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The Golden Era Mar 9, 1895

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AfJ        ��� .
'������4       , 6 \ B,  C^7
VARJi 1895 �������;
.VOL. IV.   NU. 31
��2 Per Yeah
It is stock taking time,
prices are low for cash.
Will not last long. Buy-
before everything is measured and taken down.
Chafles A.  (Darren's.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
' -* r'.r^,...���-.-.. :
Wm. jWefleish, - Prop.
Uppar Columbia Jg��, co.
During the winter a stage will be rnn between
Golden. Galena. Winderm.re, Thunder Hill. Canal
Flat. Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 10.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company'* liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG. Manager
(Incorporated 1670.)
Etc. Etc
Write the  Calvary Store for special
prices on Choice Dairy and
Creamery Butter.
Tlio -utiles' Meeting. 1    Mr.   W.   H.   Mannix. ��� Denier   in
On  Tuesday   evening a meeting of tough   beef,   old    mutton,   and  hog
ulies wus held to consider the tidvisa- cholera pork.     Of a very melancholy
hility   of forming   a   brunch   of   the disposition   wlien   in private,   whioh
Women's Council. comes, we hoar, from  listening to the
Mrs.  Spragge, as President of   tho wind whistling through his whiskers,
East Kootonay  Branch, presided and j possessed  of   a large store of   jokes
in her 'opening address mentioned thnt j (phesiiuts), which, taken together with
the organization at Donald had taken l,is gonial   manner, tnukes   his com-
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Guaranteed   To   Cure
"That Pain in the Back."
t'hemlHi-, Calgary.
the inline of tho district in hope thnt
Golden would co-operate with theiu.
Tlio council has nothing to do with
politics or so culled women's rights ;
its basis is co-operation among the
different organizations to which women
belong. It came into existence iu the
Women's Congress held ut the World's
Fair. In this province, local councils
have been formed at Victoria nnd Vancouver. A .local Council is formetl by
the affiliation of any society of which
women form part us Girls' Friendly,
Temperance, Mission, and Church Aid
Societies. In n new country the formation of any of these societies is a
benefit to women whose existence in
such district is more or less ileiid and
alive. By meeting in such clubs they
encourage each other to fresh exertion
Mrs. Spragge then described the work
done in Donald und combated the
assertion that such places us Donald
nnd Golden aro two small for public
work and urged tlie formation of a
branch here. falie mentioned several
distinct auxiliary societies which
might be organized in connection with
it for charitable purposes or for recreation,
About a dozen ladies were present
anil they discussed the matter in many
of its uetuils. Though they were not
enthusiastic they resolved: ���'Thnt iu
the opinion of this meeting a branch
of the Women'* Council could be formed when some of the auxiliary societies
had bean organized." No representative from among the officers of the
Christian Endeavor Society wns present, so it was not known whnther thut
society would join. The Ladies present who belong lo the Church of England determined to form a Ladies Aid
Society ill connection with their
Golden, on the lunin line of llie Ciuiniliiiu
I'acilic Railway. at its cntinectiun witli tho
-teumlioat iiuvigiitii.il of the Columbia r.irer ;
.he uiiueriil .-mil couuiiori'ud centre uf Eastern
llritish Columbia! headquarters of tlu Golden Smelting works, the I'ppor Coluinliia
Navigation Co., mul lumber industry; the
nutlet for the widely known iiiiu fur
rained agricultural unit graving hind nf tlie
1 oliunhia A Kooteiiny Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of ,.11 kinds: tho distributing
'mint for tlie richest mineral country on the
The Hchnsl report has been held over
till next week.
Mrs. W. R. Ross of Donald was the
guest of Mrs. Luko for a low days this
The institution of the Oldfullows
Lodge, which was to havo taken place
last Monday, was postponed for a
The Secretary of tho curling club
has received a number of this year's
annuals. Members can receive the
same, on application, for 2f-c.
Mr. Oeorge Drake returned from the
coast this week, where he was successful in his examination, qualifying hiin
to pursue his calling as an engineer.
The Donald Oun Club paid Golden a
visit on Monday, rather unexpectedly.
The Golden boys, however, gave them
a hearty welcome. A match was at
once arranged ; honors were about even
the Golden boys being successful in
the morning, while their Donald brethren carried off the palms in the afternoon,
Lund-Klein. ��� At Golden. B. C,
March 2nd, by Rev. Walter R.
Ross, Mr. Peter Lund to Miss
Emilia Gliarlolta Klein.
We do not hold ourselves responsible fnr the
opinions expressed by our correspondents.
Donald, B.C., Feb. 28th, '95.
Editor GOLDEN EltAt
De Ait Silt,���Will you kindly allow
us a .small space iu your valuable paper in which to mention the mimes of
a few cf our marriageable young men
with somo of their accomplishments.
We have not arranged them in any
order of preference, but just as they
occurred to us, so that those whose
names come last, need not feel at all
slighted on that account.
llr. R. Davies.��� A very attractive
young man, holding a very lucrative
position. Tlio owner of a line residence on Frog Pond Alley, a great
favorite with the Indies, can turn his
hand to clock or watch repairing, if
necessary, and taken nil around a very
desirable catch, the only fear is that
his heart is affected.
Mr. 8. Ruttan.��� A member of the
rum of -Mruuii'l & Ruttan, a very
steady, industrious young iniiii who
mny be classed ns one ol t ho rising
men of our town, u great student of
nature and very fond of the society of
man, particularly so, we believe, of a
Mr. Chas. Crandon.���A young man j
of good moral character but a little j
eccentric, a sample of which he displays in his very evident dislike lor
thin people and superannuated maiden
ladies, but we can safely recommend
him to any young lady as a very de-
sirublo husband,
1 any most charming.
Mr. Miller.-School teacher and
wielder of the birch rod, unfortunutely
burn ill the middle of the week, consequently looking both ways for Sunday
Of good understanding (No. 12 we
believe) and of a very retiring disposition, :we fear young ladies need not
Mr. Chas. Knodell.���Oneof the most
promising young men iu our town, of
great personal attraction, being tall,
lithe, well built und the owner of a
magnificent silky brown moustache.
We are unable to give his nationality,
but. we know that he shows u oecided
preference for the green, She will be
a foi-tutiute youug lady who wins liis
Simon Eraser.- Some may object to
classing Simon with the single men,
uot so with us, we believe in the old
adage " there's miinv a slip twixt the
cup -ud the lip," although we never
heard of a slip taking place between
the woodbouse and the blacksmith
shop, so we must udvise any young
lady with hopes in that direction to
make good use of her time.
Mr. J. H. M. Hutigerford. ���Commonly known as '���Hungry Jack,"
whose morals are unquestionable, but
yet bigoted to an extent unpardonable
in a common telegraph operator, probably the glasses he wears are to blame
for lhe superior light in which he sees
himself, but our object is not to spoil
his chances with the fair sex and if
any young ludy feels that she can
overlook these small short coinings
she will probably he able to mould
him to her will.
Mr. John Barnes.���Our enterprising
young baggageman, who so often enlivens our evenings with mirth and
song, whoso voice even now reaches
us where we sit, chanting to the accompaniment of the banjo the good old
melody "Darling Clo." The owner of
a fine residence on Main St. Anybody
who knows John will agree with us
iu saying that he will make a most
agreeable companion, i specially for
any girl with au ear for music.
Mr. John Colquhoun. ���A young
Scotchman whoso character needs no
polishing from our hands, well known
to a good many of your readers none
of whom will contradict this statement, Of course liko most young men
ho has his hobb-y, but iu this place
we will not disclose any of his boyit-h
fancies, and we will most heartily
recommend him to any lady wishing-
boy to raise.
Mr. Alec Smith.���A recent importation from Bruce, troubled with hart
disease, us a singer he reminds us of
life on the farm when calves were tied
with too short rope, not very successful with the ladies, but being of a very
docile disposition we think he will
make a rutber agreeable companion. ,
Mr. Clarence Haft.���A very industrious buy, rather young to compete
with the previously mentioned gentlemen but tie desires his name lo appear
here as he expects to make his murk
before long, ne would recommend him
to lho ladies of tender years us his
prospects are certainly bright. A
young man of his push uud energy is
sure to surar.'.1 iu whatever path of
life be may pursue.
��� O., (Bite (S-jllt-ett (&sa
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday morning in timo to catch thu east
and west mail trains, also thu mail for tho
upper country, Windermere, Port Slnolo etc
it is tlm only ���'' Iv'ii'ti.'tiiig inOiliiiiii in r it. 1'"' -
Subscription Hates : S-i.00 |H>r uiiiiiini IX
Advertisements and changes must be in
the office not Inter than 1*1 a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisemont rates iniul* Ituo.vn on application *.o
All cash to he paid to tho Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
The Golden Era PubEishing Campanf.
Mi'iito et .M.illeo.
Bv thought and dint of hammoring
Is the good work done whereof I sing,
And a jollier lot you'll rarely find,
Than the men who chip tit earth's old
And often wear a patched behind,
By thought and dint of hammering.
All summer through we're on the wing,
"Kept moving by the skeeter's sting;
From Alaska unto Halifax.
With our compass und our little axe,
We make our way and pny our tax,
By thought and dint of hammering.
We crack the   rocks  and  make them
And many n heavy pack we sling;
Wo run our lines and tie them in,
We measure strata thick nnd thin,
And Sunday work is never sin,
By thought und dint of hammering.
Across the watprs onr paddles swing,
O'er wind and rapids triumphing ;
Thro' mountain passes our slow mules
As if they owed us a heavy grudge
And often can't he got to budge,
By thought and dint of hammering.
To the stars at night our thoughts we
But no  maiden  fair to our arm doth
She, at Ottawa, with smiling lips,
The otlier fellow's ice crenm sips ;
You can't prevent these  feminine slips
By thought and dint of hammering.
To array   the   -'chiels   that   waiiuna
ding "
Is our winter's work iur into spring;
Some people think us  wondrous wise;
Some maintain we're otherwise;
We're simply piercing Nature's guise
By thought and dint of hammering.
- A.C.L. iu Canadian Mining Rrview.
On the Yakimaw, Slocan, a four
foot vein has been struck.
The Red Mountain road will probably be pushed through this summer.
Work has been stopped on the Lizard, Goat river district, owing to
Mr. Matthews, of the Omaha-Grant
smelter, has leased the Lucky Jim
group of six claims. q
The Nickel Plate, Trail creek, is
widening out Mid the yield runs from
$70 to $120.
The Cumberland mine, Slocan, has
been sold to W. C. Yawkey for *25,-
000, of which $15,000 was cash.
Sufficient work is being done on the
St. Lawrence nnd Jack of Spades to
enable the owners to take out crown
No more concentrates will be hauled
from Camp McKinney to Penticton
until tbe roads become good aftei the
spring thaw.
John D. Rockfeller, of New York, is
said to have lost $1,500,000 over the
'Everett smelter and tho Monte Christo
gold quartz mine.
Fully 30 men are working in Trout
lako district this winter, some of them
making good pny, but a good deal of
the worl; is preparation for the summer,
The Slocan Star expects to have.
.'1,000 tons of ore shipped before the
end of April. A wagon road will bo
built and ore brought out through the
j\t the I.X.L., adjoining the O.K.,
Trail Creek, Mr. I. N. Knight collected some of the rock and pounded out
in a mortar Sul2 iu half u day. He is
now shipping ore.
On the O.K., Trail creek, a big
chamber was blown nut, which yielded a large quantity of free gold quartz.
An uprise has been commenced uud the
stamp mill is kept running.
Frank Gomo nnd Clcmont Vnclier
aro drifting on tho Jack of Spades
close to tha Lexington line. They nre
said to have struck the Lexington lead
and to bo taking out good ore.
Twelve teams nre hauling ore from
the War Eagle, Trail creek. The new
tunnel, which follows the ore, is in UO
feet, and it is wide enough to allow
three parties of drillers to work.
The Bonanza Nickel mining company is said to be working a gold
claim near Luke Wuhnitpital, Out.,
with a surface showing 52 feet wide,
lli feet long, and assay ing as high as
$100 u ton.
The new Skylark vein has been
traced to within a few feet of the
south extension ���the Meadow Lark,
owned by J. Winters und H. C.
Walters. Development will he commenced on (lie Meadow Lark as soon
as spring opens up.
The Spotted Horse and Lead King,
Copper Creek. Deadwood Camp, huve
been bonded to C. C. Sands. The
former has n three-foot vein of galena
assaying (15 per cent lead and '.i'2 ozs.
silver, with a few dollars in gold.
The Lead King lias a 9-foot body of
In the Big Bend the Consolation is
working in two drives. Sol Holden &
Co. have a wing dam ready to sluice
when weather is suitable. ** Park's
Army "ure in good spirits and have
their labor completed, and the McCul-
loch Creek Tunnel Co. aro in about
200 feel uud purpose sinking to bedrock.
A Tourist Cut.
Says the Montreal Gazette: A
strange passenger arrived in on the
Canadian Piici'lis express from the
west, yesterday. It was a Maltese cat.
whicli had been put on board the train
at Minneapolis on a tour round the
world. From its conduct at tho Windsor depot it certainly seemed to feel all
the responsibility of travel, for on its
arrival it took up its quarters in the
baggage-room, and did not move out
until the Huston and Maine steamed
out, when it wus taken on board ami
placed in charge of the conductor, who
will see it safe to New York. Tho intention of the engineers of the trip is
that the cut shall leave New York for
London, thence to Australia, returning
to its native city via Vancouver. The
trainmen say it is a really fine specimen of its species, uud being u young
cut has every prospect, seeing that it
bus the proverbial nine lives of any
ordinary cat, of accomplishing its
mission without let or hindrance.
I've a favor to implore,
Cook Marie,
Grant il, and I'll ask no more,
Cook Marie
Teed ir.e, if you will, on gristle,
Biscuits like a leaden missile,
But, for heaven's sake, don't whistle,
Cook Marie!
The Book of Job, written about 1520
B.C., describes very accurately several
processes of smelting different metals.
Ono morning, in the rtnrly southern
rpring time of August, when the air wus
heavy with the scent of mimosa blossoms, a company of white-uniformed
mounted troopers were going through
the various maneuvers necessary for
The ground they used for this pur
pose was a flat on one of the outlying
lands of nn Australian town���a steep
hill swelled abruptly on one side of it;
on the otlier, and at some distance from
tlie exercise ground, the crumbling
banks of a river fell sheer to its bed,
where through the waste of rough shingle
and debris the fast narrowing stream
(lowed, that carried the last of the winter's rainfall to the sea.
The troopers were doing their revolver drill, which is to ride in rapid
succession past the snlnting.point, and
to fire ut it target that was placed upon the hillside, in tho instant of passing. Thejj skill in this pructice
was such that at least some part
of the target wus hit in each action of
Their well-trained gray horses curveted nnd pranced, as they were reined
iu after the target was passed, us though
they rejoiced in their smart and well-
kept trappings, while the bright bits and
curb chains caught the sun's rays und
flushed vibrations of light again.
Suddenly, above tiie noise of the galloping horses, the sir is rent by n shriek,
nud thu man wbo rode next beforo the
hist is seen to throw ud his arms on the
instant of the last report, then to lean
forward heavily upon his horse's shoulder, and to slip from thence helplessly
out of his saddle to the ground.
All this hns taken place before tho
trooper who followed him can realize
that his last shot carried wide, or what
indeed has happened.
Tho exercise is stopped while the
troopers hurry to the fallen man, whose
white charger, through fear sped still
for ii little di.-itrmce, stands now looking
towards his late rider���with neci: i
stretched high and head turned inquisitively, the delicately-veined ours pricked
anxiously forward, while his nostrils are wide and snort With -terror, for his rider lies over there
on the grass and is dying. And ns his
failing speech strains for each gasping breath his voice sounds shrill
nnd thin, uttering in-thin.; but imprecations upon the man who, by sumo unfortunate inisclianve, bus shot him. He
is told by tho other men, who have
come tn his nssistnne-*, it hns been en
accident, but he will uot lielieve it.
"Accident I" he scornfully repent",
and with awful curses ho emphasize-
his unbelief, while his face is passim,
and pain-rigid, and his eyes have tin
cold-hate stare in them, as they are fixed
with unforgiveuess npon the man who.
kneeling by him now in an agony of
grief, pleads for one word, one look, or
indeed for any sign of pardon.
"God help me, Moloney!" he cries.
"Believe me, I did not, I could not
know I I'd shoot myself a thousuuu
times rather than kill's man like that.
Say you'll forgive ine, Muloney; say
yon believe me I"
But the other's voice rises again with
fury to articulate his unbelie', to leave
bitn voiceless then forever.
A kindly hand lends Heath away from
the closing scene, in pity for the awful
situation of the dying man, in pity ior
the hopeless grief and self-reproach of
the living.
Tlie above happened more than 20
years ago. Aud although Heath has
supported and educated the family
which were left unprovided for by the
death of Muloney, und bus done everything in his power to make amends for
tho loss he had caused them, he liuiBel.
can never forget the dreadful scene aud
at times such un outburst as the following occurred:
'Doctor���doc���tor," Heath calls from
his bed iu a querulous aud excited voice,
"doctor! Ah nurse���hero you'll do.
Come here. Come close nurse. I want
to whisper it"���looking round suspiciously���"he'll wake up and swear wiu-u
he hears me speak."
"Nurse, yon know Moloney?" hc
questions, hoarsely, turning his restless
eyes to her face, und with Uis trembling
right huud points towards a bed nu the
otlier side of the long ward, while thu
other fingers tho bedclothes nervously.
" Nurse, can't yon see him! You cun
see his white charger then. Look, look
there���just there by Daley's bed I What,
you cant ? Ob I" shrugging his should
era with a hopeless moan. Then with a
sudden movement, catching her ham!
and sitting up in Ins bed, he tries:
" Why, look I There he Hands pnwlug
the mosquito net He'll tear it into u
thousand rags, nurse, and knock poor
Daley's brains out. I any, make haste,
lie's climbing np the blsnk wall now���
the brnte's afrald-at lost. Hit don't
you see him T Let me go !" as the nurse
forces him firmly back upon his pillows.
"un, ntfrse," sighing reprunulititlJy,'
while his eyes ovoid her und l-eini.iu
fixed while he spenks With great rapiu-
ity, ond the vijords flow as in a recitation: "Look! He stands still now, his
neck stretched out, tho pink of his
nostrils showing and distended by fear
his eyes shino and glow like coals in the
fierce sunlight, the swelling veins tell
how quick his hot blood throbs; look nt
his eurs listening, listening for the voice
that will never sound again, at his
quivering lip that shall never know again
lho touch of that rider's bund, lur it lies
there upon��� the grass so colli aud still.
Get the horse off that curtain���lie's mud,
I say."
The doctor camo into tho ward ns
Heath made another effort to spring ont
��� of bed. and catching sight of him lie
burst out with n wild laugh: "Ha. ha!
Hit, ha! That you. doctor? I Fhot
Muloney���shot him dead���cnnldn t help
���pistol wont off���accident I" speukiug
in ti flippant wny. " Oh. no���no, no I"
with a weary moan, nnd returning again
to simply mechanical words:
"I see Muloney falling from his horse
like a leaden weight upon tho ground,
and I following on my charger so close
almost trample him under foot, Define
1 can swerve from off tho truck. I see
him lying on the grass, while the red
blood from the wound stains his white
uniform. With a wider margin ns it
flows I lienr tile sound of its quick regular dropping upon tho ground where it
collects there dark and still, and above
I hear Muloney cursing tun!" 11" paused
for a few seconds und went on ui-gii-
ntentatively, while the doctor had turned away to take his hypodermic syringe
out of its case.
"All right ten minutes ago���hnrd ns
nails���and sitting his horse like a rues.
And now���living���and by my luiiiu."
He took his right hand in his left, and
looked at it for u few minutes in silence.
��� "What say, doctor?" letting it full
again. "Accident? No���no-no���no!"
he shouted. "Ah!���What aru yon doing
���to iny arm';" as tlie ueedlo of tliu
syringe pricked throng',', the skin.
"Littlo morphia���keep him quiet.-
eh?" repenting the doctor's words as in
spoke to tho nurse.
"Disturb other patients, eh? Sleopt
Oil���yes���doutor��� I'm all right!' am;
closiug his eyes presently he muttered
'vacuously for a few moments, aud
sighed htovily���soon tlie words caiiio at
longer intervuls and wero less distinct;
then, ns tho weary eyelids closed, lie
snid drowsily, "Nnrse.are���yon���th*-!*.-?"
And bis huud clasped iters convulsively.
"Nurse, will yon���will���you stop
here?" wilh a pitiful little smile, half
opening his eyes to look at her, uud
presently he fell asleep.
Tu ltemt.ve tli*. O.I..** ul l'er.|.lrntlon.
The camphorated bath is. not refreshing, as some suppose. It is valuable in
removing tho odors peculiar to dark
types ond people who perspire freely.
Bodily odors ure opt to be more perceptible among fleshy brunettes than
among thin, fair'people, and exquisite
core is the cost of neatness. The fragrant camphorated bath, mode with uu
ounce of tincture of untnplior nud tincture of benzoin and two ounces ot enn
de cologne, is also a wholesome disinfectant; the preparation is equally good
after a bath.
Small Mutter.
Mrs.' Lippie (to grocer)���Tell Mr. Allspice I'm going to trade elsewhere If lij
doesn't give me better measure.
Boy���Why, what's been wrong?
Mrs. Lippie���Tlie last butter he sent
was half a pound short."
Boy���Oh. yer mustn't mind a littlo
thing like dat.   It's only his Weigu.���
Just before hi. el.ct.uu the preeidentof
ihe French republic ��iw learning to ride
tbe by.riirle. He has bail nil linn, to give
to it .if bit'-, but M nr. Cnaitnlr 1'erier and
bet children nre good rider-
It Si-euia likely tk.it lhe Eiffel Tower
will he taken diiwn. The I'oiiimlltee ia
in charge of the cnnipetiiinu fui the tinild*
iup. fnr the l'ariB expnsl i...i of WHO has
just uirr.'.il tin.; tlm amain "ts may die*
���anl liu. tower III their disigi...
Of 820.000 children within Ilia si-twol
age In London, between 450,(10(1 mid S00.-
000 sre edmwed in whuuli. voiurolled by
ths IjhiiiIiii. nciio'il board, T.'.ey are taught
by 7,800 teach-in, one tcniiher to more
than sixty priuils, at it curt for inatruotluu
uf $111 ii year per child.
Hallelujah lasses iu Paris hnve lately
Bade a aeiiautiiiii by appearing un ill*
boulevard, iu u new stylo ot headgear. Instead .if the scuttle-shaped "kiH.-me-ni.ta"
they wear m mil while .iriiw bat. with
slightly upturned bruin, exp.wng their
profilr* and I. irk hnir.
Two Rnsj.ii,ns. MM. Menkhotidjliioff and
Oiiiiuii'lf, iti-i-iuly arrived at Shanghai
aftersji.urtiey of two years nnd nine
luoiillia llin.n.'h Thibet, in the .'nurae of
which they visited L ilium and had an iu-
terview with tue Dalai Lama. It i. lb.
first lime .in.ro 1811 tint Europeans have
accomplished this feat.
In UpperjTouk'hi there are wood mines
according tii tlie report of a French consul.
The wood, wuich was originally a nine
forest, waa swallowed' np by the earth,
which covers it to a depth nf eight yards.
Some of the trees are a yard iu diameter;
the wood ia imperishable aud is sold to tbe
Chiuese for emus,
Tne inrii-ni Ethiopian! aalted ths bodies
of their dead and luing them up in-a
smokehouse to be dried and cured., They
Here thua kept fnr a year, when, ptrfeinly
preserved, they were tamed over to the
relatives fnr burial.
Many Chinese temples are provided with
a bell nt the entrance, mid when the worshipper enters he gives the rope a pull and
rings ihe bell in order that the Diety may
I e iintiHed nt his -mining, and be un baud
lo attend t<> Ids business.
The favorite headdress fnr ladies' in
China ia the tigure of * bird, composed ���>(
nipper, silver nr gold, Ih* wings are inula
lo droop over the temples, the tall eovera
the buck <f the bend, tb* head and breast
plumage are jnst above th* brow.
Horseback weeding", in which the bride
and groom, mounted mi boraehack, ran
awiiy liiuii the attendants, who rid* after
them In hut haste, were common in many
countries, and inny still be seeu iu Russia
aud parts oi Tartary.
A Roman victor waa aeenttomed tn glr*
a great feast br way of celebration. AI
the feast given by Julius Cfeear after th*
Gallic wars the penpl* were feasted at
twenty-two thousand tables, each accomodating ten guests, aud each table waa
twice filled.
Never did any barm, eht Well, neither
did n rotten egg.
The plow would not gn deep if the team
had anything to say about it.
Love never turns bne_ because it sees
a mountain or hear* a lion roar.
The man who is constantly thinking
evil fi'ids a tlmoaand way* to atieak it.
Nobody ever made li:�� any brighter for
anuilu r by growling ami grumbling
If v >n would sleep well at night, be
wide awake when a stranger seek* your
When vou go to war with a snake, the
battle ought lo be with th* *nd where tbe
bead is.
The ann will keep right on shining no
matter h'.w muoh we may talk about its
bluck sputa
It is right for charity to begin at home,
bnt she ha* not don* herduty nntil she haa
gona all over tli* wurld.���Ram's Horn...
He���They say kissing is unhealthy. < She-
���Everything liu* it* risk*.���Puck.
" 'Jason' ? Why did yon nun* yonr
dog that?" "Because he 1* always Marching for the fleece."���Llf*.
"See tlin** violet*. How modmt they
are!'' ".Modest? I guess yon never asked
the price of them. "���Truth.
"Duan brag," said Untie Even. "Hit
sonn'a too much Ilk* yob wax tryln' ter
bolster np yer own ne'f respect"���Wash-
iiigton Star.
MiHtn-na���And, pray, why don't you
want lo leave ns, -A mm? Cuok���Th* doo-
tnr hns ordered my grenadier a mors gesr-
eniiis diet!"���Baaeler Naehriehtan.
Daughter (weening)���Oh. papa, to-day I
enter already on my thirtieth year. Father���Calm yourself, child���it won't last
long.���Fliegetide Blatter.
Nearly every bnman race hav* been
mound builders at some stage of their his*
The preparation of tb* bnman bait for
the market girts ���mpkiymeut to sotiu
thousand Parisians.
Research sbnwa that tber* ia not a particle of legetatioti in the eastern part of tha
Nurth r-ea.   It ia one great watery wast*.
Th* Hyak bawl hinting haa a religion*
origin. The Dynk believe* that everything
he kills iu thia world will be bis slave in
the uext.
In v.den thn* straws wire made by
baud, and five minute* were spent in making one. Now a macbln* rattles oat *iity
in a minnte.
. Th* rock of Gibraltar resembles in outline a lion in a retting petition.
Th* menu animal temperature of tbe
Arctic region* it below thirty degrees
A humming bird waa said to have been
���tniig to death by a bee at Col oinbia, Wis.,
The aiarfith haa no no**, bnt the whole
of ita undertidt ia endowed witb tb* i
ot tin IL ia
Application for C'ertlfl*ate of Im-
HjAck horse mineral*'claim.
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.474!7,intend,
HO days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for tlie purpose of
obtaining a Crowu grant of the above
And further take notice, that, adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner.and action commenced before
the issuance of such certillcate of improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manupl Dainard.
$xxaixxso& ffiox-Mj.
FOR  $2.25
The  "Golden Era"
Application   for    Certllicatu' of I in
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's cert ideate No. 4 (4G7, intend
(iO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificat'
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a .ntvu grant of above
And further tako notice that adverse
claims must be sunt to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dtted this thirtieth day of October.
Manuel Dainarii.
Kotlco of Application for Certllicatu
of Improvements.
Tuk^no.Uoft that I. Harold E. For-
ster, free minor's substituted certificate
No. 11334!). intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Comin issioner for a certificate of improvements, fir the purpose of obtaining ,i
Crown grunt of the above claim.
And further take notice that advers'-
claims must he sent to the Mitiinr Ue
corder, and action commerce I   befuri
\j   the issuance uf such certificate of  improvements.
Haroi.h E. Forster.
By his agent F  W. Ari.MER.
)      D ted this 29th dav of December.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tin
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from tho undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
ay Ollices _ Clieinlcnl  Laboratory
(Established iu ll.C. in 1880.)
Vancouver,      ���      l-.C.
pav. lM.rj sf.
ge>ir*.-.T*i-Hb|aerl. vh.vi.uinlars.at
t.d uy my
���train.   Asys-
Presbyterian Service.
Service will lie held to-morrow
morning in the school house at 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. R.
roil o.vk YK.tn,
FOB 0*l*_ l'-ATi, AX9
20 Complete Novelette
We bare arranged with the puhlinlier of tho pnp-i'nr
IlluHtrated literary ��nj family montlilv. The ll'iin.
tr.ilH.I HtiMK Oneiti to fuml-th thi-. Mn-llnnt
fmbllnittloD tn club wttli our piper upon the f--r-r-.-ii.ry
lharal terms quoted abovt, and wo _ro aIko cnnMi-il to
offer to each ���subscriber, Frwts a larjro ami hnml initio
Rremlum book, entitled, "Twenty ('��� mnVf
rnvnlettftn bv Popnlnr Aiitlinra" Thin
oiir mib-irjrlbers, by taking alenntio of Mm ahon
lib'riilofer-mayHocnre, io allltln to tholr fhvortt-i
Iiimn new-i[iaper- a year'n (mbnorlitlon to una of ths
bant and won popular literary ami family pm-en-i pub-
llitieil, and also ai attnu-tlve ant entertalnlntz book
contain I n*! twenty cnmplote novelettes by twenty of
the moit fa-nous, ant-iont of America, Enirinml and
Francs-in fact, a lame amount of the most fascinating
reading matter at the most trifling cont.
ji a lartre and handsomo 16-page, M-column ItTii-t-
trate-1 literary and family paper, pub'I short monthlr.
and contiinln-r Serial and H-iort flto^le,. bv the moM
popular author*. Rketchei. Poemn. Useful Mlwellany-
Hmiso'inl'i, children'*- nnd llnmorom para'rtmant'i. ���
and everything to am-i<n, entertain and Instruct *-*_���.
member of the family clrob Among the wnteii
whose utorfe-, eonitantly anne-ir li tub IiLfTf-TRATRD
Home flprrar are Mr��. Emmi ft. E N. fiouthworth,
Mm, Mary J. Holme**, Charlotte M. Bra��me, Mrs. Ann
R Rtonheni, Hw. M-if Amen Flemlntr. Etta W. riw<\
Mrs. .fane O. Austin, Emma finrri-ton Jones. Mary
Kyle Dalla-i, Sylvanus Cobb. Jr., Kmersnn Fonnett, A.
Conan Doyle, and manv others. It 1�� a hl��h-class p��lv
HcaMon for the family circle, hamls-flinely printed,
botintifully llltistrated, and wht-n it U a'-rays Interest"
inv and never doll. It la pnri h mora- tone, not an
oh.lentl-inablo trnrd or line twin* alM-ired to enter IU
column-*. You wUl no dollshted with this charming
paper, and eagarly wolcomo ita monthly visits.
By Popnlnr Aofhrer i la a large and handioms
book of 192 tar-re di-ib'e-'.tlii-nn octavo jinttea. nicely
printed fn dear, hoM, readaMi tvne on frond paper.
and handsome'? bound in colored paper cnver��. It
contains, aa Iti title indlea-"*-*. twentu complete novelette*
by twenty we'I-Vno-rn awl pnpnlar flufhnra. each nn-,
of whioh la IntenWy Interest intr. It pomrrisns a wM,
season'-. de11i?Tf"it roa-Untr, and l�� by far the tnrrrni-t
and finest collection of complete ponnlar nove'ettei
over published in a alntrle vo'itmn. Tie tltlea of tha
twenty complete novetettoa contained '.a thla book are
as follows:
Under the Holly Berries* By Charlntto st
llie Phantom Wedding.   Dy Mrs. Emma D. E. N.
The <-tT|MT*a Wirnln*.   ft" Mrs. Hi-nry Wort,
Moonshine nnd  Mnmnerites.   By "Tha nn-
The Hendimen ef Antwerp.   By iir-i. Ann a
81 "li'i en".
The fttorr of n filfh.    By Mrs. Msv Acnrs Flfmlnif.
Old nudderftird Hull.   Bv hiss m. r. iir*i.tfin.
Hlnnehe of llcnulloii.    By Alc-wmlcr Dimiu.
A Tnle of Thr-*n I.lnna.    Bv if KMi-i- lUBir-rtt.
A Ilramn In the Air.   B'- J"'"-" v--rn*��.
The Story ef Helen.   Bv Atnintn M. DnnKlm.
The Captain of the Pole-Star*  By a. Cnnu
The Nnllor** ��eeret.   BrMr��. tnwO. Anstin,
The Duel la Hernn Wood.   n-wukitiOr-iiin-.
The Helrew ot Whltaon Orange.   By M. T.
Cm Mtf.
rams V-ir***.   *��- Man- Kvln fhtlM.
The Illiipk��*n1th**i Dnughter.  Bv fitta w. Pt��Tf��v
The Wenletop ef Hodenn.   By flrltanna CW-h. Jr.
The V-iUi* INnmonda.   Hv Mm. Mitry A. IknUon.
Ashrrolt Halls   By Kmrns OarrlMn Jwes.
hntwe r-reiil THE UOI.DEN Elf,\ for one
���'nr one your, nml thn lunik, "Twenty I om-
lileto Novolettea by 1'npulnr Authors," nil
rmst-iuiiil by iimil U|m>ii rotoipt of only ft*-.*!'..
I'liiH nrier npplien both lo new sulinrriber-1
in.1 roiimvi.ii.. Every lovor of bri-tht i.iiil
'imi'lniiiiiiK litcrntiii'i' aliotilil hike i.ilvimtii*re
if it. Hninplea eonietof "The llhiKti'iitnl
Home (llient" mul of tliu prciniiiin book may
lur tHieu lit this oHii-o.   jtililro-M ..II letters r
The Golden Era Fub. Co.,
Golden, B.C.
In tin' ^iinrpine Court of llritish Columbia,
ISM, 11 No. il
Hcti-wii Alcxmiiler T��� Hugg nnd Fri.nk
lloiiirhtoii, I'liiiiitlirs;
C'hnrles c. Fiirn-ll und O. II. Johnson, Do-
To ( hnrlns r. Fnrroll ami fi. II. Johnson of
Fort Steelo, in tho liistrict of Kootciuiy,
Tiike notice thnt on the sixth .Iny of Auniist
18111, ll writ of summons nils issiunl out of this
Court lii'l.inst yon (it thn si it of the ..liove
ii'iine'l, Alex, inter I,. lliKfir llllll Frmik
lloiiKhton, of Fort Steele, Fro" Miners:
Tliut the si.il ivt'it WiiH encliiscil .villi tlie
fi.ll.iwiii-f stntniiient of cluini:
"Tho pliiiiitill'scl..iiii i- for thociinccllilllun
of the recnrilsiif the Deiiiltvnoil nlld l.o*nd
leiuler miuei'iil ('luims, in the olli.e of the
Minimi- Kpcinler i.t Fort stwlo in iho Province of llritish (-..Iniuli.i, forluiinjiiiiction
rcstriiiuin-r tho ilutenihints. ili"ir sui-vmits,
iilieuts, or woi'kini'ii from en'crini; ii|h.ii the
Queen of the Hills nml l.nku .-lime mul Mnye.i
iiriiier.,1 I'lninis. nml for .Iiiii.iikus nml the
irosts of ihis nclioii."
And luk�� notice, further, thnt by i.u onlei-
nf His I orilsbip Mr. ,1,.slice Wnlkiiiii. ilntixl
i thtlctolior, IKl1. it wus oriliiral thut service
of the m Jd writhe o"ecto(l hy nostiuu tho
sume on tlio oliiee of tho Mining lecoriler ut
Fort Steele, nml uu tlio si.il Queen ot Ihu
Hills, Moyea nml Jji.ko Shorn i'lninis, nnd by
tuiiortisiii't a notice thoroof lor il'I .li.ys in tlio
iIiii.iih.N Elt i iiews|-i.|-er. nml tli.it lho .It.
I'eiiilonts iio enter nn np|ie.'.rniice within iA)
tluvs of the first insertion of such notice,
Ynu nre therefore roqiiiroil pursiiuiit to
such order lo outer nu np|��Mruiic�� to tliu snid
writ iu theolfico uf the Hecistrnr of Ihis
Court nt Kun.l.iiips, lliiii-li (i.liiinliiri. within
IKliluvs of the first uiseriioii of this noticu.
IL.t'otl this-.dth jViiiiiiil'iir. 1KU.
Of Dnmilil,   in thu District of Kisito      ,
Plniiilini.' Soiifilor.
Firs iiiBCrtiuu Dec. 1st .VA.
Hon. J, A. Loi/gheed, Q,C.
G. Sr. McCarter,
Long-heed   A   McCarter,
llju'ristars, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for liniik of Montreul.
OAjjOABV, * N.W.T.
It.  J.  JliPIIWOX.
d.Ij.s. a r.us.-for n.c. dominion &
N.W.I',   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.Ij.S.,1Mj.S. of B.C. &Ont.
C.ll.tlARV, Alba.
McCarthy   A   llnrvey.
Ilnri-isters, Advocntos, Xotiiries, (tc.   Solicitors tor t���
The Iniperitd Hank of Canada.
flloCllllndu I'eriiinnoiit l.onu A Siivin^sCn.
Ilia' Yorkshire Loan it Soctiritlosl orj-orulion
1 Iin .Mi.ssey-lliii-ris Co. (I.t.l|. utc, etc.
Utltcus- Siuphoii Aveiine, Calvary.
P. McCaiitiiy, Q.O.
Horace Haiivev, ll.A. L.Ij.ll.
Assoc. .Mem. Inst. C.E.
mxixi.  kx<:im:k��.
CoOHitANE, Ai.��a.-Ft. Steele, B.f^.
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
jWKjMxo   i;\i;ixi;**:ii.
Heud Office, Queiiec ;  Brunch  Offices
SllEiiniiooKiri, & 17 Pluce d'Armes
Hill. IMl.NTREAI..
Mines, &, mineral products.
SamuGl S, fowler, E.M.,
jttlj-VIXt- KMJiXFUI.
Properties reppr'od npon.    Estimates nnd
pi,.us fur iill ii.ot.'.lliii-gici.l plnnts.
P. 0. Isox 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
i Bank Of Montreal.
i Interest at Current rtitcs.
1   W. B. ClUAVELEY. Manaoer.
;;;piiia camrd,
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
(iOLOtCX, B.1'.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
<tVholenn.lt> anil Itetnil
3 U TGH E R 3.
Cattle, Sheep and
Ilarso Dealers.
Undertakers and
�����������  .   Embalmers.
Cn I ,*rn iry     ���....���      A1 bn
l.TLEllltAt'll    plttlKIIS   PROMl'TI.V
ATTENI.Et)    TO,     '
"It Is worth th* price to every person
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington:
Blue Pencil Rules.
.-!���'���" BT      /:������'
__. GTr. N-DVIKTB.
A Pocket Prlmtrfor tht us* of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rule, for
making and edltlaa newspaper copy,
and of equal value to all who with to
write correct English.
Sent on recelnt of price.  P>lce, 10 cent*
per oopy.  ALLAN TORMAN, Publlshet
117 Nassau Street, Ntw York.
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
Unliluii Hospital Society.
From DrilO a.m. to 11 n.m.
2  p.in. '���  4 )i'.ii��..
..      7    ....  -j   ..
Suiidiiy  from   10 a.m. to  12 ui., and
from 7 p.m. to H p in.
vislrixn HOURS,
From  2:.'I0 p.m.  to 8  p.m.. daily,
except Momlii) and Siitiit'lny.
Bv Oku-II.
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Meiidqtiurters for minin-t men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and .wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from up ths
Columbia. River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
: -:    PRINTING
Job    Departmcrit
_:o:��� OF -:o:���
CAN I OBTAIN A  PATENT?    For a    .nthc-HM-lb
t ana an hi
rn-MT Tt..
M INN & CO.. who have bad nearly fifty .ear.'
experience In the patent bualnes��� Communication, .trlotl; confldonttal. A II nnribonk of Information ooncerninf- Pnteuta and bow to obtain itiem sent free. Also a catalogue of meebsn-
Ical and Klentlflo book, .eat fret.
Patent, taken tbrongh Munn ft Ca receive
special notice In the Sclentllte American, and
thnt are brought widely before the public without cost to the Inventor, This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, ha. by liir the
lamest oirculatlon of any selentlSe work In tht
world. 83 a year. Sample copies tent free.
_ ....  thly,alio*year, f
 j number contains .
   ilora, and photonraph. of new :
 .with plana, enabling builders to show tho '
est deilim. and secure oontraeta. Addreiu
won��� -sn a rear,   eampie eo
Building EdltloD, montlily. I
copies 43 cent..  Every numt
tiful platts. in colore, and pi
"Moraoon- Teal, put up by the Indian Tea
.-rower, a. a sample of lhe be.t qualltie. .<f lndi.it:
ia*. Therefore they um the greatct cere in lhe
. -lection of Ihe Tea and ita blend, that ie why they
put it up Ihem-aitve. and .ell it only in the origin.!
p ��� kagea, thereby mc���-ing ita purity and eaeellence.
Put up in % lb., i lb. and s 1- pad-fas, tod never
���wid in bulk.
If your grocer does not kww-p> it, 1*11 him to write to
{ It and 13 Front Street talt, Toronto, J
Highest Honors-World's Pair.
|f:4 p fill, if!
j*V ���.��������������� v-*- .'-/j . ���.������'������"J fc-i ��;'*���:ii"l'i^''i %J
M=;.'.���;��� PERFECT MADE.
# "ills Urn-ie Cteam of Taitnr I'o-viler.   Fte.
Ammonia, i* Inni or any other adulterant
��� i\t> STAW' f!>
We regret to say that Hyde Baker
lost a fine spnn of studs* recently in
the Kooteiiny River, opposite Fort
Steele. The team wus etn ployed hauling timber for the new Government
bridge and wns it- charge of I hive
Smith, a careful driver Smith hnd
examined the ice tiefore attempting to
take the team across and considered it
perfectly safe. However, when he
tried to cross with the horses and
sleigh the team broke thro' and were
drowned, The loss is a serious,one to
Hyde Baker, who' considered them
worth $400.
Charlie Edwards and A. Fenwick
returned from Moyea, and the latter
reports no gamo.
We had a visit from our S.M.*. Mr.
Phillipps, During his short stay he
was kept busy dispensing justice. He
reports little snow on Tobacco Plains,
He will visit us regularly for the
future as he finds he will have plenty
of judicial work to attend to.
We had a visit from Capt. Tom
Flowers of tlie Str. Lilly. She will
run between Libby, Mont., and Fort
Steele during the summer, Hu expects
to reach the Fort early in April. We
will have, the coining season, three
steamers on the Kooteiiny, the "Lilly"
and "Annerly" from Montana uud
the "Gwendoline" from Golden. Capt
Depuy will be iu command of the
Capt. Flowers reports B. W. Jones,
of Jennings and Fort Steele as having
been caught in the hymeneal noose.
We wish him much hnppjness.
Mr. William Carlin has gone to
Canal Flat for a short visit.
Charlie Edward's and Hyde Baker
have gone to Wasa for a few da. s.
They intend visiting Windermere he-
fore returning. It is reported thut H.
Baker will purchasu George Geary's
fine horse "King "
The weather is very mild and spring
like and the snow nearly all gone.
Mr. Justice McVittie hns been kept
verj busy lately, what with arbitrations and hearing petty breaches of
the peace his time is fully, occupied.
He is assisted by Dr. Maclean, J. P.,
who has proven himself u very useful
Divine service is now regularly held
in the school house every Sunday
evening and the residents take a deep
interest in the services, and join
heartily in them. Mr. Galbraith continues to act as Reader nnd delivered
two excellent 'discourses recently,
which were listened to with marked
It is reported . that our old pioneer,
D, Griffith, k-*-***^0 Loudon shortly on
important mining business. We wish
him a.pleasant trip.
(lur bridge work moves along slowly
but surely and it is to he hoped that
it Will be well under way before very
high water. It promises to be a good
bridge when finished. The work is
tinder the oareful inspection and argua
eye of Mr. H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.
Six teams are constantly employed
h-fullng timber and about thirty-five
men are now at work.between getting
put timber and building the piers.
Work has just commenced on the
St. Mary's bridge, nnd it is to be hoped
lhat this work also will he pushed forward-without delay.
The pupils of the Industrial school,
to the number of sixty, recently visited Mr. Galbraith at the Agency, where
they were entertained at dinner. After
they had enjoyed their repast, as the
dny was bright and pleasant they
amused themselves in out door sports,
and in the evening they returned to
St. Eugene's, much pleased and delighted with the day's outing.
A meeting of the miners is called fot
Saturday evening, Feb. 23rd, when
several very important matters will be
discussed. The meeting will he a
thoroughly representative one and
questions relating both to placer and
quarts* mining will be ventilated. A
report of the proceedings will be forwarded to the Kit a.
Mr. Jennings is down with his
shaft IHO feet, he is not far from bed
rock as he is working amongst large
boulders. Much interest is taken in
this work us it will open a large area
of milling ground, if the prospects
found by Mr. Jennings are encourag
ing. No man has done more to open
up Wild Horse than he, in a short
space of time, and he certainly deserves
Our Assistant Commissioner of L. &
W. from Donald, is looked for shortly,
he is very popular in this section. We
would like to see him more frequently
aS he is a person of large experience in
public works, and his supervision
occasionally would be extremely beneficial here -a-here such important government works as are now going on,
entailing such a large expenditure of
the public revenue. It is to be hoped
he will find time to pay several virfits
during the progress of the work and
before it is finished. . His advice and
counsel are essential to the success oi
tlie work.
The Mountain House is now Iieing
overhauled, painted and pa-iered, and
is getting in first class shape for
spring travel. If there is any business
to do Mr. Edsott will be on hand to do
it and will spare no pains to make his
guests comfortable. He proposes as
heretofore to keep a first class table.
Miss Bailey gave one of her delightful and pleasant card parties recently.
An enjoyable evening wns spent.
Mrs. Robert Jennings will shortly
give one of her musical reunions when
a number of the residents can count
upon a treat.
Mr. G. Delgardno returned to Fort
Steele after a short trip to Golden,
much to the delight of his lady friends
���' Dell" says there is no place like the
Fort. He is one of our popular young
men and has many frienus.
Miss Smith, the public school teacher at Windermere, will likely spend
her Easter vacation at Fort Steele.
She is extremely popular at the Lakes
and is spoken of a* an earnest worker
and one who takes a deep interest in
her pupils. Thro' her exertions and
aided by kind friends a church is now
being built at Windermere. It will be
a neat and commodious structure nnd
an ornament to the village.
A very good joke is told by our
genial friend���the wit of Fort Steele.
A few days ago an unfortunate prospector was arrested and taken off to
jail for imbibing too much G. & W.
A lady happening along ut the time
noticed Constable Barnes leading the
unfortunate along. She enquired of
our friend tbe charge against the man.
The charge madam he said with u
graceful bow is "Waving the American flag and singing Irish songs."
"Served him right," she said and
passed on, and our genial friend bowed
in the politest manner and said ' Certainly, I agree with you."
Rufe Kimpton has just arrived at
the Fort with a load of hogs. As Rufe
is a rustler it is likely ho will be able
to dispose of thorn, but bringing dead
hogs from Winnipeg to Fort Steelo is
like "carrying coals to Newcastle,"
He reports sleighing pretty well none.
We are now enjoying summer
weather, very warm, and the snow
fast disappearing, in a few days there
will be none, and the ice is going out
of the river, so that there is really
nothing to prevent the bridge bring
pushed thro' without any hindrance.
Have on hand a large stock
��� of Watches, Clocks,  Silverware, Etc.
Orders  By   Wall    Promptly
AtteiiiD (I To.
Send your repairs here, will lie
returned by return stage or
J. C. BROWN,    -    MANAGER,
Golden. B.C.
....    BUTTER!
liist Arrived
1000 lbs. of splendid dairy
butter, in tubs, which for tht
next fortnight am commissioned to dispose of at 21 to
24 cents per .-lb'-FOR CASH.
All orders ' shall receive best
Fe Partridge
Commleelon Agent.
The creditors of Hnrrv Connacher.
late of Golden, in tlie liistrict of Kootenay. hotel keeper, decease.', are li.ni.by
requested to send in full particulars of
their claims by registered letter .id-
dressed to A. G. M. Spragge. solicitor,
Donald, solicitor for James Stevens
Connacher, executor of the said Harry
Connacher. Such claims are so to be
sent within sixty days of this date und
after tho expiration of the said sixty
days the said James Stevens Connacher will proceed with the distribution ol
the estate havimg regard only to those
claim** of which  he shall have notice.
Dated at Golden, British Columbia,
this 19th Januarv, Win.
Jas. Con-.ACili.it,
Executor of Harry Connacher.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding-.
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine "Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bssin and Lath
Carlin &  Lake.
Dealers .in Everything*.
We bare just received a full car load
of groceries, and our sic?!, is now complete.
Wo wil3 sell everything' at prices that were
never heard of in Golden before.
Look over tho following prices and
see if you cannot save money, by buying at
Eutfer, best dairy, 2"5e per lb
"  by the tub 21c.
Eggs,gimranteed good 2:?c da
Hams, finest*, 15c lb
Breakfast Bacon, finest   ������
1 )ry salt bacon J2*��c lb
Cheese 15c lb
Finnan Haddie 21bs for 25c
Codfish 2A)bs    "
Sugar.granulated T-Albsforirll
"   yellow       18iibs    "
Tomatoes    7 cans for ��1.00
Corn ���- *
Peas ���*
Beans " "
Condensed milk u *
Soap, monster cake 20 liars $1
Sago 3lbs for 25o
Tapioca '���      u
Beans -libs     u
and everything else in
the Grocery line at the
same low prices.
We have lots of it and will sell suBs at a clear discount of 20 pc. for cash only.   This is a big reduction.
We will sell you a $20 suit for 16.00.
15 " " 12.00.
12 " " 9.C0.
10    "    "    8.00.
All underwear and gents'/furnishings at a clear reduction of 20 per cent.
For the Ladies we will ryivea k'might reduction of
20 per cent on evory thing i.ri'-oDt-y Goods Line.
Rubbers, Baals, Sha.s, _.c, all at Big Reductions.
Now is the time to supply yourself with everything
as these prices will not last long.
Dealers    Ir]    Everything,


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