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The Golden Era Mar 17, 1899

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Array V *y 1/
"Hie Golden Era
Is ths most widely oirculated snd
hast advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
ia read by the miners, the ranchers,
tbe rsilrosders and lumbermen.     a
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum |
in Advance   ...... ^
The Golden Era,
Has been appointed tbe Gazelle
for North East Kootenay for
Dominion and Provincial Government notices and advertisements.    Published by
Tim Goi.niiK Eka Co., Ltd., Ly.,
GomrN, B.C
VOL. VIII.   NO. 3a
MARCH 17,    1899.
$2 Pek Year
Special Reductions in Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Heavy Winter Clothing.
Previous to Stock Taking.
H.  G.   PARSON,
For a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . .
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
The Toronto Telegram says: Cauada's
Senate has been blamed hy the Globe
for putting several million dollars into
the pockets ot McKenzie tt Mann by
taking the Yukon railway job off their
hand). II the Senate enriched these
two poor, simple-minded contractors
by knocking oue deal on the head, how
muoh more must the British Columbia
Government have enriched them by
Wiping out half a daizen deals which
gave them a claim on ibe assets of the
Province? The Senate was the sweet
little cherub that sat up aloft and sated William and Dan from being financially brokeu on tha wheels from their
inability to oope with with Hon. Clifford Sifton. And now the 8emlin
Martin Government does the cherub
act once more, aud lo, MoKensie and
Mann will not have to bankrupt themselves by carrying out the railway
building jobs inte which they were
trapped by the surpassing genius ot the
Turner Government.
Settlers who in the past have been
compelled to pay royalty upon eord-
wood will greatly appreciate the amendment to tbe Land Act, introduced by
Premier Semlin aud which allows
moneya received as royalties upon cord-
wood, to go iu reduction of the price of
tbe laud.
Fop 10
'���The Toronto "World " says: '-The
Hon. Joseph Martin looks to be the
coming man in the history of Canada.
He has alrsady distinguished himself,
and tbe Liberals are in power to-day
because Mr. Martin shewed them how.
Some of tbe legislation which was carried during the late session in British
Columbia is on new and progressive
lines, snd will meet with the support
of Canadian people in every province."
The Semlin Government are to lie
congratulated on the steps they have
taken to protect the poor man against
the ricli corporation. In the estimates
appeared a vote ot $���3000 for constitutional litigation and the Hon.- Jcs.
Martin explained this by saying that
"this amount was to provide aid to
people oppresed by rich and powerful
corporations, such as the settlers along
the line of Canadian Pacific Railway
who were not allowed to use water and
the poor prospectors on the Esquimalt
and .Nanaimo Railway lande. These
people would be protected at the coast
of the Proviuce."
PROSPECTS Of winqerhere.
A Railway Wanted.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial' and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
JJot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
316it Proprietor*.
To Hotel Keepers and Others :
From this date forward this Company
will refuse to accept any orders, on account
of wages due to camp men.
By Order.
M.  CARLIN,  General Manager.
Dated at Golden, B.C., January I3th, 1890.
���a���(w������gepBi ��� . acsgBgBgggssagaggag samm��� em ���
Samples   Now    Ready
THE  ...
W. A. Murray & Go. L't'd.,
Writing of lhe past session of ths B.
C, Legislature the Winnipeg Tribune
���ays:-"With the master hand of the
courageous Martin taking turns at the
helm, it Is little wonder that lhe billows
of opposition criticism broke harmlessly over the bulwarks of the State ship.
and that the government emerged from
the session stronger and in better condition than when it began the voyage.
It may be said with perfect safety that
more nseful legislation wns passed during the sesiion just closed, than was
produced during the entire parliament
to which the present one succeded.
British Columbia now has a government of which it can well afford to lie
proud, for the legislation just placed
upon the statute books demonstrates
that ths administration is resolved to
stand by and protect the interests of
tbe province."
Hew York Bun: Hiss E. Pauline
Johnson, of the Mohawk tribe ot Canada, has taken Boston by storm with
recitals of hsr poems. She is perhaps
th* most unique figure in the literary
world ot this oountry.
Edinburgh Scotsman: Hsr poems
ere all gracefully written see*
with romantic coloring of lawless lite,
The W. A. Murray & Co., Toronto, Ontario, flJMJrW** huB,er
Largest Dry Goods House in the Dominion of Canada, now ready with Spring Samples of New Dress Goods,
Silks, Wash Fabrics and other Dry Goods needs.     A com-
filete range will be sent to any address.    Write for Cata-
ogue,   Address Mail Order Department.
Bright's Disease and Kindred Kidney Troubles lia-o Lost Their Terrors-South
American Kidney Cure wages a Success*
f��l War.
A young man studying for the ministry,
and the son of a well-known western merchant, droppeal into s drug store, and in a
vary discouraged moud said to the proprietor
" I am quitting iny studies and going home
to I know not what. My physiciin says I
have Bright's Disease and ean not pursue my
studies." That druggist knew from experience the almost miraculous cure Ir his own
ens* mado by South American Kidney Cure.
He recommended It to the young man aud iu
less thou a mouth he was back to his studies
again a perfectly cured man. South American Kidney Curo is a liquid kidney specitic.
Hold by C. A. Warron.
Iu an interview with the Colonial
Mr. K. L. T.Galbraitb, th* well known
founder of Fort Steele, ia reported as
"A good deal of attention has been
directed towsrd Windermere, about 75
miles north ol Fort Steele near the
head waters of tb* Columbia, where a
large number of very promising leads
of high grade ore hare been discovered.
During the coming year ther* will be a
large influx of prospectors, capitalists
and others who will flock to that section. A large copper mine, now owned by a Rossland syndicate, which has
been doing development work during
the past winter, ie situated immediately behind tb* town of Windermere and
affords facilities for shipping as s
wagon road can be made to the mine.
The ore is copier of a hi h grade. On
Dutoh creek, Toby, Horse Thief No. 1
Horse Thief, and No. 2 some excellent
minea have been discovered during the
past season and a number of men have
been busy doing development work, the
report from here being of a most favor
able character.
" What is wanted, said Mr. Gal
braith, is a line of road connecting
East Kootenay with the Oreat Northern at Kalispell or Jennings, Montana.
This road would parallel the Rocky
Mountains, would run through the
richest mineral section of East Kootenay towards Golden on the C.P.R.,
and would afford excellent means of
ehipping. The road is urgently needed
and it is understood that a strong
English syndicate will take hold of the
enterprise and push it tp completion,
Tb* r*ad would open up and do more
towards developing East Kootenay
than any road that can be built,
"East Kootenay has the double
advantage of offering homes for a large
number ot settlers. Fruits, vegetables
and graii of sll -kinds ean be grown
successfully end then Is a good local
Market for all those products that can
be railed. It is tbe Intention of the
Kootenay Navigation Company te keep
the North Star running during the
coming year from Jennings. Montana,
to Fort Steele. In the Windermere
section the Duchess will run from
Golden to Windermere, affording those
entering the country mesne ol travel
to the mines, while stages will ply
between Fort Steele snd Windermere,
during the season, thus giving those
coming in via Fort Steele and Crow's
Nest. Pass connection with ths stsamer
at Wiadumere."
The following games have been
played this week in the Fancy Vest
competition:���Warren 9 vs, Rae 8;
UlUck 11 vs. Henderson 5.
Valr-snle KtaptUn*
Ar* grand, but Skin Eruptions rob
IK* of joy, Buoklen's Arnion Salve,
cures them, also Old. Running and
Fsvsr Sores. Ulcers, Boils, Felons,
Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises Burns,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains.
Best Pile Cure on esrth. Drives out
Pains and Aohes. Only 25 cts. a box
Cureguarenteed.Sold by all Druggists
To The Editor Goluin Era:
Victoria, Mch, IS, '99.
Sir.���In your interesting article
���'Round About the Mines," in the
Gomikx Era ot March 3rd, some remarks in reference to th* Thunder
Hill mine would seem to imply that
the concentrator waa closed down for
want of ore. This was not the case.
The closing down of work on the mine
and mill waa not in any way due to
lack ot or*, but simply and solely to
the want of funds to complete the reduction works and continue work on
the mine.
The Company's difficulties unfortunately, occurred at the time of the silver panic in 1893, when hundreds ot
the heat mining properties in the United States were also obliged to shut
down, and money for mining purposes
oould not be had on any terms.
The concentrator was not completed
wlies work was stopped, some of ihe
accessary appliances being then on the
way from Chicago.
Yours truly,
J Ams Brady.
MISS  .  .   .
E. Pauline Johnson
Indian Poet Reciter,
will give two er her unique snd
reBned recitals of her own|eom-
position in tbe
Tuesday& Wednesday
������refc ��l Md **.
Deserted Seats 7fie.   General Admission 60c.
Children Ik.
Complete change of Programme each night.
Plan of Hall at Field's Drag Store.
Ths following amounts were expended 'ih this district last year:
Donald Mining Division.
Beaver River trail, 12.278.60. Cut
out and graded new trail from Bear
Creek Station up the Beaver River 29
miles, including bridging of Grizzley
Creek, leaving about fire miles more
trail to cut through to the Bennison
groun of claims.
Grissly Creek trail, 168.81. Cut out
10 miles of trail.
Canoe River trail, 8800. Cut out 80
miles of old trail and made general
repairs from Donald north down the
Columbia River to Canoe River and up
the Canoe, out a new trail for 41 miles,
leaving about 45 miles more to complete connection to Tete Jaune Cache
on the Fraser River, the last portion
being a fairly open country.
Bald Mountain trail, $144. Graded
and widened four miles, cor Juroyed 75
feet, built one short bridge.
Gids Creek trail, 892. Cut and
graded 7 miles ot new ti ail.
Bluewater bridge, 122.25. Put riprap around pier and made general
Wait-aBit bridge, 812160. Built a
new pier and filled in with rock, put
on new flooring and lengthened the
Wait-a-Bit trail, 8196.04. Cleaned
out 7 miles of trail and cut aud graded
5 miles of new trail.
Blaeberry Creek, 8136.25. Cut out 25
miles of new trail.
Porcupine Creek, 8171.23.   Cleaned
out  20  miles  of  trail and  geueral
Bear Creek, 865.  Cut out windfalls,
Little Brother claim, 8100.  Cut and
graded 2 miles of trail,
Donald street, 877.50.   Grading.
Main   trunk  road,   825.110.     Made
general repairs between  Donald and
Miscellaneous, 899.35.   Tools, etc.
Gulden Minino Division.
Main trunk road, total length iu
Northeast Kootenay 146 miles. Work
on portion between Golden and Sinclair
81.927.48. Forest cleared, 1.632 yds.;
graded,. 150 yds.; ditched, 2,166 yds,;
filled in, 75 yds.; graveled, 2,162 yds.;
brush mattresses, 1,286 yds.; creek
beds cleaned out to keep stream in
channel to prevent flooding of road,
3,959 yrds.; road changed, 125 yds.;
culverts rebuilt, 7; bridges rebuilt, 2.
Kicking Hone River, Golden, H,-
244.55. Approaches to the bridge
(carried over from last year) 1 000 lin.
feet of cribwork on south side of river,
faced with false embankment and mattress work; raised crib on tbe north
Golden Streets 8485.60. Gravelled
and filled low spots ou main road aud
streets; built a sidewalk.
McMurdo district, maintenance of
trails 124 miles, 81,689.04, Graded, 5
miles; ditched, 275 yds.; new bridges,
386 feet; cut through snow slide, 450
feet by 20 feet by 6 feet; out and graded
6| miles of now trail,
Bugaboo Croek, (148.52. Cut out
fallen timber and changed location of
Irwin-Butto trail, 825.00. Cut and
graded new trail.
Fifteen-Mile Creek trail, 822.00. Cut
out windfalls.
Miscellaneous, 828,00,
Windermere Minino Division.
Dutch Creek, 8646.75.    Cleared 25",
miles uf trail; graded 8 miles of new
trail; bridged 825 feet.
Trunk road, S nolair to Canal Flats,
81,372.89. Keeping grades clear of
snow last wintti; general repairs and
outting around soft spots in spring;
replaced 60-foot span and approaches
of bridge across Dutch Creek carried
away by freshet.
Kootenay River bridge, 8146.25.
Raised pier anal placed rook around the
same; watched and cleared driftwood
during high water.
Toby Creek trail, 8228.15. Cut out
and general repairs.; built i boats tor
the Salmon Beds.
Horss Thief Creek and tributaries,
8305.00. Cut out and made general
No. 2 Creek, 8160.00. Cut and graded 8 miles of new trail.
Arrival or Mr. Wut.on. C.E.
Mr. Watson, Engineer for the Kootenay nnd Northwest Railway Company
otherwise known as "The Uolden Era
Air Line," arrived at Golden last week
with his engineering outfit. Mr. Watson is waiting instructions frotn his
principals, and is not prepared to give
any definite information at present as
to his operations.
This is the railway which is projected
from tho American boundary to the
Yukon, and behind which it is supposed tho Great Northern has some interest, with a view to opening up the
great and rich tract of territory lying
west of the Rocky Mounttins. and included in the great basin of eastern
British Columbia. If this railway
goes ahead, as is anticipated, it wiil
be one of the most important railway
enterenriscs yet launched on the American continent, nnd its importance to
Golden, Windermere, Tete Jauno
Cache, end the Omenica and Peace
River countary cannot be  over-rated.
For Twenty Tears Mrs. Bosdhonse wss a
Subject of Dread Heart Disease-Dr.
Agnew's Cure for the Hoart Gave Her
Relief in T ess than Half an Aour.
Mrs. Koadhouse, ef Wllliscroft, Ont, is 61
years old. For moro than SO years sue had
boen a great sufferer from heartdisessu. The
nain ana palpitation at times lustiug for live
hours, and so acute that often she wrhad for
death that she might find reliof from her suffering-, but she was attracted to Dr. Agnew's
Cure tor the Heart through reading of the
wonderful cures wrought by it. She commenced using it snd in one of her most distressing heart spasms found complete relief
Inside of thirty minutes. She swears by it
to-day as the only heart cure.
Sold by C.A.Warren
EwllI J. Scovil,
Mining Broker, Real Estate,
Notary Public, Conveyaneer,
and General Agent,
A second exhibition of the engine
was given by Mr. Parsons, who ie
returning from the coast cities, on
Monday afternoon. In about 10 minutes after lighting the fire a powerful
stream from a 1J inch nozzle was
thrown through the ordinary length
of hose used at fires, and ordinary fire
duty was more than maintained for
several hours. Streams ranging from
one to one and one quarter inch were
thrown over 200 feet. Walter Houston, a lad about 14 years of age, ran
tbe engine most of the time from the
���tart, and Mr. Parsons says he is the
most apt engineer he has ever fa-en.
Eighty pounds steam pressurr, producing over 160lbs. water pressure,
was easily maintained, firing with
the door ooen. A good start cannot be
made owing to the poor housing cf
the engine, as the house is only a bure
covering. Everything is therefore
damp and cold but everyone who wit
nessed the test noticed how easily i)-,e
engine steamed aivl maintained i,
steady solid lire Btreum. The chief oi
the new fire company, Mr. McDermot,
made another lest, not In ii;���j .,-, u iho
usual practice of steam fire engines,
oil boxes snd buiter mi-a, alalia, etc.,
were used for over half *m hour to m
what could lie done with wood foal,
and here the boiler again demonstratad
she could do good work keeping up
from 40 lo oOlbs. ol steam, which Mr.
Parsons claims is about all that is
ever required for ordinary fire duty.
This gives with tho Ronald pump
from 80 to lOOlbs. water pressure, and
is really more than liremen can handle
on medium lines of hose, even with the
assistance of the holder. Tnis was
shown when tho play pipe for a moment got free, as without the stake or
holder big pressures cannot be held.
80lbs. is the regular woaking preesure
in Eastern eities. Thus it was shown
that in case of coal shortage anytime,
with wood effective work can be
Mr. Parsons had replnced tbe broken water glass, and a n.w piece of
packing at the exhaust joint which
had given out at the first trial, neither
of which wore defects, nor had it
interfered with the working of the
engine, as it never stopped, nor was
tlio power of the engine lessened.
These now- wore in placo again and all
was ns tight as a bottle, and everybody who witnessed Monday's display
were satisfied that the engine is a very
nice running machine and so easily
handled, as Mr. Parsons, after the
first fire, left it all in tho hands ot
strangers to operaie, and when a
school lad can do the work so well as
"Walter Houston, and so easily, wl at
iiiav we expect from our older engineers?
Tho whole outfit, engine (secondhand) all new reels, 1000 feet of hose,
play pipes, nozzles, S amuse coupler,
lanterns, sleigh runners, and combination bell is costing less than a new
unglne alone. With these considerations what town of this size should go
without fire protection ?
Steps should at onco be taken to
secure a proper fire hall so that all can
be safely and properly housed and
cared for. If this is done, and it
should not cost very much, we are-
satisfied no place per population in
the whole Province can boast of a
better fire coinpanv, or a more powerful fire appliance aud plant than the
town of Golden.
Hit-mark'* Iron Serve
Was the result of his splendid health
Indomitable wiil and tremendous en
ergy are not found where Stomach
Liver. Kidneys and Bowls are out of
order. If you wan't these qualities
and the success they bring, ute Dr.
King's New Lite Pills. They develop
every power of brain and body. Only*
26 cents at any Drag Store.       S
_^ To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The GOLDEN EISA Is published overy Frl-
toy evening, it Is the best iidvi-rit-utt medium
firths East KpqtBBay.dlstrlot,
Sillasa-i-il,li.llUalta~a:   ti^OpCr alllllUlll  IN  AD-
Alaui-attolas aallal a-liang** ot Standing laalva-r
tlsa-iaeiits must I* I" ��>e oHk��* not later than
noon on Wednesday to insure Insertion, bu
casual adrerllsenlenls will be received up Uli
""while all. reasonable care will be taken, the
praaunetoi-s will not  lie , n-suonsible  ior iiaaj
umlisioii or err. T in any nilvi'i lis.ii'tiit.
All mcoWs to Be paid lo Uu Managing
Director, or his authorised Jg��*i���fr��ra """'"
1.51  -IC!
the company's receipt will be obtained.
AdvartiaU'iR talcs:    l)is|,la.v   ail".. ������
column llll-lli Li-gal ads., 10 cents per line laa
lirst Insertion,!. Salt* taar each allllltliaaial laasa-i
ainu; Reading notices, li cents per line eaol
All inisliii'.-as communications should ho aal
dressed to tlio Managing Director, anil nllltoi
orr, communications, lcateis tor uublteatlon 01
lll-'ws Items slaoulil I"- iidllrawcll ta) tlle Editor.
Correspond ��������� is invited on matters "i niibli-
Interest,lint to secure publication sm-ii letter
nan t lie brief.   In Ilia- a-nsa- ail aniiili.vlil.aiis U-tla-l
tliii name and address ol Uie -vritor must In	
a-lo.aal. not Ior iiublloatlon, but for tlio prlvat
intormatlon of tin- editor nml ns u guarantee o
g lull lalth. Any letter received lim-r ilinii �� ea
iiesalay will liaiv.a to stanal over 111! lha- lolloavllaa.
The Qoldeu Era Co. Limited Liability.
A (76,000 Ih-o visited Sorol, Quo.,
nnrou Triip). ol   I'.iiitliaiul, Is   aleual.
Lord Stratlicono  Is   ill In   London.
Princess Knulanl, "I   Honolulu, Is   or
her death boil.
A  rntliailic missionary  wns onion 'by
I'lllna-aaa'  enilllilinlaa.
It. S. publishers "ill hulpl a linper
mill near Ottawa.
Tiie funeral nl Rev. Principal Kini*
was hu-goly attondod.
The Bnlillors :at Muanilu aire Buttering
greatly from tbe heat.
The five victims ail tbo Snriiin aall
tin-alt will a!l rocovcr-
Tlie exports from t in- Dominion Increased during February.
A   recount  lms   lii-i-u  ila-ninnila'al  lay   till
Liberals In  Waaiilli I'crth.
Tilt'    Ililiil'l-illl    lailllk    rotllSOll    ta'    llOnOl
Uie a-it.v ol   Ilmu ban's chocks.
Robert A. Julius-u, iniiiiairlnir editor o!
ilia- lli-aioklyn Times, in  dead.
A freight Btenmer at Nanaimo wm
destroy***-! by tiro with ii�� cargo.
Rev. .laaim Seiiinieiis  rcslguod as -u-iii
ciillll   of    the   Ilrnnalaall   Illllinil   aaelioaal.
Acting Mayor  "ilaitbers   welcomed tin
A. O. I". W, grand laaalRa. taa Wlifnipeg.
Tlio condition ot ijnei'ii M-irin Henri
etln, ni lielglum, is growing worse.
Tlio iiiuraal budget debate un the iirmj
bill laaaak p'llCO In   till'   Fl-l'lich clllllllber.
Lord Salisbury will visit Paris to set
tie   existing   AllKbi.l-ra'iii-h   difficulties.
Mayor Andrews, of   Winnipeg, Signed
tin' $500,000 waterworks i ,l�� In Mont
The lirst lira' to visit KlllotW 'le*
stl-o.va'il 11 btlSihose liaaaase. nnal a ra'sl-
Tin' I". s. eiava'rnnii'iii will Bond rovenuo
cutters to BeilTlllg Sen "aai l-rotocl her
Tinas. llonnlilB-in alivoal Irom Madison
Hqunro iinrileiis nnal recoivctl a'ntiil   In-
jlll'leaa. ,   . '    - .
In ii  Portland, Mc, city olootlnn, only
107 vaaia'K waM-l' a-.-lst faal* lhe Prohibition
A va'terhi.-irv surgeon nl Oypress Rivor,
.Man., was lineal [aw- nut; laelnit registered
in    Mniiiliabn.
The nilvniii-i' mill' of tickets for the
Melba concerts hi Son FrahclBco uggre-
ir.-iteal  $0u,000.
A lull granting Sunday ��irea-t cars  I"
Ottawa   -lassed     lha liuiiltea'   In    tin
Ontario house.
The sennto resolution in tho Nova
Si'aitia legislature passed ibe houst-i by n
vote nl  till to t.
A movement i�� aan foaat in Now Vorla
aaliata'   taa   aarevent     ala'aaiirlllla-ntul     ataare-
dealing in  drugs.
All tiie great eastoni cnnl enmpnnles
ore tn be eiins ilialnla'al with n a-naiiliil
aaf   ?88it,000,a000.
China win semi nn apology to Italy
through sir Claud Maciloiuiltl, in tii" Unit
.Mini Dny disputes.
Twenty.live thousand ol tho Ut. S.
volunteers will be ordered home, from
active scrvlco in  Cuba.
several changes in tho orlne list and
the entry regulations of tho Wliinliicn
Industrial exhibition  wero made.
Radcllff*', tho hangman, cunnbl iiinl accommodation in St. Seliolnslique. <*tle.
owing to tlio feeling iignnist him.
The Port Arlhur-l-'ort Wllltniu ile-an
tiitiini addressed n largo gathering in
Toronto lu the lutorosts of "new Ont
It. E. tvlllinniK, bonkkoopor for Itiintlii
Ctlllies & Co., Toronto, w'"io dlBunpeiirnii
nix  ypjll-s ago,   lias hi-i'in, fiallllil  llend    ila
All is -pilot at Samoa, bnt tbe natlv
ore nn-xliaiisly awaiting tho tlcclsinn  ol
lha. three powerB  ns to   who  Hhiiulal lie
Wclela aaa-ltlei-s lu ATgentluo cou|alnln
bitterly ol their treatment In that
���ainntry. nud they may reinnve tai Ciui-
The grand uinsu-rs of tha>, llntm-i-a anal
Quebec  Orange  laaalen ussaia-ailti mis ala-liv-
il annual addresses nl linrric ami
The Emperor ot China is still.. u,llvo,
but Is only kept ou wirth through the
Influence a,I the British and V. 8. minister* in Pekin..
The A. 0. O. W*. grniul lodge ot the
C. S. elected aaffleers nnd decided ta) ex-
elutle wnlters Who serve liyuor In res*
tanrant*. Irom the order.
The relatione between ltussin nnd Ser-
vla an- strained, tlio king a,! the lnttci
country re'luslng to pay liis Intlier's
alobtH owing taa the former. ��� ,
The evidence In the coroner's inquest
mi tlio aleaath ol Mi's. Whale)-, ot Nee*
.inwa, has nil boen taken. The verdict
will, im doubt* bo suicide.
The Russian ambassadar to the L'nit-
'il Stntea. dlsciisssil lliaa Cliincne situation
mat Ualiiliw America should liavei ;i voice
In deciding tlib Into of China.
Copt. Fraser, aal the Imperial forces,
avliai haa* returned fraain Julian, states
ailnilrnl Dewey Is I'glag miller Ihaastrnln
faareeal  naiini  lallil lay  Hie   l-'illpinos.
Mr. Kipling's Condition.
New York, Maroh ll.-Kuilyurd, Kip-
in-;- continues to mako* steady pro-
jress toward recovery. His sleep Is
jotter inn! more refreshing, lusting
,1'vitiiI hum-Hint ll time. His brain
power is stlil Impaired, but tint is
only n temporary condition rosultifl'*-
rimi extreme physical weakness. O11I3
Dim nnr-iia remained in Mr. Klp'lng'i
roam last nl'ifit and there were iioutiil
<n- her services.
Tried tn Suicide With 11 Hat I'ln.
Paris, March 8.*���Madame Char'o
Iliiiniliini, wife nf tiie ruinous ocenli
irtisi ui that inline, whoso trial 01
'.in: chnrgu ��i attempting to piii-n.-i
her husband, begun on Monday lust
was sentenced u>-ilny Ui five years
psnnl servitudo.    As slio wns leaving
ho court room the prisoner ninilu it
utile nttonipi to commit suicide by
stabbing herself with u hat pin.
Increase in EiHinrts.-
Toronto.-Match 8,���Traale ��� naiirin*
'or I-'i'ln-nnry' show iiicrcisrai in
iriiicipnl imports from Canada in inn-
iilinn bottoms, as folluws-. Wheat,
e-ICOOO- tlour, jEii.oii:;: bacon, ��12,000;
hams, .cu.ooo, eggs, fll.liOH.
They also show the following ile-
re.isos in Imports from Canada in
,'ni'i'n. 11,000. peas, ��18,000; corn,
1*1,000, l.utter, ��*J!l,iii);i; fisli, a78,00l):
i.ilp ��5,000; lumber, fi2,000; horses,
i-J.iioo. The United states also.shows
decreases in must of theso linos, except  that uf butter.
Paper allili Near Ottawa.
Uttowa, March K.���It is stated here
to-iiny that Aiuoriean publishers arc
going tu build a paper mill near Ottawa wa us ui escape from the heavy
prices forced upon them in the State.-.
by the paper trust.
1 h***.-*"1
���t^Sn-^^e^^^^M--*--*-^--"^^*^***^  I
he D. & L.
Is tho best and most palatable preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, agreeing with tbe most delicate
Is prescribed by the leading physicians of
Canada. i
The d. & l. Emulsion
Is a marvellous flesh producer and will give
you an appetite. 50c. Ar. $1 per Bottle.
Be sure you get I   DAVIS'ft LAWRENCE
the genuine    [        CO., Limited, Montreal
Cure For Vagrancy.
Missouri City, Mo., March 0.���ThUi
momma 60 masked men battered down
tlit-f jnfi dour nud seized Odit Bummers, who v/tif locked upon a churgfi
of vugfaxic-f, Tliey took him to the
publiu school ground, stripped him,
and tied him to u tree und lushed him
forty timn-s with a twisted grass rope!
He was then released and warned to-
leave Clay county nud never to re
turn. Tlio mob** afterwards secured
illiii .TnckKHi, Jesse Votes, Jr., Jos,
.Ashury, Dennis Stevens nnd Ben Monk
ers. The five prisoners were'taken to
a stone quarry, stripped, whipped, nml
admonished to leave Clay county. The
vietim.i declare tliat they don't know
why they were punished.
Nature's Own
Dyspepsia Qurz
Nature's remedies are not like man's���they never
fail.   Of the many remedies intended to cure dyspepsia,
sour stomach, distress after eating, -weight in the stomach,
,   wind on the stomach, loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, im-  ,
poverished blood, catarrh of the stomach, sick headache, and
similar results of indigestion, only one is uniformly and unfailingly successful���that is nature's own remedy, found only in
The pineapple contains a large amount of Vegetable Pepsin��� I
nature's most potent aid in digesting food. Mix meat and pineapple
and agitate the mixture at a temperature of 103��, and the pineapple
a will completely digest the meat.
Take two of Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets after your meals J
and they will digest your food without aid from the stomach. This
of course rests, strengthens and heals the stomach.   The tablets
will cure the most chronic case of dyspepsia.   They give im-
. mediate relief.   Take them for a short tune and your stomach
' will be as strong and hearty as that of a fanners boy.
They are as pleasant to the palate as candy.
At all druggists.���35c. a box���or direct from'
Toronto, Can., and Buffalo, N.Y.   I
SOLD   B-y   O.   -A..   WARBBN
What a man,
attains to seems
for a little time
to be the high,
est rung in the
ladder, and during that btief period .he  may be
content*, 'but when
discovers that
re are other
rungs, still higher
ambition gives
i to discontent",,
be begiqs .once,
to climb.'   .Tb
climb ib really man's
hief end.    It isn't in.
ttainment, but in"
irk, that man finds hie
real   happiness,   consequently it is not strange
that we find men working
until   they break   down
when   there  is no real
���ecessity for  it.
If niirn onlv knew it. they could work to
almost any extent on through middle life
and Into old age, if they would only take a
little common sense care of their health.
The trouble is that they do not take the llt-
Hc- stitches here and there that are neces-
sarv to preserve health. They pay no attention to the signs of on-ceming ill-health.
A little biliousness, a little indigestion, a
little loss "f sleep anil appetite, a little
nervousness, a little headache, a little
shakiness in the morning, and a little dull*
ness all day, a little this and a little that-
all these little things they neglect. Dr.
Pierce's Oolden Medical Discovery makes
the appetite keen, digestion and assimilation perfect, the liver Derive, the blood pure
anal the nerves steady. It is the great
blood-maker and flesh-builder. It is the
great liver invigorator and nerve tonic. It
fits a man tn work nnal work and work.
Medicine alealers sell il and have nothing
else "just as good."
" I wns a saafTerer five air six years from Indl*
Bcstiiin." writes B. I". Holmes, or (.nHney,
gnnrtanhllrg Co.. S. C. "also from sore stomach
and const.-inl henilaa-hr. I then used Dr. Pierces
Cajtden Ma-alical Discovery uud 'Pleasant Pellet-.' which in a few allays Rave me permanent
A man or woman who neglects constipation snfler.* from slow polsonitjg. Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation. One little " Pellet " is a gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic. All medicine dealers sell them.
Hangman Not Welcome.
Mainti-e.al, March 8.���RjiUbllffu tilt
luingmaii, wliu will conduct thu ox-
I'cutiiaii ut Cordelia Viuu nnd Sn-'n
l-ni-Klia-v on Friday for the murder
,11 Isiiilur 1'oirler, found oil hi* arrival
in the villuKe uf Sic. Sclioiastlquu y��*-
terduy that none of .tho public placet
,1 I'luoi-tuiiinii-iit would give lulu nc-
eominoUatioii.iuid that private linuse.
were even less inclined to take llttn
("oiiseiiueiuiy lie was c��nipel|oil tai -.v.
nil-la to Montr011I for shelter and will
hate to ride back 11111I fin-i.li between
here nnd Ste. l-ScliolnstUitte, every aluy
until after tlio hanging.
Neglected te Keftirtor.      "
���T'ypres! Ilivcr, Man., March is���De*
t-x'tive McKenzie has lieen here tahii-
wee'; prosecuting .1. .Spal-row, 11 loeu
vet. for practising professionally
without beliis*; registered iu tllisprov.
luce. A conviction .was becurci to
(lay. the defendant lieing', fined i}20-
Magistrate.-. Vunner and Connon pre-
shied. It required two sittings to
settle the case. The detective Is tour-
in-'' tiiu province In the interests a
tho I'ri.'Viiieial Veterinary association
The Dentlnmn's Island delegates 'from
Vniieiitivor lind'un liitervl'ow with��� the
uiaverinnent at tltlnwa. Premier Ijnin-*
ler nsked them to embody their views in
II    lili'lliaiTtnl.
A New Departure.
Dr. Murst-hund, the celebrated
French physician, has at lastopenec
his magnificently equipped laboratory
in "Windsor, Out. There is a larga
staff of chemists and physicians at hit
command, and the men and women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Marschaud has a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and Women,
uud you have but to write the doctoi
to be convinced that your answer, when
received, is from a man who is entitled to the high position hu holds in
the medical fraternity.
Why suffer in silence when yon can
secure the advice of this eminent pbysi
ciau free of charge.
All correspondence is strictly con
fldentinl and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents are
mailed in plain envelopes.
Yon are uot nsked to pay any exorbitant price for medicines, in- fact it
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 60 cents to one dollar be-
fore he or sho becomes 11 firm friend
and admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of lady physicians
assist Dr. Marschaud in his treatment
of females cases. Always inclose three-
cent stamp when you write and address
Tho Dr. Mnrschand Chemical Co., De'
iroit, Mich., U. 8. A. Mention the
Golden Era when yon write the doctor.
International   Courtesies.
Valettu, Island of Malta, March 0.--
Thc United Stales transport Sheridan,
from New Torfc, on February 20, tor
Manila, arrived here yesterday. By
pi-rmisslun of the governor of Malta,
iienerul Sir Arthur James Lyon Fre*
mantle, the American troops, consisting ol two thousand men,' landed
to-day and the governor, attended by
his stuff, inspected them on the
Florin parade ground. Subsequently,
the American inarched past and created a splendid Impression.
Admiral Sir John O. Hopkins, com*
mandcr-lu-clilcf of the Mediterranean
station, mid Major General Lord Con-
gletou, commanding the Infantry bri*
ra-le. with their staffs, were present.
There was also a large attendance of
naval and military men and un Immense concorsc ol people, as spectators.
Citizens Fired a Volley Into a Train
Which Aired the St^roes and
Injury! a Train Hand,
Atlanta,' Ga., March 9.���The. Tenth
Illumines (negroes), Colonel Jones, who
were mustered out nt Macon yesterday, began to show their Ill-temper
as soon as the train bearing them
home began to move out of Macon.
Producing revolvers nnd otlier arms
which tliey In some way managed to
keep with them they began flriug
from the windows, bullets h flew in
every direction us tho train sped ou
and pusseraby were compelled to seek
safety. Luckily only one person was
shut at Macon. Will tioodyenr, a 10
year old white boy, whose arm was
fractured by a ball. As the train
passed the various stations ou tin:
road the rioting was renewed, shots
being fired from the train nt the
people on the platforms to see tlle
train go by.
At Griffin, Ga., where tlle first sec-
tiuu of the train stopped, about 11.III)
p.m.. occurred the most serious trouble
of tlle day. Tlle regiment came over
the Central of Georgia railroad In
three sections. When the train stopped at Griffin the negroes, who by
a,his time had filled ap on whiskey,
begun firing their pistols and yelling
like Indians, Over 'HID shots were
rived nnd the police were powerleaM
to resist. The city wns nt the mercy
of the negroes, who kept up a fusil-
ade of shots until tho trnln carried
them beyond  the city limits.
News of this outrageous conduct
spread rapidly over Griffin and it was
determined that tlle next section of
the regiment sliould b-i held in check
Mayor Duvls telephoned to Governor
(andler asking hint to order out the
Griffin IMfles The governor sent
him word that he would consult
authorities and instruct linn in a lew
minutes. Mayor Davis, thon order*-d
out a lompany ou his own rcsponsl
b'lity as there was no time to lose. The
men v.i.to given five rounds of allium-
nltion and under command of Limit
David nniniied to tiie ile|-ot. In addition to the n.ilitia the mayor and
i-'herlff Morris deputized nearly UlO
citizens to assist the officers iu pro-
serving the peace and- protecting tin
About 5.15 p. in., the second section
caino in sight nud above the roar of
the troi,rt ccnld be heard the rattio of
fire-arms, which were b->iaig diseharg-
��: indlscriiuinntely. Whon this train
came'fo a stand-still thi negroes saw
1*00 heavily armed men, who commanded them to keep quiet. The negroes
were awed and with a few exceptions
wen* as docile as lambs. To those
[ructions, cracked heads were admin.
istered.    *
When the train pulled out from the
deptit lhe negroes thought tliey wern
out of the reaoh of the citizens and
tliey bt-gan firing at houses. At the
first shot a volley was pdured into the
train by tho citizens und militia: Geo.
Agee. a tr.ilnuian. was fatally shot 111
the aMomeii and one negro slightly
wounded. There was no trouble In
Atlanta, as the police were prepared
tor them.
The ((ueen's Trip.
Loudon, March 9.���The Queen haa**
poi-tpuui'd her. departure to the south
of France until Saturday next, lu
"-ouseiiuence of ths storm in tlle channel. The postponement of her majesty's, departure is a striking illus-
trntion ol the extreme cure and of the
precautions witli whicli she Is- sur-
' Instead of going in her own yacht to
Chcroourg, us usual, she decided to
avoid tlle long sea tr'p' anil go from
Folkestone to Boulog-ie-Sur-Mcr In a
sptciul passenger boat, whicli has
been changed 'or Its Jghty minutes'
trip. All sorts of staging and olat*
forin,-!* had been erected at Folkestone,
where Rear Admiral John Ful'ertun,
aide-de-camp cf the Queen, who hus
been iu command of the royal yacht
Victoria nnd Albert since 1K84, ami.a*
host of court officials have been sup*
eriutendltig thu arrangements. Two
trial trips have already been made .and
everything was in readiness to-dny:
At Boulogne-Sur-Mur, In addition to
n large force of gendarmes and custom house officials, two battailous o"
infantry were in rendiness, while the
entire railroad line to Nice was guarded by soldiers, posted at intervals,
supplementing the usual force of railroad employees detailed for duty in
such emergencies. Tlle French gov-
eminent is taking unusual precaution 011 account of the supposed hostility of a portion of tin people to
the Queen, All these arrangements
'n France were upset by a dispatch
from Rear Admiral Fullertou postponing the journey on account of the-
wentlter prevailing in the channel,
classed as a "storm." whereas only a
moderate sea was running. '
.lumped to Death.
Albany, N. Y��� March 0.���A prisoner
In charge of a deputy sheriff, w|io
boarded tho fast mall at PoUglikeepfU
Jumped from the window of the car
just north of Hudson, and it is be-
lleved he wus killed. The train wn��
stopped to allow the officer to go
back lu anarch of the 11111,11, but proceeded to tills city without a waiting
Ills return.
Black 8-a Hurricane.
St. Petersburg, March 9.���A hurricane passed over tlle Black Sen for
the past four days, and numerous ecs-
unlltles among shipping have been
reported. Two KnglUli steamers urc
nshore near Potl, a Turkish steam-
IhiMius 11 nun 'po5t.-ie.iAi ueeq s'uq 43
ship bound for Thedosls has been sunk,
the crew of the latter perished.'"
DS !
The Canadian Remedy for til
Large Bottles, 25 cents.
DAVIS ft LAWRENCE CO., Limited,   j
Prop's. Puny Davis' Paia Killer.        <
Haw York Montreal   j
We guarantee that these
Plasten will relieve
pais qplcker than any
other. Put up only in
25c tin boxes and $1.00
yard rolls. The latter
allows you to cut the
Plaster any size.
Every family
should have one
ready for aa emergency.
1 of Imitations
A Dash for Life.
St. Sclioiastique, P. Q., March '...-
Preparations uie about complete lor
the double execution of Cordelia Vlau
and f-"uni I'ais.ow for the murder in
November, itSOV, of Isidore 1'oirlev,
;lie husband of the woman. Tuey will
.huny* to-morrow morning nud ilad-
cliffe will be tiie cxeeutioner.
��� A stusntlon was caused tills morn*
li*"*** when it became known that Furs*
low had succeeded at midnight in get*
tin out of his cell in an attempt to
make his escape, He wis .searched
to see that he .'aid nothing ooncea!e*l
about ids clothing and was then returned to confinement.
Canadian . .
Pacific Ry.
If you intend spending tbe
winfr in a
Milder   Climate
Write or call for particulars
of rates, routes, etc , to
���:��� ,a-
Reduced   Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
KukhIji Ih pouring troor*i Into Porl
Arthur, mul lian now about 00,000 men
on ihe peninsula-.
Madam Blmmhlnl was sentence-d to-tive
years' imprlsoinncat on a cltargtt of nt.
tempting t<> pot son lier hmilmml. Slio
tried to commit flulctdo in tliu enurt.
$$WE   PRINT$$*$
Send us vour orders.
That is -what we are here for.
Tie Giei Era Company,
Ltmitkd Liammtt.
Address:   tiOLDEN,  B. C.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Hornes rand
.Rig* of all kinds for ���
Hire at Reasonable "Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
GOLDEN,   I, 0.
���'.   .   HOTEL.
Qooal   aaTomnioiliitlon   foi    propjicotnrs  snd
Freighters.   Fii-st-a-lns" nu'iiis.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholesale nnd Rctnll���
Cattle, Shesp and Horse Dealers.
(ERlnUlhlied 187D) Lbadvillb, Colorado.
Samples by mall or cxnrces receive
prompt attention.
Biiedmi-n Assay   Prices:���Gold, Bilver nnd
lend, M ; nny two of tho above. 7f>c; any one of
the above, wet copper analysis, El; platinum,
nickel or tin. tti.   -Arlto for full price littt nnd
mailing envelope*.
ncrsoun in this state to mnnr-KU onr
iiuslness In their own nnd nearby countie*;. It
is mnlnlv office work conducted at home. Salary straight MKK> a year and expenses���dpQnUo,
lionnttde, no more, no less salury. Monthly 67S.
Reference. Enelocd self-add eased S! amped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
persons In thi* state to inanoge our
ousiness In their own n��d near-by counties. It
Is mnlnlv office work conducted nt home. Snl*
ary straight MJOO % year nnd expenses���definite,
bonaflde, no more, no less salary. Monthly j-7.'..
Reference. Enclose pelf-addressed stuiiiji- d
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest*, Dept. M.
Apply to the nearest Canadian  Pacific
Railway Agent, or nddresa
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Ticket Agent, Oolden.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Deeds al.to3trd. Parties represented In
t'olico court, Small Dobts ouurt and
County court. Accounts collected and
aii-putaad claims adjusted.
Working ard Dividend Paying Mines
in various parts ol British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, (add, and Bilver-
Lend Prospects and Dovelapod Properties
on Bond.
Reports and information furnished
regarding miring pioperties.
S'ocks in British Columbia mines
bought and sold.
Haggen's A-say Office is now fitted np.
Assays made promptly and oarelully.
Kates on application,
Cable Addrois :   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes in uso:   Moieing & Nnal,   and
Bedford McM, ill.
1. Yonr best local newspaper
2. The thrlce-a-week
8. Finely Illustrated monthly magazine
Brighten  your homes for winter.   These
three, forinlnR  a  coiuplcto library, for one
year for
Aditl-ens:   THE MANAGER,
Golden Era Co. I.d. Ly..
Uolden. II. C.
A supply of Bulldin? Lime for Bale.
Plans prepared.  Prompt attention
iriven to orders.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Benls will he
received at t e Golden Era Office and executed
with promptitude.
, The Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
JAMES BRADY, D.L S. & P. li. S.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Ani'n Inst. M. E.
Agant for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment worn, etc.
Address:   QOLDEN,  B.C.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold  Baths.
Rates $2,00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.'
& Tin ay Company, M,
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P.  R.  at   Golden,  B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
fiOI.DF.W 13. C.
Life Was a Dream Until Bto Wife's Mather
July IS, 1897.���Life ia a perfect
beam. How sweet to have a little woman "whom yon love and who loves you I
Ob, bliss, bliss I Tbe love I���
July 16.���-The whole -world must
Bnvy me. How sweet, bow sweetl She
lelights me every hoar. Thie moruiuR
tbe said something about her mother
toming to visit as some time. What a
tittle tease the is I Ob, peaee, peace,
July 17.���Say, that thing abont her
mother coming ia no joke. Let her
. tome. I will be respectable.
July 18.���The old woman will be
bete at 9. Ob, well, I shall treat her
Well for Mary's sake.
July 19.���She isn't so bad after all.
Been acting very decently all day. The
mother-in-law joke���
July 20.���Have seen Mary bnt very
little today. Wonder wbat tbe deuce
the old lady talks abont to ber so much*.
I July 21.���Mrs. Smith mnst remember
that I am 21 years old and know a few
things. If she thinks���
July 22���I'd like to know whose
honse tbis is. I'd like to know who is
boss. Mary, too, can be so confoundedly
contrary. If tbat old woman can't keep
ber beak ont of my affairs, sbe aan go
home.   She's got to let me alone.
July 28.���Oh, it's awfnll
July 24.���I am going stark madl
How am I going to get rid of the old���
July 20.���I will kill her if it is the
July 28.���I have it. I will teach her
how to ride a bicycle I  Ob, fonr friend,
Jnly 27.���Ha, ha I Fourteen falls.
Hurrah for���
Jnly 28.���Twenty-six fallal Gloryl
Jnly 29.���Ten falls! My life is one
continual round of wild pleasure.
Jnly 80.���Sprained ankle!   Wheel
Jnly 81.���Able to monnt. Tbe pain
She feels gives me exquisite pleasure.
Aug. 1.���Mother-in-law went ont
alone this morning and wns killed at
11:20 by a cable car. Tbey brought ber
home all afternoon. How sad I How sad
to be cut down in the bloom of���in
maturity of old age. How we shall miss
her, particularly me. Sbe took snch on
Interest in me. How often I used to
think abont ber when sbe was away
from ns and hope sbe was nappy in ber
little home.   Ah, me���
Aug. 2.���Remains shipped today. I
tad to stay at home witb Mary. Ah-h-bl
Aug. 8.���Confound ber old meddlesome soul! Instead of taking ber own
wheel that morning she bad my brand
new-1807 model, and you can't tell it
from a railroad wreck!���New Vork
Sunday Journal.
tiveness comes from the refusal of the excretory organs to perform their dutieB
regularly from contributing cunt-en,
usually disordered digestion. Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, prepared on scientific
principles, are so coinpounded that certain iugredlents in tueiii pass through
the stomach and act upon the bowels so
as to remove their torpor and arouse
them to proper action. Many thousands
are prepared to bear testimony to their
power in this respect.
a A Consistent Suggestion.
"They ought to change tbe name of
that club of yours," snid Mr. Bibblcs'
wife at the breakfast table.
"In what way'-"'
.   "Tbey ought to call it the Klondike."
'   "I���I mnst say that 1 don't see why."
"For the reason that when a .man
starts ont to go there there's no telling
when he'll get home again."���Washington Star.
Where oan I get some of Holloway's
Corn Uuref I was entirely oured of my
corns by this rimedy and I wish some
more ot ic fur my friends. So writes Mr.
J. W. Brown, Chicago.
Easier Than Bnvlns l'p 9100.
Wltlson���I wonder whnt induced Jum*
kins to marry his typewriter.
Boolor���Why, didn't you know thnt ho'd
been trying for yours to get n typewriter
of his own.���Boxbnry Gazotto.
A Pleas-nut Occasion.
I watched dear Polly making pies��� -
Such pies! The worla] can't beat them.
. Anil then, as you perchance surmise,
Dear Polly watchnU'mH cat them,
���Chliap-o Hecord.
Parents buy Mother Graves' Worm Kx*
terminator because tinny know It Is a safe
medicine for their children and nn eneot-
ual I'xpulli-r of norms.
Aft for Miwd's Liniment ail take no otlier.
Two Lockouts.
Editor's Wife (from sacond story
window)���You don't get in this house
at nny snch hour of tho morning ns thia
Editor (appealiugly)���Bnt, my dear,
I was unavoidably detained at tho office.
Yon soe, we hull Into news of a tremendous big lockout, und���
Wife���All right; you've got news of
another now (slamming down tbe window).���London Answers.
Finns That No Lonirer Wave.
Of 85 flags shown In a "flags of all
nations" supplement to �� London weekly in 1858 11 havo disappeared, among
them those of the East India company,
of the Ionian islands, of Tuscany, Napier, the St.itus of the Chnrch, of the
Russian-American company and of Sardinia        .
Sickly Crcalnrea.
Jennie���Horbie, it says here another
octogenarian's dead. What's an octogenarian 1
Herbie���Well, I don't just know
what they are, but they must be awfully sickly creatures. You never h*iar
of 'om but they're dying.���Brooklyn
Earned.       *^sh?>
""Wasted'energy must be made up
or the body will weaken and
perhaps perish.
For a long time, prior to taking Dr.
Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills my nerve
lystem was greatly deranged and I was
terribly nervous, so much so that in my
business (Linesman of the Kingston
Electric Light Co;}) my extreme nervousness naturally made the following of my
business extremely hazardous. Before
taking Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills
my kidneys had been affected for some
time. I had constant soreness and stiff-
nese across my loins and the small of my
back. ' My appetite was variable and
very poor. ��� I also suffered greatly with
constant headaches. I am glad to be
ableta infornj.you that Dr. Ward's Pills
���completely cureel me of all the above
ailments and made me a -Well man. 1
have found no ny*,:l.cine like Dr. Ward's
Blood and Nerve Pills, although I have
tried many different kinds. They acted
quickly and effectually on my nerve
system, making my nerves strong and
removing all indications of nervousness.
These valuable pills also removed all
kidney and back trouble and restored to
me a healthy vigorous appetite. I have
had no headache since five months ago
and feel justified in saying that they are
a wonderful remedy. They not only
removed nervousness, but gave me
healthy kidneys, removed all soreness
and stiffness from my back and loins.
cured me of headache and gave me a
good appetite, consequently 1 am highly
pleased. I know- of no medicine that
equals Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve
P'ils for nervousness, chronic headache,
sore kidneys and buck and loss of appetite. Yours truly, John McCutcheon, 522
Princess St., Kingston, Ont.
AU good druggist's sell them. If they
won't, we wilt supply you by mail on
receipt of price, 50c. per box, or 5 boxes
for' $2.00. ! The Doctor Ward Co.,
Limjtjed, Toronto, Ont
"What became of that young fellow
wbo was sowing tbe wind a few years
"A cyclone reaped him."���New York
Bornberry, TiiRcnrorb, writes: "Bam
pleased tu say-that DK. THOMAS' EC-
LttCl'KIC giL is all that jouolaim.lt to
he, as we have been uping It for years,
both internally and externally, and have
Always received benefit ifrom its use...It Is
our family medicine, and I take great
pleasure In,recommending It."
The Trump of Fame.     "'
America hnsproduced many women whs
have exhibited those qualities of heroism
In publio and private lifo which entitle
them to n placo of honor on tho rolls of
fame. Some havo been.no honored. Others
���doubtless, the greater number of true
heroines���havo gono to their graves/if not
unwept, at least unsung. 'But of'those
whom* the' 'public haa -recognized as
worthy a place und name lu history there
are so manyy-'itb so varied claims that no
philosopher or historian is ablo to, select
the half scoro destined to live tbo longest
In the memories of mankind. The attempt
to make such a selection Is an Interesting
but hopeless task, for the trump of fame
li an Instrument of many stops, and muoh
depends upon the Plutarch or J-Jnswoll who
blows it. .Every Ulysses 1ms not hie
Homer.���Woman 1; ind.
The winner? of tbe sewing machines In
the Koyal Crown Soap Co. s competition
for tbo week ending Maroh 6tb, are* as
follows: Winnipeg, Mrs. McDonald, 66
IJagmiir St.; Manitoba, Mrs. John Mills,
Portage la Prairie; North West Territories, Ai��. y. Neilson, Prince Allmrt. The
Koynl Crown Soap Co. will continue this
competition, giving away three maohlnes
eaoh Monday until further notice.
Mere Ballut.
Skipper���Did ye get the provisions,
Anyus?       .>
APR0?���Aye, aye! A half loaf an
toner tittles q' whisky. '
Skip'per-r-An what in the woarld
will ye be'doin wi' aal that bread?���
Der First View of It.   ;
"Mamum, is this a cocoa nut?"
"VeB, dear."
"Has it got milk in it?"
(Turning it about iu her hand) "flow
do you milk it?"���Chicago Tribune.
Bend to. In stumps for Treatise.  Hume Treatment.  So knife ur plaster is used.
I>71 Hlisrbaurm Nt,   -     TOKONTO.
Keep Mlnanl's Liniment Id tbe Honse.
A Failure.
Mr. Snigglings���Here, Maria, T want
yon to either sniush this alarm clock or
give it away. *'
Maria���What's the matter with itt
Doesn't it wprk right'?
Mr. Sriiggfihgs���T' should say not.
Tho llnii iM thing has woke me upright
in tlm middle of my. best >lee*p every
morning since Tve* had il���-Cleveland
"Leader.'    */,',",. '.'
Her hommice.
"Miss Millie, I insist npon an answer.
I will not be tint off any longer."
"Mr. Noggins, I will be yonr wife
eventually, biitnot till after I have become, -engnged'to Algernon Vere de Vere
and jilted him. So much, at least, is
rightfully, due to the dreams of my girl-
A Natural'Born Reaches'.
The,. Cbnstftdcrtt���I want to say
there fire somo fnrreacliing problems
connected with -the Nii-iiragnaii canal.
The Statesman���Mum. Between yon
and me, 1 think I cau do about as much
reaching as the next oue. This is not
for publication, yon understand.���-Indianapolis Journal.
S-vlmmlns, Soldier..
In the Dutch army a man must be able
to swim as well ns to light. Moreover, If
ho is ju.the cavalry, ho must have a horse
which will take a rivor as easily as a hunter takes a ft-iico. Swimming maneuvers
are part of'the regular drill there. Collapsible canvas boats, manned by a few
oarsmen, lead the horses so that they do
not attempt to land on stone quays and
other difficult, points. ' The men swim
across with, their hones and^ on them.
They do it itt swimming costume and in
nil the accouterinents of war. There are
few nautical, emergencies for which the
Dutch army is not prepared. Some of 1
officers have even reached such a degree of
proficiency that not only their horses and
kits cross the. river with them, but their
pet dogs sit upon their shoulders and are
borne over, almost* without wetting.���
Chicago '-Times-Herald:
A Mal.dy That Makes Life' Almost Unbear.
' abls-A Nova Scotia Lady Telia
How to Cure It.
Mrs. Frank Minnrd, of Milton, N.S.,
is a lady who possesses tho confidence
of a large circle of friends. Mrs. Minnrd lias been a sufferer from spinal disease and attendant complications, and
to a reporter she recently gave tho particulars of her enre. She said:. "Asa
result ot the trouble I suffered terribly. At times the pain wonld be con
fined to my back, nnd at other times it
seemed to affect evory nerve in my
body, from the top of my head to my
toes. As a result I was reduced greatly iu strength, and was nnable to stand
upon my feet. long enongh 'to attend tn
my household work. When doing any
kind of work which required a standing
position I had to provide myself with a
high chair as a means of support.' The
medicine -which the doctor prescribed
for me did not seem to afford me more
than temporary relief from the pain,
and I was gradually growing weaker
and weaker. Finally the doctor suggested that I should use Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills, and acting on his advice I
began to take them, I had only used
a few boxes when the agony I had
suffered for months began to abate, and
I began to regain my strength. I con
tinned using the pills for a short time
longer, and was again in full possess
ion of my health and strength, and able
to do my household work. I have never
enjoyed better health tliau I am doing
at present.
Dr. Williain-*' Pink . Pills onro tie
cause they supply the blood with 'its
life-giving properties and strengthen
weak nerves. All diseases' dne to either
of these causes are speedily onred by
the use pf this medicine, Sold by all
dealers or seuf by mail, post paid, at
50c. a box or pix boxes for $2.50. by
addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville*, Ont. ' *"
1 tlnlioly JoJ.
"The first thing I shall do when I gtt
rich," said the man who lives in an
apartment house, "is to buy a piano."
"You?" exclaimed his friend,
"Yes, me, and then I shall bny an ix
and be revenged for yean of torment,"
���Cincinnati Enquirer.
We beg to call the attention of our readers to
the advertisement of Dr. Ward's Blood and
Nerve Pills In this papet. Tho Arm have also
plaieed un the market Dr. Ward's Liver Pills,
which have already proved to be a most excellent family medicine as a cure for constipation,
dyspepsia, biliousness, etc. They are sold nt s.ie
per vial, or ft for a-l, or mailed on receipt of price
by the Dr. Ward Co., Limited. Toronto, Oni.
An Open Confession.
If you have goods to sell, don't let
Tho public blindly guess It,
But hnvo some real "got up and get"
And In an nd. confess it.
-L,. A. W.'Bulletin.
War Behind.
"A Massachusetts man has had his
name changed from Toiiiiiszewekeliner to
Bonnotit." says tho Cleveland Lender. Ho
is away behind the hero procession. Why
didn't ho havo it nindo Dcwoy or Sharkey?
���Denver Post.
>    The Proper Term.
"To call me 'politician,- "
Quoth he. '"would be amiss.
I've been defeated.  1 must ba
A statesman after this."
The lest
' R.m.d-r for
Sprint W.sth.r
The Blood is the very essence of life.
As it courses through the system it carries
with it, if pure and rich, nutrition to every
cell in the body. If impure, it spreads
disease. If thin and watery, it fails to
nourish, hence we have weakness, debility and decay.
It is.the wonderful power B.B.B. has
In purifying1 Impure blood, making thin,
watery blood rich and red, that is at the
bottom of its marvellous success in curing
Those who are pale, thin, weak,
troubled with blotches, pimples or eruptions of any kind should take B.B.B.
It makes the pale cheek rosy, the skin
clear and smooth, and infuses new energy
into weak, warn, run i dowu, shattered
Skin "I beg* to state I have used
Clear. Burdock Blood Bitters for.impure blood, pimples on the face,
���fee, nnd derived great bedeflt frotn it.
My skin is now very clear and free Irom
all eruptions. I only used four bottles of
the B. B.B. and can strongly .recommend
it to any person suffering from impurities
in the blood or eruptions of the skin."
Mrs. G. &.HeI'More,
SjjpCfs Bridge, B.C.*
Evory "I have taken B.B.B. every
Spring, spring now for some years, to
purify my blood and keep my
svstem in good order, and can honestly
say that' I do not, know of its equal
anywhere."    Mrs. Aggib Barnes,
Lunenburg, N.S.
Hurt's Liniment tbe Unkrm'i Friend.
Refreshing Sleep
Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills
Miss Margaret Brown, 627 Colborna
St., London, Ont., says :���"My mother
hns been afflicted with nervousness and
general debility for a long time. She
suffered a great deal with insomnia, and
found it almost impossible to sleep.
"I went to W. T. Strong's drugstore
and got a box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills, which she took, and derived
so much benefit from them that I bought
another box for her. They have dono her
a wonderful lot of good, making her
nervous system much stronger, giving her
restful sleep, and removing mnny other
symptoms which previously distressed
"I can truly say that these pills are a
great remedy for any one suffering from
weak nerves, general debility, sleeplessness or heart Trouble."
Milbum's Heart and Nerve Pills are
50c. a box or 3 for $1.25, at all druggists.
A Prophetic stntrn.i-.it an to What It
"Will Accompli.b.
Present���The czar, in the chair, and
tbe representatives of the powers.
The Czar (concluding his speech)���
And so, gentlemen, I leave yon to settle
the matter. Mr. Stead wants me now.
(Enter Mr. Stead.)
Stead���Don't move, ud I'll take tbe
jpportuuity of speaking to all concerned. No, I will not be silenced. What I
have to say is that I am ashamed of my
own countrymen; they won't disarm,
but I know that you will all set them a
good example. Now, czar, you speak
Czar���I agree.
Stead���Hear, heart
Czar���After the other nations, I will
turn my army into peaceful police, and
the navy into custom houje cruisers.
Stead���Bnt they will be available for
war. just the same. .
Czar���Exactly; that is my idea of
peaee. Bnt I trust the other nations
will surrender all weapons, and I will
���tore them free of charge., ,
Stead���Hear, hear!
Qmnes���When Russia and England
��re wiped out of the map, and not before. (Stead faints. Curtain.)���Pick
Ue Up.      '
THERE AKK CUBES.-Hedical experiments have shown conclusively tbat there
are medicinal virtues In even ordinary
plauts growing up around us which give
them a value chad cannot be estimated.
It Is held by some tbat Nature provides a
cure for every-disease whlob neglect ami
Ignorance nave visited upon man.' However, this may be, It is well known that
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, distilled
from roots and herbs, are a sovereign
teniedy in ourlng all disorders of the digestion.
Foolish Man.
"Why do yon think him such a fool?"
"He asked me to marry him, and of
conrse I refused the first time, nnd .he
didn't have senso enough to ask .me
���gain. "���Chicago Post.
Dear Sirs,���I have been a great
sufferer from rheumatism, and lately
have been confined to my bed. Seeing
tised, I tried it and got immediate relief. I ascribe my restoration to health
to the wonderful power of yonr medicine. LEWIS S. BUTLER.
Burin, Nfld.
The Blcger Half.
"I cannot understand," said the
bachelor clerk, "why i man's wife is
called the 'better half.'"
"Yon wonld," said tbe married
clerk, "if yon had to divide yonr salary
with one."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Capital Reflect!.*. .
Mrs. Critnsonbeak���Do yon believe
that a horse can eat bis head off?
Mr. Crimson beak���-I don't know, but
I wish to graoious a man could drink
his head off.���Yonkers Statesman.
., There are so many cough medicines In
ih. market, that it is sometimes difficult
to tell which to buy; but if ne had a
cough, a oold or aLy affliction of the
throat or lungs, we would try Blckle's
Anti-Uonsuiuptlve Syrup. Those who
have uied It think it Is far ahead of all
other preparations recommended for suoh
nomphilnts. Tho little folks like lt as lt
Is aa pleasant as syrup.
Delayed by a Washout.
"You're getting in pretty late," said
the Klondiker.
"Yes," said hia partner; "I was delayed by a big washout."
Having thus spoken, he exhibited 625
ounces of gold, tbe result of the washout
aforementioned.���Indianapolis Journal.
"Did yon know," said the man who
affects erudition, "that 'Klondike'
means 'deer river?'"
"No," was the reply. "Ididn'tknow
it But with eggs selling at $1.50
apiece I should say that was an appropriate name. "-���Washington Star.
Large catalogue free.
THE REID BROS., 857 King West, Toronto.
F, 11 strength ! over 78 lias, laioakini. strain. Full length: UC0
fet-tto the pound. F.ill areglat I 8 a lti?. to aaiacli bnle. No el- gglng tn
tbe binder���comiMotly wound: inaile eniirelv of pure Manilla Hemp
I itliout ndnlteiaul "I auv kin . absolutely tTit* laest ever 'altered the
Canadian fanner. 80 lbs. NATIONAL HINDER TWINE FOR
���12 CASH witli any ono of the following valuable and useful
14-Knrnt GOLD-PLATED WATCH, stem winding and Btem-sottinf", guaranteed reliable time-keeper���lady's or gentleman's sizo���maker's guarantee
with each watcli.
SOLID GOLD KING set with genuine Garnet and
Opal gams���stamped antl warranted���with maker's
Trade Murk and guarantee.
MUSICAL CLOCK, glass sides, in Nickel Silver and
Gilt���a handsome ornament and accurate time-piece.
A never ending pleasure in tho home.
HflW IT IS nilNF' The National Farmers Co. sells direct to ptac-
nun II 10 HUM"., tleullicni Fanner. | employs no middle
men rr agents, noes business only forciBh, aaaiaki'sa no losses���Every
dollar dors its full duty,   Wo Imvo a lot or NATIONAL MNi.F.U
TWINE oil llllllil* a > ]lllli-li tliat tlio tutiU rat,- a.f iiiR-iest nut '
harvest, on tbe money locked up. avail amount lo many Hi sand
dollars, wo -vaua ta, save Iiinl [merest nnal give it to Un- fsrn. r In
i-eiui-n for cash. That Is where tlia [ii-cm.uin a- men in.
������A***************** ******** *************************
ThlsC'onipunv reserves the rlfflit to rel'iiiiil your money if tlle price of J
Hemp hiIviiih'cs ly ri-iiianii ail'thi< i>lilll|i|iliu< iviir or otlier eunaaes.   Itlunila J
Hemp comes from the  IMiMipatitia* Islands.   oltllFH AT ONCE nml innlie T
eertuln of your ki'iikiiu'h sitiaply liefiai-e II, imp aula aiiia-a-K. J
llenilt money to us only liy Postal Nam-. Post (llllee Order. Express Order T
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dress and iilraothi* run way station In wlii.'li wo aaa-a- to ship the Twine.   You 7
Iiai.v Ii-a-lirlil a,,, the Twine r  WINMPEO, waa send you the premium I
Kejmid by mull or express from Toronto, oiinm-vta above direction, care- J
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Hltiu   ll'tha* latter, send u  niece nl' stria*-- or paper slue required. J
tWAddress till letters and make all remittances payable to i
N��AsL national farmers company,
fWEnqalrers are referred to any Mercantile Agency
and to tho Editor of this paper ns to our responsibility.
Milan's Liiiimf.it is used Dy Pbjsiciai?.
The Fifty-swond Annual Meeting of tin-
Oimndiv Life Aj-Miirnnfe Company wim hi'lri at
Hamilton on tho 14th inst., and tho report
shows that iho comiiany is in u most sound an.l
prosD roustlnanciul ooitditloti,andthiitit still
t'ontinues to liuld iis placi. as the lending lite
aaaurnnuo company ofthe Dominion. The fol-
luiviitg isnehyrt synopsis of tl"' report:
Darjtiff 1888, ffl8flapplications for 6,154,764 of
insurance were received. Omitting tho declined and deferred application*, tho actual issue of the year was .ti-l.i policies i--r i��,4i8,B10.
This amount is an advance upon tho bush ess
ol the past two years.
The toiul husliiess In force nt 8lst December
last was ?7;"',-Viii,^il nt assuriinei'H. under nearly
86,10 policies, upon over Sfi,00J lives. The payments of the policyholders amounted to about
The sum of $22fl,OCO waH BOt aside aa a special
provision towards a higher reserve basis, to
which the lower rates or intcVe*t now ohtain-
ab|i'mnko?it a prudent loi k forward. Alter
making In? provision for the reserve upon poll-
elcs ana-all otlier liabilities, there is lefI �� Bur-
plus over all liabilities amounting to 11,818,747.
Premium Income (net)    12,167,488 72
Interest, Rents, Etc        Kte.ii'11 T-J
J8,08ft,-t40 -M
Paid Policyholders   tl ,205,871) 45
Expenses, Taxes, Etc        4*;s,:: ������] 7ti
Balance      UIjS, 74 n
$8,086,440 44
ASSETS, JAN. 1st., 1890.
Lodger Assets 619,326,060 01
other Assets.....       810,167 Si
Total Assets 120.C88-817 88
Assurance   Reserve Fund (4 per
tout) #17,021,210 00
Special   Reserve towards   higher
Btandard        228,010 CO
All other Liabilities        IWS.&W 41
618.220,000 -!4
Surplus over all Liabilities     1,818,717 8��
420088,817 83
The President, Mr. A. <i. Ramsey, in moving
thu adoption of tne report, said :
"It Is the twenty-fourth year in which I have
hnd the honor, as President, of Mibmitiiiu-r a report to you. and it is wiih the same satisfaction
and confidence as 1 huve happily had ni on ail
these occlusions, and indeed, during all the forty
years of my connection with the company, that
I am ablo to point to the success nml the sound
position whicli the company occupies.
The new business during the year wns In excess of that of the previous year, snch a result
speaks well fur the public confidence \\ Inch the
company enjoys. Our now business has been
obtained without undue expense anil with a
scrupulous care not to mislead applicants."
Mr. Ramsay pointed out that it is possible to
Injure a Life office by g.ving it too much new
business,obtained at too groat cost, lie pointed
out thit there Is too g,oat a disposition ior
oomp ules 0 congratulate themselves upon a
big new business and lieing in un apparently
, rusporous coucUtlon, when, as a mntierol tact
their reserve may lie Inadequate, lunds badly
invested, expense of management ruinous mid
profits inlinitesuial.   The  i.ig new business is
like charity in covortng n multitude of sins, but
a iiig new business Is Hot so much a matter oi
merit as a matter of price. Mr. Ramsey also
pointed out tliat there are already Indications
that companies thai have beon unduly expanded and differently conducted mnn tho Canada
Life, are suffering tho efforts of their dllforent
coursti, ami that ibe great companies whoso
business is of the largest amount, and whose
enormous growth makes them apparently ol't Inmost progressive and prosperous i harnetcr, are
Just th H)V wbi have been lhe in <st eou-picnoiis
in the decline of the profits which tliey have
been able to give iheir policyholders.
Tho ratio of the Canada Life's expenses to
income was 18.01 per cent In 1808, aud .Mr.
Riini��ey invited th >-e present to compare lint
wiih the corresponding ratio ol any other company'doing business in Canada, pointing oil I
that "mere magnitude of business without regard to cost, is a distinct nud dircet injury and
an injustice to our older polio* holders, whoso
advantage mid gecurlty should be our lirst
' President Ramsey alio called attention to the
continued decline in the rate of Interest obtainable on satisfactory Investments, ana look.ng
to tho fact thnt ft lite n'surtmco company's obligations arc based upon an assumption of interest to be obtained during very long periods, up
toBayHftyyears.lt is a mutter oi pr ml ontregard to the solidity and safety of tho company
and Its policyholders thnt the company sliould
prepare to still further strong h.'ii ihe reserves
upon policies, With that iu view, a sum of
i.&'-.OOO has been set aside as a special fund towards a higher valuation staunard. The wisdom
and prudence of this ionise will commend
Itself lo nil interested in the company,
The Vice-President, Mr. F. W. Kates, seconded the adoption of the report, which was
unanimously carried. Hy a vote of 11V ;i shares
to 064, it was resolved that il would ho iu tho
interests of the company that its chief placo of
business shoul hereafter be In the city of To-
The following Directors were elected to till
the place of those retiring:
Mr. A. O. Ramsay, Adam Brown, Wm. Gib-
son, M. P..J.\V.Flavelle, John Hoskin, Q. 0.,
and Z. A. Lash, Q. O. ,
At a subsequent meeting of the directors Mr.
A. G Ramsay aud Mr. F. \v. Gates were unanimously re-elected President and Vice-President
18   LOW   IN   PRICE
anal keeps Its FRESHNESS anil Fl'LL
STRENGTH till used.
"W. *R.   A.XiLA.-N,
General Insurance Agent,
FIRR-Coinpanies Repn-sentfld t
Quebec Fire Assurance Go.
Koyal Insurance Co.
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
All classes of Insurances transacted and loss-u
promptly and satisfactorily settled.
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
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W. H  V.
W�� give onr cash customers
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their choice ol the following handsome
60   MEDALLIONS    with tf j nn
brass chains worth .
brass mounts worth	
with picture worth	
bound iu green and gold..
Elm and Oilt faames Bin.
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ill Oilt frames 6 inches in
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Oold frames 4. inches in
width worth	
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frames 6 inches in width
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Geo. B. McDermot,
(aicncrnl merchant.
NOTICE is hereby givon that application
will bo made to tho Parliament of Canada, at
the neit session thereof, for an Act to incorporate -The Lunrention Assurance Company." for the purpose of carrying on lhe
business of lire nml marine assurance, aim
havingits chief office in the City of Montreal,
iu the Province of Quebec*
Montreal December 20th 1898.
Solicitors for Applicants.
"CANAL" Mineral Claim, situate in tho
Windermere Mining Division ef East
Kootenay District.
Where locateal i-One toone and a half miles
north of the Kootenay Bridge at Canal
Take notice tliat I, William Roderick Ross,
of Fort Steele, B.C., Free Miner's Certificate
No. l.r-873A. duly authorised agent for Daniel
Smith. Free Mlnw's CerllBcate No.9BI70,
.lames H. Woods, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 707S, nnd Edward Cass, Free Miner's
CertiUcate No.  I73UA, Intend, sixty days
from the diite hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.      ...... ,
And farther take notice tliat action, under
soctlon XI, must be commenced before tlio
issuance of such Certilli-ate of Improvements.
Dated this twentieth day of Fobruary, 1899.
F.M.C. 1S678A.
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate in the
Golden Mining Division of North East
Kootenay District.
Where located :-Near head of the Middle
Fork of Spillimachene River.
Take notice that I, John Wallace Conner,
Froo Miner'. Certificate No. 70H0 A, intend,
sixty days from tho date hereof, lo apply to
the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, I'or the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grout of the above claim.
And farther take notice that action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance of tuch certificate of improvements
Dated this 117th day of February, 1899.
opened up by the DIAMOND CORE DRILL,
on easy -terms by contract,
or part payment received
In shares if detirtd. Apply to
��.  A.  HAGUKS,
Hlnlnf Agent, UcMon, B.C.
Mr. Warilman, of Fiold. is removing with
his family to Calgary.
BiRTii-Millor-aVt Gulden, ou Mar. 10th,
the wifo of B. Miller, of a son.
BlKTH���Dodds -At Gulden, on Mar. ISth,
the wife oi R. B. Ootids, of a daughter.
Mrs. F. P. Armstrong will shortly be leaving Gulden to take up her residence at one of
tbe Const cities.
C. A. Warren is hnldiuir his annual stocktaking side aud uH'cring bargains ol* bis excellent stot-k.
The Fii-o Engine Company have declined
to take over the steam tire engine nn the
ground that it does not comply with requirements.
.7.1. Brewster is we regret to lenrn.vory ill
fraiin iiiala.niiiiatiajai of tlle Kings. A Murray,
who was laid up at the Hospital fi on) an ut*
tack of pneumonia, is now able to be token
out for a drive.
In our advertisement columns will bo found
notices by tiie sheriff of the sale of tlio assets
of the Enst Knoteiiity Publishing Company,
and of the sale of norsos. etc., seised by 51.
Otin.-iid as biiilitt'under chattel mortgage.
Capt. Biieou retiii-i.ed te Golden on Thursday with his bride. His many friends unite
with ui iu wishing iho popular Admiral of
tie Navigation Company's fleet and Mrs.
Bacon a long and happy wedded life.
W, Carlin is reporieal lo huve purchased
from the Asigneo the assets iu the estate of
Curlia and Luke, with au undertaking to
effect a compromise of the claims iu the
estate for a total sum uf 30 cents on the dollar.
At the Magistrate's Com t on Friday before
Mr. Griffith, S.M., C. A. Warren, as agent
for JuiIro Vowell, sued W. Cui-rulliers for!86
for rent und for jrarnisheo. Judgment was
given for plaintiff, I'or whom E. A. Haggen
appeared, tor amount.claimed and costs-Iwith
order for payment of balance due at tlO por
The Hen. F. W. Aylmer's new townsite of
Athehnar ut the Salmon lied,-, appears to be
in a Houri* limit-condition. Two hotels, store,
blueksniith's 'imp, have already been arranged tor, and now a steam sawmill, with a
capacity ut about -JO.OOO t'eot a day, is to be
added tn thu townsite Tho plant is being
supplied by the Watoroiis Company uud is
now on its way from the manufacturers.
The many friends of Major Clohocy, Man*
afjiiiir Director ot the Kootenay Cousoliiteil,
will loam witb deep regret of hi. bereave-
ment by the death of Ids wife at Seattle.
There was no one morn highly esteemed in
this district where he is so well-known, as
Major Clohecy, ami he has tbo heartfelt sympathy of the people oi Golden in bis sad
Rev. E. Edwards, pastor of the
English Baptist Church at Minersville
Pa., when suffering with rheumatism,
was advised to 'ry Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. He says: "A few applications
of tills liniment proved of great service
tome. It subdued the intlamina'iou
and relieved the pain. Should any
sufferer profit by giving Pain Balm a
trial it will please me." For sale by
all druggists Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
At the Magistrate's Court an Thursday
before Mi*. Griffith, S.M., a case was hoard in
which W. Cnrruthors sued Chin Jing of
Field for i-H), balance alleged to bo due on
building ami wages. Plaintiff called R.
Dunn, of Field, to prove the arrangement
about wages. Defendant i-onteiided nnd
showed thai bo had overpaid the plaintiff for
the building uud denied that he bud engaged
him on wages as he bud nntliinn; lor him to do.
He t-ulled a witness to show that whon thoy
were settling up he asked plaintiff whether
defendant owed him anything and he said he
did not. Ilis Worship gua-e judgment for
plaintiff for 8**1.laO including costs. E. A.
tluggon appeared for defendant,
Ou Tuosduv a meeting of the Board of
Trade was bold at E. A. llaggen's office,
when it was decided tu interview Mr. W. O.
Wells, M.P V., on several matters affecting
t'e intern t tot* tlio tils rict. On Thursday the
Boanl met Mr. Wei.s und fully discussed
witb him the mutters which hud been under
cousidurntiou. Mr. Uells said ho was ready
to cooperate with Iho Board in doing the
utmost in his powor to advance the inteiests
of the district and suggested that Iho Board
should give full coiisiderulion lo its requirements, i-oiisislent witb the lioniniiils from
other part, of the district, when ho would
give their suggestions bis best support.
I have been afflicted with rheumatism for fourteen years and nothing
seemed to give nny relief. I was able
to be around all the time, but constantly suffering. I had tried everything I
could bear of and at last wns told to
try Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which I
did, and was immediately relieved and
in a short time cured. I am happy to
say tliat it has not since returned
Josh. Edgar, Germantown. Cal. For
sale by all druggists, Henderson Bros.
Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
The Board of Trade have decided at
-.he suggestion of Mr. Wells M.P.P. to
ask tbe Minister of Mines to allow Mr.
Robertson, 1 lie Government Mineralogist, to visit the new goldfield near
Tete Jaune Cache. Mr. Robertson hat
to visit the Big Bend anyhow the first
thing, and he could thus conveniently
visit lhe locality indicated and advise
as to whether there is anything to
justify a rush there. He could go in by
Golden, send his pack train back that
way. and return by boat by way of the
Big Bend and Bevel toke, or it could
be arranged that ho should be met
with horses at (James Creek. The
trip would thus be one of great benefit
to the whole of North Kootonay.
Seems as if consumption always
picks out the brightest and host. Fully
one-sixth of all the deaths that occur
in the world are caused by consumption. Many -hiugs were once considered impossible. It would be strange
if medical science did not make some
progress. Tiie telegraph and telephone,
the phonograph, the electric light-
all were once impossible, and once It
wak impossible to cure consumption.
That was before the time of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. Taken so-
cording to directions, this standard remedy will cure 9ft per cent of all cases
of consumption. Consumption ii
caused snd fostered by impurity in the
blood. It is cured by purity and rich
ness in the blood surely, certainly
cured by the "Medical Discovery." It
builds up solid healthy flesh and vigorous strength.
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a 1008 page medical work,
profusely illustrated, will be sent free
on receipt of ill one-cent stamps to
cover pcslage only. Address, World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Bu(<
lalo, N. Y.
(Kelson Miner.)
The Windermere mining district of
North Cast Kootenay is attracting a
great deal of attention at present. Mr.
E. J. Scovil of Windermere, who is at
present in Kaslo, was interviewed by
The Miner and gives the following
interesting information about the rich
This district is attracting much attention for its wonderful discoveries of
copper, galena and gold, throughout
the mining centres. Galena mineral
disooveries during the past season
warrant the belief that in the uear
future it will only he second to the
tilver Slocan as a producer of high
grade ores, and undoubtedly second to
none as a copper producer, its gold
deposits lieing not unlike those of
the Boundary Creek district, having
immense bodies et gold-bearing quartz
assaying all the way from 14 to MO.
Good tubatantial pack trails eitend
far up the principal creeks. So far
Toby, Horse Thief, Boulder, Dutch and
Number 2 creeks have beeu prospected,
but from a protpector'a standpoint the
entire district is iu itt infancy. Over
600 locations were recorded during
1898, the most of which are under
various stage* of development. In
fact tbe Windermere district offers
more inducements to the prospector
aud capitalist than any other iu British Columbia.
Many fine ranches ar* located in
this district, and a large amount of
splendid grazing Uud upon which
many hundreds of horses and cattle
range during the summer and winter,
the equal of which is hard to find ill
the west. The Canadian Pacific Ruilway have announced their intention
to build from Fort Steele Junction to
Fort Steele, thence by most direct
route to Windermere to connect with
the Arrow Lake Branch through Toby
creek valley, and it is positive that
next summer will see a large influx of
protpectots and promoters into this
district which offers such wonderful
advantages. In fact all thia district
needs is capital to make it one of the
greatest mineral producers in the
world. There is a good pack trail extending from the Columbia or Windermere Lake, East Kootenay, through to
Argenta on Kootenay Lak*. The B.C.
Government has placed $3,500 among
th* estimates for 1899 for a bridge
across tb* Columbia at th* Salmon
Beds, north end of Lake Windermere.
Two other townsites have been
surveyed, namely, Copper City, owned
by a Rossland syndicate, situated on
the northwest side of the Lake and the
Salmon Badn on the extreme north end
of the lake. Columbia, situated between Toby and Hoise Thief creeks, is
talked of as a probable townsite but
nothing definite has yet occurred on
same. The C.P.R. will undoubtedly
lay out their own townsite. During
th* past summer th* New Golden
Syndicate of London, Eng., who own
altogether about 30 properties, spent a
large amount of money in developing
with grand results. Also representatives of American companies and English syndicates have secured some very
promising propositions aud intend
developing ou a large scale during lhe
coming season. The McLeod group
will lie one ol the advertisements o(
the district as a producer. Tbe following are a few uf th* properties:
Situated on Toby Creek, owned by
Messrs. Stark, Kimpton and Hareiton.
The shaft it now down 105 [eet. A
drift has been run on the lead, at a
depth of 100 feet, for a distance of 40
test. The shaft and drift ia in ore for
the entire distance. The ledge on the
surface was about six inches wide, and
bas gradually widened until at a
depth of 106 feet it is nearly four feet.
The or* it a sulphide, carrying grey
copper and galena. Tbe clean ore will
assay very high, an average sampls
went 885 ounces in silver and 70 per
cent lead. A large amount nf ore is
on lhe dump ready for shipment. Some
20 tons were sacked last fall and packed to the Columbia River Ior shipment.
Large shipments will be made as soon
at season will permit. The lead can
be traced for over 4,500 feet. A large
force of men are being worked throughout the winter uuder Mr. Starke, on*
of th* owners.
Situated on Toby Creek, near th*
Delphine bonded by R. A. Kimpton
from B, Morijeau and Burnev. Consideration not made public. Th* payment wan made on  January 18, 1899.
Situated east of Windermere on
Windermere mountain in the Rockies,
now owned by tb* Derby Syudicat* of
Rossland, B.C. Consideration sup-
pond to hav* been 180,000. Mr. Mullholland, th* company's representative,
states that tbey have 126,000 to spend
in developing th* property and will
put *n a large fore* of mm at an early
date. Up to data 110,000 has been ex-
dendad on tbit property in development
work. Th* ledge it from four to six
lest in width. The resent strike wat
mad* at a depth ol 60 feet In tha abaft
In the lowar tunnel, shows aix inches
ot native copper and three fast of carbonates. Several shipments hare already been made. A fore* of men an
being worked thtoughout the winter
under the foremanship of R. A, Power.
union group.  '
Owned by Messrs, West, and Wuh-
bara, adjolnlag the Swansea, it on* of
"the niott promising propositions in
the district.:' A force of men am being
worked throughout tb* winter.
Situated on North fork of Toby creek,
now under bond io Meters. Starbird
and Collett of Fort Steele, representing
a Moutaua syndicae. The development work consists ol an iucline shaft
down 70 feet. The ledge is from two
to four feet in width, and kaa a dip of
34 degree*. A shaft sunk 20 feet but
was discontinued on account of water,
the character is the same as that of
the Delphine mine. A sulphide ore
carrying galena and grey copper. The
clean ort will assay G00 ounces iu silver and 78 per cent lead. The lowest
assay in the gauge gave 65 ounces in
silver and 70 per cent. lead.
On Horse Thief Creek, owned hy
Messrs. Ben Abel. W. Kinuie. W.
Taynton, C, A. Watt, P. Larson, recently bonded to a Montana syndicate
for the sum ot $50,000. Assays from
this group have given as high as 12
per cent copper, $20 iu gold, 85 ounces
in silver aud 47 per eent land. On the
properly there is au enormous outcrop
fully 20 feet wide and traceable on the
turfaee, coutinuout for over 1600 feet,
where the ledge eutert th* Iron Cap
ground. It it apparently capped with
an euormout amount of heavy iron
sulphides, through whioh at intervals
high boulders of galena aro projecting.
The irou carri.s high values iu gold
and here and there good copper values.
The group consists of three claimi,
Red Line No. 1, Rtd Line No. 2 and
Iron Cap.
k'lisod oroup.
Situated on Boulder Creek, owned
by J. R. McLeod, John Bulman and S,
Craig, haa a well defined ledge averaging all the way from 4 to 35 feet in
width, with four test of solid ore on
the surface, assaying very high from
surface showings. It is th* North
Star of the distriot,.and without doubt
one of tkt greatest properties in British Columbia, Development work will
be commenced on a large scale toon as
teaton will permit. Mineral is show-
iug entire width ol th* ledge.
Situated on Toby Creek, the group
consists of tight claims, owned by the
New Golden, B.C. Company. Ltd., of
London, Eng., represented by W, O.
Mitchell-Innes. Considerable work
has been done on these claims during
the past year. Several large shipments
hav* been mad*. A tunnel ol over 200
feet ha* been run, and th* Company
an now engaged linking a shaft on
the ort body. The character of ore is
a grey copper which assays very high,
Owned by Mttsrt. Johnson, Kinnee,
Baptitte, consists of four claims, viz.,
Sitting Bull, Colorado, Mary J. and
Alice. Ti.e Sitting Bull and Mary J.
have been bonded to R, R Bruce
representing t loreign syndicate for
$40,000. The character of ore is clean
high grade galena carrying gray copper, Assays hav. run as high at 800
ounces in tilver to the ton.
Bemark-able Reacne.
Mrt. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, III,
makes the statement, that lha caught
cold, which settled on her lungt; she
was treated for a month by her family
physician, but grew worse. H* told
her she was a hopeless viotim of consumption and that no medicine could
cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion; tht bought a bottle nnd to her
delight found herself benefitted from
first dose. She continued its use and
after taking six bottles, found herself
sound and well; now does her own
houtawork, end is aa well aa tha aver
waa. Sold by all Druggittt, large
bottlet 50 centt and $1.00. 6
Paine's Celery Compomd
It the Giver of Health an.l New
Ufa to the Sick  and DU-
Spring, wilh ita bright sunthint,
lengthening days, warn rains, anal
its promises of a new life in nature, is
fast approaching aud will be hailed
with the delight by the old and young
who are enjoying full health an 1 bodily
To thousands th* coming of spring
mean* a fuller cup of agony and euffsr-
ing; it is a time when the dark grave
claims many victims.
When men and women are burdened
with iieatli*ilea)iiii; sicknesses, such as
kidney diaeasos, liver complaint, blood
troubles rheumatism, neuralgia, and
the terrible after effects of grippe;
spring has no charms for them. They
have allowed themselves to sink inio a
condition of misery and helpeatness
during the winter that must quickly
terminate life, unless that true health
and lifegiver, Paine's Celery Compound
be made use ol without delay.
The nervous system, weak und nn-
strong, must bs fortified: the blood
sluggish, impure and watery, must he
made clean and fast flowing, and every
organ of digestion must be toned up to
true health pitch.
Nature's wonderful successful medicine, Paint's Celery Compound, does
this good work aa no other remedy
ran do. It acts aa a nerve and brain
food, it gives life to stagnant blood, it
banishes permanently kidney diseases
liver oomplaiut, rheumatism, dyspepsia
and other troubles >hat make life a
The thousands of thankful l*it*rs received from Canada's beat people are
th* best and strongest proofs that
Paine's Celery Compound cures. When
your life is in danger do not be misled
by common advertised medicines,
as many of them are dangerous and
unsafe. Ask fer th* kind thst has
cured your friends and neighbors���lhe
kind that "makes people .veil."
Exporters and
900 to MM Fire* Ave Na.
Shipment* Solicited.
Write for Clrevta*.
Zlaa Or* take, a -lamp aad lelll al
|*S a Toa.
Th* following it of interest to North
East Kootenay, where there tt inuth
good zinc ore:���"A Joplie. Mo., dispatch of tht 10th inst., Zino ore took
a tudden jump ynterday at thit point,
at Oalena, Kan., and Wabb City, Mo.,
���old at $45 per ton. the highest price
ever known, and 13.60 a ton above the
best price of tba previous day. Heavy
foreign demand ii laid to be th* underlying cium for th* needy advance
sine* latt tall wh*n or* wai telling (or
l*ii than $30 "
In addition to tha alteration which
wt havt already noted tb* following
ar* amendment* to th* liceuc* law:
No person (hall ba granted a licence
for th* sal* of liquors,by retail unlest
ht has been a resident of the Province
for a period of 12 months before applying for such licence.
No licence shall be granted for th*
tale of liquors by retail in any town;
village or settlement, unless a petition
(Schedule C) for the granting of auch
licence, signed by at least two-thirds
of tht resident householders, otbsr
than Chinese, Japanese or Indians,
over twenty-out years of age, of such
town, village or settlement, shall ht
presented to lhe Board. Th* words
" resident householder " in this section
meaning a person residing within the
limits of the town, village or settlement that the licence is applied for,
nnd who has resided within such
limits for the space of at least oue
calendar month before signing the
Every person to whom a licence to
sell intoxicating liq or shall hereafter
be granted shall, before receiving tuch
licence, be required to pay to the Government of British Columbia, as a fee
for such licence, the following duties,
that is to say:
For a "wholesalelicence," two hundred dollars tor one year.
For a "hotel licence" in a locality
of not less than fifty inhabitants (not
counting Chinese, Japanese, or Indiana), two hundred dollars (or one
For* ' hotel lioence" in a locality
ot lets than fifty inhabitant!, ont hundred dollars for one year.
Before any licence is issued, th* person applying for th* same shall enter
into n bond to Her Majesty in tha mm
ot five hundred dollars, with two good
and luffloient lurttiei.
Story ef * Store.
To be bound hand and foot for yean
by tht chains at disease it th* wont
term ot tlavtry. Oaorgt D. Willitmi,
ot Manchester, Mich, telle how luch a
alav* wu made In*. He aay*: "My
wit* hu b**n to htlpless for fiv* yean
that aka could not torn ov*r la ted
alona. Attar uiiag lw* bottlet of Electric Bitten, the liwoadarfully improved and able to do her own work." This
tupreme remedy tor female diets.*!
quickly oatta nervousness, ileepltii
am, milanoholy, headatha, backach*
fainting ani dluy spalls. Thli miracle-working medicine it a goditnd to
wtak, ilokly, run down people. Every
bottle gnarantead. Only 60 oanti.
Sold by all Drogglata. 6
H. O. Parton cfcrt #choIe* lot of new
goods in tha way of Ea*t*r drosses, trimmings, prints, aud tir-iedi, with new goods
opei      " "
inhig daily.
Chamberlain'. Couch Remedy.
Thi* remedy is intended especially
tor eought, cold*, croup, whooping!
cough and influtnza. It hat become-
famous tor itl cunt of these diseases,
over a large part of tha civilised world.
The most flattering testiinonslt have
been received, giving accounts ot its
good works; of th* aggravating and
persistent coughs it has cured ; of mv-
tn colds lhat. hav* yielded promptly to
its toothing effects, and of tha danger
oua attacks ot croup It has cured, ofttn
laving the lite ot th* ohild. Th* *x-
tensive us* ot it tor whooping cough
has shown that it robe that disease ot
all dangerous consequences. For sal*
by all druggittt Henderson Eroi.
wholesale Agents Viotoria and Vancouver.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Under and by virtue of a warrant to me
directod in pursuance of tbe power contained
in a cert,in chattel mortgage made by Leon*
ard O. Fulmer to Wihneri.'. Wells, and dated
the ninth day of April, 1898, default having
been made under said mortgage, I have
seised nud taken possession of the individual
one-hnlf interest of tbe said I-eonard ('. Ful
mer, in the go-ids aud chattels described in
the schedule hereunder written, which said
interest 1 shall publicly offor for sale at
Hamilton's Stables in tbe Town of Uolden,
B.l'..on the 20lh day of March, IBM, at tbe
hour ot two o'clock lu tho ufternoain, to s.-itisfy
sonie part of tlle moneys secured by the said
mortgngo owl the costs of such seizure aud
Dated this litis day of March, 1899.
1 Bay horse called " Napoleon."
1 Dark horse called " Fluke."
1 Set ol stage -.bight.
1 Sot of light sleigh..
1 Cart.
1 Democrat wagon.
1 Set double harness.
i Fur robes.
Told Mr. Hill Ht wu a Dying Man, But
South American Nervine CnNd when
Hope wis Abandoned.
Mr. W. J. Hill, a. wMI-kMwa man ia
BracebrMge, Oat., auto-it. itt yn
and nervous
yaart froej
�� weak-
liver trouble, d*,.r.      .     -,-
Siss.  He tayOie tried nearly every remedy
ths market which claimed to meat hit ease
without success. .Hcmitoldbyaphyiioitu
that ne wss a dying man. He. began taking
South Americon Nervine, lad found almoti
Immediate benelit from its ute. He continued
using it, and today tayt he would .lake hie
lite on thit gnat remedy at a cure for all Ilk*
sufferers to himself.
Sold by 0. A. War nn.
Golden, B.C,
March 10th, 1W.
Ry virtuo of an execution issued out of the
County Court of Golden,
E. A. Haggen, of Uolilen, Plaintiff,
Tho East Kootonay f ubllshing Company,
also cl' Gulden, Defemlunts,
I have soi/e.1 tho property ut the said
Company, t-i wit the hooks uf acaiounts, bonk
debts, goaidwill uud copyright of ho East
Kootenay Miner newspaper, tho goodwill of
the business of the sniil Company, and all tho
rights uud interests ef the said defendants���
suiiject to a bill nf sale frum R. W. Hurr iion
to Thomas McNaught. to cover the sum ot
R'-H.Otl wilh sheriff's lens, poundage, mileage,
and all further incidental expenses attending
the execution.
Anil 1 shall soil the same hy public auction
on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 4 p.m. at the
otha-e ot E. A, Haggen, of Goldeu, unlets th*
amount of execution and costs thereof ba
sooner satisfied
Sheriff of East Kootenay.
Comes a Story of Disease Banished by Dodd's Kidney PilU.
Mr' Tbomas I>. llubbt Oared of Kidney
Disease,  After Varloue MedlelB*.
bad Been Trie I and kail Palled--
Dodd's Kidney Fills Slake Him
KenlisP. 0���N. W. T.-Ev*n lathi* reniutt point in our gaeat Dominion, the fame of Dodd's Kidney Fill*
ha* penetrated, pain and suffering
hav* been driven out, and health and
happiness have beeu given in tbeir
stead, by this grand medicine.
Mr. Thomas L. Hnbbe, owner Md
ocoupunt of Section ���-!*., Township 19,
Bang* 11, met with a severe ��ecid*nt
about a vear ago. He was thrown tat
of hia wagon, and among thn injure*
he sustained wu a very severe (train
of the Kidneys.
Soon after hit mishap, hia kidntyt
began to make manifest the (aot that
they wen unable to do their work
properly. Seven, Mabblng paint dart-
td across the small of hit book, and a
dull, terrible ache in hi* loins kept
him id continual agony.
Various remedies were used, but none
gave any relief. The paint seamed to
grow worse, and, hearing of the wonderful eflicaoy of Dodd'a Kidney. Pill*,
be decided to try what they would do
tor him.
He bought a box, and began taking
tba pill*, going strictly accordingly to
tha directions, Judge of hit delight,
whan, in a lew dayt, ht btgan to feel
tetter. Day by day tha improvement
grew mon marked, until whan he had
taken all tba pillt he wat "Sound u a
tell," and not a trace of hia old trouble  remained.
Mr. Hubbi, In writing of hit ou*,
taya:��� I live in tht municipality ot
Indian Head, and all wbo know ma
oan vouch tor the truth ol thit, itata-
Where Dodd'a Kidney Pill* ara uied,
Kidnay Diaeaset cannot exltt. It la
driven out swiftly and promptly, navel
to rttnrn.


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