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The Golden Era Dec 8, 1899

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Array 1/
!h4n~' f^t^A   (k^- (rr^ *'~v-/     4/
"     James HendeBsWH,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of BulMIng l.lin. for Sale.
- Phuu prepared.  Prompt attention glvenM
' orders.
VOL. IX  Ntt 19
GfOt-fiflN   fl.C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8 1899.
LOOK UEUIi EACH vifiiiK Kill! si.iT
Stock of over 900 to cIioom* from..
Ymac   CABDS   and
Aiimb Booklets.
As fcood as thd Best
Anywhere in (fee West.
FIELD,' tbe  Druggl.f.
$2 Per Yej*
At the
Capital Authorized, $2 600,000
Capital Paid Dp ta.811,084
Rest ���     i ���        1503,178
11. S. Howlard,       ���       I'resMent.
T. H. Itlerritt, ���        Vlre-Pres.
Wm. Ramsay,     T. Si-tlicr Inml Slavnor
Robert .latt'i-ii;.-, Klias Uurhim,
Win. Ilondrio,
HuAnOfnoiti TnnoNTn.
D. H. a'ii.kii*. Oi'iiernl Munacor.
E, ll.w, Imneetor.
MANITOBA. N.W. T. and 11. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Kiliuontoti,
Oolden,       Kelson,        Pin'tage la I'rnirie,
Prince Alhert,     llovrlstokn,     stiotlii-iuiu.
Vancouver,       Wiinu'pojT,
(Wellington Street.
Yonje und Queen Streets.
Voiiro and llloor Streets.
Kins; aud York Htriota.
Eases, 1-Vffii", Unit. Hamilton,   Iiiitemnll,
Mstowel,  Niagara  Falls,   Port Coltiourne
Rat l'nrlnito,        Sanlt Ste. Mario,        St,
Oathorliuw. Ht. Thomas,  St. Thomas (E.��t
End Branch,   Wetland,    Woodstock,   and
Montreal, Vuo.
Agriitrt In Kreat llrltuln:
Lloyd's Rank, Ltd., 7*1 lxunbiird St, Loudon
with whom money mny lie deposited for
transfer hy loiter or cable to uuy of the
above branches.
Agent* In United Htatoa:
NEW YORK-llnii't of Montreal, Hank of
I'llICAUO-First National Hank.
ST. PAUI.-8m-.iiid National Hank.
SAN FRANC'ISCU-Wclis, Farue ft Co.'s
Interest allowed on ilenuslls.
Provincial, Municipal and other delieutnre.
.  purcbtii-f-u.
Available nt all points in I'anaila, United
Klniplom, United States.
J. S. Olbb, Mgr., Golden Branoh,
^*/~'-'-'*A*s****Q*^t\&w/*>ii.*>V*i*r*t* **A*V*%^*^,.ini,t/i.*raty%tW.. ���as*-.'* van/*/*i%*\
Crosse & Blackwell's Candied Peels*
FaCketS.      Orange,  Ltetaon,   Citron   and -"M-aft-tecl
Malaga Raisins in Cartons.
Eaxjoy Currants in Pasteboard Boxes.
Highest   Grade.       Cleaned   Ready   for   Use.
Sultana Raisins,    Valencia Raisins,
.Tho Best  Qualify on
the Marked
Flavor   Delicious.
This   Best.
Japanese Oranges. *!����!*
BatgerS   Celebrated Jellies, Assorted Mators.
Hams & Breakfast Bacon. ^Sp|g^
i Fresh Creamepy Batter.
EG. Parson"
General Merchant'.
Alexeirj-d^r Slock;
Toilet, Necktia Sliaving, Pholagtajfti, Jewol and Work
Mirror.ii, Military Brushes anJ Perfumery.
���Match, card, puff and match -Iwxea.
Eaucy Leather Goods of-all kinds.
Over Seven ty-gve bound books to pick from.
.   ;  NOW  IN.
Ladies" Attic Oress Goods.
���   Gents'Silk Smoking Jackets.
N veltles for Everyone at
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C.,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.	
IiftOffiS' ... *
Watches, Necklets, Brooches, Bracelets,
Lorgnette Chains, in great Variety at
Gbreat Stores
of tha
Great West
the Season is
preaching wheit
becomes tnm-
pattt and friends tie
wfrth each other in the
matter of
It has long ago beefi
decided that the most
useful gifts are the
most acceptable*
This is the Kind we
sell and our stock this
yonr is very
Write for -^dotations
Md for one of our
A roward of Four Hundred Dollar* wilt he
paid to niiynne giving information that will
lead to conviction -if anyone kilting or steal
tug cattltf mid hnmM.of ilio tVilIuwing brands,
belonging to lho Elk 1'urk Hunch Co. and
H. E, Foritter.
<J��t���� I.r*n4erf:
; 1   On right tlra, lifdf right ��r cut off.
'1   On loft hip.
M   On left rllM.
3    Ou lift ribs.
IB   Ou left hip.
Ilortten Hrnurtcd: '
t   On right writ.
���*!   OnlnftHhonMcr.
M   Ou loft slianlder.
7   Ou right ��houldur.
13   On left shoulder.
Elk Park Ranoh Go.
II. 13 Forster.
Siiidait, 1I.C, Sept. UHh, 1��H��.
TAKE NOriCE that ��0 days after date
we intend to apply to the Chief Commimdoner
M Lands and ft urks for a special Urease to
mtsnd carry awaythnlierpii the following
loscribed lands: Hituate on Spring Creek
about a mile* atmve its Junction wirh Toby
Creek, in the District of East Kootenay,
commencing at a p*wt ou the weal side of
Spring Creek, thence north cant 60 chains,
thence east 70 chaiiiH, 1 hence north 70 i-hama
thonco west 111), tl-ciu'e south 70 chains to
place of cuin'iieiicoiiioiit, containing 1,0 0
acres more or less.
Wlndormora, November 7, HW. 6i
Hudson's Bay
NOTICE Is lioroby givm that 00 days
afterdate we intend to apply to the Cluof
i'oinnmsiiinerof l-ifliulfiand \\orksat Vict<-ria
for the tiitlnwiiig timlrer l-wme:���Situated on
the want Mo of Windermere Lake, East
Kootenav District, commencing at n post
planted at the 8.W. corner of lot K47. thonce
oast 40chains, tlionce south HO chalnx, thence
trost 9) chains, thonco north 1*0 chains,
tlitmco east40 chains, thence south 40 chains
to place ot cnmineucemoiit, containing ikX)
acres more or less.
Oolden, Nor. 10,18D0.
NOTICE Is hsioliy gives thot 90 ilii--��
after dule we inteml to mslio spplEi-ntion to
tiie Chief Coniinlwiiiintir of Lsntl. swl Works
for a special license to nut sml curry sway
timlier from tbe following descrlb��l Iniid.t���
Slluiitml on llouliler Creok, In the District of
Eaat Kootenay, at or near tin Forks of same,
commencing st a stake plat-toil nl-ont 100
yanl. esst of the creek, thence IHd chains
south, thence 1121 chains nasi, thenco IHO
chain, north, thonce 08} cluiiu east to place
of cmiiiiiencetuoQt, coutalaintf 900acres more
or less.
Whdllnasre, Oot. 20,1809.
For Sale,
Will buy my Stocjt &
Effects.  A bargain
Apply at Once
Attack Joe.
Progress of the Fight, as Published in Our "Dally
War Bulletin."
London, Dec. 2.���The War Ofolce
has nut ns yet received Qendral
iletfinen'H list of casualtiea and the
public ar? bejtiiniiui: to murmur and
utliorwise show their disapproval or
the apparently heedless delay which
keeps families and relativea iu painful
Kuspense; It is touching to watch the
endless chain of humanity waiting for
news of husban.b, broihera and sweethearts.
London, Dec. 2.���A special despatch
received here lust night from Friere
datW November 28th. suys tbat whilo
atten-ijj'tiiig to blow up a tive hundred
foot hy'-dge over the river At Coleuso,
tht! Soera wero driven hack by the
British artillery and mounted infantry.
London Dec, ft.��� A despatch from
Modder Kiver after the battle cays,
thnt tba Boers are in full retreat toward Bloom fon tei n.
Additioriril despatches from Modder
River dattfd Thursday says:���The
Waterloo of the campaign was fought
aud won here. There-was no flinch-
ing ou either side and no pause for five
hours. General Methuen bad 20 guns
and fired an average of two hurudred
rounds on tbe enemy's position, while
the Boera were fully as well mined, and
tt is reported that, tlte latter'S guns
were served by French and German
artillerists. The enemy's Hotchkiss
gun wus dirfefited with marvellous
accuracy on tne Britisli forces, killing
tl a sergeant fn charge, wounding nn
oflicer and disabling a gun, quite at
the beginningof the engagement. The
standard bearers found it impossible
to go forward. No quarter eoenut to
hnve been iriven bn oither aide. The
British assert that timid the bullets
which Hew liko hail, the ambulance
waggons displayed their flags promin-
eu>ly to no advantage whatever, and
wero ret-entedly itrivou back and impelled to take refuge out of sight ofthe
Boers. It to alleged that the Boers
used diim-dttm lutlets, and ma *
special target of the British horses OH
the plain, in tbe hope of hitting thel*
ri<Uw. The shooting wns fearful aitd
ii mun was only taking his life iu his
hand who showed himself on cither
While the Argyle Highlanders were
pushing acMns tiie river a dendly
shower of lend was poured upon them
from a houi-ie on the bank of the river
tud sevrrui of their men fell, where
upon the Highlanders stormed the
house ami although the Boers hoisifd
the white flag no attention was paid
to It mid all i htj Boer* wtre shot.
Next morning when the British
cavalry cros-ol the river tliey dis*
covered the auemv's camp completely
ileswwd. Some of tht; Boer prisoners
aav that Coinmniidant Cronj�� waf in
supreme command and he bad tu whip
his men In order to prevent them from
���leser*in�� nnd despite thifl fact many
if the Boers threw dowfl their rifles
md fled from the ctmp.
London. Dec. fi. -Julian Ralph, who
is with Methueii's column as a war
'Correspondent, describing iu the Daily
Mail this morning tho battle of Modder
River, says. ���"lean testify lhat the
British never once saw the enemy* yet
they were not able to raise hand or
foot without being riddled. Despite
this fact, however, the dfW belonged
;o the artillery, for tfi�� infantry never
advanced two puces dining that day
of Hell. The shells from our twenty
���juiis wire accurately placed in the
enemy's trenches and broke the beart
of the Boers, for after dark they all
London. "Dee. fi.���A special despatch
from Durban says fhe Boers lost over
1800 men at the battle of Glencoe. It
is Also stated In the despatch that
/curvy and dysentery nro rampant
among the burghers, who are beleaguering Ladi smith,
London, Deo. G. Military experts
summarize the war In South Africa in
the Morning Post tts follows: -It seems
that very little informal ion had been
obtained of tbe enemy's potfitiun at
Moddor Riyer, until the ttavslfv nnd
infantry df'ew hia five oil Ihft tnofninp
of the fight. Once more we have been
confronted with our very serious
deficiency in cavalry in South Africa.
Everywhere the sain'* story meets ono
with a confession of impot-ncv to engage the enemy under favorable aua
pices, owing to the lack of mounted
London, Dm. 7. ���Fred R. Hamilton,
who ts with the Canadian troop!*,
wlrei from Ka Anr:���'**ype go to the
fronttdihtfrro*, nil well." Althoftgh
the cable is dated December Gth it was
probably filed Severn! days ago and detained hy the oeneoi arid other official
business. There te no doubt, however,
that the Canadian contingent la now
with General Methueft hnd will figure
In bis fu'ftbef movements on Kimberley.
The Boer* report that Mafeking. has
fallen, but euoh reports are not confirmed here, although the persistency of
the report caused considerable anxiety.
London, Dec. 8.���A special despatch
from Kimberley dated November 25th
���ays:��� As a fefiult of Signals frj*m the
relief force to tbe south arid of certain
movements on the part of the Boer
column, Which determined to make a
sortie witli a view to keeping a Urge
forceof the Boors employed here yes
terday afternoon, 8* portion- of the
garrison artillery under Majrfr Ghemicr
and mounted troops under Major Turner-Scott advanced southwest toward
the Boer position and c-aptui'ed Carter's
H&n\ which'completed-the lraofntend*
ed to hold In view Meihuen's early
approach. Major Turner Scott thou
turned his attention toward lhe Utter
larger, which lie captured in splendid
Style in spite of the enemy's heavy
fire, 'the whole camp eqtipment was
captured or destroped, and finally tho
British stormed and captured all three
redoubts after Severe fighting, tn
lending the men who where storming
thft' fourth tadoubt Major Turner ftcott
and Lieut. Wright were killed.
London, Dec, H.��� 'fhe correspondent
of the iinily Mail says: -AGerfn&n
steamer has just arrived at Lorenzo
Manjuez with tbe German and Dutch
contingents, including thirteen German, two French nnd one Swedish
officer, who aro going to join the Boer
London,,Deo. 8.-Gent��fnl B-hller'ft
arrival at Were Is held to ifnlifcatethat
all preparations for the advanre to
the relief of Ladysmith are complete
arid that stirring news will Roon be
received from that quarter. The fact
tbat Methuen is announced as resuming his command at almost tho Same
moment if interpreted in acme quarters
to meati that battles will he fought
simnHriiifeouMy lit Natal and Spyfon-
'fhe ednstfiiddoH 6t a temporary
bridge across Mudder river entailed an
enormous amount of labor, and even
now the structure is liable to be
washed away should n heavy storm
take place. As the railway bridge has
been completely destroyed Methtifett haft
beeu Compelled to loitve a considerable
forco to protect his cdmtfiunicatioii*
A conespondont sends interesting
information regarding Boer tactics to
the effect that General Jonbert has
issued general orders to the Boer army
to reserve their fire until the British
ate within thecloSe range of 400 yards.
At the MnddCr river battle tho Free
State burgerS opened fir->, thus reverting their position aud frustrating the
Boer plans.
A runner from Ladysmith reports
all well there ait J lidtfs that the bombardment continues but, is ineffective,
Boer shells only hitting houses.
Results of the Polls Yesterday
Throughout the Province.
The following is the Manitoba election returns, subject to correction, with
majorities ���
Mountain, Greenway, Gov. 100;
North Brandoh. .jfrasif, ttllj Beautiful Plains, Eiiiii*. g 70; Lakeside, Me
K nzie. g lo; Russell, Ort-rar, g 40;
St. Boniface. Bertram!, g 118; V, i mi peg
Centre, McMillan, g I Iii; Min nodosa,
"Myers, g 214; Lansdowue. Norris, p
2(1: Birtle, Mickle, 11; W est by u me,
Morton, g 104;Delorainu, Young, gl0��
Lome, Middle, 24; South Bn-ndon Fowler, g fit; Mnuttou. Rogers, o 70; Kill
aruey, Lmvienco, o ronj. not kuown.
Morden, Ruddell. o 24; Rhinetand.
Hespler, o Jl; Turtlo Mountain, Johnson, u 153; Emerson, McFiu'den. o G2;
Norfolk, Lyons, o 20; Uockwood.
Illley, o 80; Winnireg North, Neilson,
o229; Winnipeg St Uth. McDonald, fio
LaVandrye, Lagimodiere, g raaj. not
known; Saskatchewan, a tie; Wooi-
lauds, Hobtiu, o 50; CyDresa. Seele, o
90; Vtrdin; Simpson, o 51; Portage la
Prairie. Garland,. 0 190j Brandon City
Mclunea o 21 ; St Andrew's and Kil-
donan, Grain, o 134} Morris, Rosen
felt, and Carillon are given io the opposition, but no returns are recoivid,
The following Monthly report con
tains the names of tlte first and second
iu each class for the limith of November.
Fifth Class-1, Laura Kenny; 2.
Walter Houston,
Fourth Class-1, Willie Houston; 2,
Ermst Sutherland.
Third Class Snr.-1, Violet Pughe;
2, Bert Hanna.
Third Class Jur.��� l, Jack Parson;
2, Minnie Sutherland
Siicoud Class Snr. ��� I, Stanley
Moodie; 2, Addie Antoya.
-I, Katie Kenny:
Lake;   9,
Sccnd Class Jnr.
Albert Soles Snr.
Pit-It    CIbSi-1,     Percy
Julius Johnson.
II Primer Class-1 Willie Miller; 2.
Robert Miller
I Primer Class-1, Moss Morgan;  2
Arthur Kenny.
Tablet  CbUe-1,   Henry   Soles; 2,
Johriuie Ituther'fota.
Average Attendance G.'l.    The largest
iu the history of thu school.
The following ia the report for the
Donald School for the ihonth of November.
Fourth Class-1, Nellie Shaw} 2.
Eva Manuel.
Tbird Class-I; Bertram Shaw; 2.
Claude Manuel,
Sencond Class S ir. ��� .Larry McKay;
2, Stanley McKay.
Second Class Jnr. ���1, Ivy McMillan*
2, Bella Woodland.
First Class -1, John Caldwell.
I Primer Class Snr.���1, Jeanette
Caldwell; *>, Hum McKay.
I Primer Class Jnr. ���1, George
Woodland; 2, Gladstone Woodland; 3,
Maggie Caldwell.,
A-verate attendance 15.
g61d^n'S needs.
"the brand Jury in the recent crlm*
inal case tried in Golden mado certatrf
recoirtmendationS which, if carried out
hy the --Government, will ba of great
benefit to the district of North East
Kootenay. The Deputy Attoroey-
General of the Province wa*�� present
on that occasion and heard these
retommendationS, and, Its tbey all
refer particularly to hii department,
the Government tfnnnot notr plead
ignorance. There nre other matters
which should rterive the immediate'
attention of the Government, notably
the appolhhnent of a collector of voters
and ti registrar of births, marriagnf
Ami deaths. The British Columbia
Gazette, in a recent issue, contains %
notice calling for a Court of Revision.
to bo field in Goltlen on the fith day of
November last. On that date, however, no court was hold, for the simpW
reason tha* no person had been appointed. The fa6t that no collector of
votes being appointed may, in thrf
event of an election heing held at an
early date, deprive many of our citizens of their franchise. This is rt
right that ricf citizen should Ipse, and,
as legislation has been paSH*!'a ir/t'king'
ft imperative that certain conditions
should he complied with, particular!/
the filling ttp of a certain form prescribed hy .the statute, the Govern-'
ment should Set the example of complying with the requirements of that
statute in ih entirety, and not permit
matters to remain in such shape tha��
it is nfi'xt to tnrtpbsalble for anyone irf
this district not already on the list ttf
havo liia.nairo placed upon it.
Ti!e EttA do&s not desite to b& considered as a fault-finder, biit at the"
same time when such unbailed-foif
neglect as this occurs it is the duty
not only of this paper bnt of every
tftiiJen io endeavor (o have the omission remedied; arid, further, if tflff
Government, had used a little more
printer's intt in advertising, the people'
of this district wtfuid no doubt have
been awakened to the fact Hint there
was such a court being' held. To*
reinedy this as much as pqfisihfe thtf
columns of The Eka will be open to*
��� be public generally, and any Suggestion that may be offAfSd /ofthe welfarrf
of o��r district will be gladly receive*
and published.
Again, a registrar of births, rnafrii-
.'tres and dunths should be appointed.
Why should so important a district as1
this require to go to Revelstoke. iri
West Kootenay, to got such rih tfffielalr*'
Surely this is not as it shrinlrl be, and
the oversight should be attended to.
Another impr-ftant omission which*
The EttA would like ttreall aifertiorf
to is the fact of the chattel mortgage
registration district being in Hevelstoke instead of Golden. -this cause*
serious incdnvfenieuce and unnecessary,
expense to one and all the residents of
this district, and it is hoped that the
views herein expressed may have the'
effect of assisting orir maml.fi1, Mr, W.
C. Wells, in secur'ng for this district
the rights and privileges to which wtf
are justly entitled.
Hospital Ball Notes.
A meeting of the ladie^ committee'
was held on Monday last to arrangrf
for the supper   to   he   given   at the'
nnal hospital ball Dec 20 th. There*
were present, Mesdames CafUr*,-
Griffith, Hi-frison, Ilolt, Mitchell-
Innes, Robbins, Taylor
Mesdames Griffith, Mittliell-lDnes;
Rubbiuit, hnd Tfiylor have undertaken
to solicif Cbhtrtbutions fi*��r the supper:
Every effort will bo marie ib ensure rt
perfect success, and overy one preseut
can lock forward tc ah enjoyable evening.
Angarte's brchestrn wifl hfe *etureJ
to supply the music for the ball.
The nurses of the General Hospital*
have been kept busy lately, the publid
ward being filled for the past. week.
Th* tten fn tiff c/hfdoy of the C. R.
L Co. at Kualt having now become*
subscribers to the Go'deh Genera*
Hospital, their fhst patient was sent
ill to Golden from Salmon Arm ott
Wednesday's No. 2.
The isolated hoSpitnl ntfw In course*
of erectibn  under  the supervision of;
Harry G��le is triaking good  progress-
and will be completed by January lit.
I me       in*
Ata^prciflln if tingnfibeimardofLi((it <f
oiimiiMduuurs l< r tho Notft Kflftt Kootenav
D strict; to he held in thn t.'iiverunieut offico.
'���olden, st tour u'cliH-k in tho afternoon of
l-rnay, Deceiiiber82nd, IS99, the following
pnllcaifoiis will bocomiidarndt-
l'll.M-1; ft Hurry, retail licencfci Kcrtenav-
limine, Uolden.
II. 0. Pnrrtit, wholesale licence, Alexander
Block, Uolden.
Moore & Stark,  to-fijl  licence; Delphtn*-
Holel. Peterhoruiig.
William Mu-NcHn, retail licence, Columbia
Mouse, Uolden.
y* C Lang
t,*     ryxu   .,    ^"^Ifceueel&ltWttrf
Golden De<��4nili<0f 2nd, 181W.
At a siioclal incut ing of the B6anl of
Licence touiniWi'in.trs for he North Ea��t
Kootenay District to h�� held in the Uowi *
ment office, GoMonat-lo'elavk in tlm after
m��n of Friday the :2nd Deeeinber lt**9, iiw
following application will lw considered:--
. Chnrlea I'artwrlirlit, retail licence; ***et-
Oiiuate House,. Csreomtb Lauding.
JohnC. Greene, Queens Hotel, Uolden.*
, F. C, Lang,
a. tt    e*.      ,   (j'��fIJcteicrlnsiitHiffi
fluMcn ��Member B.H-18W.' BOER ARTILLERY.
den. Methuen Wonnded In the Thlyh
���Boers Blow I'p Large Culverts Near KimWrlt-y.
London, Dec. 1.���The Times publishes the following dispatch from
Frere, Natal, dated Monday, Nov. 27:
"Ladysmith was heavily bombarded
London, Dec. 1.���Beyond tbe report
from Estcourt tbat firing was heard in
the direction of Ladysmith on Monday,
there is not a shreari of news of any
bind from tbe seat of war. A semi
official statement nas beeu issued tbat
Lord Methnen's wound ia not serious,
and tbat he is expected to be nil right
in the course of n few days. It is certain, However, that the wound will prevent his being in the Middle, aud there
is great anxiety to kuow whether he
will be compelled teinporurily to abandon the personal diieciiou of affairs.
His next iu command in Col. Colville,
oommcndiu-k tbe guards brigade. He
haa a reputation as au excellent officer.
As men are needed in uli direotionn,
Lord Wolseley's ui.uouucement that a
new division will be embarked without
delay has been received with the greatest satisfaction. The transports will
soon be returning from the Cape and it
is hoped that the men will bo despatched s eedily. Ou this poiut the Morn-
ing Post says: "The socuer we can
make np our minds us to the magnitude
of the work in hand, the sooner it will
be accomplished."
Lient. Col. Stepford's death ends a
most promising carter. He wus the
officer mainly responsible for working
out the plans for the mobilization
London, Nov. SO.���It 1b officially an
nonoced that General Methoeu is
among those wounded at the buttle of
Modder River.
Gen. Methuen, it developed l.iler,
was slightly wounded by a bullet
which inflicted a flesh wonnd iu the
London, Nov. 80.���-The war off! e
received f��*om the gcncnl commanding
at Cape Towu the follow ing: Killed,
Staff-Col. II. P. Northcott, Second
Coldntreams; Lieut.-Col. H. K. Stop-
ford ; Cap. S. Farle.
Klokfontein, Nov. 24.���There, were a
few rifle shots early today from the
direction of Wright's ffsrm, bnt tbis
was regarded as merely oue of the numerous Boer tricks to draw our men out
by inducing us to believe thut the relieving forces are drawing ueur. This
afternoon the Boers blew up two large
culverts near the rifle butts on tiie railway line toward Spyfontein. The news
of the proximity of the relieving forces
greatly cheered the garrison and the
inhabitants. A few Boers were teen
today, but it is believed the enemy is
composed of ouly small bauds around
Kimberley, in lots of fifty or so, the
greater part having gone to Spytfon-
tein, where filing is believed to have
beeu heard abont noon.
From Kaffir sources came a report
that there are two large Boerlaagirs at
Oliflant's Dam with 150 wagons ior
water supply. The Boots have cut the
existing dam three miles distant, allowing the water to run dowu toward their
laagers into an old dry dum on the
/arm. Tbis is believed to be the Free
Stale base of operations on tbe western
The official estimate places the n lm-
ber of Boer shells fired daring tbe bombardment of Kimberley at about 1,000
aud ours at no fewer than oXO. As the
enemy's shells so frequently hit soft,
sandy ground the explosive effect is
greatly neutralized.
All our wonnded ore in a satisfactory
condition. An armored train proceeded to Drrnfleld to reconnoitre bnt this
immediately aroused the enemy's cordite gnn and tho traiu returned after
the fifth shell bad bsen fired. Tbe
Boers are firing on the reservoir from
London, Nov. 80.���Lord Wolseley,
speaking in London this evening, eulogized the o.ndnct of the British troops
in South Africa, and confirmed the
semi-official announcement that another
division of the second army corps would
be called ont. This division, be said
wonld soon be on tbe way to tbe Cape.
He expressed himself as confident that
the reserves wonld resptud to the call
with the same obedience and pride that
bad marked tbo responses to ; revions
A South African describe* the scene
of tbe tattle as a particularly favorable
one for Boer tactics. He had crossed
tbe river when it waa a mero dribble,
aud again wben it was broad nud deed.
Tbe northern bank, ho said, was much
higher than the opposite oue, and unlike most African water cour es tbere
were trees ai.d brushwood ou each side.
It was not a rook oouutry but otherwise the Boers hud chosen an admirable
position for deleuco aud bud made excellent nseff K	
St. Paul, Deo. I.��� Fire tonight
caused |)60.000 damage to the large
wholesale grocery of Griggs, Coopei
and oompany.
Montreal, Deo. 1.���It is reported
tbat Dr. Ireland, who e mysterious disappearance on tbe wharves at Montreal
about a year ago led to (ho supposition
that he wos drown d, has been fonnd in
tho wes eru States, practicing medioine
under the assumed name of  Dr, Gray,
Whinljieg'H veteran police mnglntrnte,
Col, 1'eettien. received the well-wishes ot
nian}  eltUeuN on lila rclii-hig front the
bench.         ___	
Nominations were iwi-le iln-oiiuiiout
Mniilto a fur (lie provlucln't elections.
There nre three-comervd flulit? In Cjp-
ren��. Mountain ninl Mtinltoii,
London, Deo. 1. ���Tbe abandoned
British steamer Coqnet, from Qnebeo
for Sunderland, wbich drifted ashore
on Bmtvaer Ial nd, on the coast of
Sweden, broke np snd sunk. Her deck
and enrga are floating into the land.
Bolstoions weather Is prevailing.
Mr, n. 8. Jenkins has been appointed
general superintendent ot c. I'. It. tele.
graphs west of   I.uko Superior.   **
Itt. Hon. Jos. CJinnil.erl.-iln addressed a
gathering ou lite itew triple alliance-
German/, United States aud iJi-llam,
Custom* Kcturim i'��r NtivHinliei' uml I'lnt
Five Month! of the Year.
Ottawa, Dec. I.���Customs figures
prepared by the department today show
the revenue for tbo present month to
bave been 13,881,1-38, as compared
with 11,988 993 for November, 1898,
or an increase of 1460,000 for tbe five
months of the present fiscal year. Customs revenue was $12,031,877, compared with $10,569,000 for the same
time last year. The last year under
Conservative role showed a revenue for
tbis period to be littleover $8,000,000.
Lott on the Prairie.
Gladstone, Dec. 1.���Mr. Jas. Wat-
n, a man of ove- seventy years of
age, got lost yesterday afternoon on the
prairie, a few miles north of the town,
and has not yet beeu found. A search
party has been out looking for him all
day and last night, with out finding
any trace of him. He was very short
sighted, and getting quite feeble. It is
feared tbat he has perished.
T. 1). llodglno, M.P.P., Dead.
London, Ont., Nov, 80.��� Thos. D.
Hodgins, M.P.P., for Bast Middlesex,
died of heart failure this morning.
Mr. Hodgins waa 02 years old and was
elected for Enn Midilwex in 1896.
He was oue of. the most prominent
horse breeders iu Canada. He wai a
Ccuserrative in politics.
Bonus for Steel Shipyards.
Collingwood, Deo. 1.���Tbo ratepayers voted almost nuanimonsly today to
grant $50,000 as a bouus to tbe proposed steel shipyards to be promoted in
thid town by Oaptain Alex.McDougull,
Dulutb. .	
The Scotsman's Baggage.
Montreal, Dec. 1. ��� Tbe baggage
which was salvaged from lhe wrecked
Scotsman last Ootober at Belle Isle,
and which was taken to St. Johns,New-
fi midland, has arrived in Moutreal, It
hus passed through surprising vicissitudes, but most of the 200 pieces ap-
pea: intact, and the sto ies of looting,
so cuinmon in a wreck, would appear
to be contradicted. A large number of
claims have been filed at the Dominion
li o passenger department in this city,
uud arrangements have been made
wherever possible to forward the baggage when identified, to tbe owners.
New Trlpple alliance.
London, Deo. 1.���Mr. Joseph Oham-
Ijerlttiu, secretary of state for the
colonies, in a speech at a luncheon at
Leioeser yesterday, said that ever aince
the great split thi Liberal party had
fouud himself a mark lor slanders and
misrepresentations from the "baser
sort of politicians," I nt, he added, he
hnd found compensation iu the generous appreciation of the majority of his
countrymen. Continuing, Mr. Chamberlain said he was deeply gratified
that the foreign relations of Great Britain were eo satisfactory, aud asserted
tbe country owed a debt of gratitude to
Lord Salisbury for the great improvement iu Great Britain's position. It
was esp.'cially gratifying, he pointed
out, to note tbe friendly relatious existing between the Anglo-Saxon branches,
Biying Ihe understanding between tho
United States ajid Great Biituiu was
a guarantee of peace. It was of- the
utmost importance, Mr. Chamberlain
further remarked, tbat Great Britain
should rot remain isolated in Europe,
and ber natural alliance was with the
great Gorman empire.   .
A New Steamship.
A cable was receied tbis morning by
Messrs. Elder, Dempster & Co., advising them of the successful launching of
their new twin-screw steamer Lake
Erie, which is building at the famous
shipbuilding yards of Messrs Barclay,
Curie & Co., of Glasgow. This is the
first of three magnificent twin-screw
passenger steamers of 10,000 tons that
Messrs. Elder, Dempster &Co., have
contracted for.'
These steamers will be placed on the
Liverpool mail service next season between Montreal and Liverpool and will
form part of the weekly Beaver lino
royal mail service.
Tbe Lake Erie is being fitted to carry
between 125 and 150 first cabin passengers, about 80 second cabin, and 800
steerage. Tho fi st and second oabin
passenger accommodation is all on the
spar deok amidships, the saloon, smoking room<>, eto., are on what is called
the bridge deck. Sbe will be olectrio
lighted and fitt d with tbe most modern conveniences for the coin tort of all
classes of passengers and a very spacious promenade deck is also being ar*
As this steamer will be nearly sixty
feet beam aud provided with bilge
keels her steadiness at sea will be a pro*
miuent feature iu ber construction as a
favorite typo of passenger steamer. *"
She is ex ected to make her first voyage to Halifax and St. John, eftrly in
March, and there will be no question,
but that thin and tbe other stunners
bnilding, will secure a lar^e share of
tbe passenger traffic, wbioh is sure to
take plaoe next i-ummer seatou.
(���en Ilutloii Jinn lieen aakod to consult
the minuter of mtlltla Ufore tailing
farther military orders,
Tin' niHtonitt revenue for tho Dominion
for tlio post thu uionllm was 912.U51,.
377; a   lily liu-mirtt) over I8t>8.
Ln| Lived CotnpOMi*.
Compose��, aa a rule, have been remarkably long lived, Handel was 74 yean of
age when he died; Lalande was 7$: Bash
waa 66 years; Scarlatti was 60; Hadyn
was 77; Paleatrloa, 70; Bpohr, 75; Mar-
oello, 68; Gluok, 78; Palslello, 76; Rossini, 78; Ploolnl, 72; CheruUnl. 88; Beethoven, 67; Meyerbeer, 70.
Removal From Bvll Bsanpl*.
"Bobby, you must go to bed now."
-"But, mo, It Isn't time."
"Yes, It Is. Your Uncle Robert and
your father are going to tell wbat bad
boys they used to be at scbool."-Obl-
cago Record. .. .
Bapfc*tt title.
Mr. Dukane���.loncsy indulged In ft
linguistic diet yesterday.
Mr. Gaswell-What do you mean by
Mr. Dukane���Northslde mads bim
eat bis words.-PlttBburg Chronicle-
Ih* Had tk* Last Wwi
"They're both of tbem polyglots,
aren't tbey?"
"I aboald say tbey were. Ht pro*
posed to ber In six languages, and iht
���aid 'yea* In seven."-Cleveland Plata
British Shelled the Enemy Ont of tk*
Trenches, Then Charged, Cresting
Hstoc Amonf the Boers.
London, Nor. **��.���Gen. Methoen
hns defeated the -whole Boer foroe at
Modder river.
Lon.-lou, Nov. 39. ���A special dispatch
Irom Windsor sa.vs that Gen. Methnen's
dispatch to ihe Queen, after lhe battle
ofMoililir River, says: "The battle
was the b oodiest of tbe century* The
Bn ish phell.-tl tbe enemy ont of the
trenches, aud then charged. The re-
salt wan that havoc was wrought on th.
London, Nov. 80,���Twelve hours' reflection upon Lord Methnen's brief dispatob hss only served to increase public anility and suspense. All kinds of
speculation is indulged In. In the absence of any Indication as to whether
the B ers occuplrd the north or south
bank of Modder river, the best opinion
Inclines to Ihe hitter theory, and it Is
pointed oat that Ihe British must bave
been ult.rly oiliaustiit if they conld
not follow np tbe retiring Boers and
crushed thea ss the enemy orowded
o.er tbe bridge, their compulsory line
of retreat.
The Morning Post's military cone*
spouileut, who hss usually shown great
ability, suggests that the Boers ore still
on the south side of tlio river, and that
the bridge is in their hands. He points
ont "the panger to the small British
forces, which crossed ou pontoons."
The importance attached to this pon-
tooniug Deration, is proved by Ihe faot
that General Pole-Oarew, one of the
only two brigadier-generals, was selected lo Superintend it. Se word has
since arrived cither from L -rd Methuen
or from Natal [Speculation, therefore,
is nrelesB. It is . believed that Lord
Methuen will be Instantly reinforced
tram Oape Town by two Battalions of
infan ry, a detachment of oavaliy, and
a battery of artillery,
Ool. Albreoht, who is directing the
work ol the Boers in opposing Lord
Methuen, wss originally ou officer lu
Ihe Austrian arxy. He entered the
Free State army and soon brought its
artillery to a higb state of efficiency.
He is known as au able aitillerist and
slrat?gist. Some surprise Is expressed
at the fact that Lord Methnen's troops
had to light withont fo.d or water, lt
seems, however, that he is not using
tiuui-il rations. He seises and pays for
fresh fo d. Usually, he begins n march
about 11 o'clock in the morning, after a
breakfast of cocoa. Then he does his
flahling or marching, and afterwards
pitches his camn near the best water,
dining when his transports srr.ves.
The a temcous are given over to resting. Ouly bare ueceg-ltlee are allowed.
As oue correspondent describes it, the
British are fighting "an omnipriseut,
but almost Invisible foe."
Unstinted admiration is every when
expressed for tho splendid work ot Lord
Methnen's column. Wilh a force really Inadequate, he has marched fifty-
tbree miles, aud fought three battles
within seven days. While no credence
is given to tbe rumor that Ladysmith
has fallen, the scare nerves to impress
tha publio with the danger of what Is
still within the louuds ot possibility.
Snoh a misfortune would probably
produce a formidable revolt among the
Oape Dutch. The Daily News says:
"Whatever comes we most brace our
nerves to meet lt. Certainly today it
looks as II we hnd before os a very
stern aud earnest struggle, before we
see onr way dear lo final vlot ry."
Oape Town, Nov. 28.���Gen. Methuen
reports: "Modder River, Tuesday,
Nov. 29.���Reoonnoitered at 5 n.m. the
enemy's position cn the river Modder
and found them strongly entien shed
and concealed. There was no means
dt ontflankiu*.', the rlvir being full.
The action commenced witb artillery,
mounted infantry aud cavalry, at 0,80.
The Guards ou the right and the Ninth
brigade on the lelt. They attacked ths
Bona' position in a widely extended
formation at 8.80, aud, supported'by
tbe artillery, found themselves in the
front of the whole Boer force, 8,000
strong, with two large guns, fonr
Krupps, e o.
The naval brigade rendered great assistance from the railway.
After desperate hard lighting, wbioh
lasted ton hours, our nun, withont
water or food nnd In the Burning sun,
mado tbe enemy quit his position.
General Fole-Oatew wss sncoesslcll
in getting a small party across the
river, and was gallantly assisted by 100
I speak iu terms ���( high praise of the
oouduot of all who were engaged in
oue of te hardest and most trying
fights in the nnnslsof the British army.
If I osn mention oue srm particularly,
tt is the two butteries ot artllery."
Modder river, when, tbe big battle
was lougtit, is situated about midway
between Belmont and Kimberley.
This soccers of the British dears another stage ol the road to Kimberley,
the siege of which Gen. Oronj. must
have partially raised iu order to glvs
battle lo Geu. Meiliueu.
Canadians Arrive it Cape Town.
Oape Town, Nor. 80���The Allan
steamer Sardinian from Montreal with
the Canadian contingent, one thousand
strong, has arrived here.
nt. Hon. .Tim. cliamli.rlalit addressed
7,(101' i>coplc In Leicester on til. iror.ro.
ment'-- South African policy.
St. Andrew's anniversary ivill lie eel*.
tn-nti'il appropriately tlu-ou-clioiil can.
adn nml oLIu-i- part, oi  the world  tills
(.rent Ilrltiiln tins [irotf**ted lo th.
rtniti-ii Stales itoi-i-riiiiteiit iijralnsl llie
TriuiKvnii] rx-ioilillon. l.elug organlied Id
tin. Slates. '-
Port Arthur Nov. 80.���The Iowa
council and board of trade have appointed a commutes to meet Maokensie
* Mann with regard to arranging s terminal for tbe Canadian Northern, tbe
Ontario & Rainy River aud the Port
Arthur, Dolnth k Western railways.
Port Arthur, Nov. 80 ���Port Arlbnr's
tax ssle latt night was the gnitest In
ita hitory and some thirty parcels of
land was disposed ot, agsregailng
over $18,000 for tbe town's treasury.
A few Iou ar* left, which will be pat
Grain, Provisions ud Stocks
Prlv. e Wir. OttUMeUon wl h a'l La-dlng
-K.rI-.etj. ar.ln.iidSMilrlUMBoiifbt,aoUaiid
CirTlHtoulhrgn.. 0>ir��.ponilMli-eBolieitad.
PriT.te c-yph.r Cod. JTurolslud upon AppUcfr
148 PriaesM St., Wlnnlpn. Vu.
Wheal���Manitoba tto, 1 hard at Fort
William, OoHo
Flour���-Oguvie'a Hungarian patent,
11.00; Glenora, il.l*; Manitoba strong
bakers', I.SO; XXXX, $1.15, Lake of
the Woods paieui,(1.90, strung Inkers',
11.70; Medoru, .1.60; XXXX, $1.80
per sack of ii pounds, oelivered in
Millftied���Ogilvie bran, $11.60 per
to i; sho, Ib, |18 50 net Lake of the
Woods bran, sack d, $111' shorts, $14.
Urouua foea���toesv oat onop, ISO
per ton; mixed barley and oat.,118.00;
barley chop, It); Oilcake, $87 per ton.
Oats���Milling, SO to 21o, and feed
grades. 88 to Sue on track here.
Oatmeal���Per sack of 80 lbs., $1.70.
Barley���.6 io lOo lot feed; malting,
83o, on tinok hern.
Oorn���41 to tic cn traok.
Wheat���Al oountry point*, 60 to 66o
per bushel.
Flux���At country points, $1.10 per
In. hei.
Hay���Baled, (6.00 ou traok, Winnipeg; Loose, $6 to |0.
Butte*---���Onaniery, lie at the lactones; dairy, SOc for finest grades.
Cheese���11 Ho at the factories for
Eggs���Stri tly fresh, SOo.
Vegetables���Potatoes, 40o per bnshel;
carrel., 40c per bushel; turnips, 80
to 86o per bushel; beets, 86 to too per
bushel; parsnips, l)��o per pound;
pumpkins, IJ^o per lb.; dry onions.
76o to $1.1.0 per bushel; cabbage, J-J
to lo per pound; celery, 80a per doxen
bunches; squash, lu per ponnd; Hubbard, lHo; manow, 00 to'76o per doa,
green honse lettuce, 4lo per doxen
bun hes; gieeu house parsley, 8fic per
doxen buuehse.
Seneca toot���S7o per ponnd.
Hides���Inspected hides, Na 1, 1J��o;
No.-l.tJio; No.8, 6Jio. Branded bines
grade Mo. 8, and hulls No. 8. Kip,
7c; ealt, 8 to tHe; deakin skins, '86
to 86o eaoh; sheepskins, fresh killed,
60o eaoh; country skins and lambs, SOo
eaoh; horsehldes, 60c to 76o eaoh.
Wool���Uowashed Manitoba fleece, 7
to Bo per pound.   None ctferi.ig.
Dressed Meats���Beef, goad to choice,
t to Ho; mutton, 8 to do; lamb, 9 to
10c; veal, 7 to 8o; dressed hogs, 6
to OH per ponnd.
Poultry���Turkeys, 11 to llo per
pound, dressed weight; geese, Oo per
ponnd: ducks, 8c per pounn; mind
lots chiokens, io per pound.
Tallow���No. J, 4 to iHo; So >, I
to 81,o per pound.
Oattle���Good to ohoioe steers, bntcli-
e's', "H�� per pound eff cars; export
ers, SH to 8 l,a at point ��� f shipment
common, -H to 8u; stookers, yearlings,
$16 loMti.
Sbeep���Olioioa giadts, 4o per ponnd;
lambs, 4 to 6<- per pound
Hoss���Choice weignta. ifio; seconds, i'.ijo jcr ponnd.
Milk cows���Very scarce. Good milkers, from $26 to 146.
Horses���Good Heavy aulmals weighing not less than 1,400 pounds, $186 to
$176 eaoh. Liyhier horses, for road
purposes, $t 10 to $140 each.
Pay In SCRIP for Dominion lauds ud
S��Te 20 per Out. Discount,
for full Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any oOce of the MEaOHANTS'BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or ths West.
Reported by Alloway 4k Ohomploo,
Stook Broken, Wianlptg.
Bank* tttex    Buret
Uoatrt*)       ifo MS
Ontario ,,.                UO
jfoUoa's       M Ul
Havt-auf        IU IS4
nolo. I..!       ID
Ocnntnero. ���...      14S 1.IJ4
WsrEsite xb     iu nr*
Payn. ,       Ill 110
ConmcrcUl Cbl.        i* .9M
MontrMlT.1       Ill iT*
Bl��n.��OnUH.v.       110 IM
, PH.R'y       U0 MX
.llCx R'y        Ut 1-1
tat-mlds.      its life
��� Ein'd"    '3* m
:IJ:SSa?"-::::   31*- 3
tiaaty, t im. ,..���������������*.         i���7 ....
ltei.y,o.o-ji        0 ....
Quoted  by Alloway * Champion,
$61 Main stmt, Winnipeg.
"    -       ���'���SB
o.iHiri:::::.".:.:::*.:::::":::: g
��� WW iti.t. ������>.������������.���������������.... ��������� WW
::::::::::"::":::: s
When yon near a man say "business
Is business" ho hu Just cheated tome*
A Former Hanitohai Sulfides.
Montreal, Nov. 81.���J. Turner
Routlcdge.a young Knslishman of good
family, who oame to Canada some jeers
ago and marri'd tbe yonnsest daughter
of Sir Hush Allan, nnd who was en-
gaged iu ranching in Manitoba, neir
"Virden, until litely, and who ha- b eu
living at lhe fniiillv summer home at
Georgevlll-*, shot himself throngh tbe
head. _^
nietiaril ...lnnnti, i-ftslier.Iiun Montreal
store, ivn. senteni-i-il In llilrly months'
Im.rlsoiinient fm* stt-nllnit.
Montreal, Nov, 89 -August Lisott*
ud Nuiolsse Labile, two of the Tie*
time of the scalding accident yesterday
at Faequette's tosh and door faotory oa
Kortbenlas street have died ol their Injuries at the liospllsl. f
syne transport. Scott and liarurlnn
have rfarlied can. Town. Tli.i-. I. no
new* from tiie.Sardinian.
The Doer* liav. ndilrssseil u protest
aeelu.t tin- ni-itl.il to Hie (orslgit eo*.
sul. at Pretoria.
J, Turn*-!- liiiniipiU., a turiner. rust.
dent el .il' .r n, *-iiiiiniltl.U .iilclds at a
Isii.l-M souiinei- resort.
Ball wsj Line Repaired ��� Telegraph
Reopened to Within Thirty-Three
Miles of Kimberley.
London, Nov, 30���*Gen. Foreetier
Walker rent the fallowing dispatch
dated Oape Town, today, to the war
"Kekewioh reports from Kimberley,
from November 18 'to 88, mentions
some unimportant skirmishes with the
Boers. Wounded, Oapt. Bobley, Lieut.
Hawker and three troopers; all doing
well. The health of the garrison is
good, and the water anpply plentiful.
"Native reports to Kekewioh state
that the enemy's camp* ta the south of
Kimberley have been vacated, and that
Oronje. with 8,000 mou, is marching
to the south. Tho Boers ore disappear
Ing from tbe vicinity of Kimberley.
The enemy seems restless.
"The railway lino wa. repaired to *
point six miles north of Urns Pu Sunday, and tbe lei'graph was reopened to
within eight miles of Modder River, or
88 miles from Kimberley.
"Later ��� Gatoore occupied Bush'*
roans' Hook jesierdoy wilh a battalion
of infantry. His main body is at Patter's kraal. The euemy retired lo Mol-
teno .
London, Nov. 89.���A dispatch from
Orange River, dated Monday, Nov. 87,
describing the battle of Enslin, says:
"The Boers snocessfnlly retreated. The
Lancers attempted to inleroept, bnt a
severe fire opening from a hill toned
the Lancers to retreat. Gen. Oronje
was with the Boen. Among tbe Boer
prisoners are Alderman Jepbe ud
Commandant Retsik, who led the Boer
force. Many of the Boen voluntarily
The Boers were shelled dnring the
retreat, and must hav* lost heavily,
bnt Ihey snooeeded In getting away
northward wilh tboir six guns. The
British were badly in need of more
The bulk of tho fighting was on Free
State territory, and the engagement was
admirably planned. T'birly Boer
wonnded are nnder treatment here. At
the close of tbe actios Lord Methuen
complimented the naval brigade upon
their splend.d behavior, and expressed
bis regret at their losses.'
London,Nov.89.���Tbe transport Scot,
with 88 oltlcers and 1,080 men, and Ihe
Bavarian, with 88 officers and 8,810
men, arrived at Cape Towu Tuesday.
London,Nov.29.��� Virtually the only
fresh news from the front Is contained
in tbe dispatches of Gen. Foreslier*
Walker, to the war office. The cables
continue silent, presumably because of
Gen Bailer's deslte to nrevei t leakage
regt-r.liug Important movements being
oarilrd on. It seems dear, however,
that Lord Methuen i. continuing to
advance rapidly, nud tbat, finding tbe
railway nmob damaged, he left It behind htm. When telegraphic communication is resumed, it is q i'n possible
tbnt news may tome of font simultaneous battles at Moildcr Hlter,. Al ..tnlol,
Stormberg ud Coleusu. As the B.er ,
according toGen.Forestier-Wai'.or's advice, were loavirg Kimberley for the
south, it is regarded as not impossible
dat Ool. Kekewioh is already matching
with 9,000 troops lo meet Lord Met-
hnen. *
It is believed that after the relief of
Kimberley Lord Methuen will proceed
lo the relief cf Mafeking, about whioh
considerable anxiety Is still felt.
Orange River, Nov. 87.���Tbe British arms bave achieved a brilliant vio-
toiy. The euemy, strongly enttenohed,
held * range of hills commanding both
aides of tbe railway at Rcollaagte, near
In 1881, after the English rout it
Mnjulin Hill, lb. Boers of the'Trine.
vonl prnchilmi-d their Independence It
Pnrdekronl, the scene of the cohven-
tlon thai led lo pence with Orost Brit
nlu. mil pivcml nn obelisk In honor
of lhe event. The Boers are very proud
at till. '������-- it-*! iiiniiniiient*
II. Mii.eli.strr Corporitliu .learner
has tie.n .bartered hy the British gov.
.nnent a. a  troopship.
W. H.Scott Seriously UJirsd.
RitPortsge, Ont., Nor. I7.-WI1-
Hum H. Booli, of In* Arm of Boot! *
Hudson, mil wit|i * serious ud what
may pi ove fatal aooident n few mlnutei
past one o'olook Satordav. He wu
ought In the sbsftlm at the company's
factory and his right leg wil to te amputated. Mr. Soolt li not a rabus rou
ud lt is feared be will not withstand
the shook to his system.
Fifteen nil., ol the 0111 .rt Plains
lirsneli of th. Dauphin railway will he
operated Mor. ciirl.tm...
Awldenlslly Shot.
Ottawa, Nov. 86.��� Information wu
reoelved here tolsy of * shooting affair
In Otlawa county. The vlotlm ll Piul
Belalr, who keep- * stopping place for
travellere near M urtosn Lake. Mr.
Belalr wa, itsndlug at tb* door of his
establishment, when ��� rifle bullet
struck bin in tb* bruit ud felled htm
to the floor dead. Tb* ballet 14 ���up-
posed ta have been * slroy ou*.
The natives In Samoa .tartwl light,
lag again, and British inarm., were
ready to land when lhe native, wue
eeteee ��� e��*������
i����*ii* ������������������*
V. Irt.y, 11.fi mb.r 1
The Victoria, Ati.-ia'.la, mini.ti-y   waa
It 1. proposed fo loim . wcst.rn ho..
\ty l.siiue.
T. D. Hodgili., SI. I'. P., tor li.ltMid.
dlM*-x. Is dead.
Th* Qtt.i>ee Mtesm.r, Co plot, ha. tirok.
���n np and sunk.
A shlpmint of Uaiitloha cliee.. wa.
mado to the l'ai|n expoaltlon.
Uea.r.. Slfto-.i and p'owler addressed a
largo mMting ut Xealiltt.
The V. A. iron-., drove* tbe Flllpiuo.
from their rain-i near l'avla.   ���
Jet, Watson, a man 70 year, of na..
was lost ou the vralrle. near Qlodatone.
'Another ..rton. i-ondaffratlou wa. pr*.
vented lu St. loullnce; a lilai. In Bl.au'.
Deputy Chief -lolni Thoitipson has lieen
appointed chief oi the Toronto fir.
The Canadian Forester.' oonrt. eels.
hrat.it their twentieth anniversary In
.Iir. -Ireland, a missing Hontr.nl doe-
tor, I. said to he practicing In th.
Western State*.
Tlinr. ny. Novembrr SO*
The Canadian contingent liar, reached
Cape Town. >
Queen -Victoria lin. decided to retnra
Emperor William', vl.lt.
Geo. Freeman, lhe Independent candidate in  Virden, ha. retired,
Tlio Canadian HOv-oriiment". surplus for
th. pa.t year 1.  (4,81)1,1100.
The Adams' iiolsonlng ens. Jury tn Now
York has llnnlly lieen selected.
Port Arthur's lax salo realised $16,.
000; tlio largest In the town's history,
. ll.v. Provost Wel.h ha. teen appoint,
ed rector ol St. Jatne.' cathedral, Tot.
onto, '   i   '   i   i *    �� f
A woman doctor practicing In Winnl.
fieg. waa fined 1*15 Ior not having a
Tho Wa.kada exten.lon of seventeen
miles Irom Deloralne I. now ready Ior
operation, ,      i
Ferdinand Lemlenx, the accountant of
the Ville Mario hank, Montreal, has
again heen arrested.
WeilneadNy. November I*.
St. Boniface In,, granted (100 to th.
Winnipeg lire hrlgade,
L.n Grady, ol North Portal, A..a., had
hia foot crushed by the train,
Warden Forster, of Dorchester pent
Unitary,  ha.  heen  dismissed.
Kaiser Wllllnm and party have taken
leavo of  the l.rltl.h royal lamily,
W. a. Bold, a Winnipeg railway contractor, was klliod at Cranbrook, I*. O,.
Diihlln*. lord mayor 1. returning home
with the (60,000 Ior the Parnell ostat.,
The &oo canal wa. blocked to traffic
owing to the grounding ot two steamers.
The Walker mining propertie. near
Bucklugbam, wiic, were .old lor 170,.
Two victim, ul  Pncqu.tto'. Loiter ex-
filoaion, Montreal, died from tbeir In-
lt I-' rumored the minister of militia,
Bon. Mr. Borden, will h. knighted
Ohrl.tma., *
Tue-MUy, November SI*
Chs..   Coghlnu,
i Im
actor,, died   In
Tho French government will e.tablleb
an embassy at tlio Vatican.
La Banquc .\nllonnle, nt Montningny,
Que,, was rolihed of (15,000,
Russia's railway i.oii.lruellon In P.r*
sla may ho prolonged ten years,
B, lteplnc. of Naihvllle,' won lb. 48
hour, bicycle race in   Kanms city,
W, Fra.er, ex.rnctor ol the H. 1). floin-
'pauy. at 1'riinor Lake, 1), c, 1. dead,
?'he wheal yield of New South Wiil*.
II total till, e.nsou 1*1,000,000 imsh.|..
Tho defeat of the Winter mini.try, ol
Newfoundland, 1.   confidently .predicted,
ltoiit. ��lll.uu, a C P, It. fireman, of
Bat Portage, "a. killed in a railway
Canadian counterfeit die. have h..n
found In the home of Mrs. Hnii.rt, Ba.t
Cole, the Cauudian, wus aentenc.d at
Wilmington, Del., to flvo year. Ior man-
.laughter.. ...
Jim Jellorda, ol California, was knock.
Ml out lu the IKIrd round hy Armstrong,
ef Chicago,     	
Mumlny, govsmher 17.
Th. Queensland nilnl.try has r.sign.4.
Th. anti-Drtti.il laollug In Belgium
has subsided.
Th. Sardinian I. expected at Cap.
Town to.day.
Part of tb. cargo of tb. abandoned
ehiu Coquet may us saved*
The steamer Imperial    was Oarllally
destroyed by fire at Amberstburgt
.  It 1.   expected the Brllllh Tranavoal
relief lund will aggregate ��4,000,000,
The W..l.ya were defeated by the
Medicals la tho Intercollegiate football
Ll Hong Chang has ii.ni appointed
minister of commerce by tb. Pekin ministry.
The Filipino, on the l.land. ot Min-
danoa hav. .urroudered to tbe Americans,
Maurlee Kiinne, ol Nsche,' N, D��� ha.
peg, charged witb misappropriating
Qen, Catoeb.r. paid a trlbut. to tbe
uMfulnee. of Cape Colony Irregular
The member, ol Zlou church, Wlaal.
nag, ral.ed (g.soo toward, the twentieth century fund.
Whra th. final Uritlsh dlvl.lon le
dlapatebsd to Alrlca, th. imperial army
will number 180,000 men,
I .tnrday, November IS*
Exhibits havo Lean .'lipoid Irom Bran,
gaa for the. Paris exposltloa,
Emperor William wa. given a ronslag
w.lcomo to Woodstock, Eng,
Fire men and two women lost thai
lives near Ogilvie, on tb. Yukon river,
Eastern Canadian, propoe. forming a
salmon combine on tne Paellls coaat,
Jas. Davidson, wbo was hanged in Aus.
tie, Texa., confessed bis crlm. on tbe
The Salvation Army In Winnipeg will
f..d 1,000 peopl. Ior dlour on Christ-
���as day,
Th. town of Cnlulln, Texaa, was wash.
Ml by a eloud-hurst. Many building.
wer. dutroy.d.
Two men were haug.il In Soatb Car*.
Slna for assaulting woman,   It wu toe
Int legal execution,
the II. I. gunboat Oharleston hu die.
appeared Into ds.n water from tie buk
on which It wa. netlag.
Wesley S, Chlttlik, ol Wlngbam, Oat.,
wu aiphyxlated, In * Winnipeg haul.
B. Falconer, a companion, reeovered.
r..k Ik. r.ll Cklek..-.
"UU tall chickens ahould bs puahad
forward by: ov.ry means In Ui.T4.ch
ef tbe poultry grower. Both meat
and ground bone should be fed In
considerable quantities ao that thi
birds will have got a good growth
ud good supply of feathers befor.
th. .nd ot November. Probably the
but single food to help attain thll
remit Is ground boef meal. It Is
rather expon.ive, but goe. a good
waye. II reserved tor tho use of tha
lata chicks ten, pounds would last
tbem till well along Into the wl*.
(sr.���Farmer's H.vlew.
Tb. D.a.l..(.kl. M...UI*.
���fPbls butter," remarked th* summer
boarder fretfully, "Is very strengl"
The other summer boarder shlvsred
"Pray don't make a mountain onl of
��� mole hill, or we shall be charged
mountain resort ratul" be Implored la
��� low vole* which nevertheleu tIMUed
with earnestness.
Tbey gUnced ipprebenalvely *t ON
but, but hi, happily, wss utlag m*
termelon ind making so nut Mk*
witb hii month u Mt t* tan
"Ds-twlt Jearaal.
August Strindberg's new pley Is to deal
with material taken from the history ot
William Gillette Is uid to be tbe adapter of. "The Girl From Maxim's," the
farce founded on a French original.
Three negro women bare entered suit
ussiest s Chlcsgo theater to recover
$1,500 for alleged refusal to allow tbem
to occupy duly purchsssd seats.
A new English version of the German
"Bockspruenge," of which "Tbe Proper
Caper" wak an adaptation and which "lu
Paradise" closely resembles, Is called
"The Elixir of Youth." Leonard Merrick and George R. Sims made it.
'.'I* Divorce Imperial," a Napoleonic
drums, will be produced at tbe Paris
Odeon this seseon. Its theme is similar
to thnt or Ntnlle Bergenias "Plus Que
Heine," nnd. curiously euougb, Its author
Is M. Dorgerst's slster-ln-lsw, Judith
Gentler. ,
Alexsudre Dumas' "The Tbree Guards-
men" nnd Sardon's "Pstrle,". In which
Mile. Broudes, Albert Lsmberl and
Mmiiiet Sully will appear, will be ihe
most important productions of tbe see-
son io Purls. It will he observed that
both are melodramas.
A comedy In two acts written by Car-
mod Sylva (Queen Bllisbetb ot Ronma-
ulnl has recently been acted for a charitable purpose In I-eipslc. It had previously been given in private only, nud the
German public bad Its first opportunity
to see a play written by a reigning sovereign,
Itmliilpli Aronson Is uid to he anxious
In tnke I'nttl for I "fsrewell" tonr of the
L'nlleil Steles. Paul's snslety Is not
likely to lie so nursed, snd her last
"rureweir was, perforc, likely lo havo
pi'uviil a real one. Her London fee for
a concert is said to be 1840 and expenses
to aud from her placo In Wales.
The Pittsburg mare Edna Cook, 2:1514,
by Alcantara, has shown John Collins a
mile lu *2:10"4
Artllln, 2:20, by Artillery, owned by
joshun Evans, is being trailed to road
tragon by Thomas Grady. He Is doing
-ulles around 2:20.
I Direct, 2:18, has been converted to
Ihe trotting gelt, and his owner, Charier
P. Clapp, expects, to campaign him next
season ns a trotter.
During the Maine state fair, held at
Lewlstnu In September, the green pacing
gelding Anldrosls, by St. Croix, paced nn
exhibition mile In 2:1314.
Ollvewood, by Norwood, who took i
trotting record of 2:1514 In 1807, won the
three minute pace at Mlncoln. N. Y., recently and made a record of 2*1014*
TraiuerTiter say. that Admiral Dewey,
tbe yearling colt by Bingen. 2:0014, out
of Nancy Hanks, 8*04, Is the likeliest
youngster thst ever came under his cere.
Alcyone's fifth 2:10 performer Is the
stnlllnn Alstus, that reduced hia record
from 2:1714 to 2:00-% In Indiana recently.
He Is 12 years old nnd ont et the dem ot
Jerome Turner, 3:IBVj*
Wlckllffe, the 17-year-old sou of George
Wilkes, sire of Slluris, $:10ti, etc., trot-
toil to n record of 2:35 In September, He
Is but of Pnlchen Maid, also the dam ol
Astral, 2:18. and Quartermaln, 2:20.
The drivers drew their own positions
nl tbe Allentown (Pit.) races. A.bssket
suspended from n pulley In the Judges'
stiinil was raised nnd lowered when the
drivers enme to weigh In and get thel.
number., snd everybody wes contented.
The Irotting stnlllnn Dan Wilkes, by
Wllkeswanl, danrby Black Bnssingcr,
nwniil hy O. II. Hchsnli of Ilempton,
Ills., took I record of 9:3014 el tbs 1st*
Ki-wnnre meeting, ufter n stud season of
101 -more, and with only fonr weeks
track work,	
Take good care of the empty combe.
Almost all extracted honey will grain-
late in cold weather.
Improve your stock by breeding front
your best at all times.
The aplnry should be kept neat snd
clean and free from high grosses.
Feeding In autumn Is done In psrt tt
stlmnlnte brood rearing and also for wilier stores.
Autumn food should be of good quality,
granulated sugar lieing tho best on which
lo confine bees In winter.
Bees that have a yonng queen do not
usually build aa much drone comb is
lltose tbat bare an old one.
One advantage In wiring the frame*,
ind Imbedding the foundation la thut Ih.
sections of honey will thus bur shipment
better ' ���	
For Croup, Bronchitis, Coughs,
Coldi, Sore Throat and
Asthma la
A right remedy right it Mad Is th*
right wiy lo prevent seriou lllnesa
Tbit Dr. OhiM'i Syrup of lilawid
and Turpenlln* li th* right renwdy fog
all dissuu of tt* throat ud lugs 1*
attested by th* mother, ot Oausds who
hnve oured their dear ones lid* ud
again by using ibis famous family
Pneumonia and con nmpllou are al-
way. the result of a negleoled or oncon*
trollabl* oold, ud ou always b* pr*.
vcalel snd oured by the timely os* ot
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed snd Turpentine.
Group ud brononltls cannot rob thi
borne of lov.il ones wben mother taa
ber favorite remedy at hud.
Delightfully healing and soothing In
action, pleasut to th* Is te, ud
prompt in slfordlng relief. Dr. Ohou's
Syrup of Lln-eed ud Tnrpeutlne is tha
standard remedy for coughs, raids,
throat irritation, boarnnaat, tlghtnew
In chest, cold oa tb* lug., aad all
kinds of (.Ids In th* throat, broaoblal
tubes aad lungs, 15 ouli allrgt bott!*,
at all dealer, or Edmonson, Bates*
Oa, Toronto, .
t*U*v*'tb* pnisoM wbtoh tu u ami.
tuta ud deafntu ud stadlutM utatrh
fna tb* sy>t*m, Hmbi bos, blown
Boa- to HandU th* Dangerous Arnault te
Case* at Emergency.
'l'Jils Riibject Is treated of In an article lo
Tlio Journul of Practical Medicine, by
Dr. Francis B. Bishop. The amount of
elrutriolty that' will sometimes pan
through the human body withont produo
lt>K fatal results la surprising nnd often
umiocountahle, while at other tlraea current* less powerful In awry way, for aome
reason are often fatal.
- The alternating current of great amperage, high voMage and low frequency li
the current that caused the greatest num-
ter of accidental deaths, aa well as the
Biirrent that is used in the state of .New
York for the purpose of executing criminals. The continuous current, sirgh as Is
used In our Incandescent street lighting,
while not harmless when oloae olroulted
through the body, doe* not offer tbe same
degree of danger as the oro light, or alternating current.
Still, electricity, like the old woman'!
gun, without lock, stook or barrel, Ii usually found to bo dangerous. If so, Wbat
arc we to do In oase of a Kldentr Is the paramount question.   First of all, keep cool.
00 not lose your head, and, with tho follow lug rules, do what you can;
l)o not plaoe yourself In tbe circuit to
. help others out, aa thus you only add one
more victim to the result.
Under no consideration catch bold of the
wire unless you are positively certain that
you are thoroughly Insulated by rubber
boots or gloves, or both. A large, dry silk
handkerchief or dry cloth Is the next best
thing, and If yonr own coat Is perfectly
dry, place tbnt on tbo ground to step on,
Never under any oircu mute noes, when you
are removing a person from a live wire,
allow his body to letive tho earth. In otber
words, do not lift bim. When the victim
has been -released from tho wire, prooeed at
onco to artificial respiration, being sure
tbat tbo clothing is well loosened about
the neck nnd waist.   Personally, he says,
1 should advise suspending the patient's
}ieud down fa? ft minute or two at ft time,
nil the white keeping up artificial respiration, with the tongue pulled well out.
Nitrite of auiyl may be found useful If
at hand.    	
How a Dmkui Huband Wu Made ���
Soto Man ty a Determined Wife-
She -ultea:���"I hod for a long tune been
thinking ot trying the Samaria Proserin-
ilod treatment on my husband tar bis
lrlnUng habits, bnt I wu afraid h. would
tlscover that I was giving him medioine,
Md the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one dny when hs
lame home rery much Intoxloated and
Ms vfbek's salary nearly all spent, I threw
-iff .'aU feu and determined to make an
���Hon to save our borne from the ruin I
���aw coming, at all hazards. I sent for
roar Samaria Prescription and put it In
bisooffee u dlreoted next morning and
watched and prayed for the result. Al
no*in I gavo hlra mote and also at supper.
He never suspected a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving It regularly, oi
t had discovered something that set ever*
aerve In my body tlngilng with hope one
t-apploeee and I oould see a bright tuturt
ipre id out baton me���a peaceful, happy
' ine, a sure In the good filings of life, oi
eqttye, loving husband, comforts, and
irythlr- -���-- -���* * '     '
far my husband had told me that whisker
W��s vile stuff and he was taking s dlsllki
tait. It wu only too true, tor before I
reUpeo, a. h. had done^IninQilspromfiS
befon. He never has, and Tom wnUni
you this letter to toll you bow thankful]
am. I honestly believe it will enre tbt
worst oases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
nut (roe, giving testimonials nod full bv
formation, witg directions how to take o?
administer Samaiia Pnooi-iptloa Corn.
spond.no. eonsldered saonSly confidential. Address The Sunarl* Aaudy o��
Jordan stmt, Toronto* Ont.
Th. Koi-sa,
As to the Koran Mux Mullep snysi "Every orthodox Turk Is convinced tbat pco*
n' i who do not accept the Bonn go to
u, tr the Binning Fire, but tbat la In
the next world, pot lo this, We must not
expoct too ranch, Wc know what Puritan
narnanen |s capable of In other conn-
tries, i It was not so very long ago thst
certain member, of the Free Church of
Scotland declared that people who approve
of organs Iff chunb cannot eseape damnation. The Turk Is In many respects n
"Puritan, If pot a Scotchman, and hlsn-
llglous fanaticism can easily be -orotised.
We have heard much ot Turkl.hatrooltles
In Bulgaria, but In war whit nation I.
fieafremtbalohaig.il If tbe Turk la 'un-
spwkablc' what wen the Bulgarian Christians when they had gained the upper
hand and when the hour ol revenge had
Mrnckl The Turkish soldier Is certainly
taught by bis present tenohors that the
more Christians he kills lu war the nfer
his entry Into paradise. Need we wonder
that he tries to make his entry doubly
sure? But, like every other snored book,
the Koran enjoins -clemency toward cap*
lives and prohibits pnrtlculnrly cruelty to
women und children. It la a pity tbat the
urdlnnry Turk does not know Ihe Koran,
He does not understood Arabic, find no
Turkish trnnslntlon Is iillowod* ���"U1-
lira From Constanilniiph," by Mrs, Wax
Cancer Attacks the
Ms* aad Wanes B twee. 4* aad
60 IM Nest r..��H.nt lul-J..l.ot
lb. psodly Plwasr.
H has long been ncognlxcd.
Intern of Medicine, tw that In *
uUtedMaes of aSoer gf too itWL.
fourths ooourred between Uw ages of �� and
��." So, too. canoer of U�� breast, oawer of
tbe lip, canoer of tb* womb, oanotr of tha
bowels, and, in*^t*,rtl)j*^^B,0W*^;
foundTowor mo* Iraquaotly In mlddl^agS
persona, thit being tbe oon, wonld It aot
be wtoefor persons getting up In yeare to
copefder carefully any Iwnpe or growth oa
any part of tho body b��?rer Insignificant
-these may appear fo bef they may not
cause much trouble now. Wbat may Ibey
i gjnjop Into a year Ipo-ogL** *U> *&
i&S&tttpwi-tl a simplrStter to
have Ihees glow Un removed by ont remedy.
QirfmuohsabeaqoaM soffcriiig a-rcrlcd. If
yog hare let thinge ran on until tbe cancer Is
well proeoanoed, it will take a valla longer,
but still we oan effoct a perfect and perm*
nentoan. If yon are la Iba laet stages of
cancer wevennot positively wonlse a owe,
although we have cured quite a number of
cam. Yet we oan always help fan and give
you a gnat deal of comfort and can. our
treatment la a oonitltuttaAa) remedy tbat
attacks canoer at Ita origin in tha system,
moved tbe canoer lumps
and as the cause ta remove)
radually fa ,  ���- *,
na.  VVVbave cured dosensof
\e to know aoawtiJog about
Don't Neglect a
Cold in the Head.
Cures in a Single Night.
Catarrh of (he head usually starts with a oold
....     *.-A       ....     ..    ���-*.     ..���*.���*-*��    An     fa'i
oold Is
In the head, nni If left, nnnhtoirad In
climate rarely (eta well Itself. Another a
anally added, nnd.bsfors it aeta well lncli,.���
beoomes worse,
usually a
catarrh a
anal hearing, souse of taste aod smell are gone,
Sd foully incurable long trouble Is tee resolt.
you have a cold in tbe head don't neglect It.
Jspanve Catarrh Cure relieve oold In the head
(a a few minutes, and will cure la a single
night. Mr. Alex. McRae, tho well-known tailor
of New Westminster, B.0., writes; I wu i
some weeks suffering from a cold in the hei
i apparently d
I purchased ahox of Japanc __
In lass thaa two days the trouble enttret
loping into catarrh.
MUsMnh Cure, and
... __ _.-tne trouble entirely disappeared. I can highly recommend it i the first
application relieved?'
Sold by all-draught*. Price, W cents, or six
boxes for W.W. A free sample sent to aay sufferer from catarrh Enclose ft-oent stomp. Aa-
dress, The Griffiths * Kacphorwn Co., in
Church street. Toronto.
lorn* af Their diatoms and  Hablta
Were Revolt In*.
This Is n irnllBtlc age. averse to convention and loving to be told tbe plain
truth about everything. As on appropriate corrective or supplement to thi'
roninntlc view of mediaeval life, which
leaves out of account everything thnt U
not picturesque, we know of nothing
better than Mr. Hopkins' essays. Cor
talnly no one would learn from Scott or
Hugo that ii city In the middle age*
had diffused that pungent odor which
could be Kindled leagues away nnd
which waa capable of turulng a king,
tbe brave Philippe-Auguste, alck when
be put hit head one day out of a window.
The conditions of life varied little lu
different countries, and when Mr. Hop
kins raises the curtain a little���ever so
little���upon old Paris we may be sure
that old London and old Vienna were not
a whit better. We see a great towu with
out a single drain, roadways heaped with
refuse, a river that Is au open setter
and slops descending from every window. We see princes upset by swine ou
tbe atreet aud meet delicate queens who
eat with their Angers and observe In au
airy manner tbat their hands have not
been washed for eight days and yet look
nice. Every one, In short, lived lu n
pigsty aud behaved "as sich,"
Nor bave things Improved much when
we come down to the reign of tbe Grand
Monarque. Thst ruler bod an excellent
appetite and was observed to eat at ono
sitting "four plntefuls of different soups,
a whole pheasant, a partridge, a great
plate of salad, two great slices of bom,
a plate of mutton seasoned with garlic,
pastry and after tbat fruit and bard
boiled eggs."
Yet tbis Is tbe only sense in which he
and bis courtiers may be said to have
lived well. They drenched themselves
with perfumes to disguise odors less
agreeable, ate off plates without forks
and plunged their spoons Into the common dish.
Manuals of good breeding published l��
the palmy daya of French politeness before tbe revolution advise their render to
wash bis face nearly every dny if (wM-
bie and warn him agultist alttipg down
to table witb hia bat on, looking jealously at h|s neighbor's plate and henplug
|oo much on bis own, choking himself
hy gulping wine too fast, pocketing "fruit
tit dessert aad nstng bis napkin ee i\
pocket handkerchief. Such were Ihe
counsels solemnly urged upon gentlemen
who figure In Wntteau aud who wore sky
blue and claret colors and sported silk
stockings and silver buckles.
may Waif About ta Malt* Broth tf
Their' Atteadaaf,'
A celebrated Scotch physlclHU telle g
story of n madhouse doctor whose pros*
etice of mind alone eaved his Ufa;
''A great friend of mine was for a considerable time tb�� medical superintendent
of a lunatic asylum near Glasgow.
"Ont night In making hi* customary
rounds he had occasion to visit the, patients In tbt kitchen, wbo were preparing
the dinner. There wert eeven of tbem,
all big, sturdy fellows, who were believed
to be harmless. The keeper only looked
In upon them now and again, feeling that
hit constant presence was unnecessary.
"The doctor unlocked the Iron barred
door of tht kitchen and want In among
tbt lunatlci.
"There wert flvt largt boilers containing scalding water ready for making tbt
day'e dinner for the patients.
*k)ne of the lunatics pointed at tbe boll-
era full of hot water and, laying hie baud
upon the doctor's shoulder, oold, 'Doctor,
you'll wake a fine pot ot broth,' and tht
wordi had no sooner been uttered than
tbtaother a|x madmen ahouted In a voice
of delight. Unit tbt thing,' and. seising
tht doctor, wert In tbt very act of put*
ting him Into ont of tht largt'botltrs of
scalding water, when tbe doctor had,tht
presence ot mind to uy, bnt not a second
too soon:
" 'Capital broth, but It would taste bet*
ter If I took my clothes off.'
'The madmen, with a yell of delight,
aald 'yea,' and the doctor asked them to
wait a moment while ht went and took
his clothes off, bnt ai aoon aa be got out
ot the kitchen be turned the key In tht
door and ordered the keeper to tee to tht
lunatlci being put under restraint.
"Tbt doctor's presence of mind saved
him! It li true, from a terrible death, but
be died ihortly after raving mad. Tbe
experience bad destroyed bis rensou."-
Ciitclnnatl Kuqulrer.
Chi Urea's f.eclo,
Wt have come serous tht following
apeclmpni of children's logic, jq each ease
too child proving easily tbt ���trior: Kit-
Juijnation ntipst|on-Whnt do yon da
rat whan jfim p*w�� a word* Antwer-
ruia a margin-
Again, a teacher hai explained an abstract noun ni the name of anmtbtlng
you can neither we, nor bear, nor touch,
aad nika tor an example. Answer, after
pinch mental huntlng-A llttlt htn In au
Un another occasion the teacher affirms that a transitive verb must hart nn
obJect~-*tbus, If yon break, you must
break something"���and cheerfully Inrlfei
(be clani to nut "break" Into a sentence
without na object. A imall girl venture!
this,' lu perfect good faith: "I tried to
break tbt glass, hut couldn't." adding
anxiously, "Yon Kt I didn't break the
To ust Milton's expression, grammar
is clearly "not a bow for every man to
shoot In tbnt counts himself a teacher."���
ESduoollounl Times,
Tht Kind nem.
"Too art deceiving me," sbe said bit*
-*No," said Mr. Rnsylad. "Yon mustn't
say that I mny Invent n few Innocent
fictions about directors' meeting* and
that Bort of thing, but when you married
mc yon regarded ute ns a model ot excel*
lence la all rtipects. didn't youY"
"Well, I'm no iconoclast I am simply,
trying to keep from undeceiving you."-
Washlngton liar.     ������
.   VaatpmelMtd Vfalto.
When the prime minister of the Chi-
neat emperor has a grudge against ont of
theliowe*, ht advlaes hii royal master to
pay him a long visit Thia tlitt generally
��MMM Qfe/P the emperor trgwla with
a rtHaw of 10.UW perwna.
Takes   Little   Skill   to   Ertrap-n Detection,
Though tin" Pqllou Are Good.
Coroners' Juries Itrttngliind nro even
moro comical eonilhiiJitiiis iliun ttlmllitr
bodies In tho StuteH, hnd lt Is lirlleved to
be n prlevauce to turn nf thum when they
hnte to iciuri! o verdtat I hnt, does not permit ihuii loi.rtrlbu dei-ih to-'eiik-lrledtjr-'
log tcmrot-ttry iimiiiity." lho TboiMs
swiiriuswii.il barges thnt nro tko llnrtflnQ
KFldenruiof  families l-nni  and retired in
While the harp-ten tire an honest uud reputable ns ciroiniiMRiitefl |eriiilt |:erhiipH, ��
Inrgo proportion ot thom are low' nnd
brntiil enough tor tlm committing of nny
atrocity, nnd lew tliingH would I to easier
than the murder of a man or woman on
one of these hnrges, with comparative certainty that' tho guilty person cr persons
would never ho brought to hook without
the aid of n hot rover.
It Is only necessary to recall tho xerlcKof
monstrous murders thnt. guvo notoriety to
the as yet unapprehended ".Tack the Kipper" to understand what superb facilities
tbe alleys and courts, the river und hrldgcH,
tbe wharfs nnd docks of this glorious old
London offer to apprentice cutthroats who
have neither tho subtlety of tho Do 'Medici
nor tho bold skill of the Borgia*. Yet the
town Is well policed, and tho deteotlvesare
not all blockheads.���London Cor. Chicago Times-Herald.
leo's Vegetable Pills regulate tba aotion
of the secretions, purity the blood and
keep the itomach and bowels free from
deleterious matter. Taken aooordlng to
dlnotlon they will overcome dyipepila,
eradicate biliousness, and leave the-di-
gestlve organs hoalthy and strong to per*
Form their funotloni Their merlti are
wall known to thousands who know by
experience how beneficial they are In giving tone to the system.
Lake Trnslmene, where Hannibal won n
grent victory over the Uomuns, is not far
from Perugia. ,
York town, where Cornwallls was hem
med In and compelled to capitulate, la ton
miles from tho mouth of tho York river
and t)0 miles southeast ot lilcbmond.
Dunkerque, where Torenno defeated
Condu during the Huguenot wars of
Freuoc, Is a seaport on the strait of Dover,
the moat northern town In France, 16(1
miles from Purls.
The Bmndywlne creek, on which a fa
tnous battle wos fought during tha Revolutionary war, rises in the northwest part nf
Chester county, Pa., and flows Into ths
Christiana creek at the olty of Wilmington, Del.
Mraeguen, where the Frenoh wore alternately defeated and victorious during
the war of 1704, Is a town of the Nether*
lands, In the provinoe of Gnelderland, on
the south bank of Wanl, 80 miles from the
sea and 17 miles northwest of Cloves.
The battle of Flodden was fought on the
Tweed, near tho Cheviot- hills In North
umberlaud, eight miles south of Cold-
stream. It was this great victory of the
English over the Bootoh which gave Sir
Walter Scott tht inbjecfiof one of his finest
Konlggruti, whero tho great battle of
the Seven Wcoks' war between the Austria ns nnd Prussians was fought, ts'n towu
of Bolicmlti nt tlu- junction of the Adler
and tho upper Rlbe, u�� miles northeast of
Prague. This conflict Is also kuown In
history ns the battle of Sadowa.���St. Louis
Q lu he-Democrat.
There Is danger in neglecting a oold.
Many who have died of Consumption
dated their troubles from exposure, followed by a oold which tattled on their
lungs, and lo a short timo they were beyond tbt skill of the boat pbyslolan. Bad
tbey used Blckle's Anti-Consumptive
Syrup, before lt was too late, their lives
would tare been spared This medicine
has no equal tor outing ooughs, colds,
and all affections of the throat and lungs.
A Carious Bird,
Al tu food, the weku Is omnivorous,
anting everything from n pea rifle cartridge to tbo remains of one of his owu offspring. 1 remember nn iiistaneo of this,
when our dog unfortunately killed n young
bird which was too small to eat. The
parents made u decent show of grief over
their loss, and then���being quite sure thnt
tho littlo one was doud��� proceeded to cnt
up Its still wiinn remains. In camp
wokasnre useful as anavengent, but they
tirulucurrlglble Lhluvls, trying to take
nway everything nt nil white or glittering,
and, as tbey are nt lo to move a weight of
two to threo pnuuds, It muy be well Imagined that a careful lookout hoi to be kept.
The glntioe of mingled triumph and contempt which u weka gives over his shoulder as he walks r.lT with your pipe Is In-
Imltable, und his whole attitude would
make a most Inughohle picture, If well
drawn,���"Pioneer Work |n tho Alps of
New gealand," hy A. P. Harper.
Too Kndarabl*.
Mr. Konoml?.c~ Yuu hnve got a grent
deal of ivmtr out or tlmt broadcloth
Jacket, liuven't you, love?
Mra. Koiiomir.o-Yi'K; Unit's wbat 1
don't like about It.���Olilo State .lour
Knowledge Is bother. Tench a servant
to "know bla place," nud be will wont to
leave It,���New Orleans Picayune.
"I've got the drop on you and your
name Is mud." remarked tbt rain to tbt
dust.-l'blladelpbln Record.
Women are torn-
lug to understand
Unit Uie B.ckiu-lii'S,
Heiultiches, "I'lrua
Fet'llngs and Weak
Bi��-lls from wlili-li
tbey suffer are due
to wrong aotion of
tbe kidneys.
Tbe poisons tbnt
ought to be curried
oS are sent back
Into tha blood, taking with them a mul-
tttud. of pains and aahes.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drtr. away pains and aches, maVe women
hesltby and bappy���able to enjoy life,
Mrs. C. H. GiUe.pl*, 204 Brltsin Street,
Bt. John, N.B,, saysi
" Some time ogo I had a violent attack
of 1st Grippe. From this, severe kidney
trouble srose, for which I doctored with
a number of the best pbyslolnns In St
John, bnt received little relief. Besrlng
Doan's Kidney Pills highly spoken ol, 1
begau thoir use and In a short time found
them to be a perfect cure. Before taking
the-* pills I suffered such torture thst I
MMld not turn over In bed without assist-
ssss. Doan's Kidnoy Pills bare rescued
ns from tbis terrible condition, and hav.
isswred every pain and ache,	
17ork while you alotp withont a gripe
er pain, curing Dyspepsia, Blck Headache
gad Constipation and make you feel better
(& tbe morning, Price 25��i   *-,���**,
A Solid
When it comes to healing Up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���
that relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally���that
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D.. Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q., says;
"It is with pleasure I speak In favor of
B.B.B. which cured me of a running sore
on my leg. I consulted three doctors and
they gave me salve to put on, but It did no
good. Finally my leg became a solid
running sore.. in fact fc-r nearly a month
I could not put my foot to the floor.
"I was advised to uso B.B.B. and did
so. Three bottles tented up my leg en-
tirely so that 1 hav* never been troubled
with It since."
For dlphthcritlo mre throat, it piece of
eauiphor tho *lr.o nf a peu held In tho
mouth till dissolved.
For worms, an Injection of u lump the
size of a haselnut ot bitter aloes In onu-
hulf pint of hot milk.
For earache, Ave drops of chloroform
on a little cotton In a elay pipe and tbe
vapor blown into the ear.
For thrush, putting In a child's month
two or three limes a day equal parts of
borui, sultpeter and loaf sugar well pow-
dcrod together.
For poison swallowed, a heaping tea*
spoonful each of salt and mustard In h half
glutis of cold water, followed by strong
coffee nr the whites of two raw eggs.���
Ruth JIull in Good Housekeeping.
Tbere never wtw, uud never will be, A
universal itanaoea, lo one remedy, for all
ills to whfoh flesh Is lietr���tbe very nature
ot many ouratlvoa being such that wert
sht germs of other and differently seated
diseases routed In tbt system of the patient���wbat would relieve one Ul Id turn
wonld aggravate the other. Wo bave,
however, lo Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound, unadulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ilia. By Ita
gradual and judicious use tho frailest systems are led Into convalescence and
strength bv the Influence whioh Quinine
eierts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooplnn spirits of those witb
whom a chronln state of morbid despond-
enoy and lack of interest In life laa disease, and, hy tranqultUing tha nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
Imparts vigor to the notion of tba blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, strengthening tbe healthy
animal funotloni ofthe sy-atwn, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving lift
to tbe digestive organs, whioh naturally
demand Increased substance���result, Improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, et
Toronto, have given to lhe publio tbeir
euperlor Quinine Wine at tbe usual rate,
and, ganged by tbe opinion of scientists,
tbli wlnt approaohea nearest peifeotlon
of any tn tbe market    AU druggists stU
A Queer Farmta-i,
A YorkHlilro clergyman married a
couple In hia church recently, and after
lie hud pronounced them man and wife
the groom took bim to one aide and
uHkctl what the damage was.
The parson told him tbat there was
uo fixed amount. Ho might give what-
ever he chose.
"Parson," said hc, "I've got five greyhound pups at home, for which I am
asking a sovereign apiece, and I'll let
you have one for half a soy."
Of course tbe elergyman declined so
ridiculous a fee, aa be bad no uhu for
a greyhound pup.
Wben he got home be must have
found bis wife better, than expected,
for he sent the parson one of tho pups,
accompanied with n letter suylug tbnt
be was so happy with Marin that he
would give him a dog for nothing."
Spare Momeuta,	
Remedy Iter Bora Throat.
Tbli ft just where Griffiths' Mentbol
Liniment Is to very valuable. Apply lt
to tbe throat and obt-at when going to
bed. and tbe eoieness and Inflammation
will heoome Immediately relieved. No
other liniment has ever given snoh onl*
versal Hatlsfictlon as this remedy. Sold
by all druggists, fiS oents.
Wamaa'a Irtaltloa.
"My dear," said Dawson tbe otber
evening, looking up from his paper,
"here Is an article from tbe pen of an
eminent physician In which bt aaya
sleeping In the dnytlme Is very Injurious to tbe health."
"Well, that's just like men," answered Mra. Dawson. "They ara always trying to trump up some excuse
for staying away from churchy-Chicago News.
Iidmed lately tbey wen offered to tbt publio, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills became
popnlar beoauaeot the good report thty
made for themselves. That reputation
baa grown, and tbtr now rank among
tht -Bnt mtdloloes for nee In attacks ol
dyspepala aad billousueas, -complaints of
the liver and kidneys, rheumatism, fever
and ague and tbt Innumerable oomplloa-
tloas to whioh theee ailments gift rise.
A Mul. Hint for Oearit.
A httfllnuM man hus a daughter and
alao u rimtiu.'itif.l clerk, and the
uniifldontlal clt-rk haa for somo time
ticen uttentlvu to Iho daughter, hut
ho has not���or had not a month ngo
���RuMU'li'iit cnurngo to como to tha
point, though the young woman t-at
nover done anything to neurit him off,
for ho la a Arsl-cluea fellow in every
respect. TJo other ovonlng he wua
making a coll and about 9 o'clock
her father came In.
"Ah, doorgo," he said, "how about
thut deal wo wore talking about this
afternoon?   Did you ace tho party?"
'Yes, Blr," replied Goorge, "and I
expected to eee you this ovonlng and
tell you about it."
"My dour," sofd tho father, turn*
lug to his daughter, "will you retire
for,a fow minutes? George wants to
apeak buainesH for n while."
The dntigbter rose up, but hiai��
"Why do I havo to go?" sho ask*
ed, doubtfully.
"Because, dear," smiled the father.
"you aro not interested. Why do you
want to stay?"
Hho blushed nnd started out,
"Because, papa," she twittered,
;Td rather like to hoar George talk
business Just once."
Then Ooftrge not red, and the
father locked nt them both slgnifl-
ennlly and the irhl lied.
In the Dim Pat are.
Stranger���They nre building a ntw
postoffice In.Chicago, I believe?
Chlcafcoan-Ob, no; they're building ���
rerr old one)
He Still Retain* Hia Nearro Love For
the Faataatle.
One who makes a trip up the river and
watches the unties of the negroes and Iiu-
tens to their weird songs und tales will
not agree witb the iconoclast who suys
thut all the beauties nnd the picturesque
feature* have faded out of tbe steambont
man's life. As n line of negroes goes up
the'hlll under tbo glare of tbe searchlight
with their peculiar swinging trend and
slug tbe music, which seems somehow to
be an essential part of the action, the
slgbt'is one which bus a strange wildness
about It nud a fascination too. The negro Is not the same its he was before the
war. Conditions have changed too much
tor that. But he has retained bis love
for tbe fantastic and most of those barbaric customs wbich civilization seems
unable to eradicate from tbe African
The first mate has undergone a marked
metamorphosis, ond to his change Is due
some portion of the new features in tbe
deckhand's character. Time wns when
the first mate had a vocabulary which
would make an St-dinary sailor's parrot
die for shame. He had tbis vocabulary,
and the negroes held the same opinion us
the one wbo answered wben nsked If he
did not object to the mate's abuse: "No,
boss; dat's wbut he's paid for. He's got
ter make out he's doin sotuethln, an It
don't do us no harm/' Now the deckhands actually object to being sworn at
wben tbe oaths become too vigorous.
The first peculiarity which strikes tbe
observer about the deckhand Is his walk.
He has climbed up tbe steep river's embankment when there was mud all over
It, and he bas come down tbat same slide
with a heavy weight upon his back. He
bas adopted a step which prevents hlra
from slipping, and tbis gives him a peculiar shuffling step unlike auy movement
seen elsewhere. He combines witb tbis a
hoisting of tbe shoulders and a peculiar
turn of tbe head acquired from turning
his face to*let a sack rest upon bis shoulder. These three traits are distinctive
and give the deckhand a strange appearance upon tbe levee or anywhere off a
boat or away from tbe river.
As be works going up tbe Inclines or
along the gaugplauk, precariously restlug
upon a levee's crest, be bus a rhythmic
sort of chant which fits in witb bis music.
Always tbe same class of songs are sung.
Usually there are uo words, but some
leader chants and tbe others voice the
chorus ns tbey bend to their tasks.
There are sack songs and barrel songs
and music for the cotton bale and the ordinary package. The music varies with
tbe task, as the movement of the negro's
body varies.
The crap game can be seen in its fnll
glory only when the deckhand plays it
upon the boat's deck. Prom the foot nf
President's island to tbe city no stops
are made, and a like condition prevails
In regurd to boats from the upper river.
This is called'the crap limit. The negroes
are paid off before tbey reach the city
aud usually at the last stop before the
city. As soon as the pay Is received the
negroes gather and begin to shoot craps,
nnd the cries for "Big Dick" and "Little
Joe" nnd "Ada" arc heard until the bout
has landed. When It does, some few negroes generally possess tbe money paid
to sll
Are Yo��r PesrU Koaadt
Many naturalists hnve beld that pearls
are the result of n disease iu the oyster
nnd others tbat they ore caused by tbe
shellfish coating intrusive bodies, such
as grains of sand, insects and even small
tisbes, with nacre, so as to make tbem
agreeable to its soft flesh.
Now, nccordlng to a French scientist,
there is a distinction between fine pearls
and intrusive bodies coated witb nacre,
which renders botn views more or less
right. It Is true that foreign Indies entering Hie shell nre coated with tiucre uud
sold as pearls, often of peculiar and fanciful shape. They occur between tho
"mantle" and .the shell, bnt arc usually
attached to the shell hy a neck of the
pearly mutter.
These pogrls of nacre have not the fine
Iridescence ot the true pearl, but only that
of the shell of mother of pearl. Tbey are
the result ot au accidental Intrusion. Ou
tbe other band, tbe true spherical pearl
of orient luster Is formed In any part of
the shellfish except tbe mantle, nud has
uo connection with the shell itself. It if
a pathological calcification aud seems to
arise from parasites, A pearl thus formed ts composed of crystalline matter. At
its heart is a cavity holding organic matter and calcareous crystals, with remains
of organised creatures, presumably the
parasites which huve provoked the malady iu tbe shellfish, Iu course of time the
sac In which the pearl Is made becomes
thin, and tbe mollusk, breaking it easily,
con eject tbe pearl. I- rora this it is apparent tbat genuine pearls are always
perfectly spherical. If not, tbey are mere
nacre stones.
Peeallar Laeesaaklaar.
The methods of manufacture in tbe
popular Mexican drawn lace work are
directly opposed to those of most lace
makers. Instead of weaving tbe gossamer fabric from single threads, stitches
are picked out of a solid piece of the
finest linen cloth, leaving the remainder
in some artistic design. This process is
an extremely trying one, but the results
are exquisite.
Japanese linen Is the fabric generally
employed in this character of work. It is
as fine as silk and adapted to the most
delicate patterns. Some of the designs
are so elaborate aod perfectly executed
as to be scarcely distinguishable from tbe
real Bnttenberg make.
All sorts of conventional patterns nre
reproduced, from the rarest ond most
costly specimens, although work of this
high standard Is not so general lit demand as the art embroideries, including
dollies, centers, troy cloths and table
Treetaseat Por Obaaltr.
Ont of tbe newest ns well as the most
successful cures for obesity Is that of limiting the patient to one article of diet. It
seems not to matter much wbat tbat may
be, for tbe virtue of the method Is that ns
one toon tires of any single article nf
food by limiting tbe patient to It one may
be quite sure that the appetite will soon
decline and that only enough food will be
takeu to ward off the pangs of starvation. Thus the surplus material Is drawn
upon to sustain life,.nud tbe weight of
the  patient   rapidly   diminishes,���Home
Notes.                ���
Rooks are plensnnt, hnt If hy being
orerstudioua we Impair our health and
spoil our good humor, two of the beat
pieces we have, let us give It over. 1, for
my part, am one of those who think that
ao fruit derived.from them can recotn-
Msu-uift m*. ****** t ��, L��a ~\*Uatal#ae.
A Sen*s�� ef Injury,
"It's tbe acme of Inconsistency!" exclaimed the musician aa be tried the
keys of his cornet.
-What's tbe trouble?"
"They say tbat nothing la too good
flir a returning hero."
"That*a right"
"Then why do tbey make me cut out
tht aelectlon from 'Die Walkure' which
we bad prepared and play 'A Hot Time
In tbt Old Town?' Why do they give
him the beat bouquets and tbe best
sculpture and tbe best speeches they
can find and Insist oa tbe worst mutter
Blckle's Anti-Consumptive Syrupstouds
at the head ot the list for all diseases of
tbe throat and lungs It acts likemaglo
In breaking up a cold. A oough ia aoon
subdued, tightness of the ohest ti relieved,
even the worst oase ot consumption is relieved, while In recent cases It maybe said
never to fall. Xtlsamedlolnaprepandfrom
tbe active principles or virtues of several
mtdlolnal herbs, and oan be depended
upon for all pulmonary complaints.
What Von Klpfinr Means.
According to Ibe behests of Judaism
actual guilt cnunot Ih* converted Into
right hy nuy act of forgiveness or atonement, human or diriiic The definition of
the Hebrew word Itofitr, which Is the
root of kippuriui, conveys quite h different meaning. Il denotes "covering up,"
to "overlay." It menus that by carrying
nut resolutions of repentance iuto practice man will be able to "cover up" a
multitude of gins. This is the rational
idea of Judaism regarding tbe expiation
of sins. This is Ihe cornerstone of Bnlva-
tlon as attained through man's own efforts.���Jewish Spectator,
The Yoanit Crocodile,
Tbe moment that a young crocodile
breaks Its shell it is to all intents and
purposes as active as It is nt any time
during its life. It wilt make sti-alglit for
lie witter, even if it be out of sik'ht and
a good distance off, nnd it will pursue lis
prey with eagerness and agility during
the first honr of Its, free existence.
"You must remember," suld the
proud Yankee girl, "tbnt I am u
I laughter of the Itevolutiou."
"Pooh!" exclaimed the beautiful,
dark eyed woman from Central America, "I nni a Daughter of Six Revolutions "
CO. are tbe proprietors of DR. THOMAS'
ECLEOTR1C OIL, whioh Is now being
sold In Immense quantities thronghout
the Dominion, It 1b welcomed by the
suffering invalid everrrbere with emotions of delight, because lt banishes pain
and gives Instant relief. This valuable
specific for almoat "every ill tbat flesh Is
belrto," Is valned by the sufferer as
more precious than gold. It Is the elixir
of life to many a wasted frame. To tbe
farmer lt Is indispensable and should be
lo every honse.
Tha Hutii-Ht Jii|<.
A lesson in artistic and commercial honesty comes to us from Japan,
from ono whom we would be quick
lo term a heathen. An English merchant, interviewing Okn. the great
modern Japanese carver of ivories,
spid to him: "Why do you wasio
your time on carving the under pari,
which is never seon? You could work
much quicker and make money far
more rapidly if you leavo thnt part
plain." And the carver answered;
"Ood, who gave me skill and taste,
can sec tho under pari. I dare not
leave it uncnrvoil,"
That is the spirit in which lho
work is done in fur Japan. Small
wonder thai it excels in boautv and
Strictly I'naiuUMe.
"You know," said the mnn wbo delights In proverbs, "tbat children and
fools spenk the truth."
"Well." answered the cynic bachelor,
"that's lhe best excuse I hnve yet
benrtl for the way In which they are
sometimes encouraged to monopolize
conversation."-Washington Star.
IIU Utile Joke.
"John," wild the politician's wife,
wnklug hi in up about \l h. in., "what's
thnl noise?"
"Thnt noise?" echoed Johu dreamily.
"Oh. I guess it's some ruts holding a
nit*lileatIou meeting lu the attic!"���
Chicago News.
It Is reported that Denver has tnu haw-
tnt woman up to date In the person of Mrs.
Lnnlse Levellu, who aspires tu the plaoe ol
thief of police.
The Duchess il'l'zes bus some 1-1,000,000
tionles uf chuiiipngue in ber cellars In
Paris  and as many more lu  her wins
VailltS lit It he! itr:.
Mrs. fillzaheth A. Reed of Chicago bat
been clecred a member of the Royal Asiatic
Rocieiv of London in honor of her successful work In Hindoo and Persian literature.
A prosperous farmer Is Mrs. Adelaide
E. Sherry of Went Point, Ind. She Is a
voting widow und owns und manages a
farm of 1,000 aores o few miles north of
U.'Hlon Baden Spring.
Miss Harry of the Women's Trades
Union league bus been nominated by tho
London trades'council as one of its delegates on tha technical education board of
the London county council.
Tbe DaronesB Burdett-Coutts has tbe
absolute disposal of ber property with tbe
exception of ber share In Coutts' banking
house. This large slice of her fortune will
ultimately pass to hor nephew, Mr. Money.
Mine. Maretzek, the widow of Max Ma-
ret/ck, the famous pianist, whodied a few
months ago, is threatened with becoming
totally blind. Hho is living at tho Marat-
zck homestead In Pleusant Pluius, N. Y.,
and Is nearly 70 years of ugo.
MIrh Stella F. .lenkiim, a Kuiibiis City
echonltouchur, hus been made a minister
of thu Friends' church In that city. Her
mother, Mrs. Frances C. Jenkins, bas
been minister of the Quaker church far 45
years. Another sister has also occupied a
pulpit iu Richmond, Ind.
Mrs. Hitty .Smith and Mrs. Deborah
Hull of Barnstable, Muss., probably tbe
oldest twin sisters In tin- country, celebrated the ninety-second anniversary of their
birth recently. Thoy enjoy excellent
beultli, und, It Is suld, look as hale as
mnny people M years younger.
Miss Dorothea Kiumpko, an American
astronomer, won a place In tbe Purls observatory over the heads of 50 Frenchmen.
Miss Kluuipku is one of four remarkable
sisters���A nnu, a portrait painter In Boston; Augusta, a physician lu Purls, and
Julia, a brilliant pupil of Ysayo.
J.tiLki A. Little, il colored woman of Topeka, has beeu admitted to practice law In
MuiiipMs. Shu Is 211 years of age end has
received a good education in the Kansas
scliools and later lu the law school In
Nashville, from which she has received 11
diploma and uem-tilleatoof good character.
Many of the leading members of Frenoh
society possess a motor cur, which they uso
for tbeir dally "drive." Among them is
the Princess de Sngiin, who mny ba seen
cvitv dny speeding ulong the roads wbich
lem] from Trouvllle to Honfleur, Lisletix,
(.'���iliimr�� and the other places ou this
aba rui lug count.
You Billow und the Players.
An amusing gllmiisuof Huns von Billow
Is utTiii ili'ii lu this- extract from one of bin
letters: "Thero were two bassoonists lo
the orchestra8���imagine, amateurs! They
were my dread, and kept mc constantly on
tenterhooks. If they hud nothing to play,
then I was to n suite of terror that they
might come In, and I was constantly
warning them 'Not yet,' but If they really
had to coma lu then I hud not tbe courage
tn give them the sign, und I warned them
pe boforo, An uiuutuirr kettledrum player,
on the ountrnry, who received honorable
mention, must havo been a perfect marvel
of 11 timekeeper, for, when ho hud very
long pauses, be counted them inwardly,
and used 10 pay little visits to un adjoining culu without endangering tho ensemble, us he always got back punctually to
liis post in time for hi- nest entry."
Bat This Is Very Old.
A Ind Ine- When l marry. I shall select
11 tnii 11 who resembles an arc light.
Mnt'��� (irncltuis!   In what way?
.\bnliiif- Not go out ut night aud
never smoke.���Chicago News.
Off df-utA, *v tL*y -^U a4
'icnM 6aa4a4Ac4 *nt*& frt-tWs
W. V, U.    WU
Hy making payments ior romlnlon lands lu
For sale at lowest market prices.
Send fur quotut .ons.
tOUl, ITtEU I limOL   cii-ai.
I.pon.r. .r anuria.     �����;**,m*ttm
Vlltl U. sUMMM,   -.AA ���.-"VIM.
L. ���.���*���. CUM.
A ProMi.lnar n..innin..
'How Is your sou (tutting oo nt college."
"I'li-st rale. He i-ulneil a pair of
trousers Id Hie flag rush, twisted Ills
ankle Id a hatting scrape and unhluged
Ills shoulder tho lirst da; of football
All tert-k
Writ*' 11. for rull Infnrtn.tloti.    You
W.   H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANV,
Ke.l But.!, .nd Pln.ucl.l Brokar.,
3.S Main It., Wlnnlp.f.
If you ktco cows you cannot afford ta ���*���
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, aad If jam
waat to havt lha hot, nott modstata la
pries, and ea aaalast ttrms, apply te
R. A.  LISTER * 00., LTD.,
���at Klag It., Winnipeg,
Dcaltra la Dairy ���apellH aad Pradaca, Oaa-
ollaa Engine**, nana Traad Powers, BU.
-���LOW CO, 1 ���
Stubb���Tbl. would be a line place to
fo nutting.
Penn���Nutting In a theater?
Stubbs��� Vw" there are peanuts In the
gallery, poll.bed cocoauuts lu the front
raw ud eheatmita on tbe stage.
It you cnnol att-md tb. -fttnalB*-*. Btsl-
...   -._,.._- .���. Jft gji wm*m ,
Coil... )��st now, do m.
.v��nlng*.tno*n��.   *W. MB ~*
SU row
Wrtto for dMorlptiT. nudog u��-
AonmWisnD nt UnaraasuTio -Dunoon
ItauM. lha, Md >. W. I. THE GOLDEN EltA, FRIDAY, DEGEMBER 8. 1839.
McDERMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers win be given advantage of
this SNAP,
The stock is too largo and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. MeDermot
GOLDEN,      -       B.0.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO.,
���    have opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners'  Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
Kirqptori     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California GiantPowder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates 82 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. C. Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Warren will sell what dry -gooda are
left very cheap.
Coal in Cape Nome is 51-5 per ten
and oilier fuel in proportion.
The Dominion -government is paying
Allan Line the sum of $100,000 for
the transportation of the troops lo
South Africa.
Eocene ti tln�� beat illuminating oil ou
tha market. The BL' Stort has recelv-
ad'a carload thia weeXt,
Walter D-uiuml nnd Chnrlea Holland
have taken over ilia stock formnrly
owned by Mick Jo**-, and intend run-
ning a Krst-p.liis�� rcs'uiatii.
J. K- MoCullo-.'h, tlio world's rlmm-
plan skster. hss written to Uolden ��sk-
ingfor liisa|<j��iiraiic* hrre. The matter
is at present under cmisideriiliou.
It is roportPfL that the C mid inn
contingent of 1,100 men is composed
of fa'00 English church men. 300 Presbyterians, &0 Roman Cutholies. nnd
50 of the variou�� Protettaiit deiiuiniu-
The Big Store ia thoroughly prepared fur Chrisimiis trnde. Their a ock
of grocories and other linn* is very
complete. *
TIih aervires st Ht. Paul's Church
next Sunday. iVc. tOili will lions follows:���At II a. in. Matins nnd Ol-
ohration of Holy Communion; at 7 30
p, in. Evensong nud sermon.
Tha Imperial Batrk of Canada lies
made arrangement* to issue letters of
credit negotiable in the Ttiinsvaal.
Capo Colour, Natal, Iltiodeaitt, and
other branches of the Stliudnrd Bank
of South Africa Limited,
Warren wislitato redwee his clothing
���stock am\ will sell at very low figures.
'Overcoats, Suits, Phuts etc.
A club Im* been formed In Vancouver of young Indies called the line-
uaneer Order of Ancient Hens rather
a strange nnme. It ling a membership
of about 15 nnd they meet every two
weeks. The mem Iters of tha club are
at pre-sMit eaungtd in making Christum h presents for their young men,
We understand that than are some
pe��;de lu thie town, w-ho aatually made
use of tlio exfres-tien���ihat they hoped
the Boers would wipe out the British.
A little tar and father would net hurt
theso kind of tmtitora, or tlte soft aide
of a rail, to gel out of town on. ���Columbia Review.
Ram Luis, Hondi and Salada taa
cannot lie excelled. Seal Brand and
Mecca Coffee am the beat. You can
got them at the Big Store.
8*rvicr* in the Methodist Church
Sunday Dee. Wrh at 11 a ni. and
7. 30 p. m. The Paster will preacli at
both services. Morning subject "Cure
for despondency," Evening s ily'ect
"Plain dealings," special music,
"Beautiful Goldeu G.ite," and other
selections. Sunday acbo-1 at 2 SO. All
welcome at any of the services,
Arrangements bave b-'cu completed
by which Miss Agnes Deans Cameron,
-Principal of South Park School. Victoria, will act na an-sodata editor for
British Colunjbia, of the Educational
Journal of Western Canada, published
each month at Brandon. Manitoba,
This paper ahould be In the hands of
every teutjber in tbe province.
The Chinnwnre at the Big Store Is
goitut fast. Bo not wyt too long he-
lore geetiiijj; soma.
Word contte to 4innd 1 hat ���ne of tbe
Canadian Contingent bas died on his
way to South Africa. D< Maurier of
the Princess Louise Uragooua Guards
of Ottuwu, died of heart fniluro on the
third day out. Deslaurler was an employee of Bate & Co. of Ottawa previous to liia departure for South Africa.
A quest ion which tlio Dominion gov
ment. should have under comideratitn
Is theflnpplying of the vacancies In the
contingent ho as to keep up tha full
number of one thousand strong.
A joint stock company hns been
formed in Calgary to 1* kuown as the
Calgary Printing Company, Limited,
to takeover the Alberta Tribune, edited
and published by W. L. Bernard since
1896, and the paper will be known as
"The Albertan." The company is composed of audi well known men aa W.
L. Bernard, J. G. Templeton, Major
Walker aud E. H. Rouleau, which
ahould certainly be a sufficient guarantee tbnt the paper will be up-to (lutein,
the cause which It expousaa, thtrt of
the Liberal party. Mr. Bernard la tbt
only man that ever made tbe Trrbnue
a success financially, aud we speak In
tbe highest terms of lha future of tba
new sheet.
The Fire Company.
The Golden Fire Engine Ansocntioa
held iisannutl meeting last week in tbe
parlors of tbe Quoen's Hotel, Mr. J,
C. Greene occupied tba ah.Jr. The
principal business of the evening waa
tbe election of olHuers for tbe ensuing
jear. Theofflcera of the company are:--
President- P. W. Jonas, S��. Treaa.
Columbia River Lumber Co.
Vice-Presideut-G. B. McDermot,
flacTreas-R. J. Robinson, Manager for Hull Broa.
The directors are C A. Warren, Mar-
chant; Win. MoNeish, of the Columbia
House; J O Greene, of tba Qtieen'a
Hotel; J. G. Ullock. of tha Kootenay
House; C. W. Field, Druggist.
Solioitor-Thoe. O'Brien.
Bankers-Imperial Bank of Canada.
After discussing plana for tht coming year, tht meeting adjourned.
Not Made to Order
But Made to Fit 1
Rigby Proofed
Frieze Ulsters
^0a.     In seven shades.  52 inches
f^g^* loug.    Deep Storm Collar.
'*"���*"'- 5 pockets���deep flaps.   Made
of Frieze���not Etoffe.   Guar-
anteed  to please or  your
money back.
Soldi)/all Up-to-Date
CJotilax Dealers
P. W. Junes ol ilie Columbia Riv.r
Lumber Co. .pent a few daya tbis week
In Calgnry.
W. H. dishing anil A. Ramsay
have been nominated fur'-tln mayoralty
ol Calgary. \
E. A. Haggen mode a trip to the
Iron Hill and Porphyry mines nnd returned on Wednesday night.
Mrs. T. Mercier and family left on
Tins-lay's No 2, to visit her mother iu
Montreal. She intends staying all
George Pearce has returned from the
Boundry country, to tak. tbe place of
T, Dimma with Hull Brat. Mr. Dimma
left fer his heme ia Calgary un Tuesday laat.
We are All pleased lo ee* Master
Charlie Bubar back again among the
Iir. F. C, Lang hat been appointed
Chief Licence Inspector fcr North East
Kootenay Licence distriot, vice J.
Stireti. with office in Oolden.
R. a. Brett, M. D, of Banff
vi.lteil Oolden yesterday, uud returutd
���aal on Ho. i,
E. Clarke, ot Windermere bat been
in Oulilets for some daya on bueioesi.
He returutd touth j tat.rduy.
James McKay, Manager of the Elk
Park Ranch Co., left for Windermere
W. a Wells, M.P.P. it at Calgary
purchasing a number of heavy horeet.
Ue leave, for Viotoria in a tew daya.
Thomas O'Brien hat returned from a
trip to Calgary;
Henry Halt bat commenced work on
the new .eolation hospital. Ho ��-
liecie to complete same In about three
F, A." Mulholland ot Canterbury,
came down on Saturda.'a stage and
left for Toronto on Monday's train.
He will be absent ab:ut lit weeks.
Immediately on hit nturn contractt
will be let for tltt erection of a firtt
class hotel at Cenletbury.
Capt. Bacon tf the tteamer Duchess,
Mt yesterday for Ottawa.' Ht will
not return UU tho end ol January.
Colin C. MacKay of Bighoiieexanch
Windermere hat returned from Cat*
cary, accompained by bla wife and
family. We ait pleased to tee thit
Mrs. MaoKay hu fully recovered from
her latt eeiiout lllnttt.
We regret to lenrn lhat Mlat Sinclair, teacher of the 2nd divition. hat
been detained /torn duty for tht latt
couplt of day* owing to IHnttt. |
Jt. W. Patmore hat sent tht -** a
Christmas card wishing ut every no
cat..   Thank you, Mr, Patmore.
Sheriff Redgrave arrived In town
thit evening.
I.   O.   O.   V.
Kocky Mountain Lodge Mo. IU meet. In
(Miltelli-H-s Hall,' (loklon, ovary Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   Rejourning brethren welcome.
V. I'-eARCE, ��.('���   W, L. HOUSTON, V.O
J. T. WOOD, Secretary.
Tim Union, Thk Snow.si.idk, and No.
.Situnlo in tho Oolden mining division of
N'tirtli Kast Knotauny district. Where
locaral���Near thn head of Bugaboo
Thr Westkks Cttoss mi.vbr.i.claim,
Situate lu the Golden mining division of
Earn Kootenay district. Where located
--At the head of Bugaboo (.'reck on tho
Divide.    ��� ,
Take notli-o tbat I Tbomoa McNaught act*
fogm agentfor (I) The (Mien and Fort
flloela Development Cotiipauy, Limited.
Kn-e miner's certilieate No. 1I10HK). famed
30tli June, 10911, ami for Joseph 1/annMtgM.
Free millers i-erNlk-ate No. 71*?**-, issued
28th March, I80��, tbe in-nors ot' llM Union
mineral claims it. tin said UtMen and Fori
Steele Development Company Limited, Md
for.T. Mercier, Free miner's certificate No.
HIOI-JM, issued 2nd August, 1890, the owners
of the said Snovrsllilo, No. 21 and Western
Cross mineral claims, intend 60 day. from
tlio date hereof to npi'ly to tht niiniiip; recorder for a certilieate of Improvements for
tl* purpose nf obtaining a Crown grant of
the above claims.      /
And further take notice that action nnder
section 87 must he commenced before the
issnance of such i-orlitii-ateof improvements.
Dated this Wh day of October, 1809
Townsite of Golden.
Business/and Residential Lots For Sale,
Blocks for Investors.
is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper CotoHitta Vftlte?
the head of navigation on the Columbia KiveV, and the
centre of an extensive stock -raising and ranching coun>>
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made ill
the Golden and Windermere districts, together With the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a ruilway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay-.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tlio
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further riso
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained oft
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree,
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandal,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, er
E. A. Ilaggcil, Agent, Golden.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd
Vanconver,      -     B.C.
Wo nn Mannfactiirors and direct Importers, ami carry a large stork of Balance.,
Furnaces, Flto Clay Goods, Scientific and f'rai'lii-nl Hooks, Ulamnvare, I'Utiuuui Uooda,
Add., CTiemicals, and all other Assayers' nnd Miners' requirements.
SOLE AUENTS for Morgan Crm-iUt Company, lta.teheai Decker'. Son."1
Balancec, Etc.
NOTICE Is hereby given that an application
will be mado to the f*ngii!bitivo Asuomlily of
the Province nf llriti-.lt i'olumliiu at its noxt
session for an Act to incorporate a company
with power to construct.equip, maintain and
operate a Hue or linos of telephone electrical
work., p-iwer houses, generation plant and
sll such other appliances as are nt-cenKary
and proj-er for the generation uf iloctrit-iiy
or nrtlier power and transmitting tiie same
within aud throughout tiie District
of Kast Kootonay ami the var'uro*
townsites lu tlte sulil dis- trlct as
thn Company from timo to timo de*
tornnnos and to coiistrurt. maintain and
opernlo the tame along the side, nt, ami
across or undor any highway, streots, public
bridges, or my sui-h place. In the said district as tho Company from lime lo time do
tarmiaos.-And to coiistrurt, erect ami main.
t..in such and so many poles and other works
snd device, as the Company dooms necessary
for makiug completing, supporting, lisinr
worhing, operating and maintaining tl
system of communication by teleplioue
or elovtrlcnl works, inwer house, geuorat*
'* '       '   otlier
ing   plaut   and
appliances, and
toupenorlireakupanvpart or part, of the
said highways or street, a. often as the aald
Company, Its agents, officers or workmen
"ir. awl fi
think proiy
for tho purpose, of the
undertaking to purchase, acquire, or lease
and hokl aad sell and dispose of or surrender
hunts, building, or tenements within the
limits aforesaid and to purchaso or leaao lor
any term of years, any telephone line eatab*
llahed or lo be established in British Columbia, vouueoting or to ht cenuected with the
Livery Se Feed Stables
Bigs ol all kinds for hire at reasonable rates.
Training ef all kinds a Specialty.
A. C. Hauiltox,
line, which tbt Comi-any may construct and
lu-purchiueorleaMforany tern of year, the
right of any company to coo.traet and innlii*
laMa-eyauchteteptMieUneanil to omalgain-
ale with or leaao Ira line or Hue., or any portion er portions thereof to any company
possessing as proprietor any line of tele
phone communication connecting orto.be
cunueclod with the said Company's lino or
ilrelr-J-' --'-���"���
itmy bo ntcesaiiry or incidental or comTuclve
to the attainment of the above objeel. or any
oi them.
Dated tide lOfh dny of October ItW.
dl7 Bulkltot.tor the AppHoants.
Jas Dbadv, D.L8., & P.L8.
Mining Engineer,
M. AmV. Inst. M.E.
Agont for obtaining Crown Ortnta, doing
annual nsaowiiient work, ale,   Addree. i
ft International Transportation Co.
���    Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manage
Soolal At Field.
An intttMting at wall at in enjoyable time wat spent In Field Mott. t8th
tho occation being, the opening of tht
new town hall, a programme waa
nictly rendered oooeltting of inttru-
mentala, tonga, reoltatlone, club
twinging and the Highland aobottlaoha
wat rery nloely danuetd by Mr Andrtw
Murry I* fnll Highltnd eottnmt, after whioh oyettrt, oakt, coftt and
sandwiches wtrt terved by tht Ladles
Club. Aa toon tt the guett wtrt all
terra* tht tabM were oleattd out and
dauoiig was Indulgtd In. Mr. Mo-
PhtrtM, Mr. Might aud Mr. Oritrton
offlolaMa M tht organ and tMId
with thtlr usual tCoitney. Abont
197.00 wm rMliied procttdt to apply
oa tUbt of ball,
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  . Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
lentil Hide Kleklng Hat** Slvtr,
The H. B. A. VOGEI
CwmMercUl C��lt��fc
Box  84T.
B. C,
Thorough lnttmctlen I* bntlnttt
Mttliode, Book.ktiplng, (wt utt M
t.xt-books, but do actual bntlnttt)
8horthand aud-Typtwrillng. Wtprt-
line, and to acquire lands.bonuaea, privlbgta
or other aids from any persons or bodies
corporate, aud with i
or incMontal rights,
1/1/hy Spend Money
on READY-MAM! CLOTHE8 whett voii caii
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Sel-ges,
Fancy Vests and-Ovorcoats in the Province.
It is foolish to spend pour money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods when""you can get
the Best Imported Material at home at tower
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.
J. C. TOM,
Coffins and
Orders promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.O.
ii ������   i  in   ���a���
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale & Retell
Cattlo, Sheep and Horso Doalcrs.
Situate In .tho OoMon mining Division of
\V lisro locMtod
Cast Knotonay District, ..
mi lufth fork of gpMlmai
uear Burns Basin.
i River,
^MTta'tand'idrty'Xtyrfroni tho,- -
"to apply to tht mk\ia\ recorder fcr a
Uraat of that
oj.obtaining a
And fartbor lakt notice that aci
seetlaa Iff mutt bt w-wntnttd
ibigri- ._.
a Ibr thtmrpost
*      '   above
Ilea nnder
   ,- befoiallit
;'.'*  Ilyouwaot
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
tht Calgary Mllllig Co��W����r guar,
antea thtlr loir lit NW.ot any
kMdoaih* ��*Um mm*. u4
h-Hfto Mthortoclt-nMI* ��o tell
It twkjttt to abtM.A*fSi-U* *ud
tiff wlU itfMilW liB ��"��<mnt
���P for e*m*m**a4t*m.*lt*y
Sold by 0.. A. Warren,
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solloltor.
Notary Publlo.Conv��y��noer, eto
Offict bt Upper Colnmbia Kavtmtlon and
Tram lay Company1. Building,
White & Scott,
������rrliters, Solloltors, Motarloi,
BtTtlitoke, B.0.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist te Druggist,
To Be Sold
In Lott to Suit Buyers
IS Jtoawkt Vat-M,
It PMk
Lakeside Hotel,!
TiffiWli & GoeBom. Props ]
Uood acromimnd.tlen fill- Pro.pertort and.
Freighter..  First*classuiealt.
Notary Public,     -.
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent tor E. A, HAOOEN,
Aisayor k letallu
OrriCB at Laeuidi Hotel,
Windermere, - B.C.]
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quickest Tint and Lowest Betee to all'
polo" BAST and WEOT.
ISOWOlOB latM to
aad all Winter Btwrtf.'
Old Country.
mean ah
Tht Wamir Wm ***%**-**
'     ������ ���'���'"*���.: * i
agmt or to
0. ��. HoPHEBSON
**% Put. Agtot,


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