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The Golden Era Mar 28, 1896

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Array "\VC
VOL. V.   N:0. 34
92 Feb Yeah
_ iakin
Must be cleared ont to make room
for Spring* Goods.
A . ' 1  II. D. HUME,  Frop.
'^..���-ri-il-^iipi-Brr.        !
m^^^^wPm^M si
__r_k'..; ���'..��� '��� ,���,>���*������--_-_--i'Stf. .<!! ������: :������' A
, ��,=-*���**:-',;'* .'i'��f^
fieux Goods
Arriving Constantly
And My Stock In All Lines
Is Very Complete.
As Having Adopted The
I Am Enabled To Offer
Alexander   Block.
M? c
BfiY CO.
"A Drop
"In tha Bucket"
doesn't amount to much
Iii:!' ii drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what lias happened in
tlie Grocery pepartment
of the Rig Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
yon shouldn't get the
berclit so drop us a can!
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
It gives ns great satisfaction to lie
��*i able to definitely announce fhat the
buehelors of liolden in their loneliness
have decided to givo a dance in tho
Alexander Hall on or about the 10th
of  Apri .     This is startlii
news in-! I '0111 m111i'i
CALGARY, alta.
I'til.lli' Meeting.
A. public meeting of the citizens oi Oolden wns held in tho
Kooteiiny House on Tuesday evening,
for the purpose of appointing a Town
lor the coming year. Capt,
deed. I am ulso requested to state Armstrong occupied the chair and
tliut the mimical department Is the after a report of the work done by tlio
only one now uot thoroughly arranged committee hnd been rend a vole of
Thoy, I bolieve, lack a piaiio,thorefore thanks wns accorded them for their
if nny person having cue, and who services, Tho election of a committee
would kindly permit them to have it! for tho ensuing yonr wns theri proceed-
on hire he would confer it great obli- oil with, resulting as follows : ��� F, P.
gation not only ou the bachelors but Armstrong, (.'. A, Warron, M. Diiiu-
t Iio Indies too. aril. AV. McNeish, W. Mi
Messrs. Niblock, White and Cross,
C.P.R. officials were in Oolden ou
Wednesday, Though generally inspecting tho track their visit was par- Committee wait uu the Government
ticularly influenced by tho proposed j Agent to find out if the proposed
new bridge anil sume improvement at I bridge over tho Kicking Horse river
Hospital Creek, i'i   ,0 be  built, and if so, when it will
We   have to extend our hearty eon-i���"-' builti wllilt arrangements have been
gratulations to Mr. 41. Carlin nnd feel, mttie< Hn(1   wllHt  'i-1-*-8 hftve bce" ve'
proutl   to   be  able to ai.noiinco--Mrs.  se,'ved tor the l'ublio'
Carlin of n daughter. Endeavor to obtain a grant from the
��,.--,, ,   , i  Government for fire protection.
A meeting of the Oun Club was held      ,,,,,, , ,
,,,,,.,    Havo Golden made a port of entry.
un Thursday evening at the Columbia I    ...   , , .    .,
House. .1. 0. Greene was elected
president uud F. W, Aylmer vice-
president. Arrangements hnve been
mado  for  n compelitiou for two guns,
The following suggestions were then
made as to future work for tho com.
mittee:-It    wns   resolved   that   the
iuan -i,.y_r Trusses
Ambi-uaii *-iivq
Hare' Rubber Irusses,
NewYoj-k Elaslj
one presented by the Gnu Club nnd
one by -Mr. G. ii McDermot. Tlie
competition will bo a handicap, the
handicapping will be conducted by
F. W. Aylmer. There will be a practice to-day at 2 o'clock.
The Curling Club held a meeting on
Thursday evening al which the affairs
ol the club were wound up. foi tin.
Mr. II. JJostock was in town at tin
commencement of the week on au elei
tioneering tour. Ho hns, it is understood   formed   a  central committee at
Endeavor to have communication
with Fort Steele improved, also telegraphic communication,
That t he committee endeavor to have
the improvements ou the north bank
of tho Kicking Horse river continued ns far as necessary to close the
two sloughs -a distance of somo 150
feet below "Warren's stable���iu order
to prevent tlie ranches nnd western
part of the town from being flooded in
That the Committee wait on Bond-
,ii -ister El'loksdh niiii arrk Iif in to pur.
iu a plank crossing across the tracks
to the station.
Tlie meeting then adjourned.
The Town Connnittco hebl a meeting
the following afternoon, all the mom-
The Neilson Furniture Co
(Limited) Kamloops,and on Tuesday night called
Will mail, free of charge, one of their j together   some of his friends and sup-1 -,cl.s \,a\njx present.     Capt. Armstrong
Illustrated   Cnliilouues   nnd    Price porters st the Columbia Houso for the Wns  elected   Chairman,   and   C.   A,
person sending ilrem | |,urposoof forminga branch committee Wan-en   acting  chairman, and H. M.
|at Golden  to work in his interests in \\ine. Secretary.
Lists to  uny
lheir address.
fh_   Neilsc.,.    Furniture
Calgary, Alberta.
l*_> _.. jt -i. it, * tf-il ���o
decline inay be grr'ttea b.-rfcr? -ryayj
strencth may bs restored j powers when
Impoverished by youth's recklerrrr overdrnfl i
Cin; hi i-wnvigoretcd by our home I"-**"
lho East Kootenay division.
riiui'.-ti So.'ial.
Iii times like these with money scarce,
Ami people scarcor still,
Let's give a volo of thanks to those.
Who show'd such timely skill.
K ft rr* a IW, ���"a j*. It /*> r~B
���i I  ..."   J*NI
_-*W II i* il L** "_��� ���"���i ���*-��-������ i- '-=���
Dir-cr h-J i:s _*a-'.cl In tho brea'tr; of ShttS
vi-'.io have weak,_irunken, undeveloped or
drjcas.d carina. The evil that men oo
lli-oujii ir���:.errancs in boyhood and errors
cf coily n-ahood lcar;s casting effects.
t 1:.'.0   J   O �� ��� -- ���_���*'
to vlgorotu vitality y< u might tie succesiml
Jn btislne'.-, fervent in spirit. Our Clttsttvo
methods are imfalllne*. Wrlteforout book,
���' PERFECT MANHOOD," 5*~t fra
E_ ���-���.pt.1-'r_-,iri ?"\
���^SShT 1"-^ ���������� ���"���������. '��� �����*
_____-���-_      BUW.4Wi ;;.V,
Tbe secretary .vas instructed lo
write the Government Agent regarding the proposed bridge, enclosing ll
copy of t lie resolution passed at the
public meeting,
Tho secretary wns also instructed to
write   the   Government   asking for a
Thocluiroh was filled.and in there were (jf $m {m fl ,,|j(>|]
A hundred souls or more; , ,
And   these   were   pecked ami-packed     -'|l's-'s   McNeish   and    Armstrong
With othel'r
at the door.
Tho scheduled time is rarely kept
At uieeliiiirs of ibis kind;
j\nii once more nine took place of eigli!
But still wc did not mind,
ivoro appointed n committee to obtain
nil tho information possible that will
rend to show that Gulden should be
made a port of entry.
Tht forte solo whioh wns long,
Wus very very  nice.
It's length of course wns 'pology
No! calling it up twice.
Whon how uinl  strings ure brought to
beai '''""
With skill upon rr crowd; Ims
rri'Ml.vll'l'irin '.'till* rli.
Last Sunday was., red lotter day for
the  members   oT    the    Presbyterian
Church   in tbis town.     Theii church
i   Ii ii s   lieen in building for somo
-both prospective and material
nt    last    iii-i'uriri'   n    imb!,, edition
W�� hear lho ..nee of many rai-1
The artist's lioiul is bow'd,
i    Our poel ? iu the Culm
Which    i-<   quite nu ni'ipiisili.ui In our
town        Ir   wns n i.nirl in,Ic. ,1. we all
rs of his heart   Tell thnt. for t lie members of tho cliffi r-
~ was unable to proceed further,'*-o aro  ent   churches  to be worshiping in the
ouitTOWN, sorry for this, as it would have saved [sume I.nil,ling uud that a scl I houso
(iiildeii, uu the ninin line ���f ihe C'litimlljin u9 t|le ���,���|. 0f giving another account  was not a desirahlo ihing, umi ii gives
I'lii'itii' ll.'iilivnv. nl il-  connection   with the     , -
sto'iiuhotit luivig.-iii.iniii' tlie( ohiinblii river t|ol it, we will however tuke it up where us much pleasure lo announce its eiec-
i lion coni| lete :,u0 o\ etiing,
in,- "(.    mi      'i'lu'ie   were  oilier   very  creel il able j    The o|ienitig service wns held by the
Navigation  Co., and  li.iiil.oi* hiiliulryi tho       . , ,' .    .   ,     ,,        ,,,  a   .,,      ,    ,   ,, , , ���
nutlet  for  the  widely   known   i.nd_ f��r| artists upon the stage such as the ladv | liev,    i. .-*���  i...������-.. nr. n \ . i ,-t *>r.n-
who chru'ricierize 1 the Lis!) woman,
iie.'inilioiil linvig.-ilioii of the I oiiiinliiii I'iver
ithe uiiueriil i.nili rii'hilrtnitroof Enctorii   i    .i,.,,,,,,,,,! r,
Hritish Coliiniliia! Iieiiihiunrter* ..til. ��� t'..l.l   "' ""'I'I' " "���
I en Smelting works, the  L'ppor  Cohiinhl
tiuneil iigrii'iillui'.'ii llllll gi'iizing l.'.ii'l of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys: anrivullod
for scenery pf all kinds t the dlstriluitliig
point for tlie richest mhioral country on the
We may suy - in all duo respect -
that coming events cast their shadows before, and by this I have just
been able to account for some recent
occurrences. The lirst of April is very
very close at hand.
Mr. Miteluil lines snug "Out on
the deep" uud for an oucore favored us
with "Ten thousand miles away."
Mr Plowright too gave us a verv
good prod net ion ul Ins musical talent,
"Tlie Scout" umi oi course got an encore. Tire liev. Mr. I'-lris-fiird's recitation of "Mary Queen of Scots" wus
indeed a treat, Refrosliiueuts wore
then served and a most enjoyable
evening was spent. The musical pint
wus closed with a brilliantly played
inarch hy Miss May Harrison, "Den
llur," und "God Huve the Q.icou.''
day morning when (here congregated
n large number of lhe citizens, in fact
we inay siv nearly the wliolo of the
church goers of tli" town, Tlio organ
played    by    Mrs. Glassford, ami
nnd  able mhli
We uongratuh
tron    oi    lhe
every   success
cunquo   igititr
gave nu interesting
ss io the congregation.
le I hem oil the COtnpIfl-
rdiflce and wish ihem
liiiuncial,   social   and
KriiH'iiiharitig : Quue-
voliieritis   ut   faciant
voids homines, Ita et vos facile els, 01 i.' ^j...
The GOIjliK..' _ I \
Satui'ilay morning i.. ..
and west mail ti-uiii*,, ..1
upper en i,itr/, ,. i.i.tor
is the uilly .nlvol'tlsi.1
ooteuay ilisti'ici
Subscription Hares :
... s.Vrt
is published every
.1.. ,., catch the east
.1 urn iio.il for the
ni'i'i*. r'ui'l Meeiu etc
; niedi.iiii i.i thu Eoat
3*1.O't  per annum IN
Advertise ueuts and changes must bo in
the nlliiro not latin- th,.n f_'.. m, ,nr Thursday
to insure insertion.
I complete and that it would be dis-
honourable to leaveEgypt until it was
complete. Great Britain, Mr, Chamberlain insisted, had been too sanguine
in the past respecting the time for the
fullilmetit of pledges and it would
occur to the majority of the House
that she was determined to maintain
her troops in Egypt until her work
wa? accomplished and they could be
withdrawn iu safety.
All cash In Im p.ii I tn the  Manager, from ,
whom the Co iipany's receipt -vill be obtained, it0 " """I11'
lobuto   in  tho House of Corn-
Sir  Donald Smith's mission
We do not hold ourselves responsible I'm' the
opinions expressed by our correspondents!
The Salmon   Hutehery.
Salmon River, March 1-
EditorGolden Eua :
Sut,���In   regard    to ' the   Salmon I
Hatchery which friend Aylmer touches I
up   with   his sarcastic pen, 1 did not i
suy Salmon River or tlie ,Salmon Beds
mentioned I
AIvartiso.iiout rates uialu km
cation *o
ivn nil ,'ippli'
ht Ufa Era Pjili-iiirig fa.pi
Tim   Soudan expedition is the ques-
was ashanicful and con-! wero the only sites, but
spicuous example of the utter means-; those two points that the fish ire ptont
ness to which party politicians will ;T|,ell 0Ul. Hon. friend says it is their
descend. Whatever difference of opiu- j spuvvnin^ senson when ibey .
ion   there   mny  be regarding his pur-1 nere and therefore   tiro unlit i>
ils!     Tl
Is the Place
b? mot s
Buy Your
tieiilar   views,   Sir
me up i
��� I'ooi
Donald   Smith*-! chalk   il.   down yi
treatment   of  the School Dispute, evi-  ,nillly ,.���estions- thai .Mr. Ayltnor mny
dent in his   mission  to Winnipeg and j |)U t,ou(| authority on. on ihe lish .pies-
tion he requires a littlo light, I would
in   bis  address befoie the House, wus
characterized   hy   a breadth of   view,
tion of tho duy,and there are not a few '< generosity  and exalted determination
to do tho right independent of tlie
law's mere letter, distinguishing
statesmanship from narrow politics.
Every member of the Commons, not
altogether depraved by party intrigue,
must wish that, the School Question
might, be settled without coercion ; vet
points  which want to be made clearer
beforo   we can exactly account ior the
move   by   the   British   Government,
Lord Salisbury  snid a few days since
iu the House of Commons that definite
information hud been received that tlie
Dervishes were advancing upon Egypt
and that, being the case, England having   on   many  grounds determined to
remain   in   Egypt, such   n movement
must be resisted nt nil hazards.     The
Eastern Soudan is a territory covering
nearly l.OOO.OCO square miles.    It was
until  1HI-.2 iimler Egyptian rule more
or  less, but  ths revolt  of tno Mahdi
alienated   it   thus breaking it up into
leveral   districts.      It    appears   that
after the death of the Mahdi ono of his
officers.I-halifu,succeeded to his power
ami making the city of O ntiir.nnu
capital   has   managed to keep com roi
over  tbo  revolting  districts,   though
since   then   Durfur has asserted their
independence of   him.     The embers of
���.liih.lisin  of course remain iu the peo'
plo    its   inherent    ami the recent disastrous events in Abyssinia Ims fanned
them  into fittiue.    Tlie Sultan of Turkey  again   is desirous that Great Britain should  relax   somewhat ou their
grip   over his rule in Egypt and other
expeditions may he made to show him
tbat her   intention is quite ill another
line to  his  wishes, and  to show him
that   his   rule   will not be allowed to
become more substantial in Egypt than
it   is   at  present.   Then Prance, that
fair   republic,     bus   been   extiemely
anxious   to   extend her possessions iu
Afric*., especially   in  juxtaposition to
the Suez Canal, and of course has been
trying to  bring  about the evacuation
of   the  British   troops in Egypt, nud
the   expedition   may   b.' necessary to
show   the   "Deputies" thut it is Uti-
taiii'-. intention to maintain her possessions with a strong hand if necessary.
In addition to these considerations the
Italian   reverses   iu   ihe  Abyssinian
campaign   and   their  effects   ou   the
Dreib.inil muke a further complication
of mutters.    Hut whatever may be the
motive that is behind this expedition,  "'usy nml we nil know
the  consequences   of if*  i.... ul���'"''��� -*"1''   ,l,vsolf  	
Sir Donald's mission to Winnipeg, for
the laudable purpose of promoting
such settlement, wns seized upon and
drugged into the dust of a party
squabble, like a bone of contention,
over which parliamentary antagonists
snarled and quarrelled,
Ir almost seems absurd to keep
harping ou one subject so much, but
when you consider the amount of our
interest the absurdity may appear less.
I refer to the better transportation
facilities between us and the Up| er
Country. There is no doubt that lhe
Fort Steele district will eventually
become a scene of some mining activity
and it is tlio duty of the Canadian
Governments, Dominion and Provincial, to procure the trade of tliut district rat her than allowing it���as it
now is - to be nearly controlled by the
United Stales. It seems ridiculous io
us.I suppose it dot snot lo ihe Islundir
to hear all tlie high-flown talk over
the British Pacific and the advantages
that, would accrue from such a projection, when wo know for a surety
that a railway from here to Port
Steele would be of real materia! benefit
and would open nu enormous mineral
wealth ou tbe west side of thi'river.
This is a section of country that Ims
been settled for some years and cannot
make any more material advances iu
progression until better moans of
transportation nre brought about.
Surely a purl ot the nouiitry that is
settlo.1 nud stands iu need -badly in
need -of a line of ties, should claim'
more attention than a dink part of the
country which is yet unknown to
white niiii ami probably lo Indian.
therefore impress on my lion, friend's
intellect   that salmon nre a mil writer j
lish nud  come up into iho fresh water
to  spawn.      I am also fully iiwaro of
the   fuct   lhat   the   Columbia   Hows
through   Iho   United Suites, there are
other   streams likewise in Canada and
vice   veisu.      I might mention to .Mr.
Ay liner the great lakes, for those reasons   a   joint coiuiuii.sion hns been ut.
work, boiii  in Canada and the United
States, to urrivo  at some co-operating
scheme to protect lish life.    About tho
political   point  whicli seems a touchy
one   with   my   Hon.    friend, the lish
question of this giant Dominion is too
weighty   n   subject   for a wen I;-kneed
would-be   politician   like   our   friend
from   Ducks to iletil with; let thc gentleman   got, at   least, cliiuatized   lirst
ami   if, like   whisky, lie will improve
with   age. for   it.   is   possible to gulp
down   bad   whisky r. Tew mouths old
but the after chip is not pleasant, and
altho a   few rank liberals havo gulped
dowu an   aspiring  politician thut our
const   cities ri-jnrtoil. they do not look
particularly   pleasant   ou-i-   the dose.
Tho   product   of   a   hatchery   can be
transported   in millions, nt light cost,
from one end of this Dominion to the
other, and to throw  u little light on
Mr.   Ayliner's   politically-clouded  intellect, have l.een so transported from
the eastern  butcheries to Pacific const
streams   1 would strongly recommend
y  friend to look up ihe tish question
before   he   tackles it again.     I would
further  add that, the same fish which
run  the  gauntlet at the mouth of the
Columbia, exactly   where Mr. Aylmer
stales   it  joins the Pacific are caught
und   prepared   for the markets of   the
world   by   the   ton, furthermore   onr
province  alone   put   up five hundred
thousand  cases  of salmon lust season
that crowded up tlio stroums to spawn
and   it   would  l.o about ns sensible to
suy a tender young fowl cackling over
��� ber first egg was unlit for food for the
simple   reason   that   it   is lur laying
| season.   The preservation and increas*
Dry Good;
& Shoes,
irdware, Etc.
iiio roi
Goods Must be Sold to make room for
cam,ul but bu
Tll-IIB   is   much   to  he suid in the  .       ,    ,, , ,   .
way   of   pros   anil   cons   f ���. ll,.lki���(.! mg the hsh supply of I uiiudu is nbovc
Golden a port of iutrv.     The pros are j party  politics and if Mr. linstock and
asy nml we nil know   them    lemeiii- j his   friends   cannot    Iiml    something
God will help | m0|.0 substantial  for political capital
serious i.ud. mny bring I ll I o array the
whole armies of Europe. For instance
A single victory made by the dervish.s
would probably bring ou u conitict in
the Soudan, the effect of which iu
Europe it would he impossible ru anticipate.
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain replying
for the Government to Mr. John Mor-
ley of the Opposition pointed out tliu
benefits resulting lo thul country from
the British occupation, saying that
nothing iu recent history was the subject for greater pride than the peaceful
revolution in Egypt. The finances
had been restorer), its administration
strengthened, taxes had been enormously   reduce'
I then   the cons may ho summed up us,
I linn a simple lintel
they    little
on the ('.'Iiiiu-
throw ii,. the
tliere   is   no need of one, nothing ever
comes in dutiable.     The   very reason I ���*''"   *���'���'���"'
tliut   keeps   it   from uot coming In is sponue st onco'or I cannot unders'iiud
tho fact that wn have no port here.    I j ���.|,y   i,���y   |{.|-oraI should try and pre-
know of seuri'ul  Instances iu this tliut
hns prevented the shipment of dutiable
goods.     Everything wec.au obtain iu
this   wuy   for the good  uf   oui'town
^fy. /"*"���*��� ***}
���n f\
To Buy Your Goods at
)rders by Mail Promptly Attended To.
I vent l
I tish
! have
sure that will increase our
Tho   people if Canada
uud   again explained   by
& 2
should I think reeiivodiie attention Itlteli ballots that the party luck brnins |
from us umi we too should attempt to 1 m t|���. v,.,v avtlolc, according to high I
procure   tnom.      God knows we have       ., .   .    , ,
littl., enough at present. authority,   lhat   l���r,   a   tendency  to,
  I supply   their   ihfioiuiicv, tin"    try to
defeat.      In conclusion I do not think
the enterprising   men w Im huve estnb- i
ig   reml in every scientilic so-1 llslied canning plans nnd other modes      "-j.'
ciety.     The   third successful attempt  ot curing salmon  iu our I'rovince to who, I
to  discover the  position of   foreign onto|l   tm)  iMl       t,     eMW,-    , -���Jwj'--
objects in   n human body bv means of i ". """
Roentgen's   rays was made "in Munich i 8'l'e',"''s '�� ���*������������ ������'���'��� ��''�� '":01s-    Neither ^
irrigation   had been   hospital a  short  time buck.    The pa-1 do   I lliinl; the nveingc voter of   East, [ ���.-',��� ,.���
-*maii inves.nr.cnts.
I; 'luriiiii:
hurt lim*' r,
i-pnrlty '..lil 'i nke man
iiiei'O���'fill iii uei,Inline
in llr.\!i
ke mi iiiiu h ttiihiu
Till; scientilic world is all auog
about thu Roentgen rays, and papers
are   being   rend
I   " l:   I.III!     , nie.
FOR EACH DOLLAR 1 -IVESTED oan be made by our
Systematic Plan of Speculation
ted I.
i woll-known 1
I r.i
All successful speculator!.
tletlt    wus   shot in the knee Inst Oct..-i Kootenay
ber and   was convinced that the bullet , t0 t
luul   lodged   iu I lie knee joint butt he
authorities.be  added, agreed that the sl,rii,,r)tl   sought for it without result. ,
withdrawal   of     the   British   troops The   joint   was severely inflamed mid :���*"���" eu'.i.re  before |
restored and oilier great benefits had
been conferred upon th- country.    All
cut)  be c. irs.-ed ns such, und
se my Hon.  friend's lllilul oil ibis
bend   should   we   find  ll st lay ouo of
Ming day we will
would menu thut all this work wns to swollen   and   some  suppuration was  turn  him o
evident.     The  Uoentuen photograph j the Cm,set
undone ami a vast majority of Englishmen were convinced that tlie work
of   Great   Britain   in Egypt was not thigh bono.
showed the bullet actually lay outside,
the   joint, close  to  the inside ot the
Mr.  Bostock. for all
valivB party will lolci'itto is
sound men with sound intellects,
W. G. Bott.
per.'.te.m n regular svst.'in,
I lhat there are tllolisalriis uf 11,011 ill r II   purls Ul' tllO I'llilcil StRtOS
oiii-ti   triiiling through I hlcagu br-kcra, ii.-i.1tn I'.rf-o.innouits tvcryyei.r,
irplu ...lllHHIo.,,!   1,1 HI, ���;,;���,-,. by, hose w|,l, invest I. t'eiv lln.llMrllll.
It Is also�� tjet llial those who ii.i.ko ibe largest prnlitg iron, euiiip'iri.tivclv siniill in-
iueuts on   us p  u nro t orstnis who llvo nwi.y n-uin Lhlcngo ami linest llrrougli bickers
o thoroughly imdci'siiiiiu syslcnu,lie triiiling,
Our plan itoeij not risk the wholo Miinniii Invest! ,1 ou any lri.de, but covers both sii'cs,
in' a short time. '"""'"'        "      "' " 8tC'"1-' p''"1" ''"'' *'ilt'"''*' e''��"��'Ouly
' 'v. uVl l'''V-<U: ro-NVlNt i:s��; PI.OOPS,-,18,, our Manual ou succrsslnl speculation
.-md ���i,i- Daily Market l'..p,,,r. I., I ,.| .rroiieyinakuig , ���i,,,ers.   AIjIj Fi.KK.   II ������ J        ,"
.������.plains margin trading hilly.   Highest rolerciues iu regiird Inwiv standing r.,���| si,.'.'.'",.
Por furthor parltciilm-H inldress
THOMAS A: Co., Bankers and Ifioiuis,
2-11-242 Riallo Building', CHICAGO, ILL. ice to Taxpayers.
sment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
ti Division- oi- East Kootenay
OE is hereby given, in accord-
ice with the Statues, that Pro-
Rovenue Tax and nil taxes
under the Assessment Act are
ie for tlio year 1HI).!. All of the
[tamed tuxes collectable within
mid Division of Eust Kooteiiny
, are payable at iny oliiee, the
louse, Golden.
iso 1 taxes arc collectable at tbe
ig rates, viz.:
d ou or before June ilOtli WIS :
iu.lt of one per cent on real proper   cent ou assessed value of
bird of one per cent on personal y.
alf of one per cent on income,
d after June IlOth lr-flfi���
birds   of  one per cent on real
nil one half per cent on assess-
1 of wild land,
iif of one per cent on personal
fourths  of one 'er cent on in-
icial   Revenue  Tax $.1.1,0 per
Assessor and Collector.
January 2nd, lMKi.
gUteiwa* ffiM**e*��.
ApiiUciitloii for Certllicatu of Iin.
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
freo miner's certificate No.47889,inteud,
liO days from the date hereof, to apply lo
the Gold Commissioner for a certilieute
of improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crown grunt of tbo above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
tlie issuance of such certificate of improvements,
Dated this seventh dny of December
Walter Dainard,
By his agent, F. AV. Aylmer.
.��� * 	
Application    fort  Certlflcutca of  Improvements.
Take notice that I. Thomas Jones.
free miner's certificate No. 47S4H, intend
(10 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
lui ins.
And further take notice that adverse
���.hums must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
tlie issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Thos. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated ibis 14th day of December,
Hon. J, A. LoiniHEEii, Q,C.
.  McCarter.
IjOHgheed   A   McCarter.
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Ktc, Etc.
Solicitors for liinik o Montreal,
It.   J.   .IKI>IIS<>\.
D.L.S. A 1'Jj.S. for B.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Viihintor.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T,   Correspondence Solicited.
B.J.JEPIISON, D.Ij.S���1'.Ij.H. of B.C. &Ont.
Mining ljii-fim-<>r,
A jHetnlliu'glMt.
Reports on properties a Specialty.
Golden. B.C.
Mining % Smelting
CO. (Limited)
_ivei-y*& Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
WholcNRle and Ketit.il
Cattle, Sheep antl
Horse Dealers.
Supreme Court of British Ol-
, re Connacher,���Connacher
ant to an order of the Supreme
British Columbia made in the
of the estate of Henry Con-
iu the suit   uf  Connacher vs
The creditors of Henry Con-
late of Golden, in the District
reiliiy. hotel kee|*r. deceased,
9.1 ou or about the mouth of
, 1M'.">, ure on or liefore the
y of April. ISO!, to send by
1 letter to A. G. M. Spragge,
d. In the District of Kootenay,
Columbia, thu solicitor for
Siemens Connacher, the above
plaintiff, the executor of the
. their Christian and surname
s and discriptioiis. the full
in. of their claliiis.ii statement
accounts, and tlie nature of
rities (if any) held by them or
t thereof they will bo perciup-
'clude.l from the benefit of the
Ier. Every creditor holding
urity is to produce tlie same
ames Ferguson Armstrong,
r of the County Court at Don*
i Referee appointed by tho
o take lhe accounts and en-
un.ler the suid order, nt bis
���I at the Court House at Don-
e Province of British Colutu-
e Uth day of April, IM80, at
ink in the forenoon being the
niuled fur adjudication ou the
at Donald, ill the District of
,-, British Columbia, this loth
inuarv, lrlOti,
ppoiuted under tho said order.
Notieo of Application for Certificates
of  Improvement,..
Take notice that I, John McRae,
Tree miner's certificate No. 34453.
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take notice thut adverse
claims must lie sent to the Mining lle-
corder. and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Jons Ml-Rae,
By his agent F  W. Avi.mer.
Dated this 14th day of December.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary -       Alba
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
lute witli Misses Barlow & Weir,
Portage la Prairie.
All orders left with Mr. G. B. McDermot will have prompt attention.
-oldsn Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any ineinber of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Church HcrvlffK.
tint evening service will Ik1
lorrow iu St. Paul's Church
list service will he held iu the
ouse to morrow evening at
ck, conducted bv Mr. Robins.
teriiin sorviije will bo held
i\v morning in St. Andrew's
at 10 o'clock, conducted be
< Ulassford, B.A.
thut application will lie made to the
Legislative Assembly of the I'rovince
of British Columbia at the next session for nu net to incorporate a coin*
piinv for tlie purpose of constructing,
operating slid working deep tunnels,
drifts or sbnfts fur the purpose of exploring for, discovering, working,
getting, ncipiiring iiiiiI recovering minerals situate in blind veins, ledges or
lodes in the Districts of East, and West
Kootenav, Ynlu and Cariboo, in the
Province of British Coliiniliia, i.ud ftr
entering upou ami acquiring lands lor
s.cb purposes, and for collecting lolls
for the uso of such tunnels or workings hy nny otlier persons or companies engaged in mining and for acquiring such water powers or privileges, rights or incidents, as may be
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or nny of them.  ,
Job    Depeirtrrier|t
_:o:_- OF ���:o:-
For Information an<l free llrtmliioo:. writo to
Ol.test bureau for aoiiirinr- mtonta In America.
Erorj-patent taken oui by u��i. brought bofpra
tin. public by i. ueiioolilvt'it In o uu'lnirsu lu tlio
Mmtiiit fwtai
tarr���stclrrtilntlon of anjr rrlonttflo i*api-r In tbo
work, fiil.'liillillj* l.lnstrabHl. No lutJ'tllr-i'li"
man ehonl.l l�� without It, Weekly.JM.M a,
jrcnr: IUnets month.. A.lilrosH, Ill'sN a CO.,
(124 nt
J*ore COHEft
���nve beeu effected by my
TruBB-8. -with
^^^^���^mh-. Tr 	
mrfoct aaao to wearar. than by alloiffier
il.'vi.e.ron.hln.'.l They. etai>> largest
-upturo uudar aevereai attain.  A. eye-
torn of atting haa bean perfected tbo
iaatSS yaara. fully eouatboperaonal
IH Kln�� atMntataata*
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Manufacturer's cf S?nsh, l<u>. Mouldirgs
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts. Hand Rails anil
Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Hiop nre ��� re] nreel to do
nil kinds of repairs ns soon as possible, All sizes of Pipe
Fitting and Bruss Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Axles. Spokes & Felloes,
Hickory and Maple Plank.
HOUSTON   &  CO. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
r dilutions Thc salaries of the gnv-
crumo'it agents Inivo In on thus reduced
New Westminster 150 to llitl; Donald 150 to lil'.l: Nelson Hill to 144;
Ri'liliebl 17- to lii'i; r'ort Simpson 110
,-:-.-.-.,.-I .,��-,.i.--.��l-r.-,..-.l]
,,��5; Y.,1,.' im -o nisi k������ii,,,'s i.-io Notice to Taxpayers.
o Ull'; Okanagnii l_r> to 11'.; Osoyoos 1     -'
IrSfl to UU; Alberni 100 to Ho; Cowioh-1 	
Inn, lSo to o*.; Liilpoot 125 to llf). The Assessment Act and Provincial
agent    at Comox u|i 5 i.t tin.    The snl
itt-y   of   12a for i he ug' nt ut Lakeside,
in Cussini', disapiioni's,
The uppropriutioii for thu Provincial
Board of Health is l.iiLO, iu phiue of
8,000 .oui lust session. Thu ugoitt
general   ill   Liuiluil   will   havo 2,'iL'O
MOST PERFECT MADE. siIm*-v "',1 1'cou fui* mit ull(*����'il"J
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free ^ntiiigoi.c.es, against u total of d.LLO
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,  Lr  li sj purpose, last your.
Revenue Tax.
Donald Division- of East Kootenav
Siil.trlea of Govern.no it OlHolalr-
Civii go.-eriim-nt  silnri >s havo been St.   Potei's   Church  on Thursday tho
reduced  nil  roi ud, with ilunx option -J,-, llt -ij ���.���,. u!ien Mr. A. Cliff uinl
of the ministers and deputies, and iho _AIi��-_   Lawrence   wero   uuiiod   in tho
lowest gradeof offlc a's whose i ay wis |l0UuH ���r |10*y mutHmony. .Miss Cloni-y
ulrealy    at   the  miiiimtim figure,    tu 8iw   the brido through the trying or-
the Provincial S.-erotary's di'pi.rtuiei.t, ,\eul w\,\[0 Mr. 11. McSorley perforuied
the in-iiitiiig ollic. finance <l. piirttneut. ��   similar   i.l'.ie   for the br.degruoin
uu lit   office, Lands   nml   Works, nml After  I Im ceremony the happy couple
Attorney General's departments, u cut ������ receiving tho jJEurty cciignilulalioiia
of   from   ".',   to   5   per cent has been ���' the congregation present, immediate-
iipplied.  'lhe Ilcpi.-y Minister of Agri- |y   ]������-   ful.   ,|���,   station   where they
cultiiro   will   receive  Sll I in pints- or bourded   No. 1 ou route for Vancouver
12.1   per month;   the ins, ector of fruit | -_l.��-i_- future home.
pests   ."5111   vie KO; runt inspector of      01 , , .,,
1 bhiiinroclis   anil   green ril.buti were
animals. S'ln vice 200.      A new oliice'r I .    . ., ,     ,-,
I very   mii.rli   in   evidence on tne l.tu
provided   for   is an   itttditor to inspect       , .. ,
1        snil it was  a matter of surprise to see
ull offices, at jjlill) per month. . ,    ,,    , ,
i so niaiiy   \\no owuod allegiance to the
The outsiilo service bus received the j;
same kind of attention. In the Laud I
Registry offi-ei* the registrar of tiiles
at Victoria will huve S157.h0 vice I7n,
and 'ho chief clerk Sl'l'.l vice Iii \ At
New Westminster the Rgistrur's salary will be $13!) vice If)', and two
clerks will receive 82,414, while last
session three were pro.bred for ll.ltil),
At. Vancouver llie Registrai'r, siihn-y
of *17o becomes lnl.f.O, ami the three
clerks will receive Sil,0(i0 in place uf
'1,440. j\t Kamloops the registrar
will have ��!*'!) vice loC; aud lliu two
clerks $-.'.040 vice 1,9118, an increase.
The   as. Inni   for the insane ut New
,'OTIOF,  is hereby given, in accordance vviili   tho Statues, that Pro.
vinciril   R'veuue   Tux   rirel   all taxes
levied   under   the Assessment Act nre
Oonulil Doings. now due for the year IKl)I.    All of the
above   named   tuxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
A very | retly wedding took place ut   district, are   payable  at my office, the
1 Court House. OolOun.
Assessed tuxes nre collectable at the
follow ing rates, viz
Navigation  An
& Tram Way vVi
Assessor ami Collector.
Golden. January 2nd, lf"9i'.
inn-ill.I I.le.
Tne concert did not materialize o\v-
ing io the fact lhat a numhoi' of those
from whom assistance was expected
were unavoidably engaged for thut
evening. Ono of iho most enjoyable
dunces held this year however, filled
tin. bill very acceptably. A thoroughly good htiinoicil crowd of ladies und
genilemeu held it down iu true Irish
style till some time after midnight,
when   every   uue wont home satisfied
.,     t     ., ...     .        ., ;; n i 11' 11    111 r I     i i ,1111 \\ .
that    tin;   ineuioi'V ol  l.uliiui s patron   ,     ,   ,,     .   .,      ,,
be  held   ut   the   Co
If paid on or before .Tune .'iOth W,)'\ :
One half of one per cent cn real pro-
pi ity.
Two per cent on assessed value of
wild Iniul.
O ie third of one per cent on personal properly.
One half  of one per cent oti income.
If paid after June oOth  1>:!)I>-
Twothirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assessed value of tt ild luud.
One half uf ouo per cent on personal
Throe-fourths of one 'ier cent on income.
Provincial Revenue Tax ��,'1.00 per
During tlio winter a stage will he run between
Golden, Galena, Wiiideimere, Thunder Hill, Unci
Flat Waca and Fort Steele,
Leaving- Golden and Fort Steele
s.int   liad  beou fittingly honored.    A
\ lent.ire o" tho evening was tiio dancing
of   uu Irish jig by Mrs. Pitis and Air.
Westminster   will   be   officered hy U'i! Al.l-J.rU-v
persons   costing   $lf),74l,   agaiii.-t 2,1      .���       ,       ., , _ .    ,
' ���. The   Donald Anmieur Dramatic So-
costing 24.810. ��� .     i ,i ,
cietv   liuvo   selected   two very funny
The assistant assessor at V.cti riu is llKa,6 ,,,��� 0-   nMA,,\���. ,'ecei.c'il iatei'v
from New York, ami inlend present iim
reduced   from   SHO   to 102; lhe clerk
from   ��7u   toli';   tlie ii.sessor at Now
Westminster $14 J to lii'i; bis n.-sisiunt
100 to Ho; the dork's salary tlUiippoiirs J,,n,i   it   ;, ,.,|   vv0lk   u���t*0r a ctipubl
und the   Provincial revenue collector*, j ,il���M;lf,,.1.   is ���nv a4iw\au, the \oiitur
lo   become:   HI.     At   V.inoouver ihe|0l|u.|lt ,0 |,0 a howling .success,
assessor  will   have il.) iu place of 1_5,
but a new   salary is here provide 1 for,
an   assistant   at Do.    The assessor at
Nelson  loses ii per c-lit of ll s 1C0.
The timber   inspector will have UO
in    place   ot   140 Ibis u.-s,sin,,l Uo   l.(m ���.,,���,.,������,, ��� n.,Mr Ul ,.���
vice 100. Tim *$.'i.lX0 lu-t session
voted loi scalers ami examiner., dis-
ii p pen is -the scalers being paid by
The   inspector   of   mines' salary of
I hem to the public  iu ubout u mouth's |
time.     Rehearsals   stinted this week
Mr. Hewitt 11,.stock was iu town
this week endeavoring to calculate
which nay tho cat will jump al the
general flection. Whether bo lias
arrive.I at nny definite conclusion tour
The annual meeting of Ihe shareholders of the Upper Columbia Navigation anil Tramway Company, will
jompiiny's office in
Gulden, B C , on Saturday the fourth
dny of April. A.D, W9i, at 'wo
o'clock in tho afternoon, for the election ot Directors and for the ordering
of the a Bail's of tbeCoinpuny generally.
Bv order of the Board.
Chas. 11. Pahkok,
Hidden. B.C.,
March Kith, ISOi.
ji J. 8"
apply to 11. Linn.cm
To Ij t oi- Sell
A   comfortable   dwelling houso for
150   is  made I-'���''���     The provincial tl* I Hale or tu let     S,x rooms.    Stable and
briiriaii and seoi'etii.'V to premier dro,s  outbuildings complete, for   particulars   __
from 15U in Iill),
Of the Sipro no mul Cmiity Courts
officials, the salaries   at   V.ctoriu will
range from I4K.*iO to fill.fiO, in pluce cf
from    Irli)  to'.il ; at Ne.v H'l's'iiiiiisirr I
l.'l!)   to oH iiO, vice i.'." io lil ; Vuni ou-!'
ver, UIO to   fi8.n0, vice II. lo liO,      A
new   office   is   provide I   for a county .
clerk nt Chi liwliuck nl S-'o,
S.iliirii'8 nro provhled as follows fer
tlie   slier,lis of  the oounties named: -
Victoria. $11  per   month; New Westminster n0; Ciiriboii, 41,6 '���; Vatic niver ;
41.66, Kooteiiny, 58.n0.
Solden Gliy Bakery.
Frash Lraatl Daify.
COURTS of I ssi te und Nisi Prlus, J"���T Tt^
,,,.         ���       ,                    ..             ���   ' ami oi Over an 1'Ier n n r ami Geiiei'iir iHTHtWoRio
Die  Stipendiary   magistrates paj is  Q||o|   Mlve,.V) vu(|   ,��� hob en at IheI
not   altered.     The   supeiiuteiu.oiit of .\���aaiS   ftm*   0l',i10   i o es following, 	
police is reduced  from lnU to 139, and  yiit : in its native PURtTV.
tlie  sereeaill fiom 110 to 102; $40.1)00 I     Town   of   Nelson, oil    Monday.  I he "Monsoon" Tra!, put up by the Indian Tea
uie  -.li-ciiiii, n   in ..,j                              i IS. h .I-.,-    i' li         mnr" ���rrowars as a sample of the best qualities of Indian
in i.voei.li'll   for   f]0 conslll hi '!.   II 'll inst    "���"'"."''.'   .I'lune.   tojo, -j.         Therefore they use the greatest care in tho
ISplOMIIU   I'll    .lOC.m. iiiiu. . u,.iuu  i        T(iwa    |)f    ���)o||.ll|on   Jlolidny, lhe selection of the Tea and ils bleSd, that is why they
117,000   for 43.      Tne appropriation of  oO|,a ,lnv m' I, ���c   1K<I! put It up lliemWvea and sell It-rally In lhe original
���,_.,.                     ,                             ���ira-is.  ui niiiii,,   io.ij. packages, thereby securinu; ita punty and excellence.
*l,0h0  for the juvenile reformatory at           . By Command. Kt up in K lb., lib. and 5 lb., packages, and never
Victoria   disappears, and   the salaries               '    j.^ij-g BAKER, aoidmbulk.
in   the  jail  there will be from 1C2 to Proyl-jrial Secretary.
03-uO, in plure of 110 to 60.    In nil tho pf0;|ncill, Secretary's Office,
other provincial jails tbeie are .similar,        1 :ttli Mure'i, ISUj. iu82
Oolden to Fort :-'-i'.r\' \Q cents per pound
When 1 lie Company's liability is limited lo Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given o:i mora valuable parcels.
Through $16,00.    Li.cul 10 ccntb \cv mile.
T. B. H. COCHRAN.. President;        F. P. ARBISf RONG, Managor.
I Look for the Lie M in io Pocket
| Shorey's celebrated ready-mada clothing has a card  ji
[] in the pocket of each garment guaranteeing the cloth  H
I used ia its manufacture to be thoroughly Sponged  [
[s and Shrunk and its workni_nship to Qf.ft���     ��    f
���i be sound in every particular.    Always ^"Or-ty ����� [
| ask for and bs sure that yon get Shorey's Ueady Made;
�� make.   Every reliable dealer keeps it. Clotlllllg I
Tiie Western Milling Co.
Manufacturers Of
Retina,   N.W.T.
packages, thcrebysccuring its purity and excellence,
If your grocer does not Itcep it. tell him to write to
11 and 13 Front Street East, Toronto*
M. McDonald,^.K-__S_"
Calr-rary, Alb.


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