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The Golden Era Apr 4, 1902

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Array V _,_, -   L,-      -   -
,'*��'��� ������t.-Ti.ifS-.i''
t '
VOL. XI NO Wsv-t.1
���GOLDEN, British CottriiBiA, FRIDAY, April 4, 1902
$2 Per Year.
i |**V
CA*ITAA(   ...       12,600,-sNO
'RWr,���'4-. -'- * rut*eM
0. K, WlUHJt, Vic* Proa, k Oen. Ifanager.
B. HAT, Assistant General Minsger.
W. MOM AT, Chief lutpoctor. I
anehM to Frovruott of Ontario tnd Qua
&, and ths followina-ln Manitoba, North.
tTArltMMsnd-ritish Colombia t-
Htnds-m, Mpn.
lalgary, Alta.
Portage laPrairlt.Man
I'rlnc* Albert
Hevelstoke. B.O.
Rostliern, Soak,
Strathcona, Alta.
Vancouver, B.C.
Winnipeg, Hon.
fiseMe* H**ftneli
mm in uiibj tim issues.
mm iu tad JEifiM. mm.
f-pteial attention given to COLLECTIOiVS.
V American Curtaaey bought and sold, ' '
sitviaga 0**Mrtm��nt-Dapu.|tt received
*   j. a. men,.
,fA8. B^AD., D.LS., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M.Ain-n. Inst-ME."
Sursswys mad* for AssMsmuil Work and
Crown Grant*.;
'Land for ool* on Lak* Windermere and
Findlav Creak Kast Koo'jsnav.
Hull Bros. & Co.
"   '" .   Whtle_dt_B*t*ll    %_
' Cattle, Sbeap and Horso Deatts-I.
���sll���1���i*i  i ������*���-
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor.
. Notary. Public. Conveyancer, ete
���^��fe**\h'��m-*r CeminWa Navigation and
Tram vay Company', lluikling,
firi***,    '��� "-*4J.
Harvey, ���eCarter A Ptakharo,
*    Uarrl.tor*, I.I 1*1 tora. Aa.
FweuMn B. C
and suoh a stoek-tsk'ng! * Mot a corner skipped, not a shelf or driwtf or
package iniaeed. Evwy arliola hsie been looktd at with tyss ol coldest
arilioUm, Ptdign* ha* counted "for nothing. What ha* bMn or trhat
may ba haa not been regarded Wa are working for now-and finding too
mnch of certain gooda for present needs bars put Irresltiabla prists upon
them, of whioh th*M are aaraolM:
Chippsld Beef, 1 lb. can...  At 16 Owed Coffee, per pound ii,.:. tt
Shore Mackerel, it Ib. can     48 Strawberries      '
FiiinonlWdoek. 1 Ib. eon. .*, * IS Rasiber.lt.
I%l***Vi*\*\i*i^��l***;*"A'm ��S&*ft��!!_
B*kla��Powsr*r,llli,e*n     .......   W Ap**
^*?W��&;.z:: ��%
2 pound cant, lis for 1 00
���wrests.-,....5;.... 8 60
3 pound cant, foar for 100
par cast .v.... 156
The Vancouver Dally Province publithM tha following.*p*citl detpttch from
Viotoria nnder dat* of Maroh 81.
" According to a well authautioatcd repert "to-day, no tim* it to b* lott In
lb* eontlructlon of the Coaat-Koot*n*y lin* of railway. Iu fact, th* detail* bf
tha propowd contract art being arranged her* today, and if all matters art
adjuatad. it fa probable that Ih* agreement for tba construction of Ihs tins wil'
bs sinned this afternoon.
MsLaan Bro*., of Vancouver are entering Into an agre*m*nt with th* Gov
eminent to build th* line, Ih* term* being on much tbs earn* linea a* origin
ally proposed for th* construction of tbat railway. A cash ��ub��:dy ia the
neighborhood of M.000 per mile is to bs givsn, aocording to the best informs
tion obtain tbl* today, and an additional bonus of a million acrea el land ia to
b�� iueludad In the arrangement.
Mm***. Norman tod Hugh McLean art.hare today'talking oyer lha dstsils
of tb* propoesd contract, whleh may probably bt tubmitttd to tht ItgMatara
in * joint bill with th* Canada Northern tcham*.
it I* understood that th* line will com* down th* *outh sids of th* Prater
rivtr, conneciing with the Oreat Northern** lin* now under conitruction from
Livtrpool to Ladner, and wiih tba Ftrry system betweeu Ladner and Sidney.
Then th* proposal Js nid to Include the running of a Una from the mouth ef
th* Fra**r Into* Vancouver. J Th* Chili!w*ck dykt work* and tha construction
of two large bridge* *erot* the North Arm of the Fnwer ar* Urge publio work*
u.:d*rt*k*n by tbe firm with whom tha contract ia now facing mid*.
ti r-i     i  'i     a i  *****a********
Upper Columbia
���>���:���,.:.��������� ���   '      .' ���<
^^^^���B    -   <--*."    _ta_a_-__-___^_--_--_^_--_--_--_^_--B._-<AV'
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, S^fjK,,;
��� MisiNa:Dipj^:,,;:&^M&^: it, u
���y*���**t- vM
' sS'-tti.- -1*.
For rates on Ore and otber Jhfomatton ntpply to
C. Jl-��  PaiTSOh,    S-ECHETAIIY.
���^GOMHSAf, BiC.
OsMeftb* Largest and Host Mas-
,   *g*d Hetah In Britltb Columbia.
*i ��� in��� *-ai ^i* - *��� ���      J i ill'mi   ^ .sdtJIE. an ail.'   i ia���
Gents' Fedoras
es1 Sailors.
Train* ***** Oolden
���Ci^wigt'iimfi- .���*-.'- '--ite
-,-:.*ngrf:epy��Oi- ���;-,,.���i***
-    *;, '.'.-���'"'��:���-'���.'���fry***'**.,-;*-..'..'. ...���>t.-f,.-.,
TonrWQarfDalljr u   '  "   ���
m .-^PA^nu. ������'::"*
*  . :W'--ti ;#, ������?*,;;�� .     ..-*
ir^.sSsTd^vii'ste.-** ::,'.
,4*$&:t9lsSS ' :s ��� ' "S*yv
"" itieminoHfAvotmee.
!�����''������f*;X:,lte? i      '' .
ts**   ytaant'/jl
fl  .t .:  ������ ��� ,  >.*.-- .-���-��� ��.-*����. .j* f
A.i-Si'uy. j* ~i
mn" ,****jss>����
* V* R
Escaped Through Gaps.
About 180 Soers. Secured
Kitchener's Latest Movement.
mMrjym' ���*-
:t^.Tfe*te-fi*AT^ I* 1 lo. cans, handsomely colored and
L diluted, 60��- going at 400.
We are clearing out what we have left of this Tea, which
Is as good as the best, in order to make -room for
a large cohsitrnment ot the famous
Hue Ribbon Tea*
i-'k-.-Wii-i',. itJ$.,iffc$gai
\ ���������-'i'-.-i
 p AgS.eotiAd
4, ���   ,. AO-tA,,,
^.tsjl-V.-.*  ti' ������
Latest ityles, to he cleared at just half price.
'���f.- -  js>.
golden St
Eas^; i^ooienay
Tpacling Co.
Pretoria. Maroh SS -Abenl 1,600
Boen, nnder IMUrtjr, Liebenbtrg,
K*m|, and Wolmarana. wtr* within
i bear* i ofKitchtner'* lat.st movtment,
but although surprised by th* rapidity
diapl*y*sl bjr ih* Britiab troop*, nape
in tb* lattar's iiu** enabled moat of th*
liurglxr* io .Map* Th* Bo*r t-rison
srs toiallod 180 int.., including Oom
-snundaut H. Krugstr aud ex Lindroat
Ne* hling, of Kl.rksdorp.
From th* lirat piimtett upturasl it
was Iswrnad that 0*nvDsdars-r himwif
W���� ootHid* rh* actual cordon having
���Issspi aome distance westward, bot Lie
Iwnbvrg, Ktuij. and and tb* aih��r Boer
oonimaudrrs w.re imidt th* column of
trsvop*. Tk* Sr.i body, coniidinu of
about 600 Boer*, siuhsed at 10 o'clock
in th* moruiug. March 24, ret'raatad *t
fall trand, making for a gap b*t*r*tu
th* British column*. A rue* for the
opining ensued. Th* Britiih mounted
infantry, wbioh bad already riddtn
upward* of 60 mil**, pre*��*d their
tires, her*** until thty gave out, whin
tbe man jumped ol snd raced forward
en foot. Somt of th* mounted mtn,
however, wer* able to gallop right into
Ibe gap joat ahead of tha Boer*, whom
thty met witb a warm tte. Then
troop* alao tutc**d*d in driving baok
���not h.r body ol 300 Borne, who wsrre
forced to d***rl Ih* gun* thsy had captured front the Von Donop convoy in
February. The Boer* <ri*d to g*i
through aeveral opening*, bul on each
oeeaaloa thty ***r* (oread to doublt
bjeVnntil.tb*y ultimately found tke
gap anl paawd ont ol lbs British lines
within sight of Kltrktdorp. Night
ftll befon tbt panning columns sould
overtake lbs Bosn.
Five Canadian* wbo fall out of their
column-and tried to work tbeir w��y
back wen surrounsied by a Hoar (oro*
and maid* a tpltndld dtt*no*. But
finally faring their eaud waa hopsl***,
four of them annwsJMed, Th* filth,
however, Indignantly rafuaed to throw
down hia ante, and eonlinutd n aingla
handed fight uatil ha waa killed. This
waa regards-*! a* one of th* mott In-
Mretling Incident* ot th* day,   .
An inatanc* of the rrtourctfuio*** of
tbs.Bosn waa given by LtsbanUrgaud
**v*ral hundred men, Taking advantage of the stonfualon of the drive, ba
and his (ollowsn snumed * formation
limilar to that of a Brltlth column
���nd moving tlo��* to en* of the numar-
out gene in th* Britiih line*. *ucc*sd*d
In reaching thit opening befat* their
rat* wm delected aad get eafely away.
Th* gune aaptursd from Von Doaop't
convoy wen brilliantly rsanatursd by
th* Ssottiih Hone, who oharged up to
the mnasl** of tbe artillery and rod*
the Boer gnnntri oS their feet befon
tb* latter had a abanas to fir*.
A eornt.poad.nt of ih* Winnipeg
Fre* Press in Souih Africa, writing on
the enkjacl of tb* Ireatmtnt -which is
accorded Canadiana who joined th*
S. A. Constabulary, aaya in part:
Not to flatter Canadiana in the lean,
or to aay that Canadian soldi.rs are
one whit belter than tbeir Xngli.b
comrades, I may elate the tnt* reason
of Ibe Canadian troop* btiug tbnt separated. * Oaneral Badan-Pow.ll baa a
rather high idea of tha Canadian a* a
man of independent thstngl-.i and action
He find* th* Canadiana mon ready to
adapt lb*in**lvMto��ircum*t*ncr*, and
in their rank, a cnaier rang* of riparian.**, in all condition* of life. Ha
ha* thought, highlv enough of tbe
('auadian troops to spread ��� hem i brouiih
the different divisions, attaching ene
Canadian troop to one column, another
to an important poet, sad giving them
everv opportunity to show th* stuff
they ar* mad* of. A* one oan readily
understand, this oprvading out of the
continuant I* much mon beusficial to
th* Canadiana, than if they wen all
combined in on* division. A* it is,
th*y generally gat th* but that 1*
going. Tb*y en favorit** witb their
English comrades, tnd highly *st*eni
ed by Iheir commanding officer*. Very
often the Canadian troop is the pel
troop of a column, and haa very good
No friction of any kind haa occurred
between the Cat.adiana and Engliah.
Nor la than any discontent. Then is
������truly one par unt of tb* Canadian
contingent who would nturn nt Ihlt
moment if tbey w*r* onerest the chance.
Ner have Iks Canadian officers, from
Col, Stswle down, any intention of n-
aigning. Tha large sumlier* of irr.gn
l*r officer* who ��re applying for oom
mission* in tb* South African Constabulary, ll aaffieiant to Mow bow.
highly Ihi* eorpe I* h*ld in South
Afrlsj*. Captain* and Ilsutenanta of
lb* mo*t famoua eorp* la 8outh Afriia
an applying for commissions na subaltern!, and many dittinguithed major* nr* being taken on aa captain*.
With the excellent officer* bting takan
by tb**S. A.C thia*force ia bound I*
tiaetoraooh aa bigb a standard ol
tfficltney aa the Northwut Mounted
Follee ban attained in Canada.
Montraal, Maroh Sl-R. Marpole,
genenl ��uperint*nd*nt of ths C. P. R.
Pacific division, reached Montraal today, after an absence of thn* months
In England. Ho leave* for tha Paciflo
ooast on Thuraday. Ht law Lord
Stntbcoaa In London and fonnd lilm
in the beat of hulth and determined
that Canada shall bave a fact Atlantic
urvlei in the near f jturt.
CAfrqABV, ALTA-  box kt.
^ of every kind! and make. SbnV
tlw, Nsedl**, Belt*, Oil, Wo., ete.
AU Accounts dae the Oolden
Ira Printing tt Pub. Co. must
he settled by the 16th or April.
After that date outstand Accounts will be pnt into a Soli*
eitor's hands for collection.
Thsn hss sprung np all ovtr tb*
Engtlah-apaakiug portion of our globe
a moat ludslen, and, to th* ordinary
observer, Intxplioable crau for the
gam* of Ping Pong, wbieh issxplalncd
by one writer aa dne to tba impoui-
bility of an Englishman mining th*
tsmptation to handle a round ball.
Thia writer citt*, in aupport cl bia
theory, th* ance***of Attocitilon football, cricket, golf, lacrosse, ttnnii, and
lastly ping-pong.
Oolden hae fallen into Una, and tbe
tournament held tbl* week ha* ****��d
to ibow what * hold tit ntw game bas
taken In ths ftw short wsska line* ite
When th* draws were mad* eu Monday than wen It entries in ths ladies'
���ingle*, 44 in tb* mixed singlet,
and . 28 in tha gsntlemsu'.
singles; After playing for three aftsr-
noons and svsnings thsn still remained
two games to bs playsd, wbich wsre
left until Thursday svsning whsn tba
tournament waa brought to a sneosss-
ful ch*a.
During th* progna* ol th* g*m*a
thsn wsre many surprises, and soma
who'had beeu looked upon aa invincible met defeat, while otbera who. bad
not bun taken into co.ieid.raiiou -.by
ih* knowing onu d.v.loj*! nnexpeutstat
Ia tbs ladies' ilnglu, Mn Oibb,
after playing a very clou game agalnat
Mr*. Ay I mar. wa* defeated by a vsry
narrow margin by Miss 'Wslls, wb.
then won essily from lira.Griffith, and
ktcuttd tint pl*M.' Mr*. Oibb, though
beaten, waa congratul*t*d by ber
f. ieuds on th* splendid form *he (bowed in her game* with Mrt. Aylmtrasd
Mitt Weill.
Th* gam* tttim Dr.' Taylor and
H. G, Parson, in tb* gtntlemMe
���inillm, w��* a vs-ry keenly contest ad on*, and waa watched for nearly
two hours by a large number. The
final rally in thia gam* waa a very
luugt oi.e, the ball passing 07 times
osier ihu net. llr. Parson i* crsdftei
witb having at his command mors
different "cut*" and "aenwa" than any
oilier player in town, but th* Dr.
play nd on tb* d*fonaive and uldoin
failed to return tho ball from tha most
difficult positions. Ths g*me w��* not
conoludvd until afi*r midnight on
On Thuraday afternoon th* Doctor
played off the final in thia with Mr.
Griffith, aud won in two itraight sets,
th* aoon being 6-3, S-8.
On Thursday evening then n.naib-
ed only on* gam* to be pUy*d-th*
find in tb* mixed tingle*, betwun Dr.
Taylor and Mr. T. O'Brien, which wae
watched with gnat interest, and resulted in a victory for Mr. O'Brien,
wbo thus got s*ti*f*o'.isn tor th* de*
feat wbioh ha *a.|ain*d.*tth* Doctor',
handa In th* inixad tingles, ih* *cor.
bting 8-4. M. --I-
Th* ladia* vtry kindly provided tea
pnd cak* daring the alt.rnooo*. whioh
waa much appneiated by all present.
The work of.aijwnginK the draw and
gamu fell on Mr C. Ii Patton. The**
staryiliiiig ptafed off aopu'tuMafulIy i*
aiributa to the hard work done by
Tha fint pri** in th* ladiu*' aingla*
waa a handsomn silvsrmounted
racquet, prtttnied by Hon. F. W. Aylmer.
In order to encourage entriet, a nuk-
let wai donated b.v W. Alexander aa a
booby piiae for lbs lady whouletal
score was the lowest. Thi* was pro
senttd to . Miss Holt, sbs having
won the fawett'number of gams* in th.
Tb* tournament netted a handsome
for the funde ol St. Paul'*
church and waa thoroughly enjoyed
by all the Ping-Pongtrs, and haa dons
much toentitsj intent! in thit fascinating game.
One of tbe turprisH of tbs Tournament was tb* gnat form shown
by' onr genial postmalter. who mail,
his dsbut in tb* Fat Man'* competition,
being drawn a��*iii*t F. W. Jone*. He
mado hia opponent work for every
point, and ia hit next gam* gavs H.O,
Parson a very hard j-sb to win.
I   Job printing ����tb* Eua ole*.
mil     ti.   I   ai  i fi      l'i  iiaiiaiiaiA,i She ttelbcn �����*(*..
pi'ni.isnaK kvxrv patuar.
Ku. V. Ch.vkbsub. ��� Editor and Puhli.b*r
Sabtcriptions ti-OO par year in advauco.
Alverlijin-t rale, nu.1* kuow.. on request
FRIDAY. Maxcit 28, 1003.
W�� refer our readers to tlie Publish*
.*r'a Notice on p*g* thru of thisllaatta,
We deeply regret ths i.tctiiity whlcb
bas compelled us to tak* thi* stop, but
it i* evident that gout* of I be husinua
men of Ooldsn are indifferent is the
importance ol a n*w*|.��|.*r in their
midst, and an willing to sacrifice their
interest* a* cititsus for th* aaks ol
. .omeiitary |*r*onal gain.
We do not wiih it to be understood
that w* an complaining. If th. ctii-
/cut of Ooldau an aatiafiad. w*'n
({ratified. B.ninists i* business, and
..a bav* neither inelination nor d��*in
to loiai ourHlvv* on an unwilling
j.ublic. Th* provinc* i* wid* and*
�����w*|s*p*r plant dott not nud to go
isegging. W* *cc*pt lb* verdict without a murmur
While on tbia mbjoct we wish lo
hmrtlly thank th.se of oar butinnt
aen who bate loyally atood by the
uaper and tb* job room. W* appn
<*l*t* tbeir  thouichtfulut** aud belp.
Just another word btfort w* close
tbi* a'ubjut. We bava bill* lo pay tl
well a* other people aud in order to
isty thu* accounts w* mutt collect
what is owin-t and w* iutond to do ao.
-Vi want a s*til��inenl with our sssb
��� cribers by th* 16th inst Accounts
i��maiuing uauttled by th* alsov* d* e
an going to be h.ude.l over to the
I'siblislier's Collecting Aa*ncv, an
organiaation that haa a world-wid*
lepuiaiior. (or collecting 100 unt* on
i h* dollar, and nobody but dud men
can eHap* t hem. So pay up btfon tb*
I ith and aav* trouble and *xp*i.*e.
Tboi-i who bava paid for a year in
advance will hat* what ia due refund*!
afi-*ir the -Oth. P1**m call at tha
The requsut en..t*in*d in th* petition
publishsd In another column, to Mr.
Millibar, M.P., concerning improv.
tiwnta to the Columbia river, ar* per
feci ly juat and naaouabl*. Wilh the
tirgtiinaut* sot forth in the petition tu
Luck him up Mr. Galliher ought to
���ucceoi. It ia absolutely necessary
that��.ol. an Important highway aa
tha C-il unber river ahould be kept open
for tra-fio, uud it will hi no economy
ou the part of tb* Government lo put
tho matter off. Every year it ia neglected mean* not only, preaent lot. tnd
.iiinoyiuice te commercial i.stereaii, but
i.dded coal to the work when il is done.
ThechvapMl course for til* Government to pursue iaio iinmediuiely nr.ui
th* amount aaktd for and then ��i end a
���.tua.il ai.ioum each y.ir iu maintain-
iug au*h iatproveme.tr.
Th* kinit's oath at coronation I* nol
not to be amtudad or altered in any
manner from th* ultra-Protutaat and
vignroualy ami Roman Caiholio form
I mud proper Iwo unturiu ago. Both
-ides worked luroieally.
Osama vlelotvt P.h*umatl*m mn*
liter* violent Naurr-fla^ Dootor. MuMn'i .Unt tn* *f*mm
XUt* -1 botttoe of touUi Amor*
^^^Jvetti-mtlo Our* -������������
b-nttto" mm won giarleSeiy.
Mr. W. W. Dk-twT,, srf Avonfann, Oot, ssvs
thin tie* yeara ago lie bad lyplwld fmr. After
r-rs>vn Ing ._ .'.i-icfced kwm viol-islr by Rim.
lu* would die. Maay a night iboogM lw eutld
iss* l.ve ill) romnlag. Vsxtwt tried to ml*,.
Is'suLsaeuoldnM. After toUng threetmiloi of
Sisutlt Anmtotn HheUnuttcCsmc-nrv veacigrcd
pain Mt bia arches*--, a. well Never.      4
- r**1.l byC. W. Fisld.
R P. P^lpit-enlM* rental hi* p*|ser,
sle Lnifleau Eaule, and. will take up
i,i. reridenca in Vancouver, .and in all
probability pubtiah a Socialiet wtekly
Of Atrntdm erne toy. Oure
Vm*r Oe*****tw*   Purify Vmtt
���rest* ****�� et*o nm oet****
eivo Olet^sTstrpp.
lie*. Dr. Bocbrw.sil Bsffsito,��as-��: "My
wife and I were bath MbnMsd wltk ditlrtte-
l.< Cstsrth,bst ws ho����ssjoytd fruduai
Irom tbl* suramin* m��My sloe* th* day
we fint urn* ��. ApMtrt Catarrhal Powder. Ha action wa* iaat*st*a��oa*, giving
Om mm *--***-�� ttU-i within tta mUtstai
elm *nttty*-**m. jecenla. ��
Board ol Trade Petition.
Ths following pttition to Mr. 0*111
ber, M.P., waa circulated and largely
slgnsd by tbs rnidsats of thi* town
dnring tlie fon part of tba week:
W.A.Oalliher, E*o,, M.P.,'Ottawa:
Sir:-The petition of the andtr-
���igned re.ideni voten of tb* dlitrlct of
North Eut Kootenay humbly ahawetb:
1. Tbit th* Dominion Ooverumeut
Eugiueer, in th* Provinc* of Brit.ih
Columbia ba* uked for an appropria-
'Ion ot 17,600 lor 1902 for tbt purpou
of improving tb* Columbia rivar south
of Ooldea.
5. Tb* Euimaui for 1902 do nnt
contain any turn tor tbt pui-pott alon*
8 That tha mine vwntn in tht
Winder mer. district have now a very
large quantity of on nady to ba shipped to tbe smelter* immediately navigation ia open.
4. That tha Navigation Company al
thia point have purchased thi steamer
North Star, whioh la far mors, power*
till ind larger than apy'tiamer hitherto in un on uid river, and union tb*
rivtr i* improved th* Nortb Star can
only ba aud during extrem* blgb
6. That tba nid Colnmbia river ia
uaed lor the purpou of transportation
ot on and freight between Oolden and
Windermtre and ia the only mean* at
preunl available lor auch purpou. .
6. That unless such improvement il
mod* in tb* navigation of aald rivtr
tin mint owntri and ntidenti ol thi*
istriet, aa well aa many invutora
thrOuilbout ths Dominion ol Canada,
will lie asriously handicapped, and an
isdustry that means coniiderable 10
tbi* portion of th* provinoe, wilt practically lw *lo|iptd.
Your petitioners thenfon pny:
1. That you will Ise pla��ud to give
tbia mattar your moat 'earnest attention, and that ynu will oauu to bv
placed in the Estimate* for the.*.*.
1902 th* sum ot $7,500 for th* purpose
2. That you will urge upon t he Qov
ernment th* nuniity ol untneiii.i.
action, nt tbat you will cause the Gov
ernmeut enginur at thia j.oini to r��
ceiv* instructions ai aa early a dats* .,*,
possibl* lo that th* aald work may la
carried esp*diiiou*ly.
H. W* further pny thai you will
���ontinu* to urg* upon th* Governim;���>
the nsKualty of granting, at tho pre*
���nt session of parliament th* applies
lion you have alrudy mad* lor au ap
prcpriatlon to improve the ColumLln
River between Ooldtn tnd Donald, a.
ihia ia alao of vital importance to your
constituents In till* diltriot.
Aud aa W slaty bound your pttition*
in will *v*r pny.
Dated thie 98th day ot March, 1902.
South AnMrtoatnKidiMy Our*
la compounded to our* KM-
my oIIoomoo, and notM-tc
oiia-tt rellevM In ela Mttro.
R rstth Araerlcu Ki_wy Cure toochsa tte
r.k asset (Irmly, but geatly; glvaa ibe heel
.rt.il'i le lhe ahssratt llsssWI lieimi tbt kl seyt
��� ha- ... 'euro cletaw .nd purify tk* blood. At
U.sol ca* becsVisM Isapw* uiy-by paateg
throagb snak tad (ill*, kkhwjpt. \M us bv*
up 1 j ths> light e*T ib* ooili omtury. I&aptopet*
*w*es,aa7*^yrabaiiu4��ig����ukulih.  I
Sold hy C. W. Fielsl.
������   ���     . ���
Churoh Service!.
tr. ran.'*- cattnrn nr a*m*.**.��
Services ivery Stimlay at 11 a in. and
7:U0p.m. CdabntionolHolyCoinmnn-
lon lit and ilrd Sunday* of th* month
alter Morniu-t Prayer, and on Orutcr
Festival* and Huly Day* at 8 a.m., or
as may b* announced from thtohtisttel.
Suuday Solioo^tt 2:30-��'.m. *
All aro eOrdl-(lly Invltrs'io attend
tlieservlcef."' 0;'F.'Taihj.V.oat.
.FRMntrrrnttAX ciiitxt-ii.
Hervic* every Sunday al7:,10p.m.
Sunday School aod Bible Cl**
|,.sn. sliarp. f0
Choir practice every Friday ���sftB-
B��v. J. E" Hooo, Pantor,
at 1.
-nraosVMT CHt-wti,
S.rvif*n enr) Suiiilay nl 11 a.m. and
7:11  pin.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Muting on Tueadiy *t8 p.n.
Rav. R.B. I.Aiutnr, Paator.
Ml* Writer
UmmU Artl.-t  '
THE ERA,GOLDEN, EC, March 21, lilt.
womceM or amtmjui
** Ljj,
Tke Cm W Um
������ 11*1.1 M Ik.
AttnmMag *f the
���Uty ol Waahlngten 3. fc. Watkln* pn*
MM#d g Mfiwr en "'lihe TtenunuttAt-*gA
and Uftlng of Heavy Bodies by tb*An-
���ItntKnglMtn." Tb* pvrpo** at th* paper wu to ibow bow many ot th* ttras>
tatu r**j*nM u nmarkabl* by .iperl
Mglaun ot Ihe preaent day, and wblob
sat atshawlag-l* declajm mutt bav* required In Iheir enMlon tb* uu of Im-
veeete aucblntt, could ban bun oon-
strucMd by primitive tool* ��d ebuple
By metne of diagrams Ike tpumrtx-
plsl��sd bow iMllned plsnuof urtb could
be .���< In plaalng In jjotlllon tton* block*,
walab* of tnoritsout weight, level* and
pry han being *mplo>*d In ultlng Ihem
up. He then demon.tntod bow cully,
aompantlvsjly apuklog, lb* pyrau.idi
uold have bun eontlructed by Ihtttsgat
pk msUiods, and wnen eompleMd tb*
���nth around then, wblcb bad bun nant
tw lb* laeUiMd plant! flllod Into Ibe pile
from wblcb It wu taken, having lb*
ground u level ������ befon.
A* an lUuttntlon In* pyramid at Olub
wu tiud, *om* of ih* Mont* of wblob
wan tnneporttd adlttonuof HO mllu
In tbl* ou* lb* highest *mb*nkm*nl not*
ssstry when lb* workmen reused lb* top
count, assuming that a W ptr eent grid*
wu adopted, would have been TM yard*
k-ag. containing, u it did, aum* T,MO,00��
*s*M* yswda, provided the aides ol thtsnu.
bankmant would aland al an angle ot W
ctognn, which I* not al til Improbable, A
tnu of 10,000 mm eould bov* noUt mtk
sa Nnksnkmut In a single twilveaaonth,
a very mull part of tk* 1*1*1 labor, wblcb
NtaaHMulitdfortlM *t-vto***l UO,-
lath* *olnttonof tbe problem of potting InpIsM bog* monolith* It** > *..
g**M thai tb* modem *nglo*a> -��(,
w.ll eonshkr lb* utlliullon el la* **>*
planu bafon adopting n mon ooui. *"
A Barrier Agalut M*ttl*a��**y WMah th*
rut Cut. XM Ovarssaae.
Notwithstanding your Bapplnsss and
your ncommssdstlon, I bop* I ahall new
marry. Though Ihe most ntanttful Cna-
tun wan watting for me at tbe tnd of a
Journey ar a walk, though Ibe Carpet
wan et Silk, th* Curtain* of lb* morning
clouds, the chain and sol* atoM with
Cygnet*' down, th* food Manna, the Win*
beyond Clint, Uw Window tuning oa
Wlnander awn, I thonld not fell, or rath*
my HapptatM would not ba u tne, u my
Solltudt unburn*. Thtn, Intltadof what
1 bava dsweribod, then I* * eubllmlty lo
wiksorn* m* bom*. Th* roaring af tbi
wind It my wile aad tbt Star, through lb*
window pan* en my Children. The
mighty ibatncl Idea I bav* ol Bunty la
all tblnga etlflsa the man divided oM
minute domeetM happlncet���an amlabl*
wile and aweet Oblldnn I unUmplat* u
* p*rt of tbtt Bunty, but i moil ban a
thousand ol thou buutlfal partkUp to fill
up my bMrt.
1 tool mow and more evety day u my
Imagination etnagtheaa Ibat 1 do not Uv*
In this world alone, but In n thousand
worlds. No soonw am I alon* than shsps*
ol eplo greatiMss* an ttatlonod anusd me
and serve ray Spirit tb* offlo* whlcb I*
esisilvnliint to a King's bodyguard���then
"Truitvdy with ireptered pall come, sweep*
lux bv ' Acoordl1.11 to my st*w of mind L
am n iih Achillea thouUng In tbaTnuobda,
or v. lib Theocritus In th* Vale* of- Sicily.
Or 1 throw ray who!* bting Into Trullus,
and ritui'iulng thon line*, "I winder Ilk*
a Inst Soul upon lb* Stygian Banks its**-
lug for woftoge." I m*lt Into tb* air wlflt
a voluptuoun*** so delicate that I am
content to b* alone Thau tb!n*o, ssom-
bli.id with Ibe opinion 1 bave ot Ihe generality af women, who appear to a* da
abll.lr.in to whom I would ntber glvea
���agar Hum tban my time, form * barrt*r<
(gi.inel Mctrlmony which lr.Jolc.ln.���
"Poem* of John Ewt*." by WslterRa*
Aral. Wesjpea*.
Benin Muscat 1 aaw tk* pnn bred
Arab siian.tlnewy, bul ..ot tall,* domineering, awaggtrlng ndblen'cn In bit gltncf
andabraoeafdagxeralnhltwalot Wh**'
1 recognised a beautiful bait w noticed a
���lender Inlaid native gun or aln-roler
���shield, I offered 10* boy. Bat nothing
would ladaos tbem tossell.   "Sahib," aald
Se men, "1 killed my dradllnt fee with
1* blub, right through bl* black hurt.
Too *u Ihi* dial In my *hl*M* Ab, thai
dint wuuand by a epaarl Tbe shlsU
und my Ills. Shall fitbm, nil It Kr
money! My guar tit, sahib. laps*
Arab, ang my gnu I* my albar nil. Be*
aw_gIk.MAnbliriiaAa.gui1 Tbl
twerd���H hiling.nl to ray gn-*4fslher. It
sbukUMMnwa. % Mtkimmad,lltt
arael TktM marks, aablb, yaa ��. nan
markit Oaly ta* ol thu* mwk* I* pat
tatnwhw a me* it fctlleA"  loffend
ways wui "Na. aaalb, I wUl net  I tan-
stwclteel JaA
awsapon. Tk* old aua htd *_*>��� .mm*
tbat ncm-tMroeol tb* unwwMly double
bladed nunrtan ibat RMan* tJcwr de
* Ittt t Incku* long, tb* bladu I Inch**
" ,sad tba haodlu provide room Iar
Amtogrm.   Law It an unknown
idly In eatte-n Anbl*.-CaaBbar**
���a wenle yo'," MM a rural darky to
liothtr, "Mr nut yo' nemo ler dis p*rM-
**W_tto��" i 'i*
"Ops or out ran tegwlas op aw hsf
"Wsll. M Mm sre-loog tor st* ahaln
gug. A man what ala'enot *dd_��tloa
enough loklvvtrruhlf, tnok* *��� latter
tenlit Is better out sto way *-* InHI"-
Allant* OaaatltuUoa; ���
"WbaAgo yea thlpkof th* bnt ngn
baslasssl" sahad the ��ho�� el*rk boarder.
"Think II trill Npmade tbt oth* klndf"
"Oaae ���aga��,-r>n|i(li.  Hf�� ebeertol
Us*, "wUl nenr b* tM*A"-Ihill*a.poIl��
tuvtetdtttatoito-bla Mean, etUu.g.C
Bnltato partially heJlow, which expend
la tk* vroand, ��*��� wutetlme* nud for
SkooMng dnr, whil* hollow husM -tplo*
snn Hann* aw In itgem fcrdlspateblag
***m* e*-******tti ttti *-i*m ***, ******
To make you acquainted with "our MIRACLE PI U.B without lose of
mtoa.-~4**\^-U^g*t*- ever made tolEeUanadian public.
time wo make this proposition.
This is nr: ,,
Thi�� Automobile,
Worth $2-000,
Will be Given
OnJunel, 1902,1��
the the person who
comes nearest to the
exact number of On-
pons we will Receive.
Manufaotored by
the Searchlight llo*
tor Co.
Judges of the strongest reliability will be selected, and the results published,
so that everyone will have a fair chance, and will know this to be A BONA
The ordinary methods <rf making our Miracle Pills known to the public1
are too slow^-takes too much time.   That is the reason We make this offer.
g-*w\_ ^^ __;_'__ r\l 11'***.������ a guaranteed oure for all Bowel Troubles,
llllrdClC  irillSAppendicitis, liiliousness, Bad Breath, Indi-
. ,    . -,,,;, .mi,      ' 1 11 gtetton. Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the
stomach, bloated bowels and Heart Disease.
The world is full df people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of life, a burden to themselves and others. They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep mental depression, and all because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. Oidi Miba(j_S;Pi_l
After each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and {your,
general health1 will take care of itself. MoNEt HkIdndbd if vov a*h$ mot
it costs nothing to gneaa. atid you may win the Automobile,
which is Muted at $2,000 by the manufacturers, The SSsBarcli-
Motor Co, of Philadelphia. Al 1 vou have to d ��� is to fill out the coupon.below
an l to ���end same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL l��)XE8. Coupon MOST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WRAPPER.
MIRACLE PILL8 are sold by overy .goid di-upr-i,-*i and up-to-date merchants,
at the'standard price of 50 cer &* n box. oil>*2.*5<* -'or ��ix boxes. If you can
not obtain the same from you r druggist: or general stoi-e send dii-ec. to us We
will mall them to you, posta*!-*- prepaid, on receipt of price by reglstersed letter
or money order.
Erery Wrapper *mi<I C.nitntt yaa aend glvi*�� yoa it keiter ehKncevf Wlmtlng the
ESSK& R*    (HE & ClB, *   *
liic, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This entitles me to the property of
rhe Automobile that I will g��t ini; f
von have received .:  Coupons, and T am the nearest guessef 1
send enclosed a wrapper of your
"��AME      -  ...-   .......
ADDRE88 ;...
RenarhaMe ���..salt* Frew Ot. ��sss��h��-a
Wsm��erfal llttl. tt** fills.
To tb* Editor of tb* Era:
Sir,-I waa troablad with rh*nm*tl*ni
for about tight ysan, aad triad a gnat
trambsr of diltnni kinds ef raedieln**
without getting nils'.   Laat spring I
became wane and I eould hardly walk,
It waa thsn Ibat I trltd pr. Qlark*>>
Wonderful UttUBsd Pills,, nnd two
boxe* cured at eoibplttdy.   I havs
had n. rhtimalltai ainu taking ihia.
I am U yun af age, and ban walk
near null* eraarvly, thaakn-to ibir
nuedywoa��r.-��n.Pa.lbht)onald, Omm**. Wn  h
: rJr.' Cl��nik-',s Llulfl Bad Pllli area
peiskiveand certain ttoije Inrln giipp*,
rl.iseiin'isto. n'a.bina,paralyata, caiarfb.
-rOtsiiia. iongM, backache, indigestion,
all su.si.aitli mul li>it trosil.lu. femals
eomjilnints **.e.i-wlien ill*)slis��*����e�� have
Wn stkiiili'ng ior mnny -ye��ri,*lh* niut
��luhlsorii c.iBeo will yield. Priu 60
unt* per bsix     For.sssle by 0. W.Field.
The Cs.siiuli.iii Oheiniciil sOompany,
-Nterhproiiirli Out., will fokleit 110 for
am ua** tlms ,he���� pilla do not.help,
Dr. Clstrke's Sssn Cun forl'a'arrab
and Dr. Clarae'a 8nr��Oun for Eoartna,
um* prlo*. Ten dollar* will be paid
Ior any bate they will not permanntly
_Man__ 4aa   ********   *****  _tf_.
n_^een*nmmn  ^^-**twe   www    ww^w   ^^^^w^
W. ba*. *.�� to know of n aingla eaat
*-h*M tbsiltfweMbriiU ndt. **?* **\
buadMNtwtMy we*W*t In .1*
luting a ctre-CANADA CHEUI
OAL CO., retsr.Ussii.nnh, Om.
Th*y cara) Bhtef rb*atnatltaiaft*rl
bad bun given up.���Aadnw. Clotkty,
Victoria, B,C.
Eit-AId: Ballslr, St. Jobnl, Wrltn
I oannot tesak'too hlr/bly of Dr.
Clarks's Wondertal Llttl*; Bed tHO*
Thsy worked a miracle io say oata and
cored ms alter many yursof|Mt*rlng.
I do not tliiuk their *s}nkl I*too*
:mw*ei,   ���>   :'\yt.'y ���::'-���'���"���
Rothlnk Ilk.Or.'plsrWsiM*'*\*i.
PUIs for the can of hurt inaM*,
arakneu aad blood dlsuus. B/*t*
���ud th*m iverywhen with tai
Dr. B. P. Mann, lata of H. M. For***,
South Afr'ca
Dr. Clarke'a Little 0*i Pllto p*f
maasntly sand as of bsadtch* 1
snflsnd for ytnn, aod tatty Mm twd
bum.  *,-*fatl��li*^^-&
had a aymptem ��^.-faMB-?a*k
aon, 8anh Hi* Utri*. Ont,
I do nnt balla** thtn If, |.mtdicin*
U*d Pilla. Tb^ aarad dt* el indipu-
tlon and ettarrh nf lb* riengeh after
nin* yearn' luffsrinf. -rpt.;Bt Maedse
aid, G T.B.-hops, Montfssl.
m^^^^*^^^^^��� ^^m ���jfa^^m***t*w*)m **********t*U**9********************b
t���*4P&'^m-f1---aZ*vL*. .*_,
f-Msa-r. *>-��iss,iM.)MC-at,**e, a'-
iopyd.W: Field.
11 mm TRE FIRE M
H-klH-d ee*we o*^en*^*****th
ug ad_tt ^^alku. A
at Se ov-Um reW tad eSiU I****
., buud feudtl Mgudu It mi liiTase a
jjBeM bv^gfn;Fi#ld    ������
JNv��T'>>i'i^irinwrkM >"**tf
^'*i*****l popnltr brand of 0hawing
Ttbaooeln Canada to-day ll "Pajr
Btoll." Bvtry plug of" fn Af-l"
s-Wt����llr^-MhNnTbg. C*tiiju**r*
sbMld sat. thus t*g*, as valuabl*
pnunts er* irlv��n for triMg. ,Tagaair>
goodnp to Son. 1,1MB...; W��lu f��r
nbw illnstnud HtMliji'<if
Tbt Empln T-jbaoco Oo ,_!*#.,
ptgbraneb. Winnlpag,^.
**��� imperial Life
of Canada::::
Capital sSakwtikd.. <v.. 11,000,000 00
UaplUlPaldTJp........    4M,O00.OO
6vrantraentBiio.il....    no.OOO'00
Amsmi tlSO to.*.ry 1100 of Liabllltiu
Pint nnd Pnramoant: ���'AboblntoBt-
*     earity to Policy Holden."    '.
.   B.T,*C_lA,flIBUa.   "���
vm***l*,emt*n-Tbt*Ujil Cm-.
miaa**mt *g*i* twlay, wka. Judge"
Walkara, after straw oMaiinatisn of
^.l.ttiOmrnkHiar tali; ibat b*
nooerated Mm frta* tie sbarg* *t
acting In a d-��l aapa-iur. aad regret-
stem iiowttilgd with ��eb a *h��rgn.
 t��aH tmmti . ���_
***��min*m**m**im**l.*****, * *|
C*********t*um f*******.***************e ��*e*^*****^******t***t****e*n ^__
 %m*W*XV^rm^^*W\^^r-^l^m^  -t\t
w tnttk *euBng**t*gt******mg**b'i. '
���fit. '^S^PiT^ff''4T^ff tT^^5"^^^^ -
we yne mtrteeon en wMiiiM a*.���*��� ���
t*b 10*0*$ w tk.-A* *Am - -fit**��� Air���**���_-���*�����
TBI BBA, QOLDEN, ft C, Apbil 4 UK.
Owing to the decrease in advertising patronage, the
publication of a newspaper in GOLDEN has ceased to
be a business proposition, and we have been forced to
seek a new field for our business.
The last issue of the GOLDEN ERA will appear on
April 25th.
��;'". t- r-
All old accounts outstanding after the 15th inst. will
be put into court ibr collection.
On April 15th all unpaid subscriptions will be turned
over to The Publisher's Collecting Agency, and any who
are in arrears will save themselves trouble and expense
by settling before that date*
.  *
Those having accounts against the GOLDEN ERA
PRINTING & PUBLISHING 00-�� or the manager, are
requested to send them in bythe 15th inst. GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY, EC, FRIDAY, Apbtl 4,1.02
* - i.'Wi\ir ���",,������.;��� *I*,X1*I*, %*!*-*. *n ��/?
I Town and District.*
al-ft^ii,*-?--. W*.%**lXi*'*i*r*l*)*i*%
iir. tt. Oood nturned on Wsdnesday
Irom lb* coaat.
off ban en hi* way through. A letter
to J. A. Hull, of Kamloepa, will servo
to bring the matter to lb. .Colonel'*
notlu. i    .
If you want a nobby iprlng ruit au
I'. J McAlpint about it,
Mr. F. Morgan tpent tba Easter
holiday* Witb hi* brother in Arm*
���trong, ll.C
J. C. Oreene returned on Wednesday
from Victoria whero li* haa bten on
pri su I a Ij.taiiicss.
FOU SALE -Houu and Lot. Wil-
linji to itise a good bargain for e*��h.
Apply to Mr*. Antoy.i.
FOR SALE-Cheap lor eash, a su-
.m.lhanJ No, 8cooking stove. Apply
Kra office.
At Vachon'* ranch and garden, Gol-
slan, B 0. -Hay, potato** and turnip*
for ail*; cliaanp lor caah.
Ur. II. Taylor, ol Peterboro, waa in
town thia wuk and took part lathe
Ping* Pong tournam*r.t.
Mitt Crawford arrived in town on
Monday to take a altualion with J. C.
Tom A Co,
Mr. Jamu Brady came in from Vic
toria on Friday and Isft on Msndsy ler
up country point
W. Burton, operator at tbe itation
hers, rsctivsd ths sad nsw* of lb*death
of his mother, on Saturday last, at hsr
home in Elinsdala.
Ths Kisking Horn 1* open. Thia is
muoh later than uaual. Tho waler i.
very low but tha warm weather ol tbe
put few daya will bave a tandtnoy to
Ull up tba bad.
The annual general muting of the
Oolden Bink Co., Limited, will b* held
at the Columbia Houu on Tuesday,
April loth, at 8 o'clock in thaevaning.
II. 0. Parson, See.-Tnaa.
Mr. Tho*. Munro*, manager of the
Uolden k East Kootcuay Trading Co.,
il wearing an extra smilo Ihi* wuk
owing lo the arrival ol a daughter at
hi* home on Wsdnesday morning,
Largaly owing, ao do-ibt, to tha
ilooda tbat bare paralysed travel iu
country diatrict* of Manitoba, tbe vote
taken on Wsdnesday on Prohibition
waa against the enforcement of the
Manitoba Liquor Act.
Lonie Baueh took an involuntary
bath en Tuuday evening while draw
ing a pall of water from the river, near
the pos: offlc*. Hehad quite a atrug
gla tu get out of the hula, bat finally
sncceed*d without assistsne*.
Wa have to thank Ber. Mr. Tatu
for a photograph of ihe Era < ffi e,
wbich he laid ou the editor'* duk a
few day* uso Mr. Yatu ia an enibu*
���iaaiic amateur ol no mean talant, and
ha* taken mauy beautiful viewa in and
around Guliien
Mr. lii-une'* eow broke through the
ins ou Tuesday morning and waa only
ntvuud alter Mine bard work. Dr.
McAlse* diaMuguiihtd himself by
I drawing a noon ov*r her head wilh
tii* skill of a Texan cow*puncher.
Tho proviiisial lagialatun adjourned
nn Thuraday until April 7th, after
pawing lha Redistribution bill with
on* or two minor ainendn.ant*. There
���raa some promt at th* lung adjournment, but lha Haass* terries! lha motion
!y 18 to Iff. Tba aitting of tha Royal
l 'ommiulon mud* It inconvenient lor
istambm of Ih* Uovtrumtnt lo attend
Ui* Houu. ���**�� ������
The regular monthly mutiny ol th*
I,adb*��' Aid Society of tb* Mcthodiil
church w** held on Wsd.issd.iy afier-
:.oon last In tb* partotiago. Kenoitt
<>f officers show ihat tha society is
.icing a good work. Mrs. Avery wat
.'sMttd treasurer, that office beiug ma la
vacant by tht rnign*tlon of Mra.
Chamber*. Much regnt wa* expna-
-csl on aooount of hs-f proposed removal
from tbo town. Ir ' wae deciiled to
withdraw the Conundrum Te* (arrattg-
ud for a month ago, to bs hsld on April"f
20th) on acooullt of tho Prwbytvrians
-,'lvlug a llsniiar *iit*rtainm*nt.
; An iuquiry hi* Weil i*M*i����d in
.Unroot.* front Col. Dmh asking if any
Isorwa ��� iliabt* for army nu ara to ba
had in lhat tieigbliorhood. Col. Dent
will rlait C*lg��rjj sow* time in Mny,
*ud if tlnr. sn onoogli hor*** of tbe
rlaa* rogtlind to warrant ll. hs will ho
*'ll(n6 !���,**'�� Ki��ntt*K��# to Imp***
Um*. iT^V^iautliivl* ell for
l,'.jr.-*o that tang* fron id 9 to IJ'l
ii.iula, and ars broksn to lbs saddle.
Thtrt should b* some ��nisn��l�� In thi*.
Vhftoy tliat would noma np to tl.eta
Accepted--WUl Mobilize at Que*
beo In About Six Weeks--2.-
000 Men Wanttd.
Ottawa, April 1-A cable waa n
uived to-day from Bt. Hon. Joteph
Chamberlain aoupting Oannda'a ufar
of a fourth contingent of 2.000 men
Tha contingent will mobilix* in Quebec
in about aix week*' tim*. In addition
to recruiting the m*n, 1,000 horn* and
aaddlas will rsqnin to be purchased in
thi* country. A large portion of the
offlor* will be *elect*d from tht ion-
commissioned officers of Ihs Mounted
Pollu, Ibe  permanent. cavalry  regt
laata aad the active militia regimanta.
Tha procedure adopted will bs to aak
ths commanding officer of eaoh regl
ment to mtk* nominations. Colonel
Lusard will bo atktst to oommand lb*
Ottawa, April t-Chief Justlc* of
Canada, 8ir Henry Strong, is io retires
Juitic* Taehtrean is to tako hi* plaoe
Sir Henry Strong it 77 ytar* of ag*. i
For the Home in fpriBf Ttane.
In thousands oa homu thronghout
thi* ra��t Dominion, mothers and
daughters an working rnarrily and
happily with Diamond Dyu.
Lint yur'a laded and dingy dreuet,
ikirta, blouin, cap**, jacket* aa wall
aa children'* and nan's suits on being
transformed into nsw aad handsoms
garment* lor ipring woar. Thia horn*
dying work saves coon* of dollara annually to wosomising families.
Sueosu in homo dyeing Is only ��*���
���un.) and guarautud when the Dia<
mond Dyu an uaed. Th* uso of erUds,
common ind Imitation paokage dyu �����
a danger and a aource of lon to all
who uufortunately uu them.
Send a poet card with your address
il you detiro to uoura tht lull rang* of
Diamond Dy* Mat and ling Patttrnt.
Tbe Well. A Blchardaon Co., Limited,
900 Mountain atreet Montreal, P.Q..
will mail theu novel design* In* ol
I, O.O.  F.
Bocky Mountain Lodg* No. 34 meets m
OtWello-t Hall, UoMen, every Wedn*ad*y
atS js.m.  Sojourning brethren -ahum*.
PRATT KO. 176*, mult in Mr hai
���y second Thursday in th* month.   Visit
ing Hrotb*r* welcome.
A.f._fcA. H.
MousTAiN tMimm, No. 11, A. P.
k A. M. Kejftilsr Communkta-
tion, Ind Monday in every month. Sojourning broetbren cordially invito).
Montreal. March 8t-Ex Senator A.
W Ojjilvi. died ihis morning al hit
ruidsnes, Dorchester ��tr*sst, after an
illnu* of two week*. The direct direct
eaua* w��* pnramoni*.
Enginurs, Firemen, Maohlniit* and
Electrician* uud for 40 page pamplat
containing qnuiiona asked by Ei.roln
in* Board of Eiiuineers toobtaiu Engi-
n**r'a llunu. Addtui, Oeo. A. -eller,
PublUbsr, 18 South Fourth *lmt, St.
Louii, Mo., U.S.A*. *
N**** Westminster. April I.*-Tb��
���ub-*tructun of the Fraser river bridge
haa bun let to Meurs. Armstrong and
Morrison. ...
A Peterboro man haa invented a nsw
Ssispendsr button and calls it ths ''Old
Maid's Wsdding" - it never comes off,
A prot* t bu bun entered against
the alution of Hon. Col. Prior. The
uiukl charges of bribery and corruption
an made.
lManuft��et��res ior} carries in stock Lumber'.
E(*��m Harnois, Double Carriage Harness, Sina
HBrnesa, Stoek Saddles, Ladief Side Haddles, Hu
ing Bridles, Riding WhiM, Wggy WMtt, Catl
Spurt, Currycwrnba, Brushei, Snaps (alt sizes), Swij
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of alt kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of oil kinds repaired.
Prices right.   Hail orders of all kinds receive prompt
9***u^*���****--$. *A***e*��
rAtthrtt eem\ tree. * <
Wt Ur.aSs.av, Hew tee*.
It is a rtescue From Suffering
and Death Effected by
Paine's Celery Compound
MR. _;-u;WN SAYS:
is^ulrotaont*. nod, >l...$��** iutorssted
wooU 1st Ik* _	
onbt that 1.0 Hot-Id to trilling to nop Compound.'
Tb* greatest of moslern physician*,
Prof. Edirtrd E. Phelps, M.D., LL.D.,
alter year* of long practice and clou
���dentine etudy, gave to auSering nud
diseased msn and women hi* marvel
Iou* life giving prncriplion, with th*
conviction end pool tire knowledge ibat
it had peculiar virtues and ample
powera to oure, after ihe terrible v*r<
diet ������ incurable" waa uttered l.y tbe
medical piaetitionar.
Thousands of tbl itrongui tuti*
monial* from tba bnt known and
moat reliable men and women of onr
country fully sustain the claims made
by Ur. Phelpa regarding bia lncompar
able P.ine'a Clary Compound.
One ef tbo mott convincing proof*
furniiksd, cotatt recently from a
gentleman widely known in tbe Capital City, we refer to Mr. Alfred Brown,
91 O'Conuor ainet, Ottawa, Out. Mr.
Brown'a letttr fully damonairaiu the
laet that the greatut sufferer may eaat
off his or l.ar burden 01 dies���.a. and
become well, strong and happy. I'
proves, too. that the gnat medloln*
raainlaiua mon. ftriply. than Over before it* unrivalled place in th* utima-
tion of people of wealth and social
standing as wall aa wiih the maase*.
Mr. Brown says: *> *
"I aoknowledg* with thankfulnS'S
and pleasure the fact that I hare bun
oured of a very painful illness ol sight
years' standing by theuu of Paine'a
Celery Compound. I bad, during the
year* of my illness, tried almost all
ths advertised medicine* without darir<
ing any good results. I was alao
treated by several of tb* but dooton
oi thi* city, hoping to find tbat (ino.of
tbem at Mast would uodsmtaad toy
��,,���������   i, ":������':>
-1 waa getting worse, and,was Iold
that I waa incurable. I wa*. indeed in
a critical siocdisioo. I conld not go
from th* home alone, a* I was liable
10 suddey) oollaM*. I tried" hospital
treatment, but no reliel Or good result*
same io pte. I could not .Imp; ago
thing that I aia Increased my agonlOU;
I wa* extremely wnk. ruileu, tlitM
and deapondai.t; wa* oWigs*4Sio walk
���boot with our handi -wsMfi flrrt
Into my l*ftf Ids to mm ray polo* ���
fnt aod handsf w��n cold oootibu*
bad inclination io vomit, hid tin"
'juj ���0ld.w*at��.s*.icks^.tl;1pe*n*)w
w u r-wkod ,-mith paiu -Tof btnrrn afi
"After tha regular uu of Palna'a
Celery Compound for a time, I am now.
in th* beat of health, have good appetite and eon nu ary kind of food
FOR  $12.00.
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. ease.
the JeWeller,
Golden,. B.O.
Tendert far LImbm I. Oat TlmOer oa
Ooialal.n Lsasl* ia ths. i -.flaw
���r Briti.h oOlanbla.       '
UK.U.F.P TENDERS  tdilnssed to fl
"   iinderai*js*d aial markesl on tkeurelope
"Tender for Timber Ilswth No, *�����!," to bo
opened on In* Ifil. of A|sfII. IHOt, ��|H bt
----' *' *t thit Dapartmwi hnUl iio*n ott
prising two blocks of three sqiun miln
HlockNo. l-Bolug*ri th* Booth tlda of
nld eruk, oconaeucmg half * mil* up
stream from tba 0.1*. Ky track and thence
up strum thru mllu by one mile* In depth.
Block Ho, 2-Baing cn tb* north side of
"    " *   *m
Th* rerulstloaa under which a lice'nae will
med, alao printed form cf tender and
may u obulned al thi* Depart-
uid creek, comtasnclng U mile, up strum
from thn 0. f. By. track and thence up
stream thru miles by ons mils in depth
be Issued*** also
co of the Crown Timber
ss��t**j#�� the offli
coat���� N.w WM	
Each tender matt b* aesostAmW by a*
accepted chequ* oo a iharttred bink I*
fcvorrflh* Deputy of Ih* MlnlsUr of tb*
Interior, for the amount* nf tba bonus which
.   .:. Secretary.
Daparttwnt of tWlnlerlar,
Or. Agntw't Can for Ik* Heart too bwt
���psKiUo.   UnOw It's sny, sav ar ill et tow
m-umIom et sgttmss Mil vaitiu Ilk* dn bttat
is^ulromont*. aod i IJAom inierui�� -,,,���-, 0o ��� I ��ra m, old self onu mon,  doi'll",5rtlrfi��uSlrV"aii.uw.
wooWlstthoCoIonrlltgotirwohnTOUo all through tho nso of Paine't Cilery �����*>-��ih*awttsMMmawa,
ttMaornlafMa. llawlaaia|a��*MMa*eoni(iiau
(tsry day u * uvw-hillng titatssut.   Om
  "   AbwbsMlM
Sold by 0. W. n.ld.
�� Bills bf Sale As��v''
'MoTICE Is hereby >I��m tliat that poriico
IN   ot the Order in! ConncU of HwUtbof
of th. Order in
September, 1��>0, whl
Pin* tor regUtritlTO '^'"^'1*|J��� ������*���"
ton! dbtrict'hlll b* th* elite of tb*V Refit
.._     - ityCeurt at Ooldtm has been
nsclndad, suck recision ts Uk* **Vt on the
tsuyof Apru, im. .        . .
Ausf und.r th* provhiont if Ih* BUI* of
Bala Act, as amended by the "BOU ef Salt
AeUs-Jndsn.nl Aot, le*." His Henor lb*
Lieutenant Oovenor in Goun-.il i* pleated to
order that cu and after the lirat day of April.
a*. Ibe placa for raafatratlon of Bill"" of
**Jd lut.Ewtanay Ibctonl
are tbe perfection of satorial art. The
cloth is new in design and color, ahd is
handsom and long wearing.   ..   .  .  .'
<& Co-
^���Mi-'AAfffAti .-.��*���� ;��������*>.';���.��;.
.���-tU, ".<��� ..'Ti-s-^fv.i^^a^il
flrat-Clasj Aswommtdatiea fee
. Delphine.^
Replete in Everything.
Being on IU only direct rants to tbs mines oa Toby, Hone Thief and Ke. 1
Creeks, it is th* headquarter* of all mining men.
Good Stable Aooommodat ton.
Finest Brands
pf  , iiuors
and Cigars.
tnumnt '
���AWFAcwi#is of cedar Sills, etc.,
fir Dimension a Specialty.
-of Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt.
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.
An Air Of
about made-to-measure eat--*
ments that is nover found in
ready-made clothinff.    Tbe
clothier makes clothing for a
A_a_*   .-j^del."  We make apparel
$*jtfa*\      for the man who favors us
-;*".";        with his measum   Stands to
reason that ours must It.
Has also an individuality which the ready-made cannot
���' have"1-
Suits to Order
��s* >\
Columbia River Lumber Qo.
_______ Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Terms Cask.
eehnKM, u. v.
<f fi ���]."������v.
m for
-a, Uai
111 not
th* coronation csrenonlss, Sir
-anrlsr koing th* only r��pnunt��tlv*
ol Canada to enjoy tbit boaor. th*
proelodnl preml*n will bo simply
' ���how* tb* ��lgh��s."
��� ipsa
Iokio In tk* fap*rial Ut,


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