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The Golden Era Mar 21, 1896

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VOL. V.   NO. 33
ft. Per Year
Stock Taking
Must be cleared out to mal.3 room
for Spring Goods.
II. D. HUME, Prop.
Jieux Goods
Arriving Constantly
And My Stock In All Lines
Is Very Complete.
As Having Adopted The
I Am Enabled To Offer
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Nig Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and g-et more valuable
information on the subject.
American Silver Trusses
Hard Rubber Trusses,
New York Elastic Trusses
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, Iree of charge, one of their
Illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
The  Neilson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Children 25 cents. The church will
however, be opened on Sunday next,
when there will be held Morning Service at 11 o'clock, and Evening service
at 7;')0 o'clock, special collection at
both services.
Oolden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river:
the mineral and commercial cent re of Eastern
llritish Columbia; headquarters of tlu liolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet 1'or the widely known and far
famed agricultural and grazing land of the
Columbia A Kuolenay Valley : unrivalled
for scenery of allkii.l.j the distributing
point fnr tne richest mineral " itryon the
Alexander   Block.
In  the  matter ol  James M. Rogers,
deceased :
By order of the County Court of
Kootenay. sealed tenders for the purchase of Lot 108, Group 1, situate
near Windermere in the district of
East Kootenay, will be received by the
undersigned and will be opened at
noon on Tuesday the 18th day ol
February, A.D., 1890.
This is as line a larm as there is in the district, 91 acres havt been under cultivation
and are fenced anil irrigated, 110 acres additional are fenced i.iil have been used as pasture. HHO acres iireex.-elleiit arable land and
can be irrigated at a smull expense. The
improvements include a frame dwelling
liuiiso aud a full set of outbuildings.
SI.f>00 may remain ou mortgage for
.1 j ears at 8 per cent interest.
Fur terms and further particulars
apply to the undersigned.
Official Administrator,
dl4 Donald, B.C.
Oolden H.apltul Society.
From 9:110a.m. to 11 a.m.
"       2 p.m. "  4 p.m.
"       7     "   "  8   "
Sunday from  10 a.m. to  12 in., aud
irom 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Btr Osi-m.
Hew the Entire
ot the malt may *M
-���ought to that eon.
dilloo essential U
hcallk of body and
pact of mind. How to
Moated, iatblt org--*
ta our warn Treatise,
���ram -iiim."
A limpU, Infallible,
m��cb--calm��thod, indorse, b- ��b-n___w
'mSma^y^ Boe-ii nt--, naiad.
��UE HED1CAL 60.. Bcffllt. -LY.
The proposed bridge is not a thing
of the past altogether, there is still
some probability of its construction.
Tliere was a wedding at the hoipital
this week, between Mr. Birtchell of
Canmore and Miss Edith Green of
We have to apologize for the comet,
he is travelling south ; we do not like
people who do not keep their appointment.
Sheriff Redgrave is in town, and we
are sorry to see that he has not
brought his usual good health, be has
had a very severe cold.
Tie passes are becoming more and
more fashionable, owing to the better
weather, I suppose, though we hear of
one that was not carried by this.
Mr. C. N. Armstrong, of Montreal,
arrived here from the coast on Thursday, where he has been helping the
promotion of the British Pacific.
There has just arrived at Mr. G. B.
McDermot's a large stock of ready
made clothing which he will sell at
bed rock prices.
The Calgary curlers seem to recognize our great talent here for they have
now sent to the "baby curler" a handsomely framed testimonial which I am
sure the town ought'o feel proud of.
We understand that l-enides a curler,
tho "baby'' is an all round athlete-
especially for high jumping.
The MitchelMnnes Bros, have started on their western trip and are expected to arrive heie about the first
week in April. They are coming in
the mining ititejests of British Columbia and will I hope be able to obtain
some properties which will be sufficient
to induce them to remain at least for
some time.
The Presbyterian Church social will
be held next Wednesday evening in the
church, commencing at 8 o'clock.
There will be quite an exhibition of
musical talent.     Admission 60 cents,
It is interesting to learn all we can
about the Provincial Government and
its officers, etc., aud in this line the
Nelson Tribune is particularly profuse
in information, it says:
"A great deal is said in British Columbia about the desirability of inducing British investors to sink capital in
the Province, and particularly in the
mining industry, and tbe Hon. Forbes
G. Vernon is supposed to earn his salary by keeping the resources of the
province before the eyes of the invest--'
ing public in Loudon. The Hon.
Forbes' connection with mining so far
is summed up in the fees he draws as
a director in the Lillooet, Fraser River
<fc Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited, and
as this company is attempting to interest British capital on a lurge scale
in British Columbia Mining, the impression which its methods, objects,
and operations have made in the market where its shares are handled is a
matter of public importance. To arrive at the inside history of the Lillooet, Fraser River & Cariboo Gold
Fields, Limited, is a, mutter of some
difficulty. It is a company with an :
imposing office in the most expensive
busiuess quarter in London; it hat a
board of directors, among whom the
Hon. Forbes is a prominent figure,
who doubtless do not work for nothing
it has a managing director in British
Columbia who draws a very fuir salary; but so far it is a company whose
officials are decidedly reticent when
asked for information. The (act is
that circumstances over which they
had no control forced the promoters of
this company to retire into comparative obscurity so fur as their stock
jobbing operations are concerned. Still
between the facts that are known and
the inferences whicli may be fairly
drawn from tbem an interesting history of this company might be pieced
together. But. it is not with that the
people of British Columbia need concern themselves. It is wilh the state- .
ments made by Forl-cs G. Vernon,
ugent-generul of the province, that the
people should interest themselves. He
is a director of the Lillooet, Fruser
River A Cariboo Gold Fields, Limited,
aud if he makes statements regarding
the affairs of that company that are
misleading, is he a fit person to act in
an official capacity for thc Province?
He wus recently usked as to the properties the Lillooet, Fraser River &
Cariboo Oold Fields, Limited, had acquired. He answered his questioner
by saying that the company had ao-'
quir.'il the Cliff and St. Elmo consolidated claims ut Rossland, His ques- '
tioncr remarked, "I understood that '
deal bud not gone througli?" Hon.
Forbes Vernon, agent-general of the '
Province of British Columbia, replied,
"I am in receipt of a cable stating that
the bond bus been taken up." The
Cliff and St. Elmo are in the hanos of
the original owners."
It is said that England has the
sanction of the European powers to
proceed up tu Dongola.
The Australian cricketers will pass ,
through here the end of the month eu .
route for England.
It   is   now   firmly understood that -
Great  Britain   has thrown herself in
witli the Droibuud. \K t:
Tii'j  uj_jiL.i -It..
.Saturday moriii..,'
and west mail trains, id
il|i;.-.r f.t.,..,/,   . U1..UI'
is In" ��,ity
ooieiiiiy 'ii*
���j llhtCfiptrio
ADVA.. ;ii.
l i&va
pubLuuud every
iiriiu lo catch the east
Iliul)   tor
i.ri ,'2ifele etc
in i.i llie ���e..t
Government   inudo   such   promises to posing   a  S50  per capita tux upon all I    1.   I am the holder of Freo Miner's I    Proceeding   up   the Fraser from ita
the promoters ol the scheme that satisfied
such immigrants, thus emphasizing to
i,lvei'|.istii,j* iiieu
them that they could proceed in some extent the principle of securing
construction of the road at a subse- to white people the possibility of liv-
quetit period. And this satisfied theiu ing within thut province; therefore be
uud the Island electors who hoped to it resolved that this convention ear-
gain largely by tliu building of the uestly impress upon the Dominion
road and consequently gave their sup-  Government the necessity of iutroduc-
[tines: -l*f.ii.i pur annum IN
Arlvnrtisii uents ami r.liatigos must be iu
tlio ii Kee not 1.iter 1I1..11 in.. in, mi Thursday
to insure insertion,
All cash to be pull tu tin. *it-|ungor, from
vliu.11 tli,1 Uu 11 party's reuuipl will l>eobtained.
A I.-" 'i.iiiii'.iit rates inn,In known uu appli*
catioi' 'o
Fiie Ufa Eii Ptiilishi-j Company.
SATURDAY, MAR. 21, 1896.
port   to   the   Government candidates, | ing further   legislation to remedy this
this  is  veiy clear from the fact that'evil."
not   one   Oppositionist   was returned
Tut': hiiiiuiiI report of the Minister of
Mines has lately been presented to the
Legislature. It. shows very clearly
that milling is decidedly looking up in
tho Province. The statistics of silver
ure not, given except in East Kootenay
owing to the fact that no authentic
returns have been sent in to the Government, Rut nevertheless it. should
huve heen the work of the Government
tc obtain these returns as nearly as
possible, as it is of vital interest to
the Province at largo to show that
there are large returns of this commodity made. We, as belonging to
East Kootenay have to congratulate
ourselves that wu are ahead of another part ol' the Province iu obtaining official returns.
The returns of silver for East Kootenay lust year are given as $255,200.
The gold production of the Province is
given as follows:
Cariboo      8282.4C0
Cassiar       22,575
Enst Kootenay        17,575
Nelson Division        -5.500
West Kootenuy(01 her places)      10,520
Lillooet        40,liG3
Yule     2:17,3-11
Total   8(i3(i,544
The number of free miners' certificates issued during the .vein- is 414 and
the other milling receipts amount to
$2,2011 10, in East Koo.euuy.
Our Gold Commissioner says : Mineral claim, have this year, for the
first tiine.liecoiue productive iu reality,
A large quantity of ore is now awaiting the opening of navigation for
shipment to smelters. The demands
for means of transportation has resulted iu the commencement of the
construction of two new steamers uud
the enlargement of a third tu ply ou
lhe Kooteiiny river. There has been a
large increase in the number of prospectors iu the Southern purl of the
district Development work has not
11 1: with prospecting, but it is
. rlii* the successful working
u 1.1 11 .1 mines will attract capital, .um thru next yenr will show 1111
improvement iu this brunch of mining.
I'l.All'lt MININIi.
The vielil uf gold from the various
creeks is estiinatsd nt:
Wild Horse  $18,000
Moyle River       2.0U0
Perry Creek       1.500
Bull River  700
Findluy Creek  200
Lost ami Main Creek  175
Canyon Creek    	
No amount is put opposite Cauvon
Creek ns cold weather came before the
company were ready for a clean-up
and the result of their work will not
be known till spring.
from the Island constituencies. Theiu
wus a mutual understanding between
the electors ot the Island and the Government thut the latter would bonus
the road in it substantial manner. Of
i-.oui-so the exact terms were not put
for ih, but the Government must ut
that time have known that the C0111-
putiv's requirement would be in no
way a small t ue and it wus to their
interest uot to find out the exact
terms, for such a proposition as the
Company proposes surely means ihe
payment by the Government of required annual security. As things have
turned there is no doubt but that the
Government bus broken their faith ;
und the Island electors have just cause
for complaint. If the Government
makes promises which at the time
they had no intention of fulfilling they
may expect to see trouble ahead. Now
if there should be a falling off of even
half of the Island members from the
Government ranks, defeat would be
Ir is now reported that the Government of British Columbia has
promised the proprietors of the British
Pacific Railway scheme to reconsider
the mutter, this is uo more than we
could expect from the condition iu
which the affair has thrown them.
They are in an extremely tight place,
either to give more fuvoiuble terms or
Ill'iVituble defeat. Of course they will
accept the former, but any proposition
thut is calculated to great y increase
the liabilities of the Province should
be strongly protested against by us,
who will have to help to bear the
burden without deriving any benefit
from it. Why should the interest of
one community be promoted at the
expense uud loss of another, that community which thu seheme so much
helps should bear their shure iu the
burden, which should bu in proportion
to the benefit derived from it. The
section of country through which the
C.P.R. runs will derive uo advantages (rom tl.o construction of the
British Pacific Railway and it is
loiibtful if the Province nt large will.
We hope thut the Government will
stick rigidly 10 their former decision,
of course congratulating theiu upon
the stand they   have made against the
Tuu opposition lust session to tho
building of thc Red Mountain railway
from Trail to a point iu Washington
was put on the high ground of patriotism, It wus suid that 11 line having
one end in it foreign country would
divert the trudu of the new mining
camp into thu bunds of Americans.
Strange though it may seem, the patriots who sought to defeat that scheme
by such a cry are among those who
oppose the request of the Canadian
farmers of Okanaguii valley for speedy
connection with the large consuming
population of '.he Kootenay mining
centres. Tho Times believes in railway construction wherever there is
need of a railway, and would give u
charter���tho interests of the country
being properly safeguarded���to any
company not asking for aid to construct a road where none at present
exists. The Columbia and Western
will supply a missing link in the
chain of communication between all
points on the coast via the Shuswnp
und Okanngan, and the ehlorudo of
which the fatuous town of Rosslund
is the centre. Therefore, the demand
that when a charter is given for this
Hue the whole road shall be constructed within a reasonable period, is a fuir
one, uud ought, to be acceded to by the
company getting control of such a
valuable franchise. Thorough-paced
Canadians like Mr. Kellie will sue the
mutter iu this light, and having
totight other charters 011 the ground
thut Canadian trade must be protected
will no doubt do the same in this
instance. It is mire important that
these two rich districts should be
placed iu railway communication .'.ith
each oilier than that the convenience
ol any railway coui|iaiiy should be
considered.��� V.ctoria Times.
Certificate, No.       dated
, 18   , und issued at
2.    On the day of
I located the
situated   [here
day  of junction with the Thompson, and near
which point  two dredgers are at pres-
, 18     ent   ut   work, we reach, after passing
Mineral Claim;  more   gold-bearing   burs und benches,
describe   position   of Quasuelle   Mouth, at which the Ques-
claim   us   near us possible, giving the , nolle   River   enters  the Fraser.    I do
name or   names of uuy mineral claim  not   think   that   any   one in British
or claims it may join").
it. I have placed a No. 1 and a No.
2 and a discovery post of the legal dimensions 011 lliu said claim, with the
legul notices on euch poet.
4. I have written in pencil on the
No. 1 post thefuilowing words:
5, t have written in pencil on the
No, 2 posi the following words :
'������!, Thut ' have found mineral in
place on the      .1 claim,
7. '''hut j the hist ol my know
le n: nnd belief eg. mnd coin| ised
with the boundaries of thc .-ti.l nun
is unoccupied by any other person us
a mineral claim; that it is not occupied by any building or any laud fulling within the curtilage of any dwelling house, or uuy orchard, or any land
under cultivation, or any Indian reservation.
Note. ���This    declurutioii   may
made by un agent.
i> TtiKiti: is one thing more than
another that I um particularly anxious
to see brought about it is the prohibition of further Mongolian labour in
llritish Columbia. Why in our town
they must constitute a majority. It
seems curious 10 mu how they ull live, j
What do they find to work at. This I . , ,
is  a  subject
it - which shuiil. claim our earnest i.t-
teutioii.     Il is a mutter of vital inter-
The Mining Committee has been
quite active thu last two weeks, they
drafted a bill us an amendment to the
Mineral Act which they think will at
once crush so-called claim jumping.
Of course their findings huve to be
accepted by the House. The new
clause will be added to Section 15 us
sub-section C, and is as follows :
No   mineral   claim   nl the full size
shult be recorded  without the application being accompanied by an affidavit
or solemn declaration in the Form X,
made  by 'ho applicant jr some person
ion his behalf, cognizant of the facts:
I That the legal   notices and posts have
been   put   n-;   that mineral has been
found   in   place on lhe cluim proposed
to be recorded; thai the ground applied
(or is unoccupied by uny other person
us  u   mineral claim, aud is not ocou-
buildiug,   or uuy luud
In connection with the British Pacific Railway scheme our Government
is still not out of danger, und ut first
it appears strange thut one company
should have so much influence us to
be able to overthrow the present majority of the House. The position is a
curious one. I think uo one will
doubt hut   that the present Chief Jus
who are without doubt being gradually displaced by this intl.ix of cheap
The higher standard of living which
is inherent with thu Caucasian, constitutionally unfits him to compote
with the Mongolian. There was some
mention made of this at the immigration convention ut Winnipeg.
The following is what wus said on
the subject: ''Whtreus the influx of
Mongolian labor into British Columbia
is rapidly bringing about, a condition
of affairs calculated to derive the white
workiugineu of opportunities of earning their livelihood iu thut Province,
aud whereas the Dominion Government has already given proof of its
realisation of the detrimental. ffects of
unlimited   immigration   of    Chinese. Mining   Division   of
The United States appear to be receiving rebuke more calmly than they
did some mouths ago, they have certainly run a -'great bluff" and they
nro beginning to find it wont pay. the
republic who a few months since encouraged the rabble at Curocus to raise
11 scream against iho English people by
the Spanish, are now receiving 11
scream against themselves and ihe
very same people whom they eucour-
The Stars  and Stripes nre now torn
in Barcelona   us
torn iu Curocus.
Jul k was
io   tiflking of
nl   irs, etc., und
it   of   oottrsi. f
suggest   tin,'
piocure   win
1    v.    . (ill
lur I. )    :  sho   :���'
HIa Majesty   l.o Suit
all speed the uiuely uut
of Mr. Uri Lapointe of Brockville��� he
who   uses   lhe shot gun so deftly���in
currying out the Turks there.
Tho Salvation Army is becoming
quite interesting, for Bnnuwell Booth
has a manifesto in the London War
Cry. He declares that the fidelity of
ihe American troops is unshaken and
suys great things nud long nguitist
nuti-Eiiglisli American press. He
inlils too that the general's heart is
���'torn and sorely wounded" but even
iu this condition he is determined -
perhaps his heart is altogether gone by
this time-to curry ou the government
without respect to | ersous.
fulling within the curtilage of any
dwelling house, or uny orchard, or
uuy land under cultivation, or any
Indian reservation. Iu the said duela-
, ration shall he set out the name of the
applicant, the number uud dute of his
flee miner's certiticale, and the name
of the pluce where the said certificate
j was issued, and the date of the location ol the claim. The words written
in black pencil on the No, 1 aud No. 2
posts shall bo set out iu full, and as [ L-l-ri
accurate a description as possible of
the position of the claim given, liuv- j
ing special reference to any prior locutions whicli il may join.
The form of lhe affidavit to be made
is as follows :
Foitii X.
For a full claim.
Miuiug Division,       District,
I, A.B.. of iu the
A Spanish (lug was found hanging
���not on St. Putrick's Day- in from
of Eastman College, Poughkeepsie,
N.Y., on which was written in curac-
ters of gold tho following - "Synonymous of butchery" und strange to say
it wus uot allowed to remain.
tice  Davie  when he was head of the labor hy the passing of legislation im. tree miner, make oath and say j
11V J. M. lll'Xl'O.N, VANCOUVER, H.lt.
Leaving the Fraser and proceeding
up tbe Thompson, wo find gravel in
place from the Fn ���> of the boiit'i to
k mil ',,1,11.4 i3 reai hod,
after which point theie is more or less
usuccer siou uf Ink, s and be; ond whioh
my prospecting has not h en curried
In my opinion a putt of the main
Thompson, say (rom Savonas and including the North Fork, run through
Shuswup Luke, Mara Luke and Okriu-
iigiin   Luke into the Okuuagan River.
Columhiu will deny that there is more
gold in this river than in any other
river in the Province o( the same
length. From the mouth up siream
the bud is leased to some Chicago capitalists, who have a dredger nearly
coin pi, ted. I have o itout but that
theii apparatus, if e. . ient, will recover lor them greater : -'suits than their
wildest dreams could have imagined.
Beyond this poiut we pass hydraulic
chums and river leases held by different comp mins, the shareholders ot
which hull from many of the different
countries of Europe as well as Canada
and the Stales, till we reach by the
South Fork the (juesnelle Lake and by '
the North Fork the Cariboo Lake. On
our way up these streams we find evidence of their cutting again and again
at least two old channel systems, one
ubove and one, I think, below the
present system. Iu fact, to tell the
honest truth, I have not sufficient
knowledge of the country, nor do I
think any one else has, to make an
approximate, much less reliable map
of the old channels of this section.
This much I can say, that I have travelled a good deal by land and water
through this section aud the result is
that I am bewildered hy the apparent
number of old channels which cross
and recross ea.-h other, all of which
carry gold-bearing gravel. It is uo
unusual thing to find wash quartz
gravel nearly two thousand feet above
the present river.
At Quesnelle Month we leave the
Fraser, whicli is here leased hy (he
Alexandra Mining and Dredg ng Co,,
and proceed almost due east to Cariboo
proper, the headquarters of which wa��
and now is. Bit;kurviU-.'. !'or the
fabulous sums realized in one dny or
on-; week, not irom one claim but from
d.-'ii-!,I mist efei . on to the govern-
n. it ivi its, and at the same time I
must point out to you that many and
many a hundred thousand dollars were
carried out of the country without
any official notice being directed thereto. While 011 this subject I may state
that it is iny firm believe that the
Chinese miners take ont from the
Forks district at the present time over
a quarter of a million per annum. This
is carried as a general rule to China,
in dust or exchange! for American
dollars, and of which no official entry
is or cau he made. Out of this district
and its surroundings I think, according to the government returns, ubout
sixty millions have been taken.
After the Fraser the Columbia, with
its tributaries, is the next largest
stream, and, therefore, the next 011 the
list of gold producers. Starting from
the 49th parallel and proceeding up
stream we find gold-heuring benches of
more or less richness until we strike
the Arrow Lukes. The river above
this point does not seem to have been
extremely rich, although some of thn
streams running into it were very productive. At Boat Encampment the
river turns and we proceed up stream
iu a southeily direction towards its
rise, gold being found in its tributaries
and in its benches, but not in as large
quantities bs iu the Fraser.
As far ns I can gather ',�� Columbia
River ran from Bou iicampment
through Golden, south ���an's instead
of northwards as at present, and I belie. 1 hat most of the gold-bearing
grave's in this portion of the country
are below the present water level. The
Kootenay, flowing from the Rockies
southwards, nearly joins the Columbia
und is indirect contrast as regards the
col r of its water to that of the muddy
it        t        j*   ���       i      . '    The  Kootenay   and   its tributaries
As far as I can find, and as far as my j ^    ^  ^^ ^l J�� jt {��
researches go, the streams running
into thes 1 lakes all wash gold-bearing
comes au American river ard after its
return to its native land,
(Continued on page 4.) .
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
DoNA-ii Division of E.vsr Kootenav
KOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tax and ull taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
now due for the year IH!) i. All of the
above named taxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
district, are payable at my office, the
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the
following rates, viz. :
If-paid ou or before June 30th 11-91:
One half of one per cent on real property.
Two |ier cent on assessed value of
wild land.
One third of One per cent on personal properly.
One half of one per cent on income,
If paid after June-Kith 1H9II��� .
Two thirds of one ier cent on real
Two mid one half |ier cent on assessed value of wild luuii.
0 in li iif uf one per cent ou personal
Three fourths of one er cent on income
Provincial Revenue Tux 93X0 per
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 2nd, IS')'..
Application for t'ertlHcutc or  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47H39, intend,
tiOdays from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.      ,
Dated this seventh day of December
WaIjTEII Dainaiiii,
By his agent, F, W. Aylmer.
guaittj?** ffim-li*.
Application    for) (ertlfleat-s of Improvements.
Take notice that I. Thomas Jones,
free mi tier's certificate No. 47H4H, intend
liO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
Aud further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates uf improvements.
Thos. Jones,
By his agent F, W. Aylmer.
Dated this Uth day of Decitmber.
In the   Supreme Court of British Ol-
iiiul.iri,   re   Connacher, -Connacher
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to an order of the Supreme
bmirt of British Columbia made in the
���natter   of  the estate of   Henry Con-
iiucher   in the suit   uf   Conuiicher vs
Pither.     The creditors of Henry Connacher, lute of Golden, in the District
pf  Kootenay. h' le    kee|��r. deceased,
who  died   on   or about the mouth of
January, lHil.'i,   are  on  or before the
first  day   of  April. 1H91, to send by
regWtersl letter to A. G. M. Spragge,
of Donald, lu the District of Kootenav.
British   Columbia,  the  solicitor   fur
James   Stevens Connacher, the alio re
named   plaintiff,   the executor of  the
leceused, their Christian aud .-urnanie
iddresses   and  discriptious,   the full
particular.', of their claims.a statement
if  their  accounts, and the nature of
he securities (if any) held by them or
in default thereof they will he pereiup-
orilly excluded from the benefit of thc
laid  order.     Every  creditor holding
my   security   is to produce the same
���efore  James   Ferguson   Armstrong,
iegistrar of the County Court at Don*
ild,   the  Referee  appointed   by   lhe
Juiirt   to   take the accounts and eu-
iniries   under   the  said order, ut his
hanibcrs at  the Court House at Don-
Id in lhe Province of   llritish Coluin-
da on the Hth   day of  Al.rll, IHH9, at
en   o'clock   in the forenoon Iieing the
hue appointed for adjudication ou the
aid claims.
'Dated at Donald, in the District of
Cootenny, British Coluinliia, this loth
lay of January, IHilti.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,c.
.   McCjHtTEn.
-jougheed   A   McCnrtcr,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors tor Hunk o Montreal.
Caloarv,                - N.W.T.
D.L.S. A 1Mj.S. for B.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Valuator.etc., CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.8..P.L.8. of B.C. &Ont.
Caloarv, Alba.
Mining -Engineer,
A 3letnllnv(tl*t
Reports on properties a Specialty.
Golden. B.C.
Livery,;-, Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Notice of Application for rertlflcatra
of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John McRae,
free miner's certificate No. ,')14.i.'l.
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims.
And further take noticethat adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced More
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
John McRae,
By his agent F W. Avi.MBR.
Dated this 14th day of December.
leferee appointed under the said order.
Church Service*.
The usual evening service will be
eld to-morrow iu St, Paul's Church
t 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in the
jhpol house to morrow morning at
)  o'clock, conducted bv Mr. Robins.
Presbyterinn service will be held
i-morrow evening in St. Andrew's
hurch at 7:30 o'clock, conducted be
ev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
that application will lie made to thc
Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Columbia at the next session for an net to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing,
o|ieratiug and working deep tunnels,
drifts or shafts for the purpose of exploring for, discovering, working,
getting, acquiring and recovering minerals situate in blind veins, ledges or
'odes in the Districts of East aud West
Kootenav, Yale and Cariboo, in the
Province of British Columbia, and for
entering upon and acquiring lands lor
such purposes, and for collecting tolls
for the use of such tunnels or workings hy any other persons or companies engaged in mining and for acquiring such water powers or privileges, rights or incidents, as may be
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.
d24 it
tUPTUREr ���_,
���u-jtura undar aavaraat atrafi. lava-
la-of ottlD-rhaatwan parfaotad tb.
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
Wholes-ale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
late with  Missus Barlow & Weir,
Portage la Prairie.
All orders left with Mr. G. B. Mc-
Deiimoi- will have prompt attention,
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tlie
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be hnd from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars iier year or Six
Dollars |>er half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H 8. ALEXANDER, manager
Job    Departmer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
For Information ait'lfri'i. uamllMiok writo lo
MUNN tt CO.. Uil llliiuim ��r, NSW VonK.
Oldest bureau for aeoniing pn-cnls In Ainoijra,
Evory |,nU,nt'alt<*nout hy nils lirmwlit beforo
tlto yubllu by a nut iiro given freo of ���largo lu tbo
Mtutiiit ^mxitm
targcit cl���illation nf any arlMitlrle pal*" In tha
world. Splendidly l.li.straliJ. No luli'llirnnl
nan should bo without It. Wcklr 83.00 a
Ti.arlll.Sllalxmantl.-i, Add-M, MUN-T A CO.,
VuaL-uiaa, Nl Urwulwoy, Naw Vsrk City,
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Manufacturers of Fnsli. Poors, Mouldirgs
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Huud Kails and
Brackets.   A.1 sizes of glass in stock.
Tlie Machine and Blacksmith ir-hop arc prepared to do
all kindsof repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fitting and Brass Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes &. Follces,
Hickory and Maple Plank.
HOUSTON  &  CO. Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Pair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
I'll- At ..II' ICHOl S l.UAYEI.S UV ll.C.
(Continued from Page 2.)
Northwards again of both the Fras
er and the Columbia are tlie Cassiar
and Omiiieca districts, in which the
prospector, who, by the way, must
have plenty of grit iu him for this
journey, can make good wages by
rocking or shoveling into small sluices
1 have not been able to personally examine these districts, hut from the reports brought in by some of my men I
believe the gravel deposits suitable for
nydrnuliciug to be much richer than
1 lit se in Cariboo. On the other hand
I must point out that tho cost of transport is exceedingly high and lhe duration of the water season very short.
I doubt verv little that when roads
are built, either by government or private individuals, there will be as much
capital invested there as in any other
part of the Province.
We are as yet only at the commencement of gti.vel mining by hydraulic
methods in liritisli Columbia, and I
can assure you that we shall yet turn
out millions. In corroboration of this
statement, which may seem to be
rather a wild one, I cannot do better
tiiim quote the words uttered to me by
one ol the greatest American experts iu
hydraulic mining, whose name is well
known among Califoriiians, viz : Mr.
J. B. Hobson. which wire as follows :
"I have seen more gravel with greater
gold tenure in six months iu Hritish
Columbia than I know to exist iu tbe
whole of California."
-IIIMX-r,   X-ttS.
Mr. Wm, McNeish again visited his
caliper mine lust week and gives us
very encouraging accounts of siiine.
He brought with him some remaikub y
tine specimens ol copper ore, some blue
copper glance which contains 04 per
cent metallic copper. This ore exists
in quite large quantities and it promises to exceed even the owner's expectations. He is making arrangements to
have some of it shipped to 11 smelter.
I It is reported that an offer of S't.2.'i
per s ,r,itr wus recently off. red for
210,010 shims ol Le Roi stock and refused,
I Another rich strike has been made
on the O.K. A high grade mixture of
co) p-r. iron, galena and five gold is
being taken out.
The   War   Eagle   company     have
started up   their new 20 drill air com-
1 pressor   plant.     Work is going on in
solid ore all over this properly.
i    Colonel  Peyton snys Clarence King
j infill iiieii hiin recently in Sin Francis-
'co   that the stock of   the Le Koi company   with   present   development   is
worth SH) a share.
The r c?ipts of tbe thr e custom
houses iu the Trail Creek mining division for tho month of February, were
iHjssland. $4,5011.58; Trail, 83,000;
Waneta, ��2,S94.14, making a total of
The Jumbo now has over 2.*) feet of
ore and still no hanging wall in sight.
'1 he last fourteen feet have been steadily improving in gold values though
tho ore is no longer a solid sulphide of
iron, but instead is highly silicious
and would probably be designated as
mineralized \ein matter by one unaware of its value.
Rossland is, perhaps, the only town
in British Coluinliia lhat has a mine
in its principle thoroughfare. Evtry
day, on Columbia Avenue near Spokane stieel, two or three miners are
UBing the hammer and drill and blasting some rock just in trout of the
Howard House. This is the outcropping of mineral discovered by Capt.
Carter last. September, on ground already covered by tno Alice mineral
Large deposits of platinum have
been discovered at Fit-eld, iu New
South Wales. One bed of platinferous
lead ore is a mile long and from 0*0 to
150 feet wide. The crude metal contains about 75 per cent of platinum
aud sells 011  the field for $d an ounce.
Mr. Canard, of Victoria, who bus
undertaken the management of the Nip
A Tuck gold property on Wild Horse,
passed through here on Tuesday last.
He tells us that he is going to work
the property on 11 much more extensive \
plan than it has hitherto been operated, j
It is an hydraulic property aud he is
shipping the machinery ill from Victoria.      We   are glad to state tliut he
The Lillooet Fraser River and Cariboo Gold Fields Limited are applying
for power to '-hold by location or
otherwise, auv number of mineral
lalms situate on the same vein, lode
or reef, not exceeding ten" and '-on
making application for leases the company shall not he limited or confined
10 any area and tho Oold Commissioner to whom such application is made
may, with the approval of the Lieu-
tuiinnt-Goveruor iu council, grant such
application, notwithstanding the lands
so applied for mny exceed iu area the
number of acres to which such leases
are now limited by law." It is to he
honed that the House will not pass
these amendments to Bill No. IIH,
which are moved by Mr. Irving. Why
should anv company be allowed to
stako out if they think a whole minimi
district? It is quite possible that a
Oold Commissioner might grant all
the land the company would wish to
apply for, and the Lieutenant-Governor
would uppiove ns a matter of course
in which case t hey w juld have very
great advantages over any ordinary
mining company, or prospector. It is
now open to any company to acquire
all the claims l hey may want by purchase which gives the prospector, tho
man who by hard toil and great risks
has opened tho way for large companies, a chance to mako 11 tew dollars
j Smell en-
I The object in most places in British
1 Columbia is to obtain reduction works
regardless of location and proximity of
ore; we have a few monuments that
remind us of this same erase which
was prevalent a few jears liaolt. The
smelter i.t Revelstoke has bieu an eyesore now for some years and it will be
welcome news to everv one interested
iu the welfare of the town and district
t j k ow that at last there is a probability of the buildings being utilized
for the purposes for wliich they were
built. Wo havo it on the best of an
thority lhat, now the long standing
dispute as to ownership has lieen decided, the Revelstoke Smelting Co,
huve decided to make another start
with ths Ruvestoke S.nelter, and Mr,
A, H. Holditch, formerly of Revelstoke.
uow of the Hall mines smelter at Nelson, has received instructions requesting him to make an extensive personal
investigation into the condition of the
smelting plant, ami asking him to
take full charge of all the smelting
operations, if in his opinion sufficient
ores and the necessary fluxes can be
obtained. It is understood that, owing
to his duties at the Hull mines smelter
Mr. Holditch will be unable to make
the required investigation jnst at present, but there is every reason to I. lie*. 0
that before long the much-abused aud
long disused smelter at Revelstoke will
be iu active operation with Mr. Hoi-
dich as the manager.
HaViption f-A
Public Meeting.
A public meeting of the citizens of
Golden will bu held in the Kootenay
House on Tuesday evening, March
24th, at 8 o'clock, tor the purpose of
electing a Town Committee for the
ensuing year.
By order of the Town Committee.
D. M. Rae, Rec. Secy.
.which rich companies like the L.F.R,
bus   patronized   us   so far as to have ; & -_���_-,-^   _,,e  wen llb|e to afford.
purchased most of bis supplies and
provisions from our merchants in
Golden, showing how we can more
than compete with the Pacific coast.
The Nip and Tuck has been worked in
a crude way for some years and bus
given very good returns.
I We want no monopolies in mining dis-
| triuts, let every man coming into the
country have a chance to make a living
uud let honest money lie ou the same
footing as honest labor neither better
nor worse
It is   learned  'hat the Le Roi corn-
To -et or Sell.
.V comfortable  dwelling house for
sale or to let    Six rcoms.   Stable and
The annual meeting of the share
holders of the Upper Columbia Navigation aud Tramway Company, will
be held at the Company's office in
Golden, B.C , on Saturday the fourth
day of April. A.D, lH9fi, at two
o'clock in the afternoon, for the election of Directors and for the ordering
of the affairs of the Company generally.
Bv order of the Board.
Chas. H.
Golden. B.C.,
March lGth, 1890.
j-i J. ST^FORT*-.,
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Bread Daily.
During the winter a stage will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
Leaving Golden and Fort Steele
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound j
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars tier pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through*$16,00.    Local 10 cents per mile.
P. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
This card is a guarantee
that the cloth in ihis garment
has been thoroughly Spotig.
oa and Shrunk andtheworh-
tnanship is fully guaran!-. i'i.
H. ���B-)__r.*CO.,
���.on t,"(i*l.
See that this little card
it In the pocket of any
Read--Made Garment you
buy. It speaks for itself
and means what it says.
Ready Made
c-c*o_ooocooc4ocooc-ccc��� ioooccc  -ocooeooooooooooooc
pany will   declare another dividend at  outbuildings complete, for   particulars
their meeting on April 7. I ��PPb- to B. Luudein.
FINCtT Tea I   ^���ffft
IN THC WORLD ���     ������������ ���
"Moaaoon" Tea is put up hy tli. Indian Teal
-m-wan aa a sample of flu beat qualities of Indian
Teae. Therefore they oaf tha greatest can la tha
selection of the Tea and Ita Weed. Hat la���*����_��
put It up t-emaelvea and sell It oaljr la tha original
packages, thereby securing ita purity and eicelleace.
Put up in K lb., t lb. and J lb. pacMgaa, anl timet
sold in bulk.
It and 13 Front aires* East, Toroirt*
The Western Hilling Go.
Reffina,  N.W.T.
Manufacturers Of
M McDonald A-w,ttopHWTewl^"
��� lVl-wJ-'UllctlU,  nnd British Columbia.   7
Calory, Alb,


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