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The Golden Era Feb 8, 1901

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Full Text

Array '���'I'*"'
-**U\ ������*'*Y-----**~^**m**l
s James Kkkscbmk,
Builder s& Oantractor,
OOLtttN, B.C.
-AHH**^ "ft***"* ~-m**iUs*.
���*��pr*p*r*d.   fmjl��a|IMaV.|ta*i
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solloltor-.
try Public, onveyancer, ete
btB e sn 1/pi-ssV Columbia. Navigation sr/d
T'a.u ay Cssup.-tuy's Huilding,
balden, li. v.
Capital Authorized, $2 600,010
| Caaltal Paid _ �� f ��.4KA��0tl
Beit I70.l,lrOO
H. 8. Howland, rrssaM��at.
T K. Marritt. Vic. Fm
Wn. Ramaajr,    T. 8sla*rlaad Sumor
R>sh��rl JalTray, Ellaa R.gen,
Wm. HaiMlrla.
Hi.tn Dr. ior I TOROHTs.,
D. K. Wll.KIK, Goners! Manager.
I. HAT, luapMHt.
n future changes lu edvi-rtlsioiiiesssa ss*t fe
delivered nt the Era Otfcce not later than
Wediu-adsiy in ..rh srsek. Aa (hn ts.finr muss
be go, out nn tlaie, it h ab-sol isely Iinpnuihle
for n. ts, do that aad make s-liasigets in .lauding advortlseiueala rtreived Lter than Wed-
During February we offer Sp clal
Inducements to (ash Customofs to
help reduce Stock prior to itven-
tory at the end of the month.
; All classes of Winter Goods particularly arc subjected to sefere
price .reductions and no matter
what you want mom y pan be saved
by buying it here. We can supply
everything: you cat. wear or uie.
M ANITOBA, K. W. T* ansl B. C.
H'sodon, Calgary, Edmonson,
OoMea, K��leon, Porta*, la Prank
Prince Albert, Ravelatok.. s-a.rathcu.ia.
Vaacouver,       Winnipeg,
EMn, Farm, Gait, Hamilton, Inarara, 11.
Matassaal, Niagara Kalla, Port Cofboursi-s
KatPerlage, -Sauls Ste. Marl., 81.
s-'alh��rla*>. St. Ttwnaa, Toront*. Welland,
W**s"stock,aad Mon.rs*al, Vsn.
Agemtt la sKrcat llr I tai'.:
! U*yi\ Bask. Ltd ,12I-osnuard St., Union
with wksns. money auy be dapoalted for
Iraiufar by latter su* cabins- aayef Us.;
A gent a In United Sl��te��:
MIwrOBK-Baak of Montreal, Hank ut
CHlOAGsJ^Pirat National Bank.
8T. PAUI.-8asa>nd National llank.
HAN FKANC'IHCO-Wella, Fargo * Co ���
H. ft Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexarjder Block.
Agent* 1 sn. jsjktaih AfWci.
lateral allowed on slem.lt.
Pra.iaclal, Muni.il.l and other d.hentssre-.
Ariilabls a* all pssinta in Catsada, Unit d
Kingdom, United States.
| J. S. Olbb, V(>r., Oolden Branch
Hull Bros. Se Co.
Wholeealo A Retail
Catth, 8bsM|s .wl Horn Dealers.
A General meeting of she shim*
holder, of ihe Oolden Firs. Engine
Aseociasioti will Ial l.el.1 in the Fins
Hall on Monday, tbe lHib slay ol
February, 1901, ft 8:110 p. In , for thi*
purpose of alecilnii a Fise Brigade.
Any oitiinn of Oolden is eligible for
membership is. ilia Biigade, whether u
���hareholder or nut, aad all iniendinK
applicants ara reijueated tu aiieml ill.
lined nt Oolden ihia nib day of Feb
ruary, 1901.
R. J BOBINSON, Seer, sary,
Ooiden Fire Engine Aae'ii.
.|m^H| ���*���*-     -__--__-'___�����
Clothing, Winter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
Until Stock-taking in February.
I have decided to Sell only to Cash Custom
ers iand those who Settle Monthly.
No others need apply for goods.
|Jas Bbadt, D.LS., & P.L..S.
Mining fing tneeri
H. An.'n. Inat. MB.
Ajrent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual auuM.ui.nt work, etc.    Addreaas
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C,
The accession of a nt. Buvehrign
na. be... of Iresi.ieut ooonrrenee among
ountinamal nation., and 'heoouilnuitv
ol |,ollsj, in olved in their geographical
petition and chrbue logical condition.,
ha. bean lo much uf ... absolute iiece*-
.Ity to sh. majority of tho modern
atatn. thai tbe death of a ruler hss.
been leu. a matter jf national iui|ior
lance i hu si j.i-i use or peri-onal ragrai
With He Brill��h N,iIou and Eiup.se
it ts. u.fferent.   O .r Into l��loveu Q, en
bul reiguel fur .ijgl.'-btxf.i four jisur-s.
ansl lhe preaent generation of Engiisu
men hu.e .0 ex|n*rieine for .lie firm
time u clsungo .heel,cl of wbicb uo
man can .ell.   His, Issijierlal Majesty,
Edward llie Seventh reign* In tliejiluco
of tbo time honors d Lady w. all knew-
and what will be the ouioomi of ihiaH
We all ssro avian of the fact ibui ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Queen   Victoria eserciseit   *   certain  noniM, A|M>,,kin>c It. lOiei.U ���upthin-r.
! .mount of control updn the foreiun "��"��' ��'"!  low, ��he hatl. doue wIimi
i-olloy of bur Miulatera.'     W.> all knew ulie could.
,,.*,  ,.*. ,..* - - --    -���
Athalmer House,
Athalmer. B. C.
Flraf class accommodation for Trnrellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplised.
Curling Bonspiel
Sosa.b mt* KUKInit Hslrw nit.r.
H-WTey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
Barrlrtera. Ralleltere, Ae.
1IEO.S. McCARTER,        1. A. HARVEY.
Kewlatokss, II.C. FCf t Sloele. Is.* .
Roesn. .Moiander lilm* Golden ll. 0,
Canadian Pacific ..ate
Hav* th* Quickeat md
Beet Equipped Train
Crowing iH* Continent.
St Paul*
[Toronto and Montreal
1 Wfdne��ds> and Suliday.
For fall partioulara apply to ntsrei'
0. P. ft. Agouti
Or to
A.O.P.A, OP A,
Vaacouvar, Wianlpeg.
3 . P b.N <'hnroll ��VHit tuxed to thn
tituiQrit teiiHioi on 8 tii-Irtv e-enintr
la*t. Through the kln-lnftMii uf rhe
Rev. Mr Ynien mnny, who .vereal-out
to -rlepHrt, weiw inv IteiJ io tho ven'ry.
SpHee does not permir of us tfMnii
verh.itini nno'if th** Keiit ��'Urc����e*eref ���
itellvered  In  dulileh j
T-.e nddrf^ *\en b��� ��*e<T on th" word"
Trom the H It ver** of ihu llth ofiH|)ler
uf Si    Murk    "She ii.uh   <loiie whai
ulie eoold."   * Thin. -,iid tha (.reHcher,
la not die text, Imii tl|t�� OArmo-.   Thin
It*; ful|ue^ii of ijia Christ inn exeel-
lemw. 'I' j- the UllIoHte ntnn.|-.r! of
rluion     Th-'W   Ih   8imrt'elv  ti��'d of
cxiraiisioii    Thu henrt   nVonipilr en-
tirgea upon   It.     A|i|<ltciition8   ru.b
through the mind.   Ton all remember
the story   -I-.ee.1   not dwell on it.    A
loving woman iri  tlie home of Simon.
the   leper.     A   pertwcu>e<l   N��annne
altwidy con-lemued in  'lie henrts end
mi.Hf* of prieHt-. Hnd rulers; ihehrmk
tog nf nn HUhaMter  hus ; the poiirlnv
out lu i.lemifnl m ah a 're. and with the
rich trjsH**!* of h head full of Kratcfol |
houRHia,   the  wiping  of the  tent*
he-owed   fe��t   Uf   ttiinauuel      "She
huh done whnt xhecuu'd "   I Hay th��
Henri promptly en I trgea upon it.    Ap-
lilicHiiou- rush  throujth  the mind.   1
am not drawing parnllelft, hu- I wouhl
yi-ry iweMitli* (If one dare apply our
S,iviour*a words to one to whom they
vere not   spoken) anply them to the
iifi? of her who  ia uppermost in our
t! oukIhm today    T>  her, indeed, the!
rruimn of thin, the simple verse, waa'
part of her ver/ life:
" 'If any littlo word#f mine
Ciin m ���.ki�� a life the brighter.
If sin idle ��onn of mine
Chu make a Hear- the Iiu titer
Ood help me -upc'ik the litil�� word
And t��ke my lilt of ninuinif
A >id drop it in some lonely vnle
Tj net the ��bh*H rlii_ln_ " '
��� a 4 I        *
Yet ehe too. no douht not, hut
li.'.ir-l I uuiatMiel-a voloe across the
vnt*fnesHea of the ParndiHe of God:
W.'ll done, ouod ��nd f ti'hful eer-
vani.'" and H*. om In miotiel. lo-ik
ing with tne e\e ot (hit .ipo'eiiee un
'he millions of i*i��l��j****n�� throu.ilio<if
her late enn hly king om aorrowK
with their Hinrawe, und pu is the t-r.v
ImIhi of OjI-hJ in'd iheir hciriAaiid
home)), Aptf'-kin>c lt�� aoieitU aoothin��r
Tuesday to Saturday, Feb 12-1B, 1901.
SIOET CDELKVG CONTENTS ulrdef the ...apis*, of ths- Koonnav Curllnr
AHOcUtlon���-UOCKXT TOUrlflAJIENT lor Senior. Junior snd.   ,
:. ��� .,-.',. l>dl..'ol).����|*MM^iolBrisl��I.Coli.nil.I.��� 8NOW8HOE
*    h VMCXMI1BACE8,-9KAT1NO HACEfl for Pro
ijjissjjssjjssjjssjjssjjssjjssjjbsjJ''  .In,
$3,000 W
i.kip. and for n.*rr and boy..
tlM-m Ot'ronl trip en all nils**;*. -
���tt*W*wv*W&hA*m rivoproMni*. of onoreoo.
tummy t>*t*itaOt*mit'm, e***m*, AO
Ul. Tkoa. O'Brln. kavla�� pnrchaoed
I Till sSoidkk   En a rt.wapaiHW and
Printing; Bnelne... *. from Deoen.Ur
nib, IMO, all account* ossrlnx to Ih
Im nl thai dat* are pajalde ta him.
W* N.�� to nqttMi fof Mr Q'Uriei
tlssi eonslnuaunof Ih.auWliption and
adv.rll.ini p*tf*nog* Islthotto *it*nd
[���a �����
Pw K A. HAOWHI,   ..
Managing Dinitok.
OsjIsJsm, Dn. Ntk, IWO.
hat  Iser i..6��s'tu'e upon the exieri.Hi
.���oliey sf Euroiis-ai. nasion. waa irrent,
iu.|-lt I* whi-si-ere- in hipll blrclea-
her acsive peno.al ll.ier.uti.ii. tsa**
on more thsti. 0 ie  occaalon aver'esl
aarloua troists.��h*t-reels loreigi, power-.
Hs-r elslt.t Sosi, a. Pril.ee oi Wales,
dsirinu horreiKii haa most acron .loual>
adhs-rrcd to conaiii .siossal   preoedtiiii
in uerrf Insesleris,|| In mailers of pol
isiyi  ii. neisr f<|.r.-aai.ig views upmi
either foreign or dsnnesiic prolileiufl.
and lis holdiiij;  h   Imlance to a nines.,
between per.o.,al liking and |,oliiin,ii
ndt.erenc*.    What will he do aa Ki^V
Tne new 8uv��reiu.s ia before all el.-
a ty'iiical ��nniishu.Hi.  fie los/M ��|*ol'l
of all kinds, he enjoys asid ajsprecia'tb
ihe plen.isre. and reaponalbllties of a
Conn ry ite tleniiui, he ha. mixta witli
1*11 clakMs, anl In Use different posiiiuii
In which he haa been called upon to
holddunnit the Queen', life, he carried
hl.na.lf with ability and tact, Beyond
sjusMtion h* mad* himself oil* of tbe
moat popular psnosn.-ie. lb England
swing to hia capacity for entering iuso
other |srrso<<. ���njoyuiesst*   If anybody
understand, th* ch.raoier of the arer*
a*i*  Eugllahsuan.   it Is  the  pivMlt
Dov*r*ign.   80 much cani.oi Is* suti.i
of  the pr.1io.1s  H,.norerlai.  King-..
Another faosor whicli i* impssrsass.
Is, tbe wide ktsowls-dx* th* n���� Sue.
rig., has of the world al Urge,   The
Pri iso. ol WalM travelled far and wide.
He ha*. .Nn nlm.sss every plaoe worth
(welng and hu snet nlmo.i *s*ry perao
of not* dnring Ihe lasi fony j.ar��.
He know* tbt britiab Empire sind
appreciatta Ih* Colonial mind H* can
feci the. pulse of continental Europ*.
wall acquainted a* Isesa with the Parisian, th* phlegmatic germ-in. and Ih*
obstinate Russian. Thst l.e will govern
oonstitutionnlls .here oan he .,0 doubt.
That hi�� iisfl'.encs- will Ise good *���
���rust and believe. Tlissjl lie ha* knowledge andexi-ssrien ����� .0 ,HAbi a cspalsle
tuler we knn.v. Wo also know Hint,!
hi* abilities are eqts.il <o lii^ exalted
|M.|tiOD. Tn* futsintisin the hands
I of ProvMsMoe, bul it 0..r kns>wls-s|g�� ol
ll.stMW *b>erlin's |*a-l 111. It any
jarittrion wt may talaljr prophesy thtl
under bU rnllng tbt Emplr* will ad-
, simm, Ml Mort, *pon brsMd Jismol
ptiityiai prOgr*t��.|��id that tktgmnd
���xaapl. **t by c��l.nl.ra.nt��dQus��in
[ Vlttorit, w|l| not h* 1**�� epm kw
Men and women   .ulijeott of otsr
ti'iosel   Qseen   the  ss-r.s.on   of   the
hour for ,\oss ia in the word. ,l'8sse
hath .lone what she could."'   Ian is
preach 10 you of .he work yo. havs.
tss ds) in shet-e high and rare years that
are so rapidly glidinit by.    Do what
you can  towars  bringing  01.1 the
noblest pos,s.ldliiies  of your nature.
D-s   what  you  smii   to  think   l.i.h
bougists. .0 iow irile things, assd hs
do noble des'sis     Before  vou hang the
gilded trinkets of f.tal.ioii, tl.e embroidered hsuniTs uf s.lllsli lives, .lo what
.,011 ran to live for higher aims than
s|}i-sh.   Do wlsas   vou can to folios.
1 our sfiieTsI, sssid io do vour but.
Mos hers 1 you dream of houisM Wade
a.scn-d by holy infloenosss into which
site dwartii.gexolsem.ntsof S'.perficiai
ufe. fs.hioss, and aesssa'ion. that So
endanger .1 our children, may not (titer.
Are you doing all yon oan 10 reallavs*
thia dream ?
fathers! are you doing what yon
cal.'lo.vsr.ls leaving your children that
Inestimable heritage -a noWe rxs.0|ilej
the record of a life of nncuinproini
ing in'egrii,, a assiilim. devotion to
truiH,' a quiet but ntver falling loyalty
to .'os.-csp.sbs**
Yea to all, theae word* conrls' tcrsVsf
the feverish centssrie. aa a quiet s, r
mon, liking us If w* an at faithful
to th* has. iinpulaea of our nature as
thia woman wai 10 hers, if we ara
doing wl.11. we can to testify tb she
ITuhispI of love and patiesic**, wdrEii.g
wt,h all iht posjr'F us have to dispel
the clouds of suiasra.fiiou .hat orer
hang the world, diis.g th* IMI* ����
oan to break ih* fetter, of bigotrf, 10
Increase the lore and good will of the
wos Id, towards nmkin*t our religion a
lifo.atid our fife In tutfi a religion of
love and eelf-saorilto*.
Moral cowardice is ��� practical Infi*
slelity at thii day mora alarniing than
all the honcsM a I1su.1l Slid avowei
���.sienfis'.iSus of 'bis iff any d-Iscfr age.
Moral  courage la  the great want of
nels in the vsYltgilsf-il ssf progrea.. Ah,
mv brothers, mor,* hero u is the smile
slias robs ihs. psii, . f it. gro", than la
the lefi,si li'irra1. 0 sols.'g gcol-
11 in, Mnivdar'iu Isiha r.'ing of
���s sin l��� fl�����k ,.f nimniMii b.       hrink-
.iss-r. tieiiihliiig ai.nl In behalf ,-, AhiV
s.eiis-i tss l�� a  lo-st.sg css.se. than v'dl*
.u.siesof worsts1 1 li.soriss from srro >stit
helfs-.-es/a,    Asid  is  is of lss*r. beloved
��� ssil rtivs-resi, ti.a'   we ws/ulsl bpealt Id-
dav    sso.,11  appl.   th*. ivnr's ,'tf thi.
Ilex,     for *,l.ll indeed   S>   all   Sillies |��r
Srsas-d   ��hesa  ver-     vir's.e.   shas   are
foon 1 so WRi.*.iug in o'lier-    T.. iis*r.
the gr��a'rs'  of earsls'-i monarch'sj to
her. svho-n a   whole -..or -I  with o<,*
io.ee |,roclaims so h..ve been 'the wo.
uianliesr  woman   and   rhe sjus-s-nlieft,
qsieen' tliat   ,-*er  gr,'sjs.| a..throne on
our sin sssin-sl   gluts.) ro   H-r*.  who
never had, like  Joan  of Ai-si, to lead
her   victorious   hatsallioua   wish  .l.e
.leilsut H'sivVali s.jf a chargissg cidsiinis.
but lei thein by the loving mnilo in
the wards of a hospital, and tiie kindly
.���ord by   a   dying  bed"; to tier wno
never a.ooi out In the far advanced
lines  all    through   the   lone  tjighi
���vasr.he. as   weary aesitinel on picket
doty, but who ssood  01st 'clean, sharp.
Idistioct, 'in thn Befoe llghs that beats
upon a throne.' from the munnrchs ol
jsaat  assd   present   aa  the picket, the
aeniinel of sdvanc.d   ideas a* .oihe
pssrisy of he! Hhfi*   a'tid the sacred-
neas of the British constitution, and
all through her long and noble life she
ue* fcr forgot the  'little tiling-' thnt go
1 so make  up life's happiness and tlte
h.,iipitiesi of others, ssyiugihe right
thing  always in ihe right way, aim
doing she  righs   thliig alsbays al tin
ri-lu time, teaching eve.  liy heroin
itfest and   sood   life,  that it is 'ihs
greats'st greaine*s to Ise goo.,."
Afit.r referring as some length to a
iiiiiula-r sif incidents  cossusicied  with
her reign and dottte^tit; life s he nrescht'i
said "'ha. those incidents had la-conn
so   well   known    as    to  bo  alino-*t
hou-ehuld lales," and sifter reviewing
Iser slevotiou   lo  her 'i-cople and hei
sturdy  iiiiiiiiten.iice of  lasv assd jis
tiee n all nans of tier vast rvaliu, ansl
the purity of her court, he referred 's
hs*r s'osssiasss reliance as nil limes iblii
K; g of Kinjs, is Iseiher sintdthe gin
;��u of lllanMgliluft  br Asllld'Hi.
dimes uf s.nrow   sh - iinelt wi>l. he.
petiple iti ih-* prnyi-n of she Church,
rhepra.i e,s "uuiusiiou 10 all" sns'. ever
plucrdher irusr a ni led her su1 jiuts to
she   feet   of   the   world's   R itse.uel-.
Speaking if Ihe   coronation    l.e  tola
how she kuelr and prayed  In ailenci'
when rtib cro*s't.  was placed upon hei
fair young head aid how the tnusic 0,
he choirs   waa s .lied and siiethui,*
dots   of   the   boifiliillg   iiaui, 11   wai
liience,!,   for  as   she    j,ra(ved   tears
oo.sr-esl .lows, her cheei s   ".he ��epi
10 wear  a  crown.''    Farewell dear
Q.swnl  Oh Nig   In pence; 1 hou in eh
i-eloiesi.    Thon h.i-.t done thy ilm.i
Done whai ihjtl  siouldal.    Thv   fail I,
,1,1,1 ill. faithltiliivss will receive iheir
Good b>e. lalS.eil QjsHn, and as we
nid shee a Hi.al farewell wiih quiver*
iug li|.i. from the very depths ol
:oviug heart, wepruv:
"Xfir,', all-j,ity ing. Jesn Hlsst
Oraut her Thine Eternal Best.''
IHE LATE Sffe \y. c. WELLS;
O11 Saturday last 'he mortal rnmi*in8
of Mra. Welle wife of rhe Chief Com*
in 'flionfr of Ltinda and Wi��rk*.   v-'ere
laid I'teat at Palliser iti pur-ejiiitte of
her own   exprcaa   desire.    With   Mr"
VV.-ll.V usual kitidheai nnd fowtfroi-jjlii'.
.irrunu'flMienii   were JlMl-to w hereli*
H|iecial  t.Ml'rt,   w th   the  alei'|iiiifi  ���*������
"Winiip k" ittti'ohed wae iti  waitlnjf
a' tho depot at Ooldai   for the pur|>ui>-��
of coin*e> lug frieriin of th*. de::e��?ii.il 16
and  from f.-]iKs"S..    It   fs a  striking
trllmteto ihe memory of the ileparea
dy   that   the sjiecial   was crowded,*
many, Indeed, of these desirous of acta 'idltili the f.iuenil   imug Uunblo tb d.
kotowing to Wiiiu of rootil on lti'p'tn.in.^
OwiilK to  ihl-eeoiT thr meuiljers  of
tile  B  Xtin  Columbia  Ctihinet  heinjf
ahsan* lu Ottawa it was  found Mpoe-
iibit*-for any of the mint*ietti t.itt��'nd-
b:it the eoliemruM tif fion. W.C. Well^
.���We^nUlMr W  .McNeill the ArSiBtau
1. 'tie Chief ("omtuiSfiioner, torefir'eSen-,
lie G.veriiuient. in mtdltfoii tb whictf
th��\  bam an e_.iqitin-.ite floral  wreath:
Mr. D oheaney.   Superintendent ot
ihe C. P. It, and Mr H. B, Beirleyf
Assfllftutfdthep'rrsftleiit-.fth-sC PR J
a'te.i .el tha funeral, travelling in Mr.
D .clitt'ije> 'n private enr.   Rov, Father
Thtyer olfietitulat rltri Heri'lSeKiidprf^
kche.I hii iff uttilg Sehttot!.  Hi itferted
touu'iinpli totiieeiriinoiit per ho   <lQ>>aI-
iti-fte of deceased,   tntil auid   i   at   her*
life      Wft.i    yet     to     her     Btio    of
{rre.it itnd endiitUll^ juWiii-'e, li Hflmuolf
'is she Imi] aoope for her charitabie hi
adnata und  wan  uovtr liMfJpiit  ttia):'
when  allevjniin({  the   sufferings hi..
li.iuiinis'eriitjc to the pleaauien of thoM:
RPUiii l Her    fitderd It   might 1ft liil���!
ruthfullv thnt  aha was   never really
iutppy   iiilesH   eiiKngt.(l  in  charitebl-1'
A'o.ik of aome kind.
T.ie n-iriil uffiftiiljis tt'^e thkny nni
ieau. Ifnl,
I   is the iiiren.ion of the Hon. W.C
W -1I1., so soon hs tbe weather (t.*eitsod
Obl.i, to build a frfflftfilH vault rfi ^ttlliseF
wherein the remaina   of his  laia wiftf
will dually rest.
Tlss> Quae's of Norway and S veden 1.
ss-iiou.-ly ill.
King Edward hss resigned aa grass
master of iht Free ISsadiil IK England
our time, and of all lime*. Noi oour-
age to do the grea' ihiiigi, so tall d.
but I* do the greater thing.., whioh wn
Ml 'little.' Thtrt is always b-ioiaiu
enough to Match women and ohlldren
trom burning bsslHlrtgs, or to mitt a
bayolisH ekirg* on th* battl*8*lsli hut
alway. I'M llttl. courage to beffir.sd
th* foraak.o, to do picket duly (or ad
sassfsssl lJ���   ** m,.~A  -m k-ui-S. .
B. h. Oaler, K 0��� one of Canada's
raosi , milsent lawyers, diedal AllanLis.
Cits, N.J., last Tuesday.
���TiIn Hill haa ainii.lrrd a valuahl.
waler front fit-dt va.icosiver. 1. i>
aisled a conneeting Hue may ba bull
from North Dakola to Manitoba, join
ing the Oreat Northern and the Canadian Northern systems;
According 10a despatch from Cap*
Town a case ol what issusps-sstil tu ta*
huboiilb plague Ra'* stevelupesl .here.
Premier Hoblin and Mr. Rogers, ol
Manitoba, are iu $>. Paul, whose llie)
will hold a coiifereisce with Preside't
Mellen residing il e lean of tkt N P.
B lines in h |. ovi ,ne 10 the Oovem-
Then sfe over 400 oases ofsrasl.
pYss in Glasgow.
0, er 8.OUO wreaths were aent lo th.'
t),.*s>nVfsin��ral as Win.!ei��).
The Doniiiioii H Mile wa* formally
opr.M.1 ysss-er lay, Mr. Brodeur being
���faciei spe k*r. The House adjourned
until Moudsy.
B. It BurJln wrt ieles<'��'l ��iPH.lia
n tnl*r> leader lor tht teision al me
Dotnlnfto' 6|ipo*lt(on cau.us.
j Two nmltngs of th. Brlil.b OgMm
tn three day. has giren rtW Ul rtpari*
thai istiporiani development, lit Iht
South African titustloo aay, be looked ]
The Hon. W. C.  Well* dslires  fe
*.p.e��s his deep approciatioa of ilii
nan, rceSSsgeSof iiynipAthy and ton-
oluce of h 1, ic li   he  hat   been   tht
recipient  since hii bereavement.   Et-'
.seoially wo.ild lid like ta thank ihfX.il
la.lies Siid gentlemen iroiri (loldltn ahd
Field,-   Mr.   Dachesuey.   Supt,  of  th*
0. P R.| and Mr. H. E Beasley, Assistant to .Mr. tHissn&hiiesSj-.  who erf
S.iuniay liUi. giieiidad  liis.oblei^ulcl
of  Mrs    Weils at    P'alliaer-inauy  Ot
ihem siofii'g so st great perasrtlvl iit(,ui-.
vessiei.ee; rhe Rev. Mi. Yates; and thB
����l Ian B-sji'd 61 Trade, whdSe Wolf
uti ni uf sympathy and  floral oteriog
win he nr zed ss a welcome memento"
0/ the csisi-m in which the late Mrs.
WeJiswas held. If anything can ngorol
tha .'hi. f Couuuissioner consolation l|j
his  al'icsion   it ii  the sponiaiiWiia*
ohulUtilltm of aoflow And S.vopatbjf
which   has   been   msnifettesl   hy all
classes of hii friend, and neighbor).
Such* tribute any mail would l*jfrona
ot and it will go fat   to alleviate hi**
si rrow.
Joe Martin Organizing-.
lUdoiiitf.  B. 0��� JBol.. 8.   Mr Joif
tlartiii.   leader uf ihe o'pposition,  Itf
she provincial houso, oalled a mewling
alt   uiglii   of ihisn  opposed   to thtl
.0,eminent for Iii* pnssposte of noniiri-
sting * camliifate fur the Lijio cl.nioif
10 opiate Rubers McPh.rsou, iheL'ahtif
Candida e. la-cause lhat ge..ileiH.in h*sf
��� aid lhat h�� would ���.lf^|iO'l,f. iHe |ilat"
form mado by *tr. Mattiu.   but wonlil
not aupport the  mall,    fhe nt��>iit',:
alvistl conciliation,  hus /sir;  SJssitiii
ssiil 'hat tf Ml; Mt-Pbtrioii did  nol
jo 11 the opjio'i.ioii rf.ll  Hukllbwledge*
Ilia lesdershiji lie wsJuld call a 6'oiivbrf-s*
ion assd nominate a candiilas,* so 01 |josa
u'.ii   ll is i.iideraino I ll.at >fr McPlifr.-
son is gi.eu until Tls.sr.-da    so d.c di;
Joseph Martin,  M.P.P*..  is taking'
steps 10 secure the nomination of nrf
������ppoiiTtiol. oiiiidi late lor itis* bye vise*
io... At   tl.'- Inftr   Cf.in'i'initin   elecljoij
lis Labor party supported the ftihnrnf
'.iiidiilnieoii the alleged uifde*Standing'
'has 1 hb Iii lief.Is iionll sujiiori Robl."
McPliet��on,ex-M.P , the Inbor noitiineef
lor ttie total hous*. Mrftin ami other*1
nnW Oppose this as McPhersois m istlacss*
I to run *.' an f niotnin ittlt IMbof tauiU
date and not to bind himself so aupjiorl
tbt ��ppar-,il*h. <h* BWtttt rfi��U (Nf
jfalanary ��lsl, but tb. dnl. of tht hj*
Mtotiim bag 091 y*i btfa thtl.
Mr* 0*1*1* ifclfo'll tnd rr�� statootf
'tmUbfilit folfowerg wrehksxl tht faSwtsf
eqnlpsjtdMiobnlnl'-s"*-   *���        J ��
XiXlh Monnted Mon-ltnoi Meets Uo
Wet-tont iooous Fighting
for Hoars.
I London, Feb. 3.���General Kitchener
[elegraphing frou Pretoria under
ate ol today says :
I De Wet's force crossed the iUoem-
Jont em-Lady brand line, near Israels-
loort, during the night of Jan. 60.
Hamilton's men at the waterworks
Were unable to get in touch with
J French, with cavalry aud mounted
Infantry is sweeping the country east
If the    Frutoria-Johanneaburg    railway between thu Delagoa Day    and
Nn.tai railways aa far as Krniolo. Hu
In-gaged about 3,000 of the enemy ut
Vilge Valley. The enemy retired with
|our killed and wounded.   Our casualties    wero one    killed   und   aeveti
Knox reports that he engaged  De
iVet'B force south of    Welcome Jan.
bo.   Thoro was    continuous lighting
for some hours.     Five    Boers were
buried.    They removed many of Iheir
asualties In   carta.   Our   casualties
one officer and ono mnn killed
tnd thirteen wounded.
London, Fob. 3.���"It is understood
here,', says the   Durban correspond-
fent of the    Standard,    "that operations in the field will soon be revived on a large scale, and the policy
|of hunting out    t>nd capturing    the
Boers with mounted troops will    be
"Gen.  De Wet's force consists    of
L.500 men, and two guns," says the
tape Town correspondent of the Mail,,
"It ia officially    confirmed    that hc
 entered Capo    Colony,   hut  delicto news ia impatiently awaited."
The Dally    new    editorially   uv|.es
It hat an endeavor should be mndo io
[utilize the presence in England of the
numerous    sovereigns    of    European
It-nates    on   tho   occasion whwi    tho
���whole world Is    mou r tit US the (It-nth
���of a peace-loving queen '.o secure tho
ation    of    the   'unhappy war in
l&outh Africa.'
Johannesburg, Feb. 1.���Four or
Ifive hundred Boers recently .nvadtd
Ithe British patrols, reached lk'Mitiia
land attempted to destroy the mines.
I Some fighting resulted and rhe At-ors
���were beaten off, carrying away most
���of their wounded and leaving two
I wounded behind them. The Bill ish
I captured three prisoners. One Briton
Iwas wounded. Commandant Marals
[was wounded during the attack and
I was subsequently captured.
London, Feb. a.���A dispatch from
��� Pretoria announces that Pretorius,
lone of the leading Boers, hns stir-
1 rendered. Pretorius states, how-
lever, that the Boers arc as determin-
led as over to fight.
It* New. la. GoBsUaaod Paragraphs.
b FRENCH SWEKPlMi TUB     Winnipeg, FobTHT-A new    county
COUNTRY court district will be formed for tho
Swan River 'county.
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 2.-The Minnesota, state board ol health reports
there are 450 new cases of smallpox
in tliat state.
8an Antonio, Tex., Feb. 3.���Steve
Brodie, tbe bridge jumper and sporting man ol New York, died here yes-
ts>rday of consumption.
Qrnnd Forks, N. D., Feb. 3.���Tlie
business portion of Abervromiile, N.
V., was burned inst night. Eleven
business.houses were slestrnyed.
Toronto, Feb. 8.���Twontynvo Toronto veterans, back from South Africa aro anxious to return ns members ot Baden-FiswoH's police torcc.
Chatham. Ont., Feb. 8.���The popu
han apjioiuteU Rev, Francis Hts'autts,
rector of St. Joseph's church, f.'hat-
iiuni, it secretary upostollc sis legato
to Ottawa.
Oinuhit. Nob. Feb. 8.-A report frr.sss
Beatrice, Neb., to the World-Herald,
says that, u conllsigriitissn is '.hretuen-
ing to siestroy tho entire business
section.   Details nre sinoiitulsuilile.
Otlnwa, Feb. 8.���lt has been delln-
itely decided that Mr. Macdonald, M.
P., (Huron), will be deputy speaker
ol tlio house ol commons in place ol
Mr.  Bordeur, who becomes speaker.
Montreal, Feb. 8.���Charles Caput,
oi Montreal, has boen olected to the
vacancy on the board .ot the Canada
Life Assurance company caused by
the death ol the late Senator Macln-
Lockport, N. Y., Fob. 8.���John
Paterson, colored, on trial lor the
murder ol Minnie Lewis at Niagara
Falls, was found guilty of murder in
tho second degree and was sentenced
to life imprisonment at Auburn.
Berlin, Feb. 3.���The British ambas-
sadoi^ere, Sir Frank C. Lancelles,
has suddenly gone to England In obedience to a telegraphic order. It is
believed here that the ambassador's
departure has political slgnillcnnce.
Ottawa, Feb. 8.���A cable received
here says that Trooper Edward C.
Mackintosh, of Strathcona's Horse,
and a son of Mr. C. H. Mackintosh,
Hossland, ex-governor ol the Northwest Territories, died at Pretoria of
enteric fever.
Ottawa, Feb. 8-Eremler Dunsmulr.
anil Attorney-General Eberts have
completed their work In Ottawa. Mr.
Ilunsuiuir loft yesterday lor Toronto,
and Mr. Eberts hns gone to Montreal. Thoy will leave fssr British
Columbia next week.
Montreal, Feb. 2���The police commissioners have made the discovery
that six policemen ol No. 12 police
station have for years past shirked
their night duty nnd siscnt their
timo jslaying cards in a shanty on
Caslieux street, belonging to the waterworks department.
Victoria, Feb. 1.���The official report ot deaths and marriages in tlm
\'tlkon country during the year just
s*sided. shows only 112 deaths, the
rate being about seven out of every
1,000 ol the population. During!Iso
year 88 couples vere married and
there was not a singlss divorce case.
Montreal, Feb. 3.���W. Edward Iln-
gir, aged about 50, who .recently rs*-
tired from the wholesale crockery
husins-ss of Edward Hager A Co.,
wus found dead in his office on St.
Paul street on Friday evening, having been dead since Monday. It is
supposed hc shot himself through tho
head. .
New York, Feb. 8.���It is fii'd lhat
Helen Gould has given S400;0O0 fur
the land, the building und tlm sotn-
plete endowment ol tt Yo >nz ision'H
Cl.'s.tian ussociA'.l.m 'is le hunt ond
csinslucted under the direction of the
officers ot the Brooklyn navy yarda
nnd for the benefit of sailors and
London, Feb. 8.���The visit oi the
Duke nnd Duchess ol Cornwall nnd
York to Australia has not teen
abandoned because ol the Queen's
death, us was at first repor'.ed. Orders have been Issued at Pori.sins.tlth
to prepare lor the Duke's trip. Ho
will visit Canada and tho United
States bofore returning to England.
Toronto, Feb. 8.���There Is much
enthusiasm in local lacrosse circle*
over Ahe proposed trip ol tho Toronto team to England. Secretary Sachs
of tho South of England Lacrosse
league has arranged a list of fifteen
games with the best teams In England, the first match being slated
for the beginning ol April. Tho team
will leave Canada early in March.
Now Yotk, Fob. 8.���E. Gonzales
Estavos, consul general ol Venezuela,
has received tho following dispatch
from President Castro, of Venezuela:
Revolutionary movement at Caraun-
tano is terminated. All the country
is tranquil. By this dispatch President Castro contradicts tho stories
ol the spread of the revolution,
ts'rdnyof consumption.
Toronto, Feb. 8.���Chancellor Boyd
I and Mr. Justice Street have slelivcred
I judgment as to the validity ol seven
1 ballot* in lhe North Bruco case that
I were not Initialed. Four of thsun
I were marked lor Campbell, Liberal,
I and threo Ior McNeill, Conservative.
I The Judges hold that tho ballots are
��� good, the initials being absent by
I reason ol tho neglect ol tho deputy
I returning officer, for which the voters
I should not suffer. The decision doss
I not aflcct the result of Use I rial
I which in to be resumed oss Mnnd.ij
| next at Southampton.
Montreal, Feb! 8.���Lord Str.ithcssna
I ia the official representative r,f tun-
I ad* at the Queen's funeral. Canada
I sends a magnificent wreath, four foot
| In diameter, and consisting ���l a
j trt panel of white lila.s oncircls-d
I with camellia*,   lilies   o( tlio valley
i violets.    Around 'Ida "'iter
| do aro eight semicircular wreul.lis oi
I white azalesui, representing the s't-tht
Canadian province*,   'lhe   insur.jitlun
reads :   "Tribute s.i a'f.sctlonuiu    regard and esteem Irom   her Canadian
British Columbia sent a cushion
star ol violets, with the letters, "V.
R. I." and "Crown" marked out In
lilies ol tho valley. At the foot Is a
white allk ribbon with a spray of
* pink orchids. The inscription reads
"Tribute of affection from the gov
ernment and people of British Colssm-
Bo true, even to your enemies.
Winnipeg. Feb. 3���C. P. R.   land
i department   sales   Ior   January am-
I ounted to 25,.MS acres, lor the sum
I ol $81,000.
Phoenix, Ariz., Deb. 8.���News has
been received here ot a duel between
Tom Chllds nnd Miguel Lacado at
Ajo mine, northwest- ol Phoenix
. Child* Is a wealthy cattleman, and
Lacado a miner. Both were in love
with a senorlta, over whom ths>y exchanged shots with pistols.
London, Feb. 8.���Lady Rachel
Charlotte Fitzgerald, daughter ol tho"
Carl ot Dunraven and Mount Earl
died on Friday morning at Adore
Manor, the earl's scat In Adore,
County Limerick, Ireland. She gavel
birth to a son on January 20 and
wa* supposed to be doing well. Hor
death was quite unexpected.
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 3.���Mrs. Roe*
Bott, a pretty Italian woman, living
, on Mohler atreet, East End, was
foully murdered on Thuraday last as
���he *lept. Hor nine year old daughter waa lying beaide her at the time.
Her lather lott home alter dinner
saying he would not return.
Wroxoter, Ont., Feb. 3.���Mr. Tho*.
Oltsaon, ex-M.L.A. for Eaat Huron,
died at hia residence hero yentorsiuy,
���and 76 yearn. Mr. Gibson was first
elected to th* legtMature In 1871 and
^retained hi* ��es*t until the general
[election in 1808*  ,
t   Kan***City,   M��s���    Feb. "-8.-11*
fcoaJToi��r. how*. -U-'-tm-J*^
I theatre of thi* city, wa�� totally d<s-
Iwoyed by UW. Walk* WhllMlde,
���^^d "Hswrt and *��fd" ljM
at. but th* ��sjdl��nee bad ��'ft re-
t tba Or* tmt* out. I
Montreal, Feb. 1.���Mrs. William
Vallentine, ol 24 Balmoral street,
while washing the floor yesterday
accidentally came In contact with a
red-hot poker, which sot Iiro to her
clothes. She wo* badly burned and
died a few hour* later.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.���Henry Payne, BS
years of age, fell over a lumber pile
at Booth's yards this morning and
broke his nock, no was for seventeen years in Booth's employment.
Ho leaves a widow and grown up
family, who live in Hull.
Mlnnedusa, Feb. 1.���Nell Morrison,
ol Sinclair, has been lined in the aggregate 12.000, he having been lound
guilty .on four charges of violating
the. Liquor License act. This Is 'a
heavy, fine and Morrison has appealed against all convlctlona.
Vancouver, Feb. 1���Ronald McRae,
formerly a civil war veteran, aged
60 year*, waa Inatantly killed by being caught In a cable near Dawson
last week. He was crushed "between
the cable, and tbe drum on which It
was revolving, Tue remain* were
buried In the Klondike.
Tbo llotrs Drslroy  ��800,000 Worth
of Property at the links-
burg Mines.
London, Feb. 1.���It is generally ar-
cepted that the. wording of the proclamation at Pretoria describing King
Edward as "Supreme lord of and
over the Transvaal." was deliberately designed to promote conciliation.
Sjieciul signifleakce Is attached to
the fact that the Times prints a letter from Sir Henry Drummond Wolff,
in which the diplomat declares it Is
difficult, to exaggerate the linportnnco
of this wide and beufflcent step. The
title, he says, is likelier than any
other thai could lead to pacification.
It has established tho supremacy of
tho British sovereign aud recognizes
thu mural entity of the Transvaal,
keeps it separate from the constitutional empire, and places its ancient
laws, customs, traditions, religion,
geneuology and private property under the supreme separate rule .nid
protection of the King.
The proclamation, conclud<<s Sit
Henry, was Inspired by the geutuu ut
conciliatory statecraft and the result
must be pacific.
Cape Town, Feb. 1.���The Boer attack on the Boksburg mines, resulted
in damage amounting to ��1)00,000.
Tho commissioner at Kroonstad reports that Andries Wessets, one of
the peace envoys, was shot at Klip-
fontein on January 26, by orders of
General'Be Wot.
Morgan Ball, who was another of
the two Boer peace envoys, and who
accompanied Andries Weasels, was
shot near Lindley, Jan. 10.
New York, Feb. 1.���Fire broke out
in the Hotel Jefferson here this morning, starting probably in the pantry
and sweeping up the dumb waiters
and airshafts. The blaze spread out
on the upper floors like a mushroom.
In the rush for safety which followed, and which was very nearly a
panic, all but two of the occupants
of the hotel, 150 of whom were
guests, escaped with their lives.
Eleanor II. Downing, a nurse, who
was earing for the invalided Mra.
Mason, was killed by falling from a
sixth Btory window, after a deputy
lire chief and a policeman had flung
her a rope from an adjoining window in tho Union Square hotel. With
searchlights ploying on them like
limelight on a mage, the woman tied
it about her, and the deputy chief,
with the policeman holding him by
the legs, leaned out over thu window
to swing her lo safety.
Then she leapt from the window
ledge. As the rope jerked it broke,
and the woman's body was hurled
down to the pavement aud instant
A rope was procured for Mr. Mason, who lied it (irmly about his
sick wife and lifted her gently out
of the window. Six times the body
swung like a pendulum, until rescued.
Mr. Mason was saved in thu same
The rescue of Mrs. Mason was one
of the most thrilling sights witnessed even by veterans of the fire department.
Winnipeg, Feb. 1.���Mr. Malholt, the
Dominion government's civil engineer
states that work on the new dock at
Selkirk is still proceeding, and that
about 300 feet of it has been constructed. The government is also
repairing the dock at linausa and
building an extension to it, together
with other impiovemmts. A new
wharf is also being built at Gull harbor. New swinging engines are being out into thu government dredge,
and with this Improvement its capacity will be doubled. Mr. Malhoit
expects to be ablo to cut a new
channel at the mouth of the Red in
a very short time with the aid of
the new dredging gear,
Montreal, Feb. 1.���Tho Wlnnipegs
won the deciding game In the Stanley cup hockey series by a score of
2 to 1.   The game was very fast.
Summary of game i
First half���
1. Victorias, Bain, 18V_ min.
Second half���
2. Shamrocks, 'Irihey, 2 min.
Extra time���
8. Victorias, Bain, 7 min.
Havana, Feb. 1.���The Cuban constitutional-convention yesterday voted hy a largo majority to Insert a
(laiise tn the constitution allowing
universal suffrage.
Business was in a panicky condition in consequence of the rumor that
the United States will soon turn
over the government to tho Cubans.
Stocks dropped two points and business men are considering tho cancellation of large orders.
'London, Jan. 81.���-Tho WeaUnlnstv
Gazette today says thst serious riot*
have occurred at Kleff university.
Conflicts have taken place between
students and Cossacks, In wbich
many of the former have been killed
or wounded.
London, Jan. SI.���Sir.' Cavendish
Boyle, K. C. M. O., who has been
government secretary of British
Guiana since 1894, has been appointed governor of Newfoundland. Sir
Cavendish Boyle succeeds Sir Henry
Edward McCallum, who was recently
appointed governor of Natal.
Ottawa, Jan. 31,���It is understood
that Mr. W. Lount, ex-M. P., Toronto, will be appointed to fill one
of the vacancies on the high court
bench In Toronto. There nre two
Montreal, Jan. 81.���At a meeting
of the North American Fish and
Oame Protection association held
hern today Mr. Patent, premier ot
Quebec, resigned the presidency on
account of pressure of official business. His place will not be filled at
present, Mr. Parent was ths first
president of the association.
A Budget aff Ianrtait Kewi Coa-eas**
St. Thomas, Feb. 1.���John King/
ex-warden of the county of Elgin,
and at one time jailer, died tonight,
aged 80.
Ottawa, Fob. 1 .���The annual general meeting of the Dominion Artillery association will be held at Ottawa on Feb. 14.
Winnipeg, Jan. 31.���The Canadian
Northern intend to give, with the
breaking up of winter, series o! settlers' excursions for the purpose of
opening up the Rainy River district.
Rossland, Feb. 1.���The Granby
smeller at Grand Forks last week
treated 4,200 tons of oro whtah produced 125 tons of matte.
Washington, Feb. 1.���President McKinley and the cabinet will attend
the memorial service In memory of
Queen Victoria, to be held at -St.
John's Protestant Episcopal church
on Saturday.
Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 1-, via
Huyti.���The revolutionists have boon
defeated near Carupano, with numerous losses. Two sons of General
Acosta have been made prisoner.,
Mejano and Rojas have also been defeated.
Vancouver, Feb. 1.���The city is in
deep mourning. Memorial services
will be hold tomorrow at St. James,
Christ church and probably St. Andrew's, and a joint service at the
opera house, with the regimental
band in attendance, is being urged,
London, Jan. 81.���"Punch" will
commemorate the funeral of her late
majesty by not printing any jokes
in its current issue. It will publish
instead selections trom past cartoons
dealing with the story of tho Queen's
reign, in addition to a new one having special reference to her death.
Pittston, Pa., Feb. 1.���A keg of
dynamite used for blasting purposes
exploded yesterday morning in the
Fernwood mine at Pittston, owned
by the Erie Railway company. Jos.
Sanline had an arm blown-off and an
eye destroyed ; the skull of Anthony
Santino was fractured. - Both men
are In a serious condition and will
probably die.
Cork, Jan. 81.���The proclamation
of Edward VII as king of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India here, had
a mixed reception, There was much
cheering, but the crowd in the neighborhood of the court house cheered
Mr. Kruger and Oen. De Wet. lite
people, generally, however, were
good humored.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 1.���The Bteam-
er Willapa brings news that on tlio
22nd inst. two Indians arrived at
Fort Simpson and reported to the
government agent that the schooler
Kione, of Port Roberts, Wash., was
found drifted on Dundas Island. Two
men on her were dead. Clothes of
children were found on the beach.
The names of the dead could not be
learned, or of how many lives wero
London, Ont., Feb. 1.���Robert Gray
for years foreman ot the Shedden
company> stable in this city, wus
found hanging in the barn yesterday
morning. He had fastened a small
piece of rope around his neck, and
and bending his knees, draw his feet
up from the floor and strangled himself. He had been HI and despondent. ���
Ottawa, Feb. 1.���Ralph Smith, M.
P., who is elected, to represent the
labor interests in the Dominion parliament as well as the constituency
of Vancouver Island, haa arrived in
lhe city. Hu suys that the Labor
party is making rapid progress in
the west, aud that the condition of
the workingmun was never tetter
than at present.
Victoria, B. 0., Feb. 1.���A dispatch
from Dawson says that O. Perrin, of
that city, made a fortune In 70 days
by the investment of 91. At the government sale he bought a rich claim
on Gold Bottom for that amount,
and a few days ago received an offer
of 840,000 cash for the property.
But Perrin thought bs had too good
a thing, and Is etill working tho
Montreal, Feb. 1.���The arrangement which the Grand Trunk railway
has made with the Dominion line for
a weekly service of firstclass steamships from Portland next summer is
a very serious matter for Montreal.
Heretofore tho Gn_nd Trunk has done
its summer business from Montreal,
but hereafter it will bring here only
what Is left after tbe Dominion line
steamships are filled In Portland.
Paterson, N. J., Feb. 1.���Charles
Coleman, a colored mnn, who was
sent to jail here yesterday as a vagrant, Is believed by tho police to Yo
the murderer of a policeman who was
killed in London, Ont., two years
ago. Coleman's description tallies
with that of the murderer, for whose
capture a reward of 81,000 Is offered. Chief Graul sent n picture tit
the man under arrest to the London
police for ths purpose of identification.
A Professor In a Utah Colls** Hal
S����en Wive* ud Thirty.
Nine Cklllm.
Washington, Jan. 81.���The anti-
polygamy crusade which resulted ia
driving Mr. Roberts, Utah's representative, from his seat at tho last session, had an echo,in the house yesterday during tho consisleration of
the agriculture appropriation bill.
When the section making apjiropria-
tions for agricultural colleges ot tho
several states was reached, Mr. Lan-
dls. of Indiana, offered an amendment providing that no ssioii?y
should be paid to the college in Utah
until the secretary ot agriculture was
satisfied that no trustee or teacher
In tho institution practised polygamy.
The amendment came a* a complete surprise. Mr. King, who succeeded Mr. Roberts, tried in vain, to
head It oil with a point ot order and
then Inveighed against it a* simply
an aftermath of the Roberta crusade.
He Insisted that polygamy was a
thing ol the past. Mr. Landis replied by alleging that two ot the
proteesors ol the Utah Agricultural
were polygamists. and that one ol
the trustees had seven wives and HO
The amendment was-adopted. Sub-
seo/iently when the tail) wasreported
to the house the Landis amendment
was stricken out by a vote ot 68,, to
10.   The bill passed.
Winnipeg, Jan. 31.���The death ol
John Gordon has remained a complete mystery trom the night that he
was found about 8 o'clock In the
evening ot October 10, 1899, lying
dead at the foot ot Thomas street,
with a bullet hole in his forehead
and his pockets rifled. The coroner's, inquest and the work of the police at tho time failed to produce any
further clue than that Gordon had
met hia death by an unknown.hand.
Robbery was supps'smi io bo the'mo-
tlve for the horrible deed.
Detective Stodgill about 9 o'clock
Monday arrestod Donald Todd, at
the Seymour house, charging him
with the murder ol Gordon. The evidence against Todd, la said to
be strong. II. A. Bonnar, who is
acting as crown prosecutor, stated
yesterday that direct and circumstantial evidence pointed clearly to
Todd as the guilty party, but declined to enter into a detailed story
ot the circumstances leading up to
the arrest of Todd.
Carnarvon, Jan. SO.���It I* reported
that the Doer* are entrenched at Cal-
vinla, wbich serve* a* thoir base.
The sublets aHorda them plentiful
supplies ol victual* aad remount*.
. Clan William, Jaa. 80.���Bethuno".
column, after a heavy'march, Joined
DeLlale'a column, Bethsine I* now In
command and it, I* underatosid tbat
he will undertake what ia recognised
a* the extremely arduous iitsk ot
striving th* Boen out ol Capu .'ol.
Copenhagen, Jan. 80.���It appear*
that only a single member out ol the
15 comprising the finance committee
ol. the Folethlng opposes the tele ol
the Daniah Wait Indie, to the United
State*. The objector I* starting a
newspaper campaign In favor of their
retention, but the finance committee
of the land will report la favor ot
the.sal* ol the liland*. Tk* agitation ol tha inhabitant* ot th* island*
agalnat their aal* I* largely artificial, and therefore, ol not much
Ottawa, Ja- 81,-Thcro are a number ol changes in the Mounted Police
lorce to make preparations lor receiving those who are returning Irom
South Africa. Tho superintendents
are being moved around.
Superintendent Grlabach, lor instance, ia appointed > to Battletord,
and Superintendent Constantine goes
from Regina to Edmonton,
Superintendent Saunders, who has
just returned from South Africa, will
bo stationed at Calgary.
When Col. Steele return* ho wiil go
to Macleod, a post which is regarded as only second to Regina.
Superintendent Howe will remain
three months longer In South Africa.
Inspector McDonoll, who was severely wounded, will not return until
tho spring. He has gono to Maderia.
to recuperate.
London, Jan. 81.���Lord Kitchener
reports lo the war otlice smder data
ol Jan. in, as tallows:
De Wot has been engaged by Knox
40 miles north ol Thaba N'Chu. No
details. De Wot intends again attempting an invasion ot Cape Colony.
Smith-Dorrien ha* returned from Carolina, having dispersed the Boer*.
A force of Boers this morning sintered Boysburg and damaged two
mine*. Commandant Morola is among
the prisoners taken.
Calcutta, Jan. 81.���It I* reported
that Lord Kitchener wishes to send
10.000 prisoner* to India. He proposes to locate them in the state ol
K.tgira, province ot Ortssa, Bengal.
Cape Town, Jan. 81 Olive Schrel-
ner (Mrs. Cronwright), the authoress,
and her husband are practically prisoners In their home. They are not
allowed to leave Hanover, owing to
the tact that martial law prevail*
Cape Town, Jan. 81.���Hon. B. Solomon, the attorney-general ot the
late Schrolner ministry, has been appointed logal advl��er to the Transvaal Colony administration. HI* appointment is commended as demonstrating the dealt-* ol the imperial
governmont to conciliate the -Dutch.
Ottawa, Jan. 81 .-Sir Allrcd Mll-
ber cable* that Lieut. W. H. Nelles
died at Bloemfontein ol peritonitis
yesterday. He Is said to be a son ol
Lt.-Col. Nelles, Tironto.
Washington, Jan. 39.���In the senate Senator Town*, ol Minnesota,
apoke ia advocacy ot hi* resolution
lor a cessation ol hsxtilitie* la th*
Berlin, Jan. 39.���A hurricane, with
anowstorms, prevail* ia many part*
of Germany and during tne last 3d
hours considerable damage haa been
doa*. Th* weather I* particularly
violent on the east Friedas eoaat,
where the city ot Leor and tho neighboring dletrlcta were atruck by a tidal wave.
Montreal, Jan. 39���The amalgamated Canadlaa and American championship skating race*, which were
to have been held here Saturday next
will not be held nntil Feb* 16 on as>
coont ol th* Queen's death.
Cambridge, Haa*., Jaa. ad.-Curti*
Crane, of Brooklyn, waa accidntally
killed during a boxing match, with
hi. closest friend, George R. Ana-
worth, in the latur'* room in Oral*
street, Harvard college, this evealng.
There were a number ot Harvard srtn-
dent* present at th. tlm* Indulging
in Irlsmdly match*, and taa knockout blow wu <sotlr��ly iiasKpected.
a-^-a^-ss-s^-ssaJ i
a** Tlu 1 ms
Vt T. 0. DEAH.
TBE miRl.   ��� O* THK BAT.
One erening in February three gentlemen were rowing in a small skill ou the
bay In front of St. AunuaUne, Florida,
iu the Southern States.
After they hod beeu rowlog for a
time, one ol the three, who sat In the
stern of the boat, arose, and,.fsir aonssi
reason, attetu|-tcd to pass the one wsso
sat on the centre seat. This caused the
host to give a stssldcn lurch to the s-lde,
tu sympathy ol tlte extra weight, mil
the next instatit ths* boat eaisslaed.
Aa the suen strimirliHl in the.water It
was evident thnt two ol them could
swim, and thst otie ol them, who wus
tbe elder ol the three, could not. F*,r
ss.nse reason, tbe two who s-oulsl swim
M'ciiicsl to la- pushing the bswst away
from the other, nnil In a*fow momenta
he sank beneath the s.irfas*e oMlic
water. Then the otlier two oi'isenrril
to make an otten.pt to right this cap*h.*4
boot,, but It tilled with water and ssank.
As tbe boat sauk the two called loudly
for help, to a passing steamer, an I
struck out towards If. Those on the
stesnler issbosit hsslr a mile distant), hn.l
'witnessed the .."accident" to the men,
und a boat wss being lowered to go lo
their assistance even before their calls
for help were -heard.
The next slay in the St. Atignstine
papers could he read a paragraph among
the loon I Items somewhat like this:
drowning accident happened on tbe ba.v
last evening. It appears Ms*. Heury
Demlll, with his nephew, Mr. James,
Claymore, and a friftid, were, rowing
on the boy In a small boot, when Mr.
Claymore, In order to bond tip' a clgor
to his friend, who sat la the Inn, attempted to poss Mr. Demlll,. who sht
ou the centre scot. The sudden weight
of Mr. Claymore nt the aisle ot the boo .
roused the boat to go over. The Occident wns witnessed from the deck of tho
Pleasure steamer "Cordelia,*' the oaptain
of which at once sent n boot to the nisi
or the three men who were struggling In
the wnter. It seems Mr. Demlll could
not swim ond Insstnntly snnk Isclore ns-
slstance could be rendered bim. Tbe
other two then attempted to cling to
tbe upttirned boat, but It soon wssnt to
the bottom. Fortunately both Mr. Clar-
raore ami his friend ssoul.l s~im. fi-ii!
mnnagi'd to keep alioot until the "Cordelia's" yawl reaches! them. This Is
only another of" the 'many llistonces of
the folly sit people trying to pssss esss-h
other In pleasure boots. Mr. Claymote
Is prostrated with grief over Ills s:u -so's
denth.osssl has the sympathy of the com
Six weeks alter tbe above Incident, n
gentleman, who eotlld cosily have beess
rersigiiizesl ns Mr. Cln-uuiri*. wn. travelling in o private Pullman ear oss h.s
woy from St.As.gsiatlue to New Orleons.
At one of the stationa on the jonrnsw
thr gentleman, who wns Mr. ClaymmVs
companion on the night of Mr. Demlll s
sleatli, jsilned hm lis the belore-niesi-
tioncd Pullman, nnd the two contlnuc.1
the Journey tssgether. After o ftsrmal
erebange of greetli.ga and the l.andyiux
of aome Jokes at each other's expense.
Claymore took from his pocks t ten erl��p
flOO bills, sind offered them to his companion, with the remark, as they took
seats near each other*.
"There, Jack, Is your sham of that
little 'accident' of oura on th. bay at
at Saint Qua. Isst nusnth."
"But, Jim," the other protestel,
aren't yon g'.vln' me the big end! T
understand yon only gsit two thousand
"That's so. There was only Iwo thousand for mc' when the life insttrnns-s-
.psslicy wns cnshesl, the other teu thousand went to the governsir, and the
younger kills. But, that'a nothing, you
did your share, nud I promise! yon
"But 1 don't expect It, If you dl-l.
You eugincred the scheme.'and I must
say you did It to perfection, toe, and
you're entitled to the btggest end, to tlw
whole pot for that matter."
"Well.p.isket yonr chlpe-we'll not sniar-
rel over the swog like some of the low-
lirnlned fools, I may wnnt yonr assistance again. I've another thing np my
sleeve, provided wc lose on the circuit."
"Well, what hnve yon on hand now!"
asked the one nildreeaed as Jack.
"Nothing much," nonchalantly replle)
Claymore. "Only I am to be married
next month."
"The devil you are!"
"Yes: aure's your born."
"Who to!"
"My eottein, Elisabeth Lousing. She's
rich .. * Vanderhllt, nearly. Owns *
whole gold mine In California, I've been
engaged for years. Since we wer* kids,
"And sloea she know nothing abont
your other wile who died in Austral!*!"
"Not a s.flruM shlllg. nor anyone else
ill this ���-oiui'r.v. \,iu bet I*ve kept that
secret to nil but you, Jack. But she
died iu Cuba."
"I thought It wss In Australia. Assd
what do yo\t want mss.fot',;lf, Ib^ raws
don't pan tralT""***'*   '   .'* "
"Well. EUolsath-may tse a tittle lo
the way' of wir T-tSjJo-swnVlls*..- Al'-a.^
wns, and we may w.tyit fln^aividA.,-''
to hopisen.".   * '"       '"'"��� ' '
"Bnt wh*t hns that to. sio with tie
races, Jim?   I ston't bets* s*n."
"I sssppnae It really..ha. nith-tll. ����
1 guess alter the knoUe-Urdt-ehsll want
the 'neclilent' to happ��� jutrway. She'*
a fine Itttle piece of goods, aa-oretty as
they make 'ens; and If I wanted to settle .
down as a ssohsr slsles. t,.,,..'!on\'
know who I'd take fn? kesps
quicker. But we've got to see
something of life hefoi" tlsal
tinto comes, ��s.d I tell yosB Joek, we'll*
have more thau n time spending tbat
gold mine others." ..*..'-.���   *;��� <��.  -
"You bet we will, Jim, 'Hot', sjgy, you .
never tsslsl me w*iat happened to Air..
Waa she drowned?"
Claymore laughed. .   ,
"I sec, Jack Slater," he ssld, .a hia
laugh subsided.. VYou think thnt's my
stock in store.. Bnt you're off, old (allow, I've ten times tea In * b.g, or Tn
other words. I've several aeclsleat* on
tap. as good aa the drowning racket."
"But you huven't told me what happened tai Aire ?"
"Well, she ws. Just.to* scsisltssentnl .
and trusting lor Anything. Sh* bored me
with her poetry and stuff. Of course
ton kuow I had yellow fever In Tampa
when I woe . kid, that ha. made me
."Immune," as the doctors coll It, Or
can't catch 'em *s l s*y. -Well, Itook
Alva to Cuba the February alter onr
...orrlage. I told her I wanted ber 10
write n poem ou the beautiful whit*
i"lnnj, and she wtnt with me as linpry
sh a king, or queen, rather. She didn't
get the poem quite finished, thought Jnst
..hen. she was writing .bout tlu- tro'sl-
s-sil leaves which rose up to claim thu
love kiss of the bracie, and the murmur of thu virgin sprsy on the wsve-
is'nshi'il shore, I Introduced ber to *
family tbat bad a case. I told ber they
v'eiv.iipor* .that they had malarial fever,
Ond urged her to t'lleve their wants,.
and bless your soul, I dldu't need to gi\o
tier the sMoud hint, for If there was one
thing Alva waa loug on, even above re-
cit.n' ami poetry makin', it w-s.*s skuri.y,
She sold 'I'm lust proud of yeu, my husband, for your forethought for those
poor unfortnnute,' and was bound to kiss
in,, right there; and ahe took those uncivilised -Ci.bu.is whole baskets ot provisions, and the red savages never told
Iser they had a case In the back room,
but encouraged her on. Well, of eonrsst.
yon know 'Ynlor Jack' .well enongn
to know thst Alva could no more escape
thon we could play up angels and fly
to tbe sun. One morning ahe dldu't
get up to go to those Indl.ni, .and I
usedn't tell you the rest They burled
her uear the shore, within sound ot
those virgin wave.. I'll bet It there'a
uuy keaveu she weut there! but pshaw,
I dssn't want to think nbout It. Wh��t
show do you think Dwyer will have
this year for the Kentucky Central
* takes for 3-year-sdde?"
"I don't know, Jim, Btortlecal la a
pretty Ily colt, and with Aker up, he
shotifsl make a goes! showing. 'I've a
straight tip frou. tbe Jockey that the
colt's sound. I shull put a hundred or
Iwo ssu lilm at 2 to 5, sell ng. Bat,
Jim, nlrtiiit tbnt Lousing gal, an- you
going to pluy the Yeller Juck racket un
'"No, you fool. You know I never
play the same racket twice. But, .ay.
1 came neiirly putting my loot in It be-
fssre I atruck the 'accident' Idea."
"Well, you see, 1 thought I'd be quite:
sale 11 I caused Alva to disappear and
sut off every trace. Su I planned It lo
have a bfg furnace in onr AuklanJ
house.. 1 arranged to give her a strich-
nine pill at tea. time, aad then without
a trace of blood being left-put the whoa,
cargo iu the furunce, aud cremate. Do
sou ketch? That furnace could burn
up any bone to js.wskir. I'd. tried it-,
often on ox-lsoues, aud It was all right.
But just when I wa* ready, a fellow
wus arrested In Milwaukee for cutting
up his wife In a sausage mill. There
was uo trace left, but he was convicted.
That made me quit, and 1 studied out '
the accident theory. And that's ..nunc 1
siut all right."
"Aud have yon got year plans fixcrl
for that Leasing gal, Jim; or do they
���land to be lied np yet!"
"Oh! I have them In embryo, sa the
Senator* **y." ��ud he Unghed.
.   IT* be continued,,
'    Be Had Bat BasMsrlaasM.
"Did you uy you wonld let m* In os*
Ihe .round flew In thi* Investment!"
"That i> my proposal." replied th. promoter.
"Well, you needn't mind. Ion allow
lb* thing to run along until yon can bt
m. In aomewbere near ths third er
fourth story. Th* man wbb I* Ut la ea
th* grounsj floor la tb* on* who cstches
���II th* debris If the bottom hspp.su I*
drop out."���Washington Star.
Wka, We Owe lb* Pasrt.
"Do yen enjssy history. Mis. I'anllasr*
"Oh. ui mush, jinifi-sssssr! It iiiskee
such lovely pinys."���Indl.n.puli. Jour*
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Wssll
Without the Danger, Expense and Pain
of an Operation.
It 1* surprising what a Urge number ot men and women suiter from
the wretched sineaeluea* and tortur-
lag itching ol pile*. You may ba
among tho*. who, through msjdssrty
or leor ol the surgeon's knife, has/*
beta prevented from appealing to
your physician lor a cur*. You have
tried the hundred and oas things that
friend, have recomstsmsted and have
become discouraged. You aay, a*
many hav. aald before you, that
then I* no cur* lor pile*.
Now I* th* tlm* for you to turn to
Dr. Chase, whose famous ointment 1*
Mcognised tne world ov*r a* the only
actual cur* lor every form of pile*.
Tn* real substantial value ot Dr.
Chase's Ointment has given It a
unique position among medicines. It
la used tn nearly every neighborhood
on tbl* continent and ba*- become
kaown by word ol mouth Irom Irlend
to friend aad neighbor to ssa-lgbbor.
Asa your friend, about It, ��*k your
drugf 1st, ask your dootor. Other*
hav* been dleeour*g*d, 00(1 alter
ysare of misery have ban oured by
Dr. Chaa*'. Ointment. Una I* oat.
lira. Jams* Brown. Hlntoalmrg, near
Ottawa, writ** i���"I ban bee* a
constant   suffers* from nearly evert
form ol piles lor tbs last' 90 yeen.
and during that time, both hsr. aad
la th. old country, han tried almost
���vary remedy.
"I. sun only doing Justice to Dr.
Chan'* Ointment when I say tbat I
believe It to be the bnt remedy obtainable lor bleeding and protruding
pile*. I ttrongly rsKomaund Dr.
Chase'* Ointment to mothers, or indeed, to any persoa suffering Iron,
that dread torment���piles."
Mr. George Thompson, a leading
merchant ol Blenheim, Ont., atatw:
"I waa troubled with itching pita*
lor 16 years, and at tlm*. they wen
���o bad I could aearcely walk. I trladt
a great many remedies, but never
lound anything" Ilka Dr. Chase's Ointment. Alter ths third application Ti
obtained relief, and was completely
cured by using one box." Ask your*
neighbor* about llr. Chase'* OlnU-
meat, tbe only absolute cure for-
pilot, r
Yon can obtain Dr. Chaae'a Ointment for 60 cant* a box from aay-
dealer. It you prefer, enclosu' this,
amount to thee* office, and th* rem-,
edy will be unt, postpaid, to ytwr-
addren. Edmanaon, Data* * <Jo,���
Toronto. JJl
GOx/dest Bra.
Vat   Kot   Eiactly   to   th*   Taale   uf
Thoir Near II.
"1 rsw an article in one ot the technical journals recently." snid a New Or
Jenns engineer, "doneribhiK a so called
'centrifugal cannou' whleh some genius
tn  Manchester,  England, was supposed
10 hare Invented. The mechanism was
said to consist of a big wheel, wbicb was
revolved at a tremendous rate of speed,
while projectiles, fetl into grooves on its
wurrace, were biirletl through a barrel on
the same principle tbnt a boy throws a
stone from a sling. I could take a piece
of [uiper and convince you in two minutes tbnt the thing Is a mechanical bu*
possibility, but the story interested me
because it rccn-Mt-.il a very similar device
wbich I snw years uj*o at Louisville.
"It was the invention of a-tJerman ma*
chiiiist unmed (Mseinaun, aud I went to
look at It at the solicitation of a friend
who imagined be bad struck a big thing.
1 found (leisemann at a little shop in tbo
mihm-lM of the city, and he proved lo be
en extremely Intelligent fellow who unfortunately locked technical education.
Ills 'gnu* was set up In the engine room
of the place, and I couldn't help smiling
when I snw It. It consisted of a fly*
wheel abont tive feet In diameter, with
au attachment for holding half a doicn
���mmII cannon halls against the rim and
releasing them at fixed intervals. The
Idea was to connect the wheel with a
steam engine and when It attained a certain velocity to let loose the balls just
as they passed a given point In the revolution, (leisemann bad figured tbat they
would fly off at a right angle and bit a
target at tbe other end of the shed, and
he Invited me tu be present nt the test
he was going to give tbe following week.
"To please my friend I went around,
and I shall never forget the ludicrous
contretemps that wound up tbe experiment. About 20 ot us were grouped near
tbe wheel wheu the Inventor slipped on
the engine belt and began to speed it up.
I suppose It was making a couple of
hundred revolutions n minute wben be
touched tbe spring connected with tbe release nu'cbniii*m, nud a big, black can-
nou ball instantly soared off nt a tangent
and went crashing through the skylight
The next missile struck a huge pile of
casting, bounced off and bit tbe boiler
with n smash like 40 bass drums all being beaten at once. Exactly where the
others landed I can't sny, for by tbnt
time I was bentHtg n rapid retreat.   Bnt
11 seemed to me that It was raining can*
nun halls for nt least five minutes. Several nf the visitors were bowled over like
ninepins, and everything in the engine
room was' more or less damaged except
the target   That escaped unscathed.
"(ieisemaun bad crawled into an ash
pit at the first fire, and when be wna
dragged out he was a pitiable looking object    lie was weeping bitterly, but stuck
tit It that be hnd simply made a. slight error In his 'calculation of curves' nnd that
the gun wns nil right.   I nerer saw lt
���Kitin ami suppose it wns consigned to
Ibe scrap heap.   If I ever attend nnother
eeiiirlfiigal gun exhibit lon. I shall insist
on a conning tower four feel thick as a
coign of vantage."���New Orleans Time*-
Dciii'icrnt. ______________
Small For Its A_e.
I'ul cnlli d as usual one morning at the
Cow and I'nll for his threepennyworth^
of whisky, wben the following conversation ensued between the landlady and
Pat���This bt* good whisky, mum?
Lady-Yes. Pat. Can you guess tbe age
nr ll V
Pnl���No. mum.
Landlady-Well. It's 80 years old.
Pat (eying tbe threepenny worth)���
Ol'm a-tbinkln it hc moighty small for
Its age. mum.���London Spare Momenta ,
,HI�� Eai'mnle,
Tbe casual customer nt the literary emporium looked at the lung rows of hooks
on the shelves and yswoed.
"By the way." he asked, "wbat Is Marie Corelll writing about now?"
"I think she's writing about two books
��� month," aniwered tbe salesman, re
���-ponding likewise- to tht yawn.���Chicago
Trlbunt. _____^
���r. Timer, ifler a Diecewlal Effort
I* ��et Rid ot Oa* Enemjr rind.
That ia Doing 80 lie Hat Pot
Away Another.
eltenhora, Ont., Jon. 28.���(Spec-
)���A fortunate man, indeed, la Mr,
riea Turner, 0/ this place. For
'��� Mr. Turner ha* been suffering
kidney disease. It gave hi...
,t pain, and tor tho last two or
yoar* rheumatism ha* added lo
already heavy burden ol sick-
und he haa seldom known
hour Ire* Irom pain. Hot
luting th* rheumatism with
ild kidney trouble, and dospalr-
1'! lav* ol curing tho lornior, Mr. Turner
_ t nnd used Dodd'* Kidnoy Fills
try sutd dispose ol thu kidnoy
juble. Ho used a lew boxes, and
t4he pain In hi* back kept getting Issns
and loss, and finally went awny. All
the unpleoaant symptoms ol kidney
trouble dlaappeared, and what wna
���till more atrange to Mr. Turner, he
hsu not fllnce been bothered with
rheumatism. .
Be la .0 grateful tor tho lnirai-u-
loua result* of the treatment that ho
ha* been cheerfully telling his Irlends
and   neighbors   hia   experience.   Hc
aaya :     "Dodd's  Kidney   Fills have
cured me ol a long standing case of
kidney disease.   I was also is, suffuror
ot rheumatism, nnd nlthough I took
the pill* for Ute kidney trouble, I wus
surprised to Hnd that when this disease wns cured tho rheumatism also
disappeared.  This w*�� over a .vcar
ago, and 1 havo   not boen   troubled
���Ince.  I need IA *U six boxes.   Tho
Unit two boxe* did not appear tsi sio
mo any good,   hut I ���ss-r.w.-s.s-sl tnd
the rosult I* that I nn. nssw a I csil-
thy man."
Ol course, to thoee who recognize
in rhtumatlam ** what It   really I*. a
i symptom ot kidney disease, there Is
I nothing    wonderful about   Mr. Tur-
Snor's experience.  Dodd'* Kidney Fill*
<? always   cur*   Klstney Trouble, and
ijwlth It Hhsnunall*m_8elftlc*. IsW
Back,   Neuralgia.   ttaK    Trout**,
i bron*y,   Diabetes,    Bright's DisssOH
and any ol th* othsssfmany lorm* la
which It msty Md otts�� doe* mrptet-
Severe fighting is reported ta Abyssinia.
The Torouto lacrosse team .will go
to England in the spring.
The Army and Navy stores at Toronto were destroyed by fire.,
A Winnipeg man goes to Call'urnus.
in search ol his runaway wile.
C. A. Young's elevator at Delor-
alne, was totally destroyed by lire.
A' young man wus drugged and
robbed of *l,80O at Windsor, Ont.
Pretorius, ono of the leading Boor
generuls, has surrendered to tho British.
The Alberta, with the lato Queen's
body on board, left Cowes for Portsmouth.
The Canadian Northern railway
will build a bridgo across the Bed
river at Winnipeg.
Gen. Do Wet has entered Capo Colony.
Steve Brodie, tho famous brldgo
Jumper, is dead,
A number of lives were lost in a
gas explosion neat Pittsburg, Pa.
Tho remain* of two Hobrews wore
found In the burned Saxo building In
According to a city directory estimate thore are 52,448 citizens in
Winnipeg. ���
John Paterson was sentenced to
lifo imprisonment lor tho murder of
Mlnnlo J-owis at Niagara Falls.
Tho Winnipeg Victoria hockey team
won the Stanley cup by a score of 2
goals to 1, defeating tho ��� Montreal
Shamrocks In the Anal. game.
Lord Kitchener proposes to send
10,000 Boor prisoners to Indin.
Sir Cavendish Boyle has been appointed governor of Newfoundland.
The insurance on the Queen'* life
aggregated an enormous sum.
Forty Japs wero killed by an explosion of gunpowder at Shan Kwan.
Gen. Knox and Gen. De Wet were
engaged In battle north of Thaba
Tho Iniatory step wns takon to
erect a provincial monument ia Winnipeg to tho Queen.
It Is stated than Donald Todd has
confese-cd to the murder of John Gordon in Winnipeg.
Tho deepening of the Canadian canals will revolutionize the whole
ocean freight business.
A colored man, Charles Coleman,
arrested at Paterson, N. J., Is suspected of murdering a policeman at
London, Ont.
Count Tolstoi Is ngaln *oriously ill.
Toronto's population is placed at.
Tho Duke ol York has been attacked with German measles.
Several changes In tho command of
N. W. M. p. districts aro announced.
All tho employees of tho Paris underground railways aro on strike.
Donald Todd was arrested In Winnipeg for the murder of John Gordon
last October.
Tho Winnipeg Victoria* won the
Arst of the Stanley cup series of hoc-
koy matches.
William Ahl wna sentenced to
ssiven years in tho penitentiary for
kidnapping a child at Berlin, Ont.
A large stall ef detectives aro
watching aaarchlsts in England to
protect tho 00 royal princes and
princesses who are expected at tho
Queen's funeral.  ���
Hull postoffice was burglarized.
The woolen mills at Inglls Falls,
Ont., were destroyed by fire.
Crazy Soake, chief of the warring
Creek Indians, ha* been captured.
A duel between two fencing masters attracted great interest in Paris.
Queen Wllholinina will be married
two days after Queen Victoria's lun-
II. Lcnnis, a deal mute, wo* killed
at the C. F. B. railway crossiag in
Severe storm* prevail in Germany,
and a number ol coast towns were
struck by a tidal wave.
Doukhobors who left last year Ior
California, have decided to return to
the Canadian prairie*.
Samuol Harbison, a young rancher,
formerly ol Hamilton, Ont., wa*
found frozen near Lacombe, Alta*
Qen. Prlnsloo, ot tho Boer army,
wa* wounded.
A. E. Elmer, ol Utlca, is In hss
118th year.
Verdi, the groat Italian opera composer, died at Milan.
The London Time* suggests an alliance with Germany.
The Now Hebrides Islands wore
swept by a hurricane.
Emperor William ho* been created
a Hold marshal of the British army.
Curtl. Crane wa* killed at Harvard
college while sparring with a companion.
Threo young residents ol Bowmanville, Ont., were Instantly killed by
an express.
Vancouver. Jan. 28.���The great
wholesalo supply and provision firm
of Oppenheimer Bros., doing a large
northern as woll a* local and eastern trade, has assigned in behalf of
Its creditors to R. Q. Tatlow. Liabilities aro said to be in the neighborhood of f 100,000.
Peoria, III., Jan. 2!).���The exact
loss sustained by tho revenue si.'Hco
Irom the visit ol tho robber* on Friday night ba* been determined lo be
(81,076. Tht. plunder constat* ol
revenuo stomp* ol various denonfna*
tion* carried off by tho robb.-rs in
the original packages.
Toronto, Jan. 29.���The will ol the
late Sir Frank Smith was probated
yesterday. The eatate is valued at
(1,370,000, about hall being In bank
stocks and stock In the Niagara Navigation company, and about a quarter of a million in gas stock*. The
rest Is In real estate and scattered.
Grand Fork*, B. 0��� Jan. 29.���J. S.
Morrison, ol the Inn At Hanlngton
A MorrlKin, harrl*ter��, died ot ty-
|d fever on Saturday, alter, an
Wttni.tfiHt. Th* lat* Mr.
ion, befor. locating hero, prac-
��xl -itfrt*^*^'�� Vans^iyer, and.
Beportcd   by Alloway  & Chamklon.
862 Main 'Street. Winnipeg.
Banks. Sellers. Buyers.
Montreal  ....      260     258
Ontario   ���'���     124
Molson's   192      190
Toronto  245      240
Merchants'   160      158
Union   108      105
Commercial cable   lOQy,
Montreal Tel   175
Rich. & Ont, Nav  112
City Pas. Uy   272
Halifax Ily  97
Austrian Cul.len ,
Holland Guilder. .
Russian Itoubles .
BROKERS. . . .
Stocka and bonds bought, aold and
carried on margin.    Listed
mining stocks carried
147H   146
Montreal Gas   220
Toronto Hy   109
Duluth Pref     lo      	
War Eagle     55 75
Payne      55 iO<A
C. P. R��� Montreal     90 88%
C. P. R., London     9114	
Money���Time        6 -*���
Money���On call         5      	
Quoted   by   Alloway   ds   Champion,
362 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Wheat���No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���Lake di the Woods Five
Roses, S2.10; Patont, $1.95; Modora,
$1.60; XXXX, $1.35; Ogilvie Milling
company*. Hungarian $2.10; Glenora
Patent, $1.95; Manitoba, $1.60, and
Imperial XXXX $1.20 per sack .ol
98 pounds.
Mill Feed���Bran, $14 por ton, bagged; shorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, $26 per
ton; barloy chop, $19; mixed barley
and oats, $24; corn chop, $26.
Oats-38 to 40c per bushel.
Barley-8S to 401.
Corn���4414 to 45c.
Flax���$1.40 to $1.45 per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled is quoted at $7
to $8 per ton on track here, and
loose hoy is worth about the same
figure. "    ���    '
Butter���Dairy���Strictly fresh made
14 to 16c in packages; second prudes
Chcessj���10c per pound.
Eggs���25c per dozen.
Vegetables���Potatoes, 40c per bus.;
parsley, 80c; carrots and beets, 85c
per bushel; turnips, 20c per bushel;
cabbage, 30 to 60c per dozen; celery,
20c per dozen; lettuce, 40c.
Dressed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4Vi to 51-j-c; city dressed, 5 to 6c;
slags and rough beef, 4c to 41//: ;
jseal, 5 to 6c; mutton, SVirc: lamb,
10c; hogs, 0 to 01. .
Poultry���Dressed chickens 8c pen,
lb; ducks 8V&c; geese, \n/-c: turkeys,
Hides���-i/t to 5^4c lor frozen hislcs,
5 tb* taro. Kips samo price na hides.
Deakln skins, 25 to 85c each* Sheepskins, 40 to 70c.
Wool���8 to 81&C per pound ior unwashed fleece, and 12S/ic for washed.
Tallow���4c per pound.
Senoca Root���88 to 85c.
Bear II Von Hare To.
Many stories of President Lincoln
might be classified ns fiction, although
0 few of them are. So It Is not unnatural that this little anecdote, which ll
better than most, should appear In Mr.
Irving B*cheller'�� novel, "Eben Holden."
"My son," he said, taking my hand
In hi., "wby didn't you run?"
"Didn't dare," I answered. "I knew
It was more dangerous to ran away
thin ta go forward,"
"Reminds me of n *tory," said he,
smiling. "Years ago there wa* a bully
In Sangamon county, Ills., that had the
-reputation of running faster and fighting harder than any other mnn there.
Everybody thought he waa a terrible
fighter. He'd nlwuys get n man on th.
ran; then he'd catch np and give bim a
licking. One dny he tackled a lam.
man. The lame man licked him In ���
minute. ,
"'Why didn't yo ran?" sromebody
asked the victor.
" 'Didn't darat,' raid be. 'Run one.
when be tackled me, nn I've been lam.
ever since.'
"'How did ye manage to lick aim!*
uked tbe otber.
" 'Waal,' Hid he, 'I hed to, an 1 don.
It euy.'
"That'* th* way It goes," aald the Im*
mortal prealdeat  "Ye do It easy It y.
bar* to." _,	
Bl. Itnlnal.oa.
"la it de truib dat de ii.glslatur' gone
en paa. ��� law ter tai doga?" aaked tbe
old csstured citiaen.
'���yea; It'a a net"
"Well, auli. .list beln de ce, he.ih'.
oue niir-tiT-sln.'. is'i'lislall,1 ruinll Ley's
seven J<ig* eu ..lis* mule in my femblvt"-
Tlie ...ilea. VI...Inst Card.
The state siivlilvs-a of Venice ure Bills,
to iKit-si-ss ilie ulslest visiting card ol
which there Is nny record, of course
leaving aside tbe probable use of such
artlels's fur some, thousands of years in
CI1I.111. tllncoiiiis Contnrlnl. professor
at the University or I's.ilun, sent the
card In qtss-stlun ns a cirl.isity to a Vc*
iK'tlnu friend, saying Uml the tlermnn
student* who cnnie to Italy bnd tlie elegant nnd liuiitnlilc custom of leaving
siiil. little isis-ils, wit li tbeir name nml
lilnie uf origin, ut the houses of friends
when Ihey cnlli-it mid foiiuil llieut 11I1
sent. The caiil referred to bears n conl
of arm* with tbe motto, "Espolr mc
contort." nnd beneath, ".lonnnes Wes
terhof Westphnlns scrlbebat I'stovll t
Jlnrtll l.im."-l-ondan Tablet.
"1 ke nines."
The origin ol ill.' tern, "blue*" ha*
been traced 10 Ihe belief that persons
In Indigo dyeing eatnbllsliiu.-nts ns-e no-
cullariy .Disject to niflsincluily. An.
.othi'rl sells* Is llinl.tlie eMiresslotilBile*
rlvs'il from Ibe Hernial, Islsisl. nr lead.
afaw and Old 'World's News Gondeased.
Tolono, III., Jan. 81.���Firo early
today destroyed nearly.- all the business houses of Tolono, entailing
losses estimated at $100,000, partly
London, Jun. 31.���King Carlos 1*.
of Pprtugnl, with his suite, arrived
at Dover at 10 o'clock this morning.
He was* received with a royal salute
and military honors. The roynl party boarded a train for London.
Winnipeg, Jan. 31.���A public meeting of cltizons is called for this evening to consider a'suggeslion that a
monument to Queen Victoria sliould
be erected in Winnipeg, lt is understood that members of the provincial
will be present.
Now York, Jan. 81.���Connie Sulli-
vnn, who, ten years ago, was tho
bantam-weight champion, is dead at
his home in this city. His death waS
due to pneumonia. Sullivan wus a
pupil of Juck Dempscy, and 1 rained
with many champions,
Toronto, Jan. 31.���The Ontario Li-
���nse Holders' Protective association
havo requested ull hololkeeperH and
licensed shopkeepers throughout Ontario to follow tho example of "Toronto liquor men aud keep thoir
places closed tho entire day on Saturday.
Milan, Jan. 30.���The funeral of
Verdi took place this morning. All
the authorities followed the bier.
The ceremony was most simple and
also mo.it impressive owing to the
silent homogo of the populace who
were present at tho services fn im-'
mouse numbers.
Ottawa, Jan. 31.���Arthur Madorc
und Henry Dorien, to Hull young
men of very rcspectablo connection,
appeared before Judge Talbot in Hull
yesterday on a charge of burglar)going tho Hull postnilico Saturday last
and pleaded guilty. They will be
sentenced today.
Montreal, Jan. 31.���John 11. Lft-
fltunme, arrested a couple of days
ago for raising a disturbame in a
music hall by insulting tho nnme of
the King whilo pictures of royalty
woro .being thrown on the screen,
was fined SIO and costs by Recorder
Weir this morning.
Brandon, Jan. 31.���The Manitoba
Poultry association exhibition opened here yesterday wilh.on immense
number of entries of what, exports
say will be high sporting birds. The
coops occupied tho whole of tho o[>-
ern hull, a ear load coining from
Winnipeg alone. Judging has commenced, Mr. Aemilick, of Illinois, being In charge.
Shanghai) Jan. 81.���Native papers
paf-ors announce lhat Prince Chfng
and Ll Hung Chang have memorialized lho throne to send a high official to lOnglund to express condolences to King Edward over lhe death
of the QUocti, and to congratulate
His Majesty upon his accession.
Xew York, Jan. 81,���The steamer
San .limn, which arrived yesterday
from Porto ltico, hnd on board the
captain und crew of five men of the
schooner Albert Mason, which was
aim ml oned on Sunday lust about ISO
miles southeast of Capo Ilutterus. On
tlio 18th sho encountered a severe
storm und was obliged to run before
the gale.
London, Jnb. 31.���The West Indian
troops stuiioned at the Island of St.
Helena (whera Gen. Cronjo and u
large number of Boers aro held prisoners), mutinied during tho month,
raided the town, terrorized tho 'n-
hahitants, injured many of them, defied their officers and wore subdued
only when faced by tho muzzles of
Now York, Jan. 31.���Two lives
were lost early today at tho burning
of tlie Hotel Jefferson, u soveu-story
building ' 102-100 East Fifteenth
streot, The damage by Are is estimated at *50,000. The dead aro Ele-
nora O. Downing, 25 years old,
nurse, and Elizabeth Keynolds, 30
years old, a waitress,
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 81.���A statement was given out from the offico
of the Great Northern today, but not
officially, that the pnpors by which
the St.-Paul road is leased, will bo
signed today. This statement is said
to havo emanated from Comptroller
Carrington, who, in a wire received
here last night, announced his departure from New York, whero he
hns been with President Hill for the
past week.
Shanghai, Jan. 31.���Tho statement
is mado hero that Russia will demand, besides au indemnity, tho sum
of 30,000,000 taols for restoring
Manchuria. It is also safd that
Count Von Walderseo will demand
5,000,000 taols ns compensation for
tho killing of Baron Von Kettoler,
the Rermna minisver.
Winnipeg, Jan. 81.���Tho newly organized Commercial club of Winnipeg
havo mado all arrangements for permanent now quarters, The old Ontario bank building on Main street.
now used for the offices of the executive agent of tho 0. P. li., has been
purchased through Mr. George .1
Mtiulson, and thu club expect to occupy the block before April.
Amsterdam, Jan. 39.���The socr_-
tary of Mr. Kruger telegraphs th��t
tlie statements about Mr. Kruger being sick are inventions. His health
is very satisfactory-
Hamilton, Jan. 20.���Mrs, Pirie,
wife of Mr. Alex. F. Pirio, editor of
tho Dundas Banner, died this after
noon, after an illness of a little more
than a week's duration.
Ottawa, Jan. 29���The Hull post-
office waa broken Into last night and
all the letters which wero supposed
to contain money weru opened. The
thieves ransacked the place gem rally.
Montreal, Jan, 20.���The hockeyists
from the west, who hopo to return
to Winnipeg in the course of eight
or ten days with the coveted HtAn*
ley cup, arrived In the city on Saturday evening.
Montreal, Jan. 20.���The ltoyal Insurance compuny had $25,000 insurance  on the    Sister* of  Providence
Tlie popularity pf .London's, municipal bands haa grown liy b-.np*. and
bounds since they flrst started 'heir
Iierformnnces.- . The*, modest 1*3.000
then granted has now hud to lie increased to nearly ill0,000. Tlm sum
set. apart in 1901 Is ��9.500. Lust,
a.... on ��9,000'was devoted to bunds,
and. 1.015  performances were given.
bm-ji held to typify gloom hfi'd HoprH-
Tho* cost  of     Queen     Wilhelminn's
wedding robe is stated io bo iCOf. a
Tho King of Sweden and Norway is
noted as an admirable linguist. When
the Oriental congress .net at Stockholm some years ago lie adeVested
the assembled scholars >n the languages of" the nationaulos to ".iiich
they respectively .beloiif, id, uii'lFjoke
with equal fluency, dn. English, Pru*ch
Gorman, Italian, Kussinn and Sjiin-
Mi��. Paler lleanier T. IU How Theie Pill*
HalDHHi.il Her Fium Yearn of JiiHrnl-
glsc Pallia Alter U- etort and Oihoi
Me.itti.,1.1 IIml Fttlleil.
Among the best kuown and most
respected residents of 'tlie township
of Gainsboro, Lincoln county, Out.,
are Mr. and Mrs. Peter Boumer. For
a long tiino Mrs. Beamcr was the victim of a complication of diseases,
which made her lifo .one of almost
constant misery, and from which she
nearly despaired of obtaining relief.
To a reporter who recently interviewed her, Mrs. Beamer gave the following particulars of her illness, and ultimate cure:���"For some nine yours
I' was troubled -with a pain in the
back, and neuralgia, which caused me
unspeakable misery. ( The pain in
my back was so bad that whether
sitting or lying down, 1 suffered more
or loss torture. My appetite left me,
and I suffered from headaches accompanied by attacks of dizziness that
left me at times too weak to walk.
My nervous .system was badly shattered, so tliat the slightest noise
would .startle me, and my sleep at
night was broken by sheer exhaustion. I wus under tbo care of three
different doctors at . various times,
but did not succeed in getting more
than the merest tenijiorary relief. 1
1 was finally urged to try l��r. Williams' Pink Pills, and got half a
dozen boxes. In the course of a fow
weeks I noted considerable improvement, and as a consequence, 1 gladly continued the use of tlie pills for
pevorai months, with the result that
every symptom of the malady left
me, and I waa able to do my housework without the least trouble. As
several years have passed since 1
have used the pills, 1 feel safe in saying that the cure is permanent, and
the result also verifies tlie claim thut
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure when
other medicines fail." The reporter
can only add. that Mrs. Boomer's
present condition indicates a state of
perfect health, and speaks louder
thnn mere words* can do, the benefit
these pills have been to her.    ,
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis have restored more weak and ailing women
and girls to robust health tliuii nny
other medicine ever discovered, which
in part accounts for their popularity
throughout the world. These pills
are sold by all dealers or may bo hud
by mail at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for S2.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The Dream of the Ker.
Somo small article Imd beeu lost��� 1
fdl'gel now whnt. let us sny a key���belonging to oue or two sisters who were
trtiveliug together. It could nowhere
be found. But one night one of tbe sisters dremncil tlmt she snw (lie key in
the pocket of her traveling hag. She
told tills drenin otl waking to the other.
"Aud havo you looked In the pocket?*'
tiie slater nsked. "No. 1 have uot."
snld she, "for the very good reason lhat
thore Is no pocket lu my traveling
bng." "Well.""sald the other, "tbere Is
n pocket In mine. I will Just hnve ii
look tbere on the clinncc." And there
the key wns found.
The Inference Is Hint the dreamer
hnd seeu with the eye of sense, though
not with the eye of observation, the
key put into the pocket. Even when the
key wns so fouud she hud no recollection of seeing It placed there, but the
brain liad unconsciously recorded Ihe
sensation. In course of steep It had
stumbled on tbat record, nnd by good
luck tiie sleeper on awaking chanced
to remember tbe mental operation thnt
tint) taken place during sleep. It is a
singular aud almost nlnttning reflection
thnt our bruins nre stored with countless such records of which we know
nolhiug, nor ever shall know unless (hr
association of Ideas or somo peculiar
mental stale brings them to our notice.
���I Mn g man's.
Because of their Purity and. Cleanliness British
frown teas are becoming- more popular every
ay. Don't drink impure and doctored Japan or
China Tea any longer. Insist that your grocer
furnish you with the delicious, palate-pleasing-
���r lead hy Its heaviness.Jm-i always invent at La Prairie,    which was
damaged by fire yesterday.   The loss
Is now placed at ?25,000.
Bunko I1II1-I hate tei la-,  in ���
fanner,  but ���liln* Hn* ���������*������"'   r-
-mowed us up so much it'* iti
way  we kin  sell gold  bricks. -
Vork World
The Idler���How wuuld you like to live
100 yearsT
Tlie Busy Mnn-I'd like to, but I nm
afrnid 1 couldn't And the time.���Indian*
���polls Press. ^_
Silken raiment hns a Handing ntnnng
the oldest garments In the worlds. Holies
of that material were worn by men end
women alike 2,ij00 years before Lhe btrtfc
of Christ
The yearling filly by Directum,
2:0")i4, out of Tuna, -:l'-!4, is described
as a very fust baby trotter.
The new performer Justine Mi 2:28,
Is by Clny King, 2 .'7:!.. out of Jane It,
2:2614, by Aldeii (1. Itlsinlth.
There Is a last gieeri brother to Free
Bond, 2:04*1, pacing, to wagou, owned
In Canada.   He Is called .Iou Letter.
It Is reported that Bod Will, the
3-year-old colt by keel WUttea, out of
Nancy Lee, dam of Nancy Banks, 2:04.,
has trotted n trial in 2:30.
W. W. Bair, widely kuown ns the
gentleman who trained nnd drove
Maud S to her record of 2:03%, is working in a store In Philadelphia,
Tlie pneer Connor during his turf career has won <VA out of the 70 races lu
which he hns started nnd has paced
nud trotted 13(1 heats iu standard time.
John Hussey is wintering a. great
green trotter at independence, In. lie
Is by Keeler, 2:i;iV|. dam by Axtell,
2:12, and worked a mile at BeadviKe
last August lu 2:11'_.
Sam Earing has In training at Bethlehem, Pa., a 8-year-old filly by Prose
that has paced miles annual 2:20 and
a 3-year-old, Ora Wilkes, trotter, that
Sas shown miles below 2:30,
a. fast green pneer held over for 1(101
Is Outline, by Online (4], 2:04, out uf
the dnm of Be Sure (H, 2:00%, He Is
owned by II. Conklyn, Sprlnglielil, 0.,
nnd showed a 2-yenr.ohl trial In 2:10.
One of the fastest 2-yonr-olds of 1000
Is My Star, by WHstar, 2:171_. son of
Robert Mctlrt'gor. This colt made n
half mile record nt llushvllle. Ind., of
1:08V. ami has shown n full mile iu
The stable of .Sena tor John McCarthy
of New York made ;i.i starts, won IS
races, o second moneys,-2 thirds nud t
fourth nnd divided third and fourth
once. The winnings of. the string
amounted to $18,400.
tta Rnrrlrr.
"I dhmddn'l iliyik *<"��� wnnU care to
be..tisnuvri io su** ���"' elderly.mnn."
"WN nofi    �� 'Im.'sui interfere with
uiy mlW MiBag''tiii'itis."-l.lfe.
Cared hy For ire it I or.
;     Thlslsan English story, nud, strange
I as it mny seem. It made a hit when It
wus told nt the Lambs' club, snys tbe
New York Telegraph.    It wns perpo-
:ted by Lawrence d'Orsny, the Eng-
Ii  actor.    Several   members of the
club   spun   ynrns   of  dubious   merit,
when Mr. d'Orsny in bis peculiar way
"Now, gentlemen. I'll relate a Rtory."
One   mnn   present   pulled   out   Ids
watch, and they nil thought It wns going to I,   a serial.   One or Iwo started
to go. but the actor stopped them by
his iissnnince that the story wouldn't
be very long. *���*
"There was n friend of mine in Loo-
don," he said, "who wns an Incessant
cigarette smoker. 'Finally he lost his
memory. Then he forgot to smoke cigarettes, and he got well again,"
Mr. d'Orsny efreeted his escape
through the assistance of n friend who
knew him when he didn't tell such stories.
I ���UOVAlin,     FACTORY, Montreal
Field Cornet Jhiprez. just captured
by tho British in South Africa, .-i a
Frenchman, So is Qonoral Be Iu Key,
or Dolarey, as he is more conin'only
cnlled.- General Joubort was u'toa
Frenchman, Kruger blmiclf ih a fJoi-
mun nnd has a French wife
'Che school children of Mississippi
huve voted in fuvor of the magnolia
ns the slate's flower. The legislature
is expected to accept Iheir choice us
decisive und formally to mnke the
magnolia tho slate's floral ambient.
How's This?
We i ffer On Hund eil Dollars Rt'irurd for
any cH-e of Ciitinh thnt cutuiot lie cured hy
Hall's Catw-r!i Cum
F J. CHENEY & CO.. Props . Toledo, 0.
We, the nnderjlgnod, have known F. j.
.lieneyfiT the In si 15 years, and believe hiui
i-rfectly honorable in uf. buBhieu transact Ions
and flu nclnllyablo ocarrj out any obltgution
made by their firm.
>v��8T'ATbdax(Wholesalo Druggtets/Toledo-O,
���.Valuing,   Kinkan  a   Wahvis,  wholesale
DnifHiets, Tuluiio, 0.
Halls Catarrh Cure ti .akin internally net-
lug directly upon the blood ami mucous sur-
fa-t.iof iht'--vstcm. Prii-o, 7.*ie, per In*lie. S��kt
>y all druggi-slB,  Testimonials free.
Hall's Faintly PIU are th.- beta.
Brass Band
Itititriiiiientn, Drums, Uniform*, Etc.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fine catalogue
hO ��� tHuBtratlona mailed free. Write an for any
thing In Munlcor Hast cal Instruments.
Wh*l.y Eoyc. k Oo., T,"^i?^;*S^
He Knew.
They met lu tioui of the Itend House
One wns fm nnd black, with a wonder
fill expniise ol' mouth nud n voice like
n couple uf log horns. The other wn-
binclt and lean nod wonzctied.
Said the fnt bluck to the lean block.
"Why donti' yuu 'gr.tluliito me. Brud
der .lolmsingV"
���Whut for I 'grotulatv you?" snid
Brudder Johnstug.
'���Whut fer you 'grnttilnto mel Why.
m.'iii. kase I done uinr'd de Widdei
Jell "son."
"You ls���.von dun mnr'd de Widdei
JefT'sonV" wpieiiked out the Iran one.
"1 she' Is dun "uinr'd dat Indy." said
the fnt one. wiih un nlr of great sails
fuel Iou.
"Den I does 'grntulale you wif m>
Whole heart! I sho* lines."
The two sopninted. wheu the lent
one turned to u knot uf while gentle
nii'ti who hnd heen Interested' an
iiinnsed Auditors of lhe conversatliu
and remni'Ued;
"Yns. I 'gratulaiu him!   Haw. haw
haw! He. lie! I sho' does, lie's l!<
wus eii'iny I hns. uu I eert'liily 'gratti
lutes. Why, boss." he snld coutiden
thilly. singling out one of lhe speoln
tors, "1 wits umr'tl io dm 'nniaji fer n
yenr myself. Yns, I sho' do 'grnuilnti
tint man." And ho moved olT lowanj
M.-irlict street, eh'" : I lug uml 'iiinterlup
to 1 -dr	
quick wherever shown in hotels,stores
and houses. Cheapest, brightest and
safest light known to the world toduy. !lig money for agents.' Send for
sumple unci get your territory at
once. The Incandescent (ins Lamp
Co.,  101 Thistle street, Winnipeg.
in *.nil your orders large or small to
PAUL SALA **l��,:?i" Wines, liquors
Winnipeg, Man., HUMaln Street.
Pure Native Port lur Innlldl, f I.H p*' t-'�� 11 �����
dw. buttles.
1-kSI Whisky, I..75. It. tj ��, pet ([��!., |6, (MJ, fe
IHULItH,    full
> QraMftN tFoftiM.
Aln-nufiicturt'd liy THUS, LEE, Winnipeg.
1 .mi iutioduc'nc one th's year of fry ra-
pertor merit, mid it you buy w ihi.ut writing
fi.r my do.-iriptive Ua uluf.ue, you w.ll bo
doing yourself a great injustice.
Shipments of !���',i bIi I utti r wanted.
Wm, Scott, ���"j",V',:;,i;'i.^*ia"
MACHINE with Rotary Motion and I nil Itoar-
Ing-i.m'ikirffit run '..* eiiHiir ��urt_!*_ fi'Mrr. J.
K HBYNAs.i.BiiiTalAK-iit.M Thistle StisMt.
���a  TH..  IIK-T.
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
It's a Short Road
from a cough to consumption.
Don't neglect a cough���take
when your cold appears, The
"ounce of prevention" is
better than years of illness.
" Wont* cannot M|.r��* my gratitude (or lhe
food Simon'* Ci-iiMiii-'tissti Cui. hai done
nit:. 1 hail a chronic <-s.u���:i--w,n In a dangcr-
oii* condition. Siui.on cured the cough and
saved rae ir<>m consumption,"
j. K. STUKCIS, Niagara MXe,
���ttllnh'i Co nan motion Curo la aold by r 11
.1riif-El��ta In Cuu ml it nnttirnli.il Stnlra nl
-Mo, AOo, sHI.OO a bottle. In Oreat lirlt.hi
at Im. Hi},, -". Sit., and 4. Oil. A printed
gaarautee gnea with erery bottle. It rou
are not aatlafled go Ut your drumtlat *��il get
jour money baok.
Catholic Prayer feVa.^TSi
alara, Kellgiouii 1'ii'turos.btntunry,and Uhnroh
Oriiameiita, Kducational Works, aluirili'rara-
Mive prompt itirnt.on. D. _J. SaflllEf 4CO.,MQBtlKll
Everything for the
W. N. U. 310.
U* *uf *ty
��� '.*fy I
LOCAL & GENERAL     social and personal
The UolJssi Board ol Trad, eonflil-
���utly look forward to obtaining trom
th* Dominion Government a ��rsnt of
$4,000 for ths propose,! protection
works along she Kicking Horse Kiver:
Aa will he'seeis in another column,
a general nieetim.* is Iseinu called by
the ssHsrs-lars -of t he. Gnldeu Firs. En-tine
As-socisition for she , .urr*o?e of electing
a firts brigade. \ Any dtizan I* entitled
to membership., whether a slisrelioldcr
In th* company ot- not.
The next aittintt ol the County Court
in Oolilen will be held oss iil.t inst.
It I* rumored that Justice Walton
1* lo mire Irom the lunch. Who hi.
���ucotrsor will ba is now under con
The Gold*., school truuecs are
petitioning the Qosernmont lor * n.w
school Thi* ss undoubtedly a move
in th* rijrht direction "and will mm
with th* approval ol lb* whole com
The Vis.ss.orle Montreal Firslmtirassce
Compaasy is now in lisjuidatinn. All
polioses tne called in. th* recent
h��ary fir*. In Hull and Monlraal
caused th* company to tak* this stand.
It I* quit* probable that tha Local
legialatura will be prorogued until the
ith proximo.
Alex. Smith receive,! a telegram on
Wed.iesflav announcing the return of
ki* youngest brother from So.nh
Afrioa, whither he went as a member
of the Canadian Mounted Rifles.
Information ha. reached us from a
reliable eourcs that the C. P. K. Co.
will ereot a new station at Golden at
an early date. It i. alio aliened that
tha eiroult manager', office will be
removed to Golden from Donald so
���oon s. th* building is ftady fcr
It i. reported that an investigation
will shortly be held with reference to
certain cliargs-s laid against J.A.Bates,
the preaent principal of Goldon public
The Golden Curling Club will probably be represented at lho Rossland
Bonspiel by a rink.
A* wu expected, St, Paul*' chnn h
w** uud to it* utmost to provld.
oraodatioi. for tho** whoat.anded
th* scrvic* on Saturday la.t Tlte
wrmonbyMr Tate, befitted the .oleran
a -**ion.
Th* coal lamina In Golden wa.
relieved this week by the arrival of a
carload, but tha coal company took
advantage of the shortage to raise tlie
prim osse dollar per tou,
Attentlitti is directed to onr adverti*
ing c -h tsin., where,?.* merchant, aro
Sjferinj! spfolal bargain* during alack-
Ii wa. iipsctod .hat many would be
injured iss Len Iou during th* progrea.
ot tbsi fuuersi procaaalon of tb* Queen.
Happily, however, out of some 2,000
repor.ssd isljurie., only sixty w.re of ��
aeriou. nattire.
Ono of our local into* tn*nager* boy.
his supplies in Nelfon, gat* hi* mlnsr*
'from Wisconeln, carrlee hi* bank sc
unt in San-lots, buy*" hi* meat in
Sew Doslver a"d g��u'hi* coffee ground
nSilvcrton. By thus distributing his.
^.troisage hi- hs* friend, wherever he
goes.- S.lvortoisian.
il A Nulssii. girl is displaying the following telegram to an onvio is circle ul
slearest friensls a. a proof of ths devot-
..*������ sud touching regard of h, t own
Ibarlie, who had alien led (he S.ndon
irnivsl with the hockev team    Tl.e
slegrem re��st��:   "Got my ns*a brok>-;
at lo get it ��et.   Do you  preler it
reek or Roman, darling ?"
A Ss rvice of Song will be bald in the
Methodist church next Sunday evening,
he choir being   ��.igmen'ed   for the
cession liy si'sersl iilBtrinucD's. Every
ne made ss ulco.no.
Tb* Cranbrook Herald says thai iss*
ian Agent Galbraith is authorised to
ijr 1500 oacls lor a pair ol mountain
heap or goats, or fl 000 for a pair of
h. Th* animals must be ileliterod
'-live to th* Indian agent, thi* is ihe
irg.it of*r y*t mado lor the animals
ion* al our enterprising hunter, nm-
i*k* * ipaclal effort, ������ it I. well
mown th.t *h*sp .re to be found in
he vicinity of Goldeu.
Sjswial London   corrnpondsho*  ol
[lie Newe Advertiier   .ay.  thai' the
'e.t Cauadlan Corporation, Limlied.
ll a concern af cosisideratil* ...srgniti.de
nd div*r.ifl.d Inlereit. It ha. bee.,
med to tuk. ov��r ss gotssg concerns'
;h��..businesses br (s) Mewra. Hull I ro
b*rs k Cs)��psuy, ol Calgary, Albena.
lorth  W<s*t   Territorio. ol Canada,
t merchant* and   *tqck dealer*,
hich firm hn* hrunclse* at Canmot*,
ntbraoite, Bant. Field assd Goldsn;
i) th* Calgary Hilling Conpauy, of
Igary, Alberta, flour mill*; and (c)
John Llnehani, ol Okotoks, near
i-jtry, lumber mill*. Th* c*plt*l of
Company ia ��175,000 In 21 abam,
We wsxtU respectfully 'direct th��
.tiension of proapector* snd mining
in gen-ralls/ to tba *uv*rtlss*n-*nt of
jadrow F.  B'-etmbergan. ef th* Pro-
ttoi-s Exchange, KeltM. A carsifiil
��l will amply r��p��y.
3. h. McKay, the genial *-tMftr -���
* Elk P��rk Bench* Co., Sinclair, la
Golden and la th* reolplent of many
Hon. W. C. Wells went to the Coast
on Monday morning.
Mis. May Burns, who ha. heen living at Field for the past four mouth.,
visited Goldon on Sunday and left for
bar home is. Trail oss Monday.
Thos. O'Brien paid Revelstoke a visit"
during the week.
W.McNeill, ol Victoria, private sec
rotary to Hon. W. C. Wall*, who cam*
np from the Cos,t to attend the funeral
of the lata Mrs. Wells, returned home
on Sunday morning,
J. D. Well., of Palliser, i. .ponding
a few dasy in Golden.
. Tl.e townspeople ot Beaver pssscd a
vary pleasant evening on Friday last
in Beaver Hall, the occasion being the
birthday of .Mis, Sadie McCallum and
a presentation to Miss Davis, Ih.
school teacher. Ths presentation wa.
intended a. a New Tear's gift but
owing to s-o.no d.lay did not arrive In
lime. Mr. Carlin, of Golden, and Mr.
Morris, of Rogers Pass, were present,
and everyone wa* slelighs.d to sec
them. The evening was snout in gam**
and dancing and everyone had uo enjoyable time.
Mr. Jno. Wren, who hs. been suffering from a were as.ack of Lu Grippe
ha* we aro pleased to state completely
G. S. MaCarter, barrister, of Revel-
stokj, was * visitor toGolden lust week.
Bro, Evan*, of tho 0 stcrop, came In
on the (tag* last Friday, returning to
Canterbury on Sunday. He report,
thing* a little quiet at present it. his
Sam High has returned to town
after several mouths' .ojourn at Spill-
Meaar.. Hi-ffesier. Wallace, Low,
Raugh and Rury, of Colombia Valley,
wer* in lown this week.
Geo. Well., of Palliser, spent a few
hoora iss Golden on Wed.ie.dny.
Mrs. Jobn Grasly, who ba* been
confined totho house wilh an attack
of |.l*urisy, 1* now convalescent.
Th* following pupil* stood in lha
order given inlheirrespectiveclss.es
and grada-i for the month ot January:
Senr. 5:h -Walter Houston, Laura
Is.termadiate 6th -Ernest Sutherland, Ila Bookhout, Willie Houston.
Jnr. th M.risi M.ller, Violet
Pughe. Bert Hanna.
4s h Class���Ml snl* Sutherland, Lit
lian Woonland, Lil i Love.
Snr. Sri. Ssaalry Mooslie, John
Blakely, Jack Parson.
Average Aitendss.ee- 25.
J. A. BATES, Principal.
Inter, rd.��� Arthur Morgan, Fannie
Comen, Allan Hanna,
Snr. 2nd.-Build Griffith, Walter
Morgan, Sidney Robbins.
J nr. ind.-Law ranee I'*h*y, Julius
Johnson, Willi; Miller.
Averrge Attaudaiiee   30.   .
C. B. MONTGOMERY, Teacher.
Fir.t Cl ss-John Rutherfotd,
Charles Dalit slat, Robert Miller,
II Primer -Moesoin Morgsa, Irene
Deacon, Arthur Kenny.
I Prissier���Sarah Fahey, Antonla
Dosarmean, Edwin Soles.
Tablot-Pearl Milligan, Btr ram
R-siherforil, James Henderson.
Average Asiondance - 23.
a. $75 00 are offered tor the best costumed and sustained character..
The skating races will include the
one mile and three mile championships
and four ons ii'ile race* for hoy* and
girls. There will alao be the .now.hoe
races which will be 175 for each event.
The hockey contest* ara of course the
chief feature of th* carnival aud wil)
include at lea.t tnree matche. for the
M..I*rcb*mplon*hl|s, two tor the junior
and two for the ladies. Applies'ion
has been made for ihe usual excursion
rates from all points of a single fare
for the round trip and there is na doubt
that in ad'iiion to granting this lhe
various railways will run special excursions
South African Constabulary.
Golden hs* beeu designated a. one of
the reoriutlng nations for Radon-
Powell's Police. Th. .xamlnstion and
enlistment will take place here on the
27th. day of Feb nary next.
Tha Pope's Grief.
Mgr. Ingeli, private secretary to the
Pope, snys no sovereign's des'h caused
His Boll.'*** such profound emotion
as that of she Queen. He always hsd
the most affectionate regard for Her
Majesty, and she for hiin. Letters
were each-nged between iliem as
recensly sslast DaceralH-r. The Pope
regards her death a* an almost irrepar
able loss to Christnnity, she having
contributed more than any other mon
srch to the triumph ol Chrissian .en
timent. ...J moral virtues. The Pope
is said >o Ise already engaged on a
memori. I poem Hs. is convinced that
the death of Q seen Vidioria is a solemn
notice to him to prepare for bis own
A Remarkable Shaft.
The remarkable new vertiele shaft'.
No. 5, at the Tamrack copper mine,
Mishi. an, hss st last reachsvl the cop
per lode at the depth of 4,(157 foot.
The propersy right* to then copper
deposits are bounded by vertiele lines,
snd it wn. to reach the lode worked io
that depth in an adj lining mine that
this ehaft wu. sunk to ibis enormous
depth, Tbo shaft s* 71* 21s. h., *1
fees, inside mess ssremet... snd has fie
different co.npnrtu.ot>t*. four of which
are available fur hoisting cages, and
the fff.h and lust being drvosed to
ladderways and the maze of water
pipes, air pipes *nd elect.ic lines required in a modern mine, 'Th* first
shovelful of dirt from this shaft was
removed in. August, 11195, and work
has sines bsen in progress continuously
dsy assd night, except 0.. legal holidays
and Sunday*. With the exception of
the three parallel auriferous conglo.ncr
reef* *f the Witwateraand. ihe (.'alu.net
coiiglomsr-.se is th* mot valuable
mineral bed or vein now worked.
In the final gam* between Henderson
and Ullock in the U. C. N. * T. con.
petition, tb* former won by a .cos* of
11 to 10.
Th* draw ha. been mad. in th. competition for this trophy p.esented l�� H.
E. Forster, uf Firlamls. Tbis competition is * knocli-out the lo.cr lu any
game dropping out,
Tho point* composition for th* district medal will lik.lt bo played oil
sicxt week.
Tonight Dainard and Ullock will
play the final gam* In the Calgary
Brewing Company', competition.
Roailanl Winter Carnival.
Tha Ros. and Winter C s Iv aim-
mlttee ba. mad. good progres. with
it* plan* for Use carnival which Is to
take place from February 12.1. to lfith.
Already from oussssle puiuts these is
promise of a very Urge aiirndauc..
There wUl be an unusually large number of curlers thi* year, A great mans
visitor* are expected from Spokane.
Tbe carnival will coin inence on Tuesday
morning with the Boiupicl af tlie
Kootenay Curling .,.socl.tionr la
wbich ih��r* will b* eight ev.nsa for
handeerae trophies, aud acme fifty
priaes, aggregating In value about
��� 11,00. The Bonapiel will occupy (11
of tb* rink nntil W*d..**day at 8 p. m.
while tha carnival proptr will b*gin
with th* snaiquarade at ths rink on
W*dis**day evening. Big preparation.
In lha way of fancy coatamaaara being
wade fer thtl tttttl and rrlm v.ltwd
Progress of Copper.
Thi. country could not show an
annual output ol copper amounting to
1.000,000 |sounds until after tbe middle
of lha nineteenth century, note* the
Western Mining World. The fir.t ��hip-
���ncnt of copptr fro.n Lak- Superior
was mad* in 184:1. and at.sountesl to
12 ton*. Early In i tb* century just
cloMd tbe production of oopper in the
entire world wa* only about 8,000 tone,
ansl in th* middle of the century li
had increased to about 20,COO tens
The world's production of copper during
the past century is estimated at bet wees,
8.000,000 aud 9.000,000 tons. At the
preseut rat* of proslssction. ths copper
output for tb* world In th* twentieth
will agungat* more than 40.000.00..
tons. The pro-lssctlon of copj*er in th.t
United State* in th* year just passed
I. equal to th* whole world's output
ten year. ago.
Th* s rras g*m*nla for the Quean's
fnnar.sl a. p b.lahad iss our last issue
were fo lowed closely end iinmenae
cro*'!a through *v*ry availabl* poini
frp n which t-s view th* solemn ami
imprs'ssiv* sighs. From the purtsl*
of Osborne io the quid reeling plain
at Windsor, ih* remain, ol Victor.u
ihe goosl war. borne, hidden b.v the
ooronatlon robe, with th* glititriug
regalia refl-Mtlug tha ray* of th* sun
Following th* bier wero Kings.
Emperor* and Prliioss bowed in sluoere
aorrow, **ps��t,.ol* which will lira-in
hi.sory. 0 ly one* wo* thar* any dla
turbanc* af the -pr gramme and tbl*
occured at th* station at Windsor
when tbo horses attoohtd tc th* gun
clinage became u.linan.gabl. and ou
th* ���s.ggastion of Lord Rohan., ware
replaced by the b.uejackets who formed
the Guard of H snot Quickly and silently th y removed the refraotory.
hor**. and proudly draw th* body of
their belovtd Q seen to it. la.t ruling
place. Th* een.nooie* in lb* cbapal
-vere simple bul beautiful and an Im
ssiense concourse of t he ruler* of Europe
with eminent men In all walk* of lit*
a-.ood with bowed b*ad* aatil th*
organ pssahd forth lt* final .train..
So Britain busbjat bar Quwn.
Itain brtM har <
Tha Brili.h Goverith-.., has decided
to sand 80,000 mounted lsW-,0 South
Africa te nlnlorN Lord Klts��<��r,
A Soldier's Letter.
At she time of leaving Paardekop I
wa. on n hill whioh co.nsna���-ls*d a view
ot the whrle column ���a graixl sight--
with the Advance guard,-with frontage
of aboiit two milea, with supports-
artillery, iiifau'rv and the cosivov,
each wagon drawn by 18 oxen traveling six abreast^ or even more aa th*
grooud would require, end the rear
guard protecting our convoy. The
first place we took was Amespoort,
Stra*hernias entering first; the next
Ermeto, whioh was also entered by
Ssratbeona fn the lead .midst a dust
storm-in tact, we raced to see who
would snter first nnd I waa ot the first
six to resell town, and I ala hnd the
honor of beiug tho first to alignt. We
took several -prisoners here and we
were treated well by the people, somo
ol whom wes*English, remarking that
they were pleased to see us, but that
Oh, toy! you are dirty"; and no
wonder, when a man travel* through
a blinsliug duststorm for four mile*.
Advancing further, C Squadron ef
Straihoona. took tho little town of
Carolina and then pushed on toward*
Mar.haslodorp, bnt b-fore getting there
we found the Boor* in fore* and
strongly entrenched nesr Dalinanu ha
who opposed us as well as they could,
but we proved to be too strong, while
our T.iinuiies had the satisfaction of
tickling some with the bayonet, an
experience which wae well earned after
advancing for 2,000 yards, Tha
shell fire v.-as terrific, the air being
literally .potted with bursting shell-,.
Tb. enemy lost to our know led-:* o> cr
300, hut Boer prisoners say .heir los-s
wae much heavier. We the piocsesl-
ed to Macltadoslorp, ossr next point
on the way. Here we were opposed a
little, but thoy had to succumb to our
del.-mimed advance,
Lvdenburg was onr next goal, bnt
at Crocotfilo Valley the Bss-r* held a
fee simile of Laings's Nek. wbieh O-n.
Buller said hc could take wilh the loss
of about 1,000 men, so l.e determined
to wait while another colmun made a
Sank attack, whioh is alwavs dreaded
by tbe ensinv. Wa made a feint attack
and then remained still all day under
terrible shell fire-some say th*
���everest fir* of tb* campaign. W*
only lost on* artilleryman und eight
or ten wounded belo sging to the King's
Royal Rifles. It wu* In t is .alley we
lost six men���Ih* majority, I am sorry
to say, heing murdered, amongst whom
w** a friend of mine Irons East Koote*
nay In lho person of Sorut. Logan, snd
hi* death wa* regros.esl by everyone.
We arrived at Lydenhurg. Leaving
again, nc turned easterly, passing
Spitskop into Sarbie Valley, where we
capture! 300 ton.: ot provisions and
thousands of round, ot ammuniilon,
the latter we destroyed. It was In
thi* district we came very near capturing Long Tom, which we would have
done had w* heen supporsed. Tie
brave Gordon Highland.��� -ried to
help ui, hanging on to our atlrrops tn
id them in their travel but could not
keep it up. One woll aimed shell from
our gun divided the limber from Long
Tom, knocking tho sight off, which I.
now in th. possession tf on* of our
boy*, Wa bad * lively time for a few
P. 'prim's Rest wa* next reached and
w�� denu led it of provision* and thtn
nturned to Lydeuburg, which we
garrison d, and left next day to travel
back to Machadodorp. where we turned
our hor.es in with lb* Intention of
coming home." We entrained again;
arriving at Pretoria and remaining at
Church Services.
Services every; Sunday at lt a in. and
7:30 P. m. Celehrsi. ion of Holy Communion 1st assd 3rd Sundays of tl.e month
afser Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Huly Daya at 8 a.m.. or
as may he announced front theoh.ncel.
Sussdav School at. 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially Invited to attend
the service*.
C F. Tatbs, Vicsr.
Service every Sundav at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Suhool and Bible Class at I
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice ev*ry Thuraday even*
at 7.
Rev. W. D. Turner. Paator.
S-rvlres every Sunday at 11 a.m.and
7 pm.
Sunday School at 2:80 p.m,
Prayer Meet ing on Tuesday aid p.m.
Geo. Kikmey, Paator.
-P .-*-.
a, r. a a. a.
Mountain Lodge, No. II. A. F. A
A. M. Regular CsisnsnunI.'stlon,
second Monslsy In eve-y month.
bi journing brethren cordially Iu.
C. H. PARSON. Secretary.
i, o. o. r.
.Rocky Mountain I-odg* ve. .14 masts, la
OsuHellsswa Hall, (.olden, every VVedssesday
at t p.ns.   Sniiurning brethren welcome.
C. PEAKCE. Jt.G. A T. WOOD, Hoc.
NOTICE in hereby Rivejn that Application
���uill ne mmie to the i.Aginlativo Aen- rnbiy of
thft Provinre of British 'bluniliU, at ita next
8on*ion. fur a Privae Pill to incorporate a
Cniii'-aiiy with power to build, equip, main
tain awl a+ratf* a lhi�� or lines of Rail���������*-* of
stan ar 1 j*niff�� from a point at or near the
cimI miiien Ht Michel), thenco by way uf
Mh-Im*1I Creok and tbo moat fejuiihle and
i-rwtit-able route eut or went oi Elk Rlrer
nnd ir- per Kootenay Kiver in a aouthorly
(lire-tini) to the International Boundary,
or ui a point at or near the international bound*
ary.nlso, wiih i-owerto huiM.equin.malntiun
and o erale a line or linei of railway ��f
ivandnrd crautie from Michel) r oome point
on Vichell "reek northerly along the valley
of iho Elk River aud from thence to a point
on the main line of the Caiuidtan Pacific
Railway; aim, from a point on the proponed
line ot railway, thence north-easterly by the
North Kjoteuay Veen to Alberta to connect
tilth the ('row'ri NoM Ptuw Kailway or the
Hritiab I'ol.imbia 8nathern Railway, with
authority nko to construct, oierate and
maintain branched from .any point ou the
proifwed line or liuea not exceeding in any
one ra��.e thirty mile- in length, and with
powar to conxtrurt, operate and maintein all
neceaury bridges, roails, ways and ferries
and to constriu't, acquire, owu and maintdiin
���tltarves and docks in connection therewith-;
ane to ronstruct, own. acquiro, equip and
maintain steam and otber veueli and bnat��
and o eraie the same on any navigable
waters; and to construct, operate and maintain telegraph and telephone Hues lUmig the
routes of ru.iil Railway and its brant;' es,or iu
conneutkin therewith, to transmit mewtiges
fur commercial purposes and to collect rolls
therefor': and to generate electririty and
supply light, beat and power, and tbe ; ower
toap ly for and acquire water end water-
power und* r statute, m force, said water or
water: ower to be need In tooncclkm with the
carry iug out of any ot the aforesaid' powers,
and to acquire ami receive from any (jovei n-
meat. Corporation or I ser*��us grants of lund,
Hirbta pf way. money, bonuses, I'rivitagesor
other tissistaneei In wl of the construction of
the Coiiipany'* undertaking, and to connect
with anil to enter into traffic or , other
arrautfoments with railway, steamboat or
other companies, and for all rights, i��uwera
aud nri\ Uegen necessary, usual or incidental
to all or any ef the aforesaid'pur rosei  ,
Dated ut Vancouver thia lOib of 9 unary,
A.U.. 1901.
j 8ftK -olkitors for the Applicants.
MeDepmot. ...;...'.
Is full of Business���in faot, wq have a little -more
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .....
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to It br leave town.
^tv.vuu. XARS W0RTH 0F G00Ds
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing lint) and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Cntifid Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
I or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffins and
can guarantee Best Quality, and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .....
Taken in exchange for-Soods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
3olden,     .C. .
NOTI'Eis berohygi en tliat application
will be made to ihe Parliament of (.'ana-'a at
its neit session f**r an Act to-incorporate a
com: any to construct a railway from the
c al mines at Michel in the East Kootenay
District. British Columbia, theme by way of
Michel ('reek and t e most feasible and practicable route eaat er west of lite Elk awl
UipT Kootenay Riters southwards to the
iatoma'ionul boundary, also ftom Michel
Creek northerly uXagg the valley of the Elk
River ami thence to a point on the main line
of tbe < anadlan Pacific Railway, also from a
point on the proposed line ot railway, thence
north easterly hy the North Kootenay Pass
to Alberta to connect with the t'row. Nest
Pass Railway, with authority atsot.cim-
'     *������    'iter- " - - -
The Prospectors' Exchange
So. t K.W. 0. BLO.'K. KELSON, B.C.
Oolsl. Silver l>s.l ansl Copper Mine* wasite-1 at th* EXCHANGE. .
FltEE MILLING OOLD propertie, wanted al ones for Eastern invaatera.
Pnrtle* Levins, mining properly for aale an requeued to Must aaraplsw ef their ���
' ore to .lie Exchange for eahibision.
W.slelmto hear from prsMpsntera who hsv. prosal.lnj mineral claiai. In
British Columbia.
Prosptctors and snlssinsr msn ar*nqiratesl to mak*Ihe Eiehanjn Hrtir b.ad*
qss.rier. wh-*n In Nelaon.
All sn.ni'lss should he sent by eipren, PREPAID.
Cssrre*|sond*ssc* solirllrsl.   Adds**- all vommnnlissstlnn* to
avdrhw r KusENBen-rn
T.lejhoneNo. 1C4 P.O. Boa 71)0. NELSON. B.O.
atrsset brshebssa frssu. anv points on tb* pro.
ifiaed lias not ���xs-assdlug i��-auy one case
,    ,        , ibirly miles in length, with power la con-
the rest cninp for four dsy., when (he struct, own and o -erate teleirraph and tele.
order came to get remounts and a.art
out (gain. W* then msrohed to
Elandtfontsin. reos-iving onlera ths-r*
to entralu for Wilt'erdlend. at whioh
place we stayad two day*, svlsen out
on tbo maroh again we want, joining
Oeneral Barton (I omlttal to mention
General Buller left n* at Msi-hadndorp,
ard likewise Oeneral D.ssdonald) at
Frs-ds.ricl.stnd, wiser, Ds We> wa. .11
trenched. Our msn adv-uniad nn th*
enemy in apl.odld styl,*. th* Boers
losing haav'ly In faot. more *n than
Mtlnt.tnl. It wa* lisre shas I ass
attacked with fever I iss- ths-n
or<ler.d to J.'hanne.',--rg. svl.'.-r>- I \v���t
a|s**tlily eur*l by tb* very atteiiilve
..urH. and doctor* th* hntpl.als here
are perfect, and averylhlng l�� done to
keep It ao, On mt- tteevety I fouud
that Tolun.s-.rs having had fever ��t
thi. stag* of 'It* game sear* not allowed
ta njoln tbeir eorp*, aol waa uill...-
a.eljr Hnt to the ha.s>.*> Caps Town,
from whioh plaoe I sail*! with <hs- C.
M B. and batts-rio- Ca s* Town hy
tb* way, I* a nle* pi see, and is.
suburb, are eitrentely pr tty.
And now I ' 11.ken big skip and
jump beck to Es��t Koatans,', none she
worsw for wear - only * year olsler, T1
my aurprlM al th* banquet civan l.y
the Ooldtn Curling Club I wa* |,re
sented with a purse of money, which I
issl.Dd Inveeiing in a auiiahl* way to
remind me of my return... my kind
and genial friend. In Oolden,
Now, llr. Editor, I liop* I have not
oeoupM too much ap r�� In your val...
able paper.      Y.ur*.-t,-.,
Pib. ALf�� .1, Foktev,
Straslicon* Hon*.
Emparar William hs. conferred on
Oeneral Bobana lb* bigbeet Oaraan
d-rcwatlon,   ' ;'.',/
pls'ius lii,es for tba ..a* of she . ublii*. rojse-
wsys sad tramway., ..earn and other vet-
neht, ferrle., ronsla. stock., water right*.
.In...., flumes, water power, to g.-nernto and
trssumil and deal iu electrls...yanils<lectrio
power, together wilh snch powers as to
maintaining and disposing of Ihe railway
asvl works snd such other powers snd privilege, a, are usually giv.n te railway com-
Solicitor* for appllcanta.
Ottawa, Jaa. II, 1901.
In th* matter ot Ihe estate of Jong
M.:Bak. lata ot Ooldtn, B.C.,
NOTIt'E I. hereby given ntirsnsnt to the
"Truatsve asssl Electors Act" lhat all rrsali-
t>.ra .nd ss h-ra having rbslnss against tha
esla'aol the ssld John Melts*, whodlad oa
sh�� 'Oth day ol May. IM5. are required on
orl��foro the list d.yol Msnh. A.D. nm,
to ond bv pssat i>r*.,slsl er delivered le
Messrs 1 'rew* ft t.'sess* of 17. fort Straw.
Vli'Mla, Bt:..solicitor,tot John McHae.ol
'Vh.nl eg, M*n.,eiecut ,r o1 the last willet
ssld Jssbl. Mca*, tbeir Chrlillan and surnames, swldrs-aaee asi.i dsucri"Uon. the full
fflrtlr.lllara of their s-lslsui, tlie statement s,l
��lr sccounts and the natssre of tbe teeari-
lie*, If any. held by tbssm.
A nd further take uotir e that after ans-h lut
mentioned slats the bald suscutor will pro*
seed to distribute the aaaet. of tbe deceased
aiming the i-artles enil.led thereto, having
regard only te tbe claims of whrk beahaTI
tlsess have nntl.*.and thll lb*aald sueeutor
will pet he liable lor th* ��ud assMta, or any
pert .hereof, to any person er parsons ol
wb>-Ms clsfssss ssotls-* snail not have b**n r.-
reissed by bla *t th* tlm* ot each distribution
Solicitor for uid .Ks-utor.
Dated the 18th slay of Janaarv, A.D. 1901.
The British Columbia southern Railway
Company will' apply le the Parliament ol
Canada at ha Mil Senna Ibr an Aet ..Handing the time withia which It m.y nmatrs-ct
its Hallways and aotherlslng it to construct
auch Dranek*. from any ef it. Una* aot
am skiing in any ��s* ease thirty miles la
length, as are from Um to Hi*, authorise!
by tb. Uevswaar la Coaaeil, sad Ibr othtr
Townsite Of GOlden.
Buinjss and Residential Lots For Sale.
Mocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy .erins of Payment.
w ilwiify* *
GOLDEN ti the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Hi ver, and the.
centre of au extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries - recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with ths
fhet that traLsprtation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length ot tne Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden tu Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North "East Kootenay.
Ne-rotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE trow offered forms
the only land Available fer the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
And it to their interest to purchase before a further rite
takes place.
Plans may be seen snd price* and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots ti valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale tdgned by Townsite Trustee*
n. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H, G. Parson, Merchant,


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