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The Golden Era Jul 23, 1897

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 Tbe Golden Era
Is th* most widely clrculattd tnd
best advertising medium In Bast
Kootonay. Thit it the paper that
it ttt_ ��y the mlnert, the ranchers,
:    the railroaders and lumbtrmtn.
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. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Cos
+  +
The confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
The Reliance Loan ft Savings Co., of Ontario.
+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
The Deer Park is to be sold to a
Canadian company.
T. Hebseu is doing assessment work
at Prairie Mountain,
A strike ot rich galena, on the lake
shore near New Denver, is reported,
The president of the Ijo Roi says the
mine will pay 150,000 a month hereafter.
It is stated at Field that work will
he resumed on the Monarch mine in a
lew days.
Mr. Bangs, .of Calgary, has gone to
Moyie to have work done on the Moyie
placer claim, owned by H. 0. Forster,
for whom Mr. Bangs is attorney.
H. 6 Low has gone out to Prairie
Mountain with supplies for the Mlt
chell-Innes Bros., who intend starting
development work on their claims
H, 0. Low intends doing some
development, work on Prairie Mountain
in a block ol claims in which he is
interested with Messrs. Hatch, Lang
lands and Healy.
The trail from the north fork of the
Spilfamachene up to Prairie Mountain
has been completed by the government,
the work having been carried out
under the supervision of H. 0. Low.
The Copper Crown mineral claim on
Perry Creek hns been bonded to Prof.
Hartman for the Hammond Co, It is a
splendid piece of property, and is ready
tor development, whicli will be begun
at once.
Mr. Stuart, ot St. Thomas, who has
had extensive mining experience in the
Australian Colonies, is much impressed
with the Spillamachene country,
which he says possesses, immense
mineral wealth.
C, Baines made an important strike
last week on his claim adjoining the
Bald Mountain Co.'s property. The
discovery consists of a body of good-
looking galena live feet in thickness
and lying right on the ledge,
Major Clohecy expected to have the
trail completed last week from the
Summit to thc Boston claim anil to
get in supplies so that he can get. men
started on the development of that
claim ns well as the Bennison.
The assay made by W. Pollew-
Harvey of the ore from the claims
recently located at Beaver by W. G
Nellson and others "shows a high
percentage oi copper, something like
30 per cent., and a trace of gold.
Mr. Kirk, of London Out., who is
interested in the Mineral King on
Toby Creek, went np the river lust
week. There are ten men at work on
the claim running a tunnel, -nmrM iu
expected to strike the vein at fayieet.
Mr. Brookes, manager of the Home-
Payne Co.'s mines at Laurie, left
Oolden on Monday for the mines,
having cleared wiih the Customs
Department hero a quantity ot new
plant which the company are putting
T. Stuart, representing the Silver
Crescent Co. of St. Thomas. Ontario,
returned on Tuesday from a visit nf
inspection to the company's properties
on Copper Creek. While there he
located another claim, which he has
named the Tarn o' Shanter. The Crescent group owned by the company now
consists ot five olaims, the others
being the Snowcloml, Bondholder,
Ptarmigiin and Dividends. Tho company have decided to do development
work on the Dividends, and Mr. Stuart
will advise them also to do similar
work on the Tarn n' Shanter and
Snowcluud. Mr. Stuart is taking a
Hue lot ol samples back with him to
th* esst.
Messrs. Cameron * McKinnon,
who represent a Vancouver syndicate,
returned some day* ago from a prospecting tour. The first place they
explored was the McMurdo. Here they
located thvee olaims, one showing
copper, and two with quarts lodges,
Irom whioh they panned out a splendid
sample of free gold. On* ot these last
claims Is on the same ledge as the
Crown Point, and the name they have
given to this location is the Copper
King. Messrs, McKinuon A Cameron
also located a galena ledge on Logan
Creek, which Is tributary to the north
(ork pi th* Spillamachene, and two
more claima on th* Duncan, where
they struck a 26 loot ledge. They
htvt now gone to Pratrl* Mountain,
and will afterwards start development
work on their various claims.
Mr. Brookes, manager ot the Home-
Payne Co.'s mine at Laurie, informs
us that 150 tous a day of ore is now
being got out and being put tluo.ij.-i
the concentrators, 210 tons a week
of concentrates are being shipped to
Kansas City for treatment. Tlie ore
maintains an average return of $f-4 a
ton, of which MO is in silver and $44
of lead.
Frank Bethune and party oarae in
this week from Kinbaskit Lake where
they have been doing development
work on the claims bonded to the
Oolden and Fort Steele Development
Co. The shaft is now down 57 feet,
having been run through heavily
mineralised ground all the wny, At
30 feet from the surface an ironstone
formation was cut into, which carried
galena throughout. Frank reports
that the shatt struck the main lead
just before he left. He left. Iignin this
week with the intention ot putting the
shaft down another 50 or GO feet to
Btrike the footwall of the lend nnd then
out across it. Two shifts are at
present employed on the work, and it
is intended to put on a third,
The following locations have been
recorded at Oolden:-Mountain (font,
at Palliser, b.,- Loney and Piper; July
8th, Glacier, on McMurdo Creek, by
H. Mnnson; July 10th, Dindem, by H.
Richardson, near mouth of McMurdo
Creek; Minneapolis, by J. D Carlin,
at Field; Robin Hood, by J, D. Carlin,
two miles nor-h-enst of Field; Gain
berala, by G. Schuli, at Field; July
12th, Undine, by H. G. Low, on north
fork ol Spillamachene; Dominion, at
Ottertail, by A. Tavlor aud J. D.
Ryan; Noonday, at Ottertail. by A. H.
Harrison; Thistle, ou Prairie Mountain, by A. M. Lunglands; Rose, by C
Hatch, on Prairie Mountain; Evening
Star, at Ottertail, by A. McLeau;
Rising Sun, at Ottertail, by E. J,
Rush. Billy Crews uud Sliiimrock on
Logan Creek by A. St. G. Hammersley
und J S. AV. Pugh respcuiitely.
Mr. McCarthy, solicitor, ulCnlgnry.
has been a pioneer iu milling in this
part o( the country, In the early
eighties he sent out a puny oi
pierspectors nml kept- them two
seasons in the mountains,
resulting in the disco.ery ot the
mineral belt at llleoilliwuet, He still
owns one of thn most promising
properties there, tire Jumbo. Mr. McCarthy also invested in the discoveries
at Field, and wns instrumental in
having a shipment ot ore sent Irom
there to tho smelter, though the result
was disappointing owing to the quan
tity ot nine that the ore was lound to
 ��� .
Prospectors' Hap
The prospector's map of the non hern
portion ol East Kooteiiny. as compiled
by F. C. Lang, has now been pub
lished. This is the best map that has
yet been Issued relating to the mining
resources and locations of this province.
The prospector can tell at a glauce
the different species of op-s tumid
within tho district and the localities
where the different oies are found. This
is got at hy a system ot coloring,
while on the margin there is a complete list of locutions iu the distriot up
to tha time of the compilation of the
map, coloied streaks opposite each
indicating the class of ore found then.
.���mother particularly good thing about
the map is the fact that the ininiug
divisions are clearly shown, so that
the prospector cun tell at a glume
where the boundaries lie, and iu which
division to make his locution. The
actual Bine of each ilalin is given in
the margiiial reference, also its title
whether crown -mint or merely location. Tlie trails, roads, creeks, and
rivers In the district are clearly and
accurately shown, ulso the railway
stations, and the distances iv.nn these
aqd from the principal points iu tie
district. The map reflects great ored t
on the skill, care and trouble displayed hy Mr. Lung in its compilation,
and one result oi his work must be to
facilitate the exploration ot this part
of the country, and to draw the
attention of prospectors to the large
area that yot remains to Im explored,
with every promise of rich reward to
the prospector, as well as to the
capitalist and the mining investor
who follows him in the work ot developing th* discoveries and making the
natural wealth ol the country available
tor production tnd use. Th* price ot
th* m��p is a dollar, and *v*ry prospector-** well at every one who is
Interested In mining in the district-
should secure a copy.
To The Eilitor.
Sir, I wish to bring under yom
notice a case of injustice to ine, ami
what is a reflection on the administration of justice in your town. Ou
Monday, 12th ult., a summons was
issued at. the instance ot the Oolden
Lumber Co, against me. It had been
left at Mr. Connor's house tor me, and
on my going there I received ii, the
time being then half-past 12.1 This
summons required me to appear at
1 p.m., so that I had only half an
hour's notice In which to get my
witnesses and defend the action. As
the time wss quite insufficient I applied
to the magistrate, Mr. Armstrong,
for an adjournment to enable mn to get
the necessary evidence, telling him the
whereabouts of the necessary witnesses and the nature of their evidence.
He refused unless I would put up (20
���what tor is a mystery. The company's agent In Winnipeg engaged
nine of us at $><', a month, and paid
our fares, and arranged that $20
should be deducted from our earnings to
cover such fares. After we had been
at work a few days I took sick and
hod to go to the Hospital. The men
then were told hy Mr. C-rlln that the
amount to be deducted for their fares
was (42, but he promised to see it he
could get it reduced, and he subsequently cut it down to $34.50 This
amount the company sued for, nnd
also some stores they claimed I hud out
of the store, and which I never had.
When I told the magistrate that I
wanted the witnesses to show what
bargain was made he very cnriouMy
shouted out "How ridiculous for Mr.'
Carlin to be responsible for the acts of
the agent." Now, sir, I contend thnt
the magistrate had no business to act
in that unfair way as counsel for
plaintiff, but that his business was to
hear both sides and endeavor to give
a just decision on the evidence, Surely
1 wus entitled to prove my case, and
it I tailed l was of course prepared to
suffer for it. The magistrate theu
ordered me to pay the claim torthwith,
and on my - intimating my wish to
appeal a-juinst such administration of
justice he said he could only permit
my appeal on mr patting up $50. It
is also a curious thing that the agent
who arranged with us was in Golden
un Saturday and Sunday, and on m>
asking Mr. Carlin why he did noi
keep him to give evidence he replied
that he did not want him. It my case
is an instance of tha high-handed way
in which justice may be administered
in this province, then it seems to me
that it is high lime people were
afforded some protection against such
gross wrong. M. W. Bi.akb.
Boat Passengers
July li'iih. up���H. New-tarn .1.
Wulftsohn. G. R. Muir, J. Greenfield.
Madame Foigras, Ah Wong, to Steele*
0. Kirk. Hattie Rutherford, to Windermere; T. Stewart, 0. S. McCarter,
A. Strtcey, J. H. 0. JolUe, J.
Townseii I, .0 Carbonate,
July 18th, down���Three Japanese,
to Spillamachene; W. Grigg, 0. Bev-
ridge, to Oolden; G. Son-lie, E.
Clark, Windermere to Golden.
July 19th, up-A. Hutchins, 0.
Stour, W. Blisand, B. Bangs, J.!
Henderson, to Steele; P. Wattel.t, to
Spillam urhene; G. Rury, to Carbonate;
G. Sorulla, Carbonate to Spillamachene;
J, Good and wife, to Adela and return.
July'-'ist, down-J. Greenfield, B.|
R. Bruce, J. E. Hardmsn, to Golden; |
E. Citmi, Canal Flat to Golden; M.
Mclnnis, Adela lo Gordon's; J. Mer-1
ciei, C. Mugilirs, Spillamachene to
The Hammond Syndicate
Professor Hardman returned on
Wednesday from the Fort Steele
countrv, where he has been for some
time examing and reporting on properties on behalf of the syndicate repr- -
seated by Mr. Hammond of Toronto.
He was accompanied by Mr, Bruce,
Three properties huve beeu bonded hy
the syndicate, and development work
la being done on them. On Saturday
last the two-stamp mill recent*-; sent
up for erection on Perry Creek wus
completed, snd mill tests from two
properties bonded were ready to be put
through by the manager, Mr, White.
Applications to have customs samples
put through the mill have already
come io from Goat River, Weaver
Creek, St. Mary's, and other localities.
This mill will prove of immense oil-
vantage to tbe district by enabling
mill tests to be made. Profess, r
Hardman thinks a lot of St. Mary's
basin as a mining field, and got tho
best panning out ot ore from titer*
that he has ever seen. Profess, i-
Hardman led today for the Bluewat r
to inspect the claims there which were
recently bonded by Mr. Hammond. As
the assays from these claims showed
such high grade ore the Profe-sor is
very anxious to make a careful inspe. -
tion of that part of the couutry. If
the returns already obtained are home
out by suoh inspection he considers
that it wiil be the making of this pint
of East Kootenay.
��� ���
J. R Greenfield, of the postal
service nt Victoria, is relieving Mr.
Fletcher on the present tour of inspection, as that gentleman is ut preset.t
Buffering from an affection of the eye.
Mr. Greenfield speaks in high terms - f
the manner In which the Golden pi nt
office is conducted, and informs i *
that the Department receive few-r
complaints regarding this office th: u
any other in the section between
Calgary and Victoria.
Pare Drugs
Semi to      I      l      l      I
New Denver.
Shopping  |
BY Letter
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Order trwle foruo ahead at a gratify*
iiig rate.
Cigars Meu's Furnishings
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ret-ei\e prompt attention.
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Flour and Feed,
mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
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We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
To Advertisers and Subscriber..
The GOLDEN ERA la published every
Friday evening. It is the -best advertising
medium in the East Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates i 12.00 per annum IN
Alterations snd chaagesof standing advertisements must be in the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual ,-ul.irrt-seiueiits will be received up till
noon on Friday.
Wirilo all reusoui-blc care will lie tiihon, tho
proprietors will not bo responsible lor nny
omission or error in uny advertisement,
All aacdtihta to bo paid tn tlie Maiingiug
Director, or his iiuthui-izi-d agent, from .viiom
the company',, receipt will bo obtained.
Advertising rules! Diipluy nils., Sl-'ifl per
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t'or first insertion, 11 cents for eu.-li tiilitition.il
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each issue,
Ai) business comniuni.'iitioiis slroriM tie addressed to the Miin.-igiug Dlroutoi', nml all
literary coiniiiuiiiciitinn.s, letters t'or publication or news horns should be addressed to tlie
Editor- ���
Correr-poiidonco is invited on matters of
public intorest, but to secure publication
such letters must be briel'. in tlie ease ot
anonymous letters the name .--.ml address of
tho .ivitor must be enclosed, not t'or publication, but for the private iiiformiitionoftlie
editor and as u guarantee ol' good truth.
The Golden Era Compan) Limited Lia.i!i'|,
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flElte tfiolben Viva
(Edited by E. A. Hague.*,.)
FRIDAY, JULY   23,  1897.
It is the duty of a newspaper to
expose wrong-doing in public affairs,
and to endeavor to voice public opinion
in demanding: a remedy against wronc,.
In another column we publish a letter
of complaint from M. \V. Blake. We
were not present at the sitting of the
court, but if the facts ure as stated we
havo no hesitation in saying that tbe
case was most improperly conducted
by the presiding magistrate. It needs
no argument to show that no matter
wbo or what the persons are that
come before the court they are entitled
to full and fair cousideration, and to
every opportunity to put their oase
before the court in its entirety. The
administration of justice as carried out
in British Columbia would not he tolerated in most governments under the
British flag. From the Supreme Court
to the lower courts the system reeks
with injustice. The machinery of the
courts Is regulated entirely in the
interests of the great capitalists and of
the legal profession. The rules of even
the Supremo Court of British Columbia
are a barbarity, and from what we
have seen of its adminstration we
wonder how tbe people quietly tolerate
a system which is worthy of the days
of the Star Chamber. Reformers are
urgently wanted in British Columbia,
but in no department of the publio
service is a good law-maker more
requisite than in that affecting the
judioiary and the general administration of justice. If judges and magistrates have not enough of tbe natural
sense of justice before tbem to fulfil
their offices with integrity and impartiality then the statute book itself
must bind their administration within
proper limits, and curtnil the discretionary power which is now so
badly exorcised.
Canada stands out today tt tlio one
British colony of importance where
the government do not own and
control the railways. This Dominion
has permitted tho Yankee polity of
railway monopoly to get itt merciless
claws on the throats of this people,
and instead of this government controlling the railways we have the
degrading spectaole of the railways
controlling the government. Thia hat
got to be ended, and the Dominion
tnd Provincial Governments had
better make op thtir minds to give no
more railway grants to private com
panics, bnt to build and equip the
railways themtelves. To tht disgrace
of publio administration it mntt be
admitted that the government railways
of Canada have so far been a failure,
while in other oolonies they tre a
success, Let the Laurier Government
remove this blot on publio administration, Just as good men can be got
to run the government railways as the
Canadian Pacific. The government
ought to get them, and show that the
railways can be managed successfully
by the people and for the people.
Is the crown grant system conducive
to the welfare of mining in British
Columbia? We doubt it. On all hands
capitalists nre buying 'up mines, und
chartering river-beds, which they ure
locking up to hold for sireculuiivo
purposos. They intend in some
instances neither to use these claims
themselves nor let anybody else
uso them. Wo believe that the
only true way to deal with minerul
claims is to limit the terms of ownership to use and occupation���that when
a mineral claim is unused fora certain
length of time it should be open to
someone else to take it up who would
use it. The plan we suggest in that
adopted in the whole of the Australian
Colonies, where they have had long
experience in mining, and it is fouud
to be most successful. Of course,
precautions are taken against claim-
jumping, so that the law is essentially
A meeting of the business men of
Golden is convened at tho Eka office,
at the hour of 8 p.m.. ou Tuesday
next, to take into consideration the
desirability of forming a boaid of
trade to loek'after tho commercial and
general inteiosts of the town and
district. An organization of this kind
is urgently needed, and we hope the
people of Golden will back up oar
efforts in this direction by putting in a
good attendance, and pulling together
shoulder to shoulder to advance the
interests of this portion of East
Much has' been said about ths coal
lands that will be opened by the construction of the Crow's Nest Railway.
We are informed that neither the
C. P. R. nor the Dominion Government will get an acre of known coal
lands through the construction
of this road, ns the whole of suoh
lands were corralled by a syndicate
some years ago.
Complaints are made to us ol the
C. P. R. blocking traffic by using the
bridge over the Kickinghorse tt a
side-line. With the immense amount
of freight shunting now done at
Golden the C. P. R. must recognise
the necessity of new side-lines. These
they should put in at once and so
avoid tlie inconvenience to the public
.complained of.
We -hould think that the time hat
arrived lor the establishment of a
post office at Carbonate. There is a
lot of traftio there, and the point is
one which commands tbe scene of
mining activity in the Spillamachene
and McMurdo districts.
Medical Statistics Prove that Eighty Out of
Every Hundred tre Tainted Wilh Catarrh.
Are you one of the eighty? Fool breath,
pains over the eyes, dropping in the throat,
and headaches denote it. Have you those
symptoma? Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder
never disappoints in a cure.
"For years I was a victim of chronic
catarrh. I had tried all kinds of cures, and
had been treated by numbers of physicians,
but no cure was effected until I hail procured
and used Dr. Aguew's Catarrhal Powder.
The first application gave me almost instant
Activity   tn   Prospecting ������ Mineral
King Will Be a Shipper.
[From Our Own Correspondent,]
Prospectors keep coming in, and
everything tends to show that the
country from Dutoh Creek to No. Two
Creek is one of great mineral wealth.
I am glad to announce that the powers
that he have seen fit to put on u gang
of men to open up a trail on the main
brunch of-Horse Thief Creek. Trails
have been made up the minor brunches
by private parties.
On Toby Creek Robert Jackson,
better known us Texas Hob, has lately
located a c'Lim in the vicinity of
Horse Shoe Bar, and has two men at
work developing his property, which���
judging by the spocitnens of copper
pyrites shown by Mr. Jackson���one
would infer thut he hns no reason at
all to complain of his luck. Mr.
Troycr und party, who havo located
in the same neighbourhood and for the
past month have been developing their
claim, seem very well satisfied with
the results of their work.
Work on the Mineral King, Mr.
Abel's galena proposition, has progressed rapidly, and as near as they
can judge the drift is within thirty
Feet of tlie load. Mr. Abel says that
tho rock they are now working in is
more or less mineralized. It is expected that ore from thn Mineral King
will lie hauled to the river tbis winter
and shipped the following spring.
Iii the last issue of the Eua we
noticed a small paragraph to the effect
that Mr. Lindsay's property, tbe
Mineral King, on Perry Creek, is a
very promising one. We are inclined
to think that tbe property alluded to is
tho Mineral King on Toby Creek,
which wns bonded to a Mr. Lindsay,
and what is more to the point that the
Mineral King allows more than a
promise, and we can safely predict
that in the near future the Mineral
King will" take a high place among
the mines of the Kootenay country
Specimens brought in touiuhc from
this property show that the drift has
now reached the lead, although about
thirty feet away from the cropping.
They show both heavy cube and steel
galena, and���what I believe is rare in
this country���native cop) er.
Mr. Bell, a prospector from Oregon,
hns struck a three-foot lead of galena
in the neighborhood of the Mineral
King on Toby Creek.
Claims recorded in Windermere for
the month of June arer-Ccppor Chief,
by G. A. Gadd, Toby Creek; Hannah,
by C. Troyer, Toby Creek; Oxbow, by
C. Troyer, Toby Creek; the Abide-a-
Wee, by C. Watts, Skokamohuek;
Argyle, by E. H. Small, Findlay
Creek; Caledonian, by R. Mulligan,
Findlay Creek; Evergreen, by A.
Prior, Toby Creek; Swansea King, by
UM. Estelle, Windermere Mouutain;
Creer King, by J. Lake, Windermere
Mountain; Highland, by P. Lanyon,
Findlay Creek; Lowland, by J.
Garand, Findlay Creek; Goldeu Sceptre, by J. Sherman, Findlay Creek;
Moyie, by S. Simmons, Findlay Creek;
Summit Lake, by J. Pierce, Findlay
Creek; Mountain Goat, by W. Walsh,
Findlay Creek; Idaho, by C. Troyer,
Toby Creek; 1st of June, by F, Perry,
Toby Creek; Galena Queen, by R.
Campbell, Vermillion Creek; Two
Friends, by Simmons A Leo, Findlay
Creek; Little Goat, by Northway A
Mackay, Toby Creek; Silver Star, by
Northway A Mackay, Toby Creek;
Silver Belle, by Northway A Maokav,
Toby Creek; Skokum Boy, bv North-
way and Maokay, Toby Creek; Cracker
Jaok, by McLeod, Anderson, A Stevenson, Toby Creek; Copper King, by
McLeod, Anderson, tnd Stevenson,
Toby Creek; Erie, by Stevenson,
Jackson, A Anderson, Toby Creek;
Horse Thief Challenge, by Northway
A Maokav, Horse Thitf Creek; Druggist, by Lee A Bleasdell, Findlay
relief, snd in an incredibly short time I wu
absolutely cured from this distressing and
disgusting malady." Jsmai Hesdley, Dundee, NX
Sold by O.A.Warren. 88
WJMlt.M-|-Agents fer "Queen Vie-
v-VUUWU t^ Her Reign end Dia-
mend Jubilee." overflowing with latest and
richest pictures. Coutalne ibe endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of nor remarkable reign, tnd full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only 11.60.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bononia
for agents.  Commission 60 per cent. Credit
-iven. Freight psid. OUTHT rain. Duty
psid. Write quick for outfit and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago,
Old Fogy and Short-sighted Merchant.
The manufacturers of Diamond Dyes
receive letter orders every day from
oountry places for Diamond Dyes.
Ladies say their village store-keeper
has been talked into buying one of the
very inferior makes put up to outwardly imitate the world-famed
Diamond Dyes. They have tried these
dyes, and the result was failure and
loss of goods.
Those country store keepers (many
of them) will not put in a stock of
Diamond Dyes until they get rid of
their poor goods, This means loss of
trade to the short-sighted dealer. Diamond Dyes are certainly the favorites
in country, town, and city, and all
live merchants sell them,
Any lady in the country whoennnot
obtain Diamond Dyes from her dealer
cau Write to Wells A Richardson Co.,
Montreal, for tho color required,
stating whether it is to dye wool,
cotton, or silk, and the dyes will be
sent by mail. 32
O ���
Advertising is to business what food
is to existence. Try an ad. in the Era.
"Last summer one of our grandchildren wus sick with a severe bowel
trouble," says Mrs. E. G. Gregory, of
Fredoriokstown, Mo. "Our doctor's
remedies had failed; then we tried
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea Remedy, whioh gave very
speedy relief." Por sale by all druggists ��� Langley A Co., wholesale
agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 73A7
Be loyal to your district! Subscribe
to and advertise in tbe Golden Eua.
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will
be received at the Golden Era Office and.
executed with promptitude.
The Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
At Golden, B. G.
���t���*. i
Suits to Measure From
$15 up   >
J! on- In It Donelf
1st-By buying for spot cash tnd
getting all the advantages.
2nd���By selling for spot oash tnd
avoiding ull bud debts.
8rd-By doing my own outtlng and
saving $100 per month.
4th-By saving heavy travelling
and other expenses.
In patronizing mo you support ��.ho/ -..
the claims of ai��r. I pay the - ' ;
highest rate of wages
and expect the
J. F.VuGH,
Scientific Cutter and Practical
Tailor, Golden, B. C.       8te
Itching. Burning hkln Disease. Cared
for 35 Cent..
A -od-He.t Blessing.
Mr. B. F. Wood, of Easton, Pa, wu a
great sufferer from organic heart disease.
He never expeoted to be well again, but Dr.
Agnew's Cure for the Heart was his good
angel, and ha Uvea today to tell it to others.
Hear himi- "I wu fer fifteen years a great
sufferer from heart disease, had smothering
spells, palpitation, pain in Wt aide, snd
swelled Ankles. Twenty physicians treated
mo, but I got no relief. I used Dr. Agnew's
Cure for the Heart. One dose relieved rae
inside of 80 minutes. Several bottles cured
me."        1
Sold by C. A Warren. 83
If yon want a business, advertise
and get it; If you hava a business, advertise tnd keep It. Put yonr td. In tht
Got-on Era.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment relieves in one day,
and cures letter, salt rheum, piles, scald head,
eczema, barbers' itch, ulcers, blotches, and'
all eruptions of the skin. It is toothing and
quieting, and acts like magic iu Uio cure of
all body humors; "15 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warren. SI
The most profitable investment 1
Send ti for a year's subscription to
the Golden Era, that will put you 011
the track of thousands of dollars.
I beg to give notice that the report appearing in certain newspapers to the olfect
that I have transferred my intent in tbe
Giant Mineral Claim to Mr. Henry Croft is
absolutely without foundation.
Victoria Metallurgical Works. g-��14
A general meeting of the Oolden Hospital
Society, for the election of trustees for the
ensuing year, will be hold at the Schoolroom
Oolden, ou Monday, Ail-rust gn.1, at 8 p.m.
Similar meetings will also be held at
Donald, Beaver, Palliser, Field, wasa, Fort
Steele, and Windermere, at the same date
and hour.
Dy order ol the Hoard,
C. H. PARSON, Secretary.
Board of Trade.
Ily request I hereby conveno a meeting of
the business men of Golden to consider llie
formation of a Hoard of Trade to watch over
mid promote the commercial and general
interests of the town and district.
Tlie nioeting will be hold, at tho Office of
the I-olden ERA, on Tuesday next, 21th inst;
al the hour of 8 p.m.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Ooorl Effort, at Onee.
Ciii-im general nr special debility, wakefulness, .poriiiat-nrhirn, emissions, imtr-oU ncy,
paresis, ate. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors ur oxcesma, quickly restoring Lest Manhood in old or young, giving
Vigor ami Strength wliero former weakness
prevailed. Convenient package, simple,
effectual and legitimate.
��� ure la quick and Thorough.
Don't be deceived by imitations! Insist on
Caten't Vitallsen. Sent seided if your druggist dees not have it. Price II per pkge., 0
furRS, with written guarantee of complete
cure. Information, references, etc., freo and
confidential. Send us statement of case and
���ffl eta for a week's trial treatment. One only
aent to eseh person Bute
Colon Mad. Co., Boston, Ma...
Judicious advertising Is the keystone of tueeets. Advertise in the
Golden Era.
Plant your
one claim with
[Steele, Briggsf
'���rll|- Orate" lest
���M ky lasting leak
Ask for Ihem.
Sale invauneat
OATALooute nee
|TrMStMlt,Brtf(t SttdCoJ
Toxo.ro, Out.
Business Cards.
Sign Writers, Painters and
Paper Hangers
Orders promptly attended to.      23tc
E.A. HAtttiUX
Mining Broker, Heal. Estate  -
and Financial Agent . '���   . ���
Purchasers Obtained for. Prospects fend Developed Claims. '
...  .  (Holden, B. C.
Notary Public, Golden. .i\ .C.
A post eard addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention. '     29to
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C. Dominion A
Provincial Land Surveyor, Draughtsman, Valuator, Etc.. Calgary, N. W.
T. Correspondence Solisited.
R J. Ji-i>iiim>���, D L.S., P.L.S. of B.C.
and Ont. Calgary, Alba.
Undertakers and
.    .   .   Embalmers,
Calgary.    -     ������     Alb*
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at- Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be fn Golden on Monday of each
week. Wlto
WATCH  .  .  .
Clock and Jewelry repairing done in ���
the best style of lhe lr.de with tlie
least possible delay, "sll and express onion receive prompt attention
Vatcbnwkerir_ Jeweller - Ma, It
(Opposite the Columbia Home.)
Agent for the Canadian Smelting ft
Assaying Works
Assays, Tests and Smelting of Ores
with the greatest expedition snd scientific accuracy
Cellar write for further information
Assay Offices snd Chemical Laboratory,
Vancouver, B. G.
Established 1800.
For several, rears with v*ivist ft Stns,
Swansea, and local representative for Ihem.
. ���'*!���. 'LV���"1'" nun-ager for the assayers te
the Kio Tmto to,, London,
Canadian representative of tbe Osasel Gold
Extracting Co., Ltd, Olaagow (Cyanide
N.B.���All .work personsUy superintended.
Only coiupe-eut men employed. No pupil.
received. 7to
For Sale
Patents for a Railway Coupler and a Hope
Clamp.  For partkrulan apply to -.
ltte The Golden Era Office.
;_jL l;\J
Bound the Ranches
J. W. Connor was amongst the
first farmers of Golden, having taken
up hit present farjn on the south tide
of the town eleven years ago. The
holding consists ot 88 acres, and is
ont of the most highly improved
farms In the distriot, the homestead
consisting of a fine house and outbuildings, inoluding stables 43x33 ft.
The farm lands are In a high state
of cultivation. The land is mostly
level and of good quality, but a portion
is tubjeot to flood from the sloughs of
the Kiokinghorse. At tht time of our
visit Mr. Connor was busy planting
out 800 fruit trees, purchased from
Mr. Hutcherson's nursery at Ladner's.
These trees have been planted 33 feet
each way. Mr. Connor finds crab
applet do well in,this district. Of
thit season's crops Id acres are in oats,
seven teres in potatoes, three acres in
vegetables, and a quantity of wheat
hat been sown for fowl feed. Mr.
Connor looks forwtrd to the time
when the progress of Golden will
justify him in subdividing into tub-
urban lots the upper portion of his
farm, whioh it well suited for the
John Gibson wat the first selector
of land In Golden, and he hatoeitainly
got the pick of this oountry. His
farm it high and dry, and the soil is
deep tnd of first-class quality, while
the Hospital Creek, whioh comes
down from the mountains behind it,
affords the very best facilities for
irrigation. Tbe farm consists of 160
acres. 14 acres are cleared and under
cultivation, the crops grown being
mainly potatoes and vegetables for
market. Mr. Gibson goes in extensively for poultry, and has already
had great success in raiting the early
broods tbit season. Mr. Gibson has
planted ont a lot of strawberries,
gooseberry, tnd apple trees this year.
At the corner of the Donald road is
the farm cultivated by Alexander
Campbell, who is one of the best and
most progressive fanners. The holding has been occupied by Mr. Campbell for the past tight yeara, and
consists of 56 acres, of which 38 acres
are in cultivation. The main crops
are oats and potatoes���about seven
acres of tbe former and two of the
latter. Tha rest of the land has been
seeded down to timothy for hay, and
thit does well. Mr. Campbell
grown apples very successfully, and
hat planted ont another lot of trees
this season. The homestead has an
excellent dwelling house and stable,
Mr. Campbell has had great difficulties
to contend against in protecting bit
farm againtt the flooding of the Hospital Creek, whioh bas been thrown on
part of the farm by the C.P.A. embankment, and bat necessitated an
immense amount of labor in protective
work. The soil of tbe farm is of first-
class quality, and the farm is well
managed and cultivated.
Along the foot of the hills Is Robert
Wild's farm of. 180 acres, of which Ch)
���ores are flat land and the remainder
runt oack on the foothills. About 80
aores are cleared and in cultivation.
The eropa grown are mainly oats,
wheat, and potatoes. There are 16 or
17 acres in oats, 13 acres in potatoes,
and enough wheat It grown for the
requirements of the farm. Three acres
of timothy an grown for hay. Mr.
Wild finds thtt for the first year
timothy gives a light yield, while the
second tnd third crops art good, bat
after thtt it begins to ran out. He
hat planted out a lot of applet thit
season. Poultry are ktpt, the breeds
being Plymouth Rock, Leghorn, and
Chlnt. The toll of tht farm it good,
and tht firm it wall situated for irrigation.
Tht neit farm It thtt occupied by
G. Anderson, who bat been settled
hen for four years. Tht farm con-
lists of 187 aorei, mon of it flat,
though the low-lying land it tubjeot
to floods from tht sloughs of the
Columbit, and be hat had hit oropi
destroyed by floodi for two yeari. In
addition to tha flat laud undtr cultivation for props of oats and hay, Mr.
Anderson hit ftnoed In, cleared, and
cultivated a portion of tha hillside
whioh ht has planted in potatoes, and
has bronght water on to It by an
irrigating dltoh from Lambkin Creek.
Mr. Anderson hat planted out a number ot fruit trees thit season. Ht tlto
keeps a well-stooked poultry yard.
Mr. Anderson has put good buildings
. od the farm, inoluding dwelling-house,
stable, and barn.
On tht south tide of tha railway
lint there art three firms, fhit
nearest to town It occupied by Riohtrd
Lott, md consists of 189 aorta of
Und, ot whioh  twenty  aofei  art
����� -.��- *J��_m
cleared and tinder cultivation. Mr.
Love's orop is mainly timothy for hay,
and of this he gets an immense yield.
Oats, potatoes, cabbage and other
vegetables are also grown extensively.
Poultry are kept only sufficient for the
use of the family, Mr. Love intends
giving fruit growing a trial, having
planted out a lot of strawberry plants
and apple trees. Amongst the homestead buildinus is a commodious barn,
43x83 ft. Mr. Love took up hit.
present farm about eight years ago.
The next farm is one leased by Wm.
Sutherland from P. Scully, of Victoria.
The holding consists of 153 acres, of
whioh 87 acres are in cultivation.
This season's crops consist of 13 acres
oats, two acres potatoes, and 10 to 11
acres of timothy bay. A lot of strawberries has just been planted out.
Peter Lund's farm is situated
opposite to that of G. Anderson. The
farm consists of 186 acres, of which
31 acres are cleared and in cultivation.
Of this area eight acres are in oats,
one acre in potatoes, and seven acres
in timothy for hay. Mr. Lund is a
great sufferer from the overflow of the
Columbia, and but for the fact that he
has done extensive improvements he
would have abandoned it. His case is
a particularly hard one, but bo considers the evil can be remedied by the
closing up of the sloughs which are
the cause of flooding the low-lying
There ire no more farms till we
reach Blaeberry River, where S. E.
Hambly owns ono of the best ranches
we know of in East Kootenay. Mr.
Hambly hails from the east-county
of Wellington. Ontario. He spert
some years cattle ranohing in Alberta.
He has made a splendid selection in his
farm at the Blaeberry, which he took
up two rears ago. Tbe land is rich
alluvial deposit, and free from floods.
A patch of land in front of the residence which has been sown in grass
shows a wonderful growth of clover,
and bears out the opinion expressed by
Mr. Hambly that tbe soil will grow
anything. Mr. Hambly has 30 acres
in cultivation this season, of which 18
acres are under oatt (whioh is the
principal crop), tour acres in timothy
one acre of rye, three to four acres of
wheat, one acre of barley, and one
acre of potatoes. The garden is nicely
kept, strawberries, gooseberries, and
currants promising good crops. Mr.
Hambly haa put a water-wheel in
the Blaeberry River to raise water for
irrigating the farm. The experiment
is an interesting one. Mr. Hambly
intends going in for dairying. A few
cows are now kept, besides a good
many poultry.
A Lame Back.
One of the Host Painful
Reasons  Why   Chnuihcrlaln's   Colic,
Cholera, and Diarrhoea Homely Is the Beat.
1. Because It affords almost instant
relief in case of pain in the stomach,
colic and cholera morbus.
2. Because it it the only remedy
thit never fails in the most severe
cases of dysentery and diarrhoea.
8. Because it is the only remedy
that will oure chronio diarrhoea.
4. Because it It the only remedy-
that will prevent bilious colic.
5. Because it ia. the only remedy
that will cure epidemical dysentery
6. Because it is the only remedy
that can always bo depended upon in
eases of cholera infantum.
7. Because it It the most prompt
and moot tellable medicine in use for
bowel complaints.
8. Because it produce! no bid results.
0. Because It it pleasant md safe
to take.
10. Because It hat laved the lives
of mora people than my other medicine
In tht world.
For tait by all druggists-Langley
A Co., wholesale agents, Victoria and
Vanoouver. 73A7
Mr. I'eter Millar SaBered for Tears,
ond Experimented with Many
Medicines Before Finding a Core.
From the Brockville Recorder,
. Perhaps no prettier place is to be
seen in Ontario thsn that at Newman's
upper lock on the Bideau Cauul. At
this station for a quarter of a century
resided Mr. Peter Millar, who during
that period acted in the capacity of
locksman, and was perhaps the best
known man on the canal, Mr. Millar
is now a resident of Morrlckville, having retired from active life. To a correspondent of the Recorder he related
the following experience:���"Por many
years I was troubled with a lame back,
which gave me great pain at times,
and caused me much loss of sleep. I
tried different kinds of medioines, but
found little or no relief. The spring
of 18951 was assisting at getting out
ice one day when I felt something
snap or give way in my back, and it
was some time before I could straighten
myself up. I now became so bad that
when I laid down I was unable to
rise without assistance, and I fully
made up my mind that I had become
a chronio invalid, and never expected
to see a well day again. A couple of
weeks after my back had almost en
tirely given out. I saw by an article
ia a paper tbat Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills had cured a person troubled sirai
larly, and I immediately sent and
procured a box to test them. Before I
had finished the box I found my back
somewhat stronger, so I procured five
boxes more, and by the time they were
used I found myself completely cured.
Since I took the last box I havo not
bad a pain or particle of lameness, and
ray health has been far better than it
had been for years before,
To ensure obtaining the Kcnuine
always ask for Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, as there are many pink colored
imitations. 84
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D.  L.  Bettschen,
Prescriptions Carefully Prepared.
A Full Stock of Tutent Me'.lciiies ond
Druggists Sundries Kept.
Whole-Mile and Itetall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. C.       SBtc
Windermere Hotel,
Best Brands of
Liquors Kept,,,
���  ��� ���
Saddle Horses, 8inglo and Double Rigs
On Hire at Shortest Notice.      44tc
To know if Tub Uoi.no Eka is ngond
advertising medium. To Test tills and
to introduce onr goods in this vicinity
ue will give away ahsolutelv rilKK a
Sterling Silver Pickle Fork, beautifully
twisted handle, 9inches long,worth SI.&1.
Cut out this nd. and send with 15c for
packing and postage and we will send
tork lire-isid, together with our big bargain list Flti'i*. We havo bargains in
everything and sell at wholesale direct
to consumer.   AUENT8 WANTED.
Wonewoe Hnrgnin House,
Wonewoc, Wis.
VOT1CE is hereby given that 60 days after
dute 1, the undersigned, intend to apply
tn the Commissioner of Lands and Works for
leave to purchase 100 acres of land, described
as follows;���Beginning st a post marked "A.
U. Ferguson's southeast corner," situated
iil-out the Junction ot the North and West
Branches of the St. Mary's River, iu East
Kootenay, Fort Steele District; theme west
40 chains; thence north 40 chains; thence
east 40 chain*; thence south 40 chains to the
place ef beginning.
East Kootenay, Fort Steele District.
June 21st, 18V7. SUSe
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now opon for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars por half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary,
"The Province" Series of
Mining Maps
Of British'Columbia
Sheet Three m-
Slocan District contains  Four  Colored  Maps, Mining-
Code,   Mining  Laws, Etc.
Province Publishing Co.,
��� Limited Liability ���
All Newsdealers Price, $ 1.00.
BCBg g rp c
pogttQ*a tp ga ft a* 9 "a; o
j ajg_gsg ���"���"��� itrTtti g t-c o a
Advertise Your District
To do so, send your orders for us
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
nnd the various locations on the
back of each form I
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publishers,
Golden, B. C,
THIRTY-SEVENTH YEAR.   ���  ���  ���
Twenty Pages; Weekly; Illustrated.
sampu eopif* MM.
220 Market 8t., 8an Francisco, Cal.
Subscribe to tbe Oolden Era and
help to advance the Interests of the
distriot. Send f 2 for a year's subscription!
Ton may hunt the world over and
you will not find another medicino
equal to Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera,
and Diarrhoea Remedv for bowel complaints. It is pleasant, safe, and
reliable. For sale by all druggists-
Langley A Co., wholesale agents,
Viotoria and Vancouver. 73A7
A fbrtune In an hour can bt made bv
inventing something now. Bund stamp
Jw-w>��rtlfc_^P-Jok of Patents,''
"Mmsw I-tentj" and " Whtf iin_i-
able tolnvont.' MARION A MARION,
Temple Building, Montreal. Can. The
only firm of Graduate Civil Engineer! In
the Dominion, transacting patent but-
Pew Moderate. No
inest exclusively.
patent, no pay.
VOTICE is hereby given that 00 days after
date 1, the undersigned, intend tu apply
to the Commissioner of Lands ami Works fur
leave to purchase IG0 acres of land, described
as follows!���Beginning at a post marked "II.
Abbott's south-west corner,'' situated about
tlie jinn tion of the North and West Branches
of the St. Mury's River, in East Kooteiiny,
Fort Steelo liistrict; thence east 40 chains:
thence north 40 chains; thence west 411
cliiiius; Iheuce south 40 chains to the place of
East Kootenay, t-ort Steele District,
June-list, IKl".
NOTICE is hereby given lhat 00 days after
date I, the unuorsigiied, intend to apply
to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for
leave to purchase 100 acres of land, described
aa follows;���Beginning at a post marked ".I.
(I. Ablwtt's north-east comer," siluiifed
about tlie junction of the Nor-h and West
Branches of the St. Mary's River, in East
Kootenay, Port Steele District: thence west
40 chains; tlien.e south 40 chains; thonco
east 40 chains; thence north 40 chains to tbe
place cf beginning.
East Kootensy, Fort Steelo District,
Jiuioillat, IST,. HOSelii
leave to purchase 100 seres of land, described
us follows!���Beginning at a post marked "W.
A. Morrison's north-west corner,-1 situnted
about, tho junction of the **'orth and West
Branches of the St. Mary's River, in Eust
Kootenay, Fort Steele District; thence east
40 cliiiius; thenee south 40 --hums; tlieuce
west 40 chains; thence north 40 chains to the
place cf beginning.
W. A. MO.vl.ISON.
East Kootensy, Fort Steele District,
Jane -list, 1807. WSe-il
Notice to the Public
Notice Is hereby given that Mr. D. M. Rae
Is not connected with llie uianuKCmci.tof the
Uolden Era, and that 1 am the only persou
authorised to moke contracts uud in collect
and receive payment of aceounla due to the
proprietory company.
E. A. Haoobn,
Managing Director Golden Era
Company Limited Liability.
Dated Ihis I7tli day of May, 1807.
Pacific Hy.
Direct Rail Koine to
Montreal and Toronto
And all Eiwtorn point*.
Lake route to tho en8t���S.iilingB from
Fort William.
AlhortA Evory Tiie-wlny to Wiii.Wir
Atlmbii-cn...Every Thurwlay to Owen Soutitl
Manitoba ���Every Sunday to Owen 8011ml
Connecting trniiii-i from (.olden at 10.^0 every
Monday, Tln.rwljty and ftiturday.
Dally ami direct uerviee to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon
And all point.** in the Far Famed Kouteuay
and Silvery Hlocan.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of China I'.'lli July
Empress of India 2nd August
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Warrimoo Rtli July
Miowera Hth August
Apply for particulars to
V. E. WKM,S.
jlj-imt. <Ji;l Ion.
Or write to    ROBT. KERB,
Traffic Manager,
61to Winnipeg.
Upper Golurqbia NaVigatioq & TraqWay to.,
���    and    ���
Iqtsrqational Tiaqsportatioi] Gonjpaqy.
Connecting witli C. P. H. at Goldon, 11. C, mid
Great Northern Railway lit Jennings, Montana.
48 Hours to Fort Steele
Steamers leave Oolden Monday nnd Thursday evenings on arrival
of Eust bound train. Connections ut Ciinnl Flat with Stage for
Fort Steele nnd Wardner.
The only quick and comfortable route.
Address all express cure of U. C. C'o'y., Golden.
F. P. Armstrong,
*<-*.���-->-* ���*-*-*-
; o :, a o rt s, rr
C ft O fr 0
Caton's Tansy Pills.
j-w^MvoS m ���' ran.
imitations, Get CATON'S and nave regrets. At druggists, or sent swilod, ��1. Our
booklet 4 cento. Clrtc
Oaton Bpee* Co.) Boston. Mas*.
For Sale
Farm of 100 acres near Golden; DO acres In
cultivation; well watered. Outbuildings con
suit of hay sheil, poultry yards, root house,
milk bouse and stables. For price and |uir-
ticulara apply to
E. A. II Anno,
HOtc Office of the Era, Uolden.
Keating ��� - -
A Bicycle that sells quickly because it is mado
to please the rider. Because it niiis wonder*
fully easy With its long chain, and with
the 'bearings so made that the ball, revolve
without oven common friction.
The Keating is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in the World.
# Keating Wheel Co.. t
Writo and mention "EUA." ���*���
by thou���ada. Saf., Sara aad Always reliable.
X EFUSE SUBSTITUTES. From all druggiM.
or mailed, fret front oboe���anon, oa receipt of
���1.001 Sealed pamcuUn 8 cenu
H  A   I 13 mTtnoTiBi
^ oil*.null*.  fn*-*.1
. hair eta be rwno-
. tht bet. arms, and
Two Minuter,, imi
growth forever destroyed by
PILATON.'perfKUyharmlaM. Sratbymall.Ma.ed.
oa receipt of prict,|t.00. Agrati wanted.
t ot yruio,
etc . piranteed cur��! by LANE'S SPB*
CIPIC R.MBDY. By mall, 11.00;
�� boaee, tS OO. Nnlrolar. Free TIM
Une AM-clae Ca . Mon-al, Caa
Attoh and deecrtptron mar
aa, whether an ln*��ntior, la
    ������_ ofllM.
en -Srowk -ua A Oo. mil**
n thrown. >aa
r    MUNN * CO.,
Ml Bread-ray, tern tank. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JULY 23, 1897.
Highest Honon-World'a Pair.
A purs Crtpa Cresm of Tsitat Powder. Fret
tern Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
A new Catholic church is to be built
at St. Eugene.
The Beaver mills are at present run-
nine, lull time.
H. 0. Parson has just imported another large consignment of hoots anil
Messrs. Muir ft Dean, of Golden.
have entered into partnership as sign-
writers, painters and paper hangers.
A gnat demand for lumber exists at
present and the Oolden Lumber Co.
���re working their mill to its lull
On Sunday next Mr, Harcourt will
conduct services at the Presbyterian
church, Oolden, at 11 a.m and
7.80 p.m.
J. C.  Greene has purchased from
' Vaehon  Bros,   the lot  between the
Queen's Hotel and Kootenay House.
Ihe price waa tSOO.
The Rev. Father Peytavin Informs
ue that an entertainment will shortly
be arranged in aid ol the funds of the
Catholie ehurah at Golden.
Ths C. P. il. hotel at Field is splendidly conducted by Miss Morrison.
The pretty decorations of the dining
room are the admiration of visitors.
Mr. Yonng, the well-known-editor
ol ths Calgary Herald, was on a visit
to Golden this week, having arrived
on Wednesday and stayed over till
No. 2 on Thursday.
Many of our readers and advertisers
Evidently appreciate the improvements
that have been effected In the Era, as
quite a number of them now address
their letters to us as "The New Era."
There is a scarcity of labor in East
Kootenay at the present time. Mine
owners find great difficulty in getting
man for development work, and the
same trouble extends generally all
E. Clark, the well known settler of
"Windermere, came down by ths Duchess on Sunday for medical attendance.
as hs was suffering from an attack ot
pleurisy. He was able to return home
We congratulate the Government
Agent, Mr. Armstrong, on tha fact
that he has arranged to put the roud
in good order between Oolden and Fort
Steele, and gangs of men are now at
work on it.
H. E. Forster has made a success of
navigation on the North Thompson,
having succeeded In getting his steamboat, ths Selkirk, to a point twenty
miles farther np the river than has
hitherto bean achieved.
Jas. Mack, of the C. P. R., is removing from Donald to New Westminster. Mr. and Mrs. Mack have
been highly esteemed during their real,
dence in Donald, and their removal is
regretted by their many frfands in
tbst town.
J. G. Tsmplston, the well-known
druggist of Calgary, informs as that
bs finds business good and trade ex-
landing in tha west. He keeps a large
stock ol drugs snd medicines, and
between his Calgary and New Denver
drug stores hs covers a lot of oountry.
Fulmer nnd Kerfoot hays now their
stags snd express lines between Golden
end Fort Steele In good working order.
Parcels sent by the express service
ars delivered promptly at Fort Steele
or the Right of ths stage arriving
then by tbs firm's agents, A. E.
Elton * Co.
The Neilson Furniture Co., ot Calgary, who offer special terms to pur*
chasers for �� month, have probably
ths most complete stock ot furniture
in tbe west. Thsir warehouse is ISO
{est in length by 85 feet in width, snd
consists of two storeys, both floors
bslng paoksd with sll sorts ot furniture from plain to ths most esthetic.
Ths firm hate published a splendid
���sstelogoe snd pries list of thsir sap*
plies, snd whieh thsy will bs glad to
I to intending customers.
D. A. McKinnon, the well-known
prospector, talks of leaving Golden for
Mr. King will hold services at the
Presbyterian church, Donald, en Sunday next, at 7.30 p.m.
C. H. Parson, ot Golden, has been
appointed a commissioner to take
affidavits of the Supreme Court.
W. McNeish has let a contract to J.
Henderson for the election of u cottage
on a lot adjacent to the Columbia
G. B. McDermot has moved his bulk
stock into the new warehouse which
has just been completed for him by J.
There is great In.lgnation at Fovt
[Steele over a report thut the Hon.
Col. Baker propo-.ee to remove 'he
government orlic a (rein there to Craubrook.
The C.P.R. aro repairing the engine
sheds at Rogers Pass, and the repair
ol the C. P. R, shops at Donald will
be put in hand next week, the engine
repairing shop being enlarged.
There is some activity in real estate
in Oolden. During the past week W.
McNeish has purchased two lots, one
ou either side of the Columbia House,
and we hear ot other transactions in
Hon; Col, Baker has madetheC.P.R
a gift of 9,000 acres of land at Craubrook in consideration of their making
it the divisional point anil establishing
their workshops there for the Crow's
Nest road.
Mr. F. W. Clark, B.A., assistant
professor of classics at Manitoba College, Wiunipeg, ia on a visit to
Donald, and is the guest of Mr. King,
who is in charge of the Presbyterian
congregation there.
T. G. Earle, of Lytton, who is a
member of the Board of Horticulture,
and owns probably the best fruit
ranche in B. C, was on a visit to
Golden this week in connection with
the inspection ot fruit trees.
The Rev. Dr. Robinson, DD., of
Winnipeg, passed through to West
Kootenay on Tuesday. He is superintendent ot the Presbyterian missions
in the North-wist, and will slop off at
Golden on his return next month.
The Golden Lumber Co. had a very
busy time lust week loading ties for
the Crow's Nest road. In addition to
their remarkable output mentioned bv
ns in Ian issue they cut and loaded
5,000 ties a day right up to tho end of
the week.
A Montreal telegram of July Hth
says: "The reported removal ot the
railway workshops at Donald to
Golden and Rovelstoke, and from Can-
more to Calgary, is premature, Mr.
Shaughnessy says the matter is under
consideration, but nothing decided "
At the services at the Presbyterian
church at Donald on Sunday last the
singing was the feature, and there was
a large congregation. Nine selections
were given by the choir under the
leadership ot Dr. Proctor; a solo by
Mrs. Pitts; and a double duet by Mrs.
Pitts and Miss Maggie Williamson
(sopranos), and Mrs. and Miss Mitchell (contraltos).
On Saturday last the plant of the
Goi.iibn Era office wns removed from
the old shack which has tor something
like six years been an apology lor a
printing office to the building ut the
corner ot First street and Second
avenue. The building has been put in
excellent, condition for a printing
office, and when the work of fitting up
has been completed the now office of
the Era will be one ot the best and
most conveniently arranged printing
offices In the inland districts ot British
Columbia. The new office is situated
near to the railway rtatiou and post
There have been many complaints
at For: Steele about the new stage
mall service. The main trouble teems
to be that owing to the state ot Ihe
roads the mail doss not get in till too
late on the Thursday night for letters
to be received and answered by the
return mall leaving next morning.
That means under ths present arrangement a daisy of a week in answering
correspondence, and Is a just csuse of
complaint. One remedy proposed Is
thst instead of the stsgs lying over a
day at Golden as at present Fort
Steele should be ths point of lying
over, so as to give ampls time to
answer lettsrs Mr. Greenfield will
probably recommend tbat this sag'
gestion be given effect to. Mr. Green-
field slso made fall enqairles with s
view to open ng np mail routes via the
south, snd ths matter is now bslng
arranged between the Departments at
Ottawa and Washington.
Dr. Proctor, of Donald, has had a
visit from his brother, Mr. F. Proctor,
of Vancouver, who is staying with
him on a week's holiday.
The Rev. G. 13. Smith will hold
services in connection with the Methodist' church on Sunday next as follows-
���Donald, at 11 a.m.; Golden, 7.30 p.m.
There have been many complaints
about the management of tho post
office at Fort Steele. Itis understood
that the present postmaster will resign,
and that Mr. Bostock, M.P., will lie
asked to recommend to the Department
his successor. Daring his stay in
Fort Steele Mr. Greenfield, post office
inspector, arranged for the opening of
the Fort Steele post office as a first,
class money order and savings bank
On Thursday (July loth), the wed
ding of Mr. James Good and Miss
Domonay took place at the residence
of the bridegroom, the ceremony being
performed by the Rev. G. H. Osborne
Miss Ida Good was bridesmaid, and
D. A. Good was bridegroom's man. A
large number of costly presents were
giyen to the bride and bridegroom,
amongst which was a line dinner and
tea set preseuted by G. B McDermot;
a silver pickle jar, by D. Good; and a
magnificent table lamp, by J. Mc-
Hattie. Goneral interest was taken
in the event, which was shown by the
way in whicli advantage was taken ol
the occasion for general enjoyment.
At about H.30 p.m. a surprise party
took possession of the house, and to
the inusio ot D. Good a few pleasant
hours were spent. Towards the small
hours of morning a party who were
more loud in their manifestations ol
joy came before the house aud
uwakened the surrounding neighbourhood with very discordant music,
which fortunately the bridegroom was
soon able to suppress. The bride anil
bridegroom left on Monday for a short
trip up the river.
Monday (19th), was the occasion of
the wedding oi John McHultie uud
Miss Ida Good. This was celebrated
ill the Methodist Church by Kev. 0.
H. Osborne, assisted by Rev. G. E.
Smith. Long before the hour fixed
for the service a crowd of friends
assembled in the church. Ou tho
arrival of the bridal party a suitable
march was played on the organ by
Miss, B. Woodley. The ceremony was
gone through in the most perfect
manner, alter which the choir sang
"Showers of Blessing," Mrs. Tom
presiding st tho organ. Miss McMillan was bridesmaid and D. Good
attended the groom The bride was
given away by her lather. The bride
and bridegroom left the churoh amid
showers ot rice. The bride looked
handsome in a cream cashmere dress
trimmed with cream silk ribbon and
Valenciennes lace. The hat ot the
same color was of leghorn trimmed
with chiffon, with Dowers and tips.
White kid slippers and gloves and a
whito veil completed tbe costume.
The presents inclnded a silver Iruit
basket, by D. Good; preserve dish and
spoon, by G. B. McDermot; butter
dish and sugar basin, by Mr. and Mrs.
Brock; splendid glsss and silver aet,
by the bride's father; also a pickle
cruet, silver fruit stand, and many
otlier handsome presents. Mr. and
Mrs. McHattie went liy No. 2 on a
visit to the bridegroom's friends in
Novia Scotia, and will return to Golden
in tbe fall. Many fi londs attended the
train, and the happy couple left
Golden on their honeymoon trip amid
hearty congratulations and showers
ot good wishes, In whicli wo join, and
wish Mr. and Mrs. McHattie a long
and happy wedded lifo.
A Remedy has been Discovered
that will Positively Cure
A Never Palling Remedy
A well known Vancoiiverite permanently ouroil ot cnturrh. Japanese
Catarrh Cure cures. Mr. Jno. Crow,
421 Keefer street, Vancouver, writes:
Japanese Catarrh Cure has completely
red me of a case ol catarrh of 13
yeurs standing. I have tried all the
other remedies, but the result was
only temporary relief. It is now three
years since I used Japanese Catarrh
Cure, and since that time my oatarrh
has not troubled me in the least. It Is
truly a wonderful remedy, the first application relieved. My wife also uses
it for severe headaches and In every
case it gives almost instant relief.
Price 50 cents, six for J2.50. Sold by
all druggists or mailed on receipt ot
price. Address W. A. Griffiths ft Co.,
Wholesale Druggists, Vancouver, B.C.
Six boxes guaranteed or money refunded. 67,o2
A Prominent City Official
Thinks as Highly of Paine's Celery
Uompoun- as He Uld Tears Ago.
Mr. J. T. Dillon, chairman of the
Board ot Assessors of the oity of Montreal, is one ot the best known and
most popular citizens ot the great
As Mr. Dillon had some years ago
given publio testimony regarding the
life-giving virtues ot Paine's Celery
Compound, he was recently asked it
his opinions had in any way changed
as far as the value of the great caring
medicine is ooncerned.
Mr. Dillon's reply was prompt, and
his statement as strong as words could
make It. His brief letter reads ss
"I am in receipt of your valued
favor, and would say that I most
cheerfully testify again to the worth,,
value, and merits of Paine's Celery
Compound. I am never without a
bottle of it ih my possession, and I
partake ot It daily. This I have, been
In the habit of doing for some seven
years, and can affirm that, judging
from experience, it is a most wonderful
nerve restorer and tonic. Hardly a
day passes by me tbat I am not asked
the question, 'What do you do to
yourself to preserve your youthful
appearance?' My reply Is, 'I take
Paine's Celery Compound.'"
To Let
Stuldes in Golden.   Apply E. A. Haggen,
Em Oliiee.        ��� HOtc
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
Notice of Removal
The .ilnce of the Gomikn Era has been
removed lo the corner of First Street anil
Second A venue, opposite the Post Office.
Sapplics for
A-ssayers ___
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crurlbles, SiroritiTS, Furnaces,
(,'lieiiiii-iils. Chemical Apparatus, liulauces,
linker _ Ailamson's C. P. Acids.
We nre Importers, Manufacturers
anil Jobbers.
Works ut
Pueblo Colo.
S! Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West.    . .    '    .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
UXm. JVIefleish, - Prop.
There were two accidents on the C.
P. U line tbls week. G. D Brown fell
off a pile at the second bridge on the
Iilecillewaet and dropped 36 feet Iuto
the river. His left shoulder blade and
two ribs were broken and his head out.
He was taken to Donald hospital.
At Glacier on Monday a lineman
named Coleman slipped off a handcar
which went over Mm, cutting his head
snd Inflicting severe bruises. Dr.
Proctor attended to both cases.
WnntAsl-Aireets for "Queen Vie-
WHI1UJU ,,,������,,, Her Reign and Diamond Jubilee." overflowiiut wilh latest and
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed biography of Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and full account of the Diamond Jubilee. Only il.GO.
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonansa
for agents. Commission 60 per cont Credit
-iven. Freight paid. oorriT tana, Duty
nald. Write onurk for outHt and territory.
Dearborn St., Chicago. MaeiB
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head Office, To-*oni��.
Paid Up Capital - 11,963,600
Reserve   *   -   -    $1,156,800
H, S. Howland, President.
T.R.Merritt. Vice Pros.(St.Catharines)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hugh Ryuti, T. Sutherland Stuyner,
E. Rogers.
D. R. Wilkle, General Manager.
North West and British Columbia.
Brandon    Portage la        Vancouver
Calgary Prairie   Winnipeg
Edmonton Prince Albert   Revelstoke
Essex      Niagara Falls     St Thomas
Fergus     Port Colbome    Toronto
Gait        Rat Portage       Wetland
Ingersoll Sault Ste. Marie Woodstock
St. Catharines
Agents In Great Britain-Lloyd's Bank,
Ltd., 71 Lombard St., London, with whom
money may be deposited far transfer by letter
or cable lo any of above branches.       _ ,
Agents In the United Stales-New York,
Bank of Montreal, Bank of America! Chicago, First National Banki Ht. Paul, Second
National Batik. _      ....
Savings Bank Department-Depoaits of 11
snd upwards received and interest allowed. ���
Debentures - Provincial, Municipal and
other debentures purchased.
Drafts and Letters of Credlt-AvaDable at
all points in Canada, United, Kingdom,
United States, Europe, India, China, Japan,
Australia, New Zealand, etc.
n. hobbis,
(flat Manager Calgary Branch.
Neilson Furniture Co.,
Parlor, Dining Room, Bed Room, Office
and General Fujrnishing.
Special Inducements for
One Month Only:-
10 per cent Discount on Orders Under ISO.
10 per cent Discount and Freight Paid on Orders
Over $20.
How much of your Shoe
, is leather,-wortcrnnnshlp-end
how much ofitii profit? The Shoe
you should buy snd the Shoe most
dealers tell, differ ss these proportions differ. Yonr next psir will
hsve more leather -slue, snd lest
profit for the dealer, if you see that it's Goodyear
Welted, 13.50,14.50, $5.50 stamped on the sole.
"The Slater Shoe."
H. G. Parson, Sole Golden Agent.
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manulsctnrers ot Saab, Doors, MonMlngs, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Ralls and Brackets.  AU alses of glass In stock.
The lUc-M oiid Ilh-lwnlthSliop aro prepared to do all kind ef repair
as soon as possible, i U slues of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods on hsnd.
Wagon repair, Pules, Shafts, Aides, Spokes snd Felloes. Hickory snd
Mania Plank.
_*���... HOUSTON  $   CO.
ti 1 ranrm iiiii i rwrri vrnrrvrnwmrm un vm i r
Say Farewell Forever
to.hediKomfortofhavlnfyowcloth._g J
rip,-brink and g^outofthape, by west- ���
ing only Shorey's mske. %     ���
See thst you get a signed guarantee I
with each gament to the effect thst the J
doth m shrank snd the worksuathlp J
s        ~-*Sl, 'etW gnsrsnteed. ',


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