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The Golden Era Jan 24, 1902

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Array *ma***mm
.GOLDEN, British ColuM-IA, FRIDAY, January 24,1902
$2 Per Year.
H. 8. Howlakd, President.
T. B. Muritt, Vlce-Pre��ldent,
D, ft. Wi-iic, General Manager.
Interest Allowed on
Deposits of $1.00 and
Upwards at Current Rates.
J. S. OIBB, Manager.
Jas Bbadt, D.LS., & P.L.S;
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst.ME.
���ernyt rude fer Assessment Work and
_jUad iir aalejsn Lake Windermere tod
Omk East Kootenav.
... Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
SMe Kicking Horse stiver.
January Clearing Sale.
To make the work pt Stock-
Taking as light as possible
we offer extra special values
in all lines except groceries
for the balance of this
month.    ���$     $     $
If nil Bros. & Co.
Wholesalo ste Retail
Uattl*., Sheep and Hem Dealers.
Thomas O'Brien,  .
Bawieter, aallcitor,
gemry PubUe'Cenyeyaneer, ete
l'|i,s*r Colun.l.in Ntvlgaiion and
T��e����*ay t:oi..|,!iny'a"llluil(lingV
m****** a. v.
larvay. ioCartet dt Pinkham,
Ha*rl.tort, sjollcltora, te.
ki, B.0.
Ferguson, B, C,
Fort Steele, B.C
on given t(
��� ,.. Jay.    Speclel rate* hn
���tte Hie ULLOCK,
Vg_Slwe.ll attention, given to baggage ef
***��� --���-��� ���,   Delivered lo and fn
urv "i ��� eeewige*
I, HI per day.
slat men.
Tba slat* of the Liberal convention
hai beta changed to t*b, 6th..
__��� Vanitonear Bar Auootatlon mat
9* U**-*f 1����* ***-'��� nnanlmouily
���*_atBr-j_d*d ti. P. Davit, K.C.'for.
IhsjvaeentohUt jnttloethlp of Britiih
Celatettia. Th* ***c*nr_��nd*tloo <ra��
��M to Hon. David Mill*, Miniater ol
,***���*, TheCttnneliof th* Botrdof
Trttft abw net anl endoired th* noma*
**ni*a*-'  -----
Parsa** to-***4- entrance to th*
"" pel Mr, G*d.'Trony, j*weier,
nit,and meittng Mr*. Trony
Mall, hnooked her down.   Tb*
ami h*r unconiolous and the
get away with diamond*
ifillandaoheek forflOO pay
*U* to Mr. Trony. ���
��� .-1Mfc''1rt^
tm*** M***. tad ����� l*V**** Uv* V**
gt**m***---������*- *m*M'*mtmm��
f*_,   ::.''' .' f
F.M. Barrett
B. C.
- Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies'Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Bankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds ropaired.
Prices right.   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
taken at random from our stock Would give a fair.idea of
the beauty and value of the goods we offer. Let yotir eye
run ouer this list of
and make a note of the prices. When you see the goods
you'll know why we claim to have the best value in town-
J. C. TOM & Co.
Upper Columbia
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, SlTSu.
mining DrvisiON.:      9  '   9S ���    9
IPor rates on Ore tm* other information apply to
C. f4*   -^-ffSO-V SECRETARY,
Lying Idle Gives Golden a Black Eye���If
Operated on a Small Scale at First would
be of Immense Benefit to the District.
Editor Era:
Juat few wordi in reference to the
imelter question, as Riven in your last
issue. If the townsite wan given to
the smelter company upon condition
that t.iey construct and operate the
smelter, then, I say, it is time eome
weight was brought to bear upon our
representative at Ottawa to have this
matter brought to the conditions upon
which the deed to this Iand was ob-
dtioted, only gives Oolden nnd the
whole district a black eye, as investors say- "Why, you have not ore
enough here to operate your own
imelter, so I will go some plaoe else to
look for mining property." Tbere is
no reason why Golden cannot be made
a busy point, but the people must pull
together aud advertise their country
and get in new life, There^s no dis-
tained.    It seems very strange if thej jtrict that can ahow any  better pros-
are obliged to operato the smelter and
do not that they can give deeds their
lot*, as by doing so they lay themselves open for damages.
If the smelter was only operated on
a small scale this spring 10 miners
oould get nut a few tons of ore and
ship here and get quick returni lt
would make Oolden one of the best
towns in the west, as miners could
then go baok and get more ore and continue, nnd I am positive tbat very
shortly the smeller would pay. It
would also advance the townsite and
show the public that Oolden is a
pushing town and not one that needs
Tbis sin.-lter,  as it has been  con-
pects than this, but interest seems to
be lost in the country, We can read
every day about the hustling that
Revelstoke business men do, and they
are making it win. Revelstoke was in
the same boat as Oolden over tho
smelter question, but the good Columbia river came to tbeir rescue and made
the smelter company tear its building
down or the river would bave taken it
to Robson. Since lhat time Revel
atoke haa kept to the front, and if our
local smelter was only operated on a
small scale at the start we would soon
have an industry here that would be a
credit to the town und do justice to its
people. FREE MINER.
Oolden, Jan. 20, 1902.
San Francisco, Jan. 21���Suit has
been entered by Edna Wallace Hopper,
tho soubretle, sslejs-daughterof the late
Alexander Dunsmuir, against Hon
James Dunsmuir, in the court* oi thia
Slist-C. The amo n.t claimed ie $750,-
000. The-Mtion wiae-i. out*-of a dispute over the will ol the lute Mr. Dunsmuir, who was a resilient of. California Tho suit is for a portion of the
properly of R. Duoamuir k Sons, held
on Vancouver Islnnd an.l at different
pi,sos-h throughout the .United States
Edna Wallace Hopjier is the divorced
wife of DaWolf Hopper, ot New York,
and a daughter of the wife of the late
Mr. Alex. Dunsmuir, brother of the
premier. At the time of the death of
Mr. A. Dunsmuir a certain apportionment of property .was made to his
widow and will naturally fall to Edna
Wallace Hupjer ns her mother's heiress. The suit now being brought by
the lute Mr. Duusmuir'a step daughter
is for an extra divison of the properly
to which ahe claims a light.
Color. Colombia. Jan. 20-A naval
battle began at 6 o'clock this morning
in tl.e harbor of Panama. The revolutionary fleet contitts et tha steamers
Ptdilla. Darien and. Gaitan. They
tried toforcea landing at Sal-ana. The,
Government ships are th* Chilian
steamer Lautaro, seised by General
Alban, the Paciflo Steamship Company'* Chiouito, chartered by General
Alban, and the Panama Canal Co,'a
steamer Boyaca, also chartered by the
Colombian Government. The Padill*
Bred three eholt wbioh pasted over the
Chleuto, and tbe latter answered with
several ahota. The insurgent* pressed
(or a landing, but a tnerciloss hre was
kept npon the lorts on shore and gunboats. Tbe Ptdilla was disabled and
the other two boats oame to her rescue,
firing all the time, They were eoon
put out of running condition. The
three insurgent vtsttli were tunk one
alter another. Two Government ships',
Chieuito and Boyaca,  were alto sunk.
Vancouver, January 80���Th* SS.
Oity ol Seattle arrived from Skagway
i hi* afternoon. . On Jan. 6th the Daw-
ion elector* deoided in favor of incorporation and- the eieotion for mayor
tnd othtr officials takea plaoe in March.
R. P. McLennan will probably be the
Bnt mayor. ,
Montreal, Jan 20-Mr. D. D. Mann)
of Messrs. Mackenzie k Mann, the
builders of the Canadian Northern
Railwny, will leave tor Britieh Coluin
bia to-night, accompanied by Mr. J. N.
Greenshieids, K. C, the firm's counsel.
It is understood here that Mr. Mann is
on a mission lo confer with the Gov
eminent of British Columbia with re
Kurd to a subsidy for the extension of
their road through to the Pacific coast.
That the idea of Messrs. Mackenzie k
Mann to put another transcontinental
road across Canada will be carried into
effect is accejued as a fact by the leading financial men in Montreal who are
in close touch with English capitalists. These men think the indications
are that there will be a big development iu the northern section of British Columbia.
Victoria, Jan. 20.���Before Mr, Jul
tic* Martin, this morning, Mr. Gordon
Hunter, t-.C, renewed his application
tor a writ ol mandamus compelling
Ihe deputy provincial secretary to issue
a writ in accordance will t!*e Speaker's warrant tor the Vict .ria by election. Mr. H. A. McLean, deputy
attorney general, opposed the application, and produced an affidavit Irom
Campbell Reddle, deputy provincial
secretary, in which he states that be
received no such warrant, and cites a
communication received from Speiker
Booth, in whioh the 'Speaker states
that he thereupon iesued a warrant for
the by election, but Reddle slate* ihat
the document doe* nut bear the seal at
rsquirsd by statute. Mr. Hunter thereupon asked tor an adjournment until
Wednesday, which wa* granted.
Earth's First and Bes'.
In the Canadian hockey championship for ih* Stanley Cup, the flrst
game of ibe aerie* wae played iq Win-
nipeg on Toeiday evening laat. Winnipeg * w��* victorious, defeating Ih* P.Q,', and you" wiil beiont ��beels of
Tsiroiito.WcUlngtons by 6 to 8, ' pretiy. deii*-u��.
Diamond Dvet the people's ohoioe,
Diamon 1 Dyes make sll rejoice;
Diamond Dyes for mothers, wives,
Diamond Dyea make glad their lives;
Diamond Dyes are fast anil trust
Diamond Dyes mnke old things new;
Diamond Dyes eost but a dime,
D smoud Dyes save money, time;
Diamond Dyea a household nnme,
Diamond Dyes have world-wide fame
Diamond Dyes stand every test,
Diamond Dyes earth's firat arid best
Have vou tried to. make a Hooked
Mat or Rug? With tuch helper* n
Diamond Dye* to oolor your maierialt,
any Intelligent woman can make np a
pretty floor ornamin*. Send your ad-
dress to The Wells _ Richardson Co.,
Limited, 200 Moun.aln St.. Montreal,
London, Jan. 21���Mr. Chamberlain-,
in the conree of a speech in the Coin-
inons, yesterday, on th* war, laid that
thi assumption oi Lord Itoeebery, in A
���peach at Chetterfield, that tha Boor*
could at any time have the terms tbat
Kitchener formerly offered to them wat
a mistake.   The Boers hnd flatly refused those termi and since then thd
British bad lost heavily In live* and
mature,   tfo offer  eaoh term* again
would be bad diplomacy and wouli
eneourag* the rloert ti cdntiriue thst
struggle,   "though   ths)** term*  ���Ufa'
represented the  spirit  In which thd
Government would approach the con-
olusion o*f peace, their detalla mutt bs)
modified.   Tht Government   wat nol
animated by vindictiveness and wai not
deaf to reaaonable overturei,  coming
from responsible Boers, but it wae mtt
prepared to take any ac'tidd resembling
weakness, doubt or vacillation.  Therefore, ihe proclamation of August wools*
not bs withdrawn.   There would, however, be a very large amaeaty, aa larg*
as could be conferred wkk justice) td
the loyalists, thost who mrrendered td
Great Britain.   There weald be no extermination of the pbdple, but the baa-
iahment of leaders wbo dt- not lur"*
render could not  be  revoked.    Tht)
Sal tlement would be less hard than that
imposed by  the Northern States ot
America   oh   the   Sout-*rn   Statea;
There would be no general con-Jtoation;
He did ndt fear that irremovable bitterness would remain in South Africa.
The war in Amit-ica had rtsalted id
complete reunion.   Mr.   Chamberlain
instanced   the   indication*   tbat   th*
Boers wsr* already inclining toward*
settlement.   Two thousand burgher*!
ho said, were fighting on the British
side, and tbe prisoners at Berm��daha4
petitioned for permission to take the)
oath.   More than 200 Were Willing to
take the oath of allegiance immediately
and all others were willing to take thd
dath Of neutrality.   Number* ot prisoners at Coy lon had naked to  be take*
into the British Service.
Save Your Snowshoe Taps.
The most popular brand of rjh*wia*>
Tobacco Ih Canada to-day is "l*l��*f
Ball." Every plug of "Pay Boll**
bears u '-Snowshoe" Tag. O-hsumer*
Should save them tags, a* valuable
presents art) given for them, 'fag* ait*,
good up to .trill. 1, lttOS. Write foi.'
new illustrated premium catalogue,
the Empire Tobacdd C3 , Ltd.; Winni'
pegbranch,  Winnipeg, Mali.
The tdntest fur the Upper Culunlbi*
Navigation Company's competition baa
narrowed ddwh tb the two "rinks which
we noted last week a* having won all
their garnet���Wari-en rind Dainard. I
On Thul-sday evening Dainatd
played Gibb and Warren tackled Alexander. Both of thete game* looked
like a picnic tor the leaden, but in ear-
ling uothin_ is Dure, and when the
games were over the leaders eaoh bad _
loss to tally. This leave* them each
with lout win* and on* loa* and on*
game to play. Aa this gams I* be*
tween themselves it will deoide the
competition and will be watthed with
great ihtorost.
Game* played thi* Week were :
Warren 11 v Hendetton 6.
Ullock 1G v Alexander 8;
Dainard 12 �� Ullock 9.
Warren 12 v Parson S.
Alexander 10 v Warren 9.
Gibb 13 v Dainard 10.
On Saturday evening laat a gtnrl
wa* played between the fulltlwin���
rinks: * >
F. Stalker. Dr. Taylor. J. G. Ullook-,
H. Lang-ll. _    _
T. Kilpatrick, C. H. ParWti, R. Ft
Miller, J. S. Olbb-10.
The gamb w*�� very blow and well
contestsd. MK tana, by a splendid
draw with His last (tone, scored th*
ntctssary point.
Or. Agnes**- Olritmaht .Aft
���outlt Its -ur__ patlanta tjj>
Bnt I* no ont skin dlscue has It te **-��
timet marvellosjs cure's as in cases of Ec-seina-i
Ibis tenacious skit disorder which Mil bsBlel
many a physician Ih seekuut after a Mi*. On*
application put* Out ibe br*. take* away thi
itching, slinging actMation, tahdaner ��� few appIP'
caiionslhetTOptlsms begin to dry up.sjs'nlisishj
tnd eventually s_ieljpcar entirely. Tt*l beaut*]
ofthe tmtrassnt is, ll a-vet Ho scar br H
tht iroobls!--but a s_Ki ateblt it bablrtl
plksinfourtotiahijjb-*   Jje
Bold by C. W. tiili. '
1   ���  -^^
_^__*__H__fc THK ERA,GOLDEN,IIC, January 24, tut.
��he OBolbtu fBva.
Pl'Bl.lSHKL. EVEKY Fltll.AY.
Eu. V. (.'.lAllllKlts, . Editor .and Publislier
Subscriptions $2.00 per year in advance.
Advertising rates made known on request
FRIDAY. Jasuauy 24, 11)02.
Mr. Jos. Martin, who was by some
thought to have heen put out of business, politically, nt the last fsrovincial
election, ha. been a verv live "corpse"
since that time, and liis lnt.Bt move
indicates Mint ha still has considerable
strength aud influence. The conven
tion culled in the interests oi the Liberal party of the province, to meet ill
Vancouver thia month, will in all
probubility be culled upon lo agree on
a leader of lho Liberal party of British
Columbia, and there Is no doubt tbnt
Mr. Jos. Miii'tiu feels that he is the
one that should he chosen. The Vic*
toi-ia Liberal Association had taken no
stops to elect delegates to the coven*
lion anl Mr. Martin cent them word
tliat unless such a meeting were oalled
before tlte.2lat he would offer himself
as a candidate in the approaching bye-
election for the Dominion House in
that city. Tl.e fi.st decision reached
by the executive of the Victoria Asso
cilttion wna to ignore this demand, but
according to inter advices Ihey have
decided to send delegates and so avoid
a three cornered contest, This would
go to show that at all events Mr. Martin should not have the leadership ol
llie Liberals of B. C. when l.e ie willing to jeopardise their chances in a
Dominion election. It also woutll go
to show lhat the Martin faction, for so
we must term it, has a much greater
strength than was thought possible.
The truth is ihat Mr. Martin is h poll
lioiiin of much greater ability than any
ol his present opponents, and it he
were able ut times to sink liis own
personal views, ..ud accept those of his
friends, he would make a most valuable leader. But his record shows tbat
while be i�� nu indomitable lighter, it
is alwaya lor his own views that he
lights, and ho will in defence of ihem,
tight his own sup|iortersas fiercely an 1
lelemleasly as his opponents.
upright man., with a progressive polioy,
has no show in that town against the
influences of boodle and whiskey.
We have received a copy of a map of
the Horsefly district in Cariboo, to
which so much attention has been
directed by the reports of the discovery
oi rich placer ground, end will be
pleased to allow anyone to examine it.
The map is accompanied by a pamphlet giving all available information
regarding the new lind. The Department of Mines i* to be congratulated
en iheir prompt action in tbia maler.
There is trouble ahead for tbe Rob*
lin Governmont in Manitoba over the
question of prohibition. A monster
demonstration was reoenetly held and
a strong deputation waited on the premier and pressed for an immediate enforcement of the Liquor Act. Roblin
held out for a plebiacitu. The deputation returned and reported to the meet
ing. at the same tine inlorm'ng those
present lhat Attorney-General Camp
hell would, with their permission, address them and make further explanations. Out of an audience of about 800
only six people voted to listen to him
Manitoba will get prohibition without
a doubt.
Ottawa, Jan. lo-Todny tho official
figures of the Dominion census were
issued. They show that the population of Canada is 5,369,666 as against
4,833,239 in 1891, an increase ol 536,-
427 in the figures ol tbo Dominion
census whioh were issued in the bullte-
tin oi last August. By province* the
population is:
1891.       1901
British Columbia.    98,173 .   177,272
Manitoba    158,606      854,847
New Brunswick..   321,263      831,120
Nova Scotia    450,896      459,574
Ontario 8,114,381   8,181.942
Quebec ..1,488,536   1,648,898
P, E. Islnnd ....   109,078      108,269
Territories     66,799      158,941
Yukon         27,167
Unorganized Ter.     38,168        25,546
This makes the unit of representation 25,81.7, so that the next House of
Commons will consist of 210 members.
Prince Edward Island loses one member'; Nova Scot In loses two members
New Brunswiok loses ono member
Ontario loses six members.
Tho provinces lhat gain are Manitoba, three members, British Columbia
one member, and tlie Yukon gel* one
In our laet issue we publish*,) Mr.
James Dunsmuir'.* reply to those who
for the last six months huve heen trying in everyway possible toemburras-
hi in in hit efforts to curry on ihe busi
i.ess ol the country. We hope that
ihis letter from the premior has been
carefully lo.id as il is lo us a cum
luendsble departure (rom establishes]
rules., and one wn hojie to sau followed
giving, as it does, a chnuco for the
general public lo know what the policy
will be .luring tlio coming session.
Mr. D-iiismuir't policy neo.'s no oom'
inepi from ua, il being self explanatory
tu I one i hnt will nppeul to every fuir
minded elector.
I., s-efurriiig to his acceptance of
proffered support from il.e Opi.oSiiioii,
Mr. Diin-uiiuir mjs i lint "grent pressure" was brought to kenr on hiin to
induce him to allow the railroad inter
esis controlled br J. J. Hill lo have
Iheir owu way with the Goverument,
which scheme* were defeated by the
notion of Mr. Martin and bit follow.
*ri. Further than this lie does not go,
but we hare been informed from creditable sources, and we bave no doubi
that it is true, that if Mr. Diusmuir
or any af his supporteia bad been sus
ceptnbi* to money influences that the
monty and Iota ol it wat there. Taking till* laet in connection with the
Candida.***** of tii* foi lit solicitor of
Il.e V., V'.'U E. il ia to he hoped that
when tlie Hous** meets the members
'wijl oswufelly diisjlsler nil aides of the
question tafiy? i-layiiitf Into Um hand*
of* foreign ciorporniioii.% defeating
iho press*" Governmerit.
The result'of ilia municipal election
iu Kamloops show* thnt tip honest.
Victoria, Jan. 16,���Chief Justice
McColl died here to-night at 10:30 p.m,
during a oonvulsion. He had been
suffering for some time with Brighi's
The Hon. Angus John MoColl was
appointed Puisne Judge of the Supreme
Court of British Columbia on October
13. 1896, and was appointed Cbiel
Chief Justice, in succession to the
Hon. Theodore Davie, .who died March
7, 1898, on August 23, 1898. He was
the third son of the Rer. Angus Mo
Coll. D.D., Chatham, Ont., a retired
clergyman ot the Presbyterian church,
by his wife Alice, daughter of tbe late
John Ross, of Toronto.
He was born in 1854 and wns educated at tue high school, Chatham, and
by private tutors. In 1879 he was
oalled to the Ontario Bar, and, after
practising at Brussels and Goderich,
he removed lo Winnipeg, and became u
partner in the legal firm of Messrs.
Bain, Blancharc I k McColl. In 1882
lie removed to British Columbia, taking up his residence in New Westminster, where he secured u large
practice nud formed n |iurliiership wiih
G, E. Corbould, K.C. He was eleoted
a Bencher of the Law Society, ai.d in
18112, waa created a Q.C , by the Earl
of Derby. At the time of li is ap|ioint
ment as judge of the Supreme Court,
he ���as regarded as the leader of the
British Columbia Bar,
The late Chief Justice wat an adherent of the Presbyterian Churoh and,
in 1884, married Helen Janet, daughter
of John V. Barlow, Esq., formerly of
Toronto, Jan. 16,���The Evening
Telegram's London cable says: "Anticipating a visit from Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, when the Canadian Premier
sails to attend the coronation ceremonies, as the representative of the
Dominion, the Town Counoil of Swansea, Wales, yesterday deoided lo offer
him the Fi.edom cf the Borough."
Bat Saved Through a Letter
From an Old Acquaintance.
To the Editor of tbe Era :
Sir,-I feel it a duty to let the publio
know through your paper what a close
oall I had and how I eseaped. I we*
engaged as* s brakeman on the C.P R.,
and contracted rheumatism, wbich
soon became chronic I became unfitted for work, and finally was unable
to walk, in which condition ""r was
when a ietter from a friend in Winnipeg told me of Dr. Clarke's Wonderlul
Little Red Pillt, and how they bad
oured several of his acquaintance!. I
resolved to try them and It was only
after taking six bottles lhat I began to
improve. I am now, I um pleased to
say, as well as ever, and am back at
my old occupation.
I believe I would have died had it
not been for this marvellous medicine.
-A. F. Wood, C.P.R.; Montreal.
Thoa. F. Gallwan, Marlbank, Ont.,
writes: Your pillt ar* giving good re
suits. My case is one ol ecxema, of 17
years' standing.
F. H. Yales, Marlbank, Ont., saya:
I have bad stomach trouble,, for over
two years, and tried different remedial.
Three boxe* of Dr. Clarke'i Little Red
Pills did ine more good tban anything
I have tried.
Peter D. McFadyen, Riverdale, P.E.
I., writee: I bave used your pill* for
Stomach trouble and found them a
wonder . Your Catarrh Cure I* alio a
perleot cute.
Pact In th* msMhsMof-rssad Rheamat.
tlam and lit. deapalrssd ef, but Beuth
Amtrlcan RhaumatloOuroflrtsed him
-at mre that never fall*.
"My son was so bid with rhtumttlsm lhat
wt thought ht would die, so great wer* his suC
ferine*. We tried many remedies but they all
tailed, and not until wt procured South American Rheumatic Curt was there a sign of relief,
"I hree bottles of this grandest of medicines madt
a new man of him.-'-Wm. H. Winslow, Sr.,
St. Uteri, l]ut.   It rtltevet In six houn.    tt
Sold br C. W. Field.
British Parlitimsnt w is opened by
the king on ihe afternoon of Jan. 16.
Mr, Ralph S.nith .UP., hae been ap
pointed a member of the fishery coin-
mission, which will investigate arid
report on the salmon industry of this
province. Ho it the representative of
labor on the commiitiuu.
No bsMttlnr -boat the bneta lb* Aaron
Nlohola-h* bellevea Dp. AtrastWa
Cum fo* tbe H*ar�� cured Ua win,
and he aaya ao *tr_l_ht.
"This Is 16 certify that I bought two bottles of
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the heart for my wife who
not been for twenty years a great ssuTcrer from
Heart Disease, else hsd more benefit tram it
than from all ttie doctors lhat havetltsmded her,
and I an. pleated lo give this ceri-cato of lu
wondtrlul curatlvt powers."
Aaron Nichols, Peterboro P.O., Oat
It relieves in thirty minutes. 67
SoldhyO. W. Field.
Hlgn Writer
Weenie Artlat
Hstmae Heeerntor.
London, Jan. 15-Th* Vanity Fair
correspondent from Rome write*: "Tlie
death of the Pope may be expected any
day, as bis holiness can only be said
to be just alive. He takee little nour
ialunent and is generally unconscious.
He suffers no pain and simply dozes
away without comprehension of what
is going on around him."
Tlie caucus of the Opposition members, which was held at New Westminster January 15, of which great
hings were predicted, resulted in a
frost. There were but 11 members of
the legislature present whicli J id not
speak very well tor the boasted streiigt h
of the bolters, No resolution* were
passed. McBride, the former minister
of mines, it credited with having made
the statement that the Government will
not be tble to initster more tban a doxen
supporters when thn House meets.
Ottawa, Jan. 16-Hon. Jas. Sutherland, M'P. fur North Oxford, who haa
been a miniater of tha Dominion Cabl
net without portfolio since 1899, was
to-day sworn in by Lord Minio at
Rideau Hall as1 Miniater of Marine nml
Fisheries, a portfolio which has Iseen
vacant since the appointment of Sir
Louis Davit* to th* Supreme Court
Hon. Mr. Sutherland has betn acting
et different times for ministers during
their absence einco he became a member of the cabinet. Hs noted for Hon.
Mr. Mulock when the latter waa in
Australia, for Hon. Mr. Slfton when In
England, and has preaided ovtr th*
Department of Marine and Fisheries
ever since Sir Louis resigned.
It I* nnderttood thit later on there
will be a thuffle in th* cabinet, and
that the portfolio ot Marine and Flth
erles wilt go lo British Columbia, Tha
nomination for Hon. Mr. Sutherland'*
reelection will take place on the 29th
Montreal, Jan. 5.���Voting to fill
vaoancies in nine constituencies for the
House of Common* in eastern Canada
took plac* today and retailed at follow*:
West Queen*, P.E.I ��� Farquharton
(Liberal) defeated McLean (Conterva-
live) by 400.
L'ls-lat, 'Q.ie.���Caron (Independent
Liberal) defeated Carhonneau (Govern
ment Liberal) by one majority,
Laval, Que. ��� Leonard (Conservative) defeated Wilson (Liberal) by 22.
Ooyer (Independent Liberal) also ran.
St. James, Montreal-Brunei (Liberal) defeated Bergeron (Conservative)
by 7-0.
Addington, Ont, ���Avery (Conserva
tive) defray-sl Wormian (Lilieriil) by
over 400,
Kingston - Harty (Liberal) defeated
Mwseir (Oonahrvatire) by .700.
W*. t Hattlngsj- Porsej* {Conterva*
tive) defeated McLeod (Liberal) "oi 500.
W**t York-Campbell (Llbtril) de-
tented Wallace (Conservative) by 169.
East Dorham-Belth (Liberal) defeated Thorllon (Con*etr*tlve) by M,
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills area
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stubborn cases will yield. Prioe 60
cents per box.   For sale by C. W.Field*.
The Canadian Chemical Company,
Peterborough. Ont., will forfeit 110 for
any case that these'pills do not help.
Dr, Clarke's Surs Cure tor Catarrah
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cqre for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollar* will be paid
for any case they, will not permanently
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Trains pits��� Hidden
Touriet Car Set rice lo
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Sundays and Wednesdays.
Direct tteainer sen ice (rom
Passenger tickets to all point* at
lowest rates.
Full information and Illustrated p-Mn
phlet* furnished on,application.
C. E. WELLS, ��. J. COYLE,
Agent, A.G.P.A.,
Golden, B.C, Vancouver,
1, 0. 0. r.
Rocky Mountain Lodge He. 34 meets In
Oddiellows Hall, Ooldtn, every Wtdnstday
at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren welcome.
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li Np-lTHm IMi
******* tilt lastnaswtsl
11 x*nm*> Him in nm
Yearly Stticrtj��l6n, 1MB.
.U**m,i**ay ***** tt****,
a*******-,***U*m tSM.
* as .It* af tt** at***4*/.
ta ow TettyognniaAutyW9tpg*yt
It---1-. t**m-mm*lgl*\m IQ Ct_____J____ Pittum
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II Sash & Door
i| Factory-* Shop...
J Entl.se Md Bettor Be-palrfe* ��� U*etl*Hy.
New Or'ean*, Jan. Jl.���It i* believed
In thipptng circles here that a Britiih
tranaport, laden with American mules,
bound for South Africa, has heen in*
sarswpted and blown np by a Boar ��py
in ths Gulf ot Mexico or h���� foundered.
A' schooner arriving on the lower
co**t report* hundred* of dud molt*
floating fori a distance of. 80 mile*.
Thi* new* ht* greatly stirred shippers
here, who tear that further deipertte
attempt* will bt mid* to *top the export of mules to Cape Town. Tbe
more conservative element contribute
the floating ctriasscs to a dissstsr -to
on* ol th* British vessels during the
storms that hav* beep raging near the
ooa*t thi* week.
Deapatchee from Quinana, Texat,
which* li only a short distance south of
Port Ed*, *ay that the schooner Olga
hit put into Mattagbra Bay totheltrr
from th* fl*rc* gale blowing en the
tjtnlf, and that Capt. Peterson repuria
having aeen long row* of dead cattle
and mul** floating in th* water. He
dtiorlbet th* rang* of tlie deed atock
M coming at litis* 40 milt*.
Matthew   Werriwr,   of  the-Elder
D*mp*l*r Sttamthlp Co., whioh fur
alabsta man** ol th* Britiih trtniporis,
���tate* thai all tbeir trantjion* have
bwn aeeouuled for *��c*pt one sailing-
from here three d��y* *go.   Thev  hsd
heard nothing from her.   The recent'
attempt, to blow up the British  uhlb
port Mechanician, In ihia -...n.        -������
o*lled"by those persons who im-;.,. to
the opiuion  tbat a  Britis-h ������,���������*,,,
haa been blown up.
.lurch Services.
Servloes every Sunday at 11a.m. and '
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lat and Srd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festival* and Holy Days at 8 a.m., Or
a* may be announced from theohanoel.
Ssinday School ��t.2:30 p.m.
Alt are cordially invites' to attend -
th* service*.     C. F. Tai a   \'������'���
PBESnVr.RiAH cuiiaoH.      .   -
Service every Bsindav at 7:80 fi.m.
Sunday Sohool and Bible Claw at fl
p.m, sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even*
at 7. ���  -
. . Rav. j. E. Bgoo. PaatoT. '
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8   pro.
8unn"ay School it 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeiing on Tuesday atflp.m.
���j^bv. &.B. Laiolbv. Pastor.
Mexico Cl|y. Jan,. 17.-One of rh*
most terrible catastrophes in th* .bin-
lory ol ih* stale of Guerrero I* reported lo have occurred lat* yesterday
aftMnoo*, when an extremely violent '
earthquake shook wa* fait at Chllpatr*
elngo. cauainu gretit loa* of life and
injuring many pert*ona Details from
ihe stricken dissriot are very n'isiaiuir.
but K..-���if-rli.tr re(.orta here Indicate
that psohabl.* SCO *ppoi.la were Itlllad ���'.
-...si SS nsunv (Tisirf .ti,ji'|.*rl
Indispensable in
*_s*��sr��_^s��l I
-Every Mm
A Reliable
The towu ot Ferule is es.icil-.- -.:
antinedon aeooun. of a letlnu ���
brttk of imtllpoi. Ail public gioh
ar* prphlbittd.
WH�� sWHtt*t-*l ItyOt* <Hmt*4y iiao;
of Awitti Awarlattn Warvtnsa-'
Deotora at* "*h*U* ***** but
Ur. Job* Lt*. of Pnebrokt^ mj* t~" t had
Mitatlon. lUndlowntvsppsNIw. I was rut.
sis-sA ia flesh. I vnu so tick thai I reared fatal I
rettlts, and wat tlaxut ia despair tmaust my
Shyatcia- sssntMsi powerlstt to topt wilh the
Ktsst. -Isvaslndoctdtotrt South Aaurk-ih
btsrvine. I reorlsstd so much btuttl Irom one
sttle that t pti-niesl la lhe trtatsmnt, anil
to-day I at* a new nan and tm srarat com-
ptttely, *6
Said by 0. W. FMd.
id Baronietef
Wo-.-'*-   *) ���!.., *��psw.H*By.sjiJ,dt.ls5:-|    A'.'.
���ine*: -' -  i-.lstvw.,'.:' ;!jiij-.51tlonc oi ' if:',
'ViH'.l.-., sJ.ic^����ij_t*?-iJjBjjf-\-j*|''
live' io uvery yc*.Iy autsasriSi'-* a '���"
at th. - .     *    ' ���*"**-
-~. .   "     ������;-���-**, it
mm mtms��
WINNI Pt-U      -      *
��r-3on ioei-ige. ' .
9!*. $'.'���-**�����   "t-ivsirtlMiinanl
ind.Jersvisasa to Fre. **ttm*ltk
one toiHu- aad reotlv* WeeWy,'
tree Press for one'year toaerk-
sir Mth a handtotn* tr
���ter tad kai-mtMr,
��** I
,_��_; ..,:.____a_s_A.il ���m
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, January 24 UK,
Mitts* Dainty ilia a maid whose summers nt
patlu_w, "
t-)*-k ���_��� ft* -Men yt*n kid tald that tht
tad while saefiada
* aoipat-tT
ither bright,
'   loot], kind heart, the had
-*-____��� tmiitobnaatm late and ne'er
l_t*s*.vnss-tpa-bn*Utile plat.aadtryt
Vtttaka-jrswffir-t htr ty-around Ibt table
ltd udAat,
1*1 It* If soaujajni oould tst tonnd to tempt
ate eppetlt���
It ta tkt table guns wtrt found, Ic tit somt
AadishM et -_t.bel.ope tpoll a pound, act
past tht tedt-ih by-
ApHs-or twos- bul oorn bread wes alway*
AUIaMfh, pcJr |blnj, Iht alwayasaid she bad
:   -Dtapttlttl
* ealekta'i leg tnd then *
,t a sod boiled eu and Iht*
ltd something light wben Brsl
td her appetite wonld make
' Porter In New Vork Sua.
m ���������-
A-psjv-y HpatalB Oold. Wbo nought
MajjilaauMB Wat a Liar.
Mr George Oore, * wealthy Irish sportsman, began ih I8DS a hunting expedition
eaong the Rioky mountains which ocou-
pled two ytwi and exceeded onytblngot
the-Ind tvtr teen on tbl* continent. The
oatlt s��ni_ted of SO pertont, Inolndlng
ncretarlM, a steward, cooks, Jlymiktn,
attDdttt, **rv��nt��, a train of 80 Wagon*
numss-00. saddle hones ind dogs.
U_J�� Old JlmWdgerwaaSlracorge'tguldi
j*r_s_tv> -Wl tos-rj-Mter, and no man on the Iron-
tier knew .-lb* glens and passes ol tht
asonalalnaao'accurately at be did. Though
UUM-mM and su unconventional at in In-
elan, Bridget- wu honest, kind, generous
and thrtssvd*-Jurt tbt man to attract the
Irltk tporlatnan.
Itt bit "Old Stole Fe Trail" Oolontl
lap*- deaoribos tbe oompanlonthlp of tbt
two nie*--b;bc a rich, eduoated, wbole
aooled Irltk nobleman, the other a man
Who from l_*t_oo.-t hnd lived <m Use plaint,
o-tpensllng sin bit tain, and rifle for food
Slr Gee-jo Would lie In bed until 10
o'olook lnnhe morning-; then he took e
ketb, ate Mis breakfast and tit oul generally aloat-tpr the day'i bunt. - It wai nol
uamual ftjr.'hliii to remain out until 10 it
night, enit-'jio seldom returned without
"meal." ;��'" dinner wnt then terved, to
wlilek ke;extended an invitation to
nn**,-,  -:���
Alter Ihiiniool wat over Sir Gcorgt wu
In the bab-lt of reading from ram took
aiul drawiii-a* out from CristsVae bit Mona
donut the author.
'lit* Irltpj'nan munlly read tea*. Shakes-
tsar*, which   Orldger rackta an*;** toe
lahfalsitiss Ior bim.
"Thtt ibjir big Dutchman, Nr. Fell-
ttntf," *n|'|.��iiinioutod, "waa a lectio too
sir Qnyjtt rtml tho ."Advrhsuree ol
Baron trSp.ihisiiBi-n" io Hrlilpir, who re-
's'lsrfcid iSiil lie d Is* doggi>iu<il cf be aval-
J .H-.-.I (iviMttslnti that llinr boron tald.
]>*. niouj^if l,u tvna "o linr," yetackhowl*-
r: ��*-sl i uk soi.1.1 nf his own adventures
i>.,..��ig tfoj' DliickliT. would tHi equally
, yiiis��.tujv'*I( writ down In t book."
-rld-ttl'ihouphl Kir George s tlieceasful
hunter, ^opinion justlOod by tbe records
ef lb* tU* yean' hunt���10 grlz-ly boars,
1,600 bi*sT��lus_, njiuieroui antelo-xt and
other imill'gnnie.      "'���-"' '--
.    Bf.; Oei'u'i.i\>,*
Vaaap.'iasss.ldwt an a Bridal Tap.
A youai-married cenple took a late trala
for WatWogton, Intending lo spend their
iMarymopu In rambling through the cor
rltlart otlbasjapltol, Oongrosslonal library
nnd otKW.Tiubllo buildings.   The porter
wae twifmipg paiwngerapl an unusnsl-
ly tarly Bet* that morning, and long be*
fertith* fttalh* W-bed Selttmatj. be bid
���*  *��� -The groom told hit brldt that
' ave his coil and bat and retire
king cohrt>rtm��ht ol lhe train.
at aid mot * frttnd, who ttked
> another car lu order Ibat bt
I a Mtnd of kl*.' Soon Iht oon*
���an making bl* round* and tak*
ken.   Tht young "bride refined
'to tht smoking tpstrtniut, where, tbs
i ber butbend wonld be found. A mo*
'    ' tbt conductor nturned and In-
��� politely that th* bridegroom
btfonpd, Tkeolhtr ptatengsjrt
"bjel-mdihrltk. - "
idt   0-,myhoib*ndl"
bt altrrotd, madam,',' said tht
rettsurinttly.   "Sotblng bu
loyoiw biielan- Bf* iaprobably
' two tlsepert *|
And Ibat wu wby Mending couple wbo wial to tbt tit-
j elty to m*et tbem taw only
ellnglng to in overoool and a
st-_*a> "
aawelat* editor oa
d*yiof hit youth sa
It-wp* than that ht worked la
mtanrtd bunt and corn
Iblngt *��� tho**.
wltb whom
M 6* fprnt macks-el. In
resjutirl yonng Bamillon
-town In the barrel ins],
to tbe gam-i tbapro-
ontnllyou, tlrf"
traratsjd tb* guilltnun
tin of bliSngatotb*
too."  And wbtn tu old
��� --,-^:*9-i!!���^-
iiwfco -tjlatayatSt* ro sj*_aaa, ���
tblf*T_aI* on 'Ifanutrt In Ooa*
<Ltbuk yob*,Bulii do no�� care fpr pure*
ly tptcuUIIre sJlsjqnlussisjD_"--l'll_burg
Are you
for a
Home ?
On the main line of "the C.P.R.
Stage find Steamboat Connection with the
Upper Columbia.
ue lui
Headquarters for the Lumbering Operation .
in the Interior.
Lots may be had at vaxy
reasonable rates in the
Dominion Government Townsite.
Get in B fore the Boom.
���.dentine Iteaaona In Support or the Theory
That It Is.
One of tbe most Interesting subjects discussed by Professor George Darwin during his recent visit to this country waa
tbat ot the possible and probable lnorease
In the length ol the day.
When onoe the earth Is In motion about
an axis, no matter how tho motion came
about, It would continue forever, and at
the same rate, thus making the day always
of tbe same length unless something Is
happening or will happen to Inter**oro with
that motion. Now, there an several causes
In operation which affect the period of the
earth's rotation, some of which tend to
make the period less ond othert to make It
greater. Fortunately the Influence of each
of tho causes It very tmall. They are generally easy to understand, and a tluiplc
experiment will Illustrate one of them.
Tie n stone to one end of a string, and,
holding the other In the band, whirl U
around aa nearly as may be In the clrcum-
ferenco of a circle. When ite speod is nearly uniform, allow the string to wind up
on the linger. It will be noticed that as
the string shortens the angular velocity
Increases. In tbo same way, If the matter
forming tho earth should In any way be
drawn nearer the axis of rotation, It would
turn faster, and the day would be shortened.
By continual loss of hoot a shrinkage of
the earth Is probably In progress, and, although the process is exceedingly slow, It
certainly tends to diminish tho period of
rotation. On the other hand, any addition
of matter from the outside will tend to increase tbat period and make tbo day longer. Undoubtedly slight additions to the
mass of the earth are -constantly mnde by
the arrest of moteorlo bodies passing
through tho atmosphere. Their influence
is opposed to and tends to neutralize that
ot any earth shrinkage that may be going
The most important Interference with
the rotation of the earth that wo know of
is that of tbe tidal wave, whlcb Is duo to
tbo attraction of tbo sun and moon, but
more largely to tho latter. It la easy to
see that this Is a resistance against which
tbe earth turns, and its effect is to Increase
tbe length of the day.
Astronomical observations extending
over about 8,000 years have failed to show
anysensllilochango In the day, but tbe influence of the tides must becomo evident
after tho lapse of a grea't mnny years. Professor Darwin declares that tbe day may
lengthen until It Is at last 66 times as Jong
as It Is at present, and that would be also
tho period of tbe revolution of tbe moon
about the earth.
A day of 1,820 hours, such hours as we
now hiivis, would offer many Interesting
advantages, but there would bo some
things ubuufc it not altogether agroeablo.
As it is not likely to como for sojuo millions of years It is not a matter far immediate anxiety.���-Youth's Companion.
The Secret of SuecM..
I mot a man yesterday who used to be
In tho ..Irons business, or at Ii'ast In one
branch ol It, for ho made most of tbe money ho bas now by hecjilng n lemonade
stand near tbe big tint���Ilio "main top,"
bo culls it. Circus leniorade has been so
long.. stoek Joke uf llie humorists that 1
lilt desire to know how IC is really made..
I asked tho men to tell mo and with perfect candor ho gave mo this recipe:
Tako a biu-rel of witter, iiroleiiibly rainwater; add to It I! rniu-ds of tartaric mild,
a little ccchfneal, siiuxr lo tasks and half
ndozt-ii Is-snons sli.-ul tliin.
The pruflts of his liiiioiimto stand, be
told niv,'lreqnently reached tlOOn day.
"Wc mnke molts In tiieoitieathnn In the
c-bitliti-y," he said.
" \' by I" 1 asked. " Becauso of tbo larger
"No," he answered, "but oountry pro*
pie. always ent tho lomoii. City people
leave It In the glass or simply throw It on
the grass, wherein tun bo picked up ngnin.
Tbe real secret of success Is, always save
the floater."
After all, I never knew anybody to suffer from the effects of circus lemonade, and
the plan uf always saving the floaters I-1
really no more start! ing than u littlo economy I saw practiced by a Washington hostess one afternoon, rjbo was giving n reception, and In a momentary lull lho young
woman at tho punch bowl nsked for u servant to empty the glasses which guests had
left half filled. Tbe hostess did not oven
"Sly denr," aald ehe frankly, "pour It
all baok into tbe ptinoh bowl. It's iuo ex.
pensive to bo wasted. "���Washington Pott,
Maaaneld and Shaw.
Richard Mansfield acknowledges that
Georgo Barnard Shaw Is a clover man,
but he le Irritated by the brilliant Irishmen's conceit, A bit ol advice from Shaw
that rankles In tho actor's brcust was tho
request that he walk through his lines in
"Tbo Devil's Discipline" rather than aot
them. The piece, however, Is one of the
mott lucccssfui In Mantlicld'i repertory.
That It It byShawgalltlii.il. "What do
I do," he complained one evening, "but
make tbe public go away nnd talk about
Bernard Shaw���Bernard Shaw, confound
him I" At tbtt a member of tho company
protested vehemently against Mansfield's
ingratitude to Show and'added that he
ought Indeed to thank God every night of
his lifo for so good a play. "So I do,"said
Mansfield earnostly, "so I do, I go on my
kneea overy clglit.niKi do that very thing.
I thank God for so good a play. But,"I*t
wont on, "I alto tay, 'O God, why did 11
have to be by Shawl' "���Son Franolsoo
Argonaut. _*	
Th* Ilreaded Comes to Pass.
"Buib, now; your shoes squeak! Take
them off."
"Do yon think be la asleep!"
"Tes, but don't breathe.   Now welt."
"Bow Infernally dark tbe house la
Can't I light up a little!"
"Sh-hl Certainly not, Be would hear
tbo match.   Come."
"Bang the stairs I   How tbey creak I"
"Step softly.   Don't-stumble."
"Where ara youl"
, "Keep quiet   Don't breathe so loud."
"I���I can't help It.   I can*t hold it in."
"Bang thai Infernal obnlr!"
"Now you've gone and done Iti Tbe
baby le awake!"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Meaty to NegotlaU.
Sbs*���Ah, count, you don't know how
my love for you distresses my parents. 1
heard my father aay this morning that ho
wonld give 150,000 It I conld never ae*
you again.
The Count���Ket your faratre In hoes of-
tear now, yoa -nkf���Chicago New*
Asthma Cafe Free.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
W*-lte Vonr Xauic and Addi-can Plainly.
'CHAINKB I      There is nothing like Asth-
^n-**"""��� malene.   It brings instant rc-
FOR TEN lief, even in the worst Rases.
YEAR'S I* c,"'es w*-��" a" elsc ftlils'
Tl.eB'v. 0. P. Wells, of Villa ttiduw
III., says: "Ttour trial holtleof Asihmn-
Ioil* receives! In good condition. I cannot
tell yun how tliimkfiil I fell for lhe imosl
derived from It, 1 sv-ss ii sla.-c; chained
with putrid sore throat and A'liinii foi- 10
years, I despaired of ever lieing. cured
I sh'v your advertisonient for the cure ol
this ilr .hirlful und tormenting .disease.
Asthma, ansl thought you hndoverspoken
ynurselves, but resolved to uivs? it u trial.
To my astonishment tho trial act��*l like a,
chai-m.    Semi me a full sized bottle.*'
Rabbi of Couir. Buai Israel,
New Yokk. Jan. A, 1901.
Dus. Taft Bros'. Medicine Go.,
Gentlemen : "Your Asthmalenels an excellent remedy lor Asthma and Hav Ferer
and' its composition allevintes all troubles
wbich combine with Asthma. Its success is^astonishing und wondertuli
Alter having it carefully analyzed, we can state that Asthmalene contains no
opium   morphine, chloroform or ether.    Yours very trulv,
Avoj<1Si*risQS,?N.Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen,���I write thia testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the oure of Asthma. My wife has
been afflicted with spasmodic Asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my own skill as well as many others' I chanced to sec your sign upon vour
windows on 130th street, New York, I at once obtained u bottle of Asthmalene.
My wife commenced taking it about thn 1st of Novomher. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. A.ter using one bottle her Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consistently
recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this ilisii-i'ssiii*r disease,
Yours respectively, 0. D. fHELPS, M.D.
Dr, Taf-t Bros.Medicine Co.i
Gentlemen,���I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but they have all failed. 1 ran across your ailvoi-tiseinent
and started with a trial bottle. I found relief at once. I huvrsincn purchased
your full-size bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have a family of four children
and for six joars I wns unable to vork. I am now in the best of health nnd
am doing business every day, Thia testimony you can make such use of at
you see ht.   Home address, 23a Rivington Street. S. RAPHAEL,
67 East 129th st, New York City,
Do not delav.    Write at once, addrossinp DR. TAFT BROS.' MBDlClNfl
CO., 79 East 130th St, New York City.    ysB-SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS,
Advertising {
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine onr list awl see if there is anything you reqtiirti-
in Job Printing.   WE PPJNT:
tMnUfalt-r inosmttsl, ltrasit einmlathsn ot
IMO au mouth.. SpsKlmsm ooplea _ia HAKB
Seoa ta F-taisTs Hot fr... Adore
MUNN   -  CO.,
-361 Itrendsaav. New Vorla,
The Imperial i rfe
of Canada:.
Capital Subscribed 81.Ita (-.    (I
Capital Paid Up      ..'    -tM-1 00 I','
Government fteposit.....     ST,.' OCO ' .
AsssetsllSOiu .--,-���
First and Parsi.t..<., i.i:
ctlrity ���(> Puiii--  jl  I
K. I'.CHAtttU-.KS
ftis-rtrtct A|-*i\nt   ���   '   U��ltf��H<
% %/<^/^r^/%/t^,tt/%'W*-V**^ ���m\V*\Vt/**V**t/4* ty**3
I Town and District.|
��!/��. g/givAtre. */*/*/**-'* t/*/ii-Wi. -as
Thursday's No. 2 was unable to Ret
past Field owiuu to the storm having
blocked tbe line at the tunnel above
Field. Today's No. 1 is also delayed
for the same reason.
FOR 8ALE-A six-roomeJ house,
newly plastered, and lot SO x 250 feet,
on the south sido of Kicking Horse
bridge, will be sold Cheap for cash
For particulars apply to Wm. Avemy
Married, on the 18th January, at
St. Paul's church, Golden, by Rev. C.
F. Yates, vicar. Thos. R. Uaddon, ol
Carbonate, B.C., lo Matilda Nileaon, of
Oolden, B.C
The Outcrop announces that it wai
reported in Peterboro thnt a new strike
has been made on the Paradise property and promises iurlher particulars
Among those who enlisted iu tht
C..M.R. at Fort Steele was Ed. Murphy, who uaed to work on the Era,
and who will be remembered by maay
In to,vn.   Good luck to you, Ed 1
Mr. Geo. B. McDermot has resigned
bis position as manager of the Golden
Ic East Kootenay Trading Co , and has
gone to hit ranch near town It will
eeem strange to shoppers, bJtli in town
and district, no: to see " Mac's " familiar face when they go to tho Trading
Co'e etore.
The aecond annual aale of pure bred
live stock will be held under ths direc
lion ot the Dominion Livo Stook Coin-
missloutr, F. W. Hodson, at Ottawa,
Feb. 12, and Guelpb, Feb. 26. Tbe
object of these salee ie toencourage the
breeding of good tlock, and no animalt
will be offered for aula that are nol
registered and In good condition.
Miss K. Pringle as rived In town oa
Sunday tnd sehool wai optned on
Monday In the new lohool houst, but
owing to the new tchool room not
being quite retdy a holiday wat given
the iiupila until Wodussdty, when
work began in enrneat. The new quarters are well tuited to tin uteds ol lhe
primary department, and th. little
ones should make good progresa.
Wednesday next, Jen. 29, Cosgrove't
Company ot Merry Makeri will give
an entertainment in Columbia hall.
The company la well tpoken ot by the
preit. The Macleod Advance, of Jan
14th, snys : "Cosgrove's Company of
Mtrry Makers drew a large crowd lo
the Opera Home last evening. The
programme wat a variad one and waa
worth double the admission fee
Tne Worthy Master, officer! snd
brethren of Mounttin Lodge No. 11,
A. F. k A. M., with to extend their
hearty and cordial thanks to those
ladies nnd gentlemen who helped in the
decorating, and also to those ladirs
who so willingly provided the inticli-
appreciattd dainties fur the supper
table, on the occasion of the ball held
on the 17ih inet. The attendance of eo
many visitors from a distance was alao
greatly appreciated.
Moose Jaw Timee aaya : "The Cot-
grove Company of Mtrry Maktrt appeared in the town hall, under the ana
picei ol ibe Hockey Club, on Wednet
day evening. The town hall again
proved inadequate for a cro*��d, and the
poor ventilation and crowded consli
tion ef the room mitigated againit the
enjoyment ol the very excellent pro
gramme ol musical sjiecialtiea given
Tbe ariitlt art all ' ajieciala' and give
entire aallifaotion, many of tha selec
tiona being vigorouely moored." This
company will be at the Columbia hall,
tielden, Jan 29th.
An unfortunate aeeidant occurred
lilt Friday morning it tbe Revelttoko
nation to W. R. Stephens, ef Oolden,
wbo wae walking along the irack,
when tbe dining car was being trane
ferred. Stcpheua did not hear the car
coming until it wat loo latt and the
wbeeli caught one of hia lege, crueb
ing It terribly. Dr. Cross wat prompt.
Ir taut for and accompanied Stephens
by Np. 9. intending lo lake him to the
Oolden Hospital, bnt he died on tho
way at Olacier itation.
Mr. Sttphtna wat, on occeunt ot Ills
deafness, aot very well kuown to the.
general public, but those who bad made
hie aequalnt-uoe retpeoted bim- for his
many alerting qualitiet. Ha worked
for Mr. W. L Houston, and lived in a
email cottage whleh he erected on his
lota Immediately eaat of the Pretty-
itrian church. When the menage
reached Oolden il war thought thai
tha accident had occurred to Mr. C, S.
Stevens-, D.D.O M. of the Maionio
Order, and rotten anxiety waa Wt by
the local olnreri until the Identity '
tl.e victim wamitwrtuitiesi.*
One   or tho Most Sueettttal Stelul
Qatherlnca Ever Il.ld  In
This District.
The members of Mountain Lodge No.
11, A. F. k A. M,, held their first ball
on Friday evening last, wben the large
hall ol Ihe Columbia was packed with
Masons and their friends.
This being the first ball since the
removal ot the lodgo from Donald, it
brought many ol the old members Irom
distant parts, thus sSording them the
opportunity of renewing old acquaintanceships and becoming acquainted
with the new members enrolled since
the removal of the lodge to Oolden.
Here and there throughout the ball
could be seen little groups of old*ti men
recalling happy memories of the events
of a score of years past, The members
of the lodge bad invited the D.D.O.M.,
R. W. Bro. C. 8. Stevens, of Kamloops, to be rrcse.it, and the latter had
cnlled for an emergent meeting of the
lodge that he might visit it offloially
bile in Golden. The newly installed
ofiicort, at a meeting in the afternoon,
exemplified the various degrees tu the
entire satitfaotion ol tht R. W. Bro,,
who, for a short while, lectured them
upon the moral force ot the craft work.
The committee, who had charge of
the ball spared no pains in making it
the successful affair wbich it proved to
be and their efforts were ably seconded
by a committee of the wires ol members whose assistance in the decorations and supper were much appro
The dance and banqnetting rooms
wero decorated in a manner befitting
the visit of the R. W. Bro. The stage
occupied by the Revelstoke orchestra
was tastefully furnished in crimson
effect, while blue and white festooning
with evergreen predominating, weie
the color effects oi the main portion
ot the ball. Historical emblems of the
order, made from cedar, met the eye at
every turn. A large column ten feet
in height, surmounted with chapiter
aud glebe and trimmed with net work,
lilly work and pomegranates, stood at
each side of the stage Life sixe
figures, representing Justice, Temperance. Fortitude and Prudence decorated
the four corners ol the main hall, f-.ces
takan from master-pieces of Art giviug
a lifelike appearance to the deeigns.
Pillars in the Ionic, Tusoan, Doric,
Corinthian and Composite orders of
architecture, togolhor with other emblems of the order, ndornad the other
portions of the walls. All the designs
were worked in evergreen, nccsssiiu-
ting a lot of labor, bul making an
effect at once beautiful and interesting.
The refreshment committee excelled
themselves in the dainty edibles pro
vided for the occasion, and the atten
live way in which tbey looked after
(he interests of the guests was much
Shortly alter 9 o'clock the D. of C.
announced that the R W, D. D. G. M.
was about to enter the hall, when the
assemblage arose, lhe members of the
fraternity forming themselves into two
Unas from entrance nf hall to stage.
R. W. Bro. Stovens entered, accompanied by R. W, Bro, Hamil.on Lang,
of Anthracite, and VV. Bro. W. W.
Rogers. The latter, after extending a
hearty welcome to the visiting brethren aud other guests, introduced the
RW. Brothers, and directed the Craft,
who had formed in onen'equare, to
receive them wiih the customary
Grand Honors, which, having been
done, wns acknowledged by tbe R. W.
Broiheri, afier which ihe dance waa
ojjened with the lancers, R, W. Bro.
C. 8. Stovem and Mn. F. B. Whiting
leading tha first set. The Matonie
colors, blue and white, were ihe predominating feature! ol the ltd its' ool*
tusnet, whlcb, whtn viewed witb the
blue and white ol ihe gentlemen'! re-
galiai, pretinied a very pretty appear
anoe, distinguishing tho ball from the
ordinary. The whole assemblage num
tiered upwards of 160, and ouly parted
when iho early hours of the morning
were wearing away. Before the breakup "Anld Lang Syne" and ������Ood Sara
the King" wen sung, and cheers for
the R, W. Bro. and visiting brethren
end guests were given.
Tho guests from outside points wert:
Kainloopt -R. W. Bro. Charlet 8.
Antbraciie-H, W. Bro. Hamilton
Revelstoke - R. W. Bro. T. D.
Downir, Bro. Dr. Cross, Bro. and Mrt.
Oto. McCarter. Bro. and Mn. George
Rl.isss.il. and Mr. Thos Kllpairick.
Fleld-Bro, Mrs. and Mist Torn-
bull. Bro. C. Cany, Mrs, Barnwell and
Mies Carey, Mra. Wyekoff, J, Carlin,
J MoDonalJ, Mis. uud Miss Field,
Pallisoi'--Mr, \\\ A. Anntay.
IFOR  $12.00,1
1 B_m_l_IHMBH^BB9l__ftMMHB��s#
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. case.
the .BWeller,
Golden, B.���.
Donald-Mr. W. Robimon.
Beaver-The Misses McCallam.
Windermere���Mr. and Hit. Pitts,
Mrt. Kimpton.
Galena-Mrs. Geo. McMillan.
Letters of regret were received from
Hon. W. C. Well and others.
Much of the success of the ball wax
due to the Revelstoke orohestra, under
the leadership ot Hr. James Taylor,
the musie of whleh waa certainly tha
belt ever produced In Golden. The
memben of Mountain Lodge ara to be
congratulated on the very successful
way in which the function wae conducted.
During the supper Interval extra!
were kindly played by Mis* Wells,
Miss Risteen, and Messrs. Oibb and
Plowright, which wore much enjoyed
by the dancers.
Dastardly Attempts Hade to
Have our People Buy Worthless Medicines  Labelled
as Celery Compounds.
There are Dishonest Hen Who
Foist Their Worthless Substitutes on the Publio, Deceiving Those Who
Intend Buying
Paine's Celery Compound
II the lick, suffering or frlendi of
such wbo are using or about to ute*
Paine'i Celery Compound for lhe banishment 'of disease and the restoration
of health, wiih to avoid deception, loss
of money and aerloua daogars, tbty
should im for themselves when buying
that the name PAINE'S. la on eaoh
wrapper and bottle thai li offered tbem.
Any other preparation offend at a cilery compound li a Irand and deception
of the wont charaoter.
The manufacturer* of Paint't Celery
Compound alnady know of many oatea
of Buffering aggravated and intentlfled
by these vile lubitltutet for Palna'a
Celery Compound iold to uniotpectlng
people. Thete spurloul brandi ot calory compound are aold b'y lome dealari
tor the toll reaton of the irainente profit thai ia derived trom their tale. Ae
far al the unscrupulous detltrt an
concerned, they care little whether the
patient ii killod or enrad; profit, and
a mighty one too, ii tbeir great objeot.
If rou oannot get tha genuine Palna'a
Celery Compound from your dealer,
The Weill k Rlohardion Co., Limited,
Montreal, will tend iwo bottles, express chtrfret paid, to yonr .nearest
Expres Station for two dollars, or six
bottle* for live dollars. Money muat
accompany order.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance
with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax, and all Assessed Taxes and
Income Tax, assessed and levied under the
Assessment Art and amendments, are now
due and payable for the year 1U02.   All taxes
collectable for Hie Ohlileii Assessment Dis*
trict are due .....I payable ut my office, situate at the Court House. Uolden.  Tbia notico,
in terms of law, 1. equivalent lo a personal
demand by use ii|niu till persons liable lor
Dated at Uubloa, seronth January, 1902.
F. Vi l.ANtl,'  .    ������'-���   -*
As-sensor uml Collector,
Oolslen Assessment District,
Uolden, B.C., Postoffice.
Ihe Vancouver World publishes a
���latemeut to the effeot that tha oompany whioh hoe been dredging for gold'
near Kamloops this summer, list not
nude It pay, and that the dredge waa
Mixed by tha employees tor overdoe
wages. We trust ihat thing! ara not
at bad aa thia, ai great expectations
were raited in Kamloops by the lint
report! of this company,
EDWARD VII., by llie Uraee of Uosl, of lhe
United Kingdom of Ureat Britain and
Ireland and of  lin llriilah Dominions
' beyond the Son*!, King, Defender of the
Faith, etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Monitors elected lo terra
In the Legtilaiirs Assembly of Our Pre-
' vloce ol uritlsh i 'ulumbla, at Oor City of
I). M. Eiiehts, M1/HERA8 We are
AttornoyUenenil.) \\ .lesions and ra
solved, assssjoaas
may be, to meet (lur I'oople of Onr Province
of Brltlah Columbia, anil lo have their advice
in Our Logislaturo t ,
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes
and considerations, and taking Into consideration the ease and convenience of Our
loving subjects, We have thought III, by and
with the advice cf Onr Executive Council, to
hereby convoke, and by thete presents enjoin yon, and each ofyon, tbat on Thursday,
lha twentieth day of February, one thousand
nine hundred and two. yon meet Ue in Our
>ld Leglalatnre or Parliament srf Our said
rovlnce. al Our City of Vlctorli. FOR THE
U8PATOH OF BUSINESS, lo treat, do.
act and conclude npon thoee things whleh in
Oar Legislature of the Province of British
Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
tald Province may, by the favor of Ood, be
1.1 Tbstihoxv WHSHBor,  Wo btve
caused thete Our Letters io bs made
Patent and Ihe Oreat Seal-of Onr aaid
Province to bi hereunto affiled ���
.   WitiibM, the Honourable Sir Hkiri
'   Oust*v�� Joly d�� LoniM-Mi, K.
C. M. 0., UeuMnaat-overnor of Onr
said Province of Brltlth Columbia, al
-  (tar Ooverninent House, in Our Oily of
Victoria, in Our said Province, this Oth
slay ol January, In tie year of Onr
Lord one thouund nine hundred and
'   two, and in the first year of Onr Reign.
By Command.
Acting Provincial Seerelary.
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co.^
j gffl-3g>*3'-.*<^^
-Irrt'Claii slnm-iaiHta Iir
f m rnmrn if tie iiiiMt�� mint mn,
Replete in Everything:.
Being on Use only direct route to the relate on Toey. Horn Thief aad Ra. ��'
Creeks, it It Ibe keadquartert of all mining ma.
Good Stable Aoeommodatton.
Finest Brands
of Liquors
and Cigars.
Intore In the Imperial Lift
Job printing at tha Era offlce.
Natui. a**** *���***��� **e**** **-���
tamtm tU* tin*.  If -Ui. iOO*
!������</���   *r*   -fsMltw   *t%*   aflVM
���Ut* Miiraitr th* ���lcn-s-nd
lt_   an   unmlststrsfcahlo   MM
The world own lovatijr tb tkt	
points at life's gravest danftn-tad Mill bene
avert them. South American Kidney Cure It a
certain prsmnuiive and an unfailing enrt fer tny
aad all fsxmt srf Kidney disease trom Ihe	
iadpltat lo tht most stubborn tnd s-tp-seatcd
otsta a Heuld specific lhat am, Uk. It
rt-am h. six houn.
Sold, by C. W, Field,
&*iUH(l*K^����'j', i+tjiit.
Columbia River Lumber Co
Fir and Spruce
"AMUP-4CTWBM 6P Cedar Sills, ate.,
Fir Dimension
%, Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. **
Largeet Capaolty in the Mountain!.    TermaCaib.      >
���bad ernce,        -"       -        aolbbw, v. o.


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