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The Golden Era Jun 28, 1901

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*��       James Hendebson,
g Builder & Contractor,
ra,       A aupply ef Building Lime hr Sal*.
G Plans prepared.  Prompt attention given te
_m order..
VOL. XI NO. 40
-i ��� *
The Big Store.
New stock of food stuffs for man
and beast���a full car load of the best
brands. Prices as easy as possible
under present market conditions.
Rolled Oats
Graham Flour
Corn Meal
Split Peas
Pearl Barley
GOLDRN, Bbitish -UOLfckBiA, FRIDAY, JUNE 28. 1901
' -s*
Saddles. Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.      j
cnrniii      BoM ���,,n*"''�� Boo*.        -        -        -       $5,50
SPECIAL .'   H-inoh River Boot, made in full French
Calf, double soles,        ...        7,50
Sign Writer
-    Scenic Artist
Hoite Uererater. ..
l*i-r.l>rd.r..t Kootonay HeSet, Ooldtn. B.C. m
Special Value in Oregon and Canadian
Cairip fiiaiikets.
Trade Where Cash does Double Duty.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid Up f��,500,<NIO
Best -    It-ti.tHHt
H. S. no-viand,       -       Preaideiil.
T. B. Jlerritt,        ���        Vice-Pre*.
Win. Reimay,     T, Sullierlnnd Staynor
Hubert Jeffrey,' Ella. Roger.,
Wm. Heiidrie.
D. K. Wii.kib, Ge.1er.1l Manager.
K. Hat, Inspector.
MANITOll.t, N. W. T. and n, O.
llrai-don, Calgary, Edmonton.
uolden,       Nelson,        Portage Ia Prairie,
"rince Albert,     lievelateke,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,        Wissuijiug,
"��� ONTARIO *iOUEDt;b.
-Mn, Fergus, Osl., Hamilton,   Ii
Capetown, June 25-Detail, of the
engagement between Oen. Elliott's col-
I uran and De-vet's force near Rett*,
June 6th, ahow that the British sur-
I prised the Boer's convoy. The burgher, fled, bnt seeing that the eaptcr*
were not in strong force, returned an 1
charged witb great determination, aud
after desperate lighting re captured the
convoy. Meanwhile Col. De Lisle ar-
arrived with more reinforcements and
the fighting was renewed. Tbe Boers
lay beneath their wagons and unflinch-
ly fired volleys   between  tlie wheels
Essex, Fergisa, 0��,s. riasniiion,   nice���, II, if  ���"' ���-  -
IJatowal,  Niagara Fall.,   Port Coluouriio w]-:i. their comrade,  ware, e,,oae.A in
Hat Portage,       Saul! Ste. Marie,        Sl wane meir comrades were engages! in
Oatl.ari.iea. St. Thomas, Toronto, Welland, inepanning and driving of that portion
Woodstock, and Montreal, 'due. ���f th#conroy (.Hb... from .*,��� Br*. -^
! Just arrived��������---�������.
A carload of
GEO. GALE & Co's.
Agent* in (sii-cat Rrltaim,.
Uoysl'. Bank, Ltd , Ti Us.ilu.nl Ht., London
with whom money may be deposited tor
transfer by letter or cable to auy of the
above branches.
Agent* in United U**t*m
NEW YORK- Hank of Montreal, llank ol
I'lUrAlio-Fir.t National Hank.
ST. PAUL-Swoml Nalhiuel Hank.
SAN Flf AN< ISCO-Wella, Farfo i Co.��
flank. ���
Agent* in SonUi Afrlen.
lnlereal alloiml on deiwsits-. *���
deiiexu'rek.   - '
Pro.inclnl, Msmk-iral and other debentures!
drafts & letters of credit
Available nt ull |��ls.la,iu I'nnaibi, l'uit.1
Kingtlom, I'niM StMtsen;
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses amI
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary rublicCon veyancer, etc
Office In Upper Columbia Navigation and
Tram lay Company's Iluilding,
tsioldst-i.. ; H. V.
. ....*..,,-*i*,*,eu.
\ the latter pushed in among the wagons,
using Il.e bayonet freely. Oen. De-
larey wa* present and personally used
a rifle, His right hand neighbor was
killed and the comrade on his left was
wounded. The affair ended in a series
of hand-to-hand encounters and fierce
melees, the Boers eventually being
driven off. One of Gen. Dewet'* staff
officers wae wounded and taken prisoner.
Capetown, June 25-JacobusBotha,
'l.e number of the Cane Assembly for
Aliwal North, has been captured by
tho Boers and publicly sjamboked (Hog
ged). Iii addition hi* house was
burned,., The reason assigned for ihis
treatment is that Botha voted in favor
of the treaion bill,
Qui A. Warren's.
j Harvey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
Barristers, Solleltor., Ac.
General Merchant, GOLDEN, B.C.
1    Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, H.r,
Rooms Alexander Block Golden B. C,
[Jas. Bbady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inat. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual auessmeat work, etc. * Address
Cradock, Cape Colony, June 22,���In
an engagement at Waterkloof on June
20, the Britieh loll eight men killed
thd two mortally wounded, and had
four men seriously wounded.
In addition sixty mun of the Cape
(colonial) mounted rifles were captured.
The captain of a Boer squadron ie
reported to have been wounded and one
Boer killed.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Heath HMe Kicking Horse Biver,
Aden, June 22. -The Mad Mullah,
after the recent repulse by Capt. McNeill after hi* attack upon the British
rareba, accidentally encountered the
main Britiih fore* of camelry and
mounted infantry, which immediately
attacked and routed hiin. ,
The pursuit wss continued through-'
out th* nlgbt. A hundred ol the enemy were killed snd tbe Mullah and
the Sultan of Nur narrowly esoaped
capture. The British forco lost (even
killed and wounded.
^^^^^^^^^    LIHITED
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK
Season of 1901 Opens April Snd
H. n. Hail*.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale J* Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday -i a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
Low rates-on .Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
Mountain Lodge No. II
A. F. & }fy A. M*
With several member* of her family,
Mr*. Stanley Willet, of Chambly, Que.
went out for a drive on June 22nd and
*��� they were returning home the driver
tipped horse and carriage into the can
al. All were rescued except Mrs. Willet, who wss drowned before aid
reached her.
ME)i!H8.of,..',J,ote -^n* �������������������
tog on ��-t*ndsn emergency mi**
Sunday Evening, June 80,
S.6w2v,,?��.,h? <P.UT!:'"' ��f "onimemorsting
theNjtlltyof 8t John Baptist, by aliens?
log Dlvlsse servise at 6t. Pai.lVi cniircli.
Sojourning brethren are cordially invite I
to Jofn with Ih. brethren of Moun'ai*n Lod��
<3.H. PARSON, senary
Come in about the Drat of .Inly.   Can be aeen
For first-class
���a������ -      ��� '������a�����a�����a���
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
and all kind* of
Farm Produce
Apply to
A, Campbell
Bowden, - - - Alta.
Special Con.tabls*. Itefuie to Aet  a.
Soak.���Only a -lapunea-s sDanar
���t Work.
The trackmen's strike I* being con
ducted in tbe most orderly manner, and
though the company give out from J
time to time itatement* to the effect
that the strike has not been general
and does not elect their business,
these atatements must be taken with a
grain of aalt, in the face oi the abominably irregular train service we are get
ting at present,
Locally the situation remain* much
tho same. The division is gone over
daily by a special train, carrying the
roadmaster and a couple of special
constables, sworn in unler the Bull-
way Aot, for the purpose of examining
the road bed. With this patrol and
slow running, accidents have been
averted so far on this division. Any
necessary work is being performed by
a gang of Japanese, who are nnder
bonds to a fellow-countryman at the
coast, and who, therefore, have no say
a* to what they shall do.
It was fou.d that, the appointmen'
of special provincial  police was unau
thorized by law, and the men were
brought in to  be re sworn nnder the
Dominion Railway Act as peace officers
in the employ of the company.   This
did not suit several of the Oolden boys,
who had been willing to act as provincial police, and tbey refused to place
tbemselvee under the company'e orders,
which has been   found to mean  that
the "peace officers" are really patrolmen and aro expected to walk track,
thus taking the places of the strikers.
O.io encouraging feature of the situation is lhat the Coast |sajser>, which
for tl.e first   few  days published  lhe
statement* of the company exclusively,
are now opening their column* to the
strikers, and in their editorials are calling attention to the reasonabl-iL'Sss of
the requests of the men.    Word  has
been received by the local committee of
the strikers lhat the Crow's Nest Pass
men, whe have been reported at work,
���re all solid, and also that lhe engineers
will refuse to run unless the strike is
���ettled in the next day or two.   Eastern
paper* seem to think that the company
is prepared to meet the men with lub
���tantial concessions, which doubtless'
wonld be accepted by the Brotherhood
committee now at Montreal.
On Thursday morning the first ma 1
from the east for three day* wa* distributed  at the  Oolden   post  offico
The lesson  for the break in  lha mail
service, beihg that the eastern slope of
the   Booties  was   visited by a  very
heavy rain lasting for  several days
whiob  brought down mudslides and
carried out bridges.   The Calgary Her
aid states that Superintendent Ni block
mado sirenuoua  effort)   to secure a
gang to clear the track, even going su
far a. to offer 15.00 per day and board
to a patty of Oalicians as an inducement for them  to go to work,   Tl.e
much  mnlinged foreigner* who have
been accuied of working nt starvation
wage*, stood out like men and refused
to "scab," thus showing themselves lo
to be made of better stuff than some
who take pride in  being British subject*.
Oeneral     Superintendent    Marpole
made  a statement  in Kamloops,   on
Monday in which  he says  "that sec-
tioninen all over the Pacific division
are most orderly and quiet snd anxious
for a-eiminatio'i of the trouble. Sutne
intimidation was attempted by Iridge
men tt North Bend, but the presence
of   the   special  constables    prevented
tronble.   Men loyal to Ihe company
have beon threatened hy ii-re-ponsibls-
individuals,   and   members   of extra
gangs, who are mostly foreigners, bu>
not a esse i* known where sect ion men
have directly iirerfered in any way.
and they .re carrying out Iheir prom*
ise made lo officials of the company.*
In a letter published in  the coni"
pai,er* of June 2-1, Mr. Marpole says in
per':   "We hnvo mote men enxaued
between Hevelstoke and Laggan tban
ne have nn auy other  portion of the
road."   If thie is correct the striker*
ultimate victory seisms assured.
Jams* Mcintosh, one of the e-rly
settlers of Kamloop*, passed sway latt
?2 Peb Yeah.
        ' I A
Hot Contest Expected
Every Vote Sliould be Polled a*
the Result will Likely Deeide
the   Location  of  the   Hew
School Site.
Ki-erv elector interested in the school
question should take a hand in to-mor-
ro.v's election to fill tl.e vacancy on
the school trustee board. Mr. Wl.
Sutherland's term of office expires thi*
month aud an election is thus made
necessary. It is quite likely the Government will lie influenced by the result of the voting in the selection of a
site for the new school building,
Action must he taken immediately il
the building is to be used for the fall
term. The junior division cannot remain where it is after October, aod the
trustees will novel* consent to tke room
next the butcher shop being ustd foi*
school purposes again, so it is apparent that unless .. building is erected!
somewhere the junior division will
have toclose. Tl.^ result ot the polling
wiil show which aisle i* the strongest
and whether the uew school building
will be built on the south or north side
of the liter.
So far, we have only heard two
names mentioned ���Wm Rutherford
and J. W. Connors -us candidates for
office. There may bs others but ws
have not heard their names. J. W.
Connors is on the north side and W.
Butherford the south and both parties
may be counted on pulling iheir best
foot forward to register every available
vote and the result will be awaited
with much interest.
The meeting t.-kes places! the school
house commencing at 11 o'clock.
*���     .<..
Ilfitvy Casualties.
Boanake. Va., June34.-Tbeterrible
horrors of the Jamestown flood  have
duplicated in llie mountains of West
A cloudburst claimed for its own
300 known victims, and the number
may possibly reach i.s liis.h as 1,C00.
It will bo several days before the total
number ii known, hut additional fatalities are being heard of hourly.
The little mountain town Vivian
aioue furnished 100 victims, and 200
dead are reported dead along the line
of the Norfolk and Western railway.
The devasted region is fn the centre
of the coalfields of West Virginia.
The rain started last Friday nigh',
and on Saturday the heavens opened
and poured forth great volumes of
waler, which made* clean sweep ol
the valley,
Hallway ta ke Unlit Fro... Rrpsblir ta
Grand Park, far Till. t*arno>e.
A Now York despatch any.: Kiglst
million dollars' worth ofgoldeitdeilver
ore are waiting on the damps ofthe
mines iu eastern Washington to be
carried two score of miles to Csnadian
smelters. This ia the reaeon for tl.e
construction ol tbe Bepublic and
Grand Forks, B.C., railroad. Theeon-
tract was signed in New York on June
Oth for a complete outfit of rolling
etock, including pressed steel cars loco-
inoti.es an.l passenger coaches.
W. C Morris, general counsel of the
railroad, says: "We could get plenty
of money to erect smellers at Republic,
but they could uot be run at �� profit
owing lo the absence of euitable fluxing ore. At Grand Fork* great a netting works have been built hy lhe Canadians to handle Ihe rich ore if th*
Bmndary district These ores are
sulphides, and oan be sm.ll.d to advantage with whirs quart* front Rt*
public, Th* Rpps.blic and Grand
Fork* railway will he if mil** long
and of Blnndaid gusge; a. Grand Fork*
it will connect with the C P. B. The
flrst 'rnins will be ran early in No-
. em ber "
A hii< coinhiiii of 1'iruiito, Montreal
a d New York capitalists is helnti
formed to furss'su pu��er fiou. Nlaearn
Fall, for all tho gas and eleetrie light,
ae well a* heat, and the itrret rail-
was�� of Toronto, St. Catherine* an*
London. THfi ER<��, GOLDEN, H.C.,Jvke28, Hit.
The Golden Placer and Quartz
Minim-*; Co's. Property Show-
lisr Unmistakable Evidence
of Richness���Large Amount
Vork Done.
Few people of Oolden are aware ..f the
ex'ent of the operations of the Golden
Placer Mining Co., at Canyon Creek.
Mr. 11. Ksti'll, the local manager, took
a representative of the Eka up to the
woikingt la.t week, and a very in-
ici est ing day was spent examining the
work already done and following the
course of the creek for a few miles ard
noting the records of lho action of the
water in by gone ages, when the waters
were rushing down currying with
them as sediment the material uf which
tlte lend es of the valley are composed.
After thii examination, the reasonableness of Mr. Estell's expectation of
striking a rich paystreak when he
roaches bedrock on his locution, il fully
established, as tl.e stream throi'ghout.
count less ages has been carrying the
tiMierjal from its canyon, which is
1.0iv fully a thousand feet in depth,
uud i.'cj railing it at the point where
ilie shsft is now being sunk. The
stream in its course has cut through
. illusions ledges of gold tearing nuanz
which may le seen en Ihe sides of
the mountains enclosing its valley.
Gold was first found by prospect ers
who weie making their way from
\V,ld Ifui'secr.ek to Carribou, at the
time of tho uold rush ill the early GO'a,
nud it i. rs. orte.l that s m $30,000 ��a*
taken frum crevieis in the canyon *'| i|,at we l.al four deaths
tii.,t time hut no efforts were made to
��a>l. tl.e gra-.el owing to the difficult
uaiure of tho ground. Gold has heen
found ihecutiie length of the stream
and loci parties attempted to reach
bedrock uear the point where Mr. Es-
feile has sunk his shaft. Thieaticmpt
Tailed owing to insufficient funds being
furthcoming lo provide suitable ap-
tiliui.uts lo cope with the water, and
was abandoned nhim a depth of J8 or
i���) feut hud bees, reached. Many at-
ii.-i.ipi. have been snails, to work various
sti'cul.cs of she river beJ in the canyon,
tl.e  season  wheu   work can   bo
c-.nis.-J uii is so short and the difficu!-
Iks to Lu overcome arc so many, thai
no v, ry encouraging results havo been
obtained. Mr. Estell in a very short
lime clemied up $500 from one small
Uli-it. the canyon, but work was carried
uu under very difficult conditions, one
ui these being a steady shower of rocks
l.'u... lin. cliff above as if, the guardian
s,,iiit3 O.'.iLo liidd.n wealth were de-
i-.ru.ii.s.d lu defeat man's efforts tore*
cover ii. Iu 188i considerable gold
was taken out hy crevicing above low
water along the river. This was at a
po.i.i nl.erc the rushing torrent allows
no audiiueut io lie, bed lock through
li.o canyon being polished like glass
...Ui llie action of tiio water. Tho
cuyon being very narrow it is like an
in.incuse aluiee nnd tlio smooth cou-
i.i.iou uf the bed luck tffeisiio obstruc*
t,uii io the passage of gold, in fact it*
ul.uiu action ia that uf a tluico without
nCe and any gold must necessarily
halo been cai.it',1 lo the mouth before
Uiug depo.lj-.-d, Mr. Estill's obser
laliuul of the action uf the sti-eain ex-
i-,.ding over a period of nearly l'i years
ly! bim lo lea.e a tract of 80 not OS at
ti series of floods that carried out
boulders weighing 'hundreds of p">ui.ds
end dropped them ut this point. During
the sinking, fine particles of gold hare
been found distribute! through tbe
loose gravel, though no washing has
been don*, only an occasional pan now
and again, The shaft has been carried
down to a distauco of 75 feot, and at
prosent is being sunk through a deposit
of black sand which is a favorable indication of the proximity of the long
sought bid rock, he samp ing giving
more gold than at higher levels. When
bod rock is reached drifts will be run,
aud Mr. Es'.eli's expectations of rich
pay dirt will no d/tubt be realized is
ihe recovery of golj in the canyon
proves that ut one lime the stream was
carrying down large quantities ofthe
precious metal, I.I the location of his
shaft nnd the high standard of excellence shown in all ihe construction
work together with tl.e entire absence
of any unnecessary expenditure Mr.
Estell has .-.hown that coin non sense
together with practical knowledge can
accomplish much mure than a string
of letters after a name. Work on this
properly will bo resumed in a few
weeks, in fact as soon us a pump powerful enough to raise the water to the
mouth of tho shaft is installed.
From Wm. Magee o.'South African Constabulary.
The following interesting letter was
received hy Mr. \V. W. Rogers, of
Uolden, und contains much lhat will
interest our  reader,, as Mr. Magee is j ,���-���.,, *,.��� m,ltcr ,,.;,,. lhm and
woll known here: ���
Krugersdoip. Muy 15, 19C1,
Dear Sir, -1 take this opportunity of
writing you a few lines hoping they
will reach you fafo and in good order.
We arrived ut Cape Town, April 28th.
after a very pleasant voyage excepting
   while at sea,
bus. thoy were all strangers to tne none
of thein being wts'ern  men.   I wrote
ther.) is a net wcrk of baib wire to if a
person ever got tangled up in it the jig
would te all up with hiin. Word has
just come in that thirty of the S. A. C.
go*, into a scrap with the Boer* aud
some of the 9. A. C. got killed and
some woun.'ed. There ia some firing
goiug on this morning to the eaat of
us. We have a big time breaking
mules, we got ten the other day and
some of the boys got a chance lo dis
tinguish themselves as bronco baiters.
There was one of the boys much smarter
than any of the rest of us. he uider
took a particularly stubborn mule. Ue
got the saddle on all riyht an 1 got on
his baok. Ac the word go, the mule
refused to act, but after teveral minute*
persuasiou the mule made a tremendous
lound end lit out across the veldt but
all of a sudden tho mule stopped but
the rider did not he went straight on
buth rider and saddle went over mule's
head. It is surprising how theso mules
can jump and back. But they are
just for transport purposes. We hare
not got our horses vet bnt expect them
in a few dityj. De Wet captured our
uniforms ou lhe way from the Cape.
Our oamp has been quarantined for
live days on account of the measels.
Albert Collins has fever anJ has been
sent to Johannesburg hospital. He is
from Goldeu, so I suppose you are acquainted with hiin. The plague is
quite privuleut iu Cape Towu and quite
a number have died, but I think they
arc getting it pretty well stamped out.
E'ght of lhe toys out of B Squadron
were left in Capo Towu on account of
them nor. being very well, is* only
those who were -.veil were allowed to
go lo tho front.   There was nothing
_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^_    D
soon ae they have recovered they will
rejoin us.   I have not henid from them
yet.   They are all strangers to you.
I,h.ito never been sick an hour yel.
Wo have just been renamed and num-
Lered.   Our squadron is known as 17
Troo|, A. Division,  S. A. C.    Weaie
having winter here now, tut il is not
very cold except at  nighl,  but  it is
pretty  warm   duriug   lho d.y.   The
you  from Cape  Verde,  giving youaj1*-!* "* -,M'mX P^-y  --������ <����*"���*
few detail, of the trip    Well we left, a'"- wil1 tooui* '*--'<-' native*. There
Cape Town the following day after ar-, -n ������-����"�����"�������� ***** ot sh..p and caitle
riving and  wero equipped with   ritto,1"'1'-. so��,'>'""'e f'oui 25,010 io S0.C00
and 150 rounds of ammunition, but no j ��>   ""*���'-���   There are  al.o plenty   of
uniform, so we   were a   pretty suely .-���iriuh.   T.vouf lhe boys  from  Ool-
looking let after travelling for a week | -*->  Melunes aud lLur,   aro black**
on thotrain, and on a IU car at that., aiuiihiurf.    MoI.ii.es   worked fur  Joe
Wo could only get a wash every two j Uanii* i..*t   vvimer, and Barr worked
or three days as water wus con.idjr.J
a luxury iu some places. Of course
we had plenty lo drink. We diJ uot
travel at uight us it is not considered
safe, fo.- the Boers often tear up the
railway and cause frequent wrecks,
lletseo the delay. From Cape Town it
is about 1015 miles tc our presant
camping ground and it took us GJ days',
Well we are camped on the ground
where the famous Jamiesou raid took
place, and a very picturesque place it
is, Johannesburg is a very pretly
I lac, we nre only slout 15 miles from
there. It has u population of about
100,000. Well, on lhe whol , I am
quite satisfied with myself for coming,
and I liko tho looks of the country very
much. Some purls of the country is
the proitiest I over saw and a lot of it
looks just like tl.e p.airie and Maui
loba, but tlie country is in a rery unsettled stale and I dou't kuow much
about   it yet.   There   are  some   fine
up at Windermere, Iou must excite
uiy crooked writing ns I huve not a
yety good place to write. I am sitting
ou the ground wiih a trunk for a desk.
I *\i��l. we ner. in barracks as I don't
euro mix!] fur the tents, besides we
havo no cooking uteuils except one
pail and it is a sort of geueral purpoie
affair. I hav* met several of tl.e
brethren out hero and whsn wa get
settled permanently I dou't think it
would be a difficult matter to start a
lid jo Well, I think I hate loldjou
about all I can think of at present so
I will close by wishing you aad your
Lodge aud all lhe brethren every success.   Bemember me to all the boy*.
I remain yours very respectfully,
Cai.aliau S. A. C. No 1716, 17 Troop,
A. Division, Krugeisdorp, Tran**
"Chanlinea. ia n.xt to godlliLaa." Dirt
and depravity go hand in hand.  This i. juat
Doer widows and if lean strike a snap aa traoof tlte inside of the body ts tho out.
I think I had  1*1 ter attend to one of tUe,   Constipation clogs   ihe  body, and
ihem    There are fifteen hundred Boer jdjuJ" "'*>. n,iul.  Constipation means .hat
, ���,,.,, corruption is breeding in the body, pssisun*
refugees at Blooinfontein and there are > *u/- lll0 Wood ���.**. ������ fou| emAfaUoiM, befog*
a lot of line looking young ladies! glug thu brain with its uji.tod oxl.alatioi...
amongst thom,   Wo camped  I hero fori Constipation �� tit. beginning of more dla.
one uight.   We !mfe not had a chance m*?* ������� I*"1"*!*- ���"'���*  <"���"���'* ""n}* <fe
,           .   ,   .         in   i         os'ib's.     Iho eonaos.ueuce. ul s-usialipi.tion
to try   otii'se'lves yut   bul are  lil.oly to 	
was some shooting the other night
uud wo wero called out but nothing
came of 1', and no one was hurt. This
is considered the worst jilace for trouble
,ine leMcuil.    ll,jul..clie,   |Mtiu is. the aide,
tlte near  future us ihu Doers are .hjrlue.. of breath, undue fuluess ttftor eat
il.e  pe.int  where lho river leaves the  pelting   "- * "" ^^^^^^^
canyon an.l a half milucfthe lower
portion uf il.e canyon itself. Then
.electing a point where hia shad wo jM
lie safe from any sudden rise in the
It.eain and also vvhs.ro il seemei1 pro-
I.ablo he would be below the point
vs l.eio lhe old st ream full from the
big hi r level, lo tliu Hat bolow, he
commenced 10 sink his shaft. Former
e-.Toits nearer the river showed lb.it
ted rock  was not lu  te found   until a
troublesome at times,    There' iug, colitises, of tlio extremities, norvowsnoss.
^st-s*********1^^- indecision, lassitude, dizs-inoss, sitllowueu,
Itituloiico, and a score of other ailments aro
directly cattsod by constipation.   Curo con*
sli|satiui. aud you cure its consequences. The
^^^^^^^ quickest euro of Ihis evil is obtained by Ihe
ill lho Transvaal.    I have just heard, tw of Dr. I'iiireo's Pleasant Pellets.  Tl.ey
lhat soma of our men   were Hied on m ���m"" *~ *lt* uat "-underfill in result.
and one kiilol  and Iwo  wounded, but
it has not bsen confirmed yet.
This is a gre.',l milling centre,   there
uie eleven smellers in sight from where
         wo are camped, but owing to  the nil-
considerable depth had beeu reached, 'settled elate of aif..it's only I wo ure
so from the fint il.u work ou the shnfi working ut present. Thero nro some
has been of tho must sub.lai.tial nature, p'jjs**"' mining ulso, bul not very.much,
''"he ��haft i�� S��*i and Uso timber* are! We do qtiilu a lot of luos/liig around.
I'lactically the same dimension* hs J We ht.vi moved twice in the lust two
railway tics aud ...e crefullv filled iu j weeks but only niovod about a ill iiu
s.eh away llt.it lhe jres.uio of the | ��ach tiui��. Wu do u lut of outpu.i
..nu inlissgtaiih ui.l�� sii'.ca io buhl duty, iheie ai* i In see Sepal a e ptck-ita
I num luuie sACi.ioiy iu position! A for each emp, one u.soui ui.u u.ilu out,
lioa.d pul-lilluui Uissdo- the abaft imo oiie", u.io half suslu and uiio ul l..o camp
i.vu compelluienl-s and lo tills fact gj ovuyilung .�� pi'oisy well
itr. Eslt-il alllihulo. Idle) fuel lint, tbo J
air ul lhe bullous i* IflvVe)'* good. ' lu
-i.iuk.iig, ....iuua.H'siiu ws.ru euouuitlui"
They euro permanently.   They contain
injurious ingredients,   Tlie uso ef thom doos
not begat, tho "pill habit."   Ask your drug*
gist for thoui.
Send 21 ono cent stamps, the oxpenso of
untiling only, and receive Dr. Pierce's Co...*
...ou Sense Medical Adviser, in paper covers.
For 31 atan.pa it can be had iu cloth binding.
Address Dr. It. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.
Some time ago there was a notable
automobile procession iu the city of Buffalo, N. Y. It was notable for its size, and
also for the fact that it was entirely com-
Cosed of automobile wagons (like that
i the cut above), built to distribute
the advertising literature of the World'a
Dispensary Medical Association, proprietors and manufacturers cf Dr. Pierce's
medicines. In mnny a town and village
Dr. Pierce's automobile has been the
pioneer horseless vehicle. These wage ns,
sent to every important section of the
country, are doing more than merely
advertise Dr. Pierce's Remedies���they
are pioneers of progress, heralds of the
automobile age.
And tills is iu keeping with "the record
made by Dr. Pierce and his lamous pe-
{.orations, which have always kept iu
he front on their merits. Dr. Pierce's
Goldeu Medical Discovery is still the
leading medicine for disorders and diseases uf the stomach and digeslive and
nutritive systems, for tlle purifying of
the blood and healing of weak lung-i.
Women place Dr. Tierce's Favorite
Prescription in the front of all put-up
medicines specially designed for women's
use. The wide benefits this medicine
has brought to women have been well
summed up in the words " II makes weak
women strong and sick women well."
The reputation of Dr. Pierce's Plea*,
ant Pellets as a safe and effective Illative for family use is international,
It may be asserted without fear of contradiction that no other firm or company
engaged iu the vending of put-up medicines cau rank with the World'*. Dispensary Medical Association, either iu lhe
opinion of the medical profession ur of
the intelligent public. Tlio Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, which is
connected with the "World's Dispensary," is alone sufficient to prove this
supremacy. Here is a grc.t usoslcru
hospital, always filled with patieuld.
where every day successful operations
i.ic performed ou nun and women whose
diseases demand the aid of surgery. No
hospital ill Buffalo is better equipped,
with respect to its modern appliances, or
the surgical ability of its stall". Dr. R, V.
Pierce, the chief consulting physician of
this great institution, has associated witli
himself nearly a score uf physicians,
each man being a picked man, chusen
for his ability in the treatment and cure
of some special form of disease.
The offer thut Dr. Pierce makes to
men aud women suffering wilh chronic
diseases of a free coit-itlUitiui. by letter,
is realty without a parallel. It place*
without cost or charge tlie entire resources of a great medical institute at
the service of the.sick. Such uu offer is
uot for one moment to be confounded
with those offers of" free medical advice"
which arc mode by people who are not
physicians, cannot aud do not practice
medicine, and are only saved from prosecution by artfully wording their advertisements so that they give tiii impression that they are physicians without
making the claim tu be licensed.'
Those who write to Dr. Pierce, chief
consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo,
N. Y., may do so with the assurance that
they will receive not only the advice of
* competent physician, but the advice
of a physician whose -wide experience
in the treatment and cure of disease, and
whose sympathy witli human suffering
leads him to take a deep, personal interest in all those who seek his help and
that of his associate staff of specialists.
Dr. Pierce's Medicsl Adviser (in paper
covers), looS pages, is sent free on receipt of Ji one-cent stamps, or 50 stamps
for the cloth-bound volume, to pay ex-
nenae of customs and mailing only. Ki-
item Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, Ws Y
Sau. Hudson, a member of lhe Her
uid staff, met with a nasty accident last
night while indulging in athletic exercise witli some of his friends, While
running across some vacant lots hi*
loui caught in a hole iu the grouud
lulisug huaviiy, spraiuillg I41S ankle
1. pi'oisy we'll puur-Mal, ,0- i'siutui'lii4�� .mail bsuud *r*-ol iu
am uuu ul iLuumpuou ior lu i.ig.ii.  hi. luol.    U-�� 1st. however,  doing very
: Tliu Uuvul'ssiiieut   me  bu���y    building j i.ius-l,., 1.11J expeot. to be arouud
s.uue po.is, al, iiuuuj. tub country 0..  slsorllj.���Oal.aiy Heruid,
'-ud.lh, cluing, s occur.'lug  about every   tho mu.C isupu.-iuni ..lee,    TilBl-*, ,,-J    Sum. person must have loft an uu-
8 leet aim uei.r.t.g evidence 10 tho fact lw0 built hero,  they are about f.o'xuU promoted cellar oil tl,u*e lute for
ih-i ihia gviMbd hud houu built up by I (eot, ���-,.] about ou. iumdrcil yin]* uut' to ctttali his, foot ly,
Vanco iver, June 18.���The Grauby
Smeller company, which own* the
smelter tt Grand Fork*, B. Of, and ia
largely interested in mining properly
in the Boundary Crack, haa decided 10
build a smelter at Vancouver to treat
coast ores, The company will alao
shortly erect a refinery here,
CUUED FOlt :i5 CENTS.-Dr. Agnew's
Oiut.no.it relieves iu one day, and enre.
Totter, Salt Kiseuin, Scald Head, Eczema,
Harbor's Itch, Ulcers, Blotches anil all eruption, of lho skin. It ia soothing and quietlag
and acts like magic in the curo of all baby
humors,  Hoc.   Sold by It. W. Patmore- 47.
Miss Dobell, daughter of Mr. B. B.
Dobell, a member of the Canadian Cabinet, ws* married to Capt. Any ot Hull,
in London, Eng..
Dr, Mackie, a Canadian, wbo ia a
professor in an Arkaneaeuniversitj,
has been appointed transportation commissioner by the Dominion .Government. .
than wlth.one that's got a constant "hurl" to
it. Dr. Vou Stall*. Pineapple Tablets stimulate the digestive organs, Let ono enjoy the
gosjsif tilings of life and leave no had effect.���
curry tltfl.it with you in yottr to.' pocket���00
in box Hi cents.   Sold by B W Pati.iore.-~18
The British and tlie "Mad Mullah"
have come in contact and severe fight-'
ing resulted.
Uiuleisi, who was ou trial at Cal-
gary for the ...urder of David Karr,
has boon acquitted.
1'ost.ii.asie.' - Geueral Mulock hi.
suited uu his returq, ''olu Ibe Au- i
lipodes, ,    ,..
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors. *
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching conn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
Tho important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and AVindermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running tho length of the Columbia nnd
Kootonay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase Leforc a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale bigned by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terras obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
II. G. Parson. Merchant,
A Half Year ol Excitement
Tho Koyal Visit to Canada.
The Closing- Scenes ofthe War-
The Return ofthe Army.
An Opportunity to. Gjldari ERA Kaaiars to Xaap Pasted During'
tuts Period of Exoitement.
By a verv satisfactory clubbing arrangement with that great Familjr Newt-
paper the Family Heral.l ansl Weekly Star of Montreal we' ara enabled to offer
to new sssbacribers* the bigg-sat value ever hear! of.
The balance of this year promises tbe most etartling events, and every person should keep posted.   Here ie an opportunity.
For the small sum of 11.00 we will soud you until January let, 1902, Tba
Golden Era; The Family Herald and Weekly Star and the Family Herald's
two ��reat premium pictures, 'Christ in the Temple"* tnd "Home from tht
Is that not a dollar's worth? Either picture alone it worth double tbe money.
Thia offer it open only to June 30th as the supply of picturai it limited and
cannot be promised alter that date.
To any of our present .uhsoribers we offer the Family Herald and Weekly
Ssar until Jauuary Ut, 191)3, including the two pictures, for the tmall mm of
50 cenis.
An Arkansas paper hat the following testimonial from a lady dilating
upon the virtues of * patent medioine:
Your female tonic has helped me
wonderfully. Tfsre. weeke ago, before
I began taking il, I wat to weak I
could not spank my baby, Alter tak-
taking* four bottles I am able to thrash
my Isu.band." Thll remedy it nol
sold iu lhe Slocan.���Ledge.
Cecil Rhodes, in a speech at Bulu-
a ayo, Rhodesia, made a bid lor tba
South African premlertblp.
TAHKH - I).   T,   Sample, jsresisleiit oi
Sample's Instalment Company, Wnalsington,
Pa., write.: "For year. 1 was affllcled wilh
ehronlc catarrh.   Remedies and treatment
Pa., write.: "For years 1 wai nfflicletl wilh
chronic catarrh. Remedies and treatment
by specialist, ouly gave me temporary relief
until 1 wa. induced to uso Dr. Ajniew'. Co
ttarrfi Powder, lt Rare almost inatant relief.   50c.   Sold by It WPatms.re.-iV.
A ips-cial session ofthe Ottawa parliament may be held dnring the visit
of the Duke and Duchess of York.
The rate of taxation for Winnipeg
bat been fixed at 24.60 mills, on an
assessment ol ,22,300,000.
"REGULAR PRAOT18IONER-NO RESULT."��� Mis. Annie G. Clustnul, of Whitby, was for month, a rheumatic victim, but
South American Rheumatic Cure changed
the sung from ���'slrspnlr'' to "Joy". She siay..
"1 .uttered untold misery from rheum.ti.ra���
doctors' medicine did inn uo goosl���two boi*
lies of South American Nervine cured me���
roliof two hours after Iho iirjtdoso." Sold by
li. Vi. l'atms,.o.-.-iO
Capt. D. J>gault, chief of the Quebec provincial police, hus Uen appointed ohief at Montreal.
JOB PiUNTINO our Specialty.'
A Wonderfnl laventieB.
They cure dandruff, hair felling,
head-ache, eic, yet costs the same at
an ordinary comb- Dr. Whitet Electric
Comb, Tbe only patented Comb in
the world. People, everywhere It has
been introduced are wild with delight.
You simply coinp your hair eaoh day
and the eomb does the rest. Thit
wonderful comb is simply unbreakable
and is made so that it is absolutely
impossible to break or cut the hair
Sold on a written guarantee to give
satisfaction in every respeot. .Send
stamps for one. Ladiet' slit" 60c.
Oents' tize 36c, . Live men and women
wanted everywhere tb introduce this
article. Sells on light. Agent* are
wild with success. (See want column
of this paper.) Address D. N. Rose,
Oen. Hgr. Decatur, III,
The C. P. R. hat declined to accept ���
freight originating at Montreal  and
dettin'ed for points on the Intercolonial
railway line.
Mr. Broderick, in theHouee of Com*
mom, London, ttated tbat 40,000 ptr-
tont wire in tbe "concentration camp.' .
in South Africa.
WANTED-Ladiet and gentlemen to
introduoetbe "hottest" seller on earth. .
Dr. White's Eleotrio Comb, patented
1899. Agent! are coining money.
Cures all (onus of scalp ailment.,
headaches, etc., yet colli the tarns* as,''
au ordinary flomb Send Use in ttampi
lor sample, D. N. Rom, Gen, Mgr.,
Dtcatur, 111.
JE7 f*W\\*je
:jWJ ���������..'
'..    *'-���*
��� *>*""���>' *��-:��r.i THE EKA, GOLDEN, JB.C* Juke a*, 111.
Following it the agreement suggested by the men to be entered into
between the Canadian Pacific Railway
company and its maintenance nf-way
department employes:
1. In the event of trouble between
the company and an employe in the
Hjaintenance-of-way department, the
tald employe shall have a speedy
fair and impartial trial before
Ills first superior officer, not a
party to the controversy, and shall
be permitted to havo a practical and
experienced employe in the same de
pertinent on the same division to defend him, and he shall havo the right
totppeal to the manager of his division
for it new hearing if he believes his
suspension or discharge be unjust.
2. Should any niniutenance-of-way
employe ba suspended or discharged
without cause he shall receive his
regular salary while off duty waiting
for an investigation.
3. Ten hours shall constitute a
day's work for all maintenance of way
department (except switchtenders,
Watchmeu and pump men). Those
who arc- required to work over 10 hours
a day, or on Sunday, shall receive pay
for time and oue half.
4. Proinotiou of men in the maintenance of-way department on the various divisions shall be governed bv
-seniority, merit and other qualifications being equal.
0, Thecompaisy .hall trans|sort free
of charge, fresh meats twice a week to
Ail points where the suims cannot be
purchased, and wiil run a supply car
once a inoulb between Moosejaw and
Calgary on in>iiu line, and from Dun
more Junction io Kootenay Landing,
aud from Maitawauikeug to Megautic;
lhe rate to be charged for delivery of
supplies I* uiaiuteuauceof way department .employes will be one-half of il.e
Tegular rate.
li, Section house keepers shall be
f ui ui.lted transportation twice a month
to llie ueaie.>t points where necessary
supplies cau be purchased.
7. All maintenance of-way employes shall be grunted passes once a
mouth to aud from any poiut they
tuay deeire to navel oi, thoreadm'aster's
division, provided lhat no more than
one-hall of tlse force will be absent
-from duty at auy one lime.
.. -Maintenance ssl.'way department
���employ., who have beeu it. tl.e service
ol s lis, cons, any continuously for two
years will be esuiiled to leave of ab*
.ence, and tsau.|,oi'iaiionoiice a.rear
io any point ou il.e system ihey may
desire to visit.
9. Auy iiackmiiii who has a certifl*
���cate  showing he was  employed one
'season by the company shall be en*
aitted to free transportation to work
the following season, without being
required to pay au employment agency
10. When it is nsscessary to con-
���vene a general grievance committee for
the purpose of settling differences, the
���company shall grant leave of absence
and furnish passes to the committeemen and tuch witnesses at they may
desire to bring before the management
for the purpose oi revealing the facts
in the case,
11. Iu oases where section foremen
or men: are taken away from bead-
quarters to work on enow or lie trains,
or to do an/ work that will take them j
away from their regular boaid'ug
places, the company will pay all ex <
peuset incurred.
12. The   company shall   keep all
asolion houses In good  repair, and not
ohaige any more for rom than is being !
charges at the present time.
IS. In case of un accident resulting j
from bad track, if upon investigation
it ia found tbattbe foreman discharged
his duties faithfully and that theac*
oident occurred on account of his no:
being allowed enough men aud sufficient material wilh which io make the
track safe, he shall be held blameless.
14. When section foremen, or men,
are required to attend to lamps.before
or after regular working hour., they
thall receive the tame rate of pay as is
paid to opsrators and ageut. for'the
same class of work, Section foremen
shall not be held respousiblt for lamps
not being lit, or going oat, where they'
are attended to by persons not subject
to their orden.
15. Traokwalkers on the entire
system thall receive a day's pay at the
usual rate for walking track oi Sunday.
16. Watchmen on duty 12 hours
or more out of each 24 .hall be entitled
to leave of absence two weeks each
year without Iqss of pay,
Schedule of rateefbr maintenance of-
way department employees on the
Paciflo division.
(a) Yard foreman in oharge of yards
having 25 or more switches, or at
terminal points, shall be paid $75 per
(b) Extra gang foremen aha!! be
p lid S3 50 per i.ay.
(c) Section foreman shall be paid
f 05 per month.
(d) Section men shall be paid $1.75
per day.
(e) Extra gang men shall be paid
$1.75 per day.
(f) Bridge foreman shall be paid (4
per day.
(g) Bridge men shall be paid $3 75
aud $3 03 per day.
(n) Bridge watchmen shall be paid
$G0 per month.
(i)Track watchmen shall be paid $55
por month.
(j) Switch tenders in charge if
safety switches Nos. 1, 2 and 3 on the
"Kicking Horse" grade shall be paid
$60 per month each for services from
7 to 19 o'clock, and 20 cents for the
first call and 10 cents for each call
thereafter during the next li hours.
1. The company shall mako arrangements to have its checks cashed
without inconvenience or expense to
inaiuteuance-of-way department employee.
I. No maintenanceof way department employe shall be discriminated
against suspended or discharged ou
account of serving on a grievance
3. There shall be no discrimination
against members of the Brotherhood
of Railway Trackmen now employed
or in employing new men cn account
of their holding membership in said
4. The Canadian Pacific ruilway
oompany on its part, and lho main
teuance-of-way department employes
ou their part, do hereby agree that
they will pe fjrm iheir several duties
aud stipulations provided for in this
agreement, uutil GO days notice have
been given by either party to the other
requesting a change of the same.
women to travel assd advertise for old establishes! house of solid.iiiiHsii'issi standing. Salary iiOO a year aud expenses, sll payable it.
cash. No cussvj.ssiug required, Give references and e.tclsise self-distressed .tautped
envelope. Aslsii'uo. -....n-ger, **_ Cxtoi.
ilidjr., Chicago. oet 11
-id Opera Home He built and Other
Queer Things He DU.
John Shoup was what they oalled well
off In this world's goods���in fuel, he was
tho wealthiest man lu tho littlo town iu
which he lived. Ho and Surah hud worked
ha-d aud saved until they hud a start, and
then ho had bought and sold cattle and
shaved notes until ho was ablo to own a
llnu houso iu ths. country.
In ull this bo had succeeded, but John
hud paid but vory littlo attention to his
eduoatlun���la tact, It was a pretty hnrd
Job for him to rend, however well ho might
"rigger." Ho liked toTio considered tho
boding man of the towu and to keep up
appearances ho bud a fashion of using a
great many big words of whoso meaning
hu bod vory littlo conception. Ho was very
proud of his uow houso; aud whilo It was
building gravely Informed people that he
was going to huve a "nilrandu" running
around the outside and a "purgatory" on
top, where ho could go up and viow his
outlying farms.
Be built an opora bouse on tho nort,��,
side of tho square and lighted lt with to I
low candles. Ho said he did that becnu-*;
If he put in lamps they might "explore, *.'
and tho"ordnaneo" would got excited alts,
"jump right out of tho windows." Tlie
roller to tbe drop ourtain was hollow and
had about a pint of bullets In It, whioh
rattled furiously whenever tho curtain
wont up or down. Ho said that waste-
cause ho wanted It different from othei
theaters. Tlse stage was about six Inolii t
higher at the baok than at tbe front, so I e
oould see tho actors' feot when thsy
danced. Performers unacquainted wish
his stugo had troublo to keep from slidlr j
off Into the orchestra.
Oa had big landscapes painted on tl e
outside of his window shades by an o, 1
fellow who lived down on the creek us; I
also had him paint his portrait���head u..d
shoulders, "Without any clothes on, his
reason being that lhe styles ot ols.tl-.ss
changed, and he wanted his truo to life.
His mother died, and as ho wantod to
ship the body lo the old homo for burl..)
he procured a metallic coffin. Vs'hen les
cause to jsuy for the ooIUn, ho was angered
ut the price charged and swore that If he
ever hud to havo another he would "telescope" to Burlington and huve them send
up one of them "italic'' coffins.
He hud .a suit before u justice of tbs,
peace with a neighbor lu regard to tho
ownership of a oalf. To save attorney',
feeshe pleaded his own case. As might be
expected, tho case was decides! against
him. He didn't see... to understand how
it could happen that way nnd told tho justice that, although ho wns duulilless u
very learned man, he hud made a grrs.l;
mistake, and If he hud been trying thr
case he would not hnve decided it thut
wuy.���Chicago Times* Herald.
Tl.e popular idea expressed iu the
phrase, "the art Of self-defense," shows
the opinion that the chief enemies a man
has to defend himself from are visible
and external. But the real danger of
every man is from minute and often invisible foea. In the air we breathe and
the water we drink are countless minute
organisms leagued against the health of
the body.
Tbe one defense against these enemies
is to keen the blooupure. Dr-Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery thoroughly
purifies the blood, removing poisonous
substances and accretions. When the
blood is pure there is no harborage for
the germs of disease which find a lodging only when the blood is impure and
*sI consider veer'Golden Merllcfll Dlacovenr'
one ol the: beat medicines on the face of tne
oisrth.'s writes Mr. Wtu. Floeter. of Rcttonk,
Montgomery Co., Iowa, "While In the (South*
sreat, three yean .go, I grit uotsoiied with pot
The poiaon aettlesl In """""' '
sn ivy.    _   . ,	
tlse horror. I suffered enssnot be
  iny blood and
Sored enssnot be told In words.
d go crazy.   I tried different
id In words.
.���..-  ,     - ...ed different
ot medicine, tried slifTcresst doctors, Issst
11 tlte relief they eoutd give me waa to matte my
-. * l -1 bimlc lighter. I then began taking llr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Took lour
li.itstea without relief. Kept Inking It. I took
in all ten bottle, and got entirety cssred."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.
Canadian Pacific Railway
ASt'D MO 9 HN'K.
Starting June 10th, will
make the run from Coatt
to coast in.    .    .    .    .
������   100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effsict
to the   . .    .    .    .   "
-���     ���*��'          .
For full partiei!Ian apply
tu ths nearest local agent,
or to    . 	
A sent,
Goldon, B.C.
JB. J. COTIifl,
A O.P.A.,
".��� Yiuisouver.
Liebig. th* Great  Che-mint,  Ii  Authority
. For the Statement.
Liuht.u, the Krvnt-fKt uhomlflt of theceii-
tiiry. writuH :'\Scitiiicu him lifiiiunstnitnl
thu luut iihtit liiiin, thu being which perforin*-; thu -Krone won (lorn, ti lurim-il of noli*
liunsi-ii iiir hihI sol id Mod mill liquitl kiihoh,
thut he Uvea upon con duns-nil as well tin
uiu-undi'iiHcii uir and thut by int-iuis of rh**
Nnme iti.vHUTious agent hu iiiovoh or enmee
to he inovi.d thu heaviest weights with thu
velocity nf tliu wind. But thu strangest
part of tho matter Is that thousands of
millions of those tabernacles of condensed
air are ��oin�� on two logs, destroying othor
forms of condensed air wbich they may
need to build up their own wasted tissues
or for shelter or clothing, or. on account
of their egotism and fancied power, destroying euuh other lu pitched battles, us*
Ing implements which aro but other forms
of condensed air, tne material of wbioh
thoy themselves are formed or composed.
Chemistry supplied tho clearest proof that,
so far as concerns this, the ultimate and
must minute composition and structure,
some of which are so infinitesimal as to he
beyond tbo comprehension of our senses,
man Is, to all uppeurances at least, composed of materials idontlonl with those
whioh compose tho structural heing of the
ox or tho dug or uvon tbe lowest animal in
tbe scalo of creation."
Solomon seems to have entertained the
same Idea; see Kccleslastus ill, 19, "For
that whiub befalloth thu sons of mon ho*
falletb tbe beasts; asthoonedleth, sodioth
tho other; yoa, thoy bave all ono breath;
so that a man hath uo pre eminence above
a beast."���Pittsburg Dispatch.
No Cure, No Pay
Jlasl. by the Proprietor, of Dr, Clark's
Littlo Rod Pilla.
To the Editor of the Golden Eua
Sir, ���We mako lhe following proposal to the readers of the Uululn Eua:
To any one who is a subject of il.euui*
atism (no matter how long standing)
or uny Llooil disease, as enumerated
below and uill give Dr. Clarke's Wou
derful Littlo Bed Pills n fair nnd impartial trial) and do uot find a perfect
cure, we will refund the money paid
for the pills. If no si.bstiiiiii.il improvement is observed, we will in addition, pay their value in cash ou satisfactory evidence being supplied to this
We have yet to knew of a single
case where these wondorful pills have
not been almost entirely successful in
affecting a-cure. CANADA CHEMICAL CO. Peterborough, Ont.
F. H. Yates, Marlba.sk, Out. writes:
I have hud stomach troubles for over
two years, and have tried different
remedies, stud I think lhe three boxes
of Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Little lied
Pills I have taken, have done ine more
than anything I have tried.
Dr. Clarke's Little Bed Pills are a
positive and certain cure for la giippe,
rhueniaiism, asthma.paralysis, catarrh
ecze.ua, coughs, backache, indigestion,
ail stomach aud liver troubles, female
complaints eve., when the diseases have
bteu standing fur ...nuy years, the most
stubborn cases wili yield. Price 50
cents per box. Fur sale by local druggists, Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke's* Suie Cure
for Eczema, same price. $10 will be
paid for any case they will uot permanently cure.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cssre forf'ntarrah,
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will he paid
for any case thoy will uot permanently
Columbia River Lumber C
Fir and Spruce Lumber,
MANUFACTURERS OF p��� .       cifa      ���.
 Fir Dimension a Specialty,
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +*
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.     Terms Casta.
Head Office, Golder|, B.C.
It. Did Nol Bea Them.
A story Is told ol a certain politician
whose education was somewhat defective,
an.l who In particular was' not a "born
speller," Ho bect.imt prominent, and his
correspondence therefore took on a certain
One da; a particular friend oame to hl.n
and said, "Lawk here, William, you must
hftvii a secretary write your letters and
never undertake to write any yourself."
"Why!" asked tho publiu man.
"Because people aro laughing at your
letters, aud they will do you harm."
"Why do tbey laugh at thorn?" In aston-
"Because you make so many mistakes
in spelling."
"Mistakes In spelling?" "���.'lal.ned tha
great man. "JNonsense! I rcssl my letters
all over after I writo them, and I never
Und a misspelled word."
Ho had not yet learned that, although
to a certain extent a man may safely bo
"a law unto himself," no one can be a
dictionary unto himself.��� YoutH*S Companion.     	
Boot, and Bottl..,
When Sir Tatton and Lady Syko. wero
In Mew York, some years ago, they staid
at a hotel. It was Sir Tatton's oustoni to
pnt his shoes outside his door ou going to
his room Ior the night. These shoes wero
enormous and had soles that seemed to be
about 0 inches In thickness, So famous
did thoy .become that guest, at the hotel
used to take their friends up stairs "to
eee Sir Tatton's boots." Sometimes a dozen persons could be seen in the corridor
Inspecting the shoes. Lady Sykes was
famous on her side for her fondness, for
champagne at breakfast.���Son ��ranolsoo
Argonaut. - *
Bad Evidence,
Colonel Hawkins���Uncle Mose, I hear
you end your wife bad a little dispute
again lust night. Whioh oame out ahead
this time?   '.
Uncle Mnn (dubiously feeling. a lump
on tho baok of his head)'���I'm powerful
glad to say dat I kin. out ahead, lions, but
sbe mighty nigh overtook me. Yes, sah,
���he did for a fsso', an I'ze got do necessary
svldonce on my puassju til prove It'.���Her-'
per'. Bazar. '���'���*'
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:'i0 p.m. Celebris lion of Holy Communion 1st anil ,'lrsl Sundays of the mouth
ssf.er Moruiug Prayer, assd ou Greater
Festivals anil Holy Days st 8 a.m., or
ns may be nniiosiuued frosu tl.e chancel.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.i...
All ure cordially invited, to attend
the .services.
C F. Yates, Vicar.
Service pvs-.v Ssimlisv st 7:'!0 p.m.
Sissislu.v School and Bible Cists.*, at. ,'i
p.sis. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday "venal 7.
Bev. V. M. Purdy, B.A., Pastor.
MKiiioisisr UHUHUH,
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. aud
7'*l   j in.
Suuday School il 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Bev. B. B. Laiulev, Pastor.
(Iislilon ia tii,. distributing point for the rich
Mining Divisions nf Golden and Windermere, Trains, mails, stage and beats arrive
anil depart as t'ull.-vs :
C.I'.Ii. from Kasst, IBlM, Daily.
"      "   Wont. lOrtM,    "
Stago from Windermere, 16.00, Friday.
SS. Duchess from Winderinore, I6.-00 Wednesday assd Sunday.
C.I'.Ii. going West, l.'s.V), Daily.
"     Kast,  lOnTs,     "
Ss��gi* lo Wiiiderinere, 8:0*', Sundays.
88. Diit'l.esH to Wi.isicriuero, 4;00, Tuosdays
and Fridays.
Musis arrive aud depart from Goldon l'oat
Otlice as Iselusv:
Arrive���From Fjsst ISiM dally.
"    Worst lOrltl "
"    Suiitll I7rflll "HVil. ��utl Friday.
Depart���For West I.". OS daily.
"    East 110.011 "
"    South il-sO Saturdays; IH:'M
Kegiatcsed is nil must be in 10 minutes bo-
fore ..sails close-
l'arillc standard lime.
AGENT for Goltten
and vicinity for tho
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits. Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to tho
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.-
Gold, Silver Lead and Copper Miues wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FEEE MILLING GOLD [.roperties wanted ut once Ior Eastern investors'.
Parties having mining property foi- sale are requested to send samjde. of theii
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire lo hear from prospectors  who  have promising minehil claim, in
British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their heard*
quarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PEEPAlDr
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to 0
AKDltUW V. KOSl.SliI.Itl.t-fl
Telephone No. 1C4. P.O. Box 700. KELSO*.', B.C'.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
A, V. A  A.  Jl.
Mou.st.iin I.oslgo, Nn. II, A, V. k
A. M. lingular Cnmnmuieahon,
sei-niid Mosislay in evory mnn.It.
Soiouruing brethren cordially lull. W. I'ATMOHE, W. M.
U H.l'AKSON   Secretary.
I,   O.  O.   I<*.
Rssckv Mountain Lodge No. ill meets in
OsMtelli'ms Hall, (Jobless, every Wednesday
atH.s.m.   Soloiiruiutf brethriii. welcort*.
TR*ni MARK*.
COPVRKBHT*.   etc.
For tarnraittlsm ami fr���� Handsxiok ��������� ��
gn.NN a co., at b.oa��wat. i<.w vosst.
Oldest boi-Mi. tor asscssrlaspaitesilalaiS.nsotlc��
ET0r.Trattntlakes.outWr sjali, Month! Mtow
th. pulilio tsr a not.o. glTca free ololuuso la tlio
Urwrrt ctrpnlaMrsn of sny S'-trssUslo paper In Iho
world, splendidly mnitl-iited. N��� li,t<'Uls*s*ul
ta��n sshosilit bo v.'ltls���ut It. Weeklj. ��j.On it
 nossshm   Addre... JinS'V a CO,
Examine our list and sou if there is any thing you requiru
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT-
uill heads
letteb heads
leoal f0bms
customs blanks
Eider Agents Wanted
One in nnch town lo ridn and s'xhil.it a sample WOI model hlovcle of our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE $IU TO $50 A WEEK besides having ��
wheel to ride for yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
'00 & '99 Models, Best Make. - - S7 to $12
500 Second-Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by oar Chicago atorM, many a. good a. n��w   ���   ���   ���     S8 tO $8
We ship anv hlnyolo ON APPROVAL to anyone WITHOUT A CFNT
aTXwIN A1JVA'N(.:EI0 Days Free Trial. ^a^KSK
iug from us, as you do not need lo psy a cent if the bicycle does, not suit yon.
n�� *,-.* km. a wheel until vmi ha* n wrissen for onr FACTORY PBtCFi*
U0 IIOI UUy and PRBH TRIAL OFFER. Tbl. libs-nil oil* baa -never
been equalled anil it is a guarantee of the quality of our wl.evie.
WE WANT a mli-shle iwrsnn In oach town in dj.trih.ifs. ca.alet.ns-. sfsw ra
in exchanue for a bicycle.   Write today for lice catalogue and our .jsecial of ��C
J. L. MEAD CYCLE CO.. Chicago, WT
**l%A*Agl%ltt, arWAItf*/* ,.~vei%lW>- **-(��ij
iTown and District.!
5>4&W**-l-.-*-T>.'*VtAiVVA *WV*l*l%
The Revelstoke Junior, are qxpected
to arrive iu Goldeu ou Sunday morning.
A. Campbell, of Bowden, Alia., has
an ad in this issue to which we call
the attention of our readers.
The Tictnriaa have made arrangt-
n.euis to have a booth on llie football
grounds nn Monlay. Icecream, lemon-
a ls> and fruit will be sold.
The scholars of Hiss Montgomery's
tii ision, decorated their room very
tastefully with wreaths and boquets
of .villi Bowers forthe closing exercises.
Prospectors who have claims lo dispose of' should consult Andrew F.
Rosenb'Tgcr, of the Prospector'. Ex*
chang", Nelson.    Seo ad on page 3.   *
Th. lull rtsults of the promotions iu
thu Golden public school uill be given
uexi week, as ihe teachers have not
fully completed their lists.
Rsv. J C Stewart of Kamloops, was
In town this week. The Rev. gentleman is cn.npleting a tour of his Presbytery, inspecting the I'rtebyteriin
Mr.. B. Washburn, of Canterbury.
sra�� marie happy by lhe arrival of a
12-ponn.l bny on Wednesday evening.
B'Jth mother and sson sre doing well
under the care of Dr. Taylor.
Mountain Lodgi No 11 A. F and A.
M, will attend Divine Service at St.
Paul's church on Sunday evening next
at 7 30. Sojourning brethren are invited lo participate.
A speci.il servsce will he h.-Isl on
J.sl.v 7th iu lhe Methodist church when
tlse local Orange Lodge will a:tend
divine service, and Rev. Mr. Laiiily
w.l: preach u special sermon lo lhe a.*
ee.nbl.il Orangemen.
As will be seen by reference to the
Big Sinreasl., ihey have received n
large cuss.iguim.-ui of food stiffs. A
large display of flour aud kindred
goods fills the groceiy window of this
enterprising establishment.
The Oolsl.n H��t Clsab Meet.
A large porcupine wa. treed on .the
Island opposite Warress's'Store, 'fi.es-
slay afternoon hy nearly all the mem-
tiers of our Chineae Colony* A fuailade
oi .tone, w.s aho-vend on and near
il.e animal with no effect. Then a
long pole wae used bul it was a littlo
short on one end. Finally a revolver
was .ecurest aud after the expenditure
of a box of cartridgee one .bot took
effect and the material for a .tew came
tumbling oul of the tree. Il wae a
hot time while it lasted and affordesl
amusement for quite a number of spectators who viewed the "hunt" from
the river bank.
oot ball
Word has been received liom thi'
Hevelstoke Senior Football player.,
that they will be here on July 1st., to
play the local team, Thi. will mean
two good game, of ball, as the Junior
team is also coming from Revelstoke
to play the Victoria.. Tha sonior
teams will piny for silver modal, ami
a close game ia looked for. Mr. A
Hamilton is leveling the gionnds near
Mr. Gibb's house and everything will
br put in good shape for the games
The visitors will be entersained on the
evening of the first at a supper in tbe
Columbia House, tickets for which
can be obtained from Mr. T. King,
secretary of tlieClub. A. considerable
expen.ee is being incurred by lhe club
in connection with this visit, membership tickets have been printed and it
is hoped thut the public will assist the
club by becoming memlers, the fee
b.ing merely the nominal amount of fl.
Columbia���C Cameron, Athalmer;
S Gale, C. P. R; J H MaoGiH, Van-
cojver ; W Lindsay, Waterloo. Que;
Bin Low, Carbonate; Geo Gray,
Brooklyn ; W G Mitchell-Innes, Gol-
iiun ; VV AI person, New York ; Captain
Hayward, Nelson ; Chas F Lindmark,
E M Allum, H B Mucklcston, Revel
stoke; R R Brus-w, Peterboro r R*. J
IC Stewart, Kamloops; Tip Johnston.
iCPU detective; F Field, M Jones,
j Field; W Logan, OaleBa.
A IJ inch radish hss hitherto been J Qfmll.._ A ��� Peallle,ton. Pl,���ism.
considered a h.gh standard of growth. R r- ,{oHnd p,,,- ��� ���cEHcliern;
lor this ds.trsct   bs.t Sheriff Redgrave ,,, u Ke.elstoke; G F Wil.on,
brought to our office on Tue.dny even-1 Wd #.*,       Blaeberry; J S Whitney,
Bend Your Money ��# Town,
But for- ^^^^^
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
A flight Verdict.
ing   a   radish   Mi  inches  in length.
Toronto;   M   Flei��hman,    Vancouver;
Tb. soil of Golden rsn do big thingsi Jn0 tffaitott, Canterbury; MliiEBott.
when properly cultivated. .       I Windermere;   Chas   Newton,   Jno S
School clo-es todnj for the summer Newton, Lardo; .1 B ISeillv, Field;
vaca'iosiof six wicks. Miss Prirg'e' Win Mouteith, Chas A Monteith, Salami   Montgomery   will  he leaving at mon Arm.
once for the coast where their holidsys Kooteiisy-R Barker, Toronto; E
will lo sjs.nl. Mr. Barron has nol ruffer, C E Sibbal.1, P Dolun, Revel-
made any plans but will likely remain1 etokc; A Wtllantler, D Buchanan, J
iu the neighborhood of Golden. Beauder,   Wm.   Vjllioid,  Beaver;   V.
Jacques Gei.thoi', a French Can- .Atidsrson, A Murray, Geo Stanley,
adian, who is knowu iu Golden, having: W*1! Wl" Robertson, Beaver; F Wai-
s ent tbe winter here, was brought *������"'' 8s*attlt*, J MacGil!, Vancouver; J
d wn (rem Athsilmer ou Sundaj's B '������* ���<*"l'1"' Kamloops; J Ewer, Car-
b->��t by offices- Cameron, she uu/or-r Donate, P 8 Gourlay, Wi.consin; J W
t male man havii.ggo.se insane. He -\->~-\t >n, Samia; M Olafaon, Golden,
wns takon so Wesiiniiisler on Sundu.i's
delayed No   I
R. B. Pr'i.t, ofTlinndsr Hill, wiitre
is. ths�� following :���"Will you kindly
s*nrro,t the statement made in your
p.por in the offset that 1 said I alway.
thoisch. the Hon. F. La.celle. te be
nit altncs-tlier there. I never said
s sssh a shins* nr anything approaching
is." | W. regret very much if we have
published anything that i. incorrect
iss t-eg.rd >o Mr. Pru.t's evidence,   hut
J Coldwell, Sandon.
Russell��� Win Vcllroth. DBuohanon
Jos. Droulel, P Garaviy, J Chardin,
0. Anjjvin, G, Winters, D. Slater, J.
Youug, Thos. Wilson, F Boyd, R.
Aff00d Catarrh
Will fix that cold in your head.
lias several kinds in stock and
good.   :-:     :-:      :-:      :-:      :-:
Drugs, Stationery, Confectionery and Cigars.
the stock of
Hats and Caps,
Gents' Furnishings,
Pino Suitings,
-H-jjUp-to-Date Pantings, at
J. C. TOM & Co's.
If v.ot an inspection will pay you.
Is full of Business���in fact, we hav* a Uttl�� mow
than we c&n handle just now. Customers, how*
ever, wait patiently their turn to purchaM tba
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following	
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town
���t AA nOO forty thousand dol-
4>ftu,uvy. LARS W0RTH 0F goods
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in th*
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and de
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 ll>8.
for 25c.
Goods Right.
Prices Right.
Palliser Pabulum
From Our Owe Corr.ipond.ut.
Palliser,   Jun.   27.-The   Czar   if
I Russia, as th. head of the national
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Church, reccnllr gave an order excom
oir reporter made a copy of the signed munlcating Count Tolstoi, the great
etatcme.it of llr. Print and we are in- refjin et, from further intercourse with
rlissed to believe thnt M-. Prust'e 'the faithful of the Greek Church. The
ins-n-sorv is p-rh.p. a little iinlruit-'order Isequlvalei.t to banishment, for
worthy on th. point.- F.t>. Kra ] | it carries with it a iieually for all dar-
Tiie teachers of tl.e Golden Public ing to befriend the aged Count in hia
School "ntortai'ied the children of the dire troubles, who ha. labored so tin*
t-iivn at a pis-nic at whicl.it goes ' remitiingly for the emaneipatinn of
wiihnst .asing every little one in the serf, for lhe reformation of the
town was present and nnmbs-rs of the Church, and for the Liberal education
grown-ups ����. well. A splendid day'. | of the poor. By hii crueade again.t
fssu tvas provided, various games and the Church for iti cold, repellent lor
man, or company of men, to become
autocrats or czar., plunging their
f.llowmen into a thraldom more servile
than the most abject slavery. Sometime, a rebellion is necessary to reform,
a id invariably it it productive of some
good. In Russia tbe oiar iquelchei
strikes by life-long exile of its promoters iuto Siberia; in America the
���triker is compelled to swell the great
army of tramps-an exile io demoralizing that few rstnrn when once borne
thither. The press, the pulpit aud the
legislature could not be of greater eor-
rice to the world at large than in combatting the tendency to centralise
wealth, wherebr the rich are made
richer and the poor are made poorer.
.por's keeping sll in good humor. The
n.erchan's and others provided prizes,
while a bountiful supi'ly of provision.
kepi she intprior department! huiy.
A' �� ISO she gathering dieper.ed and
the tired tea c' ers were at liberty to
e ,ioy a .veil eat. ed night's rest.
A reception was tou.lorel Rsv, R. 11.
Lililly nud family ou Tjesday evening
Isy the suuiuben uf she sjossgrs-galiou ol
t-l,e Methodist church.   At. address of
welcome hy  ihe cliairniau elicited a
warm reapou*. from  lhe pastor.    Re-1
fitt.iiiui.uis   were nerved after a short
musical programme in which Mre Kay
JU as Ruliiiison. alias Curur, llr. R. J
R.l.i.isoi. and T. J. Barron  look part
Wus J'tiuie Welle acted su accosi.pan
ist, her pin., iug ueiug iw.cu apprecsatetl.
Rev. Ur Purdy'gave a ihort address.
A verv enjoyable evening wai spent by
all present. Tne committee uf management  dsis.i's io il.a.ik  those  who  eo
kindly   '.sided   ill carrying   out the
inalism, he has succeeded in awakening among aome members of it a real
slesire to exchange the shell  for the
kerml ol religion.    If  the Czar could
only  bs   indued to come to Briti.h
Co'tiinhia and hear a  few of'hesei-
inons lhat are preached it il certain he
could not  help being  impressed with
ihe free-and-easy manner of worship,
as will a. the wide latitude of language
used    Now there ii a work of reformation needed in our locial, religion, and
political life, just ai  much ai Ihe one
Tolstoi is carrying on in mediaeval
Russia,   In the social sphere money
and not merit is made the passport into
eiciety;   In   religion   money mil not
faith ist the tnesor hy which iti wheels
are revolved, ansl in politic, money and |
not ability or pe'riotisni   i.  made the
���tapping .tone to  power.   May loine
Toluol   ariae   in  Canada   who   will
preach ihe gospel of social, church and
political purity ; revolutionize ihe conditions (hat  make it  possible for one
A logging camp hai been itarted
with foreman Prater in charge. Hll
lung exiierience in that line makei it
certain lhat gool results will follow.
The daughter! ol Mr. 0. Macdonald
hare been sent to a private schoal at
Field. Another reason why a public
echuol ihould be established here.
Barney Lambert, in an exhibition ol
his skill as a river driver, rode a log
from the Kicking Horse falls to Palliser, a distance of ten mil... Barney
say. lie ia ready to com|sete with any
man in B. C, iu log navigation.
A new tramway wai laid, recently
ih the mill-yard and ia giving complete
satisfaction. Sum Spicer wae foreman
of construction, which fact ie a guar
assies of it. stability and endurance.
The reiidei.ee of Manager Welle hai
been given a pea-green coat of paint,
which makei it one of ih* moil, etrik-
iiig dwelling! in Palliser. A. J. Lap-
worth, familiarly known ai "Lap,*'
wielded the bruih with hii uiual dexterity and taste, the reiult being moil
pleasing tu the eye, iti
Rev. Mr Bovd held rs-ligioi". service
on Kri'lay ���venlng laa',  e ns.mher of.|
employ*"!ettanding.   Theaiu'Ing wai
led hy Philip Vernall....
The s'tike on 'he C. P. R. is Hill on
and li marked by pes feet orler i the
men eilml.v awaiting the order to re
turn lo work with -jrievantee redreiieit.
^-^GOLDEN, B.0.
One of the Largest and Hest Managed Hotels In British Columbia.
rtSpei'ial attention given to baggage of
Delivered'to and frem
station free of charge.
KaTES, r** per day,
regular boarders.
Special rates lor
J. Wright had a alight accident yesterday, bruising hi. left leg io that he
i. confln-ri to the house to-day.
,. iseis.
Maaento Orand Ledge.
- At the meeting of the Ma.onio Grand
Lodge of Britiih Columbia, held in
N.lion la.t week, Ihe following office.*!
were eleoted:���
F. Mr.B. Young, Nanaimo, M. W���
grand matter.
E E. Chipman, Ka.lo, B. W., deputy grand muter.
Rev. C. Einor Sharpe, Esquimalt,
R. W., giand senior warden.
W. J.Boivier, Vanconver, R. W.,
grand junior warden.
A. B. Enkine, Vanoouver, V. W.,
arand treasurer.        ..>':>
W. J. Qulnlan, Nelson, V. W.,
grand Horetary.
Rev. Qyt;' ttl**, Golden, T. W.
grand chaplain.
E. Hosker, Vancouver,  grand tyler.
... y : *i	
A drill initructor, teaching aome recruit, how to shoot at ��� rifli range)*
not) far from London, had one who
could not hit the target at any range.
Prom 500 vardi the initructor decreased the dinance down to 100, ind
she recruit failed al every thot. The
initructor could Mind it no longer, >o
hi issued tbe following order; to tbe
recruit: "Attention. Fix your biro-
tut, walk up and stab the blooming
ihiirjf;' that'i the only ohanee you)
have tot-of hitting h."'
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser ol
I or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tei��.s a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees snd
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices,'      -
We have positively the finest and best selected stock'
of Goods in British Columbia, and otiiMMjces nre the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is th�� only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.,
G. B. mcDElflWOf,
Golden, B.C.
THE attentitn of Preceptors  oi Crown
lands is hereby called loan amendment to
the "Land Act," passed at the lut scion of
the Legialature, which provides as follow*,
"9 Pre emptors of Crown lands, whether
in arrears in payment ot instalments of pur
ch.se money or nol, who at the time of coming
into force of this Act have obtainedCertifica tes
of Improvement, or who .hall have obtained
Certificates of Improvement within twelve
months thereafter, shall on conforming with
the provisions of the "Land Act." except*,
hereby stared, be entitled to obtain Crown
grants of their preemption claims upon completing payments of purchase money at tbe
rate of seventy-live cent, per acre, and Crown
grant fees, which payment, may be made at
folio*,. :���
"Twenty-live cents per acre on or before
tbe 31st day of December, 1001;
"Twenty-live cent, per acre on or before
the DMh day of Jnne, 1908!
"And the remaining���
"Twenty live cent, on or before the 91st dsy
December, 1903, and  withont any further
payment of interest or arrears of interest."
W. 8. OORE,
Deputy CommUaioner of L.nd�� k Work..
Land, and Work. Department,
Victoria, B. C, lit June, 1901. JS
(Form P.)
Certificate of Improvements.
claims, situate fn Ih. Golden Mining Division ef North East Kootenay District.
Where looated t-On Ottertail Creek.
Take notice tbat I, E. MacEenale, Free*
Miner'. Certificate No. B10762, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, toapply to the
Mining Reorder for a certificate of improvement., for the purpsxe of obtaining a On
-grant of the above claim.
And further lake notice that iction, nnder
seotlon 87, mntt be commenced before the issuance ef such certificate of improvement..
Dated 1*1. Tenth dw of June. 1901,
HO H. U. PtMOit.
Mn. J. D-slmage, who hai been Mr.-
omly ill ii, we are pleated to ny, much
Mr. Charles S. Henrter ol New York,
an expert, hM been appointed asiayer
of the government aseay office at Vancouver.   Mr. J. B. Farquhar of Van-   **m*m**I^m^m^^^m^^^���^^^^
opuver, hai been ippoints-rf bli nieiit-la foruth ind eat* and badly hiatus) a
|��nt. I fifth.
THE Inspectors of Metalliferous Mine, .re
hereby assigned the following as Iheir
respective Inspection Districts wltk Headquarters u noted, Snch asugoiastMl vi take
place from June 15th, 1901, until further
Archibald Dick, Inspector.
Headquarter.,   Cranbrook, office et
Deputy Mining Recorder.
In.tieclicn District thall compri��e all ef
Eut Kootenay and al�� (loat Mining Divi-
.ion of West Kootenay.
In addition le tke defies ef Inspector of
Metalliferous Mine., Mr Dick will alsVact u
Inspector of Coal Mines within lot.me'District.
Jambs McGuioor, Inspector.
Headquarter., Oflice ef Missing Recorder, Nelson.
Inspection District .hall com pri.. all ef
West Kootenay except Goat River Mining
Division, and also the Grand Fans and
Kettle River Mining Divisions ef Tile District.
Thomas Moroam, Inspector.
Headquarter., Government Bnildings,
Inspection District, Vancouver Mud Md
Coast District.
Mr. Morgan is alio Inspector of Coll Mine.
Ibr this District.
Notice is hereby given of snob Inspection
Districts and that In accordance with the
"Inspection of Meulliferou. Mile. Act,
1897," and Amending Act., notice of accident, le employee, happening within any of
snch districts must be promptly reported
both te the Inspector of such District ud
alio to the Minister oi Mines, Victoria.
In mine, net included in tne above Districts
manager, will report, in duplicate, to Ibe
Minister of Mine, direct, who, if he contider.
it neeeuary, will assign in inspector le
.pecielly report*
Blank form, upon which to make report, ef
.uch accident, may be obtained from the In-
spector ofthe District, Iron, the Mining He*
corder, or upon applicatian to thie o��ee.
Minkter of Mine.,
Department of Mine.,
6th June 1001.
The quiet little Tillage ol Ladner, an
the Fraier rlrer, wai the icepe ofn
.hooking tragedy on Sunday mernlng
tail. It,appeare that a CbiAMMM,
oraiad by hie Iom at a gambling li-bls*-.
went to tbe homi of isme Chine*,
market gardeners, with whom hi hail.
bMn playing, and with a heavy ue
killed three outright, fatally wounsjjlit
��� 'a?-' '.Mci.1' 1 s ii-ju***.


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