. W.Ftald
Hurt (hi* mii)  '���% King
Jot (a gardener)... ,...J. A. Nsalon
Mrs. Fidoet.'....-.MissC.D'A. Lang'
Jane (b��rdangkWl*'.".'Mlsa J. WMh
At the conclusion of the Programme refreshments will be servedv followed by a Dance.
Reserved Seats, 75ots,   -AdntfMlpn, SOcti.
Plan at Field's, Druggist.
If you want
Good Broad  -
- u.*
Calgary Flour.
Th* Calgary ..Milling Company guar
ante* their flour the equal of any
brand on the Oolden Market and
hereby authorize all grocers to sell
It subject to above guarantee aud
they will refund th* fnll amount
paid for flour npon return of any
not equal to guarantee.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Head'of navigation on Columbia River.
The moa> central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Minea for 1898: " A waggon road
could be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER-at a reasonable coat,
and will be so built aa loon aa it Is justified by Ih* mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, and
good fishing and shooting In immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build upon| cold, dear water th*
year ronndfor household purposes, and splendid water power clos* te town.
Large and complete saw-mill (20 M. daily capacity) on the ground assure*
cheap lumber.
Terras easy, particularly so to investors wishing ts bnild.
C. ��>. Liang, Agent.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd
Vancouver,     -     B.C.
W�� are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and rarry a large attack of Balances,
Furnaces, Firo Clay Gooda, Scientific snd frailkot Hooks, Glassware, Platinum Oood.,
Acids, Chemical., and all other Aassyers' and Miners' reiiuiromalita.
SOLE AOKNTS for Morgan I'ruelbl* Company, Ua-.tarseai Becker's Sena*
Dalancec, etc.
Catalogue awl full particulars en application.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
Hull Bros. Se Co.
Wholesale it IietsB
Cattle, Sheep snd Horse Dealers.
Wood'* Phosphodi.ve Is sold la Gulden
------        -   ���   Warm, aad C.
by R. W. Palmers, 0.
W.HeH, ���
Lakeside Hotel,
Tayhton & Gordon, Props
Oood accommodation for Prospector, aad
Freighter..  Wrst-claiimasl*
White & Scott,
Barrister-**, Solicitors, Notaries,
.     Rfrelitoke, B.C.
Fo* a Ipine Suit.
andaPerfeet pit
J. G. TQM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House,     mtx
Fruit Store & Restaurant.
8llv*r table furniture.
Call and Inspect tt
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc
A��.ntforE.A,HAOOia��. .
Amyer a ������tallurflit.
Office at Lakeside Hotel,
Windermere, - B.0.
Coffins and
Otfal prompUr tiMM tt,
W. L. Houston,
Oolden, aia
quickest Tim* tnd Lowest Bates ta til
point* BAST ��nd WEST.
OOWft   "AW.AND  TO   VAN-
S��-��225' ��**!?* ���*���� TH*
Ixouraloa Bates te
an�� all Winter Beieru.
Old Country.
Aftlr ftrMMhahmt* Mtrttt O.P.R,
Om, Pin. Ami,


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